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UTP200 - UNIVERSAL TRANSPORT PLATFORM A small footprint but a big impression • Compatible with single or batch process modules • Direct wafer handling or substrate carriers • Custom configurable • Intelligent Wafer Handling The UTP200 brings all the versatility of big transport platforms to smaller cluster installations at a fraction of the cost and with a footprint of only 1m2. The UTP200 includes a “Semi” Standards compliant load lock and cassette elevator designed for high throughput production with substrate sizes up to 200mm. The module’s vacuum system can be configured for rough or high-vacuum according to applications. The UTP200 is designed for integration of up to three process modules (either batch or single process). The addition of a Wafer Aligner for custom applications and optional “Dynamic Wafer Calibration” eliminate risk from operator handling errors and ensure the UTP meets the highest positional accuracy requirements. The UTP200 can be configured for direct wafer handling or for use with substrate carriers in the case of thin wafers or where multiple substrate shapes, sizes or material types dictates. Different substrate carriers can also be handled within the same batch. Using expertise from “industry standard” sub suppliers, the UTP200 is built for 24/7 use with production proven components and easy access for planned maintenance.


Vacuum Performance Pumping Configuration

Turbomolecular or Cryopumping

Base Pressure

Rough vacuum version <5x10-1mbar High vacuum <5x10-6mbar according to application

Leak Rate


Configuration Options

Reliable wafer handling for 24/7 production

Process Module Connectivity

Up to three modules (Batch or Single Process)

Load Lock

Single Vacuum cassette elevator (â&#x20AC;&#x153;Semiâ&#x20AC;? standard or custom design

Substrate Handling

Direct wafer or substrate carrier for custom substrate shapes and materials

Wafer Alignment Module

Available on request

Dynamic Wafer Calibration

Available on request

Typical Footprint Approx 1250mm x 900mm (height 1450mm)

Dynamic Wafer Calibration

Stage 3 Transfer to process module

Stage 2 Handler corrects wafer position Sensor

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Stage 1 Sensor detects misalignment

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