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It continues to serves as perhaps one of the safest Carnivals to be found globally, with the friendliness of the average Bajan invigorating the festival with an immense sense of cheer. There is a saying that goes in part, “Happiness is contagious”, it is safe to say Crop Over brings this to life. There is always this vibrant, festive, light-hearted feeling ‘vibe’ as Bajans would say. The ambiance created by the soca music whisks you from the stresses of life, creating for that time, a place of happiness and freedom.

The Sweetest Summer Festival Photograpy Workshop Crop Over is a celebration of Barbadian culture with some estimates dating the festivities to as far back to the early 1800s. During these times, the revelry was in celebration of the end of the sugar cane harvest. In its modern form, it is more a time of revelry, national merriment and freedom. One international travel writer outlined the festival as a “liberating space for women of all shapes and sizes”. In many respects, the festival is truly built around this ideology, in the words of one local masquerade band producer, “women make the mas”. In the midst of all the merrymaking, there are the infectious rhythms and lyrics of the soca music. As Carnivals throughout the region continue to grow and gain more international appeal, the music and influences have been increasingly transcending the various island borders.

We have captured these experiences from some of the festival’s best events of 2018 and recap them for you enjoyment. Each Crop Over Experience story is written descriptively, and is followed by select images and information about where you can review the full gallery. Also be sure to check out our themed event icons to help you distinguish the various event experiences.

Looking forward to seeing you in Barbados for Crop Over this year!

Crop Over continues however to hold its place as a Carnival of prominence with regional and global appeal.






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USD $ 110





Pure pandemonium- in the most festive way of-course! Location: Newton In the wee hours of the morning, fireworks darted across the sky and exploded signalling the start of the event- Native was now underway! Once plainly designed Native white shirts were transformed into more intricate blueprints (some were literally quite blue). This is a feature which has grown to become a more integral part of the mas experience. The creative skills were prevalent in the female outfits with fringe t-shirts, various patterns of distress shirts, over-sized shirts refined into dresses, distressed dresses and even bikini tops. In this Tshirt costume phenomenon, people traditionally superimpose their own character personifying the essence of Crop Over and its notion of revelry, freedom and release. It was hard to stop anywhere, or come into the eyeshot of a friend or be noticed by anyone who saw you on one too many occasions and not be doused with the paint. To even be in the range of a jubilant stranger was sure to result in squirts or pools of paint and powder being hurled towards you. All in good fun of course. Then the DJs amped the crowd to a level of pure pandemonium. Their playlist sustained the vibe and ambiance inciting the crowd to throw so much paint and powder and carry on with extreme gaiety. As the morning sun began to rise, Bashment and Sweet Soca King Lil Rick mounted the music truck, and with his many hits, he got the crowd into a frenzy.


“Fellas” he said, “when ya see the girl, wa ya tell she ?” in unison everyone shouted “I did want tuh wuk up pun you evasince, come gimme the wine…” This is undoubtedly, the most well known line of the song. The 6 hours of mas culminated with a seamless breakfast service for the 1,800 revelers with offers of burger king, chicken soup, tea and others. Recounts from patrons indicate there will be an even more enthusiastic rush to purchase Native packages as soon as they are announced for the event this year. Late comers to Native 2018 who were lucky enough to secure a package would be well advised to avoid that risk in 2019. As Bajans would say, “a word to the wise is enough”….

... being in the range of a jubilant stranger was sure to result in squirts or pools of paint and powder being hurled towards you. All in good fun of course.


French Soca Lovers we see you!

definitely had a blast WWW.MYEVENTSBARBADOS.COM | 07

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what can we say?... this is what fun looks like native is beauty

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UV Ohana

USD $ 120





UV is sweet sounds of the tuk band, biggest artistes of 2018 and awesome food! Location: Carlisle Centre “From ah reach inside the session, ah [see nuff colour] bout dey”. Under the theme Ohana, UV Vibe 2018 was memorable in more ways than one. The concept of Ohana is a part of traditional Hawaiian culture meaning family. Supplemented with leis (flower necklaces), and coconut drinks from the husk with umbrellas, the venue laden was with so much colour it just fostered an immense sense of serenity and internal cheer from entry. Patrons themselves bedecked in an array of floral outfits also helped to embolden even further the tropical theme. A sunrise event- the majority of the UV family began to descend on Carlisle Bay Centre as the sun began to usher in the dawn of what was about to become this most festive and jolly day- a tone set by the UV energy. From then until about 8.30 am breakfast was served followed sometime after by brunch. From the omelettes so masterfully made by the Chef with their light and fluffy texture, to the oh so mellow roast breadfruit with the irresistible barbecue pig tail filling (yummm), the cuisine offering was second to none. Special mention must go also for the pudding and souse which was a particular craving for the Barbadian diaspora in attendance. In between the energy infused live performances, the atmosphere became heavy with the sounds of drums and percussion instruments.


Over the sounds of the MC as he managed the smooth running of the show, the band helped to keep everyone's grove going. As these sounds faded and performances were revived intermittently throughout the show, there was special mention to be made of entertainers Hollaback, Jus D and Fadda Fox. “Too sweet when ah wine pun ya”, was the only call to action Hollaback needed to make from his hit tune, and hands instantly went towards people’s chest, their backs arched and they swayed and chipped left to right with slow and rhythmic motions of endearment and caroled this melodic song. Some hands were outstretched, shoulders rocked from left to right as they leaned back and looked skyward; it is remarkable how an energy of such complete bliss could have overcome a mass of people in such a coordinated fashion.

...from its fine food, to the exquisite offerings and easy flowing champagne, to the overall arrangements clearly done with patrons in mind.


uv ohana

WELCOME TO UV A real tropical experience

too sweet!

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uv ohana

Zulu is in the house

pudding and souse- checked


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We Don't Pose We Party So many people came out in the middle of the week for this party, I guess they could not miss this! Location: Sugarland Gardens Arriving a bit late to the party, (as most Bajans tend to do), the faint sounds of sweet soca music were ringing throughout the air on approach to Sugarland Gardens. Admission was hassle free and we were in the venue in no time. “We don’t pose, we party”, a interesting name for an event indeed but venturing beyond the security and admissions you cross a small bridge over a miniature landscaping pond and the energy of the crowd just entices you. It is then no wondering why its called, “We don’t pose we party”. The inside is a lush garden, illuminated with ambient blue, green, amber and pink hues, and the crowd’s dancing motion creates a wave as they sway from side to side, and dip and rise- it makes you want to keep to the rhythm of the beat. Around the entrance to your immediate left is a “slowmo” photo booth where the Xhosa promotional girls decked in fitted blue dresses spend some time and many laughs creating a slew of poses with many bottles of the smooth tasting Mount Gay black barrel Rum. To your right, perched under a covered deck which spans the length of the venue are drink stalls, a popcorn station and a booth promoting the charitable cause the Xhosa band is supporting for the 2018 Crop Over festival.

USD $35




As with any soca party, the music blares throughout the night, but one of the highlights of this was its multiple live performances. From many of Barbados’ great soca sensations including "Red Plastic Bag”, "Lil Rick", and "Biggie Irie", to up and coming popular performers like "Jus D" and "Faith', the crowd was not only singing along but it was as though each performer had a mass of backup singers- this crowd literally knew every word and every modulation to every song. Soca music is sometimes typified by masterful moments of double entendre and "Jus D" with his infectious rhythms and often suggestive lyrics had the crowd in a frenzy of good clean fun. Ushering in one of his most favoured hits for 2018 among his female fan base, with vocals only, he began “Raise ya hand if ya don’t need a manager, ya only need a man who could manage ya…”, and the crowd erupted with cheers of satisfaction. Throughout the night, the energy of the crowd right in front of the stage was electric. From the MC to the live band and the guitarist who was just having so much fun you would be forgiven for thinking he was a patron partying on the stage. So energetic was he smiling and hailing friends and strangers alike from the crowd all while strumming and keeping in time with the tune. That type of energy pervaded throughout the night and those in attendance.

...That type of energy pervaded throughout the night and those in attendance.




De Red Boyz in action

Even song bird Nikita and Lead Pipe from the Lead pipe and Saddis duo were enjoying the action

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#xhosafamily Dont forget those coolers

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Puff of Colour "Paint in your hair, powder on your face, water running down your skin..." Location: Searles Quarry Puff of Color is undoubtedly one of the biggest events on the Barbados Crop Over Calendar. In the wee hours of the morning, the admissions checkpoint into the quarry was a mass of people. Yes, that is right- Puff of Color transformed a Quarry into one of the most sought-after paint slinging, powder throwing, water dousing, care-free phenomena Bajans and visitors alike just can’t seem to get enough of. The passion for the event showed because the line was both long and 6 abreast in some cases but the 'pang ka-tang-ka-tang' sounds of a man beating iron and his ensemble of sax, drummers and trumpet players gave a contemporary feel and sound to traditional Barbadian folk music. Having waded your way inside, sharing smiles, pictures and jokes with fellow party goers on the way in, imagine descending the entrance with cut rock walls towering 50 feet and beyond on all sides. On any given day the vastness of this dig-out would dwarf anything or anyone in it. But on this night, the ambiance created left you awe stricken. A vast stage made the slightly towering walls less imposing; drink and food stalls lined the outskirts; a slew of sponsor’s feather banners fluttered in the wind; tanks with paint and water were dotted throughout, and in the centre, towered a large frame with colored drapes and lights. Add to this all, thousands of party people once dressed in white now in a kaleidoscope of colors. Some wore masks or bandannas draped around the nose and mouth to quell the flurry of paint, water and powder. Water guns were in abundance and paint stops were scattered throughout. In an instant you could be doused and then immediately topped off by someone else with another round of paint. The beauty of it is to be in the thick of the action, where strangers will be happy to leave you resplendent in color like Keisha.


USD $ 45




Her hair was streaked in red and green paint, and soaked from the sprays of the water hose, her clothes clung to her toned body. The shirt tied midway about her stomach, hands swinging through the air, Keisha said she’s from Boston but her dancing would lead you to believe she has some strong Caribbean roots. Stilt men in what appeared to be cricket costumes with the contours illuminated caught the eye as they meandered throughout, showing their command of the stilts with their dance. Nothing was as captivating though as the fire-eater, eating fire and wukking up all at once- kudos to you sir because so many of us have to focus on wukking up 'correctly' all the while you can manage to concentrate on eating fire. Well Done! At some point, the night having aged quite somewhat, everyone’s eyes went skyward as the night sky became a canvas- not from the flinging of paint though that happened regularly-, but from the ignition of fireworks, the booms of which were tempered only by the rhythm of the music. To put the Puff of Color energy in perspective, as the sun began rising up (ok you’re right, it can’t rise down now can it, but that’s Caribbean colloquialism for ‘ya’) we ventured again to the stage to have a look at the crowd in all its glee. This was the scene- powder on faces, the grounds littered with the confetti as it erupted throughout the night, constant whistles of party goers jumping in unison to the soca hits blaring from the speakers and water canons spraying the sky to rain down on the jubilant crowd.

This was the scene, powder on faces... and the constant whistles of party goers jumping in unison.


"families" (bajan saying) we think you need some more paint !! paint on the shoulder...always the sign of a man who got many hugs at POC

ran out of paint ? Just use the whole bucket WWW.MYEVENTSBARBADOS.COM | 17

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this is no place for 'stush' behavior, we will cool you right down!

This is POC 2018 POC2018 is all smiles

the immense thrill that is Crop Over

think you have this much skill? Wukkin up and eating fire is no mean feat

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USD $ 125





The food and drinks were equally delightful. There was the most well-balanced mimosa (a “Ruk-a-tuk mimosa”) offered at the Piper Heidsieck bar, and premium drinks including Johnnie Walker Black, Courvoisier and Stolichnaya were flowing steadily. Breakfast was sumptuous with offerings of scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage and onions, fried chicken and waffles, hash browns and saltfish and bakes, various desserts and tea stations.

Rukatuk is the fusion that happens when breakfast, great vibes, a real party crowd and endless energy come together Location: Harbour Master Rukatuk is one of the most unique experiences available on island during the Crop Over season. This year, the team augmented the cruise by introducing a breakfast lounge experience prior to the start. From early morning, patrons began to trickle into Copacabana and were greeted upon arrival to cups, and shades and the casual Rukatuk wristband accessory. A daytime event slated for aboard the Harbour Master Cruise vessel, Rukatuk branded snap-back caps were also on sale at USD $10.00. Their affordable and appealing designs coupled with the burn of the typical Caribbean sunshine made them crowd favorites. The largely open-air venue was outfitted with picnic tables immediately ahead of the entrance walkway followed by draped cabanas which were reserved for special guests. Venturing further inside, at least three distinct bar areas are observed and a dining space with breakfast stations revealed itself. Most noticeable were the clusters of three gold plated bottles as dining table center pieces, They glistened drawing attention and created a sense of lavishness befitting of a certain quality of patron. The timing of the event and the intermittent trickle of guests was hugely advantageous as the food stations and bars remained relatively free throughout. Even as the crowd began to amass, the speed of service remained steady. What is clear is that this aspect of the experience was more an opportunity to relax and mix and mingle with like-minded and spirited individuals- a ‘lime’ as most Bajans would attest.

By 9.30 am, the DJ began advising everyone to prepare for boarding to facilitate an on-time departure. The superior quality of the event was reinforced by the experience on board where stations offered mini ham cutters and soup prior to ascending to the top deck of the vessel to the party area. On the top deck, bottles of Piper Heidsieck were kept chilled and served at your beck and call. Peering over the side of the vessel somewhat zapped by the mid-morning heat and generally just in a relaxed tone, our attention became rapt when the crowd started into a frenzy responding to ‘Patrick the Hype Man’. Make no mistake though, the cruise was generally quite energetic with people enjoying themselves throughout. Turning towards the DJ booth to see what Patrick was doing that fueled the crowd with such zest on this occassion, our eyes instead met him in the middle of the crowd with what seemed to be almost everybody on board jumping left, left, left to the edge and then right. In the midst of it all, water was just being hurled all over the crowd by some who were in this flurry. The amazing reality of all this however, is that to date, not us nor any one else we ask seems to remember what song evoked that euphoria. What is certain, is that even if you remember the Ruk- a-tuk experience in a blur, the memory is one of an energy filled atmosphere.

almost everybody on board jumping left, left, left to the edge and then right.



simply splendid

getting ready for the action

what trouble are you guys planning... lol WWW.MYEVENTSBARBADOS.COM | 21

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take ya time when ya gimme that wine

even outside the boat has action

patrick "the hypeman" getting the crowd in a frenzy... "everybody put ya hands in the air"

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USD $45

LIFTED You can't match the excitement here!

Location: Bushy Park Having arrived at Lifted after the party was well underway, getting into Bush Park was uneventful. Parking was conveniently available on the vast pasture adjacent to the venue with guides available to direct and ensure vehicles were safely guarded. When inside, a number of distinct features immediately stand out. Firstly, the title “Lifted” is to be no misnomer, what ever could be suspended was suspended. The speakers hung from cranes, but most captivating was the trailer hoisted along the perimeter with a live band mounted on top. The sweet sounds of drums and steel pan filled the air in between sets to ensure the vibe of the crowd never dipped below certain levels. Under the theme “levels”, this was equally fitting because as the night continued to progress, Lifted just became more memorable with each passing hour. Lifted was slated to be headlined by Bunji Garlin which alone would be enough to rouse a crowd. But with its price point, the thought of a drinks inclusive cooler event set a level that was difficult for many other events to match. Then in a spectacular show of kicking it up another notch, the event also hosted an exclusive package offer with a bottle of Remy Martin and Luc Belaire respectively for US $50.00. The DJs kept the energy with the biggest local and regional hits of the season. As has been obtaining at almost all Crop Over events, the crowd’s response to Fimba’s “Funky Business” was unforgettable as people took ownership of the lyrics instructing others to “...Leave me alone, when ya see me leave me alone!”




In the segment of live performances, local acts King Bubba and Lil Rick preceded the headliner. It always makes for a spectacle when entertainers are able to entice avid fans to join them on stage because you just never know what will happen. During Lil Rick’s rendition of his catchy 2018 “Suga Lump” tune, a vivacious and voluptuous fan scaled the stage to join him leaving the crowd in awe and uproar with the agility in her unexpected split. Then the Viking of Soca- Bunji Garlin- touched the stage and in an hour long set vitalized the crowd even further to the extent that as he began to sing “An wen de gyal dem tay-lay-lay And shadow ding-go-lay I hear dis whole crowd say-ay.” , the voice of the crowd seemed to match that emanating from the speakers as they erupted– “We are the sound of soca ay-ay-ayay-ay”. Similar to Lil Rick’s performance, the vibe created moved another patron to leap the stage, this time a guy who clearly was not afraid to showcase his musical talent. Bunji gave him the mic and to everyone’s amusement he began. You would be forgiven for thinking he was a part of the act, as he skillfully managed both in song and his antics to relay the 2012 hit song 'Runaway' by Bunji and Kerwin Du Bois – “…As ah walk out de door… they calling me run away, cause I on the road all day…”, for the majority in attendance he will remain anonymous but it is safe to say that the experiences like these which pervaded throughout lifted on the night of August 2nd and into the wee hours of August 3rd- way beyond the intended finish time- make the event one to look forward to in 2019.

“We are the sound of soca ay-ay-ay-ay-ay.



Top striker!

"Well everytime I show show up everything blowup"

more images at WWW.MYEVENTSBARBADOS.COM | 24

nope, these are not actually performers, but they both could as well be, great sports indeed, read more in our Lifted Crop Over Experience story




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LUSH Simply LUSH! Location: Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre Held on the grounds of the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre, the ambiance at Lush was already highly animated by the time the crowd began to build once the sun lit sky began to give way to the starry moon lit night. Though a cooler event, admittance through the security checkpoint was steady having arrived around dusk. On the inside, Lush transformed the once sterile carpark area into a canvas of color accentuating the flora, fauna with hues of landscape lighting. Lush has long been regarded for its focus on creating memorable vistas at its chosen venues and Lush 2018 showed no departure from this norm. There was also consistency in the traditional structure with food stalls offering select contemporary and traditional Bajan delights. From the omnipresent macaroni pie to the pickled breadfruit and the relentless fishcake line. Bars were also fully stocked but due to the cooler nature of the event only sold by the bottle. As has become a norm throughout the festival, the traditional iconic snowcone man was also present with the more modern alcohol infused creations. There was a small embankment separating the building from the road where most of the crowd using the opportunity to lime remained with their coolers. In the road way, in front of the stage- those who were in a more festive mood took up residence and DJs fed off their energy to spread that exuberance throughout. Hands were equipped with glow sticks which were being waved from left to right throughout the night creating its own melange giving life to the party in its own right. As endearing as it is for Barbadians, Crop Over also feels like home for many visitors, friends from neighbouring islands, and the diaspora and generally the influx of the soca hits from other festivals complements the energy.

USD $45




So in an instant, the blaring sound system went “Last night ah drink the Rum and ah falling down but ah know this morning ah waking up” (song- Top Striker by Lil Natty and Thunda from Grenada) and it felt as though something was about to erupt in the crowd as people began in a steady crouch for this stanza. Then the bass from the speakers magnified and hit the hook- “Mass ova dey…” the pent up energy was instantly released with such vitality with people jumping and moving all at once. Flags began waving from Grenada, St. Kitts, Trinidad, St. Lucia clearly showcasing the representatives of the Lush crowd. It was literally impossible to be in the thick of this crowd and not to feel moved enough to jump at that point. It was almost second nature. The performance by the King of Crop Over- Lil Rick- also added to the crowds musical journey with hits like Hardwine and the melodic 2018 hit “Mother Sally” among others. This all helps to explain why Vanessa said, “this is by far my best fete and experience in BIM this year. Vibes from start to finish. Truly enjoyed LUSH!!! Thanks for the vibes.”

It was literally impossible to be in the thick of this crowd and not to feel moved enough to jump at that point. It was almost second nature.



when you've come out to live life!

everybody ready ? ... no not yet!

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everybody loves crop over

this is what the festival is about

LUSH 2018


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Feting for Non- Feters


by a non feter

1. Familiarise yourself with the season’s biggest hits. Familiar songs will resonate with you more, creating inclinations to sing and dance along. 2. Stand as comfortably close and safe as possible to the speakers. Feeling the bass from the music pulsing through the body creates a desire to move. 3. Sway from side to side if you’re selfconscious about your dancing. Swaying is relaxing, easy, and gradually raises your energy and your comfort level. 4. Attend only the best events. When you are in a safe comfortable environment, where promoters focus on superior quality experiences, you are more likely to feel at ease. Feel free to contact us to recommend events to you, check our webpage or follow us on social media where we regularly share info about these types of events. 5. Be cognizant of your surroundings. Its always important to be safe, know the quality of persons you are interacting with and avoid any situations where you feel unsure or which may place you or others in harm’s way. 6. Avoid revealing or compromising actions which you may later regret. Remember life goes on beyond the party.

7. Go with friends. Friends transfer and magnify the energy of the event among each other. 8. Be surrounded by others who are partying and enjoying. Being in the presence of others with a strong vibe gives you 'permission' and creates a sense of obligation to just enjoy how ever you desire. 9. Have a little fun. Throw your hands in the air, jump up and down, or sing out loud (don’t worry, no one can hear your over the sound of the speakers), just do what ever you want. 10. Stay hydrated when drinking alcohol, know your limits and never drink and drive. The fete is a time for merriment, but know and respect your limits. Safety ALWAYS comes first. | | @myeventsbarbados

-- approved for non-feters



Bliss Never been in a state of such total and complete bliss! Location: Belle, St. Michael There is no doubt Bliss: The Summer Edition, brings out the best of the best. It is one of the festival’s most prominent events when it comes to an all-inclusive experience for exclusive sumptuous food, premium drinks, pomp, pageantry, elegance; and an overall over-the-top production. The spectacles created and the mystery surrounding the venues always foster a sense of anxiousness. Having arrived at the park and ride location and boarded the shuttle it wasn’t long before we were arriving at the venue. The admissions checkpoint was a tented walkway decorated with blue, green and pink spandex draped corridors. In the background the atmosphere was filled by the sweet sounds of the steel pan which revealed themselves as we reached the end of the corridor. For the ladies, a shoe check station and hand fans being distributed began to set the tone and as we got past the entrance the most intricate photo board emerged to our left. So spectacular a feature it had lines of patrons almost the entire night. Bliss is not Bliss without the slew of amenities and services to pamper. Lounge chairs were scattered throughout, and the temporary bathroom facilities were clean and constantly refreshed. The interim powder area nearby was also outfitted with mirrors, sweets, tissues and similar restroom amenities. Never mind how young the evening, the Spa area was- as has been customary over the years- well populated. Whether a sharp shave for the gents, a makeup session to embolden their already titillating beauty for the gorgeous ladies, or a quick shoulder massage for either, these services were well utilized. Panning around the venue, there are general, Remy Martin, Ciroc, cocktail and Johnny Walker bars. At select times, the 18-year-old Johnny Walker scotch Whisky Platinum Blend was also served and the food court had a seemingly endless array of food, offering the most unforgettable flavours.


USD $ 150




As a gent walks by us he utters, “Can you believe they even have sushi here”- his lady friend’s response was only, “It’s Bliss”. Well that response certainly says it all. Caterers including the internationally renowned Chef John Hazard all combined to offer delights ranging from the more traditional like rotis, Bajan Saturday delicacies like souse, the unofficial national dish- macaroni pie, and vegan dishes like Sweet potato cake, to the things you’ve probably never tried like Chili con Carne with Mexican rice, Kingfish Passionfruit Ceviche and Crispy Duck Pancakes. With all of this included, it behooves anyone to see where your palette needs to be widened! Be not be mistaken though, Bliss is as much a raving party as it is a love affair with elegance, fine food and drinks. DJ line-ups were both local and international, with representation from Canada, Jamaica and the USA. Live performances by Local star-studded casts included Bashment Soca and Sweet Soca king “Lil Rick” and the Queen of Soca herself Alison Hinds. This amalgam of experiences perhaps helps to explain why Bliss retains such a major appeal for regional and international audiences and the Caribbean diaspora. There were many groups of friends flying in for Crop Over to be found throughout the night like the vibrant “French Soca Lovers” who we encountered. With distinct recall, we can reiterate how we had to escape the crowd in a dancing flurry, not because we did not want to partake, but because this was a spectacle we had to witness not lost amid the euphoria to fully recount.

Can you believe they even have sushi here”his lady friend’s response was only, “It’s Bliss”.


total bliss this is about the time you get ready to jump

fireworks give that sense of glitz and glamour WWW.MYEVENTSBARBADOS.COM | 33

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everybody put your hands in the air if you're loving it here !

just look at this food!!

more images at WWW.MYEVENTSBARBADOS.COM | 34

6 4 2 M E H Y MA supports select events and bands for Crop Over who have a reputation for providing premier experiences to its attendees. There are 4 levels of packages that participants can choose from that can meet the needs of every level of feter. From “meet on the d road”, an easy package for soca newbies to “jones n wuk up” for the carnival connoisseur that will have them pumping straight off the jumbo jet, the Mayhem246 team is thoughtful about the needs of it’s audience. While each package is marketed for specific events, a la carte packages can be created for individual and specific group needs, making Mayhem246 an ideal option for groups of varying sizes and experiences. Mayhem246, promises its fetters an exceptional Crop Over experience where they can lose themselves in the music and vibes of the festival and understand why Crop Over is truly the sweetest summer festival.



Limerz Cruise There is no cruise like a Limerz cruise Location: Multiple Vessels Our Limerz experience began aboard the Harbour Master- dubbed as the Limerz Cruise “Gold Boat”. This cruise exceeds any other party cruise to be hosted in Barbados when it comes to logistics and sheer scale. The number of patrons is so vast, an array of commercial pleasure boats in Barbados have to be drafted in for the cruise. Breakfast snacks were served around 8:309:00am, and sailing was scheduled for 10:00am. Upon boarding, Limerz Cruise tattoos were offered and cups which set themselves apart for their changing hues. Sarah, catching a glimpse of her friend’s cup from afar was under the impression it was some alcohol infused slushy and gestured for one by pointing at the cup then at herself. This exchange turned into one of laughter when she realized what it was. An all-inclusive, premium cruise, Limerz Cruise distinguishes itself by the amenities and experience offered. Shortly after setting sail, around midday, lunch service began, the reveal of the creamy pasta; veg rice topped with cabbage, corn and peas; stir fried veg; chicken and the fish created a most enticing aroma on the deck. Limerz Cruise is a bikini and shorts voyage and almost everyone takes advantage, especially those on the Catamaran vessels- if ever you needed motivation to tone for Crop Over, this is it! Aboard the top deck, a Limerz Cruise flag fluttered in the wind, beach balls were suspended in the air, and drapes provided pockets of shade from the tropical summer heat.


USD $ 150





The Limerz Cruise promotion girls, resplendent in their blue swimsuits and wraps take every opportunity to engage and dance along with the crowd to ensure everyone remembers this journey as nothing less than a remarkable experience. Amidst the crowd, regional flags from St. Lucia, Grenada, Trinidad and as far north as BVI could be spotted. The regional interest in the event is best reflected through the words of Michael who recounted that while he enjoys Trinidad, his experience aboard Limerz Cruise has been second to none thus far sparking his absolute interest in returning to relive this experience. When we met Michael we were in the middle of the top deck among the crowd, when the mic man Cardo Kanambo- who was embedded within the crowd said “Everybody, point to de back o de boat”, and under the sound of his voice one of the most well known soca hits regionally for 2018 crept in. “Last night drink the Rum and ah falling down but ah know this morning ah waking up”. Whenever this song plays, something usually happens, so our phones went above the heads of the crowd and we began to record. Upon review, the video was nothing more than a tumbling blur! From what we recall, when the hook hit, a swirling buzz began as the crowd leaped as the DJ instructed, “to de back o de boat, to de back o de boat”….

This was Limerz Cruise 2018!

“if ever you needed motivation to tone for Crop Over, this is it!


aye aye captain

This is LIMERZ!


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we going left or right ?... idk we just going

such a shame you weren't here


seriously, how could you miss this??

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20 19



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getting fuelled up fuh de road

let us help you here my dear

Xhosa band crossing the stage at the national stadium WWW.MYEVENTSBARBADOS.COM | 42

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make way!

feting family


all on the ground


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de' real island styled mas with Go Coconuts

For more details on Go Coconuts at your favorite events this season, contact us at (c) 822-3887 (IG) @gococonutsbb

USD $ 45




Rise Machel Montano hits up Bim only at Rise! Location: Kensington Oval Machel Montano (“double M", as he is so affectionately known) is a Trini soca sensation who needs little introduction as his presence commands the patronage of even the most sedate soca followers. Dubbed ‘RISE’, he was the headline act at the event which was held at Kensington Oval. Thousands flooded the venue leaving the field usually reserved for cricketing energy vibrant with soca panache. There was an extravagant production for the VIP patrons who were fed to their heart’s content and fueled by a constant supply of their favorite liquors. Though headlined by Trinidad’s King of Soca, the event’s VIP outlay was infused with the essence of Barbadian culture. Some drink stalls featured full fledged Barbadian Rum Shops designed and outfitted exactly as would any traditional road side Rum Shop. An imposing elevated deck in the middle of the VIP section also gave a bird’s eye view. From the VIP area, patrons had access to the front of the stage for up-close views of the performances. From its start at 9 PM, a steady energy built that climaxed with the more than 1 hour long set by 'MM' who was later joined by soca Maestro Superblue. Together they gave the crowd multiple renditions of the hit song “Soca Kingdom”. Before they graced the stage though there were various other performances such as by Party Monarch – Mikey and Sweet Soca Champion Lil Rick.


During his performance Machel ordered a dance-off from his team of dancers which whipped some in the crowd into a frenzy shouting “Nandi- Nandi Nandi”, as they called for a performance by this highly skilled Barbadian dancer. Presenting herself, hips swaying, her hands crowned Machel's head as she swung around his right side and in a vertical split her right leg went skyward. Just as it retreated, like a well-oiled rotor, her waist began oscillating at speeds and in directions most could only envy. Leaving the crowd aghast and with unchecked excitement she leaped and split in the air, landing in controlled fashion on the stage. Many memorable moments were made indeed. During the Soca Kingdom set, all Stacy, Mark and Paige had to hear was “Wine and fling it up! Wine and wine and fling it up!”, and instantly they leaped onto a nearby fence, “to wine and fling it up”. Oh they were dutifully following these instructions, it is true that the song did say “Gyal all on the railing!”

“Wine and fling it up! Wine and wine and fling it up"



thats it, this is the soca kingdom


simply splendid

this is what we call an army of soca warriors


photocredit: Ezra Sealy



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USD $ 150




Revive What a fine way to end the Crop Over Season Location: Cin Cin Restaurant

Exclusive. That is how Cin Cin felt on August 8th in the realm of Crop Over fetes. Certainly, unique in its production, concept and experience, Revive: Brunch & Pump created an experience which is largely unexpected for Crop Over events but very much a welcomed distinction. Arriving at Cin Cin Restaurant, a Revive flag fluttered in the wind and a few lined the entrance to take advantage of the valet parking. Along the deck on the inside we found most lounging and having casual conversation- surely a clear sign that the morning was yet young. Perched on golden shimmery seats, the many ladies in attendance were bedecked in chic elegant attire and the men dapperly outfitted. Tables were laden with premium Moet & Chadon Champagne, bottles of Johnnie Walker Blue, Hennessy Privilege and all flavors of Ciroc. The line up of DJs brought versatility which maintains the stated aim of the event which is to provide a space to relax after the Crop Over festivities with a variety of musical genres.


Amid the early lounging and relaxed vibe, the rich smells of brunch began to fill the air and persons were enticed away. There was a steady flow at the buffet area with treats including waffles, toasts, sausages, fruit, bacon, and omelettes infused with a slew of flavors from the fresh tomatoes, onions, mushrooms and chives. As everyone settled to indulge, the relaxed ambiance reemerged but it wasn’t for much longer because shortly after, the Pump really kicked in as those inside emerged onto the deck. Maria, from NYC said she could not imagine herself missing a Revive experience- and especially not one in Barbados. The live performances from artistes such as Shenseea, Jus D, and Marzville had the crowd grooving but perhaps the most riveting memories encompass the experience in its totality. One of fine fine Style.

premium Moet & Chadon Champagne, bottles of Johnnie Walker Blue, Hennessy Privilege and all flavors of Ciroc




this is where life sparkles



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everybody in the mood

all in good spirits lol

Crop Over 2018 isn't over until revive is over, literallly!

what a splendid smile, it must be revive


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America was there

Jamaica represented

Guadeloupe for sure

France ,you're far, glad to have you here


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xhosa made mas about kinship

xhosa made mas about a release

xhosa made mas about a spectale

xhosa made mas about the cheer!! WWW.MYEVENTSBARBADOS.COM | 54

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ohh how glorious the smiles of mas

dint you hear? all ah we is family

waiting whole year fuh dis

mas is...


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Barbados' Top 10... Things to do 1.) Lime (spend time) with Bajans, they will make you feel like family 2.) Go to the beach- this pretty much goes without saying though! lol 3.) Have a Rum Punch- responsibly of course 4.) Go on an island tour- in an old time Bajan bus 5.) Catch a minibus or ZR 6.) Harrison's Cave is a must 7.) Tour Bridgetown 8.) Then Speightstown 9.) Enjoy the fine fine FINE dining! 10.) Book your Crop Over trip for 2019!!!

Local Foods to Try 1.) Cou cou 2.) Fish cutter/ Ham Cutter 3.) Fishcakes 4.) BBQ Pigtails 5.) Roti 6.) Roast breadfruit 7.) Pudding and Souse 8.) Rice and peas 9.) Grilled fish 10.) Concluding this list without macaroni pie just won't be fair!!!


Scenic Spots 1.) East Point 2.) Cherry Tree Hill 3.) North Point 4.) Farley Hill 5.) Hackleton's Cliff 6.) Richard Haynes Boardwalk 7.) Gun Hill Signal Station 8.) Grenade Hall Signal Station 9.) Harry Bayley Observatory 10.) Batsheba

Beaches 1.) Crane Beach 2.) Pebbles Beach 3.) Accra Beach 4.) Miami Beach 5.) Sandy Lane Beach 6.) Mullins Beach 7.) Carlisle Bay 8.) Brownes Beach 9.) Bath Beach (nice picnic spot) 10.) Batsheba (nice picnic spot)

Freebies 1.) Liming in St. Lawrence gap 2.) Finding the Lighthouses across the island 3.) Hunting plantation houses 4.) Catching splendid tropical sunsets 5.) A Sunday picnic 6.) Self-guided tour of Bridgetown 7.) Going open mic night 8.) Taking a stroll on the boardwalk 9.) Hiking on the east coast 10.) Window shopping at Limegrove

2017 bashment soca king stiffy stirring up the crowd


cuz ah feel like, ah just win a million dollars.... we think thats what they're singing


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myeventsbarbados let's see what people think about Crop Over. We've pulled together some random comments from Instagram about Crop Over 2K18. Helps to catch the Crop Over vibe as we get ready for 2K19. Check out our selections below. P.s the pic is just a cover lol @swearepartycentral - We're steady pumping until 2019. We don't want to say on dancing - her body moves like goodbye to crop over the winding river nile... @sdotlondon - I can't believe i decided not to go... @danieloneluvMan being here in the middle east, you are giving me one hell of a carnival tabanca!... @nlishax23- Vibez cyah done.... I miss it already and it's only been a week... @chocolatearmybdos- I want you lash me down wid dat bumpa dey. Having flashbacks of the epicness that was Foreday Morning 2018 ... @kerradanel- See you in 2019. Who wants to join me?... @john.denny When #carnival is #life #tbt #cropover2018 #memories #mifamilia...@h_mcc #flashback to an awesome Kadooment Day... tabanca has definitely set in ...@mstiab We came, we saw, we certainly conquered. Had an amazing time in #Barbados with this #turnupCrew. I don't think the VIP truck will ever be the same again .... @k_ds.world_ Happiness is seeing yourself through the eyes of those you've brought immense joy to. #vacationtabanca #takemeback # cropover2018 #barbados # 246

Oh Ship

USD $45




Oh Ship is right! Location: Harbour Master & Jolly Roger

In 2018, Oh Ship went bigger than ever responding to the ever-increasing demand for the experience aboard the Jolly Roger and Harbour Master. To jump start the five hours of partying, boarding the Jolly Roger we were greeted with what was promoted as finger food but what could perhaps better be described as a light lunch. Getting on the way, as the energy started to build, the rhythm section on-board with their drums and whistles lay the groundwork for the festive mood. The air was filled with a rhythmic pulse. The musician’s drumsticks knocked the drums as he whistled to the beat, and jumped on the spot. Ascending the staircase in the middle of the vessel Sierra raised her hands just about shoulder height as her shoulders started to bounce. Biting her lips, she looked to her friend, and tried to shout over the sweet sounds of the music “I like it here”. Sierra, who tells us she is from New York said this is only her second time to Crop Over having been here in 2017, but her first time on an Oh Ship experience. She said she missed the sold-out cruise last year and her friends kept raving according to her about how "she missed having out on the time of her life". We then encountered Maryam from the UK who was all smiles and had a year’s worth of wuk-ups to release saying she was just happy to be home. Held almost a week before the culmination of the festival, the cruise had good patronage from the diaspora and other regional and international patrons.


The majority of our time was spent aboard the Jolly Roger but from all accounts, the party aboard the Harbour Master was equally animated. Cruises and events during the festival run the risk of portraying a homogeneous product because there is only so much diversity which goes into the experiences. This in part explains why in this publication we have only covered and recapped some of the best events of the festival and in every way Oh Ship lived up to this expectation. Often what sets events apart is the vibe created among the patrons and Oh Ship is a prime example. The scene was surreal in so far as you could almost feel the weight of the camaraderie binding everyone together. It is difficult to forget the many fits of laughter now immortalized in pictures and videos. In one case, the DJ pulled up the hit song “Hulk” by Blaxx, and a group in casual dance was sent reeling in fits of laughter after one of their friends gave a roar while signing the line “I feel like Hulk, RARR,”. With facial expressions to match he created such amusement it even caught us off guard. In many ways, Oh Ship was what Crop Over represents, a release and a time like none other!

Sierra raised her hands just about shoulder height as her shoulders started to bounce. Biting her lips...


Oh ship

Peace and love!

The Harbour Master sailing by with fellow Oh Ship massive! WWW.MYEVENTSBARBADOS.COM | 60

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oh ship

the moments and memories

hold on pun something and wuk up

finger food included, keeping you charged up

live a life you won't regret, and capture its memories along the way

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