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Where smart Santas shop for the perfect gifts this holiday season.

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Learn how to avoid a common $10k-$20k plumbing mistake.

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Photo by Bob Franklin Photography

U S I N E S S M AN AN D entrepreneur, James “Boo” Jackson of K-Town Krack seasoning mixes, talks about his product’s humble beginnings, serving his special blend to happy customers, pandemic packaging, and where his company is headed. Sneak Peek - Boo Jack ChickN-Sack food trucks serving tasty food seasoned with K-Town Krack!

Everything Knoxville is distributed in Downtown Knoxville and select residential communities including Sequoyah Hills, Bearden, West Knoxville, Farragut, Concord and Hardin Valley

From the Publisher


HE HOLIDAYS are upon us, and I could not be happier about it! Granted, Brett’s sisterin-law and brother did start off the season by telling us to just show up for Thanksgiving - without bringing anything - so the holidays had a very excellent beginning! This year my parents, our son, and his wife will be joining us for Christmas, and we are very excited to have family in our home - unlike last year when Brett and I spent Christmas morning by ourselves because of the pandemic restrictions. Our families - although never perfect - are an important part of our world. We share common experiences, longtime memories, and are (hopefully) each other’s biggest advocates. On our cover, James of K-Town Krack talks about having his mom as his business partner and what she brings to the company. As his mom and as a business woman, Kim’s importance is



December 202 1

undeniable. With their mutually supportive relationship, they are a joy to be around! As the year 2022 looms, I still feel like it should have the word “Stardate” in front of it like on Star Trek! I look forward to not necessarily “getting back to normal,” as I am pretty sure “normal” never actually existed, but I am hopeful for small businesses and the families that work and own them. Anticipating that they will be able to re-coup and thrive in a post-pandemic world where the fall-out is just starting to become apparent across all manner of commerce. So let’s raise a toast to the new year and all that comes with it! As a nation and as a world, we have been hit hard, but we are resilient and determined. Here’s to small business, hard workers everywhere, and the hope for a more prosperous future.

Susan Cafferty Publisher + Editor

Cover photo by Teela Shandess

Dedicated toDistinctive Decorating Design Décor offers concierge level, seasonal, and special event decorating for your home or business. From one room to your entire home, we design, install, maintain, remove, and store your themed décor, allowing you to relax and enjoy your celebration. With a variety of package and themes with price points for every budget, we invite you to explore the endless possibilities available for your home or event by visiting our fully decorated showroom.

627 American Glass Way, Knoxville, TN 37932


DesignDecorKnoxville.com Februar y 202 1 EVERYTHING KNOXVILLE



RETIRED professional athlete, l o ng-t im e e nt re p re n e ur, a n d business owner, James “Boo” Jackson is an inventive culinary creator that can now add food truck operator to his long list of accomplishments. This family business that James and his mom, Kim, run together grew out of James’ original product K-Town Krack seasonings. James’ enthusiasm is contagious, so Everything Knoxville was eager to learn more about how their business has grown over the



December 202 1

years, his successes along the way, and his most recent achievements. EK: Tell us about the beginnings and background of your business. James: I’ve always had a passion for cooking. As a young kid, I would sell hotdogs, hamburgers, and chicken in my neighborhood in Pittsburgh. When I got to college at Eastern Michigan University, I sold food made with my signature seasoning out of my dorm room to make some extra pocket change. Everyone loved the taste and often

asked me for my seasoning recipe. After college in 2010, my father had a job relocation to Knoxville. I joined him here and opened up Studio X, a club and restaurant near UT campus. As part of my menu, I incorporated chicken wings seasoned with my special blend that quickly became a customer favorite. I’ve been told from thousands of people that these wings are the best they ever tasted! EK: Many restaurants were not able to weather the recent pandemic. How did yours carry on? James: I took the restaurant slow down as an opportunity to bottle up my special blend - a long-time dream - with the hopes of sharing this seasoning experience throughout Tennessee and surroundings areas. To be able to retain and pay my restaurant employees, they helped with the spice mixing, bottling, adding labels, and shipping. At first, I sold predominantly online and through personal deliveries. It was an instant hit, and I had my first store placements in just a short few months at Oak Ridge Pharmacy and Gam’s Barbershop. I then got a great opportunity to have my products sold in local Elder’s Ace Hardware stores. The first day out on shelves, K-Town Krack sold out! This led to landing more stores in their chain and picking up a Publix deal shortly thereafter. EK: Why do you think K-Town Krack seasoning has taken off like it has?

Photo by Bob Franklin

James: First, my friends and family have been such a good support. And with all the added local support, K-Town Krack has taken off faster than expected, and I am so grateful and thankful for that. Secondly, because of its unique flavor and honest ingredients, I believe our brand has a tremendous upside in today’s market. I’m just proud that I stuck with an idea I created out of my college dorm room and never gave up on myself. I am a strong believer in putting your faith in God and counting your blessings every single day. The work you put in will be evident in your ending results. EK: How has having your mom as a business partner worked to your advantage?

Photos by Teela Shandess

James: My mother has a part in everything I do - helping me to become the best businessman possible. She has my best interests at heart but also isn’t afraid to speak her mind! She helps with a lot of stuff behind the scenes. She knows how to be a mother when it’s time to be a mom, and she knows how to be a business partner when it’s about the business. I have the best of both worlds and am so grateful for that. We have similar goals of creating a culture of inclusiveness and belonging where all are welcome. We embrace change and innovation and are always looking for new ways to grow our organization and ourselves. We hold ourselves accountable at every step. In the end, our customers are at the heart of every decision we make. We strive to exceed their expectations at every turn and create a culture of giving. EK: What is next for you and your growing business? James: We will be rolling out some new seasoning flavors to accompany the four we already have out: Original, Hot, Ranch, and Lemon Pepper. I am also in the process of launching my food truck concept called Chick-N-Sack. We will serve our signature wings and waffles along with other specialty foods using all flavors of K-Town Krack. Each truck will have a mobile app that can be downloaded

to locate and place an order right on your smartphone. EK: How can interested customers learn more about K-Town Krack, and where they can get your signature wings? James: K-Town Krack seasoning spices are available at all Elder’s Ace Hardware and Publix locations throughout Tennessee, as well as Oak Ridge Pharmacy, Chicken City, and online at www.KTownKrack.com.

On Instagram and Facebook (Meta) look for us @ktownkrack and @chicknsack. Our spice website is www.KTownKrack.com, and go to www.ChickNSack.net to book the food truck for private events. EK: Is there anything else you want our Everything Knoxville readers to know? James: I want to personally thank everyone who believed in me and my vision. None of this would be possible without all the support from my friends, family, and customers. And remember: “Always keep your faith and never give up on yourself, nothing worth having comes easy.”

K-Town Krack LLC

www.KTownKrack.com December 202 1



Knoxville’s Trusted Eyewear Experts


Christmas has arrived with a full sleigh!

L A N C Y O P T I C A L l o c ate d in Franklin Square and SPEX, a division of Clancy Optical, located in the Kingston Pike Shopping Center in Bearden are owned and operated by 3rd generation optician Steve Clancy. The Franklin Square location offers classic and more traditional frame lines, while SPEX specializes in fashion forward and contemporary eyeglass styles. Steve carries on the tradition of excellent optical care and up-to-date eyeglass choices. “We have something for everyone - we offer a wide variety of distinctive frames that will accommodate your prescription and look great on you!” explains Steve. The staff at Clancy Optical strives to bring the best possible products and service to their clients through continuing education, optical conventions and trade shows. Their knowledgeable staff focuses on exceptional customer service and relationship building that has led to many repeat clients. Clancy Optical is also very selective about the brands they sell - always making sure the products are of the very highest quality. Both SPEX and Clancy Optical carry lines exclusive to the company, including Danish line LINDBERG, Götti from Switzerland, French line Anne & Valentin, and Japanese Barton Perreira. SPEX also carries the high-end fashion brand Celine, Tom Ford, and Oliver Peoples. Both stores continue to hold the largest Maui Jim sunglass inventory in the Knoxville market. Clancy Optical thrives on knowing they are helping someone improve their quality of life with the perfect eyewear. If you are tired of the run-of-the-mill eyewear and the lack of personal service found in the big chains, try Clancy Optical and SPEX. They offer exclusive brands that can’t be found anywhere else in town. Clancy’s lines are chosen for their craftsmanship, quality, and uniqueness - the best of the best! Call them or stop by one of their stores to see their wide selection of beautiful frames. Clancy Optical

12814 Kingston Pike ~ Farragut ~ 671-6627 M-F: 10-6 ~ Sat: 10-4 www.thetownframery.com Located one block west of Renaissance Center/Farragut



December 202 1

9700 Kingston Pike, Suite 15 Knoxville, TN 37922 865.539.2835

SPEX Contemporary Eyewear 4620 Kingston Pike Knoxville, TN 37919 865.584.7739 www.clancyoptical.com

Not All Massage is Created Equal



therapists listen to your needs and employ the proper techniques to deliver a truly therapeutic experience. You are invited to experience the rejuvenating benef it s of mass age ther apy today and discover the positive effect it can have on your body and your well-being. Therapeutic massage is a medically proven method for supporting your health and wellness. You’ll enjoy benefits of… • Relief from back and neck pain • Reduced stress • Increased circulation • Improved range of motion Say Hello to Routine Self-Care Regular monthly massage provides therapeutic relief to people of all ages and all walks of life, from the competitive athlete, to the home gardener, to the over-stressed business person. Massage offers a drugfree, non-invasive, and humanistic approach to wellness based on the body’s natural ability to heal itself. While finding a reason to treat yourself to a massage may be easy, finding the time to do so may be more challenging. Taking time to take care of your health is frequently difficult to prioritize, but keep in mind that one

to two hours of massage can possibly make everything you do less stressful and less painful, allowing you to be more productive with the rest of your day! A Wellness Membership Program Unlike Any Other Looking for a self-care routine you’ll enjoy and actually stick to? The Elements Massage Wellness Membership Program™ is designed with you in mind. It’s a totally stress free way to get stress free. Start your path to personal wellness today with a routine therapeutic massage membership. Commit to Feeling Great without the Commitment Month-to-Month Membership - Month-tomonth with no long-term contract. Massage Every Month - Enjoy one massage every month. Carry Over What You Don’t Use - Your unused sessions carry over for a whole year. Share Your Membership - Share your membership with an additional person. Extra Massages for Less - Unlimited massage session at membership rates. Use at Locations Nationwide -Your membership is valid at studios nationwide. The added benefit of massage therapy at Elements Massage is something we call

A massage can make everything you do less stressful and less painful, allowing you to be more productive. The Elements Promise™. If your massage doesn’t live up to your expectations, let us know and the next one is on us. We take away any worry you may have in getting a truly great massage and allow you to reap all the benefits of our dedication to your improved health and wellness. To take advantage of all the benefits Elements Massage West Town can provide, visit our location at West Town Crossing or book an appointment online at www.elementsmassage.com/west-town.

Elements Massage West Town 7649 Kingston Pike Knoxville, TN 37919 www.elementsmassage.com/west-town December 202 1



Holiday Fire Safety Tips I

N ADDITION to this year’s holiday preparations, do not forget to add fire safety to your list, and be sure to check it twice! With the holidays approaching, Fleenor Security is urging people to look for and eliminate potential fire safety hazards caused by holiday lighting and decorations. According to the National Fire Protection Association, holiday decorations are responsible for hundreds of residential fires per year that result in death, injury, and $11 million in direct property loss. Buddy the Elf said it best: Don’t be a “cotton-headed ninny muggings.” Follow these fire safety tips to keep your holiday season merry and bright! Cook with Care The U.S. Fire Administration states that 47% of home fires start while cooking. The holiday season can be a busy time, and it is easy to neglect proper caution while cooking. While preparing the perfect meal for your loved ones, be sure to remain in the kitchen and cook with care.

Picking the Perfect Tree When purchasing a live tree, it is important to check the freshness. A fresh tree is green, and the needles are difficult to pull off. A great way to check the freshness of a tree is to bend the needles between your fingers. If they do not break, the tree is fresh! Once you have found the perfect tree, be sure to water it daily and place it away from any heat source. If you prefer an artificial tree, look for the label “fire-resistant.” While this does not guarantee the tree will not catch fire, it means the tree will resist burning and extinguish quickly. Holiday Lighting Galore Holiday lighting may make the season merry and bright, but these beautiful decorations don’t come without risks. Luckily, with proper preparation and safety tips, you can decorate with peace of mind. • When decorating your property, only use lights that have been tested and indicate the appropriate safety standards. • Check each set of lights for broken sockets, frayed wires, or loose connections.

Throw away any damaged sets. • Be sure to use no more than three standard size sets of lights per extension cord. • Never overload electrical outlets Overloading your outlets with more wattage than they can hold increases the risks for power outages and home fires. • Keep all cords out of reach of children and pets and away from snow or water. • Be sure to turn off all lights before heading to bed each night. While it is important to decorate with caution, the best way to ensure your family’s safety is to be proactive with the security of your home. The professionals at Fleenor Security are here to provide a helping hand. Call today for a free system evaluation.

Fleenor Security Systems 6700 Baum Drive, Ste. 22 Knoxville, TN 37919 865.544.9964 www.FleenorSecurity.com TN C-0239 VA 11-1901 NC 1721-CSA

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Nouveau Classics Contemporary Furniture & Interior Design “Decorating is not just about function, it’s also about fashion.” – Paula Clancy


E S I G N , FA S H I O N , a n d function are all key to Paula’s designs. A sharp awareness of new trends around the world has kept her a step ahead of the competition. She also has the unique ability to connect with her clients on a personal level. That connection and experience create energized, inspired, comfortable spaces. “I sell a complete package… whether the client is buying one piece or a whole room, I am there from beginning to end,” states

Paula. “Listening to my clients, helping them achieve the look they are after, originality, and customer service are key elements to a successful end result.” Paula has 30+ years’ experience in retail furniture and interior design through her business, Nouveau Classics. During this time, she has built long-term relationships with high-design companies that offer superior, quality products from Europe, Canada, and the U.S. As a result, Paula is able to offer nothing but the best for her clients.

Whether you engage Paula for designing, renovating, or staging, she will challenge you to take your spaces to a new level. One that is beautiful, sophisticated, and stands the test of time.

Nouveau Classics Contemporary Furniture & Interior Design 101 S. Gay Street Knoxville, TN 37902 865.525.4755 www.nouveauclassics.com


Always a Good Place to Start


’M OFTEN asked, “What wine goes with___?” The truth is that it depends, but there are some principles and general rules to follow when pairing food with wine. It’s a delicate balance of several elements - body, sugar, acidity - that enhance the overall experience. Is the wine the star of the show? Or is it the food? It is common knowledge that red wines pair with big, bold flavors generally found in red meat, and white wines pair well with foods that are lighter in intensity, like fish and poultry dishes. This time of year, chocolate is a staple in many holiday traditions. That Hershey Kiss commercial where the kisses perform handbells to the tune of “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” has been aired every year since 1989. There will be plenty of those, along with a host of other chocolates, that will grace candy dishes and gift baskets throughout the season. So what should you sip while casually eating chocolate and watching “Christmas Vacation” or “A Charlie Brown Christmas?” It depends on the chocolate…



December 202 1

White chocolate is hands down the most delicate chocolate, with its sweet, buttery flavor, notes of rich cream and a hint of vanilla. A wine on the lighter side, either a white or a Rosé, would be my first choice. You can also pop some bubbly, either a Cava or a Prosecco. My recommendations: • White: Eyrie Vineyards Pinot Gris, Willamette Valley, OR ($23.99) • Rosé: Frantz Saumon La Boutanche Rose, Loire Valley, France ($26.99) • Bubbly: Borrasca Prosecco DOCG, Veneto, Italy ($14.99) I am a firm believer that you can’t trust someone who doesn’t have a vice. A Hershey Milk Chocolate Bar would be mine. It’s their signature bar, and they produce approximately 373 million bars annually. For myself and many others, it is the perfect balance of sweet and creamy with notes of brown sugar and heavy cream. I aim for a medium-body wine with low acidity to accompany my favorite treat. My recommendations: • White: Terre Rouge Grenache Blanc, Plymouth, CA ($23.99)

• Red: Pardon & Fils Morgon Cote du Py, Beaulolais-Villages, France ($24.99) We all have that one family member who is a dark chocolate fiend. And it’s easy to see why. The phrase “Go Big or Go Home” definitely applies when matching dark chocolate with just the right wine as it’s semi-sweet flavor requires an equal intensity for balance. Look for full-bodied wines that are bold and make themselves known. My recommendations: • White: Duckhorn Chardonnay, Napa Valley, CA ($28.49) • Red: Harvester Cabernet Sauvignon, Paso Robles, CA ($19.99) and Easton Amador Zinfandel, Amador County, CA ($21.99) No one knows your taste preferences better than you, so follow your own palate. We are fortunate to have several fantastic wine shops in town where you can get more specific recommendations. I don’t know about you, but I plan on leaving some chocolate chip cookies with a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon out for Santa this year! Jeff Gotcher is a graduate of the Wine & Spirits Education Trust, member of the Wine Scholar Guild, and a winemaker who resides in Knoxville.


DESIGNER Contemporary Furniture & Interior Design

Nouveau Classics Contemporary Furniture & Interior Design

101 S Gay St Knoxville

865.525.4755 www.nouveauclassics.com

Make It Easy on Yourself with Custom Shelf Storage



NCE UPON a time, you wouldn’t think twice about perching on a stool to reach those high kitchen shelves or crouching in your bathroom to grasp an item under your sink. Today, it’s a different story. If you have mobility issues, you may be using those storage areas less and less. You love your home and aren’t ready to downsize. Now, you don’t have to. Get your cabinets back, and more, with the space experts at Shelf Help! Celebrating five years in business, Shelf Help specializes in sturdy and attractive custom roll-out shelving and organizers for your kitchen, bath, and pantry. We’re your neighbors in Knoxville - not a franchise, but locally owned and operated. Because we’re a small business, our customers save 50% or more when compared to national brands. Best of all, everything we do is custom tailored to you. In the Kitchen… Whether you have limitations in movement or are simply “vertically challenged,” pull-down units will provide effortless access to those hard-to-reach upper shelves in your kitchen cabinets. For help managing heavy pots, pans, and skillets, a soft-close pot and lid organizer pull-out

can be installed in lower cabinetry for clutter-free and easy-to-handle storage. And you no longer have to strain your eyes to see into those deep corner cabinets - we have a variety of solutions like a lazy susan, pull-out shelf, or corner half-moon shelf. In the Bath… Stop stooping in your bathroom to retrieve grooming products by installing a Salon Station with roll-out organizers for brushes, blowdryers, and other supplies. Or, try a powered vanity drawer that stores your plugged-in electric grooming appliances with an automatic shut-off switch when the drawer is closed. Under the sink, recover unused space around the plumbing with custom roll-out shelving, and

try a removable basket to hold cleaning products. In the Pantry… From pull-outs to swing-outs, maximize your pantry with convenient rolling shelves that will store your canned items, dry goods, paper products and more. No matter the size of your pantry, you’ll be shocked at the amount of space you’ll gain after installing custom shelving. And prepare to do away with cumbersome, door-mounted storage racks - you won’t need them! Make your day-to-day living comfortable and your house fully usable with Shelf Help custom-designed roll-out shelves for your kitchen, pantry, or bath. Call us today for your free, no-obligation, in-home consultation. Our experienced design consultants will evaluate, design, and measure according to your lifestyle and unique needs, and our professional installers will provide thorough and competent service with a smile. Make it easy on yourself - call us for a free consultation today!

Shelf Help 865.675.5098 www.ShelfHelpTN.com

Millions of twinkling lights. 17 hours of activites and events. One incredible holiday experience. It’s So. Much. Christmas. at Gaylord Opryland.


HRISTMAS IN Nashville comes alive in exhilarating fashion at Gaylord Opryland & Convention Center. With classic holiday activities like photos with Santa, engaging shows like The Oak Ridge Boys “Christmas in Tennessee” Dinner Show and thrilling experiences like ice skating, ice tubing and horse-drawn carriage rides, Nashville sparkles with holiday cheer. And with their all-new Gaylord Hotels Original Experience Mission: Save Christmas featuring Elf™, there is something for everyone. You can do it all with So. Much. Christmas. At Gaylord Opryland Resort in Nashville, TN. www.ChristmasAtGaylordOpryland.com



December 202 1

Mission: Save Christmas featuring Elf™ • The Oak Ridge Boys “Christmas in Tennessee” Dinner Show • Ice Skating • Christmas Lights • Gingerbread Decorating Corner • Ice Tubing • Ice Bumper Cars • SoundWaves Water Experience • Delta Riverboat Christmas Cruise • Build-A-Bear Workshop • Carriage Rides • Kid’s Train Ride • Frosty’s Pub • Parade of Trees (decorated by some of country music’s biggest stars) • Winter Wellness Spa • Christmas Fountain Shows • Outdoor Nativity • Holiday Dining

Your In-Home Fitness Equipment Specialists


Strength • Health • Weight Loss

T’S THAT TIME of year again. The tempting aroma of all of those holiday favorites like turkey, dressing, and homemade 7-layer apple cake can only mean one thing: Extra pounds! Not to worry. This year many people are simply putting on their running shoes and walking across the living room to get on their new piece of fitness equipment from Fitness Solutions. Fitness Solutions is Knoxville’s oldest and only locally owned fitness equipment store. We have a full showroom well stocked with the latest in top quality fitness equipment for the whole family - treadmills, seated and standing ellipticals, upright and recumbent bikes, rowers, home gyms, and much more. Owner Richard Dowdy observed, “We have seen a huge increase in demand for home fitness equipment since Covid as many of our customers want to avoid the gym crowds, as well as the cross town traffic.” Our equipment is made to last many years so the whole family can get involved in long-term fitness. As a local company, we are one of the few businesses with our own staff to deliver and set up your new equipment right where you want it. Why choose Fitness Solutions? We hear a lot of people lament about buying fitness equipment online. There is often a long wait followed by the equipment being delivered by a service company that doesn’t specialize in fitness equipment assembly or service. We get lots of calls from folks that bought their fitness equipment online and can’t get anyone to come service their investment. Fitness Solutions not only has a trained installation staff on site, but a well qualified service team that can come right to your home after the sale if service is needed in the future. “On quite a few occasions, customers come in and pick out their

new piece of fitness equipment in our showroom, and our team has delivered on the very same day,” said Richard. “This is definitely one advantage of buying from a local company.” Now is a great time to stop in at Fitness Solutions for new equipment. We have many of the top brands like True, Octane, Matrix, and Tuff-Stuff in stock and ready to deliver. We are open Monday through Saturday from 10 am to 7 pm. We are also very happy to announce that 2021 marks Fitness Solutions’ 20 year anniversary serving Knoxville! We look forward serving you and your family soon at our showroom next to Best Buy off Cedar Bluff.

Fitness Solutions 8891 Town & Country Circle Knoxville, TN 37923 865.470.2667 www.FitnessSolutionsinc.net

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RE YOU or a loved one suffering unnecessarily from pain or a chronic health condition? Have you been told that there are no other options or that there is no hope? We would like to introduce you to a possible solution. Now there is a clinic in West Knoxville that specializes in treating difficult cases like these. Our doctors have more than 20 years experience treating conditions like peripheral neuropathy, fibromyalgia, chronic f atigue syndrome, complex regional pain syndrome / RSD, infertility, macular degeneration, and just about any pain condition you can imagine. They have worked in hospitals, pain clinics, and integrative medicine centers diagnosing and treating patients who thought there was nothing left to try. When medications, surgeries, and injections haven’t helped, don’t give up hope. Call the professionals at West Knox Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine to schedule a consultation today. We are often the last resort with the best results.



December 202 1

“I had little to no feeling in my leg due to my MS. I have more feeling in that leg!” ~ Vanessa G. “I have tried physical therapy and all the pills in the world, but this place makes my back feel so much better.” ~ Ari W.

Dr. Monica Sarrat and Dr. A.J. Sarrat Just see what some of our patients have said: “Highly recommended! I have been receiving acupuncture for neck pain caused by bulging discs” ~ Jenny B. “My pain is minimal now, my strength is returning, and the neuropathy is virtually non-existent.” ~ Carolyn T.

“They can fix almost any pain issue or even swelling in your joints from arthritis.” ~ Missy S. “I am almost completely pain free, have more energy, yet also more relaxed.” ~ Bette L. Call today to schedule your consultation with our highly qualified doctors of acupuncture. Don’t live another day with unnecessary pain.

West Knox Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine

9125 Cross Park Drive Suite 150 Knoxville, TN 37923 865.275.2444 www.WestKnoxAcupuncture.com

Fibromyalgia Solutions Common experiences of those living with Fibromyalgia often include:

Fibromyalgia CAN Be Treated. You may feel that your condition is misunderstood or that you and your symptoms are being dismissed. Perhaps you've even been told that you just have to live with your Fibromyalgia pain, but relief CAN be achieved! We have pioneered non-pharmaceutical solutions along with acupuncture to help your Fibromyalgia symptoms. For many of our patients, Fibromyalgia pain can be controlled and your daily life improved!

Pain that is difficult to identify or pinpoint. Pain that seems it has a life of its own. The feeling that others expect so much from you because they can't see that you are sick. The feeling that everything hurts. Feeling of brain fog. Overwhelming pain and fatigue that causes you to avoid social or family activities.

What to Expect.

Maybe you've tried physical therapy, pain pills, injections, burning off the nerve, back cracking, or massage, which provided some relief at first but is no longer working. Are you afraid your pain is getting worse? Are you tired of not getting any answers? Does your doctor tell you the pain is "all in your head" and to "just live with it?" What Causes Fibromyalgia? The exact cause of Fibromyalgia is not fully understood, but a variety of factors could be working together that may cause the body's pain signals to go awry, including: Genetics: There may be certain genetic mutations that may make you more susceptible to developing the disorder. Infections: Some illnesses appear to trigger or aggravate Fibromyalgia. Physical or emotional trauma: Fibromyalgia can sometimes by triggered by a physical trauma, such as a car accident. Psychological stress may also trigger the condition.

"I've had Fibromyalgia for 15 years. My first symptom was upper back pain, then slowly everything felt like a bruise. When it all began, my doctors told me I was fine, and I needed a therapist. Then I tried acupuncture and found real support. They really listened to me, and with the treatments I'm able to manage my pain and not feel life passing me by." - Tonya L.

Because there is no simple laboratory test to diagnose Fibromyalgia or determine it's severity, we rely on really listening to your concerns and eliminating the possibility of underlying conditions that might otherwise be causing your symptoms. Then, a COMPREHENSIVE treatment plan will be developed, CUSTOMIZED for YOUR Fibromyalgia symptoms. Our treatments have been shown to increase blood flow and expedite healing and recovery. Our clinic has an 87% success rate in treating Fibromyalgia.

We offer solutions. We offer HOPE.

9125 Cross Park Drive Suite 150 Knoxville, TN 37923 www.WestKnoxAcupuncture.com

Schedule A Consultation: 865-275-2444 Live Life To The Fullest!



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Smart Santas Shop at

A Perfect



HE HOLIDAY season is in full swing as party invitations arrive and plans with family and friends are finalized for this special time of year. Whether you’re shopping for the perfect gift or something special just for yourself, we are here to help you select all the perfect pieces! If you are considering women’s apparel as a gift, remember how difficult and sometimes frustrating shopping can be. You’re sure you’ve chosen the perfect gift, only to discover that it’s not even the right size. How disappointing when you wanted to please her! This is where Santa’s helpers at The Lily Pad come in! We’ll ask questions relating to hair color, eye color, approximate height and weight, and lifestyle so we can assist you in selecting the perfect items. Unfortunately, there’s no universal sizing code in women’s apparel, so we may suggest a size 6 from one company and a size 10 from another, basing our suggestions on how each garment is fitting. Our sales associates are knowledgeable about each line, how they’re sized, the care involved in cleaning, fabric contents, and general information about all the lines we represent. If you aren’t comfortable selecting clothing, a Lily Pad gift certificate is a wonderful gift that every woman will appreciate! That way she can choose the pieces she really wants. And, best of all, with each $100 gift certificate purchased before Christmas, you’ll be entered to win a $500 gift certificate! This drawing will take place on December 26th. During this holiday season more than ever, our thoughts turn gratefully to those who have made our success possible. In this spirit we simply, but sincerely, thank you and our wishes for a joyous holiday season!

A Gift Certificate to The

Lily Pad Purchase a $100 gift certificate between now and Christmas and you’ll be entered to win a $500 gift certificate on December 26th!

209 N. Main Street, Sweetwater, TN 37874 423.337.5537 www.lilypadboutiqueonline.com Mon-Sat: 10am-5:30pm

The Lily Pad Boutique 209 N. Main Street Sweetwater, TN 37874 423.337.5537 www.lilypadboutiqueonline.com

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Hometown Jeweler


OMEGROWN IN the heart of the Smoky Mountains, Mackley Jewelers & Gemologists have been Knoxville’s hometown jeweler for more than 40 years. Treating customers with respect, providing ethical service, and selling beautiful jewelry with natural stones is the foundation of Mackley Jewelers’ philosophy. Founder Joseph Mackley believed that the tradition of highquality craftsmanship and ethical business practices coupled with excellent customer service was the ideal formula for building a successful business. These principles continue with Darryl Mackley, Joseph’s son, who took over the helm in 2013.

Every day, our goal is to be the best family-owned jewelry business we can be - all while giving our customers an authentic small business buying experience with genuine Southern charm.

Our Customers Say It Best. “Team Slamdot did an amazing job developing my website. I am very impressed with their dedication and commitment to excellence.” - Nick Saliba Tennessee Propeller & Metalworks, LLC

(865) 238-5600 Sweet, affordable websites that work. Read many more stories at www.slamdot.com 24


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Mackley Jewelers’ extensive collection of beautiful colored stones led them into the custom arena many years ago. Today, they are deeply involved in producing unique custom jewelry, including exquisite bridal pieces, from anyone’s imagination or picture. Whether you want to create a one-of-a-kind engagement ring she will love or have another piece of custom jewelry in mind, they are ready to help with their extensive knowledge and creative experience. Mackley also offers a full range of professional jewelry repair and jewelry appraisal services. In addition to their dedication to custom creations and services, Mackley Jewelers has always had a deep passion for estate and antique jewelry and truly enjoys helping people find new homes for timeless treasures. Many one-of-a-kind, beautiful jewelry pieces reside in their extensive inventory. Stop by their business, located in Franklin Square, Tuesday through Friday from 10 am to 5 pm and Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm. By offering their customers the highest quality jewelry, outstanding customer service, and the best jewelry buying experience, Mackley Jewelers & Gemologists are destined to become your trusted hometown jeweler.

Mackley Jewelers & Gemologists 9648 Kingston Pike, Suite 6 Knoxville, TN 37922 865.693.3097 www.mackley.com

Holiday Help from The Lunchbox! Fresh, delicious pies & baked goods Take & bake meals Holiday side dishes


HE LUNCHBOX is more than your one-stop shop for delicious homestyle, quality lunches and catering options. We also offer some of the best pies and baked goods in town! Local favorites include Chocolate Chess, Pecan, Lemon Chess, Chocolate Peanut Butter pies, and more! Pick up our Knoxville-famous pumpkin muffins for brunch, a take & bake meal to heat and serve fresh when time is tight, and enjoy our fresh-made pies and cakes throughout the holidays. If you are new to The Lunchbox, we are celebrating 40 years serving Knoxville. What keeps customers coming back is simple – “The formula hasn’t changed.” We stay true to founder Karen Sproles’ recipes, which continue to be the heartbeat and foundation of The Lunchbox. The signature chicken salad, soups, fresh sandwiches, and ready-to-go desserts have always been a major draw. Our downtown Market Manager, Josephine, has been with The Lunchbox for too many years to count and has been making these “tried and true” recipes from scratch for more than 20 years. Rhonda, our Market Manager at The Atrium, has taken customer service to the next level, greeting customers daily with smiles and gratitude. We continue to offer homestyle, quality foods that people keep coming back to, and our mission is to stay consistent in honoring The Lunchbox legacy. Daily menu specials include our fresh made sandwiches and wraps, pimento cheese, chicken enchiladas, pumpkin muffins, chicken gumbo, Italian cream cake, box lunches with a side and dessert, and Knoxville’s favorite chicken salad. Our Bearden location also offers take & bake meals - family meals made from scratch, served fresh from your oven. Call 24 hours in advance and Sally will have your order ready to go! Expect friendly, efficient service and the favorites Knoxville has loved for 40 years without sacrificing time and nutrition. Come see us at The Lunchbox! The Lunchbox Bearden Downtown Atrium Office Park 5005 Kingston Pike 607 Market Street 1225 Weisgarber Road 865.249.6010 865.409.4211 865.602.2232 www.LunchboxKnoxville.com December 202 1







Designed for comfort and convenience, this timeless armchair is upholstered in a luxurious Belgian Linen and available in more than 400 fabrics. It also has two castered espresso finished front legs, and a matching ottoman is available at Decorating Den Interiors | Kozar Design Team, 521 Lovell Rd., Suite 205 in Knoxville, 865.392.6222, www.SandyKozar.DecoratingDen.com.


All things Christmas come together at Rocky Top! Something for everyone - cozy socks and scented candles with holiday themes, local ornaments, and so much more! Collect your own gift basket for someone special. Available at Rocky Top Holiday Shoppe, 712 N. Main Street in Sweetwater, 423.453.3184, www.rockytopholidayshoppe.com.


Fun and festive water lanterns... perfect for a special gift or to light up your holiday décor! Available at The Town Framery & Gifts, 12814 Kingston Pike in Farragut, 865.671.6627, www.thetownframery.com.



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Holiday flavor macaron and alfajor boxes in a variety of jolly patterns make a lovely host gift or a sweet surprise for someone special. Available at WOOPS! Macarons & Gifts, located inside West Town Mall, 615.653.1890, www.bywoops.com.


Warm up your space with the glow of natural wood! This suspended curved bowl has decorative accents on its lid and base. Handcrafted by a local artisan using native and exotic hardwoods, this is a fine example of one-of-akind craftsmanship. Available at Premiere Consignment, 320 Lakeside Plaza in Tellico Village, 865.458.9721, www.premiereconsignment.com.


Table top nostalgic buffalo check truck with sign that lights up! Different holiday sayings on the truck bed block, so come in soon to get exactly the one you want. Available at Meadow View Greenhouses & Garden Center, 9885 Highway 11E in Lenoir City, 865.986.7229, www.meadowviewgreenhouse.com.


A modern take on a classic! This gorgeous velvet sofa features deep button tufting and nail head accents. Available at Shae Design Studio, 9700 Kingston Pike in Knoxville, 865.313.2656, www.shaedesigns.com. December 202 1



Avoid This Common

10k - $20k Plumbing Mistake




GUESS we have all heard about the $10k - $20k that area homeowners have shelled out to repair the pinhole leaks in their home’s copper plumbing. Clients I have worked with tell stories of massive floods, ripping out drywall, hidden mold growing behind walls, and the $10k $20k re-plumbing jobs that have resulted. What many of us may not have heard about is that, in most cases, there is a safe and effective alternative to replacing your existing plumbing. Fortunately for many a homeowner, we have helped them avoid turning their home into a job site by simply fixing the water that travels through their existing pipes. Chlorine is corrosive to copper. It reacts with the copper to create a chemical compound: Copper chloride. This compound can slowly attack copper from the inside, which results in those tiny but destructive pinhole leaks. Also, hard water, which is an abundance of calcium/magnesium, can erode copper pipes if a hot water recirculation pump is installed.

Kinetico water systems from Aqua Clear can safely remove the chlorine, chloramines, and hardness that can attack copper pipes from the inside. We also add a special coating filter, after the Kinetico system, to recoat the copper plumbing from the years of damage.

We’ve been saving our valued clients from the expense of $10k - $20k re-plumbing jobs and also from turning their home into a job site. Not only did they save their plumbing, but they also get all the other benefits of installing a Kinetico whole house water filtration system. We are so confident in our turn-key pinhole leak prevention system that we will refund your investment if it doesn’t stop your pinhole leak problem. Call or text 865-234-1970 to schedule your free pinhole leak assessment, and get your questions answered.

Kinetico water systems from Aqua Clear can safely remove the chlorine, chloramines, and hardness that can attack copper pipes from the inside. We also add a special coating filter, after the Kinetico system, to recoat the copper plumbing from the years of damage. After installing hundreds of Kinetico systems to fix our clients’ pinhole leak issues, we can say with 100% certainty that this system works!

Aqua Clear Water Systems 1767 Kevin Lane Lenoir City, TN 37772 865.234.1970 www.aquaclearws.com

Celebrating 16 Years of Pure Water Thank You for Allowing Our Family to Change Your Family’s Water and Your Lives for 16 Years East Tennessee’s Premier Choice for Award-Winning Water Treatment Solutions

Authorized Independent Kinetico Dealer



aquaclearws.com • 865-234-1970 December 202 1

Clean for S Looks… Clean for Safety

urface Doc also offers “Soft Washing” of siding and roofs for both businesses and homeowners, including stucco, cedar, vinyl, aluminum, stone, brick, slate, clay, asphalt, etc. We will safely clean your siding and roof without the use of high pressure. Get rid of the green and black algae on your home.


BY C H R I S T I N A F I T Z W I L L I A M , C O - O W N E R O F S U R FA C E D O C , I N C .


FEW MONTHS ago, John and I went out for lunch. Upon entering the establishment, we noticed several “Slippery - Floor Wet” signs positioned around the dining area. I walked as flat-footed as possible to avoid falling all the way to our seats. Once seated, John explained that all the grease and chemicals embedded in the floor had combined with the rain tracked in from outside and had created a dangerous situation. Is your business ready for the increased traffic of the holidays? Sad fact: Billions of dollars are paid out by restaurants every year for “slip and fall” accidents of both guests and employees due to this very situation. Perhaps you have had a similar experience in your own home. If businesses that mop and clean every single day have these issues, it stands to reason that homeowners can suffer the same aggravations. The only way to improve the safety of your floor is to remove ALL foreign debris. A mop simply can’t remove all the impurities, since it only addresses the top most layer of dirt/chemical build-up. The real problem lies under the surface. To open the pores within your tile and force them to relinquish the grime trapped within, you must apply extreme heat. Surface Doc uses a combination of scalding water, high-pressure, and powerful suction - all contained within one powerful tool. This process removes everything that doesn’t belong. Without this procedure, you can only penetrate the topmost layer of the floor, leaving millions of particles behind. These impurities can cause premature wear to your floors over time, as well as cause a slippery mess. Since everyday cleaning methods push dirt deeper within the pores of your floor, it may be time to enlist the help of a professional. If it’s time for your floors to look new again and you’d like to improve the safety of your home, please give us a call. We would be honored to give you a free in-home demonstration on your floors. You can also check us out online by visiting us at www.SurfaceDoc.com.

865.567.1986 | www.surfacedoc.com



AY THE NAME “Dion” (as in Dion and the Belmonts) and all sorts of great songs come to mind. Tunes like “I Wonder Why,” “No One Knows,” “A Teenager in Lover,” “The Wanderer,” and “Runaround Sue” are among the many songs Dion DiMucci has burned into the memory of baby boomers the world over. Since those wonderful days in the late ’50s and early ’60s, Dion has continued to record so much great music, crossing genres and remaining fresh and relevant all the way to today. For proof, one only has to purchase his new album, Stomping Ground, to hear how strong, fresh, and catchy Dion’s new music is. He’s joined on the disc with other great artists such as ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons, Bruce Springsteen, Boz Scaggs, Eric Clapton, Peter Frampton, Joe Bonamassa, and several others. During my conversation with Dion, we talked about the recent album. When I asked how this album is different from the 30+ other albums he has recorded over the years - either solo or with the Belmonts, Dion shared this insight. “Well, I’d say the last two albums have been the most fun,” he said. “First of all, I feel like I can express a song better than I ever could. I’m writing better songs. Again, I have more life experience, and more to draw on so the songwriting is getting better. I feel like the singing is getting better. My guitar playing has certainly gotten better. I’m picking solos now! I feel like my skills have really improved and developed and evolved. I’ve evolved to what I’m doing now.” Putting a fine point to that comment, Dion said, “I’ve settled (down), and it’s just a beautiful feeling - the friendships and the pouring out of a giving spirit. It’s making great music and making friends with the music; making new friends through the music. It’s been an amazing time for me. I’m glad I lived this long.” When I asked Dion which song on the new album he would point to as a calling card for the whole album, he answered



December 202 1

by sharing the story behind “Angel in an Alleyway.” “I’ve been clean and sober 53 years, and I really felt like, at once. In 1968, an angel touched me, because I haven’t had a drug or drink since. It was killing me. I was really in the throes of like alcoholism and drug addiction. I wrote the song ‘Angel in the Alleyway’ with my guitar, and I sent it to Patti (Scialfa) and Bruce (Springsteen). They sent me back 64 tracks. What you’re hearing is Patti’s arrangement. I told Patti,

‘You’re an angel from Jersey!’” Solidifying his choice of that song, Dion concluded, “Yeah, I’m gonna go with that song, because a few people have responded to it. I love it.” He added that when asked about what the song is about, he explains what “spiritual” means to him. “I felt like I was touched in a very spiritual way at times in my life. To define spiritual means, not physical. Right? There’s a higher reality that people may not get to experience. But if you just open up, are willing, and you ask God to come into your life, there’s a higher reality. Faith is above reason. It’s a higher reality; divine reality; a permanent reality. It’s God’s reality. And I

choose to accept his invitation to it. As for what’s on Dion’s radar in the coming months, he shared, “Well, I’ve got a great band. A few of the guys on the album keep calling me and say, ‘Let’s do a show together.’ So maybe there’s a PBS show in the works? I don’t know. But as the country opens up, I just got to get my band and hit the road!” Wrapping up our chat, I asked Dion what he hoped his legacy will be and how he hopes to be remembered. “I hope people just say he was real, you know? When you unzip him and looked inside who he was on the outside, he was on the inside. Remembered as a man of prayer. A man who adored his family. “I met this guy - he used to define words for me. He taught me what love meant. I thought love was a feeling. I thought, ‘Boy, I don’t love her anymore.’ No, that’s not love. Love is a decision; it’s an act of your will. You choose to love.” And the world chose to love Dion DiMucci for many decades now and we always will. Dion’s album is available wherever you buy music. You can also order it directly from his website, www.DionDimucci.com, where you can keep up with the latest from Dion. Watch this interview in its entirety to hear Dion talk more about learning from life’s challenges and all the surprises that came from his recent album, visit www.Boomerocity.com.

Randy’s first interview was at the tender age of 13 with none other than Col. Tom Parker. Thirtysix years later he founded the webzine, Boomerocity. com, and has conducted close to 200 interviews with some of the most interesting people in music.

The Holiday Gift Everyone Will Enjoy All Year Long


HIL E M O S T E V E N T S have now moved indoors for the winter, why not surprise your family this holiday season with a special gift that guarantees unlimited, fun-filled, out-of-door events for spring 2022 and beyond? Winter is the optimal time to have the totally unique underdeck ceiling installed under your home’s existing raised deck, ensuring that next season’s events with family and friends will be protected from unexpected, unwanted rain and the searing summertime sun. “This is the perfect time to weatherproof all of your future outof-door events,” said Jim Conn, owner of Undercover Systems. “Throughout the entire process, our skilled craftsmen work with you each step of the way, from planning to completion. Because your project will be finished this winter, you can begin enjoying your new outdoor living space every temperate day here in East Tennessee.” Their patented system helps extend your year-round outdoor season of enjoyment by protecting you from early spring showers, July and August’s relentless sun, and autumn rains. Undercover Systems works with you to discover which patented products will perfectly complement your existing architecture and landscaping plan. Their attention to detail and customer service comes from years of experience. Homeowners appreciate the fact that Undercover Systems does not use those generic, off-the-shelf components used by the competition. Every ceiling system they install is customized to perfectly fit your home - crafted to create a seamless transition from your home’s interior to your new covered out-of-door living space. A complaint-free member of the Better Business Bureau, Undercover Systems offers homeowners the peace of mind that they deserve in a home improvement building contractor. Why not surprise your family this holiday season with the gift of unlimited and memorable out-of-door activities for the New Year? Call Jim Conn at 423-267-0091 today so you can start looking forward to more covered, comfortable, outdoor parties! Undercover Systems 423.267.0091 www.UndercoverSystems.com December 202 1



Christmas Blessings and Hope for the Coming Year BY VA L E R A TO M E S C U, F O U N D E R & P R E S I D E N T O F E U R O P E A N F I N E H A R D W O O D F LO O R S


N BEHALF of my family, I would like to take this opportunity to thank so many of you for your support and encouragement that has helped to make Svetlana & Valera our American dream When it’s time to refinish a reality. We are truly grateful - not only or replace your home’s for the freedoms we enjoy, but also for hardwood floors, I the opportunities we have had to make personally invite you to our own contributions to our beloved discover the European community and our great nation. Fine Hardwood Floors I have many fond memories of my difference. childhood in Europe. My grandfather, a master woodworker, shared with me the same skills that had been passed on to him - old-world skills that have been practiced in Europe for centuries and the same skills that I rely on today at European Fine Hardwood Floors. I am grateful to my grandfather for instilling in me a strong work ethic, a love for family, honesty, and integrity. At European Fine Hardwood Floors, we have combined these old-world skills I learned as a child with today’s state-of-the-art technologies. European Fine Hardwood Floors offers a dustless refinishing experience by using the latest in industry advances. Our high-volume vacuums are placed outside your home, directly connected

to our refinishing equipment, and remove more than 99% of the dust commonly created with hardwood flooring refinishing. Our company has been recognized by Bona, the world’s most respected name in the hardwood finishing industry, as Certified Bona Craftsmen. European Fine Hardwood Floors is honored by this distinction, as very few hardwood flooring contractors have earned this much coveted designation. With our skills and the patented Bona dustless system, all we leave behind are beautiful hardwood floors! Why not make a New Year’s resolution today to rediscover your home’s showcase quality hardwood floors? We can help you make this a totally dustless reality. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to each of you from European Fine Hardwood Floors and the Tomescu family!

European Fine Hardwood Floors 865.640.3680 www.knoxvillehardwoodrefinishing.com Certified Craftsman by Bona

Live Theater Returns to Knoxville with Outstanding 2021-2022 Season of Broadway at the Tennessee


HE EXCITEMENT, emotion, and energy of Broadway returns to the Tennessee Theatre with a 2021-2022 lineup poised to entertain and delight. With six titles and a total of 34 performances, the complete lineup includes: • Come From Away - December 21-26, 2021 (7 performances) • Mean Girls - February 1-6, 2022 (7 performances) • RENT 25th Anniversary Tour: The Farewell Season of Love - February 25-27, 2022 (5 performances) • Summer: The Donna Summer Musical April 8-10, 2022 (5 performances) • Hairspray - June 3-5, 2022 (5 performances) • Anastasia - July 15-17, 2022 (5 performances) In addition, the Tennessee Theatre has revealed that the 2022-2023 season will include Hamilton. The best way to guarantee tickets to Hamilton is to purchase a season package for the 2021-2022 season. Subscribers will then have the opportunity to renew for the 2022-2023 season and secure their seats for Hamilton before tickets



December 202 1

become available to the general public. “Broadway at the Tennessee is a cornerstone of the rich arts, culture, and entertainment experiences Knoxville has to offer,” said Becky Hancock, Tennessee Theatre Executive Director. “The announcement of this new season also helps signify the return of live entertainment, as the local community and visitors come together to enjoy storytelling, music, and dance from the stage of Knoxville’s Grand Entertainment Palace. Whether you’re a subscriber or you’ve never seen a show at the Tennessee Theatre, we can’t wait to see you; this promises to be a special season as we gather together to experience the laughter, tears, and wonder of Broadway at the Tennessee.” Subscription packages are on sale now. All subscribers can enjoy a new package

for Sunday evening featuring best available seats. Subscriber benefits include first notification of season lineups, opportunity to purchase tickets to individual shows before the general public, securing reduced ticket fees and the best available prices of the season, and the ability to renew the subscription for the 2022-2023 season. “We’re anticipating a strong response from both new and renewing subscribers, so we encourage Broadway fans to act fast,” said Hancock. “Not only will they enjoy this season’s terrific lineup, but they’ll have the option next year to renew for the 20222023 season, which will include Hamilton. We want to make sure that the public understands, however, that tickets for Hamilton are not for sale currently. Those will be available once the 2022-2023 season is announced, which we anticipate will be around summer of 2022, and on sale exclusively through Ticketmaster.com.” To renew or purchase a subscription, or to purchase tickets for individual shows, visit www.tennesseetheatre.com/broadway, call 865-684-1200, extension 2, or visit the Clinch Avenue box office Monday-Friday from 10-5 and Saturday from 10-2.




Durable, water-based, and environmentally friendly low VOC finishes Dustless and safe refinishing for your home, using our Bona truck-mounted containment system Family owned and operated, celebrating 10 years serving Knoxville area clients Superior craftsmanship by licensed and insured Bona-certified craftsman

KnoxvilleHardwoodRefinishing.com | EuropeanHardwoodFloors@yahoo.com | 865-640-3680

Make Room for the Gift of Jewelry BY C A R R I E M C C O N K E Y, W W W.C A R R I E M C C O N K E Y.C O M

Engage matte gold jewelry pull-out with removable dividers for a modern look.

Custom pull-out vertical necklace board from Closets by McKenry with velvet lined jewelry tray.


ANY OF US will receive the most romantic of all Christmas presents this year: The gift of jewelry. Be it an everlasting engagement ring, a sparkly set of gemstone earrings, or a chic statement necklace, adding a new piece to your collection gives you a great reason to evaluate and organize what you already own. Below are four steps to make the most of your precious pieces. 1. Take inventory of your collection Is your jewelry stashed in more than one place? Follow Marie Kondo’s advice and gather every type of jewelry you own - from costume to fine pieces - and corral it all into one place. A good idea is to lay a solid, light-colored bed sheet over your bed and spread your baubles neatly across it. Begin separating into categories that suit your visual and mental ways of organizing, be it by color, value, type, set, how often you wear it, etc. 2. Purge what you don’t love Take stock of your stash. Are there rings due for repair, necklaces you no longer use, or earrings you haven’t worn since high school? Remove those items and decide whether or not they are worth salvaging, perhaps



December 202 1

Jewelry tray insert for drawers.

by passing them along for your children or grandkids to play dress-up or selling locally on consignment. If your heart tugs at a piece because of the memories associated with it or the person from whom it was received, plan to keep it in a different place. 3. Re-think your storage Consider creating new storage for your collection to keep it close at hand, clean, and in view. Keep necklaces tangle-free using the small hooks of a tie rack, or install custom cabinetry with shallow drawers fitted with either stationary or removable velvet-lined trays. Leftover jewelry store boxes can become a pretty way to organize items like paper clips and spare ink pens or they can house those sentimental pieces that you no longer wear. 4. Create satellite safe spaces In the bedroom, kitchen, and bath, find creative ways to keep your favorite pieces from being knocked off the counter (or down the drain). Set out a ring dish, or search for vintage saucers or bowls to keep earrings and necklaces safe. Or try a leather, snap-together valet tray that you can pack and take with you for hotel bathrooms or

bedside tables while traveling. By organizing your jewelry trove, you can breathe life into your collection while making room for new Christmas keepsakes. Visit Chris McKenry and his talented group of designers at the Closets by McKenry West Knoxville showroom to see jewelry storage in action (and dream up unique ways to organize your own adornments). Call or click for a free at-home or virtual consultation, and make sure to visit Chris and his team at the Dogwood Arts House & Garden Show, returning to the Knoxville Convention Center on February 11-13, 2022. They hope to see you there!

Closets by McKenry 201 Center Park Drive, #1070 Knoxville, TN 37922 865.249.6382 www.ClosetsbyMcKenry.com

UT Gardens’ Plant of the Month

Chinese Wild Ginger: Asarum Splendens



H I N E S E W I L D ginger is a shining example of a tough and versatile ginger. If you are tired of groundcovers so ordinary that you don’t even see them anymore, then you will appreciate the exquisite glossy marbling on each leaf of Chinese ginger. Asarum splendens is a spreading evergreen member of the pipevine family, Aristolochiaceae, and develops into a groundcover that spreads swiftly enough to achieve satisfying coverage but not so fast as to be rampantly difficult to control. With a height of just 6-8 inches, Chinese ginger provides a low but richly textured flooring under azaleas, aucuba, or bigleaf hydrangeas. Its substantial cordate (heart-shaped) leaves offer bolder foliage than the typical evergreen groundcovers, well appreciated in the shade garden once the summer foliage of hostas have been erased by frost. Winter containers benefit from its mounding dark foliage to anchor sparkling golden or variegated sedges and saucy pansies. The deep green leaves are almost black yet offer shimmering glints of silver when struck by light. Don’t worry about putting Chinese ginger into all day sun during the cooler months. During summer, either move the container to a shady setting or add a tall plant to the combination that can offer shelter from the sun during the hottest parts of the day. In the landscape, remember that its very dark foliage can make it almost disappear in deep shade, so bring it forward where it can enjoy a few hours of late or early sunlight, or use in bright shade - or at least provide some contrast with lighter foliaged plants for backdrop. This plant does well in dry shade as long as soils are not terribly droughty and is happy in the company of autumn fern, heuchera, and hellebore. It is deer resistant and durably perennial in Zones 5 to 9. In the very coldest Tennessee winters or regions, it may lose some foliage to a severe drop in temperatures but will rebound in spring. Let’s face it, most evergreen perennials generally fall into two categories - the overused and predictable groundcovers or the



December 202 1

Photo courtesy of Walters Gardens, Inc.

Photo courtesy of UTIA

The shiny leaves of Chinese wild ginger are create an interesting composition with nearby plants of varying heights and foliage.

sadly underutilized - when there are many that can play a variety of roles for yearround interest. Specimens of Chinese wild ginger are located at the UT Gardens, Jackson, in the north shrub border and at the UT Gardens, Knoxville in the tranquility hosta garden. The UT Gardens includes plant collections located in Knoxville, Crossville, and Jackson.

Designated as the official botanical garden for the State of Tennessee, the collections are part of the UT Institute of Agriculture. The Gardens’ mission is to foster appreciation, education, and stewardship of plants through garden displays, educational programs, and research trials. The Gardens are open during all seasons and free to the public. For more information, visit utia.tennessee.edu/ state-botanical-garden.

December in the Garden BY L I S A G R U G I N


'D LIKE to cover a bit on landscaping before I talk about holiday plants: ✻ Yes, you can still plant. Our soil seldom freezes, so trees and shrubs can continue to be planted. This gives them an advantage over plants installed in the spring. ✻ If you haven’t mulched lately, consider adding enough to give you about 3" to keep the soil temperature and moisture levels more stable. ✻ Evaluate your landscape after the leaves fall. Is it boring? Do you need to add plants for visual interest in the winter? ✻ Keep weeding! Now let’s talk about the care of seasonal plants: Christmas Cactus The Christmas cactus and its cousins are very low maintenance, but there are a few tricks to growing them: ✻ They are tropical cactus, not desert cactus. They don’t like hot afternoon sun or to get bone dry. They do like lots of light, however, and won’t bloom well if kept in too dark a spot. ✻ The bloom cycle is triggered by cool temperatures and longer periods of darkness. Keep them away from heat sources and give them 13 hours of darkness per day. ✻ Don’t overwater. Every couple of weeks is fine for most homes. Once the blooms have finished, let them rest for a bit by withholding water for 4-5 weeks. When you see new growth, it’s time to resume regular watering. If the plant has been in the same pot for more than 3-4 years or if it’s very crowded, you’ll need to up-pot. Don’t worry if you accidentally break some pieces off, because they’re easy to propagate. Call us if you need instructions. Cut Christmas Trees and Greenery Please be aware that there’s a tree shortage. I suggest you don’t procrastinate in finding one! You might also end up with a tree that doesn’t quite meet all your wishes, but remember that all trees are beautiful once decorated. We will do a fresh cut on your tree, but you need to get it in water within 20-30 minutes or the cut will re-seal. If that happens, you should do another cut when you get it home. Use a tree stand that holds at least a gallon of water and keep it full. Once a tree dries out, the cut seals and it will no longer take up water. As for wreaths and garland, they will do best if they’re sprayed with an anti-transpirant or misted with water regularly. They are also happiest if they get some shade from hot afternoon sun. Poinsettia I would love to meet the person who decided a tropical flower would be a great plant for Christmas. If you want to keep it alive, follow these guidelines:

✻ Always buy from a greenwater stand in the wrap because Find that “just right” house or garden center. The the poinsettia is prone to root rot. gift for everyone on box stores and groceries There are going to be all sorts your list in our Garden simply do not have the expeof plants marketed for the Center Gift Shop! rience to handle a poinsettia. holidays! In addition to the typWe are always ✻ Don’t purchase a plant ical Amaryllis, Cyclamen, and updating our inventory, that’s already in a plastic shaped herbs, you will find Rex so come see sleeve. This camouflages Begonias and houseplants! Some what’s new! damage and creates a fungal will live year-round, some prefer to breeding ground around the plant. go outside, and some will go dormant The plant should be placed in a sleeve after they flower. Give us a call if you have for transportation, but remove the sleeve any questions! when you get home by cutting it off or pullRemember that we’re here all winter long ing it from the bottom. to answer questions and help you plan for ✻ Don’t expose the poinsettia to cold the spring. We will be closed on Sundays temperatures. Anything below 50 will and Mondays January through March, but damage it. Freezing temperatures will kill it you can always call or email. We want to in less than a minute. Keep it away from help you have a beautiful garden! drafts and windows and doors. From all of us at Meadow View, Merry ✻ The bracts are very fragile because Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy of the size of the blooms. This means it New Year. If you celebrate another holiday, should be put where it will not be bumped we hope it is wonderful, too! Thank you for or brushed against. your loyalty. We really do have the greatest ✻ The poinsettia is not poisonous. Some customers ever. people (and animals) may have a reaction to the sap, however, so keep it away from Meadow View Greenhouses pets and children. & Garden Center ✻ Water the plant when the soil feels dry. 9885 Highway 11E I find it easiest to take mine out of the wrap Lenoir City, TN 37772 and put it in the sink to water it. After it 865.986.7229 drains, I put it back in the wrap. Don’t let www.meadowviewgreenhouse.com


9885 Highway 11E, Lenoir City, TN 37772 www.meadowviewgreenhouse.com • 865-986-7229 December 202 1



Making an Impact During the Season of Giving


V E R T H E C O U R S E of 48 hours, as many as 20 floral donations from weddings, events, memorial services, and grocery stores will be transformed into more than 150 beautiful bouquets. These bouquets will be delivered to individuals in area hospitals, assisted living facilities, hospice care centers, and community health organizations. The swift journey from donation to delivery is achieved due to the efforts of the dedicated, hard-working, and fun-loving Random Acts of Flowers volunteers. The bouquets created by their efforts spread joy not only to the recipients, but also to their families, their healthcare providers, and to the Random Acts of Flowers volunteers, too! There are many ways to get involved with Random Acts of Flowers. Volunteers can pick up floral and vase donations, deconstruct donated floral arrangements, create beautiful bouquets, assist with workshop organization, process donated vases, deliver the re-purposed bouquets, and assist at special events. “The volunteers are the heart of this organization,” said Mick Reed, Executive Director. “Each volunteer plays an important role in enabling us to achieve our mission of improving the emotional health and well-being of individuals in healthcare facilities by

RAF volunteers with completed bouquets!

Donated flowers prepped and ready!

The volunteers are the heart of this organization

Dropping off bouquets to LeConte Medical Center.

delivering re-purposed flowers and a personal moment of kindness. I am very proud of our volunteers and humbled by their positive attitudes and consistent efforts so that those in healthcare facilities can receive a random act of kindness and a smile.” During this season of giving, we hope you find a way to get involved with RAF’s mission – and share with others. Random Acts of Flowers’ volunteers have put in more than

80,000 volunteer hours and have delivered more than 147,000 bouquets in Knoxville, and each delivery is a special, unexpected moment of happiness for the recipient. “As a volunteer at Random Acts of Flowers, I thought I would only be ‘delivering’ kindness, which is a reward in itself, but I have also been the recipient of kindness from the staff and the other volunteers,” said Anetha Grant. “We really care about one another and the mission - what a bonus to spend time with so many smiling volunteers!” If you want to make an impact with Random Acts of Flowers by volunteering or making a donation, call us at 865-633-9082, email us at info@RAFKnoxville.org, or visit www.RAFKnoxville.org.

Christmas at Biltmore and Van Gogh Alive



December 202 1

allowing guests an experience reminiscent of the Vanderbilt’s first Christmas there in 1895. Musicians throughout the house perform seasonal favorites. Setting the scene is a 55-foot Norway spruce sparkling on the front lawn. Two hundred and fifty hand-lit luminaries line the walkway. Arrive early to experience all the estate has to offer, from holiday menus to the Winery to Antler Hill Village and Van Gogh Alive. Holiday packages with overnight accommodations are offered. “Van Gogh Alive” Digital Art Exhibition Part one of a year-long digital art series at Biltmore, Legends of Art & Innovation, aligns with the holiday season with the opening of Van Gogh Alive. Hosted in Biltmore’s event center, Amherst at Deerpark, and running through March 5, 2022, this multi-sensory

Photo courtesy of The Biltmore Company


URING CHRISTMAS at Biltmore, guests are invited to enjoy the enchantment of the holidays, inspired by the first Christmas at Biltmore House more than 125 years ago. Unique this year is the opportunity to also experience Van Gogh Alive, the first of three multi-sensory digital art exhibitions in a year-long series. Christmas at Biltmore Daytime Celebration through January 9 A daytime visit is a feast for the senses, featuring wreaths, garlands, and the sparkle of ornaments. From Biltmore House, to the Winery and Antler Hill Village (appearances from Santa on weekends until the 23rd), to Van Gogh Alive, guests will want to linger on the estate to experience all that Christmas at Biltmore has to offer. Biltmore House alone includes 62 Christmas trees, more than 14,000 ornaments, 45,000 holiday lights, 250 candles, 1,000 feet of garland, and 175 traditional poinsettias. The estate’s winter gardens and miles of peaceful trails are also available for exploring. Candlelight Christmas Evenings through January 8 Biltmore House glows with candlelight and firelight during the nighttime tour,

Photo courtesy of MAAG

Van Gogh Digital Art Exhibition Enhances Estate’s Holiday Celebration

experience is an immersion into the remarkable life of Vincent van Gogh through light, color, sound, and scent. Highlights include savoring the wonders of Van Gogh’s Starry Night and other masterpieces beamed through up to 40 high-definition projectors with cinema-quality surround sound. Advance timed tickets are required for entry and are included with either the estate’s Audio-Guided Visit Plus or Expert-Guided Plus admission. Visitor Information Biltmore’s health and safety measures will be maintained in all operations while sharing the joy and the magic of the season with guests. For more information about visiting the estate and to purchase admission tickets, please visit www.biltmore.com/christmas.




Band. Eric Clapton. Dion. The Black Crowes. Don McLean. The Fabulous Thunderbirds. What do they have in common? Legendary keyboardist Chuck Leavell has worked with them all and many more. Most notably, of course, is Chuck’s nearly 40-year tenure with the Rolling Stones. All the areas of Chuck’s charmed life are covered in an incredible documentary titled Chuck Leavell: The Tree Man - from his part in the groundbreaking Clapton “Unplugged” on MTV, to the fateful day he met the love of his life and wife of more than 47 years, Rose Lane, to becoming an expert in tree conservation. It was about that documentary that Chuck and I connected to chat. The call took place while he was in Pittsburgh with the Rolling Stones, so we began our conversation by discussing the current tour. When asked how the tour was going with the recent passing of the band’s only drummer (until now), Charlie Watts, Chuck said, “Well, of course we’re all stinging from the loss. Very, very sad. For some of us, it was quite unexpected. We knew he was in the hospital. We knew he had issues. But we were basically told to expect a full recovery in time. I was actually halfway to the airport, checking my emails, when I read the email that he had actually passed. It was just a very difficult thing to process. I had to hide my face in the airport when I was there, because I just kept breaking up. But look, Charlie would never want to be the reason this band would stop, so we’re carrying on largely in his honor to celebrate him. I’m sure you’ve read and seen maybe a little bit on some clips about the tribute that we do to Charlie before the show starts, during the show, and at the end of

the show. I think it’s an appropriate way to celebrate him.” Fans can still expect a phenomenal show by the Stones due to the selection of Steve Jordan (blessed by Charlie himself) to take Charlie’s place. Chuck shared: “Steve Jordan’s doing a fantastic job. We’ve worked with Steve in the past as you know. Of course he worked with Keith (Richards) extensively with (his band) the X-Pensive Winos. I worked with Steve going as far back as with Chuck Berry in the Hail! Hail! Rock ‘n’ Roll movie. So there’s a lot of familiarity there, and Steve pretty much knew the book coming in. But he did a tremendous amount of homework. He was amazing at rehearsals. I think he’s doing an amazing job of honoring Charlie’s parts, but at the same time being his own man, which is as it has to be. So in some ways, there are certain songs that he’s really pushing us and inspiring us and making us take a little bit different approach on certain things. So in terms of the music, it’s been a very positive process.” Shifting the conversation to the subject of the documentary about him, Chuck remarked that with the pandemic there were not a lot of the “normal” promotional opportunities but that he felt it had done very well under the current circumstances. “The release is, as you know, on virtually every streaming service except Netflix. That may come later, but Gravitas Ventures made the deals with Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, Hulu, and to every other streaming service out there. So it’s had decent exposure. The reviews have been stellar. We won the People’s Choice Award in the Sedona Film Festival. When Allen (Farst, filmmaker) released it, we entered several other film festivals that did very well that

weren’t giving out awards, but they were just presenting these films. I just wish we didn’t have the challenge of Covid to keep people away from theaters and to make the world a little confusing in terms of entertainment.” Chuck added about the documentary, “There are three themes: There’s a musical side, the environmental side, and a love story. And I thought Allen did a marvelous job of threading all of those three things in together - not going too far on one or too far on the other, but balancing it out very nicely. Very pleased with the outcome.” Were there any surprises for Chuck that came out of the documentary? “The ones that stand out that were so touching to me - John Mayer, who elaborated greatly and said some very sweet, glowing things... that was exciting for me, and I’m very grateful for it. Having all the Stones participate. Keith Richards at the end there is so brilliant with his comment. Those were very, very pleasant surprises.” Chuck Leavell and I covered much more in this interview - his own band Sea Level, the many notable people he has worked with in the music business and beyond, the reopening of the legendary Capricorn Records, and the importance of encouraging the next generation of musicians. Watch it in its entirety on www.Boomerocity.com.

Randy’s first interview was at the tender age of 13 with none other than Col. Tom Parker. Thirty-six years later he founded the webzine, Boomerocity.com, and has conducted close to 200 interviews with some of the most interesting people in music.

Winter Wonderland Fun for Everyone 5 hours or less drive from Knoxville

Courtesy of Hawksnest


E TEND to not get a lot of snow here in Knoxville (understatement!), so if your friends and family are longing for more of the white stuff, here are a few ideas of where to make that happen. Whether it’s a day trip or an extended stay away, going towards winter weather creates a break from the ordinary and makes space for new activities and experiences. Taking your traveling companions to snow is an adventure within itself. We have all seen kids play in the smallest, slightest bit of snow available, so how fun would unstructured time with an accumulation of snow be? Snow angels, building snowmen and forts, throwing snowballs - let your inner child have some fun! Ski resorts are specifically set up to provide wonderful vacations for their patrons. Most are open through mid-March and are worthwhile destinations even if you are not a skier! The resort lovely settings are fun for everyone in your party by offering other activities in addition to winter sports. So whether you are someone who has snow skied before or are just interested in trying it out, or someone who simply enjoys hanging out by a warm fire with an awesome view, a ski resort may just fit the bill. There are also many private rentals available in snowy locations. Check for accommodations like Airbnbs, Vrbos, and quaint hotels the area you are interested in visiting to see what best suits you and your traveling partners. Maybe a fireplace and a large room with bunkbeds for the kids? Or a gorgeous view of the slopes from an outside deck? Let’s start with the clothing essentials for winter play: • Dress everyone in layers so clothing can be added or removed as needed • Thermal underwear (top and bottom) is highly recommended for wicking moisture to keep you more comfortable • Wear waterproof pants and a windproof/ waterproof coat • Waterproof gloves or mittens are also a



December 202 1

must, as staying dry is key for playing in the snow • Avoid cotton fabric, as it tends to get wet and stay wet • Quality sunglasses and/or goggles are also a good idea • Use sunscreen on face and neck that are exposed, as snow really reflects the sun Now that everyone is suited up for a day at play, let’s find something to do: Skiing and Snowboarding Taking to the slopes - whether a seasoned skier or snowboarder or an absolute beginner - is fantastic exercise that becomes more enjoyable as you practice. First time or seldom skiers/snowboarders are encouraged to take lessons at their destination. Learning the basics or having a refresher course (stopping, being an important skill!) will keep you and those around you safer. Skiing is a sport that can begin at just about any age, with resorts set up for the novice, as well as the experienced, to enjoy their time and efforts. Most include graduated areas beginning with flatter, smooth trails for beginners so everyone can enjoy improving at their own pace. So if burning a few calories and beating the winter blues are an important part of your vacation agenda, then skiing and snowboarding are an excellent choice. Snow Tubing For those who want the fun of traveling down the side of a mountain without as much effort, there is always snow tubing. Just hop on the inflated rubber tube and enjoy the ride! This activity is great for all ages (most have a height or age restriction, so check before you go), and many resorts also include a “magic carpet” to return you to the top of the run - yay! Tubing with friends and family is really fun with laughs to spare! Most vacation resorts have snow tubing areas or one located nearby, and some are set up exclusively for tubing. Outdoor Strolls and Hiking Maybe walking in a winter wonderland is more of your speed - just being out in nature and taking in the fresh air can be

exhilarating and a welcome respite from the busyness of everyday life. Cooler temperatures make it easier to enjoy a short hike where leafless trees don’t block the views of sunrises and sunsets. Appreciate the quiet beauty, marvel at the snow laden trees, and practice your winter photography. Surreal landscapes, frozen waterfalls, and friends with pink cheeks and noses all make excellent subjects to create lasting memories of your trip. Relaxing Many resorts, vacation areas, and lodges have indoor heated pools, hot tubs, and/ or spa services - the perfect way to warm up and relax after a fun day in the winter weather. Treat yourself to a massage or facial as a break from outside activities - or instead of them! Snow on the ground is an undeniable excuse to cozy up to a warm fire with a steaming mug of your favorite beverage! It could be a shared fireplace in a lodge, an outdoor fire pit, or the cozy one in your rental cabin. Your “ski” vacation could very well be simply enjoying the snow-covered views from the window next to the fireplace with a good book - aaaahh! Find Your Winter Wonderland Remember, even if you’re not a skier, you can still enjoy the ambiance of snow covered mountains and plenty of winter activities: Shopping, ice skating, relaxing, meeting new people, sitting fireside, re-connecting with family, snowshoeing, catching up with friends, playing in the snow, and so much more.

Courtesy of Ober


Tennessee 1. Ober Gatlinburg

Less crowded than the larger resorts Jonas Ridge, NC - 3 hours from Knoxville • Snow Tubing • Night Snow Tubing

Can’t get much closer than this! Gatlinburg, TN - 1.5 hours from Knoxville • Skiing - 10+ runs and trails • Snowboarding • Snow Tubing • Alpine Coaster • Aerial Tramway • Ice Skating • Restaurant & Bar

7. Sugar Mountain

North Carolina 2. Cataloochee Ski Area

Just on the other side of the gorge Maggie Valley, NC - 2 hours from Knoxville • Skiing - 18+ runs and trails • Snowboarding • Snow Tubing • Restaurant & Bar

3. Moonshine Mountain

Slightly south of Asheville, NC Hendersonville, NC - 2.75 hours from Knoxville • Snow Tubing • Food Truck

4. Zip N Slip

Family-owned and operated for over 20 years Mars Hill, NC - 2.5 hours from Knoxville • Snow Tubing • Limited tickets sold so no overcrowding

5. Wolf Ridge


6. Jonas Ridge

Formerly known as Wolf Laurel Ski Area Mars Hill, NC - 2.75 hours from Knoxville • Skiing - 15 runs and trails • Snowboarding • Snow Tubing • Restaurant

Surrounded by Pisgah National Forest Sugar Mountain, NC - 2.75 hours from Knoxville • Skiing - 21 runs and trails • Night Skiing • Snowboarding • Snow Tubing • Ice Skating • Snowshoe Tours • Alpine Coaster • Restaurant & Bar

8. Beech Mountain

Highest elevation town in the southeast Beech Mountain, NC - 2.75 hours from Knoxville • Skiing - 15+ runs and trails • Snowboarding • Snow Tubing • Ice Skating • Snowshoe Tours • Restaurants & Bar

9. Hawksnest

Longest tubing run in the southeast Seven Devils, NC - 3 hours from Knoxville • Snow Tubing • Ziplining • Small Restaurant

10. Appalachain Ski Mountain

Opened more than 50 years ago Blowing Rock, NC - 3.25 hours from Knoxville • Skiing - 9+ runs and trails • Snowboarding • Restaurant

11. Liberty Mountain Snowflex

Great place to practice Lynchburgh, VA - 5 hours from Knoxville • Skiing • Snowboarding • Snow Tubing

West Virginia 12. Winterplace

Voted best place to learn to ski by Blue Ridge Outdoors magazine Ghent, WV - 4 hours from Knoxville • Skiing - 28 runs and trails • Night Skiing • Snowboarding • Snow Tubing • Restaurants & Bar

Indiana 13. Perfect North Slopes

Online snow cams Lawrenceberg, IN - 4.25 hours from Knoxville • Skiing - 22 runs and trails • Snowboarding • Snow Tubing • Restaurant

14. Paoli Peaks

Just northwest of Louisville, KY Paoli, IN - 5 hours from Knoxville • Skiing - 17 runs and trails • Night Skiing • Snowboarding • Snow Tubing • Restaurant


taloo Courtesy of Ca

Courtesy of Wint erplace

Courtesy of Pexels/Krukov

Courtesy of Pexel


Courtesy of Google Maps December 202 1



Center New Exhibitions Opening Emporium December 3

“This exhibition is traditionally a highlight and for us, representing a culmination of a year’s productivity on the part of Knoxville’s diverse and enthralling artist community.” - Liza Zenni, Executive Director for the Arts & Culture Alliance

Clay piece by Mary Ruden

Acrylic work by Mary Nietling


HE AR T S & Culture Alliance proudly presents its 2021 Members Show, the largest annual exhibition of local artists in the Greater Knoxville area. The fresh mix of two- and threedimensional works created within the last two years encompasses a wide variety of media such as oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, mixed media, photography, fine craft, sculpture, ceramics, fiber, and more from regional artists who are all individual members of the Arts & Culture Alliance, which serves and supports a diverse community of artists, arts organizations, and cultural institutions. Membership is open to all, and information may be found at www.knoxalliance.com/join-renew. A free reception with the artists will take place on Friday, December 3, from 5 to 9 pm. The 48th Annual WIVK Christmas Parade starts at 7 pm along Gay Street and passes in front of the Emporium. Individual members of the Alliance participate locally and regionally in gallery exhibitions, art festivals, sculpture trails, weekend shows, studio tours, and public murals. Some of the members are full-time artists, while others have day jobs and create on evenings and weekends. Some Alliance members include art professors with the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, Carson-Newman University, Maryville College, Pellissippi State, Roane State, and Walters State. Others are teachers within Knox and surrounding county’s elementary, middle, and high schools. Some Alliance members teach classes privately or through community classes with the



December 202 1

Fiber/Quilt by Camilla Younger

Appalachian Arts Craft Center, Arrowmont School of Arts & Crafts, Fountain City Art Center, Knoxville Arts & Fine Crafts Center, Knoxville Museum of Art, Mighty Mud, and Oak Ridge Art Center. Many of the artists have working studios in their own homes, while some are part of studio collectives such as The Emporium,

Watercolor by Judy Jorden

17th Street Studios, Mighty Mud, Broadway Studios & Gallery, Knoxville Community Darkroom, West Fifth Studios, and Relay Ridge. The 2021 Members Show will be on display throughout the Emporium Center, located at 100 S. Gay Street in downtown Knoxville from December 3-23. Most of the works will be for sale and may be purchased through the close of the exhibition by visiting in person or the online shop at www.knoxalliance.store. The Arts & Culture Alliance was created in 2001 through a highly participatory community-driven process. The Alliance serves and supports a diverse community of artists, arts organizations, and cultural institutions. The Alliance receives financial support from the Tennessee Arts Commission and the City of Knoxville. The Emporium is open to the public Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm and Saturday from 10 am to 1 pm. Please note, we will be closed December 24 through January 2 for the holidays. Visit www.knoxalliance.com or call 865-523-7543 for more information.

Why not by give the gift of original art to your friends and loved ones this season? Visit www.KnoxAlliance.store to see the unique and diverse selection of available works of art within a wide price point for every budget. Wearable Items • Watercolor • Sculpture • Photography • Pottery • Collage Fiber Art • Turned Wood • Oil Painting • Stained Glass • Acrylic • Mixed Media

A Valuable Service and an Invaluable Resource BY A A R O N H U N T, C O - O W N E R O F PREMIERE CONSIGNMENT


ERRY CHRISTMAS and Happy New Year from Becky, Toby, and me! We would like to express our appreciation for the continued support along with all the encouragement we’ve received since we first opened the doors of Premiere Consignment in nearby Tellico Village in 2012 - almost 10 years ago! We feel that Premiere Consignment has continued to provide a valuable service, and be an invaluable resource, to our community. For those of you who are recent arrivals to this area, we offer the perfect opportunity to find another home for the gently used furniture, home décor items, art, and area rugs that you may no longer need in your new home. Empty nesters? Downsizing? We are the right venue for you, too! For those of you who are in the market to purchase items, Premiere Consignment is your source for high-end, upscale furniture from the nation’s top brand-name manufacturers - saving you up to 90% off the original retail prices - making it well worth the short trip over the dam to see our store. If you are an estate sale enthusiast, we keep a current list of our area’s sales, so check back often. Our eBay store is another opportunity for selling your treasured collectibles and those items that are particularly attractive to online shoppers. Imagine having interested buyers from all across the globe! We can provide a fully turn-key eBay experience, including professional photography, detailed descriptions, auction set up, handling financial transactions, and then packing and shipping your sold goods anywhere and everywhere in the world! Whether you’re hoping to sell your gently used, brand-name household items, add that accent chair to your living room before holiday company arrives, or purchase an entire home full of furnishings with new-to-you home décor pieces, Premiere Consignment is your one-stop superstore for savings or selling, so come out and see us before you pay too much! If you prefer to shop from your home, visit our website at www.premiereconsignment.com to view our current inventory, and check back often as new items are added as they arrive. Wishing you the greetings of the season from the entire Hunt family! Hope to see you soon! Premiere Consignment 320 Lakeside Plaza Loudon, TN 37774 865.458.9721 www.premiereconsignment.com



Saturday, December 11, at 3 pm
 Sunday, December 12, at 3 pm
 Monday, December 13, at 7 pm

OIN US AS we celebrate the 53rd year of the Nativity Pageant of Knoxville - a presentation of the traditional Christmas story of the birth of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem. With a cast and choir of more than 200, a professional orchestra, and live animals, the story is told in pantomime on realistic sets. 
 All performances are family-friendly. Admission is free - no tickets required. (Coliseum parking is $5/car.) Sunday and Monday performances are offered with interpretation for the deaf and hearing impaired. For more information, visit www.knoxvillenativity.com.

December 202 1



December THINGS TO DO • PLACES TO GO • PEOPLE TO SEE THROUGHOUT THE MONTH Three Rivers Rambler: Christmas Lantern Express through December 23. ThreeRiversRambler.com for tickets. Downtown Elf on the Shelf Scavenger Hunt & Peppermint Trail in downtown Knoxville through January 2. More information at DowntownKnoxville.org. Knoxville’s Holidays on Ice in Market Square through January 2. Visit KnoxvilleTN.gov. East Tennessee Regional Student Art Exhibition at the Knoxville Museum of Art through January 9. Zoo Lights at Zoo Knoxville from 5 to 9 pm through January 9. Farragut Light the Park along Campbell Station Road from I-40 to Kingston Pike from dusk until 10 pm through January 2. Mailbox for Santa at Founders Park.

DECEMBER 5 Ijams 8th Annual Holiday Marketplace at Ijams Nature Center from 10 am to 3 pm. Historic Westwood Holiday Home Tour from 1 to 5 pm and 6 to 8 pm. Chris Stapleton at Thompson-Boling Arena at 7 pm. A Doublewide, Texas Christmas at Theatre Knoxville Downtown at 8 pm. Also shows Thursday through Sunday matinee December 9-12 and 16-19.

DECEMBER 7 Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day 16th Annual Holiday Sparkles & Spirits at Cherokee Country Club from 6:30 to 9 pm. A benefit for The Joy of Music School. An Evening with Chevy Chase: Christmas Vacation Screening and Q&A at the Knoxville Civic Auditorium at 7 pm. Jim Brickman at the Bijou Theatre at 8 pm.

DECEMBER 8 The Beach Boys at the Tennessee Theatre at 7:30 pm.

DECEMBER 9 Annie, Jr. at Knoxville Children’s Theatre at 7 pm. Also on December 10-12 and 16-19. Thursday and Friday at 7 pm, Saturday at 1 and 5 pm, Sunday at 3 and 6 pm. Midland: The Last Resort Tour at the Tennessee Theatre at 7:30 pm.

DECEMBER 10 Museum of Appalachia: Annual Candlelight Christmas from 4 to 9 pm. Also on December 11. Christmas Drive-in at Chilhowee Park Midway from 5:30 to 9 pm. Free activities and photos with Santa at 5:30, drive-in movie starts at 7 pm.



December 202 1

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Musical at the Tennessee Theatre at 6:30 pm. Christmas in the Cave at Cherokee Caverns from 5 to 9 pm. Also December 11-12 and 17-19. Friday 5 to 9 pm, Saturday and Sunday 3 to 9 pm. The Nutcracker presented by Appalachian Ballet at the Clayton Center for the Arts at 7 pm. Also on December 11 at 3 pm. The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe presented by the WordPlayers Theatre Company at Clayton Performing Arts Center, Pellissippi State Community College at 7:30 pm. Also December 11 and 12 at 2:30 pm. Big Ears: Julian Lage Trio at St. John’s Cathedral at 8 pm.

’s xvillerket o n K For ers’ Ma Farmdates ands, ion locatage 50 p see

Ice Bears vs. Macon Mayhem at the Knoxville Civic Coliseum at 7:30 pm. Santa Con - dress up as your favorite holiday character! Knoxville Symphony Orchestra 35th Annual Clayton Holiday Concert at the Knoxville Civic Auditorium at 7:30 pm. Also on December 18 at 3 and 7:30 pm and December 19 at 3 pm. Jason Boland & The Stragglers at the Bijou Theatre at 8 pm.

DECEMBER 18 Ice Bears vs. Macon Mayhem at the Knoxville Civic Coliseum at 7:30 pm. Office Holiday Party!


Marty Stuart and His Fabulous Superlatives at the Bijou Theatre at 8 pm.

Jingle Bell Run at World’s Fair Park. A benefit for the Arthritis Foundation.


Nativity Pageant of Knoxville at the Knoxville Coliseum at 3 pm. Also on December 12 at 3 pm and December 13 at 7 pm. Free to attend (parking is $5). Christmas at Mabry-Hazen House tours from 5 to 8 pm. Also December 12 from 2 to 5 pm. Tour de Lights Bike Parade in downtown Knoxville at 5:30 pm. A fun, free, family friendly bike ride through downtown and North Knoxville. Get in the holiday spirit by decorating yourself and your bike! BWKnox.org for more information.

DECEMBER 12 Old City Market on West Jackson Avenue from 11 am to 4 pm.

Come From Away: A New Musical at the Tennessee Theatre at 7:30 pm. Also on December 22 at 7:30 pm, December 23 at 2 and 8 pm, December 25 at 7 pm, and December 26 at 1:30 and 7 pm. Josh Turner: Holiday & The Hits at the Knoxville Civic Auditorium at 8 pm.

DECEMBER 25 Christmas Day

DECEMBER 26 Ice Bears vs. Roanoke Rail Yard Dawgs at the Knoxville Civic Coliseum at 3 pm. Pajama Day! Bring a toy to donate.


Oak Ridge Community Band Christmas Concert at First Baptist Church (1101 Oak Ridge Turnpike) at 3:30 pm. Free!

Old Crow Medicine Show at the Tennessee Theatre at 7:30 pm.

Dave Barnes: A Very Dave Barnes Christmas at the Bijou Theatre at 8 pm.

New Year’s at Noon at the Farragut Community Center from 11 am to 12:30 pm. Enjoy dancing, NYE snacks, and child-friendly bubbly drinks while celebrating the New Year at an easier time of day!

DECEMBER 14 Knoxville Jazz Orchestra: A Swingin’ Christmas featuring Warren Wolf at the Tennessee Theatre at 8 pm. Friends of the Smokies: Classic Hikes of the Smokies - Old Sugarlands Trail in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Pre-registration required FriendsoftheSmokies.org.

DECEMBER 15 Anderson East at the Bijou Theatre at 8 pm.

DECEMBER 17 ‘Twas the Night with No Parents at the Farragut Community Center from 6 to 9 pm. Get your holiday shopping done while children ages kindergarten through 5th grade enjoy an evening of pizza, games, a craft, and holiday-themed movie.


Ice Bears vs. Pensacola Ice Flyers at the Knoxville Civic Coliseum at 6 pm. Viva Las Vegas with Elvis impersonation competition! New Year’s Eve at the Sunsphere at World’s Fair Park. DJ starts at 9 pm, ball drop at midnight.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR: JANUARY 1 Ice Bears vs. Pensacola Ice Flyers at the Knoxville Civic Coliseum at 6 pm.

JANUARY 7 First Friday on Market Square, Gay Street, The Old City, and Downtown North beginning at 5 pm.

All event dates and times subject to change.


Everything Knoxville has been highly effective in marketing our services to area homeowners. The monthly format, and mailing to over 25,000 homes, reaches far more potential clients than other publications, delivering exceptional results for more than eight years! We thank the readers of Everything Knoxville for helping our business grow and thrive as we celebrate our 10th anniversary of helping clients create beautiful and unique living spaces.

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Holiday Treats Made to Share C O U RT E S Y O F F F E


HIS YEAR, WITH the help of little ones and adults alike, add the fun holiday activity of creating delicious, edible presents for neighbors, teachers, and extended family. Make someone’s holiday extra special with a homemade gift using the recipes below: Peanut Butter Saltine Candy that includes nutrient-rich peanuts, which have risen to superfood status by delivering 19 vitamins and minerals and 7 grams of protein per serving. Churro Popcorn made with a tasty cinnamon sugar coating, or add some spicy heat with chipotle seasoning. Popcorn is non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, and naturally low in fat and calories, which makes it an easy fit for dietary preferences - and it’s budget-friendly. With just a handful of ingredients for each recipe, you can get the whole family involved in the kitchen. Little helpers can measure and sprinkle ingredients. After your creations are ready, break into pieces and/or divide to share as yummy seasonal gifts. So whip up a batch or two for giving and maybe a few more to share with family while watching your favorite holiday movie!

Peanut Butter Saltine Candy

Churro Popcorn

Yield: 45 pieces

Servings: 4-6

Ingredients: • Nonstick cooking spray (butter flavor) • 1 sleeve (4 ounces) regular saltine crackers • 1/2 cup butter • 3/4 cup creamy peanut butter • 1 cup granulated sugar • 2 cups milk chocolate chips • 1/2 cup peanut butter chips • 1/2 cup rough chopped, dry roasted peanuts Directions: Preheat oven to 400º F. Line 10x15x1 inch pan with aluminum foil. Spray foil with nonstick cooking spray, then lay saltines flat in single layer on prepared pan. Set aside. In heavy duty, 1 quart saucepan over medium heat, combine butter, peanut butter, and sugar. Stir constantly until butter and sugar are melted, bringing mixture to boil. Boil 3 minutes, stirring frequently. Pour cooked mixture over saltines and bake 5 minutes. Remove from oven and sprinkle chocolate chips over saltines to melt. Let cool 3 minutes, then spread melted chocolate completely over saltines. Sprinkle peanut butter chips evenly over chocolate. Return pan to oven 1 minute to soften chips. Pull pointed tines of fork through softened peanut butter chips to partially cover chocolate. Sprinkle chopped peanuts on top, gently pressing into candy. Let cool on rack about 15 minutes, then place in freezer 3 minutes. Remove from freezer and break into pieces. Store in airtight container. Find more recipes at GApeanuts.com.



December 202 1

Ingredients: • 1/4 cup granulated sugar • 2 tablespoons powdered sugar • 2 teaspoons ground cinnamon • 1/4 cup butter (half stick) • 12 cups popped popcorn Directions: In small bowl, mix granulated sugar, powdered sugar, and cinnamon. In small saucepan, melt butter; stir in 2 tablespoons cinnamon sugar. In large bowl, toss popcorn with cinnamon butter until well coated. Sprinkle evenly with remaining cinnamon sugar; toss to coat well. Tip: For spicy variation, add 2 teaspoons spicy chipotle seasoning. Find more recipes at popcorn.org.

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Knox Heritage: A Community of Preservationists Preserving the Past to Invest in the Future

Airplane Filling Station


Bijou Theatre

N 1974, the Bijou Theatre was threatened by demolition and neglect, but a group of concerned citizens was determined not to let that happen; this is how Knox Heritage was born. In the decades since, our community of preservationists has continued to execute our shared vision of preserving Knoxville’s unique cultural and architectural heritage for the next generation. More simply, we believe that preserving our past serves as an investment in our future. As we approach our upcoming 50th anniversary, we are taking time to reflect on all that we have accomplished together so far: The revitalization of Knoxville’s now-thriving downtown, saving the Eugenia Williams House, and, yes, protecting the Historic Bijou Theatre from demolition, just to name a few. We are also taking the time to think about our next 50 years, as we know that the choices we make today impact future generations. We will, of course, continue our advocacy for the preservation of the buildings and places that make Knoxville unique. We’ve seen firsthand that historic preservation is a dynamic and powerful movement that can restore the integrity of our historic neighborhoods, transform places in a way that fosters economic and community growth, and enrich the quality of life. This important work will continue. But, at the same time, we are working to expand our definition of historic preservation as a people-centered movement that creates and nurtures more equitable, healthy, resilient, vibrant, and sustainable communities to ensure the long-term success of our city and all of its neighborhoods. It’s an exciting and necessary development, and we are committed to engaging diverse members of our community in the conversation as we look to our organization’s – and Knoxville’s – future. Knox Heritage has many wonderful partners in our vision, and we are largely supported by individual and corporate members who help us protect and share the places that tell Knoxville’s history. We offer multiple membership levels to fit your needs, and we offer many payment options such as annual, quarterly, and monthly. Member benefits (dependent on level) include invitations to members-exclusive events, tours of Historic Westwood, and the exclusive opportunity to buy our ever-popular Summer Supper tickets before they go on sale to the public. Most importantly, a Knox Heritage membership allows you to join our community of passionate preservationists. Together, we serve

Knox Heritage Summer Suppers as guardians to the spaces and places that make Knoxville such a dynamic and thriving place to live, work, and visit – now and in the future. We hope you will consider joining us to preserve historic Knoxville. Please visit www.knoxheritage.org/support/membership for more information or call Janine Bolin at 865-523-8008, ext. 1. Knox Heritage preserves structures and places of historic or cultural significance for our community. Established in 1974 as a non-profit educational corporation, our organization works to protect and raise awareness of what is beautiful and irreplaceable in East Tennessee. December 202 1



An Extra Measure of Grace “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears, and sweat” from a speech by Winston Churchill in 1940, warning the British people of the hardships to come in fighting WWII.

Photo by Mirtography


Business Note


I D YO U K N OW that small businesses (fewer than 500 employees) make up 99% of all businesses and create 64% of the new jobs in the U.S.? It has been another challenging year for our small business community. As we have gotten to know our advertiser partners better this past year, we are increasingly impressed and humbled by the amount of time and energy they put into their businesses. Running a business is already more than a full-time job, and when the adversity of the past 20 months is added, it reminds me of Churchill’s phrase above and the name of that great band of the ’60s and ’70s, Blood, Sweat, & Tears. Recent conversations with business owners in a variety of industries have increased my awareness of the new challenges ahead, as the uncertainty and gaps in the supply chain are expected to continue. Shortages of raw materials, reduced manufacturing capacity, constraints in the transportation of goods, labor shortages (where did everyone go?), and the resulting price increases may be around for a while. In the midst of this holiday season and beyond, we should extend an extra measure of grace to




December 4-18 Saturdays 10 am - 2 pm 2022 Market begins January 8 Saturdays 10 am - 2 pm




December 202 1

our local small business community. While most are optimistic and see brighter days ahead, there are significant challenges to deal with. Almost every business is short staffed and trying to find solutions to alleviate overworked employees - from retail clerks putting in longer hours, to the wait staff pulling a double-shift when there is no one else to step in, to service providers with far more demand than supply capacity. While these front-line issues require creativity and daily attention, business owners are also working to source goods, keep an inventory, and maintain cash flow while wages and cost of goods rise. It’s a juggling act not for the faint of heart! On our part, this “extra measure” could include patience, understanding, and flexibility when what you need is out of stock or on backorder, an encouraging word to a frazzled employee, and a conscious effort to support and spend dollars with the local, small businesses that make up our community. Everything Knoxville is thankful for our small businesses and local area organizations for the good work they continue to do and strive to do, and we wish you all a joyous holiday season and healthy New Year.

Get Your Glow Back S

U N E X P O S U R E W I T H OU T proper p r ote c t io n , su c h as su ns c r e e n a n d protective clothing, can cause brown spots and skin irregularities. Most hyperpigmentation is triggered by unprotected sun exposure, while some hyperpigmentation, such as melanoma, is induced by hormones. Melasma, more commonly seen in females, is usually triggered by UV exposure or even induced by heat. It may appear during pregnancy or after starting birth control and typically appears as a symmetric hyperpigmented patch on some exposed areas of the face, neck, or chest. While using sunscreen is still key to preventing skin cancers and signs of premature aging, it doesn’t erase the damage already done. Most skin irregularities require a treatment, such as laser, IPL, chemical peels, or fractional resurfacing, to reverse the damage already visible. What works for one person may not work for everyone. At Southeastern Dermatology, we offer a wide range of treatment options from any skin condition, such as hyperpigmentation. One popular treatment for hyperpigmentation is Clear + Brilliant treatments. 
 Clear + Brilliant is a gentle treatment that uses fractional laser technology to address and prevent the early signs of aging skin. Clear + Brilliant is based on fractional laser resurfacing, a technology that has been proven in clinical trials to successfully address several common concerns that occur as the skin ages. The treatment works by creating millions of microscopic treatment zones in the upper layers of the skin, which replaces damaged skin with healthy tissue and yields younger looking skin.

MATTHEW B. DOPPELT D.O., F.A.O.C.D., F.A.A.D. Board Certified Dermatologist

The Clear + Brilliant system has two options. In overall skin texture, the original handpiece helps improve fine lines and the appearance of pores, which unfortunately tend to enlarge with aging skin. The Permea handpiece is slightly milder and may be more effective for pigmentary changes and helps to give a more uniform, even skin tone. It is called Permea because the mild injury of the laser is designed to temporarily make the skin more permeable to skin care products, such as Vitamin A and C. 
 A typical Clear + Brilliant treatment requires 30 minutes or less for a complete session. Application of topical numbing cream is an option to provide additional comfort during treatment. The laser handpiece is then gently guided across the targeted areas and actively treats the skin in 15 minutes or less. Immediately post treatment, it is common to experience some redness and swelling up to 12 hours with little or no downtime. Clear + Brilliant’s smart-tip technology and advanced precision energy system ensures excellent results with little to no social interruption. More than 85% of Clear + Brilliant patients claimed their skin looked younger and felt smoother, and they saw a noticeable glow after a series of three treatments. 
 It is important that patients team with a doctor and a practice that they know and trust, as well as one with proper credentials and qualifications. Board-certified dermatologist, Matthew B. Doppelt, and his team can help you develop a personalized treatment plan and see if Clear + Brilliant is the best treatment for you. Visit www.DrDoppelt.com for more information, or call 865-474-8800 to schedule an appointment.

1930 Pinnacle Pointe Way | Knoxville, TN 37922 | 865.474.8800 | www.drdoppelt.com

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