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Hi and welcome to Freshers week 2009! This week promises to be filled with loads of fantastic events. A lot of these events are put on by our societies, and we have over 230 student led societies here at Edinburgh University! There really is something for everyone, but if you don’t find a society that suits your every need, you can start up your own one! Being a member of a society is a great way to meet new people, try out new activities, and gain new skills.

Societies Fair

The Pleasance

How to Start a Society

The Societies Fair, held at EUSA’s Pleasance buildings in Freshers’ Week offers an ideal opportunity to find out more about what is on offer. Come along and browse the stalls, pick up free sweets, cakes and information on the societies that float your boat. Chat to those already involved and see what kind of things you might like to become involved in. However, be realistic before joining your umpteenth society, most people only have time to be involved in only one or two, so think before you hand over that membership fee. No one will object to you going along to the first couple of meetings before deciding if you really want to become a paid-up member.

A lot of societies meet at ‘The Pleasance’ at 60 Pleasance. This fab EUSA building, just up the hill from the University Centre for Sport and Exercise, has various bookable rooms, a theatre and 2 bars. Several societies have their base there including Student Newspaper and Fresh Air radio. It is well known as an extremely popular fringe venue during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August. There are also regular Tuesday comedy nights in the Cabaret Bar during the semesters.

If there’s nothing on offer that tickles your fancy, then why not start your own society? Any Edinburgh University student can start a new society, at any point in the academic year. Once you’ve come up with an original idea that does not overlap with an existing society, you can download the necessary paperwork from the EUSA website ( societies/downloads) Complete the registration form with contact details for the society and information about officebearers etc. Draw up a constitution for the society, outlining the aims and ideas for its general running - there are guidelines to help you and finally provide a list of 20 Edinburgh University students (with signatures and matriculation numbers) that are interested in being members. The forms should be handed into the EUSA offices at Potterrow where they will be looked over by the Societies’ Secretary who’s job it is to take new society forms to Societies’ Executive. Societies that are approved by Societies’ Executive are then passed to SRC (Students’ Representative Council) who have authority to approve groups as University societies.

If you’ve any questions about societies please contact or

Socities Guide 09/10



Aberdeen FC Supporters Club (EU) Are you an Aberdeen fan? If so this is the society for you! We arrange travel to all games throughout the season. We also have a 5A-Side team competing in the Edinburgh powerleague as well as organise matches throughout the year against other supporter’s clubs. A variety of social events also take place. If you are interested please contact us on

African & Arabic Dance Society Arabic dance, more commonly known as Egyptian Belly Dancing, is the normal dance of the Arab countries, just as Salsa is to the South Americans. It is good for maintaining and improving body tone and discovering muscles you never knew you had! It is an intense dance form which can be explored by people of different ages, shapes and physical abilities. Because there is no

limiting factor on who can do it there is a shared enjoyment of this dance rarely found in other more competitive dance forms. The African dancing is a mixture of dance styles from many different countries in Africa. It is fast, fun and energetic danced to the rhythm of bongo drums played by our drummer.

African & Caribbean Society The Edinburgh University African and Caribbean Society aims at bringing together people with a common interest in African and Caribbean culture, whether it is the music, the food, the fashion or the lifestyle. Membership is open to all regardless of race, colour, gender or religion and costs just ÂŁ3. The society organises a variety of cultural, educational and very important social activities with an emphasis on those that portray the multifaceted nature of African and Caribbean culture.

AIESEC AIESEC is a unique and growing network of 50,000 students, the largest student organisation in the world. We are non-political, non-profit, independent and entirely student-managed. Since 1948, we have worked to fulfil our mission of developing young people, empowering them with the necessary skills and understanding of the forces shaping the world around them. We create a powerful group of future leaders with a strong sense of social responsibility and a desire to act. We develop youth by providing a series of learning experiences linked to a diversity of activities in fields such as sustainable development, education, enterprise and social responsibility. A major component of these activities is international traineeship exchange, facilitating an intense intercultural and practical experience in another society, exposing the trainee and those they meet to an entirely different culture, community and its issues. Currently, around 5,000

Socities Guide 09/10

of these exchanges occur annually. It is time to make that difference. Now or never!

Air Squadron (Friends of East of Scotland Universities) For information please see

Amnesty International

Society campaigning for Human Rights. Meetings every Wednesday 7pm9pm at the Chaplaincy Centre in Potterrow. Letter writing every Friday 12noon2pm at the Fair Trade CafĂŠ. Friendly people and fun activities including creative campaigning, talks, debates and a visit to the pub after every meeting! Please visit our website at

Anime and Animation Society The Edinburgh Anime and Animation society is devoted to showing animation in all forms, particularly Japanese animation. We have a large variety of shows that we watch regularly as well as movie nights throughout the year. Weekly film nights are on Tuesays 1800-2100 at Appleton Tower LT2 every week of term.

Applied Sport Science Society The Applied Sports Science Society exists as a social society for applied sport science students and anyone else interested. As well as our weekly meetings, we organise social events for our members; these include events such as dinners, sporting activities and most importantly nights out. Our meetings are held in the Teviot Library Bar every Wednesday at 9pm. This is then followed by several hours of drinking and dancing. If you are interested feel free to come along and join in!

Archaeology Society Ever wonder how they did it in the past? Ever wonder how they do it now? If you are interested in the past, engage in dressing up as Indiana Jones, enjoy sitting in trenches in the pouring rain, enjoy a pint, alcoholic or not) and generally having fun, then archsoc is for you. We provide a way for students (and others) to meet in a non-academic environment. We hold lectures, trips, and other social events (check our website for more details (www.

Architecture Society (EUSAS)

program presented by some of the world’s leading architectural figures. We also provide student-led workshops, a welcome guide including everything you need to know about architecture at Edinburgh, and organise a film series, design day, sports events, pub crawls, photographic competitions and more. For more information check out our website We meet every week, usually on a Friday evening, for one visiting lecture programme followed by a trip to the pub. Check our web site at www.

Art Society EUSAS (Edinburgh University Students Architecture Society) is the official student body of the Department of Architecture. We are dedicated to promoting and developing students architectural work at the University and their experience of architecture. The society runs and organises various events from studentrun teaching to a lecture A great way of meeting other people interested in art and learning what edinburgh and beyond has to offer. We organise workshops for beginners, arrange studio space to work in and weekly life drawing classes. We organise work to be displayed in cafes and run exhibitions. We also have trips to gallerys, guest speakers and of course social events.

Arts for Well Being: Children of the Balkans We raise money through charity events and other methods to give support to child victims of conflict and post conflict in the Balkans. We run arts campus in the Balkan region during summer for the children, where we support their personal, social and emotional well-being thrrough creative activities such as music, art and creative movement. Both the children and all our volunteers gain a lot from the experiences at the camps., and fun is had by all. We meet in the student common room at Alison House, Nicolson Square monthly. Check the webpage for details, all other info is there too!


Baha’i Society Edinburgh University Baha’I Society is a friendly, very social and inclusive society for anyone interested in spiritual and global issues.


We host a wide range of events throughout the academic year, including talks, workshops, discussions, food nights, themed evenings, debates, firesides, devotional meetings, study circles, café trips, quiz nights, football, and tranquility zones. There’s no need to be a member to attend any of our events and you are welcome to check our webiste event list and turn up to what you fnacy! Baha’i society is the perfect opportunity to share your opinion on real issues, in a relaxed and open atmosphere.

Ballroom Dancing Society (EUBDS) We’ve all seen ‘Strictly Come Dancing’, but ever fancied giving it a go for yourself? Ever got the urge to waltz across a dancefloor? Are your feet itching to learn a bit of Samba. Tango, Cha-Cha or Jive? Well with EUBDS you can! Come dancing with us on a Tuesday evening in the Debating Hall, Teviot and give it a go. Whether you have never set eyes (or

feet!) on a dance floor before or have been jiving before you could talk, we cater for all levels through 3 one hour classes from 6-9pm, all taught by our highly professional dance teacher Chris Malone. There’s always plenty going on with competitions, medals and dance shows lined up this year along with various social events, further details can be found on our website. New members are always welcome- no need to bring a partner-we try to provide an excellent selection! Come casually dressed and ready to have a bit of fun!

Bhangra Crew

edinburghbhangracrew@gm Edinburgh Bhangra Crew are a Punjabi dance and drum group. Our aim is to promote South Asian, especially Punjabi, culture around Scotland through dance and music. We have members from all over the world who are dedicated to performing Bhangra as the art form it is. We offer regular Bhangra and Dhol (drum) classes once a week. You also have an opportunity to join the

dance troupe which performs at University and commercial events and trains once a week. In addition we offer dhol only performances. To read more about us, visit, www. edinburghbhangracrew. com.<http://www. edinburghbhangracrew. com>

Bisexual Lesbian or Gay BLOGS BLOGS is Edinburgh University’s society for Bisexual, Lesbian, Gay, Transgendered and Intersex people and their friends. Students and nonstudents alike are welcome to attend. We aim to provide a relaxed and welcoming social network where you can meet like-minded people and take part in our fun and varied weekly events. Whether you’re comfortable with your sexuality, the slightest bit curious, or just want to make some fun new friends, you can do so in our non-judgemental atmosphere. We hold events every Tuesday night, meeting in the Mezzanine in Teviot from 7.30pm. These tend to involve

Socities Guide 09/10

alcohol, sweets, retro (read ‘childish’) games and a lot of laughs! With murder mystery pub crawls, pub quizzies and very fun Sex and STI quizzies (amongst many others) to look forward to , you’ll never make those Wednesday morning lectures again!!

Brass Band Edinburgh University Brass Band is a student run, nonauditioning organisation, whose priorities are music and fun! Rehearsals are held once a week on Friday evenings in the Reid Hall. We play pieces from a wide variety of styles and composers. Concerts are held twice a year, one at the end of each semester. These help provide focus and drive towards a quality performance and lets face it, wrapping tinsel around a tuba never grows old! Although a relatively new society we have had a highly successful first few years and look forward to this continuing. As a band we are friendly and have a busy social calendar - it’s true what they say about brass bands and beer!

Bridge Club From complete beginners to experts, the University Bridge Club offers a friendly and relaxed atmosphere to meet new people and improve your Bridge skills. Annual socials have included pub crawls, christmas meals and 24 hour bridgeathons. We are always pleased to get new members and eager to help those who want to learn!


eu_buddhist_society@yahoo. The Edinburgh University Buddhist Society was set up by a group of students interested in Buddhism. The aims of the society are: • to develop deeper understanding of Buddhism • to form meaningful fellowship among members • to cultivate compassion through daily practice of the Dharma. Those interested in joining please contact the society at:

Bulgarian Society The society aims to facilitate the integration of the Bulgarian, and non Bulgarian freshers, into the life of the University of Edinburgh. We seek to enhance the relatoionship and connection among Blgarian students and provde a form for communication with and among them. In addition we aim to serve as a general source of advice, (‘insiders’), informative and support to anyone who considers themselves a friend of Bulgaria. The society will organise cultural events, which will broaden the understanding of a traditional and contemporary Bulgarian’s values and lifestyle.

BUNAC The aim of this society is to encourage interest in Canada, the United States of America and Mexico among Edinburgh students and interest in university life in Britain to North American students. Bunac aims to promote a better understanding between the two cultures and provide financial means for students

to study at universities on the other continent, for both North Americans and British students. Beyond this, they also provide scholarships and grants for travel with educational merits. If you are interested there will be “info sessions’ that will be advertised around the university.

Business Society The Business Society aims to offer: • A Business Ball • A PALs Scheme to aid and inform first year students with regards to course choices and the Business School organising social events to permit students to meet more people on their course. • Dissertation Forums • A newtork of business students within the Univeristy to provide information packs and help for all current and prospective exchange students within the Business School.

• Opportunities to discuss course direction, projects and internships with like minded students from across the years. • Social events organised by students to permit business orientated students to build a camaraderie and sense of identity similar to that experienced in Law, Medicine and Veterinary studies. • Business intra mural sporting teams and groups. • a chance to communicate with the university’s substantial business alumni network. • More company talks and sponsored events that ecompass a broader specturm of the business world. Marketing and sales events will be organised, in an attempt to provide diversity and further options other than the copious financially orientated careers events that currently populate the campus. • A chance for every student to voice potential changes and suggestions for the Business School in an informal and relaxed environment.



Capoeira Society Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that posesses a unique style, bringing together power and beauty; developing mental balance, physical conditioning, self defence skills and music all in one. Our society teaches weekly classes in the University for all levels, first timers are very welcome! 3 weekly classes during term time

Carbon Management The Society aims to raise awareness and provide a forum for discussion among students and staff at university and beyond, on all aspects of climate change adpation and mitigation. Specifically the society aims to concentrate on the scientific, economic and business related aspects of climate change and foster an understanding of how these three components are critical in making progress on reducing carbon emmisisons. It will do this by holdiing weekly meetings showing relevant

documentaries, hosting seminars and talks by climate change experts drawn from the scientific, economic, political and business communities.

Catholic Students’ Union We aim to offer all, Catholics or not, the opportunity to socialise in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere; to promote a warm, Christian community in an active and supportive environment where we can meet, work and celebrate together. We have a 24 hour common room which is like a home away from home for everyone; organise a band night; Burns supper; and a May Ball. Escape the hectic pace of student life for termly retreats in some of Scotland’s most tranquil and beautiful spots.

Celtic Supporters Club Edinburgh University CSC exists to allow students to meet and discuss Celtic FC, to share materials about the club, and to organise discount tickets and transport for students. It

also provides a base from which anyone may contact or lobby Celtic on any issue, such as Fair Trade. The society is closely affiliated to the Heriot Watt & Edinburgh University Celtic Supporters Club (HWEUCSC). Usually meet two and a half hours before a game in the International Bar, Broughton Street.

Chamber Choir

euchamberchoir@hotmail. com The Chamber Choir is the smallest of the University choirs. We sing a wide range of challenging choral music with a tendancy to ‘a capella’ pieces, and our repetoire spans from the 12th to 21st centuries. Recent performances have included Bach’s St John Passion and a concert celebrating the choir’s 40th Anniversary, which occurred in 2005. We aim to provide a platform for singers with a serious interest in choral music to establish close musical and social ties within the choir and to promote the university’s musical profile at home and abroad through regular performance and

Socities Guide 09/10

tours. The Chamber Choir have recently toured the USA and Hong Kong. We rehearse every Wednesday evening at Alison House, Nicolson Square,and usually perform several times each semester.

Chamber Orchestra Edinburgh University Chamber Orchestra is a friendly student run society offering experienced musicians the chance to play in one of Edinburgh’s leading amateur orchestra’s. Rehearsals are held weekly on a Tuesday night in the Reid Concert Hall from 6.30-9.30pm. Concerts are usually given once a term with some of Scotland’s finest professional conductors at the helm. The annual concerto competition in second term gives the opportunity to an edinburgh university student to play with the orchestra in the third term. However, it is not all hard work, there are regular social events including ceilidhs and meals and we usually go on tour at the start of summer.

Changeringers (Guild of) UEGCR is the Guild of Student Church Bellringers, we are open to all ringers and anyone wishing to learn. The Guild join the local practices in Edinburgh as well as running a monthly Guild practice. We also have monthly social events, handbell sessions and visits to Dunblane Cathedral practice night

Charity Fashion Society A night of chic fashion, ravishing models and vitalising entertainment- The Edinburgh Charity Fashion Show (ECFS) is now entering its 6th consecutive year. ECFS is the most succesful charity fashion show in Europe. Last year alone, we raised £40,282 in aid of our chosen charities. The event itself will take place over two nights in March and will follow the format of putting on a prestigious VIP night followed by a student night. This spectacular event will produce haute couture fashion mainly from London Fashion Week as well as designs from the talented

Edinbugrh College of Art. There will also be entertainment in different forms including unique dances. Various other events will be organised in the run up to the show, including launch parties, and this year some great club nights- all in aid of Charity!

industry, other societies and chemical engineers throughout the U.K. Our social calendar includes pub crawls, pub quiz and the most important event of the year, Frank Morton. Definitely a society for those looking to have fun and make new friends.

Cheerleading Society ‘The Vixens’

Chemical Society The vixens meet for squad practices every Tuesday and Thursday, 5pm-7pm in gym 4, St Leonards Land. We do stunt training on Tuesdays and on Thursdays we are trained by a professional dance coach. All leading up to the National Competitions where in 2007 we won silver awards at BCA and Scotcheer! We also hold open classes on a Monday evening for anyone wanting to give cheerleading a try!

Chemical Engineering Society Chemsoc is a society dedicated to both undergraduate and postgraduate chemists at Edinburgh. Chemistry is a very close-knit department and the main role of Chemsoc is to run the many social events that take place throughout the year. This gives you the chance to get to know your fellow chemists a little better over a few drinks and well away from the lab! We look forward to welcoming you this year!

Chess Club Society designed not onlyto boost the social life of your average chemical engineer but to improve the links with Played chess at school? Never played but want to learn? International Grand Master? Join the University Chess Club and play at whatever level

suits you - from casually in the pub to inter-university competitions. Accept no local counterfeit clubs! We meet in the Pleasance every week (check website for details) then go to the Holyrood Tavern and play on if desired? We also have three successful teams in the local leagues and take part in national and local congresses.

Childrens Holiday Venture CHV is a student run charity that works with groups of children from socially excluded areas of Edinburgh. We take them on trips, day trips and weekend camps, aiming to provide fun activities in a safe and supportive environment. We hope that our high student to young person ration and long term regular contact can help improve the self-esteem of the people we work with. All our volunteers receive child protection training and are Disclosure Scotland checked. In addition, all our group leaders are first aid trained. We are also able to train over 21s who have held a clean driving license for at least 2 years to


be MIDAS minibus drivers. We meet on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights, picking up the kids and taking them off for activities such as swimming, trampolining and bowling. The daytrips and weekend camps are a highlight for all involved, being a chance to get to know the kids better and do a wider range of activities. If you want to find out more, have a spare night a week, and especially if you are wanting to be a driver, then please visit please visit or email

Chill Out Society The ChillOut society is for people who like to chillout, kickback, relax, and generally fill their lives with nothing more arduous than good music, laziness and massage. We teach beginners massage courses every term and intermediate and speciality courses as often as possible. We also offer workshops in reiki and other forms of alternative therapy. We occasionally put on ‘RELAX!’ events which are a combination of live acoustic

music, comedy and on-site massage, shiatsu and reiki. Beyond that we go for big picnics away from the City and anything else that sounds fun. Find us in Teviot’s Middle Bar on Sundays from around 9pm.

Chinese Cultural Society

chineseculturalsociety@hotm Interested in chinese stuff? We get involved in various things including: chinese food; chinese films, chinese karaoke, (more fun than you think!) Language exchange with chinese friends, general support for people

Chinese Students’ & Scholars Association ECSSA aims to provide community between and support for all students and scholars from the People’s Republic of China, to make links with and represent to local associations and groups and to work with the Chinese Department of Universities and people in Edinburgh understanding of Chinese

culture and people. We have yearly events including Welcome Freshers’ Party in October, Chinese New Year Party in January, Autumn Festival Party, Sports Day in May. Other times we may arrange a film party, dance party or a free talk once a month. Our membership is open to all matriculated students of University of Edinburgh. We welcome all the people from P.R. of China to join our association. We also welcome other chinese students and scholars to take part in our society. We will equally treat all of our members.

Chinese Students’ Association EUCSA is a successful society of the University of Edinburgh, boasting over 300 active members annually. Our members are students of the University of Edinburgh, with the majority from Chinese/ Asian backgrounds; however, we also extend our welcome to other students of the University with different cultures and interests to come and join us.

Socities Guide 09/10

ChocSoc Chocsoc is an exciting new society which provides an environment to chill-out and indulge your chocolate fantasies with like-minded people. The aims of chocsoc are: • to create a social atmosphere in which chocolate lovers can unite to appreciate chocolate. • to discuss the sociological dynamics of the ‘world of chocolate.’ • to learn about the manufacture and retail practices of chocolate companies, by visiting chocolate factories around Britain. • to encourage links with leading chocolate manufacturers so as to discuss career opportunities. • to promote the aphrodisiac properties of chocolate. Official nights are every Tuesday at The Crags. Members enjoy great drinks promotions and can win chocolate by participating in chocolate games, quizzes and movie nights. To find out

more just turn up to one of our meetings. We look forward to seeing you soon! To contact ChocSoc, please visit

Christian Union EUCU is a community of students who journey together exploring and sharing what the good news of Jesus means for the 21st Century. We’re a fairly large society of 200 members who meet throughout the week in various activities and meetings: football, prayer, coffee, worship, exploring the bible in small groups etc.We’re always trying to think about how to engage with student culture and learn and explore with others what Christianity is all about. We might not agree about everything, and we come from a huge range of backgrounds and churches, but in the way that we do life together, we hope you encounter Jesus. We don’t claim to have all the answers but we do believe that God has amazingly wonderful plans for Edinburgh and we can’t stop talking about it. Wherever you are on your

journey through life we would love to welcome you at any of our events, activities or groups. Please check uk for more details,

Classics Society The Classics Society is here to celebrate the finer sides of modern and ancient life! You don’t have to study Classics to join; everyone is free to come along and have a good time. Get out of those clothes and into the bedsheets for the Toga parties. Come and watch classical films with us. Shout out your bids at the slave auction. And if you’re into theatre, get involved in the annual Classics play! There are also lectures and talks on a huge range of topics, and if you want you might even find help with your studies. Meetings are held weekly, the banter is good, and members receive discounts at various pubs and clubs around town. So what’s stopping you?

Composers’ Orchestra

composersorchestra@google Composers’ Orchestra exists to provide a forum for the rehearsal and presentation of new, original music works in the concert tradition by living composers, primarily - though not exclusively - composers who are also students at Edinburgh University. The society’s artistic policy is to rehearse all works presented to it by living composers, and to present as many of these works as possible at a concert each semester.

Computer Society Compsoc exists to support anyone with an interest in computers and computing - whether as an academic pursuit, career or hobby. The scope of ‘computing’ in practice is reasonably wide and includes artificial intelligence, security, electronics and general technology topics. We aim to provide an environment for discussion and experimentation to help

people at all levels. You don’t have to be a computer scientist, or a geek, to join. In addition to regular informal meetings and conversation on our mailing lists, we occasionally organise or attend talks, computer-related outings and social events. We work with local and university organisations on a number of projects including student-run computing services and citywide wireless networking, and also pursue some of our own, including the programming of an alternate virtual Edinburgh. Email: secretary@comp-soc. com

Confucianism Study Society The EUCSS aims to provide students of Edinburgh University and the wider public with a platform to meet new people and make new friends in a friendly relaxed yet somewhat different environment; also the opportunity to learn Chinese language and the culture; to practice the language and to promote


cultural understanding and to discuss Confucianism and its application to modern society. The EUCSS shall hold a variety of innovative activities, which include themed gatherings, classes, concerts, competitions and tours, we meet weekly at the Pleasence.

Conservative & Unionist Association The Conservative and Unionist Society at Edinburgh offers something for all Conservativeminded students. From meeting the Shadow Cabinet, campaigning and debating with other groups to discussing current politics to partying, EUCUA is there. Get involved through our website or by coming to our meets on Wednesdays in Teviot Row Middle Bar @ 8pm

Co-operative Society The Edinburgh University Cooperative Society is a society for people who want to learn about and be involved in the setting up of co-operatives. A co-operative is essentially

a non-hierachical group of individuals who work together democratically for mutual benefit. A summary of the rochdale principles can be found at http://en.wikipedia. org/wiki/Rochdale-Principles. The first venture of the EUCS is ‘The Hearty Squirrel Cooperative’, which provides it’s members with organic and ethically traded food at affordable prices. As a cooperative, membership is open to all, and becoming a part of ‘The Hearty Squirrell Co-operative’ could be a wise financial choice as well as an ethical one! For more information email, or see Alternatively come and visit us at Solidarity Goods on Guthrie Street where The Hearty Squirrel Co-operative sells staple goods over the counter to the public-provide your own packaging if possible.

Create Society Come be embraced in the fuzzy warmth of the Create Society! Let us inspire and nurture your creative side in

our twice weeky gatherings. Flex your literary muscles on Mondays 7-9pm with our writing workshops, with discussion, stimuli, and an opportunity for constructive criticism of your work. Each Wednesday 4-6pm, try your hand at a range of creative crafts, teaching each other new skills and mucking about with felt-tip pens, in a relaxed, informal environment. Monday evening Writers’ Workshop 7-9pm Wednesday afternoon Arts & Crafts 4-6pm Come and stew your brain in our creative juices!

D Debates Committee Debates at the University of Edinburgh are not run by a society but organised by Edinburgh University Union. The Debates Committee of the Union is listed here along with societies to assist those who expect Debates to be a society at Edinburgh.

Socities Guide 09/10

Diabetes Society To work in conjunction with Diabetes UK to fundraise and provide a support network for students and young people affected by diabetes. Meetings will be run by trained 3D (diabetes, diagnosis, discussion) facilitators on fortnightly Tuesdays from 7 ‘til 9 in Pleasance. We aim to create a non-judgemental, friendly and relaxed atmosphere in which diabetes is up for discussion, both emotionally and practically. At the same time, we hope to raise awareness about diabetes through fundraising events and our involvement in the Edinburgh University network.

Diagnostic Society If you imagined University was a series of black-tie functions in gothic surroundings, fine wines and pretentious waffle, then Diagnostics is the society for you. The society was founded in 1787 out of the Scottish Enlightenment to bring a more empirical and structured focus to debate. Although now-a-

days, the speeches are mainly a mixture of jingoism and knob gags. This year’s motions have included “This Society would rather be a buckfast capitalist than a champagne socialist” and “The only good thing to have come out of Europe is the Wine Lake” If you enjoy getting over-dressed and indulging in fine oratory, then do get in touch with the society. Our meetings are held every second Thursday during term time in Old College.

Dirty Weekenders (Conservationists) Primarily fun and mud in the name of conservation (lots of rhododendron bashing, ditching, path building, etc.), whilst eating fantastic lunches and drinking dodgy tea! A perfect way to enjoy the green spaces around Edinburgh, meet people and do some proper useful graft at the same time. We meet at 10am on Sundays outside the Pleasance Sports Centre for our weekly project (wear clothes to get muddy in). Food

and transport provided. Also, Thursday from 10pm onwards in the Auld Hoose pub. Annual membership is £4 if paid during Freshers’ Week, £5 thereafter and £10 for non-students. Non members are welcome on projects for £2.

people dancing!

We have

been connected with several societies including African & Arabic Dance Society, EGP and People & Planet for live shows.

So join Drumming

Society, its’s about time you

Drumming Society Enjoy music? Love beats? Looking for something to hit? The Drumming Society has something for you. Every Monday at 7pm-9pm we meet in Teviot, Pleasance or on the meadows and have a jam with whatever beats that come to mind. We do not restrict ourselves to one particular style but over the years emphasis has been placed on West African rhythms with influences from Afro-Cuban styles, breakbeats and many others. We are open to any suggestions made to us. Around 7-9pm we have teachers to provide lessons and we also run workshops. There’ s more! Like all musical groups we love to play live. We always await getting on stage, filling the room with those beats and getting

got in touch with your natural rhythm!!

Duke of Edinburgh Award The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is a challenging programme


Ecology Society EcoSoc is for all those with an interest in Ecology. We aim to offer socials so you can meet fellow Ecologists, arrange talks so you can get a feel for the types of careers in Ecology, and offer support for those studying Ecological courses at Edinburgh. We are also associated with the SAC society Green Feet. Join our mailing list to find out our next events! We are on facebook under Edinburgh University Ecology Society.

of activities which helps young people to learn new skills, help others and experience adventure and give a great sense of achievement. Many organisations such as employers and universities take a good view of the award and what it says about the person who achieved it. Please visit our website a for full details on the award and how to get involved.

Economics Society Think of the lairiest pub crawls. Think of the biggest, bestest and damn right baddest social events your school days have ever seen. Think of the most prestigious Economists, the most highly acclaimed business men and women, and the finest public speakers talking straight into your ears on a regular basis. Think black tie and of the Management School Ball (we like to include those crazy Business and


Accounting kids too). Think of being part of the most forward thinking, prestigious, and commendable society that has ever graced Edinburgh University. Think big. Think loud. Think Economics Society. Sponsored by Citi.

Edinburgh Bright Futures A dynamic progressive society run by students for students, Edinburgh Bright Futures is part of a nationwide effort to give students the invaluable opportunity to maximise their employability through direct contact with leading graduate recruiters. Join today and make your future as bright as possible!

Edinburgh Exchange Support Society

edinburghexchangesociety@ The aims of the society are to promote awareness about going on exchange programs, planning your year out and supporting students during their stay at host universities by providing information on accomodation, academic

queries etc. We have all been there afterall. The society will be organising different events, however weekly meetings are held in the new Library Bar in Teviot Row House at 8.30pm on Thursdays.

Edinburgh Global Partnerships

edinburghglobalpartnerships@ Edinburgh Global Partnerships (formerly know as HELP Scotland) is a student run charity which organises groups of students to volunteer on projects in developing countries during the summer months. We have partners in Asia, Africa and Latin America; projects are generally construction or education based. We aim to provide new knowledge, skills and experience to students while supporting community led initiatives in their goals for development. EGP has training, fundraising and social events throughout the year, it appeals to people who have a desire to enhance their global awareness, form international relationships and challenge

stereotypes of both the west and developing countries. Being involved in EGP is a great way to meet new people, to broaden horizons and also to do something constructive with the summer months. Applications are considered in late October. To apply to volunteer or co-ordinate on of our projects contact EGP by emailing: edinburghglobalpar

Edinburgh Group

theedinburghgroup@gmail. com The Edinburgh Group is a professional student society that provides pro bono consulting services for nonprofit organisations. We offer students real hands-on consulting experience as they liaise closely with our clients to address their most vital challenges. We engage in semester-long projects to deliver comprehensive solutions which tackle a wide variety of strategic and operational issues. We also provide valuable and varied training sessions to consolidate what students learn on the job and to ensure that our

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clients receive high quality recommendations. Teg Fosters links between university of edinburgh students and non-profit organisations that represent a wide range of sectors and non-profit organisations that represent a wide range of sectors including health, education, youth, environment, and arts. We firmly believe that our dedication to find implementable solutions for our clients can hugely impact their work and help maximise their contribution to our local community, Please check our website for more details and how to join: www.

Edinburgh Revue (Formerly Comedy and That)

comedyandthat@hotmail. com The Society, very much in the mould of the Cambridge Footlights or Oxford Revue (to name two of the best known examples). Essentially we aim to give a regular and truthful stage to anyone who wants to try their hand at comedy, be it as a writer, performer, standup, producer, director etc.

We put on a new show of sketches and stand-up every two weeks and are constantly looking for new contributors, aimng eventually to become an established presence in university life and, hopefully, regulars at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Come hear your work being performed or give performance a try for yourself. It’s fun and an incredible creative process.

Edinburgh Studio Opera (ESO) Edinburgh Studio Opera is the university’s only opera society, so this is the place for all things opera! We perform one fully staged opera every spring, and there are a huge number of ways for you to be involved. Opera provides a unique opportunity for everyone interested in theatre, musicals and classical music to combine their talents, and we are always looking for singers, directors, orchestra members and crew. Recent shows have included ‘The Marriage of Figaro’, ‘The Bartered Bride’ and most recently

‘Albert Herring’. This year we are performing a double bill of ‘Venus and Adonis’ and ‘Acis and Galatea’ under the guidance of a professional music director. However, ESO covers much more than this: we have a season programme including classical concerts, carol singing and jazz nights, as well as regular social events. This year we are also fortunate enough to be staging the world premiere of ‘The Turing Test’ written especially for our company, at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe. It promises to be one of the highlights of this year’s Fringe, and demonstrate again the high quality of our shows. Edinburgh Studio Opera is, above all, as much about fun as professionalism, and we would be delighted to hear from anyone who would like to be involved.

Engineering The Engineering Society aims to be a supportive framework for all engineering students throughout their time at University through the provision

of social events, industrial visits, intramural sports. Facilities and academis support to all levels of academic study. The Engineering Society also aims to provide networking opportunities for undergraduate engineers through industry contacts and alumni networks.

Engineers Without Borders Edinburgh The Edinburgh branch of EWB-UK aims to increase public and student awareness of human development through educating activities including speakers, field trips and training courses. We also promote and coordinate research on relevant trips within university departments. - encourage and assist students to volunteer for worthwhile overseas placements under the supervision of partner organisations - arrange social events to encourage involvement and allow students, academics and professionals to meet and

We meet fortnightly in the chaplaincy, Room 1, see our website for more information on talks and events. - run fundraising activitiesfor the branch and entire EWB-UK organisation.

English Literature Society The English Literature Society provides a forum for the discussion of literature in all its forms. Our meetings consist of debates, talks and book clubs; we try to encorporate outside academic speakers as often as possible. The society is open to everyone, including those who don’t study English Literature. We do however aim to avoid repeating English Literature course material, so those who do study the subject also have a lot to gain from attending meetings. The Soc is a great way to meet like minded people and after meeting drinks offer a less formal forum for discussion. We have a strong social element and great drinks deals. Our after meetings drinks provide a forum for less formal and often lively


discussion. If you’re interested, come along to a meeting every other Wednesday at 7.30pm.

Entrepreneurial Society • Meetings / events twice a month during semester • Based on George Square campus, book room with suitable facilities to hold events. • Regular events updates, news letters by email. • Guest lectures from entreprenuers/MBA School. • Networking for members.

EuroMove@Edinburgh University

euromoveeu@googlemail. com EuroMove@Edinburgh Uni is a pro EU pressure group. We bring together people with a shared interest in encouraging greater participation by the UK in the EU project. We run a series of events throughout they year both social and agenda-orientated. Members can expect the opportunity to hear from, and network with, politicians, civil sevants

and think-tanks linked to the EU. They will aslo have the opportunity to push the EU case during debates, elections and in response to media requests.

EUSci MAG EUSci aims to provide a popular science magazine at least twice a year, coinciding with the start of the academic semesters. All the articles will be written, and production of the magazine carried out, by Edinburgh University students and staff. The magazine will be distributed around the University. Whether you are interested in writing, editing, layout or art, get in touch and join our magazine team. We meet regularly in the Meadow Bar on Buccleuch Street, days and times of our meetings vary depending on the stage of the magazine process, so to find out more please email us at

EUTIC (Finance Society) The Edinburgh University Trading & Investment Club (EUTIC) is the largest nonsports society at the University of Edinburgh. With over a decade of experience, EUTIC manages and owns the UK?s largest and most successful student-run real money investment portfolio, worth over £30,000. Our goals are to educate students about the world of finance, give them real-life experience in trading stocks, offer opportunities to network with some of the world’s most prestigious firms, and should they be interested, help them pursue careers in the financial services industry. • Weekly Main Meeting. Every Thursday we meet at 18.30, in Appleton Tower, Lecture Theatre 4 where we discuss matters of business and finance. You don?t need to have any prior knowledge as we walk through from the basics up, we try to bring it all to life, making it fun and accessible

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• Sectors: Our investment fund is divided into 9 sector teams. All students have the opportunity to join any sector team. The sectors perform research and come up with stock decisions that lead to the investments of our equity portfolio. This, together with a prestigious network of alumni and an excellent social calendar makes the club one of the most exciting societies for students of all backgrounds to join. For further information please visit our website:

Exmoor Pony Trekking Section

exmoorponytrekking@hotma Escape from city life! Come trekking with our herd of Exmoor ponies in the stunning Pentland Hills. We run treks every Saturday and Sunday during semester time and have ponies to suit all abilities from beginnner to experienced rider. Treks last approximately 3 hours, where our trek leaders guide you through some of Scotland’s most beautiful countryside.

Exmoors are a rare breed native to Britain, their cheeky nature, sure-footedness and cute appearance has made hundreds of students fall for them. Because of their diminutive size (averaging 12.2hh) we have a weight limit of 12.5 stones. For experienced riders who want to get more involved we run the trek leaders course. There you will learn more about the ponies, how to lead a safe and enjoyable trek and basic human and pony first aid. For more information take a look at our website or send us an email.

Exped Expeditions are a fantastic way for students to gain invaluable experience “in the field,” put into practice what they have learnt in the classroom and get to visit places they have only dreamed of or seen on TV. Lack of awareness of such possible ventures as well as thoughts of financial difficulties prevent people from realising the potential there is to do useful and enjoyable scientific or humanitarian work. A great

deal of funding is available for Edinburgh undergraduate research initiatives that are well planned. This is where Exped comes in, providing support to all student-led expeditions from Edinburgh University. Throughout the year we provide a range of practical workshops, inspiring talks from experienced expeditioners, and our strong connections with societies, such as the Royal Geographical Society who allow us to attend outside talks and conferences. This is a great place to come if you are thinking of creating a trip, or looking to join one, and requiring advice or thoughts on what you might do and go about it.


Fair Trade Café The Fair Trade Café serves delicious cake, soup, coffee and more, all made with Fair Trade, local and organic produce. All are welcome to come and create lovely food in the kitchen, or simply enjoy the food. Every Wednesday 12noon - 2pm, Chaplaincy

Centre, Bristo Square. The fair trade café now runs on a Wednesday - smell your way here!

Feminist Society Edinburgh University Feminist Society (EUFS) is a campaign group focusing on gender equality. EUFS aims to raise awareness of gender inequalities and how we can work together to create a platform of equality. EUFS aims to focus on issues such as campaigning against gender related violence, taking action against the threat to women’s reproductive rights and actively campaigning for feminism to be an integral aspect of the university curriculum. EUFS holds monthly discussions, art workshops, ad hoc protests, as well as our annual ‘Speak’ campaign, which aims to create a safe space where people can openly talk about sex. EUFS meet every Monday at 1pm in Appleton Tower room M3.

Please contact edinburghuni. feministsociety@googlema to be added to the mailing list.

Film Society If you have a passion for cinema, EUFS is the society for you! And if you know nothing about the film world, why not let us broaden your horizons. Sundays- Pleasance Theatre (blockbusters) Tuesdays - Pleasance Theatre (arthouse/indie) Thursdays - Teviot Mezzanine (cult!). A season ticket gets you free entry to all the films we screen, plus free entry to all of the special events we host with other societies and local cinemas, such as our monthly film quiz. We meet every Monday in the Pleasance to organise all that our fantastic society does.

First Aid Africa The First Aid Africa society runs expeditions for students to provide medical equipment and knowledge in some of


the world’s poorest countries. The society is open to all students and training is provided. We work directly with the First Aid Society as well as international N.G.O’s to provide student volunteers where they are needed the most. We also work actively with other student volunteer organisations to promote the need for First Aid and medical training wherever emergency care is not available due to poverty and/or corruption. Training takes place on campus and is run by the British Red Cross and/or the HSE. Meeting times vary but the latest information can be found at: www.firstaidafrica. com or by emailing

First Aiding Society On the way home after a night out, your friend collapses and injures himself. He is bleeding and unconscious. Do you know what to do?! The University First Aiding Society gives you the opportunity to learn and become certified in First Aid for free! Once you’re qualified, you can

practise your skills at events such as T in the Park, the Royal Highland Show and shows at the Playhouse Theatre. At our weekly meetings we have special speakers and events, such as sessions on emergency childbirth, sign language and casualty simulation, as well as social events such as a ceilidh. We meet on Monday nights at 7pm in the Chaplaincy Centre (room 2). Why not come along and join the largest humanitarian organisation worldwide!

Flamenco Society The Flamenco Society will provide a meeting place for dancers, musicians and “aficionados” of the many forms of flamenco music and dance. We aim to organise events called “penas”, by co-operating with spanish musicians. We also hold regular workshops with teachers from Spain. We hope to introduce Flamenco to people who otherwise may not have the opportunity to experience this fiery form of art.

Folk Song Society Folk Society caters for anyone with an interest in folk music and song. Everyone gets the opportunity to learn from other musicians and singers on an informal basis during sessions and singarounds. We hold our weekly meetings in the Folk Society rooms every Tuesday during term from 21:00 onwards, there may be additonal workshops organised to accommodate different musical tastes and levels of ability.

Fonelisco Orphanage Project Society Fonelisco Orphanage Project is a society that sends volunteers out to Fonelisco Orphanage to work with orphans and street children in Mwanza, Tanzania for a minimum month long program during the summer vacation. The society recruits volunteers during semester one, then helps volunteers fundraise for the basic cost of their trip (accommodation, flights, vaccinations, visas & insurance). This ensures that the

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experience is open to people from all social backgrounds. Although not the primary aim of our society, we occasionally fundraise directly for the orphanage, but make it a point not to make our donations regular hand outs. We are currently working on helping them set up a sustainable project that will help the orphanage expand and become more independent. Weekly meetings will be held at 6.00pm in Room 1 of the Chaplaincy Centre. For more information email: and take a look at our website foneliscosociety/

Football Supporters Association If you’re the sort of person who loves playing, watching and talking about football, this is definitely the society for you. We are a bunch of hardy football fans from different clubs across the world, and are by no means a male exclusive society. In terms of what we get up to, we have

two teams in the University Intra Mural League, playing on Wednesdays and Sundays. We also have weekly games of 6a-side down at the Pleasance Gym, as well as regular kickarounds on the Meadows. For those who prefer more of a social scene, we have trips to watch games live, and usually meet up once a week to catch a game at the pub. Away from football, we also organise Pool tournaments, Tenpin Bowling and Lazerquest. Please e-mail to find out what we will be doing in the coming weeks.

French Society


Frequently Asked Questions Society Footlights, the musical theatre society stages a large-scale musical in the spring term, as well as smaller shows throughout the year. We are always looking for enthusiastic people to join us - both on stage and in areas such as lighting, sound, costume, stage management, production, publicity, orchestra, etc. etc.. Auditions for the spring show take place a the beginning of Term 1 and social events occur throughout the year. Do you have an interest in French society and culture? If so then we’re the society for you! The aim is to create a network of French enthusiasts and celebrate everything French! Film nights, French meals, wine and cheese evenings, spoken language evenings and year abroad socials are some of the events we organise over the course of the year. Please join us on facebook to keep up to date with events. The society was formed with the intention of providing a forum for people to play and talk about collectible and noncollectible card games and board games. Throughout the year we provide opportunities to learn new games, compete in tournaments and generally relax and have a good time. Wherever we can we will help players get into new games by providing cards and deck building advice and telling

them where to buy cards. You don’t need to own anything to come along and play as we have a variety of silly games for you to borrow and play. So come along and find out what we are all about.

Fresh Air (Student Radio) Welcome to Fresh Air, Edinburgh’s student radio station.  We broadcast online year-round and have a devoted global audience via iTunes, raking in over 25,000 listeners a month.   With over 40 shows a week, it’s easy to get your own music or chat show, and anyone is welcome ? from music snobs to shameless pop fans to people who just like to talk!   If music is your thing, free tickets are available weekly to review gigs and interview bands.  If it’s not, you can join the news team, design posters, write reviews, work on the website, make jingles or record your own soap or comedy show.   Former members have gone on to work with XFM and the BBC.

Our members come from all of Edinburgh’s universities and include non-students.  The people are the best part of Fresh Air, and between Fresh Air-sponsored gig and club nights, society socials and our infamous bi-yearly camping trips, you’ll be sure to feel at home. Check us out at www., and pop into a weekly meeting at 7:30pm on Tuesdays at Frankenstein’s to see how we work and say hello!   Hope to see you there! Fresh Air - the Alternative


GameSoc GameSoc, or The Edinburgh University Computer Gaming Society is the soictey for students with an interest in PC and video games. Whether you’re a casual bedroom rock band star, or a dedicated PC enthusiast we have something to offer. We hold LAN and gaming events every three weeks where we provide Xbox, Rockband and Wii as well as LAN/internet support


for PC (sorry PC not included). We also get together every Thursday for drinks and a chat at the Auld Hoose Pub as well as holding Inter-society events such as Laser Quest! We also offer our members a discount with Echips on Nicolson Street and the Ministry of Gaming on Bread Street. If you are interested and want to know more please ask us at the Societies Fair or check out our website:

GEAS (Roleplaying) GEAS is the Roleplaying Society of the University of Edinburgh. Along with our fellow societies, (e.g. the Wargames and FAQ (Collectible Card Gaming) societies), we promote the hobby of gaming in all its forms within the University. We provide rooms twice weekly for people to come and play all sorts of games - these are roleplaying sessions that we are happy to get total newcomers involved in. We have a regular newsletter, run a website and an annual gaming convention at the end of Term Two to provide even more fun for our members. We also

organise social events, Live Action Roleplaying sessions (LARPS) and group outings to movies and conventions of interest, including the Student Nationals. We can be found on Wednesdays: 2-10pm (x2 4hour sessions) in the Pleasance and Sundays: 210pm (x2 4hour sessions), in Teviot Row Union.

Geography Society Geography Society is attempting to bring toether all students in the department by holding socials such as academic famalies, balls and volunteering. We are often situated in the Drummond Street coffee shop, making tea and coffee for fellow geographers, otherwise we are often located in Brass Monkey, our alternative place. We are actively trying to improve social responsibility and sustainability, often seeking space on ‘green’ projects. Due to our all rounded nature we have adopted GeogSoc sports teams, competing in Intra-Mural with mixed hockey and Men’s football. As time persists we hope to reunite

the rounder’s team started in Iceland and build on it with fun games on the Meadows in all fleets of Edinburgh weather! So if you study Geography why not support the society and join in with what promises to be an exciting year.

Geolsoc Geolsoc was founded to promote the study of Geology and to facilitate social contact between people with a common interest in the geosciences. This society has a wide programme of field trips and lectures, in addition to a very active social and sporting line-up throughout the year. Key social events incude the annual Spring Ball, pub crawl and bingo (geology style). The majority of members are studying some form of geoscience course and as a new first year, Geolsoc is a great opportunity to get to know people within the department, the society seeks to aid enjoyment of Geology by all and everyone is welcome from any field within the university. Our website

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includes details of social and sporting events and also committee contact details.

German Society ‘Deutsch Macht Spass’

edinburghgermansociety@go The German Society or ‘Deutsch Macht Spass’ (because it does) is for anyone who has an interest in German culture (or just beer). We meet every Thursday at The Brauhaus to drink, meet with other German speakers of every level and relax and have fun (and practice a bit of German along the way). We aim to promote and experience German culture by travelling to Germany and drink lots of beer at our annual Bierfest in February. You don’t need any knowledge of German to join.

GO Club The game of GO is an ancient board game from the Far East, which has been around for about 4,000 years. Similar to chess, it requires analytical thinking, but also a strong creative spirit. The rules are

incredibly simple, but the possibilities are immense. We are a friendly club, with players ranging from beginners to some of the strongest in Scotland. We are always happy to teach new players, and everyone is welcome!

Goth and Rock Society (EdG&R) Edgar is the Edinburgh Goth and Rock Society. Our aim is to help the alternative music community in Edinburgh by providing great clubs and gig nights. We put on many nights and live gigs, including punk, ska, grunge, metal, goth and general rock nights. But we also offer much more than just club nights as EdG&R is an impressive platform for people to make friends and socialise with others who enjoy rock music. We provide the opportunity for all our members to learn how to DJ and then help them through the nerves of their first set! Fancy running your own night? Then come and get involved with the committee and learn to organise, publicise and run

alternatives events. We meet every Wednesday at 8pm in the Auld Hoose, pub on St Leonard’s Street. Why not come along and meet us?


Harry Potter Society Pumpkin pasties, Butterbeer; A Yule Ball with Christmas cheer; Quidditch tours, potions; Halloween feasting notions; Films, Quizzes, and Debates; The Elephant House on Monthly Debates. At 8pm the time is near; These are the things you’ll find here!

Hellenic Society The Hellenic Society provides a means of contacting Greek students and a forum for communication among Edinburgh’s Greeks and likeminded people. The society’s primary reasons of existence is to help students coming to Edinburgh from Greece and Cyprus get in touch with the Greek way of life. That’s why lots of members are in fact not Greek. You don’t have to be Greek or speak the language

to join. The society organises and helps with various events related to Greece, including our famous and loud, Greek Nights (Greek music and dance events) and other, more artistically involved events.

Highland Society (An Comann Ceilteach) The Highland Society is the oldest society at the University of Edinburgh. Throughout the year we organise many events: nights out, weekends away and ceilidhs. Our largest ceilidh is the Highland Annual, the largest ceilidh in Edinburgh with three floors of traditional music and dancing in Teviot. Our aim is promotion of the cultural heritage of the highlands. Including the Gaelic language. Everyone is welcome to join the Highland Society.

History Society The History Society is a diverse and dynamic society with a wide membership from those studying within the field of history and from those studying

other disciplines. We organise a range of social, academic and career focused events thorughout the year enabling students to mix with others who happen to study history, have an interest in it or just enjoy socialising at such events. We hold the annual sell out History Ball, which proves to be the event of the season for many students. Other events such as a pub-crawl and a supper and quiz night always prove popular as a more relaxed and fun way to spend an evening with friends and to meet new people. As well as the thriving social scene within the society we hold a number of academic lectures presented by expert lecturers on the subject. In the academic year 07-08 subjects covered included an Act of Union lecture noting the 300th anniversary of the Act of Union between England and Scotland and a lecture on Stalin as a war leader. We also organise a number of trips to historical sites that are often free to members. Various alumni and career talks also give great opportunities to members


considering what career to enter after graduating. Continuing sponsorship from Clifford Chance, one of the countries leading law firms also means that workshops and information for internships and graduate employment are made available. Another great part to the society is the journal ‘Retrospect’ a history journal that has recently been ‘Highly Commended’ in the Herald Student Press Awards. We also have a football, netball and hockey team that members can get involved in. As you can see the History Society has a lot to offer any student. To join or for any more information you can email us at


edinburghhitch2009@google Fancy hitch-hiking to Morocco or Prague?! Join 100s of students as they hitch 1,600 miles to Africa for charity at Easter! The annual hitch to Morocco for Link ( has ben running for 17 years and over 3,000 students have been part of this massive charity event.

It takes on av erage 5 days to hitch lifts from the UK, through France and Spain to Morocco, where you can spend as much time as you like! There is no set route and no set time span, all we ask is each hitcher must raise £300 for the charity. This is half the fun and there will be a prize for most money raised and most innovative fundraising idea! So if you like the sound of experiencing Morocco for a great cause then check our website http:// or contact us at We will be meeting in Brass Monkey’s throughout the year.

Hong Kong International Society Edinburgh University Hong Kong International Society provides a home for Hong Kong and Chinese Students. We believe that it is essential to engage in the local community’s culture in order to lead a happy, healthy, interesting student life. Our objectives are to help Freshers and Exchange Students settle

in to a foreign environment. Since Hong Kong was once a British colony we are very open to western cuture, at the same time, we also encourage foreign students to experience our rich culture and history through joining our society’s events.

Humanist Society Humanism is a non-religious philosophy based on reason and compassion. It provides the basis for a fulfilling and ethical life (without any supernatural belief). The Edinburgh University Humanist Society (HS) would like to invite you to meet, discuss and act in an environment that is freethinking, progressive and based on Humanist values. The Humanist Society is an inclusive gathering of inquisitive minds, with affirmative and constructive goals. The Humanist Society aims to establish a positive social environment for UoE students who are rationalists, non-theists (agnostics or atheists), humanists, or sceptics; to enrich UoE campus life by sponsoring educational

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events and fostering student dialogue on matters of faith, science, and reason; as well as to engage students in issues of national and international import surrounding freedom of conscience and secular education. For more information about meetings and activities, check our website at http://


iCUE iCUE (Innovative Consulting University of Edinburgh) is a student-run nonprofit business consultancy junior enterprise and university society. We consult and perform workbased projects for clients on a wide variety of areas, including PR, Marketing, Website Design etc, all of which call on a diverse range of skills and knowledge. This provides the opportunity to develop existing skills and, more importantly, to learn new ones. We invite students from ANY discipline who hae a desire to grow and participate in a fun and innovative environment, to join iCUE Society we offer

students the opportunity to combine theory with practice in business situations by providing innovative solutions to our clients’ problems, whilst helping students to devlop skills and build their CV’s. iCue has won several awards: P&G Smart Awards Best New Society (2004) Runner up Best Society (2005) Best Event (2006) - Conference to launch Jade UK

Indie Do you love Indie Rock, Indiepop or Punk music? Reading music mags, chatting to others with similar musical interests and especially going to live gigs? Then Indie Soc is the place for you. We meet regularly for a drink, a chat and activities such as quizzes, zinewriting and badge-making. We aim to cater for fans of every kind of indie music from the mainstream and classic, to the more offbeat and obscure. In our first year we successfully stamped our mark on the university music scene with club

nights “Velcro” (with FreshAir FM) and our weekly Friday nights in Teviot, “Something before the Weekend.” We have continued to branch out to put on gigs for bands we like, offering students a musical alternative and actively providing our members with the chance to hone their DJ skills and spread the sound. We’re constantly evolving and if you have an Indie idea then we’ll provide you with likeminded souls.

International Development Society Edinburgh University International Development Society (EUID) aims to enlighten members of the issues facing developing contries and discuss the best ways to ease or solve these problems. We offer somewhere for people who are interested in the plight pf the third world to find out more. We aim to do this in a variety of wats including bringing speakers, showing informative documentaries/ films and by providing a relaxing forum for people to find out

more and air their opinions. Unlike similar organisations we do not campaign and try not to be partisan. However, if you do have strong ideological values this is still the place to learn more, either to encourage or curb your beliefs. This is a society fo people who want to know more about the deveoping world and want to meet others who do too.

International Relations Society IR Society is a society for all those interested in the field of International Relations. We have a wide range of events throughout the year, including regular social events and guest speakers. As well as the social aspect, we are also closely linked with the Politics and International Relations department, so can offer academic support to our members. Check out our website ( for the latest news.

Invisible Children

invisiblechildrenedinburgh@h Invisible Children is a US born non-profit organisation which was founded in 2003 by three students from San Diego. They documented the children commuting from their homes to the safety of the towns in Gulu, the Northern Region of Uganda. They commuted to escape the Lord’s Resistance Army, a rebel group that had been fighting the Ugandan Government for two decades. The LRA abducted children to fight in this war. A Peace agreement is in process but the children of Acholi land are still living with the horrors of what they experienced during the war; with psychological problems, physical deformaties, lost relatives, many of these children are living with no prospect of an education or future.Invisible children at Edinbugrh aims to help create awareness for these children and inspire students to take action against the use of child soilders as well as to support the rehabilitation of such children.


Socities Guide 09/10


Irish Society Are you from Northern or Southern Ireland? DO you enjoy a good pint of Guiness? Would you count ‘potatoes’ as a food group? Are you known for wearing lots of green and hiding pots of gold? Do you delight in unashamed exploitation of cultural stereotypes? Perhaps you just have a casual appreciation of Father Ted, Riverdance or The Corrs? If the answer to any (or all) of the above is yes, then you need the Irish Society! Everyone is welcome to join for some good old “Oirish Craic!”

Islamic Society The Islamic Society is a welcoming society that serves and represents Muslim students, catering for a wide range of needs. In addition, it aims to share the beautiful principles of the Islamic way of life with the wider student body and community. Through talks, discussions and more novel events, we seek to inform and inspire. We also provide a safe and warm environment for Muslims through social

gatherings such as dinners and sports. Please browse our website and get in touch with us, whoever you are! www., We hold meetings every other week, so please email us on for details of how to come along!


Japanese The Japanese Society aims to bring together everyone and anyone interested in Japanese Culture. We meet once per week at 8.30pm in the Peartree House, West Nicolson Street an hold a Japanese themed event each month.

Jazz Orchestra If Jazz is your thing then EUJO is the soicety for you. We play fantastic arrangements of brilliant pieces ranging from jazz standards to contemporary fusion, and do so in a friendly and sociable atmosphere. We rehearse every Thursday at 6pm in the Reid Hall. We perform gigs throughout the year at a high

standard which are always enjoyed by the audience. Swinging tunes, brilliant players, great fun to be had by all!

away with other Jewish Societies occur throughout the year.

Juggling Society Jewish Society We aim to provide a social and active atmosphere for Jewish students to meet within. We have weekly Bagel Lunches and regular Friday night meals, plus discussions, and of course Pub crawls and opportunities for Jews to socialise together. We aim to be pluralist and welcome any kind of involvement from the purely social drinking member to those who atttend many of the events. The highlight of our social calendar is Burns Night Ball, where Jewish students from all over the country come to drink, eat and ceilidh. We try to mark all the Jewish Festivals with an event so that Jewish students in Edinburgh always have people to celebrate with. Edinburgh Jewish Society is part of the Union of Jewish Students’ Northern Region including all Jewish Societies’ north of Durham. Weekends

Socities Guide 09/10 Gravitationally Challenged Squiggles Fluffing Flummoxed Think Pernickety Oblong Penguin Splits Nebulous Five. There once was a juggling group Who were wont to holler and whoop They made so much noise The police took their toys And now they are a circus troop. No balls, kyokugei wa tanoshi desu jaysus hypnotise grenouille pancake normal penultimate chuchichastli! Come join us!


Kazakhstan Society The aim of the Kazakhstan Society is to unify all Kazakhstani students and those who are interested in Kazakhstan. Moreover to alleviate the adaption period of the new students by showing them how the UK is a hospitable, benevolent and interesting country and to introduce the members to Kazakhstan’s

culture, language, traditions, historyand the national cuisine. In addition to provide wider information about Edinburgh and promote the sports life of Kazakhstan Society members in Edinburgh. The society mettings will be on Saturday evenings and Wednesday evenings at 5pm and 7pm repectively.

• supporting members from

Knitting Society

• having KnitSoc Provides a friendly and creative space for people to learn to knit and improve their ski9llw. Everyone’s welcome to bring their own projects or come along and start somethng new. We have needles, yarn and probably cake so come along to knit or just to chat.

Korean Society

edinburghunikoreansoc@gm Edinburgh Korean Society (EUKS) was formed in 1995 and became a member of EUSA approved societies in 1997. Since then EUKS has been one of the most active international/ multicultural societies. The aims of EUKS are:

Korea to adapt themselves to new circumstances in Edinburgh • providing



and cultural events • helping



others to know more about Korea and Korean culture some



course! Membership of EUKS is open to all matriculated students of the University of Edinburgh. We officially meet roughly once a term. There are,however, more frequent unofficial quick gatherings. Information sharing and communication between members and others are mainly done by e-mail and society mailing list. A bulleting board system (on-line forum), which can be accessed from this site, has been set up recently. Any queries and comments are to be forwarded to Korean.


Labour Club

edinburghlabourstudents@gm EU Labour Students Club is a part of the student wing of the Labour Party and we are the largest and most lively political force on campus. We are a democratic socialist party that believes by the strength of our common endeavour, we achieve more than we achieve alone so as to create a society where everybody has the means to realise their true potential and power is in the hands of the many and not the few. As Labour Students we: • engage in a range of campaigns, both on and off campus, including child poverty, anti-racism and top-up fees • debate the major political issues of the day with senior Labour politicians • participate in the Labour Party’s national policy making process which draws up the Party’s manifestos • put the ‘social’ into socialism through a variety of diverse and original

social events. Join us to make a difference and make politics fun.

Lang Soc (The Linguistics and English Language Society) LangSoc, The Linguistics and English Language Society is for anyone interested in how language works, how the English and Scots languages function along with their history and what it is about language that makes us uniquely human! We are open to students of these subjects and to anyone else who would like to find out more about language. We hold Social Events and Pub Nights as well as discussion groups, and invite speakers to talk about some of the many facets of linguistics.

Law Society

edinburghlawsoc@hotmail. com LawSoc offer a wide range of social events catering for Law Students, culminating in the annual Law Ball in early March.


Les Escogriffes The Escogriffes aim not only to provide students and speakers of the French language with an environment in which they can put their language skills to a practical and pleasurable use, but also to create a greater understanding and dissemination of French culture through theatre and entertainment. The Escogriffes furthermore aim to provide audience, actors and backstage crew alike with an experience that will prove both valuable and enjoyable. The group will perform in French but membership of the society is open to all and is not limited by language or ability.

Liberal Democrats Edinburgh University Liberal Democrats is a branch of Liberal Youth Scotland which in turn is affiliated to the Scottish Liberal Democrat Party. We campaign actively for the party and maintain close links with local Lib Dem politicians. We also aim to be active within Liberal Youth Itself.

Additionally we seek to promote Liberal Democratic thought within the Univeristy with guest speakers and by participating in debatews. There is also a strong social side to our weekly meetings.

Life Society

edlifesociety@googlemail. com Life Society aims to offer a range of discounts, debates as well as liteature to promote the protection of life from conception to naural death. We also aim to provide relevant literature for further information, please email: edlifesociety@googlemail. com


Malaysian Students EMSA is the essential society for Malaysian students, offering social support and events such as Hari Raya, Chinese New Year and Deepauali celebrations. Other events include sports, food and eatery events as well as religious study circles. Email for further information.

Marrow Society

Mathematics & Statistics

marrowedinburgh@hotmail. com Marrow is a group run by medical students across the country in association with the Anthony Nolan Trust. We aim to recruit students like YOU onto the Anthony Nolan Bone Marrow Register. People needing a bone marrow or stem cell transplant search this register in the hope of finding a suitable donor who has the potential to save their life. All you need to do to join the register is come along to one of our regular clinics. Here you fill in a medical form and give a small blood sample. If someone needing a transplant matches your tissue type at any point, you could go on to donate bone marrow to them. YOU have the potential to save a personâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s life? think about it! Look out around the University for details of our next clinic, or email marrowedinburgh@hotmail. com for more information. Mathsoc is a relatively new society, set up by students recognising the need for inter-year interaction in the Maths Department. Our aim is to encourage a network of undergradutaes, postgraduates and teaching staff to aid learning and create a relaxed, friendly atmoshpere between students. We also wish to provide an outlet for the stress of studying a demanding subject. This has been achieved through social events such as Balls, Ceilidhs, party bus trips, and other drinks/dancing events as well as through the â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;integral milan football team. We also have academic talks three times per year to encourage maths outside the curriculum. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re not a geeky as we sound, all maths undergaduates will find us invaluable! Please see edinburghmathsoc for more information.

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Mature & Grad. Medics

Meadows Half Marathon We are a society for Medical students in any year of their studies who would like to meet informally with other students who are studying mMedicine and have taken a break of 3 years between leaving school and starting the course. The aims of the society are to provide a support network and means of meeting other mature students

sally@meadowsmarathon. Meadows Half Marathon Society meet during semesters on Mondays from 5-7pm in the Chaplaincy Centre at Bristo Square. Our aim is to organise a half-marathon around the Meadows. In 2008 it was the largest run organised by students in the UK. There were 800 runners and £40,000 was raised for charity.

Mature Law Students’ Society

Medics FYC 2009 The Mature Law Students Sciety aims to provide a social network for and to promote the activities of mature students in the 2-year accelerated LLB program at the University of Edinburgh. We have weekly meetings and drinks and a number of larger events at Christmas, New Year and after exams. We look forward to meeting more of you over the year. Medics FYC 2009 is a social society for Edinburgh University Medics and their friends. The main aim of this society is to raise money to subsidise the Medics Graduation Ball for those students who graduate in 2009. And what better way to raise money than by organising parties, pub quizzes, ceilidhs and balls! If you’re interested in joining, we meet every Thursday at 6pm in Central.

Medics FYC 2012 Edinburgh University Medics FYC 2012 organises events to raise money for the 2012 Graduation Ball and gives 20% of all money raised to The Sick Kids Friends Foundation

Medics FYC 2013 Edinburgh Medical Final Year Committee 2013 is a fundraising committee for medics graduating in 2013. We aim to raise money to help to pay for our graduation ball as well as donating 20% of profits to charity. We meet every other Tuesday in the Medics Common Room at a time prearranged on Facebook.

Medics Rag Edinburgh Medics’ Rag is a student fundraising society which aims to raise financial support and awareness for a variety of health related charities. We aim to organise fun and crazy events to raise as much money as possible. Each year a number of local, national and international

charities will be nominated and selected by our members to be our beneficiaries, and throughout the year all our profits will be pooled together and distributed equally between these good causes. In addition, we will also run events to support national charitable days, such as Children in Need. The Rag is open to all years, and our members can participate in a number of ways, from simply attending or supporting an event, to running their own event. Meeting times will vary according to degree of involvement and timing of events.

Mediterranean Gastronomic

mediterraneangastro@google The Mediterranean Gastronomic Society aims to introduce, promote and sustain the tradition of Mediterranean cooking in the Edinburgh community. The society will hold regular sessions to fulfil these aims: pot-luck dinners, picnics, restaurant tastings and cooking masterclasses.


Membership in the society will be diverse; chefs, food critics and wine-appreciators alike will be among the international group.

MedSIN-UK MedSIN was formed in 1997 as a UK-wide network of healthcare students who raise awareness of, and take action on humanitarian and global health issues. We encourage students to get involved with projects and campaigns that they feel are important or under-represnted at Univerity and that relate to issues such as refugee health, homelessness, or HIV and AIDS. MedSIN has local branches in most UK Universities, with each branch running it’s own projects and campaigns. To find out more information about our projects and campaigns, please visit our website at or email us at

Mexicanos En Edimburgo We promote the Mexican Culture and identity by organising Mexican national festivities such as; Independence Day, The Day of the Dead, Posadas and Pastorelas, etc. The society also provides support to the Mexicans in Edinburgh by organising regular social gatherings.

Middle Eastern Society Imagine the exotic aroma of sheesha and mint tea drifting about as you meditate upon the beauty and richness of the Middle East. Whether you want to learn more about its diverse culture and history, discuss political ideas or just enjoy nights of Arabian music or Israeli cinema then this society is perfect for you! There will be no mundane weekly meetings - just go to whichever event takes your fancy! If we do meet it’s most likely to be at Zoga with Nancy Ajram singing in the background (unfortunately not in person!)

Joining the society will give you benefits of discounts at local restaurants and bars and opportunities to go abroad. There will be many reputable and exciting speakers portraying a wide range of perspectives on Middle Eastern life and culture. Essentially, the society takes a firm politically NEUTRAL standpoint. But that doesn’t mean we’ll stifle debate, quite the contrary we want to hear all opinions to encourage intellectual discussion. Come along and sample the beauty of the Middle East.

Model United Nations The Edinburgh MODEL UNITED NATIONS Society (EdMUN) is committed to embracing and spreading the spirit of the concept of model united nations by enhancing students’ understanding of the institutional and political inworkings of the United Nations (UN) organisation. Through simulated UN conferences and weekly meetings (usually held on Tuesday at 7pm in the DHT), students act as delegates of member-state

Socities Guide 09/10

nations debating many issues presented in the form of UN resolutions and discussed in a manner consistent with the parliamentary procedure of the real UN. EdMUN really isn’t as formal as it sounds - it is a lot of fun and a lot of laughs, so come along and try it out.

Modern Dance Society The Modern Dance Society aims to provide dance classes for everyone in Jazz, Ballet, Hip-Hop and Breakdancing. Whether you are a beginner or have previous experience we hope you will find what you are looking for with us. All our teachers’ are professional dancers so our classes offer high quality instruction for a very reasonable price.

Mooting Society Weekly committee meetings: Old College - Tuesdays 4pm To promote and develop the art of advocacy, primarily (although not exclusively) amongst undergraduate law students.

We run two internal mooting competitions every academic year. We also help to organise teams to represent Edinburgh in external competitions (national and international).

Movie Production Society Edinburgh Movie Production Society is a film making society. We cater for writers, directors, producers, editors, actors and any other positions required to make a short film or video. We aim to make as many films as possible, as well as developing the potential of any keen filmmakers. Please see our website for details.

Music Society Musoc is the biggest and best musical society in the university, with two orchestras and a chorus. The Symphony Orchestra is challenging yet enjoyable and a high standard of music making is guaranteed, entry is by audition only - sign up at the Freshersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Fair or email eums. symphony.manager@gmail.

com. Rehearsals are on Mondays from 6.30pm-9.30pm in the Reid Hall. Our other orchestra, Sinfonia, is nonauditioning for string players (wind and brass need to audition). Rehearsals are in the Reid Hall at the slightly scary time of 10.30 on a Saturday morning, but their enthusiasm and exciting programming makes it an experience not to be missed. Last (but not least) is the Chorus, which welcomes all singers into its large and friendly ranks. Rehearsals are on Tuesdays from 7.00pm9.00pm in St Peterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Church, Lutton Place. All this plus concerts, socials, ceilidhs, international tours and the allimportant post-rehearsal pint (or six)? You know you want to!

Musical Medics Society We are a friendly, nonauditioning music society which welcomes all students from the University of Edinburgh. Founded in 1992 by a group of enterprising medical students, we now hold weekly rehearsals for our choir, orchestra and a number

of smaller groups including barbershop choir, uppervoices choir, string quartet and woodwind ensemble. We always welcome new members from anywhere in the University community, not just medics! We perform at least one charity concert each semester and in the past have performed in venues throughout Edinburgh and further afield raising thousands of pounds for a wide range of good causes. We rehearse in the University Music Faculty Building, Alison House, in Nicholson Square on Thursday evenings; choir 6:30 - 7:30 in lecture room B and Orchestra 7:30 - 8:45 in lecture room A Most importantly, we aim to have fun and enjoy both out music and busy social calendar!


New Scotland Country Dance Promoting Scottish dance including step, highland, ceilidh and country for all levels. The society attracts

a good mix of current and former students from home and abroad, creating a varied and very friendly enviroment. Everyone from seasoned professionals to absolute beginners are welcome at the different classes, with Thursday having social dance followed by a pub visit to recover energies! With the number of members, expect frequent trips away to weekend dances, parties, traditional dance events. Classes run 3 days a week (9 available) around central area. For more information visit www.

Nightline The Universityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s student run support, information and listening service always needs new volunteers and runs a training and selection course early in the 1st term, and again in 2nd term. There is a pre-training meeting before each course to provide more information and answer any questions you might have. Both the course and the pre-training meeting will be


advertised around campus and there is always a stall for Nightline at the Societies Fair. If you think you can be open, understanding and non-judgemental, feel you have the time, energy and enthusiasm and would like to become a Nightliner please come along to the meeting or contact us by phoning 557 4444, or e-mailing us. Everyone has the potential to be a nightliner so why not think about joining us? We hope to hear from you soon.

Nomad Magazine Nomad Maganzine is published once a year and distributed for free around the university. It focuses on travel, world affairs, the arts and the environment. We would love you to send in submissions if you are a keen journalist or creative writer (no more than 1000 words please) or photographer. Our submissions deadline is 14th November. Also, if you are interested in getting involved with layout, have any great ideas for fundraising, or would like to be on the editorial team, please e-mail us..

Each team meets separately on a weekly basis or as required but if you e-mail us we will make sure you find out the time and place of the meeting which you are interested in attending. Each team meets separately on a weekly basis or as required, but if you e-mail us we will make sure that you find out the time and place of the meeting which you are interested in attending.

North East Asia Society

northeastasiaweek@gmail. com Our society is non-profit, student run organisation. Our main goal is to promote Asian cultures within the university especially in raisng awareness of the issues that are arising in Korea, China and Japan. To achieve our goal of promoting Asia cultures, we have organised a series of events throughout the school-term, such as inviting guest speakers, holding debates, pub quizzes, dinner gatherings and so on. If you have any questions about our activities and events, feel free to email us and weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be in contact with you as soon as possible!

Our weekly meeting is held on Tuesdays, 13:00-14:00 at Chaplaincy Auditorium.


Officers Training Corps The City of Edinburgh Universities Officers Training Corps (CEUOTC) is a registered Edinburgh University society. It exists to provide enjoyable, stimulating and challenging training to undergraduates at Edinburgh University. It provides this training in order to communicate the values, ethos and career opportunities available within the British Army. Membership is completely voluntary and CEUOTC provides all members with the opportunity to develop leadership skills and management techniques within a friendly, fun environment. As well as learning about the Army, you will learn things about yourself and dealing with others which you will not have imagined.

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We welcome you to join us for two hours on a Wednesday night and then two weekends a month, but you can do as little or as much as you wish. Find out more information at

On The Road Magazine info@ontheroadmagazine. We aim to produce a monthly magazine focussing on student travel which includes, news, articles & information both in the Edinburgh area and worldwide which is useful, entertaining, interesting, informative and relevant for students of the University of Edinburgh whilst also giving students the opportunity to take part at all levels, from writing to editing, production and graphics. We aim to meet weekly on a Wednesday Evening at Teviot Library Bar. We aim to distribute it widely throughout the campus and the city.

Orthodox Christian Student Society EU Orthodox Christian Students Society meetings will beheld in the hall of the St Andrews Orthodox Community Church and the Chaplaincy Centre. Meeting times will vary and be announced to the members, approximately every two weeks. The aims are to deepen the understanding of the Orthodox Christian faith to its members and connect to the student body and organisations. Activities will include discussions, movie presentations, talks on orthodoxy, excusions to significant Christian sites, and social events. visit the website -


Palestine Solidarity Society

edunipalsoc@googlemail. com EU Palestine Solidarity Society (EUPSS) is a human rights campaign. Our activities include discussion and debate as well as active campaigning to end Israeli apartheid and

the occupation of Palestine. Regualr orgnising/planning meetings every two weeks

People & Planet People and Planet is the largest national student network in Britain, made up from local groups in universities, colleges and schools throughout the UK. The Edinburgh group is one of the biggest and most active societies in the country. We campaign on issues of the environment, poverty and human right, through local and national action. As a network we bring together a diverse range of people and activities. Some past achievments of the whole group include bringing renewable energy to power all Union buildings, getting Fairtrade status for the University and keeping Nestle products out. We got the Uni to be more open about its investments and lobbied them to disinvest from arms companies and other unethical industries. We have run a variety of campaign on AIDS treatment, climate change and trade justice. More recently we

have supported calls for a Climate Bill in Parliament and many have been involved in campaigning against the renewal of Trident. We have a range of interesting speakers at weekly meetings with the aim of educating and informing ourselves so that weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re in a position to make change happen through action. Everyone is welcome! You can choose the level of involvement, from coming to hear speakers to becoming more involved with planning and running campaigns?

Persian Society

edinburghpersiansociety@gm Edinburgh University Persian Society (EUPS) is a cultural society which aims to promote Iranian culture by organising events like Club Persia disco nights, film nights, dance classes, traditional music concerts, food events and more. Our annual Iranian New Year party is always a big success. In 2009, we helped organise an Iranian cultural festival (http://www.ediranfest. which attracted Iranian acts from the UK and around

the world, including director Seyyed Reza Mir-Karimi, comedian Patrick Monahan, artist Maryam Hashemi, and writer Shahrnush Parsipur. All money raised in our events is used to organise further EUPS events. Please see our website ( edinburghpersiansociety) for more details. Khosh amadid!

Philosophy Society thephilosophysociety@gmail. com A diverse group of individuals united by their love of mindbending ideas and alcoholfuelled discussions. Our lectures take place on Thursday nights 6pm, with a variety of expert lecturers from all over the UK coming to speak to us on anything from Hegel to the History of the Vibrator, from Gaia to Quantum Physics. The discussion groups take place on Monday nights 7pm upstairs in the Meadow Bar. This is an informal gathering, ideal for philosophy discussions over a pint.


We have a members’ library, an academic families system, study groups, reading circles, film nights, conferences, weekends in the country and a lot of parties - check out our website for details.

Photographic Society Like the idea of running around with a camera? Developing your own pics? Even getting them published?! Photosoc is for you whatever your level or experience. No need for your own camera. we have lots of great equipment you can borrow and we’ll teach you to use it all for free. There are darkrooms at the Pleasance and at KB so just bring your negs and a bit of creativity you can get really cheap film and paper directly from us. Put down your lense for a bit and chill out at our regular socials or hear successful photographers talk about their work. Finally, don’t miss out on our trips around beautiful and photogenic Scotland to collect material for our exhibitions and competitions! To find out more and join, come along to the

Pleasance (Munro Room) on Tuesdays at 7.30pm or vist our site at

Physics Society Feel a sense of social exclusion whenever you mention the PH word? Come and meet people with a similar problem. Physics Society aims to promote physics as a social activity through talks, trips and alcohol. You may even begin to find physics and physicists interesting! For event details check out our Facebook group and website.

Poker Society

Pool Society We meet every Thursday during term in Teviot, Registration starts at 6.30pm for tournaments beginning at 7.00pm. Come along and enjoy the psychological thrill of tournament poker.


Tournaments have been booming in size, so be there early to book your place to victory. Visit our page:

Society is open to people of all

Politics Society Pizza Heroes Currently the largest society at Edinburgh and possibly in Britain, Pizza Heroes offers its members the chance to unwind and enjoy the best years of your life. Frequently socialising, meeting new people and enjoying discounted pizza from Domino’s, not only a pizza appreciation society, but a life appreciation society. Please e-mail pizza_ for details of social events.

Pollock Chinese Christian Fellowship The Pollock Christian Chinese Fellowship Group predominantly made up of students from South East Asia and we have been welcoming, supporting, and building up students in Edinburgh for over 12 years.

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com Do you suck at real sports? Does the idea of winning great prozes without breaking a sweat appeal to you? Then you may just have found what you were looking for. The Pool levels wishing to enjoy regular games, further their skills or test their abilities. It offers the chance to play regular pool in a friendly yet competitive environment.



held on a weekly basis in the Teviot Row Student Union on Monday evenings. In addition to the weekly tournaments offering many great prizes we also hold regular social events in various pubs around the city, where we will rack up the best deals and discounts for our members. To find out more




opportunity check out www.

Postgrad Society A





where from

various corners of the university can come together to meet people from other courses. Weekly Social Events are held every Wednesday at 8:30 pm in the Library Bar, Teviot plus organised events throughout the year. See our FaceBook group for more info!

Psychology Society The PsychSoc is for everyone! We have many great events lined up, including social nights like pub crawls, scavenger hunts, christmas

halloween party


party, other

events too like career talks. A great way to meet new people, all welcome!


Renaissance Singers e.u.renaissance.singers@ed.

Reeling Club The Reeling Club is a society for those of you who would like to dance, or learn to dance, properly. You may have guessed by the name that this means ‘Scottish’ dancing. If you have ever yearned to go to the Skye Gathering, the Northern Meeting, the Argyllshire Gathering, the Scottish Regimental Balls, this is where to learn how it’s done. We hope to meet on Thursdays, once every two or three weeks in the Counting House, West Nicolson St, depending on the availability of the venue. Then there’s the real thing: at the moment there is one Annual Ball. The new committee hope to up this to three Balls each year. The






in 1967 as an offshoot of the Edinburgh University Musical Society. It was reformed in the 1970s under Colin Heggie and is now directed by Dr Noel O’Regan




in Music at the University of Edinburgh.




regular concerts in the city and



promoting the great body of Liturgical



throughout Western Europe in the 15th to 17th centuries. It currently numbers about thirty singers made up of students and staff of the University, as well as people from the wider Edinburgh



choir has toured extensively So there you have it! It’s really just a social club for like-minded people with a bit of a dance.

with the most recent being to Armenia, Cyprus, France and the Black Forest in Germany.

Revelation Rock Gospel Choir Revelation is the University’s Rock Gospel Choir, and winners of the 1999 Society of the Year. It’s a big Christianbased choir, but members are of many varied beliefs and opinions, and indeed singing abilities! Revelation aims to draw out hidden abilities in an atmosphere of acceptance, to make and build friendships, and generally have loads of fun singing only the very funkiest of songs ! There are no auditions, and no pre-requisites to joining, Revelation is truly open to anyone! Revelation is not only about singing however, we also have a band, a dance group, and a drama group - there are lots of ways to get involved! We meet weekly from 79.30pm on Tuesday evenings at Barclay Church Hall, Bruntsfield Place, (just off the meadows). Check out our websites, www. for directions to our venue, and for lots more information on Revelation.


Right To Play Society Right to Play is an international humanitarian Organisation that uses sport and play programmes to improve health, develop life skills, and foster peace for children and communities in some of the most disadvantaged areas of the world. Right to Play Society will focus on raising awareness of the Right to Play organisation and fundraisng for it as a branch of Right to Play designed for student involvement. The society will meet every second Thursday or as needed to plan and organise events to raise money and awareness. Meeting will be in the evening at 6pm in the Pleasance. If you like sport, helping children and planning fun events please join!

Romanian Society The aim of the society is to inform about Romanian aspects of life, including social, economic and political background, with emphasis on promoting its culture as a means of enriching and diversifying the Edinburgh experience through

presentations, celebrations,

national samples


traditional cuisine and giving out visual aids. We meet every two weeks, on Wednesday in Teviot Balcony Room. We also have a Facebook group - Romanians in Edinburgh.

Russian Society This society aims to promote Russian culture. Most of our members are undergrdatuates at the University of Edinburgh, however we are open to anyone who is willing to join. We welcome non-russian speakers and most events are mutilingual. The Russian Society arranges



events and talks by famous figures, our past speakers have included politicians, journalists, diplomats, writers and many others.





affiliated with any political party, that allows for political events of great diversity.


Salsa Society The recently established Salsa Society aims to give students the opportunity to learn and enjoy the latin dance of salsa. Classes are held weekly in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Anyone with an interest and lots of enthusiasm is more than welcome to come along! As well as the classes, the society will organise social events giving members the opportunity to get to know each other, whilst practicing and showing off their newly acquired skills! So if you can already dance salsa, or would like to learn !Ven Bailalo!

Savoy Opera Group If strutting your stuff on stage has always appealed, a pirate’s life is for you, or you just want to be a “little maid from school”, then The Savoy is your society. We perform 3 musical extravaganzas a year, the main show being a Gilbert & Sullivan operetta performed in February. We also put on a more intimate show in May at

Socities Guide 09/10

the world famous Pleasance Theatre, as well as a Fringe production. Can’t sing? Do not worry, we also need stage and lighting crews, set builders, and of course, an orchestra. If all this sounds terribly hard work then Savoy socials make up for it all with; parties, theatre trips, the Savoy Ball, expeditions into the Scottish wilderness, and, of course, the carnage that is show-week, culminating in the lunatic excess we call “The After-Show Party”.

Scandinavian Society

scandisoc.edinuni@gmail. com The idea is that ScandiSoc is a place for people from Scandinavian countries to meet, mingle and chat with each other. Sometimes it’s easy to miss home and just nice to talk to someone in your mother tongue, all languages are welcome to be used. However, ScandiSoc is also a Scandinavian appreciation society, so all who are interested in Scandinavia are welcome to join, background does not matter!

We are a social society and want to organise cultural events for everyone to join. Scandinavian games, festivities, films, dinners and even pub quizzes are planned for this semester. We have no weekly meetings, because we want to make every event special and thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s why we will be mailing our members about the dates for the different events. Have a look at our website: http://scandisoc.

Science Fiction & Fantasy The Science Fiction & Fantasy Society is a society dedicated to broadening the horizens of our members whilst having a damn good time. Every Thursday we meet at 8pm to have a drink and chat in the Pleasance Bar. On Saturdays be part of our video nights or fight your way up the laserquest league. Members can browse our library of 1000+ books or borrow from our video library and if you join our sharing scheme you can access even more. Other events we organise include bowling, our termly night club

Gigantor, as well as our very own conventions featuring talks by writers, rare videos and more.

SCOFF The aim of the society is to increase studentsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; interaction with Edinburgh by raising their awareness of the great range of food and resteraunts that are available to them. Students will develop their knowledge and fondness for fine cuisine of all kinds while at the same time becoming more accustomed with this great city. In addition, we will continue to provide and suggest other great locations every week as well as to meet with chefs who will share with us some of their food and to talk about their experience and inspiration around their work. For those that enjoy eating out and having a great time this society is for you. The society will meet every other Thursday at Centraal and every other Tuesday at a resteraunt of our choice.

Scottish Ethnology Society

ethnology. We are the Society associated with the Scottish Ethnology degree, but more than that we are a group who enthuse about all aspects of Scottish Culture in particular and all cultures in general. We raise awareness of ethnological and anthropological issues, hold traditional ceilidhs, host workshops, watch and deconstruct films, go on trips to places of interest, host guest speakers and socialise and debate with others with similar interests in culture and folklore.

Scottish Romanian Language Link (SCROLL) The aim of our society is to provide our members with the chance to teach english in Romania in the summer. We aim to provide support in the form of training, fundraising facilitating and socialising. We meet once a week, on a Monday at 8pm usually in Teviot. There is also a training weekend

in St Andrews during March. SCROLL (Scotland Romania Language Link) is a registered charity and has branches in St Andrews, Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh. We can be contacted on scroll. edinburgh@gmail

Self Defence Society The University of Edinburgh Self Defence Society is an eclectic martical arts group with the goal of providing the very best in self defence tuition for its members. It offers specialised training from a number of systems including Pentjak Silat, Kali, Kung Fu, Muay Thai, Karate, Tae Kwon-do and Jujitsu to provide a fully comprehensive pragmatic outlook to real world self defence. Trainign is conducted in a relaxed and informal manner with the emphasis being on having fun, whilst also learning the skills associated with effective self defence.


Shelter Soc Would you like to spend the harsh Edinburgh winter wandering the lonely streets of Edinburgh? How would you feel not knowing where your next meal is going to come from? What lengths would you go to to drink water, eat food, sleep? These were the questions that spurred the founding of ShetlerSoc in September 2007. As a relatively small but feisty student society we are dedicated to helping the homeless of Edinburgh, through destigmatising the negative images surrounding homelessness and helping established charities in Edinburgh such as Streetwork, Shelter, The Ark Trust and Bethany in their work. We think that by being a small society the best way we can help the homeless is by changing the way people think of homelessness. Thus our past events have included building ‘Busking Houses of Junk’ from recycled materials around the University and a photo campaign using multiple portrait shots of a vast range of people each directly asking

the question: HOMELESS? All aimed to challenge people’s perceptions of homelessness. We have also been known to organise successful band nights, Christmas fairs and regularly help established charities with their efforts, helping out at summer music festivals and providing volunteer support for housing projects are some examples of what we do! So if you wish to get involved in this new society and contribute to its gowing success, please email: sheltersoc@googlemail. com.

Sign Society Sign Soc is one of the university’s newest societies. We are aiming to provide low cost sign language tuition to our members, so if you have ever wanted to learn how to sign, this is the society for you. We also aim to increase awareness of deaf culture and to raise the profile of the deaf community within the University. In our first year we

are hoping to organise lots of fun fundraising events to help cover the costs of sign language tuition and to get the classes started. So, if you would like to learn a valuable new skill, meet people with a similar interest and get involved in a brand new society, then we’d love to meet you!

members who have an interest in Asian culture, cuisine or simply meeting new people. For anyone interested to find out more about this sunny island called Singapore, look no further! The Singapore Students’ society can give you the inside scoop on a truly! Singaporean experience.

Singapore Students

Singers (EU) The Singapore Students’ society was formed to create a base for interaction among Singaporean students in Edinburgh. It brings together Singaporean students to help one another find their footing in a foreign land. Being part of the United Kingdom Singapore Students’ Council, it also act as a contact point for Singaporeans all over the UK and provide information on career opportunities in Singapore upon graduation. Each year, the society organises events including freshers’ orientations, overseas trips over the Christmas holidays, the Singapore food festival, as well as regular theatre and dinner outings. It also warmly welcomes non-Singaporean

Socities Guide 09/10 EU Singers is the University’s longest established choir, having being founded in 1945. Under the directorship of Dr John Kitchen, University and City Organist we perform a variety or works covering all periods of music from folk song arrangements through to large scale works such as Mozart’s ‘Coronation Mass’. We also sing at official University events such as graduations. We like to socialise and hold socials through out the year as well as going on tour. Rehearsals are every Wednesday, 7-9.15pm St. Celia’s Hall, Cowgate. Entry to the choir is by a short, informal audition at the start of the year only.

SKIP (Students for Kids International Projects) Edinburgh

skipedinburgh@googlemail. com SKIP (Students for Kids International Projects) is a registered charity (1099804) run by students working to support vulnerable children in developing countries around the world. There are 14 SKIP branches in the UK, Edinburgh is one of the newest. We are setting up a project in Moldova, the poorest country in Europe. We will be working with boys with disabilities and are hoping to run our pilot project in June 2009. If you are interested in helping us fundraise or getting involved with SKIP Edinburgh, please contact skipedinburgh@gmail. com

Slavic and Baltic Countries SBC Society is a newly formed society open to anyone from or interested in Slavic and Baltic countries. It is an opportunity to meet-up, make good friends and settle into university lifeparticularly for freshers.

We plan to organise themed parties, sightseeing trips and movie nights not forgetting amusing sporting events. This society is founded on the experiences of older students who are eager to pass on advice to starting your university career. SBC will allow individuals from Slavic or Baltic countries to meet up but also wants to attract people interested in Eastern European cultures and language. Please contact us at sbc. or look us up on Facebook, for details of our first meeting.

Snooker Society Edinburgh University Snooker Society (EUSAPS), email:, facebook group: Edinburgh University Snooker Society. We are a new society aiming to learn, teach, play and promote snooker in all ways. We meet up once or twice a week and go to the Angle Club. It is very relaxed and more about fun than competition. That said, if people are interested we will have a tournament and

maybe even matches against other universities. Contact us via the facebook group or by email. Weekly meetings to be organised . Annual membership fee will be ÂŁ6 which covers membership at the club and weekly biscuits!

Social Anthropology Society The society shall show films and host talks relevant to Social Anthropological interests and to foster discussion and good relations between students of Anthropology at Edinburgh. The society will also hold study groups and revision sessions to encourage peer education and closer engagement with Anthropology as a distinct discipline. Non-Anthropology students will also be welcome to participate in any or all events.

Socialist Society The Edinburgh University Socialist Society is a radical anticapitalist force on campus. We aim to unite all socialists and general lefties on campus,

of all parties and none. We stand for the replacement of the capitalist system, which breeds poverty, exploitation and greed worldwide, with a socialist system - a more just society based on need rather than greed. We hold frequent discussion meetings, debates and film showings, as well as carrying out campaigns on campus for free education and for the rights of working students. If you hold a view of a better world, without greed or poverty, join us!

Sociology Society

sociologysociety@hotmail. The Edinburgh Sociology Society is a new and dynamic group that aims to encourage learning and interaction between those studying or interested in Sociology. We welcome undergraduates, postgraduates, staff and nonstudents alike, and encourage all members to get involved in the events and direction of the society. The regular staples of our society are the weekly social meetings (Wednesday 6pm at the Pleasance) where


we unwind and have fun. Those who are new to the discipline can come along and use the opportunity to ask questions in a relaxed and friendly environment; the more weather-worn Sociologists can use this time to exchange ideas or find retreat from their research! As well as the regular gathering, we also organise group outings and seminars. Either way, The Edinburgh Sociology Society has something for everyone! For more details about joining, contact us at sociologysociety@hotmail.

South Asian Society The South Asian Students Association (sasa) invites you to be a part of a unique blend of cultures. We bring together people from several countries and promote South Asia to the student community. We hold regular cultural events and festive celebrations and lets not forget the spicy cuisines and Bollywood movie nights.

Stop Aids

edinburghstopaids@googlem Come along to Stop Aids if a medley of ceilidhs, quizzes, sweet-talking MPâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s and teaching kids the facts of life sounds like a fun night to you? In a nutshell, we raise money for worthy charities, campaign to improve access to HIV/AIDS teatment, and we are starting up a peer education project in local schools - not forgetting the Potterrow condom drops! Pop along to one of our meeting to find out more?

String Orchestra EU String Orchestra - the friendliest, most fun-loving, most exotic destinations on tour, most exciting, most meals out, most coffee drinking on breaks, best drinking games, best stunts on tour, best variety of music, best played music, best ceildhing orchestra in the whole damn world! Sign up for an audition at the freshersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; fair! We meet on Wednesday afternoons from 2-5pm in the Reid Hall. Concerts happen once a term and the traditional scottish tour in June. We have a mailing list

for those interested in concerts as well as many posters in George Square and KB when the concerts happen.

Student Action for Autism

studentaction4autism@gmail. com Student Action for Autism (SAFA) aims to raise awareness of autistic spectrum disorders amongst the student, medical and general population through conferences, talks, fundraising nights and interactive concerts held for children and their parents. Autism is a lifelong neurodevelopmental disorder affecting over 500,000 people in the UK. Autistic spectrum disorders involve the impairment of social interaction, communication and imagination. All funds raised by SAFA are donated to autism research, local autistic projects and educational units. We also promote the National Autistic Societyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Befrienders scheme which offers the opportunity for a unique one-to-one relationship with someone directly affected by an autistic spectrum disorder. SAFA finally

Socities Guide 09/10

provides a forum for student discussion and debate of scientific advances in autism research. Student Action for Autism meets fortnightly in the George Square area and meetings are open to all. Please email student action4autism@googlemail. com for more information or to join our mailing list.

Student Cancer Fund

studentcancerfund@hotmail. The Student Cancer Fund is a fun and sociable society that raises money and awareness for smaller cancer charities that operate on a local basis, providing support to people with cancer and their families. We have raised money by organising quiz nights, club nights and bake sales and running in the Edinburgh Marathon and new members and ideas are welcomed with open arms. This year we are supporting CCLASP and you can find out more about them by visiting . We meet every Sunday night at 7pm at 56 North on West Crosscauseway, off Buccleuch St.

We also run the Cancer Advice and Support Team (CAST) for students who have been affected by cancer and want or need support and advice. We run this every other Thursday, starting on the 25th of September 2008, in the Common Room of the Old Medical School building in Teviot Place. Go through doorway 3 in the quad - 6pm8pm.

Student Club of American Veterinary Medical Association Meetings: Mondays @ 7:30pm at Evelyn Head Lecture Theatre in Summerhall at Royal Dick Vet School of Vetinary Studies. • To make available the opportunities offered byt the AVMA to students at the University of Edinburgh. • To enlightne students about the opportunities, differences and practicalities of practicing veterinary medicine in North America. • To provide a forum of discuss veterinary student related concerns.

• To provide additional opportunities for the members to gain professional knowledge and an understanding of professional ethics and conduct.

Student Community Action Student Community Action (SCA) organises one-off and regular longer term voluntary projects in the local community for students to participate in as they choose. SCA aims to give students a chance to gain new skills and meet a new and diverse range of people while giving something back to the community. Through projects like teaching, gardening and decorating, SCA aims to facilitate and improve relations between the students and local community. Projects will kick off in Charities Week. As we are an almost entirely new comitee this year, a regular place is yet to be decided on and fresh faces are especially welcome. If you’d like to be on board in

any capacity, we would love to have you. E-mail SCA at

Student Nationalist Association EUSNA exists to promote Scottish independence both on- and off-campus and campaign for students? rights. With the Scottish Parliament only ten minutes? walk away and an SNP Government, we are in a privileged position to influence student politics here at Edinburgh and all over Scotland. We play a major role in the SNP?s campaigns, host and participate in (often heated!) debates and, after that, enjoy a few drinks together. This is a great opportunity to make new friends, discuss issues and get involved in student politics with the most active political society. We hope to see you at the next meeting! Meeting time: Monday @ 7pm in Teviot (Library Bar)

Student Newspaper

editors@studentnewspaper. org Student is the oldest student newspaper in the UK, and is the recipient of the 2006 and 2007 ‘Best Student Newspaper’ Awards granted by the Herald. Its award-winning pages are read by an estimated 20,000 loyal readers, including the great and the good of our fair city. But we also need you, so whether you’re interested in breaking stories, writing features, reviewing music, films, games or the arts, taking photos, or design, there’s an 8pt byline with your name on it just waiting to be printed. New contributers are also welcome, no matter how much experience they have or how late in the year it is. We publish every Tuesday of each semester and meet at 1.15pm in the Pentland Room, off the Pleasance Courtyard, the same day.


Student Scout and Guide Organisation EUSSAGO is the Edinburgh branch of the student Scouting and Guiding movement (SSAGO). The aim of the grooup is to support the local units and have fun ourselves. EUSSAGO helps students find guide and scout groups when they arrive in Edinburgh and provides opportunities to organise and assist in large scale events. We have regular meetings, teaching each other guidey and scouty skills, games and songs, plus lighting fires and drinking beer. We also go to nationally organised SSAGO rallies, camps, competitions and balls; a chance to combine all the fun of Scouts and Guides with all the fun of being a student. So whether you enjoyed Scouts or Guides and want to continue, are desperate to find a rainbow unit to help out at or have never been involved, feel free to get in touch. E-mail for details fo the next meeting

Students Against War The Students Against War society campaigns to: end the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan by immediate withdrawal of foreign troops from those countries: to oppose the “war on terror” in all its manifestations and to defend civil liberties, including those of muslims and minorities under attack. We do so by mobilising meetings, protests, stalls and direct action in conjunction with the national stop the war coalition.

Students Supporting Street Kids (SSSK) SSSK benefits four charities, in India, Columbia, Ecuador and Ethiopia. It is a registered charity with its headquarters in London, and university branches across the UK providing volunteers. The purpose of SSSK is not only to raise money for these charities, but also to raise awareness of the plight of street children around the world. WHAT WE DO: We raise awareness through

talks and publicity at events. We raise funds through a range of events ranging from tin collecting, sponsorships, charity parties (such as the infamous Rendezvous) and band nights or whatever anyone comes up with! HOW CAN YOU GET INVOLVED? Any help (little or large) from writing to charities for sponsorship or for raffle prizes, making posters to raise awareness, or organising a charity party is gratefully received. Every tiny bit of help goes a long way and anyone interested in helping more can join a great existing team that meets regularly to organise events. For further information about Students Supporting Street Kids please see www. Anyone wanting to get involved, please contact Emily or Andy by email: sssk_

Swahili Club If you’ve ever wanted to learn an unusual language or have some knowledge of Swahili and want to improve it, come and join us. We meet once a

Socities Guide 09/10

week for informal classes with emphasis on learning from each other.

Swing Dance Society

If you want to Jitterbug like the GI’s, Charleston like Chicago or Swing While You’re Winning, come join the Swing Dance Society! Follow our fantastic instructors Jamie Davies and Katie Brooks and your wishes could be granted. The EU Swing Dance society teaches the styles of Lindy Hop, Shag, West & East Coast Swing, with the aim of making new friends through dance at all levels, enjoying the music of the 20s-50s from jazz to live big band and even Old Blue Eyes himself and generally ‘getting down’ with other swing clubs in the city , even putting on the occasional show! So come along, every Tuesday in Teviot Debating Hall, Intermediate class 7-7.45pm, Beginners class 8-8.45pm contact: Kim Robertson, or Martha Taylor s00199222@sms.


Table Football Club (Foosoc) Foosoc is Edinburgh University’s Foosball society. Come join us at the Rush bar for our weekly free Foosball Tournament, or go to the International Student Centre Café (22b Buccleuch Place) any day and meet us there for a cup of coffee and a friendly game or three. Whether you are a beginner or a pro you will find us to be a happy social bunch who happen to enjy a game of Foosball. Interested? Please do mail us at, or call us on 07535652329.

Tai Chi Chuan T’ai Chi Chuan is an art and system of movement based on internal strength. Every action should be an integrated movement of the whole body expressing a focused intention. It is a healthy and relaxing exercise, a form of self defence and an aid to personal development, as well as an enjoyable activity in

itself. We practice chen style, which is the oldest of the major styles known today and the one from which all the others descend. Check out www. for times and location of classes (the first class you attend is free, so come along and experience tai chi).

Taiwanese Students’ Society ETSS is one member of the EUSA and there are more than 25 members in our society currently. We are a partnership between five universities in Edinburgh, namely Edinburgh University, Napier University, Heriot-Watt University, Queen Margaret University and Edinburgh College of Art, ETSS has close links with other Taiwanese Students’ societies at various universities in the UK. Also, we have strong connections with the Edinburgh Office, Taipei Representative Office (TRO) and the Science and Technology Division, TRO in London UK. Although the majorty of our embers are studets from Taiwan, we also cordially welcome people of

different backgrounds who are interested in Taiwanese cluture. The society aims to offer support, providing practical advice and a social platform for Taiwanese students and every member of ETSS. We normally mmet up at the Common Room of 7 Richmond Place once per month. Times and venues of meetins, however, are flexible.

Tango Think that dancing is hard? Nay! Not Argentinean tango. At least we’re a friendly, casual, and fun society teaching on eof the most accessible and easy to learn classical dances in the cheapest price available. Tango, literally translating to “walking”, will have you dancing with flair and ease in no time. Know how to walk? Then you’ll know how to tango. We’re very social and there’s no partner required, so show up in jeans, a t-shirt (or even dress up if you want!) and be prepared to have a great time. N.B. do wear comfortable shoes though! Rubber soles can be difficult?

The One Campaign

edONEcampaign@googlemail. com The ONE Campaign is an extension of the US-Based Coalition which aims at pressuring the government and people to stay committed to the Millenium Development Goals promise of Eradicating Poverty Worldwide. Our society’s main aim is to work with small scale development projects with the intention of tackling individual poverty issues ONE by ONE. We put our emphasis on the ‘Keystone Effect’ in that getting to the roots of the problem of poverty enables us to fight the problem as a whole. We value students initiative and encourage members to not only support current campaigns but seek out and develop new ones. We meet every Wednesday at 6pm in Teviot Library Bar.

Theatre Appreciation Society (Standing Ovation) Standing Ovation makes it easy for peole to go to the theatre. Our members choose what they want to see from the staggering variety of shows


going on in Edinburgh and we do the rest! Email us for information and the chance to meet like-minded people in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Fortnightly meetings at Teviot, next to the Library Bar, email for more information!

Theatre Company (Bedlam) The EUTC puts on 25-30 performances each year, from one off Wednesday performances to five night runs. Every Monday of term we have a company meeting at 6:30 pm in the café at the theatre. If you’re interested in getting involved come along then or just ask at the Box Office any time we’re open for a show. We have improvised comedy, The Improverts, on Fridays at 10:30pm. They run improvisation workshops on Saturdays at midday. Anyone interested in the technical side of theatre can come along to tech improverts from 9:00pm on Fridays (no experience necessary). We audition throughout the year, look out for notices on the front of

the building, posters around the University and e-mails from our members mailing list. Membership cast £5 for the year and gets you discount on all shows, you can sing up at any time in our box office

Theatre Paradok Theatre Paradok are a dynamic and innovative company, who have previously showcased alternative theatre from Ionesco to Fo. We pride ourselves in welcoming all new members into an exciting collaborative and creative environment. Each semester we gather a team of actors designers, musicians, technicians, and all things vaguely awesome, and together we produce challenging and diverse theatre.

Tibet Society The Tibet Society embraces the culture, politics, travel, religion (and edible delights) of this fascinating and beautiful nation and fights to preserve it. With a history as vibrant as it is

tragic, our society seeks to both celebrate Tibet while actively striving to stop the suffering caused by the Chinese Government’s occupation. Our aims are to be friendly and informal, with direct action to stop the destruction of Tibetan culture and their history whilst raising money for Tibetan projects throughout the world in fun, interesting and original ways! Our events have included; Tibetan film festivals and videos; a Consulate sit-in; art exhibitions, visiting speakers on Tibet and more. This year we hope to increase our fundraising efforts for specific charities that work with Tibetan children and we hope to work in conjunction with buddhist society and chinese society to encourage discussion of some of the more sensitive issues.


UNICEF on CAMPUS UNICEF on Campus is an initiative to involve students in the work of UNICEF. We work to raise awareness of children’s rights and raise money for UNICEF’s work with children

Socities Guide 09/10

everywhere. We meet once a fortnight on Monday evenings at 5.30pm at the Mezzanine Bar, Teviot.

Unitalia- Italian Society The Italian Society ‘Unitalia’s’ aims are to promote cultural contributions from the Italian society through various academic and social events. These include: film screenings, restaurant nights, language workshops, cabaret nights, sporting events along with any other events provided by the ‘Italian Cultural Institute.’ Our weekly meeting times and places are yet to be arranged.

Unite The Union Unite The Union is the largest Trade Union in the UK. With 2 million members and under the flag of Unite’s ‘Working Students Campaign’; has organised students across the UK including at Edinburgh University, with the goal of campaigning for Working Student’s Rights. The aims of the society on Edinburgh

University Campus are to inform students of work place issues and of their rights at work, Trade Union campaigns and the importance of joining the union. Also, to promote a space on campus for students to discuss, debate, share information on their working lives and issues, with the goal of campaigning for their rights at work and on campus. We have bi-weekly meetings on Monday nights at various locations.

Universities Allied for Essential Medicine (UAEM) Universities Allied for Essential Midicines (UAEM) is a group composed of students, faculty, and researchers at numerous member universities in the USA, the UK and Canada who are dedicated to increasing access to medicines, especially for those who cannot afford life-saving therapy such as hiv/ aids drugs. Multiple barriers to access exist: high prices, lack of infrastructure (from transportation to the clinic to clean water), lack of political will, and insufficient funding

of treatment programs. This “systematic inability of individuals in developing countries to obtain existing medicines” is known as the “access gap.” A related obstruction to effective treatment of diseases prevalent in developing countries is the 90/10 “research gap,” describing the fact that 90% of research funds go towards 10% of the world’s disease burden, leaving diseases that primarily impact the global poor massively under-funded. UAEM has been formulating and advocating potential solutions that can help close both of these devastating gaps. www.uaemedinburgh.350. com

Untapped Talent Untapped Talent is ‘The’ society if you play music or just want to go to gigs. With full equipment and practice room for your free use, it can’t be beaten. Join our database, meet new musicians, start a band and play at one of our many gigs in the city.

For those who don’t want to play, just come along for discounted trips to gigs around Scotland.


Vedic Society The Edinburgh University Vedic Society (EUVS) is a religious society centered on preserving the religious practices of the various Vedic religions. The objectives of EUVS are to promote and understand ancient Indian philosophic thoughts. The society strives to enrich students and staff members with the knowledge of the Vedas through study, debate, prayers and rituals. The society also facilitates regular gatherings and special observance of the main monthly religious festivals as per the lunar calendar. EUVS promotes interfaith dialogue and discourse with the various faith societies at the University. The details of the society can be found at : http://vedic. or by emailing

Vegetarian Society

sarahfrancesdickins@hotmail. com The aim of the society is to create a social network for vegetarieans/vegans or for anybody who shares our beliefs, cares for animals or enjoys vegetarian food. The society will organise social events, such as socials at vegetarian cafes/restaurants, recipe swapping, meals at member’s flats and others. For those who are interested, the society will organise leafletting events and campaigning days. We are a friendly, nonaggressive society and will ensure our action/opinions wil nto harm others. However we intend to promote animal rights and vegetarianism successfully. The location of meetings will vary from week to week. The first meeting will be held on a Wednesday evening.

Veterinary Zoological

veterinary.zoological@ed. EVZS aims to promote interest, enthusiasm and knowledge in vetinary zoological sciences, educate students in the


veterinary management of wildlife species and get students connected to the network of exotic, zoological and wildlife veterinary medicine and husbandry organisations


Wargames If you are interested in general carnage, mayhem and dice then EU Wargames Soc is the place for you. We meet twice weekly on a Tuesday from 6 and Saturday from 12 in the Pleasance Societies Centre, and are willing to play any wargame that you care to name. We mostly play Games Workshop based systems but also have a collection of more esoteric systems and these produced by Ground Zero Games. So if you fancy yourself as a battlefield general, come along. (no previous experience necessary). You can join our mailing list at http://bibblenet. com/mailman/listinfo/euwar_ if you want any more information or to arrange a game.

Water of Life The Water of Life Society is about meeting together with friends, learning about whisky and enjoying drinking rare whiskies with like minded people. It is primarily a social group, but we have fun tasting whiskies which usually are beyond our reach. Distilleries come to speak to us and lead meetings and we do trips to distilleries which are always enjoyed by all. We meet once a fortnight on Thursday evenings at 7.30pm in Teviot and everyone is welcome, including non-members. If you would like more details, or want to receive a regular email about forthcoming events then check out our website: or email on

WaterAid - Edinburgh

wateraid-edinburgh@hotmail. WaterAid Edinburgh is a new society that aims to promote and support the work of WaterAid an international charity whose mission is to overcome poverty by enabling the worlds poorest

people to gain access to safe water, sanitation and hygeine education.

Welsh Society Whether you’re Welsh, have a passion for all things Welsh or simply have a fascination with our sheep, this is the society for you! We aim to promote welsh culture to all students of the university in a fun and relaxed environment. Join us for fancy dress pub crawls, plenty of Welsh cake eating, talks from guest speakers, and even the opportunity to travel abroad and support our team in the six nations! For a great way to socialise and make new friends, come along to our fortnightly meetings at: The Southsider, West Richmond Street, Thursdays (starting 20th September) 8pm, and if you were wondering, you don’t have to be Welsh speaking to join...after all, we are all bred in heaven!

Socities Guide 09/10

West Coast Swing Dance Society West Coast Swing is a sleek and sassy partner dance style rapidly growing in popularity all around the UK. Edinburgh University is now providing an opportunity for experienced dancers and complete beginners to become part of a student based social network for WCS Dancing. We meet regularly to practise technique, styling and step patterns. Check out or website for details. The website also porvides more information on the dance style, dance tips, music suggestions and video clip examples of WCS dance by the world’s best! Student Society members enjoy special discounts to events run by BoogieNights; an Edinburgh based dance organisation, including workshops with international teachers and weekend dance events. EUWCSDS aims to run occasional workshop events exclusively for membersas well as semi-regular social dances. If you have any questions please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help you!

Wilderness Medicine The Wilderness Medical Society aims to promote opportunties in medical care and research outwith the hospital/primary care environment. Topics include high-altitude/mountain medicine, diving medicine, travel & tropical medicine, expedition medicine and immediate care. We organise a series of talks and workshops throughout the year, and in addition run trips to the highlands and research trips in the summer. Non-medics welcome!

Wind Band If you don’t want your musical talents to go to waste, but don’t fancy auditions either join us! EUWB was founded on the principles of no minimum standards and no auditions. The band has a growing reputation and consists of about 100 talented musicians so if you have a brass or woodwind instrument or play percussion, please come along to our rehearsals, Wednesdays 7-9.30pm at the Reid Concert

Hall. After rehearsal we can be found in Teviot, enjoying a light refreshment (or two). We enjoy numerous socials throughout the year? oh, and we play a concert at the end of each semester.. Check out our webpage for all the relevant info!

Wine Society

eums The Edinburgh University Wine Society gathers on a weekly basis on Monday evenings at 7.30pm. Every week we have a different theme for our tastings; given by local merchants, wine writers and wine makers from all over the world. Our aim is to extend our knowledge about the wonderful world of wine as well as simply enjoying it. After all it is just a drink. The meetings are very social and with all the great wine to taste it is no wonder it’s a great place to meet people. The highlights of the Wine Society’s calendar include the annual Christmas Dinner and the Champagne tasting saved for the end of the year. If you are a wine expert or you just enjoy drinking wine you are sure to have a really

fun time and come away with a bit of knowledge as well. More wine?


Yoga Society There are currently 5 Yoga classes running per week. Please see the Yoga Society website for full details.

Young Greens

ethicalinvestmentedinburgh@ We are the Young Greens at Edinburgh University, a group of students who prefer to be active rather than sitting around watching the world?s decline. We are an autonomous group with our own exciting campaigns focusing on green issues, both environmental and social. Yet, we are also in close contact with the Scottish Green Party. It?s not only that we sometimes help out at election time, but we are in regular contact with and often host talks from Green MSPs or other party members. We are keen to learn as much as possible about pressing

topics and either have speakers from outside or someone from our own circle. In following discussions we prepare thoroughly for campaigns and ensure that everyone?s voice is heard. To give you an idea, last semester a farmer from Bolivia who is involved in fairtrade came to talk to us. It was a unique opportunity to get firsthand information and perfectly fitted last semester?s focus on fair-trade. In the 09/10 session the area of main concern will be sustainability, with meetings on topics such as renewable energy, biofuels, and organic farming. To be sure, coming out from our meetings you?ll never be short of new enthusiasm and like-minded people with whom you can continue discussing at the pub. Join us and come to the Chaplaincy, Thursdays at 7.30pm!


Socities Guide 09/10

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