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Editors Note Hello there, Welcome to our first Relive the Vibes edition. We are Events Barbados- if you haven't heard of us, we help promote what we like to call "superior quality events". We dabble where quality resides. At Events Barbados we're focused on the chic and value for money events. That's why we're targeted towards up and coming professionalsthe leaders and shapers of our society both now and soon to be! Throughout the Crop Over Season, we attended various events to assist promoters with ensuring they provided quality to their various audiences. We captured a lot of positive energies, smiling faces and an overall spirit of kindred friendships and togetherness. Obviously there were negative aspects of the festival, but quite frankly, we should note that you will not hear much about those in our Relive the Vibes edition. The truth is, when we first started this venture, we premised it on the fact that there were so many Quality events occurring throughout Barbados which needed to be 'put out there', not because we wanted to create a list of things to do, but rather because we felt it our mission to help others to live passionately. With this in mind, every one at Events Barbados, and those who work closely with us wanted to showcase that there was much more to smile about than there was to cause frowns. That was our premise when we started this venture and remains our premise today. We believe that events have a remarkable capacity to create that free state of mind, regardless of their interest group. It's for that reason that we generally seek to produce content which helps to uplift and encourage. Our truth is, Events Barbados is about quality experiences, we exist solely to help others live more passionately and more fulfilled lives. That's enough about us though- so let's relive the amazing Crop Over vibe.

Crop Over 2017 was for the most part indeed a memorable experience! Promoters, sponsors, vendors, event suppliers, visitors, musicians, dancers, artiste in all forms, all fellow Barbadians, all stakeholders, and most importantly the various event patrons came together to showcase in the finest form the true nature of the Barbadian spirit. In this edition, we recap memories from events like Bliss, UV, Cooler Palooza, Pan Fusion, Lush and so much more. You also get to hear about emerging trends of quality events. In addition to the promoters, there are many 'abstract faces' of the festival and who are in many instances some of the festival's major attractions, but who often go unnoticed as individuals. You'll also hear from some of those who work tirelessly to ensure the Crop Over festival continues to be a strong and vibrant reflection of the Barbadian culture. The festival's unsung heroes as it were. Relive the Vibes is not an ordinary 'magazine'. we want to showcase quality experiences and to endorse and showcase the importance of culture. We believe in the capacity of culture to unite people, and events are best positioned to showcase that culture. Regardless of target group, focus, interest or intent, every quality event has one undeniable, unmistakable, remarkable philosophy at its core, it brings out the passion in others. We truly hope you enjoy our coverage and it will forever remind you of the need to live passionately! Our stories are written in the moment of the event, so get ready cast your mind back, or to relive these experiences vicariously- get ready to Relive the Vibes! -- Team Events Barbados

Magazine Photographer: Shaka Mayers



EVENT RECAPS Pan Fusion | p.5 Cooler Palooza | p.6


Bliss | p.9 Awaken | p.12 Puff of Color | p.16

UV | p.19 Lush | p.22 Revive | p.27

Xhosa | p.31 Tipsy | p.36 Lifted | p.41

Native | p.45

FEATURES Patient Spirit Productions | p.29

Slice Cube | p.33 Couture candy | p.34

Writer's block | p.39 Jitafa | p.40

Cross Talk | p.44 Stiltman Dana | p.47

Wesley Morris | p.48 3/

Pan fusion

Pan Fusion

relive the vibe Under the gaze of this nation’s most esteemed residence, the First Citizens Pan Fusion 2017 is endearing itself to Barbadians and visitors alike as an opportunity to mix, mingle, reminisce, relax and be invigorated into the night with ‘pantastic’ sounds. Beginning in earnest with a tribute to Boo Husbands for his enriching lives through his musical talent, Nicholas Brancker & Friends have just laid a memorable musical salute. In the second half, the ZigE Walcott Azucar Orchestra are infusing the air with the sweet sounds of pan. Now truly a sight to behold Dane Gulston is pouring his heart and soul into the tenor!

The ‘Soca boat’ has now dropped anchor at Ilaro Court, and everyone is rocking left and right responding very well well to Captain RBP’s commands. Now late into the night DJ Lil Rick challenged the Azucar Orchestra to bring contemporary vibes to life with the infectious sound of pan; but refusing to be shown up they are now raising Illaro court with all genres, even dancehall hits like Konshens’ ‘Bruk off Yuh Back’. The First Citizens Pan Fusion 2017 is a celebration of our culture in a manner befitting of production of class, energy, cohesion of family and friendships, and good vibes!



Co ole r Pa loo za


Cooler Palooza


Ship Ahoy, and 'wuk ups'! Long before the ‘anchors have been hauled’ and the fabled Jolly Roger pirate ship sets sail, the patrons are descending on the shore to share ‘spirits’ of good cheer on July 16th for Cooler Palooza. The warm greeting by the ‘Party Cruise’ ladies disseminating cups as patrons alight aboard the vessel has ensured that every one is well prepared for what lay ahead.

Cooler Palooza

Though now filled to capacity, soca hits like Sanctuary’s Pick Me Up and Scrilla’s ‘Wood’ are lightening the atmosphere and creating a sense of togetherness and unrestrained permission to revel. The snow cone vendor’s alcohol infused creations are also impressing the party goers and helping to create a unique experience. From bow to stern, starboard to port, the crowd is energized and well entertained.






Elegance, class and total bliss ! Well known to be one of the most premium quality events throughout the Crop Over Season, Bliss- The Summer Edition, 'An Ultra- All Inclusive Event' is holding true to its name. The event got underway late evening and the momentum built steadily with the efficient transport of the shuttle system to create an enchanting atmosphere. Greeted with samples of 'moonshine', an expansive venue, an array of specialty drink and food outlets with cuisine from some of Barbados' most talented, and even a spa- Bliss is serenading the hearts of party faithful with an energy capable of whisking your troubles to mental oblivion.

With his natural energy, it is enlightening, gratifying and yet instructive to watch as the crowd seamlessly transitions into a well coordinated choir, overcome with total bliss, passionately filling the air with 'We Jammin Still...' under the direction of Patrick 'The Hypeman' Anthony. From the array of cuisine, to the alcohol infused snow cones, various premium beverage stalls, subtle amenities, and now the fireworks as they light up the night sky, patrons are largely appreciative. With Bliss, everyone is being mentally transported to a better, more welcoming and friendly place tonight!





We caught up with Tremayne Austin, Director, Awaken Ultra Premium event and we asked him What it takes to produce an Ultra Premium Event "Passion, a lot of work, but passion and love, love for the event, love for the people, love for the sponsors. I think that's the only way that we can bring across such an event, its not about us, its about the people- what they want, we try to cater to their needs. You know we charging, $ 250.00 for this event, that's the last cost. I want to make sure, that from the time you step through your door, you have made sure that your $ 250.00 is already spent. So this group, the Awaken team is all about service, its all about giving back to the people..." -- Tremayne Austin, Awaken Ultra Premium Event.




Good Ole Days


Its quite fitting that Fadda Fox was on hand to sign about of 'how it used to be in fetes gone by', because the reality is that no one at awaken needed to be reminded of such, instead, its almost as though they were advocating this message on his behalf. He has an army of messengers to help spread this word which transcends age, race, and gender. No doubt fadda fox helped to bring this message alive at awaken by being the champion of this cause, but it most likely has so much more to do with the sheer satisfaction patrons are getting from this event. From freshly cut coconuts to roasted breadfruit and a mouthwatering array of other culinary delights, its hard for the awaken experience to be rivaled. True to form and in keeping with the energy that pervades 'Awaken', it is less comical than it is enlightening to watch as Bashment Soca King Stiffy is now balancing with stunning precision midair while dancing with what we can only call a rather talented lady!

Puff Of Color


This hype too real!


With some estimates totaling as much as 10,000, Puff of Color has maintained its position as one of the most well attended events for the Crop Over Season. The paint, water, powder and all that signifies a J'ouvert remains the closest symbolic representation of 'ole mas'. Hoisted by a crane above the sea of revelers, we cannot justly put in words how amazing it is to witness the jumping and waving that obtains. If only we could bring you here with us, you too would be awe stricken; just imagine, for one moment if you could attempting to traverse from one end of the venue to the other. Initially, you might view it a task and from the looks of it, could easily be deterred. But if we really had the capacity to bring you here with us tonight, its almost as though no one you come in contact with is a stranger. There is such an unchecked permission to revel that its either you dance with somebody or somebody will with you. A great energy indeed.

Puff of Color


Puff of Color




"Hop in De Bar" Another breakfast event which has not disappointed. From the free flow at security to the welcome drink which the bartender suggests we call coffee - because it helps get you going- there are a lot of memorable moments being made at UV Frames the Finale. As the final edition of the event as it seeks to re-brand, its also only fitting that UV leaves us all with many fond memories to reminisce. Though the live performances are varied, there is perhaps none that touches so memorably for us as the performance by 'Lead Pipe and Saddis'; mostly because of one unforgettable action it has so far evoked from a rather enthused fan. When the duo lined up their 2017 hit "Hop In De Bar", just within eyeshot we were able to catch a glimpse of one of those real party starters sacrificed himself to test the laws of gravity and 'leaned as commanded' until he ended up 'on the ground'. It is all good fun, and the excitement is indeed enduring as promised. From the rhythmic sounds of the Tuk Band complimenting the DJ and live performers, to the sumptuous breakfast and clean restrooms, the UV Frames is truly solidifying itself in history's pages with the Finale.








Ga down in de rain Secluded amongst the undulating rolling hills and tropical lush vegetation that signifies St. Joseph, the ambiance from the entrance to the stage is indeed memorable. Trees are adorned by a variety of hues and the kaleidoscope of colors throughout set the tone for a festive yet lavish experience.

With the evening long faded there's a continuous steady flow of passionate souls overcome by the pulsating rhythms of soca filling the venue. Long before they've actually made it in hips are swaying, feet are chipping and hands are answering the calls of the beat of the drums. Now, as though summoned by the revelers,

the clouds above us have broken. Some run for cover, but many, now drenched from head to toe are feeling even more emboldened to party freely. Amongst the crowd, you can literally count the amount of umbrellas which have emerged. For the majority of them all, there is now no stopping this jam. The

speakers are blaring, "ga down in de rain, ga down in the rain..." and with every beat the crowd dips even lower. Meanwhile, throughout the night patrons continue to make good use of the amenities which help to supplement the experience including the phone charging station and variety of good eats.


EDITORIAL Top 9 Emerging Trends of Quality CROP OVER Events

A variety of quality events were held throughout the Crop Over season. While we have observed activities readily available for all interest groups, there are increasing trends which have notably influenced the quality of experiences which persons have received. The events promoted on our platform varied from cooler events to all-inclusives, but generally all had similar target audiences in terms of their demographics, interests and motivations.

As a consequence, we have been uniquely positioned to monitor these trends to help our passion seekers to better ensure they receive the best quality experiences. These are the top 10 trends we found as common among quality events. This information was compiled based on an extensive research process that involved auditing in excess of 50 events throughout the Crop Over Season.

1.) An increasing shift towards added value- whether through cooler or food and drink inclusive offers. 2.) The level of sponsorship from fast-food outlets is increasing in relation to prior years. 3.) Cruises remain an integral fixture on the Crop Over Calendar and are increasingly launching the careers of new and upcoming event promoters.


4.) Cultural experiences which extend beyond the traditional DJ and live artiste performances are becoming more prevalent through the use of cultural elements such as traditional foods (snowcones, candy, souse, cou cou etc) and cultural characters such as tuk band, stilt men, shaggy bear etc. 5.) There are fewer instances of other genres of music infiltrating events during the Crop Over season.

6.) There’s been a paradigm shift in the locations being chosen for events; new and unique locations such as plantation estates are becoming a prevalent choice for promoters. 7.) Millennials are expressing less brand loyalty towards traditional wellknown Soca artiste and rather more loyal to quality regardless of the personality or individual.

8.) Bashment Soca is increasingly becoming mainstream and attracting significant levels of sponsorship from corporate Barbados. 9.) Stigmas traditionally associated with Bashment Soca are on the decline. 10.) Online platforms like Events Barbados were prominently utilized by locals and visitors to find quality Crop Over Events.






Reviving class and relaxation Revive is bedecked by the opulence that signifies Cin Cin. It’s set to be an experience unlike any other we have witnessed this Crop Over Season. To the left is a sumptuous buffet table topped with wraps, pineapples, melon and the most lush tropical fruit to meet the eye. The air in the buffet area is also heavy with the aroma of delectable and varied entrees. Fashioned in the most current attire, with glitz and glamour, patrons begin to line the buffet area and the omelette station. Hennessy Blue label, VSOP, and Rose’ are but just a few of the freeflowing drinks lining the patron’s table tops. Just off to the right there’s a balcony with the picturesque Revive photo shoot area.

With the turquoise blue waters of the Caribbean sea in the background there’s an endless string of patrons capitalizing on the photo-op with the Events Barbados Photographers sponsored by Revive. The morning is progressing and the sun’s rays are seeping further up the deck; inside the dining area and out in the open air there are many smiling faces- everyone is socialising to the sounds of the season’s biggest hits. If ever there was a relaxed vibe of class with intermittent party scenes and unending fraternizing with strangers and friends alike, this is it.



Creative Director, Patient Spirit Productions




FEATURE Patient Spirit Productions is an independent entity which offers professional photography, videography, and printing services. We tailor our packages to suit each client's unique needs and we move swiftly and purposefully to accomplish each required task. We have a firm belief in our adage, "A humble and patient spirit, is a mighty one." and take pride in providing our clientele, with the best service in the world. Shaka Mayers, Creative Director, Patient Spirit Productions



Dai Dai


Across the turquoise blue waters, the evening sun retires and the Xhosa Band Launch is getting underway in a wooded area set back from the nearby beach. Curious revelers to be are dotted throughout but the crowd and the anticipation continues to build as the light fades. Now a bluish hue pervades every iota of ambient air bouncing from the lights cast upon the numerous trees throughout the venue. In the foreground, the party is in full effect and the DJs are raising the Vibe but behind the scenes, models prepare to woo the audiences with this year’s costume offerings. Back stage, it’s a well coordinated hive of activity. The costumers are about to be revealed and with every acoustic sound pummeling from the sound system, the air becomes even less sedate with festive anxiety. It’s timewith blissful strides, grace and confidence, the feathers from their headpieces flutter in the wind. Beauty after beauty after beauty there’s a masterly command of 6 inch stilettos, it’s a genuine marvel watching this girl “dip and go low”. The influences of the Xhosa costumes are far and wide, they toy and tease with the concept of revelry colliding with purity. Some concepts are rooted beyond these quaint yet vibrant Barbadian shores, some as tantalizing as the legendary Dai Dai of the Guyana wilderness; a folklore of the unforeseen beyond the irresistible sensual advances of a beautiful woman. The Elysium section is typified by bright pink, yellow, white and blue tones. ‘Isle of the Blessed’, it’s meant to represent a place of bliss, a place of immortality for a chosen few.



Feature Slice Cube was birthed out of a passion for design- a passion for innovation in a unique way. It is a brand conceptualised by two extremely talented young men who lay claim claim to notable graphic design projects. They note that their goal is to always think outside of the cube (box) and to invoke emotions that change the way people usually see, think and feel. What is important is understanding a client’s intended audience, and creating a tailor-made formula to successfully communicate with their intended demographic. For Slice Cube, it’s a function of design to bolster and engage consumer interactions. As Slice Cube puts it, “Physiologically it appeals to the way how they feel, act and respond to its message; that’s why no part of our process is created without thinking through the impact it will have on everyone - the client, the consumer and other associated parties.”

Jeshua Bonas

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Events Barbados designs by Slice Cube

Mario Knight


Couture Candy FEATURE Couture Candy is a small business with a creative spin on traditional confectionery treats. In one year the company has established solid relationships with promoters, event planners and marketing companies. In this short time span Couture Candy has changed the way persons conceptualize special occasions

from birthday parties to entertainment events with traditional treats presented in unique ways. The company currently offers Alcoholic, Plain and Organic Cotton Candy, Popcorn, Treat Bags and recently introduced Mini Donuts and Cheesecake Squares to its growing product offering.

Additional services include rental of cotton candy and popcorn machinery, generators and tables. Couture Candy was created in May 2016 and is managed by business partners Katrina Taylor and Neilsa Layne who both have backgrounds in Journalism and Marketing.




Event Gallery





An all white affair Its 6PM and Tipsy is covered by the allure of the sunset as the light rays bounce gingerly off the sea of white that pervades throughout one of the Season’s biggest all white events. Yet early still, there’s room to roam freely throughout the venue at Pirates Cove but we anticipate that reality will soon fade as more patrons make hurried exits from their offices to partake in the Tipsy experience. Three fully stocked bar areas are scattered throughout the venue. With crowds gravitating to each, its clear the audience is beginning to build. Now covered by the star lit night sky, and with hardly much space to maneuver to the front and middle of the venue, the energy is magnifying. Not even the once cool sea breeze is enough to temper the humid air stemming from the electrifying vibe which has now taken root. With every glance, in every direction, everyone is partying. It’s a photographer’s dream. With KES the band taking to the stage, the experience thus far has been so electrifying, it’s hard to believe there’s still more vibes to come. Serenading the audience with her 2017 hit ‘Baila Mami’ Nailah Blackman has now joined KES on stage tempering the fast pace for just a bit to a more mellow mood leading the ladies in more sensual tamed grooves. Now late into the night, the venue is packed and transparent balls rolls across the crowd assisted unimpeded with a daring good sport inside. Now completely drenched from the persistent intermittent showers, there are no signs of this jam abating. TIPSY





S ' R E T I R W OCK BL Dire ing g a Man

The a is not im t be o censoa nor r censu to re.



r i Mu akar


I discovered I had a real passion for making music back in 2004, recording on an old desktop and headset mic in my bedroom. That old desktop is now Dark Room Recordings; a recording studio and record label where I spend most of my time doing what I love. When I started most of my clients were and still are young, relatively unknown artiste from different communities and the aim was just to put out as many songs as possible because I really enjoyed the process.

Rathe ins r to to inpf ire, an orm spur d to growtheir th.

Having noticed a trend towards a disproportionate amount of violent and expletive-filled songs, as a developmental initiative, and aiming to contribute to a more positive culture, I came up with an exciting and engaging journey for these young creatives called Writer’s Block. Through this programme these artiste learn first hand about the music business and the legal aspects of music as well as strengthen their songwriting skills through a series of workshops and showcases.

agnify ts to m k exis . c th lo u B o r's f the y ar Write lent o min e s the ta k c rsblo #write over #crop icislife #mus





JITAFA is a unique fashion designing small business based in Barbados. Kimesha Skeete founder for JITAFA started this venture at an early age after realizing that her passion was to help others to allow their outer beauty to embolden their inner beauty. So she decided to come up with her own clothing brand in 2002 and through consistency and perseverance, JITAFA is now one of thee top designing brands in Barbados. JITAFA Is all about bringing that extra arena, her motto is always be extra never think of the occasion, let the occasion think of you! As she puts it "Dress up show up stand out."




Soca lover Lifted is just getting underway and approaching the Bushy Park venue from the south, the traffic is diminishing the time available to unleash inside. Fields water logged from persistent rains, August 3rd must now be the wettest night of the Crop Over calendar. Footwear once white, is now murky in tone as we trek across the now sodden tracks to the entrance. In the distance, the truly unique stage style suggests that something about this night ahead is about to be different and memorable. Glancing to the right and the left, there's convenient access to free drinks from the Mount Gay, Absolut and Banks Beer bars.



Stage left and stage right, construction crane arms are hoisted with speakers suspended and illuminated adding to the visual allure of the event’s aesthetics. The rains pour once more demanding that these patrons submit and seek shelter, but with paved grounds in this southern pit area of the Bushy Park racing circuit, not many offer such reprieve. With doors having opened at 6 PM, its getting later into the night and the food area at the back of the venue is still going.Traditional fares like bbq chicken and grilled fish are on offer to sate the palates of all who desire.

Decked in an all black dress, a lady and a man make the warmest embrace. Set back behind them, with her French accent and her hips swaying in a manner capable of none other than Caribbean queens, another lady holds aloft a sign declaring herself a French soca lover. Now suspended in the air to the left of the stage, the rhythm section ‘IZAVYBE’ is back in action for another set recharging the atmosphere with live musical sounds. We began the night thinking this was going to be different and it certainly is proving that way.




By Joel M.P. Manning

Cross Talk in a nutshell is an online show that offers a chance for individuals to be acknowledged for various achievements especially at the entrepreneurial level and provides a platform for discussion of various social and topical issues not only within Barbados but from a global perspective. The show would have been conceptualized in August 2016 given my desire to further my career. Although a true leap

of faith given that I had no clue how individuals would respond to the concept, Cross Talk essentially provided an avenue for me to continue practicing my talents with the ultimate goal one day of breaking into the regional and international markets. My vision is to see Cross Talk impact firstly at the individual level where people begin to have informed discussions and debate surrounding the topics that we cover. Beyond that I

would want that Cross Talk grows into a platform that allows other young individuals to hone their skills in the media. Thus far we would have had two seasons of Cross Talk. Each season featured six episodes covering topics such as Make-up trick or treat, the impact of crime on the economy, pursuing non traditional careers and social responsibility of influencers amongst many other topics.





Mario Knight


The Amerindian Goddess The morning still young, once white native shirts are now dotted or splashed with a variety of colors. Two women are sauntering by with their faces painted- quizzed about the chosen design, she is jokingly relaying yet with the most convincing demeanor- “the stripes on the left cheek symbolize blessings from the Amerindian Goddess warding off the evil spirits on the right.” Rising from her nose bridge, the circular contour of seven strikes on the foreheadwell these she claims represent 7 hours of unrelenting permission to revel. Interactions like this are what make the J’ouvert.


Paint, mud and powder, adorn bodies in ways that would be shunned with gazes of disdain on any regular day. The music truck, now on its way, the vibrant colors from the paint and powder glisten as they hover amongst the winds. Mounting the music truck frame ascending to its roof, the lights cast a silhouette around the DJ. Ahead in the distance, a puff of smoke emerges, with a reddish tone. Half of the once visible revelers are now befallen by the flurry. It has emboldened them to party even harder. Cups are recharging fast while liquor and ‘Soldanza Plantain Chips’ and ‘Fresh’ water are given away in abundance along the way.

Freezy's hit tune "Split in de middle" is once again tearing up the speakers, as a girl leaps from the ground landing in a full split. To the amusement of her and all women in the crowd, the man himself emergesa surprise performance, Native is now hyped even more. Split in the middle- one of the biggest hits of the season, is now being performed live on the track to an accompaniment of a thousand smiling faces. Now straddled from behind, Freezy instead challenges her to face the grind of a Caribbean man. It’s hard to justly put into words this ‘Native’ experience; its one best lived!


FEATURE STILTMAN DANA Where did your passion come from ? I would say I was a shy person but I just love to see the expression on others faces, especially non nationals who visit or in places where I visit. When they see me do what I do on the stilts . So I'd say my passion comes from the love of what I do and the audience.

How do you contribute to entertainment in Barbados ? We contribute just as much as anyone else in entertainment. Sometimes I am the main attraction of a show or performance or just a backdrop for the main attraction but no matter what we're always acknowledged because we bring that presence and wow factor.



WESLEY MORRIS "To be the best that I can be”




“To be the best that I can be” is the personal motto of Wesley Morris. This young lad first started playing the Violin at his alma mater Milton Lynch Primary (formerly Christ Church Boys’) when he was 7 years under the tutelage of Mrs. Joy Knight-Lynch. Today, thirteen years on, he is still very passionate about his music/entertaining. Wesley’s first public appearance was in 2007 at the Barbados Choir Festival held in Independence Square. Since then, he has been gracing stages at several events across Barbados; alongside some of the best musicians in the island. In November 2016, Wesley went on tour with the legendary Arturo Tappin and his band where they entertained His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales on his visit to the island of Antigua. His musical passion and skill has been recognized through an Award of Achievement in Classical Music conferred by The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music and Trinity College London. He completed his Associate Degree in Music from the Barbados Community College in May 2016 and hopes to further garner some more experience when he embarks on a scholarship to Berklee College of Music next year.




From one friend of the Festival to another, we make this dedication to all fellow companies who supported the festival through their generous sponsorship. Congratulations on your commendable support for Barbadian culture and a Big Thank you for helping to ensure it endures!

GILDAN PWClts EQUITY Insurance Ltd Good Time Snacks Wibisco Purity Bakeries Dewar's Burger King Barefoot Wine Boss Guinness RMJ Remy Martin Courtesy Malibu Sun Group Hotels Brunswick Tuna

Pan African Commission Caribbean Broadcasting Commission Sanitation Services Authority Banks MQI Barbados Light & Power DB Productions Massy Distribution Cockspur Brdyen Stokes Johnny Walker LIAT Jetblue

Renaissance Designs Inc. Piper Heidsieck Stoli vodka Barbados Public Workers CooperativeCredit Union Lucky Horseshoe A1 Supermarkets Infinity on the Beach Hotel Caribbean Airlines Grace Degree Bacardi Trident 10 TV Barbados Crop Over Hub


friends of the festival EVENTS



National Cultural Foundation Republic Bank Events Barbados Digicel Flow Patient Spirit Productions Slice Cube Graphic Design Mount Gay Distilleries KFC Barbados Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc Novbas Photography Hot 95.3 FM National HIV/AIDS Commission



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