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The International University Sports Federation organised the 8th FISU FORUM in Abu Dhabi, UAE from March 25-30, 2006. As the FORUM was the perfect place for exchanging and understanding the different structure of University Sports around the world, it was also the occasion for the Regional and Continental University Sports Federations to present their activities to more than 180 participants from 65 countries. The structure and activities of the European Universities Sports Association (EUSA) were presented to the participants by its President Mr. Alberto Gualtieri and Secretary General Matjaž Pečovnik. The representatives of EUSA also took the occasion to have several meetings with the representatives of FISU and its member federations. The next FISU forum will take place in Krakow in 2008, while the next EUSA Symposium will take place in Moscow in 2007.

The candidate will raise their competencies and skills in organising sport event in the European level, get new experiences in different fields, learn about the culture of the country, get new friends all over the Europe and much more. The training course includes for example working as team attachés of the participating delegations or being a member of the organising committee, supporting the organizers in the competition fields (global coordination, manning information desks, communication between organization committee and referees, guests, etc.) The host of each EUC will cover the accommodation costs, food and transportation on the spot. The travelling costs to the EUC have to be paid by the student or his/her institution (except the volunteers who go to Eindhoven, where the OC will cover those costs). National university sport organisations are expected to send all the fulfilled applications to EUSA STC (siki@easl. ee). After the nomination, students will get official invitation to participate in the training course.

NEXT EUSA MEETINGS EUSA VOLUNTEER TRAINING PROGRAMME The EUSA Student Commission (STC) together with the Organising Committees of the European University Championships are looking for active students interested in Volunteers Training Program, who would like to participate as supporting organisers at the EUC in 2006. Active students from all over the Europe can apply for the place in EUSA STC training program. European Universiy Sports Association Office: Dunajska cesta 104, SI-1000 Ljubljana

The EUSA Student Commission will meet on its first meeting in 2006 in Valencia, Spain from April 20-22, 2006, while the next EUSA Executive Committee Meeting will be held in Moscow from June 8-11, 2006.


Candidatures EUC Table Tennis 2007- April 30, 2006 Chairman of the Technical Commission - April 30, 2006 Applications STC Volunteers Training Programme – April 18 and May 8, 2006. Phone: +386 40 75 00 75, Fax: +386 1 565 41 37 email:, website:


The 30th Austrian International University Ski Championships took place in Innerkrems. In lovely weather conditions and at a perfectly prepared slope athletes from 16 countries from all over Europe and North America were competing for the medals and valuable FIS points. Apparently international competitions in skiing are more popular than ever before. The ceremonies always took place directly after the competitions. The Vice Principal of the University of Klagenfurt, Mr. Martin Hitz, presented the medals and trophies. All in all, the 30th Austrian International Ski Championships were a big success especially due to this overwhelmingly big acceptance of so many countries.


The Croatian University Sports Federation will held its annual General Assembly on May 4, 2006 in Rijeka, the host city of the 7th EUC Volleyball 2007. The Assembly will among other also elect the new board of the federation. At the same time, the national university sports championships will be held in Rijeka.


Her Royal Highness the Princess Royal opened the new British Universities Sports Association (BUSA) offices on Tuesday 7th March 2006, as Patron of the Association. Princess Anne has been the Patron of BUSA since its creation in 1994. Her dedication, commitment and support have helped the Association’s growth as the National Governing Body of student sport. Other special guests on the day included John Inverdale, President of BUSA, Phil Atwell, Chairman, and new CEO Ian Randell. The new BUSA offices are located at 20-24 King’s Bench Street, London, SE1 OQX, the nearest station is Southwark. The old offices were in Union Street, London Bridge.


The Norwegian Association of University Sports has elected a new board. Mr. Henrik Abeler was elected as the new President and Mr. Geir Andrè Dalhus as the Vice -President of the Federation. The Secretary General remains Mr. Yngve Eikrem. More information can be found on the website: European Universiy Sports Association Office: Dunajska cesta 104, SI-1000 Ljubljana


Slovenian University Sports Association (SUSA) organised a meeting with rectors of universities in Slovenia on Thursday, March 2nd. All three rectors attended the meeting where the bid for Winter Universiade Maribor 2011 was presented. Ivan Rozman, rector of the University of Maribor, Andreja Kocijančič, rector of the University of Ljubljana and Lucija Čok, rector of the University of Primorska met with SUSA representatives lead by Otmar Kugovnik, president of SUSA together with Bodgan Čepič, vice-mayor of the City of Maribor. They discussed Slovenian candidature for the Winter Universiade 2011, and the effects the universiade would bring to Slovenia. The rectors embraced the idea, and offered their support to run for the event. After the meeting, everybody attended the opening of the Winter student sport festival in Maribor with national university alpine skiing and snowboarding championship, and alpine championship for universities employees.


By the end of May, when the Swedish spring meets the early summer, more than 1000 student athletes will meet in Uppsala to participate in the Studentiade. The Studentiade, which is a multi sport event with national championships in five sports and a number of side events, was introduced last year and was an immediate success. The Studentiade takes place from May 25th to 27th and includes national championships in football, floorball, beach volleyball, badminton and fencing. It also includes opening and closing ceremonies, exhibition matches and side events, such as trying new sports. According to Mr. Stefan Berg, FISU Vice President and Senior Advisor in the Organising Committee, the Studentiade is a manifestation of Swedish University Sports in its widest and best sense. More info:


FISU moved its Headquarters to new premises. The inauguration of the new FISU offices at the Château de la Solitude in Auderghem in Brussels will take place on Saturday May 27th between 12:30 pm and 15:00 pm. The FISU Executive Committee will meet on its regular meeting from May 25-27, 2006. FISU has also invited the member federations to the World University Presidential Summit, which will be organised from July 22-25, 2006 in Bangkok. At the same time, the FISU World Rectors Conference will be held in Bangkok. Phone: +386 40 75 00 75, Fax: +386 1 565 41 37 email:, website:


University of Primorska, SLO (men) and University of J.E. Purkyne, CZE (women). More information: E-mail: Web: Tel.: +39 06 333 1961 Fax: +39 06 334 0989 Entry fee: 20 € per person Participation fee: 45 € per person per day


University of J.E. Purkyne, University of Belgrade, St. Gallen University, University of Tartu, University of Stuttgart, University of Maastricht, Istanbul Bilgi University, University of Heidelberg, Radboud University Nijmegen, London Metropolitan University, German Sport University Cologne, Dublin City University, Technical University Eindhoven, Russian State University of Physical Culture, Sport & Tourism, University of Graz, Estonian University of Life Sciences, Sheffield Hallam University, Technical University Munich, University of Latvia, University of Ljubljana, Cyprus College Nicosia, University of Neuchatel, University of Bahçeşehir, Vienna University of Technology, University of Camerino, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, University of Groningen, Institute of Technology Sligo, University of Lisbon, University of Novi Sad, Radboud University Nijmegen, University of Stuttgart, …and many, many more….…. JOIN NOW!


The 1st EUC in Handball will be held in Besancon / FRA from June 26 to July 1, 2006. University teams from 7 European countries have already announced their BESANÇON 2006 participation. It is still time to join! Please contact the Organising Committee on: E-mail: Tel.: +33 3 8166 6116 Fax: +33 3 8166 5842 Website: Entry fee: 20 € per person Participation fee: 45 € per person per day


After Aveiro 2001, Portugal is hosting another European University Basketball Championship. The event will take place in Guimaraes from July 11 to 16, 2006. 22 teams GUIMARAES 2006 registered up to now are a perfect announcement that we can expect a record participation. 2005 Champions: University of Ljubljana, SLO (women) and University of Bahçeşehir, TUR (men).

The 3rd European University Beach-Volleyball Championship will take place in Latina / ITA from 22.06. - 25.06.2006. The Organising Committee has already LATINA 2006 received the entry forms from 34 university teams from 14 European countries and expects that the record of 39 teams from Portorose (SLO) 2005 will be broken. Champions 2005:

Organising Committee contact: Tel.: +351 253 604 120, Mobile +351 91 762 6747, Fax: +351 253 678 956 E-mail: Website: Entry fee: 20 € per person Participation fee: 40 € per person per day European Universiy Sports Association Office: Dunajska cesta 104, SI-1000 Ljubljana

Phone: +386 40 75 00 75, Fax: +386 1 565 41 37 email:, website:


Lisbon (POR) is the host city of the 3rd European University Badminton Championships. 12 European university teams have already announced their participation at the LISBON 2006 event, which will take place from July 13 – 16, 2006. The Organising Committee invites all the countries, who haven´t yet sent the General Entry forms, to do that as soon as possible. More information: E-mail: Tel.: +351 21 780 3981 Mobile: +351 91 661 4549 Fax: +351 21 780 3989 Website: Entry fee: 20 € per person Participation fee: 45 € per person per day

place in Novi Sad, SCG from July 17-24, 2006. 13 university teams have registered up to now, among them also the Champion 2005: University of Novi Sad. E-mail: Tel., fax: +381 21 450 670 Website: Entry fee: 20 € per person Participation fee: 45 € per person per day


European University Championships in Football, Volleyball and Tennis will be organised from July 2-8 in Eindhoven, NED. The EINDHOVEN 2006 Organising Committee has done a great work up to now, which resulted in record participation numbers. 16 women and 15 men European university teams for EUC Volleyball, 12 women and 12 men teams for EUC Tennis and 12 men and 6 women teams for EUC Football have already registered. At the same time, the first European Students


15 teams were present at the last EUC Futsal, which took place in Latina / ITA. The Organising Committee of EUC 2006 is doing their best to have maximum number of teams this year. The event will take


Water Polo Trophy will be also organised in Eindhoven. For more information please contact the Organising Committee: E-mail: Tel.: +31 40 247 5877 Fax: +31 40 247 4437 Website: Entry fee: 20 € per person Participation fee: 45 € per person per day


The only EUSA event, which will be organised in September, is the European University Rowing Championship. The host city is Brive / FRA, the championship will take place from September 1-3, 2006. In Cardiff 2005, more than 300 participants were competing for the titles of the champions. More information and forms will be published on the EUSA website soon. Dealine for the General Entry: June 1, 2006 Entry fee: 20 € per person Participation fee: 45 € per person per day European Universiy Sports Association Office: Dunajska cesta 104, SI-1000 Ljubljana

Phone: +386 40 75 00 75, Fax: +386 1 565 41 37 email:, website:

OTHER UNIVERSITY SPORTS EVENTS IN EUROPE APRIL, MAY 34th Batavierenrace - Nijmegen, NED; April 21 - 22, 2006 World’s largest relay-race with more than 7,500 students participating. The relay-race consists of 25 stages (divided into 17 stages for men and 8 for women) which totals 185 km. The length of the stages varies between 3.4 and 11.9 kilometres. After the race, the biggest student party in the Netherlands will take place on the campus of the University of Twente. More info: 10th University Sailing Regatta - Zadar, CRO; May 10 - 13, 2006 The 10th jubilee sailing regatta will try to create a unique organisational model of regatta, by including the boats of particular world universities led by the ambassador of that particular country, as well as sponsors that play important role in university teaching, electronic industry and shipbuilding - all competing together in the waters of the Zadar Channel. More info: XXII SELL Games - Tartu, EST; May 19 - 21, 2006 XXII SELL Games are like a small “Student Olympics” with 13 different sports events. During the three days you

can enjoy both sports competitions and fun in an international environment. If you are strong in sports, come and demonstrate it, here is the chance to compare yourself with your colleagues from other countries. Info: http:// 38th International A.S.A Games - Tel Aviv, ISR; May 19 - 25, 2006 The friendship basketball tournament where Europe, Asia, and Africa meet. Beside the sporting events, the organisers are preparing cultural events, and tours of Jerusalem, Dead Sea, Nazareth, Sea of Galillee, Tiberias, Tel-Aviv, Jaffa. Winners receive medals and trophies, and all participants receive a special souvenir kit. More information. 14th Volleyball-Mixed-Tournament - Zittau, GER; May 26 - 28, 2006 The tournament includes 276 games on 12 courts. The start will be on Friday, May 26, 2006 at 3 p.m., end on Sunday, May 28, 2006 at 3 p.m. Arrival on Thursday is possible. Party on Friday and Saturday. 2x dinner and 2x breakfast obtainable. More information: For more info please check the Event Calendar on our website:


Valencia, ESP



La Rochele, FRA



Vinicne, SVK



Paralimni, CYP


Table Tennis

Maribor, SLO



Trakai, LIT



Kosice, SVK



Gdansk, POL



Lausanne, SUI



Poznan, POL



Szeged, HUN



Torino, ITA


Sailing (match racing)

Palma, ESP



Bern, SUI


More information: European Universiy Sports Association Office: Dunajska cesta 104, SI-1000 Ljubljana

Phone: +386 40 75 00 75, Fax: +386 1 565 41 37 email:, website:

EUSA-Event Calendar EUSA events & FISU events, organised by member federations of EUSA

2006 22.06. – 25.06.

EUC Beach – Volleyball

26.06. – 01.07.

EUC Handball

Besancon / FRA

02.07. – 09.07.

EUC Volleyball

Eindhoven / NED

02.07. – 09.07.

EUC Football

Eindhoven / NED

02.07. – 09.07.

EUC Tennis

Eindhoven / NED

11.07. – 16.07.

EUC Basketball

Guimaraes / POR

13.07. – 16.07.

EUC Badminton

Lisbon / POR

18.07. – 23.07.

EUC Futsal

02.09. – 03.09.

EUC Rowing

Novi Sad / SCG

Brive / FRA

For more events please see: / Event Calendar European Universiy Sports Association Office: Dunajska cesta 104, SI-1000 Ljubljana

Latina / ITA

Phone: +386 40 75 00 75, Fax: +386 1 565 41 37 email:, website:

European University Sports Newsletter  

Newsletter of the European University Sports Association 2/2006

European University Sports Newsletter  

Newsletter of the European University Sports Association 2/2006