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Evangelist John 4:35 (NLT) But I say wake up and look around. The fields are already ripe for harvest

No 1 :: March 2009 ::

Prayer night

Bubber visiting Testamonies

I wanted to die 18 years of age Reunited with the family Out of burnout

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In between the meetings there was time to relax together with the faroeese people.

From the meetings at the Faroe Islands, where Christian Hedegaard and Lena Løbner was a part of the team.

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Revival at the Faroe Islands in December 2008.

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A lot to do at the office... “Songs of hope” was being wrapped in for use to evangelisation at the “Rådhusplads” in Copenhagen. January 2009, week of prayer and fasting for the co-workers, partners and friends of Evangelist.

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Christian Hedegaard in USA

Christian Hedegaard in Sveden Kingdom Center. Prayernight

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April 24


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Through fire and water Worshipconcert in Haderslev

Through fire and water Worshipconcert in Kristent Center, Holstebro

May 16

Summer Party in Gørløse


Juli 4-10

Christian Hedegaard and Lena Løbner in Sverige Harvest Cry, Mission SOS, Stockholm Fight for Your Life Pentacostal Camp for young people between the age of 1318. Together with “Young Evangelist” in Gørløse).

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Christian Hedegaard meets ambasador Arthur Avnon of Israel at the arrangement “100 priests for Israel” on the 22nd of January, 2009.

Evangelist in Texas Evangelist takes part of the TWEM conference with Reinhard Bonnke and Teresia Wairimu in Dallas, Texas. The trip is open for partners and friends of Evangelist.

Alternative Summer Festival 2009. In Gørløse.

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Roll Rock’n

“And they said to one another, “Who will roll back the stone for us out of the door of the tomb?” And when they looked up, they saw that the stone was already rolled back, for it was very large.” (Mark 16:3-4)

The scripture comes from the testimony of the women going to Jesus’ grave. On the way to the grave they talk about the rock, how big it is, and how impossible the assignment it is. It’s so big that you have to wonder, why the women wanted to go thereare there anyone, who can help them rolling away that gigantic rock? When we focus on the impossible, it’s human to be discouraged and give up. If we expected something to happen and it didn’t or the circumstances were in the way for a breakthrough, which God had promised us. Jesus is dead and buried. The Savior, who we all thought would come and save us from our enemies, is lying behind a gigantic rock. Maybe you

can’t see Jesus in the situation you’re in right now. You know he is there, but something is in between you and Him. A gigantic rock, which throws a dark shadow upon your situation and the only thing you see in the shadow of the rock, is a grayish substance, which makes you just want to walk right pass it. Discourage sneaks in; has God really spoken? What do you do with the rock between Jesus and you? If it’s sin there is only one way, confessing and letting go of the sin and find mercy. If it’s disbelief it’s the same procedure, because disbelief is also a sin. No matter what rock it’s about you need God’s grace. For humans, this is impossible, but for God everything is possible. You can’t move the rock in your own power, then you will lose both your

nails and the foothold. You can try using a hammer and chisel while proclaiming and insisting, but the only thing, which will happen, is that you get tired. You will be left with the feeling of that nothing is effective. You will be hammering and knocking on the rock without it having any effect. When the women came to Jesus’ grave, virtually there wasn’t any human solution, because they were quite alone and the rock was pretty large and heavy. The more they gazed upon the rock, the bigger it got. It was as if it grew in front of their eyes and it was first when t h e y changed t h e i r focus, t h e y realized that the rock had been rolled away. The English translation (compared to the Danish one) says that it happened “when they looked up”. The rock, which was blocking Jesus, disappeared in front o n

their very eyes, but first when “they looked up”. Many times we need to change our focus so we can see what God already has done. Jesus had already spoken to the rock, when Lazarus rose from the dead, and death had already lost its power. Back then he demonstrated His power for the women, but while they were in the situation, they didn’t see it because they thought in human solutions instead of thinking about God’s solution. When Jesus said that “it is finished”, it was done. It took three days before those who knew him the best realized it. Miracles happen! But they only happen in God’s timing, not ours. Sometimes we must move towards it before it happens. For the women the miracle first happened, when they came to Jesus’ grave. So it was a walk towards the miracle. They weren’t at home having a prayer meeting or preaching the message about the “big rock”. They walked on the road, towards Jesus, even though it seemed impossible and in God’s timing they arrived to the grave. If the women had stayed home, they never would have seen the power of God. It’s only the power of God, which can roll away the rock, which stands between you and your miracle. Don’t make a mistake and don’t quit. Jesus spoke to the rock, when Lazarus was in the grave and you can do the same thing no matter what kind of situation you are in. The next time you are faced with the great, gray mass of rock, don’t just gaze upon the rock but look at Him and “rrroolll”! He, who moved the rock from Lazarus’ grave, is able to do the same thing for you. “Take away the rock,” he said, look up and “roooll” ...

Christian Hedegaard Evangelist by God’s great grace!

Introduction · 3

Had og selvhad ødelagde livet for grønlandske Esther. Hun var deprimeret, ligeglad med alt og overbevist om, at hun var grim. I dag ved hun, at hun er smuk…

4 · Vidnesbyrd

Esther grew up in Greenland:

die 18 years of age

I wanted to

Esther is a beautiful young girl from Greenland. That she now knows. That she is beautiful! But for many years she was convinced, that she wasn’t. Text

Anette Meinert-Madsen

Photo Mette Aakermann

Esther is in my living room looking out at the snow. “I like snow”, she says. You can feel that she only is in Denmark temporarily. Greenland is her homeland and she wants to go back, when she is ready to stand on her own feed- with Jesus. Today she is here to tell about her life. A tough story about a little girl without any hope for the future. But God had better plans for Esther.

I got a chock Esther tells: When I was a little girl I was always happy. I was outspoken and had no fear. I grew up with a man and a woman, who I thought were my parents. One day my biological mom showed up, and I moved in with her and her new husband. Fear and darkness came into my life. I became quiet and closed. Filled with anger without showing it to anybody. I was 5 years old. My new life, with everything it contained, made me loose the desire to live. No one liked me. I was alone with my thoughts and myself. Already there I got depressed. Consider it, 5 years of age! I can feel how the injustice wakes up the anger inside of me, when Esther goes on telling her story. She looks very seriously at me and tells: When I was 8 I had had enough. I

picked up a knife, because I didn’t want to live any more. I look at her and she looks out of the window. She thinks back. But something stopped me, she says. It was like I didn’t have the strength to do it. That day I decided not to be a grown up. My plan was to commit suicide, when I turned 18. I started to write poems. I guess I needed to let some of my feelings out, but it didn’t help much. My mom found some of them, and she got really angry.

Nothing mattered My desire to live got smaller and smaller and the longing to commit suicide became bigger. My life and the people around became insignificant. I just existed. Nothing mattered to me. Wasn’t there anyone, who could see how you felt? I ask her. - Didn’t anyone react? - My mom actually tried to talk to me, but at that time I was so far out, that I thought, that she would stop loving me, if I told her how I felt. I didn’t trust my parents. They had hurt and rejected me so many times, that I was afraid to open up my heart. So the only I trusted was myself.

Hate and low self-esteem The hate to my stepfather grew. I just wished that he would die! The hate I

had to myself took over the person I was. My friends stopped seeing me. I became so different, that I couldn’t be among other people. Low self-esteem and reject became my friends. In the end I thought I was insane! I needed to lock all the doors and close every window around me. Before I went to bed, I always looked in the closet and under my bed, because what if there were anybody?

Depression Did you let yourself completely in? I exclaimed. - You were just a little girl!! Well, not really. I did go to school. My parents sent me to school every day. What about your teachers? Didn’t they say anything; didn’t they do anything to help you? No, the biggest problem in Greenland is, that nobody cares about you. If you want to survive, you must be tough and build up a wall around you. My life was my depression, my identity was my depression. I didn’t think it couldn’t be any different. I lived like that for years. Esther takes a deep breath. - Recently I heard another woman’s testimony- she told, that it was difficult for her to take a shower, hard to decide which clothes to wear. I felt exactly the same way! It was so difficult for me to make a decision.

High school When I started attending high school I moved to another city. I lived at the school home and began to skip classes. I stayed at my room under my blanket and watched TV. -Did you get permission to do that? - Hmm, apparently I did. I don’t think anyone knew how I felt. I was so good hiding it! I usually said that I was sick. Right before I turned 18 I knew, that my life soon would end. I tried to plan how I say goodbye to my family. In my class there was a girl named Camilla. She was a Christian. I think that she could see my condition. She invited me to church. Me, who normally didn’t care about anything started to get curious, like somebody was calling on me.

A meeting with Gods presence One day I went to a meeting along with Camilla. In the worship, which filled the room, I could feel an indescribable peace and Gods presence, which was completely new to me. I wanted to stay in it– forever! I was offered to take Jesus into my life and get saved, but I said no, because I didn’t believe in god. I was skeptical. The following days, the words which had been spoken at church wouldn’t stop following me. I thought a lot about it! Now I know, that the word of

Testimony · 5

Every day I was told, that I was created in the image of God and that I should be grateful for my life. In the beginning those were big words and hard to understand. But eventually I started to believe in it. I could feel that I started living for the first time. I started getting my own opinions, because people were interested in what I had to say. Esther smiles: An episode I clearly remember is once one the leaders asked me which ice cream wanted. I said I didn’t care, but they insisted to hear, which ice cream I wanted. And they kept asking me until I gave them an answer. They really wanted to hear my opinion! It took a long time for me to decide, but I got my Super Flyer ice cream! That day something turned upside down in my life.

I am happy now!

- It was hard to forgive those, who had hurt me. Especially my stepfather. But when I decided to forgive my parents a whole new life started, Esther tells. God was sown into my life.

The fight between the good and the evil I remember a night, where I felt so bad. I had turned 18 and I knew, that it was the day where I should die. I was sitting in my couch in my apartment. Esther’s dark eyes look right at me… Do you now the cartoon with Donald Duck, where there is an angel and a devil talking to him at the same time? They are both trying to convince him what is right and wrong. That is how I felt while sitting in that couch. I could hear the priest’s word in my head. But at the same time I was ready to give up everything. Suddenly I could feel someone in my living room. I could hear that I wasn’t alone and I thought: “Jesus, if you really exist I want you in my life.”

A Miracle When I woke up the next morning a miracle had happened: I was happy for the first time in many many years. I could sing! The CD I had bought in the church filled my little living room with worship songs. I was totally changed! Everybody could see that I was different. I couldn’t stop telling them about Jesus. Back in school they thought I was crazy and told me to 6 · Testimony

shut up. Jesus had given me my joy back, and I was so grateful! At the same time there were still things in my life I had to get rid of. The only thing I knew at that time was that I didn’t want to go back to my old life. No more depression! There had to be something else for me.

Tabita’s House The priest told me about Tabita’s House and those girls, who lived there. I read the girls testimonies and that gave me so much hope! If God could give them a new life, he could do the same for me! My plan was to attend a bible school in Århus after my high school graduation, but my plans changed. All of my friends moved to Denmark and I felt like I had been left alone. New people came to the church, and they tried to change me. They said I was worshipping too loud, spoke too much in tongues. That provoked me! Worship was the reason to why I could keep holding on. Without worship I would have given up! I was desperate and I knew, that I had to go to Denmark. I knew I should move into Tabita’s House, no matter the cost. A year later my dream came true.

Prayer and fasting I moved into Tabita’s house and I know that saved me! I went through 3 days of prayer and fasting, and there a process started, which hasn’t finished yet. In Tabita’s house I met grown up’s, who really loved me. For the first time in my life I was told, that I was beautiful and loved. They even gave me hugs. All of it was new for me and I wasn’t used to it. They told me to look in the mirror and say out loud, that I was beautiful, but I just couldn’t. I couldn’t make myself say those words. I got nauseous and felt really uncomfortable. The words were so strange for me. But then I decided just to do whatever I had been told to do. At first I felt so bad, but slowly it changed and I saw myself in a new way. It was also very hard to forgive those people, who had hurt me the most, especially my stepfather. But when I decided to forgive my parents a whole new life started. I actually started to love tem, Esther tells. There is so much power in forgiveness!

Created by God In Tabita’s house they told me that the word of God tells us to rejoice always. Every day! With all those dark thoughts I always had had about myself and other people, it was a hard thing to be happy every day.

I have a lot to be grateful for! Now I can wake up in the morning and be happy for my life. God restored my relationship to my parents. The depression and suicidal thoughts is no longer a part of my life. I like myself, and I know, that I am smart and beautiful. I know I have something to give to other people. God has set me totally free from the darkness, which tortured me. I once read that depression could come back, but I now that when I have Jesus, I have nothing to be afraid of! In Tabita’s house I began to dream. I had never dreamt before. I was so afraid to be disappointed! Now I have a lot of dreams, big dreams! One of them is to make a difference in people’s lives in Greenland. I know that I will go back to my country. There are a lot of children, who are feeling the same way I did. They need to know, that Jesus can set them free.

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Michael came into rehabilitation and was reunited with his family after 10 years of separation:


with the family

Michael Jensen was an alcoholic when he got into rehabilitation in Evangelist. He received Jesus and was set free. After a period of time as a co-worker in the ministry he got married to his exwife and reunited with his children. Text David Skov Petersen Photo Private

When Michael Jensen had been living at Vildekildegaard rehabilitationcenter and worked as a co-worker in Evangelist, he decided to leave the ministry in order to stand on his own feet and live what he had been taught. All the security and fellowship that had been a huge part of his life was no longer within reach and many questions were raised: What do you do and where do you go? Michael had kept contact to his family through his time of rehabilitation, so it was natural for the 45-year-old family dad to wish for a reunion with his family and the church, which his family attended. The question was if his ex-wife and their 3 kids would take him back into the family. Hope was there, but he needed a miracle to re-establish trust between him and the family after all these years with broken promises, where Michael had let them down 8 · Testimony

again and again because of his drinking problem.

Nothing is impossible for those who believe Of course there were many things, which had to be settled and changed and many conflicts that had to be solved before Michael and Margit could be reunited. Michael had received a word from God; “Nothing is impossible for those who believe” but for Margit it seemed impossible to be with Michael again. Their youngest child Stella was only a baby when Michael and Margit separated and she had no idea of what it meant to have a father. Today she is 14 years old. Her brothers Jack and Nicklas who are twins had taken the position as the men in the house. Today they are 21 years of age. Margit and the children became believers through the church Græsted

Frikire and when Michael received Jesus at the rehabilitationcenter the family rejoiced. Especially young Stella was happy, because now she had no less than two fathers; God in heaven and Michael! When Michael finally returned home Stella was excited to have a real father at home and the boys were also happy. Only Margit had a tough time, because she still found it hard to adjust to all the change that was going on in their home and family. But when the decision was made, and it was made publicly, everybody rejoiced over their reunion and on the 27th of February 2007 they were re-married in the church before the face of God. The privilege of marrying the couple went to Margit’s cousin who is state church priest. And even better: God had made the impossible possible again!

The curse is broken Michael and Margit bought a house in the city of Græsted. They have always lived there. Both when they were married, separated and in between, and even though there are a lot of bad memories and old friends in the neighborhood, they enjoy living there. Michael has no contact with his old life, meaning his old friends and those he related to during his time of abuse. Once in a while he meets some of his old drinking-buddies and they are clearly touched by seeing him as a changed and transformed man. When they meet him they seem to conclude that something must have happened to him! Michael and his family have been cursed by a spirit of abuse and several of his family members have died because of alcohol. Michael has no doubt about the question whether the family curse has been broken. The decision Michael

- Michael and Margit and their three children Jack, Nichlas and Stella at their wedding the 27th of January 2007.

has made to break the pattern and the curse of drinking has caused that several of his family members have quit drinking because of his testimony. -When you go through a process in life it always happens in stages. Things happen over a period of time. Treatment is one thing, another is when you have to return to real life and use the tools you have been given. The safe life with leaders watching your back and guiding you is gone and all of the sudden the responsibility is on your own shoulders, Michael says in a thoughtful way.

God’s faithfulness As I sit and talk to Michael and Margit I feel like asking them this question: Michael, if we remove God and the Bible from your life then what would keep you up? Michael sits and thinks for some time

and concludes that there is nothing else than God and His written Word. Not that he doesn’t love and appreciate his wife, children and the good things God has given him, but without God his life would be empty and more or less without any substance and content. - When your life is ruined by abuse and alcohol you won’t get any further with your life. Without God it would be impossible to reunite the old pieces into a brand new and functional life, he explains and quote Paul from Galatians 6:9: “And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.”

Will you pay the price? When you take a look back and look at all the things, which have happened and how it would be possible, you will find that it has a price! It isn’t just something you do overnight. It’s a big

deal including many difficult choices. It’s not easy to let something go or lay down patterns and addictions, which has been a huge part of your identity for many years, Michael says. Margit had lived alone and wanted to continue living that way, so when Michael came back into her life everything had to change, which was very hard for her. On the other hand life at home also became easier, when they were two. Somehow it was all about letting something go in order to gain something new; to trust God, that He has control and that he in his greatness would help the family living a life, which bears fruit. Today Margit and Michael are a busy couple. At this moment they are planning a big gospel concert in their town. Besides that they have started social work along with their church, where

they go out and help people, who the society seems to have let down. They live by the scripture “Give and it shall be given unto you” from the Word of God, and that provides them with energy to help others – just like they received help themselves!

Testimony · 9

Bubber 500 people attended the prayer night with Evangelist in Hillerød:

på besøg

A three day visit at Evangelist in Gørløse reached its climax the 27th of February at the Frederiksborg Centre in Hillerød, where the Danish TV star Bubber took part in the prayer night. Around 500 participants turned up. The prayer night at the Frederiksborg Centre in Hillerød was special in many ways. First of all because of the big turnout of around 500 participants in the crowded hall, but also because Bubber was visiting in conjunction with the filming of the new television series, ”Denmark according to Bubber”, which is being aired at TV2 this spring. In order to be part of the worship team 10 · Prayer night

Bubber arrived at the prayer night location in the afternoon. When the doors were opened at 8pm he was on stage wearing black clothes and a red tie, which he borrowed from the pianist. He was “on” from the beginning and clapped and danced when Lena Løbner sang ”God said, He would turn it around”. Beforehand he had asked, if he should close his eyes and lift his hands – but

we recommended that he should keep them open. You never know what will happen or what you will experience during a prayer night! Bubber wished to see miracles and his wish was granted later on as the evening proceeded.

Lots of Testimonies The first miracles of the night came

from people who shared, how God had healed them. Preben, who was healed from arthritis at the Alternative Summer Festival 2008, had come all the way from Kolding to share his miracle. He used to be disabled on an invalidity pension, but now he has swapped medicine and wheelchair with the Word of God. Ninna jumped up on stage and said

Bubber listening while Hedegaard is preaching.

that she used to be disabled as well. She wasn’t even able to walk! She was met by a round of applause and laughter when she told her story about how she was prayed for on Evangelist’s Chat and how a co-worker had anointed her in her home. She was set free, delivered from panic attacks and healed from seven slipped discs! Now she attends the Power School! A former Power School student, Tina, told her story as well. It was very similar to the previous. She had been disabled and had lots of things wrong with her until she some years ago was healed at a miracle meeting. Today she has a cleaning company with five employees. Mona stood in the doorway and said she was an ex-disabled and no longer on a pension. She was healed from arthritis, when she was saved. She cancelled her pension and today she is working in a kindergarten in North Zealand. The many testimonies created an atmosphere of faith amongst the participant, who had come to be healed. There was something in the air and you could sense how the expectation grew.

”I Believe in Jesus” After the break it was Bubber’s turn to share about his experiences in Evangelist. Christian Hedegaard had asked him to preach about “the prodigal son”, but he pulled out to leave the task to the “real evangelist”, and out of respect and acknowledgement of that the gospel is serious business and more than just common TV entertainment. Bubber talked about his visit in Gørløse where he lived amongst Evangelist people for three days. He was also a student at the Power School and visited Christian Hedegaard. When Christian Hedegaard asked if he believed in Jesus, the announcement was clear. ”Yes, I believe in Jesus”, he answered more than once. But he didn’t think he had “met him” and been “borne again” the same way other people talked about it. Christian Hedegaard continued questioning the popular TV-host about his view of Christian faith especially in relation to TV2’s Christmas Calender about “Jesus and Josephine”! It was produced in 2003 and was originally Bubbers idea. He wanted to make a Christmas calendar about the true meaning of Christmas. Next up was “the prodigal son”. Even


Visiting the Evangelist office Gørløse.


Bubber singing in the choir. After the sermon many people came forward to be prayed for. Many were healed.

though Bubber didn’t want to preach, he was happy to retell the story. But as it turned out he and Christian Hedegaard ended up bringing the gospel about the love of the Father while Bubber, out of the impressions he got during his stay in Gørløse, brought his own interpretation of the well-known bible story. - I have seen people who have been lost! I have talked with them here. Seven out of eight have tried to commit suicide and had not been here today if no one had welcomed them and held a party and killed the fatted calf and given them a ring on their finger. They have met the love of the father. As I see it – that is Gørløse! He said when he came with his interpretation. The glad tidings were clear as a bell. The TV crew was thereafter asked to turn off their cameras by Christian Hedegaard. Then he called people forward for prayer while he brought accurate words of knowledge about the many different needs of the people. People queued up to get help!

Miracles in the hall and on the Chat Christian Hedegaard started praying for people and Bubber was aloud to follow him around. One family had come all the way from Fyn, because they had seen the prayer night on TV. The man was paralysed down one side after having a blood cloth. But he could stretch out his arm, move his fingers and run up and down the stairs after he was prayed for! Bubber was instructed in how to pray and miracles happened right in front of his eyes. During prayer a knee began to quiver and a man, who got delivered from unclean spirits, fell down on the floor and wriggled while Bubber was watching wonderingly. Out in the hallway he met co-workers from Evangelist Media, who asked if he wanted to pray for people on the Chat. He answered yes and while he prayed, he looked right into the camera and commanded sicknesses to leave in the name of Jesus. Later on when Bubber returned and

asked whether anything had happened, the co-workers showed him a long list of people who had experienced the power of God over the Internet. ”Sister” wanted to stop smoking and saw a very bright light! ”Bob” had eczema and watched it disappear from his arms physically! ”M” used to shake a lot but the body was now totally calm! ”L” was a schizophrenic unbeliever but became dizzy and was delivered by prayer. ”Karen Marie” sent her testimony to the Chat: - When Bubber talked about the prodigal son it was a sign for me and I knew, that I would meet God as the prodigal son. When Bubber prayed with Christian Hedegaard I began to cry, and I believe something is broken in my life. I have never had a father and that has affected my relationship to God! But that is going to stop right here…

A job well done It was a fantastic night and people were deeply touched. Not only the 500 gathered in the Frederiksborg Centre but also the many people who

watched the prayer night on live web TV via The Evangelist Media Team managed to get an interview with Bubber before the night was over, and they wanted to know, what he thought of his stay with Evangelist: - I have been with Evangelist for three days and it has really been fantastic. I didn’t know anything about Evangelist, except what I had heard through the press. But I came with an open mind to find out what they are, what they believe and how they live as co-workers of Evangelist. I must admit that I was well taken care of…. - You are famous for making programmes with BS. Who is the most barrier-breaking person, BS or Christian Hedegaard? - Even though the difference is great, they still have a lot in common. They both know what they want and they go for it… As to the question whether he will support the work of Evangelist in the future, he answered: - I have seen people who have hit rock bottom, how they grow and get up again. A great piece of humanitarian work is carried out here! This is a good cause! Prayer night · 11

24 timer kristen tv

FM står for Følg Meg Det er en utfordring til deg som ønsker å tjene Herren med de gaver, talenter og kall som Gud har gitt deg. Ved at du studerer på Visjon Norge Bibelskole oppdager du kallet ditt, og mottar

utrustningen for å utføre det. FM-programmet er to sidig: 1. Teoretisk: Daglig bønn og bibelundervisning i tillegg til undervisning som gjør deg i stand til tjenesten.

2. Praktisk: Kunnskap som blir omsatt til handling innenfor følgende områder: Media; TV Visjon Norge og radio. Menighet; forbønnstjeneste, menighet, misjon og nødhjelp, evangelisasjon m. m.

For mer informasjon kontakt oss på telefon: (+47) 32 25 60 44 eller e-mail:, web:

12 ·

l o o h c S r e starts Pow in new facilities

The Power School spring semester started on the 26th of January in new facilities in Gørløse. 22 students has signed up for a 12 week long life-changing teaching. There was expectation in the air, when the Power School spring semester started on the 26th of January in the new facilities in Gørløse. As usual it started off with breakfast and a welcoming, where the teachers presented themselves and the subjects, which they were going to teach about. After that presentation it was the students turn. They told about their backgrounds and what made them spend 12 weeks of their lives back in school. -Why did you come here and what do you want God to do for you, Karen Hedegaard asked, who is the leader of Power School for this semester. The answeres were very different from each other, but the headline was the same; they all wanted change. I want to get on with my life. I need a new start. I am because I want God to set me free. I hope I can be healed. I am here because of my children have attended the Power School and I have seen the change in there lives…..

Knowledge, character and power The Power School is a lifestyle school, where the students get to learn about the Christian lifestyle – how to build your life on the word of God, worship

and prayer. The teachers teach out from their own experiences, about their fights and victories, joys and sorrows, sickness and health, repentance, their calling, relations, forgiveness and many other things. The students will receive knowledge and be empowered by the power of God to serve in ministry, and when they aren’t attending the Power School, they have the opportunity to travel along with Evangelist. Furthermore they have the opportunity to go on a study trip. During this semester the trip goes to Uganda, where the students can get closer to the NGO organisation Child Care Denmark, which is sponsoring under privileged children in Uganda. They will go see their facilities, the work of the organisation, go preaching in the bush and help with practical assignments. This trip is voluntary for the students and costs about 15.000 DDK,-. The price to attend the whole Power School semester is 5.000 DDK,- for 12 weeks of education, including a signing-up fee, which is 2.000 DDK,-.

The teachers The Power School staff of this semester is Christian and Karen

The first school day at the Power School started with breakfast in the new facilities. Hedegaard, Joseph Eckardt Berg, Lena Løbner from Evangelist and Carsten Jespersen from Child Care Denmark. There will also be other teachers as Ingrid Wredstrøm, who is the founder of a Christian school, businessman David Klit and Martin and Vibeke Schmidt from the rehabilitation centre Bakkebjerg. The guest speakers during this semester is Pastor Johannes Hansen from the Apostolic Church in Aalborg, missionaries Anne-Lise and Peter Madsen and Pastor Mads Lauridsen from the Apostolic Church in Esbjerg. The students come from different backgrounds and different countries.

For instance there is a whole group of people from the Faroe Islands and Holland, and then one person from Norway. For those who don’t speak Danish, translation into English is available simultaneously. At the Power School’s website you can read more information about the next semester, which starts on the 31st of August and continues until the 3rd of December 2009. At the website you will also find testimonies from old students.

Students and teachers at the Power School spring course of 2009. Power School · 13

Out of


Majbrit Andersen from Silkeborg was depressed and suffering from burnout when she in the autumn of 2005 started at the Power School. She came together with her daughter and three months later her husband followed them… Text Karen Hedegaard


When Majbrit Andersen started at the Power School she was so depressed and burnt-out that she couldn’t remember her own telephone number. I was unable to think. I was so way out, that I couldn’t even remember my own telephone number or where I had parked my bicycle. At the same time I

Majbrit and Carsten Andersen. 14 · Power School

Mette Aakermann

was filled with fear. I couldn’t go to the laundry alone due to fear, and when I went to the supermarket I was just pottering about, she says.

Off to the Power School Majbrit Andersen tells about the summer of 2005, where she chose

to go to the Power School, partly due to her own situation, but also due to her daughter, who at that time was mentally ill. I knew about Evangelist and had attended a meeting with them at the Pentacostal Church in Silkeborg and other places. When my husband became a partner, we started receiving the Evangelist magazine, and when I read about the Power School, I really wanted go, she tells. Our daughter Rose had attended a meeting with Lena Løbner and Camilla Holstein from Evangelist, Majbrit continues: I didn’t make the decision alone, but specifically prayed that my husband would back me up, which he did. It’s a long way to Zealand when you live in Silkeborg, but Carsten accepted that Rose and I left!

that we could find space for including tinned food, crispbread, plastic plates and mugs. It was the end of the month, therefore we didn’t have anything to live by except what we had brought with us, she remembers. We didn’t know where to stay, but were confident that God would help us. The first night we stayed overnight for two days at a B&B which of course was too expensive. Sunday morning we attended the service at the Apostolic Church and were hoping that they would be able to help us with a place to stay, but no! However God didn’t turn up too late: Sunday evening a woman called, who had a couple of rooms for rent and Monday after the Power School they went to look at the rooms, where they were going to live. Two hours later they moved in!

A mighty step of faith

Seek first the Kingdom…

When the decision had been made it was as if hell broke loose! Suddenly everything was impossible at least as far as the local authorities were concerned. They had promised to help her daughter, who at that time was on social security. However Majbrit stood firm and off they went, even if it was neither secure nor humanly possible. Someone from our Church offered to drive us over there, so we packed all

The Word of God says; when we seek His Kingdom first then everything else will be given unto us. And Majbrit experienced this to be true as far as her doubtful economy was concerned. I experienced the first economic miracle during a prayer night. I remember having ordered some DVD’s from the Summer Festival and was told, that I could pay when I was able to. Later on there was a collection, and I gave 50 DKK,- and thought, that I had to live

At the Powerschool I have learned to use the Word of God, to speak the Word of God, to stand on the Word of God, and to let the Word of God take over, Majbrit explains while sitting at the dining table with the Bible open in front of her.

without food for the rest of the month. When the baskets were passed around for the second time, the person sitting next to me gave me 2,50 DKK,- and I put in 2 DKK,-. It was just like the story about “the poor widow”, Majbrit remembers. Some days later my brother phoned and told me, that my parents had decided to give us a drop of money as they were going to move to an old-age home. It was a big amount and with that money I was able to pay for the Power School not only for myself but also for my daughter, including the deposit and house rent. And after paying all of that, I still had money left over, she points out.

What about your husband? Not many people understood Majbrit’s decision to move to Zealand without her husband – but her husband did, fortunately. He could see that she needed it. I was off sick due to stress in the kinder garden where I worked, and I ended up having to ask for a dismissal notice, I just couldn’t take it anymore! Before leaving I was attending a course “to start again”, and here I was told by the advisers, that I shouldn’t expect to get an ordinary job again. I was 51 years old at that time, burnt-out and depressed. My mother was 55 years old when she became mentally ill. Help! I thought. It

was as if all the red lamps flashed… Majbrit was allowed to receive daily benefit the first three months at the Power School in the autumn of 2005 and later on she went for a working test at the Christian free school, Musketerskolen in Hillerød. Her husband Carsten moved to Zealand to go to the Power School in the spring of 2006 and Majbrit was allowed to combine the hours at Musketerskolen with further three months at the Power School. Then I would be able to be together with my husband, she says. Their daughter Rose continued at the school, too, but left “home” – to Tabitas House where she received help to enable her to move on. The whole family was now gathered again, even the son too, who had come along and at that time was living in Hillerød.

A permanent job at the school After the Power School, Majbrit and Carsten planned to move back to Jutland again, but their plans didn’t come true. I was away on Summer Holiday when the telephone rang. It was Musketerskolen, she tells. Majbrit was offered a permanent job of 30 hours a week as leader of the preschool class of 12 pupils, and this was a big challenge for her.

I prayed all the way to school in the morning riding my bicycle, she recalls and shares about the job and the children. Actually she did so well that she was asked to continue the following year, and now she is working with the third group!

Delivered from fear Majbrit has always been suffering from fear; however at the Power School she was delivered. At the Powerschool I was advised to seek help at “The Spiritual Clinic”, and here I received help to let go of the things, which I had been exposed to through a long life. I experienced becoming free, healed and able to forgive with all of my heart. It was a fantastic experience, and afterwards I was so drunk in the Holy Spirit, that it was difficult for me to ride my bicycle home, Majbrit tells. However lots of other things happened. If I have to search for headings, then the first semester at the Power School was all about obedience in proportion to the Word of God. I learned that. And the second semester was all about speaking positively instead of negatively. I learned that “there is a miracle in my mouth”.

Carsten will be returning to “the mainland” in a few months. We have always had this wish to return to the northern part of Jutland where we both still have our parents. So we are looking forward to moving back up north, they say. After the Power School a new chapter has started in our lives. We are now together in a new way and have both been changed a lot. Before we both used to have our own separate Christian faith, but now we walk together, Majbrit elaborates. The Power School is a lifestyle school where I have learned to use the Word of God, speak the Word of God, stand on the Word of God, and let the Word of God take over, even though everything around me seems to collaps. Majbrit concludes. God has done great things, also in the family for our daughter who now is engaged, and for our son who has started his own family, too. Now we are really seriously looking forward to get started with what God has called us to do. I know that God has called me to help broken families and of course we want to be there to care for our old parents, too.

A new chapter Having spent three years with Evangelist in Zealand, Majbrit and Power School · 15

s e l c a r i m

t c e p Ex

i t a n r e t l at the A

Evangelist is “home” during the Alternative Summer Festival this year. On the program there are guest speakers from USA, Ukraine, Zambia and from our Scandinavian neighbors. When Evangelist this year have chosen to move the Alternative Summer Festival from Jutland to Zealand it’s first and foremost because of the case about the road to Vildkildegaard, which at the time of writing not yet has come to an end. We don’t know, when the case has been solved, but in order to plan the festival- we do not intend to wait in uncertainty – we have chosen to have the festival at Strøledgaard in Gørløse this year! Strøledgaard is Karen and Christian Hedegaard’s private property, which is situated a little outside Gørløse, surrounded by fields and Christmas trees, a total of 50 acres. The land is ideal for camping etc., and the festival committee is already in the process of identifying the area and adjusting, so that the various activities are placed as best as possible. There will be children’s tents and bungee castles, teenage tents, cowboy activities and café environment, so no one will be

bored- and then there will be a packed program in the big tent, where speakers from many different nations will speak about the power of God.

Exciting Program Festival Organizer Line Løth Hansen is fully engaged in the program and makes room for the many contributory speakers from home and abroad. Again this year, participants can look forward to miracle meetings with a number of known preachers, who will preach power to salvation, healing and deliverance. This applies to international guests Robert Bwalya from Zambia, Ron Kenoly from the U.S. and from Sunday Adelaja from Ukraine, but also the Scandinavian speakers: Stefan and Anne Christiansson from Norway and Johannes Amritzer Sweden, who will come and help. - God has given us many new relationships the past years, and it’s a pleasure to us that these great


men and women of God will come and help with, what God has placed in their hearts. Robert Bwalya, who is the founder and director of the international concept “The Spiritual Clinic”, has been involved every year since the first festival in the year of 2005. We still remember Ron Kenoly visiting the festival in the year of 2007, not only because of his worldrenowned performances with singing and music, but also because of his strong teaching on praise and worship. Again this year we have Sunday Adelaja, who directs Europe’s largest church in Ukraine. His teaching at the festival last year have put many things back in place, Evangelist Christian Hedegaard says. - One of the surprises this year is H.K. Neerskov, Pastor and author of the book “Israel and the Palestinians” who has promised to hold a seminar about Israel. And then, of course, our Danish preachers: David Hansen from Aalborg congregation center and Else-Marie and Johannes Hansen from the Apostolic Church



in Aalborg. They have also taken part of the festival every year since the beginning in 2005.

Children and youth The very small children have their own Baby-corner, where parents have the opportunity to be during the meetings. As usual there will be a special program for kids and teens- and for those in between, the so-called “Tweenagers”. - The children are the 3-10 years of age and then we have the group aged 1012, which have their own meeting tent. The theme of the year is “Circus” and every day circus directors will come and present various circus artists. There will be many surprises on the program, Dorthe Klit says, who is in charge of the children’s work during the Alternative Summer Festival 2009. Martin and Chanette Froholdt from Evangelist are the leaders of the teenage work, where the 13-19 year olds can hang out and be with God and with each other. - We are going to have some speakers from the big tent speaking to the teenagers, and we will make a lot of fun activities, competitions etc. We will also have a cozy corner with board games, music and perhaps video games, Martin Froholdt says. What else will happen in this section will remain, until further notice, a secret. Read more at: www.sommerfestival. dk.

Café with buffet

delaja Sunday A

16 · Summer Festival



walya Robert B

ly Ron Keno

The rehabilitation center Bakkebjerg is in charge of food and beverages in the large cafe tent, and here too there are surprises on the menu. - As something new we have chosen to introduce buffet in the morning and evening. In the mornings you will be able to choose between different bread with accessories, and in the evening there will be buffet with salads, meat, bread, etc. For lunch we offer bagels and a pie to the coffee, and of course sweets, sodas, etc. In addition, of course, fastfood, Maria Damsgaard leader of the café says.

9 0 0 2 l a v i t s e F r e ive Summ

When the worst hunger has been satisfied at “Café Bakkebjerg “, it’s possible to buy spiritual food in a nearby tent, which sells books, CDs and accessories from “Kongens Butik” and sale of books and CDs from Evangelist. Child Care Denmark ( also have a shop where you can buy African craft, clothes etc. And if you want to support Child Care Denmark you can visit “Oline’s Gallery” (, who for the third year in a row sells paintings for Child Care Denmark.

Camping for everyone For those who want to be at the festival all week, there are good camping facilities in the fields around Strøledgaard. At the camping area there is room for 160 units, in addition, there is the opportunity to take other fields in use for additional trailers and tents if needed. A good advice is to enroll now, because we now from the past years that people a fighting to get campsites. The festival organizers expect an increasing number of guests from Copenhagen and other towns nearby, and an increasing number of guests from Sweden and Norway now, that the festival will be held in Gørløse. Many will probably choose to drive back and forth during the festival, but I also think, that many from Jutland will spend their sommer vacation on Zealand this year. Registration for the festival can be done online at www.sommerfestival. dk, where you also can find prices etc. The price for camping is 80 DKK,- for an adult and 50 DKK,- per child, and 50 DKK,- for electricity per day. The family price for two adults and two children or more is 2200 DKK,- including VAT. In addition children and teenagers must pay to take part of the activities during the festival. The cost for children to participate during the festival is 200 DKK,- for the whole week per child and 50 DKK,- per day for guests from outside. The price for teenagers is the same, the festival organizers say. By signing up before the 1st of May, you’ll get 10% of discount on those amounts, except from electricity, Line Løth Hansen from the planning group informs. Get more information about the festival at www., where you can see photos or write a greeting in the guestbook. You can also call the Evangelist office for further information on tel. nr. +45 48 21 82 00.

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tive Sum ng up and The Alterna tting everythith ge trøledgaard. lp he to of July at S nteer th to the 10 hen, want to volu 4 the facilities, kitc starts from as camping , ne ren’s do the festival ild ch be to and the any things established, ed. to t ng There are m ra us ar m s ust be ower facilitie ee castles m ng e, bu en d sc toilet and sh an d s nd ded an nts, playgrou up, floor ad t a pu s it’ area with te be d t an us to do, ting tent m e is a lot er . Th am . te The big mee ed t ng ea arra of a gr decorations d be a part y an rit s cu nd chairs and se ie fr w e need ay to get ne ival week. W n very nice w ring the fest du rs en, constructio ke m or e -w co staff, garbag k os ki We also need d an fé and tchen staff, ca ly ushers personnel, ki and especial , rs ne n ai ai nt nt ai mai d m ests and to workers an to serve gu l after ne d on rs an pe g service fore, durin be th bo r, orde need copeace and t least, we no t bu st . La festival. the meetings up after the y tid d an clean e Evangelist workers to se contact th ea pl n io at www. form For further in 00 or look at 82 21 48 5 +4 office on tel. .dk. al iv st fe er somm

Summer Festival · 17

The goodness of the Lord

in the land of the living What does one do when sickness threatens and fear is knocking at the door? Read the teachings of Camilla Holstein from Psalm 27 and discover, how the Word of God is relevant in every situation. Text

Camilla Holstein

I was lying on my stomach on my lawn talking with my friend, the sun was shining, and the weather was nice and warm, summer was on its way, everything was sprouting and growing. This was in June 2008. I had bought a house a couple of months earlier, and everything looked very optimistic and exciting. God had spoken to me that this would be a year in which He was going to teach me to live by faith. I didn’t quite know which area of my life it would be about, and had the opinion that I had already been living by faith for a long time. However God had spoken, I was sure of that. While lying there on my stomach with my best friend enjoying this beautiful summer day, I could feel that my stomach was somewhat swollen (I am the slim type, so one wouldn’t be able to notice it easily). I thought it might be due to my age, I was no longer 20 years old, but rather closer to 50, therefore it could be something natural. Ahead of us was the Summer Festival with lots of exciting guest speakers from both at home and abroad, and a couple of days later we went off to Jutland where the festival was going to take place.

The diagnosis “The Lord is the stronghold of my lifeof whom shall I be afraid?” (Psalm 27:1) I had been involved with preparing the festival programme, and had included myself to lead some of the meetings. As the days went past I became more and more tired and had pains in my stomach. Eventually, the last day I was unable to attend the meetings and had to find someone else to lead them. I was so disappointed, I had been looking forward so much, had even put on very nice clothes and gotten into the car, but in the end, I had to get back into bed again. Today when I recall the following month, it seems like a giant confusing veil of mist, in and out of the practices 18 · Teaching

Photo Evangelist

of emergency doctors (my own doctor was on holiday), and next to be admitted to Køge Hospital for a whole week and then to be discharged (without any answer to what was wrong with me), and afterwards my first meeting with the doctors at Roskilde County Hospital. I had misgivings about what was wrong. So when the kind doctor having examined me, told me “it doesn’t look good”, I was partly prepared and yet still… It’s cancer, I said. Yes, and it has spread to all the female organs as well as the intestines and the abdominal cavity, he replied.

had to admit that I was both sad and slightly afraid. I didn’t feel at all like a hero. Was I loosing my faith? Where was my trust in God? (Remember that God very clearly had said that He would teach me to believe and have full confidence in Him). The words from Psalm 112:7 came to me: “He will have no fear of bad news; his heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord”… Suddenly His amazing grace became manifest to me. I was no hero, and still… With Him I am a hero, with Him everything is possible, with Him life goes on.

A creeping fear

The love of God

“When evil men advance against me to devour my flesh, when my enemies and my foes attack me, they will stumble and fall.” (Psalm 27:2) Suddenly life took a completely turn, everything was turned upside down, and even though I had faith that God would lead me through, I felt a creeping fear. I had so many questions: Jesus where are you in the middle of all this? You have taken my sickness, You have taken my sin upon Yourself, that I know, but why all this? I believe in You, Jesus, I surrender into Your arms my Jesus. Help! And further: Do You wish to take me home now, Father? Already? I have only just started! What about my children? I wish to experience my grandchildren. I am afraid, Jesus, what is going to happen? Am I going to die? Funeral, black clothes, grief… These and many other thoughts came to me, they were going around in my head in a huge higgledy-piggledy.

“Though an army besiege me, my heart will not fear; though war break out against me, even then will I be confident.” (Psalm 27:3) I have been blessed with a big family of brothers and sisters, a big family around Europe, and some quite special close friends. My brothers and sisters came travelling from far and near to be together and to pray for me during this difficult period. My friends and the rest of the family put up prayer, it was so great. I could really feel the power of God and His love through all those who stood by my side, even purely physical, too, on my pain. Quite amazing, God is so good. I had surgery, the doctor was a really good surgeon, and he was able to remove nearly all the cancer apart from some that was still in the intestines which would have to be removed by chemotherapy, if I was willing. Yes I am willing, I want to live, I said. I don’t doubt that the doctors and the medicine is a gift from God.

Is death a gain?

“One thing I ask of the Lord, this is what I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord and to seek Him in His temple”.

Paul says in Philippians 1:21: “For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain”. Yes, death is a gain, I didn’t doubt that at all, but I was not at all ready, and

The presence of God

(Psalm 27:4) The time after the operation was tough. I came home from the hospital on the fourth day, the doctor said that if I had enough strength, the best thing was to go home as quickly as possible, due to danger of infection from the hospital, and so I did. Doctors and nurses had been exceptional, I met so much kindness and sympathy from the staff, but I couldn’t stand neither the smell nor the spirit of sickness. The latter may sound a bit strange, but I remember my father, who at some point of time was in the hospital recovering after a hip operation, saying “I need to go home, I become more sick from lying in here”. This is how I felt, too. I myself believe that there is something spiritual at hospitals which makes you more pressed down and even more sick if you stay there too long.

Worship “For in the day of trouble He will keep me safe in His dwelling; He will hide me in the shelter of His tabernacle and set me high upon a rock. Then my head will be exalted above the enemies who surround me; at His tabernacle will I sacrifice with shouts of joy; I will sing and make music to the Lord”. (Psalm 27:5-6) The first week at home was not very nice, they gave me quite a lot of medicine to take home with me, but due to nausea, I was unable to swallow it. I had lost nearly 10 kilos which was a lot for me. I remember looking at myself in the mirror and started to cry, I had a bit of a shock, I looked like a scarecrow. I had heard and read about others who had been hit by a serious disease, they had worshipped, until they were healed, or had shut themselves up in their prayer room, until they had had a breakthrough and had heard from God, however during this time when I was in such a bad state I was almost

unable to open my mouth for prayer, except to say “Jesus help me” or “Jesus I love You”. Was that enough?

Intercession and the Word of God “Hear my voice when I call, O Lord; be merciful to me and answer me. My heart says of You, “Seek His face!” Your face, Lord, I will seek. Do not hide Your face from me, do not turn Your servant away in anger; You have been my helper. Do not reject me or forsake me, O God my Saviour. Though my father and mother forsake me, the Lord will receive me”. (Psalm 27:7-10) It meant everything to me that there were people, my family, friends, and even some, whom I didn’t know who prayed for me, they lifted me up to our heavenly Father, and it was so reassuring. It became so clear to me during this period, that we as human beings really need each other. We need to take care of and to pray for each other. I received so much good advice from both my family and friends, but I wasn’t capable of much, wasn’t really able to live up to anything. However, one day a dear friend came by, who had had cancer herself. She gave me some Bible texts that she herself had been standing on during the difficult period of time. We know that the Word of God is the Truth, and that is what sets us free. At the same time she said, that it wasn’t necessarily all other peoples pieces of good advice which would be the right ones for me, but that I should do whatever I myself had faith for. I felt a sense of indescribable freedom in those words. It was very simply all about Jesus and me, my relationship with Jesus.

Jesus help me! “Teach me Your way, O Lord; lead me in a straight path because of my oppressors. Do not hand me over to the desire of my foes, for false witnesses rise up against me, breathing out

Camilla Holstein teaching about God’s faithfulness.

violence”. (Psalm 27:11-12) After this I started relaxing. My simple prayers “Jesus help me” and “Jesus I love You” were enough during this difficult period of time, and I tell you that my love for my Saviour grew. I cried, I laughed, I was silent, I shouted, what I would just be able to manage and felt like doing right there. I could at the most read one verse in my Bible at a time, sometimes only one line, but it was ok, it was enough. The enemy who was both the cancer, but definitely also the fear and dread, was calmly and quietly put to flight.

In the land of the living “I am still confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living”. (Psalm 27:13) Now I knew, that I had won the battle, I had won the victory. My faith, my hope, and my confidence in my heavenly Father had grown. As it’s written in Philippians 1:6 “…being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion

until the day of Christ Jesus”. He was going to complete what He had started in my life, I was forever grateful and extraordinary happy. Whilst writing this I have had chemotherapy eight times. I went to the doctor last week, having gone through an ultrasound scanning and a CT-scanning, and he was able to tell me that there was nothing abnormal to be seen anymore. He wants to give me two extra treatments, just to be on the safe side, and I am going to receive them. “Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances”. (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18) Joy fills my life at the moment, a great joy over the works of my heavenly Father, not only for me, but for our nation, for His people. I thank Him for life, His amazing grace, and for the friends He has connected me with and not least for my two boys and family. We should not forget the joy, we should not forget to thank Him, and we should not forget to pray and worship

Him who has given us everything. Remember that worship, to have a relationship with Jesus is simple, meet Him where it’s natural for you, where it ‘s uncomplicated! He will teach you and speak to you on your path with Him.

Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord. (Psalm 27:14) I am still confident of this; I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord. (Psalm 27:13-14) Teaching · 19

Out with


and you shall find

These days Evangelist is making a new and updated web-site, with the cause of reaching further out to people with the gospel- to reach people in need.

In Evangelist we have had a wish to make a home page, which not only informs about Evangelist, but a homepage, which gives the good news about Christ. We want to there for people, especially those, who don’t now Jesus. They should be able to enter our website and get help online, Christian Hedegaard from Evangelist tells. Among other things we have made a “do you need help” button on which you can click and get the possibility to get help here and now. You can get a number to a hotline you can call, enter the chat, or you can write your prayer subject to our prayer group, Christian Hedegaard tells, who guides the user around in the introduction video on the front page. - The idea is, that ”those who seek, shall find”, and to make it a bit easier for everybody, we have made a function, where you specifically can seek on persons, testimonies, happenings and so on. We have a lot of users, who spent most of their time online, and we get inquiries from schools, which seek informations and want to be in a 20 · www.evangelist

dialog with us. And we want to give our partners a a good service. We would like to tell everyone about, what God has done for people, who has experienced God’s power, to save, set free and heal. We would like to give people hope and work for revival and mission, nationally and internationally. It’s very important that the users have the possibility to respond day and night, and get all the answers on their questions.

Relevant information Christian Hedegaard gets a new blog on the website, were he can put all his news on, pictures from his trips and so on. The new blog replaces the old one, which hasn’t been interactive. On the menu there are well-known links as “read more about us”, the chat, lectures, media, Power School, mission, rehab and the web-shop, where the users can find relevant information about the work in Evangelist. -On a daily basis we have 4-500 visitors on the website and sometimes

the amount of visitors explodes. That happens, when we have been on national TV or if we have had a major event. Then we can feel the increased traffic, especially on the chat, where we can have approximately 50 users at the same time, Christian Hedegaard says. The new website has a portal to other websites in Evangelist’s auspices and it’s a pleasure to see, how they all have got new designs. It’s www.powerschool. dk, and it is also Camilla Holstein and Lena Løbners websites, and

Two ways communication At the Evangelist office the media staff welcomes the site: It’s a portal with the possibility to go two ways; visitors can enter and respond on everything, which is on it, many more can contribute in different levels so the page can get more characterized of the persons in Evangelist, Christian Munch from Evangelist Media explains. Before we had a website you could

compare with an “advanced business card” with a novelty. Now we have a meeting place for a growing Internet service, where many people will get answers and meet God through advising, preaching, web-TV, chat and podcasts. We have also made a hotline and an e-mail service to our prayer group, who would love to pray for people with needs. The new website gives unlimited possibilities. Everything is possible! And then it will never be too old. The system is very flexible and is assembled by small components, which develops as the Internet gives new possibilities. Because of that we will be able to add properties, which will make the site more relevant to the users.

Better design The website is developed of worldwide web services, a Swedish company. Their purpose is to help churches and Christian organisations of any size, so they can reach out more effectively at the Internet. Tobias Sturesson from

The new homepage www. has a wider design there is making it possible to presents more updated information, on the opening site.

worldwide web congratulates us with our new web site: Our hope is that this site will make you able to reach further out with the gospel and be a helping hand for people in need, he says. Worldwide web service especially highlights the new and wider design, which makes it possible to present updated information on the front page. Under “Media” you can see live broadcast from prayer nights, the Alternative Summer Festival, our watch the produced web-TV program “Forandring”. Here you are also able to share with other Internet users. You can click on the facebook button and share the video with your friends on facebook, or you can put it on google or other places where you have a profile. The chat has also been updated and you can subscribe to receive RSS feeds and get news, videos and podcasts sent to your mail or your mobile phone every time something new is happening. The web-shop has also been updated, and then you can read the Evangelist newspaper online in a new and smart

online PDF system. And you will also be able to read the monthly letter for partners, which will be available with a partner login. -There are many new features and currently we are working on the last details, Tobias Sturesson from worldwide web service informs, who has developed the page in co-operation with Evangelist.

The English version The English part of the home page, has been developed and updated, so our international partners can get the possibility to be on the forefront, where the things are happening. In the future users from the abroad will be able to go to the English version of The international co-workers of Evangelist are translating website and we are happy, that the work is getting beyond the Danish boarders.

Links The new homepage is the portal to other homepages in evangelist.

www.evangelist · 21

Evangelist Lovsang is visiting churches in Jutland:

Mini-tour through fire and water

Will be seen in Holstebro and Haderslev in the weekend of the 24th and 25th of April It’s been quite a while since Evangelist Worship last hit the road, but now we will be rolling again! On the 24th through 25th of April we will be heading for Haderslev and Holstebro. The headline for this weekend will be ‘Through fire and water’ inspired by the recent release from Evangelist. In connection with Evangelists recent release, we sent out many hundreds of CD’s to Pastors and Preachers throughout different denominations in Denmark. Following we have arranged this ‘mini tour’ lead by Lena Løbner. The Evangelist Worship Team is really looking forward to leading the people of Jutland into praise and worship. The headline is worship, praise and prayer for our country. Many people in our country are under suppression from disease, depression or financial difficulties. People are hurting like never before, and we are in desperate need for our God to interfere. Praise and worship reaches Gods heart, and when we sing in spirit and in truth He will hear us, and that is exactly what will happen this weekend -Lena Løbner says.

Evangelist Worship In 2008 Evangelist Worship has

had two releases; the Danish album ‘Through fire and water’ and the English album ‘I believe in miracles’. Many have been touched through these albums, which at the same time have opened new doors to us. At the end of February Lena Løbner was in London, together with singers and musicians from Evangelist, leading the worship for Evangelist Teresia Wairimu. Furthermore, the team will be attending the conference of FEM with Reinhard Bonnke and Teresia Wairimu from the 27th through the 29th of may in Dallas, Texas.

The band In addition to Lena Løbner, Evangelists own band, will be attending on the tour in Jutland. Band: Silas Majgaard (drums), Esaias Hansen (base), Susanne Temming (percussion and keyboard) and Johnny Grønhøj (el-guitar). -We Expect God to show up at these concerts and that He will take us ‘through fire and water’ and into prosperity- psalm 66,12 –Lena Løbner says. So, if you know anyone, who is ill or suppressed or who maybe just need intercession, then remember to bring them!

Time and place The concerts will be at Multihuset, Hirsevej 9, Haderslev at 07:00PM on the 24th of April and at Kristent Center Midt-Vest, Banetoften 62, Holstebro at 07:00PM on the 25th of April 22 · Worship

Foto: Henriette Bjarne Hansen


You’ve done it again I’ve been so lucky to rece ive the new I’ve listened CD as a gift! to it over and over again, an can say is ‘You d all I ’ve done it ag ain!’ Once m you’ve manag or e ed to compo se a CD you which helps w on ’t grow tired you devoting listening to! yourself tota Music, Kaja A. lly to God in worship.

Before the th rone of God The music is so beautiful... To me this CD before the th has become rone of God a wonderful in W orship! The m tool to bring being proclaim usic is very de me ed through th ep, and the W e ly ric s ord of God is gaining more Poulsen and more po wer. This CD is ju st GREAT! This CD is ju st GREAT. M y CD is alread tired from it! y totally wor ! n out, and I still haven’t C.F.T  grown God is good On the new CD you have a new versio It’s as if what’s n of an old so been added to ng and it soun ds so good! the song just God really IS brings a tota good! lly new open ing for the Sp Karin B. Ande irit!! rsen  Wonderful ly rics! I definitely th ink that ‘Und er the shadow new one is a of your wings clear 2nd runn ’ is the best of er up!  your CD’s bu I think it’s ab t this solutely fant as tic! Especially the most is th th e fir st th is CD’s lyrics! ree songs. An d what touche Maria M.  s me Absolutely gr eat This CD is ab solutely grea t!! It’s gonna R. Larsen. be a major su ccess!!

Order the new cd If you’ve still not ordered the CD, you can do so in our webshop on www. Furthermore, you will be able to buy the CD on the tour. The price of the CD is 169 DKK,- and contains all the newest songs from Evangelist. The producer of the CD is Joachim Hejslet-Jørgensen and leading vocals are: Lena Løbner, Christian Hedegaard and Nicolas Skov, Backup singers are: Elsebeth Dørken, Tone Rahbek Pedersen and Silje Myrene Møller from Aalborg Menigheds Center, AMC. All the songs on this CD are born from the spirit, and are written during prayer nights and our annual week of prayer and fasting.

Miracle meetings with youngsters from Evangelist:

Don’t say


you are too young...

Three brothers preach at Mors Island

Silas im


Three former hooligans from Mors are now praying for the sick The Maigaard brothers have been game for anything in Nykøbing each in their own way! That was before they became believers and started a fresh. What they have experienced since then is so wild, that they now go back to Mors to tell the story and perform miracles. Written by Eva Maria Jørgensen



In the beginning of February Joachim Maigaard and his two brothers held a meeting on their “home-island” Mors. Joachim is only 16, but he was the one preaching the message to the approximately 40 people, who had turned up. Afterwards Joachim, Silas and Benjamin prophesied over people and prayed for everyone, who had a need. Joachim preached out of the book of Jeremiah chapter one. Among other things it says, that being young shouldn’t be an excuse or a hindrance to be used by God. Afterwards he spoke about, that it was time for revival. As the three brothers ministered under the anointing, many prophetic words were given to the dedicated listeners. Joachim says: - It was awesome for us to experience, that God really wants to do something on our “home-island”. We saw Him

meet the needs of people and saw people being set free. And we as brothers were knitted closer together in serving together this way. Several years ago, while Silas, Benjamin and Joachim were still fighting dark thoughts before they became believers, their mother got a word from God, that her sons would be in ministry together one day. A word she now has seen come to pass. The three brother’s first meeting was held at a nursing home in the outskirts of Nykøbing. The next time they want to rent a building in the centre of town and invite all their old friends to come and see for themselves, what God will do on Mors. Miracle meeting Friday 20th of March at 8.30pm in the lecture room, Ågade 8, Nykøbing M.

- No matter where in the country I have been, boarding schools and other places, the worst hooligans always came from Mors. It was always them influencing others to do bad stuff. Isn’t that true? Silas Maigaard is asking his brother Benjamin. They both grew up on Mors with their younger brother Joachim. But they are now living elsewhere. Joachim is attending a boarding school in Kolding and the others live in North Zealand. If the quote doesn’t fit all youth from Mors, then it certainly fits when it comes to the three brothers. Their story was in the Evangelist newspaper a year ago and explained, how negative they were and full of dark thoughts, and how God has transformed them and given them a new life in Him. - All three of us have found out, that there is a way out of darkness and boredom. God has met each one of us and given us back the spark of life. Joachim was totally depressed but now he is happy and has time for others. Benjamin and I are easy in our minds and have experienced how God can heal the sick and set the depressed and mental ill free from the darkness they live in, Silas says. Benjamin continues: - I don’t know if my old friends agree that I was far out back then, because a lot of them are still living that way. But I want to tell them, that there is more to life than that. Three of my old friends have died within the last six months. Two of them from an overdose and the third from drink driving on his moped. We want to hold a meeting to share about Jesus and to demonstrate how real He is and has been to us. Our new lives are not lived with effortless ease on cloud nine, the young men add. But they are joyful and now have energy to tackle the everyday life and that is what they want to share with others – interested and sceptics alike. On a finishing note Silas says:” It’s not that I think I can convince people – well, they can see what has happened to me – but I know God can convince people. It’s always cool to see a miracle!

Young Evangelist · 23

Joyce met the love of God and became the head of CCD’s café:

Love and Danish


In spite of a childhood without love Joyce from Uganda has experienced, that she is loved and capable of loving others. As head of the CCD’s flourishing “Café Frikadelle” she passes on, what she has been given, to others. Text

Eva M.Jørgensen

Photo CCD

There is laughter and joyful singing in the kitchen, while the potatoes become French fries and meatballs are made and all put on plates. If you look at the menu you will think, that you are in Denmark, but the colour of the skin of the personal says something else. Even if there is joy and happy times in the kitchen the tempo is high, and soon you will enjoy a nice Danish burger. The head of the “Café Frikadelle” in Masaka is a little smiling woman named Joycena Bukenya – just known as Joyce, and she sets the standard in the kitchen. I often pray God to help me love the girls in the café much more, because love is His highest commandment. I want to be a boss, who can do other things but criticizing. Joyce smiles as she speaks. It sounds like a very natural desire, but Joyce’s travel towards this kind of love has not been easy. Actually, she didn’t have the best odds to have any love at all to give.

and finally I got in touch with them. Unfortunately, Joyce’s family wasn’t in a very good condition. Her father was an adulterer and a drunkard. Her mother had divorced him and had to take care of her children all by herself with neither a job nor an income. So according to the traditions in Africa Joyce stepped in as the provider of the family giving some of her salary, as much as she could afford. A heavy burden for a young woman.

A wake-up-call I began to drink alcohol to make it through the day, to take the top of the pressure, but in the mornings I would feel terrible again. I had a lot of boyfriends and I was together with men in order to get compliments and feel valuable. Today I know that it wasn’t clever, but I guess I hoped to get some money in order to help myself and my family. One day Joyce had so much to drink, that they had to carry her home. That day was a wake-up-call for her, and she decided to talk about it with the only Christian girl she knew at the hotel. After that she started to change her life.

Only critizism I grew up under better circumstances than many other Ugandans, because my aunt, who belonged to the middelclass, took care of me. I was given school, food and clothes, which made me very privileged compared to the people around me, and for that I am grateful, Joyce tells: But at the same time I grew up and thought that I only was in the way, because I never got love from my aunt. On the contrary she always criticized me every time a made a mistake, and that really made me feel worthless. 24 · Child Care Denmark

Her aunt paid for Joyce’s school until secondary school. Afterwards she managed to get Joyce a course in hotel managing because of her good contacts, and after the course she made sure, that Joyce got a job at the finest hotel in Masaka despite her young age. And than she also got her niece a job on one of the finest hotels in Masaka, in spite of her young age.

Providing her family Joyce continues to tell about that time in her life: It was a very vulnerable age to come into the hotel environment. I wanted to be like the other girls, who I worked with, so I went out with them during the nights. At the same time I was longing to know my biological family,

A very personal miracle I hadn’t been saved at that time, but I began to pray to God and stopped drinking and seeking attention from men, she explanes very seriously. She had a Bible in her room and began to read from Psalms 27, which later on would mean a lot to her. She also prayed a very specific prayer to God:

CCDnoter Expanding the family Carsten and Ruth Jespersen have been in Denmark for a couple of months with all of their children, in order to receive another baby; child nr. 5. It was another little beautiful girl, who was born on her mother’s birthday on 19th of February. The Jespersen Family now counts father and mother and 5 children – Joshua, Daniel, Elias, Esther and little Miriam. Carsten and Ruth with their five children.

The Power School paid for a new church

I asked God to take me away from the hotel environment to a place, where there wouldn’t be so many temptations, a place, where I could learn more about God. Ruth and Carsten Jespersen, the leaders of Child Care Denmark, had, off course, no idea about this. They had noticed Joyce’s unusual good service at the hotel, where she worked. Therefore they asked her, if she wanted to help them starting a new café at the CCD office. Joyce laughs: They had no idea about my problems and fights and didn’t seem to understand that I didn’t care that I would get a smaller salary. I needed a new lifestyle more than I needed money. That was my personal miracle.

God restoring She continues: - I get so touched, when I tell, what God has done in my life during the time I have been in Child Care Denmark. Some of the things, which made an impression on me, were the leaders love to God and Carsten and Ruth’s love for each other. They have made a standard, which I also want in my marriage. And I have met God and His great love. I always felt so worthless and rejected. My thoughts were filled with all the negative words, which had been spoken over me, and it was very hard for me to believe in anything else. But God helped me to break out of that mentality and He has given me a strong character, something many people in my country lack.

A tough start In the beginning, when Joyce started working in the café, she had difficulties to co-work with the others employees in the café. I fired them, because I didn’t know how to handle their mistakes. Also because I still was hurting in my soul. Suddenly I realized that I was treating them as my aunt had treated me. I was over perfectionistic and criticized them. And I had promised myself never to be like that. So now the biggest challenge in my life is to ask God for more of the gifts of the Spirit in my life, so I can love the people I work with.

Wants to help others Joyce is no longer the same insecure girl, who once used to work at the Brovad Hotel. She has an identity in; who she is in God, in what He made her to be and is no longer addicted to other people’s acknowledgement. This is something big, which she wants to pass on to others: I dream of telling others about, what God has done for me and help these young people, who fall into the same holes, which I used to fall into.

During the last fall there was a heavy storm just outside Masaka, which caused some of the buildings to collaps. It also hit a church building nearby Masaka. The church members couldn’t afford building the church again, so when the Power School students visited Uganda the fall of 2008, they decided to raise money to the project. The Power School students left an envelope with money, which now has been used to rebuild the church. The walls are standing again! The church nearby Masaka has been rebuilt with founds from the Danish Power School students.

School teacher needed in Masaka The Danish school in Masaka is looking for an educated school teacher, who can teach the Danish children from August 2009. It’s a great need, which must be met for our children’s sake. It’s such an important part of their lives! So if you are a school teacher – or know somebody who can help us – please let us know, Ruth Jespersen director of CCD says. The school teaches the children of the Danish co-workers and will be hired according to an agreement. For further information, please write

New church in Mamirembe The church building in the Fishermen’s Village, Namirembe, was finished one year ago, but unfortunately the walls couldn’t stand... Therefore the International Church of Masaka is raising up money to rebuild the church. With much stronger walls this time! This area is characterized by alcoholism and prostitution, so the word of God needs to stand strong there. Pray together with us for the church in this area.

White Angel expands White Angel School has started expanding the school with a new area for a Secondary School. At the moment some of the church facilities are used for schooling, but there is a need for more school materials and salary to the teachers, Carsten Jespersen from CCD informs. Those who would like to support this project can do it via the organization’s website. Child Care Denmark · 25

Fofish PF - FO-620 Runavík - Faroe Islands -

En kristen skole som går andre veje. Vi er ikke en fægteskole, men på vores skole bliver vi alligevel uddannet som en Musketér. Vi lærer at kæmpe for vores egen fremtid med dygtige lærere ved vores side. Vi er fire år gammel og har klasser fra 0- 9 klasse. Hvis I har brug for inspiration til at starte jeres egen skole, så kontakt os. Vi er lige midt i processen.

Kontakter: skoleleder René Sørensen tlf.: 27 11 86 02 eller Visionesbærer Ingrid F. Wredstrøm tlf.: 21 48 80 68

Musketérskolen Carlsbergvej 14 3400 Hillerød tlf. 48268600

Helligåndens klinik Non profit - frivillige bidrag/Tak Kristen betjening af syge, “fanger”, “fortrykte” (Luk. 4:18). Spøgelser fjernes, Alternativ psykiatri. Mirakuløs ryghjælp. Psykisk syge: KLART BEDRE København: Rene Celinder Tlf. 24 66 97 55 Århus: Thorsten Ericson Tlf. 26 27 07 43 Odense: Niels Andersen Tlf: 75 62 17 70 e. 10. Projekt Glædesbud info:

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mange kristne bøger & cder på lager

4-5000 bøger fra mange forlag på lager. Ring og spørg – bogliste tilsendes gratis. Svend – Tlf. 9725 2077 –

                                                             

  

      

Naturpark Maribosøerne

        


16. maj i Gørløse

Stor Menu - Lovsang - Guds Ord - Vidnesbyrd Lørdag den 16. maj kl. 16 - Strøvej 89-91, 3330 Gørløse Pris pr. kuvert kr. 250,- Sidste tilmelding den. 1. maj 3009 Evangelist - postboks 179 - 3400 Hillerød - tlf. 4821 8200 - -

e-magazine Evangelist 01 2009  

Evangelist E-magazine, Read testemonies of what God is doing today.

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