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Clevedon April Issue 2014




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April 2014 Contents


23 6 5 Community News 17 Easter 19 Child’s Play 20 What’s On 23 Food & Drink 24 Pets


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13 25 Health & Beauty 28 Home & Garden 31 Motors 32 Business 33 Dial a Trade

GAS BOILER SERVICE £35 + vat FREE Breakdown call out charge

01275 390239


Offered for sale with no onward chain, this extended 4 Bedroom detached family home offers well balanced and good sized rooms. The larger than average plot allows for future development and even potential for a caravan/ boat parking. The UPVC double glazed and gas centrally heated property comprises: Entrance Hall, Cloakroom, Lounge, Dining Room, and an extended Kitchen/Breakfast Room. Upstairs there are four double bedrooms and a family bathroom. Gardens to the front and rear - the latter being surprisingly large, as well as a block paved driveway leading to the double garage.

High Street, Nailsea

with 4 or more windows



Tucked away down a quiet road we are delighted to offer this immaculately presented 3 Bedroom detached bungalow. Lovingly updated and improved by our current vendor, the property is located in the a favoured and sought after ‘Old Church’ area and offers light and bright accommodation throughout. The UPVC double glazed and gas centrally heated property comprises: Entrance Hall, Lounge/Dining Room, Kitchen, 3 Bedrooms and re-fitted Shower Room. The rear garden is private and south facing whilst the front benefits from block paving for 2 cars and a single garage.

01275 853222 – Sales 01275 859933 – Lettings



01275 849 981

Car, Van & 4x4 tyres 225 235 235 235 235 235 235 235 235 235 235 235 245 245 245 245 245 245 245 245 245 245 245 245 255 255 255 255 215 215 215 215 215 215 225 225 225 225 225 225 225 225 225 225 225 225 225 225 225 225 225 225 225 225 225 225

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* All prices include fitting, balancing and valves but are plus VAT for business and personal use

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Ryans TYRES Ryans Garage, Unit 8 Old Mill Road, Portishead, BS20 7BX (Just down from Pets at Home)

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Call 01934 708974 to book a test drive Sytner Group Mercedes-Benz of Weston-super-Mare Bridge Road, Weston-super-Mare BS23 3NE 01934 708974 Official government fuel consumption figures in mpg (litres per 100km) for the Mercedes-Benz range: urban 33.6(8.4)-62.8(4.5), extra urban 55.4(5.1)-85.6(3.3), combined 44.1(6.4)-74.3(3.8). CO2 emissions 148-98 g/km. *Based on a GLA 200 CDI (manual). Terms and conditions apply. 9386 MB WsM Clevedon Living Advert GLA 1.indd 1


18/03/2014 15:25

ounity es Winterfest 2014 rocks


ighteen acts played to more than 200 exuberant fans during 12 hours of fantastic music at Winterfest 2014, which was held in the Princes Hall in Clevedon Community Centre. It was the event’s third year of Winterfest, which has established itself as a solid platform for original up and coming local acts. Highlights ranged from two-piece band Hacksaw, who performed in wrestling masks and implored the crowd to bombard each other with toilet rolls, to Arankas Cackle, who played Ramshackle energetically with their brand of reggae, while five piece Trailer Park brought their tight set fuelled by sax, with a motown feel and manic frontman. Clevedon’s folk terrorists M.O.D stood on chairs to play their own peculiar and energetic take on folk while the audience barked at them. Vanessa Hartley gave a beguiling performance, with her beautiful self-penned songs, captured the audience’s hearts and a fine collection of acoustic songs from Jimi and Wilf were a particular highlight. Gagarin brought their shimmering guitars to the proceedings and the whole day was topped off with an epic pummelling performance from Clevedon favourites, Mr Zippy. The all day indoor music festival, which ran from midday to midnight, is organised by Marlens, the local community organisation devoted to the restoration and renovation of Clevedon’s seafront and all proceeds from the day go towards funding the main Marlens Festival held on the Salthouse Fields every CALL JEFF on 07435 332409 September. Visit our website at or email

ounity es

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n exciting project to record the history of Clevedon’s very own Red Cross Hospital during World War 1 has been launched by the Clevedon Civic Society’s Local History Group. It was in the middle of August 1914 that the town was appointed as a convalescence base and Mr and Mrs Ernest Mills of Ramsbury Manor, Wiltshire, offered their residence in Elton Road (now the Oaklands flats) free of charge for use as an auxiliary hospital. The Oaklands Red Cross Auxiliary Hospital was opened in November 1914 and had ten wards and a total of 45 beds. There was an operating theatre and dispensary plus offices and a kitchen. Equipment was acquired by voluntary gifts from the people of Clevedon and district, in addition to the clothing and linen supplied by the local War Workroom. The local history group is appealing for memories and stories from anyone who had a grandparent or relatives who helped with this amazing project. Rob Campbell, chairman of the history group, said: “The whole town rallied round to equip the hospital. Whilst researching I found in the Mercury, a statement saying that girls as young as eight were busy sewing and knitting to get things ready.” As part of Clevedon Library’s Local History Month in May, the group is staging a display relating to Oaklands and members will be delighted to see you there and hear your stories. Members will be on duty at the display on the five Thursdays in the month from 10am–noon and 2–4pm. Alternatively call Rob on 01275 877038 or email Rob added: “Very few records exist today about The Oaklands Project but with the help of the community we hope to add to the research I have carried out and donate copies of our findings to the Somerset Heritage Centre and the Red Cross Museum in London for future generations to study.”



Local history group launches project – and needs your help


The Jacko Ambulance was a familiar sight around the town; The drawing of a man was done by a patient and pokes fun at some of the local gentry; The badge was a popular theme for patients of the hospital. Both drawings were taken from an autograph book that belonged to Rose Norton Harper, one of the nurses who served at Oaklands from November 1914 to 1917 when she joined the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry and served in France. She also drove the Jacko ambulance

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Clevedon 7 Showroom

ounity es Gig Club documentary wins Canada


what it’s like to race in the open sea, Excellence in Filmmaking in the with three meter swells, against 127 Documentary Feature section. other crews. The film crew followed the club and The 90 minute documentary was its members through their winter shot between January and May training and participation in the 2013 2013 and highlights the thrills, spills, World Pilot Gig Championships in the excitement and emotions of pilot Isles of Scilly. Local gig racing, particularly the colourful filmmaker Colin Gardiner, of Talldog and spectacular annual world championships. Media, produced the film, getting The film received a premiere screening inside the sport at The Curzon Cinema, Clevedon last and highlighting October, but due to public demand Avrils Fencing Timber Products the characters,AVRILS the is a new company selling for posts a aresecond redwood andtime either 2ex or side of ho was screened last Fencing and Timber Products, we 4ex log to minimise splits. Featheredge a pair for 01275 858785 / 07557 475108 dedication, and have 18 yearsmonth. experience in the Panels and Boards for closeboard hardwood fencing. Good quality Redwood made to o the fitness andTimber and Fencing trade. • Alloy Wheel Refurb • Dents We stock It’s goodsthe to club’s suit the third Deckingpiece with Structural treated of good newsNew in S stamina needed Trade and DIY, from your budding timbers for your building needs. There’s FREE • Scratches • Chips in the last few months, as they won aat Avril’s. gardeners and Landscapers to Farmers Farmers and Equestrian to compete inand this ACCIDENT Equestrian. A selection of Cundy Peeled or you will n special grant of £2000 from The Rowing • Headlight Polishing Good quality products at Trade machined Stakes and Rails are held complimen ADVICE, very punishingprices and and a Delivery service in the which in stock will along with Fence andthe quality red Foundation goStock towards PLEASE • Accidental Repair demanding sport. North Somerset areas. Barbed Wire. newels wit cost of the new We glass bre training DIY also fi hold 150mm x 22mmgig handrails a CALL • Interior Repairs We have a large stock of Decorative Yorkshire Boarding, Post and Rail. treated tim Filmed using multi delivered FIRST Panels and Trellis along withlast a October. Sheds You w camera techniques, Pressure treated heavy duty panels. Avril’s Fencing and Timber railways s • Paintless Dent Removal And theto club just announced Posts and Treated Timbers create has Products provides good quality sheds garden as including on board your Garden Ideas, with sleepers in standard sizes or made to order. section, • Plastic Welding (Cracked Bumpers) Butcombe Brewery as their newest for raised beds. We have Gates, Various styles are available which machined cameras and well Arches, Decking, Shiplap and Based some come weatherboard orthe tongue and • Mig Welding (Metal Welding) sponsor. in inWrington, edited sequences, unusual Furniture to compliment grooved. Field shelters and stables Fencing are Avrils is supportive of local your creations. company If you should require also available to order. AVRILS is asheet new company it takes you into a tradesman to do your work we can Avril’s has tanalised claddings, activities growing success Fencing andenable TimberWeProduc delive recommend someone to suit theand job with materials,the timbers and felt, to the action so you have 18shed years areas and required. you to refresh an existing or if experience newtoand exciting payments Timber and Fencing trade. build your own. can experienceTrade just of the gig club,youa prefer We stock goodsproducts to su Our Heavy collaboration Duty Panels are of has Gatescommenced. check ou

feature length documentary on the Clevedon Pilot Gig Club has received a prize at the Canada International Film Festival in Vancouver. Blood, Sweat and Oars, which was filmed last year, won the prize for

superb quality and are fully pressure treated with battens both sides. Our

and Equestrian. Good quality products at prices and a Delivery service North Somerset areas. AVRILS is a new company selling posts are redwood and either 2ex or side of house, an entrance, e DIY Fencing and Timber Products, we 4ex log to minimise splits. Featheredge a pair for the driveway. Softwo We have a large stock of Dec have 18 years experience in the Panels and Boards for closeboard hardwood and these can also Panelsto order. and Trellis along Timber and Fencing trade. fencing. Good quality Redwood made Pressure treated heavy duty We stock goods to suit the Decking with Structural treated New in Stock Posts and Treated to Trade and DIY, from your budding timbers for your building needs. There’s always Timbers something your Garden s gardeners and Landscapers to Farmers Farmers and Equestrian at Avril’s. New inIdeas, stock with this m for will raised have and Equestrian. A selection of Cundy Peeled or you nd beds. deckingWe compone Arches, Decking, Shiplap and Good quality products at Trade machined Stakes and Rails are held compliment the lSOmm x 3 unusualredwood Furniture to They com prices and a Delivery service in the in stock along with Stock Fence and quality decking. your creations. If you North Somerset areas. Barbed Wire. newels with nished tops,should spindle a tradesman to with do your worksiz DIY We also hold 150mm x 22mm handrails along various Delivery available throughout North We have a large stock of Decorative Yorkshire Boarding, Post and Rail. treated timberfor bearers. recommend someone to suit OPEN service Panels and Trellis along with a MON-FRI Sheds You will also nd in stock, required. Whitehouse Davis Lane, Clevedon BS2 Pressure treated heavy duty panels. 8.00-5.00PM Avril’s Fencing Farm, and Timber railways Trade sleepers for features i Posts and Treated Timbers to create Products well asDuty a square soft SAT provides good quality sheds garden Our asHeavy Panels Tel: 01275 400155 or Mob: 07805 8761 your Garden Ideas, with sleepers 8.30-2.00PM in standard sizes or made to order. section, plus Cundy superb quality and are peeled fully p for raised beds. We have Gates, Various styles are available which machined half/round stakes and Opening Times: Mon - Fri 8amtreated - 5.30pm & Sat with battens both 8.3 sider

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Avril’s Fencing and Timber P

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& orTIMBER comeFENCING in weatherboard tongue andPRODUCTS

Beautiful, handcrafted Polymer Clay Creations by Local, Clevedon Artist…




Equipment and restringing available

FENCING Avril’s Fe repair spikes EDGE in stock Heavy Duty

September 2012


Many years experience of coaching all standards led by Whatsonbristol_September2012.indd a team of fully qualiied LTA Tennis Coaches


Arches, Dec

Delivery se Whiteho Avril’s Fencing and Timber Product Contact Kerris Weatherley, Director of Absolute Tennis Bristol SEE OUR WEBSITE FOR THE FULL RANGE Tel: 0 mobile 07917 855357 Heavy Duty and Decorative Fencing Trellis, Gate WWW.AVRILSFENCING.CO.UK Email: Opening Time Farm,Furniture, Davis lane, Clevedon,Trade BS21 6TG Prices Web: Arches, Decking, Whitehouse Garden Twitter: @absolutetennisbristol (lane @ rear of stadium) Email: avril@ Clifton College Sports Ground (Beggar Bush), Abbots Leigh BS8 3QD OR CONTACT AVRIL ON 01275 400155Somerset Delivery service available throughout North Heavy Duty Panels

Decorative Panels


Personalised keepsakes and Figurines made to order. For full details please look at our Website Or telephone 07456481712

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Pure Results Fitness

By director of fitness Dan Meredith

Stop playing around…… That’s what we are often told as kids, but you know what? Just because we are grown ups, why shouldn’t we have fun? I will get to what this has to do with you in just a minute. Some people think that as personal trainers at Pure Results, we are only the preserve of the rich and famous; that we spend our lives in front of mirrors, covered in lycra and telling everyone they can’t eat carbs! This could not be further from the truth! Think about it, if I TELL you to do something, especially something that you DON’T want to do, and make the experience less than enjoyable…..what’s your natural reaction? Probably like most people….you will do the opposite! Our clients are JUST LIKE YOU; we have a mix of mums, business folk, students, nurses, computer geniuses, young, old, male, female, at all levels of fitness. It’s YOUR result that’s important, and it’s our job to get it for you.

But personal trainers are expensive right? To be honest if you see us every day, of course we are! But that’s not what we are suggesting. We are very good at what we do, and have been doing it for a long time. When you think about it, who would you want looking after your health and fitness? Someone who is new to the game, or someone who has done this for over 10,000 hours? We are the latter.

Now I mentioned having fun earlier, and I want you to! We want to help you get back a fit, healthy body AND enjoy the process! We realise that not everyone has the time, or the money, to see us as often as they would like.

So this month, for six readers, we are offering our one month ‘kickstart’ pack, with a little twist. Email or call us with the reference KICKSTART. We will get you fit, shift some weight, sort your nutrition out, give you a plan for you to follow AFTER the month finishes….AND give you

the equipment you need to do it without us….not bad hey?


Four weeks of personal training (eight sessions) Nutrition and diet plan Bespoke exercise plan One month’s supply of ‘Lean Greens’ advanced nutrition/weight loss formula OR Purition Breakfast Blend Suspension trainer (at home exercise equipment) Total package worth over £550, offer for six Clevedon Living readers at £347!

Pure Results

Unique and Exclusive Training Facility


A world-class team of highly-specialist personal trainers, nutritionists and health experts to provide a superior health and fitness experience. Our programmes are the last you will ever need – call us to find out why Now open at 3b Kestrel Court, Harbour Road, Portishead Tel: 01275 390499


ounity es Springboard Opportunity Group takes the 10k Challenge


ovice runners Ann Ramsey, Emma Pigrem, Heather Sullivan, Richard Kingscott and Jamie Whitfield are taking on the Bristol 10k on Sunday, May 11 in aid of local charity Springboard Opportunity Group. A Springboard volunteer, Sheila Anderson, is travelling a little further to run in the Vancouver 10k Sun Run this month. The only organisation of its kind in North Somerset, Springboard is a registered charity, started by a group of local mums in 1986. It supports children from birth to the age of five including those with physical disabilities, autistic spectrum disorders, sensory impairment, emotional and behavioural difficulties, communication difficulties and other learning disabilities. If you would like to donate, visit www. justgiving. com/ SpringboardSleep problems, Stress and Anxiety OpportunityGroup4 or by Depression, Panic AAacks, contacting 01275 341113 Weight Management, Stop Smoking or info@ springboard

arbourside ypnotherapy Specialising in:

07584 035873

Weston super Mare and Portishead

Tickenham Garage Southwest Garage of The Year 2013 - Voted for by you.

Servicing Tyres at Very Competitive Prices • All Vehicle • Diagnostics • ClutchesBatteries • Brakes •Exhausts • Car Sales Repairs Air Conditioning Delphi Diesel & Petrol Injection Specialists • Offer 1: • • • • Offer 3: T&C'S Offer 2: Air conditioning service and recharge with disinfect treatment only £34.99 inc vat normally £54.99 OFFER CODE: AIR0414

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852035 Free visual healthcheck by appointment email:

Community News Gardeners spring show a success


levedon Gardeners’ Club’s 56th Spring Flower Show was an outstanding success. While the sun shone outside, it was reflected by an equally bright display of spring flowers inside the Princes Hall, Clevedon Community Centre. The large number of people who attended the show were met by a sea of yellow daffodils, as well as other colourful plants such as

Refreshments were available hyacinths and crocus, which and included delicious contrasted with displays of homemade cakes. It proved dainty snowdrops and many to be a very enjoyable other plants and flowers. afternoon. There were impressive displays of craft items, cakes, jams and preserves, along with Seafoods a high standard of photographic entries. There were also entries from children and young people.

Seafoods Quality Fishmongers

Award winning family run Fishmongers, established in 1975

Come and visit us every Tuesday and Saturday upstairs in Seeley’s Food Market, Hill Road, Clevedon We have a large selection of prime West Country fresh fish, fresh shellfish and smoked fish

Any enquiries tel 01278 785944 or 07739 586868

Clevedon Lions Club News

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he Clevedon Lions annual 46th Charter Lunch was attended by more than 60 guests. At the event, chairman of Clevedon Town Council, Pat McNeil, handed over a cheque to help site a new defibrillator in the town. The actual position will be announced later this month. Thanks go to Lion Gray Bloxham for his efforts in this project and all who contributed. The Lions also had the pleasure of presenting a cheque for £1000.00 to Annie Smith, manageress of The Barn in Clevedon, who will use this money to purchase equipment for her special needs group of youngsters including a sensory wall area with soft cushions and book storage space with easy access. This good news followed hot on the heels of the Lions’ February meeting, when four new members were sworn in and ‘badged up’ swelling the membership to 14 and thus ensuring the Lions will continue their work of helping those less fortunate both in the local community and abroad. Future events include a ‘jumble sale’ and an exciting time for little ones called ‘Tot’s Toddle’ details of both will be available soon. If you would like to know more about the Lions, telephone Lion Jean on 875819.

Pork: local, free range all cuts available Lamb: legs, chops, shoulders From the farm when available Beef: locally sourced Free range local chicken, ducks: whole birds, breasts and portions Bacon, gammon joints & steaks Traditional home made faggots & sausages are our speciality Eggs: free range from our local supplier Local stockists of ‘Miles’ tea, coffee and hot chocolate.


PALE BLUE Lots of lovely new stock now in


Fri 11th, Sat 12th & Sun 13th April (put in Diary !!) Huge selection of Beautiful Linen Tunics, Dresses, Tops etc. All free fitting, easy wear and flattering for all ages/shapes/sizes 14 Hill Rd, Clevedon, North Somerset BS21 7NZ 01275 874420

ounity es Revamp for West End Post Office in 1991, are excited by the move and said: “We have decided to do this to make the business more viable long term, to ensure our customers have a local shop and Post Office here for many years to come. “The extended opening hours means that people who find it difficult to make the current opening times will be able to come after work and pick up parcels etc. as well as a bottle of wine or bar of chocolate. There will also be parking directly outside at the front. We are hoping the changes help us reach a wider audience.” Angela is keen to stress that the Post Office will retain all of the best bits as before.

Mail – Travel – Financial Services – Broadband & Phone – Drop &



POST OFFICE From May Now open 8am – 8pm at


165 Old Church Road, Clevedon, BS21 7UB

Mail • Travel • Financial Services Convenience • Gifts • Cards Our friendly staff are looking forward to seeing you.

She added: “The Post Office will still retain that local feel, we will not be losing the gifts and cards sections and all our friendly staff will be the same.” The Post Office will be open as usual every day leading up to the move.

Go – Gift Shop Mail – Travel – Financial Services – Broadband & Phone – Drop rop & Go – Giftftf Sho

p Mail – Travel – Financial Services – Broadband & Phone – Drop &

Go – Gift Shop Mail – Travel – Financial Services – Broadband & Phone – Drop & Go – Gift Shop

West End Post Office in Clevedon will be changing this month as it moves into the Londis shop next door – and the move will make the post office experience for residents in the town even better. The Post Office has been at 169 Old Church Road, Clevedon, since 1955 and is popular in Clevedon for its service and friendly staff, so much so that it’s not just Clevedon residents who use it but also those from surrounding towns. The modernised Post Office will officially open from May and will operate from 8am-8pm seven days a week – the only Post Office in Clevedon that does. There will be three counters providing a wide range of Post Office products as well as some new features. The Post Office will also be part of a shop offering a wide range of different and exciting products. Owners Angela and Sonny Lim, who took the Post Office over in 1987 and then bought the newsagent next door


exclusive offers from BriTANNiA wiNdows

WINDOWS • DOORS CONSERVATORIES sAve doors coNservATories 45% £599 orANgeries &



inc. vAT & fitting!

huge sAviNgs


low cosT greAT reTurN

solAr pANels

Bi-foldiNg doors To suiT All properTies

Quality home improvements from the local experts

visiT our clevedoN showroom

01275 878153


All aboard the T

hose who fancy some scrumptious food in a quirky, unusual setting can’t go wrong at The Lye Cross Farm Shop Bus Cafe. Those who regularly drive along the A38 in Redhill , just past Bristol Airport, might have spotted the bus which is situated at the Lye Cross Farm Shop. Sarah Welch, Manager of the Lye Cross Farm Shop, said: “We’ve had the bus since November 1 last year and a lot of people drive past and don’t know we’re here. But it’s really starting to build up and weekends are proving very popular. Come along and pay us a visit.” They are introducing a new Spring Menu, lots of home-made favourites and delicious local food to enjoy, including breakfast, Carwardine’s coffee, teas, homemade sausages and afternoon specials all under one roof of a bus. Whatever day of the week you visit the Lye Cross Farm Shop Bus Cafe you

are guaranteed a friendly welcome and you will see lots of friendly faces. In more exciting times at the Lye Cross Farm Bus Cafe, they are extending their opening hours from Tuesday, April 1, to Monday-Friday from 8ambutchery, cheese, delicatessen and 4pm, Saturday from 8am-4pm and bread counters, with milk, bread and Sunday from 10am-4pm and there is fruit and veg delivered daily from the also an outdoor seating area for those local market. warm summer afternoons. The wheels on the bus might D.C. PLASTERING not go round anymore but that Trowelling Up doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take a trip on board the -Free quotes Lye Cross Farm -No job too small Shop Bus Cafe The Lye Cross Farm Shop itself boasts fresh, locally sourced produce including fantastic

Don’t hesitate to call 07512 510732




2014 worth the wait with PS Travel

inter weary travellers desperate for a break will be more than ready to get away from it all this spring and PS Travel has a new coach holiday programme for 2014. Over the past 18 years PS Travel has


built a successful local company with a family feel and a reputation for a friendly and personal service. This year they have worked hard to bring you a great programme of tours across the UK and Europe, with something to suit all tastes and interests. Whether you’re looking for seaside views, a peaceful escape in the countryside with stunning scenery, riverside retreats or city centre luxury in some of the country’s most beautiful cities, PS Travel has a variety of handpicked hotels to choose from. As always, your holiday starts from the moment you leave your home as PS Travel has a number of pick up points available. For your convenience and ease they will tailor-make an individual pick up point and return point to suit you, with free collection from home, or as close as possible. Continuing with the theme of taking the stress out of your holiday, you

will travel in comfort, with no hidden extras so that you can just sit back, relax and enjoy the experience. To check availability or make a reservation, telephone 01275 792223.

aster Egg-citing time at Indulgence


t’s that egg-citing time of the year again and Indulgence, 12A Hill Road, Clevedon is bursting with beautiful and, of course, delicious Easter gift inspiration. Give the boring supermarket eggs a miss this year and head up to Hill Road, where you will receive a warm welcome and plenty of individual gift ideas to suit all ages. They include chocolate novelty bunnies and chickens, pretty foiled eggs in all sizes ready for Easter hunts, cardboard eggs to fill yourself and even chocolate eggs to hang on your Easter trees. Finally, who could forget their cabinet full of gorgeous handmade chocolates ready for you to select into stunning boxes, or into their amazing chocolate egg shells. You will not be disappointed.

Easter holiday activities at The Blue Room, Nailsea


e all know that kids love to be creative, but it can be difficult to think up new ideas, or find the bits for the idea you might have had. The Blue Room, The Sion, Crown Glass Place, Nailsea, hosts workshops for youngsters in the Easter holidays that can solve this problem by providing both the ideas and most of the bits to help make them. And because all the children must work with an adult, you will learn how to make the chosen project too. So, if the new skills are a hit, you can go off and make lots more at home. From pottery painting and simple sewing projects to button jewellery and Easter garlands, The Blue Room offers something for everyone. For more information, telephone 07456 517086. The Blue Room will be hosting an exhibition by Diana Figueiredo featuring original paintings, illustrations, and prints from Friday, March28 until Saturday, April 5 and all visitors will have the opportunity to win one of Diana’s prints.

chocolates and confectionery

Delicious & Unique Easter gifts Easter Eggs, Chocolate Novelties And many treats for Easter hunts 12a Hill Road Clevedon, BS21 7NZ Contac t: 01275 878978


aster Portishead Easter trail to celebrate Fit Feet Week


s the Society of Shoe Fitters launch Keep Fit Week starting on April 12, family footwear retailer Solelution in Portishead High Street and Clifton Village will be holding two weeks of activities to highlight the importance of looking after our feet. In a massive giveaway there will be prizes galore with a number of the activities which include a design a

shoe competition and an Easter trail. Keep Feet Fit week has been organised to remind that ensuring we wear appropriate and well fitting shoes is key to keeping healthy. The number of people suffering from complaints that can attributed to ill fitting footwear is on the rise and these range from the obvious like bunions and hammer toes to the less obvious neck, back, shoulder, hip knee and leg pains. Moe worrying is that these conditions are being seen by GPs in patients at a much earlier age than ever before. Tanya Marriott, owner of

Solelution, has organised a range of activities for all the family to enjoy

throughout the Easter holidays, while also providing the opportunity to find out more about how to keep our feet in tip top condition. Entry forms will be available from Solelution from April 5 - 21. It costs £1 to enter with the proceeds going to local children’s charities Springboard and Children’s Hospice South West. Find out more by calling 843399.


are celebrating Keeping our Feet Fit Week!

t ee F r ou tion y ur peti nder) o l U Co Come 7 and (ag

Easter Egg Trails around Portishead and Clifton Village


Com n a Sh petit oe ion


114 High Street, Portishead 01275 843399



Lots of prizes to be won! Ask in store for details, visit or follow us on facebook for more information



1-2 Boyces Avenue Clifton 0117 973 8350


hild's lay

Well Bab y Clinic (T Commu he Barn) nity Hea lth Visitin Team 01 g 27 Tuesday 5 885514 s 1-3pm Clevedo n Childre n’s Centr The e Great W Barn, estern R oad

up ders Gro Childmin days Mon 0 9:30-11:3 dren’s hil C n o d e Clev Centre , The Barn Road ern st e W t a Gre 6787 07845 10

Peep Baby arn) s. (The B ts and babie. nts ren e a p m r h s o f re group 50p for ref Stead Cost tact Jackie king Only) n Co 0 (Boo -10:30 42644 0 01934 ursdays 9:3en’s Centre r Th d il h don C Barn, Cleve d The rn Roa Weste t a e r G

Busy Bees p, Toddler Grou Fridays from n at 10.30am-noo Hall on Chris urch tch lay+ r Greyfriars Ch Hill. ly P t/care . Todd urch Frid p Marine m n i C n ay s. e h S r ar r ye r 4 a i stc ler Gro B pa Children 0+ Frida hurch Cha up, pen ler. The pm. ch family. r O pe £1 y p a 5 s d e Happ 10 - 1 (term l Hill, 4 Parents & tod .15-2.4 p for e . yF 1 0 d 1 child time only .30am & mu aces (Tod Parents 2 be, us 5 al chil l ) £ £ d p 1 m 1 l .5 e s/ca 0 n on rs 0 9.3 h Age r The Barn, £2.0additio e Smit 0. an per fam e Thur 0am – 11 rers), i 9 0127 ge 0-4 yea ily Fridays 10amAnn 5 3439 time, sdays du .00am 5 rs 2697 r 7 12 noon. £2 41 Chris 0-school ing term St Ni 012 ta ag Out ocholas Ch Coler delphian e. Free. antry NCT f Sch Ch id H o North ge Vale R urch, Bump Clevedon Christchurch Thursday Cleveighdale A ol Club, oad sa , Clev 0127 edon Toddler Group, Every nd Babies, holid don, is o venue, 5 Mond ay fo pen e l 1 50p p 373423. . Chape .3 hurch Christc ay 0 r pm v child p er ch ren (4 rimary a ery Barn, -3pm. The ay 10 ild. Thursd Hill, g C e le 1 d v 1 any s (Incl edon 11.30am (term time choo ) from nsom hols) conta . 8 only) £1 one child, £1.50 ersetn ct For fu am-6pm l. g c mail.c t . r per family Age range om fo chair@ pleas ther deta r 0 - 4 years info. more 0753 e contac ils t 07504 395349 908



Roundabouts Pre-School Southey Road Clevedon BS21 6NY

We provide quality care and a play based approach to learning for children aged between 2-5 years • • • • •

Qualified and experienced staff Free 15 hours government funded sessions available sessions available for children aged 3 and 4 Pla (eligible the term after their 3rd birthday) birthday) a ces now vaila b Friday Open 9.15am - 3.45pm, Monday - Friday Sept le for emb (term time only) e – cal l now r Safe, secure and caring environment to r e g ister Lunch club sessions available For more information, to request a prospectus or to arrange a viewing, please contact Sam Perry on 01275 343924 (term time only) or 07921452973 Email: or visit our website


What's on

Easter art weekend


he Easter Charity Art Exhibition and Sale of Paintings will be held once more at The Hawthorns, Elton Road, Clevedon over the Easter weekend. CLEVEDON RAMBLERS GROUP APRIL WALKS

This will be the 16th successive year the exhibition has been held in this impressive setting thanks to the generosity and hospitality of the management, staff and residents at the Hawthorns. A large number of high quality paintings by a wide variety of artists will be on display for the public to enjoy and purchase, with the proceeds being divided between a Cystic Fibrosis charity and the Children’s

Sat 6th

Lansdowne area

6.5 miles

pub lunch

Sun 7th

Around Berkley

11 miles

picnic lunch

Sat 12th

in the steps of Jane Austen

7 miles

picnic lunch

Sun 13th

Holford & Kilve

9+ miles

picnic lunch

Sun 19th

Portbury & Failand area

6 miles

pub lunch

All walks depart from Clevedon at 9am, car sharing is arranged at meeting point. Please contact Sue on 01275 848417 or Lesley 01934 877059 ALL WALKS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE

Hospice South West Memory Mug Project, which is the Clevedon Lions Club’s designated charity for this event. During the exhibition, coffee, tea and cookies will be available in The Hawthorns’ atrium. The exhibition will be open to the public from Saturday 19-Monday, April 21. On the Saturday and Sunday it will be open from 10am–1pm and 2.30–5pm and on the Monday from 10am–1pm and 2.30–4.30pm.

Civic Society meetings C levedon Civic Society will be welcoming speaker Anton Bantock to talk about the history of Berkeley Castle at their public meeting on Thursday, April 10. Visitors are welcome at a cost of £3. The Society’s Local History Group will then meet on Thursday, April 17 April

Great Food, Great Wine, Great Entertainment

to hear Sandy Tebbutt speaking about The Great Houses of the Gordano Valley. Sandy is a local historian from Portishead and an active member of the Gordano Society. Both meetings are held at the St Andrew’s Church Centre, Old Church Road, Clevedon, at 7.30pm.


STEAK NIGHT 2 x 8 oz Sirloin steaks With all the trimmings


Followed by FREE QUIZ NIGHT Prizes to be won, all welcome No limit on team members!

£5 OFF MEAL FOR 4* on a Saturday Night.

ROD STEWART Tuesday 17th June

Simply cut out this voucher & present this to the staff at the counter coun to receive your discount.

Europe’s Best Tribute Act Plus two course meal

Only £20

£5 deposit required bookings now being taken

Mothering Sunday – 30th March some tables still available – reserve yours now

Tel. 01275 873433

Email: Web:


T & C’s apply. Not to be used against any other offer. *valid when 4 or more people are eating 4 meals

Follow us on Twitter @Drum_kenn for forthcoming events and special offers

What's on


Clevedon Music Club

he Clevedon Music Club ends its successful 2013/2014 concert season in the Teignmouth Room of the Community Centre, Princes Road, Clevedon on Tuesday, April 15. A brief Annual General Meeting at 7.30pm will be followed by a programme at 8pm performed by flautist Clarissa Payne with pianist Andre Shlimon, playing music by Bach, Haydn, Copland and Piazzolla. Music Club Members are strongly encouraged to attend the AGM, and visitors will be warmly welcome for the concert. Admission is £5 at the door..


Winslow Boy for Players

levedon Players next production will be The Winslow Boy at the Community Centre, Princes Road, Clevedon, from Thursday, April 3-Saturday, April 5. Set against the strict codes of conduct and manners of the age, The Winslow Boy is based on a father’s fight to clear his son’s name after the boy is expelled for stealing a fiveshilling postal order. Had they not cleared his name, they would have been shunned by their peers and society. The production will start at 7.30pm on all three evenings and tickets priced £8 with concessions £6 on the Thursday, can be purchased from 07816 158445.


What's on Mandolin and guitar evening in Walton in Gordano


mandolin and guitar evening takes place in the Walton in Gordano Village Hall on Saturday, April 12 from 7.30pm. David Griffiths on mandolin and Helen James on guitar are Duo Recado and their repertoire ranges from Italian, Gypsy and Swing to Latin and Classical styles. This will be a relaxing, fun and social evening - bring your own food, drink and a glass. Tickets are £5 in advance please from Emma at Cross Tree Stores, Walton Street, Walton in Gordano. There are only a limited number of tickets available. For more information, telephone Graham on 01275 873408.

Tea Dance


levedon Flower Show and Festival will be holding a Tea Dance at St Andrews Community Hall, Old Church Road, Clevedon, on Wednesday, April 2 from 2-4pm. A wide range of refreshments will be available and if you don’t dance then why not go along and listen to the music? Admission is £2.50 and there will be ample parking available.

Experience the Real Southeast Asia



ith amazing sights, ancient history, beautiful scenery and diverse culture, a journey through Southeast Asia offers incredible and unforgettable travel experiences. Cruise between limestone cliffs in Halong Bay, stand in awe before Angkor Wat, meet the Hill Tribes of Northern Thailand or wander between ancient temples in undiscovered Burma. Whichever part of South East Asia you may be thinking of experiencing, join Global Independent Travel and Wendy Wu at the Walton Park Hotel, Clevedon, on Thursday, April 24 to find out more about this most enchanting region. It will start at 7pm and to book your free tickets visit www. or telephone 01275 774886.

Food & Drink


The Lambing Shed

here are many reasons to take a visit to Bullock Farm in Kingston Seymour, be it the beautiful fishing lake, the walks and the camp site. But there hides another special place on the site in Back Lane – The Lambing Shed. The cafe, which is situated on the beautiful fishing lake, is being run by the team who ran Hazel’s Tea Room at Brackenwood Nurseries for the last three years.

The cafe has been completely refurbished and the team are serving up hot and cold snacks and drinks to eat in or take away with the menu boasting: full breakfasts, breakfast baps, jacket potatoes, paninis, cottage pies, lasagnes, daily homecooked specials, homemade cakes and lots of local produce. A Sunday carvery is available between 12-2.30pm.We also provide a carvery to eat at your peg whilst fishing. The Lambing Shed is not just a great place for food either. The venue is also on the North Somerset Arts Trail and will be hosting various arts & crafts events throughout the year. In addition, The Lambing Shed is situated near the Strawberry Line, a popular route for both cyclists and

walkers in the area, making it the perfect place for them to stop of and re-fuel for the rest of their journey. The Lambing Shed would also welcome any cyclists or walkers who would like to set up cycling or walking Clubs to get in contact with us’. The Lambing Shed is open from 7.30-3.30pm Wednesday to Sunday but if you would like food provided outside of these hours or to book a Sunday carvery please telephone the team on 07429 934719and they will be delighted to help.


Also serving homemade soups, light snacks, main meals & delicious homemade cakes SUNDAY CARVERY Walking & Cycling Parties welcome Open Wednesday – Sunday from 7:30am-3:30pm

The Lambing Shed Cafe @ Bullock Farm, Back Lane, Kingston Seymour, North Somerset , BS21 6XA, Telephone: 07429 934719



Perfect portrait of your pet


professional photograph of a loved one is a treasured possession. But

what about those family members who are often forgotten when it comes to portraits? Paws In Time Photography, Clevedon, offers natural portraits of your favourite pet, with pictures captured in your own home, on a walk, at an event or a place special to you. Animals and photography have been photographer Corinne Routley’s two main passions in life and she photographs all kinds of pets, from dogs and cats to horses and small stick insects. A session will last around two hours and Corinne’s aim is to create a fun and

relaxed atmosphere for you and your pet, capturing their unique personality. She caters to each animal’s individual temperament, creating images that you can treasure forever. For more information call 07500080743, email Corinne. or visit

Spring has sprung at Aarons Pets S


pring is finally here and Aarons Pets Ltd, 121 Station Road, Nailsea and 14, Old Church Road, Clevedon, has a great selection of wild bird feed and accessories to bring the birds back to your garden. Why not try suet pellets or dried mealworms as they are two of Aarons Pets most popular products and seem to go down well with the local birds. They also have a great range of locally handmade bird tables. With Easter round the corner, don’t forget your dog and cat. You can get safe Easter Eggs for pets in a range of sizes, as well as a great selection of other treats and toys for all pets. Aarons Pets has also introduced a new loyalty card scheme with some of their manufacturers, including James Wellbeloved, Royal Canin and Burns. For more information on that please ask in store. Offers in store at the moment include Whiskas 12 pouch at two for £5, James Wellbeloved Adult 15kg now contains 20 per cent extra free and Hills Dog food Adult 12kg is only £36.99. All offers are while stocks last. Finally, to keep up to date with great offers and news, visit or find them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram. Telephone the Nailsea store on 01275 852030, or the Clevedon one on 01275 340677.

Health & Beauty


Chance to increase sporting opportunities for local disabled players

n the same month as the Sochi 2014 Paralympics will be broadcast globally, North Somerset Council is supporting local sports clubs, coaches and volunteers to develop new sporting prospects for disabled players. The council’s Sport and Active Lifestyles team is driving forward its Sportarray initiative to encourage more than 500 disabled young people and adults in North Somerset to play sport regularly. One of the main barriers to young disabled people taking part in local sport is a lack of volunteer support and this is where local people can help. To help local sports clubs, coaches and volunteers to get started, the initiative is running a free, inclusive sport practical training session on Sunday, March 30 at Hutton Moor Leisure Centre, Weston, from 10am-1pm. To reserve a place email or telephone 01275 882734.


Rachael Hurley BA(hons) DHP, SFBT(Hyp), LAPHP(Licentiate)

Solution Focused Clinical Hypnotherapist in Portishead “Research shows that there is evidence to suggest {that hypnotherapy works} more than any other Complementary Therapy…, by using hypnosis people can perform prodigious feats of will power and self healing”. (The Health Education Authority)

Would you like to: • Make positive and permanent changes in your life? • Eradicate unwanted habits or behavioural patterns? • Find relief from specific emotional issues? • Have more confidence in your daily life? Your journey starts here The key to Solution Focus Hypnotherapy is in fact it does exactly what it says; it focuses on finding solutions to what you want to achieve. This modern approach encourages the subconscious mind through hypnosis to consider new solutions and approaches to eradicate issues/problem a person may have. Rachael works with clients to help them overcome issues such as: • Stress and anxiety • Fears and phobias, • Weight management, • Giving up smoking, • Confidence and self esteem, • Depression and much much more. • Panic attacks, Almost any condition can be treated quickly and effectively using Solution Focused Hypnotherapy. Call for your FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION or for further information on 07988 814 815. Or Email








Heathers Mobile Hairdressing Service Formally of Aspirations Hair & Beauty Master Craftsman

Full Range of Hairdressing services provided 07765560576 Mobile wedding Hair & makeup a speciality


Health & Beauty All smiles for Portishead dental clinic


Portishead-based dental training clinic is helping to put the smile back on the faces of local patients with its high-quality yet cost-effective dental implant treatment. Dentale, which operates out of a state-of-the-art clinic on the Middlebridge Business Park, in Bristol Road, Portishead, runs a programme of introductory and advanced courses that enable fully-qualified dentists to acquire not just the theoretical knowledge, but also the hands-on surgical experience they need to learn implant dentistry. And because of its status as a fullysupervised education and training clinic, Dentale is able to offer dental implant treatment for around 40 per cent cheaper than the industry average. Lucy Worsley, practice manager of Dentale, explained: “Especially in


challenging economic times, dental implants can be seen as an expensive solution to replace a missing tooth, with some people actually choosing to go abroad to obtain cheaper treatment. “Now though, patients have a viable option to receive cost-effective, highquality treatment right here on their doorstep in Portishead.”

Alternatively Dentale’s highly experienced dental implant tutors are available for private consultation. They also offer general dentistry and additional treatments such as teeth whitening. For further information telephone 01275 848257, email or visit

Health & Beauty Exercise of the Month:

Health & Beauty Flat Bench Press. NOT!

By: Matt Bembridge, AKA Gym Professor


very month top personal trainer Matt Bembridge, AKA Gym Professor, provides an exercise of the month for readers to try. Starting an ‘Exercise of the Month’ article with a NOT joke is a little unorthodox. However, the reason is that almost everyone (certainly every man) who’s stepped foot in a gym has performed a Flat Bench Press. The Flat Bench Press is seen as a king among lifts and a supposed marker of physical prowess. I do not agree. I encourage you NOT to perform the Flat Bench Press for at least the next month. Instead, I’ll outline a couple of reasons which bring me to this conclusion and some alternate exercises to perform. First, for most, the rotator cuff (comprising four muscles - teres minor, infraspinatus, supraspinatus, and subscapularis - which in concert help to stabilise the shoulder) is the weak link during a Flat Bench Press. Therefore, the rotator cuff is prone to injury performing a Flat Bench Press - in particular, the supraspinatus

muscle and/ or tendon when reaching exchange the Flat Bench Press for or driving out of the mid-position of a Neutral-Grip Incline Dumbbell Press. Flat Bench Press. You should find a lesser range-ofThe risk is significantly increased if movement at the mid-position the weight is not lifted in a controlled (helping to reduce strain on your manner i.e. trying to reverse the rotator cuff ) and greater contraction of downward inertia caused by the pectoralis major at the start/endperforming the movement too quickly. position. Secondly, although to complete a Flat Should you wish to return to Flat Bench Press the arms return to their Bench Press in future, your weak link pressed position (perpendicular to should be stronger and your pectoralis the torso), the range-of-movement major adequately stimulated does not allow for full-contraction of performing an alternate exercise. You the pectoralis major (chest muscles). may find you’re stronger. Personally, I It’s quite short. Full-contraction is choose not to perform Flat Bench Press being achieved when the arm’s drawn at all. forward and across the body, not Foot Health forward and out to the side. So, what do I recommend? Practitioner Leave the ego at home. First, Home Visits pick up some small weights and start training your rotator cuff Nails Cutting regularly in order to increase Corns and Callus mobility and strength. You can find exercises and workout ideas Routine Foot Care on the Gym Professor website. Kim Shepherd RGN SAC Dip FHP Secondly, with lighter weights Telephone 07865 057044 for appointment than you’d typically press with,

WEDNESDAYS - 10am 2nd Scout Hall, Coleridge Vale Road North 'Behind Christadelphian Church WEDNESDAYS - 5pm & 7pm Conservative Club, Kenn Road 5.00 pm & 7.00 pm Both with An Angela - 01275 849638 MONDAYS - 7.30pm & THURSDAYS - 7.30pm Christchurch, (corner of Chapel Hill) High Dale Road MAIN HALL 7.30pm With Pauline - 07808 612899


Hoe & arden Create your ideal room with Cadbury Kitchens


reating your dream kitchen or bedroom means endless possibilities. There are many different designs which embody various styles and themes and it is important that you choose one suitable for you. Thankfully Cadbury Kitchens in Yatton are on hand to help

and make the process as smooth as possible. Design is what Cadbury Kitchens are known for and they can make your ideas become a reality. For design consultation Cadbury Kitchens offer a free no obligation visit to your home to get a feel of the kind of kitchen or bedroom you would like. Started by Sue and Keith Fieldhouse in 1994, the family business is recognised as one of Bristol’s leading kitchen and bedroom design companies. So whether you are looking for ultra modern, classic, shaker or something completely unique, Sue, Keith and the team can help and provide a professional, friendly and personal service. When it comes to fitting, Cadbury Kitchens have a small team of fitters who are tried, tested and proven installers and who have worked alongside them for many years, completing installations to the highest standard. For more information or to make an appointment visit the showroom at Unit 15, Market Industrial Estate, Yatton (by Yatton railway Station) or telephone 01934 876321.

National Gardening Week


arden lovers will be getting set for National Gardening Week 2014, which takes place from Monday, April 14-Sunday, April 20. National Gardening Week was launched by the Royal Horticultural Society to get the nation growing. There are many benefits of gardens and gardening and through National Gardening Week, thousands of people across the country will come together to help keep Britain beautiful by sharing and celebrating everything about gardens and gardening. Communities and organisations are pulling out all the stops to host garden open days, garden parties, plant swaps and a wealth of other activities to share advice. Visit www.nationalgardeningweek. to find out what’s going on in the local area.


Hoe & arden New faces and vehicles at fast-growing NYPD HomeShield


ne of North Somerset’s leading providers of comprehensive plumbing and heating solutions has started the year in fine fashion, with new vehicles and an expanded workforce to meet growing demand for its services. Nigel Yates Plumbing Department, better known locally as NYPD, has operated in the Bristol and Somerset area since 2002. Following an exceptionally busy 2013, Gas Safe-registered NYPD is growing

In addition, NYPD has taken on two new full-time members of staff, heating engineer Martin Bidwell and office apprentice Samantha Yates, at its head office in Timberlake Barn, Congresbury. Nigel Yates, director at NYPD, said: “When it comes to issues like boiler maintenance and repair consumers are not just looking for good workmanship, they also want someone they can trust to do the job properly and call on in an

dependability, which is evident by the fact we are now expanding our operations to provide even more coverage for an ever-growing group of satisfied customers and new referrals.”

Hedge Trimming, Grass Cutting/Lawn Management Planting Schemes/Plant Advice, Weeding Shrub & Tree Pruning, Garden Tidying, Fruit Tree Pruning Soil Improvement, Patio & Deck Cleaning & Much More

its business with the acquisition of three brand new Ford Transit Custom vans, replacing two older vehicles and bringing its current fleet to four.

emergency. “Over the years we have built an enviable reputation, both for the quality of our work and our

Garden Design, Garden Clearance, Fencing (Erection & Painting), Decking Build/Re-conditioning, Shed Build & Re-felting, Turrng, Paving, Grow Your Own (e.g. Raised Bed Creation, Polytunnel Build, Fruit Tree, Veg/Fruit Advice

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Hoe & arden Swift Tree Surgery TREE FELLING & PRUNING HEDGE & SHRUB MAINTENANCE FULLY QUALIFIED & INSURED Call Ben Swift for a FREE quote and advice on 07802 480881 - 01275 463301 Pigotts, Chelvey Batch, Brockley, North Somerset, BS48 3AP


Trees can add value to your home, regulate the temperature of your neighbourhood and provide food for wildlife. Tree care starts from the minute you select a tree and as your tree grows you may find you need the services of a professional to keep it healthy, safe and looking good.

Swift Tree Surgery aims to provide the best quality tree services for customers whilst caring for the environment. All aspects of tree surgery require an advanced level of technical knowledge, supported by training and experience. With more than 10 years of experience in all types of tree surgery, Swift Tree Surgery’s highly skilled team of professional tree surgeons offers a solution to all your arboriculture needs. Owner Ben Swift said: “With spring approaching certain jobs such as deadwooding, removing any damaged limbs, dismantles and removing unwanted trees are recommended. However with the sap

rising, trees are now working hard to produce this year’s growth. “Attending to many trees requires planning consent if in a conservation area or if they have a tree preservation order on them. At Swift Tree Surgery we offer this complete service at no extra cost. “We will always explain any proposed procedures to our clients, advise them of the correct work needed and then complete any necessary planning process from start to end, leaving our clients worry free.” For a free quote, telephone Ben Swift on 01275 463301 or 07802 480881.


McLaren P1 Hypercar


he McLaren P1 is the long awaited successor to the mighty McLaren F1 of 1994, and as such represents the pinnacle of achievement as far as McLarens expanding range of road cars is concerned. For the time being it is, says McLaren, if not the fastest car in the world - that title almost certainly belongs to Ferrari’s even more potent, slightly lighter LaFerrari - the most exciting hypercar to drive the world has ever seen. The P1 costs £866,000 and there will only ever be 375 examples built, which McLaren claims have now all been sold. At its core the P1 boasts a two-seater carbon fibre tub, much like that of a Le Mans prototype racing car. It is propelled by two distinctly different power sources. The first is a twin-turbo

ByJohn Cant

3.8-litre V8 engine that produces 727bhp at 7300rpm and 531lb ft of torque at 4000rpm. The second involves an electric motor that uses a brace of lithium ion batteries to produce a further 176bhp and 192lb ft of torque. This provides the P1 with a combined output of 903bhp and 664lb ft of torque. As you’d expect, the car is made from all sorts of exotic materials beneath its carbon fibre outer skin, but the key statistic is a kerb weight of just 1450kg. This gives it a power-to-weight ratio of well over 600bhp per tonne, and that, says McLaren is enough to fire the rearwheel-drive P1 to 60mph in just 2.8sec, to 100mph in well under six seconds and to 200mph in under 20sec. In the light of what happened to initial The usual response!



F1 sales, which suffered back in the 90s, no one is going to blame McLaren for erring on the side caution when it comes to build numbers, especially not when they have created such an extraordinarily brilliant car. The P1 deserves all the success it gets. It is, for the time being, the most exciting car to drive in the world.





  /  


Not at •MOT testing station STAFFORD GARAGE! •All makes of vehicle serviced & repaired •Low bake painting on all bodywork repairs •Free insurance & private repair estimates Woodlands Rd •Top quality repairs & servicing Clevedon •National parts guarantee •Expert fitting & advice BS21 7QD •Value for money prices

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Business Every month McManus Williams Limited answers some of your business and accountancy related questions. Question & Answer – Session seventeen: TAX SAVING TIPS


nsurprisingly I am often asked by my clients for tips on ways they can save tax. Of course, everyone’s circumstances are slightly different and you’ll need a full tax review to identify all opportunities open to you, but here are a few things to think about. 1. Consider your legal structure. You could be paying thousands more in tax each year operating as a sole trader or partnership rather than as a limited company. If your annual profits exceed £15k you should give this your immediate attention. 2. Reward your employees with an annual party or event (note this needn’t be at Christmas). As long as you spend less than £150 per head it’s tax free on the employees. 3. If you are a higher rate tax payer and your spouse helps out in the business consider rewarding them for their efforts by making them a partner/director. A basic salary and or


dividends could make tax efficient use of their personal allowance and basic rate band. 4. Consider the ownership of income generating assets. Transfers between husband and wife are exempt from capital gains tax so you may find yourself significantly better off moving your rental properties for example into sole ownership to avoid that income being taxed on the higher earner. This can be particularly relevant where one partner’s earnings are subject to the Higher Income Child Benefit Charge. 5. If you spend a significant amount of time working from home, then be sure to claim the appropriate amount of relief on a proportion of your mortgage interest / rent, rates and utilities. 6. Ensure that you have identified obsolete or damaged stock. Legitimate reductions in your closing stock value will reduce your taxable

profits. 7. Consider providing your employees with a mobile phone as an extra perk. As long as the company is paying the bill and owns the handset private use is ignored and there is no taxable benefit in kind. Other non-taxable HMRC concessions include on-site gyms and work canteens. 8. If you are a higher rate tax payer ensure you are claiming higher rate tax relief for personal pension contributions, professional subscriptions and gift aid donations. 9. If your employer reimburses business mileage at a rate lower than the HMRC approved rate of 45p* per mile you are entitled to claim the difference as a work related expense, which could lead to a tax rebate. (*45p for the first 10,000 miles in the tax year, 25p per mile thereafter)

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An experienced local cleaning service Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning • • • •

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DESIGN AND BUILD Patios, Paving, Brickwork, Stonework, Fencing, Ponds, Waterfalls, Bock Paved Drives, WoodenDecking, Pergolas Turfing Clevedon, Nailsea,Portishead & surrounding areas For a free, no obligation estimate call John on 01275 792016 07801 074109

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bloomin’ marvellous flooring.

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Select carpets in the comfort of your own home Wide range of carpets and vinyls Fully qualified fitters Over 30 year’s experience All work fully guaranteed Fsss, ss sbsisssiss qsssssiss

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Clevedon Living April Edition  

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