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Leonardo Project in LINK


the project I Link offers a variety of activities, from sports, to media, to working with children in the local schools. In the sports project, you will be working in a sports centre with young children, coaching them in sports such as football, basketball and volleyball. You will help to organize the sessions and also to run them.

In the school project you will help staff to organise arts and historic workshops. This will mean creation of materials, arts and crafts and working on the workshops with the children. Link also runs a weekly radio show on a local community radio station, radio Regio. Here you will work with other volunteers to create a

This is an example of a Leonardo trainee weekly timetable:


Helping to facilitate the sports Activities– Volleyball & Football

Meeting with project mentor for half point evaluation

Helping to facilitate the sports activities– football ball


Orientation and introduction to the first work area chosen (Sports)

Helping to facilitate the sports activities – Basketball

Helping in the schools workshops– Day excursion into historical centre with children

Helping to facilitate the sports activities – Volleyball and Football


First day working in the sports centre, introduction to the programmes– Basketball, Football, Volleyball

Helping in the school workshops– preparation of arts materials

Helping to facilitate the sports activities– football ball

Helping to facilitate the sports activities– Basketball


4th Week

Helping to facilitate the sports Activities – Football & Basketball

Helping in the Schools workshops– Day in the school helping to run arts & Crafts workshops

Helping to facilitate the sports activities – Basketball& Volleyball

Final evaluation of the project with project mentor.


3rd Week

Intercultural radio show (Preparation, hosting the show)

Intercultural radio show (Preparation, hosting the show)

Intercultural radio show (Preparation, hosting the show)

Intercultural radio show (Preparation, hosting the show)


2nd Week

Orientation and introduction to link

Free time– Intercultural dinner with Link staff and other volunteers

Free time– Cultural Visit to Bari

Free time– Cultural visit to Matera

Free time

Rest Day

Rest Day

Rest Day

Rest Day

Trainee profile

• Be motivated to work with people from different countries • Have motivation and awareness to work with the local community • Have ideas or skills you would like to share with others • Be flexible to try different activities.

Link also have projects around working with disability, running artistic workshops with adults with learning and physical disabilities.


1st Week

one hour radio show. You will plan and run it with the volunteers.

Leonardo project in LINK


For more information and testimonies visit Everything is Possible website or scan this QRcode

the hosting organisation Name: Associazione Culturale Link Website:

the project place Altamura Altamura is a town having 60,000 inhabitants, situated between Bari and Matera and is one of the biggest towns of the Puglia region. It’s a quite prosperous town thanks to furniture factories and for this reason there is little unemployment. Young people join the labour market and they neglect other experiences such


as intercultural learning or formal and non-formal education. Cultural life is quite interesting thanks to a few cultural associations and Altamura has many environmental and historical goods. There is a well maintained historical town with a Cathedral from the XIII Century.

The country Climate:

Generally warm Mediterranean; hot in the Summer. Winters can be cold from 5 to 0. Summers are normally hot. System of Government: Italy is a democratic republic with a liberal free-market economy, freedom of religion and press. Italy was a founding member of the EU Capital: Rome Currency: Euro Official language: Italian. Time zone: +1 hour

The language A few words in Italian: Sì No Ciao Per favore

Grazie/Grazie mille Benvenuto Piacere Parli inglese? Non capisco Quanto costa? Come stai/va?

Yes No Hello/ Goodbye Please Thank you Welcome Nice to meet you Do you speak English? I don’t understand How much does it cost? How are you?

contact: Short term coordinator email : Unit 28, 30-38 Dock Street Leeds, LS10 1JF, United Kingdom Telephone: +44 (0) 113 242 0888 Fax: +44 (0) 113 242 0999

Leonardo Italy Media/Sports/kindergarden/environmental  

Leonardo da Vinci Project by Everything is Possible, supported by ECORYS UK and the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Commission

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