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Founded in 1905, Anchor Hocking is a leading manufacturer of a comprehensive and diverse range of tempered soda lime glass products including bakeware, prepware, serveware and storage. Today, Anchor Hocking is the second largest supplier of glassware in the United States and one of the largest manufacturers of glass in the world, producing over 350 million pieces of glass annually at the company’s facilities in Lancaster, Ohio.


Everyware – Anchor Hocking

18.0 Cutlery

Bead Dessert Knife 8801004 Table Fork 8801002 Dessert Fork 8801005 Table Knife 8801001 Tablespoon 8801003 Dessert Spoon 8801006 Soup Spoon 8801008 Teaspoon 8801007

Anston Teaspoon 8805007 Soup Spoon 8805008 Dessert Spoon 8805006 Tablespoon 8805003 Table Knife 8805001 Dessert Fork 8805005 Table Fork 8805002 Dessert Knife 8805004

Harley Teaspoon 8802007 Soup Spoon 8802008 Dessert Spoon 8802006 Tablespoon 8802003 Table Knife 8802001 Dessert Fork 8802005 Table Fork 8802002 Dessert Knife 8802004


18.0 Cutlery

Dubarry Dessert Fork 8803005 Dessert Knife 8803004 Dessert Spoon 8803006 Soup Spoon 8803008 Table Fork 8803002 Table Knife 8803001 Tablespoon 8803003 Teaspoon 8803007

York Dessert Spoon 8804006 Dessert Fork 8804005 Table Fork 8804002 Table Knife 8804001 Dessert Knife 8804004 Tablespoon 8804003 Soup Spoon 8804008 Teaspoon 8804007

Everyware – Anchor Hocking

Gift Boxes





1  Tribeca 16pc Gift Box 2 Lancaster 16pc Gift Box 3 Whitton 16pc Gift Box 4 Rattail 16pc Gift Box

8805116 8805216 8805016 8805316


Gift Boxes




1  Bead 16pc Gift Box 2 Dubarry 16pc Gift Box 3 York 16pc Gift Box

8805416 8805516 8805616

Everyware – Anchor Hocking



Prepware – Mix & Measure

Pinch Bowls With Lids - Set of 4 80381L11

8oz/250ml Measuring Jug 55175UK 16oz/0.5L Measuring Jug 55177UK 32oz/1L Measuring Jug 55178UK

Everyware – Anchor Hocking

2L Batter Bowl/Jug 81605L11

Juicer 94671

0.95L Mixing Bowl


1.4L Mixing Bowl


2.4L Mixing Bowl


3.79L Mixing Bowl


8oz/250ml Triple Pour Measuring Glass With Lid 94793L11


Bakeware – Roasting

2L Square Oven Basics Baking Dish 81934OBL11

1.9L Oven Basics Baking Dish 81936OBL11 2.8L Oven Basics Baking Dish 81935OBL11 4.7L Oven Basics Baking Dish 81938OBL11

1.4L Oven Basics Loaf Dish 81933OBL11

9.5”/24cm Deep Pie Dish 81214L11

Round Casserole With Lid 20oz/0.56L






Everyware – Anchor Hocking

3.8L Oven Basics Oval Roaster 82631L11

10”/25.5cm Re-Heat Pie Plate 86037FU

3pc. Value Pack (4.7L Bake Dish, 8” Cake Dish, 1.4L Loaf Dish) 68315OBL11

2pc. Value Pack (1.9L Bake Dish, 2.8L Bake) 82761OBL11

3pc. Value Pack (1.9L Bake Dish, 2.8L Bake Dish, 4.7L Bake Dish) 81235OBL11

1.4L Non Stick Loaf Dish 91828

2L Non Stick Square Dish 91827

2.8L Non Stick Rectangular Dish 91826

10 / 11

TrueFit & TrueSeal 228ml Red TrueSeal Round Storage Jar 91843

473ml Red TrueSeal Round Storage Jar 91844

946ml Red TrueSeal Round Storage Jar 91845

1.6L Red TrueSeal Round Storage Jar 91846

1.4L Rectangular Kitchen Storage - Red Plastic Lid 91551L11 2.6L Rectangular Kitchen Storage - Red Plastic Lid 91552L11

450ml Red TrueSeal Rectangular Dish 91847 1.4L Red TrueSeal Rectangular Dish 91849

Everyware – Anchor Hocking

1.4L Purple TrueSeal Rectangular Dish 91833UK

1.5L Purple TrueSeal Round Storage Jar 91831UK

228ml Round Kitchen Storage Red Plastic Lid 91546L11

900ml Purple TrueSeal Round Storage Jar 91830UK

473ml Round Kitchen Storage Red Storage Lid 91547L11

475ml Purple TrueSeal Round Storage Jar 91829UK

946ml Round Kitchen Storage Red Plastic Lid 91548L11

443ml White TrueSeal Rectangular Storage Dish 91703W 1.1L White TrueSeal Rectangular Storage Dish 91704W 1.4L White TrueSeal Rectangular Storage Dish 91705W

228ml White TrueSeal Round Storage Jar 91699W 473ml White TrueSeal Round Storage Jar 91700W 946ml White TrueSeal Round Storage Jar 91701W 1.6L White TrueSeal Round Storage Jar 91702W

12 / 13


16oz/ 473ml Café Mug 83045A 14oz/ 414ml Ava Mug 93316 8oz/ 236ml Irish Coffee Mug 69738

14oz/ 414ml Mocha Mug 83037A

2 1

1 1L Pitcher White lid


Orange lid


2 2L Pitcher

Everyware – Anchor Hocking

White lid


Orange lid




1 20 oz./591 ml Beer Wagon Mug


2 34 oz./1 L Beer Wagon Gusto Mug


55 oz./1.6 L Beer Wagon Pitcher 81275

14 / 15


Rio 3.5”/9cm Dessert Bowl 97359

Rio 6.5”/16.5cm Soup Bowl 97245

Rio 8”/20cm Serving Bowl 97360 Rio 11”/28cm Serving Bowl 97285

Rio Salad Plate 97246

Rio Dinner Plate 97247

Everyware – Anchor Hocking

Small Footed Ice Cream Glass 575GU Large footed Sundae Glass 562G

Footed Trifle Dish - Small 80625R Footed Trifle Dish - Large 89269

3 Tier Cake Stand 86616L13

8.25”/ 21cm Banana Split Dish 561G

4 in 1 Cake Stand 96841L13

16 / 17

Serveware – Dinnerware

5.5 oz. Tulip Sundae 563H

Elegance Large Trifle 96882L9 Elegance Mini Trifle 96890L9R

8oz/ 236ml Presence Sugar/ Cover 64192B

Salt & Pepper Shakers 16U

11oz/ 325ml Presence Creamer 64191B

Everyware – Anchor Hocking


Square Storage With Lid Small 32 oz./0.9L 85587R

Square Storage With Lid Medium 48 oz./1.4L 85588R

Square Storage With Lid Large 64 oz./1.9L 85589R

18 / 19


Heritage Hill Small Storage Jar 64 oz./1.89L 85545R

Heritage Hill Medium Storage Jar 96 oz./2.8L 69832T

Heritage Hill Large Storage Jar 128 oz./3.78L 69349T

5.4oz Clip Jar Coloured Silicone Seal 97259 9.4oz Clip Jar Coloured Silicone Seal 97261

Everyware – Anchor Hocking

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