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5 - 11 JULY 2012

Sales so slow



Woman gives birth on street A WOMAN gave birth to a girl in the street outside her Malaga home, with a neighbour and her husband assisting the delivery. Both mother and daughter are well.

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Malaga scores

BIG DISCOUNTS: But no sign of crowds inside or outside many shops. THERE has been a generally slow start to the summer sales. Despite discounts of up to 70 per cent, early indications

following the start of the sales showed that business levels were disappointing. • Turn to Page 6

YOUTHS in Malaga Province passed their university access exams with an average score of 6.15. More than 93 per cent passed the tests which will determine which degrees they can take and which university they will go to.

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5 - 11 July 2012


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Costa del Sol

Just champion! A real win-win night for Spain By Brendan Small FORGET the economic woes, unemployment, concerns over the euro and the dead property market. Spain’s football team, by winning the UEFA Euro 2012 Soccer Championships, provided a muchneeded fillip to summer life in general throughout the nation. The 4-0 drubbing of Italy saw the nation switch into party mode, from the costas to the plazas of Madrid, from the northern stretches of Galicia to the crowded streets of Barcelona. Hundreds of thousands of Spaniards, expats and tourists stayed glued to television screens - at home, in cafés and restaurants, as well as in plazas and on street corners - as Spain gained the historic victory that made them true champions, having won the same trophy in 2008, followed by the side’s historic World Cup win in 2010. They became the first side in history to notch up three on the trot!


Jellyfish giant A HALF-METRE wide jellyfish, weighing five kilos, was found on El Bajondillo beach in Torremolinos. It is a rare species, Rhizostoma luteum, sighted several times on the coast.

More flights BRITISH AIRWAYS has announced a 30 per cent increase in flights from Malaga to London (Gatwick) this winter due to the Costa del Sol’s enduring popularity among British flyers. CELEBRATING: Jubilant fans make some noise after the historic victory. “We had a really busy night, and the victory gave our business a real boost,” said one Los Boliches cafe owner. “Some Spanish families extended their day out on the beach to have a snack and watch the game, whereas normally they just go home

HEAD OFFICE COSTA DEL SOL Calle Moscatel 10, P-62, Polígono Industrial Arroyo de la Miel, 29631 Benalmadena, Málaga, Spain Tel: (0034) 952 561 245 Fax: (0034) 952 440 887 Marketing, International & Overseas Enquiries: Complaints: Others:

without spending extra,” he added. With near deserted main roads, towns and villages were bedecked with flags, and Spanish football shirts the preferred choice of attire. And as a new week dawned cars everywhere were flying the Spanish flag.

Saving villa MARBELLA Town Hall has finally got the goahead for preservation work on Roman Villa near Rio Verde.

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5 - 11 July 2012


Costa del Sol

Tourism stable despite difficulties AS the tourist season begins, the Costa del Sol intends to keep the industry alive despite the economic crisis. In 2011, tourism earned a total of €3.4 billion, boosting the province’s economy during the summer months and relieving unemployment, if only temporarily. Experts estimate a slight decline in numbers for this summer, which surprisingly grew last year. Nevertheless, this year’s goal is to

preserve the profits reached during the peak season in 2011, with more than 4.8 million tourists and 6.160,150 overnight stays in the province. This means that hotel occupation rose 2.59 points, allowing 91,654 workers to be hired. Torremolinos was the preferred destination for visitors, as it provided accommodation for a fourth of the people who stayed in the province last year.

Although the tourism sector remains one of the strongest, most establishments have not been able to recover the profitability of previous seasons. According to Aehcos (Costa del Sol hoteliers’ association), these businesses will have to work within tight cost margins, at the same level as eight years ago. This is mostly due to a relative decrease in foreign visits, although British, Russian and Scandinavian markets are expected to remain stable.

Malaga waits for Metro

ANTEQUERA TOWN HALL, Veterinary Clinic Rivera and the Arca del Torcal Association have found homes for 30 dogs which were going to be put down in the past six months.

Park connection PUBLIC WORKS COUNCILLOR Ana Pastor has approved plans to connect the Poniente Park and the Natural and River Park in Fuengirola by building a footbridge over the A-7.

MIJAS TOWN HALL has petitioned the State to allow two old defensive towers to be used for cultural and tourist activities. The 500-yearold watch-towers need to be restored first. RUNNING RIOT: Up to a million people visit Pamplona for the annual Running of the Bulls.

All set for running of bulls


LAMENCO, wine, sunshine, and olive oil are all synonymous with modernday Spain. And there is also the annual Running of the Bulls Festival in Pamplona, Navarre, in the Northern Pyrenees. An estimated one million people visit Pamplona annually for the Festival of San Fermín, which this year opens tomorrow

(Friday) with a grand fireworks’ display and general partying. This will be followed each morning for the next seven days by a daily running of the bulls, followed by a bullfight at 6.30pm involving animals from that day’s run, and ending with more night-time partying. The festival events were central to the plot of The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway.

Earning a good reputation

Unsafe court

MARBELLA came fifth in the Trivago website’s Reputation Rankings listing the Top 50 coastal resorts. The list is compiled from hotel accommodation assessments received from tourists on the website, which allows users to search for the cheapest hotel in the area where they want to stay. These awarded Marbella 78.62 points out of a possible 100, putting the town at the head of the Malaga rankings. It was followed by Nerja, Malaga City and Estepona with 77.24 points. Conil de la Frontera (Cadiz) enjoys Andalucia’s best Reputation Ranking, coming second in the Trivago classifications.

MARBELLA courthouses are reportedly insufficiently protected against robbery and vandalism. Important documents from the corruption case against ex Mayor Jesus Gil disappeared in 2001, and vandals entered a court building in 2011.

Quote of the week

A MAN suffered smoke inhalation during a fire in Mijas. By the time the fire department arrived the blaze had already been extinguished and none of the neighbours had to be evacuated from their homes.

Tourist towers

MIJAS MAYOR Angel Nozal has removed the Head of Local Police Antonio Hernandez from his position due to ‘differences’.

Dogs saved

Mijas man injured in fire

A HOME for physically disabled people is to be built in Ronda. The project will be carried out by the Physical Disability Association Federation in cooperation with Ronda Town Hall.

Police chief out

THE endangered Egyptian vulture is nesting in Guadalteba again after an absence of two years. Head of the Environmental Council Francisco Fernandez reported that the last known pair were poisoned in 2010.

N watch ews

Special home

MALAGA CITY HALL demanded funding for the Metro during the last meeting with the Junta de Andalucia. Mayor Francisco de la Torre tabled a motion for funds to be released urgently to resume work on the Metro.

Vulture returns


There are no magical solutions to the financial crisis’

EC President Jose Manuel Barroso, who applauded the measures approved by EU leaders to stabilise debt, but warned the end of the crisis was still distant.

Number of the week

million people on average watched 15.48 the Euro 2012 final match between

Spain and Italy on TV on Sunday, making it the match with the most viewers in history. At 10.32pm there were more than 17.88 million people watching.

Culture club THE International Symposium ‘New worlds, new encounters: Cultural dialogue between Spain and America’ was held in Torremolinos last weekend to enable professionals to share their cultural research.

Tapas tour MIJAS PUEBLO will host the 6th Edition of the Tapas Route every Tuesday and Thursday night in July and August. Clients can enjoy tapas made by 20 different establishments at Plaza Virgen de la Peña.

and finally... A MAN was arrested in Sevilla for teaching his 11-year-old son how to drive. The man, who is a driving instructor, had taken the child on the A8100 road between Carmona and Utrera, where he was spotted driving slowly and dangerously, and was stopped by police.




5 - 11 July 2012 Costa del Sol

Homosexual passengers rejected A CRUISE ship marketed towards homosexual clients, the Nieuw Amsterdam, docked in Malaga after being banned from Casablanca, Morocco, last Sunday. There were 1,564 passengers on board, who spent the day in Malaga City. The company RSVP Vacations, which organised the cruise, sent out a letter to clients on Saturday informing them that “port authorities had denied the visit programmed for July 1 despite having previously confirmed it.” According to the agency this decision was taken after “the visit from a gay cruise ship became a potentially controversial public affair,” and also insisted that Morocco had historically welcomed gay tourists despite religious and legal issues with homosexuality.



Stories making headlines from the United Kingdom

Well-heeled A MILLIONAIRE is suing his ex-wife over her vast £640,000 designer shoe collection which she kept from their divorce settlement three years ago.

Won’t breathe

GOLDEN AGE: So far this year total traffic to the port has increased by 216 per cent.

Spectacular growth for Malaga Port this year

By Daphne Hilarides THE number of cruise ships and merchant ships stopping in Malaga Port has risen spectacularly this year. According to Malaga’s Harbour Master, Enrique Linde, the city port is in its golden age of activity, with estimates that exceed the port’s historic records. Just in the first five months of this

financial year, the total traffic has increased by 216 per cent compared to the same period last year, reaching more than 3.4 million tons. “Now we expect a plateau period, which will improve in the last months of the year,” Linde affirmed. He also pointed out that Malaga was the fastest growing port in Spain last year, and predicted even better results for 2012.

This success is due to the growth both in merchant ship traffic and cruise stopovers. Approximately 700,000 passengers will stop in Malaga this year; a third of the total amount of the world’s sea travellers. Head of Malaga Port Sebastian Camps predicts that cruise ship activity will decline in 2013, mostly due to changes in cruise itineraries.

THE UK is facing fines if it fails to improve air quality quickly, after the European Commission refused plans to delay improvements.

Queen’s visit THE final day of the Queen’s two-day visit to Northern Ireland was marked by an historic handshake and a huge party.

Olympics Muse A NEW track from British band Muse was selected to be the official song of the London 2012 Olympic Games.


5 - 11 July 2012


Costa del Sol

More freedom for retail traders CHANGES in retail laws will affect retail traders in Malaga. This law will soon force Malaga to decide which tourist areas can open every day, to prevent tourists from finding all shops closed on Sundays and holidays. This law will also affect other tourist areas, including Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla, Bilbao and Granada, among others that will soon be added. This new law modification will allow retail traders more freedom as to when they can open, although many are still waiting for Fecoma (Malaga’s trade federation) to respond to this initiative. This kind of measure often produces negative effects on small businesses, and mostly favours large chains that can easily maintain their establishments open for more time. Trade councillor, Esther Molina refuses to voice her opinion regarding the matter until all of the details are revealed, although she affirmed that if the Spanish Government has made this decision “it must be because they have studied the benefits.”

Dearer gas A CANISTER or ‘bombona’ of butane gas went up by 92 cents on July 1 to €16.45. The price is reviewed every three months, with rises based on international fuel prices, exchange rates and transport costs.



Construction work finally begins on bridge MALAGA provincial government finally began construction work on the bridge from Ardales to El Burgo, after being closed off for more than one year. The project is estimated to last three months.

The Lion King THE musical The Lion King will be shown at 7pm on this Saturday at Carthima Theatre in Cartama.

New fire trucks FUNDRAISING: €1,000 was raised for the sanctuary.

Generous donation to donkey sanctuary

SPLASH POOLS presented a cheque for €1,000 to the donkey sanctuary Refugio del Burrito near Fuente de Piedra.

THE fire departments covering the area of Antequera have nine new fire trucks. The regional government has invested €1.1 million in new equipment for zone one, which is in charge of protecting a total of 130,000 neighbours.

The money was raised by donations from kind friends, relatives and customers.

Brutal killing in Madrid

AS a triumphant Iker Casillas flourished the European Cup, three masked men beat a notary’s wife to death in Madrid. The murder occurred Sunday night in an upmarket urbanisation in the city’s Fuencaral-El Pardo district. The three men broke into the house, looking for valuables as the notary, his son and the son’s fiancée watched Spain’s football team collect their awards. A domestic employee was also present at the other end of the house. The woman, aged 62, felt unwell and went to her bedroom. Her son followed soon afterwards after hearing “a strange noise,” said sources close to the case.

Once upstairs, the 32year-old came face to face with two masked men dressed in black. A third hit him over the head, leaving him semiconscious although - with his hands covered in blood - he managed to return downstairs and warn his father. The men escaped in the meantime and after finding his wife lying in a pool of blood, the notary rang the emergency services. Owing to the gravity of her wounds and the amount of blood she had lost, medics could do nothing to save her. The son was taken to the La Concepcion clinic for treatment. The upstairs rooms were ransacked, according to some

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sources, although police did not confirm this. The family is “totally normal, unassuming and hardworking,” said a neighbour. Earlier that evening before the match, the notary was seen walking the family’s golden retriever, others remembered, expressing surprise that the dog ignored the intruders.

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Costa del Sol

Summer sales get off to a shaky start

Fake officers arrested for armed theft THREE men were arrested for allegedly impersonating police officers and robbing a home in Marbella. According to Malaga’s provincial police station, the suspects were allegedly wearing ski masks, police uniforms and carried weapons when they broke into the victim’s home. The tenant and his son were there, as well as a friend and an assistant. The attackers pushed the three adults to the floor and held them at gunpoint while interrogating them for money and valuable belongings. After stealing €5,000 in cash and jewellery the robbers left the scene. The police focused their investigation on the victim’s environs, which led them to identify one of the alleged culprits as his hairdresser. The suspect had a close relationship with the victim and knew much about his personal and economic situation.

From Front Page As the sales opened on Sunday some shopkeepers in Malaga City blamed the heat, encouraging would-be shoppers to go to the beach

instead, while others said the Euro 2012 football final was another distraction. Shopkeepers also blamed the increasingly common trend by some stores to offer discounts to encourage

BIG STEP: David and Emma are moving up to Year One.

CHILDREN at the British School of Marbella celebrated graduating into Year One last Friday.

Dressed in traditional black gowns and wearing mortarboards, the 15 youngsters received their

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business despite the tough economic times as also a possible negative. Summing up the dismay of traders, one store assistant at the Larios Shopping Centre in Malaga said: “There have been few queues, it is just like a normal shopping day.” And Julie Bourne of Alhaurin El Grande who headed off to Funegirola looking for bargains also said it appeared quiet considering the sales were on. “I visited El Corte Ingles at about 4pm on Tuesday and it was almost like a normal shopping day, though there were not quite as many spaces in the car park as usual,” she said. “But with lots of attractive offers, and plenty of assistants to certificates from head help, I found it well teacher Mrs Andrews worthwhile,” Julie during the annual Speech added. Day.

Graduation Day at British School Marbella


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5 - 11 July 2012

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Stories making headlines from Germany

Unclear history HALF of young Germans are unsure whether the Nazi state was a dictatorship, and even more are not sure whether the Socialist East German regime was one.

Change in law JEWS and Muslims spoke up against the court’s ruling to consider circumcision a crime of bodily harm.

No fun fair A FAIRGROUND ride span out of control, throwing a car carrying three people into a group of walkers, leaving seven injured.

Bad crows BERLINERS complain they are still being pecked on the head by aggressive crows, despite warning signs.

5 - 11 July 2012



Costa del Sol



5 - 11 July 2012 Costa del Sol


5 - 11 July 2012

GLORIA GAYNOR will be performing at the Puente Romano Hotel in Marbella this Saturday and EWN is offering free tickets to readers who can answer a simple question. On which 1978 studio album was Gaynor’s number one hit single ‘I Will Survive’ released? Readers who send the correct answers to wintickets@euroweekly before 10pm today (Thursday) will be entered in the draw for the tickets. Winners will be informed by phone, so don’t forget to give us your number, and you will be able to pick up the tickets from the Euro Weekly News head office in Arroyo de la Miel tomorrow (Friday). The concert of Gloria Gaynor and Sister Sledge Feat. Kathy Sledge will be at 9.45pm on Saturday. Doors open at 8pm.


Costa del Sol

Win tickets to see Gloria Gaynor


Baroness Thyssen sells ‘The Lock’ JOHN CONSTABLE’S depiction of Suffolk rural life ‘The Lock’, part of Baroness Thyssen’s collection, sold at auction at Christie’s in London for €27.9 million. It was purchased by an anonymous buyer, who made it one of the most expensive British paintings ever sold. Despite Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection Foundation trustees’ protests, the baroness has a right to

sell up to 10 per cent of the value of her collection, and ‘The Lock’ is only worth 4.5 per cent. Due to her publicly renowned lack of liquidity, the baroness had previously tried to sell it to the Spanish Government and to her stepdaughter/foundation trustee Francesca Thyssen-Bornemisza, but neither took up the offer.

NEW IDENTITY: Roundabouts and streets to be renamed.

Mijas environs relabelled MIJAS plans to rename several roundabouts, streets and panoramic points after famous public figures from the area or Mijas citizens who have made a difference in the community.




5 - 11 July 2012 Costa del Sol



Stories making headlines from Russia

Bad weapons result in death A DRUNKEN man in Southern Russia attacked police officers with an axe and a pitchfork, prompting them to shoot him dead. He was threatening to shoot his wife and mother-in-law.

No thriller ST PETERSBURG police tried to prevent a group of Michael Jackson fans from commemorating the third anniversary of the ‘King of Pop’s’ death, citing a new law on public gatherings.

Drug-free THE republic of Yakutia in Eastern Siberia was asked to grow drug-free cannabis to occupy land that is otherwise used by illegal cannabis farmers.

30 years for mother who killed children BRITON Lianne Smith was sentenced to 30 years in prison for murdering her two children in Lloret de Mar in May 2010.

Defence tries to keep Malaya evidence out DEFENCE lawyers for Isabel Pantoja, Julian MuĂąoz and Maite Zaldivar joined forces last Thursday. They shared a common strategy to force the court to exclude 10,000 documents from the Malaya case, presented as evidence by anti-corruption prosecutors. The prosecution claims they intend to use Malaya evidence in this case due the fact that the two investigations were not separated until July 2007. In response, the defence demands the investigation be taken back to the Instruction court or for another previous proceedings hearing to be held before they continue.

According to the sentence, the court considered parenthood to be an aggravating factor while her confession and disturbed mental state

at the time were extenuating factors. Because of this, the jury has applied the minimum sentence, which is 15 years in prison per murder, as well as the payment of legal costs. The nine member public jury unanimously accepted the Public Prosecutor’s argument that Smith was conscious of what she was doing when she suffocated her daughter aged five and son of 11 months. Nonetheless, the jury also recognised that Smith was seriously disturbed when she killed her children. She claimed that she feared that she was about to lose their custody after her husband’s arrest for child TASTE OF CULTURE: Native Senegalese dancers. abuse. It rejected defence claims that this impaired her judgement and self-control after a TRADITIONAL African ritual Native Senegalese dancers will psychiatric evaluation dances from Senegal will be shown give the audience a taste of their ruled out a possible at the Bioparc, Fuengirola every culture following a night tour of the mental disorder. night during July and August. zoo which opens until midnight.

Senegalese dancers at Bioparc







5 - 11 July 2012

EWN 11 Costa del Sol

SCANDINAVIAN PRESS Stories making headlines in Denmark, Norway and Sweden

Broken Leg? Press 1! DENMARK – Emergency rooms in hospitals are attempting to cut waiting times by forcing patients to call before they turn up.

SHM break-up SWEDEN – DJ trio Swedish House Mafia announced that their upcoming tour will be the last the group plays together, ending four years of massive commercial success.

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Hacker arrested NORWAY – A Norwegian is amongst 24 arrested in an FBI action against an international hacking group which has misused 400,000 credit cards.

Downloads OK DENMARK – Illegal downloaders are no longer at risk as the Danish government revealed future plans to dissuade, not prosecute, them.

Lip chewer SWEDEN – A man charged with cutting off and eating his wife’s lower lip told investigators he planned to kill himself after the attack and that the decision was ‘spontaneous’.

Good teens NORWAY – Norwegian teens use fewer illicit drugs and consume far less alcohol than young people in other countries.

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Clean oceans


DENMARK – A new net could help clean up the oceans while at the same time help with providing struggling fishermen with a source of income.

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5 - 11 July 2012 Costa del Sol



Excellence award THE Holiday Polynesia and Holiday Village hotels at the Holiday World complex in Benalmadena have been awarded the 2012 Excellence Certificate from the TripAdvisor website for quality and service.

Races start THE horse racing season begins at the racecourse in Mijas this Saturday. The venue will also be hosting jazz concerts, flamenco shows, guided visits and Irish music.

All change YET another change is to be made in Spanish classrooms. The government plans to increase hours dedicated to Spanish, Maths and Foreign Languages.

The port of Manila. Inset: Queen Sofia touches down in the Phillipines.

Queen Sofia on visit to Manila THE Queen of Spain was due to end a four-day official visit to Manila, the capital of the Philippines today (Thursday). The visit by Queen Sofia centred around checking on development cooperation projects being funded by the Spanish government, but also included a

meeting with the president, as well as a royal banquet in her honour. Thousands of expatriate Filipinos live and work in Spain, with the nations enjoying close political and cultural ties as a result of the Spanish discovering the archipelago in South-East Asia in the 16th century.

Donations still coming in to support Tomas DESPITE having reached our target of €5,000 for Tomas Leighton, Euro Weekly News has received a further generous donation of €100 from John at AIM Wholesale. The money we have raised with this campaign will be used to adapt Tomas’s family home to his needs. We would once again like to thank

everybody who has donated to this cause. Tomas is seven years old and lives on the Costa del Sol with his parents, Jon and Jill. He has cerebral palsy, is practically blind and suffers from epilepsy as well as having global learning difficulties. He needs constant care and several types of therapy.

The family is adapting their home so that Tomas will have his own area and bedroom, close to them at all times, on the ground floor near the toilet. To obtain further information about Tomas please contact Jenni at tlc-charity@euroweekly or on (+34) 603 697 992.

Members of The Royal British Legion Mijas Costa branch.

BBQ and fun at Mijas Lions Armed Forces Day THE Royal British Legion Mijas Costa branch celebrated Armed Forces Day recently.

They held a BBQ at Club La Naranja, with some members bringing to the party an atmosphere of the forces.

5 - 11 July 2012

EWN 13 Costa del Sol




5 - 11 July 2012 Costa del Sol


Payback for killing A MAN died during a drug-related shooting in Torremolinos, and according to witnesses, there was more than one attacker involved. The National Police are investigating.

Owner charged A FUENGIROLA resident was charged with a misdemeanour for walking a potentially dangerous dog, without a muzzle and no licence or insurance.

Prescription charges won’t be a bitter pill to swallow THANKS to the Andalucia health service’s computerised prescription system, all users’ details are up to date. Snags encountered in other autonomous communities when co-payment for prescriptions came into force on July 1 are not expected here. Around half a million of Andalucia’s 1,679,801 pensioners get through more than five prescriptions a month, according to Health department statistics and

many will now pay something towards them. Co-payment is directly linked to income, and those on Spain’s lowest, noncontributory pensions pay nothing at all. Pensioners on an annual income of less than €18,000 pay 10 per cent, as do those with annual incomes of between €18,000 and €100,000. The difference is that the lower income group will not pay more than €8 in any one

month while those with up to €100,000 pay a maximum of €18. Pensioners whose income tops €100,000 can expect to pay 60 per cent of their prescription costs up to €60 a month. Under the old regulations, however, they were already charged 40 per cent. In the majority of autonomous regions, amounts paid out over each individual’s limit will eventually be reimbursed to their bank

accounts. In Andalucia, however, once the Farmacia computer indicates that the limit has been reached, a pensioner pays nothing for the rest of that month. Eighty-five per cent 1,414,873 – of the region’s pensioners will not pay more than €8 per month, the Health department revealed. A further 260,895 come into the second category and 4,033 – just 0.2 per cent of the total – into the third.


SPECIAL OFFER ! JOIN US: A number of outdoor activities have been organised for the summer.

Summer fun for the kids


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UNICAJA’S social work programme, has once again organised a Summer Camp for children with

outdoor activities, English lessons and workshops for more than 7,000 children aged six to 17. The

Man guilty of murder A 23-YEAR-OLD was convicted in Barcelona of shooting and killing his partner in August 2009. The victim was eight months pregnant at the time. The child she was carrying was delivered by caesarean but died the day after the shooting. The couple already had a daughter, aged three, who was present when her mother was murdered. He was sentenced to 19 years and six months for the shooting and causing the death of the unborn child.

activities will take place in Ronda and on the Costa del Sol during the months of July and August.

EWN 15

5 - 11 July 2012

Costa del Sol

Advertising Feature


Gloria Gaynor & Sister Sledge Featuring Kathy Sledge

N July 7 at the Hotel Puente Romano Tennis Club, two exceptional women will be performing their disco hits live. Gloria Gaynor and Sister Sledge’s lead singer Kathy Sledge have both been wowing audiences with their strong vocals and sassy tunes since the 1970s and are now coming to Marbella to perform together on one fantastic night. Their music has been the soundtrack for party nights throughout the 70s, 80s, 90s and it still sounds as fresh as ever. They will be performing their classic hits and newer work including floor fillers; ‘I Will Survive,’ ‘Never Can Say Goodbye,’ ‘I Am What I Am,’ ‘We Are Family,’ ‘He’s the

Greatest Dancer’ and ‘Lost in Music.’ Between them, these two performers have sold millions of albums, won Grammies and accolades aplenty and are now flying in to Marbella for

one night only. Don’t miss these disco legends in action! Tickets available at the Hotel Puente Romano Tennis Club, Ticketmaster and El Corte Ingles or call 648 780 781.

MC Beach Nights MC Beach, the Marbella Club Hotel’s chic beach restaurant is now open for dinner and drinks late into the night. ITS white decks and sea blue beach beds are open throughout the day for long lunches and lazy days in the sun. Then when the sun goes down, enjoy authentic Andalucian cuisine in the restaurant from 8pm to midnight. The bar stays open until 2am for cocktails and drinks right on the sand with cool music and a great atmosphere. To book a table at MC Beach call 676 444 556 or email Opening hours – 10.00 – 02.00




5 - 11 July 2012 Costa del Sol

Few hitches for strait crossing

MISSING: Ruth, 6, and her brother Jose, 2.

Still hope for Ruth and Jose

EXCAVATIONS at their father’s property, Las Quemadillas, continue this week in the search for missing Ruth and Jose. Their father, Jose Breton,

who was separating from his wife, Ruth Ortiz, at the time they disappeared, remains in prison on remand. Ruth, six, and her two-

Junta steps in on social housing evictions EVICTIONS from social housing in Andalucia will be halted if occupants include the elderly, the disabled or minors. The measure is aimed at families in a ‘desperate’ financial situation who accumulate rent arrears for justifiable reasons, according to the regional government. Where possible, the Junta will look for alternatives so that tenants in difficulties are not made homeless, said Housing and Public Works chief, Elena Cortes. At present the region’s 46,000 publicly-owned dwellings are occupied by approximately 250,000 people. The department intends to be exacting regarding government-owned social housing, Cortes declared.

year-old brother, Jose, disappeared in October 2011 but could still be alive, insisted Juan Jose Primo Jurado, the national government’s Andalucia sub-delegate. Investigators are not disheartened, said Primo Jurado. On the contrary they are using every means possible to solve the case and find the children, he told reporters. He nevertheless understood the disappointment of investigators and “those who love the children,” after heavy earthmoving machinery failed to produce results, the sub-delegate admitted.

LAST weekend around 10,000 vehicles crossed the Strait of Gibraltar as North Africans working in Europe returned home for the summer holidays. As they do each year, the Spanish authorities launched the Strait Crossing Operation (OPE) which began on June 15 and continues until September 15. It has run smoothly so far, with few hold-ups. As usual, Algeciras has received the most traffic, with 40 per cent of passengers and vehicles. More than 10,000 cars embarked at the weekend, according to official estimates, and shipping lines put on extra ferries. Acciona added 10 more ships, three of them high-speed vessels. Approximately 200,000 people and 50,000 vehicles had crossed the Strait of Gibraltar by last Sunday. This was the busiest day so far and at Llano Amarillo in Algeciras, vehicles embarked at the rate of 200 an hour. Rest zones have been set aside, with play areas for children. Red Cross and Civil Protection teams are also on hand to deal with medical emergencies.

Andalucia fruit-pickers ferried to Lerida AFTER police intercepted two coaches in Lerida (Cataluña), they found the passengers were all African workers from Huelva. A closer check revealed that some 40 of the 100 Africans were not legal, said Mayor Angel Ros. Although both coaches belonged to an operator covering scheduled routes, they were privately hired for the journey from Huelva. Ros has

now asked the central government’s sub-delegation in Lerida to contact Huelva to find out who hired the coaches. The arrival of the workers coincided with the start of Lerida’s fruit-picking season and the end of the Huelva strawberry harvest, said the national government’s delegate, Inma Manso. Immigrant workers from

Andalucia and Aragon who habitually move from one harvest to another were specifically requested not to descend on Lerida this year, she added. There were more immigrants than ever in the city centre, Angel Ros said. This occurred not because of an increase in agricultural workers but because there was less work around, he explained.

5 - 11 July 2012



Costa del Sol





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5 - 11 July 2012 Costa del Sol

THE regional administration owes €35 million to centres that look after the intellectually impaired. At the Mater et Magistra centre in Sevilla, 100 carers who look after 150 patients have not been paid since March and neither have suppliers. If the centre is surviving, said director Mercedes Antunez, it is entirely due to the goodwill of both staff and suppliers. “The Junta might have cash flow problems but so do I,” lamented Antunez who is also concerned about employees’ own difficulties with the banks. “The problem is enormous, but a common one for the 540 FEAPS centres for the mentally disabled.” she said. Mater et Magistra and other FEAPS centres held sit-ins last week to draw attention to their problems and force the Junta to act.


Crisis hits carers and cared-for too

BLACK PALL: Smoke rising from the area of El Ingenio Shopping Centre. Inset: Palm trees destroyed.

Police investigate a spate of fires

A FIRE has destroyed an area of palm trees, avocado trees and bushes near the A-7 ringroad in Torre del Mar. The blaze started at around 4pm between El Ingenio Shopping Centre, the Juan Azuaga football ground and the Viña Malaga urbanisation. Due to strong winds on the day, the flames reached up to one metre high

and firefighters found it difficult to put them out. No-one was injured and no evacuation of the shopping centre or nearby homes had to be carried out. Police are investigating the cause of the fire, as they believe it could have been started deliberately, local mayor, Francisco Delgado, announced.

Local resident Roland Gillett reported that a lot of trees were burned or charred and the flames came very close to a house which he says ‘fortunately was not damaged’. He also confirmed there had been a spate of fires in the area in the past month-and-a-half which police are now investigating.

Fictitious firms con the Social POLICE arrested 150 people following an investigation of 30 fictitious companies that defrauded millions in social security payments. A further 277 face charges for involvement in the large scale swindle which operated in Barcelona, Tarragona, Gerona and Jaen. At least 406 people, mainly Moroccans, paid between €300 and €500 to be registered on the payrolls of non-existent businesses. They were then able to renew work and residence permits. A total of 3,375 people were registered as employees, with 398 ‘working’ long enough to draw unemployment pay of €2,667,000. The fraud came to light last year when inspectors detected firms appearing to have no valid activity and were in arrears with social security payments.

5 - 11 July 2012



Costa del Sol



5 - 11 July 2012 Costa del Sol


5 - 11 July 2012

EWN 21

Urdangarin paid maid ‘under the table’ with no contract A HOUSE maid said in court that Royal son-inlaw Iñaki Urdangarin offered her a job with the condition that he would pay her ‘under the table’ and without a contract. This testimony was given during a trial hearing against the Duke of Palma who is accused, along with his former associate Diego

Torres, of creating a network of companies to embezzle funds. These were received by the Noos Institute, a non-profit consultancy that billed regional governments more than €5 million for events to promote sport and tourism between 2004 and 2006. The witness also noted that Princess

Cristina was present during the interview. Later, when she asked her employers to make a contract for her to be able to normalise her work permit and residency, Urdangarin accepted. However, she claims that he gave her a false contract as a phone operator for the company Aizoon, used by the Duke and Duchess of Palma to manage their personal assets. Urdangarin and Torres are charged with document falsification, corruption, fraud and embezzlement, mainly over agreements signed in 2005 and 2006 between the Balearic government, led at the time by the Partido Popular’s Jaume Matas, and the Noos Institute, for €2.3 million.

Deaths outstrip births FEWER babies were born in Spain for the third year running, revealed 2011 figures from the national statistics’ office, INE. Mothers gave birth later last year, at an average age of 31.4 years, and had 1.35 children each, compared with 1.38 in 2010. Last year’s 468,430 registered births were 3.5 per cent fewer than in 2010 while the 387,347 deaths showed a 1.9 per cent increase. Life expectancy for males born last year rose to 79.1 years but remains practically unchanged for females at 84.9 years. Non-Spanish mothers gave birth to 90,390 babies - 19.3 per cent of the total – but again this was lower than the 98,845 – 20.4 per cent - registered in 2010. Foreign residents accounted for 2.4 per cent of deaths although they represent more than 12 per cent of Spain’s population.

Improved access

NEW ARRIVAL: For the third year running fewer babies were born.

THE Ministry of Public Works is studying ways to improve access to Benalmadena and Fuengirola from the A-7 motorway. Exit 222 to Benalmadena-Arroyo de la Miel sees an average of 3,000 cars per day.

Costa del Sol


Billionaire nightclub ITALIAN businessman Flavio Briatore, will open his first luxury disco in Spain this weekend in Marbella. It will be the fifth that the former Renault team manager opens under the brand name Billionaire.

Bad plan TWO businesswomen accused of selling 16 apartments in Marbella which were never built have been acquitted. The court considers they did not intend to trick their clients.

Hold-up POLICE are investigating a hold-up at a jewellery shop in Marbella. The thief, wearing large glasses to hide his face got away with €300,000 worth of watches and rings.




5 - 11 July 2012 Costa del Sol

Unemployment concerns affect couples plans to start a family JOB insecurity and financial uncertainty are obliging couples to delay having children. Even those who decide to go

ahead and start a family do not take all the maternity and paternity leave they are entitled to. Maternity leave fell by 10 per cent

in the first quarter of this year compared with 2011. “This is due to unemployment, because the leave is linked to

work,” said family researcher Margarita Leon. “If people feel that employers will look at them in a bad light or think twice about renewing contracts, obviously they are not going to claim their rights.” The tendency to take less maternity and paternity leave is negative for the future, warned economist Carmen Castro. Prejudice continues to exist at all levels and it is necessary to raise awareness to ensure progress in this area, she said. Spain’s birthrate fell for the third year running in 2011, she pointed out, and women were waiting until they were over 34 to start families. “People say they would like to have more children, but their finances put them off. High unemployment amongst younger women the charity cheque. forces them to put very special thank you to motherhood on hold and everyone who attended have their first child much the fundraiser. later,” Leon agreed.

Positively Pink event THE Restaurant Mijas Playa held a gala dinner to raise awareness and funds for the Positively Pink Charity which raised €1,830. The founder of the charity, Lorraine Palmer, was present and deemed it a great success. The organiser of the event, Linda Mairs, would like to thank all the local businesses who provided the raffle prizes, the musicians and entertainers who performed free of charge on the night – Samantha Mairs, Frankie Valentine, Steve Summers, Peter Brooks, David Mairs and

THANK YOU: Lorraine Palmer and Linda Mairs with special guest Steve Nelson. Many thanks also to Luigi, the owner

of the Restaurant Mijas Playa, who contributed €9 per person, and a



Stories making headlines from Gibraltar

Gib shocked GIBRALTAR residents have been faced with news of the deaths of one of the most eminent lawyers and politically controversially figures JE Triay, QC, and his former legal partner and one time Speaker of the House Sir Alfred Vasquez, QC.

Attacker sorry A LOCAL man who assaulted Fabian Picardo and his friend last year has been jailed for six weeks. The assailant later wrote to them apologising and saying he was deeply ashamed of his actions.

Lunar walk THE fifth edition of the Lunar Walk held in Gibraltar last weekend attracted 1,000 people and raised just over £6,000 for breast cancer.

5 - 11 July 2012

EWN 23 Costa del Sol




5 - 11 July 2012 Costa del Sol


5 - 11 July 2012

Costa del Sol

Dealer doubled sales during Euro 2012 MARBELLA National Police arrested an alleged drug dealer who was caught with eight grams of cocaine ready to sell and €500 in cash. According to sources close to the investigation, the police search of his home also revealed 1,600 doses of high-quality cocaine and up to €15,000 in cash. The investigation began when the police were informed of an important sales point where cocaine was being supplied to British citizens in local bars. Plain-clothes officers posed as clients in several bars and detected the rise in sales and consumption during Euro 2012 football tournament, enabling them to make an arrest.

BALCONY PLANTATION: Discovered in Las Lagunas.

Police sniff out marihuana


EWN 25

MIJAS Local Police officers followed the scent of 18 marihuana plants to a

Thief arrested A MAN was arrested in Malaga for allegedly committing

house in Las Lagunas. Three people have been charged with drugs offences.

more than 50 thefts on the beach. He has been arrested at least six times for the same crime.

Drink and run A YOUNG driver fled from a Guardia Civil vehicle checkpoint in Arroyo de la Miel. When the pursuit ended, the officers discovered that he had been holding an alcoholic beverage between his legs while driving.

Illegal mail A COLOMBIAN man was sentenced to four-and-ahalf years in prison for drug trafficking. The Estepona resident was caught when he received 146 grams of cocaine by post at his home in May 2011.

6 on charges FIVE PEOPLE were reported for illegal possession of narcotics last weekend in Estepona and a sixth

person was reported for carrying a knife during the Local and National Police force’s joint security controls and document checks.

Family violence A MAN threatened his brother with a knife during fight in Malaga. When police searched the alleged attacker they also found a baseball bat underneath his shirt.

Stolen statues AN antiques dealer from Ronda has been charged for selling three stolen antique statues. They had reportedly gone missing from a home in Portugal in 2009.

Canine arrest TWO individuals attempted to steal €5,305 from an elderly man last week in Malaga. They were caught in Paseo del Parque by police dog Rocco and two officers.

Transportation trouble A WOMAN who tried to send a car to her daughter in Bosnia through a transportation service received a speeding ticket four months after the vehicle was supposedly shipped. She has pressed charges against the Malaga-based company.




5 - 11 July 2012 Costa del Sol

Live-in care assistants


WORK IN ENGLAND Do you want to be a live-in carer, looking after somebody in their own home? Choose the weeks you want to work Good rates of pay, plus free board and lodging Christies Care offers you: A free 5 day training course Support and advice through out your caring career Work with a wide choice of clients

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18m drivers to get bonus point EIGHTEEN million drivers are to receive a bonus point on their driving licences. Those who have never had points deducted now have 15, a gift that comes six years after Spain’s points system was introduced. Two bonus points were previously awarded to exemplary drivers in 2009, bringing their total up to 14. Of Spain’s 26 million drivers, 4.9 million were responsible for driving offences which cost points. Of these, 1.4 million committed two or more offences. Anyone losing all points temporarily loses their driving licence, the fate GIFT: Drivers who have never lost points will gain one.

of 142,015 people, just 0.5 per cent of drivers. A further 2,462 drivers have lost all their points on two occasions. But how easy will it be to avoid losing points in future? Guardia Civil Traffic police are under renewed pressure, with constant verbal orders from the Interior Ministry to fine more motorists, they claim. Officers failing to bring in sufficient fines lose their productivity bonus, according to police sources. They are also warned that they stand to lose around €230 from their wages if their ‘performance’ does not improve. Officers who impose most fines get the best shifts and other extras, creating an ‘unbearable’ atmosphere and working conditions, according to Guardia Civil sources.

5 - 11 July 2012

EWN 27 Costa del Sol




5 - 11 July 2012 Costa del Sol

FESTIVAL OF SPEED: Participants raced to record their best times on the track.

2,000 motor enthusiasts brave the heat MORE than 2,000 people attended the Almeria Festival of Speed (AFS) at the race track in Tabernas last Friday. The AFS was organised by Spectrum FM radio and sponsored by the EWN, La Voz de Almeria and Cadena SER radio. Circuit owner, David Garcia said he couldn’t believe how many people had turned up, especially as it was a working day. He said there had been more people

than at last year’s Andalucian Championships, held on a Sunday. It was also one of the largest displays of cars and motorbikes ever held on the Costa Almeria. Participants raced to record their best times on the track which reached a temperature of 65ºC, 20 more than at the previous weekend’s European Grand Prix. The ‘hot laps,’ that passengers paid for in race cars with professional drivers had to

be cut short because of the heat. Ten aircooled cars also had to pull out because they couldn’t run in such high temperatures. The hardy owners of display cars that were still there at 3pm, were given three free laps, in recognition of their endurance. Despite the weather conditions, there were no accidents and people spoke highly of the event. Organiser, Richard Shanley of Spectrum FM said that he had been impressed by the professional and safety conscious way Kevin Healy of Focused Events had run the track. Competitor, Stuart Robinson said that when Shanley said it had been a shame some cars cancelled because of the 47 degree heat, he had told him, “You are not God.” However, Robinson said that for 98 per cent of the crowd (including himself), it felt like they were, “in heaven.” He thanked all the organisers for an, “absolutely fabulous day.” Homemade food as well as music and dancing by Rough Justice, The Eric Morecambes, the Julie Bruce Dance Academy and Carrie’s Dusty Boots added to the Festival’s party atmosphere. There were stalls by Los Amigos de los Animales de los Filabres and PAWS animal charities. Costa Coches and SRS Vehicle Services were on hand to answer any motorsportrelated questions. For just €5 a piece, guests were given the chance to be chauffeur driven around the race-track in a luxury pink limousine and treated to a glass of bubbly. Freestyle stunt rider, Greg Rowbottom entertained the crowds with his wheelies. Shanley said that they now have a basic blueprint for next year’s AFS. They know what works and what doesn’t, and that hopefully the AFS II will be bigger and better than the first. He said it had been a steep learning curve, but that overall he was very pleased with the inaugural festival. He thanked all display car owners and competitors for making it a day to remember. See more than 800 photos of the AFS on Spectrum FM’s Facebook page: Spectrum FM Costa Almeria.

EWN 29

5 - 11 July 2012

Costa del Sol

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5 - 11 July 2012


Costa del Sol

Improved access



Orange investment MOBILE telephony and internet company Orange invested nearly €30 million in network renovations in Alicante. They predict nearly 100 per cent coverage and overall improved mobile services within the province.

Helping hand

Mayor Ana Kringe raises the flag with Tourism Councillor Pepa Font on Les Bovetes Beach.


News from this week’s other EWN editions

IN the coming weeks the Spanish Red Cross and Food Bank will commence the Food Assistance Plan 2012. Their goal is to provide the hungry living in Alicante with quality food at no charge.

Medical protests HOSPITAL workers in Alicante Province staged an hour-long protest over the new system of management that now includes the regional government. According to unions, 85 per cent of healthcare professionals in Alicante participated.

Twister reports

Alicante wins 55 Blue Flags

ALICANTE PROVINCE has been awarded 55 Blue Flags for the quality of its beaches. The coveted Blue Flag is a much soughtafter symbol that guarantees an environmentally clean beach where families can enjoy the sand, sun, sea, services and also full of rocks and potholes, making it hard for users, healthcare workers and patients’ families to park their vehicles.

Back to school

Drying ham

NINETEEN schools in Alicante will open from 9am to 2pm during July and in some cases, August. Families can choose from a wide variety of classes including sports and cultural activities.

THE Almanzora rural development group council has approved a €272,429 subsidy to build new drying facilities for cured ham production. The project was proposed by Hijate Meat Industries in Alcontar (Almeria).


No parking HEALTHCARE users complain that Torrecardenas Hospital in Almeria has outgrown its parking area. The car park is

NERJA Town Hall is carrying out roadworks and resurfacing in two areas in order to improve access for residents in Burriana and El Playazo. The budget for the works is just over €20,000.

New view TOURISM COUNCILLOR Juan Alonso has presented 105 guided visits for the summer season, with visits to Cabo de Gata at night and 4x4 routes.

facilities, under the protection of the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE). In April this year, the FEE awarded Blue Flags to 3,098 beaches and 645 marinas in 36 countries of the northern hemisphere.

Tourists can also listen to audio guides on their smartphone, including the most important monuments in Almeria.

Touch of Japan EXPOTAKU 2012 was a weekend-long event organised by and for Japanese subculture enthusiasts in Roquetas de Mar. They took part in workshops, art exhibitions, videogame tournaments, karaoke, short films and competitions.


Lights out RESIDENTS on urbanisations on the outskirts of Rincon de la Victoria have reported that they are being left without street

EMERGENCY services received 374 calls reporting damage caused by a twister in Mallorca. Though residents from Palma, Calvia, Andratx and Pollenca reported fallen trees, boats adrift, damaged property and people in danger, only one man was injured.

Railway delay

lighting because persons unknown are stealing the copper wire.

A SHORT CIRCUIT was the cause of a three-hour wait for train and Metro travellers who use the Palma-Enllac line. All trains that were in transit when the incident occurred were able to reach the nearest station.

Grants demanded

Highest-ever debt

NERJA has demanded that the Junta de Andalucia pay grants that have been pending for four years which were to pay for the restoration of 14 houses in the town. Several construction companies are owed money.

PALMA City Hall confirmed that its deficit is at its highest ever at €31 million. Spokesman Julia Martinez said: “Palma may receive €4 million annually” if the Madrid Treasury approves the 2011 petition to liquidate funds.

Language tourism

Cultural centre

RINCON DE LA VICTORIA Tourism Council has decided to collaborate with a private company to promote language tourism in the town with stays of a fortnight so participants can improve their English.

PALMA’S cultural centre has taken in Mallorca Museum’s art collection until its reformations are finished. In addition to art exhibitions, the centre offers film series, conferences, courses and presentations.

5 - 11 July 2012

Stat of week WORK-RELATED trips fell 36 per cent in Spain between 2008 and 2011, according to Eurostat data with 17.3 million business trips over the three years.



& legal




Costa del Sol

Economic woes tarnish Madrid Olympic hope


usiness extra

House gloom HOUSE prices last month fell back to such a degree that the annual pace of decline has now hit its highest rate for almost three years as the economy remains weak with little sign of a bounce-back, according to mortgage lender Nationwide.

Biggest race FORMULA ONE’S British billionaire chief executive Bernie Ecclestone has offered to pay more than €43m to stage a grand prix in Central London. It would be the biggest motor race in the world.

So confident DEBENHAMS, Britain’s No. 2 department store group, said it was confident it could keep growing after a push into non-clothing areas saw it beat sales’ forecasts.

MADRID’S bid to host the tsunami and nuclear 2020 Olympic Games could explosion last year. be under threat. Meanwhile, Istanbul The nation’s precarious contines to fight for the economic situation and opportunity to host the delicate financial outlook Euro 2020 Soccer are acting as a negative to Championship, which the Spain hosting the games in Olympic committee eight years’ time. considers unrealistic. As the world at large Interestingly, if the focuses on the 2012 British Olympic Committee follows Olympics due to open in its own unofficial rule of the London later this month, games being held in the International Olympic alternating continents, with Committee has Europe admitted that it hosting this is conscious of year’s games Spain’s present in London, challenges. OLYMPIC lottery and with Brazil These could scammers are using a chosen for the lead to Madrid letter emblazoned with 2016 games in finding difficulty an imitation London Rio de Janeiro, in finding 2012 logo and Olympic then on paper sponsors for the rings to swindle it should be 2020 games, personal details out of Asia’s turn to despite the city unsuspecting victims be the chosen to be earlier netting probably as the 2020 the highest forwarded to criminal venue. score of 8.08 out gangs abroad. Madrid, of the three along with remaining Tokyo and candidates. Istanbul, has been invited Second in the points to the London Olympics to chart is Tokyo (8.02) which see how this year’s games is applying for the fourth are run. time, while Istanbul gained Early next year the 6.98 points, with this the Olympic Committee will city’s fifth Olympic bid. visit each short-listed city, Though the economic and this will be followed by situation is putting a dark a full report and verbal cloud over Madrid’s hopes, presentation being Tokyo may have problems submitted. The final with power supplies decision will be made in following the earthquake, 14 months’ time.

New scam!

Albert puts cars up for sale

SELLING UP: Prince Albert.

DESPITE the world’s economic woes... and especially those in Euro-land, it seems unlikely that the reason Prince Albert II of Monaco has decided to auction off part of the luxury car collection started by his father Prince Rainier III, is personal financial hardship. Bentley, Panhard and Porsche are among cars going under the hammer.

FLASHBACK: The 1992 Barcelona Olympics were heralded globally as a success.




5 - 11 July 2012 Costa del Sol

More tonics sought to health card concerns


REGARDING your article on the European health card, can you direct me to the department I need to contact in the UK? I was told by a Spanish receptionist that they will not let us see a doctor with just the card, but, as I am 66, I could obtain from England a Proof of Pensioner certificate. I rang every department I could while we were in England but no one knew what I was talking about. The overseas helpline said they must be confusing me with a Spanish resident who needs an S1 form. In the end I gave up, having spoken to five departments and seven people. Please help as no one in England seems aware You and the of such proof. P M (by email) Law in Spain By David Searl

YOU said in your article that pensioners who visit Spain can obtain a Proof of Pensioner certificate. Where do we apply for this? J V S (by email) When people use terms like ‘see a doctor’, this leads me to believe that we have a misunderstanding of how the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) really works. The EHIC covers free emergency treatment or treatment for a medical problem which arises during the person’s visit to Spain. If a visitor falls and breaks an arm or suffers a heart attack while on holiday, they will be treated. If visitors simply do not feel well and want to ‘see a doctor’, the EHIC does not cover this. In short, the EHIC is designed for the emergency room. For proof of pensioner status, this basically comes from the Department of Works and Pensions (DWP). If in the UK, go to your local healthcare trust, with your EHIC and some recent correspondence with the DWP, addressed to your UK address. With these two documents, they can issue a certificate good for three months. If in Spain, start with the nearest UK Consulate. They should have a DWP representative. If PM, my first questioner, called the Overseas Healthcare Team on 0191 218 1999 and got no help, I should be surprised.


David will respond to queries but reserves the right to select letters which will be of interest to the greatest number of readers. You can also consult David through lawyers Ubeda-Retana and Associates in Fuengirola. or call 952 667 090.

Christmas joy...178 days in advance WITH just 178 days until Christmas, London toy shop Hamleys has released its list of predicted topselling festive gifts, tipping traditional favourites including Mickey Mouse and Barbie alongside more modern hits such as Moshi Monsters.

£££ THE Spice Girls reunited to launch a new musical based on songs that made them one of the biggest bands of the 90s. Viva Forever!, written by Jennifer Saunders and produced by Mamma Mia!


ritish usiness riefs

mastermind Judy Craymer, opens in London’s West End on December 11.

£££ THE Coryton oil refinery in Essex, the most modern and efficient of its five plants in Western Europe, has closed, doomed by bankruptcy. The plant is to become a storage depot in a deal

between Royal Dutch Shell, Vopak and Greenergy.

£££ SIR JIMMY SAVILE’S life has been unveiled with treasured possessions catalogued ahead of a huge charity auction. The items which belonged to the nation’s once favourite discjockey include a €112,000 RollsRoyce Corniche, and a €14,800 gold and diamond encrusted Rolex watch.

Monopoly money, aka quantitative easing... QUANTITATIVE EASING, if it didn’t sound so official, slipping as it does with such facility from the lips of senior bankers, might be considered dangerous or even illegal. Some of you might recall the plan by the Nazis during the Second World War to print millions of expertly-counterfeited Bank of England £5 notes to drop across Britain. This scheme, had it been carried through, might have done untold damage to Britain’s international credit, and possibly adversely affected the war effort. If one now transposes 2012 billions for those 1940s’ millions, it’s not difficult to see the similarity, except that in 2012 it is our own Bank of England that is printing the stuff and putting it into circulation. The reason for issuing the first round of quantitative easing (QE) a few years ago did have some merit, for it helped refinance banks caught up in the 2008 Lehman Bros’ fiasco so that they could cover overdrafts and loans to businesses, large, medium-sized and small. This should have had the effect of easing the recession, improving employment prospects, especially for young people, and generally filtering through to the High Street to get the economy moving again. That was the plan, but it appears now that the banks preferred to use this injection of new money as capital to lend to one another, and at the same time setting Libor, the inter-bank rate (at least by some) upon which commercial credit is based, artificially high. This made their balance-sheets look good, pleased the shareholders, and satisfied the Stock Exchange - at the expense of you and me. Small and medium businesses are to this

DANGER: Printing money could jeopardise the economy.

Jim Collins Costa Blanca

day being charged unnecessarily high rates on their overdrafts, with the extra costs naturally being passed on to their customers. This has meant the pockets of the ordinary man in the street have been hit twice, by a cost of living above the official figures, and by mortgage rates set artificially high by the joint action of quantitativeeasing and banking-industry manipulation. There is a great hue and cry now, of course, with various politicians calling for ‘heads to roll’, and yet Sir Mervyn King, Chairman of the Bank of England, as well as lending his voice to the clamour for tougher banking regulation, was talking, only a week or two ago, about the possibility of QE issue number three. The damage inflicted upon Britain’s economy - not to mention

the international reputation of London as a world financial centre is impossible even to estimate at this juncture. How can anyone know with any accuracy, how many innovative young entrepreneurs have been discouraged from putting their ideas into practice by banks refusing them ‘start-up’ loans or setting the rates impossibly high? How many small and mediumsized businesses have been forced to close their doors, able no longer to service their overpriced overdrafts? The Swiss-based Bank for International Settlements (BIS), perhaps the most respected in its field, has warned that “the Bank of England, with its dual programme of money printing and ultra-low official interest rates, might be putting Britain’s economy at risk.” With this in mind, it can only be hoped that wiser, and perhaps more far-seeing, minds will prevail before the present dangerous trend evolves into something even worse.

5 - 11 July 2012



Costa del Sol THE banking crisis in 2008 undermined the financial strength of institutions such as banks and insurance companies, and people are now once again concerned about the safety of their savings. The only certain way for investors to achieve security from institutional failure is through a state controlled investor protection regime. Luxembourg stands out among EU Member States with its exceptionally strong culture of investor protection. It has a regime which provides maximum security to investors without limit. The Grand Duchy is in the top 10 financial centres worldwide. It is the second largest investment funds centre after the US and the leading private banking centre in the Eurozone. Its financial centre is founded on a modern regulatory framework, which is continuously updated. It has attracted banks, insurance companies and investment fund promoters from across the world. It has a flourishing insurance market with all the principal players having a presence and making use of the freedom to offer cross border services in the EU. Many of its institutions specialise in unit linked life assurance, an increasingly popular vehicle for wealth management. Luxembourg was one of the six founding members of the European Economic Community (EEC), which became the European Union (EU), and continues to play an important


Luxembourg For Investor Protection l by Bill Blevins, Financia Correspondent, Blevins Franks

role in EU politics. It houses a number of EU institutions including the European Commission, the European Investment Bank, and the European Court of Justice. It has built a reputation for investor protection, tax certainty, anti money laundering practice and banking confidentiality. Historically many high net worth individuals used offshore financial centres for confidentiality and tax mitigation. However, apart from a lack of regulation and investor protection, they have also been under attack from European and international bodies, with the result that investors who use them are placing their assets at risk for no real or sustainable benefits. In contrast, Luxembourg’s regulations are governed by EU directives that require strict financial controls and supervision to provide investors with a secure

onshore regime that can still offer tax benefits. Investor protection Luxembourg’s investor protection is unique within Europe. The cornerstone of this regime is the legal requirement that all clients’ assets must be held by an independent custodian bank approved by the State regulator, the Commissariat aux Assurances (CAA). This arrangement involving the CAA, custodian bank and insurance company is known as the “Triangle of Security”. These are the key points:• The regime ensures that the legal separation of clients’ assets from the insurance company’s shareholders and creditors, so investors are protected from exposure to the company’s credit risk. • The insurance company maintains a register of all assets and how they are invested, which is monitored by the CAA. • All policyholder assets are deposited with a custodian bank. • The bank is required to ringfence clients’ securities (eg investment funds, shares, bonds etc) – i.e. they are off its balance sheet. If the bank fails, these securities remain in segregated client accounts.

• The bank is bound by the regulator’s legal powers to protect the assets on behalf of investors. • 100% of the policyholder’s securities are protected. Cash deposits are not securities and so are not segregated, but cash held in monetary funds is treated as securities and so are protected. Tax certainty Most investors take out European investment bonds for tax planning reasons. Luxembourg offers the greatest certainty that these tax breaks will continue. EU and UK authorities have no jurisdiction over Luxembourg based bonds, nor can they discriminate against them as it is against EU laws to discriminate against the products of another Member State. Compliant Luxembourg based bonds enjoy the same preferential tax treatment as locally offered bonds. The same cannot be said of non EU locations, such as the Isle of Man. The tax-free roll-up of investment income and capital gains, which applies to Luxembourg based European Bonds, is the same that applies across most of Europe (excluding the UK), so there is no political pressure to change this system. Withholding tax advantages are

available through Luxembourg’s extensive double tax treaty network. Financial privacy Luxembourg law provides absolute confidentiality. Institutions are legally forbidden from divulging client information to third parties (except in relation to criminal activities). Individual financial privacy remains important for many high net worth individuals. As part of the EU, Luxembourg participates in the EU Savings Tax Directive on savings income, but it applies a withholding tax rather than automatic exchange of information. This situation will only change if Switzerland ends its banking secrecy. Over the years Luxembourg has finely tuned its financial services industry into one offering unparalleled investor protection, client confidentiality and legitimate tax planning opportunities. Many British expatriates in Spain have already taken advantage of Luxembourg’s favourable arrangements. A consultation with an experienced tax and wealth management adviser such as Blevins Franks can help with structures suitable for your individual circumstances. To keep in touch with the latest developments in the offshore world, check out the latest news on our website




5 - 11 July 2012 Costa del Sol

LONDON - FTSE 100 C H A N G E ( P ) % C H G. 5.00 1.93

NET VOLUME 2,972,622

Admiral Group















Anglo American








C O M PA N Y PRICE(P) Aberdeen Asset Manag. 264.70


1.24568 Units per €

United States $..................................................... 1.25825 Japan Yen ¥.......................................................... 99.9318 Switzerland Francs............................................... 1.20121 Denmark Kroner ................................................... 7.43463 Norway Kroner...................................................... 7.51782





ARM Holdings





Ashmore Group







Assoc. British Foods





B. American Tobacco









British Land Co

C O M PA N Y Centrica Compass Group CRH

PRICE(P) CHANGE 319.60 1.60

% C H G. 0.50

VOLUME 9,361,799









Croda International










Eurasian Natural Res








































C H A N G E ( P ) % C H G.






British Sky Broadcasting





Babcock International





BT Group















Glencore International










Burberry Group










BG Group










Hargreaves Lansdown





BHP Billiton





Capital Shopping Centres 321.20




HSBC Holdings

































AA Alcoa Inc





AXP American Express Co





T AT&T Inc









BAC Bank of America Corp BA Boeing Co





CAT Caterpillar Inc





CVX Chevron Corp





CSCO Cisco Systems Inc





DD E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Co





XOM Exxon Mobil Corp





GE General Electric Co





HPQ Hewlett-Packard Co





HD Home Depot Inc





INTC Intel Corp





IBM International Business Machines Co... 195.09 -0.49



JNJ Johnson & Johnson





JPM JPMorgan Chase and Co





KFT Kraft Foods Inc





MCD McDonald's Corp





MRK Merck & Co Inc





MSFT Microsoft Corp





PFE Pfizer Inc





PG Procter & Gamble Co





KO The Coca-Cola Co





TRV Travelers Companies Inc





UTX United Technologies Corp





VZ Verizon Communications Inc





WMT Wal-Mart Stores Inc





DIS Walt Disney Co








Most Advanced Brightpoint, Inc. $8.81 Lincare Holdings Inc. $41.32 NCI, Inc. $4.72 ATP Oil & Gas Corporation $3.90 Horizon Pharma, Inc. $8.10 Chindex International, Inc. $10.89 Corinthian Colleges, Inc. $3.19 BioMimetic Therapeutics, Inc. $2.88 Alexza Pharmaceuticals, Inc. $4.64 Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc. $30.705 Amicus Therapeutics, Inc. $5.96 Theravance, Inc. $24.05 Alaska Communications Systems Group, Inc. $2.27 Asset Acceptance Capital Corp. $7.34

3.40 / +62.85% 7.30 / +21.46% 0.67 / +16.55% 0.54 / +16.13% 0.97 / +13.62% 1.09 / +11.12% 0.30 / +10.38% 0.25 / +9.88% 0.40 / +9.43% 2.50 / +8.88% 0.46 / +8.36% 1.83 / +8.24% 0.17 / +8.10% 0.54 / +7.94%





Imperial Tobacco










Intl Cons Airlines













Intertek Group ITV Johnson Matthey















Land Securities Group





Legal & General Group





Lloyds Banking Group



1.22 138,113,695

Marks & Spencer










Morrison (Wm)





National Grid




















1,122,122 1,562,841

Next Old Mutual Pearson Pennon Group

Most Declined Liquidity Services, Inc. $39.72 IRIDEX Corporation $3.62 Le Gaga Holdings Limited $4.33 OpenTable, Inc. $40.47 pSivida Corp. $2.11 Vera Bradley, Inc. $19.41 National American University Holdings, Inc. $3.97 Groupon, Inc. $9.83 FirstCity Financial Corporation $8.00 Casella Waste Systems, Inc. $5.44 The Hackett Group, Inc. $5.19 Omega Flex, Inc. $11.12 MakeMyTrip Limited $15.38 Orexigen Therapeutics, Inc. $5.19

Petrofac 11.46 / -22.39% 0.55 / -13.19% 0.56 / -11.63% 4.54 / -10.09% 0.20 / -8.66% 1.66 / -7.90% 0.33 / -7.67% 0.80 / -7.53% 0.65 / -7.51% 0.41 / -7.01% 0.38 / -6.82% 0.79 / -6.63% 1.05 / -6.39% 0.35 / -6.32%




Polymetal International










Randgold Resources





Reckitt Benckiser





Reed Elsevier



















Rolls-Royce Holdings





Royal Bank of Scotland




















2,334,760 4,122,257

Rio Tinto

Royal Dutch Shell RSA Insurance Group SABMiller Sage Group Sainsbury (J) Schroders Serco Group












Severn Trent









2,898,771 1,386,280

Smith & Nephew




Smiths Group










Standard Chartered





Standard Life





Tate & Lyle










Tullow Oil










United Utilities Group





Vedanta Resources





Vodafone Group





Weir Group


























5 - 11 July 2012



Costa del Sol

Graduates get UN job offer

How to avoid visits by family and friends costing a fortune

APPLICATIONS open next Friday (July 13) for young Spanish to work with the United Nations Suitable candidates, who must be under 32 with a good university degree, work experience, and an excellent level of French and English, are wanted to work in a variety of areas, including architecture plus social, economic and political affairs. Other official UN languages, including Russian, Chinese, Arabic and Spanish will gain points, and with the UN’s work with Africa, Portuguese and Swahili are also highly valued. The closing date for aplications is September 12, and an examination for selected candidates will take place in Madrid on December 5.

EXPATRIATES living in the South of Spain are the envy of people based in Northern Europe. On wet and windy days - in the middle of July - family and friends back home wish that they too had sandy beaches, cheap A look food and drink at finance and that for females fabulous Andalucían Jane Plunkett weather to jane.plunkett@euroweeklynews. enjoy. com So it’s not surprising that everyone wants to jet off to Spain - to visit expatriate family and friends – for their holidays. Having guests stay is always a fantastic experience and something I hope never stops occurring. But, equally, it can be an absolute drain on finances.

Loose change

EVER POPULAR: Barbecues in sunny surrounds need not be expensive.

Just when I thought I might get to the end of a month with a little left over in the account to go towards savings, my phone rings and it’s another would-be visitor looking to taking a sunshine holiday. With that goes any plans of taking it easy moneywise, and eating salad and toast for a month. Entertaining guests costs extra money. One small example is buying flowers for THE crypt in which Elvis Presley was first buried was withdrawn from a huge Los Angeles auction of sports the house because you want the place to look nice. Then there is the fridge to stock and music memorabilia following protests from fans. up, and if like me more eating out to

Elvis fans get their wish

avoid feeling guilty about looking tight or not showing the guest a good enough time. Such guilt can lead to all intended budgets being smashed. So how can the experience of having guests be enjoyable but not at the same time end up in massive debt? The main rule is to be honest. The visitors are either family or close friends and they know times are tough, so let them know, for example, that the euro doesn’t go as far as the pound, and that you’ll have to think of inventive ways to enjoy each other’s company without breaking the bank. Do you have a terrace or garden? This alone is a mega attraction for guests from colder climates, so use it. Buy a cheap BBQ and cook at home. There really is no need to spend money eating out in restaurants every night. Look out for fun and different things to do that don’t cost much. Here in Cordoba we have Cine de Verano. A €3 ticket provides a beautiful outdoor cinema experience and you can even sneak in your own sandwiches, though it’s pretty cheap to eat there, too. Don’t let guests squash budget plans. Speak the truth and make an effort to have fun in the sun on the cheap!

FIXED TERM DEPOSITS THAT GO BEYOND EUROS. Ask in branch today about our Fixed Term Deposits in Sterling.

Our Fixed Term Deposits in Sterling pay a fixed rate of interest over 1, 2, 3, 6 or 12 months, so you know exactly how much you will get back at maturity. Our range of Fixed Term Deposits are also available in Euros and US Dollars.* Visit your local branch at: Sotogrande, Guadalmina, Puerto Banús, Marbella, Calahonda, Fuengirola, Benalmádena, Málaga or Torrox.

902 024 365 or +34 91 484 81 81 * The Deposit Holder should be aware of the possible risk arising from fluctuations in foreign exchange rates between the acquisition date and the subsequent sale or maturity date of the Deposit. Lloyds Bank International, S.A.U., with registered office at C/ Serrano, 90, 5ª Planta, 28006 Madrid, Spain. Reg. Mer. Madrid, T.6799, L.0,F. 108 Sec.8ª, H.M-110714, Inscrip. 1ª - N.I.F. A-80481765




5 - 11 July 2012 Costa del Sol

‘Inevitable’ rise in IVA is set to cost families €900 a year SPAIN’S added-value tax, IVA, is almost certain to rise on products currently charged at 4 and 8 per cent. Such an increase could cost the average family in Spain almost €900 extra a year. Despite Mariano Rajoy’s earlier vows that his government would not increase IVA, the Treasury (Hacienda) is already examining plans at the behest of Brussels, ministry sources have disclosed. At present there are no plans to increase the highest IVA rate of 18 per cent to 20 per cent, the same sources say. But if the powers-that-be in Brussels are to be placated, and as one of the conditions for the bank bailout, all products in the 4 and 8 per cent tiers could rise. At present the reduced rate applies to food, water, healthcare articles including spectacles and contact lenses and health products for animals. Inland public transport, as well as sea and air travel to the Balearics, attracts the 8 per cent

RISING COSTS: An IVA increase will push up shopping bills. rate, together with most hotel and catering services and house

construction. In addition 8 per cent currently goes to the

government for every ticket sold for the cinema, theatre, concerts, circuses, museums and exhibitions. Bread and flour also incur 8 per cent IVA. The State also takes almost 12 cents of a €1.40 cup of coffee, and the same amount on a €1.40 croissant. It receives another 4 per cent from the price of the newspaper that clients read as they drink the coffee and eat their croissant. Eight per cent IVA is added to every taxi journey, every night in an hotel and every ‘menu del dia’ consumed. Super-reduced 4 per cent IVA applies to staples like fruit, vegetables, rice, milk, eggs and cheese. Books and magazines enter this tranche, as do cars, prosthetics for the disabled and social housing construction. Eliminating the two lower IVA tiers could cost the average Spanish family an extra €877.25 each year, with a noticeable impact on food, warns consumer association OCU.



Not so cool! ICE CREAM shortages were experienced on the first day of summer in New York when record-breaking temperatures rose into the 90s, sending children seeking relief in the spray of fire hydrants.

Tweet tea! A TWITTER-ACTIVATED vending machine is dispensing free iced tea in exchange for a Tweet in South Africa in what developers say is the world’s first sampling drive via the microblogging site.

Land ahoy! A MAN-MADE floating island with a €5.2 million price tag is being marketed to the megarich by an Austrian firm which claims the 20mx37m ‘can be anchored anywhere its owners choose’.


5 - 11 July 2012


EWN 37 Costa del Sol




5 - 11 July 2012 Costa del Sol

5 - 11 July 2012


Costa del Sol






40 41 72 74 78 82 92

Sky is the limit for Lee, a man of the stars

Day and night are very different for Lee Osborne whose daytime role running a property company is in total contrast to also being a leading amateur astronomer. Nicole Hallett reports.

What is amateur astronomy? It is a vast subject and as a hobby there are many different ways of enjoying it. Some people can be just knowledge based and never look at the sky. Others take images of deep sky objects. Most, like me, have either binoculars or a telescope to gaze at the sky, although even naked eye astronomy is fun. How did you become interested? In the mid-80s I was interested in Halley’s comet and attended lectures by prominent astronomer Sir Patrick Moore. Most interested in? Star clusters, planets, the moon and meteor showers, for which I have made an all-sky camera. What is your role in the Costa del Sol Astronomy Club?

I am the head of it and arrange everything, encouraging observing sessions and holding talks with presentations. Have you met any famous astronomers? Sir Patrick Moore on many occasions, and I have also been to his house a few times; Ninian Boyle and Andy Burns are very approachable. Proudest achievement? I am one of only three people to complete the Moore marathon and was mentioned on the BBC Sky at Night programme. Who would you like to sit next to at a dinner party? Comedian Peter Kay always makes me laugh and I love Bob Marley’s music. Did you want to become an astronomer as a child? Only as an amateur. I am not clever enough to do it professionally.

Weather outlook for next 7 days REST OF THE WEEK


Alicante TODAY: SUNNY, Fri - 28 22 S Sat - 28 23 S Sun - 29 23 S


MAX 28C, MIN 21C Mon - 30 23 S Tues - 29 23 S Wed - 31 23 S


Almeria TODAY: SUNNY Fri - 27 21 S Sat - 25 21 S Sun - 26 21 S

MAX 27C, MIN 21C Mon - 27 22 S Tues - 27 22 S Wed - 27 22 S

TODAY: SHOWER Fri - 25 21 Sh Sat - 26 21 S Sun - 27 22 S



MAX 26C MIN 21C Mon - 27 23 S Tues - 27 23 S Wed - 27 23 S








Benidorm TODAY: SUNNY, Fri - 29 23 S Sat - 29 23 S Sun - 31 23 S

MAX 29C, MIN 22C Mon - 31 23 S Tues - 31 233 S Wed - 32 23 S


Madrid TODAY: SUNNY Fri - 32 17 S Sat - 34 18 S Sun - 34 19 S TODAY: SUNNY, Fri - 29 21 S Sat - 27 21 S Sun - 30 22 S

S Sun,



MAX 31C, MIN 23C Mon - 34 19 S Tues - 34 19 S Wed - 34 19 S


MAX 32C, MIN 21C Mon - 31 22 S Tues - 30 23 S Wed - 31 23 S

Cl Clear,

TODAY: SUNNY, Fri - 29 20 S Sat - 29 20 S Sun -31 20 S








Murcia MAX 28C, MIN 19C Mon - 31 20 S Tues - 31 21 S Wed - 31 21 S

C Cloud,

Sh Showers,

TODAY: SUNNY, Fri - 32 21 S Sat - 34 22 S Sun - 34 22 S

Sn Snow,

MAX 32C, MIN 21C Mon - 34 22 S Tues - 34 22 S Wed - 34 23 S

Th Thunder

Vital Statistics • Lives: Mijas Golf, Malaga • Age: 37 • Birthplace: Chichester, UK • Status: In a relationship • Job: Property management company owner • Hobbies: Astronomy,mountain walking and geocaching • In Spain: 11 years • Best thing in Spain: The countryside • Worst: Driving • Always in fridge: Beer and chocolate.

EWN COMMENT New meanings MARIANO RAJOY won last year’s elections because voters thought he could solve the economic crisis, not because they wanted the PP’s promised reversal of gay marriage or abortion laws. Meanwhile, the Royal Academy of Spanish Language has made up its own mind

and accepts the term ‘matrimonio homosexual’. So now Rajoy faces the double task of rewriting the lexicon as well as performing economic miracles.

No sugar for this pill THE Spanish take more medication than any other EU country and the cost is crippling the health system. Spending cuts that are stripping away much of the health system’s flesh in order to ensure that its backbone survives means that 485 medicines will no longer be provided free. Anyone needing Ibuprofen or Almax will now have to pay for their own. And about time, too.



Flying the flag shows pride and passion

Letters for Your Say should be emailed to yoursay@ euroweekly, posted to Euro Weekly News, C/Moscatel 10, P-62, Polígono Industrial, Arroyo de la Miel, 29630 Benalmadena, Málaga, Spain or faxed to 0034 952 440 887



THE passion in Spain as the national squad reached the Euro 2012 soccer finals was highly evident in Alhaurin el Grande. My wife counted 82 flags hanging from homes as we drove through the town en route to the coast for the San Juan celebrations. One week later, and with the Spanish squad by this time safely through to the finals, there were 109 flags flying from balconies and business windows on the same route. Now I hope the passion and pride can assist the nation to pull out of the many economic problems it is facing as part of the eurozone. N Snelson, Cartama (Costa del Sol)

Snapped! By S Jensen, Sotogrande

Theft alert AS a frequent visitor to Southern Spain, why do the authorities not erect signs warning tourists of the dangers of pickpockets? Over the years while I have only once been a victim of theft in Spain, I have lost count of the number of people I have heard about who have had holidays ruined by theft. From the crowded seafronts in many resorts on the Costa del Sol to the beaches in Costa Blanca, from the shopping aisles of many leading supermarkets to inland Sunday markets that attract so many, all too often people fall victim to opportunist thieves. With credit cards and wallets stolen, often along with passports and travel documents, holidays are totally ruined. If signs were erected warning of pickpockets, and the theft of handbags outside cafes, etc, more people would be on guard. Everywhere in the world sadly has to face up to the fact of dishonest people. Therefore, signs would not negatively reflect on Spain as being any worse than other places. N Gonzales, Bristol (UK)

Sickly charge I WAS recently prescribed statin tablets to lower my cholesterol by the doctor I use through a personal private medical insurance my wife and I have. On noting that the tablets ‘to be taken daily for the rest of my life’ cost more than €34 a month, I decided to use the Spanish health system, to which I am entitled as a British pensioner, for a second opinion. The health service doctor agreed I needed statins, and prescribed some,

STEEP CLIMB: The 365 steps.


All letters, whether RITE by email or post, should carry the writer’s postal address, NIE and contact number though only the name and town will be publishe d. Letters may also be edited. Readers who have mi ssed earlier correspondence can see all letters posted on: m

which upon collection from the same chemist, I noted would have cost me (if not on free prescription) only €2.40 for a month’s supply... a huge saving. Is it any wonder that some friends who have only medical insurance feel they are frequently ripped off? N Warne, Palma de Mallorca

Hotel thought WITH regard to the possible demolition of the illegally built Algarrobico Hotel in Almeria. Why not offer the site to the Spanish Legion and Navy as a training exercise for their demolition engineers in the use of controlled explosives? Six months should be long enough to reduce the structure to a pile of ballast. This could then be loaded onto offshore barges and shipped around the headland to Carboneras and used to construct an artificial reef to try to eliminate the movement of sand from one end of the beach to the other. Alternatively the ballast could be shipped further along to where the commercial port is being extended

P pub hotog r l em icati aphs pho ail w on sh for p o ton ews ith a f uld b ossibl e es @e ull e c uro wee aptio nt by klyn n to ews : .com

365 steps and more!

ON a recent visit to Mallorca, I snapped the famous 365 Calvery Steps in Pollenca town after climbing to the top. To my amazement,when I climbed them I initially discovered that rather than one for every day of the year, there appeared to be more than 400 steps. However, later I was told that in recent years a few extra steps have been added at the bottom... and officially there are in fact just 365 of the original ones. Quite a climb... but a nice attraction in the generally unspoilt part of northern Mallorca.

and used there. The site remaining will need sculpturing to return it to its natural look, with the planting of succulents and bushes assisting a return to nature in a few years. John H Taylor, by email

Cycling danger MANY expats claim that while the majority of Spanish drive fast, they show lane discipline on the main highways. Well this might be the case on the main roads, but on local roads, as a cyclist, I can assure you while the bus drivers are generally thoughtful and considerate, many of the taxi drivers and normal motorists are not. Regularly bus drivers show patience and give right of way as I cycle between Torre and Mojacar. But I have learned to expect few courtesies from normal drivers and taxi men who frequently appear more concerned with just getting from A to B without any thought for others. Norman Thomson, Torre Almeria

Pat on the back HAVING lived in Spain for seven years, while the bureaucracy continues to amaze and disappoint me, customer service continues to impress me. The latest example was last week when my wife shopped in Plaza Mayor near Malaga, buying a blouse at the Bershka outlet. On arriving home she felt it was too big, so we drove back to Fuengirola

5 - 11 July 2012 Costa del Sol and visited the Bershka shop in the Miramar shopping centre as we were not keen to have to drive a further 15 kilometres all the way back to Plaza Mayor. The staff could not have been more helpful, agreeing to exchange the item for a smaller size, even though it had not been bought at that shop, but a different branch. M Nell, Calahonda

Deadly view MIKE WALSH gives a balanced rationale for the return of capital punishment for murder (Issue 1407). Whilst touring Brazil years ago, six London lawyers in the same hotel where I was staying invited me to a local snack bar. However, the atmosphere turned hostile when I said hanging should be restored for murder as clearly stated in ‘Thine eye shall not pity; but life shall go for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth.’ All six disagreed, citing the inhumanity of state execution and abolitionists’ fear of a miscarriage of justice. Defending my view that the risk of one unfortunate death is the price society has to pay to protect lawabiding citizens – and put the wind up would-be murderers as Mr Walsh’s New York examples demonstrate – the group were not content to ‘agree to disagree’, and didn’t speak to me again. Ostracised for speaking the Gospel truth; a human quality murder defence lawyers know nothing about. T Davies, Málaga

Bumpy excess WHY do the Spanish authorities seem so determined to have sleeping policemen (speed bumps) on almost every straight stretch of road? On an eight-kilometre drive near my home there are 28, with many so quickly in succession that they really are not required. K Davies, Rincon de la Victoria

Happy note I AM delighted to note that the English/Spanish crossword in your Time Out section is a weekly feature. When it first appeared I thought it was probably just a one-off, but over the weeks since it was introduced I have found it an addictive, and entertaining, addition to your first class entertainment section which both my wife and I individually complete every week. Keep up the good work... and I enjoy the rest of the newspaper as well. N Hannah, Marbella

The views expressed and opinions given in Letters are not necessarily those of the EWN publishers. They accept no responsibility for accuracy of information, errors, omissions or statements, and reject claims arising out of any action that a company or individual may take on the basis of information contained therein.


5 - 11 July 2012

EWN 41 Costa del Sol

Shock of Germany in defeat was so absolutely typical



over... it is now’. But the shock in that basement was sliceable. You can imagine this ol’ boy in the midst of all that! With YEESSS battling to burst forth from tortured lungs, I managed to slip quietly out. I left the following day. Till then I was surrounded by blank faces and subdued conversations. The whole country went into shock. The problem is their arrogant attitude prevents them from learning from their mistakes. Mistakes like thinking they could win the ‘Third World War’ on the economic battlefield. What a farce that is turning into! But they won’t concede. They’ll not admit defeat until it has cost them all they have and the whole thing lies in tatters around their feet. Sound familiar? Keep the faith Love Leapy

SCIENTISTS in Australia have discovered a huge graveyard of ancient, rhino-sized megawombats. The site in Queensland is thought to contain up to 50 diprotodon skeletons between 100,000 and 200,000 years old.

Ugly mutt A HAIRLESS British dog called Mugly has won the title of ugliest dog in the world, in a competition held in the US. The Chinese Crested pooch from Peterborough won $1,000 and a year’s supply of dog biscuits.


A MULTITUDE of ‘I told you sos’ this week. High street bankers have been shown to be no better than common criminals. Egypt has become the first ‘Arab Spring’ country to enter the summer as an Islamic state. (More to follow!) The Euro and EEC are still floundering. EAPY EE And finally Sharapova is SAYS IT screaming OTHERS THINK IT even louder. But it was GERMAN FANS: Defeat seems to leave them totally crushed. the Germans going out of right, and the Euro 2012 soccer always going to win. It’s a I was in Germany in complete high of World championships that really sort of naive arrogance and 1966. Believe me, they had Cup-winners euphoria. tickled me. The utterly the flaw in their character won the World Cup long In true Leapy’s law stunned look on the faces that Margaret Thatcher before that historical final fashion, I watched the of both players and fans spoke of. It makes their against England. Parades game in the basement staff alike was absolutely typical. every defeat absolutely had been organised. Every quarters of a large hotel in The problem with the crushing. petrol station had an Wiesbaden! As the Germans (I do have The odd thing about our enormous football in a net commentary was in German friends – or did!) is ‘Alemanian’ allies is that strung up on the forecourt. German, I didn’t actually that they are always utterly they never seem to learn Parties had been arranged hear the time-honoured convinced they are in the the lessons of history. and the country was on a phrase ‘They think it’s all


Brazen thief NEW YORK police launched a search for a thief who walked into a Manhattan art gallery, swiped a Salvador Dali painting off the wall, stuffed it into a shopping bag and calmly left.

42 EWN

5 - 11 July 2012 Costa del Sol

Real men don’t use prostitutes HOLIDAYS in the sub-tropical climate of Spain are rarely forgotten. Preferably forgotten is the slime trail left by widespread prostitution that fouls the highways and byways of Spain. The laws that once governed public morality were fed into the Spanish parliament’s shredder. Prostitution, like incest, was removed from the statute books as being a crime. Some will claim it is none of our business if, in exchange for a little pin money or college fees, the strumpet can hold her hand out after what comes naturally. The truth is far different. Prostitution in Spain is legal and unregulated; pimping is illegal but largely tolerated. It is estimated that between 200,000 and 400,000 women work as ‘street workers’. Taking advantage of Spanish tolerance, hundreds of thousands of women and young men are shipped to Spain from South America, Eastern Europe, Russia and Africa. Often this is done under pretext of a legitimate job, perhaps in the tourist

Mike Walsh Mike Walsh. Based the Costa Blanca, international journalist, author and professional writer: ex-business assessment executive Guild of Master Craftsmen. European correspondent Boston Revolutionary Radio.

industry. On arrival their passports may be confiscated and they are caught in a vice of immigrant illegality and their sordid trade. For the mafias who trade in them, like the slave-dealers of old, the trade in human flesh is as lucrative as dealing in drugs. It is commonplace to see virtually naked teenagers offering themselves at the side of the roads and on roundabouts. Many are illegal immigrants and off the radar and so their criminal masters control their lives. In the Spanish border town of La Jonquera, so many street workers littered the pavements that Europe’s largest 101-room brothel was provided for their activities. Hookers are charged €70 per

PUBLIC ANGER: Prostitution should be made illegal in Spain. night. Other local authorities responded by setting up areas where prostitutes are allowed to sell their services without harassment, usually industrial estates. Throughout Spain there is

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public anger at the prevalence of prostitution; urban areas are shunned or local residents turn vigilante. They often take their protests to the police and local seats of government. The

authorities respond but dealing with the problem is like nailing jelly to the wall. One police officer says: “These women, and the people who pimp them, do not pay the fines; they have no bank accounts; they have no fixed abode.” It is high time for Spanish legislators to follow examples set by Sweden, Norway and Finland, where prostitution is illegal. But, it is the client, not the prostitute, penalised by hefty fines and possible prison sentences. Prostitution is a front for money laundering, tax evasion, criminality, paedophilia, political and other forms of corruption; blackmail. It fuels exploitation, cruelty, slavery, venereal disease, drug abuse and body trading. Prostitution is not a victimless crime. It is one of the few crimes in which both parties are victims. Those who use them demean themselves, open themselves to blackmail, social ostracism, and ruin their self respect and their reputations. Is there a solution? Yes; get the message across loud and clear: real men do not use prostitutes.

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5 - 11 July 2012 Costa del Sol


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5 - 11 July 2012

Costa del Sol

The Spanish dictionary recognises ‘frikis’ By Benny Davis STUDENTS of the Spanish language will be interested to learn that the Royal Spanish Academy Dictionary (RAE) has added 1,697 new words to reflect modern everyday usage. It acknowledges the existence of frikis (geeks), gayumbo (underpants) and canalillo (cleavage). Moving closer to the digital world, the RAE is also recognising los blogueros (bloggers) and tabletas (tablets), getting its head around espanglish (Spanglish) and embracing sociatas (Socialist Party supporters) and peperos (Popular Party supporters) alike. In the past, the RAE has received its fair share of criticism for the time it has taken to recognise certain words. Dario Villanueva, RAE secretary and coordinator says it might be because often words pass

unnoticed as in the case of gayumbo and canalillo. The delay in incorporating the word friki was because ‘it has come into force recently’. And espanglish? “It is a hybrid neologism from the United States that reflects linguistic reality. It wasn’t included in the 2001 dictionary because there wasn’t a sufficient critical mass.” He added: “The RAE does not promote words; it records what is established, what people use. As for

how long it takes to recognise or give the blessing to a new word, the deadline, or test period, is around five years to verify it is no passing fad. “Language and speech are alive and in perpetual evolution.” Sometimes, there are words that come into force but later peter out. It happened with the word modem, which seemed full of life a few years ago but is now receding. As for future new

entries, prima de riesgo (risk premium), twitt and twitter are ready to go. Space in the dictionary is limited to 90,000 entries, due to its print edition.

It can take around five years to verify a new word.


5 - 11 July 2012


Costa del Sol

Jimmy Carr’s ‘error of judgement’ - is it really worthy of an apology? A UK Cabinet minister has condemned people like Jimmy Carr who use tax avoidance loopholes as the “moral equivalent of benefit cheats”. Hang on! This is rather like a Mafia Don lecturing someone who hasn’t paid his protection money on his moral failings NORA JOHNSON to pay up! Nora, who has lived on the Costa del Sol for a number of Benefit cheats years, is the author of psychological suspense and crime thrillers. are indeed committing a crime. But whatever we think is a fair amount of tax, following the tax law to the letter isn’t. I’m not a Jimmy Carr fan. But is it entirely fair to hold him up as some satanic individual? He’s not broken any laws. He employed somebody to give him tax advice and taken it. Benefit TAX AVOIDANCE: Keep taxes reasonable cheats, though, are stealing money from the taxpayer. Carr is still a taxpayer reasonable percentage earns more for – he’s just a taxpayer with a good the taxman than over-taxing them. accountant. It’s not Carr who’s wrong; Remember the brain drain and requests it’s the complexity of the system that for the last British businessman to turn allows him to pay so little. off the lights as he emigrated? Well, it’s It’s well known that taxing people a all coming back again with the regrowth

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and people will pay them. of the black economy and tradesmen preferring to work for cash. Even some MPs felt a need to ‘adjust’ their expenses - are they any better than benefit scroungers? Keep taxes reasonable and people will

pay them. Hit them for half or more of their earnings and the tax avoidance gurus will earn a fortune, leaving the country worse off. What is needed is a simple and fair system. The other real question here is what do people get for their taxes? Eyewatering sums of taxpayers’ money have been frittered away on useless political projects, disastrous social engineering experiments and futile desert wars. Whilst there is a moral duty to pay taxes that are due, there’s also a moral imperative on governments that they don’t take more of a worker’s income than is strictly necessary. Successive governments have breached that imperative. Most people would agree, I’m sure, that much of their money has been simply wasted. Carr is far too easy a target. Lots of ‘celebs’ allegedly engage in tax avoidance. And if Jimmy Carr finds himself overtaxed, will he simply in future be known as ‘Jimmy Bicycle’? Nora Johnson’s novels, Soul Stealer & The De Clerambault Code ( available from Amazon in paperback/eBook (€0.89; £0.77) and iBookstore. Profits to Cudeca.

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Hi... did you know the eXperts are back in Spain?

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5 - 11 July 2012 Costa del Sol


REALLY good Mojito is hard to make. It requires just the right mix of mint leaves, Bacardi, brown sugar and soda water and lots and lots of crushed ice. A good Mojito is like a cool breeze on a hot day. It should taste clean and fresh with a mere hint of sweetness. It should not knock your socks off or send you hurtling from your bar stool to leave you crumpled in an undignified heap on the floor. As much as I enjoy making Mojitos mine have a tendency to taste like chewing gum soaked in rocket fuel (my own brother has advised me never to attempt to concoct one again; in fact, he likened my last attempt to the slime found at the bottom of a prehistoric tar pit). Unlike frivolous cocktails like Piña Colada, the Mojito is masculine and beefy. It is the prize cage fighter of cocktails, the testosterone fuelled

A good Mojito is like a cool breeze on a hot day Suzanne Manners Suzanne has a degree in Fine Art from Goldsmiths and an MA in Writing from Lancaster University. She is currently teaching in Alicante and writing a book for teenagers (which doesn’t have a vampire as its central character).

aperitif drunk by Hemingway and Castro; it is a Cuban carnival rather than an aftereight drinks party at Henley; the Mojito is a promise of sun soaked sand and hot bodies gyrating rhythmically along the barrio ; the sound of whistles and laughter, of whispered desire, hot nights and dark bars; of men wearing Panama hats and sly smiles as they disappear into the shadows, the cadence of cicadas in the humid

afternoon. Yes, I am a romantic and I do have the

CHEERS: A Mojito should taste clean and fresh with a mere hint of sweetness.

tendency to imbue simple things with greater meaning, but isn’t that what being an artist is all about? Anyway, the Mojito obsession this week is the consequence of drinking a particularly large and particularly strong one in a bar on Thursday. I knew it was strong because my son began to make sense and I interpreted his “For God’s sake, mum!” as “Mum, I love you and

you are the most intelligent mother in the whole world and you are always right.” That was just before sliding gracefully from the bar stool and onto the floor. As I’m writing this, basking in the heat of the afternoon, cold beer in hand, I am watching the weather news from the UK. We Brits are always surprised at the vagaries of the weather and yet it has never been any

other way. As a child I remember frozen pipes in March, thunderstorms in August, floods and even tornadoes. Before the barrier, the Thames was always flooding, Wales was always wet and it always snowed when you least expected it. Even though it snows in most places every winter, local councils still run out of grit and trains crawl to a halt. The only typical weather you can be certain of in the UK is untypical weather. It is no wonder we Brits are so pragmatic in our packing, not only PG Tips teabags but an umbrella or two, sunscreen, bathing suit and coat. We pack like schizophrenic travel reps. Five years in Spain has taught me to relax about the weather; June, hot, July, hot, August, very hot, September, get the picture. So what do I pack when travelling in Spain? Sarong, bikini, sunscreen, mint leaves, a bottle of Bacardi, brown sugar and a couple of bottles of Cava. What else?

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5 - 11 July 2012

Costa del Sol

Bureaucracy is a job creation initiative that is hard to beat THERE is quirkiness to Spanish bureaucracy. It is unnecessarily complex; is it because they can exploit its weaknesses amidst the confusion. Bureaucracy is a job creation initiative and a fundraiser hard to beat. A new scam is to fine those with Alicante registered cars that have ITVs done in some other provinces. Now they fine non-Spanish residents up to â‚Ź1,000 for nonpossession of a Spanish driving licence. They could easily set up a periodical desk at advertised town halls. A couple of English-speaking clerks could efficiently process many applications. Better that than hundreds of expats cluttering up offices a 10-mile round trip away. But no; that would be too simple and a cheap solution for a bureaucrat to grasp.

Corrupt banking NOTHING epitomises unbridled corruption and breathtaking incompetence than do the banks. Even politicians get it right occasionally. Although their morality is elastic even they know it stretches only so far. Not so with the banks; they now make and manipulate each hijacked country’s fiscal laws. Are we mad? We must be living in Alice’s Wonderland. If you have the stomach for it take a peek at El Pais or the British dailies; your heart will sink. There is only one solution. Make the banks fall on their swords; absorb their own losses and declare their insolvency. Nationalise the banking system and make it directly accountable to the people through parliament, firewalled against corruption. Others have done it; nations and American states. In every single case economies thrive and the people are made wealthier. There are too many politicians enmeshed in our banking system; turkeys don’t vote for Christmas. This has got to change or we all sink with the vipers in their parliamentary counting houses.

RED TAPE: Spanish bureaucracy is unnecessarily complex.

Images of Spain By Mike Walsh













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5 - 11 July 2012 Costa del Sol


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5 - 11 July 2012

Costa del Sol


Making ends meet is a daily challenge for a young family like ours. y W switched to Telitec a We year ago and the savings y helped afford a holiday tto go back and see the ffamily this summer.


Philippa & Lee Jones (and family)


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,99â&#x201A;Ź/mth ENTAL LINE R ED INCLUD



SUMMER OFFER FREE Wireless router whilst stocks last



902 88 90 70 / 965 743 473






5 - 11 July 2012 Costa del Sol



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5 - 11 July 2012 Costa del Sol


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952 561 245

Jumanji in space. Neglected by workaholic dad Tim Robbins, two boys discover a board game which leads to an intergalactic adventure of aliens, black holes and lethal meteors.


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We donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t say we are number 1, our customers do

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5 - 11 July 2012


Costa del Sol

A sporting opportunity

IRST there was the unforgettable Euro football, then the racing at Ascot and now tennis at Wimbledon. With so much sport in the airwaves, I feel positively exhausted and I haven’t even been in the vicinity of a sports stadium, let alone put my trainers on. My right arm appears to have had a solid workout, though, watching events unfold with bated breath from the comfort of my sofa or local bar. Armed with lashings of strawberries and cream and the obligatory Champagne, beer or Pimm’s, there really is little better than watching these finely tuned men and women slog it out for our entertainment. As backseat drivers, millions of viewers worldwide bemoan any

Expat Strife Swedish-born Ulrica is a freelance journalist living in Mallorca with her family. Her debut novel $Expat Wives is available on Amazon and iBooks.


TENNIS TRADITION: Champagne and strawberries at Wimbledon.

error like a personal betrayal or celebrate as if winning the lottery on a point scored. A penalty

missed could lead to a sporting guru being ostracised for the longest time.

But if you thought competition was stiff at these events, it is not a patch on the fervour of that seen at some of the tennis courts and golf courses around Mallorca. Call it the Nadal effect, or what you will, but the island is full of budding world champions. Or so it would seem. Because for many expats, sport is life rather than an occasional pastime or means of keeping fit. Granted, the weather is more benevolent here for outdoorsy opportunities than in its Northern counterparts and, with national football teams and Tour de France cyclists using Spain as their training ground, there are few valid excuses not to partake. Still, be afraid - be very afraid - when your opponent declares that your forthcoming game is a friendly one or that they are a bit rusty; they are only covering their bases should they be having an off day. Their handicap is probably near par and they will fight

nail and tooth to win. As Dale Earnhardt, the US race car driver, once said: “Second place is just the first place loser.” The work-life balance for most expats in Spain tends to favour life; even fullyfunctional tycoons have their many minions scurrying around to ease the workload. So, it follows that we have an inordinate amount of time to spend on our hobbies - as they were once called - and an even more abundant amount of time to wallow over lost games and training for victories. Even the gyms are

competitive, with the ironpumping ratio off the charts and in-house Mr and Mrs Gym contests to flex your rippling muscles for. In fact, the only way to truly ensure that you’re not racing straight for loser abyss is to join me from the passive comfort of the sofa or local bar. Here you have the opportunity to pick and choose the winning player or team as you go along; slyly changing sides as the match progresses, armed with a handbag full of flags from different countries. Anyone for another Pimm’s?

56 EWN

5 - 11 July 2012 Costa del Sol

Advertising Feature

Property of the Week Villa Clara Vist brought to you directly by the English owner

A Unique Investment Opportunity: Live in one Villa Clara Vista was lovingly re-constructed in 2002 with the part whilst letting the other or let both. objective of creating a modern and flexible investment property close to the centre of the The upper ‘Penthouse picturesque village of Benalmadena. Apartments, accommodating up to 10 adults, consist of 3 The plot is just under 900 sq m double bedrooms in the main with a total built area of 261 sq m building including master en with 103 sq m of terraces. suite bedroom, 2 further double bedrooms. At this level there is a double bedded Poolside In the heart of Room with en suite and a Benalmadena Pueblo separated Studio Apartment with a double bed, kitchenette and en-suite shower room. The lower ‘Garden Apartment’, accommodating up to 6 adults, consists of 3 double bedrooms including a large master bedroom with en-suite and walk in wardrobes. Both levels have private swimming pools and garages.

Stunning Sea


5 - 11 July 2012

Since 2002 Clara Vista has been rented out on both a long and short term basis. Weekly rentals vary from €2400 to €3450 for the whole property (8 bedrooms) and longer term rentals between €3800 and €5000 pcm. Individual 3 bedroom apartments can be rented for as little as €900 per week or €1800 pcm in low season.


Costa del Sol

A successful rental property available to rent or for sale as a going concern

Flexible accommodation with between 3 and 8 bedrooms - sleeps up to 16 adults

Views from both levels Request Free Brochure and DVD / USB stick. Contact: or call 0044 207 084 7410 also see


The property is currently available for short term lets or for sale to serious investors / buyers. A guide price of €750,000 has been set and viewings can be arranged at short notice by appointment through our local representatives.

58 EWN

5 - 11 July 2012 Costa del Sol Advertising Feature

Starlite to light up the Costa del Sol MARCO GLAVIANO


HE Starlite Festival, the first music and food festival in Spain, will be held in Marbella from July 13 to August 14. July 14 - George Benson, the live legend of jazz The magnificent George Benson, one of the best guitarists in jazz history, will be the opening act of the Starlite Festival, Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Benson began playing music, singing and dancing from an early age in nightclubs of his hometown, where he quickly learned that a deep connection with the audience was essential to continue to develop his music. Mainly rooted in jazz, the career of this versatile guitarist, singer and composer expanded towards many other styles, embracing soul, R&B, pop and, naturally, swing. His hits have included ‘Breezin’, ‘In Flight’, ‘Livin’ Inside Your Love’, ‘Weekend in L.A.’ and ‘Give Me the Night’, which earned him top positions in the hit lists

worldwide, which is unusual for a guitarist and jazz singer. His impressive know-how has helped him win no less than 10 Grammys, of which the highlight was the Album of the Year Award in 1976 for ‘This Masquerade’. In 2009, the legendary singer and guitarist returned to the studio to record ‘Songs and Stories’, which also earned him a Grammy nomination for Best Surround Sound Album. Two years later, in 2011, he published his first instrumental album in 35 years, ‘Guitar Man’, showcasing the range of his musical prowess. On July 14, George Benson will be kickstarting the Starlite Festival, enabling the audience to enjoy the music of a true live legend of jazz and one of the people directly responsible for the evolution of this sound

George Benson. towards musical forms more accessible to the general public. July 16 - Roger Hodgson, the legendary voice of Supertramp Roger Hodgson, will be offering his only concert scheduled in Spain as part of the Starlite Festival. Born in Portsmouth, England, Roger Hodgson began writing songs at the early age of

Roger Hodgson. 12, with his guitar and later the piano, bass, drums and even the cello. Soon after he recorded his first studio single, ‘Mr. Boyd’, accompanied by pianist Reg Dwight, who subsequently became known as Elton John. After meeting Rick Davies, the core of Supertramp was born, and the album under that same name was released in 1970. Roger Hodgson, the legendary

voice of this acclaimed band, is considered to be one of the most talented singersongwriters of our time. He composed and arranged most of the hits which led the band to achieve sales of over 60 million albums, with timeless classics like ‘Give a Little Bit’, ‘Dreamer’, ‘It’s Raining Again’, ‘Take the Long Way Home’, ‘The Logical Song’, ‘Breakfast in America’, ‘Fool’s Overture’ and many others that have become the soundtrack of our lives. Nowadays, Roger Hodgson continues giving concerts in different formats, either solo performances, with a support band or with a symphony orchestra. In 2010 he published his most recent work, ‘Classics Live’, a spectacular collection of some of his best live performances recorded during a world tour he did in that year. Now, the legendary voice of Supertramp arrives at Starlite Festival to rock the audience with his magnificent songs, now hymns of an entire generation. For more information on these and all the concerts, see

EWN 59

5 - 11 July 2012

Costa del Sol





La Máquina is a classic restaurant

Tse Yang Dimsum Club is a new

O Mamma Mia has been the

originating from Madrid. Enjoy a

Asian restaurant concept in Marbella

reference of Italian gastronomy in

vast range of the best seafood and

that shares its name and philosophy

the past 40 years. At Ristorante

fish, along with a large variety of

with the upmarket Hotel Villa Magna

Pizzeria O Mamma Mia, you will

traditional dishes... as well as tasty

restaurant in Madrid. The menu boasts

enjoy authentic Italian cuisine,

snacks, ideal for anytime of the

more than 30 varieties of Cantonese

where dishes are prepared with only

day. Now open at Costa Marbella

snacks plus many more of Tse Yang’s

the best natural ingredients.

Shopping Centre.

trendiest dishes.


951 506 224


951 319 553

Centro Comercial Costa Marbella. Ramón Areces s/n.


952 929 067

952 909 990 Puerto Banús

In summer open daily, Sundays and holidays from 10:30 to 22:30 h.


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The Big Weekend Your Weekends just got bigger & better

t Ex Radio One DJ Mark Goodier t Every Saturday 10am - 1pm t Every Sunday 1pm – 2pm

Sundays with t Golden John Morgan

t Every Sunday 10am – 1pm music from the last t Best 5 decades

105.5 FM & 90.4 FM Marbella Advertise with Spectrum at surprisingly low prices. The last 3 independent surveys* on the Costa del Sol/Almeria consistently prove the radio station has twice as many listeners as its closest competitor. (*Surveys conducte by Minotaur 2008, Euroweekly News 2011, Audienca 2012)

Telephone 952 907 122 Email:

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AT RISK: Foreign students being educated in Ceuta.

School jeopardised for Moroccan pupils CEUTA’S education authorities want to remove 200 Moroccan pupils who study at local schools. “Their own schools are good and up to standard,” said Francisco Antonio Gonzalez, the national government’s delegate in Ceuta. “If they can get a good education in their own country, I don’t understand why they need to come here.” Education in Spain’s North African enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla is controlled by the national government’s Ministry of Education. The ministry is now carrying out an on-the-spot enquiry

to determine which foreign pupils are entitled to attend Ceuta schools. “We can’t consent to fraud,” Gonzalez announced. There was no problem for foreign pupils whose fathers work legally in Ceuta but others ‘use deception’ to receive a service they have no right to, he added. The investigation is part of a widerreaching enquiry into abuse of Spain’s public services which expects to find around 2,500 fictitious names on the electoral rolls. Moroccans account for only 1.3 per cent of pupils at Ceuta’s 23 schools.


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Jamon, Jamon: More than a movie… more than a delicacy

N an effort to improve my Spanish, I have taken to renting DVDs’ that have bilingual idioms and subtitles. The 1992 Spanish film ‘Jamon Jamon’, the debut of a young Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem, has been my latest venture. This award-winning film has been described as: ‘a tale of ham and passion! …a juxtaposition of emotions combining erotic desires and food… an allegory for Spain itself.’ Jamon (ham) plays a central role in the movie as hanging jamon legs (hoof included) are featured in nearly every scene. That very same likeness of hanging hams is one of the Consider This most recognisable US citizen Jack is spending the first years of his retirement in Almeria. His articles have images of Andalucía. been published in Spain and the US. Go to any tapas bar and you will likely see the ceiling obscured by dozens of these hanging hams. Similarly, while visiting SPANISH IMAGE: Go to any bar and you Spanish friends, a jamon leg can often be seen strapped to a cradle-like framework both animals were considered to have (a jamonera), usually at the centre of been spiritually created by pagan Gods. attention all the while yielding thin wafer The pig was so valuable that during the like sweet ham morsels to all. If there is age of Augustus ham-shaped coins were a national Spanish delicacy, jamon is it. in fact, the popular currency. The But what do know of the jamon Visigoths, who followed the Romans, tradition? Is it anything more than a preserved and enhanced the delicacy movie theme, a tasty bocadillo or tapas? mostly in monasteries and convents. For Is there a larger story here? Consider… the first time, a direct connection When the mysterious Celts (c. 800-450 between Catholicism and jamon BC) first settled in the coastal regions of developed. Spain, javali, or wild boar, were among By the ninth century, Muslim the most bountiful wildlife. To the Celts, dominance on the Iberian Peninsula was domesticating these wild boar to well established. Islamic opposition to livestock herds became an important pork is expressly forbidden in the Koran. part of their survival. Javali and their Islamic jurisprudence specifies which domesticated cousins, pigs, were valued foods are haram or unlawful and and revered. forbidden. Ethnographers believe that the many According to the Koran: ‘Forbidden to existing statues of pigs and boars were used as territorial markers and ornamented tombs. The Celts quickly learned that cured ham was a longlasting form of protein. They were coastal people that, over time, developed a system of using sea-salt and air curing to create the proper environmental conditions for food storage. Pig farming and meat-curing were well established by the time of the subsequent early Roman settlements. Roman sculptures of boars (and bulls) can be found in multiple inland sites as

Jack Gaioni

will find the hams hanging. you is the blood and flesh of the swine.’ Judaism, another of the great monotheistic religions developing on the Iberian Peninsula, also has similar restraints on pork. Like Islam, Jewish religious restriction on the consumption of pork, its flesh and blood is a taboo that originated in the early laws of its scripture. The Hebrew Bible (the Old Testament—Leviticus and Deuteronomy specifically) are very clear in their depiction of pork as unclean as the pig does not chew its cud and is therefore considered taboo and non-kosher. As Inquisitional pressures began to mount in the 15th and 16th centuries, food consumption (in this case, ‘jamon’) began to be used as a way to mark Christian identity as being different from the ‘other.’ Jamon was used in the persecution of anyone whose allegiance to the king and Catholicism was in doubt. Jewish and Muslim subjects were made to prove their new identity as ‘good Christians’ by the public displays of eating pork in the public squares on Fridays. The tradition of displaying hanging hams on their doors and under their eves was a public proclamation that pork was a food that ‘made one Christian’. For those populations that were so deeply anchored in the prohibition of pork, the pressures to conform to jamon became enormous. Knowing this, Christians, consciously or not, assigned jamon a strong place in all that which was contrary to Judaism and Islam. For example, this ‘Christian meat’ took on symbolic meaning at the ritual of Easter. The benediction of ham allegorically Roman sculptures of boars were made as the animal was considered to have been spiritually created by pagan Gods.

represented the ‘flesh and blood’ of Christ that gathered only Christians together. Abundant pork preparations suggested that Christians would not initiate the dietary taboos of Jews and Muslims. The Easter jamon and its festive pig slaughters reinforced Christian identity. The chorus from an 18th Century Pyrenees’ folk song said it best: “While the Jewish law prohibits lard as heretical The same is not so in Christian lands Let us eat fresh pork. Let us eat! The more we enjoy the piglet The better Catholics we become! Additionally, within the Jewish and Islamic tradition, the openly articulated belief that ‘one’s soul is in the blood,’ required that proper butchering techniques allow animal blood to flow to the ground before being covered by earth. Blood sausages, (pork cooked its own blood) especially those developed in the Murcia area are, to this day, a culinary choice that reinforces the notion Christianity is that which directly opposes the Talmud and Koran. Like clothing and language, many of the world’s cultures readily designate ‘others’ by that which they eat. Sometimes in good humour, sometimes pejoratively; Italians are macaroni eaters, Germans are krauts, the French are frogs, Hungarians are goulash-heads, the Brits are roast beef, etc. However when it comes to Spain and jamon, the cultural and religious implications contained therein run very deep. We are hard pressed to find a stronger case in which a food group has had such a historical impact. To be sure, Spanish jamon makes a wonderful bocadillo, tasty tapa and even the colourful theme of an engaging Spanish movie. With jamon however, there is a much larger story to tell.

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4:15pm A Soldier’s Love Story Sentimental romantic tale. A US soldier serving in Afghanistan becomes a father-figure to a lonely boy who writes to him from back home in California.

CH5 With Lori Loughlin & Johnny Messner

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HAVE just spent a few weeks in Italy and France. Although there are far less shops than in Spain with ‘Alquiler’ or ‘Se Vende’ signs, and cafes and restaurants appear to be as busy as usual, each country is having to deal with its debt crisis which has exposed the links between big business and politics. When the country’s leading chicken producer goes into liquidation France must have a problem. Especially when it turns out that the company, Doux, from Brittany, has been shifting production to Brazil and Asia, where conditions are not as stringent as in Europe, shipping millions of lower quality chickens to fill supermarket shelves. Politicians have called for import controls on agricultural produce; nothing like food and wine to bring the French on to the streets. But it also demonstrated the inequality of Europe’s agricultural subsidies when millions of euros go to the largest landowners rather than farmers. An anomaly which Brussels is reviewing. France had its presidential elections with Socialist Francois Hollande taking over from Nicolas Sarkozy, whose unpopularity brought him down. This has stalled the Franco/German relationship while the new government is sworn in. In the meantime, the Cannes Film Festival, the Monte Carlo GP, the French Open and the Tour de France have kept people’s minds occupied During May, Italy had to contend with a terrible earthquake and loss of life, which could not have come at a worse time. It was also the 20th anniversary of the murder of Italy’s two top anti Mafia judges, Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino, in Sicily in 1992. The president, Giorgio Napolitano, and leading political figures attended memorial services but not all of the assassins have been convicted; political corruption is rife and the Mafia still wields considerable power. One story that made headlines was the ‘Scommesse’ gambling racket which places bets on results and scores.

FRANKFURT’S EUROTOWER: European Central Bank headquarters.

CAP IN HAND: Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy.

Peter Fieldman London-born journalist and author, Peter spends his time between Paris and Madrid. His novel ‘1066 The Conquest’ available on Amazon or

With some of Italy’s leading football clubs and players accused of match fixing and payoffs, it may be the tip of an iceberg given the vast sums that football generates. And to top it all there have been rumours of a conspiracy by cardinals in the Vatican. Where is Dan Brown? As for Spain, apart from winning the Euro 2012 football championship, there has been little to celebrate as Mariano Rajoy goes cap in hand to Brussels, while sending Soraya

Saenz de Santamaria to Washington. How can the government ask Europe to bail out its troubled banks, especially Bankia, when top executives have been filling their pockets with millions of euros in salaries, pensions and severance payouts thanks to watertight contracts which they drew up for themselves? For the five million unemployed it is like a red rag to a bull, and the Spanish know something about that. Rajoy promised more equality. Well he can start by investigating the conduct of the politicians, bankers and real estate developers in the autonomous regions and reconsider the granting of immunity to thousands of illegally built seaside properties. “El triunfo de la Ilegalidad,” as one journalist put it. On the brighter side, there was the decision by

The decline and fall of Europe Extremadura village, Guijo de Galisleo, to vote for bullfights over jobs. It shows where Spain’s priorities lie. Of course Britain, as usual, stands alone, or watches Wimbledon in the rain. To forget the economic crisis and endless Leveson Inquiry into phone hacking, there was, of course, the Thames pageant and ceremonies for the Queen’s Jubilee. The events brought out patriotism that surprisingly still exists among much of the population. The Queen is now only three years from overtaking Queen Victoria as Britain’s longest serving monarch. And will Prince Charles overtake Prince Edward as the oldest serving Prince of Wales? The future of the monarchy seems safe for the moment but the Derby winner ‘Camelot’ could be an omen if one considers the lyrics from the 1970s’ musical about life in King Arthur’s castle: ‘Let it not be forgot That once there was a spot For one brief shining moment That was known as Camelot.’ Back to the euro crisis; David Cameron’s infamous message ‘we are all in it together’ rings hollow as Europe’s political leaders pass responsibility and blame each other, especially

Greece, for their woes, all trying to avoid having to fork out billions to protect the banks from defaulting and to save the single currency. Can anybody understand the meaning of one hundred billion, or a trillion euros? Once again it seems that governments are more interested in saving private bankers than either their countries or the people. Pumping billions into the banks has not changed their bad habits or greed, neither have the austerity measures with growing unemployment and deprivation for millions of people. Nobel prize-winning economist Paul Krugman’s message that austerity measures cannot work, does not seem to have registered. Michel Barnier, European commissioner for the internal market, has finally come up with a plan for Europe, which would allow banks to fail so long as OUR money is safe. Sounds like a step in the right direction. But we need to follow Russell Crowe’s advice in ‘Gladiator’ when confronted by the barbarian hordes (today known as financial markets): “We’ve got a better chance of survival if we work together. If we stay together we survive.”

5 - 11 July 2012

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5 - 11 July 2012

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Time Out To bullfight or not to bullfight?

10-star quiz

1h46m Director: Ken Kwapis Starring: John Krasinski, Drew Barrymore, Kristen Bell, Dermot Mulroney.

CATHERINE TOSKO, a British vegetarian film maker living in Estepona, moves to Spain the year that Cataluña, an autonomous region, abolishes bullfighting, and decides to make a documentary about it, ‘The Bull and The Ban’. This is the book of the exclusive interviews, essays and photos with matadors such as Francisco Rivera Ordoñez (Death and the Sun) and Frank Evans (The Last

CANCER (June 22 - July 23) There is a strong feeling of 'self' this week, and you realise that you have many things to be thankful for. These thoughts come after a period of uncertainty that saw a lack of progress.

LEO (July 24 - August 23) You know in your heart that you should take control of your future. This is a time to talk with others and consider their thoughts. At the end of the day, however, you are the one who has the final say.

VIRGO (August 24 - September 23) At times this week you will feel that a certain relationship is not developing along the right lines. Although it seems that your efforts are often in vain, this is a situation that requires thought and patience on your part. It is perhaps a good time to look to your business matters for a change of scene and to set your mind on a more constructive course.

LIBRA (September 24 - October 23) You should not feel responsible for the failings of others. Although you may think you could have done more in a certain situation, it is unlikely that any significant difference would have resulted. This is a busy time but also one in which a small persistent voice will be heard: the voice of logic and practicality. Listen to it.

Just joking Wife to her husband: “Wake up. Some thieves have broken into our house. I think they are now eating the food I made last night.” Husband: “We’d better call them an ambulance then!”


an element of letting opportunities slip through your fingers. Is this because you are not used to making that really intense effort? You aren’t called upon to do it often but this time it is well worth it.

SCORPIO (October 24 - November 22)

British Bullfighter), Catalan politicians, animal rights activists and those who work in the bullfighting industry, including children as young as three years old. As well as an insight into what bullfighting is, these interviews explore the

Y our S tars

Born July 6, 1980, he is a Spanish basketball player who currently plays with Los Angeles Lakers. His mother was a doctor and his father was a chief nurse who worked at the hospital in Barcelona where Pau was born. When Magic Johnson announced his HIV-positive status in 1991, Gasol, 11, decided that he wanted to be a doctor and find a cure for AIDS. He enrolled in medical school at Barcelona University but left as his basketball career advanced. He taught himself Italian and French and also speaks English.

CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 20)

PISCES (February 20 - March 20)

A long-term relationship has its wobbly moments this week, but all is not lost. Listen to your heart as it speaks louder than any other voice. You know what you need but that may conflict with what you feel you should want. In an ideal world, these two areas would be in harmony. Give a little happiness to others and your own heart will be lighter.

Your sense of balance in the universe could be upset, but do not let this sour either your thoughts or your character. You are in the eye of the storm so take this time to think. A bit of care and attention is what you need and you know where to find it.

This is not a time to drift into things because the planets are urging you to take control and forge ahead. Let others know exactly what you want and expect from them. If you do not, others will make decisions for you that could prove less desirable.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23 - December 21)

AQUARIUS (January 21 - February 19)

ARIES (March 21 - April 20)

Feel sympathy for those who lack the gift of insight. Their lack of understanding upsets you, but their horizons are narrow. This is a time of giving to yourself. Look forward to some time away or indulging in something that really relaxes you. Should you be searching for someone special, they may be closer than you know.

Someone who appears to be putting themselves in the way of your progress could simply be trying to help. They may have a valid point to make but just not be good at expressing themselves. Be aware of this because there could be a link to your health and love life.

Making firm decisions in your love life may prove difficult. Do not be rushed. This is far from a straightforward week and you need to remember how to relax. You are able to deal with what comes your way but it is upsetting to find that someone has been less than honest.

TAURUS (April 21 - May 21) With your mind sharp and energy high, you want to make fast progress and, indeed, you can. You are only too aware of the time that has been wasted waiting for others. Now, most of that may be dealt with. See how others react when you do not. Leaving others to their own devices works better than nagging. Your lack of interest could worry them.

SU DOKU HOW TO PLAY Fill the grid so that every row, every column and every 3X3 box contains the digits 1-9. There’s no maths involved. You solve the puzzle with reasoning and logic.

GEMINI (May 22 - June 21) When you meet opposition try to use persuasion and logic to win the day. Failing that, you may decide that ʻenough is enoughʼ and forge ahead, anyway. In this positive mood you find yourself attractive to the opposite sex. That does not mean you have a right to be pushy. Just use your charm. Combining business with pleasure could lead to trouble, so try to keep these two areas separate.


Have you got a funny joke? Include full name and town you live in.



Pau Gasol


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24 38



12 15
















6 26








1. Au (79) 2. He (2) 3. I (53) 4. Pb (82) 5. Hg (80) 6. N (7) 7. K (19) 8. Rn (86) 9. Na (11) 10. Sn (50)

TARGET: Average: 18

Very good: 33

Good: 23

Excellent: 41


cent, coin, cone, corn, icon, into, iron, nice, noir, note, once, rein, rent, tern, tine, tone, torn, cento, conic, conte, crone, inert, inter, intro, nicer, niter, nitre, nitro, noter, recon, tenor, toner, tonic, trine, citron, coiner, corner, cornet, cretin, ironer, noetic, notice, orient, tonier, centric, conceit, concert, cornice, cornier, tricorn, concerti, necrotic, tricorne, INCORRECT

Word ladder


29 38

Below are the chemical symbols (and atomic numbers) of 10 chemical elements, what are these elements?





INSPIRED by the true story that captured the hearts of people across the world, the rescue adventure Big Miracle tells the amazing tale of a small town news reporter and an animalloving volunteer who are joined by rival world superpowers to save a family of majestic gray whales trapped by rapidly forming ice in the Arctic Circle.

case for and against bullfighting and gives a history of Cataluña’s struggle for independence and rights. This is a moral journey of one British ex-pat into what it is to be human, and what it means to kill a bull, and the farreaching effects of the Catalan ban on bullfighting worldwide. With a foreword by writer-bullfighter Alexander Fiske-Harrison.







Move from the start word (HAND) to the end word (FOOT) in the same number of steps as there are rungs on the Word Ladder. You must only change one letter at a time.



Drama, Action, Romance, Comedy


Big Miracle



How many English words of four letters or more can you make from the nine letters in our Nonagram puzzle? Each letter may be used only once (unless the letter appears twice). Each word MUST CONTAIN THE CENTRE LETTER (in this case P) and there must be AT LEAST ONE NINE LETTER WORD. Plurals, vulgarities or proper nouns are not allowed.

5 - 11 July 2012


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Crosswords CRYPTIC


Across 1 Looked forward to Ted finishing the former PE college (8) 5 A request to leap around! (4) 9 Give a warning to the left prior to conclusion (7) 10 Hero-worship promotion mineral (5) 11 Take Enid out to eat (4) 12 Hold a rally in favour of an experiment (7) 15 One examining a canopy (6) 16 Riddle resolved in game (6) 19 Telly or silly thing to put your shopping in (7) 21 Bland apartment (4) 24 Oasis and Nirvana dropping Ecstasy (5) 25 Rebuild old Escort into a two-wheeled vehicle (7) 26 Quietly unwell, so take a tablet (4) 27 Forgave Dicky and Pedro (8) Down 1 Speed up different, deep exit (8) 2 Father lets out mother and himself (7) 3 Hands in screwdriver (4) 4 Affected Leeds regimentʼs senior figures (6) 6 They have pride in their families (5) 7 Stunned when American gets married (4) 8 Telling on an old country pursuit (7)

The clues are mixed, some clues are in Spanish and some are in English. Across 1 Come (4) 3 Tiendas (5) 8 Quizás (7) 9 Hacha (herramienta) (3) 10 Sobrina (5) 11 To hate (5) 12 Garlic (3) 13 Rings (on finger) (7) 14 Muñecas (juguetes)

Co d e B r e a ke r 13 Story giving can be so revealing (7) 14 Damaged by dreadful debt rate (8) 17 Made up tag line for jelly (7) 18 Body of water that could be erased (3,3) 20 Celebration in the back bar (5) 22 Manʼs hard hat outside (4) 23 Brave, we hear heʼs out in cricket (4)

QUICK Across 1 Mollycoddle (6) 4 Squash (5) 9 Later on (9) 10 Imitate (3) 11 Garish (5) 12 Farthest (7) 14 Overtake (4) 16 Nuisance (4) 21 Authorise (7) 23 Soar upwards (5) 24 Steal from (3) 25 Pomegranate syrup (9) 26 Religious belief (5) 27 Hinge on (6))

(5) 15 This (4) Down 1 Sponges (for washing) (8) 2 Earthquake (9) 4 History (8) 5 Saucers (9) 6 Béisbol (8) 7 Behind (in or at the rear) (6,2)

Down 1 Alter (6) 2 Variety of mandarin orange (7) 3 Ahead of time (5) 5 Shaft (3) 6 Humiliation (5) 7 Keen (5) 8 High temperature (5) 13 Gratuity (3) 15 Fix (3) 17 Infer (7) 18 Find out (5) 19 Discourage (5) 20 Myth (6) 22 Shinbone (5) 23 Condition (5) 25 Acquire (3)

LAST WEEK’S SOLUTIONS: CRYPTIC - Across 1 Reagan, 4 Locum, 8 Avast, 9 Remarks, 10 Hue, 11 Sedge, 12 Talc, 13 Minus, 15 Ruby, 17 Hair, 18 Yarra, 20 Also, 21 Cubic, 24 CIA, 25 Frisbee, 26 Cease, 27 Skint, 28 Facets. Down: 1 Reassure, 2 Award, 3 Anthem, 4 Limits, 5 Corella, 6 Mesh, 7 Greengrocer, 14 Crackers, 16 Bellini, 18 You bet, 19 Acacia, 22 Brace, 23 Efts. QUICK - Across: 1/6 Hit man, 3 Brass, 8 Earnest, 9 Loves, 10 Amass, 11 Concede, 12 Deepen, 14 Belong, 17 Austere, 19 Child, 21 Okapi, 22 Leading, 23 Due, 24 Gowns, 25 Eat. Down: 1 Hyena, 2 Terrace, 3 Bless, 4 Attack, 5 Silence, 6 Movie, 7 Nest egg, 12 Diamond, 13 Evening, 15 Orifice, 16 Bellow, 18 Share, 19 Class, 20 Digit.


Hexagram The purpose of the Hexagram puzzle is to place the 19 six-letter words into the 19 cells. The letters at the edges of interlocking cells MUST BE THE SAME. The letters in the words must be written CLOCKWISE. The word in cell 10 (CREASE) and one letter in four other cells are given as clues.

ENGLISH - SPANISH Across: 1 Palas, 4 Dad, 6 Dog, 7 Ronda, 8 Aire, 9 Reja, 11 Twins, 12 Out, 13 Ola, 14 Desks. Down: 1 Padrastro, 2 Lagartija, 3 Sure, 4 Dangerous, 5 Diamantes, 10 Used.

1. Unscramble the name of a famous motor manufacturer:A MORAL FOE 2. Unscramble the name of a 1999 British romantic comedy film (two words):NO NIGHT TILL

Play on Words L O O O K N


Answers: Look down upon; A man among men



Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery (19001944) French writer and pioneering aviator.

Each number in the Code Breaker grid represents a different letter of the alphabet. In this week’s puzzle, 15 represents D and 22 represents J, so fill in D every time the figure 15 appears and J every time the figure 22 appears. Now, using your knowledge of the English language, work out which letters should go in the missing squares. As you discover the letters, fill in other squares with the same number in the main grid and the control grid.

Aflame Arouse Barons Belief Clause CREASE(10) Humour Labour Lemurs Mallow Reader Reeled Rifles Roamed Rouble Rulers Smites Storm Threat

LAST WEEK’S SOLUTION 1 Whiled, 2 Massed, 3 Castle, 4 Swords, 5 Meteor, 6 Asleep, 7 Awards, 8 Prizes, 9 Abroad, 10 Dozens, 11 Degree, 12 Sounds, 13 Eighty, 14 Handed, 15 Colony, 16 Rushed, 17 Duller, 18 Reacts, 19 Floats


5 - 11 July 2012


74 EWN

Costa del Sol

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Whiplash and its short and long-term implications Whiplash ‘TTHHWWUUMMPPHH!!’ You have just been hit by a Seat Ibiza whilst waiting to join the carretera! The next morning you wake up to find that you have become part of a growing statistic – a whiplash victim of a rear-end shunt. A 10mph (16kmph) or less shunt from behind is the most common cause of whiplash and the majority of victims

By Estelle Mitchel are sitting in a front seat. Immediate and short-term symptoms • Stiffness and tenderness in the neck and upper back • Headaches • Dizziness • Pain into shoulders and arms • Difficulty turning your head Early Treatment The quicker you start treatment, the less longterm implications you will have. Use an ice pack immediately to reduce muscle spasms, tissue swelling and internal bruising. Long-term symptoms It is the long-term implications of whiplash which are the most concerning. Recent research done in the UK has shown that whiplash victims are significantly more likely to suffer from a whole host of other conditions and symptoms, e.g.

PAIN IN THE NECK: Whiplash can cause a range of health problems. digestive issues, immune compromise, pain in other areas of the spine, hormonal dysfunction, anxiety, depression, breathing issues... the list goes on. Five to 8 per cent of whiplash sufferers have severe enough symptoms to prevent them returning to work. Why does whiplash have such a huge impact on the body? Because the neck is injured by the whiplash. Every single function in your body, from when to release digestive hormones, to telling your toes to move, is controlled by your nerves and every single teeny tiny nerve has to interact with your brain. This critical traffic in both directions has to travel through your neck.

So when you damage your neck you are potentially damaging every single nerve in your body! The jolting motion of whiplash also stretches the ligaments which support the neck, making the neck more unstable and increasing the chance of further injury. Getting help Part of the problem is getting the right help. When you first go to your doctor they will often send you for an Xray - all this does is assess any damage to the bones in your neck which only gives a small part of the picture. What is much more useful is assessing the damage to muscles, nerves and the discs in your neck. The best way to do this is with an MRI and/or Thermal Imaging as well as a full clinical

assessment by a qualified professional. The sooner you seek treatment the easier, quicker and cheaper it will be to resolve without any long-term damage or problems. Protection Unfortunately, many whiplash injuries are caused by others hitting you, so are difficult to avoid. However, make sure that your headrest is correctly adjusted to support your head and choose the largest support you can.

You can check how good the headrest on your car is at preventing whiplash at: www. For more information on resolving whiplash issues please call on 952 883 151 or go to www.TheBodyworks

Tried all the diets? Did none of them work for you? Do you need professional help? We know that losing weight is only half the battle. Keeping it off long term is what really matters. With its unique one-to-one support, Cambridge 800 is the nutritional, convenient and proven way to lose weight.

Call 952 586 324 today or email for the name of your nearest consultant.




g given Full trainin 86 324 Call 952 5


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HEALTH AND BEAUTY Visit for more reading

Lower the risk of diabetes

HEART HEALTHY: One coffee a week can help protect against heart failure.

One coffee a week protects the heart

By Michel Wahba MODERATE coffee consumption is suggested to protect against heart failure, according to a new study. While most health organisations warn against habitual coffee consumption, other reports indicate that coffee could reduce the risk of prostate cancer, among other benefits. The research from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre found that

moderate coffee drinkers had an 11 per cent lower risk of heart failure. The study was aiming to shift the previous, often conflicting, information from a definitive yes or no, to a question of how much. “Our results did show a possible benefit, but like with so many other things we consume, it really depends on how much coffee you drink,” said lead author Elizabeth Mostofsky.

ADOPTING a vegetarian lifestyle lowers risk of diabetes, a new study suggests. The study, run by Loma Linda University in California, shows that vegetarians are 36 per cent less likely to develop metabolic syndrome, in comparison to those who eat meat. Diabetes is usually caused by unhealthy eating habits, and replacing the meats with greens is likely to prevent the prevalence of metabolic syndrome, which is when a patient develops some of the factors associated with diabetes, notably high blood pressure, low HDL cholesterol, high glucose levels and an unhealthy waist circumference. “This work again shows that diet improves many of the main cardiovascular risk factors that are part of metabolic syndrome,” said Dr Gary Fraser, from the Adventist Health Study.

EWN 75 Costa del Sol

76 EWN


5 - 11 July 2012

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Costa del Sol

Plastic surgery can shave off nine years PLASTIC surgery could make you look nine years younger, according to a new study. Researchers asked 40 medical

students to estimate the ages of 60 plastic-surgery patients, with before and after shots. On average, the students

estimated the patients to be 8.9 years younger than their actual age. Plastic surgeons will now be able to tell patients what they can realistically expect, the researchers from the University of Toronto in Canada wrote in their study. “Surgeons generally have had to use somewhat vague terms, telling patients they will look ‘less tired’ or ‘more SAUVIGNON BLANC protects skin youthful’,” the researchers wrote. against harmful sunburn, a new study The 60 patients had different revealed. surgeries ranging from face and A compound found in grapes may neck lift, to eyelid lift. protect from skin-damaging ultraviolet radiation, researchers from the University of Barcelona and the Spanish National Research Council report. When UV rays hit the skin, they activate reactive oxygen species (ROS), which then oxidise big molecules like lipids and DNA consequently resulting in particular enzymes that kill skin cells. But grapes flavonoids work to decrease the formation of the ROS that were exposed to UVA and UVB rays. Research Director Marta Cascante TURNING BACK TIME: Plastic said this finding may lead to better sunsurgery can make one look shielding drugs and cosmetics. younger.

We’ll drink to that!

PROTECTION: Grapes stop sunburn.


5 - 11 July 2012

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No junk makes for clear skin

SIMPLE habits like a daily cup of coffee or a fast-food lunch could be undermining your efforts towards maintaining a healthy skin. New York City-based dermatologist Dr Deborah Wattenberg wrote several books and articles exploring ways to keep the skin young and undamaged. The first advice she has for her patients is to quit smoking. “Smoking is probably the worst thing you can possibly do for your body, including your skin,” Wattenberg says. Nicotine and other chemicals found in cigarettes destroy the skin’s elastin and collagen, leading to wrinkles and fine lines. She added: “Habitual smoking can also lead to those pucker lines around the mouth.” Although a study revealed that some wines fight off sunburn, it is

SMOKING: The worst thing you can do to your body. suggested that alcohol, along with sweets, caffeine and junk food are some of healthy skin’s enemies. Wattenberg explains that they prevent water from

reaching the skin, consequently drying it off. She suggests doubling the suggested six to eight glasses of water a day to keep skin hydrated.

EWN 77 Costa del Sol


5 - 11 July 2012


Costa del Sol


Connie’s Pets Corner - Sponsored by Cat and Dog World Kennels -

For 24-HOUR VETS visit to If you have any questions, please write me at connie-pets@euro I’ll be happy to help.

World Connie boards her dog and recommends Cat and Dog Tel: 952 112 978 Mob: 630 197 435 Web:

COSY: Snuggled up.

Sweet dreamers - do not disturb OUR twin tabby-cats, Tigger and Tabitha, are two very amicable felines and showed no objection whatsoever to my daughter dressing them up and putting them in her doll’s cot for a catnap. Susan Arch, Alhaurin el Grande Submit fun pet pictures to, in as high a resolution as possible. Please include name of the pet, your full name, where you live and if relevant a couple of lines to explain the circumstances of the photo. Due to space restrictions not all submissions will be used.

HI Connie, We have two kittens, one male, one female, since the mother brought them into our garden. We have had them all ‘done’. The problem is, although the two kittens learned to use the litter box, since they reached about six months old, they took to going into other people’s patios and gardens to mess. Can you suggest anything to get them back ‘on the right track’? Best wishes, Pauline

Getting kittens back on track

Hello Pauline, I recommend that you build a cat latrine somewhere that suits you in your garden. Ask the neighbours where the cats are defecating, in earth? Sand? And try and mimic that. Take some dropping from the neighbours’ gardens and some urine from

the litter tray and put it in the latrine. Tell the neighbours so that at least they know you are doing your best. Cats need a soft surface in which they can dig. Dig a hole in a dry place and fill with gravel. Cover with dry sand or fine soil. Also put some of the cat’s soiled litter there to encourage use at the start. You will have to clean it daily, or it will smell. But never withdraw the indoor litter tray. Best wishes, Connie

A cat latrine in the garden can supplement an indoor litter tray.

For daily news visit

Calm llamas can make interesting social pets DOMESTIC llamas are descended from wild guanacos, domesticated 6,000-7,000 years ago. They have been raised by the Andean people for their wool and fibre, meat and skins, and have also been used as pack animals. They are relatives of the camel. Granted, many people would not consider llamas as pets in the traditional sense. Strictly speaking, they would more likely be considered livestock, but they are friendly, social, calm and easily trained. Let’s not forget how beautiful they are; they are dignified and agile, and have beautiful, deep brown eyes and long eyelashes. Given their size and needs, they are only appropriate for those with enough room to house them, and they should not be kept singly.

Llamas are social animals. If properly socialised they can make

If properly socialised, llamas can make a calm, gentle friend.

a calm, gentle companion. They have a reputation for spitting, but this is more typical between llamas and not usually directed at people. They also make a variety of sounds. Life span estimates range from 15-30 years. They are not small animals, weighing in at 250-450 pounds, and being anywhere from 5’ to 6’5” tall. The amount and type of shelter is also dependent on the climate; in cold climates a barn or other windproof housing may be necessary, while in warmer climates a three-sided shelter would do. In really hot areas a roof with open sides is more effective to allow cooling air flow. Proper fencing is also necessary, to keep llamas in and dogs out. Llamas do need a companion, another llama of similar age is best (and unless you want a breeding farm, the same sex, too!). On the other hand, if you do not want to breed, it is best to castrate the male.

EWN 79

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Costa del Sol

Your money’s worth more here “Here we all

“Everything at WORLD Take a tip from

Take a tip from

. 15 cm. .6 39





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Electronic control: Jog control and LCD display; delay start; load adjustment; rinse key +; Quick wash 30 min.



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Costa del Sol


Sponsored by



• BRIDGE CLUB Los Boliches: 645 684 756. • HARMONY SINGING in Benalmadena Costa 952 560 651 • ROTARY CLUB MarbellaGuadalmina: 2pm lunch at Rest aurante Cortijo del Guadalmina, San Pedro de Alcantara. 952 888 077.


• MODERN JIVE CLUB ‘rocks’ Duquesa. Beginners welcome. or call 635 717 211. •ADANA COFFEE MORNING, 11am in Plaza Manilva (Estepona): 952 800 975. • BRIDGE CLUB Los Boliches meets at Cafe Manilla 1.45pm to 5pm. New players welcome. 645 684 756/951 081 984. • DIABETIC SUPPORT GROUP 952 464 184. • BUDDHIST PHILOSOPHY group meets at Marbella sangha in English at 8.30pm. Contact Tony or 952 852 190. • TRIPLE’S 11.30am Lauro Golf. 952 417 452.

Costa del Sol’s best guide to the local scene...

Church services

•ANGLICAN CHURCH Costa del Sol West: Holy Communion Sundays. 952 808 605.

•CH U R C H O F S C O T L A N D S e r v i c e Lux Mundi, Fuengirola, Sundays 10.30am. 951 260 982.

•ARK CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP, Fuengirola - Evangelical family church - Sundays 11am. 952 592 171.

•ELIM FAMILY FELLOWSHIP Sunday service: 11am in Benalmadena Costa and 3.30pm in San Pedro de Alcantara. www.elimfamilyfellow 695 115 496.

U3A Marbella COFFEE MORNING 11am. or 622 670 158.


• MALAGA HASH HOUSE HARRIERS - a drinking club with a running problem - meet friendly people who enjoy running and walking in the Malaga countryside. www., email: robertand or 637 544 761. • CAR BOOT SALE at petrol station Europe on A357 between Cartama and Alora.




• ICE COFFEE MORNING: or 952 802 549.


•ROYAL ANTEDILUVIAN ORDER OF BUFFALOES España No 1 Lodge meet at Woodies/Peacock Bar, Avenida de Bonanza, Benalmadena at 7pm. Call 952563950. • MODERN JIVE CLUB ‘rocks’ Calahonda. Beginners welcome. or call 635 717 211. • AL ANON – Help for family and friends of alcoholics – meets 8.30pm.


English, Lux Mundi Ecumenical Centre, Fuengirola, 12pm. 952 474 840.

•ANGLICAN CHAPLAINCY, St Andrew’s Church, Los Boliches: 952 472 140.

•CALAHONDA CHURCH - Evangelical Christian Fellowship - Sundays 4.30pm 952 588 160. www.calahonda

Email Fax 952 440 887 Post Euro Weekly News, Calle Moscatel 10, P-62, Poligono Industrial Arroyo de la Miel, 29631 Benalmadena, Malaga.



•ROMAN CATHOLIC MASS in English: St Andrew’s Chapel, Los Boliches, Saturdays 6.30pm; Calvario Church, Marbella, Sundays 11am. 951 153 340. •ROMAN CATHOLIC MASS in English, Arroyo de la Miel, Parroquia de la Inmaculada, Plaza de la Estacion, with Father Joe Crawford, Saturdays 1pm. •ST ANDREW’S CHAPLAINCY - 952 461 662 or 952 582 499.

670 635 201. • BRIDGE CLUB Los Boliches meets at Cafe Manilla 1.45pm to 5pm. New players welcome. 645 684 756/951 081 984 • COSTA BOOK CLUB, Hotel Tamisa, second Monday of month. 677 251 058.


• MODERN JIVE CLUB ‘rocks’ Cancelada. Beginners welcome. or call 635 717 211. • ACE BRIDGE, 4pm at Pueblo Lopez. Computer scoring also Mon, Thurs and Sat. Contact 952 485 678

or • AGE CARE ASSOCIATION: El Zoco, Calahonda 11am-1pm – 655 903 182. • AGE CONCERN Estepona and Manilva:acesteponaymanilva@age or 650 163 928. • LUX MUNDI DUTCH LANGUAGE LIBRARY, Calle Nueva, Fuengirola, 3pm-5pm. • MABS Cancer Support Group: 952 833 568. • MARBELLA HEALING CIRCLE fortnightly: www marbellahealing • SOUTHERN SOUND BARBERSHOP CHORUS Lux Mundi, Fuengirola, 5pm-6pm. 952 473 051.

•MODERN JIVE CLUB ‘rocks’ San Roque. Beginners welcome. or 635 717 211. • CHICAGO BRIDGE, Estepona small friendly group 4.30pm Age Concern centre. 952 780 243. • TORREMOLINOS AND D I S T R I C T S O C I A L C L U B at ‘The Bailey’ Torremolinos. 952 386 172. • SEPE COFFEE MORNING, La Alqueria: 610 775 413. • THE ACHIEVERS TOAST MASTERS CLUB, Nueva Andalucía: 646 533 112. • LIONS CLUB La Cala de Mijas: Second and fourth Wednesday of month. 952 404 323.


• FREETHINKERS GROUP: Informal get-togethers for humanists, rationalists, secularists, atheists, agnostics and sceptics to exchange views and ideas and have social outings with like-minded people. Email costadelsolfreethinkers@



a name you can trust


902 887 100

or 966 49 05 09

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5 - 11 July 2012 Costa del Sol

Armed Forces Day AROUND 40 members of the Coin Branch of the Royal British Legion commemorated Armed Forces Day

with a Tapas and Wine Party. The entire group gathered together on Saturday evening in the shady and

private garden of Legion member Rosie Mahoney while the Chairman of the Branch, Jo Taylor, paid tribute to all active duty servicemen around the world and wished them safe wherever they were. Spectacularâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; show at The food was Moonlight, Sunset prepared by Legion Beachâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Premier Show members and ranged bar. from tortilla de The show is a tribute to patatas, pastas, salads four greats â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Michael and a very spicy Thai Buble, Tom Jones, Robbie dipping sauce. The Williams and Elvis. Minimost unusual tapa of disco for kids at 9pm, the night was a very show starts at 10pm. tasty caviar log and For more information that went especially please go to well with the selection of Rioja wines on offer.

Ricky Lavazza at Sunset Beach Ricky Lavazza is probably best known for his performance of songs from the West End and Broadway. Ricky performs his â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Musicals and Moreâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; show at â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Oasisâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; â&#x20AC;&#x201C; the outdoor restaurant at Sunset Beach, Benalmadena every Sunday evening. Every Wednesday evening, Ricky performs







his popular and highly entertaining â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Summer


5 - 11 July 2012

EWN 83 Costa del Sol Advertising Feature

Get what you are Craving for

SOME time ago I tried my first salt beef sandwich at Cravings Deli in Nueva Andalucia, where the sign says ‘not probably but definitely the best Salt Beef Deli on the Coast’. Two inches thick with plenty of mustard - for an epic slice of Jewish cuisine look no further than a saltbeef sandwich, a latka (a type of potato with onion pancake), pickle on the side. Since then Cravings has moved to larger, more accesible premises just a few metres from the old place. They have now been 10 years here on the coast serving Jewish delicacies and many Greek dishes, all homemade, on the premises. There is a seeming endless menu including chopped liver, chopped herring, salmon cutlets, soups and salads. If you want to eat Greek, moussaka, spanakopitta (spinach with cheese), dolmades (meatballs), tzatziki, houmous are just a few of the choices, there is grilled halloumi, a dish from Cyprus. There’s a array of sandwiches, salads, eggs, quiches and more to satisfy your appetite. You’re also in a wonderland of lox and bagels. Cravings now offer a three-course Greek menu for just €10 which includes, for example,

Taramasalada, Moussaka, Kalamata with olive oil among some of the delights available. Whether you choose to eat in or take away, there is something about Cravings Deli, once you have tried it, you just have to go back again and again. Cravings is open seven days a week Mondays 8am till 6pm and the rest of the week 8am till 10pm in the Centro Comercial Iberico, next to Barclays Bank, Nueva Andalucia. Tel: 952 818 732




5 - 11 July 2012 Costa del Sol Advertising Feature

Monkey Tennis at the Karbon Klub

The Home of



Saturday Evening

*Rob Stevens*

Booking Advisable

The Man of Many Faces

& Special Guests

MONDAY CLUB - Free Buffet

Sunday = Local’s Karaoke Fun 4 pm ’til close

Monday to Friday 4-8 pm with Happy Hour from 4 - 5 pm Free Entry EVERY afternoon from 4.00pm for Karaoke Ask about our FREE Loyalty Card

Local 14, Plaza Ibensa, Benalmádena - Costa (under Eduardo’s Restaurant)

Tel. 605 663 335



WOK SAUCES Garlic, Wok, Black Bean, Spicy Ginger, Curry, Oyster, Sweet and Sour, Kong Po(hot), Selection of Shellfish and Meats: Crayfish, Prawn, Salmon, Clam, Lamb, Entrecote, Pork loin, Sole, Sausage, different types of Kebab and much much more. Selection of Vegetables Asparagus, Mushroom, Onion, Aubergine AND A GRAND VARIETY OF DESSERTS AND ICE CREAM Specialities Peking Duck, Japanese Sushi, Satay Chicken “Indonesian” Thai Style Chicken Wings Thai Curry Triangles, Vietnamese Roll, Chicken Toast

Price per person Monday to Friday Daytime 9.95€, Night 10.95€ Weekends and Festivals 11.95€ Children 4 to 7 yrs 6.00€ Children under 4 yrs 3.00€

2€ Discount per couple with this advert. till 30th Sept Not valid for childrens meals or with other special offers


13:00 to 16:30 and 19:00 to 24:00 Hours

Tel.:952 56 31 83

childrens Ave. De la Constitucion 35,Opp. the park Arroyo de la Miel (Benalmadena)

TOMORROW (Friday) sees something new at the Karbon Klub in Fuengirola. This is a well-known venue among the younger generation but the coming performance by the very popular group Monkey Tennis is aimed primarily at the more mature audience. Drinks are priced at normal Jackson bar prices and the organisers hope that this will be the first of a regular monthly event. Monkey Tennis have been performing on the Costa del Sol for around 12 years. Originally

formed as an accoustic guitar duo they have transformed into one of the coast’s favourite bands. They have changed their line-up many times over the years but frontman Michael Dickinson remains. Playing covers from Paul Weller, Stevie Wonder, Billy Joel and many more. They are a band which always play with a lot of energy. Their current line-up comprises Michael Dickinson on piano, Carl Parry on guitar, Luis Rivas Perpen on bass and Bastian Van De Sant on drums. Occasionally bringing in

sax and trumpet to fatten things up. They have a repetoire to please all tastes playing hits from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s to the present day. If you like your music totally live and rocking, they are the band for you. Blues, soul, funk, it’s all there. This is a very popular group with all ages and they are well worth a look and a listen. Get down to the Karbon Klub in Fuengirola, entrance free, 9pm till late. More information on Facebook or call 610 152 584 or 672 385 538.


5 - 11 July 2012

EWN 85 Costa del Sol

an intimate evening with the original

Gipsy Kings only 75â&#x201A;Ź p/p e l v i r i a â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s c h i c b e a c h r e t r e a t

Four Course Menu (with options) a Full Night's Entertainment incl; The Masquerade the Gypsy Kings and Authentic Flamenco Show.

Tuesday 14th August Monday 20th Augustt Reserve your table now Res

Tel: 0034 952 839 458

Beach House Marbella




5 - 11 July 2012 Costa del Sol Advertising Feature

The Rod Stewart Tribute Show visits El Soto

By Bryan Rand NEXT Saturday promises to be a great night to visit El Soto in La Mairena as they are hosting, direct from the UK, The Rod Stewart Tribute Show and offering a fabulous three-course dinner menu for just €25. The menu includes mouthwatering dishes with a choice of starters, including prawn avocado salad and main courses which include prime steaks and fresh fish. Desserts are not forgotten with some mouthwatering choices. There is an ample wine list and a fully stocked bar. Non-diners are more than welcome to come and enjoy the show. Dinner will be served from 7pm and the show starts at 10pm. ‘A Night On The Town’ is the title of Dave

Dave Springfield as Rod Stewart. Springfield’s fantastic Rod Stewart tribute show, featuring loads of

hits from Rod’s fivedecade career. It incorporates everything


British Association of Marbella THE British Association of Marbella (BAM) held a lunch at Bodega El Duende and visited Marbella’s Bonsai Museum. About 32 members reported that they had a wonderful time and enjoyed welcoming several new Spanish members and several past members who returned from a trip to Australia. The Bonsai Museum has displays of carefully nurtured Bonsai plants plus a scenic Japanese style water garden. Light screening overhead not only protects the plants but also provides a

cooler climate for visitors. Lunch at Bodega El Duende had a classical Spanish Bodega atmosphere thanks to the owner and staff. BAM holds regular coffee mornings at Café Acebuche (at Hotel Baviera, behind Burger King in Marbella Centro) every Wednesday at 11am. Interested folks are always welcome.

Anyone interested in joining BAM or attending any of the events can call Joan at 952 835 947 or Fran at 952 927 807.

you expect to see and hear at a genuine Rod Stewart concert. Dave performs with the same passion and energy as Rod himself from the moment he takes to the stage. The voice is gravelly, the moves are textbook Rod, costume changes, audience participation, and even the hair is real - no wigs!! This is a must-see show for Rod Stewart lovers of all ages. ‘Maggie May’, ‘Some Guys Have All The Luck’, ‘Hot Legs’, ‘Sailing’, ‘You Wear It Well’, ‘Young Turks’, ‘Tonight’s The Night’, ‘Baby Jane’, ‘You’re In My Heart’ are just some of the classic songs included in Dave’s Rod Stewart tribute show. The Rod Stewart Tribute show is presented by Chris King Promotions.

5 - 11 July 2012

EWN 87 Costa del Sol


5 - 11 July 2012


Costa del Sol

A dignity lesson Ric Polansky continues his tales of ‘coming of age’ in the village some 43 years ago. This is part two of getting into


WAS sat down in the little room where they took all the statements and denuncias. Nobody seemed concerned about my condition. The in-house mutterings were concerned with “who was going to awake the sergeant? He’ll be furious” seemed like no big matter for the paltry circumstance. But when I peered out the small window I could see a substantial crowd had gathered and some of the women even crying. That was bothersome to me. Could I have interpreted MY ‘storm in a tea cup’ as what they might have discerned as a village revolution or insurrection? I must have been there an hour when I heard someone speak. “The sergeant is shaving and dressing and will be down in a while.” That lasted for a good hour more which gave me time to wrestle with some of the thoughts pinging around my fogged cranial cavity. I wondered if they would untie my hands before they shot me. On my tombstone it would read ‘Another damn fool American’ or even worse. But even those paltry brainwaves came and went so quickly I didn’t capture the essence of the seriousness. That concerned me. Drink must do strange things to the brain, I mused. First light hadn’t quite broken so the night was at its darkest. Much of the crowd had dwindled away except a few wives and trusty Juan. No children would witness my murder. I don’t know whether that relieved me or not. Then I clearly heard the marching of the boots down the steps and across the interior courtyard in vivid unison. Sentries bolted to attention, rifles ready and pointed. Everyone was on their guard against the demonic Mr. Me? Hell, I was frightened just to breathe. The heavy wooden door burst open and bashed against the wall behind. I cheated and took a quick deep breath as I jumped to attention. In stepped Sergeant ‘Belmonte’* cleanly shaved, boots polished and wearing lots of decorations on a crisp, smart uniform ready to go to an Easter parade. I was impressed, all that just for me! I noticed his pistol was well holstered, that brought

LESSON LEARNED: Ric had to learn his lesson the hard way.

Ric Polansky Ric Polansky moved to Mojacar in 1969 and became one of the pioneer developers. He read extensively and travelled in South America panning gold and looking for El Dorado.

momentary relief. He told me to sit down while he remained out of arm’s reach. He stood still and studied me closely, as if some small clue could tell him of my character or earlier cruelty meted out in life. “What in the hell happened in that bar? Were you drunk? Or just foolish? You are a man to be respected in this community. How or why did you do such a foolish act? So many saw it all happen. Look, they’re still outside wondering if you have gone loco.” I wanted to answer, say something, anything in my defence but I couldn’t get in a word, and when I tried my upmost he raised his hand for me to stop and hush in curt quick gestures. I was so ashamed of myself. I was going to cry but even my brain wouldn’t process those signals either. I stood there bruised and bleeding and dumb; damn dumb. As dumb as I had ever felt in my life. I wasn’t receiving a schoolboy reprimand but one from a fellow man to ‘another’ and that made me feel worse. “Can you give me your word?” he asked. I would have told him any words that he might have

wanted to hear. I would have sung them, too. But, before my brain could translate that thought to my mouth to speak in my defence, Belmonte questioned “Can you drive home OK?” Somehow I said “Si” and he handed me my car keys. I tried desperately to swallow to hold back the emotion erupting from deep within. “Ric, you have given me your word, go straight home. Do not stop along the way.” I was outta there before he could mutter the last full sentence. Outside everyone embraced me, but I had no smiles for anyone. I wanted to be left alone and forget it all. I was trying to get away as quickly as I could, but driving was not easy that night. My vision was completely blurred and my head was hazy. My eyes would not stop crying. I couldn’t figure out why. Belmonte had shown me great dignity and honour. He had taught me so much with so few words. I crept into the house and lay down on the sofa. It seemed as if I had just shut my eyes when my wife was shaking me awake. “Ric, what did you get up to last night? There are Guardia posted on the front door, the back door, one down by the car and another on the roof!” Hmmm, (not wishing to give anything away) I had better have a word with them. Walking was done with great difficulty as every bone on my body ached. I was handed a paper to sign attesting to the fact

Belmonte wasn’t the sergeant’s real name. He just looked like him, the great Juan Belmonte, the torero, small of stature and jaw jutting out from his face as if it were a rail on the front of a train to meet all adversaries head on. When Sergeant Belmonte retired it was announced in the paper that a ceremony would be held for him at one of the local restaurants. No one ever attended those events, just the required lot, the mayor, head dog catcher and the next two highest in the Guardia Civil. Believe me, a hush fell over the group of them when I walked in wearing a suit and tie and strode to the very front table where Belmonte sat. I gifted him a Cross gold pen, shook his hand vehemently and wished him good luck, bowed and walked out.

5 - 11 July 2012

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5 - 11 July 2012

Costa del Sol

Woman’s sentence revoked over illegal build

Most cleaners work illegally.

Cleaners ‘on the black’ MORE than 30,000 home helps are expected to swell the numbers of workers employed in the submerged economy. On June 30 the specific Social Security tier for domestic workers ceased to exist. Those with one employer were automatically reregistered in the general category but cleaners working for several people had to re-register themselves. As anyone not complying

with the new regulation automatically lost social security cover, around 36,700 workers – 12 per cent of the total – remain outside the system, according to the UGT trade union. The final figure will be closer to 30,000, the union believes, once Social Security offices finish processing the flood of reregistrations that last month averaged 400 a day. Despite trade union requests, there will be no extension of the deadline for re-registering, the ministry of Labour announced. There would, however, be “incentives” for cleaners to work legally. There are an estimated 700,000 domestic employees in Spain but in 2011 only 297,000 were covered by Social Security and approximately 400,000 worked ‘on the black.’

MALAGA Provincial Court has revoked a woman’s sentence for the illegal construction of a house, after finding that she did not participate in the building of it. The house was built by her husband, on a plot of land for which they did not have permits. The husband cannot be tried as he is deceased. Initially, the court deemed that she was aware the construction was illegal on account of ‘the natural communication between spouses’ and because she was a co-owner of the plot. She was sentenced to seven months in prison and a €4,200 fine, as well as being deprived of the right to build anything for one year. The defence appealed against the sentence, arguing that there was not enough evidence to prove she had any knowledge of the construction’s illegality, or that she participated personally or economically in the offence. In addition, the court points out that the judge based his sentence “more on suppositions than truths, conjecturing that communication is normal between spouses, when daily experience shows that many marriages, especially those which are on a low cultural level, have nonexistent or very limited communication.”


5 - 11 July 2012

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IMBALANCE: In some regions a state-subsidised flat costs more than a pre-owned one.

Social housing no longer a bargain THE State-subsidised housing in 11 autonomous communities now costs more than a secondhand property. In Teruel, social housing - known as VPO - can cost 30 per cent more. In six other regions, the difference between a subsidised and a pre-owned property price has narrowed to 10 per cent compared with a precrisis 30 per cent. Social housing in Spain is based on the concept of building affordable apartments for buyers who would otherwise be unable to get a foot on the property ladder. In 2007, VPO apartments were half the price of nonsubsidised properties. The present imbalance is as much the fault of the

rigidity of the VPO market as plummeting house prices, experts believe. Many developers shunned subsidised properties, claiming that the price difference did not make it worth their while. In a bid to attract developers, many regional governments raised VPO prices to the legally-permitted upper limit. By the end of 2008 when the cost of subsidised apartments was at its highest, property prices began to drop. Since then, prices on the open market fell by 18.3 per cent, compared to 1.7 per cent for subsidised homes. In some Spanish provinces, new and preowned homes on the open market remain

more expensive than social housing if calculated jointly. The difference is more noticeable when compared with preowned homes, so in Castilla-La Mancha, for instance, a second-hand property is 6 per cent cheaper than a VPO home. In 2007, however, it would have been 29 per cent more expensive. The biggest price difference between VPO and pre-owned properties is found in Teruel (30 per cent), Cuenca (27.8 per cent) and Jaen (16.5 per cent). Lugo has the least difference with 1 per cent but in Madrid, CataluĂąa and the Basque region, a VPO apartment is still half the price of a secondhand property.

We donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t say we are number 1, our customers do

952 561 245

92 EWN

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ougainvillaeas and oleanders are long standing popular plants in Spanish gardens for a number of good reasons. • Both are very drought resistant once established with a deep root system. This takes about three years. • Both have a range of attractive flower colours ranging from white to yellow to orange, pink and bright red. • Both flower throughout many months. Amazing mass displays can be easily created. • Both can be purchased or trained to grow as bushes, standards, hedges and trees. Bougainvillaeas can also be trained to give ground cover on the flat or on banks. • All colours of Oleander are frost resistant but unfortunately only the purple Bougainvilleas are almost frost resistant. This is a pity as a three or four metre hedge or screen with up to 10 colours mixed together can be wondrous. If frost appears to have killed off all the growth of a mature bougainvillaea plant, as happened even to mature purple flowered plants as a result of the 2005 record breaking frosts, don’t dig up the plant, and be patient. The plant may well sprout from the

H &

Sponsored by



For more information about the sponsor go to

The world of oleanders and bougainvillaeas Gardening Corner Spain’s best known gardening authors who have lived and gardened in Spain for 25 years.

By Clodagh and Dick Handscombe base and the old plant can then be pruned away. • Both green and green/yellow leafed varieties can be purchased if one hunts around. • Both plants are normally inexpensive at just €5 to €10 and additional plants can be raised from cuttings. Both plants are often propagated and grown to a saleable size in Spanish nurseries and garden centres rather than being imported. • Both plants can be left to grow unpruned if you have space or pruned hard for small gardens. Page 273 of our

OLEANDERS: A popular long-standing plant in Spain.

book Your Garden in Spain – From planning to planting and maintenance shows Dick dwarfed by a century plus 10 metre high and widely spreading bougainvillaea covering an old palace. What a challenge for your villa! • Neither plant if planted in well prepared

soil requires even an annual feeding as the deep roots search out sufficient nutrients. • Neither plant experience many bug or fungal problems provided they are not over watered. If they do experience black fly or woolly aphids treat as explained in the chapter on ecological pest

Both trees flower thoughout many months of the year.

control in the aforementioned book. • Both plants can be grown in containers in patios or on apartment terraces and balconies. • Both are long lived under normal coastal and inland valley conditions. On the downside unfortunately both plants have a significant

leaf and flower fall so are best not planted close to pools. Also the sap of oleanders is poisonous so do wear gloves when pruning. Likewise thick gloves will prevent you being cut by the spikes on bougainvillaea branches. Happy gardening with these common but wonderful plants.

(c) Clodagh and Dick Handscombe www.gardeninginspain. com

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UK CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT providing tax and accounting advisory service. Emergency UK tax returns also handled. Full translation service offered. Call Jonathan Porter FCA on 678 451 788 or email (96979)

EXPRESS Toldos. Any colour. Any size. Choice of patterns. Urbanizations catered for. Express ordering. Express delivery. Express fitting. 952 485 261 or 617 065 636 (100181)

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Antiques WANTED! All types of antiques, paintings, jewellery, watches, silver etc. Any condition. Immediate cash settlement. For more information call into Anthony´s Antiques and Jewellers shops, extensive premises at C/Ramon y Cajal 40, Fuengirola. Mobile 609 529 633. Telephone 952 588 795 (85364)

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LADIES AND GENTLEMENS suits to measure. Be measured in the comfort of your own home or office by a qualified English tailor. Linen suits a speciality. Phone 634 378 085 for the travelling tailor to call. (100262)

FISH & CHIP SHOP, Fuengirola. Established 18 years. 3 pan range, seats 30 inside, 20 on terrace, good size kitchen. Lease 25,000€ - rent 1,000€. Freehold 175,000€. 609 528 972 (100151) INVESTMENT, popular bar, Playamar, Torremolinos. All year trade, established 16 years. FREEHOLD 168,000€ or Lease 24,000€, rent 850€. 609 528 972 (100151)

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BUILDER. Plastering, painting, electrics, plumbing. Any work considered. Gardening 10€ per hour. 658 451 620 (101546)

Blinds ACE OF SHADES - Vertical, Venetian, Roman, Roller, Wooden Blinds, Various colours available, also Black-out Blinds. Tel: 952 493 414 / 671 732 204 / aceof (101730)

JIM’S HOME IMPROVEMENTS. bathrooms / kitchen reforms, repairs, plumbing, carpentry, painting, tiling, maintenance. Give us a call no job too small. 692 207 799 / 645 559 423 (101614)


BUILDING and landscaping projects undertaken, 30 years experience, references available 678 450 051 (98192) CONCRETE Ozbuild specialist imprinted concrete. Reseals, brickwork, tiling, plastering, screeding. 10 years coast/campo. Competitive prices, quality finish. 952 426 074 / 606 745 920 (101460)

PLASTERING, RENDERING, Water damage. Tradesman, over 20 years experience, references available. Call: 618 776 864

SUPERPOOL est. 1985. Pool tables, boxing and mini-vending machines on profit share, also new/second hand domestic tables and accessories. Tel 629 530 233 - (100403) TIM’S SECOND HAND SHOP Buy & Sell. Opening hours Monday to Saturday, 10.30am -2pm. ATALAUA, SAN PEDRO. Call 666 903 499 (101641)

CASAS MOVILES EUROPA has an experience in the mobile home trade, all over Europe for the last 25 years. You can put your trust in us! Ring Jane now on 952 119 053 (101657)

PLASTERER. 20 years experience in the trade, clean, reliable and efficient, specialising from damp solutions to re skims. An excellent portfolio and references are always available. For a free quote or just some simple advice, call Darryl on 693 929 284 (97799) T1 PLASTERING, rendering, dry lining, coving, suspended ceilings. Fitted kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. All work guaranteed. 689 515 558 (96789)

CD’s, DVD’s, collections. Large or small. TC will buy them all. Tel. 652 072 600 (100177)

TIMBER Building SL has been a leader in a prefabricated market for the last 28 years with more than 5,500 happy customers. Ring for wooden houses, garden sheds, pergolas, reforms. 666 819 689 (101657)


MIKANN BUILDING SERVICES. Extensions, kitchen / bathroom reforms. All maintenance/repairs. Carpentry, decking. Phone Mike on 605 269 066 / Phone Steve on 666 273 429 (93472)

POOL TABLES, Snooker Tables, Table Tennis Tables, Darts Tel: 666 933 726 (98424)

PARKING, STORAGE & SALES. Caravans - Motorhomes - Boats Cars and Vans etc. Short / long term - Safe & secure, drop off & collections. Excellent rates, discount for long term, 5 mins from Fuengirola. Established 25 years. / info@eu 679 786 669 / 606 101 807 (88614)

COMPLETEHOMEWORKS. COM. New projects and reforms. Building & pools. References available. Antonio 633 347 221 / 951 407 303

DR DAMP leaking roofs, damp walls, all mould cured. All work guaranteed. Call 689 515 558 (96789)

BUILDING, electrical, plumbing, painting 681 107 418

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REFORMS & REHABILITATION. Specialists in all types of building works. Free estimate! 647 874 547 (95493)

SOLAR BLINDS ES Ideal for large glazed areas to reflect heat / glare and stop furniture fading and still keep the view. SAVE HEAT IN THE WINTER TOO improve your living environment. Solar Telephone Ian 644 546 176 (98224)

FREEHOLD INVESTMENT. Near 24 hrs Benalmadena. Local, at present a bar. Large kitchen - large terrace on main road. Suitable for any use. Bargain for this area. 168,000 euros. 639 649 242 (100151)

BILL’S Handyman Service. All jobs considered around your property at a good rate. Phone Bill 617 594 488 (93480)

NEW top quality British beds, or just mattresses at unbeatable prices, all top brands, bankrupt stock including Sealy, Silentnight, Relyon etc direct from the Bed Warehouse, La Cala Hills, KM10 on the A7053 Camino Coin, facing St Anthony´s College, follow signs for Eurodog. Open 10am - 5pm. Tel: 600 633 986 www.bed (99263)

Bespoke Clothing

L.G.S CONSTRUCTION. All building work undertaken. New builds, extensions, reforms, driveways, slabbing, brickwork, internal & external tiling. Ground works & concrete specialists. All work guaranteed. For a free quote. Tel: 699 049 296 light (98076) PROFESSIONAL Building Services. All aspects of work undertaken. Fast, reliable service. References available. 952 492 681 / 606 143 829 (100143)

BUY ONLINE from Spain’s only specialist 965 836 607 / 608 412 641 (96925)

Bath Repairs

SWINGLES CASAS SL. For all your building needs. Visit www. for more details or call 952 428 067 / 666 960 262 (88621)

Car Boot Sale HIPPODROMO Car Boot. Every Sunday. Sell your unwanted items or grab a bargain. 654 144 414 / 651 585 862 (96873) GET PUBLISHED on Amazon and other e-reader websites and devices from as little as £200 for a 10,000 word book. Contact An (101643)

Business for Sale

FOR RENT: Office in Calahonda facing N340. 108m2. Suitable for an office, shop or warehouse. Tel: 696 206 698 (100152)

BUSINESS FOR SALE! Beachside, hotel (Bed & Breakfast) 9 Bed and staff apartment, reduced for quick sale. Call 952 774 945 / 607 511 512

CARD, gift, sweet shop for sale. 75m2, excellent turnover, fully stocked, including fixtures and fittings. Prime location, Arroyo, 69,000€. 952 660 900 (101675)

GUEST HOUSE for sale. 12 bedrooms, owner’s accommodation, fully licensed. Selling due to retirement. San Roque, Cadiz. 435,000 euros. Call 952 793 578 (100147)

BAR for rent in Nerja, near Supersol. Good parking, terrace, NEARLY in full working order. 360€ pcm, very touristy area!! 661 710 173 VALPHNE1@GMAIL.COM (99481)

Car Hire BOOK your Gibraltar/La Linea car hire online at www. Malaga and Gibraltar car hire with inclusive rates. Also cheap airport parking, Malaga. 952 891 415 (98017) T1 CAR HIRE long term from 300€/month. Short term from 70€/week. Delivery & airport service, call 607 334 610 (98165) NO FULL TANK CHARGE, delivery airport, coast and inland. Tel 639 682 081 or 952 490 692 (94677) CAR HIRE. Quality, legal cars from 70€ per week. Tel 658 031 285 (96863)

Price per word: 0,42€ + IVA minimum 15 words - Discount: Book 10 weeks, get 2 weeks free - Deadline: 4pm Mondays Contact: Phone (0034) 952 561 245 • Fax (0034) 952 440 887 • email •


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Car Transport

Cleaning Services

www.cartransportunique. com, Spain UK Spain, car transport, best rates, call 664 600 806,

HOME & OFFICE. Fast, efficient and economical. 952 485 026 (93541) T1

Carpentry CARPENTER cabinet maker, Irish. Available for all types of property maintenance, plumbing, painting, electrical, kitchens and bathrooms renovated etc. 30 years experience. Very reliable. Tel: 952 441 955 / 677 087 575 IRISH CARPENTER. Doors, decking, kitchens, bathrooms, all aspects. Established 2002. 952 196 457 / 696 064 019. (98114)

Catering PRIVATE chef service. Hire your own chef for that special occasion. Gift vouchers available. 637 802 743. www. PERSONAL CHEFS take the stress. PROFESSIONAL, FLEXIBLE, REASONABLE. vice.html or call Pam 671 176 653

Chimney Services APEX CHIMNEY SERVICES, professional sweeping, fault detection, smoke testing. Qualified, legal and fully insured. Tel: Bob 696 320 202 (95283)


UPHOLSTERY and steam cleaning sofas, carpets etc… JA Cleaning Services 626 357 955 (86049) CARPET & UPHOLSTERY PROFESSIONALLY CLEANED 20 YEARS EXPERIENCE WET OR DRY CLEAN, HONEST,RELIABLE SERVICE. PLEASE CALL 678 808 831 / 952 669 701 (101382) CONEJO CLEANING. All types including regular rentals and holiday lets. Most areas. 20 yrs on the coast. Wendy 635 630 370 / 952 964 407 www.conejoclean (98030) TOTAL CLEANING SOLUTIONS. PROFESSIONAL AND EXPERIENCED CLEANING SERVICES FROM HOUSE CLEANS, CHANGEOVERS TO FULL COMMERCIAL CLEAN, INCLUDING BAR AND RESTAURANT KITCHENS. CALL 633 061 607 / 659 945 915 (95531)


PC DOCTOR desktop and laptop repair centre. Sales and upgrade. ADSL from 20 euro/month. Full range of Internet, Telefonica and Telecom services. Antivirus program 50 euros/year. We cover the coast. Certified & Bilingual technicians. Call Sales 952 591 071. Support 807 488 440 (85148)

WINDOW Cleaning, professional, established 12 years. Friendly, reliable service. Call Mike 670 765 742 (101646) UPHOLSTERY & CARPET CLEANING, including leather, thoroughly cleaned. 952 930 472 / 667 430 518. info@www.thoroughclean (97775)

MARBLE FLOOR (2.50€/m2) WHY PAY MORE. WE CLEAN, CRYSTALLISE THEN POLISH TO HIGH GLOSS NON SLIP. PROFESSIONAL FAST SERVICE. COVER ALL COSTA DEL SOL. 15 YEARS EXPERIENCE, TEL: 671 244 683 (95517) T1 BLITZ marble grinding, polishing, rustic finish, complete service. Terracotta floor treatments. Marbella. Fully insured. 951 901 614 / 608 455 104 (101335)

PC PROBLEMS solved! Error messages fixed, viruses removed. Hardware and software upgrades available. Also one-to-one training. Experienced and reliable service, no callout charge. Paul 630 652 338 / 952 493 859 (95507)

TONY’S MARBLE RESTORATION SERVICE. Marble and terrazo floors, professionally refurbished, quotations without obligation. +34 620 726 875 (98126)

Curtains QUALITY hand finished curtains & soft furnishings, professionally qualified, contact Rachel 952 825 766 or visit www.curtaincouture (101370)

Damp Proofing


For Sale CLEARFLOW DRAIN SERVICES. All drain problems solved. More than 25 years on the coast. Telephone 952 885 661 or 630 200 600 (98075)

PROFESSIONAL GARDEN CARE. All inclusive. Cleaning. Pruning. Fumigation. And Much More … 647 874 547 (95493) T1

UNBLOCKED DRAINS. New Installation & Problem Solving. Professional Service Guaranteed. All Inclusive. Free Estimate! 690 049 011 (95493)

39€ / PALM PRUNING!!! General Tree Care. Dead Tree Removal. Free Quotes! 647 874 547 (95493) T1


ROOFS, WALLS, BASEMENTS. Without Damp nor Leaks. Your Local Specialists in Damp Proofing. Free Estimate! 690 049 011 (95493) BMT innovated heating & air purification. / (101660)


ELECTRICIAN 16th Edition BS7671 qualified, 24 years experience. Rewires, extra sockets, lights, fault finding etc. Contact Call Ian 650 151 569 (95433) ELECTRICIAN, re-wiring, bulletins, qualified and all work guaranteed. Reforms. Tel: 669 009 821 (101555)


CHIROPRACTIC Steiner Clinics. British trained, fully qualified, registered chiropractors. Specialists in back and neck pain, sciatica and sports injuries. Edif. Panorama 2a floor no 20 Marbella Torre Real, km 184 in front of Funny Beach, Coca Cola Can. For appointments call, Marbella 952 866 661, Estepona 952 798 296 (100457) MARBELLA Chiropractic. Free spinal check. Mark Lane, Australian trained, licensed chiropractor. C.C. Guadalmina. San Pedro de Alcantara. 952 880 398 (101253)



SEA PROWLER 13 OCEAN KAYAK. Sea Prowler 13 foot with all accessories, luxury seat + Carlisle paddles etc. Rare on Costa. 677 601 262 (99480)

Friendship FIND LOVE IN THE SUN w w w. i w a n t 2 m e e t y o u . c o m . Browse for free Spain’s No 1 online dating site. Bringing ex-pats together. (100329)


PARTYTIME KARAOKE. Karaoke, Disco, Top Cabaret Artist, Affordable Entertainment, For Your Bar, Restaurant or Private Party www.partytimekaraoke Tel: 699 767 451 (85885)

COSTASYS computer support and maintenance. Home and office visits. Support Contracts, ADSL, Wireless, Antivirus, Networks, PC Repairs, Hardware and Software. or call Steven 622 253 592 (89638) T1 COMPUTER HELPLINE. Desktop, laptops, upgraded, repaired. New and used supplied. Internet, Email problems solved. 952 564 274 / 677 702 501 (89597)

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Domestic App Repairs DOMESTIC Appliance repairs washing machines, fridges, cookers, ovens, water heaters, gas/electric. Professionally repaired, Christian 608 337 497 (97989)


PRIVATE Villas & Communities. Cleaning, gardening, fumigation, pruning, irrigation systems and much more … Free estimate! 951 088 826 (95493) GARDENER. TREES, HEDGES, PALMS PRUNED, LAWNS, FENCING, STRIMMING, GARDEN TIDIED, MAINTENANCE. STEVE 952 383 722 / 616 669 285 / 654 320 567 (95448)

29€/WEEK. Cleaning. Garden maintenance and more … 634 355 441 (95493) LANDSCAPING ARCHITECTURE. Water features, computer design, all inclusive. Company established 1990. Free Quotation! 634 355 441 (95493)

CHAINLINK FENCING erectors, general builders, really competitive prices. Free quotation, no job too big or small, very reliable. Tel: 655 218 466 (97757)


Financial Services

OFFICE FURNITURE for sale. 952 765 564 / 622 206 891 (95655)


SECOND HAND TOMS. In San Pedro. Furniture bought and sold. House clearances. Best prices paid. Tel: 951 136 531 / 615 404 405 (100053)

IRRIGATION SYSTEMS. New Installation and Problem Solving. General Gardening. Free Quotation! 647 874 547 (95493) T1



UNSECURED/Non-Collateral Loans up to €20K. Bad credit OK. FREE app. Form, call 0044 7798 730914 (96998)

Floor Polishing Drainage

FUMIGATION. LOCAL EXPERTS for all kinds of pests. General Garden Care. Free Quotation! 647 874 547 (95493) T1

GARDENER for private homes, communities, tree pruning, pool maintenance, garden design. Specialist in water systems. Tel: 666 953 892 (96395)

Fencing Services DANCE Classes. MODERN JIVE CLUB. Five fabulous venues along the coast, dancing every week. Visit: or call 635 717 211 (98090)

TREE SURGERY. Pruning and felling of all kinds of trees. Dead tree removal. Free Quotation!!! 692 960 142 (95493)

POLISH your marble floor professionally at half price. 671 244 683 (95518) T1 MARBLE FLOORS polished. Fast service. Reliable, family run. TERRACOTTA CLEANED and sealed. Wooden floors treated. No job too small. Family run. Cleansol 10am - 10pm 7 days all areas. 952 930 861 / 607 610 578. Discount Code: EWN 1 CLEAN (99474)

30€ PALM CLEANING. Pruning & fumigation. Tree felling. No tree too tall. Free Quotation! 634 355 441 (95493)




5 - 11 July 2012 Costa del Sol SECURE - IT . Manufactures of gates, railings, staircases, stainless steels, etc. You price it, we slice it. We’ll beat any genuine quote. Call for free estimates. 652 625 050 / 952 465 230

Hire Services

Locksmith Auto

MINI DIGGER with skilled operator, all areas covered 678 450 051 (98192)

CAR KEYS lost or need a spare? Keys cut & paired with car, car opening, car key & remotes. Specialist, call Ray 679 831 166 (93449)

EXPRESS Metalwork Services. Gates, grilles and rails. On-site welding and repairs. Scissor gates. Stainless steel specialists. 952 485 261 / 617 065 636 (100182)

MINI digger and driver, self drive hire available, sand and stone delivery service 649 526 922 (98135)


HOT TUBS, new, used, bought, sold, hired. Also move & repairs. 691 973 131 / 952 793 398

GOLF CITY Discount Outlet. Benavista turnoff, opposite Crown Plaza Hotel. Massive discounts on all golf clothing and equipment. Beat the airline golf club charges? Quality package sets from 199 euros. Rental sets from 20 euros daily. Golf shoes from 39 euros. 952 896 710. PRO SHOP ATALAYA GOLF CLUB 952 887 702 (87153)

Handyman Experienced HANDYMAN, electrician, plumbing, painting, decoration. www.handy 681 107 418 HANDYMAN. Plastering, Painting, electrics, plumbing. Any work considered. Gardening. 10€ per hour. 658 451 620 (101546)

Health & Beauty

Hot Tubs / Spas

WANTED FURNITURE & household items, houses, gardens, garages cleared, top prices paid, fast reliable service 639 229 607 / 649 977 723 (100416) HOUSE CLEARANCES / LA NICHE, MARBELLA 952 765 564 / 622 206 891 / LANICHEMARBELLA@HOT MAIL.COM (95655) WANTED HOUSE CLEARANCE. We buy anything, best prices paid for your unwanted items. Call mobile 693 480 411 email annette.goddard@ya (95519) CASH paid, quality furniture wanted. Ring 952 793 578 (101716)

House Sitting


BOTOX 250€ 3 areas. La Cala 952 493 768 / Calipso 952 931 777 / Estepona 952 853 838 www.lake (96996) ACRYLIC NAILS (Guaranteed not to lift) and beauty treatment. Mobile inland and also available in La Cala de Mijas. Call Caroline 633 092 098 WHEATGRASS Juice, flash frozen! Get Healthy, Stay Healthy! Anti Diabetes, Cancer & Ageing? www.absolute Tel: 699 199 805 (98161)

HAIRDRESSERS HAIRDRESSER. Mobile, ladies and gents, qualified, experienced, friendly. Reasonable rates. Call Suzy 658 480 943, Mijas, Fuengirola, Marbella (97908)

MASSAGE MASSAGE, Torremolinos, Costa del Sol. In calls, out calls, professional massages. 680 709 365 Cesar (101270) TANTRA MASSAGE SESSIONS FOR MEN, WOMEN AND COUPLES. Available Estepona to Sotogrande. Call Amanda 669 894 550 or Guadalupe 696 323 533. (98141)

MEDIUM Terry Rose. She can help you by giving more insight in your life and future. By card reading, psychic or mental reading and/or regression therapy. Even reading photos, bracelets or watches. In Nueva Andalucia. Call 693 583 569. email terry.rose (97808)

Home Clearances

YOUR HOME SECURE from Burglars and Intruders during your Absence. Reference Available! 647 874 547

SAYAN MASSAGE. Your best traditional & tantric massage for ladies and gentlemen. 952 586 339 608 977 260 www.masajes (101307)


…over 50s experts Specialised cover for Expats living in Spain Travel Insurance from 6€

International Health Insurance from 90€ per month

Home & Holiday Home Insurance from 161€

Visit us in San Pedro or call:

952 010 013 Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA). Registered No. 436804. Registered in England & Wales Company No. 05142148.

ABBEYGATE INSURANCE If you are renewing your policy or looking for new cover. Call us, as we are the only Insurance Company in Spain to offer protection on your no claims bonus. Call 952 893 380 (68259) ABBEYGATE INSURANCE Make the right choice and join the thousands of expatriates who have. We provide a friendly personal service, for all your Home, Motor, Health, Travel or Marine insurance. Call 952 893 380 (68259) HEALTH INSURANCE Competitive prices, English worded policies. Pay monthly or annually. All levels of Cover. Premiums from 25.00 euros a month. Tel: 956 795 453 Abbeygate Insurance (68259) ABBEYGATE INSURANCE Car insurance exclusive for expatriates, save up to 50%. Find out about our price pledge on UK plated cars. Home insurance from 50 euros. Tel: 952 893 380 (68259) EU INSURANCE DIRECT Extra Special Offers. Up to 50 euros cashback for car and home insurance (conditions apply) for new customers. For all your Insurance Needs and the Best Price and Best Cover in English, call Wendy on 952 830 843 / 676 098 464 email (97957)

HEALTH SANITAS. Affordable private medical insurance linked to B.U.P.A. Phone 952 383 127 or 670 217 272 (96805)


HOSTING - Carrier grade data centre in Elviria, two diesel generators, multiple backbone symmetrical carrier-class connections, BGP4 routing, aircon, secure facilities. For dedicated housing or hostings with serious bandwidth and 99.99% uptime, We can host your servers and applications in our data centre in Elviria. Feel free to visit us to discuss your needs. 951 055 676 (98184)

Interpreters PROFESSIONAL INTERPRETERS. All Major Languages. Literary. Legal. Technical. Scientific. 647 874 547 (95493)

Loans LOANS AVAILABLE on all types of paintings, jewellery, watches, silver etc. Any condition. Immediate cash settlement. For more information call into Anthony’s Antiques & Jewellers shops extensive premises at C/Ramon y Cajal 40, Fuengirola. Mobile 609 529 633. Tel: 952 588 795 (85364)

24/7 Locksmith LOCKSMITH emergency / Appointment. Doors opened without damage, locks changed, patio doors and windows secured, 24 hour honest, fast and reliable service. Call Paul 657 466 803 (83235) T1 COSTALOCKS 24/7, LOCKSMITH/ HOME SECURITY, NEW KEYS, KEYED ALIKE, WINDOWS SECURED, SAFES OPENED / INSTALLED, FREE HOME SECURITY CHECK, CALL Debby or Bob 952 660 233 / 667 668 673 CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED WWW. COSTALOCKS.COM (101668) T2 SECURITY OF SPAIN – 24 HOUR LOCKSMITH – Lock/Safe opening service. Locks changed / upgraded. Contact Darren Telephone 636 770 865 w w w. s e c u r i tyo fs p a i n . c o m (98203) T3 24 HOUR locksmith. Emergency opening of doors and safes, established since 1993. 617 921 824 (95422) LOCKSMITH Unlock doors, strong box/cars. Change security locks, emergencies, 24 hours, Marbella, 630 333 615 (101647)

Miscellaneous WOODY´S LOS BOLICHES. Greeting Cards, mail to and from the UK. Passport renewals and all adverts for Euro Weekly News – display or classified. Open 9.00-2.00PM (Sat 10.00 – 2.00PM) One street behind the Confortel, just off Plaza San Rafael, Los Boliches, on C/Poeta Salvador Rueda 93. (Passports Mon to Fri Only). Tel: 952 471 877 (95705)

Mobile Homes WE BUY, Sell, Remove all types of Mobile Homes. We pay CASH and cover all of Spain. More details call Suzi Caley 616 250 727 / 951 063 059 or email (96994) MOBILE HOME WOODEN HOUSE ? We buy & sell new and second hand units. Remove, level, repair, transport and build extensions. 30 years experience nationwide. Call us Casas Moviles Europa 952 119 053 (101657) WANT TO RELOCATE? We can transport your home and install on to a 12 month park from £4,995 . Annual site fees from €3000. Freephone: 0044 1782 90 80 70 (85143) BRAND NEW WILLERBY Siena 32m² home sited within a stylish gated community, 45 minutes from Malaga airport. £19,995. Freephone: 0044 1782 90 80 70 (85143) WILLERBY COTTAGE 28x10 sited in ‘La Serrana Hills’ of Pizarra, site open all year round, swimming pool. Only £13,495. Want to view? Freephone: 0044 1782 90 80 70 (85143)

24/7 Mobility MOBILITY SCOOTERS, electric wheelchairs, wheelchairs, walking frames etc for sale and hire. Delivered to home or hotel. Always a good selection of quality used scooters in stock with guarantee. e.g. used 4 wheel scooter, new batteries €350. Electric wheelchair can go into car €1,595. (Rascal) Partner, €1,995. Rascal Eco 4 boot scooter €2,100 for €1,395. All areas covered. New wheelchairs from €250. For same day delivery phone 609 581 139. Mobility Scooters Direct. (99298)


5 - 11 July 2012


Costa del Sol AUTOMATIC gearbox specialist. Transmatic. All models including classic cars, serviced, repaired and reconditioned. Also 4x4 transfer boxes and power steering. Call/fax 952 796 166 / 952 805 804. email: transmat www.trans (98034)


CHIPS AWAY, Marbella, San Pedro. 10% discount. Tlf. 952 853 350. See advert on page 108 (101429)

FOR SALE SALE NOW ON AT ROBERTSON CARS. See our stock in detail on our web page. We sell quality used cars guaranteed. In Spain 26 years. Remember Robertson, the name you can trust. Samantha or Gordon Robertson. 952 832 173 / 608 658 785 (98145)

Blue Badge Mobility SL

Mobility Scooters

Stair Lifts Pool Lifts

Call us 952967015

Tourist Board Awarded Ask For Gary or Sara No Obligation Quotes

CABRIO Fiat Barchetta 2005 1.8, now Spanish plates. One owner, bright yellow, go topless, have fun in the sun, immaculate condition, was 6,995 euros, now reduced to sell quickly 5,500 euros. Samantha and Gordon Robertson 608 658 785 / 952 832 173 (98145)

All models serviced and repaired. Two years guarantee. Free delivery 952 584 302 / 633 127 901 / 633 128 104 (98132) T1

TOYOTA Aygo 2007 1.0 litre VVTi, 5 door hatchback, black with check trim, super economy, any style. Now 5,500 euros. Samantha or Gordon Robertson 952 832 173 / 608 658 785 (98145)

Mortgages NEW purchase mortgages from 2.1% up to 100% LTV, resell mortgages 70% from 4.25% with LTV equity release up to 50% LTV. All status considered.. Tel: 951 272 084, 666 709 743 www.thefi (99475)

AUTOMATIC BMW 523i 2000 model, 2 private owners from new. 150,000kms, full service history, midnight blue, alloys, huge boot for golf clubs and luggage, quality outstanding condition, was 4,995 euros, now 3,995 euros. Samantha or Gordon Robertson 952 832 173 / 608 658 785 (98145)

Mosquito Screens ACE OF SHADES - Unique in Andalucia, Roller, Sliding, Folding. Various colours available inc. wood effect. Tel: 952 493 414 / 671 732 204 / aceofshadesla (101730) ARE YOU GETTING BIT TO S**T? GET YOUR MOSSIE SCREENS MADE TO FIT. GARY 692 209 501 (100045)



952 83 21 73 608 658 785

Motor Home Hire IMMACULATE fully equipped, 6 berth Ford Benimar. Fixed dining area, shower, toilet etc. Ready to go. Calahonda. Please Tel: 952 932 989 / 636 055 369 or email: mo (96882)



WWW.BENALCARS.COM Sports, prestige and 4x4’s. Always buying and selling. Telephone 661 351 877 (95435) THE GARAGE, est 1986. Fully equipped workshop and callout service. Classic car specialist. 30€ an hour, largest updated diagnostics. No appointment necessary. Marbella 952 827 443 or 609 503 476. www.englishmobilemechan (101380)

CAR SERVICES MECHANICS/Garage, mobile all repairs, welding, ITVs. Vehicles transferred to Spanish plates. Very quick, efficient and reasonably priced. 609 886 129 (101659) MECHANIC workshop & mobile. All work undertaken. ITVs done. Reasonable rates. Prompt, reliable services 24/7. 620 020 232, 951 165 090 (101354) CAR KEYS lost or need a spare? Keys cut & paired with car, car opening, car key & remotes. Specialist, call Ray 679 831 166 (98138)

CABRIO Opel Tigra 1.8 litre, 2006, 16 valve, Coupe Cabrio, hard top folds into boot, genuine 39,000kms. Lady owner, silver with alloy wheels, air condition, fabulous condition, 6,995 euros. Samantha or Gordon Robertson 952 832 173 / 608 658 785 (98145) FORD Fiesta 2006, 1.3 ambiente 5 door, silver, air condition, only 50,000kms. Easy and economical 4,995 euros. Samantha or Gordon Robertson 952 832 173 / 608 658 785 (98145)

BMW Convertible (new model) 120 Inj 2008, one private owner, bought and serviced by BMW Marbella as new, paid 31,000€, metallic gold, light tan half leather interior, black soft top, alloys, great sound system with Ipod connection, was 18,995€, now 17,995€. 952 838 842 / 608 950 221 (98211) CONVERTIBLE Renault Megane 2000 2.0ltr, one private owner, with only 23,000klm. Bought and serviced in Renault Fuengirola, have great fun for only 2,995€. 952 838 842 / 608 950 221 (98211) CITROEN C5 2008, 5 door, 1.8 Inj from private owner, only 44,000klm (30,000mls), new ITV (MOT), metallic graphite gray, climate control, cruise control, light/wiper sensors, alloy wheels and lots more. A fantastic family or business car. Price slashed, was 7,500€, now only 6,995€. 952 838 842 / 608 950 221 (98211) NEED A CAR? - Can’t get credit? - Self employed? - Why not “Rent to Own” your next car? - No loans, no credit checks. 952 564 912 (98107) WANTED all cars. Any registration, runners or non runners. Embargos no problem. Call now, cash waiting. 687 049 592 or 622 156 022 (96878) AUDI A4 Quattro Cabriolet, 3.0 V6 petrol, tiptronic, bose sound system, full black leather interior, 18” Audi spoke alloys, climate, 98,000kms, metallic black, lhd on English plates, just had timing belt changed, FSH, drop dead gorgeous car for summer! Reduced to 10,950€ ono. 637 418 906 (Mijas) (99472)

FINANCE OR EMBARGOS . NO PROBLEM UK OR SPANISH WE WILL BUY IT 678 808 837 (101382) WANTED. All cars, vans, motorbikes and quads. Any registration LHD or RHD in Spain. Cash paid. Prompt collection. 952 963 025 / 663 604 303 (98073)

Music PROFESSIONAL LIVE MUSIC for any event. Solo Spanish guitar to dance band. Weddings a speciality. Details David 687 627 434 (Not an Agent) (93615)

PAINTER & DECORATOR. Lounges from 120€, bedrooms, halls 60€. Call Dennis, Calahonda. 670 774 527 (97987)

Pensions FINDING THAT OLD or forgotten UK pension could increase your retirement income. Contact (89993)

Personal IRISH LADY 60’s, single, Looking for a male or female companion only for holidays, days out etc. Call 672 548 904 (100042)

Pest Control

Multiservices MULTISERVICES. General building & reforms. Painting, gardening, pool cleaning, all areas covered. Free Quotation! 647 874 547 (95493)


PEST CONTROL. Legal Full Certificates. British 952 449 591 Graham (see our module above) (97919) T1

MOTOR INSURANCE. For the most competitive quotes in English call Linea Directa on 902 123 153, you could save as much as 30% and you can transfer your existing no claims bonus. Call Linea Directa on 902 123 153 for motor insurance with a human voice in English from Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm and save money now! (95302)

AUTOMATIC 4x4 Lexus RX300 “President” (top of the range), gold with beige interior, electric sunroof, everything, go on spoil yourself, you’re worth it, 17,995 euros. Gordon Robertson 608 658 785 / 952 832 173 (98145)

BRITISH MOBILE MECHANICS. Fully qualified, home visits, reasonable prices and repairs for all cars. ITV’s 80€ we come to you 951 400 189 695 913 592 (101500)

4x4 DIESEL Kia Sorrento 2.5 EX 2006, from private owner, only 70,000klm (50,000mls), all the usual extras, look at this low price, only 7,995€. 952 838 842 / 608 950 221 (98211)

THE BRITISH MOBILE MECHANIC. Call Steve 605 407 369 or 951 775 554. Full workshop facilities, ITVs, all repairs on all vehicles. No gimmicks (105601)

CARS PURCHASED UK REG UP TO 500 EUROS 678 808 837 (101382)

ABBEYGATE INSURANCE. No automatic annual increase on our Motor Insurance, renewal policies. Call 952 893 380 (68259)


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IF YOU JUST want the job done, then call the rest. But if you want it done right, then call the best. Sam, simply the best. 35 years experience, 17 years in Mijas. 952 666 025 / 629 546 128 (99300)


SEAT Cordoba 1.4 Stella 2003, 5 door, hatchback, silver, Vicar leaving Spain, quick sale price 3,500 euros. Gordon Robertson 952 832 173 / 608 658 785 (98145)

GREAT VALUE Peugeot 107, 2010 5 door, one private owner, bought and serviced by Peugeot and still covered by their warranty, air-conditioning, electric windows, metallic silver, blue interior, only 5,995€. 952 838 842 / 608 950 221 bill (98211)



WANTED WANTED. CARS & JEEPS & camper vans for cash. All makes, LHD, any condition. 693 357 000 (96496)

COCKROACHES, ANTS, insects, fleas, mice, rats, wasps, termite specialists. Fumigations, bars, restaurants, houses, etc. Sanitary department officially registered certificates. Guarantee. serving the coast since 1985. Only legal English owned pest control company on the coast. If you want the best then phone N.P.S. Nigel 606 008 940 (95515)


PROFESSIONAL HOUSE PAINTING and Decoration. Tidy Service Guaranteed. Free Estimate! References Available. 690 049 011 (95493) RAINBOW PINTURAS. English, reliable, professional, painting and decorating company. Free quotations, all areas, all size work undertaken. Tel. Daniel 628 066 308 (101316)

YOUNG DOMESTICATED cats rescued from the killing station need kind homes. Fully vaccinated and neutered, free of charge. We will also deliver to England for a donation to the charity. Please give one of these beautiful cats a home so we can save more from death. Can be seen without obligation at Cat and Dog World Kennels. Tel. 630 197 435 (93398)




5 - 11 July 2012 Costa del Sol

CHARITIES ANCRAA – The Andalucian Giant Donkey sanctuary is open to the public every Sunday from 11.00am to 2.00pm, free of charge and needs volunteer helpers for all the Andalucian Giant Donkeys. The Sanctuary can be found by taking the N340 from Marbella/San Pedro towards Estepona and leaving at km164 ( just after Agro Jardin Vivero Grande) Look for signs for Parque Botanico, about 3kms to Finca Los Pajaritos for the incredibly interesting, informative and educational few hours. Oh! Of course the donkeys do enjoy a cuddle!! You can also visit the web site or email Tel: 952 790 511 (93318) ADANA THE ANIMAL SHELTER IN ESTEPONA. We always need volunteers to walk and socialise with our dogs and help with cleaning. We also need good homes for our animals who you can see on Kennels open every day 10-1.30, Camino de Casares, near Parque de los Pedregales, Estepona. (5 minutes from the Poligono) For more information call Marjorie 952 79 74 05 or 636 934 146 (93319) ACE CHARITY at El Refugio Kennels always needs volunteers to help with dog walking. Its good exercise, a couple of hours any morning of the week. Foster and permanent homes also needed for our many inmates! Vivien 639 991 079 (93320) SEPE the horse and donkey charity is open to the public weekends from 10.00 to 5.00. Volunteers are much needed in all departments and are welcome at anytime. For our riding for the disabled classes, we are also in need of extra helpers. We are nationally registered by the Spanish Ministry of the Interior (164640) but only with your support can we give the equine a voice. If you can just commit to 2 or 3 euros a month it will really help make a difference. You can find us at Lauro Golf Equestrian Centre, Alqueria, Alhaurin de la Torre. Tel. 608 258 950 (93321) At SOS Animal Refuge we have dogs, young and old looking for homes. Some of our dogs have been with us for some time and would love to find a cosy spot to curl up in and a knee on which to rest their heads. If you have room in your heart and home we would love to hear from you. We do not put our dogs to sleep - no matter how old, they are safe with us. For day to day needs and to pay for veterinary care, we much appreciate the support we receive. We desparately need items to sell on our market stall to help raise funds and are happy to come and collect. So if you are having a clear-out, please contact us on 665 682 919 or 605 227 155. If you would like to know more about rehoming, please call 653 257 875. Visit our website or please phone Sandy on 952 385 923 or 666 814 056 if you would like to make a donation or help in any way. (93317) ARCH - THE ANDALUCIAN RESCUE CENTRE FOR HORSES WELCOMES VISITORS AND VOLUNTEERS TO THEIR STABLES ON SATURDAYS FROM 10 - 12 OR BY APPOINTMENT. COME AND HELP OUT, DROP YOUR CHIL-


GROOMING PAWS & CLAWS. Professional dog & cat groomers. All breeds welcome, large or small. Based in Alhaurin el Grande. Contact Berwyn 605 321 903 (101373)

KENNELS EURODOG Boarding Kennels and Cattery. Under new ownership, fully licensed and sanitary approved. Long/short term. Mijas Costa 952 464 947 / 697 731 171 (89637) SPECIAL PROMOTION for new clients at Cat and Dog World Kennels. Dogs 10€ per day plus IVA. Tel: 952 112 978. (95269) PETCARE PET HOTEL. Holiday accommodation for dogs and cats. Air conditioned kennels available. Introductory offers for new clients. Tel: 952 112 284 / 685 400 216 www.petcarespain. com (98147) COOL KENNELS AND CATTERY. Air conditioned. Your pets lovingly cared for by English mother and daughter. Near Coin. LAGU Tel 952 112 021 / 606 838 983 (100345) STEFANIE’S KENNELS AND CATTERY, Estepona. Fully licensed, Junta approved, est. 1986. Viewing welcomed 952 790 943 w w w. s t e fa n i e s ke n n e l s . c o m (100259)

Pet Insurance PROTECTAPET. Spain’s leading pet insurance. 965 756 371. (95962)

Pet Transport PET-COURIERS.COM – If you love your pet try us first – we are the best. Door to door service throughout Europe. Specialised vehicles – bespoke service. Full legal service including documentation if required. For further information call or email us: Tel: (0034) 651 033 670 or (0034) 637 066 227. Email: or (95495) THE DOG MOVER. Licensed professional transporters. Two handlers, so dogs never alone. 680 781 699 / 0044 (0) 7875 947230. (89749)

LOOK NO FURTHER FOR YOUR PET TRANSPORT. WE OFFER A SERVICE TO TRAVEL WITH OR WITHOUT YOUR PETS/FURNITURE. ALL PETS TRAVEL WITH US IN AIR CONDITIONED PEOPLE CARRIERS. CALL FOR PRICES. 952 160 096 / 665 150 227 WWW.SPAINUKSPAIN.COM (87192) PET TRANSPORTATION by air. Complete service from professional licensed kennels. 630 197 435 (95269) ACCOMPANY your pets to their new home. Fully licensed pet transport service. Denise 952 197 187 / 696 233 848 info@ (101721 ANIMALCOURIERS. A kind, caring door to door road service with Animalcouriers between the UK/France/Spain. Defra Authorised Type 2 Hauliers. Inspected licensed vehicle, 5 star accommodation for your pet’s comfort. : Telephone Spain – 635 155 962 / 656 894 477. UK 0044 (0) 1483 200 123 / 0044 (0) 7736 251 800 – web: (94351)

LEAK detection using ultrasound technology, domestic leaks our speciality. Perfectos leak detection 951 047 399 / 622 939 151 (98195) THE IRISH PLUMBER for all your plumbing requirements, all areas covered. 7 days, reasonable rates. 605 206 394 (97993)

Private Detectives ALL TYPES of investigations for companies and individuals. 630 313 814. / (101519)

Professional Services ASSISTANCE WITH bureaucratic and paperwork issues, tax & Legal advice. 681 107 418 (93541)

PRIVATE DETECTIVE DETECTIVES PRIVATE, Entrellaves (1958), Marbella. All types investigations. www.en 669 021 002 (98143)

Property for Sale

ANIMALCOURIERS. Pet Air Travel with Monarch, Thompson, Thomas Cook and, both in and outbound, the alternative way to travel. Travel box loan scheme. animals@animalcouri Telephone Spain – 635 155 962 / 656 894 477. UK 0044 (0) 1483 200 123 / 0044 (0) 7736 251 800 – web: www.animal Spain – UK – Oz – New Zealand – many destinations. Free quotations and advice. (94351)

EL ROSARIO beachside, 3 bedroom bungalow, open plan. 190,000€ plus mortgage, no qualifying. Call 639 631 807 (97961)

Property Management DREAMLIFE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT. We believe in a hands-on, personal approach. We recognise individual requirements and tailor the management to meet those special needs. Covering various areas on the Costa del Sol. Please contact Sam on 952 885 600 or visit our website www.dreamlife for more informa tion on our services. (96357) K1 PROPERTY MANAGEMENT. Free marketing. Key holding from 3€ per week to full management. Cleaning 7€ per hour, pools 15€. “Your investment is safe in our hands”. John 952 447 594 / 691 949 398. (98024) WE LOOK AFTER YOUR PROPERTY WHEN YOU ARE NOT IN SPAIN. REGULAR INSPECTION VISITS, MEET AND GREET, MANY OTHER SERVICES. SEE WEBSITE WWW.COSTACARE PROPERTYMANAGEMENT.COM OR PHONE 622 200 336 (100422)

Property to Let

WWW.INMOANDALUZ.COM. Inland property rentals. Long or short term, holidays. 952 491 609 / 685 514 835 (100017)

5 BED, 5 bath, country house, fantastic elevated plot. Ideal B & B, equestrian etc. Cartama. Was 300,000€, now 275,000€. 90% finance! Tel: 699 199 805 (98020)

PHYSIOTHERAPIST that comes to your home, registered and fully qualified. 20 euros for half an hour, 35 euros for one hour session + IVA. Tel Maaike: 622 784 873 (98190)

PLUMBER: Water heaters repaired, replaced same day. Full bathroom and kitchen reforms, previous work can be seen. References available. Mark Allan 608 454 778 / 952 937 244 (98029)

BUNGALOW. 140m2 - plot size 2500m2. 2 large bedrooms, large kitchen, large utility room, extra large lounge. Air conditioning hot and cold. Chiclana de la Fontera, Cadiz. 956 531 751. 3 outbuildings and a swimming pool.

PLAYA FONTANILLA, next to all amenities, 200 metres from beach. Duplex apartment, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, lounge, kitchen and terrace, pool. Excellent location. Price 169,000 euros. Jennie Roberts 610 530 733


RETIRED REGISTERED PLUMBER / DRIVER. Needs beer money, any job considered. Free advice, lowest rates. Chris 652 665 380 (93499)

PARK HOME for sale due to ill health, 2 bedrooms, dining / kitchen, large lounge, fully furnished. Small secure site €25,000 ono. For more info: sim or call 634 359 716 (101459)

SELLING? We have buyers waiting for properties like yours. Call Personal Property Finder today. 952 477 205 (97795)

PHOTOSHOOTS from €75,, Diane 654 013 973 (101379)

NEED a Qualified Plumber? No call-out charge. Call Vinny 662 682 220. (100058) T1

BENALMADENA detached villa in Torremar. Full sea views. 3 bed, 2 baths, pool, garden, parking. Separate outbuilding. 299,999€. 647 585 490 (100496)

BENALMADENA Costa. Townhouse, 3 bedroom, for sale, close to beach. www.casan (100157)

EL SOTO DE MARBELLA (lowest priced apartment), large, immaculate two bedroom fully furnished corner ground floor apartment with 80m2 private garden. Prestigious development with on-site restaurant, 9 hole golf course, gym, sauna, tennis and spa, set in beautiful sub-tropical gardens. Final price, bargain only 145,000 euros. Tel Paul 627 134 866

PHOTOGRAPHER professional service, weddings, events, glamour portfolios, families. 600 545 032 (101645)

PROFESSIONAL Plumbing Solutions SL. Electric boiler specialists, English plumber (0034) 952 492 297, (0034) 666 918 387 www.plumberin (101357) T1

MARBELLA centre, first line beach. 3 beds, 3 baths. Suitable for cash buyer. Price €250,000. 671 244 683 (95518)

NEED A UK BASE? 2 bedroom bungalow in Kent. £25,000. 965 696 113 .uk (99181)



URGENTLY WANTED! Properties for sale, short & long term rent. Clients waiting. 658 451 620 (101546)

WWW.INMOANDALUZ.COM. Bargain inland properties for all budgets. Tel 952 491 609 / 685 514 835 (100017) GREAT OPPORTUNITY. TORREBLANCA. Ideal detached villa offering two self contained separate levels - main upper level 3 beds/1 bath - lower level 1 bed/1 bath, ideal for rental or elderly person/teenager/guests. Large plot - private swimming pool and spacious garage - quiet residential area. Original asking price €299,500 - no agents fees, now €240,000. Viewing recommended - 647 647 629 (101501) CALAHONDA 3 bed, 2 bath. Ground floor apartment, large enclosed terrace, sea & mountain views. 220,000€. +34 663 668 429 (98194) ELVIRIA PLOT. 1,530M to build villa 305M. Legal. Bargain. €179,500 951 242 777 (98046)

Property to Let


5 - 11 July 2012


Costa del Sol PENTHOUSE APARTMENT, Formentera del Segura, Costa Blanca – Sleeps 4. Within 5 minutes drive of the beautiful beaches of Guardamar, 5 golf courses within 20 minute drive. Bath/shower, lounge, kitchen/diner. Fully equipped with washing machine, dishwasher & full utensils, TV, DVD. Large terrace with spectacular mountain views. Outdoor furniture, BBQ, sun beds & plunge pool. Many extras including golf clubs & bikes. From only 175 Euros per week. For details email davidrowland30@hotmail Tel 634 365 221 - 634 358 290 (TVJ) MARBELLA centre, rooms to let. 671 244 683 (95518) ALHAURIN EL GRANDE Immaculate 3 bed, 2 bath countryhouse, pool, orchard. 750€ FabFincas 692 151 931 (101516) ALHAURIN EL GRANDE Imposing 4 bed 4 bath 450 metre house, garden, pool, basement. 1,400€ neg. FabFincas 692 151 931 (101516) Nr La Duqesa Port - 2 bed, 2 bath apartment. UK TV, garage, communal pool. 5 mins walk to beach. 400 euro per month. HaciendaGuadalupe - 3 bed, 2 bath apartment overlooking country. Communal pool, UK TV, underground parking. 500 euro per month. Tel: 678 307 622 (101254) PRETTY country house in Coin. Front porch, living room, kitchen with open fire, 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. Extras: A/C in bedrooms and living room, parking area, roof terrace with fantastic views and bbq area. Built: 70m2. Land 1,000m2 Price: 600€ including bills. TLF: 656 917 342 (REF AQ_F-786) (96429) COUNTRY house very close to Coin town. Front porch terrace area, living room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms and bathroom. Parking area. Built 65m2. Price 450€. TLF: 656 917 342 (REF AQ_F-697) (96429)


STUDIOS from 350€ pm to luxury villas for rent. Short/long term. Puerto Banus to Nueva Andalucia. 658 451 620 (101546) LONG TERM rental, super prices, no commission, apartments, townhouses, villas, fincas. Coast and inland. Tlf. 679 111 522 (100022) VILLA for rent. 3 bedrooms, 700€, swimming pool, 20,000 m2. 634 178 784 / 664 686 653 (100167)


SOUTH-AMERICA SPECIALIST. Combitrans Movers. 952 775 300 (100461)

REFRIGERATION/AIR CONDITIONING. Service and repairs. Fridges, bottle coolers, display cabinets. Same day 24 hr repair service. Tel. 627 769 969 (98048)

MOVING MATTERS SL – removals and storage. Local or to and from UK/Ireland/Portugal and across Europe. Over 16 years experience. For free quotation, telephone. 951 311 118. (100030)


WWW.SPAINUKSPAIN.COM. Vehicle leaving Spain on 9th / 19th / 28th of each month, returning 10th / 20th / 29th of each month. Prices from £90 per cubic metre. Cars £525, bikes £325, jetskis/boats from £525, dogs £395, cats £295. All animals travel with us in air conditioned people carriers. 952 160 096 / 665 150 227 (87192)

BENALMADENA COSTA, Palmtree Avenue. Near the sea. Nice corner townhouse, 3 bedrooms, bathroom, spacious lounge, f/f kitchen, private garden, terrace, recently painted, long term rental 600€. 952 381 280 / 629 992 082 (96874)

MOVING BACK TO UK? Removal vehicle departing weekly throughout 2012. Excellent, professional service & great rates. Ring (0034) 665 089 244 or (0044) 01543 467 777 & see (93139)

BENALMADENA COSTA. Summer rentals near beach. 1 or 2 bedroom from 250 euros/week. 666 517 479 (101342)

15 CUBIC metre van returning to the UK 27th July. Space available. Tel. 639 928 090 (100298) over 900 properties for long term rent 671 093 925 (100338) RENTAL/SALE villas, apartments from 300 euros. All areas. 634 178 784 / 664 686 653 (100167) MARBELLA BANUS CENTRE. Apartment 2-3 bedrooms, pools, garage. Private garden. Tel: 34 637 439 222. bravoelezovic (98124) LOS BOLICHES, 3 bed, 2 bath, 550€. 634 178 784 / 664 686 653 (100167)

Pumps WATERWELLS.ORG waterwell drilling, well pumps, irrigation, pump tests, pressure pumps. SL. Established on the coast since 1995. Web page Enquiries info@waterwells. 629 978 801 (Fax) 952 793 250 (98077)

MULTIMOVERS CdS, local, international and overseas removals and storage. 952 423 128 or visit www.multimovers .com (93474)



REMOVALS Local and International. Full and part loads taken please call 952 816 582 w w w. f o c u s - t r a n s p o r t . c o m (86002) FLORIDA SPECIALIST. Combitrans Movers. 952 775 300 (100461) USA SPECIALIST Combitrans Movers. 952 775 300 www.combi (100461) DUBAI SPECIALIST. Combitrans Movers. 952 775 300 (100461)

INTERNATIONAL and European Removals. Expert removals worldwide. www. Tel: 951 247 834 (100499) SPAIN - UK - SPAIN regular trips. Honest & reliable service., 952 724 698 / 610 686 273 (101635)

MAN AND VAN VAN AND MAN. Removals, clearances. Experienced and 100% reliable. 20€ per hr. Paul: 622 793 989 (93355) MANVAN REMOVALS 20 euros/hour, 3 vans available. House clearances. Storage from 10 euros/week. Telephone David 696 810 618 (89629) MAN & VAN, no job too small, 661 544 077 (101732) EUROPE / UK fortnightly, full or part load service. David 696 810 618 (89629) MAN & VAN Removals and transport, all areas covered 100% reliable 952 816 582 (100423) THE VAN MAN. Cheap and cheerful. 20 euros per hour. 677 251 025 (91628) MAN & VAN, local moves & deliveries, 25€ per hour, no hidden charges. 666 343 000 (101732)

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Removals & Storage

REMOVAL BOXES Large, med, wardrobe, bubble wrap, tape, collect or delivered. Local and international removals also undertaken. 952 239 110 / 632 702 306

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Roller Shutters ACE OF SHADES - Security Shutters, various colours available inc. wood effect. For security and sun protection. Tel: 952 493 414 / 671 732 204 / aceofshadeslacala (101730)

Services CARPENTRY CARPENTER cabinet maker, Irish. Available for all types of property maintenance, plumbing, painting, electrical, kitchens and bathrooms renovated etc. 30 years experience. Very reliable. Tel: 952 441 955 / 677 087 575

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5 - 11 July 2012 Costa del Sol

Sewing ALL STYLES Curtains, upholstery, soft furnishings and bean bags made to measure. Sensible prices. Also repairs / alterations. All areas. Call 672 800 887 or email (100047)

Signs & Designs SIGN D SIGN, Shop Signs, Vehicle Signs, Banners, Large Format Printing, Window Signs & Posters: Tel: 951 261 022 / 603 464 582 (96269)

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FULL TIME Administration Staff Required. Mijas town based photographic agency requires a computer literate, energetic person to help with general office administration. Must be fluent in spoken and written English. Please email your CV to: (100133) CARERS URGENTLY REQUIRED NOW! If you care, join our team of self-employed carers who work in the UK for 2-4 weeks at a time earning between £840 - £1,232 for a 2 week assignment. Good written/spoken English plus a British or EU Passport required. Contact Sandra Field on 658 965 204 or email (99161) PHP DEVELOPER required. Are you passionate about PHP, MySQL and Smartphone application development? Is English your native language, would you enjoy using your web development skills within an expanding organisation based in Marbella? If so, then for more information and a full job description, email your CV and a covering letter to Finders and Sellers at in (101462) Specialists in leak detection, reforms and repairs - call 650 200 040 (96989)

Soft Furnishings CURTAINS, blinds, cushions and much more. Free estimates and home visits. Tel 657 369 343 or (85968)

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Swimming Pools


AFFORDABLE POOL MAINTENANCE - Professional maintenance from only 75 euros per month (exc. chemicals). Call Splash Pools on 952 591 053 open 8am to 4pm (100013)

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Tailoring LADIES AND GENTLEMENS suits to measure. Be measured in the comfort of your own home or office by a qualified English tailor. Linen suits a speciality. Phone 634 378 085 for the travelling tailor to call. (100262)

Tarot Reading TAROT reader. Release tensions, restrictions, and help develop self awareness, with Visual Meditation Tel:- 637 151 583. (101638)


MR EDUARD. Spiritualist with 35 years experience, national and international healer, adviser. Call 952 824 446 / 626 502 803 (100114)


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COUNSELLING LIFE COACHING: All addictions, depression, other problems. 23 years experience. Contact 634 369 414 (98065) PSYCHOLOGIST: Depression, panic attacks, hypnosis. Dr Frank Stahl. Tel: 609 503 021 (98067) HYPNOTHERAPY. List of treatments available at: www.hyp or call 952 199 298 (98120)

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Translations POOL MAINTENANCE and repairs, friendly and reliable service. Estepona to Malaga and Inland. Special offers on regrouts and heaters for 2011 678 791 495 / 951 295 699 (86211) T3


5 - 11 July 2012


Costa del Sol TRANSLATION certified and ordinary. All language combination. 952 776 803 info@translationsnetwork. com (93470)

Trophies LASER ENGRAVED Trophies, Prizes, quality glass engraving service, competitive prices, with 40 years experience. Trophies, medal, badges from 1€. THE SPORTS SHOP, Fueng i r o l a . Te l : 9 5 2 4 7 3 5 3 0 (96985)

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TV & Video

NO FIX NO FEE ! Missing TV channels or poor reception? Been told it’s normal in Spain? Well it’s not! For these types of problems or for a new Sky or any European satellite system. Call us today 627 955 728 / 627 955 648 (101609) REPAIRS – TVs, Plasmas, LCDs, Digi-Boxes, Video, Hi-Fi and microwaves. Free estimates, can collect. 35 years experience. John 952 491 723 or 600 706 201 (100066) SKY AND SKY+ Digiboxes Wide selection of quality tested receivers available at very competitive prices Ian 659 812 995 (97886)

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5 - 11 July 2012 Costa del Sol

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Continental GT Speed is fastest production Bentley B

ENTLEY is introducing a new performance flagship, its fastest production model ever, the Continental GT Speed coupe. The new 205mph (329km/h) GT Speed will appeal to driving enthusiasts who

place a high value on outright performance, agile handling, distinctive design and sporting luxury. Orders for the new GT Speed are being taken now, with deliveries to commence in October 2012.

At the heart of the new Continental GT Speed is an up-rated version of the unique Bentley 6-litre, 48-valve, fourcam, twin turbocharged W12 engine. For the new model, the legendary Bentley W12 develops 625PS (616bhp/460kW) at

6000 rev/min and 800Nm of torque to deliver thunderous, supercar performance with effortless overtaking capability. The 0-60mph sprint is dispatched in a mere 4.0 seconds (0-100 km/h in 4.2s) and the GT Speed has a top speed of 205mph (329km/h). The new Speed’s immense power is transmitted via a close-ratio, ZF eight-speed automatic transmission. This state-of-the-art transmission delivers quick yet imperceptible gear changes through intelligent adaptive control software to ensure the perfect combination of speed and refinement. The new gearbox also makes a significant contribution to an overall 12 per cent improvement in fuel economy and CO2 emissions. Channelling the extreme performance of the GT Speed is a unique chassis tune that includes uprated steering and suspension systems and a lowered ride height. button multifunction steering wheel, the AThe enhanced chassis is Class is already fully equipped even in its complemented by unique 21base configuration. inch Speed wheels, available With ‘Urban’, ‘Style’ and ‘AMG Sport’ in two lustrous finishes, and appointment lines, three Design packages fitted with 275 35 R21 Pirelli (‘Night’, ‘Exclusive’ and ‘AMG Exclusive’) as PZero ultra-high performance well as further optional extras, the model tyres. The result is a sportier can be customised to suit every individual and more engaging Bentley taste. driving experience with tauter handling and improved agility.

Pulse of a new generation WITH the new A-Class, Mercedes-Benz is opening up a new chapter in the compact segment: markedly emotive in design, with powerful engines ranging from 80kW (109hp) to 155kW (211hp), extremely efficient with emissions from just 98g of CO2/km and a best-in-class drag coefficient of 0.27. At the same time the new model underlines that for Mercedes-Benz, safety is not a question of price – the standard specification includes, amongst other things, the radar-based COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST system. Prices in Germany start at €23,978.50 (incl. 19 per cent VAT) for the A 180 BlueEFFICIENCY. The design: the most progressive in the compact class. Standing as much as 160 millimetres lower on the road than the preceding model, the new A-Class communicates design and dynamism at the very first glance. This radical form language, presented and enthusiastically acclaimed around the world with the Concept A-CLASS, was consistently implemented in the series production car.

NEW MERC: The A-Class is opening a new compact segment chapter.

The appearance of the new A-Class reflects this new Mercedes-Benz design strategy. The result is what is known as a two-box design with a distinct character of its own, a sportily emotive exterior and an exceptionally high-quality feel to the interior. The model range: young and individual With air conditioning, Audio 5 USB, electric windows all round, Headlamp Assist and 12-


5 - 11 July 2012

EWN 109 Costa del Sol

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FASTEST: The Continental GT Speed coupe.

Muscular performance and innovative SEAT presented the Ibiza Cupra Concept as a close-toproduction concept car. Even more clearly than before, the Ibiza Cupra Concept shows the SEAT DNA in its most concentrated form – vigorous performance, the latest technology and comprehensive equipment clad in an emotional design. With its compact dimensions, the Ibiza Cupra Concept is a sports car for everyday use, combining agile driving fun with a high degree of functionality. The Ibiza Cupra Concept is fitted with SEAT’s awardwinning 1.4-litre TSI fourcylinder petrol engine, featuring direct injection and both a turbocharger and a supercharger. It produces a maximum power output of 180PS, transmitted to the front wheels via a highlysophisticated seven-speed DSG transmission with shift paddles.

Other highlights include XDS electronic differential lock, high-performance brakes and an optional SEAT Portable System that combines navigation and entertainment functions and is removable for mobile use. The first generation of the Ibiza Cupra took to the streets in 1996, since when the dynamic Cupra lineage has developed to become an icon of the SEAT brand. The Ibiza Cupra Concept shows how the next chapter of this success story will be written – the state-of-the-art 1.4 TSI engine is not only powerful but is also muscular, producing a maximum torque of 250Nm. For a race car-style driving experience, the seven-speed DSG transmission with its extremely short shift times can be operated via paddles behind the steering wheel. With the Ibiza Cupra Concept, driving enjoyment and cutting-edge engineering are guaranteed.

INNOVATIVE: Seat Ibiza Cupra Concept.

110 EWN

5 - 11 July 2012 Costa del Sol


5 - 11 July 2012


Costa del Sol

Combined Colleges beat Costa del Sol in last match of season


Wimbledon upset TENNIS – Wimbledon ends on Sunday and the big surprise so far was the elimination of Rafael Nadal, beaten by Lukas Rocos, ranked 100th in the world. At the time of going to print, holder Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer (after a scare) and Andy Murray were looking good. The latter’s game against Marcos Baghdatis last Satur-day, ended at 11.02pm UK time, Wimbledon’s latest ever finish.

LAST Sunday saw the last league cricket match of the season take place at the Cartama Oval. Combined Colleges (CCCC) won the toss and elected to bat. Costa del

Sol Cricket Club (CDSCC) managed to restrict them to 123/3 by the drinks break but dropped Nush on the boundary before got his eye in. He then went on NATURSPORTS / SHUTTERSTOCK.COM

In-form England CRICKET – Alastair Cook’s in-form England beat Australia by 15 runs in the first of ODI and by six wickets in the second.

JORGE LORENZO: ‘Recklessly taken out’.

Assen GP

Irish win

ATHLETICS – GB won 17 medals at the European Championships in Helsinki, with Mo Farrah (5,000m), Robbie Garbarz (high jump) and Rhys Williams (hurdles) claiming gold. But, oh, the men mucked it up again in the relay! And has Usain shot his ‘bolt’? The giant sprinter was beaten by Yohan Blake in both the 100m and 200m races at the Jamaican championships last weekend.


GOLF – Welshman Jamie Donaldson (36) won the Irish Open at Royal Port Rush - the first tour victory of his career.

GB fares well


MOTOR SPORT – Last weekend Casey Stoner won the Assen MotoGP from Dani Pedrosa and Andrea Dovizioso, to join Jorge Lorenzo at the top of the DANI riders championship after the Spaniard was PEDROSA: ‘recklessly taken out’ on Finished the first bend by Alvaro second. Bautista. This weekend the bikers will be riding in the German MotoGP while the F1 drivers will be racing in the British GP at Silverstone. For more local sports for this area visit www.euroweeklyne or scan this QR code

to make a century. Brian as well made his 100 seeing his team to 335/9 in their 35 overs. Morly managed to take two wickets in his spell and Phill was helped in the field by Tom who took two consecutive catches off his bowling but it wasn’t enough to stop the onslaught. CDSCC went in to bat with Tony returning to form and making 22. Morly showed the batsmen how it was

done by making 22 runs off just one over before falling on 40. The CCCC bowlers showed their class and CDSCC were bowled out for 148. CCCC won by 187 runs. With the league matches over, and summer well and truly here, the Sunday slots are now open for new players young and old of any level to come and have a bat and a bowl at one our open days.

The first of these will take place next Sunday at 10.30am at the Cartama Oval. So if you’re an old pro who would like to dust off the old bat or an armchair enthusiast with the desire to be more hands on, and would like to spend the day in the field having fun and meeting new people, feel free to email Jody van der Westhuizen on for more details.




5 - 11 July 2012 Costa del Sol


Best goals of tournament 76 goals were scored in 31 matches; the best by Zlatan Ibrahimovic for Sweden v France and Jordi Alba for Spain v Italy in the final.

UK-Spain UK Removals S.L. Weekly service to the UK and back

Most watched THE England-Italy encounter was seen by 400 million on TV, a Euro record.

Dream team MY Euro 2012 team: Casillas (Spain), Debuchy (France), Pique, Ramos and Jordi Alba (all Spain), Pirlo (Italy), Iniesta, Xavi, Alonso (all Spain); Ronaldo (Portugal), Ibrahimovic (Sweden).

Moving from Spain to the UK? Ring us for a free quotation, we will be only too pleased to assist you!

VICTORIOUS AGAIN: The Spain team have been dubbed ‘The Untouchables.

Spain lift 3 cups in a row By Tony Matthews

Attendance THE average attendance for all Euro 2012 games was 46,480 (agg. 1,440,896). The biggest crowd - 64,640 - saw the England-Sweden game... the final was attended by 63,170.

Spot kicks ONLY penalties awarded: scored, missed.

four were three one


 902 88 90 70

ANDRÉS INIESTA: Player of the tournament.

FOOTBALL – Spain, World and double European champions, were brilliant in beating Italy 4-0 in last Sunday’s Euro 2012 final in Kiev. Vicente del Bosque’s ‘passing machine’ outplayed the Italians for long periods and won the trophy in style with exquisite goals from Silva, Jordi Alba, Torres (to finish joint top scorer) and Mata. Spain’s victory was the biggest-ever in a European Championship final and besides becoming the first country to reach three major international tournaments in

succession, they went one better by winning them all. Boring Spain? What a load of bull! SOCCER EXTRA – Michel Platini wants Euro 2020 to be in one country (12 different cities) or in 12 different countries (one city per country)... Ben Foster has joined WBA from Birmingham... Brentford want a new ground by 2016 (Lionel Road, Hounslow)... GB’s 17-strong Olympic soccer squad will comprise English and Welsh players only with Bellamy, Richards and Giggs the three over-aged inclusions... and it seems as if NewCo Rangers will start 2012-13 in SL1.

952 239 110 632 702 306 +44 084 586 92 536 email:

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