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All-in-one Arts Management System


Introduction. Eventotron is an all-in-one arts management system. It brings together artists, live performance events, venues and festivals

all around the world.

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We know all the steps it takes to create, plan and stage multiple performance events across different spaces. We also know that juggling forms, spreadsheets, box office and reporting systems to manage this can be time-consuming, frustrating and error prone.

We aim to lighten the admin load so you can get more arts events out there in front of audiences. That’s why our moto is: More Arts. Less Admin. Eventotron is designed to help festivals, seasons and venues with everything from event registration to keeping in touch with artists, populating websites, brochure production, ticket sales, payment processing and settlements. You can use us to bring all your admin into one place or pick and choose the elements that suit your organisation the best. Eventotron is incredibly flexible and can be used for any arts event with multiple stakeholders. Current usership includes: open-access festivals, touring seasons, curated festivals, lottery based festivals and one-day events.

Eventotron is also a network of festival and season organisers, venue managers and over 60,000 performers, producers and promoters. We help artists find places to perform and help festivals and venue managers unearth the best new talent globally.

More Arts. Less Admin.


Usership & Stats. Launched in 2016, Eventotron is now widely used globally by fringe and comedy festivals and has a growing clientele of touring schemes, artist development initiatives and independent venues.

Since its inception, Eventotron has been used:

200 60,000+ 40,500 5000+ $10m

For over By

festivals / seasons users

To manage in excess of At



To process over fees and tickets sales on behalf of clients And stage


180,000 |

performances so far.

What People Think. “The difference with Eventotron is that it was built and developed by someone who actually understands ticketing and festivals and all the weird and wonderful things that artists want to do. Rather than by a developer with no knowledge of the arts or how our business works.” Brighton Fringe, UK

“So genuinely helpful and generous with their time. We understand it’s a small operation and truly appreciate being able to communicate with a lovely human who cares about our team and our success.” Vancouver Fringe Festival, Canada

“It is amazing to have a system that collates all the data that we have previously had to collect from 4/5 different forms! Great customer service and support too!” International Youth Arts Festival, UK

“This system is by far the best out there for a real connection between artists and producers.” Edmonton Fringe Festival, Canada

More Arts. Less Admin.


Get the info you need. Create bespoke, customisable questionnaires to gather all the information you need from events that want to be part of your festival or season.

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Split the process into application and registration phases Easily show how far an artist has progressed through your forms

Set required questions

Re-order sections and questions with simple drag and drop Create sections or questions that display according to a previous answer Options to open, lock and hide sections Set notifications when sections or questions are completed Share useful documents

Form building

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Optional Venue Finder where event managers can browse, filter and apply to participating venues Request or set performance dates, times and prices Various question types including: Image – allows you to specify exact dimensions and has built-in edit function File – request a file be uploaded to accompany an application Video Link Tick-box Yes/No Drop-down list Help text

Applicant view

Venue finder

Venue finder

Image editing

Image editor

More Arts. Less Admin.


Manage your events. Eventotron has easy to use reporting tools to help you dig into your event data. Jump between shows and refer to their history easily. You can approve applications, bulk email participants, create reports and export data all from the same place.

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Build and save reports Overview timeline Accept, unaccept and reject applications Track events progress through your forms Apply edits to multiple shows at once Add events to venues Bulk email event managers (including mail-merge facilities) Create email templates Copy events to other festivals or seasons you manage

Bulk email event managers

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Add an event to a venue

Timeline with drag and drop scheduling

Accept an application

More Arts. Less Admin.


Oversee your venues. Whether you are inviting venues to apply to be part of your festival / season or you manage the spaces – all your participating venues can be administered in the Venues tab.

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Accept and reject venue applications Create custom questionnaires for your venue managers Build detailed venue profiles, including accessibility info and tech specs Drag and drop timeline Bulk email venue managers Track conversations and progress between events and venues Export all your data at any time

Events at a venue

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Venue Profile

Venue management

More Arts. Less Admin.


Take payments. Apply payment lines for registration, marketing fees etc. These can be triggered automatically or manually and events will be prompted to make an online payment. We use an external payment processor (Stripe), so funds go direct to your festival/season account and are not held by Eventotron.

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Automatically generate invoices Control panel to track payments made and pending Create payment templates Set automatic fees Payments straight to your account

Money management tab

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Set up automatic fees

Auto-generated invoice

Payment templates

More Arts. Less Admin.


Build and send contracts. Create and send contracts between you and events or venues. Our easy to use template builder means you can include any information you’ve collected plus take digital signatures. With a click you can automatically email and save a contract to an event or venue profile.

Build a contract template

Contract saved to an event profile

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Example contract

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MarketingSuch Contra 6+ not Performances alter the performance start time by up to 15 minutes before or afterthe time stated in this agreement. alterations shall be made Standard (Single) Entry without consulting the Visiting Company. 3 - 5 Performance Standard (Single) Entry 1 - 2 Performance Standard (Single) Entry Double Entry Quad Entry

Appendix A - Contacts

PRS 0207 609 1800 (London) 0131 556 6550 (Edinburgh) Adminbetween Office Pleasance Theatre 0207Trust 619 6868 Please note that this memo and following appendices form part of the agreement Ltd ("PTT") and the Address:the proofing period. Standard Pleasance London, Carpenters Mews, North Road, London, N7 9EF Visiting Company. All agreements are subject to a full form contract issued following terms in Appendix Pleasance Courtyard, 60 Pleasance, Edinburgh, EH8 9TJ C. Please read this carefully and inform us asap if you believe there are any alterations. Pleasance Dome at Bristo Square, 1 Bristo Square, Edinburgh, EH8 9AL Pleasance at EICC, 150 Morrison Street, Edinburgh, EH3 8EE Ticket Processing Technical Operators Contracts & Admin Company Name Mick Perrin Worldwide Ltd Comedy EICC Technical Contra Company Address 73 High Street Theatre Guest Tickets On-Sale & Proofing Printing Brighton Marketing BN2 1RP Technical UNITED KINGDOM Finance Date: 23rd January, 2019

Box Office

Visiting Company Information

Venue Passes

Principle Contact Name Email Phone

Ruben Austin-Hakin

Secondary Contact (if applicable) Name Email Phone

Production Information

Appendix B - Key Dates, Deadlines & Charges Key Dates & Deadlines Date Venue Dates Sun, 28 Jul 2019 Mon, 29 Jul 2019 Tue, 30 Jul 2019 Wed, 31 Jul 2019 Wed, 31 Jul 2019 Thu, 01 Aug 2019 Fri, 02 Aug 2019 Mon, 26 Aug 2019 Fri, 11 Oct 2019

Time Technical Rehearsal Date 1 Technical Rehearsal Date 2 Technical Rehearsal Date 3 First Date Venue Open To Public Venue Preview Date 1 Venue Preview Date 2 Venue Preview Date 3 Final Date Venue Open To Public Final Settlement


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£500.00 iii. A Production which complies with the Theatres Act 1968 and Publicity Material which offers suitable warnings if it is likely to cause £300.00 offence. £100.00

iv. A Press, Publicity and Marketing campaign appropriate to the Production and Sub-Venue capacity. £900.00

£1,600.00 v. Marketing and Press assets, delivered per the deadlines stated in Appendix B, inclusive of;

a. A Print Allocation of 15 A2 or A3 posters and 25 A5 or A6 flyers only with font no smaller than 12-point for display throughout the n/a Royalty on total Box Office Revenue - Less than 2 minutes copyright music venue. PTT shall be the final arbitrator of where, how and in what quantity print material is displayed within the Venue. Print 0.5% Royalty on total Box Office Revenue - 2-15 minutes delivered after the stated deadline may not be distributed in same quantity as other Productions. PTT shall not be liable for the loss 1.5% Royalty on total Box Office Revenue - 15 - 30 minutes or damage of any Print. Royalty on total Box Office Revenue - 30+ minutes 3.0%

3.0%including the copy; Royalty on total Box Office Revenue - Music show b. A Press Release in .doc format, Royalty on total Box Office Revenue – Default for no declaration made To book review tickets for this3.0% show please contact the Pleasance Press Office 0131 556 6557 £0.15 Charge per ticket issued by Pleasance Box Office (VAT exempt) £22.00 Full Performance - Charge per operator per performance c. Promotional Image(s) with a£13.00 minimum resolution of 300dpi. Lights Up/Down Only - Charge per operator per performance Quoted Charge per performance hour d. A Marketing Image excluding text and uncropped with a minimum resolution of 300dpi. 35% % Average ticket price charged per ticket in excess of Guest Ticket Allocation e. All printed publicity material shall be approved by PTT and must include the following statutory venue information: £0.10 Charge per A4 mono side £0.20or EICC) Charge per A3 mono side (1) Venue Logo (Courtyard, Dome Charge per A4 colour side (2) Box Office Phone Number –£0.50 0131 556 6550 £1.00 Charge per A3 colour side (3) Website Address – £2.00 by PTT if required. Charge per pass issued after deadline / prior to the first Venue Preview (4) date PTT’s Sponsor’s logo - Provided £10.00 Charge per pass issued after on or after first Venue Preview date vi. Public Liability insurance for the10% scheduled performances, get-in, get-out and technical rehearsals, with a minimum liability of Royalty on gross Merchandise sales £5million. Proof of policy must be provided by the deadline stated in Appendix B.

Fringe Society Terms & Conditions

a. PTT shall not provide access to the Venue or Sub-Venue without proof of policy.

vii. Additional insurances as deemed appropriate by the Visiting Company, including but not limited to Property, Fire & Theft, Item LinkClause Clause Cancellation and Employers’ Liability Venue Best Practice Code 1.ix insurance. Insurances should be sought at the Visiting Company’s discretion. PTT shall not be 4.viii liable for any loss or damage to any2.viii property of the Visiting Company, its staff or acts. The Visiting Company shall inform all company Company Code of Conduct 4.viii Registration Terms & members of their liability for personal items. Any loss or damage caused to the property or facilities of PTT, its suppliers or partners as a 3.iii 4.viii Conditions result of the Visiting Company, its staff or acts shall be charged to the Visiting Company in full.

viii. A Production that complies with the Fringe Society Company Code of Conduct, as detailed in Appendix B. 5.iii Reginald D. Hunter 5.iii 3.FINANCE, CHARGES & SETTLEMENT Ed19-4 Comedy The Visiting Company shall return a signed The following terms are applicable to all Productions as part of the full form contract, unlessi.otherwise agreed in writing. If you have any copy of this agreement to PTT within 7 days of its issue. The Visiting Company’s offer of a Pleasance Courtyard place in the Festival programme is not secure until this is received. 3.xv queires please contact us. The Grand ii. The Deposit stated in the Principle Terms shall be payable by the Visiting Company and must be paid in full upon receipt of an invoice 1. PLEASANCE THEATRE TRUST (PTT) WILL PROVIDE 21:40 (60 mins) Fringe Registration according to the stated terms. The Visiting Company’s place in the Festival programme is not secure until payment is received. 31/07/2019- 25/08/2019 Wed, 16 Jan 2019 Fringe Registration Deadline for On-Sale 1 (12noon) (On-Sale: Thu, 31i. Jan) 3.iiionline at, by phone on 0131 556 6550 and in person at Pleasance Islington and Box Office facilities, including 23 Theany Deposit shall be Partner refunded as part of the final settlement. In the event a balance is payable to PTT by the Visiting Company as Wed, 30 Jan 2019 Fringe Registration Deadline for On-Sale 2 (12noon) (On-Sale: Thu, 28Edinburgh. Feb) PTT shall manage3.iii all day-to-day arrangements with the Fringe Society Box Officea.and cross-selling Venue Box Mon 05 Aug 2019, Tue 13 Aug 2019, 19 Aug 2019 part of the final settlement, the Deposit, or a proportion of this, shall be retained up to the value of the amount owed. Wed,Mon 20 Feb 2019 Fringe Registration Deadline for On-Sale 3 (12noon) (On-Sale: Thu, 21Offices. Mar) 3.iii To be assigned by PTT, 28th - 30th July Wed, 13 Mar 2019 Fringe Registration Deadline for On-Sale 4 (12noon) (On-Sale: Thu, 18 Apr) 3.iii ii. The Sub-Venue for the performance dates and times stated in the Principle Terms. iii. The Fringe Registration Fee shall be payable by the Visiting Company and must be paid in full upon receipt of an invoice according to Wed, 10 Apr 2019 Final Fringe Registration Deadline for On-Sale 5 (12noon) (On-Sale: Thu, 16 Mar) 3.iii the stated terms, by their nominated registration deadline as stated in Appendix B. PTT shall pay the Fee to the Fringe Society in full on Notes: 1. The Visiting Company may change the performance title during the proofing process. 2. If unspecified, days off may be agreed iii. A standard setting on stage, including access to the general lighting rig and sound systems, as detailed in PTT’s technical the Visiting Company’s behalf upon receipt of payment. The Fee is levied against the cost of official registration, listings in the Fringe during the proofing process. 3. Technical Rehearsals are assigned by PTT at a time between 28th and 30th July inclusive, unless otherwise Company Deliverables specifications. Society brochure and website, sale of tickets via the Fringe Society Box Office and access to participant services. Registration is subject agreed. Tue, 07 May 2019 Press Release, Promotional Image(s), Marketing Image 2.v to the Fringe Society’s full Termsrehearsals, & Conditions, iv. Access to the Sub-Venue for the performance times outlined in the Principle Terms and for the schedule of technical get-as detailed in Appendix B. The Production shall not be registered until payment is Tue, 28 May 2019 Technical Questionnaire, Production Risk Assessment, Fire Risk Assessment 4.i received. ins and get-outs agreed by the Parties. Tue, 28 May 2019 Pyrotechnics, Special Effects & Live Animals iv. The Marketing stated in the Principle Term shall be payable by the Visiting Company and must be paid in full upon receipt of Fri, 28 Jun 2019 Venue Pass Requests 7.iin the foyers and in other spaces available around the Pleasance v. Promotional space for print Courtyard,Contra Pleasance Dome and Company Split 65% anPTT invoice to the stated terms.inThe Marketing Contra contributes to the cost of entry the Pleasance Brochure, placement on Fri, 28 Jun 2019 Proof of Insurance Pleasance at EICC. Such space is allocated at PTT’s sole discretion. Print is distributed by fromaccording the Print Allocation outlined Pleasance Split 35% promotional boards and literature, online listings, website facilities and services of the Press Office. The Production shall not be listed in Fri, 28 Jun 2019 FEU8 Applications 3.xxii clause 2.v.a. Guarantee Applicable- Rate: £TBC the Pleasance Brochure until payment is received. Fri, 28 Jun 2019 Merchandise 7.ii Deposit Applicable- Rate: £7610.00 vi. All Front of House, Box Office and Technical staff required for the operation of the Venue and Sub-Venue. Wed, 24 Jul 2019 Print Allocation Delivery Date 1 2.v.a v. The Fringe Commission of 4% plus VAT on Total Box Office revenue made via the Fringe Society Box Office shall be payable by the Fringe Registration Fee 6 + Performances (Early Bird) - Rate: £295.20 (£246.00 plus VAT) Thu, 25 Jul 2019 Print Allocation Delivery Date 2 vii. Public Liability insurance2.v.a for the Venue, PTT staff and all equipment belonging to PTT. Visiting Company. The Fringe Society sell from an uncapped allocation of the total tickets available for general sale. The Commission Marketing Contra Quad Rate - Rate: £1920.00 (£1600.00 plus VAT) Mon, 19 Aug 2019 PRS Declaration 3.vii retained by the Fringe Society from monies held on account prior to settlement with PTT and recharged to the Visiting VAT Registered VAT Registered viii. The management of day-to-day operations between PTT and Venue Partners, such shall as thebeEdinburgh International Conference Company by PTT in the final settlement. VAT Registration Number 799514959 Centre. Production Title Show ID Genre Venue Sub-Venue Time Slot Run From - To (inclusive) Maximum Performances Days Off Technical Rehearsal

Appendix C - Standard Terms & Conditions

Deal Information

65/35% Box Office split to change to 67.5/32.5 in the Visiting Company's favour after 75% gross Fees & Charges potential is reached. PTT to upgrade Item Marketing Contra from Double Chargeto Quad at no cost to Other Notes / Terms / Comments Visiting Company. Visiting Company liable for cost of inclusion incharged Grand Banners - PTT to VAT on all fees & charges unless otherwise stated confirm costs.Complimentary ticket allowance of 8 x number of performances. Fringe Registration 6 + Performances (On-Sale 1 - On-Sale 4) Notes: 1. Guarantees will be calaculated using performance count & average ticket prices following the proofing process. 2.(On-Sale Deposits,5)Fringe 6 + Performances Registration Fees and Marketing Contras must be paid by your submission deadline. 3. Unless otherwise agreed and specified, your deal % 3 - 5 Performances is based on your company's VAT Status. You may be liable for a variation of 5% if the VAT registration shown Our typical split is 1 -is2inaccurate. Performances 60/40% VAT Registered, 55/45% Non-VAT Registered. 4. PTT reserve the right during the programming period, prior to 25th April 2019, to

The Pleasance Ticket ix. A Venue operation that complies with the Fringe Society Venue Best Practice Code, asvi.detailed in Appendix B.Processing Charge of £0.15 per ticket issued via the Pleasance Box Office shall be payable by the Visiting Net Rate Company. The Charge shall be applicable to all tickets processed by PTT on the Visiting Company’s behalf, including public and all complimentary tickets. The Charge shall be deducted from the Visiting Company’s share of Total Box Office revenue in the final settlement. i.The complete Production, ready to perform and as described at the point of programming and in subsequent marketing and £246.00 advertising material, including actors, musicians, artistic and technical staff as necessary rights,Company royalties,shall payments and vii.with The all Visiting be liable forother all Performing Rights Society (“PRS”) royalties as stated in Appendix B. All arrangements are £328.00 production running costs being covered. subject to a separate agreement between PRS and the Fringe Society and are subject to change. Royalties shall be calculated via the £170.00 PRS Declaration Form issued by the Fringe Society, which must be completed by the Visiting Company. Failure to complete the form by £80.00 ii. Provision of Production and Technical crew in a quantity that is appropriate to the Production. the stated deadline shall result in the default maximum Royalty being charged. Where applicable, Royalties are calculated against gross


Pleasance Theatre Trust Ltd - UK charity 1050944 (England & Wales) Pleasance SC043237 Theatre (Scotland) Trust Ltd - UK charity 1050944 (England & Wales) SC043237 (Scotland) Pleasance Theatre Trust Ltd - UK charity 1050944 (England & Wales) SC043237 Pleasance (Scotland) Theatre Trust Ltd - UK charity 1050944 (England & Wales) SC043237 (Scotland) Reg. Office: Carpenters Mews North Road London N7 9EF Reg. Office: Carpenters Mews North Road London N7 9EF Reg. Office: Carpenters Mews North Road London N7 9EF Reg. Office: Carpenters Mews North Road London N7 9EF VAT Reg. No: 677 8926 58 VAT Reg. No: 677 8926 58 VAT Reg. No: 677 8926 58 VAT Reg. No: 677 8926 58

Download complex documents

All your contracts in one place

Collect signatures online

More Arts. Less Admin.


Drive your website. Save the pain of re-creating all your event and venue information on your website or in your app. You can either ask your developer to build an integration based on our simple and fast API, or install our WordPress plugin to get up and running in minutes. Our WordPress plugin offers:

• • • • • •

Super quick setup Works great on mobile Easily customisable Event and Venue page templates Bring in all your Event data from Eventotron, including text, images, videos and more Choose how and where you display the Event data on your pages using our plugin settings - no coding required. Built in search and filtering with customisable criteria

Example websites

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View your events on a map or filter by distance Automatically stay in sync with Eventotron Use our built-in box office for ticket sales or hand off to another box office provider Not using WordPress for your main website? No problem - we can provide you with a microsite that matches your branding for a seamless customer experience

More examples of the WordPress plugin

“I am impressed with how the plugin works. It’s all pretty obvious and it has good flexibility. I’ve long thought something like this should exist, it’s good to find it at last!” Web Developer, Summerhall, UK

Websites and Apps built on direct API intregrations

More Arts. Less Admin.


Sell tickets. Eventotron’s built-in Super Simple Box Office can put your entire festival or season, which might be hundreds of shows and venues, on sale in under 5 minutes. Just because it’s super simple to set up doesn’t mean it’s not super powerful, with features like...

• • • • • •

Promo Codes Membership schemes User Login and Account Management Merch and add-on sales Audience questionnaires Flexible concessions / ticket types

Sales report

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• • • • •

Sell streaming tickets and present the stream on your website Set your own booking fees Artists view their sales directly in Eventotron Easy door lists and check-in tool Allow artists to issue their own comps

Selling a ticket


Add-ons and donations

Door tool

We think Super Simple Box Office is the quickest and most versatile way to get your festival or season on sale and to give your customers, artists and venue managers the best experience. However, we also offer great tools to get your data out of Eventotron and into other box office systems and even integrate directly with industry leaders like Red61.

More Arts. Less Admin.


Create brochures. Need to produce a festival or season brochure? Using your design, Eventotron can present a full, print-ready preview of individual event entries during the registration process. You can proof and approve as events complete the info. At the close of registration Eventotron calculates pagination and generates listings pages, indexes, daily diaries and more.

Brochure entry proofs

The process is very flexible and allows for different entry sizes, advert placement and individually customised entries. It has been shown to dramatically shorten proofing times and hugely reduce designer costs. 20 |

Edinburgh FEstival FringE guidE 2015


5 - 31 AUGUST 2015

assEmbly | gildEd balloon | PlEasancE | undErbElly


18/02/2016 21:19

More Arts. Less Admin.


Share info with Portals. New for 2022 - Portals is a versatile tool that allows you to share information you choose about a selection of your shows with groups of invited users. You can then collect responses, scores and ticket requests from your Portal users. Portals allows you to:

• • • • • •

Create a Press portal and admit your press list. Share media, press releases and performance schedules and take ticket requests Give an award judging panel the information they need, arrange their tickets and then let them comment on and score the shows they see Running a curated festival? Give your jury access to their own portal Share technical information about your shows with your tech manager without granting them full access to Eventotron Highlight shows looking for a home to trusted venue managers ... and lots more. We’re enjoying seeing how our clients use Portals

Example Portal

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Build a Portal template and choose your audience

Collect feedback from Portal users

Take ticket requests More Arts. Less Admin.


Benefits for Artists. Eventotron is committed to supporting the artists you work with. It’s always been fundamental to our mission to make arts admin simpler and affordable so more artists have opportunities to perform. By using Eventotron to manage your festival or season, you give artists the chance to:

• • • • • • •

Find performance opportunities and build tours Be part of a global arts network Create an event profile in Eventotron that thousands of producers, presenters and venue managers can search. Include info on content, accessibility, tech requirements, awards, performance history and more Record and keep track of reviews, videos, images and other media Advertise your show directly in Eventotron Build your own mailing list Most excitingly - create an e-flyer featuring images, videos, reviews, links and more. Share by QR code or NFC stickers. Pay-what-you-want performers can even use their e-flyer as a virtual bucket and take donations

Touring & Promotional Profile

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Event advert in Eventotron

Festival & Season finder

Event search E-flyer

More Arts. Less Admin.


Our pricing. Our ethos is to make it easy for you to get events out there in front of audiences. We’ve made our pricing simple and affordable to help you do just that.

For a one-off festival / season:

Subscription for year-round activity:

$699 US

$109 US / month or $1099 / yr

$869 CA

$139 CA / month or $1399 / yr

$939 AU

$149 AU / month or $1499 / yr

$999 NZ

$159 NZ / month or $1599 / yr


£79 / month or £795 / yr


€95 / month or €949 / yr

Choose which price plan works best for you.

One-Off is exactly that – it suits a festival/season that takes place just once a year. Subscription allows you to use Eventotron for an unlimited number of festivals or seasons throughout the year.

“Eventotron just seems to be getting better all the time. We used to use a survey for data collection, a ticketing agent for tickets, and another agency for collecting fees, which meant we had to have multiple spreadsheets that had to be constantly updated, there was so much room for human error. Eventotron has made the way we work much, much more efficient.” Dunedin Fringe, NZ

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All plans include:

• • • • • • • • • •

Promote your performance opportunities to over 60,000 artists Fully customisable application forms Easy search and reporting Bulk email your participants Take payments and issue invoices Populate your websites or apps using our full API and/or WordPress Plugin Issue contracts to artists and venues and accept digital signatures Share data with our Portals feature Use our Super Simple Box Office (payment processing fees apply) 2 bespoke training sessions and on-going support

“Eventotron is the best thing about my job.” Anonymous Arts Administrator (but they really did say that)

Thank you for your interest in Eventotron. For more information visit our website: To chat through your needs and book a demo:

More Arts. Less Admin.

27 To get in touch: Eventotron Ltd | UK Company No. 13923634