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8 - 14 November 2018

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Cultural artefacts recovered

SEIZED: Tens of thousands of genuine and forged artefacts have been recovered.

by Karl Smallman MORE than 30,000 artefacts, including Greek and

Roman ceramics, helmets, funeral urns, lamps, arrowheads and spears, genuine or forged, have been seized

and arrests made in Murcia and Los Alcazeres.

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8 - 14 November 2018

Jacket leads police to thief to conceal his identity. The jacket was identical to those used by employees at the centre, and as a result officers focused their attention on a man who had been made redundant earlier this year. The 48 year-old from Alguazas was arrested for at least two robberies. A bike, tennis rackets and other objects were recovered and returned to their owners. The case is now in the hands of the courts of San Javier.

CREDIT: Guardia Civil

SECURITY footage led to the arrest of a former employee at the Polideportivo sports complex in La Manga del Mar Menor, in connection with thefts at the centre. Staff reported that various items had gone missing in September and a police investigation was launched. CCTV footage showed a man who had been walking around the complex opening doors and gates with a set of keys. He stood out because his head was covered with a bright yellow reflector jacket

Forged and stolen coins were recovered in the raids.

Stolen and forged relics seized » From Front page

SEARCH: Not seen since last Friday.

Missing persons appeal THE Guardia Civil is appealing for help in finding two teenagers from Cartagena who were last seen last Friday. Anybody with information about the whereabouts of Izan Martinez Ortiz (15) and Jessica Estefania Rodriquez Ojeda (17) is asked to call 062, 091 or 112.

NEWS CREDIT: Guardia Civil


The seizures were made as part of Operation SARDICA run by Spain’s Guardia Civil and the Bulgarian Criminal Police, with the support of Europol and Eurojust, against an organised crime group suspected of looting and forging cultural artefacts. Seventeen property searches were carried out simultaneously in Bulgaria and Spain, resulting

in the arrest of 13 suspects and some €180,000 in cash recovered. The investigation uncovered that the criminal gang had been operating mainly from Spain, and were illegally excavating and trafficking cultural goods looted from archaeological sites in Bulgaria. The criminals were also involved in the manufacturing of forged archaeological goods. All these objects were sold

online on popular auction websites, where the criminals had set up fake user profiles, agreeing between themselves to overbid during auctions, so as to increase the selling price and their subsequent criminal profits. The smooth coordination and exchange of information were instrumental in the success of this investigation. Europol brought together the different involved police forces to help them connect the dots

between their own national investigations and provided analytical support before and during the action day. A mobile office was deployed on-the-spot in Valencia, to help with the cross-checking of operational information against Europol’s databases, alongside an expert being present at the coordination centre set up at Eurojust to coordinate the execution of the arrest warrants and searches.


Cramped conditions THE Local Police of Orihuela have reportedly criticised the conditions of their small substation on the ground floor of the Playa Flamenca Town Hall, citing a ‘cramped’ locker room, dangerous lighting, broken urinals and a garage ‘packed’ with equipment. Sources claim the space is humid and lacks ventilation.

8 - 14 November 2018


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Team work

THE new Region of Murcia International Airport, scheduled for January 15, 2019, received a favourable environmental impact report last week as it was confirmed management company Aena has implemented conservation wildlife measures, as well as taken steps to prevent erosion and minimise noise and air pollution.

Do better AN annual world ranking report compiled by EF Education First, which rates the level of English spoken in countries where it is not the first language, has placed Spain 32nd out of 88, with Murcia among the worst performing regions. Spain sits between South Korea and Lebanon.

Bus route A PUBLIC bus service between Los Alcazares and the Hospital Los Arcos del Mar Menor was officially reinstated on Monday after a five-year absence, in response to demand from members of the public and all of the local political parties. It replaces an ‘on demand’ service.


THE University Hospital of Torrevieja and the QuironSalud Hospital, have been placed in the list of the ‘top 20 hospitals’ by Global Hospital Management, which measures the quality of public and private hospitals across Spain. The former was also distinguished in areas of kidney and urinary tract, and women.

New airport



Health care

AS it celebrates its fourth anniversary, the Federacion de Asociaciones de Orihuela Costa, has reiterated calls for improved services, a fair distribution of wealth, an efficient waste disposal system, and thanked residents, collaborators and associations that have helped the FAOC to become a formidable voice.


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CLASSIC FILM: The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie was one of five Buñuel films in the table. THIS film is one of five by the Spanish filmmaker Luis Buñuel that made it into a new ranking of the 100 greatest foreign language films. The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie placed 84th on the BBC’s table, which was put together by several international film critics. Buñuel’s films The Young and the Damned, Belle de Jour, The Exterminating Angel and Viridiana ranked 80th, 75th, 67th and 48th respectively.

The BBC said Buñuel was matched only by Ingmar Bergman in the number of films by a single director that ranked on the table. The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie hit cinemas in 1972 and earned Buñuel his only Oscar. The French-language film follows a group of wealthy people trying to have dinner together before surreal events stop them whenever they try to eat. The film’s psychological themes

and commentary on and criticism of high society are typical of Buñuel’s work. Buñuel was born in Aragon to a well-off Catholic family in 1900. He lived in Paris in the 1920’s where he worked with surrealist painter Salvador Dali and made documentaries when he returned to Spain in the 1930’s. He was driven into exile in Mexico after the Spanish Civil War and died there in 1983.

85 - 88 Classifieds 89 - 92 Motoring 93 - 95 Sport 96

Costa cemetery calls FOREIGN resident groups and associations are calling for the construction of a cemetery in Orihuela Costa. At a meeting with leader of the Provincial Partido Popular, Jose Ciscar, this week, representatives argued that this ‘a basic public service,’ but is ‘absent’ in Orihuela Costa, which has more than 30,000 permanent residents. And they pointed out that the seven neighbouring villages, with a combined population just over 8,000

residents, boast a cemetery each. In 2010, the Orihuela City Council approved a motion by Los Verdes whereby the local administration agreed to reserve land in the General Plan for two municipal cemeteries for Orihuela - one close to the centre and another on the coast. This plan was drafted in 2014, and nothing appears to have been done since. There are fears the plans have been abandoned because moving the project forward might ‘limit future growth of the city.’

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Safety reinforcements

PATROLS in Benidorm are being stepped up by the National Police to tackle drug trafficking, prevent theft and robbery of tourists, and avoid brawls at dawn. More than 40 officers walked the streets in the nightlife zones last week to ensure the welfare of members of the public. They also carried out three inspections of parks and other leisure facilities to deter drug dealing activities. During a two-day operation


more than 100 people were ‘identified’ as being involved in some sort of ‘irregular activity’ and five arrests were made. Two were detained for being in Spain ‘illegally,’ one for theft, one in connection with outstanding arrest warrants in two different courts, and the latter for an alleged crime of fraud. The additional deployment of officers is part of an initiative by the General Directorate of Police to address at a national level a ‘safe tourism’ plan.

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8 - 14 November 2018

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POLL OF THE WEEK In the wake of a comedian being criticised for blowing his nose on the Spanish flag, do you feel national symbols deserve more respect? LAST WEEK’S POLL: Should some hospitals be allowed to refuse women over 34 years old IVF treatment?

Yes 22%

THREATS: Victims were allegedly threatened with black magic.

Modern slaves freed SPANISH police have rescued 15 transgender Brazilians from forced prostitution in Murcia. The victims were allegedly beaten, forced to use and sell drugs, and often kept locked inside a flat, according to officials. They are also said to have been threatened with the use of black magic if they did not comply.

Objects related to the ritualfilled Santeria religion were found in the flat. Thirteen suspects were detained for allegedly running the ring from three apartments in Murcia. Nine arrests were made in Murcia, and the others in Gandia, Denia, and Torremolinos. The authorities claim the ring was led by a Brazilian who worked with associates to recruit vulnerable young

people in Brazil. The investigation began after one of the victims filed a report at a Murcia police station. The victim said their entry into Spain had been arranged in exchange for a large debt, which they then had to pay back via sex work. Four of the suspects have been detained, while the rest have been released on bail. The investigation continues.

Prison for ex-partner A THREE-YEAR jail term imposed by an Elche court on a man who threatened to kill his ex-girlfriend and ‘harrassed’ her with more than 700 calls, has been reaffirmed by an Alicante judge. The ruling, issued a few weeks ago, was dished out to ‘reflect’ the fact the defendant’s actions ‘altered gravely the daily life’ of the victim, who had to block the accused in their social networks. The court was told that in December 2016, the woman decided to finish the rela-

tionship after a year as a couple. The defendant ‘did not accept this’ and began to call her constantly and sending messages asking to ‘resume’ the relationship. He reportedly called her ‘up to 700 times’ in total, 100 of those in a single day, between March 21 and 22, 2017. On another occasion, while the victim was reporting incidents at Elche Police Station, she received a message saying he had nothing to lose and would ‘break into her house and set it on fire.’

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POLICE DEATH: Officer stabbed in the early hours.

Police officer knifed to death in Spain in early hours of morning WATCH: Terrifying moment ship crashes into cargo crane in Spain engulfing pier in flames


Spanish naval ship ‘neutralises’ illegal whaling ship off Somalian coast


Racist row as mum dresses daughter as Benidorm ‘looky looky’ beach seller for Halloween


SCARE IN THE AIR: Two Ryanair planes involved in mid-air near-miss over Spain




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FIRAUTO: The automobile fair is celebrating its 43rd edition.

Mammoth car show THE largest new and second-hand car exhibition to be held in Alicante Province will take place next week. The 43rd edition of the automobile fair, Firauto, and the 29th Expocar will be held at the Institucion Ferial Alicantina (IFA) in conjun c t i o n wi t h t h e 11 th mo to rb ik e show, Sobre2ruedas, on November 16, 17 and 18. During the three intense days, Firauto will offer visitors new and recently launched cars while Expocar will showcase KM 0 and second-hand vehicles.

There will also be models adapted to all needs and budgets with discounts, a variety of products for drivers, finance services, and information about an array of insurance companies. There will also be a chance to take advantage of the Applus ITV Service. Entrance fee is €8 and €6 for pensioners and young card holders when presenting a discount voucher which can be downloaded at, and €5 for early bookings, also via the web.




8 - 14 November 2018

NEWS EXTRA Compo concerns THE financial fate of the owners of eight houses in Orihuela Costa that collapsed after a landslide last month ago and must be demolished remains uncertain as they are not covered by the community insurers.

Sea views A VIDEO featuring Playas Virgenes, one of four produced by Mojacar Councils’ Tourism department to promote the beaches in the area, was viewed by 259,180 people with 100,655 shares from June to the middle of October.

Off limits SAN JAVIER taxi drivers appear to have lost their bid to be allowed to trade at the new airport in Corvera after a decision was made to give terminal pick-ups only to drivers registered in the municipality of Murcia.

Latest dengue fever cases in Murcia by Tara Rippin A FATHER and son from Cabezo de Torres have become the latest Murcia residents who have contracted dengue fever this summer. The two men claim they have not travelled to parts of the world where the virus is common, which has led experts to believe they must have been infected by bites from Asian tiger mosquitoes (Aedes albopictus) here in Spain. This is apparently the only insect in this country which is capable of transmitting dengue to humans. The 53-year-old man and his 19-year-old son bring the number of patients in Murcia this summer to five. They were treated at the Hospital Morales Meseguer early October, and have made full recoveries. The National Microbiological Centre in Madrid confirmed that their symptoms were due to dengue. As a precaution, the town halls of Murcia, Molina de

DENGUE FEVER: Asian tiger mosquitos Aedes albopictus cause severe flu like symptoms. Segura and Alhama, fumigated possible Asian tiger mosquito breeding grounds, after it came to light the most recent cases suspected they had been bitten at farmland in Ribera de Molina. Dengue fever symptoms re-

semble a serious bout of flu, and while it not usually a serious disease, with a mortality rate of 2.5 per cent, experts say it is still a health worry. They are of the opinion the Aedes albopictus is here to stay, having first been seen in

Spain 14 years ago, and members of the public are being advised to avoid pools of stagnant water, and to take care when watering gardens to reduce the possibility of species breeding close to their homes.


Beach guards helps thousands LIFEGUARDS in Torrevieja attended 3,173 incidents during the summer season. According to Javier Manzanares, councillor for Beaches, there were 196 in June, mainly related to jellyfish stings, cuts or wounds, four resuscitations and nine sea rescues. In July the number of incidents increased to 1,044 with 10 people requiring resuscitation and 25 assistances at sea. The following month, a total of 1,627 people were assisted including 16 resuscitations and 54 rescues at sea. The figure went down in September, when eight people were revived and 17 swimmers had to be pulled from the sea. The incidents also include ‘social assistance,’ referring to lost children and searches for older people, of which there were a total of 73 over the three months.


OUR VIEW Less politics, more progress NEWS that another row has erupted over efforts to grant irregular homes legal status is the latest instance of the issue being used as a political football. Accusations from the left leaning Partido Socialista (PSOE) that the Almeria-based Abusos Ubanisticos Almanzora NO (AUAN) is in cahoots with conservative Partido Popular (PP) are clearly unfounded. AUAN has long campaigned on behalf of expatriate homeowners who bought properties in good faith and later discovered they were illegal. AUAN’s agenda is non-partisan. Its goal is to speak out for expatriates whose lives in Spain have been left hanging in the balance after being told to leave homes they thought were built legally. Some cases have seen homeowners who were expecting to enjoy a well-earned retirement in southern Spain turfed out of properties. The Priors’ home was demolished in 2008 and they only received compensation last February after years of tireless campaigning. It is often tempting for politicians to take an issue and use it to score points with voters. The PSOE may have genuine and legitimate concerns about planning policy, but smearing their opponents by lumping them together with non-partisan campaigners will not solve the issue. The time has come for politicians to put people first and work together for the interests of threatened homeowners.

Now we want to hear your views. YOUR PAPER - YOUR VOICE - YOUR OPINION

8 - 14 November 2018



A rise but fall THE number of people out of work in the Murcia region rose by 1,379 (1.63 per cent) in October, taking the total to 104,374, but over the last 12 months has fallen by 5.07 per cent, according to data from the Ministry of Employment. Monday - Friday 9.30 - 17.00 / Sat 10 - 13 La Marina: between ICELAND and LIDL, C/ Mar Baltico 8, San Fulgencio Tel: 966 790 004 La Zenia: In front of Deutsche Bank Avda. De La Playa Tel: 966 730 151


8 - 14 November 2018

Officers seize 9,000 marihuana plants cle, electrical equipment, a machete and €3,000 in cash. Operation ‘Greencircuit’ began when officers became suspicious of the registration of the storage space, which has been rented for two years by a company supposedly using it for vehicles that would be sent on to car dealers. Instead, the greenhouse had been sealed and ventilated for the express purpose of mari-

huana cultivation. The plantation contained a sophisticated network of electricity generators, air conditioners, filters, high power lamps, and extractors. Guardia Civil officers estimate that the fraud could exceed €300,000 and that the criminal group invested almost €1 million to assemble the entire structure.

Among the eight detainees are allegedly powerful businessmen based in Madrid and Valencia, who financed the scheme. All have been charged with crimes or belonging to a criminal organisation, crimes against public health by the cultivation and trafficking of drugs, and using electric power illegally. Credit: Guardua Civil

THE Guardia Civil of Chiva (Valencia) has seized 9,000 marihuana plants from an industrial greenhouse in the Valencian town of Cheste. Eight men have been arrested in the provinces of Valencia, Madrid and Cadiz for their alleged involvement with the plantation. In addition to the haul, officers have seized 23 mobile phones, five cars, a motorcy-

WEEDED OUT: The operation had the support of special police units.


Dangerous driver detained A 25-YEAR-OLD motorist was arrested in Campo del Rio for driving recklessly and without a licence, resisting arrest, causing ‘injuries to officers’ and damaging property. The Guardia Civil was alerted to a vehicle driving dangerously in the area, causing ‘social alarm’ among residents. Officers located the car in a pedestrian street ‘performing prohibited and dangerous manoeuvres.’ According to sources, the driver refused to stop and continued with his ‘dangerous behaviour.’ Patrols were kept at a distance but placed separate vehicles at the exit and entrance of the pedestrian way to prevent the motorist fleeing the scene. On realising he was surrounded, the driver began reversing and colliding with police cars, causing the slight injury of one of the officers and damage to the vehicle. He then allegedly ran off on foot. The detainee, who had been arrested on previous occasions for crimes of a similar nature, was later arrested and found to ‘lack any type of driving licence, having never applied for it.’ The accused, the case and the detained vehicle have been made available to the Magistrate’s Court of Instruction.

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8 - 14 November 2018


Flag furore A COMEDIAN has been accused of insulting Spain after featuring in a television sketch in which he sneezes and blows his nose on the country’s flag. Businesses who work with Dani Mateo have cut or have threatened to end commercial ties with him since the sketch was broadcast last week. It featured on La Sexta’s El Intermedio tongue-incheek news programme. People took to social media to support and condemn Mateo. Some claimed the sketch was an insult while others said it should not have been taken seriously. Mateo said his intention was to mock how seriously people took flags and other symbols of national identity but added he did not want to insult any-

CREDIT: La Sexta, via Twitter

OUTCRY: Mateo said he did not want to cause offence. body. “When tempers are very hot, flags become more important than people and that is dangerous,” he said. The sketch begins with Mateo sitting at a desk

next to the flag while the Spanish national anthem plays. Mateo starts to deliver a mock speech in homage to Frenadol, a cough medicine, before sneezing and then blowing his nose on

the flag. At least five companies said they would or were considering walking away from advertising deals with El Intermedio after the sketch. There have also been calls to boycott La Sexta. Social media was filled with posts supporting and condemning the comedian. Tw i t t e r user Jack C r o u c h s a i d : “ I t d o e s n ’t matter your ideology or your thoughts. “What Dani Maeto has done is belittle a flag that millions of Spaniards consider theirs.” Pablo Iglesias, leader of the leftist Podemos party, said outrage over the sketch had overshadowed other issues including the halting of compensation from a bank to its customers.


A TRIBUTE to the infamous ‘Ecce homo’ botched restoration painting from Zaragoza in Spain has appeared in a parade in Japan.   The real ‘Ecce homo’ painting resides in Borja, Zaragoza.  However, video footage has emerged from the Japanese town of Kawasaki featuring a carnival parade and a host of costumes representing the history of art from around the world. The impressive three-dimensional painting costumes featured authentic representations of acclaimed artistic pieces with participants painting their faces and standing inside picture frames. The paintings represented

Behold the art

8 - 14 November 2018

Student death fall POLICE are investigating the death of a foreign student who fell to his death from the second floor of a hotel in the south of Spain. The Erasmus Plus student died on Sunday in the town of Lucena (Cordoba) in Andalucia. Police are investigating the circum-

CLASSIC?: The ‘Ecce homo’ painting’s botched touch-up is making waves in Japan. in the parade included Vincent Van Gogh’s self-portrait, Johannes Vermeer’s Woman with a Pearl Necklace, Edvard Munch’s The Scream and Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. The footage also reveals the exhibition elected to feature Cecilia Gimenez’s ama-

teur restoration attempt, ‘Ecce homo,’ to their line-up of the history of art. The original ‘Ecce homo’ painting’s botched touch-up, which has already enjoyed heavy coverage from the western media is now making waves in Japan.

Referendum judge dies

S PA N I S H Judge, Juan Antonio Ramírez Sunyer, who was taking the lead on the investigation of Cataluña’s ‘illegal’ 1-O referendum case at Investigative court number 13 of Barcelona has died. Juan Antonio Ramírez Sunyer passed away at the age of 71, according to the Superior Court of Justice of Cataluña (TSJC). The magistrate was believed to be suffering from a long

term illness which had reportedly worsened in recent weeks. In December of last year, Judge Ramírez Sunyer was hospitalised with a serious illness, rejoining the 1-O case just weeks later in order to deny the appeals of the accused conspirators of the 1-O referendum. His death occurs as preparations for the 1-O court case are in full swing.

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stances surrounding the death of the 24year-old Serbian who was understood to have been alone in his room after his travelling companions had gone to breakfast. When paramedics arrived at the scene he was still alive, but he passed away before he could be transferred to an air ambulance.

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8 - 14 November 2018


THE WEEK IN POLITICS By Joe Gerrard BUDGET plans for next year looked increasingly fragile this week after the ruling left leaning Partido Socialista (PSOE) were facing calls to salvage parliamentary support that appears to be jeopardised. The government has attempted to create a loose coalition composed of the PSOE, its leftist allies Podemos and smaller, regionalist parties to get the budget through Parliament. The PSOE has 84 seats in the lower house of Parliament, the Congress of Deputies, and relies on support from other parties to pass legislation. That pact seemed to be endangered this week after one party, the pro-independence Catalan European Democrat Party (PDeCAT) announced it would not back the spending plans. PDeCAT senator Josep Lluis Cleries said it was impossible to support the bud-

Budget pact strain

UNDER PRESSURE: Montero is working to win over smaller parties. get. His comments came after prosecutors and Spanish government lawyers submitted jail term requests to courts for 18 defendants due to be tried over last year’s independence push. Maria Jesus Montero, the government’s Finance Minister, said on Tuesday she was working ‘intensely’ to secure backing for the budget.

“We are in negotiations with some parties and we will continue with them,” Montero said. She appealed to politicians from all parties to contribute to the talks but added the government would not be ‘blackmailed.’ Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias, who agreed budget plans with Prime Minister Pedro

Sanchez last month, said early elections could take place if smaller parties refused to back the proposals. “It would not be very sensible to try and maintain the current legislature if there is no budget agreement. “The government should try a little harder to get the backing of these parties. If they don’t it is more than possible there will be early elections next year,” Iglesias said. The PSOE need to pass the budget if they are to have any chance of remaining in power for the rest of the current parliamentary term which ends in 2020. Sanchez has repeatedly ruled o u t b r i n g i n g t h e v o t e f o rward. If more parties refuse to back the budget and if the conservative Partido Popular (PP) tries to block it, Sanchez may be forced to hold a vote.

Far right rising A PREVIOUSLY little-known far right political party has begun to hit the headlines after around 9,000 people attended one of its rallies in Madrid. Vox, led by Santiago Abascal and founded in 2013, has attempted to out-right the Partido Popular (PP), traditionally the leading force on the Spanish right. Abascal said the party defends constitutional order, the unity of Spain, the centralisation of the state and advocates tougher migration laws. It has also come out strongly against separatist movements in Cataluña and elsewhere. Opponents of Vox claim that it courts sympathisers of former dictator Francisco Franco (Falangists), fascists and neo-Nazis. Current polling gives Vox the support of 1.5 per cent of voters which would translate to one seat in the Congress of Deputies, five times its support last January. Spanish far-right movements have up until now failed to attract much support outside a base of hardcore support, in contrast to their equivalents in Italy, Austria and Sweden. A turnout of 9,000 at the Madrid rally may show the far-right is beginning to make inroads into the Spanish political mainstream. Poll tracker: Partido Socialista (PSOE): 25%, 105 seats Partido Popular (PP): 22.2%, 92 seats Ciudadanos: 21.3%, 74 seats Unidos Podemos: 17.5%, 56 seats Result: PSOE largest party, no overall control.

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8 - 14 November 2018


DEAL: Travellers can enjoy free accommodation in exchange for lessons or a trade.

Barter for a bed By Tara Rippin HOTELS in Spain are among 450 in 61 countries taking part in a novel initiative which offers travellers the chance to exchange accommodation for a service or goods. Barter Week (November 19 to 25) was launched in Italy nine years ago through the Bed-and-Breakfast-It accommodation portal, whereby guests were invited to stay in one of its establishments in exchange for painting a wall, teaching a language or sharing a recipe from their country of origin. The idea took off to the extent that this year, it

has been expanded globally for the first time. The seven Spanish establishments participating are based in Denia, San Sebastian, Barcelona and Madrid, with management looking for help improving their website, giving yoga classes and looking for help in the garden. The principle of the initiative is that the website organisers have a list of bed and breakfasts/hostels willing to open their doors to future guests with a ‘wish list’ of what they would like in return. On finding potential lodgers, the portal organisers then negotiate with hostel owners to reach an agreement.

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8 - 14 November 2018


Phone and travel concerns BRITISH expatriates and travellers could be hit with higher phones bills after the country leaves the European Union (EU) while the travel industry said Brexit was causing uncertainty for customers. Members of Parliament said there was no guarantee the British government would continue to enforce a current EU-wide ban on roaming charges after Brexit. It comes as Brittany Ferries said uncertainty over the consequences of Britain’s departure from the EU had led to travellers stalling bookings. The Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) said its research showed 48 per cent of people thought travelling to the continent would become harder after Brexit. Separately, members of the House of Commons EU Scrutiny Committee said users of British phones should think carefully before using their devices on the continent. “It is probable that roaming charges, abolished within the EU, will return and that even where they do not, increased wholesale roaming costs incurred by British providers may be passed onto their consumers indirectly,” the committee said.

Deal hopes and plans

BREXIT EXTRA Tourism meeting THE head of the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) Mark Tanzer met with Francisco Javier Fernandez, tourism spokesperson for the southern Spanish region of Andalucia, last Tuesday to discuss keeping holidaymaker flows open after Brexit.

By Joe Gerrard BRITAIN’S Prime Minister has told members of her government she is confident of reaching a Brexit deal, but warned she would not accept one at any cost. Theresa May told a meeting of cabinet ministers last Tuesday questions over customs checks at the Northern Irish border continued to stall progress. Michel Barnier, the European Union’s (EU) chief Brexit negotiator, said both sides were not yet in a position to call a special summit to seal the withdrawal deal. Both sides have said around 95 per cent of the deal is closed off. Negotiators are continuing to find a way to avoid a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic after the March 2019 leave date. British and EU officials appeared to be moving increasingly towards what is known as the ‘Norway for Now’ option to secure an arrangement for the first years after Britain’s departure.


Road drive CONFIDENT: May is working to get a deal on the Northern Irish border. Support among politicians is growing for the proposal which would see Britain remain in an EU customs union while a long term deal is thrashed out. Hardline Brexiteers fear the arrangement could see Britain continue to stick with EU trade policy permanently. John McDonnell, the Shadow Chancellor, said the Labour opposition would not back a deal that

kept Britain in such an arrangement indefinitely. It comes as the Spanish government unveiled a series of measures aimed at helping the country’s businesses draw up contingency plans for Britain’s departure from the EU. Research from the KPMG accounting firm has found 31 per cent of Spanish firms have such plans and 19 per cent have begun to implement them.

A GROUP of Chinese businesspeople set off from Xi’an to drive the almost 22,000km length of the ancient Silk Road trade route to London to promote economic ties between Britain and China after Brexit.

Health fears A REPORT from the Cavendish Coalition health workers group has estimated Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) could be understaffed by up to 51,000 nurses by the time the Brexit transition period ends in 2021.

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8 - 14 November 2018

Hotel expansion plans for Spain By Tara Rippin THOMAS Cook has announced it will open six own-brand hotels across Spain between now and the end of 2019. The plans include the company’s first Casa Cook which will be opened near a secluded bay in Ibiza, with two restaurants, one vegan-inspired and the other with more locally-inspired cuisine, together with three penthouse suites with large rooftop terraces, plunge pools and views, as well as a four-bedroom private villa with pool. In Playa de Palma, Mallorca, an existing ‘smartline hotel’ will be converted into a Cook’s Club, will have a large central pool surrounded by cabanas and

a bar with adjoining restaurant. The firm has rolled out plans to build a total of 20 complexes before the end of the next year, in Greece, Turkey and Italy, as well as Spain and surrounding islands. And further openings look set to be announced in the near future, to take its portfolio to 200 hotels with around 40,000 rooms, making it one of the top 40 largest hotel groups in the world. In an official statement, a spokesperson said: “Next year we will add three more managed hotels as we accelerate our ambitions to take on more management contracts for hotels around the Mediterranean.”



State and p By Tara Rippin LAWYERS with the Spanish government and prosecutors have both submitted different requests for sentences for 18 defendants due to stand trial in c o n n e c t i o n w i t h l a s t y e a r ’s Catalan independence vote. The State Advocacy office accused the defendants of sedition in its pre-trial submissions to the Supreme Court, which is due to hear the case next year. Prosecutors alleged they were guilty of the more serious charge of rebellion. The difference in jail time between the two requests is more than half in the case of some defendants. The State Advocacy office requested that former Catalan Vice President Oriol Junqueras be sentenced to 12 years in prison if found guilty. Prosecutors have asked the court to


alan charges

prosecutors differ on jail requests

DIFFERENT CHARGES: The defendants are being tried over last year’s Catalan independence vote jail Junqueras for 25 years if he is convicted. Spanish government lawyers have accused the defendants of sedition because they argue that they

did not attempt to get independence for CataluĂąa through violent means. Politicians including Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez have previously

said the charge of rebellion is inappropriate and would not be appropriate in the Catalan independence case. Government lawyers also asked for smaller sentences for the other charges which include embezzlement in connection with the money used to hold the referendum. The Ministry of Justice said it was done because would have been impossible to hold the referendum, and thereby commit sedition, without embezzling public money Prosecutors claimed a total of â‚Ź1.9 million was used to hold the referendum and a rg u e t h e e m b e z z l e m e n t charges are aggravated by the sedition charges, meaning jail terms should be longer. The case continues.

8 - 14 November 2018

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8 - 14 November 2018

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DESECRATED: The grave of Francisco Franco has been painted red.

Tomb raider A SPANISH artist attending the 11am morning mass at the Valley of the Fallen was filmed desecrating the tomb of Spain’s exdictator, Francisco Franco last week. The incident involved a man spraying the tomb with red paint before being detained. The man was filmed kneeling down at the foot of the tomb before brandishing a spray can and painting a dove with the words ‘For Freedom.’

The graffiti artist is seen being detained by security guards and jeered by members of the liturgy while awaiting the arrival of the Guardia Civil. The man shouted: “For the reconciliation of all the Spaniards!” while being detained. According to sources, the man believed to be responsible for the desecration of the tomb is Galician artist, Enrique Tenreiro, who was taken into police custody.

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8 - 14 November 2018


Spanish princess makes first official speech PRINCESS LEONOR, the daughter of Spain’s King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia, marked her 13th birthday and the 40th anniversary of the Spanish constitution by making her first public speech. Standing alongside her father and watched by her mother and sister Princess Sofia, 11, the young teen read the first of 169 articles of the Carta Magna, which was approved by Spanish Parliament in 1978. Princess Leonor is next in line for the Spanish throne, and her official public appearance is a major step in her preparation to become Queen. In January, she was granted one of the country’s highest ranks of chivalry, the Order of the Golden Fleece, by her father, who was also just 13 when he made his first speech.

PRINCESS LEONOR: The future Queen with her father. During the granting of the honour, King Felipe VI told his daughter that she had a lot of challenges and responsibilities to face, but had the

support of everybody who wants the best for Spain. He added that the young princess had his ‘complete trust’.


NEWS EXTRA Policeman stabbing OFFICERS were called out in Extremadura last week after a 50-year-old off-duty Guardia Civil officer died from knife wounds in the neck and side, in a Badajoz Province town in the early hours of last Thursday.

Storm hits WINDS of up to 80 kilometres per hour have torn through a town in Andalucia’s Sevilla Province, with emergency services in La Rinconada called out for 40 incidents including toppled trees, but no-one was injured.

Father dies THE father of former Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, Mariano Rajoy Sobredo, has died in Madrid. The 97-year-old, previously worked as a judge and a politician in the Galicia Region’s Pontevedra Province.

Stone probe POLICE in Andalucia have identified a group of youths they claimed were responsible for throwing stones off a bridge onto cars in Rincon de la Victoria in Malaga Province, with one arrested and accused of road safety crimes.

Seven ill AUTHORITIES in the Madrid region have opened an investigation after seven children aged between one and three contracted salmonella in a Fuenlabrada nursery near the Spanish capital, where two of the infants have been taken to hospital for treatment.

Plant fire FIREFIGHTERS were called out to attend a furniture factory in Andalucia, following a blaze which had broken out at the plant, located on an industrial estate in the Sevilla Province town of Alcala de Guadaira. There have been no reported injuries.

THE amount of Yemeni refugees who applied for asylum in Spain has risen since last year, with 355 requests made, up to August 2018. Figures from the Spanish government show that 1 per cent of all asylum applications came from Yemeni nationals up to August this year. The proportion of requests from Yeminis stood at 0.5 per cent during

8 - 14 November 2018

Refugee rise the whole of 2017. The United Nations (UN) High Commissioner for Refugees in Spain said the figures were not surprising due to the ‘terrible’ conditions un-

leashed by the ongoing civil war there. A total of 591 Yeminis have applied for asylum in Spain since the outbreak of the country’s civil war in

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2014. There were two requests in 2014 and 14 in the following year. Spain has granted asylum status to a total of 58 Yemini applicants since 2016, according to government data. More than 10,000 people have died since the start of the Yemen Civil War. The UN recently said the conflict had created what is currently the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.

8 - 14 November 2018

SPAIN’S Tourism Minister has said she expects British tourists to remain the single largest group of holidaymakers visiting the country from overseas, at an industry event in London. Reyes Maroto said Spain would continue to have strong relations with Britain after the latter leaves the Eu-

Brit tourism hopes ropean Union (EU) next year. It comes as figures showed the number of British tourists who holidayed in Spain de-

Credit: Wikimedia

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HIGH HOPES: Reyes Maroto (inset) is hopeful about British tourism to Spain after Brexit.


clined year-on-year by 3.1 per cent in September, while spending rose by 3.2 per cent. A total of 2.1 million British tourists came to Spain last September, according to tourist board figures. Maroto said the Spanish tourism industry was preparing for Brexit, but added she did not expect Britain’s exit from the EU to harm Spain’s appeal for British travellers. She spoke while visiting the World Travel Market in London, where officials from tourist boards for Spanish destinations, including the Costa del Sol, set out their stalls to British customers. The number of Germans holidaying fell by a similar amount, with a total of 1.4 million arriving in Spain during the same month. British travellers remained the single largest group who holidayed in Spain, accounting for 23.6 per cent of all visitors. Spending from British holidaymakers rose by 3.2 per cent, with more than one fifth of all spending from tourists coming from British wallets.

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8 - 14 November 2018


Illegal homes in Spain dispute THERE are an estimated 300,000 illegal properties in Andalucia alone, many of which were reportedly purchased in good faith by non-Spanish buyers during the property boom, only to discover they lacked ‘full construction authorisation.’ As a result, ongoing disputes between councils, home owners and resident associations remain unresolved. AUAN is a non-profit organisation, based in Albox, which is campaigning to bring about the legislation of homes in Spain currently considered to be ‘illegal.’ And it is currently at odds with a local council in Andalucia. In a letter directed at the local resident foreign community, the area’s Socialist Party Cantoria Mayor accused the group of demonstrating misguided support for the conservative People’s Party. Dubbing it ‘the British PP association,’ Purificacion Sanchez s a i d A U A N ‘ f o rg e t i t w a s P P mayors who gave both Cantoria

CREDIT: AUAN Association Facebook page

by Cathy Elelman

SPAT: AUAN President Maura Hillen (inset) insists the association is not party political. and Albox the licences for the illegal houses.’ She suggested residents form

new associations and make their demands known to her PSOE party.

A U A N m e m b e r H e l e n P r i o r, w h o s e h o m e i n Ve r a w a s b u l l dozed in 2008 by the Junta de Andalucia, responded with an open letter strongly defending AUAN and its president Maura Hillen. “When you attack AUAN you attack us. You also attack people who are still suffering from the planning chaos in Andalucia. “You attack hundreds of British pensioners in towns in the Almanzora Valley who are also trapped in a complicated planning mess.” Speaking to EWN, Maura Hillen insisted: “We are not the slave of any political party; we must work with the parties which work with us.” She said the ‘little spat’ between AUAN and Cantoria Town Hall stemmed from the PP and Ciudadanos parties backing a regional parliamentary initiative to change the planning laws in support of those awaiting legislation via a town plan. The majority PSOE voted it down, a ‘blow’ and ‘disappointing’ because PSOE helped AUAN ‘change laws in the past.’

River flood death A WOMAN was swept to her death when she was caught out by a fast-rising river on Spain’s south coast. Local and National Police joined firefighters and Civil Protection volunteers in the search for the woman, in her 50s after they were alerted at around 8.30pm last Thursday (November 1). Local sources say the woman was trying to cross the Rio Seco (dry river) on foot with her husband when she was swept away by the current at Hacienda La Macarena, near Velez-Mala-

RIVER DEATH: Woman's lifeless body was found after a search. ga on the Costa del Sol. The emergency services found the lifeless body near Bentomiz two kilometres (one mile away).

The tragic death was confirmed by the Civil Protection volunteers from VelezMalaga on their social media pages.

Fast thinking A NEIGHBOUR has been hailed a hero after he extinguished a fire before firefighters arrived. A 40-year-old man and a 54-year-old woman were taken to a health centre suffering from smoke inhalation after their house caught fire on the Costa del Sol. When emergency services arrived at the house in Fuengirola, after receiving reports from residents, one of them had already grabbed an extinguisher and put the fire out.


Man falls to death

TRAGIC FALL: The accident happened at Las Rozas in Madrid. A 22-YEAR-OLD man fell to his death at his family home after apparently trying to sneak in without disturbing his parents. The incident occurred at Las Rozas in Madrid on the morning of November 1 after the young man attended a Halloween party on Wednesday night and returned home

with friends. The young man fell to the patio of his family home from ‘a great height,’ according to Spanish media. It is thought the young man had forgotten the keys to the house and attempted to enter it through a window after he was hesitant to call and wake his parents during the early hours

of the morning. Friends witnessed the young man fall to his death and called the emergency services. When paramedics arrived they were unable to resuscitate the young man. The Guardia Civil continues to investigate the case, however, all initial signs point to the death being an accident.    

8 - 14 November 2018

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8 - 14 November 2018


Terror attack funder probe by Tara Rippin A MAN convicted of helping to finance the 9/11 Twin Tower attacks is believed to be behind an organisation allegedly involved in counterfeiting and cloning credit cards which has been disbanded by Spanish National Police. A total of 19 arrests were made in Madrid at the weekend in connection with trying to defraud €5 million at ATMs and commercial establishments. The actual amount the fraudsters managed to collect is said to be €500,000. According to the authorities, the detainees were ‘specialised in the creation of fraudulent credit cards from real payment medium data acquired through skimming or carding on the darknet.’ Before using them fraudu-

COUNTERFEIT: Organised gang allegedly involved in credit card fraud has been disbanded. lently, the accused reportedly tested them on ‘dataphones’ to avoid possible anti-fraud measures and ‘corroborate their correct functioning.’ Officers confirmed the organisation was ‘perfectly structured’ and that its leader, whose identity has not been made public, ‘had been condemned for actively collabo-

rating in obtaining money through fraudulent use and cloning of bank cards to finance the attacks on the Twin Towers in New York in 2001.’ The main suspect is believed to have left his house on rare occasions, concealing himself with wigs, sunglasses and caps when he did venture out.


Culture study Spanish ‘least culturally superior in Europe’ once divided Europe may be long gone, but the continent today is split by stark differences in public attitudes,” the Centre said. The Pew Research Centre surveyed almost 56,000 adults across 34 European countries on a range of issues between 2015 and 2017. The study found that the Spanish were the least culturally chauvinistic people in Europe. A total of 20 per cent of Spanish respondents said their culture was not perfect but was superior to others. Spain came ahead of all

other surveyed countries including Russia, at 69 per cent, Norway, 58 per cent, Britain, 46 per cent and Germany, 45 per cent. Greece, Georgia and Armenia topped the list of the countries where people felt most culturally superior with 89, 85 and 84 per cent respectively. Spain came sixth behind the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Belgium on a poll of whether their citizens would accept Muslims or Jews into their family. Some 74 per cent of Spanish people said they CREDIT: Shutterstock

ONE in five Spanish people feel their culture is superior to others, the lowest amount of any country in Europe according to a new study. The Pew Research Centre’s report, which measured countries’ attitudes to culture, social issues and religion, also found that Spain was among the most accepting of minority faiths in Europe. It ranked lower, but still relatively high on a scale of how important Europeans believed Christianity was for their national identity, according to the same study. The Pew Research Centre said their study showed an eastern/western European divide across most of the issues surveyed. “The Iron Curtain that

8 - 14 November 2018

TOLERANT: The Spanish are generally accepting of other cultures.

would. The country came behind Britain, France and Sweden on a scale of how many people felt being Christian made

them more truly a part of their nation. Around 38 per cent of Spanish people said the religion was very or somewhat important to their national identity. Spain came fifth out of the countries surveyed on support for same-sex marriage with 77 per cent in favour.

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Around 72 per cent of Spanish people believed abortion should be legal. Faith was also found to be on the wane in Spain. A total of 22 per cent of Spanish people said religion was ‘very important’ in their lives, and 23 per cent said they went to services at least once a month.

8 - 14 November 2018


Firefighters tackle bar blaze PhotoCredit: Emergencias Sevilla via YouTube

30 EWN

FIRE: Emergency services battled the blaze. EMERGENCY SERVICES were on hand to extinguish a severe bar fire on Saturday at 1.25pm in the south of Spain. Members of the emergency services of Sevilla were alerted to a fire on Calle Estrella Altair in the city. Within minutes several

firefighters, Local and National Police arrived at the scene of the blaze. Firefighters extinguished the fire which gutted the bar, after a kitchen fire spread and engulfed the premises. UMIES, from the city council of Sevilla, were sent to offer social assistance to

affected residents in the area. Two children and an adult were in the bar as the fire started, however, all are believed to be unharmed by the incident. The owner of the bar suffered an anxiety attack in the wake of the fire according to emergency services.


by Joe Gerrard MEMBERS of Spain’s conservative opposition party have accused the government o f t h r o wi n g a wa y a chance to assert long-standing claims over Gibraltar following talks with Britain. Former Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Garcia Margallo, of the Partido Popular (PP), s a i d i n Pa r l i a m e n t, current office holder Josep Borrell should have pushed for shared sovereignty over the British enclave. It comes as Spanish officials said they had wrapped up talks with Britain over Gibraltar ’s status after the latter country leaves the European Un i o n ( E U) n ex t year. Margallo said Spain had the ch a n c e t o b r i n g th e Britis h t e r r i t o r y u n d e r a joint-rule arrangement during the talks. “You’ve wasted a golden opport u n i t y, ” h e sa i d to Borrell. Pablo Casado, leader of the PP, said Gibraltar was a ‘red line’ issue for his party.

8 - 14 November 2018

Gibraltar row PP claims officials missed Brexit ‘golden opportunity’ “We’re facing a historic opportunity to decolonise the last colonial enclave left in Europe after three centuries,” he told Parliament last week. Borrell said the current left-leaning Partido Socialista (PSOE) government’s

pos ition w a s the s a me a s that of its PP predecessor. He added his forerunner Alfonso Dastis had dropped Spain’s sovereignty claim over Gibraltar after Brexit talks began in 2016. “The government’s policy on Gibraltar, the negotiating

strategy, even the negotiating te a m, is e xa c tly the same. “The PP has shifted positions by 180 degrees, you should start by acknowledging that,” he said. It comes as Borrell outline d the de ta ils of the

SOVEREIGNTY CLAIM: Spain has long disputed Britain’s rule of Gibraltar.

agreement between Britain and Spain on Gibraltar after Brexit, due in March 2019. The r i ght s of ‘ f r ont i er ’ and ‘seasonal’ workers, or peopl e who l i ve i n ei t her Spain or Gibraltar and cross t he bor der t o get t o t hei r jobs, will be protected, Borrell said. The Mi ni st er added

EWN 31

Britain had also agreed to work with Spain on tax issues including duties on tobacco and other goods. Many issues, including the running of the enclave’s airport, remain unresolved. London and Madrid are due t o open f ur t her t al ks on a range of issues in the future.

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8 - 14 November 2018

‘Gag’ law fines AN average of 80 people a day have been fined in Spain under security measures which some have branded a ‘gag law,’ according to a human rights NGO. Amnesty International, which has been campaigning to repeal the Citizen Safety Law, said the state may have made almost €25 million since the measures were introduced in 2015. The NGO said their calculations, based on Interior Ministry data, may have underestimated the number of fines due to government figures excluding those from Basque and Catalan police forces. Esteban Beltran, a director with Amnesty International, said the law had made it risky for people to peacefully exercise their human rights. “This legislation has been

CREDIT: No Somos Delito, via Twitter

By Joe Gerrard

SANCTIONED: The Citizen Safety Law remains controversial. worsening the exercise of the rights of peaceful assembly, free expression and assembly and exchanging information since it came into force more than three years ago,” Beltran

said. “It has been used against journalists and legitimate forms of protest and social activism,” he added. The claim comes as the

NGO launched a petition to have the law repealed. The ruling left leaning Partido Socialista (PSOE) had planned to reform parts of the law covering filming police

officers and other measures but backtracked earlier this year. The Citizen Safety Law was passed by the conservative Partido Popular (PP) when it was in government. It restricted demonstrations near the Congress of Deputies and Senate and taking ‘unauthorised’ pictures of police officers. It also required protest organisers to notify authorities before holding demonstrations. Fines for breaking the law range from €100 to €600,000 for the most serious offences. The PP argued it would make demonstrations freer and safer because it would help to curb violence during protests. The PSOE, the opposition when the law was passed, said the law represented an attempt from the PP was attempting to create a ‘police state.’


Biker dies on mountain road EMERGENCY services have confirmed that a motorcyclist has died after falling from their machine in an accident on the infamous road from the Costa del Sol to Ronda. The incident happened in the municipality of Parauta on the winding, mountain road - the A397 - that runs from San Pedro on the coast to the Serrania de Ronda. The road is very popular with bikers, particularly at the weekends, with its challenging twists and turns. There have been numerous biker deaths on the road despite the installation of radar speed cameras and regular patrols by the Guardia Civil police.

8 - 14 November 2018 CREDIT: Shutterstock


TURNED OUT: The girl was made to leave the centre. (stock photo)

Migrant age case by Joe Gerrard A MADRID court has ordered a centre for underage migrants to readmit a girl who was told to leave after staff claimed she had reached adulthood. Authorities are due to clarify the age of the girl, who arrived to Spain from Morocco last July. She has reportedly been in Madrid since August. Prosecutors are set to argue that the girl is legally an adult, meaning the Communidad de Madrid regional authority would not be able to offer her legal guardianship or protection. The girl had attempted to obtain protected status which would have left

her in the care of the authority. The girl, who claims to have turned 16 last June, told Spanish media she had arrived at La Linea de la Concepcion after fleeing poverty in La Patera. “An educator gave me a subway pass with three trips and the address of a hostel,” she said. The hostel was a centre for the homeless, she added. The 16-year-old said she had documents including a birth certificate which proved she was under age. She has also undergone medical tests as part of her efforts to get state protection which back up the docu-

ments, she added. A spokesperson for the Communidad de Madrid said the authority could not look after the girl if courts ruled in favour of prosecutors and decided she was legally an adult. Lourdes Reyzabal, director of the Raices Foundation which helps vulnerable children and young people, said the Moroccan girl had been left helpless after being ordered out of the hostel. “The only thing that was given to her was a document saying she was discharged. It left her unable to defend her minority age before any ordinary court,” Reyzabal said. The case continues.

Elderly women molested SPANISH POLICE force, Mossosd’Esquadra, have arrested a teenager, 16, for allegedly assaulting and molesting six women, each around 80 years old. The alleged sexual assaults took place in Olot, Girona, according to police sources. Mossos report that a spate of incidents occurred between August 7 and October 10 in dark corners and alleys in the city. Over the course of three months Mossos received complaints from six separate elderly women who each described the alleged attacker as a young man.

Each of the women described similar distinctive physical characteristics when asked about the alleged attacker. The victims all claimed to have been touched and each woman alleged that the young man took advantage of secluded places to expose himself. After a Mossos investigation based on the victims’ accounts, a suspect was arrested last Friday night at around 8pm. The teenage suspect has since been released pending the summons of the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office of Girona.

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8 - 14 November 2018


Child and adult French die in blaze tourist A CHILD and an adult have died in a house fire in Andalucia. Emergency services were called out to the town of Arriate, near Ronda at 1.44am after a fire broke out in a two-storey house on Calle la Havana. Six people were reportedly trapped on the top floor of the building according to the emergency services. The provincial fire service of Malaga, Guardia Civil, Local Police and ambulance

crews raced to the scene of the blaze. But emergency services reported that two of the six inhabitants died in the fire, a child and an adult. The other four residents suffered from smoke inhalation and were taken to hospital in Ronda. Spanish media have confirmed that those hospitalised include a 43-year-old woman, and three men aged 20, 23 and 44.

Photo credit: Google Maps

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DEATH BLAZE: The fire broke out on Calle la Havana, Arriate, near Ronda (Malaga).

missing EMERGENCY services continue their search for a 3 5 - y e a r- o l d t o u r i s t who was swept out to sea after being hit by a large wave in a cove on the holiday island of Mallorca. The French woman, described as a nonswimmer, was dragged away by strong currents at the picturesque Cala d e s ’ A l g a r, i n P o r t o colom last Thursday. Guardia Civil officers and the Maritime Rescue service joined the search. Throughout the Balearics there have been almost 100 incidents due to the strong wind and rain.

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8 - 14 November 2018


Rare illnesses cause most child deaths by Tara Rippin ALMOST 3,000 children die in palliative care in Spain every year, with the majority of infant deaths caused by rare diseases. The director of the Master ’s Degree in Paediatric Palliative Care at the International University of La Roja (UNIR), Ricardo Martino has been quoted in Spanish press confirming that between 2,500 and 3,000 children lose their lives annually. And that cancer accounts for 12 per cent of these deaths, with the biggest cause being neurological or degenerative diseases and malformation syndromes from birth, such as cerebral palsy. Paediatric palliative care (PPC) staff are responsible for the ‘life’ of children, not their ‘death’ he is reported to have said, and that they are fundamentally concerned

STAFF: More trained professionals are needed to staff paediatric palliative care units. with ensuring the patients ‘live well until they die.’ In the last four years, autonomous communities have been setting up PPC teams that, in their opinion, should be made up of at least two doctors, two nurses, a psy-

chologist and a social worker. In light of this, Martino stressed 300 trained professionals are necessary to ‘meet the needs of 8,000 and 15,000 people’ who each year require the services of these units.


8 - 14 November 2018

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8 - 14 November 2018


Spain’s sustaina By Tara Rippin

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A REPORT on sustainable cities in Spain has placed Vitoria and Madrid at the top of the poll. The Observatory of Sustainability (OS) and AIS Group analysed the tenability of the 52 provincial capitals using a total of 59 indicators relating to four specific topics: general, economic, social, and environmental and transparency and co-operation. Factors also taken into consideration were the size of each city, and its coastal or interior character. The objective is to find out which are the main strengths in some cities so they can be used as a guide or incentive for others. This is because some cities are seen as ‘key’ in moving towards sustainability as a whole, in terms of reducing gas emissions, improving bio-diversity, reducing inequality, advancing towards full employment and cutting waste. The ‘best city in sustainability’ results were as follows: General: Vitoria, Madrid, Barcelona, Donosti, Bilbao.

VITORIA: Spain’s most sustainable city. Economic: Madrid, Bilbao, Barcelona, Vitoria, Valencia. Social: Vitoria, Soria, Avila, Huesca, Logroño. Environmental: Huesca, Vitoria, Almeria, Valencia, Caceres. Transparency and cooperation: Donosti, Bilbao, Burgos, and Logroño. Sustainability among large cities (more than 500,000 inhabitants): Madrid, Barcelona,

Zaragoza, Valencia. Sustainability among mediumsized cities (between 100,000 and 500,000): Vitoria, Donosti, Bilbao, Burgos, Oviedo. Sustainability among small cities (or Best cities in sustainability among the cities of the Inland Spain: Burgos, Huesca, Logroño, Leon, Albacete. On the coast: Barcelona, Donosti, Bilbao, Valencia, Palma.


able cities

According to the OS, the greatest challenges relate to two large groups of issues. On one hand, the environmental issues which remain unresolved are poor air quality due to both traffic and industries, lack of reduction and adequate waste management, noise and lack of green spaces. On the other, there is a

‘high inequality in income and consumption’ which needs to be addressed, child poverty, poor food, and unemployment. Some cities reportedly have problems ‘reconciling professional and personal life’ due to the time spent to and from work due to traffic, lack of adequate alternatives and high public transport prices.

Selfie killer guilty A MAN accused of killing his aunt, uncle and their children, aged one and four, before posing for a selfie over their dead bodies, has been found guilty. T he Provinc ial C our t of Guadalajara heard how Brazilian Patr ic k N ogue ir a had c hoppe d up the bodie s and packed them up into rubbish bags. After approximately two days of deliberation, the jury, made up of nine men and two women, emerged with their verdict just after 8pm on Saturday. T he jur y de c ide d that Nogueira had ‘intentionally’ killed his family on August 17, 2016 and w as guilty of all charges. The judge presiding over the case will now sentence Nogueira accordingly, and it is thought by the Spanis h me dia that Nogueira will receive a ‘permanent prison’ sentence. The defence has requested a 40-year minimum sentence.

8 - 14 November 2018

EWN 39

TOWERING TRIBUTE: Around 10,000 torches have been lit outside the Tower of London.

Remembering those who gave their today for your tomorrow By Tom Woods THIS year marks a poignant century since the First World War ended and fittingly, both Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday fall on November 11. Armistice Day honours the signing of the agreement between the Allies and Germany at 11am on November 11, 1918 to cease hostilities: the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. Although fighting continued in some areas, the truce effectively brought an end to four years of brutal warfare. As a result, it is an important tradition to pause our busy daily lives at 11am on November 11 to remember those killed in the two World Wars as well

as those in the armed forces who have been killed or injured since 1945. Germany, exhausted by war and with a nation of hungry citizens, reluctantly accepted the terms. On November 10 the Queen will attend a Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall, hosted by the Royal British Legion. The next day she will attend a special service at Westminster Abbey in the company of German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, and of course take her place at the Cenotaph commemoration at 11am with various other royals, politicians and members of the armed forces. Last year, the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh watched proceedings from a balcony for the first time,

DURING the First World War, poppies grew on the battlefields, particularly in Flanders, Belgium. This inspired the well-known poem ‘In Flanders Fields’ by John McRae, which he wrote in May 3, 1915 and was first published in December of the same

and Prince Charles instead took on the mantle and laid the wreath. Appropriately, it was announced earlier this year that families of First World War veterans will be allowed to march past the Cenotaph to honour the sacrifice of their loved ones. Normally 10,000 people are permitted to take part in the annual march, but in light of this particularly significant year, an extra 10,000 places will be made available to those with an emotional connection to the Great War. After the Second World War, many countries changed the name of the day from Armistice Day to Remembrance Day, while the US chose to call it Veterans Day and made it a federal holiday.

Poppy history

In 1915, Canadian doctor Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae was inspired by the sight of poppies growing in battle-scarred fields to write the famous poem ‘In Flanders Fields.’ Before long, poppies made their way to the UK and became the symbol of the Royal British Legion when it was formed in 1921. This year ’s Poppy Appeal is unsurprisingly the biggest ever and the Legion hopes to raise £50 million (€56 million) for service men and women, veterans and their families. As part of Laurence Binyon’s poem ‘For the Fallen’ so rightly says: “They shall not grow old, as we who are left grow old.”

year. Since then, poppies have become a way to remember those who have lost their lives in war, and the money raised from selling them goes towards war veterans and their families who have been adversely affected by conflict.


British Embassy and Consulates unite in remembrance THIS Sunday, the British Embassy in Madrid and Consulates across Spain will mark the centenary of the Armistice by taking part in solemn acts of remembrance. They will also be giving thanks for the end of the war, for peace and for those who were fortunate enough to return to their families. This year, the British and German governments are promoting a special programme of bell ringing as a symbolic way of commemorating the end of war and conveying the importance of peace. In London, President Frank-Walter Steinmeier will lay a wreath at the Cenotaph on behalf of the German people in a historic act of reconciliation. It will be the first time a German leader will lay a wreath at the ceremony and the act marks the significance of the centenary, 100 years after the guns fell silent on the Western Front. Bells will be rung at many churches in Spain and the bilateral collaboration is also being marked in other ways. Britain’s Ambassador to Spain Simon Manley, and Germany’s equivalent Ambassador Wolfgang Dold will give readings at the Remembrance Day service at St George’s Church in Madrid. Ambassador Manley will also attend an event at the German Ambassador’s residence with the historian Dr RobertBenjamin Gerwarth entitled: ‘Cien años después, ¿por qué Europa no encontró la paz después de la Primera Guerra Mundial?’ (100 years after. Why has Europe not found peace after the First World War?). Ambassador Manley said: “As we remember the fallen on November 11, it is important to reflect on the importance of reconciliation and explore how, especially at a time when some seek to provoke discord and intolerance, we can build bridges where others want to build walls. “As Europeans, we are bound together by our values, our shared memories of the continent’s history and our common aspirations for peace, security and prosperity.” Credit: Foreign and Commonwealth Office

8 - 14 November 2018

Credit: @Vine_Technical/Twitter

40 EWN

PROMOTING PEACE: Ambassador Simon Manley is keen to build bridges.




Money worries A FRAGMENTED Spanish parliament in which the government controls fewer than a quarter of the seats in generating uncertainty over economic policy, the central bank’s governor has said. Socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has struggled to gain parliamentary approval for next year’s budget, and said he may compromise on plans for more ambitious spending in order to secure its passage. Spain’s economy has grown steadily ever in recent years, but economists warn it may have passed its peak.

€5 Billion

8 - 14 November 2018 This is the amount of investment that the Ministry of Public Works was allocated for the maintenance of public roads, a policy inherited from the previous government.


business & legal

Trade ties

Minimum wage row THE head of Spain’s Central Bank has slammed the country’s recent 22 per cent minimum wage increase, claiming thousands of young people will lose their jobs as a result. Banco de España chairman Pablo Hernandez de Cos has openly criticised the ruling socialist p a r t y ’s d e c i s i o n t o p u t S p a i n ’s minimum wage up from €735 to €900. The seasoned economist said that the salary rise would slash 0.8 per cent of jobs in Spain and “have

by Tom Woods the opposite effect to that intended of hindering those we want to help most, young people.” Of the 19.5 million people registered as employed in Spain, that percentage amounts to 150,000 jobs. Previous minimum wage increases in Spain were of 8 per cent in 2017 and 4 per cent in 2018, but Hernandez de Cos claims that employers’ obligations to pay considerably more will make them fire

their least productive workers. According to the economist, the most effective way of protecting these vulnerable workers is by tackling the job market’s excessive temporary work demand as well as high turnovers and shift work exploitation. The Spanish government’s €900 new minimum wage will add up to €12,600 a year for those who earn it, as it is traditional in Spain for workers to receive two bonus salaries in the summer and at Christmas.

SPAIN is ready to cooperate with Pakistan in expanding their bilateral trade with an emphasis on food processing and tourism development, said Miguel Pena, the country’s Economic and Commercial Attaché. In a recent visit to the Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FCCI), he said Spain had made excellent progress in the industrial sector, while 90 million tourists visited the country last year. Mr Pena said the volume of bilateral trade stands at $1.1 billion (€0.96 billion).

Cooking up business


Bank boost BANCO Sabadell has announced that it has agreed to help finance local wind turbine manufacturer Norvento’s 128 MW of wind projects in the autonomous community of Galicia, although a specific amount has not been disclosed.

CASA COOK: Spain is a big part of Thomas Cook’s expansion plans. HOLIDAY operator Thomas Cook has announced that it plans to open 20 of its own hotels by the end of 2019, including six in Spain. According to its strategic plan, the company aims to be providing 40,000 hotel rooms from 200 hotels, and to become a leading player in the hotel industry. New openings include Spain’s first Casa Cook hotel and the first family Casa Cook, as well as seven youthfocused Cook’s Club hotels. These youth or millennial-

centred hotels will feature escape rooms, VR gaming, rage rooms and private discos, as well as street food dining and a poolside cocktail bar. One of the ‘key assets’ is Casa Cook Ibiza, a 189-room hotel that will open next summer, the first of two new Casa Cook properties. Thomas Cook, which pioneered the package holiday concept, has also confirmed that it has removed nine hotels from its portfolio which did not meet brand quality standards.

Cheap deals ONLINE platforms for the purchase or rent of secondhand products, eg eBay, Wallapop or Vibbo, were the most used websites by Spanish internet users in the second quarter of 2018, according to the National Commission of Markets.

Sales soar SPANISH giant Inditex, the world’s biggest fashion retail group, trebled its profits last year across its 23 Irish stores, recording an 18 per cent increase in sales, hitting almost €136 million of sales revenues.

IAG investment gets lift off IAG (International Consolidated Airlines Group) is to raise its net capital investment to an average of €2.6 billion per year up to 2023. The owner of Iberia, British Airways and Aer Lingus also expects seat capacity to grow by 6 per cent annually, which will help to boost profits. This is likely to be the driving factor be-

hind a hike in cost estimates, along with the recent rise in fuel prices. IAG is confident of continuing strong returns for its shareholders, as highlighted by the healthy figures of its airlines. In addition, the company expects underlying earnings to average €7.2 billion per annum over the next five years, bettering its previous forecast of €6.5 billion.

44 EWN

8 - 14 November 2018




PRICE(P) CHANGE(P) COMPANY Anglo American 1,726.70 9.30 Associated British Foods 2,439.50 -12.50 Admiral Group 1,982.00 -14.50 Ashtead Group 1,905.25 -58.75 Antofagasta 814.00 -13.80 Aviva 427.95 -4.05 AstraZeneca 5,802.50 70.50 BAE Systems 527.30 -8.70 Barclays 176.20 0.48 British American Tobacco 3,367.75 25.25 Barratt Developments 542.10 3.10 Berkeley Group Holdings 3,666.50 33.50 British Land Co 602.40 -1.20 BHP Billiton 1,609.90 -1.30 Bunzl 2,264.00 -3.00 BP 529.45 -3.85 Burberry Group 1,822.25 -42.75 BT Group 267.60 2.95 Coca-Cola HBC 2,326.00 -42.00 Carnival 4,289.50 -9.50 Centrica 145.98 0.88 Compass Group 1,547.25 9.75 Croda International 4,810.50 -21.50 CRH 2,332.00 1.00 DCC 6,590.00 -15.00 Diageo 2,646.00 12.00 Direct Line Insurance Group 322.80 -2.50 Evraz 574.00 26.20 Experian 1,773.00 10.00 easyJet 1,252.00 3.50 Ferguson 5,268.00 -57.00 Fresnillo 897.70 15.90 Glencore 320.38 0.38 GlaxoSmithKline 1,480.40 0.40 GVC Holdings 937.00 -13.50 Hargreaves Lansdown 1,870.50 -17.00 Halma 1,351.00 -5.00 HSBC Holdings 642.95 -3.15 International Consldtd Airs Grp 619.80 5.60 InterContinental Hotels Grp 4,163.50 -11.50 3i Group 872.90 -0.50 Imperial Brands 2,621.75 3.75 Informa 710.50 -14.50 Intertek Group 4,702.00 -70.00 ITV 156.40 0.65 Just Eat 655.20 -7.40 Johnson Matthey 3,052.50 -16.50 Kingfisher 259.65 -3.35 Land Securities Group 856.60 0.40 Legal & General Group 257.00 -0.60

% CHG. NET VOL 0.54 24,125.60 -0.51 19,411.85 -0.73 5,799.89 -2.99 9,468.50 -1.67 8,160.92 -0.94 16,854.27 1.23 72,612.11 -1.62 17,126.04 0.27 30,095.34 0.76 76,668.50 0.58 5,465.79 0.92 4,692.87 -0.20 5,854.76 -0.08 34,028.51 -0.13 7,625.44 -0.72 106,998.88 -2.29 7,671.63 1.11 26,258.32 -1.77 8,722.01 -0.22 8,419.93 0.61 8,187.77 0.63 24,355.04 -0.44 6,360.99 0.04 19,108.66 -0.23 6,488.76 0.46 64,215.59 -0.77 4,472.88 4.78 7,844.79 0.57 16,065.61 0.28 4,959.14 -1.07 12,346.04 1.80 6,497.93 0.12 45,215.28 0.03 73,415.10 -1.42 5,528.53 -0.90 8,952.76 -0.37 5,147.99 -0.49 128,754.22 0.91 12,180.68 -0.28 7,960.47 -0.06 8,497.78 0.14 24,968.83 -2.00 9,074.25 -1.47 7,701.68 0.42 6,269.58 -1.12 4,511.16 -0.54 5,939.54 -1.27 5,605.34 0.05 6,348.40 -0.23 15,353.12



Lloyds Banking Group ORD 59.39 London Stock Exchange Grp 4,275.50 Micro Focus International 1,250.25 Marks & Spencer Group 303.25 Mondi 1,851.75 Melrose 175.18 Morrison (Wm) Supermarkets 254.78 National Grid 829.95 NMC Health 3,398.00 Next 5,390.00 Ocado Group 844.70 Paddy Power Betfair 6,985.00 Prudential 1,593.25 Persimmon 2,396.00 Pearson 908.60 Reckitt Benckiser Group 6,328.50 Royal Bank of Scotland Group 245.75 Royal Dutch Shell 2,396.25 Royal Dutch Shell 2,450.50 RELX 1,532.50 Rio Tinto 3,899.25 Royal Mail 361.20 Rightmove 464.48 Rolls-Royce Group 830.60 Randgold Resources 6,362.00 RSA Insurance Group 550.20 Rentokil Initial 311.65 Sainsbury (J) 315.25 Schroders 2,641.00 Sage Group (The) 563.00 Segro 615.20 Shire 4,514.75 Smurfit Kappa Group 2,487.00 Standard Life Aberdeen 273.10 Smith (DS) 382.20 Smiths Group 1,368.75 Scottish Mortgage Invstmnt Trst 480.65 Smith & Nephew 1,371.50 SSE 1,157.50 Standard Chartered 573.90 St James's Place 1,024.50 Severn Trent 1,901.50 Tesco 217.20 TUI AG 1,319.00 Taylor Wimpey 167.20 Unilever 4,085.25 United Utilities Group 738.70 Vodafone Group 150.73 John Wood Group 674.00 WPP Group 902.80 Whitbread 4,679.50

CHANGE(P) -0.10 -11.50 18.75 0.85 6.75 -3.82 -0.27 6.15 -32.00 -34.00 -7.90 -50.00 -22.25 9.00 6.60 2.50 1.85 -6.25 -5.00 2.50 46.25 -6.50 4.38 -3.40 46.00 -5.80 -0.55 -3.45 -40.00 -1.60 -0.20 -19.25 -81.00 -3.25 -7.70 -16.75 -4.55 12.50 3.00 -5.10 -14.50 14.00 1.10 -15.50 -0.80 5.75 6.10 0.21 -1.80 -11.00 -3.50

% CHG.


-0.17 -0.27 1.52 0.28 0.37 -2.13 -0.11 0.75 -0.93 -0.63 -0.93 -0.71 -1.38 0.38 0.73 0.04 0.76 -0.26 -0.20 0.16 1.20 -1.77 0.95 -0.41 0.73 -1.04 -0.18 -1.08 -1.49 -0.28 -0.03 -0.42 -3.15 -1.18 -1.97 -1.21 -0.94 0.92 0.26 -0.88 -1.40 0.74 0.51 -1.16 -0.48 0.14 0.83 0.14 -0.27 -1.20 -0.07

42,325.57 14,925.54 5,257.78 4,913.62 6,775.59 8,696.28 6,038.90 27,997.41 7,141.63 7,576.54 5,953.29 5,681.80 41,872.06 7,541.48 7,045.20 44,727.43 29,385.72 108,984.40 91,970.43 30,160.07 50,107.37 3,677.00 4,127.82 15,724.94 5,963.39 5,709.20 5,754.89 7,016.15 6,059.66 6,126.27 6,237.10 41,472.78 6,091.63 8,097.20 5,339.29 5,485.66 7,058.23 11,883.56 11,851.27 19,147.52 5,499.77 4,475.50 21,163.72 7,845.54 5,504.81 47,935.64 4,995.52 40,213.49 4,605.84 11,530.45 8,599.69


1.14099 Units per €

US dollar ................................................................1.13814 Japan yen............................................................128.864 Switzerland franc ...............................................1,14361 Denmark kroner ................................................7,46011 Norway kroner ..................................................9,53671 • Tel: +34 965 994 830 THE ABOVE TABLE USES THE CURRENT INTERBANK EXCHANGE RATES, WHICH AREN’T REPRESENTATIVE OF THE RATE WE OFFER



PRICE 103,710 207,480 357,750 125,790 114,730 45,480 48,000 81,950 229,690 179,930 115,670 47,110 140,680 108,380 176,750 72,270 106,160 76,580 42,930 89,810 124,900 127,430 261,010 56,630 139,780 79,300 101,340 115,180 192,810

CHANGE% CHANGE -0,32 -0,33 0,00 0,00 -1,47 -5,32 0,87 1,09 3,20 3,56 0,00 0,00 0,54 0,26 1,59 1,28 1,20 2,72 -0,29 -0,53 -0,99 -1,16 0,00 0,00 -0,10 -0,14 -0,55 -0,60 1,07 1,87 -1,16 -0,85 0,23 0,24 -0,27 -0,21 -1,69 -0,74 0,25 0,22 -0,24 -0,30 -0,12 -0,15 0,03 0,08 1,03 0,58 -0,75 -1,05 0,00 0,00 0,76 0,76 -0,79 -0,92 0,31 0,59

VOLUME(M) 978.027 250 829.029 1.451.752 2.276.366 9.555.306 5.269.712 6.582.852 937.651 1.146.096 3.122.885 9.038.347 2.333.128 3.962.404 1.218.346 4.162.649 14.261.153 1.372.040 6.888.070 4.062.529 406.523 1.224.366 764.893 3.772.636 7.130.075 2.957.670 2.103.471 2.414.254 784.018






Most Advanced Pacific Biosciences of California, Inc. $ 7.56 China Internet Nationwide Financial Srvcs Inc. $ 2.14 111, Inc. $ 12.34 Acacia Communications, Inc. $ 44.75 Cardtronics plc $ 33.96 El Pollo Loco Holdings, Inc. $ 15.42 VIVUS, Inc. $ 4.08 Conatus Pharmaceuticals Inc. $ 5.12 Energy Recovery, Inc. $ 9.18 L.B. Foster Company $ 20.05 VeriSign, Inc. $ 165.02

3.05 ▲ 67.63% 0.48 ▲ 28.92% 2.34 ▲ 23.40% 8.27 ▲ 22.67% 6.20 ▲ 22.33% 2.77 ▲ 21.90% 0.67 ▲ 19.65% 0.84 ▲ 19.63% 1.41 ▲ 18.15% 3.07 ▲ 18.08% 24.22 ▲ 17.20%

Most Declined Puma Biotechnology Inc Adamas Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Weight Watchers International Inc Adverum Biotechnologies, Inc. GoPro, Inc. Carbonite, Inc. Universal Display Corporation Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc. Boingo Wireless, Inc. Control4 Corporation Hydrogenics Corporation

$ 20.07 $ 11.89 $ 48.13 $ 3.34 $ 5.44 $ 26.97 $ 103.06 $ 9.76 $ 24.89 $ 23.92 $ 5.33

18.53 ▼ 48.01% 5.08 ▼ 29.94% 20.36 ▼ 29.73% 1.21 ▼ 26.59% 1.74 ▼ 24.23% 8.54 ▼ 24.05% 26.59 ▼ 20.51% 2.28 ▼ 18.94% 5.28 ▼ 17.50% 4.88 ▼ 16.94% 0.92 ▼ 14.72%


8 - 14 November 2018

EWN 45

46 EWN

8 - 14 November 2018

LEAPY LEE SAYS IT OTHERS THINK IT AS much as I truly appreciate everyone who writes in, I don’t often take up issues with the perusers of this column (and I certainly heard from a few snowflakes last week!). Mainly because it can result in less space for any fresh perspective. I do however feel a word about one correspondent, ‘Appalling views bring shame’ that appeared on last week’s Letters page worth a mention. The gentleman in question, presumably a new reader, considered me homophobic because I sided with the couple who refused to advertise gay marriage on one of their products. Something they didn’t believe in. The court agreed and found in their favour. This of course was my point. I was merely objecting to the appeasement of minorities, simply because they were minorities. Most long-term readers of my ‘spoutings’ are completely aware that I am some considerable distance from being homophobic or any other phobic for that matter. One of my own offspring actually ‘came out’ some time ago, and has subsequently made our family unit stronger and even more fun to be around. They would however, never harbour an inferiority complex-inspired urge to consider we should all be gay! Apropos ‘lunatics’


Nothing to feel shame for running the asylum.’ I refer you to the statement from the chairman of the UK’s National Police Chiefs’ Council Sara Thornton, that the police should get back to solving ‘real crimes’ instead of concentrating on frivolous time-wasting claims of misogyny, hate crimes and ‘wolf whistling.’ I wouldn’t hold your breath on that one mind, there are too many lunatics ensconced at the head of that profession already! As a final observation on this reader’s missive, namely that he informed us he had ‘expected that leaving the ‘civility’ of the UK would lead to some adjustment of his new life’ (A more pompous and racist statement to that effect is difficult to imagine!), I can only say to you sir, that your new country of choice has not yet sunk into the mire of political correctness and morass of mental misogynists who are suffocating free speech and democracy in the UK. I am also delighted to be privileged and able to state my views in the EWN, a publication that prides itself in not having fallen into those depths of undemocratic and stifling freedom of expression either.

As a final short observation on last Thursday’s piece I wrote - and I quote. ‘The Saudis will declare the murder (Khashoggi’s) a rogue operation and will parade all the suspects (assassination squad) in a lavish Riyadh show trial and hand down long sentences to each.’ Unquote. Extract of a segment in Saturdays SUN newspaper UK. (Six days after my copy was handed in!) ‘Turkey is seeking the killer’s extradition. Riyadh blames a ‘rogue operation’ and has arrested 18 suspects.’ I rest my case. Congratulations to DJ Paul Gambaccini on winning hefty damages against the Crown Prosecution Service in their botched sex abuse probe. His main objection was that they had dropped the prosecution investigation through ‘insufficient evidence’ against him in their Yew Tree enquiries. He considered these were not words of exoneration, which of course they are not, and he rightly won compensation. Keep the faith Love Leapy

VINDICATED: Paul Gambaccini.

Leapy Lee’s opinions are his own and are not necessarily representative of those of the publishers, advertisers or sponsors.

Advertising Feature

Caring over Christmas… a time I will never forget CONSULTUS carer Nicola Trice has worked at Christmas and New Year for the past five years. Here, she shares a story from her time working over the festive period. “Never could I have imagined that my first Christmas booking through Consultus would end with me on the back of a client’s relative’s Harley Davidson, speeding towards his dental office in the West End!” My First Consultus Christmas It was December 2013 when I was contacted about a Christmas booking. I soon arrived at the client’s house, a bit apprehensive about what to expect. On Christmas Day, my client, her family and I enjoyed a fantastic traditional turkey dinner, and after we had enjoyed the lovely spread, the fun continued. The family exchanged presents I received a lovely bath set - and we spent the remainder of the day doing the usual Christmas activities; watching films, playing games

the client’s relative’s Harley Davidson, speeding towards his dental office in the West End. He kindly opened the practice up especially for me and generously provided the service free of charge as a thankyou for looking after his relative. It certainly was a different way to spend the holidays! Taking a Christmas booking I encourage my fellow carers, and anyone considering becoming a live-in carer, to consider working the holiday season, as you really do make your client’s Christmas easier and more enjoyable. It is also a great way for the client’s family to see the wonderful difference you are making in their loved one’s life. Your presence is truly the best present at Christmas.

FESTIVE SEASON: A great time to be a carer. and tuning into the Queen’s annual festive speech. At one point during the celebra-

tions, the client called down the long table: “How did you manage with Christmas dinner?” because

she knew I had a sore tooth that needed seeing to. The next day, I’m on the back of

If you would like to find out more about working as a live-in carer for Consultus Care & Nursing, please contact our Spanish agent, Sandra Field on 658 965 204 or by email at

48 EWN

8 - 14 November 2018


Model actress Star studded music awards

ELSA PATAKY: Holidayed in Madrid.

Sunseeker Shelby SINCE her relationship with Pete Wicks came to an abrupt end a couple of months ago, TOWIE’S Shelby Tribble appeared to be moving on as she enjoyed some solitary time in the balmy Spanish sun-

shine recently. The 25-year-old reality star looked sensational as she flaunted her tanned and toned physique in a floral string bikini and frolicked in the autumn rays.

THE music industry’s most talented and gorgeous were out in force at MTV’s European Music Awards 2018 in Bilbao on Sunday. Host Hailee Steinfeld looked incredible as she warned ‘anything can happen’ during the EMA’s consistently unpredictable gong presentations. Camila Cabello rolled into the star-studded event as the most nominated artist, with six potentials to her name. Ariana Grande and Post Malone were not far behind her with five statuette nominations a piece. But it was Cabello who stole the show, walking away with four of the six awards she was put forward for. Explosive live performances were put on by Nicki Minaj, Halsey, Panic! At the Disco,

CHIC Claire Foy kept her outfit simple and elegant as she stepped out for The Girl in the Spider’s Web photocall in Madrid. Her role as Queen Elizabeth in The Crown earned the actress critical acclaim and a string of trophies during award seasons over the last few years.  And the 34-year-old British sensation ensured all eyes were

Alessia Cara, Little Mix to name a few. And Janet Jackson proved exactly why she was the recipient of the Global Icon Award, as she hit the stage for a memorable performance. Among award winners were: Best artist and US act, as well as video and song - Camila Cabello with Havana ft. Young Thug; best pop act - Dua Lipa; best new act - Cardi B; best group - BTS; best hip hop and best look - Nicki Minaj; best live - Shawn Medes; best rock - 5 Seconds of Summer; and best alternative - Panic! At the Disco.

GONG QUEEN: Camila swept the board.

Foy on promo trail on her once again as she donned a navy utility minidress as she was papped at the press event at Villamagna Hotel last week. The edgy outfit featured an exposed silver zipper, large black pockets and a pulled-in belted waist. Her clear-skinned, porcelain face was simply en-

hanced with dewy, natural make-up, and her short, brunette hair was slicked back. Commanding attention as she continued the promotional trail for the flick, Foy said her role in The Crown ‘doesn’t define her.’ Foy is the third actress to play Lisbeth Salander in the movie franchise.

CREDIT: Shutterstock

GORGEOUS Spanish actress Elsa Pataky showed off her toned legs and flat stomach during a breathtaking photo shoot as she modelled for Byron Bay’s Spell and The Gypsy during a Madrid break. The 42-year-old made the most of the chilled vibes in the bay after relocating to the Australian coastal town with her actor husband Chris Hemsworth  in 2014.

CLAIRE FOY: The British actress has string of films and gongs to her name.

Advertising Feature

Don’t be a mortgage prisoner MANY overseas property owners in Spain have found their dream holiday home to become a nightmare. Since the Global Financial Crisis of 2008 property values have plummeted and many owners feel trapped due to their mortgage balance exceeding the property value they are ‘mortgage prisoners.’ But, solutions are available. EU Property Solutions are debt strategists and specialise in assisting owners of Spanish properties end their nightmare by offloading their home and concluding settlements with their lender. We work with a variety of Spanish lenders and can offer advice specific to your situation. This case study demonstrates what

EU Property Solutions can achieve. Two couples jointly purchased a villa in the Playa Golf development on the Costa Blanca in 2007 for €198,000. Initially the mortgage repayments were affordable on an interest only basis, however a significant increase in payments was due and this was unsustainable. To worsen the situation the property was valued at €125,000 with very little hope of an increase in value in the foreseeable future. Due to significant negative equity our clients were unable to sell the property and felt trapped. After contacting EU Property Solutions, we were able to successfully negotiate with the lender to voluntarily surrender the property

HELP: Call us if your Spanish dream has turned into a nightmare.

back to the bank and achieve a complete debt write off whilst protecting their UK assets. Our clients were able to continue with their lives without this financial burden and were understandably elated. EU Property Solutions provide tailor-made solutions to borrowers who find themselves trapped by mortgage debt in Spain. In summary: • We have an expert legal team in Spain and multilingual team members.

• We assess each case on its merits and offer realistic advice to borrowers depending on their circumstances and lender. • We offer telephone references to provide reassurance to potential clients. • We can protect UK assets and income. • Our fees are transparent from the outset. • Our website offers cases studies, testimonials, more information about us and a live chat facility.

If you are suffering mortgage debt difficulties in Spain don’t delay or bury your head in the sand, there are positive solutions available. We understand the situation can be trying and work with individuals day in day out who are suffering at the hands of debt concern.

Call EU Property Solutions today on +44 (0)330 124 1230 or email us info@eupropertysolu to arrange a call back.

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This is BBC Four Beyond 100 Days Top of the Pops John Peel and Janice Long present the pop chart programme, first broadcast on 28 August 1986. Human Universe Britain's Pompeii Blackadder Goes Forth Blackadder Goes Forth Madame Tussaud: A Legend in Wax Top of the Pops Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Invasion! With Sam Willis Human Universe This is BBC Four BBC Four is the BBC channel for people who want more.

3:30am Teleshopping 7:00am Classic Coronation Street 7:25am Classic Coronation Street 7:55am Heartbeat 8:55am The Royal 9:55am Judge Judy 10:25am Judge Judy 10:50am Judge Judy 11:15am Agatha Christie's Poirot 1:35pm The Royal 2:35pm Heartbeat 3:40pm Classic Coronation Street 4:15pm Classic Coronation Street 4:45pm Agatha Christie's Poirot 5:55pm Agatha Christie's Poirot 7:00pm Heartbeat 8:00pm Murder, She Wrote 9:00pm Vera 11:00pm Law and Order: UK 12:00am Law and Order: UK 1:05am Grantchester 2:05am Grantchester 3:00am ITV3 Nightscreen 3:30am Teleshopping

8:45am 10:10am 11:10am 12:05pm 1:00pm

1:05pm 2:05pm 3:10pm 4:00pm 5:00pm 6:00pm 6:30pm 7:00pm 7:30pm 8:00pm 9:00pm 10:00pm 11:00pm 12:05am 1:05am

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10:30am 11:35am 12:35pm 1:45pm 6:10pm 7:15pm 7:45pm 12:15am 1:15am

1:20am 2:30am 3:30am 3:45am


Everybody Loves Raymond Frasier Find it, Fix it, Flog it Ramsay's 24 Hours to Hell and Back Channel 4 News Midday Summary 2018 Couples Come Dine with Me A New Life in the Sun Countdown Fifteen to One A Place in the Sun Four in a Bed Embarrassing Pets The Simpsons Hollyoaks Channel 4 News George Clarke's Old House, New Home The First Naked Attraction Gogglebox Random Acts

Teleshopping World of Sport The Chase Kojak Quincy, M.E. Another investigation for the California coroner. Minder The Saint The Avengers Snooker The Avengers The Car Chasers Snooker Eraser FYI Daily Latest news from the world of entertainment Eraser The Americans World of Sport ITV4 Nightscreen Text-based information service. Teleshopping Shopping from home.

10:05am Peppa Pig 10:15am Jeremy Vine 12:15pm Last Chance for Christmas 1:55pm Cruising with Jane McDonald 2:05pm 5 News Lunchtime 2:15pm Home and Away 2:45pm Neighbours 3:15pm A Christmas Reunion 5:00pm Friends 5:30pm Friends 6:00pm 5 News at 5 6:30pm Neighbours 7:00pm Home and Away 7:30pm 5 News Tonight 8:00pm Police Interceptors 9:00pm Shop Smart, Save Money 10:00pm Rich House, Poor House Changed My Life II 11:00pm Nightmare Murderer Next Door 12:00am Young, Dumb and Banged Up in the Sun

8:30am 9:00am 10:00am 11:00am 12:00pm 1:00pm 1:30pm 2:00pm 2:30pm 3:00pm 4:00pm 5:00pm 5:30pm 6:00pm 6:30pm 7:00pm 7:30pm 8:00pm 8:30pm 9:00pm 9:30pm 10:00pm 10:30pm 11:00pm 12:05am 12:35am 1:05am

11:00am Big Trouble in Little China 1:00pm Kingsman: The Golden Circle 3:30pm Braven 5:15pm Beowulf 7:15pm Big Trouble in Little China 9:00pm Kingsman: The Golden Circle 11:30pm Django Unchained 2:25am Marked for Death

5:05am A Christmas Cruise 7:00am A Bad Idea Gone Wrong 8:30am Honey: Rise Up and Dance 10:15am Waiting for You 11:50am Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri 1:50pm Mary and the Witch's Flower 3:40pm The Nile Hilton Incident 5:40pm Honey: Rise Up and Dance 7:25pm Waiting for You 9:00pm Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri 11:00pm A Bad Idea Gone Wrong 12:25am Black Butterfly 2:10am It Came From the Desert 3:45am Terrifier 5:15am A Christmas Cruise

5:25am 7:05am 8:35am 10:05am 11:45am 1:35pm 3:30pm 5:25pm 7:10pm 9:00pm 10:45pm 12:35am 2:20am

Clue Dude, Where's My Car? It Had to be You Billy Madison The Family Stone The Bounty Hunter How to Lose Friends and Alienate People The Bachelors The Family Stone American Pie American Pie 2 American Pie: The Wedding American Pie: Reunion

Mike and Molly Baby Daddy Melissa and Joey The Big Bang Theory The Goldbergs Brooklyn Nine-Nine Brooklyn Nine-Nine The Big Bang Theory The Big Bang Theory Melissa and Joey Baby Daddy Brooklyn Nine-Nine Brooklyn Nine-Nine The Goldbergs The Goldbergs The Big Bang Theory The Big Bang Theory Hollyoaks Young Sheldon The Big Bang Theory Young Sheldon Happy Together New Girl Celebs Go Dating The Big Bang Theory The Big Bang Theory First Dates


5:15am 7:00am 1:00pm 3:00pm 6:00pm 7:00pm

10:00pm 10:30pm 11:00pm 11:30pm 12:00am 1:00am 1:30am 5:30am

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Cricket Cricket Live European Tour Golf Live Next Gen Tennis Sky Sports News at 5 Live PGA Tour Golf Day one of the Mayakoba Golf Classic at the PGA Tour in Mexico, held at Playa del Carmen. JD Ringside: Fight Week Tony Bellew: Off Limits Tony Bellew: Chasing Greatness JD Ringside: Fight Week Sky Sports News NFL Gameday Live NFL: Carolina @ Pittsburgh Cricket

Football's Greatest EFL Greatest Games EFL Greatest Games Football Years EFL One2eleven SPFL Greatest Games SPFL Greatest Games Football's Greatest Football Countdowns EFL Greatest Games EFL Greatest Games EFL Football's Greatest Football Countdowns One2eleven One2eleven Football Years Football Countdowns EFL Greatest Games EFL Greatest Games Football Countdowns EFL Matters EFL Greatest Games EFL Greatest Games SPFL Greatest Games Soccer Am Best Bits The Football Show The Debate - Live Football Years

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Nora Johnson

Breaking Views Nora is the author of popular psychological suspense and crime thrillers and a freelance journalist. To comment on any of the issues raised in her column, go to

NOW I’m into the 10th year of writing this column (can I just say, thank you, if you’re still here) but I’ll still start with another moan. No, not about Brexit, which I imagine, you’re simply bored to death with and want to hear nothing more about. Maybe even suffering from Brexititis? My moan this week concerns the reality TV star Scarlett Harrison, 20, who, when recently caught drink-driving, told police she couldn’t provide a breath test because her collagen-filled lips were too big! Don’t women like Scarlett realise how silly they look to everyone else? The Barbie doll look isn’t a good one. Why do they self-mutilate with collagen to the point of impairing mouth function? But appearance is everything now, isn’t it? Reports on America’s $88bn anti-ageing industry calculate that millions face serious health problems caused by the gurus of unregulated dietary, vitamin supplements and Botox crazes. I’m not sure, but I think we’re allowed to get older but not to look as though we are. Is that right? Do the Botoxers and face-

8 - 14 November 2018

The good the bad and the bonkers, with Barbie lips

PRICELESS?: Katie Price has undergone several Botox treatments. filler folk actually know, that we know that they’ve been pulling a fast one? Everything peeled, exfoliated, filled and polished. The full (late) Joan Rivers, bless her. The problem for people who have had excessive Botox is that they don’t look younger, just weirder. Think Katie Price.

Or, someone trapped in a lift for a week with Donald Trump. Now, I don’t doubt for a minute that it must be appealing to be regarded as ‘hot’ (although I have no personal experience of this, can you believe it?). As for looking younger, here’s a tip: the concealer under the eye trick makes you look 10 years younger. Without it, I look like I’ve done three rounds with Tyson (that’s the name of next door’s dog). Finally, on a really positive note, I’d like to thank all of you who have purchased my latest crime thriller ‘The Girl in the Woods’, now out in paperback (and as you know, all profits to Costa del Sol Cudeca cancer charity). Happy reading! Nora Johnson’s psychological crime thrillers ‘The Girl in the Woods’, ‘The Girl in the Red Dress’, ‘No Way Back’, ‘Landscape of Lies’, ‘Retribution’, ‘Soul Stealer’, ‘The De Clerambault Code’ ( available from Amazon in paperback/eBook (€0.99;£0.99) and iBookstore.

EWN 51


Can one owner impugn AGM? Our community consists of some villas on plots and some attached row houses. All the houses have the same roofs with roof-tiles. Some owners have made new construction in their garden areas or changed their roofs. The AGM was not informed and no permission was given. The issue was discussed at a special EGM when the new president brought up the subject of ‘Legal action against the violators’. He himself is one of the offenders. The issue was not on the official agenda for the meeting. As he had collected many proxies beforehand, he was assured that he would have the majority when voting. So it was voted to stop any legal action against the violators. The administrator said that this was a legal vote. Can this be true? Yes, the vote is le- David Searl gal but questions arise. You and the Law Properly, an issue of this in Spain importance should be on the agenda so the proxy issuers and others will be informed. However, even one owner can go to court if he observes infractions of the Horizontal Law, which we have here. The court will probably order that the results of the meeting be annulled, and a new EGM called to deal with the issues.

Send your questions for David Searl through lawyers Ubeda-Retana and Associates in Fuengirola at, or call 952 667 090.

52 EWN

8 - 14 November 2018

10:15am Home Front Heroes 11:00am Homes Under the Hammer 12:00pm Claimed and Shamed 12:45pm Caught Red Handed 1:15pm Bargain Hunt 2:00pm BBC News at One 2:30pm BBC London News 2:45pm Doctors 3:15pm Impossible 4:00pm I Escaped to the Country 4:45pm Money for Nothing 5:30pm Make Me a Dealer 6:15pm Pointless 7:00pm BBC News at Six 7:30pm BBC London News 8:00pm The One Show 8:30pm A Question of Sport 9:00pm EastEnders 9:30pm Not Going Out 10:00pm Have I Got News for You 10:30pm Would I Lie to You? 11:00pm BBC News at Ten 11:25pm BBC London News 11:35pm The Graham Norton Show 12:25am Peter Kay's Comedy Shuffle

7:00am Letterbox 7:30am I Escaped to the Country 8:15am Make Me a Dealer 9:00am Shop Well for Less 10:00am BBC News at 9 11:00am Victoria Derbyshire 12:00pm BBC Newsroom Live 2:00pm Think Tank 2:45pm Reel History of Britain 3:15pm Railways of the Great War with Michael Portillo 3:45pm I Was There: The Great War Interviews 4:45pm Blue Planet II 5:45pm Eggheads 6:15pm Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is 7:00pm Strictly: It Takes Two 8:00pm Mastermind 8:30pm Match of the Day Live Haringey Borough v AFC Wimbledon 11:00pm The Mash Report 11:30pm Newsnight 12:05am Truly, Madly, Deeply 1:45am Trust

4:30am 8:00pm 8:30pm 9:00pm

6:05am The Jeremy Kyle Show 7:00am Good Morning Britain 9:30am Lorraine 10:25am The Jeremy Kyle Show 11:30am This Morning 1:30pm Loose Women 2:30pm ITV Lunchtime News 2:55pm ITV News London 3:00pm Judge Rinder 4:00pm Tenable 5:00pm Tipping Point 6:00pm The Chase 7:00pm ITV News London 7:30pm ITV Evening News 8:00pm Emmerdale 8:30pm Coronation Street 9:00pm The Harbour 9:30pm Coronation Street 10:00pm Unbelievable Moments Caught on Camera 11:00pm ITV News at Ten and Weather 11:30pm ITV News London 11:45pm Through the Keyhole 12:45am Take Me Out 1:45am Back to Mine

8:15am 9:00am 9:25am 9:55am

7:00am Classic Coronation Street 7:25am Classic Coronation Street 7:55am Heartbeat 8:55am The Royal 9:55am Judge Judy 10:25am Judge Judy 10:50am Judge Judy 11:20am Agatha Christie's Poirot 12:25pm Agatha Christie's Poirot 1:35pm The Royal 2:35pm Heartbeat 3:40pm Classic Coronation Street 4:15pm Classic Coronation Street 4:45pm Agatha Christie's Poirot 7:00pm Heartbeat 8:00pm Murder, She Wrote 9:00pm Home Fires 10:00pm Agatha Christie's Poirot 12:00am Agatha Christie's Poirot 1:15am DCI Banks 2:10am DCI Banks

10:25am 11:15am 12:15pm 1:15pm 1:45pm 2:15pm 2:45pm 3:40pm 4:45pm 5:50pm 6:55pm 7:50pm 9:00pm 9:30pm 10:00pm 12:05am 12:35am

Dress to Impress Emmerdale Emmerdale You've Been Framed! The Ellen DeGeneres Show Who's Doing the Dishes? Dress to Impress Emmerdale Emmerdale You've Been Framed! The Ellen DeGeneres Show The Jeremy Kyle Show The Jeremy Kyle Show The Jeremy Kyle Show You've Been Framed! Take Me Out Two and a Half Men Two and a Half Men Paul Family Guy Family Guy



12:00am 1:00am 1:35am 2:35am



This is BBC Four World News Today Top of the Pops Soul and Beyond with Corinne Bailey Rae and Trevor Nelson Boy George's 1970s: Save Me From Suburbia Boy George and Culture Club: Radio 2 in Concert The Joy of the Single Top of the Pops ... Sings the Great American Songbook Soul and Beyond with Corinne Bailey Rae and Trevor Nelson Boy George's 1970s: Save Me From Suburbia This is BBC Four

8:45am Everybody Loves Raymond 9:10am Everybody Loves Raymond 9:40am Everybody Loves Raymond 10:10am Frasier 10:40am Frasier 11:10am Find it, Fix it, Flog it 12:05pm Ramsay's 24 Hours to Hell and Back 1:00pm Channel 4 News Midday Summary 2018 1:05pm Couples Come Dine with Me 2:05pm A New Life in the Sun 3:10pm Countdown 4:00pm Fifteen to One 5:00pm A Place in the Sun 6:00pm Four in a Bed 6:30pm Embarrassing Pets 7:00pm The Simpsons 7:30pm Hollyoaks 8:00pm Channel 4 News 8:30pm Unreported World 9:00pm Alone at Home 10:00pm Gogglebox 11:00pm The Last Leg 12:05am Naked Attraction

8:55am Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom 9:05am Paw Patrol 9:25am Floogals 9:40am Shimmer and Shine 9:55am Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom 10:05am Peppa Pig 10:15am Jeremy Vine 12:15pm A Heavenly Christmas 1:55pm Cruising with Jane McDonald 2:05pm 5 News Lunchtime 2:15pm Home and Away 2:45pm Neighbours 3:15pm Merry Kissmas 5:00pm Friends 5:30pm Friends 6:00pm 5 News at 5 6:30pm Neighbours 7:00pm Home and Away 7:30pm 5 News Tonight 8:00pm The Gadget Show 9:00pm The Great Model Railway Challenge 10:00pm Portillo's Hidden History of Britain 11:00pm The Hangover Part II 1:10am Super Casino 4:10am The Mentalist

9:00am 9:30am 10:00am 10:30am 11:00am 11:30am 12:00pm 12:30pm 1:00pm 1:30pm 2:00pm 2:30pm 3:00pm 3:30pm 4:00pm 4:30pm 5:00pm 5:30pm 6:00pm 6:30pm 7:00pm 7:30pm 8:00pm 8:30pm 9:00pm 9:30pm 10:00pm 12:05am 12:35am 1:10am 1:40am

4:00am 7:00am 8:00am 9:00am

7:00am The Battleship Island 9:15am Constantine 11:30am Star Wars: The Last Jedi 2:05pm Ghost Rider 4:05pm 2012 6:45pm Constantine 9:00pm Star Wars: The Last Jedi 11:45pm Kong: Skull Island 2:00am Final Score 4:00am Death Race

5:15am 7:00am

10:05am 11:05am 12:15pm 1:20pm 2:20pm 3:25pm 4:30pm 5:35pm 6:40pm 7:10pm 7:45pm 12:15am 1:15am 1:20am 2:50am 3:45am 4:00am 5:00am

Teleshopping The Chase Kojak Quincy, M.E. Another investigation for the California coroner. Minder The Saint The Avengers Kojak Quincy, M.E. Minder The Saint The Avengers The Car Chasers The Car Chasers Snooker The Missouri Breaks FYI Daily The Missouri Breaks Lethal Weapon ITV4 Nightscreen Teleshopping Teleshopping

7:50am 9:40am 11:30am 1:30pm

The Competition Brewster's Millions Almost Christmas Chips: Law and Disorder 3:20pm Step Brothers 5:10pm Half Magic 7:00pm Hope Floats 9:00pm Chips: Law and Disorder 10:45pm Step Brothers 12:35am Liar Liar 2:10am Bruce Almighty 4:00am The Layover


Baby Daddy Baby Daddy Melissa and Joey Melissa and Joey The Big Bang Theory The Big Bang Theory The Goldbergs The Goldbergs Brooklyn Nine-Nine Brooklyn Nine-Nine The Big Bang Theory The Big Bang Theory Melissa and Joey Melissa and Joey Baby Daddy Baby Daddy Brooklyn Nine-Nine Brooklyn Nine-Nine The Goldbergs The Goldbergs The Big Bang Theory The Big Bang Theory Hollyoaks Young Sheldon The Big Bang Theory The Big Bang Theory Transporter 3 The Inbetweeners The Inbetweeners The Big Bang Theory The Big Bang Theory

5:30am 7:00am

A Christmas Cruise Honey: Rise Up and Dance 9:00am Mary and the Witch's Flower 11:00am Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri Blackly comic drama about a grieving mother who sets out to shame the police into doing their job. 1:00pm Darkest Hour 3:20pm Waiting for You 5:05pm Honey: Rise Up and Dance 7:00pm Mary and the Witch's Flower 9:00pm Darkest Hour 11:10pm Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri 1:10am Black Butterfly 3:00am The Nile Hilton Incident 5:10am A Christmas Cruise


1:00pm 1:30pm 1:45pm 3:30pm 7:30pm 8:00pm 11:15pm 11:45pm 12:15am

12:30am 4:30am 5:00am 5:15am

8:00am 8:30am 9:00am 9:30am 9:45am 10:00am 10:30am 11:00am 12:00pm 12:15pm 12:30pm 12:45pm 1:00pm 1:30pm 2:00pm 2:15pm 2:30pm 2:45pm 3:00pm 4:00pm 4:30pm 5:00pm 5:15pm

Cricket Cricket The fourth day of the first Test as Sri Lanka take on England at the Galle International Stadium. Cricket My Icon Live F1 GP: Practice Live ICC Womens World T20: Nzvind Tony Bellew: Off Limits Football JD Ringside: The Weigh in JD Ringside: Fight Week EFL Greatest Games Remember some classic matches from English football. Live ICC Womens World T20: Wivban Cricket Info not available Cricket

SPFL Greatest Games Football Years Football Countdowns Football's Greatest EFL Greatest Games EFL Greatest Games Football Years Football Years EFL One2eleven One2eleven SPFL Greatest Games SPFL Greatest Games Football's Greatest Football Countdowns EFL Greatest Games EFL Greatest Games EFL Greatest Games EFL Greatest Games EFL Football's Greatest Football Countdowns One2eleven One2eleven

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54 EWN

8 - 14 November 2018

1:45am BBC News 7:00am Breakfast 10:15am Saturday Kitchen Live 11:45am The Lord Mayor's Show 1:05pm Football Focus 2:00pm BBC News 2:15pm Bargain Hunt 3:00pm Rugby Union 5:30pm Final Score 6:20pm BBC News 6:30pm BBC London News 6:40pm The Time it Takes 7:10pm Pointless 8:00pm Strictly Come Dancing 9:30pm Royal British Legion Festival of Remembrance 2018 11:10pm BBC News 11:30pm Match of the Day 12:50am The NFL Show 1:20am Weather for the Week Ahead Detailed weather forecast. 1:25am BBC News

5:00am 7:30am 8:00am 8:30am 8:45am

8:05am Mr. Bean: The Animated Series 8:15am Mr. Bean: The Animated Series 8:30am Scrambled! 8:35am The Tom and Jerry Show 8:50am The Powerpuff Girls 9:10am Toonmarty 9:30am Robozuna 10:05am Mighty Magiswords 10:25am ITV News 10:30am Saturday Morning with James Martin 12:40pm The X Factor 1:40pm ITV Lunchtime News 1:50pm You've Been Framed! 2:20pm Bean 4:00pm Tenable 5:00pm Tipping Point 6:00pm The Chase 7:00pm ITV Evening News 7:10pm ITV News London 7:20pm Iron Man 2 9:30pm The X Factor 11:05pm The Jonathan Ross Show 12:10am ITV News 12:25am Play to the Whistle

10:15am Coronation Street Omnibus 1:10pm You've Been Framed! 1:40pm Harry Hill's Alien Fun Capsule 2:10pm Harry Hill's Alien Fun Capsule 2:40pm Step Up Revolution 3:40pm FYI Daily 3:45pm Step Up Revolution 4:35pm Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams 5:40pm FYI Daily 5:45pm Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams 6:25pm Johnny English Reborn 7:25pm FYI Daily 7:30pm Johnny English Reborn 8:25pm The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug 9:30pm FYI Daily 9:35pm The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug 11:35pm Celebrity Juice 12:20am Family Guy

9:15am 9:45am 11:00am 12:00pm 1:00pm 2:00pm 4:10pm 5:00pm

6:00pm 8:30pm 9:30pm 10:00pm 11:00pm 11:45pm 12:30am 2:05am 2:55am

This is BBC Two Top Class All Over the Place Wild and Weird 2 Show Me What You're Made of Got What it Takes? Bears Andrea - Queen of Mantas Homes Under the Hammer Rick Stein From Venice to Istanbul The Red Shoes Flog It! Britain's Ultimate Pilots: Inside the RAF Rugby Union Rugby Union Dad's Army Egon Schiele: Dangerous Desires QI XL Snowfall Headhunters Trust This is BBC Two


4:35am This is BBC Four 8:00pm War Horse at the Proms 9:20pm John Denver at Wembley Arena 10:00pm Beck 11:40pm Top of the Pops John Peel and Janice Long present the pop chart programme, first broadcast on 28 August 1986 12:10am Top of the Pops 12:40am Better than the Original Documentary which celebrates the role of the cover version in the pop canon and investigates what it takes to reinvent someone else's song as a smash. 1:40am Big in America 2:40am Indie Classics at the BBC 3:40am John Denver at Wembley Arena 4:20am This is BBC Four

7:15am Triathlon: Pembrokeshire Coast 7:45am King of Queens 8:10am King of Queens 8:35am Everybody Loves Raymond 9:00am Everybody Loves Raymond 9:30am Frasier 10:00am Frasier 10:30am The Big Bang Theory 10:55am The Big Bang Theory 11:25am The Big Bang Theory 11:50am The Simpsons 12:20pm The Simpsons 12:50pm Come Dine with Me 1:50pm Four in a Bed 2:25pm Four in a Bed 2:55pm Four in a Bed 3:25pm Four in a Bed 3:55pm Four in a Bed 4:25pm A Place in the Sun 5:30pm Escape to the Chateau: DIY 6:30pm Channel 4 News 7:00pm Rugby Union 9:45pm Formula 1 11:15pm I, Robot 1:15am Mud 3:30am Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares USA

9:55am Pirata and Capitano 10:15am Noddy: Toyland Detective 10:30am Floogals 10:50am Paw Patrol 11:00am Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 11:15am Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 11:35am Cruising with Jane McDonald 11:50am Northpole 1:30pm A Star Crossed Christmas 3:20pm The Christmas Apprentice 5:05pm Just in Time for Christmas 7:00pm My Christmas Prince 7:55pm 5 News 8:00pm My Christmas Prince 8:40pm Shop Smart, Save Money for Christmas 9:25pm 5 News Weekend 9:30pm The Kennedys: A Fatal Attraction 10:30pm JFK's Secret Killer: The Evidence 11:30pm Mandela's Unsung Heroes 1:10am Super Casino

5:55am New Girl 6:15am New Girl 7:00am The Dog Who Saved Christmas 8:40am Made in Chelsea 9:45am Rugrats the Movie 11:20am The Muppet Movie 1:15pm Rude(Ish) Tube Shorts 1:30pm The Goldbergs 2:00pm The Goldbergs 2:30pm The Goldbergs 3:00pm The Goldbergs 3:30pm The Goldbergs 4:00pm The Goldbergs 4:30pm Young Sheldon 5:00pm Young Sheldon 5:30pm Young Sheldon 6:00pm Young Sheldon 6:30pm The Big Bang Theory 7:00pm The Big Bang Theory 7:30pm The Big Bang Theory 8:00pm The Big Bang Theory 8:30pm The Big Bang Theory 9:00pm The Big Bang Theory 9:30pm The Big Bang Theory 10:00pm The Inbetweeners Movie 12:00am The Inbetweeners 12:30am The Inbetweeners 1:05am Gogglebox

Cricket Cricket Cricket Football Rugby Union Football Live ICC Womens World T20: Engvsl 12:30am My Icon 12:45am My Icon 1:00am Sky Sports News 2:00am Sky Sports News 3:00am Sky Sports News 4:00am Sky Sports News 5:00am Sky Sports News 4:50am ITV Nightscreen 7:00am Dino Dana 7:10am Super 4 7:25am Super 4 7:35am Make it Pop 7:55am Share a Story 8:05am Mr. Bean: The Animated Series 8:15am Mr. Bean: The Animated Series 8:30am Scrambled! 8:35am The Tom and Jerry Show 8:50am The Powerpuff Girls 9:10am Toonmarty 9:30am Robozuna 10:05am Mighty Magiswords

5:45am Murder, She Wrote 6:35am ITV3 Nightscreen 7:00am Murder, She Wrote Murder mystery series about a sleuthing writer. 7:45am Columbo 9:15am A Touch of Frost 11:30am Agatha Christie's Poirot 1:35pm Agatha Christie's Poirot 3:45pm Agatha Christie's Poirot 6:00pm Agatha Christie's Poirot 8:00pm Midsomer Murders 10:00pm Midsomer Murders 12:00am Inspector Morse Morse and Lewis have a serious difference of opinion over correct police procedure when they investigate the murder of a young woman near a garage and driving instruction centre. 2:15am On the Buses

4:00am 7:00am 7:15am 8:20am 9:25am 10:30am

12:00pm War for the Planet of the Apes 2:30pm Atomic Blonde 4:40pm Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge 7:00pm Collateral Damage 9:00pm War for the Planet of the Apes 11:30pm Atomic Blonde 1:30am V for Vendetta 3:50am The Accountant

5:10am A Christmas Cruise 7:00am Mary and the Witch's Flower 9:00am Waiting for You 10:50am Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri 1:00pm Darkest Hour 3:10pm Better Watch Out 5:00pm The Grinch: Special 5:20pm Mary and the Witch's Flower 7:10pm Honey: Rise Up and Dance 9:00pm Darkest Hour 11:10pm Better Watch Out 12:45am Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri Blackly comic drama about a grieving mother who sets out to shame the police into doing their job. 2:55am Black Butterfly 4:45am First Man: Special 5:15am A Christmas Cruise

6:00am 6:30am 6:45am 7:00am 7:15am 7:30am 7:45am 11:00am 12:30pm 1:00pm

11:30am 12:00pm 1:05pm 2:15pm 5:00pm 5:35pm 6:40pm 7:45pm 12:15am 1:15am 1:20am 2:20am 3:20am 3:45am 4:00am

Teleshopping World of Sport The Avengers The Avengers Motorsport UK ITV Racing: The Opening Show River Monsters The Big Fish Off The Motorbike Show ITV Racing: Live From Wincanton The Car Chasers River Monsters The Chase: Celebrity Special Snooker Harry Brown FYI Daily Harry Brown The Americans The Car Chasers ITV4 Nightscreen Teleshopping

7:25am City Slickers 9:25am Get Him to the Greek 11:25am Evolution 1:15pm Top Ten Show, the 2018 1:35pm Girls Trip 3:45pm The Other Guys 5:45pm Airplane! 7:25pm Napoleon Dynamite 9:00pm Girls Trip 11:10pm The Other Guys 1:05am Brüno 2:35am This is Spinal Tap

5:15am 7:00am 12:00pm 12:30pm 3:30pm 6:15pm 8:30pm

4:15pm 5:15pm 6:15pm 9:00pm 10:00pm 10:15pm 10:30pm 10:45pm 11:00pm 12:00am 12:30am 12:45am 1:00am 2:00am 2:15am 2:30am

Football's Greatest EFL Greatest Games EFL Greatest Games EFL Greatest Games EFL Greatest Games EFL Greatest Games Football Soccer A.M. SPFL Matters Live Gillette Soccer Saturday Time of Our Lives Time of Our Lives Football EFL Goals: Championship EFL Greatest Games EFL Greatest Games EFL Greatest Games EFL Greatest Games EFL Goals: Championship SPFL Greatest Games EFL Greatest Games EFL Greatest Games EFL Goals: Championship EFL Greatest Games EFL Greatest Games SPFL Greatest Games

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8 - 14 November 2018

An indigestible fact

Cassandra Nash A weekly look - and not entirely impartial reaction to the Spanish political scene

Lacking integrity

fogey Pablo Casado. PARTIDO POPULAR Pablo Casado’s aggressiveness and verbal incontinence regarding Pedro Sanchez, his government, and socialist Spain is not doing him any favours. The latest CIS survey put the PP third, with 17.3 per cent of a hypothetical election vote, overtaken by the PSOE’s 31.6 per cent and Ciudadanos’ 21 per cent. Predictably, Casado has questioned the survey’s veracity and impartiality. There are lies, statistics and numbers can be taken out of context, twisted and turned into whatever their manipulator wishes, the PP claimed. That may be true, but it is also preferable to swallowing the indigestible fact that Soraya Saenz de Santamaria, the former vice-president and Mariano Rajoy’s right-hand woman, would make a more seasoned and reasonable party president than toxic young

The baksheesh syndrome A HIGH court investigation has discovered that the Spanish company Defex paid illegal commissions to Saudis and others, for arms sales. In 2017, Swiss banks blocked accounts that paid out at least €7.6 million in commissions and bribes, in exchange for Saudi contracts, prompting outrage from their unnamed clients. Like priests keeping mum about confessed sins, Swiss banks are expected to silence even the most terrible transgressions, unless they are faced with a derogatory letter from an outside government.

RETIRED police chief Jose Manuel Villarejo is remanded for trafficking privileged state information, amongst other things. With a detective agency as a sideline, this confidant of ministers, fixer and possible extorter, apparently told a fellow prisoner that he was saving the best for last. The latest victim of his bugged and leaked conversa

Views of a Grumpy Old Man SO, this week Lord Hain named Sir Philip Green, in the House of Lords, as the ‘celebrity’ who took out an injunction against the Daily Telegraph, to stop them naming him in accusations of alleged sexual harassment and racial abuse. The accusations, to be honest, are irrelevant, because recently many multi-millionaire businessmen in the UK have been accused of something. Hain himself resigned years ago due to an undeclared donation, and the fact he is involved with the law firm representing the Telegraph is surely a conflict of interest, even though he says he was unaware the firm was the same one he was paid by. Yeah, right, ok. Green, who I have no time for, got the injunction as he can afford it, proving there’s a law for the super wealthy and another for everyone else, which in itself is wrong. Hain’s rationale for using his Parliamentary privilege to name Green is that ‘it was in the public interest.’ Remember, these are just accusations at the moment. There is also a massive difference between the public interest and the public being interested. In my opinion, it’s not

tions, is Dolores de Cospedal, former Defence Minister, former Partido Popular secretary general and former president of the Castilla-La Mancha region. Villarejo allegedly gave De Cospedal’s husband Ignacio Lopez del Hierro, the heads up about Gurtel developments, and he didn’t do that from the kindness of his heart. Whatever form his final revenge will take, he is demonstrating his power in small, deadly doses, revealing the duplicity and lack of integrity of those he has helped in the past. Who next? How many Spanish politicians are waiting for the second shoe to drop?

Blockade turnaround UNSEASONED: Is Pablo Casado a toxic young fogey? As rich as the Saudis are, a little more is always welcome, and it is entirely in character, that Defex- which is 51 per cent-owned by the Spanish state - paid the Saudis bribes and commissions

Money can pay after all Mike Senker In my opinion

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in the public interest at all, but the public love reading this stuff. In it’s most basic form, a non-disclosure agreement is a legal contract between at least two parties, that outlines confidential material they share, but don’t wish to share with anyone else. In business it makes perfect sense, but the NDAs are used as a confidentiality agreement with those that receive a large sum of money for keeping their mouth shut about an allegation of wrong-doing. These days it’s mostly sexual harassment or worse. Why did the accused pay the accuser? It’s not unusual for these wealthy guys to pay to make accusations go away, and therefore never get to court. You never read about Mr Small Businessman being accused of these things. It’s not newsworthy, even if the ‘little’ man subsequently ends up in court and is found guilty. It doesn’t make the news and I’m sure a few of these settle and get an NDA. I think people should not be named until found guilty. The system is just wrong. Injunctions are useless because of the internet and Parliamentary privilege. If an MP doesn’t shout out the name, it’s printed in every paper that can be bothered to report it so it’s out in the open in days. Just put it in your preferred search engine and there it is.

between 1992 and 2014. After all, the kickback syndrome is based on baksheesh, another legacy from the Moors, along with the Alhambra, tangerines and turron.

ASTUTE Ciudadanos leader Albert Rivera, saw the light and shied away from the Partido Popular and Pablo Casado. Rivera no longer backs the PP’s bid to block 40 measures from going through parliament. These include a reform preventing the Senate from stymieing Pedro Sanchez’s 2019 Budget. The C’s leader knows that preventing changes that will benefit those who suffered most during the crisis, and the Rajoy governments would alienate the Centre votes that he needs. Unlike Casado, Rivera is aware that ambition needs leavening with pragmatism, and an eye for the main chance.

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8 - 14 November 2018

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8:00am Good Morning Sports Fans 9:00am Good Morning Sports Fans 10:00am Good Morning Sports Fans 11:00am Sky Sports News 12:00pm Sky Sports News 12:30pm Sportswomen 1:00pm Live ATP World Finals 2:30pm Tennis Archive 2:45pm Live ATP World Finals 5:00pm Sky Sports News 6:00pm Sky Sports News at 5 7:00pm Live ATP World Finals 8:30pm World Grand Slam of Darts 12:00am Cricket Shorts: Women's World Cup 12:15am Katherine Brunt: No Boundaries 12:30am Live ICC Womens World T20: Ausvnz 4:30am Katherine Brunt: No Boundaries 4:45am Masterclass: Rashid Khan 5:00am Cricket

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3:30am Teleshopping 7:00am Classic Coronation Street 7:25am Classic Coronation Street 7:55am Heartbeat 8:55am The Royal 10:00am Judge Judy 10:25am Judge Judy 10:55am Judge Judy 11:20am Agatha Christie's Poirot 1:35pm The Royal 2:40pm Heartbeat 3:40pm Classic Coronation Street 4:15pm Classic Coronation Street 4:50pm Agatha Christie's Poirot 6:55pm Heartbeat 8:00pm Murder, She Wrote 9:00pm Midsomer Murders 11:00pm Scott and Bailey 12:00am Scott and Bailey 1:05am Safe House 2:05am Safe House 3:00am ITV3 Nightscreen 3:30am Teleshopping

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11:30am The Amazing SpiderMan 2 2:00pm Kong: Skull Island 4:15pm Top Ten Show, the 2018 4:30pm Behind Enemy Lines 6:30pm The Amazing SpiderMan 9:00pm The Amazing SpiderMan 2 11:30pm Assassin's Creed 1:30am The Dark Tower

4:20am Black Butterfly 6:10am Top Ten Show, the 2018 6:30am Bohemian Rhapsody: Special 7:00am Honey: Rise Up and Dance 8:50am A Bramble House Christmas 10:35am Darkest Hour 12:55pm The Grinch: Special The grumpy old Grinch (voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch) is out to steal Christmas in this animated version of the classic Dr Seuss story. Sky Movies takes a special look. 1:15pm Better Watch Out 3:00pm Waiting for You 4:50pm Bohemian Rhapsody: Special 5:20pm Spinning Man 7:15pm A Bramble House Christmas 9:00pm Darkest Hour 11:10pm Better Watch Out 12:50am Dark Crimes 2:40am Spinning Man 4:40am Black Butterfly

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8 - 14 November 2018

EWN 61

He’s got a dark, dark heart Credit: itv

TV COUCH CRITIC by Adam Whalley-Lewis

ITV launched a new detective series last week, did you notice? Dark Heart played on Wednesday and Thursday, and will continue for the next couple of weeks. This has been done before, not just the moody policeman who likes to do a Bronte and stare across lakes in quiet reflection, but the actual show. An earlier version played about two years ago, but ITV have given it a spring clean and pushed it into the mid-week schedules. Tom Riley plays traditional policeman Will Wagstaffe, who doesn’t leave his feelings at the station door when he’s called in to investigate the torture and murder of alleged paedophiles. Is it just me, or is TV currently awash with this sort of thing? I know that real life is messy sometimes and yes, we need to talk

DARK HEART: A little too gloomy for autumn? about this ‘stuff’ much more, but isn’t there a place for a bit of quiet, lovely television? Will released some stress in episode two via a quick meet up with his ex-girlfriend, whilst struggling with the silence from the victims’ families. I don’t think this is going to get

any easier to watch, and I do wonder if it would have been better shown next spring. A little bit like poor Venice having too much water, I think darker evenings, grey clouds and a dark storyline might just be too much for an autumn success. I know many of us love a good

binge session of Come Dine with Me on Channel 4, and if you remember my lovely pal Val who watched the second Royal Wedding of the year with me, you might remember that she has a bit of insight. Val hasn’t been on the show, but knows someone who has - a little bit like ‘I’m asking for a friend’ on the problems page. Val - I mean her friend - has spoiled the Come Dine experience for me a bit, but a spoiler nevertheless. Apparently it’s hard work, early mornings, very late nights, masses of time between courses whilst cameras and lights are reset, no drinking between shots and worst of all, there is only one black cab which doesn’t actually go anywhere. You give your score, get out of the cab and go home in a normal taxi... we will still keep watching though, right? Dr Raj left Strictly last week and immediately gave an interview about the daily discrimination which he suffers as a Doctor

in the NHS. Discrimination like he described is never acceptable and it is a shame he didn’t go further, but his dancing was a bit off and others danced better. Kind of want to leave that one there.   Bit of TV news, firstly in the shape of Bradley Walsh who is recording a new show for ITV. Titled ‘It’s Showtime’, this is apparently a bouncy show with live music, celebrity guests and audience participation. Careful Bradley, Mr Norton is a past master of this sort of thing and even Mr Ross sometimes doesn’t stack up. Watch out for It’s Showtime early next year.  I’m a Celebrity is back soon with one of Ant and Dec and a Holly. The celebrities, well The Governess, will probably be in there with some reality TV types. Watch this space. Finally, news wise, Escape to the Chateau is back soon. Can’t wait.  Happy Viewing

62 EWN

11:00am Homes Under the Hammer 12:00pm Claimed and Shamed 12:45pm The Sheriffs are Coming 1:15pm Bargain Hunt 2:00pm BBC News at One 2:30pm BBC London News 2:45pm Doctors 3:15pm Impossible 4:00pm I Escaped to the Country 4:45pm Money for Nothing 5:30pm Make Me a Dealer 6:15pm Pointless 7:00pm BBC News at Six 7:30pm BBC London News 8:00pm The One Show 9:00pm Watchdog Live 10:00pm The Apprentice 11:00pm BBC News at Ten 11:30pm BBC London News 11:45pm A Question of Sport 12:15am Luisa Omielan's Politics for Bitches 12:50am Stacey Dooley Investigates: Sex in Strange Places



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8 - 14 November 2018

The Jeremy Kyle Show Good Morning Britain Lorraine The Jeremy Kyle Show This Morning Loose Women ITV Lunchtime News ITV News London Judge Rinder Tenable Tipping Point The Chase ITV News London ITV Evening News Emmerdale Coronation Street Paul O'grady: For the Love of Dogs Coronation Street Dark Heart ITV News at Ten and Weather ITV News London Peston The Jonathan Ross Show Jackpot247 Marcella ITV Nightscreen

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The Deer Stalker Our Lives Great British Menu BBC News at 9 Victoria Derbyshire BBC Newsroom Live Politics Live Countryfile Family Finders Tennis Eggheads Flog It! Richard Osman's House of Games Strictly: It Takes Two Celebrity Antiques Road Trip MasterChef: The Professionals Trust The Apprentice: You're Fired! Newsnight Conviction: Murder at the Station Conviction: Murder at the Station The Fires That Foretold Grenfell

8:00pm 8:30pm

Beyond 100 Days Regimental Stories Series looking at five different British Army regiments 9:00pm Invasion! With Sam Willis 10:00pm Space Dive 11:30pm Horizon 12:30am Sleuths, Spies and Sorcerers: Andrew Marr's Paperback Heroes 1:30am Everyday Miracles: The Genius of Sofas, Stockings and Scanners Professor Mark Miodownik continues his odyssey of the stuff of modern life. 2:30am Gallipoli: When Murdoch Went to War 3:30am Great War Horses 4:30am This is BBC Four

Dress to Impress Emmerdale You've Been Framed! The Ellen DeGeneres Show Who's Doing the Dishes? Dress to Impress Emmerdale You've Been Framed! The Ellen DeGeneres Show The Jeremy Kyle Show The Jeremy Kyle Show The Jeremy Kyle Show You've Been Framed! Take Me Out Two and a Half Men Two and a Half Men Paul FYI Daily Paul Family Guy Family Guy Family Guy American Dad! American Dad!.

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Teleshopping Classic Coronation Street Classic Coronation Street Heartbeat The Royal Judge Judy Judge Judy Judge Judy Agatha Christie's Poirot The Royal Heartbeat Classic Coronation Street Classic Coronation Street Agatha Christie's Poirot Heartbeat Murder, She Wrote Agatha Christie's Poirot Agatha Christie's Poirot Safe House Safe House Law and Order: UK Law and Order: UK ITV3 Nightscreen Teleshopping

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4:00am 7:00am 7:50am 8:10am 8:30am 9:30am 10:30am 11:35am 12:40pm 1:45pm 2:50pm 3:50pm 4:50pm 5:55pm 7:05pm 7:35pm 8:05pm 8:30pm 9:00pm 10:00pm 11:00pm 11:05pm 12:20am


2:20am 3:20am 3:50am 4:00am

Everybody Loves Raymond Frasier Find it, Fix it, Flog it Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares USA Channel 4 News Couples Come Dine with Me A New Life in the Sun Countdown Fifteen to One A Place in the Sun Four in a Bed Embarrassing Pets The Simpsons Hollyoaks Channel 4 News The Secret Life of the Zoo Grand Designs The Bisexual 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown 24 Hours in A&E Pokerstars

Teleshopping The Chase Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Kojak Quincy, M.E. Minder The Sweeney The Professionals Kojak Quincy, M.E. Minder The Sweeney The Professionals The Car Chasers The Car Chasers Pawn Stars Pawn Stars River Monsters Eraser FYI Daily Eraser When English Football Ruled Europe When English Football Ruled Europe Lethal Weapon The Car Chasers ITV4 Nightscreen Teleshopping

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Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom Peppa Pig Jeremy Vine 40 Below and Falling at Christmas Britain's Greatest Bridges 5 News Lunchtime Home and Away Neighbours Just in Time for Christmas Friends Friends 5 News at 5 Neighbours Home and Away 5 News Tonight The Great Model Railway Challenge GPs: Behind Closed Doors James Bulger: The New Revelations Operation Live Restless Legs Syndrome: Can't Stop Twitching


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 11:50am Black Panther 2:10pm King Arthur: Legend of the Sword 4:30pm The Accountant 6:40pm Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 9:00pm Black Panther 11:30pm Logan 1:50am Birth of the Dragon 3:30am The Patriot


The Fighting Temptations 11:45am Hitch 1:50pm Step Brothers 3:45pm Fist Fight 5:25pm Ferris Bueller's Day Off 7:15pm Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy 9:00pm Step Brothers 11:00pm Fist Fight 12:40am My Blind Brother 2:15am Little Man 4:00am Jackass: The Movie 5:35am Police Academy 7: Mission to Moscow

7:30am 8:00am 9:00am 10:00am 11:00am 12:00pm 12:30pm 1:00pm 1:30pm 2:00pm 2:30pm 3:00pm 3:30pm 4:00pm 4:30pm 5:00pm 5:30pm 6:00pm 6:30pm 7:00pm 7:30pm 8:00pm 8:30pm 9:00pm 9:30pm 10:00pm 11:00pm 12:05am

4:40am 6:30am


Hollyoaks Mike and Molly Baby Daddy Melissa and Joey The Big Bang Theory The Goldbergs The Goldbergs Brooklyn Nine-Nine Brooklyn Nine-Nine The Big Bang Theory The Big Bang Theory Melissa and Joey Melissa and Joey Baby Daddy Baby Daddy Brooklyn Nine-Nine Brooklyn Nine-Nine The Goldbergs The Goldbergs The Big Bang Theory The Big Bang Theory Hollyoaks Brooklyn Nine-Nine The Big Bang Theory The Big Bang Theory Don't Tell the Bride First Dates Married at First Sight USA

Black Butterfly Solo: A Star Wars Story: Special 7:00am A Christmas Cruise 8:50am Waiting for You 10:40am Darkest Hour 1:00pm Let the Sunshine in 2:45pm Better Watch Out 4:25pm A Bramble House Christmas 6:00pm Spinning Man 7:50pm Darkest Hour Gripping historical drama following Winston Churchill during his turbulent early days as prime minister. 10:00pm Better Watch Out 11:35pm Let the Sunshine in 1:25am Dark Crimes 3:15am Spinning Man After a student disappears at a nearby lake, college professor Guy Pearce finds himself the prime suspect of tough detective Pierce Brosnan. 5:15am A Bramble House Christmas

5:00am 7:00am 1:00pm

Cricket Cricket Live ATP World Finals 2:30pm Tennis Archive A chance to relive some classic matches from the ATP World Tour. Here, two generations collide as Andre Agassi faces an up-andcoming Rafael Nadal in the final of the 2005 Montreal Masters. 2:45pm Live ATP World Finals 5:00pm Sky Sports News 6:00pm Sky Sports News at 5 7:00pm Live ATP World Finals 8:00pm World Grand Slam of Darts 12:00am My Icon 12:15am My Icon 12:30am Cricket

10:45am SPFL Greatest Games 11:00am EFL 12:00pm One2eleven 12:30pm SPFL Greatest Games 12:45pm SPFL Greatest Games 1:00pm Football's Greatest 1:30pm Football Countdowns 2:00pm EFL Greatest Games 2:30pm SPFL Greatest Games 2:45pm SPFL Greatest Games 3:00pm EFL 4:00pm Football's Greatest 4:30pm Football Countdowns 5:00pm One2eleven 5:45pm One2eleven 6:00pm Football Years 6:30pm One2eleven 6:55pm Football 9:00pm Football Countdowns 9:30pm Football's Greatest 10:00pm EFL Greatest Games 10:15pm EFL Greatest Games 10:30pm Football Years 11:00pm The Debate - Live 12:00am EFL Greatest Games

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8 - 14 November 2018

EWN 63

Advertising Feature

Get your winter viewing sorted with AA Free English TV A A FR E E E NGL I S H T V h as been providing English television services for over 15 years on the Costa Blanca, Costa Calida and now worldwide. The company fully understands the need of expats to have affordable and reliable television which AA Free English TV can provide on many different platforms including all premium channels from many countries. Using their wealth of knowledge they will happily advise you on the best system for your needs and requirements and they boast they will not be beaten on price or service. Their main specialisation is installing satellite systems mainly for E u r o p e a n c l i e n ts a n d th ey hav e d e a l t wi t h ma n y h ap p y clie n t s f r o m Ho l l an d , S p a in , France, Germany, Scandinavia,

AA TV: Pete ready to install your television system. Portugal, India and more. In s talle r S tu a rt is a fully tra in ed S k y en g ine e r w ho ha s been in Spain for over 15 years

and works with Pete, who set up the company in response to his own frustrations at not being able to get a decent reliable platform

to watch British channels. Satellites were once the main and only way to pick up British TV a nd ar e st i l l ver y popul ar with AA Free English TV clients. Free to air systems start from as little as â‚Ź295 with a one-off payment. Other options available to customers are IPTV internet protocol television. These work without a dish and j ust r equi r e an internet connection. They offer a full TV package with catch up TV s e rvi ce wi t h over 4,000 movies and 400 box sets series included, from only â‚Ź220 including the receiver. Pete believes IPTV is the future of television as the infrastructure for the internet gets better and better. All the systems are considerably cheaper than the monthly payments you pay to the rebroad-

casting companies making them the sensible choice in making real monetary savings in the long term whilst still enjoying an ever widening range of programme choices. AA Free English TV have also installed brand new community systems plus upgraded and repaired many other community systems, so call now to ask for a free quotation for your community and you will be pleasantly surprised. You can also see the systems wor ki ng bef or e you pur chase from them. They are always at t he end of t he phone and ni ne times out of 10 can get to their clients within 24 working hours. AA Free English TV Tel: 606 297 825 Visit:

64 EWN

8 - 14 November 2018


Advertising Feature PREMIERBUS believe that safety is p a r a m o u n t , a s is reg u la r training for their drivers and mechanics. They are Benidorm’s leading private coach hire operator, with a modern fleet of luxury, a i r- c o n d i t i o n e d coaches available for hire, all built to exception a l sp e c i f i c a t i o n s and maintained regardless of cost. Their drivers are experts, and your journey is planned by professionals with years of experience. Nothing is left to chance. Th e y a r e r e a d y to g o wher e v e r y o u w an t, whenever you want, and will m e e t t h e e a rlies t plane, boat or train, wide awake and ready to go. Transfers, sightseeing, business trips, day trips or extended tours. You name it, they’ll do it. First class, flexible and friendly, they operate 365 days per year, 24 hours per day. What more could you want from your

Premierbus modern luxury at the best price THE BEST: Premierbus travel all over Europe.

coach company? They have services for individuals and companies. If you need a transfer to an airport, you can count on Premierbus. They can

take you to Alicante, Valencia, Murcia, all with the best quality and the best price. The large team of smart, professional drivers are the best in the business. It takes a special

type of man or wom an t o be a s uc c e s s f ul coach dr i ver. The technical challenge of driving and navigating a vehicle on increasingly busy roads is just part of the equation. People skills are equally important, time and time and again clients call them after a booking with praise for their Premierbus driver. M a na g i ng t he pr ogr ess of a journey, whether it’s a one-day sightseeing trip to the seaside or a two-week tour of Europe, requires confident decision making and people skills, together with a positive, ‘can do’ attitude.

Their drivers are proud to drive their coaches, and the end result is a top-quality service for all their clients. Excur si ons ar e avai l abl e throughout Spain and Europe, with a professional guide, or take a trip locally to an event or simpl y have a ni ght out wher e no one has to worry about driving. Do not worry, what happens at Premierbus, stays at Premierbus. For their customers this means top quality service in every respect, with comfort, safety and value for money their top priorities. 966 811 091 - 902 099 600 Email : Av. Comunidad Valenciana S/N 03503 Benidorm, Alicante.


8 - 14 November 2018

EWN 65

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Expat community free to express views Jamie Truby’s letter ‘Appalling Views bring shame’ (EWN 1739) has brought quite a response from our readers… ON reading the letter from Jamie Truby (Issue 1739), referring to Leapy Lee’s column, I could hear the chuckles from the expat community across Spain. Yes, Jamie, we are indeed fortunate to live in a country where anyone can air his/her views on any subject and not have to worry about the PC Brigade. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to Leapy. What is worrying is your reaction, coming from what you describe as ‘the civility of the UK.’At one time, any and all views could also be expressed in that country in public. It seems this is no longer the case. To paraphrase: ‘I may not always agree with Leapy’s opinions but I will defend to the death his right to express them.’ THAT, dear Jamie, is called Democracy. Lynn Hopkins

No buts JAMIE TRUBY says (to paraphrase) ‘I believe in freedom of speech, but’ ... sorry but there are no buts. Stephen White

Dump God? JAMIE TRUBY was very, very, very upset that people did not embrace his gay lifestyle. (The knee jerk ‘homophobia’ came out as usual, because of his Christophobia, his fear or hatred of Christians who are told by God himself that homosexuality is an abomination. Perhaps he would like the world’s two billion Christians to dump their God because God does not approve of his lifestyle? Michael Hill

Sincere thanks PLEASE can I thank through your pages, the kind and honest person who found my handbag at Mojacar Mercadona. Anyone who has ever lost a handbag, containing money, passport, driving licence, credit cards etc will know how I felt when I discovered it was missing! So many, many, thanks whoever you are! Margaret Hodge

Thank you EWN! I WOULD like to say thanks to the Euro Weekly News. They are an extremely experienced team always delivering the latest news. I have advertised with them many times and received great results, and being the founder of Grant A Wish charity they have supported us hugely over the last seven years. They are a really kind-hearted team of professionals who are a pleasure to work with. Jody Bell Grant A Wish Charity


CARING: Jody and Franco at the Grant a Wish Pink and Blue Ball at the Oceana Club, Benissa.

All letters by email or post should carry the writer’s address, NIE and contact number though only the name and town will be published.

This article provided me with some very helpful tools in order to train my two-year-old pup. He explained everything so in depth in order for me to gain understanding and recognise the importance of certain training techniques and because of this, I myself am more motivated to keep on the training plan for my fur baby. After two days, I am already seeing improvements. 10/10. Thanks for your help. John My dog followed everything he asked and I started asking her to do the same things and she obeyed me right away. I highly recommend you as a trainer. (David The Dogman) Jackson

EU flag replaced with Commonwealth flag in Gibraltar Good!, make it permanent please. Enough of these intolerant, Anti-Democratic inward looking ‘little EUropeans’ - there is a big wide WORLD out there! (where 85 per cent and growing of the Global Economy is). John

Thomas Cook look to roll out more pre-bookable sunbeds in their Spanish holiday resorts

Readers who have missed correspondence can see all letters - which can be edited before publication - posted on:

Train your dog properly Comments from EWN online Great idea. This is one of the reasons I stopped going to hotels as it is difficult to find somewhere unless you get up really early, and I don’t want to if I’m on holiday. Also nice to know there is somewhere reserved when I come back from a trip. Julie

Racist row as mum dresses daughter as Benidorm ‘looky looky’ beach seller for Halloween True racism is an abomination - it is basically condemning all based on race alone. Bandying the term around merely detracts from the actual meaning and lessens its impact. I just wish these PC libertards would get a grip on what is really important. Annie

Has anyone told the Germans !


As usual the PC brigade, so desperate to be offended on behalf of others, rush to condemn, spewing more hate

than is caused by the act itself. Are any of those complainants actually black? I suspect not, as they rarely are, black people have more sense than to get offended by a child dressing up. White liberals seek racism where it isn’t. Please just calm down, you just cause more racial division by indignantly stirring up hatred as you are doing now. John

Biker dies in fall on notorious Costa del Sol road Very sad, but as you say it has very ‘Challenging Twists and Turns.’ They become more challenging the faster you go. There are several small shrines along the route to bikers who didn’t make it. PM

TWISTED TRIP: British family’s ‘holiday hell’ in tornadostruck Spanish resort It was an emergency situation! Trust a Brit to complain, what were TUI supposed to do? The power was off all over the island so there would still have been ‘stone cold water’ and for all the residents too. He should be grateful they got him safely home while the residents clear up. Jill S

66 EWN

8 - 14 November 2018

TECH FOR THE TIMID THE day I felt old, was the day I saw a 10-year-old pick up a CD, and be amazed that it contained a little book. Once upon a not-too-long-ago time, I was proud of my 300 CD collection. To millennials, that makes me a dinosaur. Welcome to the club. CD sales have plummeted. They are down around 45 per cent this year and dropping fast, though perversely, vinyl LP sales are up among the young. So, who’s the dinosaur then? Today, people ‘stream’ their music live from sites like Spotify, Apple Music or Deezer. For the fossils among us who still insist on actually owning our content, we either buy the digital versions of albums online, or we ‘rip’ (that’s copy in fossil-speak) existing CDs (or indeed vinyl, or, heaven forbid, cassettes) to MP3s, to play on our phones or dedicated players. This week’s column is a ripping yarn on how to transfer your existing CD music to MP3s.

CD or not CD?

RIPPING: Who forgot to switch off the CD copier? It is not rocket science, and certainly not beyond the abilities of even those of us well into injury time in the game of life. It assumes you still have a computer with a CD drive included, hopefully not just being used as a coffee-cup holder. There are a number of simple ‘ripping’ programs available, and many are free, including FreeRIP,

Nick Horne The Rich Pick Freelance correspondent, London, England WATCHES for ladies are small, bejewelled and driven by quartz. They may not even have a battery as ladies are assumed to be not so much interested in time as in diamonds. Or so goes the prejudice. Actually the contemporary woman is more likely to be looking for a watch that is big, bold and gold. One watch that sets it sights right at the modern woman is the Royal Oak Frosted Gold. The case of the watch measures 37mm in diameter while the case’s diamond dust sparking finish is achieved by hammering the gold surface with a diamond tipped tool to create indentations. The silver toned mirror dial under a glare proofed sapphire crystal has applied indices with luminous treated hands in the classical Royal Oak style. While a second sapphire crystal in the case back offers a delightful view of the self-winding movement, with a 3-hz frequency and a 60-hour power reserve. The creative partnership between Italian Jewellery designer Carolina Bucci and Audemars Piguet, the Royal Oak Frosted is an attention seeking piece. The diamond dust finish in yellow gold is hardly shy and retiring and is not going to stay locked away in the jewellery box, rather it’s on the wrist and in the face of any stray onlooker. The traditional Royal Oak could be considered a quintessentially male watch which has not been feminised, rather the Royal Oak has been roughed up a little, Frosted. Carolina Bucci explained her ethic as the Royal

Exact Audio Copy or Foobar2000. The process is painless enough. Put the CD you want to record in the drive, launch the ‘ripper’ program, point it to the CD you want to copy, and if you’re not one of life’s tweakers, the default settings on most programs will work just fine. If quality really matters to you, either choose the highest settings

possible for the MP3 conversion, or opt instead for a so-called ‘lossless’ conversion format, where every nuance of the original recording is copied, unlike the compression involved in MP3s. Frankly, despite being a musician and an insufferable audiophile, I can’t hear the difference, but your mileage may vary. If you don’t like the ‘tagging’ (the track names and labels) assigned to your output files automatically, you can also change some of the information - like the actual file name - manually. You can also edit the information displayed in your music player more comprehensively if it’s not to your taste, by downloading another free program - MP3tag - which even lets you change the album art shown on your screen. All that is left to do is to ‘sideload’ (a geeky word for copying) your new music files to your phone or audio player, usually through a USB cable, and then press play. Welcome to the 21st century.

Collect a watch for Christmas Oak Frosted Gold design, “I took the perfection of the Royal Oak case and bracelet and ‘roughened them up’ a little juxtaposing the perfectly imperfect Florentine finish with Swiss watchmaking precision. Now I’m doing the opposite, taking the textured surface of the Tapisserie dial and flattening it out into a perfectly smooth mirror. It’s a fresh take on an icon made in the image of the contemporary woman. “I know women with a great eye for keynote accessories who are going to love this. The mirror is always interacting with its environment, ever-changing according to what clothes you’re wearing, the décor of the room, the lighting, the time of day, the weather.” Audemars Piguet is the oldest fine watchmaking manufacturer still in the hands of its founding families. While Carolina Bucci shares Audemars Piguet’s dedication to craftsmanship and a family heritage. Tradition reinforcing modernity the contemporary woman,

TIMELESS: This lady’s watch is elegant and yet casual.

spontaneous true to life and unapologetic. Just 300 were made for just US$53,600 each. Happy shopping. Nick Horne, London, England


Recycle CDs WHAT to do with all those old CDs once you’ve ‘ripped’ their content, other than donating them to a worthy cause? I’ve used them as drinks coasters, bird-frighteners in a vegetable garden, bookmarks, driveway reflectors, candleholders and ice-scrapers. If I still lived in Asia or Africa or somesuch, it’s almost de rigueur to dangle one from the rearview mirror, though I’ve never figured out why. I’ve seen them as fridge décor, in mosaic tables, as DIY clock-faces, mirrors and even Christmas decorations. Sadly, like most of us they don’t recycle well, and millions end up in landfills every year. What I did learn, is you absolutely should not break them into pieces by hand. The nurse in our casualty department was very sympathetic.


E W N 8 - 14 November 2018





Cryptic Across 1 Very cold and resentful (6) 5 Deals with sources of gratification (6) 8 What has supervisor to do with poetry in Old English? (7) 9 Signal to a famous cyclist? (4) 10 Social sphere (4) 11 Second part of race, sprint recklessly (8) 12 Clues found in a Mickey Spillane novel (4) 13 Cherry does not need her blubber (3) 14 Some reach a delightful place in Africa (4) 16 Outlaws in gangs carrying equipment (8) 20 Atmosphere in a restaurant (4) 21 Bishop with a single part of skeleton (4) 22 I save on organised escape (7) 23 Trustee, for example, included in the rent (6) 24 Appeared to be soundly joined (6) Down 2 Is love dead or cut off? (7) 3 Tillers are shaken by such latticework (7) 4 Breaks useful for snooker players (5) 5 Party he arranged for treatment (7) 6 Antelope from Eastern country (5)

7 Implements for repairing broken stool (5) 13 Religious residence with Spanish outlet (7) 14 Poison found in any iced cocktail (7) 15 Make plans for a railhead on the mountains (7)

Code Breaker

17 Heron flying about European river (5) 18 Birds begin getting extra essentials surprisingly easily (5) 19 Getting an old horse into a ship poses problems (5)

Each number in the Code Breaker grid represents a different letter of the alphabet. In this week’s puzzle, 15 represents X and 22 represents Q, so fill in X every time the figure 15 appears and Q every time the figure 22 appears. Now, using your knowledge of the English language, work out which letters should go in the missing squares. As you discover the letters, fill in other squares with the same number in the main grid and the control grid.

Across 1 Potato chips (6) 4 Large number, amount or extent (4) 8 Separate into parts or portions (5) 9 Go into (5) 10 Country in East Asia (5,5) 13 Move faster (10) 17 Escape or avoid by cunning (5) 18 Unit of weight (5) 19 Look for (4) 20 Filled with fear or apprehension (6)

English - Spanish

Across 7 Thunderclap (6) 8 Dogs (6) 9 Island (4) 10 Then (at that time) (8) 11 Drawers (in a desk) (7) 13 Cordones (5) 15 Blonde (5) 17 Rarely (4,3) 20 Prince (8) 21 Bostezo (4) 23 Bronceado (6) 24 At random (2,4)


Down 1 Money in the form of bills or coins (4) 2 Eskimo hut (5) 3/18 Hold back to a later time (3,3) 5 Make different (5) 6 Disperse widely (6) 7 Plastic drinking container (6) 11 Bank clerk (6) 12 Military trainees (6) 14 Feel a powerful desire for (5) 15 Friendly Islands (5) 16 Bitter quarrel between two parties (4) 18 See 3

The clues are mixed, some clues are in Spanish and some are in English.

Down 1 Grey (in colour) (4) 2 Sin (religious) (6) 3 Para siempre (7) 4 Granos (en la piel) (5) 5 Press (newspapers) (6) 6 ¡Ven aquí! (4,4) 12 Acuario (8) 14 Suitcases (7) 16 Unknown (6) 18 De todos modos (6) 19 Worthy (5) 22 Débil (persona) (4)


Fill all the empty squares using the numbers 1 to 9, so that the sum of each horizontal block equals the ‘clue’ on its left, and the sum of each vertical block equals the clue on its top. No number may be used in the same block more than once.


How many English words of four letters or more can you make from the nine letters in our Nonagram puzzle? Each letter may be used only once (unless the letter appears twice). Each word MUST CONTAIN THE CENTRE LETTER (in this case B) and there must be AT LEAST ONE NINE LETTER WORD. Plurals, vulgarities or proper nouns are not allowed.











Saturday November 03

Good: 15








Very good: 22


Excellent: 29

LAST WEEK’S SOLUTION Tuesday October 30





1 12



Friday November 02





7 11






Fill the grid so that every row, every column and every 3X3 box contains the digits 1-9. There’s no maths involved. You solve the puzzle with reasoning and logic.

Thursday November 01







Saturday November 03







A meeting midweek could mean a change to your finances for the better. In the short term, it may be necessary for you to rearrange money and appointments but try not to be too put out. Change is something that we become less tolerant of after a situation has gone on for a time.

There is so much that has come to light in the past few weeks, it is no wonder that your mind is reeling. All will become clear in the weeks ahead and this cannot be rushed. However, there is a need to look after your health and get out in the fresh air. Any thought of joining a walking club or health group should be pursued.

ARIES (March 21 - April 20) A pleasant surprise makes you a little more optimistic midweek. It is possible for you to take on negativity too quickly. The next time something does not go according to plan, hold fire. It is amazing what a little time and distance will solve.


39 4

JOKER: 9 201 378


AQUARIUS (January 21 - February 19)

PISCES (February 20 - March 20)


aced acid acne alec cane cant cedi ceil cent cite clad clan dace dice iced lace laic lice nice talc acini acted actin antic cadet caned canid cilia cited clean cleat clint dance decal dicta edict enact iliac laced lance licit linac nicad telic cadent candle canted cantle client decant delict elicit enatic incite indict italic lanced lancet lectin lentic ciliate citadel deltaic dialect incited actinide ciliated indicate IDENTICAL


Saturday November 03


Average: 11




TAURUS (April 21 - May 21) Although last week was not run at the pace anticipated, now the pace certainly picks up. Finances are still firmly on the agenda, but this time you will be able to deal on a more relaxed basis. A contact made recently gives you the opportunity not only to make some money but also to enlarge your circle of friends.

JOKER: 9 739 741

GEMINI (May 22 - June 21)






8 49







1 Músico, 4 Gospel, 9 Sueca, 10 Alacrán, 11 Assorted, 12 Uñas, 14 Dorado, 16 Deeper, 19 Codo, 20 Portátil, 23 Vulture, 24 Olive, 25 Scared, 26 Atasco.

1 Detach, 4 Masses, 9 Cabinet, 10 Scene, 11 Mayor, 12 Cheated, 13 Headmasters, 18 Returns, 20 Rogue, 22 Chain, 23 Elegant, 24 Rotten, 25 Mortar.

Down: 1 Mustard, 2 Steps, 3 Cuadrado, 5 Ojal, 6 Parsnip, 7 Lunes, 8 Nacer, 13 Beetroot, 15 Rodilla, 17 Relleno, 18 Money, 19 Caves, 21 Twins, 22 Rude.

Down: 1 Decamp, 2 Tabby, 3 Centred, 5 Aisle, 6 Sweater, 7 Steady, 8 Stock answer, 14 Extract, 15 Torpedo, 16 Grocer, 17 Heater, 19 Rinse, 21 Graft.








Across: 1 Sever, 3 Sushi, 6 Ale, 8 Cover up, 9 Daily, 10 Opus, 13 Away, 14 Wages, 17 Trident, 18 Pea, 19 Signs, 20 Edges.

Down: 1 Sham, 2 Recall, 3 Save, 4 Scrapheap, 5 Impose, 7 Emanating, 11 Cactus, 12 Rattle, 15 Less, 16 Pass.


Make a point of putting on a happy face and your mood will stay high. There is still some more to be done to improve your social life and a recent offer of charity work may be just the thing. Avoid restricting the sort of folk who you are willing to mix with.

CANCER (June 22 - July 23) Being considerably more relaxed about those things which cannot be changed has taken a weight from your shoulders. It is also easier to understand why others have taken this approach in the past. There is, however, a balance to be found. Don't be put off by people who have become sloppy in their approach because this is not going to affect you.

LEO (July 24 - August 23) Are you still patting yourself on the

back for that recent achievement? Socially, this is a lovely week when old friendships are strengthened and new acquaintances prove to be relaxing. It is another mellow week but one in which you seriously consider making a major change.

VIRGO (August 24 - September 23) Be your charming self this week without pushing too much. A natural approach when you are seeking a response is the best course of action. Simply being in the right place and under someone’s gaze is all that is required. Are you getting itchy because an offer is not forthcoming? Well, if you absolutely must, then get a little bird to whisper in their ear.

LIBRA (September 24 - October 23) It is clear that you really love your hearth and home but, every now and again, there is a small voice calling. The good things in life appeal and, to have these, an effort is involved. Do not underestimate the amount of pleasure that you will enjoy when putting in that extra effort. It does, after all, involve other people. Some of those people prove to be quite fascinating.

SCORPIO (October 24 - November 22) Having put in extra effort to bring a zing into your life, it is important that you keep the impetus going. This is not only good for your health and wealth, but also your mind. Although trying something new brings a few odd remarks your way, try not to be sidetracked.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23 - December 21) There is still a strong accent on family matters and getting things sorted out. The way ahead is clear. If you are able to persuade someone that an idea was theirs and not yours, so much the better. Being in a practical mood serves you well because it is possible to get a lot done in the next few days. The weekend, however, is another matter.

CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 20) Your mind is still sharp this week and there are many questions that you would like answered. Doing a bit of research proves fruitful and also quite amusing. A recent contact may not come up with the proposition hoped for, but realise that it is still early days.

QUIZ: MYTHICAL CREATURES 1. According to Irish folklore, leprechauns are solitary creatures who spend their time making and mending what? 2. Created in 1937 by novelist J R R Tolkien, what sort of imaginary creature is Bilbo Baggins? 3. ‘Every time a child says “I don't believe in fairies” there is a little fairy somewhere that falls down dead’ is a famous line from which 1904 play and a 1911 novel by J M Barrie? 4. In Enid Blyton’s series of Noddy books, what is the name of the wise, bearded brownie who lives in a toadstool house outside of Toyland and is Noddy's helper and father-figure? 5. In J K Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, what is the name of the house-elf who warns him not to return to Hogwarts and admits to intercepting Harry's post from his friends? 6. In Shakespeare’s comedy A Midsummer Night’s Dream, what are the names of the King and Queen of the Fairies? 7. The question researchers of which British comedy panel game television quiz show are known as Elves?

8. What did 16-year-old Elsie Wright and her nine-year old cousin Frances Griffiths claim that they had taken five photographs of in the Yorkshire village of Cottingley in mid-1917? 9. What was the name of the English poet who wrote the epic poem The Faerie Queene, published in two parts, in 1590 and 1596? 10. Which 1994 American Christmas fantasy family comedy film starring Tim Allen as Scott Calvin also features David Krumholtz as Bernard the Head Elf and Paige Tamada as Judy the Elf? Not a lot of people know that… a hybrid lion-eagle creature, the griffin was revered in mythology as the king of all creatures, and is found in European, Islamic, and Far Eastern traditions. One of the more unusual aspects of the species is that its claws were believed to cure the blind and have other medicinal powers.



8 - 14 November 2018


8 - 14 November 2018

V I S I T O U R W E B S I T E W W W. E U R O W E E K LY N E W S . C O M ROSACEA - those painful red facial patches some of us suffer from- can be both uncomfortable and distressing. Often mistaken for acne or eczema, rosacea is an inflammatory condition which can cause the blood vessels in the face to swell and become more obvious. More common in fair-skinned people, experts do not yet fully understand what causes rosacea, which first presents itself in the form of large, red bumps. While as yet not everything is known about the condition, doctors do agree there are various factors which can exacerbate the condition, and that avoiding these could help control breakouts. The first and most important thing to do if you have developed any new, chronic skin condition on the face, such as itching, redness, or spots, is to see a pharmacist of doctor who may be able to advise you what you are suffering from. This is particularly important if the condition is near your eyes. Rosacea has four sub-types and if you are still uncertain, it may be helpful to consult a dermatologist who will be able to tell you exactly which condition you have in more detail.



Treating rosacea

ROSACEA: Can be uncomfortable and distressing. If you know you have rosacea, although distressing, try not to worry too much. This is a common condition which affects around one in 10 people in the UK,

according to Bupa. It can fluctuate with seasonal changes, as well as hormonal ones and many things can be done to lessen its symptoms or appearance.

The British Skin Foundation recommends, ‘the inflammatory element of rosacea may be controlled with a drug applied to the affected areas. It takes at least eight weeks


for its effect to become evident.’ For some cases, oral antibiotics may help, ‘these are helpful for the inflammatory element of moderate or severe rosacea. The most commonly used antibiotics belong to the tetracycline group and include tetracycline, oxytetracycline, doxycycline, lymecycline and minocycline. Erythromycin is another commonly used antibiotic. The duration of an antibiotic course depends on your response. Your doctor may suggest that you use a cream and oral treatment together.’ There are also things you can do at home to help the condition. These include protecting your skin from the sun by using a sun block (with a sun protection factor of at least 30) on your face. You should also take care not to rub or scrub your face when cleansing or use perfumed soap as this can make rosacea worse. It may also help to use an unperfumed moisturiser on a regular basis if your skin is dry or sensitive. Finally, gentle make-up can be used to lessen the appearance of rosacea. Try to choose a more natural, unperfumed formula with good coverage that still allows your skin to breathe.


Beating the bloat WE’VE all had that feeling after a large meal or an indulgent holiday, when your stomach can feel over-full or uncomfortable. It can be easy to assume this is simply because we have put on a pound or two but even if we make all the right food choices, the cause can just be simple bloating of the stomach. This condition, can have various causes but thankfully is easily treated. According to, ‘abdominal bloating occurs when the gastrointestinal (GI) tract is filled with air or gas. Most people describe bloating as feeling full, tight, or swollen in the abdomen. ‘Your abdomen may also be swollen (distended), hard, and painful. Bloating is often accompanied by pain, excessive gas (flatulence), frequent

burping or belching, abdominal rumbling or gurgles’ The site claims the most common cause of bloating is gas which can enter the stomach by eating or drinking too quickly, as well as by taking in too many fizzy drinks. Chewing gum and smoking can also cause the problem. If this is the case, try to slow down eating and cut back on fizzy drinks, taking time to chew and enjoy your food. Certain foods can also cause bloating, including beans and legumes. Instead, try to substitute lighter lentils and black beans which can be more easily digested. Wheat can also cause bloating in those who have a gluten intolerance. If you suspect this may be you, why not try some gluten-free alternatives for pasta and bread and see if this helps.

8 - 14 November 2018

EWN 71

Sleeping beauty WE all know we should get at least eight hours sleep a night. This advice has been drummed into us from childhood, sparking a lucrative industry of products promising to help us get to and stay asleep. We know sleep helps us recover from the day before, resting our bodies and allowing certain chemical processes to kick in which prepare us for the day ahead. But did you also know night-time is when your skin tries to repair itself, making it an optimum time to use certain beauty products? At night, skin goes into a mode of recovery, fighting to repair any damage caused in the day. In fact, it can heal up to three times faster at night than in the day time. The hormone melatonin primarily works to make us feel sleepy but also works during the day to ward off damage from UV and pollution. Another hormone, HGH (the human growth hormone), also gets to work while we sleep, helping to speed up our skin’s repair process and regenerate cells. This causes our cell production to double between the hours of 11pm and 4am and potentially triple in our deep sleep

between 2am and 4am. So it’s no wonder cosmetic companies are falling over themselves to create products designed specifically to be used at night and which take advantage of and assist our bodies’ natural processes. The range of products available ranges from serums, to creams and masks, each promising to tackle a variety of issues and help you wake up looking more rested. So which one is for you? If you are suffering from red, inflamed or sensitive skin, you may benefit from a calming solution which will work with your body as it restores itself. REN Evercalm Overnight Recovery Balm (€48 from is a ‘rich night balm that feeds the skin when it is most perceptive to healing. Targeting sensitivity, inflammation and dryness, the balm boosts and safeguards natural regeneration and repair.’ For more sensitive skins which prefer a more natural approach, the formula uses olive, almond, borage, jojoba, beta-glu-

can, sunflower and linseed oils to calm stressed out skins. For a more anti-ageing product for those worried more about lines and wrinkles, there is the Clinique Turnaround Overnight Revitalising Moisturiser (€53.50 from This cream claims to work overnight to reveal more luminous skin, and ‘gently clears the dulling effects of time and sun damage, nourishing with moisture.’ Finally, for those specifically worried about dryness around the eyes, there are a variety of overnight eye creams such as Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye Cream (€30 from This balm claims to strengthen, ‘skin under the eye while minimising the presence of fine lines and morning puffy eyes.’ REN: Offers a product to repair skin overnight.

72 EWN

8 - 14 November 2018


Advertising Feature

Beat winter skin woes with Medcare AS well as being a leading medical and dental clinic, Medcare has been providing aesthetics services to thousands of expatriates for over 10 years on the Costa Blanca. The medical aesthetics department is led by Doctor Hussain, British GP trained at Guys and St Thomas’ in London. She has a passion for natural aesthetic results and is continually adapting to keep treatments and products in line with the latest UK trends. As she is fully licensed and registered here in Spain, you can be sure of a professional service in a safe environment. At this time of year, the change of season brings changes in our skin. It feels drier, tighter and can be lacklustre. With this in mind, the aesthetics team at Medcare has created two wonderful product kits to combat these winter skin worries. The Winter Revival Kit includes Glo S kin B e a u t y R e sto rativ e ma s k an d Restorative cream. This powerful duo revitalises dull-looking skin overnight! With natural ingredients and completely crueltyfree, Glo Skin Beauty has always been a clinic favourite.

HALLOWEEN has come and gone, Bonfire Night is in the rear-view mirror and now Christmas is looming firmly on the horizon. This can only mean one thing; winter is definitely here. This is no bad thing. Winter signals the beginning of snuggly nights in, log burning fires, mulled wine and our favourite comforting foods.

The products have high concentrations of active ingredients such as retinol and vitamin C that High Street and pharmacy brands do n o t p rovide , a nd they provide real results. Another fab u lo u s kit created by the Medcare team is the Winter Glow Trio. Containing Glycolic cleanser, brightening polish (a natu ra l s c rub) and brighteni n g

serum, this arsenal combats winter woes by leaving an extra dewy and glowing skin! G lyc olic a c id ha s be com e a huge favourite to beauty buffs, as it effectively resurfaces the skin. One of Medcare’s regular patients started using the glycolic products from Glo four months ago and has said she has never had such gorgeous skin. Even after using some very expensive brands in the past she has never had such good results as she has had with the Glo Skin Beauty products. A s M e dc a re i s at t he f or efront of anti-ageing treatments, what better offer for the upcoming Black Friday event than a whopping 15 per cent off Botox and fillers a n d ALL ski ncare products! To be booked ONLY on Fri-

day, November 23, for an appointment over the following two weeks. In order to enjoy the new season and your renewed glowing skin, it is of course important to stay well. Don’t fall foul of the flu! Get your vaccination at Medcare for just €25. Book now as there is limited availability. Finally, don’t forget that at Medcare you can get your friend or loved one a gift they REALLY want wi t h a Gi f t Car d. For a treatment package or product kit, you can give the perfect present for a birthday, anniversary, wedding or Christmas! For all your medical, dental, cosmetic surgery, osteopathy or psychotherapy needs and to book your aesthetics treatments, including cosmetic surgery, call 966 860 258 or email or call in to the clinics in Benijofar or Alfaz del Pi. Open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

WINTER GLOW: Medcare has special skin care kits.

Feeling oil-right But the season’s colder, wetter weather can also play havoc with our skin, hair and nails. The constant merry-go-round of central heating, high winds and dri-

ving rain can destroy our lipid (moisture) layers, leaving us with peeling nails, dry, bushy hair, and flaky skin. Nip this unpleasant seasonal side

effect in the bud, by using a threein-one oil to protect against moisture loss. A natural oil such as argan, jojoba or apricot kernel can be used to

slick through hair ends, massage onto nail beds and can be applied to wet skin post-shower, leaving you glowing, hydrated and ready for the festive period.


8 - 14 November 2018

EWN 73

Advertising Feature

Don’t suffer in silence MANY people accept and almost expect that they will suffer hearing problems as they get older, but there is no need to suffer in silence. Leslie Hill, of Hills Hearing Care, is committed to bringing both volume and quality back to sufferers on the Costa Blanca. With more than 30 years experience and esteemed qualifications as a registered hearing aid dispenser and a member of the Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists, hearing consultant Leslie is an ambassador to his profession. He works to provide precious relief for those with hearing impairments improving their quality of life once more. Leslie worked for Amplivox Ultratone, one of the UK’s leading hearing aid suppliers, for more than 25 years. During this time he had an 18month deployment to Spain, where he paved the way for expats to receive expert care which he now offers having returned to the Costa Blanca and established his own hearing consultancy. Through Hills Hearing Care, Leslie delivers

the same UK standards of care and service as well as recognised brand names in hearing devices that clients can depend on. He can offer a complete service from the initial hearing test to prescription and fitting of a broad spectrum of hearing aids. Hearing aids can differ in accordance with the person’s needs, preferences and lifestyle and he is dedicated to finding the best possible solution for each person’s requirements. Leslie is happy to visit the client at their own home, travelling from Mazarron to Torrevieja, where he will offer his professional advice and allow customers to inspect the hearing aids available to them with no obligation to buy. At Hills Hearing Care, client satisfaction is paramount so the service does not end at the point of sale, but they will also take care of the servicing, testing and repair of hearing aids as required. All products are manufactured and repaired by registered UK companies for opti-

CC creams WHETHER you’re a washand-go type, or you like to leave the house primped to perfect i o n , t h e r e i s o n e beauty product which can seriously cut down on the time it t a k e s t o g e t r e ad y each morning. CC, or colour-correcting creams, combine a series of daily e sse n t i a l s su c h a s moisturiser, SPF, and foundation in one product, eliminating the need to buy and use s e v e r a l d i ff e re n t creams. While C C c r e a m s h a v e been around for a while, the lates t g e n e r a t i o n i n c lu d e even more benefits, including light-diffusing particles which blur the look of lines and im p e r f e c t i o n s, an d colour correctors to treat specific concerns like sallowness. Winter skin can become red an d f l u sh e d . I f th is sounds like you, opt for a CC cream with a green tone which will cancel out any redness. If s a l l o wn e ss i s y o u r

p ro b le m, a la v en d e rtinted product will cut th ro u g h y e llo w n es s , while a dull complexio n ca n b e re v ers e d w ith a p ea c h coloured product.

HILLS HEARING: Hear once again thanks to Leslie Hill. mum peace of mind and purchases are insured for 12 months, which can be extended should the client wish, whilst repairs carry a six-month guarantee. So for a chance to hear how noisy the world

is again, call Leslie now and make an appointment for your free no obligation hearing test. Hill Hearing Care Tel: 686 686 885

74 EWN

8 - 14 November 2018


Advertising Feature

Optica Optima offers optimum service in Costa Blanca OPTICA OPTIMA offers an exclusive tailored service with English-speaking staff and extremely competitive offers on frames. And with 17 branches across the Alicante Province and Murcia, the company is accessible, too. Once you have completed an eye test and agreed upon the strength of lens needed, you can select from an extensive range of fashion frames for both normal and sunglasses. Bvlgari, Chanel, Dior, Chopard, Gucci, Prada Rayban, Oakley and Marc Jacobs are among the wide range of designer frames which cater for all tastes and budgets. All members of staff are trained to be proficient in the provision of professionally conducted and free of charge eye tests.

The group focuses on prevention when it comes to eye health, and is equipped with the means to test for problems such as glaucoma the main cause of blindness in the world - as well as age related macular degeneration. The range of services offered can help to detect problems early, before they become a major issue. Using the latest technology, Optica Optima can create a ‘visual map’ which allows staff to analyse eye movements. From this, they can create personalised varifocal lenses which will adapt to your eye, giving you clarity throughout the day. Optica Optima can also equip your lenses with the latest anti-glare treatments, capable not only of eliminating reflections but also of blocking UV, blue light

emitted by tablets and mobile phones, and even infrared radiation which can damage our eyes. From the very beginning, Optica Optima has specialised in catering to the needs of the expatriate community and those with holiday homes on the Costa Blanca. For those who don’t have time to pop into one of their many stores, the company’s very informative website provides an opportunity to choose frames and re-order contact lens and accessories. Members of the group are waiting to help in one of their stores: To find out where your nearest store is, visit the website, call 965 294 459, or email:




8 - 14 November 2018

Update on food, drink, entertainments, what’s on and weekly happenings


Good for a Smile SYA: Fruit and vegetables take centre stage.

The importance of five a day THERE is quite a buzz around the town of Orihuela as it is shortly to host the third International Symposium of the Agroalimentary Sector of the Vega Baja. Sounds a bit worthy but it’s basically all about food and the growth of fruit and vegetables and their importance to individual health and to the local economy. It takes place at the Audito-

rium of the Lonja de Orihuela on November 22 and 23 and there will representatives of all aspects of the agri-food industry who will be happy to share their knowledge and expectations for the future. There are workshops each day and although it is aimed mainly at businesses, it is easy to sign up to attend by visiting the website http://syaori

THE Smile Charity Group continues to amuse audiences around the Costa Blanca South area with its regular performances of often specially written comic plays and any profits from their performances are shared amongst local charities. Whilst some shows from their latest comedy production, Escape from Butlitz (which was written especially for them by the late John Wallace) have already been performed during October, there are four evenings in November where you will have the chance to see what they have to offer. The play is described as a hilarious adult comedy set in post war Britain which tells the story of the attempts of Lenny to persuade his wife Lena to stay in a holiday camp which, it transpires, may have been taken over by aliens who need human beings for their own nefarious purposes. It only costs €10 (which includes a meal) and the four last shows take place on the following dates; Wednesday November 14 at The Club Quesada Thursday November 15 at Marjal Camping Guardamar Friday November 16 back to The Club Quesada Friday November 23 at El Paraiso de Guardamar


SMILE: Lenny and Lena may be in trouble. Doors open at 7.30pm and the evening starts with food before the performance and tickets can be purchased from each of the venues, The Postroom Benijofar, Oasis Bar Bistro Benijofar or by calling 665 222 974.

Books and Spanish lessons BUYING books in your native language here in Spain can be an expensive business but the town of Benijofar is reopening its International Library which loans out books in English, Dutch, French and German. That’s not all though as from its office above the Local Police station you can take part in English/Spanish conversations and there are also Spanish classes for foreigners every Tuesday from 4pm to 6pm. You can register for any of these services at the International Library on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 10am and 1pm.

76 EWN

8 - 14 November 2018


Calle Marte 2, La Florida, 03189 Orihuela Costa Tel: 647 681 294

Christmas Eve Party Disco with Ricky Devine

Choose from Roast Beef or Roast Pork served with roast & mash potatoes,Yorkshire pudding,vegetables and meaty gravy €6 per person. Meal served at 7.30pm


Calle Marte 2, La Florida, 03189 Orihuela Costa Tel: 647 681 294



TEL: 965 327 138


TEL: 965 327 138


Learn a new art IF you or your family want to learn how to produce great mandalas, then there is a free workshop at the CIAJ in Torrevieja this afternoon (Thursday) starting at 5.30pm. Reservations are necessary by calling into the CIAJ at Paseo Juan Aparicio, 5, Tor or phoning 965 710 250 and the workshop is open to those aged 12 or above. A mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, representing the universe and is said to bring peace and harmony to those who both produce and view them.

Two superb concerts in December THE first week in December is a good week for popular music in Torrevieja as both La Union and Antonio Orozco are performing at the Auditorio. La Union have sold more than two million records earning them platinum and multi-platinum awards during their career which started in Madrid in the 1980’s. They are probably the only group that remains from the Madrilenian movida of the 80’s and, although their style has evolved substantially, and they are still going strong, currently promoting their ‘Hipgnosis’ Best of albums. Tickets for the concert which starts at 10pm on Saturday December 1 cost from €25 to €35. Following La Union, with two concerts on Saturday December 8 at 9pm and Sunday December 9 at 11pm is ÚNICO, the latest tour by Antonio Orozco. After the success he achieved with the original ÚNICO, an extensive tour which started in 2013 and ended in 2016, he is now touring ÚNICO 2a TEMPORADA which will see no less than 100 performances

throughout Spain. After announcing this new tour the singer songwriter said “It is not a concert, it’s not a play, it’s not a movie, it’s not prose, it’s not poetry, you do not look for anything ordinary and do nothing but let yourself be found, we’ll talk about you, we’ll talk about your life, your emotions and also your fears. “ You are UNIQUE and this performance is neither more nor less, than a wonderful part of your life. “If you ever thought that my songs were about you, then do not think about it anymore, they do talk about you!” With more than 1,500,000 albums sold since 2,000 Antonio Orozco is one of the most celebrated and supported artists in Spain, with numerous platinum albums and a nomination for a Latin Grammy which has seen his popularity explode in Spain, South America, Mexico and the USA. Tickets are selling fast but can be ordered online costing from €35 to €45 for either concert.

A musical feast day

ON STAGE: The Musical Union of Saint Cecilia. AS the feast day for Saint Cecilia, patron saint of musicians falls on Thursday November 22, there will be two special concerts taking place at the Teatro Capitol in Rojales. The first takes place on Sunday November 18 at 7pm and features a selection of

8 - 14 November 2018

music from favourite Zarzuelas performed by local band the Lira de Rojales under the direction of Ricardo Ruiz with appearances by Soprano Susanna Vardanyan and Tenor Francisco Albaladejo. The second concert also starts at 7pm on the following Sunday when the band of the

UM Santa Cecilia de Rojales plays some of its favourite numbers in honour of the saint after which it is named. To show the diversity of music during the week, the band Unrisen Queen, are due to perform their Queen tribute at the theatre on Saturday November 17.

TALENTED: Antonio Orozco a singer and judge in La Voz.

EWN 77

8 - 14 November 2018

SOCIAL SCENE Credit: SER Comunicación flickr

78 EWN

IN CONCERT: Malú always promises to be exciting.

With millions of records sold, Malú is on tour MARÍA LUCÍA SÁNCHEZ BENÍTEZ was given the nickname of Malú by her aunt as she thought that her real name was too long and she has been performing as Malú since she started singing. Her family has without doubt a strong link with flamenco as she is the daughter of singer Pepe de Lucia, niece of the late and great guitarist Paco de Lucia and performs with her brother Jose de Lucia who plays guitar in her band. With the help and guidance of her

family and Alejandro Sanz who wrote the song Apprentice for her, she released her first album at the age of 16 which sold more than 600,000 and based on that, she was signed by Walt Disney records to perform one of the songs on the Mulan cartoon soundtrack. Although she comes from a strong flamenco background, she has opted for a more rock/pop feel which interprets the music from her heritage, but is still considered to be very modern and in keeping with current trends.

She is something of a household name in Spain, not just because of her singing but she has been a regular judge and mentor on La Voz and has also appeared on La Voz Kids. Her latest tour which only has around 10 dates in Spain sees her performing songs from her recently released 12th studio album Oxygen and she will now be appearing at the Plaza de Toros in Murcia City on Friday November 16 (following the cancellation of an original October date) with tickets costing from €28 to €39.


8 - 14 November 2018

EWN 79

Pop Art still lives on

CUQUI GUILLÉN: ‘Queen of Spanish pop art.’ ALTHOUGH Pop Art originated in the UK in the late 1950’s, America is more associated with the genre with the works of such diverse artists as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. Fascinated by images from modern culture, there are also pop artists here in Spain who continue the tradition and one of those is Cuqui Guillén who is known by the soubriquet, ‘Queen of Spanish pop art.’ Some of her work will be on display in an exhibition with free entry, ‘Senza Fine’ is at the Palacio Molina in Cartagena until January 6 next year. The exhibition houses large-format canvases and drawings all based on the aesthetics of pop art which have strong links to cinema and the world of advertising. The hall is open Tuesday to Friday from 10am to 2pm and 5pm to 8pm whilst on Saturday and Sunday, it is open from 11am to 2pm.

A Christmas tradition REHEARSALS are now in full, hilarious swing for the Stagestruck Christmas pantomime, Robin Hood and Babes in the Wood. The wicked witch Merkela and Sheriff Chump are after the Babes, Theresa and Boris, but everyone hopes that Robin Hood can save the day and win the hand of the lovely Maid Marion (oh yes they do!). To enjoy the festive fun of a good British pantomime go along to the Teatro Cardenal Belluga in San Fulgencio between December 6 and 8 as tickets cost just €8 and include a drink. Make sure that you have your seats reserved by calling in to The Card Place, Benimar, The Post Box, Dona Pepa, Leaf ’s Restaurant (on the Lemon Tree Road) or Cards and More, La Marina To reserve and collect at the door call 625 883 387 or email Net proceeds go to the Alzheimer’s Society and other local charities.

SAD ENDING: A scene from La Traviata.

A night at the opera AFTER the breakup of the USSR and the independence of different Russian Republics, some, including the divided Moldova found themselves in a poor financial state. There was however a great heritage of the arts in these various States and the national opera company of Moldova which was founded in the mid-1940’s became a professional company in 1956. This group is one of the few ex-Soviet opera companies to retain its own orchestra, chorus, soloists and ballet company. Apart from presenting different productions in its capital and other parts of the former Russia, the company has a permanent touring group which plays across much of Europe earning valuable foreign currency for the company.

On Friday November 17, they will arrive at the Gran Teatro in Elche presenting a performance of La Traviata by Verdi with tickets for the opera which starts at 8pm and lasts 190 minutes with breaks costing €30, €32 and €35. Like most opera, it doesn’t have a happy ending and tells the story of Violetta, a courtesan who discovers that she is seriously ill but still attracts the attention of a young nobleman Alfredo and they live together, happily for a while until beset by financial difficulty. Unknown to Alfredo, his father persuades Violetta to leave him and hurt and upset he returns to his family, however after discovering that her disease is in its final stages, he returns to her and she dies in his arms.


E W N Costa Blanca South

8 - 14 November 2018

V I S I T O U R W E B S I T E W W W . E U R O W E E K LY N E W S . C O M




WHILE most people are attracted to Spain for its beaches, countryside or cities, some culture vultures may be more interested in a property in one of Spain’s most Roman artefact-rich areas, Extremadura. This autonomous community is the furthest west in Spain, sharing a large border with Portugal and featuring some of Spain’s most impressive Roman ruins. As well as being rich in amphitheatres, ancient bridges, fountains and roads, Extremadura was the birthplace of many of Spain’s most famous conquistadors who later returned, building elaborate palaces and castles which remain today. The area also hosts a variety of wildlife in it’s national park in Monfrague, which features awe-inspiring views, as well as prehistoric caves and cave paintings. Better still, property in Extremadura is very reasonable, as it has no coast line and is still relatively unknown. The region’s capital Merida, was founded by the Romans in the 1st century BC and contains remains of the very well-preserved and stillused Teatro Romano (Roman theatre). This spectacular double-tiered theatre is now used for operas and plays, and is open for both day and night visits.


Room to Rome

TRUJILLO CORTIJO: On sale for €698,000. The city also offers the remains of an amphitheatre originally used for gladiatorial games and animal fights, a hippodrome, an aqueduct, a temple to the goddess Diana and original mosaics and statues in it’s Roman museum. Elsewhere in Extremadura lies a 16th century Renaissance palace restored by famed explorer Juan Pizarro, the conquistador who conquered Peru alongside his three brothers in 1532. On returning home to Spain, he took over a 15th century military fortress, restoring it into a Renaissance palace which still stands today. This impressive building, located in the small

TEATRO ROMANO: Now used for operas and plays. town of Trujillo, hosted Don Quixote author, Miguel de Cervantes. If the idea of living amongst this cultural wealth is enough to tempt you away from the beaches and mountains, what sort of properties can you expect to find there? For easy access to the sights, why not consider a four-bedroom bolthole in central Merida, for €63,000 with Inmobiliaria Cervantes. The 112 square metre apartment is within walking distance of the city’s main attractions and less than an hour’s drive from Portugal. If you fancy something more in-keeping with

the region’s historic heritage, check out an 11bedroom, 19th century country house just outside Trujillo. On sale with Idealista for €698,000, this cortijo has its own ancient winery, swimming pool, and six hectares of vineyards and olive groves, only a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Madrid. Finally, less than a two-hour drive from Sevilla is a 20-room, 19th century manor house in Burguillos del Cerro. On the market for €475,000 with Housell, this property is chockfull of original features, giving you a taste of the area’s cultural heritage.


Beware of rental pitfalls WHEN it comes to renting property in Spain whether it be short or long term - it has only been relatively recently that tighter rules have been introduced in the various Autonomous Communities; especially rules connected with holiday rentals. The tougher action was taken when increased places which were advertised for rent, had no basic amenities, such as ceiling fans or air conditioning, both vital pieces of equipment to ensure a comfortable summer stay. Some were even found to have no natural light in bedrooms, with others falling below the accepted health and safety standards. The only issue is that each region has its own rules and regulations, although there are important ones that apply across Spain. Yes, you must declare all rental income to the taxman, and you must have a licence to advertise the property which will make everything legal and above board. Different rules apply to different types of rental contract on offer, depending if it’s long or short-term or a holiday let. As always, if you’ve any doubts on what you’re being offered, or asked to sign on the dotted line, it is best to seek legal advice before committing yourself and to avoid the many pitfalls. If you are looking to receive income from renting out a property which is not your main home, this can be done for a period of three

years with an option to renew after a year and thereafter. If you decide not to renew the contract after three years, you need to give the tenant two months advance notice. As a landlord, you are responsible for the maintenance and refurbishment of the property, whereas the tenant is expected to pay for minor work such as a leaking tap. A tenant with a long-term rental contract in Spain has key rights under the law. This means, if you intend to sell the property, the tenant must be given first refusal before any other buyers, and they have 30 days to confirm whether they wish to purchase it themselves. If the tenant isn’t told by the landlord that the property is up for sale, they can take legal action when it is later sold, and if the tenant can come up with the funds within 30 days, they can buy the property outright. However, many landlords and tenants agree to have these clauses taken out of the rental contract. As for short-term holiday rentals, apart from being the most popular form of renting, it also has the least rights for the tenants. Not that it is straightforward, as nowadays there are several things that a property owner must do before they can legally rent out to holidaymakers. This has been due to the rise of Airbnb, and as such many local authorities have cracked down on private rentals.

8 - 14 November 2018

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82 EWN

8 - 14 November 2018


HOUSE sales have maintained an encouraging pace since 2014, reversing the trend of declining transactions. The improved economy, and despite wage stagnation, a return to more accessible finance has stimulated demand that had lain dormant while waiting for better times. In fact, between January and October this year, a total of 352,768 new and pre-owned homes changed hands, compared with 317,437 during the same period last year, accumulating an annual increase of 11.1 per cent. “The evolution of sales is maintaining a rhythm of sustained growth and for the first time since 2008 operations will top the half-million mark by the end of the year,” said Fernando Encinar, research director at Idealista. “More houses were sold in the first eight months of

this year than throughout 2015.” These encouraging figures nevertheless fall short of 2007 when the property boom was at its height. In that pre-crisis year, 555,211 homes changed hands between January and August, 57 per cent more than during this period in 2018. Encinar believes that a possible drop in sales in coming months could be a sign of the market’s maturity, but also attributable to rising prices. “Despite the economic context and more accessible financing, most of the population continue to experience significant problems when buying a home owing to insufficient savings and low purchasing power,” Encinar said. “If prices continue to rise, the offer will not correspond to demand,” warned Beatriz Toribio from Fotocasa.

Photo credit: Pixabay

Autumn hope

PERFECT: Choose your finca by the sea or inland.

Mallorca - traditional meets contemporary MALLORCA is fast becoming the perfect place to buy a second home. With a beautiful coastline, natural landscapes, luxury houses, and a more than impressive mountain range, what more could you possibly need? One of the most popular property purchases is the Mallorcan finca. Mention the word finca to many and they conjure up a rustic house, often in need of renovation

and lots of hard work. Yes, they exist for those that are looking for a building project, but the typical finca in Mallorca is much more than that. They are large, luxurious villas found in the island’s interior, with many having a large plot of land containing an olive tree plantation. As a result, you can guarantee a high degree of privacy and much-valued peace and quiet.

If you’re looking for something closer to the coastal areas, there are a number of fincas with spacious gardens, swimming pools and plenty of space that are perfect for retiring to or simply a holiday or weekend retreat. From the oldest to the most modern, a Mallorcan finca is full of its own unique character and charm, featuring some of the traditional elements of the island’s architecture, such as the arches and the stone walls.





8 - 14 November 2018


Invest time in your tools COLDER, rainy days offer the perfect chance to give the garden shed an overhaul. Lock yourself away for an afternoon and give those hard working tools a good clean or fix up. All you need is a bucket of warm soapy water, a kitchen knife and a stiff brush to clean off dried-on muck and spruce up your hoes, spades, forks, rakes and trowels. Mower blades, shears and secateurs as well as old iron spades or hoes (don’t try to sharpen stainless-steel ones) will benefit from a light touchup too, which will make them easier to use. It is a good idea to invest in a decent sharpening stone if you have a workbench with a vice for holding blades steady while you work on them, ideally several of different sizes and grades for different sorts of blades. Alternatively, you can get tool-sharpening attachments for electric drills which are effective and easy to use. If you can’t, or don’t want to sharpen your tools yourself, look out for the sort of oldfashioned hardware shop that can do it for you. Once your tools are clean and dry, take a can of easing oil such as WD40 and spray all the metal surfaces generously to stop them rusting, paying particular attention to moving parts and places where water could get trapped, such as the axis of shears and secateurs. Some gardeners use general purpose DIY oil or old engine oil, which they paint on with an old brush, before wrapping

the tools in oiled paper and packing them away. However, see-through plastic storage boxes from DIY stores are a good way to keep smaller tools, so you can see where everything is. Spades, hoes and other tools with long handles, are best hung on proper tool racks on the wall of the shed or garage. With specialist gadgets, power tools or machinery, it is always advisable to hang on to the owner’s handbook and follow the maker’s instructions to the letter, especially while expensive items are under warranty. It may be a tedious task, but if you look after your tools, over the years you’ll save yourself the cost of replacing new sets of gardening gear,

CLEAR OUT: Now is a good time to give garden tools an overhaul.

ORGANISED: Hang handled tools up out of the way. meaning a little bit more cash for plants, a new barbecue or garden furniture.




8 - 14 November 2018


David THE Dogman

NORMALLY a person can feel the warning signals of low blood sugar (sweating, shaking, nausea, and confusion). However, some are unable to feel these symptoms and are thus unaware that their blood sugar is dropping or is dangerously low. This can lead to seizures, brain damage, or passing out while driving. Diabetic Alert Service Dog: a dog that gives a trained signal to alert its partner to low or high blood sugar levels. Animal behaviour consultants can train your dog to be a Diabetic Alert Dog by guiding your dog to alert you in advance of low (hypoglycemia) or high (hyperglycemia) blood sugar before it becomes dangerous, so you can take steps to return blood sugar to normal, such as using glucose sweets or insulin. The dogs are trained to accompany their owners wherever they travel in the manner of guide and assistance dogs.

Make your dog into a diabetic alert dog TRAINED: Diabetic alert dogs will accompany you everywhere you go.

PETS PAGE The training process is done much like that of a termite detection dog. They are rewarded for finding high blood sugar (supposed to smell like tutti fruity gum) or low blood sugar which is supposed to smell like rusty water or nail polish remover. Tarra Robinson, after having Type-One diabetes her entire life, became unaware of her low blood sugar, known as hypo-unawareness. She began passing out at work and crashed her car due to unexpected lows. An insulin pump and a continuous glucose monitor didn’t improve the situation. She then began the training process with her Labrador/Golden Retriever mix named Duchess. Diabetes Alert Dogs, trained to detect the scent of low blood sugar levels, are right 90 per cent of the time, according to consultants. Dogs are trained to lick the hand if they sense a low. When a diabetic sleeps, the dog will stand guard and get on top of the person to try and wake them if she smells a low. If you would like more information on how your dog can be trained in this and other ways, talk to your vet or email me at david@thedog man for advice.

Nuka and her ball Is your dog addicted to ball games? NUKA: Adores ball games.

DOES your dog adore ball games? Nuka , one of our la bra doodle s , love s chasing tennis balls, running after them and keeping balls from whoever wants to chase her. This is the highlight of her walk. Twice a day she’ll run and chase and le a p a fte r a ny ba ll you throw, a nd these routines are very important for her. Her owners prefer to find house-sitters through HouseSitMatch, so she can maintain her routine of playing in the park and of course, chasing balls. How we work HouseSitMatch is a house-sitting network where new members register online. We ID check everyone to ensure we know who you are, and in addition, sitters are police checked. We charge for membership to ensure there is a commitment from both par-

ties, and that we can afford to manage our network online professionally. Our latest review on Trustpilot ‘House-sitting is nothing other than a bundle of benefits for all. Empty hous e s a re re nder ed m or e secur e, home owners are reassured, and domestic pets are able to remain in familiar places. Nomadic people can indulge in their quest for new experiences But all this is not self-generated. The brains behind it are needed, and that is where HouseSitMatch’s Lamia comes in. Her company creates opportunities, co-ordinates them, promotes best execution and comes up with solutions, should the odd spot of bother occur. To the well set up organisation, she adds her own personal touch.’ Ania, house-sitter

How you benefit as a home and pet owner Our membership offers access to a secure network helping you find suitable sitters. We hide your contact details and address. You post an advert ahead of your travel dates, we publish the advert then house-sitters apply. You can view their profiles and chat with them before you accept an applicant. If you join as a Premium member we can also help you at each stage of the process to get you started and manage your account. How you do join? Please register online via our website • Choose your membership plan • Standard (DIY option) = £49 pa • Pr em i um ( wi t h suppor t at each step) = £79 pa

Do you need a house or pet-sitter? Get in touch. House-sitting can be a win-win for both parties, with free house and pet-sitting, and the experienced and checked sitters get free accommodation! Register as either house-sitter or homeowner with a 20 per cent discount using coupon code P2020 , an exclusive offer for readers. To find a house or pet-sitter go to

To find a house or pet-sitter, go to Call Lamia on 00 44 (0) 777 214 2742 or email




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ALARMS BE SURE Alarms and CCTV 645 495 484 (277621)

BUILDING SERVICES J & J PAINTERS. Inside - outside - clean - fast low cost. Torrevieja Orihuela Costa and surrounding areas. Tel: 650 363 159 (278314)


DUE to retirement, sewing workshop for sale. Price includes industrial sewing machine, industrial overlocker, materials, haberdashery, over 100 cotton cobs & much more. Only 2995€. Call 966 799 188 MOBILE APP COMPANY LOOKING FOR INVESTORS. Our existing mobile app service is looking to expand into Europe. Invest from as little as €3,000. Please call 626 426 642 for further information.

CHARITY/CHURCHES THE PHILIP SCOTT LODGE No 10671 of the RAOB meets every Friday in the Bar Catorce, Benijofar. Please call the secretary, Colin Bird on 693 287 614 for further information. (95459) CHARITY BOOK STALL PEGO THURSDAY MARKET. Selection of over 500 books, all proceeds given to the elderly/disabled of Pego and local Animal Rescue. More stock always required, please contact Chrissie 965 977 228/617 647 395 (95460)


8 - 14 November 2018




CANCER SUPPORT GROUP (MABS) MURCIA/MAR MENOR Help and support is just a phone call away, Avda Rio Nalón, Tel: 693 275 779 LA SIESTA EVANGELICAL CHURCH on Urbanisation La Siesta, Torrevieja is a friendly, English speaking church. We hold services each Sunday and everyone is welcome. Our 11.15am Services are held every 2nd and 4th Sunday in the month (and 11.15 am on the 5th Sunday, if this applies.) On the 1st and 3rd Sunday’s our Services are at 9.30am. Our choir sings at our 11.15am Services and there is also a Sunday school, called Stepping Stones, on these Sundays. We welcome residents, visitors and children. For more information see our website www.lasiestae or telephone Pastor Keith on 666 180 108. THE ANGLICAN CHURCH, La Fustera. For more info: contact Frank Bentley on 966 495 188. (95461) ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS IS ALCOHOL COSTING YOU MORE THAN MONEY? Drinking to excess not only affects your health it can spill over into every other aspect of your life – damaging everything that is important to you. Englishspeaking AA meetings are held throughout the Costa Blanca from Valencia City to Murcia. Anyone wishing to attend a meeting or discuss a possible drinking problem contact Costa Blanca North: *648 169 045* or Costa Blanca South: *625 912 078* or Costa Calida *679 385 105*. All calls are treated in the strictest confidence. AA in German: 645 456 075; Spanish: 679 212 535; Flemish: 635 047 053; and Scandinavian: 659 779 222. ROUNDABOUT CHARITY SHOP. We are now into summer and very soon we will be feeling the heat! It is time therefore for another visit to the shop where you

might find a bargain or two. Choose from the clothing selection, jewellery, household goods, books or bric-a-brac. There is usually something there for everyone - but not always. Charitable donations have recently been made to The Alzheimers Centre, Cancer Research and The Amigos Ambulance Service. We still need your help with donations etc. Please keep them coming in! We are situated on Avenida Del Furs close to the Fountain Roundabout and immediate left by Don Colchon bed shop. THE ROYAL NAVAL ASSOCIATION, Torrevieja Branch, meet at 17.00 on the first Wednesday of each month at the Restaurante El Paraiso, Urb. Jardin del Mar 3 (behind Carrefour), Torrevieja. Contact Paul Edwards, Chairman 618 644 934 or Margaret Forshaw, Secretary 966 921 996. (95455) THE ROYAL BRITISH LEGION Orihuela Costa - covering from Punta Prima to San Javier. The branch meets at Olympia restaurant, Mil Palmeras on 3rd Thursday of each month at 19.00 - 19.30pm. More info can be found on branch website www.orihuelacos STROKE ASSOCIATION Spain (formally known as Torrevieja stroke support) meet every Wednesday and Friday 2.30pm until 5.00pm. Our new address is Casa de Cultura, Calle Francisco Ribera Perez Benijofar. Our aim is to help and support stroke survivors and their careras. With rehabilitation, speech therapy, OC therapy and a very active social group. For info please contact 654 801 260 or email stroke m, website: torreviejastro We are always looking for volunteers who have the skills and knowledge to support our groups and activities. (95473)

HELP VEGA BAJA. We are a non-profit making organisation that helps and supports anyone, without prejudice, in times of need or crisis within the Vega Baja area. Our offices are based in San Miguel at Calle Lope de Vega 46 (Tel 966 723 733), Torrevieja at Rambla Juan Mateo Garcia 4 (Tel 965 704 282). Both offices are open Monday to Friday from 10 am to 1.30 pm and the Helpdesk at La Marina is open every Thursday (10 am to 1.30 pm) at the Hope Fellowship Church (opposite the Thursday Market site) at Avda de Justo Antonio Quesada, Urb. La Marina (Tel 615770145). We are online at www.helpvegaba and also on Facebook. You can email the San Miguel Centre at office@help We also have a 24-hour Emergency help-line which is available to both members and non-members on 966 723 733 THE BAKER FOUNDATION SPIRITUALIST CENTRE. Find us on the Saturday market road opposite the Chinese Restaurant. Playa Flamenca. Different International and local mediums every Sunday and Tuesday. Sunday, divine service with clairvoyance 11 am start. Tuesday, evening of clairvoyance doors open 7 o’clock for 7.30 start. Spiritual Healing is available on Sundays after service and on Thursday mornings from 10. 30 until 12. We have a development group on Tuesdays 5 until 6.30 for those interested in meditation and advancing your knowledge of spirit. Private readings are available on request. Please join us and make new friends, a warm welcome awaits you all. Tea, coffee and soft drinks are available. You can join us on Facebook at, The Baker Foundation spiritual centre. Hall is available for hire. For more information please contact Linda on 606 990 665. Email,


PILAR CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY CHURCH, Calle Canalejas, 3. Pilar de la Horadada. Sunday Service at 11am & Thursday at 5pm for Prayer and Praise and Worship. Home groups meet during the week. All welcome from any church background or none. For further information, Reg No: 2009-SG/A (95463) TORREVIEJA Christian Fellowship (TCF) is an English speaking lively church located at Avenida de las Valencianas 68, Torrevieja 03183. Residents and holidaymakers are welcome to attend our services with communion and ‘kids church’ each Sunday at 10.30am. We have a Fellowship Meeting (Bible Study) each Wednesday at 6.00pm. For further information see our website or tel 966 700 391. (95464) THE AIRCREW ASSOCIATION COSTA BLANCA BRANCH. Former & serving aircrews of the UK or Allied Armed Forces are welcome to join this convivial & friendly organisation, now in its 21st year. www.aca or call the Secretary on: 966 495 042 (95465) THE ROYAL BRITISH LEGION Gran Alacant & La Marina Branch meet the 1st Monday of every month at Lounge D, Calle Holanda, Plaza Mayor, Gran Alacant at 6pm. For further info, contact the branch Secretary at granalacant.secretary@rbl.c ommunity CAMPELLO CONTRA CANCER in conjunction with AECC Association Español Contra Cancer has opened a charity shop at C/Virgen de los Desamparados No 13 (next door to Mas y mas) El Campello. The shop is open Mon-Fri 10 - 2pm and is run by unpaid volunteers and all monies raised goes to the AECC. We urgently need donations of clothes, books, large and small furniture etc., and we will arrange collection of large items. We need volunteers to help out in the shop and also clothes rails, shelves etc. for display. Please support your local Cancer charity and if you wish to obtain literature or simply talk to someone. Please stop by at the shop. Contact Mina or Trisha. Tel 650 071 278 or 610 921 413 e-mail aecc_campello@hot (95475)

INTERNATIONAL CHRISTIAN ASSEMBLY, TORREVIEJA Calle Urbano Arregui, 23, Torrevieja 03185, Alicante Evangelical non-denominational church. All nationalities welcome. Sunday service 11.00 a.m; Sunday school; Prayer meetings; craft and computer clubs. Ladies Bible Study: Thursday 11.00 a.m. Church Bible Study: Thursday 1.30 p.m. House groups in Torrevieja, La Siesta, La Zenia - Contact 966 752 543 / 617 215 463. For other church matters phone: 966 799 273 / 966 752 543 / 617 215 463 ROYAL MARINES ASSOCIATION (Costa Blanca) The aim of the Association is to bring together not just ex Royal Marines, but ex Service personnel with an affinity to the Royal Marines. We meet on the last Tuesday of the month at 5.30. For further details Hon Sec 692 938 664 FREEMASONRY. Are you aware that Freemasonry is thriving on the Costa Blanca? There are various lodges meeting up throughout the Valencia region. If you already are a Mason or simply wish to know more about Freemasonry in Spain please contact Harry Palmer Membership Committee. Tel: 966 712 326 or email: uk (95477) ROYAL AIR FORCES Association Branch #1359 Costa Blanca. The Branch meets on the third Tuesday of the month at the El Paraiso Restaurant located close to the Carrefour Supermarket in Torrevieja. The meeting starts at 1430 hrs. You do not have to be an exmember of the RAF to join this friendly Association, which supports the welfare of the RAF family and provides a social hub for ex RAF members and their friends. For further information about the Association and its activities please contact the Chairman on 692 508 916 or the Welfare Officer on 615 048 892 or visit our website: THE PATIENCE LODGE No 2177 of the R.A.O.B meets every Sunday morning at the Sacko´s Bar, El Limonar near Las Siesta at 10am. We are always looking for new and lapsed members to join us. Please call Secretary Dave Tonge on 688 704 091 for further information.

90 EWN

8 - 14 November 2018

CHURCH SERVICE IN ENGLISH EVERY SUNDAY AT 10.30am. Everyone welcome at Turre Evangelical Church next to Muebles Nuñez just across form the vet. Tea, coffee and fellowship after every service. Transport can be arranged. Tel: 950 617 549 THE Spiritualist Centre, Benijofar meets at Hamilton´s Bake House, 62 Calle Vicente, Blasco Ibañez, Benijofar 03178. We hold a Sunday Service at 11.30 a.m., a Tuesday Evening of Mediumship at 7 p.m. Spiritual healing is available every Sunday and Tuesday after the service. Open Circle is every Thursday at 6.30 pm. The Divine Service, with Mediumship on Sunday 11th November with Len Cox, at 11.30 am. This is our Remembrance Day Service. The Evening of Mediumship on Tuesday 13th November, will be taken by our Trainees. The Divine Service with Mediumship on Sunday, 18th November will be taken by Penny Haywarrd (UK Medium). This is our Remembrance Day Service. Everyone welcome. Contact Wendy on 965 323 028. www.spiritualist New email is phoenixchu or info@spiritualistcentre-beni Identificacion Fiscal G54713789. Huntington’s Disease Association - Costa Blanca. We are a non profit organisation that helps and supports sufferers of Huntingtons and their families. For details visit We have a social gathering every Friday 2 - 4 at O’Brien’s Bar in El Raso, Guardamar. As a social group, we welcome anyone with a neurological disease, such as Parkinsons, Motor Neurone and their partners and collectively we call ourselves “The Movers and Shakers”. If you would like to attend, please contact Marion Smith on 651 043 681.

CHIMNEY SWEEP PROFESSIONAL CHIMNEY SWEEP. Family Business established over 60 years. 660 478 881 (257963) For daily news visit

ELECTRICIAN MR FIXIT. For all your electrical, plumbing, general & appliance & boiler repairs. No call out charge. 698 320 434 (257492)

HOME IMPROVEMENTS BATHROOM and Kitchen Conversions Costa Blanca, contact 698 320 434.


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INTERNET GET YOUR business noticed online! Make sure that expats in Spain can find your product, service, restaurant, bar or shop. Contact Spain’s newest and brightest online directory TODAY. Call 951 386 161 or email mark.w@eu for more details.

LEGAL SERVICES PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR Debt Collection, evictions, solicitor. Professional & discreet. 697 834 934

METALWORK MOBILE Metal work. Any welding work carried out. For a free quote call 602 601 471 (277498)

MOBILE HOME LUXURY MOBILE home for sale on a small family run park. Contact 630 055 418 for details. Elsyd7@hot (277444)


966 719 951



CLASSIFIEDS MOTORING MOTORING WE ARE currently the market leader in our country in the sale of direct car, motorbike, home and company fleet insurance. Since we started out in 1995, our philosophy has always been to offer an excellent service with the best prices in the market. For the most competitive quotes in English, call Linea Directa on 902 123 309. (200726)

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MUSIC TUITION PIANO, Keyboard, Organ, Qualified Teacher. Please call 606 984 535 (257913) UK MOT. All legal and online. Arrangements made for collection and delivery £400. Email. carsinspain@hot Tel. 0044 7553367285 (246859)


NAUTICAL COURSES INTERNATIONAL SKIPPER LICENCE: Courses held in English and starts soon. RYA VHF and Radar Courses. 636 444 929

PERGOLA COVERS TAILOR made, durable canvas, sails, umbrella, spa and BBQ covers. Mazarron based, and at Procomobel Market, Guardamar Saturday mornings. 667 879 399 krugercanopies@ya (258416)

PET CHARITIES EASYHORSE CARE RESCUE CENTRE. We aim to rescue HORSES. If you would like to DONATE please call 965 967 033 or or call Sue 652 021 980 (95706) SPAMA GANDIA SHELTER. Dog and cat rescue registered charity, La Safor area. 500 animals awaiting re-homing. Shelter open 7 days a week 12noon 2.00pm & 3.30pm 7.00pm. (Spanish speaking staff) or phone Gail 962 896 118. Visit our website for directions. and view our new blog at www.spama-sa PLEASE HELP US TO HELP THEM (95707)

8 - 14 November 2018 PET CHARITIES P.E.P.A. VOLUNTEERS & FOSTER HOMES URGENTLY NEEDED. By fostering an abandoned dog or spending a few hours each week on our telephone helpline, you could help save the lives of many animals. Please call: 650 304 746. For more information browse our website: EURO WEEKLY NEWS CLASSIFAX AGENT GATAMI ORGANISATION, to help kittens and cats, looking for good homes, also spaying wild cats in the community. Kittens require adoption, fully vaccinated, de-wormed, de-fleed. We also need volunteers to help Car boot sale in Polop on Sundays Tel Anna: 966 806 976 / 654 729 977

PET TRANSPORT PET TRAVEL UK Family pet transporters Spain/UK. Travel with your pets for free. All air conditioned vehicles (no vans) www.pettrave Removals also arranged in other vehicles Tel: UK 01209 630604 or Spain 960 130 537

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EWN 91

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SEWING QUALIFIED SEAMSTRESS 40 years’ experience, turn-ups to tailoring patterns taken from your favourite cloths, reasonable prices. Torrevieja, Sandra: 966 799 188 / 680 486 336 (257074)

92 EWN

8 - 14 November 2018


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MOTORING FACT PARAMEDICS have been told to watch out for driverless cars leaving the scene after accidents. Guidance for emergency workers says they should keep a door open when working on a driverless vehicle, because this will stop it self-driving away. The document, released by Waymo, the self-driving car project spun out of Google, advises them to open a door of the vehicle ‘to prevent the vehicle from self-driving’ when responding to an accident. The car will also not drive away if an airbag is deployed, in ‘park’ mode, or the handbrake is on. Emergency workers are then advised to call a special hotline set up by the company to disable the self-drive and convert the car into manual mode. Workers may also have to cut a power supply cable in order to disable the car’s battery, when working at the front of the vehicle. “Keep at least one door open while in front of the vehicle to prevent it from self-driving,” says the guidance. “Also, use standard precautions including wheel chocks.” If a car is pulled over by police, the technology means it will behave like a law-abiding human driver, the company have said. The cars are programmed to

RE-PLATE MATE Miles Better Don´t take a chance! Don´t break the law!

Call David 695 045 780 or Alan 662 249 159 Take the hassle out of Re-registering your vehicle onto Spanish plates

8 - 14 November 2018 E W N

Costa Blanca South




CALL: 952 89 33 80

“Driverless cars pose

The US Peerless Car Company was founded in 1900 but by the 1930’s it saw a brighter future in beer, so it bought a licence from Carling to produce their Red Cap and Black Label beers.

control concern

OWN DIRECTION: Waymo self-driving cars are a Google affiliated project.

detect sirens on police cars or other emergency vehicles and give way to them, the document says. They can also tell if a police car is behind them flashing its lights and are designed to pull over and stop when this happens. The car can then unlock its own doors and roll down windows so that a remote team from Waymo can speak to the police officer. A self-driving car can automatically tell if it has been involved in a crash and will stop, and alert the company, which can call 911 if necessary. It also has teams of people who can be sent to accident sites to help passengers and emergency services. Workers towing a car are asked to ‘use caution to avoid damaging sensors,’ which are on the front and back of the vehicle. The company is testing fully self-driving cars without a backup driver in Phoenix, Arizona.

94 EWN

8 - 14 November 2018


Mazda 6 reinvents itself IT is hard to think of a car that has had more makeovers than the Mazda 6. However, even though it has had four updates, only five years have passed since the model was first revealed. This is the sturdiest version yet, with an entirely new interior, two new engines, but with only slight tweaks to the styling. The 2.2-litre diesel option delivers plenty of kick in the rev range, so you’re never short changed pulling away from a junction or going for an overtake. Apart from the acceleration, the Mazda 6 is pleasingly quiet on the move, and there is good body control over larger bumps

and undulations. Quick, light steering makes the 6 feel agile, but it can also result in turning into corners a little more quickly than you’d expect, and there is some steering kick-back over bumps. Mazda wants the 6 series to compete on level terms with cars like the BMW-Series and the Audi A4, and the interior has undergone quite the revamp. The result is impressive, tastefully designed, expensive-feeling plastics and some upmarket touches like a dashboard slathered in faux-suede on top-spec models. The infotainment system, while still commendable for its clarity and

ease of use, is starting to look a little dated next to the plush, high-resolution widescreen systems on offer in its rivals. There are split-folding rear seats which you can flop down from within the boot thanks to clever releases sited at the top of the boot opening. D e s p i t e t h e h i g h e r- e n d m o d e l s o n o ff e r i n t h e 6 series, the mid-range version provides the best value. Not only do you get all the toys needed from the SE Lux form, but you also get smaller wheels and higher-profile tyres, which help with the ride. The makeover hasn’t been about teaching an old dog new tricks, so much as keeping this middle aged thruster in good health.



8 - 14 November 2018 DAME KELLY HOLMES described Laura Muir, who is the European 1,500m champion, as a ‘future Olympic champion’ as she presented the 25-year-old with Scotland’s athlete of the year award.


Premier League Preview

STERLING EFFORT: Raheem Sterling was at the heart of City’s win. owner in a helicopter crash. On an afternoon when football seemed both irrelevant and a wel-

come outlet for the Foxes’ grieving players and fans, the two clubs united to remember Vichai Srivad-

Makinson hat-trick kills Kiwis final Test in Leeds. Connor put the hosts into an early lead with a penalty before Kiwi captain Dallin WateneZelezniak scored the opening try for the visitors. England drew level before the interval with a composed finish out wide by Makinson, after good hands from those inside him. B u t

N e w Zealand regained the lead after the break as Watene-Zlezniak carved through the defence before feeding Ken Maumalo on the wing for a simple run in. Shaun Johnson added a further two points before England hit back with Makinson’s second try of

r L/Twitte land_R g n E @ : Credit

TOMMY MAKINSON stole the show with a hat-trick of tries as England’s rugby league side sealed the three-match series with a 20-14 victory over New Zealand at Anfield. The St Helens’ winger followed a thumping try-saving tackle with three clinical tries as England battled back to win a bruising second Test. Makinson’s decisive score, in which he weaved through the Kiwi defence and beat the fullback to score, completed a superb individual performance. Jake Connor claimed England’s other try as the hosts overturned a 14-6 deficit to win the series before this Sunday’s

the match in the corner. England piled on the pressure and Tom Burgess got over the line only to be held up by three Kiwi defenders. But the match was soon all square as Connor went over after a New Zealand handling error. Then it was time for Makinson to claim his third and best try of the evening, scampering inside off his wing before snaking his way to the try line including a side-step to get past the full-back.

MAKING IT HAPPEN: Tommy Makinson was the stand out performer.

dhanaprabha and the other four people who lost their lives on October 27.

When Demarai Gray scored with a low finish early in the second half, he unveiled an undershirt which had the words ‘For Khun Vichai’ emblazoned on it. Leicester will next face Burnley on Saturday, while Cardiff will take on Brighton. Alexander Lacazette’s late equaliser extended Arsenal’s unbeaten run to 13 games in a hard fought 1-1 draw with Liverpool at the Emirates stadium. James Milner’s powerful strike just after the hour, looked to have put unbeaten Liverpool on course for three points. The Reds will feel hard done by after a first-half strike from Sadio Mane was incorrectly ruled out for offside. Liverpool will next play Fulham at Anfield on Sunday, while Arsenal will face Wolves. Other fixtures this weekend will see Crystal Palace face Tottenham, Chelsea host Everton, and West Ham travel to Huddersfield.

Rose triumphs in Turkey ENGLAND’S Justin Rose regained the world number one spot after successfully defending his Turkish Airlines Open title, overcoming China’s Li Haotong in a playoff on Sunday. Rose carded five birdies in a typically consistent display to take a one-shot advantage after 16 holes in the final round at the Antalya event. However, he bogeyed the 17th hole to slip back into a share of first with overnight leader Li. Mediocre putts on the 18th from both Li and Rose meant they both finished at 17under-par after 72 holes. Both players returned to the playoff and after Rose missed a 15- footer for birdie, Li surprisingly threeputted from just nine yards to hand his opponent the title. The 23-year-old Li said: “A tough day for me, honestly. “I think I played well the whole week, but didn’t hole a few putts on the last and that was it.” It was the first time Rose had successfully defended a title in his career and it moved him above American Brooks Koepka at the top of the witter stinRose99/T Credit: @Ju

MANCHESTER CITY cruised to a 6-1 demolition of Southampton to return to the top of the Premier League. City’s thumping win, with Aguero and Sterling at the forefront of all their good work, marked the 12th time that Guardiola’s side have scored five or more goals in a league game since the Spaniard arrived at the club. Aguero, Silva, Sterling (2) and Sane were all on the scoresheet for City (along with a Hoedt own goal), with Danny Ings’ penalty the only crumb of comfort in a woeful Southampton display. Guardiola’s side have now won eight of their last nine matches across all competitions, and have conceded only once in six games. Man City will next host Manchester United in the derby on Sunday, while Southampton entertain Watford on Saturday. Leicester City played with great bravery and nerve to beat Cardiff City 1-0 on an emotional day, in the first game since the death of their

Credit: @kylewalker2/Twitter

City crush sorry Saints

world rankings. Spaniard Adrian Otaegui and Belgian Thomas Detry both finished with rounds of 65 to share third on 15 under. German Martin Kaymer closed on 14-under alongside Dane Lucas Bjerregaard, while English pair Tommy Fleetwood and Danny Willett were a shot further back.

JUSTIN TIME: Rose reeled in overnight leader Li.

Euro Weekly News - Costa Blanca South November 8-14 2018 Issue 1740  

FREE Newspaper in Spain with the best local news in English from the Costa del Sol, Costa Blanca North, Costa Blanca South, Costa de Almeria...

Euro Weekly News - Costa Blanca South November 8-14 2018 Issue 1740  

FREE Newspaper in Spain with the best local news in English from the Costa del Sol, Costa Blanca North, Costa Blanca South, Costa de Almeria...