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SPM - SINGLE PROCESS MODULE One platform - no end of possibilities • Sputter

• De-Gas


• Soft Etch



• RIE The SPM can be equipped with PVD, ICP, PEVCD, RIE, De-Gas or Soft Eetch technologies and can be configured for direct wafer handling or substrate carriers according to customer requirements. Process engineers can specify whatever they need for reactive deposition or etch processes with integration of up to 8 process gases, and either upstream or downstream process pressure control. A whole range of substrate chuck options including heating and cooling together with additional capability for variable source substrate separation and substrate rotation make the SPM highly flexible for initial process development and the changing process needs of mass production systems over tool lifetime. The SPM can be integrated with a range of different size transport modules with vacuum cassette elevator or Evatec’s Manual Load Port with single wafer for small R&D systems. In common with Evatec’s BPM batch process module, simple source access enables rapid target change, cleaning or maintenance procedures. Integration of all necessary power supplies and control hardware into the SPM frame along with compact module design enables simple addition of SPM module(s) to existing Radiance cluster tools as process or production needs evolve.

SPM configured for sputter with SSC cathode. Source hinge enables easy access for target change


Vacuum Performance Pumping Configuration

Turbomolecular, Cryogenic, or combinations

Base Pressure


Leak Rate


Chamber Conditioning

Up to 60°C

Process Options

Radiance configured with • UTP 200 transport module • SPM equipped for PECVD • SPM equipped with single SSC125

Source Technologies

Sputter, De-Gas, ICP, Microwave, RIE, Soft Etch, PECVD, RTP

Gas Inlets

Up to 8 according to process technology

Pressure Control

Upstream or Downstream

Chuck Type

Recessed, full contact, passive, or electrostatic

Substrate Heating

Up to 800°C according to customer requirements

Substrate Cooling

-25°C to +40°C according to configuration


RF Optional

Source to Substrate Distance

Selectable in defined range

Substrate Rotation

Up to 200 rpm

Process Metrology Options Substrate Temperature

Via chuck or direct on substrate according to application

Typical wafer batch sizes for 200mm system* Diameter 50mm

12 on carrier

Diameter 100mm

4 on carrier or 1 direct

Diameter 150mm

1 piece

Diameter 200mm

1 piece

* capacities for foils, thin wafers, complex shapes on request

Typical Footprint 860mm x 1200mm (height 1600mm)

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