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10 - 16 October 2019

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A HISTORIC royal visit brought residents out on the streets to welcome the King of Spain. King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia paid a visit to the Costa Blanca on Friday October 4 to show support to residents after the devastating floods. The Royal couple met with all the mayors of the various municipalities affected by the storm ‘gota fria’ and took the opportunity to greet many of the thousands of people who lined in the streets waving national flags. The King and Queen demonstrated their solidarity to those affected by some of

Credit: Casa de SM el Rey

KING MEETS FLOOD VICTIMS the most serious damage. They then travelled further along the Costa Blanca where again they were greeted by hundreds of storm victims. Miguel Perez was one of them and he told the Euro Weekly News: “It was fantastic to shake hands with our King.” GREETINGS: Crowds welcomed the King and Queen.



10 - 16 October 2019

SKY-HIGH: Up to 20 new hotels could be built in Benidorm in the next 20 years.

More migrants arrive ELEVEN male immigrants were intercepted off the coast of Alicante on board a raft on Monday. According to Red Cross sources, the raft reached the port of Alicante at 1 2 .4 0 p m a n d t h e immigrants were met by a team of volunteers from the charity. Another raft was intercepted in Altea with six people on board and another was intercepted 50 miles off the coast of Alicante with 18 people on board. In the last three weeks, approximately 30 boats have been intercepted in the Alicante region carr ying about 300 people.


HIGH-RISE hotels will be built to accommodate B e n i d o r m ’s booming tourism business. I t ’s p r e d i c t e d t h a t t h e t o w n will need an increase of 15 per c e n t i n i t s h o t e l o ff e r i n g i n t h e next 20 years, according to the urban development sector of Ensanche Levante, formerly called Plan Armanello. The Urban Development Interest Group (AIU) that manages planning has said that due to the evolution of the Levante district of Benidorm and its demograph-

Only way is up ics, between 15 and 20 new hotel complexes could be built. These figures would mean that

t h e c i t y ’s h o t e l a c c o m m o d a t i o n supply could grow by up to 15 per cent in 20 years, as it would

rise from 131 hotels to 151. The project covers 575,000 square metres, of which 65 per cent will be used for public projects. The rest will be for commercial use as well as residential complexes and hotels following the Benidorm model which prioritises vertical construction to free up space on the ground. The municipal political groups already have the preliminary document, as well as technical services to assess and mark changes that they deem necessary.

Brit in serious condition A BRITISH man is critically ill in hospital after an accident. Luke Thomas, who lives in Javea, remains in critical condition in hospital in Valencia following an accident caused by an unlicensed driver outside his home. Luke was outside his home when a female driver, identified as a middle-aged Colombian woman, with no licence or insurance, lost control of her car and ran into Luke. The woman was arrested and has been released on bail whilst she awaits trial and could face over three years in jail for reckless driving. Luke, a well-known face in Javea, is in hospital in an induced coma suffering from severe injuries including injuries to his brain that will require surgery once the swelling

subsides, a broken collar bone and facial fractures that will likely require facial reconstruction surgery. Luke’s family has flown to Valencia to be with him and is currently staying near the hospital. A JustGiving page has been set up to assist the family during their stay, but also to help Luke when he recovers as he will be unable to work for some time. Floods of messages have been sent to the family through the JustGiving page and through social media praying for Luke’s speedy recovery. The JustGiving campaign had raised £6,655 of the £7,000 goal at the time of writing. To donate please visit https://www.just

Shear threats A MAN was arrested on Thursday on Avenida Peset Aleixandre in Valencia after attempting to stab someone with pruning shears. The events took place on Thursday at around 8pm when the man went into a shop and began to punch the

window and was approached by the employee of the shop. It was at this point that the man pulled out the shears and threatened the employee. The shop worker managed to barricade himself behind the counter and called the police. The man, believed to be

from Ecuador, realised that the police were called and fled on foot but was apprehended a little while later and was arrested for threatening behaviour. The man had no previous criminal record and has been taken to court to await sentencing.


Cultural conference L’ALFAS DEL PI is preparing to celebrate the 17th edition of the Hispanic-Norwegian Conference, a cultural event that is characterised by the mestizaje and will bring together representatives of the world of arts and culture. The event takes place from October 18 to 24.

Calpe’s beerfest GERMAN festival, Oktoberfest, is taking place in Calpe until Sunday October 13 bringing all things German to this huge festival on the Costa Blanca. Take part in ‘Happy Beer Day’ today (Thursday, October 10) and sample p i n t s o f b e e r f o r €3 .5 0 with music from a DJ.

2020 festival MONTGO ROCK has announced its first confirmed act for the 2020 festival that will be held in May next year. The first headline act will be the talented singer, Leiva who has played the concert before. Tickets are on sale now.

Denia fair THE Fira de Tots Sants de Denia will take place from October 18 to November 3 on the Esplanada de Torrecremada. The price of children’s attractions will be reduced on certain days to make them more affordable and entry is only €2.

Castle reopens BENIDORM CASTLE and the square will reopen in December after the excavation works have been completed. The excavation works have uncovered the most important remains of the old wall and castle visible through a glass floor and railings.

Patron saint LOS MONTESINOS’ patron saint festivals in honour of the Virgen del Pilar kicked off last Saturday with the coronation of queens and ladies and will continue until Sunday (October 13), a day after the official celebration of the town’s patron saint.

10 - 16 October 2019



MAGNIFICENT MALAGA INDEX A ROSE-TINTED sky is the celestial backdrop to Malaga Cathedral that towers over the rooftops of residences in the city’s old town. LA MANQUITA, as Malaga C ath ed ral is a ffec tiona te ly k n o w n , is th e s ec ond highe s t Cathedral in Andalucia. Its nickname, which roughly translates in English as ‘The onearmed lady,’ reflects the fact that the building, on which work beg an aro u n d 1 5 8 2 , w a s ne ve r completed and the south tower remains unfinished. The reason it was never finished is a typically Spanish tale of financial irregularity. There was, it seems, no shortage of money to complete the project. However, according to a plaque at the base of the tower, money raised by the parish for the purpose was instead sent to fund the War of Independence in th e A me ric a s to h e lp fre e 13 colonies from British Rule. But parish records suggest that the money was actually used to repair a roadway, known as the Way of Antequera, rather than for the cause of liberation. The building site was a former mosque that was consecrated as the church of Santa Maria se la E n ca rn ac io n w h en R oma n C ath o lic tro o p s d e fe a te d the Moors in 1487. It is built in the Renaissance s ty le to a d e s ig n b y D ie go de Siloe in a rectangular form with a Baroque façade. The magnificent 17th century choir stalls inside in mahogany and cedar wood were designed by Luis Ortiz. After his death the 40 saints that overlook the stalls were completed by artisan carpenter Pedro de Mena.



INCOMPLETE: Sun-blessed Malaga Cathedral is the highest in Andalucia.

Medieval Market A MEDIEVAL Market is taking place in Valencia until Sunday, October 13, coinciding with yesterday (Wednesday’s) celebrations. The Valencia - Jaume I Medieval Market is held around the Puente y las Torresde Serranos, in the Plaza de las Fueros, where there will be attractions for adults and children. The Valencia - Jaume I Medieval Market will have lots of food stalls to showcase local gastronomy, local crafts and plenty of entertainment in the form of street theatre, shows, regional dances, traditional music. There will also be jugglers, fairies, goblins, fight re-enactments, oriental dance and much more. To bring the whole event together there will be a traditional Moors and Christians parade. Market hours will be 10am until midnight on Saturday (October 12) and 10am until closing on Sunday.



Gandia Bridge GANDIA Council has plans for the new Montepino de Gandia bridge after the fire of August 2018. The new bridge will cost €344,000 and will be financed with aid from the Generalitat to repair infrastructure damaged by the fire. The flames took hold of a p p ro x i m a t e l y 1 , 0 0 0 h e c t a re s a n d a f f e c t e d h o m e s , roads, forests and infrastructure such as the bridge. The project will replace the old structure but with some substantial improvements such as a wider path and will also be earthquake-resistant. There will be a pavement of two metres creating total of eight metres of space on the bridge. The reopening of the bridge will improve traffic in the area as, at present, cars can only drive in one lane and residents have been making alternative arrangements to get to the other side to avoid tailbacks.



Euro Weekly News


10 - 16 October 2019


Buoyed up after award

BIRD’S EYE VIEW: La Nucia have introduced some drones to their police force to help with surveillance, security and traffic control.

Aerial policing THE Local Police of La Nucia have acquired a drone which w i l l b e u s e d t o i m p ro v e s e curity, traffic control and assist with emergencies. Several officers are taking part in training courses to become pilots of the drones and acquire the necessary qualifications for the correct use of them. La Nucia has invested €6,500 in the project to improve the equipment that is at the police force’s disposal. The purchase of the drone was subsidised by the Valencian Agency of S e c u r i t y a n d E m e rg e n c i e s a n d t h e

drones will be operational from November. The drone will assist police with searches for missing persons, fires and surveillance and will also be connected to the Traffic Control and Surveillance Camera System that has 220 cameras installed around the municipality. So far, three police officers have been trained to fly the drones and the p l a n i s t o t r a i n m o r e o ff i c e r s n e x t year once the project is fully implemented. “From the municipality of La Nucia we work with the Local Police for

the best possible service to our citizens. For this, the officers need the best equipment and the latest technology. “For this reason we have acquired this drone which will provide a great service in case of emergencies such as fires, loss of people in the mountains or rural areas etc, as well as security issues and surveillance and traffic control. This will make it possible for the Local Police to arrive quickly and, through the drone, evaluate the emergency or situation, complementing the camera system,” said Bernab Cano, mayor of La Nucia.

A GROUP of students who formed a design group called YUDesign have won a national James Dyson award for designing a buoy called YUNA that will filter micro-plastics from the sea. The students from the Polytechnic University of Valencia were inspired by seeing the effect that plastics have on the coastline and decided to design something to help protect the beaches in their local area. Micro-plastics are toxic particles that are often eaten and ingested by animals and sea creatures, which harm them and eventually ends up in the food chain. The buoy contains filters and collects particles as its drifts and spins in the current. YUNA contains several filters that can pick up particles of varying sizes and active charcoal is used to filter the smallest particles. The students have won €2,200 in prize money and are now waiting to find out whether they will be selected for the national stage of the competition on October 17.

On the right track MAINLINE trains between Alicante City and Valencia are running once more. The torrential rains of September 12 and 13 flooded the tunnel at Font de la Figuera (Valencia) on the boundary between the two provinces and infrastructure was also damaged in nearby Ontinyent. Rail communications were affected throughout Alicante Province with only the AVE high speed train to Madrid and local trains between Alicante and Villena running in the immediate aftermath of the Isolated High Level Depression (DANA). Tracks and infrastructure

TRAINS: Are running again.

have gradually been repaired but it was three weeks before the Alicante-Valencia service resumed. With no through trains between Alicante and Valencia during this time passengers bound for either city had to make the lengthy inland journey by buses put on by railways operator RENFE. The usual timetable is now operational between the two cities but remains interrupted be-

tween Alicante and Murcia, RENFE said earlier this week. Although the Alicante-Valencia section of the Mediterranean Corridor has returned to normal, damage to infrastructure between Alicante and Murcia is still seriously affected. The Bajo Vinalopo and Vega Baja, which suffered the worst of storms still have no straightthrough middle or long-distance trains in their areas.


10 - 16 October 2019

No butts fires. Just one spark from a cigarette or a cigarette that is thrown away still lit could start a devastating forest fire that would not only destroy the forest, but poses a risk to nearby properties. Before the summer, in a campaign by the Oceanografic Foundation and Paradores, schoolchildren in Javea collected more than 4,000 cigarette butts from the Arenal beach in just one hour. On Sunday, at Benissa’s coastal clean-up, volunteers removed 2,000 cigarette butts. Credit:

POLLUTION is spreading to the most beautiful natural places in the Marina Alta area including the numerous viewpoints around the region. At the Falzia de XĂ bia viewpoint, for example, there is a very clear sign warning that smoking is forbidden in the area, yet as you walk towards the breathtaking view the floor is reportedly littered with cigarette butts. It is not just the litter that is of concern in this beautiful area but also the risk of forest

NO BUTTS: Cigarette butts are littering the most beautiful mirador around the coast of the Marina Alta area.




10 - 16 October 2019


STABBED: A 13-year-old boy was stabbed by his sister’s ex-boyfriend in Altea.

Man stabs youth A PRISON sentence of 15 years has been handed to a man who attempted to murder the brother of his ex girlfriend in Altea. It is alleged that the 18-year-old defendant waited for his ex-girlfriend’s 13-year-old brother in a room where he stored his bicycle and stabbed him in the neck with a box cutter. The man wore sunglasses, a mask and a hood and fled from the scene after stabbing the young boy twice in the neck.

The boy shouted for help and the man was found covered in blood nearby by the victim’s uncle and a neighbour and told them “Sorry, sorry; I didn’t want to do it.” The boy suffered a deep cut on his neck and was taken to hospital in an ambulance, but made a full recovery. The man was sentenced to 15 years in prison for the attack, has to pay €10,000 in compensation to the victim, cannot approach the victim and will be on probation for 10 years after his release.

Motorbike accident A 42-YEAR-OLD man died on Sunday morning after being involved in an accident on his motorcycle in Parcent. The incident, according to the Centre for Informa-

tion and Coordination of Emergencies (CICU), occurred at 8.48am on the CV-720 road near Parcent as the motorcycle turned. The driver crashed and

War victims exhumed THE bodies of victims of the Civil War are being exhumed in the Alicante and Castellon regions, specifically in Benissa and Monovar. The Department of Participation, Transparency, Cooperation and Democratic Quality has initiated the long task of exhuming the remains of those killed in the Civil War and as part of Franco’s dictatorship. The teams will investigate, locate, exhume and study the remains of the victims. The exhumations in the Ali-

cante municipalities of Benissa and Monovar will be carried out with an approved budget of €20,763.60 and the company Drakkar Consultoras SL will be responsible for executing these works. Councillor Rosa Perez Garijo, said that this is “a first step to initiate exhumations by the Generalitat within the framework of the Law of Democratic Memory. The regional administration has the obligation to comply with this historic duty.”

came off of the bike. An ambulance was sent to the scene and treated the man, but were unable to save him and he died at the scene.

Calpe drowing AFTER getting into difficulty in the water, a 62year-old man drowned at Playa de la Fossa in Calpe on Sunday. According to a statement from the Centre for Information and Coordination of Emergencies (CICU), a report of a bather in distress was received at 1.36pm. An ambulance was sent to the scene to help the man but, despite the paramedics’ efforts, they were unable to resuscitate the man.


Day centre protest RESIDENTS of the Tossals neighbourhood in Ondara, as well as the neighbourhood association, are protesting against a day centre for the elderly that is being built in the area. The residents hung banners at the construction site before opting for more drastic mea-

sures including protesting outside the site. One person allegedly broke in and assaulted the contractor by hitting him in the chest. The alleged attacker has been identified and a report has been filed. The actions of the protestors have been condemned by the authorities as they have said that the centre is going to be built regardless of the protests as it is a ‘project of general interest’ and all of the planning permission is above board. The building will be built on one floor and will be next to a park so that elderly people can enjoy the green space. It is intended that the day centre will not be an eyesore and will not disrupt the peacefulness of the neighbourhood. The neighbours did not object to the project in the planning stage but came out en masse once they had broken ground. The local government, however, is not going to bend to pressure. “The acts of vandalism will not break the will of the people,” said the mayor, who warned that police measures have already been taken to ensure that the project goes ahead.

10 - 16 October 2019



Serial robber held A MAN has been arrested in Oliva for allegedly committing four robberies in Beniarbeig, Pego and Pedreguer. The Guardia Civil of El Ve rg e l w e r e m a d e a w a r e of a series of robberies which had taken place at the end of September in Beniarbeig, Pego and Pedreguer that had several similarities in the modus operandi. According to reports, the accused man approached women who were walking alone with his face covered by a motorcycle helmet. He allegedly approached the women and threatened them with a knife and demanded they hand over everything they were carrying. Some of the victims have also said that the man hit them in the face until they handed everyt h i n g o v e r, r e g a r d l e s s o f

the value of the effects. The man was identified and arrested in Oliva and held in custody before being sent to prison without the possibility of bail accused of four crimes of robbery with violence and intimidation.

SENTENCED: A man who committed four violent robberies in the Marina Alta area has been arrested in Oliva.

Spanish Day is Saturday, October 12th! IT is Spain’s National Holiday, also known as Hispanic Day or Fiesta Nacional de España or Día de la Hispanidad (in Spanish), commemorating the exact date when Christopher Columbus first set foot in the Americas. How will you be celebrating? Will you be enjoying the festivities in your adopted homeland culture? Please be aware that public transport will run on a ‘Sunday service’ with less frequency. Look out for ‘domingos y festivos’ on timetables. Some shops will be closed, especially outside city centres and tourist destinations. Most restaurants will be open.

10 - 16 October 2019


Rape trial continues THE trial for the alleged gang rape of a 14-year-old girl in the Marina Alta area began on Thursday at juvenile court. The District Attorney’s Office and the private prosecution suggested that the four accused minors are sentenced to between three and five years in jail while the defence suggested that they are fully acquitted due to contradictions in the victim’s statement. Three of the minors have been preventively detained since the complaint w a s file d a t the e nd of la s t M a rc h, while the fourth, who is accused of minor participation in the event, is under house arrest. Although the events occurred in July last year, it was not until March when the complaint was formalised before the Guardia Civil that the young men were arrested. The young woman reported that she was raped by a group of four high school classmates in July 2018 in an open field next to a cemetery in a municipality of the Marina Alta. The victim had gone out for a walk with a friend and the four boys, whom she went to school with. When the friend left and she was alone with

Credit: EWN


TRIAL: Four minors accused of raping a 14-year-old girl are standing trial in juvenile court in the Marina Alta area. them, three of them took her to the open field and raped her. The young woman said that the fourth boy did not ta ke pa rt in the act ual r ape but watched as the other boys raped her. It is also alleged by the girl that one of the boys fil m ed t he r ape and

showed it to her afterwards and told her that they would distribute it around the school. No evidence of the video has been found on the accused boys’ mobile phones. The trial will continue now that all evidence has been collected.

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10 - 16 October 2019


Fly swatter abuse A 34-YEAR-OLD woman has been arrested by National Police in Ruzafa, Valencia for allegedly abusing her children. The police were called to a property in the Ruzafa district as part of their preventative work as they were told that a woman was hitting her children, aged five and eight years old. It was alleged that the woman was hitting her children with a ‘stick, whip or something similar’ and that the children were screaming and crying. When police arrived at the address the woman let them into the house to check on the children, where both children presented with markings on their bodies which showed that they had been struck with something. Police found a fly swatter nearby and identified this as the object that the woman had used to hit her children. The children were handed to their father and the woman was arrested for

AN off-duty National Police officer arrested a 43-year-old Spanish man for all e g e d l y t h re a t e n i n g him with an axe in Valencia. According to police

ABUSE PROBE: A mother allegedly used a fly swatter to hit her children. ill-treatment of her children and has been trans-

ferred to court to be processed.

Axe threats sources, the man was driving along Calle Jose Soto Mico in Valencia and trying to overtake the off-du-

ty police officer and allegedly caused an accident. When both cars stopped at traffic lights the man apparently began shouting at the police officer, got out of his car and took out a large axe and threatened the officer. The police officer identified himself, which caused the man to jump back in his car and attempt to flee. The police officer called for back-up and the suspect was intercepted by the patrol. Upon his arrest, police also found a wooden stick in the boot of his car. The man resisted arrest and threatened the officers, according to sources. He was arrested for threatening behaviour, resisting arrest and disobeying police orders. The detained was taken to court where it was revealed that he already a police record.


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10 - 16 October 2019

Call police call

PEOPLE are being urged to call the police if they see any animal that has been abused. The call came from Alicante City’s councillor for Security, Jose Ramon Gonzalez, after a small dog that was severely dehydrated, blind and suffering from a severe skin condition was picked up from the city’s streets on the verge of death. Police had been called by a concerned passer-

as follows: Number 31,572 in the WORLD Number 1,015 in the UK Number 1,800 in Spain Euro Weekly News is very proud to show our readers and advertisers our real visits. As verified by Alexa experts: Unique Visitors: 471,357 Page Views: 1,023,593

EWN 11

by. Ramon Gonzalez thanked the Canine Unit for the “excellent work it is carrying out daily in the city,” and asked citizens that if they see an animal that is suffering mistreatment, they should inform the police so they can act. Local Police started an investigation and located the dog’s owner who has been charged with an alleged crime of neglect and animal abuse.

10 - 16 October 2019 Credit: Visit Valencia


HISTORIC: The medieval cemetery of the Church of San Juan del Hospital is now open to the public.

Oldest church opens its doors THE oldest church in Valencia is housed inside the historic complex of San Juan del Hospital, which makes it the first to be built in the city on land granted by King Jaime I. The Church of San Juan

del Hospital opened the medieval cemetery commonly known as ‘Patio Sur ’ on Sunday. From 11am to 2pm, the church will open the medieval cemetery for anyone who wants to visit and learn about its history. The entrance fee to the tour is €2. The construction of the

temple was accompanied by a hospital, a cemetery and a residence for its knights. With the exception of the Church, which is completely restored, only architectural remains can be seen of the other buildings and are in the process of being restored.

EWN 13

10 - 16 October 2019


14 EWN

SCRAPPED: The Balearia ferry that ran aground in Denia is being removed piece by piece.

Remnants of grounded ferry THERE is very little left of the Balearia ferry that ran aground in Denia. The scrapping work of the ‘Pinar del Rio’ ferry has moved along very quickly in the last week with only a small strip of the vessel visible above the waterline. The companies responsible for scrapping the ferry, Ardentia Marine and Varadero Vinaros SL, have started with the

surface area and bridge of the vessel using a 250-tonne crane to dismantle the ferry piece-bypiece. Balearia plans to start work on the underwater section of the ferry next week which is significantly more difficult than the top sections. It is estimated that the work will be finished by November and a larger 500-tonne crane and a pontoon will be brought in when the heavier parts of the ferry are removed.

Body discovered in El Saler THE Guardia Civil has opened an investigation to find out what caused the death of a

49-year-old woman who was found dead on Friday morning on the shores of El Saler

beach in Valencia. The body of the Argentinian woman was found by a jogger in the early hours of the morning near the Arroceria Duna restaurant and police were immediately notified. According to first reports from the scene, the woman was naked and had consumed alcohol and pills which was determined from the woman’s personal effects. A beach chair, a cool box, some clothes, a small bottle of drugs and an empty beer bottle was found nearby. They also found the victim’s ID at the scene. The woman’s body showed no signs of violence and everything seems to indicate that she drowned. Guardia Civil officers also found no criminal evidence on the beach. The body was taken to the Institute of Legal Medicine in Valencia for an autopsy.

16 EWN

10 - 16 October 2019



Decision imminent and it also appeared that EU negotiators were not convinced that they would be accepted. The PM spent much of the

weekend on the telephone canvassing support from many of the European Heads of State. Following a conversation with France’s President Macron, it appears that a decision could be made as soon as tomorrow (Friday October 11). Officials welcomed what they referred to as ‘advances,’ but still have a number of problems with the proposed new ‘divorce’ settlement. The new

plan will see Northern Ireland stay in the European single market for goods but leave the customs union - resulting in new customs checks. In the event that the proposals are rejected, and the sticking point could well be over that border between Eire and Northern Ireland, then there would, in theory, still be time for further negotiation before October 19 when the

‘Benn Law’ requires the PM to request a further delay in leaving. Despite Mr Johnson’s repeated statements that Britain would leave with no deal on October 31 and that he would rather be “dead in a ditch” than ask for a delay, government papers submitted to a Scottish court said that he will comply with the law. Teams of British and EU government negotiators continue to meet in order to find the basis for a deal but, claiming to have made significant compromises, Britain says the EU side has to also compromise. CREDIT: flickr

LAST week, Prime Minister Boris Johnson told Parliament what amended proposals he had submitted to the EU in order for a Brexit deal to be agreed. Opposition party leaders were not supportive of the latest offers


Sibling support AFTER losing the support of both his brother and sister, Boris Johnson had some good news from another of his team’s siblings, this time Jacob Rees-Mogg’s sister Annunziata, who is a Brexit Party MEP. She welcomed the new Brexit proposals contradicting party leader Nigel Farage.

Irish fears A REPORT from the ESRI organisation in Ireland suggests that a no-deal Brexit could push the Republic into unexpected recession and believes that their government should produce a new budget aimed at coping with such a result.

Jobs available

BREXIT: Time for talking almost over.

DESPITE all of the no-deal rhetoric, both the Conservative Party and at least one Brexit Party MEP are reportedly advertising for staff to work with them in Brussels from November onwards as part of their European Parliament staffing.

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10 - 16 October 2019

THE General Directorate of Historical, Artistic and Cultural Heritage of Gandia has carried out a study on various rooms in the church of Sant Roc, and made several discoveries. During these works in which paintings and pieces of art have


Paintings discovered been catalogued, two paintings have been found which are believed to be by Spanish painter José Camaron Bononat, a Baroque artist. The head of the department, Vicent Pellicer, has suggested that these 18th

century works clearly reflect ‘the style of Camaron.’ “He was a Baroque painter with classicist features and very stylised figures,” said the historian. For all these reasons, and although the works are not signed, Pellicer understands

Charge of Night Brigade

that these paintings are originally from Valencia. The paintings are the ‘Annunciation to Saint Anna’ and ‘Jesus among the Doctors.’ Both paintings measure 81.5 x 46 centimetres and have a mixtillinear shape, fashionable at the end of the 18th century. Despite the age of the paintings, it is possible to see the firm and forceful drawing of this painter and the classicist treatment of bodies and clothes

Beach drowning

STREET DRINKING: Council said drunken tourism was wrecking the town’s reputation. A CRACKDOWN on lager louts is planned with a special night brigade to curb boozing in Alicante. Alicante Council will deploy a night-time disciplinary unit of the Local Police to enforce order on the streets ‘saturated’ by bars. Council security bosses declared it was ‘not a war,’ but Mayor José Ramón González said he was sick of stag and hen parties and drunken tourism that was wrecking the town’s reputation. Zero tolerance of booze-fuelled behaviour will be coupled with a freeze on licensing and a clampdown on what Mayor González described as ‘massification’ of premises with terraces spilling across

pedestrian areas. The move comes ahead of a trial against the city of Alicante at the beginning of November in a case brought by the Association of residents of the Traditional Centre. This week council lawyers have been studying an expert report commissioned by the residents. In September the court heard residents argue that the level of disturbance undermines personal and family privacy and inviolability of the home. Council chiefs say the worst hit areas are around Castaños Street, and for this reason, have announced measures to ‘limit the granting of opening licences.’

A 75-YEAR-OLD swimmer died on Friday morning on the Arenal beach in Javea. The Local Police and a medical team were called to the beach after witnesses reported that a tourist was in trouble in the water. The man was pulled from the water and paramedics attempted to resuscitate him but were unable to save his life. It is believed that the man, who suffered from heart disease, had a heart attack which caused him to drown. It is worth remembering that there is no longer a lifeguard at the Arenal beach with the season ending on the September 29. Throughout the summer there have been no recorded deaths on the beaches and coastline of Javea.

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10 - 16 October 2019

Costa Blanca Magic Mirror hits the red carpet! MARBELLA rolled out the red carpet for the most glamorous event in the town’s social calendar and Magic Mirror was at the Gala Dinner awards on Sunday October 6 to show­ case its interactive party piece, the Magic Selfie! The Euro Weekly News was proud to spon­ sor the glittering, star studded Marbella Film Festival and was delighted to see guests at the Gala Dinner having their selfies taken whilst mingling with the stars and having a fun, interactive experience with the Magic Mirror Selfie.

The Magic Selfie is the perfect photo booth for parties and events. The gorgeous ring and inviting mirror drew the guests right in. The Magic Selfie can do traditional photos, GIF, Burst GIF animations, boomerangs and video. Offering customisable start screen and several photo templates, a choice of different filters, digital props and instant sharing email and SMS. The Magic Selfie brought fun, laughter and memories to the event on Sunday with the custom design features making the guests event experience that much more personal and unique.

WWW.COSTABLANCAMAGICMIRROR.COM Tel. +34 649 018 410 Facebook: Costablanca­Magicmirror Instagram: CostaBlancaMagicMirror

The Magic Selfie and Magic Mirror are available to hire throughout the Costa Blanca region so please do get in touch!


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10 - 16 October 2019

Drugs trafficking policeman walks free in Spain A GUARDIA CIVIL colonel has been cleared of drug trafficking offences even though judges considered the prosecution facts proven. The Court of Granada has acquitted the colonel because the offences happened between 2005 and 2006. The stature of limitations, however, is five years, so they considered he could not be convicted. He has also been acquitted of a bribery offence the Guardia Civil calculated that smugglers paid him €480,000 for turning a blind eye - for lack of evidence. Judges decided that the colonel had misused his position as head of anti-drug operations to help a gang of traffickers smuggle in hashish through the Granada coast. The court heard that the accused made contact with two drug traffickers with whom he devised a way to smuggle hashish into Spain from Morocco via the coast of Granada. In order not to raise suspicions, the two collaborators told him of three drug landings and the colonel set up surveillance operations on each of them.

But no arrests were made in the first two landings with the colonel justifying this to fellow officers by saying that the arrests would be made on the third landing, and all the drugs recovered. Not suspecting their own boss, they held back until the third landing and then moved in. But the drugs they found were of low quality. All the high quality and high value narcotics had been in the first two shipments, which by now had disappeared. The prosecutor’s office asked that the crime against public health be considered ‘extremely serious,’ something that depends on the amount of substance trafficked. This would have meant the statute of limitations would have been 10 years ‘ he was arrested nine years after the offences. But the judges said they could not be sure how big a quantity of drugs were involved, so the lower time limit applied. The prosecutor requested nine years in prison and a €6.3 million fine for a crime against public health and bribery. Instead the officer - who was sacked in 2015 walked free.


Expats Guide to

Spanish Life Sponsored by Golden Leaves For more information about the sponsors go to

Organ donation Living in Spain can bring with it an array of issues which may not have been encountered when living in the UK. There are lots of things to consider, and we are here to help try to make the transition and life in Spain a little easier by compiling a series of helpful facts and figures relating to a variety of topics.

As of 2010, Spain has operated an ‘opt-out’ (or presumed consent) system for deceased organ donation. This addresses the rate or refusal of potential donors or their families in giving permission for the use of organs. The rate of family refusal in Spain is 13 per cent, compared to 37 per cent in England (according to the National Transplant Organisation figures - ONT). According to the ONT, Brits living in Spain are more likely to donate their organs than their countrymen back home. It’s not necessary to have a donor card. What is important is to let family members and loved ones know your wishes in terms of organ donation. Figures published by the Spanish ONT in 2017 put the country as world leader in donation and transplants, reaching a new record with 46.9 donors per million people and 5.261 transplants. Spain has been a global leader in organ donation and transplantation for the past 26 years. Broken down by organ, there were 3,269 kidney surgeries (up 9 per cent on 2016), 1,247 liver transplants (up 8 per cent), 304 heart procedures (8 per cent rise), 363 lung surgeries (up 18 per cent), 70 pancreas transplants (down 4 per cent) and eight bowel surgical procedures (up 100 per cent). According to the National Transplant Organisation (ONT), these surgeries are equivalent to six donors and 14 surgical procedures a day. In addition, Spain saw a new record in bone marrow donation last year, with 78,291 new donors and an increase of 196 per cent over the previous year. At this rate, the country could reach its target of 400,000 bone marrow donors well before the mid-2020 goal. In Spain the number of those on the waiting list was reduced to 4,896 in 2017, from 5,480, although the number of children waiting for organs increased to 74, from 48 a year earlier. Lung and heart are viable for 4-6 hours after death, liver and pancreas 24 hours, kidney 72 hours, corneas 14 days, bone and skin five years, and heart valves up to 10 years. Small intestines, veins, tendons and ligaments can also be donated. A single organ donor can save up to eight people and a single tissue donor may enhance the lives of up to 50 people. This information is for guidance only, and should not be taken as legal advice. If in any doubt, seek professional help.

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10 - 16 October 2019



Rejecting an inheritance in Spain


Consider the financial consequences

OCCASIONALLY we receive enquiries from clients who wish to renounce an inheritance, Sometimes the reason is because their debts and liability (passive)

are higher than the assets and rights (active) to be inherited and therefore, it is not beneficial to inherit although sometimes the reason is due to a bad

family relationship or for tax purposes. As explained in other articles, if you want to waive your right to or renounce an inheritance it must be done correctly, following proper legal advice so that you understand the options and possible consequences. Tax consequences. It should be borne in mind if a renunciation or waiver of the inheritance is made in favour of another person, it will have tax consequences, since Gift Tax must be paid on transfer of the rights. Total Renunciation or Waiver. According to the Spanish civil code, the renunciation of inheritance must be total and therefore it is not possible to renounce or inherit only certain assets or rights. In theory, any renunciation made in Spain, could affect inheritance rights related to as-

sets in other countries, although this will have to be studied in relation to the applicable law to inheritance of that country. The renunciation is irrevocable. According to article 997 of the Spanish Civil Code, the acceptance or repudiation of the inheritance IS IRREVOCABLE, and once the renunciation is made, it is not possible to then accept the inheritance or change your mind. Resignation can affect the children of the person who resigns. If there is a testament or Will, it is possible that it may foresee what should happen in the event that the heir renounces the inheritance so that it passes to children or to a different person. IF there is no will and the inheritance is waived, this resignation will affect the children, because the right of representa-

tion of the children in relation to the inheritance rights of the parents only exist in cases of disinheritance or lack of capacity to inherit, as per article 929 of the Spanish Civil Code and this does not apply in the case of resignation or repudiation of the inheritance. Article 929 says: ‘A living person may not be represented except in cases of disinheritance or lack of capacity to inherit.’ Renunciation is not included in this article. Waiver from the perspective of applicable law. In any case, the aforementioned is not applicable to all inheritances related to assets located in Spain, since depending on the applicable law to the succession the effects of the waiver may be different. Thus, the renunciation will have to be made taking into ac-

count European Regulation 650/2012, and the determination of the applicable law to the succession in Spain. It may be the law of the country of nationality of the deceased or of their last habitual domicile at the time of death will apply so the renunciation has to be made correctly. Sometimes waivers and renunciation are made which harm the rights of children to inherit, without the person involved being aware of it, due to the lack of knowledge of the effects and consequences of the resignation. If you need expert legal advice on inheritance in Spain, renunciation, etc contact our law firm and we will help you. The information provided in this article is not intended to be legal advice, it simply transmits information re legal issues.

Carlos Baos (Lawyer) Email C/Diana 19, 2Âş D, 03700 Denia (Alicante) Spain Tel. +34 966-426-185 Fax +34 965-784-471 Please Like Us:


FINED: Revellers at the Las Fallas Festival in Valencia will be fined up to €300 for drinking in the street.

Crackdown on botellon at Las Fallas EACH year as the Valencia Fallas festival is organised, the city council have to put in place regulations to limit the consumption in the streets as part of the ‘botellon.’ People gathering in the streets to drink alcohol is a constant problem for the council and the organisers as in previous years hordes of young people descend on the squares in the historic part of the city to drink. People urinating against monuments and buildings, leaving bottles and rubbish around, and antisocial behaviour are just some of the issues that they face. This year, the council have said that they will limit the sale of alcohol in the street and provide licensed areas at the festival where people can buy and consume drinks. Anyone taking part in a botellon or consuming alcohol in the street will be issued with a fine of up to €300 on the spot by the authorities.

10 - 16 October 2019

EWN 25

10 - 16 October 2019


Benidorm NEWS Park prize was no surpise BENIDORM’S Foietes Park received an Alicante Public Works Federation (FOPA) award for its environment-friendly integration in urban surroundings. Constructing the park involved the development, recovery, conversion and regeneration of the wasteland adjoining the Foietes ravine, and a municipally-promoted undertaking was carried out by the OHL construction company.

Photo credit: Benidorm town hall

26 EWN

FOIETES PARK: Created from wasteland. Benidorm mayor Toni Perez expressed his satisfaction on re-

WORK is due to resume at Benidorm’s Centro Cultural on Tuesday, October 15. The announcement from the publiclyowned Valencian Community Themed Projects (SPTCV) follows a lengthy delay following the agreement signed with the town hall last March. Work on the prime site on the Avenida de Europa came to a halt during the 2009

ceiving news of the prize for the best environmental project car-

And about time too economic crisis but the Generalitat-owned SPTCV now plans to finish the first phase

ried out in 2017 and 2018. “This is recognition of the town hall’s support for urban regeneration based on the two premises of creating more usable open spaces for the local population and doing so while respecting the environment,” Perez said. The was the second time that the Foietes Park had received professional recognition, after being selected as a finalist for Madrid’s College of Civil Engineers’ Albert Serratosa City and Territory awards.

of the complex. This include the centre’s secondary 546-seat auditorium, installations for the Music and Dance Conservatoire and a cafeteria which should be completed within 14 months. “These are absolutely necessary infrastructures that will be put at the service of culture, education and tourism,” Benidorm mayor Toni Perez said.

10 - 16 October 2019


Albir - Alfaz NEWS Mad Spanish-Norwegian culture about Mozart THE seventh edition of Spanish-Norwegian Days will be held between October 18 and 25. Organised by Sigmund Watty, the week of cultural events will, as always, features the arts and music of both countries, with writers and musi-

OCTOBER is classical music month in Alfaz, dedicated to the Mozartmania festival which this year celebrates its 29th anniversary. The annual event pays homage to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig Van Beethoven, answering Alfaz’s continuing demand for classical music. This year’s edition began with the Mozart Kids event for children and families held at the children’s public library in Alfaz, with Blai Senabre who narrated stories on musical themes. The festival continues tomorrow, Friday October 11, with a concert by the Primitiva de Llira Symphony Orchestra conducted by Juan Josse Baena, who this year took first prize in the Third Bankia Valencian Community Orchestras Competition. Saturday, October 19, sees a recital from the International Wind Ensemble with works by Mozart and Beethoven in a performance organised with Alfaz Classical Music Society.

cians who will be sharing the stage throughout the week. This commences with an inaugural concert by young prize-winning musicians at the Casa de Cultura on October 18.

Photo credit: Alfaz town hall

28 EWN

PREPARED: Martine Mertens with the International Day organisers.

A colourful and multicultural day ALFAZ is preparing for the 22nd edition of International Day on October 27.

The International Day, a first for the area, was created to celebrate something that Alfaz in fact celebrates 365 days of the year, thanks to its multicultural society. This year’s edition differs from those of previous years because for the first time it will be held in Plaza Juan Carlos I in front of the Casa de Cultura instead of the Polideportivo municipal sports complex. Sixty-four local groups and associations of all nationalities are taking part in the event, an increase of 14 on last

year. The day will begin at 10.30am, with the official inauguration at 11am and continuing until 5pm with representatives from the different groups introducing members of the public to their countries’ cuisine, music, dances and folklore. Martine Mertens, Alfaz’s councillor for Residents of other Nationalities also asked as many of the participants and visitors to the events to come in their national costumes to add still more colour to an already colourful day.

Gold for gymnast ALFAZ gymnast Elena Nikolova won a gold model in Monforte del Cid in the provincial Individual Championships. Elena, who trains at the Primavera Rhythmic Gymnastic Club in Alfaz with Proletina Kalcheva, took part in the closely-fought competition and confirmed the good work that has been carried out by the club’s technical department for some time.

10 - 16 October 2019


Albir - Alfaz NEWS A matter of course A ROMAN IAN Language, Culture and Civilisation course is available to Alfaz pupils aged between three and 18. The course is financed and developed by Romania’s Ministry of Education with cooperation from Spain’s Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport. The 2019-2020 course is taught by Dorina Apostol and Angela Sular Feier at Infants, Primary, Secondary and Baccalaureate level. The programme’s principal objective is promoting the country’s language, culture and civilisation while encouraging multilingualism and multiculturism. The first courses were organised in Spain in 2007 with 1,500 pupils and 22 teachers but now have more than 7,000 pupils and 70 teachers. The course, which began in Alfaz in 2008, is open to all Alfaz pupils regardless of nationality, stipulating only the desire to study Romanian and learn more about the country. For more information ring 666 912 372 or 600 096 220.

Photo credit: Alfaz town hall

30 EWN

WORKSHOPS: Aimed at older residents.

Staying active and alert NEW sessions of Healthy Living workshops for older residents have recommenced in Albir and Alfaz. The free workshops will be held between 11am and 12.30pm each Tuesday and Thursday at the Centro Social Platja Albir and at the same time on Mondays and Wednesdays at the Hogar del Pensionista in Alfaz. Activities range from mem-

ory and coordination exercises to dancing, art, games, movement and sport. As well as opportunities for exercise, brain-training and advice on diet and nutrition, Health and Social Welfare councillor Marisa Cortes explained that there were other advantages to attending the workshops. “Socialising involves many things,” Cortes said. “Going

out, talking to other people, listening to what they say and giving an opinion all helps to keep minds active and alert.” There is a team of occupational therapists, physiotherapists and psychologists on hand with changes made in activities every fortnight to avoid monotony and offer new stimuli. Activities continue until next June and are free for residents registered on the municipal.

Women’s business THE Marina Baja Association of women entrepreneurs, Memba, renewed its longstanding collaboration agreement with Alfaz Town Hall. This sets out to defend equal opportunities in the business sector, organise training pro-

grammes and offer assessment to businesswomen while promoting mutual support. Alfaz’s Commerce department’s €8,000 allocation to Memba was formalised between Alfaz’s mayor Vicente Arques and the association’s president Maria Jose Tent, with both parties committed to creating new businesses in the town and building business competitiveness. Each year the association, which represents 100 members located throughout Marina Baja, organises the Memba Prizes. These awards recognise the talent, business excellence, creativity and innovation of the area’s businesswomen and receive support from Alfaz Town Hall.


10 - 16 October 2019

Altea NEWS TWENTY-SIX volunteers took part in this year’s Mans al riu project, clearing rubbish from the banks of the River Algar. The volunteers removed 279 ki l o s o f r u b b i sh b y hand - hence the Hands on the river slogan - between the railway bridge and the small footbridge further upstream in the Sogai neighbourhood. This was the second consecutiv e y e a r t h a t A lte a took part in the Fundacion Limne project which, with the backing of the Global Omniu m a sso c i a t i o n an d Ecovid r i o , se t s o u t t o re mind the public of the need to conserve rivers and keep them free of litter and rubbish. This year volunteers have removed a total of 11.6 tons of rubbish from the banks and co u n t r y si d e t h a t s u r-

Know where it’s at ALTEA, Valencia’s 2019-2020 Cultural Capital, recently presented the Marina Baja and Marina Alta’s Virtual Cultural Agenda. The Casa de Cultura event was presided by Altea’s mayor Jaume Llinares, the president of the Frax Foundation, Matias Perez Such and Juan Francisco Perez, a member of the Diputacion provincial council. Created by the Foundation Frax (, the online Agenda gives details of all cultural activities in both Marinas thanks to sponsorship from the Diputacion’s Culture department. The online Agenda, now operative, gives details of both areas’ largest municipalities cultural events but smaller towns and villages will soon be added to give 100 per cent coverage. Bringing the launch to a conclusion, Jaume Llinares pointed out that Altea alone organises 300 cultural events annually.

Photo credit: Mine

Spick and span riverbanks

RIVER ALGAR: Worth looking after.

rounds the Valencian Community’s rivers, announced Altea’s Environment councillor Jose Orozco. The morning’s work on the Algar banks was “very positive,” with many more volunteers taking part than las t y ea r, s aid O ro zc o, drawing special attention to the collaboration of Altea’s branch of the Red Cross.

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10 - 16 October 2019

Calpe NEWS U3A are on the ball


is brought to you by

THE Calpe U3A Petanca group meets and plays every Sunday afternoon at the new time of 3pm to 5pm. The pitch is at the far end of

the Paseo Maritimo, going past Hotel Esmeralda on the

La Fossa Beach. Teams can be composed of between four and 24 players and the first team to reach 15 points is the winner. “The cost per session is free and after the match, the group normally seeks refreshments at a nearby cafe or bar,” the or-

ganisers explained. For more information about the Petanca group, consult the Calpe U3A website or contact Pam Phakey groupscoordina The Calpe U3A has 24 groups that include badminton, tennis, paddle tennis, choir, cy-

CALPE Town Hall and the ONCE association for the visually impaired and disabled recently discussed future cooperation. Calpe mayor, Ana Sala and ONCE’s Alicante Zone director Estela Mediana, Ivan Prieto from ONCE’s Benidorm agency and Sergio Barrera, ONCE’s regional vicepresident, covered several issues including accessibility on public transport as well as the town’s streets and pavements. ONCE’s representatives stressed the importance of acoustic traffic lights so that the visually impaired can use crossings in safety and drew attention to the pressing need to regulate the use

cling, flower-arranging, papercraft, a discussion group, writing group, men’s dining, ladies’ dining and many more. Meetings take place on the third Thursday of the month at the Sol Ifach Hotel in Calpe and doors open at 10am for 11am.

Looking at ways to help of electric scooters. The meeting also examined access to education and leisure activities so that

The guest speaker at the October 17 meeting will be Roger (Twiggy) Day who will be telling members about his experiences on the pirate radio station, Radio Caroline. There is an annual €10 membership fee to belong to the Calpe U3A and full information about joining is available on http://www.u3acalpe. org website.

members of the public with different types of disabilities can enjoy an inclusive education and visit exhibitions or concerts. The ONCE executives also drew attention to the difficulties that the disabled encounter when looking for work and pointed out that ONCE believes that town halls can play an important part in this field, owing to their closeness to the local population. Because of this, the ONCE is making available the resources of its Foundation as well as the Inserta Empleo employment scheme so that municipalities can include local residents with disabilities in their job pools.

A fine s THE Guardia Civil are investigating Pavapark, Calpe’s Zona Azul (Blue Zone) parking concessionary, following fraud allegations. Officers questioned at least two employees and impounded one of the concessionary’s computers following a formal complaint that another employee lodged with the Denia courts. Zona Azul fines may not be cancelled but Pavapark company offered drivers the chance of evading a sanction by making a €4 payment. This allegedly went

Tuning up for general election WITH another general election on November 10, Calpe’s former mayor Cesar Sanchez again heads the Partido Popular’s Alicante Province voting list. In Sanchez’s case, his election to the Madrid parliament is a foregone conclusion as he heads the voting list. There will also be a clear run for former astronaut Pedro Duque, currently acting Minister of Science who occupies the first position of the PSOE

socialists’ list. The coming elections will be preceded by an eight-day official campaign that begins on November 1, although provincial politicians are already preparing the ground for polling day. Speaking recently in Alicante, Sanchez criticised Duque, asking where he had been all these months, querying what he had done for Alicante and where were the promised increases in students’ grants.

state of affairs straight to the concessionary, contravening regulations that fines should be paid directly to the town hall, meaning that the municipality received neither the fine nor the €4. The complaint lodged in Denia also maintained that some fines were forged as they needed a double signature to validate them, which delayed proceedings and reduced Pavapark’s profits. Experts from the Judicial Police criminal investigation unit attached to the Guardia

Civil are now scrutinising these fines to determine whether signatures have been forged, according to sources quoted in the Spanish media. The Denia court intends to interview Calpe Town Hall’s Traffic councillor Domingo Sanchez as well as a Traffic department employee. Calpe’s mayor, Ana Sala confirmed that she was aware of the investigation and added that Zona Azul fines handed during the period under investigation are no longer valid.

10 - 16 October 2019

Photo credit: Partido Popular


CESAR SANCHEZ: Shoo-in for November 10.

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10 - 16 October 2019


Jalón - Orba Valley - Xalo NEWS

IMROVED: Leaks eliminated from Jalon’s water supply network.

No more leaks LEAKS in Jalon’s domestic water network have been reduced by 80 per cent since 2015. The town hall has continued since then to ensure optimum conditions with five projects that required a €90,000 investment since the current local government took over four years ago. At that time, the situation was ‘dramatic,’ according to the town hall, because faulty

and obsolete infrastructure meant that only 80 per cent of the available water was reaching local homes. Three-quarters of the local population did not have access to drinking water and Gerard Fullana, Jalon’s councillor responsible for Water, pointed out that all residents now have a good quality and more abundant supply.

Starring Gaudi and Messi MEMBERS of the U3A Vall del Pop recently returned from Barcelona. It was a wonderful trip, they said, travelling first class (preferente) on the Euromed train from Valencia with their guide Salvador. After a relaxing journey with breakfast on the train they enjoyed a panoramic tour of the beautiful city, visiting the Sagrada Familia basilica next day. They were stunned by the iconic church whose construction was taken over by Antoni Gaudi in 1883, a year after building began. When the architect died in 1926, the Sagrada Familia was only a quarter finished, but once completed in 2026 to celebrate the centenary of his death, it will have 18 spires, representing the 12 Apostles, the Four Evangelists, the Virgin and Christ. Next stop was Parc Guell, another of Gaudi’s projects in his colourful quirky style which is now municipal property. Next came a free day to explore what Barcelona has to offer and U3A members went their separate ways,

Photo 1 credit: Didier Descouens

Photo credit: Jalon town hall

Photo Credit Club rural.

34 EWN

Inset credit: U3A Vall de Pop

BARCELONA TRIP: Sagrada Familia and (inset) Barça fans in the Camp Nou. with some visiting Barcelona’s Camp Nou football stadium which holds just over 99,700, with plans for expansion under consideration. A few went up to the press boxes high above the pitch and more than one dreamed, ‘Messi here we come!’ Parks and museums were other city attractions including the bullring which has

now been turned into a huge shopping centre with an outside lift taking visitors up to the roof area. It was a wonderful trip, U3A members agreed, but all too soon they had to return to Jalon and leave Gaudi and Messi behind. For further information on U3A Vall del Pop check their website.

An ancient but necessary technique DRYSTONE walling has a past and it also has a future. Next Wednesday, October 16, a seminar on the ancient technique will be held in the Function Room at Jalon Town Hall, between 11am and 6pm. The Drystone Landscape, challenges and future opportunities conference has been organised by Alicante’s Rural and Mountain Action Group (GAL) and the Marina Alta Cultural Alliance (MACMA). The first part of the seminar will focus on drystone, its landscapes and heritage, tourist potential and development strategies, with the afternoon devoted to an analysis of the needs and opportunities in areas where drystone structures are still found. The seminar is aimed at town halls, professionals including architects, heritage experts,

the tourism, culture, agricultural and rural sectors as well as interested members of the public. The drystone technique which is found in Mediterranean countries was recognised as an Intangible Cultural Heritage by Unesco last year. It is also a visible and tangible part of the Valencia region’s own heritage and it is hoped that the Unesco designation can contribute to a greater respect for the technique and, above all, help to protect it. Drystone structures are gradually disappearing from large expanses of the local landscape and there are few remaining craftsman with the knowledge to repair or create them. The terraces, some of them centuries old, have until now also played a vital part in preventing or reducing erosion and desertification, acting as barriers during flash-floods and earth tremors.

36 EWN

10 - 16 October 2019

A concert to remember MORE than 300 people recently commemorated Mecano’s 1989 Teulada-Moraira concert in Plaza de los Porches. The now-legendary performance at Teulada-Moraira’s Ricardo Benavente sports stadium 30 years ago was organised by the San Vicente Ferrer fiestas Committee in collaboration with the town hall and was attended by 10,000. Mecano remains Spain’s best-selling pop group and Teulada’s Fusion Musical association played some of their best-known hits, while members of the 1989 fiestas committee retold memories.


Teulada Moraira NEWS

More than a Fayre donation THE Moraira-Teulada U3A’s Autumn Fayre raised €1,800 for the Alzheimer’s Day Centre in Teulada. More than 300 people attended the fair, all of whose proceeds went to the centre. Eileen Haxon organised the event and her husband David Haxon, who is president of the local U3A, welcomed everyone to the event at the Inn on the Green in Javea and introduced Sylvia Tatnell, the Alzheimer’s Day Centre president, who opened the fair. Sylvia, who holds the British Empire Medal, thanked the U3A for holding the fair and explained that the donated monies would enable the centre to increase and improve the facilities

available to assist dementia sufferers. Thanks were expressed to all the stallholders, helpers and people who donated items as well as the staff at the Inn on the Green. U3A FUNDRAISER: Sylvia Tatnell and David Haxon at the Autumn Fayre.

Underused Auditorium claim EIGHT years after its inauguration, the Teulada-Moraira Auditorium has only temporary permission to open. The Marina Alta’s principal cultural events are held in the building designed by the prestigious architect Francisco Mangado, but cannot obtain definitive permission until it possesses an emergency evacuation plan. Teulada-Moraira’s Urban Development

councillor revealed that he had never understood why the Auditorium was underused, but explained that on taking over the Urban Development department he discovered that its two main halls may not open at the same time, nor can the bar open. Emergency evacuation measures are not in place, he said, owing to laxity on the part of previous municipal corporation.


10 - 16 October 2019

Teulada Moraira NEWS

Jet-ski to the rescue THE owner of a jet-ski firm saved a swimmer in distress at Moraira’s Ampolla beach. Hearing his cries for help, Eugenio Mestre took one of the jet-skis and went to the aid of a French tourist in his 30’s who by the time he reached him was exhausted and suffering from cramp. He could barely keep afloat, he said later: “I got him to the shore where there was someone

AMPOLLA BEACH: Swimmer in difficulties.

who knows about lifesaving.” His jet-ski hire and excursion business is located between the Castell on Moraira’s promenade

and the Lonja fish market and Eugenio explained that he negotiated the swimming zone with great care.

Oktoberfest at Les Sorts MORAIRA is preparing for this year’s Oktoberfest at the Les Sorts car park between October 18 and 20. The great German tradition is becoming more popular by the year in Spain, particularly on the Costa Blanca and in Moraira where the Oktoberfest is celebrated annually. This year’s celebrations, organised by the Moraira 2020 Fiestas Committee with the cooperation of Teulada-Moraira’s town hall, bring three days of more than 7,000 litres of German beer, 6,000 plates of German food accompanied by German music and German ambiance.

“The important thing was assisting the swimmer,” he said. The incident occurred at 1pm when the beach and water were crowded with visitors but although lifeguards were on duty, the company contracted to provide this service on the Moraira beaches does not have a boat. On the occasions this summer when emergencies have arisen offshore it has been necessary to contact the SVS lifesaving service on the Benissa and Benitachell beaches.

EWN 37

10 - 16 October 2019


Teulada Moraira NEWS CREDIT: Teulada-Moraira town hall

38 EWN

INHERITANCE: Town hall vows to rectify deficient situation.

First 100 days TEULADA-MORAIRA’S mayor and councillors who head municipal departments recently summed up their first 100 days. All stressed that when the CompromisPSOE-Unaligned coalition took over last June, they were entering a town hall that had remained in the hands of the same party, the Partido Popular, for the past 36 years. Councillors revealed at the public meeting that the present town hall’s first three months in office revealed that they had inherited a ‘deficient’ situation owing to their predecessors’ ‘disastrous political management.’ Only one Unaligned councillor, Adrian Ruiz, was absent from the meeting for personal reasons. Before the councillors outlined their departments’ problems and future strategies,

Mayor Vila first explained that the public administration “never stops” and must continue to function independently of politicians. “To do that it needs its principal tool, the Budget,” Vila said. “For reasons that we do not understand, and although the previous local government had an overall majority, this was never approved.” The mayor stressed that the present town hall team are currently working to put through a Budget so that Teulada-Moraira’s priorities can be met in 2020. “We have managed to unblock €800,000 for the most pressing requirements that did not have an allocation,” Vila continued. “Everything that we are doing has a legal basis and is being carried out for the benefit of the local population. There is a lot to be done and there are many unpaid bills, but we shall pay them,” she pledged.

Filling a need A SOCIAL enterprise for real estate has been launched. Four young Teulada-Moraira estate agents have set up the business hoping to revitalise the sector with a new association. They explained that after two years of hard work and countless meetings, they had created the area’s first non-profitmaking real estate association. They hoped that other local businesses would soon be joining them, given the sector’s ‘obvious need’ for regulation, more competitiveness and the desire to give clients a better service.

Favouritism accusations rejected MUNICIPAL sources refuted Opposition accusations of nepotism after a councillor’s wife obtained a council job. In line with the regional government’s Under-30’s Employment scheme, the town hall had advertised a post in the Services department. Only one person, the councillor’s wife, had applied for the job and, as she met all requirements, she was given the post in a process monitored by the Marina Alta’s Consortium for Economic Recovery, CREAMA.


10 - 16 October 2019

Teulada Moraira NEWS TEULADA-MORAIRA has taken over presidency of the Marina Alta Xarxa Jove (Youth Network). Aitor Llobell from the Compromis party who is the town hall’s Youth councillor was elected last September as the new president of the Network. This in turn belongs to the Mancomunitat Cultural group which unites cultural activities in the area and hopes to invigorate the way that politics are aimed at the young. The N etwork board has a technical section, whose four members include Monica Cortes from Teulada, as well as the political section which is headed by Aitor Llobell.

In full voice THIS year has so far been very busy and interesting for the English Choir of TeuladaMoraira. At the beginning of the year, the choir welcomed their new Musical Director, Jan Gardner-Brown, and made several very successful appearances under her competent and inspirational baton. Once again, the choir was asked to take part in Moraira’s Moors and Christians fiestas, singing to a large and appreciative audience in the parish church whose generosity added a sizeable amount to church funds. The choir also welcomed Jacqui and Bernard Phillips to their Teulada rehearsal rooms where the choir’s president Susan Elles presented Jacqui with a €600 donation for her

Photo credit: English Choir of Teulada-Moraira

Networking for youth

DONATION: Susan Elles and Jacqui Phillips with the English Choir. MABS cancer support foundation. The choir are now back in rehearsal for their exciting joint Autumn Concert with the Costa Blanca Male Voice Choir.

Entitled Friends in Harmony it takes place at Espai La Senieta in Moraira on November 20 and 21. Tickets costing €12 are available online from h t t p s : / / w w w. c o s t a b l a n c a

EWN 39

40 EWN

10 - 16 October 2019


Javea NEWS ALICANTE’S provincial council, the Diputacion, allocated €3,700 for sterilising Javea’s colonies of feral cats. Services councillor Kika Mata explained that five authorised veterinary clinics will be taking part in the campaign which intends to sterilise 90 strays. Once trapped and sterilised, the cats will be returned to their colonies. It is essential to reduce the number of abandoned cats, Mata said. It was a miserable existence for the starving and sick cats wandering Javea’s streets, but they were also responsible for hygiene problems, unpleasant smells and dirtiness, she added. The town hall is working with the local Feral Cat and Catland associations which are providing facilities for taking in kittens born in the street, returning them to health and finding homes for them.

Manuel ramps it up PENSIONER Manuel Mir, 84, owns an apartment in an otherwise empty building belonging to Spain’s ‘bad bank’ Sareb. He fought and won a legal battle to occupy the apartment he bought before the developer went into liquidation and has lived there since 2011. This was only the begin-

ning of his battles with Sareb and the town hall. Nicknamed Grandather Courage, Manuel has now pointed out that the building is not accessible. He is now asking Sareb to install a ramp at the entrance, maintaining that as owners of the building, this is their legal obligation.

CREDIT: Javea town hall

Better future for cats

RESCUES: Red Cross details summer beach campaign.

Summing up summer THE Red Cross, which provides Javea’s lifesaving emergency health service, has detailed its operations this summer. Coordinators Javier Server and Alberto Tenreiro revealed that Red Cross lifesavers attended to 2,405 people needing first aid, compared with 6,000 last year. Most incidents involved bruises and minor injuries and, owing to the absence of large shoals of jellyfish, fewer people needed treatment for stings. There had been no drown-

ings during the summer season when Server and Tenreiro gave their summary, although the following day a man of 75 died while swimming at the Arenal beach, apparently due to a heart attack. The Red Cross team carried out 145 rescues this summer, 82 of them involving swimmers on the Arenal beach, although 47 swimmers found themselves in difficulties when lifesavers were on duty. Seventy-nine people receiving assistance were later transferred to hospital.

Boats and rescue vehicles were required on 16 occasions, usually linked to injuries sustained while climbing cliffs, diving or using jet-skis and kayaks.

Practically all of these accidents occurred on beaches or coves without lifesavers. The Red Cross team also reunited 27 children who were lost from their parents.

Pinhole photography THE Fotografía Latina Ojos Rojos (Red Eyes) photography festival continues to offer cultural activities each weekend. Saturday, October 12 sees a workshop on pinhole photography at 9.30am at the Centre de Artes Lambert in Calle Mayor. This requires practically no equipment apart from a shoebox or a similar container. The coming workshop follows on from the recent and very popular version for children. The technique recaptures the magic of traditional analogue photography accompanied by developing in a dark room and the workshop includes all the material necessary for learning the technique. Readers interested in taking part can do so via the website. The ongoing Ojos Rojos festival has another date lined up for this Sunday, October 13, an open-air market in Pedreguer’s Plaza Els Porxes where Marina Alta photographers will be selling their work. Second-hand books, magazines and other items relating to photography will also be on sale.


10 - 16 October 2019

EWN 41

Javea NEWS A RESTAURANT promoter is suing council bosses after they blocked his plans. The promoter of a restaurant on a plot of unbuilt Segon Muntanyar beachfront is suing Javea’s mayor Jose Chulvi. At the last council meeting, the majority of councillors voted to annul the plan on the grounds that it was ‘harmful’ to the public interest. The businessman accused Mayor Chulvi of trying to stop work from going ahead despite knowing that the licence was legal. The lawsuit also names three municipal employees as well as Javea’s Urban Development councillor Isabel Bolufer.

Exchange students

WELCOMED PUPILS from high schools in Herford (Germany) and Fredericia-Middelfart (Denmark) are currently visiting Javea. They are taking part in exchange programmes with their counterparts at Javea’s Instituto Numero Uno and recently visited the town hall where they and their teachers were welcomed by mayor, Jose Chulvi, and Education councillor, Montse Villaverde. Chulvi and Villaverde later met four students from the US, Canada and India who are on exchange visits arranged by the Rotary Club. They will be studying at local high schools throughout the academic

CREDIT: Javea town hall

Court fight launched

LIFE SWAP: Students with Jose Chulvi Montse Villaverde and Rotary Club members. year, living with Javea families whose own children are taking part

in the same programme and are currently studying abroad.

Gas station threat WORK has apparently begun on a controversial petrol station near the Trenc d’Alba school. Heavy machinery has been installed on the plot of land in Avenida Palmela to the dismay of residents, parents and the teaching community who opposed the project when it was first announced. The petrol station would be 100m from the primary school and only 20m from a children’s playground, they complained. An 800-signature document handed in at the town hall in October 2018 included a formal appeal against the plan. They pointed out the negative effects of ‘handling and transporting dangerous commodities’ on the environment ‘and particularly on persons.’ The petition produced no response, prompting fears that administrative silence would allow the unwanted project to go ahead. Another appeal has now been lodged at the town hall but if this is not taken into account, and work at the site is not halted, opponents to the petrol station warned they would start legal proceedings. Meanwhile, the town hall has called for calm. “The outcome of appeals is still pending and there are some rather complicated administrative procedures in cases like these,” municipal sources said.

42 EWN

10 - 16 October 2019


Javea NEWS Treasures from the past THE Danses de Portitxol group has presented its first disc, Un tresor heretat (An inherited treasure). The disc is a compilation of songs that go back to Javea’s roots, a project with notable contributors who included Pep Gimeno ‘Botifarra,’ the traditional Valencian cantaor from Xativa. There was further input from Ximo Bolufer, Pepa Guardiola, Amadeu Ros and Josep Castello, leading figures on the local cultural scene who supplied texts that helped to recall the town as it was in the 18th and 19th century.

The project has taken the Portitxol group a step further in its constant efforts to maintain and recover the traditional dances and music of Javea and the Marina Alta in general. The disc was recently presented in public in the Plaza de la Iglesia, featuring a rondalla - an ensemble of stringed instruments - and a display of traditional dances that took spectators back to the prosperous days of Javea’s raisin trade. DEBUT DISC: Culture councillor Quico Moragues with group members.

Recognising guardian angels JAVEA’S Local Police force recently celebrated the feast day of their patrons, the Guardian Angels. Public Safety councillor Pepa Gisbert, accompanied by Chief Inspector Jose Antonio Monfort, attended the official

event and presentation of Long Service Badges for officers serving in the force for 15, 20 or 30 years. In her own name and that of the mayor, Jose Chulvi, Gisbert thanked Javea’s Local Police officers for their out-

standing professionality and their efforts in guaranteeing social harmony inside the town. Above all, the councillor said, she wished to draw attention to the great role of the Local Police in responding to

the biggest emergencies, as well as their presence in covering the community’s everyday needs. “I can assure you that we are aware of the indispensable part you all play,” Gisbert told the officers. “Very often this must be really difficult, but you do it with diligence and loyalty,” she said. Nor did Gisbert avoid mentioning the Local Police’s ‘complicated’ work situation. On the contrary, the town hall was committed to working and fighting to ensure that the officers’ conditions improved, she declared.


Mobiles are distraction A STUDY by Fundacion L i n e a D i re c t a f o u n d that drivers distracted by their mobiles cause 390 deaths each year. In other words, using a mobile at the wheel is currently responsible for 20 per cent of road accident fatalities. The Linea Directa findings are further supported by Españoles alvolante, distracciones y uso del móvil 2019 by Gonvarri and Movistar,

which also demonstrates that mobile phones are the principal distraction for drivers. Spain’s Directorate-General for Traffic (DGT) has also analysed the mobile issue in depth and found that in just one week 5,794 drivers were stopped for distracted driving. Of these, 2,267 - 38.5 per cent of the total - were fined for using their mobile at the time, the DGT revealed.

The Linea Directa study also found that two million drivers admitted taking a selfie while driving or videoing themselves while driving at high speed. These include the 22-yearold who was arrested recently in Malaga after he was seen with with one hand on the wheel and the other holding his mobile as he videoed himself driving at 189 kilometres per hour.

Dating scam death GUARDIA CIVIL have arrested a man and a woman in Pedrola in Zaragoza in connection with the death of a 54-year-old Basque IT professional. The authorities suspect Jose Antonio Delgado was the victim of an internet dating app scam set-up using women as bait to rob unwitting men, Spanish media reported. Jose Antonio Delgado went missing in early September after setting out from his home in Getxo in Vizcaya for a date arranged online. His body was found in Pedrola earlier this week.

Investigators reportedly believe Jose Antonio was surprised by several men when he turned up for the assignation, who brutally attacked him and that he died from the injuries sustained. It is also reported the attackers put Jose Antonio’s body in the boot of his car and buried him on the outskirts of the town, where it was discovered by a local resident. The aggressors then tried to sell Jose Antonio’s top-of-the-range Mercedes on the internet, but the buyer reported the sale to the Guardia Civil due to the lack of documentation to go with the vehicle.

10 - 16 October 2019

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44 EWN

10 - 16 October 2019


ONE in two Spaniards consult Dr Google following a medical appointment, according to a new study. The ‘BarometrosobreAutocuidado’ health self-care products company report reveals that 48.8 per cent of people in Spain are so-called ‘e-patients.’ Further indicating that in today’s world the internet plays a major role in how

people approach looking after their own well-being, the study found that nearly 77 per cent of Spaniards regularly look up self-care related matters on the web. Approximately 50 per cent of the health information looked up online is on professionals’ blogs or professional pages, although around 27 per cent use Wikipedia as a source, the study concluded.

It also found that one in four look up health-related issues on blogs in which the general public can participate. Nearly two-thirds of those interviewed for the survey said they have a treatable chronic medical condition. One in four said they suffered from backache, 16 per cent said they get migraines and nearly 14 per cent reported they have high blood pressure.

Greengrocer scams €26,000 A GREENGROCER in Hospitalet (Barcelona) allegedly took advantage of the vision problems of a 90-year-old man to defraud him of €26,000 in a scam that lasted a year. The method of the scam was very rudimentary. The owners are accused of putting an extra zero on the amount charged when entering details into a credit card machine. The scammers took advantage of the victim’s vision problems and the fact that he al-

ways paid with a card and did not realise what was being spent. The victim’s daughter discovered the scam when she saw that her father’s card was out of funds. She took her father to his bank, and that’s where they realised what was going on. Just €8,000 has been returned by the shop’s owners, who no longer run the establishment. The case is now pending trial.

CREDIT: Wikimedia

Dr Google TOXIC FUMES: Holidaymakers ended up in hospital after tank refilling mistake.

Acid cloud horror SIX tourists were taken to hospital and eight more treated at the scene after breathing in toxic fumes at a Spanish holiday resort. A lorry driver reportedly made a mistake when refilling a tank and mixed bleach with hydrochloric acid, causing a dangerous chemical reaction. The lorry driver is said to have reported the incident as soon as he realised his mistake.

Seven ambulances were sent to the Eldorado Resort in Cambrils on the Costa Dorada when holidaymakers reported breathing problems following the incident last Thursday. The six people taken to hospital were given oxygen, and are said to have now been released following the incident. Four fire crews attended to make the scene safe. It is not known what nationality the tourists were.

Throat cut A WORKER at a meat processing factory has been remanded in custody for allegedly killing a co-worker by cutting his throat. The detainee, aged 26, was arrested at the workplace, a meat factory in the Valencian town of Riba-roja. He had allegedly got into a fight with a fellow worker and struck him with the knife. Both workers were originally from Ghana.


10 - 16 October 2019

Advertising Feature

Invest in your health SOME people are mainly focused on the price when they look for a health insurance and they decide to contract the cheapest one, but… Watch Out! Inexpensive health insurances are available on the market at the time of contracting the policy, but as the person gets older the price of the policies drastically increases considering the change to a higher age bracket. ASSSA does not increase the price due to age, which means that the premium will remain at the same age bracket you contracted at the beginning. In the end you will pay a lower amount and your insurance as a result will be cheap­ er. A further point to consider is the written contractual guarantee of no cancellation. If there is no guar­ antee and the Insurance Company cancels the policy, it may occur that contracting another insurance becomes complicated due to age or the development of some dis­ eases. ASSSA guarantees under con­ tract that your policy will not be cancelled, therefore you can have the peace of mind of being provid­ ed with a lifetime coverage. Health is the best investment we can ever make and should be treat­ ed as such, not as the purchase of the cheapest choice by the time of contracting. Other factors to con­ sider are the solvency and experi­ ence of the Company, the cus­ tomer service, easy access to medical assistance, medical net­ work and coverage offered. ASSSA puts at your disposal its solvency and more than 80 years of experience to provide you with the best personalised attention in your own language and the best health care any time you need it. Don’t wait any longer. Invest in your health with ASSSA. Visit us during our OPEN WEEK: FIRST MONTH FREE IN HEALTH IN­ SURANCE + THREE MONTHS FREE IN DENTAL INSURANCE.

October 14­18: Orihuela Costa and Javea. October 21­25: Ciudad Quesada, Moraira and Denia. CATERING PROVIDED: Orihuela Costa 16/10, Javea 17/10, Ciudad Quesada 23/10, Moraira 23/10, Denia 24/10. Consult promotions details.

ASSSA Branches: Alicante: 965 200 106 Altea: 966 882 680 Moraira: 965 744 033 Javea: 965 795 077 Denia: 965 786 969

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s w e N d o NATIONAL Go 10 - 16 October 2019




Costa del Sol • Axarquia Costa Blanca North • Costa Blanca South Almeria • Mallorca


Festival pat on the back

European Tourism Fair

VERA Council has given itself a pat on the back for this year’s San Cleofas festival. “A complete success both in terms of participation and approval by residents and visitors for the suggested novelties,” was how Festivals councillor Amparo Garcia summed up how the celebrations had gone. The local authority said the public had given the thumbs up to the changes introduced for this edition of the week-long event, notably the decision to move the midday fiesta away from the town centre to the El Palmeral fairground. According to the council the midday activities had this year attracted the highest ever number of visitors. The council highlighted the popularity of this year two big acts, 80’s pop group Ole Ole and Seville band Siempre Asi, as well as traditional events like the jousting for ribbons and the street processions. The councillor also stressed there had been no “incidents or altercations” during the celebration, but rather “a festival atmosphere we have all enjoyed.” She drew particular attention to what she described as the “healthy” participation of young people in reference to the special police and Guardia Civil campaign to prevent so-called ‘botellones,’ or gatherings of youngsters in public places to drink.

VELEZ-MALAGA is being represented in the 2019 IFTM International French Travel Market in Paris. The exhibition is taking place at the Expo Porte de Versailles this week and is one of the leading travel and tourism trade shows in France. It is the key trade event and includes all the players in the travel sector - from tour operators and travel agencies to coach operators, airlines, event agencies. Councillor Jesus Perez Atencia said: “The work on tourism we have developed in recent years must maintain a level in terms of promotion and dissemination of what is Velez-Malaga as a tourism sector, maintaining the excellent level as part of the whole of the Costa del Sol.” With their presence at the expo, the local council of Velez-Malaga is pushing out all the stops to attract tourists to the area to help the local economy.


CROWDS: Andalucia is attracting more tourists than ever.

Busier than ever

ANDALUCIA has had its best ever August in terms of tourism. Data from the Ministry of Tourism shows that hotels in the region dealt with a total of 7.6 million overnight stays in the month, which is 5 per cent more than in August 2018. There was an increase in the number of guests of 4.4 per cent to exceed 2.3 million for the first time. The figures were revealed by vice president of the Junta de Andalucia and Minister of Tourism, Regeneration, Justice and Local Government, Juan Marín, at a meeting convened to assess the impact of the bankruptcy of Thomas Cook. Marin highlighted August as “a historic month for tourism in Andalucia. The data has exceeded our most optimistic forecasts and we are on track to close 2019 as a year in which we will further bolster the strength of our destination.” Regarding Thomas Cook, Marin said: “The impact on the region is going to be much smaller than other destinations, such as the Balearic or Canary Islands.” The biggest increase in overnight stays was in Sevilla, with an increase of 9.9 per cent. It is followed by Cordoba, with 7.5 per cent more, Granada, with 6.7 per cent more, Huelva, with an increase of 5.9 per cent, Cadiz, with 4.8 per cent more, Malaga, with a rise of 4.4 per cent and Almeria, up 1.9 per cent.


TRANSFORMATION: The restoration project at Denia Castle is moving fast with most of the dense pine trees already cut down.


Rich pickings

Grand restoration scheme THE restoration project of the Verger Alt in the castle in Denia is quickly transforming the area overlooking the sea. Large parts of the castle grounds were in varying states of decay, covered by dense pine forest, and are now being uncovered to show off the castle that is a major historical site in Denia. The Verger Alt connects the highest part of the castle, the Governor’s Esplanade, with El Verger Baix and from the top, the viewpoint of the Palau del Governador or from the oval tower at the bottom of the esplanade, it’s possible to appreciate just how much work has taken place already. The pines have already disappeared and the trunks are piled up ready to be taken away and reused. From the port, a new landscape of the fortress can be seen. Once the work is completed the castle will be free for local residents and tourists to enjoy and will allow people to walk along the old path that descends from the Governor’s esplanade through the Verger Alt.

TOURISM DRIVE: The 2019 IFTM International French Travel Market is one of the leading trade shows in Europe.

VOLUNTEERS: Iberdrola held an international day of action.

Cleaning up

ELECTRICITY company Iberdrola celebrated its International Volunteer Day in Guardamar del Segura. Company employees from the province gathered to spend a few hours cleaning the Moncayo beach, which had been affected by the recent storms. Internationally, the company brought together 2,200 volunteers, 22 per cent more than last year, in Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States, Mexico, Brazil and Portugal. Under the slogan ‘Together we build the world we want!’ the company dedicated the event to the fight against climate change and caring for the environment, as well as the inclusion of vulnerable groups and raising awareness of diversity. Iberdrola volunteers and their families shared the day with members of disability associations and those at risk of social exclusion. In Spain, more than 800 volunteers from the energy company took part in 26 activities with social organisations in 24 cities in 13 autonomous communities. This programme has received various awards, including the Innovation Award 2018 in the Private Sector category, awarded by the IMPACT2030 network (private sector initiative and the UN). In addition, in 2016, the company received a Special Mention from the King of Spain, in the celebration of the first decade of its International Programme.

VALLDEMOSSA has topped the list of the richest towns in Mallorca with the highest level of gross average income, coming in 25th place of all municipalities in Spain. The Tax Agency released a report on Tuesday listing the wealthiest places in Spain based on the average income of residents in the area and six of these municipalities are in Mallorca. Valldemossa came in at number 25, Puigpunyent at 38, Bunyola at 64, Esporles at 67, Calvia at 93 and Alaro at 100. This year Puigpunyent and Calvia have appeared in the list for the first time. Of the list of municipalities with the highest income levels on the islands, it is especially significant that only one of them, Calvia, is considered a tourist municipality with the rest of the towns located in the Sierra de Tramuntana. The average gross income of the inhabitants of Valldemossa is €42,451, which is 50 per cent more than the average income of the Balearic Islands. On the opposite side of the scale is Capdepera, which is listed once again as the municipality of Mallorca with the lowest level of average income. Its inhabitants had an average of €21,689 in 2017 which leaves them far from the Balearic average. Along with Sant Llorenç and Son Servera it is one of only three towns on the islands that are not among the 1,000 richest municipalities in Spain.

10 - 16 October 2019



New metro

Credit: Twitter

48 EWN

COPENHAGEN has a new metro line, the Cityringen and was the biggest construction project undertaken in the city for the past 400 years, taking eight years to complete. It was officially inaugurated by HM Queen Margrethe ll and she was its first passenger.

Top passport THE most recent Henley Passport Index showed that those with Danish passports can obtain visa­free entry to 187 countries ranking it third equal just behind joint leaders Japan and Singapore (190) and Germany, Fin­ land and South Korea (all 188).

Queen Margrethe opened the new line.


Ugly weed

Wolves vanish

THE Dutch government has confirmed that trials of regulated marihuana production in 10 cities will commence in 2021. The drug will however be sold in unattractive packaging, cannot have any branding and will carry a government health warning.

THREE wolves which were known to have entered the Netherlands from Germany and were thought to have settled are cur­ rently untraceable and may have been killed by farmers or hunters, although they may also have died of natural causes.



Zebra crossing

Cheap bananas

A ZEBRA which had escaped from a circus disrupted traffic and caused an accident on a motorway in northern Germany. Commenting on the accident a police spokesman said “The animal was going in the wrong direction on the autobahn from Tessin to Rostock.”

THE average price of bananas has fallen dra­ matically in the past year with sales increasing in Belgium. Not only does this hurt the pro­ ducers whose income drops, but it also af­ fects Belgian producers of other fruit which is more expensive.

Abortion campaign

Cold cases

WHILST abortion in Germany is possible for most women, it technically remains a criminal offence in all cases. Demonstrators across Germany took to the streets in order to demand that the law be decriminalised at the earliest opportunity.

A FORMER window cleaner who was jailed in 2017 on DNA evidence for the murder of a woman in 1992, unexpectedly asked for a new hearing where he volunteered that he had mur­ dered two other women in 1993 and 1994.


Appeal denied

Chemical fire

FORMER President Nicolas Sarkozy who was allegedly involved with illegal financing of his failed re­election campaign in 2012 applied to the High Court claiming that no trial should be allowed. His claim was re­ jected and he may face trial.

ANGRY and worried residents in Rouen are unconvinced by government claims that air and water are safe following a massive fire at a chemicals factory in the city. Public protests are being mounted with the sup­ port of environmental activists.



Less meat

Happy viewers

AN increasing number of schools in Sweden are reducing the amount of meat served to students at lunchtime in order to help curb greenhouse gas emissions and boost health. Local law only requires that lunches be free and nutritious.

THE success of Norwegian athletes at the World Championships have seen exceptional TV viewing figures with more than one million people watching each event that they took part in. This compares to around 500,000 who watched the European Championships.

Beggars hit

More men

THE town of Eskilstuna has come up with a novel idea in order to discourage beggars as they will now need to purchase a special permit allowing them to beg. It will cost Kr250 (€23) and will last three months.

THE number of troops employed by the Norwe­ gian Army is too small according to HQ comman­ der Rune Jakobsen. Due to its commitments to NATO, it would not be able to defend itself with its current manning levels in the event of an invasion.

FINANCE Whisky alert

THE imposition of new tariffs on EU exports by the USA has the poten­ tial to cause major financial loss to Scotch Whisky manufacturers as cost of imports of their spirits will increase by 25 per cent. The decision to include Scotch in these new tariff arrangements ap­ pears to be a ‘tit for tat’ measure after the EU imposed charges on the import of American Whiskey in 2018 which led to a drop in import values of more than 20 per cent. It is estimated that exports of Scotch and other drinks to the USA exceed €3 billion per annum.

50 • 10 - 16 October 2019

STAT OF €1.134 billion WEEK

is the amount that the Qatar government may claim against a consortium led by Spanish company OHL following a high court ruling.

Grape harvest down

A REPORT from the Spanish Asso­ ciation of Young Farmers (ASAJA) on the latest grape harvest makes for interesting reading with both good and bad news. Due to long term drought in many of the grape growing areas, the harvest will be the lowest in the past five years, but it is consid­ ered that the quality will be excep­ tional allowing for the production of excellent tasting wines. Even with the effects of what is referred to as the ‘cold drop’ in Au­ gust and September pests were

By John Smith still kept to a minimum which re­ sulted in fewer grapes but less wastage. In times of low harvest and high quality it would be expected that the cost of grapes from the vine and thus the cost of wine itself would go up, but this is far from the case. ASAJA experts do not under­ stand why grape prices are ‘abnor­ mally low’ and for some reason, even though the harvests in both

France and Italy are less than usu­ al, international demand has not seen an increase in price and Span­ ish grapes will be sold at the same price as last year or in a worst case scenario at even lower prices. The actual estimate for the over­ all grape harvest shows that a max­ imum of 39 million hectolitres of wine is likely to be produced and this compares with the 2018 figure of 50 million hectolitres, so those with a nose for good wine could well pick up some quality bargains next year.

LEGALLY SPEAKING Bank refused his transfer I am a pensioner aged 76 with property in Spain but still resident in Dubai. I have held an account in La Caixa bank for 25 years, transferring money regularly for various contingencies including a monthly support for three grandchildren. Last week the bank refused a transfer of €19,000 and asked for proof of income. I showed them title deeds for prop­ erties in Dubai, including substantial rental income. I also showed them evidence of investment portfolios. They insisted on government stamped proof of in­ come or tax payment, which I do not have. The idea of drawing money from assets is obviously beyond them. They sent the money back, less €1,000. Do I have any recourse? B.H. (by email) La Caixa is applying due diligence under YOU AND THE the rules of ‘Sep­ LAW IN SPAIN blac,’ the Spanish regulations against money laundering. We suggest you have your bank in Dubai contact La Caixa directly to establish your legitimacy. Another option would be to instruct a Span­ ish asesor fiscal or tax consultant to steer you right. I have just discovered that Dubai has an income tax system, but with a zero rate and no obligation to declare for most resi­ dents.


Send your questions for David Searl through lawyers Ubeda-Retana and Associates in Fuengirola at, or call 952 667 090.

Bad month for airlines

SEPTEMBER was a bad month for ailing airlines as following the demise of Thomas Cook and the rescue of Condor in Germany, two more low cost French Airlines are in trouble with one needing €35 million to survive. France’s second­largest airline, Aigle Azur, was shut down by a court last week after going into Administration and then failing to find anyone to bail it out. The other casualty was XL Air­ ways which cancelled all flights as it too was unable to find the €35 million of financial backing it need­ ed and is facing bankrupt shortly.


Larger assets SPANISH investment manager Renta 4 Banco has acquired the French BNP Paribas Personal Investors portfolio in Spain which is mostly aimed at individuals. This takeover will add 18,000 clients with a total worth of €1.25 billion to the Spanish organisation.

Closing down AMERICAN fashion firm Forever 21 is to file a voluntary bankruptcy petition, unable to cope with restructure to allow online commerce. With just one store in Barcelona, Spanish teenagers will not be badly affected by the decision.

US tariffs AFTER 15 years of wrangling over subsidies paid to Airbus, the US government has decided to impose new tariffs on a range of goods imported from the EU worth €6.85 billion. The EU has threatened to retaliate.

It’s a growing market EUROPE is leading the way in terms of organic food and drink innovation, with almost a fifth of all food and drink products launched in Europe carrying an organic claim according to market intelligence agency Mintel. Those aged between 16 and 34 in France, Ger­ many, Italy and Spain are the most likely to pur­ chase organic food and drink and are also willing to pay more for these products.

The group says that in the last 10 years, the to­ tal share of new global food and drink product launches with organic claims has risen from 6 per cent to 10 per cent with Europe seeing the great­ est rate of growth. Current leading innovators include France (ac­ counting for 22 per cent of all organic launches in Europe in the past year), Germany (20 per cent) and Spain (9 per cent).

52 EWN

10 - 16 October 2019





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US dollar ................................................1.09814 Japan yen...............................................117.798 Switzerland franc ...................................1.09192 Denmark kroner .....................................7.46887 Norway kroner........................................10.0243



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10 - 16 October 2019

No cheer for pensioners By John Smith WOMEN born in the 1950s, especially those born after April 6, 1953 have received extremely bad news from the High Court in London last week. A case was brought arguing that the increase in the age at which women would receive the State Pen­ sion was unfair because they were not given enough warning of the change of pension age and therefore had not been able to plan properly for their old age.

COURT RULING: Women’s hopes shattered.

Top Spanish banks THERE is no doubt that the Banks in Spain have recovered remarkably well from the problems that hit them in the time of the financial crisis. Caixa Bank is now said to control the largest amount of deposits in the country at just under €370 billion and it is followed very closely by BBVA which has just a billion less. Former front runner Santander has dropped to third

place with €345 billion, but that is due to a reorganisation of how its accounts are presented with the removal of its corporate banking and UK business as well as online bank Openbank which is now trading in Germany. There is a widening gap between these three and the others in the Spanish top 10, so with profits and earnings increasing, it would not be a surprise to see acquisitions being made over the next 12 months.

The original retirement age for women was 60 and for men 65, but in 2010 the retirement age for women was raised to 65 and both men and women will have to wait longer from 2020 when State Pension is paid to 66­year­olds and the age increases to 67 by 2028. Many women left good jobs to raise children and could then return to work, knowing that they would be able to expect to receive their pen­ sions at 60. Whilst sympathising with those af­ fected, the court ruled that there was no direct discrimination against women as the new law simply cor­ rected historic discrimination against men and also rejected that the law was discriminatory based on age. In essence the court also indicated that the decision to introduce this law was confirmed in Parliament and that whilst many may disagree with the result, their course of action lies in the ballot box not the courts. It is estimated that some three mil­ lion women were in this position, with some potentially losing out on more than £40,000 (€44,000) which will not now be recovered due to this ruling.

EWN 53


Subway boost WITH more than 42,000 outlets around the world, the Subway sandwich chain has its eyes set on substantial expansion within Spain. With just 57 franchises here it intends to ramp up advertising with the aim of steady annual growth.

Flight shame A SURVEY by Swiss Bank UBS has discovered that an increasing number of passengers are cutting back on air travel due to ‘flight shame’ over the impact to the climate. If the survey is accurate passenger numbers could drop significantly.

New branch TAKING advantage of its position as a major property owner, department store El Corte Inglés is to open its own estate agency. Not only will they use this outlet to sell some of its assets but will also offer a third party service.

54 EWN

10 - 16 October 2019

LEAPY LEE SAYS IT OTHERS THINK IT WAR paint has been worn by warriors stretching back to the Neanderthals. Camouflage face paint is an integral part of our modern commando’s ability to melt into the background. But the UK decision this week to allow male soldiers to wear make­up was truly so ludicrous I thought I’d been beamed up to an­ other planet. It’s not even the decision that astounds me, it’s the knowledge that a con­ tingent of our military’s finest actually sat around discussing whether eyeliner and sticks of shocking pink, should become a part of our fighting men’s battle kit! War paint was sup­ posed to frighten our adversaries, not try to fool them into thinking they were being invit­ ed into a local gay bar by the Village People! Couple that with encouraging soldiers to cry, giving time out for others to pray and prosecuting ex­army heroes for ‘historical crimes,’ really does make me despair that when we have to defend our country against adversaries, we’ll be far too busy being politi­ cally correct to even come close to claiming victory. One of our problems has always been to underestimate our enemies. We always seem to think that others will


Completely merciless

WAR PAINT: Was supposed to frighten our adversaries. respect the rules of war, or treat defeated en­ emies with chivalrous compassion and ‘uman rites’ etc. Well I have news for all the utterly misguided wimps and snowflakes. Today’s adversaries are completely merci­ less, they would slit your throat and hang, draw and quarter you in front of your family. There are no rules any more. Bringing polit­

ical correctness into the equation can get us all dead. For all our sakes get real and con­ centrate on digging out our enemies at all cost. Only by confirming that we will stop at nothing to defeat them, will we have any chance at all of saving our lands and its citi­ zens; and who knows, by taking a strong and non­compromising stand perhaps ­ just per­

haps, we can strike enough fear into our ene­ mies that we won’t actually have to go to war at all. So for heaven’s sake all you military ‘Wallas’ forget the eye shadow and Estée Lauder and concentrate on lethal new weaponry and no quarter combat policies ­ before you all lose your heads and we lose the country we put our trust in you to fight for and protect. You have no idea how much writing in this vein saddens me. Long into my 30’s I had re­ tained my 60’s ‘flower power’ beliefs that peace and love was the only way and that war and violence would never be the answer to the survival of the human race. I still do believe these sentiments. Unfortunately I am also a realist. Over the years I have recognised that for these ideals to prevail, everyone had to share the same teaching. Well they don’t. Extremism has manifested fanatics, who believe superiority can only be gained by delivering exactly the opposite. You cannot fight these people with reason or understanding. The only way to survive and bring peace to our future genera­ tions is by the annihilation of those whose sole aims are to annihilate us. Keep the faith Love Leapy.

Leapy Lee’s opinions are his own and are not necessarily representative of those of the publishers, advertisers or sponsors.


10 - 16 October 2019

A very special relationship NORA JOHNSON

BREAKING VIEWS Nora is the author of popular psychological suspense and crime thrillers and a freelance journalist. To comment on any of the issues raised in her column, go to

THE USA and the UK - two great countries separated by a common language. A phrase attributed to Oscar Wilde, George Bernard Shaw and even Winston Churchill. But apart from language, what else is common to both countries? How about, for starters, their current leaders, both threat­ ened with ‘impeachment,’ and the tricky situation they both face, namely political processes paralysed by the opposition. Boris represents the 17.4 million who voted for Brexit, Trump won the presidency in the USA ­ and both are trying to deliver what they promised. Whether or not Trump violated any law, it is essential that corruption is investigated ­ foreign aid is, af­ ter all, US tax payers’ money. And the claim, by some in 2016, that the majority didn’t vote for Trump ignores the reality that US elections are won using a different system. It is also right that Boris is allowed an election. Until the UK has a majority govern­ ment (maybe a coalition), parliament will

USA AND UK: What is common to both countries? continue to control House of Commons business, which is not the way democracy operates. But the real comparison lies in the atti­ tude of both the US and UK less well­off families who voted for Trump and Brexit in vast numbers. They are the ones who twig that the current systems of globalisation manufactured by the ‘global establish­ ment,’ in which the EU plays a major part and which has been blatantly exploited by China (the US­China trade war has led to the imposition of tariffs on products worth more than $470 billion), don’t work for them. Hardly surprising then, that many of these families regard Trump and Johnson as their champions (the warm Boris­Donald relationship even less surprising). Maybe,

though, both men are too flawed, personal­ ly, to see their respective mandates through to the bitter end? However, the genie of populism is out of the bottle so we shouldn’t be surprised if we see the establishments of both coun­ tries gobsmacked once more by an em­ phatic victory for Brexit supporters in the next UK elections and another electoral vic­ tory for Trump in the USA. Nora Johnson’s psychological crime thrillers ‘Betrayal,’ ‘The Girl in the Woods,’ ‘The Girl in the Red Dress,’ ‘No Way Back,’ ‘Landscape of Lies,’ ‘Retribution,’ ‘Soul Steal­ er,’ ‘The De Clerambault Code’ (www.nora­ available online as ebook (€0.99;£0.99), ibook, paperback and (now) audiobook. All profits to Costa del Sol Cude­ ca cancer charity.

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10 - 16 October 2019

EWN 57

Advertising Feature

Make your life easy with an Aquaclean sofa & bedding AQUACLEAN® technology is a revolutionar y fabric treatment now available in SOFAS and BEDDING from KONFORT SUEÑOS stores in Costa Blanca (Javea, Denia, Gandia). Aquaclean’s amazing technolo­ gy allows you to clean the majori­ ty of household stains (wine, ink, sauce, fat, mud, chocolate, cream, etc) using just water! HOW DOES AQUACLEAN WORK? Aquaclean technology is an ad­ vanced fabric protector for uphol­ stery of all kinds. It’s a treatment that covers every fibre with an in­ visible molecular layer that pre­ vents dirt from penetrating the fabric. KONFORT SUEÑOS upholstery also benefit from SAFE FRONT®

SAFE FRONT is a protection against mites and bacteria. It is a totally ecological and harmless method of eliminating the pres­ ence of mites and bacteria in fab­ ric. SAFE FRONT® is especially use­ ful in homes with pets due to the proliferation of dust mites and bacteria in these animals. It is ful­ minant against the presence of these microorganisms. Safety First in your home! Aquaclean upholstery uses fire retardant technology offering up to 15 times longer protection be­ fore flaming, the effectiveness of the Aquaclean Fire Retard used in all Aquaclean fabrics, has been demonstrated in an actual house fire in Gandia recently, where the occupants were surprised to find their Aquaclean sofa was still in­ tact whilst the surrounding house

was significantly affected by the flames. PFCs­ No Thanks! Aquaclean does not contain harmful PFCs, their manufactur­ ing processes are totally harm­ less to health and you can enjoy them 100 per cent with the guar­ antee of a company that cares for you and for the environment around you. KONFORT SUEÑOS offer the very best range in high quality brand beds and sofas. They are local too, with a new store in Javea, as well as stores in Denia and Gandia. Their staff speak English and welcome readers to take advan­ tage of their current offers and STOCK CLEARANCE opportuni­ ties. They have all bed sizes, from

KONFORT SUEÑOS: Offer the very best range in high quality brand beds and sofas.

small to large, short to tall! The range of mattresses are the best for Spain, being medically certi­ fied, thermo regulated and breathable. FarmaFlex by Konfort Sueños offer customers the healthiest

mattresses on the market. En­ dorsed by doctors, Farmaflex, with its star mattress, MEDIFARM has been designed to ensure to­ tal relaxation of the body, hips and back, and cervix, even relief from swollen legs.

See their advert below:

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10 - 16 October 2019


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The best Irish beef direct to your door IRISH meat specialists Parkes butchers is offering free delivery on orders of €50 and over. Parkes is a family­owned business established in 2017 and is run by Daniel Parkes who has over 40 years’ experience in the butchery trade. The shop is located at Burriana, Castellón and receives fresh Irish meat every day. Parkes’ Family Butch­ ers has been serving the Irish community for over 20 years. Daniel Parkes said: “We source our meat from North Ireland, from suppliers we have known and trusted for years. We select only the best meat ­ and this em­ phasis on quality, combined with excel­ lent customer service, is what gives our little shop such a big reputation. “We specialise in 28­day dry aged sir­ loin and have recently started to cure our own bacon on the premises. Our new ‘Cook in the Bag’ range is proving very popular ­ just place in the oven at 140 de­ grees for 105 minutes for a really succu­ lent and tasty meal. “We are a family of Master Butchers. We supply the finest Irish meat taking the greatest pride in our

FRESH MEAT: All the way from Ireland.

hand­made sausages and Angus burgers.” Parkes now deliver from Salou to Carta­ gena with FREE delivery on orders of €50 and over. Parkes’ fresh produce can be tailor­ made and packed for your individual and family needs. Parkes have special value and BBQ packs and specialise in the finest Irish beef and lamb.

FRESH PRODUCE: Can be tailor-made and packed for your individual needs.

Parkes Family Butchers, Av Corts Valencianes, 23. 12530 Burriana (Castellon). Open 8am - 8pm. Email - Facebook - Parkes family butchers Call us on either our English or Spanish numbers UK: 0044 7495 610 410 * Spain: 0034 643 615 449

10 - 16 October 2019

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10 - 16 October 2019

7:00am Breakfast 11:00am Saturday Kitchen Live 12:30pm Flour Power 1:00pm Football Focus 1:30pm Homes Under the Hammer 2:00pm BBC News 2:10pm Weather 2:15pm Bargain Hunt 3:00pm Money for Nothing 3:45pm Live Gymnastics 5:35pm Escape to the Country 6:05pm Celebrity Mastermind 6:35pm BBC News 6:45pm BBC London News; Weather 6:50pm Weather 6:55pm Pointless 7:45pm Strictly Come Dancing 9:40pm The Wall 10:30pm Casualty 11:15pm BBC News 11:30pm Weather 11:40pm Mrs. Brown's Boys 12:10am The NFL Show 12:40am The Client

7:45am Ali-A's Superchargers 8:05am Top Class 8:35am Mustangs FC 9:00am Blue Peter 9:30am Turbo 11:00am Robot Wars 12:00pm Celebrity Antiques Road Trip 1:00pm Hairy Bikers: Route 66 2:00pm The Best of British Takeaways 3:00pm Best House in Town 3:30pm Info not available 4:30pm Your Home Made Perfect 5:30pm Live Gymnastics 8:00pm River Walks 8:30pm What Britain Buys and Sells in a Day 9:30pm Dad's Army 10:00pm QI XL 10:45pm Mark Ronson: From The Heart 12:00am Tron Legacy 1:55am Valhalla Rising 3:20am The Name of the Rose 4:10am This is BBC Two

8:00pm 9:00pm

8:50am Rugby World Cup 2019 Live 12:30pm Rugby World Cup 2019 Live 2:55pm ITV News and Weather 3:00pm ITV Racing Live 5:30pm Paul O'grady's Little Heroes 6:00pm You've Been Framed! 7:00pm ITV News and Weather 7:20pm ITV News London 7:30pm Catchphrase 8:30pm The Chase Celebrity Special 9:35pm The X Factor: Celebrity 11:05pm The Jonathan Ross Show 12:10am ITV News and Weather A round-up of the latest news headlines and a national weather forecast. 12:24am ITV London Weather 12:25am A Confession

7:00am Totally Bonkers Guinness World Records 7:25am Emmerdale 10:10am Coronation Street 12:10pm Ninja Warrior UK 1:05pm Catchphrase 2:05pm You've Been Framed! Rib-tickling collection of camcorder calamities, narrated by Harry Hill. 2:30pm Valentine's Day 3:45pm FYI Daily 3:50pm Valentine's Day 4:55pm Step Up 3 5:55pm FYI Daily 6:00pm Step Up 3 7:00pm Jurassic Park 8:00pm FYI Daily 8:05pm Jurassic Park 9:35pm Fast & Furious 8 10:35pm FYI Daily 10:40pmFast & Furious 8 12:15am Family Guy 12:45am Family Guy 1:15am American Dad!

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Natural World Wild China An insight into the country's diverse wildlife. Spiral French detective drama, starring Caroline Proust. Spiral French detective drama, starring Caroline Proust. Classic Albums The making of Back to Black, the second and final studio album by singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse, which was released in October 2006 to wide critical and commercial acclaim. Classic Albums Classic Albums Top of the Pops: 1988 Natural World

On the Buses The Royal The Royal Inspector Morse Midsomer Murders Midsomer Murders Midsomer Murders Foyle's War A farmer's murder and the crash landing of an enemy plane lead Foyle to investigate the activities of a group of land girls, and the detective begins to suspect the captured German airmen have something to hide. Midsomer Murders Endeavour A Touch of Frost The Syndicate

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Lost and Found Cheers Cheers The Big Bang Theory The Big Bang Theory Frasier Frasier Frasier King of Queens King of Queens King of Queens Everybody Loves Raymond Everybody Loves Raymond Four in a Bed Four in a Bed Formula 1 The Simpsons The Simpsons Escape to the Chateau: DIY Channel 4 News Britain's Most Historic Towns Great British Car Journeys Moonlight The Day the Earth Stood Still

7:00am World Cup Top Goalscorers 7:10am The Protectors 7:40am British Superbike 8:30am The Big Fish Off 9:25am Monster Carp 10:30am ITV Racing: The Opening Show 11:30am River Monsters 11:55am The Motorbike Show 12:55pmColumbo: The Conspirators 2:55pm Kelly's Heroes 3:55pm FYI Daily 4:00pm Kelly's Heroes 6:00pm Made in Britain 7:00pm Junk and Disorderly 8:00pm Rugby World Cup 2019 Highlights 9:00pm Mr. Bean 9:35pm Mr. Bean 10:05pm Benidorm 11:05pmPassenger 57 12:10am FYI Daily 12:15amPassenger 57 12:55am The Professionals 1:55am The Contender

11:00am SpongeBob Squarepants 11:15am Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 11:30am Cruising with Jane McDonald 11:35am Wonderful World of Animal Babies 12:35pm Friends 1:05pm Friends 1:35pm Friends 2:05pm Friends 2:35pm Friends 3:05pm Babe 4:40pm Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords 5:40pm Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords 6:40pm 5 News Weekend 6:45pm Secrets of Underground Britain 7:45pm Secrets of Underground Britain 8:45pm The Great Model Railway Challenge 10:00pm Greatest War Ships 11:00pm Live Bellator 1:00am Fights, Camera, Action! 2:00am The 21.Co.UK Live Casino Show

6:15am The Big Bang Theory 7:00am Couples Come Dine with Me 7:55am Couples Come Dine with Me 8:55am Made in Chelsea 9:55am Spencer, Vogue and Baby Too 11:00am Don't Tell the Bride 12:00pm The Goldbergs 12:30pm The Goldbergs 1:00pm The Goldbergs 1:30pm The Goldbergs 2:00pm Baby's Day Out 4:00pm The Big Bang Theory 4:30pm The Big Bang Theory 5:00pm The Great British Bake Off 6:15pm Extreme Cake Makers 6:35pm The Big Bang Theory 7:00pm The Big Bang Theory 7:30pm The Big Bang Theory 8:00pm The Big Bang Theory 8:30pm The Big Bang Theory 9:00pm The Big Bang Theory 9:30pm The Big Bang Theory 10:00pm Taken 11:50pm Gogglebox 12:55am First Dates 2:00am First Dates

7:00am 9:45am 12:00pm 2:15pm

7:00am The Stolen Princess Ruslan, a wandering artist, embarks on a mission to save Mila, the beautiful princess he loves when she is captured by an evil sorcerer. 8:35am Where Hands Touch 10:40am Widows 1:00pm Mortal Engines In a post-apocalyptic world where cities ride on wheels and consume each other to survive, two people meet in London and try to stop a conspiracy. 3:15pm White Boy Rick 5:10pm The Stolen Princess 6:45pm Widows 9:00pm Mortal Engines 11:15pm White Boy Rick 1:15am Cruise 3:00am Accident 4:45am Benjamin

The Blue Max John Carter Mortal Engines Kingsman: The Golden Circle 4:45pm Street Fighter 6:45pm John Carter 9:00pm Kingsman: The Golden Circle 11:30pm Street Fighter 1:15am Upgrade 3:00am Serenity 5:15am The Top Ten Show

7:55am 9:35am 11:15am 1:00pm

The Love Guru Gulliver's Travels Paul Blart: Mall Cop Slaughterhouse Rulez 2:55pm We're the Millers 4:55pm Pretty Woman 7:00pm Mamma Mia! 9:00pm Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again 11:00pm Slaughterhouse Rulez 12:50am Jackass: Number Two 2:35am Jackass 2.5


6:15am 6:35am 6:50am 7:00am 7:55am 9:45am 10:15am 10:30am 11:30am 1:00pm 2:30pm 5:30pm 5:45pm 6:00pm 9:00pm 11:00pm 1:00am 2:30am 3:00am 5:00am 5:30am

Live Formula 1 In Monaco with Charles Leclerc Lewis in the W196 with Martin Live Formula 1 Live Formula 1 The F1 Show My Icon Saturday Social Soccer A.M. Live European Tour Golf Live Euro 2020 Qualifiers Super League Gold Super League Gold Live Betfred Super League Live World Grand Prix Darts Live PGA Tour Golf Live Caribbean Premier League T20 Sky Sports News Live Bellator MMA The F1 Show Live Formula 1

8:30am Euro 2020 Qualifiers Highlights 10:00am Euro 2020 Qualifiers Highlights 10:30am Saturday Social 11:30am Soccer A.M. 1:00pm Gillette Soccer Saturday: Build-Up 2:30pm Live Euro 2020 Qualifiers 5:30pm The Fantasy Football Club 5:45pm The Fantasy Football Club 5:55pm Live Euro 2020 Qualifiers 8:00pm Euro 2020 Qualifiers Highlights 8:30pm The Fantasy Football Club 8:40pm Live Euro 2020 Qualifiers 10:45pm The Fantasy Football Club 11:00pm Euro 2020 Qualifiers Highlights 11:30pm Euro 2020 Qualifiers Highlights 12:00am Euro 2020 Qualifiers Highlights

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10 - 16 October 2019

Advertising Feature

Chorus wins another award CHORUS FINANCIAL, a Costa Blanca based financial advice and investment firm, were awarded another major honour at this year’s International Ad­ viser Best Practice Awards held in London last week. The company, who operate from offices across the Costa Blanca, were again recognised for their campaign to better edu­ cate British expats in terms of how to approach getting advice on their pensions and invest­ ments. Set up just three years ago by business partners Sam Kelly and Tracy Storer, Chorus have gone from strength to strength to be­ come the fastest growing finan­

cial advisory in Spain. Sam Kelly, who writes a week­ ly finance column for Euro Week­ ly News, said after winning the awards “Our mission is far from over, with the majority of advi­ sories here in Spain still basing their business model on high, undisclosed commissions. Our three year long campaign has now reached many 10,000s of Brits living in Spain, and is really starting to make a difference. “Euro Weekly News supported us from day one, and we regular­ ly meet people who said that our articles have helped them avoid bad investment advice.” The awards recognise the best financial advisory companies in

Europe, and with only eight be­ ing handed out in total across Europe this year, this is another major coup for the local Costa Blanca based firm. Tracy Storer said “Both Sam and I worked in Spain for many years prior to founding Chorus. We simply couldn’t find another company that matched our stan­ dards, both in terms of financial advice and ethics, so felt our on­ ly option was to start our own firm. “We have a fantastic regulato­ ry and compliance team support­ ing us in the background which leaves us free to focus on spreading our message and look­ ing after our clients.”

BUSINESS PARTNERS: Tracy Storer and Sam Kelly.

Tel.: 965 641 163 - -

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11:30am 12:30pm 1:15pm 2:00pm 2:10pm

Sunday Morning Live Wanted Down Under Bargain Hunt BBC News Weather for the Week Ahead Songs of Praise Points of View Homes Under the Hammer Escape to the Country Garden Rescue Money for Nothing Pointless BBC News BBC London News Weather Countryfile Strictly Come Dancing Antiques Roadshow World on Fire BBC News BBC London News; Weather Hindus: Caste and Me The Women's Football Show

7:35am Life in a Cottage Garden with Carol Klein 8:05am James Wong and the Malaysian Garden 9:05am Gardeners' World 10:05am Countryfile 11:00am Saturday Kitchen Best Bites 12:30pm Live Gymnastics 4:45pm The Super League Show 5:00pm Athletics 6:00pm Rugby League World Cup 7:00pm Saving Lives at Sea 8:00pm Africa with Ade Adepitan 9:00pm Dragons' Den 10:00pm The Americas with Simon Reeve The explorer travels the length of North and South America. 11:00pm The Mash Report 11:30pm Love in the Countryside 12:30amThe Spectacular Now 2:00am Question Time

7:00am Rugby World Cup 2019 Live 9:40am Rugby World Cup 2019 Live 12:20pm Rugby World Cup 2019 Live 3:00pm ITV News and Weather 3:04pm ITV London Weather 3:10pm The X Factor: Celebrity 4:40pm Tipping Point 5:40pm ITV News and Weather 5:55pm ITV News London 6:05pm Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 9:00pm Who Wants to be a Millionaire? 10:00pm Sanditon 11:00pm ITV News and Weather 11:14pm ITV London Weather 11:15pm Inside Prison: Britain Behind Bars 12:10am Who Wants to be a Millionaire? 1:05am Rugby World Cup 2019 Highlights

7:00am Totally Bonkers Guinness World Records 7:25am You've Been Framed! 7:45am Emmerdale 10:40am Coronation Street 12:35pm The X Factor: Celebrity 2:05pm Catchphrase 3:00pm You've Been Framed! 3:55pm You've Been Framed! 4:25pm Snow Dogs 5:25pm FYI Daily 5:30pm Snow Dogs 6:30pm Step Up Revolution 7:30pm FYI Daily A round-up of the latest entertainment news. 7:35pm Step Up Revolution 8:25pm The Lost World: Jurassic Park 9:55pm FYI Daily 10:00pmThe Lost World: Jurassic Park 11:00pm Celebrity Juice 11:50pm Family Guy 12:20am Family Guy 12:45am American Dad!

2:15pm 2:50pm 3:05pm 3:35pm 4:35pm 5:20pm 6:05pm 6:50pm 7:05pm 7:10pm 7:15pm 8:15pm 9:00pm 10:00pm 11:00pm 11:20pm 11:25pm 11:30pm 12:10am

10 - 16 October 2019

8:00pm The Women's Football Show 8:30pm Handmade in Bolton 9:00pm Britain's Biggest Warship 10:00pm The Sky at Night A look at the hidden secrets of the universe. 11:00pm France 1939: One Last Summer 12:00am Britain's Greatest Generation 1:00am The Sinner 1:45am Naples '44: A Wartime Diary 3:05am Handmade in Bolton 3:35am Britain's Biggest Warship

7:00am 7:25am 8:25am 9:25am 10:30am 11:35am 1:40pm 3:40pm 5:55pm 8:00pm 10:00pm

11:00pm 12:00am 12:30am 1:00am 2:00am

On the Buses The Royal The Royal Heartbeat Heartbeat Midsomer Murders Midsomer Murders Inspector Morse Agatha Christie's Marple Lewis Alexander Armstrong's Land of the Midnight Sun Agatha Christie's Poirot Birds of a Feather Birds of a Feather Scott & Bailey Scott & Bailey

7:15am 8:15am 9:00am 10:30am

Cheers King of Queens Frasier Sunday Brunch Conversation, cooking and celebrity guests, presented by Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer. 1:30pm The Great British Bake Off 2:55pm Extreme Cake Makers 3:25pm Formula 1 5:25pm A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun 6:30pm Grand Designs 7:30pm Channel 4 News 8:00pm Escape to the Chateau 9:00pm Lost Kingdoms of the Black Pharoahs 10:00pm Celebrity Hunted 11:00pm The Circle 12:05amX-Men 2:00am The Great British Bake Off: An Extra Slice

7:00am 7:55am 8:25am 9:25am

Motorsport UK River Monsters Monster Carp All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite 11:30am Live British Touring Car Championship 7:15pm The Car Years 7:45pm Football's Greatest: Diego Maradona A profile of the celebrated Argentine player, who went on to manage his national team. 8:00pm Rugby World Cup 2019 Highlights 9:10pm The Scorpion King 10:15pm FYI Daily A round-up of the latest entertainment news. 10:20pmThe Scorpion King 11:00pmUnderworld: Evolution 12:00am FYI Daily 12:05amUnderworld: Evolution 1:05am The Professionals

9:05am Butterbean's Cafe 9:15am Paw Patrol 9:35am Nella the Princess Knight 9:50am Wissper 10:05am Pirata & Capitano 10:20am Floogals 10:35am Shimmer and Shine 10:50am Digby Dragon 11:00am SpongeBob Squarepants 11:15am Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 11:30am Access 11:35am Friends 2:00pm National Treasure 4:30pm The Fifth Element 6:40pm 5 News Weekend 6:45pm National Treasure: Book of Secrets 7:45pm 5 News Update 7:50pm National Treasure: Book of Secrets 9:00pm Wonderful World of Animal Babies 10:00pm The World's Most Luxurious... 11:00pm Most Shocking Celebrity Moments 2:00am The 21.Co.UK Live Casino Show

7:00am Hollyoaks 9:30am The Crystal Maze 10:30amThe Borrowers 12:10pm The Goldbergs 2:10pm Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2:35pm Megamind 4:30pm The Big Bang Theory 5:00pm The Big Bang Theory 5:25pm The Big Bang Theory 5:55pm The Big Bang Theory 6:25pm The Big Bang Theory 6:55pm The Big Bang Theory 7:25pm The Big Bang Theory 7:55pm Back to the Future Part II 10:00pm Don't Tell the Bride 11:00pmRob Beckett's Savage Socials The comedian examines social media's most topical, hilarious and outrageous content. 11:50pm Pants on Fire 12:55am Naked Attraction

11:00am Batman: Assault on Arkham 12:30pm Fast & Furious Hobbs & Shaw: Special 1:00pm The Predator 3:00pm Predator 5:00pm Predator 2 7:00pm Predators 9:00pm The Predator 11:00pmPredator 1:00am Predator 2

7:00am 8:45am 9:00am 11:00am 1:00pm

7:05am 9:00am 10:00am 10:30am 11:00am 12:30pm 2:55pm 5:00pm 5:30pm 8:15pm





7:20am Miss Congeniality 9:20am Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous 11:25amYou've Got Mail 1:30pm American Pie 3:15pm American Pie 2 5:05pm Life of the Party 6:55pm Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby 9:00pm The Dictator 10:40pmBrüno 12:15amNight School


5:00pm 7:15pm 9:00pm 11:15pm 1:10am

The Stolen Princess The Top Ten Show White Boy Rick All Is True Mortal Engines In a post-apocalyptic world where cities ride on wheels and consume each other to survive, two people meet in London and try to stop a conspiracy. The Stolen Princess Ruslan, a wandering artist, embarks on a mission to save Mila, the beautiful princess he loves when she is captured by an evil sorcerer. Widows All Is True Mortal Engines White Boy Rick Widows

7:00am 7:15am 7:30am 7:45am 8:00am 8:30am 9:00am 9:15am 9:30am 9:45am 10:30am 11:00am 12:30pm 2:55pm 5:00pm 5:30pm 8:15pm 11:15pm 12:15am

Live Formula 1 Live Formula 1 Ted's Notebook Total Goals The Sunday Supplement Live EFL Live Euro 2020 Qualifiers Euro 2020 Qualifiers Highlights Live Euro 2020 Qualifiers Live Euro 2020 Qualifiers Wales v Croatia (Kick-off 7.45pm). Coverage of the Group E match from Cardiff City Stadium. Live NFL Coverage of an NFL match. Live NBC's FNIA Coverage of Football Night in America, which looks ahead to the latest live NFL fixture. Live NFL

EFL Greatest Games EFL Greatest Games EFL Greatest Games EFL Greatest Games EFL Goals: Leagues 1 &2 Euro 2020 Qualifiers Highlights SPFL Greatest Games The Fantasy Football Club EFL Greatest Games EFL Greatest Games EFL Goals: Leagues 1 &2 The Sunday Supplement Live EFL Live Euro 2020 Qualifiers Euro 2020 Qualifiers Highlights Live Euro 2020 Qualifiers Live Euro 2020 Qualifiers Euro 2020 Qualifiers Round-up Show Euro 2020 Qualifiers Highlights

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10 - 16 October 2019

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10 - 16 October 2019

Claimed and Shamed Caught Red Handed Bargain Hunt BBC News at One; Weather BBC London News; Weather Doctors Headhunters Escape to the Perfect Town Make Me a Dealer Money for Nothing Pointless BBC News at Six; Weather BBC London News; Weather The One Show Inside Out London EastEnders Panorama Dublin Murders BBC News at Ten Regional News and Weather Weather The Young Offenders Have I Got a Bit More News for You

7:00am Good Morning Britain 9:30am Lorraine 10:25am Judge Rinder 11:30am This Morning A mix of celebrity chat, lifestyle features, advice and competitions. 1:30pm Loose Women 2:30pm ITV Lunchtime News 2:55pm ITV News London 3:00pm Dickinson's Real Deal 4:00pm Tenable 4:59pm ITV London Weather 5:00pm Tipping Point 6:00pm The Chase 7:00pm ITV News London 7:30pm ITV Evening News 8:00pm Live International Football 11:00pm ITV News at Ten and Weather 11:30pm ITV News London 11:45pm International Football Highlights 12:45am All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite 1:40am Ideal World

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Money for Nothing Fugitives Saving Lives at Sea The Week in Parliament BBC News at 9 Victoria Derbyshire BBC Newsroom Live Politics Live The Boss My Life on a Plate Railways of the Great War with Michael Portillo Heir Hunters Emergency Rescue Down Under Yellowstone Flog It! Richard Osman's House of Games Strictly: It Takes Two Celebrity Antiques Road Trip Only Connect University Challenge What Britain Buys and Sells in a Day Motherland Newsnight Weather

7:00am The Planet's Funniest Animals 7:20am Totally Bonkers Guinness World Records 7:45am You've Been Framed! 8:10am Dinner Date 9:00am You've Been Framed! 9:25am Catchphrase 10:25am The Ellen DeGeneres Show 11:25am Superstore 12:15pm Dress to Impress 1:15pm You've Been Framed! 1:45pm Catchphrase 2:50pm The Ellen DeGeneres Show 3:45pm Supermarket Sweep 4:50pm Dinner Date 5:50pm Dress to Impress 6:50pm Take Me Out 8:00pm You've Been Framed! 8:30pm You've Been Framed! 9:00pm Supermarket Sweep 10:00pmFamily Guy 10:30pmAmerican Dad! 11:00pmPlebs 11:30pm Family Guy 12:00am Family Guy 12:30am American Dad!

8:00pm Beyond 100 Days BBC News teams in Washington DC and London report on the events that are shaping the world. 8:30pm Pubs, Ponds and Power: The Story of the Village 9:00pm American History's Biggest Fibs with Lucy Worsley 10:00pm The Last Battle of the Vikings 11:00pm The Real Doctor Zhivago 12:00am The Story of China 1:00am Milton Keynes and Me 2:00am Dwarfs in Art: A New Perspective 2:55am Peter York on Hipsters 3:55am American History's Biggest Fibs with Lucy Worsley

7:00am 7:25am 7:55am 8:20am 8:50am 9:50am 10:25am 10:55am 11:25am 12:00pm 12:35pm 1:40pm 2:45pm 3:15pm 3:50pm 4:20pm 4:55pm 6:55pm 7:55pm 9:00pm 11:00pm 12:00am 1:00am 3:05am

Coronation Street Coronation Street Emmerdale Emmerdale Heartbeat On the Buses On the Buses Man About the House Outside Edge Outside Edge Agatha Christie's Poirot Heartbeat Emmerdale Emmerdale Coronation Street Coronation Street Midsomer Murders Heartbeat Agatha Christie's Poirot Midsomer Murders Scott & Bailey Scott & Bailey A Touch of Frost ITV3 Nightscreen

10:10am Frasier 10:40am Frasier 11:10am Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares USA 12:05pm Undercover Boss USA 1:00pm Channel 4 News 1:05pm Couples Come Dine with Me 2:05pm A New Life in the Sun 3:10pm Countdown 4:00pm A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun 5:00pm Sun, Sea and Selling Houses 6:00pm Four in a Bed 6:30pm Your Room or Mine? 7:00pm The Simpsons 7:30pm Hollyoaks 8:00pm Channel 4 News 8:55pm Stand Up To Cancer 9:00pm Jamie's Meat-Free Meals 9:30pm Travel Man: 48 Hours In 10:00pm Crime and Punishment 11:00pm The Circle 12:05am 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown

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Only When I Laugh The Saint Kojak Quincy, M.E. Minder The Sweeney The Professionals The Saint Kojak Quincy, M.E. Minder The Professionals The Sweeney The Chase Celebrity Special 9:00pm Junk and Disorderly Henry Cole and Sam Lovegrove look to make a profit on motorcycle memorabilia. 10:00pmApollo 13 11:15pm FYI Daily 11:20pmApollo 13 12:50amThe Mechanic 1:50am FYI Daily

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5:00am 7:00am 9:20am 11:40am 2:05pm 4:20pm 6:40pm 9:00pm 11:20pm 1:45am 3:25am 5:15am

5:55am 7:35am 9:20am 11:40am 1:35pm 3:20pm

Top Wing Paw Patrol Floogals Becca's Bunch Little Princess Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom Jeremy Vine GPs: Behind Closed Doors 5 News Lunchtime GPs: Behind Closed Doors Access Home and Away Neighbours My Deadly Friend: Pretty and Poisonous Friends Friends 5 News at 5 Neighbours Home and Away 5 News Tonight Premiership Rugby Cup Highlights Traffic Cops Inside... Flights From Hell Banged Up Abroad

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The Next Karate Kid Iron Man Iron Man 2 Iron Man 3 Iron Man Iron Man 2 Iron Man 3 Fast and Furious Five Fast and Furious 6 Rambo Punisher: War Zone Robin Hood


Summer Rental Little Man Downsizing Shanghai Noon The Ladykillers American Pie: The Wedding 5:00pm American Pie: Reunion 6:55pm Think Like a Man 9:00pm Think Like a Man Too 11:00pm Bridget Jones's Diary

Hollyoaks Hollyoaks Celebrity Coach Trip Melissa & Joey Melissa & Joey Baby Daddy Baby Daddy The Big Bang Theory The Big Bang Theory The Goldbergs The Goldbergs Brooklyn Nine-Nine Brooklyn Nine-Nine The Big Bang Theory The Big Bang Theory Mike & Molly Mike & Molly Speechless Speechless Brooklyn Nine-Nine Brooklyn Nine-Nine The Goldbergs The Goldbergs The Big Bang Theory The Big Bang Theory Hollyoaks Celebrity Coach Trip Young Sheldon Made in Chelsea Jade The Big Bang Theory

Joker: Special A sneak peek at the upcoming DC Comics-inspired thriller, starring Joaquin Phoenix and Robert De Niro. 7:00am The Stolen Princess 8:45am All Is True 10:45am Changeland Brandon is ready to take his wife, Vanessa, on a surprise anniversary trip to Thailand. 12:30pm Mortal Engines 2:50pm Hotel Mumbai: Special 3:20pm White Boy Rick 5:20pm All Is True 7:15pm Changeland 9:00pm Mortal Engines 11:15pm White Boy Rick 1:10am Accident 2:45am Benjamin 4:15am Motherhood 5:45am The Stolen Princess


7:00am 7:30am 8:00am 9:00am 10:00am 11:00am 12:00pm 1:00pm 2:00pm 3:00pm 4:00pm 5:00pm 6:00pm 7:00pm 9:00pm 10:45pm 11:00pm 12:00am 1:00am 2:00am

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10 - 16 October 2019

EWN 65

Are you winning or losing? ROBERT SHALLIS IF we’re willing to learn by our mistakes, no one should consider themselves or anyone else in life a loser. The late great leader and revolutionary, Nelson Mandela said. “I never lose. I either win or I learn.” When adhered to, that powerful statement can make a big difference to us. We all have an option to learn from what we may consider losing at some point in our life. All too often we hear people say: “I never win anything,” “I always lose at this.” Well, therein lies the first problem. If you assume the thought and the feeling of never amounting to, or achieving anything then how can you expect to be a winner at anything? We first need to create that winning feeling to start the process, we can do this by reacting to those negative voices in our head in a different way.

NELSON MANDELA: “I never lose. I either win or I learn.” It is important to know that that feeling of failure, fear and anxiety are just that, feelings. It is your own mind that has created the negativity. They are not facts, they are simply an outcome focusing on past failures instead of future successes. These feelings underestimate your real abilities and amplify the task ahead. Ignore these negative thoughts and feelings and replace them with

thoughts of a positivity and a more favourable outcome. It sounds easy to do doesn’t it, well it is, but here’s the thing, it’s easier not to. The rea­ son we don’t like change is because change feels uncomfortable to us. People would rather be comfortable than do something different even though it doesn’t benefit them in the long run. You don’t have to stay in the

world you’re living in if it doesn’t serve you, you can create your own new positive world. A gentle way to start is to visualise how things might or could possibly be. Visualise how things would be if you achieved a certain something you have always wanted to achieve, however small it may be. Start small, make it fun, see yourself for example finally beating the rest of the family

at Monopoly, imagine how that would feel instead of that old pat­ terned phrase of, “I never win at any­ thing.” You can of course apply this to anything, even on a much grander scale in order to become a success and feel like one of life’s winners. Negative is normal, it’s part of life but it is not successful. Begin to see any negative thoughts as and when they arise as a challenge, a challenge to tackle them differently in order to cre­ ate the winning feeling you deserve. Learning how to tackle that losing feeling will create a new enthusiasm in what you wish to achieve and give you enjoyment in the process. So, now you no longer need to dwell or live in the realms of losing thoughts, you just need to handle and deal with it. Start today, not to­ morrow. If you put something off to­ day, what excuse will you have the next day? Remember, the difference be­ tween winning and losing is not giv­ ing up. If we’re winning we’re having fun, if we’re losing we’re learning. See yourself as a winner, take ac­ tion and see what prizes life has waiting for you.

66 EWN

10 - 16 October 2019

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Don’t do it, just don’t! MIKE SENKER IN MY OPINION Views of a Grumpy Old Man MY daughter has Netflix in the UK and we pay an extra subscription so we can watch it here and also so she can also watch it when she’s here too. The problem is that it’s an utter waste of time because if you are watching an English­speaking movie which has sec­ tions of people talking something other than English, you can’t understand what they are saying because the subtitles come up in Spanish. I asked Netflix about it in a live chat and was told it was all about licensing and copyright. Here’s my point to all companies that do this ­ Amazon TV is the same ­ don’t just don’t! There is nothing worse than this happening. If you are paying a sub­ scription in England it should have Eng­ lish subtitles available even if you are watching in Spain. What’s the point of having a movie on that half way through you can’t watch it any more? These massive entertainment compa­

nies get on my nerves with all their rules and regulations about their licensing and intellectual copyright. People will pay a fair amount gladly to watch what they want, just give them the option. Because I can promise you they will find a way of watching whatever they want by using VPNs, IPTV, Kodi, Teatv and loads of oth­ er things I’ve never heard of. This is a grump about gift cards and ho­ tel key cards. Recently I was in the UK and, as you know, most hotels now use key cards. I can’t count the amount of times I get back to my room only to find it wouldn’t work, making me turn round and have to go back to reception and get a new key. The same happened on Satur­ day when I went to El Corte Ingles to use some of the gift cards I was very gener­ ously given for my birthday. I went to pay and was told they couldn’t read it. I was told it was because I’d had it near my phone or credit card and I’d have to go down to customer service to sort it. There is actually no way I know of that this can be stopped from happening. Surely if you can put men on the moon and have driverless cars, someone must be able to come up with a way that your key card can last the walk from reception to your room!

10 - 16 October 2019

EWN 67

68 EWN

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10 - 16 October 2019

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Beyond 100 Days BBC News teams in Washington DC and London report on the events that are shaping the world. 8:30pm Pubs, Ponds and Power: The Story of the Village 9:00pm Castles: Britain's Fortified History 10:00pm Hollywood's Brightest Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story 11:25pm Horizon 12:25am Sex, Lies and Love Bites: The Agony Aunt Story 1:25am Time Shift 2:25am Two Types: The Faces of Britain 3:25am Hollywood's Brightest Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story

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7:00am All Is True 9:00am Transference Tess Chandler investigates when her husband Kelley, who works for the Central Intelligence Agency, is seriously injured on a mission and winds up in a coma. 11:00am White Boy Rick 1:00pm Mortal Engines In a postapocalyptic world where cities ride on wheels and consume each other to survive, two people meet in London and try to stop a conspiracy. 3:15pm Benjamin 5:00pm All Is True 7:00pm White Boy Rick 9:00pm Mortal Engines 11:15pm Foxtrot 1:15am Transference

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10 - 16 October 2019

EWN 69

When censorship backfires BARRY DUKE BACK in 2003, American entertainer Barbra Streisand made a huge blunder when she tried to suppress the publication of an aerial photo of her mansion in Malibu. It was not a paparazzi pic, but was simply taken for the California Coastal Records Project. Streisand, who claimed invasion of privacy, sued the project and photographer Kenneth Adelman for $50 million dollars ­ and lost. Until she launched the lawsuit, the photo had been downloaded from Adelman’s website just six times. After she sued, in a single month people downloaded it more than 420,000 times! Streisand’s lawsuit was dismissed, and she was ordered to pay Adelman’s costs of over $155,000. Two years later, a weird website es­ tablished to showcase urinals around the world was operating in relative ob­ scurity. That is, until it featured a shot of

MARCELO CRIVELLA: Called for the photo of two men kissing to be banned.

one at a US holiday resort, which took umbrage at being named on It immediately issued a takedown notice. This hugely boosted the num­ ber of visitors to the website, and prompted one commentator, Mike Masnick, to ask ‘how long is it going to take before lawyers realise that the simple act of trying to repress some­ thing they don’t like will be seen by many more people? Let’s call it the

Streisand Effect.’ Although decades were to pass be­ fore Masnick gave Streisand’s name to this law of unintended consequences, I became aware of the phenomenon way back in the 1960s when I discov­ ered I could actually generate the Streisand Effect by making public ­ as an investigative reporter ­ decisions taken by the South African censors. These imbeciles had draconian pow­

ers and banned thousands of books, films, t­shirts, records and the like. But unless one had access to a semi­secret government publication called ‘Jacob­ sen’s Index of Objectionable Literature,’ one had no idea what South Africans were being deprived of in terms of liter­ ature and entertainment. On discovering ‘Jacobsen’s,’ I hit on the bright idea of running a monthly column in Johannesburg’s Star newspa­

per detailing some of the more bizarre decisions made by the censors. For ex­ ample, when I revealed that a poster bearing the words ‘Black is Beautiful’ had been declared objectionable, an enterprising local t­shirt outlet began printing the slogan, and the proprietor could barely keep up with the demand. I was reminded of that era this month when the sales of a comic book in Brazil went into the stratosphere af­ ter the mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Marce­ lo Crivella, an evangelical Christian, called for it to be banned. Why? Because the cover featured two guys kissing. The Streisand Effect served not only promote the book, but turned Crivella into an international fig­ ure of fun, surpassing ­ albeit briefly ­ British Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson. The comic, ‘Avengers: The Children’s Crusade,’ had been around for years without anyone having to reach for the smelling salts, but thanks to Crivella’s in­ tervention ­ and the fact that the ‘offen­ sive’ cover made the front page of a na­ tional newspaper ­ people who never entertained the idea of two men kissing now have the image branded on their brains, and are probably in need of years of counselling.

70 EWN

10 - 16 October 2019


Past and Future of Luxury Motors NICK HORNE’S Rich Pick Freelance correspondent, London, England THE Goodwood Estate rests in a fold of the gentle hills of the South Downs, a rural idyll of the southern counties of England that from time to time has re­ verberated to the roar and whine of engines driven with passion and deter­ mination. In war the estate hosted an airfield from which several of ‘the few’ flew into battle and fought the Battle of Britain. The estate’s motor circuit was the scene of epic battles by racing dri­ vers like the legendary racing driver Sterling Moss and his contemporaries as well as many Grand Prix. On the other side of the Hill Climb course lies the horse racing, ‘Good­ wood’ where thoroughbred race hors­ es speed across the Downs and round a natural amphitheatre to sweep past lawns and grandstands filled with cheering race goers. The Goodwood Estate also hosts a manufacturer of cars; Rolls Royce Motor Cars. Every year a historic motoring ex­

A 1959 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud, a two-door drophead coupe in black and red with a matching hood accompanied by 1961 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II in Sage Green over Smoke Green within the March Motor Works.

travaganza takes place at Goodwood; the ‘Good­ wood Revival’ meeting. Everyone at­ tending is in the cast for the stylish event, dressing the part, entering into and recreating the glamourous world of the 1950s. This year Rolls Royce Mo­ tor Cars transformed the March Motor Works into a replica of the company’s motor show stand of the era.

The centre­ piece was naturally an example of the company’s most coveted luxury cars of the period. The 1959 Rolls Royce Sil­ ver Cloud , a two door drophead coupe in black and red with a match­ ing hood, the car is one of just a hand­ ful created by the specialist coach­ builder HJ Mulliner. While on the legendary motor cir­

cuit an example of a 1961 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II a long wheelbase sa­ loon; an imposing four­door limousine in Sage Green over Smoke Green which recorded only 9,500 miles in 58 years formed part of the Course Direc­ tor’s entourage. The ‘Goodwood Revival’ meeting drew the season to a close in the mid­ dle of September; a little later a very

special car was rolling off a transporter into Goodwood and the workshops of the Rolls Royce Motor Company. An all­electric experimental model that has been touring the world for much of the last four years has come home. The car will be on display at the company’s headquarters, a solid com­ ment on a vision of an electric future. A radical and controversial Vision Next 100 alluding to the centenary of the brand while pointing optimistically to dominating the future with the car co­ denamed 103EX. First seen in 2016 the 103EX in­ cludes an all­electric drive train, an en­ tirely autonomous drive and enhanced artificial intelligence, connected and autonomous the 103EX has controver­ sial styling. It presents a forthright view of the marque’s view of a future of ‘luxury mobility.’ A Rolls Royce cabin was once said to be so quiet that occupants could hear the ticking of a dashboard clock while motoring. The 103EX was welcomed home it is said with some fanfare how­ ever its short journey into the show­ room was as one would expect; soundless. Nick Horne, London, England



TIME OUT ‘Greetings cards featuring artwork by AudreyQ are available at P.C. Highway, Javea with profits going to Aspadis, a Valencian charity for severely handicapped children.’

FOR NEXT 7 DAYS AQUARIUS (January 21 - February 19) Yours is a big ship. You are able to take a lot on board but you don’t have to. In this special week, when you see things so clearly, be selective. Allow into your life only that which is valuable and worthwhile. This is not selfishness, it is providing a source of inspiration for the present and the future.

PISCES (February 20 - March 20) Your old shoes are comfortable and still have a lot of wear in them but someone is suggesting that you should buy some new shoes and throw the old ones away. They are no longer shiny. They are no longer fashionable. They do, however, provide all that you need.

ARIES (March 21 - April 20) That little bit of extra cash has made you realise something. Not everything is as simple as you would wish it to be, and throwing money at a problem will not make it go away entirely. There are some things that you need to come to terms with. It is much easier to incorporate the uneasy into your life if you take a more relaxed attitude.

TAURUS (April 21 - May 21) Sometimes, when we are making a journey, it is not the usual route that is best. Something has changed in your sphere and there is a need to adjust to it. There are other options that will bring the same result and maybe even a more convenient one. You will need to do two things. The first is to open your mind to the possibilities.

GEMINI (May 22 - June 21) Someone needs to learn to stand on their own two feet. It isn’t you, but it’s close. Finding a balance between helping and idly standing by while mistakes are made is necessary. It’s not easy but it has to be done. You may break into a sweat this week and it won’t suit your nerves, but you’ll get through.

CANCER (June 22 - July 23) A way opens up before you that can bring wealth. Branching off from that is a path to certain happiness. Which will you take? If having that money means changing your nature (or trying to) is that going to make you happy? On the other hand, if you sidestep the money can you still be happy? Keep things

simple. You know where you are.

LEO (July 24 - August 23) Are you looking for guidance? Maybe you are thinking that a recent acquaintance will be able to provide it. You ran something by a few friends and they are not so sure. That is because this is a situation where you need an expert, not a well-wisher. Best not to waste your time and jangle your nerves. Get that expert even if it costs a few pennies.

Cartoon by Audrey Quinton

VIRGO (August 24 - September 23) It appears at times that you are in the middle of a play. The lights are on you, the mike’s wired, your audience awaits, then nothing. Not that you are lost for words. You know exactly what to say and do. What you are wondering is why you are there in the first place. Maybe where you are was not intended.

LIBRA (September 24 - October 23) There’s a lot of buzzing going on in your head. No, it isn’t tinnitus, it’s something quite different. You know it’s a great time to get ideas and act on them. However, trying to act on too many at once is causing some confusion. Maybe there’s too much going on.

SCORPIO (October 24 - November 22) You’ve been working hard, maybe in the dark some of the time. This week someone shines a torch on your situation and you see exactly where you are. Are you surprised? You shouldn’t be.









IRISH LOTTO Saturday October 5









EURO MILLIONS Tuesday October 1





1 4



Friday October 4




SAGITTARIUS (November 23 - December 21) Getting a creative project started has opened your eyes to many things. Perhaps you question why you did not do it before. The fact is that it doesn’t matter. You are where you are right here and not because that was where you were heading. Enjoy the feeling, the praise and the satisfaction.



6 9



EL MILLON: WQK53423 LA PRIMITIVA Thursday October 3








46 8

JOKER: 8 782 477

CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 20) Just imagine for one day that you have achieved everything your heart has desired. When you wake up in the morning believe it is so. Feel how your spirits lift and your heart sings. Carry that feeling through the week and beyond. If you believe that you are a success you can be. Why stop when it feels so good?

Saturday October 5










JOKER: 0 405 108 EL GORDO DE LA PRIMITIVA Sunday October 6


14 37

18 51



Famous quote

When you end up happily married, even the failed relationships have worked beautifully to get you there. Julia Roberts

Women’s wit

Don’t waste a minute not being happy. If one window closes, run to the next window - or break down a door. Brooke Shields

72 • 10 - 16 October 2019





Across 1 Destroy copse area (5) 4 A thousand flowers for teachers (7) 8 Wrong grid one disregarded (7) 9 Race around Tiber (5) 10 For Cyril it's composition - others note his words (8) 11 Faint sound of a bucket (4) 13 The tide went out and Ed ate carefully (6) 15 Begins again about current events (6) 18 Appear to be entertained by Chinese emperor (4) 19 Split peas, ridiculous price (8) 22 Violent behaviour from punch bag group (5) 23 Become established outside a US city (7) 24 Frilly attachments are awfully tasteless - no note included (7) 25 Irritable jury's conclusion after trial (5) Down 1 Having smothered good person, I ran away (7) 2 Proprietor getting some children worked up (5) 3 Sweetens her since break up (8) 4 Jellyfish made us ill (6) 5 Son of Adam in Somerset House (4) 6 Ruler's office makes them cross

(7) 7 Nick dislodged slate (5) 12 Power unit in Maine, Georgia and Washington doubled temperature (8) 14 Dovetail joins surfaces (7)

Code Breaker

16 Picturesque views of stage setting (7) 17 Against poetry on the radio (6) 18 Hardly any in Tuscan takeaway (5) 20 Singers lost a production (5) 21 Gave birth to a dull person (4)

Each number in the Code Breaker grid represents a different letter of the alphabet. In this week’s puzzle, 11 represents Q and 13 represents T, so fill in Q every time the figure 11 appears and T every time the figure 13 appears. Now, using your knowledge of the English language, work out which letters should go in the missing squares. As you discover the letters, fill in other squares with the same number in the main grid and the control grid.

Across 1 Appease (6) 4 Get healthy again (4) 8 Be in direct physical contact with (9) 9 Kitchen appliance used for baking or roasting (4) 10 Morally pure (6) 13 Not in physical motion (6) 15 Leave out (4) 18 Jerky American dance, popular in the 1940s (9) 19 Become weary (4) 20 Wind or move in a spiral course (6)

English - Spanish

Across 1 Ensayo (escuela) (5) 4 Escarcha (5) 10 To annoint (5) 11 Elderly (7) 12 Estantería (8) 13 Arbusto (4) 15 Loose (slack) (6) 17 Sastre (6) 19 Escritorio (mueble) (4) 20 Storm cloud (8) 23 Monthly (7) 24 Ink (5) 25 Corteza (de pan) (5) 26 To take out (5)


Down 1 Puffed up with vanity (7) 2 Desist from (5) 3 Country in the South Pacific (4) 5 Prepares for publication (5) 6 See 18 7 Illuminate (5) 11 Tie or link together (7) 12 Alcoholic drink from fermented cider (5) 14 Subsequently to (5) 16 Molten rock in the earth's crust (5) 17 Carry out, as an order (4) 18/6 Fatigue caused by long flights (3,3)

The clues are mixed, some clues are in Spanish and some are in English.

Down 2 Century (5) 3 Albaricoques (8) 5 Rock (geology) (4) 6 Gaviota (7) 7 Basurero (7,4) 8 Cintura (5) 9 Suegra (6-2-3) 14 Guarantee (8) 16 To teach (7) 18 Molar (tooth) (5) 21 Round (of negotiations, drinks) (5) 22 Tazas (4)





The purpose of the Hexagram puzzle is to place the 19 six-letter words into the 19 cells. The letters at the edges of interlocking cells MUST BE THE SAME. The letters in the words must be written CLOCKWISE. The word in cell 10 (BORDER) and one letter in four other cells are given as clues.


LAST WEEK’S SOLUTION 1 Spread 2 Depart 3 Rating 4 Powder 5 Regent 6 Bestir 7 Turret 8 Orient 9 Errant 10 United 11 Loosen 12 Coward 13 Strode 14 Within 15 Stance 16 Girdle 17 Motion 18 Filter 19 Malice.


Fill all the empty squares using the numbers 1 to 9, so that the sum of each horizontal block equals the ‘clue’ on its left, and the sum of each vertical block equals the clue on its top. No number may be used in the same block more than once.

• Average: 18 • Good: 25

• Very good: 36 • Excellent: 46

SCORING: 4 letters: 1 point 7 letters: 5 points 5 letters: 2 points 8 or more letters: 6 letters: 3 points 11 points

Average: 13 Good: 19 Very good: 27


Excellent: 34

derv dart darts dare darer dray dreg arts afire yard yare jade reify reft refit fade fader fare fray frier ferry felt felts fire firer fiery fief fife fifer rifle rifler rife rifer riel rift trad trade trader tray tref trefa tbsp legit left stray strafe strafer sept best gelt gelts gift fuel pest pestle tiger

acre aper arch arco care carp cere char core corn corp cran crop earn erne hare harp hear here hero hoar hoer horn narc near orca pare pear peer pore porn race rape reap rhea roan rope acorn apron caner caper cheer chore coper copra crane crape creep crepe crone heron hoper nacre narco ocher ochre opera orach pacer parch perch porch preen prone ranch ranee reach recap recon roach anchor archon careen carhop chorea cohere cornea echoer encore hereon opener orache orphan prance preach rancho reopen cheaper poacher chaperon earphone CHAPERONE



1 Minus, 2/17 Jet set, 3 Rare, 4 Ponder, 5 Erudite, 6 Scare, 9 Crimson, 11 Canary, 12 Bacon, 14 Pious, 15 Lean.





1 Records, 5 Cater, 8 Tramp, 9 Chagrin, 10 Inspire, 11 Meals, 12 Shamed, 14 Drones, 18 Dated, 20 Oedipus, 22 Margins, 23 Chore, 24 Noddy, 25 Deludes. Down: 1 Retains, 2 Class, 3 Reptile, 4 Secret, 5 Chasm, 6 Terrain, 7 Rants, 13 Attired, 15 Radical, 16 Sisters, 17 Doused, 18 Demon, 19 Daisy, 21 Proud.

1 Pasa, 3 Vástagos, 8 Temblar, 9 Calor, 10 Odour, 11 Viernes, 12 Preach, 13 Marble, 16 Asi como, 18 Loros, 20 Chalk, 21 Carrera, 22 Anywhere, 23 Yolk. Down:

1 Potro, 2 Someone, 4 Arrive, 5 Galán, 6 Sureste, 7 Alarm clock, 9 Cremallera, 12 Plancha, 14 Borrego, 15 Roncar, 17 Italy, 19 Snack.

App of the week Color wallpapers Dress up your smartphone with a unique wallpaper that is updated daily for free. The app offers free wallpapers in HD and 3D resolution. Find different wallpapers based on different colours and perfect 3D backgrounds to make your mind bright every day. Users can choose stylish wallpapers with a single click and get photos that fit the device’s parameters to enjoy flawless HD quality. A new feature is a super bright flashlight and easy-to-use compass.

QUIZ: YET ANOTHER PUB QUIZ 1. In Coronation Street, what is the name of the (fictional) brewery that originally built and supplies the Rovers Return pub? 2. In Only Fools and Horses, what is the name of Del-Boy and Rodney’s local pub? 3. The Hand and Flowers pub in Marlow, the first in the UK to scoop two Michelin stars, is owned by which TV chef? 4. What is the most popular pub name in the UK: (a) Bell Inn, (b) Red Lion or (c) Royal Oak? 5. What is the name of the main local pub, currently run by Kenton and Jolene, in the long-running Radio 4 soap opera The Archers? 6. What was the name of the pub in London’s East End, where Ronnie Kray shot and killed rival gangster George Cornell, in March 1966?

7. What was the title of Australian singer Slim Dusty’s only UK Top 10 hit single, which reached number three in 1959? 8. Which pub has the fictional address 46 Albert Square, Walford, London E20? 9. Which Robert Louis Stevenson novel, first published in serial form in 1883, features a pub called the Admiral Benbow Inn? 10. Who was the founder and lead singer of the pub rock band Kilburn and the Highroads, which disbanded in July 1976? Not a lot of people know that… the pub with the longest name in the UK is The Old Thirteenth Cheshire Astley Volunteer Rifleman Corps Inn in Stalybridge, Greater Manchester







1 Major, 4 Press, 7 Tarantula, 8 Sect, 10 Decide, 12 Bridal, 13 Keep, 16 Castanets, 18 Nanny, 19 Notes.

How many English words can you find in the Boggled grid, according to the following rules? • The letters must be adjoining in a ‘chain’. They can be adjacent horizontally, vertically or diagonally. • Words must contain at least four letters and may include singular and plural or other derived forms. • No letter may be used more than once within a single word, unless it appears twice. • No vulgarities or proper nouns are permitted.


How many English words of four letters or more can you make from the nine letters in our Nonagram puzzle? Each letter may be used only once (unless the letter appears twice). Each word MUST CONTAIN THE CENTRE LETTER (in this case T) and there must be AT LEAST ONE NINE LETTER WORD. Plurals, vulgarities or proper nouns are not allowed.




74 • 10 - 16 October 2019



Costa Blanca
























Fri Sat Sun Mon Tues Wed -

25 25 26 26 25 24

19 - C 18 - Cl 18 - S 17 - Cl 16 - S 15 - Cl

Fri Sat Sun Mon Tues Wed -

28 26 25 25 24 23

20 - Cl 19 - Cl 19 - S 18 - S 17 - S 17 - S

Fri Sat Sun Mon Tues Wed -

29 28 28 24 21 22

17 - S 18 - Cl 16 - S 13 - Sh 13 - Cl 13 - Cl

28 25 26 22 21 21

Fri Sat Sun Mon Tues Wed -






S: Sun

20 - Cl 19 - Cl 19 - C 18 - S 17 - S 17 - Cl

25 25 26 27 24 24

Fri Sat Sun Mon Tues Wed Cl: Clear

18 - Cl 18 - C 18 - S 17 - S 17 - Cl 17 - Cl

Fri Sat Sun Mon Tues Wed -

27 27 29 29 26 26

C: Cloudy

17 - S 18 - C 18 - Cl 19 - S 17 -Th 16 - C

Fri Sat Sun Mon Tues Wed -

24 24 24 25 22 23




26 26 26 28 26 25


16 - S 13 - C 13 - S 10 - Cl 8 - Cl 8 - Cl

Alicante Fri Sat Sun Mon Tues Wed -


19 - Cl 18 - C 18 - Cl 18 - Cl 16 - Sh 15 - Sh

Sh: Showers


Th: Thunder

Sn: Snow


David Lee Roth, Rock singer; October 10, Wolverine in the X-Men film series. In 64 2018, he starred as Gary Hart in the film The Rock vocalist with Van Halen from 1974 to Front Runner.  His other credits 1985 the singer went on to pursue a solo include  Prisoners,  The Prestige,  Les Misérables, Pan and Van Helsing.  career. He has a webcast via YouTube called The Roth Show. Ashanti, R&B singer; October 13, 38 Angela Lansbury. Bradley James, TV actor; October 11, 35 The singer is best known for her self-titled James is best known for playing the role of King debut album, which yielded the hit song ‘Foolish’ and Arthur alongside  Richard Wilson  in the BBC TV set a record for opening week sales. She also worked as an extra in two  Spike Lee  movies, series  Merlin. Prior to that, he made his television debut in the ITV series Lewis in 2008. He also played including Malcolm X.  the role of Carl in the 2012 film Fast Girls. Sir Cliff Richard, Singer; October 14, 78 Hugh Jackman, Movie actor; October 12, 50 The British favourite has sold more than 250 million records internationally and who adopted a The Australian actor best known for playing

Fill the grid so that every row, every column and every 3X3 box contains the digits 1-9. There’s no maths involved. You solve the puzzle with reasoning and logic.

singing style reminiscent of Little Richard. His debut single ‘Move It’ influenced many British rock musicians. Anthony Joshua, Boxer; October 15, 29 The British heavyweight with a piston-like jab won super heavyweight gold in the 2012 Olympics and turned pro the following year. He held the WBA, IBF, WBO and IBO titles between 2016 and 2019.  Angela Lansbury, Actress; October 16, 93 The Golden Globe-winning actress played Jessica Fletcher on Murder, She Wrote, and also gained recognition for her role in Mame. She also provided the voice of the teapot Mrs Potts in the 1991 animated film Beauty and the Beast.

Word Ladder MEND


DVD Framing John DeLorean

Move from the start word (MEND) to the end word (LOCK) in the same number of steps as there are rungs on the Word Ladder. You must only change one letter at a time.



Euro Weekly News strives for accuracy, but cannot be held responsible for any errors in published forecasts


IF the Women’s Murder Club can’t be together this Christmas, a killer is to blame. As the holidays approach, Detective Lindsay Boxer and her friends in the Women’s Murder Club have much to celebrate. Crime is down. The medical examiner ’s office is quiet. Even the courts are showing some Christmas spirit. And the news cycle is so slow that journalist Cindy Thomas is on assignment to tell a story about the true meaning of the season for San Francisco. Then a fearsome criminal known only as ‘Loman’ seizes control of the headlines. He is planning a deadly surprise for Christmas morning. And he has commissioned dozens of criminal colleagues to take actions that will mask his plans. All that Lindsay and the SFPD can figure out is that Loman's greed - for riches, for bloodshed, for attention - is limitless.



This week in history

A deadly surprise

1138 - Huge tremors A massive earthquake strikes Aleppo; it is one of the most destructive earthquakes ever. 1311 - Hands tied The peerage and clergy restrict the authority of English kings with the Ordinances of 1311. 1492 - Explorer Christopher Columbus’s first expedition makes landfall in the Caribbean, specifically in The Bahamas. 1692 - Witch trials The Salem witch trials are ended by a letter from the governor of the Massachusetts Bay Province. 1780 - Huge casualties The Great Hurricane of 1780 kills up to 30,000 in the Caribbean. 1799 - Air raising Jeanne Geneviève Labrosse is first woman to jump from a balloon with a parachute. 1810 - Glasses raised The citizens of Munich hold first Oktoberfest. 1868 - Lengthy war The Ten Years’ War begins against Spanish rule in Cuba. 1918 - Sunk at sea RMS Leinster is torpedoed and sunk by UB-123, killing 564, the worst-ever in the Irish Sea. 1933 - Air disaster A United Airlines Boeing 247 is destroyed by sabotage, the first such proven case in the history of commercial aviation. 1968 - Lift off NASA launches Apollo 7, the first successful manned Apollo mission. 1984 - Female feat Aboard Space Shuttle Challenger, astronaut Kathryn D Sullivan is the first American woman to do a space walk.

NO one knew what to make of John DeLorean. He was larger than life, married to top model, Christina Ferrare, and always in the spotlight. No one questioned his sudden decision to build a new type of motor vehicle. It seemed like DeLorean was perfectly capable of effortlessly making his dream become a reality. But he didn’t have the money to create his sports car. He had to go down an incredibly dark path, but couldn’t make things work. An American visionary soon became known as a liar and fraud.


10 - 16 October 2019

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Only lawyers win SO, we have the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, currently trotting around Africa, determined to demonstrate that they’re earning their keep. During this trip, Prince Harry has fired a broadside at the tabloid press. He is entitled to be furious if newspapers have tapped his or his family’s phones. Although taking legal action is unusual for a royal, this is a crime and he can rightly take the tabloids responsible to court. He is also entitled to be furious that a newspaper has published a private letter written by his wife to her father. The couple may be equally entitled to sue the newspaper that published the letter for copyright, but it’s not so black and white. The letter was legally owned by Meghan’s father. If the newspaper legally obtained the letter from him, is it not Meghan’s publicity-hungry father who should be the target of Harry’s ire? By suing the paper, is he not attracting more attention on his apparently strained relationship with his father-in-law and this isn’t protecting his family privacy. There’s no doubt former actress Meghan Markle is per fect clickbait, but she won’ t play the tabloid’ s game. Now they can’ t do right for doing wrong, but is Harry’s lawsuit going to help or will only the lawyers win?

MONEY MAKER I READ your article on the new Renfe card, it seems to me it is another way of making money from travellers who use the train infrequently, such as tourists travelling to and from the air­ port, they are likely to make only one or two journeys and are less likely to understand the very complicated ticket machines at stations, this means that they will probably pay an extra 50 cents on each journey. Paul Wynn

Are all people in power blind or just don’t want to know or unwilling to face the problem. At the moment black peo­ ple are killing each other due to the drugs war that’s going on around the country to some people that’s just fine. It’s not a nice situation we have here but all what you have stated is spot­on in every way, I congratulate you for stating the obvious. My only wish is that I could have access to your paper over here or can I get it on the inter­ net? I would be delighted if you could let me know. Thanks again for an hon­ est nail on the head bit of writing. Regards, John Harrison *You can read Euro Weekly News online at:

Migration DEAR Leapy, No slings and arrows I assure you. Ex­ cellent article. What you have in the UK is also a huge problem in Holland. Most Dutch have had it with migrants and the arrogance and aggression of Africans that have moved into this tiny country. The truth of the matter is that all Eu­ rope has lost their pride and their own culture. The English are the same as the Europeans. It’s all loud talk, big brave words, drunkenness, drugs, tattoos and if a family member is raped or abused, they blame colonialism. What a pathetic excuse. Carry on Leapy, and spread your message. In SA the Xhosa are killing the mi­ grants coming in. That’s black on black!! Don’t see that on BBC. Regards, Hans de Leeuw

RENFE: New card costs 50c. between us and there never will be. We are forced by law to tolerate this situa­ tion. When people get together it is common for this subject to be dis­ cussed and all agree that we will not tolerate this situation for much longer, but no one in power seems to under­ stand that there is a problem.

Social integration BEEN on holiday in Mallorca and just happened to pick­up the Euro Weekly newspaper. I must admit your reference regarding social inte­ gration was just spot­on. Your think­ ing has been common thinking by most people for years. I live in Wales now and only too pleased to get away from the greater London area as the majority of people there now are black with the odd white person now and then. You are quite correct when you state that there is little integration

Leapy for PM? EACH week we read your item in the paper. We cannot thank you enough for your thoughts, we agree with you 100 per cent and would back you to be PM if Boris fails. Thanks. Allan and Jean Barber

• Olive Oil

I would never leave my dogs mess for others. That’s disgusting. Get a bag and pick it up ... simple !! Michelle Johnstone I think the government should first show proper due care for animals in Andalucia . Of course this issue matters but try banning cruelty or enforcing mi­ crochip and running sterilising programmes first and clean up the desperate situation of overbred and under valued animals here. Fine someone whose looked after dog peed on the walkway but ignore the dog tied to a tree or abused donkeys? Princess Karoline Coster Barrett

Hashish Haul In Alicante Excellent news.

Geoffrey Gardner

COMMENTS FROM FACEBOOK Another great result.

Helen Jordan

Pizza Express Financial Woes Clearly Not Rolling In The Dough! Pizza Hut make the best pizzas. Annelie Ash poorly topped pizzas for a lot of money ­ nothing special when you can make them at home. Paul Bath

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Benalmadena mayor hits out at stinky dog pee

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• Butter

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Electric Scooter Rider Pulled Over By Cops On Spanish Motorway I have just seen a man,with a child about four years old on one of these, going down the main road among all the traffic, really responsible parent he is!!!!!!! Another thing that really gets me, we motorists, scooter riders or whatever have to pay road tax, in­ surance and abide by the laws of the road, they pay nothing and abide by no laws. John Grieve They probably go faster than cyclists on the motor­ ways, but the Guardia still let the cyclists on motor­ ways, lol. Matt Coy

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HEALTH& Bea uty 76

10 - 16 October 2019

to read more visit

Caring responsibilities

A NEW study has revealed that nearly two­thirds of young car­ ers suffer from mental health

problems because of their car­ ing duties. The study, which looks at six

European countries, warns that the failure of those govern­ ments to take proactive action on behalf of young carers could be in breach of human rights law. Published by the Me­We Young Carers project, the new research found that 60 per cent of the 276 adolescent young carers ­ defined as those aged 15 to 17 ­ reported mental health problems because of their caring. Thirty per cent said they had thought about hurting them­ selves and 12 per cent had thought about hurting others. Of the latter, 43 per cent had thought of hurting the per­ son they cared for. Thirty per cent of adolescent young carers reported physical health problems due to their caring role, the University of Sussex research said. Just over 40 per cent report­ ed experiencing difficulties in

school due to their caring re­ sponsibilities. Twenty­two per cent experienced negative school performance and 37 per cent had endured bullying due to caring. The Me­We project recom­ mends a number of policy ini­ tiatives to support young carers including special measures such as additional time for young carers sitting exams. They also call for psychologi­ cal supervision in schools to support adolescent young car­ ers, flexible working conditions at work, and training to help professionals identify and sup­ port young carers. The 2011 census for the UK revealed that there are 177,918 young carers under the age of 18 in England and Wales. The number of young carers has increased by 19 per cent over the last decade. “Young carers are a particu­ larly vulnerable group and

PRESSURES: Many young carers suffer mental health problems. should be recognised as such,” said Saul Becker, professor of social work and social policy at the University of Sussex. “They should not only bene­ fit from the universal imple­ mentation of their rights, but be subject to additional and tai­ lored policy and support mea­ sures with a scale and intensity that is proportionate to their

level of disadvantage. “International human rights law requires States to adopt af­ firmative actions in fulfilling their obligations to respect the equality principle. “One could argue the lack of positive actions from states to support young carers is a failure to protect and promote these rights.”

78 EWN

10 - 16 October 2019


‘More relaxed’ DAME HELEN MIRREN, 74, has revealed she used to be ‘paranoid’ about her looks, but now ‘doesn’t give a fly­ ing f***.’ The actress told Bella mag­ azine she worried far more about her looks when she

was younger than she does today, and said it is ‘not fair’ that women are made to feel like they should look like teenagers. Mirren was talking ahead of the premiere of her new TV show, Catherine The Great, which aired last Thurs­ day on Sky One. During her frank interview, she acknowledged that ‘of course’ she looked better years ago, but that she was ‘miserable and paranoid,’ whereas she is far more re­ laxed about her appearance now. The actress went on to say that women are constantly faced with younger models thrust in their faces and are expected to compete.

Wednesday - the day of vitamins

SUPER WEDNESDAY: The day of vitamins.

GREAT ATTITUDE: Dame Helen Mirren has become more comfortable in her skin as she has aged.

AUTUMN is slowly sneaking up on us, and we have now an increasing group of patients that want to repair the skin after summer. Therefore we are now introducing the Super Wednesday - the day of vitamins. This is an excellent opportunity for those of you who want to improve and repair your skin with nourishing vitamins and minerals. How about a relaxing facial with vit-C and a facial massage? Your skin is deeply cleansed and we do a nice scrub to get away all dead skin cells. Your pores are now clean and open to receive and absorb the rich antioxidant vitamin C. With a relaxing and gentle massage, the product smoothly goes in to your skin. The massage is followed by a nice vitamin C cream. You will really both see and feel the difference after just one treatment. Another great option to really take advantage of the vitamins is mesotheraphy. This is a cosmetic treatment that employs multiple injections with a cocktail of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. As this cocktail is injected to ‘where the cells are born,’ the new born cells will take advantage of the vitamins, and grow out healthy and strong. This will show in your skin after 5-8 days, and your skin is more illuminated and really looks healthy again. Don’t worry about any pain, as we put on an anaesthetic cream to work before the treatment starts. If you really want to take action and renew the tired skin, we recommend the microneedling treatment. Also this treatment includes injections, but with a double action of stimulating the collagen production at the same time as a healthy cocktail starts to repair your skin. After the micro injections of vitamins, minerals and hyaluronic acid, you can enjoy a nice facial massage with hydrating and repairing ingredients. With the anaesthetic cream, this treatment has no pain, and you will see the results after five to seven days. Every Wednesday until Christmas we will offer the super Wednesday of vitamins. For more treatments and monthly offers, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Make an appointment for a free consultation now: 674 255 579 Avda. del Albir 161, local 1 674 255 579 Alternatively see our Facebook page


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Skin lightening cream warning LOCAL government lead­ ers have warned of the dangers of skin­lighten­ ing creams that ‘act like paint stripper’ and in­ crease the risk of can­ cer. The Local Government A s s o c i a t i o n ( LG A ) i s u r g ­ ing people to avoid ille­ gal creams after recent seizures by councils of dangerous products. They fear criminals are exploiting a soaring mar­ ket by making inferior toxic products which are being sold by rogue re­ tailers, online and at car boot sales and market stalls. Many of the toxic creams contain the bleaching agent hydro­ quinone ­ described as the biological equivalent of paint stripper ­ while others can include po­ tentially deadly levels of mercury. But the illegal products typically list their often harmful in­ gredients incorrectly.

Simon Blackburn, chair o f t h e LG A’ s s a f e r a n d stronger communities board, said: “Skin creams containing banned ingre­ dients are very danger­ ous and could seriously damage your health, scar

you for life and even kill you, so they should be avoided at all costs. “Consumers should al­ ways check the ingredi­ ents of their skin creams, be suspicious of very low prices which are likely to

indicate the lotion is fake and potentially harmful, and never use a product containing hy­ droquinone. “If the product doesn’t display the ingredients at all, then don’t use it.”

DANGERS: Illegal skin whitening creams pose health risks.

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SOCIAL SCENE U p d a t e o n f o o d , d r i n k , e n t e r t a i n m e n t s , w h a t ’s o n a n d w e e k l y h a p p e n i n g s

FORMER TOWIE star James Argent has taken a break from the Costa Del Sol and enjoyed being a tourist in Barcelona! James, who was resident entertainer in Malaga at Olivia’s La Cala over the summer, has been keeping fans updated with his trav­ els on Instagram. He admitted he usually


10 - 16 October 2019

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hates being on his own, but has found his trip very thera­ peutic and relaxing, and loved being a tourist for the day! He added that he doesn’t remember Barcelona being this beautiful and amazing! We’re sure it won’t be long before he’s back on the Costa Del Sol entertaining us, eh Arg?

Arg chillin’ in Barca!

CONFLICT: Caroline Flack’s Ibiza break clouded.

TV star ‘needs a laugh’ LOVE ISLAND host Caroline Flack has been holidaying in Ibiza with boyfriend Lewis Burton. The couple were spotted on board a luxury boat with a host of pals including for­ mer Made in Chelsea star

Ashley James. Flack, aged 39, and former tennis star Burton, aged 27, started dating in July. Celebrity spotters say the couple’s sunshine break ap­ peared to be clouded by a row, but it’s unclear what was

the cause of the conflict. The TV presenter, at one point, appeared to be show­ ing Burton a text on the screen of her mobile phone. She was later seen intently typing on her mobile as she sat alone while Burton en­ joyed a beer with beauty Ash­ ley Jones who wore a tiny black bikini. A couple of days later Flack hinted that all was not well in her personal life when she posted on Instagram telling fans she felt she ‘needed to laugh.’ Flack and Burton, now a model, went on Instagram earlier this year to announce they were an item.


CONCERT: Rock and Roll Circus.

Get Satisfaction THERE is still just time to buy tickets for the Rolling Stones Story which takes place this Sunday evening (October 13) at the Benidorm Palace. Other bands may have sold more records and be considered better musicians but the ‘Glimmer Twins’

Mick Jagger and Keith Richards just keep on going and have entertained tens of thousands over the years. This is a proper tribute band who are currently tour­ ing all over Europe and the band will be making just one stop in Benidorm when they will perform all of the Stone’s most popular songs from their earliest releases

nearly 60 years ago until now. Singer Paul Ashworth is the spitting image of Jagger with moves and a voice that is immediately recognisable and with a band that incor­ porates all of the main musi­ cians, this will be a special night of rock with entry cost­ ing €25 from the Benidorm Palace Box Office.

SWAN LAKE: The Black Swan.

Christmas Treat LOVERS of the ballet will be delighted to know that the Moscow Ballet is com­ ing to the Auditori Teulada Moraira on December 21 to present one of the most famous classical ballets of all time. The iconic Swan Lake is one of the great Tchaikovsky compositions which tell the story of good and evil with the battle between the White Swan and the Black Swan which signifies the two ma­ jor opposites in life.

Some of the music in Swan Lake was first written for a lesser known piece The Lake of the Swans which was main­ ly performed for the composer’s family. The Moscow Ballet company has been touring for 25 years now and the soloists and corps de ballet have capti­ vated audience around the world by showing the refined technique of this Russian school. Tickets for the perfor­ mance which is split into two halves cost €43 from the box office.

10 - 16 October 2019

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Is your pet in need of company..?

SOME dogs are a little needy and want more love and attention than others Some people say that there are breeds of dog that are highly emotional and therefore quite needy. If you have ever owned or cared for a Cocker Spaniel you might have some insight to this old wive’s tale. When you go on holiday such pets are in particular need of companionship. So, a house-sitter could be

quite helpful. How do home and pet owners benefit from House sit Match? At HouseSitMatch we help you get registered, to build a profile and to get checked online. It’s all built into our website. Just join our network as a homeowner and we’ll help you get started on your house-sitting journey, to find checked house-sitters who will help to care for your pets while you are away. It’s a win win! What makes HouseSit

Match unique? Unlike other house-sitting and pet-sitting networks, at we ID check all our members. We offer a police and background check on registration. We do this because it makes our network safer and helps us maintain a high bar for house-sitters caring for your precious pets and homes. Please check our Trustpilot reviews online to see what our clients say about our service. Trustpilot Testimonials 4.9 / 5 Excellent rating (New

Trustpilot rating scale) Here’s what members have said about usHouseSitMatch found us a perfect house-sitter while we were away in Canada and we were delighted with the care and attention that HouseSit Match took in helping us find the right person. Ros Morris - Dog owner How do you join? Please register online via our website www.Housesit - Choose a membership plan - Please note prices go up soon so sign up now on subscription to secure these prices: • Standard (DIY option) = £69 pa • Premium (with support at each step) = £89 pa

COCKER SPANIEL: Some people say they are highly emotional and need companionship.

Do you need a house-sitter? Get in touch. House-sitting can be a win-win for both parties, free house and pet-sitting, and the experienced and checked sitters get free accommodation! Register as either housesitter or homeowner with a 20 per cent discount using coupon code P2020 - an exclusive offer for readers. To find a house or pet-sitter go to

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Sam: It's a great rag full of useful information , and you can pick up a copy from almost anywhere along the coast.



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From my earlier visits in Marbella I always look forward to pick up the EWN every week to get the latest news on Costa del Sol.



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Laura: Amazing, hard working and professional team! A must read every week!

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XXX RELAXATION Please note that in Spain there is NO legislation banning adverts in this section. Neither regional nor national governments are able to pass such a law due to rules governing freedom of publication and printing.Readers of a sensitive disposition may find some of the advertisements in this section offensive.

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Many of Volkswagen’s cars are named after various types of wind. For example, The Passat, is German for ‘trade wind,’ Polo is German for ‘polar winds,’ and the Jetta means ‘jet stream.’

Spaniard holds court for Peugeot spectacular interior with a brand­ new version of the Peugeot i­Cock­ pit. It promises to pro­ vide unique driving sensations. Its

exemplary road holding, new en­ gine range and extensive technolo­

gy range ­ not forgetting a genera­ tional leap forward in terms of qual­ ity ­ make the new Peugeot 508 the world standard­ bearer of the brand’s up­market strategy.

CREDIT: Peugeot

TOP-SEEDED tennis stars enjoyed a smooth ride with a fleet of Peugeot VIP vehicles to transport them in Tokyo. Spanish player Pablo Carreño Busta was a Peugeot ambassador representing the brand in the com­ petition. Peugeot was at the Tokyo Master 500 tennis championships as official vehicle provider exhibiting the new Peugeot 508 and Peugeot 308 dur­ ing the competition. They furnished a fleet of 12 vehi­ cles for players and VIPs attending the event including the new Peu­ geot 508 and 508 SW, Peugeot 3008 and 5008 SUVs and Peugeot 308 SW. The brand also exhibited the new Peugeot 508 sedan at Tokyo. This new vehicle features a low, compact architecture, a new, sleek yet strong exterior design, and a

The Japan Open Tennis Champi­ onships have taken place since 1972. It is ranked in the ATP 500, at­ tracting the world’s top 10 players. In this 48th season, this year, the professionals, Lucas Pouille (ATP ranking 24) and Pablo Carreño Bus­ ta (ranked 63) will be playing at the Ariake Coliseum in Tokyo, which will also accommodate the Olympic Games in 2020. Matches will be played on a hard surface, a change from the clay courts used for Olympic matches from 1975 to 1982. These two prestigious players, one French and one Spanish, are ambassadors of the PEUGEOT Brand, a team formed in 2017 to help roll out the Brand’s interna­ tional sponsoring strategy in the tennis sector.

SLEEK: The Peugeot 508 provides a unique driving sensation.

90 EWN

10 - 16 October 2019


Kia ProCeed GT-Line ROAD TEST by Nick Fletcher KIA says its new ProCeed model offers sporty design, practicality and versatility by being a hatchback tourer with estate-car capacity - and it is hard to argue with that assessment! With long, low and rather rakish lines, the car exudes a sleek image which has its own distinct persona and inside, it proves to be a roomy fiveseater which is very well equipped right across the range. Designed, engineered and built in Europe, the ProCeed is available with petrol and diesel engines, manual or auto gearboxes and in three different trim levels, starting at €26,804 (£23,840). My test model was an entry GT-Line with a 1.6-litre 134 hp diesel engine and six-speed manual gearbox. Priced at €27,759 (£24,690,) standard

features include alloy wheels, privacy glass, auto lights and wipers and projector headlights. You also get digital radio, Bluetooth, smartphone mirroring, connectivity features, satnav and reversing camera - an outstanding entry-level specification. Safety kit includes lanekeep assist, driver attention warning, city forward-collision aid, hill start assist and pedestrian detection. First impressions of the ProCeed are of its elegant and assertive lines and once inside, the cabin area is light and airy, with comfortable seating and a well-designed dashboard with user-friendly control layout. I found it easy to familiarise with the dials, switchgear and touch-screen operation. Although the roofline swoops towards the rear, there is still good headroom in the back for taller adults, and plenty of leg room too. The boot is among the largest in the sector offering a substantial 594 litres of space. The rear seats drop

down to boost load space and and there are useful underfloor storage compartments too. Direct rivals are rare - one is perhaps the more expensive Mercedes CLA Sport Wagon otherwise you have to compare with conventional estate models such as the VW Golf. On the road, the diesel unit proves smooth and responsive and aided by a slick six-speed manual gearbox, gets this large car to 100 kph in 10.0 seconds and on to a top speed of 200

kph (124 mph). Fuel economy is very good at 20 kpl (56.5 mpg), with emissions low at 114 g/km. Ride quality is excellent and the car feels well planted on the corners. The ProCeed underlines Kia’s rapid progression up the motoring hierarchy. Now comparable to many of the longer established quality brands, it actually tops them all with its industry-leading seven-year warranty!

PROCEED: With long, low and rather rakish lines.

Facts at a glance Model: Kia ProCeed GT-Line Engine: 1.6 litre diesel Transmission: 6-speed manual Performance: 0-100 kph 10.0 seconds, top speed 200 kph (124 mph) Economy: 20 kpl (56.5 mpg) Emissions: 114 g/km

Model tested was UK-specification and equipment levels and prices may vary in other markets.


Swedes are best of best SWEDISH motorcycle brand Husqvarna has won a top award in Germany. Husqvarna Motorcycles have enjoyed success in the Best of Best Automotive Brand Contest with the Vitpilen 701 Aero con­ cept taking top honours in the Motorcycles category 2019. The Best of Best Automotive Brand Contest is an indepen­ dent, international German De­ sign Council competition for au­ tomotive brands and is widely acknowledged as an important worldwide event in the sector. The contest honours out­ standing product and communi­ cation design and draws atten­ tion to the fundamental importance of brand and brand design in the automotive indus­ try. Initially unveiled at EICMA (Milan) 2018 the Vitpilen 701

Aero concept is a collaboration between Husqvarna Motorcy­ cles and Austrian design agency, Kiska. It builds on the unique design approach that runs through the Vitpilen series. As a concept, it indicates the evolving direction of Husqvarna Motorcycles, con­ tinuing to satisfy the exacting demands of dedicated and dis­ cerning riders. The Vitpilen 701 Aero con­ cept is a modern faired sport bike with an innovative design approach that pays its respects to the past. Built around a modern, single­ cylinder engine with an elevated power output, it features a sporty look that hints at the po­ tential for a more performance­ oriented future for Husqvarna Motorcycles’ street range. Featuring a lower and more locked­in position, the Vitpilen

701 Aero concept offers a fully immersive riding experience. Combining an appealing clas­ sic design with thrilling perfor­ mance, it aims to deliver an ex­ perience that recaptures the pure exhilaration of riding a mo­ torcycle. This is not the first time a con­ cept built by Husqvarna Motor­ cycles and KISKA has earned an industry plaudit. The Vitpilen 701 concept won an iF Design Award at the 2016 iF Product Design Awards Com­ petition. One year later, the Vit­ pilen 701 and Vitpilen 401 mod­ els were formally launched by Husqvarna Motorcycles. The Best of Best Automotive Brand Contest award for the Vit­ pilen 701 Aero concept under­ lines Husqvarna Motorcycles’ ongoing resurgence, with record sales growth posted year­on­ year since 2014.

World’s first production car on display THE first-ever production car has gone on display at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Engineer Karl Benz’s Patent Motorwagen was the first pro­ duction automobile ever made. It debuted in the summer of 1886, with an engine that could barely muster 16kmh. The car proved its mettle in 1888 when Benz’s wife Bertha took the Motorwagen Nr 3 for the first­ever, long­distance dri­ ve covering almost 60 miles. Although it wasn’t fast at the time, the technology devel­ oped rapidly, putting the thrill of speed at the hands of the driver. The idea of ‘speed’ quickly grabbed the fascination of the public, inspiring a worldwide racing culture, pushing the de­ sign and technology of cars to go ever faster. One such technology, streamlining, is explored through the Tatra T77 from the

Czech Republic. Its sleek curves and style were designed to decrease drag, but would influence all areas of design, from cloche hats and radios to meat slicers.

Benz unveiled the car to the wider public on the Ringstrasse in Mannheim on July 3, 1886. Its single­cylinder combus­ tion engine was flat out at 16 kmh.

10 - 16 October 2019

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WOLVES matched up to City, not their passing equals but were pretty nifty at it, and took all the pace out of the game. They had three good chances in the first half and would have been disappointed not to have been in front in the first half but at half time the game was goalless. All the action was late in the sec­ ond half. On the 80th minute, Cancelo played a poor pass and Jimenez countered, squared to Traore at precisely the right moment, Tra­ ore drew in and Ederson opened his body and slotted inside the near post. It was a lovely goal, very beautifully taken that saw Wolves go 0­1. Eight points at this stage of the season would be a huge lead, and

Liverpool go 8 clear as City slump if City can’t score, that would be the deficit they would be fac­ ing. Liverpool have started the season with the swagger of a team who know, but City didn’t seem inspired by it at all and couldn’t get level. As the game went into injury time, again Jimenez found Traore and again he kept his head, steadying himself as he challenged and came into slot past Ederson inside that same near post, it was brilliant from Wolves making it 0­2 and leaving Man City eight

WOLVES: Celebrating great result.


points behind Liverpool at the top of the table. A brilliant performance and re­ sult from Wolves, who were the better side in the first half, before holding it down in the second, then taking their chances brilliant­ ly. Wolves manager ‘Nuno’ has done such a job with Adama Tra­ ore turning him to an excellent player. Man City manager, Pepe Guardiola, said he thought Manchester City lost their confidence after making first­half mistakes. He went on to say: “It was a bad day, sometimes it happens,” he said. “We started quite well and after we conceded two situa­ tions in our build­up where it’s im­ possible to defend, we got a little bit nervous.”

Hosts celebrate another win IT was a great night for the Japanese who took full advan­ tage of a late gift by Samoa to grab a bonus­point victory, with the final score 38­19. Samoa played as if their Rug­ by World Cup lives depended on it, and now they are on their way home, they battled well and proved very testing oppo­ nents for the Japanese. Henry Taefu was superb, he scored all 19 points for Samoa, with a try, a conversion and four penalties. Japan have three wins out of three, and 14 from a possible 15 points in their pool. The hosts will go into their final match of the pool stage against Scotland next week in full control of this group. They can lose to Scot­ land ­ a losing bonus point would still take them through. “It was hard work out there. It took us a long time… they are a quality side and they showed it, especially in the first half, it was a see­saw battle,” said the Japanese Skipper after the game.



10 - 16 October 2019

ROYAL SPECTATORS Aston Villa had Royal approval as Prince William took his family to watch Aston Villa away to Norwich City at Carroll Road and celebrated a 1-5 win.

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Looked like relegation fodder

AS the Spurs players left the tunnel at the weekend, most of them looked very serious. Harry Kane had the e x p re s s i o n o f s o m e o n e who’s fed up of losing after Tottenham were smashed once again. Brighton were actually playing a back four, with Burn at left­back and Alzate to the right of centre in a dia­ mond midfield. On just three minutes Burn’s over­ hit cross from the left forced Lloris to backpedal towards his own line. He made a split­second decision to catch the ball instead of pushing it over the bar, but he misjudged where he was in relation to the goal line. As he caught the ball, his momen­ tum took him over the line, so he had to drop it in front of an open goal. Maupay reacted fastest to head it in

from a yard. Lloris landed badly and looked in serious pain. He wasn’t able to continue as Brighton took the early lead. After a delay of around five min­ utes, Lloris was stretchered off the field and given oxygen. Paulo Gazzani­ ga replaced him. Brighton were the better team and now led by two. Burn hit a bouncing cross towards the near post, where Connolly got in front of Davies to flick the ball towards goal from six yards. Gazzaniga made a brilliant save, low to his left, but Connolly reacted first to steer the loose ball into the net. Thir­ ty­two minutes in and woeful Totten­ ham were 0­2 down. It was a full debut for Brighton’s Aaron Connolly. He was a pest all day and went on to score his second goal. The move started when he made a fine run from centre to left

to receive Dunk’s long pass. Then he cut back inside, shifted the ball away from Alderweireld and cracked a su­ perb low shot into the far corner from 15 yards to put Spurs 0­3 down within 65 minutes. The Man of the Match was Aaron Connolly, he took Spurs expensive so­ called stars apart having more deter­ mination than the whole of the lack­ lustre Tottenham side. The focus, inevitably, will be on a totally awful Spurs performance and a horrible injury to Hugo Lloris. His sea­ son most likely over whilst Tottenham are quite frankly looking relegation fodder. Mauricio Pochettino, Tottenham’s Manager said after another defeat: “Hugo’s injury had a massive emo­ tional impact on the team, and we lost a goal as well. We tried to find a solu­ tion in the second half, a different way

IN PAIN: Hugo Lloris had to be stretchered off the pitch.

to play, but it was impossible. We are living a tough moment. We need to keep going and stick together. I feel sorry for the fans. It’s not easy, after five and a half years this is the first tough moment we are living. It’s new

for all of us. I hope the pressure comes on me, not the players. We cannot un­ derestimate this kind of situation, but in the times that are not so good there is always the possibility to make things stronger.”

England make quarter finals NIGEL OWEN blew his whistle and Benjamin Urdapilleta kicked off for Argentina. Ben Youngs took the ball from the back of the ensuing ruck and kicked it up the field. Argentina took possession and went through the phases as they made their way up the centre of the pitch. With England under extreme pressure, Elliot Daly put in a brilliant tackle to prevent Santi­ ago Carreras from going over in the corner. Referee Nigel Owens took Owen Farrell to one side and pointed out three different penalties his team could have conceded. Argentina got one of those

penalties for a no­arms tackle by Kyle Sinckler. Owens told Farrell to warn his players that there was a yellow card in the post. Benjamin Urdapilleta took the penalty and England went behind, 0­3. England hit back immediate­ ly. A drive for the Argentina line after a good take from Mario Itoje was stopped illegally. With a penalty to fall back on, Eng­ land had a freebie and played the ball out to the wing. Jonny May went over in the corner af­ ter George Ford had drawn two tacklers before finding his teammate out by the touchline. Owen Farrell pulled his conver­ sion wide of the left upright so the score went to 5­3, England leading. The 17th minute saw a hit by Tomas Lavanini on Owen Far­ rell. It was high and Nigel Owens went to his TMO. Argentina went down to 14 men as Tomas Lavanini was shown a red card. The 34th minute saw good play from England, who were just a couple of metres from

VICTORIOUS ENGLAND: Comfortable win over Argentina. the Argentina line. They sent the ball out wide ­ George Ford swung it towards Elliot Daly, who juggled it be­ fore gaining control and cutting inside two Argentinians to go over. Owen Farrell missed yet another kick, hitting the post with his conversion attempt. The scoreline stood at 10­3. After a surge towards the line from Man Tuilagi, Billy Vu­

nipola took the ball from the bottom of the ruck and passed to Ben Youngs. He spotted a gap and nipped through to touch down, as Pablo Matero missed the tackle for Argentina. Owen Farrell made it zero from four on the kicking front. England went in at half time 15­3 up. Play resumed, Billy Vunipola, who suffered an ankle injury to­ wards the end of the first half,

replaced by Lewis Ludlam. Ar­ gentina, who were down to 14 men following the dismissal of Tomas Lavanini, made no changes. Having dragged the Argenti­ na defence from one side of the pitch to the other on 44 minutes. Jonny May went for the corner and was tackled. Un­ derhill and Tuilagi drew the tacklers with a couple of good carries before Jonny May went over in the corner. Owen Farrell finally got his kicks aligned and put one over to make it 22­3 to England. Argentina changed their front row: Agustin Creevy, May­ co Vivas and Santiago Medrano came on for the graveyard shift. England were in complete control. George Ford pinned them back on their own line with a fine kick to the corner. Argentina won the lineout and cleared their lines. Santiago Carrera gave away a penalty for going off his feet, but Nigel Owens played advan­ tage. He called a second advan­ tage when Santiago Medrano

strayed offside. England took a penalty on the Argentina 22 and Owen Farrell slotted it over having found his shooting boots. Score increased to 25­3. After some neat passing by assorted Argentinians, Matias Moroni exploited a gap in the England defence, stepped out of a last­ditch tackle by Manu Tuilagi and went over under the posts for Argentina. The try was converted. Argentina had not given up moving the score to 25­10. Excellent play though from Jack Nowell after Jonny May broke the Argentina line with a dash through the centre. Far­ rell’s conversion kick went over, taking a bounce off the left up­ right on its way. England’s lead increased to 32­10. On 78 minutes England drove over from about 10 me­ tres out for their sixth try of the game. Owen Farrell took the last kick of the game, slotting the ball between the posts for the conversion and sealing a com­ fortable win for England.

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Euro Weekly News - Costa Blanca North 10 - 16 October 2019 Issue 1788  

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