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OUR MISSION To have our comprehensive, engaging and practical introduction to robotics training program available to as many people as possible. Anyone with interest and motivation will be able to participate. To provide an advanced, modular, full-size robotics platform and development resources for any driven and capable individual who wishes to take on a creative robotics project. To provide live robotics demonstrations and public education on robotics technology, with the hope of increasing general knowledge and inspiring future engineers. To create an inclusive learning environment, and opportunities for students across all disicplines.


UBC OPBOTS (Open Robotics) is the new face of the Thunderbots @Home student robotics team.

We are... restructuring reimagining refocusing We want to create not only an amazing robot, but a fantastic opportunity for motivated people to gain career skills and put their ideas into action. To achieve this vision, we’re putting together a team of diverse and dedicated individuals.


WHY JOIN? Joining any student team will help you make friends and new connections, but UBC OpBots will take your ability to innovate to the next level by providing access to funding, specialized resources and valuable mentorship in an environment that encourages ambitious ingenuity. Past active members have built project portofilios impressive enough to get hired on at General Fusion, Clearpath Robotics, Tesla Motors, Boreal Genomics, Microsoft and others. If you want to become part of a new and exciting approach to hands-on education and build career skills, UBC OpBots welcomes you.

PAST / PRESENT / FUTURE The team began in 2012 as a sister team to Thunderbots Football Club (FC). The goal was to compete in the RoboCup @Home league. Functional drivetrain, Power management system, Computer system, Torso Vision, Ultrasonic System, Voice Commands, Autonomous following algorithms There are some projects partially completed, and as many possiblities for new projects as members could imagine. For now, we’re directing our energy away from the @Home competition and towards education.

UBC Open Robotics will be a place to apply creativity and hard work to see real results. To maximize productivity, full members will aim to take on one project per term. Projects can be scaled up or down, though we’re excited to see what big ideas members will bring forward.


To keep new recruits interested and challenged, more experienced members will be asked to write at least one lesson for the training program, though more is encouraged to keep the curriculum fresh and dynamic. We want everyone to get the most out of their experience. To do this, we are setting up a mentorship program, where more experienced members will take on more leadership, and less experienced members will devote more time to coding, CAD or fabrication.


To streamline team management, provide good publicity, and help attract quality members, the team structure will be integrated into a website with team info, a publicly available training program, member bios, and project overviews. Next, to provide the best possible experience to the most people, membership will be tiered.

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TRAINING MEMBERS - Begin with the public online training program - Limited access to design bay or team resources

- An opportunity for students to improve skills

FULL MEMBERS - Actively recruited or picked from training members

- Directly contributes to robotics projects - Dozens of open projects enables a high degree of freedom

- Mentorship ensures that less experienced

members have guidance, while more experienced members are able to take on more leadership

Thank you for looking over our early outreach promotion. We welcome your interest and involvement moving forward.

To get involved: Please contact Evelyn Cranston, Communications Lead at

UBC Open Robotics  
UBC Open Robotics  

Here's a look at a new and exciting student robotics team. Thanks for your time, and welcome!