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09.30 – 12.30


Afternoon 14.00 – 17.30

Tuesday 25th September

Wednesday 26th September

10.30 - Workshop Methodologies, Participants learning outcomes . Introduction to the programme, name games, getting to know participants and presentations of the countries participants are from. European knowledge game and Circus game. 10.00 – Circus Workshop Juggling 11.30 - Circus in Europe – participants will have the chance to introduce circus from their own country . Learners will discover similarities and differences between circus in different nations and how it has evolved through the ages. 10.00 – The morning will be spent learning the skills of Diablo Circus skills and trying out balancing with peacock feathers

Thursday 27th September

9.00 - Sheffield trip to Greentop Circus School. Participants will have the opportunity to try out the art of Trapeze, Circus Ropes or Silks; they will try a basic climb and observe a professional demonstrate this graceful art.

Friday 28th September

10.30 - Circus skills; Practicing and perfecting all the circus skills learnt during the week, planning a show, comparing the show, clowning for afternoon performance

Saturday 29th September

08.30 - Depart to Blackpool

Sunday 30th September

Evaluation and departure.

Lunch and Learner reflection session individually and in groups.

Monday 24th September

14.00 – 3 minute skills showcase from each participant and introduction to Circus skills. Demonstration of the skills participants will learn by professional circus performer, followed by free space for participants to try different skills. Workshop session: Hula Hoop 14.00 - Plate spinning – Starting with plastic plates, participants will learn the fundamentals of plate spinning 15.30 - Professional plate spinner show 16.00 – Try out china plate spinning for those brave enough! 14.00 – Clowning workshop and costumes, participants will present their clowning costumes brought from home and will have the opportunity to design their own outfit for Friday’s performance. 14.00 – Daily reflection groups & completion of portfolio Opportunity to look around shops/centre 16.30 - Travel back from Sheffield 14.00 This day will allow learners to practice skills with circus artists, to challenge themselves further spending time in the areas they have found more difficult and to perfect their skills. 16.00 – 17.30 Children’s performance 12.00 - Blackpool Tower Circus followed by Opportunity to celebrate the achievements & present Learner Certificates, evaluation and closure of the workshop

18.15 Evening Learner Reflections followed by Dinner in training centre or restaurant

Date Sunday 23rd

Evening 20.00 Arrivals and settle in & Official Opening

19.30 – Indian restaurant

19.00 - Intercultural evening offering participants the chance to present their country, food, drinks and culture.

19.00 – 21.00 Leeds Juggling Club (Hullabaloo) 21.00 – Buffet meal

20.00 – Dinner Leeds

19.30 – 21.00 – Lead a Youth Juggling workshop

20.00 - Visibility and Celebration

TIMETABLE Suitcase Circus  
TIMETABLE Suitcase Circus  

Timetable of Suitcase Circus, Grundtvig Learner Workshop, organised by Everything is Possible and supported by ECORYS UK and the Lifelong Le...