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10 West Knox Acupuncture

Answers to your common neuropathy questions.

19 Ross the Boss Salons

Personal connections are not only with the stylists!

24 Mortgage Investors Group

The pros and cons of renting vs. buying.

32 My Foodie Valentine

Local flavor options by Riley Woody.

From the Publisher

FEBRUARY IS not known as a month that brings natural beauty to Tennessee. Most of the green is gone, and the skies are often gray and overcast. The big holidays are over, and spring has not yet sprung. There is, however, still beauty if you look for it. One of my favorites is the creek that runs through Founder’s Park (the Library Park as we have always called it) with paths that go alongside and bridges that cross over. The calming waters flowing over the different sizes of rocks and stones definitely brings out the “good, deep, soul-sigh” as author John Eldredge calls it.

I have been giving a lot of thought to the old adage “Stop and smell the roses.” As it turns out, the smell of roses isn’t the most important part - it’s the stop. Stop, pause, unplug, notice. In our busy, distracted lives, these behaviors are becoming harder to come by without purposefully doing so - and we really need to for our own

BRIAN FALLS, co-owner and operations manager at The Tailored Closet and PremierGarage, and his experienced team are ready to go to work for you in solving your closet, pantry, and garage storage challenges. Look to them when it comes to the best advice, products, and service for organizing your home and garage.

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health and well-being. Finding the beauty around us, drinking it in, is healing for our minds and souls. Eldredge explains in his book, Get Your Life Back, that “Beauty comforts. Beauty heals. Why else would we send flowers to a hospital room or funeral?…But, most of all, beauty reassures.” He goes on to explain that beauty gently reassures us that there is an abundance of goodness in the world, that there is plenty of life to be had. His suggestions for finding beauty include everything from stained glass cathedral windows, to wood grain, to songbirds, to the way the sunlight falls on your kitchen table. In other words, it is everywhere if we are paying attention and want to find it. Henry Matisse, the French impressionist painter, said repeatedly that he “wanted to make paintings so serenely beautiful that when one came upon them, suddenly all problems would subside.” So head to a gallery, or a park, or your own backyard to unplug and find your sigh.

Photo by Morgan Hayley Harper
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9 Marsh Wealth Management
about tax planning ideas with Secure Act 2.0.
Photo by Morgan Hayley Harper


TAILORED LIVING is now The Tailored Closet. With a recent name update and new office space for both The Tailored Closet and PremierGarage in West Knoxville, Everything Knoxville met up with Kathryn Norton and Brian Falls, two of the co-owners, at their well-appointed showroom to find out more about their relocation, new name, and high-quality services.

EK: Let’s start at the beginning - what is the background and history of ownership of your company?

Kathryn: Dan Morgan, who owned his own food brokerage company prior to our business, bought PremierGarage in 2010 and added Tailored Living very soon after. Dennis Falls, a retired manager from Alcoa, and myself, a former communications executive with Coca-Cola, joined Dan as co-owners in 2012. A short time later, Dennis’s son, Brian, joined the company.

Brian: I became a co-owner in 2016 and was initially focused on the garage floor coating process, developing the best techniques and using the latest technology to make sure we installed the best garage floor in East Tennessee. This led us into opening Premier Concrete Surfaces, which serves concrete coating needs outside the garage, such as basements, retail spaces, industrial settings, and restaurants.

Kathryn: With our four diverse backgrounds and skills, we continue to work well together to define the changing strategies and resources needed for the company. From day one, our business philosophy was clear: maintain a sharp focus on providing great customer service with the best products at a reasonable price.

EK: Why the name change to The Tailored Closet?

Kathryn: Home styles have evolved over time, and so has Tailored Living. Last November, Tailored Living became The Tailored Closet. The name change better reflects our services and makes it easier for potential customers to recognize what we do. We remain the same great company with the same great people - just with a more brand-specific new name.

Brian: The name change happened to coincide with moving our offices to 10301 Cogdill Road, Suite 305. Located off Lovell Road, our larger office, warehouse, and workshop area includes a showroom with comfortable meeting spaces for customers. The move to West Knoxville puts us closer to our core market and makes it easy for clients to visit our office to meet with designers and see our

Photos by Morgan Hayley Harper

products firsthand. However, a large percentage of our business is remodels, where we meet with customers in their homes. Without leaving their home, we show them samples of various options and they watch their project come to life as we design their space using our computers.

EK: Besides The Tailored Closet, you also operate PremierGarage. How do these companies complement each other?

Kathryn: More than 12 years ago, we saw a demand for high-quality flooring and cabinetry for the garage, so we purchased PremierGarage, which had been in business in Knoxville since 2007. Tailored Living, part of a national franchise specializing in the design and installation of closets, home offices, pantries, and other spaces inside the house, came next. Whether inside the home or in the garage, combining the two businesses gives us the ability to help

about our clients’ organizational obstacles, we can help solve problem areas in their home.

Kathryn: The showroom allows us to share with clients the various wood finishes that are available, styles and colors can be discussed, and accessories for the pantry, closet, or garage, along with our concrete coating options, can be chosen. A 3D design is then presented on a large monitor, where we can adjust elements to arrive at exactly what our client is hoping to accomplish.

EK: How can your services aid homeowners in ways they may not be aware of?

to any angle - perfect for closets and laundry rooms. Another closet accessory we often install are slideout panels that hold necklaces and bracelets. The panels keep jewelry protected and make it easy to see each piece - no more tangled chains!

Brian: And should you ever decide to put your house on the market, custom-designed closets and an upgraded garage will add value and appeal for potential buyers.

EK: Anything else you would like to share?

Kathryn: If you need better home organization or your garage needs remodeling, give us a call and let us prove that we can help make your life easier and less stressful. From our owners to each member of our team, we are passionate about what we do. Our trained team does all the design work and installation.

Brian: When we talk about designs to specifically meet a customer’s needs, that’s not an exaggeration. Every person is different in terms of their lifestyle and what will make

homeowners who want to organize their lives, not just a closet. We can help to “calm the chaos” in all areas of the home.

Brian: You won’t find any two designs from The Tailored Closet or PremierGarage that are exactly alike, because we tailor a design to meet each individual’s needs. The high percentage of repeat customers and referrals we receive is a continued testimony to our successfully being able to help homeowners in all aspects of organization.

EK: Can you walk us through a typical customer interaction?

Brian: We know from long-term experience that a new closet, pantry, or a renovated garage will change a person’s everyday life for the better. By developing a relationship and learning

Brian: We are experienced in modifying any size of closet and pantry to utilize every inch of available space - laundry room efficiency upgrades, mudroom o r entryway organization, and home office optimization (including Murphy Beds) inside the home, as well as the perfect storage options and flooring for the garage.

Kathryn: We had a “vertically challenged” client who really needed to be able to reach her everyday closet items. With lower rods for hanging clothes and a top rod that folded down with a flip of a switch, we solved a very real and basic need for her. She actually cried when she saw the finished closet!

A popular, but little known item, is a foldout ironing board. It is magically hidden behind a drawer front! Simply flip the “drawer” front down, and the ironing board unfolds and swivels

their lives easier and more organized. And, most importantly, we want our relationship with clients to last as long as they’re in their home. We will be here to make any future additions or revisions that need to be made. They’ve got us for life!

The Tailored Closet PremierGarage 10301 Cogdill Road, Suite 305 Knoxville, TN 37932 865.777.0306 TailoredClosetKnoxville.com PremierGarageKnoxville.com February 2023 EVERYTHING KNOXVILLE 7



been reading about the retirement savings changes brought about by the passage of the Secure Act 2.0 in late December, so I won’t recap them all again here. Instead, let’s look for tax planning opportunities. How can we put this new law to your best use?

First, the easy one is that the Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) age was increased to age 73 if you’re born in the years of 19511959 and to age 75 if you’re born in 1960 or later. (If you were already subject to RMDs, having been born in 1950 or before, there are no changes for you.) How does this help? More time for systematic multi-year Roth IRA conversions, of course! Remember, Roth conversions are how you move money from IRA to a Roth IRA, paying tax on the conversion, but then forever shielding the amount moved in a tax-free Roth account. Roth IRAs insulate you from future tax increases and provide a tax-free legacy for your heirs.

Second, a new beneficiary strategy is available that is advantageous if the surviving spouse is older than the deceased spouse. Starting in 2024, a spouse who inherits an IRA as a primary beneficiary will have the option to be treated AS the deceased spouse. Huh? Usually, most surviving spouses roll over the IRA and take RMDs based on his/her own age. But by electing to be treated AS the deceased (younger) spouse, it creates a longer delay before RMDs have to start, and when they do, they’ll be a smaller dollar amount. This could be a major tax savings.

There are more tax planning opportunities that are embedded in the Secure Act 2.0, and this is important stuff, so I’m hosting a Zoom call on Thursday, February 9th, at 10 am. We’ll delve deeper into these ideas, plus other features such as further “rothification” of 401(k)s and an interesting twist on unused college 529 plan money rolling into Roth IRAs. Join me for a lively conversation about the Secure Act 2.0, and I’ll leave time for questions, too. I promise I’ll make it fun. Call or email our office and ask to have the Zoom link emailed to you to register.


Road, Knoxville, TN 37923



865.622.2162 | bethany@marshwealth.com 504 Ebenezer Road • Knoxville, TN 37923 • www.marshwealth.com
Marsh Wealth Management, LLC Fiduciary Registered Investment Advisor
Financial Planning & Investment Advisory Services are offered through Marsh Wealth Management, LLC (“MWM”), an independent investment advisor registered with the state of Tennessee. Yvonne Marsh is an Investment Advisor Representative of MWM in the state of Tennessee. Marsh Professional Group, LLC is a TN registered public accounting firm and a separate legal entity from MWM. For a detailed discussion of MWM and their investment advisory fees, see the firm’s Form ADV on file with the SEC at www.adviserinfo.sec.gov.
Yvonne Marsh, CFP®, CPA

Common Neuropathy Questions

WHAT IS peripheral neuropathy?

Peripheral Neuropathy is a condition where the small nerves, usually in the toes and feet, stop working properly. Most people feel burning, tingling, or numbness in their feet, which may cause them to fall.

What causes this condition?

There are three broad categories that cause peripheral neuropathy. The first and most common is diabetes. Another potential cause may be autoimmune conditions where the body starts attacking its own tissues. The third broad category can be labeled environmental, which includes things like certain medications, chemotherapy, or excessive use of alcohol that can damage these small nerves.

How does diabetes cause neuropathy?

All of the tissues in our body rely on blood for nutrients so they can be repaired. Let’s imagine that blood is the consistency of water for this example. In a person with diabetes, their blood will be more like the consistency of syrup due to the higher sugar content. This type of blood cannot easily flow through the small blood vessels that feed the nerves in their toes and feet. Eventually the nerves will start to degenerate and they lose the ability to feel their feet.

What are common treatments for peripheral neuropathy?

The most common treatments are medications. For many people, medications do not work very well to control their symptoms and create additional uncomfortable side effects.

Are there other options for people with this condition?

The providers in our clinic have an 85% success rate helping people reduce the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy. It is not uncommon to hear people tell us that they can finally feel their feet again for the first time in years and that they are not as afraid of falling.

How long have you been helping people like this?

We have been treating patients like these for nearly 20 years and brought this type of treatment to Knoxville more than a year ago with great success.

What is the next step towards relief?

If you have been told that there is nothing that can help your condition, call our clinic to schedule a consultation where we will meet with you to find out if you are a good candidate for treatment.

West Knox Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine 9125 Cross Park Drive, Suite 150 Knoxville, TN 37923 865.275.2444 WestKnoxAcupuncture.com
Our clinic is often the last resort with the best results.

All Good Things Must Come to

an End...

IT IS with a heavy heart that we are announcing the closing of The Town Framery & Gifts, with our last day of operation on February 28th. Beginning as Mary Wilbourn Gallery in 1989 and expanding as The Town Framery & Gifts in 2004 in Farragut, it has been a heck of a run. We thank you all for your support and friendship.

For those who have been with us since the beginning, there are no words to express our gratitude. Without you, we would not be what we became. For those who have joined us in Farragut, we give a big shout out for making us a shopping and framing destination. All of you are responsible for our successes through the years, for without you none of this would have been possible!

As for our shoppers, get ready for a 50% off everything sale. All merchandise will be 50% off original ticket price. Exception: Framed Robert Tino prints will be priced as marked. Some items have been marked down more than 50%, so they will be priced as marked.

We encourage you to always THINK BIG... shop small!

The Town Framery & Gifts

12814 Kingston Pike Farragut, TN 37934



*Except framed Robert Tino prints which are priced as marked

We have advertised with Everything Knoxville since the beginning in 2007. Our ad and article format consistently receives positive responses and continues to bring new customers through our doors.

Although it can be hard to quantify advertising dollars, we know how well Everything Knoxville works!

Come visit us at the Town Framery & Gifts. Think big…shop small!

Debi Tuttle,


The Town Framery & Gifts

12814 Kingston Pike, Farragut, TN 37934 865.671.6627


With Appreciation and Best Wishes!

As loyal advertisers since Everything Knoxville was first published back in 2007, The Town Framery & Gifts will be greatly missed in our magazine each month!

Your beautiful framing work has helped us elegantly preserve our most tender memories, and to enjoy our favorite art pieces. We have loved shopping your hand-picked collection of home décor and garden accents, and all the oh-so-perfect gifts.

Because of you, we will always remember to “THINK BIG... shop small” to help support our local businesses.

Thank you for sharing your small business with our readers each month for the last 16 years! Knoxville will miss you, and we wish you all continued “good things!”

Thank you!

12814 Kingston Pike ~ Farragut ~ 671-6627 Tues-Fri: 10-6 ~ Sat: 10-4 www.thetownframery.com Located one block west of Renaissance Center/Farragut STORE CLOSING NO MORE FRAMING ORDERS ACCEPTED. EVERYTHING* 50 % off
Tiffany, Debi & Janet

Interview with Your Closet Designer

ARE YOU TIRED of squeezing your clothes onto an overcrowded closet rod, moving seasonal items up and down stairs, and searching for that missing blouse? It’s probably time to organize your closet.

Thankfully, professional closet designers know how to handle every type of wardrobe quandary. When you’re ready to treat yourself to a closet storage update, here are 10 questions answered by the Closets by McKenry team:

Client: I love the closet in my old place, but should I go for a different design?

Designer: If you’re attached to your current closet, we’ll do our best to recreate it. But, instead of thinking about what you had, think about what you could have. Bring us an inspiration picture, and we’ll let you know if it will fit your current layout. Otherwise, this is your chance to design something completely new!

Client: What storage systems are available?

Designer: The closet industry is constantly evolving with new products and technology. We have options for budget-friendly designs that will maximize your level of function, and we offer a variety of floorbased and wall-mounted systems.

Client: What are the latest trends for my closet?

Designer: We attend multiple conferences every year to keep up with the industry and have great relationships with our manufacturers, who visit our showroom often with the latest hardware and closet accessories. Lighting is the hottest addition to closet systems today. Matching colors is so much easier when your clothes, shoes, and handbags are illuminated.

Client: I am building and just have an architectural drawing. Can we get a proposal?

Designer: Yes. Whether you’re building a new home or remodeling, we will collaborate with you and your architect or interior designer, if desired, to get the most space out of your room’s layout while still fitting your budget.

Client: How should I prepare for the consultation?

Designer: It is not necessary to empty your closet for our initial meeting, but remember that we need to get accurate measurements

of your walls. If the space is overflowing, it would be helpful to have already started your decluttering process.

Client: How can I be sure that everything will fit?

Designer: Along with measuring your closet, we’ll get a full assessment of your wardrobe and all that you want to include in your space. If we don’t count your shoes, we haven’t done our job! Our goal is to make space for your current items with room to grow.

Client: What if my needs change?

Designer: We understand that needs, as well as styles, are constantly changing, so our closet systems are adaptable. For example, a rod can be removed and shelves added at any time, double-hang rods can be easily changed to one long hang, and more. Your closet should be as flexible as your desires.

Client: Can I come back later and do more?

Designer: Of course. Many times, a client realizes it would be nice to add doors, a hamper, or other accessories. Storage can be planned ahead and added in stages.

Client: Do you do more than closets?

Designer: Yes! We can help in all areas of your home, including the pantry, garage,


February 10-12


laundry room, home office, or any part of the house where you need organization, freed-up space, and peace of mind.

Client: How do I get to Closets by McKenry?

Designer: Our Closets by McKenry and Designer Garages Showrooms in West Knoxville have 2,000 square feet of possibilities! We will review your new closet proposal in the design center, with 3-D renderings of your beautiful and functionally designed space.

Locally owned, community-minded, and with nearly 40 years of combined experience, the team at Closets by McKenry can answer all your closet storage design questions. Come see them at the Dogwood Arts House and Garden Show February 10th-12th, and visit their Showroom Open House on February 18th from 10 am to 2 pm.

Closets by McKenry & Designer Garages

201 Center Park Drive, #1070 Knoxville, TN 37922




Today’s closets feature LED lighting, designer accessories, and multiple finish options.
Robin Carbaugh, Chris McKenry, and Meghan Wilson make up the friendly and experienced McKenry design team.

Kathy’s Personal Journey

RIDGE YOGA is perfect for those who are curious about yoga and are searching for a comfortable, non-judgmental place to begin. With a many choices for those who are interested in yoga - whether you are just starting out or looking for a more intensive workoutthey have a class for that!


Kathy came to Blue Ridge Yoga for classes after many “drive bys” and shares her story:

“I always had a desire to learn more about yoga but was always too busy caring for my children to take any time for myself. Self-care felt selfish when I had a full-time job and a family that needed attention. As my kids got older and I had more time to myself, I was too tired and busy to pursue yoga.

“When I was 53, the company I was working for closed. My children were grown and I found myself with nothing but time. As I drove by Blue Ridge Yoga, it seemed to call to me! I stopped and got a schedule then talked a friend into going with me to a class - it was time to get outside of my excuses and my comfort zone.

“That decision has changed my life! I thought yoga was for ‘certain people,’ but I felt comfortable the moment I walked in. Everyone there is kind and welcoming. It was clear that they care about the students, each other, and the community.

“Everyone is welcomed with open arms. There are all ages and sizes, and I found my ‘tribe’ and my happy place! I feel so good in my own body now. My spirit and soul are renewed each time I am there. I want to thank BRY for loving me and for showing me that there is no age or size limit for practicing yoga.”

Conveniently located at the corner of Campbell Station Road and Grigsby Chapel behind the Walgreens, they offer Visitor and New Member class packages for those just starting out so you’ll feel comfortable wherever you are in your yoga journey.

Blue Ridge Yoga

623 N Campbell Station Road

Knoxville, TN 37934



Where Yoga Meets Community 865.288.3562 YogaKnoxvilleTN.com $Only 19 FOR YOUR FIRST MONTH OF UNLIMITED YOGA LOCAL 16 EVERYTHING KNOXVILLE February 2023

Financial Resolutions for 2023

DID YOU START the year focusing your New Year’s resolutions on your health? You aren’t alone. The most popular resolution for 2022 was living healthier, followed closely by personal improvement.*

This new chapter is here, and with it, we welcome a new name that we believe embodies who we are: SageSpring. Our new name reflects our desire to offer wise guidance and cultivate a long-lasting relationship with you, because our priority is your well-being.

Our name has changed, but our team and our values have not. Everything we do for our clients is based on our shared beliefs in our duty as financial stewards, the collaborative effort of teamwork, and the importance of treating both our co-workers and clients like our family. We can’t wait to see what the next 20 years will bring.

Financial goals are listed way down at number five? Granted, finance is our life, but may we humbly suggest that your financial goals should be number one on the list? That if they are your main focus, they will help with everything else listed? It’s not too late! Take a moment to review the suggestions below and have 2023 be the year you take full control of your financial health.

Update your beneficiaries

If you don’t correctly document your beneficiary designations, who gets what may be determined by federal or state law or by the default plan document used in your retirement accounts? When did you last update your designations? Have life changes (divorce,

remarriage, births, deaths, state of residence) occurred since then?

Create flexible liquidity

Cash has inflation and opportunity tradeoffs, but a lack of access can cause greater problems if you find yourself needing to draw from your invest ments. Finding a balance in line with your life and goals is important to avoid disrupting your long-term plans.

Develop a charitable strategy

Giving comes from the heart, but you can also do well when doing good. For example, consider whether or not it’d make sense to donate low-basis stocks in lieu of cash, or learn about establishing a donor advised fund to take an upfront deduction for contri butions made over the next several years. Give, but do so with an eye toward reducing your tax liability.

Check in with your advisor

Your advisor can offer specialized tools, impartiality, and experience earned by dealing with many market cycles and client situations. Communicate openly about what’s happening in your life today and what may happen in the future. It’s difficult to manage what they aren’t aware of, so err on the side of over-communicating and establish a regular check-in schedule for the year ahead.

identical, so reach out to your advisor for more specific guidance about progressing toward your goals in 2023. If you don’t have an advisor, or if you would like to get a second opinion, we would love to talk with you.

If any of those resolutions left you with questions for a financial advisor, estate attorney, or CPA tax preparer, call our office at 865-686-5202 and we would be glad to help or get you in touch with an attorney and CPA who we know and trust.

Senior Vice President, SageSpring Investment Professional, RJFS P: 865.686.5202 F: 865.622.9579 Travis.Cullman@sagespring.com | sagespring.com 136 Concord Rd, Knoxville, TN 37934 STEWARDSHIP. TEAMWORK. FAMILY. You Invest In Your Future. We invest in you. Investment advisory services offered through SageSpring Wealth Partners, an Independent registered investment adviser. SageSpring Wealth Partners is not a registered broker dealer and is independent of Raymond James Financial Services. Representatives may not be registered to offer securities and advisory services in all states. Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc. owns the certification marks CFP®, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, CFP® (wish plaque design) and CFP® (with flame design) in the U.S., which it awards to individuals who successfully complete the CFP Board’s initial and ongoing certification requirements. SmartVestor is an advertising and referral service for investing professionals (“SmartVestor Pros”) operated by The Lampo Group, LLC d/b/a Ramsey Solutions (“Ramsey Solutions”). Pursuant to an arrangement between Ramsey Solutions, Southwestern Investment Advisory Services, Inc. and your advisor, your advisor pays Ramsey Solutions a flat monthly fee to: (a) be a SmartVestor Pro, (b) advertise services through the SmartVestor website, and (c) receive client referrals in the form of an initial introduction to interested consumers who are located in your advisor's Pros geographic region. SageSpring Wealth Partners does not endorse and are not affiliated with Ramsey Solutions, except with respect to the arrangement described above, and neither Ramsey Solutions nor its agents are officers or employees of SageSpring Wealth Partners. Further, neither Ramsey Solutions nor its agents are authorized to provide investment advice or act in any way on behalf of SageSpring Wealth Partners, except in connection with providing your contact information to your advisor. Ramsey Solution’s relationship and agreement is between SageSpring Wealth Partners only. Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. is not affiliated with the solicitor arrangement between Ramsey Solutions and SageSpring Wealth Partners. Securities offered through Raymond James Financial Services, Inc., member FINRA/SIPC. Investment advisory services offered through SageSpring Wealth Partners. Travis Cullman is not a registered broker/dealer and is independent of Raymond James Financial Services. * statista.com/statistics/378105/new-years-resolution raymondjames.com/commentary-and-insights/retirement-longevity/2022/11/17/financial-resolutions-for-2023 Links are being provided for informational purposes only. Raymond James is not affiliated with and does not endorse, authorize, or sponsor any of the listed websites or their respective sponsors. Raymond James is not responsible for the content of any website or the collection or use of information regarding any website users and/or members. February 2023 EVERYTHING KNOXVILLE 17

Denton & Lori Lesslie love to eat. They are Knoxville natives who have fun finding and experiencing local food and drink spots while sharing their adventures @somewhere.inthe.south.


IT’S TIME to try a new taproom, Knoxville! Voodoo Brewing Company opened this past December in Bearden, and it’s worth your visit. We were greeted with a warm hello, took a seat at the fun pallet board style tables, and chatted as we listened to rockin’ music in the background.

From their yummy food and beer selection to their terrific variety of cocktails and wings, this is a go-back-again spot with much to offer. It was especially great as we visited on their first official opening day and got to meet their executive chef.

It was hard to choose our order with such a huge amount of options, but we finally narrowed it down. Lori went for the Blue Sapphire cocktail that included vodka shaken with strawberry, blackberry, anti-oxidant rich blue spirulina, and limes: mmmm. Denton had the HooDoo (West Coast IPA) and tasted the VooDoo Love Child (Traditional Belgian Tripel). What? Not an IPA? Shocking.

We then moved onto the deliciously loaded menu

and chose the Smokehouse burger jammed full with house smoked brisket burnt ends, their signature good vibes BBQ sauce, crispy tang bang onions, and cheddar, with none other than potato kegs (think tater tots) on the side. We also ordered The 3 Little Pigs pizza with pepperoni, chorizo, and bacon. (And yes, there’s a gluten-free crust option!) Was it good? Yes. Yes it was. Did we order too much? Yes. Yes we did.

This new taproom is worth a go, peeps. To see their flavor-full menu and ginormous drink selection, give them a follow on Instagram and/or Facebook at Voodoo Brewing Co. Knoxville, or just go and visit them at 215 Brookview Centre Way (Suite 109). It’s new, so head to Voodoo. Follow us as we venture out from Somewhere in the South for more local food, drink, and life adventures @somewhere.inthe.south on Instagram, and look for the post of our time at Voodoo Brewing Co. Knoxville.

Till Next Time, Denton & Lori


Personal Connections…

It’s Not Only with the Stylists!

IF YOU follow us at all, you know that we value relationships. Especially since the pandemic, people have longed even more passionately for meaningful interaction. With that in mind, we want to give a shout out to our front desk staff ’cause let’s be real - they’re a huge part of what makes each of our salon environments so special! Our salon coordinators (and front desk employees) don’t just answer the phones - they keep the salons flowing and happy. They have a lot of duties, but the thing that really makes them special is the energy and connection they share with the staff and clients.

Our front desk is not only the first impression when you enter our salons, but also the first happy face that invites you to become part of our salon family. Because of the relationship that our “front deskers” have with the clients, many clients ask about our desk staff when they’re not there. We also have “front deskers” who get super excited to see who is coming in that day!

Nowadays, with the world moving toward less and less personal interaction with others, it is so important to maintain these connections. When you come into our salon, we hope that you aren’t limited to simply just engaging with the stylist, but that you engage with the whole salon. After all, you’ll likely find that you enjoy interacting with them as much as your stylist. And the front desk staff... they treasure forming those relationships, too!

One of our goals is to continue making and keeping personal connections. We want you to feel valued not only in your stylist’s chair, but with every interaction you have with our salon! So, thanks to all of those who make that happen! We hope you’ll come be a part of it, if you’re not already!

Ross the
Center Park • Moss Grove • Forest Park Fountain City • Chapman Highway • Morristown Emory Road • Powell • Oak Ridge • Maryville RosstheBoss.com
Boss Salons
(865) 238-5600 Sweet, affordable websites that work. Read many more stories at www.slamdot.com Our Customers Say It Best. “Slamdot has a very user-friendly process for creating a website. We are so pleased!” - Susan Hassell Friends of Cari February 2023 EVERYTHING KNOXVILLE 19
Kathy and George at the front desk of our Moss Grove location off Kingston Pike near Cedar Bluff

“Share the Love” with Flowers

WHILE THE MONTH of February may bring chilly weather and maybe even some winter blues for those in our community, Random Acts of Flowers aims to warm the hearts of those community members who may be facing their own healthcare trials.

We all know that Valentine’s Day, our favorite February holiday represented by hearts and roses and displays of love and care for those we hold dear, falls on the 14th every year. However, the month of February is also National Cancer Awareness month. We also all know too many wonderful people who face the challenges of the various forms of this disease, and we recognize the value that a little hope and a random act of kindness can have on someone’s recovery journey.

Each Valentine’s Day week, Random Acts of Flowers is so fortunate to receive a deluge of floral donations. No surprise, as the hallmark of this holiday are beautiful floral deliveries to those we love! With this abundance of beautiful flowers in their reds and pinks, we will be focusing on extending our mission so we can “share the love” with those battling cancer and receiving treatments in various clinical settings. We aspire to touch the lives of more than 500 of these community members during our 2nd annual “Share the Love” Week.

We cannot think of a better way to celebrate the month of February than honoring the true meaning of Valentine’s Day, sharing love, and to recognize and support those affected by cancer. This dedicated special delivery week shares love with

more than just the patients we deliver to. You can feel the love between all those who work tirelessly to make this week happen. From staff, volunteers, board members, local businesses, and monetary supporters, there is love evident in all of the work and support it takes to make our floral deliveries a possibility.

We want to extend our love this year to our “Share the Love” Week sponsor, The Debbie Neidiffer Memorial. Without the generous support and love from our devoted sponsors, we could not make such a beautiful week happen. We look forward to warming hearts with a little extra love and joy during a cold month!

Want to make an impact with Random Acts of Flowers by volunteering, making a donation or sponsoring a special delivery week? Call 865-633-9082, email info@RAFKnoxville.org, or visit RAFKnoxville.org.

N O W BE F O R E The T HER MOFOI L · LA M I N AT E · MEL AMIN E · W OO D CAL L US F OR A F RE E EST IMA T E T OD A Y ! S P R AY-NE T . C O M Visit us at the Dogwood Arts House & Garden Show

THEKITCHEN is probably the hardest working room in your home. We all want it to be beautiful, but it’s where we cook, bake, gather, and store essentials like food, supplies, and pots and pans, so it has to be functional. A well-thought out kitchen has plenty of storage to keep countertops clear and is designed so you can quickly and easily find what you need and conveniently reach it.

ShelfGenie is the true turn-key leader in kitchen innovation

At ShelfGenie, we design, build, and install custom Glide-Out™ shelves for your existing cabinets and pantries. They increase storage by up to 50% and pull out their full depth so you can access the entire shelf front to back. Each shelf can hold up to 100 lbs and is made in America using high-quality materials and superior craftsmanship. We do not use one-size-fits-all, big box store substitutes.

Our process begins and ends with the homeowner

1. Our design consultant will get to know your exact needs during our free, in-home consultation and will provide you with a free 3-D design of your kitchen so you’ll see exactly what your new kitchen space will look like.

2. Your Glide-Out™ shelves will be manufactured in our very own manufacturing facility to your exact specifications.

3. Our licensed, professional installer will then install your order in one day. Finally, your designer will reach out to ensure you’re completely 100% satisfied.

Enjoy your innovative new kitchen

Turn frustration with your kitchen into joy. You can expect to increase storage, reduce clutter and wasted time looking for items, and avoid having to bend, twist, or reach into the backs of cabinets.

What our awesome clients have to say

“Awesome folks to deal with. Great workmanship.”

- D.A., Knoxville

“We love the new shelves. They are truly life changing in the kitchen.”

- R.K., Knoxville

“Great improvement to what I had and very happy with the people I worked with.”

- S.O., Vonore

“I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my new kitchen pull-out shelves. Very professional.”

- K.B., Powell

“Love my new pantry shelves! They are sturdy and beautifully installed. Great customer service and friendly folks.”

- M.M, Loudon

To learn more or to schedule your free consultation, call 865-409-1197 or visit ShelfGenie.com.

ShelfGenie® 865.409.1197


Add Real Value to Your Home and to Your Life
® *Limit one offer per household. Must purchase 5+ Classic/ Designer Shelves. License #10800030 Expires 3/31/23 50% OFF INSTALLATION* Schedule your FREE design consultation! (865)409-1197 | shelfgenie.com HOME SWEET ORGANIZED HOME! Bring home more joy with custom pull-out shelves for your existing or new cabinets 12 NO INTEREST NO PAYMENTS *On Approved Credit* VISIT US IN PERSON! KNOXVILLE CONVENTION CENTER February 10-12 22 EVERYTHING KNOXVILLE February 2023


GO! brings ancient Egyptian culture to life with its newest contemporary ballet, CLEOPATRA, the Last Pharaoh, on Saturday, February 25 and Sunday, February 26, 2023 at the Bijou Theatre. Deviating from Hollywood’s traditional portrayal of Cleopatra, GO! will explore the mysteries of this young woman and her political battles for dominance over the Ptolemaic Throne.

Intertwining Egyptian rituals, mysticism and traditions, Cleopatra is a powerful spectacle with a documentary style storyline based on the rivalry between Cleopatra VII, her half-sister Arsinoe IV and her younger brother, Ptolemy XIII. “The story of Cleopatra is fascinating,” states Lisa Hall McKee, director. “There is much information about her, but there is also much mystery. I did not want GO! to do the expected and tell her traditional story, so I dug around and discovered the other dangerous Ptolemaic Dynasty girl, Arsinoe. Truth or legend? We don’t know, but this is a captivating story and makes a very intriguing and educational narrative ballet!”

Written and directed by McKee, this epic, two-act inventive ballet travels between the ancient civilizations of Rome and Egypt and features 75

dancers including professionals, pre-professionals and a youth cast. Julie E. Cox will dance the role of the cunning and beautiful Cleopatra and Jeanene Winston will dance the opposing role of the tormented younger sister, Arsinoe. Winston is a former principal dancer for a Graham based modern dance company, Buglisi Dance Theatre.

“As we are primarily a youth company,” McKee says, “we are being very careful how we present this provocative and dangerous story. It has moments of intensity, beauty and danger but we are mindful of our youth in the cast and the audience. It is an elaborate ballet about clashing empires, is very historical and is appropriate for all ages.” As part of their outreach, GO! will offer free Ancient Egypt educational packets to young audience members at the performances.

Tickets are available at gocontemporarydance.com or by calling 865-539-2475. Discounted tickets are offered for students and seniors. On Tuesday, February 7, students can purchase a Tier 3 ticket for $12.

GO! is a non-profit youth dance company in Knoxville, TN and has presented over 200 performances throughout East Tennessee since 2004.


Renting vs. Buying

LAST YEAR, 2022, was a tumultuous year in the real estate/lending market. We saw interest rates rise at an alarming pace while home prices increased to levels Knoxville was not used to experiencing. Summer and fall were fraught with bidding wars, low inventory, and little certainty as to when it would end. Next came the holidays, which turned many exhausted and frustrated homebuyers’ focus away from the chaos.

2023 has arrived with interest rates and home prices leveling off. Available homes are receiving fewer offers, with sellers and builders often offering incentives to buyers. It is almost always a better financial decision to buy rather than rent, so I thought I’d list some of the pros and cons of each.

Buying Pros

• Equity building - you pay each month towards an asset YOU own, not your landlord

• Stable housing expense - aside from increases in property taxes/insurance, your payment will remain fixed (unless you obtain an adjustable-rate loan)

• Tax deduction - the interest you pay can help reduce your taxable income, which could lower the amount you have to pay to the IRS


• Closing costs and down payment requirement possibility

• Lack of flexibility in the event of relocation/ lifestyle changes

• Responsible for home repair costs

Renting Pros

• Flexibility to change residence as often as lease allows

• Not responsible for home repairs

CALLING ALL pet owners, animal welfare advocates, and people searching for a fun family-friendly time! Knoxville’s biggest pet parade and party is on March 4th. Register your pet to participate in the paw-rade that starts in the Old City at 11 am and travels through downtown to World’s Fair Park or join the spectators along the route.

MARCH 16TH ANNUAL Visit MardiGrowl.org for more information 24 EVERYTHING KNOXVILLE February 2023

• No closing costs/down payment requirement


• Housing expense typically higher than buying

• No equity achieved

• Harder to put down roots in community

Still not sure what the best choice is for you? Give me a call and let’s discuss further!

Mortgage Investors Group

“J.T.” Jennifer Torgeson



After the parade, the pet festival in World’s Fair Park has local food trucks, pet-loving vendors, live music, games, and more. Mardi Growl supports Young-Williams Animal Center, a “no-kill” facility. Bring the whole family and friends - it’ll be a dog-gone good time! 4 • WORLD’S FAIR PARK

WE ASKED trend forecasters to look into their crystal balls to see what the future holds for spring ’23… color! Lots of it, with blue being one of the most prominent hues. It shouts, “Hey spring, we need you here!” There are many shades of blue available in fashions, but the strongest for this season is royal blue. Lucky for all of us, this vibrant shade looks striking on nearly every woman!

Pinks are also flooding the market in every shade, from the shocking to the subtle. Rich fuchsias, bubble gum, blush, and dusty rose are only a few of the options you’ll be able to choose from.

Color is always a huge buzzword for spring, and this year is no exception! Shades of blue are some of the favorites for most everyone; ranging from chambray for a more casual feel to aqua, evoking energy and excitement… and, of course, navy for spring is always a mainstay!

Let us help you color your wardrobe for spring… find out what’s trending at The Lily Pad and how these new looks work for you!

The Lily Pad Boutique

209 N. Main Street Sweetwater, TN 37874 423.337.5537




February 18 West Side Family YMCA

Support Special Olympic Athletes

Get the Official Plunge T-shirt

Bragging Rights for a Brave Endeavor

“Too Chicken to Plunge!”

Options Available

Onsite registration opens at 10 am Costume contest at 11 am

Plunge begins at 11:30 am





This hand-crafted bowl takes hours to form, pinch, and shape the porcelain clay into a bowl that is reminiscent of living coral at the barrier reef. The subtle color and opacity of the reactive glaze - a range from dusty browns and grays to clear golden citronmakes each unique and one of a kind. Available at Decorating Den Interiors | Kozar Design Team, 521 Lovell Road, Suite 205 in Knoxville, 865.392.6222, SandyKozar.DecoratingDen.com.


Keep your pots, pans, baking dishes, and serving platters clutter-free with our rollout cookware organizer. Utilizes all the available vertical space in the cabinet for taller items such as large cookie sheets and muffin pans. Several widths available to fit standard cabinet sizes. Available and installed by Knoxville-based Shelf Help, 865.675.5098, ShelfHelpTN.com.


If you’re looking for something a little different than the ordinary electric bike, visit Wicked Hubz for a Demo ride! A large selection of Super 73 and Wicked Thumb E-bikes are available at Wicked Hubz, 2300 N Central Street in Knoxville, 865.357.0139, WickedHubz.com.



An organic cold pressed, fair-trade olive oil from the Mediterranean, Equal Exchange is a robust full-flavored olive oil with a lustrous light green color and fruity peppery accents. It is exceptional for dips, dressings, and marinades. Along with being delicious, Equal Exchange is an unrefined extra virgin oil, making it low in acidity and an excellent source of antioxidants and antiinflammatories. Produced in small batches and only offered once a year. Available at Passion on Paper, 259 N. Peters Road, Suite 102 in Knoxville (behind Applebee’s), 865.690.0288.


Spruce up your outdoor oasis or garden with these metal bell chimes that have a jute rope loop for easy hanging. Indoor and outdoor use. Measures 6x6x18 inches. Available at Meadow View Greenhouses & Garden Center, 9885 Highway 11E in Lenoir City, 865.986.7229, MeadowViewGreenhouse.com.


Inspired by mid-century Danish furniture, this child’s chair has traditional wood joinery for added strength and a seamless finish. Local woodworker Frank Bowles uses wood from responsibly managed forests here in Knoxville and only non-toxic, food-grade finishes. Seat is 12" high, and the overall height is 23". Visit website Nephew.Furniture to order - every purchase plants a tree! Valentine’s Day Woodworking Class on February 14 from 6:30 to 9:30 pm at Able Trade. See WeAreAbleTrade.com for more information.


This set of three ceramic candle holders offers a neutral base for the 10" LED flicker candles. With an on switch, 5 hour and 10 hour timer, you will love how low maintenance the candles are. The versatile candleholders can be used throughout your home. Available at Gardenia Cottage Interiors, 11416 Kingston Pike in Farragut, 865.236.3414, GardeniaCottageInteriors.com.


DROP IN at the Visitor Center anytime during this free event to celebrate the coming of spring and get ready to start your garden at Ijams' annual seed swap! Seed swaps are a fun way to meet other gardeners in the area, learn tips and tricks about your favorite plants, and find out what crops and natives do well in the area. Bring any seeds left from last season's garden, cuttings from your overgrown plants, or extra plants that need a good home, and take some new seeds/plants for your 2023 garden!

Can't make it but have seeds you would like to see go to a good home?

Ijam’s will be collecting seeds through the month of Marchjust drop them by the Visitor Center during regular business hours to donate them.



is now offering vehicle storage at their 5 acre Lovell Road location. The Horsepower Barn will house 50 to 60 vehicles, with available lease terms spanning from monthly all the way to an exclusive Founders space. The Stables is a 9,000-square-foot climate-controlled, private storage facility for car enthusiasts and collectors. This safe and secure storage includes concierge serviceshaving your car ready to drive, professional detailing, maintenance, performance upgrades, worldwide shipping, and more. Packages are available to accommodate levels of access from occasional driving to capsuled storage. If you have multiple vehicles, whether they are racecars, collector’s automobiles, or a convertible you only use seasonally, then specialty storage is the perfect solution. With hourly, monthly, and annual rates for services and storage, The Stables also offers a 10% discount for each additional vehicle.

Available services include:

• Climate Controlled Indoor Vehicle Storage

• Battery Tender Service

• Tire Pressure Monitoring

• Concierge Service for Maintenance at European Auto Garage

• Car Show Prep

• Paintless Dent Removal

• Detailing

• Fueling

European Auto Garage has only factory trained and certified technicians that are well equipped to perform diagnostics, manufacturer recommended maintenance, and complex repairs, whether large or small, with each customer receiving a complimentary 50-point digital inspection report and detailed evaluation. This is your one-stop shop for storage, maintenance, and repair.

European Auto Garage is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for more company insights. Call for a shop or Stable tour, and join them for our Cars and Coffee at the shop on the first Saturday of each even numbered month - April 1st is the next date.

European Auto Garage

1229 Lovell Road

Knoxville, TN 37932




IF YOUR VALENTINE’S date is a foodie, whether it’s your significant other, your best girlfriend(s), or simply yourself, this holiday might be looking expensive or just downright overwhelming. Never fear, your resident foodie is here to give you all the choices - for all the budgets. The beauty of Knoxville’s cuisine scene is that you can’t really go wrong. Upgrade the aesthetic without killing your wallet at Babalu on Gay Street (it changed my life), Southern Grit in the Old City (whatever you order MUST be accompanied by sweet potato fries), or The Oak Room on West Anderson (a brewery has never looked so classy). Downtown, your upper mid-range dining options are a bit more slim with Café 4, Bistro at the Bijou, and Koyo - part of the Nama Sushi restaurant family - to fill in the gaps. These restaurants allow you to taste the flavor of the place without paying a premium. Ready to splurge a little or shake it up for a special occasion? The next tier of options offer an upgraded experience. Point b offers craft cocktails and what I like to call “layered flavor” on charcuterie boards, while Altruda’s all but delivers you to Italy with original Italian family recipes. (See previous reviews for more detailed order suggestions.) Kefi in the Old City offers an amazing Greek Mezze experience, meaning almost everything ordered is for the whole table (double date, anyone?).


If your plan for Valentine’s Day dinner is to spare no expense, there are still plenty of restaurants offering that luxury plate at a luxury price. These are the kinds of menus where ordering the least expensive thing will get you a $35, well-seasoned, roasted chicken breast - and no sides.

There is quite a collection of high dollar restaurants downtown, each dazzling and remarkable. The Oliver Royale has an unrivaled reputation as the place you go when it’s time to impress. With limited seating, a soothing blend of ’70s-modern décor and a bar that glitters from morning to midnight, it’s something special to possess a Valentine’s Day dinner reservation here. However, all that prestige starts on the plate, and the taste may very well help you forget the price entirely.

You could also order four courses from Bistro by the Tracks’ seasonal menu or enjoy the special Valentine’s meal with optional wine pairings from J.C. Holdway Venturing out of downtown, The Brasserie on Northshore offers rich French cuisine to die for, and if you’re really looking for a change of scenery, try Maryville’s The Walnut Kitchen or Foothills Milling Company ; I’d be dumbstruck, foodie or no, if you left unimpressed with that experience.

But if nothing so far has entertained your fancy, consider abandoning southern cuisine altogether for the western dishes at Lonesome Dove. Everything but dessert has game in it (probably not the best restaurant for a vegetarian, but great if you’re trying to convert one). Unfortunately, this is not a Knoxville original, but it is one of only threethe other two are in Texas. The menu

promises flavor unlike anything else in Knoxville, and it comes with that Jackson Hole-style price. This is a $100 per person experience, worth it for the adventure of a meal you’ve almost definitely never had before - the holy grail for a foodie. Just be ready; if this is the Valentine’s destination you choose, you’ll need a reservation. Like yesterday.

This is not an exhaustive list, but no matter your budget, there are lots of dining options. However, for foodies, what we really want is something unusual, so if your habit is to go out, staying in could be a welcome change. There is no shame in a “Netflix and Chill” Valentine’s Day; carry-out is a great alternative to going out.

Sticking to local favorites, although not always local flavors, Taste of Thai off Cedar Bluff is my go-to. I highly recommend a curry, any heat level, egg rolls, and lemongrass soup. Your kitchen will smell like Thai until tomorrow, but as delicious as it is, you’ll probably just want to order again. Mikata in Hardin Valley offers flavorful and budget friendly Japanese carry out. The hibachi entrees are big enough for two; maybe add a roll of sushi (or several) with the money you saved. Or, for some of the best authentic Tennessean flavor, grab some burnt ends, pulled pork, and macaroni and pimento cheese at Dead End Barbecue on Sutherland. There are no wrong choices (but you have to order Pond Gap Pie). Unpack it all at home. In your pajamas. With unforgettable options in every price range, there’s a perfect meal for every foodie Valentine - and every budget. Take advantage of the Knoxville cuisine scene and love on your palate, your date, and possibly even your wallet this Valentine’s Day.

Riley Woody is a recent University of Tennessee graduate, Knoxville native, and avid foodie ready for any adventure with her pen and palate in tow.


COL ONIAL VILLAGE in south Knoxville, part of the post-war residential boom, is where Lauren Moroz found her 70-year-old home complete with red oak floors that definitely needed some TLC to restore them to their former glory. After finding out who not to go to for refinishing from her friends on Facebook, she called European Fine Hardwood Floors to tackle the job.

After meeting with Valera and Svetlana Tomescu, owner/operators, her initial impression was “knowledgeable and detailed” - exactly what Lauren was hoping to find! “They asked a lot of questions about the project and answered all of mine - in detail,” said Lauren. “I felt confident from that first meeting that they would do an exceptional job on my floor.”

European Fine Hardwood Floors was also able to remedy the issue of an addition to the main bedroom that Lauren thought had laminate flooring that unfortunately did not match the original hardwood in the rest of the room. After four other flooring companies quoted the job on that basis, Valera was the first to recognize that the add-on

did indeed have hardwoods that could therefore be refinished to match the rest of the bedroom. “That was a really big deal to us and again speaks to his knowledge and attention to detail.

“Svetlana also told us there would be very little to no dust, which I found very hard to believe” said Lauren. “But she was right! There was no noticeable dust throughout the entire project.”

Lauren added, “In my experience, you often get what you pay for. The quote from European Fine Hardwood Floors may not be the lowest you receive, but I feel confident you’ll be happy with the end product. The work is exceptional.”

“The bedroom refinishing was completed, and the floors are absolutely gorgeous from end to end and corner to corner!” Lauren happily relayed. She was so delighted that she had the Tomescu’s install new hardwood floors in her kitchen (the only room that did not come with hardwoods) and was again pleased with the transformation, as well as the transition from the new kitchen flooring to the original flooring in the dining room. After Valera made a few repairs and dealt with a couple of existing stains, the home project was done.

The most surprising aspect of the job?

Whether your existing hardwood flooring needs an update or you’re needing to add some hardwood flooring to your home, contact the certified professionals at European Fine Hardwood Floors for superior craftsmanship and attention to detail. Like Lauren, you’ll be so glad that you did!

European Fine Hardwood Floors 865.640.3680 KnoxvilleHardwoodRefinishing.com Certified Craftsman by Bona Hardwood Floor Refinishing: You’ll Get What You Pay For “I
KnoxvilleHardwoodRefinishing.com | EuropeanHardwoodFloors@yahoo.com | 865-640-3680 EUROPEAN FINE HARDWOOD FLOORS DUSTLESS REFINISHING – NEW FLOORING INSTALLATION – STAINING - RESTORATION AND REPAIR Durable, water-based, and environmentally friendly low VOC finishes Dustless and safe refinishing for your home, using our Bona truck-mounted containment system Family owned and operated, celebrating 10 years serving Knoxville area clients Superior craftsmanship by licensed and insured Bona-certified craftsman GENUINE DUST-FREE FINISHING February 2023 EVERYTHING KNOXVILLE 33
be happy with the end product. The work is exceptional.”

Real Reasons People Quit Jobs

DURING AND AFTER the Pandemic, a lot of people quit their jobs. As you might expect, quite a few (36%) left for higher pay and better benefits, but there are several reasons people quit that may surprise you. According to a McKinsey and Company survey, most people who quit jobs in the past two years have left because the job wasn’t providing the intangible things that give us a sense of purpose and meaning and make us feel fulfilled.

They identified a lack of opportunities for growth (41%), uninspiring leaders (34%), a lack of meaning in the work (31%), and several other aspects of workplace culture as significant reasons people sought alternative jobs. (The percentages total more than 100% because respondents could select multiple reasons for quitting.) The study provides concrete evidence that our society has almost totally dismissed the centuries-old notion that work is something you do to provide money for basic needs. More than ever, people are looking to their work to provide them

with a sense of satisfaction and personal fulfillment. People want to play a significant role in something bigger than themselves.

It’s been 13 years since Simon Sinek’s sensational TED talk “Start with Why” first hit the internet. Now, at more than 25 million views and a best-selling book, Sinek’s talk struck a chord when he proposed that people want a purpose in their work - something they believe in and can feel good about supporting. He noted that effective leaders clearly communicate the cause that drives them or their business and that employees who share enthusiasm for that cause are significant drivers for innovation and product sales. People enthusiastically rally behind a “why” when they sense opportunities to play a role in something bigger than themselves.

When people can’t find purpose, meaning, and personal fulfillment in their work, they start looking elsewhere - usually to pleasure or distractions. I have a young married friend who, along with his wife, has vowed to work only enough to take care of their basic

financial needs. The couple view the 32 or 40 hour work week as an old-fashioned idea that will prevent them from attaining a sense of purpose and meaning. They view their avocational interests and pursuits as having greater potential for personal satisfaction than what they can attain through employment. In other words, they believe their hobbies are more likely to make them happy than their jobs, so that’s where they invest their time.

As a Career Coach (and average human), I understand the desire to find enjoyment in our work, but purpose and meaning aren’t the same thing as enjoyment. Many times the things that bring a true sense of meaning in life are things that require hard work and sacrifice and come with, as my grandfather once told me, “a bit of manure to shovel.” But hard work and sacrifice are easy to do if we have a significant sense of purpose in the work we’re doing. For example, people who have great marriages or who have invested their time and energy into being proficient caregivers for their child(ren) or parent(s) are usually quick to acknowledge it’s hard, exhausting, and often thankless work. But, they’ll also tell you it’s the most rewarding thing they’ve ever done. In the end, difficult and sometimes unpleasant things are the most worthwhile if we have a sense of higher purpose in that work. It’s a counter-intuitive ROI (return on investment) proposition that most people haven’t considered.

As we venture into the unknown possibilities of 2023, rather than making rash decisions about resolutions we may soon break, I encourage you to consider identifying three places or causes worthy of investing your time and energy because they hold the greatest potential for you to find a sense of purpose and meaning. They may be personal (your marriage, friendships, health, spiritual life), vocational, or avocational (your work, volunteer activities, a passion you’ve neglected). After you write these down, consider what daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly actions or activities will be required to make the impact you desire. “All successful people take action,” so your next step will be to determine what action (regardless of its size) will move you incrementally toward attaining that impact. Focus on the action steps, and not the outcomes, and when 2023 comes to an end, you may be pleased to find you lived a year driven by your own personal “why.”

Dr. Jim Bailey is a Knoxville native with a passion for helping others maximize their lives and through his career, business, and leadership coaching services. He also mentors and serves in local youth and UT ministries. He can be reached at DrJimBailey.com.





Nourish Knoxville’s Winter Farmers’ Market in Market Square on Saturdays from 10 am to 2 pm.

Hamilton at the Tennessee Theatre from the 7th through the 19th.


Dogwood Arts House & Garden Show at the Knoxville Convention Center from 10 am to 6 pm. Also the 11th from 10 am to 6 pm and 12th from 10 am to 4 pm.

Alive After Five at the Knoxville Museum of Art from 6:30 to 9 pm.

Ice Bears vs Roanoke Rail Yard Dawgs at the Civic Coliseum at 7:30 pm. Cupid’s Undie Toss & Donation!


Show Me Reptile Show at the Expo Center from 10 am to 3 pm. Also on the 12th.

Erick Baker at the Bijou Theatre at 8 pm.

Knoxville Symphony Orchestra: Cirque Goes Broadway at the Civic Auditorium at 8 pm.


Second Sunday Art Activity at the Knoxville Museum of Art from 1 to 4 pm. Hands-on art activity for children in grades K-6. Free!

Second Sunday Docent Tour at the Knoxville Museum of Art from 2 to 3 pm. Free!


Valentine’s Day

Knoxville Jazz Orchestra presents Jazz is for Lovers with Dee Dee Bridgewater at the Bijou Theatre at 8 pm.


Bijou Imagination Series: Acoustic Rooster’s Barnyard Boogie starring Indigo Blume at the Bijou Theatre at 6 pm. Entertaining show for kids K-3.

Whiskey Myers at the Civic Coliseum at 7 pm.


Beauty and the Beast at Knoxville Children’s Theatre through March 5

Visit KnoxvilleChildrensTheatre.com for showtime schedule.

Ice Bears vs Birmingham Bulls at the Civic Coliseum at 7:30 pm.

Spongebob Night!

Journey: 50th Anniversary Freedom Tour with special guest Toto at Thompson-Boling Arena at 7:30 pm.

Heather McMahan: The Comeback Tour at the Civic Auditorium at 8 pm.

Steep Canyon Rangers at the Bijou Theatre at 8 pm.


Farragut Quilt Show at the Farragut Community Center from 8 am to 7:30 pm. Free and open to the public. Also the 19th from 10 am to 4 pm. Polar Plunge at the Westside Family YMCA. Registration at 10 am, costume contest at 11 am, plunge begins at 11:30 am. A benefit for Special Olympics Tennessee athletes.

Cody Johnson at Thompson-Boling Arena at 7:30 pm.

Ice Bears vs Fayetteville Marksmen at the Civic Coliseum at 7:30 pm. Weiner Dog Races!

Back N Black: The AC/DC Experience at the Bijou Theatre at 8 pm.


Presidents’ Day


Tedeschi Trucks Band at the Civic Auditorium at 7:30 pm.


Painting Workshop at the Knoxville Museum of Art from 10 am to 12 pm.

Knoxville Symphony Orchestra: Brahms Violin Concerto at the Tennessee Theatre at 7:30 pm. Also the 24th.

“Let Me Tell You About...” at McClung Museum’s Community Gallery. A sourced exhibit featuring everyday people who made an extraordinary impact in the lives of currently enrolled UT Vols. Through June 1st.


Intensive Watercolor Weekend Workshop at the Knoxville Museum of Art from 10 am to 4 pm through the 26th.

Blake Shelton: Back to the Honky Tonk Tour at Thompson-Boling Arena at 7 pm.

Joe Gatto’s Night of Comedy at the Civic Auditorium at 7 pm.


Chris Rock: Ego Death Tour at the Tennessee Theatre at 8 pm. Also the 26th.

GO! Contemporary Dance Works presents Cleopatra, The Last Pharaoh at the Bijou Theatre at 2 and 7:30 pm. Also the 26th at 3 pm.


Glass Mosaic Workshop at the Knoxville Museum of Art from 1 to 4 pm.


Hillbilly: The Portrayal of Appalachian Culture, a 2023 Wilma Dykeman Stokely Lecture presented by Friends of the Knox County Public Library at the Bijou Theatre at 7 pm. MARK YOUR CALENDAR:


Downtown Knoxville Boat Show at the Convention Center through the 5th. Check DowntownKnoxvilleBoatShow.com for days and times.

Ice Bears vs Roanoke Rail Yard Dawgs at the Civic Coliseum at 7:30 pm. Happy Gilmore Night!

The Dip at the Bijou Theatre at 7:30 pm.


First Friday on Market Square, Gay Street, The Old City, and Downtown North beginning at 5 pm.

Zack Williams: A Hundred Highways Tour at the Civic Auditorium at 7 pm.

Home Free: Road Sweet Road Tour at the Tennessee Theatre at 7:30 pm.


EcoLOGICAL Gardening Symposium at UT Gardens from 8 am to 3:30 pm.

16th Annual Mardi Growl benefiting Young-Williams Animal Center. Pet parade kicks off in the Old City at 11 am then travels to World’s Fair Park for the pet festival. Shamrock Ball, a father-daughter dance, at the Farragut Community Center from 4 to 6 pm or 7 to 9 pm. Music, light refreshments, a craft, and a photo. Visit FarragutParksandRec.org/ShamrockBall for info and tickets.

Professional Bull Riders Invitational at Thompson-Boling Arena at 7 pm.


Knoxville Symphony Orchestra: Mozart Piano Concerto No. 27 at the Bijou Theatre at 2:30 pm.


Knoxville Jazz Orchestra presents The Diva Next Door at the Bijou Theatre at 8 pm.


Synergy Student & Art Educator Exhibition at Dogwood Arts from 9 am to 6 pm weekdays through March 23rd.


BoDeans at the Bijou Theatre at 7:30 pm. All event dates and times subject to change.

Knoxville Convention Center

Thursday, March 2 2 pm - 8 pm

Friday, March 3 Noon - 8 pm

Saturday, March 4 10 am - 8 pm

Sunday, March 5 11am - 5 pm

Single and Weekend Passes Available!


“I can't say enough good things about Ken and April. The shop was recommended through another friend, and I'm so thankful to have found them. They have worked on several cars in our household, and every time they are efficient, reasonable, and transparent in every step of the process. Highly recommend Local Guys Collision! They are honest, fair, and genuinely good people!"

Kelly B. Knoxville




PEOPLE WHO listened to the radio and watched MTV back in the funfilled late ’ 70s and early ’ 80s will know that two bands were consistently played on both media: Journey and Toto. Each band has sold more than 40 million albums and still enjoys an amazingly loyal fan base.

That fan base has been overjoyed to learn that the two bands are touring together this year as a carryover of last year’s tour. East Tennesseans are especially thrilled because the tour is stopping at Thompson-Boling Arena on the 17th of this month. To see either band in concert is truly a musical treat and experience. They never fail to deliver all the fan favorites, and both band’s shows are high-energy.

It can easily be argued that Toto is one of the most under appreciated and underrated band in the history of rock and roll. According to their website, “As individuals, the band members’ performances can be heard on an astonishing 5,000 albums that together amass a sales history of a HALF A BILLION albums. Amongst these recordings, NARAS applauded the collected works with 225 Grammy nominations. Band members were South Park characters, while Family Guy did an entire episode around one of their hits, and most recently, Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell scored their honeymoon video to ‘Africa.’”

Throughout the years, Toto’s band lineup has evolved. During the pandemic, Toto lead singer Joseph Williams and bandmate/guitarist Steve Lukather, along with band founder David Paich, have assembled the current lineup consisting of Warren Ham (Kansas, Ringo Starr) on sax, Xavier Taplin (Prince, Queen Latifah) and Steve Maggiora (Marc Broussard, Daniel Powter) on keyboards, John Pierce (Lou Rawls, Cab Calloway, Gladys Knight) on bass, and Sput Searight (God’s Property, Ghost-Note, Snarky Puppy) on drums/ percussion. They join Williams and Lukather in making up what can arguably be said is the tightest Toto configuration in many years. The lineup was introduced to fans during a livestream concert in late 2020 and were all warmly received.

Joseph Williams chatted with Boomerocity about the ongoing tour - they replaced an ailing Billy Idol for Journey’s entire Freedom

tour. The two bands also now have a “family connection” after Steve Lukather’s son, Trevor, married Journey’s Jonathan Cain’s daughter, Madison, in early December of last year. We started with Joseph sharing how he felt that the tour was fun and successful and how audience reception to the new lineup has been great.

Joseph shared: “I’ve heard nothing but great things. But you know, having said that, I’m not one that goes looking for reviews and looking for comments and stuff. Because, I don’t know, I just thought that the negative ones don’t do me any good, and as long as I feel about good about what I’m doing out there and what we’re doing, and the audiences seem to respond, that’s really the main thing.

“Having said that, I definitely saw a few reviews, and they were all really positive about the band - that it was very high energy for the group. So far, I’m pleased with the reaction. Yeah. I think it’s a good group of guys, really.”

The Journey/Toto 2023 tour launches on February 4th in Allentown, Pennsylvania, stops in Knoxville on the 17th, and concludes in Palm Springs, California, on April 25th - 38 cities in all with 13 Toto-only shows sprinkled in between. I asked Joseph if he anticipated additional dates or tour extensions this year.

“Well, toward the end of the year, we might do something, but there’s nothing that I know of that’s on the books,” he said. “But the first part of the year - the first two months in the States, and then we’re going back to Japan after not being there for five or six years or something. So, we’re gonna go play Japan and perhaps a couple of other markets and cities in southeast Asia, I’m not quite sure. But that will pretty much be it. It’s a little more of a lean year for us.”

Toto fans should not wait about acquiring tickets for the Knoxville show. At the time of this writing, there were still some tickets left for the show, but they were selling fast. It promises to be an amazing night of music. You can access available tickets for purchase by visiting TotoOfficial.com, where you can also find the latest updates on the band.

You can watch and hear this interview in its entirety on Boomerocity.com, as well as on YouTube and on most podcast platforms at Boomerocity The Fan Experience.

Randy’s first interview was at the tender age of 13 with none other than Col. Tom Parker. Thirty-six years later, he founded the webzine, Boomerocity.com, and has conducted more than 400 interviews with some of the most interesting people in music.

Photos by Alex Solca Photography


FOR MOST OF us, the old-fashioned mop is the cleaning tool of choice for tile and grout flooring. When tile is new, the mop often does the trick. Over time, because grout is porous, it absorbs most of the dirt and debris it meets. Mopping only removes surface dirt while ignoring the dirt locked below the top layer. The more you mop, the more soil gets trapped INSIDE your floor.

That’s where we can help you, the homeowner. From soil removal to dealing with mold and mildew spores associated with high humidity areas, Surface Doc can solve your most frustrating tile and grout issues. Our truck-mounted system allows us to tackle your floors with a three-step process. To extract soil beneath the surface, extreme heat must be used. Our special tools combine 240º of heat with high pressure to completely eradicate all the dirt inside your floors. Then it’s whisked away with powerful suction, leaving no mess behind.

We deep-clean most hard surfaces, including ceramic, porcelain, travertine, limestone, concrete, and brick pavers. Once you’ve had an area deep-cleaned to your satisfaction, you will likely want to protect your surfaces with our high-quality sealer. We strongly recommend sealing hard surfaces to prevent future damage and to make home cleaning a snap. Our patented sealer will protect your floors from staining, fading, traffic patterns, and sunlight. Once your floor has been properly sealed with our professional sealer, you can literally clean your entire floor with hot water and a damp microfiber pad. Gone are the days of scrubbing and bleaching. Say hello to a beautiful home that is easy to maintain.

Please give Surface Doc a call to schedule a free cleaning demonstration so you can see the difference a REAL deep-down-clean can make in your home. Surface Doc guarantees all their work, so you can be confident every job is done to the owner’s specifications and delight. In addition to hard surfaces, Surface Doc also specializes in carpet, as well as soft wash power cleaning for your home’s exterior. Owner John Fitzwilliam may be reached at 865-567-1986. Online streaming videos of some of our work can be viewed at SurfaceDoc.com.


Bathroom Renovation MADE EASIER

IFYOU HAVE been putting off updating a full bathroom due to time and cost, Knox Showers now has an affordable, great looking alternative. They offer the best product on the market for quick shower makeovers in a variety of designs and custom sizes. It looks just like tile, is made of 100% non-porous acrylic that is incredibly easy to clean, is resistant to mold and mildew, and has a slip-resistant surface. What more could you ask for?

Knox Showers is an offshoot of Smart Home Fix handyman company. Alex Shelyakov and Eugene Khalezov began Smart Home Fix almost 10 years ago and have added Knox Showers as a much needed and successful enterprise to further serve their customers. With financing options and a product that is guaranteed forever (yes, forever), Alex and Eugene continue to rack up happy clients!

These custom showers with brilliant designs can be installed in just days (yes, days) and come in stylish “tile” options and colors to fit your renovation décor. Frameless shower doors are also available. And with added shower safety features like built-in seats and grab bars, your shower remodel can be optimized for you and your loved ones. It’s beautiful and functional!

So forget daunting product wait times and the thought of being without a bathroom during a long renovation - Alex and Eugene are here to help. If you are thinking of remodeling one of the full bathrooms in your current home, locally owned and operated Knox Showers is the place you should start.

Knox Showers 865.622.5088 KnoxShowers.com

Out with the old, and in with a new, low step custom shower in just 3 days!


Custom Showers Installed in Days, Not Weeks

Smart Home Fix, Knoxville’s award-winning handyman service, is excited to introduce Knox Showersoffering affordable, high-quality, and complete shower installations.

We remove your existing tub or shower, replace and update plumbing fixtures, and install a beautiful and functional shower - ready to use in as little as three days!

Our unique solid-surface materials look like tile but are easier to clean and maintain and include a lifetime guarantee We offer a variety of styles and finishes, allowing you to create a custom shower with new fixtures, niches, glass panels and doors - all at a fraction of the cost (and time!) of traditional construction.


Knox Showers completely replaced the shower and bathtub in my home and did a phenomenal job. Their workmanship is excellent, they are extremely friendly, reasonably priced, and got the job done quickly. I highly recommend them!

NEW SHOWER SHOWROOM NOW OPEN Please call us for details and to schedule your visit. KnoxShowers.com a Smart Home Fix company 865.622.5088

UT Gardens’ Plant of the Month


Winter Blooms and Bright Fall Colors

WEALL want something to look at in our gardens yearround. Blooms at unexpected times can bring a world of joy to the garden, and among the plants that offer them are witchhazels ( Hamamelis spp.). There are many types of witchhazel shrubs and trees you can grow. Each one is a cool season favorite with fringed, often sweetly fragrant blooms. Many species also have nicely colored fall foliage, adding to their appeal.

Ranging in both habit and size, witchhazels vary in form from a dense rounded to a wide spreading shrub or as an upright multi-stemmed vase-shaped tree. While best grown in moist, well-drained, acidic soils, witchhazel is adaptable and tolerant of heavy clay. Plants can be grown in sun or shade, but increased sunlight with adequate moisture improves their flower display.

Witchhazel has low maintenance demands, as well as good pest and disease resistance. Pruning is not required but can be done in spring after flowering to control shape, size, and removal of any suckers from the root stock. Although serious disease and insect problems are rare, Japanese beetles, leaf gall aphids, and powdery mildew can occur on occasion.

There are plenty of places witchhazel can fit in the home garden. Plant as a single specimen, add to a mixed border, or use in group plantings. Overall, this is an easy and worthwhile plant to add to your landscape.

The following is a list of the more common species and hybrids and recommended

cultivars. Most grow between 10 and 15 feet high and thrive in USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 5 to 8. Witchhazels can be found growing in all three locations of the University of Tennessee Gardens.

• H. virginiana (common witchhazel) - A fall blooming favorite among native plant lovers. Grows 20 to 30 feet in the wild with cultivars in the 10 to 15 foot range. Fragrant, yellow blooms from October to December. Golden fall foliage.

• ‘Harvest Moon’ - Notable for its tendency to drop its leaves before it flowers, unlike most other native varieties, which flower with the leaves still attached, making the blooms less visible.

• ‘Little Suzie’ - Compact, slow growing to 4 to 5 feet in 10 years. Blooms at an early age, more densely than the species.

• H. vernalis (vernal/Ozark witchhazel)

- Has the smallest flowers of all the species but makes up for size with the most intense fragrance. Grows 6 to 10 feet tall with wider spread. Yellow to red blooms from January to March. New leaves emerge bronze to reddish purple with golden fall foliage.

• ‘Amethyst’ - Deep red purple flower best backed by some lighter color.

• ‘Quasimodo’ - Dwarf, growing slowly to 4 to 6 feet. Fragrant, orange blooms. Leaves smaller than species, blue-green turning yellow in fall.

• H. mollis (Chinese witchhazel) & H. japonica (Japanese witchhazel) - Have been crossed to produce the hybrid H. x intermedia. Cultivars of this hybrid have gained

The rich and varied blooms of witchhazel shrubs and trees add color to fall and winter landscapes, as do their bright fall foliage. Cultivars of these “everything plants” can offer fragrance, too.

popularity due to their wide range of flower colors like orange, red, pink, and purple opening in January to mid-March.

• ‘Aurora’ - Two-toned long petals with yellow tips and an orange base.

• ‘Angelly’ - Vigorous upright-spreading form with clear, bright yellow flowers.

• ‘Arnold Promise’ - Large, clear yellow fragrant flowers.

• ‘Aphrodite’ - Copper-red with reddish fall foliage.

• ‘Diane’ - Red flowers with leaves turning shades of yellow, orange, and red in fall.

• ‘Feuerzauber’ - Excellent coppery orangered flowers. Orange-red fall color.

• ‘Gingerbread’ - Deep burnt-orange flowers. Yellow fall foliage.

• ‘Jelena’ - This prized hybrid has a sweet fragrance and showy copper flowers in winter with rich, orange-red foliage in fall.

• ‘Wisley Supreme’ - This cultivar of H. mollis has sweet-scented, pale yellow flowers often opening as early as Christmas.

The UT Gardens includes plant collections located in Knoxville, Crossville, and Jackson. Designated as the official botanical garden for the State of Tennessee, the UT Gardens are part of the UT Institute of Agriculture. The Gardens’ mission is to foster appreciation, education, and stewardship of plants through garden displays, educational programs, and research trials. The Gardens are open during all seasons and free to the public. For more information, visit utia.tennessee.edu/state-botanical-garden.

Photo courtesy of UTIA

February in the Garden

LET’S GO ahead and start this month by talking about the Christmas freeze. We are getting daily calls about “dead” plants and what to do about them, so here is what you need to know.

First of all, it was not the low temperature that damaged the plants - it was how quickly the temperature dropped. Our temperatures had been very moderate in early December, and many of us had new growth and even bulbs emerging. When the temperature dropped almost 50 degrees in the span of 24 hours, the plants simply did not have time to adapt. If cold comes gradually, plants will pull the water from their leaves to their roots and send sugars in as somewhat of a plant antifreeze. Since they didn’t have time to do that, the water froze in the cells, causing them to rupture. Plants can’t fix that, so they have to push all those leaves off and grow new ones. Some have pushed their leaves off already, and some will hold on to them until new ones grow. In either case, those plants are not going to be pretty for some time.

What should you do? Wait. It will be late May or even later before we see the extent of the damage. In the meantime, you should leave them alone. Only prune plants that you would normally prune this time of year (more on that later) and be patient with everything else. Nature takes time to heal.

Now let’s get back to our regular to-do list. As always, go out and walk around your yard to see what is going on. This is especially important considering the freeze damage. Remember to look up, down, and all around. Look up at tree branches to see if you have sparse canopies, broken or damaged branches, loose bark, woodpecker holes, or mushrooms. Look down for weeds, mole tunnels, vole holes, or shallow holes where possums, skunks, or raccoons are digging for grubs. Note shrubs that are heavily damaged in case you must replace any, but don’t give up on them too soon. Here are some other things that you can do this month:

• If you are growing vegetables this year, now is a good time to get your beds ready. Work leaf mold, processed manure, and compost into the soil. I also like to use worm castings as an amendment. Adding amendments now will give them time to break down to add nutrients to the soil.

• It should be warm enough to sow greens,

lettuce, peas, radishes, and onions by the end of February. If you have a cold frame, you can start cold weather veggies such as broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage.

• A 3” layer of mulch on gardens and flower beds helps keep soil temperature and moisture levels more stable. Remember to make donuts and not volcanoes around trees - piling mulch around the trunk damages it.

• February is a good time to prune summer blooming deciduous shrubs and broadleaf evergreens, but I urge caution. If your plants were badly damaged by the freeze, pruning will stress them further. It would be a good idea to go a little lighter on the pruning than usual until you see what survived and what didn’t. No Crepe Murder! Please do your research before you start whacking away. We are planning a Pruning workshop for late February, so watch for that. It is fine to wait until then to do your pruning.

• If you haven’t cleaned out your beds, this is a great time to cut out the privet, honeysuckle, and wild grapes that hide in your shrubs. You can also vent some frustration pulling weeds. Stay current with your weeding or you will have a

much bigger problem to deal with in the spring!

• Do not forget the birds. They are having a hard time in the cold and really appreciate a full, clean feeder. High fat foods such as black oil sunflower seeds and suet will help them stay warm. A heated birdbath will create a spa!

• Indoor plants can also use a little love this time of year. Check them for diseases and insects and make notes about which ones need to be up potted or divided. I usually give my smaller plants a shower in the sink to rinse off the dust that has accumulated and use a cloth or Swiffer to clean off the larger plants. It is also time to resume fertilizing if you took a break while they were dormant. I prefer to use an organic product like Espoma on a bi-weekly basis.

I know you will soon have lots of questions about your plants, so don’t hesitate to give us a call or stop by. We want to help you have a beautiful yard!


9885 Highway 11E Lenoir City, TN 37772 865.986.7229


View Greenhouses
Garden Center

New Exhibitions Opening

THE ARTS & Culture Alliance is pleased to present five new exhibitions at the Emporium Center in downtown Knoxville from February 3-25. Most of the works are for sale and may be purchased through the close of the exhibition by visiting in person or the online shop at KnoxAlliance.store.

National Juried Exhibition of 2023 in the Upper Gallery

The Arts & Culture Alliance is pleased to present its 17th annual National Juried Exhibition, a new exhibition featuring selected works from 46 artists throughout the region. The National Juried Exhibition was developed to provide a forum for artists to compete on a regional scale and display their highest quality work. The exhibition encompasses all styles and genres from both emerging and established artists working in a variety of media such as wood, photography, oil, glass, fiber, paper, and more.

Juror Julie Jack’s statement excerpts: A gentle turn toward nature seemed to dominate these entries. A quiet (hushed but communicative) observation characterized the selected entries. The selected pieces tacitly display an awareness of the threat to the world around us. Although the selections reveal themes of evanescence, the exhibition displays artwork that undeniably draws you in and keeps you there.

This Photo Journey: Through the Lens of Marcy Wielfaert in the Lower Gallery

Artist statement: I have two objectives when I photograph. The first one is to tell a story, helping everyone feel as if they are part of the moment. I also want my images to evoke a pleasant memory or awaken a desire to see more of a particular place or time. Second, it is my desire to showcase our amazing world through my own, unique perspective. God has provided a spectacular place for us to enjoy, and I want to inspire an appreciation of His creation.

After raising her family and enjoying a career in education, Marcy wanted to pursue a challenge that would provide an opportunity to be more creative so she purchased a camera to capture the beauty of her beloved Smoky Mountains.

Works by (A.D.) Anthony Donaldson in the Atrium

(A.D.) Anthony

Donaldson is a Knoxville Area Transit bus driver who intensely studied art in high school and college. Expressing himself through art as a writer would express oneself in a book, he asks whether art imitates life or life imitates art, and he feels the answer is both. Artist statement excerpt: Thinking and imagination, letting one’s mind run free with thoughts flowing free on canvas, abstract in some creations. Sometimes I wonder if I went too far or deep, and the answer is no. My God is deeper than infinity: Too high to go over, too low to go under, too wide to go around.

David Gorley: Shadow on the North Wall

Artist statement excerpts: These works surround ideas of consciousness versus the subconscious - the archetypes built into a collective or cultural memory. I do not mean them as nostalgic, though that inevitably comes to mind. They are dreamlike, blurred, off, somewhat like that nagging memory, that feeling from the past that can’t quite be caught. I view the banal, the everyday. A fleeting sight of a tree. An old house looms up. Someone has just left a room. Crouching, hiding, action has taken place just outside the frame. These visual elements and chosen colors stand as symbols to evoke the hero’s journey built into all of us: to make us examine our presence, here and now, or past, or future.

Smoky Mountain Woodturners in the Display Case

This new exhibition highlights creative works in woodturning by members of the Smoky Mountain Woodturners (SMWTS). Club members are from the East Tennessee region and range in skill level from professional woodturners to dedicated hobbyists. The display exhibits 28 pieces, including segmented bowls, sculptures, and unique vases - all showcasing woodturning expertise and the beauty of our region’s wood.

The exhibition will also include the history of the SMWTS, educational outreach activities, and charitable contributions the club makes locally. Membership is open to all interested woodworkers. Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month at Woodcraft of Knoxville (8023 Kingston Pike) and include demonstrations by local and nationally known experts in woodturning.

The exhibitions will be on display at the Emporium Center, located at 100 S. Gay Street in downtown Knoxville. The Emporium is open to the public Monday through Thursday from 9 am to 5 pm, Friday from 9 am to 7 pm, and Saturday from 10 am to 1 pm. For more information, call 865-523-7543 or visit KnoxAlliance.com.

New Morning by Bill Long
Top of the Mountain by Adam Jeffrey Trabold


BIG EARS collaborates with artists, audiences, and communities to create joyful, meaningful, and transcendent cultural experiences that defy boundaries, fuel curiosity, ignite the spirit, and nourish the soul.

Described as “one of the most quietly earth-shattering, subtly luminous festivals the world over” by the Oxford American and “one of the world’s greatest music bashes” by The New York Times, the Big Ears Festival—the flagship program of the organization—has established itself over the past decade as one of the most exciting and imaginative cultural gatherings anywhere. The festival brings a Who’s Who of acclaimed iconoclasts, innovators, and luminaries together with inspired younger artists making fresh and new creative work.

The Big Ears Festival takes place throughout downtown in more than a dozen venues: historic theaters, intimate clubs, majestic churches, pocket parks, galleries, and repurposed industrial spaces, museums, galleries, and clubs—with pop-up events and performances, exhibitions, films, literary readings, workshops, markets and talks taking place in cafes, bars, hotels,

restaurants, in alleyways and other nooks and crannies. The festival experience is full of surprises. As one journalist wrote after attending, “Knoxville has the most venues with good sound within walking distance of any place in America.” Performance locations are interspersed among a vibrant collection of restaurants, bars, and shops, offering an unparalleled festival experience for artists and audiences alike.

A festival pass offers access to all publicly announced performances—enabling festival goers to not only see familiar artists that they know and love, but also to explore the music of artists with whom they are not already familiar.

Big Ears draws robust contingents of both Tennessee residents and visitors from around the world who come together to form a shared community energized by joy, discovery, and engagement. To add context and promote access, Big Ears programs an array of community events during the festival that bring world-class artists into collaborations with Knoxville’s diverse creative community.

With a very rare exception, everything— all the venues, along with Knoxville’s finest

hotels and award-winning restaurants—is within an easy, short walk of everything else, with a dedicated festival trolley service offering assistance should you wish to rest up for a moment and catch your breath.

While no two Big Ears are quite the same, each year the festival presents many of the world’s most visionary composers and musicians, artists whose work reaches for new heights and expands to new frontiers. The programming transcends generation and genre—bringing together iconic trailblazers and young iconoclasts performing and sometimes blending classical and contemporary composition, jazz, rock, folk traditions from throughout the world, pop, drone, avant-garde, ambient and beyond.

For more information and tickets, visit BigEarsFestival.org.

Big Ears is an independent 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that receives substantial investment from donors and sponsors in the Knoxville community, as well as from private foundations, government agencies, and dedicated supporters across the country for whom the festival has become an annual pilgrimage. Explore our list of generous partners or join the ranks of our supporters.


Prioritize Heart Health with DASH Goals

NO MATTER your motivations, it’s never too late or too early to start focusing on your heart health, and taking steps now can make a big difference. Small changes, like following a healthier eating plan, can help you start down a path toward improved heart health.

One step you can take is following the DASH eating plan, which is a flexible and balanced way of eating that stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension

and was developed by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. Requiring no special foods, DASH provides daily and weekly nutritional goals to help lower two major risk factors for heart disease: high blood pressure and high LDL (bad) cholesterol.

Being more physically active, managing stress, getting quality sleep, and not smoking, combined with DASH, can put you on a path toward a healthy heart for life.

Encouraging others to join you on your heart-health journey can also be rewarding. Research shows social support and personal networks make it more likely you’ll

Greek-Style Flank Steak with Tangy Yogurt Sauce

Recipe courtesy of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

Prep time: 25 minutes

Cook time: 25 minutes

Servings: 4



• 1/4 cup lemon juice

• 1 tablespoon olive oil

• 2 teaspoons fresh oregano, rinsed, dried, and chopped

• 1 tablespoon garlic, minced (2-3 cloves)

• 1 beef flank steak (12 ounces)

Yogurt sauce:

• 1 cup cucumber, peeled, seeded, and chopped

• 1 cup nonfat plain yogurt

• 2 tablespoons lemon juice

• 1 tablespoon fresh dill, rinsed, dried, and chopped

• 1 tablespoon garlic, minced (2-3 cloves)

• 1/2 teaspoon salt


Marinade: In large bowl, combine lemon juice, olive oil, oregano, and garlic. Then lay steak in flat container with sides and pour marinade over steak. Marinate at least 20 minutes, or up to 24 hours, turning several times.

Yogurt sauce: Combine cucumber, yogurt, lemon juice, dill, garlic, and salt. Set yogurt sauce aside at least 15 minutes to blend flavors. Sauce can be prepared up to 1 hour in advance and refrigerated.

Preheat broiler to high with rack 3 inches from heat source. Broil steak about 10 minutes on each side to minimum internal temperature of 145º F. Let cool 5 minutes before carving. Slice thinly across grain into 12 slices.

Serve three slices with 1/2 cup yogurt sauce.

Tip: Also delicious as a pita bread sandwich with lettuce and tomato.

stick to healthy habits like eating healthy. Sharing heart-healthy recipes with family and friends is an added bonus, and these DASH-friendly meals can help you take the guesswork out of putting nutritious dinners on the table. Greek-Style Flank Steaks with Tangy Yogurt Sauce offers the bold flavors of the Mediterranean. For a complementary combination of pork and sweet fruit flavor, Baked Pork Chops with Apple Cranberry Sauce are perfect to serve alongside brown rice or steamed broccoli.

Learn more about heart health and find DASH-friendly recipes at nhlbi.nih.gov/DASH.

Baked Pork Chops with Apple Cranberry Sauce

Recipe courtesy of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

Prep time: 10 minutes

Cook time: 30 minutes

Servings: 4


Pork chops:

• 4 boneless pork chops (about 3 ounces each)

• 1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper

• 1 medium orange, rinsed and zested

• 1/2 tablespoon olive oil


• 1/4 cup low-sodium chicken broth

• 1 medium apple, peeled and grated (about 1 cup)

• 1/2 cinnamon stick

• 1 bay leaf

• 1/2 cup dried cranberries

• 1/2 cup 100% orange juice


Preheat oven to 350º F.

Pork chops: Season pork chops with pepper and orange zest. In large sauté pan, heat olive oil over medium heat. Add pork chops and cook until browned on one side, about 2 minutes. Flip and brown other side. Remove pork chops from pan, place on nonstick baking sheet, and bake 10 minutes to minimum internal temperature of 160º F.

Sauce: Add chicken broth to the sauté pan and stir to loosen brown bits from pork chops. Set aside.

In small saucepan over medium heat, cook grated apples, cinnamon stick, and bay leaf until apples begin to soften. Add cranberries, orange juice, and sauté pan broth. Bring to boil then lower heat to gentle simmer. Simmer 10 minutes or until cranberries are plump and apples are tender. Remove cinnamon stick.

Peel orange and cut into eight sections. Serve one pork chop with 1/4 cup sauce and two orange segments.

Photos courtesy of Getty Images

Stop Just Wishing for More Convenience

IN 2017, when the Henrys moved to Tennessee from North Carolina, they were sure to include a few convenient roll-out drawers in the kitchen cabinets of their house when it was being built. They quickly became aware that the limited number of roll-out shelves actually made it more difficult to access the items in the deep lower section of their cabinets. Not big fans of resorting to dropping to their knees on the floor in order to reach items way in the back, they decided that more roll-out shelving would be the best solution.

They had seen ads for Shelf Help, noticing that it was a local company, and gave them a call for a free estimate. After a very positive meeting with the owner of Shelf Help, where they were able to see product samples, discuss solutions for more challenging areas - like cabinets under sinks - and an installation time line, the Henrys were ready to place an order. And what an order it was!

“After Shelf Help gave us an estimate, we were so impressed with them and their product that we immediately ordered more than 40 roll-out shelves,” said Dick Henry. “We decided to install them everywhere there were cabinet shelves in the entire house. We ordered them for the kitchen, the laundry, the butler’s pantry, our rec room, and the master bath, which has his and her sink areas. We also ordered shelves for under the kitchen, laundry, and bathroom sinks where we never thought we could have them. Shelf Help can come up with a solution for anywhere you want roll-outs.”

The Henrys were able to have their practical and useful roll-out shelving installed in just a couple of weeks - as promised! The roll-out drawers fit right into any home’s existing cabinets or pantry, providing easier access, better organization, and maximum use available storage space. Shelf Help was able to complete the installation in less than a day so that disruption was limited. Excited to have their cabinet access and function restored, the Henrys could not be happier with their Shelf Help roll-out shelving. Jane Henry reflects, “Never a day goes by that we don’t mention how glad we are to have the many roll-outs. The quality of the shelves is outstanding, it can’t be beat!”

If you are experiencing challenges reaching items in your cabinets, Shelf Help has the understanding and know-how to evaluate, design, measure, and professionally install solutions tailored to your needs and budget. Locally owned and operated, let Shelf Help make the most of your home’s kitchen, bath, or pantry storage space.

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- The Henrys

First Presbyterian Church:

Knoxville’s First Church

THE FIRST CHURCH established in Knoxville - the congregation of First Presbyterian - was founded in 1792, but they did not erect a building until 1816. James White (1747-1821), the founder of Knoxville, donated some of his landhis former turnip patch - for the construction of the first church building. In 1809, a building committee was founded. Construction on the first building began in 1812 and was completed in 1816. In 1853, the first building was replaced with the second church sanctuary. The church became the de facto birthplace of Knoxville’s first synagogue, Temple Beth El, which met here in the 1860s, as well as the African American congregation known as Shiloh Presbyterian.

During the Civil War, the 1853 church building was used by both the Confederate and Union Army. Confederate soldiers kept their horses in the graveyard, and when the Union took control of Knoxville in 1863, the building was used as a hospital and barracks. The church building, which was in serious disrepair, was returned to the congregation in 1866.

The current church, the third on this site, was built in 1903 and designed by Knoxville’s Baumann Brothers in the Neoclassical style. It was expanded from the 1920s through the 1980s.

First Presbyterian’s famous graveyard, the oldest in Knoxville proper, was here before the first church building was erected and is the final burial place of many prominent early Knoxvillians. Governor of the Territorial South of the River Ohio, U.S. Senator, and signer of the U.S. Constitution, William Blount (1749-1800), and his wife, Mary Grainger Blount (for whom both Maryville and Grainger County are named), are buried here. John Williams (17781837), a U.S. Senator, lawyer, and great-great grandfather of noted

playwright Tennessee Williams, is also buried here. Other prominent individuals include Hugh Lawson White (1773-1840), U.S. Senator and one-time president pro tempore of the U.S. Senate, who ran a popular campaign for the U.S. presidency in 1836; Samuel Carrick (1760-1809), the Presbyterian minister who was the first president of Blount College, which much later became the University of Tennessee; Margaret Humes (1777-1854), the thrice-widowed first owner of the Lamar House; and Knoxville founder James White (1747-1821).

About one-tenth of the marked graves date are from the summer and fall of 1838, when a plague of unknown nature killed hundreds of Knoxvillians. (One grave references the “fever” specifically.) The graveyard was closed to new burials in the 1850s, but a few exceptions were made, including that of Abner Baker (1843-1865), a popular young Confederate veteran lynched for killing a man on the courthouse lawn in 1865.

In 2019, the congregation of First Presbyterian Church received an East Tennessee Preservation Award from Knox Heritage for a multi-year restoration of the interior; this included the re-exposure of a historic stained-glass window in the sanctuary when it was covered up during the construction of the balcony in 1920.

For more information about First Presbyterian Church or to attend a service, visit FPCKnox.org.

Knox Heritage preserves structures and places of historic or cultural significance for our community. Established in 1974 as a non-profit educational corporation, our organization works to protect and raise awareness of what is beautiful and irreplaceable in East Tennessee.

The current church, the third on this site, was built in 1903 and designed by Knoxville’s Baumann Brothers in the Neoclassical style. It was expanded from the 1920s through the 1980s.

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Business Note

Howdy Neighbors!

DUE TO the growth taking place as many folks choose Knoxville as their new home, we thought it made sense to begin including “new homeowners” in our mailing distribution of Everything Knoxville. We are starting our 17th year of sharing the services of area professionals and entrepreneurs while promoting local events and the good work of community organizations. Welcome! to our new readers throughout the Knoxville community. We hope our publication will help you become more familiar with our town, local events, and give some insight into local businesses and services.

Our purpose has always been to “share the small business stories of Knoxville,” and our aim is to help connect our local businesses with our readers who are interested in their goods and services. Everything Knoxville is considered a reliable and trusted local resource for small business owners to share their expertise, provide a resource for goods and services to Knoxville residents, and promote local events and things to do in our friendly and pretty dang awesome town.

If you are new to the East Tennessee area, allow yourself time to explore and get acclimated.

From our lively downtown to the beauty of the rivers, lakes, and mountains nearby - there is much to see, do, and learn. Check out our Events

Calendar on page 36 for a good “snapshot” of what goes on here for entertainment, live music, and art galleries - family friendly to date nights. When your new homeowner trial run ends, we hope you will find us online and continue to use us as a “trusted resource.”

My wife and I moved here for a job transfer on our one year anniversary in 1993. Thirty years and three (grown) kids later, we are still here. It’s been a great town to raise a family, develop relationships, and be involved in the small business community.

As everywhere, our small businesses have had a heck of a ride these past (almost three) years. Supply chain woes, staffing shortages, and inflation have been a constant challenge, and it’s more important than ever that we support them. Borrowing a phrase from a consistent advertiser since Everything Knoxville’s day one, The Town Framery & Gifts, we encourage everyone to “Think Big, Shop Small.”

We are happy to meet you, and here’s to a happy and healthy 2023!

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