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Free small business marketing ideas To help beat the “recession” These free small business marketing ideas are quick and easy to implement and can make a serious difference to your business...

1. Look after your existing customers

be aware of events – conferences, seminars, exhibitions – that take place throughout the year. Typically, organizers of such events are always keen to get experts to speak about related issues. Public speaking isn’t for everyone – but if it’s something you’d be comfortable doing, it’s a brilliant way to get known. And as with portraying yourself as an expert in other PR activities, if you do a good job, you’ll be asked again and again. It’s a great self-perpetuating way to promote you and your business.

It is a well-known fact that it is far more cost effective to retain an existing customer (and get them to keep buying from you) than to get new ones. Following the advice elsewhere on this site about relationships, make sure you keep in touch with existing customers. But not just to sell things. Reepen your relationship If you are unfamiliar with this type of public with them by sending them some free stuff – advice, a speaking – get yourself along to a couple of report, a link to something. Make them feel valued. events and see how others do it. I’m sure you’ll soon realize that you too could provide valuable Remember – if you don’t, your competitor might! Over information to delegates and you’ll also be able 60% of people stop buying from a supplier because to pick up tips. Jot down what you liked and of indifference. Your competitors will be giving plenty disliked about presenters and shape your own of reasons why they should move. You have to give presentation around that. them a reason to stay. It really works!


6. Network, network, network

People often see this as a chore. But actually, you can do this as part of your everyday life. Always carry a business card and give it to as many people as you can. If they don’t need your services, they may come across someone who does and can pass your details on.

2. Recontact old leads or past customers

Don’t try and sell to everyone you meet, people soon get weary of this and will start to avoid you! Just speak with passion about what you do and leave it clear what needs your product meets.

Think about people who have bought from you in the past – or shown an interest, or exchanged business Word of mouth is still the best form of marcards with you. keting. If people like you – and like what they hear – they are far more likely to take on board Get in touch with them. Say “hi” and remind them of what you say and will keep you in mind for the what you can do for them. Don’t do the hard sell – just future. The more people that say “hey I know re-establish contact and then add them to your sales someone…..” and hands out my business card database. or web address - the better! It generally takes several contacts before someone actually will commit to buy. In fact it can often take between 10 and 20 contacts before someone will buy from an unknown supplier – so don’t give up! – (unless of course you have been specifically asked to stop). Remember - each contact deepens your relationship and gets you closer to the sale.

3. Give your clients more

In difficult climates, businesses are fighting harder for business. So you have to fight harder to hang on to your existing clients. Do this by making your offer even more valuable. Add something to your product, increase your service levels, give them something for free, or offer a discount on future purchases.

7. Provide a guarantee

One thing that we all face in business are objections - the reasons why people don’t want to buy your product or service. You can tell them ‘til you are blue in the face that your product will change their lives, make them healthier, wealthier or wiser, but they are taking a risk. What if they give you their money - and they don’t get the benefits you promised?

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I t ’s t i m e t o g e t t h e g i r l s t o g e t h e r. . . .

Take this risk away from them and counter pretty much every objection in the book. Offer a guarantee. This transfers the risk to you, but assuming you are genuinely offering a good product which does what you say it does, then the chances of customers relying on that guarantee are small. Give them a reason to stay with you – and buy more Despite what we sometimes believe, people are from you! And whatever you do – don’t make all your generally honest and will only use a guarantee if best offers “for new customers only.” they have genuine cause to. Of course, there are people who will claim their money back, keep the goods and totally rip you off. But they are few and far between. Public Relations is a very effective form of marketing and can pay dividends when it comes to increasing customer confidence in you – a critical Used effectively, the internet can turn out to be factor especially in uncertain times. your biggest friend in terms of reaching your target market, communication, relationship In a recession, there is lots of bad news around. building, and ultimately – sales! And it can be If you can put out a positive story that’s interest- low cost too. ing and topical, the chances are you’ll get some great coverage. These days most businesses have a website. It’s not rocket science to get a truly successful site that attracts targeted traffic, builds a relationship with them, and generates lots of income. Every business large or small should have one. If you know your industry well, you’ll no doubt

4. Send out Press Releases

8. Exploit the internet

5. Speak at an industry event


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IS FACEBOOK THE #1 MARKETING TOOL FOR SMALL BUSINESSES? Facebook Anyone? Unless you have been living exclusively and remotely you should know by now that Facebook is the best FREE business and marketing tool. Facebook has quickly, over the years evolved into a vehicle that has literally driven so many new (and old) businesses to success and financial FREEdom. Look around you and take notice that all of your customers and leads are already utilizing this resource. All you have to do is learn how to use and leverage it in order to reap all the wonderful benefits. With so many features such as the ability to “share,” “create groups,” “create business pages,” Facebook seems to have exploded, explored and delivered to us a phenomenal way to market ourselves. Never having to pay a cent, (unless of course you want to step outside the box and advertise for a very reasonable monthly charge) this goldmine of a network never ceases to amaze us all. From stay at home mothers, to the President of the United States Facebook continues to place #1 out of any other media/social networking gateway. One of the most commonly used features inside of Facebook is the HELP Center where you can simply type in your question and have several answers (in an instant, at your fingertips) to choose from. Also, thanks to the tireless technology folk we are constantly being given updates along with many different applications. If ever a doubt, need or curiosity just type in your search string for anything “small business,” “networking,” or “marketing” related. TIP: Use the word Facebook in front of each and you’ll be blown away by all the groups & pages out there! Below is a guide stating the “why,” “how,” and “what” of different options you have to publicize and promote your business: Why is a Page a better solution than a personal account for businesses, brands and organizations? Personal accounts are optimized to work for individual people instead of businesses, brands and organizations. Facebook Pages allow artists, businesses, and brands to showcase their work and interact with fans. These Pages come pre-installed with custom functionality designed for each category. Developers also build an array of apps for Page admins to add to their Pages. Unlike with friends for personal accounts, there’s no limit to the number of people who can like a Facebook Page.

How are Pages different from groups? Which Also, what you may or may not be aware of: one should I create? Pages allow real organizations, businesses, celebrities and brands to communicate broadly with people who like them. Pages may only be created and managed by official representatives. Groups provide a closed space for small groups of people to communicate about shared interests. Groups can be created by anyone. Other differences include:


• Privacy:

Page information and posts are public and generally available to everyone on Facebook.

• Audience: Anyone can like a Page to become connected with it and get news feed updates. There is no limit to how many people can like a Page.

• Communication: Page admins can share posts

When you use Facebook as a promotional tool, you have to stay up-to-date with all of the rules and regulations that Facebook puts out. If you don’t you could risk having your page shut down without warning. In the resource center, you’ll find out with the terms and conditions are that you have to abide by. For example, if you put something about entering a contest in your cover photo, this is in violation of the network’s rules. In the resource center, you can also get access to images and logos that you can use for your promotional needs. Certain images are not allowed.

• •



Success Stories

Facebook Marketing helps to educate and inspire Marketers through Facebook’s 4 Steps to Business Success, Success Stories, product launch updates, educational and support programs and more. There are 4 things that we suggest your business do in order to be successful on Facebook. On this Page, we will continuously refer to this 4 Step framework and show you how you can connect with current customers, find new fans, and drive return on investment.

Success Stories is another module that is closely related to the Facebook Studio section. With Success Stories, you get a more in-depth look at some successful marketing campaigns. You get to look at their individual goals, promotions, statistics, and ad campaigns. This makes it possible for you to get the information that you need to create a similar campaign that will work great. Without this type of information, you may find yourself guessing in the dark with your ad campaign.

Facebook’s 4 Steps to Business Success:

All five of these tools can be extremely valuable when you are trying to reach customers through Facebook. Try some of these tools out and pay attention to the Facebook marketing page for even more resources that will be available in the future. And just when you think this article has answered all your questions: ( small-business-marketing-resources-five-ways-tomaximise-your-fanpage/)

Step 1- Build your Facebook Page Step 2- Connect to fans with Ads Step 3- Engage your fans with quality content Step 4- Influence the friend of your fans Learn more here: marketing/app_356581427727267

What is a Facebook Page? Pages are for businesses, organizations and brands to share their stories and connect with people. Like timelines, you can customize Pages by adding apps, posting stories, hosting events and more. Engage and grow your audience by posting regularly. People who like your Page will get updates in their news feeds. You can create and manage a Facebook Page from your personal account. Please note that only the official representative of an organization, business, celebrity or band is permitted to create a Page.

Brand Resource & Permissions Center

under the Page’s name. Page posts appear in Facebook Demo Tool the news feeds of people who like the Page. Page admins can also create customized apps The Facebook Demo Tool is a handy resource that for their Pages and check Page Insights to you can use when you are doing a sponsored ad placement. With this tool, you can see how your track the Page’s growth and activity. placement will look before you actually do anything. Groups Privacy: In addition to an open setting, more You can set up the preview to see what your ad will privacy settings are available for groups. In look like or you can use a fake company just to see secret and closed groups, posts are only visible how the layout appears. This makes it possible for you to do a little bit of planning before you jump to group members. right in and do a sponsored post. Audience: Group members must be approved or added by other members. When a group Facebook Studio reaches a certain size, some features are limited. The most useful groups tend to be the Facebook Studio is a neat tool that you can use to ones you create with small groups of people get inspired about marketing on Facebook. In the you know. studio, they highlight some of the most successCommunication: In groups, members receive ful marketing campaigns that have been done on notifications by default when any member Facebook in the past. You can scroll through a galposts in the group. Group members can lery of campaigns and ads that have been used by participate in chats, upload photos to shared other companies. Besides the gallery, Facebook also albums, collaborate on group docs and invite presents awards to some of the most unique cammembers who are friends to group events. paigns in the studio. If you are struggling to come up Depending on your needs, you can easily create with ideas for your Facebook marketing campaign, a Page or create a group. this can be a great tool to use. It also shows you ( what works and what does not work when you start advertising on the popular social network.

Facebook Marketing helps educate and inspire marketers on how to make their business successful using Facebook. Visit www.facebook. com/business for more in-depth education on how to reach the right audience and turn them How are Pages different from personal profiles (time- into customers. lines)? Profiles (timelines) are for personal, non-commercial use only. They represent individuals and must be held under an individual name. Pages are for professional or official use, and allow an organization, business, celebrity or band to maintain a presence on Facebook. You may only create Facebook Pages to represent real organizations of which you are an authorized representative. In addition, Pages are managed by admins who have personal Facebook profiles (timelines). Pages are not separate Facebook accounts and do not have separate login information from your profile (timeline). They are merely different entities on our site, similar to how Groups and Events function. Once you have set up a Page within your profile (timeline), you may add other admins to help you manage this Page. People who choose to connect to your Page won’t be able to see that you are the Page admin or have any access to your personal account.


Company Overview We help to educate and inspire marketers on how to make their business successful using Facebook. Specifically, we educate marketers through our 4 Steps to Business Success framework, provide the latest product updates, tips and best practices, promotions, advertiser support programs, webinars and more. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open.

Facebook has 901 million monthly active users find it by searching for specific keywords on Facebook. So if your business is about making origami ducks and you know that this is a popular search term then there is nothing wrong with using this as the name of the page. Also make sure you put keyword phrases anywhere where there is text. Search engines such as Google do take notice of Facebook pages so make sure you don’t waste this opportunity.

2) Get Your Timing Right Often, the most effective small business marketing resources are those that are based on timing and Facebook is no exception. Did you realize that there is an optimum time to make posts? Well there is and that time is between the hours of 8.00 – 10.00 AM and between 6.00 to 9.00 PM. So make sure you are posting between these times. If you are living in a different country from your main reader base, make sure you check the international time zones so you can make sure you are getting your audience at these key times. 3) Use the Question Feature One of the best way to engage with followers is to ask them for their opinion on something and you can do this you need to use the question feature which can be found when you press the home tab. Questions are important because they encourage people to leave likes, responses and comments, which in case you didn’t know, are brilliant for earning you good edge rank ( a system by which Facebook measures the popularity of your page by the number of interactions it has) and thereby puts your page in front of many more people. So go to your home tab, select the questions tab and make sure you phrase a question that could have multiple answers (a bit like the old multiple choice questions in old high school exams). 4) Use Insights It’s not that we don’t already love those Facebook designers. But anyway, I’m going to give us all another reason. And that is Insights. In case you don’t know, Insights is a free service that has access to all the data from your fan page and can produce a nifty little report which it delivers to you once a week. This way you always know what your page is doing in terms of ‘likes’, ‘users’ and all of that good stuff. You have to have 30 fans for insights to kick in but I’m sure after all you have red here; you won’t have trouble gathering those. Soooo, for heaven’s sakes use this info. See how people respond to your posts. Which ones are the most popular? How many people liked a particular comment and make sure you continue to keep the fans satisfied. Also, if you would like more small business marketing resources, then don’t forget to download your free guide to using Google+ or download your copy of the 21-point checklist which will help point you in the right direction. Article Provided by: MrsStephanie Lynn Keefe

1) Make sure your page is search engine optimized Remember keywords? Those little search phrases that should be dispersed all through your content and blog posts. Weeell – they are just as important for Facebook as well (in fact all social media posting you do should be maximizing them). There are a couple of ways to do this. Firstly, you should ensure that when you set up your page you choose a name that has a keyword phrase in it. That way if people have never heard of your business, they can still

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Welcome to Discovery Toys, the source for educational toys to help build and nurture creative thinkers.



A Discovery Toys product is not a typical educational toy that you can find at every local toy store. We strive to incorporate multiple Layers of Learning into our products that stimulate multiple centers in the brain simultaneously—an experience that promotes both critical thinking AND open-ended imaginary play. Come join in the fun and learning!

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Scentsy is a safe way to enjoy fragrances. There is no flame, which means no smoke and no soot as well, and you can keep them on all day without worry about a fire. You don’t have to worry about your children or pets since the warmed wax is not hot enough to burn them. There are over 80 fragrances to be used with our beautiful handcrafted ceramic warmers.


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Home Business Tips That Will Improve Your Profits Home businesses have been around, probably as long as humans have, but for a short time, they seemed to fade into the dusk of major corporations. Thanks to the internet, home businesses have made a strong return. Many people are curious whether or not it’s truly possible to make money with the home business opportunities that abound online. It is, but there are a few things that you absolutely must know, before you’ll achieve success. When starting a business, make sure that you choose a type of business that will satisfy you and be profitable. Make sure that there is a demand for your type of business. If you are making something such as a product, be sure that you get enjoyment from creating the product. Although you may love making your product, it must make you a profit.

bringing you 10 customers who buy your most expensive widgets, you’ll need to calculate which is actually producing more profit and focus on that. Use a multifunction device to consolidate your printing, faxing, and scanning. Bundling all of these functions into one device can save you as much as 50% compared to buying each one separately. This consolidation of functions also saves quite a bit of space, freeing up room on your desk for your actual work.

If you run a home business, you’ll not only need to know which marketing strategies are bringing you the most customers, but also which customers are spending the most money. If a classified ad is bringing you 100 customers who buy your cheap widgets, but personal referrals are

When you start your own home business, you may be the only employee. Be sure that you understand what responsibilities that entails and whether or not you are able to do them properly. If you are not able to do all aspects of the job, consider hiring someone to help you! Do not fall prey to all of the ads that promise you that you can make millions from doing a business within a few weeks. They are not realistic and you would be setting yourself up for disappointment. Understand that you must work hard and stick with it in order to make anything and that the harder you work the more you will make.

Ensure that your home business is properly insured, by discussing the business with an insurance agent. You should also make sure that your home business complies with local zoning laws and city ordinances. You don’t want to start a dog care business, if there is a limit to the amount of animals you can have on your property. If you are newly looking for a business you can work at online, beware of scams. There are websites that reveal the current scams: businesses that will make money off of you, not set you up in a business where you can make money. Many of these target stay-athome moms.

Do not let your day job keep you from working on a home business. While it is important to keep that income from your day job coming in, remember you only work there forty hours a week. The rest of the time is when you have to work on your dreams. Even if you only devote thirty minutes a day to your home business, do it!

We have the internet to thank, in a major way, for the return of the home business, but the internet has also been the source of new pitfalls. As long as you know how to recognize the scams and understand the unique requirements of a home business in the 21st century, your fortune awaits. Seek out a mentor. A mentor is someone who has been where you are. A mentor can lend a kind ear or give you business advice. There are many organizations full of experienced people who would like to help people just starting out; all you have to do is ask. Some organisations may offer advice on staffing services in atlanta if your home business is growing in that area.


• Gather important information about what your customers need and want Create a database • Make it easy for people to find you or contact you • Enhance credibility – prove that you are a real company and you care enough about what you do to maintain a presence Become an important source of information in your industry

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Proudly serving Queen Creek, Most of San Tan Valley and S.E. Gilbert since 2005. Fields4Dogs is a professional in your home pet sitting service. Insured ,Bonded, Pet CPR and CPR/First Aid Certified, with over 15 years of experience. Fields4Dogs Pet Sitting Service, LLC


All you have to do is follow five simple steps to create your own perfect look. Choose a color, add a bag, clutch, accessories, and jewelry to create a style that’s all your own. These bags are smart AND stylish with the intelligent interior!!


« Why small businesses need a website. I don’t care who you are or what you do – if you are a business owner, no matter how small, you need a website. Here are a few things that a website can do for your small business: • Share your business story – let people know what you do, why and how you can help them • Get new customers – people are looking online for your services (when was the last time you picked up a telephone book?) • Share your company’s news, promotions, new products/ services etc… Keep you customers updated • Educate people about what you do and get new customers in the process

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Send Out Cards Send Out Cards is an online greeting card and gift business. It is a system that enables you to send a REAL, hold in your hand, greeting card in the mail to anyone at anytime. We also have available an assortment of gifts. From gift cards, brownies, cookies and more. You’ll never have to go to the store to find just the right card with just the right words. To take our gratitude challenge www., this will allow you to send one card every day to someone you are grateful for.

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Warmly, Diane Haskins I’m sending sunshine, one card at a time! Have you sent any sunshine lately?

You are also able to upload your own pictures with your own words whenever you have a prompting or feeling that you just need to reach out to someone.

Less than 2% of all the agents in the US have the CDPE designation, Hire a Pro, because “Nobody Sells More Real Estate in the world than RE/MAX”!!!

We are in the midst of a gratitude challenge where we send one card (or more) to someone you’re grateful for using our card system. And if you’re looking to supplement your income or replace a job you’ve been laid off from, change careers, or just wanting to touch more lives, and stay more connected to customers, clients or family, we have an opportunity that is 2nd to none.

Please remember; I am a “Certified Distressed Property Expert”, If you know anyone that is facing foreclosure, I can help them at no cost to them!!!



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Be a guest, host a party, learn about Tupperware® products and purchase some for yourself at a classic Tupperware party or one from our new, unique Menu of Parties—it’s your chance to join the party!

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Riggs Services

TESTIMONIAL: Amanda W. “I have 3 small dogs that had just utterly trashed my carpets. We’re talking deep and frequent stains. I honestly thought they were beyond repair. I’d tried so many things from umpteen carpet shampoo machines to every cleaner under the sun and nothing even made a dent it was so bad.

Family Owned and Operated by: Joel and Netty Riggs

Joel and I have been married 12 yrs. We have 3 boys from 6yrs old to 11yrs old, and I have 2 other children 18 and 22 and a 3yr old grandson. I was a dental assistant for 5 years when we met and quit to be a stay at home mom when I was pregnant with our 1st. After 7 years of marriage and 17 yrs of Joel being a bill collector, we started a new venture as a family owned and operated carpet cleaning company out here in San Tan Valley.

Joel came and was here less than 45 minutes and my carpets are amazing. They’re actually white, who knew!?

In 2007 my father was selling his janitorial business. They had a fully equipped carpet cleaning van, that wasn’t going to make or break the deal, so he offered to lease it to us. Joel always wanted to work for himself so we decided, why not give it a try.

I’m so grateful to him for making a better environment for me and my 18 month old son. I will be recommending him to anyone who will listen!”

He started out doing night & weekend jobs, while he continued to work in collections. After having some training and building a small customer base, he was laid-off. We decided this was the universes way of saying sink or swim…so we swam. We have worked very hard, sometimes not very smart, but through trial and error, we have built our company to where we are now. Joel and I have been serving the valley since 2007. Our lives revolve around our business which means we really care about your satisfaction on the services we provide. We work closely with a lot of small businesses and 90% of our work comes from referrals. Remember when you use our company you are getting unbeatable service at comparable prices and your helping a family fulfill their dreams.

What we offer- What we don’t doxx Truck mounted equipment

xx Carpet cleaning xx Tile & Grout cleaning xx Natural stone cleaning xx Upholstery Cleaning xx Residential & Commercial work xx Hot water extraction with 200+ degrees heat

xx carpet stretching xx carpet repairs xx grout repairs xx Saltillo or granite cleaning

Schedule Your Cleaning Today (602)


Visit Netty’s Blog

for helpful Tips and How To’s

Get Marker out of your couch...


Children can be a blessing. But they can also be hard on our furniture. Of course your best option is calling in a professional, but what if you can’t? Our suggestion is, rubbing alcohol and a white cloth. As with all your spots and spills always use white so you don’t transfer dye. Pour the alcohol on the white cloth and dab it on the “art work”.

Thank you Riggs Services for this wonderful HOW TO tip.

DISCLAIMER* in some very few cases this has lightened the fabric and/ or spread the ink. You can try it on an unnoticeable area first. And just ask yourself what is worse, marker down the side of your couch or a lightened area of your couch? And then go out and replace all the permanent markers with washable ones till they are in college.

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W E ’ L L N E V E R F O R G E T ! Remembering September 11th 9/11 Remembrance Quotes On the morning of September 11th, terrorists hijacked four commercial jet planes and attempted to fly them into several U.S. targets. One of the planes, American Airlines Flight 11, crashed into Tower One of

the World Trade Center at 8:50 AM. United Airlines Flight 175 crashed into Tower Two at 9:04 AM. As the world watched Tower Two collapsed to the ground at about 10:00 AM. Unfortunately, this horrible scene was duplicated at 10:30 AM when Tower One crashed to the ground. This terrorist attack brought about the death of approximately 3,000 men, women and children from nations around the world. America’s Response to the World Trade Center Attack: The people of America banded together in the weeks following the September 11th attacks like few other times in American history. People responded with donations of blood, effort and money. President George W Bush immediately called for all civilized nations to band together and fight terrorism. The military of the United States mobilized for war in an operation code named Enduring Freedom. The government declared Osama Bin Laden to be the main suspect and sent the military to fight him and his terrorist organization called Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. The military has been able to capture numerous leaders within the terrorist organization but has not been able to capture Bin Laden himself. A huge controversy arose when President Bush sent troops into Iraq on March 19, 2003 claiming that the country led by Saddam Hussein was developing weapons of mass destruction and aiding Al Qaeda operatives. As time passed and no evidence of those weapons were found in Iraq, many in America were upset by what they felt were unnecessary reasons to get involved in Iraq. Some argued that the Iraq War drew necessary attention away from the war in Afghanistan. story provided by:

The following 9/11 remembrance quotes were stated by world leaders and well known icons. These 9/11 remembrance quotes were uttered to help bring America together, and help us to understand the tragedy. If the culprits are Muslim, they have twisted the teachings of Islam. Whoever performed, or is behind, the terrorist attacks in the United States of America does not represent Islam. God is not behind assassins. -- Muhummad Ali Freedom itself was attacked this morning by a faceless coward. Freedom will be defended! -- President George W. Bush, September 11, 2001 We must not descend to the level of those who perpetrated Tuesday’s violence by targeting individuals based on their race, their religion, or their national origin. Such reports of violence and threats are in direct opposition to the very principles and laws of the United States and will not be tolerated. --John Ashcroft, Attorney General

The following 9/11 remembrance quotes are inspirational. These words were uttered to help people cope with losses. Not a day passes over the earth but men and women of no note do great deeds, speak great words, and suffer noble sorrows. -- Charles Reade I know for certain that we never lose the people we love, even to death. They continue to participate in every act, thought and decision we make. Their love leaves an indelible imprint in our memories. We find comfort in knowing that our lives have been enriched by having shared their love. -- Leo Buscaglia Whatever it is that I have lost (or must give up) I must grieve. If I do not do my grieving about the old hurts and insults, then, when I am faced with a here and now grief experience, I will end up having to dredge up all that old energy along with the current experience. -- Elaine Childs-Gowell We never need to forget 9/11. Keeping these 9/11 remembrance quotes near to our hearts is important. We should not allow this fateful day to slip from our memory. In the words of Former President George W. Bush: “These acts shattered steel, but they cannot dent the steel of America’s resolve.” quotes provided

Netty Rigg’s Grandpa, Ernest McDaniel photographed these amazing 9-11 photos. He went into a deep depression and said he would never sell them. It is our HONOR to publish these in the EVB Magazine for all to view and not only remember 9-11, to also remember Ernest McDaniel, born Feb 4, 1929 - Sept 17, 2009 Written by the NewYork Times: McDANIEL--Ernest (Ernie), of New York City, 80, loving husband of Barbara, father of Sharon Gilbertson, brother of Nellie Erickson, Lorraine Ortiz and Barbara Lou Arnold. Technically gifted, Ernie served in the Coast Guard, built KFOG in San Francisco, was a radio disc jockey and 4 time Emmyaway-winning news cameraman at WCBS-TV. Excellent baker and creative graphic artist. Ernie will be remembered always by family and friends.

Ernest McDaniel also photographed this amazing 9-11 aftermath photo! Netty and Sharon, Thank you so much for allowing EVB to display these photos in our first edition. You both should be truly proud! What a wonderful family accomplishment and how great it was to call him Dad and Grandpa!!

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Job Seekers in Pinal County and San Tan Valley Areas

The East Valley Review

$tephs Trea$ure Trove

Clothing For San Tan Area

East Valley HomeBased Business Group

East Valley Furniture Yard Sale


East Valley Events

San Tan Mega Baby, Toddler and Mommy Group

Scrubs & More Boutique Group

OVER 9000 members

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Shazam This is one of the most jaw dropping apps on the iPhone, and it’s free! If you’ve ever been in an American Eagle store arguing with a loved one over who was singing “Santa Baby” on the store speakers, you can now settle that argument with this app. It listens to a song, (in commercials, on the radio, in a movie, etc) and it will tell what song it is, who’s singing it, a link to by it in iTunes, and a link to watch it on Youtube. It’s amazing. It knows everything… and yes, it was Everclear singing, not Harry Connick Jr. You were right, Robyn. You were right. Facebook 98.2% of the world is on Facebook. So, you’re probably on Facebook. So… you’re going to want to get this app, that way you can stay connected all of the time. You’ll always know what your friends are up to, and they’ll always know what you’re up to. And you can upload mobile pictures! Oh, what would the world be like without social networking sites? Around Me Some day you might find yourself in a part of town you’re not very familiar with. And on that day, you might want to go to a bank. Or to Starbucks. Or… to the post office… but- you don’t know where they are! (Remember, you’re in an unfamiliar part of town.) Rather than drive across town to the place you know, you can use this app to find out what’s nearby. It’ll even give you directions! How thoughtful! Restaurants For the health minded folks out there, this is an excellent app that will give you the nutrition info for many popular restaurants. (Most are fast food, but let’s be honest, that’s where most people eat.) Maybe with this app you’ll think twice about that Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger from Carl’s Jr. 910 calories! My goodness. You can also keep track of your eating habits with the program- or you can use it to shame your gluttonous friends who can’t resist temptation. Fun for all! Yelp You can have access to reviews of everything from restaurants to hotels to day spas, all at the touch of a finger. Plus, if you get horrible service, you don’t have to wait to post a review about it. You can rant and rave while your emotions are still running high. Why let calmer heads prevail? The Weather Channel Even though some might consider talking about the weather to merely be an ice breaker in awkward social settings, I happen to actually care about what the 10 day outlook is. This app breaks down the current weather, the next 12 hours, the 36 hours, and the next 10 days. Plus it offers maps, videos and severe weather alerts. It’s a good app, better than the weather app that comes pre-installed. Slydial Let’s face it. Sometimes, you’d rather leave a voicemail. This app will connect you directly to the caller’s voicemail- no ringing involved. (This is, of course, assuming that they have a voicemail account, and not an old fashioned land-line.) You can even pretend that you’re upset they didn’t pick up. It’s a lot of fun. And it’s free. Sportacular For sports fans, this is a must have. You can follow all of the big sports, get scores, stats, standings, etc. I’m not even a sports fan, and I have it. This way, I can get NBA scores all the time. And, I can check on my Sharks to see how they’re doing. It’s awesome. Get this app. Drinks Free Hi. My name is Brian and it’s been two days since my iPhone last suggested a drink for me. “Hi Brian!” I’m not an alcoholic, but with this app, my friends will never be the wiser! You’ll learn how to make over 5800 cocktails. If you were to try a new one every day, that’s 15 years worth of drinking. (So you might want to try to cram in 2 or 3 drinks a day to get through them all faster. You’re welcome.) Skype FaceTime is a great alternative to standard voice calls, but it’s no good if you’re trying to contact someone without a Mac or compatible iOS device. Therefore, Skype remains an essential download. The interface is simple and usable, enabling anyone with a Skype account to make free calls to other Skype users and cheap calls to anywhere in the world. If you’re on Pay and Go, this is particularly handy, but the app also enables iPod touch users to utilise their devices for calls. Twitter The official Twitter app might lack some of the features found in the likes of Tweetbot, but it does provide a sleek and simple means of using the service. It also directly mirrors the latest navigational scheme on the Twitter website. Wikipanion The Wikipedia website works fine on iPhones, but a dedicated app is a better bet. Wikipanion is a freebie which gives you quick access to article sections, in-article search, viewing options, bookmarking, and the ability to tweet about whatever odd fact you’ve just unearthed. Also, wonderfully, there are no ads. Pinterest Tool to find your inspiration and share it with others. Use it to collect things you love, organize and plan important projects, and more. Features • Pin images from around the web • Explore pins and boards you’re interested in • Get inspiration from DIY, Travel, Food and other categories • Pin with your camera credit to wikipedia

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Virtuous Skin is a studio of professionals specializing in the art of permanent make-up, body art, piercing and custom illustration/ painting/ airbrush art services. We know beauty is skin deep, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The body is your temple, so we are the specialist that will beautify your vessel... beautify your SKIN.

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South Hill Designs Lockets are custom designed by YOU with Charms that tell your story and represent the things you love most in life. South Hill Designs are more than a necklace... it’s something that touches people’s hearts. I fell in love with this product for just that reason. My name is Tammy Tamayo. I am a 40 something business woman with a passion for inspiring people to believe in themselves to build their own business. I love all things girly! Pink, heels, bling, heck anything that sparkles has my name written all over it. South Hill Designs tells a story and allows people to show their journey in life through a beautiful piece of jewelry. I love sharing that with people and helping others tell their story or design one for that special person.

NEW South Hill Designs ~ Wear What You Love, Unique Jewelry Order: (480) 414-7466 TammyTamayo

Tammy Tamayo

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Dani Miller grew up fishing with her mom and dad, using worms, corn and bee moth, catching blue gill, cat fish and the occasional bass. They went on vacation every year to a lake with cabins. She learned a lot about fishing from her parents and grandpa. After losing her father and grandfather to cancer her freshman year in high school her and her mother ceased to take those fishing trips in the summertime. When she looks back now she can’t really remember if it was lack of money or they just couldn’t go without them. She moved to Arizona in 1997 to attend Arizona State University and met her husband Steve in 1998 who was a bass fisherman, owned his own bass boat and fished local tournaments. She remembers that the knowledge that he had compared to what she had learned growing up was amazing. When they had their son Paxton in 2009 she knew that she wanted him to learn to fish and hoped that he loved it as much as she does. Wanting to write since she was in the sixth grade she got the idea to start with children’s books driving in the car on a road trip with her mom. Her son is the inspiration for this book series. She has plans for a 10 book series. You can find her online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble and in a few local book stores and boutiques. She has done a few library reads and local author elementary school events. Reading is an essential part of a child’s learning development. Dani is an advocate for children and knows how important books are to developing skills and creating potential for dreams and future aspirations. She enjoys teaching and sharing her story and would love to be a part of something at local schools or organizations. She has read in libraries and schools up to the 2nd grade. Dani will do classroom reads, assemblies, library reads, literacy nights, fundraisers. Call with your ideas, to sit down and make it happen. Series explores the possibilities of a child’s imagination. #1 in Series- Touches on Colors When Paxton and Mali decide they need a new fishing boat, they have a wild ride in store for them. Paxton and Mali come across the craziest boat shop they can imagine, with the brightest, shiniest, most colorful boats they’ve ever seen. Come along as Paxton and Mali Find Their Boat, and see how children’s imaginations can unlock endless possibilities in the hobbies they love. Pre-K – 2nd grade reading level She has started a Blog to track all of her events and developments: Find me on Facebook under Paxton and Mali Check out the video trailer on You Tube: Paxton and Mali Find Their Boat

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S t e f a n i a

B e n d e l

At CSB Events we know your free time and leisure activities are important. We offer a diverse range of services to meet the cultural, entertainment and recreational interests of our customers within Arizona. Whether you are looking to Plan a wedding or a Fundraiser, CSB Events can help. Shed the stress and worry of your next event and enjoy a fantastic time. Contact CSB Events today.

CSB Events Work: (480) 268-6662 Fax: (480) 383-6574

Classic, modern and magical....

Girls Night In... I started as a consultant for Slumber Parties as a way to pay for my wedding. After 16 months of doing parties on a part-time basis, I was able to pay for my big, gorgeous wedding in cash! What makes Slumber Parties by Denise unique are several things. First, our company offers a gorgeous line of lingerie that changes at each show. Next, all of my clients will receive their items the night that they make the purchase so there is no waiting for our products. Finally, we offer top-notch, pharmaceutical grade creams and lotions along with several bedroom accessories that are backed with a limited lifetime warranty. Nobody else in our line of business offers that. Currently with the big trend from the “Fifty Shades of Grey” trilogy, we have an entire line of products dedicated to what readers have experienced in the book that is awakening women all over the world! My greatest success has to be helping women see their potential as a professional business owner. We have Arizona’s top team of over 70 amazing women and I love watching them make their dreams come true. I advertise and market our products via our fabulous and professional website located at


And, you can always like my fan page on Facebook at Slumber Parties By Denise. I’ve had my successful business for over eight years, and I have to say that I really love what I do. Our parties are super-fun and my favorite tagline is “we help put

the tingle in the single and unbury the married!” Slumber Parties by Denise are in San Tan Valley, but I travel all over the valley to do shows and even travel out of state as well.

We’re open 24-7 and our business line is 480-323-8355 Book a party with me today, and mention that you saw this ad in the East Valley Business Magazine, and you will be given $50 in free products! For ladies 18 & over only!

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Customized with your logo, design or lettering. Get the best prices and service.

Brochures Pamphlets (623) 980-3015 ozonegraphics

Every season we will entice, excite and seduce you with stunning collections of exquisite designs from the creative talents of our clients to our very own creativity. GlitZZed is not about traditional classics. We look for truly original and of-the-moment design. GlitZZed is about uptown girls and downtown girls.

can WE let the community know that we are here? Well, that’s our mission.

I also currently maintain 16 websites as a Freelancer called CarriesKreations. I love to be able to design and create.

Wikipedia stated that San Tan Valley has 81,321 community residents, which isn’t considered “small” anymore, but we want them to know that just because we don’t have a store front doesn’t mean we can’t provide what they are looking for and provide great service.

I’ve been privileged to meet a lot of wonderful people in San Tan Valley. With me what you see is what you get. I consider myself honest, reliable, loving, outgoing, and I have a great personality. I do not involve myself in elementary drama or gossip. I’m here to raise my kids and hopefully build a successful business. I created a Facebook group page called the East Valley Homebased Business group on June 26, 2012 and within 24

Difference is we don’t have the huge overhead that comes with renting the vacant overpriced slim picking “boutique” buildings out here in STV. I personally would love to have my own boutique someday. Who knows maybe someday I will.

Dress up glamour and dress down cool. We invite you to create your own individual style with us. It’s all about the mix, the match, the YOU! GlitZZed. com is a place where fashion takes a front seat. We want you to have fun, shine, and GlitZZ. Born in Frankfurt, Germany (Army Brat, daughter to a Sargent Major, whom is in Afghanistan as we speak, granddaughter to an Air force Vietnam Veteran) raised in practically every Army base known, but my true home is New Jersey. Was my very first home when my mom and dad moved back. I still have my family there and I’m very fortunate to be able to visit them at least twice a year. One of my main reasons for naming my home based business GlitZZed- is the name was also “born” in Germany which means showiness; flashiness: “a garish barrage of show-biz glitz” glitzy, flashy, showy, glitter, glitzen, to shine, from Old High German Language, I added an extra Z for the uniqueness of my personality and I LOVE the meaning! It fits PERFECTLY!”

hours the group had 258 members. I never in a million years would have imagined a group of close to 500 members. I just wanted to reach out to others in the same situation I am in. On July 6th I was asked to help organize a vendor mixer, was going to be 6 women showing off their products (like a Tupperware party) well it ended up being 62 vendors at the Poston Butte High School Gymnasium. We now have two events coming up: November 3, 2012 from 9-3pm called the East Valley Business & Craft Fair and December 15, 2012 from 9-3pm called the SANTA Valley Holiday Business & Craft Fair. Both events will also be held at the Poston Butte High School GymMother of three wonderful children, and nasium. wife of eleven years. I moved to Johnson Ranch in 2006 from Dallas, Texas. To be This leads to the Magazine you are now honest looked really close on the map viewing. As a home-based business, to where my family in Gilbert currently reside. A work transfer and having family out here in Arizona landed me in San Tan Valley and has been my home ever since. At first it took some getting used too, HUGE city to a one-way-in, one-way-out, one gas station “town” (at the time). I eventually got used to it and I truly love it out here.

I do know this, I WILL NOT GIVE UP. I always try to remember everyone you meet, talk to, smile at, or associate with IS A POTENTIAL CUSTOMER, treat others as you want to be treated, kindness and honesty keeps you and the people that you surround yourself with hopefully the same. If not…. at least you know YOU were!

bilit ies


special day. This is one of my many can dos and always willing to help out.

Poss i

Business Cards

GlitZZed, the best Genuine Swarovski Crystal and rhinestone Embellished Apparel and Accessories in the world and on the web. GlitZZed has been a sparkling light in the “Rhinestone” world. Whether it’s fashion or fine, Swarovski Crystal Embellished Apparel and Accessories has always been our passion as well as our business.






I organized many events in Dallas, and seem to have an “act” for it, pretty much comes naturally to me. I really enjoy working with others and help create their

funds are very tight. I spend most of my business funds on product, and I can barely afford the high priced newspaper Ads, or radio commercials. So I have created the East Valley Business Magazine also known as EVB Magazine. The intention is to be so very affordable for the ones just like me that cannot afford advertising BUT desperately need it. How


“A dream to remember”

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and they say, “Is that really me?” To me that is success! Most of our advertising is done online through our websites which can be found at; our blog @ and our Facebook page @ www.facebook. com/fantasmeboudoir. Oh, and word of mouth too!

On a personal note, I have been married for six years to my wonderful, non-active Marine. I have three beautiful children and one gorgeous granddaughter. I love What inspired me, as the owner of to make people smile. As a kid I was always Fantasme Boudoir to open my own busi- being goofy and as an adult I’m still goofy, ness was because I wanted to make all but with a camera in my hand. women feel sexy. I saw a need in our community for a photographer that would Fantasme Boudoir is located in the heart make it simple and fun for a woman to of San Tan Valley, Arizona. Our hours are have boudoir shots done, without feeling Monday through Thursday, 6PM-9PM; Fridirty about it. So, because I was passion- days 1PM-6PM; Saturdays 8AM-6PM and ate about this, I decided to launch this Sundays by appointment only. We are company in 2006. closed on all major holidays. We can also be reached via phone at 480.751.0287. Since that time, Fantasme Boudoir has expanded in many fascinating ways. We At the time of this publication we don’t are unique in many ways as well, but the have a “claim to fame, however come ones that stick out the most are that we back in two years and ask us! are a traveling studio (aside from a centrally located one). We go the extra mile I thank you for reading and hope to SEE and pamper our clients, allowing them (click, click!) you out there, somewhere. the freedom to find themselves. The best part is that we do not pressure sales. Sincerely, Kathryn Stapelman Our greatest success is when we provide a service to someone who would never have done something so intimate, and you can see the look on their faces when you show them the photos of their shoot

“Building Business One Lead at a Time!” 602-443-0073 Facebook: @SanTanLeads Twitter: @SanTanLeads San Tan Leads is a one person per industry, business leads group, founded in 2008 by Dewayne Castillo. If you are a business that offers reputable products/services, San Tan Leads can help you grow your business. We encourage you to contact us and schedule a time to visit us during one of our weekly Tuesday morning meetings.

(480) 751-0287 BEST FROZEN YOGURT IN TOWN Sweetie Peaz is located in the Fry’s Marketplace Plaza at the Corner of Combs and Gantzel 85 W. Combs Road, Suite 111 Queen Creek, AZ 85140

(480) 987-6262 email us at “Like” us on Facebook!

Contact us for fundraising and special event attendance! Sweetie Peaz Frozen Yogurt is a selfserve frozen yogurt that gives YOU the ability to create dessert your own way! Sweetie Peaz carries 10 different flavors of yogurt and offers no sugar added options, as well as non dairy. Sweetie Peaz offers over 50 toppings to help you create the dessert you will fall in love with! Voted Best of San Tan Valley for 2011, we pride ourselves on customer service and cleanliness! We are a locally owned and operated business in the San Tan Valley area!

“Taking Care of Business Since 2005”


Facebook: @SanTanChamber Twitter: @SanTanChamber Established in 2005, The San Tan Valley Chamber of Commerce’s mission is to promote and support the San Tan-area business community. To do this we promote the Chamber and our member businesses, while also providing the tools and resources our members need to grow their business. The San Tan Valley Chamber of Commerce has an After Hour Mixer the second Thursday of every month from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. at various locations and a General Membership Meeting the fourth Thursday of every month from 7:30 – 9:00 a.m. at the SRP Service Center. Please come as a guest and see what the San Tan Valley Chamber of Commerce can do for you and your business.

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The #1 Most Visited site in San Tan Valley, AZ “Why call a geek, when you can hire a professional?”

Like us on Facebook: @ SanTanValleyOnline Follow Twitter: @

Facebook: @MyBizNow Twitter: @MyBizNow Since 2000, we have been providing individuals and businesses, small and large, with the tools to succeed at home, in the office and online. We provide a full line of technology solutions including: xx PC Support and Repair xx Remote and On-site Assistance xx Network Setup and Maintenance xx Wired and Wireless Setup and Repair xx Custom PC Builds xx Software and Computer Training xx $8.99/yr Domain Names xx Hosting xx Website Design and Re-Design xx Web Stores xx Merchant Accounts xx Graphic Design xx Printing

Sugar Rush Cake Company


Complete with headline local, county and state news, events and happenings around the area, business listings, classifieds, school updates, homes, health and pet tips, sports and much much more! What can you do for FREE on List your business in the directory, add community events to the calendar, sell your personal items in the classifieds and more! Get community updates throughout the day directly to your phone by texting FOLLOW SANTANVALLEYAZ to 40404 and never miss out on anything again!

We can provide a beautiful cake or cupcake that will make your special event a memorable one. From simple to elegant our cakes will satisfy your every need.




All my cakes are made fresh from scratch at home in SanTan Valley, AZ. Whatever the occasion may be a wedding, birthday, anniversary or just a craving for delicious sweets.

Our cakes will WOW you



CALL TODAY 602 309 7061

Description The Storm currently broadcasts via Internet Only. Bringing Honesty and Integrity back to San Tan Valley Radio. The Storm is working to provide more local content as well as bring you great independent National programs and shows. Start looking for The Storm at Local Events throughout 2012. From Bobby D Mornings to Shon White Afternoons, join The Storm for unique programming. The Storm is operated by San Tan Educational Media. An Arizona Non Profit Corporation.

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Dona Delivers CATERING & RENTALS Book Your Wedding during the month of September receive 10% OFF ***************************

Book Your Wedding during the month of September $1000.00 or more receive a FREE WEDDING CAKE Years of experience has brought Dona-Delivers Catering to life. First, you must know your clients’ needs and expectations, then be able to match those with our fresh food and great service. Working with one team to successfully create your entire event, whether it’s breakfast for your staff or lunch for your clients, we are here for all your catering needs. We welcome you to experience Dona-Delivers Catering.


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located in the Fry's Marketplace Plaza at the Corner of Combs and Gantzel 85 W. Combs Road, Suite 111 Queen Creek, AZ 85140


Stacey Tardif, who owns Sweetie Peaz Frozen Yogurt (along with her husband Dan) worked in property management previous to purchasing their business. She was inspired to open because she just wanted to work somewhere where people were happy to see them, not wanting to complain. “I have the best job in the world. People come to celebrate their birthdays, wedding proposals, graduations, first days of kindergarten. It really is good stuff, “expressed Stacey. Stacey continues, “Our business is unique in that we really do strive to provide the highest level of customer service while having one of the cleanest frozen yogurt stores around. We also love supporting the community through fundraisers. Being locally owned and operated, this is our community too and we want to see it be the best!” When asked what is the businesses “claim to fame?” she simply stated, “We only offer cool things, LOL! Honestly, everyone has a different love! Whether it is cake batter (my personal favorite) with Reese’s or fruit or the sorbet or plain old vanilla, we can find something for everyone!”

Their greatest success so far is that they just feel blessed they are open another day and that is a true success to them. For advertising and marketing we love our Facebook fans. People get special discounts by liking us! You can find us at Also look for us on the web at www. or email us at info@ Sweetie Peaz is named after Stacey and Dan’s daughter because she used to call her “my Sweetie Pea” when she was little. There is something amazing about owning your own business, but there are some days when Stacey is like, “Can’t I just have a Friday, too?” Of course, then she is reminded just how lucky she is! The Tardif’s have a mobile side of the business at Sweetie Peaz as well. For larger events, we can come out and sell frozen yogurt at your event. We even hosted our FIRST birthday party at the store in September of 2012!! We gainfully employ 8 fabulous people. We are open Mon-Thurs-11:00 am10:00 pm, Friday and Saturday 11:00 am-11:00 pm and Sunday 12:00pm9:00pm. Hope to see you HERE!

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A BIT OF LOVELY I’m a mama of 4 kiddos and if that isn’t enough to keep me busy, I own a business, A bit of Lovely. It was born when my grandma taught me to crochet and I never imagined the blessings that would come from my skill! I started by making dishcloths, then moved to blankets, and eventually learned to read patterns. I have created a few styles of booties and have made them hundreds of times to sell in my shop. I also make and sell headbands, diaper covers, and hats. Crocheting is a wonderful hobby that I have been fortunate enough to grow into a business. October will mark A bit of Lovely’s 2nd birthday. I will always be thankful for the moments I spent with my grandmother learning each new stitch. I really appreciate the time and love that goes into handmade goods and I know the importance of supporting small businesses. I hope you’ll check out my shop and find something Lovely! Thanks for your time. I look forward to hearing from you!


Kelly Cakes I have a passion for baking and want to share it!! Started baking a few years ago when my oldest son was deployed to Iraq. I thought it would be a great way to keep my mind distracted if even for a minute!! I fell in love and have been baking ever since! My son is home now but my passion continues!! I love seeing the smiles on peoples face when they receive one of my cakes or cupcakes!! My name is Kelly and I am a stay at home mom who loves to bake. All my baked good are made fresh to order using quality ingredients. If you’re looking for a delicious cake or cupcakes for your next party or get together then give me a call.

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By: David Dean Hello east valley! My name is David Dean and I am the owner of Beach Front Computers, “Where Computer Repair is as easy as a day at the beach!” That’s our motto  I am here in the great city of San Tan Valley and surrounding area to help with all your computer needs. My wife Shawna and I started up Beach Front Computers as a fun side job when I was working as a Fugitive Recover Agent for the state of Arizona. We get asked about the name of our business often since we are in the middle of the desert and, well no beaches. My wife came up with it. She is a Cali girl and said nothing is more relaxing than the beach. So there you have it. As time went on recovery work took its toll on me. It involved crazy hours and I was away from my family too much. Not to mention that line of work made my wife a little un-easy. So as we began to grow this last year I turned my goal to making Beach Front Computers into a full time successful service. I have to say, I love how when I get a customer’s computer up and running and see them happy. It’s a great change from arresting someone and seeing them not so happy with me! I have worked in the computer diagnostics/repair field off and on for over 15 years now! It’s crazy to think back and see all the changes we have seen in technology just in those years. We have gone from everyone having America Online dial up that took 45 minutes to download a song to high speed internet that takes maybe 45 seconds! I have always had a love for technology and wanting to know what makes it work. When I was 13 and living in Fort Wayne Indiana, I bought my first laptop at a pawn shop from

the money I made on my paper route. It took a while to save up, believe me!! It was a 286 with 8MB of memory and Windows 3.1x. It weighed about 15lbs too! I thought it was extremely fast back then! I however was disappointed when my friend’s dad bought a faster computer that played the game “Doom” and I couldn’t. I was determined to so I bought a bunch of computer parts and built my first computer! It was a Pentium too so it was much better than my friends. It was all up-hill from there. While in High School I took any computer class that was offered. Our High School was quite advanced too, we had classes on software and hardware. By my senior year of High School I was already fixing half the neighborhoods computers. At that time everyone was running either Windows 95 or Windows 98. It was a lot more work back then working with Dos based Windows than with Windows now. Nothing was truly plug and play as it is now days. That same year a friend and I were chosen out of all the students in Fort Wayne Indiana to make a website for the Mad Anthony Golf Tournament. This was a yearly golf tournament that many celebrities show up to play at for charity. Again it was a lot more work then making a webpage, we had to know HTML coding inside out where everything now is click and drag. As the years went by I kept up with technology but leaned more towards a law-enforcement job. I would still fix computers for anyone that needed help though. In 2006 I moved to St. George Utah and I began to work at Staples INC. for a little supplemental income.

I loved working at Staples, it was fun and again I remember how much I loved working with computers. The only thing that I had a hard time was with all the upselling. I never minded making recommendations, but to be pressured to pressure customers didn’t feel right to me. In 2012, and after working for Staples INC. as a EZ-Tech off and on over several years it was time to move on for good! That is when my wife and I started talking about starting Beach Front Computers. In the summer of 2012 we moved to San Tan Valley Arizona. I was still doing investigations but it was that year we began to get more and more calls for computer repairs. It was the end of May 2013 that I was now able to run Beach Front Computers as a full time business. We run our business much more different from any big box retailer. We own it, there for we take a great pride in it. We strive to give every customer a feeling that they are not just a customer but part of the Beach Front Computers family. We feel that we will only grow through

our customers and giving them great customer service is key along with communication! We currently run everything out of our home office, in turn this keeps all our prices down for our customers. However we offer services bigger and better than any other. We are also proud that we are not just a craigslist side job type of business now. We are a member of the Better Business Bureau, and with my past of investigations, you can always trust that Beach Front Computers will never let your data be shared with anyone when you’re PC or Mac is in our possession. We do want to finish up though with a huge Thank you to the people of San Tan Valley and surrounding areas! With-out the great people of this area, we wouldn’t be here!

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My When I decided to stay home and raise my little boy I knew financially it would be challenging. I knew I had to get creative so I put my talents to work! And thus, Littleshopof Painted Signs N Furniture Finds was born. My little shop makes vinyl lettering signs with fun and creative sayings on them. My favorites and best-selling signs have been “You are My Sunshine” and “Happy Girls are the Prettiest.” I also find unique furniture pieces to paint, fix up, and sell at a reasonable price. I basically get to find the diamond in the rough and get creative with how I can take it “from trash to treasure.” I find it both adventurous and challenging doing what I do but I love it. I get to hone in on my creative skills while my baby is sleeping, and when he wakes I get to live for the reason I started this shop. I currently am running my shop through Facebook. You can check out my shop here: littleshopofpaintedsigns.furniturefinds Thanks for helping me do what I love! :) - Shaleice Parris



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LIZ FOGG Ms. Arizona U.S. Universal 2013


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DAR TO HONOR LOCAL ARTIST The Desert Wells Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution announced that Lynne Loss, owner of the Cheney Art Gallery, has been awarded the NSDAR American Heritage Women in the Arts Recognition Award. This award is designed to recognize worthy women for outstanding achievements in the non-performance arts who have contributed to her artistic design and creation. Lynne is not only a successful artist but has been extremely generous in donating her art to the community. Her painting entitled, Pink Bearded Iris was auctioned for American Marketing Association for Education. The second print of the Bearded Iris was sent to Vice President Richard B. Cheney in Washington DC (May 2002) and is in his collection. Among other paintings, Folk Art School House was painted for a donation for an auction to help raise over $8,000 for New Mexico Chapter of National Association of Women Business Owners which went to support NAWBO’s mission of propelling women entrepreneurs into economic and social spheres of power worldwide.

The American Flag was painted on canvas in 2010 for Vice President Cheney and then enlarged to a 16x20 Geclee print which is now displayed in Queen Creek (AZ) Town Hall. In June 2012, Lynne donated a framed acrylic picture, entitled, Constitution Hall to the Desert Wells Chapter which helped to raise $1,000 for Wounded Warriors. The Davis-Cheney Art Gallery adds immense value to the community of Queen Creek and surrounding areas. The art and services they provide give a caring artistic perspective to our growing town and diverse community. Desert Wells Regent Sandra Wilson stated “we were so happy to be able to honor this gifted artist who unstintingly has given her talent to her community.” Members of the Desert Wells Chapter live in Queen Creek, Mesa, Apache Junction and surrounding communities and trace their ancestors to a man or woman who fought for American Independence. Contact Linda Enz (480-403-1477) for additional membership information.

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What is all this buzz about the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge?? It’s independent promoters of the Challenge, like Cheri Patterson, who is a Two Star Ambassador, telling others about a 90 day Challenge where people can lose weight, build lean muscle and get healthy! Obesity is an epidemic in our country, and the company, ViSalus, is waging a war on person at a time...90 days at a time. The obesity statistics for both children and adults are staggering. In today’s world of fast food meals and everybody being in a hurry, it’s so easy to fall into the trap of not eating properly. And people are under the misconception that eating healthy costs too much. But the 90 Day Challenge is so much more than a weight-loss solution. It is also the solution for people who want to gain weight, build lean muscle, and just get healthy. Cheri started her journey on the 90 Day Challenge as a customer. She had been diagnosed with diabetes and needed to lose weight. She tried “diets”, but didn’t have lasting success with any of them, and as most dieters know, she felt deprived and it just wasn’t fun. When a woman at a vendor event introduced Cheri to the ViShape shake, she accepted the challenge to simply replace 2 meals a day with a healthy, nutritious shake, eat a healthy snack and a normal meal. There were no restrictions on the food she could eat for her meal, she was just told to watch her portion control. At the end of her first 90 Day Challenge, Cheri had lost 27 pounds! And the Challenge was actually fun! With thousands of recipes to make the shake taste like almost anything you can imagine, the variety and the

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fact that the shake is filling, fast easy and affordable, made her weight-loss journey more like an adventure than a struggle. Cheri had one more issue that made her weight-loss a challenge. She suffers from a back injury that keeps her from being able to do much of anything in the form of exercise. But as any good fitness trainer will tell you, the path to weight-loss and health is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. On her first 90 day Challenge she didn’t do any exercise, and still had the results she so desperately needed. When Ms. Patterson saw her own personal results, she immediately became an Independent Promoter of the Challenge. Within her first 2 months, she had already earned her BMW car bonus, and within 4 months reached the rank of Ambassador and was earning a healthy sixfigure income. At the age of 60, she is enjoying her life sharing life, health and prosperity with everyone she meets, and has relocated to the sunny state of Arizona where she enjoys hosting her family and friends when they visit, as well as working actively on community activities such as the Greater San Tan Chamber of Commerce. In the 2 ½ years that Cheri has been an independent promoter of the Body by Vi Challenge, she has personally witnessed thousands of success stories and has helped hundreds of people lose weight, build lean muscle, get healthy, and do everything from supplement their income to helping people actually leave their daily 9-5 grind and become entrepreneurs like herself. So what’s in this shake mix? It’s nutrition and a patented tri-sorb blend of protein. It’s

lactose free, gluten free, low in sugar (less than 1 gram) so it’s diabetic friendly, it’s Kosher Certified, Heart Friendly, low in sodium, low in carbs, and tastes fantastic! In fact, it’s the shake mix that tastes like a cake mix. There are other Vi products that can be used in conjunction with the shake mix...such as an appetite suppressant (which contains no caffeine or stimulants), a metabolism booster (also without caffeine), Nutracookies which are great for your daily snack, Neuro, a healthy energy drink that actually triggers the neurons in your brain to help clear up brain fog (who doesn’t need that?!?), and two other energy drinks...Go and Pro (which are also healthy alternatives to the energy drinks sold in stores). And just this month a brand new product was added called Vi-Crunch. It’s the shake in a flake, and is the first innovation of its kind to hit the cereal market in 100 years. The fact is that everybody on the planet has something to do with their health, their weight, or their fitness that they could focus on for 90 days. The Challenge is centered around “kits” that are geared toward each person’s individual goal. You simply set your goal, pick your kit, and get started. One of the things that first attracted Cheri to the Challenge is their 3 for free program. Once you purchase your kit, if you refer 3 of your friends/family members/coworkers, etc. and they jump on the Challenge with you, the following month your product is FREE. And your product continues to be free every single month as long as your 3 friends are still on their Challenge. The products are already affordable...costing less that you are already spending

on the meals that you will be replacing, but nothing beats FREE! This year ViSalus has added six new reasons to join the Challenge. 1. They offer a 90 day moneyback results guarantee. 2. In 2012 they gave away over $47 Million dollars in free products, prizes, and vacations. 3. Every month Challenge finalists are selected to receive a professional photo shoot and free Vigear. 4. Transformation winners receive an Ultimate Transformation Vacation complete with a $5,000 Beverly Hills Wardrobe Shopping Spree! 5. Access to the Challenge Trainer ~ every resource you need to succeed on your personal Challenge, including and other enhanced tools, apps, expert tips, and community support. 6. And last but not least... PROJECT 10! Every week in 2013 ViSalus awards a total of $10,000 to 10 people who lose 10 pounds! PLUS each person who loses 10 pounds gets a FREE exclusive “I Lost It” t-shirt AND ViSalus sends 30 meals to overweight children. With the 90 Day money-back results guarantee, you have nothing to lose but the weight. *This article has been brought to you by an Independent Promoter of ViSalus

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September 2013 EVB MAGAZINE 31

Sponsored by Mrs. Arizona US Universal 2014, Kathryn Stapelman and The Hitchin' Pos | Apache Junction, AZ

Veteran's Day Hoedown November 13 At 5:00 pm The Hitchin' Post 2341 N Apache Trail, Apache Junction, AZ 85219 The event will feature a live band and bullriding. Ticket cost's for civilian's is $25 per person, the cost for Veteran's is $15 per person. 5% of the proceeds will be going to B.A.C.A., Bikers Against Child Abuse. For tickets and information please contact Mrs. Arizona US Universal 2014, Kathryn Stapelman at

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The East Valleys Alternative!! San Tan Valley, Arizona’s ONLY Locally Owned, Operated and Programmed NonProfit Radio Station.. Listen Online at or in our TEST AREA Copper Basin 99.1 FM!! Public Notice: San Tan Educational Media ( Radio) Will be participating in the upcoming LPFM (Low Power FM) Filing window October 15th-29th. During this Filing Window, Qualified Non-Profit Educational Organizations (Including San Tan Educational Media) will be able to file for a Non-Commercial LPFM Construction Permit. KQCX Radio invites any other Local Qualified Non-Profit Organizations within a 20 mile radius of Queen Creek/Gilbert, AZ that plans on filing in the upcoming FCC LPFM Filing Window to contact us in an effort to coordinate filings to ensure non-competition and delays. If your organization wishes to coordinate with KQCX Radio please email us at

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I am a full time mom and a full time student. I started my Business (J Fiegl Designs) in March of 2012 when I was still living in NY. We have since moved to Gilbert, AZ and I am hoping to continue to grow my business here! I love to paint, create unique pieces and bring old back to new. I have done everything from hair bows to furniture to jewelry. I have just recently added an additional line to my business, which is home decor. My biggest sellers have been my custom painted furniture as well as my Stamped necklaces, which i started in memory of my son who passed away after his first birthday. While I am still building my business and working to get my name out there, I have built a good solid customer base, I have begun creating murals, AND I still hold a 3.95 GPA :) I am very proud of how far I have come, and despite days of pure frustration, days where I want to give up, I never do. My love for my work, my art, and people will shine through every time. I take great pride in my work, and I strive to ensure my customers are happy!

Most of my sales are online, or While some also come from my etsy shop

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Ahoy maties! Welcome to $teph’$ Trea$ure Trove, where trea$ures are no longer JUST for PIRATES, Rawr! I am a picker, a grinner, a lover and a sinner. Haha, just kidding. Or, am I? In this particular scenario (for your reading pleasure) we will be focusing on and accentuating just what it means to become…..a PICKER!

September 2013 EVB MAGAZINE 34

Now, what am I to do all day when the kids are in school and my husband is working? Well, dig for trea$ure$ of course! I guess I’ve come full circle and I’d like to think my grandmother was the reason. We all do things for “strange” yet remarkable reasons, always with the best intentions and challenging ourselves beyond

Have you ever watched and episode of Storage Wars—or better yet, American Pickers? Or…Salvage Dogs? How about Flea Market Flip?! Have you ever logged into Pinterest for inspiration? Well, here is your first and last warning. DO! There are so many endless possibilities to so many tossed aside “outcasts” that I am humbled to call— trea$ure$! So, a little about me and my background. I grew up for the most part of my first 10 years in upstate New York. I so remember the country life and the smells of my grandmother’s workshop. The saw dust, the noises of power tools—I guess I was just too young at that time to really tap into her mind and amazing creations. Fast forward to Cape Cod, Massachusetts where I then spent 30+ years. A far cry from N.Y. but you gotta love the ocean breeze and sometimes even the winter blizzards. I’ve had several jobs throughout my existence—some extremely mindless and boring—others very challenging and fulfilling. Speeding up again to the year 2010. I reconnected with my soul mate and packed my bags, sight unseen and moved to Arizona to be married.

our limits. Buying, trading and or selling “treasures” is most definitely no exception. Well, at least for those that “get it.” The undeniable explosion of FaceBook groups is where I finally came to terms with who I am and what I want to be when I grow up. My passion for finding that perfect, most profitable trea$ure is what drives me into a borderline frenzied addiction. Whether it be yard sales or the local Goodwill—be it dumpster diving or coming to a complete and instant halt on the side of the road—is what makes me tick. I see people online bartering and auctioning their findings and it’s really a hoot to follow.

I’ve discovered that “shabby chic & distressed” furniture is a huge hit these days, not to mention old garage doors, used mattress frames, beaten down window panes (with or without the glass) and the list goes on and on. Given this new found obsession of mine (and rages for others!), I’ve found myself pulling out my own personal treasures and snapping pictures… uploading them to my FaceBook group…putting price tags on them…and then practice some patience and wait. Since 11/20/12 when I began my group I have “inherited” nearly 1600 members! They are so fun— so full of life—so gifted and talented—and we have lots of LAUGHS! In my opinion it’s a great way to make some extra “Mad $$$” and make new friends along the way. So the saying holds truth that, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” However, in this case it’s, “Every woman’s!” Now, some will question my sanity and think that there’s a major chance of my becoming a hoarder. I have to strongly beg to differ as there is an amazing difference. What I do personally is collect and flip as fast as I possibly can. I’m not as artsy/craftsy as most but I do value my vision and imagination. When I see a piece of “junk” I have to look deeper into its being. I know this sounds a

little bit crazy but come on… we all have to step outside those basic boxes and believe in the pure goodness of said trea$ure$. Someday I’m in high hopes that my Trea$ure Trove will lead me to becoming a very successful business woman—a woman that has an eye and a knack for the rare and unusual. The sky is the limit—no junk refused—the more unique the better—and then I will build me a modest shop on my private lump of dirt, where everyone will just be dying to come visit. Beyond selling my own effects I am constantly on the lookout for the next “greatest deal.” One never knows who exactly…wants what…exactly. I am focused, professional, anxious and eager whilst continuing to support local vendors and crafters. I am also willing to meet people at more convenient locations a few times a week. Until we meet face to face or online, may all of your dreams come true and may you always have luck finding the treasures you most desire… and DESERVE! If you are confident and curious enough to “walk the plank” with us pirates, we welcome you. The more the merrier—come down below and start trea$ure hunting with us…this day!! Stephanie Lynn Keefe stephstreasuretrove 480.678.4390

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My name is Kay Nguyen Morrison and I am the owner and operator of The Shabby Brush. My business started out as a hobby and gradually has turned into a full time job. I still recall that one rainy Sunday afternoon in Plano, Texas. My husband and I were just chilling on our couch after getting home from church. While browsing through the free section of Craigslist ( as a young couple, we did not have any money at all and I often found myself “stalking” this section), I came across a “free yard sale leftovers” in Allen, a city about 25 minutes from our apartment. My husband was looking for a desk to use in his office, and from what I could tell in the picture, there was a desk sitting on the curb. We left the house, all excited, sprinting to our first curb alert ever! When we got there, the desk was gone and there wasn’t much left. Even though I was disappointed, I decided not to go home emptyhanded so we grabbed this very beat-up, old chair that no one wanted. That was my first project ever. It inspired me-yes, an old and broken chair inspired me and the love for all things shabby and vintage was born. All I wanted was to give it love when no body else did. I repainted the chair and reupholstered the seat. It turned out beautifully. We regret not taking pictures of my first project but that image is still in my heart and forever will be. From that point on, I did a lot of refinishing projects-from old tables to dressers to armoires. I sold them occasionally as a mean to earn extra income for my family. A few months after moving to Arizona this year, I quit my full time day job and have been working hard on my business ever since.

I get inspired by many talents out there which I see every day on these Facebook sites. And of course, I am a frequent follower/reader of design blogs. They teach me so much and I still continue to learn and grow each day. Seeing a customer’s pleased and happy smile after receiving a sign or a custom refinished furniture piece motivates me and pushes me to keep going and wanting to thrive to be better at what I do. I put my heart and soul in every sign I make and every furniture piece I redo. I want to provide my customers quality things to love and cherish for a very long time. My work is not done here. I dream to have my own Vintage store in the near future. I want to continue to wake up everyday excited to get to work and to create beauties. I still have a long way to go, but with a little bit of elbow grease, my shabby brushes and a lot of paint, I know I will get there some day. Please come by, say hi and stay for awhile on my page over at The Shabby Brush on Facebook. I’m sure you’ll find a treasure or two. Hope to see you, and remember to always be kind to each other out there.

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Scrubs & More Boutique Have you visited Scrubs & More Boutique yet? If not what are you waiting for? Scrubs N More Boutique is Moving to our Final Destination! 20852 E. Ocotillo Rd. Suite 101. Should be in there within the next few weeks! In the mean time, Stop in and check out our inventory reduction sale! Our move is your gain, There are some great savings up to 50% going on for the next couple of weeks! We are also expanding into durable medical supplies, such as Shower Chairs, Bedside Commodes, Walkers, Crutches and Canes. Jeri will be working Mondays from 10:00 till 4:00 p.m offering Senior discounts and special savings for Chamber Members! We are still open 7 days a week from 10:00 a.m till 7 p.m for your shopping pleasure! Not only do we carry the biggest selection of Scrubs and Uniforms, But We have expanded our Shoe Dept. to offer you many Brands and styles of Shoes as well! We are still offering to bring the “Mobile Store” to your office or Jeri Fisher Store Manager at Scrubs & More event so all of your employees can come try on Scrubs and Shoes, We also have it stocked with all of your medical supplies, like Blood Pressure Cuffs, Stethoscopes, Lanyards, Trauma Shears, Penlights and much more! We can also set your office up with a website and offer payroll deductions. Don’t forget to visit our online store at

Rud Molore Perostin henibh ex elesto commy nostrud

and you can browse around from home to see all of the Great Products we have,and have them shipped directly to you! Shop and Support local!

If we don’t have it, We can get it! See you at Scrubs! Please visit our ONLINE STORE located at for all of your clothing needs!! We can get you ANY uniform you desire! (School, Police, Waitress, Chef, Leisure, Polos, plus any/all accessories!)

P u r s e s

Follow us on Twitter @ScrubsNMoreOfAz or Facebook us

CUSTOMER REVIEW: “As a new resident of San Tan Valley, I happened upon

Scrubs & More and instantly thought it was attire for hospital workers. Boy was I wrong! This store is super organized, clean and has many “hidden treasures.” I personally have my eyes on the colorful cowboy hat with sequins. I highly recommend this cute little boutique. There honestly is something for everyone. ~Stephanie Lynn Keefe~


S c r u b s

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A great big thank you goes to MrsStephanie Lynn Keefe for all the research and help she provided to the businesses and to EVB Magazine with articles. Your help has been greatly appreciated. Stephanie Lynn Keefe Moved to Arizona from Cape Cod, Massachusetts to be married in 2010. Together Steph and her husband have 8 children. She’s a contributing writer, editor and photographer for online endeavors. She’s also a Marketing Director for Send Out Cards. In her spare time she enjoys horseback riding, hiking, nature and anything physical. Our goal is to have this magazine 100% REAL for the people by the people. Personal Thank you goes to the following: Jennifer (my sister) who always supports what I do. The encouraging words and the plain blunt truth. Crystal A, who has been my bestie since the beginning, and has been an amazing person in my life and will someday be my family dentist! Marisol, always telling me to just do it! Life brings us ups and downs but we always pull through! Jeri, who says “No matter what, do what you do best, and that’s help people.” Netty, for viewing my ideas and giving me hers... even though we would spent countless minutes on the phone. Samantha, Carlos Jr., and Christina (my babies) for not bugging mommy while I have my face at the computer for hours. I love you very much!

Q.With what product did the term “brand name” originate? A: Whiskey. Producers branded their names on the barrels they shipped out. Q. According to grocery statistics, more money is spent on advertising this breakfast cereal than any other - between $50 and $99 million annually. Which is it? A. Cheerios Q. What was the name of the first major deodorant company in the United States? A: Odorono--its magazine ad mentioning underarm odor in 1919 led hundreds of offended women to cancel their subscriptions to the “Ladies Home Journal.” Q. The first paid radio commercial ever aired promoted a cooperative apartment house in New York City in 1922. The ad cost $100. How long did it last? A: 10 minutes.

Carlos, for understanding all that I do, and being verysupportive, I love you! Stephanie, that always reminds me I carry the “Carrie Magic”. LOL!! New friend Kelli, whos a great inpiration! Last but never least to everyone that believes in me, and attends my events and participates in my “projects”. You’ll never know how awesome that makes me feel!

Happy Birthday Mom I LOVE YOU!!!

10 Companies that STARTED at home! 1. Amazon: Was completely run out of his garage in Bellevue, Washington. 2. Apple: “The Steves” and their small team hand-built 50 computers in 30 days from a garage in Cupertino, CA. 3. Disney: Walt and his brother Roy moved in with their uncle and set up “The First Disney Studio” in the one-car garage out back. 4. Google: Larry Page and Sergey Brin started what’s now known as Google from Susan Wojcicki’s garage in September 1998 5. Harley

Davidson: Harley and his childhood friend, Arthur Davidson, built their

motor-bicycle out of their friend’s 10 by 15-foot wooden shed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It was the equivalent of a garage because they didn’t have cars. 6. Hewlet-Packard: In 1939, Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard founded HP in Packard’s garage with an initial investment of $538. 7. Lotus

Cars: Anthony Colin Bruce Chapman started Lotus Cars by building the first

Lotus racing car in stables behind The Railway Hotel in Hornsey. 8. Maglite: Working out of his Los Angeles area garage to manufacture precision parts. He incorporated Mag Instrument in 1974 and released their first flashlight in 1979. 9. Mattel: Harold “Matt” Matson and Elliot Handler founded Mattel out of their garage in Southern California , to get the most out of their materials, they started using picture frame scrapes to create dollhouses. 10. Yankee

Candle Company: In 1969, at 16 years old, Michael Kittredge made his

scented candle in his garage out of melted crayons as a gift for his mother

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