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ISSUE 662 • 23rd - 29th November 2018

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Indiana Jones star honoured

S TA R o f I n d i a n a Jones and the Last Crusade Alison Doody took centre stage at the Almeria International Film Festival this week. The Irish actress, who played lead female character Elsa i n t h e m ov i e , r e ceived the Almeria, Land of Cinema Homage Award. She also now has a star on the Almeria City Walk of Fame, which sits alongside those honouring an illustrious list of big names f r o m t h e wo r l d o f cinema, among them Omar Sharif, Ridley Scott, Max van S yd ow, Ar nold S c h w a r z e n e g g e r, Joseph Fiennes, Terry Gilliam, Catherine D e n e u ve , B r i a n d e Pa l m a a n d S o p h i a Loren. T he Alison Doody awar d coincides with the 30th ann i ve r s a r y o f t h e third saga of the Steven Spielberg-directed blockbuster. Also star ring Har ris o n Fo r d a n d S e a n C o n n e r y, I n d i a n a Jones and the Last Cr usade was par tly filmed in the Taber-

CREDIT: Almeria provincial government website

ALISON DOODY: Unveils her star on the Almeria Walk of Fame, accompanied by Almeria City mayor Ramon Fernandez-Pacheco (left) and regional government president Gabriel Amat (right).

nas desert and Mons u l b e a ch i n t h e Cabo de Gata Natura l Pa r k , l o c a l r e s i dents appearing as extras. T he actr ess, w ho was just 21 when she appeared in Ind i a n a Jo n e s , s a i d filming in Almeria had been “a magical ex p e r i e n c e , ” describing the province as “a wonderful place.” She said making

t h e m ov i e w a s “ a n ex p e r i e n c e I w i l l never forget, as it is a f i l m w h i ch i s shown over and over on t e l ev i s i o n s around the world.” This Sunday the fe s t i v a l s p o t l i g h t will be on actress Bo Derek, who first shot to fame in the l at e 1 9 7 0 ’s i n t h e comedy romance 10 star ring Dudley Moore. Derek is retur ning

to Almeria 18 years after shooting an episode of the TV series Queen of Swords in locations including Texas Hollywood in Tabernas, S a n Jo s e i n N i j a r and the Alcazaba fo r t i f i c at i o n i n t h e p r ov i n c i a l c a p i t a l . She will also be honoured with the Almeria, Land of Cinema Homage Award and her own star on the Walk of Fame.




23rd - 29th November 2018



Repairs start


Jackie Butcher

THE Andalucia regional government has started more than â‚Ź500,000 of works on the A-92N dual-carriageway between Chirivel and Velez-Rubio to repair damage caused by torrential rains in August.

Prison strike AROUND 350 El Acebuche prison staff staged a four-day strike over pay and work conditions, putting up barricades of tree trunks and other materials to block access to the complex.

Hate crime THE Almeria juvenile cour t sentenced a 16 and a 17-year old to 12 months in detention and six months’ probation for attacking a youngster at a disco because he was gay.

642 454 311

ILLEGAL: The detained man had no licence for the rifle.

Man arrested for illegal gun possession G UA R D I A C I V I L a r rested a man on charges of possessing a gun without a licence. Of ficer s detained the 36-year-old in a rural area near to Tabernas after hearing shots. When they went to

i nve s t i g a t e w h e r e the shots were comi n g f r o m a ve h i cl e drew up. The driver a p p e a r e d n e r vo u s , and when the Guar dia sear ched the car they found the rifle in the back, along with a cartridge belt with

slugs and bullets. The rifle registration number had been scratched out. On questioning the driver and the pass e n g e r w h o wa s i n the car with him it became clear he did n o t h ave a l i c e n c e to own the gun.

Fugitive found in El Ejido NATIONAL POLICE detained a fugitive in E l E j i d o wa n t e d i n I t a l y o n ch a r g e s o f drug trafficking. The arrest was part of the Italian carabinieri-led Operation Indoor, which concluded with around 20 coor dinated detentions in the early hours of last Tuesday morning in Italy, Germany, Austria and Spain. The police said the man was suspected of being a member of an organised crime ring of Italians, Romanians and Albanians dedicated to trafficking hashish and marihuana. He is accused of having imported 15 kilos of marihuana to Italy from Spain at the end of July last year.



Muslim and Christian heritage THIS weekend’s guided tours in Almeria City focus on its Muslim past and its convents. Tomorrow (Saturday), the tour theme is the transition from Muslim Almeria to Christian after the city was taken by the Catholic King and Queen in 1489. Las Puras and Las Claras are still standing today. The Sunday morning tour concentrates on Almeria’s Muslim origins, with a walk through the nar row streets of where the original Almariyya settlement once stood, and ending at the San Juan church, the site of the old grand mosque. Both visits start at 11am at the Municipal Tourist Office.


23rd - 29th November 2018

Almeria is standing together

ALMERIA is taking a stand against gender-based violence. Events and actions have been programmed throughout the province to mark the International Day for the Eradication of Violence Against Women on Sunday. In Albox today (Friday) the film Youtubers for Equality showing how video can present tools and solutions aimed at eradicating genderbased violence among teenagers is being screened in the town hall’s Federico Garcia Lorca meeting hall at 11am. This is followed by a debate, with pupils from the Albox institute among those taking par t. At midday the Eradication of Violence Against Women manifesto will be read out in the San Francisco Plaza. On Thursday Cuevas del Almanzora mayor Antonio Fernandez Liria, councillors for Social Services, Treasury and Youth, Melchi Caparros Garcia, Maribel Alarcon Flores and Miriam Quintana Navarro, and staff from the Municipal Women’s Information Centre, made their views clear with

ZERO TOLERANCE: Cuevas del Almanzora says no to gender-based violence, and in Vera graffiti artist Belin expresses his opposition to violence against women (inset). the large anti-violence against women banner hung from the town hall balcony. Cuevas Council has also set up an information stand in the municipal market to raise awareness about the issue. In Almeria City the 103 Pueblos fountain, the obelisk in front of the Gran Hotel Almeria, the Familias Park, the Ballesol roundabout fountain and the Plaza del Educador fountain have been lit up in purple to commemorate

Eradication of Violence Against Women Day and will remain illuminated until 8am on Monday. Anti-gender violence orientated activities in Vera began at the start of the month with the Brave Women Migrants exhibition and workshops on women’s self-defence and emotional issues in couples’ relationships. This week graffiti artist Miguel Angel Belinchon ‘Belin’ has painted a huge image expressing zero

tolerance of violence against women in the town’s Antiguo Internado Plaza, and on Sunday there will be the third March for Decent Treatment. The month will end with antigender based violence workshops for students at the local institute. Vera Equality Councillor Yolanda Tor res stressed, “The fight against violence towards women is not a matter we can leave for just one day.”


Intercultural culinary date

EVERYTHING is set for the big culinary event of the year in Arboleas. The 19th Al-Arbuli Gastronomy Days start today Friday and continue on Saturday, offering the opportunity to try traditional dishes made by local residents and participating restaurants. Events begin with a mid-morning breakfast for children and this evening there is a non-alcoholic cocktail tasting for teenagers. Saturday there is the Andalusi Night, with food tastings from 7.30pm onwards, and at 9.30pm the winner of the first Arboleas Tapas Route raffle will be announced. “We want to invite all residents and visitors from other areas to participate in our gastronomy date”, said Arboleas mayor Cristobal Garcia, explaining that following the success of previous editions this year it had been decided to spread events over an extra day. “We are sure that everyone will enjoy this traditional culinary event”, the mayor commented. “It is a unique occasion to try the most delicious dishes of the land, to which one has to add those which the British community will offer as they now represent nearly half of the population. In short, Arboleas will offer an intense day of intercultural coexistence.” Cristobal Garcia also pointed out the event attracted visitors to Arboleas, and fitted with what he said is his administration’s “priority objective” of “strengthening the economic and cultural diversity of our locality.” He continued, “Gastronomy, like the restaurant business, is playing a very relevant role in the economy of the village and every day in a more visible way.”

23rd - 29th November 2018


Beautiful town talk

MOJACAR Deputy Mayor and Tourism Councillor Emmanuel Agüero Leclerc was in Madrid recently to talk tourism, innovation and environment at the second Most Beautiful Towns and Villages in Spain annual conference. Held in the Senate Palace, the conference was inaugurated by Senate President Pio Garcia Escudero and Industr y, Commerce and Tourism Minister, Reyes Maroto Illera. Discussions covered impor tant issues of interest to the participating municipalities, including the conservation of historical centres and associated problems, like cabling and the restoration of façades, and the future of sustainable

CONFERENCE: Mojacar Tourism councillor Emmanuel Agüero with Lucainana de los Torres mayor Juan Herrera in the Senate. tourism as municipalities attempt to combine social and cultural authenticity with new mar ket trends. T he financing of

municipalities, new initiatives to combat depopulation in Spain and national digital establishment (especially in small places), were


summed up from the discussion forums by the for mer Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda Minister, Alvaro Nadal, and Professor Tomas de la Quadra Salcedo. Emmanuel Agüero stressed the need for greater suppor t from institutions to help with the steep challenges facing the smaller municipalities in relation to infrastr ucture, financing and telecommunications. He highlighted, however, the association’s role and efforts in dramatically boosting the network’s localities. Next on the agenda for the association is its national assembly in La Alberca and Candelario, due to be held on the first weekend in December.



23rd - 29th November 2018

Jobs list OKed

M O JAC A R l o c a l a u t h o r i t y h a s given final approval to the RPT ‘Relacion de Puestos de Trabajo’ (List of jobs in a Public Administration), which clarifies work positions within the council in accordance with public employment law. T he list is a mandator y tool based on cur r ent le gislation which aims to define the str ucture of positions and work roles to achieve optimal management of public employees. Final approval of the Mojacar RPT was one of the matter s dealt with at a recent extraordinary council meeting. First there had been a mandator y negotiating table, and after all contributions, statements and proposals for modification were made and r esolved, the final document w a s t h e n a p p r ove d i n t h e p l e nary session. At the same meeting the councillor s voted to elect a Justice of the Peace and a substitute for subsequent appointment by the Superior Cour t of Justice. T he individuals chosen will perfor m CUEVAS DEL ALMANZORA was the place to be for bir d fancier s last week, hosting the 23rd Andalucia Or nitholog y Championship. Organised by the Valle del Almanzora Ornithology Association with the collaboration of the municipal council, the event ran from November 9 to 18, and attr acted hundreds of bird enthusiasts

APPROVED: The list clarifying work positions within the local authority was approved at a council meeting. their duties in Mojacar for a period of four years. T he Mojacar Justice of the Peace car ries out the functions of a civil registry, the purpose of w hich is to enter of ficiall y

recorded details on civil status, as well as names, births, deaths, personal details, sex and nationality, among other tasks set out by the General Judiciar y Council.

Bird fanciers come together from all over the area. Cuevas mayor Antonio Fer nandez Liria, along with the Andalucia r egional gover nment Tourism and Culture delegate Alfredo Valdivia,

Sports councillor Miriam Quintana and Valle del Almanzora Or nithology Association Pr esident Antonio Sánchez, were among the first to visit the event.

The mayor praised the association for its “great wor k and the ef for t it has been making for year s to pr otect and show the great variety of species which exist.” Antonio Sanchez commented that the association had been particularly looking forward to this edition of the event, describing it as a “complete success.”


Black Friday fun ALMERIA Council has organised a number of activities to coincide with tod a y ’s B l a ck Fr i d a y i n t h e city. City Promotion Councillor Carolina Lafita said to complement the day of discounts and promotions in many of the city’s shops the council aimed to create “ a n a t t r a c t i ve a n d f u n a t mosphere,” aimed at encouraging residents to get out and about. T her e will be a 1980’sstyle procession in the city centr e at 5pm with a live perfor mance from the VHS Street Band adding to the 8 0 ’s v i b e w i t h m u s i c f r o m TV series popular in the decade. In Plaza Manuel Perez the attraction will be ‘T he Great Stor m,’ a giant inflata ble dome, in w hich a turbine creates a grand stor m of colours, and in Plaza del Ecuador there will be a Photocall, where members of the public can have their photo taken. There will also be various activities in the El Alquián, Nueva Andalucía and La C a ñ a d a p a r t s o f t h e c i t y, with bands and minstrels of fering music in the streets.




23rd - 29th November 2018

TREAT: Pupils from Mojacar’s primary school were treated to a morning of theatre by children of the same age from Pulpi.

Theatre as education tool

PUPILS from the Mojacar Bartolome Flores primary schoolchildren were treated to a mor ning of theatre presented by youngsters of the same age group from a school in Pulpi. Nearly 300 children gathered in the village’s Multiple Uses Centre, watching and listening attentively to the perfor mances by their Pulpi peers. The children put on two plays. The first, ‘La Princesa Que No

Sabía Estornudar’ (The Princess W ho Didn’t Know How to Sneeze), was a tale about problems that arise in the palace when they try to cure the princess with help from an assortment of wise men, fairies and doctors. This was followed by ‘Chez le Docteur’ which was performed in French (set at a suitably easy level), with the story set in a doctor's waiting room. T he initiative was part of the Culture Pro-

Linea Nueve | Polígono industrial “Los Llanos” 04660 Arboleas |608229002

gramme designed by Almeria’s provincial government in coordination with Mojacar Council. Raquel Belmonte, the local councillor for Culture, highlighted the importance of activities like these which “encourage reading and an interest in the theatre, which has a great tradition in Mojacar, from the youngest through to the oldest.” Mojacar was the first town in Almeria Province to have its own theatre. The Acquelar re, which opened its doors nearly a century ago, was owned by the for mer Mojacar mayor, Diego Carrillo. The theatre put on well-known plays, productions in which many local people took par t, and today there is an important local theatre group with the old Aquelarre name. Mojacar Council said the children’s theatre initiative brought an element of theatre into the classroom, and ser ved as an important education tool in assisting children’s learning, helping to improve language, understanding and, especially expression.


23rd - 29th November 2018



Expats Guide to

Spanish Life Sponsored by Blevins Franks For more information about the sponsors go to

What to do in the event of an Line dancers donate emergency in Spain to cancer charity

DONATION: AECC local representative Cecilia Molina Verdu holding the cheque with Carrie Ann Earl to her right, surrounded by Step 2 It Line Dancers.

CARRIE ANN EARL’S Wednesday evening Step 2 It line dance class has made a handsome donation to the Arboleas branch of the AECC Spanish Cancer Association. Class members last week pr esented Arboleas AECC r epr esentative Cecilia Molina Ver du with a cheque for €160. The dancer s had r aised the money fr om r affles held at the club’s social events in the summer and at Halloween.

Cecilia has been the Arboleas representative of the AECC for some years, but had been doing the job alone. She now has some suppor t, and there is expected to be a lot more activity in the Arboleas area from the AECC in the futur e. In fact throughout October, National Breast Cancer awareness month, Arboleas Town Hall was decorated with a gigantic pink ribbon in support of the breast cancer campaign.

T he AECC is a national suppor t group which operates telephone lines and a website, from which cancer sufferers, their families and the general public can obtain information about the disease. The AECC also provides accommodation for cancer patients and suppor t for mobile breast screening units, which regularly visit towns in the Almanzor a Valley, including Arboleas and Albox.

PAWS-PATAS shelter appeal PAWS-PATAS is appealing for donations to renovate the charity’s animal shelter after last weekend’s violent storms left it badly damaged. The charity’s on-site volunteers and other regulars made a stoic and brave attempt at tr ying to keep the dogs out of the water as the storm raged, moving them into other kennels which were not perfect but at least dry. Meanwhile the road to the shelter was ripped apar t and completely disappeared, and the charity says major works will be needed to repair it. PAWS-PATAS says it now desperately needs money to renovate

FLOODED: Volunteers had to move the dogs to kennels which were at least dry. the shelter, saying even concreting some of the kennels would make a difference. For more infor see

LIVING in Spain can bring with it an array of issues which may not have been encountered when living in the UK. There are lots of things to consider, and we are here to help try to make the transition and life in Spain a little easier by compiling a series of helpful facts and figures relating to a variety of topics.

made, claimants have 48 hours to HERE in Spain there is a general check and sign their statement at number for all emergencies, 112. the police station of their choice. No area code is needed and the In the case of robbery, where number can be called from any threat or force has been used, phone, including mobiles without victims should call 091 at the a Spanish SIM card. time, then go directly to a police The responders speak a numstation to make a report. ber of languages, and you can alThe Guardia Civil is a military so fax or SMS 112. In addition, there are individual force which operates mostly in emergency numbers, depending rural areas and is responsible for on the type of assistance you drug offences, fatal car accineed. It’s a good idea to keep a dents, robberies and murders, printout of them and can be conhandy, in your tacted on 062. Local Pobag or wallice (Policia let, in the municipal) home and in cover their the car. And local town or it can’t hurt from 9am to 2pm city area for to have a few traffic offences helpful Spanish and control, lost property and medical/emergency terms written crimes such as theft and neighdown, just in case you don’t get bourhood disputes. You can an English-speaking member of reach them on 092. staff. And a special helpine, 016, has National Police, also known as been set up specifically to report National Police Corps (Cuerpo instances of gender violence. Nacional de Policia, CNP), deals For an ambulance (ambulancia) with criminal offences and public and health emergencies, call 061 order in towns and cities, and can or 112, and in the case of a fire be contacted by calling 091 or 902 102 112. call the fire brigade (cuerpo de The latter was set up for nonbomberos) on 061 or 112. Spanish to report burglaries, car For problems at sea, the Martheft or a break-in when docuitime Rescue Service (Salvamenments and belongings are lost or to Seguridad Maritmo) can be stolen. Available in English from contacted by calling 900 202 202, and the Red Cross (Cruz Rojo) on 9am to 2pm, all week long, the 902 222 292. There is also a Red ser vice is also available in Cross 24-hour helpline 900 100 French, German and Italian. 333. Once the telephone report is

091 or 902 102 112

This information is for guidance only, and should not be taken as legal advice. If in any doubt, seek professional help.




23rd - 29th November 2018


Wonderful school fundraiser

Ed. 662

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THE Hotel Marina Playa in Mojacar was the venue for the annual lunch to r aise funds for a school for disadvantaged children in Ghana last Sunday. T h e l u n ch wa s o r ganised by the Unive r s a l Wo n d e r f u l S t r e e t A c a d e m y, a non-governmental organisation with its Spanish base in Mojacar, which works in the African countr y to of fer schooling and a futur e for orphans and for children from families in poverty. The non-profit making organisation was cr eated in 2012 by the singer Louis Wonder with the aim of getting childr en aged six to 16 off the streets and providing them with schooling, health care and a meal a d a y. To d a y i t h e l p s mor e than 100 children in the Bokum area of the Ghanian capital Accra, all the funds raised going dir ectl y to the children and the school maintenance. There is also now a Ger-

SOLIDARITY: The money raised from fundraising events like the annual lunch goes directly to the children and the maintenance of the school in Ghana. m a n b r a n ch , w h i ch has star ted contributing to the cause. The annual lunch event was just one of the various activities in Mojacar throughout the year. Beatriz García, who is head of the Universal Wonderful Street Academy in M o j a c a r, h a s b e e n organising solidarity projects in the town fo r m a n y ye a r s a n d is constantly seeking new ways to r aise money to pr ovide education for

the most disadvanta ged childr en in Ghana. Her enthusiasm is an example of solidarity in her crusade to help the little ones in a countr y t h at h a s o n e o f t h e

wor ld’s highest levels of poverty. As well as par ticipating in fundraising eve n t s , t h e p u b l i c ar e invited to sponsor a child or to sign up as members.

€1,610 raised for Children In Need A RACE and Auction Evening at Bar La Union in La Alfoquia in aid of the BBC’S Children In Need last Friday night raised a fantastic €1,610. The event was a complete sell-out despite the appalling weather, and proved to be a huge amount of fun. Special thanks went out to the businesses which sponsored some of the races: Albox Insurance, Indalo Ocio, Inspired Garden Furniture, Bar La Union and Total Entertainment of Albox and Arboleas. There was a also a special mention to Steve and Karen Easton, who provided a fantastic buffet, the staff of the Bar La Union who kept the drinks flowing, and the compere for the evening, Mr Ronnie Taylor, aka Justin Sane.


Dames in Turre diary dates

DAMES in Tur re’s November meeting will be held on Monday at The Hostel Rural Tur re at 11am. Guest speaker Kev Moore, a very talented musician who will be talking about his love of reggae music. Guests are welcome to attend. For more information contact President Soo Wallace on 667 362 713 or Membership Secretar y Eileen McGill on 652 298 072. The Dames in Turre’s biggest fundraising event of the year, its Christmas market, is on Saturday December 8 in Tur re’s main square from 10-1pm. There will be many stalls and bumper prizes. Anyone who would like to r un their own stall should contact Soo Wallace by emailing her at uk.

23rd - 29th November 2018

Times 13

Wacky Races collaborating spirit recognised

WACKY RACES VILLARICOS has been recognised as a model example of an initiative which brings people together. Earlier this month it was selected from a number of different projects by teachers from the whole of northern Almeria Province to receive the award for the best example of collaboration between school, community and the AMPA parents’ Association. Carol and Ian Watson from the team accepted the award in person along with the other award winner from the academic field at the teachers’ meeting held in the Avent Hotel in Vera on November 8, commenting, “This is a marvellous achievement for the team and we are suitably honoured and thrilled to be recognised.” Wacky Races Villaricos had been nominated for the award by Gabriela Moral Tor-

RECOGNITION: Wacky Races Villaricos team members Ian and Carol Watson join the other award winners at the ceremony in Vera. ralbo, a psychologist and guidance councillor working with AMPA. The teachers’ meeting was chaired by Maria Luisa de Haro Carreno, Director of the Cuevas-Olula Teaching Centre, which includes teachers from Sorbas in the south of the area to Olula del Rio in the north and all along the coast.

Prizes were presented to the winners by Roser Batlle, an internationally respected pedagogue and promoter of Service Learning, a method of enhancing the school curriculum by collaborating with the local community and businesses. On receiving the award, Ian gave the following speech, translated into Span-

ish for him by AMPA member Ana-Maria Pirvu. “Ladies and Gentlemen, Wacky Races Villaricos are honoured and thrilled to receive this award which recognises our efforts in our village. On behalf of the team - Mark, Cristina, Carol, Jer r y, Roy and myself - I want to thank AMPA and Villaricos school. Also thanks to the businesses that sponsor us, the people who suppor t us on race day, and Juan Canana and his colleagues. “We want to continue working together. Next year’s date is April 27. So prepare your team, come along, enjoy yourself and have fun with us.” For more information about Wacky Races Villaricos call Mark on 950 467 590 or Ian on 634 368 243 , or email Facebook: wackyracesvillari cos.




23rd - 29th November 2018

I know what’s going on

By Jos Biggs

VIEWS: The Las Sirenas reef is one of the park’s many natural beauty spots.

Natural charms

THE unspoilt jewel in the Costa Almeria natur al cr own is the Cabo de Gata Natural Park. Covering no less than 460km, it i s A n d a l u c i a ’s l a r g e s t c o a s t a l protected area, and offers visit o r s d r a m a t i c vo l c a n i c l a n d scapes and some of Spain’s best beaches. The park is a great place for an out-of-season day-trip. A stroll along the sands of Playa Los Genoveses, an excellent seafood lunch in tiny seaside villages like

by John Redfern

I WAS finally hitting the road with a prestigious six-piece English/Irish showband after 10 years of playing music in pubs and small working men’s clubs. These were the sor t of places where the punters let their children r un riot with a bag of Walkers crisps on the dance floor, and 50 per cent of the crowd left after the bingo, just when we came on to play our best and well rehearsed slot. Let me explain what an Irish showband was. It was a band that included a brass section, guitars and drums. It played all types of music from foxtrots to swing, waltzes to jive and moder n day chart hits. Irish showbands had a massive popularity in the nor th and the south of Ireland and between the 1950’s and late 1980’s filled dance halls to capacity. In my new band (The Las Vegas Showband) I started to get a buzz from my gigs for the first time in many years.

Las Negras, or hike on one of the park’s many walking routes. The Cabo de Gata lighthouse is not a bad place to start park explorations. Take the recently upgraded road from Retamar along the coast, passing the salt works and the Cabo de Gata Las Salinas wetlands, before winding up to the lighthouse. T his is w her e you’ ll find the par k’s highest peak, El Fr aile, and great views out to Las Sirenas reef.

By Mr Tommy Fluffipants SOME humans are so deluded. Jos, for instance, thinks that s h e c a n t r i ck m e . A d m i t t e d l y s h e ’s d o n e i t o n c e , b u t s h e won’t get away with it a second time! The first occasion was over my inoculations; I don’t need inoculations, I’ve got nine lives. I made this point by breaking two different cat boxes, and I thought she’d got the message - I’m not going to the vet! S o I m i s t a ke n l y b e l i e v e d t h a t w h e n s h e g a v e m e b e s t prawns it was her way of apologising. I was wrong! She put s o m e t h i n g i n t h o s e p r a w n s ; m y l e g s we n t a l l wo b b l y, t h e world went round in circles, and before I knew it I was at the vets. But I’ve learnt - I’m never eating prawns again! Now she’s bought some fluffy cushions. Obviously this is a plot - I’m not certain what, but it’s definitely a plot. She put them on my spot on the sofa. “Look Tommy, nice new fluffy cushions”, she said. I jumped up and looked at them. “It’s a plot. I’m not having anything to do with them,” I said, and sat somewhere else. As many times as I changed places she moved the cushions, so in the end I went outside in a huff. When I came back she’d taken all my old cushions away and replaced them with the new ones. Now I have nowhere to sit. But I will not sit on those cushions. I know what’s going on!

Last track…

MEMORIAL: Commemorating The Miami Showband (inset). T he punters were now paying good money to see us, which resulted in higher wages and a feeling of joy that at last my years of practising my bass without the help of Google was giving me results. But in 1975 the craic wasn’t good in Cricklewood, and yer Paddy and

biddy was sad in the crown. This sad story encapsulated all the madness of this time in Ireland and to be honest with you when I heard this news it reduced me to

tears. The Miami Showband was a Dublin band that was popular and talented. They were just young lads who played cabaret with the sole purpose of providing entertainment. On their journey home while driving back to Dublin they were flagged down at a fictitious checkpoint. It was the UVF. They had preprepared a time bomb which they had planned to place in the back of the van. The bomb exploded prematurely killing two of the UVF men (for want of a better word) who were also soldiers in the Ulster Defence Force. The rest of the gunslingers shot dead three of these lads and seriously wounded the other two. Three men were convicted of this murder but were released under the terms of the 1998 Belfast agreement. I am just a retired atheist living in a fantastic country. I will never understand how either Catholics or Protestants could wipe out a bunch of young lads...



Prices on the up GOOD news for homeowners on the Costa Almeria. The average price of proper ty in Spain went up 6.7 per cent in the third quarter of the year, the College of Registrars reported. The report showed more than 133,000 property sales were registered between July and September, nearly 12 per cent up on the third quarter of 2017. Foreigners accounted for over 12 per cent of property acquisitions in the third quar ter, of which more than 16 per cent were British. The average accumulated increase in house prices since the end of 2014, when in many areas prices hit their lowest, is 26.5 per cent, reported the college.


23rd - 29th November 2018

Coast, inland or village? HOUSE hunters in Almeria are spoilt for choice. There are properties fitting any number of needs, preferences and budgets, whether buyers are looking for a moder n holiday apartment, a practical family home or a char m-filled far mhouse. But before getting down to the specifics of which property ticks all the boxes, the first step is to decide which part of the province to look in. The province boasts a beautiful coastline, some of it relatively developed, but a fair old stretch remains pretty much untouched with rocky coves and hidden away beaches. Almeria is much more than sun and

OPTIONS: Inland rural areas (above) offer home buyers a very different living experience from the coast (right). sand though. A lot of Almeria is still ver y rural, the countr yside and foothills of the mountains dotted with picturesque villages of-

fering a ver y different living experience from their buzzing beachside neighbours. And then there are the province’s lively towns, offering home buyers the oppor tunity to really experience life in the heart of an ordinary Spanish community. Other possible property investment locations are one of the province’s golf resorts. All these location options have their attractions. Close to the coast has the obvious appeal of having the beach and the Med right on the doorstep, the often lively night-time scene, restaurants and bars with a more international flavour, and sizeable expatriate communities with all the clubs, events and social life that goes with them. On the other hand, Almeria’s beaches are also the big pull for the tourists of many different nationalities who flock here in the summer months. Inland inevitably means less tourists, and a quieter, less

tourist business-orientated pace of life, not to mention being surrounded by stunning scenery. Not that it’s necessar y to go all that far inland to leave the holiday time crowds behind. Tur re is just minutes away from the beaches of Mojacar by car, which explains its sizeable foreign resident population, while villages like Bedar and El Pinar are not so far away from the coast, but their spectacular mountain locations make them feel like a world away. The Almanzora Valley is a different kind of option together, and a ver y popular one with the British in par ticular. Yes there is rural tourism, but there are nothing like the numbers of visitors as along the coast. Towns like Albox

have all the shops and services necessary for a quality lifestyle, but also plenty of Spanish and foreignowned businesses catering to the significant expatriate demand, and there are no shor tage of leisure options and places of interest on the doorstep. And despite the impor tant number of foreigners who have already bought in the area’s towns and countryside, and the number of expatriate associations now firmly established in the Almanzora Valley, the thoroughly Almerian character remains fir mly in place. It all comes down to the buyer deciding which of the plus points are the most impor tant to them, and then from there honing in on the ideal property.




23rd - 29th November 2018

Eco-friendly home

GREEN living doesn’t have to mean living like a hippy or spending a lot of money. Householders here on the Costa Almeria can do their bit to be kind to the environment by starting with some straightforward changes around their homes. Star t with switching to energy efficient lightbulbs, which use less electricity and last longer, or simply remember to tur n off lights when you leave the room. Unplug electronic appliances: TVs and computers can consume almost as much energy when in standby mode as they do during the time they're being used. When you need new white goods go for fridges, washing machines and tumble driers with a low environmental impact. Talking of fridges, don’t leave

SOLAR: Installing solar panels is good for the environment and keeps bills down! the door open any longer than necessary; just leaving the door open for a few extra seconds uses energy. Rags are useful for more than polishing: you could use them in-

stead of paper towels. Here on the Costa Almeria we have many more dr y days than rainy days. Make the most of our sunny climate and dry washing on the line, not in the

tumble dryer. Curtains and blinds don’t just serve as attractive decorative touches, they also help keep out chilly air in the cooler months and the summer heat.

As a general rule water is a resource to be used with care in Almeria’s dry climate. When we do have rain, collect it in a bucket for watering the garden in dry spells or save wa-

ter from washing vegetables for irrigation. Fixing any leaks around the home will also help save on unnecessary water consumption. Recycle! There are now plenty of paper and glass recycling skips dotted around, so no excuse not to. Grow plants indoors. House plants add a touch of natural beauty to rooms, but also act as natural air filters. Grow your own fruit and veggies. Herbs and tomatoes can be grown on even the smallest of terraces or balconies. Property owners who are ready to make a bigger green investment can of course think about solar energy, again, a very viable choice on the Costa Almeria bearing in mind the average of more than 3,000 hours of sunlight in this area a year.


23rd - 29th November 2018

Times 19

What’s in a colour

GONE are the days w hen wall paint in any home on the Costa Almeria meant white or white. Influenced by home makeover TV programmes r ecommending accent walls and contemporar y trends towar ds individualised interiors, home owner s ar e embracing colour. The dizzying choice of wall paint shades and hues available these days is quite overwhelming though, and nar r owing down the choice bet w e e n Tu s c a n s u n ter r acotta, buttercup yellow or petunia pink requires a fair bit of thought. Befor e be ginning t h e s e a r ch fo r t h e ideal colour it might help to reach a decision by taking on boar d the common wisdom on w hat kind of colours are best suited to each space in the home according to the room function. Beginning with the hear t of the home, the kitchen, the recommendat i o n i s t o m a ke i t look warm and welcoming, but not ove r b r i g h t . Yo u need to be guided by the colour of the cupboards and worktops, but think along the lines of sunny yellows and golden, peachy tones.

RESTFUL: Soft blue-greens and sages can create a spa-like atmosphere. M ov i n g i n t o t h e living room, it might be wise to let furniture, rugs, or naments and paintings be the colourful talking points treating the wa l l s a s t h e b a ck dr op. T his means opting for neutr al greys and beiges or muted greens. Colours which are not recommended for dining rooms are red and orange. The thinking is that they are over stimulating and increase the appetite. Blue is also given the thumbs down, but for the opposite reason: it’s too calming and could suppress appetite. Instead think along similar hues to kitchens, in other wor ds war m,

earthy tones. Calming colours ar e a good choice for rooms meant for rest and relaxation. So blues for the bedroom are a yes, as are greens and other cool neutral tones. Alternatively, you might pr efer a more romantic feel, which could be created with colour s like coral. Bathr ooms could also be given a restful, spa-like atmosphere with soft blue-greens and sages, or for a skin flattering hue go for rosy pinks. It is cer tainly advisable to stay away from har sh, jar ring colours in bathrooms. If your home has a h a l l w a y, t h e n r e -

member this is the space w hich gives the first impression t o a p r o p e r t y, s o

this could be where you want to choosing a more dramatic c o l o u r. Po s s i b l y a

teal would wor k well. A wor k space or office may be another area of the h o m e t o c o n s i d e r. Wall colour recommendations var y according to the nature of the work the room is used for. If you just need to concentr ate then think along the lines of colours w h i c h h e l p ke e p you ser ene and focused, so colours which remind you of the sky, sea and nat u r e f o r ex a m p l e . Ne gotiator s on the other hand might need to feel inspired and motivated by bold, strong primar y colours. Or it might just be best to go neutral with no-nonsense greys.



Food & Drink

23rd - 29th November 2018

Christmas cheer

MAKING and decorating your own Christmas cake should be fun! Here at Olive Tree Farm everyone gets involved. Some years the cake has been added to by three-year-olds, and on other occasions I have managed to do it all by myself. Both are equally enjoyable, although the final design has sometimes left a lot to be desired! Last year was a first for me. I left it too late to buy marzipan and decided to have a go at making my own. Why I had never done that before I honestly don’t know. Was it better than shop bought? Absolutely! Marzipan To cover an 8” round cake I used 200g icing sugar, 250g ground almonds, 2 tablespoons honey, 1 tsp vanilla

essence (or almond essence), for larger cakes increase the ingredients in equal measures ... Just mix together and add a few drops of water if it is too crumbly, just add a few more if you need to until it all comes together. Knead for a minute or two and then rest in the fridge for a couple of hours wrapped in cling film. Note: There are recipes using an egg to bind instead of honey, but that version has to be cooked. How to get a flat surface on a cake When you are ready to cover in marzipan, using a long serrated knife, carefully take the raised section off the top of the cake so it is flat and turn your cake upside down, so you have a perfectly flat, straight edged surface to work

FUN: Cover your cake in marzipan and let your imagination run wild! with. If when you set it on the cake board it is sloping at all, use the bits of off cuts from the top as wedges underneath the cake edges until it is level. How to cover a cake with marzipan and icing War m some apricot jam and put through a sieve so you don’t have any lumpy bits in it, and brush the cake all over with the jam.

Now cut your marzipan into thirds and roll out 2/3 together into an oblong to fit around the sides and trim off the excess. The final third needs to fit the top, so roll out accordingly. If you haven’t got an icing smoother, a piece of foam works as well, so gently smooth out any bumps and seams, to give you an even surface ready to

add the icing. When you are ready to add the icing, (I like to use fondant ready to roll icing), roll it into one large piece, (large enough to cover the top and sides in one go, you don’t want seams this time). Damp the marzipan with a little water, which helps the icing to stick properly and using your rolling pin, careful-

OLIVE TREE FARM was set up about four years ago with the intention of achieving a level of self sufficiency. We have poultry for meat and eggs, goats for milk, rabbits and small pigs for meat and har vest our 70 olive trees each year for oil. We also grow a variety of fruits and vegetables. ly lift the icing over the cake and gently drop it on the top and let it fall down the sides. You now work your way from the top outwards and then down the sides, smoothing the icing as you go until the whole cake is covered. Trim off the excess and give it one more smoothing session. Don’t press too hard on the edges or it will tear! Tip: If you don’t have a turn table, tr y using a microwave plate with the ring underneath, or, if you have a Lazy Susan, try that! So, there you have it. A perfect base on which to create your design. You can make trees by rolling a cone out of icing and using scissors snip small slits into it. Buy some coloured icing and make a nativity scene, the kids love to help with this one. There are also lots of different cutters you can buy, Christmas trees, snowflakes, Santa’s. You can even make bows out of the icing to sit on top. Have a google and see what you can find. But above all, enjoy yourself!

Health & beauty

23rd - 29th November 2018

Take a hike

HAPPY HIKERS: Walking outdoors is proven to boost both fitness and happiness.

HIKING outdoor s is good for the body and mind, and gives you the chance to explor e the wor ld while you’re at it. While jogging remains a popular for m of exer cise among fitness enthusiasts, many don’t realise that walking in the outdoors may actually be better for you. T his powerf u l c a r d i o w o r ko u t puts less pressure on the bones, joints, and hear t and is a proven mood booster - especiall y if you trek around somewhere par ticularly scenic. Going on regular h i ke s c o u l d l o w e r your risk of hear t disease as it reduces blood pressure and blood sugar levels. It helps to build str ength in your quadriceps, g lutes, hamstrings, as well as muscles in the hips and lower legs. R a m b l i n g ov e r a r ock y ter r ain also, u n s u r p r i s i n g l y, i m p r ov e s b a l a n c e b y

strengthening the cor e - w hich will come in handy if you f i n d yo u r s e l f s t u m bling down a particularly steep slope. Hiking is as good for the mind as it is t h e b o d y, a s r e s e a r c h h a s p r ov e n that it is effective at combating the symptoms of stress and anxiety. The president of the American Hiking Society claims this is because nature is ingrained in our DNA, and hiking helps us to escape from the noise and chaos of towns and cities. T h e r e a r e s eve r a l ways you can make the most of your

h i ke s , whether you’ r e an experienced stroller or setting of f for the ver y first time: Ta ck l e a fe w h i l l s along the way as even a small hill will bur n extr a calories and intensify your heart rate. I f yo u c a r r y s o m e extra weight in your pack, such as extr a water reser ves, this can help to build m u s cl e s t r e n g t h i n your back. Invest in a decent pair of hiking boots and dress according to the weather. Finall y, always familiarise your self with the route before you go and take a map just in case.

Times 21



Word Ladder Can you by changing 1 letter at a time, get from the first word to the last word in the given number of moves?




LAST 1 2 3 4


23rd - 29th November 2018


Down 1 Stop filming a share of the profits (3) 2 Cop in estate car traps suspect (5) 3 Non-believer at home gets filed away (7) 4 Official instructions for religious groups (6) 5 In August one has enthusiasm (5) 6 Nobleman, one with the Queen previously (7) 7 Sure, spend liberally for an elastic strap (9) 10 Hybrid language or slang with fair translation (9) 13 State in which a Buddhist priest entertains a bishop (7) 15 Penny's up to be commended (7) 16 A Canadian's first coin, in a manner of speaking (6) 18 Turbulent times for pound (5) 20 Calling the exchange (5) 23 Agree to a court decision (3)

MEAL Weekly Stars

Across 1 Some exotic horizontal sausage (7) 5 Suppose guests lose time (5) 8 A criminal I got surrounded by the force's leader (5) 9 Wishes of French parents (7) 10 A slip, perhaps, if backing into tree (7) 11 Nothing evil about Popeye's girlfriend (5) 12 A baler is destroyed to make the land ready for cultivation (6) 14 Released and spread around (6) 17 Scruffy togas for Capricorns (5) 19 Escort a damaged ship (7) 21 Greed displayed by girl taking pudding (7) 22 Saint gets everything to come to a standstill (5) 24 A point to a story, kept too long (5) 25 Its diet is unusual but most neat (7)

Kenny Corris For Readings, Consultations and Castings kennycorris@hotmailcom Mobile: 686 361 594 / Tel: 965 878 424

you the power you need to get something off your chest and well and truly dealt with. This is an ideal time for you to release that stored anger and to tell some home truths. It is time that there was some clarity in your life and this means the immediate clearance of all the debris!

Libra. A midweek tryst with both Mars and Saturn only serves to complicate your current situation. With options well and truly open take control of plans and do what you must to keep that wonderful balance in operation. Dare to challenge when you know that you must; and leave no stone unturned, as you are right to question.

Taurus. This may be a time for you to face facts, but you do not have to go cap in hand because there are some things that your pride would never allow. Mars trines Ceres midweek, and the solution to the immediate dilemma is to wait and see. Someone isn’t telling you the truth, but what are they trying to hide?

Scorpio. Talk about a sting! Mars sextiles Saturn early this week. You are very disappointed something didn’t pan out, and you must remain calm if you want to see where things really went wrong. This means creating an inner calm and playing the game, even if somebody seriously thinks you are playing by their rules.

Gemini. With Mercury squaring up to Mars there is an additional pressure on your resourceful and talented persona. With a decision having to be made, and with some highly inspiring energies around you it’s time to face the negativities full on! You have a right to be very angry, but now is a time to set a precedent.

Sagitarius. The Sun enters the ninth house this week releasing you and pointing you in the right direction. With the Mars sextile with Saturn calling the shots, influences abounding mean that you may have a fight on your hands, but winning will spur you on to make some progress in a matter that appears to have been overlooked.

Cancer. Actions in your opposing sign of Capricorn reflects a time to balance your wishes with the needs and aspirations of others. The Sun conjuncts Jupiter and it is clear you need to take the upper hand, but in the scheme of things is it worth it? You deserve a quiet life this week, but whether or not you get it depends on you!

Capricorn. Controlling Ceres trines with Mars bringing you some wonderful nostalgic connection with somebody from the past. You may have a changed routine this week, but not now why, but you will greatly benefit from the love and good energy from this surprise contact. Lighten your heart and soul with fond memories, above all!

Leo. Leave everything to others to sort out and just take a backseat. Your leadership style means that you can bulldoze a project at your whim, but there is so much to discover right now. Mercury conjuncts with Jupiter, so put your best foot forward when the time is right, you are best to stall for time in any immediate decisions!

Aquarius. Uranus hedges in on the Sun, known to bring conflict and disagreement. This week any anger that you have is focussed on those who are supposed to be helping you;, and don’t regret the chance to tell things just the way that they are! You need to be appreciated for all that you are doing to bring harmony against the odds.

Virgo. Love brings complication and somebody may not be what you thought that they were. It is high time that you shared the depths of your inner soul, so look deeply into your innermost energies to make sure that what is on offer is what you want too.. Mercury squares on Mars, so you have substantial astrological support!

Pisces. Mercury brings some financial pressure in the form of a warning, and you would be wise to adjust to a spending limit whilst carefully examining your financial situation as a whole. Broken promises don’t amount to much when cash in your hand is what is really needed. Clearly someone is not paying their way!

Aries. The entry of the Sun into Uranus brings

Code Breaker

Each number in the Code Breaker grid represents a different letter of the alphabet. In this week’s puzzle, 4 represents C and 6 represents R, so fill in C every time the figure 4 appears and R every time the figure 6 appears. Now, using your knowledge of the English language, work out which letters should go in the missing squares. As you discover the letters, fill in other squares with the same number in the main grid and the control grid.


23rd - 29th November 2018 Across 1 Collection of maps in book form (5) 3 Moderately warm (5) 6/18 Weapon that fires pellets (3,3) 8 Not strict (7) 9 Group of eight performers (5) 10 Honey producing insects (4) 13 Unpleasantly cool and humid (4) 14 Start (5) 17 Portending evil (7) 18 See 6 19 Sugary (5) 20 Soft or heavy with water (5)


Down 1 Partly open (4) 2 Soft white precious metal (6) 3 Heavily armoured fighting vehicle (4) 4 Existing or coming before (9) 5 Dislike intensely (6) 7 Restore friendly relations between (9) 11 Unequivocally detestable (6) 12 Playing in opposition to (6) 15 Young male horse under the age of four (4) 16 Covetousness (4)

Across 1 Nothing else (4,3) 5 Prensa (5) 8 Sustantivos (5) 9 To repeat (7) 10 Fourteen (7) 11 To ring (telephone) (5) 12 Against (6) 14 Cebollas (6) 17 Behind (at the back) (5) 19 Atrasos (financiero) (7) 21 To shave (7) 22 Cuellos (5) 24 Nickname (5) 25 Poppy (7)

Down 1 Monja (3) 2 Duda (5) 3 To show (7) 4 Pantalla (cine) (6) 5 TuberĂ­as (5) 6 Tobacconist's shop (7) 7 Sorpresas (9) 10 Spoonful (9) 13 Norwegian (7) 15 Orange (7) 16 Homeland (6) 18 Place (5) 20 Wide (street, river, trousers) (5) 23 Mar (3)




Fill the grid so every column and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1-9

English - Spanish The clues are mixed, some clues are in Spanish and some are in English.

Funagram Unscramble the name of a term used in tennis (two words): RECORDER OF RUN Unscramble the name of a popular British television detective drama first aired in 1997 (two words): OR MISSED DRUMMER ANSWERS: - UNFORCED ERROR - MIDSOMER MURDERS

Crossword Solutions from last week Quick



Irregular Sudoku


Boggled quoit oreo tiro tire tier tear teat goat goad gait gain agar again area aria arid rite raga retie rete read rear raita rain rata ratio radar radio radon raid earn adorn aerie ardor arvo iron ordain iota into intro indie indri toga toad taro tare tardier tarn tiara trod dare data darn dire diet dieter drat drier rare rort virago vireo void ovoid noria




23rd - 29th November 2018

It takes a man to do the job by Sandy Shore IT is difficult to imagine anyone more respectful of the female gender than I. As a matter of fact my mother was a woman as were roughly half my family. Vera, my first girlfriend was female: Come to think of it, all who followed her footsteps were girls or women and with one or two exceptions each played a part in enriching my life. However, I am unswerving in my view that we are a different species. This is not to say we don’t complement each other. We most certainly do. Like the black and white keys of the piano, we harmonise but it can be discordant at times. Gender skills often overlap and we all know what it is like to need the support or advice of a member of the opposite sex. There are occasions when the fairer sex made my life possible apart from my mother. It is just that we are wired

A MAN’S WORLD: Army General Sergei Shoigu surrounded by macho men. differently, which means that in some careers men are biologically more capable than are their female counterparts. I was horrified when the ranks of the armed forces were opened to admit the ‘weaker sex.’ Sure, some women equal the men in terms of territorial ambition. The greatest land grabs in

history were conducted by Russia’s Catherine the Great, Queen Isabel of Spain, and England’s Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria. However, I struggle when it comes to recalling battlefield warriors. Boadicea and Joan of Arc have a mythos built around them; how much of it is true is some-

thing to ponder on. As of May 2017, five of the European Union’s Ministers of Defence were women, responsible for the defence of the European Union’s five largest economies. There was much mir th when a meme was circulated that showed a photo taken in 2014 that depicted four attractive women

whose role was Minister of Defence in their respective countries: Norway, Sweden, Netherlands and Germany. None had militar y experience; one was a doctor. The 2014 image of these fashionably attired ladies was contrasted with the much more macho uniformed Russian Minister of Defence, Sergei Shoigu. When looking at the images one doesn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. Typically male, I am comforted by the thought that no nation in its right mind would consider a female Minister of Defence if a hot war was imminent, so sleep easy in your hammocks. Oh yes, talking of hammocks, NATO recently held its largest exercise since the collapse of the Soviet Union. The only notable occurrence was the collision and sinking of the Norwegian frigate, the ‘unsinkable’ KNM Helge Ingatbeds. Of the warship’s five navigators four were women. I rest my oars.


Una Paloma V L James | | Facebook: @vljamesinfo IN 1975, Dutch band The George Baker Selection had a worldwide hit with Una Paloma Blanca. Package holidays to Spain were just becoming popular with the Brits and they enthusiastically danced to this in Spanish discos a n d t h e ch e e s y e a s y l i s t e n i n g song hit the charts. This was the star t of a phenomenon that would hit its peak in the 80’s. I t c o u l d ’ ve b e e n t h e s u n o r maybe the cheap booze that got t o u s , b u t w e f o u n d o u r s e l ve s dancing to songs that we’d never h e a r d b e fo r e we g o t t o o u r r e sort. Songs that we wouldn’t normally give house room to. Then, after the sang ria and sun were done and we wer e back to norm a l i t y i n B l i g h t y, t h e r e t h e y wer e, all over the r adio and on Top of the Pops. T h e E u r o ch e e s e wo u l d t a ke over our charts in September and October. We loved to be remind-

HOLIDAY HITS: The George Baker Selection were a huge hit in the 80’s. ed of our two weeks in the sun. Prime examples of these Euro holiday hits, songs that played throughout Europe’s resorts, are Dolce Vita by Ryan Paris, Big in Japan by Alphaville, Rock Me A m a d e u s b y Fa l c o , B o y s B o y s Boys by Sabrina and Call Me by Spagna. Ah… the memories!



23rd - 29th November 2018


Game of Thrones final series Richard Shanley

Dishing the Dirt OF EUROPA DIGITAL

GAME OF THRONES will return for its eighth and final series in April next year, HBO has confirmed in a new teaser trailer for the show. A clip announcing the return of the hit series, which first aired in 2011, features the tagline: ‘For T he T hrone.’ While few details are revealed, the video shows key moments from past series and lets fans know when they can expect to see the much anticipated final season, which will be broadcast in the UK on Sky Atlantic and Now TV. Kit Harington, Emilia Clarke and Peter Dinklage will reprise their roles as Jon Snow, Daener ys Targar yen and Tyrion Lannister, while Lena Headey will return to face them as the key antagonist, Cersei Lannister. Speaking backstage at the Emmys in September, the show’s boss David Benioff said the final season took a long time to make “because it’s the biggest thing we’ve ever done. “Even though it’s six episodes, it was nearly a full year in Belfast either prepping it or shooting it,” he said. “It’s quite extraordinary what the crew and the actors created, and I think when people see it they’ll understand why it took so long.”

FINALE: The four main stars will appear in the final series of the hit show.

If you would like me to answer any questions you may have on satellite TV or to expand on anything I have written about please call me on 678 332 815 or email I look forward to your comments and questions. Don’t forget to listen to my radio show every weekday from 10am on Spectrum 96.1 and 106.8FM, now covering almost 3,000sq kms of Costa Almeria and Calida or listen online at for the latest news and views from the world of satellite television.



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23rd - 29th November 2018

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What happens when dogs mature? This is Aldo a mature black lab who loves his routine MORE and more of our members are joining HouseSit because they need care for ageing pets. They describe their pets as maturing, and less comfortable with any change in their lives. Debbie in Alicante tells us that Aldo is getting rather set in his ways and needs the comfort of his daily routine. As a family they would travel around souther n Europe to discover the coasts of France and Portugal on holiday, taking him with them wherever they went. Now at the age of 12 years he seems less able to adapt. His rheumatism limits walking to short familiar routes in the neighbourhood. So they look for a house-sitter to care for him in his own home during family holidays.

How we work HouseSitMatch is a housesitting network where new members register online. We ID check everyone to ensure we know who you are, and in addition sitters are police checked. We charge for membership to ensure that there is a commitment from both par-

and we have returned to two ver y happy animals. Would highly recommend them. Christine White - home and pet owner in Almeria

MATURE PETS: Cared for. ties and that we can afford to manage our network online professionally.

Our latest review on Trustpilot We have been using HouseSit Match for a year and we have always completely satisfied with the service received. Our house-sitters have always been very helpful and friendly

How you benefit as a home and pet owner Our membership offers access to a secure network helping you find suitable sitters. We hide your contact details and address. You post an adver t ahead of your travel dates, we publish the advert then house-sitters apply. You can view their profiles and chat with them before you accept an applicant. If you join as a Premium member we can also help you at each stage of the process to get you started and manage your account.

ABANDONED: REY was left at the shelter gates early one morning.

Looking for a forever home THIS little chap Rey was left abandoned at the gates of the PAWS-PATAS animal shelter in Los Gallardos ear ly one mor ning, understandably in a ver y distressed state. He is currently in a foster home in and is having a great time. However, this is only a

Veterinary Clinic

How you do join? Please register online via our www.Housesit website • • •

Choose a membership plan Standard (DIY option) = £49 pa Premium (with support at each step) = £79 pa

Do you need a house or pet-sitter? Get in touch. House-sitting can be a win-win for both parties, free house and pet-sitting, and the experienced and checked sitters get free accommodation! Register as either house-sitter or homeowner with a 20 per cent discount using coupon code P2020 – an exclusive offer for readers. To find a house pet-sitter go to To find a house or pet-sitter go to call Lamia on 00 44 (0) 777 214 2742 or email

Avenida de Almeria 1 Bis Local 2 Edf La Para,04639 Turre Almeria

temporar y ar rangement and so PAWSPATAS needs to find him a suitable forever home. Rey is used to being inside and outside, and enjoys attention and fuss. For more information about how to adopt him contact 627 835 109.





23rd - 29th November 2018

Almeria Bowling Club 2018 Ladies CAA Singles Championships Report THE Men and Ladies Singles CAA Singles Championship continued this year to be played over several days as opposed to over sever al months: games were arranged by players individually and controlled by ‘play-by dates’ until they reached the semi and final sta ge. T he new knockout over three days proved to be very successful in 2017. T he Ladies Singles Knockout competition was played at Almeria Bowling Club between Satur day November 10 and Monday November 12. Twenty-two entries from Indalo, Almeria and Cabrera Bowling Clubs took part. T he quality of entries was excellent, and play proved to be very exciting throughout. Many expected winners did not make it

WINNER: Chris Ivin (above), and Chris with runner-up Ann Reynolds (right). to the final stages. The final was between the eventual winner Chris Ivin and Ann Reynolds,

both Indalo players. This was always going to be a tough game as both players had good close wins in

their semi-finals against Christine Par kinson and Linda Harvey, both from Indalo Bowling Club.

Chris star ted well winning at the seventh end with the scor e 6-5. Ann then took four shots on the eighth end, going ahead 96. Scor es wer e level on 11th and 13th end at 11-11 and 13-13. This was a crucial time in the game, as although the quality of play was good, Ann was unable to move of f her score of 13. Chris went on to win comfortably, taking the championship 21-13. Tony Lear, CAA Competition Secretary, thanked all those who took par t, the bar and ground staff, markers and umpires. He then presented the trophy and prizes to the finalists and Vic Parsons recorded the moment with photographs. Thanks were also in order for Tony for r unning the competition.

Mojacar Taekwondo Club Winter Grading CREDIT: Merche Gonzalez

ENTHUSIASTS: The idea for the Nijar Cyclesport challenge originated with a local cycling club.

Cycling support AROUND 150 cylists took part in the first Nijar Cyclesport challenge last Saturday, which had been organised by the Campohermoso Natura Bike club in collaboration with Nijar Council. “Trials of this kind make our municipality known as the ideal place in which to practise sport,” said Mayor Esperanza Perez Felices. “This government team is convinced that sport and its values are fundamental for the development of Nijar.” The 114-kilometre route took the cyclists all over the municipality, the leaders taking around three-and-a-half hours to reach the finish line.

THE Mojacar Taekwondo Club Winter Grading held its winter grading last Saturday, students from as young as three years old taking part and showing skill and technique. The juniors were first examined in sparring (combat) against one or even, while for the more advanced students, against two, three and more opponents. It was very demanding; there were some bruises and a lot of sweat, but above all it was fun. The technical knowledge and precise techniques of the patterns were then presented in front of the 2nd Dan head instructor Mr Serge Dewree and the 2nd Dan instructor Laura Linschoten, who judged the participants on their physical and mental strength, their knowledge of Korean words and, most of all, their ability to perform all kind of blocks, kicks and punch in set patterns, under stress, during a three-hour grading session. For this, all the Taekwondo Mojacar students deserve great respect and admiration.

CONGRATULATIONS: Club instructor Serge Dewree told all the students to be proud of what they had achieved. In the Rainbow category (under eight years old), the Dragon Glove for Best Student was granted to Alejandro Brotons Segura, with a medal for great fighting spirit to Melissa Lyne and to Nicole Lyne. In the Junior-Adult category, in view of the quality of the techniques, the continuous improvement and the broad knowledge displayed, the Dragon Glove for

Best Student was awarded to Mila Vickery. Lily Miles-Kirby was named Student of the Year 2018, succeeding Maite Scheyvaerts. Serge Dewree, the club instructor told the students: “The belt given to you shows that you have reached a higher level. Be proud of what you achieved. You truly deserve it. Well done to all of you.”


Range Rover Vogue: Still leading the way THERE was a time when you could only drive a Range Rover if you were part of the landed gentry. Things have moved on, and Range Rover ownership now starts at about €34,000 for the Evoque, and morphs through myriad hotels to this, the Range Rover TDV6 Vogue. This full-fat version is now in its fourth incarnation and is still regarded as the pinnacle of luxury SUVs. Bentley, Lamborghini and Rolls-Royce have fashioned expensive rivals but the Range Rover has lost none of its cachet. Even populating the brand with new models such as the Velar, Sport and Evoque, hasn’t dentA RUST-BUCKET Porsche, hidden away for decades has emerged for sale for an eye opening €108,000-€130,000. The 1958, 1600 Super Speedster has been kept in storage since 1983, leaving it covered in rust and in a state of total disrepair. However, RM Sothebys is in charge of the auction and is pitching it as a ‘prime example for restoration.’ Originally built for the American market, the car is one of a select group to be made with a speedometer reading in miles rather than kilometres, and US-specification bumpers. Given the car’s current condition, its original colour is not listed, but a door stamp claims it once boasted a metallic silver finish. Though its early history is not known, the current owner purchased the motor in 1983 as a restoration project. The car in storage in Dallas, Texas, where it would remain for more than three decades. The

IN VOGUE: Range Rovers are still the SUV market leaders.

ed the desirability of the biggest Range Rover of them all. It’s one of the best luxur y cars money can buy. The entry level TDV6 version is powered by a 258bhp diesel engine

w h i c h blasts 0-60mph in 7.5 seconds, and the official fuel economy now tops 40mpg. If you demand more diesel grunt, the cheapest 4.4 litre V8 is another


23rd - 29th November 2018

€19,000, roughly the same as the all-new, super-economical P400epetrolelectric PHEV version. The crazy 5.0 litre V8 petrol starts at €133,000 and is somewhat behind the times in the new, environmentally-friendly Land Rover fleet. An eight-speed automatic gearbox is now standard on the Rangey, with a raft of adaptive driving aids for ever y type of condition on and off the road. These include the now ubiquitous Hill Descent Control and modes for snow, rock, or any offroad terrain you can think of.

Pit Stop Save a Porsche



car has been off the road for so long it still boasts its 1983 Texas licence tag.

The Speedster is mostly complete, but requires some serious work to get it back on the road.


Petrol up to 2L from


Diesel up to 2L from




Safety/ITV check with every service




2001 Jaguar XKR Exc Condition............................................................... €9,995 Mercedes Vito Mini bus Diesel, 7 seats, New ITV...................................€3,495 2004 Renault Megane 1.9dci, 3 door Sport, Alloys, 6 speed, New ITV... €2,995 2000 Nissan Terrano 2.7 TD 7 seater Automatic...................................... €2,995 2005 Opel Astra 1.7 TD Low Milage, New ITV............................... €2,495 1999 Nissan Almera VGC...................................................................... €995 2001 Opal Corsa 1.4 Automatic.............................................................. €995 999 Fiat Punto Van 1.7 Diesel. New ITV.................................................. €795

CARS BOUGHT FOR CASH Find us on the Partaloa to Oria road (A399) 1km outside of Oria on the right Carretera Autonomica A-399 C/ Paraje el Puente Sin 04810. Oria, Almeria


trackin g with 2 or more ne tyres w Fre courtese y with a f Car ull s (by arraer vice ngeme nt only)

950 124 828

Soltimes Almeria – Issue 662  


Soltimes Almeria – Issue 662