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€10,000 bid to buy a baby


Terror suspects THE Guardia Civil’s anti-terrorism services arrested four people early on Monday morning, two of them in Almeria, for allegedly belonging to irregular immigration networks used by Daesh. The network with which the four arrestees allegedly maintained contact operated on the so-called ‘Syrian refugee route’ between Turkey and Eastern Europe. See page 6

Photos by Guardia Civil/Antonio Lopez Villegas

Teacher taken in A BRITISH teacher has been arrested and sacked over allegations that he was conducting an illegal affair with a teenage student at a private school in Alme-

ria. The affair was reported by the girl’s mother who claimed the affair had started when her daughter, also a foreign national, was just 14. See page 7

Dodgy documents THE Public Prosecutor is pushing for three-year jail sentences for two people in charge of a consultancy office accused of creating false employment contracts for foreigners. The prosecution’s initial accusation also calls for a guilty verdict for six people who allegedly made use of the fraudulent services to obtain See page 12 their papers.

Brexit accord By John Smith Guardia Civil officers have arrested two men accused of trying to buy a baby girl from a young woman in Almeria for €10,000. The men were taken into custody in Vicar and the woman arrested in Arcos de la Frontera, Cadiz, after police received a tip-off. Officers contacted her local council who said the woman had reported the birth but stated that the baby had died and its body had been donated to scientific research. When police went to the hospital where the child was born

they found it had been a healthy birth and that mother and daughter had been discharged, although the birth had not been registered at that stage. The men, described as a couple, had travelled to Cadiz to collect the three-day-old infant and were going to register the birth in Almeria as well as obtaining a notarised agreement from the girl that she had hand-

ed the baby over to them. Once officers were able to ascertain that the child was in good health, they interviewed the mother who said she had attempted artificial insemination by herself a number of times until successful and that she was passing the child over to make sure it had a good future. The men denied making any offer of payment but because of

differences in their statements to police and the fact that records showed the young woman had received IVF treatment in a Malaga clinic, it became clear that a financial arrangement had been arranged. All three were arrested and the child removed from her mother and placed in the care of social services in the Junta de Andalucia.

PRESIDENT of the Almerian Levante Municipalities Association and Mayor of HuercalOvera, Domingo Fernandez, met with Jim Simpson, Zurgena’s se-

curity councillor and founding member of Europats, in order to discuss a number of issues related to non-EU citizens post BrexSee page 57 it.


1 - 7 December 2016 / Costa de Almería


Delivery moved EURO WEEKLY NEWS would like to advise all our readers that their normal delivery of next week’s paper, on Thursday, is being moved by just a day to Friday. Issue 1640, will be available on December 9. This is because there are two Spanish public holidays during the week, leaving us no choice but to postpone delivery.


Local is best


THE 1638 (November 24-30) issue of the Costa de Almeria Euro Weekly News contained no less than 49 local news items, demonstrating once again our dedication and commitment to delivering the news that matters most to you, our readers, in each of our six editions. Nobody does it better!

Hire and drive THE National Police has arrested two men aged 20 and 25 in Almeria City’s Los Almendros district after catching them with 108 marihuana plants in a

rental van. Officers spotted the refrigerated van on Calle Sierra de Gredos on November 25 and took chase when it began to make evasive manoeuvres.


100th birthday tribute to Harold Fletcher A FORMER Royal Engineers bomb disposal expert, who saw service in the bomb-strewn streets of Coventry, the deserts of North Africa and the beaches of Sicily and Normandy, is celebrating his 100th birthday on December 2. Harold William Fletcher joined up in 1939, becoming an expert in bomb and mine clearance. After Coventry was targeted by Hitler’s Luftwaffe and suffered under the Blitz, Harold was sent to take charge of clearing its many UXBs. For this service he was later awarded the British Empire Medal. From the Midlands he was posted to North Africa and then to the beaches of Sicily and Italy before seeing service in Normandy as the Allies gained a foothold in Northern France for the push into Germany. As his troop was examining one mine a shell exploded nearby, detonating the mine. Harold was injured in the blast and spent 18 months in hospital. After the war Harold, a talented musician, accompanied many stars on the trumpet, playing with a number of major

HAROLD FLETCHER: All his friends wish him a very happy birthday. orchestras at venues such as the London Palladium. His skills extended to photography and he set up a photo processing business in Marlow in Buckinghamshire. In his spare time he learned to glide, eventually becoming an instructor. After the death of his wife he joined a dance club and eventually met Peggy

who became his companion. They travelled extensively before settling in Los Gallardos, Almeria, where they lived for 20 years. Although Peggy died last year, Harold keeps going with the help of friends, nurses and carers. His friends, particularly Andrew Milne who helped prepare this tribute, all wish him a very Happy Birthday.


1 - 7 December 2016 / Costa de Almería


Photo Source: Anneka Shutterstock

Equality group says it’s ok to celebrate Christmas



Your papers, your views Our readers have been expressing their views about the advice received from the EHRC about the celebration of Christmas which have been sent to our website Here are a few of your comments some of which have had to be cut due to size but we are always happy to hear from everyone.

Common sense AT last a bit of common sense coming from an organisation that has made some pretty stupid comments in the past! Tony

Way of life EVERYBODY should have the absolute right to celebrate whatever event that is important to their culture and way of life provided that they don’t deliberately insult anyone else. There is something very cute about young children of different colours and cultures all taking part in the annual Nativity play. Grace

Our traditions NATIVITY PLAY: There have been complaints that some people in the UK have become too politically sensitive. By John Smith FOR several years, there have been complaints by a whole range of people that the UK has become far too politically sensitive with amongst other things the banning of nativity plays, use of the phrase white Christmas and even calling things associated with Christmas, such as a tree, a festive tree. At the end of the day, they argue that whilst Britain is made up of a whole mixture of different races, colours and creeds, the majority still remains Anglo-Saxon in background and at least theoretically Christian, although the religion is generally only rolled out for Midnight Mass and Christmas Hymns or by the BBC. Now, the recently appointed head of the Equalities and Human Right Commission (EHRC), David Isaac has told the Sunday Times that companies who are quite happy to decorate their shops with Christmas images and promote Christmas gifts should actually take notice of their staff and not treat them as if they were pariahs for wanting to give each other Christmas cards or have a Christmas party. As the former chair of Stonewall and a promoter of Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgender (LGBT) rights, he can hardly be accused of being a typical WASP (White Anglo Saxon Protestant) and indeed a number of Christian groups tried to have his appointment blocked. His basic argument is that companies need to be sensible about the situation and do nothing to delib-

It is anticipated EHRC will publish new guidelines on religion in the workplace and may state that employers do not have to give time off to pray. erately offend any religious group but equally should not penalise a majority group over matters which are not offensive anyway. It would follow that if Christmas is cancelled then so should Ede, Diwali, Passover etc and it is clear that each religious group recognises the others enjoyment and observation of their festivals and indeed nowadays, many join in regardless of their religious background. It is anticipated that the EHRC will publish new guidelines shortly on religion in the workplace and is likely to state that employers do not have to agree to requests for time off for a religious holiday or time off to pray during work hours, although they must show they have given proper consideration to any request. All of this appears to be sensible and comes at a time when there a large number of reports of threats and actual physical violence against people of different ethnic backgrounds as well as EU citizens following the result of the referendum which unintentionally seemed to encourage bigots to show their

distaste for foreigners by attacking them. Even the United Nations has noticed this unexpected increase in ‘hate attacks’ and the police are under instruction to crack down on these attacks as and when they occur. To some extent, this is not just a British problem but there have been violent episodes between different groups across Europe and America and arguably they just reflect the trouble that now exists between various religious groups in the Middle East and Africa, but the British should surely be more mature and restrain themselves. We don’t currently see large numbers of expatriates being beaten up in Spain, indeed the Spanish are remarkably tolerant of these foreigners who either set up their own English speaking enclaves or visit for short periods of time getting disgustingly drunk and making a complete nuisance of themselves. Not every Brit in Spain is obnoxious nor is every foreigner in Britain and if we have decided as a nation to pull up the drawbridge and disassociate ourselves from Europe, then we should be happy about it rather than aggressive towards them, especially if we want their business. The massive irony is perhaps that so many feared the untrammelled arrival of hundreds of thousands of Turks in the UK and now there is every possibility that following the attempted coup and Europe’s reaction, they will all head towards their new friend Russia rather than descend upon Blighty like a veritable plaque of locusts.

I HAVE always thought that anyone who moves to the UK should be prepared to accept our traditions and that it is completely wrong to have to have change what we do just on the off chance that we might upset a newcomer who probably doesn’t care anyway. Roger

Fewer insults NOW that we are due to leave the EU, there may be a lot less foreigners in the country to insult, although the majority of them probably celebrate Christmas or Three Kings anyway. Brian

Right idea THE French have got the right idea, they had to let all those Muslims from North Africa flood into the country as each gained independence, but you can bet your life that they don’t change any of their traditions to pander to those who have arrived in the last 50 years and good on them! Matthew


1 - 7 December 2016 / Costa de Almería

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British Ambassador visits Andalucia By John Smith

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AS Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Spain, Simon Manley doesn’t just exist to speak to British residents and visitors but also to ensure that he is able to consolidate Britain’s relationship with the whole of Spain. On Monday November 28, the Ambassador made a journey to Malaga City to speak to representatives of both local government and Spanish businessmen about the future as far as commercial relationships between the two countries are concerned. Mr Manley made it clear that the government he represents has a great deal of admira-

tion for Andalucia, its businesses and its people and wants to ensure that this relationship continues to grow. This is clearly important to the economy of Andalucia which prompted both the mayor of Malaga Francisco de la Torre and Junta de Andalucia minister of economy and knowledge Antonio Ramirez de Arellano Lopezto attend the meeting and to speak about their belief in the friendship with Britain. The UK is the fifth most important destination for Andalucian exports with 500 regular exporters and a further 600 occasional exporters to Britain whilst 2.4 million British tourists visited the area in 2015, accounting for a quarter of all tourists and this is likely to continue especially as the pound recovers against the euro. In addition to the net income to Andalucia which is worth so much, it is estimated that 80,000 British

nationals are resident in the area which represents some 13 per cent of foreign residents and they in turn bring wealth into the community in which they live and often work. As Gibraltar is surrounded by Andalucia and employs more than 10,000 Andalucians from the local area, a question was raised about the situation with regards to Gibraltar and Brexit. Mr Manley acknowledged that Gibraltar has a very close relationship with Andalucia and that this would have to be taken into account during future negotiations. There is little doubt that Mr Manley gave much comfort to those attending the meeting and that his Spanish guests still value the importance of Britain as a trading partner despite the Brexit result.

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Brexit conundrum confusion BREXIT PAGE By John Smith

AS if it wasn’t enough for the government to have to challenge the High Court ruling that MPs should have the right to vote on whether Article 50 should be triggered, a new legal battle is likely to emerge with regards to what is known as Article 127 of a separate agreement. Basically, lawyers are likely to argue that in the event that Britain elects to leave the European Union, it will not and cannot leave the European Economic Area (EEA) automatically. The EEA which Britain joined in 1994 (and brought Gibraltar with it) is based on the same ‘four freedoms’ as the European Community which are the free movement of goods, persons, services, and capital among the EEA countries. The government argues that by leaving

the EU, Britain automatically leaves the EEA but lawyers will oppose this view and will push for the government to have to put the matter before parliament which could throw up a very interesting result. Many Conservative MPs in particular could have significant reservations in joining former chancellor Kenneth Clarke in voting against triggering Article 50 because of the result of the referendum even if they disagree with the result. As the EEA was not mentioned in the referendum question, they could in all conscience vote against leaving the EEA even if this is to be a temporary situation until such time as the government was in a position to strike decent agreements with the other 27 members of the Union. The whole question revolves around whether the UK is a member in its own right or is a member through its EU affiliation

and this is something that is bound to irritate David Davis, the imaginatively titled Secretary of State for the departure of the United Kingdom of the European Union, although it might just be good news. Va r i o u s E U l e a d e r s h a v e b e e n telling Britain that that it can’t have its cake and eat it, but as there is no mechanism for the EEA to expel any member, then it could be a useful bargaining tool for the government although the one thing it will still have to do is allow free movement between citizens of member states. Ti m e a n d t h e l a w w i l l n o w t e l l whether this will become an irrelevance or an important new football to kick between the Bremainers and the Brexiteers. In the meantime, it has been decided to call off the march on the Supreme Court which was much trumpeted by Nigel Farage as a warning to those who wanted to give Parliament a say on the matter of triggering Article 50 as there are worries that it would be hi-jacked by troublemakers from the far right. The Rt Hon David Davis MP


1 - 7 December 2016 / Costa de Almería

Daesh suspects arrested By Eleanor Hawkins THE Guardia Civil’s anti-terrorism services arrested four people early on Monday morning, two of them in Almeria, for allegedly belonging to irregular

immigration networks used by Daesh. The arrests, which also saw a further two people taken into custody in A Coruña, were made under orders from the National Courts, the Ministry of

the Interior has reported. The network with which the four arrestees allegedly maintained contact operated on the so-called ‘Syrian refugee route’ between Turkey and Eastern Europe and is believed to have

Since 2015, when the Ministry raised the antiterrorist alert level to four, the State Security Forces have arrested a total of 169 alleged jihadist terrorists.” been used by various Daesh members to enter Europe in October 2015 along with those responsible for the Paris attacks of the following month. Guardia Civil investigations point to the current arrestees having been in contact both before and after the attacks with at least one of those arrested in Salzburg (Austria) a month after the atrocious attacks in the French capital city. The network is also known to have been responsible for almost 200 immigrants who arrived in Leros on October 3, 2015. “During investigations following the Paris attacks, specialists from the Guardia Civil’s Information Service tried to determine whether these contacts are linked to the terrorist group or are just involved in illegal immigration operations,” the Ministry of the Interior said. Since 2015, when the Ministry raised the anti-terrorist alert level to four, the State Security Forces have arrested a total of 169 alleged jihadist terrorists.



Every little helps MANY of us will be going out with friends, family and colleagues over the next few weeks in the run up to Christmas and the New Year and in many cases will be spending more than normal in restaurants and bars. Whilst so many people understandably believe that charity begins at home, spare a thought for those who won’t have an enjoyable time because the money just isn’t available. There are a number of charities and good causes who go out of their way to try to make the festive season appear a bit more joyful, with donations of food, cooking Christmas dinner and supplying presents to orphanages or simply homes where the children can expect little if nothing.

If everyone who goes out to celebrate agrees to put €1 into a kitty which could be passed to a local charity, noone would notice the loss of that money, but could make a real difference to some children and their families. There are plenty of special galas where those with money pay large amounts to attend, but the cost of such events is beyond the pockets of many of us however a little gesture of clubbing together could be surprising by the amount generated. There are so many worthy causes which might help the young or the elderly and lonely that it should be easy to find a home for any money collected. The thought of putting a smile on the face of someone living in poverty must be worthwhile.

Now we want to hear your views. YOUR PAPER - YOUR VOICE - YOUR OPINION

Mini motorbike chase ends in arrest for driver THE National Police has arrested an Almeria City man for attempting to run o v e r a p o l i c e o ff i c e r a n d trying to flee from a patrol. The police force reported that the arrest was carried out on November 16 on Avenida Pablo Iglesias in the city when plain clothes o ff i c e r s o r d e r e d t h e h e l met-less driver of a miniature motorbike they saw driving recklessly to halt. Rather than stopping, witnesses explained that the driver accelerated and tried to run one of the officers down before speeding o ff . A u n i f o r m e d p a t r o l was called and took chase down Calle Alfareria and Av e n i d a F e d e r i c o G a r c i a

Lorca, reportedly jumping a t l e a s t s e v e n r e d t r a ff i c lights. Eventually the patrol car caught up and managed to stop the driver at the junction between Avenida de la Cruz and Calle Sierra de Gredos in the Cruz de Caravaca district. The driver, who resisted arrest, was charged with an offence against Road Safety and with disobedience and informed that the vehicle he was driving was not allowed to circulate on public streets or roads. He told the officers that he had tried to escape as he was unable to prove where the vehicle had come from as it had no paperwork.


1 - 7 December 2016 / Costa de Almería



Brit teacher arrested over alleged affair By Matthew Elliott A BRITISH teacher has been arrested and sacked over allegations that he was conducting an illegal affair with a teenage student at a private school in Almeria. Carlo Troiano stands accused of sexually abusing the 15-year-old and faces the prospect of six years in prison under Spanish law. The affair was reported by the girl’s mother who claimed the affair had started when her daughter, also a foreign national, was just 14. St George’s British School of Almeria in Roquetas de Mar has already sacked the 39-yearold. Headmaster Neil Morris

Bridge delay continues HUERCAL-OVERA Council has once again blamed the Junta de Andalucia regional government for delays on an important local project. The local authority has reported that the Junta’s environmental department has still not completed its part in authorising construction of the new San Isidro bridge, which local residents have been requesting for many years. The paperwork was presented by the council in May this year and the application should have been dealt with in a maximum of three months, yet at the end of November they had still received no answer. Land planning councillor Manuel Buitrago urged Almeria’s regional environmental delegate Antonio Martinez: “to send us the documentation as quickly as possible to allow us to continue with the project.” Buitrago stressed the importance of the new bridge to put an end to frequent accidents. “At first they seemed very interested in the project, but they seem to have lost interest now without taking into account the positive effects the new bridge would have for local residents and everyone who visits our town,” the councillor complained.

told parents that Troiano ‘ceased working at the school from November 2014. The arrest of the married father-of-two could even have implications in the UK.

In 2010 Troiano was cleared of having a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old student at Bankfield High School near Warrington. Troiano, an IT teacher from Wirral in Merseyside,

was cleared of three charges of enticing sexual activity with a student after a fourday trial at Warrington Crown Court. Nevertheless he was dismissed by the high school,

later accusing the head master who oversaw the investigation as biased. He also described the allegations as ‘malicious rumours’ and protested his innocence throughout.

Troino is believed to have left for Spain shortly after. At present he is being held in Almeria’s provincial prison El Acebuche while police investigate the allegations.


1 - 7 December 2016 / Costa de AlmerĂ­a


Flat fire A TWO storey block of flats had to be evacuated and five people taken to hospital for treatment last week when a fire started at 4am in the lounge of a firstfloor flat in Almeria City.

Wife fled ALMERIA Local Police have arrested a 43-yearold man for allegedly abusing his wife who hid inside a hairdressers and called the police for help, reporting her husband had arrived home drunk and threatened to kill her.


Political turmoil continues By Eleanor Hawkins SOMOS TURRE, the town’s current mayor’s party, has stirred up the waters in the local council by expelling the treasury and rural and financial development councillor, Maria Luisa Cervantes, from its ranks.

Mayor Martin Morales explained that he had no choice but to expel his fellow party member following her move away from its policies and refusal to support controversial measures he has put into effect during his time in the hot seat. Although there has been concern that this could affect the pact between Somos Turre and PSOE which saw the Partido Popular pushed into the opposition at the last elections, both parties have said this will not be so. Therefore, in agreement with the terms of the pact, Morales is due to end his 20month turn as mayor on February 13, when socialist Maria Lopez is due to take over for the following 28 months. As Cervantes refused to give up her post as councillor, Morales said, he has had no choice but to also cease her functions within the governing team. However, he stressed, the rest of his party supports him completely and he will continue to do what he considers to be correct and ensure the laws are met during his time in office.


E W N 1 - 7 December 2016 / Costa de AlmerĂ­a


Illegal traps snatched By Eleanor Hawkins ADMINISTRATIVE actions have been launched by the Environmental Department against the owner of 10 illegal bir d t r a p s f o u n d in a

stream in the Sierra de Filabres, the regional government has reported. The traps were confiscated following a surveillance operation last week when the environmental officers

were informed of the presence of illegal bird-catching equipment in the area. The 10 traps were found placed along a 200-metre stretch of stream bed and the owner identified when

he w a s s e e n a rriving with a jar of the s a me ins e c ts us e d in the traps as bait. His fingerprints and the tyre marks of his car were found to match those found near the traps, environmental officers reported. Various dead birds of prote c te d s pe c ie s , inc luding four robins a nd a thrus h, were found inside the traps and those found alive were

BIRD TRAPS: Use insects to trap birds inside. freed, the government department explained. The traps, which are forbidden under the 2003 An-

dal uci an Wi l d Fl or a and Fauna Law, use insects as bait to attract birds inside, triggering a mechanism to trap them inside. Regional Environmental Delegate Antonio Martinez

Various dead birds of protected species were found inside the traps. pr ai sed t he pr of essi onal work of environmental officers to confiscate this type of t r ap and st r essed t hat t hey par t i cul ar l y har m small, insect-eating birds which play a vital role in the ecosystem by controlling insect population. Mar t i nez urged anyone who sees illegal traps in the countryside to inform the environmental authorities or 112 emergency services.


1 - 7 December 2016 / Costa de Almería

The UK’s Summer Budget of 2015 included measures to remove the ‘fundamental unfairness’ in the nondomicile regime. Following a period of consultation we have a good idea of what the position will be from April 2017. While the reform is mainly aimed at foreign nationals living in the UK, it affects Britons leaving the UK or returning after living abroad. Your domicile status is the key factor in determining if you are liable to UK inheritance tax on your worldwide assets (assets in the UK are always liable). If you are a UK domicile, or you are deemed domicile under HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) rules, your estate is liable to tax at 40%, above the tax free allowance of £325,000. Whether you are leaving the UK or returning to live there again, you need to understand the implications of the reforms for your inheritance tax planning and seek advice on how to best structure your assets. The main consultation has ended and further guidance and consultations regarding this issue have been released by HMRC. The following is not yet final, but it is likely to be the position from 6th April 2017.



Changes To UK’s Domicile Rules By Gerald Turner, Partner, Blevins Franks Domicile issues for expatriates Currently, if you have a UK domicile of origin and have left the UK to live abroad, you can adopt a ‘domicile of choice’ in your new country. You need to consider your new country of residence as your permanent home and cut various ties with the UK.

Even if you adopt a domicile of choice outside the UK, HMRC will continue to treat you domiciled in the UK for inheritance tax purposes ‘deemed domicile’ - if you were domiciled in the UK in the previous three years, or you were resident in the UK for income tax purposes for at least 17 out of the last 20 years ending with the year in which you die. This three year period increases to five years from April 2017. So it will take you at least five years before you can escape UK inheritance tax. This also means that if you return to the UK for anything more than one year, if you had a UK domicile of choice you will be deemed UK domiciled again and back in the inheritance tax net. If you had settled a trust while

you were non-UK domiciled, it will then be treated as a UK domiciled trust. This could undo previous inheritance tax planning, so if you are thinking about resuming UK residence, you should ideally review your position prior to returning. You should seek advice as soon as you decide to move back so that any restructuring of assets can be done tax-efficiently. Enveloped UK residential property Where a UK residential property is ‘enveloped’ in a corporate structure, it will become liable to UK inheritance tax from 6th April 2017.  There will specifically be no tax relief on de-enveloping such properties, so when weighing up the pros and cons of keeping the

structure, you need to consider all the costs involved in de-enveloping. Domicile is a complex area of law, particularly for inheritance tax purposes. If you get it wrong, your heirs could be faced with a large and unexpected tax bill. You need to seek specialist, professional advice to ensure to determine what the best solution is for you and your family. Tax rates, scope and reliefs may change. Any statements concerning taxation are based upon our understanding of current taxation laws and practices which are subject to change. Tax information has been summarised; an individual is advised to seek personalised advice. To keep in touch with the latest developments in the offshore world, check out the latest news on our website


E W N 1 - 7 December 2016 / Costa de Almería


Alleged document fraud jail request By Eleanor Hawkins THE Public Prosecutor is pushing for three-year jail sentences for two people in charge of a consultancy office accused of creating false employment contracts for foreigners to regularise their situation in Spain. The prosecution’s initial accusation also calls for a guilty verdict for six people who allegedly made use of the fraudu-

lent services to obtain their papers. The Public Prosecution Ministry believes the two owners of the consultancy office on a central Almeria City street to have presented applications for residence in Spain using employment contracts made out in the names of existing companies which the applicants did not in fact work for. The companies named on these contracts were

mainly in the agricultural and services sector, the accusation states. The initial request to be presented will include three-year jail sentences plus fines of €6 per day for a year for the two main defendants plus ninemonth jail sentences and fines of €6 per day for nine months for the six foreigners accused of using the services between January 2007 and May 2008.

Man arrested for burglary attempt GUARDIA Civil officers from Sorbas have arrested a 28-year-old man from Cuevas del Almanzora suspected of attempted burglary and causing damage to a property. Investigations began after a homeowner reported in the early hours of October 13 he was woken up by glass breaking. He told officers he approached the stairs and saw a glow, which he thought was the light from the screen of a mobile phone, and explained he ran into the street

and shouted for help from his neighbours. Accompanied by two other people, the man approached the broken window and saw a person in the distance running away who, having been caught in the process, had not had time to steal anything. Evidence collected from the scene and witness statements allowed investigators to identify a known local man who had a previous police record for similar offences.

1 - 7 December 2016 / Costa de Almería

By John Smith EVERY year, the staff and management of Talk Radio Europe, the English language radio station that transmits programmes from Gibraltar to the Balearics raises funds for the Cudeca cancer charity, and on Friday November 25 their telethon was transmitted from 10am to 7pm


Talk Radio Europe annual fundraising telethon auction with various items being auctioned for the charity. It is not just a one-day ac-

tivity as planning started months ago with the concept of a printed and online cookery book and their listeners have sent in recipes for the Fail Safe Recipe Book now on sale at a number of outlets or order online at In the run up to the telethon, listeners and local companies were invited to send in goods to be auctioned and there has been a number of fundraising events, the most popular being quizzes with entry fees passed to the telethon. Prior to the main on-air auction, items with a value of less than €50 were auctioned online but the main items featured in the ninehour marathon where most of the TRE presenters took turns to describe the items and encourage listeners to bid for them.

Photo Credit: Euro Weekly News.

14 E W N

PRESENTERS AND HELPERS: Keep track of the bids received for auction items. There was a range of items including meals for two, holiday getaways, massages, golf passes, visits to UK theatre, drum lessons, paintings and even a signed Fender Telecaster guitar donated by Rick Parfitt of Status Quo.

The telethon raised nearly €35,000 to help those suffering from cancer. The radio station will be leaving the appeal open as they expect to collect more as the days pass, possibly exceeding last year’s total.

Euro Weekly News was invited to see the hard work going on at the studios. Our picture shows presenters Hannah Murray and Dave Hodgson together with helpers keeping track of bids.

16 E W N

1 - 7 December 2016 / Costa de Almería



Sent to jail A MAN from El Ejido has been jailed for eight years for domestic violence after being found guilty of regularly beating his partner in 2014, and fracturing a bone in her face when she was seven months pregnant.

Size counts THE Kingdom of Spain, as it’s officially known, is the second largest country in the European Union by area. Currently comprising an impressive 505,955 square kilometres, Spain covers about 85 per cent of the Iberian Peninsula.

Find them THE mayor of Berja has called the Guardia Civil to track down the authors of graffiti which has appeared in parts of Villavieja heritage site, which dates back to the 9th century.

LOCAL POLICE: Received the Andalucia Menina Award for their ongoing efforts.

Hard work is rewarded MOJACAR’S Local Police force has received the Andalucia Menina Award, thanks to its ongoing efforts in protecting victims of gender violence. The awards are given out annually to associations or individuals who have made the war on gender violence a top priority. Since 2007, Mojacar ’s Local Police have worked

continually with Viogen, a comprehensive gender violence tracking system implemented by the Ministry of the Interior. Mojacar’s officers have been well ahead of the curve in regards to making sure that this social issue receives ample attention. The prize was accepted on behalf of the Local Police by Gabriel Ruiz Ayala, Head of the Gender Violence Unit

of the force. He was joined by three officers from the unit. Also in attendance at the ceremony were various councillors from different levels of government, as well as representatives from local entities and associations linked to the prevention, support, assistance, and protection of victims of gender violence.

Ecologists ur demolish El A By Eleanor Hawkins SALVEMOS MOJACAR ecologist group has declared that Carboneras Council is the only competent body able to order demolition of the illegal hotel in El Algarrobico and asked it to go ahead and do so as quickly as possible. After Carboneras mayor Salvador Hernandez recently declared that his council was not responsible for ordering the demolition, the ecologist group reported last week that it had checked the law and found that it is.


EL ALGARROBICO: Should be demolished quickly.

rge council to Algarrobico While Hernandez argued that the council was only responsible for ordering demolition of ruined or deteriorated buildings, which is not the case of the hotel, Salvemos Mojacar claims otherwise. The group bases its claims on article 183.5 of the Andalucian Land Law, which states that: “the council or department with town planning competencies will order immediate demolition of constructions which are manifestly incompatible with planning laws in a maximum of one month.” It also pointed out that a High Court sentence last year declared that local councils were the only bodies with the legal capacity to order demolitions of this type.

1 - 7 December 2016 / Costa de Almería



Former council members in court A COURT hearing involving Zurgena’s former mayor Candido Trabalon was due to begin on Thursday, November 24, after being suspended twice in the past when defendants failed to turn up. The case involves a crime against land planning in which the former mayor and other council members allegedly authorised division of a property of land where building was not permitted into 37 plots and granted construction licences. The Public Prosecutor maintains the council members were fully aware the developer had claimed that construction was permitted on the land in question under two approved regulations which had in fact not yet come into effect. The prosecution is demanding 18-month jail sentences and nine-year bans from public office for Trabalon, former Town Planning councillor Manuel Tijeras, a third councillor and

municipal architect Carlos Domingo Berbel. Developer Promobel Rocosa applied in December 2004 for a licence to divide the rustic land into plots and build homes on them. This, the prosecution claims, led

to a report being drawn up by Berbel which noted that construction was permitted under the Urban Land Delimitation approved by a plenary session and the PGOU land regulations, failing to point out that nei-

ther had yet come into effect. Although the council members were aware of this fact, the Public Prosecutor declared, they granted authorisation for the process to go ahead.


E W N 1 - 7 December 2016 / Costa de Almería


TOWN HALL: A manifesto against gender violence was read aloud.

Power of silence By Sam Croft MEMBERS of Cuevas del Almanzora Council gathered at the entrance to the town hall on the morning of Friday Novem-

ber 25 where they held a minute of silence to honour the memory of victims of gender violence. The small ceremony was one of many events organised by

the Municipal Women’s Information Centre for the International Day against Gender Violence, which is recognised across the world on November 25. After the moment of silence, a manifesto against gender violence was read aloud, and a banner was hung from the balcony of the town hall. New additions this year included vibrant purple lights which lit up the Marques de Los Velez Castle for several days, and a short film which was screened in the Echegaray Theatre.

Winners in parliament STUDENTS from Tijola’s Alto Almanzora secondary school have been on a visit to the Andalucian Parliament as a reward for winning the 2016 Euroscola Project competition. Many secondary schools across Andalucia and Spain took part in the competition, which this year marked the 30th anniversary of Spain’s entry into the European union in 1986. The students’ hard work on the project enabled them to achieve first place amongst all the Spanish participants and second place amongst those from Andalucia which participated in English. Teachers from the school spoke of their pride in their pupils and stressed that the project had served to improve relationships amongst them due to the time spent working together. The group which travelled to the parliament in Sevilla, which will also be going to the European Parliament headquarters as part of their prize, was received by the president of the institution, Juan Pablo Duran.

22 E W N

1 - 7 December 2016 / Costa de Almería


Childline Andalucia needs your help CHRISTMAS should be an exciting, happy and festive time for our children! Unfortunately there are children and teenagers that ‘dread’ the festive and holiday periods... parental/domestic abuse rises with alcohol and drug taking, many children face threats, abuse, and violence this Christmas and New Year! Childline Andalucia currently provide an online help service for expat children and teenagers up to 19yrs in Andalucia or at We urgently require funding to set up our training for our free phone line, 121 online messaging and school education team. Please help us realise our vision, and our initial target of €6,610 by January 4, 2017. The money will be used to set up, train listeners, introduce our School Education team, and 121 online chat in January 2017. This service is desperately required, offering children

and teenagers the support they require if they are facing challenging issues or problems of any kind here in Andalucia, Spain. Our fabulous team at Childline Andalucia would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts in advance for your kind and generous support, any donation will be greatly appreciated, and we would like to wish you all a very ‘Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.’ See the campaign and make a donation by visiting

FESTIVE TIME: Should be an exciting time for children.

24 E W N

1 - 7 December 2016 / Costa de Almería

Wednesday event for PAWS... the first of many PAWS has young volunteers visiting from all over Europe and staying on the shelter site in caravans. Their st o r y i s e n l i g h ten in g a n d in te re s tin g in many ways . On We d n e sd a y D e c e mb er 7 th e g ro u p w ill be treated to ‘Wine, Women and Song* - Karel’s story – The Life of a Caravan Volunteer ’ (*well - whine, bitches and noise). The event will take place at the Tercera Edad, Mojacar de Usos Multiples (previously the Centro de Artesania), from 12pm-2pm, with a bar open throughout. There will also be a clothes sale, fun auction, Champagne raffle, Q & A, cash prize bingo, cat and dog sponsorship, change4change, Christmas stalls and more!

Mojacar holds benefit event A FUNDRAISING meal was held recently in Mojacar on behalf of the Universal Wonderful Street Academy, a NGO (non-government organisation) in support of orphaned or abandoned children of Accra in Ghana. This non-profit society was set up in 2012 by the singer Louis Wonder, in order to help children living on the streets by providing them with an education, healthcare and a daily meal, all free of charge. To support and help raise funds for the Universal Wonderful Street Academy, a branch of this charity group was created in Mojacar, the only one in Spain. This non-bureaucratic body spends its donated resources directly on the children and

SOLIDARITY MEAL: One of the fundraising activities. maintaining their school. This solidarity meal was just one of the various activities that this NGO carries out in Mojacar. It was attended by the mayor of Mojacar, Rosmari Cano and councillors, Raquel Belmonte, for culture and Emmanuel Agüero, for tourism, representatives of a council that

always collaborates with all the initiatives that are carried out in Mojacar. Sara Lark, the well-known writer, who actively participates with the Mojacar group in support of these children, was among the large number of people who wanted to support this initiative.


Bedar celebrates BEDAR Christmas market will take place on Tuesday December 6 in the town hall squar e, f r om 11am unt i l 3pm. Ther e wi l l be st al l s, Christmas gifts, children’s activities, Father Christmas, a l ucky di p wi t h gr eat pr i zes, a t om bol a, a prize raffle, cakes, mince pi es and m ul l ed wi ne on offer.

Festive tidings THERE is to be a candlelit carol service followed by mulled wine and mince pies at t he Tur r e Evangel i cal Church on Friday December 9 at 7.30pm. All welcome. For more information see the website


E W N 1 - 7 December 2016 / Costa de Almería



New nutri-burger

NEW FOOD: The Nutria rodent is believed to be very clean and healthy. MOSCOW’s hot new food is nutria, also known as river rat. Despite being a rodent Nutria is believed to be very clean, healthy, and offers a hybrid taste between pork and turkey. It is not native to Russia but introduced from South America during the height of the fur trade.

Volcanic diplomacy TENSIONS mounted between Russia and Japan following reports that new missile systems were moved to the Moscow controlled Kuril Islands, which are claimed by Tokyo. The volcanic islands were occupied by the Soviets after the Second World War and the dispute has prevented the countries ever signing a peace accord.

Time warp PANFILOV’s 28 is a new war film dramatising the legendary feats of a Moscow division fighting to the death to halt a 1941 Nazi assault. But some historians claim the story was made up to portray Russian soldiers as fearless, with one even being fired for besmirching a sacred legend.

Punched Pole A TELEVISION show spiralled out of control when a Polish journalist was punched in the face when he mocked the Russian standard of living. The debate show was discussing salaries when the Pole congratulated Romanians on earning more than Russians, who he said lived worse than Ukrainians. Chaos promptly ensued.

Bear fighting A RUSSIAN fighter wants to hit the jackpot by battling Ultimate Fighting Championship star Conor McGregor in Russia. The Irishman draws in mil-

lions of viewers and accomplished wrestler Khabib Nurmagomedov reckons he has McGregor’s number. ‘The Eagle’ is from the restless Dagestan region and even wrestled bears as a child.

Forest spirit TWO Russians driving near the Ural mountains on a dark, snowy road spotted a strange, shadowy figure and claimed they had seen a Surale. The mythical forest spirit is believed to lure people into the woods and tickles them to death. Their dashcam footage is being analysed by YouTube experts.

Zoyka’s apartment A MUSEUM dedicated to famed Russian writer Mikhail Bulgakov will open next year at the small Moscow apartment where the author of ‘The Master and Margarita’ lived in the 1920s and 30s. The apartment has been remodelled to resemble the time and present intimate exhibitions for devotees of B u l g a k o v ’s work.


Costa de Almería

1 - 7 December 2016


business & legal LONDON - FTSE 100









Council threatens over rentals THE Barcelona Council has been busy issuing or threatening to issue fines on banks and companies connected with housing and property rental for breach of regulations and this seems set to continue as the current mayor Ada Colau has always campaigned for affordable housing and is against eviction. Firstly, the council has fined three banks a significant amount for leaving

Quote of the Week

€1.26 million is the total amount that the Barcelona Council is fining three banks for leaving property empty.

Photo Credit: Ricardo Stuckert Wikimedia

Inauguration of Petrobras exploration platform. By John Smith MANY SPANISH investors were attracted to purchase shares in Brazilian oil giant Petrobras when shares were launched on the world’s stock exchanges in 2010 to raise $72.8 billion (€63.5 billion). This was the world’s largest ever share launch and made it the fourth largest company by capitalisation in the world. Now, the Guardia Civil has announced that it has made the first arrest in Spain in connec-

properties they own completely empty for more than two years and these ‘specimen’ fines have been levied on BBVA, Santander and ‘bad bank’ Sareb. There is little doubt that other banks who have unoccupied property will also be fined in due course. Following this announcement, it has been decided that the boom in letting of private properties to short term visitors to the city through websites has encouraged property owners to ignore the re-

A long period of uncertainties that will block future investments in Britain, and that makes me really concerned,”. Matthias Wissmann, the president of the German Automotive Industry Association, on a possible hard Brexit.

Petrobras fraud arrest in Madrid

tion with an alleged fraud and has taken into custody from a Madrid hotel, an individual said to be closely involved in collecting bribes and distributing them to those involved in the alleged fraud. The man who has joint Brazilian and Spanish nationality had originally fled to the USA when he was accused of being involved in the case which saw the sum of $50 million (€47 million) diverted to various political parties within Brazil.


BHS update VETERAN Labour MP Frank Field has made no secret of the fact that he detests Sir Philip Green, former owner of BHS and is trying to have him stripped of his knighthood due to the parlous state of the bankrupt company’s pension fund. He has written to the Pensions Regulator asking whether the personal assets of both Sir Philip and Dominic Chappell who purchased the company can be seized in the event they do not plug the hole in the fund.

Neymar fear JUST when he thought all was resolved with accusations of fraud, Brazilian and Barcelona football star Neymar has been threatened with prosecution over the possible disguise of the value of the financial package when he moved from Santos to Barcelona. The prosecutor now wants him to be tried and will be demanding a two-year sentence and a €10 million fine.

Carousel fraud across Europe THE Spanish Tax Agency has identified and eliminated a major IVA fraud which is based on what is known as a Carousel scheme where IVA is collected, not paid and then reclaimed by false declarations of exportation of goods.


$1.75 billion (€1.66 billion) is the amount that Chinese online travel firm Ctrip has paid for Edinburgh-based travel search business Skyscanner.


By John Smith


In this case, the IVA was collected by the sale of petroleum products and supposed sales of electronic and computer components were made across Europe totalling €16 million. Two people were arrested with assets and documents seized.

quirement to register rental properties and so much has this area grown that hotels are now losing business. Two websites, Airbnb and HomeAway are to be hit with the newly introduced maximum fine of €600,000 each for offering properties to tourists on their sites which have not been properly registered. Both companies have been fined for ignoring the rules but they shrugged off the maximum which was €30,000.




UK car production THE Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders has announced that UK car manufacturing fell by 1 per cent in October when compared to the figures for October 2015 with production of 151,795 vehicles. Interestingly the fall was exclusively due to a fall in demand in the home market although exports which now account for nearly 81 per cent of all UK production continues to rise and this highlights the importance of the car industry to the UK balance of payments and the strength of foreign manufacturers in future investment negotiations with the government.


E W N 1 - 7 December 2016 / Costa de Almería



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E W N 1 - 7 December 2016 / Costa de Almería


By John Smith A REFERENDUM on constitutional change in Italy due to be held on Sunday December 4 could lead to a new rash of financial worries with Italian banks and possibly to the failure of the world’s oldest bank Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena which was founded in 1472. The referendum revolves around the fact that the two houses in Italy, the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies both have fairly similar powers and it is possible for one house to block the other on a regular basis. A bill was initially proposed by Prime Minister Matteo Renzi in 2014 which would significantly reduce the power of the Senate (the equivalent of the House of Lords) which would mean that the Chamber would have much more power and could push legislation through more quickly and with less expense. Unfortunately as the pro-

Photo Credit © European Union 2016

Italian referendum could hurt the EU

MATTEO RENZI (left): With Martin Schulz, European Parliament President. posed bill was unable to obtain a two thirds majority, the Italian constitution required that the matter be put to the public at large to allow them to decide the future role of government. Mr Renzi has made it very clear that he will not accept a no vote and if that should hap-

pen he would immediately resign and leave the door open for a new election. At the time it might have seemed like a brave but good decision but this was before the Brexit vote and the election of Donald Trump. Now it seems that individu-

als around the world like the concept of making a protest vote and it seems more than possible that the Italian electorate will follow suit and effectively bring the government down. The result could be bad for the banking sector in Italy as

the financial markets are effectively conservative and don’t like change which has seen a significant drop in the value of the shares of eight banks in Italy. Most of them can either ride out the storm or appear to be in the process of being taken over

or amalgamated, but Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena is in trouble as it has an enormous amount of bad mortgage debt (estimated at more than €100 billion) and as it is not a particularly attractive business for an investor, it may well be a casualty almost by default rather than intent. Some may argue that a change of government in Italy is hardly likely to cause seismic shocks across Europe but this is exactly what could happen as one party that could possibly gain power in a new election is the Five Star Movement (MS5) which originally said that it would call a referendum on EU membership if it came to power but has since amended this to vowing to call a new referendum on whether to keep the euro. So, in a matter of days, there could be at least one banking casualty, a new election in Italy and then a possible blow to the unity of the EU and the currency.

A surprising report wants to see legalisation of marihuana in the UK AS more and more countries around the world decide that if you can’t beat them, tax them, the Adam Smith Institute, which is something of a liberal think tank, has basically r e c o m m e n d e d t h e leg alis a tio n o f cannabis and marihuana in the UK and a number of MPs are broadly in favour of the idea. The arguments are quite simple as basically years of ‘policing’ the drug have been unsucce ssf u l y e t h a v e c o s t b illio n s o f pounds in both police and customs costs as well as housing more than 1,000 people who are in Britain’s overcrowded jails, alone costing the tax payer £50 million (€57.5 million) a year. If the drugs are going to flow into Britain anyway, rather than allow criminals and drug barons to reap the profits, very simply take over the industry, appoint licensed outlets and charge a tax on sales of the drug which could generate as much as £1 billion (€1.15 billion) in tax revenue each year.

Photo Credit: CervelliIn Fuga Shutterstock

By John Smith

LEGALISING CANNABIS: The Home Office has no plans to consider this. It is inarguable that a certain percentage of people who buy cannabis from a local dealer find it both easy and tempting to obtain harder drugs from the same sources but if they don’t need the dealers then they

may keep away from everything except cannabis. One of the recent problems has been the strength of locally grown ‘skunk’ which can cause mental instability but again if some-

what weaker cannabis options are available legally then there will be far less incentive to grow the stronger mixture and anyone in trouble can be helped. With America allowing medical marihuana, as will Germany shortly and Canada about to decriminalise, there is without doubt a strong argument for legislating and controlling the drug despite the fact that some people can experience negative side effects. The Home Office, which has no qualms about the controlled sale of tobacco or alcohol, has stated once again that it has no plans to consider legalisation and is clearly content with the income that the government receives from the two legal and proven killer drugs. MPs from across the political spectrum including former deputy prime minister Nick Clegg and former health secretary Norman Lamb have come out in support of the proposal although at the moment it appears unlikely that the proposal will be taken too seriously by the government.


Photo Credit: Crown Copyright Tom Evans

The Chancellor’s Autumn Statement

Chinese Vice Premier Ma Kai with PM Theresa May and Philip Hammond. By John Smith DEPENDING on your political point of view and your position on Brexit, the Autumn Statement from Phillip Hammond could be considered either evidence of a prudent Chancellor or the imaginings of a rabid anti-Brexiteer. Effectively reflecting advice received from the Office for Budget Responsibility, he confirmed that the target to clear the budget deficit by 2020 had been dropped and that the government now expected to borrow £122 billion (€140 billion) more than forecast in the March budget which includes a figure of £58.7 billion (€67.5 billion) due to the Brexit decision, as well as uncertainty caused by the election of Donald Trump and the Chinese economy. Considering that Britain’s average annual contribution to the EU balances out at £8.5 billion (€9.78 billion) after rebate and grants, had the referendum gone the other way, Britain could have had seven years of contributions before reaching the amount estimated to be borrowed for the forthcoming year just to cover Brexit!

In his statement, the Chancellor said he planned to spend an extra £23 billion on infrastructure projects and £3.7 billion on new housing projects.

In addition, growth within the UK economy would have to be reduced by at least 2.4 per cent, although the lack of a coherent Brexit strategy has not helped the compilation of the latest estimates. With the recent announcement of the possible reduction of NHS spending and the fact that Britain’s Navy is probably pointless and won’t be able to afford to replace its missiles when they reach their ‘sell by’ date over the next couple of years, many wonder why so much money is being gobbled up by government and where it is going. In his statement, the Chancellor did say that he planned to spend an extra £23 billion (€26.5 billion) on infrastructure projects which presum-

ably includes the additional runway at Heathrow and £3.7 billion (€4.25 billion) on new housing projects and for the time being at least, to keep the ‘triple lock’ protection on pensions, although this may have to be reviewed. Part of the additional funding needed by government must include the cost of additional civil servants to cope with Brexit, the renovation of parliament and several billion to cover fines on the Royal Bank of Scotland. The Prime Minister had previously stolen his thunder by announcing that corporation tax would be reduced in order to make more money for companies and he was left to announce that the National Living wage would go up to £7.50p (€8.60) per hour, even though there are daily reports of workers not receiving the minimum. There were a few other balancing decisions, but it wasn’t much for individuals to get excited about unless they had shares in house rental companies who will no longer be able to charge upfront fees on rental properties or purchase insurance as the tax on that will go up.

1 - 7 December 2016 / Costa de Almería




1 - 7 December 2016 / Costa de Almería


Foto Copyright Alexey Y. Petrov

It’s an airborne M25 out there LEAPY LEE SAYS IT

OTHERS THINK IT I’VE n e v e r b e e n p a rtic u larly fond of flying. I truly do envy a num b e r o f f r i e n d s a n d co lleagues who inform me, often with a barely discernible smirk, that their holiday begins ‘when they board the plane.’ M i n e o n l y e v e n b e c o mes a possi b i l i t y wh e n th e re v ers e thrust kicks in on landing! At my age, because of nature’s rather more frequent insistence on visits to the loo, I always try to obtain an aisle seat. Consequently, most of my travel experience is centred around the ‘goings on’ within, instead of outwith, the aircraft. This week I visited Denmark. On my return trip I was offered seat 1A. Outside of the cockpit, this is probably the best seat on the plane. It is a window seat and because it’s in the first row there is plenty of leg room, and

SECONDS APART: In the busy skyways above. s p a c e to v is it t he loo w ithout major disruption. I accepted the offer and, although I have used the occasional window seat in

the past 1A is something really special. With clear skies most of the w a y the w hole , virtua lly panoramic scenario that unfold-

ed was truly breathtaking. The most impressive sight to me was the magnificent beauty of the Alps, as we traversed it at sun-

set , whi ch has t o be t he m ost perfect time of all. What was not so reassuring was the revelation that, despite the illusion of vast distances of uninterrupted clear skies, the skyways are in fact nothing more than an airborne extension of the M25! At least five fellow flying machines hurtled into and out of my sightline, at combined speeds that truly startles the imagination. Flight trails above and below silently hung as proof of recent jet-borne travellers. It was not unt i l we f l ew t hr ough one of these trails with quite a resoundi ng bum p, t hat I r eal i sed t hat t her e wer e al so ot her s at t he same height as us, and not many seconds away either. Mmm, wasn’t too keen on that. Anyway a truly eye opening and extremely pleasant experience. Thank you Norwegian airlines. Still one of the best. Keep the faith. Love Leapy



E W N 1 - 7 December 2016 / Costa de Almería

On a plate, not a slate Mike Senker

In my opinion Views of a Grumpy Old Man THIS is my 65th article which, I have to tell you, must officially make me the grumpiest person on the coast. So when I got an email telling me my views on Trump and Farage are biased I had to smile because, of course, I’m biased. I’m allowed. It’s my column! But just to make it clear I think all politicians are, to put it in nice terms, economical with the truth. Don’t take my views as some kind of gospel. Read the column title ‘Views of a Grumpy Old Man.’ Of course, I could agree with you, but then we would both be wrong! But please keep emailing me. OK. Let’s get on with the serious stuff. As you know I like to eat out and over the last few months I have noticed restaurants have started using these bloody upside down knives. Have you seen them? They are ridiculous! They feel awkward to hold and when you put them down they flip over so they rest on the blade. What is the point? I was at a do this week and I was on a table of 10 people so I asked everyone, as we were all family, what they thought and every one of them thought

they were a daft idea. I’m a simple person. All I want is my grub served up on a plate with a knife and fork. I don’t need or want it served up on what can only be described as a roof slate or a wooden chopping board. I know it’s all to do with presentation but for me it’s all about the taste and if you get that right then I’m a happy bunny. Also, if you are offering me a buffet breakfast, I want a proper sized plate. I do not want a side plate which is your crafty way of making sure I don’t eat too much. And then there are the tea cups with the most ridiculous handles. Either they are non-existent or the handle is too small to be able to hold or, even worse, the handle doesn’t have a hole to put your finger in or even if it does, the hole is too small! Who designs these useless things? Whilst I’m on this subject, I was out with my daughter and she planted me in a wellknown coffee shop whilst she popped out to do a bit of shopping. She told me not many people know that they actually do a small (normal) size coffee. When you order they always ask if you’d like medium or large? I know they have to sell but why not just say regular, medium or large? I’ll be on Talk Radio Europe at 11.30am tomorrow December 2, if you want to call in and have a grump. Or, as always you can email me at



Green lines tested to reduce speed AS part of the series, we answer some common driving questions and keep you updated on the latest driving and road news kindly provided by members of the Guardia Civil based in Torrevieja, Costa Blanca, who set up the N332 website and Facebook page to help break down barriers.

GREEN LINES: Different colours give drivers a different impression. A NUMBER of new systems are being trialled aimed at reducing road traffic accidents. Castilla y Leon is one of the first places to adopt the new systems before they will potentially be rolled out across Spain. Here, one of the first tests is the introduction of green lines on the CL-615 and CL-613. The use of green lines has already been tested and used in parts of Sweden and the Netherlands where it was proven that using different colours on the road gives drivers a different impression of it. It also encourages them to moderate their speed accordingly and slow down as the road appears to narrow. In Castilla y Leon, the CL-615 was chosen to trial the green lines as the 92km stretch of road linking Palencia with Guardo, is considered to be a high risk area for acci-

dents. Since 2011, a total of 14 people have lost their lives on this stretch of road and another 139 hospitalised as a result of traffic accidents. The CL-613 runs from Palencia to Sahagun and is a single carriageway road with traffic flowing in both directions with long straight sections that encourages drivers to pick up their speed. Two people have been killed on this road and 55 people hospitalised and 30 seriously injured since 2011. With the green lines in place, the roads will have informative signs indicating that they are of a special format and may be subject to intensified speed checks and controls. The Guardia Civil will increase checks in these areas, not to necessarily catch more speeding vehicles, but to assess if the markings are having an impact in reducing speed.

For more news and articles visit or search N332 on Facebook.

Reduction of pool size Our Community has 140 apartments. One of the items on the Agenda at our last Assembly was to reduce the size of the pool by 10 per cent so that it can be open all year without a lifeguard. Currently it is only open during July and August because of the expense. The previous President said that there was no point in voting as the law states that there has to be 100 per cent agreement and that he will not agree to have the pool reduced. As a result, no vote was taken. Can you confirm that this is the law? S.K.(Costa del Sol) No, it is not the law. Your Community can vote by a simple majority to reduce the size of the swimming pool, either temporarily or permanently. This action does not change the original

David Searl You and the Law in Spain

Charter of the Community nor does it affect the Com-

munity shares and fees of any member. These are indeed actions which require a unanimous vote. Furthermore, the person who requested the vote could have insisted on the vote’s taking place.

Send your questions for David Searl through lawyers Ubeda-Retana & Associates in Fuengirola at, or call 952 667 090.


E W N 1 - 7 December 2016 / Costa de Almería


Britain deserves better than this Brexit jester Nora Johnson

Breaking Views Nora is the author of popular psychological suspense and crime thrillers and a freelance journalist. To comment on any of the issues raised in her column, go to

FIRST it was the Italians who were infuriated by the ‘insulting’ way in which Boris Johnson reduced the debate over Brexit to the economics of prosecco sales. Then French and German officials reportedly received similar lectures about Champagne and car exports in ‘patronising’ and ‘unfunny’ remarks that are worsening Britain’s relationship with Europe. More recently, Boris provoked outrage among EU countries by offering to help Turkey join the EU despite whipping up prejudice during the referendum campaign by suggesting Turkish migrants would flood the UK if Britain stayed in the EU. Add to that the fact that the German foreign affairs minister allegedly told col-

leagues he can’t stand even being in the same room as Boris! According to European ambassadors, Boris’s idiotically embarrass-

Doubtless the government has a cunning secret plan and antagonising the rest of the world is a key part of it.

ing comments on Brexit, both publicly and privately, are causing real damage. “This is no longer amusing,” one said. Boris once described writing about the EU for The Telegraph as “great fun” because he could throw rocks over a wall and enjoy the sound of breaking glass. He seems to have the same approach to diplomacy. Mrs May should replace him with a grown-up - if she can find one. Boris

can always go back to writing deep insights in GQ magazine etc - maybe he still thinks he is. With Foreign Secretary ‘Buffoon Boris’ one of the Three Brexiteers responsible for Brexit ‘policy,’ at least there are no grounds at all to criticise President-elect Trump, and the similarly challenged team he’s assembling. So, we have Boris ‘insulting’ the Italians, Theresa May (during her recent visit to India) ‘insulting’ the Indians, pretty much everyone insulting the Americans. But doubtless the government has a cunning secret plan and that antagonising the rest of the world is a key part of it. Maybe this is Theresa May’s strategy. Give the three clowns enough rope to hang themselves with. Once they’re done, she’ll clear the decks and proceed with a new, progressive plan that she’s secretly developing behind the scenes. I just wish she’d hurry up before we’ve insulted the entire globe...

One-way traffic Cassandra Nash A weekly look - and not entirely impartial reaction to the Spanish political scene

HAVING seen the LOMCE education law lying in tatters on the parliament floor Mariano Rajoy went running to the Constitutional Tribunal to veto MPs’ own right to the veto. With his overall majority gone Mariano Rajoy promised dialogue with other parties but clearly still prefers a monologue.

Don’t fix it INSIDE the Partido Popular’s Calle Genova headquarters in Madrid there is little appetite for the primaries that regional politicians want. The party’s ‘Father knows best’ principle is unlikely to be modified although background murmurings calling for primaries cannot be entirely silenced. The PSOE membership who hoisted Pedro Sanchez from the ranks to the top of the heap in 2014 was directly responsible for the socialists’ 2015 and 2016 election defeats, but the hierarchy’s lack of enthusiasm for primaries lies

in another direction. The PP gives an enviable impression of unity whatever underlying tensions seethe beneath the surface and for the time being at least, Genova can afford to take the ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ approach.

Crocodile tears RITA BARBERA, Valencia City mayor for 24 years until May 2015, finally declared before the Supreme Court but died that night of a heart attack in her Madrid hotel. Drummed out of the Partido Popular for alleged involvement in the Taula corruption case, Barbera remained a nonaligned Senator. She clung to her right to be tried by the Supreme Court and denied all knowledge of illicit Partido Popular funding, double accounting or money laundering. On her death the same party to whom she had become an embarrassment heaped her with praise: “There was no justification for the witch hunt she was subjected to,” lamented former Speaker Jesus Posada. “She didn’t deserve it,” added MP Celia Villalobos, as both shed crocodile tears and, in classic

Spanish manner, interpreted being brought to book as persecution.

Nora Johnson’s psychological/suspense crime thrillers ‘No Way Back,’ ‘Landscape of Lies,’ ‘Retribution,’ ‘Soul Stealer,’ ‘The De Clerambault Code’ ( available from Amazon in paperback/eBook (€0.99;£0.99) and iBookstore. All profits to Costa del Sol Cudeca cancer charity. BORIS JOHNSON: Insulted the Italians.

Own goal CRISTINA CIFUENTES, president of the Madrid Community rarely puts a foot wrong but tripped up by declaring that the Madrid region’s taxes financed Andalucia’s education, healthcare and other services. Cifuentes later trotted out the usual excuse that the words were taken out of context but her own party, the Partido Popular, was hopping mad at losing potential support and votes in Andalucia. And despite expressing obligatory outrage, regional president Susana Diaz was wreathed in wide smiles thanks to Cifuentes’ own goal.

Cristina Cifuentes. Photo Credit Cristina Cifuentes/Flickr


E W N 1 - 7 December 2016 / Costa de Almería


Bake Off, Briggs and Mrs Brown: all among BBC’s festive offerings Richard Shanley

Dishing the Dirt OF EUROPA DIGITAL

TWO Bake Off specials, a Raymond Briggs film and Mrs Brown’s Boys are among the BBC’s festive offerings. The Great Christmas Bake Off episodes will be the last time the show is on the BBC before it moves to Channel 4. Outnumbered also returns with the Brockman children all grown up, while Dame Shirley Bassey will star in a special alongside David Walliams. Walliams will also host a sketch show where he will be joined by the likes of Hugh Bonneville. David Jason returns in the first of a new series of Still Open All Hours, while the stars of Call the

BAKE OFF: The Christmas special is the last show on BBC. Midwife find themselves transported to South Africa as they fight to save a tiny mission hospital. Anne Reid, Derek Jacobi and Sarah Lancashire reunite for a two-part Last Tango in Halifax special. The episodes are set two years

after the death of Kate, the wife of Lancashire’s character Caroline. Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes will be brought to life by a cast including Tamsin Greig, Dominic West and Rob Brydon. Briggs’ film Ethel and Ernest, which was released in cinemas last month, is voiced by Brenda

Blethyn and Jim Broadbent. Other highlights include the return of Sherlock and a 60-minute episode of Doctor Who called The Return of Doctor Mysterio. The Strictly Come Dancing Christmas special will be head judge Len Goodman’s last outing on the show. Kim Cattrall, Andrea Riseborough, Toby Jones and David Haig star in Agatha Christie’s Witness for the Prosecution. Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton return with another Inside No 9, while US jazz star Gregory Porter, singer Beverley Knight, Strictly’s Bruno Tonioli and broadcaster Suzi Klein will present West Side Stories, a celebration of the musical ahead of its 60th anniversary. Christmas worship will include Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve from St Chad’s Roman Catholic Cathedral in Birmingham and the

Christmas Day Service from Bristol Cathedral. Arts offerings include a look back at the career of Margot Fonteyn by Darcey Bussell, the Royal Ballet’s Nutcracker and author Alan Bennett revealing his diaries in a new film about his life. If you would like me to answer any questions you may have on satellite TV or to expand on anything I have written about please call me on 678 332 815 or email I look forward to your comments and questions. Don’t forget to listen to my radio show every weekday from 10am on Spectrum 96.1 and 106.8FM, now covering almost 3,000sq kms of Costa Almeria and Calida or listen online at for the latest news and views from the world of satellite television.


1 - 7 December 2016 / Costa de Almería

Ric Polansky’s unorthodox and adventurous life EUROWEEKLY’S longtime columnist Ric Polansky, a man whose arrival in Spain dates back to the late 1960s, has been featured in a major profile by Diario de Almeria. Here we reproduce elements of that article to give our readers a flavour of the man whose adventurous spirit mean his interests range from bullfighting to jungle exploration deep in the heart of the Amazon. One man, the paper says, who defies any attempt to pigeon-hole him is Ric Polansky, an American who arrived in Mojácar in the late 1960s, fleeing a conflict he believed to be unjust, the war in Vietnam. One of his first loves was his passion for photography allied with his love of bullfighting. These twin passions led him to take thousands of photos of bullfights all over the world. In fact, almost 70 per cent of the images contained in the book Olé!, a bullfighting book featuring contributions by 35 American authors, came from his very own camera. The book has gone on to win two US literary awards and be shortlisted for several others. His wish to extol the virtues of this sport means he has spoken at confer-

ences about the art of bullfighting. Such is his passion that in his own house he has a bar full of memorabilia including bulls’ heads, bullfighter outfits and posters of famous contests. One such poster depicts a bullfight he himself organised in the summer of 1971 in Almeria’s spectacular Vera bullring. But, as the paper says, what makes him a unique individual is his adventurous spirit: he and his wife often travel during the summer months to Alaska, where they enjoy fishing and the snow and ice of the north American state. In sharp contrast to the attractions of Alaska, Polansky has travelled on multiple occasions to Latin America, following the trail of the old Spanish conquistadors. Together with a Peruvian friend he made several trips in search of El Dorado; the legendary city or kingdom that has seduced adventurers over the centuries. The story of the king who covered his body with gold dust and made offerings in a sacred lagoon has had a power of attraction throughout history but all searches were in vain. However, Ric Polansky claims to have found El Dorado.

“I can say, without exaggerating, that I know exactly where El Dorado is,” he says. Based on information provided by the Alaskan conquistador Alonso de Mercadillo, he entered the Amazon jungle in the 1980s in search of the golden civilization. “It’s a very dangerous place, life is worth very little there,” recalls Polansky. For their adventures they hired a helicopter to fly over the jungle. He had to learn to deal with the others seeking the mines of El Dorado and at one time obtained permission from the Peruvian government to carry a pistol. “My trick when I met dangerous people, like illegal loggers and smugglers, was to always carry a plastic bottle with a very good rum, at least 20 or 25 years old, and offer them a shot,” he jokes. The real El Dorado, he says, is not a city “like Cuzco, but a series of mines very rich in gold, from which the metal was extracted for the big cities.” His adventures have prompted him to start a book on his trips to Peru. Among his many anecdotes is his rela-

tionship with a dangerous tribe whom he had to ask for help to heal his broken leg, an injury he suffered in the jungle. He also remembers with a smile the bite of a small snake, “just like a worm,” which caused him to haemorrhage blood from the ears and nose. He has seen specimens of one of the largest snakes on earth, the anaconda. “I saw one kill a small child before my very eyes,” he recalls. His unorthodox life has seen him put many of his innermost thoughts down on paper for the readers of the Euro Weekly News. It has also led him to start to put them down on paper for a series of books. When he finds a publisher for his larger-than-life tale, we will let you know.

RIC POLANSKY: Claims to have found El Dorado.

WELL TRAVELLED: Here’s Ric in Egypt.

My trick when I met dangerous people was to always carry a plastic bottle with a very good rum and offer them a shot.” TWIN PASSIONS: Ric has a love of photography and bullfighting.




E W N 1 - 7 December 2016 / Costa de Almería





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E W N 1 - 7 December 2016 / Costa de Almería



Unwarranted advice should go amiss! Ric Polansky Ric Polansky moved to Mojacar in 1969 as a pioneer developer. He reads extensively and has travelled in South America panning gold and looking for El Dorado.

IT is the dead season. The dull and lifeless gray permeates us. It’s just before Christmas, new arrivals popping up daily yet the true hard drinking festivities haven’t been broached. In the village people rush across the main plaza shouting rude remarks to friends and bustle away to work. In fact, it is the increase of the foreigners that has instrumented giving gifts for Christmas (and Reyes) for the Spaniards. You know Spain, it won’t purposefully miss a chance for a fiesta, of any nationality or type without feeling cheated or short done. This one will be particularly rumsoaked in honour of Cuba and the bearded one’s stance against capitalism. ‘Cuba libre’ (free Cuba) will be the preferential order from the older incrowd. Everyone was proud of his achievements concerning free medicine and sponsoring competitive athletes around the worlds’ games. But, in reality, few visited there, other than newspaper pundits and musical groups. Most certainly no-one mentioned the atrocities committed by Fi-

HAVANA, CUBA: Cubans spoke Spanish and Spain sided with their struggle. del and pin-up boy Che Guevarra concerning the plaza de toros in Havana where blood flowed a foot high from the hundreds of businessmen and shop owners executed brutally and with a village’s vengeance.

Cubans spoke Spanish and that was good enough for Latin America and Spain to side with their struggle. The Falklands war passed the same way; mother tongue trumping and controlling any rational global thought.

Until mid-December the spontaneous parties are hard drinking and fueled out of boredom but without merited flow or direction. Charity events will knit the community together as will the renewal of old seasonal friend-

ships. Still, it is a ‘wanting and lean season.’ The dull grey time of leafless trees and ejaculated trivia; of hollow men and still born dead poets. People will feast their eyes upon the news, some for the first time in a year. Papers will be read in their entirety and discussions will be held concerning the dismal state of almost everything recollected. “It wasn’t that way in my youth” and tales of remembrances will gush forth spontaneously awakening old times and thoughts that haven’t been of concern ever during waking moments. At long last suffering weary charity volunteers will be recognised and well deserved drinks finally sent their way. Their pamphlets will be read and discussions will ensue about how to improve them and their efforts. Expect a sharp and resounding rebuke if not a deserved clout around the ear. Eleven months they toil without a word of gratitude and then they suffer the thoughtless prattles of non-reflective airheads. Nothing is acute, but everything is of concern during these lean times full of sinew, grit and lacking a bone of contention. Worry not, a glass of chilled cava will cure all. Set the world back on its right course, correct the spin, adjust the wobble.

Discover how to make 2017 your best year Sally Trotman Sally Trotman is a qualified Counsellor who works with Astrology, Numerology and the Tarot. Each month she will deliver the forecast as an intuitive tool to aid increased self awareness.

ASTROLOGY: Reach for the stars! Sun in Sagittarius: This free spirited fire sign is encouraging you to let go this month. Is there anything you are strongly attached to that you know you need to release? Attachment to security, a person or outcome is rooted in fear. This month be present, let go of the familiar and allow yourself to be more spontaneous. By going with the flow of life, and trusting yourself and others, you will feel an increased sense of freedom and inner peace. Practice detaching with love this month and notice how your relationships become more harmonious. Get in tune with the moon: The full moon in Gemini on December 14 is the last full moon of the year, bringing the focus to your thoughts. Do you have any important decisions to make before the year ends? When making decisions, consider your needs and also consider what will best serve those close to you. When you make a decision that is for your highest good the unseen forces of the universe rearrange it-

self so that everyone benefits. Evaluate all options, listen to your intuition and when you are clear, act decisively, with compassion and understanding. The new moon on December 29 is in the pratical sign of Capricorn. Set three intentions for the New Year on this date, write them down and put the piece of paper in a safe place. Then take inspired action to bring your ideas to reality. Make a commitment to yourself to follow through with your ideas and just imagine where you will be in a year’s time! Numerology: What can you give to yourself this Christmas? Number 12: Numbers are symbols which carry energy and the influence of this number in December will help you to stay focused on what is important to you. By expecting plans to go smoothly, this positive intent will help you to create the best out-

come. There are times to do and times to be. The festive season can be busy and stressful, so take time out for yourself when you can. By nurturing yourself you will be more able to give to others when you need to. The Tarot: Change your perspective The twelfth card in the Major Arcana Tarot deck is the Hanged Man. You may find that you receive some inspiration as the year draws to a close. Use your imagination to visualise what you want. Every moment offers a new opportunity so look at life with wonder and gratitude. Now is a good time to take up a creative hobby, such as painting, dancing, singing, cooking or something else which inspires you. By being creative you are being present. This will help you to forget any concerns and enjoy the moment. By doing what makes you to feel good in each mo-

ment, you will attract even better things, helping you to make 2017 your best year yet! Create your best year yet! Would you like to discover how you can make the most of the unique numbers and astrological placements based on your date of birth so that you can make 2017 your best year yet? Sally Trotman can help you to make the best choices for you in the New Year, based on your date of birth, by looking at your Numerology, Astrology and associated Tarot cards for the year ahead. She also offers compatibility reports, looking at the unique connection between you and your partner, helping you to understand the strengths and challenges within your relationship. Readings are available via Skype or email. Contact Sally by email at or visit to book in. Here is an email I received recently from a client after providing a written astrological compatibility report: “Hi Sally, the compatibility report was so spot on. Seriously you have confirmed so much for me regarding my relationship. You are bang on with what my partner is like, and although you’ve never met him, it’s like you know him. Thank you very much.” Georgie, Tring, UK.


E W N 1 - 7 December 2016 / Costa de Almería




Word Ladder


TODAY: Fri Sat Sun -

Fri Sat Sun -


Leave nothing to chance or you could be out of pocket. When discussing the future with someone close, you are expected to take the lead. VIRGO (August 24 - September 23) Being over-generous with cash midweek could see you making a poor move. Perhaps someone needs to be more hardworking or perhaps less of a spendthrift. Propping up a bad habit would be doing them no favours. There are doubts in your mind about a family holiday.

creating something artistic, perhaps even a musical. GEMINI (May 22 - June 21) Although energy is not high, there is the need to have some kind of challenge. With the brain active, it is an ideal time to plot and plan your next moves. Maybe something that has been delayed might now be advanced. You find it hard to choose between opportunities.

LIBRA (September 24 - October 23) A suggestion made by you recently did not seem to be taken seriously. This week, however, negotiations could be opened. Circumstances change and it may seem someone gave up too early. Bide your time and even hold your tongue when someone in a strong position spouts rubbish.

CANCER (June 22 - July 23) The imagination stirs and the heart races at a suggestion this week. Your strong intuition tells you it is the right thing to do. You are a constant friend, but such an adventure may mean an absence from someone close.

Solution There are at least four solutions to this puzzle, including:

TAURUS (April 21 - May 21) With a mind as sharp as a needle, you spin through the week, weaving your own charming spell. A bit of extra confidence works wonders for your mood. Something that you read sets you thinking about doing some writing or

SCORPIO (October 24 - November 22) Confidence in a close relationship should be maintained. Possibly someone who envies your position would like to see discord. A matter of spiritual or religious faith is questioned, but the answer comes more clearly and sharply than you would have thought. In discussions with yourself (sometimes the best kind) answers come easily.

LEO (July 24 - August 23) Reading the small print or being sure what is offered in a personal encounter is most important this week.


Saturday November 26

Saturday November 26

















EURO MILLIONS Tuesday November 22

Friday November 25



10 34

33 47




11 23

17 28



Saturday November 26

Sunday November 27














17 39

22 48



Mon - 12 4 Cl Tues - 12 3 Cl Wed - 12 3 C



Fri Sat Sun -

18 11 Cl Mon - 17 12 C 18 13 C Tues - 17 12 C 16 12 Sh Wed - 17 12 C


19 10 S 17 12 C 16 11 Sh

Mon - 18 11 Cl Tues - 18 11 C Wed - 17 11 C





Fri Sat Sun -

Mon - 33 23 C Tues - 32 23 Cl Wed - 32 23 Th

32 23 Th 32 23 Sh 32 23 Sh





18 9 S 18 9 S 19 10 C

Mon - 18 10 Sh Tues - 18 9 C Wed - 18 10 C



S Sun,

Fri Sat Sun -

Cl Clear,

Sh Showers,



Mon - 17 12 Sh Tues - 18 12 Sh Wed - 18 12 C

19 10 C 18 12 Cl 17 12 Sh




F Fog, Sn Snow,


20 8 Cl 18 10 Cl 16 9 Sh

Mon - 17 8 Sh Tues - 18 9 Cl Wed - 18 9 C

C Cloudy, Th Thunder


How many English words of four letters or more can you make from the nine letters in our Nonagram puzzle? Each letter may be used only once (unless the letter appears twice). Each word MUST CONTAIN THE CENTRE LETTER (in this case L) and there must be AT LEAST ONE NINE LETTER WORD. Plurals, vulgarities or proper nouns are not allowed. TARGET: • Average: 12 • Good: 17 • Very good: 25 • Excellent: 32

LAST WEEK’S SOLUTION alec alee aloe alto carl clad clod clot coal cola cold cole colt dale deal dele dole dolt earl lace lade lard late lead leer load lode lord lore oral rale real reel role tael talc tale teal told tole alder alert alter carol clear cleat coral creel dealt decal delta dolce elate elder elect laced lacer lated later octal older ratel telco cartel cereal claret coaled coaler colder cradle creole dealer elated elater leader lector loader locate oracle ordeal rectal relate reload retold tercel alerted altered caroled cleared cleated creedal declare elector electro leotard located related treacle treadle relocate RELOCATED


Fill the grid so that every row, every column and every 3X3 box contains the digits 1-9. There’s no maths involved. You solve the puzzle with reasoning and logic.



13 2 Cl 12 4 C 11 4 C


Benidorm TODAY: Fri Sat Sun -

ARIES (March 21 - April 20) After a relaxed weekend, it might prove difficult to take up the reins of work again. However, midweek sees you trotting along happily and minding your own business when someone stops you in your tracks. When a challenge is issued, your natural stubbornness comes to the fore.


Fri Sat Sun -



won’t be too easy. Holding back just a little makes you more desirable. A want to travel could be cramped by financial considerations. If making extra money is too difficult, consider sharing something of value with someone else.

PISCES (February 20 - March 20) Time is precious this week because you are in demand. A chance lost in the past presents itself again but

Mon - 17 12 Sh Tues - 18 11 C Wed - 19 11 C

20 10 S 18 12 C 17 12 Sh


Barcelona TODAY:

An emotional cut-off from the past is not as bad as anticipated. Indeed, it confirms in your mind who you are and what your place in the world is. Inherited traits knit easily with your present life and bring contentment. All that you want to change at the moment are certain things round you that have been outgrown.

AQUARIUS (January 21 - February 19) You realise this week how liberating it is to share your thoughts and feelings with someone close. It is not always easy to do this, until you realise everyone has them. Some hopes and dreams are more attainable than others, of course, and someone has to find out which are which.



Fri Sat Sun -

SAGITTARIUS ( November 23 - December 21)

CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 20) An investment made recently is built upon and brings peace of mind. Finances do need consideration but more in the long than the short-term. Much is happening in the background that does not require your attention but, all the same, be aware. Life may be like a game of chess, but this week if you turn your back an opponent may cheat.

Madrid TODAY:

Almeria TODAY:




for next 7 days




Weather Alicante

Move from the start word (FILL) to the end word (CAKE) in the same number of steps as there are rungs on the Word Ladder. You must only change one letter at a time.




1 - 7 December 2016 / Costa de Almería



Enjoy filling in the following puzzles and check the answers in next week’s edition

Code Breaker

Quick Across 1 Freight (5) 4 Distinguish oneself (7) 8 Dispossess (7) 9 Eating utensil (5) 10 Night times (8) 11 Pure and simple (4) 13 Lose momentarily (6) 14 Take a chance (6) 17 Raced (4) 19 Uncivilised (8) 22 Change (5) 23 Awaiting conclusion or confirmation (7) 24 Non-professional (7) 25 Wander off (5) Down 1 Scrounge for (5) 2 Put down by force or intimidation (7) 3 First (8)






Each number in the Code Breaker grid represents a different letter of the alphabet. In this week’s puzzle, 6 represents X and 11 represents B, so fill in X every time the figure 6 appears and B every time the figure 11 appears. Now, using your knowledge of the English language, work out which letters should go in the missing squares. As you discover the letters, fill in other squares with the same number in the main grid and the control grid.

LAST WEEK’S SOLUTIONS CRYPTIC Across: 1 Classic, 5 Tight, 8 Snail, 9 Cordite, 10 Aged, 11 Delaware, 13 Dagger, 15 Divers, 18 Dulcimer, 19 Pure, 22 Netball, 23 Orion, 24 Ounce, 25 Sunbeam. Down: 1 Custard, 2 Abate, 3 Silo, 4 Cachet, 5 Terrapin, 6 Grimace, 7 There, 12 Heritage, 14 Gelatin, 16 Sternum, 17 Realms, 18 Dingo, 20 Unite, 21 Down.

QUICK 4 Toboggan (6) 5 Dusty pink colour (4) 6 Isolated from others (5) 7 Open and genuine (7) 12 Slang name for a surgeon (8) 13 Eye makeup (7)

English - Spanish

1 Bogus, 3 Flats, 8 Excited, 9 Bored, 10 Omit, 13 Apex, 14 Elite, 17 Tequila, 18/6 Dog tag, 19 Steal, 20 Shine. Down: 1 Byte, 2 Shekel, 3 Fact, 4 Attempted, 5 Sedate, 7 Grotesque, 11 Cactus, 12 Always, 15 Bill, 16 Ogre.

The clues are mixed, some clues are in Spanish and some are in English.

Across 1 Cowards (8) 8 To bring (5) 9 Never (5) 10 Fin (3) 11 Águila (5) 12 Between (5) 13 Badly (3) 14 Code (cipher) (5) 15 Planchas (utensilios) (5) 16 Then (at that time) (8)



Across: 1 Leader, 4/11 Roof rack, 7 Crust, 8 Techo, 10 Veintiuno, 13 Above, 14 Unico, 15 Kick, 16 Celoso. Down: 1 Lock, 2 Azulejo, 3 Entonces, 5 Frog, 6 Attitude, 9 Contigo, 12 Topo.

Down 2 Naranjada (9) 3 Acuerdo (9) 4 Diente de león (9) 5 Insolación (9) 6 Estirar (7) 7 Lemonade (7)



15 Obstacle (7) 16 Interfere with, as evidence (6) 18 Additional (5) 20 Cautious (5) 21 Compulsion (4)

Cryptic The purpose of the Hexagram puzzle is to place the 19 six-letter words into the 19 cells. The letters at the edges of interlocking cells MUST BE THE SAME. The letters in the words must be written CLOCKWISE. The word in cell 10 (MANGLE) and one letter in four other cells are given as clues.



LAST WEEK’S SOLUTION 1 Urbane 2 Asylum 3 Priory 4 Ribald 5 Bodies 6 Micron 7 Embody 8 Indict 9 Frolic 10 Mingle 11 Entity 12 Befell 13 Ginkgo 14 Killed 15 Floury 16 Shaken 17 Pulley 18 Cougar 19 Propel.

Across 1 Helped to show Neddy is another diminutive for Edward (8) 5 Barrage beginning with a long lecture (4) 9 Parasite takes shelter in front of church (5) 10 Ringo and Sheeran had top billing (7) 11 Hostility in Teheran courthouse (7) 12 Coat leapt about (5) 13 Stop in scruffy side street (6) 15 How’s that for attractiveness? (6) 19 Firstly, surgeons cannot operate unless remarkably clean (5) 21 Cook a meal, do it in style (1,2,4) 23 Make a mistake and start some chores (7) 24 Certain dialects found around the country (5) 25 Nobody heard the religious woman (4) 26 Bandits in groups carrying equipment (8) Down 1 Enticed by a duller fashion (7) 2 Polish lady has a nurse (5) 3 Educates groups of swimmers (7) 4 Guarantee points by river (6) 6 A fairer form of travel expense (7) 7 Young man gets the French scoop (5) 8 Western snake and insect (4)

14 Ron raps about a leather pouch (7) 16 Saying grace for a prying butcher (7) 17 Eyes law around tolerances (7) 18 Saw mistake in her cable (6)

19 Back in Western Samoa (5) 20 Charter is torn apart (4) 22 Aged Australian car manufacturer loses capital (5)


E W N 1 - 7 December 2016 / Costa de Almería




Letters for Your Say should be emailed to or make your comments straight on our website:

Scandal of opening on Sundays SO the shopping centres of Alicante are trying again to open on Sundays, they say it’s for the tourists but that is rubbish. I would have thought that visitors to Alicante had better things to do than go shopping. This country works very well with the Sunday closing, so let’s take a moment to think about this. Who at the end of the day gains from this most? It’s not the people. They have managed quiet well without shops being open on Sunday, and the tourists accept things as they find them, so therefore it must be the greed of the shop owners. Why should a few greedy companies get their way? It will be just like another week day, the family day will be gone forever, some staff will be forced to work against their will and it will destroy the Spanish weekend as we know it. Don’t let anybody tell you different. I was in the UK when it happened there and now a Sunday is the worst day of the week. That is one of the nice things about Spain they still have the weekend. Shops do not need to open on Sundays so please, if we get a vote, vote NO to Sunday opening. Ron, Busot

Oafs and animals IT always amazes me just how inconsiderate and selfish people can be, from letting their dogs foul the footpath for anyone to tread in, nearly bumping into you whilst riding their disability scooters, and others parking their cars directly on and blocking a pedestrian crossing. No one ever seems to consider their neighbours and residents of the community any more. I have approached our community entrance door several times only for someone coming out of the door to let it close even though they see me approaching. Certain residents in our block have left rubbish in the lifts and allowed their pet to urinate in the foyer, whilst others thinking it to be ok to be loud, drag furniture about and slam their apartment doors at all hours of the night. I have noticed, more so recently, that there are bags of household rubbish left at the side of the road only yards from a rubbish bin or skip. I can’t understand why some dog owners, who quite rightly pick up

Photographs for possible publication should be sent by email with a full caption to:

America’s Maggie? TWO months ago I wondered why in a co u ntry of 180 million A me ric a ns , these two (Clinton and Trump) were the best they could come up with, but then I found myself warming to Trump. Is he going to be America’s Maggie? Throughout my life I’ve tried to rationalise my views on various subjects by reducing the argument down to its basic components, forget all the peripherals, ifs, buts and maybes. To me the Brexit vote has become really simple. The EU is run by the Germans with the French as their lapdogs, Merkel is a puppet controlled by the German elite. The British slavishly follow the rules to the letter, everybody else cherry picks what they want or ignore them altogether.

their dog’s poo in a small black plastic bag, then leave the full bag on the pavement! Please bin it. I like to see holidaymakers enjoying their time here in Spain but why are they so inconsiderate while they await their departure coach and completely block the pavement with their suitcases then complain when I ask them to make a pathway through! It seems very sad that nowadays people in general are so selfish and inconsiderate to others. Steve

My sincere view is that if we stay in the EU, our British liberty, our freedom to trade with whoever we wish and make major laws will have gone and we will never get it back. Well not in our lifetime anyway. The Remainiacs, who are usually young, cannot seem to grasp this, but do not fear, the majority of B rits vote d B re xit, the Am er i cans vot ed f or Trump. Have you noticed lately in the press TV media that whenever something negative happens (stock market falling) it’s always suffixed ‘post-Brexit’? We should be looking at the plus side and considering all the opportunities that Brexit can bring!

Greek shepherds AS a ‘commuter’ between my properties in Calpe on the Costa Blanca and freezing Manchester I read Leapy’s column in the Euro Weekly News avidly and, as a fellow ‘right wing neo-fascist with gross capitalist and Nazi influences in our blood’ (seems to be the general opinion in EWN letters) this is an e-mail of support for your views.


Now this may not be the basis for a column (I write two in the UK) but let’s put our feet in the shoes of ‘The Donald’ in just one issue sacred to the Gang of 27 in Brussels. Now Trump is not a professional politician. He sees contributions to the NATO budget by everyone except the UK as inadequate. He’s perhaps prepared to ignore grants to Greek shepherds who one year had their flocks decimated by disease and the following year had them eaten by wolves. And maybe the grant to Romanian farmers to stop them being cruel to

their animals - but that’s peanuts. The Donald will view the monthly commute from Brussels to Strasbourg as the most expensive commute of all time and the most politically damaging to the EU cause. You probably know (it’s easy to verify) that thousands of MEPs, translators, flunkeys, and 4,000 trucks travel from Brussels to Strasbourg and back every month at a cost of about £270 million a year. But hang on - Nationalism is dead and Federalism is in, yet this is an agreement between France and Germany? Then again Trump gets slaughtered regarding his views on global warming and CO2 emissions. The Brussels-Strasbourg commute produces 26,000 tons of carbon dioxide a year. Comment comes there none. And Merkel and the rest expect Trump to support them? Ian

Comu clearance I LIVE in DENIA and our Community Management Agent has been negotiating with the local council (Comu) fulfilling all necessary regulations required by the Spanish Government who require everyone to connect to main sewers as opposed to sceptic tanks etc. We now have everything in place, contractors, money to pay for the large engineering costs but although the Comu is lobbying others in the area to commence their arrangements, we are awaiting the Comu clearance to commence our project which was anticipated to be finished by January, 2016! One has got to wonder whether there are other aspects NOT being disclosed by the Comu like, ‘are the existing main sewer/drainage systems able to cope with the addition of the central Government requirements reference abandoning sceptic tanks?’ Jim, Denia

WHEN YOU WRITE All letters, whether by email or post, should carry the writer’s postal address, NIE and contact number though only the name and town will be published. Letters may also be edited. Readers who have missed earlier correspondence can see all letters posted on:

The views expressed and opinions given in Letters are not necessarily those of the EWN publishers. They accept no responsibility for accuracy of information, errors, omissions or statements, and reject claims arising out of any action that a company or individual may take on the basis of information contained therein.



Costa de AlmerĂ­a

1 - 7 December 2016





Zika emergency over British children top poll for lack of exercise THE World Health Organis ation ( W HO) h a s an nounced that the Zika virus is no l o n g e r c l a sse d as a global public health emergency. The WHO has said it intends to continue studying Zika that will take years of researc h , a n d i t s c o n n ec tions with microcephaly, a medical condition in babies where the brain then does not develop properly resulting in a smaller head than normal. Cases of microcephaly related t o Z i k a were first detected in Bra z i l wh i c h has since gone on

to confirm more than 2,100 cases.

Cases of microcephaly were first detected in Brazil.

The WHO announcement c o mes a s M ia mi B ea c h, Florida, in t he U S A

MOSQUITOES: Carry the virus.

has also been declared free of Zika a fte r months of me a s ure s to c ontrol the virus. It has been more than 45 days since a new local c a s e w a s re porte d of the virus, which is carried by mosquitoes. The US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention s a id a s of N ove mbe r 16 there was a total of 4,255 reported cases of Zika in the United States and Hawaii. The state of Florida said it had seen 1,201 cases of Zika. A s of A ugus t this ye a r, Spa in ha d re c orde d ove r 200 cases of Zika.

BRITISH children are amongst the worst in the world for physical activity. That’s the findings from an international study of 38 countries. England, Scotland and Wales came low in the activity rankings with the report stating that just 15 per cent of girls aged 11-15 in England and 22 per cent of boys carried out the one hour of moderate-intensity activity a day as recommended by the World Health Organisation. The study was presented to the International Congress on Physical Activity and Public Health in Thailand, as British health experts warned that children were losing out on exercise and more should be done to encourage sport and physical activity and get youngsters away from computer screens and their sedentary lifestyle. The grades of activity were based on indicators including active play, overall physical activity, organised sport participation, sedentary behaviour, family and peers, school, community and the built environment as well as government strategies and investments. The international congress also set a target of reducing sedentary behaviour around the world by 10 per cent over the next nine years.

Children losing out on exercise.


E W N 1 - 7 December 2016 / Costa de Almería


Advertising feature

Is there anything more important than HEALTH? PEOPLE in society are more and more interested in looking after their health because a good wellbeing means a better lifestyle. We see information on a daily basis on social media, television, newspapers etc. In order to have a healthy lifestyle, it is very important to look after yourself by having a balanced diet, exercise and rest, important steps that can make a difference in the future. Also, to prevent and cure illnesses, many people decide to take out a private health insurance because, is there anything more important than health? Private health insurance allows the insured to have immediate access to necessary medical facilities, avoiding the long waiting lists with GPs and specialists or for di-

agnostic tests and surgery. Also it allows for adapting to the requirements of each client. You also have the advantage of choosing the medical clinic you attend and the Doctor you see, amongst the multiple options from

HEALTH INSURANCE: With a personalised customer service.

ASSSA: Offers unique policies.

our medical directory. Another advantage is that when hospitalised you have a private room with a bed for anyone accompanying you. Furthermore, there exists the possibility of a second medical opinion and preventive medicine by carrying out a yearly medical check-up. ASSSA, aside from the abovementioned, offers unique health insurance policies with a personalised and multilingual customer service: we can insure those up to 79 years old and with exclusive guarantees: no premium increase due to age and no cancellation due to age increase or illness. Without a doubt taking out private health insurance protects you and your family’s well-being. Improve your health by taking out an ASSSA policy.

In Spain beware of unqualified dieticians IN Spain, a dietitian or nutritionist is not recognised within the public health system unlike other European countries. As a result, the number of people claiming to be trained

professionals is on the rise. President of the General Council of Nutritionists-Dietitians and Association of Nutritionists-Dietitians of Valencia, Alma Palau, claims that 70 per cent of dieticians who appear on websites are fraudulent without proper qualifications: “We are not dispensers of fad diets, we are professionals involved in improving global health and disease prevention, based on scientific evidence.” Palau said this area of professionals are amongst the most unknown and yet “are the most involved in non-congenital disease prevention through healthy eating habits.” The president claimed that if you Google dieticians, of the top 100, she predicts around only 23 would have the correct professional qualifications. In the case of the Valencia Region, there are 500 registered professionals and three universities where the degree of Human Nutrition and Dietetics is taught, recognised by the public health system.


Ask The Doctor

1 - 7 December 2016 / Costa de AlmerĂ­a

Brought to you by

Migraines and what to do NASAL SPRAY: A simple cure.

SPECIALIST: Doctor Luis Perez Belmonte. IS it normal to suffer a migraine? M i g r a i n e s a r e a frequent cause of headaches but not all headaches are migraines. They can be intense and causing pulsatin g p a i n t o o n e o r both sides of the head. If you h a v e t h e se sy mp toms a n d t h e y p e r s is t you should be evaluated by a specialist, who will carry out tests including a blood test and an MRI. W ha t i s t he di ffe rence between a normal hea da c he a nd a migraine? Migraines tend to affect specific areas of the head and can be associated with neuralgic symptoms including visual alterations, numbness or tingling sensation in the face or hands and even, alth o u g h t h i s i s r are , temporary paralysis of the face or other parts of the body. They usually last between 24 and 72 hours and wear off gradually. Patients usually

identify their symptoms quite quickly and as time goes by can learn to prevent or reduce attacks by taking certain measures. Ho w c a n I co n tro l th e s e a tta ck s ? W h en th ey h ap p e n I h a v e to stop what I'm doing and if I'm driving it could be dangerous. Attacks can be hard to c o n tro l b u t u s u ally if caught early they can be kept in check. Stressful s itu atio n s s h o u ld b e avoided and those prone to migraines should get plenty of sleep at night and avoid anything they suspect sparks their attacks. What causes them? T h e ca u s es are u n known, but genetics, hormonal changes and certa in med icin es a re believed to be involved. Some patients also relate their attacks to certain foods or drinks including alcohol, smoked foods, chocolate, citrus fruit or caffeine.

If you have any questions for Dr Perez Belmonte, please send them to:

Is a nasal spray the answer to curing a cold? SCIENTISTS believe they ma y ha ve a c ure for the common cold in the form of a simple nasal spray. It has already been tested in mice and rats and showed to stop them being infected, and it is now being tested on humans in London by a team of scientists. The SynGEM nasal spray was produced by a Dutch company and 36 volunteers are now being given it to see if they produce the antibodies that can attack and kill the cold virus w he n it e nte rs the body. Finding a c ure for the common cold has long since eluded scientists as there are around 200 viruses that can cause colds making it hard to find something that works against all of them. Colds are just a few days of inconvenience for many who suffer during the winter months, but their impact can be more devastating for others and can be fatal in some cases in the weak and vulnerable. Some forms can lead to complications such as pneumonia and can be particularly dangerous for babies.




E W N Costa de Almería

1 - 7 December 2016





Mojacar outdoor painting marathon MOJACAR Town Hall and the Mojacar Pueblo Merchants Association have organised the second annual Outdoor Painting Marathon that will take place over the first two weekends of December. The event was held for the first time last year and, as a result of that success and all the positive feedback, the organisation will stage a repeat of this outdoor cultural activity which artists, visitors and residents of Mojacar all enjoy. For this year, the outdoor painting contest has been divided into two parts. The first weekend of December, from Saturday 3 to Monday 5, will be dedicated to Walt Disney. This is a small tribute to mark the anniversary of his death on December 15 and, a reminder of the unconfirmed legend of his possible ‘mojaquero’ origins. This first stage will be carried out by muralists and graffiti artists who will produce their pieces of work around the old town of Mojacar. On the second weekend, from Thursday 8 to Saturday 10 of De-

OUTDOOR PAINTING: Artists, visitors and residents will all enjoy this event. cember, artists of any pictorial style will be dotted around the streets of Mojacar, in search of any motivating nook and cranny, landscape or character that inspires them in the creation of their work. Any artists aged 16 or over can

enter the competition. The theme of the work must always be centred on Mojacar and the works must be carried out during the contest period. The technique will be a free choice, with minimum dimensions of 100x70 cm and maximum 120x100

cm. Framed or glass-protected work, as well as those in a passpartout frame, will not be accepted. Painting from photographs is also prohibited. The organisers will check the artists in their chosen surroundings and location.

Each participant will be able to carry out any amount of works that they want, as long as they are executed during the days of the marathon. The judges will be composed of people with a knowledge of Fine Arts. There will be an odd number on the panel who will be unrelated to the contestants. The composition of the jury will not be known, until after the results are announced. The first prize will be €800 (donated by the Municipality of Mojacar), second prize will be €500 (provided by an anonymous donor) with a third prize of €300 (courtesy of Glamor beers). The Mojacar Pueblo Merchants Association will present a fourth prize of €200 to the best work inspired by the ‘Noche de las Velas’ (English: Night of the Candles) event that it organises. Last year, about 20 artists participated and, a total of 25 works were presented. Jose Luis Cortes Oyonate won the first prize with his work ‘Aerial view of Mojacar.’


Locals go to meet author FORTY members of Purchena’s two junior reading clubs and adults from Aljibe Club travelled to Almeria City on Thursday (November 24) to meet author Clara Sanchez. The event, which included the presentation and signing of 2013 Premio Planeta literary award winner Sanchez’s new book, began at the city’s Villaespesa library at 6.30pm and sparked great enthusiasm from the Almanzora bookworms. The new book, Cuando Llega la Luz (when the light arrives) is the much-awaited continuation of Sanchez’s Lo Que Esconde Tu Nombre (what your name hides). This literary activity was just one of many organised under the Provincial Reading Club Meets programme run by the Centro Andaluz de las Letras.

1 - 7 December 2016 / Costa de Almería

Bumper month at the natural park By Eleanor Hawkins THE Las Amoladeras Visitors’ Centre in Cabo de Gata Natural Park has announced its calendar of activities for all the family for the month of December, which includes some pleasant surprises. To begin, both the Visitors’ Centre and the Las Sirenas Information Point have come up with two initiatives aimed at people of all ages to raise awareness and mark International Volunteering Day. On Monday, December 5, there will be a free guided tour of the area setting off at noon and the next day anyone who hands in an item of refuse collected from a beach in the natural park will be given a surprise gift. Due to their popularity, the centre reported that children’s workshops will continue to be run this month. Not only do these workshops entertain and educate youngsters, they also give their parents the chance to take a walk in the marvellous natural surroundings and take photos. First on the list is an Aromatic Plants Workshop, running from 4.30pm to 7pm on Friday 9. The activity is aimed at all the family and will allow participants to d is co v e r th e g re a t va rie ty of s pe c ie s w h ic h c a n b e fo u n d in the pa rk, the ir

Children’s workshops will run this month which entertain and educate the youngsters.

characteristics, uses and how to identify them. Tickets are €7 each. The following day, Saturday 10, children aged between four and 12 have the chance to take part in A Dinosaur at Las Amoladeras from noon to 1.30pm. For just €8, children will be able to learn about excavations and fossils and what life could have been like in the era of dinosaurs. Kayak and boat trips can be arranged upon request at the visitors centre to discover the impressive natural park from the water and catch glimpses of bays and cliffs which can only be seen from the sea. Finally, a Robotics workshop is planned for Saturday 30, details of which have yet to be released. For more information on activities at the park or to sign up, visit




E W N 1 - 7 December 2016 / Costa de Almería

Celebrating their roots


SPANISH CLASSES: For foreign residents.

GYPSY DAY: Entertainment by flamenco group. By Eleanor Hawkins NIJAR marked November 22, the official Day of the Andalucian Gypsy, with the second Andalucian Gypsy Day celebrations at the Campohermoso exhibition hall. Organised by Bajañi Intercultural Association, the event was opened by local mayor Esperanza Perez, who thanked the gypsy community for collaboration with community projects and stressed the importance

of living in freedom and harmony. Perez noted that the date has been honoured as ‘gypsy day’ in Andalucia since 1994, although the regional parliament officially recognised it in 1996. After presentations and speeches, Niño de las Cuevas and his flamenco group entertained the audience with singing and dancing, followed by a meal during which the community enjoyed sharing stories and experiences.

Mojacar offers free Spanish classes MOJACAR Town Council has begun another year of free Spanish classes for foreign residents. Under the initiative of Maria Luisa Perez, the councillor for the town’s non-Spanish speakers, free classes are offered to teach Spanish to all the residents of Mojacar from other countries, with no conditions other than being of legal age and registered on the Mojacar ‘Padron’ (civil register). The hour-long classes are given every Monday and Thursday evening in the Centro de Usos Multiples. Two groups have been established, with the basic level scheduled from 5.30-6.30pm, followed by the intermediate and advanced level students from 6.30-7.30pm.

Afterwards, the classroom remains available for an additional hour so that all those Spanish and foreign residents in the municipality who fancy it can go and attend a conversation exchange session. An ideal method both to practise what they have just learned and to improve each other’s language skills. These classes proved to be a great success during the 2015-2016 academic year, and demand has exceeded the number of places available for these new courses. However, since there is a waiting list, it is still possible to enrol. The students enrolled are mostly British, although there are also people from Germany, Denmark, Sweden,

France, Morocco and South Africa. Councillor Maria Luisa Perez is very pleased with the students’ participation and the many positive comments that she gets not only for the initiative, but also for the good work of the teacher, Isabel Guevara. The post of the councillor for the town’s non-Spanish speakers was created a little more than a year ago and is increasing its scope of action, day by day. It is noteworthy out of a total of 6,838 inhabitants registered in Mojacar, 3,486 are foreigners, and many of them do not have an adequate level of Spanish to allow them to deal with everyday situations.


Brexit cooperation PRESIDENT of the Almerian Levante Municipalities Association and mayor of HuercalOvera, Domingo Fernandez, met with Jim Simpson, Zurgena’s Security councillor, in order to discuss a number of issues related to non-EU citizens post Brexit. Mr Simpson is also a founding member of EUROPATS, an association working for the rights of British expats in the wake of the Brexit referendum. At the meeting, the councillor asked the president if he and the association of municipalities is prepared to support the British citizens who live in the region, to which Fernandez replied: “I will transfer the petition to the various towns in the association in

Photo Credit Ayuntamiento de Huercal-Overa

By Matt Ford

AGREEMENT: Jim Simpson (left) and Domingo Fernandez. order to offer our institutional support and guarantee the rights of the British citizens residing here.” The president added that he hopes that the support “serves to guarantee the rights of British residents of our region and country after Brexit, as well as those

of the Spaniards that live over there [in the UK].” The agreement between the pair will kick-start the drawing up of shared proposals from municipalities in the Levante area that will aim to preserve the existing entitlements of British expats in the area.

Albox Branch Royal British Legion ON Thursday December 1 the group is holding a Tapas and Banter meeting at the Cafe Bar Oasis in Albox (near Price Busters) from 11am. The next fundraising event will be the Christmas Poppy Dance at La Parrilla on Saturday December

10 starting at 7pm. A three-course meal will be served from 7.30pm. Guest artist will be the everpopular Barrington. Tickets €20 for members or €23 for non-members from Bob Cowan on 608 049 490 or by emailing

1 - 7 December 2016 / Costa de Almería




E W N 1 - 7 December 2016 / Costa de AlmerĂ­a


Age Support Almanzora AGE SUPPORT ALMANZORA is pleased to announce the opening of a new Information Centre on Avenida Lepanto, next door to the English Library, near Total Entertainment. The Centre is open from Tuesday to Friday, 10am to 2pm, and welcomes anyone who has concerns about an older person who is in need of support. Age Support Almanzora aims to provide practical and emotional support to older people living in the Almanzora Valley area. The organisation has been providing services for nearly four years and has developed a reputation for reliability, person-centred support and practical help.

AGE SUPPORT: New Information Centre now open. They also help people with advice about UK Benefits entitlement and have successfully applied for Attendance Allowance on many occasions. If you make a visit to the Information Centre volunteers will

be able to tell you what help they can offer you. Do please call in and see us to discuss any problems or seek advice or to view the equipment, such as wheelchairs, which can be borrowed. The new, welcoming centre replaces the facility near Mora Oil. The charity raises funds largely through its shop in Arboleas, at Placeta Padre Arias, open Monday to Saturday mornings - they are always grateful for donations. Age Support is looking for more volunteers to help run this new Information Centre and Help Desk, call in any morning Tuesday to Friday, give them a ring on 634 333 544 or email


E W N 1 - 7 December 2016 / Costa de Almería


APSA Fashion Show again a huge success THE annual APSA fashion show took place recently at Maloans in Albox and raised €2,500 for the animal charity. The staff at Maloans were, once again, excellent hosts, providing a lit catwalk and stage for the models and cava for the audience. Marilyn Shipley’s singing was enjoyed by all and MC Frank did a superb job running the auction - encouraging the audience to bid for the lovely outfits. The tombola and raffle were popular, with prizes donated by local businesses such as Amigos Bowling Alley, The Sleep Centre and Total Entertainment and a gorgeous Christmas cake from Keith Roberts was well received. Organiser Sue Buckley had worked hard to fit each model with a variety of outfits and there were plenty of other new and nearly-new clothes to buy

during the evening. The audience was pleased to see a variety of clothes’ styles and sizes at the show and on the stalls. Andy, manager at Maloans, is a wonderful host and even auctioned the Christmas jumper he was wearing! Everyone had a great time and APSA would like to thank all those who came to the event, thankyou to all the helpers and models (particularly Olga who stepped in at the last minute!) and to all who donated the clothes and prizes. The money raised will help the many dogs the charity looks after, the new kennels, neutering programme and vets’ bills. Di, chair of APSA, was delighted with the amount raised and presented Sue with a gift to show her appreciation of the huge amount Sue and Tony Buckley have raised over the years for APSA.


E W N 1 - 7 December 2016 / Costa de Almería



1 - 7 December 2016


63 V I S I T O U R W E B S I T E W W W . E U R O W E E K LY N E W S . C O M Costa de Almería

Property tax for sunlight? AN alarming development has tak e n p l a c e r i g h t in Spain’s backyard which may have repercussions for homeowners on this side of the fence unless the real estate industry puts its foot down. A new law from the socialist government in Portugal means that the amount of sunshine a property receives may determine how much tax the owner pays. This h a s o u t r a g e d th e president of the National Association of Homeowners

DAYLIGHT ROBBERY: If a ‘sunshine tax’ was to be introduced. w h o s a id “ to d a y w e are charged by the sun, tomorrow it’ll be the air we

breathe.” Homeowners also see the tax as nigh on impossible to

properly work out. Is it the number of hours of sunlight? What if there’s sun but s ome is bloc ke d by a tree? What if one month is especially cloudy? The s ubje c tivity of the situation makes it entirely ridiculous. And the tax is quite high. A property with a mple s unlight w ill pa y more for tha t tha n the y would for an outdoor pool. Spain shares a similar level of sunlight to its Iberia n ne ighbour but a ny move s in this dire c tion

would surely be economic suicide for a country which largely depends on the sun to attract foreign buyers.


Unfortunately the Spanish government isn’t much better. In his previous term prime minister Rajoy implemented his very own ‘tax on the sun’ which punished homeowners for using solar power despite the obvious environmental and social advantages.


E W N 1 - 7 December 2016 / Costa de AlmerĂ­a






How to defeat the dreaded damp By Eleanor Hawkins NOW the wintry weather seems t o h a v e f i n a l l y a r-

rived and most of Spain has s tarte d to s e e s o me ra in, th a t c o mmo n , d rea de d h o u s e h o ld en emy, d a mp,



find us in the PARQUE COMMERCIAL

may have started to show its face on your walls and ceilings. Damp stains are not just unsightly and smelly, they can also pose a health risk and bring on allergies and infe c tions if not tre a te d quickly and efficiently, so it’s time to roll up your s le e ve s a nd s e nd it on its way. A lack of correct ventilation and damp atmosphere

are the most common reasons stains start to appear, so rule number one is to air your home as often as possible. Sea salt will become your new best friend in these cases as it helps eliminate bad smells and absorbs damp from the air. Try popping some in linen bags and tucking about the house in hidden corners. To re move s ta ins , a s in ma ny othe r c a s e s , w hite

vinegar comes in extremely handy. Mi x hal f a cup of vinegar with a quarter of a cup of water in a spray bottle and spray straight onto the stain then leave to dry once a day for a week. This should be enough to make most stains disappear and any tough remains can be dealt with by rubbing neat vinegar on with a cloth. Any lingering marks left after using this trick can be

tackled with bicarbonate of soda, which has antibacterial properties and absorbs damp. Rub i t over t he sur f ace and leave to act for a few hours before removing with a cloth or brush. Finally, never try to cover damp as this will simply inhibit correct ventilation and worsen the problem, causi ng t he dam p t o spr ead quicker.

A fix for dented wood IF a little accident has left an unsightly dent in your wooden furniture, you may think you have no choice but to get rid of it and go shopping but all may not be lost, give this quick fix a go before you rush to replace it. Although this trick will not work on severe dents or inner damage, if the problem is superficial it can have surprisingly good results. All you need is an iron, a cloth and some water. First, pour a little water over the dent as if you were trying to fill it with liquid. N e xt, ta ke a thin c loth a nd place over the top to allow it to absorb the water. Fina lly, hold a hot iron ove r the cloth for a few minutes, moving it in circular motions and lifting occasionally to avoid burning the cloth.

WOODEN FURNITURE: Try to fix before replacing. Keep going until the water has all dried up and hey presto, when you lift

the cloth the dent should have disappeared.


Costa de Almería

1 - 7 December 2016

David THE Dogman

MINIATURE poodles are the longest living dogs in Britain - surviving for an average of 14.8 years, says a survey. Miniature dachshunds are next (14.4 years), then whippets (14.3 years). Beagles, Bedlingtons, Cairn Terriers, Border Collies, Mongrels, Greyhounds, Jack Russells, Pekinese and Shetland sheepdogs average 13-plus years. Did you know that dogs are trained to: 1. Lead the blind 2. Work with the gun 3. Carry work for disabled 4. Work for the police 5. Work with the Fire Service 6. Search for scent on water (for drugs and/or bodies) 7. Detect gas leaks 8. Passive drug search 9. Perform Air Sea and Rescue work 10. Work with sheep 11. Search for explosives and firearms 12. Search for missing persons 13. Shop for the disabled



Poodles linger longer

Listen to David on TRE every Saturday 10am to 11am Costa del Sol (Gibraltar/Sotogrande) 98.7fm (San Roque to Calahonda) 91.9fm (Calahonda to Motril) 88.9, Costa Calida 92.7fm Costa Blanca (Torrevieja to Elche) 105.1fm (Elche to Calpe) 88.2fm, (Calpe to Gandia & Ibiza) 104.6fm, (Denia to Valencia) 95.3fm Mallorca 103.9fm


14. Perform avalanche rescue work. 15. Perform various types of military training 16. Perform Customs work…seeking out illegal food (in the US). There are also dogs trained to search for the signs of dry rot in buildings. Dogs are also trained to detect pregnancy, cancer cells, dry rot, sleep apnea, epilepsy, low or high blood sugar, prevent stereotypical behaviours in people with autism, get people with Parkinson’s walking again when they lock up, stabilise people who are prone to either flashbacks or panic attacks from PostTraumatic Stress Disorder, and prevent self-mutilation bouts in psychiatric patients. Whatever field of expertise you are in, be it house wife or rocket scientist… I’m sure you would agree if you took someone without training and put them into your job they would be near hopeless. When you get a dog, you enter into an obligation to learn about that animal and to learn how to train it. Dogs learn about life as they go, but they need formal teaching to become useful members of our families. A dog neglected is like a child neglected, they will put their intellect to destructive uses if we do not give them a proper frame work to learn within. What excuse do you have not to train him? Your only possible excuse is you do not know how to. And that excuse is totally within your control... it’s not the fault of your ‘dumb dog,’ it’s your responsibility, a responsibility you purchased along with your dog.

Panda is the King of the Castle PANDA is a character, a veritable King of the Castle. Whenever David and Joan take the dogs out for a walk near their home near Orba in Alicante, Panda usually appears at their side coming along for company. In fact he very rarely stays behind. Not only does he like to be involved but he likes to lead. There is a point in each walk when he will leap to the top of a wall and wait for the others to catch up. The dogs are elderly and walk alongside their owners steadily keeping pace, whereas Panda is usually the one setting the pace. “He is quite a card!” says David. “When we first met him a couple of years ago he reminded me of a cat I looked after and eventually inherited who was a similar colouring and character. But this one is very opinionated and honestly does take part in whatever we are doing. He’s great fun.”

David and Joan are going home for Christmas to Britain this year to be with their children and grandchildren and have matched with a pet sitter from the US, for whom this will be a first trip to Europe. They know she’ll enjoy her time at their home, but especially her time with Panda. Do you need a sitter? Get in touch. House-sitting can be a win-win for both parties, free house and petsitting, and the experienced and checked sitters

get free accommodation! Register as either housesitter or homeowner now with a 20% off introductory offer using coupon code PERFECT20. House-sitting can be a win-win for both parties, free house and pet-sitting and the experienced and checked sitters get free accommodation! To find a pet-sitter go to or call Lamia on 00 44 (0) 777 214 2742.


E W N Costa de Almería

1 - 7 December 2016





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F o r d a i l y n e w s v i s i t


E W N 1 - 7 December 2016

Costa de Almería


Clarkson Quote of the Week



I’m choosing the words for my conclusion with even more care than usual. So here goes. The (BMW) 1 Series is crap.” Some might say...

Sharks circling F1 giant by Matthew Elliott DETAILS are finally beginning to emerge of the secretive talks between motoring giant McLaren and Silicon Valley tech monstrosity Apple, they of the ubiquitous iPhone and iPad. In September there was speculation that Apple would take over the McLaren consortium in its entirety, placing the Formula One team and car business under its control. Senior executive Mike Flewitt has confirmed that talks did indeed take place but no offer was made, despite it making sense for a financially troubled McLaren and ever expanding Apple.

There have been bids on the table for McLaren but the majority of shareholders are against selling just yet. Chinese and Arab investment

groups are the most likely candidates. McLaren’s F1 business has suffered tremendously with its finances and

seen major sponsors pull out, although the car dealing side of the consortium is doing quite well.

MCLAREN 650S: Doing alright for itself.

Motoring shorts

British budget news FUEL duty was frozen in the UK for the seventh year running after Chancellor Philip Hammond delivered his Autumn Statement. He claims that drivers will save £130 a year due to the freeze but critics wanted to know why the tax wasn’t cut. Hammond also announced he would raise the insurance premium tax from 10 to 12 per cent next year, the third rise in two years and a decision slammed by the RAC. There will, however, be action taken against the ‘compensation culture’ surrounding whiplash. By cracking down on fraudulent claims the government expects insurance premiums to go down slightly and compensate drivers for the tax rise.


1 - 7 December 2016 / Costa de Almería



No downside to the Volkswagen Up! by Nick Fletcher THE Volkswagen Up! is the company’s smallest model, a well-built and quite classy city car competing in a crowded sector of the market. Two of the rivals are the Skoda Citigo and the SEAT Mii - also from the VW stable - and others include Toyota Aygo, Citroen C1, Hyundai i10 and even the Fiat 500. The Up! is priced from £8,995 (€10,112) and may be small but you get the same immediate impression of topdrawer build-quality that hallmarks larger VW models. Available in three and fivedoor form, and with a choice of nippy yet frugal three-cylinder 1.0 litre engines of varying power outputs, the Up! is surprisingly roomy, and a real treat to drive. Some city cars can be noisy and jerky but the Up! has a fluency and refinement you usually get in cars from a class above. My test model was the smallest of the power range, just 59 hp, yet it never felt under-powered. The 0-60 mph time of 14.4 seconds may seem a tad slow on paper, but such is the agility of the car, it felt faster. Top speed is 100mph which means it can be a relatively quiet motorway cruiser, and its eco-clean too, with emissions just 96g/km. Fuel economy is

impressive at 68.9 mpg combined. My mid-range MoveUp! test model in three-door form was priced at £10,325 (€11,607) and came with power windows, air-con, stop/start function, alloy wheels, five-inch colour touchscreen, Bluetooth and an adjustable boot floor. With more distinctive styling touches than most city-car rivals, the Up! stands out, and the large dominant VW bonnet badge makes a strong statement. Clever use of interior space means the Up! has good head and leg room even for taller occupants. A large tailgate gives access to a 250 litre boot, one of the largest in the sector, which can be boosted to 950 litres by folding the rear seats, helping this city car earn top marks for practicality.

THE UP!: Hard to find a downside.

Underway, the Up! drives nicely, with smooth power delivery, a slick five-speed gearbox, and excellent steering. The car feels very composed even if pushed into a tight bend, and the ride quality, though slightly firm, is still comfortable. There is an upright driving position for good forward visi-

bility, and the dashboard has a straightforward layout with all the dials and switches clearly accessible. Big plus-points are VW build-quality, chic styling, nice driving dynamics. Overall, it was hard to find a downside to the Up!

Stats panel (optional): • Model: Volkswagen Move Up! • Engine: 1.0 litre petrol • Transmission: 5 speed manual • Performance: 0-60 mph 14.4 seconds, top speed 100 mph • Economy: 68.9 mpg combined • Emissions: 96 g/km


1 - 7 December 2016 / Costa de Almería



Sporting top dogs: Nico Rosberg, Ireland’s rugby team and Chelsea Tony Matthews International Sports A former player and now the world’s most prolific author of football books with almost 150 published since 1975, Tony is also the sports correspondent for Spectrum Radio and lives on La Pilica in the Sierra Cabrera Mountains overlooking Turre. Costa de Almeria

THERE was plenty to enjoy for all sports enthusiasts over the last seven days... and there’s more to come! FORMULA ONE: • Lewis Hamilton won the final Grand Prix of 2016 in Abu Dhabi, but by virtue of finishing second, Nico Rosberg (aged 31) was crowned world champion for the first time, thus emulating his father, Keké, who won the title in 1982. • Jensen Button ended his F1 career in Abu Dhabi where 200,000 spectators saw a rather boring, uninteresting ‘Battle in the Desert.’ FOOTBALL: • In the Champions League last week, Leicester beat Brugges and Real Madrid won in Lisbon; Arsenal (v PSG) and Manchester City (v Borussia Moenchgladbach) both drew, while Celtic (v Barcelona), Tottenham (v Monaco) and Sevilla (v Juventus) all lost. The scoreline of Borussia Dortmund 8 Legia Warsaw 4 created a new record for most goals in a single CL game. • In the Europa League, Manchester United beat Feyenoord 4-0 but Southampton and Dundalk both lost and Villarreal drew 1-1 with FC Zurich. • Last weekend’s 10 Premier-

ship games ended Arsenal 3 Bournemouth 1; Burnley 1 Manchester City 2; leaders Chelsea 2 Spurs 1; Hull 1 WBA 1; Leicester 2 Middlesbrough 2; Liverpool 2 Sunderland 0; Manchester United (whose manager José Mourinho was ‘sent off’ again) 1 West Ham 1; Southampton 1 Everton 0; Swansea 5 Crystal Palace 4 (fans saw a second half thriller in South Wales) and Watford 0 Stoke 1 • Leaders of the Championship and FL2 both lost: Newcastle 1-0 at home to Blackburn and Plymouth 2-1 at Morecambe. Brighton, second in the Championship, beat out-of-sorts Norwich 2-1 while Carlisle whipped Mansfield 5-2 to go top of FL2. Scunthorpe still lead FL1 with Bolton second. • Celtic beat Aberdeen 3-0 in the Scottish LC final to claim the 100th senior title in the club’s history. • Cristiano Ronaldo scored his 498th and 499th club goals (567 and 568 overall) as La Liga leaders Real Madrid beat Sporting Gijon 2-1. • Steven Gerrard has officially retired from competitive football. • This week’s action is confined to the EFL Cup with four quarter-final ties: Arsenal-Southampton, HullNewcastle, LiverpoolLeeds and Manchester United-West Ham. And this weekend’s PL

NICO ROSBERG: The Grand Prix World Champion.

DID YOU KNOW? AUSTRALIAN Derek Herron set a new world record for the highest basketball shot, netting from 180 metres while standing on top of Switzerland’s Manvoisin Dam. Watch it on the BBC Sport website – it’s amazing.

games include BournemouthLiverpool, Everton-Manchester United, Manchester CityChelsea and West Ham-Arsenal. And there are also 32 second round FA Cup-ties, with a few League clubs set to be k’od! • Leyton Orient sacked manager Alberto Cavasin after just 10 games in charge. • Spain’s public prosecutor has called for Barcelona’s Neymar to be sent to prison for on a corruption charge involving his transfer from Santos. • Thousands of young footballers could have been abused by a nationwide paedophile ring. Four police forces and the FA are investigating. • Ex-Barnsley, Grimsby, Luton, Manchester City and England U23 defender Paul Futcher has died, aged 60. His twin brother Ron played with him at Luton.

stop Mumbai. • Australian fans booed South Africa’s ball-tampering captain Faf du Plessis as he scored a first innings century (118 not out) in the third Test in Adelaide. The Aussies eventually won the game by seven wickets but lost the series 2-1. RUGBY UNION: • Recent friendlies ended in wins for England 27-14 v Argentina; Ireland 27-24 v Australia; New Zealand 24-19 v France; Scotland 43-16 v Georgia and Wales 27-13 v South Africa. • Elliot Daly became only the fifth Englishman – and the first in 11 years – to be sent-off in an inter-

national, banished after five minutes for fouling Leonardo Senatoré. Argentina also finished with 14 men. Ireland’s win over the Aussies earned them a first-ever treble over the three southern hemisphere countries in the same year. • Saracens beat Gloucester 24 points to 20 to go top of the Aviva Premiership. Wasps are second, Bath third. SNOOKER: • Ali Carter, Stephen Maguire, Ronnie O’Sullivan, Matthew Stephens and Mark Williams were all going well at the start of week two of the UK Snooker Championships at York’s Barbican. Stuart Bing-

ham and Graeme Dott, however, are out. SHORTS: • Norfolk-based Kuba Moczyk, 22, originally from Poland, has died after being knocked out in an amateur bout last Friday. • Native River, 7-2 favourite, ridden by Colin Tizzard, won last Saturday’s Hennessey Gold Cup. • 2001 Grand National winner Red Marauder has died, aged 26. • Argentina beat Croatia 3-2 in tennis’ Davis Cup final.

PREMIERSHIP LEADERS: Chelsea beat Spurs 2-1.

CRICKET: • The third Test between India and England finished in Mohali with the hosts taking a 2-0 lead. India have not lost their last 17 Tests at home with England coach Trevor Bayliss admitting “we gifted them a few wickets.” Next

RUGBY UNION: Ireland beat Australia


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1 - 7 December 2016

STEVEN GERRARD has announced that he has officially retired from competitive football.


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Aguilon Golf Members Report ONE of the major events of the year for Aguilon members is the Autumn trophy and Presentation evening which this year was held on Friday November 11 followed by the presentation evening at Hostel Rural venue on Saturday 12. The Friday golfing day saw good conditions as a bumper field set out to try to win the prestigious trophy and competitive it was, with at the end three players being separated by a count back. Congratulations to our winner playing off a handicap of two. 1st John Bridgen 36 pts on a card play off 2nd Derek Manning 36 pts on a card play off 3rd Terry Moore 36 pts The Saturday evening presentation gave the members a chance to socialise, drink, eat and be merry and to dance the night away, in between the prize-giving and a good night was had by all. Wednesday November 16 - Individual Stableford The competitions are coming up thick and fast with certain members form holding up. 1st Terry Moore 36 pts 2nd Norman Ridgeway 34 pts 3rd Rabbe Thun 33 pts on a card play off For further information log on to our website at


The rain beats the Badgers ON Wednesday November 23 Badgers travelled to Lorca Golf Resort to compete for the mid-week stapleford competition. The weather forecast was cloudy and dry but overnight rain forced the Lorca officials not to release the buggies on the course as it was too wet. A quick phone call to Marina Del Torre solved the problem as they were able to fit everyone in. A good fun day was had by all. Thank you Marina Del Torre. Full Results. 1st Jock Glynn 38 points

2nd Chris Baker 36 points 3rd Wendy England 33 points NPs Derick Leary 5th Dave Ryder 12th Wendy England 14th No winner on the 17th 2s Derick Leary 2nd Dave Johnson 9th Badgers also play on Saturday morning. For further information contact Duncan Smart. 634 331 059.

The 19th Hole Golf Society ON Thursday November 24 the 19th Hole Golf Society visited the far off La Envia Golf Resort near to Roquetas de Mar to play a Team Texas Scramble. The course is beautiful but the weather was extreme, with a biting wind and temperatures never above 10 degrees, it really was brass monkey territory. Nevertheless nine intrepid teams battled the elements and the unfamiliar territory successfully completing the course. The winning team of Mike

Esposito, Pat O’Dwyer, Zeta and Dave Denyer scored a nett 60 leaving the rest to squabble over second and third places. Nekana Galindez, Paco Ocaña Grajal and Bob Tagg took 2nd place with a nett 63 with Tommy Seed, Norman Taylor, John Kennedy and Mike Palmer in 3rd with a nett 64. The warmth of the Clubhouse was a much anticipated relief from the elements. Results Team Scramble

1st Mike Esposito, Pat O’ Dwyer, Zeta and Dave Denyer, nett 60 2nd Nekana Galindez, Paco Ocaña Grajal and Bob Tagg, nett 63 3rd Tommy Seed, Norman Taylor, John Kennedy and Mike Palmer, nett 64 The 19th Hole Golf Society arranges weekly games around the area playing Aguilon every other week. For more information ring 610 340 653 or email

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