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Under pressure MOJACAR and Albox among resorts under intense scrutiny By Adele Land HOLIDAY-HOMES in Mojacar, Albox and other coastal areas will come under intense scrutiny, following the passing of a new law regulating holiday rentals. The decree was announced by Junta de Andalucia tourism minister, Francisco Fernandez, at the recent Fitur tourism-trade show in Madrid. The new law will require owners of properties which are rented as holiday accommodation to register the property with the Junta. Owners must also ensure their properties meet a set standard of regulations which include a long list of requirements. According to the new law, properties should have air-conditioning (hot and cold) throughout, bed linen, a first aid box, a fire extinguisher, a clearly displayed rates sheet and contact information in case of emergency. Owners will also be required to make available an official Junta de Andalucia complaints book (hoja de reclamaciones). Exceptions to the new rule


Mojacar popular for tests Terrain ideal for trials MOJACAR remains a popular destination for testing of new motorcycles. The BMW group returned to the town with a group of testriders to trial some 300 motorcycles including new models. A spokesperson for the company said the terrain in this part of the province is perfect for testing the machines. See page 2

Posing pooches on paseo Pet portraits raising funds for charity LOCAL fundraiser Brad Swift has organised a canine photo-shoot on Mojacar paseo on Saturday February 13 from 11am to 1pm. Professional photographer, Frank Millar

will be taking the photos on the day and people can choose and view them at cafe 353 in Mojacar on Thursday February 18. See page 8

Albox politics Mayor should resign say the PP

include, properties rented to the same person for longer than two months, rural properties and in the case where the same owner owns a number of flats in the same block, these are regulated under existing laws. The law is somewhat ambiguous in that it states that properties rented free of charge and those rented for just a few weeks per year are also exempt. Owners have three months in

which to register their property and one year to ensure all the requirements are met. Hoteliers’ associations have long lamented what they called “unfair competition” from private holiday-home owners and welcomed the new ruling. Landlords, however, have widely condemned the excessive bureaucracy involved in treating apartments in a similar manner to hotels.

The Junta minister said checks would be made on rental websites such as Airbnb and other sites where properties are advertised for rental. Fines of up to €150,000 could be levied for failing to adhere to the new law. Turn to page 3 for further details on the complex regime affecting expats across Spain.

PARTIDO POPULAR (PP), in Albox has called for the town’s mayor to resign. Rogelio Mena, of the governing party, has been embroiled in a lengthy court case and was found guilty of refusing to provide financial information to the opposition. Having left the PSOE party he continued to run as an independent mayoral candiSee page 64 date and was subsequently re-elected.

E W N 11 - 17 February 2016 / Costa de Almería


Full speed ahead MOJACAR remains a popular destination for testing of new motorcycles. The BMW group returned to the town with a group of testriders to trial some 300 motor-

cycles including new models. A spokesperson for the company said the terrain is perfect for testing the machines with the steep roads of the Sierra Cabrera and the coastal roads.


Agave plants a pest RESEARCH suggests they compete for water to the detriment of others Photo by holbox via Shutterstock


Money well spent NATURAL beauty spots took priority as €56,270 was spent on key renovations in environmental hotspots of Almeria Province. Improvement of recreational areas, points of information, trails, lookouts, observatories and zones of controlled camping were among the works, while reform of fountains, bathrooms and the clearing of roads were also realised. AGAVE PLANTS: Were planted on a mass scale in the arid zones of Almeria in the 1950’s.

Home break-in spate GUARDIA CIVIL officers from Huercal-Overa are investigating a string of burglaries in the area. The incidents occurred over a 24-hour period in the small village of Santa Maria.

Residents reported the burglars had broken in through windows and kicked in doors of the properties. In one case a safe was ripped from the wall and stolen, along with the contents.

By Matthew Elliott THE invasive and damaging nature of agave plants has been cited by Andalucian researchers as a key justification for their control and frequent destruction in Almeria. The environmental body has released a paper noting that controlled reduction is

necessary to improve the state of conservation of the native biodiversity. Research suggests that agave plants compete for water with other species to the detriment of wider variety and take up a significant chunk of land. The scientists stress that this is not an eradication measure, but rather a management mechanism designed to protect the environment.

Agaves were planted on a mass scale in the arid zones of Almeria in the 1950’s to provide value to the unproductive areas of south east Spain. Tens of thousands were planted in Almeria alone and now occupy more than 1,000 hectares of ecologically important land in the Cabo de Gata natural park and other key sites.


11 - 17 February 2016 / Costa de Almería



Your papers, your views


The writing is on the wall Photo Credit Junta de Andalucia

DEATH knell rings for unregistered tourist properties

Our readers discussed this story at length on the EWN website, these being a few key points. Do you rent a property to tourists? To take part in the discussion go to www.eurow

Aiming higher I THINK all apartments and villas should be run to a certain standard and registered. This would have certainly helped with the various scams that happened last year, which in turn is bad for all. The standards have to be raised. Geoff

Why us? IF such stupid illogical persecution by the Junta de Andalucia spreads further it could affect us all - not just seasonal renters on the Costa Del Sol. Time to write to them en masse in an attempt to get this decision reversed. Brian

No exceptions I RENT out a flat in north London and as a landlord I have to be registered and ensure the property fully meets legal requirements, this protects both myself and my tenant. All income has to be declared. Why should it be any different here? Leonardo

Nonsensical law

Francisco Javier Fernandez Hernandez, councillor of Tourism and Sports for the Junta de Andalucia.

By Matthew Elliott THE Euro Weekly News recently revealed to readers how the authorities are cracking down on people who rent out their homes in Spain to tourists. A new law has been passed with significant consequences for those in Andalucia, bringing the region into a wider regulatory framework that includes the Valencian and Balearic provinces. Put simply, it requires landlords who rent their properties to tourists to officially register with the local government. They will then be compelled to make any necessary adaptations to their home to be in full compliance, or face severe fines. Harsher in its scope and putatively stricter in its enforcement, the decree approved in Andalucia on February 2 has acute implications for property owners who rent to tourists. This encompasses those in regions, including Murcia, which remain tentatively untouched by an ever-tightening legal apparatus.

400,000 is the number of tourist rental beds estimated by the Junta of Andalucia currently undeclared for tax purposes.

As ever, the devil lies in the details, therefore all readers who are concerned that they may incur the wrath of the authorities would do well to consult with local representatives, property experts and lawyers to ensure that they are well prepared. Different regulatory systems are now in force across separate autonomous communities, but the situation in Andalucia serves as a useful illustration of where the future of

property regulation is headed across the country. While many in Valencia and the Balearics may have adapted to the new system of registering tourist properties, the draconian penalties allowed for in the Andalucian statute should be a warning to those who haven’t yet registered, and feel the bark of the law is worse than its bite. Those in Murcia should prepare for similar regulations to take effect in the near future. The incentive for the crack down on tourist rents is a combination of pressure from the hotel industry, a desire to harmonise systems, and the lure of more taxes over an, until now, underground economy. With the weight of the national Citizen Security law behind the new strategy in Andalucia, it appears clear that a concerted effort to clamp down on tourist rentals will now persist with added vigour. Make sure you stay ahead of the curve by seeking legal advice if you are uncertain where you stand, and by joining the debate and discussion online among fellow expatriates on the Euro Weekly News website.

Non-resident tax APPLIED to all IT has always been assumed that non-residents who own property in Spain would let their properties out, and many of them would overlook the obligation to declare the income to the tax authorities. For this reason, the government introduced a non-residents tax, which is calculated at up to two per cent of the cadastral (rateable) value of the property on which for 2016 there is a 19 per cent tax payable.

Quote of the Week We decided to reach a consensus on this because the sector needed regulating Andalucian Head of Tourism, Javier Fernández on discussions with the tourist industry before drafting the final bill.

SPAIN always seems to omit the common sense factor and clearly this is in that vein. No reasonable person objects to sensible legislation with regard to safety and tax control in any sector, but this is ridiculous and heavy handed. Paul

Detrimental move PEOPLE are sold property in Spain based on the assumption that renting it out will help cover their mortgage costs. The outcome could be that property in Spain will have less chance of selling, which would have a negative, effect on Spain’s economy. David

Shrinking market I REALLY despair at Spanish politicians for doing this. There are a lot of people that come here because they can rent a property rather than go to a hotel, these regulations will probably take a lot of property off the market. Mike

E W N 11 - 17 February 2016 / Costa de Almería

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NEW CAMERAS: Will identify a car’s speed and insurance. By John Smith AS part of a crackdown on individuals driving without insurance, new cameras are being installed on the roads in Almeria, which not only take photographs of speeding traffic, but can identify whether a car is registered as being insured or not. In the past year, the traffic division of the Guardia Civil in Almeria issued 2,985 ‘tickets’ to drivers found without insurance, and this number is bound to increase due to the introduction of new technology. The Direccion General de Trafico

(DGT) estimates that there are around two million motorists driving without having insurance in the country as a whole, and clearly whilst this may be a short term economy for the driver, the long term damage that can be done to those involved in an accident with someone who is not insured could be devastating. Amazingly, the DGT estimates that approximately 10 per cent of all vehicles registered in Spain since 1996 are being driven without insurance, and it is their intention to reduce this figure as soon and as much as is possible.

Penalties for those caught can include the impounding of the vehicle and a fine of up to €3,000. Fifty per cent of all fines levied are passed to a special fund, which helps to compensate those who are the victims of accidents where the other driver is uninsured. According to data obtained by the Provincial Traffic Headquarters, a large number of cars on the roads in the Almeria Province are aging, with an average overall age of 11 years, and it appears that six out of every 10 vehicles on the Almeria roads are more than 10-years-old.



11 - 17 February 2016 / Costa de Almería


Man arrested Cases of medical negligence for attacking bar owner THE 2015 report of the national association Defender of the Patient has counted 127 cases of medical negligence in Almeria. The region thus occupies the sixth position in the Andalucian rankings

BRITISH man taken to hospital By Adele Land A PARTALOA bar owner was left fighting for his life following an attack by a fellow expatriate. Darren Mclellan, aged 48, owns the Plaza bar with his wife Linda and has lived in Partaloa, near Albox, along with their two children for the last year. Mr Mclellan had finished work and was watching a movie in a nearby bar when the incident took place. According to witnesses, a man entered the bar, walked over to Mr Mclellan and smashed a beer bottle across his head in a seemingly unprovoked attack.

Mrs Blyth told the Euro Weekly News, that her husband was discovered by their children, ‘staggering across the square, with blood pouring from his throat.’ Mrs Blyth described how the children were crying “Daddy is dying” and were hysterical, and said they were still shaken up by the incident. Friends of the couple came to help and an ambulance was called, according to Mrs Blyth her husband lost consciousness. The victim was rushed to Huercal-Overa hospital where he was placed in the critical care unit. The alleged attacker was arrested shortly after the incident and was granted bail.

out of the eight provinces. Only Jaen with a total of 107, and Huelva with 74 have fewer reported cases. The services most commonly denounced among users were trauma-


tology, emergency, gynecology and obstetricians, general surgery and medical transport. The figures represented a slight increase on the previous one when 115 cases were reported.


E W N 11 - 17 February 2016 / Costa de Almería

Illegal fishing in Nijar natural park SEPRONA officers of the Guardia Civil observed a number of men in the marine reserve of the Cabo de Gata Nijar Natural Park near the Fabriquilla Beach in Nijar, fishing from a recreational motorboat. One of the men from the boat jumped out and tried to hide two baskets in a second boat that was beached on the shore and then returned to the original boat to help his companions get it out of the water. The officers then identified themselves to the suspects

and inspected the boats, in which they found fishing gear and a number of fish that had been caught. Only one of the fishermen had used prohibited types of fishing gear, but they had fished an amount that was above the maximum allowed in the zone where they carried out the activity. The total weight of the fish was 22 kilos. The fish were seized by the Guardia Civil and handed over to a charity centre in Almeria and the men were charged.

Expat’s photos are on display in Vera WORK depicts images with changing colours and light


Family affair SLIGHTLY ahead of the Andalucian average, 84 per cent of businesses in Almeria are family run, compared to the regional 81 per cent. Roughly half of the businesses have seen a generational change

Missing man AN elderly man from Pulpi who went missing has been found dead in his car on the A-334 road near Albox. Pedro Gallego was last seen on Saturday February 6 in Huercal-Overa. Foul play is not suspected.

Locked away

Castle restoration planned GARRUCHA’S Nuestro Padre Jesus Nazareno castle is scheduled to be refurbished. Local mayor, Maria Lopez, said the building was of historical importance to the town. The project will include restoration of the central arch and the main flooring. The castle is located at the entrance to the town opposite the beach.


VERA PLAYA: The photographs show the unique light and colours of the beach. By Adele Land A UNIQUE display of photographs will be on display at the Convento Victoria in Vera

from next week. The works of prize-winning local photographer, Tony Unwin, can be seen on display from February 16 until the end

of the month. His work depicts images of Vera Playa, with changing colours and light throughout the day.

A MAN has been sentenced to three and a half years in prison for brutally beating a woman in the streets of Almeria, throwing a bottle at her and kicking her forcefully in the head as she lay helpless on the ground.


Don’t mess it up A CAMPAIGN to finally clean up the mess scourging Almeria City has been unleashed with the tagline ‘Almeria is your home, don’t mess it up’ and is aimed at combating dog excrement. Owners will be reminded that they face

Cycling returns to Almeria NO less than 16 teams from all over the world, including four from Spain, will take part in the 26th Clasica Ciclista in Almeria on February 14 with some of the most exciting riders, including last year ’s winner Manxman Mark Cavendish taking part. Over 100 riders will attempt the 186 kilometre course which sees a number of quite steep climbs thus limiting their average speeds to around 40 kilometres per hour. This race, which will be broadcast all over Almeria, will go through the towns of El Ejido, Adra and Berja in order to show the riders the Almeria coast. However there will also be some mountain stages, including the Baja Alpujarra area. The race will start at 12pm from Rambla Federico Garcia Lorca, and the finish line will be in front of Roquetas de Mar auditorium. Over the years, this has become a very well respected and well-known race which highlights the love that so many Spaniards have for cycling, although there has not been a Spanish winner since 2006.

fines up to €500 for neglecting to pick up their dog’s mess while a trial run of public cans for dog urine will be tested later this month. The facilities will have sprays to help eliminate odours and will be located in Rambla Amatisteros.

11 - 17 February 2016 / Costa de Almería



New programme to help people facing eviction HUERCAL-OVERA residents facing foreclosure on their homes will have somewhere to turn thanks to a new initiative. The town council has set up

a programme, in collaboration with law firm, Gines Fernandez, to offer counselling to homeowners facing threat of eviction due to mortgage debts.

Deputy mayor, Maribel Sanchez, said she hopes the programme will help residents who have fallen upon hard times.


E W N 11 - 17 February 2016 / Costa de Almería


Yellow alert THE powerful winds that stormed across the southern coast on Sunday February 7 were of a severity to cause the State Meteorological Agency to raise the yellow alert. Coastal phenomena and 70kph winds in Almeria Province activated the warning.

Party time at the Carnival REVELLERS dressed in colourful and elaborate costumes

Bad image A COLLABORATIVE police initiative will seek to increase the vigilance of Almeria City neighbourhoods with a high incidence of prostitution. Highlighted areas include El Zapillo and Mediterraneo-Oliveros, with residents complaining of the bad image.

Fixed up TEN Nijar families will be able to dramatically improve their living standards with a €68,400 grant from the Andalucian government being split between them. Structural security and humidity will be the key focus.

ADULTS and children across the province paraded in costume celebrating the annual carnival season. The fun began on Friday February 5 and carried on

throughout the weekend with dancing music and competitions for all ages. From Mojacar to Albox and beyond, revellers dressed in colourful and elaborate costumes delighting the crowds who turned

Posing pooches to raise money DOG owners have a unique opportunity to capture a special moment with their pet next weekend. Local fundraiser Brad Swift has organised a canine photo-shoot on Mojacar paseo on Saturday February 13 from 11am to 1pm. Professional photographer, Frank Millar will be taking the photos on the day and people can choose and view them at cafe 353 in Mojacar

on Thursday February 18. Have a photo with your four-legged friend or choose a group-shot with other dogs. Photos cost €5 and proceeds will go to the Dog House Foundation in HuercalOvera. The charity is in desperate need for funds following the death of its founder. The location for the photo-shoot is in front of Levante beach bar on South beach.

Sacred statue loses its head in parade accident

ALL AGES: Vera pensioners joined in the fun. By Adele Land


out to watch the events. The fun wasn’t just for the youngsters, in Vera the third-age association organised a dinner dance for members who joined in the party spirit and dressed to impress.

A CHURCH statue in Garrucha was damaged during a procession celebrating the purification of the Virgin Mary. The statue of the Virgen de Candelaria had its head knocked off as it was being carried through the door of the church to begin the procession. Church officials managed to temporarily repair the statue in order for the procession to continue, but a spokesperson said it will need permanent restoration.

Press Release

The Local Police in Mojacar transfer to temporary offices

LOCAL POLICE: Will carry on its work without interruption. MOJACAR Local Police have temporarily moved from their current base to Calle Horno located in the old town, due to the building of a new municipal building where the headquarters will be permanently located. The construction of the new town hall, recently ap-

proved in a full council meeting, will be located in Plaza Nueva above existing buildings. The work entails a series of preparatory architectural works that have necessitated finding another site for the normal day-to-day operation of police work until these tasks are completed.

Mojacar Town Council wishes to inform all their residents and those who may be affected that, the Local Police service will continue as usual. The temporary office is equipped and ready to carry on its work without interruption and will supply the same personalised attention as before.




More than just an enclosure company… building the future Andalucia’s only official stockist of FloPlast gutter. DIY or supply and fit, PVC-UE, Architraves and trims.

Huge range of interior Insect screening for any blinds and exterior awnings door or window. for sun or wind protection. Many styles and options available. Cost effective alternative to tiling.

Parque Industrial “El Real”, Calle el Garcel 11, Antas. Exit 534 E15 Autovia. T/F: 950 459 129 / 950 459 060 • M: 638 063 196 OPEN Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm E:

Vera Lifestyle

Caldera spas

Tyre King

Petrol Station

E15/A7 MOTORWAY Exit 534



E W N 11 - 17 February 2016 / Costa de Almería

Home robbery AN investigation into an extremely violent robbery has resulted in the arrest of two young men in Velez-Rubio. The accused allegedly visited the home of the victim, rang the doorbell and then jumped on the woman, punched her and threatened her with a knife. They took €500 in cash from her, her personal documentation and a bankbook before running away. The men were caught with the stolen goods, and are charged with the crime of robbery with violence and intimidation.

Operation Chelo A BRUTAL gang of miscreants has finally been broken up by Almeria Police in an operation with its very own title, Operation Chelo. The criminals robbed homes and vehicles around the capital and in Nijar, and the alleged leadership have been arrested although others remain at large. The group had attracted the attention of National Police due to their high level of activity, and are thought to be behind up to 30 robberies across the province. Three of the ring leaders were captured on a bus headed for Belgium.


High school linked to alleged hate-crime A MOROCCAN family’s home came under attack THE usually quiet town of Antas has come under scrutiny in recent weeks after a group of six people, including two schoolchildren, were arrested following an alleged racist attack on the home of a Moroccan family in the town of Garrucha. One of the detainees, who allegedly goes by the name of ‘Sangre’, a former pupil at the Antas high school, gave an interview to a local radio station. According to the 20-year-old, whose real name is Antonio, the trouble began at the high-school in Antas between two students, one Spanish and one African, the fight continued outside of school and escalated into what was described as a ‘gang-style’ incident. He told the radio station that a group of Moroccan boys, one allegedly armed with a knife, fol-

HATE CRIME: Two children have been suspended from school. lowed him home and cornered him in an alley. A number of British families live in Antas and many expatriate children attend the IES Azahar school,

where police presence has been stepped-up since the incident. The arrests were made after a neighbour saw a group of people throwing bottles of caustic acid at

the home of the Moroccan family and daubing graffiti on the walls. All six people were detained and the two youths have been suspended from the school.


11 - 17 February 2016 / Costa de Almería



Spanish Taxation In 2016 It is important to review your tax planning from time to time, to check that it is up to date and that you are using all the opportunities available in Spain to reduce tax liabilities for yourself and your heirs. So far there have not been many tax changes for 2016, and income taxes are just a little lower than last year. Income taxes The general state income tax rates for 2016 are – Income € 0 – 12,450 12,450 – 20,200 20,200 – 35,200 35,200 – 60,000 Over 60,000

Tax rate 19% 24% 30% 37% 45%

However these rates are made up of equal part state rates and regional rates, and each Autonomous Community can amend their local rates. This can make for higher tax rates in some regions, including Andalucía. The local

purchased annuity income and capital gains on the sale or transfer of assets) is taxed at different rates. The 2016 rates are – Income € 0 – 6,000 6,000 – 50,000 Over 50,000 By Gerald Turner, Partner, Blevins Franks government here has reduced its regional rates by 2% for 2016, but only for income up to €60,000. The lowest income tax rate for Andalucía is now 19.5%, while at the top end of the scale we have 46% for income over €60,000 and 48% for income over €120,000. The above rates only apply to general income (employment, pension, rental income, etc). Savings income (interest, dividends, income derived from life assurance contracts,

Tax rate 19% 21% 23%

Wealth tax Wealth tax keeps being extended and remains in place for fiscal year 2016. Spanish residents pay wealth tax on the value of their worldwide assets as at 31st December. Rates rise progressively from 0.2% to 2.5% (3.03% in Andalucía). There are however reductions available, ranging from €700,000 to €2m, depending on whether you own your home and if you are single or a married couple. This is a tough tax for wealthy residents, but steps can be taken to limit it.

Succession tax There have been no changes to succession tax this year. How damaging this tax is depends on whom your beneficiaries are (rates, allowances and exemptions vary according to how they are related to you), how much the inheritance is and how much they are worth. There is no blanket exemption between spouses in Spain. UK nationals need estate planning to cover both Spanish succession tax and UK inheritance tax. Form 720 Do not forget that Modelo 720 needs to be submitted by 31st March, reporting on the assets you owned in 2015 if you were resident in Spain. You need to declare all overseas assets worth over €50,000. If you have submitted this form before, you only need to report again if the value of an asset increased by more than €20,000, or you sold an asset or closed an account, or you obtained a new asset. Although the European

Commission is investigating whether Modelo 720 (the disproportionate penalties and lack of statute of limitations) infringes on EU law, you still need to file your form as usual, at least for the time being. Tax planning With specialist advice you can often use compliant arrangements to reduce tax on your savings, investments, pensions and assets - with the right tax planning Spain can be very tax efficient for retired expatriates. Tax rates, scope and reliefs may change. Any statements concerning taxation are based upon our understanding of current taxation laws and practices which are subject to change. Tax information has been summarised; an individual is advised to seek personalised advice.

To keep in touch with the latest developments in the offshore world, check out the latest news on our website


E W N 11 - 17 February 2016 / Costa de Almería


Property scammer has flown town THOUSANDS have allegedly been stolen from potential home-buyers By Adele Land A PARTALOA estate agent is said to be on the run after allegedly stealing deposits lodged with her as part of property purchases. A Dutch woman, AEVDP, running an estate agency based in Almanzora has allegedly defrauded property purchasers and vendors across Europe. According to allegations, the 37year-old woman marketed properties for sale without the owner’s knowledge. Many of the properties were said to have been fraudulently sold under socalled rent-to-buy schemes, where a portion of the monthly rent would go towards the purchase of the property. Victims were scammed for amounts ranging from €5,000, with one member saying he had lost more than €74,000 to the agent.

FRAUDULENT SALE: One of the villas sold without owner’s knowledge.

Drugs found in lorry FRENCH authorities are investigating a drugs bust involving a truck belonging to a haulage company in Antas. Some 1.8 tonnes of cannabis resin was discovered by sniffer dogs in the refrigerated lorry during an inspection in the border town of Hendaya. The truck, bound for the Netherlands, was transporting pallets of fruit and vegetables and had made various stops during its journey north. A man and a woman, both Spanish nationals were arrested during the operation.


11 - 17 February 2016 / Costa de Almería

You’re not the only one THERE are more than 289,000 unpaid traffic fines in Almeria By Matthew Elliott DRIVING while texting or without a seatbelt, or any number of a vast list of traffic offences, have seen more than 289,000 unpaid traffic fines add up in Almeria Province. An average volume of 162 fines are issued each day by the Almeria authorities and many remain stubbornly ignored. In the greater scheme

of things, however, Almeria is one of the more obedient provinces in the country. Across Andalucia there are 3.5 million unpaid fines, and a staggering 20 million in all of Spain. Almeria is dragging its feet in the rebel stakes, with Malaga far surpassing it on 1.1 million unpaid fines, and even people from Cordoba are doing a better job of winding up the authorities, despite having fewer cars overall.

Vera schoolchildren learn how to talk the talk PUPILS at a school in Vera have attended a course in public speaking. The students learned how to make presentations to large

groups, and how to utilise breathing techniques and voice control. Each student received a diploma for completing the three-month course.

Women’s Councillor, Yolanda Torres, said the course was invaluable for the students to learn social interaction and life skills.




11 - 17 February 2016 / Costa de Almería



Romantic concert on Valentine’s Day in Vera QUARTET is led by an internationally acclaimed violinist THE OCAL quartet will perform a romantic concert for Valentine’s Day in new Ve r a t h e a t r e o n S a t u r d a y February 14. The quartet is led by internationally acclaimed violinist, conductor, composer and co-founder of the Brodsky Quartet, Michael Thomas son of Middlesbrough but for many years resident of Almeria and more recently Sevilla. Michael is also conductor of the Almeria City Orchestra. On second violin is Jose Ve l e z w h o s t u d i e d a n d played for a number of years in the UK with some of the leading orchestras and baroque ensembles such as Amadeus and Brodsky. Sisters Paloma and Clara Garcia Oliver also studied and played in the UK. Paloma initially studied piano before choosing to continue her career with her second instrument the cello. Clara who will play viola, graduated from Trinity College of Music in London and also played with different acclaimed chamber music ensembles. The romantic pro-

Hiking Almeria GETTING back in touch with nature and improving heart health are the key priorities of a new hiking programme for older citizens in Almeria. Throughout the year 13 hikes will be arranged, the first taking place on the Camino del Rio Molino de Cobdar on February 14. Last year saw 650 people take part in the initiative organised by the Municipal Sports Board (PMD). Anyone interested can easily sign up through the website (Spanish Patronato Municipal de Deportes).

gramme includes works by Josef Haydn, Robert Schumann and Johann Pachelbel. The theatre is located

close to the bus station and Lidl supermarket. There is a car park to one side and there is also ample parking in the surrounding streets.

Ti c k e t s a r e a v a i l a b l e f r o m Ve r a ’s C o n v e n t o d e la Victoria at a discounted price of €5 or from the T h e a t r e B o x O ff i c e a f t e r

7pm on the evening of the concert, price €7. Tickets may also be reserved for collection at the theatre before the concert

by calling or sending a text message to 622 004 781 stating name, a contact phone number and the number of tickets required.


E W N 11 - 17 February 2016 / Costa de Almería

No forgiveness Too small to cope HAVING a previous conviction for armed robbery, a 38-year-old man has been sentenced to two and a half years in prison for stealing €100 from the Almeria cathedral. He stole from the chapel’s money box and excused himself by citing drug addiction but his plea fell on deaf ears.

PREFERABLY an area is needed with windows

TORRECARDENAS: Children’s emergency ward too small to cope. By Eleanor Hawkins ALMERIA CITY’S lack of a specialist children’s hospital has been highlighted by the SMA medical workers’ union for the province, which has reported that the Paediatric Emergency facility at Torrecardenas is

far too small to cope with demand and also lacks ventilation, leading to risk of contagion. The union has recommended that work is done in the department to provide more space and preferably find an area with windows.


Deranged behaviour A DERANGED jilted lover has been sentenced to community service after hysterically flooding his ex-girlfriend’s phone with threatening messages and sending an explicit photo of the victim to her mother. The Madrid man was in a relationship with the Almeria woman for six months and then, upon the end of the affair, he began stalking her home in the early hours, beeping his horn and ringing the bell repeatedly. He threatened her on Facebook when she blocked him on her phone and finally made good on his promise by involving her mother in his debauched vengeance. He will complete 63 days of work and is forbidden from being within 300 metres of her presence for three years.


E W N 11 - 17 February 2016 / Costa de Almería


Mojacar gets sporty with new school A NEW sports school has opened in Mojacar. Adults and children can enjoy sports such as judo, rhythmic gymnastics, paddle tennis and football. Along with active sports, residents of the town can also learn the game of chess, under the tutelage of Spanish champion Jose Juan Rubio.

DRIVER: Told police officers he was copying moves from the Grand Theft Auto video game.

Grand Theft Auto man wreaks havoc on Almeria streets By Kylie J Brennan A 22-year-old man was arrested by the National Police after enjoying a wild joyride through Almeria City centre, reports from February 6 confirm.

Between 12am and 1pm on Saturday February 6, police at the Provincial Headquarters of Almeria received several complaints about a white all-terrain vehicle, travelling down the Avenida Cabo de Gata at twice the legal speed limit. Witnesses claimed that the young man was driving a Mitsubishi Crossover, seemingly with the intention of knocking down all in his path and with ‘total disregard’ for the lives of others. During his high-speed dash, the driver hit two vehicles on the road and up to 10 that were parked at the roadside. The string of collisions did

little to slow the alleged speed-demon, however, as he continued his crusade before smashing into a bus and then turning into a different road, leading to the University campus. Some eyewitnesses say the driver appeared to turn his sights to running over two pedestrians, but was deterred by National and Local Police patrol cars giving chase from behind. Despite the authorities hot on his heels, shortly before his capture he was seen to veer into a bike lane and deliberately took out three cyclists using it. Thankfully, all three cyclists

had no serious injuries, but one had to be examined at Torrecardenas Hospital. At the end of his high-speed circuit, the cocky driver alighted from his vehicle to take a selfie of himself giving the victory sign. Then, as the police descended, the driver made a dash for the nearby beach and ran into the sea, before lashing out at two officers who waded in behind him. On his arrest, the accused told officers that he had been simulating some moves from Grand Theft Auto 5. Tests revealed the man was acting under the influence of both alcohol and drugs.

Reap what you sow THE seeds of gender violence are planted at a young age according to the Andalucian Women’s Institute, which suggests that 65 per cent of youngsters maintain sexist stereotypes. Their study also indicates that some 29 per cent of teenagers have experienced gender violence in one guise or another. On February 4 the institute held a workshop specifically aimed at people who work with children in Almeria, with the aim of raising collective awareness of the issue, especially with young couples.


E W N 11 - 17 February 2016 / Costa de Almería

Resident illegally kept tortoises ALLEGED keeper arrested as they didn’t hold a permit

IN CAPTIVITY: It is illegal to keep tortoises as pets. By Adele Land A RESIDENT of Turre has been arrested for illegally keeping tortoises. A total of 16 Moorish tortoises were found at the property, and the alleged keeper was not in the possession of a permit to keep the creatures.

In July last year, a law was passed banning the keeping of this type of reptile and an amnesty period was in place where people could surrender animals to Seprona, the flora and fauna department of the Guardia Civil. During the amnesty several hundred tortoises were surren-

dered and moved to a special sanctuary near Velez-Rubio, where they were prepared for eventual return to the wild. Keeping the creatures in captivity is an offence, punishable with sentences of up to two years in prison. The person arrested in Turre will appear in court in Vera.


Dolphins washed up at either end of the province TWO dolphins were washed up dead on Almeria’s beaches last weekend. The first was a very young animal measuring less than a metre in length. Marine rescue group Equinac received an alert from the police in Vera, and volunteers were dispatched to the beach at Puerto Rey. A second dolphin was discovered on a beach in Almerimar, both appeared to have died shortly before being washed up. A spokesperson from Equinac thanked the Local Police for their support, and reminded members of the public to call 112 in case of discovering marine animals on the beach.

Aerial bombardment AN investigation has been launched into sights of small aircraft reportedly using chemicals to break up clouds in Almeria Province. A meeting has been held be-

tween the local head of the Guardia Civil and members of environmental associations. Representatives cited their concern that the aircraft were substantially reducing precipi-

tation, and thus increasing the risk of drought and other environmental damage. No suspects have yet been accused of responsibility for the reckless chemical attacks. If confirmed, the spraying would appear to be a reverse of moves in drought stricken Arizona to seed clouds to help induce rain. Conspiracy theorists have long decried an alleged deliberate destruction of the environment through ‘chemtrails’, orchestrated by malevolent forces for financial gain, but the jury remains out on the Almeria sightings.

E W N 11 - 17 February 2016 / Costa de Almería


Child labour alive in films in Almeria SPECIAL permission is needed for children to work under 16 Photo by David Luque via Wikipedia


By Matthew Elliot NOW that the pits are closed and young people are expected to complete years of mandatory education, jobs for minors are scarce and under harsh restrictions. Thankfully a special exception is being made for youngsters across Almeria, as cinema is considered a sector with a uniquely creative need for young actors to achieve realism. It’s also handy for the authorities to be able to attract film companies to the Tabernas desert and not scare them off with bureaucracy. While in general it is prohibited for under 16s to work, with special permission from labour authorities, in 2015

EXODUS: Was filmed in Almeria in 2013 by Ridley Scott. 213 minors were allowed to work on film productions as Assassins Creed and Mar de Plastico found inspiration in the imposing desert terrain.

It was no match for 2013’s Exodus by Ridley Scott which brought an artistic rendition of the legendary Jewish escape from Egypt popu-

Sounds of the past ARGENTINIAN musician and instrument maker Pablo Nahual wowed music lovers with a didactic concert for students on February 8 at the Francisco Villaespesa Library of Almeria. The concert had an interpreter for children with hearing difficulties to allow

them to participate. Through ethnic instruments brought from different indigenous communities, the concert aimed to allow the students to hear different kinds of instruments, even prehistoric ones, in order to help them understand the origin and

Transport to take priority STUDYING public transport mechanisms is a job someone has to do and so councillors across Almeria’s Levante area gathered with business owners to discuss the concept of a new passage towards the beach in summer time. There was unanimous agreement that improvements were of the utmost necessity and that transport between Huercal-Overa and other areas should take priority due to its medical and administrative importance. In keeping with the affairs of state, a provisional plan has been drafted, commitment expressed and approval is in the pipeline.

evolution of musical instruments in general, and their role in artistic expression in the many different periods of human history. The activity is part of a general educational project that uses music as a learning tool to encourage and develop emotional intelligence.

Mediterranean coast symbol ALMERIA arrived at a new edition of the Berlin Fruit Logistica agriculture conference as a representative of the fruit and vegetable sector on the Mediterranean coast. Thousands of exhibitors from 83 countries attended this major global agriculture showcase last year in order to sell their products and attract new customers. Almeria was an obvious inclusion in the event with its agricultural strength better known outside the country than within. Almeria sells most of its products to foreign markets with 70 per cent of fruit and vegetable production exported.

larised by the bible. That year saw 305 permits given as the director sought to portray the sprawling slave scenes of the ancient near east.

Two ton truck AS a lorry loaded with two tons of Moroccan hashish was discovered by French police, the gaze of the law has extended to Almeria, where the truck is registered. Two Spanish citizens were arrested in the bust, as officers discovered vast amounts of the drug stashed among wooden containers of vegetables destined for central Europe. The precise modus operandi of the operation is unclear, although the origin was certainly in the Moroccan Rif mountains, a fertile ground for hash production, and the destination suspected to be the Netherlands. Authorities atavistically burn hashish and marihuana found in organised police operations, unleashing enormous billows of smoke into the atmosphere.


E W N 11 - 17 February 2016 / Costa de AlmerĂ­a

Tunnel access improved THE new access tunnel at Garrucha port is expected to open before Easter according to a Junta de Andalucia regional government spokesperson. The tunnel has been under construction for a number of years and delays have been attributed to the difficulty in cutting through hard materials and the fact it is located so close to the sea. The tunnel will divert traffic from the public access area to the port and will be welcomed by residents and business owners. Dozens of trucks enter the port each day carrying concrete and other materials from the many quarries throughout the Levante area.


Huercal-Overa is cooking on gas AGREEMENT forms part of a long-term project

HEATING UP: Municipal pool will be heated by the natural gas supply. By Adele Land THE sports centre and indoor swimming pool in Huercal-Overa are set to benefit from the supply of natural gas. Redexis Gas and Huercal-Overa Council have reached an agreement for the company to supply gas to the facilities which will result in a cost saving of 35 per cent each year.

The gas supply will provide heating of the pool and buildings and the installation works are due to begin next month. The agreement forms part of a long-term project to bring natural gas to the whole of the town, eventually rolling out to other municipalities in the province. Redexis Gas is one of the largest gas suppliers in Spain and covers most of Andalucia.

Road works are expected to begin again this year THE completion of the roadworks between Garrucha and Vera is a priority of the Junta de Andalucia regional government, according to a spokesman. Work on the A-1200 was suspended in 2012 due to the

economic crisis and the temporary road surface has deteriorated in the past few years. The project, which had a budget of some â‚Ź11 million, was implemented to improve the flow of traffic on the busy road which links the coastal

area to the E15 motorway. Some two kilometres of the road was completed leaving almost five kilometres unfinished. Public works minister Felipe Lopez said he expected the work to recommence before the end of the year.


E W N 11 - 17 February 2016 / Costa de Almería


Army training a popular option PROVIDES an opportunity to work and train for the future By Eleanor Hawkins MORE than 400 youths from Almeria are currently taking part in trials for possible acceptance into the Ministry of Defence’s military training programmes. So far this year the ministry has announced 1,500 places are available at the San Fer-

nando and Caceres military academies, and 376 men and 45 women from Almeria Province are hoping to obtain one of the coveted places. Joining the armed forces is a popular option for youths as it provides them with an opportunity to work and train for the future. Requirements applicants

must meet include being aged between 18 and 29 and having successfully completed their secondary education. The 421 Almeria applicants are carrying out the initial selection exercises at a Granada selection centre, and lists of those who will go to a second and final selection phase will be published on March 11.

Two guilty of manslaughter A JURY has found two Maghrebi men guilty of manslaughter for beating a Moroccan man, who died days after the attack, with a chain and throwing stones at him. The victim, who was taken to Almeria’s Torrecardenas hospital after the incident on May 28 2013, died from multiple injuries to the head and body on June 10 of the same year. Public prosecutors have demanded eight

year jail sentences for the accused, who the jury believed attacked their victim after a violent argument over money on a wasteground in Nijar. Although the initial request was for 13-year sentences, the prosecution reduced this as the victim was considered able to defend himself and the accused were believed to have been drinking.


E W N 11 - 17 February 2016 / Costa de Almería


No plans to improve street By Eleanor Hawkins THE Andalucian ombudsman, Jesus Meaztu, has taken up the case of a group of residents of the La Cañada de San Urbano district of A lme ria C ity, w ho ha ve complained at the state of

Calle del Mar, which connects the area to the University of Almeria. Residents complain that t her e i s no l i ght i ng, t he street has no maintenance or cleaning service, and is becoming overrun with plants, putting pedestrians at risk.

Famous son ‘ON May 23, 1889, the composer and glory of Almeria music Jose Padilla Sanchez, creator, among other works, of La Violetera, El Relicario, Valencia, and Relampaguito, and the anthems of Almeria and the Virgen del Mar, was born in this house.’ So goes the wording of a new plaque inaugurated on

Number 2 Gabriel Callejon street in the old town of Almeria, at a ceremony presided over by the mayor of Almeria, Ramon FernandezPacheco. The composer enjoyed great fame in France as he contributed songs to Moulin Rouge, including Ca c’est Paris.

However, the city council has stated that for the time being there are no plans in place to work on the street, as it is outside the urban area, although it will study the ombudsman’s request once it has been received.

Rafa visits academy AS anticipation mounts over the opening of the Rafa Nadal Academy in Cantoria, Almeria, rumoured to be in May, the man himself paid the town a visit saying: “I am going to be very engaged with it. We hope that it becomes a world famous sports centre.”


Costa de Almería

11 - 17 February 2016











Credit Suisse to cut 4,000 jobs PUBLICATION of the bank’s 2015 figures show a €2.3 billion loss


By John Smith THE market must be bad when a Swiss bank announces that it is to cut jobs, which is exactly what Credit Suisse has done following the publication of its 2015 figures,

ZICA: To be renamed due to its similarity to the zika virus.

Tata Motors latest car the Zica will be renamed IT must be incredibly frustrating for the teams of experts, who spend weeks trying to decide a name for a new car which will appeal to all and not insult anyone. This is probably best exemplified by the embarrassingly named Mitsubishi Pajero, which was fine in most areas but didn’t appeal to the Spanish market. Now Indian car manufac-

which show a loss of €2.3 billion, its first since 2008. The ba nk bla me s s ubs ta ntia l charges which have arisen, including an enormous write off conne c te d w ith a c ompa ny it took over in 2000. Following the an-

The important thing for the new government is to be realistic about expectations and not to believe in utopia. Francisco Gonzalez president of BBVA on the new Spanish government.

Photo Credit Tata Motors

Quote of the Week

is the amount that Credit Suisse expected to save by losing 4,000 staff and reviewing its London operation.

turer Tata find themselves with a ‘double whammy’, where their Tata ambassador Lionel Messi is to appear in court charged with tax evasion, and their latest car the Zica is going to have to be renamed because of its similarity to the Zika virus. There will be a cost to the renaming, but the company obviously feels that it will be commercially sensible.


Interesting times ahead AS the various parties meet with PSOE leader Pedro Sanchez to thrash out terms for their support, he is going to inherit a difficult financial position if he forms a government. Podemos have already said that they want to see a postponement of debt reduction, whilst he has to remember that the national deficit is almost 100 per cent and the European Commission believes that the deficit is due to get worse.

Yahoo cuts FAILING household name and internet pioneer Yahoo is to lose 1,600 workers around the world. It will close offices in a number of cities including Madrid, in an effort to halt its colossal losses which amounted to just over €4 billion in 2015.

The cost of healthy foods has increased in Spain THE financial crisis has had a rather unexpected effect on the quality of the food that Spanish families have been purchasing. Although some luxury markets are seeing a


€1.5 billion is the profit that Gas Natural Fenosa made in 2015, which is an increase of 2.7 per cent over 2014 profits.


business & legal


steady growth, the cost of healthy foods such as fish, oil and milk has generally increased, partly fueled by the fact that consumption has fallen.

nouncement, shares have fallen by 9 pe r c ent t o t hei r l owest l evel since 1992. The b i ggest pr obl em f or t he Swiss bank appears to be in its investment banking business, which it may withdraw from.




Abengoa update WITH Abengoa debts of more than €5 billion, a number of smaller companies owed money by the company are badly affected as their cash flow is causing short term difficulties. They have banded together to request that payment be made quickly although a positive result is unlikely. In the meantime, the company has requested that their subsidiaries in Argentina be protected against debt claims, whilst they negotiate terms with their bankers.


E W N 11 - 17 February 2016 / Costa de Almeria



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E W N 11 - 17 February 2016 / Costa de Almería

DUE to the amount of negative reaction coming from the general public in Spain, the ombudsman has decided to look at the actions being taken by banks to introduce charges for the use of ATM machines by non-customers. According to a royal decree which became law at the start of 2016, banks may pass on charges they receive from the bank holding the account of a noncustomer who uses one of their machines. Due to loose wording in the law, some banks appear to be profiting from the charges and this is what is to be investigated with the possibility of the law being amended.


Ofgem to investigate Age Uk’s gas and electricity promotions CHARITY appeared to be recommending a deal that was not the cheapest By John Smith A SHOCKING report by The Sun newspaper in the UK suggests that a charity specifically set up to support those who are elderly, has been benefitting by promoting expensive gas and electricity tariffs in return for payment by E.ON, and this is now to be investigated by official body Ofgem. It appears that on its website the charity recommends a particular tariff, but investigators suggest this was not the cheapest tariff offered by the company, and those who followed the charity’s advice could have been £245 (€343) worse off in 2015 than if they had taken E.ON’s cheapest rate. B o th p a rtie s h av e re je c te d the claim although it does appear that Age UK has received about £6 mil-

l i on ( €7.8 m i l l i on) f r om t he arrangement in commission. E.ON, whilst admitting there was a cheaper deal, explained that one was a two-year deal, whilst the other was a one-year deal only. The company also said some people preferred to fix the price for as long as possible and that consumers could always switch deals at no additional cost. The fact remains, however, that the charity did appear to be recomm endi ng a deal t hat was not t he cheapest to pensioners in return for a financial advantage, and this is why Ofgem will undertake an investigation into their activities.

ADVICE: Those who followed Age UK’s advice would have been worse off.

Luxury goods company LVMH announce record sales in 2015 Credit Tupungato Shutterstock

New bank charges will be looked into

LDprod Shutterstock


LVMH: Own prestigious brands including Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior. DESPITE the weakness of the Chinese economy, the world’s largest luxury goods company LVMH announced record sales, which rose by 16 pe r c e nt in 2015 to €35.67 billion.

The c ompa ny, w hic h owns a number of the world’s most prestigious bra nds inc luding Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior, said that trading in France was almost back to normal

after the attacks in November. Despi t e t he i ncr ease i n revenue, net profit at €3.57 billion was just short of expected target, but this did not have an adverse effect

on its shares, which continue to rise. The com pany r epor t ed strong progress in Europe, the United States and Japan, which helped compensate for lower sales in China.


11 - 17 February 2016 / Costa de Almería



Fall in oil prices continues to push economies closer to breaking point THERE is no question that oil is pushing economies almost to breaking point at the moment, with the massive fall in wholesale prices caused by the slowdown of the Chinese economy in particular. Fears that Iran will flood the market has meant that the mega rich economies, such as Saudi Arabia and global oil companies are losing income and shares continue to fall. Even though petrol pump prices in Spain haven’t really reflected the real fall in price, unlike the UK where prices have plummeted, the oil giants such as Repsol are writing off huge amounts on their accounts, and this is also reflected in the number of job losses being experienced within the industry. BP has suffered its worst losses in 20 years and is to cut 3,000 employees directly, plus a further 4,000 people in third party jobs, and with a negative result for 2015 of €6 billion, there is downturn of nearly €10 billion on the previous year. Royal Dutch Shell has confirmed it is cutting 10,000 jobs amid its steepest fall in annual profits

Credit Vytautas Kielaitis Shutterstock

By John Smith

ROYAL DUTCH SHELL: Company has confirmed they will cut 10,000 jobs after a steep fall in profit. for 13 years, although it still managed to make a profit of €3.4 billion down from €17 billion the previous year.

It is still pushing forward with the takeover of the BG exploration group at a cost of €47 billion, which it intends to fund in part by the sale of

assets. However, investors are now questioning whether this is a prudent investment with the alltime low in oil prices.

11 - 17 February 2016 / Costa de Almería


How refreshing YOU can’t blame a lack of success on skin colour LEAPY LEE SAYS IT


HOW refreshing it was to tune into Sky news this week and be confronted by the two bubbly black presenters, Philip Butah and Gillian Joseph. These two young people, at the top of their chosen profession, are both articulate and entertaining. What a wonderful example to the hordes of other young blacks, who constantly blame the reason for their lack of success or failures in life on the colour of their skin. Well, I’m sorry, but ‘cause I’m black’ simply doesn’t hack it any more. Even when many black people actually are successful, they still complain about racist bias. Prime examples of this antiquated attitude were the actors involved in the recent Oscars. Whinging and moaning, these extremely wealthy and spoiled divas queued up to complain that there weren’t enough black actors included in the nominations this year. They

blamed the Academy and its members of ostracising black people on purpose. What a load of complete codswallop. For heaven’s sake the president of the Academy is himself black! The true problem this year was there were no black performers or movies that merited an award. You can’t base an award on the colour of someone’s skin. This is the type of reverse racism that stirs up all the trouble in the first place. If, as was suggested, there were not enough scripts available for black performers, for goodness sake get your heads down and write some. There are a whole multitude of talented black script writers and authors out there. It’s up to them to even up the balance, if indeed an unbalance even exists. For God’s sake grow up all of you. Just cast your mind over the black success rate of the past few generations. The finest athletes in the world. The world top racing driver. The highest paid TV personality in history. The finest female tennis players. A golfing number one. The list goes on and on, right up to the president of the USA himself. Talent, perseverance and luck are the differ-

ences between failure and success, not the pathetic excuse of colour. Keep the faith Love Leapy

BARACK OBAMA: The list goes on, right up to the president of the USA himself.

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E W N 11 - 17 February 2016 / Costa de Almería


Is there anybody out there?

OUR VIEW Photo Credit Cory Doctorow flickr


LOADS of witnesses and grainy pictures, but nothing that leaves you convinced Colin Bird A weekly look Each week, Colin brings his slightly off-thewall view of the world to the pages of EWN in his own irreverent style.

I HAVE just been reading about England’s most haunted houses, but I can never really make up my mind about ghoulies and ghosties and all that hobgobliny stuff. The only thing that goes bump in the night at my house is me trying to get to the bathroom and walking into the door. You hear of spooky accounts and watch TV documentaries, and it’s certainly enough to get you thinking, but it’s like UFOs - loads of respectable witnesses and grainy pictures, but nothing that quite leaves you convinced. Surely there should have been at least one professional photographer armed with

HAUNTED HOUSES: Surely someone should have taken a decent photo of the ghosts by now? the latest Pentax who had managed to whirr off a load of world class snaps by now. This would leave nobody in any doubt whatsoever that there are spectral figures whooo-hoooing up dark

corridors or little grey men (they used to be green) whizzing around up there, but doing a darn good job of avoiding us. There are always excuses for those iffy pics - ghosts

have no substance so cannot be photographed; UFO’s are powered electromagnetically and so interfere with . . . stuff. Well whatever. Nevertheless a school

friend and I did actually see a genuine UFO many years ago. It wasn’t so much a flying saucer than a flying ellipsoid, and an ellipse as we all know is a closed symmetric curve that seems to cut the surface of a cone by an oblique plane to the symmetry axis angle, greater than the curve with respect to the axis of revolution. Wikipedia’s great isn’t it. But okay it was cigarshaped. The thing is we both got a good look at the object, although our parents did not believe a word of it because we were only 11 at the time. “Mum, Dad, we’ve just seen a space ship!” “That’s nice dear, now clean your teeth and get to bed, it’s school tomorrow.” “But Muuum...” “Bed!” Perhaps they have walked among us for years disguised as our mothers? It would explain the curlers.

Women’s pensions are in the news Photo Credit David Adamson Shutterstock

ONE often used argument for moving pension ages is that women live longer than men John Smith Random thoughts... JANUARY has been a particularly important month for women and the debate concerning the transition of payment of pensions so that women qualify at the same age as men. In theory, with the call for overall equality this does not appear to be totally unreasonable and with the government desperate to save as much money as possible, the £30 billion due to be saved is certainly not to be ignored. The difficulty, however, as has been highlighted in two debates in the House of Commons and in a public meeting, is that of fairness. It was as early as 1995 that the then Labour government decided to look to bring retirement ages for men and women in line but - and this is a very important but - it was explained that there should be a transition period of 15 years in order to allow women to make provisions so they were aware that they

IAIN DUNCAN SMITH: Secretary of State for Work and Pensions. would not receive a pension at 60, but would either have to work longer or make additional private arrangements. This also seems perfectly reasonable, except that critics have argued the 1995 decision was not properly explained to the women affected and it was only as recently as 2010 that some (but not all)

women were written to and advised that their retirement age had increased. Thus, they may only have had a few years notice which would be insufficient to allow them to buy additional pensions, even if they could afford them and even by working longer, they may not have paid sufficient national insurance

EU: Leaving will not be the end of the world.

What will the result be? IT’S all rather a lot to take in, especially as any thoughts about what would happen if Britain leaves the EU can only be speculation. Football teams don’t generally turn up for a match assuming they are going to lose (unless perhaps they are David Cameron’s team Aston Villa), and the same is true for politicians. We don’t even know if the concepts agreed between the prime minister and Donald Tusk will be accepted by the other members of the Union, which means in turn there is no guarantee that he or the conservative party will be recommending a ‘yes’ vote. The latest opinion polls state that 45 per cent of those asked are in favour of leaving, but it has to be remembered that they got the forecast completely wrong at the last elections, and have recently revealed the reason for this was that they had asked the wrong people. In the infamous words of Homer Simpson, ‘Doh!’ The reality is that whilst we may all have opinions on what could happen, no one can definitively state what the result will be. One thing which is fairly certain, however, is that it’s not going to be the end of the world and is likely to occur more with a whimper than a bang. There may be 28 members of the EU at the moment, but countries such as Norway and Switzerland seem to get along relatively well outside of the Union, without having to queue up at borders as third world citizens.

contributions to qualify for the full amount in any case. This particularly affects women born between October 6, 1953 and April 5, 1955 who have seen their retirement ages shoot up. I speak with some bias as my wife was born on October 10 1953 and therefore won’t be able to claim a pension until she is 64 and eight months, but to add to her problem, she worked for a number of years for the government in Gibraltar where their pension age is 60. However because she worked for more years in the UK than Gibraltar, they are withholding her pension until she reaches retirement age in Britain. One of the often used arguments for moving pension ages is that women live longer than men, but recent figures have shown the opposite with the average age for men catching up with women. This is a very complicated yet important matter which the British governNow we ment appears disinclined to doing anywant to thing about, but for those who are hear your views. interested on how it may affect you, then there is a very strong presYOUR PAPER - YOUR VOICE sure group, Women Against State - YOUR OPINION Pension Inequality (WASPI) which has its own Facebook page.


11 - 17 February 2016 / Costa de Almería



Waving, not drowning StockPhotoAstur /

PEDRO SANCHEZ has accepted the king’s challenge of forming a new government Cassandra Nash A weekly look - and not entirely impartial reaction to the Spanish political scene

PEDRO SANCHEZ accepted the king’s challenge of forming a government, and looks increasingly like a survivor. Not of the political situation but the PSOE hierarchy, which still resents that party members chose Sanchez, not the grandees. If he can survive that, he might even survive an investiture.

Setting a royal example THE Infanta Cristina, daughter of King Juan Carlos, sister of King Felipe and wife of the no-longer Duke of Palma de Mallorca, might

PSOE LEADER: Has the task of forming a new government.

Workers’ satisfaction IT came as no surprise that unemployment rose in January, because it always does once the December feeding and shopping frenzy subsides. If the worst comes to the worst, and there is another election because Pedro Sanchez can’t form a government, Mariano Rajoy will still bang on about the employment his government created, seasonal setbacks notwithstanding. But as workers on temporary contracts or those working full-time on ostensibly part-time contracts know, those jobs look good on paper, but amount to precious little in their pockets. or might not have known about her husband’s business interests. She might or might not have known that he was siphoning off public money to Aizoon, the company which she co-owned with him. But Cristina and her defence team are 100 per cent correct about one thing: she is in her current situation because of who she is.

Even staunch republicans appreciate that there are many public, political and sporting figures, heaven forbid we should mention Messi or Neymar, alleged to have committed worse fiscal crimes. Spain’s judicial system might be demonstrating that it is impartial in pursuing Cristina, but it has also revealed itself as selective.


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Letters for Your Say should be emailed to or make your comments straight on our website:

Leapy, having just read your article I couldn’t agree more GOOD morning Leapy, Having just read your article on immigration I couldn’t agree more. I moved to Benalmadena Pueblo nearly a year ago to escape the constant barrage of immigration horror stories we are inundated with, murder, Daesh, and God knows what. It plays on your mind and is very unsettling. Our government have completely underestimated the huge influx of foreign migration and the breeding they also produce. Anarchy on the streets of the UK is coming, sooner rather than later tensions will break. I am more than happy to now be in my own world in Spain, I feel safe. As a former commuter to London from Brighton I certainly wouldn’t now, it’s terrible to feel that way. In some parts of London ‘sharia law’ signs adorn lamp posts. Why is that allowed??? I ran a Bentley garage in Kensington. We put an advertisement up and were written to and made to remove it by Kensington Council with an enforcement notice. Our idiotic government are too scared to oppose these people. And now it’s way too late to save it. I fear for the UK now, it is already a Muslim state. The only people that don’t see it are the ones in power in their millionaire world. Keep up the good work, more people should say what they think. Russ, Benalmadena.

Referendum information DEAR team, First may I say how much I enjoy your newspaper. It is very well written, with lots of news and views. I always look forward to its arrival here in Arboleas. I have a question. Have you ever written about how an OUT of Europe result from the referendum would affect all of us expats? If not, I would greatly appreciate some information about it. I am particularly concerned about the health aspect. I am sure that this information will be very useful to

Photographs for possible publication should be sent by email with a full caption to:

A horrifying find

of pensioners returning to the UK, with dire consequences for the health service. I do hope that you can give counter arguments if a scare campaign develops. I know you will give a fair and balanced argument. Yours sincerely, Brian Egan, between Orihuela and Torrevieja.

Little Arrows

MY partner and I often walk our dogs along the banks of the Guadalmansa River, a local beauty spot popular with hikers and cyclists near Cancelada, Estepona. On Saturday we were dismayed and horrified to discover that a large pile of rubbish and unwanted household items including a child’s pushchair and a sofa, had been dumped at the popular picnic and barbecue area. I searched the rubbish in vain to find anything that could identify the culprits. Fly-tipping is a problem in many local scenic spots and I hope the public will help identify and track down people who behave in such an anti-social way. There are many ways in which people can dispose of unwanted items within the law, and without spoiling peoples’ enjoyment of the countryside. They can contact their town hall for information. Mary Page, Estepona

many of your readers. If you are not planning any editorial coverage in the near future, can you advise me where I should go to discover this information for myself? Many thanks and keep up the sterling work. With kind regards, Adrienne Winmill, Arboleas. EWN says: Please see this week’s Our View column for our thoughts on this matter. We will continue to investigate and keep our readers informed as and when more information becomes available.

Fear for the future DEAR Leapy, I have read your articles many times and always enjoy them. You talk so much common sense and say what so many people feel. You are really honest and clearly could never become a politician. I reckon you would get a little frustrated if you worked in parliament every day. Like so many others I feel so frus-

trated about the way things are and fear for the future, not for myself but for my children and grandchildren. I am a member of UKIP and believe the expat newspapers and politicians will try to make expats feel they must vote to stay in the EU. There will be a scare campaign to convince pensioners they will lose their healthcare and all will lose their rights to stay here. Surely Spain will not wish to lose their British expats who contribute so much financially. And Britain will not want hundreds of thousands

DEAR Mr Lee, I am sure that I am not the only one who loves (and still do) your song Little Arrows. It has special meaning to me. My Dad would play your song on our record player as he worked on remodelling my sister’s bedroom and mine. My Dad passed away in 1999, and I still hear your song whenever I go into my room. I now live in my parents’ home and the song still rings out. Thank you for a most memorable song and may God continue to bless you. Yours very truly, Bob Kious Mattoon, IL.

Cyclist menace DEAR Sir, I wish to congratulate Mrs Linda Hall for her article last week on the cyclists on the road who are training. It is a real scandal the way they put the traffic in danger. My experience is on the road Moraira-Benitachell. Kind regards, Permeke, Benitachell.

WHEN YOU WRITE All letters, whether by email or post, should carry the writer’s postal address, NIE and contact number though only the name and town will be published. Letters may also be edited. Readers who have missed earlier correspondence can see all letters posted on:

The views expressed and opinions given in Letters are not necessarily those of the EWN publishers. They accept no responsibility for accuracy of information, errors, omissions or statements, and reject claims arising out of any action that a company or individual may take on the basis of information contained therein.


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Word Ladder JUDO




Move from the start word (JUDO) to the end word (TIPS) in the same number of steps as there are rungs on the Word Ladder. You must only change one letter at a time.

for next 7 days TOMORROW







TAURUS (April 21 - May 21) There is something in you that needs a creative outlet. Perhaps you would like to write a book: memoirs, for instance, take up a craft or paint. Learning a new language would also be satisfying.

TARGET: Average: 12 Good: 16 Very good: 23 Excellent: 30

information to hone your knowledge. An organisation that is new to you offers insight and social involvement. An offer that thrusts you into the limelight might be avoided at first but would be to your advantage.


Madrid TODAY:



Fri Sat Sun -

21 14 C 22 13 C 21 9 C

Mon - 16 8 C Tues - 16 8 C Wed - 16 9 Sh

Almeria Fri Sat Sun -

Mon - 16 8 Cl Tues - 16 9 C Wed - 17 10 Sh

CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 20) It’s a better week for travel with less likelihood of delays. Should you be feeling a little lethargic and sorry about recent events, just count your blessings. Consider raising some money and having fun at the same time by indulging in a garage or car boot sale. Doing something entirely different can boost your mind and activity levels, which can’t be bad. Working with others is a giggle and spills over into your social life.

19 13 C 21 14 C 18 9 C

21 13 C 21 12 C 20 8 C

S Sun,

Cl Clear,

Sh Showers,

10-Star Quiz





Saturday February 6

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Fill the grid so that every row, every column and every 3X3 box contains the digits 1-9. There’s no maths involved. You solve the puzzle with reasoning and logic.


SHOWERS MAX 20C, MIN 13C 20 14 C 20 14 C 19 9 C


Mon - 16 9 Cl Tues - 15 9 S Wed - 16 9 C



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Fri Sat Sun TODAY:

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SAGITTARIUS (November 23 - December 21) A strong and exciting romantic feeling flows through the week, which is fitting as Valentine’s Day comes round again next month. Someone returning from a trip makes you smile and boosts your spirit. People who have been a little bossy of late finally realise that you will not rise to the bait.

LIBRA (September 24 - October 23) Having suffered a bit of a setback last week, you may be feeling less confident. Revving up your social life will certainly help to bring spirits up again. Be with people who liven or inspire you in some way and avoid boring or moaning folk.

LEO (July 24 - August 23) This is a week when progress is fast and plans run ahead. Try new ideas and seek

into iron nett noir note oven rein rent tent tern tine tint tone torn vein vent vine vino envoi inert inter intro niter nitre nitro noter ovine riven tenor toner trine invert ironer orient rotten tinter tonier triton torrent tritone INTROVERT




VIRGO (August 24 - September 23) Although you have perhaps been looking to money-making ideas to progress finances, think also of alternatives. Perhaps there are areas of your lifestyle where money could be saved. Items that are not used could be sold for a profit and rid you of clutter.

CANCER (June 22 - July 23) There may be some opposition to your ideas as Pluto turns this week. Perhaps your natural charm just doesn’t seem to be working. As you have helped others in the past, make it clear that you expect a bit of co-operation. It is not through lack of will that some people do not offer help.




SCORPIO (October 24 - November 22) Thoughts come to you, perhaps in dreams, that are creative and energy boosting. Someone who recently moved out of your sphere is sadly missed but is in some ways still a part of you. A person at work who has been causing you concern needs investigation, but the facts may be less alarming than you suspect.

(January 21 - February 19)

GEMINI (May 22 - June 21) Being very much in demand for your talents this week means less time to spend socially, so it’s important to make time for loved ones at the weekend. Someone seeking your advice may simply be seeking your approval for an action they are going to take anyway.

How many English words of four letters or more can you make from the nine letters in our Nonagram puzzle? Each letter may be used only once (unless the letter appears twice). Each word MUST CONTAIN THE CENTRE LETTER (in this case G) and there must be AT LEAST ONE NINE LETTER WORD. Plurals, vulgarities or proper nouns are not allowed.



Certainly, food for the brain and soul are what you should be seeking now.





ARIES (March 21 - April 20) A conversation with a colleague brings insights into how others live and it is quite an eye-opener. Friendships are particularly important this week. You have been dashing around and maybe not enough thought has gone into how you spend your leisure time.



PISCES (February 20 - March 20) Satisfaction with your love life is paramount this week, and the opinion of others seems important to you. Perhaps you are looking for an excuse to make a change. It is possible, however, that a change is not required so much as a different approach. It is not essential to put all your eggs in one basket.



Spirituality seeps right through the week. As you are feeling particularly sensuous, invite someone special to dinner or on a trip. Visit garden centres and plan ahead. The colours and perfumes will be particularly pleasing.



Fri Sat Sun -

F Fog, Sn Snow,


24 14 C 26 13 C 23 11 C

Mon - 16 9 C Tues - 18 8 C Wed - 19 8 Sh

C Cloudy, Th Thunder

ONLY FOOLS AND HORSES 1. Because of its metallic lustre and pale brass-yellow hue, by what other name is the mineral pyrite or iron pyrite also known? 2. Fool Us is the title of a British-American television programme in which magicians perform tricks in front of which American magician-comedian duo? 3. In the novel Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes, what is the name of the title character’s horse? 4. In the television Western series The Lone Ranger, what was the name of the title character’s companion, Tonto’s horse? 5. The famous saying: “You may fool all the people some of the time; you can even fool some of the people all the time; but you can’t fool all of the people all the time” is often attributed to which 19th century US president? 6. The names of British racehorses are limited to how many characters, including signs or spaces? 7. What is the name of the fool in Twelfth Night who claims ‘fools are as like husbands as pilchards are to herrings, the husband is the bigger’? 8. Which American family music group reached number two in the UK singles chart in 1972 with Crazy Horses? 9. Which children’s novel by Michael Morpurgo, first published in 1982, recounts the experiences of Joey, a horse purchased by the Army for service in World War I France and the attempts of young Albert, his previous owner, to bring him safely home? 10. Which group topped the UK singles chart in 1973 with You Won’t Find Another Fool Like Me? 1. FOOL’S GOLD, 2. PENN & TELLER, 3. ROCINANTE (ROSINANTE, ROZINANTE), 4. SCOUT, 5. ABRAHAM LINCOLN, 6. 18, 7. FESTE, 8. OSMONDS, 9. WAR HORSE, 10. NEW SEEKERS




11 - 17 February 2016 / Costa de Almería



Enjoy filling in the following puzzles and check the answers in next week’s edition

Quick Across 1 Strange (8) 4 Very light coloured (4) 7 Looks at a book (5) 9 Spiral shelled mollusc (5) 11 Encounters (5) 12 Sailing vessels (5) 13 Delicate (6) 15 Selected (6) 19 Discovers (5) 21 Very large marine mammal (5) 23 Dependable (5) 24 Cause fear in (5) 25 Fifty per cent (4) 26 Protects (8) Down 1 Maybe (7) 2 Attraction (5) 3 Help (6) 5 Departures (5) 6 Young sheep (4) 8 Make off with (5)






Code Breaker Each number in the Code Breaker grid represents a different letter of the alphabet. In this week’s puzzle, 14 represents Q and 20 represents L, so fill in Q every time the figure 14 appears and L every time the figure 20 appears. Now, using your knowledge of the English language, work out which letters should go in the missing squares. As you discover the letters, fill in other squares with the same number in the main grid and the control grid.

LAST WEEK’S SOLUTIONS CRYPTIC Across: 1 Sea dog, 4 Aspens, 9 Groat, 10 Alabama, 11 Estrange, 12 Dame, 14 System, 16 Deters, 19 Deal, 20 Lacrosse, 23 Dragons, 24 Exact, 25 Eyelet, 26 Better.

Down: 1 Signets, 2 About, 3 Outdated, 5 Scat, 6 Emanate, 7 Shame, 8 Barge, 13 Retrieve, 15 Swanage, 17 Shelter, 18 Balsa, 19 Dodge, 21 Scant, 22 Robe

QUICK Across:

10 Jumps over (5) 14 Additional payment (5) 16 Cures (5) 17 Central mass (7)

English - Spanish

18 Exchange (6) 19 Recently made (5) 20 Shortly (4) 22 Rub out (5)

Down: 1 Straight, 2 Beat, 3 Stamps, 4 Labels, 5 Disgrace, 6 Beer, 8 Distinguish, 13 Insulted, 15 Trembled, 17 Income, 18 Punish, 19 Side, 20 Thin.

The clues are mixed, some clues are in Spanish and some are in English.

Across 1 Consejos (6) 3 Celery (4) 7 Labio (anatómico) (3) 9 Banana (7) 10 Fig (4) 11 Artículo (4) 14 Ill (7) 15 Grape (3) 16 Búhos (4) 17 Playing cards (6)



1 Calles, 3 Arms, 7 Toe, 9 Channel, 10 Apple-tree, 13 Londres, 14 Sea, 15 Team, 16 Casado.

Down: 1 Cita, 2 Escalera, 4 Runners, 5 Silk, 6 Fantasma, 8 Esponja, 11 Flat, 12 Sano.

Down 1 Classroom (4) 2 Armario (de cocina) (8) 4 Meseta (geografía) (7) 5 Smell (odour) (4) 6 Butterfly (8) 8 Doloroso (7) 12 Kiss (4) 13 Sombreros (4)


7 Treated, 9 Alike, 10 Apt, 11 Messenger, 12 Gains, 14 Instant, 16 Testing, 18 Piece, 19 Selection, 20 Tub, 21 Dream, 22 Hostile.

Cryptic The purpose of the Hexagram puzzle is to place the 19 six-letter words into the 19 cells. The letters at the edges of interlocking cells MUST BE THE SAME. The letters in the words must be written CLOCKWISE. The word in cell 10 (BEACON) and one letter in four other cells are given as clues.



LAST WEEK’S SOLUTION 1 Saloon 2 Senior 3 Loaves 4 Auntie 5 Linden 6 Sortie 7 Render 8 Raisin 9 Uproar 10 Enable 11 Intone 12 Laurel 13 Bridle 14 Sparky 15 Bullet 16 Depute 17 Lumber 18 Beetle 19 Member

Across 1 Capital in the bank a raffle provides (6) 4 Figures lacking energy but standing (6) 7 Describing elegant dressers or liars at a reunion? (9) 9 Prefers new style post (4) 10 Bunk and a roll (4) 11 Seaside feature is a cover for illegal activities (5) 13 Metal fastener for pleats, perhaps (6) 14 Intelligent leader embraces a tender nature (6) 15 A psychotic motel owner lets up (6) 17 So, ‘Cars’ gets film awards (6) 19 Georgia, for example, in poor taste (5) 20 Meet back at stream (4) 22 Part of the Burma-Siam landmass (4) 23 People going to Silver Lake to find animal collection (9) 24 They are cold-blooded and calculating! (6) 25 Naughty kids find saints around tents (6) Down 1 Rearranging cast or parts for players (6)

2 Expression of regret for a girl not finishing (4) 3 Put on treat I arranged (6) 4 Well before summer (6) 5 A container that’s slightly open (4) 6 Composed - composed at each part (6) 7 Plan game anew after false start (9) 8 Make sauce, lots, or it’s a pointless endeavour (4,5) 11 Escapes from parasites, one hears (5)

12 Anxious for aimless teens (5) 15 He attacked the Romans but turned tail at first (6) 16 Purloins duck between beginning and end of shifts (6) 17 Animals prepared to rest (6) 18 He’s sad, possibly, in sunglasses (6) 21 Nothing but a lake (4) 22 Help with a Verdi opera (4)


E W N 11 - 17 February 2016 / Costa de Almería


Older Spain, full of gossip and innuendos far from the real world! TODAY we are blessed by the civility and community spirit offered by so many foreigners Ric Polansky Ric Polansky moved to Mojacar in 1969 as a pioneer developer. He reads extensively and has travelled in South America panning gold and looking for El Dorado.

ARRIVING here so many years ago was just like stepping back into America near the turn of the century, 1895. Today we are blessed by the civility and community spirit and endeavours offered by so many foreigners to help us arise above - what was. We have newspapers, theatre, poetry readings, painters, translators, caretakers for the elderly, and a hell of a lot more, lots of good restaurants, and rock bands on the weekend. Well the early 70s pretty much lacked any remnant of civilisation or any nuance of culture. Life was hot, or maybe just a little chilly but always lifeless. A new stranger in town was a welcomed being as he brought news, real news from the outside and there-

fore became an instant novelty. Gossip was the main part of the communal diet. Whether the stories were true mattered not, they were entertaining. And diffused any of those possible day dreams. Because if you didn’t know whether it was true or not you could easily get a second or third opinion later in the day at the same coffee shop. You then could cross reference for witnesses or the mention of someone that you knew had enough dignity to squash that tale. Most of the early morning gossips were invented from boredom, jealousy or pure malice. You would think the latter was the most common but it wasn’t, as a Spaniard’s honour was more sacred than the church or the stars in the heavens. Bad things happened to the evil and they most certainly weren’t investigated. I remember once reading a newspaper back then that discussed the demerits of the corpse in question.

LIFE: Maybe just a little chilly, but always lifeless.

Almost all the article concerned the historical and evil past doings of the man almost too numerous to list. Stabbed he was, some 26 times. The judge in pronouncing such a worrisome synopsis of the incident, con-

cluded it was one of the worse suicides witnessed and authenticated by the courts. The man would be buried in a grave cut into the ground wherein the local

dogs could easily piss on him for eternity. Well, the reverence and appreciation this declaration garnered was not just refreshing to the public, but also became a wind vane for future social guidance and public misfortunes. The bad would be punished, severely so, but in God’s own time. Time had its clock and it was the sun’s patterns. Other than that, not much new came in for a visit or poke about. If you wanted excitement you travelled to Mojacar village, that contained more characters than a Ringling Brother’s Circus. And they were there nightly without fail, strutting and fretting their moments for all to see. No one hid being a homosexual or nymphomaniac. It was truly a pleasure to roust about with them. All trapped in the same cosmic bubble. Going nowhere but making well good of the time before the dawn of the next sun.


E W N Costa de Almería

11 - 17 February 2016



Sizing up your partner… Is honesty the best policy? FitFoxy Looking Good, Staying Trim

WHAT happens when you have been in a relationship for a long time, and the person that stole your heart 15 or 20 years ago no longer looks like the package you married? Sound harsh? Well not really, it just happens to be another one of those subjects that people don’t like to discuss. How do you feel when the person you married is no longer the slim, healthy fit person that you fell in love with all of those years ago? Whilst you on the other

hand are consistently taking the effort and care to maintain your early 20’s weight. You could say that I am being shallow and that love is not just about appearance, after all who cares about the love handles and few extra fat rolls right? However, the way I see it is this. When I met my partner, he was handsome, fit, strong, healthy and generally in great shape. This of course was important to me on many levels, yes of course I loved him for many reasons, but being with someone that took care of their health was of great importance. Some 15 years later, not much has changed. He likes to go out on his mountain bike

and attend the gym regularly. He enjoys big meals, as do I. At weekends he often likes to try a few of the different beers that the supermarkets have to offer. He knows when he has overindulged or packed on a few kilos, as do I. However, we have an unwritten agreement to maintain a healthy, attractive body for ourselves and for each other. So my question is, if your partner asked you one day, does my stomach look big in this? What would you say? Would you lie to them to avoid hurting their feelings, or would you be honest and tell it like it is? My next question to you is, how do you feel? Do you feel conned that your goods no

longer match the description on the package that you once signed up to? Sometimes honesty really is the best policy, tact of course is very important, but I have found that often people need to hear the harsh stuff, and this in turn, shunts them into action. There has been many a story about the woman that saw a pretty awful photograph or video footage of herself and decided to make a drastic life style change, or the man that lost 30kgs after being too fat to fit into his seat on the aircraft, That is great news for these people, however how much better it would have been if someone had cared about them enough to help them


Ask The Doctor


Brought to you by Helicopteros Sanitarios.

Information about antibiotics

SPECIALIST: Doctor Luis Perez Belmonte. This week we have asked the GP for more information about antibiotics, prescriptions and the possible side effects.

- I’ve been prescribed antibiotics for a throat infection but am a bit worried about taking them. It seems in Spain antibiotics are prescribed for just about everything, and I have heard that this is not good as excessive use causes immunity meaning they’re no good when really needed. Is this true? - Most infections of this type are caused by viruses, meaning antibiotics are not required and treatment consists of targeting the symptoms with medication for pain, fever, etc. Occasionally doctors will prescribe antibiotics to prevent a bacterial infection or because we believe the initial infection was caused by bacteria, which need antibiotic treatment. It is true that sometimes doctors prescribe more than are necessary. This can lead to bacteria devel-

oping resistance to certain antibiotics, but this occurs through repeated use over long periods of time, rather than occasional use. - I’m also worried about side effects. Last time I took them they upset my stomach. - Stomach upsets and nausea are the most common side effects. Generally symptoms are bearable and patients are advised to adapt their diet to avoid aggravating stomach problems. More serious side effects can sometimes lead to the medication having to be suspended. - Do I have to take them all or can I stop once the pain and fever go? - Once you start a course of antibiotics, unless you suffer very severe side effects you should complete it, even if symptoms disappear within 24 hours.

The Coast’s Home GP service - wherever you are - at home - in the office - in the car - on the golf course your GP will get to see you any time, anywhere. A priceless service at an affordable price.


11 - 17 February 2016 / Costa de Almería


Advertising feature

Are you applying for the ‘residencia’ in Spain? THE professional team at ASSSA Insurance can help you IN 2012 the Spanish government changed the legislation regarding the healthcare system, and you will find more rigorous requirements when applying for the ‘residencia’ in Spain. Whatever your problem is, if ASSSA can help, they will! ASSSA - Experience, expertise and customer service ASSSA Insurance are specialists in the field of healthcare, caring for the health of thousands of people. The company, established in 1935, is offering a personalised and professional service at their office in Vera. ASSSA’s personal service is

unique. Their friendly, multilingual employees are pleased to inform you about their policies without any obligation to purchase. They speak your language, answer all client queries fully and with complete honesty, and assist with any questions you may have. Contracts are of course in your native language as transparency is important for them. Many of their clients join them on recommendation from existing ones, which is a clear indication of their unique service. Doctors and Hospitals ASSSA offer their customers an

extensive directory of private clinics and hospitals, GPs and specialists. In order to comply with the wishes of their clients, they make contracts with facilities most of whom speak your lan-

guage or offer a translation service. Quality Insurance ASSSA provide flexible levels of health insurance depending on the cover level and premium best suited to the client’s requirements - from a supplementary insurance (from 48 € per month) to a more fully comprehensive insurance cover. They have exceptional LIFETIME offers with up to 30 per cent discount. Insure your health! With Spanish insurance companies you will hardly find two important guarantees ASSSA offer:

1. Their premiums do not increase due to age. The age you join is the age you stay - no age adaption of the premium. 2. ASSSA guarantee cover for life. In writing and in their general conditions they give you this important guarantee, that they will never cancel your policy, not because of age or due to high policy usage. Visit ASSSA for a chat and without any obligation, receive a personal premium calculation. Their area manager will be pleased to answer all your questions. They look forward to your visit!

Customer Service Office: · Vera · Mª Dolores Castaño · Tel: 950 392 487 · C/ del Mar, 33 - C.C Alcaná · Local 3B · ·

Health Food Shop & Community Centre Are you looking for inspiration? You’ll be surprised at the range of natural & organic products available to inspire you.

In the Community Centre Kids Karate, kids Gymnastics Art classes, Pilates, Yoga, Tai-Chi, Salsa-size Spanish lessons and health screening

C/Malaga s/n, Albox, Almeria, Tel: 639 089 170 Mon-Fri 10am-6pm Sat 10am-2pm email:



E W N 11 - 17 February 2016 / Costa de Almería


Britain’s Got Talent: Simon Cowell teases “special surprise” for this year’s winner Richard Shanley

Dishing the Dirt OF EUROPA DIGITAL

BRITAIN’S GOT TALENT already offers a pretty amazing prize, with the winner picking up £250,000 and a spot at the Royal Variety Performance - but this year ’s victor might be getting something extra special. Speaking at the auditions, Simon Cowell teased that there are plans afoot to give the winner an extra treat to mark the 10th series this year. “We have a special surprise for the winner,” he told the crowd. “It’s priceless, worth a lot of money, and we’re going to do it for the 10th series.” Even Cowell’s fellow judges Alesha Dixon, Amanda Holden and David Walliams seemed surprised by the announcement, as he added: “Even these guys don’t know.” Britain’s Got Talent will

BRITAIN’S GOT TALENT: Even the fellow judges seemed surprised by the announcement. be back later this year on ITV. Ant & Dec will help The Queen celebrate her 90th birthday by presenting a special ITV broadcast live from Windsor Castle. The pair will host the celebration and take a look back at Elizabeth II’s life and reign later this year. Over 1,500 people - including a host of

celebrity guests - and 900 horses will feature in the spectacular event. Ant & Dec said: “We are honoured to be hosting this special celebration of Her Majesty The Queen’s 90th Birthday. This spectacular evening will bring together some of the best known names in

the entertainment world who will perform with 900 horses and 1,500 participants to mark this very special birthday.” ITV’s director of entertainment and comedy Elaine Bedell added: “We are delighted to be celebrating Her Majesty The Queen’s 90th Birthday with this stunning

evening of entertainment. “With Ant & Dec hosting this special event, viewers will get to enjoy the very best of British talent alongside some remarkable performers in celebration of the Queen’s landmark birthday.” Prince Charles, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge will contribute to the film, along with leading public figures from the UK and around the world. If you would like me to answer any questions you may have on satellite TV or to expand on anything I have written about please call me on 678 332 815 or email I look forward to your comments and questions. Don’t forget to listen to my radio show every weekday from 10am on Spectrum 96.1 & 106.8FM, now covering almost 3000sq kms of Costa Almeria and Calida or online at


E W N Costa de Almería

11 - 17 February 2016


An afternoon of music THE Roof Garden restaurant in the Parque Comercial Mojacar is hosting an afternoon of folk, country and acoustic music on Friday February 26. Artists, John, Nadine and Andy will perform Songs and Stories, music from the US, UK and Ireland. Tickets cost €15 which includes a three-course meal, booking is recommended. Profits will go to two local animal charities, Save Animals Spain and Los Gallardos feline neuter programme.




A musical treat from trio Agave in Mojacar PERFORMED classical pieces from composers including Bach and Mozart MUSICAL trio, Agave, performed to a packed house at Angie’s Café in Mojacar. On a chilly evening, the group warmed up the atmosphere with a selection of tunes from well-known composers. Recently formed, Agave, includes top British pianist Barry Jobling, along with Emma Randle on violin and Charlie Brown on cello. The trio performed classical pieces from composers including, Bach, Mozart and Faure, with a blend of up-tempo and adagio pieces. To add to the performance, professional opera singer, Colin Hills, delighted the audience with his smooth tenor tones showcasing Handel’s Largo. The performance received a standing ovation and the group couldn’t leave without a double-encore.

CLASSICAL MUSIC: The group took a bow at the end of the performance.


E W N 11 - 17 February 2016 / Costa de Almería


ON THE FLOOR: Audience danced the night away.

Massive crowd for Big Mac THE biggest music event on Mojacar’s calendar was a massive success last weekend as,

despite strong gales during the morning, hundreds of people flocked to the Puerto Marina

hotel to enjoy the fun-packed day. The event was organised in aid of MACS cancer support charity, which offers support to cancer patients and carers throughout the Levante area. Stallholders displayed a range of crafts and gifts on the terrace where people browsed before soaking up the sun. Inside the venue, the atmosphere was rocking with popular bands from around the area donating their time to the cause. Between the music, the audience was treated to fabulous dance displays, including Zumba, jive and belly dancing. The volunteers behind the bar were kept busy throughout the day serving drinks and snacks. At the time of going to print, the total amount raised from the event was more than €8,000. Co-organiser, Kay Frances told Euro Weekly News she was delighted with how the day went and thanked all the volunteers, performers and visitors.


E W N 11 - 17 February 2016 / Costa de Almería


Celebrations for The F group on their first an

COLOURFUL costumes, scenery and fabulous dancing went toward By Adele Land THE Almeria Community Forum celebrated its first birthday recently at Maloan’s bar in Albox. The Forum, founded by Gary Bastin, has more than 500 members. The Forum pages are maintained by volunteers and all monies raised are donated to charity. This first year of success for the forum was celebrated with a grand party. Entertainment for the afternoon was provided by Atlantis and Carrie’s Dusty Boots, along with Grupo Arbuli who performed Pirates of the Dusty Carrie-bean, to music from the Johnny Depp movie, Pirates of the Caribbean. Colourful costumes, scenery, the use of a smoke machine and fabulous dancing,

DONATION: FACE members accept fundraising cheque of €500.


Forum nniversary

ds making it an entertaining event went towards making an entertaining event. A buffet was provided by Andy Slater and the staff of Maloan’s Bar and was paid for by Gary Bastin. There was also a charity raffle draw, with prizes donated by local businesses. The first prize of a complete television system including one year’s full Sky TV package was won by Georgia Jerwood. The highlight of the afternoon was the presentation of a cheque for €500 to charity group, FACE (Fundraising in Arboleas, caring for everyone). This was presented on behalf of the Forum by Gary Bastin to FACE president Adele Wrigglesworth and several members of the FACE committee who were at the event. Contact Adele Wrigglesworth on 667 255 094.

11 - 17 February 2016 / Costa de Almería




E W N 11 - 17 February 2016 / Costa de AlmerĂ­a


Almond flower hike finishes off in Albox MORE than 100 hikers took place this year in the eighth edition of the Almond Flower Route in El Saliente-Albox on February 7. The route was organised by the Tourism Enterprise Activo DGSE in collaboration with the Albox Council and several local sports and cultural clubs. The hikers came from different parts of the south east of Spain, mostly towns and villages in Almeria Province. In the early morning the group did a guided tour of the Saliente Sanctuary, but unfortunately bad weather marked by strong winds made it impossi-

ble to visit the courtyard of the sanctuary. So the hikers set off on their journey into almond flower territory. Over the course of the day they covered almost nine kilometres in a little more than three hours. Given the nature of the route, the hikers stopped halfway for a traditional breakfast where they sampled various almond products, including almond sweets and cakes. And at the end they capped everything off with a big meal at Albox’s El Longo Restaurant, and had a lottery featuring some ceramic products with the Almond Flower seal of approval.

Bail denied for driver A 35-YEAR-OLD man has been remanded without bail accused of knocking down and killing a pedestrian in Albox. The incident happened after the woman, aged 73, got off a bus near the petrol station on Avenida Febrero 28. The woman was taken to hospital in Huercal-Overa where she died from her injuries. It has since been revealed that the man had no points left on his licence and was driving illegally.


Exploring to get fit

CABO DE GATA: Walkers enjoyed a 14 kilometre route around the area. By Adele Land MORE than 100 people of different nationalities took part in a hike in the Cabo de Gata natural park. The event, organised by Zurgena Council, took the walkers

on a 14 kilometre route which was part of a new ‘get healthy and get to know the area’ initiative. The walk was enjoyed by residents from the Spanish and expatriate communities. Councillor Jim Smith said

this type of event was perfect to bring the two groups together, 50 per cent of Zurgena residents are non-Spanish. The guided tour included the beaches of Monsul and Los Genoveses, finishing in the town of San Jose.

Cancer charity’s annual meeting ALBOX hosted an annual meeting of the AECC cancer association at the Federico Garcia auditorium. President of the Albox branch, Maria Saez,

thanked the organisation’s volunteers for their hard work throughout the year and invited new members to help in the group’s work.

11 - 17 February 2016 / Costa de Almería




E W N 11 - 17 February 2016 / Costa de Almería


Request for Albox mayor to step down POLITICAL opposition group, Partido Popular (PP), in Albox has called for the town’s mayor to resign. Rogelio Mena, of the governing party, has been embroiled in a lengthy court case and was found guilty of refusing to provide financial information to the opposition. A PP spokesperson said Mena’s continuing refusal to hand over the information pointed to fraudulent conduct. In the latest stage of the case, a court upheld a previous ruling which banned him from being in public office for a period of two-and-ahalf years. During what has been a complicated time

for the party, prior to last year’s municipal elections, Mena was requested to step down from the PSOE party as the case escalated but continued to run as an independent mayoral candidate and was subsequently re-elected. Mena faces a string of charges including, misuse of public funds and illegally employing council workers. The spokesperson for the PP said the mayor should comply with the court ruling and step down from his position. Mena responded saying he would remain in office and planned to request the dismissal of the sentence, adding that he has no faith in the justice system.


E W N 11 - 17 February 2016 / Costa de Almería






Our good life gardens WHAT can a garden contribute to your enjoyment of your life in Spain? Dick Handscombe

Gardening Corner By Spain’s best known expatriate gardening author living in Spain for 25 years.

SO far the early winter weather has been ideal, except for a couple of chilly mornings, for not only progressing speedily with the annual winter cutback, but also sitting out in the garden for breakfast and lunch or tak-

ing an occasional rest with a refreshing beverage. So what can a good garden contribute to your enjoyment of life in Spain? 1. All round interest in plants and features, and the presence of birdlife. 2. Sensible exercise if you delegate the heaviest jobs to a gardener or odd-job man. 3. Chance to re-establish contact outdoors with nature af-

ter, in many cases, an office or car-driven lifestyle. 4. Summer shade and shelter from scorching winds. 5. Winter sun and shelter from chilly winds. Recent chances to strip off and sunbathe in the garden to build up vitamin D reserves. 6. Natural aromatherapy from leaves and flowers. 7. Attractive colour with a kaleidoscope of greens being

the predominant year-round colour effect. 8. Comfortable seating with good views to enjoy rest from the rush of modern-life. 9. Producing ecologicallygrown seasonal fruits, vegetables, herbs, edible flowers and leaves throughout the year providing a range of beneficial natural vitamins, minerals and fibres. My book ‘Living well from the garden Mediterranean

Style’, will help you decide what is best to plant, harvest and eat or drink, as healthy alternatives to imported tea or coffee and some so-called energy drinks. It is available for £4.99 from Amazon Books UK, and for €6.59 from The Book Depository. 10. To maximise the benefit of eating and drinking anything that you grow in the garden, ensure that you do not use chemi-

cal products. Use natural sprays and dustings to solve any insecticide or fungal problems. If you still have problems locally in obtaining eco products, have a look at the websites of Trabe or Neudorf and buy by mail order. 11. By being or going eco, educating neighbours if necessary, and having thick hedges, one can enjoy clean unpolluted air, an important ingredient of a traditional pre-expat Mediterranean diet. 12. A garden that gives you a sense of wellness. Happy and healthy gardening to all readers. If any gardening or social club would like a talk during the next year, do contact me to discuss locations and dates. Contact © Dick Handscombe


11 - 17 February 2016 / Costa de Almería



Advertising feature

Neater Heater: Stylish, smart and fast becoming a household name FROM cold to warm in about 20 minutes and will save on electricity charges IT is quite ironic that Neater Heater is becoming a household name in Spain because, quite frankly, the Spanish have trouble saying it. However, Spanish pronunciation was not high on Richard and Tony’s list of considerations when they set the company up in 2009, they just wanted a catchy name that best described the heaters to the expat community they were serving. The heaters were stylish, smart, and elegant. Quite neat in fact. It was also quite neat that they were efficient, effective, economical, and affordable. In fact there wasn’t a neater heater to be found. So, what is so good about them? Our website will show you lovely pictures of them discreetly nestling against the wall of homes. But what it can’t show, though tries to de-


SCANDINAVIAN STYLING: Discreet wall-mounted or free-standing panels. scribe in our FAQ section, is just how efficient they are. Neater Heaters are Norwegian, and, as such, have the benefit of Scandinavian style and design. As you would expect, they are simple, and very good at what they do. They are electric convector heaters. Placed low in your room, they draw in the cold air at floor level. This cold air is heated by a state-of-

the-art extruded aluminium element. This element is a very efficient conductor of heat, so it gets hot using less electricity than most of the ‘competition’ would need. It is also designed with a large surface area, so the air entering the heater comes into direct contact with it, rapidly heats up, and exits through the upper vents. With the correct Neater Heater in

your room, you should go from cold to warm in about 20 minutes. This is when the efficient, and sensitive, electronic thermostat starts controlling the heater, further reducing your consumption. Neater Heaters are available as panel or low-profile skirting heaters. They can also be supplied with feet to provide a stand-alone option. There is now a network of agents

ANTAS: Lifestyle Enclosures. Tel. 950 459 060 Heaters also available for purchase at our online shop with free home delivery WWW.NEATER HEATER.ES OR Tel. 634 312 171 and outlets throughout southern Spain. If your area is not covered, then the website’s online shop will allow you to select and purchase your heater, which will be delivered to you by courier, free of charge, within a couple of days.


E W N Costa de Almería

11 - 17 February 2016


Keeping cats indoors IDEAS to make it easier for you and your pet


Stella the friendly giant

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Stella – by Florian Schumann

STELLA: Is very a friendly dog despite her size.

WINDOW SEAT: Make sure your cat has a view of the outdoors. IF your cat was previously an outdoor cat and you plan to keep her inside, then good for you! Here are some suggestions to help make the transition easier for both of you. - Spay or neuter: Spaying or neutering will rid your cat of those hormonal urges to go out and seek a mate. This will result in a calmer, friendlier cat. - Play schedule: Schedule play times

during the times your cat would normally be outside. This will distract her from her normal routine and establish another safer routine. - Window seat: Make sure your cat has a view of the outdoors and a sunny place to lie. Cats like to watch birds, so putting a bird feeder outside this window is likely to make it a favourite spot for your cat.

- Scavenger hunt: Give your cat a game to play by hiding bits of dry food around the house. Hide the food in paper bags, boxes and behind open doors. This will give her exercise and keep her busy so she doesn’t think of going outside. This is especially good to do right before the family leaves the house for the day.

Having a housesitter can be a win win for pet owners and the sitters. To find a pet-sitter go to or call Lamia on +44 (0)1865521508 IT can be a problem for large dogs and their owners when people assume that the bigger the dog the more ferocious they are. Any large dog owner will tell you that while some breeds are developed for their protective and fighting instincts, not all carry this trait. Stella was born in the mountains of Wales, and lived next to open countryside. She’s used to roaming the fields with her owner Simon, taking in a lot of wild terrain. Since moving to the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, their walks are still expansive. But when in town the people are rather more fearful of Stella,

and she doesn’t understand. When house-sitters come to care for Stella, Simon always reassures them she is gentle and hardly even barks. In order to help the sitters get used to being with a dog of her size Simon always arranges for the sitters to come a couple of days early for an extended ‘meet and greet’ with Stella. After two days in her company the pet-sitters realise that when she gets close and even leaps up she just wants affection. Although it can still be a surprise to new sitters that 50kg of dog might run up to you, or lean heavily against your leg, they really only want a hug!


11 - 17 February 2016 / Costa de Almería

Animal intelligence HOW clever is your pet? ANIMAL intelligence is a notoriously tricky concept for humans to get their heads around, it’s difficult enough sometimes putting yourself in the shoes of your next door neighbour, nevermind a creature from another species. There are, however, basic indicators which make for some interesting reading. While there is of course a huge variety within a species, and across breeds and personalities, scientists now consider the average dog to have a roughly similar level of intelligence to a human toddler. With the capacity to deceive other dogs and understand more than 150 words, dogs can easily solve basic spatial awareness problems, and can be

Cats versus dogs.

trained to a very high level. When it comes to cat versus dog intelligence, the science is about as settled as the opinions across pet owners. Dogs have larger brains but cats have more neurons and a higher information processing capacity. Throughout thousands of years of human interaction, dogs are clearly the more social animal and their brain evolution reflects this, while cat brains have

hardly changed in millennia. However, some point towards a ‘dumbing down’ of dogs, as they come to rely too much on humans, while cats have retained a more primal intelligence based on independence and caution.



Indoor exercise for your pet DOGS are (normally) active animals, usually itching for a walk on the beach or to clamber up a hill, but if the winter weather doesn’t have you quite rearing for the great outdoors just yet, then an indoor workout could be just the ticket. There’s a fun variety of great ways to tire your dog out without leaving the comfort of your home. A laser pointer is a handy tool to have your dog chase the light around the home, just be careful not to shine it over any expensive ornaments, or directly in your dog’s eyes as it can cause serious harm. Alternatively, if you have a set of stairs, run your dog up and down them by standing at the top and throwing a toy down. It’s a great extra workout for their legs.

Play hide and seek with treats by stashing them in secret locations throughout the home and having your dog try and uncover them, whilst tiring themselves out in the process. You can also set up an indoor obstacle course using a hula hoop to leap through, or a tunnel of cushions to navigate. You can also play tug of war with a variety of household items, just be sure not to cultivate too much aggressiveness though.

DOGS: Are normally very active animals.


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I begrudge paying for a carrier bag Mike Senker

In my opinion Views of a Grumpy Old Man SAD news this week, my carrier bag for life has passed on after a very short but happy existence. It was partly my fault because I continually overloaded it. That’s because for some odd reason, I, like hundreds of others I have observed, totally begrudge paying for a carrier bag at the supermarket checkout. I have often witnessed people coming out like they are competing in that old TV show from the 50s/60s called Crackerjack. Did you know that not all shops have to charge for the carrier bags? For instance, all the little supermarkets don’t have to charge. It’s only places with 250 employees or more so there’s a few that are nicking a bit of profit. Here’s a good one. I decided to buy a new TV so I went and had a look at one in one of the very big electrical stores here. I found one I liked and did the deal and had to buy some extra cables and some other bits. I get to the checkout and pay for the TV and arrange de-

livery. Now this was a 55 inch curved screen, so it was a nice few quid, well euros actually. The girl on the checkout asks if I want a bag for the other items. Of course I do. How else am I going to get the stuff to the car as I explain that my juggling skills aren’t that good? She says, “That will be 5 cents.” “What?” I’ve just spent all this money on this TV and the cables and they want to charge me for a carrier bag! Surely it’s not only me. Well I know it’s not, because I observe nearly every person at the different tills are going out with unbagged goods. Just give me a bag, hide the cost any way you like but don’t tell me it’s an extra. I know it’s all about saving the planet and the money is meant to go to charities, but on both counts I’ve checked and neither is entirely true. There are some peculiar rules too. Did you know, for example, they are not required to charge for a bag containing an unwrapped blade and unwrapped loose seeds? But if you add a box of cornflakes then they would have to charge. Uncooked fish and fish products, uncooked meat, poultry and their products don’t get charged for. So next time I go shopping I’m going to buy a flick knife, a fish and some animal body parts… and get a free carrier bag!!



GPS while driving RULES and laws aim to make the roads a safer place AS part of a new series, we answer some common driving questions, kindly provided by members of the Guardia Civil based in Torrevieja, Costa Blanca, who set up the N332 website and Facebook page to help break down barriers.

DRIVERS: Are not allowed to touch GPS while driving. Offence: Failing to maintain the proper position in the vehicle. This can refer to passengers with their feet on the dashboard, drivers with their arms out the window, or any other situation where proper posture is not maintained. This is because in the event of impact, the injuries sustained are considerably worse. Fine: €80. Offence: Using radar detectors. Some GPS devices have information which tells you where fixed radars and cameras are located, as this information is provided freely by the DGT with the intention of slowing traffic in these areas, and therefore devices which give this sort of fixed data information are permitted. Fine: €200 and the loss of three points.

ALL traffic rules and laws are aimed at making the roads a safer place. The penalties associated with infractions are mostly intended to be a deterrent, which is why repeat offenders may face harsher penalties. Here are a few of the most common traffic offences, and the fines and sanctions for committing them. Offence: Programming your GPS when driving. It is perfectly legal to use GPS navigation devices in your vehicle, but you are not allowed to touch them when you are driving because it distracts you. Set your journey before you leave. If you go wrong, most devices will recalculate the route, so leave it alone until you are stopped safely. Fine: €200 plus the loss of three points.

For more news and articles visit or search N332 on Facebook.

Can properties pay the same? OUR urbanisation was formed 12 years ago. At our first community meeting we agreed that every house or apartment would pay the same urbanisation fee regardless of the size of the property. For 10 years every dwelling continued to pay the same amount. Some have a basement garage with a separate entrance for cars. Let’s define our terms. Properly, when a community of property owners is constituted, each property is assigned a ‘cuota de participación’ according to its size. If they are not all the same size, some will pay

A year ago we appointed new administrators, and they have informed the AGM that it is illegal for those with a garage to pay the same rate as those who do not. This extra cost will be €75 each year. Is it correct that Spanish law requires any dwelling with a garage to pay separately? PB (Costa Blanca)

David Searl You and the Law in Spain

more than others. It sounds like the garages ought to pay more because

they have more. Now, it is not really ‘illegal’ for a community to vote that all units pay the same. However, if even one owner protests, then the community will be ordered to pay by ‘cuotas’.

Send your questions for David Searl through lawyers Ubeda-Retana & Associates in Fuengirola at, or call 952 667 090.



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11 - 17 February 2016



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Motoring shorts

Lorenzo and Rossi finish first and second SPAIN’S Movistar Team Yamaha saw teammates Jorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi make their intentions clear, whilst testing their YZR-M1’s at the Sepang International Circuit during the first official MotoGP test of the year, taking first and second place respectively. After a two-month wait, the Spanish Movistar Yamaha team assembled in Malaysia to kick off the new season with the first official MotoGP test of 2016. Wasting no time, Spain’s Jorge Lorenzo and teammate Valentino Rossi immediately picked up where they left off last year, securing the top two positions.

Clarkson Quote of theWeek


... and although the W came along in the 10th century, modern Germans still seem to manage perfectly well by using a V instead. Except when the German managing director of Aston Martin tries to say ‘vanquish’.” Some might say...

Renault Captur: Not just another crossover ITS non-pretentiousness is its appeal THE smart-looking Renault Captur, albeit built on the underpinnings of the popular Clio, has been given a macho makeover so it stands taller in the urban jungle. Its striking styling appeals to the suburban dweller, but the Captur is not just another of the so-called ‘crossovers’ so sales are racing ahead. Prices start at around £14,000 in the UK and €12,800 in Spain, so you won’t have to spend a fortune to stand out in your urban jungle.

THE RENAULT CAPTUR: Its striking styling has gone down well with the suburban dweller, who needs a practical run-around.


11 - 17 February 2016 / Costa de Almeria E W N

Bentley announce that sales topped 10,000 FOLLOWS record sales in South Korea, Japan and the Middle East THE luxury car-maker Bentley Motors sold more than 10,000 cars in 2015 for the third year in a row. Bentley announced this week that it totalled more than 10,100 vehicles last year, following record sales in South Korea, Japan and the Middle East. The company also said that sales in North America helped it reach targets after taking delivery of 2,864 cars, (28 per cent of global deliveries). Bentley’s chairman and chief executive, Wolfgang Durheimer, said: “The positive Bentley Motors performance was supported by increases across key sales regions, and was driven by our continued commitment to invest in our products, people and network. “We have worked hard to build a sustainable platform to enable long-term growth, and this will help deliver a strong 2016, the all-new Bentayga playing an important role, with first deliveries imminent.” He went on to say: “We also have exciting plans as we look to introduce future models, allowing more customers around the world to experience Bentley’s unique combination of

LUXURY CARS: Bentley sold more than 10,000 cars for the third year in a row. luxury and performance.” In Europe, sales were up by 10 per cent with 1,695 cars delivered against the previous figure of 1,539, while in the UK, Bentley continued to perform strongly establishing itself as the second highest selling country, delivering 1,457 cars, up from 1,387 in 2014. Bentley has more than 4,000 employees at its Pyms Lane site, and recently announced

plans to transform a field into a parking area as part of ongoing expansion plans. The move is part of an £840 million investment, which has already seen the creation of more than 1,000 jobs. Paul Colman, chief executive of the South Cheshire Chamber of Commerce, said: “These fantastic results show Bentley has an excellent product which is selling well globally.”


2016 World Motoring Heritage FIVA, the international federation of historic vehicles, has named 2016 as World Motoring Heritage Year, to recognise the history of motoring, and celebrate a new dawn for the historic world vehicle movement. This year is also the 50th anniversary of FIVA, the Federation Internationale des Vehicules Anciens. “It’s the perfect time to launch World Motoring Heritage Year because we’re moving towards a bright new age of classic motoring,” says Patrick Rollet, President of FIVA, a non-profit-making enterprise. Set up in 1966, it now represents 85 member organisations in more than 64 countries.

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Six Nations is underway as the Foxes head for glory ENGLAND and France both won, while Ireland and Wales drew Tony Matthews International Sports A former player and now the world’s most prolific author of football books with almost 150 published since 1975, Tony is also the sports correspondent for Spectrum Radio and lives on La Pilica in the Sierra Cabrera Mountains overlooking Turre. Costa de Almeria

RUGBY UNION • England and France began the 2016 Six Nations Tournament with respective victories over Scotland 15-9 and Italy 23-21, while Ireland and Wales drew 16-16. The second series of matches this weekend feature France-Ireland and WalesScotland on Saturday, followed by Italy-England on Sunday. • Saracens, Exeter, Leicester, Harlequins and Wasps are the top five clubs in that order in the Aviva Premiership, while Ulster, Scarlets, Connacht, Leinster and Edinburgh stand 1-23-4-5 in the Pro12 League. The big Aviva PL game this weekend is Saracens v Wasps. FOOTBALL • Leicester City are now firm favourites to win the Premiership after beating Manchester City 3-1 before a record 54,000 crowd at the Etihad last weekend. Chasing the Foxes are Tottenham (second, 1-0 victors over Watford), Arsenal (third, 2-0 winners at Bournemouth) and of course Manchester City, who next season will be managed by Spaniard Pep Guardiola. • At the foot of the PL, there were wins for basement club Aston Villa (3-0 over Norwich) and Newcastle (1-0 v WBA), while Sunderland came back from two down to share four goals at Liverpool, Everton whipped out-of-sorts Stoke 3-0, and 10-man Southampton edged past West Ham 1-0. The games between Chelsea and Manchester United, and Swansea and Crystal Palace both ended in 1-1 draws. • Six points cover the top six teams in the Championship. Hull City lead Middlesbrough on goal-difference with Burnley 3rd, Brighton 4th, Derby 5th and in-form Sheffield Wednesday 6.

OWEN FARRELL: Played in England’s 15-9 win over Scotland. • Burton Albion (56 points to 50) lead Walsall in FL1. Northampton (61-56) head Plymouth in FL2 and Barcelona (recent 2-0 winners at Levante), Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid (who won 2-1 at Granada) lie first, second and third in La Liga. Gary Neville’s Valencia, after crashing 7-0 to Barcelona in the first leg of their Copa Del Rey semi-final, lost again, 1-0 at Real Betis. • Celtic (who k’od parttimers East Kilbride 2-0), Dundee United, Inverness, Morton and Ross County are through to the fifth round of the Scottish Cup. Rangers-Kilmarnock and Hearts-Hibs face replays. • There have been two fourth round FA Cup replays this week (Peterborough-WBA and West Ham-Liverpool) while this weekend, the top PL matches are Arsenal-Leicester, Aston Villa-Liverpool, Chelsea-Newcastle, Manchester City-Spurs and SunderlandManchester United. • Jose Mourinho has stated he wants to return to the PL as manager as soon as possible.

• Former Tottenham right back Peter Baker, who starred in the club’s 1960-61 doublewinning team has died at 84. GOLF • A record crowd in golfing

history of 201,003 attended the third day’s play at the Phoenix Open in Arizona. The four-day tournament, watched by over 700,000 spectators overall, was eventually won by Hideki Mat-

suyama, who defeated Rickie Fowler at the fourth extra hole in a play-off. • A few thousand miles away, Sheffield’s Danny Willett won the Omega Dubai Desert Clas-

sic by one stroke from fellow Brit Andy Sullivan and Spain’s Rafa Bello-Cabrera. • Jordan Speith, Rory McIlroy and Jason Day are 1-2-3 in the current World rankings. CRICKET • England won the first two One Day Internationals against South Africa in Bloemfontein by 39 runs (via the D/L rule), and by five wickets in Port Elizabeth. Wicket-keeper Joss Buttler hit a quick-fire century in the first game and Alex Hales struck 99 in the second. The third ODI of five took place yesterday in Centurion, the fourth is in Johannesburg on Friday and the last in Cape Town on Valentine’s Day. • England’s women started their ODI series also with a victory over South Africa. TENNIS • Katie Swan, GB’s youngest Federation Cup player at the age of 16, helped her team to a 3-0 victory over South Africa in Israel. The Bristol-born teenager, ranked 524th in the world, defeated Ilze Hattingh 6-3 6-0.


E W N Costa de Almería

11 - 17 February 2016

SUPER BOWL 50: The Denver Broncos’ victory was overshadowed by a provocative performance from Beyonce.


Costa de Almería’s best guide to local sport


Test match weekend Forum Golf Society INDALO BOWLING CLUB hosted a test match weekend between the Spanish National Squad and a team made up of seven different clubs from the Malaga Region. Indalo Bowling Club’s own Spanish Squad member Debbie Colquhoun was joined by other IBC players namely Jenny Thompson, Gill Atkinson and Ann Reynolds to make up the National team to take on the Malaga clubs. As usual it was a very competitive affair with some amazing bowling and some that made the novices watching feel a bit better about their own game. The Malaga area came out on top over the two days with some very close and energy sapping games, much to the delight of the spectators. In spite of the defeat the new National Squad Manager, Graham Cathcart, ably assisted by John Colquhoun, said the future, in spite of certain challenges, was look-

FORUM GOLF SOCIETY’S first pairs competition of 2016 was a betterball stableford at Aguilon on February 5, and more than 40 players enjoyed a course in superb condition, none more so than the winning pair of Pat Garrigan and Bob Cowan whose score of 43 points was just enough to edge Brian Gyer and Geoff Hebb into second place by one point. Mike Thomas and Stan Whitty were third with 41 points, followed by Keith Jackson and Peter Tinsley in fourth on 40 points, one better than fifth placed Kevin Bircher and Malcolm Sibbons. The day’s results also meant there was a change at the top of Forum’s Claret Jug League, with Pat Garrigan moving to the top, the leading players are now: Pat Garrigan 43 points Adrian Foster 40 points Joy Blake 32 points Richard Price 31 points Fran Elam 30 points TEST MATCH: A very competitive affair. ing bright. Next stop for the players is Cyprus in March. Everyone agreed that the weekend had been a great success with the atmosphere

and conditions at the Indalo Bowling Club helping to create a very enjoyable playing arena.

Forum’s upcoming fixtures are: February 19 Double Par Medal at Aguilon March 4 Stableford at Alboran March 18 Team Lone Ranger at Aguilon For further information, contact Phil Elam on 666 847840 /, or see

PAT GARRIGAN: Continues his good run.

Euro Weekly News - Costa de Almeria 11 - 17 February 2016 Issue 1597  

Newspaper in Spain with the best local news in English from the Costa del Sol, Costa Blanca North, Costa Blanca South, Costa de Almeria, Axa...

Euro Weekly News - Costa de Almeria 11 - 17 February 2016 Issue 1597  

Newspaper in Spain with the best local news in English from the Costa del Sol, Costa Blanca North, Costa Blanca South, Costa de Almeria, Axa...