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Issue 977 13th - 19th July

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Home goal for police by Caroline Tyszka WITH tensions running high and some Spanish calling for the ‘Brits to go home,’ Benidorm waited with baited breath on Wednesday evening. Could the British behave themselves? It was a resounding yes! The authorities saturated the area with law enforcement, including a police helicopter hovering over the new town. Several Spanish media crews also flocked to the resort as over 100 specialist police officers lay in wait for something to ‘kick-off.’ An atmosphere of nervousness hung over Benidorm, with the UK government issuing specific travel advice on their website, and

HARRY KANE: Consoles one of the subs.

POLICE: Lying in wait.

bars being advised to hide tables and chairs and only serve drinks in plastic containers. The TV crews were clearly hoping to get some shameful footage of ‘rampaging British ani-

mals,’ as many had already reported. Some bars opted not to even open whilst others were emptier than usual. Maybe it was the extraordinary amount of police on

the streets that deterred any loutish behaviour, or mid-week holidaymakers not being as excitable as the stag and hens who arrive most weekends. Whatever the reason, the British did not let down their nation, and can be proud that on this occasion they did disappoint!

Tourist falls

A NORWEGIAN man, who fell seven metres in the Cova Tallada in Denia on Tuesday, had to be rescued by emergency services. The man, aged 40, was visiting the cave area with his wife, a friend and a child, when he slipped and fell. He was airlifted to Denia where an ambulance took him to the main hospital.


13th - 19th July

A week is a long time in politics by John Smith

IT has not been a great week for Britain, or England for that matter. Just when it seemed that the Brexit deal was going to go through with a whimper rather than a bang, it all went wrong for Mrs May. She must have been breathing a sigh of relief after last Friday’s cabinet meeting where she presented her vision for a ‘third way.’ It seemed that her proposals had been accepted and there was unlikely to be a vote of no confidence in her. Then the house of cards started to collapse as Brexit Minister David Davis resigned followed by one of his juniors and then Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson called it quits with both explaining that they had no faith in the proposals. A couple more junior ministers left and the former Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt took over foreign affairs from Boris who is now free to snipe from outside the tent rather than have to uncharacteristically

Credit: Crown Copyright Jay Allen

WARM WELCOME?: Hoping for another friendly meeting. bite his tongue. With the top four politicians in the Cabinet having voted to Bremain, and with Michael Gove currently professing his support for the proposal (which had not been published at the time of writing), it looks as if the opportunity for a soft Brexit is attainable but one still has to accept the agreement could be hard or even non-ex-

Credit: Ayuntamiento Villajoyosa

istent. As usual, the politicians are being politicians with the government suggesting that it’s time for the European Union to be serious and get moving on the ‘divorce,’ whilst unsurprisingly the EU representatives are saying the same about Britain. Just over eight months to go and there is very little agreed but at least the government was able to let the euphoria of

England’s triumphs in the World Cup divert some of the attention from the real situation of lack of progress. With even many hardened Scots deciding that England was representing the United Kingdom, it was somewhat unfortunate that the entire caravan came off the rails when they were knocked out in the semi-finals by Croatia. A third place match with Belgium on Saturday is hardly likely to create too much excitement but there was one more event likely to add to the prime minister’s week. Any visit by a president of the USA has in the past seen some negative reaction, going back to the days of the Vietnam War, but it does seem likely that President Trump is going to receive a far from warm welcome from the general public. At the end of the day, love him or loathe him, he was elected in accordance with the US Constitution and although he does have an important role to play in world politics, it is arguably not for the British to try to dictate what his policies should be. Hopefully, the visit will pass with little violence, although there will be a lot of noise, and it rather seems that President Trump won’t respond negatively to the criticism until he leaves the UK and then will resort to tweeting his opinion about Britain and his visit.

Forest fire fears

GREATER EFFICIENCY: A new ambulance for Villajoyosa.

Ambulance addition VILLAJOYOSA has acquired a new ambulance, helping to improve and update their health transport services. Whilst the ambulance will be used for emergencies it will also help with social healthcare and assistance to those with reduced mobility. In addition it will assist in training activities as organised by the health department. The training activities will be based mainly on first aid for teachers in local schools and Civil Protection volunteers, however the crew will also offer training at buildings where defibrillators are sited. Joan Lloret, Councillor for Health, said: “An important service such as health transport must have up-to-date equipment. This new vehicle will provide the required services with greater efficiency.” The ambulance will also be used to assist in local fiestas where, during the parades and parties, there has always been the need for a medical support vehicle.

Credit: Facebook


EVERAL homes were evacuated as a raging forest fire in the northern area of the Costa Blanca spread with the changing winds. The fire, between Parcent and Murla, started in the early afternoon last Friday and, whipped by the winds, quickly spread to nearby properties. The Facebook group ‘Local Fire and Weather Watch - Alicante & Valencia Province’ became the main source of information for those living close to fire, issuing up-to-date information and advice on what to take during an evacuation. Several vehicles from the regional Alicante fire brigade, along with forest firefighters, were supported by three aircrafts as they battled to

FOREST FIRE: Battling to get control.

get the blaze under control. An estimated seven hectares of forest land was destroyed, with members

of the public posting horrifying videos of flames edging towards their properties. Late in the evening the

fire was classified as being controlled, although some firefighters remained on the ground to ensure that there was no flare-up.

ACCORDING to a posting on social media from his son James, the Benidorm comedian Jimmy Carol has responded well to treatment in the Alicante General Hospital, has ‘made amazing progress’ and is out of his coma. Now Jimmy is opening his eyes, can hear voices and can move his right leg. The former BBC Sheffield radio presenter suffered a major head injury after being attacked in Benidorm last week.

Propane gas leak repaired A GAS leak from a house in a residential area of Benissa forced the emergency services into a major operation. The incident on Calle La Falaguera in an area dominated by European residents close to Calpe, concerned a leak in a 2.5 x 1.5m propane gas tank that was almost full. The gas company were called to repair the problem, but the police and fire service maintained their pres-



Watchtower renovations Credit: Ayuntamiento Teulada

Attack victim out of coma

T is full steam ahead for desperately needed restoration works on the Cap d’Or in Moraira. The mayor of Teulada Moraira, Carlos Linares, made the announcement as he and Councillor Raul Dalmau visited the site with many of the local media to present the plans. Climbing to the top of the headland to show the press first-hand what needed to be done to the external area of the watchtower, the mayor then guided the group to the Cova de La Cendra to demonstrate what improvements would be made there over the next few months. The project is being financed by the largest grant of European FEDER funds that the town council of Teu-

13th - 19th July

Reviewing what work needs to be done

Public facilities ALFAZ DEL PI has completed the construction of new public toilets at a cost of €55,180. The new, four-roomed, rectangular building is situated on the Plaza of Escoles Velles and comprises ladies, gentlemen’s and disabled toilets as well as a cleaning room.

Spend a penny.

lada has achieved in the history of its existence. The work will cost €1,000,000 and will be co-financed at 50 per cent. Five other similar projects are ongoing but expected to be completed in 2019. One of these is to improve accessibility to the Cap d’Or. Carlos Linares stated that “this and other projects would provide TeuladaMoraira with an area of high archaeological and cultural value. Even more if the archaeological expectations that are being investigated of finding Palaeolithic paintings or any other added value in the Cova de la Cendra are fulfilled.”


13th - 19th July

Fines for tourists

More troops on the ground THE coastal area of Benissa will benefit from an additional police presence during the summer months. Local Police officers will carry out special patrols along the coast at fixed times and with more frequency than previously, from now until the beginning of September.

It is hoped that the extra services will not only help as the population swells for the holiday period but also aid the detection of illegal dumping which has increased in the area. The patrolling police vehicles will also be equipped with semi-automatic external defibrillators for use in emergency situations. Credit: Ayuntamiento Benissa

A STREET in Benidorm that has been closed to traffic on Wednesday and Sunday market days for 40 years will now be open from now on. The street has been blocked to vehicles by private security guards and has meant that they have to find a way through the area by making extensive detours. This Wednesday was the first day of the new scheme which affects the zone of Bernat de Sarria between Avenidas Juan Fuster Zaragoza and Derramador.

E N I D O R M tourists could face on the spot fines for bad behaviour, in plans announced by the local authorities. Following recent - internationally reported events in the resort where British holidaymakers have taken to the streets in vast numbers to celebrate the World Cup, the local authorities believe that one way of quelling anti-social behaviour would be to fine the person and remove their passport until the fine was paid. Suggestions of such behaviour that could warrant a fine include dressing inappropriately or drinking on the streets. For such fines to be issued the current law in congress will need to be changed, although the council has already put

Credit: Facebook

Market streets open B again

Riot Police in Benidorm.

forward such proposals to be considered. For the semi-final game, special fixed patrols were placed around the town with bars facing stricter controls.

Plans are also being made for cameras to be fitted, something that until now has been resisted by the authorities, but proves to be a successful policing tool in the UK.

Patrolling Benissa’s coastal areas.


13th - 19th July

Denia castle opens its doors Credit: Ayuntamiento Denia


URING the s u m m e r months Denia To w n H a l l o f f e r s visitors more access to the town’s castle. For the standard admission price, guided tours of the monument are offered with a new extended schedule running from now until September 15. From Tuesday to Saturday, visitors can choose what they want to see, with thematic visits such as ‘Discover the Castell de Dénia,’ ‘The ex-

DENIA: The stunning castle.

NATIONAL POLICE officers in Benidorm have arrested a man wanted in connection with three sexual assaults. The 26-year-old Bulgarian national, who lives in Benidorm, committed the assaults in Lugo, Galicia in 2016, whilst he was temporarily working for a mobile phone company. Scenes of Crime officers found DNA in all three attacks, a n d a l l t h r e e v i c t i m s h a d b e e n a b l e t o p r o v i d e o ff i c e r s with a detailed description of their attacker, however at that time there was no match to anyone in their system. It was only when the man was arrested for another crime in Benidorm - which involved taking his DNA - that officers were able to check the database and the match was discovered. The suspect was arrested and ordered by the court to be held on remand.

Credit: Policia National

Sex attacker caught

pulsion of the Moors & the historic centre of Dénia’ and ‘The King in Dénia and the palace of the Duke of Lerma, 1599.’ The castle will remain open until just past midnight, enabling those visiting the opportunity to not just see the monum e n t d u r i n g t h e d a y, but also enjoy the ambience of the castle lit up for the nighttime. The themed events are timed, with full details available on the town hall website

SEXUAL ASSAULTS: Hope for victims as arrest is made.


13th - 19th July

Businesses in Denia united B

BUSINESS owners in Calle la Mar were told in March that works lasting until end of June would start in April. Nothing happened and so a group of them spoke to the town hall and were given no clear start/finish date, but it was made clear that works would continue all through high season. They strongly objected to this and since then the mayor and the department responsible have not been available to discuss the issue, according to the group. They claim that the works started at least six weeks late in May and within a short period the excavations showed a number of possibly illegal drainage situations where properties in the street were found not to be connected to the main drainage system. Work was stopped for three weeks and has only just restarted. The drainage issue has also to be resolved before the project can be com-

PEACEFUL PROTEST: United against the bad timing of road works.

pleted - as it stands nobody from the town hall has been able to say when everything

will be finished. The business owners group is upset about what they

claim to be a lack of communication/transparency from the town hall but more seri-

ously the disruption to summer trade. The group say that it is not against the works, solely the timing of them as it will result in a massive loss of revenue that cannot be recovered later in the year. A peaceful public protest took place last Friday but no representative from the council appeared to be available to meet with them. They later issued a press release denying that there was a problem and blaming the Partido Popular (PP) for organising what it considered to be a political demonstration against the ruling PSOE/Compromis coalition. Those taking part did include representatives of the PP and Ciudadanos parties and the reason that they all carried umbrellas was not to shade them from the sun, but as an expression against the deluge of work being undertaken at what they consider to be the worst time commercially.

Credit: Ayuntamiento El Campello

CATERPILLARS: Pheromone traps are being laid in pine trees.


THE summer programme of eradicating the processionary caterpillars in El Campello continues, with pheromone traps being laid in various pine trees around the town. The traps are laid in the summer as a deterrent to catch the highly toxic insects before they begin their mating process. The council continues to work with residents, farmers and schools with campaigns aimed at highlighting their responsibility to treat trees on their land.

13th - 19th July

Photo credit: Guardia Civil

HAUL: 100,000 items found hidden in Alicante.

Chinese link to fake goods find

COLLABORATION between the Guardia Civil and the Spanish Tax Agency has dealt a serious blow to the distribution of counterfeit goods in the port of Alicante. A grand total of 102,600 items were seized in the operation which has been estimated to be worth more than â‚Ź13 million on the street. According to reports in Spanish media, the recipient of the alleged fake merchandise discovered in the container was a 48-year-old Chinese man who has since been arrested in Pinto, near to Madrid. The container arrived in Alicante from China and was originally inspected at the end of April. Costume jewellery, scarves and handbags comprised the bulk of the consignment that corresponded with what was listed on the inventory; however they were purely there to hide the counterfeit products. During May and June, samples of the goods were sent to the official distributors of the brands and it was following confirmation from them on the lack of authenticity that the investigation proceeded to identify those behind the crimes.


13th - 19th July

Credit: Ayuntamiento Calpe

Credit: Ayuntamiento Calpe

Credit: Ayuntamiento Altea


A MEETING: Of minds and ideas.

Infrastructure plans THE Altea Council are working on plans to improve access to their historic town once the AP-7 motorway becomes toll free in 2020. Amongst the plans is a proposal of an additional exit off the motorway south of the town. Currently drivers travelling from Benidorm have to pass by Altea completely, as the exit is situated north of the coastal resort which can cause traffic jams.

Not so cool SEVERAL shopkeepers in the Benidorm indoor market have been forced to shut down their businesses for a few days following a rupture in the refrigeration and cooling systems. Not everyone was affected by the fault - due to be repaired today (Friday) - but the lack of customers to some of the traders affected the others in the building that don’t rely on the system. One estimate is that some shopkeepers have lost between €10,000 and €20,000 worth of business.

Baños de la Reina.

Town Hall.

Cultural tourism C

ALPE Town Hall has created a group which will look at the many ways in which cultural tourism can be promoted. The interdepartmental Commission will share

their knowledge and coordinate between all departments to form the new tourism model. César Sánchez, mayor, hopes that this initiative will increase the town’s competitiveness within the tourism mar-

ket, whilst also promoting its culture and healthy lifestyle image. The Tourism Product Diversification Plan of Calpe, approved in 2015, has already made a commitment to cultural tourism with the improve-

ments of the archaeological site of the Baños de la Reina and its connection to the museum. It also proposes the start-up of new tourism resources linked to traditional sectors (fishing culture, roads, etc).


13th - 19th July

by Barry Duke

ASK anyone who visits a Spanish resort what exasperates them most, and they will invariably reply that it’s the maddeningly slow pace at which Spanish people - particularly the elderly - stroll. It’s not just that they walk slowly, they have a tendency to move erratically. They lurch unexpectedly from side to side, or stop dead in their tracks to stare at something utterly mundane in shop windows. Frying pans, for some reason, hold a particular fascination for them. A very tall Dutch friend, Ricardo, who has lived in Benidorm for years, once told me he’s often tempted to simply step over anyone who gets in his way. He’s never adapted to the slow pace of life here, and moves like a tornado through a field of maize. My husband Marcus, who is pretty tall too, also complains long and hard about his inability to stride though clumps of diminutive oldies. And another expat asked why the heck so many Spanish folk insist on taking dogs the size of rats for walks in crowded areas. Their very

Learning to stroll, Spanish-style

EXASPERATION: Adapting to a maddeningly slow pace of life. thin leashes, much longer than they need to be and barely visible, makes walking in crowds particularly hazardous. After I settled in Benidorm almost eight years ago, I made a determined effort to fit in with the strolling masses. It wasn’t easy because all my adult life I’d moved at the breakneck speed expected of one in large cities. But in the end I got the hang of moving at a snail’s pace, especially in very hot weather. Well, sweltering conditions were

the order of the day last Saturday in London, where I had to attend a business meeting. Yet people, sweating like criminals in a confessional, were huffing and puffing their way at breakneck speed to their respective destinations, and heaven help anyone who got in their way. Not only had I forgotten how to move fast, I was handicapped by a suitcase - and a painful attack of gout. Each time I paused for breath I was simply shoved out of the way by jet-propelled pedestrians.

Many of these were feather-bedecked drag queens in six-inch stiletto heels, all rushing to join the 2018 London Gay Pride event, which attracted around 300,000 people. Then there were the thousands who jubilantly poured out of pubs after England’s 2-0 World Cup win against Sweden, and at this point I seriously began to think I’d be trampled to death. That’s when panic set in, and all I wanted to do was get myself to Vic-

toria station and head to Brighton, where I was staying with a friend for the weekend. Dragging my luggage, I had to totter about a mile in searing heat to find a road that hadn’t been closed off for Pride and get a bus or taxi. Overcrowded tube stations were simply not an option. When I spot a police car parked in Covent Garden, I ask a kebabmunching copper if he knows the quickest way to Victoria. “I haven’t got a clue, mate,” he replies. And he then asks: “Where is Victoria?” Just then I see a cab and hail it. “Victoria,” I pant. “You’re having a laugh,” the cabby says, “there’s no way of getting there, what with all the main routes being closed.” So we head instead to Farringdon station and an hour or so later I stagger out into the football-frenzied streets of Brighton, feeling as if I’m caught up in a herd of marauding bison. Even Brighton’s numerous street buskers cannot make themselves heard above the howls of ‘It’s Coming Home.’ I wake up on Sunday feeling like I’ve been in a train wreck. Every muscle aches, and I vow that, should I hear anyone complaining about the slow pace of life in Spain, I’ll slap them repeatedly across the chops with a very large chorizo sausage.

Short news

Fire risk JAVEA Council hasdenounced a villa owner for setting off fireworks in a restricted area. The property, which is surrounded by trees, is located in a zone considered to be at high risk of fire. The matter has now been referred to Ministry of Environment, who could sanction a fine up to €18,000. This is the first denuncia for the town this summer period for misuse of fireworks.

Paperwork delays A BACKLOG in applications for NIEs in the Marina Alta is causing major problems for local estate agents. The National Police Station in Denia, where the applications are made, is inundated with requests, however even digital claims have a waiting time of approximately two months. The national identity document (NIE) is essential for any non-national when purchasing a property in the region. Authorities say they are aware of the problems and are working on ways to reduce the waiting period.

Music festival LA NUCIA will host a 90’s music festival on July 21. The event will include a pyro musical display to ‘The Man in Black.’ The musical extravaganza, the first of its kind for the Alicante region, will be held at the Camilo Cano sports centre in the town. Tickets via

13th - 19th July


Fearing for their lives A DENIA resident has been sentenced to eight months in prison for hate crimes against his neighbours. The 42-year-old man, had for several months,

goaded his homosexual neighbours and threatened to cut their necks. He had previously cut their internet cables and continually insulted them.

Fearing for their lives the couple called the National Police, who also witnessed the accused hurling insults at his neighbours. Initially a restraining

order was put in place, with an exclusion zone of 500 metres, however within days the neighbours were again threatened, as the man refused to comply with the

ruling. Due to the severity of the situation the accused was fast tracked through the court system, where a custodial sentence was then issued.

13th - 19th July



Plastic ‘ban’ for Costa Blanca beach reach 4,227 people reached 102 reactions

Jane Wilson I read all Lauren’s blogs they are so well written and make you feel you are there. Fantastic work from a lovely young woman who is so kind to share her blogs with us, well done Lauren xxx

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HE Thai football team and their coach, who were rescued from a flooded cave after being trapped for 18 days, have been invited by the La Liga football league to come over to Spain to watch a match and meet some of the players. Speaking on Wednesday Javier Tebas, the president of the committee, said in a statement, “When the time is right, and everyone involved is ready, I’d personally like to invite the children and the coach to attend a La Liga match in Spain.” “We'd like to host them and share with them the joy football can give, and I hope this gesture can help after the events of the last few weeks.” Football’s governing body FIFA had originally invited the boys over to Moscow so

Rescued Thai boys invited to Spain

RESCUED: Thai football team trapped for 18 days.

IN a leaked audio recording, Juan Carlos I, the former king of Spain and father of the present monarch, has been accused by his reported ex-lover Princess Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein of having used her tax residence in Monaco to purchase overseas properties in order to avoid paying so much property tax. Foreign assets owned by Monaco residents do not have to be declared publicly. The 53-year-old German aristocrat, who is currently the adviser to Prince Albert of Monaco, never admitted the 10-year a ff a i r s a y i n g s h e w a s ‘ g o o d friends’ with the former king.

Former King of Spain accused Their affair was widely reported back in 2012 when she was filmed by his side after he was injured on a secret hunting expedition in Bostwana. The audio recordings, which were released on July 11, were allegedly recorded in 2015 in a conversation between the princess and a former Spanish police officer when she was in London.

• National Police crack down on fake World Cup kit sellers • Rubbish arsonist has ‘bin’ caught in Costa Blanca • Hospital gets €1.4 million bed bonanza • The bells, the bells… are silent in La Mata

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She purportedly complains that her name was put on the overseas properties without her permission and she felt that she was becoming part of some type of ‘money laundering.’ “But if I do it, it is money laundering,” she is heard saying in the recording, “they are putting me under tremendous pressure to return these things,

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they could watch the final of the World Cup on Sunday but they were not fit enough to travel so soon after their ordeal. At least two of the boys are being treated for signs of pneumonia and tests are being carried out for a lung disease commonly caught through contact with bats. The boys, whose football team is called ‘The Wild Boars’ are avid fans of the game, with one of the boys seen wearing a Real Madrid shirt. Throughout their ordeal, messages of support had been sent by some of their football heroes, including Lionel Messi. The boys were trapped for more than two weeks after setting off with their coach to explore a cave complex in northern Thailand and getting caught by rising floodwaters.

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but if I do it I am breaking the law and I could go to jail.” Going on to claim that the various properties had been put in her name not ‘because he loves me a lot, but because I reside in Monaco.’ She also refers to Spain’s Intelligence agency who were apparently tasked to break into her home and retrieve important documents, and that her alleged ex-lover had bank accounts in Switzerland under the name of his cousin, Alvaro Orleans de Borbon. An official spokesman for the palace made no comment on the recent findings, however Alvaro Orleans de Borbon has denied the accusations.


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Short news

Man found after search AFTER four days of searching and anguish for his family, a man has been found safe and well after turning up in M o r a i r a ’s h e a l t h centre. A full search operation, with the help of 50 local people, was deployed after 55year-old Martin Ignacio Gianello disappeared last Saturday while visiting the area from Madrid. Drone technology was used in the search that covered all the municipalities across the Marina Alta.

Social taxi plan ALICANTE Council is studying a proposal made by the local taxi drivers to create a form of ‘social taxi’ that includes offering a d o o r - t o - d o o r, e r rand-type service for elderly people who need to go to the bank or their doctor. According to a report in the Spanish media, there would be no cost to the public funds a s i t ’s n o t e n v i s aged that any type of subsidy would be granted.

13th - 19th July

Car parking JAVEA Town Council plans to establish a new system of parking in the old town and the port area. With the aim of trying to improve the flow of traffic and to attract more visitors, parking will be free for one hour in

the designated areas that will be made public shortly. It’s hoped that the new scheme will prevent people leaving their cars parked in certain zones all day which stops the passing visitor from using them.


Car saved from fire A SMALL fire that broke out in Calle Sardina in Denia was extinguished by firefighters before it had a chance to spread further.

The fire, believed to have been started by a cigarette that may have been stubbed out on one of the palm trees, almost threatened a car parked nearby.


13th - 19th July


In honour of the sea Crevdit: Ayuntamiento Calpe


ALPE fishermen celebrate their patron saint of the sea this weekend, Virgen del Carmen. The events, which have been organised by the town council and the Fishermen’s Association of Calpe, mark the annual celebration by sailors for all that the sea has provided them, but also to honour all those who have been shipwrecked and taken by the sea. The fiesta has been a part of the Calpe town celebrations since 1940 and offers many activities for families to participate in, with some more modern events incorporated with the more traditional. The event runs from tomorrow (Friday) until Monday, with traditional activities including a domino championship at the fish market, water events at the fishing port and a solemn mass, where floral offerings are made to the Virgen del Carmen. Some events are focused in the old town area, with a parade and mass in the Virgen

ANNUAL CELEBRATIONS: The Virgen del Carmen, patron saint of the sea.

de las Nieves Church. This is followed by powerful firecrackers (mascleta) - that are exploded one after the other to create a very loud roar - which will be set off.

A bar service will be manned by staff in captain and smuggler costumes, and live music performances will take place throughout the four-day event. The festivities end with a pa-

rade and firework display from the Calpe castle on Monday evening. Full details of the events can be found on the town halls website:

Cinema under the stars CALPE has launched its annual ‘cinema a la Mar,’ where free cinema screenings will be shown on the town’s two beaches. Throughout July and August large screens will be erected on the La Fossa and Arenal beaches, an event that has been organised for the past 21 years by the Department of Culture. On Tuesdays the La Fossa beach will host a film, and on Thursdays the Arenal-Bol beach will show a different film. All sessions begin at 10pm. July titles include: Peter and the Dragon, Doctor Strange, Guardians of the Galaxy and Sing. August titles include: Batman, the Lego movie, Beauty and the Beast and Pirates of the Caribbean 5. A full timetable can be found at: www.

Calpe gets recycling Credit: Ayuntamiento Calpe

THE town of Calpe has joined forces with Ecovidrio to increase the amount of collectable recycled materials that they gather. The non-profit organisation, whose campaign slogan is ‘take note, recycle glass’ has provided the resort with the collection bins, which are solely for the collection of glass. The organisation state that during the summer months more glass items are disposed of in comparison to other times of the year, and that the initiative aims to increase the number of bins throughout the region as tourism and the population continue to increase. The specialist bins, which have been designed with summer motifs, have been placed in key parts of the town and also within reach of over 200 hotels in the resort. The establishments

COLLECTION BINS: Councillor Matias Torres with Ecovidrio representatives.

where the bins are placed will have the opportunity to win a master class with Quique Dacosta, a chef recognised with three Michelin Stars. As each bin is emptied through the summer months those competing

will be able to track how well they are doing in comparison to the others via the www.tomanotare website. Figures for 2017 show that Calpe recycled a total of 1,253,820 kg of glass, averaging out at 60 kg per resident.

13th - 19th July


For Alicante, the number’s up! Photo credit: Pixabay

SPAIN’S National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC) has put into operation the allocation of new telephone prefixes for a number of provinces across the c o u n t r y. . . a n d t h a t i n c l u d e s A l i cante. The CNMC has prepared a report that states that some of the provinces have exhausted - or are about to run out of - their allocation of telephone numbers, and so are faced with the need to assign new prefixes.

EXTENSION: New prefixes proposed for future landlines.

For a number of years until recently, the provincial codes for landline telephones always began with a 9 and mobile phones with a 6. They have since been extended to 8 and 7 respectively in some areas of the country, and it’s now been necessary to implement those changes further. The number prefixes proposed for Alicante are 865 followed by a 2, 3 or 4. Any changes will only affect new landlines and / or extra telephones installed and not existing numbers that begin with 96.

All aboard to the beach!

Growing town

Young cooks

BEACHGOERS to the Playa La Granadella in Javea will be able to let the train take the strain from now on. With the aim of reducing vehicle traffic on the beach, and replacing the minibuses that were deployed last summer, the bus - on a circular route - will leave the La Guardia Park every 45 minutes. The service, which began last Tuesday, is free to all users and will operate until August 30 between 11am and 8pm.

ALCOY is expecting a rise in numbers, with their new General Plan projecting a growth of up to 65,000 residents. The town, which is committed to being a ‘compact area’ has therefore called for the promotion of renovating existing unused buildings and utilising land spaces within the town’s boundaries. One area suggested by the Councillor for Territory, Manolo Gomicia, was land above the tracks of the AlcoyJavea railway line, citing it as an area that could be dedicated to a small urbanisation.

LA NUCIA Youth Centre has begun a cooking course to help 22 unemployed young people find work. The CDT of Benidorm working with the town’s Department of Youth organised the cooking course, which runs until July 17 and concludes with a master class from Salva a participant from the Spanish MasterChef programme. The course has been funded with a European Social Fund grant and the Generlitat of Valencia, giving students the opportunity to work within the catering industry.


13th - 19th July

A summer by the pool

New courthouse

Credit: Ayuntamiento Alfaz del Pi

Credit: Ayuntamiento Villajoyosa

One of the current court houses in Villajoyosa.

VILLAJOYOSA will have a new judicial headquarters as plans are presented by the Ministry of Justice. Utilising an existing facility, the old health centre in Calle Juan Tonda Aragonés, a budget of €2.5 million has been set aside to provide the modernised facilities and additional court space. It is anticipated that the new, state of the art court house, will be completed by March 2020.

MUNICIPAL POOL: Hosting a party night with music and drinks.

THE Alfaz del Pi municipal pool will host their traditional Fiesta Alfasenca next weekend. The event, which is organised by the Mayoralas de la Purísima in collaboration with the council of Fies-

tas at the town hall, promises a night under the stars and by the pool with music and drinks. The area will be open from 11pm on Saturday July 21, with everyone being asked to wear white. Tick-

ets cost €5 and include the first drink free. Tickets can be purchased from the bar area at the Casa de Cultura. Full details can be found the town hall website:

Restoration project EMERGENCY restoration work will soon begin at the historical church in Javea. The Sant Bertomeu church, a prime example of Valencian Gothic craftsmanship, will have repairs made to the cracking structure in addition to the leaks and damp problems being fixed. Following these repairs a rehabilitation programme will be developed to repair many of the eroded areas including the gargoyles, which have lost much of their outstanding features. Salvador Vila, charged with the restoration said: “This building is wonderful, once the emergency works are approved and completed we have the master plan, this church is an architectural jewel.”


13th - 19th July

EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES: Summer fun and learning.

Senior Masons visit summer school R

E C E N T LY, t w o s e n i o r M a sons from the Provincial G r a n d L o d g e o f Va l e n c i a , plus a third from the Grand Lodge of Spain, visited the Masonic summer school in Guadalest. This school has been funded by Freemasons in Spain for the past three years and is designed so that disadvantaged and underprivileged children are able to visit the school for ten days and learn about subjects they would normally not be able to study. Every place is fully funded by the Masons so the children’s parents or carers do not have to pay a cent towards the cost. This year we have funded a record, 42 children in total. Of these children, 22 have come f r o m t h e E l P r e v e n t o r i o c h i l d r e n ’s h o m e i n G a n d i a , 11 f r o m t h e R e d Cross in Javea and others from around the region. The funding has been donated entirely by local Masons, the Provincial G r a n d L o d g e o f Va l e n c i a a n d t h e Grand Lodge of Spain, who are delighted to be able to send so many children to the school who otherwise would be unable to attend. It should be noted that this is not a holiday, though it must appear so to the children. This is an educational trip where all students are expected to learn about subjects which will be totally new to most of them. The basic curriculum encourages brotherhood and companionship. It teaches the children to get on with each other, to help and care for each

other and for the older children to help and mentor the younger ones. Educational subjects include country walking, swimming, cycling, canoeing, archery, rock-climbing, quad biking, astronomy, music, drama and improvisation among many others. Local volunteers visit to teach these subjects and the lessons are largely given by volunteers. The mentors who guide the children are little more than children themselves with ages ranging from 18 to 25. Some are former students who enjoyed the experience so much they have chosen to return and encourage other youngsters to take part. A great way for them to put something back for the chance that they were given! It is obvious from the faces of the children how much they enjoy this brief respite from their normal lives and it creates a memory which will stay with them for ever. The Provincial Grand Master said that he felt the school was an incredibly worthwhile undertaking and has made the centre one of his provincial charities for this year. He is proud and happy that, through the selfless work of all the Masons both locally and nationally, so many children could participate and he wanted to offer a brief word of thanks to all the Masons throughout Spain who have made this possible. If you have an interest in Freemasonry please contact email: pren

13th - 19th July

Traffic jams continue for the summer Photo credit: ConradMoeller Wikimedia


WENTY black spots across the Alicante Province will still be causing drivers problems throughout the rest of the summer. In particular, it’s the A70 and N-332 as they pass through Torrevieja, Altea, and the stretch between Santa Pola and El Altet which have been identified as the four main points where the traffic hold-ups will be at their worst. There are 2,621 kilometres of various levels of roads within the Costa Blanca and, along with the hotels and apartments that line them, s u ff e r f r o m t h e i r o w n saturation and forms of ‘overbooking’ during the months of July and August. For those drivers that prefer to just use the N332 without paying the

BUILD UP: Altea is one of the main N-332 bottlenecks.

motorway tolls, one of the biggest bottlenecks is found either side of Alt e a . To t r a v e l a r o u n d three kilometres, it can often take between 30 and 40 minutes during p e a k h o u r s a s i t ’s t h e only access to the shopping centre, the old town and the beach. The other stretch to suffer is the five kilome-

tres of the CV-725 that links Denia to Ondara. Drivers in the south can once again spend t i m e i n t r a ff i c j a m s o n the N-332 as it by-passes Torrevieja on the single lane carriageway and further down at the La Zenia roundabout as they approach the busy Zenia Boulevard Shopping Centre.



13th - 19th July

Overseas opportunity Credit: Ayuntamiento Altea


LT E A i s o f f e r ing a trip to Turkey for eight young people and two leaders as part of a European initiative to empower women in sport. The European Projects Office, EuroAltea is looking for a total of 10 participants for the project of European mobility ‘Empowering women in sport via media’ which will take place in Edirne (Turkey) from September 16 to 25. Councillors presented the opportunity that aims to empower women and eliminate barriers in the world of sport through the media. C o u n c i l l o r f o r Yo u t h and Sport, Peter Barber

Credit: Ayuntamiento La Nucia

Gabriel Fernández, mayor of Polop and Bernabé Cano, mayor of La Nucía with the Consortium.

NEW INITIATIVE: A chance to travel.

said: “The aim is to bring together 40 young people from four European regions in order to develop activities and awareness workshops, self-esteem, sports, journalism and social networks.” All costs will be cov-

ered by ERASMUS + (Youth in Action) Anyone interested in equality issues, sports and media, between 18 and 30 years old should contact Applications are open until July 20.

Improved water THE Marina Baixa Water Consortium has begun the renovation of the Guadalest supply pipes which run between Polop and La Nucia. The works are expected to cost €3.7 million and last for 12 months. During this period 4.6 km of pipeline will be laid to support a higher pressure flow, and increase the quality of the water service in La Nucia and the rest of the region. The current pipe network dates back to 1970, some 48 years ago. Bernabé Cano, mayor for La Nucia, said: “Not only will this work increase the quality of service, but it will also allow a reverse flow to pump water from Benidorm to our town in the case of droughts or failures at the Guadalest reservoir.”


13th - 19th July

An interview with the Grand Master of Spain


REEMASONRY is the oldest and largest fraternal society in the world. It was founded, in its modern form, just over 300 years ago and has thrived ever since, now having well over six million members worldwide. For much of that time it has often been considered a ‘secret society,’ and myths, legends and outright lies have plagued it since the earliest days. In an effort to correct these myths Freemasonry is undergoing a modernisation process which enables the general public to see, and to understand, much more than in earlier days. Very little is still considered to be secret. Señor de Alfonso Ortega was born, raised and still lives in Valencia, a city and province that he loves. He went to school here and later studied at the University of Valencia to become a lawyer, before starting what was to become one of the most successful legal practices in the city. He was an amateur boxer, swimmer and a practitioner of scuba diving which have had to be curtailed a little since a recent brush with cancer. However, he is now, thankfully, fully recovered and wishes to continue with his swimming and scuba diving, if perhaps not the boxing. Having joined Freemasonry in 1998, he later became the Worshipful Master of his Lodge; the highest rank one can obtain within a Lodge. Then, he was appointed as the Provincial Grand Master of Valencia before becoming elected as the youngest ever Grand Master of Spain in 2010. He has since been re-elected twice and is the only Grand Master of Spain ever to have served three terms. For the past three years he has also been honoured to be the President of the Inter-American Masonic Confederation. An organisation representing more than 320,000 Masons. He is the only non-South American ever to have been elected to that post. The Grand Master said that he has been interested since the very young age of 15, mainly because of what he then perceived to be the mysterious and esoteric character of the organisation. However, he had to wait a few more years before joining the fraternity. Another lawyer, who was a Mason, later put him in touch with his mother (first) Lodge - Germanies and, two years later, he was initiated as a Mason. He said that the things which attracted him most was the

GRAND MASTER: Ortega wearing his regalia of office.

friendship, loyalty and fraternity he found within the Lodge. He found it very easy to join and has never felt any animosity towards him for being a Mason. His friends, colleagues and clients are all happy that he is a Mason and he has never felt any need to hide the fact. Indeed, like most of us, he is proud to be a Mason and is happy to talk with anyone about this fascinating subject. It has, however, had a huge impact upon both his home life and career. As he progressed through the ranks to the very top, he has had enormous claims made upon his time. When asked what Masonry has given him, his first response was to say ‘maturity,’ having thought a little more he added ‘the ability to listen, the ability to work in a team atmosphere and to be much humbler.’ He thought that he had given a great deal of time, commitment, and common sense. He has tried to keep good faith in all his dealings, and has tried to be approachable, open and honest while trying to keep his warm sense of humour. “Freemasonry,” he said, “must be serious at times but must also be fun, otherwise why would anyone want to join?”

He feels that what he would like to see most of all is a more positive image for the organisation, which he is trying hard to provide. There are still some who perceive it to be ‘secret’ and closed to outsiders. Nothing could be further from the truth. He wants Masons to be proud of what they are and what they do and to persuade others that Masonry is a good, caring and rewarding society who do a tremendous amount of good for the sick, less able and generally under-privileged people of the world. While they work hard at times there is always time to enjoy being together and learning about new people and new ideas. “It is time,” he said, “that Freemasons should become well-known, to shake off all the false images. It is time to approach non-Masons and explain to them what Masonry is really about. It is time to be even more open, to be proud of what we have done and what we are continuing to do.” He said that if he were asked to give advice to his eventual successor, he would suggest that he should ‘listen a lot but speak only a little.’ There are a number of Lodges along the Costa del Sol which can be found on the main Freemasonry in Spain website.


13th - 19th July

Peter’s odd and curious world by Peter F. Purvey

A RUSSIAN multimillion pound satellite recently launched from the Baikonur launch facility has been irretrievably lost. The control computer was programmed for launch at a different site. (Ouch!) Hard to believe, but 2017 was the greenest year yet for the UK. For the first time wind, solar and nuclear generated more power than gas and coal combined. An ancient plague returns. Bolivia has declared a State of Emergency as vast agricultural areas, where most of Bolivian food and meat is produced, has been seriously affected by a plague of locusts. The dinosaurs thrived on this planet for more than 150 million years. But long before they disappeared they were beginning to grow feathers. Now, more than 10,000 species of birds populate every part of this planet, and every one is a descendant of the dinosaurs. The genes that caused this evolutionary change have now been identified by US scientists.

BOLIVIAN EMERGENCY: A biblical plague of locusts. Signals and quantum: Two things caught my attention recently and deserve a slightly longer airing than usual, so please bear with me. One, you could shrug your shoulders and say, only another ‘big bang’ thing, but it is quite awesome, if you think about these things, which I do. The second is well out of our comprehension, Einstein couldn’t get his head round it, so why should we, but it’s a

good story anyway! Scientists in Western Australia have at last detected signals dating back to the very first stars that began to shine after the ‘big bang,’ roughly 180 million years later. (ie Some nine billion before our earth was formed.) The cold hydrogen that filled the universe (number one on the periodic table you probably learnt at school) mixing with the ultra-violet light from the first stars ra-

diated out across the universe at a radio frequency of 78 megahertz. These massive stars died young in huge supernova explosions, spewing out across the early universe all the heavier life-forming elements without which we would not be here. Whatever life there is in the vastness of the universe, it all came from these early stars; indeed, we are all made from stardust. The telescope (if that’s what you can call it) looked like a sheet of plate glass a little smaller than a table tennis table supported by six legs! The second item relates to attempts to make a quantum computer using electrons which have a positive or negative charge. The thing is, they can change polarity, or be both at the same time, then all other electrons change at the same instant and can appear to be in several places at once! Einstein called it ‘spooky happenings at a distance.’ We all know that computers operate by the use of two figures, one and zero. But experts think that if they could be both one and zero at the same time it might be possible to construct a computer with limitless capacity. I don’t know why. There is already a supercomputer that can make 1.75 quadrillion calculations-a-second, the equivalent, to the power of 50,000 laptops. Anyone with a better explanation, let me know, Einstein didn’t!

INCREASED ATTENDANCE: Locals respond to the call to give blood.

Donor success in Costa Blanca as more give blood by Caroline Tyszka THE recent blood donation session in La Nucia exceeded the town monthly average of 30 people, with 35 participants attending, including three new donors. The blood donation campaign, run by the Valencian Transfusion Centre, continually organises special donor clinics. This week’s clinics in the Costa Blanca North are:Friday July 13 - Villajoyosa, 4.30pm until 8.30pm at the Medical Centre, Calle Carles Llorca I Baus. Monday July 16 - Benidorm, 4.30pm until 8.30pm at the town hall, Plaza SSSMM Los

Reyes de Espania. Tuesday July 17 - Benidorm, 4.30pm until 8.30pm at the Social Centre, La Torreta Hall, Calle Ciudad Real. Wednesday July 18 - Benidorm, 9.15am until 2pm at Terra Mitica, the park entrance and exit. Wednesday July 18 - Denia, 5pm until 8.30pm at the Medical Centre, Calle Mestre Cardona. Thursday July 19 - Benissa, 4.30pm until 8.30pm at the Social Centre Bernia, Calle Bilbao. Thursday July 19 - Alfaz del Pi, 4.30pm until 8.30pm at the Medical Centre, Calle Principes de España.

13th - 19th July


Advertising Feature

Helping to make your mouth happier BRITANNIA DENTAL CLINIC is a British dental practice based in Clinica Britannia which offers low cost alternatives to dental implants and cosmetic work. At Clinica Britannia the experts offer you quality dental treatment with the highest level of customer service. Dr Karan Sud has over 12 years experience in private dentistry and has specialist interests in advanced and cosmetic treatments. They would also like to introduce you to Stacey, their in-house hygienist whose main focus is to ensure patients have healthy gums and fresh breath. Their promise to you is that all team members work together with a common purpose: to ensure every patient, whether requiring  general or cosmetic dentistry, experiences the very highest quality care with every treatment, every time. Rest assured, you will be receiving the highest standards of treatment from well qualified, vastly experienced clinicians. The specialists respect their patients’ personal needs and strive daily to provide a clean, friendly environment where you can feel relaxed enough to

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range of dental treatments, including routine check-ups, fixing and replacing broken teeth, missing teeth, black fillings, whitening and full smile make overs.

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13th - 19th July


Advertising Feature

A different point of view ... AMASVISTA GLASS SL prides itself as being able to offer and provide a perfect all-round service. Carrying out an individual professional and personal consultation is very important because each client has specific and different ideas. It’s therefore the goal of Amasvista Glass SL to find the best and most convenient solutions in respect of comfort, practicality, flexibility and price for your pocket and the best for your home. From the moment you show an interest in one of the many varied products, through to completion and beyond, Amasvista Glass SL is with their valued customers at every step. After an initial consultation, they start the initial design and take precise measurements at the customer’s home. All of their products are made to measure in their own factory to very high standards, using their own certified German construction technician. For customers who take pride in having the best quality and design in their homes, it has to be Sunflex. Sunflex is one of the world’s leading producers of specialist glazing systems, offering a wide range of products manufactured

Photo credit: Amasvista Glass S.L.

CRAFTSMANSHIP: Quality in every design. to individual requirements. With over 30 years experience in design and manufacturing, you know that you will be purchasing one of the only truly German-designed and manufactured glazing systems available in the market today. And if you’re looking for shade, then you need look no further than the Markilux shading solutions. Markilux has got you covered with a

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Unbelievable!!!!!! But true

UNLIMITED 4G internet at full speeds is now available anywhere in Spain and the islands. Should you be suffering poor ADSL/Wimax internet then this new unlimited 4G service is for you, connected to the national Telefonica 4G network you will receive around 20Mbps real speeds (not claims) more than enough to stream HD television and without any limit on the GB downloaded. If 4G is not obtainable then 3G will be available which still will be good enough for TV streaming. The provided Huawei Wireless Router (free use) is portable and can be used anywhere in Spain and the islands, (even in your car). It has four Ethernet ports and up to 20 wireless devices can connect, more than enough for all your guests and family. The 4G Router is supplied preconfigured and ready for immediate use. We have several years experience

with IPTV providers and can offer selected services from the very best out of the hundreds we have tested. All support is in English. Ordering is easy by phone, email or website, each order is shipped same day, free, by door-to-door 24/48 hour courier. The promotion price for unlimited 4G is €49,99 + IVA /month which is charged to IBAN bank accounts or a credit card, a one time activation fee of €25 + IVA applies, a fully refundable deposit of €100 is required for the 4G Router. The team at Elite Satellite SL have over 20 years experience in telecommunications in Spain and are at your disposal for free help and advice on Freefone 900 899 908 or 966 760 335 10am to 6pm Monday to Friday, email Please consult the website for terms and conditions.

range of durable and beautifully designed shading systems. Bringing together the best in design, functionality and architectural style with 40 years experience in technical research and innovation, Markilux can provide a solution to protect your outdoor areas, windows, balconies, terraces and much more with custom made systems using the world’s best materials and textiles.

AMASVISTA GLASS SL Pol.Industrial Les Galgues, Calle La Pansa 9, 03750 Pedreguer, ALICANTE Tel: 966 457 878 Website: E-mail: Opening Hours: Monday to Friday - 9am to 6pm


13th - 19th July

money DESPITE the political turmoil within the UK government that dominated the start of this week, the pound euro exchange rate remained relatively stable. When news of Brexit Secretary David Davis’ resignation was known of in the early hours of Monday morning, there was a sharp drop in initial trading. The markets then braced themselves for an even bigger fall some hours later when Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson also handed in his resignation to 10 Downing Street, but it didn’t materialise. Investors in the euro have seen the currency trading around the €1.13 level - having briefly fallen into the €1.12 territory - for most of the week, showing a substantial recovery from Monday’s fall. The pound noticeably rallied on Tuesday when it became clear that there wasn’t going to be - for now - a challenge to Theresa May, after gaining the support of her back-

Exchange rate survives Brexit departures

RESIGNATION: Boris Johnson’s leaving had no significant effect on rates.

benchers at a meeting of the influential 1922 Committee. It was also backed by the belief from some financial analysts that the departure from the cabinet of two

such prominent Brexiteers may allow the UK to pursue a more ‘soft’ Brexit. Having a potentially greater impact on the euro exchange rate will depend on the contents of the min-

utes from the June policy meeting of the European Central Bank. If they show the mood of the policymakers to be upbeat, then the value of the euro is likely to surge.

Inheritance rules cause confusion SAVERS who have recently lost their partner are being confused by the apparent complex rules as to how much of their ISA allowance they can inherit. Since 2014, widows, widowers and civil partners who become bereaved have been able to claim an extra ISA allowance called the Additional Permitted Subscription (APS). This comes on top of the usual ISA allowance ... currently £20,000 for the current UK tax year that began on April 6. The APS can be put into cash ISAs in your own name and some of the high street banks and building societies offer various schemes such as an Inherited ISA or Legacy ISA. However, and according to new rules introduced this April, this depends on the amount of money the partner had in their ISA when they died. If they passed away between December 4, 2014 - when the APS was first introduced and April 5 this year, their ISAs lose their tax-free status from the date they died. This means that any interest paid while the estate is being wound up is taxable and cannot be used to boost the APS. Therefore, if the deceased person had £30,000 in their ISA when they died within the above timeframe, this would be all the partner would get as their extra ISA allowance. However, if they died on April 6 this year or later, any interest paid while the estate is being wound up is also tax-free.

Advertising Feature DISCOVERING that you have a flat battery in the morning can be a very frustrating experience especially if you need to be somewhere quickly. Cold weather, frequent short trips, excessive strain, battery age or simply forgetting to turn the lights off, are many reasons for getting a flat battery. The solution, however, is not that simple. Linea Directa knows the inconvenience a flat battery can cause and how difficult it can be to get it charged or exchanged for a new one. Now they are offering customers their roadside assistance service that will charge a battery and jumpstart their car. One call and a trained technician will be on hand to help, wherever the breakdown occurs.

Discovering you have a flat car battery

LINEA DIRECTA: Best price, better cover.

Sometimes the battery may have completely run out and jump-starting won’t work, then you can be towed to the nearest approved garage. The roadside assistance service is an emergency breakdown service and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No need to get your hands dirty. No need to connect the jump leads to a neighbour’s car. With Linea Directa, one of Spain’s leading insurance providers, their roadside assistance service will have you back on the road in no time. Linea Directa is definitely an intelligent decision when it comes to making your motoring life easier.

We hope the information provided in this article is of interest. If you would like to contact Linea Directa please call 902 123 309 More information about Linea Directa online at


13th - 19th July

by Colin Bird

I AM not what you would call a football fanatic, but if it’s England playing in the World Cup, then I’m right there with half the population of the UK. Likewise if it’s my home town Reading playing in the football Championship, then I shall always go out of my way to watch the game. You can’t beat a good laugh I always say. So that’s been me over the last two weeks, and although we are currently rehearsing for our October production of Calendar Girls, I have shortened proceedings on the appropriate evenings in order for those of us who are interested, to get back home to cheer on the lads. At the time of writing, England have progressed to the semi-finals and at the time of publication we will either be looking forward to our first World Cup final since 1966 and stocking up on beer and wine, or the boys will be on their way home with thoughts of what might have been and blaming Brexit. I have enjoyed most of the live TV coverage, and I have often wondered how much time goes into targeting individual fans in the crowd by the director

Faces in the crowd Credit: A Ricardo Shutterstock

The opinions published in Colin’s weekly column are not necessarily representative of those of the publishers, advertisers or newspaper sponsors.

CLOSE-UPS: One pretty fan attracts attention

for those close-up shots. It’s the same with Wimbledon and I feel sure that before coverage begins, the camera operators know exactly where the most attractive individuals are positioned.

But one thing struck me this time around in Russia, that whilst every country seemed to have beautiful girls cheering on their teams in seemingly large numbers, there was not one shot, that I can recall, of female English fans

who would grace the cover of Dandy, let alone Vogue or Cosmopolitan. This sounds very sexist, but it’s a fact that it’s the TV director who specifies the close-ups, and as often as not chooses beautiful young women to home in on. I have not been able to see all the games, but those I have watched, the sheer numbers of good-looking lady supporters have been impressive. France, Denmark, Brazil, Spain, and Germany - each with an army of young things yelling their lovely heads off. When we played Sweden, there was close-up after close-up of blonde Nordic lovelies and long shots of great swathes of blue and yellow in the stadium. Contrast that to close-ups of English men and youths - in great voice admittedly - but very little in the way of goodlooking young female fans who must surely have been present, and a long shot showing a sea of tattooed skin with the occasional flag of St George. Then it hit me. Given the problems between the UK and Russia right now, would this be Russian television’s way of depicting the English in a certain light that is to say the least, unflattering? Just a thought.

Summary and e - i root-changing verbs Basic Spanish for everyday needs

by Jane Cronin

HELLO again! We are, at present, on a journey through the various ways that verbs are formed in the present tense. Before we continue on our way I would like to have a brief recap so that we can see exactly how far we’ve come and how far we have to go! With regard to the present tense (this works differently in other tenses) we can divide our verbs into three groups. I call these groups ‘standard,’ ‘root-changing’ and ‘irregular.’ In parallel, as it were, we also have another three groups to be aware of, namely verbs that end in -ar, -er or -ir. These three groups are relevant in all verb tenses and formations. In previous articles we have looked at the ending changes of our ‘standard’ verbs and seen how they differ between the -ar, er and -ir groups. At this point we also looked at how each verb divides into root and ending, the root containing the essen-

tial meaning (walk, run, etc.) and the ending indicating who performs the action. At the same time we also mentioned the fact that in some cases there is a difference in the ‘first person singular’ form of certain verbs. These differences occur in both ‘standard’ and ‘root-changing’ verbs and do not influence the way the rest of the verb is considered. They are also usually very common and therefore easy to remember. We then moved to our second category which is ‘root-changing’ verbs and discovered that within this group there are three different types of root changes (there seem to be an awful lot of ‘threes,’ but I don’t think there’s any mystical reason for this). The most common group is the root change ‘e to ie’ and we looked at a few examples of this. The second group is ‘o to ue’ and that is what we looked at last week. In both cases we went through changes to -ar, -er and -ir verbs. This means that we now need to look at our third group of root-changing verbs,

which is ‘e to i.’ Once we have done that we only have the irregular verbs left and, as I am sure I’ve already told you, there are only four of them (ser, estar, ir and haber) and they may well be already quite familiar to you. The difference between the ‘e to i’ group of root-changing verbs and the other two is that they only occur in the ‘-ir’ group. Here are some the most common ones: decir (to say, to tell), pedir (to ask for, to order), medir (to measure), seguir (to follow, to continue), repetir (to repeat). So, as we have already seen the rules for root-changing verbs in some detail, here is one example of the ‘e to i’ verbs for you to contemplate for a few days. Pedir - to ask for/order PIDO PEDIMOS PIDES PEDÍS PIDE PIDEN PEDIR: To ask for/order. Don’t worry, there’ll be more next week!

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FML Anon: Special Tommy's Honour Happy Death Day 22 Chaser Renegades Realive The Hurricane Heist: The Eye of the Storm Tommy's Honour 22 Chaser A good-guy tow truck driver finds himself risking everything on a dangerous quest to provide for his struggling family. Renegades Happy Death Day Realive Wetlands Fashionista

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13th - 19th July

WEDNESDAY 6:15pm 7:00pm 7:30pm 8:00pm 8:30pm 9:00pm 10:00pm 11:00pm 11:30pm 11:40pm 11:45pm 12:15am 12:45am

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5 News Neighbours Home and Away 5 News the Trouble with m and S 9:00pm The Highland Midwife 10:00pm Secrets of the National Trust with Alan Titchmarsh 11:00pm Celeb Trolls: We're Coming to Get You 12:00am Fame at Any Cost 1:00am Desperately Seeking Stardom 1:55am Super Casino

4:25am 6:30am

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7:00pm 7:15pm 7:30pm 7:45pm 8:00pm

EFL Greatest Games EFL Greatest Games EFL Greatest Games EFL Greatest Games EFL Goals: Championship 8:30pm EFL Goals: Leagues 1&2 9:00pm SPFL Round Up 9:15pm SPFL Round Up 9:30pm SPFL Greatest Games 9:45pm SPFL Greatest Games 10:00pm Greatest Moments in Football 11:00pm Football Godfathers

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Escape to the Country 4:30pm Celebrity Money for Nothing 5:15pm Flog It! 6:15pm Impossible 7:00pm BBC News at Six 7:30pm BBC London News 8:00pm The One Show 8:30pm EastEnders 9:00pm Eat Well for Less 10:00pm Keeping Faith 11:00pm BBC News at Ten 11:30pm BBC London News


Secrets of the Castle with Ruth, Peter and Tom 5:15pm Hidden Kingdoms 6:15pm Antiques Road Trip 7:00pm Eggheads 7:30pm Great British Railway Journeys 8:00pm Rhs: Tatton Flower Show 2018 9:00pm Golf 11:00pm Quacks 11:30pm Newsnight 12:15am Hospital 1:15am Reginald D Hunter's Songs of the Border

3:00pm 4:00pm 5:00pm 6:00pm 7:00pm 7:30pm 8:00pm 9:00pm 10:30pm

Judge Rinder Tenable Tipping Point The Chase ITV News London ITV Evening News Emmerdale The Voice Kids Our Shirley Valentine Summer 11:30pm ITV News 12:00am ITV News London 12:20am Unforgotten 1:15am Jackpot247 4:00am ITV Nightscreen

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A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun The £100k Drop Come Dine with Me The Simpsons The Simpsons Hollyoaks Channel 4 News George Clarke's Old House, New Home Prisión Ramsay's 24 Hours to Hell and Back Who is America? Is Love Racist? The Dating Game

Cagney and Lacey Two Wrongs 5 News at 5 Neighbours Home and Away 5 News Tonight Police Interceptors Bad Tenants, Rogue Landlords 10:00pm Eamonn and Ruth: How the Other Half Lives 11:00pm Inside the Murder Prison 12:05am The Last Days of Heath Ledger

7:15pm 9:00pm 10:45pm 12:35am

Tommy's Honour An Ordinary Man Realive Renegades Tommy's Honour Gifted young golfer Tommy Morris rejects the stuffy status quo and seeks to play the game on his own terms. An Ordinary Man Happy Death Day Renegades Realive

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13th - 19th July


Time Out Credit: Navy League Levante

Credit: Ayuntamiento La Nucia

United celebration

GUIDED TOURS: Around La Nucia take a couple of hours.

Free tours

LA NUCIA has launched its summer ‘tourist Friday’ campaign, where free guided tours around the town are offered, but doubled for the busy period. As in previous years, the free guided tours held throughout the year on Friday morning, are ex-

tended to two shifts. The first of the guided tours is at 10am and the second 8pm. The visits begin next to the Tourist Office and the Favara Park and take an estimated two hours. Tours are offered in English and Spanish but

are by reservation only. Anyone interested in participating in the guided tour through the old town should pre-register at the Tourist Office (Avenida Marina Baixa nº5), on the phone 966 101 098 or via email: turismo@lanucia. es.

JULY 4 CELEBRATIONS: Founder member Beverly Stewart and guests.

PROUDLY flying the Stars and Stripes and surrounded by an abundance of red, white and blue bunting in Javea, Council President Judith Lewis warmly welcomed 80 members and guests to the International Navy League of the United States, Levante Council’s annual July 4 celebration.

Council member Douglass Carver gave the Independence Day address with an interesting and informative perspective of the Loyalists and Reverend Jim Booker said Grace. Everyone enjoyed free beer, great food and service from the El Gaucho restaurant, followed by an excellent musical performance from

James Hurst. The Council’s next event after the summer break will be a lunch on September 29 at Puerto Blanco restaurant, Calpe. New members of any nationality are always welcome. For more information, email: navyleaguelevante


13th - 19th July

Time Out This week Celebrity Chef from Ready Steady Cook & Master Chef Steven Saunders, recreates a classic English Fish & Chips recipe to celebrate English football.

Is it coming home? Steven Saunders FMCGB The Little Geranium La Cala de Mijas & Marbella BY the time you read this we will know whether or not England is in the final! In the hope that we may be in the final, this week I am recreating a classic English fish and chips recipe with a modern twist that lightens it up.

Those of you that know me will know that I’m not really a football guy as food has dominated my life but when the World Cup is on, suddenly I am interested. Especially when we seem to be doing OK. In my years of cooking in various places I have cooked for some wellknown footballers. This fish and chips dish reminds me of David Beckham when he was at Manchester United and occasionally popped o v e r t h e Tr a ff o r d B r i d g e f o r l u n c h with his girlfriend Victoria at The Lowry Centre where I had a restaurant. David loves his fish and chips but also he knows that he can’t eat it too often, so when he orders it he savours every mouthful. On this occasion he ordered the fish and chips and a salad for Victoria. When it ar-

rived he called me over. Steve, he said, what’s this? He was referring to the home-made ketchup on the dish. I t ’s a h o m e - m a d e k e t c h u p I s a i d and I went on to explain the ingredients and how we make it. Steve, Steve, please can you get me Heinz? No problem David I responded and I rushed into the kitchen and shouted to one of the chefs to go and get Heinz ketchup from a local shop. “But Chef (the young chef responded) you said you would never buy anything ready made?” “Yeah but this is David Beckham and so I have just changed the rules so step on it and hurry!” He came back with the ketchup and David thanked me but had almost finished. “Steve” (he said) “please don’t go to the trouble of

making that sauce for me, I like Heinz. I loved the batter on the fish though, how did you make it?” I nearly said it’s a Japanese batter made with dried egg and it’s so much lighter, but I refrained and said “it’s a regular batter we make with beer.” “It’s excellent,” he said, “don’t change it! “ So with that in mind I am sharing with you the batter recipe which has no beer in it served with a fresh tasting pea puree and some great hand cut fries, ideal for football celebrations if indeed we have any! I hope you enjoy this David Beckham recipe!

Sea Bass Tempura, minted pea puree and hand cut fries (Serves 4) Tempura Batter • 200g of Tempura Flour (from most supermarkets) • 200cl of iced cold sparkling water • A little Maldon salt • A few cubes of ice • A tablespoon of olive oil • Oil (sunflower or corn for frying)

frying. Also if you overcrowd the fryer the fillets will stick to each other.

For the pea puree 1 bag of frozen peas approx. 500g A few fresh mint leaves Salt to finish

How to make the Tempura batter


Use the pre-mix tempura flour and add the ice cold sparkling water and some ice cubes and seasoning and the olive oil Mix together lightly with a spoon and do not whisk Important: Lumps in the flour is good. Do not mix it too much as you will get a lot of gluten which makes it heavy and creates an uncrispy tempura batter.

Bring a large pan of salted water to the boil, blanch the peas for two minutes and add the mint leaves. Add the peas to a blender along with a little water. Blitz the peas, adding more liquid a little at a time, as needed for the peas to be smooth and thick. Blend for no more than two to three minutes. Pass the purée through a sieve and use the back of the ladle to push it through - this will give you a smooth finish Taste and season with salt

For the Sea Bass • Four fillets of the freshest sea bass fillets with skin on and all bones removed • Some plain flour for coating the fish • A deep fat fryer heated to 200C To cook the fish • Toss each fillet through some plain flour to coat • Now dip the fillets one at a time into the batter holding the tail (small part of the fillet) and allow batter to drip off for about five seconds. • Place carefully in your hot fryer on full power. • Cook for about three minutes or until golden brown • Remove and season with Maldon salt

Tip Only cook two fillets of fish at one time or else the temperature will fall too much and start poaching not

Hand Cut Chips Choose hard not waxy potatoes that chip well. Ask your green grocer because in Spain most of the potatoes don’t chip well and you will need to be specific. Peel and cut into small chips approx. 1cm wide no larger Lower the temperature of the fryer to 160c Blanch the chips for approx. five minutes Now heat the fryer to full power 200c and re fry until the chips are crispy Season whilst hot with Maldon salt and serve Note You will have to refry the first two fillets of bass unless you have two fryers. That’s not a problem and resting the cooked fish is actually a good

thing. When you refry they only need heating up so 30 seconds is enough. I like to serve samphire blanched in boiling water and fried in butter (no salt) with this dish and samphire is in season here now.

Congratulations ALL at the RTN newspaper and the EWN Media Group would like to wish Sue Frost who works in our Albir office and partner Lois a very happy sixth anniversary today, July 13.

13th - 19th July


Time Out History can be fun LAST Friday some 40 members of AMUX, Amigos del Museo de Javea, celebrated summer with a supper on the terrace of the restaurant L’Almassera in the old town of Javea. Music from a talented group of young musicians and the delicious tapas and wines made this an evening to remember. AMUX is a group of people with an active interest in the history and archaeology of Javea and the Marina Alta region. They hold talks and workshops at the Museum (Soler Blasco) in Javea and organise excursions to interesting sites and museums, as well as various projects to support the Museum’s activities. Membership is open to everyone for an annual subscription of only €10 For more information visit their website mos.html,

Members of the group enjoyed their evening

Spanish wine sold as expensive French rose REPORTEDLY 4.6 million bottles of Spanish rose wine have been reportedly exported to France and relabelled as a more expensive French rose. Remi Dumas the head of wine producers in the Herault region of southern France believes it could be closer to 10m bottles. For more than two years the French fraud squad has been investigating the origin of wines being sold as French Rose. The south of France is known for its expensive fine quality wines, with a milder Mediterranean climate and balmy Mistral winds, the growing conditions are perfect to ensure the grapes fully ripen and the steady winds banish humidity that causes dis-

ease in vines. Coteaux d’aix en Provence is the region most known for the production of rose wines. The AOC (Apppellation d’Origin Controlee) has strict control over the type of grapes, how they are grown and how many tons may be harvested. There is strict labelling protocol. Naturally the growers are very concerned that inferior wine is being disguised as their own rose. The fraudsters use fake French symbols on the bottles and label them as produced or bottled in France. Wine detectives are employed to detect the fraudulent product. This entails inspection under a blue ultra violet light and weigh-

CORKED RED-HANDED: At least 4.6 million mislabelled bottles sold.

ing the bottles as they are often lighter. Remi Dumas from the Herault region asked for everyone to become aware of the scandal saying “For those who won-

der why we demonstrate, for all the wine producers who aren’t bothered by our calls for protest! Consumers open your eyes, 10 million bottles of fake rose from Spain.”


13th - 19th July

Time Out

by Ricardo Guerra WHEN France plays Croatia in the World Cup final on Sunday, they will have a significant but often overlooked advantage. Croatia will go into the match against France with 24 hours less time to rest due to the fact that they played their semi-final game one day after the French faced Belgium. The calendar of the World Cup competition gives a major advantage to one of the semi-finalists. An extra 24 hours of rest becomes even more of a factor when you have only three or four days between matches. The lost day of rest isn’t Croatia’s only disadvantage: Croatian players, led by

Zlatko Dalić, are also coming into the final after having recently played an exhausting match against England. In that semi-final they played two halves of extra time. And in the previous game the Croatians played a fatiguing match in the quarter finals against the Russians. In that game, extra time was followed by the emotional burden of penalty kicks. Making the disparity worse still is the fact the French in all their matches have not played a single bout of extra time. Consequently, they were able to conserve energy and move into the final with considerable capital. It will clearly be a huge challenge for Croatia to recover in time to play with the energy and vitality necessary

to win. They will definitely need the encouragement of the thousands of Croatian fans who have inundated Moscow. France’s physiological edge may also confer a psychological advantage in that match. In the back of their minds, the Croatians will know they may be entering the game with less fuel in the tank, and those thoughts won’t help, especially in a game of this magnitude - one that surely will be the most important in their lives. The race to recover for this match started immediately following Croatia’s dual with England in the semi-final, an exhausting marathon that will cause extreme recovery-related issues for the Croatian players.

There are several recovery strategies that can be employed in order to speed the recovery of a team in between matches, and these become even more critical when matches are played over a short period of time. Convincing research has shown that following intense exercise, a golden opportunity exists during which cells within the skeletal muscle are more open to receiving vital nutrients that replenish reserves of glycogen, the fuel stored in muscles. This fuel is the equivalent of gasoline in the tank of a car and provides vital energy for muscle contraction. It is possible to make glycogen levels return to normal levels within 36 hours of an exhausting match if the

Credit: @francefootball

France has clear physiological advantage over Croatia France may have the physical edge over Croatia. players follow a proper dietary regimen, take the proper supplements and get adequate time to rest. Nevertheless, it is important to note that glycogen replenishment is only one of the many physiological elements that make up an athlete’s recovery process. The other physiological mechanisms critical to a complete recovery may take several days or even weeks to normalise. Also, playing exhausting matches over short periods of time may lead to micro-tears in the

muscles that make it more difficult for glycogen to be replenished accordingly. It is likely that both teams have made use of some of the aforementioned strategies to shorten their recovery time. The success of their recovery will depend on how organised and committed they have been in mobilising these schemes following the semi-finals. In fact, even if the Croatians use all these strategies, we still cannot be sure they will have adequate time to fully recover.

Ricardo Guerra is an exercise physiologist. His articles have appeared in several international publications in five different languages, and his writing covers topics related to medicine, science and sports. He has a Masters of Science in sports physiology from the Liverpool John Moores University. He has worked with several clubs and teams in the Middle East and Europe, including the Egyptian and Qatari national teams. Most recently he was the exercise physiologist of Olympique de


13th - 19th July

Time Out

Artisan fair in Altea


Credit Ayuntamiento Altea

HE 35th edition of the Mostra de Artesania has opened in Altea. Located in the church square of the old town area the traditional fair will run until September 2, 7.30pm to midnight. Visitors can take part in workshops, listen to live music and purchase handmade crafts on offer, with stalls selling items made from metal, glass, wood, ceramics and much more. On July 20 the Balconadas exhibition begins, with artists displaying their work from numerous balconies in the old town. Local Albir artist Annelise Johannessen has been given the number one spot this year, the first hanging art that visitors seen when starting the exhibition. The work, entitled ‘between dream and reality no 2’ is a follow-on from her

Caption: Annelise with her art

Altea balcony exhibition.

exhibit last year of the same title. Annelise told RTN: “Having the first location is like winning the lottery, my painting will get lots of attention and promotion, whereas last year I had the position number 62.” Annelise, originally from Norway but raised in Sweden, moved to Albir 14 years ago following a terri-

ble car crash in 1995. After a long recovery from her injuries, which included paralysis, Annelise moved to Spain in 2003 at the age of 46. Annelise said: “I have been painting for so long, I had my first exhibition when I was 22. I find inspiration in my daily life and all that is around me. This can come from the sea, wind, music or even people, I try to see both positive and beauty in things and this is hopefully reflected in my work.” The art will be on display in Altea until September 2, it then moves to Alfaz del Pi, Agost and finishes in Benimantell December 2.

LAN party ALTEA is set to host another LAN party this weekend, where an estimated 250 gamers are expected to attend. This rapidly growing type of event will be held in the Altea sports centre from 4pm today (Friday) until Sunday, and is a collaboration between businesses and the town’s Department of Youth and Sports. The computer and video game lovers can meet and play without interruption, 24 hours per day, taking advantage of the 2GB fibre optic on offer from 5,000 metres of network cables. Workshops, competitions and tournaments have been organised for the event, with the official tournaments this year including League of Legends and Fortnite. The prize for the winner of League of Legends will be €500. Information and tickets are available at Tickets for €5 are for the LAN and Leisure Zones whilst the activities including PlayStation, Scalextric and table games are free.

GAMING: Through the night.


ON July 4, American Independence Day, CHUMS (friends of charity) had a very successful fundraiser at The Pe ppe r m ill, B e nidorm an d t h ey raised €519.30. The charity which supplies vital sup-

plies for food banks in Costa Blanca sent a big thank you to RTN for publicising the event so well and also to Jayne, Trevor and the staff of The Peppermill, who every year allow them to raise funds there.

A few American CHUMS.

13th - 19th July

Word Ladder Can you by changing 1 letter at a time, get from the first word to the last word in the given number of moves?

Puzzles Page

SLAM 1 2 3 4

Kenny Corris For Readings, Consultations and Castings kennycorris@hotmailcom Mobile: 686 361 594 / Tel: 965 878 424

Aries. If someone’s nose is put out of joint this week it is no fault of yours, though you may well be a convenient shoulder to cry on. Saturn bids for a swift solution, but there is every risk that the matter, though appearing to be settled, may actually serve to open a can of worms. In trine with Venus sage Saturn actions a fair share of compromise.

Libra. Time for some much needed rest and relaxation. You have done and dusted what you said that you would do, and now is a time to chill and take some down time just for your elf. The Venus conjunction with Ceres brings in new energies and heralds a busy time ahead, so, while you can, opt out and charge your mojo in preparation.

Taurus. Mercury’s brush with Pluto serves to slow something down, but also serves to give you some quality time to rethink your recent actions; and plan better your next step. Whilst Mercury clearly opens the discussion and promotes the wellbeing of the future, Pluto brings timbre to a situation that won’t go away by itself!

Scorpio. A healthy whiff of nostalgia takes you back this week as you get to reminisce and catch up with someone close to you. Though you have a agenda that sees you keen on the long term planning, it is good to bide a while in the past just long enough to look back on what was. Pluto is in opposition to the Sun, and for sure, all is well.

Gemini. Mars stimulates the creative corner borne by Ceres, bringing positive energy into a project that seems to be becoming stale. Under your control and guidance there is work to be done and you are the person to steer the ship, hands on. A problem is only a problem if you let it become one, and a problem shared is a problem halved.

Sagitarius. Look within, and you may just surprise yourself as you work with emotional issues and allow for new horizons. The inner you is poised and ready to take on something new and this will only happen if you can better know what’s within. This week Venus steps up to both Mars and Saturn bringing power through inner energies.

Cancer. Once bitten is twice shy, but you are back on track, highly motivated, and there appears to be no stopping you! The Sun takes on Kora midweek, and the merging of previous boundaries seems to create an open and more conducive environment, bringing change, but not change for change’s sake. Be who you really are!

Capricorn. Make hay while the sun shines this week, since you have the backing you need astrologically to make a real difference. Enabling, mighty Mars shapes up to a dreamy, romantic Venus and the result is sensitivity personified. Such power in positive hands can make significant change and bring much needed comfort when and where needed.

Leo. We are approaching a Leo driven agenda, and the Cosmos seems to be open to opportunity and enterprise. He who dares, wins, so go for it! Whereas you are happier centre stage, this is not necessarily where the action really is this week. Use your considerable psychic senses to read between the lines and look before you leap.

Aquarius. Under your guidance many new aspects are being explored, and for good reason. Finally you get to say what needs to be said with no holds barred. If the truth be told you are part of the rescue package and have surprised even yourself with your intermediary bargaining skills. Keep up the good work, it helps everyone directly.

Virgo. An affair of the heart sees you at sixes and sevens this week. If ever there was a time to face facts it is now. The midweek tryst between Mars and Venus ascertains the whole business of love and war, and turns the tables into the bargain. Meanwhile it is one step forward and two back, and the stagnation of the situation begs a resolve.

Pisces. Look to your opposing sign of Virgo this week as things have to be seen to be believed and because opposites attract. Relationship issues are strained and there appears to be no solution on the horizon. Be ready to make decisions because what you do next is vital, and whatever comes along, your faith in fate will be rewarded.

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Down 1 Tramp, one in collection of papers (7) 2 Auctions off prison rooms, we hear (5) 3 More hasty to produce a slice of bacon (6) 4 Elegance of old cricketer (5) 5 Left out by mistake, I met Dot (7) 6 Greek letter begins, 'Sir, I give my assurance' (5) 8 Some hotel items for the select few (5) 13 Disturbance after tea in old vehicle (7) 15 Gather a large amount (5) 16 Chap gets older, but copes 17 Menservants drink during TV's broadcast (6) 18 Went out with old hat (5) 19 Roy leaves mixed yoghurts for hooligans (5) 21 Empty shower after last showered (5)

BALL Weekly Stars

Across 1 Aspired, in a way, to helplessness (7) 4 Slogs away to get shine (5) 7 Only about five find the answer (5) 9 Strongly criticising the roof work (7) 10 Encourage another to breathe? (7) 11 Minor part in Oedipus Rex tragedy (5) 12 Stone alien missile (6) 14 Hit and miss or damn silly (6) 18 A drink for the American conscripts (5) 20 Leave, if there's a group performing (7) 22 Roman officer broke turbine (7) 23 Some of his language was jargon (5) 24 Fruit for specific days of the month (5) 25 Rushes to publish within seconds (7)

Code Breaker

Each number in the Code Breaker grid represents a different letter of the alphabet. In this week’s puzzle, 12 represents Z and 15 represents D, so fill in Z every time the figure 12 appears and D every time the figure 15 appears. Now, using your knowledge of the English language, work out which letters should go in the missing squares. As you discover the letters, fill in other squares with the same number in the main grid and the control grid.

Play on Words

Answers String theory. Just in time.


13th - 19th July Across 1 Charred wood used for fuel (8) 6 And not (3) 7 Loft (5) 9 Vow (4) 11 Loan (4) 12 Weapons (4) 14 Information (4) 16 School group (5) 18 Animal park (3) 19 Buildings where plays area performed (8)


Down 1 Disagreement (8) 2 Pinafore (5) 3 Layer (4) 4 Relevant (3) 5 Hand-held cutting tool (8) 8 The other one from this (4) 10 Totals (4) 13 Shaving tool (5) 15 Largest continent (4) 17 Fire remains (3)

Across 1 Shower (of rain) (8) 4 Pelota (4) 8 Guante (5) 10 Poppy (7) 11 Stadium (7) 12 Grosero (maleducado) (4) 14 To turn off (light, television) (6) 16 Pajitas (6) 19 Tin can (4) 21 Rescue (7) 24 Disculpa (7) 25 Mareas (5) 26 Plomo (4) 27 Prisionero (8)

Down 1 Storks (8) 2 Delante (5) 3 Nails (metal) (6) 5 Evitar (5) 6 Loyal (4) 7 Zanahoria (6) 9 Oyster (5) 13 Lift (elevator) (8) 15 Spit (roast) (6) 17 Coffin (5) 18 Oración (religión) (6) 20 Now (at this time, immediately) (5) 22 Mushrooms (flat-topped) (5) 23 Caída (4)

English - Spanish The clues are mixed, some clues are in Spanish and some are in English.

Kenny’s Postbag Kenny, I had a reading with a psychic and he told me when I was going to die. Since then I have been very anxious and I am not sleeping well. I wish I could turn the clock back! Penny M. Penny, the one thing certain is we will, all of us, die one day; but it is not professional to give a client any details about their departure from this planet. I am not surprised that you are distressed and not sleeping. I get angry when I hear of anyone who gives such a reading, and does not adhere to known standards. One thing for sure, whoever this was, the reading is not to be trusted and I would ask you to ignore it as the rubbish it really is.

Kenny Corris Don't forget to email or message me with your Postbag Questions!.

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Kakuro Fill all the empty squares using the numbers 1 to 9, so that the sum of each horizontal block equals the ‘clue’ on its left, and the sum of each vertical block equals the clue on its top. No number may be used in the same block more than once.


For Birthday Celebrants The blueprint of life has everything mapped out, but favourable planetary aspects are urging you to hedge a bet to enable you, and back you to the hilt. Be patient and embracing, but you must love what you so do too!


Funagram Unscramble the name of a famous American author of thriller novels: TO MURDER BULL Unscramble the name of a famous Roman road (two words): WE GRANT TITLES ANSWERS: - ROBERT LUDLUM - WATLING STREET

Fill the grid so every column and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1-9


13th - 19th July


ONE visit tooth replacement No injection No drilling Excellent cosmetics No temporary Five year guarantee Starting from €450 per tooth Why have an implant when you can have something better for less?

I want to refresh my look!

Please call Britannia Dental on 965 837 553 for a free consultation to see if you are suitable for this treatment.... Also like us on Facebook Britannia Dental Clinic Avenida Ejércitos Españoles 16 BIS 1st Floor (Not ground floor) E-03710 Calpe (Alicante) NEW TEETH: No injection.

Feeling stressed, frustrated at a loss? Relationships Depression Anxiety Trauma Addiction Sexual issues Bereavement and Loss I provide integrative Psychotherapy, counselling and coaching for individuals or couples in need of help and support to overcome difficulties. With a wealth of experience spanning over 24 years working both in Spain and the UK, to serve the Costa Blanca community. Fully regulated by BACP accredited, FDAP accredited, C.O.S.R.T member. If you live between countries or travel much of the time I also work via Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp audio or telephone. Please contact Annie on 634 333 169, +44 7712033508 or send an email to Or visit my website I look forward to hearing from you.

Are you in the mood? A SEX survey has revealed that almost two-thirds of couples say sex is an important part of their relationship, yet one in three women admit their partner wants more sex than they do. The findings were revealed from a survey of 5,000 people aged between 16 and 65 who were in a relationship. It was carried out by researchers from the Open University and Huddersfield University and found that 33 per cent of women agreed with the statement that their partners wanted more sex than they did. However, it also revealed that they accepted this difference as ‘part and parcel’ of a normal relationship. Just one in 10 men said they wanted sex less than their partner. The findings were presented to the British Sociological Association’s annual conference in Manchester.

Wine’s flavour is formed in the brain A REPORT suggests that wine could give your brain a work out. A leading neuroscientist believes that drinking a glass of wine sparks a reaction in the sensory and emotional parts of the brain and it is this brain activation that actually constructs the taste of the wine. The neuroscientist also

believes that flavour is impacted by the drinker ’s emotional connection to the wine as it conjures up memories and emotions. Factors such as gender, age and even the genetic make-up of saliva can impact how wine tastes, in a term called ‘neurogastronomy’ which describes how the brain creates the perception of flavour.

NO matter what age, the skin always has some periods where it loses energy, feels dry and grey, and you get the feeling that something needs to be done. Also, the skin will lose elastin and small lines starts to appear in the face. Restylane Skinboosters is a filler treatment which improves skin hydration, firmness and luminosity, through micro-injections of a very soft hyaluronic acid filler into the skin. Skinboosters will make you feel great about your skin again. After a few treatments, you’ll find that your skin will become smoother, more radiant, and more elastic. The skin of your face, hands, neck and décolletage can be improved. The results can make a world of difference to the way you feel about your skin. Skinboosters is hyaluronic acid, a natural molecule which is in our skin. It gives our skin the plumpness and hydration associated with youthful, healthy skin. Howe v e r, o v e r t i m e , o u r s k i n l o s e s c o l l a g e n , elastin and hyaluronic acid, and it becomes drier, rougher and less elastic. Restylane Skinboosters reverse the skin aging process by reintroducing hyaluronic acid into the skin. Once injected, the water-loving hyaluronic acid molecules start to absorb water up to 200 times its weight and swell, bringing about profound hydration to the skin from inside out. With dramatically improved hydration, the skin looks plumper, brighter, and more youthful. For more information, call for a free consultation at Derma Clinic Spain. Also follow them on Facebook and Instagram to see their new treatments and monthly offers. Derma Clinic Spain are located at Camino del Pincho 2, 03580, L’Alfaz del Pi, Alicante. For more information call 674 255 579 or email Alternatively see our Facebook page

13th - 19th July



Going loco for coconut oil

LOVED by models Gisele Bundchen and Miranda Kerr, coconut oil is becoming something of a beauty musthave on the dressing tables of fashionistas around the globe. This yummy-smelling oil is being praised by beauty editors for its soothing and moisturising properties; and there are lots of ways to use it. First, the science bit. Coconut oil contains high levels of several beneficial acids: lauric, caprylic and capric acids. These chemicals have antifungal, antibacterial and anti-viral qualities, making the product a brilliant natural cold-sore remedy. These

acids also reduce inflammation, helping those who suffer from acne. Taken internally - either eaten straight off the spoon or used in cooking - coconut oil boosts levels of ‘good’ cholesterol, helps to fight infection and improves the immune system. The product, which has a solid, frosting-like texture at room temperature, melts with the warmth of your hands and makes an excellent all-round moisturiser. Its natural antioxidant levels will help ward off the effects of pollution and delay wrinkles on both the face and body. The oil makes a gentle and effective eye make-up remover and a great natural lip balm. Used before going in the sun, it provides natural low levels of SPF, and will nourish your skin at the same time. Used on nails, coconut oil will moisturise your cuticles, and massaged into the ends of hair will tame frizz and soften split ends. Better still, the whole family can enjoy this multi-purpose natural remedy. The oil

is brilliant as both a shaving and after-shave cream and when used on beards will soften bristles. Babies’ bottoms will also benefit as coconut oil helps clear up nappy rash. Gargled in the mouth, a 2017 study found it can decrease plaque levels and reduce gum disease. Fans also claim it helps to whiten teeth. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous and want to have a go at some kitchen sink chemistry, why not try mixing equal parts of sugar and coconut oil to make a natural body scrub? If you have a favourite aromatherapy oil, you could also try adding a couple of drops to a handful of coconut oil and make a massage lotion, or mixed with peppermint oil in a small pot you can create your very own lip balm for on the go. If you’re thinking of trying coconut oil for any of its uses, though, it’s worth bearing in mind there are several different qualities, and organic, virgin products will give you the best results. Hydrogenated coconut oil is unhealthy to cook with and oily rather than moisturising if used on the skin or hair. Browse local chemists though and you’ll find most medium-sized shops should offer a good quality oil.

Coconut oil, did you know? • The oil’s high levels of beneficial saturated fats help balance hormones. • It is the richest source of lauric acid, a natural anti-bacterial, after breast milk. • Coconut oil won’t break down when cooking at high temperatures like other oils. It also won’t go off as quickly.

COCONUT OIL: A beauty must-have.

Father’s influence?

NEW STUDY: Effects on a child’s future.

DOES living with a two parent family really affect the health and future of children? A new study carried out on British families claims it does. Researchers from the London School of Economics looked at the lives of more than 1,000 children born to single mothers at the turn of the century, based on reports following the lives of nearly 20,000 children.

They followed a youngster’s health, intelligence and social skills up to the age of seven and found that those who also lived with their biological father were more likely to go on to have a better education and get a good job. However, if a stepfather joined the father the results were not the same and children were more likely to have the same issues as youngsters brought up by just their mothers.

13th - 19th July


Something of the night

by Michael Walsh

Credit: Håkan Svensson Wikimedia AN obsession with unearthing corpses suggests there is something of the night about the globalist left. There is relentless pressure to desecrate the mausoleum of former Spanish leader Francisco Franco (1892 - 1975) by removing his mortal remains. Those who espouse Stalinist ideology never give up with their creepy taste for necrophilia. E M Godden, in Conflict in Spain, says on p72, ‘During the last week of July, 1936, the bodies of nuns were exhumed from their graves and propped up outside the walls of their convents. Obscene and offensive placards were attached to their bodies.’ The Spanish Civil War (1936 1939) listed 731 Christian martyrs, who were sainted by the Roman Catholic Church in 2001 and 2007. In the canonisation of several martyrs, Pope Benedict said: “Adding such a great number

PRESSURE TO DESECRATE: Franco’s tomb, at Valle de los Caidos. of martyrs to the list of beatified persons shows that the supreme witness of giving blood is not an exception reserved only for some individuals, but a realistic possibility for all Christian people. “It includes men and women of different ages, vocations and social conditions, who pay with their lives in fidelity to Christ and His Church.” English historian Arthur Bryant,

in his well-documented Communist Atrocities in Spain, tells of one murder squad which went to the Dominican convent in Barcelona and informed the Mother Superior that ‘because of possible mob violence’ the nuns should accompany the squad to a place of safety. The sisters of mercy were then taken to the suburbs and murdered. The reason given in off-handed

manner: ‘We needed the building. We didn’t want to mess it up before we occupied it.’ In Madrid, it was estimated that one 10th of the population of Spain had been murdered by Republicans by 1939. It is on record that 6,832 members of the Catholic clergy, representing 20 per cent of the nation’s clergy, were killed. In October 2008, the Spanish

newspaper La Razon published an article on the number of people murdered for practising Catholicism. In May 1931, 100 church buildings were burned while intimidated firefighters refused to extinguish the flames. In 1934, 33 priests were slaughtered in the Asturias Revolution. Some 3,400 ecclesiastics were slaughtered during the first stages of the Civil War. By the end of the war a total of 7,000 clergymen and 3,000 religious people had been murdered for practising Catholicism. Soviet dissident and Gulag survivor Alexander Solzhenitsyn explained why we don’t read more about atrocities committed by the left ... ‘ownership of the media is in the hands of the pepetrators.’ Besides, journalism attracts those with liberal-left tendencies notorious for censoring genocide committed by globalists. These include atrocities committed by Republicans during and after the Spanish Civil War.

Mike Walsh’s opinions are his own and do not necessarily represent the views of the publishers advertisers or sponsors.

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Three tips for protecting your eyes this summer LEADING optical group Specsavers Opticas have offered the following advice for keeping eyes healthy, protected and looking great this summer. • Protect your eyes from the sun We can burn our eyes the same way we can burn our skin. Sunburn of the cornea (the eye’s surface), hugely increases the risk of bad eye health later on, as well as being rather painful. Staring directly into the sun light, even briefly, can permanently scar the retina, which is solely responsible for vision, and many of us do it without realising. Exposure to the sun’s harmful rays can lead to cataracts, macular degeneration, eyelid skin cancer, pinguecula and pterygium. Wearing sunglasses and a hat is the best way to protect the eyes from the sun, however not all sunglasses provide sufficient protection from damaging UV rays. • Wear goggles - If you regularly

swim in the pool, protect your eyes from the chlorine with goggles, as too much exposure to chlorine can irritate the eyes leaving them blurry and red. • Be careful of sand and small objects getting into your eye and follow the right steps to remove them - If you do have something in your eye try not to rub your eyes as this could scratch the cornea, allow the eye to flush out the object naturally, do not rinse your eyes with running water. If it is still painful and you think the object is still in your eye, go to your nearest opticians who will try to locate and remove the object, or refer you to the nearest hospital or clinic.

KEEPING EYES HEALTHY: Follow the experts’ advice.

You should seek professional advice if you are concerned about your eye health, or are in any discomfort and have regular eye tests. Visit to find your nearest store and book your eye test. AIRPORT PARKING


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XXX RELAX Please note that in Spain there is NO legislation banning adverts in this section. Neither regional nor national governments are able to pass such a law due to rules governing freedom of publication and printing.

Readers of a sensitive disposition may find some of the advertisements in this section offensive.



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Puzzle answers Puzzle answers Puzzle answers Puzzle answers Puzzle answers









13th - 19th July


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Can you be Nuka’s pet-sitter? NUKA needs a dog-sitter in August, can you help? Nuka is a labradoodle who loves walking in the Chiltern Hills near her home. Her owners are attending a wedding abroad this summer and need a dog-sitter for her while they are away. They live in a charming English village with stunning scenery and near a train to London. Would you be interested in being this pet-sitter? Can you help Nuka’s owners? Dog-sitters give peace of mind. Peter, Nuka’s owner, says they prefer having live-in sitters to care for their pets in their own home. Nuka is very gentle, easy going and fairly easy to care for, with walks straight into stunning scenery directly out of the front door of the house. Peter and his wife like the pets to maintain

NUKA: Walking in the woods in Buckinghamshire near her home.

their routine during the day and for someone caring to be with her at night in her new home. So a live-in house-sitter is the best choice for them while they are away. What our members say about us on Trustpilot. We are DELIGHTED … Well, what can we say but that we are DELIGHTED to have secured a fabulous pet-house-sit assignment, so shortly after joining HouseSitMatch. The professional and personal support that Lamia, the Founder and Owner of HSM, offers is second to none! We have been pet-house-sitters for more than 11 years but this is no doubt the beginning of

a very exciting journey with HouseSitMatch. Thank you Lamia for the vote of confidence. We’ll raise a glass to happy sits, happy pets and happy home owners! Malcolm and Marie House-sitters, Wales UK. How we work. All new members register to join our online HouseSitMatch network. On registration we ID check every new member to ensure we know who you are, and in addition house-sitters and pet-sitters are police checked by us. We charge for membership to ensure that there is a commitment from both parties and that we can afford to manage our network on-

Do you need a house- or pet-sitter? Get in touch. House-sitting can be a win-win for both parties, free house- and pet-sitting, plus the experienced and checked sitters get free accommodation! Register as either house-sitter or homeowner with a 20 per cent discount using coupon code P2020 – an exclusive offer for readers. To find a house- or pet-sitter go to call Lamia on 00 44 (0) 777 214 2742 or email

line professionally. How you benefit as a home and pet owner. Our membership offers you a secure network to help you find suitable sitters. We don’t reveal your contact details, or your address. You post an advert ahead of your travel dates, we publish the advert then house-sitters apply. You can view their profiles and chat with them before you accept your choice of applicant. If you join as a Premium member we can also help you at each stage of the process to get you started and to manage your account. How do you join? Please register online via our website www.Housesit • Choose a membership plan • Standard (DIY option) = £49 pa • Premium (with support at each step) = £79 pa

Some bunny benefits RABBITS can be beneficial to own since they don’t need to be taken for a walk. They are very quiet animals, have distinct per-

sonalities and are affectionate and interactive. It’s a good idea to spend a bit of time getting to know if their character is suitable for the family and to make sure you have time to play with them, before you make the commitment of owning one. Rabbits can get very attached to their owners, in the same way that dogs and cats do. They recognise voices and their owner’s appearance and may even follow them around and jump on laps. Rabbits don’t need a lot of room, but in their cage they need enough for them to stretch out completely, leaving room for a litter tray and a feeding station. They also need at least two hours of exercise each day, outside their cage. Rabbits are easy to train, if the owner uses ‘positive reinforcement training,’ which encour-

ages them to learn certain behaviours by repeatedly rewarding them with special treats when they perform these behaviours. Rabbits are eco-friendly, because their food can be

RABBITS: Are eco-friendly.

grown in the garden and hay can be purchased from local farmers. Their recycled litter paper and droppings can go on the compost heap. They are natural paper shredders, as their teeth c o n t i n u a l l y g r o w, a n d can shred toilet rolls, old phonebooks and cardboard boxes. They use litter boxes and they are generally clean.


13th - 19th July

motoring TEST DRIVE by Tim Saunders

Citroen C3 MANY motorists crave looks and economy but they don’t necessarily have the budgets for both. So the Citroen C3 with its 1.2-litre turbocharged petrol engine is sure to win many hearts and minds. It’s the most efficient car I have driven for a very long time. With its blue bodywork and white roof, the five-door hatchback looks sporty and stylish. It should also not suffer supermarket trolleys gladly… thanks to Citroen’s patented Bump technology. Ram a trolley into the door and it should rebound and likely do the assailant a bit of damage. It reminds me of when my dad bought a car and on parking in a supermarket car park a nasty dent appeared in the door from a trolley. It remained there for evermore. Although Citroen’s Bump technology will tackle many trolley problems on doors it cannot cover all eventualities and does not deal with oafs in 4x4s who get out and slam their doors uncaringly into the poor little car next to them. I think Citroen would do well to cover most of the bodywork of their cars in this

Bump technology. Dent removal companies would suddenly experience a drop in trade. Inside the C3 there’s daring orange leather on the dashboard and on the edges of the black fabric seats as well as around the steering wheel. It’s also practical. The petrol engine is responsive and I like the five-speed manual gearbox and traditional handbrake. There’s engine stop/start and on a full 45-litre tank it will easily cover over 500 miles. Pretty impressive. Head on it looks quite chunky with its large grille and bumper and inside there’s a reasonable amount of space with an adequate boot for a car of this size. Of course, with all the Saunders’ luggage it is often necessary to remove the parcel shelf and this occasion is no different. If only our daughters could travel light but even on a sleepover at their grandparents it seems they need to take the kitchen sink. The sat nav is easy to use but try as I might I cannot get it to allow me to search by postcode, which is a pain. That said, it is a trustworthy system and I am impressed how it introduces me to some of Devon’s scenic

World premiere of Lexus UX LEXUS’S much-anticipated new UX self-charging hybrid crossover has made its dynamic world premiere at the 2018 Goodwood Festival of Speed currently on until this Sunday. First unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March, UX is a new gateway vehicle for Lexus, rich in the qualities that define the brand: brave design, superior craftsmanship, exhilarating performance and imaginative technology.

Stylish and distinctive exterior design execution generates a unique vehicle identity, combining a secure and spacious feel yet with a condensed appearance. With a new, fourth generation self-charging hybrid system in the UX 250h with higher efficiency and more powerful electric motor, UX forms the centrepiece of a huge display of Lexus cars, both static and taking part in Goodwood’s famous hill climb with some famous racing names. Sharing the main stand with UX will be the stunning LC 500 V8 coupe, NX and RX F Sport SUVs, the new seven-seat Lexus RX L, the special edition RC F 10th anniversary V8 Coupe (also making its UK debut), the RC 300h Black Edition and the luxurious LS 500h.

CITROEN C3: Good looking.

Facts at a glance country roads that I have not come across before and I am all the better for this experience. The C3 can be driven with urgency and it will not disappoint. Driving in Britain during the day has become an utter waste of time due to endless traffic jams and so it is a joy to drive early in the morning or late at night when the roads are quiet. It actually takes us just two hours to travel from Hampshire to Devon at 6am. The same journey during the day can take up to six hours. On a decent long stretch of road the C3 overtakes six cars in a row, all crawling along at under 50mph. It is a very safe manoeuvre, I reassure my wife as she moans at my needless risk taking. No risk whatsoever and the Citroen conducts itself splendidly without even breaking into a sweat. My wife, on the other hand … It’s by no means a super-fast car but it is quick and does feel like a sports car when the revs are high and the road is clear.

Citroen C3 Flair S&S PureTech 110 Manual in Cobalt Blue with Opal White roof Price: €20,650 Top speed: 187kph 0-100kph: 9.3secs Power: 110bhp Economy: 21 kpl approx. Watch the video at The engine bears the distinctive sound of other small three-cylinder Citroens and Peugeots; it’s a sound that has grown on me and I love the fact that this is turbocharged. This family-sized hatchback comes equipped with all round electric windows and wing mirrors and the central touchscreen operates the heating, sat nav and radio. It is also home to a helpful reversing camera. Here is a car for all mums and dads who are not too old for a bit of fun.

New Jeep Wrangler from September AN undisputed off-road champion and a unique vehicle for everyday urban adventures, the new generation of the iconic Jeep Wrangler offers excellent levels of comfort and superior driving dynamics. The all-new Jeep Wrangler is a one-of-akind vehicle that is ready to write a fresh, unprecedented chapter in the legendary history of the Jeep brand, a story which began in 1941. It is with this clear objective that the iconic Jeep Wrangler has been completely renewed while remaining true to itself, with legendary offroad capabilities, authentic Jeep styling and advanced technology features. The result is the most

UNMATCHED: Regarded as the most capable Jeep Wrangler ever.

capable Wrangler ever, courtesy of unmatched technical contents, which, depending on the trim, include two advanced four-wheel drive,

active, on-demand full time systems - Comm a n d - Tr a c a n d R o c k Tr a c , p l u s Tr u - L o c k electric front- and rearaxle lockers, Trac-Lok

limited slip differential and electronic front sway-bar disconnect. From the roughest terrain to more exclusive city streets, the all-new J e e p Wr a n g l e r i s p e r fectly at ease, and delivers a more modern design, which stays true to the original, combined with more open-air freedom and advanced technology features in terms of safety and connectivity. The fourth generation Jeep Wrangler is offered i n t h r e e d i ff e r e n t t r i m levels: Sport, Sahara and Rubicon - all available in two- or four-door configuration - and in an all-new Overland park, exclusively on the Sahara version, ensuring a more up-scale appearance.

13th - 19th July



Laser dinghy donation to CBYA

Pego Texas pairs competition THE Pego Golf Society held their Texas pairs competition on Tuesday with the early morning sun welcoming the 36 members and three guests at the Oliva Nova course. On a course that was freshly cut with impeccable greens, the players made their way around it. As the competition heated up the teams reached the third hole, with Shaun O’Gorman being nearest the pin with 2.05 metres and then Russ Peters at the 16th hole with four metres. Paul Trigwell, Russ Peters, Malcolm Cannon, Ian Robertson and Shaun O’Gorman all scored two’s, and as the final score card results were totted up it was a very close competition. In first place with 67, was the team of Shaun O’Gorman and John Nicol, followed by Malcolm Wise

Competition winners. and Peter Brown with a score of 68 and in third place also with 68 were Paul Sankey and Graham Borley. The balls in the water prize was guessed correctly and the lucky number was 91, with John Evans being the winner. The club thanked their guests, Paul and Stephen Murphy and Nick Park. This coming week the golf society will play a Singles Stableford Competition, anyone wishing to join in the fun in Pego contact Penny Barden at pego

AFTER the recent deliberate attack on the fleet of the Costa Blanca Yacht Association’s sailing dinghies at El Portet beach in Moraira, another generous donor has come forward to assist the CBYA to get back out onto the water. Dirk Mittmann contacted the CBYA after reading about the incident in the local press. A kind donor earlier provided t h e C B YA w i t h a S t e r n sailing dinghy, and Dirk thought it would be a great idea to add his Laser sailing dinghy to the fleet. Diana Jarvis has also donated her Laser sailing dinghy to the CBYA fleet. Both Lasers were collected by Rod Simpson, Hugh Epsom, Dave Peachy, Bob Gordon and

(L to R) Rod Simpson, Diana Jarvis, Dave Peachy, Dirk Mittman, Chris DeBoer. Chris DeBoer and taken to a secure storage facility until the fleet can get back out onto the water in a safe manner, without any risk of further destruction. All members of the C B YA a r e v e r y g r a t e f u l for the kindness and support of the Costa Blanca community. Dinghy sailors offer the

chance to really connect w i t h t h e w a t e r, a n d t h e wind, and enjoy great fun on the boats. T h e C B YA p r o v i d e s many exciting opportunities for members to get out on the water in various ways. With a fleet of d i n g h y s a i l o r s , TO M ’s racing sailboats out of Calpe, and day yacht charters from Dénia,

there is always something for everyone, no matter what skill level a member may have. Memberships to the CBYA are minimal at just €25 a year for singles or €35 a year for couples, with members of all nationalities. Visit and

Happy 25th birthday for the Costa Blanca Cup From left to right - Stuart Suter, Oscar, Scott Suter and Singles Winner Jaime.

An international event

A party atmosphere.

THE 25th edition of the Costa Blanca Cup, welcomed 4,000 players from 17 countries, with some of the youngsters experiencing the tournament for the very first time. An opening ceremony was held at the Julio Iglesias auditorium of the Parque de l’Aigüera in Benidorm before the matches the following day. Sports facilities in and around the resort hosted the matches, which culminated in elimination games prior to the finals and trophy presentations at the end of what was clearly a family

Opening ceremony.

oriented competition. In total 278 teams, including 400 girls, played 660 games and, whilst winning was the main objective, the tournament participants also embraced the opportunity to make new friends, enjoy a party atmosphere and visit the fan zone to get merchandise as a reminder of their time here. The International event saw entries from four continents. Europeans France, Russia, England, Northern Ireland, Portugal, Sweden, Iceland, Norway, Spain and a newcomer,

Turkey; Morocco as an African representative. Asia was represented with teams from Japan, Bahrain, Kuwait and Jordan, as well as the United States and Brazil. Toni Pérez, mayor for Benidorm, said: “This international tournament is a benchmark for grassroots football and promotes inclusive sports for young people with disabilities.” This year the competition had its own mobile App, keeping everyone informed about the teams, fixtures, results and activities.

THE Suter Tennis Club have held their annual Open Tournament at the family-owned Maryvilla Tennis Club, situated on the outskirts of Calpe. Over the week 35 teams participated, with different nationalities, ranging from English, Polish, Swedish, Russian, Swiss, and many more, making the competition a truly international event. This was apparent from the results with Jaime from Alicante beating Martin (Poland) in a very entertaining final. Darren Mchatti (Scotland) won the singles consolation. While Oliver (England) and Ar Trney (Russian) beat Danny and

Dave (England) in the doubles final. Scott and Stuart Suter, thanked Oscars Restaurant owners and staff for their hospitality during the event and also all those who participated in the competition. The Suter Tennis club are based in the north of the Costa Blanca around Albir, Alfaz del Pi and Calpe. Using different tennis facilities enables the club and the players to experience different court surfaces, with the Maryvilla, for example offering two clay courts and two hard surface courts. Anyone interested in participating in future tournaments can contact Scott on 619 052 178.

RTN Newspaper - Costa Blanca North 13 - 19 July 2018 Issue 977  

FREE Newspaper in Spain with the best local news in English from the Costa del Sol, Costa Blanca North, Costa Blanca South, Costa de Almeria...

RTN Newspaper - Costa Blanca North 13 - 19 July 2018 Issue 977  

FREE Newspaper in Spain with the best local news in English from the Costa del Sol, Costa Blanca North, Costa Blanca South, Costa de Almeria...