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18th - 24th May

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Elected... by a minority by Glenn Scott THERE was no white smoke billowing from a chimney atop of the San Fulgencio Town Hall to commemorate the event, but at 10.26 precisely last Wednesday (May 16) a new mayor was elected in front of a full council chamber. He is Manuel Gómez Rebagliato and, until the extraordinary plenary meeting convened for the election, the only official member of the Partido Popular (PP) party on the council.

Mayor Rebagliato takes over until the next municipal elections due in May 2019 from Carlos Ramirez who formally left the position two weeks ago to the day following months of legal and political wrangling. The intricacies of Spanish local politics and the voting procedures virtually assured Rebagliato would get the job. However, he received three votes (from himself, the new PP councillor who replaced Ramirez and UPyD Councillor Joel Lopez Noche) compared to two each for the PIPN and

the PSOE candidates. This meant that six of the 13 councillors didn’t vote for any candidate, and so in effect the new mayor only has the official support of two others. The negotiations as to who will form the new government now begin... In his first statement as mayor, Rebagliato thanked those that had supported him and expressed his “pride and honour of being the mayor of San Fulgencio. I hope the people will have confidence in me and I will not let them down.”


P7 IN CHARGE: San Fulgencio’s new mayor after his first address. SUMMER OFFER FLAT RATE FOR EASY LEGALS PROPERTY CONVEYANCING of only 800€ including: • Legal Advice during the purchase • Notarised power of attorney • 2 NIE numbers • Change of all service bills Please contact us for more information 966 765 024 – C/Algarobo 2, CC Los Dolses, Local M-120, Villamartin




18th - 24th May

by John Smith

been the case with Prince Philip and his official duties. Already the Commonwealth leaders have indicated that should the Queen decide to step down, they are likely to welcome Prince Charles as the new Head of the Commonwealth. In family businesses, it is not unusual for older directors to step back and hand over the reins of power to younger directors, so there has been much speculation about the possible abdication of the Queen, in a manner similar to the Spanish Royal Family. Under the complicated rules governing the British monarchy, there would be constitutional problems with this possible option as whilst she may abdicate from the throne, there is no current option for her to give up her position as head of the Church of England. This means that whilst Prince Charles could become Prince Regent, he could not be crowned as the new monarch

Credit: @HRHHenryWindsor Twitter

THE royal wedding tomorrow (Saturday) will bring a number of people together as they celebrate the marriage of the ‘spare’ and a mixed-race commoner. Prince Harry is still sixth in line for the throne and in royal parlance two children of the first in line or indeed of the reigning monarch are referred to as ‘the heir and the spare’ in case there should be any unfortunate accident. This decade has shown a remarkable change in society all over the world and the fact that Harry is allowed to take Meghan Markle as his wife after Prince William also married outside of the aristocracy shows that there has been a massive sea change in the world view of the Royal Family. Realistically things are going to change even further as with Her Majesty now 92 and Prince Philip 97, there will be changes either enforced through death or by retirement as has already

Hopefully the future is bright for the Royal Family

WEDDING CAKE: A layer of the cake produced by Clair Ptak.

and has to become head of the Church of England. The only reason that George VI was able to hold his coronation was because his brother Edward VIII abdicated before his own coronation and never became head of the church. As people celebrate this latest wedding, let’s hope that it is a long and happy one for the new couple who give every impression that they will be able to cope with the modern media circus that surrounds them. Sadly three of the Queen’s four children have been divorced although in the case of Anne and Charles, they appear to have settled more happily with their new partners. There are going to be some major changes in the structure of the Royal Family in the near future and as we head towards the uncertainty of Brexit. We have to hope that the burden will not be too great and that either Charles or William are able to take over the position seamlessly.

18th - 24th May

Confusion over lifeguard cover Pixabay

CONTRACT: Delay in Tabarca’s rescue service... perhaps.

by Glenn Scott ALICANTE’S councillor of Tourism Mari Carmen De España has announced that she is working to extend this summer’s life saving and beach rescue service to include that of the island of Tabarca. According to a report in the Spanish media, such coverage is not part of the present contract but De España said that “it doesn’t mean it cannot be

included. We have a jewel that is the envy of many that saw over 150,000 visitors last summer, and we are going to make the effort to increase the cover... but not at the moment because we need to comply with the contract.” It’s understood that such lifeguard and rescue services will enable Tabarca to challenge for one of the prestigious blue flags. However, in response, op-

position councillor Eva Montesinos stressed that the current list of conditions in the contract that was awarded in March already includes provision for a lifeguard during the summer months. “When in opposition,” said Montesinos, “Mrs De España should’ve read the specifications in more detail, especially since she had been part of the Tourist Board for the past three years.”



18th - 24th May

New sign of the times by Mark Rogers

SUCCESS: Murcia students to take part in second signlanguage course.

THE University of Murcia (UM) has launched a brand new postgraduate course for those wishing to study sign language. It is understood that 11 students have shown interest in

signing up to the course to enable them to study further not only the language itself, but the day-to-day lives and issues suffered by members of the deaf community. The course will be run by the Department of Sociolo-

gy at the UM, after which the coordinator Gustavo Amoros has assured that “many of the students will continue with their investigations and studies that can only be useful in changing many things that affect the deaf community.”

The first such postgraduate course in this subject ended on April 28 and after being deemed a great success, Amoros said that a second course would begin in September. Those interested must formally register during July.

Robber flees after a ‘whopper’ of a trick THREE young lads that were about to join the queue in the Atalayas Burger King restaurant in Murcia tricked a thief into thinking the police had arrived at the scene as he tried to flee with an estimated €2,000. The robber entered the establishment brandishing a knife and threatened one of the members of staff behind the counter who instantly handed over the money in the till. However, at that moment three friends walked in, saw

what was going on and immediately shouted “Stop! Police! Get to the ground.” He fell for it since, according to witnesses, he became very nervous and dropped most of the money before running away, much to the amusement of many of the customers, especially when they realised that the sound of the police sirens they heard had also been made by one of the young men. “We weren’t afraid once we realised what was going on,”

said one of the heroic trio. “We only went out to get a burger because we were bored. When we walked in to Burger King and saw the person behind the counter looking worried, we assumed he’d just had a bad day! Then we saw the other man wearing a mask, and it was at that point my friend began his siren sound.” Police are looking for a man around 30 years old and believed to be of Moroccan nationality.


18th - 24th May Photo credit: Guardia Civil

FORGED: Medication purchased to make a profit from drug addicts.

Fake prescription scam dismantled by Darren Parmenter GUARDIA CIVIL in Alicante have arrested 10 people - nine Spanish men and one woman between the ages of 34 and 58 - in connection with a series of fake prescriptions and alleged drug trafficking. They have been detained in San Juan de Alicante and Cartagena and relate to an investigation that began in Muchamiel when one of the ar-

We arrange

rested tried to buy anti-anxiety medication with a false prescription. The alarm bells fully began to ring when it was discovered that a number of individuals bought several boxes of the identical brand of medication in local chemists around the same time. In total 58 chemists were visited in five days. It is alleged that having paid just €2 for the drugs, they then resold them on to addicts for €25.

As a result of the investigation, it’s believed that the group are responsible for 100 crimes of forgery, four thefts, endangering public health by supplying drugs, and the offence of belonging to a criminal group. According to reports in the Spanish media the anxiolytic drugs, when mixed with others such as hashish and marihuana, can become a dangerous cocktail called ‘karkubi’ which can lead to hallucinations.

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18th - 24th May

Police issue dog muzzle warning A YOUNG woman living in the Los Garres neighbourhood of Murcia has been bitten by a dog classed as dangerous. According to official reports, despite being on a lead, the terrier was still able to bite the woman on the leg. The incident led the Local Police to make a statement on their Twitter account warning people that such dogs should always wear a muzzle as ‘their natural defence instinct makes them dangerous, even if you, as their owner, think they won’t be violent.’


Lifesavers in the swim EIGHTY-FIVE aspiring Red Cross lifesavers were recently put to the test in Santa Pola. First they took a written exam at the Civic Centre with questions that included oxygen therapy, flag signals and psychological assistance. First aid skills and CPR were tested next before hopefuls went to the Varadero beach where each was timed as they ran 200 metres over the sand and swam for another 400 metres out to a buoy before returning. The Red Cross has 50 vacancies in Santa Pola, Guardamar and Javea this summer and the organisation was assessing agility and the time taken to react to a critical situation.

Applicants’ profiles were slowly changing, the Red Cross’s Beaches Chief Jose Luis Hernandez Oliva explained. They now receive more applications from adults and women, although at present the latter account for only 20 per cent of Red Cross lifesavers. “This has nothing to do with their physical conditions but because lifesaving has a rooted background, although this outlook is gradually changing,” Hernandez said. Approximately 20 lifeguards will be assigned to Santa Pola this year where each beach has its own characteristics, the Red Cross explained. In Guardamar, for instance, lifesavers are more specialised in rescuing

swimers from the strong currents there. In Santa Pola they should be prepared for health emergencies, owing to the popularity of Playa Lisa and Gran Playa with the elderly. Thanks to the calm sea, there are also more jellyfish stings than usual and last year lifesavers had to attend to 3,461 people on local beaches. RED CROSS: There are 50 vacancies in Santa Pola, Guardamar and Javea this summer.

Apps the way to better health TORREVIEJA’S Department of Health has launched a new mobile app to help improve the communication between patients and medical professionals from wherever they are. It will enable patients to access their test results, download hospital discharge reports, book or

rearrange appointments, monitor their treatments, and download X-rays. Also, patients can book a chat with their doctors that saves the patient having to make unnecessary journeys and keeps vital appointment spaces available for those with a greater need.

The YOSalud App is now available to use on mobile phones and tablets as well as being accessible via a traditional PC and laptop, so everyone can take advantage of the new system if they choose. The YOSalud app currently has over 54,000 users in the Torrevieja Health Department, with

28,000 of them regularly using it to communicate with their doctor or nurse. The app can be obtained after applying via the website at Fur ther details can be obtained from patients’ nearest health centres too.

18th - 24th May

Snakes in plain view LOCAL POLICE in Murcia were called to a school in Corvera after the discovery of a snake on the premises. According to official reports, it was a horseshoe whip snake that is native to south-western Europe and northern Africa. It can be identified by a series of large spots which are either blackish or dark brown edged with black. The police managed to catch the non-venomous reptile and transfer it to the El Valle Wildlife Recovery Centre where, after examining it, released it back into their natural habitat.


Taxi drivers under attack TAXI drivers working out of Murcia and Cartagena have said that they are suffering from a wave of assaults from passengers ‘on a daily basis’ using knives. According to a report in the Spanish media, representatives of the taxi associations state that there has been an increase in robberies from DAVINIA MARTINEZ, a Spanish woman from Orihuela who owns El Devino restaurant, has won the title of ‘Best Beer Pourer in Spain’ at the national championships held in her own city. Organised by a well-known brand of beer, Martinez said of her victory: “I entered the contest to learn more and have a good time. I’m happy to have won the title because I was not expecting it; the level in the final was very high.” She had to compete against 20 other bartenders who were all winners and runners-in their own finals organised by Spain’s other autonomous regions. Davina has been pouring beer since she was 18 years old, and has a passion for this skill and for quality beers. “I think I won because I put a lot of affection, love and passion into it, when you have a good product you do your best,” she explained after being proclaimed champion. She took home the first prize of €1,000 while the runner-up won €600 and his weight in beer.

their drivers, especially in the Lo Campano and Los Mateos neighbourhoods, and in both cities. It has reached such a point that the president of Radio Taxi Murcia said that there are many drivers that are thinking twice about answering a call that comes from what are becoming dangerous zones.

In Murcia alone, five taxi drivers have been threatened at knifepoint in the past six weeks, and thankfully no one has been injured. Consideration is being given to installing screens between driver and passenger but the drivers feel they would then lose contact with the majority of their clients that are not a problem.

Orihuela boasts best pint puller DAVINIA: At her moment of triumph.


18th - 24th May

THE Alcantarilla Air Base has equalled a record in Spain that has been in existence since 1996. A total of 54 paratroopers united in perfect formation and fell from the skies over Murcia, and equalled the number set by a group in Zaragoza over 22 years ago. According to a statement made by the base in the Spanish media, “ With wind

Photo credit: Guardia Civil

Almost a jump for joy conditions on Sunday within the limits, but more difficult compared to Saturday, two attempts have been made to break the existing record with 55 paratroopers. “This year marks the 70th anniversary of the first militar y parachute jump in Spain, and so the plan was to originally mark that event with 70 paratrooper’s free falling from more than 6,500m.”

VIOLENT: Knife-wielding robber caught after 36 hours.

Guardia Civil catch knifepoint robber OFFICERS from the Guardia Civil have arrested a 34-yearold man in Callosa de Segura in connection with two violent robberies. It’s alleged he attacked a jewellers shop, threatening the two employees with a knife before escaping with €5,000. He apparently waited until the shop was about to close, walked in and dropped an umbrella in the doorway so it wouldn’t shut. He then took out the knife and ordered the assistants to hand over the days takings. As he left, he smashed one of the display cases with his fist. None of the employees were hurt in the incident.

An immediate search of the municipality was launched and paid off as the suspect was arrested after quite a struggle just 36 hours later as he cycled along a street. His arrest was able to clear up two other thefts committed on that same day and another robbery with violence at a sports shop. In the latter incident, in which he allegedly stole goods worth €1,200, the description given by the shop assistant fitted the arrested man perfectly. The 34-year-old Spanish national has already appeared in court in Orihuela and has been sent to prison pending further legal proceedings.

Brother takes a caning A 61-YEAR-OLD woman has been arrested by Local Police in Murcia after allegedly attacking her brother with a walking stick. According to reports in the Spanish media, the siblings shared a home with their mother in the San Anton neighbourhood of the city. The incident happened around 1.30pm on Monday when patrols from the Neighbourhood Police and Family Protection Team (EPAF) were called to an address where it appeared an attack was taking place. As the EPAF arrived, they were met by a man who claimed to have been hit by his sister with a cane. He managed to snatch it from her before fleeing the property so she wouldn’t attack him with it any more. The man showe d E PA F v a r i o u s cuts and bruises on his head, face, an arm and an elbow which he claimed were caused by the blows from his sister. It has subsequently been reported that the son and his mother had recently been suffering a number of problems living with their female relative. And in the last few days this had resulted in a number of verbal confrontations between the brother and sister.


18th - 24th May

Hash stash sniffed out... again

“Man wanted for armed robberies in UK arrested in Spain”

by Darren Parmenter JUST days after a major drugs find in Alicante Bus Station, Local Police based in the city arrested two people in a separate incident. This time, they are a 17year-old man and a 50year-old woman who were also on the bus that travels between Algeciras and Barcelona, and were found to have 21 kilos of hashish in a suitcase. Once again, it was the officers and dogs of the Canine Unit that made the discovery which was hidden inside the luggage and contained in six pack-

Hairdresser robber has appointment with police

Patricia Marsh It’s good the police are doing their job here, but once he gets back to England he will wait for the judicial system to take course so he’ll escape to somewhere else.

NATIONAL POLICE in Alicante have arrested a man who robbed a hairdressing salon after holding a knife to the neck of one of the employees.

Josephine Lockwood Keep up the good work!

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ages wrapped in tape. The find was as a result of one of the regular and random searches that are made of buses in Alicante, but especially this long distance route which has seen more drug finds than any other in recent times. The two people, both of Moroccan nationality, went into the National Police base in the bus station where their belongings were thoroughly searched. Both were subsequently detained, with the 17year-old taken to the local juvenile centre, pending further investigations and legal processes.

DEJA VU: Second drugs stash in days found by sniffer dogs.

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He also threatened one of the customers and demanded that he gave her what she had in her handbag. It was one of the victims who called the emergency services on 091, and told them they been the target of the violent robbery. According to a report in the Spanish media, a young man entered the hairdressers with a stocking over his head. Once he’d pocketed the money, the robber ran out into the street while removing his stocking at the same time.

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Photo credit: Policia Local Alicante


Coincidentally, at this point the husband of the customer had arrived to pick up his wife and thought it strange that a man would be walking out of a woman’s hairdressers. He also received a phone call from her about the incident and so he decided to follow the man as he walked nervously around the streets. Thanks to the descriptions, the National Police were able to detain the 23year-old and take him to the provincial Police Station in Alicante.

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18th - 24th May

THREE men have been arrested in Alicante in possession of around 200 kilos of allegedly stolen copper cable. However, the trio - aged 22, 28 and 40 - said that they had been given the cable by a friend. The men were only discovered after the Local Police took a call from a number of residents reporting a column of smoke in the area. Two patrols with four officers turned up and found the men in a clearing burning an electric cable in an attempt to extract the copper piping. In addition to the copper already extracted, a further 40 metres of cable was found in a vehicle. Unable to prove that the copper was their property, together with the suspicion that it had been stolen, the three men were arrested. According to a report in the Spanish media, it was also later discovered that the van which contained all the copper cable was also uninsured.

Drug dog earns its treat by David Bennett THE Canine Unit of the Local Police in Alicante have arrested a passenger in the Alicante bus station found in possession of a sig nificant amount of hashish. Around 100 bulbs of the drug were found in a suitcase belong ing to a 59- ye ar-old Spanish woman travelling on one of the longest bus routes in Spain between Algeciras and Barcelona. The stash was found during a ro utine check by one of the unit ’s do gs , Xena , when the bus stopped for a short while. The dog was given access to

the luggage hold of the bus as p a r t o f a re g ul a r s e r ie s o f checks carried out at the station to prevent drug trafficking , its consumption and its possession. O n e p a r t i c u l a r s u i tc a s e caught the dog’s attention and its owner was quickly identified. T he dr ugs were already wrapped up and sealed in three separate packages, each containing a number of smaller portions of the hashish which were subsequently confiscated. TRAVELLING HEAVY: Sniffer dog finds consignment of hashish during routine search.

Photo Credit: Policia Local Alicante

Cops catch the copper thieves



18th - 24th May

New owners for Habaneras by Ray Chadwick HABANER A S Shopping Centre in Torrevieja now has its third owner since it opened in 2005. T his follows the announcement that a South African company has b o u g h t t h e co m m e rc i a l space for €80.6 million. Habaneras currently h a s 6 3 d i f fe re n t e s t a b lishments over 24,158m2 of rented space, of which 94 per

cent is occupied by a variety of premises that include Aki, Forum, Zara and C & A. Castellana Properties, a Spanish company, and South African subsidiar y Vukile Proper ty Fund are the new owners. T h e Ha b a n e ra s S h o p ping Centre was built by Metrovacesa and opened its doors in 2005 close to the Car re four supermarket and on the busy

CV-95 road that links To r re v i e j a w i t h C re v i l lente. It was then acquired by Unibail-Rodamco in 2008, and d u r i n g i t s s h o r t te n u re had to face the competit i o n f ro m Z e n i a B o u l e vard. It was then bought by HMC in 2015 for €65 million. Last year alone, Castellana Properties acquired 11 retail parks in Spain at a cost of €300 million.

Tests for pineapple growing MURCIA’S regional government has taken part in a study carried out by the Polytechnic University of Cartagena (UPCT) to see if there is a possibility of developing the growing of pineapples in the region. I n p a r t i c u l a r, i t t o o k

place at the Tomas Ferro de la Palma farm in Cartagena to see if pineapples could adapt to the local climate. Director General of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Francisco Jose Gonzalez Zapat e r, s a i d t h a t t h e y a r e

controlling the way the plants have been used in the trials as the soil has to be chemically treated. This would not prove necessary in the tropics where such nutrients are naturally found in the growing areas.

A million times cleaner

A L B E R T E R A’ S t o w n c o u n c i l h a s awarded the contract for cleaning in its public buildings. Approved at a recent extraordinary plenary meeting, from now on and for the next two years, Gestión Ambiental Urbana SLU will be responsible for the service at a total cost of just under €1 million. Speaking to the Spanish media, Mayor Ana Serna was satisfied at

the award as “we have finally reached the end of the process of hiring a company to clean our buildings and schools... something that has been a priority since we began to govern.” Workers with the previous cleaning company that was eventually declared bankrupt spent two months without being paid and went on strike.

18th - 24th May

Mums’ return to work scheme

THE appearance of several cases of scarlet fever has put the Murcia Health authorities on alert. It’s understood that the infectious condition has already affected four pupils in a class of three and four-year-old children in recent weeks at a school in San Jose de la Vega. However, at this stage, health specialists do not con-

as €8,500 g iven to businesses that employ them on a per manent contract. T he scheme has been introduced despite some positive figures stating that employment for those under 30 is now growing at a significant level after almost 10 years of stagnation. However, more than 50 per cent of new jobs created are for people over 45 years old and the hiring of the long-term unemployed.

Photo credit: Region de Murcia

M U R C I A’S co u n c i l l o r fo r E m p l o y ment, Javier Celdran, has announced an initiative to help women with children up to three-years-old to return to the labour market. The scheme will include personal one- to-one guidance, scholarships for fur ther study and a series of grants to companies that take them on indefinitely. The aim is to allow women to overcome the many obstacles that they find themselves up against after a p e r i o d o f m a t e r n i t y, a n d s o m e a sures such as a subsidy of €210 per month to enable them to attend further education courses and as much

sider it to be an outbreak. The disease is characterised by those suffering from it usually having episodes of high fever, a sore throat and red spots on the skin... symptoms that can al-

so be accompanied by headache, nausea or vomiting. The name ‘scarlet fever’ often leads people to believe that it’s a very old disease that has long-since disap-

Fast train arrives... in four years SPECIAL announcement! The AVE train will be arriving soon in Cartagena... but not until 2022 at the earliest. This is according to the results of a recent meeting in Madrid of the Alta Velocidad society based in Cartagena where the ‘roadmap’ for the future was presented. There are essentially two options to make the dream a reality, and depends whether the line is over or underground. The first, both cheaper and quicker to achieve, will cost €66.6 million over a period of just short of four years. The tunnel version would take over six years and cost over double the amount at €137.7 million.

Planning an even brighter sky

INITIATIVE: Javier Celdran to help young mothers back to work.

Cases of scarlet fever reported


peared, although paediatricians say that it’s more common than people think. Despite the evidence of the three cases reported through the public health service, it cannot yet be classified as an outbreak although the authorities will be closely monitoring over the next few days to see if someone else presents with the condition.

ONE of the most spectacular sites on the Costa Blanca is set to become more so if Elche City Council gets its way. The famous Nit de l’Alba, the firework display that is the culmination of the August fiestas that lights the sky will be brighter than ever with the plan of launching 300 ‘palm trees’ compared to the 200 of last year.

Local tradition is that the spectacular palm trees made up of fireworks are dedicated to loved ones no longer around and since local by-laws from 2015 stopped individuals from launching their own fireworks during the fiesta from balconies, more have been set off by the authorities in the interests of safety.

18th - 24th May

Torrevieja’s latest centenarian JOSE MANUEL DOLON, the mayor of Torrevieja, accompanied by Councillor Fabiana Ibarra who has responsibilities for the elderly population in the city, paid a visit to the home of Genoveva Garcia Acero on the occasion of her 100th birthday. Genoveva has been living in Torrevieja since June 2013, and was delighted to receive a bouquet of flowers on behalf of the municipality. Mayor Dolon passed on his thanks to the family of Genoveva for making the town hall aware of this special day, something he said “is very important to celebrate.”

Council announces charging points TWO charging points located in Cartagena for the use of electric and hybrid cars will be operational within a month. The city council has also announced that they plan to install three more points should there be sufficient demand. The two plug-in areas can be found in Plaza Puertas de San José and in front of the Casa de la Juventud, on the Paseo Alfonso XIII. The future sites will be two points in Alameda de San Antón and one in Calle Wssell de Guimbarda. Up until now, Cartagena had been the only city within the Murcia Region without any recharging points for the increasing number of vehicles powered by electricity.

Multiple cars in urbanisation fire incident FIREFIGHTERS from t h e n e a r b y To r r e v i e j a Fire Station were called to a b l a z e i n U r b a n i s a tion El Chaparral involving four parked cars. The incident happened at around 2am on Tuesd ay mor ning in Calle Picasso, and when the fire brigade arrived at the scene it was greeted with a car on fire that was quickly spreading to others close by. Once the f lames were e x t i n g u i s h e d , t wo c a r s w e re c o m p l e t e l y b u r n t out with two others partly damaged. The

Guardia Civil has begun an investigation and have not r uled out arson at this stage. T h e f i re f i g h t e r s a l s o h a d to c l e a n u p a l a r g e amount of fuel that was left in the area after the fire was put out. As the location was on a hill, petrol from several tanks had s p re a d d o w n t h e s l o p e and was cleared away to prevent any fur ther incidents to other vehicles on the road. This par ticular area o f To r r e v i e j a i s v e r y popular with UK and c e n t ra l E u ro p e a n re s i dents.


Dangerous bend gets roundabout A NEW roundabout has been opened in the Murcia Region this week at the junction of the RM-B18 and the RM-15. The aim is to improve both road safety, and to make access to the areas easier for the estimated 630,000 vehicles that use the roads each year. This latest opening is part of a larger programme for improving the conditions on the region’s network of roads with a budget of around €2 million. Future work will be carried out in Albudeite, Alcantarilla, Murcia and San Javier according to a statement made by the regional government. Minister of Development and Infrastructure, Patricio Valverde, highlighted the problems that the newly opened roundabout is seeking to improve. Until now, the junction that takes traffic from the RM-B18 has seen a number of accidents due to the curve in the road and a lack of visibility for oncoming traffic.


18th - 24th May Photo credit: IGN

EPICENTRE: Latest quake felt by many thousands.

Shaking, rattling and rolling I T may have only re g istered 3.4 on the Richter Scale with its epicentre out to sea off the coast of Pilar de la Horadada, but the minor earthquake that happened at precisely 7.26pm on Friday was felt farther and wider than previously known. Repor ts of glasses moving and houses shaking were felt in Torrevieja, Orihuela Costa, Rafal, Bigastro, Almoradi, Dolores, Callosa de Segura, Guardamar and Jacarilla, Elche, Alicante and Novelda. Many people took to their social media accounts to describe their experiences, and it

was because of their locations that it was quickly realised the distance the quake travelled. One resident living in La Marina told the RTN: “ We had a big one here about five years a go, and this latest one was the strongest I’ve felt since then. The whole house shook for a few seconds. I was surprised when I read that the epicentre was so far away.” The large tremor happened on the seventh anniversar y of the devastating 5.1 magnitude earthquake that hit Lorca.

18th - 24th May

Family in the swim THE summer season of sea swimming has begun in the region with two of the first races taking place on May 6 with the Oceanman 10km and the Half Oceanman 5.8km... both around the island of Tabarca. Three different distances were on offer for sea swimmers in all age categories. For safety reasons, there was a maximum number of 200 participants per race and the competition was fully subscribed. Local swimmers Zoe Connolly and mum Vicki Connolly participated for the third year in this event with Zoe now moving up to the 10km race as she is now 16yrs old. Never having swum this distance in the sea Zoe was overwhelmed to win in her category to finish the race in a time of 2:41:44. Vicki stayed in the 5.8km race and also had a good swim, 15 minutes faster than last years’ time and was placed

Photo credit: Steve Connolly

by Glenn Scott

WINNERS: Proud daughter Zoe (left) and mum Vicki with their prizes. first in the 50-59yrs category. repeat their winning streaks Along with many other swimlast weekend in their 5.5km mers on the day both were races in the Mediterranean stung by jellyfish on route. Coastal Challenge Travesia in Both swimmers managed to Altea.



18th - 24th May

IT’S only a few weeks to go to STUDIO32’s latest sizzling musical theatre venture - it’s the Broadway spectacular Chicago, a raunchy musical vaudeville set in the 1920’s. Based on real-life events the show revolves around a group of women in jail awaiting trial for murder, most notably Velma Kelly and Roxie Hart. Roxie’s longsuffering husband Amos Hart is played by Andy Kirkwood who only recently

Chicago’s wrapped up in Cellophane joined the company for their last production White Christmas. Amos is tired of Roxie’s lies and demands for money and a better life, and refuses to provide an alibi for her when she shoots her lover. But will they be reconciled, and will Roxie be set free? To find out get your tickets now and make

sure you don’t miss this wonderful show! The show features some impressive dance routines and wonderful songs, including All That Jazz, Razzle Dazzle and Amos’s moving ballad Mr Cellophane. As with the film version the stage show does contain content of an adult

nature, and the company advises that it is not recommended for children under the age of 12. Show dates are Wednesday May 30 to Saturday June 2 at the Cardenal Belluga Theatre in San Fulgencio, all performances start at 7.30pm. Reserved seating tickets are now on sale, priced at €10 and can be obtained by calling 744 484 933, or by emailing

Donation for Age Concern MAUREEN PAYNE, President of Age Concer n Costa B lanca Sur, welcomed representatives from The B u f f s , Wa s h i n g to n L o d g e 2 1 7 8 to the centre in La Siesta. It was a momentous occasion as Maureen gratefully accepted a donation of €1,000. The donation will go towards the c o nv e r s i o n o f n e w s e a t s i n o n e o f the vehicles which is used on a daily basis transpor ting clients to and f ro m t h e i r h o m e s to t h e A g e C o n cern centre, to enjoy the many facilities and social activities available for them. The Buffs have been avid supporters of Age Concern for many years, a n d t h e y h av e t h e i r w e e k l y m e e t ings ever y Wednesday at 4.00pm in Sackos Bar, El Limonar, Torrevieja. A l o ve l y p h o to g ra p h i n t h e s u n shine was taken of the presentation

A GENEROUS DONATION: From The Buffs to Age Concern. and those present were left to right; Payne (President of A ge Concer n), B ar r y Rosevear ne (C ity Marshall), Ron McGreev y (Sitting Primo) and Colin Edwards (Treasurer), Maureen Alistair Tysoe (Tyler).


18th - 24th May

Fluttering with pride

FIGURES contained in a recently released report from tourism business group Exceltur, show a slowdown in the amount of Costa Blanca hotel reservations for the summer and have begun to r ing a number of small alar m bells already at this stage of the season. Exceltur is made up principally of Spanish hotel companies and related associations, and they have warned that this season - and specifically for 2019 the recent growth in the sector will begin to slow down. After two years during which tour ism grew at around 5 per ce n t p e r ye a r, t h i s ye a r ’s i n crease will be a more moderate 3.4 per cent. The predicted decrease is due in some way to both Turkey and Eg ypt recovering in the region of 1.2 million tourists following a m i x t u re o f i s s u e s i n b o t h countries affecting visitor numbers. Isabel Gonzalez, president of the Provincial A ssociation of Hotels of Alicante, is cautious but maintains a degree of optimism for the 2019 summer season. “ We have had three ver y good years and it is normal to enter a phase of moderation.”

Alarm bells for Costa tourism Photo credit: Diego Delso Wikimedia

ACROSS the entire coastal area of the Alicante Province, municipalities were delighted at the number of prestigious blue flags awarded to their beaches ahead of the forthcoming summer season. In fact, Alicante Province took 68 of the 133 blue flags in the Valencian Community alone. As reported in last week’s RTN (Issue 968), Torrevieja has been able to recover one of its previously ‘lost’ flags for Cabo Cervera. Others added to the 2018 list in the province are Cala Cerrada and Mil Palmeras in Orihuela, and the beach of Puerto de Pilar de la Horadada. In total, Spain has a total of 696 blue flags that will begin to flutter with pride in June, relating to 590 beaches and is an increase on the 684 awarded last year. The information was released in Madrid by the Association of Environmental and Consumer Education (ADEAC) - the Spanish section of the European Federation of Environmental Education - which ensures that its beaches and marinas maintain the first place in this world ranking. Further down the coast, the Murcia Region has increased the number of blue flags awarded to its beaches to six from last year’s four.

by Rob Murray

DECREASE: Recent visitor numbers set to fall... slightly.


18th - 24th May


Your questions answered Q

Can I refuse to accept an inheritance? If so, who would inherit my part?


Yes‌ Depending on the last Will and Testament and the applicable law of the inheritance, the property and assets could be distributed among the other heirs or they could be divided among the children of the person who renounces the inheritance. They, like the person who renounced the inheritance, are also entitled to reject it.


When and where should I renounce the right to inherit? In Spain you can do so in front of the Public Notary. Are there other cases where you may lose an inheritance?

There are cases of an inheritance that is difficult to deal with as a result of the debts of one of the co-heirs, since the creditors will make things more difficult for all the beneficiaries. If there were many debts, you might not be able to inherit anything.

You also may lose your inheritance if the deceased’s Will was improperly drawn up or the Will was not clearly in your favour.


How I can avoid these problems in the future for my heirs?


Always seek legal advice before making your last Will and Testament (Spanish Will or international Will). In addition, it is advisable to do a study to minimise inheritance taxes payable by the heirs (implication of residency of people involved). Your lawyer can help you with all these steps to protect the future of your loved ones.

IF you have any further questions about this or any other legal matter please do not hesitate to contact us; we have a team of experts standing by to assist you in any way we can. Call 965 480 737 or email Videos at

18th - 24th May

money Housing market set for significant growth Credit: Abimages Shutterstock

ACCORDING to a set of figures produced by financial analysts from Caixabank, the housing market in Spain is set to see an average growth of 18 per cent over the course of 2018. The information has been produced by the bank’s sales division Servihabitat, and says that there are a number of underlying factors that cause such optimism. These include demand, easier mortgages, and the fact that new developments are getting faster approval for their construction. The autonomous regions of Madrid, Cataluña and Andalucia are expected to show the highest increases which mirror similar results from 2017. Servihabitat’s study also reveals that new builds are losing ground to second-hand homes in terms of sales, with the latter accounting for more than three-quarters of the market. Other notable details in the report show that 70 per cent of residential homes sold during 2017 were priced at less than €150,000,

ON THE MOVE: Fewer empty new properties on the market. and just over 30 per cent of homes that changed hands measured between 30m2 and 90m2, meaning that the smaller apartments were those most likely to sell. When 2018 closes, Servihabitat says that a

total of 61,300 new homes started to have been built across Spain will be completed. It also predicts that the number of newlyconstructed homes that will be empty and still up for sale will have fallen to around 243,000.


2018 tax declarations are up EVEN at this early stage, more than 120,000 residents in the Alicante Province have had an income tax rebate as part of the annual tax declaration. So far, the Spanish Tax Agency has paid out more than €69 million which, compared to the same point during last year’s exercise, is almost 33 per cent more. Over 200,000 have made their declarations so far, and according to a report in the Spanish media, the Tax Agency believes the increase in people at this point in the cycle is due to two new methods which enable the annual declarations to be made. One is a mobile phone application and the other is by calling a dedicated telephone number and after supplying some details, completing the task that way. This has resulted in 40,000 more people declaring than this time in 2017. Nationally across Spain, around six million taxpayers have submitted their returns and accounts, 15 per cent more than the corresponding period 12 months ago. Tax declarations can all be submitted online, by phone, by app or through people’s financial representatives until July 2... or until June 27 if a rebate is to be made.

Advertising Feature

How does your insurance company value your car after a total loss? GOD forbid this should happen to you but if your vehicle is treated as a total loss (also known as a ‘write-off ’) it is because the cost of the repair is higher than 75 per cent of the actual cash value of the vehicle, or it has sustained too much damage making it unsafe and not roadworthy. We really hope you won’t ever be involved in this situation but it is best to be aware of some important aspects and to be really clued up. For example, Liberty Seguros recommends having third-party with theft, fire and total loss, because in cases where the client has third-par ty coverage only and it is their fault, you will have no right to compensation. However, in the event that the loss is due to the fault of another person, you would be entitled to compensation for total loss, even if you have only got third party cover. Most insurance companies

WRITE-OFFS: Know what can happen to the value of your car. compensate the total loss with the sale value of the vehicle but bear in mind that after three years of your car’s life, depending on the car, it may have depreciated by up to 50 per cent or more, so your compensation won’t be that good! On the other hand, choosing the right insurer can make a big

difference. In the case of Liberty Se g uros , within the first two years after buying your new vehicle, you will be compensated with the value of your car as if it was new. And from that point on: • If the vehicle is up to three years old: you will be compensated with 80 per cent of the value of your car when it was new.

• I f the vehicle is up to four years old: you will be compensated with 70 per cent of the value of your car when it was new. • I f the vehicle is more than four years old: you will be compensated with the cash value, plus 30 per cent. What’s more, in the case of total loss, Liberty Seguros does not deduct any type of excess. Although no one wants to lose their car due to an accident, it’s always better to think about what different insurance companies can offer you, especially if you have just bought a new car! Just think, you will feel more

content knowing that your car will still be worth the price you paid for it for up to two years after you bought it. A par t from all these advantages, Liberty Seguros has an extensive network of over 300 brokers and a gents who are dedicated to providing unbiased, fr iendly and ex per t advice. Speaking your own language too, these brokers are available to discuss your needs, face-to-face, and find out which is the best cover to suit you. With insurance, not only for car and home, but also life, pet, business, commercial, leisure, public liability and personal injur y, tod ay Liber ty Seguros is considered by far, the expatriate’s number one choice in Spain. To find out more or to receive a no obligation quote, visit or to find out the location of your nearest broker, simply call 913 422 549.

18th - 24th May

by Barry Duke

Drag queens have you in their sights light his personality flaws. Being an inarticulate egomaniac with a narcissistic personality disorder, a vulgar buffoon and a consummate liar are but a few. Furthermore, I said, you have to accept that Trump has a massive following among hordes of halfwits who also say stupid things in funny voices, and most of these are white evangelical Christians who adore him for granting them licence to trumpet their intolerance in a way no other president ever has. He’s even encouraged these god-besotted maggots to infiltrate every sector of his administration where they are shamelessly spreading toxic messages of hate aimed at feminists, the LGBT community, Muslims, Jews, atheists and all others who don’t share their ‘Christian’ values. “You don’t need to live in the States to get riled by these wicked imbeciles,” I added, pointing out that I went ballistic recently when I read that a pastor in California, Michael Webber, had caused a stampede in a cinema. He started screeching biblical baloney at the end of a movie. As the lights were still down, people anticipated yet another mass shooting, and some

Credit: Pixabay

LONDON is not Kansas, Mr Trump. I don’t believe many will disagree when I say that the President of the United States - a man with fewer brain cells than teeth - is one of the most annoying creatures on the planet. He gets on my nerves more than any other public figure I know, not just for his incessant, idiotic tweets but for his voice - a voice the Washington Post described in 2016 as being ‘somewhere between a squawk and a scream’. A while back I met a young gay American who told me that he and his husband were planning to get out of the US and resettle in Europe because they could no longer bear listening to Trump’s inane jabbering. “It’s grating on us to such an extent that we’re actually getting ill,” the man said. I replied that getting out of America wouldn’t be much help as Trump probably gets as much attention from foreign media as he does on his own turf, although much of the coverage he gets outside the US serves mainly to high-

Donald, duck!

UNPOPULAR: Many people are not enamoured by President were hurt in the rush to leave. The lunatic was charged with a misdemeanour. And guess what? He played the victim card. He complained that ‘there was a period of time in America where standing up to preach the Gospel would have been met with applause.’ I was so angry that I sent an

email to his Truth & Triumph Ministries saying “there was a period of time in America when hanging black people from trees would have been met with applause.” “That’s just it,” said the Yank glumly, “the crazies have taken over the asylum and we just can’t live with it any more. At least out-


side the US we’ll feel less threatened as a gay couple, and we’ll have the satisfaction of joining the ranks of those who plan to protest against Trump’s visit to Britain in July.” I was chuffed to learn that, as part of the ‘March of Millions’ scheduled to coincide with the visit there will be around 1,000 drag queens. An extravagance of Manchester drag artists, including Liquorice Black, Violet Blonde, Cheddar Gorgeous, and Anna Phylactic have organised a robust LGBT response to the visit in solidarity with gay and trans communities in the US affected by the Trump administration’s rollback of equality gains under Obama. Organisers say that Trump’s attacks on gays, women, Mexicans and Muslims sets a bad precedent for other leaders across the globe. In the year since Trump took office, countries like Azerbaijan, Egypt, and Russia have cracked down on their queer and trans communities. More than 100 gay men were rounded up in Chechnya - and at least four were murdered. More than 30,000 people are expected to turn out to vent their anger when the deranged monster comes to the UK to paw at ‘The Great and The Good.’ My fervent wish is that a great many more than that number will rally on the day - Friday the 13th and make it absolutely clear to Trump that he’s not in Kansas now.


18th - 24th May

by Colin Bird The opinions published in Colin’s weekly column are not necessarily representative of those of the publishers, advertisers or newspaper sponsors.

Credit: U.S. Navy photo Scott A. Raegen

AS ‘un motor de bomberos’ raced past me in Torrevieja yesterday, siren blaring; it brought back to me with uncomfortable clarity a time when I was indirectly responsible for not one, but two blazing infernos that needed the intervention of the fire services. The first was an office block in Reading where we were undertaking extensive roof renovations. We had taken all the necessary precautions with our propane burners as prescribed by the 1960’s version of health and safety, but as I was eating my Spam and Branston sandwiches during a pause for lunch, I noticed wisps of smoke appearing from beneath the fascia board. Moreover, it was happening along the full length of the building, which was give or take, the size of the Wembley pitch. I alerted my workmates before careering down the ladder and into the reception area to sound the alarm, where I was horrified to see the ceiling boards buckling from the heat in the roof space above. Crowds began to gather as the build-

Confessions of an arsonist US NAVAL FIREFIGHTERS: At work.

ing was evacuated and the big red lorries and a fleet of police cars began to arrive, along with the gentlemen from the press; all of which I observed discreetly from a nearby cafe. I’m a modest bloke and was happy for my colleagues to have their pictures taken for the local papers.

The second occasion was on a military barracks on the US Air Force base at the Kindley Field complex in Bermuda. A large container of very hot bitumen had suddenly ignited on its way up from the ground in the hoist. I had to either have it lowered, or continue hauling it to the roof post-haste, where I hoped (and

prayed) I would be able to deal with it. I decided on option two and continued hauling. And praying. Bitumen expands when it burns, so upon reaching the roof it spilled over, and quickly spread like a fiery blanket. I dropped through one of the open hatches and yelled “Fire!” to the off-duty personnel. The smell of pot and the volume of heavy rock music were overpowering and I might as well have not bothered in view of the non-reaction from the stoned guardians of the free world. Amazingly, after the natty red American fire engines arrived and the crews had piled out of their wagons and set about their pre-rehearsed tasks, the base fire chief, grinning broadly, pumped my hand and thanked me profusely. It appeared that all those guys ever did was practise boring simulations and drills, and ‘moi’ had actually provided them with a real live fire. I thought they were going to present me with a medal.

La Posada hold Club Championships POSTPONED from March due to bad weather, and with the Men’s Singles having been played in February, the remaining events took place recently. Novice Singles, an event open only to members who have not previously won a club singles competition, was won by last year’s runner-up Nigel Snaith, who beat Phil Walker in the final 21-14. Ladies Pairs, after a round robin stage, Margaret Baxter and Shelley Greenwood took on Maureen Fewings and Julie Banfield in the final. With the scores level at the halfway stage, the more experienced pair of Maureen and Julie started to

pull ahead and went on to win by 22-10. Men’s Pairs saw Novice Singles winner, Nigel Snaith, teamed up with club captain Georg Hamblin and they reached the final after a close semi-final win by just one shot against Colin Lamb and Dave Way. Their opponents in the final were Ted Holmes and Jeff Rowe, who themselves had knocked out defending champions, Nick Cummins and Allen Gateshill in their semi-final. Nigel and Georg made a great start, leading 10-2 after only three ends. Ted and Jeff made a game of it though, getting the deficit down to just five shots at

17-12 down with five ends left. However, that was as close as they got with Nigel and Georg going on to win by 23-13. Mixed Pairs, with fairly comfortable wins for both finalists in each of their quarter and semi-final matches, defending champions, Maureen Fewings and Georg Hamblin, met Julie Banfield and Jeff Rowe in the final. It turned out to be a great match, with some top class bowling from all four players. With Julie and Jeff taking a small lead early on, it was nip and tuck all the way but Julie and Jeff managed to just keep their noses in front, going on to win by 15-11.

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18th - 24th May

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18th - 24th May Across

Word Ladder Can you by changing 1 letter at a time, get from the first word to the last word in the given number of moves?

1 2 3 4


Down 1 Fresh bread is cooked (7) 2 Doctor has a small aircraft (5) 3 Nobleman might feel pier shake (4,4) 5 Blades appearing when people have a row (4) 6 Presume serum is destroyed (7) 7 It’s metal crime, reportedly (5) 8 Fashionable to be covered in fat? That’s hard to see (5) 13 Average fashion cost (8) 15 Failure to snare legislator (7) 17 Small pieces of furniture for farm buildings (7) 18 Rubbery stuff of recent times (5) 19 They secure money for the government, so we hear (5) 21 Stick nothing in boat (5) 22 Bermuda dollar contains part of a wall (4)

GIFT Weekly Stars

Kenny Corris For Readings, Consultations and Castings kennycorris@hotmailcom Mobile: 686 361 594 / Tel: 965 878 424

Aries. Venus dallies with Mars and all, it would seem, is not fair in either love and war right now. Like it or hate it there is a lesson to be learned somewhere along the line of your current good intention. If others are trying your patience right now then don’t give them the benefit of the doubt, but do make it clear that you are not to be messed with!

Libra. Ceres squares up to Jupiter bringing timbre and respect wherever it is due. After a face-off recently you are not in combative mood but what you desire is worth fighting for in anyone’s books. Ceres brings rhythm into a troubled patch and Jupiter is ready with all the answers brought about by an ebullient and snappy change of heart.

Taurus. In sextile with Uranus, planet of innovation, Venus directs attention this week as a subterfuge that allows you a well-deserved breathing space. Feeling under pressure is normal under current circumstances but what’s on offer right now may seem to be good to be true, but it could so easily be the icing on the cake, if you just let it be.

Scorpio. Driven by good motive it is sure that you are known to go to all lengths to make things just and fair, for all concerned. A current focus has seen someone suffer for no reason and you are leaving no stone unturned in your quest for the truth. Ceres, in anticipation of the verdict, aligns with Neptune to activate clarity and turn the tide.

Gemini. The resplendent entry of the Sun allows you to see things in a new light this week, but do not be fooled by what exactly is going on right now, and keep your finger on the pulse. Take time to see things as they really are, and not what they could be, before you make a final decision that you could later live to regret, for good reason.

Sagitarius. You seem to have turned a very important page recently, and the agenda for the future looks more inviting in every way. The Mercury opposition with Jupiter sees that the true message you need to send gets the reception that it needs, and sees to it that nobody takes your true interpretation for granted this time around.

Cancer. The entry of Venus brings you love in many guises this week. You need stability in a relationship, and this means the answers to questions you have not previously dared to ask. Loving yourself right now would be an advantage, but it shouldn’t be just an option in the current scheme of things, if you are worth it!

Capricorn. This is a time to take a welldeserved break and to charge your mojo! Seeing things around you from a distance would be both relaxing and beneficial for all concerned and it will give you the break you need right now too. The Cosmos backs the temerity of Mercury with the wisdom of a nonjudgmental, but sage Saturn.

Leo. A loophole looms and you would be foolish not to take advantage by striking out while the iron is hot! As someone who is generally not afraid of the spotlight, what comes next is illuminating your talents and showing you a way ahead well within your current grasp. As the Sun trines Mars at the end of a busy week, all will be revealed.

Aquarius. You are in two minds this week, and unsure what direction to take in the midst of current conflict. Yes, you have been sorely tested as of late, but the fight goes on, though quite where it leads you is anathema. See that you get the chance to have your say and do not hold back. Venus sextiles Uranus and you’ll love the change!

Virgo. Mercury opposes Jupiter and sextiles Neptune this week and it seems as if turning your back on things makes everything alright. Think again. With fortune in the balance you cannot either turn you back on rich rewards or wait until finances really do go belly up! Going against the grain brings you nothing, amidst a sea of promise.

Pisces. Throwing yourself in the deep end, it is only a matter of time before you bounce back on all levels. Time was when fate intervened, whenever they could, to spread a little magic around. Now you are rather more in control of the situations that previously held you back. Neptune actions both Jupiter and Neptune, enlisting back up! v

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Code Breaker

Each number in the Code Breaker grid represents a different letter of the alphabet. In this week’s puzzle, 1 represents Z and 22 represents B, so fill in Z every time the figure 1 appears and B every time the figure 22 appears. Now, using your knowledge of the English language, work out which letters should go in the missing squares. As you discover the letters, fill in other squares with the same number in the main grid and the control grid.

Play on Words

Answers: Long lost friend (pal). Throw in the towel.

Puzzles Page


1 Corporal revised by lido (6) 4 Improves barracks around the street (6) 9 Distant from pedalo off the coast (5) 10 Scottish town’s tune has dire arrangement (7) 11 Broad squadron leader is in tears (8) 12 Five hundred sick, Herb? (4) 14 Animator Sidney’s upset (6) 16 From and to Kensington for souvenirs (6) 19 Voice quality begins to offend nearly everybody (4) 20 Naval ice breaker in Spanish city (8) 23 Company chief ordered to get a small house (7) 24 Withdraw yearbook, it has a letter missing (5) 25 Father’s address is now in a closer Monaco villa (6) 26 Prevents the desert crumbling (6)

18th - 24th May

Across 2 Annoy continually or chronically (6) 5 Second letter of Greek alphabet (4) 6 Eyeball membrane (6) 7 Weapons (4) 8 See 1 Down 11 Fewer (4) 13 African country (6) 14 Dreary (4) 15 Long for (6)


Down 1/8 Rough, tight embrace (4,3) 2 Rough (5) 3 Dry (4) 4 Plays for time (6) 7 Ludicrous (6) 9 Open space in a wood (5) 10 Go across or through (4) 12 Counterfeit or pretence (4)

Across 1 Dump (hovel) (9) 8 Hueso (4) 9 Courgette (9) 10 Botella (6) 13 Suitcase (6) 15 Seaweed (5) 16 To owe (5) 17 Peludo (5) 18 Guante (5) 21 Raffle (draw) (6)

22 Mirror (6) 25 Amusing (9) 26 Yesterday (4) 27 Locutor (entre programas, en anuncios) (9) Down 2 Used (stamp, syringe) (5) 3 Corazón (5) 4 Viajar (6)

5 Language (6) 6 Ama de casa (9) 7 Alemania (7) 11 Stools (seats) (9) 12 Grande (5) 14 Cenizas (5) 16 Recogedor (7) 19 Lotion (6) 20 Poison (6) 23 Python (5) 24 Juez (5)

English - Spanish The clues are mixed, some clues are in Spanish and some are in English.

Kakuro Fill all the empty squares using the numbers 1 to 9, so that the sum of each horizontal block equals the ‘clue’ on its left, and the sum of each vertical block equals the clue on its top. No number may be used in the same block more than once.


Word Wheel The goal of a word wheel puzzle is to create as many words possible with the letters in the word wheel. You can only use each letter once and every word must have the letter in the centre of the wheel. Can you find the 9 letter word?

The 9 letter word is:

Fill the grid so every column and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1-9


Kenny’s Postbag Kenny, Why do you talk about the Spirit World when we were very happy calling it Heaven? Amy C. You may be happy calling it Heaven, Amy, but then maybe that’s because you are a Christian? My Jewish and Muslim clients and readers, amongst many others, could be greatly offended by the word Heaven. The Spirit World is internationally accepted as the holding station for those who have crossed over. Heaven exists to accommodate those of the Christian Faith, and I do not wish to cause any distress to those who are not free to enter.

Kenny Corris Don't forget to email or message me with your Postbag Questions!. Check out my new website:


18th - 24th May

Water, water everywhere, but... THERE are currently 12 cities that are in danger of running out of drinking water, with Cape Town the most urgent case. Others include Beijing, Cairo, Moscow, Miami, Tokyo and also London. (This I find hard to believe!) The lonely frog Romeo, a Bolivian 10-yearold Sehuencas frog, is believed by conservationists to be the last of his line. He has been calling for a female to mate with for the last nine years without success. He now has an appeal on a dating website that says ‘looking for my Juliet’. An advertising gimmick? Elton Musk’s red roadster (with dummy driver) which was recently carried into space will likely stay there for millions of years. Experts consider the chance that it might hit Earth or

Credit: Gibraltar Museum

by Peter F Purvey

Venus in the next million years is very low. Life after death Scientists say that some of our cells continue to function after death and that some germs actually become more active. (Surely bacteria continues to function otherwise we wouldn’t end up as a skeleton.) More old bones In South Africa, a number of bones that have taken 20 years of careful chipping to free them from the limestone block in which they were fossilised, have been revealed to be the oldest and most complete example of humankind and estimated to be around 3.5 million years old, fractionally older than the famous Lucy at 3.2 million years. This month’s story asks, ‘who are we’? We are all human beings, Homo sapiens, are we not? Are you sure? Genomics is proving to be most enlightening in uncovering our antecedents. Only a year or so ago experts were astonished to discover that between 1.5 and 3 per cent of

NANA: The image of the Neanderthal woman whose skull was discovered in Gibraltar.

our DNA came from the Neanderthals, always regarded as a separate species and therefore unable to breed with humans. It appears that we are also related to at least four other

species, our own and the Neanderthal DNA is also found in human remains from South Siberia, south-east China, India and Australia. These are all thought to be evidence of Homo sapiens out-

side Africa living some 80,000 years ago or earlier. Strange though it may seem, we also appear to be related to a group of small chimp-like people living on the island of Flores in south-east Asia whose origins may go back over 700,000 years. All these people have the tell-tale ‘out of Africa’ gene which betrays Africa as their origin, some of whom may have left as long as two to three million years ago. Strangely, there appears to be evidence of a tribe living on the plains of central Africa about 200,000 years ago who do not have the tell-tale signs that are found in all other Africans but still show that genomic link to ourselves; where did they come from? Many experts think there may be other Homo sapiens whose remains have yet to be uncovered. It would seem that on our long ‘out of Africa’ journey to inhabit the whole world, it’s all down to whom we met, fancied, and bred with along the way. We really are a mongrel species with our genes shared with more than half the population of the world.

18th - 24th May


Some first person singular changes Basic Spanish for everyday needs

by Jane Cronin

WE are still looking through the various changes that are made to verbs in the present tense. We are on ‘standard’ verbs, and last week we tackled the ‘-er’ group, with our basic example of the verb ‘comer’ meaning ‘to eat’. Como Comes Come

Comemos Coméis Comen

The important thing to remember is that the ‘root’ of the verb remains the same; in this case ‘com’ and the endings follow a strict pattern to indicate the person who eats. These changes are always laid out in a group of six (first, second and third person singular, first, second and third person plural) and we call this pattern a ‘conjugation’.

The last thing we commented on was that there are a few of these standard ‘er’ verbs that make a slight alteration to the first person singular form. This does not mean that they are ‘irregular’, because they obey all the other rules exactly, they just have this one little idiosyncrasy and there is usually a good reason for it as well. Now we’re going to look at four of these and attempt to explain them. If the explanation doesn’t mean a lot to you, you’ve always got the option of just learning the verb form in the spirit of acceptance ‘that’s how they say it, just that’s how I have to say it too’. I just prefer to explain the reasons if I can because it might help some people to make sense of them. The first two are ‘caer ’ (to fall) and ‘hacer’ (to do or to make). These are standard verbs and follow the pattern we learnt last week, that is adding endings on to the roots ‘ca’ and ‘hac’. In the first person singular though they change to caigo (I fall) and hago (I do, I make). Both these changes are to do with ease of speech. ‘Cao’ on it’s own would be hard to get across (especially when you’re falling!) and in the case of ‘hacer’

there is an issue to do with the sound change to the letter ‘c’ before the ending ‘o’. As we go forward we will see that quite a few first person verb changes involve the letter ‘g’ in its harder form and this is an easy sound to make. Another change is ‘I see’ which according to our rules should be ‘vo’, but it isn’t. ‘I see’ is in fact veo. If you are around Spanish children at all, or English children in Spanish schools, you can play the Spanish version of ‘I spy with my little eye’ with them (it’s a really good game for learning new vocabulary!) The game starts ‘Veo, veo’ ‘¿Qué ves?’ (I see, I see. What do you see?) You can ask them to teach you the rest of the game, and it might help you to remember I see ‘veo’. Lastly we are going to look at a first person singular form that is totally regular in speech, but has to make a spelling

adjustment so we can read it correctly. This is the verb ‘coger ’ which means ‘to pick up’ which, you will realise, is pronounced with that throaty Scottish ‘ch’ sound. Again we have a pronunciation problem here caused by the letter ‘g’ being followed by an ‘o’ in the first person. If we were to write ‘cogo’ it would then read incorrectly, so to preserve the sound of the word we have to spell it ‘cojo’. Now when we read it, it sounds completely regular, along with the rest of the verb changes. I hope all of that made sense. If it didn’t just remember ‘caigo’ (I fall), ‘hago’ (I do, I make), ‘veo’ (I see) and ‘cojo’ (I pick up) and that I told you these minor blips on the landscape of standard ‘-er’ verbs. Stick with it, we’re on to ‘-ir’ verbs next week!

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Oceans SL - Europe’s leading provider of PE rattan garden furniture OCEANS RATTAN FURNITURE SPAIN SL opened its Cartagena store just over three years ago. Popularity of the garden furniture range has now seen the company open a Torrevieja store in January of this year followed by its third local outlet, with a 660m2 showroom, situated on the N-332 in San Javier, just a few weeks ago. The company offers its PE rattan garden furniture to customers throughout Europe and has been doing so since 2003. It has a solid reputation for service, quality and design, with all of its garden furniture being designed in-house and manufactured at their factories in the Far East. The high quality PE rattan furniture is hard wearing, durable and stylish and will offer up to 10 years of long and satisfying life. The aluminium range is also popular and is already proving to be a great addition to the range of available furniture. The Oceans™ rattan weave can withstand all types of weather and temperature conditions making it one of the most versatile furniture products on the market. Fully weather, UV and stretch resistant, Oceans garden furniture is colour-fast and has antimould and mildew properties to help pro-

tect it during the winter months. Being fully recyclable, Oceans garden furniture is an environmentally friendly alternative to rattan, wood and wicker furniture. The company takes its business extremely seriously; they design and manufacture their own ranges of furniture which are transported, in over 400 containers, to

Spain and Europe every year. In addition, quality checks of their products are carried out at POPULAR: A ever y stage of favourite choice. the manufacturing process. Every product is the work of designers and manufacturing teams and although similar products may be available elsewhere in the market place you can be sure if it does not carry the Oceans logo then it is not an Oceans

quality product. All of the Oceans range can now be purchased in Spain, with a national free threeday delivery service. Within the Torrevieja and Murcia regions the company is able to offer a next day delivery service which is absolutely free of charge and also includes the assembly of your furniture. Oceans Rattan Furniture SL is the number one for the supply of quality PE rattan garden furniture throughout Europe. The company also operates a no quibble free exchange returns policy where you can change or return the product totally free. Opening hours are Monday - Friday 10am to 6pm, Saturday 10am to 4pm, Sunday closed but they do not close for siesta on any day. Tel: 868 813 094 Website: E-mail: • Cartagena Store, Calle Belgrado 10 Industrial Cabezo Beaza, 30353 Cartagena, (Near Espacio Mediterraneo) • Torrevieja Store, Avenida Rosa Mazon Valero 29, 03183 Torrevieja, (Near The Water Park) • San Javier Store, Carretera de San Pedro, Km 24 (N332) San Javier 30730


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British children top poll for lack of exercise BRITISH children are amongst the worst in the world for physical activity. That’s the finding from an international study of 38 countries. England, Scotland and Wales came low in the activity rankings with the report stating that just 15 per cent of girls aged 11-15 in England and 22 per cent of boys carried out the one hour of moderate-intensity activity a day as recommended by the World Health Organisation. The study was presented to the International Congress on Physical Activity and Public Health in Thailand, as British health experts warned that children were losing out on exercise and more should be done to encourage sport and physical activity and get youngsters away from computer screens and their sedentary lifestyle. The grades of activity were based on indicators including active play, overall physical activity, organised sport participation, sedentary behaviour, family and peers, school, community and the built environment as well as government strategies and investments. The international congress also set a target of reducing sedentary behaviour around the world by 10 per cent over the next nine years.

CHILDREN: Losing out on exercise.

Eating chocolate to ease period pains A SWISS chocolatier has claimed to have created a chocolate bar that will help to relieve and ease women’s menstrual cramps. The ‘Frauenmond’ bar, meaning ‘women’s moon’ was developed by the Chocolate with Love company. They said the chocolate contains 60 per cent cocoa and 17 specially selected herbs from the Swiss mountains which can produce a calming effect and soothe the aches and pains suffered monthly by many women. Included in the ingredients is magnesium, but experts claim the magnesium content of any dark chocolate could help ease cramps. If, for some reason, treating yourself to a little bit of chocolate isn’t your favourite pastime, there are other ways to ease period pains. Exercise may be the last thing you fancy, but even a brisk walk can release enough endorphins to counteract the prostaglandins which are

the hormone-like substances in pain and inflammation. Try applying heat as it helps relax the muscles and drink chamomile tea as studies have found it to contain pain-relieving properties. Ginger is also believed to help ease menstrual cramps by lowering the levels of prostaglandins. It can also help fight fatigue often associated with premenstrual syndrome.

CHOCOLATE BAR: That will help ease menstrual cramps.

Beware of unqualified dieticians

IN Spain, the figure of a dietitian or nutritionist is not recognised within the public health system unlike other European countries. As a result, the number of people claiming to be trained professionals is on the rise. President of the General Council of Nutritionists-Dietitians and Association of Nutritionists-Dietitians of Valencia, Alma Palau, claims that 70 per cent of dieticians who appear on websites are fraudulent without proper qualifications. Palau said this area of professionals are amongst the most unknown and yet ‘are the most involved in non-congenital disease prevention through healthy eating habits.’ The president claimed that if you Google dieticians, of the top 100, she predicts around only 23 would have the correct professional qualifications.

18th - 24th May



More women are missing smear tests than before THE number of women going for a smear test is at an all-time low. In the UK, since the 1980’s women aged between 25 and 65 are invited to a smear test every three to five years, but new figures show that younger women particularly are missing their screening. Figures from NHS Digital for this year showed that 31 per cent of women aged between 25 and 49 had missed their test, a rise from the 24 per cent in 2011. Their data also reported that almost a quarter of women had not had a test in the past five years which is the worst rate since records began in 1997. Smear tests are vital to detecting cervical cancer, which is often known as the ‘silent killer’ as there are so few symptoms. As the number of those going for tests falls, the number of diagnoses is increasing with around 3,200 new cases a year being reported in the UK and more than half occur in women under the age of 45. The fall comes after years of highlighted awareness of the disease, particularly following the death of TV reality star Jade Goody. The celebrity, who rose to fame follow-

SMEAR TEST: Is vital in detecting cervical cancer.

ing her appearance on Big Brother, made her diagnosis public in August 2008 and in February 2009 her diagnosis was terminal. Her openness in talking about cervical cancer brought it to the forefront of the minds of many young women and between 2008-2009, it is believed that more than 400,000 women in England went and got tested. Known as the ‘Jade Goody Effect’ it lasted some years but women are now ignoring their appointments and not going for screening. Many are calling on doctors to make the smear tests more accessible for women with many reluctant to take time off work or book a day’s holiday as appointments only fall within working hours. Women in Spain are advised to contact their medical centre if they have not had a smear test for a number of years. The smear test is very quick and involves taking a sample of cells from the cervix which will be examined for any changes, allowing them to be detected before they become cancer cells.


18th - 24th May

Slavery in my lifetime

by Michael Walsh

Credit: National Archives Wikimedia IT is commonly thought that the buying and selling of human beings, who are used as their owner wishes, is a thing of the past. However, slavery has been far more widespread in our lifetime than at any time in antiquity. Inconvenient history it might be but during my lifetime millions of surrendered prisoners of war were bartered and enslaved by the Soviets, Americans, British and French allies just as were 17th century Africans. In clear defiance of the Geneva Convention, Article 57, Britain made use of German captives until 1948. Pressure from the International Red Cross (IRC) and public indignation left Westminster little choice but to finally return the captives to their home countries. Using pillaged German trains and UK / US lend-lease rail rolling stock the Soviets vacuumed up millions of men, women and children from all corners of Europe. Until the 1960’s these unfortunates disappeared into the Soviet

YALTA: Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin. Union’s Gulag slave camps or were used as free labour to build canals, dams, infrastructure, invested in by the great corporations of America. These wretches were described by Leon Trotsky as ‘White Negroes’. Petrograd December 1917. Nations in my lifetime were also enslaved and bartered as freely as

were human beings. In February 1945, the leaders of the Soviet Union, Britain and United States, gathered at Yalta in Crimea. The notorious Yalta Agreement sealed the fate of 21 democratic nations. Ironically, one of those nations who surrendered to Stalin’s brutal regime was Poland, for

whose territorial integrity Britain had declared war on September 3, 1939. Albert L Weeks, researcher and author of Russia’s life-saver: lendlease aid to the USSR in the Second World War, described the Soviet Union as ‘a regime as brutal as their Nazi enemy’. It is little wonder

therefore that the most shameful document in history is rarely referred to. I cringe as I picture dwarfish exbank robber and tyrant Joe Stalin looking on as Britain’s unelected Winston Churchill signs over the territories, resources and human rights of the peoples of 21 nations. President Roosevelt, whose election pledge was to keep America out of the war, then adds his moniker. Finally, Joe Stalin, the greatest killer in human history smugly adds his name to the document from hell. Britain celebrates the end of the Second World War in Europe on May 8 but for 21 countries the war and occupation was to last another 45 years. Churchill and Roosevelt submitted to Soviet occupation of 21 nations including half of Germany, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Albania, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Moldavia, Kirghizstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Czechoslovakia. Churchill, when asked if history would think kindly of him, replied; “of course, for I will write it.”

Mike Walsh’s opinions are his own and do not necessarily represent the views of the publishers advertisers or sponsors.


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XXX RELAX Please note that in Spain there is NO legislation banning adverts in this section. Neither regional nor national governments are able to pass such a law due to rules governing freedom of publication and printing.

Readers of a sensitive disposition may find some of the advertisements in this section offensive.


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New ITV test prepares to hit the road ITV TESTS for private vehicles in Spain are set to undergo some major changes from Sunday. A previous statement from the Spanish government said that the MOT equivalent will be ‘more demanding’ to detect cases of manipulation, with a particular focus on emissions. The move is based on the EU directive 2014/45 and will see more robust computer technology introduced to gather a range of data. Information from vehicles’ switchboards will also be recorded to ensure they are not hiding faults or manipulating the system in any way. The authorities are particularly concerned about illegal emissions and security systems, and until now only the engine, airbag and anti-

lock braking system were checked. Greater scrutiny will be brought to bear on pollution from exhaust pipes, especially nitrous oxide. Previously, particle filters have been easy to manipulate for those wishing to bend the rules to save money. The hardening of the rules will particularly affect vehicles that are more than 10 years old, with those that are diesel-fuelled in the spotlight. There are at least 750,000 vehicles registered in Malaga, and at least 30 per cent are more than 10 years old (much higher than the European average). A further change is planned that will see the second inspection of vehicles take place in a different centre to the first one.

Credit: Revelados/Shutterstock

ROAD RULES: The changes will make manipulation more difficult.

However, rental cars will only have to pass the Technical Inspection of Vehicles every four years, instead of every two years as is the case at the moment.

The new regulations will also see ITV centres equipped with a system of controls that will robustly track distance covered. Inspectors will no

longer have to use paper and pens, they will be able to record and access all data digitally. Although it will depend on each autonomous community, it

will be possible to buy a car abroad and bring it to Spain without needing to pass the ITV if the vehicle is new and fully certified in its country of origin. All those that pass the inspection after Sunday are obligated to present their documentation proving ownership of their vehicles, and the date of registration. Such documents include the ITV card, the vehicle registration certificate, a receipt of insurance, and the driver ID. Furthermore, the old letter notifications of ITV expiry dates will be replaced by new technologies, making communication easier. As a result, deadline warnings will come via WhatsApp, email, SMS, or through the ITV app.

18th - 24th May


motoring ‘ Supersonic’ tube travel Photo credits BMW Group

A DESIGN company owned by BMW has created a prototype passenger capsule for the world’s first functioning hyperloop system. Hyperloops propel pods through giant tubes which eliminate air resistance enabling breathtaking speeds. Dubai’s pioneering shuttle could reach almost supersonic speeds of up to 1,080km/h, meaning commuters could be buzzed from Abu Dhabi to Dubai in just 12 minutes. The journey takes about an hour by car. Virgin Hyperloop One head up the project with Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). And Designworks - a BMW subsidiary based in California - masterminded the hyperloop’s pod. Its studio design director Johannes Lampela said: “With the Virgin Hyperloop One design, we wanted to create a new visual expression for a new mode of public transportation.” The team’s key design challenge was to overcome the lack of windows with a comfortable and engaging interior. The absence of natural light meant commuters could feel restricted, so designers set out to make an ‘uplifting sensory experience.’

VACCUUM TRAVEL: The capsule’s design had to overcome darkness. They did this by installing personallycontrolled light, digital displays, and premium comfort seating. First class ticket holders will be able to adjust the brightness and light colours from blue to pink. Arabic patterns inspired designers who were set on mixing Middle Eastern cultural references with a progressive feel. The design recently made its world premiere as part of United Arab Emirates Innovation Month at City Walk Dubai. It was the first time a large public audience had ever seen a full-sized prototype of the futuristic transportation mode. The hyperloop term was first used to describe a Tesla and Space-X project, two companies owned by maverick billionaire Elon Musk.

Yamaha XSR700: Blink and you’ll miss it BRICE HENNEBERT of Workhorse Speed Shop is the latest builder commissioned by Yamaha to create a Yard Built custom motorbike. Working with Yamaha XSR700 as the base, Hennebert has transformed it into a tribute to the FZR 750 OW74 model ridden by Christian Sarron in the famous 1985 Bol d’Or endurance race. His modifications include a longer swingarm, a carbon battery and a Nitrous Oxide System. The frame has also been lowered, while the radiator has been moved to the front (instead of the headlights), mimicking the OW74’s flat face. This custom -built XSR700 won’t just be for show, Yamaha will be entering it in the 2018 Sul-

tans of Sprint, a fourround drag racing series taking place on Saturday and Sunday in Italy. Low, long and superfast, the Workhorse Speed Shop have gone to town on the bike, pulling it apart and tweaking everything to maximise performance and speed. The fully handcrafted aluminium body is coated in classic Yamaha blue and yellow, another tribute to the 1985 Bol d’Or motorbike. Despite having a smaller engine, the lighter weight will be an advantage, and the bike has impressive torque. The crankshaft has been balanced, the oil circuit modified and the counterweights suppressed. Among the high-ends

part of the bike are the full racing brake system, clutch control, a front and rear master cylinder and the NOS system. “What can I say about this bike?” commented Antoine Clemot, Product Manager of Yamaha Motor Europe. “It’s fast, it’s low, it’s mean, it’s a lot of fun and we think it’s a winner. We love to see these amazing bikes getting out of static shows to race full throttle.” Sultans of Sprint events involve hundreds of speed enthusiasts getting together to race in a simple straight line, to determine who really is the king of speed. The Workhorse XSR700 custom dragster will be piloted by a different guest rider for each event.


18th - 24th May


Porsche accused of lying about emissions PORSCHE is accused of fixing emissions in a move which is reported to have cost the United Kingdom (UK) government €3.44 million. They drove the Cayman R models o ff i n s e c o n d g e a r d u r i n g t e s t i n g t o lower its CO2 emission readings. It fixed the vehicle’s UK emissions level at 221g/km,while the same model has a 228g/km rating in mainland Europe. The alleged trick means owners pay road tax according to the UK’s ‘band K’ bracket paying €360 instead of €618. This is how much they would pay if the car was bracketed according to its European emissions reading. The alleged fixing emerged in 2011 after 51-year-old John Cieslik crashed his Cayman R. He sued the German motoring giant on the grounds that a manufacturing defect had sparked the collision. Porsche paid Cieslik off in February that year.

But in preparation for a legal battle he had discovered information about the alleged emissions bracket fixing after approaching the UK’s Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA). The VCA is in charge of

certifying vehicle emissions in the UK and initially refused to reveal Porsche’s emissions data. But a freedom of information tribunal in 2015 forced Porsche to own up to the emissions mismatch. Porsche executive Steven Laux said

d u r i n g t h e h e a r i n g t h e d i ff e r e n c e i n CO2 emission readings between the UK and rest of Europe models is down to contrasting taxation regimes in the two locations. Porsche told British media it was not able to comment due to ‘ongoing’ legal proceedings’. TRICKED: Drivers allegedly started the car in second gear.

RTN Newspaper - Costa Blanca South 18 - 24 May 2018 Issue 969  

Reporting the News - FREE English Newspaper in Costa Blanca, Costa del Sol

RTN Newspaper - Costa Blanca South 18 - 24 May 2018 Issue 969  

Reporting the News - FREE English Newspaper in Costa Blanca, Costa del Sol