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ENJOY VISUAL EXPERIENCES Spin-off UniversitĂ Politecnica delle Marche

Who EVE is EVE – Enjoy Visual Experiences is a SPIN-OFF of Università Politecnica delle Marche, where the know-how of the academic team undertakes a venture and gets onto the market with the help and support of two companies Touchwindow srl e JEF srl strengthened in the field of multimedia communication and ICT solutions for exhibition, museums and retail.

Who EVE addesses The know-how together with the deep experience gained by the cross-curricula Team allow to design and offer innovative solutions meeting client needs. Spokepersons gather from public institutions to cultural association, from retail to exhibition.

What EVE does EVE is in ICT industry with the aim to develop multimedia products and services with high technological and commercial impact for Architectural/Culltural Heritage and also professinal/commercial field… from smart survey to involving communication.

‘’…because the wonder excites the knowledge… ‘’ (Aristotele)

EVE puts the user at the center of the multi-sensorial experience. The user “interacts” and “reacts”. Being aware that the cultural evolution of a population goes with the capability of making culture accessible, touching, communicative and exciting, EVE designs and offers…





The idea

Neopunic Mausoleum of Sabratha, Libya

New Museum of Libya Tripoli 2009

Innovative ICT solutions gathering from survey to storyenjoying


Borsa Mediterranea del Turismo Archelogico, International Exhibition of Virtual Heritage, Paestum, Italy. In collaboration with CNR ITABC Perfecto e Virtuale L’uomo Vitruviano di Leonardo, Chiesa di S.Michele, Fano, Italy “Le Chiavi di Roma” , International Exhibition of Roman culture, Musei Mercati di Traiano - Roma, Allard Pierson Museum, - Amsterdam, Vijećnica City Hall – Sarajevo, Biblioteca Alessandrina – Alexandria, In collaboration with CNR ITABC


Museo de Sitio Chan Chan, Chan Chan archaeological site exhibition, Ministerio de Cultura del Perú, MIPE In collaboration with CNR ITABC,

AMO L’Arena – 100 anni di festival attraverso 200 anni di Verdi, Arena Museo Opera, Verona In collaboration with TouchWindow Champa Towers Exhibition, Thua Thien Historical & Revolutionary Museum , Hue, Vietnam In collaboration with Università Politecnica delle Marche


Spadò – L’artista eclettico che incantò l’Europa, Spadolini Exhibition, Mole Vanvitelliana of Ancona In collaboration with TouchWindow MU.V.I. (Interactive Virtual MUseum), Caselle in Pittari, Naturalistic Park of Cilento In collaboration with TouchWindow


TAMO (Museum of Mosaic), San Nicolò church, Ravenna In collaboration with TouchWindow Fano, Vitruvio e il De Architettura: segni e memorie, Vitruvio and De Architecture Exhibition, S.Michele church, Fano In collaboration with Università Politecnica delle Marche


New Museum of Libya, Palazzo del Popolo, Tripoli, In collaboration with Università Politecnica delle Marche and TouchWindow

Panoramas acquisition for Spherical Photogrammetry, Libya, 2009


Virtual Tour with solid panoramas Quang Tri, Vietnam, 2012

Panorama tour

Photorealistic 3D model from Laser Scanner and Photogrammetry, Piazza del Papa, Ancona, 2012

3D Modelling

Immersive Box, Petra Treasury, Giordania, 2008

Immersive box

Immersive Box with interactive carpet, Naturalistic Park of Cilento, 2012, Italy


Admotum e Holobox, Roma 2014, Italy

Interactive Mirror, Fano 2014, Italy

Touch and interactive table, Fano 2014, Italy

Holographic projection of a 3D model Tripoli, Libya, 2009

Hologram Holobox, Paestum 2014

Holographic Pyramid, Fano 2014, Italy

Fotogrammetria e Realtà Aumentata per la fruizione di reperti Photogrammetry and Augmented Reality to enjoy nascosti hidden archeologici Archeological Heritage Chan Chan, Perù, 2014 Chan Chan, Perù, 2014

Augmented Reality

Video Projections Architectural Mapping Loreto, 2014

Storytelling by videoprojection on a complex surface Ancona, Italy, 2012

Projection and immersive visualization solution for visual involving experiences Verona, Italy, 2013


Retail solutions (Totem and interactive box, Touch Wall and Large Size Display, OEM and Trough Glass systems


ENJOY VISUAL EXPERIENCES Spin-off Università Politecnica delle Marche

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