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Moving to a Parkview Senior Living community means being able to do all the things you currently do, and then some. There is a place to dine, have drinks, workout, watch a movie, enjoy a spa day, play games, enjoy outings and so much more!

One thing is for sure, you’ll never be bored! ur See o n eo articl 6 1 page

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and long-time Farragut resident, Kevin Buchanan, MD, practices Family Medicine at Farragut Family Practice, which was established in 1982. A primary care provider for families desiring comprehensive health care, Dr. Buchanan is a leader in implementing the latest innovations in medical technology. In this issue, Dr. Buchanan introduces a new body contouring procedure called truSculpting.

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in grade school, classmates always exchanged Valentine cards. But in this digital age, paper cards are not used as often, and an email or digital Valentine just doesn’t have the same personal touch as a paper Valentine. My dad was a saver. He saved all Photo by D. Roberts Photography the little mementos that my sister and I gave him over the years. And when he passed away, we found a shoe box full of paper cards, given to my dad by my mom, sister, and me for a variety of occasions that my dad saved. One in particular that touched me was a simple Valentine card with a little girl on it saying “To Daddy from his little girl.” And on the inside, there was a simple sentiment only a little girl would say to her dad with a series of X’s and O’s along with a signature written in my hand with the guidance of my mom. A card like



that is just filled with sentiment and is more touching than anything “digital” can ever be. This Valentine’s Day give the special people in your life a personal sentiment and not just a digital version. I know the cards I have received from my husband mean a lot to me because I know he took the time to read the messages to find just the right one that conveys what he feels. That personal message you give will mean so much more. And I am following in my dad’s footsteps by saving those cards in a shoe box that I can look through from time to time and bring back all those wonderful memories. I hope your Valentine’s Day is filled with joy. And from all of us at Everything Knoxville, we wish all of you a very Happy Valentine’s Day!

Judy Irmen


Photo by D. Roberts Photography

The Best Start to the Day ... Your New Closet

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FORMER Farragut High School

graduate, Kevin Buchanan, MD, is well known to many area residents and more than just a few of his former classmates that are now patients at his Farragut Family Practice. Specializing in Family Practice Medicine, Dr. Buchanan and his team have earned a reputation as compassionate and caring medical professionals dedicated to the well-being of their patients. As is so often the case with today ’s advances in medical technology, new technologies emerge that allow physicians to offer new services to their patients that were unavailable just a few short years ago. One new technology available today that a growing number of patients are taking advantage of is truSculpting, an innovative, non-surgical treatment that helps to contour your body regardless of your shape or fitness level. truSculpting can produce impressive results in as few as four 45-minute treatments and with no downtime, allowing patients to significantly eliminate fat in stubborn areas around their abdomen and flanks, where no amount of exercise and dieting succeeds. Perhaps the most remarkable outcome from the truSculpting experience extends far beyond just your enhanced self-esteem and self-confidence. It also encourages many patients to focus on their overall well-being, including proper nutrition and exercise, which can lead to a more fulfilling life and greater longevity. In this issue of Everything Knoxville, Dr. Buchanan and his team will share with our readers the many benefits of truSculpting and answer some of the most commonly asked questions from patients. EK: Briefly describe how truSculpting can benefit our readers. Dr. Buchanan: truSculpting treatments have been clinically proven to safely, effectively, and permanently eliminate body fat in stubborn areas by up to 24% while also tightening the skin. Treatments are safe, producing quick results in most patients – usually within 12 weeks. Patients experience little discomfort with no downtime. truSculpting patients also report improved self-esteem, confidence, 6


Kevin Buchanan, MD

and better fitting clothes. And, best of all, no one will ever know that you had the treatment performed. EK: There are other similar systems available that promise to reduce or eliminate stubborn fat cells. Just how does truSculpting work? Dr. Buchanan: truSculpting uses an innovative monopolar radiofrequency technology to selectively target fat tissue and therapeutically heat it – until it’s eliminated and passed through the body naturally. Treatments are clinically proven safe and effective to get rid of stubborn fat cells. Many patients compare truSculpting treatments to a hot stone massage. EK: Why did you select truSculpting instead of the alternative systems that are available? Dr. Buchanan: We chose truSculpting for a variety of reasons but, in particular, because of its ability to tighten and improve skin tone, as well as to eliminate stubborn fat cells. Also, truSculpting is usually less expensive.

HALF THE COST OF COOLSCULPTING Abdomen & Flanks: $1,000 Neck & Chin: $300 Arms: Starting at $500 Legs: Starting at $500 EK: I imagine that patients enjoy the peace of mind that comes from the fact that their truSculpting treatments actually take place in a medical physician’s facility. Dr. Buchanan: Yes. As with any treatment, patients often have some level of apprehension. Patients seem to experience a peace of mind from knowing that we have a medical provider on site. EK: Patients express excitement about their clothes fitting better after treatment. Describe your patients’ newfound self-confidence. Photos by D. Roberts Photography

Vanessa Miller, RMA, and Ashley Burchfield, RMA

Dr. Buchanan: Patients share with us their excitement in fitting into clothing that they haven’t worn in years, especially their skinny jeans. We have had several women tell us that they will now wear sleeveless shirts after receiving treatments on their arms, which both eliminated stubborn fat and tightened their skin. EK: Describe how truSculpting can reduce cellulite. Dr. Buchanan: Many truSculpting patients have reported that in addition to the elimination of stubborn fat cells, they have also observed a reduction in the appearance of cellulite. EK: truSculpting can also tighten saggy skin. Explain. Dr. Buchanan: Unlike alternative sculpting treatments that use cold to eliminate fat cells, the gentle heat generated by truSculpting can actually help to tighten the skin by reducing saggy skin. This tightening of the skin is a major advantage over other treatments. EK: We’ve also learned that patients often seek treatment as couples, groups of friends, sisters, and mother/daughters. Dr. Buchanan: That’s correct. Much to our surprise, we have hosted several treatment “parties.” It has helped lessen the minor apprehension that some people may experience with the treatment. Aside from

that, patients seemed to genuinely enjoy themselves. We encourage friends and family to encourage and support each other with these treatments. You have our assurance that we will do everything in our power to make this a memorable event for everyone involved. EK: What are some of the most commonly asked questions raised by new patients considering truSculpting, and how do you respond? Dr. Buchanan: The most common questions we get are: Does it hurt? And does this really work? truSculpting treatments do not hurt. During the treatment, the temperature of your skin will rise but will remain comfortable. There may be some slight discomfort, but truSculpting is effective, safe, and the results are even and consistent. Treatments can be compared to having a hot stone massage. It absolutely works! You do have to make sure you are drinking 64 ounces of water a day to be able to flush out the eliminated fat cells from your system. You should also continue your diet and exercise plan to maximize your treatment benefits. EK: How has truSculpting encouraged your patients to improve their overall lifestyle? Dr. Buchanan: They have gained more self-confidence from looking better and

feeling better, which further motivates patients to eat more healthy and exercise more regularly. Patients seem to take a greater interest in their overall health, which we find encouraging. EK: What is the best way for our readers to learn more about your family medicine practice and truSculpting? Dr. Buchanan: Call Ashley at 865-6751593, ext. 224 for more information or to set up your free consultation appointment. EK: In closing, is there anything else you would like to add? Dr. Buchanan: We have been performing truSculpting procedures for almost two years with excellent results. Most clients have seen improvement in hard-to-treat areas that dieting and exercise don’t seem to help, particularly the abdomen and flanks. It has also been personally exciting to observe the improved sense of self-esteem and selfconfidence on the part of our patients, which frequently encourages them to make other healthier lifestyle choices.

Farragut Family Practice 11130 Kingston Pike, Suite 7 Knoxville, TN 37934 865.675.1953 www.farragutfamilypractice.com



Amish Select Fine Handmade Cabinetry: Beyond Custom B Y TO D D T H O M A S , O W N E R O F S T I C K S 2 S TO N E S D E S I G N


O U R C A B I N E T R Y is the

single most important element of a beautiful, functional kitchen. Because growing numbers of American families are experiencing a renaissance in home entertainment, where our kitchens are replacing other areas within our homes as family gathering places, it’s no wonder that homeowners are allocating so much of their time in planning totally unique kitchens in both their new and existing homes. I say unique, because our new kitchens reflect our changing lifestyles. Just as homeowners so carefully select furnishings for their living, dining, and family rooms, today’s homeowners are investing much the same level of effort, and oftentimes more, in the selection of their custom kitchen cabinetry for their homes. You see, there is custom, and there is beyond custom. Discriminating homeowners accept the fact that today’s custom furniture and cabinetry marketplaces have much in common. Although superior to many of the standard furniture and cabinetry brands we have grown accustomed to over the years, these custom cousins are still manufactured on the same assembly lines – and offshore. While they offer options often unavailable from other manufactures, they too have their limitations. That’s why at Sticks 2 Stones Design, we undertook a journey to discover the finest, high-quality, hand-crafted, all-wood cabinetry that would exhibit the unprecedented attention to detail, love, and care that went into the creation of each and every piece. We envisioned the timeless quality and almost 8


limitless choice of styles and unique finish options. We envisioned offering our clients anything they might dream of having. Our journey led us to Amish country and the workshop of a truly remarkable Amish cabinetmaker. We were amazed at the quality and care with which these Amish craftsmen created each and every piece. We were also amazed at just how affordable these individually hand-crafted cabinets were when compared to existing custom cabinetry offerings. It was the beginning of a wonderful partnership and friendship. Our Amish Select Fine Handmade Cabinetry is the pride and joy of our custom cabinetry company and the crown jewel of so many of our clients’ homes that we have been privileged to design custom kitchens for. Our handmade cabinetry reflects the centuries-old traditions of Amish craftsmen for high moral standards and ethics and a respect

for nature. Using time honored techniques, the Amish craftsmen deliver a level of quality that you might have thought no longer existed in today’s fast paced, assembly line world – and at prices lower than you might have thought possible. Like us, you will discover that Amish Select is not a style, but rather it defines a level of quality that is unsurpassed in today’s kitchen and bath marketplace. At Sticks 2 Stones Design, we combine the quality of old-world craftsmanship, found only in genuine Amish custom-built cabinetry, with more than 25 years’ experience in cabinet design and installation to provide you with a truly custom kitchen or bath designed to exceed your expectations and to WOW your friends and neighbors. If you are planning on building a new home or remodeling your home’s existing kitchen or bath, I would like to personally invite you to discover the Sticks 2 Stones Design and Amish Select difference. Discover the “beyond custom” difference by transforming your ordinary kitchen or bath into an extraordinary kitchen or bath.

Sticks 2 Stones Design 8705 Unicorn Drive Suite 114 Knoxville, TN 37923 865.556.9419 www.sticks2stones.com


$100 Off

Discover the Elegance & Beauty of Glass Bath & Shower Enclosures from VISIT OUR BRAND NEW & EXPANDED SHOWROOM


9007 Middlebrook Pike • Knoxville 865-247-0404 With this coupon. Not valid with other offers or prior purchases. $1,000 minimum order required to qualify for the discount. Offer expires 2/29/20.

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Photo by Kurt Weiss

Dogwood Arts Announces 2020 Co-Chairs

Robin Wilhoit



DOGWOODARTS.COM | (865) 637-4561 | 123 W. JACKSON AVE

Big Bird, Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Abby Cadabby to Attend House & Garden Show


AST TENNESSEE PBS and ORNL Federal Credit Union are bringing

the Sesame Street 50th Birthday Bash to the Dogwood Arts House & Garden Show! Familiar characters from the world’s most iconic street will be at the Knoxville Convention Center February 14-16 for a birthday bash and character meet & greets for the whole family. Big Bird, Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Abby Cadabby will be in attendance. With a mission to help kids everywhere grow smarter, stronger, and kinder, Sesame Street has brought the life-changing benefits of early learning to children across the globe for 50 years. Character meet & greets are scheduled all weekend long, and the Birthday Bash will take place on Friday, February 14, from 2 to 5 pm, complete with a dance party, birthday treats, character photo ops, and more. The ORNL Federal Credit Union Creation Station will feature crafts, an indoor play area, hands-on activities, and the opportunity to paint Ms. Pig E. Bank. Character meet & greets are included with admission to the House & Garden Show. A full schedule of meet & greet times is available online at www.dogwoodarts.com/ house-garden-show.



Mike C. Berry

O G W O O D A R T S is excited to

announce Robin Wilhoit and Mike C. Berry as the 2020 Dogwood Arts Co-Chairs. Since 1961, Dogwood Arts has been represented by two prominent community leaders who are selected annually to act as ambassadors of our organization. Robin Wilhoit is the weekday anchor on WBIR Channel 10, where she has worked since 1992. She is passionate about issues involving women and children and is a member of several community organizations, including Variety of East Tennessee, A Children’s Charity, the United Way of Greater Knoxville, and the YWCA. Mike C. Berry is a local artist well-known for his urban compositions that bend and twist cityscapes. Mike manages the UT Downtown Gallery and is represented by The District Gallery in Knoxville and The River Gallery in Chattanooga. “We feel honored to have Robin Wilhoit and Mike C. Berry as Dogwood Arts Co-Chairs for the 2020 season,” said Sherry Jenkins, Dogwood Arts Executive Director. “Each year we rely on our co-chairs to be a source of energy, enthusiasm, and new perspectives. With Mike’s involvement in the art community as an artist and gallery manager and Robin’s undeniable popularity as one of our area’s most-loved television personalities and community supporters, we are certain that our 2020 Co-Chairs will inspire us with energy and enthusiasm.” As Co-Chairs, Robin and Mike will champion the organization as official community ambassadors for 18 programs and events that Dogwood Arts produces throughout the year. “For decades, the Dogwood Arts Festival has been shining a light on the beauty and creativity of Knoxville,” said Robin. “I’m incredibly honored to be a part of the celebration of this place we call home and welcome all to come and discover what makes Knoxville so special.” “I am truly grateful and looking forward to serving with this wonderful organization, Dogwood Arts, that enriches our lives and brings people together through the arts making Knoxville a great place to call home,” said Mike. Dogwood Arts is a 501(c)(3) organization with a mission to promote and celebrate our region’s art, culture, and natural beauty. For more information, visit www.dogwoodarts.com.

Dogwood Arts

123 W. Jackson Avenue Knoxville, TN 37902 865.637.4561 www.dogwoodarts.com

Eight Laundry Room Must-Haves L

B Y C A R R I E M C C O N K E Y, W W W. C A R R I E M FA S H I O N C O N S U LT I N G . C O M

AUNDRY ROOMS of today can go far beyond their utilitarian roots. From attractive custom designs tailored to your family’s needs, to innovative washers and dryers controlled by an app on your smartphone, dare I say doing laundry could be… fun? To boot, proper care of your clothes can give them a long and happy life, saving you time and money. Load up your laundry room with these eight handy items that will help your favorite duds maintain their flair. 1. Valet Rod: Install a retractable valet rod to hold items that are air-drying on hangers (make sure the hanger does not extend past the length of the shoulder seam to prevent poking in the sleeves) or to hang items on their way to the dry cleaner. 2. Lingerie Bag: Useful not only for bras and underwear, other fine washables can be protected with a zippered, mesh lingerie bag. Try having a larger and smaller size on hand depending upon the type and number of items you need to clean. 3. Bath Towel: When delicate clothing such as a sweater needs to be laid flat to dry, spread it carefully on a terry bath towel. 4. Sweater Shaver: Give your favorite knits a color and texture boost by removing pills. Pay special attention to areas under

delicates, and knits. 8. Sewing Kit: Purchase or assemble your own, including a seam ripper to remove basted threads from tailored clothes and a pair of small embroidery scissors to trim loose strings or remove itchy clothing tags. Proper washing of your wardrobe not only removes body oils, sweat, and odors, it gives your clothing the spa treatment it needs to renew shape and freshen fibers. Take a second look at your laundry room – it can be your biggest ally when it comes to preventing the “premature aging” of your gorgeous garb! Reach out to Closets by McKenry for a proposal for your laundry and storage needs. the arms and at the bust. 5. Stain Stick: When a stained garment can’t be washed right away, begin triage by applying a stain stick until the item can be laundered. 6. White Vinegar: Inexpensive distilled white vinegar can naturally combat yellow underarm stains, freshen clothes, soften fabrics, and even be used to clean your washing machine. (Run your washer through a cycle with hot water and two cups of vinegar.) 7. Fine Garment Wash: Keep Woolite or a similar gentle soap on hand for dark colors,

Closets by McKenry

201 Center Park Drive, #1070 Knoxville, TN 37922 865.249.6382 2019 Closets Designer of the Year – Interior Design Society

Keep Knoxville Beautiful Announces 2020 Orchid Awards Nominees


Keep Knoxville Beautiful will host its annual Orchid Awards dinner honoring Knoxville’s most beautiful properties, public spaces, and public art. Awards will be presented to winners in seven different categories: Environmental Stewardship, New Architecture, Outdoor Space, Community Space, Public Art, Redesign/Reuse, and Restaurant/Café/Bar/Brewery. “The nominees for the 38th annual Orchids Awards represent the ever growing development of Knoxville,” said Alanna McKissack, Keep Knoxville Beautiful Executive Director. T h e n o m i n e e s fo r E nv i ro n m e n t a l Stewardship are the Shelton Group and the new KUB Engineering Building. The nominees for New Architecture are the Cathedral of the Most Sacred Heart Jesus, Hardin Valley Middle School, KCDC’s Five Point Phase 3, Regions Bank-Northshore, Summit Corporate Headquarters Office Building, Tate’s School Multipurpose B u i l d i n g - “ T h e B a r n ,” T h e C r o z i e r Condominiums, The University of Tennessee Golf Facility, The University of Tennessee Student Union, and the Volunteer Boulevard Parking Garage. The nominees for Outdoor Space are Augusta Quarry at Fort Dickerson Park,

Jackson Avenue-Old City Redevelopment, Jewelry Television Entry Plaza, Randy Tyree Performance Lawn at World’s Fair Park, Suttree Landing Pavilion and Kayak Launch, UT Volunteer Boulevard Streetscape, and Waterfront Drive. The nominees for Community Space are the All Saints Catholic Church Community Garden, Birdhouse-Porch Restoration, New Hopewell Community School, Marble City Community Garden, and Saint John’s Prayer Garden. The nominees for Public Art are CassiopeiaMarket Square Garage Mural, KNOX Letters at the Knoxville Convention Center, and the Karns Senior Center – 1 Karns Mosaic Mural. The nominees for Redesign/Reuse are 822 Sevier Avenue, Chesapeake’s West, Commerce Building-Downtown Knoxville MIG, Cowan Cottage, Elst Brewing + Taproom, Embassy Suites, First Presbyterian

Church, Full Service BBQ, Knoxville High Independent Senior Living, KYBRA Athletics, The Press Room, Maple Hall and The Parlor, Market Square Public Restrooms, Park City Improvement Company, SmartBank, The Daniel, The Orangery Village, The Mill and Mine, and The Swift. The nominees for Restaurant/Café/Bar/ Brewery are Bluhen Botanicals Wellness Center, Central Filling Station, Full Service BBQ, Chesapeake’s West, Maple Hall and The Parlor, The Oak Room by Abridged, Elst Brewing + Taproom, and Fin Two. Additionally, The Mary Lou Horner Beautification Award will honor The Miller Building. This award is given to an Orchids winner from 10 or more years ago that has maintained their orchid-worthy status. Keep Knoxville Beautiful will announce the winners of the beautification awards at the Orchids Awards Dinner on Tuesday, February 25, at 6 pm at The Press Room, located at 730 N. Broadway. The evening will include live music, a complimentary beer and wine reception, a signature Post Modern Spirits cocktail, dinner, and the awards ceremony. For tickets, visit www.keepknoxvillebeautiful. org/orchid-awards. All proceeds benefit Keep Knoxville Beautiful’s programs. Februar y 2020 EVERYTHING KNOXVILLE


Fall in Love with Your Hardwood Floors Again


OUR HOME’S hardwood floors were once rich and luxurious looking. The first feature of your home that greeted your guests when they entered, they made a lasting impression on everyone that visited. But years of use, an occasional accident, and the sun’s relentless UV rays have left them dull, scratched, dented, and unattractive. In fact, instead of adding to the overall appearance of your home, they now detract from its once beautiful showcase quality look. Today, instead of showing off your hardwood floors, you strategically arrange area rugs over high traffic and damaged areas in an attempt to camouflage them. During this Valentine’s month, why not fall in love with your home’s hardwood floors all over again? It’s easier than you might have imagined thanks to the skilled and experienced craftsmen at European Fine Hardwood Floors. If you’re considering refinishing your home’s existing hardwood floors or installing new hardwood floors, you’re invited to discover the European Fine Hardwood Floors difference. European Fine Hardwood Floors is unlike most other hardwood flooring companies you may have encountered in the past thanks to its founder, Valera Tomescu. The quality of craftsmanship they offer is the result of the influence of Valera’s grandfather, who was a fine woodworking artisan in Europe. Valera’s

“If I could give more than 5 stars, I would! Valera did the most wonderful job on our floors! More beautiful than even when they were new! And when he says no mess and no dust, he is not lying one bit! We had friends using ‘competitors’ at the same time, and they couldn’t believe how there wasn’t any dust around our house, because theirs had a layer of dust everywhere – even though they claimed to be dust-free. Valera means what he says and knows his stuff! He and his wife are hardworking, trustworthy, and extremely professional. I’ll tell all my friends to use them and European Fine Hardwood Floors in the future!” – Diane Carter

grandfather guided his grandson’s passion for woodworking in the old-world tradition, providing a level of craftsmanship that you may have thought no longer existed. Valera and his team of craftsmen are dedicated to maintaining the quality of their craft that Valera learned early in life. Combined with today’s cutting-edge hardwood flooring refinishing technologies from the number one name in the hardwood flooring industry, Bona, homeowners can experience all of the benefits of old-world craftsmanship and today’s latest technologies. Thanks to Bona’s state-of-theart technology, artisans like Valera can offer homeowners a dust-less hardwood flooring

refinishing experience. Homeowners also appreciate the fact that Valera has been recognized by Bona as a Certified Craftsman, an honor offered by Bona to only those few hardwood flooring professionals who have distinguished themselves in the refinishing marketplace. It is a much coveted award that is earned by only a few craftsmen. If you’re ready to fall in love with your home’s hardwood flooring all over again, why not discover the European Fine Hardwood Floors difference for yourself? They offer new hardwood flooring, hardwood floor refinishing, water damage repair, staining, and more – all at affordable rates. You can even select a new stain color. Also, be sure to ask them about their dustless refinishing experience that removes more than 99% of all dust from indoor sanding by using high-capacity vacuums located out-ofdoors, as well as their low or no-odor finishes. Celebrate this Valentine’s month in style by allowing Valera and European Fine Hardwood Floors to restore that showcase quality look to your home’s hardwood flooring.

European Fine Hardwood Floors 865.640.3680 www.knoxvillehardwoodrefinishing.com

Akima Cabaret Show Celebrates the Women of Tennessee and the World


a secret. Some people you know may have a secret talent. Your neighbor’s secret is about to be revealed. Where? How? Come find out at the Akima Club of Knoxville’s Cabaret Show held on Friday and Saturday, March 6 and 7. For the 40th time, the Akima Club of Knoxville will put on a lively and sometimes bawdy cabaret show. The women’s club, founded in 1949, brings together all members and their spouses for a professionally produced show held at the historic Bijou Theatre. Once called the Knoxville Junior Women’s Club, in 1951, they changed their name to Akima, a Native American word for leader. In true Akima fashion, as leaders of our Knoxville community, we must give back. And to raise money, we will present #HerStory. As the club’s major fundraiser only held every other year, the Cabaret shows have traditionally been a true value for the audience. This show, entitled “HerStory,” will celebrate both the women of Tennessee and the world. Your neighbor and friend that mows his lawn in plaid shorts may show up on the stage dressed as Dolly Parton playing a guitar. 12


Or your neighbor that never has a hair out of place might just tap dance across the stage in her clogging dress and hat with a hanging price tag. In true Cabaret form, this production will have a bit of bawdiness, a bit of fun, and a ton of laughter. For the price of admission, you will be expected to laugh at and with those that live closest to you. This is #HerStory. From the Supreme Court to the basketball court, everyone has a story. The show begins with a comedienne guest on stage, followed by a parody of a talk show hosted by Deane Hill and

Sunny Sphere. There will be street interviews and lots of audience participation! Make sure you are there to see it! After the performance at the beautiful Bijou Theatre, the evening moves on to the Holiday Inn downtown for dinner, dancing, silent auction, and a wine pull. Performances will begin promptly at 7 pm on Friday and Saturday nights, March 6 and 7. If you prefer to do your laughing during the day, a matinee performance will be at 2 pm on Saturday, March 7. Tickets are for sale from all Akima members, as well as online at www.AkimaClub. org. Prices are $175 each for Friday and Saturday night shows, dinner, and dancing. If you would just like to attend the show and support Akima, Friday evening show only tickets are $60 and the Saturday matinee tickets are just $50. All proceeds from the three shows will benefit Knoxville in the form of grants given to agencies across the area. In addition to the grants awarded, the Akima Club members provide volunteer hours and financial support in the areas of arts, culture and science, children and youth, medical and social, and senior living.

What’s Your Valentine’s Day Personality? How Anyone Can Make the Day Special!


a hopeless romantic or you don’t believe in Cupid at all, everyone celebrates Valentine’s Day in their own special way. From a fancy date or a girls’ night in to a festive class party with the kids, there are activities - and treats - to suit every type of Valentine’s personality out there. Which one are you? The hopeless romantic Do you wear your heart on your sleeve? Do you look forward to Valentine’s Day every year as a time to celebrate the people you love? Then you are a hopeless romantic and you embrace everything that Valentine’s Day stands for. For you, the day should be filled with thoughtful gestures that come from the heart. Start by sending messages to the special people in your life. For a significant other, you might text famous romantic quotes throughout the day to show your love. Then skip the expensive flowers and get crafty by making Sweetheart Roses with chocolate kisses. Simply wrap two chocolate kisses in cellophane or plastic wrap to create a rosebud shape and then attach your creation to florist wire and wrap it in green florist tape. Add a little note saying how much you care 14


for a finishing touch. This gift is a sweet treat, and you won’t have to worry about it wilting. The last-minute cupid If you are the person who waits until the commute home to swing by the store for your sweetie’s gift, you are a last-minute cupid. You like Valentine’s Day, but you are not known to plan ahead. Fortunately, there’s no need to worry with a few quick and impressive ideas for special gifts. To start, a handwritten card is always appreciated. Simply say what’s in your heart - you don’t have to be Shakespeare. When the words are your own, your loved one will know you genuinely care. Next, attach a gift that signifies all the sweet things in life like a tin of chocolates, heart-shaped candies, or cookies, which are guaranteed to make her swoon. The class parent In classrooms across the country, Valentine’s Day is a special time to celebrate friendship at school. If you’re the class mom or dad, you know the class will be counting on you to help the kids get ready for this special day and prepare all the cards and goodies. Help students celebrate their friends by having them make their own cards. Use

construction paper, ribbon, glitter, and stickers to help your kids make customized cards for classmates. Then add a sweet treat. Parents can also start a new family tradition at home and show their kids how much they care by giving them Valentine’s Day baskets. Fill the basket with various healthy treats. The playful platonic If you think that Valentine’s Day is more fun spent with friends, then you have a playful platonic personality. You don’t need all the mushy over-the-top romanticism - you know the true loves of your life are your friends, and you want to use this day to celebrate everything they mean to you. For example, you might meet with your favorite buds for happy hour or spend the evening at home with your best girlfriends. This is the perfect time to flip through some pictures and take a trip down memory lane. Make your home a festive oasis by having snacks and treats laid out in decorative Valentine themed tableware. No matter your Valentine’s Day personality, there are simple ways to make the day extra special. From yummy treats to sweet gestures, you’ll show the loved ones in your life you care - today and every day of the year.

Parkview Senior Living


Partnering with You to Maintain Your Independence Through Physical Fitness T’S PROBABLY no surprise, but if you enjoy doing some-

thing, you’re more likely to stick with it. On the other side of that coin, variety is the spice of life. So, when it comes to remaining physically active in your golden years, a combination of both may be just what your doctor ordered. As we age, there’s no question our bodies change, and what you need from a workout will evolve as well. A focus on strength building, remaining mobile, and improving balance typically becomes our preferred goal rather than high endurance, high impact workouts. Your bones and knees may no longer be able to handle exercises that involve running, jumping, and lunging. Knowing and listening to your body is key. Laura Weisberg, M.P.T. and owner of Forward Physical Therapy in West Knoxville, says there’s no reason that aging can’t be a journey full of adventure and a full life. “As a physical therapist with more than 20 years of experience, I believe that regular exercise is critical to the aging process,” said Laura. “It helps in maintaining balance to prevent falls, increase blood flow to the brain in order to fight cognitive decline, prevent diseases such as osteoporosis or cardiovascular diseases, and improve quality of sleep, energy levels, and to fight depression. There are many benefits, so I tell my patients to find what they love and keep moving!” At Parkview Senior Living, we developed our communities knowing that living not only an independent lifestyle is a cornerstone to a rewarding retirement, but so is maintaining an active one. That’s why each of our communities includes a fitness center, where we provide state-of-the-art equipment, as well as organized classes that teach a variety of activities for all levels of physical fitness. Below are several great exercise practices that Parkview offers our residents. These all put minimal stress on bones and joints and are fun to boot. As always, check with your doctor prior to starting any exercise regimen. 1. Resistance Band Training – Parkview’s fitness centers have an array of resistance bands available for use. Bands work your muscles using little resistance and allow you to work your way up to harder resistance without having to buy expensive equipment. 2. Weight Training – Don’t panic! You don’t have to start bench pressing lots of weight to get healthy muscles and gain overall tone. Start with the smallest amount of weight dumbbell and increase weight when you feel comfortable. You can also do bodyweight exercise that are very simple like chair squats, wall pushups, stair climbing, and the bird dog. All that’s required is a little floor space, your own bodyweight, and possibly a chair or table to get started. 3. Yoga – Yoga has become popular with seniors, primarily because it is flexible to adapt the practice to fit your individual needs. Yoga combines physical poses with mindfulness, breathing techniques, and meditation so it can benefit you in many ways: » Improves strength, flexibility, and endurance » Lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease » Prevents falls by improving balance » Manages arthritis, pain, and inflammation » Improves sleep quality » Facilitates the grieving process » Manages depression and anxiety 4. Tai Chi – This ancient Chinese martial art is a discipline that involves the mind, breath, and motion. It is wonderful for seniors because it helps with muscle strengthening and increasing flexibility, both of which help with balance. And let’s not forget walking! Each Parkview community has a lovely walking trail, which encourages our residents to keep moving and enjoy the beauty of not only their new home, but also our glorious 16


East Tennessee surroundings and seasonal delights. Walking is something most of us do every day anyway, so why not do just a little more of it, but with intent! Experts recommend most people take at least 10,000 steps per day. That may sound hugely overwhelming, but you don’t have to start out at 10,000 right out the gate. What you do have to do is put one foot in front of the other. Any amount of walking is great and can impact your health in a positive way. Most smartphones have built-in apps that will keep track of your steps for you. So grab your headphones, listen to a podcast or your favorite music, grab your walking buddy, human, or furry, and off you go! At Parkview Senior Living, caring for and encouraging our residents to live their lives to the fullest is what we believe in and care about. We invite you to discover the Parkview Senior Living difference for yourself by scheduling your personal tour today.

Parkview Senior Living 770 Broome Road Knoxville, TN 37909 865.357.2288 1413 W. Broadway Maryville, TN 37801 865.980.8810 COMING SOON! Emory Road & Tullahoma, TN www.ParkviewSeniorLivingTN.com

Easily See, Reach, and Store Everything in Your Kitchen W


your home’s existing kitchen and bath storage were more efficient, or if you’ve experienced difficulty in reaching items due to a health or mobility issue, Shelf Help offers the perfect solution. At Shelf Help, we work with homeowners to plan, design, and install custom roll-out shelving and organizers that install right into your home’s existing kitchen and bath cabinets or pantries, providing you with easier access, better organization, and maximum use of your available storage space. And for those who may experience challenges reaching cabinets that are too low, too high, or too deep, Shelf Help allows you to make full and far more efficient use of your storage space. With our custom-built roll-out shelving and organizers, pantry storage systems, and under cabinet LED lighting installation, tasks are made simpler with easier access to kitchen and bath items and with the added advantage of optimal usage of storage space - a place for everything and everything in its place! Homeowners also appreciate how afford-

able Shelf Help is, saving 50% or more when compared to national brands. Our clients are so pleased with the results, they say, “We should have done this years ago!” As experienced Knoxville-area kitchen and bath design consultants and a locally-owned business, Shelf Help has the understanding

and know-how to evaluate, design, measure, and professionally install solutions tailored to your needs and budget. To learn how you can better organize your kitchen, bath, or pantry, call today to request your free, no-obligation, in-home consultation. Mention this article and receive up to $250 off with a minimum purchase. Locally owned and operated, let Shelf Help make the most of your home’s kitchen, bath, or pantry storage space.

Shelf Help

865.675.5098 www.ShelfHelpTN.com






NE OF MY FAVORITE things to do is get together

with friends for a cozy Sunday brunch,” said mother, actress, and chef Haylie Duff. “It’s the best way to spend some quality time together before jumping into the busy week ahead. Plus, kicking off the morning with a nutritious meal is an added bonus!” Duff has a few expert tips and tricks to make your brunch even better: 1. Bring on the sparkle From table settings to sparkling wine, water, or cider, let your feast bring joy to everyone invited. Keep the décor simple – like filling a couple of empty wine bottles with decorative bottle lights. Our family loves to play board games and card games, which add so much extra fun! 2. Make keepsake place cards Use small brightly colored envelopes as place cards. Write guests’ names using gold or silver markers on the envelopes and put on each plate. You can also write a personal note to each guest inside, sharing a special memory or telling them how much they mean to you. 3. Serve a hearty meal Quiche is a classic choice – it’s easy to make ahead, which is essential for me, being a mother of two! Great quiche recipes use fresh, nutritious ingredients that pack in the flavor. When I’m shopping at the grocery store, I look for Eggland’s Best eggs with the bright red EB stamp – they have superior nutrition compared to ordinary eggs! Eggland’s Best eggs contain 25% less saturated fat and more than double the vitamin B12, which can help boost energy levels and keep you fueled throughout the day. On top of that, they have double the omega3s, 10 times more vitamin E, and six times more vitamin D – that’s why Eggland’s Best is the only egg I buy for my family! 4. Brighten up your sides Boost the freshness of your meal with a colorful veggie or fruit salad – or both! The kids love fresh seasonal fruit and veggies, and sometimes we serve them with some fresh whipping cream or flavored yogurt. Remember – for an amazing brunch, entertain with your own special style and flair. Everyone will love the fun new traditions you create! For a brunch recipe that’s sure to impress your guests, try this Hash Brown & Chive Goat Cheese Quiche from Eggland’s Best.



HASH BROWN & CHIVE GOAT CHEESE QUICHE Prep time: 30 minutes Cook time: 50 minutes Serves 8 Ingredients: » 1 16-ounce package shredded hash browns (squeeze moisture out with cheesecloth or paper towels) » 4 tablespoons softened butter » 1 large Eggland’s Best egg » 1 teaspoon coarse Himalayan sea salt » 1/4 teaspoon pepper » 1/2 teaspoon Spanish Smoked Paprika » 3 tablespoons chopped fresh chives » 1½ cups whole milk Greek yogurt » 1 4-5 ounce package room temperature goat cheese » 1 teaspoon Himalayan sea salt » 1/4 teaspoon pepper » 11 large Eggland’s Best eggs » 1 tablespoon chopped fresh chives Preparation: Preheat oven to 350. Using 10-inch springform pan, butter bottom and sides. Line only sides with parchment paper, then butter the paper. In bowl, mix dry hash browns, butter, egg, salt, pepper, paprika, and chives. Pat into bottom and sides of springform, making sure bottom crust is not too thick. Place on rimmed baking sheet and bake 20 minutes or until crispy and browned. In large bowl, beat softened goat cheese, yogurt, salt, and pepper. Slowly beat in all 11 eggs until mixed. When crust comes out of oven, pour egg mixture into crust and bake approximately 45-50 minutes. Sides will be firm and center almost firm. Take springform side off, peel off parchment paper, and serve.


Thumbs Up! East Tennessee’s premier choice for innovative water treatment solutions

They Changed Our Water and Our Lives

Changing Water Changing Lives

Aqua Clear Water Systems, LLC Free Water Analysis and Quote aquaclearws.com 865-225-6555

Winter Family Fun Day



eight with two ‘homegrown’ kiddos and four ‘heartgrown’ kiddos, we’re always on the go,” said Amanda Johnson. “We initially started researching water systems as a natural alternative to help our son with his severe eczema. Removing contaminants from our water seemed to make sense, since everything that touched his skin was an irritant. We decided on both a whole house water system and a Reverse Osmosis drinking water system. Aqua Clear Water Systems owner and neighbor, David Brewster, suggested a system to remove the chlorine and hardness out of our water to make bathing more comfortable for our son. “We also LOVED the other benefits of Aqua Clear Water Systems,” said Amanda. “We use less detergents, cleaners, and soaps. Our hair is less frizzy. Our drinking water tastes much better. In fact, my sweet kiddos travel absolutely EVERYWHERE with their water bottles. We bring a jug of ‘our water’ everywhere we go. The kids know about Reverse Osmosis water and are so pleased when their friends come to our home and comment about how good our water is! “We tell everyone about Aqua Clear Water Systems – business clients and friends alike! Both the company and the owners are top notch. The Johnson family is forever Aqua Clear customers!” To discover how Aqua Clear Water Systems can change your life by changing your water, be sure to contact them at 865-225-6555 today.

February 8 • 11 AM – 3 PM | Knoxville Museum of Art


OME ENJOY the KMA Winter Family Fun Day celebrating Beauford Delaney and James Baldwin: Through the Unusual Door! Experience a day of family fun filled with excitement, art activities, artist demonstrations, door prizes, face painting, food for purchase, and more. The event is free and open to the public! The Knoxville Museum of Art is located at 1050 World’s Fair Park Drive in downtown Knoxville. For more information, call 865-525-6101 or visit www.knoxart.org.



Aqua Clear Water Systems 1767 Kevin Lane Lenoir City, TN 37772 865.225.6555 www.aquaclearws.com www.kinetico.com

EXPERIENCE THE PURPLE CARPET TREATMENT EXCLUSIVELY AT BELIEVERX We deliver during and after we are closed. We are on-call 24 hours a day. We have an after-hours drop box and on-call number. You can drop off and wait for your prescriptions at home. We can pick up your prescriptions and deliver to you even if they are filled at another pharmacy. We will not leave your prescriptions unattended… someone must be available to receive them. We ID the person we give them to. We communicate directly with you about your prescriptions. We can deliver to your work or to wherever you are. If you are our patient, we deliver to you. If you fill at our pharmacy, all deliveries are free. We do not use the mail… a person delivers to another person. We will communicate via text or phone call. Out of medication and we are closed? We are on call and will come in and fill your medication and bring it to you. Just got out of the ER and have prescriptions? We have a drop box and on-call number. Need help remembering to fill your medications? We can manage them for you and contact you when it’s time to fill. With your permission, we will fill when due and communicate when they are due/ready to pick up or ready to bring to you. Saturday evening and you have the flu? We’ve got you covered. Sunday morning and you took your last blood pressure medication last night? We’ve got you covered. 11pm and you just got out of the children’s Emergency Room? We’ve got you covered! Our bags might be purple, but they are discreet with no identifying information on them. You can reach a live person 24/7. No phone menus to navigate. Teachers, medical professionals, firemen, and policemen… let us bring your meds to you! When you get off work, you can go straight home… you won’t have to sit in a drive-thru line, and you won’t have to wait inside with germs. Sick child, flu, vomiting… we can get meds to you quickly while you rest at home… one less thing you have to worry about. For us, it’s not an inconvenience to be there for you… it’s a pleasure. We’ve got you covered… 24/7.

9627 Countryside Center Lane (Across from Food City), Knoxville, TN 37934


MON. - FRI. 9-5 | SAT. 10-2 | SUN. CLOSED ask@mybelieverx.com



Fitness Together: A Blessing to My Life and Health



Fitness Consultation and Trial Session

PLUS Save $150 off any Training Package*

Fitness Together Knoxville Bearden • Farragut Hardin Valley • Northshore www.knoxft.com Call or text 865-273-0380 to learn more *Valid for first time clients.

Get your ducks in a row just in time for Spring!

D O N ’ T R E M E M B E R how I

first learned about Fitness Together, but I’m happy I chose to walk in the door, sign up, and make a change,” said Angelique Medow, founder of Will You. “Prior to joining Fitness Together, I tried weight lifting with varied and unsustained success. I wanted to lift weights because it’s vital to overall health, fitness, and wellness. I needed to find the right location, team of trainers, and a customized plan that didn’t push me in ways that injured or exhausted me. Fitness Together was the best way for me to follow through on my own goals. “I knew from experience that I disliked the process of weight lifting enough to not go it alone. I’d made mistakes in the past and injured myself. After my third recovery, I knew I would feel more comfortable training with people who could guide and watch over my safety. I stayed with Fitness Together because the owners and the rotating team of trainers make the process enjoyable. They’re good people! “After training three days a week with Fitness Together for more than a year, my body feels more capable. When I need to lift heavier items from my truck or work in my yard or garden, I don’t hesitate and wonder if I’ll be okay. Having more muscle allows me to support and balance myself and move more smoothly. It makes me feel good to know that I’m taking care of the body I’ve been given. “I have and will continue to recommend Fitness Together! The staff is an extension of my family and a blessing to my life and health.” Angelique is a career professional, author, and 25 year veteran of home design, video broadcasting, public speaking, and coaching industries. Angelique is the founder of Will You, a company that inspires and educates people about willpower that works! She is available for leadership and willpower coaching, team training, speaking engagements, and written collaboration. You can contact Angelique at angelique@willyou.guru. If you’re ready to commit to a healthier lifestyle, contact the pros at Fitness Together today.

12814 Kingston Pike ~ Farragut ~ 671-6627 M-F: 10-6 ~ Sat: 10-4 www.thetownframery.com Located one block west of Renaissance Center/Farragut

Fitness Together 865.273.0380 www.knoxft.com



Discover the Heritage Family Dentistry Difference for Yourself


H A V E B E E N going to

Heritage Family Dentistry since moving here seven years ago to accept the position as managing partner of the Longhorn Steakhouse in Turkey Creek,” said Stephen Coley. “I learned about Heritage Family Dentistry from a Google search of local dentists at the time, since I knew of no dentists in the area, and they had amazing reviews. And as it turned out, the reviews were well founded. I have my bi-annual teeth cleaning and check-up regularly and have had one filling, a root canal, and a crown, which was the result of a cracked tooth.” Like other Heritage Family Dentistry patients, Stephen appreciates their convenient location and the compassionate and caring staff that is so friendly. “What is amazing to me is that as good as my former dentist and his team were, that experience is nothing compared to the over-the-top service and friendliness I have received at Heritage Family Dentistry,” said Stephen. “If you are in search of a new dentist, I highly recommend Heritage Family Dentistry. They are top notch and completely up to date with the latest

technologies, including the least invasive techniques available. They are true professionals. “As unusual as this may sound, I actually look forward to my appointments because not only is it important to my overall health, but also because I enjoy catching up with my friends at Heritage Family Dentistry.” To discover the Heritage Family Dentistry

difference for yourself and your family, give them a call today at 865-816-9211 or visit www.hfdsmiles.com.

Heritage Family Dentistry 11121 Kingston Pike, Suite C Farragut, TN 37934 865.816.9211 www.hfdsmiles.com

Rediscover Your Confidence When Eating, Talking, Laughing & Smiling with Dental Implants

Dentistry for Your Family

Now Accepting New Patients 11121 Kingston Pike, Suite C Farragut, TN 37934


www.hfdsmiles.com » Family Friendly Dentistry » Cosmetic Dentistry » Crowns & Bridges » Dental Implants » Implant Dentures » Prevention & Gum Treatment » Invisalign® Orthodontics » Mercury-Free Restoration » Digital Radiograph Februar y 2020 EVERYTHING KNOXVILLE


5 Easy Ways to Help Your Local Animal Shelter A R T I C L E C O U R T E SY O F B P T


are often considered some of the busiest for animal shelters. According to the ASPCA, approximately 6.5 million companion animals enter shelters every year. Adding a shelter pet to your family can be fulfilling, but what if you’re not ready or able to adopt? Hartz Loving Paws supports companion animals in shelters through product donations and volunteer events. The company offers the following tips from the Humane Society of the New Braunfels Area in Texas for you to give back to pets in need, even if you’re not ready or able to adopt.

1. Donate money or product. Many animal shelters and rescue organizations have direct donation links on their websites. Monetary donations go toward pet food, medical attention, and vaccines for the animals. Animal shelters and rescue organizations also often create wish lists with desired products. Shelters typically ask for pet treats, toys, and grooming supplies. Hartz Loving Paws has given more than $2 million worth of product to shelters and organizations since its inception in 2016. 2. Provide a temporary home. An increased number of animals placed in shelters need foster care before they are ready to find their forever homes. Foster needs range from post-op surgical care to puppy growth care and medical support. Food, medication, and other supplies are typically provided when fostering, and the length of time a foster pet may stay in your home varies depending on the animal’s needs. Contact your local shelter to fill out an application. Once approved, your local shelter will work closely with you to find the right foster pet for your household. 3. Volunteer at your local shelter or rescue organization. Animal shelters and rescue organizations offer numerous volunteer roles, such as dog walkers, adoption support, and training support. Many positions don’t require prior experience and can be applied for on your local shelter or rescue organization’s website. Volunteer positions vary in expectations and demand, so there is a position for everyone. You can also volunteer to participate in a shelter rebuild project. Hartz Loving Paws renovates shelters twice a year in partnership with GreaterGood.org’s Rescue Rebuild program. These teams work with shelters to create playful and welcoming environments for animals. 4. Take photos of adoptable pets. Help animals find homes sooner by taking adoption photos for local shelters. Many people search for adoptable pets online, and with a great profile picture, animals have a greater chance at being adopted. If you’re new to photography, there are free training videos available on the One Picture Saves a Life website that show how to take better photos of shelter pets. 5. Become an advocate. Follow animal shelters and rescue organizations on social media and reshare their content. Talk to your family and friends about the importance of caring for shelter pets while they await their forever homes and share how they can help.




A Salon Pampered Pet

ALENTINE’S DAY is nearly here!

Why not pamper your four-legged kid who gives you so much unconditional love? Start with getting their nails done, or perhaps treat them to a day at the spa. Your dog’s nails should be trimmed regularly to prevent possible injury and damage to your hardwood floors and other surfaces. Long nails can grow in a circular shape and back into the dog’s paw pads, causing painful infections that turn red and ooze pus. Other problems with untrimmed nails include difficulty walking on hard surfaces and possibly catching on rugs or other items, causing them to rip off nails, leading to an even more serious injury. How often should nails be trimmed? Some people wait until they hear clicking on the floor, and that’s not harmful (except to your floor), but we suggest every three weeks or so. That way we’re just taking off the nail tips with less danger of getting into the “quick,” the

A Valentine’s Day at the Spa

Pamper Your Four-Legged Kid This Valentine’s Month

blood and nerve bundles at the root of the nail. At Ms. C’s, we grind the nail rather than trim it, which nearly eliminates this problem. Not all dogs like having their feet or nails handled, especially if they haven’t been handled as a puppy when it’s easier for a dog to make adjustments. Constantly handling the foot, rubbing, and massaging it while sitting on the couch will help to overcome this problem. Offering treats and warm praise while grooming makes it a pleasant experience as well. Call Ms. C’s today to make your dog’s spa appointment as a Valentine’s Day treat. Including a bath, a massage would make it a special gift. Who doesn’t love a relaxing, warm bath and massage?

Ms. C’s Bed & Biscuits

2145 Beals Chapel Road Lenoir City, TN 37772 865.986.6325 www.MsCsBedandBiscuits.com




Random Acts of Kindness 2020


HE MONTH of February, on aver-

age, is one of the coldest months in East Tennessee – but, it’s also a month that has some very nice occasions that can make even the coldest day feel warm and happy! Valentine’s Day on the 14th is a wonderful day that affords us the opportunity to show our care and affection for others by giving them flowers and a moment of kindness. And, right after that, National Random Acts of Kindness Week runs from the 16th through the 22nd, encouraging people to perform random acts of kindness for others to give them an emotional boost and make them feel included. At Random Acts of Flowers, these two

wonderful occasions are blended into our year-round mission – delivering recycled and re-purposed flowers to random individuals in healthcare facilities to provide them with some love, a moment of kindness, and a smile. Random Acts of Flowers delivers an average of 350 flower arrangements every week, which means that the 350 recipients, plus their families and their healthcare providers, all get the uplifting, positive benefits from the delivery. Random Acts of Flowers volunteers also get to enjoy all the good things that a beautiful bouquet brings with it! Whether it is prepping the donated flowers, creating the arrangements, or delivering the finished bouquets, Random Acts of Flowers

volunteers get to experience the warm feeling of helping others – even on the coldest days of the year! If you want to make an impact with Random Acts of Flowers by volunteering or making a donation, please call us at 865633-9082, email us at info@RAFKnoxville. org, or visit www.RAFKnoxville.org.

www.RAFKnoxville.org Februar y 2020 EVERYTHING KNOXVILLE


Yulan Piao

Mackenzie Whitney

The Perfect Valentine: Romeo and Juliet at the Tennessee Theatre KNOXVILLE OPERA

is excited to present Romeo and Juliet this Valentine’s Day weekend at the Tennessee Theatre. After an absence of eight years, Charles Gounod’s opera about one of the most beloved stories of all time returns to the stage Friday, February 14, at 7:30 pm and Sunday, February 16, at 2:30 pm. Thrilling, romantic music, glorious singing, and dramatic scenery and lighting is the recipe for an unforgettable theatrical and emotional experience. Performances are presented in French with projected English translations. This presentation of Shakespeare’s tale of the star-crossed lovers includes dramatic readings from the original play in English by Clarence Brown Theatre artists, including Director Calvin MacLean. Making their Knoxville Opera debuts in leading roles are: » Soprano Yulan Piao (Juliet), 1st Place winner at both the Vienna Summer Music Festival and Verismo Opera competitions » Tenor Mackenzie Whitney (Romeo), who has recently sung leading roles with the opera companies of San Diego, Madison, Pensacola, and Annapolis » Baritone Bryan James Myer (Mercutio), veteran of opera companies from Hawaii to New York City Also making debuts are current UT S c h o o l o f M u s i c s t u d e nt s Co r n e l i a Lotito as Stephano and Wayd Odle as Tybalt. Rounding out the cast is former Metropolitan Opera bass Andrew Wentzel (Friar Laurence), professor of voice at UT. The production, generously sponsored by The Sood Family, will be staged by the distinguished director Laura Alley, whose career has included major productions at San Francisco Opera, New York City Opera, and many other companies from coast to 26


Chorister Jill Jones coast. In the pit, Maestro Brian Salesky will conduct the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra. Adult tickets, starting at $25, may be purchased online at www.KnoxvilleOpera.com or by calling the box office at 865-524-0795, ext. 1 Monday through Friday between 10 am and 5 pm. Student tickets, starting at $15, may be purchased by calling the box office. Students are also invited to attend the final rehearsal without charge on February 12 at 6:30. (Accompanying adults pay $5 cash at the door.) A limited number of free student tickets to the performances may be reserved in advance by completing the following link: surveymonkey.com/r/freestudenttix. One ticket per student; no specific seating requests.

Knoxville Opera’s mission is to provide the residents of East Tennessee with high quality, locally produced opera and to contribute to the future of the operatic art form by educating the community about opera and its role in our culture. Knoxville Opera, founded in 1978, is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization whose programs are made possible, in part, by major funding from Tennessee Arts Commission, Aslan Foundation, National Endowment for the Arts, Pilot Flying J, Knox County, Regal Cinemas, Dr. Sharon Lord, The Sood Family, Nancy & Charlie Wagner, Steve & Ann Bailey, City of Knoxville, Cole Foundation, KaTom Restaurant Supply, and Home Federal Bank. For more information, visit www.KnoxvilleOpera.com.

Every Day Can Be Valentine’s Day

Every Day Can Be Valentine's Day • Flowers • Gifts • Jewelry • Florals

• Scarves • Art • Handbags • Home Décor

Sweetwater Flower Shop 118 W. North Street • Sweetwater, TN 37874




all month long and all year long at Sweetwater Flower Shop, located in historic downtown Sweetwater. Show that special someone in your life just how much you appreciate them and just how much they’re loved by celebrating your special relationships with all the people in your life that are truly “special.” Sweetwater Flower Shop is the perfect destination for all things flowers for any event, but take an even closer look. Check out the shop’s extensive line of women’s apparel, accessories – including jewelry, scarves, and purses – and so much more. Also, Sweetwater Flower Shop features florals individually crafted by master floral designer and owner, Jack Wilson, home décor items, art, and gifts that are perfect for any occasion. You’ll also be certain to enjoy the shop’s attentive and helpful associates who will help you select those just-so-perfect gifts for all those special people in your life – and not just any gift, but a truly unique gift that will remind that certain someone just how much they are appreciated. So no matter what the occasion, Sweetwater Flower Shop is your one-stop destination that can transform every day into an unforgettable Valentine’s Day.

Sweetwater Flower Shop 118 W. North Street Sweetwater, TN 37874 423.337.6623






readers are already quite familiar with the legendary keyboardist and two-time Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Gregg Rolie. If you weren’t already familiar with him and his work in the past, you became familiar with him in our interview with him a couple of years ago. Rolie has a new album out titled Sonic Ranch that he recently released as he was between touring with Ringo Starr and performing with other bands and projects. Reached at his home in the Austin, Texas area, Rolie chatted about the new CD, as well as other things going on in his career. We launched straight into chatting about Sonic Ranch and with me telling Rolie that the album sounded exceptionally personal. “They’re all like that, actually,” he said. “Just different periods of time. It’s the only way I can put that. And that’s true. It took a while, but it was only because I got busy with all kinds of stuff. As far as it being completely personal, yes and no. I mean, some songs are, some aren’t. Most are. Most are either experiences or I know somebody who experienced it. It’s kind of it.” When I shared that I also felt that the disc revealed somewhat of a spiritual change in him, he said, “It’s too deep to know what I was doing. My viewpoint is songwriting… like mountain climbing and playing music. They climb mountains because they’re there and playing music because it’s there. It comes to you or it doesn’t; just sit down and there’s nothing there. I don’t watch a ballgame or something. If it’s not coming, it’s not coming – much like someone who writes a book and they get writer’s block. It just goes away. Usually they sit there in angst over it. I just don’t do that anymore. So it’ll come when it does if it’s gonna. You’re usually paid off with something that’s pretty good because it’s supposed to come out.” In a recent Rolling Stone interview, Rolie heaps praise on a good Boomerocity friend, Toto’s Steve “Luke” Lukather, who plays on the songs “Give Me Tomorrow” and “They Want It All” on Sonic Ranch. The man has a heart of gold. When I shared that, as well as seconded what he had to say in Rolling Stone, Rolie added, “Yeah, I know. He is phenomenal. His playing is unbelievable. But that’s not all of it for me. He’s just a really good man. I laugh at all those jokes. We’re all going to the same place, if that’s the case. Ha! Ha! He knocks me out. I’ve never seen anybody so quick to come up with stuff. And that works for music, too. I love him. I think he’s a great human being.” Rolie’s former Journey bandmate, Neal Schon, also contributes some amazing guitar licks on “Lift Me Up.” Rolie had this to say about Schon: “I’ve known Neal since he was 16. Actually, I got him into the band, Santana. Kinda snuck him through. I’d pick him up from high school, and while we were recording Abraxas, he came in. We would jam. I really would have loved to see him be in the band because he 28


and Carlos played totally differently, but it could’ve been really cool. It ended up happening because Carlos said, ‘What do you think about having a second guitarist?’ I said, ‘What a great idea!’ “I really was steering it. And he had the choice of being in Santana or Derek and the Dominos at 16 years old! He’s pretty special – an unbelievable player. I’ve known him forever. I mean, I used to say that he’s like my little brother. So when I asked him to play on a couple of things on Sonic Ranch, he said sure! And vice versa. And that’s how that came about.” When not working on his own music, Rolie is keyboardist for Ringo Starr, about which he said: “I think the main part is that, as you get older, the hang is everything. And all these guys in all of the Ringo bands, the hang has been phenomenal. Everybody is really cool people. Right now it’s Hamish Stuart from Average White Band and Colin Hay from Men at Work. Lukather and myself and Bissenett have been there longer than all of us. And, of course, Ringo has been there longer than all of us. Warren Hamm on sax and harmonica and vocals. You know, a utilitarian guy. It’s really a good band and a lot of fun. We just hang and play!” You can “hang” with Rolie, too, by visiting www.GreggRolie.com, and you can read much more that he had to say by visiting www. boomerocity.com. Randy’s first interview was at the tender age of 13 with none other than Col. Tom Parker. Thirty-six years later he founded the webzine, Boomerocity.com, and has conducted close to 200 interviews with some of the most interesting people in music.

The Rules Just Changed for Your Retirement


B Y Y V O N N E M A R S H , C F P ® , C PA

HE SECURE ACT was signed

into law in late December 2019 with little public fanfare. But it’s sending shock waves through the retirement planning world. If you have a retirement account or will inherit a retirement account, it’s important to understand what just happened. The Act was designed to improve the ability of Americans to save for their retirement, which overall it did. But true to form, they slipped in a taxation change that is projected to raise more than $15 billion in new tax revenue over the next decade, according to the Congressional Research Service. And we know whose pocket that is coming out of – yours and mine. Tax planning is truly imperative now. On the good side, the SECURE Act raises the Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) age to 72 from 701/2. This RMD age is when the IRS steps in and dictates an amount you must withdraw from your pre-tax retirement accounts and pay the associated income tax. Having more flexibility to wait until 72 is a plus for taxpayers. This change only applies to people who turn 701/2 in 2020 and beyond – if you were born in July 1949 or later. For everyone else, the old rules still apply. The Act also removes the age 701/2 restriction for contributing to an IRA. If you’re still working, you can keep contributing. Also on the good side, to combat retirees’ fears of running out of money, the SECURE Act has made it easier for employers to add a lifetime income annuity as an investment option in retirement plans. This is an especially important change for those employees without access to a corporate pension, now giving them the option of saving into their own annuity that will provide lifetime income in retirement. While the SECURE Act has many positive provisions beyond the two already mentioned, there is also a huge tax blow lurking for people who inherit IRAs and Roth IRAs beginning in 2020. Under the old rules, nonspouse beneficiaries could generally stretch their taxable inheritance distributions out over their lifetimes – thus leaving the bulk of the inherited IRA asset safely tax-deferred and generally growing at a rate that exceeded the required distribution. In theory, these inherited assets, especially Roth IRAs, could pass from generation to generation in a taxsheltered way. But not anymore. The new rules dictate that non-spouse beneficiaries must empty these accounts by the end of the 10th year following the year of inheritance, and it applies equally to traditional IRAs and Roth IRAs. For traditional IRAs, that “emptying ” process is all taxable income. Your heirs have to report that income on top of their regular income, and at a time when they’ll probably be in their

highest earning years. To think that a third of your IRA could be lost to taxes is a very real possibility. What are we to do? Take action now while taxes are on sale! Our current lower tax rates are legislated to expire Yvonne Marsh, in December 2025, so CFP®, CPA you have six years left to do systematic Roth conversions and slowly convert your taxable IRA to a tax-free Roth. Think of it as you’re paying tax on the “seed” knowing that your heirs will reap a tax-free Roth “harvest” when they inherit it 20 or 30 years from now. Someone has to pay the tax; either you, now, on a smaller amount or your heirs, later, on a larger amount – there’s no escaping it. There is no perfect solution, though. The SECURE Act has dampened the planning value of that Roth IRA “harvest,” because even though it is importantly tax-free to your heirs, they still have to empty the Roth IRA within 10 years and invest it somewhere else. They can’t put much of it into their own Roth IRA because the contribution limits are extremely low and income limits apply as

well. They’ll have to invest it into a taxable investment account (thus having to report the associated income every tax year) or look to cash value life insurance to create their own version of a tax-deferred Roth IRA. Needless to say, the SECURE Act has created tax planning needs at both ends of the inheritance spectrum. Proactively, for IRA account owners to minimize the taxation at their passing. And reactively, for heirs to know how best to minimize the tax in that 10-year window and smartly invest their inheritance going forward. We are hosting small group discussions to dive deeper into the new SECURE Act and discuss tax planning strategies in further detail. Space is limited, so call today.

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Financial Planning & Investment Advisory Services are offered through Marsh Wealth Management, LLC (“MWM”), an independent investment advisor registered with the state of Tennessee. Yvonne Marsh is an Investment Advisor Representative of MWM in the state of Tennessee. Marsh Professional Group, LLC, is a TN registered public accounting firm and a separate legal entity from MWM. For a detailed discussion of MWM and their investment advisory fees, see the firm’s Form ADV on file with the SEC at www.adviserinfo.sec.gov.

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The SECURE Act is Changing the Retirement Rules Wed, February 12th at 3pm Thurs, February 20th at 10am At Our Office

Light refreshments will be served. Seating is limited – call or email today.

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Dolly Parton’s Stampede Returns for 33rd Season of Family Fun



Stampede opened for its 33rd season on January 17, guests quickly understood why a trip to this most-visited dinner attraction in the world is unlike any entertainment experience they’ve ever encountered. The Stampede features an exciting line-up of amazing equestrian acts, friendly competition and audience interaction, foot-stomping music, comedic fun, and unexpected, exciting twists and turns throughout the adventure. “It has been such a privilege to bring families and friends together for more than three decades to create special memories through Dolly Parton’s Stampede and everything that it offers,” said David Swangel, Stampede’s General Manager. “Our talented cast and the dedicated staff treat every show as if each guest is experiencing Stampede for the first time. That’s why we look forward to every new season – we want guests to make memories they will hold onto for a lifetime.”



From the moment guests arrive, there are memories to be made around every corner. Guests can start by visiting the signature Horse Walk to snap a picture with a few of the show’s stars. Before the main attraction begins, the experience kicks off in the non-alcoholic Saloon with the Southern-style bluegrass and country music of Mountain Ruckus, Stampede’s house band. Guests will enjoy classics with a twist and hear the musical stylings of the only four-time national banjo champion, Gary “Biscuit” Davis. As the main show begins, guests are introduced to the talented cast, who lead the show’s 32 magnificent horses through the performance. Thanks to a state-of-the-art LED set wall, guests are immersed into an experience set in America’s Great Plains of yesteryear, where live buffalo and thundering longhorns roam the 35,000 square-foot arena and settlers bring the Wild West to life. With singing, dancing, special effects, and impressive displays of equestrian skill, guests truly feel like

they are in the Wild West or nestled under the stars in the Great Smoky Mountains. Dinner, the other star of the show, includes Stampede’s signature four-course feast consisting of creamy vegetable soup, a homemade buttery biscuit, a whole rotisserie chicken, hickory-smoked barbequed pork loin, buttery corn on the cob, herb-basted potato, Stampede’s own specialty dessert, and unlimited beverages including Coca-Cola® products. Vegetarian and gluten-free meals are available upon request. To end the Stampede experience, applause fills the arena as the talented riders and their horses come center-stage for a patriotic red, white, and blue salute to America. And many guests will want to stick around after the show to snap some pictures with the Stampede’s talented performers and their magnificent horses. Show times and reservations are available by calling 865-453-4400 or visiting www. dpstampede.com.

Photo courtesy of The Dollywood Company


Why settle for an automated car wash when you can have your vehicle HAND washed & HAND dried for the same price or less?






• HAND Wash • HAND Dry • Wheels Cleaned by Hand • Tire Dressing Applied by Hand • Undercarriage Wash

Owner/Founder of Synergy Auto Wash, LLC 10500 Kingston Pike in Knoxville 865.297.3403



6852 Maynardville Pike in Halls 865.922.7438 1333 W. Andrew Johnson Hwy in Morristown 423.586.0471





Simple, yet sophisticated in design, this gold foil floral art print showcases bold colors in a glamorous, contemporary style. Guaranteed to make a stunning statement in any space within your home, this art piece is available exclusively at Amish Elegance, 613 N. Campbell Station Road in Knoxville, 865.392.6000, www. amisheleganceknox.com.


This stunning bronze Sagebrook Home hammered designed vase featuring a tall silhouette will enrich the dĂŠcor of almost any room in your home. Discover this exquisite piece and more at incredible savings at Premiere Consignment, 320 Lakeside Plaza in Tellico Village, 865.458.9721, www.premiereconsignment.com.


Surprise your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day with this amazing gift from believeRX and So Well. These rare Himalayan salt tiles work to detoxify and to rejuvenate your body. Simply place your feet on the tiles and relax. Available exclusively at believeRX, 9627 Countryside Center Lane in Knoxville, 865.214.6672, www.mybelieverx.com.


Combine the elegance of designer-inspired watches, jewelry, and readers with the sparkle that only Crystals from Swarovski can create, and you will discover the Jimmy Crystal New York high fashion look that will complement your entire wardrobe. Available at Sweetwater Flower Shop, 118 W. North Street in Sweetwater, 423.337.6623.




Looking for an accent chair to take center stage? Look no further! The aged gold finish is sculpted into a modern take on a Greek key motif and is available in more than 100 fabrics and leathers for a truly one-of-a-kind piece! Available at Decorating Den Interiors | Kozar Design Team, 521 Lovell Rd., Suite 205 in Knoxville, 865.392.6222, www.SandyKozar. DecoratingDen.com.


SkinCeuticals Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2 is a unique lipid correction cream that helps restore skin’s external barrier and support natural self-repair while potentially nourishing aging skin for improvement in the visible appearance of skin smoothness, laxity, pores, and overall radiance. Available at Southeastern Dermatology, 1930 Pinnacle Pointe Way in Knoxville, 865.474.8800, www.drdoppelt.com.


Individually hand-crafted from cherry wood, this rich, spiral cutout bowl functions as either a beautiful work of art or a yarn bowl (or both). This and other pieces of name brand furniture, Oriental rugs, art and, décor items are available at huge savings exclusively at Premiere Consignment, 320 Lakeside Plaza in Tellico Village, 865.458.9721, www.premiereconsignment.com.


Give your sweetie a little something special this Valentine’s Day. Locally crafted, vintage jewelry available at The Town Framery & Gifts, 12814 Kingston Pike in Farragut, 865.671.6627, www.thetownframery.com.



Create Your Showcase Kitchen in As Little As a Day…

Create Your Showcase Kitchen in As Little As a Day ... Special ZERO cost financing available**


With New Premium Engineered Granite Granite & & Quartz Quartz Countertops Countertops


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Fall in Love with Your Home All Over Again B Y A A R O N H U N T, CO - OWNER OF PREMIERE CONSIGNMENT


N O T U S E the occasion of Valentine’s Day to fall in love with your home all over again this February? Focused primarily on upscale name brand furniture, home décor, art, and Oriental and area rugs, Premiere Consignment can help you make those much desired enhancements to your home’s décor at just a fraction of the cost that you are likely to spend at other conventional retail furniture stores. Our showroom and warehouse, surrounded by upscale lake and golf front communities that attract higher income families from around the country, have been the key to our success. Whether relocating to Tellico Village, Rarity Bay, or more than a dozen other nearby communities, new residents share one thing in common: A moving van loaded with gently used, high-quality furnishings, much of which may not fit into their new home or doesn’t match their new home’s décor. We offer our newly arrived neighbors the perfect venue for selling their gently used, quality, name brand furniture and home décor items, which in turn can be resold at a savings from their original retail prices to other homeowners who are in search of that just-so-perfect accent chair, dining room table, art piece, décor item, and Oriental or area rug. At Premiere Consignment, everybody wins. We are also the perfect solution for homeowners who are downsizing or wish to conduct an estate sale. Whether you are buying or selling, why not let Premiere Consignment become your home’s perfect solution for all of your furniture and home décor needs? Premiere Consignment



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Custom Glide-Out Shelves for More Space, More Access, and More Joy Custom Solutions ShelfGenie custom Glide-Out shelves are the best way to eliminate common frustrations in the kitchen, pantry, and bath. Our design will help fully utilize your space, and our shelves pull out the full depth of your cabinets so you can see, reach, and retrieve items with ease. Custom design, sturdy wood construction, quiet rails that hold up to 100 pounds per shelf, and professional installation – all backed by a lifetime guarantee – will ensure your satisfaction. Your Experience Getting personalized attention from the ShelfGenie team is easy. Here’s what you can expect from our custom design process. » Free Design Consultation: Work with a ShelfGenie designer to create a custom solution to solve your home pain points, eyesores, and trouble areas.

» Custom Solution: Your persona l designer will present a design plan built just for you and your needs and show you a 3D-rendered plan of what your future home will look like. » Professional Installation: We handle it all. After measurements are taken and your products are hand-crafted, your installer comes to your home and installs everything for you in one day. Schedule Your Free Design Consultation Today! One of our talented ShelfGenie designers will come to your home and create a design plan customized just for you – no obligation required.


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Meet the ShelfGenie team and experience our products first-hand at the 2020 Dogwood Arts House & Garden Show February 14-16 at the Knoxville Convention Center

LET YOUR POTS & PANS COME TO YOU! Enjoy more access to your kitchen with custom pull-out shelves for your existing cabinets.

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You Do the Dishes, Let Us Do the Grout F

OR MOST OF US, the old-fashioned mop is the cleaning tool of choice

for tile and grout flooring. When tile is new, the mop often does the trick. Over time, however, the appearance of your tile and grout will begin to emerge, while other areas lose their shine and luster. Because grout is porous, it absorbs most of the dirt and debris it meets. Mopping only removes surface dirt while ignoring the dirt locked below the top layer. The more you mop, the more soil gets trapped INSIDE your floor. That’s where we can help you, the homeowner. From soil removal to dealing with mold and mildew spores associated with high humidity areas, Surface Doc can solve your most frustrating tile and grout issues. Our truck-mounted system allows us to tackle your floors with a three-step process. To extract soil beneath the surface, extreme heat must be used. Our special tools combine 240º of heat with high pressure to completely eradicate all the dirt inside your floors. Then it’s whisked away with powerful suction, leaving no mess behind. We deep-clean most hard surfaces, including ceramic, porcelain, travertine, limestone, concrete, and brick pavers. Once you’ve had an area deep-cleaned to your satisfaction, you will likely want to protect your surfaces with our high-quality sealer. We strongly recommend sealing hard surfaces to prevent future damage and to make home cleaning a snap. Our patented sealer will protect your floors from staining, effervescence, fading, traffic patterns, and sunlight. Once your floor has been properly sealed with our professional sealer, you can literally clean your entire floor with hot water and a damp microfiber pad. Gone are the days of scrubbing and bleaching. Say hello to a beautiful home that is easy to maintain. Please give Surface Doc a call to schedule a free cleaning demonstration so you can see the difference a REAL deep-down-clean clean can make in your home. Surface Doc guarantees all their work, so you can be confident every job is done to the owner’s specifications and delight. In addition to hard surfaces, Surface Doc also specializes in carpet, as well as soft wash power cleaning for your home’s exterior. Owner John Fitzwilliam may be reached at 865-567-1986. Online streaming videos of some of our work can be viewed at www.SurfaceDoc.com.



865.567.1986 | www.surfacedoc.com

reasons to


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Quality - Our products are among the highest quality in the decorating industry, so have confidence you are getting the best with your purchases. Service - From our initial design consultation to final product installation, and after. Selection - We proudly offer the largest selection in Knoxville, Tennessee including custom window treatments, furniture, bedding, wall and floor covering, lighting, accessories, and much more. Satisfaction - We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and have won awards for it. Lifestyle - Each client has unique tastes and lifestyles, so we custom tailor each design just for you to best fit your lifestyle and home's interior needs. Affordability - We work within your budget - without compromising quality or style. Consultation - Our initial in-home consultation is always complimentary and focused on your needs. Reputation - We've been creating beautiful spaces since 2010, with hundreds of happy clients. Our Team - Award-winning design services from our trained, educated, and published professionals.



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Businesses Started in Garages How Do You Want to Use Your Garage?


E V E R A L V E R Y successful

businesses started in garages. Sometimes the garage was at the childhood home of the company’s founders or the entrepreneurs had to rent a garage to get a little privacy to work. Apple, Amazon, Hewlett-Packard, Disney, Google, Yankee Candle, and Mattel are just a few companies that went from rags to riches after a humble start in a garage. While you may not be thinking of starting a company in your garage, you would probably like more usable space and organized storage in what is often the largest room of your house. PremierGarage of Knoxville is dedicated to ensuring that you get the absolute best garage to meet your specific needs. “Regardless of the size of your garage, we can help you design garage storage systems and organization solutions that meet your needs,” said Brian Falls, co-owner of PremierGarage of Knoxville. “Using a combination of garage cabinets, shelves, slatwall storage systems, overhead racks, and custom garage flooring, your garage will be transformed into a masterpiece of utility and beauty, making garage organization a part of everyday life.” In fact, one of the fastest growing trends

Custom garage cabinets are designed to meet your specific needs and style.

in home improvements is renovating the garage. Top trends in garage enhancements and organization are: Coating the Garage Floor With garages becoming an extension of our inside space, finishing the floor extends a home’s usable living space. Not only does a floor coating improve the garage’s overall look and feel, but it also provides protection and makes it easier to clean, significantly reducing the amount of dirt and grease that’s tracked into the home.

Adding Garage Cabinetry for Storage In addition to maximizing storage space, wall-mounted cabinets, which come in a variety of finishes, provide a clean and uncluttered look that protects its contents by keeping out dust and household pests. Using Slatwall with Hooks and Fixtures Slatwall with various hooks, baskets, and bins help keep tools, athletic equipment, and other items organized while still making them easy to access. Think vertically to get items off the floor. Including Overhead Storage While a typical two-car garage is about 400 square feet, this translates to several hundred cubic feet if you think vertically. Overhead storage is easily accessed and takes advantage of every inch available. Even if you’re not starting a business in your garage, call PremierGarage of Knoxville to start getting organized! Powered by

PremierGarage powered by Tailored Living 865.947.8686 www.TailoredLivingKnoxville.com

Indigo Girls at the Tennessee Theatre March 5


to rest on their laurels, the Indigo Girls embarked on a bold new chapter in 2012, collaborating with a pair of orchestrators to prepare larger-thanlife arrangements of their songs to perform with symphonies around the country. It was a challenging endeavor, to say the least, but the GRAMMY-winning duo managed to find that elusive sonic sweet spot with the project, creating a seamless blend of folk, rock, pop, and classical that elevated their songs to new emotional heights without sacrificing any of the emotional intimacy and honesty that have defined their music for decades. Now, after more than 50 performances with symphonies across America, the experience has finally been captured in all its grandeur on the band’s stunning new album, Indigo Girls Live with the University of Symphony Orchestra. Recorded in front of a sold-out audience in Boulder, CO, and deftly mixed by GRAMMYwinner Trina Shoemaker (Sheryl Crow, Emmylou Harris), the record showcases Indigo Girls at their finest: Raw, real, and revelatory. Spanning material from throughout the band’s career, the 22-song set features a mix of re-imagined classics, unexpected deep cuts, and tracks from their latest studio album, One Lost Day. Backed by the symphony, Amy 40


Ray and Emily Saliers’ voices are both powerful and delicate, their intertwined harmonies riding high on the crest of an emotional tidal wave created by Sean O’Loughlin and Stephen Barber’s dazzling arrangements. The orchestrations are as richly cinematic as a film score (think John Williams rather than J.S. Bach), and the 64-piece symphony wrings every ounce of passion from them, helping to bring the band’s evocative storytelling to more vivid life than ever before. There’s an unmistakable sense of community and inclusion on the album, in part because that’s a hallmark of every Indigo Girls show, but also in part because Ray and Saliers considered themselves pieces of the orchestra for

the performance, no more and no less important than any other artist on the stage. That pursuit of unity, both in music and in life, has been an Indigo Girls calling card ever since they burst into the spotlight with their 1989 selftitled breakout album. Since then, the band has racked up a slew of Gold and Platinum records, taken home a coveted GRAMMY Award, and earned the respect of high profile peers-turnedcollaborators from Michael Stipe to Joan Baez. NPR’s Mountain Stage called the group “one of the finest folk duos of all time.” The Indigo Girls will be performing at the Tennessee Theatre on March 5 at 7:30 pm. For more information or tickets, visit www. tennesseetheatre.com.

February in the Garden BY LISA GRUGIN



in January, so welcome to the 20s! It is too early to know if they are going to be “roaring” or not, but it is interesting to enter another decade. I have decided that this is a good time to change my resolutions from a FOMO (fear of missing out) to a JOMO ( joy of missing out) lifestyle. As I get older and hopefully wiser, I am going to try to slow down and enjoy life more instead of rushing from one thing to another. I also hope to spend more time doing the things I like to do, like working in my yard and playing with the plants here. What are your intentions for the new year? Are some of them focused on your yard? February is a great month to plan your landscape, because it tends to be a bit too dismal to do a lot of work out there. It’s a good month to look through magazines and gardening catalogs or watch landscaping shows on TV. Please be careful, however!

Some of those lovely photos are taken in other gardening zones, and many TV shows will stick plants in that look nice with no regard as to whether they are actually appropriate for the site! What else can you do in February? Here is a list: » You can start coldweather veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage in cold frames and direct seed greens, lettuce, peas, radishes, and onion sets in the garden toward the end of the month. » You can also plant trees and shrubs this time of year. Winter planting gives them a head start on root development before they start trying to grow. The ground is certainly soft enough to dig! There are a few plants that would prefer to wait until it warms up, so give us a call or stop by if you have questions. » It isn’t too late to plant pansies, especially in containers. I just planted mine over our Christmas break! They always help make gloomy winter days more







colorful. You can also force stems of forsythia, quince, and pussy willow inside to brighten up your day. On the perennial side, Lenten roses and other early-interest perennials should be arriving soon. I say soon because we are dependent on the whims of Mother Nature, and she tends to be rather fickle. » Perennial herbs can be planted indoors, but it is not yet time to plant annuals and warm season vegetables. I know that I will have people in here in the middle of the month looking for tomato plants, but I’m not going to sell them to you. Tomato plants put in the ground too early do not bear fruit well, and then you are going to say I sold you a bad plant. Nope. Your impatience for a homegrown tomato caused you to shoot yourself in the foot. Temperatures of 70 degrees are optimal for warm season veggies, and we aren’t going to see that (consistently) for a while! » Mulch is not just for looks. A good layer will protect plants from the freeze/thaw cycle and keep soil and moisture levels more stable. I like basic hardwood, pine needles, or shredded leaves. Remember to stay at 3” of depth and DO NOT pile it around your tree trunks! » Yes, you can prune summer bloomers now. Do not go out and just start whacking on your Crepe Myrtles and other plants, butchering the daylights out of them. Call us, look on YouTube, or do something so that you do not destroy trees and shrubs that are already stressed. Also, do not prune your spring bloomers or you will have no bloomers. I have a handout that I can give you, or give us a call if you have questions. » If you are desperate to chop on something, this is a great time to cut out the privet, honeysuckle, and wild grapes that are hiding in your shrubs. You can also get some really good exercise pulling weeds. » Do not forget the birds. They are having a hard time in the cold and will really appreciate a full, clean feeder. High fat foods such as black oil sunflower seeds and suet will help them stay warm. A heated birdbath will also make their lives ever so much better. It is hard to drink ice. We have been doing some painting and redecorating, and I can’t wait for you to stop in and see all the new merchandise! Shipments of gift items are already coming in, and new plants will be arriving soon. Our classes and workshops will begin late in February, and I will be sending out emails and posting on Facebook to let you know what we have coming up. Stop by and see us and hang in there… spring is coming!

Meadow View Greenhouses & Garden Center 9885 Highway 11E Lenoir City, TN 37772 865.986.7229 www.meadowviewgreenhouse.com

Block the Sun, Not Your View


INTER IS NOW in full swing. The

sun is lower on the horizon, and the temperatures have dropped. Most outdoor activities have moved indoors, warm weather clothing has been put away, and our furnaces are replacing the warm air that Mother Nature was providing free of charge just a few short months ago. But is that sunshine that you welcome into your home on these cold winter days really as welcomed as you might imagine? Because the winter’s UV rays from the sun can damage your home’s furniture, draperies, carpets, and wood floors, it’s a good idea to protect your home’s interior, not to mention eliminating that annoying and blinding glare from the sun coming through your windows and glass doors, reflecting off a nearby lake, pool, or patio. Like sunglasses for your windows, Retractable Sunshades from Screens of East Tennessee can enhance your view of the out-of-doors by filtering the sun while reducing annoying and unwanted glare. Exterior mounted Retractable Sunshades provide a clean look from inside your home without affecting your interior window treatments and operate with your windows whether they are opened or closed. You can maintain your views from your living room and kitchen or opt for a complete “black out” effect in a media room. A variety of fabric types and styles can filter as much or as little light as you desire, and Screens of East Tennessee offers a wide selection of options to match or complement your home’s décor and color scheme. Unlike permanent shade products, Retractable Sunshades are there only when you need them and retracted out of sight when you don’t. Usually operated by wireless remote control, motorized shades can be raised and lowered simply and easily to suit your individual needs. They also have the added feature of being operated automatically by an adjustable sun sensor or can be incorporated into many home automation control systems. Many homeowners already use Retractable Sunshades to prevent passive heat gain in the summer months by preventing the sun’s rays from reaching windows, doors, and patios, and they are a great way to keep your home cooler and more comfortable while reducing energy costs. Retractable Sunshades also offer UV protection, which can protect your home’s interior and furnishings all year-round. Whether preventing the glaring winter sun or protecting your home from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays, now is a great time to call Screens of East Tennessee to receive your no-cost, no-obligation consultation and estimate for Retractable Sunshades for your home.

Screens of East Tennessee 865.919.1615 www.tennesseescreens.com www.phantomscreens.com

A breath of fresh air for your home Screens of East Tennessee 865.919.1615 steve@tennesseescreens.com

Farragut Museum Black History Month February 23 • 1 PM Farragut Museum


AKE A DEEP DIVE into Farragut history! Former state representative and local historian, Bob Booker, will speak at a free event in honor of Black History Month at the Farragut Museum on Sunday, February 23. A reception and museum tours begin at 1 pm, with the presentation at 2 pm. For more information, visit www.townoffarragut.org.





introduced to “red-twig” dogwoods by an elderly gardening friend about 25 years ago. She pointed out a large, multi-stemmed shrub growing out in the middle of her lawn called a red-twig dogwood. I had never heard of such and thought to myself “what a strange looking dogwood.” It was mid-summer and it did not look all that appealing to me, but I was so plant hungry at that time that I took any plant offered to me. She dug two suckers from the plant, and my mother and I planted them on the fence row at the farm. Wow, was I surprised come winter! The stems turned a beautiful red. I fell in love and wanted more. I asked about them at the local nurseries with no success. Finally, I found a yellow-stemmed one called ‘Flaviramea’. It struggled and eventually died. I quickly found another one and planted it. It soon died, and, after doing some research, I discovered that ‘Flaviramea’ is highly susceptible to stem canker. Red-twig dogwoods are hard to beat for their dramatic colorful show of stems in the winter. They are especially showy when grown with a background of conifers or with snow on the ground. They are typically one of three species of Cornus: Alba, sanquinea, or sericea. Some of the more common cultivars include ‘Baileyi’, ‘Cardinal’, ‘Isanti’, Arctic Fire®, Arctic Sun®, and ‘Winter Flame’, also known as ‘Midwinter Fire’. Unfortunately, they can all be short lived in the South as they are susceptible to canker/twig blight. However, that has never kept me from planting them. I typically get five or so years of enjoyment out of a plant in the garden before it succumbs. Potato chips don’t last long either, but I buy them over and over. In the winter of 2011, while driving to Charlottesville, Virginia, Michael Dirr spotted a bright red-twig Cornus amomum growing in a swamp on the side of the highway. He waded out amongst the beavers to snag some cuttings and ‘Cayenne’ was born. Cornus amomum, or silky dogwood as it is commonly called, was not particularly known for its stem color until the roadside discovery of ‘Cayenne’. Silky dogwood is native along streams, edges of swamps, and other low areas across much of the eastern United States. It is not affected by stem canker like many other Cornus species. ‘Cayenne’ has fresh green foliage all summer. This shrub dogwood does not produce big showy flowers. Instead, numerous small white flowers looking similar to Queen Anne’s Lace are produced in flat cymes up to two inches wide on the end of the stems in May and June that give way to clusters of pea-size porcelain blue fruit in August and September. The fruits are 44


enjoyed by birds. As the temperature drops, the real show begins; leaves turn a striking orange-red before dropping to reveal bright red stems. As with the other species of red-twig dogwoods, ‘Cayenne’ is a multi-stemmed shrub that spreads by suckers. The best winter stem color occurs on young new growth. Once the stems are a couple of years old, the bark matures to gray. To ensure fresh colorful stems each year, older stems should be cut back close to the ground in late winter or early spring. Strong new stems will quickly spring forth. I like to cut some of the older stems in early December and use them in Christmas decorations both indoors and out. The stems work great placed in pots and beds for added winter interest. Outside, the cut stems will retain their color all winter long. In early March, I remove the rest of the older stems from the plant. Hardy in zones 4-9, Cornus amonum ‘Cayenne’ thrives in full-sun to partialshade and is best grown in good garden soil

where supplemental water can be provided in periods of drought. It works well in shrub borders and mass plantings; in moist areas, it can form a dense colony making it great for wetland mitigation. In the garden, if left unpruned, it can reach 6-8 feet tall and 8-10 feet wide in three to five years, depending on moisture. Thanks to Dr. Dirr, there is finally a redtwig dogwood that can be enjoyed even in southern gardens for many years, and I have more money to spend on potato chips! The UT Gardens include plant collections located in Knoxville, Crossville, and Jackson. Designated as the official botanical garden for the State of Tennessee, the collections are part of the UT Institute of Agriculture. The Gardens’ mission is to foster appreciation, education, and stewardship of plants through garden displays, educational programs, and research trials. The Gardens are open during all seasons and free to the public. For more information, visit www.ag.tennessee.edu/utg. Photo by J. Reeves, courtesy UTIA

A Valentine’s Gift the Entire Family Can Enjoy All Year-Round



indoors for the winter, why not surprise your loved ones this Valentine’s Day with a special gift that will provide unlimited out-of-door events in 2020 that the entire family can enjoy all year-round? Now is the perfect time to install the totally unique underdeck ceiling system from Undercover Systems under your home’s existing raised decks. This underdeck system will ensure this year’s events will be protected from unexpected and unwanted rain, snow, and the searing summertime sun. “Now is a great time to weatherproof all of your out-of-door events,” said Jim Conn, owner of Undercover Systems. “Throughout the entire process, our skilled craftsmen work with you, each step of the way, until your project is completed to your satisfaction. And because your project will be completed this winter, you can begin enjoying your new outdoor living spaces at the first sign of spring.” Undercover’s patented underdecking system helps extend your outdoor season of enjoyment by protecting your family from early spring showers, July and August’s relentless sun, and autumn rains. Your entire Undercover underdeck system will be installed using genuine Undercover components custom designed for your unique project and not the generic, big box store, off-the-shelf components used by the competition. You’ll also appreciate Undercover Systems’ attention to detail, which comes from years of experience, as they help you craft a seamless transition from your home’s interior to your new out-ofdoor living spaces, which will perfectly complement your existing architecture and landscaping plans. A complaint-free member of the Better Business Bureau, Undercover Systems offers homeowners the peace of mind that they deserve in a building contractor. Why not surprise your family this year with a special Valentine’s gift that the entire family can enjoy all year long and start creating a lifetime of memories? Call Jim Conn today at 423-267-0091 and make this a Valentine’s Day celebration you and your family will long remember.

Undercover Systems

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Mudrooms Ensure a Good First Impression


S THE SAYING goes, “You

never get a second chance to make a first impression.” And it’s true. From interviewing for a job to a new relationship, first impressions are important. First impressions include the feelings the entryway to your house makes on your guests and family members. If your entryway is cluttered, it can set a negative tone for the rest of the house. In fact, one of the most important areas of the house to keep neat is the entrance. If you always enter and exit through disorder, you’ll carry that clutter – emotionally and physically – into the rest of your home and out into the world. Having a clean entryway and garage will flow into the rest of your home and life. A custom built-in mudroom cabinet provides a go-to zone for family organization and efficiency. It is now a common feature in both new and renovated homes. The built-in should be tailored to your family’s specific needs, adding convenience and storage for everyday items. From places for shoes and sweaters to umbrellas and the dog leash, everything has its place so you’re more organized and it’s a more welcoming experience for everyone. The key features to consider are: Sitting Bench You need a place to sit down to take your

Mudrooms provide lots of storage and convenience.

shoes on and off or simply put down a bag of groceries. A bench should be approximately 17 inches high, which is standard chair height. Individual Sections Assign one section of the mudroom built-in to each member of the family. You’ll save a lot of valuable time getting out the door each morning. Shoe Storage Most of us have multiple pairs of footwear we wear at any given time of the year, so incorporating lots of shoe storage for each person is important.

Lots of Hooks Including sturdy hooks throughout the space provides a place to put almost everything, including heavy backpacks. Outlets with USB Ports This feature means even your phone has a place to call its own! Style A mudroom is a transitional space, so the built-in needs to be user friendly, as well as attractive and inviting. If your older home doesn’t have space inside for a built-in, consider putting it just outside the door in the garage. If your entryway or mudroom needs a complete overhaul or just some sprucing up, now is the perfect time for Tailored Living of Knoxville to provide custom design to maximize your space for functionality and a fabulous new look!

Tailored Living featuring PremierGarage 865.947.8686 www.TailoredLivingKnoxville.com

UT AgResearch Announces 2020 Field Day Schedule UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE

AgResearch is planning a full calendar of field days for 2020. A total of 17 field days will take place at UT AgResearch and Education centers across the state, providing visitors a chance to see agricultural research in action, speak with university experts, and network with industry professionals. The landscape of Tennessee agriculture is varied and extremely diverse, and this is reflected in the topics covered by the AgResearch field days. There are field days for cattle farmers and row crop producers, as well as field days devoted to the production and maintenance of turf grasses, ornamental plants, vegetable crops, and forestry. 2020 marks the return of the biennial Milan No-Till Field Day, which is always held on the fourth Thursday of July in evennumbered years at the UT AgResearch and Education Center at Milan. The complete AgResearch field day schedule is as follows: » Fruits of the Backyard: June 9, 8:30 am CDT, Middle Tennessee AgResearch and Education Center, Spring Hill » Green Industry Day: June 16, 8 am EDT, 46


UT Gardens, Knoxville » Tobacco, Beef and More: June 25, 8 am CDT, Highland Rim AgResearch and Education Center, Springfield » Summer Celebration: July 9, 8 am CDT, West Tennessee AgResearch and Education Center, Jackson » Milan No-Till: July 23, 6:30 am CDT, AgResearch and Education Center, Milan » UT Arboretum Butterfly Festival: August 1, 10 am EDT, Forest Resources AgResearch and Education Center, UT Arboretum Auditorium at Oak Ridge » Steak and Potatoes: August 4, 8 am CDT, Plateau AgResearch and Education Center, Crossville » Fall Gardeners’ Festival: August 25, 8 am CDT, Plateau AgResearch and Education Center, Crossville » Turf and Ornamental: August 27, 7 am EDT, East Tennessee Center – Plant Sciences Unit, Knoxville » Cotton Tour: September 2, 8 am CDT, West Tennessee AgResearch and Education Center, Jackson » Horse Management: September 10, 4 pm EDT, Brehm Animal Science Arena, UT

Institute of Agriculture campus, Knoxville » Horse Management: September 15, 5 pm CDT, Middle Tennessee AgResearch and Education Center, Spring Hill » Horse Management: September 17, 5 pm CDT, West Tennessee AgResearch and Education Center, Jackson » Organic Crops Field Tour: October 1, 9 am EDT, East Tennessee AgResearch and Education Center – Organic Crops Unit, Knoxville » Northeast Tennessee Beef Expo: October 8, 7:30 am EDT, AgResearch and Education Center, Greeneville » Woods and Wildlife: October 15, 7 am EDT, Forest Resources AgResearch and Education Center – Cumberland Forest at Oak Ridge » Beef Heifer Development School: October 22, 8:30 am CDT, Middle Tennessee AgResearch and Education Center, Lewisburg All field days are open to the public, and most are free to attend. More information about each event will be available closer to the scheduled time. For more information, visit www.agriculture.tennessee.edu. Photo by G. Rowsey, courtesy UTIA

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ShadowLight by Larry Delinger & Emily Anderson A

February 28 & 29 • 7:30 PM Beck Cultural Exchange Center

RT, LIGHT, and friendship tell the story of celebrated, Knoxville born, AfricanAmerican painter, Beauford Delaney, who left the segregated South for the heady freedom of the Harlem Renaissance and Bohemian Paris. Famous singers, actors, writers, and other artists adored him. Foremost among them was his “spiritual son” writer, James Baldwin, who credits his beloved mentor with teaching him how to live, learn, and see. This gentle, frequently suicidal soul, though plagued by poverty and schizophrenic voices, still filled hundreds of bright canvases with joy and hope. His journey out of darkness is a splendid testament to the courage of a gifted man who found in the mystical marriage of color and shape the healing grace of love. ShadowLight will be performed with an orchestra and stars Brandon J. Gibson as Beauford Delaney, Vincent Davis as James Baldwin, Regan Bisch as Chorus #1, Joshua Allen as Chorus #2, and Breyon Ewing as Chorus #3. It’s directed by James Marvel and Kathryn Frady. The duration is one act (approximately one hour). General admission tickets are $30 ($15 for students) and can be purchased at www. Shadowlight.BrownPaperTickets.com. For more information, visit www.MarbleCityOpera.com.





HILE NO ONE can deliver perfection,

at Superior Carpet & Rug Cleaning, we deliver the next best thing: Excellence. That’s been our company’s motto for 35 years. We’ve invested in the training, education, and new, state-of-the-art technology and equipment, including many proprietary systems that we ourselves developed, to deliver a level of excellence that you might have thought no longer existed – whether we are cleaning your home’s carpeting or your valuable Oriental rugs. How is it that we can make this statement? That’s because of my personal commitment to either perform or supervise 100% of all work performed by Superior Carpet & Rug Cleaning. It’s also our unparalleled attention to every detail involved in washing your Oriental and area rugs and cleaning your home’s carpeting and upholstery. For example, did you know that Superior Carpet & Rug Cleaning only uses purified water when washing your rugs and cleaning carpeting? This is important because untreated tap water contains impurities, including trace chemicals, minerals, and chlorine, that can reduce the effectiveness of cleaning agents and remain behind as residue in your carpeting. This accumulation of impurities in your home’s rugs and carpeting prevent them from being as clean as they can be, which can result in a dull appearance on your carpeting and can actually shorten the life expectancy of rugs and carpets. At Superior Carpet & Rug Cleaning, all of our vehicles are equipped with water purification systems, and our proprietary Oriental and area rug washing boutique utilizes a state-of-the-art reverse osmosis system that delivers the purest water possible. After all, clean rugs and carpeting begin with clean water. Discover what thousands of satisfied East Tennessee homeowners and business owners already know – Superior Carpet & Rug Cleaning delivers excellence. To learn more, call 865-6915686 or visit www.superiorofknoxville.com.

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Dollywood’s Lightning Rod Earns “Wooden Coaster of the Decade” Award


enthusiasts around the world have come to appreciate the impressive portfolio of worldclass rides and attractions available to experience during a trip to Dollywood. Now a top website for enthusiasts has named Lightning Rod number one in its Top-10 Wooden Coasters of the 2010s. To wrap up the decade, Coaster101.com is naming the top attractions in the theme park industry in a number of categories. Readers were asked during the month of November to nominate their favorite attractions in five different categories. According to the website, “The Coaster101 team gathered the nominations, narrowed them down, and ranked them in a list of 10 for each category.” “Lightning Rod was undoubtedly one of the most defining moments of the past decade for wooden roller coasters,” said John Stevenson, Coaster101.com writer. “From its innovative launch to its world recordbreaking speed, Lightning Rod has become a favorite among coaster enthusiasts who have ridden it and a must-ride for those who haven’t. The competition was fierce, but our readers overwhelmingly named Lightning Rod as the best wooden coaster of the last decade. It redefined the limits of a wooden coaster and provided thrill seekers a ride like no other.” Lightning Rod currently is the only wooden launch coaster in the world, meaning riders hit the gas on the hot rod-themed ride as soon as they reach the lift hill. Once at the top of the hill, riders encounter the ride’s innovative twin summit airtime hills before racing down the 165-foot first drop. The ride reaches a top speed of 73 mph at the base of the drop. From there, the coaster races along its 3,800-foot track through the Photos courtesy of The Dollywood Company

hills and valleys surrounding Dollywood. Thanks to the rolling topography, much of the track is hidden from view inside the park, serving only to heighten anticipation for those waiting to step aboard the thrilling ride. The article says Lightning Rod is “…short and sweet, but not a single foot of track is wasted following the 40 mph launch. The coaster’s quadruple-down – four consecutive drops down a hillside – provides sustained airtime that must be experienced firsthand to fully appreciate. Lightning Rod represents another redefining moment for the coaster industry we experienced in the 2010s.” The ride, which is located in Dollywood’s Jukebox Junction, provides guests with nearly 20 seconds of airtime. The coaster train is comprised of 12 cars, carrying two passengers each, for a total of 24 people per train. The honor is just one of many that Dollywood and its attractions have earned in

2019. The park earned Amusement Today’s Golden Ticket Awards for Best Christmas Event, Best Guest Experience and Best Kids’ Area (Wildwood Grove) this season, while also winning the USA Today 10Best award for Best Theme Park Halloween Event for Great Pumpkin LumiNights. All of these honors further underscore the quality experience guests have during a visit to Dollywood. The park celebrates its 35th anniversary season in 2020 with the new Flower & Food Festival, returning favorites like the Gazillion Bubbles Show and Great Pumpkin LumiNights, and heartwarming traditions like Smoky Mountain Christmas. The park’s new Pre-K Imagination Season Pass allows children born in 2015 or 2016 to experience the milestone season for absolutely free! For more information about Dollywood, call 1-800-DOLLYWOOD, visit www.dollywood. com, or download the Dollywood App. Februar y 2020 EVERYTHING KNOXVILLE


Alive After Five February Shows at the Knoxville Museum of Art Alive After Five Members Opening with “Tribute to Bob Marley” with Natti Love Joys February 7 from 6 to 8:30 pm Admission: Free for KMA members and ages 17 and under; $10 general admission, $5 with student ID AA5 and the Natti Love Joys pay tribute to the late Bob Marley, who was one of the pioneers of reggae music, as well as its world ambassador. He would have been 75 years old on February 6 of this year. Now based in Turtletown in the Southeast corner of Tennessee, the roots reggae band, Natti Love Joys, was formed by the husband and wife duo of Jati and Marla Allen. Tony “Jati” Allen is from Kingston, Jamaica, and he played bass in Bob Marley’s band for a while. Marla was born in Brixton, England, of Jamaican parents. The Natti Love Joys have performed internationally at the Montreaux Jazz Festival in Switzerland and the Dominican Jazz Festival in the Dominican Republic and across a wide swath of the USA from New England to Colorado. This event is a Members Opening for the Beauford Delaney & James Baldwin: Through the Unusual Door exhibition. KMA members can attend for free.

Alive After Five “Valentine Special” with Stina Nesbit and Sam Adams Band February 14 from 6 to 8:30 pm Admission: $10 general admission, $5 with membership or student ID, free for ages 17 and under Bandleader/pianist/guitarist Sam Adams and vocalist Stina Nesbit have been playing music together since the day they met eight years ago at school in Minnesota. Funky friendship soon turned into sweet love, and they moved to Knoxville. Since 2017, they have been performing, both together as well as other groups, in venues around East Tennessee. Joined by some of their talented Knoxville friends, they will be sure to get you up and dancing with a romantic and funky mix of soul, R&B, and jazz.



Alive After Five “Fat Friday Mardi Gras” with Roux Du Bayou Cajun Band February 21 from 6 to 8:30 pm Admission: $15 general admission, $10 with membership or student ID, free for ages 17 and under Led by Paul Gregoire from Dulac, Louisiana, Roux du Bayou plays authentic cajun, zydeco, swamp pop, mardi gras music, and more. The band has been together for 18 years, and in 2010, they won the prestigious 1st Runner-Up award in the category Prix de Hors Nous for best cajun band outside of Louisiana from the Cajun French Music Association. Everyone is encouraged to wear purple, gold, and/or lime green to add to the “Big Easy” merriment as we laissez les bontemps roulez!

Alive After Five “Wild Women Don’t Have the Blues” with Jenna Jefferson, Jeanine Fuller, Chelsea Samples, and Nakia Scott February 28 from 6 to 8:30 pm Admission: $15 general admission, $10 with membership or student ID, free for ages 17 and under Billed as “The Uncrowned Queen of the Blues,” Ida Cox (February 25, 1894 – November 10, 1967) was one of the great Classic Blues singers of the 1920s and afterward. Though not born in Knoxville, she claimed it as her hometown and is buried here in New Grey Cemetery. Our tribute to her takes the name of one of the many songs she wrote. Four of Knoxville’s wildest female vocalists – Jenna Jefferson, Jeanine Fuller, Chelsea Samples, and Nakia Scott – will perform, backed by Sam Adams & The Wild Man Band. All shows are held at the Knoxville Museum of Art, located at 1050 World’s Fair Park Drive in downtown Knoxville. All tickets are sold at the door beginning at 4:45 pm. For more information, call 865-5256101 or visit www.knoxart.org.

The SteelDrivers: Bad for You Tour Comes to the Bijou Theatre February 22 & 23


the only thing consistent about change is, well, that it changes. Whether through design or destiny, that’s a precept the SteelDrivers know all too well. Throughout their career – one that encompasses four highly acclaimed albums and any number of awards and accolades – the band has demonstrated the ability to adapt to change with unwavering persistence. Theirs is a lingering legacy defined by quality and consistency. It’s one in which they’ve never stopped looking forward, successfully marshalling their resources for wherever that trajectory takes them. Ultimately, it’s all about the music. “Our dedication and determination remain intact,” said Tammy Rogers, singer, songwriter, and fiddler. “We honor our older music by always putting our focus on the songs. Some people describe our music as being bluegrass based, but the fact is, we’re not bound to any one regimen. I liken us to what the Rolling Stones would sound like if they played banjos, fiddles, and mandolins it’s that rock-n-roll edge played on traditional instruments. I don’t know if that’s true, but we are primarily a band that’s centered around songwriting and also just happens to have a bluegrass background.” That persistent push could be called the key to SteelDrivers’ success. Each step in their journey has created a new chapter – one that finds them building on the past but consolidating their strengths as they build for the future. That’s also been the case since the beginning, when Rogers, multi-instrumentalist Mike Henderson, bass player Mike Fleming, banjo player Richard Bailey, and singer/guitarist Chris Stapleton first convened after a series of songwriting sessions between Henderson and Stapleton. What began as a casual get-together to jam in the late summer of 2005 became a fully committed band that signed with Rounder Records in 2007. They released their eponymous debut album at the beginning of 2008, garnering a GRAMMY nomination for Best Country 52


Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals for one of the songs in that set, “Blue Side of the Mountain.” That honor was followed two years later, when they received two more nominations for Reckless, their sophomore set one for Best Bluegrass Album and another for Best Country Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals courtesy of its song “Where Rainbows Never Die.” When Stapleton left the fold for a highly successful solo career in April 2010, the band closed one chapter and began another anew while literally never missing a beat. Singer/guitarist Gary Nichols, a highly accredited artist in his own right, was brought on-board for the recording of the band’s third album, 2012’s Hammer Down, which subsequently climbed all the way up to number one on the Billboard Bluegrass charts, their highest placement yet. Nevertheless, the real journey had just begun. When Henderson left the band at the end of 2011, musician and producer Brent Truitt was brought in as his replacement. If there was any proof needed that the momentum had been maintained, The SteelDrivers’ highly acclaimed fourth album, 2015’s The Muscle Shoals Recording (featuring guest contributions from Nichols’one-time bandmate Jason Isbell), garnered the group that long elusive GRAMMY win with a notable nod for Best Bluegrass Album. In addition, it garnered three IBMA nominations Album of the Year, Song of the Year (for “Long Way Down”), Songwriter of the Year (for Rogers), and Best Liner Notes (for writer Peter Cooper). Still, one more major development was left to come. Nichols departed in August 2017, leaving yet another void the band was left to fill. Once again, the group rose to the challenge, selecting Kentucky native Kelvin Damrell after Rogers’ daughter spotted him singing on a YouTube video. He fit in just fine, and today again, The SteelDrivers’ saga continues unabated. Part of the lure is undoubtedly due to the freedom each musician gets to express themselves without any reservation, even as

the group maintains the consistency of its sound. Rogers, a former member of the allstar Dead Reckoning music stable, is widely recognized as one of the most versatile and expressive fiddlers on the scene today. Truitt and Bailey are certified string benders who take their respective instruments to new levels of innovation and expertise. Damrell’s vocals and fretwork add a fresh voice to the mix, while Fleming continues to anchor it all with rock solid rhythm and a firm foundation. It’s a sound The Tennessean once described as “Gutsy, gritty bluegrass songs.” The Philadelphia Inquirer put it even more succinctly: “You can call it power-bluegrass or country soul, but whatever you call it, Nashville’s SteelDrivers have bushels of it.” In fact, The SteelDrivers’ success lies in their consistent growth and ability to reinvent their regimen. It’s also nurtured the various influences that each member brings to the band. With the emphasis on song structure as to parceling out their parameters, elements of Americana, country, blues, rock and soul all enter the equation. Yet their consistent standing at the IBMA awards, which began when they were voted Best Emerging Artist testifies to the fact that they’ve been able to maintain a fierce following even while growing their audiences at every interval. The band plays approximately 75 shows a year, including major festival appearances at Bonnaroo, Merlefest, Wintergrass, Bristol Rhythm, and Roots and Telluride Bluegrass Festival. It’s their populist approach that finds their devotees self-proclaimed “SteelHeads” traveling hundreds of miles to see them in repeat performances. “It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years since our first album,” said Rogers. “And yet, even with all the change and transition, we still have the same joy and enthusiasm that we did in the beginning. Even as the trajectory changes, the story continues to unfold.” The SteelDrivers will be at the Bijou Theatre on February 22 & 23 at 8 pm. For more information or tickets, visit www.knoxbijou.org.

Historic Westwood Collection Continues to Grow



capture your imagination as soon as you walk through the recently restored front doors. One of the official Historic Homes of Knoxville, visitors can enjoy the largest assemblage of paintings by artist Adelia Armstrong Lutz on public display in her grand studio in which they were painted. The paintings are on loan from the McClung Collection and are currently featured in four rooms of the house. Many surprises await guests to the home. An impressive grouping of antique slag lamps on loan from the John and Nancy Coates collection are on display in the studio and dining rooms. The Coates rotate the lamps on display throughout the year. There is also a lovely contemporary work of art by Cynthia Markert. The East Parlor frescoes have been completely restored with many other original frescoes revealed and awaiting further restoration. Visitors can return again and again and experience something new as the collections continue to grow. The two most important collections are centered on Adelia’s artwork 54


and Lutz family heirlooms. However, Westwood will sometimes consider unique pieces deemed appropriate to the time period and interests of its first family. For example, in August, a large mahogany grandfather clock was donated. This clock was hand-carved in 1900 by Knoxville artist Ellen Rachael Bolli Van Gilder. Ellen was an accomplished woman who, in the 1890s, attended the University of Chicago and studied carpentry and furniture design. She carved furniture all her life, and her pieces were built and carved in white oak and then “fumed,” which turned them a dark color. The glass in the clock was made by the Van Gilder Glass Company, which was owned and operated by Ellen’s husband, Walter Van Gilder. Ellen was a member of the Nicholson Art League, of which Adelia Lutz was an inaugural member. In November, a beautiful Victorian display easel found its way to Westwood from South Carolina. The circa 1890 easel, carved with beautiful designs, belonged to an artist and it traveled to Tennessee with her descendants. It now proudly displays the latest Adelia Lutz

painting added to the Westwood collection. Hidden away in a cabinet for years was a silver pitcher tarnished by decades of storage. Once polished, it was revealed to be a rare family object. The water pitcher was made by the Meriden Britannia Company of Meriden, Massachusetts, and was engraved with the initials of Adelia Armstrong Lutz and the date of her wedding to John E. Lutz on February 10, 1886. The pitcher is now proudly on display with Adelia and John’s wedding china in the dining room. Whether you are interested in history, architecture, art, historic preservation, beautiful gardens, or exploring private event venues, our volunteer docents are always happy to share stories about the house, family, and collections. Historic Westwood is located at 3425 Kingston Pike and is open for free tours on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 10 am to 4 pm. Free parking is available at the adjacent Laurel Church of Christ, located at 3457 Kingston Pike. Explore more at www. historicwestwood.org.

A New Twist on the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift




February 14th is Valentine’s Day, and this February, Personal Space Construction is offering you a new twist for Valentine’s Day by making it an event that you will remember and celebrate for years to come. Guys, Personal Space is offering to shorten your ever growing “honey-do list” by helping you to tackle that special project this Valentine’s month that would mean the most to your sweetheart. At Personal Space Construction, we recently came to the rescue of a couple who was tired of the package deliveries getting soaked when it rained. The solution was a covered entryway that protects their deliveries from the elements. We also rescued a couple who was competing for limited space with their competing hobbies and crafts. The solution was the addition of a craft room for her – her very own “she-shed.” If you need help with your “honey-do list,” why not have Personal Space come to your rescue during February? We can help lower your utility bills by improving your home’s insulation or replacing poorly performing windows and doors. Or perhaps your home

is dated. Would you like to restore that same showroom quality look to your home that it had when it was new? Make this February a Valentine’s month you’ll long remember by calling the professionals at Personal Space Construction. They have decades of experience in home design, construction, and renovation and employ only the most experienced tradesmen. From concept to completion, Personal Space Construction is your total turn-key solution

to your growing “things to do” list. Regardless of the size of your project, Personal Space Construction can help you transform your wish list into reality. And you can make it happen today with one simple phone call to 865-271-7998. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Personal Space Construction 865.271.7998 www.personalspaceconstruction.com



Jigsaw Puzzles - Perfect for “Me” and “We” Time This Winter A R T I C L E C O U R T E SY O F B P T


cold days and cozy nights at home this winter, there’s no better time to rediscover the simple pleasures and quiet joys of indoor activities that help you relax and reconnect with family. Through winter and beyond, families everywhere are eager to unplug, get away from screens, and spend quality time together. One great activity to help you do that is puzzling, which you can enjoy alone or with friends and family. Did you know that one in two Americans puzzle at least once a year? A study conducted by Ipsos on behalf of Ravensburger found that American adults puzzle for a number of different reasons - from millennials looking for an escape from their digital world to seniors who like activities that help them stay mentally fit. Perhaps also not surprisingly, three in four of those surveyed said that they puzzle most during the winter months. Here are a few of the benefits of taking a little time in your day to work on a jigsaw puzzle. “Me” time It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life, especially after the holiday season has wrapped and the coldest winter months set in. This time of year it’s more important than ever to be checking in on your self-care habits and creating a sense 56


of wellness in your life. Jigsaw puzzles provide a relaxing, tactile, and meditative outlet that is sure to keep the winter blues at bay. You can choose a picture that is sure to bring you joy once it’s completed. From a beautiful piece of art or a cultural icon such as a 3D replica of a double-decker London bus, puzzling gives you the opportunity to bring your favorite things to life in a fun new way. The results are all positive: Puzzling helps you de-stress, improves your memory, and boosts your problem-solving skills. Puzzling on your own lets you choose how often and for how long you enjoy the activity. Leaving a puzzle in progress on a kitchen or dining room table lets you complete your puzzle at your own pace and reminds you to pause and take a moment to slow down every so often. “We” time In the Ipsos study, seven out of 10 (69%) respondents who puzzle saw it as a family tradition activity, and 59% said that they like to do puzzles while they’re on vacation or during holiday break. Jigsaw puzzles can be a fun and effortless way to reconnect with family and friends of all ages. When everyone gathers around the table to puzzle together, it offers opportunities for relaxed conversations and

connection with each other away from the formality of a meal or structured activity. You may learn something special and new from one of your loved ones during a casual “side conversation” while working on a jigsaw puzzle together. From piecing together the riddles in an “escape the room” puzzle to your own customized puzzle of a treasured family photo, Ravensburger offers collaborative puzzles that are perfect for family time. Working on puzzles allows everyone to unplug from technology, slow down, and live in the moment together. In fact, 84% of those surveyed said that they usually puzzled together with others. Why do people like to puzzle, whether alone or together? Those who regularly puzzle said that their main reasons are relaxation (59%), fun (57%), stress relief (47%), and brain boosting (42%) - all of which are especially important to maintain during the short, cold winter days. No matter your age, you can open up the experience of puzzling to your friends and family this winter and beyond to take a break from your tech-fueled lives and enjoy spending time together. Kids, teens, parents, and grandparents can all puzzle together no user manual, batteries, or complicated directions required!

Repurpose Your Unused Diamonds or Fine Jewelry

Vincent’s ESTABLISHED 1961

Repurpose Your Unused Diamonds and Fine Jewelry


AVING JUST completed service in

the U.S. Coast Guard, Vince was soon after married and later the father of two children. He could have little imagined at that time that he would soon be launching an almost six decade long career in the diamond and fine jewelry business. Since 1961, Vince has been a student of both the quality diamond and fine jewelry industry, and he has put this experience to work in some rather unique ways. “I’ve been fortunate in my career to have met many of the leaders in the world diamond marketplace and to have been privileged to work with many of the nation’s premier jewelers,” says Vince. “I’ve loved every minute of this fascinating and fast-paced industry, and the thought of retiring has never occurred to me.” Vince and his wife of 50 years, having relocated to the Knoxville area, opened an office in the Farragut area in addition to an office in St. Louis. Called Vincent’s, Vince and company purchases diamonds of all shapes and sizes, as well as fine jewelry, sapphires, and rubies, from both individuals and estates. “In addition to purchasing diamonds and fine jewelry at the highest possible prices, we also offer sellers a totally unique selling experience,” says Vince. Vincent’s meets with each client on an appointment only basis in their Farragut office, offering a secure, private, and safe environment. All consultations are confidential and are performed on a no-cost, no-obligation basis. If you are interested in selling your diamonds or fine jewelry, why not trust Vincent’s and their more than 50-year tradition for integrity, experience, and courteous service? For more information, call 865-392-5358 or visit www.sellmyjewel.com. Confidential • Secure • Trusted Established 1961 By appointment only


123 Center Park Drive, Suite 214 Knoxville, TN 37922 865.392.5358 www.sellmyjewel.com

CONFIDENTIAL • SECURE • TRUSTED By Appointment Only 123 Center Park Drive, Suite 214 • Knoxville TN 37922 P: 865.392.5358 F: 865.392.5359 www.sellmyjewel.com • vincents1961@gmail.com

Shamrock Ball March 7 • 7–9 PM Farragut Community Center


HE TOWN of Farragut and

the Farragut Kiwanis Club host the 15th annual Shamrock Ball, a father-daughter dance, on March 7 from 7 to 9 pm at the Farragut Community Center. Advance tickets are $20 for a couple and $30 for a family; tickets at the door are $25 per couple and $35 per family. Tickets are on sale now through noon on Friday, February 28. Proceeds benefit the Kiwanis Teen Driving Rodeo, Kiwanis Fresh Air Camp, and Farragut Community Center Equipment. For tickets, visit www.farragutparksandrec.org and follow us on social media for more info about the Shamrock Ball.





IE-HARD country music fans have,

no doubt, heard of the new up-andcoming artist, Kalie Shorr. With songs like “Fight Like A Girl” and “He’s Just Not That Into You,” Ms. Shorr is commanding the attention of fans of the genre from all around the country. Shorr is a tough girl with a sweet voice and strong work ethic who took the rocky road to country stardom. Born and raised in Portland, Maine, Shorr moved to Nashville as a teenager, working at a hot dog stand as she set her eyes on country music stardom. Self-taught on guitar, she played in bands in Portland, playing Nirvana and Pink Floyd tunes while her real passion was country music. Driven to pursue her passion, she took extra classes so she could graduate from high school early. She also worked two jobs so she could raise the money to finance her move to Music City, which she did by the time she was 19. Her first song, “Fight Like A Girl,” was independently released four years ago and received excellent buzz and airplay on digital radio. In 2017, a second single, “He’s Just Not That Into You,” as well as her next EP, Slingshot, garnered a ton of incredibly positive press from the gamut of country music publications. In this past year, Shorr received even more accolades and achieved even more accomplishments that are detailed in the expanded version of this article on www.boomerocity.com. About her debut album, Open Book, Shorr says, “The album is my first ever full-length album. I wrote every song on there. I’d been 58


working towards an album ever since I released my last EP in January of 2018, called Awake, and I had the vision to potentially start doing a full-length album. I thought I knew where it was headed. Then I got hit back-to-back-toback-to-back with some of the hardest things I’ve ever gone through. It was all in a one-year period. I had to deal with losing friendships and all that. Then also, six months later, my sister passed away from a drug overdose. “It was just like stuff all at once. It sent me catapulting back to how I wrote when I first fell in love with songs, which was me sitting on my bedroom floor, processing the world around me by making it rhyme. And I kind of stopped writing for any purpose other than myself and working through it. That really birthed these incredibly vulnerable songs. It’s a level of vulnerability and emotional exposure that I never thought I would do. But it happened, and releasing it out into the world and having it be received well has been the best experience. It’s just so nice to know that you can bare that much of your soul and strangers will be kind to you about it – find some sort of common thread and know that we’re not all so different after all.” In listening to Shorr talk, I couldn’t help but ask her if she felt that there’s an invisible hand guiding her along. “Yeah, I really do,” she said. “I’m a very, very spiritual person, and I did a lot of prayer and meditation when preparing to do this record. I also have gotten a lot closer to my family after my sister passed away because it really made

me rethink my priorities. I go home ten times as much now. I think that God and my family – and even my fans – gosh, they pulled me through so much when things were really tough.” As for what’s on Shorr’s radar for the next year or two, she said, “Touring. Lots of touring. I’m excited because the album has been out for three months, and that’s been exciting. All the year-end lists that we’ve been getting on – like The New York Times said it was the number seven best album of the year. And it was like in the real New York Times that I can hold in my hands, which is crazy! Things like that, those bring my album to a whole new audience. I got on so many ‘best of’ lists, and I just did not see it coming – it just totally baffled me. That is definitely creating a lot of different opportunities that I wouldn’t have had two weeks ago.” Shorr shares at length more about the passing of her sister, her new album, and the surprises that awaited her in the country music industry as she continues to elbow her way into that rough and tumble business. It can all be read at www.boomerocity.com. You can also keep up with the latest on Shorr by connecting to her at www.KalieShorr.com. Randy’s first interview was at the tender age of 13 with none other than Col. Tom Parker. Thirty-six years later he founded the webzine, Boomerocity. com, and has conducted close to 200 interviews with some of the most interesting people in music.

VISIT OUR SHOWROOM OR CALL FOR A FREE ESTIMATE 9007 Middlebrook Pike | Knoxville, TN | 865-247-0404 | www.clintonglasscompany.com




February 1: Scott Miller with Brian Wright at the Bijou Theatre at 8 pm.

February 14: Winter Jam Tour Spectacular at Thompson-Boling Arena at 7 pm.

February 21: Rodney Carrington Live! at the Knoxville Civic Auditorium at 7 pm.

February 1 & 2: Alice in Wonderland at Knoxville Children’s Theatre. February 1 at 1 & 5 pm and February 2 at 3 pm.

February 14 & 15: Erick Baker at the Bijou Theatre at 8 pm.

February 21 & 22: The SteelDrivers with Nickel and Rose at the Bijou Theatre at 8 pm.

February 14-16: Dogwood Arts House & Garden Show at the Knoxville Convention Center. February 14 from 10 am to 6 pm, February 15 from 10 am to 7 pm, and February 16 from 10 am to 5 pm.

February 22: Polar Plunge at the UT Aquatics Center at 10 am.

February 14 & 16: Knoxville Opera presents Romeo & Juliet at the Tennessee Theatre. February 14 at 7:30 pm and February 16 at 2:30 pm.

February 22: Kansas at the Tennessee Theatre at 7:30 pm.

February 1 & 2: Miss Saigon at the Tennessee Theatre. February 1 at 2 & 8 pm and February 2 at 1:30 pm. February 3: Mighty Musical Monday with Noelle Harb at the Tennessee Theatre at 12 pm. February 7: First Friday on Market Square, Gay Street, The Old City, and Downtown North beginning at 5 pm. February 7: Jo Koy: Just Kidding World Tour at the Tennessee Theatre at 8 pm. February 7-9: Knoxville Women’s Expo at the Knoxville Expo Center. February 8: Knoxville Symphony Orchestra: The Texas Tenors at the Knoxville Civic Auditorium at 8 pm. February 9: Young Pianist Series featuring Alexey Trushechkin at the Sandra G. Powell Recital Hall in the University of Tennessee’s Natalie Haslam Music Center at 2:30 pm. February 12: Bijou Imagination Series: Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! The Musical! at the Bijou Theatre at 6:30 pm. February 13: Knoxville Jazz Orchestra presents Jazz is for Lovers at the Bijou Theatre at 8 pm. February 14: Valentine’s Day.



February 15: Paul Belcher presents The Original Battle of Songs featuring Primitive Quartet, Michael Combs, The Perrys, The Inspirations, and the Coffmans at the Knoxville Civic Auditorium at 6 pm. February 16: The Earls of Leicester featuring Jerry Douglas with Twisted Pine at the Bijou Theatre at 8 pm. February 17: Presidents’ Day. February 19: Foy Vance and Anderson East with Aaron Raitiere at the Bijou Theatre at 8 pm. February 19 & 20: Sesame Street Live! Make Your Magic at the Knoxville Civic Auditorium. February 19 at 5:30 pm and February 20 at 10:30 am. February 20: Joseph with Deep Sea Diver at the Bijou Theatre at 8 pm. February 20 & 21: KSO Moxley Carmichael Masterworks Series: Beethoven’s Eroica at the Tennessee Theatre at 7:30 pm.

February 22: Jason Aldean at ThompsonBoling Arena at 7:30 pm.

February 23: Black History Month Celebration at the Farragut Museum at 1 pm. February 23: Menopause the Musical at the Bijou Theatre at 3 & 7:30 pm. February 25: An Evening with Author Erik Larson at the Bijou Theatre at 7 pm. February 25 & 26: Sturgill Simpson: A Good Look’n Tour at the Knoxville Civic Coliseum at 7:30 pm. February 28: Drew and Ellie Holcomb at the Bijou Theatre at 7 & 9:30 pm. February 28: Lauren Daigle World Tour at Thompson-Boling Arena at 7:30 pm. February 28 & 29: Waitress the Musical at the Tennessee Theatre. February 28 at 8 pm and February 29 at 2 & 8 pm. Also on March 1 at 1:30 & 7 pm. February 29: 2nd Annual Farragut Songwriters Showcase at the Farragut Community Center from 7 to 10 pm.

New Exhibitions Opening at the Emporium Center on February 7





Alliance is pleased to present four new exhibitions at the Emporium Center in downtown Knoxville from February 7-28. A free reception will take place on Friday, February 7, from 5 to 9 pm as part of First Friday activities downtown to which the public is invited to meet the artists and view the artwork. Most of the works are for sale and may be purchased through the close of the exhibition. The opening reception features pianist Mike Stallings, Director of Music at Concord United Methodist Church. National Juried Exhibition of 2020 in the Upper Galleries

Jim Scarsella The 14th annual National Juried Exhibition is a new exhibition featuring selected works from 38 artists throughout the United States. Virginia Derryberry The National Juried Exhibition was developed in 2006 to provide a forum for local artists to compete on a national scale and display their highest quality work. The exhibition encompasses all styles and genres from both emerging and established artists working in a variety of media such as photography, acrylic, pencil, fibers, oil, paper, and more. More than $1,000 in cash awards will be announced at a brief awards ceremony on February 7 at 6 pm. Exhibiting artists include Virginia Taylor Derryberry, Kathryn Nidy, and Catherine Twomey of Asheville, NC; Ann J. Harwell of Wendell, NC; Wesley Miller of Alcoa, TN; Jan Burleson of Athens, TN; Susan Connelly McClelland of Bluff City, TN; Carrie Pendergrass of Chattanooga, TN; Marcia Athens, Jacques Gautreau, Nina Harvey, Jeanne Kidd, Anne Kinggard, Andreas Koschan, Ryan Mason, Alyssa Nealon, Tom Owens, Hei Park, Norm Plate, Lennie M. Robertson, Chris S. Rohwer, Caitlin Ryan, Pamela Salyer, William Timm, Marilyn Avery Turner, and Rick Whitehead of Knoxville, TN; Susan B. Miller and Jack Retterer of Lenoir City, TN; Gloria Vazquez of Limestone, TN; David Hardin of Loudon, TN; Carl Gombert of Maryville, TN; Michelle Barillaro and Debra Lovvorn Belvin of Oak Ridge, TN; AngelaDawn of Powell, TN; Charlotte Rollman and Jim Scarsella of Sevierville, TN; Kerry Remp of Seymour, TN; and Marty McConnaughey of Sharps Chapel, TN.

About the juror: Jordan Ahlers is the owner and director of Momentum Gallery in Asheville, NC, one of the region’s premier art galleries. With more than 20 years of experience in the field, Ahlers has collaborated with thousands of professional artists working across the country in a variety of media. In doing so, he has developed an eye for what is both interesting and marketable. Ahlers has a reputation as a gifted curator and trusted art advisor. Ahlers opened Momentum Gallery in 2017 with a mission to provide access to museum-quality work for the region and elevate the Asheville arts community. Ahlers attended the Kansas City Art Institute and later created a home in Asheville, where his family has resided for generations. Yumee Eun: From Within in the Main Gallery Fr o m W i t h i n i s artist Yumee Eun’s expression of being through paint and poetry. It is her invitation to her viewers to feel the stillness and emptiness one experiences through meditation. Her hope is to share the Yumee Eun emotions and feelings from her own visions that cannot be spoken but are better experienced through colors, textures, hard lines in charcoal, and the unpredictable nature of crackle. In this exhibition, Eun connects her poetry and art as a way for her viewers to feel hopeful from the experience of chaos, heartbreak, and hardship. She sees the crackle pieces in her work as the trials and life experiences in which people are destroyed, yet can also come through, see into, and explore the light within themselves and be reborn from it. Her poetic words are there to accompany the viewer and inspire and invoke hope and calmness. Through her work, she hopes to share that art is a pathway to eternity: A way to see through the pains and trials on earth, and a way to find light and courage from the places within and beyond ourselves. Ellen Alvarez: Driftwood Creations in the Display Case Artist statement: My driftwood creations have been inspired by years of collecting driftwood from my home state of Vermont. The driftwood is sourced from a magical place on Lake Champlain, which consistently provides beautiful pieces of lake-worn wood perfect for creations. My shells come mostly from Asia, where I spent more than 20 years. My daughter’s unused glass and metal beads and recycled jewelry have all found their way into my shop. I kept collecting until I found

Ellen Alvarez the time to create with these beautiful pieces. I love the warmth these pieces bring to a home in their unique and special places.

Josh Collins Josh Collins: Story of a City: East Knoxville in the Atrium Artist statement: We as human beings long for relationship and unity. I have found both of these, as a white male living in East Knoxville, a predominately black community. This is why I am telling the story of my community – so our city can see how we can benefit from learning to truly live communally like East Knoxville has done for many years. Collins aims to tell the story of East Knoxville from the perspective of someone who lives within the community and wants to share the beauty of life having lived there with people on the outskirts that may hold ungrounded biases. He wants to challenge viewers to look at life in East Knoxville with dignity, adoration, and kindness. He also wants viewers to reflect on moments and growth the community has experienced together. The exhibitions are on display at the Emporium Center, located at 100 S. Gay Street in downtown Knoxville. Exhibition hours are Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. For more information, contact the Arts & Culture Alliance at 865-523-7543 or visit www.knoxalliance.com. Februar y 2020 EVERYTHING KNOXVILLE


Escape Winter Doldrums: Warm Up with Hot Deals at Your Local Boat Show A R T I C L E C O U R T E SY O F B P T


INTER MAY BE frigid for many, but it’s an ideal time to plan for warmer days ahead that could be enjoyed on a boat with friends and family. Beginning in January, boat shows take place across the country, offering some of the hottest deals around with special pricing and incentives on new boat models and marine accessories – a major draw for the 142 million Americans who take to the water each year, according to the National Marine Manufacturers Association. For those ready to plan their summer adventures on the water, boat shows are the perfect place to start. Whether it’s fishing, sailing, cruising, riding personal watercraft, wakesurfing, or tubing, attendees have the unique opportunity to browse and board the latest boats and marine accessories. Take advantage of educational opportunities and discover various ways to get on the water, from buying, trying, sharing, or renting. Discover Boating, a national program to help people get on the water and experience the fun of boating, offers four tips to get the most out of your visit to a boat show near you this year: 1. Escape cabin fever for the year’s best deals. Unlike auto shows, boat shows are the place to buy with hundreds of new models available for purchase right on the show floor. Boat shows make it easy for you to shop all the region’s dealers in one location. Plus, it’s the perfect time to order a new boat to ensure it arrives ready to launch in the spring. Find out what a boat show is all about. 2. Test the waters. You can learn the ropes of boating and take advantage of onsite training, which is usually offered at little to no cost. Beginners can learn about boating, and more experienced captains are able to hone their skills. Plus, boat shows offer fun and interactive activities for the whole family, from knot-tying and boating 101 seminars to remote-control docking ponds and virtual reality boating simulators and more. 3. Find your virtual dreamboat. Before visiting a boat show, you’ll want to know which boats to shop. Start your search online with DiscoverBoating.com’s Boat Finder tool to identify which boat types fit your lifestyle, interests, and budget. Plug in your preferences for on-water activities, number of passengers, propulsion, etc. to narrow down boat options before heading to your local boat show. 4. Look for the seal of approval. When shopping for a boat at a show, online, or at a dealership, always check to make sure it is NMMA Certified. NMMA Certified boat and trailer manufacturers have been independently inspected to ensure they meet strict industry standards for safety and construction, as well as all federal regulations. Look for the NMMA Certified sticker near the helm of a boat. Find out what a boat show is all about by visiting www.DiscoverBoating.com, where you’ll find a list of certified boat manufacturers, a boat loan calculator to estimate monthly payments, plus more interactive tools and resources for getting started in boating.



Greater Knoxville Boat Show February 28 – 12 to 8 pm February 29 – 10 am to 8 pm March 1 – 10 am to 5 pm Sevierville Convention Center 202 Gists Creek Road Sevierville, TN 37876 www.greaterknoxvilleboatshow.com Downtown Knoxville Boat Show March 5 – 2 to 9 pm March 6 – 12 to 9 pm March 7 – 10 am to 9 pm March 8 – 11 am to 5 pm Knoxville Convention Center 701 Henley Street Knoxville, TN 37902 www.downtownknoxvilleboatshow.com

Funding a Roth IRA Through the Backdoor

Our Customers Say It Best.

B Y Y V O N N E M A R S H , C F P ® , C PA


O YOU MAKE too much money to

contribute to a Roth IRA? Or wish you could add more than the $6,000–$7,000 allowed each year? There’s a solution for both of those issues, called a backdoor Roth strategy. It avoids the income limits of traditional Roth IRAs, and it’s done within your employer retirement plan. If you’re self-employed, set up your own individual 401(k) plan and start saving! As a little background, there are three types of retirement account contributions: Pre-tax, aftertax, and Roth: » Pre-tax contributions are tax-deductible, but all withdrawals from the account are taxed at ordinary income rates when it’s withdrawn. » After-tax contributions are nondeductible, though the growth is tax-deferred. That growth is taxed when it’s withdrawn. » Roth contributions are nondeductible, and they also grow tax deferred. But the growth of the account is also tax-free when withdrawn! We can all agree that tax-free Roth dollars are the “best” dollars in retirement, and here’s how you can accumulate more of them: In 2020, people age 50 and older can add up to $26,000 in employee pre-tax contributions. Yet there is a second limit of $63,500 in total additions to your retirement accounts, including your employer contributions. As an example, my client was maxing out his contribution of $26,000 and had an employer contribution of $4,500, so a total of $30,500 was added to his 401(k). He lamented the fact that he makes too much money to contribute to a Roth IRA. But I pointed out to him that his 401(k) plan allows for after-tax contributions, too. He still had room to add another $33,000 before he hit the $63,500 limit in total annual additions. Why is this so important? The IRS has ruled that after-tax contributions can be rolled over to a Roth IRA, thus transforming not just the after-tax contributions, but all future growth of those contributions into a beautiful, tax-free asset. There are several aspects that have to be considered: (1) your employer plan rules, (2) the timing of the Roth rollover, (3) investment decisions before and after rollover, and (4) what the IRS defines as being eligible for rollover. Some tax strategies need professional guidance, and this is one of them. Are you on the path to a tax-free retirement? We know how to get you there.

Marsh Wealth Management, LLC Fiduciary Registered Investment Advisor 504 Ebenezer Road Knoxville, TN 37923 865.622.2162 www.marshwealth.com

Financial Planning & Investment Advisory Services are offered through Marsh Wealth Management, LLC (“MWM”), an independent investment advisor registered with the state of Tennessee. Yvonne Marsh is an Investment Advisor Representative of MWM in the state of Tennessee. Marsh Professional Group, LLC, is a TN registered public accounting firm and a separate legal entity from MWM. For a detailed discussion of MWM and their investment advisory fees, see the firm’s Form ADV on file with the SEC at www.adviserinfo.sec.gov.

“I don’t know why you would trust your brand with anyone else.” — Kathy Levis Elkmont Exchange

(865) 238-5600 Sweet, affordable websites that work. Read many more stories at www.slamdot.com

Wynonna and Cactus: Party of Two March 8 • 8 PM | Bijou Theatre


OUNTRY MUSIC legends Wynonna Judd and Cactus Moser make their Bijou Theatre debut with Wynonna & Cactus: Party of Two on March 8. Wynonna has always revolved her career around telling stories. Whether performing alongside her mother as one half of the legendary duo The Judds or pushing the boundaries on her own megasuccessful solo path, Wynonna’s ability to reach the heart of the human spirit through her bold and unflinching honesty is the entertainer’s true gift. Respected by the millions of fans who are drawn to her music and undeniable talent, Wynonna’s rich and commanding voice has sold more than 30 million albums worldwide spanning her remarkable 34-year career. As one-half of the legendary mother/daughter duo The Judds, Wynonna was once dubbed by Rolling Stone as the greatest female country singer since Patsy Cline. This iconic performer has received more than 60 industry awards, with countless charting singles, including 20 No.1 hits such as Mama He’s Crazy, Why Not Me, and Grandpa (Tell Me Bout the Good Ole Days). Wynonna & Cactus: Party of Two will include stripped down performances featuring unparalleled acoustics, stories, and rich, soulful vocals… plus a few surprises! For more information, visit www.bijoutheatre.org.



When It’s Time to Part Company B Y TO M I R M E N


a business mentor telling a group of small business owners that if certain changes were made to our individual business models, we would likely experience the loss of a small number of our customers. I asked, “Which ones?” My question was intended to be humorous, knowing that every small business owner has a couple of difficult clients that they can’t seem to please no matter how hard they try. So why do we keep these difficult customers around in the first place? Simply put, new customers can often be challenging to come by, and as a result, we often place a high value on client retention. But if you have a customer who is disruptive to your business, it may be time to take a stand. My recommendation is that you schedule a face-to-face meeting with your client. Forget the emails and text messages. Sit down with your customer and lay all your cards on the table. Tell them that you appreciate their past business, but describe your areas of disagreement and attempt to reconcile your differences. In the absence of an agreement,



It’s been my experience that it requires far less time to replace a troublesome client than it takes to please them, a goal that is often unobtainable in the first place. There’s also far less drama and emotional energy invested.

part company. Keep it professional. We have a rule in our own business that we don’t allow any customer to run our company. Now, that doesn’t mean that we are not accommodating or that we don’t accept constructive criticism. But we do not allow a single customer or a small group of customers to interfere with our ability to serve the needs of the majority of our clients. It’s been my experience that it requires far less time to replace a troublesome client than it takes to please them, a goal that is often unobtainable in the first place. There’s also far less drama and emotional energy invested. While we’ve all been told in the past that the customer is always right, I believe that this expression should be modified to say that “reasonable customers are often right.” Place a high degree of importance on the valued relationships you have with your customers, but never allow those significant relationships to be undermined by customers you will likely never be able to please despite your best efforts.

INTRODUCING J. Kevin Buchanan, MD




you eat, you’re staying active, but you’re still unhappy with your body shape. Sound familiar? That stubborn problem area on your waistline can be annoyingly resistant to diet and exercise. That’s where the truSculpt® 3D procedure can help. Developed by Cutera, the global pioneer in performance and innovation within the cosmetic and aesthetic laser device field, the non-invasive, truSculpt® 3D procedure can help you sculpt your body by quickly and easily targeting both large and small problem areas. We recently interviewed J. Kevin Buchanan, MD, Knoxville area’s family practice physician and truSculpt® 3D practitioner, to discover just how this revolutionary, new, state-of-theart medical breakthrough can help patients treat those problem areas around their midsections. EK: Dr. Buchanan, truSculpt® 3D uses radio frequency technology to help decrease circumference and diminish fat in patients. Tell our readers just how this technology works. Dr. Buchanan: truSculpt® 3D uses conductive radio frequency to achieve selective and effective disruption of the subcutaneous fat tissue, the fat that lies directly beneath the skin, while maintaining comfortable surface temperatures. EK: Just how safe is truSculpt® 3D? Dr. Buchanan: truSculpt® 3D, which is FDA cleared, is a safe, non-invasive body sculpting technology, where the temperature of the skin and subcutaneous tissue are maintained at comfortable levels while consistently achieving the best results. EK: How quickly will clients see visible results? Dr. Buchanan: Visible results can usually be seen as soon 6 to 12 weeks, with maximum

Family Practice Physician, truSculpt® 3D Practitioner

HALF THE COST OF COOLSCULPTING Abdomen & Flanks: $1,000 Neck & Chin: $300 Arms: Starting at $500 Legs: Starting at $500

benefits at 12 weeks. Some clients report seeing results in as little as 4 to 6 weeks. EK: How much fat thickness reduction will patients experience? Dr. Buchanan: Clients can expect fat reduction of targeted areas of up to 24%. EK: Is it possible to treat more than one problem area per session? Dr. Buchanan: Yes, it is possible to treat multiple areas in a single session, including the neck, upper arms, abdomen and flanks, back, and thighs.

EK: Should clients experience any discomfort or downtime after the procedure? Dr. Buchanan: Some clients may experience some redness of the skin that typically resolves itself in 8 to 12 hours. Others report soreness of the treatment area that may last for a few days. There is no restriction on activity following the procedure. EK: Treatments are administered by an NP or medical assistant under your personal supervision, correct? Dr. Buchanan: We have a nurse practitioner, two medical assistants, and myself who are all trained and certified to perform the truSculpt® 3D procedure. EK: How can our readers who are interested learn more about the truSculpt® 3D? What is the best way to reach you? Dr. Buchanan: Call Ashley Burchfield at 865-675-1953, ext. 224 for more information or to schedule a free consultation or visit www. tru3dbody.com.

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Clinton Glass SUCCESS

As a business owner I receive calls every day from advertising reps asking me to spend money with them. Whether it’s print, radio or television, they all suggest that their advertising method is the best way to get my message out to potential clients. They have a high hill to climb, because Everything Knoxville already does a great job of finding potential customers for us. Everything Knoxville puts out a quality monthly publication that is mailed directly to homeowners. That means my customers pull the magazine directly out of their mailbox, making it more likely for them to read. We track our client phone calls from several advertising sources, and Everything Knoxville does better dollar for dollar than any other publication I’ve advertised in. Thanks Judy and Tom!

Greg & Kim Stowell

Owners of Clinton Glass

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HE COOL, dry winter days can be detrimental to our

skin and skin tone. Temperatures drop as the sun’s rays are further away. But don’t let these seasonal effects trick you. If you’re outside, you’re still at risk for sun exposure and skin damage. Sun exposure without proper protection such as sunscreen and protective clothing can cause unsightly brown spots and skin irregularities. Most hyperpigmentation is triggered by unprotected sun exposure, while some hyperpigmentation is induced by hormonal issues known as melasma. Melasma, more commonly seen in females, is usually triggered by UV exposure or even induced by heat. It may appear during pregnancy or after starting birth control and typically appears as a symmetric hyperpigmented patch on some exposed areas of the face, neck, and chest. While using sunscreen is still key to preventing skin cancers and signs of premature aging, it doesn’t erase the damage already done. Most skin irregularities require a treatment such as laser, IPL, chemical peels, or fractional resurfacing to reverse the damage already visible. What works for one person may not work for everyone. At Southeastern Dermatology, we offer a wide range of treatment options from any skin condition such as hyperpigmentation. One popular treatment for hyperpigmentation are Clear + Brilliant treatments. Clear + Brilliant is a gentle treatment that uses fractional laser technology to address and prevent the early signs of aging skin. Clear + Brilliant is based on fractional laser resurfacing, a technology that has been proven in clinical trials to successfully address several common concerns that occur as the skin ages. The treatment works by creating millions of microscopic treatment zones in the upper layers of the skin,

MATTHEW B. DOPPELT D.O., F.A.O.C.D., F.A.A.D. Board Certified Dermatologist

which replaces damaged skin with healthy tissue and yields younger looking skin. The Clear + Brilliant system has two options. The original handpiece helps improve overall skin texture, fine lines, and the appearance of pores, which unfortunately tend to enlarge with aging skin. The Permea handpiece is slightly milder and may be more effective for pigmentary changes and helps to give a more uniform, even skin tone. It is called Permea because the mild injury of the laser is designed to temporarily make the skin more permeable to skin care products, such as Vitamin A and C. A typical Clear + Brilliant treatment requires 30 minutes or less for a complete session. Application of topical numbing cream is an option to provide additional comfort during treatment. The laser handpiece is then gently guided across the targeted areas and actively treats the skin for 15 minutes or less. Immediately post treatment, it is common to experience some redness and swelling up to 12 hours with little or no downtime. Clear + Brilliant’s smart-tip technology and advanced precision energy system ensures excellent results with little to no social downtime. More than 85% of Clear + Brilliant patients claimed their skin look younger and felt smoother, and they saw a noticeable glow after a series of three treatments. It is important that patients team with a doctor and practice that they know and trust, as well as one with proper credentials and qualifications. Board-certified dermatologist, Matthew B. Doppelt, and his team can help you develop a personalized treatment plan and see if Clear + Brilliant is the best treatment for you. For more information, visit www.drdoppelt.com or call 865-474-8800 to schedule an appointment.

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