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“Everyone I dealt with treated me like I was someone special. They explained everything so I could easily understand. They went above and beyond, so I would like

say I appreciate it and thanks! Keep up the good work!” – Elizabeth K.

1229 Lovell Road, Knoxville, TN 37932 | 865.862.5270 | EuropeanAutoGarage.com 50-Point Digital Inspection Report and Evaluation with Every Service The Stables, a 9,000-squarefoot climate-controlled, secure and private storage facility with concierge services, is now open. Contact Danielle for details.
AND ENTHUSIASTS! YOUR EUROPEAN AUTO As a leading automotive service facility since 2007, our certified technicians and stateof-the-art equipment provide manufacturer recommended maintenance and complex repairs, large and small. Specializing in BMW, Mini, VW/Audi, Mercedes Benz, Volvo, Land Rover, and more – you can rely on us to fix it right the first time!
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8 West Knox Acupuncture

Treating those with neuropathy to help alleviate their suffering.

15 Cemetery Monument Cleaning Services

The name on the headstone is more than just a name - it's family.

32 Closets by McKenry

If you're downsizing after retirement, don't forget your closet!

36 Surface Doc

Summer will soon be upon us, so it's time to get your floors in tip-top shape for entertaining!

37 SageSpring Wealth Partners

Do you know your "why?"

From the Publisher

RECENTLY traveled abroad to Ireland. Brett’s niece decided to do the whole romantic-destination-wedding thing by getting married in a castle just north of Dublin. She and our daughter (a bridesmaid) have been besties since the early days with frequent visits and joint vacations over the years - even with 500 miles between their hometowns. Brett’s brother (father of the bride), who has been battling cancer for a few years now, was excited for a chemo respite and a change of scenery, so we, along with their sisters, our son, and more than 50 others willing to make the journey, flew from the States to the Emerald Isle.

I will admit that I am not much of a traveler. As in, I like my bed, I like my pillow, I like my bathroom, I like my iced tea, etc. It’s not that I don’t enjoy new places and different foods, I do, but I am just not very good at adjusting. As a homebody and introvert at heart, unknown situations make me a little anxious.

BENAND DEVIN, owners of CertaPro of East Tennessee, are here with Alex, Job Site Supervisor, one of the many dedicated professionals on their team. Look to them for all your indoor and outdoor painting projects - and so much more! From drywall repair and deck construction to interior trim and crown molding, make CertaPro your first call for all your home improvements.

Kendra Menendez Editor + Administration

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WEAnd don’t even get me started on the responsibility of what to pack and what not to pack!

Even with all this “pre-concern,” we honestly had an absolutely wonderful trip. It was great spending time with family in an entirely new location - landscapes with foreign trees and flowers, restaurants & pubs with delicious foods and friendly people, getting comfortable being on the “wrong” side of the road, and encountering the history of a country so much older than ours was an amazing experience!

Was I out of my comfort zone? Definitely. But it was all worth it. So this is my encouragement to not let the not-knowns limit your life exposure. Take a couple of deep breaths, get a reassuring hug if possible, then power through your “what ifs.” You will be glad you did and maybe even a little proud of yourself!

P.S. And they don’t use washcloths in Ireland, so pack one!

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photo by Morgan Hayley Harper
Photo by Morgan Hayley Harper

20 Years of Unmatched Customer Service

CERTAPRO OF EAST TENNESSEE co-owners, Devin Taylor and Ben Johnson, are celebrating - and rightfully so. Not only is it their company’s 20th anniversary this year, but they have also been awarded the coveted CertaCup!

Ben, Devin, and their loyal employees have the CertaPro certainty promise of “a job well done” that proves time and again that they take each job seriously - and that they have the methodology to back it up. Everything Knoxville sat down with them to offer our congratulations and to get an update of how CertaPro of East Tennessee continues to garner great Google reviews and many happy customers.

EK: So tell us a little more about this CertaCup Award…

Devin: Every year, each CertaPro location is measured on a combination of customer satisfaction scores, company growth, and overall commitment to upholding the values that CertaPro Painters maintains. In 2022, we were able to excel in all of these measured categories.

Ben: With 375 independently owned and operated locations throughout the U.S. and Canada, we are very honored to be singled out as the North American flagship location for the fifth time.

Devin Taylor, President, and Ben Johnson, Vice President

“Great communication, on time, no job hopping, and attention to detail. They stained the house, deck (repaired a few boards) and re-screened our porch... fantastic work!! Would recommend and use again... so glad we went with a reputable organization like CertaPro.”

EK: Your company celebrated its 20th anniversary this year - what a milestone! What do you think contributes the most to your business longevity?

Ben: In addition to being a real business with a real location, and a top-notch management team, CertaPro’s success comes directly from a consistent presentation of our job expectations. From our initial customer contact, to our dedicated project managers, all the way through our final “Pride Walk,” we can ensure customer satisfaction with all completed jobs. In 2020, 60% of the projects we completed were either previous customers or referrals.

project - signs of wood rot or damage that should be repaired before the paint ever comes out. By taking the time to address these issues, we can potentially save the owners large amounts of money in the future. Our team is a great line of defense in protecting your home or business. We have a full team of skilled carpenters to address any repairs needed prior to starting the painting.

EK: What can clients expect after the initial job walk-through?

Devin: Our sales estimators work to gather the necessary information to recommend a solution that meets the customer’s needs. We then provide a professionally written proposal. This detailed document is then used by our entire team to ensure that what was promised gets delivered. Everything from specific products down to the number of coats of paint are stated so there is no confusion during the job and no surprises at the end.

“The work is spot on. All of the drywall repairs are flawless, and the paint is smooth as silk. The trim paint is neat with crisp lines. They left the house clean and removed all of their work materials. I highly recommend this crew for their respect for your personal property, and they just happen to be a group of really nice people, too.”

to ensure that our promises are delivered upon - securing the “certainty of a job well done!” and are also responsible for recruiting, training, and coaching our crews. In addition to standard background checks, drug screens, and monthly crew leader meetings, where top performers are celebrated, our service managers continually coach and uphold our company’s very important processes.

Devin: Not all painters and construction contractors have a set of guidelines that they follow to the letter. We have found that this system of proven processes ensures that our projects go according to plan, and it gives our clients peace of mind, as well as a consistent schedule of “what comes next” that they can depend on.

EK: What does an “average” CertaPro project look like from beginning to end?

Ben: There are no average jobs! We want to ensure that we are listening and capturing what’s most important for each of our clients beyond the paint. For instance, when we walk around a home or business, we are not just taking the paint into consideration. We are looking at the overall

Ben: When a project begins, someone from our management team is there to introduce our crew and review the scope of work once more before getting started. This process has proven crucial, as it ensures that any last-minute changes or details are captured and executed. From there, each project is assigned a dedicated service manager who works closely with our crews on each project. Honestly, our service managers are there

EK: Where is CertaPro of East Tennessee headed as a local business?

Ben: We want “customers for life” - meaning that when someone calls our office, they can rest assured we will treat them the way they should be treated, project after project. With no up-front deposits, timely job starts, and a two-year limited warranty on all our work, we take it very seriously when someone trusts our company to work on their home or business.

Devin: Knoxville and our surrounding area is a thriving, growing community, and we want to be a household name when the need arises for our services. We also strive to be a “workplace of choice” for our employees. At CertaPro Painters, we want our team to feel appreciated and proud to be in an environment where everyone there wants to excel. We truly practice another one of our core CertaPro values: “Take pride in what you do.”

CertaPro Painters of East Tennessee

10904 McBride Lane

Knoxville, TN 37932



Photos by Morgan Hayley Photography


Everything from the initial phone call to meeting the doctor was very positive! One of the first things they did was another, more in-depth exam on my feet, and it convinced me that my family doctor was right. I had almost no feeling in my feet.”

people just like them. The sooner we catch it, the better.


FAMILY doctor was very concerned about the numbness his feet, so she did some testing to find out the extent. Limited feeling in the feet can result in injuries, infections, and even falls due to instability. Joe explains the common process his doctor used: “She took out a little wire and had me close my eyes and tell her when I could feel it. I couldn’t feel anything.” Joe was rightfully alarmed, so he scheduled an appointment with West Knox Acupuncture after seeing one of our ads in a magazine.

After conducting an exam consisting of detailed sensory nerve tests and an analysis of neurological findings, we were able to confirm that Joe was a good candidate for treatment. He immediately began a regime

to increase blood flow, stimulate the nerve fibers, decrease pain, and improve balance. After 25 to 30 sessions, Joe was excited and relieved to have the feeling returning to his feet. He describes his progress: “I could feel things that I would step on again. I could even tell when my feet were just elevated!” Neuropathy, a life impacting condition affecting millions of people, can be helped and even reversed. Whether the neuropathy is chemical in nature, due to diabetes, or mechanical such as disc disease or arthritis, treatments are available to help alleviate suffering. If you or anyone you know is like Joe, have them call to schedule an exam at West Knox Acupuncture to find out if we can help them just like we have thousands of

Not all people have numbness associated with their condition. Others have burning, tingling, or they will feel odd sensations that aren’t there. West Knox Acupuncture has helped people improve all of these symptoms with cutting-edge, non-surgical, natural interventions that aid in stimulating the blood vessels and the peripheral nerves so they are able to receive proper nutrients needed to heal and repair.

If you would like to see Joe and some of our other patients talk about their experiences at our clinic, feel free to visit YouTube and search West Knox Acupuncture. We are here to help.

West Knox Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine

9125 Cross Park Drive, Suite 150 Knoxville, TN 37923



I really trusted that they knew how to help me, so I started treatment that very same day. After a number of sessions, I could start to feel my feet. The sensations were coming back. I am so happy to have that feeling back!

turing highlights from these genres anchor the exhibition. Equally intriguing are the stories of how Knoxvillians made Hollywood history. Learn about Clarence Brown, a graduate of Knoxville High School and the University of Tennessee, who became one of MGM’s most prominent directors. And see why James Agee, known to us today as a Pulitzer Prize winning novelist, was better known as a film critic and screenwriter during his life.

Lights! Camera! East Tennessee! will also spotlight the numerous actors from across East Tennessee who became Hollywood A-listers and the variety of films that were shot in East Tennessee, including A Walk in the Spring Rain (1970) and That Evening Sun (2009), both of which premiered in Knoxville. Lights! Camera! East Tennessee! is open daily in the RogersClaussen Feature Gallery, Museum of East Tennessee History Center, downtown at 601 S. Gay Street through July 3rd. The museum is open daily from 9 am to 4 pm. Free admission on Sundays. Visit EastTNHistory.org for more information.


My Personal Journey

MOVE to Knoxville had been challenging for my girlfriend and me both socially, professionally, and physically. While neither of us had adopted a regular exercise regime, I assumed it would happen eventually. But when? Resolutions had been made, gym memberships were purchased, and still we kept looking for something at least moderately physical that we could enjoy together. When she first asked me if I’d like to try yoga with her, my answer was a pretty quick, “Yeah - no.” She kept after me (as partners often do) and eventually convinced me to join her for a trial membership at Blue Ridge Yoga.

After my first class, I knew the practice of yoga could benefit my body. The class was informative and hands-on so that I understood how each pose benefited my body. The instructors were helpful and provided gentle feedback. Adjustments for different levels of flexibility, physical strength, and health were offered, and I quickly learned that yoga is a “practice” - there is no right or wrong way to do it. Within a week, I could feel

the difference in my body. By the end of the second week, I was hooked, and we decided to purchase longer memberships. Within a few weeks, my toes were in view. I hadn’t been able to touch my toes in years. Hello, toes!

I’m now well into my fourth year of regular yoga practice at Blue Ridge Yoga. And while my mind and body continue to benefit, the instructors and fellow yogis have assumed a special place in my heart and in our lives here in Knoxville. BRY isn’t just a place to practice yoga for me; it’s a caring community engaged in outreach, focused on self-care, and offering social support. I treasure the personal connections that I’ve made through the studio. I’ve truly found my tribe.

If you’re a new student, mention this article to get your first class for free! (Valid through July 31, 2023.)

Blue Ridge Yoga

623 N Campbell Station Road

Knoxville, TN 37934




Celebrating 45 Years... T ogether!



to celebrate this milestone event with them May 18th, 19th, and 20th! It’s The Lily Pad’s birthday... but you get the gifts!

serving cocktails and refreshments each day.

As many of you know, Brenda opened the store in 1978. After decades of being a solo act, her granddaughter, Ivy, joined her full time in 2018. Brenda loves having Ivy by her side in the store, for Apparel Market buying trips, and at the fashion shows they put on each season. They would love to see you during this very special three day celebration. It’s one you don’t want to miss!


MAY 18-20!

Giveaways each hour for 3 days!

Light refreshments and cocktails.


May 18th, 10 am - 5:30 pm


May 19th, 10 am - 5:30 pm

The Lily Pad Boutique

209 N. Main Street Sweetwater, TN 37874 423.337.5537


It’s Fishing Time in Farragut!

39th Annual Bob Watt Youth Fishing Rodeo

Saturday, May 13

Anchor Park, 11730 Turkey Creek Road Free event, open to the public

JOIN YOUR friends, family, and the Town of Farragut for a morning of fishing and prize competitions! The Fishing Rodeo is for kids ages 12 and under, with pre-registration required for one of two sessions - 8-9 am or 10-11 am at townoffarragut.org/register.

The Town of Farragut will provide worms for bait, or participants can bring their own. A limited number of fishing poles for use during the rodeo will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. Please bring your own pole if you can. Event will be held rain or shine; check Farragut Parks & Recreation Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for severe weather updates.

The Town is still happily accepting community donations for the fishing rodeo, including youth and adult spincast (push button) rod and reel combos in good working condition, line, hooks, bobbers, and sinkers. Farragut businesses are also encouraged to donate items to be used as prizes for participants.

For more information, visit FarragutParksandRec.org.

Invited to Celebrate Our 209 N. Main Street, Sweetwater,TN 37874 Mon-Sat: 10am-5:30pm | 423-337-5537 LilyPadBoutiqueOnline.com M A Y 1 8 T H - 2 0 T H JOIN US FOR GIVEAWAYS EACH HOUR FOR 3 DAYS! Light refreshments and cocktails will be served J O S E P H R I B K O F F T R U N K S H O W M A Y 1 8 T H 1 0 A M - 5 : 3 0 P M H A B I T A T T R U N K S H O W M A Y 1 9 T H 1 0 A M - 5 : 3 0 P M May 2023 EVERYTHING KNOXVILLE 11

Denton & Lori Lesslie love to eat. They are Knoxville natives who have fun finding and experiencing local food and drink spots while sharing their adventures @somewhere.inthe.south.

It’s the Hard Knox Life


pizza time, which means it’s the Hard Knox life for us!

We absolutely crave and devour the food from Hard Knox Pizzeria. Have you tasted the goodness yet? Whether that’s a yes or no, it’s time to go.

You can’t go wrong with anything on the menu, and there are three locations to find them - Central, Bearden, and Hardin Valleyso no excuses. Get your sassy scruffy selves out and about and go for it. Hard Knox does not disappoint.

We started our fun meal with a half order of the mini meatballs and had a couple of local beers that were on tap. (Shout out to Hard Knox for serving beer from our amazing local breweries!) For our wood-fired pizza choices, because one pizza and meatballs aren’t enough, we ordered a red pizza and a white pizza. Our red pie choice was the Bonecrusher with

Hello, Dolly!

fresh mozzarella, pepperoni, sweet Italian sausage, and fresh rosemary. Our white pie choice, and our Hard Knox favorite, was the Sweet Pea with smoked mozzarella, prosciutto, blue cheese, and clover honey. Y’all, this pizza is no joke delicious. Can’t you just taste it? Doesn’t it make your mouth water?

We have been Hard Knox Pizzeria fans for a long time and have visited each location. They are all fantastic. We even played Singo at one. (If you haven’t played Singo, give it a go… it’s super fun.) This spot is one of our K-town favorites when it comes to pizza. Hard Knox is good vibes and good food. They know how to create it, and they know how to cook it. Follow us as we venture out from Somewhere in the South for more local food, drink, and life adventures @somewhere.inthe.south on Instagram, check out Hard Knox Pizzeria, and tell them Somewhere in the South sent you.

From our somewhere to yours, Denton & Lori


AND early summer are such a fun and beautiful time in our community! The days become lighter and longer, beautiful flowers are blooming, the mountains begin calling, and Dollywood has opened their gates again for all of us to enjoy!

Opening ceremonies at Dollywood are especially exciting for Random Acts of Flowers. All of the flowers used to artfully adorn Dolly Parton’s parade carriage are donated to Random Acts of Flowers to be repurposed into stunning bouquets. This year, hundreds of arrangements in beautiful pastel pinks and whites were lovingly made and donated to recipients who were residents of several local nursing facilities or hospitalized at North Knoxville Medical Center after Dollywood’s opening weekend.

Random Acts of Flowers relies upon generous in-kind donation of all floral material, many from local events. Our mission allows flowers to live a second life and bloom to their absolute fullest so they can be enjoyed longer and by so many more

people. Dolly Parton, in her spectacular carriage, brought so much happiness and joy to those who had the opportunity to see her during Dollywood’s opening parade. We love knowing that all of those flowers, touched and admired by Dolly herself, went on to make so many other people in our community feel so loved and special as well.

We cannot thank Dolly and Dollywood enough for this wonderful opportunity to spread so much goodwill and cheer! Without the generous floral donations from so many local grocery stores, florists,

memorials, weddings, community events, and local gardens, Random Acts of Flowers would not have delivered more than 166,000 bouquets to the Greater Knoxville area.

If you or your business want to support Random Acts of Flowers by becoming a floral donor, please email us at info@ RAFKnoxville.org, call us at 865-633-9082, or visit our website at RAFKnoxville.org to learn about ways to donate flowers from an event or business. We look forward to partnering with you to help those flowers and hope bloom a little longer!

Contemporary Furniture & Interior Design DESIGNER Nouveau Classics Contemporary Furniture & Interior Design 101 S Gay St Knoxville 865.525.4755  www.nouveauclassics.com

Our facility comes with spacious, supervised playrooms where dogs are placed according to their size, temperament, and play style to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for your beloved pet.



HUMANS ARE ADVISED to get at least 10,000 steps every day, but what about our furry family members? Dogs who spend their day at home versus those who attend Dogtopia daycare see a big difference in daily step count. Those who spends their day at home will walk less than 8,000 steps a day. When a dog attends Dogtopia daycare, they will walk upwards of 30,000 steps per day - that’s three times more than that of a dog who spends their day lounging at home!

When your dog spends the day at Dogtopia, they get exercise disguised as play, loads of socialization with their BFFFs (Best Furry Friends Forever), and plenty of interaction with our caring team! Excessive licking, barking, digging, and chewing are likely to not be as prominent if a dog receives daily exercise such as a walk outside, fetch in the yard, or regular daycare. At Dogtopia, traditional “exercise” becomes never ending fun! Here are just a few of the ways dogs enjoy movement daycare:

• Bubbles: Dogtopia dogs love chasing bubbles around the playroom! While they pounce and jump through the air after them, they are moving their bodies and building endurance!

• Follow the Leader: A Canine Coach will walk around the playroom, and dogs will be rewarded for following the leader! This game focuses on listening skills and the bond with the Canine Coach.

• Agility Games: Dogs enjoy running upon or jumping around playroom structures. Canine Coaches praise dogs who follow verbal instruction. While building strength and muscle, it also boosts a dog’s confidence!

• Brain Games: In addition to physical exercise, dogs love to test their mental skills, too! Brain games encourage dogs to solve problems using their senses and problem-solving skills.

Pet parents love the benefits that come with seeing their dog living their best life! Get your dog enrolled so they can play the day away while also giving you peace of mind they are in a place that puts their wellness first.

Dogtopia of Bearden-Knoxville

5213 Homberg Drive

Knoxville, TN 37919



5213 Homberg Drive | Knoxville, TN 37919


ONEWOULD BE hard pressed to find two people in East Tennessee more knowledgeable in cemetery monument cleaning than Austin and Ethan Kirkland. The two brothers started the aptly named business Cemetery Monument Cleaning Services last year, and since that time, the Kirklands have cleaned more than 100 monuments in the Knoxville area.

Austin noted that he and his brother clean these monuments with the same care they would for their own family, doing everything by hand with biodegradable products.

“When we do work for a customer, we’re not just cleaning a headstone,” said Austin. “That’s someone’s parent, grandparent, brother, sister, favorite aunt or uncle, childhood friend, or loved one they lost years ago, and we’re going to make their monument look as good as we possibly can.”

Nancy Watkin is a customer who hired Cemetery Monument Cleaning Services to clean several of her husband’s family’s markers and monument after finding his family plot in disarray.

“My husband was so heartbroken to see the sad condition of the family monument and seven flat markers,” said Nancy. “They were so black and dirty that the names and dates were impossible to read.”

Nancy’s husband was so distraught by their condition that he wanted to clean them himself but soon realized that they didn’t have the necessary equipment, time, or expertise.

Nancy reached out to the cemetery managers, and they referred her to Cemetery Monument Cleaning Services. The Kirklands cleaned the Watkins’ family plot within a couple of days.

Nancy said of their service, “If you want a company that takes extreme pride in a job well done, communicates clearly, and does what they say for a reasonable price in a timely manner, please use Cemetery Monument Cleaning Services.” Nancy said that, from now on, she is referring to the Kirklands as her “Monument Angels.”

For more information about Cemetery Monument Cleaning Services, call 865-804-8183 or visit CemeteryMonumentCleaningServices.com.

Cemetery Monument Cleaning Services 865.804.8183


Good Vibrations Concert Featuring Wes Bailey Trio with Special Guest Amber Woodhouse Thursday, June 8 | TN Amphitheater in World’s Fair Park Music starts at 7:00 pm | Beer, wine & food trucks onsite An open-air concert to benefit Cancer Support Community East Tennessee. Proceeds fund free emotional support and education programs for cancer patients and their loved ones. For tickets or more information, call 865-546-4661 or visit CancerSupportET.org. The name on the headstone is more than just a name—it’s family. More importantly, it’s your family, and Cemetery Monument Cleaning Services will treat your family like our family. We provide quality hand cleaning of your loved one’s monument with gentle, biodegradable products. No harmful bleach, acid, salts, or sandblasting. We clean: SANDSTONE GRANITE MARBLE SLATE CONCRETE BRONZE All we clean are cemetery monuments because we want to be the best at taking care of your family and their lasting monument and legacy. Honor the past by restoring the present. (865) 804-8183 cemeterymonumentcleaningservices.com
LIGHTING LIGHTING UP Y UP Y FOR 8 YEARS FOR 8 YEARS OUR OUR A thoughtful and well-conceived landscape lighting design will add warmth and elegance to your home or business. Our teams of professional lighting designers and installers can turn your place into a nighttime showstopper. When amazing matters, you can count on Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting. Scan to schedule your complimentary visit and let us show you what we can do! Lighthouse-Lights com | (865) 484-4011 AMBIENCE – ELEGANCE – CURB APPEAL – SECURITY – SAFETY AMBIENCE – ELEGANCE – CURB APPEAL – SECURITY – SAFETY
Nights Nights

Affordable Custom Showers - Tailored for You!

IF YOU HAVE been putting off updating a full bathroom due to the time required, inconvenience, and cost, Knox Showers offers an affordable, great-looking solution.

Knox Showers is a division of Smart Home Fix, and owners Alex and Eugene offer the best product on the market for quick shower makeovers in a variety of designs and custom sizes. It looks just like tile and is made of 100% non-porous acrylic that has a slip-resistant surface.

Their crews remove your existing tub or shower, replace plumbing fixtures, and install a new, solid surface shower system that is incredibly easy to clean, is resistant to mold and mildew, AND is ready to use in as little as three days. What more could you ask for?

Their unique solid-surface materials come in a variety of styles and finishes, allowing you to create a custom shower with new fixtures, niches, glass panel and doors - at a fraction of the cost (and time!) of traditional construction. And with added shower safety features like built-in seats and grab bars, your shower remodel can be optimized for you and your loved ones. It’s beautiful and functional!

These custom showers with brilliant

“I cannot say enough positive things and I highly, HIGHLY RECOMMEND them. Smart Home Fix performed extensive renovations on my house, from structural repair, to bathroom remodeling and design and electrical work. They are incredibly professional, and their work is top-notch.”

designs can be installed in just days (yes, days) and include a lifetime guarantee. Financing is also available with no interest or payments for 12 months.

Whether you are updating the main bathroom, planning for “age in place,” or creating a “mother-in-law” suite, Knox Showers offers prompt installations, less mess and disruption to your schedules, and is backed by a lifetime guarantee. If you have been putting off renovating a full bathroom due to time and cost, Knox Showers is your perfect resource. Call today to schedule your visit to their new showroom and learn more about the Knox Showers difference.

Knox Showers



Out with the old, and in with a new, low step custom shower in just 3 days!


Make It Easy on Yourself with Custom Shelf Storage

ONCE UPON a time, you wouldn’t think twice about perching on a stool to reach those high kitchen shelves or crouching in your bathroom to grasp an item under your sink. Today, it’s a different story. If you have mobility issues, you may be using those storage areas less and less. You love your home and aren’t ready to downsize. Now, you don’t have to. Get your cabinets back, and more, with the space experts at Shelf Help!

Celebrating five years in business, Shelf Help specializes in sturdy and attractive custom roll-out shelving and organizers for your kitchen, bath, and pantry. We’re your neighbors in Knoxville - not a franchise, but locally owned and operated. Because we’re a small business, our customers save 50% or more when compared to national brands. Best of all, everything we do is custom tailored to you.

In the Kitchen…

Whether you have limitations in movement or are simply “vertically challenged,” pull-down units will provide effortless access to those hard-to-reach upper shelves in your kitchen cabinets. For help managing heavy pots, pans, and skillets, a soft-close pot and lid organizer pull-out

can be installed in lower cabinetry for clutter-free and easy-to-handle storage. And you no longer have to strain your eyes to see into those deep corner cabinets - we have a variety of solutions like a lazy susan, pull-out shelf, or corner half-moon shelf.

In the Bath…

Stop stooping in your bathroom to retrieve grooming products by installing a Salon Station with roll-out organizers for brushes, blowdryers, and other supplies. Or, try a powered vanity drawer that stores your plugged-in electric grooming appliances with an automatic shut-off switch when the drawer is closed. Under the sink, recover unused space around the plumbing with custom roll-out shelving, and

try a removable basket to hold cleaning products.

In the Pantry…

From pull-outs to swing-outs, maximize your pantry with convenient rolling shelves that will store your canned items, dry goods, paper products and more. No matter the size of your pantry, you’ll be shocked at the amount of space you’ll gain after installing custom shelving. And prepare to do away with cumbersome, door-mounted storage racks - you won’t need them!

Make your day-to-day living comfortable and your house fully usable with Shelf Help custom-designed roll-out shelves for your kitchen, pantry, or bath. Call us today for your free, no-obligation, in-home consultation. Our experienced design consultants will evaluate, design, and measure according to your lifestyle and unique needs, and our professional installers will provide thorough and competent service with a smile. Make it easy on yourself - call us for a free consultation today!

Shelf Help





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We have had the most amazing experience with MBody Dr Major and Melissa take their time and actually listen to your concerns. We have never felt rushed and they really have an environment where you feel comfortable asking even the smallest or dumbest questions.
Like Having a Like Having a Doctor in the Family Doctor in the Family
"Shelf Help did an excellent job in helping my kitchen's ease of use and eliminating clutter on my countertops. The shelves are high quality and soft close, and the pull out drawers in my pantry area are great to easily reach items. They went above and beyond to help with my older cabinets."
– Karen, Farragut


Easy reach and easy access for kitchens, baths, and pantries

Convenient, organized solutions to maximize your storage space

Professionally installed in your existing kitchen, pantry, bath, or laundry cabinets

"Thank you so much for the wonderful kitchen upgrade. The guys were super nice and helpful. We found a perfect set up to give me so much more versatility. Appreciate you and your installers. Best!"


Your LOCAL source for custom-designed, built and installed roll-out shelves and organizers – AT 50% LESS THAN NATIONAL FRANCHISES.

Corner cabinet solutions to reclaim wasted space

Cyndi, Tellico
Under sink storage that fits around plumbing Pantry cabinet upgraded with full-depth drawers Pull out organizers make the most of narrow cabinets Storage solutions tailored for you Vertical dividers allow easy reach & storage Trash and recycling pull outs (865) 675-5098 | ShelfHelpTN.com | ShelfHelp@tds.net Serving East Tennessee since 2016

Maximize Storage in a REACH-IN CLOSET

REACH-IN CLOSETS often get a bad reputation for being ineffective for storing our clothes, but that’s not the final verdict on these closets.

From one-rod-and-shelf closets to sliding doors that block accessibility, it’s true that many reach-in closets aren’t very efficient. However, with intentional design, they can be transformed to maximize storage space that meet your specific needs.

Are hanging clothes a preference? Do you need more shelving for shoes or folded items? Elements like hanging rods, adjustable shelves, custom drawer sizes, and accessories combine to create the perfect system for you to manage every part of your wardrobe.

Double Your Hanging Space

With designated hanging spaces for long and short items, you can fit more in your closet in less space. Multiple hanging rods can create one section for long items like dresses, with other tiered rods that stack two up for hanging shorter items like blouses and pants. Gone is the one long rod that wastes storage space.

Eliminate Clutter with Drawers

Drawers are the secret weapon to eliminate constant clutter in a small closet. Drawers can store items that are small and easily misplaced, such as jewelry, socks, or underwear. Closet design options include drawers of varying depths. Deeper drawers can hold stacks of folded items. Shallow drawers are ideal for lingerie, belts, scarves, and other accessories. Specialty drawers like velvet-lined jewelry drawers protect and organize all your bling.

See the Shoes

Tired of playing hide-and-seek with your shoes that are always hiding on the floor? Dedicated, adjustable shelving displays shoes that are easily accessible. Since the shelves are adjustable, you can move them to fit any size shoe, even boots. If your clothes demand the entire closet, turn a bookcase, armoire, or cabinet into shoe storage in the bedroom or use under-bed storage.

Doors or No Doors

Who says a closet has to have a door? Sometimes removing the door for an

open view may enhance accessibility, as well as create a modern, minimalist vibe. Other options could be a fabric curtain on a decorative rod, go boho with beads, or a barn-style door that slides to cover the opening. One advantage to a solid door that swings out is you can add storage to the inside of the door with decorative hooks. A full-length mirror also fits beautifully on a door so you can check that you always look as good as your new closet.

With The Tailored Closet, you can have your perfect reach-in closet with efficient storage solutions. Tailored Closet’s wide range of colors, finishes, and decorative hardware ensure you’ll have exactly the look you want because it’s tailored to your life.

June 3 • 10 am - 3 pm

Outdoor Knoxville Adventure Center at Volunteer Landing


B97.5 Live Remote 10 am - Noon

Jack FM Remote Noon - 3 pm

Cheers to Clean Water Celebration

City of Knoxville Parks & Recreation

Freedom Boat Club

Ijams Nature Center

Knoxville Adventure Collective

Knox County Parks & Rec

KUB Water Truck

Paddle Knox

Tennessee River Line

Young-Williams Animal Center

The Tailored Closet



BOAT BREW & BARK celebrates the outdoor adventurer, the dog lover, the craft beer enthusiast, and the local and the tourist looking to discover a secret in Knoxville’s urban wilderness. This annual event has become popular with visitors and locals alike - after all, Knoxville is a bike, boat, brew, and bark friendly city!


It’s a place where you can ride your bike, bring your dog, and explore Knoxville in a new way on this special day! Then live it, experience it, and continue to explore it all year long! We’ll show you how at Knoxville Adventure Collective on the Tennessee River.

The day will be filled with many activities that appeal to all ages and activity levels. For more information and a complete schedule of events, go to VisitKnoxville.com/ Bike-Boat-Brew-Bark.

2023 Bike Boat Brew & Bark Activities:

Guided Walks with local experts along Volunteer Landing, Morningside Park, and Downtown

Knoxville Adventure Collective E-Bike Tours at World’s Fair Park, Market Square and UT Gardens

Slow Bike Rides to Local Breweries - Elst, Crafty Bastard, Printshop and Albright

Guided Urban Bike Rides to Suttree Landing Park and UT Gardens

Stand Up Paddleboarding and Kayaking with Instructors

Beer & Burgers with Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse

Pontoon Boat Rides to Suttree Landing Park & Freedon Boat Club Boat Rides

Open Session Yoga Classes (every 15 min)

Free Admission to Local Attractions:

James White’s Fort, Blount Mansion, and Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame

Design an Organized Home, Live an Organized Life An organized life brings wonderful things We’re here to help you optimize your spaces and create the solutions that keep your home beautifully organized Request a free consultation (865) 777-0306 TailoredClosetKnoxville.com Custom Closets Home Offices Pantries Laundry Rooms Wall Beds

A Lot to Celebrate!

THE “GUYS” at Local Guys Collision are in high spirits these days and rightly so. Not only are they celebrating their 2 year business anniversary, they have also received the very special “Shop of the Year” award from the Tennessee Collision Repairers Association. All of this is on top of becoming one of Farm Bureau’s recommended direct repair shops - meaning less claim hassles with adjusters for their customers. Nice!

After opening in the Bearden area, Local Guys Collision has been gaining customers along with a stellar reputation as advocates for industry standard safe repair. This includes using only certified OEM parts that are required to pass manufacturer safety tests. With more than 29 years specializing in collision repair and services, owner Ken Manns believes that “manufacturer guidelines” were developed for a specific reason - to keep vehicles and the people who drive them safe.

Many insurance companies recommend, or convey, that they will only cover the cost of (usually less expensive) non-OEM parts, which may or may not pass manufacturer tests to ensure safety. Local Guys Collision advocates for their customers, following a “by the book” approach to ensure that the work they do is correct, safe, and complies with all industry and manufacturer standards. Trust and safety adherence - Local Guys has you and your vehicle’s best interest at heart.

As the parents of a veteran, Local Guys is also involved with Team RWB and the Irreverent Warriors organizations, who support the veteran community in East Tennessee, and always offers veterans a 10% discount on their repair total.

Conveniently located in the former Bearden Benz location, Local Guys Collision is I-car trained and certified, providing full-service automotive body repairs, custom paint work, glass replacement, paintless dent repairs, and mechanical safety inspections.

To them, the handshake in the center of their logo is a symbol of what they believe in and how they do business.

Local Guys Collision 5718 Kingston Pike Knoxville, TN 37919 865.465.6225 LocalGuysCollision.com (865) 238-5600 Sweet, affordable websites that work. Read many more stories at www.slamdot.com Our Customers Say It Best. “These folks are simply amazing! It’s been one of the best decisions we’ve made going with them for a new website.”
- Keith Austin Smoky Mountain Scottish Festival & Games

designs you can T R U S T

What makes a cozy home? Accessories. Just like in fashion, when the same black dress can change personality with which shoes and accessories you wear with it, your home can change based on how you decorate it. Whether it's a nightstand, bookcase, dining or coffee table, here are 5 tips to keep in mind when accessorizing your home!

Layer Up - To add foundation to your arrangement, use something like a tray or book at the base. This grounds your arrangement and corrals it all neatly in one spot Remember the proportions of the furniture piece and keep the dimensions similar If it's a skinny console, use a skinny book or tray

Add Height - Give your furniture some height and dimension with a vase of flowers or candlesticks, and pair it with a shorter item Varying the height keeps it interesting

Color & Movement- Add a plant or other natural accessory to make the space more lively From wispy pampas grass to structured snake plants, plants can add color and flow to your vignette

Mix Shapes - Add something round or an irregular shape to grab attention

Keep It Odd - Odd numbers are more visually interesting to our brains, such as 3, 5, or even 7!

Remember, this works for all types of surfaces, and you can always switch up the décor for the season or your mood. Need a little bit of help? Give us a call to schedule your complimentary consultation today, and we'll help you navigate decorating and furnishing your home.

13 C E L E B R A T I N G years!
1. 2 3 4 5
FURNITURE | ACCESSORIES | LIGHTING | WINDOW TREATMENTS | BEDDING | WALL COVERINGS FLOOR COVERINGS | ART | OUTDOOR FURNITURE | HUNTER DOUGLAS w w w . S a n d y K o z a r . D e c o r a t i n g D e n . c o m s k o z a r @ d e c o r a t i n g d e n c o m 8 6 5 . 3 9 2 . 6 2 2 2 Complimentary Consultations Want a Cozy Home? Accessorize!



HOKA footwear has a roomy toe box, comfortable arch support, and comes in a variety of easy to clean fabrics. Whether your job requires you to be on your feet, your hobby is running, or you just love a well-fitting, well-made shoe, HOKA may be your new favorite brand! Available at Lambert’s Health Care & Uniforms, 11139 Turkey Drive in Knoxville (Turkey Creek), 865.691.7305, LambertsHC.com.


Don’t forget your favorite teacher! Give a gift they will treasure forever. Available at Passion on Paper, 259 N. Peters Road, Suite 102 in Knoxville, 865.531.9886, PassionOnPaper.com.


This stunning coffee table is adapted from late 16th century Chinese Ming Dynasty originals; a square framed top is elevated on squared corner posts joined by apron rail stretchers. Available in both 42” and 60” square, as well as three hand-worn finishes, at Decorating Den Interiors | Kozar Design Team, 521 Lovell Road, Suite 205 in Knoxville, 865.392.6222, SandyKozar.DecoratingDen.com.



New look, same great taste! Authentic southern pimento cheese hand-crafted right here in Knoxville. Available in Classic, 3 Alarm Spicy, and Smoked Gouda. Perfect as an appetizer, recipe ingredient, topping for your burger, or straight from the container. Pick up a delicious tub (or two!) at Euphoric Cheese Shop, Butler & Bailey Market, Simpson’s Meats and Farm Grub Delivery Service, as well as Dixie Lee, Market Square, Ebenezer Road & Historic Oak Ridge Farmers’ Markets. SpreadCooks.com.


Adorable, smiling ceramic garden gnome statuary sporting colored caps with whimsical metal details are the perfect addition to your spring home or garden décor. Available at Meadow View Greenhouses & Garden Center, 9885 Highway 11E in Lenoir City, 865.986.7229, MeadowViewGreenhouse.com.


100% cotton gauze clothing is the coolest, most comfortable thing to wear as the weather warms up! Available in size S-3X at The Lily Pad Boutique, 209 N. Main Street in Sweetwater, 423.337.5537, LilyPadBoutiqueOnline.com.


IN 1916, President Woodrow Wilson signed the act that created the National Park Service to help protect natural and historic lands and phenomenons for future generations. The U.S. national parks showcase our country’s natural beauty and cultural heritage for visitors from around the globe. There are now 63 national parks that hold endangered plants and animals, archaeological sites, and miles upon miles of trails.

Our beloved Great Smoky Mountains National Park became official in 1926. The New River Gorge National Park in West Virginia became the most recently christened national park in late 2020. These and quite a few other parks are within a day’s drive of Knoxville. The National Park Service has an excellent

Smoky Mountains NP “right down the road” - is Mammoth Cave National Park. In addition to the amazing cave tours, there are night sky viewing programs, hiking trails (many at less than half mile!), and at least 4 accessible historic cemeteries.

2. New River Gorge West Virginia near Glen Jean


6 4 2 3 1

website at NPS.gov full of everything you ever wanted or needed to know about visiting one of the park locations.

1. Mammoth Cave Mammoth Cave, Kentucky

- A little more than 3 hours from Knoxville

Our closest state park - aside from the Great


- A little more than 4 hours from Knoxville

An easy boardwalk trail leads to the New River Gorge Bridge vista with many more hiking trails available. Lovely scenic drives, along with outdoor activities, assures that there is something to please everyone! Because this fairly new park covers more than 50 miles of the river with 3 separate visitor centers, the NPS recommends using the coordinates on their website for directions as opposed to following standard GPS.

3. Congaree Hopkins, South Carolina - 4.5ish hours from Knoxville

With astonishing biodiversity and the largest expanse of old growth bottomland forest remaining in the southeastern United States, this

swampy ecosystem can be seen by a fairly flat boardwalk loop trail. Or get up close and personal in a canoe or kayak! Twenty-five miles of trails will delight birdwatchers and fisherfolk.

4. Shenandoah

2 3 4

Luray, Virginia - A little under 6 hours from Knoxville

The beautiful Skyline Drive runs 105 miles north and south along the crest of the Blue

Photos courtesy of the National Park Service
NATIONAL PARKS Within a Day’s Drive of Knoxville

Ridge Mountains inside the park. From Big Meadows to Old Rag Mountain, hiking trails and picnic areas abound. The park’s Ranger programs and historic exhibits are available both in person and virtually for those who can’t make the trip.

5. The Gateway Arch

St. Louis, Missouri - A little under 7 hours from Knoxville

Believe it or not, the arch became a national park in 2018 - the smallest of parks with less than 200 acres. The park is a memorial to Thomas Jefferson’s role in opening the west, the pioneers who shaped our history, and Dred Scott, who sued for his

freedom in the Old Courthouse located on the grounds. While it is not your typical park, the arch’s (“Willie Wonka”ish) interior tram ride to the top are worth the trip. Virtual tours are available online for those less brave!

6. Cuyahoga Valley

Northern Ohio between Cleveland and Akron - 7.5 hours from Knoxville

The smooth Towpath Trail, the landmark route first traveled by mules and Ohio & Erie Canal workers, has connections to many of the parks natural and historic sites - great for strolling or biking. In addition to birding, fishing, and paddling, try a scenic train ride or a Canalway Quest to collect unique stamps.

7. Indiana Dunes

Indiana’s Lake Michigan coast just southeast of Chicago

- A little less than 8 hours from Knoxville

This is another fairly recent newcomer as a national park. Added in early 2019, it sports more than 50 miles of trails that lead through shifting sand dunes, quiet woodlands, sunny prairies, and lush wetland - all in one park! The lure of cooler temperatures and self-guided excursions are awfully tempting! Swim, paddle, or just enjoy the beachy sunsets.

8. Hot Springs

Hot Springs, Arkansas

- About 8.5 hours from Knoxville

This is the only national park that protects a unique combination of lithology, geologic structure, and water sources that produce the only nonvolcanic geothermal springs of such high quality

(temperature, taste, color, odorless) in the U.S. The ancient thermal springs, mountain views, incredible geology, forested hikes, and abundant creeks - all in the middle of townmake Hot Springs National Park a unique and beautiful destination.

There are so many more designated historic sites, scenic trails, rivers & recreational areas, battlefields, and monuments in most U.S. states, so be sure to check the National Parks website before you travel. Their website also has helpful facts that include parking pass info, current weather conditions, recreation options, and park history - all conveniently accessed by state location or park name. There is even an app for that!

5 6 8 7 May 2023 EVERYTHING KNOXVILLE 31

Treat Yourself to a Stylish Garage

SPRINGTIME IS the best time to give your home a design refresh - perhaps by picking out a new piece of home décor, painting a room the latest color, or rearranging your furniture. But what about your garage? This hard-working and humble area doesn’t have to be dull… with designer updates, your garage can be as beautiful as it is functional. Read on for three stunning ideas!

1. Couture Cabinets

Stain-resistant, scratch-resistant, and a breeze to clean, you won’t believe the beautiful finishes available on custom cabinets. Choose from 15 colors ranging from solids to simulated wood grains, or take your garage décor to a whole new level of decadence with high-gloss acrylic fronts in fashion-worthy colors of white, vanilla, champagne, metallic carbon, ruby red, grey, or blue.

2. Luxe Lighting and Countertops

Maximize the functionality of your garage while turning up the style-meter with LED lights and countertops. Perfect for the hobbyist, custom countertops in a variety of finishes serve as a convenient place to craft, and LED illumination gives light to creativity whether you’re an evening or a morning maker. Add the final touch with a strategically installed power strip, providing convenient and much-needed energy to every project.

3. Dress Up Your Floor

Take your garage from featureless to fabulous with a durable and attractive epoxy polyaspartic floor. Offering multiple layers of protection, each floor becomes a one-of-a-kind creation with its endless combinations of custom color and granite-like vinyl flakes.

The heat, chemical, and stain resistant epoxy polyaspartic floor will up the ante when it comes to garage design and will have you leaving your garage door up more often.

Aren’t you and your car worth a fashionable upgrade this spring? Transform your garage into an attractive haven, and you’ll smile every time you enter or leave your home. Chris McKenry and his team at Designer Garages are experts in garage sophistication. Visit their West Knoxville showroom for a free consultation today!

Designer Garages

201 Center Park Drive, #1070 Knoxville, TN 37922 865.268.4868


Downsizing After Retirement?

Don’t Forget Your Closet!


DONE IT! After a long and fulfilling career, you’ve retired - and it’s time to finally enjoy life at your own pace. Now, you’re ready to take the next step to free up even more of your time and energy: downsizing. As you start making plans for your new home, keep your closets in mind! Below are five options that will give you more storage in less space while enhancing your richlydeserved new life of leisure.

1. On-the-Go Shelving

When you’re in a hurry to head out with friends for a long lunch, instant access to the perfect outfit is a must. Custom shelving will keep your items organized and handy - no more searching for that missing shoe!

2. Closet Rods Within Reach

Tired of wrangling with that too-high clothing rod? Try one that’s automated, bringing your garments within reach at the touch of a button.

3. Your Jewelry at a Glance

Maximize space by getting rid of your jewelry boxes and towers, and instead organize your baubles in velvet-lined, partitioned jewelry drawers custom-designed to fit your collection.

4. Lighting Where You Need It Most

LED task lighting, illuminated rods, and radiant light strips will help you find what you need in a hurry and are crucial when it comes to that all-important decision: Is this navy or black?

5. Convenient Storage Systems

Tired of bending down to retrieve items off the floor or tip-toeing to reach things stored too high? Avoid both and hang your scarves, hats, purses, and more with slim-profile organization systems that give you big storage in small spaces.

When you’re ready to trade your home’s square footage for more time spent traveling, enjoying hobbies, and playing with the grandkids, a thoughtfully designed closet is your answer. Chris McKenry and his team of professionals are ready to help make life easier. Call, click, or visit their West Knoxville showroom today, and let the good life begin!

Closets by McKenry

201 Center Park Drive, #1070

Knoxville, TN 37922 865.249.6382



the Great Out-of-Doors All Year-Round

WHY NOT let the professionals at Undercover Systems help you take full advantage of unlimited out-of-door events this season that your entire family can enjoy all year round? Now is the ideal time to get the totally unique and proprietary underdeck ceiling system from Undercover Systems installed under your home’s existing raised decks. This underdeck system will ensure that all your gatherings will be protected from unexpected and unwanted rain, searing summertime sun, and next winter’s snow and ice.

“Right now is the perfect time to weatherproof all of your outof-door events,” said Jim Conn, owner of Undercover Systems. “Throughout the entire process, our skilled craftsmen work with you, each step of the way, until your project is completed to your total satisfaction. And because your project will be completed this spring, you can begin enjoying your new outdoor living spaces before barbeque season heats up.”

Undercover’s patented underdecking system is designed by and manufactured exclusively by Undercover Systems, unlike other installers that use off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all underdecking products. And because Undercover’s system is supported entirely by their patented drain system - and not your deck - air is free to circulate ensuring the longevity of your deck’s wooden structural supports, preventing them from premature failure.

You’ll appreciate Undercover Systems’ attention to detail, which comes from years of experience, as they help you craft a seamless transition from your home’s interior to your new out-of-door living spaces. Underdeck ceilings come in a variety of colors and textures to perfectly complement your existing architecture and landscaping. You will also appreciate that every decking project is personally supervised by Jim and that Undercover Systems is a complaint-free member of the Better Business Bureau.

Why not delight your family this spring with a special gift that everyone can appreciate all year long? Extend the enjoyment of your out-of-door spaces, protect your family from the elements, and begin creating a lifetime of memories. Call Jim at 423-2670091 today to start celebrating your out-of-doors now and for all the seasons to come.

Undercover Systems 423.267.0091 UndercoverSystems.com 34 EVERYTHING KNOXVILLE May 2023

Design Selections

Some call it "Luxury Design." Our Interior Design team collaborated for months with the client and contractor to bring a historic design with a modern function to this amazing home. From the architectural details to the furniture plan and decorative finishes, we worked with the client to ensure the success of the stunning end result. The beauty of the paint, cabinetry, countertops, custom fixtures, and upholstery make this local Knoxville downtown loft.

Design Team

The Shae Design team makes sure to design Artisan-crafted, expertly-placed selections that add sparkle, interest, dimension, and life to a space. Shae and her team take pride in creating custom designs, completely tailored to a client's individual lifestyle and interests. Shae has been recognized by City View magazine as "The Best of the Best" interior designer in Knoxville and by the Knoxville News Sentinel as "Interior Designer of the Year" several times.

The Furniture

While we’ve seen countless textile and finish elements in design throughout the years, the warmth and dimension these materials bring to a space remains indisputable. We love incorporating a variety of textures in our projects to add interest and set the tone of the overall aesthetics. This particular project is complete with custom textiles, couture fabrics, and unique furniture pieces that were all designed and selected by our team.

9700 Kingston Pike

( 8 6 5 ) 3 1 3 - 2 6 5 6

Summer Will Soon Be Upon Us! S

HERE IN Tennessee, warmer weather means barbecues and weekend get-togethers with friends. Everyone wants their home to be in tip-top shape before entertaining. My personal list includes general decluttering, sprucing up the yard, and a deep cleaning of all hard surfaces - floors, counters, walkways, and decks. Lucky for me, there is one chore on that list that I really don’t mind tackling. Guess which one!

Fifteen years ago, before beginning the deep cleaning business, I was a restaurant manager. One of my most frustrating challenges was trying to get the commercial kitchen and dining areas clean. I think I tried just about every cleaning technique, product, and tool in the market, but those restaurant floors never looked the way I wanted them to look.

So, in 2008, I flew to Arizona to check out some innovative cleaning equipment and finally found the solution to the deep clean I had been searching for all those years. I couldn’t wait to bring the equipment and process back to Knoxville and tackle as many restaurant floors as I could manage! That first week I used the equipment in my own home and was astonished at how different the tile and grout floors looked. I swear that my carpet lightened several shades, and my driveway literally glowed in the dark. Many of my friends got free cleanings those first few weeks as well, and they were equally impressed!

Here’s some of what experience has taught me during the past 15 years: Every now and then, every home needs a deep cleaning - a time to clean places that aren’t part of a regular cleaning schedule or places that are generally overlooked. I’ve also learned that no matter how often a home is cleaned and the floors scrubbed, dirt and contaminants still build up, causing beautiful tile and grout to discolor. This dirt becomes trapped within the pores of the floor and cannot be removed without some powerful measures and professional help.

Surface Doc has the equipment that allows us to do what homeowners simply cannot do on their own. With a combination of high heat, high pressure, and a powerful spinning brush, all contained under a pressure hood, floors have no choice but to release all soil and contaminants buried deep within them. This process allows for the complete removal of years of build-up within your floor.

If it’s time for your floors to look new again, please give us a call at 865-5671986. You can expect fast, courteous, reliable service the first time. The quote and in-home demonstration are always free. For more information or to schedule a visit, you may also visit SurfaceDoc.com.

urface Doc also offers “Soft Washing” of siding and roofs for both businesses and homeowners, including stucco, cedar, vinyl, aluminum, stone, brick, slate, clay, asphalt, etc. We will safely clean your siding and roof without the use of high pressure. Get rid of the green and black algae on your home.


865.567.1986 | SurfaceDoc.com


HAVE YOU EVER paused and wondered: Why am I doing this? Why do I go here? What am I truly trying to accomplish with my life, and why? Why do I want to retire, buy this house, take this trip, save this much money, land that promotion, etc.?

We’re all searching for meaning and purpose. Some people seem to have been born with a mission. Others of us, if we’re being honest, just want our life to mean something - to leave our mark on this life, right? And many of us, sadly, are simply chasing status, wealth, and praise.

Let me ask you something: Do you know your purpose? Do you have your WHY? What motivates you, inspires you? Is it travel and extra time with family during retirement? Is it leaving a legacy to your children because you grew up poor? Or maybe it’s leaving a significant portion of your wealth to charity to impact the less fortunate?

One of the best parts of my job is meeting a wide variety of families who all share different values and beliefs. While some are motivated to save and enjoy their golden years, others are inspired to continue “working” during their retirement while donating their resources (both time and financial) toward charitable impact. The underlying motivations for financial independence are as diverse as the spring temperatures here in Tennessee!

Here at Cullman Wealth team, we believe everyone can live a life of financial purpose. Everything we do is rooted in our passion for stewardship and service. When you become a client, you’re not just a number. You’re family! We’ve got your back. And whether it’s regret over your past mistakes or anxiety about the future, you CAN overcome these obstacles and live a life of purpose. You CAN be courageous. And you can achieve, contribute, and give back more than you ever dreamed.

How do we know this? Because we see it every day in our clients. They inspire us. And the one unifying point they all have in common is a stated purpose and vision for their lives.

A wise man once said “the depth of your endurance is directly proportional to the clarity of your vision.” Do you have your WHY written down? More importantly, if we reviewed your calendar and bank statement together, would they point to your greater purpose?

Do you know your “why?” Maybe you haven’t had the time to write it down, but you have a good idea of what you think it is. It may sound simple, but our WHY is helping you figure out yours.

SageSpring Wealth Partners

136 Concord Road Knoxville, TN 37934 865.686.5202


865.686.5202 F: 865.622.9579 Travis.Cullman@sagespring.com | sagespring.com 136 Concord Rd, Knoxville, TN 37934 STEWARDSHIP. TEAMWORK. FAMILY. You Invest In Your Future. We invest in you.
Investment advisory services offered through SageSpring Wealth Partners, an independent registered investment adviser. SageSpring Wealth Partners is not a registered broker dealer and is independent of Raymond James Financial Services. Representatives may not be registered to offer securities and advisory services in all states. Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc. owns the certification marks CFP®, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, CFP® (wish plaque design and CFP® (with flame design) in the U.S., which it awards to individuals who successfully complete the CFP Board’s initial and ongoing certification requirements.
“Very few people or companies can clearly articulate WHY they do WHAT they do. By WHY, I mean your purpose, cause, or beliefWHY does your company exist? WHY do you get out of bed every morning? And WHY should anyone care?”
~ Simon Sinek, author and inspirational speaker

KATHY GARVER More than just Growing Up Cissy

ONCE UPON a time in America - specifically on television in America – we enjoyed good, wholesome programming on our TV sets. There were the big three networks and, in many cases, an independent station or three (depending on where you lived).

Swearing was almost non-existent. Problems were relatively simple. Kids showed respect to their elders. Elders didn’t abuse their kids. Sex? Not until the late ‘60s was that subject more aggressively broached.

You probably remember what I’m talking about and would remember, as kids, watching some of the great shows on TV like The Andy Griffith Show, The Dick Van Dyke Show, Green Acres, Gilligan’s Island, My Three Sons, and so many more. Those iconic programs led us from black and white to living color... both literally and figuratively. But I digress.

One TV show that I remember watching (and watching a lot - I think I’ve seen every episode at least twice if not more) is the wonderful family TV show called Affair. I know you baby boomers remember it. It starred Brian Keith (who played the bache lor uncle) and Sebastian Cabot (Keith’s “gentleman’s gentleman”).

The premise of the show is Brian’s character’s brother and his wife are killed in a car accident, and he is left to take care of their three children. Buffy (played by the late Anissa Jones), Jody (played by Johnny Whittaker), and Cissy (the oldest sister, played by Kathy Garver) were the nieces and nephew he took in.

I recently had the privilege of speaking with Ms. Garver. Though mostly known for playing Cissy on Family Affair, she also played a many other parts in a variety of other venues and media, especially when she was a little kid.

For instance, she was in the movie The Ten Commandments with the great Charleston Heston. She was also in The Night of the Hunter , as well as guest starred on many TV and radio shows, commercials, and Broadway productions. If that isn’t prolific

enough, she is also an accomplished and acclaimed author and a much sought-after voice-over actress.

Recently, I was honored to be able to chat with Kathy. We talked about her career growing up, as well as what she is doing nowadays.

I asked Kathy about something she talks about in her autobiography, Growing Up Cissy, wherein she explains her “thread theory.” I asked her to explain and expand upon it.

“Well, when I started the book - the Surviving Cissy book, and it was primarily my autobiography - I just kind of started with how I got Family Affair and then went on to kind of a chronological approach. As I was writing, it occurred to me that what I was putting together was my life, the fabric of my life - and in that fabric, there were many, many threads that, when I looked at them and saw what they represented, so far, has been making a whole blanket of which is my life. So, it became an analogy. There are

Hollywood threads, there are lacy currents, there are threads from a stage curtain and things like that that were representative of what was happening as I was going through my career, which started when I was three.” Later in our chat, Kathy reflected on the totality of her career.

“When I look back, after my long career, I’m very proud of everything that I have done. So many of the things that I have done have become classic… I mean, The Ten Commandments is a classic, and Family Affair is a classic. I did an animated series identified with them. And the one that remains most classic is Spider Man and His Amazing Friends, where I played the voice over and created the voice of Fire Star, and she’s still very much out there. They made new little statues of her last year, and now there’s a bigger statue of her coming out. So, I think I’ve enjoyed the career.

“I think that those ‘60s shows were so classic because, from a business point of view, there were only three channels. At the time, there was just CBS, NBC, ABC, and then a couple local channels. So, everybody watched it - the entire nation was watching it, millions and millions of people.” The entire video of this interview with Kathy Garver can be viewed on Boomerocity.com, where she talks more about what is next for her as an actor, how she is convinced that family-oriented shows still have an audience, and how she navigates friendships in the current political climate. Also, you can keep up with Kathy on her website, KathyGarver.com, as well as on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Randy’s first interview was at the tender age of 13 with none other than Col. Tom Parker. Thirty-six years later, he founded the webzine, Boomerocity.com, and has conducted more than 400 interviews with some of the most interesting people in music.


Clean An Epoxy Garage Floor in 3 EASY STEPS



and summer arrives next month. If you haven’t cleaned your PremierGarage floor of all the winter grime and dirt, it’s certainly easy to do. While a PremierGarage floor coating is known for it’s durability, slip-, and stain-resistant properties, just like any floor, it does get dirty and needs to be cleaned. Learning how to care for and clean a garage floor will ensure long-term function and satisfaction with your floor.

Step 1: Clear the Floor of Loose Debris

Remove anything that is sitting on the garage floor so the entire floor is exposed. Sweep or shop vac the floor to remove dirt, sand, or other debris. Make sure to clean under cabinets, work benches, or appliances. In preparation for step two, place small plastic baggies over the garage infrared door sensors to they don’t get wet.

Step 2: Clean the Floor

The best way to clean the floor is by using a mop. A heavy-duty cotton mop is recommended, and a rolling bucket will make the task easier, since you’ll want to rinse the mop as you go section by section. Take extra care as your work, since enough water on any floor will make it slippery.

Cleaning solutions that will clean while protecting the finish include ammonia. Just mix five ounces of clear ammonia per gallon of water. Also, a diluted solution of a degreaser like Simple Green mixed with one-half cup per gallon of water cleans well.

Step 3: Rinse and Dry

Use a hose and spray nozzle to rinse the floor. Your garage floor will have a natural slope from the back of the garage to the driveway, so start at the highest point at the back to spray and rinse. Be careful under cabinets to limit splashing water onto wood components. Hose back and sides of the floor to the middle, then out the door. To quickly dry the floor and ensure no standing puddles of water remain, use a floor squeegee (18 or 24 inches to speed things up) or a clean street broom to move any water out of the garage, using the same back-and-sides-tomiddle routine. Remove the plastic baggies from the garage door sensors and you’re done.

If you haven’t had a PremierGarage floor installed, consider the benefits:

• Increase the resale value of your home.

• Improve safety with a floor that is slip, impact, and heatresistant and brightens the area with increased light reflectivity.

• Open up new activities in your garage. It could double as a children’s play area, an exercise room, or hobby nook.

Call PremierGarage of Knoxville and discover the beautiful affordability of transforming your garage.

YOUR PAPER DESTINATION Do you love Paper as much as we do? 259 N. Peters Road, Suite 102, Knoxville, TN 37923 passiononpaper.com|865-531-9886 follow us on: • greeting cards • books • journals • note cards • puzzles • paper vases • napkins • placemats • personalized stationery • and much MORE! Great gifts for MOM.... ...or to celebrate any occasion!
PremierGarage 865.947.8686 | PremierGarageKnoxville.com

Dishing Out the Facts on Good Fats

FOR THOSE seeking to be more health-conscious, the idea of eating nutritiously seems simple. However, understanding what’s truly “good for you” can sometimes be very confusing.

Avocados From Mexico is sharing how avocados - a delicious food and source of good fats and several vitamins - make everything better. They conducted a survey and found that while 76% of respondents believe fat is an essential component of a healthy diet, less than one-third are confident they know why it’s important to have “good fats” in their diets.

For starters, according to the survey, nearly half of Americans didn’t realize foods with good fats, like avocados, can help with weight management. However, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats found in avocados can lower the risk of becoming overweight, according to research published in MDPI’s Nutrients.

“Most people are aware of the Mediterranean Diet, but nearly half (40%) of survey respondents didn’t realize that this eating pattern does not limit fat coming from plant sources like avocados,” said nutrition expert and registered dietitian Barbara Ruhs. “These types of unsaturated good fats are also recommended by the American Heart Association for heart health. Eating avocados in place of foods containing saturated fat is an easy and delicious way to approach healthy eating.”

Virtually the only fresh fruit with good fats, avocados can help people meet both good fat and fruit and vegetable recommendations in the same bite with approximately 6 grams of good fats per serving (one-third of a medium avocado). They are nutrient-dense, making avocados a delicious food with super benefits. Avocados are also free of cholesterol and sodium and have nearly 20 vitamins and minerals.

Another finding from the survey is that while people believe fat is essential to a

healthy diet, one-third of survey respondents believe saturated and trans fats are associated with health benefits, indicating confusion about the various types of fats. Many Americans need to balance their overall fat intake by reducing “bad” or saturated fat intake and increasing “good” or unsaturated (monounsaturated and polyunsaturated) fat intake. Replacing saturated fats with unsaturated fats can help reduce LDL, or bad cholesterol levels.

Dietary fat helps the body absorb vitamins

A, D, E, and K. These vitamins are fat soluble, which means they can only be absorbed by the body with the help of fats. Per onethird of a medium avocado (50 grams), avocados contribute 6 grams of unsaturated fats, which are known to be essential for normal growth and development of the central nervous system and brain.

Make good fats a part of your next trip to the grocery store with this avocado-inspired Harvest Bowl Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette certified by the American Heart Association’s Heart-Check Food Certification Program.

To find more nutritional facts and figures, along with recipes, visit AvocadosFromMexico.com.


Servings: 8


Balsamic Vinaigrette:

• 1/2 Avocado From Mexico, diced

• 1 tablespoon avocado oil

• 2 tablespoons shallots, minced

• 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard

• 3 tablespoons white balsamic vinegar

• 1 tablespoon honey

• 3 tablespoons water


• 2 Avocados From Mexico, diced

• 2 sweet potatoes, roasted and diced

• 2 cups quinoa, cooked

• 2 cups arugula

• 2 cups kale

• 1 cup Brussels sprouts petals, roasted

• 2 Honeycrisp apples, diced

• 2 tablespoons roasted pecans, unsalted

• 2 tablespoons roasted pepitas, unsalted

• 2 tablespoons dried cranberries


To make balsamic vinaigrette: In food processor, process avocado, avocado oil, shallots, Dijon mustard, balsamic vinegar, honey, and water to smooth consistency. Set aside.

To make salad: In large bowl, combine avocados, sweet potatoes, quinoa, arugula, kale, Brussels sprouts petals, apples, pecans, pepitas, and dried cranberries. Pour balsamic vinaigrette over salad mixture.

Toss salad to coat. Keep refrigerated until ready to serve.

Nutritional information per serving: 390 calories; 16 g total fat; 0 g saturated fat; 0 g cholesterol; 370 mg sodium; 55 g total carbohydrates; 11 g dietary fiber; 12 g sugar; 15 g protein.

Source: Avocados From Mexico


Healthy, Sustainable, and Beautiful!

ASA RECIPIENT of the Bona Certified Craftsman Award, European Fine Hardwood Floors strictly uses Bona stains and sealers - for some very good reasons. A 100+ year old Swedish company, Bona is the world’s number one name in the hardwood flooring refinishing industry. By focusing on the needs and safety of their craftsmen, as well as floor owners, Bona is devoted to providing solutions that offer lasting, sustainable results for professionals like Valera Tomescu, owner of European Fine Hardwood Floors. With taking responsibility for everyone’s air quality, Bona’s waterborne finishes and sealers for wooden floors are a history making innovation offering the same durability as other previous products only with lower VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), making it safer for installers and homeowners. Among the first to remove toxic and hazardous chemicals from hardwood floor finish, Bona proved water-based finish to be a reliable and durable alternative. These newer finishes exceed all VOC standards across the globe. Combined with Bona’s state-of-the-art dust containment system that virtually eliminates dust from the sanding process, European

“Bona always strives to develop innovative products with a longterm sustainable perspective in mind, ensuring that our products are environmentally sound not just today, but tomorrow too.”

Fine Hardwood Floors is able to offer a dustless, safer - both now and long termrefinishing experience.

Not only are Bona finishes and sealers better for you and the environment, they dry faster and don’t “yellow” over time like other finishes - maintaining the beauty of your floors. With a reputation for exceptional performance, you can understand why Valera and his team at European Fine Hardwood Floors use only Bona’s innovative products and machines.

Bona’s DriFast Stains come in four beautiful color collections in more than 20 colors:

• Classic with rich presentation of authentic browns and rich auburns

• Essentials that are comprised of warm ambers and hints of exotic spices

• Naturals are subtle and soft with a mixture of light tones

• Metropolitan offers sophisticated, saturated reds, browns, grays

These colors can be used individually or blended to create a unique stain color for your specific flooring.

If you are ready to restore the beauty of your hardwood flooring - with low VOC stains and finishes in a wide range of colors and a virtually dustless experience - call European Fine Hardwood Floors. With their years of skilled craftsmanship, long list of delighted clients, and tried-and-true sustainable Bona products, they offer the highest quality standards in the refinishing industry.

European Fine Hardwood Floors



Certified Craftsman by Bona

KnoxvilleHardwoodRefinishing.com | EuropeanHardwoodFloors@yahoo.com | 865-640-3680 EUROPEAN FINE HARDWOOD FLOORS DUSTLESS REFINISHING – NEW FLOORING INSTALLATION – STAINING - RESTORATION AND REPAIR Durable, water-based, and environmentally friendly low VOC finishes Dustless and safe refinishing for your home, using our Bona truck-mounted containment system Family owned and operated, celebrating 10 years serving Knoxville area clients Superior craftsmanship by licensed and insured Bona-certified craftsman GENUINE DUST-FREE FINISHING



Knox Children’s Theatre The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe through May 21st.

Epiphone Student Guitar Design Exhibition at Dogwood Arts Gallery. Open MondayFriday 9 am to 5 pm through May 26th.

Let Me Tell You About… at McClung Museum’s Community Gallery through June 1st.

Lights! Camera! East Tennessee! Knoxville’s contributions to film and Hollywood history at East Tennessee History Center through July 3rd.

Open 9 am to 4 pm daily. Free admission on Sundays.

Dawn of the Dinosaurs at Zoo Knoxville from 9 am to 5 pm daily through September 4th.


Tennessee Smokies vs. Montgomery Biscuits at Smokies Stadium at 7 pm. Also the 10th - 13th at 7 pm and 14th at 2 pm.

Concerts on the Square Jazz Tuesdays at Market Square at 7 pm. Also the 16th, 23rd, 30th and June 6th.

MAY 10

Alex Cuba at the Bijou Theatre at 7:30 pm. The Flaming Lips at the Tennessee Theatre at 7:30 pm.

MAY 11

Knoxville Shakespeare “On the Hill” Richard II at Mabry-Hazen House at 7:30 pm. Also the 12th & 13th at 7:30 pm and 14th at 2 pm.

The War and Treaty at the Bijou Theatre at 7:30 pm.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown at Thompson-Boling Arena at 7:45 pm.

MAY 12

Sheep Shearing at the Museum of Appalachia from 9 am to 5 pm.

Kick-Off to Summer at the Knoxville Museum of Art from 7 to 11 pm.

Knoxville Symphony Orchestra: Community Concert at World’s Fair Park’s Tennessee Amphitheater at 7 pm. Free!

Keb’ Mo’ at the Tennessee Theatre at 8 pm.

Three Star Revival at the Bijou Theatre at 8 pm.

MAY 13

39th Annual Bob Watt Youth Fishing Rodeo at Anchor Park in Farragut from 8 to 9 am and 10 to 11 am. Free! Pre-registration required at TownOfFarragut.org/Register.

Spring Marketplace at the Historic Ramsey House from 10 am to 4 pm.

Second Saturday Concerts at the Cove at Concord Park in Farragut from 6 to 8 pm.

Taste of Asia at the Emporium Center at 6 pm. Benefit for the Asian Culture Center of Tennessee. Visit KnoxAsianFestival.com.

Dusty Slay Comedy Special Taping at the Bijou Theatre at 7 pm and 9:30 pm.

Alice Cooper at the Tennessee Theatre at 8 pm.

Knoxville Symphony Orchestra The Doo Wop Project at the Civic Auditorium at 8 pm.

MAY 14

Mother’s Day

Old City Market on West Jackson Avenue from 11 am to 4 pm. Also Rhinestone Market on June 4th.

Second Sunday Art Activity at the Knoxville Museum of Art from 1 to 4 pm. Free for children in grades K-6.

Second Sunday Docent Tour at the Knoxville Museum of Art from 2 to 3 pm. Guided tour.

MAY 15

Carry the Load Memorial May Walk at the Knoxville National Cemetery at 11:45 am. CarrytheLoad.org for more information.

MAY 16

Concerts on the Square: Jazz Tuesdays in Market Square at 7 pm. Also the 23rd & 30th.

Stevie Nicks at Thompson-Boling Arena at 7 pm.

Princess Goes at the Bijou Theatre at 7:30 pm.

MAY 17

Leonid & Friends at the Bijou Theatre at 7:30 pm.

MAY 18

East Tennessee Preservation Awards hosted by Knox Heritage at the Emporium at 6:30 pm.

Concerts on the Square: Variety Thursdays in Market Square at 7 pm. Free!

Knoxville Symphony Orchestra Beethoven & the Rite of Spring at the Tennessee Theatre at 7:30 pm. Also the 19th.

Spyro Gyra at the Bijou Theatre at 7:30 pm.

MAY 19

Videogametatts Convention at the Convention Center through the 21st.

MAY 20

Smoky Mountain Scottish Festival & Games at Townsend Visitor’s Center. SmokyMountainGames.org for tickets. Also the 21st.

Children’s Festival of Reading at World’s Fair Park from 10 am to 3 pm. Southern Skies Music Festival at World’s Fair Park from 12:30 to 10 pm. Also the 21st. Visit SouthernSkiesMusicFestival.com for info. Knoxville Water Lantern Festival at Chilhowee Park & Exposition Center from 5:30 to 9:30 pm.

Chelsea Handler at the Tennessee Theatre at 7:30 pm. Wellred Comedy Tour at the Bijou Theatre at 8 pm.

MAY 21

The Wood Brothers at the Tennessee Theatre at 8 pm.

MAY 22

Visit Knoxville Open PGA 2023 Korn Ferry Tour at Holston Hills Country Club through May 29th.

2nd Annual Send Senior Citizens Love Golf Tournament at Gettysvue Country Club from 11 am to 5:30 pm.

MAY 23

Breaking Benjamin at Thompson-Boling Arena at 7 pm.

Tennessee Smokies vs. Birmingham Barons at Smokies Stadium at 7 pm. Also the 24th - 27th at 7 pm and 28th at 2 pm.

MAY 24

Last day for Knox County Schools students

MAY 25

Old City Night Market on West Jackson Avenue from 5 to 9 pm.

Chris Thile at the Bijou Theatre at 8 pm.

MAY 26

Our Common Nature: An Appalachian Celebration with Yo-Yo Ma at World’s Fair Park from 5 to 10 pm.

MAY 27

Rhiannon Giddens & Justin Robinson at the Bijou Theatre at 8 pm.

MAY 28

Latrice Royale at the Bijou Theatre at 7:30 pm.

MAY 29

Memorial Day

Oak Ridge Community Band Memorial Day Concert at A.K. Bissell Park in Oak Ridge at 7 pm. Free admission, bring chairs or blankets for outdoor seating.

Tennessee Smokies vs. Chattanooga Lookouts at Smokies Stadium at 7 pm. Also the 31st - June 3rd and June 4th at 2 pm.





Pottery Art Camp for ages 14-17 at Sees

Thru Trees Pottery & Art from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm. SeesThruTrees.com for more info or to register. Also June 8th, 15th, 22nd & 29th.


Pottery Art Camp for ages 10-13 at Sees Thru Trees Pottery & Art from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm. SeesThruTrees.com for more info or to register. Also June 9th, 16th, 23rd & 30th.

First Friday on Market Square, Gay Street, The Old City, and Downtown North beginning at 5 pm.

Rhinestone Fest, formerly Dolly Fest, in and around the Old City through the 4th. Family friendly event, free to attend. Visit OldCityKnoxville.org/ RhinestoneFest.com for info.

In [ ] We Trust, an exhibition curated by Knoxville native Alex Gingrow, at UT Downtown Gallery through August 5th.


Bike Boat Brew & Bark from 10 am to 3 pm at Outdoor Knoxville Adventure Center. Tennessee Statehood Day at the Historic House Museums: Mabry-Hazen House, Blount Mansion, and James White’s Fort. Join them in celebrating Tennessee’s 227th anniversary!

Appalachian Equality Chorus at the Bijou Theatre at 3 pm and 7:30 pm.


Open Streets Knoxville in North Knoxville and downtown from 2 to 6 pm.


UT Gardens Summer Camps for ages 6-12 from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm through the 30th.

Summer Art Academy, featuring classes and workshops for ages 3-17, at the Knoxville Museum of Art through July 28th.


Kid A’Riffic Fun in the Park at Fountain City Park from 10 am to 1 pm. For children ages 2-12, all activities are free!

Southern Fried Poetry Slam at the Convention Center through the 19th.


Good Vibrations Concert featuring Wes Bailey Trio at the Tennessee Amphitheatre in World’s Fair Park at 7 pm. Benefits Cancer Support Community East Tennessee. Visit CancerSupportET.org for info. Sam Morril at the Bijou Theatre at 7 pm.


Second Saturday Concerts at the Cove at Concord Park in Farragut from 6 to 8 pm. All event dates and times subject to change.

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals at the Civic Auditorium at 8 pm.
MARKET SQUARE DOWNTOWN Wednesdays from 10 am - 1 pm Saturdays 9 am - 1 pm NEW HARVEST PARK 4775 New Harvest Lane, 37918 Thursdays 3 pm - 6 pm EBENEZER ROAD Ebenezer United Methodist Church 1001 Ebenezer Road, 37923 Tuesdays 3 pm - 6 pm HISTORIC OAK RIDGE Jackson Square 209 Jackson Square, 37830 Saturdays 8 am - Noon THE PRESERVE TOWN CENTER 201 Broadberry Avenue, 37830 4th Wednesday of each month 9 am - 1 pm Opens May 24th DIXIE LEE MARKET Renaissance Center 12740 Kingston Pike, 37934 Saturdays 9 am - Noon RAIN OR SHINE! May 2023 EVERYTHING KNOXVILLE 43

New Exhibitions Opening

THE ARTS & Culture Alliance is pleased to present five new exhibitions at the Emporium Center in downtown Knoxville from May 5-26. Most of the works are for sale and may be purchased through the close of the exhibition by visiting in person or the online shop at KnoxAlliance.store.

Barb Johnson & Susan Miller: Our Walk in the Upper Gallery

Artists statement: The inspiration for this exhibition came during early morning walks through dew-covered pastures which provide the spiritual experience of nature. Our friendship developed as we participated in a community of artists called Art Group 21. Since we both live in Lenoir City, we began walking together three times a week, which has continued to this day.

On our year-round walks, which cover 80 acres of farmland, we watch the seasonal changes in weather conditions and vegetation. There is abundant evidence of wildlife in the fields, woods, and along the gravel roads. We pass farm animals, plants, and trees, new and deteriorating structures, and regularly used or abandoned farm equipment, elements we express in our artworks.

images. She developed her own style for showing the “frozen moment”: When time stops, we’re a witness to nature, and it fills us with a sense of wonder and awe. Our spirit is found and often rediscovered in nature, and it is this spiritual connection that nourishes and inspires her art. Best captures this “moment” with acrylic in a modern impressionistic style, using entrancing outlines and colors to “freeze” the continual, ever-changing movement of nature.

Allen Monsarrat: I’ve Been Painting in the Display Case

Artist statement excerpt: I choose a subject with personal meaning based on my travels or a subject close to home in East Tennessee. The image must be a strong composition and contain a range of tonal values from darks to lights, which I manage by completing an underpainting using only burnt sienna. I then concentrate on colors and brush application, determining whether to make brush strokes apparent. By slowly edging away from my original tendency toward photorealism, some of my new works have a more painterly feel while still retaining detail as a photograph would. Creating a painting is always an exciting journey, as I am never quite sure whether it will be as successful as I have envisioned it in my mind.

A1LabArts: Re-Pair/Re-Connect in the Lower Gallery

This new exhibition, associated with the state-wide Tennessee Triennial for Contemporary Art, features a group of artists offering a variety of responses to the theme “Re-Pair/ Re-Connect.” This theme can be interpreted broadly to reference ideas such as ongoing post-pandemic renewal of public interaction and community events; interpersonal relationships and communication; individual renewal of creative vision, values, sense of self, and role in society; and relationships with the environment. The exhibiting artists are members of A1LabArts, a nonprofit, Knoxville-based arts organization founded in 1995.

Lynda Best: Water Spirits on the North Wall

Lynda Best is an impressionistic, contemporary artist of nature spirits. Her paintings are a form of meditation as she creates calming

Tracye Sowders: Melancholy’s Epiphany in the Atrium

Artist statement: The golden thread of sheer existence that binds us to one another and with the universe pulls me further onward through this exploration of color, light, trickery, and enchantment. I am inspired to create pieces that convey freedom of spirit. I paint about the light that settles in our souls and the idea that there is a natural touchstone for all of us as humans.

Tracye Burnett Sowders is a prolific painter in various media, including watercolor, oils, pen and ink, and alcohol inks. She is also a calligrapher, hand quilter, needleworker, illustrator, portrait artist, and pianist. Her original watercolors, oils, and quilts are in private collections all across the U.S.

The exhibitions will be on display at the Emporium Center, located at 100 S. Gay Street in downtown Knoxville. The Emporium is open to the public Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm, with additional hours on Friday, May 12, from 9 am to 7 pm and Saturday, May 6 & 13 only from 10 am to 1 pm. For more information, call 865-523-7543 or visit KnoxAlliance.com.

Emporium Center May 5

ID A’ RIFFIC Fun in the Park returns this summer with free mid-week fun for area families! Each event offers activities, games, hands-on crafts, and other fun pursuits for families with children ages 2-12, hosted by the City of Knoxville’s Office of Special Events, Parks and Recreation Department, and other community partners. Participation is free, and no registration is required.

Events are on Wednesdays in June and July from 10 am to 1 pm in seven different parks and natural areas:

Fountain City Park, 117 Hotel Road

• June 14: Chilhowee Park, 3301 E. Magnolia Ave. (including a Touch-A-Truck)

• June 21: Safety City of Knoxville, 165 S. Concord Street

• June 28: Fort Kid, 1049 World’s Fair Park Drive

• July 12: Ijams, 2915 Island Home Park

• July 19: Lakeshore Park, 5930 Lyons View Pike

• July 26: World’s Fair Park

Established in 2019 as a weekly opportunity for summertime activities for youngsters and their families in Market Square, Kid A’ Riffic has expanded to include parks across the city and multiple community partners. Earlier this year, Kid A’Riffic was awarded “Best Children’s Event in the Southeast” by the Southeast Festivals & Events Association (SFEA). For more information, visit KnoxvilleTN.gov or call 865-215-4248.


UT Gardens’ Plant of the Month FENNEL IN THE SOUTH

FENNEL ( FOENICULUM VULGARE ) is a shortlived perennial herb cultivated and naturalized in many places around the world, native to southern Europe along the Mediterranean Sea. Fennel makes a great addition to the garden, fulfilling many roles as an herb, a vegetable, and a pollinator friendly ornamental plant. Fennel is easy to grow in full sun, tolerating lean or rich soil as long as it is well-draining. It is drought tolerant once established. Fennel grows a deep taproot, making it challenging to transplant from one place to another in the garden once it is more than a few inches tall. Seed can be direct sown in the garden, as well as transplanted from pots.

Fennel’s feathery texture provides a beautiful backdrop to other plants in the garden. The soft billowy and darker foliage of bronze fennel (Foeniculum vulgare ‘Purpureum’) provides an interesting contrast to plants with coarse green to chartreuse leaves. Plant it with coneflowers, Gaillardia, Rudbeckia, goldenrod, or butterfly weed for a garden that attracts pollinators and provides colorful layers of interest throughout the hot summer. Bronze fennel does especially well in the South, growing between 4 to 6 feet tall. In summer, the stems, adorned with dark foliage, are topped with yellow umbel flowers that are highly attractive to a diverse array of pollinators. Bronze fennel will often reseed in gardens more than one might like. Deadheading the spent flowers before they produce seeds will prevent unwanted seedlings taking over the garden. Fennel foliage is a good food source for swallowtail caterpillars, with green types such as ‘Antares’ favored over bronze.

Fennel has an anise flavor and is one of the main ingredients that give absinthe its taste. Its fresh leaves and dried seeds can be used to season seafood, meats, salads, and other dishes. Some cultivars such as ‘Antares’ produce a white “bulb” that can be eaten raw and

has a texture similar to celery with a fresh licorice flavor. When roasted, the bulb caramelizes, taking on a sweet flavor and melt-inyour mouth texture. The bulb forms just above ground at the base of the stalks. Most bulbous fennel is not heat tolerant, but we have been growing ‘Antares’ with great success since it was selected as All American Selection Winner in 2017. It is much smaller in stature than bronze, reaching 12 to 18 inches tall. You can find fennel growing at all three of the UT Gardens locations.

The UT Gardens includes plant collections located in Knoxville, Crossville, and Jackson. Designated as the official botanical garden for the State of Tennessee, the UT Gardens are part of the UT Institute of Agriculture. The Gardens’ mission is to foster appreciation, education, and stewardship of plants through garden displays, educational programs, and research trials. The Gardens are open during all seasons and free to the public.

Photo courtesy of Jason Reeves Unlike other bulbous fennel, ‘Antares’ happily grows in the heat of the South.

May in the Garden

HOW ARE THINGS going in your yard? Are your plants starting to recover from the freeze, or have you pulled them up? If you are still waiting, I hope you are starting to see new growth. My Laurels, Loropetalum, Camellia, and Cleyera are recovering, and three of the Boxwoods in my yard are coming out. One, however, is dead. Two of my Hydrangeas were killed to the ground but are emerging from the roots. This was a very strange and hard year for our plants. Continue to be patient, fertilizing gently and pruning only dead wood, or look at this as an opportunity to try something new!

Whether you are babying damaged plants or nurturing new plants, there is much to be done. Let’s get started on your to-do list:

✻ You should be checking your gardens weekly if not more often. Look up into canopies of trees to check for storm damage or illness. Look down for signs of critters, such as moles making tunnels or possums and skunks digging for grubs. Look into the interior of your plants for signs of damage. If you need guidance, please give us a call.

✻ Winter damaged plants are more susceptible to diseases and insects, and new installations can decline quickly. Watch for signs of problems and begin treatment if necessary. Remember to always use the least toxic insecticidal products first, and learn which bugs are good guys and which are not. Some fungal problems will also clear up once the cool, damp weather passes, but others will need treatment. Again, always start with the least toxic products available.

✻ If you are still evaluating your plants, keep in mind that you will need to get replacements for trees and shrubs planted by the end of June. It is easier for the plants to establish root systems if they are not also battling the heat. I suggest you don’t postpone planting this year, as we are encountering plant shortages. Many people are not patient and are opting to replace much of their yard, so the growers cannot keep up. Trees and shrubs require 3-5 years to be ready to sell, so if you see something you love, don’t wait.

✻ You can do some pruning to spring bloomers now. Forsythia and quince can be pruned fairly severely. Azaleas, rhododendrons, and others will need a little more finesse, especially if they are stressed. Crape murder is still a horrible thing to do to a plant that is just trying to make your yard beautiful, and chopped crapes are much more susceptible to Crape Myrtle Bark Scale. Please do some research before you start whacking.

✻ Let’s talk about water, because over or under-watering is the number one plant killer. Remember that sprinkler systems are great for grass and flowers, but they are inadequate for trees and shrubs. It is important to water deeply and less frequently to encourage plants to develop deep roots instead of shallow roots. It is also best to water in the morning. Try to keep the water at soil level instead of overhead. Watering the foliage encourages fungal growth.

✻ Did you mulch this spring? Mulch isn’t just for appearance. It also keeps soil temperature and moisture levels stable and adds nutrients to the soil as it breaks down. If you have not applied a fresh layer, think about top-dressing. If your mulch level is still adequate, take a rake and “fluff” it, because it becomes very compacted during the winter.

✻ Wait until the foliage has died down before cutting back spring bulbs. New recommendations also say to not roll them up and wrap them with string or rubber bands, as this cuts down on the plants’ ability to store energy. A little BulbTone will give them a boost.

✻ Some of your perennials may need a little assistance as they emerge. Tall plants may need to be staked or caged, and it is easier to do that while the plants are small. You can also pinch plants back to encourage them to be shorter and bushier.

✻ We have great plants for container gardening, but don’t be afraid to step outside the box. Trees, shrubs, tropicals, perennials, and even veggies can be container grown with the proper care. Play around a little!

✻ Be a friend to the birds and they will be a friend to you! Keep those feeders and baths full and clean. Birds will remove lots of annoying insects, so attract them to your yard with plants, houses, feeders, and water sources.

We are getting several deliveries every week, so stop by often to see what is new. Happy gardening!

Meadow View Greenhouses & Garden Center

9885 Highway 11E, Lenoir City, TN 37772 865.986.7229


9885 HIGHWAY 11E, LENOIR CITY, TN 37772 WWW.MEADOWVIEWGREENHOUSE.COM • 865-986-7229 OPEN MONDAY THROUGH SATURDAY 9AM-6PM SUNDAY 1PM-5PM Mother ' s Day The Perfect Place to Find a Gift for Your expertsplant for 26 years!

Visit and Experience

JOURNEY TO THE JURASSIC An Event Millions of Years in the Making

JOIN THIS EPIC, limited-time adventure! Discover fun facts about the prehistoric animals, enjoy kidfriendly activities, and graze among the greats. Follow the dinosaur footprints all around the zoo and see if you can spot all 22 ancient creatures!

Dawn of the Dinosaurs, presented by Chickfil-A Knoxville, will feature lifelike dinos that move, roar, and spit now through September 4, 2023. Guests will experience 17 species of “terrible lizards” that lived during the Mesozoic era 245 to 65.5 million years ago, including the fascinating feathered Utahraptor, a towering Brachiosaurus, and a Tyrannosaurus Rex with a roar that rumbles! Dawn of the Dinosaurs is included as part of a general admission ticket and free for Zoo Knoxville members.

Zoo Knoxville was voted one of the top 10 zoo exhibits in the county by USA Today’s 10Best Readers’ Choice Awards for the Boyd’s Family Asian Trek that features naturalistic habitats for tigers, cranes, langurs, and

gibbons. In addition to the dinosaurs and Asian Trek, be sure to visit Clover & Rusty, the rough and tumble baby goats at Kids Cove, and stop by the chimpanzees to see cute little Stevie as he plays with his elders. Zoo Knoxville is leading the charge every day to save endangered animals and their habitats around the globe. It is your support that advances their mission to deliver dynamic guest experiences while inspiring action to wildlife and wild places. When you become a member of Zoo Knoxville, you’re doing more than visiting our wildly fun Zoo and seeing the amazing animals. You’re becoming part of a community that works together to serve Zoo Knoxville’s mission of saving wild places and wild animals, both locally and globally. It’s so much more than a membership, and it makes a great gift! There are Daily Animal Encounters, so be sure to check the ZooKnoxville.org schedule before heading over so you don’t miss out. The zoo is open daily from 9 am to 5 pm. Last admission is one hour before the zoo closes, so get there in plenty of time to explore all that Zoo Knoxville has to offer.


The Downtown Sterchi Building Lives On

THE STERCHI BUILDING, located on the 100 block of Gay Street in downtown Knoxville, was completed in 1926 and was home to its namesake, Sterchi Brothers Furniture Company. This building is the fourth home for the company’s flagship store in Knoxville, having previously been location on Vine Avenue, the 400 block of Gay Street, and the Emporium Building. The 10-story steel and reinforced concrete structure was designed by the local architecture firm of R.F. Graf & Sons, who are responsible for designing several well-known downtown buildings, including the Miller’s Building on the 400 block of Gay Street. The firm also designed numerous churches, schools, commercial and civic buildings, and residential homes.

Special design features included large storefront windows, three elevators, and an entire floor divided into individual rooms, each furnished with a living, dining, and bedroom - an innovation in retail merchandising. A sprinkler system was installed throughout the building as an added safeguard against a fire.

In 1888, James G. Sterchi (1867-1932) and his brothers, W.H. Sterchi (1862-1929) and J.C. Sterchi (1864-1955), opened a furniture store on Vine Avenue with $800 in initial capital. Knoxville’s expanding middle and working class helped the company grow, offering affordable and attractive furniture to the masses. By 1920, Sterchi Brothers had 18 stores in the southeast, increasing those to 48 by 1929. By the early 1930s, Sterchi Brothers was the largest furniture chain in the world; they had five manufacturing plants and forest land in Kentucky, which supplied lumber for its operations. The company also exported lumber from additional locations around the world. Due to the company’s success, in 1946, Sterchi Brothers became the first Knoxville-based company listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

During the 1920s and 1930s, Sterchi Brothers played an important role in the pre-Nashville development of country music by sponsoring many musicians and local radio programs, adding to the creation of some of the first-known county music

recordings in hopes of increasing phonograph sales at the store.

Sterchi Brothers remained in business at this site until 1982, and in 1986, Sterchi Brothers Furniture was purchased by HeiligMeyers Company. In 2002, the building was renovated into 100 loft apartments ranging from studio to four-bedroom units. When it opened, it was the largest residential development in downtown Knoxville.

The Knox Heritage mission is to protect Knoxville’s unique character for future generations by preserving, restoring, and transforming historically significant structures and places. Established in 1974 as a nonprofit historic preservation organization, Knox Heritage is chartered by the state of Tennessee and governed by a board of directors.

May is Preservation Month!

Knox Heritage is hosting the East Tennessee Preservation Awards that recognize exceptional rehabilitation, restoration, and preservation projects that complement the historic and varied character of our community. This free event will be held on Thursday, May 18th, at The Emporium at 6:30 pm. RSVP at KnoxHeritage.org by Friday, May 12th.

Get Your PastPort Now

Historic Westwood, where the offices of Knox Heritage are located, is included in the seven Historic House Museums of Knoxville PastPort Tour. The other homes are James White’s Fort, Blount Mansion, Marble Springs, Historic Ramsey House, Mabry-Hazen House, and Crescent Bend House. Save on individual admission costs by purchasing your PastPort at any of the homes, the Museum of East Tennessee History, or Visit Knoxville Visitor’s Center. For more information, visit HHKnoxville.org or check out their Facebook page.


Are You a Kite or a String?

Business Note

DR. JIM BAILEY’S recent article on ADHD got me thinking about my own tendencies and those of our immediate family. I am thankful for his comments, as they both helped me recognize characteristics I possess and perhaps gain a greater appreciation of others in my circle. What our society commonly labels as strengths and weaknesses are NOT necessarily all in black or white. Amen!

This topic brought to mind my exposure over the years through college courses and business training of the study of personality types, parent/ child roles, and birth order characteristics, including well-known Myers Briggs, Disc Profiles, and most recently the Enneagram numbers. I find the study of this field to be quite fascinating and how better understanding ourselves, our family, and co-workers can be highly beneficial.

During our time in Asheville, NC (before the internet!), the design firm my wife worked for had a simple view of the types of people in the office and in their interactions with clients - Kites or Strings. No formal profiles or psychological assessments were part of the equation - just a really interesting and very diverse group of art majors.

Kites come up with lots of ideas, love to fly, easily get off course due to changes in the wind, are often unpredictable, and can soar or hit the

ground with a thud.

Strings are needed to keep the kite from flying away, or toward destruction, and as a safety mechanism when the kite goes too high, too far in one direction, or is headed for trouble. Strings are steady, reliable, trustworthy, and help navigate through the weeds to get things done.

Within your immediate team, family, or friend group, you can likely identify the Strings and Kites, correct? Spouses tend to follow this pattern also. Our team at EK has two of each. When allowed to be ourselves in our natural roles, great things can happen that wouldn’t otherwise.

The tricky part is getting the Kites to realize that a String is actually beneficial, and for the Strings to have a little grace (and less frustration!) toward the Kites in their lives. As a fellow Kite, I can assure you that my String has saved me lots of grief over the years, as both parts are vital whether in work or personal relationships. Kites can accomplish more of those excellent ideas with a grounding String, and Strings realize that they get to experience so much more when attached to a Kite.

In closing - a shout out to the professionals that help us better understand ourselves and each other, to value our differences and natural strengths, and to recognize we are not meant to go it alone!

Everything Knoxville has been highly effective in marketing our services to area homeowners. The monthly format, and mailing to over 22,000 homes, reaches far more potential clients than other publications, delivering exceptional results for 13 years!

We thank the readers of Everything Knoxville for helping our business grow and thrive as we celebrate 13 years of helping clients create beautiful and unique living spaces. Sandy Kozar

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