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The sun is bright, the wind is blowing.

It’s a great day to open up my:


Elisabeth Viona - 2017

good morning,

Welcome! I’m glad you’re here. This book you’re holding is the collection of my work. In here, you can see what I’ve done for the past few years. Please, please come in!

Oh, hello! I’m Viona. No, I don’t have green skin and Shrek is not my husband. I’m a passionate graphic designer and a part time singer. I live happily with my mom, aunt, and 2 little dogs. I’m the only child in my family, so it’s kinda boring to grown up without any siblings to fight.

Name Elisabeth Scharbel Viona Muliawan

DOB Jakarta, April 14 th 1996



Jl Gading Elok Utara 1 FE 2 no 10, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta 14240

Art & Design / Musical Theatre / Disney / Travelling / Outdoor Activities / Ocean / Mystery TV Series / Modelling / History & Culture / Religions / Animals / Adventures / 90’s Fashion / Jazz, Swing, Indie Pop Genre / Ice Cream / Chips / Kids / Handmade Stuffs.

Languages Bahasa & English

Phone +62 815 1006 0097



Branding Digital Marketing Hand Lettering Copy Writing

Instagram escharbelv

Experiences 2017 Internship Rubicube Creative 2017 Coordinator of Marcomm Plaza Desain 2017: Esensi 2015 - 2017 Journalist Titik Dua Magazine

Software Ad

be Illustrator


be InDesign


be Photoshop


be After Effects

Softskills Responsible Teamwork

2015 - 2016


Coordinator of Public Relations HIMDKV Binus


2013 - 2014 Coordinator Volunteer Batch V Kompas Muda

Educations 2014 - Present DKV New Media Binus University 2011 - 2014 SMA Santa Ursula Jakarta 2009 - 2011 SMP Santa Ursula Jakarta

And I have a good news for you: If you want to know more about me or who I really am, my life is already out there on the social media. Simply stalk me!

Cadeau Phrase Personal Assignment

Scoop of Work Rebranding

Cadeau is a florist & gift studio based in West Jakarta, with customable bouquet as their main product. Besides flowers, we can

Tools of Trade

put snacks, chocolate, candy, fruit, or any

Adobe Illustrator

other things in the bouquet.

Cadeau’s owner really loves the history of Ancient Greek. So I choose Ancient Greek as the main concept of Cadeau’s new logo. Cadeau means gift or present in French.

Leaves Resemble to Choris’ crown, the Goddess of Flowers.

Ribbon Represent gift and present.

Tornado Shape Represent fastness in making and delivering product. Also resemble to Zephyros, God of the West Wind, Chloris’ husband.

Logotype Resemble to the shape of Ancient Greek Letters.

Pink represent feminism. Green represent natural. Gold represent elegance.



Personal Assignment

Scoop of Work Rebranding

Tools of Trade Adobe Illustrator Commuter Line is a commuter rail system in Jakarta Metropolitan Area. Their goal is to become the sollution for Jakarta’s traffic issue, they connect every district in Jakarta and areas around Jakarta (Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi).

Commuter Line’s new logo has 3 elements that refers to main elements of Commuter Line’s activity.

Station Point and Railways


Represent connection.

Red represent fastness, bravery, and professionalism in serving customer.

Locomotif and Italic Typeface Represent speed,


optimism, and keep

Here’s the symbol of

moving forward

Commuter Line that


refers to the new logo.

Phrase Company Project

Scoop of Work Branding

Tools of Trade Adobe Illustrator

Inglorious Basterds is my project when I was in Rubicube Creative as an intern designer. Inglorious Basterds is a beer house is which also produces craft beers.

The main concept of this logo is Industrial Beer Republic.

Beer Sketch Represent the authenticity of the truly handmade craft beer.

Assymetric Type Represent the rebelism and antimainstream.

Green represent traditional. Gold represent luxury.

Phrase Company Project

Scoop of Work Branding

Tools of Trade Adobe Illustrator

Go! Go! Go! is my project my project as an intern in Rubicube Creative. Go! Go! Go! is a korean street food restaurant in North Jakarta.

Go! Go! Go! resemble to korean language: Ogo! Meoggo! Gago! that means come, eat, and leave.

Ogo! means Come!

Ricebowl represents

Meoggo! that means Eat!

Gago! means Leave!


Orange represent warmth and happiness. We hope people who visit Go! Go! Go! feel as warmth as in their house and leave with happiness.

I also made the wall art in Go! Go! Go! hand-drawn. It shows ingridients and foods that Go! Go! Go! sells.


Namamii is my very first own brand. It sells

Personal Project

scarf and other girl’s stuffs with my design.

Scoop of Work Branding

Tools of Trade Adobe Illustrator

namamii Namamii means Nana (my nickname), Mami (mom in Bahasa), and Ii (the way I call my aunty, in chinese tradition). I choose Namamii because I wont made this brand without their support.

The 3 of Us


Smiley Face

Represent my mom,

Shows that I’m

I hope Namamii

me, and my aunt.

doing what I love.

will bring happiness to people who use it.

Rubicube Phrase

Company Project

Scoop of Work Social Media Managing

Platform Instagram

During my internship in Rubicube Creative, I manage my company’s instagram.

I uploaded some of Rubicube’s portfolio and also made some of the image post along with the copywrite.

Phrase Group Project

Scoop of Work Social Media Managing

Platform Instagram Plaza Desain 2017: Esensi, is a design exhibition that arranged by DKV Binus.

My team and I manage the social media for this event from teaser, preevent, live report of the event itself, and after the event.

Phrase Group Assignment

Scoop of Work Repackaging

Tools of Trade Adobe Illustrator

Warangka is a local brand that sells modern women’s daily wear. Their ambition is to promote Indonesian heritage into the fashion industry with classy, modern, and thoughtful design.

During my internship in Rubicube Creative, I manage my company’s instagram.

In this project, my team and I use peacock as the icon of Warangka to represents the elegance of Indonesian woman. Purple batik pattern represents luxury and heritage culture of Indonesia.

Carter’s Phrase Group Assignment

Scoop of Work Repackaging

Tools of Trade Adobe Illustrator

Carter ’s is a shop for baby clothing, baby necessities and essentials, toddler and kids apparel. My team and I use “baby’s daily activity” as the concept of Carter ’s repackaging.

Pacifier represents morning, milk bottle represents day, and swaddle represents night. The illustrations show friendship between a baby and a stork, which is believe as the baby courier in old Western culture.


Phrase Personal Assignment

Scoop of Work Repackaging

Tools of Trade Adobe Illustrator

Pocky is one of my favorite snack since a long time ago. Refers to the target market, I made 3 characters for 3 different flavour along with 3 different packaging.







Popo is a happy boy

Kiki is a happy girl who

Oky is a happy monkey

who really loves

really loves strawberry.

who really loves banana.

chocolate. He always

She never forget to put

He will be sad if he can

smiles during the day,

her make up on, but

not find bananas, but

but sticks of chocolate

sticks of strawberry

sticks of banana Pocky

Pocky make his smile

Pocky make she looks

make he munching and

even brighter.

even prettier.

forget about it.

Popo wants to share

Kiky wants to share

Oky wants to share

Pocky with you!

Pocky with you!

Pocky with you!

“Anything is good if it’s made of chocolate.”

“I love berries. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, anything with an ‘errie’ in it.”

“Banana wants you to be happy. It is even smiling at you.”


Bob! Phrase

Personal Assignment

Scoop of Work Marketing Collaterals

Tools of Trade Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop

Good Night, Bob! is a fictional concert with a titled: A Tribute to Bob Marley. Color scheme was adopted from Jamaica Culture, where reggae music was born. Typography is very dynamic, represent the feeling of reggae music beat. The background shows night sky color, represent memory of Bob Marley and his works.

Rulesof Phrase Personal Assignment

Scoop of Work Editorial

I put a very high attention to typography when I made this book, from size, kerning,

Tools of Trade

leading, and everything else, just like the

Adobe Illustrator

title of this book, Rules of Typography.

of the Phrase Group Assignment

Scoop of Work Product

Tools of Trade Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop

Werewolf is a psychology game card that invented in Russia. This pack included 24 cards and an instruction sheets.

Title Mother ’s Eye

Phrase Personal Project

Media Marker

I made this illustration for an annual event in my campus called Rumah DKV, with a theme “Pusaka Sejuta Umat Manusia” or means The Greatest Treasure for a Million Humans. For me, my greatest treasure is the present of a mother. It’s so cliche, I know, but as the time goes by, we never realize that our mother is getting old, otherwise, they always feel that we are still their little child. That’s the purest love of all which for me is the greatest treasure.

Title Picnic in the Future

Phrase Personal Assignment

Media Chinese Ink

Title Serendipity

Phrase Personal Project

Media Drawing Pen

Title Sweet Valentine

Phrase Personal Project

Media Water Color


but surely not the end. If you’ve reached this page and still want to know more about me & my works, just give me a call or message me on these contact down bellow and I’ll show you that I’m just the person you need ;) Cheers! m. 0 8 1 51 0 0 6 0 0 97 e. v ionaelisabet

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Portfolio 2017