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3rd - 9th November 2017

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It’s not just children in need

Your Guide to RTN this week... mayor asks for immediate action Fund to meet the basic requirements of those most in need to be distributed

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sports clubs feeling the bite

by Ray Chadwick MURCIA’S Regional government has received €500,000 more from the Ministry of Finance for schemes to help those most in need. This amount is on top of the €2m already committed to the fund which will support social projects in the 45 municipalities.

Most of the funds - €1.6m – will be dedicated to meeting the basic requirements of the neediest, including food, clothing and basic hygiene products as well as subsidies for the purchase of school supplies and aid to pay monthly rent. Murcia will receive €500,000 for the above costs and Cartagena €250,000, while the city of Lorca will receive €120,000 to

also help families make small repairs to their homes. Likewise, it will make it possible to continue with the project to help teenagers between 13 and 16-years old to cope with situations of family conflict. Overall, a total of 17,132 people and 4,859 families benefited from a similar aid scheme last year and similar figures are expected for 2017.



Bus bonus for students and staff

UNIVERSITY students in Cartagena are set to benefit from a reduction in their daily bus fares with the introduction of a new flat rate. Members of staff will also be able to buy a special bus pass for €20 per month which will give them unlimited journeys on 20 bus routes that connect the city with the university campus. The scheme has been funded by the Cartagena City Council and will cost them €133,000. It will benefit those attending the Polytechnic University of Cartagena, the University of Murcia, San Antonio Catholic University and the National University of Distance Education (UNED). As a rule, a student who makes an average of four trips a day to the centres attached to the these universities would pay around €66 a month in fares; the new bus pass will save them 74 per cent and the fare of each journey equates to only 32 cents.

Mini morning movements THREE minor earthquakes were felt in the Murcia region during the early hours of Monday morning, although many locals slept through the shaking seconds. The first one occurred in Lorca at 2.40am registering a magnitude of 1.5 on the Richter scale and just a few minutes later in the municipality of Aledo a slightly stronger tremor measuring 1.6 was registered. The third and slightly stronger tremor of 1.9 occurred in Mula at 4.20am with the epicentre at a depth of 11 kilometres down.




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Introd by Glen Scott GUARDIA CIVIL in Alicante are proud to present and introduce the latest member of their team. It’s a cute and handsome German and Belgian Shepherd mix and answers to the name of Floki. Floki is just three years old and is one of many dogs born and bred

Highest tourism figures for ten years TOURISM numbers for the Murcia Region have continued their upward trend. Data from the National Statistics Institute (INE) show that for the first eight months of 2017, 1,106,577 were registered and accounting for 3,719,032 overnight stays in official accommodation. It’s a record number for travellers and the highest accommodation figures since 2007. Of the number of visitors, foreign tourists accounted for 688,352 and accounts for a 5.5 per cent growth compared to the same period last year; around 35,757 more. Hotels along the Costa Calida, in the main summer months of July and August, saw 120,367 tourists; an increase of 10,172 accounting for an equivalent of 9.2 per cent.

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3 Photo credit Twitter

Change that old boiler DURING the month of November, the government of Murcia will be offering an aid package to its citizens to help with renewing their water boilers. A sum of between €400 and €600 will be available to change existing domestic appliances that can be used for heating, hot water or both and must have an energy rating of A or higher. For boilers between 30 and 70 kilowatts, the top amount of €600 is available, up to 25 kilowatts is €500 and for those with a power level equal of less than 24 kilowatts, the lower grant of €400 is paid.

NO ESCAPE: Money launderers won’t escape Floki’s attraction to cash

ucing agent Floki and raised for the purpose of serving with the security authorities, and are selected according to their suitability and aptitude to being able to detect substances or other items. According to the official statement announcing Floki’s appointment, “This young and

restless puppy quickly stood out in the field of money detection, being unique in the area of the Valencian Community and the Region of Murcia, and while being based at the Alicante-Elche Airport he will be available to work in any province where requested.” Floki will be deployed at

various entry and exit points at the airport to detect undeclared cash in luggage and help in bringing to justice those taking part in money laundering and drug trafficking. He joins a established canine team at the airport deployed to detect narcotics, explosives and tobacco.


Land auction brings bonus to residents by Ray Chadwick ORIHUELA council has announced that they will receive more than previously expected for selling off plots of municipal land for a number of private construction projects. Councillor Rafael Almargo said that €14,500,000 will go into the council’s coffers from selling the land which was €2,606,000 more than the original starting price at a recent land auction. A similar event held back in 2013 raised half this amount and, as Almargo said, shows a significant and encouraging recovery in the local construction

industry. “All the money we receive for this land will be reinvested to benefit out residents,” he said. He was quick to emphasise that the council has pledged to divide the income from the sale between ALL the residents in the city, the Orihuela Costa and the outlying villages within their control, and FOR invest in financially sustainable projects. The long list includes a programme of EVERYONE: Councillor work to repair roads and gardens and conRafael structing a culture centre especially for the Almargo Orihuela Costa. Old areas of the city will also pledges be restored and a network of new cycle lanes major reinvestment will be created.

Port plunge mystery A MAN was taken to hospital and said to be in a serious condition after falling into the port of Cartagena. The alarm was raised when the 46-year-old was seen to plunge into the water, and on arrival emergency paramedics

stabilised the man before taking him to the Santa Lucia Hospital. He was immediately placed in the intensive care unit in a very serious condition. It’s not known at this stage what caused the man to end up in the port.

TRAM strikes continue with restricted service Monday - Friday 09:30 - 17:00 / Sat 10:00 - 13:00 La Marina: between ICELAND and LIDL, C/Mar Baltico 8, San Fulgencio Tel: 966 790 004 La Zenia: In front of Deutsche Bank Avda. De la Playa Tel: 966 730 151

Royal Caribbean - Symphony of the Seas - From Barcelona Aug from 1ust Tax + t 040€ ips Inc .

Octobe from 1218r Tax + tips € Inc.

230,000 GRT


12th Aug, 19th Aug & 7th Oct. 8 days Royal Caribbean Symphony of the seas from Barcelona - From 1,040€ Including transfer

Photo credit Ayuntamiento de Orihuela






14th Oct 10 days Royal Caribbean Symphony of the seas from Barcelona - From 1,218€ Including transfer

The worlds largest cruise ship, packed full of exciting on-board activities, entertainment and dining choices. The very best of what Royal Caribbean has to offer, revolutionary new firsts guaranteed to make your cruise truly extraordinary. She will be sailing from Barcelona through the summer, before heading to Miami

DRIVERS on the TRAM service in Alicante will be staging a further series of strikes, the final two days being today (Friday) and on Monday, November 6. Train authorities (FGV) will be offering a minimum service of between 50 and 60 per cent of normal depending on the time of day. The lines affected will be the L1, L2, L3, L4 and L9 and the stoppages will be between 6pm and 10pm tonight and throughout the day on Monday. The 60 per cent service will operate between the peak hours of 6am to 9pm, 12noon to 4pm and 7pm to 10pm, with a 50 per cent service for the rest of the day.


Family seeks ‘stolen’ baby A FAMILY from Murcia have started a campaign on social media to find a baby that was stolen from 1980. They are trying to find the son born 37 years ago on September 19 who is, they say, one of a set of twins born in the Rosell Hospital in Cartagena. The mother knows that she gave birth naturally to twins on that day – without a caesarean section nor anaesthesia – but didn’t know the sex of the baby that she alleges was stolen by a private gynaecologist, although suspects it could be the twin brother of her other son. The clues they have suggest that the ‘stolen’ child could be in Alicante. At present, the mother has seven children but everyone in the family is convinced that one more blood relative is out there somewhere and they want to find him...or her.

Honesty pays...€30 FOUR teenagers from Elche are being held up as pillars of society after finding a wallet in the street and taking it to the local police station. They were walking along in Elche when they stumbled across the lost wallet on the pavement, and on opening it discovered it contained €185 in cash as well as a number of bank cards. Most importantly the owner of the wallet had their ID card inside and so once taken to the police station officers could immediately contact the grateful and relieved owner. So appreciative was the owner that they gave the boys a reward of €30 for the honesty. Their exploits quickly found their way onto social media and many were quick to praise their actions and saying that it restores the faith in people that is so often missing these days.

School wall ‘no risk to pupils’ by Lynn Whittaker ORIHUELA’S councillor for education has been answering concerns about alleged dangers caused by a cracked wall in a school. Begoña Cuartero has confirmed that there is no risk of a wall in the

playground collapsing at the Los Dolses primary school on the Orihuela Costa, despite worries raised by the parent’s association (AMPA). She went on to assure those gathered that the area of the playground under question has been closed off and will be reopened within a few

days once security fencing has been installed, but did confirm that it’s the government education authorities based in Valencia that are ultimately responsible for sorting out the problem...not the Orihuela Costa. It appears that the problem has

been in existence since the opening of the school as the builders used a wall of an adjoining urbanisation. The area has been inspected by a Valencian government official who concluded that the only way to solve the issue is to build another wall in the school premises.

6 Photo credit Wikimedia

Cashpoint bomber team dismantled

ELCHE INDUSTRIAL PARK: Scene of major air ‘disaster’

Airport ‘disaster’ mock-up planned by Steve Collins AROUND 500 people will be gathered together to take part in a mock air accident close to Alicante-Elche Airport. Representatives from 25 different organisations will participate in a major simulation of a plane crash with multiple victims – 30 dead and 35 injured on Thursday November 9. The drill will involve 44 people and 130 vehicles from across the province and will recreate the accident of a commercial aircraft that approaches Alicante-Elche Airport and suffers serious

technical problems that cause it to lose height quickly. The pilot tries to land four kilometres away from the airport in one of the roadways of the Elche Industrial Park in Torrellano, destroying several vehicles in the process and crashing into a warehouse where several people are buried. Another consequence of the ‘disaster’ is a resulting fuel spill has caused a nearby forest fire. The aircraft has split in half during the crash landing and there are a large number of injured passengers among the dozens of dead bodies in the front section of the plane.

NATIONAL POLICE in Alicante have dismantled a gang that blew open a number of ATMs in the province with explosives. A court in Elche ordered three of the five people detained in the operation to go to prison following an operation conducted by National Police based in Santa Pola and El Altet. The gang committed a series of robberies in Elche, Alicante and Rojales over the summer that netted them around €10,000 and specialised in blowing apart the cashpoint. They are also suspected in being involved in three more attacks that are still under investigation. The two gang members released on bail after giving evidence at police stations were women accomplices. The arrests were made after the latest attack on a bank branch in Elche where on this occasion they got away without any cash. In addition to the robberies, the gang have also been linked to alleged drug trafficking, although no formal charges have been made.

The details of the simulation were presented in Alicante by the director general of the emergency and security agency, José María Ángel, who emphasised the importance of next week’s exercise intended to have everything in place to enable a faster and more effective response in the event of such an unfolding disaster. Apart from the crash site in Torrellano, the family room at the AlicanteElche Airport will be used for those waiting for the arrival of the flight and the Alicante Tourism Centre as a focal point for information and assistance in the aftermath of the incident.

Children involved in blaze rescue SIX people have been rescued after being trapped in a fire in San Javier. Two of those taken out of the blaze were children aged 8 and 11 who were affected by smoke inhalation after the fire started in a first floor room of a house on Avenida de Balsicas. The others were said to be suffering from shock. The alarm was raised at 7am with reports that people were trapped on the first floor of a two storey building and was un-

able to escape due to thick smoke blocking the stairway. Eight firefighters in four appliances arrived on the scene, accompanied by three ambulances, and the fire was quickly extinguished although not before the fire had affected the whole house. The six involved were the two children, a 14-year-old teenager, and three women aged 39, 40 and 45. All were treated at the scene and none needed to be taken to hospital.

Top 100 road black spots revealed ACCORDING to a report by the European Automobile Association (AEA) the most dangerous roads in Spain have been listed, with one in the Murcia Region making it into the top 100 at number 83. The study has been undertaken with an

analysis of a total of 26,329 kilometres of State controlled roads, and the report states that accident black spots have increased by 45 per cent going from 140 to 190 across Spain as a whole. Research showed that the most danger-

ous road in Murcia is the N-301, specifically at kilometre 356, which has an average traffic density of 1,000 vehicles a day and has been the scene of four accident victims in the past year. The most dangerous road in Spain is the N-122 in Valladolid.


Serial renter scammer jailed...again OFFICERS of the Guardia Civil have arrested a woman for illegally renting out homes. It’s understood that at least five families have been hit by her actions after signing what they believed were legal contracts. The situation came to light at the beginning of last month when a couple living in Torrevieja went away for a few days, only to find when they arrived back home that someone had illegally been in their home. As the investigation developed, the Guardia Civil discovered a total of five homes were being illegally occupied in the same building. All the families were given what appeared to be legal rental agreements full of fake information completed by the same person...the arrested woman. The 28-year-old Bosnian woman – with Spanish nationality – was subsequently arrested and immediately sent to prison due to the serious offences committed. It appears that she had previously been imprisoned for

similar activities in November last year. Her modus operandi was to break in to properties when she knew the owners had gone away for a while, change the locks, and then advertise some of the properties online. Many of the families that were taken in by her scam also had young children. It was a well-planned operation right from the start. To make her crimes look even more realistic she even removed mail from the letter boxes with the names and addresses of the owners on them to enable the contracts to appear authentic, but the contact was the same...the arrested woman. Advice from the Guardia Civil is to always rent property from registered estate agents where possible and to ask to see the deeds to the property and a photocopy of the ID of the owner before signing any rental contract. Also, they advise that anyone going away for a period should also ask a friend or neighbour to collect their post to avoid any theft and possible fraud taking place.

Train services stopped by fire

FIVE fire engines from three fire stations were mobilised to fight a fire that affected a thicket area located between San Isidro and the village of El Realengo. The alarm was raised at 7pm and the quick intervention of the fire services enabled it to be extinguished within 90 minutes but not before it had spread to within less than 50 metres from train tracks and 500 metres from the municipality of San Isidro. Members of the fire service stayed at the scene for a further half hour to prevent the flames from reigniting. Also as a precaution, at least one of the trains that travel along the stretch of track between Elche and Orihuela was stopped. The cause of the fire is not yet known.

Photo credit YouTube

by Steve Collins

BREAKIN: Locks were changed by rental scam woman

GUARDIA CIVIL officers in Minor Roldán have arrested a boy who, despite his young age, is already a habitual thief. arrested The Murcia region Guardia Civil had already instigated for investigations to a number of thefts that have taken place in attempted homes and this has led them to the latest arrest of a minor alleged perpetrator of housebreaking asan the attempted theft with force

in Roldán-Torre Pacheco. On this occasion, the boy fled from the property as he was disturbed by one of the occupants but he has previously been arrested for similar misdemeanours in the past. The young boy – of Moroccan nationality – was found in the area and arrested following a detailed description given by witnesses.

8 Photo credit Ayuntamiento de Torrevieja

Surprise jump in toll road use TO FINISH: Mayor asks for potentially dangerous area to be made safer

Mayor asks for ‘immediate’ action by Glenn Scott

TORREVIEJA’S Mayor José Manuel Dolón has asked for “immediate” action regarding the Dique de Poniente promenade area. He has requested that the Acuamed company that have been contracted to renovate the area put security fencing back around the present building site and to continue with the work that stopped last year.

Mayor Dolón said that despite numerous telephone calls and discussions, nothing has been done to rectify the situation. “It is vital that the promenade is fenced off properly to stop people having an accident or damaging the work or the installations of the salt industry and the desalination plant.” It was confirmed in a local police report that they have had to remove a number of people from the construction site for their own safety. As the

mayor said: “Many people regularly use the area to go walking, swimming or fishing.” The programme of works was interrupted last year due to a financial disagreement between Acuamed and the construction company involved. There was an alleged corruption scandal the implicated some of the Acumed’s directors and al the ongoing projects being undertaken in Torrevieja were immediately suspended.

ON the eve of the AP-7 motorway being financially rescued by the State, the amount of vehicles using the toll road has increased by 5.66 per cent during the first nine months of the year. Overall, use of toll motorways across Spain has jumped by 9.4 per cent. Such a scenario was expected at the start of 2018, so these advance

successful figures have been welcomed by traffic authorities. The average number of vehicles using the AP-7 Alicante by-pass is estimated at 6,886 per day; although one of the southerly points of the same motorway – the Cartagena to Vera section – has been the only toll section to see a lower increase with a 5.63 per cent jump.

Driest late summer for 34 years THE State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) has released figures to show that September and October this year have been the driest for 34 years in the Murcia region. It also highlights that October has been the tenth driest month since 1941 and the sixth warmest month since that year too. In fact, the average monthly temperature – recorded at 19.4ºC – was 1.6ºC higher than usual and helped by some maximum temperatures reaching 2.3ºC above normal. October also saw the average rainfall in the Murcia region at 6 litres per m2 and is only 25 per cent of what is usually expected for that time of the year.


Spanish youth start drinking at 13

Photo credit Euro Weekly News

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Dangerous dogs’ reputation attacked

A popular post this

week is “Six month

deadline to clear restaurant terraces”

REPUTATION: Local animal shelters full of dogs due to their bad image

which has so far reached over 12,638 people

Mary Morrow “They are not saying that

you can no longer eat outside. It means restaurants can no longer add their own extensions as and how they please, but must conform to a pattern such as umbrellas only to cover tables and tables to remain within a certain distance from restaurant to keep pavements clear for pedestrians. This is to create uniformity and makes sense.”

Gary Whitehead

“ That´s terrible. Businesses will lose money.. I love sitting outdoors to dine..”


Our most liked posts from this week Catalan parliament declares independence

Major subsidy to encourage more British tourists Annual flu jab campaign launched Putting the clocks back could help prevent illnesses

In Total 25,120 People reached 8,071 Post engagements A popular post on our website is “Alleged human traffickers detained”

Sm@!L “ Life is worst in Algeria, so they search a life better… Where’s the problem ? ”

by Lynn Whittaker ALICANTE’S Department of Animal Protection has launched a public awareness campaign aimed at owners of potentially dangerous dogs. The aim is to get them to comply with regulations and thus prevent the animals from possible confiscation in the future. The campaign informs owners of these dogs of the obligations they have to fulfil to avoid any fines – anywhere between €600 and €3,000 – and above

all encouraging them to fully understand to legal requirements of keeping potentially dangerous breeds. Councillor for Animal Protection, Marisol Moreno, explained that the animal shelters “are full of dogs classified as potentially dangerous because of people who did not comply with the law, and a high percentage of them end up isolated in cages and with little chance of being adopted, all due to their bad reputation.” She went on to say that “If you take on the responsibility of a potentially dangerous dog, the

dog isn’t to blame.” The information campaign includes a video and information brochures explaining issues such as what is considered a potentially dangerous dog; what breeds it affects; and what do you have to take into account when taking it for a walk. Central government are currently looking at the possibility of opening up special spaces for potentially dangerous dogs so they can roam loose and without a muzzle; something that is currently prohibited.

City centre car park to reopen

MURCIA city council is to invest €60,000 in a programme of work to reinforce the concrete floors and beams that is planned to prevent a series of water leaks in the main under-

ground car park. Located in the centre of the city in the Gran Vía, and under Plaza de Santa Isabel, the car park has been closed since June when the contract with the Empark company

running the business expired. What was originally planned to be a three week closure, the 160 space car park has been shut for almost five months. During that time, Urbamusa – the

organisation that has assumed the management – has taken over the reformation project to reopen the parking zone in the best possible condition before Friday November 10.

ACCORDING to data published by the Spanish Ministry of Health, alcohol consumption across the country usually starts at the age of 13. The figures also show that 75.1 per cent of teenagers aged between 14 and 18 have drunk alcohol at some time during their lives, with 60 per cent of those admitting they’ve been drunk at least once; 30 per cent also say they’ve suffered from alcohol excesses in the past 30 days. Apparently, the number of girls who drink alcohol and get drunk is higher than that of boys and 50 per cent of those questioned do not believe that consuming four or five alcoholic drinks over a weekend can cause health problems.


by Steve Collins THE spate of recent arrival by a number of migrants arriving along the Costa Blanca in small motor boats has raised questions as to how such craft actually make the journey. During 2017 to date, at least 43 boats containing over 300 migrants have arrived in the Alicante province, often in batches of up to four boats in the space of 24 or 48 hours which was the case at the weekend when two arrived in Calpe and one each in El Campello and Santa Pola. Police authorities are convinced that these smaller boats

are launched from a number of motherships located further out to sea but there is no evidence to back up this theory. The belief is backed up by the fact that boats with a maximum power of up to 30 or 50 horsepower would be unable to make a journey that would take several days from the Algerian coast to Alicante, without severe problems: not least the fact that they wouldn’t have enough fuel let alone the dangers of possible rough seas and weather conditions. One of the concerns is that the small boats appear not to have

Photo credit: Twitter

Search for migrant motherships

SUPPLY: How do such small craft make long and dangerous journeys? been detected by the Guardia Civil External Monitoring System (SIVE), but they are alerted to their pres-

ence once they are stranded on the coast. The suspected motherships are allegedly out of the range of the

radar system and have so far not been intercepted...assuming there are any in the first place.

93-year-old victim of family theft TWO MEN and a woman aged between 40 and 60-years old have been arrested in Callosa de Segura accused of stealing jewellery from a 93-year-old grandmother. The value of the jewellery stolen is €15,000 and it has since been recovered. Investigations began at the end of August when the Guardia Civil received

reports that the jewels had been stolen from the safe kept by the elderly women who lived alone. The jewels had great sentimental value and belonged to various members of the family. Officers began to collect information on anybody that had been in the woman’s home on the day of the reported robbery and right from the

start suspicions fell on the victim’s grandson. The jewellery was located in various gold trading shops in the Vega Baja and Baix Vinalopó and was made up of 25 pieces. Investigators verified that the jewels were sold by three different people, one of whom was the grandson and two of his friends.


Don’t die on a Friday or Saturday Photo credit: Ayuntamiento de Cartagena

by Glenn Scott FAMILIES that have suffered the loss of a relative on a Friday or Saturday in Cartagena are being forced to pay out extra money because no funeral services take place during Saturday or Sunday afternoons in some of the municipal cemeteries. The loved ones of people that have passed away on a Friday or Saturday afternoon are required to pay €500 more each extra night to have the body kept in the local funeral parlours until a burial can take place on the Monday

at the earliest. The law specifies that 24 hours must elapse before the final respects can be paid to deceased person. The cemeteries that close over the weekend are those at San Antón, Los Remedios, San Ginés de la Jara and San Roque (Alumbres). Despite the funeral companies making money out of this scenario, they have asked the Cartagena City Council to take pity on the relatives concerned and to hire extra staff to cover the afternoon shifts at the weekend. A representative of the undertakers said: “All the other municipalities in the Murcia region carry out

Nightmare discoveries on Halloween night

WEEKENDS OFF: Los Remedios cemetery

funeral services during the afternoons at weekends. Cartagena is the exception. Having to watch over a body for an extra day can cause great distress for those involved, particularly if the death is sudden or involves a young person.” Councillor Francisco Calderón said: “Up until now, I hadn’t realised this problem existed as nobody had brought it to my attention. There has been no complaint.” He went on to say that things will continue as they are for the time being although he has promised that weekend afternoon burials will be covered should there be a demand from the local people.

LOCAL POLICE officers in Elche seized an enormous amount of material during the traditional Halloween celebrations in the city on Tuesday night. More and more people, especially the younger citizens, have imported the American traditions into Spain, and as such create a large amount of left over rubbish as well as items associated with the festivities themselves. Police patrols were determined to stamp out any possible incidents, intentional or otherwise that could arise from the use of certain products carried in pockets, bags and backpacks. They concentrated their efforts in the vicinity of the Palacio de Congresos and their searches unveiled an Aladdin’s cave of booty that could have caused damage and danger to people and property. Throughout the afternoon and evening police confiscated 615 spray cans that contained paint and fake snow; 409 eggs; 35 kilograms of flour; 30 packs of flares; a bottle of washing up liquid; a bottle of vinegar; a bottle of alcohol; a bottle of sauce; as well as a baseball bat and a metal crutch. Some shops and supermarkets were warned not to sell alcohol or certain products to those underage, and while the advice was followed by most of them some appeared to ignore the request.

13 Photo credit: Wikimedia

National tattoo regulations proposed by Ray Chadwick THE Spanish Ministry of Health has proposed to harmonise the national regulations that govern tattoo and body piercing establishments. Public Health Director General José Carlos Vicente said: “There is a need to make a comparison of regional legislation on tattoo centres and piercing to standardise opening times, permissions, licenses and general health and safety issues.” Currently each region has its own set of regulations REGULATIONS: with gaping differences in some cases. Tattoo and At present, permits relating to such piercing to operations are granted by individual muget national nicipalities in some of the autonomous standards

Romanian fraud fugitive arrested Divers A FUGITIVE has been arrested in Alicante accused of defrauding a bank of more than €14,000. National Police officers detained the 42-year-old man of Romanian nationality who is being sought after by local authorities in that country after obtaining a loan from a well-known bank by providing them with a falsified declaration of his income which allowed him access to the amount claimed. Two

months later, he tried to flee Romania but was surprised by police at border controls when they discovered he was driving without a license. He has been a wanted man from that time until being discovered and detained in Alicante where he awaits formal extradition. Romanian justice is seeking two years in prison for crimes of fraud, document forgery and driving without a license.

take the lead on lead

communities or by the regional administrations in others, such as Murcia. A further aspect of the rules concerning tattoo parlours is in the control of the inks used. In Spain, only those inks authorised by the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products is allowed which gives greater assurance and guarantees for those using them and having their bodies covered in them. The regional Royal Decree 17/2003 that regulates tattoo and piercing establishments in the Murcia region includes the general rules of hygiene and the training of tattooists alongside the types of equipment and precision instruments used on a daily basis.

“LET’S get the lead off the seabed!” That was the call made by the Murcia Hippocampus Association and the appeal was taken up by thousands of divers from both within and outside of the Region. The ‘Plumbum Project’ was launched three months ago and already more than 100 kilos of lead has been taken from the bottom of the sea made up of mainly of waste left by fisherman in the form of the weights they use. If they’re not removed, it can get into the food chain, and the only way the waste can be removed is by hand. Thus the initiative to get some of the estimated 35,000 people that regularly dive off the Murcia coast to get involved which has resulted in several clubs taking part. Depending on where the dives take place, between 10 and 30 kilos of lead can be found and removed in one day.

24 feb - 2 march 2017

Sports clubs feeling the bites

The rain in Spain only falls locally...

by Glenn Scott RESIDENTS and users of a number of sports clubs based in Santa Pola have complained about the number of mosquitoes that continue to plague and bite them. For a number of weeks, athletes training in the area near to the Santa Pola salt flats, especially in the early evening, are warning of the increase in these insects and the amount of times they’re being bitten as they practice their sport. Parents of children that also train in the local facilities are especially concerned about the bites as despite using anti-mosquito lotion and sprays the mosquitoes are not being repelled as hoped. As one father said, “The tracks are full of mosquitoes and my daughter comes home covered in bites. We spend lots of money on antihistamine creams to calm her obvious discomfort.”

CONTROL: Extension of pest control programme announced The Santa Pola council acknowledge that they’ve received a number of complaints and have reported those concerns to the company tasked with solving and treating the plagues in the municipality. The council also con-

firmed that a decision has been taken to extend the programme of fortnightly pest control into November as it usually only lasts between March and October. The controls will continue once a month during the winter.

More good news for local taxpayers

RESIDENTS of the municipality of Albatera will be pleased to learn of a reduction in their annual local tax (IBI) for

2018. It was unanimously agreed at a plenary meeting when the tax rate was reduced from 1.1 to 1.01 and follows a higher

than usual rise for the current year. Locals had to pay an increase of 18 per cent for 2017 which was caused by the revision


of the rateable values of the land and caused great consternation among the residents of the municipality.

WEDNESDAY’S NATIONAL Red Day Holiday was completely dry across Spain with one exception. According to the Meteoclimatic organisation, up to 10 litres per m2 of rain fell in the Vega Baja, with the coastline between Torrevieja and Murcia being hit the most. Most of it was recorded in the early morning and threatened to put a

damper on holiday plans of many, but the showers faded as they moved inland. The rain was welcomed by local farmers as it will reinforce the amount of water available in the traditional irrigation programme that begins to arrive from the Segura reservoirs on December 15 that is vital for winter crop growth in the area.

Longer to save for a well-earned break A STUDY conducted by online portal TravelPirates has worked out that half the population of Murcia have to save all year long to be able to afford to go on holiday. The results of the analysis carried out at both a national and international level was released to coincide with World Savings Day on Tuesday October 31 and studied the expenses of Spaniards in general and Murcian residents in particular when planning and financing their holidays. Almost 70 per cent of those questioned say they haven’t managed to save even €1,000 to spend on their vacations, although only 12 per cent have been forced to ask for a loan or credit to finance their plans.


Going batty for conservation initiatives by Lynn Whittaker TORREVIEJA is leading the way when it comes to bat conservation. Councillor Fanny Serrano was delighted to announce that the current programme has resulted in between 60 to 70 per cent of the specially installed boxes have been occupied, and with this week’s Halloween celebrations was the perfect time to promote the scheme. She explained that the programme is looking to consolidate bat colonies in places that they are already established or are known to visit for food – particularly by the salt lakes – and to create some new ones. With the cooperation of the conservation

group – Lagunas de La Mata y Torrevieja – four new boxes were placed by the lake in La Mata. Juan Antonio Pujol, a local biologist said that many bat populations had been established close to land occupied by the local sewerage plant and salt works, and both locations are usually full of puddles which are breeding grounds for mosquitoes...which the local bats contribute to control. The programme has also been some of the boxes that haven’t been occupied for some time being cleaned; and many have remained empty due to wasps taking them over for their nests. Three boxes were installed in the IES Mare Nostrum School in May as

part of its environmental education programme where pupils are encouraged to learn about the importance of these often misunderstood creatures of the night. The drop in the populations of bats over the past 30 years or so can be explained by a lack of buildings in which they naturally set up their colonies and an increase in the use of pesticides. However, bats are a proven source to control a number of plagues that blight the agriculture sector such as grapevine moth larvae, caterpillars, mosquitoes and other insects. They also control the annual procession of the swarms of caterpillars that breed in local pine trees that are the scourge of dog owners everywhere.

Old bus station en route

THE refurbished old bus station in Alicante is now hosting the first of its events since being taken over by the city council. It will be a centre for tourist and leisure functions with meetings and exhibitions.The Hall Edificio Séneca, the official name for the building, is regarded as being the perfect venue for such events with its 550m2 space, high ceilings and unique characteristics. The area will be managed by the council in collaboration with the Alicante Convention Bureau (ACB) which belongs to the local tourism board. Eleven different requests have already been made to the municipality for a variety of events and the first, connected with oenology – the study of winemaking – took place earlier this week on Monday.

SUCCESS: Bat conservation programme educational and a help to the environment

Craft fair shows off disabled talents

Photo credit: Ayuntamiento de Torrevieja

A FAIR has been held in Archena exhibiting the work of disabled. It’s the first time that such an initiative has been carried out and is aimed at displaying the arts and crafts made by users of the local day centres. A total of 14 stands took part in the Regional Craft Fair held on Saturday on the Plaza de Mayo de Archena and lasted well into the evening to give as many visitors as possi-

ble the opportunity to view the creativity of the exhibitors. According to the organisers, the purpose of the involvement of the day centre workers in the fair is to make known to a wider audience the capabilities of those with disabilities. It also encourages others with disabilities to also get involved in these activities and helps to promote a link between the disabled and society.


Thousands remember their loved ones Photo credit Ayuntamiento de San Vincente

by Ray Chadwick MANY thousands of people across the Alicante province and Murcia region joined millions of others across Spain as they took part in the annual All Saints’ Day visit to their late loved ones in cemeteries. Local Police in Murcia had to control a vast increase in traffic in the vicinity of the cemetery of Nuestro Padre Jesús de Espinardo, and the car park

– like so many up and down the country – filled up very quickly. Those of San Cemente and San Cristóbal also received thousands of visitors, with many staying with their dearly departed from dawn to dusk. Many of the graveyards, in conjunction with local municipalities and bus companies, extended their usual opening times and increased the numbers of buses that would usually see a restricted service on national holidays.

TRUBUTES: Some families spend all day on November 1 at gravesides and wall niches

Some provided dedicated services to and from cemeteries to central points in towns and villages. Millions of flowers are bought for the November 1 tradition and the floristry business report a 25 per cent increase in turnover is connected with this day alone. Daises, carnations, gladioli, roses and lilies are the best selling of the flowers taken by family members and friends to remember their loved ones.

car of the week 9,750€


HAH - investing in mobility by Bill Hulse ONE OF Help At Home’s (HAH) key activities is the short term loan of mobility aids, including wheel chairs, walkers and commodes, to residents and their guests as well as Visitors and Tourists within our area. We make no charge for this or any other of our services. We rely solely on the generosity of our sponsors and supporters and our own fund raising efforts. Thanks to this generosity, in October we were able to spend another €5000 increasing our stock of available mobility aids. Our other activities include helping those in temporary need, perhaps following an accident, bereavement or illness. Our carers can deliver help in the home, perhaps personal or more general. We do not offer any medical advice as we are not qualified, but we can offer contact advice, and in some extreme cases we will fund the initial contact. Our volunteers can provide help with transport, perhaps hospital visiting or shopping. As we make no charge for any of the help we provide we organise regular and occasional fund rais-

ing activities including a weekly second hand book and DVD sale every Monday morning at the La Zona Bar in Los Alcazares, and a monthly Table Top Sale of second hand clothing and bric-a-brac at the same venue on the last Friday morning of each month. We also sponsor Chatters, an informal open to all monthly meeting where we always have a guest speaker as well as a prize quiz and other activities together with complimentary refreshments. Why not come along, meet old friends and perhaps make new ones? HAH always welcome new carers and volunteers. Even if you only have an occasional couple of hours to spare why not come along to our monthly meeting at the Las Claras Centre in Los Narejos and find out more about us and what we do? These meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month starting at 11am, the next one being on November 7. You will be made very welcome. Full details can be found on our Facebook page. HAH Help At Home-Mar Menor, or on our web pages at








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automatics 13,995€

one owner HYUNDAI I10 2013 1.1 LTR PETROL FSH

one owner TOYOTA RAV 4 2007 2.2 LTR DIESEL 4X4 FSH





motorhomes 32,500€









The only way is ‘up’ for the AECC balloon race by Staff Reporter THE PINK Ladies and Panthers made their own contribution to Breast Cancer Awareness Month with a balloon release. The event was in aid of the AECC and kindly hosted by one of the charity’s biggest supporters, Zenia Boulevard, and it was impossible to put an exact number on the amount of people that turned out for the fourth of five balloon races, such was the incredible turnout. An incredible €3,353.78 was raised on the day by Maria and all her team who were there at 10am on the Sunday morning when the Boulevard

Library awarded book grant

opened to set up everything. The full day of entertainment began at midday and carried on through to 6.30pm when the balloons were released accompanied by a rendition of ‘Time to Say Goodbye’ sung by Stevie Spit, Kylie Burgazzi, Verity Jo Hall and Maria O'Hara. For many people, the release of the balloons is charged with emotion and is the culmination of a great day with the stage area and the upstairs galleries were full to brimming. Each and every entertainer happily gives up their time for free to perform, which is something the AECC is always extremely grateful

LETTING GO: The Pink Ladies release balloons for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

for. Big thanks go to: Cindy Fitzpatrick, Nikki G, Lady Jazz, Stuart Sinclair, Melissa Fanning, Chloe Leigh, Verity Jo Hall, Roxy Housewine, Rod Stewart (David John Williams), Molly Poole, Danzalusion, Paul Christie, Keith Dee, Rebecca Holt, Totally Dance School, Maria O'Hara, Kylie and Stevie. The team

ALBATERA library has received a grant of €1,706 to be spent on new books to be used as part of a new initiative. The Fermín Limorte library was selected as part of a campaign that will reward municipalities that will carry out unique reading projects. They will include a series of programmes to encourage reading and to get more people involved in the workings of their local library, and in using new technologies.

were supported by Simon Morton and Sunshine FM. The money raised on the day comes from people buying a helium-filled balloon and attaching at card to it with a message to a loved one who may have lost their battle with cancer. The message that is found the furthest away will re-

ceive a prize of €100, and the lucky person that finds it and sends in the message gets €20. The final words go to Maria who would like to thank everyone involved from the artists to all her volunteers and every person that has made a donation, no matter how small.

Medieval Market suffers lack of buyers

ELCHE’S Medieval Market finished after four days based in the vicinity of the Basilica of Santa Maria, but while there were more visitors than usual there was less money being spent. The atmosphere of the market

was unchanged with more than 150 stalls bringing the usual mixture of smells, colours and sounds that made up the medieval era. However, the overall perception of the stallholders is that it’s becoming more difficult each year

to sell their products. One of the regulars attending the market for his fourth year in a row said that the organisers would have to start lowering the rates to compensate for their losses as same barely manage to sell anything.


News from around Europe NETHERLANDS

Bridging the gap The first 3D-printed concrete bridge has been completed in the Netherlands as a crossing for cyclists. The 8-metre long bridge is made from pre-fabricated concrete blocks which took robots 3 months to 3D-print. It forms part of a new ringroad being constructed around Gemert in the Dutch province of Brabant. Happy, healthy and safe Noord-Drenthe is the most prosperous region in the Netherlands, according to the Broad Prosperity Indicator by Rabobank and Utrecht University. Residents of Noord-Drenthe are happy, healthy and feel safe.

Gooi also scored very well. People living in the Randstad are much less satisfied, the Dutch press reports. Play that song In a report by Discogs, The Netherlands has been revealed as the most record store dense country for larger countries. The country boasts an impressive 178 record stores for its 16,800,000person population, resulting in almost one shop per every 100,000 people. The UK came second with about .84 shops per 100,000 people. Red terror trial A man faced war crimes charges in connection with the “red terror” at a


Dutch court on Monday. 63-year-old Ethiopianborn Eshetu Alemu is accused of ordering the killing of opponents of former Ethiopian leader Mengistu Haile Mariam in 1978 and of being responsible for the incarceration and inhumane treatment of more than 200 people. Too much traffic Too much traffic in the Netherlands is costing the economy billions of euros. According to a report, traffic will increase 1.7 per cent next year and 1.2 per cent in the years after that. Travel time is predicted to increase by 28 per cent over the next five years, costing up to 3.7 per cent per year.

TV celeb vs Putin Russian television celebrity Ksenia Sobchak will run for president. Recognisable to 95 per cent of the Russian public and with more than 6.5m followers on social media, she has suggested she is in a unique position to challenge the president. “There are only two people in this country with that kind of recognition: me and Putin,” she said. Sin selfies Russian soldiers may soon be unable to snap a quick selfie with their brothersin-arms. A new draft law from Russia’s Ministry of Defence bans contract soldiers and military personnel from posting on social media over fears it could reveal their location to the enemy while deployed on the battlefield, the BBC reports. Hard facts An official document has revealed that at least 131 Russian citizens have died in Syria this year, including private military contractors - although the presence of Russian contractors in Syria - and the cas-

SCANDINAVIA Calling all Camilla’s IF YOU’RE a Danish woman named Camilla, you might want to keep an eye out for newborn baby discounts in the near future. That’s because, on average, Danish women are 29 years old when they have their first child, and Camilla was the most popular name in 1989. Interrupted journey A MAN who was attempting to sail solo from Sweden to Spain has been rescued after a huge search and rescue mission. The man, a 30-year-old Russian citizen, had bought a sailboat in Stockholm and had planned to sail it solo to Spain, but unfortunately he didn’t make it that far. Shooting scene RESIDENTS of Nacka in Stockholm raised the alarm over a shooting just after 9pm on Monday. A man with gunshot wounds was found outdoors and taken to hospital by an ambulance, but later

died. An examination of the crime scene took place during the night, followed by a detailed forensic operation. Olympic ambitions NORWAY’S Telemark County wants to host the Winter Olympics in 2026. The county is preparing to make a bid, according to the leader of Telemark’s municipal sporting committee Geir Berge Nordtveit. Telemark allegedly decided to throw its hat into the ring for the event after Austrian city Innsbruck decided not to bid. Helicopter tragedy A RUSSIAN helicopter that went down at sea with eight people on board has been found on the seabed off Norway’s Svalbard archipelago. The wreck of the Russian helicopter was located, at a depth of 209 metres. The search has now concluded, and has moved into a search phase for the bodies.

Global success A LAVISH 16-part TV series set between the two world wars is being tipped as the first big-budget German production that could become a global TV blockbuster. Critics are predicting it will compete with the likes of Breaking Bad, House of

Cards and Downton Abbey and cost €38m to make. Hamburg bears brunt THE German city of Hamburg has been hit by widespread flooding after storms battered northern and central Europe. At least six people have died in Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic as a result of the weather, while fallen trees and damage to railway lines have left thousands of travellers stranded. Nein, nein, nein! ADOLF HITLER only joined the Nazis after being rejected by another political party. Thomas Weber, a professor

Critic couple targeted A couple who were fierce critics of President Putin and who narrowly escaped an assassination attempt in June were attacked again on Monday in Ukraine – the wife killed and the husband wounded. The attack was the latest in a string of assassinations and attempted assassinations in Ukraine, which the authorities in Kiev have mostly blamed on Russian special services. Computer says yes Google says that a Kremlin-linked group spent $4,700 (€4,050) on advertising as part of a misinformation campaign during the 2016 US election. Russian groups also created 18 YouTube channels and uploaded 1,108 English-language videos — some of which were political, some of which weren’t — that racked up 309,000 views during the election cycle.

FINLAND Hit and run examination THE DEFENDANT in the Helsinki hit-and-run trial may undergo a court-ordered psychological evaluation, after both the prosecution and defence teams agreed it would clarify matters. The man faces charges of manslaughter, attempted manslaughter and aggravated traffic endangerment. Safer traffic THE NUMBER of traffic offences reported to the police between January to September this year fell by 11 per cent from the same period of 2016. Police said this is partly due to the fact that performance targets were reduced for 2017 be-

GERMANY Frankly offensive GERMANY’S national rail provider has come under fire after plans to name a train after the diarist Anne Frank, with the Anne Frank foundation saying it “caused new pain”. Frank and her family hid in secret in Amsterdam during the German occupation of the Netherlands during World War II.

ualties they are sustaining - is denied by Moscow as it wants to portray its military intervention there as a successful peace mission with minimal losses.

cause less working time is available for traffic surveillance. Passport drop APPLICATIONS for Finnish passports submitted by the foreigners decreased by 9 per cent year-on-year between January to September. On 1 January 2017, the processing of licences and permits for foreign nationals was transferred from the police to the Finnish Immigration Service. Around 420,000 electronic passport applications were made. Not a real cop FAKE POLICE have emerged as a serious problem in Finland with about 800 criminal

reports concerning people impersonating as police officers and related frauds and attempts at such crimes been filed during the current year. Criminals posing as fake police officers exploit Finns’ trust in officialdom, targeting old people. Heavy weight task FINNAIR has confirmed it will begin weighing passengers on a voluntary basis at Helsinki Airport during the first few weeks of this month. The objective, it said, is to collect more accurate data on the average weight of passengers and their carry-on luggage, for determining the need for jet fuel.

FRANCE of history at the University of Aberdeen, unearthed a previously unpublished document that reveals that in 1919 the newly formed German Socialist party shunned Hitler, telling him that it did not want him. Stock resignation THE CHIEF Executive of Germany’s stock exchange has resigned to avoid distractions caused by allegations that he has been involved in insider dealing. The Frankfurt-based Deutsche Börse announced Carsten Kengeter would leave at the end of the year just days after a German court refused to back a settlement over the allegations.

Wood you? Spurred by concerns over climate change and the negative impacts of concrete manufacturing, architects and developers in France are increasingly turning to wood for their office towers and apartment complexes. The city of Bordeaux has pledged to build 270,000 square feet of wooden spaces per year for the next 15 years. Humanitarian hearts The winter treve truce - an annual ban on evictions in France - has come into force and will last until March 31 next year. It is meant as a humanitarian measure, to ensure that people do not end up homeless in the coldest season. Every year in France, between 110,00 and 115,000 eviction proceedings begin when the treve ends.

Family tragedy The bodies of five people, believed to be a couple and their three children were found on a pig farm in the village of Nouvion et Catillon, north eastern France on Tuesday. All five were killed by gun shots. Investigators say they believe a “family tragedy” (drame familial) is the likely cause of the deaths. Unholy row France’s highest court has demanded that a cross overhanging a statue of former Pope John Paul II be removed from a square in a Breton town, provoking anger among those who believe France’s Catholic heritage is being destroyed. The town of Ploermel in the north-western region of Brittany now has six months to remove the cross.

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The way I see it... There are many spectacles in the Spanish culture, soccer has become the primary one, overtaking the non- PC bullfighting. The biggest spectacle of Spanish football matches is always the by game between Barcelona and Madrid, for some months this spectacle has moved from the soccer pitch to the poThe opinions litical volatility of the Parliaments of published in Harvey’s both Cities. weekly column Between the 15th and 17th century the are not necessarily representative of those Spanish Conquistador’s with guns and of the publishers, swords colonised South America, changadvertisers or ing the lives of the local indigenous Innewspaper sponsors. dians, they gave them a new language and a new culture, as the centuries moved on, South American and Spanish cultures evolved, the South American culture became more volatile and revolutionary, that failing has now rebounded back, as Spain could be facing a new period of civil and political unrest. I wrote in a previous column about the days in the run up to the Referendum in Barcelona, with violent clashes between police and would be Catalonia voters. There was a temporary stand-off between the President of Catalonia and the Prime Minister of Madrid. The soccer game had changed temporarily into a game of Poker, with Regional President Puigdemont, first deciding to shelve the poll to stave off the central governments takeover of the Catalan government, Puigdemont

Harvey Mann

says he dish not received any guarantees from Spain’s Prime minister Rajoy leader Popular party. But confusion continued as Puigdemont first arranged, then cancelled and re-arranged an official address, then said he would not call a snap election, when no guarantees were forthcoming from Madrid. The central Government headed by Prime minster Rajoy has said that this government would implement drastic measures does that mean a coup? to take direct control of Catalonia’s devolved government in a bid to quell separatist moves. Spain has had a few black days in their history before, some of us will remember the 1936-1939 Spanish civil war, between left wing and right-wing factions joined by many foreign fighters some famous, fighting for the sides and politics that they supported. Many young Catalonians are become more and more angry with the President Puigdemont failing to call the vote on democracy, this may endanger his position and his party which would suit Rajoy, on the other hand Rajoy position could also be challenged by the Popular party for failing to take action against Catalonia sooner, is it because of the financial support Spain receives from that Region? Well! all that changed, Puigdemont

did play his card, and told Catalonia that they now were an Independent Region from Madrid, immediately the Rajoy played his trump card asking his parliament to vote, this they did and as expected they voted to take over the governing of Catalonia, and removing Puigdemont and his government. Is that the end, now the dust has settled I do hope so, with all my heart, without the hundreds of deaths as the Spanish people over the years have suffered enough, and that the people of Catalonia accept the penalty decision, and direct rule, and don’t take to the street having strikes, and causing disruption. It was a political football game between Barcelona and Madrid, a game of two halves, I do hope that there will be no extra time when one of the two teams try score again, in the December elections? Now full time it should be called a draw for peace sake, with one man sent off, ex Catalonian President Puigdemont, after a yellow, then a red card, (also the colours of Spain). The man of the match I suppose you could say, was the Prime Minister Rajoy. For me it was a nerve twitching spectacle.

Advertising feature

Two lawyers with a growing practice JUST 10 years ago a pair of lawyers who had been working in International Law decided to set up their own company, Pellicer & Heredia. Since that start, just prior to the credit crunch, Ignacio Pellicer and Pedro Heredia have seen their empire grow so that having started in Alicante they now have the ability to service clients from all over Spain. Currently, their main areas of work are from Denia (Alicante) to Mojacar (Almería) but in the same way that legal matters cross all boundaries, so they are dedicated to provide a first class service to English speaking expatriates wherever they are based. Customer satisfaction is their goal and as international lawyers they pride themselves in offering a personalised, knowledgeable yet local service in the language of their clients but with a full understanding of Spanish and Spanish law. Part of their service is to offer assistance to anyone setting

Ignacio Pellicer and Pedro Heredia

up a new business in Spain and Ignacio says “Do what you´re passionate about, push as hard as you can. However expect unforeseen circumstances, be realistic and don´t expect big returns straight away.” The recession has brought

people down to earth with a bang but it has also made many businesses including their own become smarter and more alert to the vagaries of international business. The partners are convinced that in business you either adapt

to the changing market or disappear, saying “We need to adapt every day to the market; we always need to be one step ahead. There was volatility for the short term, but believe there will be stability in the long run.” Brexit is the latest challenge

for many of their clients and they recognise that there could be a period of uncertainty with everything depending on the negotiations. That is down to the politicians. However the reasons to stay in Spain remain the same including the sunshine, quality and cost of living. They certainly hope and expect more positivity for the remainder of the year and for the foreseeable future. They remain dedicated to providing the expat community in Spain with up to date information in changes in the law that affects them and committed to providing the best service as international lawyers and barristers. Working for companies and individuals they are also expert tax advisors and have a department specialising in property conveyance. To learn more about the full range of services, visit http:// or call 965 480 737.


Basic Spanish for everyday needs by

Jane Cronin

Changing from “you” to “he or she” sentences (2) In our last lesson we started to look at how we change verbs to refer to “he” or “she”, in other words to put them into the “third person singular” form. Having established that in all verbs except one we do this by dropping the letter “s” from the end of second person singular (you) form, we can now go back once more to some previous verbs and see how this works in practice. Let’s look at our original expressions of intention, obligation and need, for example. Vas a – you are going to Va a – he or she is going to Puedes – you can Puede – he or she can Quieres – you want Quiere – he or she wants Prefieres – you prefer Prefiere – he or she prefers. You can see clearly from these examples that all that is required is the dropping of the letter “s” to make this change from second to third person, and that is true of

Vas a Prefiere

every single verb in Spanish in the present tense with only one exception, as I mentioned, which is the verb SER (to be). This is an irregular verb and changes from eres (you are) to es (he or she is). I’m now going to state the obvious yet again, because sometimes it is the obvious that we don’t think about! When we are forming a sentence in the third person we are suddenly at liberty to name the subject of the sentence in a way we cannot do with the first and second person. To explain what I mean in English, a first person sentence can only start with “I” and the second person sentence can only start with “you”. In Spanish, as we know, these words yo and tú are optional extras. However, when we come to the third person, we can use “he” or “she” or many other possible subjects – my husband, your friend, the teacher, Mr. Smith, that man over there, the person who lives in that house, Mary, Bill, my cat – I think you’re getting the idea. So, without further ado, let’s see what new sentences we can form – there are of course thousands of them! Mi marido va a trabajar mañana. Tu amiga puede pasar cuando quiere. (Here the verb pasar means “to call in”) El profesor quiere hablar con tu madre.

El señor Smith prefiere comer pescado. Remember as well we can form our negatives and our questions from these very easily. Mi marido no va a trabajar mañana. Tu amiga no puede pasar cuando quiere. ¿El profesor quiere hablar con tu madre? ¿El señor Smith prefiere comer pescado? Notice in particular the way we would translate these last two sentences. In English they would start with “Does” – “Does the teacher want to speak to your mother?” “Does Mr. Smith prefer to eat fish?” These words such as “do” and “does” when forming questions are called “auxiliary verbs” and only exist in English. In Spanish they are not needed. When we are forming simple closed (yes/no) question, we simply make a statement sound like a question with our voice and write it with the upside down question mark. In other words, it is as though we were saying: “The teacher wants to speak to your mother?” “Mr. Smith prefers to eat fish?” It is noticeable as well that some Spanish people speak English in this way, translating directly from their own language, which is actually a lot more straightforward anyway!

¿El professor quiere hablar con tu madre?

Mi marido va a trabajar mañana


Helipads planned for Alicante Province

UK: (0044) 7709 557109 Murcia Camposol: (0034) 608 061 872

SPECIALISTS IN UK AND SPANISH REMOVALS & STORAGE Removals at affordable prices with over 20 years combined experience. YOU WONT FIND A BETTER PRICE OFFERING THE SAME COVER AND INCLUSIONS From single items to full loads, delivered throughout Europe and the UK. Full and part packing service availble. Storage facilities including free storage period Goods in transit insurance included in all deliveries We also transport cats and dogs


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THE PROVINCIAL FIRE CONSORTIUM is studying the build of a dozen helipads to allow easier intervention in difficult to access areas across the Alicante Province. The objective is to decrease the time it takes for firefighters to arrive in areas where road access is difficult. The project will be included in the Plan de Infraestructuras 2017 – 2019, considered an essential measure to optimise the security of small municipalities, forest areas and the natural environment. At present, there are helipads in the north in Benidorm and Denia and in the south in Elche and San Vicente del Raspeig. The Provincial Fire Consortium has already planned where some of the new helipads will be built – on the Marina Alta in Javea, Pego and Vall de Gallinera.


Pride comes before the fall by

Michael Walsh

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It remains to be seen how long it takes for much of the world to recover from the NATO West’s catastrophic foreign policies. My primary interest in a truly free press is my looking forward to watching wretched former government ministers squirm as they are grilled by TV presenters who aren’t PR apparatchiks for the political elite. One recalls the disastrous NATO invasion of Libya in March 2011. Africa’s most prosperous and benign nation was bombed back to the Stone Age. The then Foreign Secretary, William Hague was spoon-fed by media and came up smelling of gold ingots. A career politician, who hadn’t even held a job as a bank clerk, he has since been appointed as advisor to Citigroup, one of the world’s most powerful banks. Is anyone joining the dots or have we all got our heads in the sand. Let’s try the arid sand of Zimbabwe, once the fertile soil of another of Africa’s once prosperous and benign nations. Another fine mess the UK’s selfserving political elite got us into. Marxist-Leninist Robert Mugabe (93) is unelected life President of Zimbabwe (1980 - ). That is longer than Stalin’s tenure of 36 years. How sickening it was to watch this leader of the ZANU terrorist organisation feted by Britain’s media, welcomed to 10 Downing Street, drooled over by the Archbishop of Canterbury, and

knighted by Her Maj’. It seems that in this deceitful world we have good and bad terrorists. Sir Robert Mugabe was another career politician who came up smelling of gold ingots. However, Mugabe is no better at running a country than William Hague is at running Britain’s foreign policy. Zimbabwe, which until Pigminster’s betrayal boasted a world-class economy, is now destitute. On a par with the Horn of Africa Zimbabweans today starve in what was once the bread basket of the Dark Continent. Rewind: Zimbabwe is now begging many of the 4,000 European farmers they forcibly evicted to return and reclaim their farms. This move comes fifteen years after the Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwean government seized large swathes of the farmers legitimately acquired and nurtured ranches. Before 1979 these prosperous farmlands provided a surplus of wealth, food and employment opportunities. The only problem was the influx of Africa’s non-Rhodesians desperate for a slice of the cake. The evictions and slaying of ethnic-European farmers and their families led to an exodus – and famine. If this reversal of hapless UK foreign policy is the success I suggest it can be, I would further suggest that renaissance Rhodesia doesn’t appoint William Hague, First Lord of Richmond, as their Minister of Finance.


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Colin Bird

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I have said it before and I’ll say it again: I don’t get this obsession with the whole Halloween thing. My first experience of this weird festival was in Philadelphia in the early seventies, before it was exported on leathery bat wings from America to British shores. Mini Draculas, wolf men and zombies arrived at the house throughout the evening, demanding treats which were kept in readiness in a bowl by the front door. However, I never discovered what the consequences would be if candy was not forthcoming. Regarded as All Saints Day in the Christian calendar, All Hallows Eve is steeped in the pagan belief that the spirits of the dead re-visit the living, and if offerings are not made, then all sorts of dire consequences are forthcoming in the form of extreme bad luck.

Hence trick or treat. Admittedly there are other interpretations on offer, but the fact remains that its origins are preChristian and a belief that every October 31st, spirits of the dead walk the Earth. I’m a fun loving sort of bloke and at the risk of sounding stuffy, I don’t see how this sits easy with the church, especially when you consider that October 31st ranks second only in importance to April 30th, or Walpurgisnacht as it is also known, in the Satanist calendar. Yes but these devil worshippers are just a lot of loonies looking for an excuse to get their kit off and have a party. Aren’t they? The vast majority perhaps, but a frightening personal experience in 1971 brought home to me in no uncertain terms, that a small but influential hardcore

element exists that carries out unholy rites under cover of the generally held belief that Devil worship is just a load of hokum, and merely an excuse to indulge in a bit of harmless fun. I do not intend describing my own experience, but it coincided with a time when I met a man who had been a war time colleague and was still a close friend of the author Dennis Wheatley. He assured me that the warning Wheatley gives as a preface to all of his books on occultism is heartfelt and a result of meticulous research and experience, and not a marketing ploy. In essence the author warns his readers “most strongly” that to be drawn into what he terms The Secret Art would bring them into dangers of a very real and concrete nature. Superstitious nonsense? Maybe. But it should at least give pause for thought.

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Do your homework when buying in Spain LAST time, My Lawyer In Spain gave readers some advice and information on the costs involved in purchasing a property and the relevant taxes and fees you can expect to pay. This week, with many having numerous questions when wanting to buy a Spanish property, My Lawyer In Spain give their top tips for a safe, simple and hassle-free purchase. Do you homework. Make sure you research the area you want to buy in and then consider renting in this area before you buy to get a real feel for the place and the new lifestyle. Source a good estate agent as it is important to find a reputable and well-established company that will guide you through the process smoothly. Their next tip is to seek specialist legal advice. Choosing a lawyer who can understand your language as well as the Spanish law is vital when purchasing a property so you can be kept up to date with your purchase as it

proceeds. Also research all legal issues and find a good solicitor (abogado) who will represent you and explain the process and costs involved. Always check the property and carry out a survey to ensure there are no nasty surprises later down the line. With these, it is important to ask about the boundaries of the plot, is all the property registered on the Land Registry and ask for a copy of a land search known as a 'nota simple.' Other questions you need to ask your solicitor to check are if the property has a licence of first occupation, this proves it was inspected once built and has been completed in line with the planning permission, if it is registered with the Town Hall for local rates known as IBI, if there are any charges or mortgages against the property and ask to see copies of the water and electricity bills. They also advise to be cautious when buying off plan and said: “As a result of the Spanish economic downturn, buying off plan can be risky so make sure that your builder

has a long verifiable history.” Open a bank account as soon as you can as it will help funds and transfers run smoothly, prepare a Spanish will to cover your assets in Spain and consider the tax implications. If you live in Spain for more than 183 days a year, then

legally you will have to become a tax resident and should present annual tax returns to the Hacienda tax office. My Lawyer in Spain can give you more help and advice on purchasing a property in Spain.

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Wills, inheritance tax, funerals and frozen bank accounts. I believe that everything has to be sorted out before I die. I am not planning on dying just yet, but how can I organize all of this? It does seem a complicated issue to address, but writing a will, getting your tax affairs in order and ensuring that your assets are protected does not need to complicated nor does the language barrier need to get in the way. The best advice would be to ensure everything is order as soon as possible. If you need a will revising or writing, would like to calculate the inheritance tax or need peace of mind that your assets are protected, Pellicer & Heredia have a department specializing in this. Contact us today for further information.

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The cost savings of using a specialist currency company are attractive but I have been put off as I understand there could be extra work involved. I also have concerns regarding the safety of my money - am I being over cautious? Specialist currency providers are becoming popular choices for British ex-pats living in Spain or, indeed, those returning to the UK. Opening a trading facility is much easier and quicker than you may think but is necessary to comply with European KYC anti-money laundering legislation. moneycorp offers the option for customers to apply for registration on-line, via our website, which is a short and straight forward process. Alternatively, customers can simply complete a paper registration form. Additional documentation such as proof of identity and proof of address may be required in some cases. For the small amount of effort to apply for an account, there are many potential benefits available. These include potential cost savings and the advantage of having a range of currency services that are not always offered by traditional financial institutions, such as high street banks. Trading is also straightforward and is normally conducted over the telephone. Put simply, you can have access to great rates along with ‘real time’ information on the market which can help you to trade your currency at an advantageous time. Using a specialist currency company means you can arrange to have the rate monitored on your behalf, to help you make the most of market movements and potentially avoid trading when the market is not favourable for you. Purchasing a Forward Contract, means that you can fix the prevailing rate of exchange to buy currency now, to be settled at a determined date in the future, thus avoiding any potential impact from subsequent market fluctuations. A deposit of 10% of the total amount is required for this service. The question of security is completely understandable and one that any client needs to be comfortable with. There are certain questions that will allow you to choose a currency provider with confidence and should be addressed if you have any doubts: How long have you been in business? How many staff do you have? What is your turnover? How many clients do you deal with each year? Do you have any other divisions as part of the company? Do you speculate with the funds? How do you handle client funds? Do you have audited accounts at Companies House? Where are your offices? Are you Financial Conduct Authority Regulated?

This is how moneycorp answer:

How long have you been in business? Moneycorp has been dealing in foreign exchange since 1979. How many staff do you have? Over 760 last year. What is your turnover? The last financial year saw Moneycorp trade over £25.6 billlion worth of currencies. How many clients do you deal with each year? We executed over 7 million client transactions in 2016. Do you have any other divisions as part of the company? Yes. Retail, wholesale, commercial including an awardwinning online trading platform. Do you speculate with the funds? Absolutely not! Moneycorp does not take trading positions and all foreign exchange positions are exactly matched with our panel of liquidity providers. How do you handle client funds?

All client funds are safeguarded in segregated client bank accounts. Do you have audited accounts at Companies House? Yes, we do. PricewaterhouseCoopers have been our auditors since 1987. Where are your offices? Moneycorp has its HO in central London and has other offices outside the UK. Details of locations are on our web site. Are you regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority? Yes. Moneycorp is the trading name of TTT Moneycorp Ltd. which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for the provision of payment services. For further information about how Moneycorp can help with your particular currency requirement, contact us on +34 902 887 243 or email

Moneycorp is a trading name of TTT Moneycorp Ltd. which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for the provision of payment services. TTT Moneycorp Limites, Sucursal en España is registered with the banco de España under the code number 6875 and with the Mercantile Registry of Málaga under volume 5461, book 4638, sheet 7, page MA-131271, inscription number 1. Its registered office address is Centro Comercial Cala Sol, Local 108, La Cala de Mijas, 29649 Málaga and its Spanish tax identification number is W8266051E.



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WEDNESDAY 7:00am Breakfast 10:15am Women at War 11:00am Homes Under the Hammer 12:00pm Getting the Builders in 12:45pm Fugitives 1:15pm Bargain Hunt 2:00pm BBC News 2:30pm BBC London News 2:45pm Doctors 3:15pm Impossible 4:00pm Escape to the Country 4:45pm Money for Nothing 5:30pm Flog It! 6:15pm Pointless 7:00pm BBC News 7:30pm BBC London News 8:00pm The One Show 9:00pm DIY SOS 10:00pm The Apprentice 11:00pm BBC News 11:30pm BBC London News 11:45pm A Question of Sport 12:15am Junior Doctors

7:30am Women at War 8:15am Getting the Builders in 9:00am Britain Afloat 9:30am Caught Red Handed 10:00am Victoria Derbyshire 12:00pm BBC Newsroom Live 1:00pm Easy Virtue 2:30pm Lifeline 2:40pm Grand Tours of Scotland 2:45pm Permission Impossible: Britain’s Planners 3:45pm Family Finders 4:15pm Operation Gold Rush with Dan Snow 5:15pm Hebrides: Islands on the Edge 6:15pm Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is 7:00pm Eggheads 7:30pm Strictly - It Takes Two 8:00pm Meet the Lords 9:00pm MasterChef: The Professionals 10:00pm The Big Life Fix 11:00pm The Apprentice: You’re Fired!

7:00am Good Morning Britain 9:30am Lorraine 10:25am The Jeremy Kyle Show 11:30am This Morning 1:30pm Loose Women 2:30pm ITV Lunchtime News 2:55pm ITV News London 3:00pm Dickinson’s Real Deal 4:00pm Tenable 5:00pm Tipping Point 6:00pm The Chase 7:00pm ITV News London 7:30pm ITV Evening News 8:00pm Emmerdale 8:30pm Coronation Street 9:00pm Gino’s Italian Coastal Escape 9:30pm Coronation Street 10:00pm Doc Martin 11:00pm ITV News and Weather 11:30pm ITV News London 11:45pm Bear’s Mission with Rob Brydon 12:45am Road Rage Britain: Caught on Camera

7:20am King of Queens 8:35am Everybody Loves Raymond 10:05am Frasier 10:35am Frasier 11:05am Ramsay’s Hotel Hell 12:00pm Undercover Boss USA 1:00pm Channel 4 News 1:05pm Come Dine with Me 2:05pm My Kitchen Rules 3:10pm Countdown 4:00pm A Place in the Sun 5:00pm Coast v Country 6:00pm Four in a Bed 6:30pm Steph and Dom’s One Star to Five Star 7:00pm The Simpsons 7:30pm Hollyoaks 8:00pm Channel 4 News 9:00pm The Supervet 10:00pm The Truth About Slim People 11:00pm Man Down 11:35pm Homecoming 12:35am Gogglebox

7:00am Childrens TV 10:15am The Wright Stuff 12:15pm Can’t Pay? We’ll Take it Away! 1:10pm 5 News Lunchtime 1:15pm The Hotel Inspector Returns 2:15pm Home and Away 2:45pm Neighbours 3:20pm NCIS 4:15pm The Christmas Note 6:00pm 5 News 6:30pm Neighbours 7:00pm Home and Away 7:30pm 5 News Tonight 8:00pm Traffic Cops 9:00pm GPs: Behind Closed Doors 10:00pm Big Family Values: More Kids Than Cash 11:00pm Shannon Matthews: The Mother’s Story 12:05am When Kids Kill: Catfish Killer

7:00am Modern Family 8:00am Monkey Life 9:00am It’s Me or the Dog (UK) 10:00am The Dog Whisperer 11:00am Zoo Tales 12:00pm Modern Family 12:30pm Modern Family 1:00pm NCIS: Los Angeles 2:00pm Hawaii Five-0 3:00pm Hawaii Five-0 4:00pm NCIS: Los Angeles 5:00pm Stargate SG-1 6:00pm The Simpsons 6:30pm Futurama 7:00pm Futurama 7:30pm The Simpsons 8:00pm The Simpsons 8:30pm The Simpsons 9:00pm DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 10:00pm Inhumans 11:00pm Bounty Hunters 11:45pm The Simpsons 12:15am The Simpsons

7:00am Good Morning Britain 9:30am Lorraine 10:25am The Jeremy Kyle Show 11:30am This Morning 1:30pm Loose Women 2:30pm ITV Lunchtime News 2:55pm ITV News London 3:00pm Dickinson’s Real Deal 4:00pm Tenable 5:00pm Tipping Point 6:00pm The Chase 7:00pm ITV News London 7:30pm ITV Evening News 8:00pm Emmerdale 8:30pm Acid Attacks: How Scared Should We Be? Tonight 9:00pm Emmerdale 9:30pm Paul O’Grady: For The Love of Dogs 10:00pm The Murder of Becky Watts: Police Tapes 11:00pm ITV News and Weather 11:40pm Undercover

7:20am King of Queens 8:35am Everybody Loves Raymond 10:05am Frasier 10:35am Frasier 11:05am Ramsay’s Hotel Hell 12:00pm Undercover Boss USA 1:00pm Channel 4 News 1:05pm Come Dine with Me 2:05pm My Kitchen Rules 3:10pm Countdown 4:00pm A Place in the Sun 5:00pm Coast v Country 6:00pm Four in a Bed 6:30pm Steph and Dom’s One Star to Five Star 7:00pm The Simpsons 7:30pm Hollyoaks 8:00pm Channel 4 News 9:00pm Ugly House to Lovely House 10:00pm Tru An American Dream 11:00pm Angry, White and American 12:05am 999: What’s Your Emergency?

7:00am Childrens TV 10:15am The Wright Stuff 12:15pm Can’t Pay? We’ll Take it Away! 1:10pm 5 News Lunchtime 1:15pm The Hotel Inspector Returns 2:15pm Home and Away 2:45pm Neighbours 3:20pm NCIS 4:15pm All I Want for Christmas 6:00pm 5 News 6:30pm Neighbours 7:00pm Home and Away 7:30pm 5 News Tonight 8:00pm All New Traffic Cops 9:00pm Bargain Loving Brits in Blackpool 10:00pm Rich House, Poor House 11:00pm Bad Habits, Holy Orders 12:05am Borderline

7:00am Modern Family 8:00am Monkey Life 9:00am It’s Me or the Dog (UK) 10:00am The Dog Whisperer 11:00am Zoo Tales 11:30am Zoo Tales 12:00pm Modern Family 12:30pm Egg Drop 1:00pm NCIS 2:00pm Hawaii Five-0 3:00pm Hawaii Five-0 4:00pm NCIS: Los Angeles 5:00pm Stargate SG-1 6:00pm The Simpsons 6:30pm Futurama 7:00pm Futurama 7:30pm The Simpsons 8:00pm The Simpsons 8:30pm The Simpsons 9:00pm Arrow 10:00pm Living the Dream 11:00pm The Russell Howard Hour 12:00am The Simpsons

Masterchef: The Professionals, 9pm, BBC2

thursday 7:00am Breakfast 10:15am Women at War 11:00am Homes Under the Hammer 12:00pm Getting the Builders in 12:45pm Fugitives 1:15pm Bargain Hunt 2:00pm BBC News 2:30pm BBC London News 2:45pm Doctors 3:15pm Impossible 4:00pm Escape to the Country 4:45pm Money for Nothing 5:30pm Flog It! 6:15pm Pointless 7:00pm BBC News 7:30pm BBC London News 8:00pm The One Show 8:30pm EastEnders 9:00pm Sam Smith at the BBC 10:00pm The Week the Landlords Moved in 11:00pm BBC News 11:30pm BBC London News 11:45pm Question Time

7:00am The Hairy Builder 7:30am Women at War 8:15am Getting the Builders in 9:00am Council House Crackdown 10:00am Victoria Derbyshire 12:00pm BBC Newsroom Live 1:00pm The Secret Life of Walter Mitty 2:45pm Permission Impossible: Britain’s Planners 3:45pm Family Finders 4:15pm Operation Stonehenge: What Lies Beneath 5:15pm Hebrides: Islands on the Edge 6:15pm Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is 7:00pm Eggheads 7:30pm Strictly - It Takes Two 8:00pm Meet the Lords 9:00pm MasterChef: The Professionals 10:00pm Exodus: Our Journey Continues 11:00pm Match of the Day 11:30pm Newsnight 12:15am Trust Me, I’m a Doctor

Arrow, 9pm, Sky 1

Four Weddings TV Remake Four Weddings and a Funeral, the Hugh Grant and Andie MacDowell blockbuster from 1994 is reportedly being remade for TV. Richard Curtis is expected to return as an executive producer with Mindy Kaling as writer and executive producer along with Matt Warburton. Non of the original cast are expected to be involved and an official title is yet to be given to the project. The series will follow a group of friends as they navigate through key events in their lives



Putting the clocks back could help to prevent illnesses such as obesity or diabetes According to Doctor Gonzalo Pin, of Hospital Quirónsalud Valencia, it could also help reduce road and work accidents. Torrevieja, October 30 2017. The time change that happened on October 29th, means that we have gained an hour in the morning, which has various benefits for our health according to experts at Quirónsalud Torrevieja and Valencia, says Doctor Gonzalo Pin, the chief of Paediatrics and the Sleep Unit at Hospital Quirónsalud Valencia. Thanks to this new timetable, the sun will rise an hour earlier than before which is more in sync with people’s body clocks, helping us to have an easier and smoother start to the day, from a physiological point of view. It will also mean our eating and sleeping timetables are earlier, making it more likely for People to go to bed sooner and therefore sleep more hours. Eating earlier can help to reduce obesity and type 2 diabetes, and sleeping for longer is likely to reduce the number of work and road accidents, since a lot of them are related to sleep deprivation. A disadvantage of this new timetable, that means we are more in time with the sun, according to the specialist, is the loss of an hour of light in the afternoons “but it is only those months which have more hours of sunlight, from the end of March to the end of October”. Because of the many advantages this timetable has, doctor Pin would advise

sticking to it all year round, “we don’t just change our clocks, but our lifestyle, and in consequence, our health”. Advice for a refreshing sleep Doctor Esteban de Vicente, Neurophysiological specialist at the Sleep Unit in Hospital Quirónsalud Torrevieja, says that to have a refreshing sleep it is useful to follow a couple of simple strategies for good sleep hygiene. Here are some practical tips: Ensure regular sleep habits: with a regular sleep timetable, we shouldn’t have a siesta for longer than 20 minutes, otherwise it will alter our rest at night and we will only wake up a maximum of 1 hour later in the morning, even after falling asleep later than normal. Correct breathing: with a simple exercise it is easy to achieve. You should lay on your back, in a comfortable position, close your eyes and relax your muscles, breath in calmly three times, and after, hold your breath. It is important to not hold nor force your breathing, and to repeat the cycle six to eight times. Appropriate diet: it is very important to eat a balanced diet, and to keep hydrated. You shouldn’t smoke close to bed time, and

kim clark

benefits consultancy Do you suffer from mobility problems, breathlessness/pain or falls/stumbles? Do you need help washing / dressing or supervision? You could be entitled to extra income by claiming UK sickness / disability benefits while living in Spain

For advice or to book a consultation call 950 169 729 or 663 297 568 or visit

after midday your coffee, tea, chocolate and soft drink intake should decrease. Go to bed an hour and a half after a normalsized evening meal, and at least two hours after if it was a large meal. Your meal in the evenings should be light, with not many fats or calories. It should contain vegetables (rich in tryptophan, an essential amino acid with specific effects on feed consumption, and which initiates serotonin and melatonin), proteins and dairy. Avoid sweet, sugary foods, and moderate your alcohol consumption. Your evening meal should be light, but you should not be hungry afterwards. Prepare your surroundings: your room should be at a temperature of about 2022ºC. Use a firm mattress, with clean and breathable sheets, and avoid drafts of air while you are sleeping. If noise bothers you, use ear plugs. Finally, having a hot shower to help you to relax and prepare for sleep, and using comfortable cotton clothes, are also tips for us wake up refreshed in the morning. About Quirónsalud Quirónsalud is the most important hospital group in Spain, and the third largest in Europe. It can be found in 13 autonomous communities in Spain, has state-of-theart technology and offers over 6,200 beds

in more than 100 healthcare centres, such as Fundación Jiménez Díaz, Hospital Universitario Quirónsalud Madrid, Hospital Universitario Dexeus, Ruber, Centro Médico Teknon, Hospital La Luz, Policlínica de Guipúzcoa, Hospital Quirónsalud Valencia, etc., as well as a huge team of highly qualified professionals of international prestige. We promote teaching (seven of our centres are university hospitals) and medical and scientific research (we run the FJD [Spanish acronym, Jiménez Díaz Foundation] Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria [Healthcare Research Institute], the only private research centre licensed by the Secretaría de Estado de Investigación, Desarrollo e Innovación [Ministry for Research, Development and Innovation]). Likewise, our healthcare service is organised in units and crosscutting networks that allow for the optimisation of accumulated experience at difference centres, and the clinical application of our research. Currently, Quirónsalud is developing many research projects across Spain, and many of its healthcare centres carry out cutting edge work in this field, as pioneers in different specialisations such as radiology, cardiology, endocrinology, gynaecology, neurology, oncology and sports medicine, among others.

African mango A natural way of controlling weight. The fruit of African mango (Gabonensis Irvingia) is native to Western Africa, especially to Cameroon. Natives have used it traditionally with healing purposes, apart from being a food sta¬ple. The difference between African mango and other types of mangos lies in its seed. African mango’s seeds are rich in protein and beneficial substances for health. The seed extract of the African mango referred to as IGOB131 is particularly interesting. Several studies about this extract have proved its efficiency in weight control, particularly in overweight people. The success of African mango in weight control is due to its content in leptin and in adi¬ponectin. Leptin plays an important role in regulating appetite. It is produced mostly by fat cells. When the storage of fat increases, leptin is released, sending a satiety signal to the hypothalamus, who at its turn interprets that there is a sufficient energy reserve, so appetite needs to decrease. The problem of many overweight people is that they have a resistance to leptin, so their ap¬petite or feeling of hunger does not decrease.

It is believed that the extract of African mango seed acts against this resistance, thus reducing the feeling of hunger to normal levels. The action of African mango as inhibitor of the resistance to leptin is the key to reduce body fat. Adiponectin works inversely to leptin. The thinner a person is, the larger amount of adi¬ponectin is released by that body. Adiponectin plays an important role in the metabolism of glucose and fatty acids. It is known that levels of adiponectin in the human body are inversely proportional to the Body Mass Index (BMI), that is, to body fat. This is why the concentra¬tions of adiponectin are reduced in cases of obesity or diabetes. The function of adiponectin is to maintain the sensitivity of cells to insulin and glucose. This control is an important achievement when it comes to fighting diabetes and obesity and speeding the consumption of energy, glucose, and fat. African mango increases the levels of adiponectin and it is estimated that this fact has an impact on the

weight reduction process. African mango is also efficient for expanding the body’s capacity to burn fat and for control¬ling cholesterol, according to research carried out by American specialists in nutrition and dietetics. African mango reduced LDL cholesterol of the participants in the study. Let us not forget that bad cholesterol is the cause of multiple cardiovascular, coronary, and circulatory disorders. The extract of African mango is a discovery that can help in controlling weight in an efficient and natural way, when combined with a healthy and balanced diet.


advertising feature

The British Dental Practice


- it gets on your nerves

SCIATICA is the name given to any sort of pain caused by irritation or compression of the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in your body, running from the back of your pelvis, through your buttocks, and all the way down both legs, ending at your feet. The severest pain of sciatica is usually felt in the buttocks and legs, and most people find it goes away naturally within a few weeks, although some cases can last for a year or more. Symptoms When the sciatic nerve is compressed or irritated, it can cause pain; numbness; a tingling sensation that radiates from your lower back and travels down one of your legs to your foot and toes, and weakness in the calf muscles or the muscles that move the foot and ankle. The pain can range from being mild to very painful, and may be made worse by sneezing, coughing or sitting for a long period of time. While people with sciatica can also have general back pain, the pain associated with sciatica usually affects the buttocks and legs much more than the back. See your doctor if your symptoms are severe, persistent or getting worse over time. Your doctor can usually confirm a diagnosis of sciatica based on your symptoms and recommend appropriate treatment. Causes In the vast majority of cases sciatica is caused by a slipped disc. A slipped disc occurs when one of the discs that sit between the bones of the spine (the vertebrae) is damaged and presses on the nerves. It's not always clear what causes the damage, although as you get older your discs become less flexible and more likely to rupture. Treatment Most cases of sciatica pass in around six weeks without the need for treatment. A combination of things you can do at home – such as taking anti-inflammatory painkillers for any back pain, staying active and exercising, and using hot or cold packs – may help reduce the symptoms until the condition improves.

BASED on the Southern Costa Blanca since 2003, Dr Paul Saliba first practiced in southern England for over 20 years after qualifying in 1981 from King’s College, London, then running his own practice since 1991. For the past 14 years, he’s been attending to the dental needs of the English speaking population with treatment to the highest standards. The British Dental Practice – based in Urbanisation La Marina – offers a full range of general dental care including tooth colouring restorations, crowns and bridges, tooth whitening, pain relief, natural looking dentures and repairs and a full range of preventive treatment. They also offer a wide range of cosmetic dentistry to keep that smile on your face. If you’re a nervous patient, don’t worry, you’ll be well looked after by the very experienced staff with their dedication to sympathetic care and if you need emergency same-day treatment they’ll always try to fit you in if you’re in pain or distress

Bye, blisters!

As the winter weather draws in, save your soles from blisters in your new boots or party shoes with a green tea home remedy. First, brew three tea bags in boiling water, then toss in a teaspoon of baking soda (for its antiseptic properties). Allow the brew to cool, then soak your blister in it. You can use gauze to apply the home remedy to the area if the blister is in an area too difficult to soak. Also, if your blister hasn't popped, you can speed up the healing process by soaking it in warm water to help it soften up and drain the fluid inside.

on the day you contact them. The British Dental Practice will always give you a detailed record of any further treatment required with full quotations so there’ll be no hidden costs or nasty surprises. The fully qualified, British trained team is waiting to demonstrate to you how dental treatment can be relaxing, stress

free and professional. To arrange a consultation call the British Dental Practice today on 966 796 603. Opening hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9am to 2pm and you’ll find them on Urbanisation La Marina, Calle Madrid 103, San Fulgencio 03177, Alicante.


Puzzles Code Breaker

Mercury sextiles Pluto and it would seem that you are coming to terms with recent events, and beginning to understand why things have worked out the way they are. Your own willpower will allow you to probe any field that takes your attention right now. You are emotive and original and working towards the real truth of the matter.

Word Pyramid


Jupiter continues to ignite your third house of communication and will do so for over a year. This is a great time to get a good deal or take a stab at something that you have always wanted to do. Rarely will you have had the backing that allows you to explore what is out there for you! Jupiter is expansive and full of blessings!

WORD fit

Using just logic, can you make all the words fit correctly into the grid?

Pay attention to those subtle messages which seem to be coming to you all ways right now. Some secrets of others really are a network of lies and you knew this all along. Influences of Jupiter bring growth and good fortune, but also things can get exaggerated. Be smart, play cool and be careful not to embellish any information!

Jupiter is in Scorpio, a compatible water sign, ruling your ninth house of travel and global connection. Time to take a very well deserved break away that charges your batteries and prepares you for some hard work just ahead! Linking up with others from other cultures you will greatly energise a common and highly spiritual cause.


Each number in the Code Breaker grid represents a different letter of the alphabet. In this week’s puzzle, 6 represents Y and 16 represents J. Now using your knowledge of the English language work out which letters should go in the missing squares. As you discover the letters, fill in other squares with the same number in the main grid and the control grid.

Your psychic energies are charged and ready for action this week with the backing of Sun energy and the guidance and benevolence of Jupiter to light your way too. Do what feels good for you and it will have a positive effect on others. Some of the answers you have sought will allow you to take a turn along the pathway, opening new doors!

You may be up for a fight if you want to get your own way right now. Authorities may test your patience but will bring solutions to a nagging problem in their response. Compromise will see you taking control sooner than later, but it also serves to show you just who your friends really are, and how strong and determined you really can be!


Word Wheel

Take a long hard look at whatever holds you back this week. Eliminate that fear which holds you back from the main event; which you should be a part of! Saturn squares on Chiron on November 2nd and this day allows you to break those chains and take a forward look at just what it is that you really want, and need to happen now.

Mars moves comfortably into your tenth house of achievements, rewards and bonuses. Keep your CV up to date as new horizons seem to be beckoning you onwards and upwards! Your skills are required on all levels too as you volunteer or join a new group quite unexpectedly; finding new friends who are just on your wavelength.



There is 1x7 letter word and 165 others! Make as many 3 or more letter words as you can using any letter combination just once and you must use the central letter in every word!

Mercury continues to transit your sixth house. This is an excellent time to do some sorting out and to start some of those projects that you may have listed but have failed to put into action. Whether it is paying the bills or de-cluttering your home, it is time for you to give this attention a priority to put all that you need to in order!

This may very well be a testing time, as minor problems with authority see you scrambling to prove just what you are fully capable of right now. A compromise may very well be the best solution, though you will find it harder to get your own way. This may be time to reflect and to just wait and see what the best offer really is!


Start at a letter and spell out a 10-letter word by moving to adjacent letters. Each letter will be used at least once, but no letter will be used twice in a row.

Emotional involvements become more intense and this reflects on all aspects of a romantic nature; which may not be allowed to interfere with your personal happiness. Venus squares Pluto, and both inspiration and the power of expression will serve to soften some of the pressure you currently feel as karmic energies find a way!

Jupiter is ensconced in your fifth house of true love for almost a year. This means that attachments will become stronger and it will be a great time to share memories with loved ones with travel and shared experiences on the cards. The Universe knows how hard you have worked, and it is high time now for some fun.





7 letter words EARNEST

Mystical Postbag Kenny, I have noticed that there is a changed atmosphere in my home over the past weeks. Nothing seems to be wrong but I have noticed that things are not as they were. What can I do? Sophie W. Sophie, your levels of perception may be changing. You could be feeling something that you were not able to connect with before. If nothing seems wrong then this could be a deepening of your personal aware-

ness. I would open all the windows and doors in the house and ask if anything present would like to leave right now, because they are not welcome. Burn some sage oil or a fluxo incense such as Sai Flora and clean all floors and washable surfaces with sea salted water. These actions show your strength and power as you ascertain that this home is yours and will be full of your powerful energies now and in the future! Keep in touch with me please!






For Birthday Celebrants Expect to be able to contribute your good ideas to motivate others. You are energised and blessed with good fortune, and if that is something that you can share then it will also benefit others who come your way too, in the astrological year ahead.

More Puzzles


ACROSS 1 Clergyman has clay thrown out? Precisely! (10) 7 Sewing implements not quite unnecessary (7) 8 Carpenter is to go in without fish (5) 10 North-east race, after deductions (4) 11 I can roam about for pasta (8) 13 A group of directors on a ship (6) 15 A game with nets in? (6) 17 Meant to be at home, getting looked after (8) 18 Help with a Verdi opera (4) 21 Never-failing courage (5) 22 Make up your mind to do the puzzle again (7) 23 Agree to write (10) DOWN 1 Proficient in a small department (5) 2 It’s a little higher than the ankle - or a little lower! (4) 3 A little mischief-maker, a scallywag, a rogue (6) 4 Green tea brewed for a youngster (8) 5 Not lewd, wild or disappointed (3,4) 6 Swirling in and out in flood (10) 9 Part of the harness said to be put back (10) 12 Magnificence makes Edgar run (8) 14 Part of Canada - and parts of Iran too! (7) 16 Thirteen cards for eleven players in Scotland? (6) 19 I had been first but didn’t work (5) 20 Norwegian capital in Czechoslovakia (4)




The purpose of the game is to discover the digits hidden inside the board’s cells; each cell is filled with a digit between 1 and 6. On each row and column each digit appears exactly once; therefore, when revealed, the digits of the board form a so-called Latin square. The board may also contain some inequalities between the board cells; these inequalities must be respected and can be used as clues in order to discover the remaining hidden digits. ie > is greater than and < is less than.


Fill the grid so every column and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1-9

Quiz 1 The Latin prefix ‘dino’ (as in dinosaur) means: Giant; Terrible; Noisy; or Old? 2 Approximately how much Francium (the rarest metal on the planet) exists on Earth: 1000 tonnes; 10 tonnes; 50 kilos; or less than an ounce? 3 Argan oil, chiefly from Morocco, used in cooking and cosmetics, is extracted from a: Seaweed; Cactus; Tree nut; or Camel? 4 Mocha is coffee with added: Alcohol; Chocolate; Cream; or Tea? 5 According to The Bible’s Book of Genesis in which God created Heaven and Earth in six days, on the first day God created: Man and Woman; Fire and Air; Darkness and Light; or The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea? 6 A ‘cricket box’ is a: Painted batting zone; Safe area for spectators; Chest for stumps, balls, bats, etc; or Batsman’s groin protector? 7 Paraguay, Bolivia, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Nepal, and Lesotho have no: Coastlines; Armies; Cathedrals; or McDonald’s? 8 What Greek word meaning ‘upon/additionally’ prefixes these words to create different words and a rock’n’roll brand: Centre/Center, Cure, Dermis, Gram, Tome, and Phone? 9 The area of a circle with a radius of 56.5cms is approximately how many square metres: 1; 3; 5; or 10? 10 Italian clothier Emilio Ceccato redesigned/provided the traditional striped shirts in 2016 for: Venice’s gondoliers; Vatican guards; Inter Milan soccer club; or Segregated Mafia prison inmates?

ACROSS 1 Imperial measure (6) 4 Three-legged stand (6) 8 Discovered (5) 9 Redeemer (7) 10 Sanction (7) 11 Takes a break (5) 12 Remember (9) 17 Rowing crew (5) 19 Roman sea god (7) 21 Beasts (7) 22 Continuing pains (5) 23 Bits (6) 24 Required (6)

DOWN 1 Blunders (6) 2 Wash and iron (7) 3 Command (5) 5 Daydream (7) 6 Conspiracies (5) 7 Constraint, force (6) 9 Young plants (9) 13 Humble dwelling (7) 14 Slightly crazy (7) 15 Abscond (6) 16 Came to an end (6) 18 Engrained dirt (5) 20 Location (5)

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24 feb - 2 march 2017

whats on

A million dollar proposition

Concert for Age Concern THE COOPERS ARMS in Ciudad Quesada is the place to be on Saturday November 11 as they help Age Concern raise some valuable funds. The Reef Band will be playing live for two wonderful 75 minutes sessions, and tickets are priced at €7 which includes a snack meal. The night begins at 7.30pm, so why not come and join in the fun, dance the night away and help Age Concern with their continued great work in the community.

John Palmer and Dianne Oliver

IT MAY be a sunny November on the Costa Blanca but a snowy winter beckons for Studio32’s cast as they prepare for their next show. This talented company will be performing a wonderful stage adaptation of that film favourite, Irving Berlin’s White Christmas. The show contains some all-time classic songs including Blue Skies, Sisters, and the Bing Crosby title number White Christmas. Show producers Phil Davies and Bob Wallace need a helping hand with publicity when they decide to stage a show to help their old army commander. Who better to ask than another old army buddy turned TV producer Ralph Sheldrake (played by John Palmer, pictured right) who gets them air time on the famous TV programme ‘The Ed Sullivan Show’. Ralph is a bit of a wide-boy, and describes his plans to help as “a

million dollar proposition”, but his telephone conversation is overheard and mis-interpreted, and not everything runs quite as smoothly as he planned. Ralph is assisted by his long-suffering secretary Ethel (played by Dianne Oliver, pictured left) who tries to keep everything under control. Will it be a million-dollar winner after all? This is John’s second show with Studio32, having played the role of Bob Cratchitt in last winter’s show A Christmas Carol. Dianne has been with the company a lot longer, having been a founder member in 2013. She has played many roles including Marley’s Ghost in the same show, and the pianist in Studio32’s recent summer show Mack and Mabel. Studio32 are once again supporting the San Fulgencio Alzheimer’s Association with this production, as

well as other local charities. So why not help them raise money for worthy causes whilst enjoying a terrific night’s entertainment. Tickets are selling fast with only limited availability for Friday and Saturday, so make sure to get your order in now for a great evening’s entertainment. Show dates are Wednesday November 29 to Saturday December 2 at the Cardenal Belluga Theatre in San Fulgencio. All performances start at 7.30pm, and doors open at 7pm. Reserved seating tickets are now on sale, priced at €10 each. You can book your tickets by emailing, calling their new ticket line on 602 47 47 93, or from the following outlets: Cards & More, La Marina 966 79 09 54 The Card Place, Benijofar 966 71 32 66

Tickets are available from The Coopers Arms – 96 673 1016, Age Concern – 96 678 6887 or Doug on 699 412 679. Age Concern would like to take this opportunity of thanking the Catral Ladies for their recent donation. They meet every month for lunch and raise money for several charities. At their last event, they raised €322 and the President of Age Concern, Maureen Payne, was on hand to receive the much welcome amount from Pat Milligan.

Animal shelter open day this Saturday TORREVIEJA’S Department of Animal Protection has announced a special event taking place tomorrow (Saturday November 4) at the Albegue Municipal de Animales (Municipal Animal Shelter). The open day repeats the success of an earlier event held in September where volunteers of the Asociación Animalistas Torrevieja will be parading down Calle Nenúfares with the dogs looking for new homes. Potential owners can see the dogs from a whole new perspective rather than simply seeing them in cages. In addition, visitors can see the cat’s home where around 30 are also waiting for a new family to give them a home. The event – which also features a children’s workshop and some vegan food tasting – is on from 11.30am until 2pm. Refreshments are available.

24 feb - 2 march 2017

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BBQ Cauliflower & Chickpea Tacos with a Creamy Lime Slaw Ingredients 1 head of cauliflower 1¼ cup of cooked chickpeas 1 teaspoon olive oil 10-12 corn tortillas sliced jalapenos, if desired

BBQ Rub: 1 teaspoon cumin 1 teaspoon paprika 1 teaspoon garlic powder 1 teaspoon onion powder 1 teaspoons salt 1 teaspoon chili powder 1 teaspoon coconut sugar ½ teaspoon smoked paprika ¼ teaspoon black pepper Creamy Lime Slaw: 1 14 ounce bag of cole slaw mix or 6 - 7 cups of thinly chopped cabbage and carrots A scant ½ cup of veganasie, or mayonnaise ½ teaspoon dijon mustard ½ teaspoon maple syrup 1½ teaspoon apple cider vinegar ¼ teaspoon celery salt 1 pinch black pepper 1 teaspoon water Juice of one lime Instructions 1. Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees F. 2. Make the slaw: In a medium sized bowl add all of the slaw dressing ingredients. Mix ingre-

dients together until a creamy sauce has formed. In a large bowl, add the cabbage mixture and pour dressing over. Mix until everything is combined. Place in the refrigerator until ready to use. 3. In a small bowl or jar, add all of the BBQ rub ingredients and mix together. 4. Separate all of the cauliflower florets and chop them into bite size pieces. Place florets and chickpeas onto a large sheetpan and drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with BBQ rub. Depending on the size of your head of cauliflower you may not need to

use all the rub. Toss everything together with your hands so that cauliflower and chickpeas are coated with the rub. Place the sheetpan in the oven and bake for about 25 minutes, flipping once. 5. If desired, warm up corn tortillas on the stove or in the oven. Add about ¼ cup of cauliflower and chickpeas to each taco and top with a few tablespoons of slaw. Top with sliced jalapenos if desired. 6. Enjoy! Recipe type: Entree, Gluten Free, Vegan Serves: 4 - 6



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Ultimate stain-removal guide Because saving your favourite clothes is always worth the extra elbow grease! • Dye stains: Fresh dye stains are the easiest to remove but very hard to get out once they've set in. If possible, right when the stain happens, run it under cold water and then wash it on the hottest possible setting for the fabric. Dye stains are naturally occurring vegetable dyes found in many plants and acidic foods. If you can't get the stain out yourself, try the dry cleaner. These same cleaning methods should work for coffee, tea and ink stains — which are also dye stains. • Protein stains: Organic in nature, protein stains include things like vomit, sweat and blood. Treat them with alkaline stain removal solutions, which will digest the proteins. Enzyme pre-soak products can break down protein and help dissolve fats. Most detergents contain enzymes and can be used to clean protein stains. • Combination stains: Combination stains are stains from things like sauces (barbecue sauce, ketchup, hot sauce), makeup (lipstick, foundation, eye shadow) and crayons. They are a

combination of the other types of stains. First, rinse off any excess from the stain with cold water. Gently rub a detergent into the stain. Rinse out the detergent, apply a stain stick and wash. • Ice cream and other dairy product stains: Dairy stains are protein stains because they are organic in nature (i.e., from an animal). Fresh stains should be soaked and agitated in cold water before washing. If the

stain has dried, scrape or brush off any crusted matter. Soak for up to several hours in cold water with a detergent or an enzyme pre-soak (which breaks down protein-based stains like egg, grass and blood so your detergent can work more effectively). Wash in warm water. If the stain remains, soak for an additional 30 minutes and rewash. If a coloured stain remains, launder with a bleach safe for the fabric.

• Fruit and fruit juice stains: Fruit stains are a dye stain. Launder with detergent in the hottest water safe for the fabric. Do not use soap (bar, flake or detergents containing natural soap) since soap-based products could make the stain permanent. Soak tough stains for 30 minutes in 1 litre of warm water and 1 teaspoon of enzyme pre-soak product. Removal of old or set stains may require washing with bleach that

Photo credit flickr

Cleaning habits you need to get out of

is safe for that particular fabric. If all the sugars are not removed, a brown stain will appear when the cloth is heated in the dryer or is ironed as the sugar is caramelized. This effect is great for crème brûlée... not so wonderful for your favourite white blouse. • Coffee stains: A coffee stain is a dye stain, but the cream or milk in the coffee is a protein. Therefore, you will want to treat the stain as both if you like a little cream in your morning brew. If the stain is fresh, immediately rinse with cold water. If you are at home (or once at home), remove the clothing and add laundry detergent directly to the stain and rub the cloth together with cold water. Soak in the water for 30 minutes, rubbing the cloth together every five to 10 minutes. Next, wash clothing on the hottest setting. Ensure the stain is out of the clothing prior to placing in the dryer. If the stain has not been removed, try repeating the steps. For older stains, apply white vinegar directly to the stain and mix with cold water. Rub stain with a sponge until removed. You may also use baking soda as an alternative solution, applying with a wet cloth to scrub away the stain.

Are you an obsessive cleaner around the house? Could you possibly be overcleaning or not cleaning properly? Below are half a dozen cleaning habits you’d be better off breaking as soon as possible.

Use only the amount of cleaning product required to do the job, otherwise you just waste time wiping up the excess. You’re also wasting the product and therefore money in the process.

1. STOP ignoring directions. It’s amazing how many times people by this brand or that brand of various cleaning materials and take them back to the shop complaining they don’t work. Invariably, when asked if they’ve read the instruction label on the bottle or packet, the answer is no! It’s in the manufacturer’s best interest to ensure the product works for you. It’s in your best interest to follow its advice.

4. STOP washing your cabinets each time you clean Cleaning them too often can wear the finish down and cause them to swell, as moisture penetrates the surface. Spot cleaning does the trick, plus it’s faster and easier.

2. STOP heading straight for harsh cleaning products. Most jobs require nothing more than gentle, pH-neutral cleaners, which are not only safer for you and your family; they’re easier on your home’s furnishings, fixtures, and finishes. When you must break out the big guns, know that a little goes a long way. When you use bleach, things don’t need to smell of it to be clean. 3. STOP using too much cleaning product. More doesn’t directly translate to better.

5. STOP dusting last Always dust before tackling the floors. Start at the top of the room, and work your way down and around. That way, your final vacuum or mop will take care of any remaining debris you’ve knocked to the ground. 6. STOP trying to multitask Doing two things at once may make you feel like you’re getting more done, but you’re only prolonging the cleaning process. If you focus on cleaning only and don’t try to organise, take a phone call, or watch TV, too, you can get the job done in half the time. Then you’re free to put your full attention toward the things you’d rather be doing.



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Mark Paddon BSc Hons. MCIOB. CAAT.

Property buyer’s surveys and expert defects diagnosis

962 807 247 653 733 066 electrical repairs

ALARMS ALARMS & CCTV: All types, quality systems, very reasonable, guaranteed. Tel: 966 797 370 / 662 243 099 bathrooms

Bathroom Conversions Costa Blanca, contact 698 320 434 (260101) 254841


Security UNION


Boating Yacht share for sale. 7m day sailing boat with cabin. Moored in marina on Mar Menor. Well established group that will crew and help you gain experience. €2,200 Email: Text: 0044 789 900 7646 (240992) BUILDING SERVICES


J & J PAINTERS. Inside outside - clean - fast - low cost. Torrevieja - Orihuela Costa and surrounding areas. Tel: 650 363 159 ALL types of construction services, reforms, reconstruction: kitchens, bathrooms, roofs, tiling, floors, plasterboard, bricklaying, plumbing & facades. Reasonable Prices. Torrevieja & surrounding areas. Call 672 929 913 any time CARAVANS FOR SALE WE BUY, sell & transport all makes of static caravans 630 055 418 CHARITIES/CHURCHES LA SIESTA EVANGELICAL CHURCH on Urbanisation La Siesta, Torrevieja is a friendly, English speaking Church. We hold services each Sunday and everyone is welcome. Our 11.00 am Services are held every 2nd and 4th Sunday in the month (and 11.00 am on the 5th Sunday, if this applies.) On the 1st and 3rd Sunday’s our Services are at 9.30 am. Our choir sings at our 11.00 am Services and there is also a Sunday

School, called Stepping Stones, on these Sundays. We welcome residents, visitors and children. For more information see our website www. or telephone Pastor Keith on 666 180 108. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS IS ALCOHOL COSTING YOU MORE THAN MONEY? Drinking to excess not only affects your health it can spill over into every other aspect of your life – damaging everything that is important to you. Englishspeaking AA meetings are held throughout the Costa Blanca from Valencia City to Murcia. Anyone wishing to attend a meeting or discuss a possible drinking problem contact Costa Blanca North: *648 169 045* or Costa Blanca South: *625 912 078* or Costa Calida *679 385 105*. All calls are treated in the strictest confidence. AA in German: 645 456 075; Spanish: 679 212 535; Flemish: 635 047 053; and Scandinavian: 659 779 222. (93323) Alcoholics anonymous Our meetings currently are held on Wednesday evenings in Cañada de Gallego, near Mazarrón. From next week (w/c 3rd September) they will be moving to Thursday evenings. So the first Thursday meeting will be on 7th September at 5.30pm. Meetings are one hour. Your readers (visitors or others who think they may have a problem with alcohol) can obtain details by calling our helpline on 646 290 420. ROUNDABOUT CHARITY SHOP. We are now into summer and very soon we will be feeling the heat! It is time therefore for another visit to the shop where you might find a bargain or two. Choose from the clothing selection, jewellery, household goods, books or bric a brac. There is usually something there for everyone --- but not always. Charitable donations have recently been made to The Alzheimers Centre, Cancer Research and The Amigos Ambulance Service. We still need your help with donations etc. Please keep them coming in! We are situated on Avenida Del Furs close to the Fountain Roundabout and immediate left by Don Colchon bed shop.

THE ROYAL BRITISH LEGION Orihuela Costa - covering from Punta Prima to San Javier. The branch meets at Olympia restaurant, Mil Palmeras on 3rd Thursday of each month at 19.00 - 19.30pm. More info can be found on branch website THE ANGLICAN CHURCH, La Fustera. For more info: contact Frank Bentley on 966 495 188 CANCER SUPPORT GROUP (MABS) MURCIA/MAR MENOR Help and support is just a phone call away, Avda Rio Nalón, Tel: Sylvia 633 306 035 TORREVIEJA Christian Fellowship (TCF) is an English speaking lively church located at Avenida de las Valencianas 68, Torrevieja 03183. Residents and holidaymakers are welcome to attend our services with communion and ‘kids church’ each Sunday at 10.30am. We have a Fellowship Meeting (Bible Study) each Wednesday at 6.00pm. For further information see our website or tel 966 700 391. TORREVIEJA STROKE SUPPORT GROUP meets each Friday 2.45pm to 5pm in The Annex, (behind Age Concern Centre), Calle Paganini, Urb. La Siesta. Our aim is to support stroke survivors and their carers by a range of facilities from speech therapy, rehabilitation exercise, group discussion etc. For info: Louie 966 718 964 or 965 071 920, e-mail: strokesupportgroup@hotmail. com Donations and further voluntary helpers are needed and guest speakers with relevant knowledge or experience are very welcome. THE ROYAL BRITISH LEGION Gran Alacant & La Marina Branch meets First Monday of the month 18:00 at “La Taberna next to Monte & Mar Restaurant & Bowls Club, Plaza Mayor (MASA Square) Gran Alacant. granalacant.secretary@gmail. com CHIMNEY SWEEP PROFESSIONAL CHIMNEY SWEEP. Family Business established over 60 years. 660 478 881

DAMP www.dryzone-espana. com - We are the longest established Damp Proofing company in Spain. We can cure Rising Damp, leaking Flat Roof or Terrace problems quickly & safely. We can make your Underbuild Dry. Villa Paint Due! We can protect your villa & stop PENETRATING DAMP with a Protective Coating. Call us for a survey now; Tel: 634 322 672 ELECTRICIAN MR FIXIT. For all your electrical, plumbing, general & appliance & boiler repairs. No call out charge. 698 320 434 (250877) INSURANCE & iNVESTMENTS BENEFICAL INSURANCE SERVICES. Car, Home, Business, Travel, Life, Funeral, all insurances available. Policies in English. BEST rates, covers & service. Immediate quotes. Tel 961 129 215 / 622 275 561, (whatsapp) info@ beneficialinsuranceinspain. com or visit www. beneficialinsuranceinspain. com for online quote. (257880)

SOS Insurance in Spain. Best prices available. CALL US FIRST for all your insurance needs, including best deals on Funeral plans. Buildings and contents cover from just 82 euros per year and cars from 120 euros. Tel 966 787 123 / 622 275 561 / 686 116 297 / email info@sosinsuranceinspain. com INTERNET GET YOUR business noticed online! Make sure that expats in Spain can find your product, service, restaurant, bar or shop. Contact Spain’s newest and brightest online directory TODAY. Call 952 561 245 or email mark.w@ for more details.



MOBILE Metal Work Any welding or plasma cutting work carried out. For a free quote call 639 487 503 ALL METAL WORK UNDERTAKEN. Costa Calida. 636 050 008. MOTORING WE ARE currently the market leader in our country in the sale of direct car, motorbike, home and company fleet insurance. Since we started out in 1995, our philosophy has always been to offer an excellent service with the best prices in the market. For the most competitive quotes in English, call Linea Directa on 902 123 309. PERGOLA COVERS TAILOR made, durable canvas, sails, umbrella, spa and BBQ covers. Mazarron based, and at Procomobel Market, Guardamar Saturday mornings. 667 879 399 PET CHARITIES EASYHORSE CARE RESCUE CENTRE. We aim to rescue HORSES. If you would like to DONATE please call 965 967 033 or or call Sue 652 021 980 PLUMBING MR FIXIT. For all your electrical, plumbing, general & appliance & boiler repairs. No call out charge. 698 320 434 (250877)

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POOL MAINTENANCE Repairs, Spares and Leak Testing. Call 965 725 565 / 676 945 360 (256710) PROPERTY FOR RENT New 2 bed, large ground floor apartment. Algorfa town centre, swimming pool, rent € 250 monthly plus deposit and bills 0044 7949 589 539 (256733)

sat tad tam tar tas tau tum uta


PROPERTY FOR SALE CIUDAD QUESEDA Villa 500m2 plot, 4 double bedrooms, large bathroom and shower room. Large Balcony, Cloakroom, lounge dinner, large kitchen (white goods included). Oil central heating though out. Double glazed conservatory, car port. 10x8 solar heated pool. Screened BBQ area, plus much more seeing is believing. 340,000€. Contact 688 486 752 private sale removal services UK - SPAIN - UK. Masses of experience. New clean vehicles running weekly. Fully insured with RSA. Genuinely CARING service. 1 CBM to ANY size move! ONLINE QUOTE!! www.bmceuropean. com Tel: 951 242 430 or UK 08456 443 784 please FIND US ON FACEBOOK! (253763)

MAN AND VAN UK - Spain. 2 vans travelling twice a month, Murcia - North / South UK. Storage in Spain. Tel 610 846 260 or 0044 751 918 6355 email UK-SPAIN-IRELAND. Removals with the personal touch. Pets carried with care 965 696 750 / 0044 (0) 7447 918 589 e-mail satellite and tv

removals & storage

Sales rep required for distribution company. Part time, one day per week. Torrevieja / Orihuela Costa areas. Would suit active retired person. Call 600 061 202. DO YOU CARE? If so, why not join our team of carers who work in the UK. Earn from £952 - £1,456 for 2 weeks. Good written/spoken English, British or EU Passport required. Contact Sandra on 658 965 204 or email FIELD SALES positions available. Must have own transport, English and Spanish preferred, but not essential, must have local knowledge of the area and be smart and presentable. Applications by email with full CV should be sent to TELECOMS FED UP PAYING TOO MUCH FOR YOUR MOBILE PHONE CALLS? THEN CONTACT TELITEC TODAY. CALLS TO SPAIN 7C PER MINUTE INCLUDING MOBILES. CALLS TO UK 5.3C PER MINUTE. NO MONTHLY FEES, NO CONTRACT. WWW.TELITEC. COM TEL: 902 889 070 (0)


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WANTED DIESEL car LHD and motorhome right or LHD wanted. Cash waiting Tel 650 722 905

Last weeks puzzle answers (Issue 940)

Wordwheel Solution

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Need an extra income? Earn 75€ to 400€ per week, flexible hours from home. We are a reputable British home retailer, new to Spain. No selling required or experience needed as full training given. Apply now at (260527)

uts arts dart daut drat dust mart mast

mats maut must muts rats rust ruts smut

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sutra trams turds datums struma durmast mustard

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Quiz solutions 1 Sport 2 Low blood sugar 3 China 4 Zero 5 Corkscrew 6 Prostate 7 Hiatus 8 Copper and Tin 9 Crosses 10 Pâté




Readers of a sensitive disposition may find some of the advertisements in this section offensive. Viagra Kamagra 100mg for sale Delivery/postal email.. 607 33 4610 (260969) ENJOY Veronica´s exciting full 1 hour massage. Fully qualified. For an appointment call 679 292 678 SPANISH lady - classic. Playa Flamenca, private house, 35 years, attractive. All erotic services, massage, sexy lingerie. From €40. Ana 657 603 495 (257461) NACHULIS INTRODUCES 3 NEW FRIENDS. PENELOPE 21, ANDREA, CARIBBEAN PAMELA BUSTY. LA ZENIA 15 TURQUESA ST & HOUSE 77 NEXT CONSUM. 656 314 941/600 784 461 Dominant Mistress supercruel dominant, dildos, chains, savage pleasure, will make your widest dreams come true 645957979 (259894)

FRIENDLY MATURE ENGLISH lady offers massage plus escort service in a comfortable apartment. New to Alicante area. Call Vicky on 691 842 737 for further information. VIAGRA, cialis, kamagra all areas 604 385 476.

Ebony House 6 friends, Spanish, Brazilian and Colombian ready to give you all preasures, big breast big bum, very discreet, no neighbours 24hrs – visa 655 133 457 TORREVIEJA-Brazilian Lovely mature woman. I do Masages Relax, Tantra, To Cure, Wax, Barber, Silky Hands..You will come back to me! Homes/Hotel/ Outings.687 131 005

Boris Boris is a real character cat, who thinks he is a dog. Rescued off the streets with a horrendous facial wound, he has been restored to full health and is looking for a loving home. Not a young cat, Boris is used to surviving on his wits, and doesn’t appreciate being surrounded by other cats. He is fantastic with people and would be a wonderful cat in a home where he was the only one

Betty and Tammy came to us last week from a homeless man giving them away outside a supermarket. They are small breed short hair dogs and very appealing. They have started their vaccinations, are now 11 weeks and ready for adoption. They will be small like their mum when fully grown

Lola is approximately 1 year old and appears to have some labrador looks and tendencies Lola is charming, warm and friendly. She loves to play and walks well on a lead and is very clean. Vaccinated, wormed, micro chipped, passported and ready to go


Due to the retirement of our treasurer K9 urgently need a replacement. This post is voluntary and you would be expected to work closely with the rest of the K9 committee. If you enjoy balancing figures then this position is ideal. If interested please telephone 610 832 726 or e-mail



Royal Decree amends Spanish MOT rules THE council of ministers have approved a Royal Decree that amends certain requirements and regulations in respect of the Spanish MOT (ITV). Until now, if a vehicle failed an inspection it was mandatory to return to the same inspection station for the second test within a maximum period of one month. The new regulation now permits the vehicles to be taken to a different station but within the same time scale of one month. For those vehicles that pass the ITV test, the mandatory date for the next revision will not be changed if the vehicle passes the inspection in advance, provided it’s not more than one month in advance. That means that, for example, if the ITV expires on a vehicle in January 2018 and you pass the test in December 2017, the next date will be January 2019. If you were to take the same vehicle in November 2017,

All ITV stations ordered to have diagnostic tools for accessing the on-board computers

it will expire in November 2018. The Royal Decree also forces all ITV stations to have the correct di-

agnostic tools that connect with the on-board computers that many vehicles approaching their first

ITV inspections now have. This will allow detailed inspections of the electronic security systems to

2016 RENAULT CAPTUR 1.5Dci 8.000kms navigation parking sensors Cruise Climate rear camera alloys cream with black roof SOLD 2015 FIAT 500 1.2 SPORT air-con, CD/radio with USB & Aux plug-in, city steering, 56,000kms. Like New with Sport interior SOLD 2015 MITSUBISHI SPACESTAR 1.0 Bluedrive with cd radio 5-door Aircon finished in arctic white perfect holiday home Car 7,995€ 2015 TOYOTA YARIS 1.0i VVTi CONNECT plus 42,000 KMS full of extras including USB plug in like new and very economical 8,995€ 2015 OPEL ASTRA 1.4i TURBO AUTOMATIC front and rear park assist auto pack lovely blue metallic in new condition 26,000kms SOLD 2014 CITROEN DS4 STYLE PLUS 1.6i with Park assist, Auto lights/wipers Climate Cruise ONLY 3000kms. NEW PRICE 23.449€ 15,995€ 12,800€ 2012 VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2.0 TDI SW AUTOMATIC DSG Monza red with Full Service history just had Cam belt change lovely drive 2013 VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 2.0 AUTOMATIC in Cherry red paintwork 28,000kms like new condition A/C 6 CD 10,500€ 2010 NISSAN QASHQAI TEKNA 1.5DCi 110bhp 6-speed gearbox unmarked gun metal paintwork 104,000KMS easy to get into 9,995€ 2008 OPEL ZAFIRA 1.9CDTi ENJOY 120BHP 6-speed gearbox 102,000kms in silver metallic 7-SEATS economical family Car 7,300€ 2005 OPEL MERIVA 1.7 Cdti with only 84,000 KMS lovely condition this would make a perfect holiday home car cheap to run 3,700€ 2005 NISSAN PATHFINDER 2.5Dci AUTOMATIC Fully loaded 7-seat 4x4 SATNAV camera etc to much to list 128,000kms SOLD 2003 FORD MUSTANG CONVERTIBLE finished in Gleaming black coach work. Very clean motorcar ready for summer 10,995€ 1999 FORD MUSTANG 3.8L V6 AUTOMATIC 35th anniversary edition, Crystal white paint work with special 19” alloys 7,995€ 1997 CHEVROLET CAMERO 3.8 V6 finished in arctic white paintwork with 18”alloys Targa top !! 6,500€ 1994 SUBARU IMPREZA WRX STi ACROPOLIS edition, no 20 of 100 hand-built cars, 68,000miles. Was14,995€ 12,995€

check they are functioning correctly as well as improved controls of emissions.



FOR the first time in 10 years, Mitsubishi have released a new promotional tagline. ‘Drive your ambition’ perfectly describes the attitude that has been true of the Mitsubishi company since its first car a century ago. Mitsubishi has delivered ambitious cars to ambitious drivers for 100 years, pioneering vehicle genres with seminal products such as Pajero, Lancer Evolution and i-MiEV, while creating cutting-edge technology to deliver breakthroughs all the way to the best-selling Outlander PHEV. Mitsubishi’s drivers have explored new frontiers and conquered breathtaking terrains. From the toughest rallies to building a robust reputation in demanding emerging markets, MMC delivers vehicles that enable Drivers to move forward with

full confidence. “Drive your Ambition” is a powerful statement of MMC’s on-going commitment to the values and aspirations of its drivers. The new global tagline was officially announced at the Tokyo Motor Show, at the end of October and is now being rolled out in all global markets as part of a major overhaul of the brand’s marketing activities and presence around the world on all communications in coming months. Mitsubishi Motors celebrates this year the 100th anniversary of Model-A, the first Mitsubishi car and the first Japanese car designed with series production in mind. The Model-A paved the way for Mitsubishi’s

Photo credit: YouTube

Mitsubishi driving an ambition for 100 years

A CENTURY AGO: The first Mitsubishi Model-A from 1917 ambition to explore new automobile territories and push engineering boundaries for the 100 years to come, which included the pioneering 4-wheel-drive PX33 in 1936, to the start of electric mobility R&D in 1966. When Mitsubishi Motors unveiled its pioneering Outlander PHEV at the 2012 Paris Motor Show, several observers questioned the move – a full-size 4WD Twin Motor plug-in hybrid electric SUV... Five years later and over 135,000 units sold in selected global markets (soon to launch in USA, and of which Europe ranks number one and where Outlander PHEV remains the best-selling plug-in hybrid SUV), the questions have been emphatically answered, as market response has vindicated MMC’s brave foresight.


Advertising feature

Car Insurance – Points Recovery Course Spanish points-based licence system The Spanish points system gives 8 points to drivers who have held a licence for less than 3 years and 12 points for drivers who have held it for over 3 years. If no traffic offences are committed after 3 years drivers receive an additional 3 points. A point is awarded every subsequent 3-year period up to a maximum of 15 points. Drivers can recuperate points by completing a reeducation course of 12 hours or a 24 hour course if drivers have lost all their points. Once the course is passed successfully drivers are awarded 8 points on their licence.

How are points deducted? Drivers will lose 6 points if under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other illegal substances. Reckless driving, refusing to take a breathalysing test or drugs test, driving over 50% of the speed limit. And drivers will lose 4 points for putting other drivers at risk, throwing objects on the road that could cause accidents or fire, exceeding limits by over 40kph, endangering cyclists, illegally parking, exceeding maximum passenger capacity by 50%. Driving without a seatbelt, using a mobile phone and not keeping a safe driving distance will result in a 3 point fine.

What is covered? Under Línea Directa’s Traffic Fine Handling service, the policy holder or owner of the insured vehicle as well as any other drivers legally entitled to drive the vehicle can benefit up to a maximum of €500 of the cost of traffic re-education and awareness course, as well as the fees payable in connection with the driving licence recovery test.

How reimbursement works Línea Directa will decide whether payment shall be made to the beneficiary directly or by means of reimbursement upon delivery or the relevant proof of payment. Exclusions and limitations Cover shall be provided only once during each policy period.

Only penalty points lost in connection with the insured vehicle and for a reason not excluded in the policy shall be taken into account. Claimants must notify Línea Directa within 3 months of the notification date of points loss or licence disqualification.

Cover shall not be provided in the event of disqualification if the beneficiary is given a guilty verdict. Any loss of points arising from legal infringements or criminal acts are excluded. Drivers must pass the driving licence recovery course on first attempt to qualify for cover.

We hope the information provided in this article is of interest. If you would like to contact Linea Directa please call 902 123 148. More information about Linea Directa online at

24 feb - 2 march 2017


It could have been a disaster, darling PEOPLE arriving at CTD Los Alcazares for the latest SAMM race day were expecting the 15 knot winds forecast the day before... but not the 18 knots and gusting 21 that they were greeted with! With the water fairly flat thanks to an ENE wind the question was, “shall they risk it?” They did... Seven boats come to the start at 11.30am followed 10 minutes later by Colin and Leon on Mistral. All made the first mark but, tacking upwind on the way to the second, the first disaster happened. Julian in his Topaz Duo capsizes eight times in as many minutes. He’s a small guy and does not have the weight to counter the wind strength, so retires. The next disaster is Bob, Jeff and Norman in the Gamba, Shoestring Cuatro, who capsize just before completing the first lap. Cuatro is a heavy boat and they struggle to get her up, with the SAMM support boat standing by in case they need help. Up she pops at last with only Norman on board, but the tiller is damaged and he cannot steer. She drifts away too fast for the others to swim and catch her. They are picked up by the support boat and taken back to shore. Cuatro drifts downwind and onto, then over the reef and finally beaches. And finally, the late starter Mistral comes close to the same reef before tacking only to go into irons and hit the reef. She is too big to drift over it and Colin and Leon can’t get her off so the support boat goes to her rescue. The Race Officer is not sure if the afternoon race should go ahead but everybody except Leon is keen to go. Seven boats start at 2.40pm and find the wind has now dropped to 15 gusting 17 which is a bit more manageable.


A former player, Tony Matthews is now the world’s most prolific author of football books with 150 published since 1975. He has also been a PE teacher, policeman, radio correspondent and is now a quiz-organiser and fund–raiser, for various charities.

Round Up There are hearty congratulations all round this week. Lewis Hamilton is now GB’s most successful F1 driver ever after winning the 2017 championship for the fourth time in Mexico. Although he only came ninth, his nearest challenger, Sebastian ‘bumper’ Vettel, had to finish second at least to keep in touch but managed only fourth. Anthony Joshua successfully defended his IBF & WBA titles by stopping Carlos Takam in round ten before 75,800 fans in Cardiff’s Principality Stadium. Aidan O’Brien saddled his 26th Group One winner of 2017 – Saxon Warrior in the Racing Post Trophy at Doncaster – to become the most successful trainer in a calendar year, taking over from American Bobby Frankel (25 wins). Caroline Wozniacki beat Venus Williams in the Singapore’s WTA tennis tournament final and Justin Rose won golf’s WGC Champions title in Shanghai after world number one Justin Johnson let slip a six-stroke lead. England’s teenagers stormed back from 2-0 down to beat Spain 5-2 to win the World U17 championship in Kolkata before the largest-ever crowd for a football match in India: 79,395. This is the first time England has won two World titles in the same year, having lifted the U20 trophy in June.

There is a bit of excitement at the start when Lavanter, Robert, Bob and Ernie, have their wind taken and, not only hit the starboard start mark but get it’s anchor line caught around their keel and drag it out of position. All the boats completed an exciting race, with Lavanter managing to haul in other boats and cross the line in 5th position. Results on handicap: Morning race: Tug/John, Shoestring Tres. Di/ Jack/Vernon, Shoestring Uno. Bob/Robert/ Ernie Lavanter. Afternoon race: Tug/John, Shoestring Tres. Julian/Bernard, Topaz Duo. Di/Jack/Vernon, Shoestring Uno.

Rockets Golf Society

Ivie Davies Perpetual Trophy

WITH GLORIOUS weather accompanying the players, down the motorway they went to the newly opened course at Sierra Golf. The turnout was excellent in memory of the late Ivie Davies who was the organiser of the name change to the Rockets Golf Society. Some excellent scores were posted on the day and the top players were: Gold Category – 1st – Arfer Williams, with a 2 over par 74 and also the winner of the Ivie Davies Perpetual Trophy. 2nd – Roy O’Sullivan (77); 3rd – Paul Newman (77) but on count-back. Silver Category – 1st – Paul Hopkins (75); 2nd – Paul Mutter (76); 3rd – Rocket Ron (83). Longest drive on the day went to Rod Smith, and Nearest the Pins were Geoff Wild (Hole 3), Rod Smith (6 and 15) and Jed Dobson (12). Everyone went back to Bar Patricia in Torreta II for the presentation and munchies, and big thanks goes to the members who made a donation to Cancer Relief of €150. The next game of the Society is Tuesday November 14 at Vistabella Golf with the first tee at 8.15am. Anyone who would like to play either as a guest when on holiday or would like to join this very friendly group, please call Ron on 678 849 142 or e-mail at

Andrea Dovizioso won the Malaysian MotoGP ahead of Jorge Lorenzo, Johann Zarco and Marc Marquez. The latter is 21 points clear of Dovizioso and is favourite to win his fourth world title in Valencia this Sunday. Meanwhile, England’s women cricketers beat Australia by 20 runs in game three of their Ashes series Not such good news for England, Scotland and Wales who lost their opening Rugby League’s World Cup games: England 18-4 to Australia, Wales 50-6 to Papua New Guinea and Scotland 50-4 to Tonga. Ireland did win, however, beating Italy 36-12. Back to football and after beating WBA 3-2, Manchester City (28 points from 10 games) lead Manchester United (1-0 victors over third-placed Tottenham) by five points at the top of the PL. Chelsea (4th) won 1-0 at Bournemouth; Arsenal (5th) beat Swansea 2-1; Liverpool (6th) conquered Huddersfield 3-0; Crystal Palace (bottom) drew 2-2 with West Ham and Leicester (under new manager Claude Puel) beat Everton 2-0. Sheffield United (2-1 winners at Leeds) top the Championship, Shrewsbury and Notts County lead Leagues 1 and 2; Celtic are now unbeaten in 62 domestic games and Barcelona are eight points better off than Real Madrid in La Liga. Events Calendar Tuesday’s/Wednesday’s Champions League matches included Manchester UnitedBenfica, Celtic-Bayern Munich, Roma-Chelsea, Olympiakos-Barcelona, Liverpool-Maribor, Napoli-Manchester City and Tottenham-Real Madrid and it was Arsenal-Crzvera Zvezda (Red Star) and Lyon-Everton in Thursday’s Europa League. Top PL games coming up: Chelsea-Manchester United, Manchester City-Arsenal, Tottenham-Crystal Palace and West Ham-Liverpool; Middlesbrough-Sunderland, Sheffield United-Hull and Wolves-Fulham in the Championship and Barcelona-Sevilla and Real Madrid-Las Palmas in La Liga. Rugby League’s WC continues with England-Lebanon and New Zealand-Scotland (Saturday) and Fiji-Wales and Papua New Guinea-Ireland (Sunday); the world diving championships are taking place in Singapore (2-5 November); it’s the New York Marathon on Sunday; the Turkish Open and Toto-Japan Classic golf tournaments are underway and the Barbarians play New Zealand in Saturday’s RU international at Twickenham.

RTN Newspaper - Costa Blanca South 3 - 9 November 2017 Issue 941  

Reporting the News - FREE English Newspaper in Costa Blanca, Costa del Sol

RTN Newspaper - Costa Blanca South 3 - 9 November 2017 Issue 941  

Reporting the News - FREE English Newspaper in Costa Blanca, Costa del Sol