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16 - 22 January 2020




THE Consell de Mallorca have released a statement to reveal that they have evidence of 16 cases of children who have been sexually exploited on the island. The minors are part of 359 children who are under the guardianship of the Mallorcan Institute of Social Affairs (IMAS), where they are provided with residential care and protection measures. Of the 16 victims, 15 are girls and one is a boy. The release of the alarming figures coincides with the report that a 13-year-old girl was gang raped on Christmas Eve

CREDIT: Josep María Aguiló

HARROWING HERD PROTECTION: There are 359 minors under the guardianship of IMAS. in the Es Camp Redó district in Palma. The young girl had been under the care of an IMAS centre when she left to go and see a friend on Decem-

ber 24. It is understood that the National Police are now probing if she was targeted by a network dedicated to child prostitution.

The police had arrested eight teenagers, who have been named locally as ‘The Herd,’ over the course of last week and are accused of participating directly or indirectly to the sexual assault of the girl. As reported by officers working on the case, all those who were detained either raped or encour-

aged the assault, where they are now determining if any of the relations were consensual. All of the suspects, who are reported to be Spanish and between the ages of 14 and 19 years old, have subsequently been released from custody and will now be made available to the Juve-

nile Prosecutor’s Office. Javier de Juan, the President of IMAS indicated that they are now considering moving the young girl out of the Balearic Islands which he cites would be an “extreme measure,” but that “all steps will be taken to protect the victim as much as possible.”


16 - 22 January 2020


Press Release

A MESSAGE FOR UK NATIONALS FROM HMA HUGH ELLIOTT HAPPY NEW YEAR, AND PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE REGISTERED! CITIZENS’ rights have always been an important part of the negotiations on our exit from the EU. Indeed the citizens’ rights parts of the Withdrawal Agreement (the agreement about how we leave the EU) were one of the first areas to be agreed between the UK and the EU back in autumn 2018. The final text of the Withdrawal Agreement was agreed between the UK and the EU in October 2019 and there were no substantive changes to the citizens’ rights elements. In the UK, the process for approving the Withdrawal Agreement or what many of us call ‘the Deal’ - is already well underway in parliament. The House of Commons approved the Withdrawal Agreement Bill - which is the domestic legislation that needs to be passed by parliament - by a majority of 99 on Thursday January 9. It is now being discussed in the House of Lords. If there are any amendments as a result of this, these will be considered by the House of Commons.  The Bill will then be given ‘Royal Assent’ which means that it becomes law in the UK (to follow this in depth, see the UK Parliament website nunionwithdrawalagreement.html). In parallel, the European Parliament will also vote on the Withdrawal Agreement on January 29; approval by a simple majority would mean that the EP has also ratified ‘the Deal.’  These processes are a bit intricate, but the key point for you is that we are firmly on track to leave with a Deal on January 31. It is also important to note that your rights under the Withdrawal Agreement are completely independent of the negotiations about our future trade and security relationship with the EU. For British Nationals in Spain, the Withdrawal Agreement con-

Credit: EWN Media Group

As you know, the UK will be leaving the EU on January 31 and we are on course to leave with a Deal, so I wanted to explain some of the jargon around the parliamentary process and, crucially, what all of this means for British nationals living in Spain.

HMA HUGH ELLIOTT: Explaining the facts.

tains really important guarantees for you on citizens’ rights, such as the right to continue to live and work in Spain, continuation of healthcare and uprating of pensions. Those rights will be protected for as long as you remain resident in Spain, provided that you are registered as a resident by December 31, 2020. That’s why it is so important to ensure that you, your family, your friends and indeed your neighbours are all correctly registered as resident here. If you are not sure whether you are or don’t know what to do next, have a look at this video from our consular advisor which takes you through the process, and explains the differences between the padron, NIE and residencia: https://www.facebook. com/BritsInSpain/videos/2503168039961576/. You have time and there are plenty of appointments in most provinces, but do make it a New Year’s Resolution to get it done as soon as you can! I should also clarify that UK Nationals cannot apply for a TIE (Tarjeta de Identidad de Extranjero or foreigner’s identity card) until after Brexit - something I know some people have been asking about. If there is any change to the residency system after Brexit we will update our Living in Guide at, so do sign up for alerts and follow us on Facebook at We are also holding outreach events in a number of locations in January, including Benidorm, Lanzarote and Murcia, and further details of all our outreach events are on the Living in Guide and on Facebook, so do come along if you have any questions or doubts, and encourage others to join us too. If you can’t attend a face-to-face event, we will be doing another Facebook live session on January 31 where we can also answer your questions directly.


16 - 22 January 2020

Lucky escape


THE Guardia Civil’s Mountain Rescue Unit has been praised for carrying out two search and rescue operations between January 11 and 12 in the Serra de Tramuntana. On Saturday, a 71year-old man was rescued from the Torrent Cornellar des Pou and on Sunday, a 52-year-old woman was assisted on the Torrent de Na Mora.


In solidarity SOME 700 people took part in a demonstration in the capital on Sunday, January 12 to call upon ‘a government that respects the Constitution and sovereignty.’ Organised by the VOX party under a national protest named ‘España Existe,’ the group marched through the streets holding banners and Spanish flags, converging at Plaça de Cort where a manifesto was read.


Just dance ONE of Mallorca’s longest standing traditions will take place in Algaida today (Thursday, January 16), inviting visitors to enjoy the Sant Honorat. Paying homage to the 14th century Dance of the Cossiers, spectators can delight in a variety of performances in the town’s central square.

All aboard AFTER undergoing vast improvements to its track since the beginning of December, the iconic Soller train will be back in operation from February 2. The popular wooden vessel travels from Palma through 20 miles of glorious countryside to the Port de Soller valley and is estimated to draw approximately one million passengers a year.

Zero waste A TOTAL of 11 municipalities still do not recycle their organic waste and will fail to meet targets set by the European Commission for 2020. Implemented to recycle 50 per cent of urban waste, the councils of Alcudia, Banyalbufar, Deia, Escorca, Estellencs, Fornalutx, Llucmajor, Marratxi, Pollensa, Sa Pobla and Soller have been urged to act.

Slow lane IN aim of improving the safety of pedestrians and schoolchildren in Inca, new speed restrictions on the roads will be introduced across the municipality. A maximum speed limit of 20 kilometres per hour will be enforced for drivers travelling on roads adjacent to educational centres.



22-23 HEALTH &

A HIDDEN PRIZE: Local inhabitants attributed magical and paranormal phenomena to the area.


IN Rincon de la Victoria, in the Axarquia region, there is an area known as ‘El Cantal’ that is home to a series of cliffs that were formed in Jurassic times. These cliffs overlook the Mediterranean and hide a prize within: The Treasure Cave. Only three caves of marine origin are known in the world, this cave being the only one in the European Continent. The stories and legends surrounding

the mysterious cave date back to the Palaeolithic and the Early Bronze Age. But it was the Romans and the Arabs who were truly obsessed with the cave and the treasure buried within. Long before the significance of the Treasure Cave was known, local inhabitants attributed magical and paranormal phenomena to the area. In the 12th century, many believed that the emperor of the Almoravid dynasty, Tasufín Ibn Ali, hid an impressive treasure in the cavern.

When a series of garnets appeared in the cave in the 18th century, little doubt remained that the legends were true. Swiss Antonio de la Nari, dedicated his life exploring the cave. He tragically died within the rocky shelter in 1847, killed by his own explosives. Mr Manuel Laza Palacio owned the cave for almost four decades until his death in 1988. During his work, he was stunned to find six pure gold coins from the Almoravid dynasty.


Island fusion

Brexit boost

A DOZEN companies from Mallorca took part in this year’s Madrid Fusion International Summit, one of the most important gastronomical fairs in Spain. Established in 2002, the renowned event brings together leading names in the sector and sees a variety of activities held throughout the summit, including tastings, competitions and auctions. The Consell de Mallorca selected those who best represented the island to highlight its quality, ecology, artisanal skills and respect for the environment. Some of the lucky participants included the José Luis Ferrer Winery who presented the Binissalem Denominación de Origen (DO), where guests were able to try the native grape varieties defined by their distinctive character. Marga Coll, Head Chef of Miceli restaurant in Selva also took part, in addition to Laura Calvo from Flor de Sal d’Es Trenc and Miquel Calent who impressed with his culinary creations.

THE City Council of Calvia has revealed that they will allocate 167 per cent more money for the promotion of tourism in the municipality this year. In response to the predicted negative impact of Brexit on the British market and the uncertainties in the German economy, the Council has increased its budget from €30,000 to €80,000 for 2020. The Council state that they are anticipating the possible eventualities caused by the United Kingdom leaving the European Union, such as the devaluation of the pound sterling. They also are closely monitoring forecasts on an economic recession in Germany which would likely have a knock-on effect on the number of German tourists visiting the island. The events that they will promote in Calvia include the Trail Galatzó mountain race, the Magaluf half marathon, the Santa Ponsa Cup and the Street Food Festival, amongst others.




Euro Weekly News

16 - 22 January 2020

NEWS CREDIT: Hans Braxmeier


Dangerous gas levels RESTRICTIONS: Private vehicles will be banned from the road to Formentor this summer.


CRITICAL: A 60-year-old woman was taken to Son Espases hospital by a SAMU-061 ambulance.

colourless, odourless and tasteless gas produced by burning materials such as gasoline, wood, propane or charcoal. The National Police warns of its dangers, where

improperly ventilated appliances and engines, particularly in a tightly sealed or enclosed space, can cause carbon monoxide to accumulate to dangerous levels.

Those who suffer symptoms such as dizziness, weakness, upset stomach, vomiting or chest pain are advised to seek help immediately as inhalation of the gas can be fatal.

THE General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) has announced that they are studying the possibility of reintroducing the prohibition of cars on the Formentor road from Puerto Pollensa during the summer. It is understood that traffic limitations will likely be enforced on the popular road, with a ban on driving private motor vehicles from June 15 to September 15 between the hours of 10am and 7pm. Authorised personnel, residents of the municipality and those with reduced mobility will however not be subject to the restrictions. Working with the Consell de Mallorca and the City Council of Pollensa, the DGT aim to reduce the significant number of cars who make the journey up to the iconic Formentor lighthouse - one of the most popular tourist attractions on the island. Local authorities are urging the DGT to examine the proposed restrictions to avoid repeating the same chaos which occurred last year, where traffic jams worsened at Puerto Pollensa and the beach as a result of the restrictions. The DGT has reaffirmed that through their study they will ensure that any measures introduced to improve the roads will accommodate all requests made by Pollensa City Council and the Consell de Mallorca.

Horror collision in Palma A SERIOUS road accident took place in the capital over the weekend (January 12), as multiple pedestrians were struck by a car travelling down the Paseo Marítimo.

The incident took place shortly before 7am near to Club de Mar, a popular nightclub in the capital. It is understood that a car struck at least three people who were standing on the

promenade, with one victim being dragged some 15 metres down the road before the vehicle struck a lamppost head-on. All those who have been injured were taken to Son Espases Hospital where it is understood that they were seriously injured as a result of the impact from the vehicle. As the accident was called in, officers from the

Port, Local and National Police rushed to the scene, with several ambulances also being deployed. Officers had suspected that the unharmed driver was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the accident and a breathalyser test produced a positive result. As well as dangerous driving, the driver has been charged for driving whilst intoxicated. CREDIT: A. Sepúlveda

AS reported by SAMU-061, a call requesting immediate help was made to the emergency services in the early hours of Monday morning (January 13) to report that a 73-year-old man and 60-yearold woman had been found unconscious at their home on Calle Armadans. An ambulance arrived at the scene a short time later, finding the two victims suffering from potential carbon monoxide poisoning. Sadly, the man was pronounced dead on arrival, with the woman being rushed to Son Espases hospital, where it was reported that she is in critical condition. An investigation has now been launched by the National Police to determine the source of origin of the deadly gas, with local sources indicating that it was emitted from a faulty gas boiler at the home. Carbon monoxide is a


A man has died and a woman is in a critical condition after being poisoned by carbon monoxide at a property in Palma.

COLLISION: A driver struck three pedestrians on the Paseo Marítimo before striking a lamppost.

Trash talk

THE council of Llucmajor has announced that from January 20 there will be a new service for the collection of rubbish, where existing services will be discontinued. Due to the increasing build up of waste in both the outskirts and central streets of the municipality, residents will now be instructed to dump their rubbish in three dedicated spots in Llucmajor, where all other bins will be removed. The new initiative is in response to the rising amount of complaints, where the council will now provide waste bins and recycling containers in Son Gall Park, Molí de Galdent and the Son Noguera estate. Rubbish collection will also follow a strict schedule throughout the year, with five weekly services. On Mondays and Thursdays plastic will be collected; organic waste on Tuesdays; glass on Tuesdays and non-recyclable


5 CREDIT: Jaume Morey

16 - 22 January 2020

CREDIT: @JSocies|


LIMIT: The speed limit on highways will be reduced to 80kph.

Slow lane BUILD UP: There has been an increase in complaints to the council about rubbish in Llucmajor.

waste on Wednesdays. Mayor Éric Jareño has praised the campaign stating that it will “reduce fly-tipping in public places.” He added that “those who fail to comply will receive a penalty due to their actions damaging the image of the municipality.” The council’s last patrol car-

ried out in collaboration with the Local Police in Sa Torre, Badia Gran and Son Noguera, saw three people who deposited large items in waste containers being handed fines which ranged from €330 to €1,000. The move closely follows Manacor Council, who im-

posed its first penalty for flytipping at the end of last year to a resident who left a refrigerator on the street. The Consell de Mallorca’s Environmental Department is also deploying inspectors to keep a close eye on those who dump large objects next to rubbish containers.

THE Consell de Mallorca has announced their plans to reduce the speed limit on the island’s highways from 120 to 80 kilometres per hour this year. Iván Sevillano, the Minister of Mobility, states that the Consell are examining a range of measures to not only ensure the safety of drivers on the roads, but to also reduce traffic and the polluting emissions that contribute to climate change. Although the decision to cap the speed on the highways was approved in a previous legislation, concerted efforts will now be made to ensure that it is rolled out across Mallorca. The matter was discussed at

the Consell’s most recent plenary meeting in addition to other pertinent road issues causing significant problems for residents. This included the increased traffic in Palma which has made it particularly difficult for drivers to move with ease throughout the capital, as well as the repainting of lanes on the Can Blau roundabout. Sevillano stated that the promotion of public transport will be adopted by the council to encourage residents to use more environmentally friendly modes of transport whilst in the city, which will positively impact traffic and create more available parking spaces.


16 - 22 January 2020

STATISTICS released by the government h a s re v e a l e d t h a t i n the last decade, more t h a n 1 5 0 c h i l d re n w e re ‘ k i d n a p p e d ’ b y one of their parents in the Balearic Islands. The study, which was carried out by the Ministry of Interior, showed the severity of the issue in the region. In al-


Missing minors most all circumstances a child was taken away from the Balearic Islands under the pretence of a holiday abroad

or to another region in Spain, where they were never to be seen again by their remaining parent. This was the case for Mallorca resident Alberto Encinas, whose eight-year long nightmare ended at the end of 2019 when he was reunited with his beloved daughter

Olivia who he had not seen since she was three years old. After he was awarded full custody of his child by a court order in 2011, he had allowed Olivia’s mother to take their daughter to Poland under the pretext of a holiday, but she never returned home. In response to the study,

María Dolores, the President of the Spanish Family Lawyers Association, has explained that the place of residence for a child is the decision of the person who has been granted parental custody. However, to be able to change the place where the child lives, an agreement be-

TOGETHER AGAIN: Alberto Encinas was recently reunited with his daughter after eight years.

tween two parents must be made. In the case of more difficult circumstances, authorisation from a court is required. In the event that one of the parents takes a child away without permission, which is classed as ‘parental kidnapping’ under law, a police complaint and civil proceedings can be launched where the act is considered as a crime under European Union guidelines. However, Ms Dolores states that this law does not help parents whose children have been taken out of the EU, where in almost all cases it has proved difficult to recover the child. The report also highlighted that last year there were 67 active reports of missing children in the Balearic Islands, where all but one of them Malén Ortiz, who disappeared from Magaluf in 2013 - were classified as low risk.

16 - 22 January 2020 CREDIT: Villas y Fincas


SURVEILLANCE: The drone will provide security to residents in the municipality.

Flying high THE Local Police in Campos will utilise an innovative method of police surveillance across the municipality. A drone has been purchased for €6,000 by Campos Council, with the technology handed to the force to improve security and reduce crime in the region. Mayor Francisca Porquer explained that the state-of-theart equipment will be the responsibility of the Local Police, where several officers have taken a specialised

course to learn how to operate the device which is expected to be operational in the next few weeks. The drone will also improve response times in the case of an incident such as a drowning, where Porquer stated that “if a person is in danger, the drone can orientate lifeguards and quickly mount a rescue operation.”


Expats Guide to

Spanish Life Sponsored by Golden Leaves For more information about the sponsors go to

Changing your UK driving licence for a Spanish one IN the event that Brexit occurs on or before January 31, then those considered residents in Spain will need to have taken action with regards to their UK driving licences. There is something of a double edged sword in as much as if you have been living and working here for some time, you will be considered a resident even if you haven’t registered with your local council. In order to swap your British driving licence for a Spanish one without taking a test, you have to show that you are registered officially as a resident. Some DGT offices require that you make an appointment and others will accept people just turning up if they are not busy. You need to check in advance to see whether you need to take a medical or not as in some cases they are being requested although in other centres they are not required. Yo u n e e d t o t a k e w i t h y o u your current licence (card only), two photographs (which are smaller than UK passport size), y o u r N I E n u m b e r, y o u r e m padronamiento and residency papers and a copy of your passport. Yo u w i l l t h e n c o m p l e t e a form that is available at the centre and as many don’t accept cash, take a credit or debit card to pay the €28.30 exchange fee. A t t h i s s t a g e y o u d o n ’t n o r -

mally have to surrender your UK licence, but you will receive a copy of the document you completed showing that you have made the application and have paid the fee which you can show to the police if stopped. It takes about a month for the new Spanish licence to be ready and it is then that you will have to surrender your British licence. In theory, there is supposed to be a nine-month grace period following Brexit during which time you can continue to use a British photo licence whilst driving in Spain, but by the time that Brexit occurs, the regulation may have changed. Equally, if you don’t want to commit at this time, it should be possible to obtain an international driving licence valid for Spain from the DVLC in the UK but as a resident, that would only be good for six months. Failing all of this, if you don’t make the exchange before Brexit then you will eventually have to take a Spanish driving test including the written section. Should you return to the UK for a short period of time, it is perfectly acceptable to drive with a Spanish licence or if you r e t u r n p e r m a n e n t l y, t h e n y o u can exchange for a British licence without taking another test (but a wise precaution would be to keep a copy of the surrendered UK licence).

This information is for guidance only, and should not be taken as legal advice. If in any doubt, seek professional help.


Growing up

SUPERMARKET chain Mercadona continues to invest in refurbish­ ing many of its busiest stores and also expanding its online delivery service. Currently the bulk of delivered orders are sent out from individ­ ual stores, but in May 2018 it built the first of its dedicated warehouse operations (called hives) starting in Valencia and then expanding to Barcelona and now it is completing a new hive to serve Madrid. This is a long term investment which currently generates more than €2 million of sales each month and next targets are Ali­ cante and Sevilla.

10 • 16 - 22 January 2020

STAT OF €5.27 billion WEEK

is the amount that Santander Bank lent to the Spanish agri-food sector in 2019, an increase of 17 per cent over 2018.

Change at the top ONE of the best­known names in the commercial aviation industry, Willie Walsh, chief executive of International Airlines Group (IAG) which owns Aer Lingus, Air Europa, BA, Iberia and Vueling is about to retire. Not yet 60, he has been at the head of BA and then IAG for 15 years which makes him one the longest serving CEOs in the FTSE 500 and during his time at the company has seen a growth in share value and the number of airlines it controls. Arguably, the days of BA leading the world’s airlines has disappeared,

By John Smith but the new organisation which was created after the merger with Iberia has seen it become a leaner and meaner operation competing at all levels of business. One problem however dominated the news last year which was the first ever BA pilot’s strike which saw a number of flights cancelled, causing fi­ nancial loss as well as damage to the airline’s reputation. There was a significant fine for BA of nearly €200 million for a customer

data breach and then there were is­ sues with a ‘technical problem’ which saw flights cancelled in November. The 2020 financial profit forecast is less than expected with Air Europe and Vueling in particular now expect­ ing fewer seats sold, so perhaps now was the time for a change at the top. The group’s chairman Antonio Vázquez will now be joined by an­ other Spaniard on the board as Luis Gallego, head of Iberia since 2014 will take over as chief executive when Mr Walsh steps down at the end of June.

Bonuses to be checked THE European Banking Authority (EBA) reacted strongly to the ma­ jor losses made by banks during the time of crisis and introduced a check mechanism on all execu­ tives who earn more than €1 mil­ lion a year introducing caps and delays on bonuses. There are a to­ tal of just under 5,000 bankers in Europe, the majority of them in the UK, who enter this category but just 250 in Spain, most of whom work for Santander. It is argued that the larger the bonus, the more temptation there is to take risks, but oversight re­ duces temptation.

LEGALLY SPEAKING Can he appeal tax bill? Article 18 of the 2013 Tax Treaty between Spain and the UK is difficult to follow. My Govern­ ment Pensions are taxable only in the UK. Other small pensions are taxed here in Spain. The first time I de­ clared my Government Pensions, my tax bill doubled. If the amount of the Civil Service pension is added to oth­ er income, thus moving you into a higher tax bracket, and the amount itself is then removed, technically the Civil Service pension is not double taxed. But if your in­ come tax bill rises significantly, then part of your in­ come is clearly taxed twice. I want to know to whom I can appeal to sort out this convoluted scam. J M (Costa Blanca) I like your t e r m ‘ c o n v o l u t e d YOU AND THE s c a m . ’ I t i s b o t h LAW IN SPAIN expressive and accurate. You can start with Spain’s Tax Agency but any serious appeal you plan will involve impugning a treaty between two sovereign nations and will re­ quire years to resolve, quite likely going to the Eu­ ropean Court of Justice before any final ruling. Spain has similar treaties with several countries, in­ cluding the Netherlands and Canada, so it will not be simple or inexpensive.


Send your questions for David Searl through lawyers Ubeda-Retana and Associates in Fuengirola at, or call 952 667 090.


Hefty fine THE Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) in the UK has fined a Dixons Carphone subsidiary £500,000 (€550,000) after information about 14 million people including 5.6 million credit cards was hacked from point-of-sale computers.

Debt target HEAD of the Spanish Treasury Carlos San Basilio has announced that Spain’s targeted gross debt for 2020 is now estimated at €196.5 billion, a reduction of 6.2 per cent from the 2019 target, although the amount of money borrowed in 2020 will increase.

Safe as houses MEXICAN billionaire Carlos Slim continues to have confidence in the Spanish housing market as he has just purchased 3 per cent of the shares of house builder Quabit Inmobiliaria. This is his third recent foray into Spanish real estate companies.

Look after savers MANY people, especially those of an older genera­ tion leave money in a de­ posit account with their bank without realising that in the long term interest rates reduce and can be as

little as 0.1 per cent. The Financial Conduct Au­ thority (FCA) is now warning banks that this will have to change and that although they may still offer special one­year introductory rates,

they will need to set a single long­term interest rate for all easy access savings accounts. If you don’t move your money around to get the best interest, you could lose out.

12 EWN

16 - 22 January 2020



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CHANGE(P) +29,00 -10,80 +2,30 +1,00 +0,83 -0,51 -50,80 +0,70 +22,00 -21,50 +1,00 +2,90 -2,00 -8,37 +3,37 +1,20 +8,42 +0,64 -3,00 -0,02 +33,00 +29,00 -4,93 +4,60 +19,00 +0,20 +6,76 -12,86 -0,80 +5,80 +21,00 +2,50 +4,33 +53,00 +8,00 +8,00 +28,00 +70,00 +17,57 -9,50 -0,60 +2,90 +4,32 -0,66 -13,57 +30,00 +12,00 -0,09 +39,00 +4,17

% CHG.


+0,99% -1,20% +1,09% +0,10% +0,27% -0,84% -0,66% +0,37% +2,06% -1,28% +0,53% +0,31% -0,03% -0,62% +0,26% +0,19% +0,31% +0,09% -0,20% -0,01% +0,55% +1,51% -1,08% +0,72% +0,42% +0,03% +0,30% -0,56% -0,14% +0,78% +0,64% +0,42% +0,50% +2,15% +0,43% +0,46% +0,99% +0,79% +1,24% -0,83% -0,09% +0,93% +2,18% -0,27% -1,43% +0,70% +1,27% -0,06% +0,84% +0,39%

58,94K 428,78K 469,20K 119,37K 1,11M 20,73M 4,94K 827,97K 56,40K 269,56K 92,49K 231,09K 21,16K 75,25K 77,97K 341,08K 229,09K 11,29K 102,42K 1,17M 75,66K 11,64K 35,85K 229,83K 172,37K 363,59K 461,69K 66,86K 212,50K 101,10K 11,92K 291,47K 46,40K 115,44K 138,09K 3,09K 12,68K 17,36K 402,20K 183,48K 22,19K 403,96K 3,31M 1,75M 37,31K 253,57K 272,90K 2,34M 24,00K 239,61K


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Most Declined Broadcom Inc. 8% Pfd. Series A Inc. Portola Pharmaceuticals Inc. Trade Desk Inc. Cl A MarketAxess Holdings Inc. Turning Point Therapeutics Inc. Broadcom Inc. Netflix Inc. WD-40 Co. Roku Inc. Cl A Formula Systems (1985) Ltd. ADR


16 - 22 January 2020

New Pensions Ministry NOW that he has taken power of­ ficially, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has already shown that he has a strong will by ap­ pointing the equivalent of three deputy Prime Ministers (of which Pablo Iglesias is one) and control­ ling all of the ministerial portfo­ lios. Iglesias has a number of low spending ministries under his wing and the next few months will see whether he plans to fight for a greater say in government policy. A brand new ministry is being cre­ ated, which covers Social Security, In­

Credit: Casa de SM el Rey Twitter

By John Smith

NEW MINISTER: Escrivá, speaking at an economic forum.

Controlling property SAREB which was created to deal with the management of the toxic real estate properties following the Spanish banking crisis has been steadily disposing of assets and bad loans but still lost €878

million last year. It ran a public tender to find an additional company to manage a number of its rental properties and has revealed that Haya Real Estate, a subsidiary of Cerberus

has won a two-year renewable contract to manage 3,300 properties on its behalf. Of these, 1,800 are homes and the balance comprises commercial properties or garages.

clusion and Migration and this will be headed by José Luis Escrivá, currently president of the Independent Au­ thority for Fiscal Responsibility (AIReF). He has maintained a very indepen­ dent stance being first appointed un­ der the Partido Popular as it tried to introduce measures aimed at helping the economy recover and governing public accounts following the finan­ cial crisis of 10 years ago. He has also worked with the Mon­ etary Policy Division of the European Central Bank, the Bank for Interna­ tional Settlements, the Bank of Spain and BBVA so certainly looks like a po­ tential safe pair of hands. Previously Social Services came un­ der the Ministry of Labour but is now promoted to be a ministry in its own right which means that as part of a reshuffle the previous head Mag­ dalena Valerio will be replaced. This new ministry will have a par­ ticular role in the planning of pension reforms which AIReF argued were long overdue and it seems likely that retirement age will inevitably be in­ creased to bring it more in line with other European States.

EWN 13

BUSINESS EXTRA High profit DESPITE the fact that it is the butt of media jokes, budget airline Ryanair seems to be doing something right as it now forecasts increased profits for its financial year of up to €1 billion, an increase of around 19 per cent.

Xmas cheer THE UK division of supermarket chain LIDL says it outperformed every rival in the four week run up to Christmas with sales up 11 per cent and footfall increasing accordingly. Aldi however says that it took £1 billion (€1.1 billion) in the same period.

Green fund SPANISH Banco Sabadell has launched a global equity fund Sabadell Economía Verde that will invest 75 per cent of its portfolio in companies related to the green economy including climate change, renewable energy, and water.

14 EWN

16 - 22 January 2020

LEAPY LEE SAYS IT OTHERS THINK IT IF ever I wanted to be a fly, I would have happily surrendered any one of my half dozen legs to be on the wall­ paper of the young Sussexes’ abode over the last few weeks. Let’s just pretend we are all precariously perched on the flock, listening to the happy couple discussing their future together. ‘Meghan.’ ‘Well, that’s it Harry. I’ve just about had it up to here with all this royalty crap.’ ‘Yes dear.’ ‘Having to be nice to people I can’t stand and actually rub noses with disgusting smelly peasants I wouldn’t normally allow near me is just not my idea of touring at all.’ ‘No dear.’ ‘I can’t even pursue my career. I’m a star Harry, people want to see me act, not having to ad lib and ap­ pear in videos I don’t even get paid for.’ ‘No dear.’ ‘And as for your ghast­ ly Grandparents, you didn’t honestly think I was going to spend my Christ­ mas sitting around with that pair of cobwebs did you? They’ll both be dead soon anyway. I’m used to being around interesting people like Oprah and the Clooneys or Michelle Obama


Oh to be a fly... YOUNG ROYALS: Is she good for him or bad?

and Serena. People who really mean something in the world. And as for you’re boring brother and that sweet­ ie pie wife of his. If you think I’m going to spend my future curtsying and kowtowing to those two when they become King and Queen then you’ve

another think coming.’ ‘No dear.’ ‘I’m sorry Harry; you have to make the choice; me or them?’ ‘You; of course dear.’ ‘There you are. There’s a good boy, I knew you’d see sense. Would you like to come to bed now? ‘ ‘Yes dear.’ ‘Say pretty please.’ ‘Pretty

please.’ ‘There, that’s better.’ You can announce it all on Kate’s birthday to­ morrow, that’ll be some nice icing on her cake! I’ll be leaving for Canada first thing in the morning. It’s within easier reach of Hollywood and I can join up with Archie and the dogs.

‘Oh by the way, I think we should keep the house. It’ll be good for our occasional British stopover. Take care of that would you?’ ‘Yes dear.’ Have you finished Harry?’ ‘Yes thank you dear.’ ‘Sleepy byes now then. Put the light out Harry.’ ‘Yes dear.’ ‘Now, what am I going to wear tomorrow’... Told you she had him by the short and curlies. Well, is she good for him or bad? Actually the jury is still out on that one. Let’s just hope that all these selfish shenanigans are not the final nail for our ageing Queen. If this self­ centered egotist is only remembered for hastening the demise of our beloved Monarch, she will never be forgiven. Getting quite excited about my pending radio show. Don’t expect any LBC type serious discussions. This is gonna be Leapy’s alter ego. Lottsa fun, frolics and good music. (Yes, old Marmite is perfectly capable!) All de­ tails and links in a couple of weeks. Keep the faith Love Leapy. Leapylee2002@gmail.cvom

Leapy Lee’s opinions are his own and are not necessarily representative of those of the publishers, advertisers or sponsors.

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16 - 22 January 2020

EWN 15

Advertising Feature

Ten Years of Neat Heat! JUST over 10 years ago Tony and Cathy Sim, a retired firefighter and midwife, like many expats, were feeling the fallout from the bank­ ing and property collapse. Retiring to Spain had dealt them a surprise hand in that, like most expats, they were unprepared for how cold their house got in winter, and how expensive it was to heat. Retiring on health grounds due to asthma meant that using gas estufas was out of the question, a full central heating system was too expensive, so they had to resort to electric heaters. They tried various models which ranged from really expensive to buy, economical but ineffective; too cheap to buy, ineffective and eye wateringly expensive to run. Then luck smiled on them. Doing a bit of DIY for a neigh­ bour, Tony was impressed by his electric heaters. They had been bought in Norway when he was vis­ iting the home of his Norwegian wife. The neighbour then kindly arranged to have some heaters sent to Tony and Cathy who were

NEATER HEATERS: Warm up your house for winter. both delighted with them, they ac­ tually made the house warm, something their previous heaters never managed to achieve. They were also impressed when their electricity bill arrived. Al­ though the bill was still significant, it was a lot less than the previous winter, causing Tony to joke that it was now costing him less to keep warm than it had cost him last year

to keep cold. Not only that, but Tony saw an opportunity. Contacting his friend, the appro­ priately named Richard Winter, he pitched the idea of importing and selling these heaters. Fortunately for Tony and Cathy, Richard and his wife Nikki were al­ so struggling to find decent heaters, so they enthusiastically agreed to the proposition and

Neater Heater was born. That was over 10 years ago, and, in that time, Neater Heater have in­ creased the customer’s choice by offering products from a second Norwegian manufacturer, and a Turkish factory. Neater Heaters can be pur­

CUSTOMER’S CHOICE: Can be purchased online or from various outlets in Spain. chased from outlets from the Costa Blanca to the Costa Del Sol, and even one in Portugal. Or they can be bought online from their web­ site

NEATER HEATER: BALEARICS Heaters also available for purchase at our online shop with free home delivery WWW.NEATERHEATER.ES or Tel. 634 312 171 (WhatsApp available)

16 EWN

16 - 22 January 2020




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16 - 22 January 2020

EWN 17

Advertising Feature

Arranging a funeral abroad can be complicated - here’s how to make it simple Find out why it’s worth pre­planning your funeral as an expat so you can enjoy your life in the sun IT’S probably the last thing most of us want to think about, but plan­ ning ahead for your funeral is something all British expats in Mal­ lorca should do. Arranging a funeral is a stressful experience, but when you’re hav­ ing to navigate a foreign funeral system, it can make a tough time even more difficult. When the time comes, will your loved ones know what to do and how to arrange a funeral in Mallorca? How the Spanish system differs Funerals take place 24­48 hours after death Funeral Directors may ask for payment upfront Language barrier The Spanish funeral system has some key differences that catch many expats unaware. Traditional­

ly, Spanish funerals happen as quickly as 24 to 48 hours after the person passes away. Funerals for British expats can take longer to organise, especially if friends and family want to fly out to say their goodbyes. But beware ­ this delay could cost your loved ones hun­ dreds of Euros in extra mortuary expenses, which are most often charged by the day. In addition, it’s common practice for Funeral Directors in Mallorca to request either part or full payment upfront. That means your next of kin might have to pay out hun­ dreds or thousands of Euros before the funeral can take place. Then there’s the language barri­ er to deal with, along with the un­ familiar processes and paperwork that could make arranging a funer­

al even more complicated and stressful. That’s why it’s so helpful to plan ahead to make things a little easier for your next of kin. How to make funeral arrange­ ments simple Like so many things in life, plan­ ning ahead is the best way to avoid surprises. Whether you live in Mal­ lorca the whole year round, or have a summer home here, a pre­ paid funeral plan lets you make everything simpler for your loved ones when the time comes. Avalon is the fastest growing provider of funeral plans in Europe, providing specialist expat plans in Spain, the Canaries, Portugal and Cyprus. They’ve helped more than 70,000 customers across Europe and the UK for over 25 years.

It’s safe to come out now MIKE SENKER IN MY OPINION Views of a Grumpy Old Man WELL I guess it’s safe to come out of hiding now all that merry Christmas stuff has gone. By the way, it’s the middle of Janu­ ary so stop wishing me a happy New Year too! The season of goodwill was all very uneventful except for meeting the most re­ volting drunk idiot at a Christmas party who made an absolute fool of himself. I love watching award shows like the Golden Globes and the Oscars as I was in the film business for nearly 30 years. Ricky Gervais was brilliant at hosting the Golden Globes. He took no prisoners! A few of the celebs made speeches about global warm­ ing and how we should all do our bit. The one comment that stood out for me was from Stella McCartney and guess what her pearl of wisdom was? Go vegan, walk everywhere, don’t use plastic? Nope, none of that. It was to congratulate Joaquin Phoenix for wearing the same dinner suit for the whole award season. The British de­ signer showed her support for Phoenix’s de­ cision on Twitter writing, “This man is a win­

ner… wearing custom Stella because he chooses to make choices for the future of the planet,” she explained. “He has also chosen to wear this same Tux for the entire award season to reduce waste. I am proud to join forces with you.” Wow that is amazing. Imagine how proud she would be of me. I’ve had the same din­ ner suit for nearly 20 years. It’s been in fashion, out and back again gawd knows how many times. I didn’t realise I was sav­ ing the planet. I just was trying to save a few quid. I honestly didn’t know I was saving rain forests in the process. Seriously though is that the best she can come up with? It just goes to prove these people are so far re­ moved from the real world that they really shouldn’t be allowed to put anything on Twitter unless they run it past their cleaner or gardener first to make sure they aren’t going to say something that normal people just laugh at. Fortunately some of the real stars like El­ ton John, Kylie Minogue and many others are actually doing something useful by using their huge wealth to donate large sums of money to Australia to help fight the devas­ tation that the bush fires are causing. In my opinion it’s a darn sight better than wearing a free dinner suit five times!

An Avalon funeral plan lets you pay for your funeral in advance, ei­ ther in a lump sum or affordable monthly payments, so that your loved ones don’t have to deal with complicated funeral arrangements or unexpected costs. Avalon plans are specially de­ signed for British expats in Mallor­ ca. If you split your time between the UK and Mallorca, an Avalon fu­ neral plan is valid in both countries so you can choose to have a funer­ al either in Mallorca, or back in the UK. Our local, specialist advisors are on hand to talk through our range of plans and your options so you can relax, knowing everything will be taken care of. It’s a simple way to make every­ thing a little easier for your next of kin at a difficult time.

Having unfortunately lost both my mother and stepfather in the space of four short months, I can honestly say we are so relieved they both had prearranged funeral plans with Avalon. On both occasions, the service we received was exemplary - they made what was such a stressful time in Spain so much easier… For peace of mind, especially for expatriates and their families, I would highly recommend Avalon’s services.” Michael, July 2019

Why choose Avalon? The UK’s most trusted funeral plan provider Tailored expat plans to suit your needs Our new Repatriation plan covers all the legal and administrative formalities required for repatriation A funeral in Mallorca or the UK 24/7 expat bereavement helpline Local support for you and your family Plan happy, choose Avalon Talk to us on +865 616 550 Or visit us at

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Heineken Champions Cup Rugby: The Big Tackle Beat the Chef Beat the Chef Beat the Chef The Simpsons The Simpsons The Simpsons The Simpsons The Simpsons The Simpsons The Simpsons The Simpsons Heineken Champions Cup Rugby Union Location, Location, Location Channel 4 News The Royal House of Windsor Bone Detectives: Britain's Buried Secrets Assassin's Creed The Wolverine The Last Leg Hollyoaks

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8:00pm The Women's Football Show 8:30pm Secret Knowledge 9:00pm All Aboard! New Zealand by Rail, Sea and Land 11:30pm Billy Connolly: Portrait of a Lifetime 12:30am Scotland and the Klan Throughout the 18th Century, hundreds of thousands of Scots emigrated to America. 1:30am Bunkers, Brutalism and Bloodymindedness: Concrete Poetry with Jonathan Meades 2:30am Carved with Love: The Genius of British Woodwork Documentary profiling influential figures in the world of wood craftsmanship.

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Kojak The Big Fish Off Fishing Allstars ITV Racing: The Opening Show 11:30am World of Sport 11:40am River Monsters 12:10pm The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes 2:30pm ITV Racing Live 5:00pm Return of the Seven 6:05pm FYI Daily 6:10pm Return of the Seven 6:55pm Goals of the 70s 7:05pm River Monsters 8:10pm Police Academy 6: City Under Siege 9:10pm FYI Daily 9:15pm Police Academy 6: City Under Siege 10:00pm Smokey and The Bandit III 11:05pm FYI Daily 11:10pm Smokey and The Bandit III 11:45pmNational Lampoon's European Vacation 12:45am FYI Daily

6:00am Sky Sports News 7:00am Sky Sports News 8:00am Good Morning Sports Fans 8:30am Live Test Cricket South Africa v England. Coverage of the third day of the Third Test in the fourmatch series, taking place at St. George's Park in Port Elizabeth. 5:00pm Gillette Soccer Saturday 6:00pm Live Premier League 9:00pm Live PGA Tour Golf 1:00am Sky Sports News 2:00am Sky Sports News 3:00am Sky Sports News 4:00am Sky Sports News 5:00am Sky Sports News

10:30am Ainsley's Caribbean Kitchen 11:30am Living on the Veg 12:30pmGino's Italian Escape: Hidden Italy 1:00pm The Greek Islands with Julia Bradbury 1:30pm ITV Lunchtime News 1:34pm ITV London Weather 1:35pm The Voice UK 3:05pm The Masked Singer 4:35pm Tipping Point 5:30pm ITV News and Weather 5:45pm ITV News London 6:00pm The Chase Celebrity Special 7:00pm Dancing on Ice 9:10pm Vera 11:05pmITV News and Weather 11:19pmITV London Weather 11:20pmBradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad 11:45pmThe Metro: A Rail Life Story

8:25am The Ellen DeGeneres Show 9:15am The Ellen DeGeneres Show 10:05am Dress to Impress 11:05am The Masked Singer 12:35pm Supermarket Sweep 1:35pm Supermarket Sweep 2:35pm Step Up 3:35pm FYI Daily 3:40pm Step Up 4:45pm Nanny McPhee 5:45pm FYI Daily 5:50pm Nanny McPhee 6:45pm Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End 7:45pm FYI Daily 7:50pm Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End 10:00pm Love Island 11:05pm Ibiza Weekender 12:05am Family Guy 12:35am Family Guy 1:05am Family Guy 1:35am American Dad! 2:05am American Dad! 2:30am The Cleveland Show

7:00am George and Mildred 7:30am George and Mildred 8:00am Coronation Street 10:50am Emmerdale 1:50pm Foyle's War 3:50pm Foyle's War 5:55pm Agatha Christie's Poirot 7:00pm Lewis 9:00pm Inside the Ritz Hotel 9:30pm Inside the Ritz Hotel 10:00pm Prince Charles: Inside the Duchy Of Cornwall 11:00pm The Good Karma Hospital 12:00am The Good Karma Hospital 1:05am Lewis 2:50am Barging Round Britain with John Sergeant 3:15am Judge Judy 3:35am Emmerdale

7:00am 7:10am 7:35am 7:55am 8:50am 9:55am 11:00am

6:00am Sky Sports News 7:00am Sky Sports News 8:00am Total Goals 8:30am Live Test Cricket South Africa v England. Coverage of the fourth day of the Third Test in the four-match series, taking place at St. George's Park in Port Elizabeth. 2:00pm Live Renault Super Sunday Burnley v Leicester City (Kick-off 2.00pm). All the action from the Premier League encounter at Turf Moor. 5:00pm Live Renault Super Sunday 8:30pm Live NFL 12:00am Live NFL 4:00am Sky Sports News

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10:00pm 12:10am 2:35am 3:30am

7:00am Agatha Christie's Poirot 8:40am Lewis 10:35am Coronation Street Long-running drama with the residents of England's most famous cobbled street. 1:25pm Foyle's War 3:40pm Foyle's War 5:50pm Foyle's War 8:00pm Midsomer Murders Forest ranger Felicity Ward is blinded by mysterious lights while driving at night in the village of Cooper Hill and the next morning her car is found abandoned at the roadside, followed closely by the discovery of her body. 10:00pm Midsomer Murders 12:00am Agatha Christie's Poirot


7:30am 8:25am 9:25am 10:30am

1:15pm 3:25pm 4:30pm 4:35pm 5:45pm 6:45pm 6:50pm 7:50pm 8:50pm 8:55pm 10:00pm 11:00pm 11:05pm 12:40am 1:40am 1:45am 2:50am 3:50am 4:00am

Goals of the 80s Auto Mundial The Car Chasers The Professionals Minder The Sweeney The Return of Sherlock Holmes Hornblower The Last Sunset FYI Daily The Last Sunset Smokey and the Bandit II FYI Daily Smokey and the Bandit II Flash Gordon FYI Daily Flash Gordon Windtalkers FYI Daily Windtalkers Gangster Squad FYI Daily Gangster Squad Fishing Impossible ITV4 Nightscreen Teleshopping

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MONDAY - 20 JANUARY 6:15pm Pointless 7:00pm BBC News at Six; Weather 7:30pm BBC London News; Weather 8:00pm The One Show 8:30pm Inside Out London 9:00pm EastEnders 9:30pm Panorama 10:00pm Silent Witness 11:00pm BBC News at Ten 11:25pm Regional News and Weather 11:30pm Weather 11:35pm Ladhood 12:00am Live at the Apollo

6:00pm The Chase 7:00pm ITV News London 7:30pm ITV Evening News 8:00pm Emmerdale 8:30pm Coronation Street 9:00pm The Martin Lewis Money Show 9:30pm Coronation Street 10:00pmCold Feet 11:00pmITV News at Ten and Weather 11:30pm ITV News London


12:00pmBBC Newsroom Live 1:15pm Politics Live 2:00pm Live International Bowls 6:15pm Flog It! 7:00pm Richard Osman's House of Games 7:30pm Great British Railway Journeys 8:00pm The Twinstitute 8:30pm Mastermind 9:00pm Only Connect 9:30pm University Challenge 10:00pmWar in the Blood 11:30pmNewsnight 12:10am Weather

8:00pm Beyond 100 Days 8:30pm Francesco's Mediterranean Voyage 9:00pm Caribbean with Simon Reeve 10:00pmA Fresh Guide to Florence with Fab 5 Freddy 11:00pmThe Babes in the Wood Murders: The Prosecutors 12:00am The Art of Scandinavia 1:00am Britain in Focus: A Photographic History 2:00am Carved with Love: The Genius of British Woodwork

3:10pm Countdown 4:00pm A Place in the Sun 5:00pm A New Life in the Sun 6:00pm Couples Come Dine with Me 7:00pm The Simpsons 7:30pm Hollyoaks 8:00pm Channel 4 News 9:00pm How to Lose Weight Well 10:00pm 999: What's Your Emergency? 11:00pm Diamond Dealers and Cockney Geezers 12:00am Meet the Drug Lords: Inside the Real Narcos

2:10pm 2:15pm 2:45pm 3:15pm

Access Home and Away Neighbours Fatherly Obsession 5:00pm Friends 5:30pm Friends 6:00pm 5 News at 5 6:30pm Neighbours 7:00pm Home and Away 7:30pm 5 News Tonight 8:00pm Wild Animal Rescue 9:00pm Traffic Cops 10:00pmM1: Keeping Britain Moving 11:00pmBusted in Bangkok 12:05am Circus Kids: Our Secret World

6:15pmPointless 7:00pm BBC News at Six 7:30pm BBC London News 8:00pm The One Show 8:30pm EastEnders 9:00pm Holby City 10:00pmSilent Witness 11:00pmBBC News at Ten 11:25pmRegional News and Weather 11:30pmWeather 11:35pmVeganville 12:20am Nadiya's Asian Odyssey

6:15pm Flog It! 7:00pm Richard Osman's House of Games 7:30pmGreat British Railway Journeys 8:00pm Celebrity Antiques Road Trip 9:00pmCornwall: This Fishing Life 10:00pmChris Packham: 7.7 Billion People and Counting 11:00pmBetter Things 11:25pmThe Archiveologists 11:30pmNewsnight 12:10am Weather

8:00pm Beyond 100 Days BBC News teams in Washington DC and London report on the events that are shaping the world. 8:30pm Monkman & Seagull's Genius Guide to Britain 9:00pm Italy's Invisible Cities 10:00pmBritain's Pompeii 11:00pmThe Babes in the Wood Murders: The Prosecutors 12:00am Dan Cruickshank: At Home with the British

3:10pm Countdown 4:00pm A Place in the Sun 5:00pm A New Life in the Sun 6:00pm Couples Come Dine with Me 7:00pm The Simpsons 7:30pm Hollyoaks 8:00pm Channel 4 News Including sport and weather. 9:00pm Crazy Delicious 10:00pm24 Hours in A&E 11:00pmNHS Crisis: Our Mental Health 12:00am 24 Hours in Police Custody

2:10pm Access 2:15pm Home and Away 2:45pm Neighbours 3:15pm Tempting Fate 5:00pm Friends 6:00pm 5 News at 5 6:30pm Neighbours 7:00pm Home and Away 7:30pm 5 News Tonight 8:00pmWild Animal Rescue 9:00pm Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly 10:00pmBen Fogle: New Lives in the Wild 11:00pmBad Girls Behind Bars 12:05am The Sex Business

3:45pm Supermarket Sweep 4:50pm Dinner Date 5:55pm Dress to Impress 7:00pm You've Been Framed! 7:30pm You've Been Framed! 8:00pm You've Been Framed! 8:30pm You've Been Framed! 9:00pm Two and a Half Men 9:30pm Superstore 10:00pmLove Island 11:00pm Love Island: Aftersun

11:00am Man About the House 11:35am A Touch of Frost 1:40pm Heartbeat 2:45pm Classic Emmerdale 3:15pm Classic Emmerdale 3:50pm Classic Coronation Street 4:20pm Classic Coronation Street 4:55pm The Durrells 5:55pm Heartbeat 7:00pm Foyle's War 9:00pm Endeavour 11:00pmA Confession

4:50pm 5:55pm 6:55pm 8:00pm

8:00am Good Morning Sports Fans 8:30am Live Test Cricket 4:00pm Test Cricket Bitesize 4:15pm Cricket Debate 5:00pm Sky Sports News 6:00pm Transfer Centre 6:30pm Sky Sports News at 5 7:00pm Sky Sports News at 6 8:00pm The Transfer Show 8:30pm Live EFL 11:00pmThe Debate 12:00am Sky Sports News

4:59pm ITV London Weather 5:00pm Tipping Point 6:00pm The Chase 7:00pm ITV News London 7:30pm ITV Evening News 8:00pm Emmerdale 8:30pm The Metro: A Rail Life Story 9:00pm Midsomer Murders 11:00pmITV News at Ten and Weather 11:30pmITV News London

4:50pm Dinner Date 5:55pm Dress to Impress 7:00pm You've Been Framed! 7:30pm You've Been Framed! 8:00pm You've Been Framed! 8:30pm You've Been Framed! 9:00pm Two and a Half Men 9:30pm Superstore 10:00pm Love Island 11:05pm Don't Hate the Playaz 11:50pm Family Guy

11:25am Inspector Morse 1:40pm Heartbeat 2:45pm Classic Emmerdale 3:15pm Classic Emmerdale 3:50pm Classic Coronation Street 4:20pm Classic Coronation Street 4:55pm The Durrells 5:55pm Heartbeat 6:55pm Foyle's War 9:00pm Love Your Garden 10:00pmLong Lost Family 11:00pmA Confession 12:00am Inspector Morse

3:35pm The Return of Sherlock Holmes 4:45pm Minder 5:50pm The Professionals 6:55pm The Sweeney 8:00pm The Chase Celebrity Special 9:00pm Police Academy 6: City Under Siege 10:00pmFYI Daily 10:05pm Police Academy 6: City Under Siege 10:50pm Smokey and The Bandit III 11:55pmFYI Daily

9:00am Live ICC Under19s World Cup Cricket 4:45pm Test Cricket Bitesize 5:00pm Sky Sports News 6:00pm Transfer Centre 6:30pm Sky Sports News at 5 7:00pm The Transfer Show 8:00pm Gillette Soccer Special 11:15pmThe Debate Discussion on the latest football news. 12:15am Sky Sports News

8:55am Heartbeat 9:55am Rising Damp 10:25am Rising Damp 10:55am Man About the House 11:25am Inspector Morse 1:40pm Heartbeat 2:45pm Classic Emmerdale 3:15pm Classic Emmerdale 3:50pm Classic Coronation Street 4:20pm Classic Coronation Street 4:55pm The Durrells 5:55pm Heartbeat 7:00pm Foyle's War 9:00pm Agatha Christie's Poirot 11:00pmA Confession 12:00am Inspector Morse 2:15am Inspector Morse 4:15am ITV3 Nightscreen 4:30am Teleshopping

7:00am 7:25am 8:15am 9:05am

The Protectors Quincy, M.E. Kojak The Return of Sherlock Holmes 10:15am Minder 11:20am The Professionals 12:25pmThe Sweeney 1:35pm Quincy, M.E. 2:35pm Kojak 3:40pm The Return of Sherlock Holmes 4:45pm Minder 5:50pm The Professionals 6:55pm The Sweeney 8:00pm The Chase Celebrity Special 9:00pm Junk and Disorderly 10:00pmBilly Connolly's Great American Trail 11:00pm Windtalkers 12:05am FYI Daily 12:10am Windtalkers 1:45am Minder 2:50am Fishing Impossible 3:40am ITV4 Nightscreen

7:00am Total Goals 8:00am Total Goals 9:00am Total Goals 10:00am Good Morning Transfers 11:00am Football Centre 12:00pmFootball Centre 1:00pm Transfer Talk 2:00pm Sky Sports News 3:00pm Sky Sports News 4:00pm Transfer Centre The latest football transfer developments. 4:30pm Sky Sports News 5:00pm Sky Sports News 6:00pm My Icon 6:15pm Live International Netball 8:15pm Live Scottish Premiership 11:00pmSPFL Greatest Games 11:15pmThe Debate 12:15am Sky Sports News

Minder The Professionals The Sweeney The Chase Celebrity Special 9:00pm Rescue: River Deep, Mountain High 9:30pm Rescue: River Deep, Mountain High 10:00pmFighter Pilot: The Real Top Gun 11:00pm Straight Outta Compton 12:00am FYI Daily

WEDNESDAY - 22 JANUARY 2:00pm BBC News at One 2:30pm BBC London News 2:45pmDoctors 3:15pmFather Brown 4:00pm Escape to the Country 4:45pmThe Farmers' Country Showdown 5:30pmAntiques Road Trip 6:15pmPointless 7:00pm BBC News at Six 7:30pm BBC London News 8:00pm The One Show 9:00pm Easy Ways to Live Well 10:00pmSpy in the Wild 11:00pmBBC News at Ten 11:25pmRegional News and Weather 11:30pmWeather 11:35pmMatch of the Day 1:10am First & Last

7:30am Antiques Road Trip 8:15am The Farmers' Country Showdown 9:00amSee Hear 9:30am Fake Britain 10:00am BBC News at 9 11:00am Victoria Derbyshire 12:00pmBBC Newsroom Live 12:15pmPolitics Live 2:00pm World Bowls 6:15pmFlog It! 7:00pmRichard Osman's House of Games 7:30pmGreat British Railway Journeys 8:00pm The Andrew Neil Show 8:30pm Yorkshire Walks 9:00pm Trust Me, I'm a Doctor 9:30pm Lose Weight and Get Fit with Tom Kerridge 10:00pmGood Omens 11:00pmLive at the Apollo 11:30pmNewsnight 12:10am Weather

8:00pm Beyond 100 Days BBC News teams in Washington DC and London report on the events that are shaping the world. 8:30pm James May: The Reassembler 9:00pm Earth's Great Rivers 10:00pmThe Truth About... 11:00pmThe Babes in the Wood Murders: The Prosecutors 12:00am Treasures of Ancient Egypt Alastair Sooke tells the story of Ancient Egyptian art through 30 masterpieces. 1:00am Chinese New Year: The Biggest Celebration on Earth 2:00am Carved with Love: The Genius of British Woodwork

10:10am Frasier 11:10am Undercover Boss USA 12:05pmRamsay's Kitchen Nightmares USA 1:00pm Channel 4 News 1:05pm Sun, Sea and Selling Houses 2:05pm Escape to the Chateau: DIY 3:10pm Countdown 4:00pm A Place in the Sun 5:00pm A New Life in the Sun 6:00pm Couples Come Dine with Me 7:00pm The Simpsons 7:30pm Hollyoaks 8:00pm Channel 4 News 9:00pm Kirstie and Phil's Love it or List it 10:00pmMeat the Family 11:00pm999: What's Your Emergency? 12:05am 24 Hours in A&E 1:10am 999: On the Frontline

8:45am 8:55am 9:10am 9:30am 9:40am 9:55am

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6:05am Judge Rinder 7:00am Good Morning Britain 10:00am Lorraine 11:00am This Morning 1:30pm Loose Women 2:30pm ITV Lunchtime News 2:55pm ITV News London 3:00pm Dickinson's Real Deal 4:00pm Tenable 4:59pm ITV London Weather 5:00pm Tipping Point 6:00pm The Chase 7:00pm ITV News London 7:30pm ITV Evening News 8:00pm Emmerdale 8:30pm Coronation Street 9:00pm Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad 9:30pm Coronation Street 10:00pmWhite House Farm 11:00pmITV News at Ten and Weather 11:30pmITV News London 11:45pmPeston 12:40am Tenable

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16 - 22 January 2020

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KEEP DOG BEACHES DEAR Euro Weekly, I broke from tradition and had a quick lo­ ok at your Facebook page the other day. I was a bit concerned to read that there is talk of banning dogs from the beaches. All beaches? That is a bit over the top. People love taking their dogs to the beach and I have seen more dogs here than in any other places in the world. I do agree that dog mess on the beach is ridiculous as I would hate to be sunbathing and find it next to me, but in my town we have a de­ signated dog beach and honestly, it’s great. I take my dog there and all the dogs can hang out together and enjoy the space. The beaches give the dogs a chance to exercise and stay healthy. Maybe people could do as I do and make sure their poo­ ches have been to the toilet before they hit the sand. Also, dogs here are supposed to only be allowed on the beach at certain ti­ mes of the year, out of season, could they not just invest in people that monitor this instead of penalising the dogs and owners? Yours truly, Geoff Trent

Soft may be better DEAR Euro Weekly This is my first year spending Christ­ mas in Spain­ and what a Christmas it was! Some of the customs are quite biza­ rre but I thoroughly enjoyed them. The Three Kings parade was truly somet­ hing, all the children and dancers were incredible. The effort the Spanish put into their parade is clear to see and it pays off tremendously. However, I was concerned with the way some of the sweets were being thrown. I saw a video on Facebook that sho­ wed one of the Three Kings in Cataluña throwing sweets violently. Apparently, people in the crowd were shouting ra­ cial slurs at him. Still, it isn’t very clever to throw hard­boiled sweets into a crowd full of children. As a senior wo­ man, I was hit by some quite hard swe­ ets on the head. My intention isn’t to put a damper on their fantastic tradi­ tion, only to propose a solution. Maybe soft sweets are a better idea? Eileen Stewart, Mijas Costa

DOG BEACHES: Enjoying the space.

Where have they gone? HELLO EWN, I was sitting in a café the other day peo­ ple watching and suddenly I wondered


where have all the children gone? I am an expat living on the coast of Spain and I must say I hardly ever see Spanish teena­ gers. There are either 30­something fami­ lies with three babies each or very old peo­ ple but nothing in between. Obviously I have seen British children here holidaying with their families and it’s good to see so­ me younger, trendier faces. Is there a certain age when Spanish chil­ dren fly the coop and head for the big ci­ ties? I guess a lot of them must go to uni­ versity and so would head to places like Madrid or Malaga, but surely that would not be until they are about 18 years old. I am so used to seeing groups of youngs­ ters in the street or shops at home where they seem so sociable and independent. I suppose the children here could socially in­ teract in a different way, maybe they are scared of the sun. It certainly makes me fe­ el older! So bring out your young! Unglue them from the couch and com­ puter games and send them out into the sunshine. If anything then at least to re­ mind us oldies of how we used to be. Yours truly, Linda Jefferies

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Disobedient royals QUEEN ELIZABETH II once referred to 1992 as an ‘annus horribilis’ or a horrible year. Three royal marriages broke down, flames engulfed Windsor Castle and a toe-sucking scandal involving Sarah Ferguson rocked the monarchy. Some have speculated that - 27 years later - 2019 would go down in history as the Queen’s ‘annus horribilis, part two.’ However, 2020 hasn’t been the fresh start the royal family was expecting. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex began the year by stepping down as senior members of the royal family. The shocking news ended any dreams of an uneventful year for the British monarchy. Naturally, the announcement has piqued the public’s interest as to how these changes will be carried out. The term senior royal is somewhat of an ambiguous term, but is generally used to refer to adult relatives of the monarch who are high up in the line of succession. They work full-time and attend commitments in the Queen’s name. At the end of 2019, Prince Andrew also stepped down as a senior royal, albeit under different circumstances. The new change will see the Sussexes continue to support the Commonwealth and their patronages. However, the couple has explained that they will be financially independent from the Sovereign Grant. Controversy surrounds this topic as 95 per cent of their current funding is generated through the Duchy of Cornwall.

Now we want to hear your views. YOUR PAPER - YOUR VOICE - YOUR OPINION Readers who have missed correspondence can see all letters - which can be edited before publication - posted on:

Piers Morgan’s fury at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle $500,000 to fight bushfires: COMMENTS FROM FACEBOOK

Agree that if they do not want the duties that go with their titles then no monies should be given to them, might have to join everyone else in the work force for earnings would be a good wake up call for sure, Titles, privileges, homes what have you are not just given they come with commitment to the Queen, the Family, to the Crown and Country so if they blatantly don’t want then they don’t get ; Taxpayers are paying for this ser­ vice ­ am thinking there are rules to follow as everything in life is a give and take, am sure there will be many dis­ cussions/decisions made by the higher ups, by the Roy­ al Family and Parliament before any real outcome will be laid out to the public, until it is decided no monies should be paid from taxpayers’ pockets. If they decide to go their own way they could still hold their title just in name only, with no benefits. Martha Rediker

Not OTT at all ... they have said they want to step back so let them! I've always stuck up for Harry but I feel very let down by this latest move. They have shown no con­ sideration for the Queen. I think Harry is as besotted with Megan as his great, great uncle was with Wallis and he is dancing to her tune. I hope he doesn’t live to regret it, but I fear he will. Kay Cunliffe

Harry and Meghan booted from

Lewis Hamilton donates

Madame Tussaud’s royal family display:

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I don’t like Hamilton but he has donated another half million dollars along with other celebrities for which I admire him greatly. Well done by ALL DONATORS, I COMMEND YOU ALL.!!! Walter Storer

Mercadona invests in online commitment: I have been using Mercadona online shopping for near­ ly a year now. I’ve never had a problem. Meat always has a good life span. Fruit and veg is always very fresh. They do charge just over €7 to deliver no matter how much you spend, but that works out cheaper than me getting a bus there and taxi back. Very good in summer when I order lots of drinks that are heavy. Keep up the good work Mercadona x Anne Krawczyk-payne

POLL OF THE WEEK As reported by Euro Weekly Newspaper, there have been a lot of sad cases of people losing their properties to squatters in recent news. Do you think that the laws on squatters' rights should be changed?

• Yes, a change is needed

• No, they are entitled

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22 • 16 - 22 January 2020





Across 1 Rough terrain for coach (7) 5 Going astray dooms wicked old city (5) 8 Spare change, one gathers (5) 9 Tavern's refurbished by domestic worker (7) 10 Fight expected end of April (4) 11 Liberal made Green love America (8) 13 Parade has moved into state (6) 15 Let lad see out (6) 18 Gathered together and called to order (8) 19 Bans plastic bags (4) 22 Jewellery spotted in River Wear ringroad (7) 23 Parts of the Far East (5) 24 A range of potential votes (5) 25 The side in red lived (7) Down 1 Outbursts an Asian heard before attacks (7) 2 Humble home with acre in front (5) 3 Breeding place discovered in Lone Star State (4) 4 More impulsive part of a cooked breakfast (6) 5 Playful kids here made a loud noise (8) 6 Monsters created from dead organs (7) 7 Buddies forming teams (5) 12 Amateur team, including a reserve

(3,5) 14 An Italian port - New Orleans (7) 16 Neglected Susie injured in dead ends (7) 17 Mendicant finding food in pub (6)

Code Breaker

18 Game played by revolutionary onboard a ship (5) 20 In front of a leader (5) 21 Hands hesitate, we hear (4)

Each number in the Code Breaker grid represents a different letter of the alphabet. In this week’s puzzle, 2 represents Z and 20 represents S, so fill in Z every time the figure 2 appears and S every time the figure 20 appears. Now, using your knowledge of the English language, work out which letters should go in the missing squares. As you discover the letters, fill in other squares with the same number in the main grid and the control grid.

Across 1 Fried potatoes (5) 4 Lawful (5) 7 Extraordinarily good or great (9) 8 Exchange one thing for another (4) 9 Made warm or hot (6) 12 Basic unit of currency of Israel (6) 13 Felines (4) 16 Express regret for a fault (9) 18 Hold back to a later time (5) 19 Inuit seal-skin canoe (5)

English - Spanish

Across 1 Caderas (4) 3 Swimming (8) 9 Barn (7) 10 Debajo (5) 11 Comer en casa (3,2) 12 Más fácil (6) 14 Subject (6) 16 Fresh (6) 19 To shout (6) 21 Lados (5) 24 Success (at task) (5) 25 Gaviota (7) 26 Tesoro (8) 27 Duck (bird) (4)


Down 1 Complete disorder and confusion (5) 2 Fill with gas or air (7) 3 Sound in mind (4) 4 Departs (6) 5/17 Escape punishment (3,3) 6 Expressed clearly (5) 10 Event resulting in great loss and misfortune (7) 11 Roundabout road (6) 12 Injure with hot liquid or steam (5) 14 Aquatic predator (5) 15 Chain segment (4) 17 See 5

The clues are mixed, some clues are in Spanish and some are in English.

Down 1 Bonfires (8) 2 Planta (5) 4 To take in (receive) (6) 5 Both (5) 6 Enfermedad (7) 7 Tritón (4) 8 Cacahuete (6) 13 Pocket (8) 15 Ucrania (7) 17 To scratch (with claw, nail) (6) 18 Goma de borrar (6) 20 Herramientas (5) 22 Debt (5) 23 Izquierdo (4)






FOR NEXT 7 DAYS AQUARIUS (January 21 - February 19) When you are at home this week I would like you to consider how you view your surroundings. This is a good week to make changes and have discussions about future directions. It is assumed that those close are happy with the status quo, but this may not be the case.

PISCES (February 20 - March 20) Pat yourself on the back for all of your efforts of recent weeks. Looking back just a few months, would you have thought so much progress could be made? Because of your efforts, home life is enhanced and you are more appreciated. Give yourself a break at the weekend and do something with a loved one that you have not done together for some time.

ARIES (March 21 - April 20) Rarely has your mind been as sharp as it is at the moment. There have been some awkward and downright bad periods in the recent past, but this week everything falls into place. Why, you wonder, have you worried so much about things which could not be changed?

TAURUS (April 21 - May 21) For all of the things that you want to do, there are three others that you wish to do. Maybe they are waiting for their own time to come. During the course of this week you will be thinking of what the future could hold, even though dealing with practical issues.

GEMINI (May 22 - June 21) When it isn't possible to change something, often it is just as effective to rearrange it. That is the solution which comes to you this week. Instead of being frustrated at a delay, try changing the conditions or times. This may mean that you save money or delay a payment to your advantage.

CANCER (June 22 - July 23) When we have long-standing friendships, these are often taken for granted and yet often we could make so much more of them.

23 • 16 - 22 January 2020

LEO (July 24 - August 23) Consider what is the most important thing to you at the moment? Is it wealth or social position? Your work, or how it may be possible to afford that new conservatory are minor considerations compared with your greatest asset which is your health.

VIRGO (August 24 - September 23) As the saying goes, ‘no one ever said it would be easy’. In the past few months you have found this to be true. Hard work is not alien to you, but there is a point where you want to shout ‘enough’. It may be that business or home life needs some rearranging, or that someone is moving job and the routine is severely disrupted.

Saturday January 11








IRISH LOTTO Saturday January 11







EURO MILLIONS Tuesday January 7



Is playing the waiting game really to your advantage? Your Sagittarian character naturally leads you to be optimistic, and why not? Even so, it won't hurt to hurry someone along rather than having them go at their own pace. Bear in mind that, in letting someone get away with sloppiness, you are doing them no favours at all.

CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 20) The enthusiasm of your bright Capricorn mind is also capable of making you restless. There are mixed feelings about being at or near home this week, with thoughts of more progress being possible elsewhere. Your need to make things better for those round you may not make you money but it can bring great joy.



6 11



Friday January 10





2 6



SCORPIO (October 24 - November 22)

SAGITTARIUS (November 23 - December 21)



LIBRA (September 24 - October 23)

There is so much in you that is determined and looking forward to a fresh start, but something that you are trying to get rid of, or give up, may be giving you more trouble than anticipated. Some things have to be done alone, or so you think, but others have gone through this before you so they are able to give support.


Thursday January 9








4 3

JOKER: 1 901 947 Saturday January 11










JOKER: 6 400 630 EL GORDO DE LA PRIMITIVA Sunday January 12


34 45

44 47



Fill all the empty squares using the numbers 1 to 9, so that the sum of each horizontal block equals the ‘clue’ on its left, and the sum of each vertical block equals the clue on its top. No number may be used in the same block more than once.

TARGET: Average: 8 Good: 11 Very good: 16 Excellent: 20 LAST WEEK’S SOLUTION

LAST WEEK’S SOLUTION cere cert core corn cure curt ecru erne euro rent rete rote rout rune runt tern torc tore torn tour tree true turn cornu court crone cruet cuter enter enure erect eruct noter outer recon recto route tenor terce toner truce tuner center centre cornet cunner encore neuron neuter recent rennet tenner tenrec tenure tureen counter enteron neurone neutron nocturn recount trounce cretonne nocturne renounce ENCOUNTER


QUICK Across: 1 Simple, 4 Oath, 8 Incorrect, 9 Kite, 10 Status, 13 Rescue, 15 Loan, 18 Procedure, 19 Tale, 20 Cleans.



How many English words of four letters or more can you make from the nine letters in our Nonagram puzzle? Each letter may be used only once (unless the letter appears twice). Each word MUST CONTAIN THE CENTRE LETTER (in this case L) and there must be AT LEAST ONE NINE LETTER WORD. Plurals, vulgarities or proper nouns are not allowed.

Fill the grid so that every row, every column and every 3X3 box contains the digits 1-9. There’s no maths involved. You solve the puzzle with reasoning and logic.



As a home-loving Libran, you are torn between making changes to your surroundings and getting some cash in on the business side. Apparently, it is not possible to do both because energy levels fluctuate.



1 Snooker, 2 Moist, 3 Lack, 5 Alert, 6/18 Hot pot, 7 Truth, 11 Singers, 12 Quiet, 14 Spoil, 16 Opera, 17 Full.

CRYPTIC Across: 1 Rinse, 4 Siberia, 8 Magneto, 9 Round, 10 Outdated, 11 Mean, 13 Spends, 14 Beagle, 17 Duck, 19 Cardinal, 22 Larva, 23 Retreat, 24 Sceptic, 25 Ameer.

Down: 1 Romeo, 2 Nightie, 3 Emeralds, 4 Shoves, 5 Barb, 6 Rouse, 7 Andante, 12 Vendetta, 13 Saddles, 15 Genoese, 16 Fabric, 18 Carve, 20 Later, 21 Hart.


Across: 1 Betún, 4 Compass, 8 Charcos, 9 Desde, 10 So far, 11 Longest, 12 Escape, 14 Saucer, 17 Mostaza, 19 Menos, 21 Leave, 22 Mendigo, 23 Estirar, 24 Angry.

1 Bocas, 2 Traffic, 3 Nacer, 4 Castle, 5 Mudanza, 6 Aisle, 7 Shelter, 12 Esmalte, 13 Planear, 15 Cunning, 16 Hammer, 18 Smart, 19 Manga, 20 Snowy.


HEALTH& Beauty 24

16 - 22 January 2020

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Weighed down THE weight of a regular A4­sized notebook is around half a kilo or 1.1 pounds. If textbooks weigh the same and eight­year­ olds have around six subjects, it’s just a question of doing the math. Children don’t always carry all of their books, but they also tend to pack a pencil case, their lunch or a dictionary. It all adds up, meaning that a child’s back­ pack can easily weigh four to five kilos. Taking into account that the average eight­year­old weighs 25 kilos, their school rucksack could represent around 15 to 20 per cent of their total body weight. This would be equivalent to an adult carrying a 15­kilo bag to work. A study conducted by the PO­ DUMA Research group at the University of Malaga has deter­ MORE and more experts now recommend that people with high blood pressure regu­ larly check their blood pressure at home. This can give a better reflection of your blood pres­ sure, as being tested in some­ where like a GP surgery can make you feel anxious and can affect the result. It can also al­ low you to monitor your condi­

mined the effects of heavy back­ packs on children. Researchers have concluded that if the back­ pack represents over 15 per cent of the child’s weight, the body reacts by significantly changing the way they walk. According to the investigators, strides become shorter and the feet spend more time in contact with the ground. These changes coincide with the first steps to suffering musculoskeletal in­ juries. The study was carried out over the course of a year and in­ volved the participation of 231 children from Malaga who were between six and 12 years. The tests were conducted as each boy or girl walked with backpacks of varying weight. In all cases, it was noted that back­ packs weighing over 15 per cent of bodyweight caused the shape

of the tread to vary. A member of the Biomedical Research Institute in Malaga as­ sured that this habit causes a predisposition to have problems in the future. He explained that children who walk carrying a lot of weight on a daily basis suffer from walking disor­ ders. Therefore, they have more options to contract knee and back injuries. In addition to af­ fecting the biomechanics of walking, too much weight can cause future injuries to the hips, feet or back. These problems could be easily ag­ gravated if the child already suffers an alteration, includ­ ing scoliosis or flat feet.

HARMFUL: Heavy backpacks can cause walking disorders in children.

Pressure perfect tion more easily in the long term. You can buy a variety of low­ cost monitors so you can test your blood pressure at home or while you’re on the move. Doing

this gives people an idea where their blood pressure stands in between doctor’s appointments and can motivate them to care more about their health. It also helps doctors make

quick medication adjustments to keep blood pressure in a healthy zone. However, home blood pres­ sure monitors aren’t always as accurate as they should be.

It has been reported that home blood pressure monitors may be inaccurate in 5 per cent to 15 per cent of patients, de­ pending on the threshold for ac­ curacy used. A study at the University of Al­ berta in Calgary tested dozens of home monitors used by 85 pa­ tients averaging 66 years of age. Researchers found the units weren’t accurate within five mmHg of blood pressure about 70 per cent of the time and the devices were off the mark by at least 10 mmHg about 30 per cent of the time. Such inaccura­

HOME MONITORS AREN’T ALWAYS AS ACCURATE: Blood pressure test accuracy.

cies could end with some people taking too much or too little blood pressure medication. There are a number of ways to minimise inaccurate readings with the devices. Patients can compare the blood pressure machine measurement with a blood pressure measurement in a clinic before exclusively relying upon home blood pressure readings. It is also important is to do several blood pressure mea­ surements and base treatment decisions over multiple readings. Whatever you do, make sure you use equipment that has been properly tested. The British Hypertension Society (BHS) has information about validated blood pressure monitors you can buy.


16 - 22 January 2020

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U p d a t e o n f o o d , d r i n k , e n t e r t a i n m e n t s , w h a t ’s o n a n d w e e k l y h a p p e n i n g s


Katie’s coming 2019 was a bad year for former glamour model Katie Price, and close sources say she is considering moving to one of her favourite holiday spots, the Costa del Sol. Price was declared bankrupt last year and has now moved out of her ‘mucky mansion’ as bankruptcy trustees take control and is reported to be living above a hairdresser’s shop in a friend’s flat based in Surrey as she considers her future. Bankruptcy laws differ in the UK where you can remain bankrupt for different periods of time, the standard time being 12 months but for larger amounts can see an order up to three years or more. However, some choose to move to Spain and restart their life by becoming a Spanish resident and opening bank accounts whilst leasing or purchasing property without the restrictions of the bankruptcy trustees in the UK. Price keeps in regular contact with Marbella entertainer Ronnie Howells and recently

told him of her desire to live in Spain. He told Euro Weekly News that “Only recently whilst at a club in Marbella she said she was considering the move now.” Meanwhile, further reports of sightings of Price have been reported on the Costa del Sol lately, but not in the glamorous areas associated with a celebrity of Price’s status such as Puerto Banus, but reportedly the La Cala region. Property agent Gary Adamson of Fuengirola said the chatter between agents is that she’s seeking a three bedroom modern apartment. Gary told the Euro Weekly News “I showed an apartment to a representative just three weeks ago by Fuengirola castle, she kept saying Katie would like this and Katie would like that, she even made a phone call to Katie and sent her a video.” Only time will tell if the Costa del Sol has a new celebrity resident. HOUSE HUNTING: Former model had a bad year.

Ageless beauty JENNIFER LOPEZ celebrated her 50th birthday with a concert in Fuengirola last August as part of her ‘It’s My Party Tour.’ At the recent Golden Globes, the actress, singer and dancer appeared on the red carpet in a dress fitted with a huge bow on the front that made her look like a Christmas gift. The 50-year-old was nominated for Best Supporting Actress - Motion Picture for her role as Ramona in the 2019 hit ‘Hustlers.’ Her appearance on the red carpet had people asking what is the beauty secret of the 50-year-old actress? As if she had read their minds she revealed her secret in a tweet on Twitter: ‘Thx to Biotulin.’ But what exactly is Biotulin? It is an organic botox gel used by such beauties as Michelle Obama, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle as a natural alternative to botox. Applied as a lotion it is quickly absorbed into the skin, and smooths and firms it without the typical formation of a mask. Hyaluronic acid provides additional fullness to the skin with a tightening and smoothing effect visible immediately.

Gin Bars by John Le Seuer IF you have been back to the UK of late you will have no­ ticed that there a lot of Gin bars springing up. In some pubs too there is a whole rack of space reserved just for Gin. It’s no longer one type, but lots of different va­ rieties. This happened because a few years ago distilleries were de­regulated to some extent, and thus the tradi­ tional huge distilleries now faced competition from micro distilleries which could now make distillations. Just as Japanese whisky is now accepted as being every bit as good as Scotch whisky, so the Scots have started to make Gin. Botanist comes from the isle of Islay, normal­ ly associated with single malt whiskies. So be careful when you ask for a Scotch these days, it might be a Gin. The problem with the new high end Gins is that they re­ ally do need sensitive serving. Yes you can be slapdash and

pour in a standard tonic with a bit of lemon and some ice, but it might not be the way to get the best flavour from the Gin. If you are paying for a high end Gin it needs to be a high end serving. Hendricks for example is best served with an organic tonic like Fever Tree, and some cucumber, lemon does not serve it well. My favourite though is Silent Pool. It comes from Guildford in Surrey, UK, and is infused with ‘Botanicals,’ Ju­ niper and a bit of honey. It is then not as harsh as a dry gin and responds well to Fever Tree tonic. But best of all, be­ cause it has kaffir of lime in it, you can make it with lime. To do so squeeze a 1/4 of lime into the drink, use an­ other 1/4 to run round the rim of the glass gently squeezing and put a slice in the glass. Use the same tech­ nique with lemon. To be hon­ est lime works the best. You can though get a little

SILENT POOL: My favourite Gin, a rather lovely drink. more adventurous. Take a potato peeler to an orange. Peel off some strips of orange peel, put them in the glass, then squeeze two grapes into the glass, don’t put the

grapes into the glass though. Silent Pool at this points changes like a chameleon in­ to a very different, rather lovely drink. Cheers.

RED CARPET DRESS: Nominated for a Golden Globe.


16 - 22 January 2020

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CHANGING REAL ESTATE THE world of property and construction begins the New Year with moderation and a bag full of challenges that are pending resolution. These obstacles include improving access to housing for young people, managing a market with low interest rates and surplus liquidity, as well as absorbing the final dregs of the effects of the previous financial crisis. Not only will the sector contend with these changes, it also has to

finish adapting to the new mortgage and renting laws. As well as any possible adjustments that could be introduced by the new coalition government between PSOE and Unidas Podemos. One of the main challenges is to provide access to housing for young adults. As a result of low salaries and the slowdown in job creation, the market is becoming out of reach for youngsters. Emancipation rates in Spain are at a historic low, with people staying at

home well into their 30’s. New housing measures are also having an impact on the property ladder, as the government tries to improve access to housing in Spain. The government of P S O E approved a new renting law at the beginning of 2019 that saw big changes in rental contracts. It is expected that the new coalition government will continue by trying to introduce price limits on rent.

The sector must also live alongside the extraordinary current market conditions. Low interest rates and excess liquidity increase the risks of sectoral bubbles. However, property experts maintain that the next bubble will not include real estate or mortgage financing. Although the low interest rates increase the risk of over-indebtedness of countries, businesses and individuals, meaning that both private and public debt increases.

Fight against fire DURING the cold months of winter, houses can often fall pray to the flames. Care­ lessness, candles and im­ proper use of electrical ap­ pliances destroy thousands of homes every year. The danger of house fires is the risk they pose for the inhabitants. In just the first quarter of 2019, 75 people lost their lives due to fires in Spain. This figure is already staggering compared to the 123 fire victims in the whole of 2018. According to the head of the Fire Department in the city of Madrid, people feel a sense of false security at home. He explained that the place where citizens feel the safest is also the place where the most fires occur. He added that this leads to people relaxing and not tak­ ing the necessary precau­ tions. However, knowing how to prevent fires is the tool that saves the most lives. This in­ cludes avoiding the accumu­ lation of household goods, papers or other flammable materials on the floor. It is also advised to have a portable fire extinguisher, a smoke detector and fire blankets inside each apart­ ment or house, measures that currently remain volun­ tary. Automatic sprinklers aren’t obligatory either, de­ spite the fact that they re­

CARELESS: People feel safe at home and neglect taking precautions against fire. duce fire damage by up to two­thirds. In the common areas of building, fire equipment is mandatory and must comply with basic requirements. Fire extinguishers should be placed in all common areas, including lobbies, boiler rooms, parking lots and stor­ age rooms. The materials used in con­ struction are equally impor­ tant to combat the flames. In Spain, the government has recently revised the law per­ taining to fire safety regula­ tions. In December 2019, the Spanish Technical Building Code was revised in relation to the widespread use of ex­ ternal thermal insulation sys­ tems. The Ministry of Devel­ opment argued that ventilated facades pose a greater risk of fire propaga­ tion through the building and decided to limit their use with strict requirements. However, other regula­ tions have been neglected, as Spain missed the opportunity to legally impose the installa­ tion of smoke detectors in­ side every home. Firefighters have been requesting the change for years, following in the footsteps of other Euro­ pean countries including France, Germany and the UK.

Growth and world trade were in the spotlight for the duration of 2019, both for the ageing population and political and socioeconomic factors that could potentially affect business. This has seen foreign investment in real estate decrease compared to previous years. It is also important to keep in mind that tourism in Spain was affected by the consequences of Brexit, the Thomas Cook crisis and the popularity of new destinations.

PETS What’s in store for your pet with HouseSitMatch..? 28 • 16 - 22 January 2020


BEST FRIENDS: House-sitters make great pet companions while you’re away.

PEOPLE often ask what they might expect from HouseSit Match when joining as pet and homeowners looking for house-sitters. From what our members tell us benefits range from your pets having companions to care for them in their own home, to returning to find a relaxed and happy pet contented and wellcared for. Many of you also tell us also that you have become fabulous friends with the housesitters, some of you even saying you enjoyed hearing about the house-sitters’ adventures. What can we do to help you

benefit from HouseSitMatch? At HouseSitMatch we help you get registered, to build a profile and to get checked online. It’s all built into our website. Just join our network as a homeowner and we’ll help you get started on your house-sitting journey, to find checked house-sitters who will help to care for your pets while you are away. What’s more the sitters do not charge you and you don’t charge them for accommodation. So, the whole housesitting collaboration offers excellent value to both parties. It’s a win win!

What makes HouseSitMatch unique? Unlike other house-sitting and pet-sitting networks, at we ID check all our members. We offer a police and background check on registration. We do this because it makes our network safer and helps us maintain a high bar for house-sitters caring for your precious pets and homes. Check our Trustpilot reviews online to see what clients say about our service. Trustpilot Testimonials - 4.8 / 5 Excellent rating (New Trustpilot rating scale) Here’s what members have said about us HouseSitMatch found us a

perfect house-sitter… HouseSitMatch found us a perfect house-sitter while we were away in Canada and we were delighted with the care and attention that HouseSit Match took in helping us find the right person. Ros Morris - Dog owner How do you join? Please register online via our website www.Housesitmatch. com - Choose a membership plan - Please note prices go up soon so sign up now on subscription to secure these prices: • Standard (DIY option) = £69 pa • Premium (with support at each step) = £89 pa

Do you need a house-sitter? Get in touch. House-sitting can be a win-win for both parties, free house and petsitting, and the experienced and checked sitters get free accommodation! Register as either house-sitter or homeowner with a 20 per cent discount using coupon code P2020 - an exclusive offer for readers. To find a house or pet-sitter go to


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TESTIMONIAL Ryan: Wonderful team to deal with. Brilliant advertisement rates. Can't fault them. Jackie is an absolute star, nothing too small to help with. I would definitely recommend EWN as a way to advertise your business!



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16 - 22 January 2020

to read more visit THE new Mini Convertible Sidewalk will be available worldwide from March 2020 and presents a particu­ larly exclusive opportunity to enjoy driving pleasure without a fixed roof over your head. With its individual design and equipment features, the new Mini offers ideal conditions for making an extroverted appearance in urban traffic. There are three en­ gine versions for the edition model of the open­top premium small car. Variants of the exterior paintwork, soft top design, rim styling and interi­ or fittings developed especially for the edition model, as well as numerous specific design accents, give the new model its unmistakable charisma. An edition model of the same name of the first open­top generation already heightened open­top driving fun con­ siderably. The direct predecessor of the current open­top four­seater, the MINI Convertible Highgate, also ranks among the top model highlights of the British premium brand. The drive range for the new Side­ walk is made up of three petrol en­ gines with TwinPower Turbo technol­ ogy. The new Mini One Convertible Sidewalk (combined fuel consump­ tion: 5.5 ­ 5.4 l/100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 125 ­ 122 g/km) gen­


Open top premium

UNMISTAKABLE CHARISMA: An extroverted appearance.

Skoda Scala SE ROAD TEST by Nick Fletcher THE new Scala is Skoda’s bid for a larger slice of a family hatchback market dominated by the Ford Focus, Volkswa­ gen Golf and various other contenders. First impression is that Sko­ da has ticked all the boxes for family car buyers, it is a spa­ cious, well­kitted vehicle which has easy­driving dynamics and low running costs. Scala prices start at €19,913 (£16,940), with a choice of var­ ious­output petrol and diesel engines, manual and auto gearboxes and several trim levels. My test model was a mid­range SE version with a 1.5­litre petrol engine and sev­ en­speed DSG auto transmis­ sion and priced at €25,391 (£21,600). The engine has a punchy 148 hp, a nippy 0­100 kph time of 8.2 seconds and top speed of 219 kph (136 mph). Emis­ sions are low at 113 g/km and average fuel consumption is

15.3 kpl (43.2 mpg). Out and about, the Scala has a light effortless feel, with smooth responsive perfor­ mance and slick automatic gearshifts. It rides well, absorb­ ing most of the bumps and chatter of rougher surfaces and while it is does not quite match the nimble handling of the Ford Focus, it always feels composed when cornering. With its sleek styling and large front grille, the Scala does catch the attention and the cabin is a nice comfortable place to be. While slightly nar­ rower than some rivals, the Scala does have good rear head and leg room even for taller occupants, and boot space of 467 litres is among the largest in the class, bigger than even its VW Golf stable­ mate. With rear seats folded, there is an impressive load space of 1,410 litres. Standard features on this mid­range version include al­ loy wheels, LED headlights and daytime running lights, front and rear power windows, air­ conditioning, rear parking sen­

sors, digital radio, Bluetooth, touch­screen infotainment unit and smartphone linking. The cabin is well­finished with good quality materials and the dashboard has a straightforward layout which is very user­friendly. Drivers can get good position thanks to ad­ justable steering wheel and multi­adjustable seat. The Scala is such a good all­ rounder that it seems destined set to make a notable impact in the hotly­contested family hatchback sector, scoring sig­ nificant plus­points for its dri­ ving dynamics, spacious interi­ or, excellent fuel economy and low emissions.

erates an output of 75 kW/102 hp from the 1.5­litre three­cylinder en­ gine. The new Mini Cooper Convert­ ible Sidewalk (combined fuel con­ sumption: 5.4 ­ 5.1 l/100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 123 ­ 116 g/km) is also powered by a 1.5­litre three­cylinder engine which produces 100 kW/136 hp of power. The 141 kW/192 hp four­cylinder engine of the new Mini Cooper S Convertible Sidewalk provides the sportiest fresh air experience (fuel consumption combined: 6.5 ­ 5.4 l/100 km; com­ bined CO2 emissions: 147 ­ 123 g/km. All engines are combined with a six­ speed manual gearbox as standard. A seven­speed Steptronic transmission with double clutch is optionally avail­ able for the new Cooper and the Cooper S. Alternatively, the new Cooper S Convertible can also be equipped with a seven­speed Step­ tronic Sport transmission with double clutch, which provides even faster gear shifts and can also be operated using paddles on the steering wheel. As a further addition to the stan­ dard equipment, a wide range of op­ tions is available for all engine vari­ ants of the edition model to provide extra comfort, driving fun and sponta­ neous open­air pleasure.



16 - 22 January 2020

BARCELONA sack Ernesto Valverde and appoint former Real Betis manager Quique Setien as replacement. to read more visit

Fernando Alonso Show’s Grit As He Continues Driving After Spectacular Accident THE Spanish pilot Fernando Alonso (Toyota) suffered a dramatic accident after just one­kilometre of the 345 that made up the times sec­ tion of Wednesday’s stage (Stage:10). The car flipped multiple times down a dune, images show spectators rushing to help Alfonso and his co­pilot, only for Alonso to speed away within seconds after the spectacular fall. The 10th stage of the Dakar was disputed between Haradh and Shubaytah, in a route mostly composed of

dunes where the race enters the ‘Empty Room’ of Saudi Arabia, a huge desert of about 650,000 square kilome­ tres practically uninhabited. The mishap was even more of a hindrance for the Spanish F1 star as it was a stage where competitors are not al­ lowed to be aided by their team mechanics to repair their vehicles, any break­ downs must be dealt with by the vehicle crew. For his part, Fernando Alonso finally finished in 51st place after having to change two flat tyres as a result of the accident suffered at the very start of the stage. Fernando Alonso was in 10th place in the overall standings of the Dakar, after having completed four con­ secutive stages in the top 10, including second place in Stage eight.

DAKAR RALLY: The car flipped multiple times down a dune. The dramatic accident en­ dured during Stage 10 of the Dakar is the second major in­ cident suffered by Alonso in almost 3,000 kilometres of the rally. The first resulted in the loss of two and a half

hours on the second day in order to repair a wheel that broke when it hit a stone in the middle of a cloud of dust. The 2020 Dakar is held en­ tirely in Saudi Arabia, with 12 stages from January 5 to 17 ,

with a total route of almost 8,000 kilometres, of which 5,000 are timed. Spanish fans have tweeted their concern over the Asturi­ an’s accident, many pointing out that it seems Fernando’s

car flipped because he was trying to avoid the many spectators that were on the dune at the time he drove past. Despite the unfortunate in­ cident, Spanish fans have de­ lighted at the solid race given by veteran Carlos Sainz (Mini) who stormed away to win Stage 10, taking 18 minutes from Al Attiyah and 12 from Frenchman Peterhansel The last part of the stage was cancelled due to the strong gusts of wind which prevented the helicopters from flying over the competi­ tion area allowing the 57­ year­old Spanish pilot Carlos Sainz (Mini) to win the stage with a clear advantage over his rivals and is on his way to winning his third Dakar Rally. The last two days of the ral­ ly are due to feature around 750 timed kilometres.

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