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12 - 18 JULY 2012



Passengers flee bus fire FOUR passengers on board a bus travelling on the MA-19 towards Llucmajor had to make their escape when the engine caught fire. By the time firefighters arrived on the scene, the bus driver had already extinguished the flames.

Airport shops BIG DISCOUNTS: But many shoppers are not being lured in.


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Mallorca’s summer sales fail to impress ALTHOUGH shop-owners across Mallorca have expressed a variety of opinions about this summer’s sales, the general consensus is that they are proving to be unsuccessful. Commercial management firm Pimeco evaluated how the first week of the sales had gone compared to last month and last year.

Pimeco recently rated the region’s activity at five points out of 10, after 10 months of lower ratings. Sixty per cent of Mallorca shopowners reported improved sales since May; 70 per cent in Palma agreed while only 50 per cent on the rest of the island saw any improvement.

Before the start of this year’s sales, 12 per cent of shopkeepers predicted improved activity; 39 per cent believed sales would decrease and 49 per cent believed that it would be about the same as in 2011. After the first week of sales, 33 per cent of shopkeepers reported an improvement while 53 per cent saw a decrease. Fourteen per cent of shops had results similar to last year. President of the Inca Shopkeepers Pep Nicolau The region was beaten only by said that customers had spent an average of €65 Cataluña’s 24 Blue Flags. Two ports in Ibiza, another two in each, €20 less than in Menorca and one in Formentera account 2011. He has higher hopes for the autumn season, for the remaining Blue Flag recipients. saying: “Starting in September, business will get stronger.” Ex-president of the same group, Rafael Cortes, was less optimistic, claiming: “Until Inca provides free parking to shoppers, business will not improve.”

Blue Flags fly over islands SIXTEEN of Mallorca’s ports and clubs have been awarded Blue Flag status, helping the Balearic region to claim the title of second most awarded region in Spain, with 21 flags.

PALMA Airport has inaugurated five new businesses and two restaurants. They include clothing shops, and ‘multishops’ which sell everything from sweets to handbags. This is part of the airport’s campaign to diversify.

Safety first OF the 67 breath tests carried out by police in Northern Mallorca on one day, only three drivers were under the influence of alcohol. The heightened control is part of Mallorca’s push towards safety in urban areas.

Chair attack A BRITON was arrested by Calvia Police after allegedly hitting a young Spaniard in the face with a metal chair in Magalluf. The victim sustained a deep laceration running from his forehead to his lips.



12 - 18 July 2012


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Palma crackdown on beach drinking


Pricy holidays in Balearics THE BALEARIC ISLANDS is the most expensive region (along with CataluĂąa) for holiday rentals, according to TripAdvisor. The average price for a room is â‚Ź691 per week during the months of July and August.

By Nicole Hallett A SLIDING scale of penalties for drinking on the beach has been introduced by Palma de Mallorca City Hall. The aim is to raise the tone of its tourist industry by seeing fewer young drinkers and replacing them with a ‘more discerning’ type of visitor. They argue that mass boozing sessions are driving away families, intimidating children and leading to drunken disturbances among tankedup tourists, while often the bottles are left littering the beaches. The posters, which feature a large yellow bucket with straws and a small bottle, state: ‘No en la playa’ - ‘Not on the beach’ - and first appeared next to the beach last month to warn that those who break the rules face a maximum fine of â‚Ź1,800. Austrians are reportedly the worst culprits followed by the Germans, and Britons third in terms of misbehaviour,

Rough arrest FIFTY people gathered outside Palma Government offices to protest at what they consider to be police brutality and a ‘new act of repression’. This came after an 18-year-old who had been arrested reported ‘physical and psychological abuse’ by the Guardia Civil.

LITTER: Palma City Hall hopes to clean-up Mallorca’s image. according to City Hall. “It was high time we did something,� said Palma’s public safety officer Guillermo Navarro, while Neus Perona from the tourism office said that the new laws are meant to ‘make the area more peaceful’.

Meanwhile, up to 60 per cent of Playa de Palma’s existing 40,000 hotel beds are to be ‘eradicated, and replaced with hotels that will attract a more discerning tourist’, according to the consortium in charge of the resort’s development.






Dep. Legal DLPM-140-2004

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12 - 18 July 2012



Doctor sentenced after 24 years A WELL-KNOWN Palma doctor was found guilty and sentenced for performing unnecessary surgery on a nine-year-old girl. The patient, who is now 33, presently suffers from kidney failure, but will receive €225,000 in damages from the doctor. In 1985, the girl’s parents took her to the urologist for a urinary tract infection.

More electricity used MALLORCA consumed more electricity this year than last. Between January and June, the island used 2.6 per cent more electricity than over the same period in 2011. Since June of this year, electricity consumption has risen by 5.9 per cent.

Over the course of three years, the doctor performed a variety of tests which showed no abnormalities. Months later after more tests, the doctor diagnosed the girl with reflux in her gall bladder and recommended what he called a simple surgery. When the girl’s condition worsened after the operation, it became evident the procedure was a failure.

According to various experts who testified before the Palma court, the operation was unnecessary. Eventually the girl’s family took her to a Barcelona hospital where experts assured her parents her original condition could have been easily treated with antibiotics. Over the years, the girl developed kidney disease requiring dialysis and is currently waiting for a kidney donor.

HANDY MONEY: €500 notes bring smiles to Paige Morrisson (right), younger brother Aaron and sister Rosie, from Arroyo de la Miel, Benalmadena.

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Healthcare staff MALLORCA’S government is providing more than €1 million to The Mallorca Institute of Social Affairs to hire more healthcare workers. Employees of the institute recently complained of a 10 per cent decrease in the budget for personnel.

Arrested A MAGALUF prostitute was arrested for allegedly beating and robbing a young Briton. The woman led the man to an alleyway where she punched and hit him with a bottle before making off with his wallet.

‘Thief’ caught THE Guardia Civil arrested a woman, 45, in Palmanova for alleged robbery. After the woman spent the night at a friend’s house she allegedly left with two mobile phones and €1,000.

Six arrests FOUR individuals were arrested in Llucmajor, Pollenca and San Antonio charged with domestic violence, which led to the arrest of two more people for allegedly violating a restraining order.

Failed burglary ARTA Guardia Civil arrested a man, aged 39, for alleged burglary. When police arrived at the scene, they saw the individual climbing over a wall into the house.

Stolen iPad A YOUNG lady reported her iPad stolen at a beach in San Antonio. Police were able to track down and arrest two individuals they believed to be involved, aged 23 and 25.

False jobs

Cashing in on €500 notes


ANY businesses refuse to take them. Some traders hide behind the excuse they have no change, others remember years ago alerts about forgeries. But now - officially - it has been revealed that the number of €500 notes in circulation in Spain has risen for the first time this year. In May the total figure was 98.7 million... 1 million more than in April, according to the Bank of Spain. Combined, all the €500 notes in circulation throughout Spain amount to €49.3 billion. However, in May 2011, €51.03 billion in €500

notes was in circulation, considerably less than in October 2008, when €56.38 billion was out and about in €500 notes. In some countries €500 notes are known as ‘Bin Ladens’, the banknote everybody knows exists but few, other than criminals, ever see. How many €500 notes are in circulation depends solely on the demand from banks who in turn respond to demand from clients. Some sources say that the increasing number in circulation is due to the tendency to pay ‘under the table’, thereby avoiding tax.

British teenager survives fall A BRITISH teenager has survived an eight metre fall from his hotel balcony in Magaluf. While the fall could have been fatal, the tourist got off with a fractured knee, injuring his legs and arms and breaking a vertebrae, according to Spanish newspaper reports. The teenager had arrived that same day with a group of friends. Investigations reportedly established the man was drunk at the time of the fall and officers have been questioning those responsible for the hotel apartments and the victim’s friends to find out why the teenager fell.

Quote of the week


We must improve the situation for local workers’

Enrique Perez, the government Sub-Delegate in Huelva, where this year, no Moroccan immigrants will be hired to work in the strawberry fields as usual.

Number of the week


of drivers who died in traffic accidents in 2011 tested positive for alcohol or drugs. According to the National Institute of Toxicology, almost 73 per cent had drunk alcohol.

Lost flags SINCE 2009 Manacor’s beaches and ports went from 10 blue flags to zero. Joan Gomila, responsible for the Porto Cristo zone, blamed this on the fact that two lifeguards had been hired for each beach, which was ‘unnecessary.’

POLICE arrested 186 people in Mallorca in the last year for their alleged involvement in a €700,000 fraud. They were part of a network selling false job contracts for €300 to €600 each.

Road funds BY the end of July the Ministry of Public Works will decide how to spend €333 million that Madrid is paying the Balearic Islands next year. They would like to use the funds to improve highways and roads.

Moving on MALLORCA government’s president, Jose Ramon Bauza, aims to get the community moving with the International Tourism and Athletic Forum on October 18 and 20.

and finally... A TARRAGONA court has admitted the appeal presented by the State and suspended plans for a cannabis plantation in Rasquera, Cataluña, as a precautionary measure. The town hall planned to supply cannabis to a private company to boost municipal coffers.



12 - 18 July 2012 Mallorca


Jealous husband A PALMA man, aged 53, was arrested after allegedly attacking his wife and neighbour. Police reported that the man admitted to the crimes and acted on his suspicion that the two were having an affair.

Good swim A TOTAL of 1,443 people swam 683,931 metres to benefit Multiple Sclerosis. The Balearic Multiple Sclerosis Association thanked those who participated.

Foster families FORTY-FOUR children from Belarus and the Ukraine were united with their foster families at Palma Airport thanks to the work of the Per Ells association.

Man set free must go to a psychiatric unit A MAN who was arrested and charged for property damage in Palma was set free under the condition that he admits himself to a psychiatric ward. The 30-year-old from Mali (Africa) was pursued along Calle Emili Darder by police while he allegedly used a

hammer to shatter the windows of seven establishments including banks, shops, and cybercafés. He ultimately took cover in the flat on Calle Arc de Sant Marti from which he had been evicted. The man then reportedly began to throw stones from a window,

Bicipalma deficit prompts changes PALMA Mobility councillor, Gabriel Vallejo, is working to chip away at a possible €315,000 deficit from the Bicipalma bicycle service. Vallejo aims to make a “more efficient” system by improving service and increasing income through marketing and adjustment of user fees. Resident and bonus passes, including yearly or weekly cards, will have additional fees: After 30 minutes riders will be charged €0.50; between 61 and 90 minutes, €1; and between 91 and 120 minutes, €1.50.

It’s our birthday


Celebrating with graffiti THIRTY graffiti artists will paint Nelson Street in Bristol for an Olympic 2012 Festival event. It is part of the summer arts festival that will take place all over the country.

ultimately hitting a police officer and shattering car windscreens below. His defence attorney, Bartolome Guerrero, argued that the man suffers from a temporary mental disorder caused by his financial desperation after being evicted and spending the past two years unemployed. Guerrero explained that the African man has lived in Spain for 14 years and formerly made his living as a builder.

Frog prince

Tourists raped

SERVICE: Plans to increase income.


Stories making headlines from the United Kingdom

WITHIN the last week several tourists have been sexually assaulted in the Palmanova (Calvia) region. The Guardia Civil is investigating rapes which occurred in the early hours near busy party areas in the city. The majority of the victims were young British tourists.

CONSERVATION organisation, Amphibian Ark, honoured Prince Charles by naming a new frog species after him. The Hyloscirtus was princecharlesi named to thank him for his involvement in rainforest preservation.

Uni ambition A MOTHER in Nottinghamshire is surprised that her daughter, 14, would rather go to university than get breast implants when she turns 18.

16th July


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12 - 18 July 2012






12 - 18 July 2012 Mallorca

THE average wait for an operation in Spain has now risen to 73 days. At the beginning of this year, there were 459,885 people on the waiting list for an operation in Spain, 67,813 more than the same time last year. Almost 10 per cent of people in Spain wait more than six months for an operation, and although the average wait is 73 days, this varies depending on the specialty. Those with the longest waiting lists are plastic surgery, paediatric surgery and brain surgery, with an average of between 90 and 98 days.

Murder suspect found hiding out in Morocco MOROCCAN authorities arrested a man suspected of murdering a family at their home in 2011. In April 2011, Jifeng ‘Jeff’ Ding, his wife Ge ‘Helen’ Chui and their two daughters Xing, 18, and Alice, 12, were murdered in Northampton. British national Anxiang Du, 53, from Coventry, was declared the only suspect soon after the discovery. Crimestoppers reported that he was believed to be hiding in Northern Morocco, having travelled there from Southern Spain. He had left the UK soon after the crime and travelled from Victoria bus station, London, on a bus to Paris. After this he


Patients wait longer for operations


Stories making headlines from Germany

Fast student is sued A GERMAN university student has been sued by the private economics and business school he studied at because he finished his Bachelors and Masters degrees in three semesters instead of the usual 11.

Told to lie AN IRANIAN woman has been denied asylum in Germany due to her sexual orientation, which in her country is punishable by whipping and even death. The court suggested she should go back to Iran and hide her sexuality. MURDERED FAMILY: Jifeng Ding, his wife and two children. Inset SUSPECT: Anxiang Du. travelled through France into Spain. His last known journey was to Algeciras where he caught a ferry to Tangiers, Morocco, where he was finally located. He was carrying several thousand pounds in cash. and may have

earned some money thanks to his knowledge of herbal medicine while on the run. Officers confirmed that the detainee was the suspect before an official communiqué was issued. Du has been located and arrested, and can be

brought back to the UK to stand trial, Crimestoppers confirmed. The Home Office will deal with his extradition. There was a £25,000 reward available in the UK for information leading to his arrest.

Four years in prison for scythe killing A MAN has been sentenced to four years in prison for killing his neighbour with a scythe in Guadalajara in 2009. The court ruled out the man’s claims that he acted in self-defence, and the guard who worked on the urbanisation where they lived confirmed that the accused stuck the scythe in the other man’s head. This event followed a row between several members of each of the men’s


families. A group of people, including the victim, forced their way into the attacker’s house. He took hold of the scythe to attempt to make them back off, and when they continued to approach him, he struck the fatal blow, which he said in court was ‘bad luck’ for the victim. He will have to pay compensation to the victim’s parents and daughter, as well as the legal costs.



Metro fashion BERLIN FASHION Week began with an improvised underground catwalk in the U5 metro line. More than 400 passengers admired the new collections shown by 17 different designers and brand names.

Turtle fossils NINE pairs of fossilised turtles were found at the fossil site called Messel Pit near Frankfurt. Two had died while still mating, making them unique given that vertebrate fossils had never been discovered this way.

Not witches COLOGNE CITY COUNCIL has decided to pardon 38 women who were sentenced to death for witchcraft nearly 400 years after their execution.


12 - 18 July 2012


Codex theft was ‘revenge’ THE Calixtine Codex, stolen from the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, was recovered almost a year to the day it disappeared. The oldest known copy of the codex, it dates from the 12th century and is a guide for pilgrims making their way to Santiago, said to be the resting place of the apostle, James. Investigators soon discarded the theory that the codex, the absence of which was first noticed on July 5 last year and whose value is said to be incalculable, was stolen to order for a collector. It was clearly an inside job and on July 3, police arrested Manuel Fernandez CastiĂąeiras, a self-employed electrician. He had worked at the cathedral for more than 25 years until his services were dispensed with in July 2009. His wife, together with their son and his girlfriend were also taken in for questioning last week but

‘Witchdoctor’ promised to cure women with sex A ‘SHAMAN’ who told women who visited him that he could cure them with kisses and sexual acts has been acquitted. The Sevilla Public Prosecutor was asking for 11 years in prison for the man, aged 59, for five counts of sexual assault between July and September 2010. The women who visited his office in Mairena del Aljarafe, Sevilla, complained that he had fondled them and told them to undress, claiming that he would cure them of their sexual inhibitions. Although the court did not question the women’s claims, the man was acquitted because all of the victims were adults who ‘could have but didn’t’ ask him to stop.





HIDDEN TREASURE: Codex found amongst the junk.




notable artefacts, amongst them a valuable Book of Hours also found in the garage. His former friendly relationship with the dean soured shortly after he allegedly forged a work contract, sources said. Fernandez, who claimed but did not receive â‚Ź30,000 for unjust dismissal, took the codex and other objects as revenge, they revealed.

Hunting amongst old bedsteads, bicycles and other assorted junk police found the priceless codex wrapped in newspaper, inside a plastic bag. Fernandez, who earns a modest living, could not account for the large sums of money and the family homes. Allegedly he had long been suspected of taking money from the collection boxes and pilfering less

denied knowledge of the theft. Police searching their two homes in Milladoiro, five kilometres from Santiago de Compostela, found keys to the cathedral and â‚Ź1.2 million in cash. But the case did not progress and investigators began to fear the codex would never be located. Finally the son mentioned a garage that the family owned, 200 metres away.

Police seize 60 art forgeries NINE people were arrested for producing and selling forgeries of paintings by famous Spanish artists including Goya, Sorolla and Picasso. Sixty fakes were seized following an investigation in Madrid and Cordoba after an official complaint was lodged by the owners of copyright to the originals. Initial enquiries took police to a Madrid antiques shop selling works purportedly painted between the 16th and 19th centuries and certified as genuine by art




experts. Further investigations revealed that the dealer had a network of trusted associates, amongst them his son. One collaborator, based in Cordoba, commissioned the copies. These were then sent to Madrid where they were signed after being aged and ‘distressed’. They were later accredited either by experts paid to certify phoney provenance, or genuine authorities not specialists in the particular field they were authenticating.






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SCANDINAVIAN PRESS Stories making headlines in Denmark, Norway and Sweden

Saver Danes DENMARK – Danish citizens are still saving money despite the economic crisis and low interest rates the banks are giving. The amount saved is equal to half of Denmark’s GDP.

Strike goes on NORWAY – The oil strike over workers’ pension benefits in the North Sea has shut down several oil rigs, costing companies a fortune each day.

School issues SWEDEN – A teenager was told by teachers at Munkgard High School to ‘tone down’ her homosexuality in response to classmates’ harassment for being gay. She had to leave the school and has since pressed charges.

Old myth laid to rest by official figures MEN can forget their inferences regarding women drivers because it is now official: women are safer drivers. There were 25,799,005 drivers registered in 2011, of whom 10,369,836 were women according to Spain’s traffic authority, DGT. But of the 1,278 drivers who died in accidents on main roads, only 131 were women. Further figures giving mortality rates for fatal accidents on urban roads and streets reveal that there were 19 women amongst the 233 who lost their lives. By 2011, when the driving licence points system had been

IT’S OFFICIAL: Women are safer drivers. operating for five years, 79 per cent of drivers who lost points

were male, and 21 per cent female, according to the DGT. Should anyone still be in need of convincing, in a recent rehabilitation from whom he was class held in Madrid divorced, and told her to for drivers who lose look out of the window all their driving before he crashed the car licence points, there so she could ‘see what were 19 men and one she deserved’. woman. Secrecy has since been Indisputably a imposed upon the case. question of point and points - taken.

Father and son found dead in crashed car GUARDIA CIVIL in Vecindario (Gran Canaria) are investigating whether a man, 51, deliberately crashed his car with his son inside following an argument with his wife. The Guardia Civil found

12 - 18 July 2012

that the boy, 10, had three knife wounds and suspect that he may have been killed before the car crashed. Traces of blood were found in his home. The man had reportedly called his wife,

Office workers find urine in coffee A COURT in Guadix, Granada is investigating how there came to be urine in the coffeemaker at the local land registry office. Staff at the office lodged an official complaint with the Guardia Civil after noticing the coffee had a strange smell and taste. A sample of the coffee was analysed, confirming there was urine in it, and the coffee-maker was seized. According to the local Press, there are problems amongst the staff and it is suspected that one of them put urine in the coffee on purpose.

12 - 18 July 2012




10 EWN

12 - 18 July 2012 Mallorca

12 - 18 July 2012

Stat of week RESIDENTS in Cantabria (Northern Spain) consume the most water, at 173 litres per person, per day, according to the National Institute of Statistics.




Cruise appeal may see more young set sail


usiness extra

Oil use falling BRITAIN will consume less oil this year than in previous years, according to a projection in Oil and Gas UK’s annual report. A 19 per cent drop in 2011 caused analysts to reconsider what they thought was going to be a 2012 increase.

Winning exits ROGER BOOTLE and his team from Capital Economics, a British consultancy, won the Wolfson Economics Prize of €313,327 for their proposal on how a country can leave the euro.

Swiss ‘no’ SWITZERLAND is uninterested in backing the European Union’s oil sanctions on Iran. While announcing the intention to toughen measures against the Islamic state it is against banning Iranian oil deals due to ‘foreign policy reasons’.

& legal

By Business Reporter Brendan Small CRUISE holidays are increasingly appealing to younger holidaymakers. While cruises are often associateed with senior consumers, latest research indicates that 40 per cent of British tourists aged between 15 and 24 will consider taking cruises in the future. The rather startling survey figures follow recent predictions by the Spanish Government Tourist Board Turespaña that this summer will see 2-4 per cent fewer British tourists in Spain. These figures were based on flight capacity and bookings with main British tour operators by the end of April. With Barcelona, Valencia, Cadiz, the Canary Islands and Malaga already key ports in Spain for cruise liners, and Marbella hoping in future to attract more cruise liners, more young people taking holidays afloat could provide a much-needed further fillip to the nation’s tourist revenue in the present dire economic times. British tourists make up the greatest number of visitors to Spain each year, accounting for 40 per cent of holidaymakers visiting

the Costa del Sol. Research released by Mintel, a leading global supplier of consumer, product and media intelligence for 40 years also indicates that while only 4 per cent of 15-24s have ever been on a cruise, compared to 32 per cent of 65-74 year-olds, 40 per cent of the younger bracket of travellers see life afloat as a good way of visiting and exploiring different destinations. They also think cruises offer a good opportunity to meet new people. Tom Rees, Senior Travel and Tourism Analyst at Mintel, said: “Young adults like the idea of an adventure at sea and the house party atmosphere of an onboard holiday can appeal to many young package holidaymakers as a change from resort-based trips. “The key is getting the product right. Given the market trend towards shorter cruises departing from UK ports, short themed breaks or even floating music festivals, promoted through social media, can be a way to attract a younger clientele.” Overall, while consumers have cut down on spending in the current economic • Turn to Page 16

Comeback for Pierre, 90 PIERRE CARDIN, the Italian-born menswear pioneer, is planning a comeback fashion show in Paris...just in time for his 90th birthday. The French capital had a huge impact on the fashion veteran’s career, as it is where he started his brand which has been among the leading designer labels for decades.




LAND AHOY: More young people are now interested in cruise holidays, so Spain, including Malaga (above) could benefit.




12 - 18 July 2012 Mallorca

Build permission from community a must


A query has arisen in our community. Does a building permit issued by the town hall take precedence over a decision by the Community of Owners at their Annual General Meeting (AGM)? If an owner has been refused permission to carry out building work on his apartment by majority vote at the meeting, then obtains a building licence from the town hall to permit him to carry out the work, can he go ahead, regardless of the decision by the community? Is the town hall obliged to have evidence of agreement by the community before issuing licences? We would be grateful for your advice. J B (email)

Cheers to Shed of the Year JOHN PLUMRIDGE from Shrewsbury, Shropshire, won the 2012 Shed of the Year award with his garden shed-turned-working pub. More than 2,000 Britons entered their sheds which had been transformed into a variety of small businesses.

£££ BRITISH banks gave the world a slight scare when they, along with China and some parts of Europe, loosened monetary policy within an hour of each other. All played down the


ritish usiness riefs

paralleled move.

£££ INSURER Aviva has got the ball rolling on their plan to close more than a quarter of its businesses. After pressure from discontented investors, the company has sold part of its stake in Denmark’s Delta Lloyd for £318 million (€398.7 million).

TYPICALLY BRITISH: An ordinary garden shed.

£££ GREGGS, known for its baked on-the-go products, is coming out on top after fighting the British government’s ‘pasty tax’ along with other companies which would have imposed 20 per cent VAT on the freshly prepared treats when sold hot from outlets, including in train stations.

You and the No, the building Law in Spain permit issued by the By David Searl Ayuntamiento does not override the requirement to obtain the consent of the Community of Owners. And, yes, the authorisation of the community should accompany the request for a building permit. Let us suppose the owner of a house in a normal town street, where no Community of Property Owners is involved, wants to enclose a terrace. He applies for a building permit, which is granted, and he carries out the work. End of story. Now let us take the owner of a flat which forms part of a Community of Property Owners. He has an extra obligation to obtain the consent of the other owners before he carries out any work which will alter the appearance of the building. If this owner goes ahead with the work without permission of the AGM, the community can obtain a court order to have the work demolished, at the owner’s expense. He can be charged court costs as well. Finally, the Ayuntamiento is not responsible for finding out whether the owner who requests a building permit is a member of a Community of Property Owners. It is the owner who is responsible for producing the consent of the community as part of his application for the licence.


David will respond to queries but reserves the right to select letters which will be of interest to the greatest number of readers. You can also consult David through lawyers Ubeda-Retana and Associates in Fuengirola. or call 952 667 090.

Olympics not always sport and finance... All eyes will be on the UK later this month when the London Olympics open. Analyst Jim Collins takes a break from his normal business column to WITH the countdown to the 2012 Olympic Games in the UK now just a matter of days, while sports followers will soon be checking every performance, financiers will be looking at every penny spent. Looking back to the days before money counted so much, anyone interested in athletics will point out that it was Baron Pierre de Coubertin who founded the Modern Olympic Games. And that seems fair enough, for he fought long and hard to reestablish the Olympics, and to have them inaugurated in 1890 in Athens, the home of the original games. But where did De Coubertin obtain his original inspiration? Given answers range from the baron’s interest in the interuniversity athletic events in Britain and the United States through to the classical Greek tradition itself. But they are likely to be wrong. The fire that was to become his life’s work was in fact ignited in Much Wenlock, a small town in the English county of Shropshire, where De Coubertin, whilst staying with a friend, became interested in a local annual athletics event dating back to the 17th century. Even to this day of almost instantaneous international sports coverage, it continues. There are many misapprehensions concerning the Olympic Games, one being that originally it was forbidden for professionals to compete. When the original rules were drawn up, and based as they were

historically look behind the scenes of what in the last three decades has become every four years one of the world’s biggest financial gambles.

OLYMPICS AHEAD: The main stadium built for this summer’s games. upon those of the UK’s Henley Regatta, they reflected the upperclass view of the time that the ‘lower orders’ were incapable of understanding the concepts of fair play and sportsmanship. Mind you, going by some of the shenanigans that have recently come to light, the fault appears to lie perhaps with some of the officials rather than the competitors. However, returning to the definition of ‘professional’: in the early days, a lad with a Saturday job, earning a few shillings pocketmoney mucking-out loose-boxes in a professional horse-trainer’s stables, could have found himself, years later, excluded from competing in the Olympic Games even, say, in a sailing event. It all depended upon local and personal interpretation of the rules. This continued into the post-war London Games of 1948, when there was much discussion about the validity of Britain’s only gold medal.

Harry Llewellyn riding Foxhunter won the showjumping event, but since he was a professional trainer, arguments raged as to whether the award was valid. Finally, in a typical British diplomatic solution, it was decided that it was Foxhunter, competing as an amateur that had won, and so the horse was awarded the Gold Medal. The early Olympics, attempting to follow the ancient Greek pattern, included such disciplines as Art (remaining in the list until 1948), and Literature, in which De Coubertin himself won gold in 1912 with his poem ‘Ode To Sport’ submitted under a nom-de-plume to forestall any accusations of favouritism on the part of the judges. Far from poems, some of the officials at this year’s Olympics will no doubt be looking as much at the bottom line as they will at the sporting events of any one day.

12 - 18 July 2012





News On The UK Statutory Residence Test

WE finally have some more information on the new UK statutory residence test, following the consultation period which ended last September. The test is due to start on 6th April 2013 and will determine whether or not an 2) You are an arriver individual is liable for UK and spend fewer than income and capital gains 46 days in the UK in the tax, wherever they arise. current year (previously The Treasury has 45), or by David Franks, released draft legislation Financial Correspondent, 3) You left the UK to s that builds on the responses carry out full time work nk Fra s Blevin received, alongside a abroad and spend less summary of the responses than 90 days in the UK and no more and proposed changes. It than 20 working days. There are detailed rules remains committed to the original for those working abroad. structure, though there have been Part B lists the circumstances under which some small changes, and believes you would always be considered UK tax the test is “a fair way of resident: determining residence status”. 1) Your only home/homes is in the UK, or The distinction between 2) You spend 183 or more days in the UK a “leavers” (individuals who were year, or UK resident in one or more of the 3) You are working full time in the UK, previous three tax years) and covering a continuous period of nine months (it “arrivers” (not resident in all of the may be increased to 12) and 75% or more of previous three tax years) remains, your duties are carried out there. and there are different rules for each category. Getting it wrong If neither test is conclusive, Part C will could be costly so for peace of determine whether or not you are UK resident mind you should check your for tax purposes. The test outlines five status with an international connecting factors which are combined with advisory firm like Blevins Franks. day counting into a “scale” to determine your The test breaks down into three residence status. There have been no parts. significant changes here (other than the 10 to Part A lays out a conclusive 16 days mentioned above), but, for leavers, position whereby an individual will the number of days in the UK have increased always be non-UK resident: by one day. 1) You are a leaver and spend Connecting factors: fewer than 16 days in the UK in 1) Family in the UK - spouse/civil partner any UK tax year – an and/or minor children. improvement on the previous 10 2) Available accommodation in the UK. days, or 3) Substantive employment in the UK (40 or

more days). 4) UK presence in previous years – if you have been UK resident for more than 90 days in either of the previous two UK tax years. 5) More time spent in the UK in the tax year than any other single country. Each factor is subject to its own specific criteria and can be complex, so you should take advice from a specialist firm like Blevins Franks. The scales are now as follows: Leavers Number of days that make you UK resident

Connecting factors

16-45 46-90 91-120 121-182 183 or more

4 factors 3 factors 2 factors 1 factor Always resident

Arrivers Number of days that make you UK resident

Connecting factors

46-90 91-120 121-182 183 or more

4 or more factors 3 factors 2 factors Always resident

The number of days is per UK tax year (6th to 5th April) and a day is counted when you spend a midnight in the UK. The government believes the draft legislation is close to being the final version. Another consultation period on the new proposals is running until mid-September 2012. The legislation should then be included in the 2013 Finance Bill and come into effect on 6th April 2013. There will be a tool available on the Revenue website. However, it is important to note that it will not be binding, so it will not be a substitute for professional personalised advice. The latest Treasury document includes some clarifications on terms and a couple of new proposals such as cracking down on people who are obviously avoiding midnights in the UK, exceptional circumstances and split year treatment. I will look at these in a later article. While the statutory residence test will provide much more certainty for expatriates and is a very welcome improvement on the current situation, the fine detail in the legislation could trip many people up, so for peace of mind you should take advice from an international tax and wealth management firm like Blevins Franks. The tax rates, scope and reliefs may change. Any statements concerning taxation are based upon our understanding of current taxation laws and practices which are subject to change. Tax information has been summarised; an individual must take personalised advice. To keep in touch with the latest developments in the offshore world, check out the latest news on our website




12 - 18 July 2012 Mallorca

LONDON - FTSE 100 C H A N G E ( P ) % C H G. -5.00 -1.93

NET VOLUME 2,515,082

Admiral Group

















PRICE(P) C O M PA N Y Aberdeen Asset Manag. 254.60


Units per €

United States $..................................................... 1.23000 Japan Yen ¥.......................................................... 98.0202 Switzerland Francs............................................... 1.20099 Denmark Kroner ................................................... 7.43908 Norway Kroner...................................................... 7.48913

Anglo American










ARM Holdings





Ashmore Group







Assoc. British Foods





B. American Tobacco








British Land Co







British Sky Broadcasting

Babcock International





BT Group











BG Group






BHP Billiton











C O M PA N Y Centrica Compass Group






Croda International










Eurasian Natural Res




















































Glencore International





Burberry Group














Hargreaves Lansdown





Capital Shopping Centres 321.30




HSBC Holdings





















AA Alcoa Inc





AXP American Express Co





T AT&T Inc





BAC Bank of America Corp





BA Boeing Co





CAT Caterpillar Inc





CVX Chevron Corp





CSCO Cisco Systems Inc





DD E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Co





XOM Exxon Mobil Corp





GE General Electric Co





HPQ Hewlett-Packard Co





HD Home Depot Inc





INTC Intel Corp





IBM International Business Machines Co... 189.21 -2.20



JNJ Johnson & Johnson





JPM JPMorgan Chase and Co





KFT Kraft Foods Inc





MCD McDonald's Corp





MRK Merck & Co Inc





MSFT Microsoft Corp





PFE Pfizer Inc





PG Procter & Gamble Co





KO The Coca-Cola Co





TRV Travelers Companies Inc





UTX United Technologies Corp





VZ Verizon Communications Inc





WMT Wal-Mart Stores Inc





DIS Walt Disney Co






670.25 1,168.00




VOLUME 3,712,055



% C H G. -0.31


C H A N G E ( P ) % C H G.



PRICE(P) CHANGE 318.10 -1.00

























6,547,239 419,875

Intl Cons Airlines Group PRICE


$3.66 $57.45 $5.83 $17.19 $14.50 $3.23 $2.60 $3.43 $16.79 $12.73 $4.53 $7.40 $4.14 $20.75

0.90 / +32.85% 7.22 / +14.37% 0.60 / +11.64% 1.74 / +11.26% 1.19 / +8.94% 0.26 / +8.75% 0.20 / +8.33% 0.24 / +7.52% 1.05 / +6.67% 0.68 / +5.65% 0.23 / +5.57% 0.39 / +5.56% 0.21 / +5.34% 1.05 / +5.33%

Most Advanced Central European Distribution Corporation Questcor Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Homeowners Choice, Inc. Synacor, Inc. BCSB Bancorp, Inc. Merge Healthcare Incorporated. Elbit Imaging Ltd. Nanosphere, Inc. Akorn, Inc. Supernus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. AuthenTec, Inc. Rurban Financial Corp Marchex, Inc. Homeowners Choice, Inc.


Imperial Tobacco

Intertek Group ITV Johnson Matthey














Land Securities Group





Legal & General Group





Lloyds Banking Group



-0.40 143,626,100

Marks & Spencer









Morrison (Wm)




5,915,900 4,026,502

National Grid
























Polymetal International










Randgold Resources





Reckitt Benckiser























Rolls-Royce Holdings





Royal Bank of Scotland









Next Old Mutual Pearson Pennon Group

Most Declined BG Medicine, Inc. Luminex Corporation Wi-Lan Inc ClickSoftware Technologies Ltd. MOD-PAC CORP. THQ Inc. Allot Communications Ltd. Amyris, Inc. James River Coal Company Solazyme, Inc. Universal Stainless & Alloy Products, Inc. Pan American Silver Corp. Career Education Corporation Crocs, Inc.

Petrofac $5.59 $21.18 $5.02 $7.59 $5.25 $4.81 $24.92 $3.42 $3.30 $11.93 $38.92 $14.84 $6.46 $15.12

1.08 / -16.19% 3.17 / -13.02% 0.70 / -12.24% 0.75 / -9.04% 0.44 / -7.73% 0.40 / -7.68% 1.90 / -7.08% 0.25 / -6.81% 0.24 / -6.78% 0.83 / -6.58% 2.64 / -6.36% 0.96 / -6.08% 0.41 / -5.97% 0.88 / -5.50%


Reed Elsevier

Rio Tinto

Royal Dutch Shell RSA Insurance Group SABMiller Sage Group Sainsbury (J)












1,812,233 2,946,768












Severn Trent










Schroders Serco Group

Smith & Nephew





Smiths Group










Standard Chartered





Standard Life





Tate & Lyle










Tullow Oil










United Utilities Group





Vedanta Resources





Vodafone Group




42,853,539 413,904

Weir Group

























12 - 18 July 2012



Youngsters hungry for tradition WHEN it comes to Bourbon and Custard Cream biscuits, the younger consumers have the biggest appetite for the traditional British biscuits. Six in 10 people aged 16-24 have a liking for the old fashioned favourites, while almost half of consumers aged 55 and over admit that at times they find them ‘boring.’ Innovation in the UK biscuit market has never been higher, but even so the youngsters like the Bourbon and Custard Creams more than the newest and most innovative offerings, according to the latest research. A dominating factor for biscuit buyers is also the ‘guilt factor,’ it has been revealed, with 36 per cent of eaters guilty about eating biscuits, a figure that rises to almost half of all women.


A great idea! Why not impulse save rather than impulse buy ALMOST everyone has been there! At the end of the month, facing the challenge of trying to make sure there is enough in the account to cover rent or mortgage expenses along with sorting out the other bills, is nothing unusual. A look And more at finance times than not for females the savings account is Jane Plunkett not overflowing, jane.plunkett@euroweeklynews. rather a dry com shell, where only small coins rattle around. So what do we spend all our money on? The necessities, of course: food, electricity, petrol and all those other costly living expenses. But did you know that studies show that nearly 20 per cent of salaries are spent on things we don’t need, or do not even

Loose change

Still afloat, but plans for QE2 downsized PLANS to convert Queen Elizabeth 2 ship into a moored luxury hotel have been downgranded due to ongoing financial challenges facing Dubai. Its conversion plans will now see 300 not 1,000 rooms developed.


BARGAIN SHOPPING: But beware of impulse buys. remember buying? And while it’s definitely our fault for spending so frivolously, in our defence, society is also structured in a way that encourages people to spend, with 50 per cent sales, last-minute offers, clearances that are too good to miss and great marketing pushing us into buying. But what if it were just as easy and tempting to save, as it is to spend? Imagine if it was possible to go on

holiday without putting it all on the credit card or if debts could be paid off without it feeling so painful! A free application (app) recently caught my eye that does just that. It’s called Impulsave and it turns potential impulse purchases into impulse savings that go toward reaching financial goals. The logic behind Impulsave is that each client chooses a goal or goals that are important; for example, a holiday, college fees or a retirement fund. Impulsave, which is quoted as a secure platform, is linked to the individual’s bank account. Each time the account holder finds themselves about to splurge on an impulse buy, instead they can impulsively choose to send that same money to one of their Impulsave goal accounts. Rather than spend €20 on fancy teacups, tuck that €20 away into your Impulsave account and ultimately use the money to do something really wanted and required. Impulsave is currently only available in the US, although the company says it has its sights on savers worldwide. Until then, however, the concept can be done with pen and paper. Write down every impulse purchase resisted and then transfer that money into your own savings account.

3.00 %


during the first three months*

* T.A.E. (Tasa Anual Equivalente corresponds to Annual Interest Rate. Effective Interest Rate 2.9596% for the first three months, on balances up to a maximum of €500,000, with all amounts above said limit accruing no interest. From the fourth month remuneration will be based on tired rates depending on the balance you hold. As of today these rates are from 0% to 1,50% T.A.E. (1.4898% Effective Interest Rate). The applicable rates for each tier are available on www. Interest paid monthly.

Making your day-to-day banking easy and providing a helping hand with life’s other practicalities. Enjoy your Premier Account for free if you keep a minimum average monthly balance of €2,500** and get unlimited Spanish direct debit payments, a debit card and chequebook, and global travel insurance for you and your family all free of charge. Visit your local branch at: C/Gran Vía Puig de Castellet, 1, 07180 Santa Ponca (near to Eroski) or Paseo de Mallorca, 4, 07012 Palma de Mallorca.

902 024 365 or +34 91 484 81 81 **A €20 monthly fee will apply if the average monthly balance is below €2,500. Lloyds Bank International, S.A.U., with registered offices at Serrano 90, 5ª planta, 28006, Madrid, Spain, Trade Registry of Madrid, T. 6799, Book 0, Folio. 108, Sec. 8, Page M-110714, 1st Entry, N.I.F. (Tax Identification Number) A-80481765.




12 - 18 July 2012 Mallorca


All aboard for young From Front Page climate, it looks like the luxury cruise market has been immune to recession. Indeed, it seems British tourists have pushed the boat out with ultra-luxury cruises, with the market showing a volume growth of 8 per cent year on year to 2011, and 40 per cent from 2006-2011. The research ties into a Slow It All Down trend among many travellers with forecasts indicating a growing need among consumers to take time as opposed to the fast and 24/7 on-demand service culture of recent years. Consumer desire to simply relax and unwind from the daily grind is shown by half of recent cruisers and 30 pèr cent potential first timers who identify with a cruise as great for a hassle-free, relaxing holiday. Catherine McColl, Senior Trends Analyst at Mintel, said: “The growth in UK port departures offers an opportunity to brand cruise as a stress-free, aviation-free adventure.”


Tax delight

WHAT A CAR: The record-breaking ex-Birkin 1929-32 Bentley 4.5-Litre Supercharged Single-Seater.

Old cars roar in for record auction prices WHO said times are hard? A record-breaking sale for Bonhams at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in England included a top price achieved at auction for an extremely rare Ferrari from the golden era of the marque. The sale of the Classichecertified 1965 Ferrari 275 GTS Spyder for £561,500 (€700,000) was one of several records broken as the auction topped £22 million (€27.25m) in the festival’s 20th anniversary year. The car, one of only 19 right-

hand drive models ever made, beat the previous record set in 2012 by more than £70,000 (€86,800), and its own auction estimate by more than £180,000 (€222,000). James Knight, Group Motoring Director at Bonhams, said: “The 275 GTS was in stunning condition, having been extensively restored, and really did come with all the right credentials. It was in fabulous condition, had a well-known provenance from new, came from long-term ownership.”

Leading the record-breaking pack was the ex-Sir Henry ‘Tim’ Birkin 1929 4.5-litre supercharged ‘Blower’ Bentley single-seater, which when new raised the Brooklands Outer Circuit record to 137mph. It sold for £5.04m, (€6.25m) the highest price for a British car at auction. The next highest sale price was for ‘The Corgi’, a 1912 RollsRoyce 40/50hp ‘Silver Ghost’ Double Pullman Limousine, which sold for a record-breaking £4.7 million (€5.82m).

VOLKSWAGEN has crept up another rung of the global business ladder by buying the remaining half of Porsche. German headquartered VW will save an approximate €1.5 billion on its tax bill following the deal.

End of the road SERGIO PINIFARINA, the designer behind Ferrari’s sleek race car aesthetic, died aged 85 in Turin, the motoring capital of Italy. “Ferrari would not have been Ferrari without him,” said Sergio Marchionne, head of Fiat which owns the sports car brand.

School for sale AN AMERICAN secondary school in Pennsylvania is up for auction on eBay in an attempt to help raise much-needed finances, with the school district suffering a $2 million (€1.6 million) deficit. The opening auction website bid stood at $599,995 (€452,408).


12 - 18 July 2012


EWN 17 Mallorca




12 - 18 July 2012 Mallorca


12 - 18 July 2012








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Leaping to weekly column after pop and life in Saudi From a Top 10 pop star to working in Saudi Arabia, Leapy Lee is now the EWN’s most controversial columnist. Nicole Hallett reports.

What drew you to become a columnist? I've always enjoyed writing and find letting off a little steam a wonderful way to ease tension. How do you come up with ideas 52 weeks of the year? I’m never ‘off duty’ in the search for column fodder and keenly follow the news and a range of TV current affairs and political programmes. I also get ideas from readers. How do you handle negative feedback from readers who disagree? I get very little negative feedback. However, I've always been open to constructive criticism and respect other people’s views. Most exciting moment in music

career? Opening the newspaper and seeing Little Arrows had gone straight into the number 13 spot in the charts. Countries performed in? Australia, Austria, Canada, Egypt, Germany, Greece, Holland, Ireland, Kenya, Sweden, South Africa, the US and Zambia. Did you always want to be a singer? No, I originally wanted to act. What were you doing in Saudi Arabia? I went to promote variety shows, but I made quite a lucrative career in fruit and vegetables! Why did you choose to settle in Spain? I didn’t want to return to the British climate.

Weather outlook for next 7 days NEXT SEVEN DAYS Alicante TODAY: SUNNY, Fri - 24 20 C Sat - 27 22 S Sun - 26 22 S

MAX 26C, MIN 19C Mon - 27 21 S Tues - 27 21 S Wed - 27 22 S




Almeria TODAY: SUNNY Fri - 27 21 S Sat - 25 21 S Sun - 26 21 S



MAX 27C, MIN 21C Mon - 27 22 S Tues - 27 22 S Wed - 27 22 S




Barcelona TODAY: THUNDER Fri - 26 21 S Sat - 26 22 Sh Sun - 24 22 Th

MAX 26C MIN 21C Mon - 26 22 S Tues - 27 22 Th Wed - 27 23 S


Benidorm TODAY: SUNNY, Fri - 32 22 S Sat - 32 23 S Sun - 30 23 S

MAX 29C, MIN 22C Mon - 29 23 S Tues - 30 23 S Wed - 31 23 S


S Sun,


MAX 33C, MIN 17C Mon - 34 18 S Tues - 35 18 S Wed - 36 18 S


Malaga TODAY: SUNNY, Fri - 30 20 Cl Sat - 34 23 S Sun - 31 23 S



Madrid TODAY: SUNNY Fri - 35 19 S Sat - 33 19 S Sun - 33 18 S



MAX 29C, MIN 20C Mon - 29 22 Cl Tues - 28 22 S Wed - 29 22 S

Cl Clear,

TODAY: SUNNY, Fri - 28 20 S Sat - 29 20 S Sun -29 19 S



MAX 28C, MIN 21C Mon - 28 19 S Tues - 29 19 S Wed - 31 21 S

C Cloud,

Sh Showers,

TODAY: SUNNY, Fri - 34 21 S Sat - 35 22 S Sun - 33 22 S

Sn Snow,

MAX 32C, MIN 21C Mon - 33 22 S Tues - 33 22 S Wed - 33 23 S

Th Thunder

Vital Statistics • Real name: Lee Graham • Age: 73 • Status: Separated • Lives: Mallorca • In Spain: 30 years • Best thing about Spain: Climate • Worst: That ‘other’ piece of paper • Always in fridge: Mayonnaise • Reading: ‘Torn’ by Casey Hill. I read a book a week

EWN COMMENT Something to celebrate FOOTBALL, Spain’s national sport, cannot solve every problem. But if a triumph like the Euro 2012 can temporarily take everyone’s mind off the country’s appalling economic situation, then it becomes more than sport. Just one thought: why was the celebratory sea of red

and yellow flags less distasteful and at the same time less redolent of racist under- and overtones than the chav-monopolised cross of St George?

Fuel for the flames THE Poniente west wind blows, temperatures rise and woodland burns. Fires are extinguished, often with loss of life, but as a mayor in fire-ravaged Valencia said, he doesn’t want fire brigades now. He wanted brigades of workers to clean woodland, remove dead-falls and clear scrub before fires started. Prevention is better than cure and also cheaper in human lives and state spending.



Money-grabbing Spain should at least play fair

Letters for Your Say should be emailed to yoursay@ euroweekly, posted to Euro Weekly News, C/Moscatel 10, P-62, Polígono Industrial, Arroyo de la Miel, 29630 Benalmadena, Málaga, Spain or faxed to 0034 952 440 887



I AM truly amazed at how Spain frequently appears to operate almost like a Third World nation, showing a general lack of efficiency within the corridors of power, but at the same time appears to lead the world when it comes to grabbing cash from personal bank accounts! Two years after our local council actually helped themselves to more than €340 which I owed them (though they had not officially informed me!), I now find that the police have helped themselves to money from a tax rebate I was due for 2010! When I went last week to see my accountant over my 2011 tax returns, he noticed a document which indicated that monies had automatically been taken from my previously due rebate by the police to cover the cost of an outstanding traffic fine. Needless to say I was not aware of the offence. While it is within the Spanish law for authorities to take money directly out of bank accounts (I believe it is the only nation in the world to allow this), I wish they would be as quick to handle immigration paperwork and town hall documentation. N Pettipher, Velez Malaga

Golden rubbish MOST British will know the saying ‘One person’s rubbish is another man’s gold.’ This definitely appears to be the case in Spain at present, for over the last year or so, as the economic situation has got ever worse, more and more men in old battered white vans and even older cars seem to drive around, checking out the rubbish (basura) bins on various urbanisations. Many of them appear to be of African origin, and others perhaps from Eastern Europe. With a metal prod or hook in hand, they rummage through, sorting out anything they might be able to sell: old chairs, sofas not to mention lampshades and plastic garden tables and other items all gain their attention. But this letter is not to criticise them for tatting (collecting old rubbish from bins). At least they are trying to make an honest living, and this is more than some expatriates living in Spain! M Haddon, Garrucha, Almeria

Snapped! By Nigel Law, Riviera del Sol

P pub hotog r l em icati aphs pho ail w on sh for p o ton ews ith a f uld b ossibl e es @e ull e c uro wee aptio nt by klyn n to ews : .com

12 - 18 July 2012 Mallorca Sol Bank used to tick all the boxes for me, with English-speaking and ever-helpful staff... and free sweets. But for three months - sweet baskets were removed from counters and desks - they have earned a black mark from me. Let’s hope things will change when the economic climate improves! Elias Childs, Almunecar

Too much paper

I FIND the signpost right outside the Catholic Church in La Cala de Mijas amusing... for one of the signs is for the White Angel wine bar which is in a side street nearby. Open late at night until the early hours, I am not sure it is exactly the sort of place all congregation members would warm to... though the name might just entice a few inside!


All letters, whether by email or post, should carry the writer’s postal address, NIE and contact number though only the name and town will be publishe d. Letters may also be edited. Readers who have mi ssed earlier correspondence can see all letters posted on: m

their turn. In Manchester where I used to live my doctor’s surgery - with seven doctors on rota duty at any one time and just one main waiting room - used to announce over a tannoy Mrs Evans, Room 4, or Mr Smith, Room 7. But in La Cala, patients of various nationalities sit outside the consulting room where their appointed doctor is working oblivious to whether appointments are on time, and who is next. While some doctors pop their heads out and shout a name, others just wait in their surgery to see who goes in next, while waiting patients at times (in various languages) have to chat among themlseves to try to find out what is happening. When I asked my doctor why they did not have a number board outside, indicating who was due next, she replied: “We are not a supermarket.”

M Muralla, El Chaparal, Mijas Costa

nouncements giving the registration plate number of the next vehicle to be tested were difficult to follow. Now I am delighted that there is an electronic board where registration numbers are displayed at almost the same time as the announcement. L Holmes,, Los Boliches Fuengirola

Beggars belief! I KNEW all about turf wars among ice cream salesmen when I used to be in business in the north of England. If one salesman dared encroach on another’s normal sales area, the antics as a turf war erupted were effective, but often surprising! And from what I gathered, the police used to try to focus on other matters. Not so in Calahonda, where local police actually moved one beggar on from outside a local supermarket I use when another woman who normally sits outside seeking a few coins arrived to set up her normal pitch. By nature I feel sorry for most beggars, but the police action actually swayed my feelings more to the beggar who was moved on, for surely he had every right to beg wherever he wanted, and not have to see police treat someone else in a more favourable manner. N Warpole, Elviria

Not so healthy

Much better

Not so sweet

I AM impressed by the recently opened medical centre in La Cala de Mijas. But why is there no system in such a new expensive facility for patients with a set appointment waiting to see a doctor to know when it is

I HAVE just returned from the ITV centre for vehicle testing in Malaga. Speaking only limited Spanish, in the past I have often had difficulty in identifying when it was my turn, for the an-

WE all know that Spanish banks are having a hard time. But I really do miss the opportunity to pick up a few sweets when I go to collect my pension each month.

I TOTALLY agree with Mike Walsh’s views on local bureaucracy in his Images of Spain column (Issue 1408). Official day to day life in Spain is all too often bogged down by near neverending paper-chases. Mike is right to suggest that work could be done more simply on the Internet and involving a lot fewer people. But, of course, this might also lead to fewer workers being able to corruptly benefit through the practices in place! Roy Becke, Palma

Show respect I FREQUENTLY shudder when I see how some people - tourists and residents - at times treat Looky-Looky men as they try to earn a living by selling in the street, restaurants and cafés. But today, while on the beach, one man in a sunbed near me spent his whole day chatting with every LookyLooky man around - and there were plenty - but he did not buy one item. To my mind he was just entertaining himself at their expense. As humans they deserve as least respect, and from this man, some purchases. S Wallis, Benalmadena

Not so bright THE report ‘English as she is not spoke’ (Issue 1408) revealing that a mere 27 per cent of young Spaniards speak English compared with the European average of 42 per cent surprised me. Spain depends on tourism with millions of British visiting every year, plus the tens of thousands British expats who have made the nation their home, so English is important in businesses. There is much wrong at present economically, and if Spain wants to compete, it most definitely needs a workforce that is more bi-lingual. N Powers, Marbella

Spot on THE way you provide the weekly weather is much improved. I find the map ideal to see exactly what the weather is like where I live, rather than for the whole of the south of Spain. And you also still carry detailed information for readers who travel. Thanks! J Watts, Huercal Overa

The views expressed and opinions given in Letters are not necessarily those of the EWN publishers. They accept no responsibility for accuracy of information, errors, omissions or statements, and reject claims arising out of any action that a company or individual may take on the basis of information contained therein.


12 - 18 July 2012

EWN 21 Mallorca

Murderer’s wealthy parents pack for prison sentence


No designer overalls for the Turners.

court with an enormous suitcase and a number of large carry-alls. I would have liked to have been a fly on the wall when they did it. “I say, dear, should I take the silk or satin pajamas?” “It may be a bit chilly so you’d better pack the fur-lined Burberry. And don’t forget

plenty of clean, designer underwear and loafers.” “Do you think it would be too much to take the clubs?” Hah! Are they in for a shock or what? I wonder just how far this remorseless pair will realise they have fallen as they sit in their respective cells clad in shapeless garments,

clutching a plastic fork and spoon, with all their designer gear stored in ‘property’? It never ceases to amaze me just how out of touch some people can be. Like those politicians who keep our brave troops fighting and dying in the God-forsaken hole known as Afghanistan. Whatever made them think they can still win this ‘war’? Don’t they realise that most Afghans hate all Westerners? Are they not aware that the minute we are out of the country, the Taliban will begin to take it all back? Any puppet government we leave in charge will crumble. Those left alive will defect and a new and stronger enemy will emerge. All the spilled blood and heartbreak of our fighting

forces will have been completely and hopelessly in vain. How many more have to die before these pampered political pillocks pull our brave boys and girls out altogether? Finally, what joy it was to see the case against Ms Heathcote Drury thrown quickly out of court. This poor woman had been a victim of the hatred and disdain many Muslims feel for those who don’t follow their beliefs and subsequently attempted to have her ‘punished’ by accusing her of racism and then blatantly lying about the whole unfortunate incident. All power to the court that quickly cleared her and thumbs way down for PC police and the CPS for allowing it to get as far as it did. Keep the faith Love Leapy

TWO separate reports indicated that Hollywood is going to get more crowded. Claire Danes is expecting her first child with husband Hugh Dancy, and actor Matthew McConaughey and his Brazilian wife are expecting their third.

Death metal


I COULDN’T help but chuckle at the recent pictures of Anita and Leigh Turner, parents of the arrogant, spoiled murderer Elliot Turner. He is the 20-year-old Porsche-owing, despicable boaster who strangled his girlfriend in a jealous rage on seeing her innocently photographed with a couple of topless men. Because they attempted to cover up for his vicious crime, the wealthy parents were found guilty of perverting the course of justice. Consequently, when they turned up at court for sentencing they were fully expecting a jail term. In an act almost beyond belief, they packed for it! The photos show this utterly out of touch pair, arriving at

Hollywood expecting

AFTER Austrian bishop Klaus Kueng urged people to pray for the souls of death metal festival goers, the event organisers sarcastically thanked him for his prayers and invited him to the festival.

Plane mystery HAWAIANS set out on a quest to investigate the theory that American aviator Amelia Earhart survived her plane crash 75 years ago and died on a desert island.


Does your home insurance company need a wake up call?

Conditions apply

If you’ve got a claim that needs urgent attention, we’ll get the ball rolling within 24 hours. And if we don’t, we’ll refund your premium.

Santa Ponsa Agency: tel: 971 695 077 ( Palma Agency: tel: 971 721 117 Palma Branch: tel: 971 728 775 Expatriate Dept: tel: 902 565 477 REALE QUALITY · REALE SERVICE · REALE CHOICE · REALE SOLUTIONS · REALE PEACE OF MIND

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22 EWN

12 - 18 July 2012 Mallorca

Game, set and match to hotels J

UST got back from a few days in London. I’d hoped to get last-minute tickets for Wimbledon but no such luck! In fact, whatever the grunts, groans and upsets on court, the real game changer for me turned out to be London hotels, and there are a couple of whinges that really soured the trip. Incidentally, if you’re not into whinges, skip this bit, go and make a cuppa or do the crossword and pop back later. Let’s start with my first gripe. You see, what I can’t stand is when I arrive somewhere and the room isn’t ready. I call housekeeping and it takes them three hours to get the room into shape. And I’m not thinking just about London here. This happens all over the world. Just imagine. You’ve been on a combination of planes, trains, coaches and camels for the last 24 hours. You’re exhausted, sweaty and ravenous because you slept through the last (inedible) in-flight meal service. It’s 4.30pm local time. All you want is to check into your room,

Breaking Views NORA JOHNSON Nora, who has lived on the Costa del Sol for a number of years, is the author of psychological suspense and crime thrillers.

take that shower and either relax and get over jet-lag or hit the road sightseeing. Your room, however, still looks as if a dozen six-year-olds have had a sleepover there. Hotels make a big deal of telling you check-in time is 3pm but no one cares. They’ll happily store your luggage for you as carefully as if it’s the newlydiscovered Higgs Boson ‘God particle’, though. Isn't that kind? Bless. And my second gripe: checkout times. For all the dosh we pay, wouldn’t you think we could checkout later than 11am? Even though the next guests have been informed that check-in is 3pm, and the room certainly won’t be ready by then, we’re still kicked out early. It’s almost as if the hotel’s saying: thanks for staying with us, now **** off! And don’t get me started on London hotels doubling their prices preOlympics! So, in Samuel Goldwyn’s immortal words: “Include me out!” On a positive note, though, I noticed teenagers giving up seats to elderly passengers on buses and the tube. Who said the young only care about themselves? They could teach those hotels a lesson or two … So, love all to youth, but definitely game, set and match to hotels.

Nora Johnson’s novels, Soul Stealer & The De Clerambault Code ( available from Amazon in paperback/eBook (€0.89; £0.77) and iBookstore. Profits to Cudeca. CHECKING-IN: After a long journey all you want to do is relax.


Lifesaver sacked A FLORIDA lifeguard, 21, lost his job after rescuing a drowning man in a section of beach 500 metres outside his designated patrol area. He was fired by his employers for ‘liability reasons.’

23kg tumour A 23-kilo cancerous tumour was removed from a New Jersey woman’s abdomen. In just six to eight weeks the growth reached this enormous size. The woman waited more than a month to seek treatment because she was waiting for her insurance to become effective.

Risky tweets THE twitter account, @NEEDADEBITCARD, started a campaign to shame people into taking down public photos of their debit cards and discouraging them from even posting such photos.

Jet force LOW-FLYING air force jets were responsible for shattering windows in the supreme courthouse in Brazil’s capital, Brasilia.

Hot dog! NEW YORK’S annual hot dog eating contest was won by 44-year-old Sonya Thomas. The 45kg woman was elated to have ‘eaten her age’ in hot dogs and beating her year-old record by five.

12 - 18 July 2012

EWN 23


24 EWN

12 - 18 July 2012 Mallorca

The Spanish paper chase I

T is occasionally asked, what do you miss about Britain? True, Spain is behind on internet communications. Britain for me was highly satisfactory, so I miss cheap, efficient phone and online services. Otherwise there is a smoother flowing bureaucracy in Britain compared to papershuffling Spain. Whenever I sort something out with a UK government department, I find staff patient and helpful. Friends who have property interests in both Spain and the UK say Spain by comparison is their worst nightmare. When working in real estate, some nervous clients, before deciding to buy would mutter they would first do a little research. I pitied them. I know people who have been resident here for more than 30 years; they have run businesses and brought up their kids here. They still can’t figure it out. Winston Churchill, in 1939, described the Soviet Union as ‘a riddle, wrapped up in a mystery, inside an enigma’. He might as easily have been talking of Spanish bureaucracy.

Mike Walsh Mike Walsh. Based the Costa Blanca, international journalist, author and professional writer: ex-business assessment executive Guild of Master Craftsmen. European correspondent Boston Revolutionary Radio.

It is not Spain’s mindnumbing official procedures I find so tedious; it is that no one seems to know their **** from their elbow. Harassed clerks are powerless. If it says you jump through hoops you jump; there doesn’t have to be a reason. There is a reason, actually. Think of the saying, ‘a camel is a horse designed by a committee’ and all becomes clear. Here, no one goes back to the drawing board. Faceless, unelected jobsworths have little to do but tinker with rules and regulations. Someone thinks up a bright idea and slips it in. They haven’t the wit to see it impacts on related issues; anarchy results and everything comes grinding to a halt.

PAPERWORK: In Spain, bureaucracy is baffling. I recall their deciding that when buying property you personally present yourself at

dawn to some grim back street office. That’ll encourage Russia’s wealthy investors;

there was a quick back-track on that idiocy. A friend, now working in the UK, wrote to her bank to close her account. They didn’t, of course. Asked to sort it, I called in. Without batting an eyelid the bank’s clerk told me my friend has to personally visit her Spanish bank. In another case, whatever papers my friend presented for his padron, it was never enough. One day that clerk was absent and he got his padron without many of the previously ‘essential’ documents. Social networking forums are a godsend, especially for expats trying to figure a way through a confusing maze. Here is a real enigma, Mr Churchill. Ask a forum’s well informed audience one question and you will get 10 different answers; unnervingly most of them are right. This is because, as my translator says, much depends on the clerk’s mood that day as to whether a piece of paperwork is necessary. Just smile and cross your fingers. Good luck!

12 - 18 July 2012

EWN 25



Making ends meet is a daily challenge for a y young family like ours. W switched to Telitec a We y year ago and the savings helped afford a holiday tto go back and see the ffamily this summer.


Philippa & Lee Jones (and family)


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,99â&#x201A;Ź/mth ENTAL LINE R ED INCLUD



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902 88 90 70 / 965 743 473

26 EWN

12 - 18 July 2012 Mallorca

Habit forming RITUALS OF RELIGION: Have a calming and subduing effect on people.


E are creatures of habit we humans. As much as we may like to think of ourselves as being spontaneous or free spirited we are Suzanne has a degree in Fine Art from Goldsmiths and an MA in Writing from Lancaster tethered like goats to the University. She is currently teaching in Alicante and writing a book for teenagers (which doesn’t have a vampire as its central character). everyday. Familiarity does not breed contempt, it rules and rigid value rituals and behaviour in breeds security. It is no systems. Ritual or habit, order to keep dissolution in check. genetic accident that we what difference? Unfortunately, or return time and time It was Karl Marx who again to the place of our wrote that ‘religion is the fortunately for those of birth. opiate of the masses’. us of a less heroic bent, artists and Prehistoric man (and I’m sorry, Karl, but you poets, woman) wandered the were wrong. It’s not freedom fighters resent globe in search of religion per se but the being told how to behave mammoth but they comfort of familiarity and and so form their own returned, like salmon habit that most religions ritualistic groups to swimming upstream, to provide that create a defeat the despots. calming, subduing effect Ché Guevara had his their caves. own code of conduct as Even nomadic tribes on the people. And before you did Nelson Mandela, move as a homogenous lump carrying their communists get on your Rosa Luxemburg, La homes and the people high horse, politics too Pasionaria and Rosa offers its Parks. they love with them. Interestingly enough, Religion was not early social reformists in embraced as a way to Even the most Britain were from the understand the world, Fabian Society, an but to make it seem atheistic of us organisation safer, more familiar. believe we are structured along The rituals of similar lines to the religion are habits. I being watched, that Temperance have seen friends in some small way movement, clean genuflect on passing we will atone for living and a healthy churches and yet have spiritual life. not set foot in the House our sins Thanks to Annie of God, except for own Besant, a devout weddings and funerals, and habits. exponent of Theosophy since their Holy rituals Political doctrines are no (a philosophy of life that Communion. many The habit of religion different in essence to encompasses has stuck fast like God’s the Bible in their rigid religions and ideals) glue. Even the most guidelines (although I young Match girls were atheistic of us believe we have to say that Jesus’s finally given the right to are being watched, that ‘rules’ on how to lead a a safe workplace and from the in some small way we decent life are amongst freedom condition will atone for our sins by the most liberal I have debilitating known as ‘Phossy Jaw’. contributing to charity or read). Stalin used this need Finally, in a nod to slinging the odd euro to to conform to his feminism, it is widely a busker. Early man realised that advantage; of course, accepted that the first religion was the ultimate the threat of Siberia and real trade union action habit forming experience a violent death added was by the Match girls and king and priest alike that little extra incentive. from the Bryant and May seized upon the need of Dictators, kings and factory in 1888, a full have all year before the general humanity to conform, queens thus controlling subject understood the need to strike. You go girls! and flock with inflexible create habit forming

Suzanne Manners

12 - 18 July 2012

EWN 27


Woman killed by son in Madrid A WOMAN, 59, died in the Latina district of Madrid, allegedly at the hands of her son, 29. When police and paramedics arrived on the scene, alerted by the son himself, they found her stabbed to death. He was treated for cuts to the hand and then arrested. Meanwhile in Vigo, northern Spain, a 15year-old boy was handed over to the police by his own father, for his alleged involvement in the death a woman, 72, who was found stabbed in her home. Her husband also sustained stab wounds when their home was allegedly broken into. The boy was arrested by the National Police. The victims’ neighbours reported seeing a vehicle in the area with several people inside before the crime. The youth has refused to collaborate with the police.

Time for different working hours, experts claim WHEN summer arrives many companies work to a different timetable, although this is hardly a new custom. Modern workers, particularly in Spain’s biggest cities, enter work at 7am or 8am and leave at 2pm or 3pm during the hottest months. But their predecessors did exactly the same in the days before airconditioning. Working straight through was essential in the summer when it was impossible to work during some hours of the day. Even with the benefits of air-conditioning, however, nine out of 10 Spanish workers prefer a continuous working day, they told researchers. Some companies, like Iberdrola, axed the long afternoon break years ago. Employees for the

Some companies now work continuous hours. electricity supplier have worked continuous days since 2007 with positive results, said Iberdrola’s communications chief,

Vicent Trullench. Absenteeism had fallen by 20 per cent, he claimed. People are happier when they come

into work, he said, “and that has an effect on productivity.” Why do more companies and employers not emulate Iberdrola? Habit and cultural aspects are the principal obstacles, believes Ignacio Boqueras, president of a committee pressing for rationalisation of the working day. Like Trullench, he agreed employees work more happily and, again, productivity increases. “Spain is a country where more hours are worked but less is produced.” There are advantages to working through, conceded trade union official Rita Morena. It could be a “good idea” depending on the time of the year, which region of Spain was involved and what sector it applied to, she said.

Three hours, three bank robberies TWO men were arrested suspected of robbing three banks in Madrid within three hours. The two men, the owner of a company and a member of his staff, aged 40 and 48, lived in Malaga, and allegedly travelled to Madrid solely to commit the robberies. The men wore suits and sunglasses, waited in line and when their turn came, put on motorbike helmets and threatened the bank staff. They would then steal cash and flee on a motorbike. Eight days later, they targeted another bank, where they took €1,800. The following day, they attempted to do the same thing, but they were recognised at the door by a member of staff who called the police.




12 - 18 July 2012

Using SPF15 in youth pays off C

HILDREN and teenagers under the age of 18 may reduce their chances of developing skin growths by 78 per cent simply by using SPF15. According to a study conducted by the Spanish Society of Paediatric Hospitals and Primary Health Care, more than 90 per cent of skin cancer is found in areas that have been exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, including the face, neck, ears, forearms and hands. According to Manuel Merino, member of the Spanish Association for Primary Paediatric Care, skin cancer has been on the rise all over the world, though, generally, fair-skinned individuals are at a higher risk. Melanoma has increased 8 per cent among Europeans. Merino noted that it the most common form of cancer in the Spanish population. “It has been proved that the carcinogenic effects of solar radiation are accumulative, especially if someone experiences sunburn in childhood,” he explained.

VITAL PROTECTION: Use a lotion with SPF15 or higher. Since being tanned is associated with modern beauty, it is not uncommon for people to ditch the sunscreen before a day at the beach. However, according to this study, by applying protection with SPF15 or more, especially during childhood years, many can avoid harmful skin damage.

Braille to be used WARNING: Excessive use of the cream can have alarming results.

Anaesthetic cream can be dangerous AN anaesthetic cream used to reduce pain caused by laser hair removal can seriously endanger the health of those who use it excessively. Women who have applied too much of the cream, Emla, before their electrolysis sessions may be at risk of a condition called methemoglobinemia. It is characterised by the inability of red blood cells to correctly transport

oxygen throughout the body. Symptoms of this condition can be, but are not limited to, anxiety, irritability, increased heart rate and difficulty breathing. Often, individuals apply anaesthetic cream in a thick layer and covered in clear plastic wrap to ensure absorption, and exceed the recommended surface area. There have been 11 cases of this serious condition in Spain.

FRIDDA DORSCH LABORATORIES have received support from ONCE, for their new addition to their product packaging: Braille. The Spanish non-profit organisation ONCE has expressed gratitude to cosmetics supplier, Fridda Dorsch Laboratories, for introducing Braille to their product labels. Patricia Sanz, director of ONCE, said the company’s gesture is a step towards equality.


12 - 18 July 2012

EWN 29


30 EWN

12 - 18 July 2012


For solutions:

Time Out Muscovy Mansion and a curious duck

10-star quiz

The Hunter


1h41m Director: Daniel Nettheim Starring: Willem Dafoe, Frances O’Connor, Sam Neill, Morgana Davies

MUSCOVY ducks have inspired Helen Kendall Smith to write a series of children’s books capturing the magic of these amusing creatures. The stars are Helen’s own ducks, whose antics she has captured on camera. These photographs are the key element, telling in pictures and rhymes how these quirky characters spend their days. “The Muscovy is the total

CANCER (June 22 - July 23) As you are in the middle of a plan, it would be a shame to stop now. Yes, I realise that you have given it lots of time and thought. Even so, the events midweek bring a new perspective. Your involvement in something entirely different may be brought to bear on your current situation. Killing two birds with one stone comes to mind.Be efficient by approaching the problem from a novel angle.

LEO (July 24 - August 23) Something has come to your attention and, quite frankly, you donʼt understand what is going on. It is possible that, if you donʼt react, the situation will just go away. Equally, you may want to influence the outcome and fear that it will not be to your advantage. That is fine so long as you really do try and get all the facts first.

VIRGO (August 24 - September 23) You seem to be in a ʻploddingʼ situation that is starting to cause you some irritation. That is all that it is though, irritation. See it as a big dilemma and it throws up all sorts of anxieties. Letʼs not go there. I am sure that there are lots of things that your mind and body can work on while you wait.

IF ITʼS YOUR BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK: You are not so much in the mood to be practical are you? A lot is going on that you are really happy about but you do not seek perfection. Be aware that if no one seeks it then it will cease to exist for appreciation. Do your part in the months ahead to improve your own lot.

You are being shown a great deal of affection which may be taken for granted. Even you are capable of putting peopleʼs backs up. As you dislike making enemies, I suggest that

opposite of the classic tale about an ugly duckling turning into a beautiful bird,” says Helen. “They are beautiful ducklings which develop into large birds, with red lumps on their faces.” The aim of Muscovy Mansion is

Y our S tars


PISCES (February 20 - March 20) Don't ask a question unless you want to be told the truth this weekend. Go on, youʼre a big person and you can take it. How can you not go ahead having come this far? Of course, you could change your mind and just walk away.

CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 20)

SCORPIO (October 24 - November 22)

As you try to control someone elseʼs life, it could be that your own is slipping past you. Have you recently given up on a relationship or job that you dearly would have loved?

By deciding now that you will not rise to the bait on a certain matter you are taking the best option. Much as you would like to confront someone head on, it is possible that this is just what they want you to do. Be a little bit canny here.

Sometimes you wonder why people make promises when they find them so hard to keep. However, losing your temper with someone midweek will not help at all because the person you are dealing with is not very sensitive. Patience will pay off and, by the weekend, a weight will have been lifted from your mind.

Are you still in a very positive frame of mind? Okay, then. It is time to decide what is to be done about that problem. If you really canʼt see a way round this then seek help. Even if you donʼt agree with the reply, you will feel that you have made a step in the right direction.

TAURUS (April 21 - May 21)

Just joking An elderly couple were watching TV when the husband started thinking about death. “Honey”, he said to his wife, “I want you to promise me, that if there comes a time when I am dependent on machines and bottled fluid, you’ll put an end to it.” “No problem” she replied, and got up and poured his beer down the drain.

HOW TO PLAY Fill the grid so that every row, every column and every 3X3 box contains the digits 1-9. There’s no maths involved. You solve the puzzle with reasoning and logic.

GEMINI (May 22 - June 21)


Itʼs not so difficult this week to get exactly what you want. Being sure is another matter, however. There are plenty of people who will cast doubts on where you are going and what you are aiming for. What do they know? Be guided by facts this week, certainly not by the opinions of others.

Have you got a funny joke? Include full name and town you live in.



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Let’s keep it simple! call now EWTELCO 902 887 100 / 966 49 05 09

Saturday July 7



Saturday July 7


Saturday July 7






Friday July 6

Saturday July 7

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30 45



18 24
















7 28







Very good: 19

Good: 13

Excellent: 23


aper, gape, harp, heap, help, leap, page, pale, pare, part, pate, path, peal, pear, peat, peel, peer, pelt, pert, phat, plat, plea, prat, rape, rapt, reap, tape, tarp, trap, aleph, apter, gaper, grape, graph, leapt, leper, lepta, pager, paler, pater, pearl, peart, petal, peter, phage, plate, pleat, prate, repel, taper, helper, leaper, palter, parget, pelage, pelter, petrel, plater, repeal, repeat, heeltap, preheat, prelate, TELEGRAPH

Word ladder


40 31

Average: 10



1. Which nine-letter word means ‘to arrest (someone) for a crime’? 2. Which 10-letter word means ‘to do something that one considers to be below one’s dignity’? 3. Which eight-letter word means ‘a sum of money paid regularly (typically annually) by a company to its shareholders out of its profits (or reserves)? 4. Which six-letter word means ‘to cause to cover a wider area’? 5. Which five-letter word means ‘a cruel, wicked and inhuman person’? 6. Which six-letter word means ‘to have in mind as a purpose’? 7. Which six-letter word means ‘to cause to feel resentment or indignation’? 8. Which nine-letter word means ‘to push for something’ or ‘to express a good opinion of’? 9. Which seven-letter word means ‘a fixed regular sum paid as a salary or as expenses to a clergyman, teacher or public official’? 10. Which nine-letter word means ‘to be or go beyond the range or limits of (a field of activity or conceptual sphere)’?


Somehow you seem to be going every which way round a situation but getting nowhere. Rather than burn yourself out and fray your nerves, just stay still. At the end of the day, someone else wants to solve this dilemma as much as you do. When they see that you have stopped bothering, maybe they will start.



All the answers to the questions below end in the letters END

ARIES (March 21 - April 20)

AQUARIUS (January 21 - February 19)

Are you being asked to open your heart? What are you most afraid of about that? On the other hand, what would the rewards be if you did? Sometimes, we have to take a

Miguel Indurain,

Born July 16, 1964, is a Spanish cyclist and considered one of the worldʼs best, having won the Tour de France five years in a row (19911995). Miguel was second-born in a family of five children in Villava, Navarra. At nine years old he rode his first bicycle. When it was stolen two years later, Miguelʼs father bought him a racing bike. At 18, he was the youngest cyclist to win the Spanish amateur national road championship. He earned the nickname ʻMiguelonʼ or ʻBig Miguelʼ due to his 1.88 metre, 80 kilo frame.

chance that others will not let us down or, at least that if they do, they will let us down gently.

you take a little more time with family and loved ones. Perhaps you were recently asked to be part of a group activity but did not have the inclination?

SAGITTARIUS (November 23 - December 21)

LIBRA (September 24 - October 23)



MARTIN, a skilled and ruthless mercenary is on a hunt in the Tasmanian wilderness for a supposedly extinct tiger. His anonymous employer wants the tiger’s genetic material, so Martin poses as a scientist. On his journey he meets a family, whose father has gone missing. While Martin grows closer to the family, he is confronted with unexpected dangers, complicating his fatal mission.

twofold – to help instil in youngsters a love of reading and to show the affection this breed of ducks can inspire. ‘Not a Real Turtle’. This is a hilarious tale of curiosity on the part of the ducks. A large parcel arrives at Muscovy Mansion and they have no idea what it is. What a lovely surprise awaits them when they finally discover what the contents are.








Move from the start word (GAME) to the end word (BOYS) in the same number of steps as there are rungs on the Word Ladder. You must only change one letter at a time.


Art House & International, Drama



How many English words of four letters or more can you make from the nine letters in our Nonagram puzzle? Each letter may be used only once (unless the letter appears twice). Each word MUST CONTAIN THE CENTRE LETTER (in this case P) and there must be AT LEAST ONE NINE LETTER WORD. Plurals, vulgarities or proper nouns are not allowed.

12 - 18 July 2012




For more information about the sponsor go to

Sponsored by

Crosswords CRYPTIC Across 1 You and I are after Buzz for compost (5) 4 There is a sharp knife is in the ambulance today (6) 9 Club keeps memory in knots (7) 10 Princess cross over the delay taken in adding on an extra room to the palace (5) 11 Predict socialist to hold American capital (4) 12 Lower and leave stranded (3-4) 13 Used to be found in Washington DC (3) 14 If a mother is involved with a criminal group (5) 16 Up to unlit broadcast (5) 18 Games without me will result in idle chit-chat (3) 19 Voluntarily avoid this beaten up RAF bore (7) 20 Reel back with a lascivious look on one's face (4) 23 Places for members to socialise where suits are required? (5) 24 Organised midshipman and a canine for a small boat (7) 25 Get involved with broken spinet (4-2) 26 Get a kick at the end of day from the spoils taken (5) Down 1 Urdu, hmm! Confused? No, boring (7) 2 City made from bits of Meccano (5) 3 Marine mammal left under the ocean (4) 5 A staunch representation of bear's breeches (8) 6 Associate with a regal spouse (7) 7 Tin containing bull meat is a

ENGLISH - SPANISH The clues are mixed, some clues are in Spanish and some are in English.

2 Smooth (skin, hair) (5)

8 Sello (Correos) (5)

3 Aplausos (8)

11 Lethal (5) 14 Granos (en la piel) (5) 16 Planchas (utensilios)

5 Búho (3) 6 Gold (metal, commodity, currency) (3) 7 Surname (8)


12 Piece (fragment) (5)

17 Lirio (4)

13 Perdedor (5)

18 Color (6)

14 Sun (3) 15 Aceite (3)

Co d e B r e a ke r pollutant (5) 8 Sleek backing for the under parts in boat-building (5) 13 Support for aquatic recreation? It wreaks havoc! (5-3) 15 In favour of music making a lot of money (7) 17 Confused Clare in New York was a victim of petty theft (7) 18 Keeps a tight hold on one's bags (5) 19 Concentrate on central point (5) 21 Muse of love gets to the centre of the copper atom's heart (5) 22 Ignore cooked buns (4)

26 Apartments (5) 27 Outshine (7) 29 Drench (4) 30 Foundation (5) Down 1 Ring (6) 2 Strong emotion (5) 3 Pose (3) 5 Vacuum (9) 6 Merchandising (7) 7 Generous or forgiving (11) 8 Reluctant (5) 13 Indigestion (9) 17 Maybe (7) 19 Faux pas (5) 21 Except if (6) 24 Snares (5) 28 Weep (3)



Answers: Too little, too late; Small change.

1. Unscramble the name of a famous British radio and television presenter and actor: LOANS PRISON CASH 2. Unscramble the name of a traditional English dessert (two words): MEETS SON

1 Same (5)

4 Elbow (4)

10 Ear (anatomical) (5)

LAST WEEK’S SOLUTIONS: CRYPTIC - Across 1 Expected, 5 Plea, 9 Portend, 10 Adore, 11 Dine, 12 Protest, 15 Tester, 16 Enigma, 19 Trolley, 21 Flat, 24 Haven, 25 Scooter, 26 Pill, 27 Pardoned. Down: 1 Expedite, 2 Parents, 3 Crew, 4 Elders, 6 Lions, 7 Awed, 8 Ratting, 13 Telling, 14 Battered, 17 Gelatin, 18 Red sea, 20 Revel, 22 Chap, 23 Bold. QUICK - Across: 1 Cosset, 4 Press, 9 Afterward, 10 Ape, 11 Gaudy, 12 Extreme, 14 Pass, 16 Pest, 21 Entitle, 23 Surge, 24 Rob, 25 Grenadine, 26 Faith, 27 Depend. Down: 1 Change, 2 Satsuma, 3 Early, 5 Rod, 6 Shame, 7 Eager, 8 Fever, 13 Tip, 15 Set, 17 Surmise, 18 Learn, 19 Deter, 20 Legend, 22 Tibia, 23 State, 25 Get.

ENGLISH - SPANISH Across: 1 Eats, 3 Shops, 8 Perhaps, 9 Axe, 10 Niece, 11 Odiar, 12 Ajo, 13 Anillos, 14 Dolls, 15 Este. Down: 1 Esponjas, 2 Terremoto, 4 Historia, 5 Platillos, 6 Baseball, 7 Detrás de.



1 Flies (insects) (6)

9 Octopus (5)

QUICK Across 1 Unrefined (5) 4 Angled (4) 9 Boat race meeting (7) 10 Keyboard instrument (5) 11 Acquire (3) 12 Brightly coloured (5) 14 Fool (5) 15 Long for (5) 16 Chooses (4) 18 Border (4) 20 Nuisances (5) 22 Concur (5) 23 Smooth glossy fabric (5) 25 In favour of (3)



Hexagram The purpose of the Hexagram puzzle is to place the 19 six-letter words into the 19 cells. The letters at the edges of interlocking cells MUST BE THE SAME. The letters in the words must be written CLOCKWISE. The word in cell 10 (TOWARD) and one letter in four other cells are given as clues.


Common sense in an uncommon degree is what the world calls wisdom.

Samuel Taylor Coldridge (17721834) English poet and co-founder of the Romantic Movement in England.

Each number in the Code Breaker grid represents a different letter of the alphabet. In this week’s puzzle, 7 represents F and 14 represents M, so fill in F every time the figure 7 appears and M every time the figure 14 appears. Now, using your knowledge of the English language, work out which letters should go in the missing squares. As you discover the letters, fill in other squares with the same number in the main grid and the control grid.

Cherry Course Endure Enters Leaned Months Nearer Reacts Recede Refuge Rested Resume Severe Steeds Stench Strong Toward (10) Whiten Writer

LAST WEEK’S SOLUTION 1 Mallow, 2 Rifles, 3 Reader, 4 Rulers, 5 Reeled, 6 Stormy, 7 Clause, 8 Roamed, 9 Labour, 10 Crease, 11 Threat, 12 Rouble, 13 Aflame, 14 Humour, 15 Lemurs, 16 Barons, 17 Arouse, 18 Belief, 19 Smites


32 EWN

12 - 18 July 2012 Mallorca

Bringing you the music you love...

SHANIA IA TWAIN talks t lk with ith Gary G King on Totally 90´s on Sunday from 6pm ALEXANDER O´NEAL talks with Gary King on Totally 90´s on Saturday from 6pm

PLUS - A new show on Spectrum Fm! TWIG joins us Monday to Friday from 4pm

Mallorca 88.6 FM To advertise on the largest English radio station in Spain at competitive prices Telephone 620 004 461 Email:









12 - 18 July 2012

EWN 33



Life is a beach…

NCE upon a time, we were content with a plastic sun lounger, a Piña Colada, and a good book, but these days - it seems - one does not venture onto the beach without a cabana at some swish club, with Jose booked for a massage in the open air and David Guetta's latest pumping through the sound system. No rubber duckies to disguise the Michelin tyre here and all the spray tan in the world will not save you from the judging stares of Swedish-born Ulrica is a your fellow freelance journalist living in dayMallorca with her family. Her bedders. debut novel $Expat Wives is available on Amazon and iBooks. Nighttime clubbing is ULRICA MARSHALL so passé; ulrica welcome to the beach club. THE PLACE TO BE SEEN: Enjoy a In the name of serious journalism, I have recently gone deep undercover to sample just moment I succeed in obliterating a few of the hundreds across the my oblique tyre I, too, shall be Peninsula and the islands. All for donning my bikini and raffia you, dear readers. straw cowboy hat at this winning Blue Marlin: Delicious and Ibizan venue. eclectic menu, delectable Marbella Club: A relaxed, yet ambience and full of beautiful elegant club on the beach of this people bronzing and partying to top hotel; with a sumptuous spa top tunes. VIPs and mere at its side, it is easy to while mortals are allowed to tread in away the day here. the same sand, in stark contrast Mood Beach: Surely the to some of the other clubs. The hardest working beach club, with

Expat Strife

cocktail and sunbathe in the most fashionable beach clubs. more events and activities than you could shake a rhythm stick at. Striking distance from Puerto Portals, it is also a lunchtime favourite throughout the year even kids will enjoy this one, as they can pop over to the slide at Kali Beach next door should parental tanning become too tedious. Nassau Beach: The Portixol outpost is a smaller, but welcome

version of its all-encompassing Ibizan sister, which remains a destination beach club. As close as you can get to a Palma beach club, but really more of a glamorous restaurant with a few loungers thrown in for good measure. Nikki Beach: Strictly for those who believe that the credit crunch is a new type of breakfast cereal. It is a great spot to flex

your financial muscles, since even the VIP sections are tiered at this International club. It will no doubt be a huge success, even in the interesting new location of Magalluf. Puro Beach: One of the originals, although lazing in the Balearic sun is often reserved for its Palma hotel guests. Ticks all the boxes, but now faces stiff competition from the many newcomers. Roxy Beach. Not strictly a club, but it has an enchanted position on Playa Portals and the loungers are available with even the smallest bar order. A bit like 'Cheers' on the rocks - friendly faces and everybody knows your name. Just keep it a secret! Still loathe to splash out a bundle on the beach? How about opening your own little beach-, pool-or paddle-pool club? Dump a truck full of sand in your garden, stick your iPod in the dock and roll out those plastic sunloungers, then charge your friends an obscene amount of money for your efforts. Make the most of it, though, as they are unlikely to come again - even if you throw in a Piña Colada.

Feel at home,wherever you are. Manage all your energy needs in English.

As part of a trusted global energy company, Iberdrola and ScottishPower can offer you the best of both worlds in Spain and the UK. So, what does this mean for you? You can now talk to our unique English-speaking customer service team in Spain, plus take advantage of competitive energy deals in both countries managing all your energy needs easily, wherever you are. Sign up today, just call us from Spain on 902 322 044 (open 24 hours a day). Visit If you’d like to phone us from the UK call 0845 030 4032 (Open Monday to Friday 8am-7pm, Saturday 9am-1pm)

Ésta es una promoción hecha por Iberdrola Generación para ciudadanos británicos residentes en España. Si no es su caso, puede informarse de nuestras mejores ofertas para usted en This communication is from Iberdrola Generación, S.A.U. for British citizens in Spain only. If you are not a British citizen you can find out about Iberdrola’s offers by visiting the website at Gas and Electricity will be supplied in Spain under the Iberdrola Generación, S.A.U. mains gas and electricity supply licences, and in Great Britain under the ScottishPower Energy Retail Limited mains gas and electricity supply licence.



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12 - 18 July 2012 Mallorca

The silly season descends upon us WE are well into silly season now on the island! If you wander down any resort high street you will see the usual crazy capers mixed in with some Penn to Paper bad behaviour. Laura Penn I am convinced Laura is the Station Manager and that the Breakfast Show Presenter of Spectrum FM heat melts Mallorca 88.6FM the part of the brain that controls all reasonable actions and that includes the action of writing, so this week I am going to have an uncharacteristic rant. Certain things have been annoying me lately off my chest… in fact and I want to get them chests are a good place to start! One of the many irritating things about being a woman is the inability to go topless everywhere like men can. I was sitting in a bar recently (for a change) where I had to tolerate three shirtless chaps displaying their pale, scrawny bodies. Then there are the portly belly-over-the-belt types who wander round Syp without a bother in the world. Well I am bothered! I don’t want to be faced with rolls of fleshy pink blubber whilst I am choosing my Weetibangs, thank you. There are unwritten codes about where one can go sans clothing. It is odd that I can get the boobies out on a beach but walk 500 metres to the road and I am committing gross indecency. Some of the ‘ladies’ in Magaluf may as well be naked and save money on the pieces of string they wear. (Now, I really am sounding like my mother!) I am told that there is a prostitute problem in

GO AWAY! Beer bellies blocking out my sun. Magaluf…really? Who needs to pay? Whilst I am on a roll, let’s talk about behaviour on the beach. There are certain things that are acceptable whilst sunbathing in public and certain things that are not….here is a list of the latter: • Picking noses • Examining armpits • Extracting hair from any part of the body (particularly from the nether regions) • Squeezing your partner’s blackheads or spots • Any form of P.D.A. (public display of affection) All of these eyebrowraising ‘yuk’ activities I have witnessed recently on my local beach. Now I can sneeze and snore with the best of

them on the sand but really it’s like: “Hello!!! Other people around!!!” The world is in short supply of decorum these days and I am all for a bit more of ‘Downton Abbey’-type manners, please. There, I feel better now! That was a rant worthy of my good chum Leapy Lee who, by the way, is looking and singing better than I have ever seen him… and, after complaints from Chris in El Toro, hello to him and thanks for the T-shirts. Enjoy another week here on LaLa Island and please cover up when in the supermarket, unless you look like Johnny Depp, in which case, see you in the freezer section on Tuesday!

12 - 18 July 2012


EWN 35 Mallorca

Advertising Feature

‘Doing’ The Palm Continental

“Even better than the restaurants in the main port.” “A definite must for anyone in the area." “Fine dining quality but at reasonable prices" “Excellent value, good atmosphere, lovely staff, very friendly and helpful and good honest food." These are just a few of the reviews about the newly reformed and relaunched Palm Continental Restaurant by some of our customers on TripAdvisor ; take a look for yourself! Situated in Portals village, next to the Hotel Marina Portals, there is plenty of parking and it’s on the local bus route, making a visit to the restaurant easy for both visitors and residents of the island. Not only do they serve an extensive and mouthwatering à la carte menu but every day there is both a varied ‘menu del dia’, consisting of three tasty courses including bread, water and wine for just €10.50, and a set ‘menu de noche’ with a wonderful selection of dishes. On top of all that there is a traditional Sunday Roast with all the trimmings, including a starter or dessert for only €14.50.

STYLISH: The newly reformed Palm Continental, open seven days a week. Watch out for the weekly special offers, too, specially brought-in Angus steaks or freshly-made paellas, to name a few. The Palm Continental has all the factors for an excellent experience for

all clientele; the new bar area is now open for that pre-dinner drink or just to sit and soak up the relaxed atmosphere, with a happy hour every day between 5 and 7pm. With excellent food, great prices,

attentive staff and a fabulous location, this place is a must-visit venue and definitely one to watch out for! The Palm Continental Calle Panoramica 12, Portals Nous 971 676 402/617 164 716




W hat’s On On What’s

• Thu July 12

- EXHIBITION of the Chinese Terracotta Army at the Poligino de Levante 11am to 9pm. €10 for residents €14 for non-residents. - MALLORCA ROCKS – featuring Chase & Status DJ set, Ms Dynamite and Shy FX. €25 to €50 and €15 for residents. Doors open at 7pm. - BOOK SIGNING – A Bull on the Beach by Anna Nicholas at Jumeirah Port Soller Hotel & Spa, Puerto de Sóller 7.30pm-9.30pm - MUSICAL – ‘DADDY COOL’ at the Trui Theatre in Palma starring Sheila Ferguson. €30.85 to €63.85. Starts 9.30pm. - ARTS & CRAFTS FAIR – as part of the Fira Del Carme in Cala Bona. • Fri July 13

- FREE GUIDED TOURS – One of Alcudia town lasting two hours and starting at 10am from the door of the church. The other of the Es Baluard museum modern art in Palma. Tours in English every Friday starting at 10.30am at the museum’s ticket office. Limited to 20 places. - EXHIBITION of the Chinese Terracotta Army at the Poligino de Levante 11am to 9pm. €10 for residents €14 for non-residents. - SWING FOR THEM Charity Golf tournament in aid of RANA.

- CHILDREN’S GAMES – as part of the fiestas del Carme in Capdepera at 5.30pm. Then the 26th swim from the pier at 7.30pm followed by a night of rock with Psycobox, Hymn of Death, Hard Top and Taurina starting at 10.30pm. - ARTS & CRAFTS FAIR – as part of the Fira Del Carme in Cala Bona. - MUSICAL – ‘DADDY COOL’ at the Trui Theatre in Palma starring Sheila Ferguson. €30.85 to €63.85. Starts 9.30pm. - EXHIBITION - by sculptor Joan Cortés at the church del Roser at the Santo Domingo Cloister in Pollensa. - NIGHT FAYRE – at Porto Cristo. • Sat July 14

- EXHIBITION of the Chinese Terracotta Army at the Poligino de Levante 11am to 9pm. €10 for residents €14 for non-residents. - MUSICAL – ‘DADDY COOL’ at the Trui Theatre in Palma starring Sheila Ferguson. €30.85 to €63.85. Starts 9.30pm. - LOVE RULES FESIVAL at the Palma Arena. €35. - MOTORBIKE DISPLAY - at the Plaza de Toros in Palma with Jostein Stenberg, Remi Bizouard, Jose Miralles and many more. 8.45pm €20 adults €10 children. ARTS & CRAFTS FAIR – as part of the Fira Del Carme in Cala Bona.

12 - 18 July 2012 Mallorca


- CONCERT - by Cuban artist Joaquín Moré at the Passeig des Born in Palma. Free of charge. 8pm. - SUMMER SONGS as part of the fiestas del Carme in Cala Ratjada. 10pm. - FIRA DEL MAR – Port Pollensa • Sun July 15

- MALLORCA LIVE – Dizzee Rascal at BCM Square in Magaluf. - CONCERT – featuring a classical quartet at 9.30pm in Arta. - FOLK DANCIING – by Mallorca’s School of Dance and Music at Passeig des Born in Palma. 7.30pm. - FIESTAS DEL CARME in Capdepera featuring a dance show by the students from the School of Dance Stylo in Cala Ratjada. 10.30pm. • Mon July 16

- EXHIBITION of the Chinese Terracotta Army at the Poligino de Levante 11am to 9pm. €10 for residents €14 for non-residents. - FIRA MARINERA – Seafood fair in Portocolom. - MUSICAL – ‘DADDY COOL’ at the Trui Theatre in Palma starring Sheila Ferguson. €30.85 to €63.85. Starts 9.30pm. • Tue July 17

- EXHIBITION of the Chinese Terracotta Army at the Poligino de Levante 11am to 9pm. €10 for

By Laura Penn

residents €14 for non-residents. - MALLORCA ROCKS – featuring Professor Green. €25 to €50 and €15 for residents. Doors open at 7pm. - MUSICAL – ‘DADDY COOL’ at the Trui Theatre in Palma starring Sheila Ferguson. €30.85 to €63.85. Starts 9.30pm. • Wed July 18

- EXHIBITION of the Chinese Terracotta Army at the Poligino de Levante 11am to 9pm. €10 for residents €14 for non-residents. - Fiesta del Carme in Capdepera. Street theatre by the French company Cacahuete. Starts at 8.30pm on the beach and ends at the pier. - MUSICAL – ‘DADDY COOL’ at the Trui Theatre in Palma starring Sheila Ferguson. €30.85 to €63.85. Starts 9.30pm. • Thur July 19

- EXHIBITION of the Chinese Terracotta Army at the Poligino de Levante 11am to 9pm. €10 for residents €14 for non-residents. - MALLORCA ROCKS – We Are Rockstars featuring Example & DJ Wire Tickets €25, residents €15. - MUSICAL – ‘DADDY COOL’ at the Trui Theatre in Palma starring Sheila Ferguson. €30.85 to €63.85. Starts 9.30pm.


12 - 18 July 2012

EWN 37


The ICP SWITCH What it really means to you and what you should expect.

It is customary to be notified by the grid company if you are on the list and normally, you would be given 30 days to do something about it. This custom seems to have fallen by the wayside and now, people are seeing the increase in “potencia” charges suddenly appear on their bills.

Roughly translated, ICP stands for “a way to generate more money from consumers”.

If your bills compared to last year seem to have doubled, it may be you are already being penalised for not having the ICP switch.

A Royal Decree was passed in 2008 making it law for every household and business to have one, but what does it do? More importantly, if we don’t get one, what happens? The ICP limits the amount of electricity you use at any moment and ensures you do not use more than the contracted capacity. If your supply is 5.5 kilowatts for example, having an ICP stops you using more than this at the same time and the result if you do? Your power supply trips out – like it used to a few years ago when you boiled a kettle at the same time as using the microwave. Make no mistake, this law was introduced so that those who did not have one could be penalised by doubling the standing charges which in turn, would increase the electricity tax and IVA payable. And those who had one but the contracted supply was not enough, would upgrade their supply thus pushing up the standing charges. Making a “damned if you do – damned if you don’t” situation.

Those with a supply of 3.3 kilowatts would see their charge increasing to 10 kilowatts and those with 5.5 kilowatts would be charged as if they had 20 kilowatts! Considering most new properties in Spain come standard with 5.5 kilowatts you can begin to see the bigger picture and why this is an excellent way to create addition income without actually providing an additional service.


So, let’s look at the various scenarios: 1. You don’t have an ICP and you are not being penalised In this case it would be prudent to have an ICP preinstalled by a qualified electrician and wait until you a) receive a letter ordering installation or b) notice a penalty on your bill. You can expect to pay anywhere between €60 – 90 for the installation depending if there is room in your fuse box or an additional box is needed to house the switch. Of course, you can wait until you are ordered to get one before you go to the expense but then time will be against you. 2. You have an ICP but it is not sealed (thin wire with a lead seal) Excellent news, it means someone has had the foresight to install one previously and it would be a simple case of requesting the grid company to inspect it and seal it to either avoid the penalty or, remove it from your bill if you are being penalised already. 3. You have an ICP, it is sealed but you are still being penalised Unfortunately, this happens all too often and means there is no record at the grid company of an inspection of the unit. It would mean requesting an urgent inspection to rectify the matter. Rebate of penalty payments? You know the answer to that one already. 4. Your ICP is connected, inspected and sealed but your supply keeps tripping This will happen in a lot of cases because the average contracted supply is not sufficient to service the needs of people with pool pumps, water heaters and the other many items that the modern household now

have and without the ICP, take for granted can be ran at the same time. The only way to overcome this issue is to increase the potencia. This will involve contracting a qualified electrician to obtain a Boletin from the grid company. An inspection is made of your electrical installation to ensure the wiring is able to handle the addition load. Once you have paid no small amount for this, your contracted supply will be charged at a higher rate reflecting the revised monthly standing charge.

Guidance and Assistance Help is at hand in the form of Iberswitch SL, whichever of these examples applies to you, they will advise and guide you through the minefield and if you wish, will take the responsibility of communicating with the electricity company out of your hands completely. For a minimal one-off charge of €20 (existing Iberswitch clients pay just €10) they will hold the necessary application for the inspection of the ICP unit and make the request at the appropriate time. This means, when you receive the notification to install or, when you notice the penalty being applied, it takes a simple telephone call to Iberswitch and they will take over. If you are worried you may already be paying too much on your electricity bill either because of the ICP or in general, give them a call and they will offer free advice how you can make reductions to your annual outgoings. Give Iberswitch a call on: 960 650 865


12 - 18 July 2012




Sponsored by

OMES Gardens

For more information about the sponsor go to

Flourishing even in the searing heat of July... J Gardening Corner

By Clodagh and Dick Handscombe

Spain’s best known gardening authors who have lived and gardened in Spain for 25 years.



and cacti. 2. Double or even treble watering. 3. Deadhead flowers. 4. Mist spray plants in the early evening. 5. Watch out for pest and fungi problems and spray ecologically as soon as anything unwanted appears. Evergreen plants 1. Mist spray leaves








de O


Make the most of your terrace garden.




the south-facing colourful and productive apartment terrace of a friend who obtained a copy of our cerebral book Apartment Gardening Mediterranean Style. The terrace was a mass of colour and perfume and summer vegetables and herbs could be eaten daily and cooling infusions drunk. We extract some of the highlights for readers. Flowering plants – 1. Use the blind to shelter plants from the sun except for those that love the sun such as succulents


ULY is now hot for all and very, very hot for some. Plants, like humans and pets, are perspiring unless precautions are taken. And plants have one other summer problem, unique to themselves. The soil or compost in which they are planted, especially in containers, can dry out in a day if in full sun. But despite that, many container gardens on apartment terraces, balconies and window sills are thriving, as are shady patio gardens. The other day we visited




+34 620 835 533

fortnightly and clean leaves with a beer and milk solution monthly. 2. Watch out for mealy bugs and scale and treat. 3. Watch out for drooping and falling leaves. 4. Watch out for the yellowing of leaves and white rings that could indicate over-watering. Herbs 1. Ensure compost does not dry out. 2. Harvest herbs regularly to stimulate new growth. 3. If you can’t use all the new growth, harvest it and dry or freeze for winter use or hang up bunches for decoration and the aromatherapeutic effect. 4. Move plants that were in full sun in the spring to semi-shade.

12 - 18 July 2012




Advertising Feature

Something different

MY husband and I started our company in the north of Denmark in 2006 with only the FALTO ergonomic chairs concept. We got acquainted with FALTO at a large furniture fair in Cologne, where we got talking to a German doctor, who for the past 21 years, has developed this large and unique chair concept for home and workplace. We never doubted these chairs were very special, because it is never too early to think about what we can do to take care of ourselves and our bodies. It is wise to try to prevent damage, and not wait until it is too late. It soon became clear to us that FALTO chairs have all the qualities to ensure optimal support, healthy movement and comfort that ensures the best condition for your body, whether sitting in front of your TV, at the dining table, or in the office. After we opened our shop in Denmark, it grew much bigger than expected. After a while we had a substantial but unusual furniture store, where our concept was (and is) “We want the best of what all the others don’t have”. Although we have other great products in our shop, FALTO was


A large and unique chair concept for home or the workplace. and still is our main product, and although we cater to prices in the so called ‘high end’, people generally realise they really get something for their money. Great quality, functionality and healthy, interesting design and good lifestyle. Over the past five years we have holidayed on Mallorca twice a year, and have been all over the island, love it, and have decided to move to Mallorca. We are in the process of closing down our shop in Denmark, but have already opened a small branch

in Alcudia, where we are cooperating with El Limon, a Norwegian/Spanish Real Estate company, and we can now not ‘only’ offer great furniture, sculptural Bio Fireplaces and more, but also information on real estate. We very much look forward to welcoming you at our shop in Alcudia, where we have lots to show you and to talk about.

SLY Design & Lifestyle Calle Major 15, Alcudia 971 546 398 or 645 020 594




12 - 18 July 2012 Mallorca

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Make sure your fences or gates will keep a dog in.

Gardens can be pet paradise


Keep your garden safe for a puppy.

EOPLE with pets – or Only use non-toxic products that considering getting them – aren’t harmful to animals. Mouse or should ensure their garden is rat poison can kill cats and dogs so a safe place for them, as well as if you use it make sure it’s located keeping the garden safe from where your pet can’t get at it. them. Check your garden for any Dogs will dig rodents which might anywhere, and cats have been killed. A house is tend to favour not a home flowerbeds as litter trays, but with plenty without a pet of patience, you can – Anonymous reduce the risks that quote your pet and your garden pose for each other. Make sure your fences and gates will keep dogs in, and that latches are out of their reach. But don’t forget to check for any holes they can stick their head through and get trapped. Fences can also be used to protect lawns and Use non-toxic flowerbeds. To stop a dog from burrowing its products that aren’t way out one can place cement blocks under the fence or extend harmful to chicken wire from the bottom of the animals. fence to a few feet underground.

Handy Hints A LAYER of coffee grounds in flower beds will keep cats from going in them and a chicken wire fence suspended at either end of a flower bed on top of wooden stakes and unravelled over the top of the flower bed will keep dogs and cats from ruining your flowers and plants.

Cats hate herb smells CATS don’t like the smell of rosemary and sage so they are herbs you might want to grow if you want to keep your cat out of a flower bed.

12 - 18 July 2012

EWN 41 Mallorca


12 - 18 July 2012







Dog Trainer

For Sale

DOG WHISPERER 971 520 603 (97090)

POOL TABLES, Snooker Tables, Table Tennis Tables, Darts Tel: 666 933 726 (98424)

Driving Lessons LEARN TO DRIVE IN MALLORCA. Scottish Driving Instructor now qualified to teach in Mallorca. Classes in English or Spanish. Obtain your Spanish licence easier or have refresher lessons and get behind that wheel. Interested! Call 648 133 929

Boats Electrical


Music FISH & CHIPS and live music. Every Friday at Aroma El Toro. Tel: 971 232 842 (97140)



PET-COURIERS.COM – If you love your pet try us first – we are the best. Door to door service throughout Europe. Specialised vehicles – bespoke service. Full legal service including documentation if required. For further information call or e-mail us: Tel: (0034) 651 033 670 or (0034) 637 066 227. Email: or (95495)

FIND LOVE IN THE SUN w w w. i w a n t 2 m e e t y o u . c o m . Browse for free Spain’s No 1 online dating site. Bringing ex-pats together. (100329)


ACCOMPANY your pets to their new home. Fully licensed pet transport service. Denise www.petchauf 952 197 187 / 696 233 848 (101721)

Language Lessons NATIVE CATALAN TEACHER. Spanish.catalan.tuition@gmail.c om Tel: 609 793 317 (97149)

Books Entertainment

Health & Beauty

PROTECTAPET. Spain’s leading pet insurance. 965 756 371. (95962)





Cleaning Services TAKING care and cleaning of your property. Reliable and professional! Call Luise 667 921 780 (97036)

Pet Insurance

ENGLISH lady, own transport, available for all cleaning services, professional & reliable. Louisa: 696 275 223 (97148)

Building Services

Hire Equipment

MOTOR INSURANCE. For the most competitive quotes in English call Linea Directa on 902 123 153, you could save as much as 30% and you can transfer your existing no claims bonus. Call Linea Directa on 902 123 153 for motor insurance with a human voice in English from Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm and save money now! (95302)


Price per word: 0,42€ + IVA minimum 15 words - Discount: Book 10 weeks, get 2 weeks free - Deadline: 4pm Mondays Contact: Phone (0034) 971 682 795 • Fax (0034) 971 680 438 • email •

EWN 43 Mallorca


12 - 18 July 2012

Property for Rent

Situations Vacant

LLUCMAJOR: Reformed townhouse with 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, hallway, lounge, dining room, fitted kitchen, garden, several store rooms, central heating, 250m2 living area with 350m2 garden. 1,350€ pm (not furnished). Ref 2278A. Inmobiliaria Llucmajor. Tel: 971 662 402 (98097)

PROMOTER wanted in Palma de Mallorca. Native sales force personnel to work in Tobacco’s shops (Monday - Friday). Selling skills, proactive and dynamic. Own car necessary. CV: (100074)

LLUCMAJOR: 2 bedroom apartment of 65m2, 1 bathroom, lounge with American kitchen, community pool. 475€ pm. Inmobiliaria Llucmajor. Tel 971 662 402 (98097) TOLLERIC: Furnished apartment of 50m2 plus 8m2 terrace. 1 bedroom, bathroom, lounge with American kitchen. 550€ pm. Ref 2807A. Inmobiliaria Llucmajor. Tel 971 662 402 (98097)

Property for Sale TOWNHOUSE, 4 bed, 2 bath, community pool, Cas Catala, lovely quiet area, price 550,000€ ono. Tel. 639 855 819 (100279)

Property Renovations THE Art of Building. For all your renovations, big or small. 609 727 872 (96436)

BIZARRE DREAMS and FETISH FANTASIES Tel 670 210 581 (86040) NICE AND SEXY GERMAN GIRL MAKES YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE 661 016 936 (86040) YOUR Best Company on the Island - beautiful Russian girls, very hot and randy * Spectacular French, kisses & massages * All the services * Total discretion * 24 hour service … 634 096 177 (99484)

Solar SOLAR BEST DEAL IN SPAIN, www.gosolarinspain .com (100307)

AZIZA, an attractive lady from the East. Expert in oriental sensitive Tantra massage. Enjoy magic hands of professional massage in oriental atmosphere. Escort 24 hrs, call 676 165 727 (97152)

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HOT NURU & SENSUAL TANTRIC massages by gorgeous masseuse (25), relax and soothe your senses. (0034) 647 173 077 Paseo Maritimo. Visits (100075)


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Rubbish Clearance WE CLEAR Building rubble, Garden rubbish, furniture, etc. Quick & Reliable. Tel. 629 547 684 (101508)

Sailing Courses

Removal / Storage


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The Spanish dictionary recognises ‘frikis’ By Benny Davis STUDENTS of the Spanish language will be interested to learn that the Royal Spanish Academy Dictionary (RAE) has added 1,697 new words to reflect modern everyday usage.

It acknowledges the existence of frikis (geeks), gayumbo (underpants) and canalillo (cleavage). Moving closer to the digital world, the RAE is also recognising los blogueros (bloggers) and tabletas

It can take around five years to verify a new word.

(tablets), getting its head around espanglish (Spanglish) and embracing sociatas (Socialist Party supporters) and peperos (Popular Party supporters) alike. In the past, the RAE has received its fair share of

criticism for the time it has taken to recognise certain words. Dario Villanueva, RAE secretary and co-ordinator says it might be because often words pass unnoticed as in the case of gayumbo and

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A matter of trust

“WHEN a car has been written off you have the chance to give customers back the trust they have placed in you.” An accident in which a car has been written off is always the worst kind, because it implies the disappearance of the insured car. Francisco Valencia, Línea Directa’s Corporate Governance Director, describes to us the quality measures taken by his company, a leading insurance company for foreigners. Losing your vehicle in a foreign country is undoubtedly a major setback for anybody. What makes Línea Directa different from other companies? First of all, the personalised service. Línea Directa offers customer service over the

telephone entirely in English and German, and also acts as an intermediary and translator with garages and scrap merchants. In addition to this, we also offer different cover options which no other insurer offers, such as our amount of compensation, which is never below €1,000, or when appropriate, double the price paid by customers for their insurance. You also have a purchasing centre if customers wish to acquire a new vehicle after theirs has been written off. At Línea Directa we believe that when a car has been written off, it is an opportunity to give customers back the trust they have placed in you. As a result, if customers ask

us to, we take care of all the processes involved in buying a new vehicle in their name, including the paperwork and delivery of the vehicle to their home address. And finally, how does Línea Directa pay compensation? Línea Directa is committted to paying compensation within 40 days at the very most, although the average waiting time is always much less. If the car is less than two years old, either we pay its value when new in compensation or we take care of all the processes involved in purchasing another vehicle. In addition, if the car is between two and three years old, we offer 15 per cent more than its official value, as a quality measure.

canalillo. The delay in incorporating the word friki was because ‘it has come into force recently’. And espanglish? “It is a hybrid neologism from the United States that reflects linguistic reality. It wasn’t included in the 2001 dictionary because there wasn’t a sufficient critical mass.” He added: “The RAE does not promote words; it records what is established, what people use. As for how long it takes to recognise or give the blessing to a new word, the deadline, or test period, is around five years to verify it is no passing fad. “Language and speech are alive and in perpetual evolution.” Sometimes, there are words that come into force but later peter out. It happened with the word modem, which seemed full of life a few years ago but is now receding. As for future new entries, prima de riesgo (risk premium), twitt and twitter are ready to go. Space in the dictionary is limited to 90,000 entries, due to its print edition. However, this figure will increase in the year 2014. As they say: “You never stop learning.”

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New Renault Espace TWENTY-EIGHT years after the launch of the original New Renault Espace continues the model’s success story. The MPV’s pioneer still stands out as the best travelling experience for seven occupants and the model continues to be perfected with the addition of even more technology including a new reversing camera to facilitate manoeuvring and parking. Other standard features include connected Carminat TomTom Live® navigation system, a hands-free card, an electronic parking brake, comprehensive (Bluetooth® audio streaming, AUX and USB sockets) and a DVD player complete with two seven-inch screens built into the back of the front head rests. New Renault Espace includes vast cabin space and a modular layout. Details which accentuate New Espace’s more dynamic, status-enhancing looks include new ‘Hurlingham’ wheel trims and new ‘Monterey’ and ‘Dark Eptius’ alloy wheels. “It was important to restore Espace’s appeal and CO2 credentials in what is a very competitive segment,” says Laurent Bernard, the Espace Programme’s Deputy Director. Prices start from €35,700 and €36,900 for Espace and Grand Espace respectively.

Sporty and economic Polo Blue GT has potential to set new benchmarks THE Volkswagen Polo Blue GT has the potential to set new benchmarks. It combines the aspects of ‘dynamics’ and ‘fuel efficiency’ to create a petrol driven vehicle with previously unheard levels of fuel efficiency. Sporty and economical. The torque-friendly 1.4-litre TSI fitted to the Polo


BlueGT develops a power output of 103 kW / 140 PS, yet it has a combined fuel consumption of just 4.6l/100km. Nonetheless, the Volkswagen, which has a top speed of 210 km/h, accelerates to 100 km/h in just 7.9 seconds. High-tech package. BlueMotion Technologies such as Stop/Start system, battery regeneration, aerodynamic components. Active cylinder management (ACT). By temporarily deactivating the second and third cylinders under low to medium load states, fuel consumption in the EU driving NEAT: Rear view of the new Pol o. cycle is reduced by about 0.4 l/100 km. Features of the Polo BlueGT. The new Polo electrohydraulic steering version is distinctive in many ways – both are standard in the new Polo Blue GT. outside and inside. Features such as ESP, front Its base price in Germany: airbags, head/thorax airbags and €19,650

The MINI Clubvan T

HE MINI Clubvan – the world’s first premium compact delivery van – has it all and sets new standards in the small car-based van segment. The MINI Clubvan is a versatile choice both for upmarket commercial applications and for nonmainstream leisure and lifestyle use. The enhanced functionality offered by the MINI Clubvan is based on a closed-off load area extending from the rear doors to the front seats. The cargo area is 115 centimetres long and,

even at its narrowest point just behind the rear doors, is 102 centimetres wide. Maximum payload capacity is 500 kilograms. Cargo can be easily accessed either through the wideopening split rear door or via the right-side Clubdoor. The MINI Clubvan is classed as a commercial vehicle and therefore taxed at a lower rate. The practical and luxurious interior contains 12-volt sockets in the cargo area to be

used as power electrical equipment and six attachment loops to secure cargo. The partition behind the driver’s and front passenger’s seats prevents objects in the load compartment from slamming forward into the passenger compartment under heavy braking. It also

allows loading right up to the roof, so that full use can be made of the rear compartment’s 860 litres of load space. The MINI Clubvan comes in three model versions: the 72 kW/98 hp MINI One Clubvan, the 90 kW/122 MINI Cooper Clubvan and the 82 kW/112 hp MINI Cooper D Clubvan.

CHOICES: The Mini Clubman has three models.




12 - 18 July 2012

WIMBLEDON – Congratulations to the brilliant Roger Federer (the world’s number one tennis player) who equalled Pete Sampras’s record of seven Wimbledon singles titles by beating gutsy Andy Murray in four sets. The durable Scot – the first Brit since Bunny Austin in 1938 to reach the men’s final – had the whole nation behind him, but it was the Swiss magician who had all the tricks and stole the show. Said former champion Boris Becker: “Andy gave his all and there’s no doubt he’ll be back.” Also, I say well done to aceserving genius Serena Williams, who defeated Poland’s first-ever finalist, Agnieszka Radwanska to win her fifth women’s title (her 14th Grand Slam victory). That’s 10 Wimbledon singles titles overall for Serena and sister Venus, and for the record the Williams girls also won the 2012 women’s doubles.


A RECORD 199 nations took part in the 2000 Games in Australia (it would have been 200, but the IOOC banned Afghanistan). A total of 10,651 athletes (6,582 men, 4,069 women) participated in 300 events, covering 28 sports. Stars of the show were home favourites Cathy Freeman who won the women’s 400m gold and champion swimmer Ian Thorpe; female cyclist Zijaard von Moorsel who set new Olympic and world records, the Cameroon football team who beat Spain 5-3 on penalties to clinch gold and GB rower Steve Redgrave who joined the elite band of athletes to win a gold medal at five different Olympics. The USA topped the medals chart with 92 (37 gold); Russia collected 88, China 59, Australia 58. GB 28 and Spain, with 326 participants, gained 11.



By Tony Matthews

A former football player and the world’s most prolific author of football books (more than 100 published), Tony is also the sports reporter for Spectrum Radio and lives in the Cabrera mountains.

Wild-card entrants Jonny Marray (GB) and Freddy Nielsen (Denmark) collected £135,000 each by sensationally winning the men’s doubles. Marray is the first ‘Brit’ to claim this title since 1936. On Saturday, an expected 40,000 crowd will attend an exhibition match between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic at Real Madrid’s Bernabeu Stadium. Right now, the record attendance at a tennis match is 35,681, for the Kim Clijsters-Serena Williams ‘challenge’ in Brussels in June 2010. MOTORSPORT – Around 120,000 spectators saw Mark Webber win in the British GP;


Olympic Games reviews By Tony Matthews

King Roger, Super Serena, Mighty Mark


Sydney 2000


CHAMPION: Roger Federer beat Andy Murray to win the Wimbledon title for the seventh time.

ACE GENIUS: Serena Williams. Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel were second and third. Simultaneously, Dani Pedrosa won the German MotoGP, ahead of Jorge Lorenzo and Andrea Dovizioso after Casey Stoner came off on the last lap when challenging for second place. CRICKET – Alastair Cook’s inform England (9 wins on the bounce) powered past Australia in the ODI series – say no more. Bring on the Ashes! Ex-England batsman Mark Ramprakash has retired, aged 42. He played 905 games for Middlesex and Surrey (19872012), appeared in 52 Tests and 18 one-day internationals, scored over 91,500 runs, including 114 first-class centuries (taking him up to sixth in the all-time list for most tons, and only one fewer than the great Don Bradman), topped the 1,000-run mark in 20 seasons and over 2,000 on three occasions. His batting average was 53.14. He won precious few club honours as a cricketer but he did win the TV’s, Strictly Come Dancing! FOOTBALL – Andre VillasBoas is only the second man to manage both Chelsea and Spurs (Glenn Hoddle was the first). • Diego Maradona’s 1986 World Cup winning shirt is on show at the National football Museum

• Ex-England cricketer Chris Old who helped Ian Botham and Co. win the Ashes in 1981, is now earning £6 per hour as a Sainsbury’s check-out operator in Truro, Cornwall. • Chelsea’s last 10 managers have all been ‘foreigners’… Gullit, Vialli, Ranieri, Mourinho, Grant, Scolari, Hiddinck, Ancelotti, Villa-Boas and Di Matteo. which opened in Manchester last week • Swansea boss Michael Laudrup has named former club legend Alan Curtis as senior coach • WBA manager Steve Clarke’s backroom staff includes two exWolves players, Keith Downing and Kevin Keen • Former Spurs and Real Madrid defender Jonathan Woodgate has rejoined Middlesbrough • Robin van Persie could leave Arsenal LONDON OLYMPICS – The opening ceremony takes place on Friday July 27 with the first events following 24 hours later with archery, beach volleyball (the women’s competition is a sell-out!), football (Ryan Giggs will captain team GB), artistic gymnastics, judo, road cycling, rowing and swimming.

For more local sports for this area visit rts or scan this QR code

Athens, 2004 IT cost the Greek government €10b to stage the games (70,000 police officers were used). A record 201 nations took part as 10,625 athletes entered 301 events covering 28 sports. GB’s Kelly Holmes won the 800m and 1,500m track double but world record holder Paula Radcliffe crashed out of the marathon, leaving Mizuki Noguchi to win gold.

When leading in the men’s marathon, Brazil’s Vanderli de Lima was attacked by Irish priest Cornelius Horan and dragged into the crowd. De Lima recovered to take bronze. China’s Liu Xiang equalled Colin Jackson’s world record by winning the 110m hurdles. El Guerrouj won the 1,500m and 5,000 double, the first man to claim this feat since 1924.

USA women’s 4x200m swimmers won gold by smashing Germany’s 1987 world record. Germany’s Birgit Fischer became the first woman to win gold at six different Olympics. Swimmer Michael Phelps became the first Olympian to win eight medals in nonboycotted Games. USA won most medals (103, 35 gold); Russia gained 92, China 63 and GB 31.

Mallorca 12 – 18 July 2012 Issue 1410  
Mallorca 12 – 18 July 2012 Issue 1410  

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