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Known and loved by professional chefs and home cooks alike for over 60 years, Mermaid is a collection of high quality hard anodised aluminium cookware that offers a solution for every culinary need. The Mermaid collection offers an extensive choice of equipment to cater for a wide range of culinary needs and is for many the secret ingredient when it comes to successful home cooking. From roasting and baking dishes in a variety of versatile sizes through to omelette pans, kettles and stainless steel food rings, the range has it all.


Everyware – Mermaid

Mermaid Mermaid bakeware is made from hard anodised aluminium making it a totally unique product. Hard Anodising is an electrochemical process that changes the surface structure of the product. The molecules are forced closer together, to create a more durable baking surface. The result being a material that is now twice as hard as stainless steel, with a superb, even heat distribution. Guaranteed to last a lifetime. Roasting Dish Hard Anodised 32cm/12” 4750121/2HA 37cm/14” 4750141/2HA 42cm/16” 4750161/2HA

Roasting Dish Hard Anodised (With Side Handles) 32cm/12” 475112 37cm/14” 475114 42cm/16” 475116

Yorkshire Pudding Tin Hard Anodised M4794

37cm/14” Hard Anodised Roast Dish With St/St Rack M4760


Baking Tray Hard Anodised

Baking Sheet Hard Anodised

32cm/12” 4718121/2HA

37cm/14” 471214HA

37cm/14” 4718141/2HA

42cm/16” 471216HA

42cm/16” 4718161/2HA

Bakewell Pan Hard Anodised 32cm/12” 4717121/2HA 37cm/14” 4717141/2HA Baking Dish Hard Anodised

42cm/16” 4717161/2HA

32cm/12” 4715121/2HA 37cm/14” 4715141/2HA 42cm/16” 4715161/2HA

Everyware – Mermaid

21cm/8” Round Pie Dish Hard Anodised M4714

20cm/8” Square Hard Anodised Brownie Tin M7091

Loaf Tin Hard Anodised 450g/1lb M4715 900g/2lb M4717 Foodring Mate & 4 Foodrings (70mm) D5141

Deluxe Food Warmer Three Burner L5563 Two Burner


Pack of Four Crumpet Rings (85mm) M0104


Companion Baking Designed with compact kitchens and smaller ovens in mind, the companion collection is designed to aid cooks maximise their oven space. Sit several products side by side in a standard conventional oven or use simply for a single portion size when cooking for one. Companion Tray Set Of 3 (1cm, 2.5cm & 4cm Deep) Hard Anodised M4990

27cm/10” Companion Shallow Baking Pan Deep Hard Anodised M4110

Wire Rack For Companion Baking Dish M5403

27cm/10” Companion Deep Baking Pan Hard Anodised M4210

32cm/12” Companion Baking Sheet Hard Anodised M4910 Deep Roasting Duo Hard Anodised M4992

Everyware – Mermaid

The Original Omelette Pans: A great investment buy, Mermaid’s Little Gem Omelette Pan can be used for a multitude of recipes. Made from aluminium, the Little Gem will cook up an omelette or frittata in next to no time, without the fear of uncooked egg in the middle. Designed with a long metal handle to safely finish off recipes in the oven or under the grill without fear of the handle melting.

Omelette Pan Heavy Weight 208mm M0451 255mm M0452

Kettles: These beautiful UK manufactured aluminium kettles, offer a stunning traditional product. With a perfectly at base to ensure optimum contact with the hot plate or gas burner, these kettles are designed to perform for a lifetime

Hard Anodised Aluminium

Traditional Ground Base Kettle Aluminium 2.2 Ltr


3.5 Ltr



2.2 Ltr


3.5 Ltr


Rangeware Mermaid’s collection of hard anodised aluminium rangeware offers both half and full sizes, designed to fit directly on the runners of range cookers. The collection offers unbeatable heat distribution properties, preventing unwanted hot spots for even cooking throughout. It will never peel or blister, withstanding the highest cooking temperatures plus it is safe to use with metal utensils.

Baking Tray Small 345mm x 240mm R2112 Large 460mm x 345mm R2118

Ultimate Tray Bake Hard Anodised Small 345mm x 240mm R2312 Large 460mm x 345mm R2318

Roaster Small 345mm x 240mm R2212 Large 460mm x 345mm R2218 Deep Roaster 460mm x 345mm x 100mm R2418

Hard Anodised Roasting Set (Dish & Rack) 345mm x 235mm M4765

Everyware – Mermaid

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