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FOR SALE BY OWNER Spectacular 6,000+ Square Foot 3-Story Custom Home Built in 2017 on 2 Lots

Amenities include: » 5 bedrooms » 5 ½ baths » 2 laundry rooms » 2 playrooms » 6 custom iron exterior doors » 10’ high double entry doors » 7 car garage » Mother-in-law apartment with kitchen & bath » Complete game room » 3rd floor theater & seating » Natural beam stairway with custom iron railing » Barnwood kitchen & bath cabinetry » Barnwood walls & trim » Gourmet kitchen with commercial appliances » 2 bedrooms, including master, on first level » Full, professional basketball court » Spectacular outdoor kitchen & living areas » Extensive landscaping, exterior lighting & irrigation » Over-the-top outdoor children’s play area And far too much to list!

$1,300,000 Call for a Private Viewing Brian Davis 865-801-0213







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Meredith Hancock

Hughes and Chris Moon, owners of Knoxville-based Window Works, share just how strong family and customer relationships have helped to build this very successful second generation window replacement business.

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Jack and Wendy Hughes and Virginia and Chris Moon

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The best Oriental rug washing system just got better. A new healthcare experience that puts you first. Real people getting real results!

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Discover a new hope for migraine sufferers.

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Spice up your wardrobe with these fall color trends.

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J U S T L O V E the fall

season and especially welcome autumn this year after all the very hot weather we had this summer. Autumn temperatures are cooler, which makes for pleasant days outdoors. As we enter the start of autumn, I look at my list of things I want Photo by D. Roberts Photography to accomplish both indoors and outdoors before the holidays set in. Tom and I are DIYers and have worked on a lot of renovation projects for both our own home and for our rental homes. This year we had no shortage of projects to tackle. And in tackling a project, I am reminded of when I was growing up and my parents built their first (and only) home. It was an exciting time for the whole family. We each had a job to do, and we worked hard at that job. Those work habits served me well in tackling our own projects now. 4


If you are looking to do some renovation or updating of your home before the holidays, you need to check out all the great advertisers we highlight each month, especially our feature article this month on Window Works. All these advertisers have been inspiration for me with ideas to make a home holiday ready. And we have advertisers that can help make yourself holiday ready with personal care treatments, clothing, shoes, accessories, and more, which will make you the center of attention at your next event. Autumn is a beautiful season in East Tennessee with the changing colors of the foliage, especially in the Smoky Mountains. And the temperatures are just right for tackling projects or, better yet, to enjoy a festival or a UT football game! Go Vols and happy autumn!

Judy Irmen


Photo by D. Roberts Photography

Window Works

Family Owned Âť Made in America Âť Founded in Knoxville, Tennessee


ROTHER AND SISTER, Chris and Wendy, share many great memories of their childhood, but one in particular stands out. These two siblings had the rare opportunity to observe their parents, Tom and Kay Moon, launch and operate several small home improvement companies throughout more than three decades. Because Tom and Kay focused on providing a customer service level that exceeded the expectations of their clients, Wendy and Chris learned that success was the natural result of treating homeowners as they would like to be treated. By placing the needs of their customers first, they learned that genuine success would follow.



Today Wendy and Chris have assumed the entrepreneurial reigns of operating Knoxvillebased Window Works here in East Tennessee from Tom and Kay. Much has changed in the window replacement marketplace as new technologies continue to offer area homeowners exciting new options and features when replacing your home’s windows. But one thing that has not changed is the reputation they have earned for integrity and honesty that was the hallmark of success that was instilled in them as children by Tom and Kay. In this issue of Everything Knoxville, we are pleased to share with you this interview with Wendy and Chris, in addition to some recent family photos of two generations of entrepreneurs along with some third generation hopefuls. EK: What do you remember most about your early childhood memories of your mom and dad working in your family business together? Wendy: Honestly, it was how hard they worked. They were never the type of people to sit back and let something happen. Growing up I remember my dad talking to us about the importance of setting goals. But he would take it one step further by helping us break down the steps needed to achieve those goals and developing a plan for success. Anyone can say they want to do something, but it’s figuring out what it will take to make it happen that’s the true test. They have never shied away from hard work, and that was passed down to their kids and grandkids. I believe this work ethic spills over into our business and is reflected in how we operate. Each job is as important as the next, and each customer’s goal for their project is kept at the forefront of what we are working towards. EK: As a child, did you ever contemplate self-employment or joining the family business? Chris: Growing up I watched my dad spend his entire adult life, since returning from Vietnam, in the home improvement industry. First as a contractor, then as a sales rep for one of the leading window and siding manufacturers, next in the wholesale distribution sector, and finally in retail with Window Works. The thought of working for myself and providing for my family has always been an inspiring notion. I’ve always been drawn to the home improvement industry, because it fascinates me to see how a home can evolve with each personal touch by the homeowner. I spent more than a decade working for one of the top engineering companies in the United States to only feel I wanted more. Photos by D. Roberts Photography

When my parents approached me about coming into the business, I didn’t think twice about it. I was so excited to come in and learn as much as I could. EK: As brother and sister, what has been your experience in working so closely with your sibling? Wendy: It’s been an easy transition. We both have our respective area within the business, and at the end of the day, we are first and foremost family. It’s something our parents stressed as we stepped in and took over: Family first. I’ll admit there is an added reassurance knowing it’s a family member who is working with you towards the same goal, and it helps that our views on things are so similar. Truthfully, I have always had a great respect for Chris and have been proud of his accomplishments and how hard he works. He’s honest, hardworking, intelligent (but don’t tell him that!), and even funny, but above all, he is loyal. It wasn’t a hard decision in deciding to go to work with my brother and one I’ve never regretted. We were already there for the milestones – good and bad – in each other’s lives. Now we just get to celebrate the achievements with the business, too. Chris: Well, that depends on what day you ask! Just kidding. It has been a blessing for me. We were fortunate to learn early like most small businesses that we all have our own day-to-day jobs to worry about. Though our tasks may overlap at times, we generally stay busy with our own responsibilities. I’ve always admired my sister, her work ethic, and drive. It’s been a great fit, because our strategies to hit goals, ambitions with the business, and how to resolve conflict align. We sat down before we moved forward as business partners to make sure we agreed that family came first above anything. Not just our immediate family, but the families of our team and our clients we serve on a daily basis. Putting that at the forefront of our daily routine, along with all that we have learned from our parents, has been the key to our business and why I think we see so many return and referred clients. EK: Growing up and watching your parents work together in business, what important characteristics did you observe that

you attribute to the success of Window Works today? Wendy: They always instilled in us to be honest and fair. Those characteristics set the standard for how they would treat their customers and is part of what I think made them successful. They offered a great product at a fair price and, just as important, stood behind the work that was done. It wasn’t and still isn’t uncommon for us to see some of my parent’s past customers while out at a store or eating. They always stop and have a word with them, never reluctant due to a past issue. They knew that by being honest and treating each customer fairly, they could always be proud of each completed job. My dad especially enjoyed building relationships, educating homeowners, and strived to treat them as he would want to be treated. It’s why people still call in today asking for him personally. EK: What role do your parents play at Window Works today? Chris: Our parents retired in 2015 with a desire to travel. After a little setback with health issues, they are now proceeding as planned to travel to some of the national parks. (I would advise all readers to stay off the road if they see my parents pulling an RV in their direction.) My parents still come down to the showroom from time to time to catch up with the team and make sure Wendy and I feel supported and are successful. My dad especially loves catching up with old clients, giving our manufacture reps a hard time when they pass through, and even taking a lead or two from time to time. EK: How has technology transformed your marketplace? Wendy : Technology has had a great impact on our business. With its progression things such as advancements on coatings for glass are now at a higher rate, which yield a greater energy savings. There are also more color options and better spacer systems, all of which benefit our customers in the end. We spend a great deal of time vetting any manufacturer we offer and comparing their technology and advances with other products that are in the marketplace. One of the exciting things about our newest OKNA line is that it not only outperforms its competitors on energy efficiency, but it also excels in areas such as air infiltration and structural integrity. Technology has also changed how consumers shop. People are now more apt to educate themselves on the Internet as to what options and features are available. They can compare window lines and see where the differences are and decide what is important to them. September 2018 EVERYTHING KNOXVILLE


With reviews being so easy to access, consumers can also research the company they are hiring. As a homeowner, I have done it, and we encourage our potential customers to do it – read the reviews and see what our past customers have had to say about us. Once you do, we think you will see why we have such a high rate of customers being referred to us. EK: Tom shared with us his excitement about a new window that is now available from OKNA. Share with our readers a little bit about OKNA. Chris: OKNA has an amazing product line. They specialize in windows and doors earning a reputation for innovation, quality, and performance. They are always working to improve and advance past the status quo. At OKNA, they value the importance of providing customers with one of the most improved energy-efficient windows on the market. One example of this is: Their window lineup is recognized as ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2018. Most Efficient is a new distinction that recognizes products that deliver cutting-edge energy efficiency, along with the latest in technological innovation. It is an award that truly represents the best of Energy Star products. EK: In addition to replacement windows, what other products do you offer homeowners? Wendy: We also offer siding, patio doors, and gutters. With different manufacturers, it means homeowners have many choices as far as colors and styles, so there is something for everyone. We are excited about our newest and exclusive line from OKNA. Customers have the option of a premium vinyl replacement window but also have an option for a composite window. This new line of windows offers a stainable or paintable finish. Best of all, it comes with a lifetime warranty that surpasses what can be found on the market for a wood window. EK: How has your insistence on providing a customer service experience that exceeds the expectations of your clients impacted Window Works? Chris: We always take each job personal 8


no matter how small or big. Our clients give us the opportunity to come into their house to change its current state for the better. We take that seriously by looking at each home we go in as our own. We establish on the front end the reason for the updates - whether it's for the maintenance-free advantage, the energy efficiency and savings it can bring, or to update the overall appearance of the house. Those are just a few things we address when we work alongside our clients to find the right products for their project. If we sell something to our clients that they may not need or even want just because we can “sell it,” that doesn’t help either one of us in the long run. The homeowner will feel a lot less satisfied, but by educating and working with our clients on the front end, we try to eliminate any chance of this happening. At the end of our projects, we hope we’ve exceeded their expectations and gained their trust to recommend us on down the road. EK: One thing we found interesting is that the lead installers on each of your installation teams have 20+ years of experience. Why is this important? Wendy : For a homeowner, someone removing a window from their home sounds like a daunting process. As homeowners ourselves, we completely understand how important it is to trust the people that you allow to work on your home, and by having highly skilled and qualified installers with extensive experience, it helps to give homeowners the peace of mind in knowing that if by chance they run into something out of the ordinary, they can rely on their experience to determine the best way to move forward with the install – and even more importantly that it will not compromise their window or their home. Window Works is also on an approved contractor list through the TVA Escore program. This is an added benefit for the customer. It allows for a third party to come in and inspect our work after we are done to make sure it was installed and sealed properly. It’s

a wonderful added value that any of our customers can take advantage of. EK: Tell our readers about your warranty. Chris: We have spent a lot of time selecting our products that we offer our customers for a number of reasons. One reason among many is the warranty. A customer that is only planning on staying in their current home a year or two may not be as concerned as someone who is planning on staying 10, 20, or even 30+ years. That’s when a warranty matters. At the end of the day, we are not in the home improvement business; we are in the customer service business. Having a warranty in writing goes a long way for a homeowner’s peace of mind. EK: On a personal note, what has your parents’ decades of efforts meant to both of you and your families? Wendy: They are a great role model for our whole family. Their years of hard work have afforded us this amazing opportunity to continue to grow what they started. We feel blessed by what they have taught us and what we continue to learn from them. Chris: It’s a true testament to their legacy. It’s been nothing but amazing for my family and myself to be able to come to work every morning and add to that legacy. I love telling our story to both old clients and new. A story that doesn’t just stop here in Knoxville but also carries on down to Chattanooga to our sister location run by my Uncle Johnny, Aunt Pam, and two cousins, Trey and Tiffany. That’s where I think the decades of effort mean the most. Our parents and extended family have built a solid foundation, which is key for the success of the second generation. Wendy, myself, and our cousins look forward to continuing to contribute to our already strong foundation for the next generations to come. EK: What is the best way for our readers to learn more about Window Works? Wendy: There are a couple of ways. You can call us at 865-560-3044, or if you prefer, you can come by our showroom at 151 Sherway Road, Suite 6. It’s right behind Harper Audi dealership. EK: In closing, is there anything you would like to add? Chris: On behalf of the Window Works family, we just want to thank all of our clients for allowing us to come into their home and show them the Window Works difference. We look forward to helping any future clients who are considering replacing windows, siding, gutters, and patio doors. Given the chance we think you’ll find we take pride in what we do and look forward to working with you.

Window Works

151 Sherway Road, Suite 6 Knoxville, TN 37922 865.560.3044 www.WindowWorksUs.com

The Best Oriental Rug Washing System Just Got Better BY KERRY MCDUFFIE, OWNER OF SUPERIOR CARPET & RUG CLE ANING


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Smoky Mountain Retreat Tellico Plains

Located on the rapids of the Tellico River and the scenic Cherohala Skyway in the Cherohala National Forest

1659 Cherohala Skyway • 0.09 acre building site • City sewer, water & electric • City emergency services • Protective covenants • Community of 10 total homesites 40% developed • Spectacular river & mountain views

Fishing - Tubing - Hiking - Wildlife


View from building site

MLS #1042661

Jesse C. Boling, REALTOR® Exit Real Estate Professionals Network

165 West End Ave., Knoxville, TN 37934 Office: 865-383-3948 Cell: 865-335-7270 J.BOLING865@gmail.com



launching Superior Carpet & Rug Cleaning in 1985, much has changed in our industry. Technology has made it possible to clean carpeting more effectively and efficiently, and new and improved synthetic fibers have improved both the appearance and longevity of our home’s and office’s wall-to-wall carpeting. One thing that hasn’t changed is the all-natural materials used in our favorite and treasured Oriental rugs. Their wool and cotton construction and all-natural dyes, while durable, also make them susceptible to permanent damage if washed improperly. That’s why I created our proprietary 11-step Oriental rug washing process. Based on my more than 30 years of carpet and rug washing experience, this system not only washes your Oriental rugs, but it protects them from the damage that can result from improper handling and cleaning. Today I am proud to announce that our proprietary Oriental rug washing system has become even better thanks to new, state-of-the-art technology. We have just installed the new Marinator Decon System from Rug Reviver in our West Knoxville Oriental rug washing boutique. This new system allows us to circulate up to 80 gallons of solution per minute throughout your entire rug, leaving your rug cleaner than ever before. Adding to our already successful 11-step rug washing process, Superior Carpet & Rug Cleaning can safely and efficiently wash your favorite Oriental rugs, protecting them as potential family heirlooms. Discover for yourself just how East Tennessee’s proprietary, 11-step Oriental rug washing system just got better. Also, you will be pleased to know that our Oriental rug washing turnaround is three weeks or less.

Superior Carpet & Rug Cleaning

865.691.5686 www.superiorofknoxville.com info@superiorofknoxville.com

Discover the elegance and affordability of heavy glass bath and shower enclosures only from Clinton Glass Company


$100 Off ANY PIVOT HINGE, HEAVY GLASS SHOWER DOOR CLINTON GLASS 9939 Kingston Pike • Knoxville 865-247-0404 With this coupon. Not valid with other offers or prior purchases. $1,000 minimum order required to qualify for the discount. Offer expires 9/30/18.

VISIT OUR SHOWROOM OR CALL FOR A FREE IN-HOME ESTIMATE 9939 Kingston Pike | Knoxville, TN | 865-247-0404 | www.clintonglasscompany.com

Getting Your Home’s Hardwood Floors Ready for the Holidays


UST A FEW short months away, you likely have already started to think about your Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s events that you’ll be hosting at your home this holiday season. There’s plenty to do with holiday decorating and planning meals, and then there’s the entire home to clean from top to bottom. Have you given any thought to what you are going to do to about those unsightly dents, scratches, and UV damage to your home’s once beautiful hardwood f loors? Your hardwood floors will no doubt be the first thing visitors see when you welcome them into your home this holiday season. You’ve tried everything, but the cosmetic only solutions available at the “big box” stores just haven’t worked as promised, so you just keep covering your floors with runners and throw rugs. The best solution for returning your home’s hardwood flooring to their original showcase quality appearance is to refinish your floors. Fortunately, with today’s newest hardwood f looring refinishing technology, you no longer have to move out of your home to escape the inevitable layer of dust – the result of sanding – that will be deposited throughout your entire home. European Fine Hardwood Floors of Knoxville has the perfect solution to your home’s

hardwood flooring refinishing challenges. They are definitely not your typical hardwood flooring installer and refinisher. Valera Tomescu, founder and owner of European Fine Hardwood Floors, learned his craft from his grandfather in Europe throughout several decades. Valera has combined the skills he learned from his grandfather with the state-of-the-art technology developed by the world’s number one name in the hardwood floor refinishing industry: Bona. Both the skills Valera has learned and the latest technology made available from Bona allow homeowners to experience an entirely dust-free refinishing experience, as all dust from sanding is safely removed out-of-doors using high-efficiency vacuums placed outside your home, which are connected to their refinishing equip-

ment with high-volume vacuum hoses. The result? No dust. Also, did you know that many homeowners also use their refinishing project as an opportunity to change their floor’s stain color? You also have the choice of final finishes, including odor-free, water-based finishes. You will also be happy to learn that European Fine Hardwood Floors is the recipient of the much coveted Bona Certified Craftsman Award, an honor received by very few hardwood flooring refinishing contractors. This distinction is your assurance that all work performed will adhere to the highest standards in the industry. To discover how to be able to return your home’s hardwood flooring to its original showcase quality appearance just in time for the holidays, without the dust, the solution is simple: Call Valera at European Fine Hardwood Floors today.

European Fine Hardwood Floors 865.640.3680 www.knoxvillehardwoodrefinishing.com

The Middle Tennessee Highland Games


HE HIGHLAND GAMES and Celtic Festival is getting ready for the fourth annual gathering at Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage in Nashville on September 8 from 9 am to 5 pm. There will be plenty of music, dancing, exhibitions, games, and competitions, as well as food and craft vendors. Bring a chair or blanket to better enjoy the festivities. Golf carts will be available from the parking to the field to assist handicapped individuals. Dogs kept on a leash are welcome. Our Mission The Middle Tennessee Games is organized exclusively for charitable, educational, social, and athletic purposes. We promote and provide opportunities for educating the general public by sponsoring a forum where people come together to learn, appreciate, and preserve Scottish and other Celtic cultures. Our Vision We have started out as a small group but are growing fast as we gain excited partners from the City of Nashville and Davidson County. We welcome all volunteers with a desire to be a part of the games and festival. We want to be that fun event that families look forward to every year. Our Partnering Charity The Celtic people are recognized for bravery and dedication to the ideal of freedom. The same can be said of our U.S. military. As a



not-for-profit entity, The Middle Tennessee Highland Games wants to recognize and support this “warrior” connection. The MTHG board has been blessed to have made a personal connection with the Chris Fields, Executive Director of Operation Restored Warrior. This organization is a not-for-profit that does wonderful work helping soldiers returning from combat to re-enter life at home and to deal with PTSD and the stress of combat. It is our desire to donate some of the profits of the returning Middle Tennessee Highland Games and Celtic

Festival to this organization. We also hope to have military personnel from Operation Restored Warrior on-site at the event and to provide them a well-deserved day of fun. Our Plans The fourth annual Highland Games will be held on September 8. The historical Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage is the perfect location for the festival. The Hermitage is just 10 minutes east of downtown Nashville at 4580 Rachel’s Lane in Nashville. For more information, visit www.midtenngames.com.







865-640-3680 | www.knoxvillehardwoodrefinishing.com europeanhardwoodfloors@yahoo.com

Your Choices Go Far Beyond Just Medicare B Y S C OT T G A L L I A N , M D


EDICARE OPEN enrollment

begins on October 15 and ends on December 7. Millions of new qualified Medicare recipients, as well as existing Medicare recipients, will be bombarded with television, radio, and print advertisements from Medicare and other Medicare related health plans informing them of existing Medicare plans, Medicare supplement plans, Medicare advantage plans, Part “D” prescription plans, and more. If it all sounds confusing, it can be. But for many, the decisions you make now can be among the most important healthcare decisions you will likely make in your lifetime. The best advice is to begin evaluating your options as soon as possible, even before October 15. Knowledge is power, so talk to friends and relatives about their choices, and ask your healthcare providers for their recommendations. There are also some objective guides to Medicare available. Keep in mind that plans that may look attractive this year can see rate increases and changes in coverage,

deductibles, and physician networks. After you’ve made your decision on Medicare coverage, an even more important decision awa its you… selecting your Medicare providers. Your choices will determine the quality of the healthcare you will experience throughout your retirement years, as well as the quality of your life. At Ga llian Medica l Group, you will

discover a level of compassionate and caring healthcare that you experienced as a child but that you might have thought no longer existed today. We are an independent, privately owned, full-service, premier primary care clinic that provides excellent patient care and outstanding customer service. We don’t have quotas to achieve that limit our time with our patients, and gone is the assembly line feeling that patients experience in most managed care medical environments today. If you’ve chosen your Medicare plan, then I invite you to rediscover an entirely new healthcare experience that puts you, the patient, first. Together with you, your Medicare provider, and our experienced a nd compa ssionate tea m of medica l professionals, you too can experience a full and rewarding retirement.

Gallian Medical Group

10744 Hardin Valley Road, Suite 106 Knoxville, TN 37932 865.383.7223 www.gallianmedical.com


Full-Service Primary Care

“Delivering Caring and Compassionate Healthcare the Way You Remember It”

In-House Diagnostic Lab • EKG • X-Ray • We accept Medicare and all other insurance

1 0 7 4 4 H A R D I N VA LLE Y R OA D, S U I T E 1 0 6




K N OX V I LLE , T N 3 7 9 3 2


Did You Do Your April Nitzsche

Squats Today?


is a real gym getting real people real results! School is back in session, and it’s time to get your fitness on track. Did you know that Workout Anytime locations are owned by members of your community? Local owners, April and Kurt Nitzsche, would like to invite you in for a free seven-day trial of either their Bearden or Maryville gyms. Workout Anytime is a great environment for everyone at every fitness level, so if you don’t know how to perform squats properly or use fitness equipment, no worries! You will get a free success session with your membership. We will teach you everything you need to reach your goals! Physical activity doesn’t have to be drudgery. If you’re moving, it counts! At Workout Anytime, everything we do is designed to take you on a results-based journey to get you into the best shape of your life! Don’t confuse us with the competition. We provide the best poundfor-pound workout in the industry, with lines of the finest fitness equipment, cardio, and free weights, Hydromassage, and tanning, as well as

personal training and nutritional support. We are a convenient, community-based health club offering a clean, safe facility, friendly staff, and memberships as low as $10 per month! Workout Anytime also offers month-to-month memberships with 24/7 access to 170+ locations, including eight area locations! When you’re ready to get in the best shape of your life, we are here for you 24/7.

Workout Anytime – Bearden (Next to PF Chang’s) 6739A Kingston Pike Knoxville, TN 37919 865.558.3588

Workout Anytime – Maryville (Foothills Mall) 141 Foothills Mall Drive Maryville, TN 37801 865.233.5963

6739A Kingston Pike 141 Foothills Mall in Bearden Drive in Maryville

865-558-3588 865-233-5963


7FREE DAY TRIAL (Expires 9-30-18)



FREE (Expires 9-30-18)


There’s Something in the Air THE AIR? A


S FLU SEASON approaches, we

understandably take precautions to protect ourselves. But what precautions can we take to protect our four-legged kids? With outbreaks of upper respiratory issues such as canine cough (Bordetella) and an intense allergy season, East Tennessee has become a hot spot for pet-related health issues this summer. Because we are dedicated to the health and safety of all our canine guests at Ms. C’s Bed & Biscuits, we have installed PetAirapy, a state-of-the-art air sanitizing system that specializes exclusively in animal health. The system uses a proprietary system that kills airborne and surface pathogens that can be harmful to your canine. Ms. C’s is proud to be the first pet care facility in the area to have invested in this cutting-edge technology, which assists us in providing your fourlegged kid with the protection they deserve while being boarded, attending daycare, or being groomed. PetAirapy is an air purification system that cleans and sanitizes the air to help eliminate

the airborne pathogens that can cause a variety of diseases. It also helps eliminate irritating allergens. PetAirapy works with the power of ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI, aka UV-C). This is the same safe UV technology that is used in human healthcare environments to help prevent the spread of disease. PetAirapy, which is installed inside our facility’s multiple HVAC systems, cleans the air by removing harmful bacteria, viruses, and allergens. Over-the-counter alternatives such as UV lamps just don’t have the power to do what PetAirapy can do. Also, PetAirapy is made in America. Pets are our kids, and now we are proud to say that because of PetAirapy, our canine guests breathe clean, purified air. Give us a call – we’d love to tell you more about our many services.

Protecting Your Canine Kid from Airborne Allergens, Viruses & Bacteria

Ms. C’s Bed & Biscuits

2145 Beals Chapel Road Lenoir City, TN 37772 865.986.6325 www.MsCsBedandBiscuits.com





There’s New Hope for Migraine Sufferers B Y D R . R YA N B E L L , D C



P R O B A B LY have experienced or know someone who suffers from regular migraines. In the United States, more than 38 million people suffer from migraines. These can range from constant dull headaches to head pounding pain that causes a person to become nauseous. While this seems to be common among many people, it isn’t normal and should never be expected as just your lot in life. Doctors still do not know what causes a person to experience a migraine. They think it can be many different factors, and each person is different. Some can be due to misalignments in their neck or constant stress causing tightness in their upper back. Foods and weather can bring on migraines for some. Migraines can also occur during hormonal changes in the body. The majority of times a person suffering with migraines takes some form of medication that might help with lessening the effects of them. Unfortunately, these can cause other kinds of headaches or negative side effects. There is hope, though. Chiropractic care has shown to be very effective in reducing the severity and frequency of migraines. Research is starting to support the claims of millions of migraine suffers who have gained relief from their chiropractors. A Duke University study found that chiropractic adjustments



to the spine were associated with significant improvements in headache outcomes. One migraine study found that 72% of sufferers benefitted from chiropractic treatment with either noticeable or substantial improvement. We have experienced this first-hand in our practice, and the majority of our patients experience relief from migraines after regular chiropractic care. Our approach is gentle and wholistic. We utilize a state-of-the-art instrument, called the Pulstar, that uses little force and is very precise. It allows us to have a view of the tension in your spine before and after the adjustment. We also use a technique that addresses your whole body. If your migraine is caused by hormonal changes, we are able to address that with our adjustments since we reset your central nervous system through the Zone Technique. My favorite story is of a patient of ours who has been experiencing an average of 15 migraines a month for the past eight years. She was on medication that would help whenever a migraine was occurring but would cause her to be groggy the next morning and resulted in a different type of headache after. The alternative was hospitalization. She was told by a specialist that she would have to live with migraines until she went through menopause. When she came to Bell Family Chiropractic, she was in the

middle of her migraine cycle. After only her first adjustment, she went three days without a migraine. As she continues regular care, her migraines have greatly subsided, and she no longer worries about running out of her migraine medication. She can now go more than a week without experiencing a migraine and does not experience acid reflux as often. We feel very confident in chiropractic and our technique. Because of this, we are offering all the readers of Everything Kn oxv i l l e w h o a r e e x p e r i e n c i n g migraines a money back guarantee during September. You must schedule your free initial consultation in September and mention this article. If you aren’t happy after a month, we refund your money. That’s it. No strings attached. We just want to bring hope and healing to as many migraine sufferers as we can. You can schedule your free consultation by contacting us at 865-383-7730 or visiting www.BellFamilyChiro.com.

Bell Family Chiropractic 111 Sherlake Lane, Suite 101 Knoxville, TN 37922 865.383.7730 www.bellfamilychiro.com

Discover How to Relax in the Dentist’s Chair B Y J O N AT H A N B R A D S AW, D D S


F YOU ARE somewhat apprehensive about visiting your dentist, you are not alone. In fact, this common anxiety often makes people avoid treatment altogether. If you are one of those patients who need help to relax during dental procedures, here is the perfect solution. Called sedation dentistry, or sometimes “sleep dentistry,” your dentist will administer medication for patients with extensive dental needs or for patients who may experience anxiety, difficulty getting numb from traditional novocaine, or for those individuals with very sensitive teeth. At Heritage Family Dentistry, the availability of sedation dentistry allows patients who might otherwise avoid even simple procedures as routine cleanings to take advantage of regular dental care. And regular dental care is an important component in good overall health and well-being. “The availability of sedation dentistry provides us with the opportunity to detect and treat a variety of dental issues that

might otherwise go undetected when patients avoid the dentist,” said Dr. Jonathan Bradshaw. “Sedation helps our patients overcome their apprehension and also allows us to identify potential problems that can become larger, more serious problems in the future if they go undetected.” Did you know that a minor infection that goes undetected can result in major jaw bone and tooth loss that may require treatment lasting up to one year? Treatment can include tooth/teeth extraction, treatment

of the infection, a bone graph, and dental implant(s). Early detection can often prevent these additional and time consuming procedures thanks to sedation dentistry. If you or a family member experience anxiety, have very sensitive teeth, or novocaine does not achieve the desired level of numbness, you are encouraged to contact Heritage Family Dentistry. Dr. Bradshaw and his team of compassionate and caring dental care professionals will gladly answer any questions you might have. They will also describe the different sedation procedures they offer. Don’t make the mistake of avoiding regular dental care. Discover how you too can learn to truly relax in the dentist’s chair.

Heritage Family Dentistry 11121 Kingston Pike, Suite C Farragut, TN 37934 865.816.9211 www.hfdsmiles.com

Dentistry for Your Family

Now Accepting New Patients 11121 Kingston Pike, Suite C Farragut, TN 37934


www.hfdsmiles.com » Family Friendly Dentistry » Cosmetic Dentistry » Crowns & Bridges » Dental Implants » Implant Dentures » Prevention & Gum Treatment » Invisalign® Orthodontics » Mercury-Free Restoration » Digital Radiograph September 2018 EVERYTHING KNOXVILLE





HETHER IT’S an end-of-summer bash or a back-to-school

barbecue, entertaining is all about family, friends, and, of course, food. But hosting the perfect soiree doesn’t have to mean you’re stuck in the kitchen while everyone else is enjoying the party. TV chef and cookbook author, Katie Lee, offers these tips for easy entertaining that will get you away from the stove and into the party. » Consider a buffet or family-style menu One large dish that everyone can serve themselves is an entertainer’s dream. Make-ahead veggie burgers or shrimp rolls are two of Katie’s favorites – just grill and prep all of the ingredients ahead of time and have people “create your own” with a buffet of toppings – bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, etc. It’s all about options for a big group so everyone is satisfied. » Prepare your side dishes ahead of time Opt for side dishes that can be prepared, refrigerated, and pulled out when it’s time for dinner. Any kind of grain salad, such as quinoa, is an easy, go-to choice. Paired with a burger or shrimp roll; it’s the perfect complement. » Hors d’oeuvres are a must Guests usually come hungry, so be sure to have hors d’oeuvres that are ready when they arrive! Try cantaloupe wrapped in prosciutto, a cheese plate, or a tasty dip. It can be so simple but the perfect little nibble for guests to enjoy while they mingle. » Cool off with tasty drinks What party doesn’t include some delicious drinks to complement the meal? Set up a festive station or bar area where guests can make their own. Include reusable plastic glasses, stirrers, and cocktail napkins for easy access and clean up. Be sure to include fun options like fruit infused iced tea or refreshing lemonade. » Smart grilling options Grilling doesn’t always mean you have to indulge. Steaks and burgers are classic staples, but fresh fish or veggie burgers, served on a bun or roll with homemade flavor and soft texture, lighten things up. Your guests will be delighted and satisfied. “No matter where I am, I always find myself entertaining friends and family, so I love having a few go-to recipes in my pocket to keep things delicious,” said Katie. “There’s nothing easier than sandwiches and burgers, and I love that new Sara Lee Artesano Bakery Buns and Rolls make it easy to kick the flavor up a notch on my favorites!” Here are two of Katie’s go-to favorites:

Must-Have Mushroom Avocado Melt

There’s so much flavor in this towering grilled veggie burger creation that you won’t miss the meat. Servings: 4 Time: 30+ minutes Ingredients »» 4 Sara Lee Artesano Bakery Buns »» 1/4 cup Italian dressing »» Juice of 1 lemon »» 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce »» 4 Portobello mushrooms, wiped clean and stems removed »» 4 slices Muenster or Swiss cheese »» 1 red onion, thinly sliced and brushed with olive oil »» 2 avocados, thinly sliced »» 1 tomato, sliced »» 1/2 head iceberg lettuce, finely shredded »» Red Pepper Aioli (recipe follows) Red Pepper Aioli Ingredients »» 1/2 cup mayonnaise »» 1 tablespoon freshly squeezed lemon juice »» 1/2 jar of roasted red bell pepper, finely chopped »» 1 garlic clove, minced


Directions Make the Red Pepper Aioli. Combine all ingredients in a small bowl and fold together. In a dish, combine Italian dressing, lemon, and Worcestershire sauce. Add mushrooms and toss to coat. Refrigerate at least 1 hour (or overnight, if desired). Preheat a grill or grill pan to medium heat. Grill mushrooms 10 minutes on each side, then top with cheese and let melt. Grill onions simultaneously 2 to 3 minutes on each side until tender. Place buns on the grill to toast lightly as well. To build the sandwich, spread the top half of each bun with aioli. On each bottom half, place a mushroom, some red onions, avocado slices, a bit of lettuce, sliced tomato, and the top half.


BLT Shrimp Roll

When a BLT meets shrimp salad, you get super snazzy sandwiches. Servings: 6 Time: 11-20 minutes Ingredients »» 6 Sara Lee Artesano Bakery Rolls »» Juice of 1 lemon (about 2 tablespoons) »» 3/4 cup mayonnaise »» 1 tablespoon white wine vinegar »» 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard »» 1/2 teaspoon sugar »» 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt »» 1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper »» 2 pounds cooked shrimp, peeled, tails removed, and diced »» 2 celery stalks, finely diced »» 1 tablespoon minced chives »» 1 tomato, sliced »» 6 slices bacon, cooked until crispy »» Bibb lettuce Directions In a large bowl, mix the lemon juice, mayonnaise, vinegar, mustard, sugar, salt, and pepper. Stir in the shrimp, celery, and chives. Split 6 rolls in half and layer 1 tomato slice on each roll bottom. Top each with a scoop of the shrimp mixture, 1 slice of bacon, 1 lettuce leaf, and roll tops. For more recipes for dishes your guests will be talking about the next day, visit www.saraleebread.com.

INTRODUCING J. Kevin Buchanan, MD



OU’RE WATCHING what you eat, you’re staying active, but you’re still unhappy with your body shape. Sound familiar? That stubborn problem area on your waistline can be annoyingly resistant to diet and exercise. That’s where the truSculpt® 3D procedure can help. Developed by Cutera, the global pioneer in performance and innovation within the cosmetic and aesthetic laser device field, the non-invasive, truSculpt® 3D procedure can help you sculpt your body by quickly and easily targeting both large and small problem areas. We recently interviewed J. Kevin Buchanan, MD, Knoxville area’s family practice physician and truSculpt® 3D practitioner, to discover just how this revolutionary, new, state-of-theart medical breakthrough can help patients treat those problem areas around their midsections. EK: Dr. Buchanan, truSculpt® 3D uses radio frequency technology to help decrease circumference and diminish fat in patients. Tell our readers just how this technology works. Dr. Buchanan: truSculpt® 3D uses conductive radio frequency to achieve selective and effective disruption of the subcutaneous fat tissue, the fat that lies directly beneath the skin, while maintaining comfortable surface temperatures. EK: Just how safe is truSculpt® 3D? Dr. Buchanan: truSculpt® 3D, which is FDA cleared, is a safe, non-invasive body sculpting technology, where the temperature of the skin and subcutaneous tissue are maintained at comfortable levels while consistently achieving the best results. EK: How quickly will clients see visible results? Dr. Buchanan: Visible results can usually be seen as soon 6 to 12 weeks, with maximum



Family Practice Physician, truSculpt® 3D Practitioner

50% OFF

all truSculpt® services booked during September 2018 with this coupon (Not combinable with any other offer)

benefits at 12 weeks. Some clients report seeing results in as little as 4 to 6 weeks. EK: How much fat thickness reduction will patients experience? Dr. Buchanan: Clients can expect fat reduction of targeted areas of up to 24%. EK: Is it possible to treat more than one problem area per session? Dr. Buchanan: Yes, it is possible to treat multiple areas in a single session, including the neck, upper arms, abdomen and flanks, back, and thighs.

EK: Should clients experience any discomfort or downtime after the procedure? Dr. Buchanan: Some clients may experience some redness of the skin that typically resolves itself in 8 to 12 hours. Others report soreness of the treatment area that may last for a few days. There is no restriction on activity following the procedure. EK: Treatments are administered by an NP or medical assistant under your personal supervision, correct? Dr. Buchanan: We have a nurse practitioner, two medical assistants, and myself who are all trained and certified to perform the truSculpt® 3D procedure. EK: How can our readers who are interested learn more about the truSculpt® 3D? What is the best way to reach you? Dr. Buchanan: Call Ashley Burchfield at 865-675-1953 ext. 224 for more information or to schedule a free consultation or visit www. tru3dbody.com.

Farragut Family Practice A Division of Summit Medical Group 11130 Kingston Pike, Suite 7 Knoxville, TN 37934 865.675.1953 www.farragutfamilypractice.com

Discover the Power of the Team “L

IKE MOST PEOPLE, there comes

a time in one’s life when you choose to spend money and time on doctor bills, chiropractic bills, and medications to solve your health problems, or you simply choose the ‘preemptive’ route and spend your money and time on regular and complete exercise that’ll make you feel great,” said Steve Herzog, owner of Sandler Training Herzog & Associates. “I selected the latter. I was overweight and getting unhealthier. There’s nothing like the doctor who gives it to you straight like mine did.” At work, Steve understands the power of the team, where he helps small and large companies and sales professionals improve their sales through ongoing training and coaching. Steve decided to put the power of the Fitness Together team to work for him to achieve his fitness goals. “The regular regimen and commitment of scheduling and showing up for that 45 minute workout – one-on-one with a skilled trainer who knows what you need to do and makes sure you do it safely – is not available everywhere,” said Steve. “At Fitness Together, that’s the experience you get every time. Set your schedule, show up, and prepare to get your heart pumping and your body tested. You may even get a bit sore afterwards; however, they’ll work with you to limit this if it’s a problem for you. Me? I LIKE getting sore! “I’m stronger, particularly in my back, than I’ve been in 40 years. My resting heart rate has dropped about 10 beats per minute because of the cardio work I’ve had. It feels good to be stronger… for everything you do at work, at home, and any activity or sports you may enjoy. I’ve also lost 16 pounds and have increased my push-ups from 20 to 43. “If you’re committed to improving your body and your life and really want to do something about it but might need a little help doing it, Fitness Together is for you! They’ll customize the training YOU need and will adjust the training as you progress – and by adjust, I mean ‘push you’ to do more. That’s what it’s all about – MORE! We want to be more fit, stronger, better, faster, and healthier.” If you’re ready to make a commitment to a healthier you, call or text 865-273-0380 for more information or to schedule your no-cost, no-obligation consultation and complimentary workout. Your fitness journey begins with a single phone call. Discover the power of the Fitness Together team today!

YOUR OWN PERSONAL TRAINER. YOUR OWN PRIVATE GYM. FREE Consultation & Trial Session ($149 value)

Fitness Together Knoxville Bearden • Farragut Hardin Valley • Northshore KnoxFT.com *Valid for first time clients.

Our Customers Say It Best. “The team at Slamdot has always taken great care of us for many years. We highly recommend them to help your business grow like they have for ours!” — Debra Lawrence Abseco Cleaning

(865) 238-5600 Sweet, affordable websites that work. Read many more stories at www.slamdot.com

Fitness Together 865.273.0380 www.knoxft.com



Are Hidden Fees Hurting Your Investment Returns? B Y Y V O N N E M A R S H , C F P ® , C PA




R E C E N T T V commercial caught my

eye where a young son asks his dad how his investment advisor gets paid and the dad admits he doesn’t know. The truth is, it’s hard to know! So what is an investor to do? Research your current investments, Yvonne Marsh, and know what questions to ask. CFP®, CPA Here are a few tips: » For mutual funds, know what share class you own. Look at your statement and see what it says: CL A, CL B, CL C, or CL I after the mutual fund name. This Class letter is how your broker gets paid – whether it’s a front-end purchase load (A share), a back-end sales load (B), or a C Share with no load but a higher, ongoing fee. Loads can range from 3% to 5.75%, so it’s important to know which ones you have. Class I shares, used by flat-fee based advisors, don’t have loads. » Know what 12b-1 marketing fee you’re paying. Look up your mutual fund on an independent site, such as Morningstar. Depending on your Class A, B, or C, it can range from .25% to 1.25%. Class I shares don’t charge 12b-1 fees. » While you’re looking at your 12b-1 expense on Morningstar, also take note of the “expense ratio.” That’s an operating expense charge and netted against the investment return. Investing in low cost funds should be an important part of your strategy. » Look at the Schedule D on your tax return. How much capital gains and losses is your advisor creating? If your broker is actively trading your account, it can really hit home at tax time. Taxmanaged mutual funds are an important part of an effective investment strategy. The adage “It’s not what you earn, it’s what you keep” is very true. » Lastly, know whether your advisor works through a broker or registered investment advisor (RIA). Brokers are held to a suitability standard of duty and are paid through commissions, loads, and 12b-1 fees. RIAs are held to a fiduciary standard of duty. They are paid an investment advisory flat fee based on your portfolio assets and don’t receive loads, commissions, or 12b-1 fees. Want to know what fees you are really paying? Call today to set up your complimentary meeting. We will give you a clear understanding of your current investments’ costs using third-party, objective software.

Marsh Wealth Management, LLC

12814 Kingston Pike ~ Farragut ~ 671-6627 M-F: 10-6 ~ Sat: 10-4 www.thetownframery.com Located one block west of Renaissance Center/Farragut



1341 Branton Blvd, Suite 105 Knoxville, TN 37922 865.622.2162 www.marshwealth.com admin@marshpros.com

Financial Planning & Investment Advisory Services are offered through Marsh Wealth Management, LLC (“MWM”), an independent investment advisor registered with the state of Tennessee. Yvonne Marsh is an Investment Advisor Representative of MWM in the state of Tennessee. Marsh Professional Group, LLC, is a TN registered public accounting firm and a separate legal entity from MWM. For a detailed discussion of MWM and their investment advisory fees, see the firm’s Form ADV on file with the SEC at www.adviserinfo.sec.gov.

Keep Knoxville Beautiful to Host First Annual

North Knoxville Community Cleanup KEEP KNOXVILLE BEAUTIFUL

will be hosting the first annual community-wide North Knoxville Cleanup on Saturday, September 8, from 9 am to 12 pm. The event will kick off at Edgwood Park on 3109 Ocoee Trail. North Knoxville is Keep Knoxville Beautiful’s “Community of the Year” through June 2019. The cleanup will be KKB’s largest event in North Knoxville this year. More than 160 people have already registered for the cleanup, and Keep Knoxville Beautiful is still looking for volunteer. Groups and individuals can register at www. keepknoxvillebeautiful.org/upcoming/2018/9/8/ north-knoxville-community-cleanup. Leaders from various North Knoxville neighborhoods and local community organizations will collect cleanup supplies at Edgewood Park then return to volunteers waiting at their designated locations to pick up litter. Some of the participating neighborhood associations are Edgewood Park, Fountaincrest, and Oakwood Lincoln Park. Other clubs and groups that are participating are LMU Environmental Law Society, UTK’s American Society of Civil Engineers Student Chapter, Veterans Heritage Site Foundation, Knoxville Ice Bears Jr. Pee Wee team, and Jennifer Torgeson’s Mortgage Investors Group. Individuals who are not with groups will pick up litter on Broadway and other roads surrounding Edgewood Park. Kids will be invited to participate in the Smoke-Free Knoxville “Cigarette Butt Challenge.” All kids that participate in the challenge will receive a prize courtesy of the Knox County Health Department. After the cleanup, volunteers are invited to Central Filling Station and Elkmont Exchange, where they will receive special discounts for their participation. About Keep Knoxville Beautiful Founded in 1978 to help “clean up” prior to the 1982 World’s Fair, Keep Knoxville Beautiful is a local non-profit with a mission to promote a cleaner, greener, and more beautiful community. We pursue this by: » Educating students and the public about waste-prevention, litter, recycling, and environmental stewardship » Facilitating and supporting litter pickups that make our roads and local waterways cleaner » Creating and protecting murals and hosting beautification mobs to make Knoxville a more beautiful and interesting place to live and visit During 2017-18, we: » Facilitated or supported 93 litter pickups

» Collected 60,719 pounds of litter » Planted 2,000+ daffodil and tulip bulbs » Planted 101 trees » Reached 2,192 kids with our presentations » Used our recycling trailer and recycling

bins to provide recycling for 9 events » Worked with 1,930 volunteers » Facilitated 5,307 volunteer hours To learn more about Keep Knoxville Beautiful, visit www.keepknoxvillebeautiful.org.





is in the

at Sweetwater Flower Shop & Upstairs at The Mansion Restaurant

Fresh Flowers Florals • Wreaths Women’s Apparel Scarves • Jewelry Home Decor

Sweetwater Flower Shop 118 W. North Street Sweetwater, TN 37874 423-337-6623

New at the

Sout h ern MARKET You Can Now Discover the

Floral Creations

of Master Designer & Sweetwater Flower Shop owner,

Jack Wilson,

at The Southern Market 5400 Homberg Drive, Knoxville, TN 37919 865-588-0274 Sweetwater Flower Shop is located at 118 W. North Street Sweetwater, TN 37874 423-337-6623



Autumn Is in Season

at Sweetwater Flower Shop


UMMER’S RAINS have provided

the needed moisture to assure that we’ll experience one of the most spectacular and colorful autumn displays that we’ve seen in years. While Mother Nature has done her part, the folks at Sweetwater Flower Shop in historic downtown Sweetwater will be doing their part by creating hundreds of the most spectacular autumn florals and wreaths that you’ve likely seen in years. Create a look as spectacular as Mother Nature’s inside your home this fall with one of the largest selections of wreaths and florals available anywhere, each one personally designed and crafted by master floral designer and Sweetwater Flower Shop owner, Jack Wilson. Also, while you’re focused on your home’s interior, why not transition your wardrobe this autumn with the shop’s newly arrived designer-inspired apparel, scarves, jewelry, and ladies’ accessories? This is Sweetwater Flower Shop’s largest selection ever. Also, plan on joining the always enthusiastic staff of Sweetwater Flower Shop as they model their new lines of scarves and jewelry at one of their upcoming fashion events that are featured upstairs at Upstairs at the Mansion Restaurant. Having just completed their annual UT Fashion Show and Luncheon in August, they will begin transitioning into their Christmas Open House in November. Call 423-337-6623 for more information, or visit them on Facebook to find out about all of their upcoming scheduled events. Space is limited, and reservations are encouraged for most events. Get ready to usher in one of the most spectacular autumns in recent memory at Sweetwater Flower Shop and Upstairs at the Mansion Restaurant in historic downtown Sweetwater.

Sweetwater Flower Shop 118 W. North Street Sweetwater, TN 37874 423.337.6623

As Summer Transitions into Autumn and the Holidays BY VICKIE SAL ADIN, OWNER OF GALLERY ON MAIN


UMMER IS NOW over, the

kids a re back in school, fa mily vacations are distant memories, a nd f un time fa mi ly activ ities are now squeezed into our weekends. As cooler autumn temperatures approach, our thoughts now turn to the big three holidays – Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s – and to holiday shopping and gift giving, particularly Christmas gifts. Remember last year when we promised ourselves that we were going to avoid next year’s holiday shopping rush?

“Leaf Collage” by Mimi McLellan, Mini Paintings Titled “Barn on Melton Hill”

“Smoky Mtn Falls” by Sherry Smith, and Motorcycle Pen by Paul Saladin

“Porch Swing in a Tree” painting by Claudia Walker, “BFF’s” by Diana Ferguson, and “Girl’s Day Out” by Sylvia Stark

Well, here’s a great suggestion. Why not visit historic downtown Sweetwater for lunch and a little holiday shopping? It’s also a great time to enjoy a lovely autumn day outing with your mom or grandmother. Sweetwater has variety of lovely boutiques to browse and pick up something for yourself, your home, or a Christmas gift that you’re likely not going to find in the big box stores. Sweetwater’s Gallery on Main has some lovely gift ideas for any occasion, especially Christmas. Whether a new home décor item or a birthday, wedding, or anniversary gift, Gallery on Main has a large selection of gift items that will be cherished by the gift’s recipient for many years to come. I would like to personally invite you to visit us at the Gallery in historic downtown Sweetwater to browse through our collection of gifts, including one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces, pottery, fabric art, paintings photography, carvings, and so much more – all the creations of our featured local and regional artists. I also want to take this opportunity to remind our loyal customers that we are looking for new owners for Gallery on Main, as my husband and I pursue our retirement dreams. If you know of someone who shares our passion for our art consignment business and its incredible artist community, please call me at the Gallery at 423-337-7400 Tuesday through Saturday between the hours of 11 am and 4 pm. Help us keep art in Sweetwater!

Hosts Annual



REAT SMOKY MOUNTAINS Institute at Tremont hosts its annual Homecoming Celebration on Sunday, October 14, from 5 to 8 pm. The event celebrates Tremont Institute and the education programs that have inspired thousands of adults and children since 1969. Who wouldn’t want to be at Tremont Institute in Great Smoky Mountains National Park in the fall? Crisp, cool air, the smell of a campfire, and visiting with friends as you enjoy a lovely autumn evening – this is one of our favorite annual events. We invite you to join us for dinner, live music, and nature walks led by our teacher naturalists – all while supporting Tremont’s mission to deliver experiential learning for youth in our national park. Tickets are $60 per person with limited seating available – rain or shine. Individuals must RSVP for the event by October 1 online at www.gsmit.org/ event/homecoming-2018. Proceeds from this annual event fund Tremont’s residential programs, which provide students with in-depth learning experiences through educational programs that celebrate ecological and cultural diversity, foster stewardship, and nurture appreciation of Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Gallery on Main

109 Morris Street Sweetwater, TN 37874 423.337.7400



Fall into Flowers! R

ANDOM ACTS OF FLOWERS will host Flowers

After Hours on Tuesday, October 9! Doors open at 5:30 pm and the class will be from 6 to 8 pm. This is a perfect time to get your girlfriends together for a fun night out, where you’ll learn how to make beautiful floral arrangements! A professional florist will instruct participants in a hands-on demonstration of basic floral design. Each attendee will produce a floral arrangement they will take with them and a second arrangement that will be delivered to an ill or elderly member of our community, adding enrichment to RAF’s mission of delivering hope and kindness. The $35 ticket price includes container, flowers, and instruction on floral arranging. Coffee, water, and light appetizers will be provided. BYOB for participants 21 and over. Tickets can be purchased by visiting www.RAFKnoxville.org. Select the events tab at the top of the page. All event proceeds benefit Random Acts of Flowers. If you are interested in booking a private Flowers After Hours event, email Mandie Beeler at Mandie@RAFKnoxville.org or

Julie from Lisa Foster Floral Design works one-on-one with a participant in August’s public Flowers After Hours event

call 865-633-9082. Private parties are perfect for birthday parties, bridal showers, reunions, or even just a special girls’ night out! Private events require a minimum commitment of 15 people per class. Random Acts of Flowers is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that improves the emotional health and well-being of individuals in healthcare facilities by delivering recycled flowers, encouragement and personal moments of kindness. If you have questions or want to learn more about

Participants from the Independent Order of Forester’s private event show off some of the beautiful bouquets they made for individuals in a local healthcare facility

Random Acts of Flowers, call 865-6339082, email info@rafknoxville.org, or visit www.RAFKnoxville.org.


Live Art Competition in Strong Alley on First Friday A

RT SLAM, a live art competition, will take place in Strong Alley on Friday, September 7, from 5:30 to 8:30 pm. Eleven of Knoxville’s most talented artists will have three hours to create oneof-a-kind paintings on large-scale canvases during this First Friday event. Spectators can watch this art in action under the bistro lights in Strong Alley and bid on their favorites. Auction proceeds will benefit the restoration and production of outdoor murals in downtown Knoxville as part of an expansion of the Dogwood Arts Art in Public Places program 26


Murals beautify our streetscapes, contribute to civic pride, and identify Knoxville as a growing arts destination. The Art in Public Places program will identify and develop other mural locations in the city, encourage new artists to add mural art to their repertoire, and further enhance the vibrant urban space that artists and property owners have created in Strong Alley. Strong Alley is located between Gay Street and Market Square. You can enter from either Wall Ave or Union Ave. Art Slam is hosted by Dogwood Arts, The Muse Knoxville, and the Downtown Knoxville Central Business Improvement

District. It’s rain or shine! But inclement weather will move the artists to the Dogwood Arts in the Old City at 123 W Jackson Avenue. Artists participating include Beth Meadows, Carl Gombert, Cody Swaggerty, Curtis Glover, Denise Cumming, Jennifer Brickey, Kimberly Bylo, Lauren Lazarus, Mary Bogert, Ryan Blair, Shane Sandberg, and more! Dogwood Arts, presented by ORNL Federal Credit Union, is a 501(c)(3) organization with a mission is to promote and celebrate our region’s art, culture, and natural beauty. For more information, visit www.dogwoodarts.com.

HE RICHNESS expected from fall fashions will definitely not disappoint you this season; however, there may be some unexpected shades that might change how you consider spicing up your seasonal wardrobe! Pops of metallic and blaring neon will add a blast of color as you transition into the most glorious of all seasons… autumn! Selected as color of the year by Pantone, ultra violet is one of the most feminine and will take you beautifully from summer into early fall. Winter blues are welcomed, especially the richer, darker versions of royal… always a perfect shade for every skin tone and a preference of many women. One color The richness of fall colors! that stands out as a favorite in every designer’s collection… dark, rich, earthy, olive green. When worn alone, it is striking, or when combined with other colors, it’s gorgeous! Consider it your new khaki, it’s so versatile! These three colors are worn throughout every season and can easily be paired with all of the outstanding neutrals for fall. Black, charcoal, and shimmery grey will be your key basics when building your wardrobe this season at The Lily Pad, where selections are always plentiful. Whether you are a size XS or XXL, we’ve got you covered! Follow us on Facebook at The Lily Pad Boutique and Instagram at @shopthelilypad for daily fashion updates! The Lily Pad Boutique 209 N. Main Street Sweetwater, TN 37874 423.337.5537 www.sweetwaterlilypad.com Mon-Sat: 10am-5:30pm

SW E AT E R S • J E A N S • D RE S S E S • G I F T S • A R T BY F I S H E R J E W E L RY




Fall Color Trends



UDITIONS FOR America’s Got Talent season 14 are coming to Knoxville on November 15th. The open call auditions are open to any age and any talent. Come meet the producers and show them what you’ve got! Auditions will be held at the Knoxville Convention Center, located at 701 Henley Street in downtown Knoxville, on November 15. Doors will be open from 8 am to 7 pm. Everyone who enters the venue will need a photo ID. It will also be helpful if you print or have your confirmation handy on your mobile device. For more information, or to sign up to audition at the open call, create a performer profile online at www.americasgottallentauditions.com.



100% Yamaha, Stem to Stern B Y S C OT T M I E LO C H , C O - O W N E R O F P R E M I E R WAT E R S P O R T S


jet boat in the industry, Yama ha designs and builds every aspect of each boat and stands behind every component. The Gold Standard in marine propulsion system requires less maintenance and expense than traditional inboard or stern driven boats, making it virtually maintenance-free. With a wide selection of watercraft from 19 to 24 feet, Premier Watersports can help you find just the perfect boat, guaranteeing you and your family a season on the water that you will long remember. If you’re looking for full-size watersports fun, consider the Yamaha AR240. With a maximum capacity of 12 people and featuring the innovative twin 1.8 liter, high output Yamaha marine engines, this 24-foot boat offers you standard features that are optional on most other boats, including “no wake mode” control, quiet cruise technology, aluminum folding wakeboard tower, and the power to go from 0 to 30 in less than four seconds, just to name a few. Or how about the Yamaha 242 Limited S? Its 24 feet of luxury features and striking design offer you many of the same features of the AR240 and then some. Regardless of which Yamaha boat you select, the Yamaha and Premier Watersports team will provide you with an unprecedented level of service designed to exceed your expectations. From Yamaha’s reputation for innovation and design to Premier Watersports’ reputation for superior sales and service, this winning team will provide you with an experience that, up until now, you’ve only dreamed of. Call or visit Premier Watersports today, and transform your dream into a reality.

Premier Watersports

13137 El Camino Lane Knoxville, TN 37932 865.693.9949 www.premierwatersports.net info@premierwatersports.net M-F 8:30 am – 6 pm Sat 10 am – 5 pm 28





there’s no doubt you remember the hit TV show Barbara Mandrell and the Mandrell Sisters. There’s also no doubt that you remember the syndicated hit show Hee Haw. The common thread between those two iconic shows is none other than the lovely and talented Irlene Mandrell, the youngest of the three famous sisters. Irlene has remained quite active since those days on hit TV shows. Not only does she still perform, but she also still records (with help by her producer-husband, Pat Holt) and is also a writer – not of songs but, as of recently, books. I recently spoke with Irlene by phone about her latest CD, Thanks To You, and her new book, God Rains Miracles. Irlene shared what the theme is of Thanks To You. “You can download the songs,” she said. “They mean a lot to me. We’ve spent some time listening to words and putting together the songs that touched our hearts. When I say ‘our,’ it’s Pat and I with Pat producing it. “Of course at our age, most of our dads were in World War II. That was the time everybody fought and joined together. Our dads were both World War II veterans, and Pat is a Vietnam era veteran. It meant a lot to us to put this CD together and to listen to the words. “We decided that the title of the album should be what we wanted to say to our heroes, which was, ‘Thanks to you!’ Thanks to you for different things, but basically, when people say, ‘Thanks to you for our freedom,’ I say that we wouldn’t even be here to have our freedom if it wasn’t for everybody fighting for

us to keep them off of our land. That’s what my daddy always said.” Irlene then segued into how her book came about. “It was a great project and, at about the same time this year, something else I’ve been working on for quite a few years – just writing some things now and then, trying to remember miracles that have happened in my family that I’d heard about before I was born that I share with my kids those that have happened since I’ve been here. “As you start talking to your friends about miracles and I started thinking about putting this into a book, then a couple of friends say, ‘Well, let me tell you...’ Even before I even mention the book and share a miracle, I always get one back, and I would remember it. I called a lot of people when it got time to do the book and asked them if I could share their miracle.

“I put them down on tape, so I got to hear it again. That was such a blessing as with the CD. Everything is about God, country, and family. So getting to do the CD for our country, the people who are heroes, the reason we have our country, doing a book about miracles – some people can read the book if they want and just say, ‘Well, these are great stories and great things that happened to people.’ To me, they’re beyond coincidence – almost all of them. Some of them are stronger than others that

you just go, ‘Wow!’ That was such a blessing, putting that together. “I had people coming to me who didn’t know I was writing the book. Before I could finish that one, I was thinking, ‘I need to finish this up,’ and someone would be talking and all of a sudden, there would be this miracle and I wouldn’t even mention one to them! “The one thing I asked everybody, ‘Were there any prayers?’ They say things like, ‘Oh my gosh, you gotta call my dad, because he organized prayers with the church, where he worked, and this and that.’ That was all the stories. When I would find out, there would be these prayer groups. That was such a blessing for me. This year has been so inspirational for me and such a blessing that I’ve been floating on the clouds. “While we know that God can still perform miracles, we may catch ourselves saying, ‘I know He can, but does He still?’ This book answers that question. It’s encouraging, inspiring, and uplifting. It gives hope and, if you’ll let it, you just might feel a nudge from our Maker as you read it and let yourself be open to it." You can order the book and CD in plenty of time for Christmas by visiting www. IrleneMandrell.com. There is much more to this interview that can be read in its entirety at www.boomerocity.com. Randy’s first interview was at the tender age of 13 with none other than Col. Tom Parker. Thirty-six years later he founded the webzine, Boomerocity.com, and has conducted close to 20 0 interviews with some of the most interesting people in music.



Free Cultural Events for Students in Knox and Surrounding Counties

Knoxville Opera



Alliance of Greater Knoxville, in cooperation with the local arts and culture community, is proud to announce the ninth year of Penny4Arts, a program developed to meet the local arts community’s long-term goal of serving and educating East Tennessee’s children. Penny4Arts provides every child in Anderson, Blount, Campbell, Knox, Loudon, Monroe, Morgan, Pickett, Roane, Scott, Sevier, and Union counties, including home-schooled and private-schooled students, an opportunity to attend local arts and culture events/ activities by nearly 30 organizations at the maximum cost of ONE PENNY (or FREE) when accompanied by one paying adult during the 2018/2019 academic school year. Most organizations allow up to three children to attend for free when accompanied by a paying adult. Concerts, fairs, plays, dance performances, historic home tours, fairs, museums, festivals, arts workshops, radio broadcasts, movies, the zoo, and more are part of Penny4Arts. Organizations whose admission is regularly free are offering special programs. More than 70 events are included in Penny4Arts, and in addition, six organizations offer year-round opportunities for Knox County School children: Crescent Bend House & Gardens, East Tennessee Historical Society, James White’s Fort, Knoxville Museum of Art, Mabry-Hazen House, and WDVX. The schedule of performances is listed chronologically at www.Penny4Arts.com, where families may also sign up for a weekly e-mail notice (and occasional special events). Highlights include: » Five productions by the Clarence Brown Theatre » Eight Masterworks and four Chamber concerts by the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra » Four family fun days at McClung Museum of Natural History & Culture » A free admission day at Tennessee Valley Fair » The Knoxville Guitar Society’s entire 30


Oak Ridge Civic Music Association season of concerts » Four days at Zoo Knoxville » Twelve concerts of Oak Ridge Civic Music Association Most participating events will allow one paying adult to bring up to three students for one penny each. Proof of residency (driver’s license) may be required. Students ages 16-18, not accompanied by an adult, may be asked to show proof of residency, and if in a group, at least one in the group of up to four students ages 16-18 must purchase a regular adult admission/ticket (if applicable) for the group to be able to participate in Penny4Arts. Each participating organization’s specific guidelines are also listed on the Penny4Arts website. The following 28 organizations are participating in Penny4Arts for the 2018/2019 school year: Asian Culture Center of Tennessee, Big Ears, Bijou Theatre, Blount Mansion Association, Circle Modern Dance, Clarence Brown Theatre, Crescent Bend House & Gardens, East Tennessee Historical Society, GO! Contemporary Dance Works, Historic

Ramsey House, James White’s Fort, Knoxville Children’s Theatre, Knoxville Guitar Society, Knoxville Handel Society, Knoxville Museum of Art, Knoxville Opera, Knoxville Symphony Orchestra, Mabry-Hazen House, Marble City Opera, McClung Museum of Natural History & Culture, Momentum Dance Lab, Oak Ridge Civic Ballet Association, Oak Ridge Civic Music Association, Primary Players Children’s Theatre Group, Tennessee Children’s Dance Ensemble, Tennessee Valley Fair, WDVX, Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame, and Zoo Knoxville. For more information, visit www. Penny4Arts.com or contact the Arts & Culture Alliance at 865-523-7543 or info@knoxalliance.com. About the Arts & Culture Alliance The Arts & Culture Alliance serves and supports a diverse community of artists, arts organizations, and cultural institutions. The Alliance receives financial support from the City of Knoxville and the Tennessee Arts Commission.

Zoo Knoxville

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Why visit the automated wash facilities in town when you can have your vehicle HAND washed & HAND dried for the same price or less? It’s a NO BRAINER!





• HAND Wash • HAND Dry • Wheels Cleaned by Hand • Tire Dressing Applied by Hand • Undercarriage Wash

Owner/Founder of Synergy Auto Wash, LLC 10500 Kingston Pike in Knoxville 865.297.3403 6852 Maynardville Pike in Halls 865.922.7438 1333 W. Andrew Johnson Hwy in Morristown 423.586.0471 PHOTO BY D. ROBERTS PHOTOGRAPHY


Achieving Balance: 5 Tips to Manage Work, School, and Family



T MAY NOT be easy, but many are doing it: Balancing school, work, and family. It’s a difficult task, and those who do it will tell you they sometimes feel as though they are being pulled in three directions at the same time. If you are already struggling to achieve balance or are considering adding school to your already busy life, there are things you can do to not only survive, but thrive in managing these demands. Below is a collection of gathered advice from students who are “doing it all,” and these tips can help you manage your busy life and find balance: » Have your goal from the beginning. Navigating through the tough times – and they will come – is really a matter of motivation. For starters, decide what are you going to school for. If your answer is simply because you feel you should, it will be tough to stick with it. Instead, focus on your goals. Maybe you want to buy a permanent home for your family, to grow your career, or find a job that will help you pay for your child’s college. Eboni Weekes, a Strayer University student, vowed to provide a better life for her daughter, so she knew she needed a Bachelor’s in Business Administration to further her career. Whatever your motivation, keep it front and center so you can call on it when the tough times come. » Explore your options. All of your options. Education models simply aren’t onesize-fits-all. There may be certain programs designed specifically for your lifestyle – you just may not be aware of them. For some, flexibility may be a key factor, while for others – and, in fact, for most – cost is the biggest factor in selecting a program. Strayer University, 32


with a location in Knoxville, caters to working adults, keeping in mind the financial difficulties of managing work, family, and school. The Strayer Graduation Fund allows bachelor’s degree students to earn a course at no cost for every three classes they complete. This effectively reduces your college tuition expenses by as much as 25% if you stay actively enrolled. “The Strayer Graduation Fund has shown me that there are other alternative funds available for me to acquire my degree,” said Eboni. “I don’t have to depend on loans.” For more information, visit www.strayer.edu. » Develop your support system. When balancing school, work, and family, it’s important to realize you don’t have to go it alone. Students who juggle multiple demands recommend asking for help from grandparents, friends, and neighbors. An evening babysitter can free you up to study and get your school work done quickly. Childcare can get expensive, so consider a no-cost childcare swap with a friend or neighbor. Ask if they can take care of your child on nights when you have class, and in return, you can take care of their kids on other nights. » Get organized. When you have little to

no spare time, you can’t afford to waste it. Planning your daily and weekly activities through a resource like Google Calendar can help you stay on top of all your obligations and identify pockets of free time that you can spend studying or simply running errands. » Don’t forget about you. Many busy students say that with all of the competing demands on their time, it’s easy to forget about themselves. In your role as an employee, parent, and student, it’s easy to forget that you need some “me time” to prevent burnout. Protect your sleep at all costs, and don’t be afraid to schedule end-ofsemester rewards for yourself. A massage, a nice meal out with family, a trip to the movies, or even a round of golf can be just the thing you need to energize your spirit, so you can devote even more attention and passion to your schoolwork, your job, and, of course, your family. Finding balance between your home, work, and school lives can be one of the most difficult tasks for adult students. But, as many can attest, it is possible. Apply the tips above and stick with it. The rewards will certainly be worth your efforts.




Discover the many scenes of the Smoky Mountains captured in remarkable detail, color, and depth in oil, acrylic, and watercolors from one of the most gifted and celebrated artists in the Southeast, Robert Tino. His works are available for viewing and purchase at Amish Excellence, 613 N. Campbell Station Road in Knoxville, 865.392.6000, www.amishexcellence.com.


This intricate and beautifully hand-painted bust of a Western Plains Indian Chief is just one of hundreds of home décor, wall art, Oriental rugs, and brand name furniture items you’ll discover at savings of up to 90% at Premiere Consignment, 320 Lakeside Plaza in Tellico Village, 865.458.9721, www. premiereconsignment.com.


Look your UT best at the game, tailgate event, local sports establishment, or with friends at home in front of your big screen TV with UT fashion jewelry and accessories. Available at Sweetwater Flower Shop, 118 W. North Street in Sweetwater, 423.337.6623 34


Ever want a welcome sign that was good for every season? This fabulous wood design, handpainted sign has four interchangeable toppers, including a pumpkin, Christmas tree, flag, and bunny – something perfect for every season! Available at The Town Framery & Gifts, 12814 Kingston Pike in Farragut, 865.671.6627, www. thetownframery.com.


TNS Essential Serum® is an all-in-one skin rejuvenating treatment improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, skin tone, and texture and is appropriate for all skin types. Available at Southeastern Dermatology, 1930 Pinnacle Pointe Way in Knoxville, 865.474.8800, www.drdoppelt.com.


Our #1 tunic dress for fall! Designed by Tyler Boe, it’s available in many prints and solids at The Lily Pad Boutique, 209 N. Main Street in Sweetwater, 423.337.5537, www. sweetwaterlilypad.com.


Style meets function in this fun kitchen island available in 20 colors. Features include stainless steel top, magazine racks, waste container, butcher block cutting board, specialized storage for tools and spices, and more! Available at Decorating Den Interiors, 521 Lovell Road, Suite 205 in Knoxville, 865.392.6222, www.SandyKozar. DecoratingDen.com.



Update Your Home, Not Your Budget B Y B EC K Y H U N T, CO - OWNER OF PREMIERE CONSIGNMENT


discovered a variety of innovative ways to update their homes without the added cost, inconvenience, or mess of a major renovation. By updating lighting, cabinet drawer pulls and door handles, new window treatments, and a thorough cleaning and painting, you can create that showcase look you’ve been dreaming of – without the cost. Another way to achieve that updated look is to add a new accent chair, sofa or loveseat, dining table, art, décor, or perhaps an Oriental rug. Thanks to Premiere Consignment in nearby and convenient Tellico Village, you’ll discover many of the items you’re looking for at incredible savings. One of the most important features of being located within the heart of the Tellico Lake area is the opportunity to secure furniture, art, home décor items, and Oriental rugs from many of the area’s most luxurious homes. Also, because most of our consignors have relocated to communities such as Tellico Village and Rarity Bay from all across the country, we are able to offer you a large selection of items purchased by these same homeowners from all across the nation. Perhaps that’s why we are frequented by many of the area’s interior designers and decorators. Currently we have an excellent collection of dining room furniture, sofas, loveseats, and recliners. You will also discover Oriental rugs, lighting, home décor, art items, and florals from our resident floral designer. Another feature that’s popular with both our consignors and retail customers is how quickly we’re able to turn our inventory. Customers appreciate it because the selection is greater, and consignors appreciate it because we don’t accept items for resale that are placed in storage indefinitely, awaiting placement in our retail showroom. Whether you’re contemplating a home update or if you have some gently used furniture, art, décor, or Oriental rugs you no longer use, you’ll find Premiere Consignment the perfect solution. Also, don’t forget our online store powered by eBay, where we have successfully sold many thousands of items for our customers.

Premiere Consignment

320 Lakeside Plaza Loudon, TN 37774 865.458.9721 www.premiereconsignment.com 36


Tired of Wire? H

Custom Storage Spaces Replace Inefficient Wire Shelving

A S T H I S ever happened to

you? You are getting something out of your wire system closet and suddenly your clothes collapse on the ground in a tangled heap. Or all the items in your old wire pantry crash to the floor in the middle of the night. A new house or an old one, many homeowners face a common problem: A pre-made wire closet system. Wire is inexpensive, but in the end, is cheaper always better? While wire is certainly adequate and easy to install yourself, the non-adjustable hanging and shelving doesn’t utilize all the storage space available. Additionally, there’s a probability of an untimely failure. “We often receive calls from homeowners asking for a custom design after their wire pantry collapses or they come home to find all their clothes dumped on the floor,” said Kathryn Norton, designer and co-owner of Tailored Living of Knoxville. “There can be inherent structure problems with wiring since the anchoring system is not sufficient to support hundreds of pounds of clothes or pantry items.” A custom closet is not only more durable, it also:

A custom closet can include popular accessories like this slide-out belt rack. Convenient accessories help maximize space and make everyday items easy to find. » Maximizes storage – A custom closet design adds 30-40% more storage space than wire or do-it-yourself kits. » Fits any budget – A custom closet by Tailored Living doesn’t have to mean expensive. An experienced designer can help meet almost any budget. A simple design will still maximize the available storage space. » Offers adjustability – As your needs change, shelves and rods can be adjusted, converting shelves to hanging and vice versa,

with no damage to the system or sheetrock. For kids’ closets and pantries, adjustability is a must. » Provides better organization – There’s a place for everything, and everything has a place. No more emotional stress over feeling disorganized. » Increases home value – Whether moving in a few years or not, professionally designed closets are high on the list of features homebuyers want. The amount of square footage a home has doesn’t matter as much as how well the space inside is used. Whether classic white or a wood-grain finish, the difference is dramatic both in appearance and usability. Once you have a custom closet, pantry, or laundry room, you will never want wire again!

Tailored Living featuring PremierGarage

865.947.8686 www.TailoredLivingKnoxville.com



September in the Garden W

HAT A DIFFERENCE a year makes! Last year at this point in the season it was hotter than Hades and dry as a bone. This year it has been warm, but we have had a few glorious days, and Mother Nature has not yet turned off the spigot. We are, however, still feeling the effects of last year. I am still waiting on my house to be finished after the tree landed on it, and I have become paranoid during storms. There are some very large trees out there that were terribly stressed by the drought, and it will take them years to recover. In the meantime, there are all sorts of insects and diseases that are preying on the weakened systems. That leads me to the list of things to do this month. » Walk around your yard. I say this every month, because you need to do it at least once a month! Look up for dead/dying/ damaged branches. Look down for insects, mold, and vole holes. Look in to your plants for signs of disease and insects. » While you are out there, make observations and take some photos and some


notes. What did well? What didn’t? Are there things that you really love and want more of ? What would you like to see different? This is a good time to make plans for next year. » You can plant trees, shrubs, and perennials now with one condition: You must be prepared to water. September and October are typically dry. Please call us if you have questions about watering! We see so many plants killed every year by people with good intentions and bad information. » You can plant cool season vegetables this month and continue to harvest warm season veggies. We don’t usually get a frost until late October, so you can have fresh produce until the plants give out! If you have an overabundance of garden goodies, the Good Samaritan Center in Lenoir City will take donations and give them out

to those not fortunate enough to have access to fresh produce. » When your vegetable garden stops producing, clean it out. This is especially important if you had disease or insect problems. They can overwinter and cause problems next year if they are not removed. Do not compost those plants either! » Some of your summer annuals will survive another few weeks if you give them a haircut and a gentle application of fertilizer. Others just need to go to the big compost heap in the sky. Wait until the nights are cooler before replacing them with pansies. If planted while it is too warm, pansies will stretch and get leggy. This is especially true in containers, because the soil gets warmer. » We are getting a lot of calls about webworms. They seem to be everywhere this year! You have several options for treatment: You can prune out the affected area and destroy it. You can use a rake or stick to tear the web apart, letting the birds have access. You can spray the web with an insecticide geared toward caterpillars or use the organic product bT. Please do not try to burn them out! I have seen people use a blowtorch, and it often does not end well. » It is mum season, so let’s have a quick lesson on these fall favorites: Number 1: The mums that you see everywhere from the garden center to the gas station are hybrids that are far removed from the original perennial mums. If you get them in the ground by mid-September, they may come back. They may, however, be a different color or they may come back as dozens of little “mumlets.” Number 2: There is no such thing as a mum that blooms from September to November. They have a four to six week bloom season that is extended by cooler temps and shortened by hot temperatures. If your neighbor has one that has bloomed all fall, it is not real! » If your mulch washed away in the summer rain, put a fresh layer down to protect your plants this winter. If your mulch is still thick enough but has gotten compacted, fluff it with a rake. » If you are planning on bringing tropicals or houseplants inside, you need to make sure they don’t bring unwanted guests with them. Treat them with an insecticide, and give them a bath. You may have to treat them more than once, so watch them carefully! » Don’t forget the birds! Keep feeders and baths clean and full. Please don’t hesitate to call or stop by if you have questions!

Meadow View Greenhouses & Garden Center 9885 Highway 11E Lenoir City, TN 37772 865.986.7229 www.meadowviewgreenhouse.com 38


Discover Four Full Seasons of Family Fun Out-of-Doors


ET YOUR COURSE for 12 months of family fun with the professionals at Undercover Systems, who can provide you with unlimited out-of-door events that the entire family can enjoy all year-round regardless of the weather. Now is the perfect time to install the totally unique and patented underdeck ceiling system from Undercover Systems under your home’s existing raised decks. This underdeck system will ensure all of this year’s events will be protected from unexpected and unwanted rain and the searing summertime sun. “Now is a great time to weatherproof all of your out-of-door events,” said Jim Conn, owner of Undercover Systems. “Throughout the entire process, our skilled craftsmen work with you, each step of the way, until your project is completed to your satisfaction.” Undercover’s patented underdecking system helps extend your outdoor season of enjoyment by protecting your family year-round from the sun’s potentially harmful rays and unexpected rain. You’ll also appreciate their attention to detail, which comes from years of experience, as they help you craft a seamless transition from your home’s interior to your new out-of-door living spaces using their custom made components designed to fit you home and not the generic off-the-shelf components used by the competition. A complaint-free member of the Better Business Bureau, Undercover Systems offers homeowners the peace of mind that they deserve in a building contractor. Why not surprise your family with a special out-of-doors gift that the entire family can enjoy all year long, and start creating a lifetime of memories today? Call Jim Conn at 423-267-0091 today and let the fun begin. Undercover Systems

423.267.0091 www.UndercoverSystems.com September 2018 EVERYTHING KNOXVILLE


Shining the Light on Your Home’s Exterior


B Y H E AT H M Y R I C K , O W N E R O F L I G H T H O U S E O U T D O O R L I G H T I N G - K N OX V I L L E


and landscaped, you take great pride in your family’s home. But if you really want to showcase your property, I encourage you to discover how exterior home and landscape lighting can completely Heath Myrick transform your outdoor living space. A full-service lighting, design, and installation company, Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting can provide an entirely new perspective on your home’s exterior that you otherwise may not have known existed. Evening hours offer you an opportunity to showcase your home’s unique architecture and landscaping in ways you never imagined. The right lighting design can provide a totally unique perspective that simply doesn’t exist during daylight hours. Our lighting specialists at Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting are some of the best trained lighting designers in the industry today. Their expertise enables them to work with you to design that custom, tailored look you’ve desired to showcase your home’s unique architectural and landscape design features. Our expert installation teams will install your exterior lighting to the highest industry standards, leaving the installation site meticulously clean,



as though we were never there. All we leave behind is an expertly designed and installed lighting system that will surround your home and adjacent landscaping with the warm glow of elegance. At Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting, our professionally trained staff will provide you with a free demonstration, design, and installation. Upon completion, your satisfaction is guaranteed by a final walk through and fine tuning of your newly installed lighting system. Finally, every Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting installation is backed with our one year, no-cost service plan, as well as optimal extended service agreements.

With an industry leader in landscape lighting located in Knoxville, why not let the professionals at Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting show you just how affordable exterior illumination can be and just how great your home can look after sunset? Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting: Shining the light on your home’s unique architecture and landscaping.

Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting of Knoxville 11519 Kingston Pike, Suite 156 Knoxville, TN 37934 865.484.4011 www.lighthouse-lights.com/knoxville

Dear Homeowner,


ki ng fo r U R FA M I LY is loo er

fo r wi nt a be au tif ul ho me bly a place hibernation, prefe ra y. We love to hibernate that is warm and coz t lation , so how abou where there is insu or tic mp in your at letting us set up ca You won’t hear or see between your walls? in the spring. us until we come out us dis tu rbin g yo u ou Do n’t wo rr y ab t cooler weather, for as we arrive with the finding cracks and we are very adept at your home. We hope other openings into st n’s, because those pe you don’t call Dayto d an cks p us in our tra professionals will sto ns! ruin our visiting pla

gentheatandcool.com 865.247.5092


Fall is just around the corner... Get Ready by Giving Gent a Call!

Sincerely, The “BUG” Family – Box Elder Lady, Stink, Kudzu, &





receive $25 OFF one Fall Invader Control treatment.

SERVICE CALL includes 30 minutes labor

Shane Gent, Owner

Make sure your heating system is ready for cooler weather with a complete check-up. Dayton’s Pest Control

865.588.6686 www.daytonspestcontrol.com

• • • •

Residential & Commercial Sales & Service All Makes & Models Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Maintenance Agreements Major Credit Cards Accepted Licensed, Bonded, and Insured License # 00063573



Inside and Outside


We’ve Got You Covered!

OST PEOPLE know us

for our exceptional tile and grout services, as well as all other hard surfaces inside the home. A lesser known fact is that we also specialize in most outdoor surfaces that also need attention. New in 2018, we now offer professional SOFT washing for your home’s exterior: Brick, vinyl siding, and stucco. Soft wash is the only way to safely clean your home’s exterior face using a perfectly formulated cleaning solution, safe heat, and pressure. Washing a home’s exterior is not a “onesize-fits-all.” Each home presents its own distinctive challenges and requires professional knowledge and service so damage can be prevented. Many of us have dealt with algae, mildew, or mold streaking the outside of our homes. Even gutters can become dull and stained throughout the years and need refreshment. Black streaks on the roof are unsightly and must be dealt with before permanent damage occurs. It is impossible for the homeowner to simply rinse off algae and mold, and scrubbing many areas of your home’s exterior can be dangerous and futile.

Traditional pressure washing can actually cause harm, and a proper mixture of the correct cleaning chemicals, appropriate heat, and adequate pressure are a must to get real results. Sidewalks, driveways, and decking each have a unique set of challenges: » Sidewalks damaged by algae or topical debris inevitably become slick and must be dealt with before accidents happen. Even if your sidewalk does not get slick with moisture, you may be dealing with stains from foot traffic or vegetation. » Driveways, on the other hand, can lose their luster over time or accumulate ugly oil stains. Traditional pressure washing can pock-mark your entire surface and cause expensive repairs. I can’t tell you how many well-meaning homeowners inadvertently destroy their own sidewalk while

trying to pressure wash them. Concrete driveways that are white pose even more challenges and can be stained from deeply embedded grime from vehicles’ hot tires. » Wood and composite decking can become dangerous as algae embeds deep within the pores of the wood, inviting a slip accident! Alternatively, it can become dry, brittle, and faded if it has not been properly cleaned and sealed. Each problem requires a unique solution, and Surface Doc is specifically qualified to tackle each element and the challenges they present. Please give John and his team a call today, and see the difference they will make for your home tomorrow.

Surface Doc

865.567.1986 www.surfacedoc.com

Not Just Clean, But Sanitized. WE CLEAN AND SEAL: Tile & Grout • Concrete • Natural Stone • Carpet Wood & Composite Decking • Travertine • Slate Marble • Granite • Bricks • Linoleum

LIFE IS BETTER LIVED CLEAN • 100% Customer Satisfaction • Fast and Affordable Service • Licensed and Insured Our state-of-the-art process restores your floors to a like-new appearance

865.567.1986 • www.SurfaceDoc.com Call for a FREE, no obligation demonstration

Our process surgically removes the dirt, grime, oil and bacteria




Amish Excellence: The Best Decision A

NGIE CARROLL is a business management career professional and comes from a corporate background in healthcare human resources administration. However, her true passion for creativity, beauty, design, and helping others led her to open Amish Excellence in April 2016. “The opportunity to blend a business background and love for making homes more beautiful was the best career decision I ever made,” said Angie. “I believe beautiful surroundings and inspiring relationships lift the spirit and punctuate true happiness within.” Listening to the customer and learning about their needs and preferences is the key to guiding their design options and selections. Providing information and education about the furniture, wood selections, fabrics, and finishes helps the customers make the best decisions about their investments. It isn’t just about selling furniture. Amish Excellence provides the absolute best value in custom, hand-crafted, all American furniture made by highly skilled craftsmen. Why is choosing Amish made furniture the best decision? The Amish begin learning their craft at a very early age with operations ranging in size from a single individual to a father and his sons, to a number of men and women from the local community. Each family tends to specialize in a particular kind of furniture,



perhaps dining tables, living room chairs, office furniture, or beds. This specialization allows them to master their techniques, as well as keep costs down. The Amish do not normally engage in retail trade due to their religious and community convictions; therefore, they depend on retailers such as Amish Excellence to bring their products to the public. Amish Excellence has developed relationships and works directly with about 50 different Amish families who build their furniture. When you compare the quality and price of the furniture they offer with what is available at other furniture retailers, they’re confident you’ll discover the exceptional value of their Amish made furniture. The Amish build furniture that will last multiple lifetimes. Top quality solid hardwoods like oak, maple, and cherry are used for every part of every piece. Time-tested

joinery techniques like mortise and tenon and dovetailing, along with high-tech glues and screws, lead to the most solid, wear-resistant furniture available. Wood surfaces are sealed and protected with high-quality catalytic varnish that dries to form a hard, heat-resistant barrier against scratches, liquids, and other day-to-day hazards. When you buy furniture made by Amish builders, you not only receive beautiful heirloom quality pieces for your home, but you also support real families and contribute to a wholesome way of life. The Amish structure their lives around a set of core values: Faith, family, community, hard work, peace, simplicity, and stewardship of the land. Amish Excellence is proud to support these faithful people and invites you to join them in that support. Visit their showroom at 613 N. Campbell Station Road (behind Walgreens) or view their sampler catalog at www.amishexcellence.com. Hours are Monday through Friday 10-6 and Saturday 10-4. Extended hours and in-home consultations are available by appointment.

Amish Excellence

613 N. Campbell Station Road Knoxville, TN 37934 865.392.6000 www.amishexcellence.com Mon-Fri 10-6, Sat 10-4

Get the Most Out of Your Kitchen W

E A L L W A N T a beautiful

kitchen, but a kitchen also needs to be a functional room where we cook, bake, and store essentials like food, supplies, and pots and pans. A functional kitchen has plenty of storage and is designed so you can quickly and easily find what you need and reach it. ShelfGenie is a leader in making kitchens more useful ShelfGenie designs, builds, and installs custom, glide-out shelves that pull out the full depth of your existing cabinets and pantries to maximize usable storage and increase organization and accessibility. Our process begins and ends with the homeowner

Our design consultant will get to know your needs during our free, in-home consultation. Together we will design a plan with your goals and needs in mind. The glide-out shelves are manufactured in our nearby facility to your exact specs. Our licensed, professional installer will then install your order in one day. Finally, your designer will follow up to ensure you’re completely 100% satisfied. Enjoy a more useful kitchen Turn frustration with your kitchen into a joy. You can expect to increase your storage area by up to 50%, reduce wasted time looking for items, and avoid having to bend, twist, or reach into the backs of cabinets.

What our clients say “The whole concept of the shelves has totally revolutionized my kitchen, making it easier to organize and get to those hard-to-reach items in the back of my cabinets.” – Debrah B. of Cleveland, TN “Great experience from start to finish. Impressed with the entire team and the quality of the finished product for our pantry.” – Nancy C. of Knoxville To learn more or to schedule your free consultation, call 865-409-1197 or visit www.shelfgenie.com.


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$150 LOVE MY NEW PANTRY SHELVES. So much easier to use and see what I actually have. They are sturdy and beautifully installed. Great customer service and friendly folks. - Melissa M. Loudon, TN


SCHEDULE YOUR FREE DESIGN CONSULTATION (865) 409-1197 • shelfgenie.com/east-tennessee

Lifetime guarantee on Classic and Designer solutions. All Glide-Outs hand-crafted to order in the U.S. *Applies to purchases of 5 or more Classic or Designer Glide-Out™ shelves. Expires 9/30/2018. Lic#10800030



New Televised Concert Series “Live at Lucille’s” E AST TENNESSEE PBS and the Knoxville Jazz Orchestra are teaming up to create a new televised concert series called “Live at Lucille’s.” The shows will be taped in front of a live audience at East Tennessee PBS’ studios near downtown Knoxville between September and April 2019 and will feature local, regional, and national jazz artists. The broadcasts will occur on ETPBS later in 2019. WUOT will broadcast audio from the segments. The series will be sold as a six concert package for $180; tickets to single events may be made available depending on availability. Tickets are available at www. knoxjazz.org. Long-time Knoxville residents may remember Lucille’s Jazz Club in the Old City. The club was in operation throughout the 1990s and played host to local, regional, and national talent. When the club closed in 2001, East Tennessee PBS production manager, Chris Smith, bought the neon sign that hung in the window at the business’ estate sale. He also secured the rights to the name Live at Lucille’s in hopes of one day being able to

create something that built on that legacy. Series Schedule: » Brown Brothers Reunion: September 28 at 7:30 pm Brothers Ken and Keith Brown were mainstays of the Knoxville music scene until Keith’s relocation to New York City in 2017. Their reunion for our inaugural episode will feature special guest Darryl Hall, one of Europe’s finest jazz bassists. » Bobby Broom’s Organi-Sation: November 30 at 7:30 pm Guitarist Bobby Broom made his Carnegie Hall debut with Sonny Rollins before he was 20 years old. Broom formed his latest band, Organi-Sation, at the behest of Steely Dan, who then took the group on a North American tour of 52 cities. The band will perform music from its new CD Soul Fingers. » Christian Sands Trio: January 25 at 7:30 pm Still in his 20s, Christian Sands is a Steinway piano artist and five-time Grammy nominee who has performed with Christian McBride, Wynton Marsalis, and many others. His group will perform music from

their acclaimed CD, Reach. » Mark Boling Trio Life: February 22 at 7:30 pm Guitarist Mark Boling served for many years as the head of Jazz Studies at UT. His trio with Keith Brown and Jon Hamar is a crown jewel of the Knoxville music scene. They will perform original music by Boling, Hamar, and Donald Brown. » Thomas Heflin/Mitch Butler Quintet: March 29 at 7:30 pm Trumpeter Thomas Heflin is a former KJO member who now teaches in Greensboro, NC. His group with trombonist Mitch Butler is a modern take on the trumpet/trombone quintet, a format that is never short on fire and excitement. » Greg Tardy’s NYC Trio: April 26 at 7:30 pm Saxophonist Greg Tardy has called Knoxville home since 2010. His trio with bassist Sean Conly and drummer Jaimeo Brown has performed around the globe, but this will be their Knoxville (and PBS) debut. For more information, contact Vance Thompson at 865-573-3226 or email@ knoxjazz.org.

LOCALLY OWNED AND OPERATED FOR OVER 17 YEARS Budget Blinds® offers a simpler way to shop. A house full of our faux wood blinds, including professional measure for $749. It’s countless possibilities –made simple and straight forward.








*Includes up to 10 faux wood blinds. Offer includes free in-home measure and consultation. Additional windows available for $75 per window. Installation additional.


W W W. B U D G E T B L I N D S . C O M

Jenny Blalock

Licensed General Contractor

Create That Special Homeyness with These Farmhouse Touches SHAKER CABINETRY, country store-

inspired hardware, barn elements, or a key piece of art will add homestead appeal to your kitchen. The overdone ruffles and plethora of hens in 1980s-style “kountry kitchens” may be out, but farmhouse details in the kitchen will always be in style. Even in the most contemporary kitchens, tiny details derived from the farmhouse ideal add charm and personality. These elements, derived from real farmhouse kitchens, barns, and country stores, conjure a relaxed feeling from a simpler time. Adding a dash of farmhouse style with any of these touches will give your kitchen a warm, happy, country feeling. Shaker style The simplicity style of cabinetry is the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions Shaker style in the kitchen. The fronts are simply framed, and the clean lines could work with just about any style Freestanding furniture Historic farmhouse kitchens didn’t have the unified cabinets and counters we see today; they were more likely to have a collection of freestanding pieces. Freestanding cabinets breakup the bland continuity that can take over a kitchen, and they can provide a key display space for collectibles. Ship lap Ship lap adds a traditional element to any kitchen. Accessorizing with mason jars brings to mind good old-fashioned canning and jam making. Minor details You can mix sleek industrial elements, like the stainless steel vent hood and pendant lights, with farm-style accessories. Baskets, antique crocks, and corbels on the open shelving recall our American farmer roots. Barn doors Sliding barn-door panels on overhead tracks have taken the design world by storm. Use reclaimed wood to warm up a kitchen with a barn-like patina. Tractor seat stools Stools that look as though they could have been pulled off a tractor add unique charm to island type seating. A farmhouse sink This is probably the most obvious farmhouse

touch. The sink’s apron front stands out among the cabinets and lends a collected look to a transitional kitchen. A milk glass collection in the window also adds a traditional touch. A rustic farm table A knotty wood table, overhead beams, and traditional candle chandelier add farmhouse charm to any transitional kitchen. Bin pull hardware Drawer handles bring to mind an oldfashioned country store. Though the overall style of the room is uncluttered and contemporary, other details, like the butcher block, canisters, and barn pendant light, can

give it an intimate farmhouse feeling. To discover how Luxe Homes & Design can help you to incorporate unique designs around your lifestyle into your new home, or to learn more about the Luxe Homes experience, you’re invited to call Jenny today.

Luxe Homes & Design 865.755.4680 www.luxehomesdesign.com

Plantation Reclaimed

865.243.4604 www.plantationreclaimed.com



Are You Really Enjoying Your Home’s Outdoor Living Spaces? B Y S T E V E K R AW C Z Y K , OWNER OF SCREENS OF E AST TENNES SEE


F YOUR HOME isn’t equipped with retract-

A breath of fresh air for your home Screens of East Tennessee 865.919.1615 steve@tennesseescreens.com



ROHIBITION-STYLE cocktail party with a nod to the Roaring Twenties, when the Tennessee Theatre first opened in 1928. The 90Year Speakeasy event includes dancing, themed cocktails, and many surprises. Join us for hors d’oevres, libations, and razzmatazz to celebrate our 90th Anniversary. Festive attire is encouraged.

For more information, visit www.tennesseetheatre.com. 48


able screens, the answer is likely not as much as you would like to. Why? No doubt because the hot summer sun and biting insects are probably keeping you indoors. But there’s a solution. While homeowners are increasingly creating today’s popular outdoor “living areas” such as porches and lanais with kitchens complete with large, permanently-installed grills, refrigerators and work areas, luxurious fireplaces, beautiful lighting, and even artwork specially made to be weather-proof, the hot afternoon sun and biting insects often keep homeowners from using their new outdoor spaces to their full potential. Retractable screens provide the perfect solution to these problems. By combining indoor and outdoor living spaces, these innovative screen solutions enhance and promote the outdoor living experience. They provide shade and allow people to enjoy the great outdoors during hot summer days, extending the time spent on patios while keeping annoying, biting insects at bay. Large, motorized screens are a perfect example of how to blend function with comfort. These screens can be recessed into the beams or walls of a home, thereby staying truly hidden when fully retracted. And the best part about using retractable screens is that these screening solutions don’t diminish the views or surrounding esthetics, as the screens are in place only when needed. For the ultimate in elegance, many of these retractable screen solutions can be blended into virtually any architectural style. Because these retractable screens are available in a variety of custom colors and wood grain finishes, they help to provide a seamless transition between your home’s interior or exterior color schemes. Screens can also be programmed to come down and retract with sun and wind sensors and can be connected to your home’s automation system to have the screens come down at a specific time of day when extra shade or insect protection is required. Start enjoying your home’s outdoor living spaces to their full potential today. For more information about retractable screen options, visit www. phantomscreens.com.

Screens of East Tennessee 865.919.1615 www.tennesseescreens.com www.phantomscreens.com

Renovating a Garage to Accommodate Your Life


A local Tennessee fan turned her garage into a Big Orange party room. When not cheering on the Volunteers, she can still park her car in the renovated garage.

GARAGE is more than a place

to park your car. It is an extension of your house and sometimes the largest room in your home. Garage remodeling is currently one of the fastest-growing segments of the homeimprovement industry. It’s a separate room that can be used for various purposes: A workshop, warehouse, kids’ toy storage, or simply a place to hangout. Whether your garage is large or small, these renovation tips will help you be more organized and enjoy a less-stressful life. » Keep it clutter free – No matter the size, using a garage as storage for tools, toys, and infrequently or unused items is normal. However, keep it organized. Donate or toss unused items. Pack the rest in boxes or plastic bins. When you need to locate items later, they will be much easier to find. » Install built-in cabinets – Quality garage cabinets are designed for the temperature extremes of a garage and the heavier-than-normal items we put there. This gives you storage that is designed for your specific needs and space. PremierGarage, the nation’s leader in garage enhancements and remodeling, designs suspended cabinets that make it easy to clean underneath while protecting the cabinets and its contents from water. Cabinets leave you with more space to use as you need.

» Use wall organizers – Slatwall, which attaches to your garage wall, is one of the most versatile systems for organizing and displaying items. With a system of hooks and other accessories, get larger items, such as bikes and wheelbarrows, off the floor. Work or garden tools are easily seen and within arm’s reach. » Invest in a floor coating system – If you’re willing to take several days, you can put down a do-it-yourself epoxy coating, but epoxy quickly shows tire marks, dirt, and peels up from the floor. By hiring flooring specialists like PremierGarage of Knoxville with their commercial-grade hybrid polymer system, you’ll have a durable, easy-to-clean floor that stands up to hot tires, abrasions, and spills. Most importantly, it will last for many years. Following these tips will help your garage work smarter so you can do everything you want – including parking a car!

Powered by

PremierGarage Powered by Tailored Living 865.947.8686 www.PremierGarage.com/Knoxville



Create a Lifetime of Memories in Your Home’s Kitchen


B Y PAT T I B A K E R , C O - O W N E R O F G R A N I T E T R A N S F O R M AT I O N S

S A YOUNG GIRL growing

up in Pennsylvania, my mother’s kitchen became a very special place to me. It was the family gathering place when aunts, uncles, and cousins came to visit. I have fond memories of newborn infants and fiancés being introduced to family members for the first time, fresh baked cookies, and roasted Thanksgiving Day turkey. My own kitchen has similar memories that I hope my children and grandchildren will cherish as well. America’s kitchens remain our home’s source for a lifetime of memories. Unlike any other room in our home, our kitchen exudes a sense of warmth and comfort that welcomes guests. I’ve especially enjoyed the last 13 years of my life as my husband, Buddy, and I have helped thousands of area families create their own special gathering place in their home’s kitchen. As owners of Granite Transformations, we have helped countless homeowners transform their kitchens into that unique place we remember as children – a room where they can create all-new memories of their own that will last a lifetime. The centerpiece of the Granite Transformations’ story is their patented premium engineered granite countertops. They are made from the finest granite, quartz, and post-consumer recycled glass – the highest quality materials combined with

state-of-the-art technology – to produce the finest granite countertop surfaces on the market. All the beauty nature has to offer, only better. You deserve the best, and you can get it without the demolition and installation headaches associated with ordinary slab granite. Granite Transformations’ surfaces outperform ordinary granite, because they are non-porous, stain resistant, and maintenancefree. There is no sealing necessary to be safe for food preparation. We believe in it so much that we warranty the materials for life. Granite Transformations’ countertops are ideal for homeowners who demand durability and value. Because Granite Transformations’ granite countertops install over your existing counters without messy, time consuming demolition, you can enjoy your new kitchen in as little as one day. We also do backsplashes, bathrooms, bars, and floors Granite Transformations also offers homeowners other products to help transform their kitchens, including cabinet refacing. You can get a whole new look in days, not weeks. Whether you’re building a new home or updating your existing home, create that perfect family gathering place in your kitchen and create a lifetime of fond memories. Call Granite Transformations today at 865-622-2381 to set up your free, in-home consultation.

“Everyone we came into contact with was great… a great process with a solid and complete look.” – Linda F. of Knoxville “I love my countertop!! My husband was very impressed with the job.” – Diane S. of Knoxville “Thank you so much. I am showing everyone!” – Willette T. of Knoxville

Granite Transformations

10539 Lexington Drive Knoxville, TN 37932 865.622.2381 www.granitetransformations.com 50


Tennessee Department of Tourist Development Announces

Six Degrees to Tennessee Event


Featuring GRAMMY® Award-Winning Group, The Roots, to Celebrate Launch of “Tennessee Music Pathways”


of Tourist Development recently announced the launch of Tennessee Music Pathways, a statewide program designed to guide visitors to their musical points of interest through an online travel-planning experience featuring hundreds of landmarks and attractions promoting the seven musical genres – blues, bluegrass, country, gospel, soul, rockabilly, and rock ‘n’ roll – that call Tennessee home. To celebrate the launch, Tennessee Department of Tourist Development will bring a one-night-only concert experience, Six Degrees to Tennessee Roots Jam, to the home of the blues, soul, and rock ‘n’ roll in Memphis at the historic New Daisy Theatre on the world-famous Beale Street, a destination on the Pathways, on September 15th with GRAMMY Award-winning group The Roots, founded by Tariq “Black Thought” Trotter and Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson. The Roots will be joined on stage by guest artists Elle King, Dustin Lynch, Estelle, JJ Julius Son from Kaleo, and The Isley Brothers, whose influences signify the connection nearly all musicians have back to the state of Tennessee in six-degrees of separation or less. “We are looking forward to bringing our jam session to Memphis!” said The Roots. “It is always a great time getting our friends together on stage to perform, and we know that Memphis will be no exception.” Tickets to Six Degrees to Tennessee Roots Jam are free and will be available exclusively at www.tnrootsjam.com. For more information, follow @TNVacation on Twitter and Instagram. The state also announced a new music search engine titled “Six Degrees” with Rolling Stone that allows users to enter an artist’s name to see their “pathway” to Tennessee in six degrees or less. This platform and partnership further identifies the state of Tennessee as a global music destination. “Tennessee Music Pathways connects fans to the people, places, and genres that make Tennessee the Soundtrack of America,” said Commissioner Kevin Triplett, Tennessee Department of Tourist Development. “From the largest cities to the smallest communities, this statewide program identifies, explains, and preserves the legacy of music in Tennessee. The Six Degrees to Tennessee Roots Jam showcases the talents of artists who share a common love of music and a direct connection to the music that is made every day in Tennessee.” The Six Degrees to Tennessee Roots Jam will be driven by Lyft, with discounted rides available for fans and visitors in the Memphis 52


area to attend the concert in September. More information will be available at www. tnrootsjam.com. In addition to the seven genres founded in Tennessee, the state has more musicians per capita than anywhere in the world and is home to world-renowned music attractions such as Beale Street, Bluebird, Birthplace of Country Music Museum, Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, Dollywood, Graceland, Grand Ole Opry, Ryman Auditorium, Sun Studio, and the historic Tennessee Theatre. Tennessee Music Pathways and Six Degrees to Tennessee Roots Jam support the state’s dedication to music and tourism initiatives as part of their ongoing “The Soundtrack of America. Made in Tennessee.” campaign. For more information, visit www. TennesseeMusicPathways.com, www.tnrootsjam. com, and follow Tennessee Tourism on Twitter and Instagram at @TNVacation. About Tennessee Music Pathways Tennessee Music Pathways is a statewide driving tour program identifying, interpreting, promoting, and preserving a broad perspective of great and well-known, as well as the important but possibly unknown, Tennessee music events, locations, and stories. Working with the state historian and through internal research at the Tennessee Department of Tourist Development, more than 500 possible locations for markers, including birthplaces, resting places, hometowns, high schools, and churches, locations of first-known recordings or performances of the musical pioneers and legends have been identified to date. About the Tennessee Department of Tourist Development The mission of the Tennessee Department of Tourist Development is to motivate travel to and within Tennessee by inspiring enjoyment, creating memories, producing a desire to return, and establishing key long-term relationships that result in visitors becoming

residents. In 2017, Tennessee’s tourism industry generated $19.3 billion annually in economic impact, more than $1.7 billion in state and local sales tax revenue, and more than 176,500 tourism-related jobs. The promise of Tennessee – the home of the blues, bluegrass, country, gospel, soul, rockabilly, and rock ‘n’ roll – is to be the global music destination of choice. To deliver an unparalleled experience of beauty, history, and family adventure, infused with music that creates a vacation that is “The Soundtrack of America. Made in Tennessee.” About The Roots The legendary Roots Crew have become one of the best known and most respected hip-hop acts in the business, winning four GRAMMYS, including “Best R&B Album” for Wake Up!, “Best Traditional R&B Vocal Performance” for Hang in There (with John Legend), and “Best Group or Duo R&B Vocal Performance” for Shine. This brings the band’s GRAMMY nomination count to 12. Additionally, The Roots Picnic, a yearly star-studded mix of musicians, has become a celebrated institution. The Roots were named one of the greatest live bands around by Rolling Stone and serve as the official house band on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Most recently The Roots announced that they are developing an animated children’s series, along with a live action children’s series, in partnership with Amazon. About Memphis Tourism Founded in 1925, Memphis Tourism, a 501(c)(6) membership organization, serves as the official destination marketing and tourism organization for Memphis and Shelby County. The Memphis Tourism sales staff covers the convention, sports, and tourism sales market segments and is supported by a marketing department that includes advertising, digital marketing, research, public relations, and membership. For more information about Memphis Tourism, visit www.memphistravel.com.

Revival Time in East Tennessee B Y C L AU D E D . G AT L I N , J R . , C O M M U N I T Y D E V E LO P M E N T V O L U N T E E R



seat of Cocke County. It was established in 1890, and today its moniker is “The Eastern Gateway to Tennessee.” For a period of time in the 20th century, Newport was billed as “A Hub of Industry in the Wheel of Progress.” But after a while, the local workforce began to see the spokes of the wheel come off as the industry began to globalize and redefine its workforce. The effects of this industrial shift were not limited to Newport. All across the nation, communities felt the effects. Success in moving forward comes when a community can re-tool itself and start over. Newport is beginning to make real progress in regaining its appeal in today’s industrial environment. The downtown area infrastructure for water and wastewater is being upgraded by locally owned and operated Newport Utilities. Newport Utilities is in phase two in developing a new product offering to add to its portfolio as a provider for electric, water, and wastewater services. NuConnect is the new division that will bring the utility’s electric customers up to a gigabyte of speed for Internet service with its fiber to the home project. It’s revival time in East Tennessee, as a new beginning for one of the region’s most beautiful areas to visit is underway. Cocke County joins the Smoky Mountain National Park and Forest and provides multiple accesses into the area. The county connects with two interstates



and has rail service, improved highways, and TWRL access to three rivers. Every year the Pigeon River draws tourists from all across the world to experience whitewater rafting. The Appalachia Trail crosses the county and can be easily accessed from multiple sites. However, mixed in with all the natural beauty, all the excitement of infrastructure upgrades, and availability of high-speed Internet, there is a very lonely building sitting on a hill on the corner of Cosby Highway and Highway 25/70 in the center of the city. It has gone by different names, but the official name for this building is the Veterans Memorial Building, home of American Legion Post 41. The construction of the Veterans Memorial Building began in the 1920s. It is evident when touring the building that master carpenters and masons applied their skills and knowledge in creating this beautiful structure. Its history would require volumes to document it all. Its significance to the community was huge. Two men whose fathers were founding members of the American Legion Post 41 live in the area. It has housed basketball games from youth to adult, wrestling matches, plays, music productions, library, and once it was temporarily used as a church. It served as a staging area after United Airlines flight 823 crashed in the county in 1964. Most importantly, it was constructed with the thought in mind that it would serve as a symbol of honor and remembrance for our country’s veterans.

No one is certain of exactly how or why the building lost its relevance, but it has. Like any structure that has lost its inhabitants, it begins to die, which I believe is from loneliness. I’ll take this opportunity to bring awareness to the needs of this structure so that hopefully progress will begin to be made in linking this landmark in with the progress the city it resides in is making in becoming a 21st century city. A big shout out to Knoxville Heritage and the East Tennessee Preservation Alliance, who have already taken part in Newport’s revival by helping facilitate the preservation of the Rosenwald School building located in Newport.

The East Tennessee Preservation Alliance works to preserve the structures and places with historic or cultural significance in Anderson, Blount, Campbell, Claiborne, Cocke, Grainger, Hamblen, Jefferson, Knox, Loudon, Monroe, Morgan, Roane, Scott, Sevier, and Union counties. ETPA partners with Knox Heritage to serve as the regional arm for preservation activities in these 16 counties.

International Friendship Bell Peace Pavilion Dedication Ceremony T

HE NEW Peace Pavilion for the

Oak Ridge International Friendship Bell will be dedicated in a ceremony at 6:30 pm on Thursday, September 20, at the Bell’s new site in A.K. Bissell Park. The Bell’s sound will resonate for the first time from its new location that evening, from a pavilion designed to project harmony, stability, innovation, and peace. “We would not be where we are today without the passion of Shigeko Uppuluri and her son, Ram Uppuluri, who initiated the project by connecting us with a visionary architect, Ziad Demian, who embraced not only the challenge of an innovative design, but an entire city,” said Alan Tatum, who co-chaired the International Friendship Bell Citizens Advisory Committee with Pat Postma. Postma added that the architect’s first elegant and contemporary designs introduced a different way of thinking about what was possible for the new Bell housing. That and the decision to move the Bell to a new location will make it more visible and accessible to the community, with added benefits of gardens and gathering spaces on benches around the Bell. “This accomplishment and the fundraising it required were not just ambitious, it was probably audacious, but Oak Ridge has a way of stepping up,” said Postma. “Oak Ridgers are willing to support exceptional projects that speak for who we are as a city.” Among those taking part in the dedication ceremony will be Mayor Warren Gooch, City Manager Mark Watson, Hiroyuki Kobayashi, Consul-General of Japan in Nashville, as well as Postma and Tatum. An ensemble from the Oak Ridge Civic Music Association will provide music. The community is invited to attend. Tatum said that Postma’s dedicated fundraising efforts and a generous community of citizens, businesses, governments, and major corporate sponsors not only met, but exceeded the aggressive fundraising goal. More than $800,000 has been raised for the

Photo courtesy demian\wilbur\architects

This architect’s rendering of the new Peace Pavilion for the Oak Ridge International Friendship Bell shows the large cantilever structure, crossed by a series of beams, that will support the Bell in its new location. Peace Pavilion, with the first contributions coming from Oak Ridge’s sister city of Naka, Japan, and from the Girl Scouts Oak Ridge Service Unit, which has established friendships with Girl Scouts in Naka. The Bell, created for Oak Ridge’s 50th birthday at the recommendation of Shigeko and her late husband, Ram Uppuluri, is being installed in its new Peace Pavilion during Oak Ridge’s 75th anniversary. It will bring its message of international peace and friendship to the thousands of visitors expected at the Manhattan Project National Historical Park in Oak Ridge. The new pavilion for the Bell came about after Oak Ridge officials discovered that structural beams in the original Bell house had severely deteriorated. The Bell was removed from its housing and placed on timbers in A.K. Bissell Park in 2014. Then the City of Oak Ridge tasked the Recreation and Parks Advisory Board with making short-term and long-term

recommendations. A decision was made to demolish the original pavilion. The Recreation and Parks Advisory Board formed the ad hoc International Friendship Bell Citizens Advisory Committee to develop a new pavilion design and raise funds for the project. Demian, architect and founding partner of demianwilbur\architects in Washington, D.C., who designed the new Peace Pavilion, said what began as a consultation evolved into a journey full of wonderful discoveries. “This journey led to a vision culminating in this unique monument that is an expression of its core principles: ‘Born of war, living for peace, growing through science’ – an expression, in form and materials deliberately chosen to project permanence, stability, strength, as well as innovation, resilience, harmony, and peace,” said Demian. For more information, visit www. friendshipbell.com or visit the Facebook page, The Oak Ridge International Friendship Bell.



Dollywood Announces Largest Park Expansion in History with New Land Named Wildwood Grove


NE OF THE nation’s premier

family vacation destinations is growing even larger, thanks to an impressive expansion at Dollywood. Wildwood Grove, the largest capital investment in Dollywood’s 32-year history, is slated to open in 2019 and provides an adventurous journey for guests to explore, imagine, and play together as a family. The extraordinary new land features 11 thrilling experiences for guests, comprised of six unique ride attractions –including a suspended family roller coaster called The Dragonflier – the 55 foot tall Wildwood Tree, live entertainment, various indoor and outdoor play areas for families to enjoy, a new restaurant, and more. The total cost for the project is $37 million, meeting The Dollywood Company’s 2013 commitment of $300 million in investments over a 10 year period four years ahead of schedule. “I’ve told you before about how I’d let my imagination roam free when I’d be out exploring in the hills around our home in the Smoky Mountains,” said Parton. “I’d pretend that the frogs and butterflies were my friends. I’d imagine about what it’d be like to fly with a dragonfly or to follow a bear family through the woods. Now all these things are coming true for our guests to experience in Wildwood Grove; it may be my new favorite part of Dollywood! This area is going to give families a place to explore, play, and imagine together – but, more importantly, it’s a place where they can spend more time together. I believe everyone has a song in their heart that needs to be set free. Wildwood Grove will be a place where families can learn together about what their heart song truly is.” “I think our guests are going to be excited about the diverse combination of attractions they will find in Wildwood Grove,” said Craig Ross, President of The Dollywood Company. “It continues our commitment to provide guests a variety of unique experiences and attractions that every visitor to the park can enjoy. We’ve also incorporated many of their requests for certain amenities that help make their visit more enjoyable. In Wildwood Grove, you’ll find more charging stations, a climate-controlled indoor space for play, larger respite locations, additional play areas that are more inclusive for everyone, and more entertainment opportunities for every member of the family.” The adventure begins as soon as guests enter Wildwood Grove through the massive hollow trunk of a fallen tree. Once inside this delightful place, a remarkable world is unveiled to families through their own imaginations. The Wildwood Tree – a tree unlike any other – serves as the centerpiece of the area. It grows from a cluster of natural rock and boulders and



offers a natural platform for performances throughout the day and night. The green, leafy canopy is adorned with thousands of butterflies that dance playfully in the breeze. As the sun sinks in the sky, Wildwood Grove glows warmly as lanterns and lights glimmer like cheerful fireflies. Once darkness falls, the area sparkles as the Wildwood Tree comes to life each evening in a unique nighttime show that features the butterflies glowing in a kaleidoscope of spectacular color. Six new ride attractions await guests eager to explore this captivating land. Those attractions include: » The Dragonflier – This thrilling suspended roller coaster lets guests soar with a dragonfly as it dips and darts along the gushing geysers and lush landscape of Wildwood Grove. » Black Bear Trail - Riders hop on the back of these friendly bears for a spirited trek through their natural habitat. Families will enjoy meandering through the woods of this unique Smoky Mountain experience. » Sycamore Swing – Guests aboard this thrilling “leaf boat” swing back and forth just like a leaf falling from a giant sycamore tree. » Treetop Tower – This family tower gives guests a sky-high view of Wildwood Grove as they soar nearly 40 feet in the air. Riders, seated inside giant acorns, spin around the top of a tall oak tree before gently drifting back to the grove floor. » The Mad Mockingbird – Tennessee’s state bird, the mockingbird, gives visitors a lift as it flies in a high speed circle around a tall tree. Riders control their ride experience by moving a sail as the birds rush above the ground. » Frogs and Fireflies – These friendly frogs hop up and down as they chase each other around the lily pad trying to catch the flickering fireflies fluttering from the tall reeds and grasses. Adventurous guests can hop aboard for this riveting race. Play options abound inside Wildwood Grove. Hidden Hollow, a 4,000 square foot indoor play space, provides a climate-controlled area for families looking to recharge before their next big adventure. With climbing structures, slides, and multiple games, play time here is full of exploration. Another refreshing stop for play is at Wildwood Creek,

where numerous pop jets, splashing pools, and more await. There guests also can discover their musical side thanks to the various “instruments” available to play. Several new friends await guests to the area. In the tradition of the Wildwood butterflies before them, Flit and Flutter – Wildwood Grove’s butterfly ambassadors of beauty and grace – dutifully watch over the Wildwood Tree. While each has their own distinct personality, both Flit and Flutter enjoy interacting with visitors to Wildwood Grove. Guests also can meet Benjamin Bear, a playful friend who loves to explore the grove with new visitors. Wildwood Grove’s featured dining establishment, named Till & Harvest, offers another great option from Dollywood’s award-winning foods team. Visitors can order from a selection of Southwest fresh favorites, including burritos, salads, and more, all with a Southern twist. In addition to traditional entrees and a topping bar with assorted salsas, guests can add items like pulled pork and fresh coleslaw to their selections. A walk-up window provides sweet treats like churros and ice cream. As with most areas of Dollywood, Wildwood Grove takes advantage of the natural beauty of the surrounding Smoky Mountains. Nearly $1 million has been planned for landscaping the area, with more than 400 trees and 1,000 shrubs helping transform this space into a lush and relaxing spot hidden within the foothills of the Smokies. While Wildwood Grove opens in 2019, Dollywood guests still have great festivals to enjoy during 2018’s Season of Showstoppers. Dollywood’s Harvest Festival presented by Humana (Sept. 28 – Nov. 3) features the return of Great Pumpkin LumiNights, which doubles in size in 2018, as well as the largest Southern gospel celebration in the world. The season ends with the 10-time winner for Best Christmas Event, Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Christmas presented by Humana (Nov. 10 – Jan. 5). This year Wilderness Pass transforms into Glacier Ridge, a winter wonderland complete with a 50 foot tall video motion Christmas tree. For more information about Dollywood, call 1-800-DOLLYWOOD or visit www.dollywood. com. Graphic courtesy of Business Wire

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Lee Ann Womack October 5 • 8 PM • Bijou Theatre


RTISTS DON’T REALLY make albums like Lee Ann Womack’s THE LONELY, THE LONESOME & THE GONE anymore. Albums that seem to exist separate and apart from any external pressures. Albums that possess both a profound sense of history and a clear-eyed vision for the future. Albums that transcend genres while embracing their roots. Albums that evoke a sense of place and of personality so vivid they make listeners feel more like participants in the songs than simply admirers of them. Anybody who has paid attention to Womack for the past decade or so could see she was headed in this direction. The album is a breathtaking hybrid of country, soul, gospel, and blues, coming from Womack’s core. Capturing the reality of East Texas music isn’t always easy, but being in Houston helped make that happen, inspiring an approach to the recording process that everyone embraced from the first note played. Womack wanted to make sure the album had a lot of soul in it, because real country music has soul, and she wanted to remind people of that. When you make albums, and aren’t just going for singles – you really have to treat them with respect. In Houston, with all its history, eccentricity, diversity, and its lack of pretense, she found a place where she could flourish. Listen, and when Womack and the music take you there, you’ll find you want to stay.

For more information, visit www.knoxbijou.org. September 2018 EVERYTHING KNOXVILLE


Buddy Guy

at the Tennessee Theatre A

T AGE 81, Buddy Guy is a Rock

and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, a major influence on rock titans like Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and Stevie Ray Vaughan, a pioneer of Chicago’s fabled West Side sound, and a living link to the city’s halcyon days of electric blues. Buddy Guy has received seven GRAMMY Awards, a 2015 Lifetime Achievement GRAMMY Award, 37 Blues Music Awards (the most any artist has received), the Billboard Magazine Century Award for distinguished artistic achievement, a Kennedy Center Honor, and the Presidential National Medal of Arts. Rolling Stone Magazine ranked him #23 in its “100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time.” Guy released his latest studio album, Born to Play Guitar, on July 31, 2015, via Silvertone/RCA Records, which debuted at #1 on Billboard’s Top Blues Albums chart. The follow-up to his 2013 first-ever double disc release, Rhythm & Blues, which also debuted at #1 on Billboard’s Top Blues Albums chart, Born to Play Guitar was produced by GRAMMY Award-winning producer/songwriter and Buddy’s long-time collaborator, Tom Hambridge. The release features guest appearances by Van Morrison, Joss Stone, Kim Wilson, and Billy Gibbons.



Though Guy will forever be associated with Chicago, his story actually begins in Louisiana. One of five children, he was born in 1936 to a sharecropper’s family and raised on a plantation near the small town of Lettsworth, located some 140 miles northwest of New Orleans. Buddy was just seven years old when he fashioned his first makeshift “guitar” – a two-string contraption attached to a piece of wood and secured with his mother’s hairpins. In 1957, he took his guitar to Chicago, where he would permanently alter the direction of the instrument, first on numerous sessions for Chess Records playing alongside Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters, and the rest of the label’s legendary roster, and then on recordings of his own. His incendiary style left its mark on guitarists from Jimmy Page to John Mayer. “He was for me what Elvis was probably like for other people,” said Eric Clapton at Guy’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction in 2005. “My course was set, and he was my pilot.” Seven years later, July 2012 proved to be one of Guy’s most remarkable years ever. He was awarded the 2012 Kennedy Center Honor for his lifetime contribution to American culture; earlier in the year, at a performance at the White House, he even persuaded President

Obama to join him on a chorus of “Sweet Home Chicago.” Also in 2012, he published his long-awaited memoir, When I Left Home. These many years later, Guy is a genuine American treasure and one of the final surviving connections to an historic era in the country’s musical evolution. He keeps looking to the future of the blues through his ongoing work with his 18-year-old protg, Quinn Sullivan. “I worry a lot about the legacy of Muddy, Wolf, and all the guys who created this stuff,” said Guy. “I want people to remember them. It’s like the Ford car – Henry Ford invented the Ford car, and regardless how much technology they got on them now, you still have that little sign that says ‘Ford’ on the front. “One of the last things Muddy Waters told me – when I found out how ill he was, I gave him a call and said, ‘I’m on my way to your house.’ And he said, ‘Don’t come out here, I’m doing alright. Just keep the blues alive.’ They all told me that if they left here before I did, then everything was going to be on my shoulders. So as long as I’m here, I’m going to do whatever I can to keep it alive.” Guy will be performing at the Tennessee Theatre on September 27. For more information or tickets, visit www.tennesseetheatre.com.

VISIT OUR SHOWROOM OR CALL FOR A FREE ESTIMATE 9939 Kingston Pike | Knoxville, TN | 865-247-0404 | www.clintonglasscompany.com



September 1: Market Square Farmers’ Market featuring products made or grown in East Tennessee. Saturdays, September 1, 8, 15, 22 & 29, from 9 am to 2 pm and Wednesdays, September 5, 12, 19 & 26, from 11 am to 2 pm. September 3: Labor Day.

September 3: Mighty Musical Monday with Dor L’Dor at the Tennessee Theatre at noon. Free! September 7: First Friday on Market Square, Gay Street, The Old City, and Downtown North beginning at 5 pm. September 7: Three Dog Night at the Knoxville Civic Auditorium at 8 pm. September 7-16: Tennessee Valley Fair at Chilhowee Park. September 8: UT Football vs. East TN State at Neyland Stadium at 4 pm. September 9: Blue Knights 9/11 Remembrance Ride at World’s Fair Park from 10 am to 12 pm. September 11: Michael McDonald at the Tennessee Theatre at 7:30 pm. September 13: YWCA Tribute to Women at the Bijou Theatre at 7 pm.



September 14: Wine on the Water at Volunteer Landing from 5:30 to 9:30 pm.

September 24: Kaleo at the Tennessee Theatre at 7:30 pm.

September 14: Earls of Leicester at the Bijou Theatre at 8 pm.

September 24: Cat & Nat at the Bijou Theatre at 8 pm.

September 14: Movies on Market Square at 8 pm. Every Friday night through October 19. Free!

September 25: Infamous Stringdusters at the Bijou Theatre at 8 pm.

September 14: The Black Jacket Symphony: AC/DC’s Back in Black at the Tennessee Theatre at 8 pm. September 15: UT Football vs. UTEP at Neyland Stadium at 12 pm. September 15: Smoky Mountain Burlesque Festival at the Bijou Theatre at 8 pm. September 20: Knoxville Symphony Orchestra presents Brahms & Rachmaninoff at the Tennessee Theatre at 7:30 pm.

September 26: Tig Notaro at the Bijou Theatre at 8 pm. September 27: Buddy Guy at the Tennessee Theatre at 7:30 pm. September 27: Drive-By Truckers at the Bijou Theatre at 8 pm. September 28: Steve Martin & Martin Short: An Evening You Will Forget for the Rest of Your Life at the Knoxville Civic Auditorium at 8 pm. September 29: John Sevier Living History Day at Marble Springs State Historic Site.

September 21: Brew at the Zoo at Zoo Knoxville from 6 to 10 pm.

September 29: The 90 Year Speakeasy at the Tennessee Theatre at 8 pm.

September 21: Mountainfilm on Tour at the Bijou Theatre at 7:30 pm.

September 30: 2018 Greater Knoxville Heart Walk at World’s Fair Park from 1:30 to 4:30 pm.

September 22: St. Jude Walk/Run to End Childhood Cancer at Zoo Knoxville. September 22: UT Football vs. Florida at Neyland Stadium.

September 30: KSO Chamber Orchestra at the Bijou Theatre at 2:30 pm.


New Exhibitions Opening at the Emporium Center on September 7


Alliance is pleased to present five new exhibitions at the Emporium Center in downtown Knoxville from September 7-28. A reception will take place on Friday, September 7, from 5 to 9 pm as part of First Friday activities downtown to which the public is invited to meet the artists and view the artwork. Most of the works are for sale and may be purchased through the close of the exhibition. Additionally, The Big Camera and A1LabArts will host a September First Friday event entitled Portraits & Pop-Up Gallery outside of the Emporium beginning at 5 pm on September 7. The Big Camera will take portraits of people in the community and feature work from local artists. Yumee Eun: An Exploration of an Enlightened Spirit in the Main Gallery Yu m e e E u n ’s inspired art grew from long hours of deep meditation and prayer. Her small sketches and poetry grew with her visions Yumee Eun in the form of large canvas paintings with acrylics, oils, plasters, mud, and charcoals. Her artistic style is described simply as an all-encompassing poem of life. Her art embraces life in a deeply spiritual and soulful way. In a time where people are less creative and more structured, and art classes are nothing more than directing people to paint “perfect” pieces in order, her hope is that those who view her work will see her invitation to bravely explore themselves and create something uniquely individual. Inspired by the works of Indian artist and poet Rabindranath Tagore and Siddhartha novelist Herman Hesse, her artwork and poetry reflect their pathos, as well as her own internal struggles into thoughtful awakened images of growth and beauty. Judy Jorden & Peggy Leland: Variations in the Balcony Gallery Judy Jorden received her BFA degree in Painting at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. She taught art education for 31 years in Knox County schools and then worked with art interns as a part-time clinical faculty member for the Art Education Department at UT. Inspiration for her current paintings emerges from close-up surface texture studies found in metal objects, plant forms, and a variety of views from onsite studies. She arranges these artworks into groupings, creating a mosaic of miniature paintings and also group paintings with a

similar subject matter. Peggy Kretchmar L e l a n d ’s r e c e n t work is concerned w i t h p re s e n t i n g a variety of viewp o i nt s, b o t h fa r away and close up. Aerial views are Judy Jorden especially captivating because they can create abstract, geometric, and organic patterns. The sense of space conveyed using distinct viewpoints is often mysterious. This subject matter, together with the endless possibilities presented by the use Peggy Leland of encaustic media, results in a wide array of visual experiments and outcomes. SOUTHERN GOTHIC on the North Wall SOUTHERN GOTHIC includes a collection of paintings by Stephen Brayfield with poems by Tonya Wade. Stephen Brayfield began drawing at an Stephen Brayfield early age, which led to his acceptance into the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1981-1982. There he studied drawing, printmaking, anatomical rendering, and scientific illustration.. Brayfield relocated to Knoxville in 2008 and received the portfolio award in the New-to-Knoxville Juried Exhibition held by the Arts & Culture Alliance, as well as awards in the Southern Watercolor Societies 35th and 39th annual Juried Exhibitions. The exhibit includes a series of Brayfield’s watercolor paintings exploring southern gothic themes with an emphasis on the portrait and figure. Although there is always an element of darkness present, gothic doesn’t always mean darkness. At an early age, Tonya Wade made friends with the monsters hiding in her closet. Through them, she awakened to the subtle beauty only darkness possesses. Wade enjoys various streams of poetry, but it was Emily Dickinson who gave her the courage to discard rules. She also credits Andre Breton’s automatism with widening her approach to poetry. She and Brayfield have been together since he found her haunting his closet two years ago. Wade lends poetic titles and suggests content

for many of Brayfield’s paintings, and he will also create a painting inspired by one of her poems. His encouragement means everything. Knox County Stormwater: Storm Drain Style-Off on the North Wall In 2017, nine local artists painted colorful, original murals at Knox County libraries (Bearden branch Stormwater and Karns branch) to raise awareness about water pollution. These beautiful paintings are whimsical and playful yet convey the message that individuals can make a difference for our streams by not using storm drains as trash bins. The Knox County Stormwater and Library departments held a design contest open to all artists. The aim of the contest was to bring visibility to water issues through the artists’ imagination and creative talent. In its second year, the 2018 Storm Drain Style-Off contest re-imagines traditional approaches to public outreach and connects to communities through art. During August, select artists painted colorful scenes and interpretations of stream life as a means of educating the public about throwing away trash, pet waste, oil, and grass clippings properly instead of into a storm drain. These items have devastating effects on stream life if they are discarded into a storm drain, because our storm drains lead directly into the streams and rivers. These works of art can be viewed at five Knox County libraries: Cedar Bluff Branch, Fountain City Branch, Halls Branch, Howard Pinkston Branch, and North Knoxville Branch. Ericka Ryba: Devour in the Display Case Ericka Ryba is a local, Knoxville-based potter. She started her career studying Culinary Arts and became interested in the health and nutrition of our bodies. After experiencing significant declines in her own health, she came to Ericka Ryba believe wholeheartedly in the adages “you are what you eat” or “let food be thy medicine.” This body of work explores the double-edge sword that food represents in our culture. It represents her daily experience, where she is surrounded by enticing and appealing food that she cannot enjoy physically. It can be a visual sensory experience but cannot be experienced beyond that. The exhibitions are on display at the Emporium Center, located at 100 S. Gay Street in downtown Knoxville. Exhibition hours are Monday through Friday 9 am to 5 pm. For more information, contact the Arts & Culture Alliance at 865-523-7543 or visit www.knoxalliance.com. September 2018 EVERYTHING KNOXVILLE





names in cruising, Princess Cruises, first set sail in 1965 with a single ship cruising to Mexico. Today the line has grown to become the third largest cruise line in the world, renowned for innovative ships, an array of onboard options, and an environment of exceptional customer service. A recognized leader in worldwide cruising, Princess offers approximately 1.7 million passengers each year the opportunity to escape to the top destinations around the globe aboard a fleet of 18 modern vessels. Princess Cruises was catapulted to stardom in 1977 when one of its ships, Pacific Princess, was cast in a starring role on a new television show called “The Love Boat.” The weekly series, which introduced millions of viewers to the concept of a sea-going vacation, was an instant hit, and both the company name and its “seawitch” logo have remained synonymous with cruising ever since. The show, which can 62


still be seen around the world, has been widely credited with fueling the dramatic expansion of the industry.


Since the line’s beginnings, Princess has frequently paved the way in the cruise industry, evolving to meet the needs of the today’s

vacationer. In fact, a number of Princess concepts have since been adopted by the entire cruise industry. The company has long been the leader in building ships specifically designed to accommodate an extensive number of the most sought-after shipboard luxury – the private balcony. In the 1980s, Princess pioneered

the concept of the affordable veranda, once an exclusive feature incorporated in only the most expensive suites. Today Princess’ fleet offers one of the highest percentages of balcony cabins in the industry across all cabin categories. In the mid-1990s, the company pioneered the concept of putting passengers in control of their own cruise experience with the introduction of a wide range of flexible onboard facilities, amenities, and services in order to create a personal vacation experience. The company also pioneered 24-hour dining with the first ‘round-the-clock restaurant. Dining options were further revolutionized in 2001 as Princess became the first cruise line to offer passengers a choice in their main dining room experience – either the traditional seating or a restaurant-style Anytime Dining, in which diners could eat when and with whom they chose. Some other Princess innovations throughout the years include the first wedding chapel hosting modern-day weddings at sea, the unique Times Square-style Movies Under the Stars poolside movie screen, and The Sanctuary, an adults-only oasis that has become exceedingly popular with passengers looking to relax.


No matter where Princess ships sail, passengers enjoy warm and gracious service in an atmosphere of comfortable elegance. Princess crew members are dedicated to providing exceptional service to ensure guests can escape the everyday with an unforgettable vacation. Public spaces on Princess ships are designed to feel intimate, even on the largest vessels, and feature contemporary décor, allowing passengers to enjoy themselves in an informal, relaxed onboard atmosphere that mirrors today’s lifestyles. Princess Cruises customer service training program has worked to ensure superior service levels for more than a decade, making it the longest running such program in the industry. This guiding philosophy defines the Princess onboard experience and

includes a variety of programs to make sure that onboard staff members work in unison to serve passengers and provide a remarkable cruise experience.


More than 150 different itineraries offer travelers the opportunity to literally cover the globe, with sailings to six continents that call at more than 300 ports and destinations around the world. Destinations include the Caribbean, Alaska, Panama Canal, Europe, Mexico, South America, Australia/New Zealand, South Pacific, Hawaii, Tahiti/ French Polynesia, Asia, India, Africa, Canada/ New England, and world cruises. Princess passengers can enhance their cruise experience with a wide array of in-port excursions worldwide, and the company’s cruisetour offerings enable passengers to combine their cruise with a full land tour. In particular, having led the way in Gulf of Alaska cruising, Princess maintains a strong presence in the 49th state. Through its Seattle-based Princess Tours division, the company operates a wide variety of spectacular land and sea experiences in the majestic “Land of the Midnight Sun.” The largest cruise and tour operator in the state, Princess operates as many as eight cruise ships, five riverside wilderness lodges, a fleet of deluxe motor coaches, and luxury domed rail cars, which provide easy access to Alaska’s interior with the line’s unique “Direct to the Wilderness” service. As a result, Princess passengers can connect seamlessly between cruise ship and a land tour, giving them the opportunity to experience Alaska’s most popular attractions in a single vacation.


Princess’ 17-ship fleet offers a range of sizes and amenities. The line’s largest vessels include Majestic Princess (2017), Regal Princess (2014), Royal Princess (2013), Caribbean Princess (2004), Crown Princess (2006), Diamond Princess (2004), Emerald Princess (2007), Golden Princess (2001), Grand Princess (1998), Ruby Princess (2008), Sapphire Princess (2004), and Star Princess

(2002). Mid-sized vessels consist of Coral Princess (2003), Island Princess (2003), Sea Princess (1998), and Sun Princess (1995), while the line’s small ships feature a more intimate cruising experience aboard Pacific Princess (1999) and Ocean Princess (1999). The most recent additions to the fleet, Regal Princess and Royal Princess, introduced a new generation of ships to the fleet in 2013 and 2014. The ships feature a 50% larger atrium, which is the social hub of the ship; a dramatic over-water SeaWalk, a top-deck glass-bottomed walkway extending more than 28 feet beyond the edge of the vessel; plush private poolside cabanas that appear to be floating on the water; a dazzling water and light show; the new Princess Live! television studio; a dedicated pastry shop; more dining options including a special Chef’s Table Lumiere, a private space that surrounds diners in a curtain of light; and balconies on all outside staterooms. Princess Cruises is part of Carnival Corporation, one of the largest vacation companies in the world. For more information, visit www.princess.com. September 2018 EVERYTHING KNOXVILLE


Success in Small Business is Not a Game of Chance B Y TO M I R M E N


O D D S for a successful new business launch are abysmal, but they don’t need to be. Your odds increase significantly depending on whether you view your startup as a game of chance or a solid business opportunity. If you believe that your potential for success will come down to a roll of the dice or your celestial sign, you might want to hold on to your day job. The same is true of would-be entrepreneurs that want to transition their favorite hobby into a viable business. You may discover that your passion for your once favorite hobby will fade once it moves beyond the fun activity you used to fill your leisure time. But if you believe that you have the necessary drive and the requisite entrepreneurial spirit required for success, start by asking yourself these questions: » Is my product or service unique? If you discover that you can’t successfully differentiate your product or service from the competition, you will likely have to

Success as an entrepreneur depends largely on your perspective. charge less. And unless you possess some significant cost advantages, you will probably find that squeezing your margins may not result in the success you had hoped for. » Do I have the necessary working

capital to succeed? The anticipation of future sales, reliance on credit cards, and leveraging your vendors is not a formula for success. In fact, the eventual tsunami of high interest debt and resulting poor relationships with your favored vendors is a recipe for disaster that you may never escape from. » Am I willing to create and follow a business plan? If the answer is no, small business ownership may not be for you. A well-thought out and carefully implemented business plan will significantly enhance your potential for success. Add to that the accountability from a few trusted mentors and you may be well on your way to a rewarding future as a successful small business owner with the odds squarely in your corner. Success as an entrepreneur depends largely on your perspective. Do you view your new venture as a game of chance or a solid business opportunity? If you find yourself saying that “you’ll give it a shot,” you may be rolling the dice.

E T I Q U E T T E by Monica Irvine

A Professional is Accountable to Self & Others T


and others is to do what we say, when we say we will and with the utmost attention to details. How often are we disappointed because someone told us they would do something and then they didn’t keep their word? Of course emergencies come up and unexpected circumstances arrive, but we need to be in the habit of keeping our word and making sure that not doing so is the exception. Here are a few standards to help measure our accountability: Do we have high ethical standards? Do we strive to be honest, truthful, competent, and fair? A lifetime of high ethical standards should be the ambition and intention of any professional. » Devoted to the cause: When we are devoted to the cause we are engaged in, regardless of the company we perform the duty to, we strive to make a difference. Most professionals I know are devoted to



organizations for a good cause. As we find professional organizations that we can volunteer our time and talents to, we gain joy in knowing we are contributing to the better good. Being a member of such organizations is a great way to meet others who share our passion, increase our sphere of influence and our network, improve the resources that affect our cause, and help remind us of the ultimate goal we share with others. » We place customer satisfaction as number one: Above all, we must be devoted to the customer. As we strive for excellence in customer satisfaction, we are more likely to be anxiously engaged in improving ourselves and our company to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction. We must work to understand what our customer wants, expects, and demands, then make it happen. » We accept responsibility: A true professional always, without exception, accepts responsibility for their actions, both the

good and the bad, regardless of the outcome. “Downplaying” results, leaving out details, or deception in any way to avoid responsibility is the sign of a coward... the opposite of a true professional. » We are strong, but we are humble: The definition of humility is a lack of false pride. This absolutely does not mean that we lack in confidence in our abilities and talents, but it simply means that we know we are not above constructive criticism, we acknowledge we don’t have all the answers, we welcome others’ views and ideas, we seek to continue to learn, and we are willing to listen to others in order to increase our own understanding.

Monica Irvine The Etiquette Factory President 865.719.7302 www.theetiquettefactory.com monica@theetiquettefactory.com

All Annuities Are Not the Same R

B Y Y V O N N E M A R S H , C F P ® , C PA


an article written by an investment advisor who disparaged annuities as complex, full of hidden fees, and subject to a higher tax burden when Yvonne Marsh, compared to stock investCFP®, CPA ments. He started out referencing annuities in general and quickly devolved into bashing one subset of annuities – a non-IRA variable annuity. I’m not a huge fan of non-IRA variable annuities either, but he did the readers a disservice in not recognizing that there are other types of annuities that can fit a retiree’s lifestyle quite nicely. I’ll provide a little counter balance and discuss two other types of annuities for the more conservative investor. Fixed annuities are much like a bank CD, where your principal is not subject to market loss, and they pay a guaranteed rate of interest for a guaranteed period of time. They are different than a bank CD in that they are tax-deferred, and they are not FDIC insured. Instead you rely on the strength of the insurance company and the Tennessee State Guaranty Fund. Typical terms range from three to five years, and you can generally withdraw interest without penalty. Plan

Many retirees don’t have pensions anymore, and their biggest concern is outliving their money. to leave your principal alone, though, or you can incur declining surrender charges. Fixed index annuities are also not subject to market loss. They calculate interest by using indexes tied to the markets – the S&P, Nasdaq, etc. Interest credits annually depending on how those indexes perform. If the markets are negative in a given year, you won’t earn any interest – but your principal won’t go backward either. Be aware that they are considered longer term investments, generally 10 years, where you can withdraw 10% of your account without penalty, but excess withdrawals incur declining surrender charges. Many retirees don’t have pensions anymore, and their biggest concern is outliving their money. So they opt to add a lifetime

income withdrawal feature to their fixed index annuity. The insurance company is contractually required to pay lifetime income, even if the retiree outlives his annuity balance. (And for the spouse’s life, too, if they choose a joint-life option.) If he passes away early, the remaining annuity balance goes to his heirs. Fees for the income rider range from 0% to 1.5%. Remember all guarantees are dependent on the strength and claims-paying ability of the insurance company. Pick a highly rated one. Lastly, no matter what IRA’s are invested in – mutual funds, bank CDs, or lifetime income annuities – they are taxed as ordinary income and heirs receive no “step-up” in basis. So choose the investment that gives you the greatest peace of mind. That’s what matters in the end.

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What is the Benefit of Laser Hair Removal?

Matthew B. Doppelt D.O., F.A.O.C.D., F.A.A.D. Board Certified Dermatologist


CCORDING TO the American Society of Aesthetic

Plastic Surgery 2017 survey, hair removal is the number one sought after energy-based aesthetic procedure in the world. Unlike traditional hair removal methods such as waxing, shaving, bleaching, or using depilatory creams that only provide temporary hair reduction, laser hair removal impacts the root of the problem, providing permanent hair reduction. In the long run, laser hair removal saves time and money. It can also eliminate the pain and embarrassment of unsightly razor bumps. How does laser hair removal work? Lasers emit specific wavelengths of light that can pass through the skin and specifically target the pigment within the hair. When enough energy is absorbed by the pigment, the follicle is permanently destroyed. It is important to understand that the hair follicles have three phases of a growth cycle. Only hair follicles that are in the active growing phase (anagen phase) can be permanently destroyed. This is one of the reasons why multiple laser hair removal treatment sessions are needed in the same area to obtain adequate clearance. What makes the Triton laser hair removal device different? Not all hair removal lasers are equal, and there are numerous devices on the market. There are even low energy level lasers being sold to the public for home use. These devices do not produce the energy necessary for permanent hair reduction. Physician grade devices have been evolving over time. They are getting faster and producing better results. Enter Triton, the world’s first high-powered simultaneous multi-wavelength hair removal device. It is the only FDA cleared device to have simultaneous firing of multiple wavelengths on a hair removal machine. Unlike older devices, which only emit a single wavelength of light, Triton has multi-wavelength hair removal energies that work in synergy to treat the widest range of hair removal concerns. These capabilities assure patients that Triton will be the best solution for their individual hair removal needs. This game changing device can treat virtually all hair removal concerns such as: » Light hair or skin » Dark hair or skin » Fine or coarse hair » Medium complexion and thickness » Stubborn hair » Large body areas that require quick treatment times » Small sensitive areas

Traditional laser hair removal treatments often require 6, 8, 10, or more sessions. With Triton, we are seeing 70-80% clearance in just 3 treatments (about half the number of traditional “Gold Standard” lasers) by blending these wavelengths together. What should I expect during and after a Triton treatment? Triton hair removal treatments are quick. Even large areas such as a back or legs can be treated in about 15 minutes. The effectiveness of Triton’s contact cooling makes the treatments very tolerable. A slight sunburn-like feel will be noticeable for several days, but there is no downtime. Southeastern Dermatology is proud to be one of the first practices in the United States to offer hair removal treatments with the Triton. Call today to schedule your hair lazing experience.

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