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Issue 992 9th - 15th Nov

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Ban on deadly painkiller DETA ILE D wor k by a medical interpreter in the Alicante Province has resulted in warnings to doctors across Spain not to prescribe a specific painkiller to British tourists and others from northern Europe. Metamizole, also known and sold as Nolotil, is a popular painkiller regularly taken by the Spanish and there have never been any reports of any serious side-effects. However, the research found that certain nationalities are at risk of developing the fatal condition of sepsis. Despite the medication being banned in the UK, several British and Scandinavian patients have reported severe illnesses which have seen their white blood cell count plummet and thus the reduction in their immune system. According to reports it was Cristina García from Javea, who works as an

Photo credit: Cristina García/Facebook

by Darren Parmenter

POPULAR: Cristina García whose campaign has led to the Nolotil (inset) ban.

interpreter for residents and tourists who took the decision to investigate further after noticing a worrying link between non-Spanish patients after taking Metamizole. It has now reached the point where the Spanish

Agency for Medicines and Healthcare Products (AEMPS) has advised doctors not to prescribe Nolotil to tourists of any nationality, especially if they are middle-aged or elderly.


9th - 15th November

Watch your speed in 2019 by Darren Parmenter

Photo credit: Guardia Civil

AS part of a series of measures to reduce the number of deaths on the roads that have been on the rise for the past four years, new speed limits on Spain’s secondary roads are being introduced. As from January 2019, the limit will drop from 100 kph to 90 kph as announced by the Spanish Traffic Department (DGT). Recent research has shown that only 20 per cent of fatal accidents actually happen on the country’s motorways, with the remainder on the back roads, built-up areas or on ‘B’ roads... the latter being where the overwhelming majority happen. The new restrictions will be brought in from January 2, with both cars and motorbikes needing to stay at 90 kph or less on the ‘B’ roads. Other vehicles, such as buses, coaches, vans and lorries have a maximum of 80 kph. The DGT believe that by dropping the maximum speed by 10 kph, road deaths will be reduced by 10 per cent.

Spanish War bomb discovered BENIDORM POLICE: Looking after the security and safety of the local people and tourists.

Special operations by police in Benidorm by Darren Parmenter

UNSTABLE: The offending grenade found in San Vicente has been destroyed.

by Stephen Giovanni


HE specialist Explosives Deactivation Team of Alicante’s Guardia Civil has destroyed a mortar shell which dates back to the Spanish Civil War. The artefact, an 81mm ECIA grenade and weighing more than four kilograms was found buried in the garden of a house in a resi-

dential area of San Vicente del Raspeig. The owner immediately contacted the Guardia Civil who quickly made their way to the scene of the weapon’s discovery. After cordoning off the area, the specialist team managed to transfer it to the Ádidos Sabater quarry where it was later the subject of a controlled explosion. The Guardia Civil has stated that if any mem-

ber of the public should find one of these particular weapons or any similar artefacts, they should under no circumstances be touched or moved. The advice is to immediately notify the authorities by calling 062. Even though this, and other shells, have been around for more than 80 years they can still be loaded, unstable and may explode.

BOTH the National Police and the Local Police in Benidorm have reinforced security in the tourism capital by setting up a number of special operations in the main visitor areas. During one of the latest clampdowns at the end of last month, a total of 40 members of both forces were deployed which resulted in more than 100 people being stopped for a number of reasons and led to five arrests. Two of those were for living illegally in the country, one for theft and the other already the subject of two warrants for his arrest connected with allegations of fraud. At the same time and in the busier ar-

eas, three venues were inspected to stop the sale of drugs and this operation alone found 20 people in possession of various substances; no arrests were made for these offences. Councillor Lorenzo Martinez said that “the special operation was as a result of a recent coordination meeting between the local council and representatives of the different police and security services in Benidorm.” He went on to say that “the protocol was established to carry out similar actions during the winter months to demonstrate that the security and safety of the local people, tourists and businesses is taken seriously.” by Darren Parmenter THE company that runs both the Metrovalencia and the TRAM rail services has announced that they have surpassed the 1.5 billion level of passengers. The Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat Valenciana (FGV) began running the lines on January 1, 1987 which were previously managed by FEVE, and with it began

9th - 15th November

Passenger landmark reached a complete transition of the train services offered in Valencia and Alicante. Of the 1.5 billion users of the two services,

1,381,655,744 have used the Metrovalencia lines with the remaining 118,344,256 on the TRAM that runs out

Poverty levels increasing Photo credit: Blue Diamond Gallery

by Ray Chadwick


ORE than 170,000 people living in the Alicante Province are suffering severe levels of poverty. Overall across the Valencian Community, that number increases to 460,000. These figures were part of a wider report recently released by the European Network for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion, and showed that the people affected are receiving less than €355 per month. This means that this group are unable to cope with day-to-day ex-

SPELT OUT: Some Alicante people exist on less than €355 per month. penses such as eating meat or fish every other day or able to run a car that so many take for granted. The detailed study revealed that it’s not just the

homeless who are experiencing such levels of poverty. There are a considerable number of people that are even on a work contract and had a university educa-

tion who are feeling the pinch and worried about their financial futures. According to the report, across Spain there are more than one million graduates who are at risk of poverty; 320,000 more than a decade ago. Most of the ‘new poor’ are parents who can’t meet even the basic needs of their children, or students that can’t find suitable employment when they finish their studies. The study also concludes that 31.3 per cent of the Valencian Community is at risk of social exclusions, with 573,000 from the Alicante Province alone.


of Alicante and along the coast. Annual figures have also grown steadily over time, with 1.4 million passengers in 1987 to 74.3 million for 2017. The impressive growth of travellers has been accompanied by the expansion of the network that has seen the 209 kilometres increased to 267 kilometres in the 30-year period. In terms of lines offered in each city, those in Valencia have grown from five to nine ; and just one in Alicante to five.


9th - 15th November

Poppy collector honoured ALDONA has been a Poppy Collector for the Royal British Legion (RBL) here in Spain for over 25 years, and is very proud of her achievements on behalf of the RBL, being a member of the Gandia branch near Valencia. She recently became unwell and was worried she would miss this year’s event but despite still recuperating, she has managed to deliver all of her boxes and is very proud of this. Branch Community Supporters from the Gandia Branch went to visit her this week to check she was doing OK, and were pleasantly surprised at just how well and how motivated she still is to deliver on her promise to collect for the Poppy Appeal this year. She has a record of all the amounts she has raised for every year she has collected, and they are very proud of her achievements. While they were visiting, they took the opportunity to present her with her long overdue 25-year achievement award. She received a certificate from the RBL and her 25-

PROUD: Branch Poppy Appeal organiser Lyn Cubbon (left) with Aldona. year pin which she wears with great pride. It is an honour to have such a dedicated lady in the branch. Aldona is Polish, and met her husband who served in the British Army during the war when she went to work in a hospital in Kent many years ago, and they were married in

Poland before returning to the UK. They moved to Spain over 30 years ago and were living the dream. Sadly, Aldona lost her husband 17 years ago but continues to live the life they wanted in Spain. She is already planning what she will do next year for the Poppy Appeal and is an

inspiration to everyone. Everyone at the RBL wishes her a speedy recovery and can’t wait to welcome her back to their monthly meetings, held on the first Wednesday of every month at Bar Pelut, Oliva. For more information, please contact Mark on 961 175 990.

Christmas comes early S U N D AY, N o v e m b e r 1 8 i s when all the volunteers from Jalon Valley HELP will be at the Pensionista, supporting their annual Christmas Bazaar. There will be lots of stalls offering gifts, plants, cakes, decoration, hot food, jewellery and much, much more. Throughout the day, entertainment will be provided by the Elderly Brothers, U3A Vall del Pop Singers, and a performance by Fitstop. A Christmas Fashion Show will give everyone a chance to buy some lovely clothes for their Christmas celebrations, and the famous Jalon Valley HELP raffle will take place with masses of prizes, many donated by local businesses and shops. The bazaar opens from 10am until 2pm, and is the perfect chance to start your Christmas shopping early. For more information please contact Jalon Valley HELP Events on or call 634 337 668.

President attends London tourist fair CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Altea

IMPORTANT: Ximo Puig (fifth from left) heads a delegation at the London Fair. THE Costa Blanca has begun to fight back to get the British tourists to return to the area, in the face of the increasing threat from other destinations such as Turkey. To this end, the Valencian Community Tourist Department has been in London under the umbrella of ‘Turespaña’ with the aim of strengthening its presence and promoting areas such as Benidorm. The importance of the London exhibition is confirmed with the arrival of the president of the Valencian Community, Ximo Puig,

who led a delegation of politicians and businesspeople to the World Travel Market Fair. The event is regarded, along with the ITB in Berlin and the FITUR in Madrid, as one of the biggest tourist showcases in the world. Figures released for January to September this year show a 1.4 per cent fall in British tourism to the Valencian Community, compared to a 14.6 per cent increase for 2017. In the case of Benidorm, 2018 to date has seen 420,000 overnight stays less than the same period 12 months ago.

UNICEF nominate Teulada The final awards will be handed out at a ceremony to be held in Oviedo on November 27, and a total of 114 municipalities across Spain have been put on the short list for this prestigious prize that rewards the work of councils and the priorities they give to children.

Preparing for the storms A COMBINATION of municipal teams, and water company Hidraqua have cleaned out a number of ravines and gullies in Benidorm, with the aim of reducing the risk of flooding in the event of a future ‘Gota Fria’. Councillor José Ramón González de Zárate said that “for the past two months, groups of young people employed by the council thanks to funds made available from the European Union and people from Hidraqua have managed to clear the areas of more than 80 tons of waste.”

Oktoberfest moves up the coast AFTER many residents and visitors to Calpe enjoyed their own festival, the famous ‘Oktoberfest’ now moves up the coast a few kilometres to Javea. It began yesterday evening (Thursday) and continues until Sunday, and is lo-

cated at the Seemontgo on the Playa Arenal. This is the third time Javea is holding its own ‘Oktoberfest’ and will feature a wide selection of traditional German food and beer for everyone to sample and enjoy.


War declared on plastic use by Glenn Scott Photo credit: @UA_Universidad Twitter

TEULADA-MORAIRA Council has been delighted to announce that they have been nominated by UNICEF as a ‘Child-Friendly Municipality.’ Crucial in this success was the local plan of action for a childfriendly village, put together by the council.

9th - 15th November


WAR has been declared in the University of Alicante (UA)... but it’s a war on the use of plastic. As part of their Social Responsibility Plan, the UA is looking to reduce to zero the amount of singleuse plastics used on the university campus. Figures released for last year showed that a total of 153,458 plastic bottles were sold to the 25,000 students, 2,200 teachers and almost 1,300 administrative and manual workers. Over half of those bottles were water, sold in the vending machines dotted around the campus. In addition, a further 452,332 plastic cups for hot coffee and tea were also used during 2017.

OFFENDERS: Almost one million pieces of plastic used in one year at the UA. (File image)

As a result, the UA has replaced the white plastic variety with paper cups to reduce this kind of waste. But it’s not just drink containers which are the prime offenders. There is also a high consumption of food that is packaged in plastic, and that alone accounted for almost

400,000 individual units in one year. The presentation about the plans for the UA was presented by the rector, Manual Palomar, who said this is “a cultural turnaround in the way the University is governed, and will see a number of initiatives introduced by 2020.”


9th - 15th November

€2 million of fake goods discovered E

IGHT people have been arrested in Benidorm following an operation against counterfeit goods. A total of 1,315 fake products were confiscated by the National Police with an estimated official street value of more than €2 million. The detainees are six men and two women made up of Spanish, Senegalese and Moroccan nationals, and were caught as a result of an investigation which began during August this year. Officers - many of them under cover - began to visit a number of outlets in Benidorm and quickly found

Photo credit: Policia Nacional

by Glenn Scott

IDENTICAL: The fake goods were almost undetectable from the originals.

large numbers of products they suspected of being fakes and sold at much reduced prices... although appearing very authentic and sporting some wellknown brands. The items confiscated during the arrests included designer clothing, sportswear, watches, bags and shoes, which were identical in respect of the finish and the materials used in their manufacture. In addition, those arrested could provide no invoices or delivery notes connected with the goods and were unable to prove their authenticity. According to reports, the value of the internationally recognised watches alone amounted to more than €120,000.

Breast cancer march AROUND 200 people joined the march in Finestrat in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. It was the second time the event had been held in the municipality and organised to directly benefit the AECC. The march, which saw everyone wearing the specially produced pink t-shirt, began at La Fonteta and did a full circle around the base of the Puig Campana Mountain. This was all part of the Finestrat Health Week which featured a series of talks on the prevention of a number of conditions, that concludes today (Friday).

Popular dance classes start UNDER the expert direction of Rosa Catalan, the TeuladaMoraira municipal theatre school has begun their latest season of classes which will run until June 2019. Such has been the demand this year, it’s been necessary to form classes of different age groups. The children’s group is from 5pm to 6pm: teenagers from 6.30pm to 8pm, with the adults following on until 9.30pm. All the classes take place in the Salon de Actos in the town hall, and people can still register by called 965 740 158 (extension 1804) or by e-mail to juventud@teulada

November road works BOTH local people and visitors to Benidorm are going to have to get used to a number of disruptions to roads during the course of November; the month that features the very popular fiestas, although the programme of works has been deliberately scheduled either side of them. The first phase of renovating the Avenida del Mediterraneo has already begun to check and repair the drains which run parallel to the Levante beach promenade. Overall, the programme of works in Benidorm will last 11 months and with a budget of €11.4 million.

Denia asks the locals... again

Pego project ‘expired’ FIVE years after plans to build a golf course and more than 1,300 homes in Pego, the idea will now be sent to the history books. Now that the five-year point has been reached with no work started on the project, the main opposition group in Pego - Compromis - has asked the council to officially declare the project as expired. The golf course was planned for the Pla Baix de Penya Roja area of Pego and, alongside the housing development, should have been finished by now.

LINDSAY JOHNSON, Director of Javea Players’ next production, says: “When you come across a play as well written as Rough Justice, and you learn that it has been performed by some of the UK’s top professional actors (Tom Conti, Diane Quick and Martin Shaw), and that it has been extremely well received by audiences around the country, then you know you are on to a winner.” Will the audience find the play emotional? “Of course they will. Who wouldn’t be moved by this pretty harrowing situation, but that is the whole point of the play. You will be moved, you will be torn between what is the morally right thing to do and what is the legally right thing to do, and you will be torn between which way you think the verdict should go.” Asked about the cast, Lindsay said: “Javea Players has high calibre actors who are showing they are more than capable of the challenges this play brings. Acting alongside them are one or two new performers who are proving that they, too, have great talent.” Rough Justice will run at


Sell-out means extra day Photo credit: Phil Mansell

AROUND €200,000 has been set aside in Denia’s 2019 municipal budget for a number of projects chosen by local people. This is the second year in a row that such an initiative has been implemented, with the period for people to make their suggestions such as improvements to public spaces open until November 21. The proposals that are finally selected will be open to a public vote from December 10 to 19. Denia joins a number of municipalities up and down the Costa Blanca to adopt such a scheme.

9th - 15th November

CHALLENGE: Director Lindsay Johnson (left) guiding cast members. Javea Players’ Studio Theatre from November 24 until December 1. Due to the Wednesday to Saturday days selling out in no time, an extra day - Saturday November 24 - was added. Book your tickets now to

find out how the drama pans out. Tickets are €10 and are available from the website, email: boxoffice@javeaplay or call 634 330 915.

La Cocina will open specially for a pre-theatre dinner from €17.50 each night, and you can see the menu at www.lacocina and click Javea Players. Dinner bookings on 965 795 140.


9th - 15th November

The all-new Jesus Pobre

Christmas charity success

LAST Saturday’s Christmas event at the Charity Shop of Calpe was a roaring success, raising almost €900 for local causes. From the moment the doors opened, there was a brisk trade at the home-made cake stall, alongside many lucky winners on the Tombola. The Christmas theme continues in the store with lots of clothes perfect for the party season, and there’s also the opportunity of buying some Christmas raffle tickets for some great prizes. They go on sale from November 26, with the draw being made on December 17.

by Darren Parmenter NATIONAL POLICE have been able to break up a group that have allegedly been trafficking young transsexuals to an apartment in Murcia, but has had ramifications right across the country. A total of 13 people have been arrested in brothels in Murcia, Gandia, Denia, Sabadell and Torremolinos, who had been brought to the country to act as prostitutes. The investigation began at the start of this year after a young Brazilian man reported to police that a friend had made it possible for him to arrive in Spain illegally, provided he prostituted himself as a means of paying off the debt.

Photo credit: Policia Nacional

AFTER five months work, the municipality of Jesus Pobre has reopened the Plaza del Poble. The programme of works was possible thanks to a subsidy of €241,635 from the Alicante Provincial Council, and has radically transformed the iconic space in the centre of town. As well as a new look, other streets have also been reopened, including Calle Pinaret, which will return to being one-way. New signage has been installed which retains the 30kph speed limit and prohibiting heavy lorries. In addition, the area of the square will be for pedestrians only, between 2.30pm on Fridays until 7.30am on Monday mornings.

Brazilian sex traffickers caught

COLLABORATION: National Police dismantle multinational group. (File image) According to reports, he was also threatened with violence if he didn’t agree to the terms. It was later discovered that the organiser was another Brazilian based in Spain, who with the help of

a number of collaborators brought a number of young, poor people from Brazil. It is also understood that the victims were also forced to sell drugs and were allegedly locked up in rooms to stop them from going out

in public. Those arrested are between 19 and 60 years old and are from Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Romania and Spain. Four have been remanded in custody, with the other nine released on bail.

9th - 15th November

Photo credit: Montgo Chorale

Hospital scabies outbreak THE Ministry of Health has taken control of an outbreak of scabies at the Marina Baixa Hospital in Villajoyosa. According to reports, it cannot be considered to be eradicated until two weeks have passed without another case being detected. A total of 29 cases have been reported, affecting four patients and 25 people who work at the hospital. The Ministry has activated the protocol to prevent the infestation from spreading further by giving those with the condition the appropriate ointment to destroy the mites. An inquiry is underway to establish how the outbreak began.

Petition against low speed SPEED limits on the CV-70 between La Nucia and Benidorm have been reduced from 70kph to 50kph, with the aim of reducing the high number of accidents on this particular stretch. But not everybody is happy with the move. Despite 103 accidents during 2017 that resulted in 27 injuries - some serious - a petition which has already gathered 7,500 signatures is being created. Around 28,000 vehicles use the road every day, but the reduction in the speed limit has resulted in a number of traffic jams along the dual-carriageway section during peak times.


TRADITIONAL: The full Montgo Chorale line-up.

Handel himself would approve... O N T G O CHORALE’S Christmas concert is being held at the beautiful Loreto Church (also known as the Fishermen’s Church) in Javea Port on Sunday, December 9. Under the direction of Jan Dewland, the choir will sing traditional and


well-loved carols - some with audience participation - as well as other pieces such as extracts from Bach’s glorious Christmas Concerto; and where would Christmas be without a few items from Handel’s Messiah? Please go along and join the celebrations, no booking is required so be sure to ar-

rive in good time as seats go fast. As is tradition, there will be a retiring collection in aid of Caritas, the church’s charity which does such important and worthwhile work supporting local families in need. Handel would approve as he was an enthusiastic patron of the UK’s first children’s charity, the Foundling

Hospital, London, where he conducted the Messiah several times in the 1750’s. He bequeathed a fair copy of the Messiah score to the Hospital, now on display in the Foundling Museum. The concert starts at 5pm. For more information, please contact Jan Dewland on 965 770 973 or e-mail:


9th - 15th November

Rubbish build-up highlighted


HERE was a packed house at Javea U3A’s October general meeting at the Parador - with many members turning up to learn more about the rivalry between Spain’s two major cities. The audience were wooed by the prospect of member Peter Atkinson’s talk on A Tale of Two Cities: Barcelona and Madrid. And they were not disappointed. Former History Group leader Peter’s presentation proved both informative and entertaining… and his impromptu impression of Donald Trump had members in stitches. It was a reference to the ancient fortress wall going up around Barcelona’s old city. Peter ’s talk compared the history of the two Spanish cities, featuring some of the spectacular buildings and landmarks associated with both of them. The presentation, illustrated with colourful pictures of the two great

Photo credit: Ian Rogerson

THE opposition Partido Popular (PP) in San Vicente de Raspeig has complained about the accumulation of rubbish, furniture, mattresses and other items which have been abandoned for a number of weeks on some of the municipality’s roads. They say that this poses a ‘serious risk of accidents on the roads as they are without any street lighting.’ At the same time that the PP has asked local people not to dump such rubbish, they are also reminding the c o u n c i l t h a t i t ’s their responsibility ‘to carry out controls periodically’ to stop the buildup.

A tale of two cities

INFORMATIVE: Peter Atkinson (right) with Javea U3A vice-president Peter Allin. cities, highlighted Madrid’s rise to become the capital of Spain and Barcelona’s current position at the centre of the controversial question of Cataluña’s independence. Politics aside, Peter ’s talk clearly illustrated that, whatever differences there

are, both Barcelona and Madrid are beautiful cities and well worth a visit. There was a special vote of thanks together with a gift from Javea U3A vicepresident Peter Allin, and there was also a thank you gift for Pat Robinson, who has run the monthly DVDs

Swap desk for the past eight years but is returning to the UK to live. Pat appealed for someone else to take over the ‘not onerous’task so that it may continue to provide entertainment for members as well as raise money for the U3A’s chosen charities.

Bus station issues THE problems with the longer buses and coaches arriving at the new bus station in Denia continue. To prevent hold-ups on the road and putting the safety of the passengers as a priority, a number of drivers from the ALSA bus company are now stopping passengers from loading and unloading their luggage and are instead doing it on their behalf. The main route affected is the one that links Alicante with Va l e n c i a w h i c h a l most always use the longer buses because of the number of travellers, with passengers needing to use the luggage holds on the ‘road side’ of the bus.

Early Christmas cheer


HE Marina Alta Costa Blanca Floral Club’s next demonstration will be held on Thursday, November 15 when members look forward to welcoming the very versatile floral artist, June Borrowdale, on a return visit. June is a NAFAS area demonstrator from Carltonin-Lindrick. Very knowledgeable and informative, June is also an area judge and national speaker, and apart from her local floral club, she is also a member of Future Concepts. The Marina Alta Costa Blanca Floral Club meet at the Salon de Actos, La Senieta, Moraira and doors open at 2pm and close at 2.45pm. If you haven’t renewed your membership for this year, this can be done on the day. Visitors are always welcome and entrance is €8. They are still collecting donations (monetary or gifts) for their Christmas Charity Hamper Raffle and these can be brought along to the demonstration. The supported charities are: Civil Protección Teulada-Moraira (ambulance service) and The Safe House in Pedreguer for abused women and children.


Marina Alta Costa Blanca Floral Club Photo credit: Marina Alta Costa Blanca Floral Club

ALTHOUGH there are still just under seven weeks to go until Christmas, the lights have already appeared in the main streets and the shopping areas in the centre of Alicante... but they won’t be switched on in their full glory until Friday November 30. In total and at a cost of €220,000, more than 50 roads, squares and public spaces will be lit up, in addition to the four local markets. The investment is double the figure spent on Christmas illuminations last year. The early placement of the lights is in contrast to last year when the last of the decorative arches weren’t erected until Christmas Eve. This was due to administrative and contractual issues which meant that no formal decision was made until the end of November and left the city without decorations until almost the last minute. F o r t h i s y e a r, t h e c o n t r a c t o r s w e r e hired in September, and the Christmas light display is seen as a vital visitor attraction to the area. The original plan was to switch them on for Black Friday on November 23 - but the following week is more than acceptable for the local traders.

9th - 15th November

GUEST: The next demonstrator is June Borrowdale. Tickets will be on sale for the Christmas Raffle at the demonstration, and besides the Hamper there are many other prizes. (Raffle to be drawn at the ChristmasDemonstration on Tuesday,

December 4.) The beautiful flowers are supplied by PAICHI Garden Centre and all exhibits are raffled at the end of the afternoon. For further information call

Pat on 622 921 812 or visit the webpage: www.marinaaltafloral


9th - 15th November

FANTASTIC DAY: Gary from G4G with some of the fundraisers.

Double date for G4G THE very generous Giving4Giving (G4G) has been out and about in recent weeks, donating some much needed funds to two different and very worthwhile causes. Firstly, G4G made a donation to Anna the Cat Lady who runs Mascotas (Gatami), and the gratefully received €1,000 will be used for medical treatment, neutering and food for homeless cats and kittens. Anna has been a great supporter of G4G for the past six years, and so the team wanted to reward her passion by donating the money. Anna took the op-

portunity to let members of the public know that they always need both wet and dry cat food in order for them to continue their fine work. The second donation, also of €1,000, was given towards a walk in Finestrat in aid of the AECC. The event was organised by Victoria Curtis from the Finestrat Town Hall in collaboration with the Health department. The walkers had a fantastic day and raised a total of €2,034 for the AECC. Giving4Giving always need volunteers so please join the team and call Gary on 603 137 697.

9th - 15th November


ILLED as a ‘Super Walk Plus,’ the Rambling Walkers’ first all-day event took place at the end of October, delayed for a week due to the torrential rain in Valencia a week earlier. Around 35 members gathered in the early morning sunshine on the El Saler beach, in L’Albufera Natural Park. They began by walking along the edge of the coastal forest to a small salt water lake, then crossed the dunes onto the beach. Then it was south along the beach, back over dunes

and through the very attractive coastal forest. The walk ended at the village of El Palmar, where lunch awaited the group on the first floor of the restaurant, having stunning views over the rice fields and the lake. The walk took four hours, was 14.5 kilometres long and a heady elevation of 11 metres above sea level. The alternative walk took in many of the features of the main route, but was reduced to eight kilometres, after which they hopped on a bus to the village of El Palmar, where their lunch

was waiting. Leaders for the day out were Keith and Gary with Christine and Lynne, who not only arranged the group lunch, but also a return to the meeting point by fishing boat across the lake. This friendly, multinational group meet on alternate Thursdays from September to May, and the aims are to walk in the beautiful Marina Alta countryside and enjoy an active social life. If you would like any information about the Rambling Walkers please contact the secretary at secretary.ram

Robberies at the double THREE people have been arrested in Alicante by the National Police in connection with two robberies which took place on the same night. According to reports, the first involved two young people aged 16 and 18, who broke into a local school. The alarm was raised after the National Police received a call saying that two men were spotted carrying three large televisions in a suspicious manner. Police went to the area and

found the men, who admitted they had stolen the items. In addition, they had a screwdriver and a hammer in their belongings which they allegedly used to access the building. Only a couple of hours later, National Police detained another thief who had just robbed a home with the owner inside. In this case, the alarm was raised when the man woke up and discovered the 48-year-old man in his property who fled the scene immediately with a laptop and a wallet containing money.

Photo credit: Rambling Walkers

Big day out at Lake Albufera


MULTINATIONAL: The Rambling Walkers explore the Marina Alta.


9th - 15th November


OTH Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday fall on November 11 this year, a coincidental but moving piece of symmetry to mark 100 years since the end of the First World War. At the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, the Allies and Germany signed an agreement to terminate hostilities, and Armistice Day has been celebrated ever since. Remembrance Sunday falls on the second Sunday of November each year, and is a day to honour all those killed in the two world wars, as well as those in the armed forces who have been killed or injured since 1945. With the Royal British Legion hosting, on November 10 the Queen will attend a Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall. She will attend a special service at Westminster Abbey the next day, in the company of German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, and of course will take her place at the Cenotaph commemoration at 11am, along with various other royals, politicians, and also members of the

Tower torches light the way

PAYING RESPECTS: This centenary year is particularly poignant.

They shall not grow old armed forces. In light of this particularly significant year, an extra 10,000 places for the annual march past the Cenotaph will be made available to those with an emotional connection to the Great

By John Redfern MY late Father was a sergeant in the Royal Marine Commando unit. This unit was formed by Winston Churchill and consisted of specially trained troops of the hunter class of men that were trained to butcher and bolt. My father kept a small, partially written diary which we only found after his death. The entries most of the time are just scribJune 6 1944 June 7 June 8 June 9                June 12              June 13               June 16               June 17               June 18               June 19               June 20               June 22                June 24                 June 25                 June 28                June 29                 July 1                  July 4                    August 26            August 27            August 28            August 30            September 17     November 1         November 5        

War (in addition to the usual number of 10,000 people). Inspired by the sight of poppies growing in battlescarred fields, in 1915 Canadian doctor Lieutenant Colonel John Mc-

Crae wrote the famous poem ‘In Flanders Fields.’ Before long, poppies made their way to the UK and became the symbol of the Royal British Legion when it was formed in 1921.

This year ’s Poppy Appeal is unsurprisingly the biggest ever, and the Legion hopes to raise £50 million (€56 million) for service men and women, veterans and their families. Lest we forget.

We will remember them bled in pencil, which he wrote during odd moments between gunfire, bombs and great trauma. He was just 17 when he enlisted - a common fib about his age recruiting sergeants were all too willing to believe. By the time he stormed the beaches of Normandy he was 20 years of age and had fought in Sicily, Italy and Africa, and had ac-

cumulated 10 medals including a King’s Commendation for landing by parachute in occupied countries. Excerpts from my old man’s diary from the D-Day landings. He was in the first wave of troops to land on Sword Beach.

Hell is breaking loose. Landed on French coast, fighting very grim, too many casualties first day to carry on. Still trying to fight but need reinforcements badly. Took stronghold four miles inland with aid of tanks. Got a few more men but still below strength. Made breakthrough, more men lost, also officer. Jerry sniping O O sends me and another sniper to get them, easy shots. Same - kills mounting up but jerry keeps cautious. Could do with good night’s sleep and some grub. Am in a lot of pain from shrapnel so went to quack. Doc asked me if I could carry on, fool me said yes instead of going to Blighty. TROOPS: The Can’t leave trench for shells. Royal Marine Back in trench - made another attack on fort, third one but losing too many men through mines. Commando unit. More shelling and mortaring. Miracle happened. Took fort with one casualty - looted a shop and got drunk on cognac. Terrible night - dive bombed. Out sniping, day OK, but night was grim, more bombing. Men’s spirits very low, trenches flooded , just sitting in water, don’t think I can stand much more. Still standing, new and green officer gives us a pep talk. First rest since D-Day, everyone needed it badly. Promoted, got three stripes and I cease to be a sniper. First haircut since landing, worse than shearing sheep. Finished rest, in line again holding Dunkirk pocket. We don’t have enough men for the job. In Belgium getting ready for another landing. Landed on Waicheren, even worse than D-Day. Never forget today, Guy Fawkes night, lost two very good friends and several good mates, one officer out of four left.

THE Tower of London is glowing in the light of 10,000 torches in a tribute to mark the centenary of the end of the First World War. Four years after the enormous display of poppies filled the Tower’s dry moat, the illuminated tribute is a reference to the moment that the lights metaphorically came back on after November 11, 1918. Last Sunday’s opening night began with a Yeoman Warder bringing a flame down from the Tower into the moat, which had been submerged in smoke. Dozens of representatives from the armed forces and volunteers, then used the flame to ignite thousands of other torches staked into, or placed on the ground underneath the Tower, bathing the moat in light. Altogether, the flames take about 45 minutes to light and then will burn for about four hours. The ceremony was accompanied by a sound installation featuring choral music, words from the war poet Mary Borden’s Sonnets to a Soldier, and a minute’s silence. The success of the 2014 Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red, which consisted of 888,246 ceramic poppies representing each British and colonial serviceman and woman killed in the war, meant that the Historic Royal Palaces were keen to mark the centenary of Armistice. The new installation, Beyond the Deepening Shadow: The Tower Remembers, has been designed by the same artist, Tom Piper. Members of the public are able to watch the ceremony free of charge every night, until the final showing on Remembrance Sunday.

9th - 15th November



9th - 15th November

by Barry Duke

‘SINCE that dreadful referendum, I’ve seen some vile things over the past two years. When I’ve objected, I’ve been called all sorts of names ... been accused of being anti-democratic, anti‘freedom of speech’. Well Britain, here we are …’ This message was posted on Facebook on Monday, by a woman called Gill Boomy. She was reacting with understandable fury to a report that a model of Grenfell Tower - complete with figures of terrified black children and adults - was consigned to a Guy Fawkes bonfire in London. The video of this sickening act, in which people were heard to cheer and laugh as the model went up in flames, went viral, and on Tuesday it was reported that five of the perpetrators had handed themselves over to the police. Two of them were Bobbi Connell, 19, and his father Cliff, 49 from South Norwood. How big of them to acknowledge that what they did went way past a joke. But what really angered me is

Nastiness is the new norm

that the victim card is now being played. A close relative said: “We’re in so much danger now. They didn’t want it to go this far. They are not racist. It’s been blown out of proportion. It was horrible what they’ve done. Let them try and forget it.” Let them forget it? Absolutely not! The five, plus one arrested later, are being investigated for a public order offence, and it’s reported that detectives will consider whether they can also be prosecuted for hate crimes. Which raises this question: will criminal charges ever be brought against David Mesher, the Birmingham man who was filmed calling Delsie Gayle, 77, an ‘ugly black b** ***d’ on a Ryanair flight last month? So far, I have seen no reports of action being taken against Mesher, but I did watch this vile individual tell the London Evening Standard ‘I am not a racist by any means.’ Shortly afterwards the Metro newspaper posted a video of an unidentified white man, racially abusing black staff in a branch of Sainbury’s in London.

SICKENING: A model of Grenfell Tower was burned on a bonfire in London.

The burning of the Grenfell Tower model, and the two videos showing black people being abused - within the space of a month - tells me that nastiness is fast becoming the new norm in Britain, and it’s no coincidence that this sort of behaviour has escalated to alarming levels following the Brexit vote. It’s also no coincidence that racists and xenophobes in the UK now feel empowered to ape their counterparts in America, who interpreted Trump’s presidential victory as a signal to exhibit the very worst of human behaviour. Not a day goes by without reports coming from the US of dramatically increased levels of hate crimes perpetrated against blacks, Hispanics, homosexuals, transgender people and especially Jews. Since Trump’s election, antiSemitic incidents in the US surged by 57 per cent in 2017 in a single year. What measures can be taken to reverse this deeply troubling trend? I have absolutely no idea. All I can say, is that I am so pleased that I chose to leave the UK when I did, and that living in Spain shields me to a degree from this sort of disgusting savagery.

Time for a ‘Preachathon’ SO, what is a Preachathon? Good question, and if you go to The Ermita San Josep in Benissa next Tuesday, starting at 11am, you can find out for yourself. The idea is that Father Marcus Ronchetti, Senior Chaplain of the Costa Blanca Anglican Chaplaincy, will prepare and preach a series of sponsored sermons to raise much-needed funds for the continuing work of the Chaplaincy (Church of England in Spain). Father Marcus will preach at the rate of €5 per minute, so the more sponsorship, the more sermons. Each individual sermon will be on an identified topic and will last about 20 minutes, with each sermon followed by a popular hymn. Depending on the sponsorship raised, the Preachathon could last an hour or two or even more, so the organisers have made it clear that anybody and everybody is free to drop in, even for a few minutes. Of course, you could support Father Marcus throughout this difficult challenge and stay to the end. Every Sunday, the Chaplaincy holds C of E services at seven churches in the north Costa Blanca. It also administers to the sick, conducts christenings, weddings and funerals, and supports a number of charities. If you would like more information, go to

9th - 15th November

RAFA Annual Flying Day


October hotel boost HOTEL occupancy in Benidorm finished the month of October with an average rate of 88 per cent, and shows some signs of the return to stability in the British tourism market. The figures released by the hoteliers association HOSBEC show that last month’s rate was one 10th more than for the same time last year, boosted by extra bookings during the last fortnight. Spanish visitors also made up 43.2 per cent of Benidorm’s trade compared to 44.2 per cent of those from the UK.

Cooler and warmer again FLYING HIGH: RAFA members and guests enjoyed a flight over Alicante.


HE Royal Air Force Association (RAFA) Annual Flying Day took place at the Muchamiel Airfield during the middle of October, and 42 members and guests assembled to enjoy a flight over the Alicante area. The Association was delighted to be joined by the Costa Blanca Branch of RAFA, and after the fly-

ing experience landed, everyone was treated to a tour of the hangars which added an extra special interest to the day. The excellent day was rounded off with an excellent meal at the airfield restaurant. For more details of the RAFA, visit the website at or e-mail: rafancb

THE Marina Baixa Hospital in Villajoyosa finally has a new and fully functioning air-conditioning system after breaking down during this August. The Ministry of Health has invested almost €700,000 in the new equipment, and the reason for the high cost has been due to their wish to ensure the work to replace the machinery could be completed in the fastest possible time. During the three months without the units, patients and staff were forced to use fans during the hottest days and extra blankets when the temperature dropped suddenly in the week after the clocks went back.


9th - 15th November

Photo credit: U3A Vall del Pop

TALENT: Some of the seasonal knitted figures created by the group.

U3A Vall del Pop knits for Christmas


H E Ya r n a n d Thread Group has just started its second year and meets twice each month at the Cappuccino Bar in Orba. There are presently 10 to 15 members at each meeting, where they get the opportunity of lots of discussion, demonstrations and tuition on all a s p e c t s o f t h e g r o u p ’s interests, as well as the opportunity to enjoy the

delicious refreshments on offer. During their first year they have successfully tried knitting, crochet, patchwork, and various embroidery techniques. The beauty of the group is that the members have a very wide range of yarn and thread skills, so you do not have to be an expert as there is always someone to give tuition.

Photo credit: Moftag Club

HUBBLE-BUBBLE: Three of the Moftag witches enjoying lunch.

Moftag Club lunch for Halloween THE Moftag witches celebrated Halloween with a lunch at The Buddha Castle Restaurant, on when else, but October 31. True to form, a fun time was had by all with a prize awarded for the best witch’s hat. When they are not cooking up spells for social events, the club is busy organising fundraising and

donations to support local charities. As the longest running Calpe Club (40 years) they also provide social activities for ladies to come together and make friends. If you would like to be part of this vibrant group whilst raising funds for the local community please contact the president, Jenny Godfrey, on 639 139 518.

The group are currently collecting knitted and crocheted squares to make a blanket for charity, as well as gathering ideas for their Christmas project of seasonal table mats. The group are very pleased to add more members but you will have to be a U3A member in order to join. For further information check the website

Click to book a cab ORDERING a taxi with just a click of a button is now possible in Benidorm. In addition, tourists from the UK can also now book their transfer from the airport to their hotel and have it waiting for them when they arrive. The new app has been welcomed by the official taxi sector who has accepted the introduction of the new technology with the aim of making the service which already moves thousands of passengers every day - more personal and efficient. Another measure that will solve problems and save money, has been the recent introduction of even more sevenseat taxis.


9th - 15th November

around the regions COSTA DEL SOL


TWO people have been arrested in Santa Pola by the Guardia Civil in connection with a bank scam involving an 80-year-old woman. The man and woman, aged 33 and 35, managed to get her to trust them to the extent that they would go to the bank on her behalf. In time, they managed to withdraw €23,000 from her account after getting hold of the PIN, and it wasn’t until the elderly woman went to the bank, that the scam was discovered. A bank employee asked why she had made so many withdrawals. Realising what had happened, she immediately went to the Guardia Civil. The arrested couple were released on bail.

M A R B E L L A’ S c o u n c i l h a s u n veiled plans costing tens of millions to convert a disused bullring into an arena for the city. T h e P l a z a d e To r o s i n P u e r t o Banus has not being used since 2010. The almost 3,000 square metre site, which has capacity for around 5,000 people, would be rebranded as the Marbella Arena under the plans. The Grupo Teatro Goya company has taken on the project and said it would spend some €30 million on converting the bullring. It is set to open as Marbella Arena in 2019, the company said. Cristobal Garre, Marbella Counc i l ’s e m p l o y m e n t s p o k e s p e r s o n , said the conversion would mark the latest chapter in the development

CREDIT: Juan Torres, via Twitter

Trusted Bullring couple bid arrested

ARENA PLANS: The site is set to be turned into an arena.

of the Puerto Banus area and would help create jobs. Plans for the arena include dividing its almost 3,000 square metres of space between a leisure area, a shopping section and a covered outdoor space. A total of 25 commercial premises have been incorporated into current plans for the site.

The Huerte Architects Studio has also been brought on board for the project. The company previously worked to convert the Vista Alegre Bullring in Bilbao, which is now a multi-purpose arena. Fernando Huerte, of the company, said the project was complicated at this stage but added carrying out the works would be ‘easy.’

Protocol activated after scabies case

ALTEA Town Council and the local department of health have activated a preventative protocol in the wake of a confirmed case of scabies. The infected child attends rhythmic gymnastics classes at Polideportiva de Altea, and in line with health guidelines, officials have written to the families of fellow students recommending they see a doctor or pediatrician, and offering preventative and treatment advice. Staff at the centre were also contacted. The immediate action was taken after the youngster’s mother reported her daughter’s condition to Altea Council’s Department of Sports on Tuesday. Public health officials in Marina Baixa were then consulted to find out what protocol should be put in place. Council leaders of both areas, Pere Barber and Diego Martinez, pointed out that while it is an ‘isolated case’ which has been ‘diagnosed and acted upon,’ guidelines must still be followed. Barber said: “The Department of Sports is acting with all the material which has been in contact with the case, and all the steps that the protocol indicated are being followed,” adding that this was possible because the child’s mother had reported the infection immediately. He said staff and directors ‘at the educational and sports centres who have had contact with the case have been informed’ so that everybody is following public health guidelines. Barber went on to say: “The rhythmic gymnastics classes and other sports activities will continue as normal, as long as the people affected, or who have had contact with the case, follow the established protocol. And Martinez pointed out that ‘it is not a serious illness and has a treatment, so there is no need to generate social alarm.’


9th - 15th November

Fiesta fever


OCALS in l’Alfas del Pi gathered in the town centre on Tuesday to watch the opening of the Festival of the Holy Christ of Good Success. More than 1,000 people attended the opening show, which featured performances from musician and entertainer Pablo Bloom and people from the town. A total of 41 clubs and groups are taking part in this year ’s festival. It runs until tomorrow. Vicente Arques, the mayor of l’Alfas, said the festival combined fun activities with a traditional religious offering. “We encourage you to participate in the variety of events we have scheduled for the festival,” the mayor said. Maia Skarveland and

CREDIT: l’Alfas council

PARTY TIME: The festival began last Tuesday.

Shannon Louise Abbott were crowned the queens of the festival for the second year running. Arques and Marisa Cortes, the council’s Festivals spokesperson, presented a group of 10 local girls with presents as a thank you for their taking part in the event. Events include the Day of the Blessed Sacrament which begins today (Friday) and

7pm. A procession for the Day of the Most Holy Christ of Good Success is set to take place tomorrow at 8pm. There is due to be masses at 12pm on both days. The council has put on a special bus service for the festival, with two buses travelling between l’Alfas’s Casa de Cultura and Avenida de l’Albir at 2.30am and 4.30am.


Open more hour OFFICIALS with the culture department of Altea Council have announced the opening hours for the town’s public library are set to be extended. The library will now open an hour earlier, bringing forward the time from 10am to 9am. Diego Zaragozi, the council’s Culture spokesperson, said the longer hours complemented recent extensions to study spaces in the library. “We have decided to open an hour early because there are more and more people using the library. “These measures aim to improve and expand services at the library,” Zaragozi said.

Vaccination drive

THREE open days of flu jabs have been announced by Altea’s councillor for Health and Social Welfare, Diego Martinez. Altea Health Centre will be issuing jabs on November 16, 23 and 30, from 3.30pm to

8pm, without prior appointment. Martinez said the aim of the ‘campaign’ is to ‘facilitate and encourage the population to be vaccinated against the flu.’ He added that people in ‘risk groups,’ such as

the young and elderly, as well as ‘those in contact with people belonging to these groups,’ should make the most of the opportunity to be vaccinated, and thanked all those involved in providing the service.

Euro debate ALTEA brought together 24 representatives from eight European countries who took part in a project called ‘Joining Paths to Build a Better Perception of Europe.’ The Casa de Cultura hosted two days of ‘Yourope’ work sessions which created a platform for a debate on ‘Euro-scepticism’ and an opportunity to establish the

guidelines for improving the perception of Europe and the union. Countries represented include d I t a l y, S l o v a k i a , P o l a n d , Greece, Belgium, Cyprus and Bulgaria. The outcome of the conference will be included in a report which will be presented to the European Parliament in 2020.


9th - 15th November


Welcome back Cosmos Photo credit: Ayuntamiento de Calpe


ALPE will soon welcome back a landmark sculpture that has been gone since the early 1980’s. Called Cosmo 62, the sculpture is the work of Andreu Alfaro, who crafted the piece of art in the 1960’s. Originally it was the property of José Huget, who developed the area known as Calpesa, and installed it near the current petrol station on the northern access to the municipality. However, years later it was sold to the Institut Valencià d’ Art Modern (IVAM) and moved to Valencia. In recent months, Calpe Council has met with representatives of IVAM and also with the heirs of Alfaro to see about regaining the landmark. They have had a

ORIGINAL: Cosmos 62 in the 60’s (inset) and the impression of its future setting. sympathetic response, with the heirs emphasising how Alvaro, who died in 2012, always created his works thinking about their setting and how they would form part of the surroundings. The plan is to install

the sculpture on a new roundabout not far from its original location. It would remain in situ for a minimum of five years. But the scheme does not come cheap. As well as paying for insurance, preparation

and transport, the council is spending €25,000 to restore the piece. The last time it was e x h i b i t e d , i t s u ff e r e d several graffiti attacks and the passage of time has also affected its condition.

Rocks tumble on promenade A ROCK slide has destroyed a hut at Calpe’s heliport after heavy rain dislodged two large rocks and sent them tumbling down the Penyal d’ifach, on to the promenade below. One hit the hut, demolishing it completely, while another hit a wall before ending up on the promenade itself. Fortunately the timing of the slip which was in the early hours of the morning, meant no-one was around to be injured. But it raises worries about the stability of the cliffs that tower over the beach, although it is thought that the rocks came from slopes, rather than

the cliff face itself. It is not the first time the area has been affected by a landslip. The entire steep slope beneath the vertical cliff wall on the south face of the natural park, is full of stones which have been falling for decades. During the torrential rains of October 2007, the promenade was in the firing line of a much bigger landslip than the one suffered last week. L a s t We d n e s d a y, Calpe workers sealed off the affected stretch of promenade to keep walkers at a safe distance, and a warning sign alerting people to the risk of landslips, was put up.


9th - 15th November

Advertising Feature

How diabetes affects the eyes

TO mark World Diabetes Day on November 14, Specsavers Opticas are offering free eye tests in their stores and providing advice and information on how diabetes sufferers can protect their eyesight. “Over 425 million people are currently living with diabetes. Thankfully most cases are well controlled, so the condition doesn’t affect the eyes, but each store will usually see two to three diabetes sufferers with diabetic retinopathy each year, who do require medical intervention. “We expect that to increase as the number of diabetes sufferers are on the rise”, commented Mike Stone from Specsavers Opticas in Javea and Calpe. He added: “The good news is that early diagnosis, a healthy lifestyle and the right treatment can stop blindness through dia-

HIGH TECH: Specsavers have the equipment to check for Diabetic Retinopathy. betes. Knowledge is power with this kind of condition, so we’ve put together some useful information on diabetes and the eye, and are offering free eye

tests and information in store on November 14.” What is Diabetic Retinopathy? Diabetic Retinopathy, a con-

dition which affects vision, occurs when the blood vessels in the retina are damaged by the changes in blood sugar levels. This leads to blurry vision which can often come and go throughout the day. If untreated, the condition can become more serious, resulting in the network of blood vessels which supply the retina suffering permanent damage. This can result in irreversible vision loss. To avoid sight loss and other common side effects of diabetes, such as heart disease, stroke and kidney failure, it is important that blood sugar levels, blood pressure and cholesterol levels are controlled. In many cases this can be

achieved through good nutrition and healthy eating rather than medication, so with the right information you can take control of diabetes and lead a full life. Not all diabetes causes sight loss, but it is important to have regular screenings and eye tests so that any problems or changes can be monitored. Most complications can be treated, however it is vital that they are detected early. Once vision is lost, it cannot be restored. There are five Specsavers Opticas on the Costa Blanca, all offering advanced eye tests using a digital retinal camera, allowing the optician to take a detailed picture of the back of the eye. These eye tests are able to detect the signs of Diabetic Retinopathy. If the signs are identified during an eye test, patients are referred to a doctor for further tests and treatment.

To book your eye test and find your nearest store visit


9th - 15th November

money FOR the fifth month in succession, Spain has seen an increase in the number of mortgages being signed. Compared to August 2017, those for the same month this year (the latest available) show there was a rise of 6.8 per cent and maintaining the upward trend. The figures, published by the Spanish National Institute of Statistics (INE), showed that 40.2 per cent of the mortgages were fixedrate. The five consecutive months of growth over the year in the sector, show that the mortgage market is on a positive and stable track and everything points towards the trend continuing into September. One of the key issues in recent months has been the Supreme Court’s recent ruling that banks are liable to pay the taxes relating to registering new mortgages. José Luis Martínez Campuzano, spokesperson for the Spanish Banking Association (AEB), emphasised the need to ‘provide the market

Mortgages on the up

TREND: Increases in mortgages up almost 7 per cent in one year.

with legal protection, clear and predictable regulations, in order to preserve the smooth operation of the mortgage sector’, but nevertheless welcomed the data as confirming the ever improving conditions for financing property purchases with a mortgage loan. Although it is agreed that

it will take some time for the effects of the Supreme Court ruling on mortgage taxes reflected in the national statistics, it is expected that they will be minimal and that the mortgage market will continue its trend towards getting back to normal. INE data for August

showed that the average mortgage for buying a house was €122,424, an increase of 9.8 per cent compared to August 2017. In total, the amount of money loaned by banks in August to buy property in Spain reached €3.52 billion, 17.3 per cent more than in the previous year.

Cash-free society nearer ACCORDING to the results of a recent survey, around 20 per cent of the UK population now walk around without any money in their pockets. Not only do they never pass any coins to a cashier, they now pay for everything by card or online, with many saying the reason for doing so is that it makes them feel safer not having cash on them. This accounts for almost 11 million people. The research from GoCompare, suggests that the figure will increase to as many as 60 per cent of people classing themselves as ‘cashless’. During 2017, cards replaced cash as the most common form of way to pay, and now contactless payments alone account for more than notes and coins. As a result, the Royal Mint has already halved the number of coins it produces as vast numbers of the population simply don’t use them any more. Interestingly, according to the study, it’s the under 25’s that still prefer to use cash with adults between 40 and 60 years old embracing the modern technology of contactless payments. At a time when thousands of ATMs look set to vanish from our streets as the Link network battles to compete with the likes of Visa and Mastercard, separate research also out from the Post Office points to Britons remaining tech-free in a range of stubbornly cash-based transactions, from car park payments to pocket money.

Advertising Feature

Premierbus modern luxury at the best price PREMIERBUS believe that safety is paramount, as is regular training for their drivers and mechanics. They are Benidorm’s leading private coach hire operator, with a modern fleet of luxury, air-conditioned coaches available for hire, all built to exceptional specifications and maintained regardless of cost. Their drivers are experts, and your journey is planned by professionals with years of experience. Nothing is left to chance. They are ready to go wherever you want, whenever you want, and will meet the earliest plane, boat or train, wide

awake and ready to go. Transfers, sightseeing, business trips, day trips or extended tours. You name it, they’ll do it. First class, flexible and friendly, they operate 365 days per year, 24 hours per day. What more could you want from your coach company? They have services for individuals and companies. If you need a transfer to an airport, you can count on Premierbus. They can take you to Alicante, Valencia, Murcia, all with the best quality and the best price.

The large team of smart, professional drivers are the best in the business. It takes a special type of man or woman to be a s u c c e s s f u l c o a c h d r i v e r. The technical challenge of driving and navigating a vehicle on increasingly busy roads is just part of the equation. People skills are equally important, time and time and again clients call them after a booking with praise for their Premierbus driver.

THE BEST: Premierbus travel all over Europe. Managing the progress of a journey, whether it’s a one-day sightseeing trip to the seaside or a two-week tour of Europe, requires confident decision making and people skills, together with a positive, ‘can do’ attitude. Their drivers are proud to drive their coaches, and the end result is a top-quality ser-

966 811 091 - 902 099 600 • Email : Av. Comunidad Valenciana S/N • 03503 Benidorm, Alicante.

vice for all their clients. Excursions are available throughout Spain and Europe, with a professional guide, or take a trip locally to an event or simply have a night out where no one has to worry about driving. Do not worry, what happens at Premierbus, stays at Premierbus. For their customers this means top quality service in every respect, with comfort, safety and value for money their top priorities.


9th - 15th November

FOOD Focus

Come for the food, stay for the fun A WARM welcome awaits friends old and new at Colours in Albir. Many ‘punters’ speak affectionately about the bar and restaurant, describing it as a little taste of home and a place where friends can meet. The real stars of this newly refreshed bar-restaurant are the new owners Ryan and Matt. Their wonderful combination of service and high-quality food and drink ensures every visit is memorable. Ryan, who is highly customer focused, said, “if somebody asked for something that was not on the menu we would try to deliver. “As long as it isn’t Lobster Frittata,” he joked. The bar stocks favourites such as J o h n S m i t h s , S t r o n g b o w C i d e r, Guinness and Kopparberg to name a few. Happy hour is from 6pm to 8pm, a great chance to sample fresh cocktails that range from the classics to modern day twists. There’s a great selection of wines and spirits, or try the ‘something to celebrate’ special offer.

TASTE OF HOME: Ryan and Matt are waiting to welcome new neighbours and friends. Once you have selected your tipple, grab a table and see what’s on their menu of deliciously British fare. Worth a mention is the Colour quiz held every Tuesday from 2pm, and the tasty buffet night every Saturday, with drinks till late. Calle Ruperto Chapi, 4, 1a Edif Capitolio II Albir 03581

Winning combination at The Nags Head THE perfect combination of offering a quality product at the right price, keeping the menu fresh, and giving customers an all-round excellent experience is the secret to success at The Nags Head in Benidorm. In fact, owners Heidi and partner Sam, say it is essential. Heidi added: “I like to think it explains why we have so many people come back to us again and again... they become friends as well as valued customers.” Thanks also to the loyal, hard-working team of staff, The Nags Head has built up an excellent reputation, attracting customers from Moraira and Pedreguer, where the partners also own two Monroes Carvery’s, as well as a more international clientele. Entering The Nags Head has been compared to walking into the famous Doctor Who Tardis, as cus-

WARM GREETING: At The Nags Head. tomers are greeted by an unexpectedly large venue and surrounding terrace. Once inside, diners can enjoy a three-course carvery of beef and pork accompanied by a delicious selection of fresh vegetables and the ‘very best roasties’ for €9.99. And those with room after the

choice of starters, too, can try as many of the desserts as they please. The Nags Head is open from noon - 11pm. Avda Europa 11 Benidorm, 03503 965 868 864 www.thenagshead EMEMBER, remember the fifth of November. RTN celebrated Bonfire Night in style at the spectacular Oceana Club’s BBQ and fireworks display. Having visited the Oceana Club and enjoying a fantastic Halloween night celebration a week before, RTN was expecting something pretty stunning and wasn’t disappointed. Bonfire Night aka Fireworks Night, aka Guy Fawkes Night traditionally marks the anniversary of the end of the plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament in 1605. Jody and Franco, the main conspirators of this plot, greeted their guests with genuine affection. They seem to be experts in creating a positive atmosphere, it’s a joyous place, relaxed with an exultant vibe as if everyone leaves their problems at the door before entering. We joined revellers as the clear night sky was floodlit with an arresting fireworks display. Guests tucked into food and drink and settled in for a fun night of live music. Those who chose to sit outside, on what can only be described as a cruise ship deck lit with strings of lights with an expansive view of the endless Mediterranean Sea, sipped on their drinks before dining. Anyone showing signs they may be feeling a little cold were furnished with fluffy soft blankets and extra gas fires soon warmed up the deck. Oceana Club’s choreographed pyrotechnic performance certainly had stamina, with an array of illuminations that kept everyone firmly fixated. It was only trumped by the specially-selected memorable food. A chef barbecued different marinated meats which were then set on individual plates by meticulous artists and expertly delivered by a super-efficient crew of professionals who, as usual, adorned their festive faces to share smiles with the guests and join in the fun. Speaking of fun, the dancing waiter was in fine fettle moving his body like a salsaholic taking time out of his du-


FOOD Focus

9th - 15th November


Ooooh, ahhhh, wow: they did it again

A FANTASTIC NIGHT: Of live music, excellent food and a memorable fireworks display.

ties to dance with willing guests. As the impressive fireworks exploded glitter across the

panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea Cubano music performed by Yumi and Arly set the tone for a real live

musical treat. Franco handed out sparklers to the children and some adults insisted they have one too which spiked a rush-on for everyone else. “We always try to ensure a warm family feel where everyone can watch the display in safety. You sense a real community spirit and it’s great to see so many families enjoying the event.” There were many stars of the show, but one that stood out was the Broil king Barbecue the chefs were cooking and smoking the meat on ready for plating. The company which provided the robust

cooking station was in attendance. Mr Wayne Warner, Director of Broil King Spain and passionate about the premium Barbecue said The Broil King is the only true gas grill and made in North America, sought after by famous chefs and high-end restaurants and those who know the advantage of buying quality. Mr Warner sat around a large table with his wonderful family and also commented that like the Broil King company his business was also family-run which always gives a company a heightened sense of trust and dedication to their clients. A big group of people gained a double-whammy of fireworks celebration and birthday party taking advantage of the head chef ’s famous skill for cooking an authentic paella. The night was a hit for the whole family. Oceana Club you did it again: what a banging night!


9th - 15th November

FOOD Focus

WOOKY HOLLOW: The local’s living room

Something for everyone IF you were to look up Wooky Hollow in the dictionary it would say: a place that serves massive portions of home cooked food on plates the size of platters, which combines a family friendly daytime vibe with a lively atmosphere at night. Their unique blend of traditional and modern décor is the perfect setting for a carvery meal and classic pub lunch. They have a huge selection of starters, mains, and tempting desserts. There’s something for everyone. Wooky Hollow’s carvery is served daily, alongside their menu of pub favourites. Choose from three superblycooked meats, or go for their veggie option. Whatever tickles your fancy.

The carvery is served with Yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes, stuffing, veg, and gravy. Their food is full of flavour and they believe that great tastes should be at the heart of every meal. They strive to bring you a menu that reflects the preferences of the whole family. From traditional roasts, to more modern options, healthy eaters to vegetarians, there’s plenty on their menu to satisfy everyone. Availability: Places still available for 1.00pm sitting only. Please message their Facebook page or visit or call the bar direct to reserve your booking. Calle Gerona, 19 Benidorm 03503 649 603 660

Move over coffee, this is a job for Champagne EVITA, like a lot of us, had a dream of starting a life in Spain. But Evita’s dreams included sharing her talent, skills and love of all beautiful things Mediterranean. So @Evita lounge restaurant was born, creating a vision and space where fresh, flavoursome food, delicious beverages and live entertainment found a home in a stylish, spacious and exciting eatery. @Evita wants to make her love for the Mediterranean and Burgundian life accessible to everyone in every way with local, honest and fresh products presented in surprising ways. You will see this when you come to @Evita’s and embark on your own culinary journey. Experience how the vision of the chef’s pure, traditional cuisine brings Mediterranean food to life. @Evita is also available

@EVITA: Where good times and good food come together. for dinner parties and events in all surrounding locations. @Evita will create a unique experience for your guests using fresh and local produce to create delicious Mediterranean food. Call now for a quote on prices and to make a booking. @Evita is where passion and Spanish ambiance suc-

cessfully merge. Enjoy their Mediterranean Happas, delicious dishes and selection of wines in a nice cosy atmosphere, close to the beach in the beautiful Partida Las Marinas, km 2 Centro Comercial El Poblet 156 03700 Dénia., España Tel.: 0034 685 810 352 info@at-evita.e


ON VENT serves to celebrate the club Nautica and its extraordinary location and nautical theme by offering a culturally significant and inspiring menu showcasing a magnificent production of Spanish food and wine. The philosophy that drives Bon Vent: The restaurant is all about the provenance of the food they are serving. The menu is very much crafted in partnership with local producers from across the town with whom their chefs work together every day. It’s a two-way process: they’re responding to what’s in season and the best of what producers are bringing them, but on another level. They are planning menus a season or two ahead, working hand-in-glove with their producers to develop ingredients tailored to Bon Vent’s menus. They’ve made sure the dining experience at Bon Vent is accessible and flexible. Their cooking is not overly technical and tricky - it’s robust and direct - allowing the pure flavours of the ingredients to sing. They have enjoyed developing a whimsical dessert menu based on traditional Spanish sweets, and the wine list, similarly - is a reflection of the best of Spanish - without taking itself too seriously. They are truly excited to be creating food that honours this iconic space and its extraordinary nautical seaside theme. Bon Vent’s menus are a reflection of where the culture of Spanish food is today.

FOOD Focus

9th - 15th November


For those who work from nine ‘til wine

REAL TREAT: It’s also about the location and the food.


9th - 15th November

FOOD Focus

Welcome to the Twist and shout House of Fun

EETCAFÉ PINOCCHIO has a gentle, civilised atmosphere that can soon kick up a notch as the night goes on. The open-plan bar features a mix of wooden high-back dining chairs for maximum comfort, alongside spacious tables. The attentive staff flit from table to table like hummingbirds, collecting and delivering and making you feel welcome. Don’t be surprised if you walk in and the punters are doing a sit-down version of the conga, this soon turns into a house of fun. Hans Raap plays people’s favourite tunes on the keyboard and the crowd can stand up and sing along, or dance like no one is watching. Grab a partner or some-

SPOILT FOR CHOICE: Relax or party, the choice is yours. body else’s and go for a carefree spin on the dance floor. Get up late and go for brunch to start your day right, or adjourn there for a spot of lunch, relax after work, meet up with friends or plan a celebration. Eetcafé Pinocchio’s

unique combination of service and high quality food and drink will make every visit memorable. You also have the option of watching the sports on the many TV screens located around the bar whilst eating lunch or dinner. Try their spectacular sal-

ads, Mediterranean and northern European flavours. You can sample an assortment of starters, mixed grill and burgers or just simply have a cone of chips. Put the day behind you and relax on the terrace and enjoy the views only a frontline bar in Benidorm can offer. Pinocchio provides beach services and great low prices: settle yourself on the beach knowing the food is prepared in a professional kitchen and that you don’t have to be tempted by the street vendors. The bar is located on Av. Madrid, 13, 03503 Benidorm, Alicante. Call 966 807 707.

SWINGING SIXTIES: The night of 60’s classics should not be missed.


HE greatest musical era of the 20th century comes alive with a nostalgic and fun-filled musical journey through the sights and sounds of t h e s w i n g i n g 6 0 ’s , when skirts got shorter and hair got longer. Sing and dance along with a cast of leading performers to the music of The Beatles, Gerry & The Pacemakers, The Rolling Stones, Cilla Black, Manfred Mann, Dusty Springfield, Lulu,

H e r m a n ’s Hermits, Sandy Shaw and many more. This musical powerhouse of a show starts with the explosion of Brit Pop in 1962, through to the era of flower power and free love of the late 60’s. Featuring incredible performances and beautiful bespoke costumes, Tw i s t a n d S h o u t w i l l transport you back to a decadent decade that everyone either loved, or would have loved to have lived through. A non-stop feast of music featuring a live band delivers a musical powerhouse of a show that includes hits such as: She Loves You, Glad A l l O v e r, Yo u ’ r e M y World, Jumpin’ Jack Flash, Something Tells Me I’m In to Something G o o d , S h o u t , M r Ta m bourine Man, Ferry Cross the Mersey to name but few. This show will leave you on your feet and dancing in the aisles, and takes place on Sund a y, N o v e m b e r 1 8 a t 8.30pm at Benidorm Palace, price: €25 a ticket. For more information call 965 851 660, or email: info@benidorm

FOOD Focus

A place far above the ordinary N T E R C o l l i e r ’s Bar in Benidorm and you are sure of a warm welcome. The main bar has a number of high and lowlevel seating areas including small snug lounges where you can enjoy a bit more privacy. All the seating areas have a great view of a huge TV screen located inside. It is the perfect place for people to mingle and enjoy the tranquil setting on the outside seating where you can people watch and catch the warmth from the sun. T h e y h a v e C a ff r e y ’s a n d Te n n e n t s l a g e r o n tap with an additional six draught beers and ciders. Collier’s Bar is a wellknown, bustling establishment within Old Town Benidorm. The bar is popular with locals but also enjoys a steady stream of visitors


WARM WELCOME: You will feel right at home.

to Benidorm who are attracted by the Scottish feel to the venue and the fact that there is a regular programme of varied genres of music, creating a great atmosphere as day turns to night. The bar is ideally situated for tourists due to the close proximity to a

string of local hotels and guest houses. A warm welcome awaits old and new friends with music and televised live sports events. Calle del Pal 5, 03501 Benidorm Open: Noon - 4am.

Get battered


ANCY kicking your batter recipes up a notch? Why not try adding a little beer to give classics such as fish and chips and onion rings a bit of a kick. Beer batter pairs great with the tipple of the same name. It is easy to make and can be whipped up in no time. Choosing how to make batter comes down to a question of taste. It can be thin, thick, crispy or chewy. Adding beer to batter, along with a little baking powder, gives it the airy feel of a classic chippy fish. To make it you will need one cup o f f l o u r, o n e t e a s p o o n o f b a k i n g powder, one teaspoon of salt and

one and a quarter cups of beer. Be sure to have some spare flour on hand for dredging. If chewy batter as opposed to the crispy variety is more to your liking then throw in an egg. First put your flour, baking powder and salt in a mixing bowl. Then pour in the beer and whisk until smooth. If you’re making fish you will need to dry it with a paper towel and dredge it in flour before battering and deep frying for five to eight minutes. Onion rings require thicker batter. Be sure to keep a little beer aside to enjoy with your chippy-style fish when it’s finished.

9th - 15th November



9th - 15th November

FOOD Focus

Great taste from the right place RESTAURANT BOMMEL is an authentic yet, contemporary Spanish restaurant in Denia. The Spanish believe that if something is worth doing then it must be at least fun. Restaurant Bommel is certainly fun and a whole lot more. Serving an a la carte menu that has been created in collaboration from a fusion of Spanish and Dutch flavours, meat dishes with Latino influences, steak and schnitzel and their spare ribs and Dutchstyle marinade are always worth a special mention. Whether you’re booking an intimate dinner or looking to stage a birthday party for adults or children or just a get-together with friends, they have the perfect space for your event. They also present regular live music every Friday and Saturday.

LOVELY!: A special cake for a special day.

Café bar is the perfect urban oasis

SPACIOUSLY SPANISH: Plenty of room in the comfortable restaurant. The restaurant is so close to the beach you can smell the briny air. If your scene is live sports, they will put that on for you including the English Premier League football. Several dishes are raved about in social media including their beefsteak with pepper or mushroom sauce for

a melt in the mouth flavour experience. The menu of the day is also excellent with a bottle of wine included. Las Marinas Carrer Les Bovetes Km.3, Centro Comercial Las Brisas num. 1920 03700 Dénia, Alicante 966 423 721 Open every day 8.00-23.00

THE LOFT is popular with locals but always enjoys a stream of visitors from Europe and further afield. Their large sunny terrace is a popular place to sit and relax while being attended to by a dedicated staff who serve up cocktail jugs, snacks and Mediterranean-style small plates, while the main menu offers a la carte from a wide selection of fresh home-made dishes, meat, pizzas, plump sandwiches and much more. The Loft is an all-day dining haunt, offering breakfast from variations of full montys, toasties, brunch, lunch and traditional English cream teas in the afternoon, or an early dinner sitting. It’s one of the most talked about cafes for their home-made cakes and high teas, and they’re worth the hype. Overall, it’s a delight of dynamic British dishes. Not to mention the presentation, which is beautiful, and definitely worthy of a share on Facebook. The Loft believes that a café bar-restaurant is as much about the ambience, good conversation and laughter, as it is the quality of the food and drinks. The space is warm, the lighting soft and the drinks abundant. Large groups are welcome and the Loft will be doing Christmas parties and Christmas Day dinners this year. Address: Carrer del Pintor Lozano, 6, 03501 Benidorm Old Town Hours: 9am -10pm

FOOD Focus

Chicken is their identity H E T H E R i t ’s crispy or g r i l l e d , Tr o p i Chicken’s poultry is fresh. Choose from a variety of crispy or grilled chicken dishes served with delicious side orders and desserts, and enjoy with your choice of their sauces. Tropi Chicken is more than a take away - they also have a free delivery service and space for people to eat in. Why not surprise the family or your friends w i t h a Tr o p i C h i c k e n roast whole or half chicken with delicious fries, or you have the option to choose juicy nuggets or succulent wings. They are not just about serving the b e s t c h i c k e n i n A l b i r, they also offer up an awesome paella, their plate of the day, and the favourite of the British: fish and chips. They say life is about choice, so Tropi Chicken has also included on their menu some more favourite comfort food dishes to give their customers even more choice: cheeseburgers, lasagne, portions of pasta as well as a selection of salads and Ve n e z u e l a n empanadas (savoury pastries). They also have a selection of drinks to accompany your food. Great tasting, great value food, with something to suit everyone. Tropi Chicken will deliver to your home or office.


Calle: Manuel de falla #2 local 3 L’Albir 03581 653 600 535

DELICIOUS: Juicy spit-roasted chicken.

9th - 15th November


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9th - 15th November


Shearman’s world by Mark Shearman


FEW years ago I was lucky enough to sell some of my paintings in ‘labels and tables’ La Nucia. Because of this I received a strange invitation to a barbecue high up in the Aitana Mountains on the Costa Blanca. The man on the other end of the telephone asked me to bring samples of my work. That was it. When I arrived through the high security gates I felt a little angst and with anticipation. I was wondering if I should have armed myself after seeing eight people were stood around a large barbecue grill quaffing beers from cans. On the grill stood pots of wax mixed with colour pigment. A table adjacent had rows of different sized candles, various pallet knives, and a box of sponges cut into pieces. Turns out he wanted to know if it was possible to create art on a candle using wax and had invited local artists from different nationalities. The best four would be invited to mass produce candles for a price. That was the first time I had ever heard of encaustic painting, and even though the dodgy fella turned out to be a scammer, the experience was worth it. Anything can be achieved with wax and the willingness to fail a little at first. Encaustic painting involves the use heated beeswax, paraffin, soy and other plant waxes to which coloured pigments are added. The liquid-paste is applied to a surface, usually wood or canvas, but other materials can be used. Encaustic was developed by Ancient Greek ship builders who added pigments to the hot wax they used to repair their ship’s hulls. Some of the earliest examples of encaustic art are paintings attached to mummies in ancient Egypt about 3,000 years ago. I have been applying wax to candles, especially to hurricane candles which burn through leaving the outside intact. The effect is superb. The technique is simple. Use a temperature-controllable hot plate. Crumble a cheap plain candle into a stainless or metal shot size pot or muffin tins and add powder pigment with a teaspoon. Know the characteristics of your pigments. Whether they’re transparent or opaque will influence how much pigment you use. Don’t use too much pigment if there’s not sufficient wax to stick it down, otherwise the wax will flake. Practice until you get the best consistency ratio.

Decorating candles using encaustic painting

FINE ART: Lines can be carved into candles with a knife. Techniques for applying the wax Use pieces of sponge, a pallet knife, an old thin paint brush, and for detailed work a bristle-less thin paint brush with a metal end. Start sponging backgrounds like skies and seas, form boats and sailing ships, dipping a pallet knife into the hot wax, moving it along letting the wax slip off. With practice you can judge the speed needed to apply thick or thin lines and pallet knife larger areas in. Almost drizzle the wax at the same time as spreading it. On a wax background you can trim back with a knife and repair mistakes if you go over. Paint layer after layer to raise a surface for a motif and also paint the side of hurricane candles for more complex work as the exterior stays intact, you can place a tea light candle inside and keep reusing it. Safety and further practice Apart from the obvious: breathing in the fumes, heat from the wax, and the hot plate, the other thing is to not over heat the wax and don’t dip a pallet knife, brush

WAX LYRICAL: Candles can be used to make artwork.

or anything into a colour that is loaded with a different colour. Dip your tools into the right colour then wipe it to clean it. Practice on cheap candles as you can scrape them clean for another try until you get a feel for it. Once you have it down, the next step is to buy a large expensive candle. I don’t think it’s necessary to purchase Carnauba wax or Beeswax. Using cheap clear candles crumble and melt, add powder pigments (from any art shop) or oil paints and adding Damar resin is enough. Damar resin is mixed with beeswax to harden it and raise its melting temperature. It also keeps the wax translucent preventing blooming (whitening). It can be polished to a glossy shine. Wax melts at 65 degrees Celsius. Try some wax crayons and a cheap candle. Dip a sponge into the hot wax and dab it onto any surface and use a pallet knife to make lines.

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9th - 15th November

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9th - 15th November

Prepositions - time and place Basic Spanish for everyday needs

by Jane Cronin

TODAY it’s the turn of prepositions - yet another member of that large family of words. As usual, it is quite clear what these are by their name. They are to do with the position of something. There are prepositions of place, words like ‘near, under, next to, opposite’, and there are also prepositions of time, for example ‘before’ and ‘after’. In all cases, we are positioning something, in place or time, in relation to something else ‘under the table’, ‘before 2 o’clock’ . In Spanish, most but not all prepositions place the word ‘de’ between themselves, and the thing they are expressing a relationship with. I will explain. The word for ‘near ’ is ‘cerca’. We can use this on its own, for example

‘Está cerca’ means ‘It is near’ (obviously we already know what it is near, we are just not stating it). The complete sentence would be ‘Está cerca de la ventana’ (It is near the window). In your own mind you might think this is like ‘it is near to the window’, but putting little English words in doesn’t work in all cases, so it is best to avoid it. The word for under is ‘debajo’, so ‘under the table’ is ‘debajo de la mesa’. ‘Next to’ is ‘al lado’ (literally meaning ‘at the side’). We might say ‘vivo al lado’ which would translate into English as ‘I live next door’. ‘Vivo al lado del a y u n tamiento’ ‘I live next to (or next door to) the town hall’. This example shows up another small point to take on board here, which is very simple. When the word ‘de’ is followed by the word ‘el’ (the), they join together to form one word, ‘del’. We know this of course because of ‘menu del día’ (set meal of the day).

The last of our four examples is ‘opposite’. Remember this means ‘opposite’ in position, not something like an opposite point of view which is ‘contrario’. ‘The bank is opposite the church’. ‘El banco está enfrente de la iglesia’. I hope you have noticed and remembered as well, that we express position with the verb ‘estar’. The same principle occurs with prepositions of time. ‘I’ll call you after (afterw a r d s ) ’ . ‘ Te l l a m o d e spués’. ‘I’ll call you after the ap-

pointment’ ‘Te llamo después de la cita’. ‘Let’s have a drink before lunch’. ‘Vamos a tomar algo antes de comer’. This second example leads us to a very useful point about prepositions of time, which is that they can go before nouns (names of things like ‘the appointment’) and they can also go before verbs in the infinitive ‘comer’ (to have lunch). ‘I have a coffee after swimming’. ‘Tomo un café después de nadar’. Now, there are a few prepositions which are not followed by the magic word ‘de’, but I think at this stage we can live with that! Here are three common ones: ‘en’ (on, in) ‘sobre’, (on, over, about), ‘entre’ (between). Interestingly, all three can be used as prepositions of place and time. For example: ‘Mi perro está en el salón’. ‘Mi cumpleaños es en Septiembre’. ‘Mi casa está entre el banco y l a f a r m a c i a ’ . ‘ Te l l a m a r é e n t r e Lunes y Jueves’. ‘El florero está sobre la mesa’. ‘La actuación termina sobre las 10’. See you next week!

Sweet dreams are made of this by Colin Bird The opinions published in Colin’s weekly column are not necessarily representative of those of the publishers, advertisers or newspaper sponsors. HAVE you ever been sound asleep only to find on waking that it has not been hours, but merely minutes since you closed your eyes? It happened to me the other night. I had been watching ‘News at 10’ for 15 minutes, before drifting into the land of nod. The next thing I knew, the princess was shaking me and suggesting I go to bed. I thought I must have been out for an hour or so, but there was Mary Nightingale winding up the news with the last story of the night, indicating that my snooze had lasted no more than a few minutes. It brought back a distant memory of one particular night, and the day before we were due to depart for our annual fortnight at the seaside. We were going to Margate, and my parents had kindly offered to take along my

SNOOZE: 40 winks can seem like 40 hours… best mate Tommy, who lived with his struggling widowed mum and three siblings, none of whom had ever seen the sea before. This was in the days when poverty truly meant poverty. Because we had an early start the next

morning and needed to catch the trolley bus into town at some stupid hour, we were sent to bed at eight. We were both very much awake to start with, and we chatted in hushed tones about the days ahead. But soon, Tommy

closed his eyes and was gone. What! Here was I, a seasoned traveller who had seen it all before, unable to even think about closing my eyes, and Tommy the vacation virgin softly snoring next to me as if tomorrow was just another day. Next to Christmas, this was the most stupendous day of the year and the culmination of weeks of feverish anticipation, but there was Tommy buzz-sawing it away, dead to the world. After a few minutes of this, I decided enough was enough, so shaking him vigorously I announced that it was 6am and my mum had called us to go downstairs for a wash before we got dressed. He had no idea that he had been sleeping for less than half an hour, and as I crept on to the landing I had to stifle my giggles as I heard the surprised exclamations from my parents as Wee Willy Winkie presented himself in the living room. My erstwhile friend is now a peer of the realm and for obvious reasons, I cannot name him. But although we keep a tenuous link through the exchange of Christmas cards each year - mine with cute little robins, and his always depicting the Houses of Parliament - I wonder if he remembers that night so many years ago, and the people who gave him his first glimpse of the sea.


9th - 15th November

What’s On FRIDAY NOVEMBER 9 24 Hr Chemists: Benidorm - Avda. Ibiza, 6 Esq. Avda. Europa, 12, C/. Virgen De La Almudena, 34 Ed. Novasol, Avda. Mediterráneo, 29 Ed. Coblanca 41 Loc. 1 Villajoyosa - C/. Pati Fosc, 31 Alfaz Del Pi - Avda. País Valencià, 44 La Nucia - C/. Alicante, 8 Altea - C/. Beniardá, 2 Benissa - C/. Alacant, 24 Calpe - Avda. De Los Almendros, 15 Markets: Moraira Alfaz del Pi DENIA - The 13th Guiame Tapas Route (on until November 18). Forty local bars, cafes and restaurants taking part offering a superb tapa and a drink for €3. CASTALLA - Tapas Route every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in November. There are 28 different bars, cafes and restaurants offering a tapa and a drink for €2.50.

SATURDAY NOVEMBER 10 24 Hr Chemists: Benidorm - Avda. Ibiza, 6 Esq. Avda. Europa, 12, Avda. Mediterráneo, 29 Ed. Coblanca 41 Loc. 1 Villajoyosa - C/. Relleu, 20-22 Alfaz del Pi - C/. Bulevar Los Musicos, 18 Fase 2 Bj. Ed.Viminal La Nucia - Av. Coloma, Nº1-Loc.9 (Zona Com. Plaza Del Sol) Altea - Avda. Comunidad Valenciana, 6 Benissa - C/. Alacant, 24 Calpe - C/. La Niña, 7 Markets: Benissa Calpe DENIA - The 13th Guiame Tapas Route (on until November 18). Forty local bars, cafes and restaurants taking part offering a superb tapa and a drink for €3. ONDARA - Annual Fira de Fires during every weekend until the end of November, and in a number of different locations. This weekend, tasting locally produced products, fairground rides in the public park, and a National Dog Competition. CASTALLA - Tapas Route every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in November. There are 28 different bars, cafes and restaurants offering a tapa and a drink for €2.50.

SUNDAY NOVEMBER 11 24 Hr Chemists:

DO NOT MISS Remembrance Day Weekend PEOPLE across the Costa Blanca are proudly wearing their poppies in readiness for this weekend’s Remembrance Day. While Remembrance Day services have become an increasingly traditional part of the second Sunday in November for a number of years among the expat community, this year’s has particular significance. It’s not only 100 years since the end of the ‘Great War,’

Benidorm - Avda. L’aiguera Ed. Gemelos Xvii-Local, Avda. Ibiza, 6 Esq. Avda. Europa, 12, Avda. Mediterráneo, 29 Ed. Coblanca 41 Loc. 1 Villajoyosa - C/. Relleu, 20-22 Alfaz Del Pi - C/. Bulevar Los Musicos, 18 Fase 2 Bj. Ed.Viminal La Nucia - Av. Coloma, Nº1-Loc.9 (Zona Com. Plaza Del Sol) Altea - Avda. Comunidad Valenciana, 6 Benissa - C/. Alacant, 24 Calpe - C/. La Niña, 7 Markets: Benidorm Albir DENIA - The 13th Guiame Tapas Route (on until November 18). Forty local bars, cafes and restaurants taking part offering a superb tapa and a drink for €3. ONDARA - Annual Fira de Fires during every weekend until the end of November, and in a number of different locations. This weekend, tasting locally produced products, fairground rides in the public park, and a National Dog Competition. CASTALLA - Tapas Route every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in November. There are 28 different bars, cafes and restaurants offering a tapa and a drink for €2.50. REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY EVENTS organised by the Royal British Legion: BENIDORM - 11am in Ciudad Patricia, Benidorm. There will also be a fundraising afternoon at the Showboat in Benidorm, starting at 1pm. GANDIA - 12 noon at the Casa de Cultura in Barx. JAVEA - 3pm in the ‘Fishermen’s Church’ in Calle Pio X, Javea Port.

but the date is November 11... the exact date when the armistice was signed on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month; even more reason to remember them.... There are a number of events organised across the weekend across the Costa Blanca, with those in this area organised by the Royal British Legion

MONDAY NOVEMBER 12 24 Hr Chemists: Benidorm - Avda. Ibiza, 6 Esq. Avda. Europa, 12, Avda. Mediterráneo, 29 Ed. Coblanca 41 Loc. 1 Villajoyosa - C/. Colon, 72-74 Alfaz del Pi - Avda. Del Albir, 44 Ed. El Llobarro La Nucia - C/. Sagi-Barba, 14 Altea - C/. Cap Negret, 18 Bajo G Benissa - C/. Alacant, 24 Calpe - C/. Benidorm, 12 Ed. Perlamar L-12-13 Markets: Denia Albir - Coffee morning. If you’re new to the area or just feeling a bit lonely, a group of ladies - ‘Morning Miss-Chiefs’ meet every Monday at 12pm for a chat, organise meals out, cultural trips etc. Find them on Facebook or pop along to Together Café & Pet Spar, Albir to meet them. DENIA - The 13th Guiame Tapas Route (on until November 18). 40 local bars, cafes and restaurants taking part offering a superb tapa and a drink for €3.

TUESDAY NOVEMBER 13 24 Hr Chemists: Benidorm - Avda. Ibiza, 6 Esq. Avda. Europa, 12, Avda. Mediterráneo, 29 Ed. Coblanca 41 Loc. 1 Villajoyosa - C/. Canalejas, 1 Alfaz del Pi - C/. Federico García Lorca, 19 La Nucia - C/. Carretera, 2 Altea - Avda. Comunidad Valenciana, 6 Benissa - C/. Alacant, 24 Calpe - C/. Corbeta, 10 Ed. Apolo VII, L4 Markets: Altea DENIA - The 13th Guiame Tapas

Photo credit: Tijl Vercaemer Wikipedia 100 YEARS: The poppies in Flanders Field.

in Benidorm, Gandia and Javea. Full details in the listings on this page.

Route (on until November 18). Forty local bars, cafes and restaurants taking part offering a superb tapa and a drink for €3.

WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 14 24 Hr Chemists: Benidorm - Avda. Ibiza, 6 Esq. Avda. Europa, 12, Avda. Mediterráneo, 29 Ed. Coblanca 41 Loc. 1 Villajoyosa - C/. Colón, 39 Alfaz del Pi - C/. Pau Casals, 5 L-2c Pd. Albir Ed. Sta. Barbara La Nucia - C/. Aladroc, 1 Urb. Holiday Club Altea - Plaza Ayuntamiento, 22 Benissa - C/. Alacant, 24 Calpe - Avda. Rosa De Los Vientos, 4 L14-15 Markets: Benidorm DENIA - The 13th Guiame Tapas Route (on until November 18). Forty local bars, cafes and restaurants taking part offering a superb tapa and a drink for €3.

THURSDAY NOVEMBER 15 24 Hr Chemists: Benidorm - Avda. Ibiza, 6 Esq. Avda. Europa, 12, Avda. Jaime I, 9 Esq. Avda. Panamá, Avda. Mediterráneo, 29 Ed. Coblanca 41 Loc. 1 Alfaz Del Pi - Avda. Juan Carlos I, 2 La Nucia - Avda. Miguel Hernández, 1 L2 Ur. San Rafael Altea - C/. Carretera, 13, Local 2 (Altea La Vella) Benissa - C/. Alacant, 24 Calpe - Avda. De Europa, 6 Markets: Javea Villajoyosa DENIA - The 13th Guiame Tapas Route (on until November 18). A superb tapa and a drink for €3 (as above). by Michael Walsh A RECENT incident in which the Italian owned ferry, MV Excellent, swept into the quays at Barcelona harbour reminds me of an incident that could have had far worse consequences. Had it not been for the quick thinking of a Spanish skipper, several freighters moored at the Ivory’s Coast Port of Abidjan would have been devastated. Palm Line, a British-owned shipping company, plied 5,000 miles of West Africa’s seaboard. In the early 1960’s the company’s commodore was Spanish Captain Inés, whose hands-on character was legendary. He never suffered fools so I got on perfectly well with him, alas not the occasional stowaways, whom he treated very badly. Palm Line vessels were specially designed to negotiate the sand bars, excluding entry to liners that may otherwise bring trade to communities located far up Africa’s shallow creeks.

9th - 15th November

Spanish skipper who saved an armada

ENUGU PALM: Close to disaster. The Port of Abidjan on the Ivory Coast however is a modern port. Having picked up the pilot at the port’s approaches, Captain Inés, in accordance with protocol, surrendered control of the Enugu Palm to the pilot.

His knowledge of the port is essential for safe mooring. It became evident that all was not quite right with our temporary captain. In fact, the pilot was blind drunk and incapable of riding a bicycle, let alone a fast-moving

ocean liner in the narrow confines of a port. The Enugu Palm successfully negotiated the Vridi Canal without colliding with its palm-thronged banks. As an 18-year-old Ordinary Seaman standing at the ship’s


wheel, I was best placed to see the unfolding drama as the pilot perturbingly instructed the engine room to go full ahead. We were approaching a lengthy quay, along which several liners were secured. Riveted, I watched the expression of growing alarm on the face of Captain Inés. Racing at full speed, about 25 kilometres per hour, the Enugu Palm’s bows were now destined to cleave the nearest moored liner in two. I must have been the only British sailor ever to witness a port pilot being roughly cursed and shoved aside as a ship’s captain resumed control of his doomed laden ship. Rushing to the telegraph, the bells clanged alarmingly as Captain Inés swung the lever to Full Astern. Simultaneously, he ordered me to swing the wheel hard to port. The rest was down to fate. Unlike a car, a ship can travel a long way before it responds to a change of command. Never forgotten was the drama as the Enugu Palm, finally answering to the wheel as we held our breath, skimmed by a metre or two a row of ocean liners moored at the port’s quays. A second’s delay by Captain Inés would have led to one of the worst shipping disasters in African history.

Mike Walsh’s opinions are his own and do not necessarily represent the views of the publishers advertisers or sponsors.

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KA TATTOOS’ Rob, who was on Bargain Loving Brits in the Sun, is one of those people who has an infectious smile and makes you feel like you’re the only one in the room. He really listens to what you say, which is just as well being a tattoo artist, where it is important to get things just right. Rob said it has been a long road to success. The secret is knowing what is important to the client, listening to what the client wants and also abiding by a few ethical rules. No tattoos above the neck and past the wrists. No tattoos for people who are drunk and underage and also no swear words. From seasoned veterans to first introductions to the world of tattoos, Rob can accommodate your individual needs. Whatever you are looking for, whether something small or a full bodysuit, from traditional to Celtic tattoos, he will always do his best to offer reliable, impartial advice so that you can leave feeling confident you

You think it, we ink it

PROFESSIONAL: RKA Tattoos offer a great service.

have made the right decision. Regardless of size, he understands that getting a tattoo is a big decision, and his

j o b i s t o o ff e r p r o f e s s i o n a l advice based on his experience to ensure you get it right. Yo u c a n b r o w s e t h r o u g h

his portfolios, or he will help you create your own unique d e s i g n . R o b ’s s t u d i o i s a clean, creative space filled with art and inspiration to

Avenida de Cuenca Benidorm, Spain 03503 • 965 994 138

help transport you to a bygone age in tattooing, but with all the perks of the modern age designed to put you at your ease. He hopes to make your tattoo experience a positive and memorable one. We c o u l d n ’ t v i s i t R o b ’s without asking about the Polish homeless man who had his forehead tattooed and paid for as a joke. Rob sighed a little with disappointment. “When we heard about the young man’s plight we wanted to help, so Karen and I put him up for a couple of days then directed him to rehab.” He stayed there for three weeks then signed himself out, and is back on the streets somewhere south. What further disappointed, was he admitted he already had a tattoo across his forehead that was some distasteful Polish expletives. Every tattoo is a unique, individual piece of artwork. This means it’s often difficult to provide an exact quote with any certainty until he has fully discussed your ideas.


9th - 15th November

Making oil the difference What are the benefits of Collagen? DO you have folds around the mouth and nose, sunken cheeks, facial scars, deep acne scars or loose skin? In our 20’s, our skin is the epitome of youth. Fresh, plump and wrinkle free. This is mainly because our bodies are producing an abundance of collagen at this stage of our lives. For those of you who are not in the know, collagen is a protein produced by our cells that help to ‘hold’ the skin together, keeping it looking young, firm and baby smooth. Unfortunately, this high level of collagen production does not last as we get older. In fact, it starts to decline once we hit our 30’s. Collagen is one of the important support structures found naturally in our skin, helping to maintain the appropriate tightness, elasticity and suppleness. Over the course of time, our skin gradually loses its natural collagen, leading to facial laxity and the formation of wrinkles and folds. As the ageing skin loses its structural proteins (collagen and elastin), it becomes lax and begins to sag, which contributes to a tired and aged look. Ellansé is an injectable dermal filler that corrects lines and wrinkles, and also stimulates the body to produce collagen. The results last from one to four years, depending on which product is chosen. The first of a new class of dermal fillers, Ellansé naturally regenerates volume and restores.

Call for an appointment on: 674 255 579 Camino del Pinxo 2 L'Alfàs del Pi 03580 674 255 579 Alternatively see our Facebook page

IF you want to lower your blood pressure and improve your heart health, substituting foods full of ‘bad’ fats (saturated and trans) for healthier alternatives is a good way to start. An easy way to do this is to make a simple change in the kitchen and switch up your cooking methods. Using an oil high in ‘good’ fats instead of butter or margarine will help you cut down on your consumption of saturated fat and feel healthier in the process. There are many variations of healthy cooking oil on the market these days, but some of the most common include canola, olive and sunflower. Blends of these oils are often sold under the name

THROUGHOUT the year, it’s common to suffer from runny noses, watery eyes and relentless sneezing but many people put it down to a winter cold or pollen allergy. When the symptoms persist year-round; however, it may be worth considering that the trigger is not seasonal. There are a growing number of people who suffer from perfume allergies or sensitivities that

OLIVE OIL: A healthy alternative to butter.

‘vegetable oil.’ If you want to be sure you’re making the right choice, check that the oil contains no partially hy-

drogenated oils or trans fats and that it has less than four grams of saturated fat per tablespoon. Speciality oil such as

Do you have a perfume allergy? can cause mild to severe symptoms - from the occasional sneezing fit to

rashes, headaches and respiratory issues. As the world now smells sweeter than ever, the ability to escape from heavily scented scenarios is growing increasing-

avocado, grape seed and rice bran are becoming increasingly popular but may be more expensive and harder to find.

ly difficult. Many companies realised that fragrance sells, so have inundated the market with perfumed products. According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), over 5,000 different scents are used across a wide range of goods today. As most fragrances aren’t actually allergens they’re irritants - it can be difficult to treat the problem. A good place to start is to use fragrance-free products and you can also get tested to see if a specific ingredient used in scented products is causing the reaction.

ALLERGIES: Perfume products are loaded with extra chemicals.

9th - 15th November


Sleeping the night away SLEEP is essential for our mental and physical well-being, and struggling to drift off at night can be incredibly frustrating. Seven to eight hours of sleep is ideal for adults, although many people struggle to fit this much into their busy schedules. However, what do you do if you’ve set these hours aside and you still spend the night tossing and turning? There are several simple methods you can use which could make all the difference and help you get a good night’s rest. First things first, make sure you keep hydrated. Drinking lots of water keeps the body temperature down, which will help if you find yourself overheating between the sheets.

Try to keep your water intake regular throughout the day however, you don’t want a trip to the toilet to break your sleep cycle! It’s also wise not to eat anything too heavy in the hours before you go to sleep. Eating a meal heavy in carbohydrates, for example, will mean your stomach is going to be digesting them for hours afterwards, which may make it harder for you to go to sleep. Salads, fruit and soup are all good alternatives. Keep calm. If you feel yourself getting frustrated, this will only exacerbate the situation. Sprinkling a few drops of lavender oil on your pillow or making a cup of hot milk with honey will help you to unwind. Switch off all your devices at least 30 minutes before you tuck in, and keep

All you need to know about Aloe Vera DUE to its many medicinal properties, Aloe Vera is a firm favourite among both health and beauty experts. The plant has been shown to produce significant improvements when used on skin, hair and even to help control body weight. It can also be used to treat injuries or minor health issues. So, if you have an overlooked aloe plant in the back garden, now is the time to start making the most of it. Aloe Vera is a common ingredient in beauty treatments, as it contains Vitamin C and E which have nourishing and anti-ageing effects on the skin. It is also widely used to treat sunburn and stretch marks, and it is often as efALOE VERA: Used in beauty treatments.

fective to rub the plant directly onto the skin, as it is to use one of the highstreet products. The spiky succulent plant also contains the ingredient aproteolyptic, which has been proven to work wonders for hair. It repairs the dead cells on the scalp and can be added to conditioner to make your locks look smoother and shiner. To reap the rewards of this incredible plant, break off a leaf as close to the stem as possible and slice off the ends. This should enable you to see the gel encased inside the tough skin. Carefully remove the skin with a knife until you’re left with just the gel,

which you can then blend to make into a face or hair mask. You can also rub the moist side of the skin directly onto sunburn. Another great Aloe Vera remedy, is to boil the stems in hot water, and drink. As it contains many anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, it improves digestion and helps to increase the body’s metabolism. Make the tea on a regular basis to get the best results.

SLEEP: Are you getting enough Zzzs? Seven hours is ideal.

them out of the b e d r o o m . Phones, televisions and tablets emit an artificial light which inhibits the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. Your brain should associate the bedroom with sleep, so having a digital detox in the evening will help programme it to switch off as soon as you lie down.


9th - 15th November

Word Ladder Can you by changing 1 letter at a time, get from the first word to the last word in the given number of moves?

Puzzles Page

GOLF 1 2 3 4


Down 1 Counterfoil delivered is inflexible (8) 2 Former international the French deport (5) 4 A forged tenner for curdled milk (6) 5 Capital I invested in settee (5) 6 Pele mentioned part of kettle (7) 7 One may win it by a head (4) 8 Ex producer (6) 13 Most serious Sherpas start on mountain (8) 15 Crush the star characters (7) 17 Evicted, but used to moving (6) 18 Protection for plants? That’s old hat (6) 20 Revolvers smuggled in somewhere else (5) 22 Making a comeback in White Horse Inn, a musical heroine (5) 23 Mouldiness is a requirement (4)

HERO Weekly Stars

Across 1 Lady before time produced fat (4) 3 Prepared props etc to search for gold (8) 9 Unusual icon in urn depicting legendary beast (7) 10 Escapes from parasites, one hears (5) 11 Amber cooked a fish (5) 12 Paint two women (6) 14 Arrange roster for holiday location (6) 16 Hate a hotel that’s disorganised (6) 19 Hardy companion in bush (6) 21 Discredit fake Earl (5) 24 Loosen international organisation's neckwear (5) 25 Can eels somehow purify? (7) 26 Being defeated must be a change for harsh Ted (8) 27 Before exercises we cried (4)

Kenny Corris For Readings, Consultations and Castings kennycorris@hotmailcom Mobile: 686 361 594 / Tel: 965 878 424

Sun and Pluto the scene is set and the time is right for you to make a move. With camera, lights and action beckoning you on it’s now or never, but do you have the guts to see it through? You have to face up to facts and ask yourself why things ever got this complicated.

Libra. Couple together the power of mighty Mars and the wealth of balance achieved by your Libran equilibrium with the support of Venus this week; and something more could be made of that which is currently in danger of being swept under the carpet. Your wants and needs aren’t unrealistic, they’re inspiring!

Taurus. A skittish Venus sends you an instruction you would be foolish to ignore, particularly as the impetus is to trine Mars, dynamic planet of the development of inner strengths. You are not alone in needing clearance, but why not let things move on before you make any decision that you may live to regret?

Scorpio. Mars rubs shoulders with Venus in a midweek tryst. What you need, chiefly, is something to well and truly get your teeth into. As a hard worker and a born leader it is time to show that you too can pull out all the stops if necessary, and you may surprise yourself in a deal that shows your true capabilities.

Gemini. Venus dominates Mars midweek. It seems as if you could kill two birds with one stone; but take things in your stride and stall if you need to, until the time is right! This gives you a freedom to do your research, and it will allow you to see that which you need to, and, right now, that’s both sides of the coin.

Sagitarius. Finances take a boost as lucky Jupiter enters your sign. You should instruct your money to work for you, however, not you for it. Time to talk investment and savings and get the low down on all aspects of finance with a focus on attracting wealth into your life, so that you can reward both yourself and others.

Cancer. Nothing must rain on your parade this week. This is a time when you have to also practise what you preach. With a bet on the love stakes accept the attention of timely Ceres in opposition to Uranus, the wisdom of Pluto and the power of a fortunate Jupiter into making things more open and secure.

Capricorn. This is a time to care and share, and to organise yourself so that a swap or a change takes advantage of a current situation, and helps you all along the way. Review possibilities without putting a spoke in the wheel, and compromise, it will lead to a new way of living and better quality of life.

Leo. The Sun sextiles Pluto and elevates your mood somewhat! This bodes well for projects and schemes that will benefit from your direct actions and skilful interpretations of what is really needed right now. There is a strong need to communicate, and to conquer a period of silence brought about by doubt.

Aquarius. Love needs to enter your open and loving heart. However there are some complications that you are not fully taking into your conscience, and some excuses it would be better to make then hurting someone close to you. Ceres opposes Uranus midweek, and you have the chance to pull out all the stops!

Virgo. Put your foot down. Whilst you did not know exactly what you were taking on at the time, in hindsight there has been a shift that wasn’t expected. Put your cards on the table and rest assured that nobody could ever blame you for doing what you had to. Jupiter nudges Uranus to seek your true reward.

Pisces. The entry of the Sun into Pluto brings loving energy all around you. Someone needs to apologise to you for their over reaction about a recent problem you have been helping to solve. Remember that you have rights too, and that you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink.

Aries. With an incumbent sextile between the

Code Breaker

Each number in the Code Breaker grid represents a different letter of the alphabet. In this week’s puzzle, 4 represents P and 18 represents X, so fill in P every time the figure 4 appears and X every time the figure 18 appears. Now, using your knowledge of the English language, work out which letters should go in the missing squares. As you discover the letters, fill in other squares with the same number in the main grid and the control grid.

9th - 15th November Across 1 Thinly scattered (6) 4 Cut into pieces (4) 8 Moving quickly and lightly (5) 9 Motionless (5) 10 Disperse widely (10) 13 Lacking orderly continuity (10) 17 Courageous (5) 18 Have sovereign power (5) 19 Not difficult (4) 20 Stick fast to (6)


Down 1 Counterfeit or pretence (4) 2 Plea in a criminal charge of having been elsewhere at the relevant time (5) 3/18 Become angry (3,3) 5 Japanese poetry form (5) 6 Steal in small quantities (6) 7 Allocate a task to a person (6) 11 Gardener's tool (6) 12 Suitable for use as food (6) 14 Complete duration of something (5) 15 Group or class of persons enjoying superior intellectual or social or economic status (5) 16 Joint between the thigh and shin bones (4) 18 See 3 Across 1 Cubo (balde) (6) 4 Alicates (6) 9 To bet (gamble) (7) 10 Daughter-in-law (5) 11 Sábana (de cama) (5) 12 Witness (7) 13 Keys (typewriter/piano) (6) 15 Delantales (6) 18 Moth (7) 20 Parrots (5) 23 Granddaughter (5) 24 Limpiadora (persona) (7) 25 Asustado (6) 26 Teller (in a bank) (6)

Down 1 Latón (metal) (5) 2 Cerrar (5) 3 Statue (7) 5 Pulmones (5) 6 Elected (7) The clues are mixed, some clues are in Spanish and some are in English. 7 Estaciones (partes del año) (7) 8 Verdad (5) 13 Plugs (in bath, basin, barrel, for leak) (7) 14 Beehive (7) 16 Bracelet (7) 17 Salsa (5) 19 Irse de (5) 21 Enjuagar (de ropa) (5) 22 Deaf (5)

English - Spanish



Kenny’s Postbag Kenny, you make it seem so easy to make contact with Spirit. I never know where to start, and I get conflicting ideas from spiritual people, when surely there should be some kind of unity?! Jaz K. Hi Jaz! Making contact with Spirit doesn’t have to be difficult or confusing but make a decision to not making it complicated. Talk to Spirit as if they were a friend. Be honest, open and don’t beg. You can ask to make a stronger connection, and when you get this then things will really happen. Still everyone is entitled to their way of connecting, and we are all working to connect in different ways. If it works for you then stick with it, if it doesn’t, get back to me and we can work together on this.

Kenny Corris Don't forget to email or message me with your Postbag Questions!.

Check out my new website:

For Birthday Celebrants Fill all the empty squares using the numbers 1 to 9, so that the sum of each horizontal block equals the ‘clue’ on its left, and the sum of each vertical block equals the clue on its top. No number may be used in the same block more than once.

Put trust into someone who seems to want to offer help and guidance. Though you have to make up your own mind on something, accept that others can help you through right away, but check out that they genuinely have your interests at heart! An inspiring astrological year awaits you.


Funagram Unscramble the name of a popular British sitcom, originally broadcast on BBC One from October 1989 to December 1998 (four words): BOTH AREAS DIFFER Unscramble the name of a famous author of children’s books: TINY BLONDE

Fill the grid so every column and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1-9



9th - 15th November


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NUKA: Adores ball games.

Nuka and her ball Is your dog addicted to ball games? DOES your dog adore ball games? Nuka, one of our labradoodles, loves chasing tennis balls, running after them and keeping balls from whoever wants to chase her. This is the highlight of her walk. Twice a day she’ll run and chase and leap after any ball you throw, and these routines are very important for her. Her owners prefer to find house-sitters through HouseSitMatch, so she can maintain her routine of playing in the park and of course, chasing balls. How we work HouseSitMatch is a house-sitting network where new members register online. We ID check everyone to ensure we know who you are, and in addition, sitters are police checked. We charge for membership to ensure there is a commitment from both par-

ties, and that we can afford to manage our network online professionally. Our latest review on Trustpilot ‘House-sitting is nothing other than a bundle of benefits for all. Empty houses are rendered more secure, home owners are reassured, and domestic pets are able to remain in familiar places. Nomadic people can indulge in their quest for new experiences But all this is not selfgenerated. The brains behind it are needed, and that is where HouseSitMatch’s Lamia comes in. Her company creates opportunities, co-ordinates them, promotes best execution and comes up with solutions, should the odd spot of bother occur. To the well set up organisation, she adds her own personal touch.’ Ania, house-sitter

How you benefit as a home and pet owner Our membership offers access to a secure network helping you find suitable sitters. We hide your contact details and address. You post an advert ahead of your travel dates, we publish the advert then house-sitters apply. You can view their profiles and chat with them before you accept an applicant. If you join as a Premium member we can also help you at each stage of the process to get you started and manage your account. How you do join? Please register online via our website www.Hous • Choose your membership plan • Standard (DIY option) = £49 pa • Premium (with support at each step) = £79 pa

Do you need a house, or pet-sitter? Get in touch. House-sitting can be a winwin for both parties, free house and pet-sitting, plus the experienced and checked sitters get free accommodation! Register as either house-sitter or homeowner with a 20 per cent discount using coupon code P2020 - an exclusive offer for readers. To find a house or pet-sitter go to call Lamia on 00 44 (0) 777 214 2742 or email

WHEN a woman in the USA shared a photograph on Twitter of her mum’s cat sat inside a square of pink tape on the floor, it went viral. Cat owners from across the globe couldn’t wait to see if their own pet would do exactly the same thing... and many were shocked that they did when they copied the experiment. Having said that, there were a significant number of people who discovered that their cats simply want to ‘think outside the box.’ So is there a reason for this? “Put simply, I think that cats are drawn to novel changes in their environment,” says cat behaviour consultant Daniel Quagliozzi. “If you put a newspaper or magazine on the floor or on a counter


Photo credit: @prograpslady Twitter

Think inside the box CHANGES: Cats often feel secure inside their own space... but not all of them.

top, a lot of times a cat will sit right on it. It’s another location, slightly different than the floor or counter to place ownership on.” He adds that a square shape placed on a floor is particularly intriguing to cats, as it caters to a cat’s sense of ownership over his or her territory. Another consultant, Ingrid Johnson, agrees. “Cats have very poor close-up vision. Much of what they see right in front of them is a bit of a blur, so to them they might feel as if they are inside a shallow box. Cats like to feel as if they are in something and feel protected.”

When nowhere else to go TANAMERA is a small animal rescue, located in the north of the Costa Blanca, privately run by Arjan and Jacky Hazeleger. Their goal is to give abandoned dogs a chance, when they are unwanted, abandoned and there is no other place for them to go. The local municipal dog pounds are all full, and even if there was space, some dogs just don’t belong there. The dog pounds in the region do an excellent job, but have their hands full and limited budgets. Some dogs just need special care, medical treatment, socialising and/or rehabilitation. That is why Tanamera take care of the very old, ill, abused, unsocial, traumatised or very young dogs. Most of the dogs they rescue are the podenco hunting dogs. Not only do they suffer the most, they are the

Photo credit:

TAKING CARE: The Tanamera dogs are never kept in kennels. hardest to rehabilitate and rehome. Tanamera are a rescue, not a dog pound, and have chosen to live with their dogs, 24/7, 365 days per year, and living in total freedom all together as one pack, and are never kept in kennels. The dogs become part of their own family or (foster) families. Tanamera’s goal is to help dogs with special needs. But

they do more than that. They help with rehoming dogs from owners, charities and pounds, and help cover their veterinary costs when they can, because they understand that some people just can’t afford to get their dog spayed or treated. They start where many of the dog pounds stop. For more information, look on Facebook at: www.face AIRPORT PARKING

FOR SALE REF. SA-929 – APARTMENT ALBIR 97m2, 2BEDROOMS, 2BATHROOMS, 2PARKING SPACES€ 160,000 966 868 620 / 695 592 402 (279883) REF. SA-2450 – APARTMENT ALBIR 74m2, 2BEDROOM, 1BATHROOM € 160,000 966 868 620 / 695 592 402 (279883) REF. SA-2457 - CORNER TWO BEDROOM APARTMENT ALBIR 70m2 € 241,500 966 868 620 / 695 592 402 (279883) REF. SA-2373 - APARTMENT IN ALBIR 100m2 HIGH STANDARD, 2BEDROOMS 2BATHROOMS € 282,000 966 868 620 / 695 592 402 (279883) REF. SA-2026 - LUXURY PENTHOUSE CENTRE OF ALBIR 250m2, 3BEDROOMS 2BATHROOMS, 2KITCHENS, GARAGE € 739,000 966 868 620 / 695 592 402 (279883)


BENEFICIAL INSURANCE SERVICES. Car, Home, Business, Travel, Life, Funeral, all insurances available. Policies in English. BEST rates, covers & service. Immediate quotes. Tel 961 129 215 / 622 275 561, (WhatsApp) in fo@benefi cialinsuran or visit www.beneficialin suran for online quote. (259397)

LOCKSMITH LOCKSMITH/ELECTRICIAN/CARPENTER for emergency safe opening. Altea area, call Michael Rice: 686 513 510 or Calpe area Sean Gannon: 667 507 630 (278315)

MEETING POINT LOOKING FOR GOOD WOMAN TO MARRY BETWEEN AGE OF 47 T0 79. I am 57 yr old, seeking nice lady bet 47 to 79 with view to marriage. Only sincere persons, pls email bio w/ recent photo: pauldavislove (281275)

9th - 15th November Imports MARCELO GESTIONES JAVEA. We can import your Cars, RD Vans and Pickups with or without import taxes. Call: 609 600 993/965 795 846. We provide a professional and fast service in approx. 5 days. (276822) AUTOS GARAGE L’OLLA Imports. Automatics & Mobile homes. Dutch, Belgian and German vehicles to Spanish licence plates. Telephone: 965 841 036. autoslolla@ (279879)

Repairs AUTOS GARAGE L’OLLA. Repairs to inside of car (180€). Complete car cleaning (39€). Bodywork and spraying / light damage (95€) per part. Telephone: 965 841 036.



PEST CONTROL BUGBUSTERS BENIDORM: Fully Legal Costa Blanca Pest Control Company. EST 1994. For all pest problems, commercial and domestic. Call Lois Clark 619 054 939/96 686 5204. bugbuster ROESB 05552 CV




METAL WORKS MOBILE WELDING SERVICE Gates, rejas, railings etx. Made to measure or repaired. Free quotes. No job too small. Calpe. Made to measure or repaired onsite. Call Dave 965 834 869 or 616 173 699 (257061)



For Sale REF. SA-2458 - SEMIDETACHED VILLA ALBIR 240m2 , 4BEDROOMS, 3BATHROOMS, DOUBLE GARAGE, SWIMMINGPOOL - € 345,000 966 868 620 / 695 592 402

AUTOS GARAGE L’OLLA. Partida La Olla 126 (N-332, KM 160) Altea. Telephone: 965 841 036. Sale new cars, Renault & Dacia. Sale used cars. cash for your car.




9th - 15th November

PET TRANSPORT PET TRAVEL UK Family pet transporters Spain/UK. Travel with your pets for free. All air conditioned vehicles (no vans) www.pettra Removals also arranged in other vehicles Tel: UK 01209 630604 or Spain 960 130 537 (280295)







Puzzle answers Puzzle answers Puzzle answers Puzzle answers Puzzle answers






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9th - 15th November


Nissan claim two top awards TWO of the most popular models in the Nissan range have been recognised in Auto Express magazine’s annual Best Used Car Awards. The market-leading Nissan Qashqai has been named Best Used Mid-Sized SUV, and the first-generation Nissan Leaf (2011-2017) claimed the Best Used Electric Car category for the third year in a row. The 2015 Nissan Qashqai 1.5 dCi Acenta was chosen for its combination of family-friendly practicality and efficient engine. Auto Express highlighted the Qashqai for the generous equipment specification, with parking sensors, Bluetooth and climate control all on offer. The model’s easy-to-drive characteristics are also praised, setting the Qashqai apart from rivals in the highly competitive mid-sized SUV category. The 2014 Nissan Leaf Acenta leads the charge in the Best Used Electric Car category for

End of the red light in sight

RECOGNISED: The Nissan Qashqai and Nissan Leaf are two of the best used-cars.

the third consecutive year. This follows the model’s success in the Auto Express Driver Power Satisfaction Survey 2018, where it achieved an owner satisfaction score of more than 90 per cent. Auto Express commended the Nissan Leaf for pioneering the electric vehicle revolution, as well

as being an excellent commuter car. Smooth performance, high levels of comfort and low running costs that are the hallmark of electric car ownership, also contributed to the win. Chief Reviewer at Auto Express, Sean Carson said: “The Leaf was the car that really pop-

IMAGINE a world where negotiating busy junctions does not require you to wait at a red light, and the only reason to stop your car is because you have arrived at your destination. Ford is trialling a new way in which connected car technology could set us on that journey - and that takes its lead from how humans negotiate their way through busy crowds by slowing down or speeding up to avoid collisions, without coming to a standstill. Intersection Priority Management (IPM) - being demonstrated recently on the streets of Milton

ularised electric motoring and made EVs viable for the masses, so it’s no surprise that it still makes a great buy on the used market. Family-friendly practicality and a respectable range means there are few compromises you’ll have to make compared with a regular

Keynes as part of the government-funded UK Autodrive programme - aims to keep drivers driving and bring an end to unnecessary stops at junctions, easing traffic flow and increasing safety and efficiency. “We know intersections and traffic lights can be a real bugbear for many drivers,” said Christian Ress, supervisor, Driver Assist Technologies, Ford Research and Advanced Engineering. “With the connected car technology we have been demonstrating, we envisage a world where vehicles are more aware of each other and their environment, enabling intelligent co-operation

hatchback day-to-day, but with the potential for ultra low running costs. If budget is a big part of your buying criteria, the Leaf makes perfect sense. “In second-generation form the Nissan Qashqai came of age, building on the success of its predecessor. Smart styling, a roomy and robust cabin that’ll handle the demands of family life and frugal engines that mean manageable fuel bills have cemented the Qashqai’s position as a fantastic second-hand SUV. “With a wide range of engines and trims available you can choose a spec to suit your needs and your budget.” Alex Smith, managing director, Nissan Motor GB, said: “The Nissan Leaf and Qashqai, both built in the UK, drive the strong reputation of the Nissan brand. It’s especially pleasing to see that previous generation models are standing the test of time and proving an enjoyable and reliable proposition to customers.”

and collaboration roads and around junctions.” Every year, the average driver spends two days waiting at traffic lights. Not only can junctions be frustrating, they are also the cause of up to 60 per cent of road traffic accidents. As well as saving time, avoiding stopping at junctions could also save fuel, as drivers avoid braking and accelerating away from the lights. IPM uses vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communications to co-ordinate with other vehicles in the vicinity and suggests optimum speeds which will allow cars to safely pass by each other at intersections without coming to a halt.

9th - 15th November



The new BMW Z4 in Lisbon BMW has long had an affinity with roadsters, designed with pure driving pleasure at heart. Now another has joined join the hall of fame in the shape of the new BMW Z4 a premium open-top sports car boasting a classic fabric soft-top, a sporty body design and a driver-focused interior. In keeping with its predecessors, the two-seater has been designed with drivability firmly in mind. This means, says BMW, it is agile, dynamic and responds to the driver instantaneously with precise steering and excellent throttle response and braking. The Z4 combines its sporty on-road prowess with a wealth of highly advanced, top-class equipment features

on the driver assistance, operation and connectivity fronts. The car’s proportions provide the most striking evidence of how the classic roadster concept has been reinterpreted. Compared to its predecessor, the new BMW Z4 has grown in length by 85 millimetres to 4,324 millimetres, is 74 millimetres wider (now 1,864 millimetres) and 13 millimetres taller (1,304 millimetres). Shortening the wheelbase by 26 millimetres to 2,470 millimetres serves to sharpen agility, as do the notably wider tracks, 1,609 millimetres at the front (+ 98 mm)

THE BMW Z4: The larger, sportier roadster.

and 1,616 millimetres at the rear (+ 57 mm). The body structure and

chassis mountings both have remarkably high rigidity, while the new design of the front and rear axles gives the car a far sportier edge at the same time as guaranteeing high levels of comfort. The central seating position, low centre of gravity, minimised weight and ideal

50:50 weight distribution are further contributory factors in the intoxicating dynamism of the new BMW Z4. While the car was launched at the Paris Motor show in October, new pictures have emerged from the international media launch of the BMW Z4, which was held in Lisbon, Portugal last week. They show the striking new styling of the car that has caused some controver-

sy on social media - it would seem people either love it or hate it. The car is a collaboration with Toyota with much of the technology being shared with the latest Supra. It seems that BMW has provided the majority of the technology for the project. Both companies say they would not have produced their respective cars without the collaboration agreement, a sign of the massive costs of designing a new model.


9th - 15th November


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THE first of a series of Rugby Test Matches gets underway this weekend at the Villajoyosa Stadium as the Spanish Women’s XV take on Hong Kong on Sunday. Kick off is at 12.30pm. The following Saturday November 17 and also at the Villajoyosa Stadium, the Spain XV will be playing South Africa. Kick off is at 5.30pm. A squad of 28 players under the guidance of trainer Stanley Raubenheimer - are on a four Test tour of Europe in November, which will see matches against the UK Armed Forces in London, Wales in Cardiff, Spain in Villajoyosa and finally against Italy in Prato at the end of the month.

CREDIT: Rugby La Vila

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South Africa starts tour of Europe

ON TOUR: The 28-strong South Africa Women’s Rugby XV. South Africa’s captain is Nolusindiso Booi, who leads a group of players with a wealth of interna-

tional experience, which includes the 2014 World Cup in France, and who are now seeking to match

Bonalba win the Direkt Optik 3-2-1 TWENTY teams from across the North Costa Blanca took part in this year’s 3-2-1 competition at El Cid Bowls Club. The teams played over three days at the end of October, and experienced all weather conditions. Beautiful warm sunshine accompanied the first day, followed by a cloudy and wet afternoon on day two and ending with a sunny, cloudy but cold Sunday. The 3-2-1 involves playing six ends of Trips followed by six ends of Pairs followed by six ends of Singles matches. Each team played five matches with the top two in each group going into the semi-finals. The final was played between Betty Anderson, Stewart Beattie (El Cid) and Velia Wood (Javea) against Sue and Graham Mills and Dave Sparrow from Bonalba (assisted by Norman Burgess on Day 1). Bonalba had won the Trips, the Pairs went to Betty and Stewart and the Singles between Velia and Graham ended in a draw, but the guys from Bonalba had the overall shot difference to take top prize. El Cid Captain Stewart Beattie presented the generous prize money to the winning teams from Bonalba and thanked them for the support they always give to the competitions. A big thank you was also given to Direkt Optik for their generous sponsorship of the event. Stewart said a well done to everyone who played or attended and to the Umpire Tony Carroll. Special mentions also to a number of fairly new bowlers taking part in this competition for the first time, who caused some early Halloween scares by taking a few scalps and gaining good experience. Thanks also goes to Steve Cummings for his work on the programme, Pat Arnett for her efforts raising €60 on the football cards and to Sara and the team from El Cid who kept everyone going for three days with super bowlers menu and drinks. Clive English (Javea), on behalf of all the Clubs, thanked El Cid for the organisation of an excellent competition and making it an enjoyable event for all the players and the many spectators over the three days.

the world-beating achievements of their male counterparts. Tickets for the matches

against Hong Kong and South Africa are now available online at www.mar

Marina Alta Golf Society FOR Marina Alta Golf Society members, the annual Autumn Trophy game is one of the highlights of the year. In an individual Stableford format, the winner can look forward to a prize and then to receiving and keeping the magnificent trophy until next year when it will be time to pass the trophy on to the next winner. Oliva Nova was the venue for this year’s game where 22 members and guests ventured out on an autumn morning with the weather unsettled and a strong northerly wind blowing. This just added a bit of concern to the player’s thinking with regards to the selection of their clubs before they played their shots. At the end of play, score cards were handed in to the handicap secretary, but the results were kept secret with all the players going home wondering who may have won. As is traditional, the results were later

announced by the Captain at the Autumn Trophy dinner at a local restaurant the following evening. 1st - Keith Sinden (36 points off 19), 2nd - Donna Green (33 off 19), 3rd - Peter Gardiner (32 off 22) and 4th David Reid (31 off 14). Nearest the Pin on Par 3’s: David Reid (Hole 3) and Donna Green (Hole 16) Nearest the Pins in two shots: Faisal Awda (Hole 5) and John Cunningham (Hole 18). For the fourth consecutive week, no ‘two’s’ were recorded, with once again the money going to the Captain’s charity and another letter going to the relevant golf clubs asking ‘are the holes big enough’. The Marina Alta Golf Society plays at Oliva Nova every Monday and is open to new members. For details of playing as a guest or joining the Society please contact Denis McVeigh via e-mail: or call 638 401 170.

9th - 15th November



Cold and wind braved by Pego GS P

EGO GOLF SOCIETY had 48 players including guests Dennis Pike, George Smith, John Ross and Ben Wilcock. They p l a y e d a Te x a s S c r a m b l e in very cold conditions and strong winds. The players teed off at 9.20am and didn’t see the

ALL SMILES: The sun eventually came out.

sun until 12.30. The results were as follows: First place the team of Shaun O’Gorman, Bob Jenkins, Adrian Marsh and John Ross with a great score of 59.5 net. Second place, the team o f P e t e r R a p l e y, P a u l S a n k e y a n d Tr i c i a C h a p -

man with a score of 65.3 net. Third place, the team of K e n M i l l a r, S i m o n F o x , Celia Cronin and Fiona (on the podium yet again) Sankey with a score of 66.1 net. Nearest the Pin on hole three was Shaun again with 8.1m and on hole 16

Alan Barwick with 1.38. Shaun also scored the only two of the day. Due to the stormy conditions there were 144 balls in the water. Nobody guessed correctly and a card draw was won by Tricia Chapman. The final of the Knock Out Competition was won

by John Evans who beat John Guest 4 and 3. The society has its AGM on December 4, after the m a t c h . Next Tuesday Pego GS is holding a Singles Stableford Competition, anyone w i s h i n g t o p l a y, s u b j e c t t o handicap, should contact Penny Barden at pegohan di

RTN Newspaper - Costa Blanca North November 9-15 2018 Issue 992  

Reporting the News - FREE English Newspaper in Costa Blanca, Costa del Sol

RTN Newspaper - Costa Blanca North November 9-15 2018 Issue 992  

Reporting the News - FREE English Newspaper in Costa Blanca, Costa del Sol