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English ACE 8/9: “This I believe” Essay

Evelyn Bohl

I believe in shoes. Shoes of every type, size, and color are all equally important. Heels, flip- flops, opened toed, closed- toed, flats, boots, skips, shoes with laces, and shoes with Velcro, they all are equally important. A little child might ask his mother, “Mommy, why do we wear shoes on our feet?” His mother might reply, “Because they protect our feet.” Yes, they do protect our feet. They protect them from the cold snow in the winter and the hot blacktop in the summer. As the child splashes through the puddles of rain in his yellow rubber galoshes, his shoes keeps his small feet dry. As the teenager double-knots his swift new sneakers, they protect his feet and carry him as he dashes off the starting line. As the man the man tightens the laces to his hiking boots, they protect his feet and establish a firm hold on the steep and rocky terrain. I believe in shoes. They not only carry the imprint of one’s feet, they carry the history of the person that made the imprint. From the moment a little child takes their first step, wearing shoes for the first time, until the moment an adult takes them off for the last time; their history is imprinted in the soles of the shoes. Everywhere one goes in life their shoes go with them. By looking at the wear and tear or the stiff shoelaces and the polished shine, a part of that person is identified and held as unique. Each step taken is left behind like a footprint in the sand. Paths and roads of each individual’s history are created by the simple motion of a step forward. People’s steps are a walking timeline and an ever open history book. Visualize all the steps just one person makes and multiply that by a billion. A picture of the billions of stories, travels, and lives appear in one’s mind. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the steps one take in life determines a lifetime. What steps one takes creates an imprint and a permanent footprint that can’t simply be washed away by the sand, but is placed firmly in the ground and forever there. I believe in shoes. Shoes represent not only a lifestyle, history, and protection, but also a personality. Everyone has their own style. Clothes show a strong sense of personality and style, but shoes add the final touch. They are the icing on the cake. They tie the outfit together and complete it. High heels give height and prestige to a dress. Sneakers complete a sport uniform.

Without shoes an outfit is incomplete. Unless one is strolling on a sandy beach barefoot, shoes are an absolute necessity. Who wears an elegant silk gown without the proper set of heels? Who shows up at a track meet without a pair of running shoes? No one, it isn’t natural. Shoes are to be worn to protect ones feet and keep them clean, but also to give a sense of style and personality. I love shoes. I love how there is a specific shoe that has been destined for every outfit. Every night before I go to sleep, I have to have my entire outfit together before I go to sleep, every part of it from how I wear my hair and what shoes I am going to wear. Call it OCD, but it’s a habit and almost an addiction. I love clothes, anything I can mix and match. I find that I get a thrill every time I put a new outfit together and find the perfect pair of shoes to match it perfectly. I am not being self absorbed in saying that appearance matters. It does matter, but it is not the most important aspect of my life. I want to become a designer, and to know what types of clothes is what and how to match things together is important to know if I want to pursue in achieving my goals. My favorite is when I find the perfect pair of shoes for less than five dollars. Yes, that sounds impossible, but it is the absolute truth. They were a set of satin heels with a rhinestone flower on the side, they are open toe and have two straps, one thin, wrapping around the toes, and a thick strap with the rhinestone flower. They are beautiful nine wests and were only three dollars! What a steal! With a four inch heel and the perfect little black dress, it is the perfect outfit at the perfect price.

Note to reader: I love shoes, and anything to do with clothing and accessories. I find it so exciting to match the perfect outfit that is unique and my own. Some may call it a faddish or an obsession, but it is really just a seventeen year old girl with a giant love for shoes! There is also the literal meaning and figurative meaning of shoes, but the satisfaction of buying a pair of shoes at the perfect

price is indescribable and doesn’t compare to those meanings. I want to become a designer. I want to be the person who actually designs the shoes and the clothes. It has always been what I wanted to do. I read countless of fashion magazines and books to catch up on the latest trends and techniques. I have a manikin in my room and constantly sewing and pinning fabrics together to create a skirt or a dress. When I am in a store, I look around and think of ideas that would make a good outfit, and find myself making an entire outfit in my head. Overall I am in love with shoes, clothes, and accessories, and I am proud of it! ď Š

This I Believe Essay  

this essay is about my belief in shoes. i love shoes and clothes.

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