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September 2013

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Dog training school in Los Pacos

Two local streets to become boulevards THE Mayor of Fuengirola, Esperanza Oña, announced that Calle Martinez Catena and Calle Lamo de Espinosa will be made into boulevards. There is a budget of more than €2 million for the work, most of which will be paid by Malaga Provincial Government as part of the Productive Investment Plan for the Csota del Sol. The mayor signed an agreement with the Residents’ Communities in El Paraiso and Solplaya by which they hand over areas they had in the streets to the town, something for which the mayor thanked them. She explained that agreements have also been reached with the PYR and Las Palmeras hotels. She said that the two streets are very

Mayor Esperanza Oña announced the boulevard plans. important from a tourist aspect and are home to 600 people and 67 businesses, 90 per cent of which are in the catering sector. Pavements will be widened, so that the bars and restaurants can have their terraces further away from the buildings, so there is room for

pedestrians to walk past and look in shop windows. Businesses in the area had asked for work to start after the local fair, but that was not possible, because the use of the money granted by the provincial government had to be justified by December 1. It also had to be

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Future secure for craft market

completed before the next tourist season. Work was assigned in May, but the decision was made to start after the summer to cause as few problems to businesses in the area as possible. The work should be completed within 50 days on the roads which access the seafront promenade.

Surf the net faster THE Councillor for New Technologies, Juan Lazo, announced that the speed of the free Wi-Fi connection available in local parks and squares will be doubled. In approximately one month, it will have been increased from 6MB to 12MB. The free service, available in public areas, was launched in 2011 and has more than 9,000 frequent users. It can be accessed in Parque del Sol, Plaza de España, Parque de España, Plaza del Antiguo Ayuntamiento, Plaza de San Rafael, the square in Calle Moreno Carbonero, Parque de los Naranjos, Plaza Anabel Conde and the Tourist Office.


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Children in need get a helping hand at school 300 sets of school equipment will be given to needy families FuEnGIROLa has received almost 300 sets of school equipment to give to needy families in the town. The mayor, Esperanza Oña, was joined by the vicepresident of Malaga Provincial Government, ana Mata, and the manager of the main branch of La Caixa bank in Fuengirola, alfonso Iñigo to receive the equipment which has been provided by La Caixa Social branch with the collaboration of the provincial government. The campaign is being carried out throughout Malaga province, where 5,000 sets of

equipment will be handed out in total, at a cost of €50,000. Oña thanked both for the equipment and explained that 250 of the sets, which contain notebooks, pencils, rulers, scissors and other goods, would be handed out by the local Social Services Department and the rest by the Cruz Roja (Red Cross) in the town. Iñigo explained that the aim is to help people who are suffering the most in this difficult financial climate. Oña pointed out that the town hall is helping local families above and beyond what is required of

them by law, with services such as home care, remote help, emergency family programmes and social cooperation. She also explained that grants are available in the town so that residents can take part in workshops and sports activities in the town. Social Services also help families who have relatives with addictions and promote volunteer work. This is all subject to fulfilling a series of requirements. It is one of the few areas of the town hall which has not been subjected to the local austerity plan in order to help residents in need.

Councillor for Foreign Residents, Katia Westerdahl announced the changes.

Changes to ‘padron’ registration tHe Councillor for foreign residents, Katia westerdahl, informed of changes for registering on the ‘padron’ (population census). for foreign residents to register on the ‘padron’ or obtain the ‘certificado de empadronamiento’ (certificate to prove they have done so) they now need to go to the town hall to get a stamp, costing €2.55, from a machine located on the ground floor.

this is due to the recent change of the location of the foreign residents’ Department to the tourist office. now, before going there, they must go to the town hall before visiting the foreign residents’ Department where they will need to provide a photocopy of the deeds to their property or rental contract and the page of their passport which has their photo on it. the originals also need to be shown.

September 2013

More rubbish collected this summer THE local Councillor for Cleaning, Pedro Vega, announced that 11 million kilos of rubbish was collected throughout June, July and august. This is 54.1 per cent more than in the first three months of the year. The town also continues to increase the amount of recycling, with almost 1,400 tonnes collected this summer, between 16 and 24 per cent more than the first three months of the year. The councillor said that his department had made a huge effort to keep the town clean and in the best conditions, especially since the number of visitors has also increased compared to other summers. He thanked the street cleaners, and local citizens for their efforts. august was the month when most rubbish was collected, with more than 4,000 tonnes of organic refuse left at the 2,300 waste locations throughout the town. For recycling, more than 344,000 kilos of glass, almost 558,380 kilos of containers and more than 467,780 kilos of paper and cardboard were collected. The General Plan for urban Development stipulates that in newly built areas, rubbish containers must go underground and the town hall has been doing away with containers in the town and changing them to ecological islands.

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September 2013


National beach volleyball championship THE final stage of the Spanish Beach Volleyball Championship was held at the Reserva del Higueron area in Fuengirola. This competition launches the Madison Beach Volley Tour 2013 and was held in a 7,000m2 area over three days. There were four courts and seating for up to 1,000 people

to watch this competition for the most coveted title of the summer in Spain in this sport. The mayor, Esperanza Oña, said how important this had been for Fuengirola, and could help the town to become a point of reference for this Olympic sport at a national

level. She also pointed out how important sports are in the town, and that the sports facilities are used every year by almost 20,000 children who play sports including beach volleyball. The Madison Beach Volley Tour is the only professional circuit in Spain at the moment.

Staff now needed for new hotel THE hotel which is now located in the old town hall building in Fuengirola is selecting staff. It is due to open in October and anyone interested in working there who is not registered with the local employment bureau and fulfils the requirements should visit the Employment Department, located on the third floor of Los Boliches town hall premises. Earlier this year, the mayor, Esperanza Oña, signed an agreement with the company which will manage the hotel, Proyectos Empresariales Fuengiroleños, by which they agreed locals would be hired to cover the staffing needs of the hotel. Candidates must fulfil the necesssary requirements. at least 20 people will be hired as receptionists, waiters, bar staff, cleaners, chamber maids, maitre D, cooks, office work and kitchen porters. Candidates must have experience in the sector and speak English. The four-star hotel will have 40 rooms, and strive to offer a different personality and unique identity.

Pedro Cuevas with dog trainer Miguel Angel Camacho.

Dog training classes at local park The service will teach people how to train and educate their dogs and the training area will have hurdles and obstacles THE local councillor for Sport, Pedro Cuevas, announced that a Municipal Dog Training School will be held at the Guau Guau dog park in Los Pacos. Registration must be carried out at the Sports Council at the Elola Sports Complex. He said that many people had requested the activity which will be a new experience, but which if successful, more sessions will be carried out and it will be extended to other parks. The service will teach people how to train and educate their dogs and will be held in the

586m2 training area of the Guau Guau Park which has hurdles, long jump, seesaw and other obstacles. Cuevas was accompanied by the trainer, Miguel angel Camacho, who explained that the classes will focus on how dogs behave in society, how to behave with other dogs and people, laws regarding dog ownership, basic obedience, character test and other concepts which will help owners have a well-behaved dog which is easy to handle. Classes will be held Monday to Friday from 7.30pm to

8.30pm in small groups of 15 people maximum. The price per month is €45 for residents registered on the ‘padron’ and €60 for people who aren’t registered. Meanwhile, the Councillor for Green areas and Parks, Dolores Buzon, said that a snack kiosk will be installed at the Guau Guau Park to sell food and drinks. The aim is to assign management of the kiosk to a local family so they can own their own business for six years. It will have a store room, toilets and a terrace and will also sell items for dogs.


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September 2013

Leisure activities for Senior Citizens fuengirola town Hall has organised a variety of leisure activities for elderly residents • film afternoons at the alfil Cinema Monday to Thursday (except holidays) at the alfil Cinema in avenida Camilo Jose Cela. Price €3.50 and must show Fuengirola

Pensioners’ Card at the box office along with ID. • weekly Dance Free live music, on Friday at the Hogal

Social (Social Home) at Complejo Elola, Calle Miguel Bueno, and on Saturday at the Hogar Social in Puebla Lucia, Calle Blanca Paloma, 4. • there are also municipal workshops for the elderly in ballroom dancing (beginner and advanced level), regional dancing (advanced level), computer technology (several levels), oil painting and acting. This year, places in the workshops for the 2013/2014 term were given out from September 2 at the Hogar Social in Puebla Lucia, Calle Blanca Paloma, 4. Classes will start on October 16.

Courses and workshops to promote equality Various classes have been launched including anti-stress workshops and self confidence classes THE local councillor for Equality, Mariluz Puente, announced the programme of courses and workshops the department has organised. Registration for each of them will be open 15 days before they start at the Edificio Colores in Los Boliches, from 10am to 1pm.

In October, due to popular demand there will be hiking activities, details will be released soon.

activities include: Personal defence workshop: October 26 and november 6 Breast feeding and baby care workshop: The first and third Wednesday of every month Basic computer course: October 16 to november 11 Mobile phone handling workshop: December 3 Business creation workshop: October 1 and 3 Internet applications and social networking course: October 16 to november 11 Office work course: October 16 to november 11 Get rid of tension with Qi Gong workshop: October 30 anti-stress workshop: november 7

Patchwork workshop: november 3 and 4 Time to Take Care of Yourself Face and Body Care workshop: December 10 and 11 Efficiently communicating with teenagers workshop: December 12

activities for women include: Basic exercises for self-confidence workshop: October 22 and 23 Creating my own life – From discontent to selfrealization workshop: December 18 and 19 Who should do it? workshop: October 30, november 6, november 13 and november 20 Find yourself with the five rhythms workshop: november 12 Why can’t I stop eating? Emotions and Food workshop: november 14

There are also two activities to mark the International Day against Violence Towards Women: One is a training course for professionals on november 20 which will be given by the Prosecutor for Gender Violence in andalucia, Flor de Torres Porras, and Women’s Centre Psychologist, Encarna Sedeño; and the other is a workshop for the Prevention of Gender Violence for Disabled Women, on november 21, given by Beatriz Gomez Lopez, from the Social Services and Dependence agency in andalucia.

Personal defence workshop.

• on november 13 and December 11, senior citizens in the town who do not have grandchildren can visit the Bioparc nature park. Those who do can take part in the “Have fun with your grandchild” activity on november 22 and December 23. • on november 19 and 20 at the Casa de la Cultura the Muñoz Seca Theatre Group will perform the play by Julio Mathias ‘un sastre a la medida’ (a fitted tailor). There will also be trips for senior citizens, to Cadiz, on October 25; Jaen and andujar, on november 28 and 29, and Estepa on December 19.

September 2013

fuengirola montHlY


Cruise trip for local residents THE local councillor for Tourism, Ignacio Souviron, announced that the town hall is organising a cruise for residents who are registered on the ‘padron’. The aim is to allow locals to travel at affordable prices. He said the town hall do not just aim to promote Fuengirola throughout the world to attract thousands of tourists, but also wants locals to discover Spain and foreign destinations. With the help of local travel agencies, he said, they find an attractive destination and offer trips at a good price. This year, the trip is a Mediterranean cruise which will start on October 20 and includes seven days and eight nights with full board on the Ibero Crucero ship called Grand Mistral. It will leave Malaga and stop in Trapani (Sicily), naples, Civitavecchia (Rome) and Cagliari (Sardinia) before returning to Malaga. The price will be €425 per person, plus services tax of €73.5. Depending on the type of cabin and eating regime chosen, the price can be more or less. an inside cabin would be €350, an outside cabin €392 and an outside cabin with balcony €497, all of these plus service tax. anyone interested can get more information from the local Tourist Office or register at Halcon Viajes in avenida Juan Gomez Juanito, opposite the Casa de la Cultura.

Fuengirola Style Market has a new name and dates.

Popular craft market is here to stay THE councillor for Green areas and Parks, Dolores Buzon, announced that the market held at the Finca del Secretario Roman site will continue. The craft market, which has become very popular, will be renamed Fuengirola Style Market. The council has reached an agreement with the company which organises it and it will now be held the first Saturday of each month and on holiday weekends. The exact dates are October 5, november 2, December 6-8 and December 21-23, from 11am to 3pm. The bar next to the archaeological site, the Jazzy Bar, will offer shows and musical performances the days the market is held. The Fuengirola Summer Market has been held every Friday from July 19 to august 30, with an average of 30 stalls each week and the participation of 197 craftsmen and women from Malaga, Cordoba, Granada and Madrid. The market has been wellpublicised on Facebook and Twitter.

The popular market will now be held on a Saturday.

Mayor Oña met with stall holders.

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