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Simple solutions for more kitchen access. 15 Ross the Boss Salons

Experience a sense of belonging in a supportive community. 24 The Tailored Closet Efficiency in the kitchen starts with a well-organized pantry.

35 Kelly’s Belly Eats Local The yum-factor of Old City’s Southern Grit restaurant.

38 Dr. Jim Bailey

Are you evaluating yourself accurately?

COVER story this month about the downtown Sunsphere and CertaPro’s contribution to its recent improvements has me remembering when my kids were much younger. As a family, we always referred to the Sunsphere as the “gold ball on the stick.” Although the moniker sounds funny, we were repeatedly delighted to be greeted by it on our way in or out of Knoxville. There are just some things that signal that you are home. And Knoxville has been our home for more than 30 years now - wow! As a person who moved around a lot as a child, never really putting down roots anywhere in particular, I am amazed at just how enmeshed people can become in their community. (I am also amazed that enmeshed contains an “n.” Learn something new every day!) From our kids going to the same school district from grade school through high school, to being actively involved in our neighborhood homeowners

JUST IN CASE you didn’t notice on the cover, this is a team of CertaPro Painters repainting the steel trusses near the top of the Sunsphere! CertaPro Painters of East Tennessee was chosen to complete this very important project by showing that they had the professional expertise, experience, and communication skills this undertaking required.

Hours of Business Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Everything Knoxville is distributed from Downtown Knoxville to hundreds of neighborhoods in Bearden, West Knoxville, Farragut, Hardin Valley and beyond.

association, to having attended the same church since our son was a baby, we are a part of Knoxville and it is a part of us.

We attended the Southern Skies Music Festival recently and were surprised at just how many people we came across that we knew - past coworkers, longtime friends, one of our kid’s past youth group leaders. Thankfully, Knoxville seems to have an underlying theme of the importance of bringing people together whether it be for sports, art, meals, music, or even the preservation of what makes Knoxville, Knoxville (Thanks, Knox Heritage!)

So we will continue to be an active part of our lively community and encourage you to do the same. Whether it is participating in Pecha Kucha, enjoying a hike at Ijams Nature Center, or being the secretary of your HOA (15 years and counting, by the way!), Knoxville is Knoxville because of you!

Photo by Morgan Hayley Harper



There are three broad categories that cause peripheral neuropathy. The first and most common is diabetes. Another potential cause may be autoimmune conditions where the body starts attacking its own tissues. The third broad category can be labeled environmental, which includes things like certain medications, chemotherapy, or excessive use of alcohol that can damage these small nerves.

How long have you been helping people like this?

We have been treating patients like these for nearly 20 years and brought this type of treatment to Knoxville more than three years ago with great success.

Peripheral Neuropathy is a condition where the small nerves, usually in the toes and feet, stop working properly. Most people feel burning, tingling, or numbness in their feet, which may cause them to fall.

All of the tissues in our body rely on blood for nutrients so they can be repaired. Let’s imagine that blood is the consistency of water for this example. In a person with diabetes, their blood will be more like the consistency of syrup due to the higher sugar content. This type of blood cannot easily flow through the small blood vessels that feed the nerves in their toes and feet. Eventually the nerves will start to degenerate and they lose the ability to feel their feet

The most common treatments are medications. For many people, medications do not work very well to control their symptoms and create additional uncomfortable side effects.

The providers in our clinic have an 85% success rate helping people reduce the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy. It is not uncommon to hear people tell us that they can finally feel their feet again for the first time in years and that they are not as afraid of falling. I was pain free for the first time in years.

If you have been told that there is nothing that can help your condition, call our clinic to schedule a consultation where we will meet with you to find out if you are a good candidate for treatment.

Honored to Paint a Knoxville Icon:

The Sunsphere

CERTAPRO PAINTERS of East Tennessee has been painting homes and businesses in our area for more than 20 years. Their longevity can be attributed to the company’s certainty promise of a “job well done.” This promise comes directly from a consistent presentation of their job expectations, making CertaPro Painters a go-to for residential and commercial property improvements. When the opportunity to repaint the iconic downtown Sunsphere arose, the company jumped at the chance to participate. Everything Knoxville talked to those involved in the now successfully completed project.

The project to repaint the steel truss structure from the current weathered and peeling green color back to its original blue was initiated by Visit Knoxville who, in 2018, took on the responsibility of improving the visitor experience at the World’s Fair Park Sunsphere. CertaPro’s Commercial Sales Manager, Steve Thrasher, submitted a bid for the fall 2023 painting project. All prospective vendors were vetted by Visit Knoxville, the Knoxville Public Building Authority, and the architectural firm McCarty Holsaple McCarty, who originally designed World’s Fair Park. There were many distinct challenges to consider: weather conditions, structure height, tourism safety, and a secure work environment. After many meetings, detailed questionnaires, and a site visit, CertaPro of East Tennessee was chosen for their overreaching professional effort.

lifted and moved as the painting of each hexagon section was completed.

The immense project was broken down in to multiple phases. With a standing weekly meeting between the customer and CertaPro Painter’s management team to report on current progress, production plans, and completed work, John found that they “really enjoyed the com plexity of this project!”

By the end of 2023, the entire base of the historic Sunsphere had been completely transformed to its original

John Duncan, CertaPro’s Commercial Service Manager, knew that “having a daily and weekly production plan was key to the project’s success. Balancing communication between the customer, the rigging crew, as well as onsite security staff was essential to keep the project moving as efficiently as possible to prevent downtime for our crew and to keep everything on schedule.”

Because of the height of the structure and the time of year (autumn/winter), there were many considerations and special equipment required. CertaPro’s Director of Commercial Operations, Patrick Harmony, remembers that not only was there a need to “check temperatures for primer and paint applications twice daily, but a fall hazard safety area at the base of at the Sunsphere was a necessity to keep workers and visitors protected.” A two-point swing stage suspended scaffold (like high-rise window washers use), an 80-foot articulating boom lift (like a free standing cherry picker), and a Bosun’s Chair (suspends a single person) had to be

“For more than 40 years, the Sunsphere has brought joy and inspiration to our community. We are incredibly honored to have been chosen to paint the iconic Sunsphere, and we’re humbled to be a part of this incredible project.”
- CertaPro Painters of East Tennessee
“It was evident CertaPro Painters had the skills, the team, and support for a high-profile job. Steve, Patrick, and John felt like family by the end of the job, so in my heart, they were 100000% the right partner for this opportunity.”
- Kim Bumpas, Visit Knoxville President

blue color - and it was paid for by the Visit Knoxville Sunsphere Fund.

CertaPro Painters of East Tennessee was delighted to play a part in this very visual transformation that minimally impacted last year’s Sunsphere visitors.

Steve recalls that “the entire commercial team excelled to deliver the project on time, on budget, exceeding expectations. We are proud to be able to be a part of such a significant project for the city of Knoxville.”

If you would like the same care and attention for your project that the Sunsphere received, call CertaPro Painters for an estimate. As a locally owned and operated business, their skilled team of East Tennessee residents is ready to serve their

CertaPro Painters of East Tennessee 10904 McBride Lane Knoxville, TN 37932



Sunsphere History

Knoxville’s Most Iconic Landmark

THE SUNSPHERE was designed for the 1982 World’s Fair. The theme of the Fair was “Energy Turns the World,” with the gold orb representing the sun on a blue base that was meant to blend in with the color of the sky.

The 26-story hexagon structure stands 266 feet high and features reflective glass panels made with 24 karat gold dust that cover the 75-foot diameter orb. Each pane cost approximately $1,000 at the time of construction. The Sunsphere served as the symbol of the Fair, like the Eiffel Tower (1889 World’s Fair) and Seattle Space Needle (1962 World’s Fair), that could be seen when entering Knoxville from any direction. During the Fair, it was home to a full-service sun-themed restaurant and an 360º observation deck that could be accessed by visitors for a $2 elevator ride up.

Unfortunately, the Sunsphere was closed to the public soon after the Fair ended. Since then it has mainly housed business offices. The 4th floor Observation Deck was refurbished and reopened in 2014. Visit Knoxville, in partnership with the City of Knoxville, the Public Building Authority, and Knox County, is now managing the Observation Deck, where a gallery of local images - including those from the 1982 World’s Fair - has been added. It is open to the public for a $5 fee that contributes to the Sunsphere Fund. Since reopening in February 2022, the Sunsphere has welcomed more than 115,000 visitors from all 50 states and more than 55 countries around the globe.

Painting the Sunsphere was Phase I; Phase II is an update and expansion of the 3rd level Welcome Center that will include retail space and expanded Knoxville visitor information. The goal is to enhance the structure for the enjoyment of groups and individuals for generations to come.

To donate to the Sunsphere Fund that continues to protect and preserve this iconic piece of the Knoxville skyline, email SunsphereFund@Knoxville.org, go to VisitKnoxville.com, or stop by the Visit Knoxville offices downtown at 301 South Gay Street.

Shining the Light on Your Summer Nights

AS THE SUN lingers longer in the sky and warm summer evenings beckon, it’s the perfect time to transform your outdoor space into a haven of relaxation and entertainment. While many focus on landscaping and furniture, the impact of outdoor lighting is often underestimated. Yet, with the right illumination, your backyard can become a magical retreat, extending your enjoyment well into the night.

A full-service lighting, design, and installation company, Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting can provide an entirely new perspective on your home’s exterior that you otherwise may not have known existed. Evening hours offer an opportunity to showcase your home’s distinct architecture and landscaping in ways you never imagined. The right lighting design can provide a totally unique perspective that simply doesn’t exist during daylight hours.

Our lighting specialists are some of the best trained lighting designers in the industry today. Our expertise enables us to work with you to design that custom, tailored look to showcase your home’s architectural and landscape design features. Our installation team will install your exterior lighting to the highest industry standards, leaving the installation site meticulously clean, as though we were never there. All we leave behind is a skillfully designed and installed lighting system that will surround your home and adjacent landscaping with the warm glow of elegance.

My team and I will provide a free demonstration, create a distinctive design, and plan a successful, top-notch installation. Upon completion, your satisfaction is guaranteed by a final walkthrough and fine tuning of your newly installed lighting system. Finally,

Jevery installation is backed with our one year, no-cost service plan, as well as optimal extended service agreements.

Let the our professionals at Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting show you how affordable exterior illumination can be and just how great your home can look after sunset! Take advantage of our June “beat the heat” offer and get ready for memorable summer and fall nights! Call us for details.

Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting 11519 Kingston Pike, Suite 156

Knoxville, TN 37934



OIN THE fun while exploring downtown museums and shops. The publisher of the Waldo book series selects 250 locally-owned bookstores across the country each year to host the Waldo Scavenger Hunt during the month of July. As the home to Union Ave Books, Downtown Knoxville is lucky to be one of the cities regularly selected. Put on your striped shirt and black-rimmed specs (optional, of course) and come for a good old-fashioned scavenger hunt in Downtown Knoxville.

Where? In more than 3 dozen business locations in Downtown Knoxville.

How? Visit any of the participating locations during the month of July and pick up your Waldo Passport. Then just

start hunting! Collect a store stamp at each Waldo sighting... and keep up the search.

Diligent seekers collecting 20 or more stamps can register to win prizes. The first 750 spotters can also claim a “Found Waldo Knox” sticker at Union Ave Books, the Waldo Host Location. Plus, share photos of your journey for chances to win weekly gift cards. Use #FoundWaldoKnox with your social posts (must be public to win) or upload photos at DowntownKnoxville.org.

Interested in finding some free parking? No search needed. Downtown has over 5,500 spaces free on nights and weekends. Check DowntownKnoxville.org for business location maps, parking spaces, and additional details.

Deliana Hodoroaba


DO YOU have cluttered cabinets with hard-to-reach items? After seeing this dilemma for years in the kitchen design and renovation business, Shelf Help was started in Knoxville in 2016 to offer simple and affordable solutions to these common problems. Our customized, built-for-you roll-out drawers, along with a wide range of cabinet and drawer organizers, allow you to easily store, see, and reach everything in your kitchen, pantry, bath, or laundry room.

Roll-out shelving utilizes full-extension glides that allow you to effortlessly pull out the entire shelf, bringing even the deepest corners into plain view. This accessibility not only saves time and effort, but also minimizes the risk of straining or injuring yourself while reaching for heavy or awkwardly positioned items. Traditional cabinets with a fixed shelf typically result in wasted space and frustration as items get pushed to the back, out of sight, and even harder to reach. One of the primary advantages of our roll-out shelving and organizers is their ability to improve access to the items stored in lower cabinets. By providing a clear view of all your kitchen essentials, Shelf Help makes it

easier for you to locate and retrieve items when you need them. No more rummaging through cluttered cabinets while squatting or on your hands and knees. No more forgetting about items hidden in the depths of your pantry - everything is now within reach and easily visible at a glance. It’s a huge difference, and our clients love the improvement!

For even more access, we can remove the center stile (vertical piece between your cabinet doors) to install drawers the full width of the cabinet interior, giving you much more storage space. The stile is then attached to one of the doors so that when

the cabinet doors are closed, it looks the same as before. (See photos.)

Locally owned and serving the Knoxville community and surrounding area for eight years - Shelf Help loves helping clients gain more functional, accessible, and organized spaces. We offer a complimentary visit, recommendations, and professional installation, all tailored for you and your home. Let us help make your kitchen work better for you.

We receive more comments from Everything Knoxville readers than any other form of advertising. Homeowners pull out the articles and keep them! I just had a customer tell me she had 14 years-worth, so she could take them with her if she moved!

Fewer people are reading newspapers, radio and TV advertising are very expensive, and as small business owners it’s hard to target specific demographics. Even when times were lean, our participation in Everything Knoxville was the one thing I refused to cut in our budget because we knew how much it helped our business grow.

We have been advertising in Everything Knoxville since 2007, and it continues to be the best way to get our information in the hands of the people we want to reach.

Lisa Grugin

Meadow View Greenhouses & Garden Center 9885 Highway 11 E Lenoir City, TN 37772 (865) 986-7229


Fleenor Security Expands to Better Serve Region: New Headquarters in Johnson City Driven by Rapid Business Growth

FLEENOR SECURITY, a leading provider of innovative commercial and residential security solutions, has opened the doors on its new headquarter facility located in Johnson City, Tennessee. This expansion underscores the company’s unwavering dedication to enhancing the safety and security for the residents and businesses within the territories it serves.

Led by President Will Fleenor, the new facility serves as Fleenor’s headquarters and symbolizes a remarkable transformation from Fleenor’s previous Johnson City location. The expansion is a testament to their commitment to serving their team and community.

From humble beginnings as a one-man operation founded by Norman Fleenor in 1972, Fleenor has experienced unprecedented growth, now boasting more than 100 employees across two locations in Knoxville and Johnson City, TN. This milestone marks a significant leap forward for Fleenor Security, driven by its exceptional growth and steadfast commitment to protecting communities. Will Fleenor takes immense pride in his role as a leading provider of security solutions in the region.

“We’re very excited for this expansion,” said Will. “The new headquarters is a milestone moment in our 52-year history and symbolic of our growth and incredible momentum as we embark on this exciting new chapter. Fleenor has been built on a pioneering and innovative spirit, and we believe our new headquarters will help continue building a dynamic and thriving business that will attract top talent from our industry.”

Knoxville’s Trusted Life Safety Professionals

Fleenor Security is dedicated to protecting Knoxville residents and businesses with a team of local experts committed to safeguarding what matters most. With over 50 years of industry

experience, our Knoxville office offers tailored security solutions for homes, businesses, and communities. Our services include fire detection, access control, security, video surveillance, and more, ensuring top-tier protection.

Now, with our new headquarters in Johnson City, Fleenor is even better equipped to serve our region. Join our growing community in Knoxville and surrounding areas who trust Fleenor Security for their safety needs. For more information about Fleenor Security and its comprehensive range of residential and commercial security services, visit FleenorSecurity.com.

Fleenor Security Systems 10446 Cogdill Road Knoxville, TN 37932


FleenorSecurity.com TN C-0239 VA 11-1901 NC 1721-CS

Picking the Right Life Insurance Coverage

WOULDN’T IT BE nice to know that your loved ones will be protected if something unexpectedly happened to you? This peace of mind can be found through many means, but one of your best options is life insurance. It can be used to meet your family’s future needs by replacing your income or making sure the home mortgage is paid off.

Types of Life Insurance

Term life insurance is purchased for a set length of time (a “term”). Ranging from one to 10, 20 and 30 years, term life is a way to get the most coverage for the lowest cost. It has a low initial premium for a specified period of time.

One of the drawbacks is that after the specified term, the cost will increase. This increase is typically determined by the insured persons age at the given time. Also, this type of insurance does not build cash over time, meaning no returns on your paid premiums and no investment or savings options.

Whole life insurance, also known as permanent insurance, is meant to last your entire lifetime (as long as you keep paying the premium, of course) and increases in cash value. The premium remains the same, and the policy guarantees a set death benefit. The policy’s tax deferred cash value can grow each year and can be borrowed to help with emergencies. Just remember, the accumulation of cash value takes time.

Whole life insurance premiums are typically higher compared to term life insurance due to the lifelong coverage and cash value component. It is a great option if you’re seeking a consistent premium payment while guaranteeing financial stability for your loved ones.


Renaissance Center

12740 Kingston Pike, 37934

Saturdays 9 am - Noon


11251 Parkside Drive, 37934

Sundays 11 am - 3 pm


Wednesdays from 10 am - 1 pm

Saturdays 9 am - 1 pm


4775 New Harvest Lane, 37918

Thursdays 3 pm - 6 pm


Ebenezer United Methodist Church

1001 Ebenezer Road, 37923

Tuesdays 3 pm - 6 pm


Jackson Square

209 Jackson Square, 37830

Saturdays 8 am - Noon


201 Broadberry Avenue, 37830

2nd & 4th

Wednesdays 9 am - 1 pm

Universal life insurance is a flexible form of permanent coverage that can last your lifetime and can also increase in cash value over time. Flexibility means that you can change policy aspects - the size of the premiums, whether the death benefit increases or stays level - which allows your coverage to change as your needs change.

Universal life has the ability to increase in cash value, depending on how it is funded. The cash value account earns interest and the taxes are deferred. With so many coverage options, universal life insurance can easily be included in a budget of any size.

To learn more about your life insurance options, get in touch with a Hardin Valley Farm Bureau Insurance agent or get a quote by visiting Farm Bureau Insurance of Tennessee online.

Hardin Valley Farm Bureau Insurance 10851 Hardin Valley Road Knoxville, TN 37932



Do You Crave Community?


I’m getting older, but hopefully I’m just a really fun guy because “time flies when you’re having fun!” I say this because it seems like there is always another business article, ad, presentation, or message due, and I have the same response almost every time: “Are you sure? It seems like I JUST did that!” Although it feels like I just wrote an article yesterday (slight exaggeration), here we are again, and I find myself trying to think of what point I really want to share with you.

like the Race Against Cancer walk, holiday parties, and more!

The thought that I’ve been obsessed with recently is the fact that we all need to be a part of a supportive community. I have been blessed to be a member of several wonderful communities throughout the years - from soccer teams to church groups - and whenever I’m not connected to one, I find that I really crave it!

It would seem that I am about to propose that getting your hair done at Ross the Boss will make you feel included in a supportive community, and although I can’t promise that… I really hope it’s true! We have clients that have been coming to the same stylist for more than 40 years, so we are hopeful that you will experience that same sense of belonging when you visit one of our salons. Our purpose is to create an environment where people can experience professional excellence and genuine love. We’d love to see you fit in to our imperfect but supportive environment!

Ross the Boss Salons

Forest Park • Oak Ridge • Fountain City Powell • Center Park • Emory Road

Maryville • Morristown RosstheBoss.com

MORE MOVIES, more fun!

Grab your favorite blanket or lawn chair and join the fun with a great lineup of summer movies! Doors open at 7 pm and movies begin around dark. Purchasing tickets ahead of time is highly recommended, as space is limited and walk-up tickets may not be available.

Food trucks and the Ijams beer garden will have tasty meals, snacks, and beverages for purchase. No coolers and no outside alcohol, please. Dogs are allowed but must be on a leash at all times. Check Ijams’ calendar of events at Ijams.org or their social media for rain plan if needed.

Tickets are $12 per person; Ijams and Central Cinema Members are $10.

July 12Back to the Future (PG)

August 16Across the Universe (PG-13)

August 30The Muppet Movie (G)

September 13Friday the 13th III (R)

September 27Hunger Games (PG-13)

October 4Scream (R)

Recent group hike hosted by Jess and Daniel Howard for their co-workers. Other company group events include bowling, “family” salon dinners, participating in community fundraisers

Increase Your Home’s ROI with Custom Storage Design


IN YOUR closet, pantry, laundry room, mud room, home office, craft space, or garage, customized storage brings organized beauty to your home. With basics like shelving and cabinets, conveniences such as LED lighting and countertops, and accessories such as laundry hampers, valet rods, and fold-out mirrors, there is no doubt that made-to-measure storage design will enhance your daily life. But did you know it can also boost the return on investment of your home? Read on to learn how custom storage design can improve the value of your house, help you protect your belongings, save you money, and give you back the world’s most precious commodity: time.

Grow Your Home’s Value

Large or small, new construction or historic, homes featuring custom storage have one thing in common: universal appeal. Able to adjust to a household’s changing needs, versatile components such as closet rods or slatwall accessories can be switched out to accommodate growing teens, support aging in place, or appease new owners. Short on storage areas? The potential of irregularly-sized or limited spaces can be unleashed. And nothing beats the positive first impression that a neat and tidy home makes on visitors, houseguests, and potential homebuyers alike.

Preserve Your Possessions

Whether it be your dream car, designer jewelry, or simply your favorite laundry detergent, if you chose to purchase it, it deserves to be treated with care. With organized storage you can keep your cooking appliances close at hand, highlight your shoe collection, or sort your craft stockpile. Organize your office equipment, hide overstock supplies in customized cabinets, or protect the surface of your garage floor with a durable epoxy polyaspartic finish - the possibilities are up to you.

Save Yourself Money

How many times have you searched in vain for something, purchased a new one, then found the item in question? With organized storage, keeping things in view and accessible also means

keeping money in your wallet. Efficient overhead garage storage will provide a place for rarely-used or seasonal items, helpful pantry roll-out shelves will save you from buying duplicates (while saving your back), and customized closet cubbies with accent doors will keep your “investment” handbags at their top value.

Buy Yourself Time

Hunting for the extra copy paper in your home office when you’re headed out the door to an important meeting? Searching for your child’s rain jacket when you’re late for a doctor’s appointment? Looking for the extra sleeve of golf balls when your tee time is minutes away? What do all of these stressful scenarios have in common? They could have been avoided with organized storage. Bins, drawers, shelves, cabinets, and more can be designed to fit your lifestyle. Spending minutes on mindful planning today will save hours - and your sanity - for years to come.

With the magic of made-to-measure storage you can make your home more your own. Call the experts at Closets by McKenry and Designer Garages for help, or stop by their 2,000-square-foot West Knoxville showroom to view the latest in storage design trends. Locally owned, their designers love creatively working within your budget on projects big and small for existing homes, renovations, or new builds. The only question left is this: Where will you increase your home’s ROI with custom storage design?

Closets by McKenry

201 Center Park Drive, #1070 Knoxville, TN 37922



Designer Garages

201 Center Park Drive, #1080 Knoxville, TN 37922



New subscription packages are now on sale


Becky Hancock said that the historic venue is coming off another record-setting Broadway season. The 16 performances of Wicked this past January brought in over 25,000 attendees, including over 7,000 from outside Knox County.

With six titles and a total of 55 performances, the complete 2024-2025 lineup of the coming season Broadway ticket packages are now on sale. Subscriber benefits include first notification of season lineups, the opportunity to purchase tickets to individual shows before the general public, reduced ticket fees and the best available prices of the season, and the ability to renew the subscription for the 2023-2024 season.

Visit TennesseeTheatre.com/Broadway or call the Tennessee Theatre box office at 865-684-1200, ext. 2, Monday through Friday from 10 am to 3 pm to purchase a new subscription.

Theatre Expansion Planned

The Tennessee Theatre also announced plans to expand the Theatre to join with the 612 Building (also known as the Mechanics Bank & Trust Building) with connections from the main and balcony levels. The new space will include concessions and restrooms plus a gathering place for before and after performances. Construction has begun and is to be completed in the summer of 2025. Visit TennesseeTheatre.com/about-us/612-project for more info.

7 Ways to Reduce Energy Bills During Summer Heat


forecasted to run at least 2 degrees higher than historical averages across more than half the country, according to projections from AccuWeather, heat waves may lead to soaring air conditioning bills this summer.

“The summer is when we see homeowners strategizing about how to keep their homes cool and comfortable while sticking to their household budgets,” said Michael Williford, HVAC service manager at Hiller Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical. “We work with customers to keep their current HVAC systems run ning smoothly or upgrade to more efficient systems, which can make a huge difference in their utility bills. In addition, there are many other ways homeowners can keep their energy costs down during the hot summer months.”

Consider these smart, practical, cost-cutting tips for dialing down your energy bills.

Service HVAC Systems Regularly

To ensure the best cooling performance and efficiency possible, find a licensed contractor to keep your heating and cooling system well-maintained and serviced throughout the year. There are some tasks many homeowners can handle on their own, like keeping outdoor units free of debris and changing air filters. However, bringing in a professional 1-2 times a year for maintenance and to ensure proper function of ductwork and electrical components is also essential.

Use Appliances During Non-Peak Hours

Rather than using stoves, ovens, and clothing dryers in the afternoon hours, consider doing so early in the morning or late in the evening. Peak time for many electricity providers is noon to 6 pm, meaning using appliances that heat up your home outside of this timeframe when conventional heating and cooling systems are likely running full throttle can help lower energy costs.

Upgrade Your Systems to an Energy-

Saving Heat Pump

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) incentivizes homeowners who opt for energy-efficient HVAC upgrades, including qualified heat pumps, which can boost seasonal energy efficiency ratios and increase efficiencies. For example, Mitsubishi

unoccupied rooms. With a smartphone app, you can even adjust the settings remotely.

Install a Smart Electric Panel

Electric heat pumps provide more energy-efficient cooling that may equal cost and energy savings, as well as a reduced carbon footprint for homeowners. These systems are equipped with inverter or variable-speed technology that allows systems to automatically ramp up or down the required amount of energy depending on the room’s capacity. Although annual savings vary, some homeowners can save as much as $1,000 per year by switching to an all-electric heat pump.

Fire Up the Grill

When temperatures soar, use the grill for cooking to help lower energy usage and save on air conditioning costs. Alternatively, toaster ovens, air fryers, and slow cookers use less energy than larger conventional stoves or ovens. Get creative by cooking a pizza in a chiminea or smoking favorite meats as alternatives to using your oven.

Stop Cooling Empty Rooms

One mistake many homeowners make is forgetting to adjust their temperature settings when leaving the house. Whether you’re headed to the beach for the weekend or just headed to work for the day, blasting the air conditioner in an empty house can result in unnecessarily high utility bills. Multi-zone, all-electric heat pumps like those from Mitsubishi Electric allow homeowners to set the comfort level and adjust the temperature in each room, so you don’t have to waste energy cooling

Installing a smart electrical panel alongside an all-electric heat pump enables homeowners to monitor and control energy consumption on-site or remotely using a smartphone for better overall efficiency and utility cost savings.

Harness the Sun’s Energy with Solar Panels

According to the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, the amount of sunlight that strikes the earth’s surface in 90 minutes could power the world’s total energy usage for a full year. Investing in solar panels can help decrease energy bills and increase your home’s sustainability. Additionally, some utility providers and government entities, including the IRA, offer incentives to help reduce installation costs. Plus, solar-sourced power pairs well with all-climate heat pumps, which require minimal electricity to operate.

One Additional Tip

Check with your power provider to see if there is an available Equal Payment Plan. For instance, Lenoir City Utilities Board (LCUB) offers customers a convenient and predictable way to budget for their monthly utility bill. By analyzing a 12-month historical power usage at your home address, an average monthly payment amount is calculated so your monthly bill is the same amount every month.

Visit MitsubishiComfort.com to find more ideas to dial down energy usage (and bills) this summer.

Kellyco Metal Detectors’



has been a trusted name in metal detecting since 1955. It was originally founded by Stuart Auerbach, whose interest was piqued after learning to use a military mine detector to find coins while stationed in Iwo Jima, Japan. He began using, trading, and selling surplus detectors after returning to the States. Kellyco has remained a familyowned business ever since. In 2020, my father and metal detector enthusiast, Jeremy Floyd, purchased the company to continue the Kellyco legacy alongside my mother and me.

We understand just how fun and exciting metal detecting can be, and with the Knoxville area being so rich in history, we know that there is still so much left undiscovered. Not only does Kellyco cater to those already familiar with the industry, we also strive to be a place for those who are “dipping their toes in the water.” Too much information at the on-set can be overwhelming, so Kellyco wants to make this hobby accessible for newbies also.

As a family, we are all about community and camaraderie, so we have a very specific vision for our new showroom. Our long-term goal is to establish Kellyco as a gathering place for hobbyists. Not only can you come here to find your new coil or detector, but when you find that ultimate “bucket list” target, we want to be the buddies you come to brag to! Kellyco wants to be the place for club meetings and hobby meetups. We are excited to now have the space and independence to bring our ideas to life!

Stop by our new showroom on Outlet Drive - we’d love the opportunity to show you what we do best! Kellyco Metal Detectors is also active on social media - YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook - so check us out online.

Kellyco Metal Detectors

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DID I read that correctly? Free? Yes, you did! Tennessee Reconnect is a last-dollar grant for adult Tennesseans 23 and older interested in returning to or enrolling in postsecondary education for the first time. Have you been thinking about going back to school to earn a degree or credential? Have you considered enrolling for the first time? Do you have a dream or passion you’d like to pursue? Does the cost of college give you pause? Then you’re in the right spot to read on! My name is Lori Lesslie, and I’m a Reconnect Navigator with Tennessee Reconnect, serving both Knox and Blount counties.

“Thank you for all your help and support! Reconnect has truly changed my life.”
- Recent graduate who used TN Reconnect and worked with a Navigator

are adults interested in or hoping to return to school?

When I ask adults about their why, I have the privilege and honor of hearing so many stories. The students I work with have shared:

“It’s been a dream, and I’m at a place in life where I now want to pursue it.”

“I have children now, and I want to do this for them.”

“I started college right out of high school, wasn’t doing well in my classes, really care about school, so I stopped attending.”

“I want to increase my earning potential.”

“I’m ready for a career change.”

“I need a degree to be promoted in my place of work.”

“I have a passion I want to pursue.”

“It’s been a personal goal for me to finish what I started.”

What is Tennessee Reconnect?

Tennessee Reconnect is a grant for adults to earn an associate degree, technical certificate, or technical diploma tuition free. The grant can be used at a Tennessee community college or technical college. When you hear Tennessee Reconnect, think free tuition. The grant covers tuition and mandatory fees if eligibility requirements are met.

What are the eligibility requirements?

• Be a Tennessee resident

• Be a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen

• Complete the FAFSA® (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and be classified as an independent student OR be at least 23 years of age on or before January 1st of the academic year

• Not be incarcerated*

• Not have previously earned an associate or baccalaureate degree; exception: TCAT (Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology) Reconnect remain eligible even with degree

• Not be in default on a student loan program

“My daughter and I both graduated. It was a pretty special evening. Thank you for all of your support the past few years.”
- Recent graduate who used TN Reconnect and worked with a Navigator

TN Reconnect Fact vs. Fiction

Fiction: My previous college GPA makes me ineligible to receive TN Reconnect.

Fact: Your previous college GPA does not impact TN Reconnect eligibility.

• Not owe an outstanding balance to an institution

• Be admitted to an eligible institution and enrolled at least part-time (minimum 6 hours) in courses leading to a certificate or associate degree

• If attending TCAT, be admitted and enrolled full-time and in pursuit of a certificate or diploma

*Currently incarcerated individuals (if eligible) may work with Re-Entry Navigators to prepare for attendance upon release. Learn more by visiting TNReconnect.gov.

What is Navigate Reconnect?

Navigate Reconnect is the regionally-based component of Tennessee Reconnect and focuses on providing one-on-one guidance to and through your college journey so you feel supported at every step. We have Navigators located throughout the state in order to provide specific support where you live. Reconnect Navigators partner with community leaders, employers, and higher education institutions across four Navigate regions statewide to support and engage adult learners: Northeast TN, East TN, Middle TN, and West TN. When you hear Navigate Reconnect, think free college counseling and support throughout your college journey.

What does a Reconnect Navigator do? A Navigator provides:

• Help and direction with college admissions

• Guidance in understanding your financial aid & college costs

• Connections to your community resources

• Connections to your college’s resources

• Support throughout your entire college journey

Navigators are here to listen to your aspirations, answer your questions, help with next steps, and support you along the way. You don’t know what you don’t know, and we’re here to offer guidance and encouragement so you don’t have to go it alone.

How do I connect with a Navigator?

Easy! If you or someone you know has ever thought, “I’d like to go back to school, but I’m not sure how that works,” then all you need to do is scan the QR code, complete a short interest form, and someone will be in touch to connect with you.

Fiction: All classes are on a college campus.

Fact: There are flexible class options to meet your needs.

Fiction: I’m not a U.S. citizen and won’t qualify for the TN Reconnect Grant.

Fact: Financial aid is available for eligible non-citizens.

Fiction: I don’t make enough to pay for college.

Fact: Tennessee Reconnect covers tuition and mandatory fees.

Fiction: My salary is too high to be eligible for TN Reconnect.

Fact: Income does not affect your TN Reconnect eligibility.

Fiction: I’m required to attend college full time to receive TN Reconnect.

Fact: TN Reconnect only requires parttime enrollment.

How It Began...

Tennessee Reconnect was established in 2018 as part of the Drive to 55 initiative. Drive to 55 was launched in 2013 to increase the number of Tennesseans with a postsecondary degree or certificate to 55% by 2025 and is changing the landscape of what is possible in Tennessee public higher education, its workforce, and economy. Tennessee Reconnect enhances these possibilities and solidifies Tennessee’s standing as the nation’s leader in higher education, innovation, and opportunity.


AWELL-ORGANIZED pantry is the cornerstone of kitchen efficiency, enabling you to prepare dinner swiftly even on exhausting days. The Tailored Closet excels in designing pantry solutions that offer immediate visibility of your pantry contents, eliminating the frustration of searching through cluttered spaces. Our team of home organization experts collaborates with you to create a pantry that aligns with your unique requirements and budget.

Custom Solutions for Optimal Access and Organization

Deep shelves can often become black holes where items get lost. To combat this, we integrate pull-out baskets and bins, ensuring easy access to every item. These pull-outs allow you to see your supplies at a glance, making it simple to grab what you need and keep track of your inventory.

Mini Wine Cellar

For wine enthusiasts, our custom wine racks craft a “mini wine cellar” within your pantry. This keeps your cherished wines in a dark, cool environment, stored on their sides to preserve their flavors and maintain bottle stability. This

thoughtful design not only protects your wine but also frees up kitchen space.

Spice Organization

Our meticulously designed spice racks provide a clear view of your inventory, preventing overstocking and ensuring you have all the spices you need for your favorite recipes. With everything visible at a glance, you’ll never run out of essentials like rosemary for that special chicken dish again.


for Large and Slender Items

Accommodating large, slender items such as trays and serving pieces can be challenging. We’ve dedicated specific areas within the pantry to store these items, ensuring they remain easily accessible and safe from damage. This not only protects your valuable kitchenware but also keeps your pantry neat and orderly.

Enhanced Functionality with Countertops and Drawers

To further enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your pantry, we offer built-in countertops and scoop-front drawers. These features provide additional workspace and storage options, making your


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pantry a more versatile and attractive part of your kitchen. Countertops can be used for meal prep or as a spot to place small appliances, while scoop-front drawers offer easy access to everyday essentials.

Collaborate with The Tailored Closet Efficiency and order in your pantry can transform your kitchen and streamline your daily routine. By collaborating with The Tailored Closet, you’ll benefit from a space that’s tailored to fit your lifestyle, optimizing every inch and keeping everything you need at your fingertips. From pull-out bins and custom wine racks to spice organization and dedicated storage for large items, our expertly designed pantry solutions will help you create a perfect, high-performing pantry. Let us help you achieve kitchen efficiency with a pantry that performs just for you. Give us a call at 865-777-0306 to schedule your free in-home consultation or learn more by visiting us online at TailoredClosetKnoxville.com.

The Tailored Closet 865.777.0306


Contact Kendra at info@EverythingKnoxville.com or call 865.640.3015.

Tools as Art: Work and Play

Knoxville Museum of Art | Through August 4

“It’s not just an understanding of the humor and artistry of a particular piece but an appreciation of how the collection fits the general theme of tools in the workplace, tools in life, and tools as art.”

- John Hechinger


A SELECTION of more than 50 works from the Hechinger Collection, Work and Play celebrates the transformation of common industrial objects into extraordinary works of art. By tapping into their metaphoric potential, the exhibition explores tools as icons of labor, labor as a component of creativity, and creativity as a form of play.

Some artists manipulate scale, material, and function to wondrous effect. Others treat tools as a stand-in for the self, often assigning them human attributes and honoring their simple efficiency and sheer elegance. The exhibition also features artists who embrace tools as a hallmark of civilization or use tools for humor and social commentary.

The renowned art collection of the late hardware magnate John Hechinger exemplifies the practical and artistic universality of all types of tools. John and his wife, June, were lifelong philanthropists and art enthusiasts, assembling an impressive collection of artwork that honors the beauty of common tools where form and function are inextricably linked. John devoted much of his energy, playfulness, and passion to this collection, seeking out works from numerous genres and artists of many backgrounds, all of them bound by a common theme: the democracy of the tool.

Visit KnoxArt.org for more information. Open Tuesday - Saturday 10 am to 5 pm and Sunday 1 to 5 pm; admission is free.



Custom, laser engraved wooden serving boards by Wel-Don Designs and Wade Humphries. Locally made, Veteran owned, and the perfect gift! Available in booth A7 at the Painted Tree Boutiques, 9630 Kingston Pike in Knoxville, 865.343.0143, PaintedTree.com.


Visit the Curio at Maker Exchange and shop locally-made artwork from 150+ makers. These are a collection of vases by Knoxvillebased ceramicist Hsiu-yi Lai. Stop by at 710 Clinch Avenue in downtown Knoxville between the Marriott and Tennessean Hotels, 865.637.4561, or shop online at MakerExchangeKnox.com.


The Outlier by Ball Watches is the original railroad watch founded by Webster C. Ball who was commissioned to create a timepiece for the Conductor, Engineer, Fireman, and Trainmaster to always be on time. Swiss-made timepieces with years of history and timeless design. Available at Lamon Jewelers' new location at 11237 Parkside Drive in Turkey Creek, 865.690.9568, LamonJewelers.com.


Beat hair breakage and color fading with Keune Revive Balm - a must-have for everyone who colors their hair! Enjoy first-class color maintenance at home for all hair textures, including color-treated, bleached, damaged, and natural hair. Available at all area Ross the Boss Salons locations - Forest Park, Oak Ridge, Fountain City, Powell, Center Park, Emory Road, Maryville, and MorristownRosstheBoss.com.


Get the perfect t-shirt to show your Tennessee Pride! Many styles to choose from along with hats, stickers, bandanas and more. Order online at 865life.com or check their Facebook and Instagram for Pop-up Shop locations around Knoxville and surrounding areas. 865LIFE - MORE THAN A NUMBER…IT’S HOME.®


Nokta’s The LEGEND multi-frequency metal detector is loaded with features: advanced depth detection, submersible, lightweight, and long battery life. Locally owned and operated, Kellyco has been a leader in metal detectors since 1955. Available at Kellyco Metal Detectors, 11217 Outlet Drive in Knoxville, 888.535.5926, KellycoDetectors.com.


Create your own unique Enchanted Garden with adorable resin fairies, woodland creatures, accessories, and even Sasquatch. Hurry in while the selection is good! Available at Meadow View Greenhouses & Garden Center, 9885 Highway 11E in Lenoir City, 865.986.7229, MeadowViewGreenhouse.com.


Historic Ramsey House

IT’S THAT time of year again! We are gearing up for our 11th season of Vintage Base Ball at Historic Ramsey House. During the past 10 years, the grounds of the Historic Ramsey House have played host to a local Tennessee Vintage Base Ball Association team: the Knoxville Holstons. The team is modeled after an original team that played here in Knoxville during the 1860s.

The Tennessee Association of Vintage Base Ball was established in 2012 to entertain and educate our communities by recreating the civility of 19th century baseball. They bring living history to life through baseball events that use the rules, equipment, costumes, and culture of the 1860s by providing cultural enrichment, education programs and activities for youth and adults that emphasize honor, team play, respectful conduct, and community pride.

This is a FREE event for the entire family! As always, concessions will be available, and all proceeds will go directly to the ongoing preservation of Historic Ramsey House. Make sure to bring your own chair and a shady umbrella or tent.

Historic Ramsey House is located at 2614 Thorn Grove Pike in Knoxville. For more information on the Tennessee Vintage Base Ball Association, visit TennesseeVintageBaseBall.com.


August 3 at 1 pm

Franklin Farriers vs Knoxville Holstons

August 17 at 1 pm

Mountain City Club of Chattanooga vs Knoxville Holstons

Check RamseyHouse.org for more info.

Summertime at Cheekwood

A summer season of art, gardens, music, and more

THE SUMMER calendar is heating up at Cheekwood Estate & Gardens, with a lineup of activities and programs visitors won’t want to miss. From exhibitions by world-renowned artists, to captivating evening concerts, to a celebration of Black art and culture, there is something for everyone to enjoy at Cheekwood now through August.

Trolls: Save the Humans Now through September 1

The imaginative exhibition Trolls: Save the Humans by artist Thomas Dambo blends art, nature, and messages of

sustainability. Six g iant trolls are intertwined with Cheekwood’s unique gardens, trees, and historic landscape for a one-of-a-kind storytelling experience. Denmark-based recycle artist Dambo brings a creative approach to his multifaceted installations. His vision is to create art that inspires people to have adventures in nature and demonstrate that trash can be turned into something beautiful. Children and adults alike will enjoy imagining each of the six featured trolls’ tales while considering their messages to humankind.

Thursday Night Out

Now through October 26

Enjoy an enchanting experience set amidst the breathtaking beauty of the gardens. The weekly event features a blend of food, drink, and a diverse range of music. Guests can enjoy seasonal beers, expertly crafted cocktails, and delicious bites created by Café 29 and local food trucks. On Thursday nights in August, visitors are invited to bring their best four-legged friends for Dog Nights of Summer. Human and canine participants can browse dog-themed vendors and enjoy music, libations, and dog-friendly fun.

Photo by Mary Craven Photography


Ann Carrington

Now through October 27

Internationally known sculptor Ann Carrington’s ornate work will be on display as a part of the latest installment of the INTERVENTIONS series. Carrington is well-known for working with discarded and found objects. Her eccentric and elegant pieces breathe new life into otherwise mundane items like knives, spoons, buttons, cans, and coins by unraveling their associations and assigning new meaning as sculpture. INTERVENTIONS: Ann Carrington will be the largest iteration of the series, featuring 33 works throughout the period rooms in the historic mansion inspired by Cheekwood’s gardens and the Cheek family.

Under the Stars Concert Series

The Under the Stars Concert Series returns, offering the unforgettable opportunity to enjoy the sounds of music’s most in-demand performers and players from across the nation under the night sky at Cheekwood. Over five magical evenings, music fills the air while food trucks prepare mouthwatering bites and vendors offer wines by the bottle, local brews, and craft cocktails. The diverse music lineup includes jazz, bluegrass, and songwriters’ nights.

Jazz Under the Stars

July 19

The genre-defying New Orleans icons

The Dirty Dozen Brass Band headline this extraordinary night. Their sound, self-described as a “musical gumbo,” is renowned globally, promising an unforgettable sonic journey. Known for high-energy performances, this group is synonymous with exhilarating shows where they combine a dynamic fusion of upbeat brass arrangements with bebop jazz, funk, and R&B. This freewheeling celebration kicks off with a stellar performance by the 18-piece Ryan Middagh Jazz Orchestra.

Songwriters Under the Stars

August 23-25

Top Nashville hitmakers and musicians perform in a one-of-a-kind setting. Nestled on gorgeous Swan Lawn, the concert features chart-toppers Wendell Mobley, Kelly Archer, and Lee Thomas Miller sharing songs and stories, accompanied by the renowned String Light Symphony.

Bluegrass Under the Stars

September 6

Iconic bluegrass legend Sam Bush performs against the picturesque backdrop of Cheekwood’s gardens. The multifaceted Bush is a national champion fiddler, an award-winning mandolin player, and a trailblazing vocalist and musician whose influence resonates across generations. The bluegrass titan is decorated with multiple accolades, including Grammys and International Bluegrass Music Awards. This will be an unforgettable night of mastery and timeless tunes under the starlit sky. Opening the show is the all-female bluegrass supergroup Davidson County String Band, featuring Cristina Vane, Brenna MacMillan, Libby Weitnauer, and Vicki Vaughn.

Black Arts Bash

August 17

One of the most anticipated events of the summer pays tribute to Black history, art, and culture. From morning until night, Cheekwood celebrates Black artists with music, dance, spoken word, visual art, and more. Attendees can explore and experience the many forms of Black musical expression and traditions. Other offerings include hands-on activities for kids and southern home-cooked favorites made by local Black chefs available for purchase. In addition, an exhibition of art from emerging and established artists will be on view in the Frist Learning Center.

For the full list of summer programming and events, visit Cheekwood.org.

About Cheekwood Estate



With its intact and picturesque vistas, Cheekwood is distinguished as one of the leading Country Place Era estates in the nation. Formerly the family home of Mabel and Leslie Cheek, the 1930s estate, with its 30,000-square-foot Mansion and 55 acres of gardens, today serves the public as a botanical garden, arboretum, and art museum with furnished period rooms and permanent collection galleries devoted to American art from the 18th to mid-20th centuries. The property includes 13 distinct gardens, including the Blevins Japanese Garden and the Bracken Foundation Children’s Garden, as well as a 1.5-mile woodland trail featuring outdoor monumental sculpture. Each year, Cheekwood hosts seasonal festivals including Cheekwood in Bloom, Summertime at Cheekwood, Cheekwood Harvest, and Holiday LIGHTS.

Cheekwood is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is accredited by the American Alliance of Museums and nationally as a Level II Arboretum. It is a three-time voted USA Today Top 10 Botanical Garden and in 2021 was recognized by Fodor’s as one of the 12 Most Beautiful Gardens in the American South. Cheekwood is located eight miles southwest of downtown Nashville at 1200 Forrest Park Drive. It is open Tuesday through Sunday 9 am to 5 pm, with extended days and hours of operation depending on the season.

Photo by Weatherly Hulsey
Photography by Ann Carrington Studio Spiderfolk, 2022, Steel, brass and bronze.

Taco Tuesday Board

Recipe courtesy of Healthy Family Project’s “Come Graze With Us” e-cookbook


• Guacamole

• Salsa

• Queso

• Hard and soft taco shells

• Ground turkey, seasoned and browned

• Lettuce

• Diced tomatoes

• Shredded cheese

• Chopped onions

• Chopped peppers

• Sour cream

• Cilantro

• Lime wedges


On grazing board or platter, arrange guacamole, salsa, queso, taco shells, ground turkey, lettuce, tomatoes, shredded cheese, onions, peppers, sour cream, cilantro, and lime wedges.

Weekend Breakfast Grazing Board

Recipe courtesy of Healthy Family Project’s “Come Graze With Us” e-cookbook


• Hard-boiled eggs

• Cooked sausage links

• Mini frozen waffles, toasted

• Mini frozen pancakes, toasted

• Mini muffins

• Yogurt

• Fresh fruit

• Syrup

• Jelly


On grazing board or platter, arrange eggs, sausage links, toasted waffles, toasted pancakes, muffins, yogurt, fruit, syrup, and jelly.

ABEAUTIFULLY designed charcuterie board may feel more like a grown-up treat, but with the right ingredients, delicious grazing boards can provide fun and nutrition for the whole family. No matter what you call it, charcuterie boards, grazing boards, and snack platters are all basically the same thing. The boards make a trendy addition to an entertaining menu, but a platter or kid-friendly board can be equally pleasing. What you serve on a grazing board is entirely up to you. Most include a selection of meats and cheeses, and many incorporate nuts, crackers, dips, and jams. Some also incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables. Creating your own board means there really are no rules; you can add just about anything you want.

To build a successful board, keep these tips in mind:

Choose ingredients and elements that don’t require temperature control. The idea of a grazing board is that it sits out for a while. Avoid anything that needs refrigeration, heat, or will lose its shape or flavor if it rests for an extended amount of time.

Select a surface large enough to hold a variety of food. It can be a simple cutting board or a cute platter. There’s no specific size requirement, but err on the side of bigger; spacing out your goodies can be more attractive and less

Use high-quality ingredients to ensure every bite is delicious and nutritious. While shopping, remember to look for the Produce for Kids and Healthy Family Project logos next to favorite items in the produce department, as adding these flavorful fruits and veggies to your cart can help make a difference in your community. Build your board around a theme to add an extra element of fun. Use mini cookie cutters to make fun, kid-friendly shapes out of cheese and meats. Be mindful of colors; a rainbow platter is vibrant and appealing, and colorful fruits and veggies offer a strong mix of nutrients.

Remember it doesn’t have to be elaborate. Classic favorites are all you need. Even kid favorites like sections of mandarin oranges, carrot sticks, and chocolate chips are fair game for a family-friendly board.

Find more ideas for creating family-friendly treats at HealthyFamilyProject.com.

Southern Grit

Where Comfort Food Meets Culinary Excellence

LOCATED ON the corner of South Central Street in Knoxville’s historic Old City, Southern Grit is a popular local brunch, lunch, and dinner spot that offers a wide variety of Southern favorites. The rustic décor and friendly service create a welcoming atmosphere that enhances the dining experience. This is why I always recommend Southern Grit when friends ask where they should go for brunch or dinner.

For weekend brunch, Southern Grit offers a spread that caters to both traditionalists and adventurous palates alike. The brunch menu has classic favorites such as biscuits and gravy and chicken biscuits alongside innovative offerings such as fluffy biscuit French toast with lemon mascarpone and berry compote. Whether you are craving a sweet or savory option, Southern Grit has just that - and this is why it is such a popular brunch spot.

As for the dinner menu, it’s nothing short of spectacular. While I have ordered almost everything they have to offer at this point, my favorite is the legendary meatloaf, a comforting classic elevated to new heights

with au jus drizzle on top. My second favorite would have to be the jambalaya pasta - combining tender chicken, spicy Andouille sausage, and pasta in a rich Creole sauce that leaves taste buds tingling with delight. Of course, the fried chicken is a beloved Southern staple - crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside, and bursting with flavor! Speaking of crispy, I could not get enough

of the fried Brussels sprouts. They come as a side or as an appetizer if you feel like sharing. This doesn’t even scratch the surface of everything they have to offer, making Southern Grit a must-visit for anyone craving hearty, soulful Southern flare.

Every experience I have at Southern Grit in the Old City is one to remember. Hats off to the owners - they have created a culinary gem that effortlessly captures the essence of Southern cuisine. It is the perfect place to gather with loved ones and enjoy a hearty meal together. Be sure to check out their weekly happy hour specials from 3:30 to 6:30 pmand tell them Kelly’s Belly sent you!


Knoxville Salty Dog Seafood Festival

World’s Fair Park Performance Lawn • July 19-21 Friday 1 to 9 pm, Saturday 10 am to 9 pm, Sunday 10 am to 4 pm

Benefiting the Knoxville Ronald McDonald House and The Little Ponderosa Zoo & Rescue

FOOD VENDORS from around the Southeast and beyond will join us for this three-day festival, where visitors can enjoy fresh seafood dishes of all kinds, as well as other cuisines for the non-seafood lovers - something for everyone! Festival visitors will also be able to listen to nationally and regionally known live music and enjoy juried handmade arts and crafts from artisans throughout the country, along with a beer and wine garden. Friday night casino! Large kid zone area with face painting!

Each of the 20+ Salty Dog Seafood Festival chefs have their own way of crafting their special seafood dishes! They pride themselves on taste and appearance, and many have won awards. There will also be pretzels, hotdogs, Italian ice, donuts, cookies, and funnel cakes!

Rain or shine • No coolers or outside food/drinks permitted KnoxvilleSaltyDogSeafoodFestival.com

For charity donations and volunteer opportunities, visit KnoxRMHC.org and LittlePonderosaZoo.com.

NOT JUST THE DOG: How to Protect Yourself from Ticks


DID YOU KNOW people do more to defend their pets from ticks than for themselves? Pet owners are nearly three times as likely to always protect their pets from ticks than to always protect themselves (36% versus 14%), while only a third (31%) of all Americans are consistently taking measures to protect themselves. Pets are well taken care of, since 85% of dog or cat owners take action to safeguard pets from ticks in some way, such as a tick collar.*

A recent survey for OFF! ® brand insect repellents by The Harris Poll also found that many people are unclear about where ticks live. Three in four Americans (75%) know ticks typically live in wooded areas, yet only half know ticks can live in suburban backyards - and 51% mistakenly think you can avoid ticks by staying in low grass.

Knowing facts about ticks, which may carry Lyme disease, and other bothersome pests is key to defending yourself and your family as you enjoy time outdoors.

Here are tips from Dr. Tom Mascari, SC Johnson’s Center for Insect Science entomologist, to help you keep pests at bay. Snap a pic of the tick

Whether you’re hiking for an hour or camping in a suburban backyard, it helps to know what you could encounter. There are around 80-90 tick species in the U.S. that survive in varying conditions, but only a small percentage of these species may transmit diseases. Reviewing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Tickborne Diseases of the United States guide and the Environmental Protection Agency’s repellent search tool can help you find an appropriate repellent to avoid tick bites.

It’s important to learn where these arachnids live to defend against them. If you encounter a tick, take a picture of it so you can look it up online and discover if the species of tick you encountered can transmit a pathogen in your area. While not all ticks carry illnesses like Lyme disease, they can cause irritation, discomfort, and skin damage - a nuisance to spending time outdoors. Choose the right “PREtection”

Instead of waiting until after you’ve been bitten by bugs, add “PREtection,” a word inspired by expert SC Johnson entomologists, to protect against bug-related risk ahead of time, even before playing with the kids in the yard.


• There are six key species of ticks that live in our state.

• Camping, gardening, or hunting could bring you in close contact with ticks.

• Many people get ticks in their own yard or neighborhood.

• Use a hand-held or full-length mirror to view all parts of your body when checking for ticks.

• Showering within two hours of coming indoors has been shown to reduce your risk of getting Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases.

“Ticks love the places you do,” said Dr. Mascari, “and they can live in places beyond wooded areas, so it’s vital to defend against them when spending time outdoors.”

No matter your lifestyle or where you’re heading, OFF! brand recommends various repellent options to keep you protected with a variety of formats and quality active ingredients:

• OFF! ® Clean Feel products are perfect for everyday use. These fragrance-free repellents provide non-sticky protection proven to repel ticks (including ticks that may carry Lyme disease) and mosquitoes (that may carry the Zika, West Nile, or Dengue virus). Formulated with Picaridin, which is not greasy or oily, it feels good on skin and won’t damage clothing.

• OFF! ® Deep Woods® Insect Repellent V (Ticks) is formulated with 25% DEET to provide long-lasting protection against ticks (including ticks that may carry Lyme disease), mosquitoes (that may carry the

Zika, West Nile or Dengue virus), biting flies, stable flies, black flies, sandflies, chiggers, fleas, and gnats so you can enjoy the outdoors, uninterrupted.

• OFF! ® FamilyCare Insect Repellent IV (Unscented) provides the right level of protection for spending shorter times outside. With aloe vera and 7% DEET, this is the perfect choice for the whole family for feel-good mosquito protection. This product repels ticks (including ticks that may carry Lyme disease), mosquitoes (including mosquitoes that may carry Zika virus and West Nile virus), biting flies, gnats, “no-see-ums,” and chiggers.

Consider your clothing

When temperatures are 45°F or higher, ticks can be active. Further protect yourself by opting for long-sleeved shirts and long pants tucked in socks. Light-colored clothing also makes it easier to see ticks. For more information, check out the CDC guidance on preventing tick bites.

Set up outdoor defenses

Creating a tick defense barrier in your backyard can help safeguard you and your family. Consider stone walls or other physical barriers to separate moisture-prone zones where ticks may live (with more vegetation) from your lawn or outdoor living spaces.

“Ticks cannot jump or fly, but they can be carried by animals like dogs, cats, deer, rodents, and birds,” added Dr. Mascari. “A physical barrier makes it harder for ticks and their hosts to get to your favorite outdoor hangouts.”

Check for ticks

When coming inside, make it a habit to check everyone - not just the dog - for ticks.

“Ticks migrate from lower limbs and arms to more dark and humid areas like waistbands, scalps, and ears, and they may be as small as a poppy or apple seed. If you find a tick attached to your skin, remove it as soon as possible with tweezers, then clean the bite area,” advised Dr. Mascari. Ticks can also be carried into the house on clothing. To eliminate them, dry clothes on high heat for 10 minutes or wash them in hot water.

By taking these precautions before enjoying the great outdoors - and checking for ticks when you return - you’ll help ensure everyone has a happier, healthier time, all season long.

*This survey was conducted online within the United States by The Harris Poll on behalf of OFF! from March 28-April 1, 2024, among 2,066 adults ages 18 and older, among whom 1,392 are dog/cat owners.

A place to socialize, grab a

or bite, and discover Knoxville’s artists + makers at World’s Fair Park

Shop locally-made artwork in the Curio or 24/7

at Cherokee Caverns

JOIN US in the cave this summer and cool down a bit from the summer heat! The cave is a cool 58 degrees at all times and is a wonderful experience when its 80+ degrees or more outside. This is a unique way to experience a fun movie among the 400 million old stalactites and stalagmites.

Chairs will be provided, but you are welcome to bring your own small comfy camp chair and a blanket. Enjoy a selfguided tour of the cave 30 minutes before or after your movie showing. The cave path is wheelchair and stroller friendly.

Group classes covering a variety of mediums

The Tavern is open for breakfast, brunch,

The movies have very limited seating, so it’s recommended that you purchase tickets in advance. There are daytime and evening shows available. Cash-only concessions will be available, including hotdogs, pizza, nachos, candy, popcorn and other treats. For a list of showtimes, The Grotto menu, or to purchase tickets, visit HistoricCherokeeCaverns.com.


July 13: Cars

July 27: Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire

August 24: Finding Nemo

September 28: Hocus Pocus

October 5: The Nightmare Before Christmas

November 23: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

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Garrett Durland

Are You Evaluating Yourself Accurately?

I’M SOMETIMES asked, “What brings clients to your website or business?” My quick answer is “pain.” Then I’ll explain, “Most of us have a deep desire to be competent and capable of solving our own life problems. It’s painful to embrace the idea that we can’t fix ourselves or that we’re not as capable as we would like to be.”

This is especially true in the age of “Insta” communication and instant gratification. Human beings weren’t designed to handle mass exposure to the polished highlights of people beyond our immediate circles. Yet, our lives are constantly inundated with information about what we should do (or have) to make us better, more competent, attractive, or complete.

It’s common for prospective clients to share feelings of inadequacy, or even shame, because they haven’t attained the career clarity or “success” they see in others. Executives and managers are frustrated that the newest business principles and ideas from podcasts and “how-to” books haven’t worked for them. And in everyday life, I hear disillusioned people share that

they, their lives, or their families aren’t what they’d expected or hoped.

How do we evaluate (dare I say “judge?”) our lives accurately? What solid criteria determines if you’re on track?

The first key is to realize that you, and the life you live, are supposed to be unique. That sounds simple, even stupid-simple, but ask yourself how often you compare yourself or your life to someone or someone else’s life. For most of us, the answer is pretty often.

Comparing ourselves and our lives to others’ starts young. Dozens of my clients declare that they wish they could “live up to” the lives of their parents, friends, or life heroes. Too many speak of themselves as failures because they haven’t attained the clarity or success that they see in the lives of the people they admire.

However, you and I have been uniquely designed and given life experiences that differentiate us from everyone who ever lived before or after us, including our parents, friends, and life heroes. Your life isn’t supposed to be a clone of someone else or their life. Your “wiring” and your unique life experiences (positive and negative) give you one-of-a-kind potential to make a positive impact on the world.

The second evaluation key is to gain a clear understanding of the higher ideals that you want to characterize your life, then live by those ideals . The adage that “the man (or woman) who aims at nothing is sure to hit it” is a powerful truth. When we don’t clearly understand the impact we want to have on the people and world around us, then we’re apt to flit from one transient (and often self-serving) goal to another. If you know exactly what you want your life to stand for, then you can reverse-engineer it to ensure you achieve those things. Of course, knowing what you want your life to stand for first requires a sober appraisal of your own priorities. What is most important and worthwhile to YOU? Once you’ve established your own life priorities, then you can ask what traits and actions you need to apply to each day and season of your life. It’s heeding Steven Covey’s wise advice that you “begin with the end in mind.”1

The third key is to apply the right metric or standard for self-evaluation. Students and employees know the frustration of being graded or evaluated based on someone’s opinion rather than objective standards. Even in a world of “relative truth,” we still need objective standards for evaluating ourselves and our lives, rather than the fleeting whims, demands, and moods we experience daily. Likewise, evaluating yourself accurately requires objective standards that are accurate measures of your life priorities to know whether you are (or aren’t) hitting the targets you’ve set for yourself.

For example, my standard for evaluating my work cannot be whether my clients like me or think I’m doing a good job, but rather whether I am doing the things needed to effectively guide my clients to work and life strategies that fit their goals. This requires me to evaluate my efforts humbly and objectively, with an understanding that I can (and should) always be striving to get better at what I do.

This approach can be applied to our relationships, our health, our spiritual life - just about any facet of our lives. Asking “What are the standards for living the great life to which I aspire?” and then living to meet those gives us a consistent framework for attaining those things. No one lives a great life by accident; great lives happen intentionally.

Would you like help identifying the unique gifting and experiences, higher ideals, and standards that will guide you toward an intentional and impactful life? Then visit DrJimBailey.com/contact. It’s free and I’m always glad to talk.

1 The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven R. Covey

A Summertime of Family Fun Out-of-Doors

WHILE MANY FAMILY events move outside for the summer, the professionals at Undercover Systems can actually offer you unlimited out-ofdoor events, free from rain and the searing summertime sun, that your entire family can enjoy all year-round.

Now is the perfect time to install the totally unique underdeck ceiling system from Undercover Systems under your home’s existing raised decks. This underdeck system will ensure that this year’s events will be protected from unexpected and unwanted rain and the sizzling summertime sun.

“This is a great time to weatherproof all of your out-of-door family events,” said Jim Conn, owner of Undercover Systems. “Throughout the entire process, our skilled craftsmen work with you, each step of the way, until your project is completed to your satisfaction. And because your project will be completed this summer, your family can begin enjoying your new outdoor living spaces while this year’s barbeque season is in full swing.”

Undercover’s patented underdecking system helps extend your outdoor season of enjoyment by protecting your family from August’s relentless sun, autumn rains, winter snow and ice, and next year’s springtime showers. You’ll also appreciate Undercover Systems’ attention to detail, which comes from years of experience, as they help you craft a seamless transition from your home’s interior to your new out-of-door living spaces. They use their own patented, fully customizable underdecking system designed specifically for your home and not the one-size-fits-all, big box store components used by the competition.

A complaint-free member of the Better Business Bureau, Undercover Systems offers homeowners the peace of mind that they deserve in a building contractor.

Why not surprise your family with a special out-of-doors gift they can enjoy all year long and rediscover a fun summertime with family and friends at home? Call Jim Conn at 423-267-0091, and start celebrating your home’s great out-of-doors.

CLASSIC ROCK aficionados are all quite aware of the place that great songs from great bands from our youth hold in our minds and hearts today. Bands like Derek and the Dominos and their huge hit “Layla,” George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass, the Rolling Stones’ album Exile on Main St. , Buddy Guy’s Sweet Tea album, and Delaney & Bonnie and Friends’ hit “Never Ending Song of Love,” among many others.

One common thread among those great bands and songs is Bobby Whitlock. Memphis born and bred, Bobby is a master musician and has either written or co-written the above songs, as well as played and sung on them.

It comes as no surprise that Memphis is bestowing one of its most prestigious honors to their homeboy by giving Bobby Whitlock his own Brass Music Note on the Beale Street Walk of Fame. Beale Street is one of the world’s most iconic streets. It is a National Historic Landmark. It’s three blocks of clubs, restaurants, and shops in downtown Memphis that are devoted to music. Memphis is the “Home of the Blues” and the “Birthplace of Rock ‘n’ Roll,” and Beale Street is a melting pot of Delta Blues, Jazz, Rock, R&B, and Gospel. There is no other place like it, and every musician knows the magic of Beale Street and Memphis Music.

During the redevelopment of Beale Street, a program was started of awarding Brass Music Notes honoring the musicians and music industry people who made Memphis Music and Beale Street known throughout the world. The Notes are embedded into the sidewalks of the street. Consequently, it’s no surprise that Bobby Whitlock’s Brass Music Note is being added to this illustrious list of music giants this year.

Asked about how he felt about receiving such a distinctive honor, Bobby said, “Well, there was a point in time where I really didn’t think anybody cared. I knew they acknowledged my input on all those great records, you know, ‘Layla’ and All Things Must Pass. There’s a list of them. But, you know, I didn’t think too much about my past, and how

BOBBY WHITLOCK Gets the Recognition He Deserves

people felt about it was not my business; it was not my affair how anyone feels.

“My business is to try to conduct myself as a decent person and a gentleman as much as I can, get through this world, navigate through this without making too many waves. But when you make them, make them big - ones to remember. All of the sudden, everything seems to have turned around, and I wasn’t looking for it, that’s for sure.

“I knew my input and I was good with it. I was all right with myself whether anybody ever acknowledged anything I’ve ever done or not, I was good with it. I’ve got a great life. I paint every day. I’m really good with doing what I do. It’s just another extension of who I am. And I’ve been blessed in each and every way, everywhere I turn around, you know, it’s just nothing but a blessing for me.”

Bobby and I also talked about looking back on his career. He told me about the early days when the creativity was flowing and he was working with others on new, but now classic, songs and recordings.

“I was the first ‘friend’ - it started out with Delaney & Bonnie and me. And then people came to us. He (Delaney) was playing acoustic guitar, and we were singing. And we went all over doing just that. Then Leon (Russell) wanted to be in, J.J. Cale, Jerry McGee on guitar, and Bobby Keys, and then Jim Price, and then Jim Keltner, and then Jim Gordon. Then, of course, Carl Radle came through there. But we were the beginning of that whole thing. And it was a clear picture then when it was all going down. Then (Joe Cocker’s) Mad Dogs and Englishmen happened. (Meaning when several of Delaney &

Bonnie’s band left for Cocker’s new band.) I did one more album with Delaney & Bonnie and that’s when we got connected with Duane (Allman). I was connected with Duane long before the Layla album, and so it’s been a beautiful journey for me - to be a part of it.

“I know the role I played in everything. There wasn’t but one me. I couldn’t be replaced. You could get somebody else to play and sing, but it wouldn’t be Bobby Whitlock. I know the role that I’ve been playing in everyone’s music that I was a part of. Because my addition made that music mine as well - whether it’s a Jeff Healy record or whatever. I put my stamp on it.”

There is much more to this interview where Bobby talks about what prompted him to leave Austin, how unplanned the hit, "Layla," actually was, and what’s next for him and his wife, Coco Carmel, that you can watch on Boomerocity.com, YouTube, or listen to on any of the major podcast platforms.

Launched in 2009, Randy’s Boomerocity The Fan Experience has more than 500 positive, sincere, one-on-one interview conversations that show fans the true heart of the Baby Boomer generation of musicians, entertainers, and their associates, as well as today’s icons, influencers, and up-and-comers in music.

Duane Allman, Jim Gordon, Eric Clapton, Carl Radle, and Bobby Whitlock.
Jim Gordon, Carl Radle, Bobby Whitlock, and Eric Clapton

cassadee pope



WITH A VOICE that effortlessly blends power and vulnerability, Cassadee Pope is carving out a unique place in the music industry by consistently delivering songs that resonate deeply with audiences worldwide. Cassadee has become a favorite among fans of all genres by combining pop and country influences with her raw talent and heartfelt lyrics. Her recent fourth studio album harkens back to an earlier rock genre that feels more liberating as Cassadee explained to Rolling Stone about being “at the right place at the right time.”

A powerhouse in the country music scene and beyond, Cassadee first rose to fame as the lead vocalist of the pop-rock band, Hey Monday. She has seamlessly transitioned into a solo career with a Season 3 win of The Voice (Blake Shelton’s team) that catapulted her into the spotlight and solidified her status as a versatile artist. After an Academy of Country Music award for New Female Vocalist of the Year in 2014, she has continued to evolve, exploring themes of love, heartbreak, resilience, and personal growth through her music.

"When I write songs, I try to capture those small moments in life that we often overlook but that hold so much meaning."

Now, Cassadee is hitting the road once again for her latest album, Hereditary , further cementing her reputation as a versatile and compelling artist. Fans can experience firsthand the distinctive voice and raw emotion that define her music. Whether she’s belting out a powerful anthem or delivering a heartfelt ballad, her sincerity shines through, creating a genuine connection with her audience. Her performances are a testament to her authenticity as a songwriter and to the transformative power of music.

Join Cassadee Pope on her musical journey as she lights up the Open Chord stage. Whether you’re a longtime fan or discovering her music for the first time, attending one of Cassadee’s shows is an opportunity to be part of something special - a shared experience that transcends genre and resonates with the universal language of music.

Experience the magic of her voice, the power of her lyrics, and the undeniable charisma that have made her a star in today’s music scene. Don’t miss out on this chance to witness the latest songs from Cassadee’s new Hereditary album - get your tickets now and prepare to be swept away by the talent and passion of Cassadee Pope.




Summer Art Academy, featuring classes and workshops for ages 3-17, at the Knoxville Museum of Art through July 26th.

Cinderella by the Knoxville Children’s Theatre through the 28th. Visit KnoxvilleChildrensTheatre.com for showtimes and tickets.

7th annual “Where’s Waldo” Scavenger Hunt throughout downtown Knoxville through the 31st.


Kid A’ Riffic Fun in the Park at Morningside Park (1600 Dandridge Road) from 10 am to 1 pm. Enjoy making crafts, playing games, and more! For children ages 2-12, all activities are free!


Birds of Prey Program at Seven Islands State Birding Park from 10 to 10:45 am.


Fanboy Expo at the Convention Center from noon to 7 pm. Also the 13th from 10 am to 8 pm and 14th from 11 am to 5 pm.

Movies Under the Stars: Back to the Future at Ijams Nature Center. Doors open at 7 pm, movie begins at dark.

Fiddler on the Roof by The WordPlayers at the Clarence Brown Theatre at 7:30 pm. Also the 13th at 2:30 & 7:30 pm and the 14th at 2:30 pm.

Soundscapes at the KMA (formerly Alive After Five) featuring Adam Hawley at the Knoxville Museum of Art from 7:30 to 9:15 pm.

Friday Night Frog Walk at Seven Islands State Birding Park from 8:30 to 10:30 pm. Registration required.


Rocky Top Dog Bash all breed dog show at the World’s Fair Exhibition Hall from 8 am to 6 pm.

Knoxville Sunflower Festival at the Forks of the River Wildlife Management Area from 9 am to noon. Bike rides, guided hikes, food trucks at Ijams Quarries, and 70 acres of glorious sunflowers. Free parking and shuttles from Maynard Glenn Ballfields (2100 McClung Ave). Visit LegacyParks.org/sunflower-celebration for info.

Intro to Navigation workshop at Ijams Nature Center from 10 to 11:30 am. Also the 20th.

River Cleanup Paddle at Seven Islands State Birding Park from 10 am to 1 pm.

WDVX: Kidstuff LIVE with Blue Ridge Gathering at WDVX/Visit Knoxville at 301 S. Gay Street from 10 to 11 am. Cherokee Caverns Movie in the Cave: Cars at Historic Cherokee Caverns. Showtimes are 11:00, 1:30, 4:00, 6:30 & 9:00.

Chairs will be provided, or bring a small camp chair and blanket. Self-guided tours of the cave available 30 minutes before and after the showing.

Intro to Navigation workshop at Ijams Nature Center at 1 pm. Also the 20th.

Summer Tree ID: Beginner Workshop at Ijams Nature Center from 1 to 3 pm. Also the 20th.

Second Saturday Concerts at the Cove with Matt Woods and the Natural Disasters at Concord Park from 6 to 9 pm.

Circus Under the Moon at Ijams Nature Center at 7 pm.

Rob Schneider at the Bijou Theatre at 7 & 9:30 pm.

1964: The Tribute at the Tennessee Theatre at 8 pm.


Bird Banding at Seven Islands State Birding Park from 8 to 10:30 am. Registration required.

Old City Market on West Jackson Avenue from 11 am to 4 pm.

Second Sunday Art Activity at the Knoxville Museum of Art from 1 to 4 pm. Free and open to kids grades K-6.

Second Sunday Docent Tour at the Knoxville Museum of Art from 2 to 3 pm. Free and open to the public!

The Doobie Brothers at Food City Center’s Thompson-Boling Arena at 7 pm.

Tab Benoit & Anders Osborne: I Hear Thunder 2024 Tour at the Bijou Theatre at 7:30 pm.


Preschool Story Thyme at Knoxville Botanical Garden and Arboretum at 10 am. Also the 23rd, 30th and August 6th.


Kid A’ Riffic Fun in the Park at Fountain City Park (117 Hotel Road) from 10 am to 1 pm. Enjoy making crafts, playing games, and more! For children ages 2-12, all activities are free!


Used Book Sale by the Friends of the Knox County Public Library at Hi-Wire Brewing on Barber Street through the 24th. See HiWireBrewing.com for business hours.

For Knoxville’s andMarketFarmers’dates seelocations, page12

Local Voices: Author Talks with Arthur Bohannan at the Historic Ramsey House from 6 to 7:30 pm.

Concerts on the Square: Variety Thursdays featuring Bicho Brothers in Market Square at 7 pm. Free!

Ben Folds: Paper Airplane Request Tour at the Tennessee Theatre at 7:30 pm.


Salty Dog Seafood Festival at World’s Fair Park from 1 to 9 pm. Also the 20th & 21st. Fresh seafood, live music, arts & crafts, and beer & wine gardens. Free admission.

Tennessee Smokies vs. Rocket City Trash Pandas at Smokies Stadium at 7 pm. Also the 20th at 7 pm and 21st at 2 pm.


Preschool Saturday Story Thyme at Knoxville Botanical Garden and Arboretum from 10 to 11 am.

Deluxe Behind the Scenes Tour of the Tennessee Theatre at 11 am.

Grooves in the Garden Music Festival at the Knoxville Botanical Garden & Arboretum from 5 to 10 pm. Adult-only event featuring live jazz, R&B & soul music, DJ, food trucks, and cash bar.

Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears at the Bijou Theatre at 8 pm.


East Tennessee Bluegrass Association

Monthly Jam at Ijams Nature Center from 2 to 5 pm.

Ijams Field Day: Botany for Beginners at Ijams Nature Center from 3 to 6 pm. Full Moon Paddle at Ijams Nature Center from 8 to 10 pm.

July Full Moon Walk at Seven Islands State Birding Park from 8:30 to 10:30 pm. Registration required.


Tennessee Smokies vs. Birmingham Barons at Smokies Stadium at 7 pm. Also the 24th-27th at 7 pm and 28th at 2 pm.


Kid A’ Riffic Fun in the Park at West Hills Park (410 N. Winston Road) from 10 am to 1 pm. Enjoy making crafts, playing games, and more! For children ages 2-12, all activities are free!


Knoxville History Project: Birth of a National Park in the Smokies at various downtown venues to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the grassroots movement to establish a new national park in the Great Smoky Mountains through the 27th.


Jack and Jules children’s consignment event at the Expo Center from 10 am to 8 pm. Also the 26th from 10 am to 8 pm and 27th from 10 am to 4 pm.

Kid’s Birding Program: Keeping a Birding Journal at Seven Islands State Birding Park from 1 to 3 pm.

Jordan Davis: Damn Good Time World Tour at the Civic Coliseum at 7 pm.


The Great Farragut Sidewalk Sale at various businesses throughout Farragut through the 28th.

KUUMBA Festival cultural heritage and musical festival celebrating African culture in Market Square from noon to 10 pm.

Party in the Park at Founders Park in Farragut from 6 to 8 pm. A fun, familyfriendly event with entertainment, games, and food trucks. Free admission, bring a blanket or chair.

Packing Up Polly at Theatre Knoxville Downtown at 7:30 pm through August 11th. Shows Thursday - Saturday at 7:30 pm and Sunday at 3 pm.

Friday Night Frog Walk at Seven Islands State Birding Park from 8:30 to 10:30 pm. Registration required.

Moths & More: Ijams After Dark at Ijams Nature Center from 9 to 10:30 pm. Also the 27th.


Mushroom Foray at Seven Islands State Birding Park from 9 to 11:30 am.

Creative Series: Forest Bathing Workshop at Ijams Nature Center at 10 am.

WDVX Kidstuff with Sean McCollough, featuring Billy Jonas, at the Bijou Theatre at 10 am.

Cherokee Caverns Movie in the Cave: Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire at Historic Cherokee Caverns. Showtimes are 11:00, 1:30, 4:00, 6:30 & 9:00. Chairs will be provided, or bring a small camp chair and blanket. Self-guided tours of the cave available 30 minutes before and after the showing.

Peace in the Streets Back to School Bash at World’s Fair Park at 1 pm.

Summer Movie Magic: The Lion King at the Tennessee Theatre at 2 pm.

Knoxville Water Lantern Festival at Chilhowee Park from 6 to 10 pm.

The Inspirations and McKamey Legacy at the Civic Auditorium at 6 pm.

Summer Movie Magic: The Matrix at the Tennessee Theatre at 8 pm.


Knoxville Community Band: Summer Finale at Bearden Middle School at 3 pm. Free!


Shrek The Musical at the Tennessee Theatre at 7:30 pm. Also the 31st at 7:30 pm.


Kid A’ Riffic Fun in the Park at World’s Fair Park from 10 am to 1 pm. Enjoy making crafts, playing games, and more! For children ages 2-12, all activities are free!

Glenn Miller Orchestra at the Bijou Theatre at 7 pm.



National Imperial Miss 2024 Nationals at the Convention Center through the 3rd.


Dogwood Regional Exhibition Reception at the Emporium from 5 to 8 pm. Exhibition through the 30th at the Emporium and the Dogwood Arts offices on Jackson Avenue during business hours.

CreepyCon Halloween & Horror Convention at the Convention Center from 5 to 9 pm. Also the 3rd from 11 am to 8 pm and 4th from noon to 5 pm.

First Friday on Market Square, Gay Street, The Old City, and Downtown North beginning at 5 pm.


Vintage Base Ball: Franklin Farriers vs. Knoxville Holstons at Historic Ramsey House at 1 pm. Free!

Hard Knox Roller Derby at World’s Fair Exhibition Hall from 4 to 9 pm. The Hillbilly Thomists at the Bijou Theatre at 7 pm.


Tennessee Smokies vs. Chattanooga Lookouts at Smokies Stadium at 7 pm. Also the 7th-10th at 7 pm and 11th at 2 pm.


WDVX presents Tennessee Shines Live featuring Dylan LeBlanc, Sarah Shook & The Disarmers, and ISMAY at the Bijou Theatre at 7 pm.

All event dates and times subject to change.

July 12-14

Friday at 7:30 pm

Saturday at 2:30 & 7:30 pm Sunday at 2:30 pm

Local Guys really left a positive impression on me from the moment I first talked to them, and that stayed throughout the entire process of them working on my car. I drive a BMW, and my insurance company was trying to have parts come from less costly third-party manufacturers … Local Guys was intent on using OEM parts from BMW and eventually the insurance company agreed. I can’t thank Ken and his team enough for how great their service was! A truly pleasant experience!



THE ICONIC South Knoxville neighborhood of Island Home is named after the model farm and the country home of prominent Knoxville resident Perez Dickinson (1813-1901). Dickinson was a Massachusetts-born merchant, banker, farmer, educator, and cousin of poet Emily Dickinson. Perez Dickinson had moved to Knoxville in 1829, where his brother-in-law, Joseph Estabrook, was serving as the principal of the Knoxville Female Academy and later as the president of East Tennessee College (today, the University of Tennessee). After a brief stint as an educator, Dickinson co-founded the mercantile wholesale firm Cowan and Dickinson in 1831 and helped established another wholesale firm, Cowan, McClung and Company, in 1858.

In 1869, he purchased more than 600 acres on the south side of the Tennessee River and an island of about 200 acres. He then established a model stock farm and agricultural experimental station and called it “Island Home.”

A grand Italianate home was built in the early 1870s for his wife who died before the home was completed. The home was surrounded by formal gardens and featured a long sweeping drive. Dickinson is said to have been gracious in sharing his home with the community. He entertained locals and visiting dignitaries and encouraged various civic groups, organizations, and churches to hold meetings and events on the property.

The citizens of Knoxville became even more interested in Island Home after the Gay Street Bridge was constructed in 1898. Before the bridge was completed, a streetcar company had been granted an easement to install tracks across the bridge. Prior to installation of the streetcar, South Knoxville had always been fairly isolated from downtown Knoxville.

After the death of Dickinson in 1901, ownership passed to his family members. In 1905, real estate developer Harry H. Galbraith purchased 300 acres of the farm for $40,000. In April 1911, Island Home Park Company purchased 120 acres from Galbraith directly west of the original farm gates for a new residential subdivision. The subdivision featured a streetcar line that ran in the median of Island Home Boulevard, large stone entry gateposts, city water, paved streets, concrete sidewalks, electric streetlights, and a public park along the river. The neighborhood lies on land that formed the

front approach to the Dickinson farm, and Island Home Boulevard follows the path established by the original drive to the home. Initial development growth was concentrated on Island Home Boulevard and Spence Place. The neighborhood residents were middle and upper class business, medical, real estate, and political professionals. Residents included a former Mayor of Knoxville and actor and comedian Archie Campbell. The craftsman style is the most popular design represented in the neighborhood. Typical architectural details include large porches, casement windows, low-pitch gable roofs, tapered columns, dormers, and decorative elements like brackets, lintels, and exposed rafters. Other architectural styles represented in the neighborhood include Colonial Revival, Tudor Revival, and American Foursquare. In 1924, the Tennessee School for the Deaf moved to its present campus located at the eastern boundary of the neighborhood when they sold their original 1848 building in downtown Knoxville to the City of Knoxville for a new City Hall. Perez Dickinson’s house, although extensively modified from its original design, still exists and serves as the residence of the school superintendent.

Island Home is rich in Knoxville history and was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1994. The historic district consists of 91 contributing houses along Island Home Boulevard, Spence Place, Fisher Place, and Maplewood Drive. Homes have been well-maintained and continue to represent the pride of ownership that was part of Perez Dickinson’s original vision for his “Island Home.”

The Knox Heritage mission is to protect Knoxville’s unique character for future generations by preserving, restoring, and transforming historically significant structures and places. Established in 1974 as a nonprofit historic preservation organization, Knox Heritage is chartered by the state of Tennessee and governed by a board of directors.

Perez Dickinson Island Home House
Island Home Entrance Stone Pillar


Flourishes in Hot Summers

IN 2021, we trialed Heliotrope Augusta ® Lavender at the University of Tennessee Gardens, Jackson, for the first time.

Jason Reeves, horticulturist at UT Gardens, Jackson, and I highlighted this plant on our regular Facebook Live sessions for the gardens and bantered each week about how long the young plants would survive our heat and humidity.

My memories of Heliotrope, Heliotropium arborescens, from years ago with its dark green leaves, towering dark purple blossoms, and intoxicating vanilla grape scent, were a strange mix of admiration and disappointment. I routinely purchased this plant on impulse year after year, enjoyed them in mixed containers for a brief time, then came to terms with their demise when the high temps of summer descended. This was a plant of nostalgia but not of longevity for our growing conditions.

However, Heliotrope Augusta ® Lavender, Heliotropium hybrid , quickly expelled all our hesitancy and ridicule. As temperatures began to rise, this hybrid thrived in full sun and only improved as the season progressed.

Augusta® Lavender differs in so many ways from the old-fashioned Heliotropes. It has a tight upright mounding growth habit, reaching 12 to 18 inches tall and wide and bearing from May until frost, a nearly constant cover of clustered lavender flowers that extend beyond its foliage canopy. Augusta® Lavender prefers full sun with well-drained soil and is drought tolerant once established. It performs well in both containers and landscapes and remains a favorite of bees and butterflies.

As if we needed another reason to love this plant, it has proven to be reliably perennial in Jackson (zone 7) for three years, but it is typically grown and marketed as an annual. The only downfall of Heliotrope Augusta® Lavender may be its complete lack of fragrance, which some may consider a fair trade for all of its newly acquired attributes.

Heliotrope Augusta ® Lavender can be found at UT Gardens, Jackson, in the annual trial berm plantings. It has not yet been grown at the UT Gardens locations in Crossville or Knoxville. The UT Gardens includes plant collections located in Knoxville, Crossville, and Jackson, Tennessee. Designated as the official botanical garden for the state of Tennessee, the UT Gardens are part of the UT Institute of Agriculture. The Gardens’ mission is to foster appreciation, education, and stewardship of plants through garden displays, educational programs, and research trials. The Gardens are open during all seasons and free to the public.

Wikimedia Commons/Cephas
Photo by Celeste Scott, courtesy UTIA Heliotrope Augusta® Lavender at UT Gardens, Jackson, demonstrates how it thrives and improves through the heat of the summer.

WJuly in the Garden

HAT A roller coaster we’ve been on! From cool and wet to ridiculously hot and dry, stressful to us and our plants. We can go inside, get a drink, and sit by the air conditioner, but our plants cannot. They are entirely dependent on us to provide appropriate water for them, and some of you are underestimating how much a plant drinks. A perennial can drink 1-2 gallons per day, a shrub will drink 3-5 gallons per day, and a young tree can easily drink 10 or more gallons per day - this can vary depending on the type of plant.

Water issues are the primary cause of plant death, so let’s go over how and when you should water. Early morning is the best time to water, but may not be practical for everyone. Late in the afternoon/early evening is second best. Don’t assume that you’re covered if you have a sprinkler system! Sprinklers work for your lawn and flower beds but are not adequate for trees and shrubs planted in the last 2-3 years. Those need drip irrigation or hand watering.

If you are using a drip system, put a tuna or cat food can in a few places under the hose to see how much water is going into the soil. Those cans are about an inch tall, and that is how much water your plants need each time you water them. Three times per week should work.

If you are hand watering, also plan on 3x per week. Hoses put out 5-7 gallons per minute, so spend 10 seconds to a full minute or more on each plant. For larger trees and shrubs, turn the hose on just a trickle and lay it beside the trunk of the plant. Let that run for 20-30 minutes. (Set a timer so you don’t forget and leave it running. I may or may not be known for doing that.) Some plants need more and some less, stop by or call us with questions.

Things that need to be done:

✻ Gentle organic fertilizing helps stressed plants - add compost or worm castings. Strong chemical fertilizers may push too hard.

✻ Insects and diseases are more common in stressed plants, so watch for them. Start with the least toxic product, and don’t hesitate to come in with questions. Bring photos or a sample of the problem for the best results.

✻ Mulch around plants to keep temperature and moisture levels stable and to protect from lawnmower or weed whacker damage. Never pile the mulch around the trunk - create donuts, not volcanoes! What else can you do in your yard this month?

✻ Monitor plants for damage with frequent walk-arounds. If you just look out the window, you may not notice damage until it is irreparable. Look up into tree canopies for damage from storms and cicadas. Look

at trunks for woodpecker holes, oozing spots, or mushrooms. Look into shrubs for insect infestations or fungal spots. Check annuals and perennials for fungus, and don’t forget to check the ground for signs of moles or voles. You can’t stop a problem if you don’t know you have it!

✻ You can still plant trees and shrubs, but they will need more care in the heat. A root stimulator helps roots go down quickly and a tree bag keeps roots from drying out.

✻ Start thinking about next year. Is everything beautiful or do you need to make changes? Summer is a good time to stop by for advice because we aren’t insanely busy and can give more one-on-one attention.

✻ Did you do a vegetable garden? If your plants are struggling, I suggest a soil test. Good soil is the basis of a good garden. It is also best for plants to have 8-10 hours of sunlight, and a drip system for irrigation. Sporadic watering causes tomatoes to split. Mulch will help hold moisture and temperature levels stable and keep water from splashing on the leaves, which can cause fungal problems. Keep harvesting so that plants will keep producing!

✻ By the end of July, you can start direct

sowing cool season veggies in the garden.

✻ Harvest herbs in the morning for the best flavor. Pinch off the flowers of herbs used for cooking to keep the flavor stronger.

✻ Fertilize annuals that bloom all summer - use a mild solution every week. Deadhead spent blooms and diseased leaves to keep plants healthy.

✻ Trim lanky perennials to keep them from falling over. Use stakes to help them stay upright, especially with summer rainstorm beatings. Deadheading spent blooms will prolong bloom time.

✻ Never take a break from weeding. Summer weeds are out in abundance, so keep pulling them and re-apply pre-emergent to make it easier in the future.

✻ There is still time to plant for pollinators. Many perennials do fine if planted in July and will provide nectar and pollen for bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. We get weekly shipments, so stop in and see what’s new!

Meadow View Greenhouses & Garden Center 9885 Highway 11E, Lenoir City, TN 37772 865.986.7229 MeadowViewGreenhouse.com

New Exhibitions Opening

Emporium Center July 5

THE ARTS & Culture Alliance is pleased to present five new exhibitions at the Emporium Center in downtown Knoxville from July 5-26. Most of the works on exhibition will be for sale and may be purchased by visiting in person or the online shop at KnoxAlliance.store.

Knoxville Photo 2024 in the Lower Gallery

The Arts & Culture Alliance presents the 12th annual Knoxville Photo juried exhibition featuring selected works from 39 artists throughout the region. The exhibition encompasses photographs depicting all subjects and genres, including streetscapes, cityscapes, landscapes, environmental portraiture, portraits, abstracts, and more. Michelle Burdine served as exhibition juror and viewed more than 361 images to select the exhibition. She holds a Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art from Ohio State University and a Master of Humanities from Wright State University. She is currently Assistant Professor of Art at Centre College in Danville, KY.

Tennessee Artists Association: Annual Juried Show in the Upper Gallery

This new, juried exhibition celebrates the Tennessee Artists Association’s 52nd anniversary as the area’s oldest member-supported arts organization. Tennessee Artists Association (TAA) is a volunteer organization created by artists for artists of all levels and abilities. The purpose is threefold: to provide for fellowship and encouragement by associating with other artists; to assist in the development of art skills through monthly meetings, programs, workshops and classes; and to develop a market by collaborating in shows of our artwork in exhibits throughout Tennessee.

TAA began in 1972 and continues to meet monthly at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Knoxville. These meetings are free and open to anyone and include practical art demonstrations, discussions, and opportunities for individual artists to get involved in learning, community, and shows.

Cara Rose: Variations on a Theme in the Display Case

Cara Rose is a ceramic artist working in a small home studio as Adobe Rose Works in Oak Ridge. Her pieces are a dance between function and whimsy - often created using a pottery wheel and then altered after they are formed.

Artist statement: Variations on a Theme is a collection of my most recent stoneware and porcelain work, some of which may still be warm when the exhibition opens! The hanging plates/platters are food and dishwasher safe, as well as decorative. I hope that my love for clay seeps through my fingers and lives in my pots for you to appreciate.

Victoria May: Abstracts & Fantasies - Selected Works on the North Wall

Victoria May is an artist who works in painting, mixed media, charcoal, and photography. She often incorporates found objects and recyclable materials to mixed media pieces that form an abstracted figurative language. She is also a visual art educator who loves to share the art making process with her students.

Artist statement excerpt: I enjoy trying new textures and adding marks in the abstracts and collaged floral pieces, which eventually led me to incorporating more found and personally created images and photographs. The finished pieces are dreamy, fantastical landscapes, some of which remind me of my travels, while others have become their own invented worlds - a new fantasyland. These works are a culmination of the progress so far of this artist finding her visual voice again. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did in making them.

Kara Lockmiller: Women in Rock in the Atrium

Artist statement: A vast array of colors in my mind - that’s what I see when I listen to music. I have synesthesia. Simply put, I see different colors based on the music I hear. There is a kinship between color and music - both can say what words cannot. I paint because there are no words to describe the way music makes me feel. I am a Pop Art artist painting in clear tonal contrasts with varying shapes and strong lines. After drawing a portrait, I add acrylic colors and mediums according to what I see and hear. The paintings come together like puzzle pieces as I focus on the shapes of the shadows and highlights. Painting has allowed me to address iconic events, cultural shifts, body confidence, and the intimate lives of songwriters, delving deep into everything from the Women’s Rights movement and to the madness behind Pink Floyd’s founder Syd Barrett.

The exhibitions will be on display at the Emporium Center, located at 100 S. Gay Street in Knoxville. The Emporium is open to the public Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. Please note, the Emporium will be closed on Thursday, July 4, for the holiday. For more information, call 865-523-7543 or visit KnoxAlliance.com.

Air & Water No. 94 Marc Ward
The Hatchling Stefan Dopatka
Downtown Joe Tate
White Daisies Kenneth Kant

Volunteers: Crafting Beauty from Generosity at Random Acts of Flowers

EACHWEEK, an exceptional group of volunteers gathers in our workshop, armed with creativity and compassion, to infuse fresh life into floral donations from our local partners. Generously provided by local grocery stores, florists, event planners, and individuals, a new batch of flowers and vases arrives almost daily. Once destined for disposal, these blooms now find purpose in the skilled hands of our dedicated volunteers. These 400+ individuals are the unsung heroes of Random Acts of Flowers Knoxville, generously donating their time and talent to collect, arrange, and deliver these floral gifts to local healthcare facilities.

“These flowers would end up in the trash, but we get to recycle them and pass them on, and it’s just such a wonderful, beautiful cycle.”

As they work, the volunteers pour their love and positive energy into every bouquet they create. Their dedication goes beyond arranging flowers; it’s about creating moments of beauty and connection for those who receive them. Each bouquet becomes a symbol of hope - a reminder that kindness can bloom even in the most unexpected places.

“The workshop is like a beehive of happiness - each week, every day,” said Debbie Fettig, Program Manager at RAF. “Getting to see all our volunteers making bouquets and making friendsit’s just a joyous time. I love flowers, and I love making people happy, and that’s what our mission is all about.”

The transformative power of these floral arrangements extends far beyond their physical beauty. For recipients, receiving a bouquet is about more than just flowers - it’s a tangible expression of care and support during challenging times. Whether it’s a patient in a hospital room, a resident in a nursing home, or a veteran in a rehabilitation center, these bouquets brighten their day and lift their spirits.

“I love flowers,” said Ellen Anderson, a RAF volunteer of five years. “Getting to use my creativity is wonderful, but the real reason I volunteer is the mission. It’s the sense that there are hundreds of people every week who are getting a lift from what we do. These flowers would end up in the trash, but we get to recycle them and pass them on, and it’s just such a wonderful, beautiful cycle.”

Random Acts of Flowers Knoxville is grateful for the dedication and passion of our volunteers who breathe life into each bouquet. Their commitment to spreading joy and kindness exemplifies the spirit of our organization and serves as a beacon of hope for all those we touch.

To learn more about Random Acts of Flowers Knoxville and how you can support our mission, please call us at 865-6339082, email us at info@RAFKnoxville.org, or visit our website at RAFKnoxville.org.

Who is Your One?

MAY WAS Mental Health

Awareness Month. This means something different to each of us. For some, it’s more acute and sometimes tragic. For many, it’s just another month. However, we should all be cognizant of our own mental health and that of those we care about. How many of us have days where we just feel off, something doesn’t turn out as planned and thus affects us negatively, or we simply find ourselves in the everyday grind? Unfortunately, these feelings are often brushed off as “life.” Thankfully, mental health is elastic for many of us. We experience a setback, suffer mentally, and rebound relatively quickly. Put this in terms of a rubber band. Our everyday is like the rubber band at rest. We occasionally get stretched mentally by a negative feeling or experience, like the rubber band being stretched around a stack of paper. But remove that tension, and our mental health returns to its original condition just like the rubber band. This can happen over and over again. Eventually though, the rubber band doesn’t return to its original size. It becomes less elastic and brittle over time. Sometimes the result is dramatic. If it becomes terribly twisted without being

IN OTHER w�rd�

immediately untwisted, it may never be quite the same. Other times, the result is considerably more dramatic. The rubber band breaks when you stretch it, smacks you in the hand, and no amount of effort can make it whole. We will all experience stretching to an extent. Some will leave this world fully intact, some broken, and most of us in between to varying degrees. This is why we each need our One The One can be a spouse, parent, therapist, trusted friend, confidante, pastor, etc. It could even be an organization such as Compassion Counseling in Blount County. Whoever it may be, it’s who can help center our mind, keep the stretching manageable, and thus allow us to retain our shape for

much longer. It’s the One we reach for when we are getting twiste d or about to break. Your One will always be there for you. September 10, 2021, was the hardest day of my and my wife’s life. It’s the day she called on me to fulfill my responsibilities as her One in the most urgent of circumstances. You see, she had been struggling with mental health for some time, and that day in September was the day her rubber band almost broke. She told me she was having severe catastrophic thoughts and had a plan to act upon them. We immediately got her the help she needed and have spent the last almost three years working to understand how and why she got there. Each day since has been a blessing - even the hard days. We now have an opportunity to celebrate her “other” birthday every year. The alternative is just too painful to imagine and what too many people experience daily.

Finding your One is just the first step. Often the most difficult step is realizing the trust that can be placed in this person and stripping our pridefulness to allow it. I spent most of my life thinking I could handle everything on my own - and often could. However, I didn’t realize just how much I was being stretched until I humbled myself enough to know I could be better as a person, a husband, and a father if I just allowed my barriers to crumble and receive the help I previously didn’t know I needed. I thank God I have not only one, but three people in my life who fill this role. One is my wife. The others, my father and mother. I spent years struggling in ways I shouldn’t have because I was too full of pride. While I still do not utilize them as much as I could, there is extreme comfort in knowing I can trust them to help me when needed. I am now a better person and more mentally healthy because of this personal epiphany.

Needing help is not a weakness. It also does not disqualify you from being someone else’s One. While not always easy, it is worthwhile and rewarding in so many ways so be open to taking on the role. Look, watch, and listen proactively for the opportunity. Be the One who makes the difference!

Lastly, please seek help from your One when you need it. Dial 988 if you need to. Be vulnerable and honest with that person. It will be ok. Your life, or a life precious to you, may be in the balance. And always remember you matter more than you know! A native of Maryville, Andy Barton is the Director of Residential Operations at CertaPro Painters of East Tennessee.



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