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GM | William Rolfs Late summer and early fall is also the peak of hurricane season. Please be careful and make sure you have a family plan. Stock up on items like water, canned foods like tuna, soup, juices, snacks, and other items to hold you over until the power is returned. In the event of a storm, Ever’man will be here to help. As long as our employees are safe, we will stay open. In the event of a closure, we will open back up as soon as it is possible. Check our Social Media pages for updates. October is also Co-Op month. Watch out for lots of deals, especially from cooperative companies. We love supporting cooperatives by carrying and selling their products. Most of the cooperatives are also Fair-Trade companies also. It’s nice to know they are paying a fair wage and taking care of their employees. In closing, I hope you have a wonderful fall season. Stay safe and watch for the little ones as they go to school. At Ever’man, we continue to strive toward our ultimate goal to be the “Best Grocery Store” in the Pensacola area.

315 W. Garden Street Pensacola, FL 32502 850-438-0402 1000 E. Nine Mile Road Pensacola, FL 32514 850-316-3700 Ever’man Cooperative Grocery & Cafe serves a

diverse community. The diversity is reflected in

culture, tastes, needs, lifestyles and viewpoints. It is within the vision of this cooperative to strive to embrace diversity and to meet as many

community needs as possible. Opinions and viewpoints shared within this publication are

neither endorsed nor disregarded. Editorial content is intended for informational purposes

only and is not intended to diagnose, prescribe, recommend or offer medical advice. Ever’man

reserves the right to review the appropriateness of the placement of advertising. The product appropriateness is based on Ever’man product philosophy




healthfulness. If there seems to be potential for conflict-of-interest issues regarding competition

with products sold at Ever’man, the ad may be

rejected. Ads will be sold at the discretion of the Marketing Manager who reserves the right to refuse and edit submissions.

Joy George Finance Manager

Aviyonne Tart

Social Media/Demo Coordinator

LauraLee Nichols Education & Outreach Coordinator

Marissa Connor Graphic Designer


Well, it has been a hot, wet summer. I will be glad to see some cooler fall weather. Fall is a great time of year in our area. The change in weather is always welcome and it brings many outdoor activities. We are all ready to get past the pandemic and get back to a more normal way of life. Outdoor festivals are always fun as long as we are smart and follow recommended guidelines. Fall gardens are also a fun way to get outside and get some fresh air. The beach and boating is one of my favorite outside adventures. School has also resumed and everyone is getting back to their routines. If you are looking for a healthy way to pack snacks and lunches, Ever’man can help. We have Hope to see you in the store soon! all kinds of tasty and nutritious items such as organic fruits and vegetables, lunch meats, breads, snack bars of all varieties, William bulk trail mixes, boxed juices, bottled water—the list goes on and on. Our knowledgeable staff members can give you plenty of suggestions if you need a little help navigating our store, or making purchase decisions. Fall is also a time for football and other sports and we are ready to help with all your tailgating needs. We have party platters full of fruits, veggies, cheeses, lunch meats, sandwiches or deviled eggs. We just ask that you please give us 24 hours’ notice for most platters.


education about health, nutrition, and environmental issues access to healthy, natural food and products at the lowest possible price support for responsible, local agriculture and small business an example of green business practices



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MEET THE 2021 BOARD OF DIRECTORS Dave Deblander President

Larry Adams Vice President

Eric Schneider Treasurer


It is that time of year again, where we ask our members if they would consider running for the board of directors. Ever’man’s is a cooperative structured organization which means it is democratically run and the board of directors makes the major decisions and then delegates the General Manager to carry them out. The board of directors are elected by and from our approximately 13,000 members and in the decision-making process, their job is to sense the pulse and will of the members and vote accordingly. The coop has by-laws which govern our decision making along with policy governance which additionally gives us a framework to make decisions and monitor the stores’ effectiveness. We are always looking for people who appreciate our mission and additionally have a good business sense. Our Ends Statement accurately describes our mission, which is: Because of Ever’man, the community will have: Education about health, nutrition and environmental issues;

Tara Jones Secretary

Access to healthy, natural food at the lowest possible price; Support for responsible, local agriculture and small business; and An example of green business practices.

Lynn Jackson Director

Jena Melancon Director

Kelly Oden Director

Dr. Sandra Winborne Director 4 | THE HEALTHY ALTERNATIVE

If these values resonate with you, you may want to consider running. You will be required to attend a monthly meeting from 6pm to 8 or 9pm on the last Monday of most months. If you miss three meetings in a rolling year, you will be required to step down. Additionally, there are committees which meet periodically during the month and all board members are asked to share the load of being on committees. Preparation for the monthly meetings is necessary and that means some hours during the month need to be spent looking over the General Manager’s reports to the board, financial papers and other material. As a board member, you will receive national coop magazines to read and they always have great articles concerning the issues and challenges that cooperative stores face. In short, there is effort involved and we are always looking for people who find the above Ends Statement to be something they value and would like to make successful. As we move into the beautiful fall months, Ever’man is gearing up for its Annual Fall Membership Appreciation Event. This has always been a great success. There will be lots of great food, music, activities but always the best part is just getting together with the Ever’man family and celebrating. We have so much to be thankful for and we hope that you will put the Membership Event on your calendar and join us this year. It’s always a great time.


Are you an Ever'man Member? We want to celebrate you! Tenatively October 16th, 2021 11AM - 2PM

Ever'man Cooperative Board of Directors 2022 Election Applications are now available at the Ever’man Customer Service desk and online for those interested in serving on the Ever’man Board of Directors. Applications are due by November 1st and can be turned in at the Ever’man Customer Service desk. Any questions about the application or election process can be sent via e-mail: Please note that candidates must also attend at least one board meeting prior to January 1, 2022. As of printing, the next board meeting dates are Monday, October 25th and December 6th at 6pm. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS TO SERVE ON THE EVER’MAN BOARD OF DIRECTORS • Must be at least 21 years of age. • Must have been a member of Ever’man for at least 6 months without lapse. • Must not be an employee or the significant other of an employee or Board member. • Must not have been terminated with cause from employment with Ever’man for at least 3 years.

• Must not have a conflict of interest with Ever’man (seller or supplier to Ever ‘man or in competition with Ever’man, landlord to Ever’man, etc.). • Must sign a code of conduct form and a code of ethics form. MINIMUM DIRECTOR REQUIREMENTS • Participate fully in Board meetings, Attend all monthly meetings, as well as any meetings of committees you may serve on (2-5 hours a week). Special projects may require more time commitment. • Be prepared for meetings, including reading— carefully and thoughtfully—the agenda packet in advance of every Board meeting. • Attend & participate in the Annual Member Appreciation Party and other meetings. • Shop regularly at the Co-op. • Actively participate in the annual election by spending time in the store (or other get-out-andvote activities) to remind members to vote.


CLEAN UP PENSACOLA BEACH You are walking along - anywhere - the beach, on a sidewalk, in a parking lot, and you see a discarded used dental floss pick! Gross! Incredibly, Ocean Hour volunteers find at least one of these every week when we do a clean up! But it is removing the little things such as a dental floss pick off the ground and disposing of them that makes Ocean Hour tick. And while the plastic pick may be among the smaller pieces of trash we find, our volunteers have also dragged refrigerators through the sand (difficult when it was a compact refrigerator, almost impossible to do when it was a full sized refrigerator from a ship galley) and pulled enough tires to fill a garage!

Every Saturday morning, Ocean Hour volunteers meet at cleanup sites around the greater Pensacola area to work for an hour removing trash and debris from those sites before the garbage enters the waters or storm drains to the water. Inspired by Mother Ocean’s Justin Rainey several years ago, Ocean Hour started as one woman on a solo mission on the Pensacola beaches and has now

grown into a community of hundreds of volunteers removing tons of marine debris each year. Imagine how much single use plastics we’re removing for the accumulation to amount to tons! In addition to cleanups, Ocean Hour has undertaken many projects including straws on demand at beach restaurants, the beach toy borrow bins and storm drain painting. In the scheme of the greater issue of world ocean pollution, which is huge and measured in billions of pounds and not tons, we understand the Ocean Hour contribution is miniscule. But sometimes, when as individuals we cannot take on the responsibility of fixing the world’s problems, it makes sense to do what we can on a personal level and be proud of our contribution, no matter how small. We hope through their work our volunteers, being visible to ​others as they clean areas around Pensacola, will inspire everyone to stop and think before littering, to clean up after themselves, and to perhaps leave an area a little better when they leave. Ocean Hour welcomes any and all volunteers. Join us any or every Saturday morning and be part of a movement that does good for our environment, soothes one’s soul and gets the body an hour of fresh air and exercise. We provide all the cleanup supplies Hope to see you there!

OC N H R OU EA Do you want your Charity featured at Ever'man? Email us at



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September 25th

October 16th

1000 e nine mile |FREE ENTRY | everyone welcome Stay up to date for upcoming events on Facebook & Instagram @evermancoop THE HEALTHY ALTERNATIVE | 7

BECOME A MEMBER TODAY! Membership Benefits

• Voting Privileges • Member specials, special order discounts, new member coupons, and other member mail outs. • 5% off at the Hot and Cold Bars • Discounts to events such as our cooking classes and educational seminars and Complimentary Classes • Voting Privileges • Eligibility to run for the Board of Directors. • Support of local, regional, and national organizations.

How to Join

1) At any register, fill out a Membership Agreement form and pay your Annual Membership Fee with cash, card or check. 2) Receive your membership number and card. Don't forget to grab your new member coupons!

Membership Fees

$20 per year for a family household membership $8 per year for seniors 65 years of age and older $8 per year for Students (UWF & PSC)



Low prices on over 900 products every day. These are a few of our favorites!


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Ground Turkey Whole Chicken Beef Hot Dogs Fire Rsted Red Pepper Sausage Organic Spinach & Feta Sausage Homestyle Chicken Tenders Organic Sunday Bacon Honey & Maple Turkey Breast Black Forest Ham Slice Organic Sliced Chicken Breast Sunday Bacon No Sugar Added Bacon Organic Turkey Hot Dogs Smoked Turkey Breast Family Size Chicken Nuggets Classic Pork Breakfast Sausage


Vitamin Raw B Complex Vitamin Code - Healthy Blood RAW Organic Meal Vanilla Chai RAW Fit OG Mens Multi Gummy OG Men's 40+ Multi Gummy Once Daily Prenatal Probiotics Organic Plant Collagen Builder Vanilla Collagen Protein THE HEALTHY ALTERNATIVE | 9

By: Jordan Zeman

When daily business is conducted without concern for people, animals and environment, corporations can have a destructive and lasting effect on life as we know it. It’s imperative that corporations face these less than glamourous issues and provide transparency to consumers. Speaking of consumers, we have a giant role to play in this as well. Make your vision for the world known in a mighty way by voting with your dollar at every checkout. We are grateful to organizations like Palm Done Right (PDR) who are spearheading a better way forward in an industry where exploitation is common. PDR is an educational platform on a mission to share with the world that there is a sustainable solution to palm oil that brings prosperity to farming communities and a conflict free, healthier product to retailers worldwide. Palm Done Right partners with farmers to produce palm oil that is 100% organic, deforestation free, wildlife friendly, and fair.


How is the PDR process different? Fresh fruit bunches ripen in 20 weeks, with the amount of oil from the yield increasing by 200 fold in the last week, meaning farmers need to monitor daily for ripe fruit. When the fruit is ripe, workers harvest by hand and cart the fruit to the nearest mill, usually via donkey. 1. When the fresh fruit bunches reach the mill, they are transferred to a large container with pressurized steam which deactivates the enzyme that causes the oil to go rancid, and loosens the fruit from the bunch. 2. Next, the bunches go into a large drum tumbler. The fruit falls through openings in the container, and the empty bunches are recycled as compost. 3. The fruit then goes into a low-speed steam “digester” press that loosens the oil from the pulp, and then into a hydraulic press. At that point, the liquid is a mixture of oil, water, fiber and kernels. 4. That mixture goes onto a vibrating screen to separate out the solids. Of the solids, kernels are gathered for a separate pressing, and the fiber is recycled as fuel for the steamers. 5. The liquid goes to a clarifying tank that uses centrifugal force to separate water from oil.

Where does palm oil come from? Oil palms are unique plants. They produce palm fruits for up to 40 years, which makes them less of a burden on the soil than annual crops that are replanted year after year,and they bear fruit year round, which means a steady source of income for small farmers. Palm Done Right farmers nurture the soil with organic methods like cover crops that fix nitrogen in the soil naturally, mulching and application of compost, which also increases palm fruit yields. Many PDR palms are grown in small plots, surrounded by complementary crops and plenty of space allowing native plants and animals to thrive in the shared environment. Did you know, palm oil is the highest-yielding vegetable oil on the planet? One

hectare of land produces 3.8 tons annually. Conventional palm has made headlines in the past for the destruction it brings to communities and to the land. Interestingly, the best habitats for palm oil cultivation are also some of the poorest regions in the world which leaves farmers vulnerable to exploitation. Palm oil cultivation in these communities can either be life-giving and profitable or destructive in nearly every way. PDR combines the powerful knowledge of indigenous communities and professional agronomists to ensure growth for many years to come while ensuring that farmers are paid a premium for the palm oil they produce.

You Can Help Without most of us knowing about it, palm oil has become a part of our lives. It is an ingredient in many of the products you use regularly throughout the day. By making the right choices with the money you spend on household essentials and food you have an opportunity to determine what our future will look like. Choose to support brands that are doing things right! Look for the Palm Done Right logo on brands such as Dr. Bronners, Nutiva, Jovial, Mary’s Gone Crackers, Pacha Soaps, Williamette Valley Pies, and Quinn Snacks. We look at movements like Palm Done Right as a reminder that there are organizations out there that are working hard to create a better way forward.


WHAT TO DO AFTER TESTING POSITIVE FOR COVID-19 By: Jake Webber FPN, ProHealth Medical Provider Jake Webber here, ProHealth Medical Provider and certified Nurse Practitioner. Together with the ProHealth team of medical experts and the CDC, we are sharing information on what to do after a positive COVID-19 result. We recommend staying home except to get medical care. Take care of yourself. Get rest and stay hydrated. Take over the counter medicine, like acetaminophen, to help you feel better. Scheduling a Telemedicine check-in with your primary care provider can ease your mind by addressing your health concerns. To schedule a Telemed visit with a ProHealth Medical Provider, call (850) 5493379. Medications that can help:


Ivermectin: Helps the body fight the infection like normal, because its antiviral response Z-pack: Helps to stop the growth of bacteria and prevent infection Steroid: Helps with inflammation in the body and protects your immune system from infection Inhaler: Used to help relax the muscles that tighten your airways. Helps air move in and out of the lungs

Studies have shown that supplementation with zinc, vitamin C and vitamin D can be beneficial for those with COVID-19 as these assist the body with immunity and can mitigate viral respiratory infections. These supplements are safe and lowcost measures that may lower the risk of severe progression and prognosis. Monitor your symptoms. Symptoms of COVID-19 include fever, cough, shortness of breath, stomachaches, headaches, extreme fatigue, and/or cold and sinus symptoms. You should report the following symptoms to your primary care or emergency medical personnel as these could be life threatening: severe cough or shortness of breath, persistent pain or pressure in the chest, confusion, unable to stay awake, a bluish tint to the lips or face. You can be around others after all three things occur: 24 hours with no fever AND symptoms improved AND 10 days since symptoms first appeared. Find out more at



WILLIAM ROLFS General Manager

ROBERT ROLLER Produce Manager





Cafe Manager

Customer Service Manager

Grocery Manager

Meat Manager



Wellness Manager






Produce Manager

Customer Service Manager

Grocery Manager

Meat Manager


Alaffia Co-op Empowers Women and Girls


When Olowo-n’djo Tchala

was a child in Togo, West Africa, he would work alongside his

mother collecting nuts from shea trees. Like many Togolese women, she would sell the nuts at the marketplace, where hair and body care companies would purchase them for mere pennies, then extract the oil to make lucrative hair and body care products.

2004, formed a women’s co-op called Alaffia Shea Butter Cooperative. The idea was to use the resources that the women already had—the skills, knowledge and traditions of natural shea butter production—to empower themselves, preserve indigenous culture and produce a high quality skin care product. Their raw shea butter is handmade, using centuriesold practices to naturally extract the oils from the nuts.

Even though shea butter production has a long history as an indigenous product in Togo, the industry barely provides what could be considered subsistence wages to women like Tchala’s mother. Tchala had to drop out of school in 6th grade because his mother couldn’t afford to send him any longer. The situation is even more dire for Togolese girls, as 91 percent of them drop out of school, contributing to West Africa’s gender inequity and entrenched cycle of poverty. Very few women know how to read and write and most are denied access to meaningful economic opportunity. Many mothers have to leave their children to find jobs to support them.

Since 2004, the company has enjoyed terrific success. Alaffia employs over 7,000 fair trade contracted workers in Togo, and 100 team members in Lacey, Washington where Alaffia products are handmade for retail sale. Alaffia shea butter, lotions, shampoo and conditioner, baby products and a full facial care line are available in over 2,000 stores across the U.S., including many local food co-ops. Their Queen Alaffia product line features fair trade handwoven baskets and entirely handmade artisan cloth goods, featuring traditional wax batik cloth. Alaffia is certified Fair Trade for Life: Social and Fair Trade by the Switzerland-based Institute for Marketecology.

When Tchala met Rose Hyde, a Peace Corps volunteer who eventually became his wife, they moved to the U.S. and in

In addition to providing employment, the co-op funds a number of community projects. As of 2017, their program Bicycles


for Education has provided 7,482 donated bikes to help kids ride the 5 to 10 kilometers they need to travel to get to school. The co-op has funded the construction of ten schools and provided school supplies to over 32,000 students. A clinic focused on maternal health has helped over 4,463 mothers safely give birth environmental initiative to alleviate the effects of deforestation and climate change in Togo has resulted in the planting of over 57,000 trees. Emily Parnham, community relations director for Alaffia said, “When you purchase an Alaffia product, you are placing value on the indigenous knowledge and skills of the Alaffia Cooperative members and empowering these women to create a better life for themselves and their families.” It is not an overstatement to say that Alaffia has changed its members' lives. When Zebera Tchagoumi joined the coop, she no longer had to leave Togo, and her children, to find work. All five of her children could stay in school. But she was still troubled when she saw friends who were struggling. “They saw a change in me,” she said. “I hope our efforts become even stronger…so they can benefit as I have.”


Running for the board is one of the many perks of being a member at Ever’man! THE HEALTHY ALTERNATIVE | 15

` Cooperative Grocery & Cafe






12 Inch: $29.99

12 Inch: $25.99

12 Inch: $26.99

12 Inch: $29.99

12 Inch: $34.99

16 Inch: $35.99

16 Inch: $36.99

16 Inch: $39.99

16 Inch: $44.99









12 Inch: $29.99

12 Inch: $19.99







16 Inch: $39.99 PLU-04729

16 Inch: $39.99

16 Inch: $39.99


PLU- 03170


12 Inch: $25.99

6 count: $3.59 PLU-55000

16 Inch: $49.99

24 count: $12.99 PLU-55001



BOXED LUNCH Each box includes your choice of one sandwich, cookie, and bag of chips.

Per box: $8.99 PLU-51900




12 Inch: $6.99

12 Inch: $11.99

12 Inch: $19.99






PLU- 54412

16 Inch: $12.99

16 Inch: $22.99

16 Inch: $29.99


Family Size: $8.99 PLU-57518

Party Size: $39.99 PLU-54417

315 W. Garden Street (850) 438-0402 1000 E. Nine Mile Rd. (850) 316-3700 16 | THE HEALTHY ALTERNATIVE

10 wings: $9.99 PLU-54414

20 wings: $19.99


50 wings: $39.99 PLU-54416

Flavors: Naked, Buffalo, Mardi Gras

Because of seasonal availability some items may vary. To order, please call ahead at least 24 hours prior to pick-up.


are based on values not unlike those we subscribe to individually,

including self-responsibility, democracy, equality, honesty and social responsibility.

In addition to these common values, seven basic international principles serve as guidelines to provide a democratic structure for co-ops around the world. While adoption of these principles is not required, most co-ops choose to adopt them for their business.

The seven principles are: 1. Voluntary and open membership 2. Democratic member control 3. Member economic participation 4. Autonomy and independence


5. Education, training and Wellness information 6. Cooperation among cooperatives 7. Concern for community



hen Equal Exchange began importing coffee grown by Nicaraguan farmers in 1986, “fair trade” was a concept still unfamiliar to most Americans. Today Equal Exchange is a leader in the movement to empower small-scale farmer co-ops worldwide. It is also one of the largest worker-owned cooperatives in the country, and fair trade coffee remains its best-known product. The benefits that farmers gain from fair trade—the ability to make decisions about their farming practices, access to markets and affordable credit, and fair prices to support their families and communities—embody the idea of empowerment and form the foundation of Equal Exchange’s mission which reads in part “…to foster mutually beneficial relationships between farmers and consumers and to demonstrate, through our success, the contribution of worker cooperatives and Fair Trade to a more equitable, democratic and sustainable world.” So what makes a worker-owned cooperative unique? “Sure, there are times we all are sitting around a table making collaborative decisions together, but much of the time we operate like any traditional business,” L.J. Taylor says, dispelling a common stereotype. L.J. is an Equal Exchange sales manager, worker-owner and chair of its board of directors. While the work itself is similar, he explains, employees at Equal Exchange have greater access and insight into the inner workings of the company than at many other businesses. “It’s a much more transparent business model top to bottom. And day to day, when there is transparency and you understand what’s happening in the business, you begin to work more collaboratively and have more transparent discussions. It becomes part of the culture.”

The seven cooperative principles guide Equal Exchange, and among these, democratic member control is perhaps most evident. Worker-owners at Equal Exchange each have an equal stake and an equal vote in the business, similar to the members of a consumer-owned food co-op. Equal Exchange is governed by a board of directors; six of its nine members are worker-owners. The board hires and supervises management; managers guide the activities of the workers; and worker-owners elect board members, forming a circle of accountability. Additionally, worker-owners have the right to propose or vote on changes to the co-op’s bylaws and governance structure; changes in Equal Exchange’s location and adding new services or operations; and reporting on the organization’s performance. Member economic participation is a cooperative principle that unites Equal Exchange employees with their farmer partners around the world. “I believe that my economic commitment to the co-op movement demonstrates a commitment to small farmers,” L.J. says. “Generations of farming families have invested their entire livelihood and have been doing this work for decades.” At Equal Exchange, employees invest money and work toward their company’s mission—what L.J. calls “sweat credit.” When workers receive dividends on their ownership shares (something many coops offer), half goes back into Equal Exchange as an investment in the business and half goes to the worker-owner. In this economic participation by both Equal Exchange worker-owners and smallscale farmers, L.J. observes, “There’s a parallel that really joins us together in our work and our commitment.” Finally, the principle of cooperation among cooperatives is clear in the Equal Exchange supply chain, which joins farmer co-op to worker-owned co-op to consumer-owned retail food co-op. “Cooperation among cooperatives—we take that very seriously. Working with farmers to help them achieve their mission and linking co-ops together for support and knowledge is hugely important,” L.J. explains. “Each of us joined together in that principle makes all of us stronger. Understanding the shared ideals of each link in the cooperative supply chain, and trying to empower each link in the chain, is elegant and beautiful. “Equal Exchange is demonstrating that you can do business differently and succeed,” L.J. says. Thirty years after its founders first sought to focus on fair trade and empower small-scale farmers, Equal Exchange is leading the way through its continued commitment to cooperative values.




Garden Supply



Eat well. Live better.




O Z R O D N A O T ES P H T I W S E O AT M O T D E FF U ST NTS INGREDIE rge ripe tomatoes la to m pasta 8 mediu ckage orzo a p e c live oil 1 8-oun in xtra virg  o e s n o o sp 2 table ice and zest chopped 1 lemon, ju nely esh basil, fi hopped 1/4 cup fr ach, finely c in sp sh e fr 1 cup

ts, toasted ons pine nu 2 tablespo ed garlic, minc cheese 1 teaspoon sa e n rated Parm cheese 1/4 cup g  Parmesan d e d d re sh ons 2 tablespo oon salt sp a te ck pepper 1/2 ground bla n o o sp a te 1/4

In a large until cold. te ra e ig fr e garlic, 1/4 and r drain well , pine nuts, h s, c n a o in ti c sp e l, ir d asi TION e package and juice, b PREPARA ording to th , olive oil, lemon zest c c a o rz o Cook the hilled orzo space for epper. gether the c to ix m to make a l, , salt, and p w sh se o e e b f fl e h e c th n f  o Fill each o me Parmesa sit upright. eds and so l il se cup grated e w e rv it th t se so u d o en scoop f the tomato hredded Parmesan an tomatoes, th on from the bottom o e th re le with s o c ti d all sec ture, sprink ix sm Wash an m a o e c rz li o S ixture. oons of the the orzo m few tablesp a h it w s e the tomato hilled. erature or c p m . protein te m o ro g. fiber, 7 g 3 , te ra d y h o N , 28 g. carb FORMATIO erol, 204 mg. sodium IN L A N g. cholest NUTRITIO 6 g. fat, 2 m s, e ri lo a c 0 19

Recipe brought to you by 20 | THE HEALTHY ALTERNATIVE





INGREDIE NTS 2 tablespo ons extra v irgin olive o 2 tablespo il ons 1/2 teaspo champagne wine vine gar on 1/2 teaspo salt on ground chipotle pe pper PREPARA TION

4 medium p ortobello m ush 4 slices sm oked cheese room, stems removed , optional 4 leaves bu tter lettuce 4 slices tom ato 4 whole wh eat hambu rger buns

In a cup, w h portobellos, isk the olive oil, vine g Marinate fo place the mushroom ar, salt and chipotle p s mushrooms r an hour or overnigh gill side up and driz epper. In a container zle with th large enou t. Prepare on a plate e th to prepare g for grilling. e grill for smoking (s marinade, dividing h to hold all four it among th When the g ee Tips & Notes for in e ri Close the lid ll is ready and the co structions). caps. o Put the pour out an and grill for ten minu l side of the grate is oiled, place d discard th tes. Open th e liquid, the th e n flip over th lid and, if the mushro e mushrooms gill-sid If using che e m u sh ro oms and sm oms have filled with e up on the grate. e liq cover for tw se, flip the mushroom oke for ten minutes lon uid, use tongs to s o minutes, o ger. r until the ch again and fill with sm oked chee eese is melte Serve imme se. Put back d. diately on b on the grill uns with lett and replace uce, tomato the and your co NUTRITIO n d iments of ch NAL INFO oice. RM 1

67 calories,

ATION g. choleste

2 g. fat, 0 m

rol, 279 mg

. sodium, 3 3 g. carboh

ydrate, 7 g

. fiber, 9 g.


Recipe brought to you by THE HEALTHY ALTERNATIVE | 21


IN OTHER FAIRTRADE NEWS RODOLFO’S 2021 VINTAGE UPDATE During this year’s harvest we experienced cooler weather than normal, with some rain. However, these climatic conditions did not affect the quality, nor the ripening of the grapes, resulting in very good overall quality for the grapes harvested within La Rioja province. In terms of yield, this year we saw a low yield, similar to the amount of grapes harvested in 2020, indicating that the downward trend in production has stabilized. This year we have found that all of the grape varieties have performed well, with Torrontés Riojano standing out amongst the white varieties, showing an excellent development of citrus fruit, white fruit aromas and tropical notes, followed by Chardonnay showing typical varietal characteristics with citrus, mango aromas, accompanied by a delicate hint of honey. The Pinot Grigio we harvested this year was also very aromatic and fresh with citrus, white peach and herbaceous notes. Amongst the red varieties the Malbec, Syrah and Merlot have all performed well, with the Bonarda standing out in particular. The majority of the red wines have an alcohol level of 13 degrees and are distinguishable by their intense colour, excellent quality tannins and very expressive aromas.

Rodolfo Griguol Chief Winemaker La Riojana Co-operative



What We’re All About Clean Nutrition

Your hardworking body deserves nothing short of the best! The crème de la crème if you will. That’s why Orgain products are Certified Organic whenever possible, and made without soy ingredients, carrageenan, and GMOs. And! We never use any artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. No fake stuff. Just goodness.

Delicious Taste

We’re serious about good, clean nutrition, and when we say “good” – we mean it in every sense of the word! It can’t just be good for you; it’s got to taste GOOD too (great actually)! That’s why we work relentlessly to craft the smoothest, creamiest, and most delicious products possible. No grit - all taste, because that’s how we roll.

High Quality Ingredients

Everything we make at Orgain is crafted from high-quality ingredients, hand-selected to maximize nutrition. What does that mean? It means we search high and low, far and wide, to bring you the very best ingredients – be they non-gmo, organic, gluten free, or otherwise. Each ingredient has to level up to our OCD standards for nutrition, quality, and taste. Sip, slurp, and munch happy. By:


INGREDIENTS 1 Frozen Banana ½ Frozen Avocado 1 Tbsp peanut butter ½ Orgain Chocolate Clean Protein RTD ½ Tsp vanilla extract

TOPPINGS Chopped nuts and toasted coconut


Blend, top, and enjoy! By: THE HEALTHY ALTERNATIVE | 25

When I was a kid,

people in my neighborhood that wanted to hand out a healthier option on Halloween apparently had two choices: pennies or pencils. I can remember staring at those items, strewn on the carpet amongst my brightly colored loot, so out of context I could barely understand what they were. What is this, a pencil? How’d that get in here? A penny? Weird. Now that I have a kid who has an allergy to red food dye, though, I see things differently. Those unconventional neighbors have been recast in my mind as bold, progressive heroes in the Halloween battle against strange new allergens and high fructose corn syrup. I’ve even considered following suit—what alternative could I offer visiting children? The flimsy spider ring? The tiny box of raisins? No, I like fun. Prohibition? That ain’t me. For kids, Halloween is pretty much about candy, with a little dress-up and staying up late thrown in for good measure. So as I often do as a parent, I turned to the co-op for help—I needed gummy bears made with plant dyes and I needed them now! Food co-ops have come quite a distance towards meeting us halfway on our, uh, less-thanhealthy cultural traditions. There are abundant options for Halloween treats and—psst— they are ridiculously good. Even I-hope-we-get-fewer-kids-than-usual good, if you know what I mean. With ingredients like organic sugar instead 26 | THE HEALTHY ALTERNATIVE

There's No Trick to the Co-op's Halloween Treats

of high fructose corn syrup, sustainable coconut and palm oils instead of trans fats, and fair trade chocolate, these treats aren’t sleeping on the job—they are accomplishing multiple goals! I’m not kidding myself to think that any of that is necessarily healthier to eat (though I believe an argument could be made), but I do know that organic is healthier for our environment, and for the health of the people involved in making our candy, fair trade is best. In the chocolate industry in particular, fair trade certification is the easiest way for us as shoppers to know that the cocoa beans used to make your chocolate were not farmed using unpaid child labor and other human rights abuses. Despite multiple news reports about unpaid child labor in cocoa production going back as far as 2001, the majority of chocolate we eat in the United States is still produced that way. I’m not in the business of bumming you out— so please do your own reading if you’re interested. I am thankful that there are so many choices these days for how I spend my money; the ability to make a difference in the lives of the people in our communities and around the world that produce our food is abundant and, thanks to committed people all along the supply chain from farm to food co-op, readily available to me. Cultural holidays like Halloween knit our communities together—how great to live at a time where I can hand out candy and feel pretty good about it, too! By: Co+op, welcome to the table


Very Veggie Skeleton Give this spooktacular snack a try! Kids won’t make any bones about eating their veggies after making this delicious Halloween treat.

Skull 1 jicama, peeled 1 head of cauliflower florets 1 red pepper, sliced 1 orange pepper, sliced 1 yellow pepper, sliced 24 green beans 2 cherry tomatoes, halved 1 zucchini, sliced 1 carrot, sliced 5 broccoli florets 1 mushroom, sliced 2 black olives, 1 sliced, 1 diced 1/4 cup arugula 1 cup hummus (for dipping) 1 medium pumpkin (optional)

Pick a platter for the background. Cut peeled jicama in half. Using the peeler, peel the sides of the jicama until it is pear shaped. The wider end will be the top of the skull. It should be full and rounded. Start narrowing the sides about half way down and round off the bottom. This will be the jaw. The narrow end is the jaw of the skull. Carve a flat spot near the bottom for the mouth. Carve two flat spots near the top for eyes. Place the skull at the top of the platter.


For the spine, arrange cauliflower florets in a row under the skull. Pile red, orange, and yellow pepper slices on either side of the cauliflower for ribs.

Arms and hands

Stack 3 beans on each side for upper arms. Stack 3 more on each side for lower arms. Put a cherry tomato half on each side between the upper and lower stacks for elbows. Add zucchini slices for palms. Make fingers out of carrot slices.

The rest of the body

Arrange 5 broccoli florets at the bottom of the spine for hips. Make upper legs by stacking 3 green beans on each side of the broccoli. Make lower legs by stacking 3 green beans on each side below the upper legs. For knees place half a cherry tomato between the stacks on each side. For feet cut a mushroom slice in half.

By: Lynne Char Bennet/Co-op welcome to the table

Face and hair

Put round slices of olive on jicama for eyes. Add diced olive for the nose and teeth. Arrange arugula under the jicama for spooky hair.

300 calories, 18 g. fat, 0 mg. cholesterol, 380 mg. sodium, 33 g. carbohydrate, 4 g. fiber, 10 g. protein


By: Co+op, welcome to the table










6 whole wheat English muffins

Have a platter ready for the finished “spiders.”

3/4 cup crunchy peanut butter

Split and toast the English muffins, and spread each with about 2 tablespoons of peanut butter and a tablespoon of strawberry jam.

6 tablespoons strawberry jam 48 small pretzel sticks 12 chocolate chips

Arrange 8 pretzels, 4 on each side radiating outward, on the bottom half of each English muffin to make 8 legs. Top with the other halves of the muffins. Make eyes on top by placing two chocolate chips on each English muffin; they should melt a little and adhere to the muffin. Serve warm.

Trick-or-treating (or any day) is more fun when it starts with a spooky snack, like these PB&J spiders. This is a great alternative to candy, and your kids can have fun with their food!

By: Co+op, welcome to the table


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KIDS STORY SPROUTS: Children ages 3-5 Storytime in open air, bring your own blanket and we’ll provide craft kits and snacks to go to enjoy on the beautiful lawn. Cost: complimentary.


MORE THAN A STORE, IT'S AN EXPERIENCE! BRING YOUR BAGS, GIVE BACK For each reusable bag used in the Ever’man checkout line, we donate five cents to your choice of three non-profits that support our local community, sustainability, responsible agriculture or education.


Bring a reusable bag, give back to the community. Choose a non-profit to receive a five cent donation as a thank you for diverting waste at check out!


Rally Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, empowers volunteers across the country to raise awareness and funds for childhood cancer research to find better treatments with fewer long-term side effects and, ultimately, cures.


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Our mission is to improve the lives of companion animals in our community through advocacy, adoption, education and sanctuary.

CO-OP KIDS EXPLORER PROGRAM Have you heard about the Co+op Kids Explorer Program at Ever’man? This program invites kids to open their imagination to the world of co-ops and fresh foods. Ever’man offers kids a healthy fresh fruit snack while they're shopping with their parents in our store. Also there is a fun membership card, temporary tattoos, a big shiny sticker, coloring pages and a Co+op Explorers Fruit and Veggies Passport! For more information, email



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