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CHANGE IS in the air - and it’s not just the weather! We have had four families in our close proximity take advantage of the housing boom, so we now look forward to meeting some new neighbors. Our son is embarking on an exciting new job opportunity, and

have also decided as a family to do a home-away-from-home in a mountain house

the Thanksgiving holiday.

As the season of giving approaches, look to Everything Knoxville for wonderful local shopping ideas and unique finds in the area. A good place to start is our Insights & Highlights spread. Don’t forget to think big and shop small - and you’re sure to find something special for everyone on your list!

Design Decor’s Mary Ellen and Linda, our cover feature for this month, once again remind us that the holidays are designed to be full of beauty and fun! Their energy and creativity can help take the stress out of decorating.

Whether you need a few accessories to brighten your home or are ready to bring in the pros to handle it all, they are here to help!

With November holding both Veterans Day and Thanksgiving, we feel it is important to extend our thanks to those who serve or have served our country. Your contributions to protecting our freedoms and opportunities are remembered and appreciated! Medical professionals and veteran Dr. Mike, along with his wife, Melissa Major, NP, are now able to offer some real help and healing for our veteran community and others affected by PTSD at MBody Healthcare. We are forever thankful for our team, our families, and our many loyal advertising partners. Let’s all try to not make this holiday season a time of overwhelming to-do lists - remember to delegate and ask for help so that everyone is involved in the preparation. That way, years from now, we’ll remember the time shared and the fun we had celebrating our many blessings!

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From the Publisher EVERYTHING KNOXVILLE | VOLUME 16 | ISSUE 10 Cover
photo by Morgan Hayley Harper Photo by Morgan Hayley Harper
Knox Heritage ......................................... 22 Insights & Highlights ............................. 26 Random Acts of Flowers ..................... 41 Food and Recipes ................................. 44 Travel and Recreation .......................... 47 Calendar of Events ............................... 48 10 Tailored Living Now The Tailored Closet to more accurately reflect their vision for the future. 14 Blue Ridge Yoga Offering compassionate, non-competitive yoga to help you live a happier and healthier life. 20 Designer Garages Discover how to create a safer garage with customized overhead storage. 30 Fleenor Security Systems Keep your home safe this holiday season. 31 The Lunchbox Your one-stop shop for pies and baked goods, take & bake meals, and side dishes for the holidays.
Photo by Mirtography
It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Take the stress out of holiday home and office decorating with Design Decor’s concierge seasonal design services. Look to Linda and Mary Ellen for personalized, creative ideas that will Wow! your guestsfrom fully ornamented trees to festive tablescapes and everything in between!
rental for

Design Decor’s Tips for a DESIGNER-QUALITYChristmas Tree

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

FULL DISCLOSURE: I am one of those people who loves to go “all out” with decking the halls for the holidays.

We’re talking trees, lights, garland - every room in my home gets to share in the spirit of the season. It’s part of the reason why I wanted to get into the decorating business! And using festive touches of decor to help families and businesses make their own holidays a little happier brings me joy as well.

We deliver that joy through Design Decor, a full-service deco rating dream team based here in Knoxville that’s able to transform

your space with designer-quality decor customized to fit your per sonal style.

One tradition many of us share during Christmastime is displaying a decorated tree. And since I am not personally a designer (I hire the team at Design Decor!), I asked Linda Heaton Ridings, Design Decor’s designer and co-owner, to share her top tree-trimming tips:

Size it up

Since it’s likely the biggest decoration you’ll have in your home for the holidays, the tree is the star of the show. But, it still needs to fit the stage… er, space... where it will spend the season. If you have tall ceilings, a 4-foot tree isn’t going to have the same impression as one that stretches the height of the room.

In a pinch, tables can help small trees feel larger. Or, if it’s a partic ularly large open space, you might even consider grouping multiple trees of varying widths and heights to combine for a larger unified focal point.

Top it off

To decorate the tree, start at the top and work your way down. That means the topper, whatever you’re planning to have at the tippy top of the tree, goes on first, that way there’s no chance of knocking off any ornaments while climbing your way to the pinnacle.

Linda suggests having in mind a color scheme or a theme before placing anything on a branch. She likes to use toppers that stand out and draw the eyes up to the top. Big bows or sparkling twigs can help have that effect and help tie the whole tree together.

Photo by Morgan Hayley Harper

Keep things in perspective

The lights are on, the topper’s on, now it’s time to fill the branches with ornaments. Keeping the theme you picked in mind, Linda says you can create a more visually interesting tree by mixing up shapes and textures. For example, pair flowers with glass ball ornaments. We have lots of different options here in our showroom.

But, the thing to keep in mind here is that the placement of each piece is key. Larger ornaments are best on the bottom branches where the tree is widest, with smaller ornaments toward the top. This strategy helps create a flow from top to bottom and is easier on the eyes.

Tucking a wide ribbon around the tree helps fill any bare spaces without ornaments and is another way to add texture and dimension.

Or just call us!

Let’s be honest, bringing the tree and decorations out of storage is a chore in itself, then when you add in having to put everything together and display it… it can be exhausting and take some of the “happy” out of the holidays. But, that’s why Design Decor is here!

Our team of decorators can deliver and set up a fully decorated Christmas tree, plus other accent pieces to sprinkle some more spirit into your home or business, in four hours or less, giving you time to enjoy the wonders of the season and your design er-quality decorations.

Plus, after the holiday is over, we’ll take down the decorations and store them for you. It’s a win-win!

Our showroom has more than 4,000 square feet packed with differ ent styles of decorated trees and decor you can use as a starting point to choose from so we can create a look that fits your style. Or, you can just shop individual pieces and add them to your own decor.

Linda and I are committed to making designer decor available to everyone with any budget. One way we do that is by offering the option to purchase or lease items, so you don’t necessarily have to have the same decorations every year! It’s a great way to keep things fresh and exciting.

We also offer Designer Workshops to give you the chance to express your inner designer and make your own custom floral pieces under Linda’s guidance as a Master Florist.

There’s always something beautiful happening at Design Decor! Come visit us in our amazing showroom to see for yourself how we’re “dedicated to distinctive decorating!”

Design Decor

627 American Glass


Way Knoxville,
37932 865.896.3450 DesignDecorKnoxville.com November 2022 EVERYTHING KNOXVILLE 7

at: www.marshwealth.com

504 Ebenezer Road Knoxville, TN 37923 865.622.2162 bethany@marshwealth.com

Confidently Living Single, Now or in the Future

OK LADIES, this article is mostly for you. Whether you’re living single this very minute or not, odds are that you will at some point in your life. Statistically, women outlive men by about seven years, so we need to embrace our longevity, celebrate it, and plan for it.

When I talk with my single women clients, a theme that resonates repeatedly is one of inde pendence and self-sufficiency. “I don’t want to be a burden to my kids” or “I want to maintain my financial independence” are common expressions.

What’s it like living single? To be expected, cash flow is typically tighter. The household has one Social Security check instead of two, tax rates are higher for a single person, and expenses don’t turn out to be half of what a two-person household requires. Fixed expenses such as property taxes, homeowners insurance, and utilities stay the same regardless of the number of occupants.

You need to know your income strategy. If you’re married now, look at the cash flow you’ll have with one Social Security check and under stand whether your spouse’s pension income will continue or cease at his passing. Will you receive life insurance from your spouse? Is your house paid for so you won’t have a housing payment? If you’re unsure of what the future looks like, don’t just hope for the best - reach out to a financial planner, whether me or your current advisor - and have them help you think through the “single” scenario and how your life style could continue undiminished. This is too important to leave to chance. The single retired women I work with know this to be true.

You also need to plan for long-term care costs. I know I’m a broken record on this topic, but I have to be. There’s a reason that it costs women more for LTC protection than menbecause insurance companies know women are more apt to need it and use it. Remember my favorite type: asset-based LTC insurance. Its cost is guaranteed at issue and has a death benefit for your heirs if you never need it. This is a gift you give yourself AND your family. Let’s be honest, your kids love you, but they don’t want to be your caregiver. Am I right?

We can do this, ladies. We’re all in this together.

Marsh Wealth Management, LLC

TN 37923 865.622.2162


Learn more
worked hard for your
mone y. It
should work hard for
Wealth Management is a boutique duciary rm providing customized investment wealth management services, financial planning, and healthcare strategies. We can help you make informed decisions that ensure you get the most from the money you've saved.
Ready for what's next.
Fiduciary Registered Investment Advisor 504 Ebenezer Road, Knoxville,
Financial Planning & Investment Advisory Services are offered through Marsh Wealth Management, LLC (“MWM”), an independent investment advisor registered with the state of Tennessee. Yvonne Marsh is an Investment Advisor Representative of MWM in the state of Tennessee. Marsh Professional Group, LLC is a TN registered public accounting firm and a separate legal entity from MWM. For a detailed discussion of MWM and their investment advisory fees, see the firm’s Form ADV on file with the SEC at www.adviserinfo.sec.gov. SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 3:00 - 7:00 PM Holiday Market • Food Trucks • Music and Caroling Free Children’s Activities • Tree Lighting And More! Join Lakeshore Park Conservancy for a night in the park filled with the holiday spirit! To sign up a caroling group or to do an activity for children, please email brittany@lakeshoreparkknoxville.org. Lakeshore Park will be lit up for the holidays through all of December! 5930 LYONS VIEW PIKE | LAKESHOREPARKKNOXVILLE.ORG 8 EVERYTHING KNOXVILLE November 2022

Dogtopia Now in Bearden

Daycare, Boarding, and

THE NEW Dogtopia location is owned by local entrepreneurial couple, Jeremiah and Amanda Webb. With a background in early childhood education facilities, the Webbs chose to make a career change to incorporate their love of all things canine! They are excited to offer a valuable, quality service in Bearden with plans to open two more Dogtopia locations in the area.

“Our mission is to create the most exciting day ever for pups while giving their parents peace of mind while their dogs are in our care,” said Jeremiah. “Instead of being left alone at home or in an isolated kennel environment, Dogtopia provides an opportunity for dogs to meet new friends, get exercise, enjoy playtime, and have quality human interaction while their parents are away.”

Their facility comes with spacious, supervised playrooms where dogs are placed according to their size, temperament, and play style to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for your beloved pet. Dogtopia Canine Coaches complete rigorous training, designed by a canine behaviorist, on dog body language and behavior. By knowing how to recognize even the most subtle dog body language, they are able to handle dogs of all sizes, breeds, and temperaments.

Dogtopia of Bearden-Knoxville is now open from 7 am to 7 pm Monday through Friday, 10 am to 5 pm Saturday, and 10 am to 2 pm Sunday for boarding pick-up only. Dog parents can choose weekly enrollment options to suit pet parent lifestyles starting as low as $32 a day, with webcams available in every playroom for check-ins throughout the day. Signing up for an enrollment creates a stable routine for your dog. Dogtopia is the place for your dog to exercise and socialize with other dogs, which improves their health! If your pup needs a spa day, they also offer spa services as a part of our daycare and boarding packages.

For more information, call 865-622-2599 or visit Dogtopia.com/Bearden-Knoxville.

Dogtopia of Bearden-Knoxville

5213 Homberg Drive Knoxville, TN 37919 865.622.2599




The Tailored Closet

YOUR HOME’S STYLE has evolved over time, so is Tailored Living of Knoxville.

Tailored Living of Knoxville, specializing in the design and installation of custom closets and other storage systems for the whole home, is now The Tailored Closet. The rebranding reflects the evolution of the company, as well as its vision for the future.

“The name change better reflects the ser vices offered by the company,” explained Brian Falls, co-owner of The Tailored Closet. “Our name change makes it easier for potential customers to recognize what we do, and it underscores our focus of making the most of a homeowner’s space with cus tom organizational systems.

“While this is a significant change, our core beliefs remain the same. We will con tinue serving our customers with the high

level of quality and service we have always demonstrated. We’re the same great com pany but with a brand new name.”

Since opening its doors almost 13 years ago, the company has been helping home owners throughout the Knoxville area transform their spaces. The Tailored Closet designs and installs custom closets and storage solutions for the whole home. The Tailored Closet of Knoxville, which is locally owned and operated, partners with home owners to solve every day organizational problems, big and small, in inspiring ways. All are designed around a homeowner’s lifestyle.

The Tailored Closet professionals will meet with you in your home, listen to your specific needs, and work with you to design a space that fits your lifestyle. After a recent move to West Knoxville, The Tailored Closet

has a larger showroom to meet with cus tomers to finalize detailed designs.

“We’re committed to listening to the needs of every customer, working with them to meet their expectations, and recog nizing that it’s a true privilege to be invited into their homes and lives,” added Brian.

To request a free consultation or for more information, call 865-777-0306 or visit TailoredClosetKnoxville.com.

The Tailored Closet 865.777.0306


Tailored Living Announces New
The rebranding reflects the evolution of the company, as well as its vision for the future. Join Everything Knoxville on social media for... Expanded content • Coverage and updates that reach beyond the pages of our magazine • More variety of hometown events, area businesses, local music, and more! Knoxville happenings • Latest gallery openings, music venues, and downtown festivals Inspiration to get out and about in our amazing city Giveaways from local shops • Look for gift cards, products, and discounts • See the up-close-and-personal inside of local businesses and what they have to offer We are teaming up with Kristi Parsons, EK travel contributor and so much more, who will be posting for our social media. It is very apparent that she loves all things Knoxville and encourages others to feel the same! 10 EVERYTHING KNOXVILLE November 2022

Surface Doc A Company You Can TRUST

AFEW years ago we hired a man in the community to do some home renovations for us. He stole our money and left us high and dry. John and I were left to do all he left undone. We’ve had friends who have been taken advantage of as well. It’s a terrible feeling to know you’ve been overcharged or downright swindled. We learned our lesson the hard way. Now we check ratings, get referrals, and are suspicious of anyone charging less yet promising more.

How do you know if you can trust a company? I’d say one of the bet gauges of trust is to ask, “Who trusts it?” If the company has a high repeat business cli entele and a high degree of customer satisfaction, that’s a key indication. More than 30% of our monthly clients are repeat! And another 15% are referral. Many clients leave us their house keys or the garage code, and we do the work while they are at work or out of town. That’s trust!

I believe there should also be an exceptional level of trust WITHIN a com pany. Fun facts about our Surface Doc employees: Our lead cleaning tech is our son-in-law, Tony. Our foreman, Harrison, has been known in a business sense by John for years, and even before Harrison ever worked for Surface Doc, his work ethic and integrity was obvious. Three of our “single” cleaning techs have just moved into a home, owned by the company, where they share life outside of work. Two of them have been best friends since childhood. Each of them is a fine, upstanding young man. We are truly blessed to have them, and they are lucky to have relationships with one another. There is a level of trust within our small company that I’ve rarely seen before.

Occasionally a job doesn’t go as planned. There are times John and the guys pick up a Saturday to make a job right that needs to be stellar before a party scheduled for Sunday. Occasionally John has even agreed to a last-minute job and shown up well before the workday begins to accommodate a desperate homeowner. Time and time again, I’ve seen John and his guys go above and beyond every reasonable expectation.

If you are looking for a company that you can trust, that will do a great job in a timely fashion at a fair price, please give us a call. John and his crew never charge for an estimate or a demonstration. Visit us online at SurfaceDoc.com to see before/ after videos and photos, and then give John a call to schedule your cleaning.

Surface Doc now offers “Soft Washing” of siding and roofs for both businesses and homeowners, including stucco, cedar, vinyl, aluminum, stone, brick, slate, clay, asphalt, etc. Now Surface Doc will safely clean your siding and roof without the use of high pressure. Get rid of the green and black algae on your home. CALL TODAY FOR A FREE ESTIMATE. 865.567.1986 | SurfaceDoc.com
NEW ACCESSORIES & FURNISHIN Interior Design 2D & 3D Renderings Custom Window Treatments Furniture Showroom Check out our local showroom in FRANKLIN SQUARE! Next to Smart Toys & Books 9 7 0 0 K I N G S T O N P I K E K N O X V I L L E , T N 3 7 9 2 2 ( 8 6 5 ) 3 1 3 2 6 5 6 Instagram: @shae.design.studio Facebook: @TheShae 9 7 0 0 K I N G S T O N P I K E K N O X V I L L E , T N 3 7 9 2 2 ( 8 6 5 ) 3 1 3 - 2 6 5 6 Knoxville's #1 Interior Design Team

IF YOU’RE experiencing chronic pain or tension in your body, have trouble sleeping, or feeling overwhelmed and anxious throughout your day, you’re not alone. Almost everyone is under some kind of stress, and if you’re tired of not feeling your best, there are things you can do now to elevate your quality of life.

Studies have proven that regular yoga practice helps reduce the effects of stress and anxiety, including chronic pain, rest less sleep, and much more. Learning how to soften your body and mind through breath and relaxation techniques is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself - and one that will serve you for years to come.

Blue Ridge Yoga offers compassionate, non-competitive yoga to help you live a happier and healthier life. Our mission is to share the many benefits of yoga through safe and effective classes in a friendly and welcoming environment. With classes offered 7 days a week, you’ll be deepening your mind-body connections to help you make choices on and off the mat that best

support your needs and health.

Getting started is often the hardest part of trying something new, but you’ll feel right at home in our studio, where the staff and students are genuinely interested in supporting your health journey.

When you practice with Blue Ridge Yoga, you are also supporting an organization that is dedicated to serving others. To date, we have raised more than $130,000 in donations for Knoxville charity and nonprofit organizations, and we have no plans of stopping now!

We would love to meet you and be a part of your yoga journey. Please give us a call to learn more about our dynamic class offerings and find the perfect class for your needs and goals.

than a yoga studio, we are a community.

Blue Ridge Yoga 623 N Campbell Station Road Knoxville, TN 37934 865.288.3562 YogaKnoxvilleTN.com Start Elevating Your Quality of Life 1 W 865.288.3562 YogaKnoxvilleTN.com Where Yoga Meets Community Knoxville Artist MORGAN captures all of the personality and charm of Knoxville through beautiful and affordable art – just in time for the holidays! Browse the art online at goathouseofcreative.com or visit our gallery display at the Shops of Southern Market, 5500 Homberg Drive, Knoxville, TN. KNOXVILLE PRINTS, GREETING CARDS AND ART SETS | ACCEPTING COMMISSIONS THE KNOXVILLE COLLECTION 14 EVERYTHING KNOXVILLE November 2022

Artistic Renderings of Iconic Knoxville Scenes

Add Some Local Flavor to Your Décor

FOR THE FIRST time since its creation in 2020, G.O.A.T House of Creative is releasing a scenes collection inspired by its hometown: Knoxville. From Neyland Stadium to the Henley Street Bridge, this collection captures the images that make Knoxville such an iconic city. Available in a variety of print sizes (framed in black or white or unframed), large and small canvas options, and versatile art cards, the Knoxville Scenes Collection is the perfect addition to your home or office décor and makes a truly treasured gift.

Containing 12 unique prints, G.O.A.T (Greatest of All Time!) believes this brand new collection highlights both the brilliance and the peacefulness of everyday life in Knoxville. Whether it’s capturing a scenic shot of the Tennessee River or the bustling nightlife at Cruze Farms Ice Cream on Gay Street, each piece features the bold colors and textures that have led G.O.A.T to cap ture art fans across the country.

With this new collection, G.O.A.T believes it once again highlights its attention to detail on all levels. It prints all art on high-quality can vas or matte paper stock to stand out in any space using Giclee printing method that uti lizes pigment-based inks to ensure enduring color vibrancy. Additionally, a made-to-or der production process ensures each piece is completely custom, further strengthening the studio’s reputation for customer-focused service. Order separate pieces or a multi-print set for a complete gallery feel.

They has also branched out into the world of commissions! Interested customers can follow the simple request process on the G.OA.T website to have a photo of their favorite location turned into an exquisite painting, perfect for a special gift or per sonal gallery.

The Knoxville Scenes Collection has been a long time coming. For the past two years, G.O.A.T has earned a reputation for creating high-quality art prints that showcase iconic details of cities across the country. The

studio has released collections inspired by destinations as far away as Los Angeles but these Knoxville scenes mark the first time G.O.A.T has taken a more local approach. With this collection, G.O.A.T believes it per fectly captures the essence of a city whose historic roots have evolved into a hub for modernity and creative expression.

The studio’s signature style shines through more than ever in the new Knoxville Collection. The slightly blurred texture of each print gives every image a dreamlike quality, evoking feelings of nos talgia and capturing the creative energy of the bustling city. Plus, a vibrant, near-tech nicolor palette in each piece leaves a lasting impression on any viewer, whether it’s dis played in a waiting room or home gallery.

“We had rarely seen quality collections of affordable art that represent cities and

other popular destinations such as our National Parks,” said Kristy Lennox, G.O.A.T’s founder. “So we thought, let’s create them ourselves!”

Kristy’s vision is apparent in the Knoxville Scenes Collection. These snap shots of city life capture our city’s diverse culture and historical significance, making them the perfect homecoming for an art studio that has traveled to the far reaches of the United States. G.O.A.T notes that with each piece being both affordable and customizable, this collection is ideal for any art lover looking to add a touch of an iconic city to their gallery.

Combining a beautiful, one-of-a-kind art style with stills from a legendary city, the studio believes this artwork is the per fect vessel to showcase its local pride. Art enthusiasts can view and purchase pieces from the new Knoxville Collection at GOATHouseofCreative.com or via G.O.A.T’s physical gallery located within the Shops of Southern Market at 5400 Homberg Drive in Knoxville.

G.O.A.T House of Creative
“We were so thrilled with the initial commission we ordered three more commissions to make a beautiful set of paintings from our recent trip.”
The Artist’s Gallery at the Shops of Southern Market, 5500 Homberg Drive, Knoxville. Meet the family (entrepreneur, artist, and daughters). Photo of a family trip submitted to the artist. The finished commissioned painting framed and matted.

Add Real Value to Your Home and to Your Life

THE KITCHEN is probably the hardest working room in your home. We all want it to be beautiful, but it’s where we cook, bake, gather, and store essentials like food, supplies, and pots and pans, so it has to be functional. A well-thought out kitchen has plenty of storage to keep countertops clear and is designed so you can quickly and easily find what you need and conveniently reach it.

ShelfGenie is the true turn-key leader in kitchen innovation

At ShelfGenie, we design, build, and install custom Glide-Out™ shelves for your existing cabinets and pantries. They increase stor age by up to 50% and pull out their full depth so you can access the entire shelf front to back. Each shelf can hold up to 100 lbs and is made in America using high-quality materials and superior craftsmanship. We do not use one-size-fits-all, big box store substitutes.

Our process begins and ends with the homeowner

1. Our design consultant will get to know your exact needs during our free, in-home consultation and will provide you with a free 3-D design of your kitchen so you’ll see exactly what your new kitchen space will look like.

2. Your Glide-Out™ shelves will be manufactured in our very own manufacturing facility to your exact specifications.

3. Our licensed, professional installer will then install your order in one day. Finally, your designer will reach out to ensure you’re completely 100% satisfied.

Enjoy your innovative new kitchen

Turn frustration with your kitchen into joy. You can expect to increase storage, reduce clutter and wasted time looking for items, and avoid having to bend, twist, or reach into the backs of cabinets.

What our awesome clients have to say

“Awesome folks to deal with. Great workmanship.”

- D.A., Knoxville

“We love the new shelves. They are truly life changing in the kitchen.” - R.K., Knoxville

“Great improvement to what I had and very happy with the people I worked with.”

- S.O., Vonore

“I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my new kitchen pull-out shelves. Very professional.”

- K.B., Powell

“Love my new pantry shelves! They are sturdy and beautifully installed. Great customer service and friendly folks.”

- M.M, Loudon

To learn more or to schedule your free consultation, call 865-409-1197 or visit ShelfGenie.com.

ShelfGenie® 865.409.1197 ShelfGenie.com

12 NO INTEREST NO PAYMENTS *On Approved Credit* MONTH Call for Your FREE Design Consultation (865) 409-1197 | shelfgenie.com *Limit one offer per household. Must purchase 5+ Classic/Designer Glide-Out Shelves. EXP 12/31/22. Independently owned and operated franchise. © 2022 ShelfGenie SPV LLC. All rights Reserved. Custom Glide-Out Shelves. Easy access, less stress, everything within reach. 50% OFF INSTALL!
Contemporary Furniture & Interior Design DESIGNER paula clancy Nouveau Classics Contemporary Furniture & Interior Design 101 S Gay St Knoxville 865.525.4755  www.nouveauclassics.com

Time to Heal

WHEN MOST of us think of war casualties, we envision a battlefield comprised of rising smoke and strewn bodies across a tattered landscape. Perhaps an image of a veteran in a wheelchair with obvious external ramifications in the form of amputation would come to mind. But the thought of an intact returning soldier or veteran with no overt missing limbs is not an image we routinely associate with a casualty of war. Yet, the reality is that the most common casualties walk among us every day. Some of the most debilitating wounds veterans carry are not visible to the naked eye, such as those in the form of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD.

2.7 million Americans have served in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001; approximately 20% have been diagnosed with PTSD.

PTSD is best known for affecting veterans and first responders but affects millions of others who have experienced or witnessed traumatic events. When we experience a traumatic event, our fight-or-flight survival response is temporarily activated. Once the threat passes, the built-in response will ideally return to the resting state. However, when extensive or prolonged trauma occurs, such as a soldier’s experience in war, this stimulus-response cycle can become “stuck,” attempting to process the threat. The pro cessing can cause flashbacks, nightmares, or intrusive thoughts that force them to re-ex perience the trauma long after the dangers have passed. When these symptoms persist for longer than one month after a traumatic event and cause significant distress or prob lems in the individual’s daily life, the condition is diagnosed as PTSD. Left untreated, it can lead to avoidance, hopelessness, detachment from family and friends, severe depression and anxiety, and even suicidal thoughts and actions. Loud noises and many other every day stressors can serve as triggers that elicit

severe symptoms of panic, flashbacks, and feelings of imminent danger.

People with PTSD cannot escape their inner cycles of stimulus and response and become prisoners of war within the con fines of their minds. The disorder has proved extremely difficult to treat, with a remission rate under 30% when utilizing conventional treatment options. These treatment options have included a combination of psychother apy and oral medications, namely SNRIs and SSRIs. Unfortunately, medicines from both classes have intolerable side effects (includ ing weight gain and sexual dysfunction) and require 6-8 weeks of treatment to deem effective. The associated side effects cause many patients to stop taking these medi cations before even knowing if they would have been effective. Of the 70% who do not get remission of symptoms, many commonly resort to alternative coping methods, includ ing substance abuse and self-injury.

More than 30,000 veterans have died by suicide since September 11, 2001 - more than four times the number of U.S. military personnel who died in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Conventional treatment is failing the major ity of those that suffer. We have known this for a long time but had nothing more to offer. Now we do. Emerging research has shown promising results with many alternative therapies, including intervenous ketamine. Ketamine’s usefulness in treating PTSD emerged in the 1990s during the Gulf War. Physicians began noticing that the soldiers given ketamine as a surgical anesthetic were much less likely to develop symptoms of PTSD when compared to those given alter nate medications. Since then, multiple trials have been conducted and have shown that safe, low-dose ketamine infusions alleviate suffering in more than 70% of patients. Unlike other antidepressant medications, which take 6-8 weeks to take effect, symptoms can dis sipate within hours after an infusion. It is also

very well tolerated, with only transient side effects quickly dissipating once the treatment is complete.

“Ketamine-mediated synaptic plasticity changes appear to occur within a matter of hours after ketamine administration with rapid reduction of core PTSD symptoms and reduction in comorbid depressive symptoms in patients with chronic PTSD.”

- Mt. Sinai Hospital

While ketamine is not a cure for PTSD, it presents a novel option that has shown tremendous success in creating a space for recovery that we have not had before. Mental health disorders are complex by nature, and effective treatment is, thus, multifaceted as well.

We now have a fast, safe, and effective treatment, yet the barriers persist to those needing it most. The most significant obstacle to veterans receiving the treatments has been the associated cost, which averages $400/ infusion. At MBody Healthcare, we are not only a veteran owned business, but we are also prior recipients of ketamine treatments, and we know the benefits firsthand. We are currently offering the infusions to veterans for $99/infusion. However, we are actively exploring ways to reduce this and possibly provide them free of charge in the future.

The rapid action of the treatment is what makes it so valuable, because we know this population does not have the privilege of time. Most of those suffering have exhausted all other options and need help now. We have the means to help them, so please refer any veterans you know that need help to us. They will not be turned away. They have suffered long enough. Now is their time to heal.

MBody Healthcare 10414 Jackson Oaks Way Knoxville, TN 37922 865.399.6026 MBodyHealthcare.com A
They have suffered long enough. Now is their time to heal. 18 EVERYTHING KNOXVILLE November 2022


THE U.S. WAR in Afghanistan that ended last year was the longest military war in our country’s history. It was a war that was staffed, fought, and ended like none of our other wars. History will judge its justification and whether it was successful. What is not in question is the bravery and sacrifice of those who served there.

Two of those people were Alan Chiasson and Edward Ford. These two men served on a team of pri vate security contractors, working high-risk contracts, making import ant deliveries in all of Afghanistan, and encountering the enemy. Alan and Edward have written a book, Postcards Through Hell, that details some of their experiences as the Afghanistan Pony Express.

Alan shares, “The book covers a period from 2009 to 2012. Initially, we were tasked with delivering critical supplies to operational detachment Alpha outposts throughout Afghanistan. Eventually, we picked up a Department of Defense Contract for the U.S. Mail. We were responsible for taking mail from Kabul and Bagram, and we would drive it in convoy to all these different locations. The main route was called Ring Road. It was laden with Taliban and plenty

of attacks almost on a daily basis. We suffered quite a few ambushes.”

Alan continued about the book, “The story is about my team leader, Edward Ford. He and I were there for a lot of the things that happened, but we were on different teams. He had a memoir, and I had a journal, and we kind of combined those two together to create a timeline. Unlike Iraq, we never saw the enemy. But in Afghanistan, if they attacked you, then the fight was on. If you got ambushed, and you got a vehicle down, you’ve got to crossdeck, you have to return fire. Sometimes you have to kill the enemy just to get out. We lost 10 guys in three years. Rest in peace, guys. They called us the Pony Express.”

Time has a way of making people forget certain things. We must never forget what our men and women who have served our country and its interests all across the world. One way to never forget is to purchase a copy or two of Postcards Through Hell by Alan Chiasson and Edward Ford - a good read and available wherever books are sold.

Randy’s first interview was at the tender age of 13 with none other than Col. Tom Parker. Thirty-six years later he founded the webzine, Boomerocity.com, and has conducted close to 200 interviews with some of the most interesting people in music.

1 0 4 1 4 J a c k s o n O a k s W a y , K n o x v i l l e , T N 3 7 9 2 2 O f f i c e : 8 6 5 3 9 9 6 0 2 6 | T e x t : 8 6 5 6 8 5 9 3 5 1 | o f f i c e @ m b o d y h e a l t h c a r e . c o m S C A N T H I S C O D E T O T E X T U S W I T H A N Y Q U E S T I O N S M B o d y H e a l t h c a r e c o m A m e m b e r s h i p b a s e d , d i r e c t c a r e p r a c t i c e o f f e r i n g f o c u s e d , a f f o r d a b l e h e a l t h c a r e N o w a c c e p t i n g n e w p a t i e n t s PPERSONALIZED ERSONALIZED HEALTHCARE... HEALTHCARE... Like Having La ike Having a Doctor in the DFamily octor in the Family “Absolutely love this doctor’s office! I have never been treated better by any doctor that I have seen before! I feel better knowing that my doctor is invested in me and is spending as much time with me as needed I also have the comfort of knowing I can reach out to them 24/7.”
Through Hell So We’ll Never Forget Two American Contractors in Afghanistan Recount Their Story


DOES GETTING to your car in the morning feel like an obstacle course as you maneuver around items scattered across your garage floor? Not only is this inconvenient, it can be downright dangerous. Every year in households across the country, accidents occur due to cluttered garages. Overhead storage can provide a creative answer to your overcrowded garage. Follow these tips when planning overhead garage storage, and give your day a smoother, and safer, start.

Evaluate Your Items

The possibilities are endless when it comes to overhead garage storage. Take stock of items in your garage for ideas, and look around inside the house as well. Belongings perfect for overhead storage are used often enough that they need not be packed away but infrequently enough that they should be out of the way. Think of coolers, Christmas decorations, toys, off-season clothes, over size sports equipment, auto parts, and luggage. (Bonus tip: Store items inside!)

Choose Shelving Size and Style

Shelving can be customizable whether your garage is a 20’ x 12’ single car space or a 26’ x 32’ garage with room to spare. Based upon the height of your garage ceiling and the items you’d like to store, choose the size of your overhead rack and what

weight load it should bear. Use hook accessories for bikes, a ladder, golf clubs, or kayaks, and determine the best placement to avoid high-traffic areas.

Coordinate Your Containers

Measuring carefully to choose the best size, purchase matching con tainers to create a neat and uniform look. Using large, clearly-written lettering, create labels identifying the contents. For a budget-friendly option, obtain new cardboard boxes and use a permanent marker. Most importantly, arrange with the labels facing out!

Stumbling over boxes in the dark can lead to a bone-breaking fall, and stepping on a rake that smacks you in the face doesn’t just happen in the movies! For safe and customized storage in your own garage, count on the experts at Designer Garages. Call, click, or come in to their West Knoxville showroom today!

Designer Garages

201 Center Park Drive, #1070 Knoxville, TN 37922 865.268.4868


“I went to Local Guys Collision to get my car checked out because the trunk wouldn’t open. If it hadn’t been for Ken spotting that part of the frame was incorrectly repaired and not safe, I’m not sure what I would have done! They not only helped me through my next steps, but helped come up with a plan of action and were just all around the most honest, helpful, and caring people I’ve ever met.”

Maddie W. Knoxville

CELEBRATE THE Holiday Season at Historic Westwood

HISTORIC WESTWOOD is one of Knoxville’s premier historic house experiences. It was built in 1890 for the John Edwin Lutz and his wife, Adelia Armstrong Lutz, a talented young woman who has emerged as a highly regarded artist and leader in the Knoxville arts community. The couple commissioned Knoxville’s architectural firm, Baumann Brothers, to design Westwood. The result was an impressive Queen Anne-style house with Richardsonian Romanesque elements in stone. Westwood is a member of the Historic Artists’ Home & Studios program, a coalition of museums that were the homes and working studios of American artists. Celebrate the holidays in grand style at the beautiful former residence of artist Adelia Armstrong Lutz. On Saturday, December 3, and Sunday, December 4, Historic Westwood will open its doors for the annual Candlelight Holiday Home Tour. The grand home will be filled with beau tiful holiday decorations, including a tree featuring handmade Victorian ornaments created by the Knoxville Chapter of the Embroiderers Guild of America. Experience self-guided tours, holiday music, and refreshments, including mulled wine and cider.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, visitors can also enjoy tours led by trained volunteer docents and can experience Gilded-Age architecture and interiors, a large collection of original art by Lutz, and a stunning collection of antique slag glass lamps from the Coates collection.

Tickets are $15 for adults and $8 for children (12 and under) and are available to pur chase at KnoxHeritage.org. Tours will be available both days at 6, 7, and 8 pm. Free parking is available at the adjacent Laurel Church of Christ located at 3457 Kingston Pike. Make Historic Westwood part of your family’s holiday tradition. Explore more at KnoxHeritage.org.


wonderful time of the year

thought there would be no better way

celebrate than to host a Holiday Sip and Shop! Consider this your official invitation to join us in store December 2nd and 3rd, from 10-5:30, for our Holiday Sip and Shop event.

is packed full with glitzy holiday attire, festive Christmas sweaters, and gift items perfect for anyone on your Christmas list!

the perfect time to start your holiday shop ping (and take advantage of our complimentary gift wrapping) or pick up a few new wardrobe items for upcoming holiday parties and events.

cocktails and light refreshments

be served, and we’ll be offering several gifts with purchase as a “thank you” to our custom ers for always supporting our small business dream... we simply wouldn’t be celebrating our 44th year in business without each and every person that walks through our doors!

an event

won’t want to miss. Make plans to join us in downtown

to kick off the

IT’S THE most
... and we
Our store
Our Holiday Sip and Shop is
holiday season with us at The Lily Pad! The Lily Pad Boutique 209 N. Main Street Sweetwater, TN 37874 423.337.5537 LilyPadBoutiqueOnline.com KICK OFF THE Holidays WITH US AT THE LILY PAD!  Holiday p & Sh 1 0 A . M . 5 : 3 0 s t i v e c o c k t a i l s , e n t s , g i v e a w a y s y o u r h o l i d a y s h K i c k O f f t h e H o l i d a y s a t 209 N Main Street Sweetwater,TN 37874 Mon-Sat: 10am-5:30pm 423 337 5537 LilyPadBoutiqueOnline.com 12814 Kingston Pike ~ Farragut ~ 671-6627 Tues-Fri: 10-6 ~ Sat: 10-4 www.thetownframery.com Located one block west of Renaissance Center/Farragut Last call for Fall! Is your home ready for Thanksgiving? Get ready for the holiday season with glitzy new arrivals! November 2022 EVERYTHING KNOXVILLE 23


Make your home and Thanksgiving table festive and welcoming with holiday décor - signs, arrangements, wall art, and more! Our gift shop is also the perfect place to grab a last minute hostess gift! Available at Meadow View Greenhouses & Garden Center, 9885 Highway 11E in Lenoir City, 865.986.7229, MeadowViewGreenhouse.com.


Do you love paper as much as we do? At Passion On Paper, we offer a curated selection of paper items for any occasionor just for the fun and beauty of it! Journals, pens, note cards, napkins, vases, placemats, decorative file folders, and more. Visit us at 259 N. Peters Road, Suite 102 in Knoxville (behind Applebee’s), 865.690.0288, PassionOnPaper.com.


Artistic Knoxville scenes, as well as iconic scenes from other popular cities, are available on canvas, prints, and charming note cards for all your correspondence needs. Ask us about commissions - GOATHouseofCreative.com.


Show your hometown pride with sweatshirts from 865LIFE. Many caps, stickers, t-shirts, and pet accessories are available, so check us out on Facebook and follow us on Instagram for Pop-up Shop locations around Knoxville and surrounding areas. Also available at 865life.com. 865LIFE - MORE THAN A NUMBER… IT’S HOME.®



This cheery cardinal can add some winter whimsy to your space - without the cold weather! This print on a clear background is light enough to display on a window and let the sun shine through the sparkling snowflakes, or hang on a wall to match any decor. Available at Design Decor, 627 American Glass Way in Knoxville, 865.896.3450, DesignDecorKnoxville.com.


Cold toes? We’ve got you covered! Come to the World’s Softest Socks source for an incredible collection of styles and colors. Available at The Town Framery & Gifts, 12814 Kingston Pike in Farragut, 865.671.6627, TheTownFramery.com.


Christmas is right around the corner! Brighton jewelry makes a wonderful gift for everyone on your list. Kick off your holiday shopping by joining us for our Holiday Sip & Shop on December 2nd and 3rd at The Lily Pad Boutique, 209 N. Main Street in Sweetwater, 423.337.5537, LilyPadBoutiqueOnline.com.


This canopy bed will have your bedroom looking fabulous! The upholstered headboard panel perfectly complements the white oak veneers frame in an Arabica finish. The frame has metal details on the feet and at the top of the canopy for added sophistication. Available at Decorating Den Interiors | Kozar Design Team, 521 Lovell Road, Suite 205 in Knoxville, 865.392.6222, SandyKozar.DecoratingDen.com.



with Organized Storage

FOR HOME or rental property owners looking to host savvy travelers, companies like Airbnb, Vacasa, and Vrbo make it easy. Whether you’re seeking to provide an unforgettable adventure, a taste of local life, or simply a quiet retreat, a guaranteed way to book repeat guests is to outfit your abode with organized storage in the closet, pantry, and laundry room.

Clutter-Free Closets

When keeping your vacationer in mind, add var ied shelf sizes to your closet to store larger items such as backpacks or travel bags. Make sure the entire closet, including the floor, is clean and fully accessible. Double rods offer easy clothing storage, and don’t forget to include plenty of sturdy clothes hangers. A pull-out tri-fold mirror will be appreci ated as your guests dress for a night on the town.

A Vacation-Perfect Pantry

No one likes to have their kitchen countertops cluttered with vacation-week groceries; give your guests ample space to house their getaway goodies in a pantry with specialized storage. Slide-out wire baskets hold odd-sized items, and cubbies can be perfect for chips, crackers, canned foods, and other dry goods. Add LED lighting for ease in finding late night snacks in a not-yet-familiar environment.

Laundry Room Luxury

When you’ve given your guests the gift of clean clothes during their trip, add to the delight by providing shelves for detergent, fabric softener,

and dryer sheets. Install a countertop for easy folding, and store an ironing board and supplies neatly inside a cabinet. Add a clothing rod to hang rinsed out bathing suits (or other unmen tionables) to dry overnight or decorative hooks if space is at a premium.

Today’s vacationers are looking beyond tradi tional hotels for unique accommodations that represent the best in local living. Whether you’re a host for renting guests or simply welcom ing friends for a long weekend, call the team at Closets by McKenry for a no-obligation closet, pantry, or laundry room storage consultation that will make your visitors’ stay one to remember.

Closets by McKenry

201 Center Park Drive, #1070 Knoxville, TN 37922



Your Guests Feel at Home

Cabry’s Work in Darla’s Home

Darla’s kitchen features a proud farm sink with a detailed base molding and legs to resemble a rustic piece of furniture which you might find at an antique store. Plywood dovetail drawer boxes are implemented throughout each cabinet: along with accessories such as spice inserts, double drawer roll outs, built-in cutlery dividers, vintage cup pulls, and more. Darla chose a custom sage color for her shaker cabinets to help root into her timeless style of a traditional farmhouse.

Cabry takes pride in knowing their clients will have cabinets that will last through the wear and tear of life, and it is always their goal to leave a customer glowing in a space that feels like home.

Darla’s Story

“Being empty nesters, we wated a space which allowed us to invest quailty time with our family and people in our community.” Darla’s design goal was to create an atmosphere of a traditional farm house with modern upgrades that functions with her busy scedule while still being able to entertain with ease. “My grandkids love to cook, so on holidays and big events it’s nice to have the ability for everyone to have their own space while cooking at the same time.”

Whe asked what her favorite aspect in her kitchen was, Darla said that it had to be her sink are because of the character it adds to the kitchen. The way it was designed to resemble an antique furniture piece helped to tie in the traditional far house style she was aiming for.

Overall, Darla explained how pleased she has been with the result of working with Cabry and having such a calming space to come home to at the end of a long day.

Your Dream Kitchen Starts Here! Give us a call today! 865-556-9419 www.cabrydesign.com

Keep Your Home Safe and Secure This Holiday Season

WHETHER YOU’RE home for the holidays or setting off on a well-deserved family vacation, the security of your home is of top importance. Join Fleenor Security as we go through helpful tips to keep your home safe and secure this holiday season!

Holiday Gift Boxes

Holiday shopping early this year? Be sure to keep it under wraps! Setting out per fectly wrapped gifts under the tree may be all too tempting for an optimistic thief. At the same time, leaving empty boxes from large purchases outside on the curb could also let a burglar know that your home might be worth the risk. Be sure to break down all boxes before setting them outside and keep gifts in a location that is not easily seen from the outside.

Holiday Travel

If you are planning on traveling during the holiday season, be sure to tell a trusted neigh bor that you’ll be away. Ask them if they can check on your property, take your mail and

packages inside your home, and even park a car in your driveway. A build-up of mail is a tell-tale sign for a burglar that the house may be empty. Better yet, it is always a good idea to contact your local post office to ask to put a hold on your mail while you are away.

Be sure to keep your travel plans off all social media sites. Even if your followers consist of close friends and family, it is never a good idea to broadcast that you will be away from your home for an extended

period. Instead, save the fun-filled family pictures for when you return!

Peace of Mind

Consider investing in a home security system. A home security system with smart home automation allows you to remain connected to your property. With a mobile app, you can control your system directly from your smartphone. You can turn lights on and off, ensure all doors are locked, and even set your thermostat to take advantage of energy savings. You’ll likewise get a noti fication right on your phone if a sensor is triggered. A home security system can bring you peace of mind that your home is safe and secure while you’re out of town or just out doing some holiday shopping.

Fleenor Security Systems

10446 Cogdill Road

Knoxville, TN 37932


FleenorSecurity.com TN C-0239 VA 11-1901 NC 1721-CSA


Holiday Help from The Lunchbox!

Fresh, delicious pies

baked goods

bake meals

side dishes

THE LUNCHBOX is more than your one-stop shop for delicious homestyle, quality lunches and catering options. We also offer some of the best pies and baked goods in town!

Local favorites include Chocolate Chess, Pecan, Lemon Chess, Chocolate Peanut Butter pies, and more!

Pick up our Knoxville-famous pumpkin muffins for brunch, a take & bake meal to heat and serve fresh when time is tight, and enjoy our fresh-made pies and cakes throughout the holidays.

If you are new to The Lunchbox, we have been serving Knoxville for more than 40 years. What keeps customers coming back is sim ple – “The formula hasn’t changed.” We stay true to founder Karen Sproles’ recipes, which continue to be the heartbeat and founda tion of The Lunchbox. The signature chicken salad, soups, fresh sandwiches, and ready-to-go desserts have always been a major draw. Our downtown Market Manager, Josephine, has been with The Lunchbox for too many years to count and has been making these “tried and true” recipes from scratch for more than 20 years. Rhonda, our Market Manager at The Atrium, has taken customer service to the next level, greeting customers daily with smiles and gratitude. We continue to offer homestyle, quality foods that peo ple keep coming back to, and our mission is to stay consistent in honoring The Lunchbox legacy.

Daily menu specials include our fresh made sandwiches and wraps, pimento cheese, chicken enchiladas, pumpkin muffins, chicken gumbo, Italian cream cake, box lunches with a side and dessert, and Knoxville’s favorite chicken salad.

Our Bearden location also offers take & bake meals - family meals made from scratch, served fresh from your oven. Call 24 hours in advance and Sally will have your order ready to go!

Expect friendly, efficient service and the favorites Knoxville has loved for 40 years without sacrificing time and nutrition. Come see us at The Lunchbox!

Bearden/Homberg 5005 Kingston Pike 865.249.6010


Downtown 607 Market Street 865.409.4211

Atrium Office Park 1225 Weisgarber Road 865.602.2232

Take &
Lunchbox LunchboxKnoxville.com Photo by KnoxFoodie

Declutter Your Garage with Overhead Storage Racks


your garage is like an obstacle course, maybe it’s time to do something different. Besides having cabinets installed around the perimeter of the walls to store items, you can also get your things up and out of the way with overhead ceiling storage.

Heavy-duty storage racks can pro vide overhead storage that frees up floor space so you can park the car and safely navigate around your garage. In fact, overhead storage can almost double the storage space in a small garage.

One of the biggest benefits of overhead garage storage is that you are converting unused space into valuable storage space. It lets you increase storage capability without infringing on the space you use every day. With large or bulky items neatly stored overhead, your garage will achieve the clean, finished look you’ve always wanted and be a safer place, especially for kids and pets.

You can eliminate all the clumsy and awkward things in the garage that are perpetually in the way. Overhead storage is ideal for long-term storage for items you only access occasionally, such as holiday decorations or camping gear. The openness of the racks keep stored items well ventilated with proper airflow to combat moisture problems.

PremierGarage of Knoxville, serving the area for more than 15 years, uses ONRAX, which is the industry leader in overhead storage.

The exceptional strength of their ceiling storage platforms are pat ented designs using 14 gauge steel C-channel box frame. ONRAX ceiling units have the highest weight rating of any ceiling-mounted storage units on the market, up to 800 lbs. The heavyduty frames also ensure the racks won’t swing or sway when storing or removing items while on a ladder. Professional installation ensures great est safety and functionality of any overhead racks.

Overhead storage racks come in numerous sizes to accommodate dif ferent garage configurations. Racks are also adjustable in height, generally from 18” to 33”, so you can customize to your height even if you have a low ceiling.

If you’re ready to lose the clutter and realize the full storage potential of your garage, don’t let the garage space above your head go to waste. PremierGarage of Knoxville can install overhead storage systems to perfectly fit your needs, space, and budget. PremierGarage can help you declutter your garage for the last time.

PremierGarage 865.947.8686




are still selling briskly, but making a great first impression is vitalpotential buyers should think it’s the most desirable home in the neighborhood! Staging can help attract buyers.

Staging doesn’t necessarily involve a huge transformation. Simply editing possessions and furniture will help. Imagine the buyer’s mindset. If you were in the market, would this home appeal to you?

Of course, any deferred maintenance should be addressed first! Even with attrac tive staging, buyers won’t pay list price if the home has water damage, older HVACs, or scuffed paint.

Declutter, Depersonalize, and Edit

We love our collections - figurines, books, artwork. Too much of anything, even if beautifully arranged, is distracting. Choose one or two pieces to display, and store the rest. Remove items of value (sentimental or otherwise) before pictures/showings, including most family photographs and mementos. The goal is for buyers to be able to picture themselves in the home.

Decluttering helps buyers focus on the

home’s layout and features. For example, removing extra towels from the linen closet will make that space look larger. This is also true for cabinets and pantries. Instagram and Pinterest are wonderful sources for organizing ideas. Check with Everything Knoxville vendors to explore storage and garage possibilities.

Editing your furniture is also important. If the living room is small, sell or store a chair or the sectional. This opens up the space visually. If you sell the item, that’s extra cash and one less piece of furniture to move!

Clean - Inside and Out

After decluttering, the home needs to be deep cleaned. Even the best housekeepers find hidden dust bunnies. Hiring a cleaning person/crew is a nice gift to yourself, plus it provides a deadline for decluttering!

Have the carpets and windows cleaned, and don’t forget outside “cleaning.” Shrubs too close to sidewalks make a house look older and unwelcoming. Pruning and fresh mulch increase curb appeal. Seasonal flow ers add a nice pop of color.


Arrange furniture into conversational groupings, and use colors that complement the existing paint scheme. Place decorative items in groups of three, but don’t cover

every surface - leave some space for the eye to rest. Aim for a welcoming but unclut tered feel.

Staging During the Holidays

If possible, have photographs taken before putting up decorations. Holiday decorations will date the listing if the sale takes a little longer.

However, you can definitely decorate for the holidays while it’s being shown. Obviously, a minimalist approach is better than a Griswold-type extravaganza! As with collections, choose a few items - a simple wreath or a Christmas tree that isn’t over flowing with ornaments.

I Need Help!

If you’re unsure where to start, or perhaps updated furniture/decor is needed, hire a specialist. Some real estate agents have extra training and certification in staging, or they can recommend a stager who can showcase the space.

Using these staging techniques could help lead to a quicker and more profitable sale. Happy selling!

Karen is a native East Tennessean and proud UT Knoxville grad. She is a retired top-produc ing Realtor and a writer and editor who, along with her husband, enjoys UT sports and travel.


Get the Work Life You Want

Perfecting Your Craft?

in your work

is an idea that’s out of fashion in the current labor market, where it seems most people are only interested in higher pay and better benefits. Perhaps this is because so many work simply to their lifestyles, provide for daily needs, or because an authority figure tells them they must. In our culture, there’s just not much reason to approach our work like we’re a craftsperson making objects to admire or artisans making objects of

British author Dorothy Sayers proposed that we need a higher view of our work than consumerism or pragmatism allow. She noted that if our work is for praise, recognition, or monetary reward, then we “will begin to bargain for reward, to angle for applause, and to harbor a grievance if

Instead, she offered that we should ask of our own work, “Is it good?” “Am I producing useful things well made?” and “Will my work exercise my faculties to the utmost?” Then she gives the example of a brewery that has a sense of personal responsibility in their product and asks, “What goes into the beer?” (I think I would have liked Dorothy Sayers.) Think of yourself as a craftsperson and your life as a product of craftsmanship and your perspective shifts from “What am I getting out of this?” to “What (of myself) am I putting into this?” It shifts your thoughts about your work from “Am I doing what’s required?” to “Am I getting better at what I do?”

It takes time and patience to become a craftsperson. The old saying “it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill” is accurate. If you have the mindset of a craftsperson, then you understand that you will become increasingly better at your vocation when “you serve the work” and “put in the time.”

Do you want your work (and life) to stand out in quality, usefulness, and impact in a world of people who are merely doing what’s required? Then take on the mindset of a craftsperson in your work, relationships, and personal life. Approach the work and interac tions of your day as though you’re creating a fine piece of handmade furniture or beautiful piece of art. It may change your life.

Dr. Jim Bailey is a Knoxville native with a passion for helping others maximize their lives and through his career, business, and leadership coaching services. He also mentors and serves in local youth and UT ministries. He can be reached at DrJimBailey.com.

(865) 238-5600 Sweet, affordable websites that work. Read many more stories at www.slamdot.com Our Customers Say It Best. “Slamdot provided great support, professionalism, an attentive listening ear, creativity, and made our whole experience easy and stress-free!” - Kim Hohman RIO Creations
A R E E R , B U S I N E S S , A N D L I F E C O A C H I N G
8 6 5 . 7 5 5 . 4 5 4 3 | D R J I M B A I L E Y . C O M
No one really teaches us what makes a job fit us and the life we want, so we struggle through trial and error, trying to make the right choices. Have the satisfying and rewarding work life you want with the right information, tools and techniques. Contact me for more information. 34 EVERYTHING KNOXVILLE November 2022




we see our services as an investment. Take a minute to consider how your health really is an investment. Just like people see growth in 401(k)s, real estate, and other investments over the years, an investment in your health - especially early interventions - will pay dividends over time. Studies have shown that lowering health risks now could result in dividends of thousands (to tens of thousands!) of dollars later in life simply from risk factor reductions and reversal of acute conditions. The old adage “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” could not be more accurate. Your health is an investment that requires time to achieve its stated goal.

As lifestyle medicine experts, Dr. Sarah and I focus on early identification and inter vention of conditions like insulin resistance, pre-diabetes, autoimmune issues, high blood pressure, and arthritis. By concentrat ing on personalized nutrition plans, better sleep health, integrating physical activity regimens, and identifying specific stressors and their influence on your health, many of these conditions can be thwarted or eased before they become a problem. An American Journal of Cardiology article revealed that

making a few lifestyle changes can reduce heart disease risk by 90-95%. Tennessee Direct specializes in risk factor modification to improve your health, longevity, and over all long-term health dividends - financial and otherwise. Those dividends can also be obtained even if you do not have any known health issues - your health requires maintenance just like your car does!

Another risk factor we understand many people struggle with is being overweight - a precursor for a multitude of unwanted health conditions. We have some serious options to combat weight gain and the issues of being overweight. Intensive lifestyle intervention, medications, and injectables are a few of the ways we aid our patients with weight loss and metabolism issues. According to the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, optimizing health risks can increase life expectancy by about 10 years - definitely a worthwhile “invest ment.” Lifestyle intervention is also associated with improved attitude, mood, and depres sion scores - and who doesn’t want that?

We are here to listen to our patients and to walk with them through life. Our goal is to be available when needed. By building unparalleled access through

office visits, text, email, and telephone, Tennessee Direct aims to enhance the speed at which heathcare is delivered, resulting in better outcomes and building patient/physician trust. We want to know your health expectations, what you want from your doctor, and to establish a line of mutual respect.

Even with focusing on the whole - physi cal, mental, and spiritual - Tennessee Direct is able to offer our physician services for less than the cost of a typical monthly cell phone bill or eating out twice a month. A flat annual fee for clinic visits and price trans parency for diagnostic screenings puts the priority on the patient. We are available for 30-60 minute appointments so that prog ress to improve or maintain your health can be made - growing your health and wellness long-term investment portfolio!

Tennessee Direct Rheumatology • Endocrinology Primary Care 9313 S Northshore Drive Knoxville, TN 37922 865.327.2084 RheumatologyDirect.com Invest
with Lifestyle Medicine Proactive Intervention • Personal Attention • Whole Patient Focus

Literally Counting Your Blessings

IHAVE a confession to make - I LOVE Thanksgiving. I mean, is there anything more American than overeating, football, and tryptophan-induced naps? I love it!

I also have another confession. I often let this season pass without celebrating its true pur pose. Years ago, I was challenged by a mentor to “snap out of a sour attitude.” With all the kind ness I could muster, I shot back, “Great, how do I do that?” “Simple,” he replied. “Grab a sheet of paper and make a list of 100 things you are grateful for today.”

Great, I thought begrudgingly. I can barely think of ten things, much less a hundred. I’m better off making a list of grievances!

But you know what? It took a few moments, but an outpouring of thoughts flooded the paper. I cut myself off at one hundred and reviewed the list. You know what made the page? The house, the job, the car? Sure… but they weren’t top of the list. 90 of the 100 items on my thankful list were people. They were relationships . They were mentors, family, and friends. People who prayed with me, cried with me, and supported me at all costs and never gave up.

I challenge you this Thanksgiving season to put pen to paper. What are you grateful for in your life today? Who blesses you? Who always has your back? Who loves you unconditionally?

If you’re anything like me, you’ll find it impos sible to face the day with anything short of joy and gratitude!

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story is much like many of our stories... at least, we can relate to it.

Four buddies graduate from high school in the ’70s, work responsi ble day jobs, and decide to pursue their dreams on the side. In the case of Jim Babjak, Pat DiNizio, Mike Mesaros, and Dennis Diken, it was forming a band, getting a recording contract, and making albums that resulted in an impressive string of hits. To jog your memory, some of those were “Too Much Passion,” “Behind the Wall of Sleep,” “Only a Memory,” and “A Girl Like You.”

Their work also led to some very notable, high-profile collabora tions with the likes of The Kinks, Lou Reed, Julian Lennon, Susanne Vega, Belinda Carlisle, and Graham Parker.

The Smithereens (named after the famous catchphrase screamed by the cartoon character we all knew and loved, Yosemite Sam) recorded a total of two EPs, 11 studio albums (not counting seven compilation albums), and five live albums. These fed appearances on 21 soundtracks and other like-kind projects.

The band has just released a long-lost album called, well, The Lost Album. It was recorded in 1993 while the band was without a recording contract. The album sat unreleased and “unlistened” to until now. It’s the kind of great rock and roll that we always loved and expected from The Smithereens.

To talk about that album, I caught up with band co-founder and guitarist, Jim Babjak. We talked about the story behind this album, as well as what he and his bandmates have been up to.

On the subject of The Lost Album , when Jim was told that the album sounded like it had been recently recorded, he shared, “Yeah, it’s not even quite finished, because we kind of left them as it was back in the day. The Smithereens have always been survivors. It took us five years before we got a record deal. Dennis and I and Mike had been playing years before we even met Pat (DiNizio, the band’s late guitarist). We paid our dues, as they say, and are still paying them.

“By 1993, grunge was in full stride, and there was a new CEO of Capitol Records who decided he wanted to get rid of all the older acts, which I was all of 30 or something! We decided to go into the studio and record everything that we had - everything and the kitchen sink - just to see what would happen. We recorded two albums worth of material. When we got signed to RCA later in the year, we re-recorded half of it - the half that made sense together was to become A Date with The Smithereens - and the other half was just left. We just moved on.”

What is intriguing to me is Jim’s revelation that the band was working day jobs in corporate America while performing as one of the most popular American rock bands at the time, unbeknownst to his corporate co-workers.

“I got a day job for close to 20 years,” he said. “But I still had a lot of vacation time, I was lucky in that I had six weeks vacation every year, and I was able to use it for touring and recording. A lot of gigs were on the weekends. I kept it secret from my co-workers for many years until later on, when somebody saw me on the internet and said, ‘I know who you are’ and I’m like, ‘Yeah, who am I? None of your business, keep moving.’ I was pretty anonymous at work. I just sat in my cubicle and did my work.

“But during Covid, they outsourced my job to India, so I had to train them (my replacements) for three months. They gave me a severance, and it’s like look, I’m gonna be 65 in two months and was going to leave anyway, so this is good thing. So yeah, I was busy doing that.”

With The Lost Album out to phenomenal reviews, Jim isn’t sitting still in retirement. He’s prepared some previously unreleased solo material, some Christmas songs… and new Smithereens material?

“There’s gonna be some more Smithereens material,” said Jim. “At the same time, I’m recording and writing new songs with Robin Wilson and Marshall Crenshaw. There will be a new Smithereens record. What did you say earlier? I know what it was: new adven tures! Because that’s what life is. People die - family members and friends - and you get to a certain age, but you got to keep moving.”

You can learn about more about that “keep moving” by watching this interview in its entirety, where Jim talks candidly about the music business now and then, his current music production, and much more, at Boomerocity.com. And don’t forget to hop on The ’80s Cruise Year 7 with The Smithereens in March 2023!

Randy’s first interview was at the tender age of 13 with none other than Col. Tom Parker. Thirty-six years later he founded the webzine, Boomerocity.com, and has conducted close to 200 interviews with some of the most interesting people in music.


Bourbon and Blue Velvet


position on one end of a random shopping strip on Ebenezer does nothing to prepare you for the luxury you see when you enter through the tinted double doors of Point b. The glittering bar sits to your left, right after you pass the hostess’ stand. Friendly staff dressed entirely in blue denim seat guests at white quartz tables.

The double-sided booth runs par allel to the bar, bisecting the room asymmetrically, and the denim blue, velvet cushions complement the sea blue walls and navy sunshades that cover the plethora of windows. Gold accents on the back of the booth and along each light fixture accentuate the geometric themes of the entire space, and it’s easy to see how our dinner bistro could become a brunch club. The evident attention to detail left us fasci nated with our surroundings.

A menu full of well-assembled palate expe riences promises luxury taste to match the luxury aesthetic. Point b has some “family style” options that allow you to order a plat ter and share with the table. You can order for two, four, or eight, and as our order for

two became the color ful table centerpiece, we knew we wouldn’t be able to eat it all.

We ordered nachos per our hostess’ rec ommendation and

bourbon drinkers), a coffee craft, a zinger sidecar, and something literally titled “Needs a name” (whose ingredients sound suspiciously like something Bond might order), there’s a strikingly unique spin on everything. There are even mocktail selections for those who’d rather not have alcohol.

quickly real ized as we dug in with both hands that house-fried wantons make much better nachos than tortilla chips. The subtle flavor and fabulous crunch made these chips the perfect vehicle for soft pork, chewy ham cubes, avocado, cotija cheese, barbecue sauce, and Thai chili sauce.

To go with the mountain of flavor, we picked a couple of craft cocktails. With two differ ent takes on the signature Old Fashioned (that I would highly recommend to seasoned

The Old Fashioneds were a bit stout for my palate, but, never fear, the “36 Flip” satisfied all my cocktail dreams. Described as Point b’s “take on a white Russian, deconstructed,” this creamy, smooth blend of coffee, Kahlua, and Tito’s really will flip your idea of the coffee cocktail upside down. We marveled at the vin tage etching on the rim of my flute, which became less and less visible as the creamy coffee liquor slowly, artfully blended with the coffee and vodka below it.

With both stomach and soul success fully sated, I’m impatient to return for another luxurious meal. Visit them at 1020 Ebenezer Road in Knoxville or online at PointbKnoxville.com.

Riley Woody is a recent University


of Tennessee graduate, Knoxville native and avid foodie ready
any adventure with her pen and palate in tow. Are you looking for the perfect gift for the music lover in your life? Randy Patterson of Boomerocity.com has compiled a list of the latest music from your favorite recent Boomerocity interviews. Chicago Chicago at Carnegie Hall Complete Box Set Doug “Cosmo” Clifford (Creedence Clearwater) California Gold AJ Croce By Request Dion Stomping Ground Generation Radio (Jason Scheff) Generation Radio Billy F. Gibbons Hardware Steve Hackett (formerly of Genesis) Genesis Revisited Live: Seconds & More Beth Hart Beth Hart: A Tribute To Led Zeppelin Jimi Hendrix Jimi Hendrix Experience Live at LA Forum Tito Jackson Under Your Spell Jethro Tull The Zealot Gene Carla Olson Americana Railroad David Paich (founder/keyboardist for Toto) Forgotten Toys Kenny Wayne Shepherd Trouble Is . . . 25 The Smithereens The Lost Album The Smithereens Christmas With The Smithereens Limited Vinyl Toto With A Little Help From My Friends Jimmie Vaughan The Jimmie Vaughan Story Box Set Edgar Winter Brother Johnny


THE ARTS & Culture Alliance is pleased to present five new exhibitions at the Emporium Center in downtown Knoxville from November 4-26. Most of the works are for sale and may be purchased through the close of the exhibition by visiting in person or the online shop at KnoxAlliance.store.

Ted Richards: Anthology II in the Lower Gallery

Ted’s interest in art began as an adolescent and has focused on painting in acrylics for more than 40 years. He enjoyed a successful career in Information Technology and incorporates his analytical abilities into the creative development process.

Artist statement: Anthology II is the second installment of a look at the past few decades of my work. I picked this collection to highlight some of my personal favorites because they are visually appealing, remind me of a special adventure, or represent a significant point in my artistic journey. Viewing art is always personal; it helps to have a nugget of insight into its development, and thus I have provided the audience with access to audio files of my commentary on each painting.

Old Growth: 2022-2023 Arrowmont Artists in Residence in the Upper Gallery

Started in 1991, the program provides early career, self-directed artists time, space, and support to develop new work and be an active part of the Arrowmont community. Each year, five artists are selected to participate in the 11-month program. Residents receive a monthly stipend, housing and meals, and a private studio, as well as exhibition opportunities, teaching experience, and professional development. The program encourages applications from early career artists who embrace community, are highly self-motivated, and enjoy working in a team environment.

Working at the intersection of craft, art, and multimedia, Yael Braha creates functional, sculptural, and installation ceramic work. Megan Koeppel is a quilter and textile artist with a background in painting, exhibition installation, and gallery administration. Anela Ming-Yue Oh uses materials that have a life of their own such as clay, paper, and fiber to feed her studio practice and create environments full of color and texture. Jada Patterson’s studio practice is multi-disciplinary, as she makes work primarily in clay and beeswax. Tyler Quintin works across a variety of mediums, eventually transitioning from drawing to ceramics.

A continuation of a collaboration of cuteness featuring ceramic works by Kendra Barth and painted wooden cutouts by Beth Meadows. At its heart, the intent of this show is to delight. The exhibition showcases four shared themes: kitchen, cats, forest friends, and snacks.

Kendra Barth is an artist and ceramicist working under the name Blanket Fort Studio. She creates funky handmade ceramics and sculptures that showcase her unique, childlike, colorful, and illustrative style. Her work often explores themes of nature, surrealism, and humor. Beth Meadows is inspired by dark humor, high-end design, and a fascination with mixing high and low art. She explores themes of aspirational living, new versus old, folk versus academic art, the power and struggles specific to women, and mental health.

Marta Czéh & Panni Czéh: Feelings Hand-in-Hand on the North Wall

A mother and daughter who create fabric sculptures on canvas, in pairs, showing the different viewpoints on the same art at a different age. Originally from Hungary, Marta is a kindergarten teacher by trade and has written books for children, as well as invented board games. Panni has practiced theatre, dance, singing, painting, and ceramics. Her passion for expressing feelings and capturing moments in life that people don’t notice is what fuels her creativity.

Images from Around by Jennifer Henszey in the Atrium Jennifer served as a naval Surface Warfare Officer until 2021. She graduated from UT law school and is now pursuing a Masters in Social Work. Artist statement excerpts: I took up photography as a hobby to heal. I found the more I embraced life’s tumultuous events and opened myself up in gratitude, the more the world revealed much for which to be grateful. I began noticing beauty in the simplest things, so I snapped a picture and then created what I envisioned in my mind. I am not a professional or seasoned artist, but in a season of growth, I find myself creating what feels like art.

The exhibitions will be on display at the Emporium Center, located at 100 S. Gay Street in downtown Knoxville. The Emporium is open to the public Monday - Friday from 9 am to 5 pm and Saturday from 10 am to 1 pm. Please note, the Emporium will be closed Wednesday-Friday, November 23-25, re-opening Saturday, November 26. For more information, call 865-523-7543 or visit KnoxAlliance.com.

Kendra Barth & Beth Meadows: Cute AF Vol. 2 in the Display Case
Emporium Center November 4New Exhibitions

The Ripple Effect of Delivering Hope

MANY PEOPLE in our community already know that Random Acts of Flowers improves the emotional health and well-being of individuals in healthcare facilities by delivering hope, encouragement, and personal moments of kindness through the delivery of flower arrangements created from repurposed flowers. But, what they - and you - may not realize is that the impact of our mission goes far beyond our direct recipients in hospitals, assisted living homes, hospice, and other community health organizations. Every arrangement delivered also positively impacts family members, friends, healthcare providers, and our volunteers.

Recipients of our repurposed bouquets enjoy receiving the flow ers and getting the emotional boost the bouquet provides them.

“I was recently in the hospital when your volunteer deliv ered a wonderful bouquet to me. These flowers brightened my room and lifted my spirits during a difficult time. Ironically, the flowers arrived almost six years to the day that my spouse and I donated the flowers from our wedding to your organization. I never imagined I would be a recipient of your generous work, but it was a blessing to experience the joy and com fort your organization creates first hand. Thank you for spreading beauty and joy in our community.” - Lisa, recipient

Family and friends can also see the positive effect that a floral delivery has on their loved ones.

“My mother received the most beautiful flower arrangement from Random Acts of Flowers yesterday. The bouquet is so beautiful with white and purple flowers and my mother kept looking at them and smiling! Thank you very much for this wonderful act of love, talent, and kindness!” - Vickie, family member

A recipient’s healthcare providers and caregivers also get an emotional boost knowing that their patients and residents will be having better days because of the flowers and moments of kindness and connection extended to them.

“Thank you for delivering all those flower arrangements to the patients at our healthcare facility; they absolutely loved them! It was wonderful and put such a big smile on their faces! This delivery brought so much more than beautiful flowers; it brought joy and warmth!” - Erika, healthcare provider

Random Acts of Flowers volunteers also get an emotional boost knowing that their time, energy, and efforts do not just provide one better day to a recipient, but many better days as the flowers will be a recurring reminder that someone cared for them and is thinking of them.

This is what Random Acts of Flowers calls “The Ripple Effect of Delivering Hope.” Our deliveries of hope and encouragement not only have a positive impact on the recipient, but also on the recipient’s family members, friends, caregivers, volunteers, and - hopefully - you, too!

If you want to make an impact with Random Acts of Flowers by volunteering or making a donation, call us at 865-633-9082, email us at info@RAFKnoxville.org, or visit RAFKnoxville.org.


Volunteers with their bouquets ready to be delivered!
LANDSCAPE DESIGN | LIGHTING | WINDOWS | KITCHEN APPLIANCES | FLOORING | SIDING | ORGANIZATION SECURITY | AQUATIC | GARDENING + MUCH MORE! KNOXVILLE CONVENTION CENTER RETURNING FEBRUARY 10-12, 2023 TO THE SPACE IS LIMITED APPLY TODAY! A DOGWOOD IN EVERY YARD HELP PLANT DOGWOODARTS.COM | (865) 637-4561 Purchase larger dogwood trees from our garden partners: ORDER DOGWOOD TREES TODAY AT DOGWOODARTS.COM Purchase bare-root dogwood trees (2-4ft tall) Available in Pink or White (1-4 Trees) $25 Each (5+ Trees) $20 Each Deadline to order: NOV. 16 November 2022 EVERYTHING KNOXVILLE 41


DIDYOU KNOW that the aster family gets its name from the Greek word for star? Since I am in the Tri-Star state, I have chosen three native Tennessee asters as the focus of this column. ‘Rockcastle aster’ ( Eurybia saxicastellii ), ‘Raydon’s Favorite’ (Symphyotrichum oblongifolium), and ‘Rachel Jackson’ ( Symphyotrichum oblongifolius are attractive southeastern natives that provide three seasons of interest while supporting wildlife and showcasing what Tennessee stars offer in the landscape.

Our first Tennessee star is the white ‘Rockcastle aster’ that is native only to Tennessee and Kentucky. This is one of the most visited-by-pollinators plants in East Tennessee according to the latest research at the University of Tennessee. The two other native Tennessee stars cited here are more commonly found. Believed to have originated near Lookout Mountain in Southeast Tennessee, ‘Raydon’s Favorite’ is an excellent aromatic aster to add to the garden. It is similar to the standard garden favorite ‘October Skies’ but has a more compact growth habit and a darker purple color. ‘Rachel Jackson,’ found in for mer First Lady Rachel Jackson’s garden at historic Hermitage mansion in Nashville, has purple flowers that stop you in your tracks when seen en masse. Plant either of the lat ter varieties in front of a living screen or in a pocket area of the garden that can be viewed from various angles. I love the purple against a contrasting backdrop. While ‘Rockcastle aster’ blooms from August to November, both ‘Raydon’s Favorite’ and ‘Rachel Jackson’ bloom October to November.

Each of these asters adds winter interest to the garden when the stems are left uncut and also provides excellent shelter for our native pollinators. Cut stems back in early spring for lush growth. All three asters grow well in average garden soil and can be found at UT Gardens, Knoxville. ‘Rachel Jackson’ is on display near the Gardens’ Neyland Greenway. ‘Raydon’s Favorite’ grows near the Kitchen Garden and ‘Rockcastle aster’ in research sites throughout the Gardens. While ‘Rockcastle aster’ can tolerate partial shade, the other two prefer full

sun. ‘Rachel Jackson’ is hardy to USDA zone 4, ‘Raydon’s Favorite’ is hardy to zone 3, and ‘Rockcastle aster’ is hardy to zone 6a, making them ideal perennials to add to your Tennessee home landscape.

Plant these asters in a place where you can enjoy their beauty up close and from afar to take advantage of their propensity to attract pollinators and their delightful colors. I encourage you to show your state pride by planting and preserving these three Tennessee stars.

The UT Gardens includes plant collections located in Knoxville, Crossville, and Jackson. Designated as the official botanical garden for the State of Tennessee, the collections are

part of the UT Institute of Agriculture. The Gardens’ mission is to foster appreciation, education, and stewardship of plants through garden displays, educational programs, and research trials. The Gardens are open during all seasons and free to the public.

nd W ‘Rachel Jackson’ is truly the star of the autumn show at the UT Gardens, Knoxville. 'Rockcastle aster' can only be found in parts of Kentucky and Tennessee.

FALL HAS been beautiful but was dry there for a while. I am hoping that by the time this is published, we will have started getting some good rainfall. I am tired of dragging the hose around my yard!

Many of you are under the misconcep tion that gardening tasks are over, but November is an important month. This is when you “put your garden to bed.” To pre pare your yard for next year and to make the transition into the cooler months easier for your plants, take steps now.

☼ Step 1: Go out and walk all the way around your yard. It has been hot and dry for a long time, and there are some areas you probably haven’t looked at for weeks. Check for damage to branches and trunks of trees. Look down for signs of chipmunks, moles, and voles. Look for disease or insect problems that need to be addressed. Are there plants that should be pruned/divided/removed? Create a to-do list for nice days when you need to get outside.

☼ Step 2: Final clean-up. Pick up fallen plant debris but don’t compost any that shows signs of disease and insects. Cut back dead or dying foliage on your perennials, but be careful not to cut into the crown (the low growth at the base). Remove any remaining annuals. Trim off dead or damaged branches on shrubs. This is not the time for major pruning, however - save that until late winter. Give us a call if you have questions. Get rid of weeds that are already start ing to pop up. Pull or spray them and then apply a pre-emergent such as Preen. Pre-emergents should be used every 3-6 months throughout the year, depending on the type that you use. A little effort in the fall will save you a lot of effort in the spring.

☼ Step 3: Amend your soil. Leaf mulch, topsoil, and decomposed manure added now will break down during the win ter, giving nutrients to your plants in the spring. Having trouble with partic ular areas in your yard? Do a soil test to determine what you need to add. Now that you have everything all nice and cleaned up, it is a good time to plant! Trees and shrubs planted now will get roots established and be ready to grow by spring. Some perennials also do well if planted in the fall. Pansies and violas give a wonderful show of color during the colder months. Bulbs should be planted by the end of November or

placed into the refrigerator to chill. Frost resistant container gardens that are thick enough to provide root ball protection can be turned into spectacular fall and/ or winter displays. Grasses, evergreen perennials, and small evergreen shrubs make a great starting point for contain ers. Let us help if you are low on ideas.

☼ Step 4: Mulch your beds or fluff spring mulch. Mulch - hardwood, pine nee dles, or leaf - is important to keep soil temperature and moisture levels stable through our roller coaster winters. 3 " to 4 " is all that you need, and remem ber not to pile the mulch around your trees! It should look more like a donut than a volcano.

Let’s talk about leaves for a minute. We have been conditioned to believe that we must get all the leaves off our yard. This is false. Leaves are a terrific source of nutrients for your plants, so it is illogical to remove them only to turn around and fertilize. Unless you have a heavily wooded yard, just run over them with the mower and leave them there. If you do have a lot of trees, simply blow the excess into the tree line. Over time they will form a wonderful leaf mold that keeps down weeds and can be used in beds to add nutrients. I do not advise this is when you

have had a problem with disease. Sick leaves will need to be removed.

Have you noticed a change in your bird feeder visitors? Don’t stop feeding, because food will become scarcer in the coming months. Switch to a higher fat seed, such as black oil sunflower seeds. All ceramic or con crete birdbaths should be drained and stored for the winter, but think about buying a small plastic or metal replacement. Birds get thirsty and dirty in the winter, too! It is also critical that you keep your feeders clean and full as natural sources of food become scarcer.

I will finish by reminding you that we are a great source for your holiday decorating needs. We have poinsettias from our fam ily farm in Fentress County and freshly cut trees and greenery from a farm in North Carolina. Next month I will give you a detailed list of care instructions for holiday plants. Until then, I wish all of you a won derful Thanksgiving!

Meadow View Greenhouses & Garden Center

9885 Highway 11E Lenoir City, TN 37772



November in the Garden 9885 Highway 11E, Lenoir City, TN 37772 www.meadowviewgreenhouse.com • 865-986-7229 OPEN MON-THURS 9-5, FRI & SAT 9-6, SUN 1-5 ALL POINSETTIAS ARE GROWN ON OUR FAMILY FARM Visit us for Your Holiday Decorations! Ladies’ Night Out November 18 • 6-8 PM Vendors, wine, finger foods! Shop our garden gifts and décor sale! Christmas trees and poinsettias available for purchase

Time-Saving Weeknight Meal Solutions

THE HOLIDAY MONTHS come with their own set of obstacles in terms of weekday meal planning. Whether it’s longer days at the office, extra shopping needing to be done on the way home, calendars full of social commitments, or evenings spent enjoying your kids’ extracurricular activities, it’s easy to find yourself short on time to spend in the kitchen. Calling on quick and easy mealtime solutions can be just what your family needs to ensure dinners together are always on the menu.

Start with a versatile base ingredient that can be used in a variety of recipes, from snacks and appetizers to main courses and sides. For example, you can add protein-packed Success Boil-in-Bag Tri-Color Quinoa to your pantry for a good source of fiber in meals to keep your family moving.

Enjoy its light, nutty flavor in a twist on Taco Tuesdays with these Baja Fish Taco Bowls, a deconstructed take on classic fish tacos that swap out the torti lla for quick-cooking quinoa mixed with nutrient-dense kale and drizzled with a zesty lime and yogurt crema. As a tasty way to encourage kiddos to eat fish and veggies, it can also help you add hearty whole grains to the weekly menu while savoring a lighter version of traditional Baja sauce.

These delicious, bite-sized Beef and Quinoa Meatballs provide a perfect meal prep option for families as they can be mixed and matched with your loved ones’ favorite sides, from rice to steamed veggies. Adding quinoa to your meatballs is a quick upgrade of plant-based protein that adds flavor to every bite.

Baked in marinara sauce and topped with mozzarella cheese, they’re simple to put together before tossing in the oven for an easy weeknight solution - serve over pasta with a side salad. Another tasty hack: Turn this dish into kid-friendly sliders by warming dinner rolls right alongside the meatballs.

Find more quick yet flavorful family meal ideas at SuccessRice.com.

Baja Fish

Taco Bowls

Prep time: 10 minutes

Cook time: 10 minutes

Servings: 4


• 2 bags Success Tri-Color Quinoa

• 2 tablespoons olive oil

• 4 white-fleshed fish fillets (5-6 ounces each)

• 1 teaspoon Cajun seasoning

• 1/2 teaspoon salt

• 3/4 cup plain Greek yogurt

• 1 tablespoon lime zest

• 1 teaspoon lime juice

• 1/4 teaspoon ground cumin

• 4 cups packed baby kale

• 1 ripe avocado, halved, pitted, peeled, and thinly sliced


Prepare quinoa according to package directions.

In large skillet over medium heat, heat oil. Season fish with Cajun seasoning and salt. Cook 2-3 minutes per side or until fish is lightly browned and starts to flake. Set aside.

In small bowl, stir yogurt, lime zest, lime juice, and cumin.

In medium bowl, toss quinoa with kale. Divide between four bowls. Top each with fish, sliced avocado, and dollop of yogurt and lime crema.

Substitution suggestions: Use taco seasoning or chili powder in place of Cajun seasoning. Use arugula or baby spinach instead of kale.

Beef and Quinoa Meatballs

Prep time: 20 minutes

Cook time: 25 minutes

Servings: 4


• 1 bag Success Tri-Color Quinoa

• Nonstick cooking spray

• 1 pound extra-lean ground beef

• 1 egg

• 1/4 cup grated carrot

• 1/4 cup finely chopped onion

• 2 tablespoons ketchup

• 2 garlic cloves, minced

• 1 tablespoon soy sauce

• 1/2 teaspoon salt

• 1/2 teaspoon black pepper

• 1/4 teaspoon dried oregano leaves

• 1/4 teaspoon dried thyme leaves

• 1 1/2 cups marinara sauce

• 1/2 cup shredded mozzarella cheese

• 2 tablespoons chopped parsley


Prepare quinoa according to package directions. Preheat oven to 400º F. Coat large baking dish with nonstick cooking spray; set aside.

In large bowl, mix quinoa, ground beef, egg, carrot, onion, ketchup, garlic, soy sauce, salt, pepper, oregano, and thyme. Form mixture into walnut-sized meatballs and arrange on prepared baking sheet. Bake approximately 20 minutes or until cooked through and golden brown.

Spoon marinara sauce over top, then sprinkle with cheese; bake 5 minutes or until sauce is hot and cheese is melted. Remove from oven and sprinkle with parsley.

Meal tip: Make sliders by slicing dinner rolls in half and placing meatballs on bottom halves. Cover with top halves of rolls and serve.



Institute at Tremont invites you to explore nature by participating in a 2023 program, now open for registration. Tremont Institute hosts a range of outdoor programs designed for all ages to live and learn in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The 2023 schedule features summer camps for kids and young adults, family camps, professional development for teachers, photography workshops, hiking and backpacking adventures, naturalist programs, wilderness emergency medical courses, and more.

From their campus inside the national park, Tremont provides experiential environ mental education programs for people ages four and up. Most programs are residential, ranging from two to 10 days long, to provide an immersive experience for participants. Program prices include lodging and meals.

Tremont’s popular summer camps are designed to connect kids with nature through empowering experiences that pro mote curiosity, discovery, and wonder. The 2023 schedule includes Discovery Camp, Wilderness Adventure Trek, Girls in Science, Teen High Adventure, and more. Families can attend summer camp together at Firefly

Camp or Smoky Mountain Family Camp, both of which take place in July. Campers who register before December 31 will receive an early-bird discount on most summer camps.

One parent who attended Smoky Mountain Family Camp with their children said, “Tremont offered great family activities in a new setting that is hard to find elsewhere. Our kids got better exposure to nature, build ing confidence in these settings.”

The schedule also includes the return of Naturalist Week, a summer camp for adults. Campers ages 18 and older will experience animal tracking, birding, insect observ ing, exploring cultural history, sketching, plant identifying, stargazing, swimming in the Middle Prong, and storytelling at the

campfire. This camp was offered for the first time in 2022.

Tremont also offers professional devel opment programs for teachers, such as the popular Teacher Escape Weekends. This program is designed to help teachers meet other educators, share ideas, and explore tools and lessons to bring experiential learning to their schoolyard.

To learn more and to register for a pro gram, visit GSMIT.org/Program/Calendar.

Financial aid is available for most pro grams, thanks to generous community support. To learn more about donating to Tremont’s scholarship fund, or to apply for financial assistance, visit GSMIT.org/ Financial-Aid.

Great Smoky Mountains Institute at Tremont provides in-depth experiences through educa tional programs that celebrate ecological and cultural diversity, foster stewardship, and nur ture appreciation of Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Learn more at GSMIT.org.

Tremont Institute Opens Registration for 2023 Summer and Adult Programs
Teacher Escape Weekend Photo by John DiDiego
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There’s More to Christmas at Biltmore

THIS TIME-HONORED tradition dates back more than 125 years when George Vanderbilt celebrated the first Christmas with family and friends in his new home in Asheville, North Carolina: Biltmore House. Guests are invited to enjoy the enchantment of the holidays on the estate, inspired by that first Christmas in Biltmore House.

Olmsted-inspired Holiday Design

Throughout 2022, Biltmore has been part of the national celebration of the 200th birthday of Frederick Law Olmsted, the estate’s land scape architect. Biltmore’s talented team of floral designers planned the theme “Winter Landscapes” that brings the outdoors inside and honors Olmsted’s grand achievements.

A wintry forest of trees flanking the front doors welcome guests into the home where they’ll encounter holiday finery suggesting snowy landscapes reminiscent of Boston Common, New York City’s Central Park, and other well-known parks and landscapes designed by Olmsted.

The Banquet Hall will be transformed into a dramatic and magical wintry scene where the home’s largest Christmas tree - a 35-foot tall Fraser fir - will spend the season.

Décor in Biltmore House alone includes 67 hand-decorated Christmas trees, more than 14,000 ornaments, 45,000 holiday lights, 250 candles, 1,000 feet of garland, and 150 traditional poinsettias.

Two Christmas Experiences at Biltmore

This holiday season, enjoy the Christmas at Biltmore daytime house tour experience and the Candlelight Christmas Evenings nighttime house tour experience. The entire estate is open to guests as part of admission to either Christmas experience.

Christmas at Biltmore Daytime Celebration

November 4 - January 8, 2023

This beloved tradition includes a daytime tour of Biltmore House while the estate is adorned with holiday decorations that num ber in the thousands. From Biltmore House to the Winery, Antler Hill Village, and Leonardo da Vinci: 500 Years of Genius , guests will want to linger on the estate to experience all that Christmas at Biltmore has to offer.

Candlelight Christmas Evenings

November 4 - January 7, 2023

Biltmore House glows with candlelight and firelight during this nighttime tour, changing the daytime visit’s mood and experience. Candlelight Christmas Evenings allows guests to step back in time with an experience reminiscent of the Vanderbilt’s first Christmas spent in Biltmore House in 1895. Musicians stationed throughout the house perform seasonal favorites. Setting the scene is a 55-foot Norway spruce tree sparkling from the glow of more than 60,000 tiny lights in the center of the front lawn. Four hundred hand-lit luminaries line the walkway. Those visiting for evening

Holiday Highlights

At the Conservatory: Hundreds of holiday poinsettias in different colors and patterns warm up the inside of the Conservatory in the Walled Garden along with a large and unusual array of tropical plants. A Christmas pop-up shop at A Gardener’s Place in the Conservatory will be stocked with every thing needed to celebrate the season.

At Antler Hill Village: A visit to the Biltmore Winery is an essential part of the holiday experience. Reservations for complimentary tastings of Biltmore’s handcrafted wines must be made on the day of a visit. Biltmore’s holiday commemo rative wines - Christmas at Biltmore Red Wine and Christmas at Biltmore White Wine - will be available for sale in the Winery. Estate restaurants offer favorite seasonal dishes and craft cocktails.

As evening falls over the estate’s Europeaninspired village, a constellation of holiday

lights illuminate trees, quaint buildings, the Winery, and walking paths for a mesmerizing light show - evenings from 5:30 pm to mid night through February 21, 2023.

Look for the toasty village bonfire on the way to Antler Hill Barn. Guests may purchase ingredients for s’mores at The Creamery. Available from 6 to 10 pm Fridays and Saturdays through December 16, then daily through New Year’s Eve.

Santa will also be making visits to the Antler Hill Village Bandstand, where he’ll pose for pictures and listen to wish lists from 1 to 5 pm on Saturdays and Sundays through December 18, with special appearances on Friday, November 25, and December 19-23.

Biltmore Welcomes Leonardo da Vinci

The third installment of Biltmore’s Legends of Art & Innovation series, Leonardo da Vinci, explains and draws together all aspects of da Vinci’s life and times, his key achieve ments, and how his talents, thoughts, innovations, and inventions are still just as relevant today, some 500 years later.

The exhibit was developed by Grande Experiences, SENSORY4™, a unique system that combines motion graphics, cinema quality surround sound, and up to 40 high-definition projectors to pro vide one of the most exciting multi-screen environments in the world. The resulting experience is dynamic, informative, and visually spectacular.

Twenty models of the machines that da Vinci designed are featured - each model constructed directly from the pages of da Vinci’s codices. Artisans used materials readily available in the 15th century, including wood, cotton, brass, iron, canvas, and chord.

Da Vinci’s achievements in painting are also examined. Of his well-known mas terpieces, guests will learn about creation of the Mona Lisa , The Last Supper , and the Vitruvian Man , one of da Vinci’s most famous and recognizable illustrations.

For more information, visit Biltmore.com.

tours will want to arrive early to experience all the estate has to offer, from holiday menus and the Winery to Antler Hill Village and Leonardo da Vinci: 500 Years of Genius.
Photos courtesy of The Biltmore Company


The Spirit of Dia de los Muertos at McClung Museum through December 10th.


97th Veterans Day Parade beginning at the Civic Auditorium & Coliseum at 10:40 am.

40th Annual Christmas Fair at the Expo Center from 2 to 8 pm. Also the 12th from 10 am to 8 pm and 13th from 12 to 5 pm.

Terra Madre Women in Clay Fall Pottery Sale at St. George Greek Orthodox Church from 5 to 8 pm. Also the 12th from 10 am to 4 pm. Sam Bush Band at the Bijou Theatre at 8 pm.


UT Vols vs. Missouri Tigers at Neyland Stadium.

Christmas Marketplace at Historic Ramsey House from 10 am to 4 pm.

Botanical Cocktails: Cold Weather Edition at the Knoxville Botanical Garden from 3 to 5 pm.


Old City Market on West Jackson Avenue from 11 am to 4 pm.

Genealogy Workshop: Finding Veterans Online at the East Tennessee History Center from 1:30 to 3:30 pm. EastTNHistory.org to register.

Guided Docent Tour at Knoxville Museum of Art from 2 to 3 pm.


Seniors Got Talent at the Bijou Theatre at 7 pm.


Claudio Simonetti’s Goblin performing Sispiria at the Bijou Theatre at 7 pm. Dear Evan Hansen at the Tennessee Theatre at 7:30 pm. Shows through the 20th.


Newsmakers Not Covered by the Media Today: A Brown Bag Lecture at the East Tennessee History Center at 12 pm. Todd Snider at the Bijou Theatre at 7:30 pm.


Five Finger Death Punch at Thompson-Boling Arena at 7 pm. Ice Bears vs Peoria Rivermen Chilly’s Ranch Night at the Civic Coliseum at 7:30 pm. Also the 18th for Dino Races. Joanne Shaw Taylor at the Bijou Theatre at 8 pm.


Christmas at Chilhowee at Chilhowee Park at the Bandstand from 6 to 9 pm.

Aaron Lewis at the Civic Auditorium at 8 pm. Morgan Wade at the Bijou Theatre at 8 pm.


Scandinavian Snowflake Class at Historic Ramsey House from 9 am to 2 pm. Natalie Grant at the Bijou Theatre at 7:30 pm.


Scruffy City VeganFest at World’s Fair Park from 10 am to 4 pm.

Retropolitan Craft Fair Holiday Market at The Mill & Mine from 11 am to 6 pm. East Tennessee Bluegrass Association Monthly Jam at Ijams Nature Center from 3 to 5 pm.


Light the Park at Founders Park and along Campbell Station Road in Farragut. Lights are on from dusk until 10 pm nightly through January 2nd.


Fantasy of Trees at the Convention Center from 9 am to 9 pm. Also the 24th-27th: Thursday 3 to 8 pm, Friday & Saturday 9 am to 9 pm, Sunday 12 to 6 pm.

Disney Jr Live On Tour: Costume Palooza at the Tennessee Theatre at 6 pm.

A Christmas Carol at the Clarence Brown Theatre at 7:30 pm. Shows run through December 18th.

NOVEMBER 24 Thanksgiving Day


17th Annual Regional Student Art Exhibition at the Knoxville Museum of Art through January 8th.

Ice Bears vs Pensacola Ice Flyers Friends Night at the Civic Coliseum at 6 pm. Also the 26th for Teddy Bear Toss.

Regal Celebration of Lights at Krutch Park Extension and Market Square from 5:15 to 9 pm. Live music on Market Square begins at 6:30 pm.

Knoxville’s Holidays on Ice in Market Square. Open through January 2nd.

Elf on the Shelf Scavenger Hunt and Downtown Peppermint Trail in downtown Knoxville through January 8th.


Old City Market Small Business Saturday on West Jackson Avenue from 11 am to 4 pm.

Zoo Lights at Zoo Knoxville from 5 to 8:30 pm. Nightly through January 9th (closed December 24th & 25th).

Switchfoot at the Civic Coliseum at 8 pm.


9th Annual Holiday Market at Ijams Nature Center from 10 am to 3 pm. Also December 4th.

Classical Christmas: Messiah featuring the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra at the Tennessee Theatre from 2:30 to 5 pm.

Light Up Lakeshore at Lakeshore Park from 3 to 7 pm. James Gregory at the Bijou Theatre at 7 pm.


Jesus Christ Superstar at the Tennessee Theatre at 7:30 pm. Shows run through December 4th.



ForKnoxville’s Farmers’Market datesand locations, seepage36

Eric Gales at the Bijou Theatre at 8 pm.



Celebrate the Season at the Farragut Community Center from 4:30 to 7 pm. Paul Thorn at the Bijou Theatre at 8 pm.


First Friday on Market Square, Gay Street, The Old City, and Downtown North beginning at 5 pm.

Christmas Candlelight Tours at Historic Ramsey House from 6:30 to 9:30 pm. Also the 3rd.

49th Annual WIVK Christmas Parade along Gay Street at 7 pm.


32nd Annual Victorian Holiday Home Tour in Old North Knoxville from 4 to 9 pm. Also the 4th from 12:30 to 5 pm.

The Nutcracker by the Appalachian Ballet Company at the Civic Auditorium at 7 pm. Also the 4th at 3 pm, 9th at 7 pm, and 10th at 3 pm.

Little Texas Knoxville Fire Fighters Benefit Concert at the Civic Coliseum at 8 pm.

Dave Barnes at the Bijou Theatre at 8 pm.


Knoxville Community Band Free Christmas Concert at the Bijou Theatre at 3 pm.


Herb Alpert & Lani Hall at the Bijou Theatre at 7:30 pm.


Intro to Clay Mask Making and Patina Painting at the Knoxville Museum of Art from 10 am to 12 pm.

Knoxville Symphony Orchestra String Quartet and Woodwind Quintet at the Elks Lodge from 12 to 2:30 pm.

Futurebirds at the Bijou Theatre at 7:30 pm.

Cirque Dreams Holidaze at the Civic Auditorium at 7:30 pm.


Painting Workshop at the Knoxville Museum of Art from 10 am to 12 pm.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra at Thompson-Boling Arena at 7 pm.


Candlelight Christmas at the Museum of Appalachia from 4 to 9 pm. Also the 10th.

Bijou Imagination Series: It’s Okay to Be Different at the Bijou Theatre at 6 pm.

Alive After Five at the Knoxville Museum of Art from 6:30 to 8:30 pm.

All event dates and times subject to change.

StoreS Mixer in Cabinet and LiftS to Counter HeigHt Really wish we’d done this sooner!“ ”

Ever Wonder If You Need a Will?

IF YOU are like most people, you want to have some control over who will take possession of your property when you die.

In order to direct who gets your assets upon your demise, the most frequently used document is a will. The only require ment in Tennessee to make a will is that the person be of sound mind and age 18 years or older since the will is considered a legal document. The state accepts oral wills under certain conditions and holographic wills (written by hand). In Tennessee, two witnesses must sign the will to make it valid. These two witnesses must sign the will in the presence of each other and the testator.

What Happens When You’re Gone

When a person dies, their assets must be dispersed and ownership transferred to the new heirs. Debts, if any owed by the decedent, must be paid before any of the decedent’s property can be distributed to the heirs. The legal term for this process is called probate. Probate must go through the courts to ensure the decedent’s wishes as outlined in their will are carried out.

The first question I get asked by many people is “Are you required to go through

Business Note

assets the deceased owned in their name alone are required to go through the pro bate process and are considered part of the probate estate. Some of the most common assets that are not considered part of the probate estate are jointly held property, such as homes and joint back accounts, which, because of the right of survivorship of spouses, become the surviving spouse’s property automatically. Also, proceeds of a life insurance policy or annuity (or even a retirement account if a beneficiary is named) go directly to the beneficiary and are not considered to be part of the estate.

Typically, in Tennessee, probate can take anywhere from six months to a year. Probate of an estate can take longer if there are any unusual assets or if any of the heirs dispute the terms or validity of the will. One exception to the normal probate time-pe riod is if the estate is small and has a value of $50,000 or less, then a small estate affi davit can be filed 45 days after the death of the property owner.

probate?” and the answer is yes. In some cases, it is possible to avoid probate because of estate planning or due to the fact that not all assets of the deceased become part of the deceased’s estate. Generally speaking,

What If You Don’t Have a Will?

The next obvious question is what hap pens to a person’s estate if they do not have a will or the will cannot be found. When a person dies without a will, it is called dying intestate. Under state law, assets that are not being distributed to designated bene ficiaries will pass to the deceased’s closest relative. Many times, the decedent will have been married and have children. In that case, the assets will be divided between their spouse and children equally, with the spouse getting no less than one third of the estate. If the decedent has no spouse or children but has living parents and siblings, the assets would be distributed equally between the parents and siblings. Usually, the decedent’s grandchildren will receive a share if their parents (the decedent’s chil dren) have died.

There are many practical reasons for hav ing a will, not the least of which is to keep disputes from arising among the heirs of the decedent’s estate. A will reduces the opportunity for arguments over who gets what at a time when families are grieving the loss of a loved one.

In summary, you cannot guarantee that your wishes will be carried out in regard to the disposition of your property after your death, but if you do not have a will, the state will decide for you.

William E. Duffey, Jr. is a Knoxville native, attorney, and graduate of the University of Tennessee and University of Arkansas School of Law. He specializes in estate matters, family law, and construction law.

“... you cannot guarantee that your wishes will be carried out in regard to the disposition of your property after your death, but if you do not have a will, the state will decide for you.”
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