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What to Pack for your Cruise Holiday Embarking on your dream holiday can be somewhat of a stressful time; not on the holiday itself of course but just getting everything ready and ensuring that you are suitable prepared for all circumstances and events. In the run up to your departure day you will see how frantic things can become as your try and get everything together and also do you usual routine as well however there are some tips and guidelines that are good to follow if you are going on a cruise holiday. For a start ensure that any medications that you are on or that you will need are in your carry-on luggage – basically the same as your hand luggage on a place. The obvious purpose of doing this is because you will need them however bags can sometimes go astray and take a while to reach you in your cabin and this is no use if you really need your medications so this is a handy tip to remember. Secondly you need to think about the climate that you are going to and pack accordingly. If you cruise liner is heading towards the Caribbean then there is little point in packing lots of warm clothes because it will be roasting hot even when you are out at sea however a couple of jumpers are advisable because come people can get a chill from the sea air regardless of how brightly the sun is shining. Similarly, if your voyage is taking you to the Norwegian fjords then consider taking some warm clothes even if you are traveling in the middle of summer. You should also bring a mix of different clothes for the cruise itself and this includes during the day and night wear too. While these holidays have moved on a bit from the formal and strict atmosphere that used to accompany night time on board the ship it is still expected that people will dress up to a certain degree and look smart in their attire. So unless the cruise ship states otherwise then pack some smart but not too formal clothes for dinner etc‌ while also having a mix of leisure wear for during the day. When you start thinking logically about it packing for a cruise holiday is relatively simple however it is also best to check the dress code

of the ship and get some advice from those who have went on a cruise holiday before. Written for Cruise Holidays Guide, an online cruise holidays resource with news, videos and articles including mediterranean cruises.

What to Pack for your Cruise Holiday