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22 - 28 MAY 2014

Flying the flag ALICANTE PROVINCE has the highest number of Blue Flags flying, with a total of 60 accredited beaches and 14 marinas. Torrevieja has been awarded five Blue Flags this year for La Mata, Los Locos, El Cura, Los Nåufragos and Cala Piteras beaches along with the international marina. Guardamar has three Blue Flags and Orihuela Costa has been awarded seven to beaches and two for marinas. The municipality of Cartagena has 10, two more than last year. The internationally recognised Blue Flags are given to beaches, ports and marinas for water quality, accessibility, environmental conditions and facilities. Spain’s quality beaches Page 30



E W N 22 - 28 May 2014 / Costa Blanca South



EWN News 1 - 38

Finance 39 - 44 ON THE UP: Signs suggest construction industry is improving once again.

Signs of recovery in building sector PRESIDENT of the construction giant Fecia, Ramon Jerez, has spoken publicly about what he describes as a ‘clear recovery’ in the construction industry. In the first four months of 2014, 294 construction companies and 1,697 employees were registered as under contract in the area. Jerez stressed that, for the first time since the credit crisis shredded the construction industry in 2007, a turnaround is happening. The data was included as part of a report by the Construction Education

Foundation, a body which analyses employment in the Costa Blanca. Other data also points to recovery; for example, the Labour Force Survey is noting increases of 2,600 construction jobs in the last quarter of 2013 and further increases in early 2014. However, these figures have a long way to go before they equal the high numbers of February 2007, when the province had 12,691 companies and 73,481 workers in the construction industry.

Benidorm to crack down on markets TRADE Councillor for Benidorm, Conrado Hernandez, has announced the finalisation of a law to tighten up on markets. According to the new regulations, the council will have the right to withhold authorisation of

sales activity on private land where it poses a potential conflict with existing commercial interests in the town. Hernandez explained that the regulation, “does not mean that the practice will be

radically prohibited throughout the municipality, but permission shall only be granted in those cases where it is clearly shown that its implementation does not endanger the commercial interests of the area.”

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NEWS Lost inheritance THE Valencian Government has lost €505 million from 2005-2011 by taxing inheritances below average in a bid to lower the average tax burden. New owner SINGAPORE billionaire Peter Lim now owns Valencia FC after buying 70.4 per cent of its shares. The club has total debts of around €300 million.


22 - 28 May 2014 / Costa Blanca South

Unemployment tops worry poll UNEMPLOYMENT and corruption are top of people’s worry list, according to a survey carried out by the Valencian Government, followed by health. Citizens in the region cited unemployment as the biggest problem facing Valencia right now (82 per cent) followed by 44.9

per cent for political corruption and 25.5 per cent for health. When the same question was asked, but with a view to Spain as a whole, the results were quite similar with 83.4 per cent citing unemployment as the biggest concern, followed by corruption (53.8 per cent) and health (21.7

per cent). The 2,016 participants expressed that health policy, education and training, as well as help for the unemployed, should be the focus for the Valencian Government. They also felt public spending on wages for politicians (64.4 per cent) should be reduced.

Safer Benidorm THE overall crime rate in Benidorm fell by 16.35 per cent between January and April this year. Car theft fell by 32.6 per cent and robbery with violence by 26.5 per cent. No part ELCHE mayor, Mercedes Alonso, said she had no part in contracting companies connected to the Gurtel corruption case, adding that all contracts were decided by the PP’s party’s regional committee. Voting locations TORREVIEJA residents who have received the document from the Censo Electoral which indicates the location of where to vote in the EU elections, but don’t know the address, can contact the OARI office on 619 455 273.



ews watch

Faster train

TRACK operator ADIF confirmed that the AlicanteMadrid AVE high speed train can do the journey in 125 minutes now that new security systems between Alicante and Albacete are operational.

Official mourning

Chase crash A DRIVER, aged 38, is in intensive care in Torrevieja Hospital after crashing the car he was driving after trying to avoid a police control in the Mar Azul area of Torrevieja. Police believe the car was stolen. Lost locals LOCAL trains to and from Alicante City have lost 20 per cent of passengers, mostly university students, to the Line 2 tram between the city centre and San Vicente.


SAN ISIDRO is in three days of mourning for the death of the PP Councillor Juan Jose Gil Ruiz. Flags will be flying at half mast.

Old bangers

Keep on shopping

OF 2.5 million cars registered in the Valencian Community 924,598 are between 10 and 15 years old and 432,000 are even older. There are 67,000 registered cars which are less than a year old.

Artificial first THE Clinical Hospital of Valencia has created an artificial pancreas. It is to be tested for the first time in Spain on a diabetic patient.

ONLINE SHOPPING: The Spanish are becoming more accustomed to it. FIFTY-FIVE per cent of Spaniards shopped online in 2013, which is 8 per cent more than in 2012. According to a study carried out by OMD Resolution, the Spanish are becoming more accustomed to online shopping. Seventy-six per cent use credit cards to pay, although other methods are also becoming more popular. According to the study, most people who use their computers for online shopping in Spain buy holidays, fashion and jewellery, and tickets for shows or visits. However, those who use mobile devices tend to purchase fashion and jewellery, followed by consumer electronics and tickets. A study by DigitasLBi also shows that 76 per cent of people in Spain use their smartphones to look up prices, specifications or compare offers in different shops. The favourite device on which to do this is a laptop computer (73 per cent), followed by a

Quote of the Week Regarding this ‘lady’, it’s best not to say anything, she has already portrayed herself.’ Racing de Santander footballer Mamadou Kone, speaking of a woman who made racist gestures towards him during a match by behaving like a monkey.

desktop computer (60 per cent), tablets (34 per cent) and Smart TV (17 per cent). However, when it comes to actually buying products, 60 per cent use their desktop computer, followed by 29 per cent who use a tablet and 26 per cent who use smartphones. Online sales of fashion articles rose 32 per cent in Spain in 2013, according to Kantar Worldpanel, amounting to 3.1 million buyers who use the internet to buy clothes an average of three times per year, buying an average 6.4 items and spending around €130 per year. Online sales of shoes in Spain also rose by 67 per cent in 2013, making €43.3 million, according to the National Market and Competition Commission. Sixty-four per cent of buyers are women. The travel sector also saw sales rise, and 63 per cent of Spaniards now claim to purchase their flights, book hotels and reserve other products for their holidays online.

Number of the week

lost their homes in 49,694 people Spain in 2013, according to the

Bank of Spain, 11 per cent more than in 2012. There were 28,173 evictions by court order and in the remaining cases, an agreement was reached with banks to repossess the properties.

Med students MEDICAL professionals warn that cuts in education could lead to a deficit of doctors in Alicante Province in the coming years. They say more importance needs to be given to medical studies.

Unemployed workshop THIRTY-THREE long term unemployed are cleaning and improving an area in Rabaloche that borders the mountains. Orihuela Town Hall has been granted over €630,000 for the employment workshop.

And finally... JUDGE Castro is investigating if Telefonica transferred €12 million to an account in the Ukraine for Royal son-in-law Iñaki Urdangarin in December 2007, when he held a high management position within the company.


E W N 22 - 28 May 2014 / Costa Blanca South


Breast cancer MEDICAL experts meeting in Elche said they had detected that delayed motherhood affects breast cancer risk. They analysed data for the last 20 years with the oncology department having treated 4,000 breast cancer patients.

Drug arrest POLICE in Dolores have arrested one person for drug trafficking after a kilo of hashish was found.

Bag snatch A MAN from Murcia has been arrested in Albacete for stealing a bag from a 64-yearold, ripping it from the owner.

Shop-owner arrested for selling anabolic steroids A MAN, aged 37, who ran a specialist sports nutrition store in Benidorm has been arrested for illegally selling anabolic steroids from his store and home. Police seized more than 15,300 pills, 253 vials, 172 vials of anabolic liquid and 200 Viagra tablets in a raid on the premises. They described the operation as having “dismantled one of the largest selling points” of the illegal products in Alicante Province.

SEIZED: Illegal performance enhancing drugs.

Body found at Elche water works THE National Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of a middle-aged man whose body was found last week by a worker at the waste water recycling plant in Elche.

The body has yet to be identified and the police have called in forensic officers for expert assistance. The employee who found the body is undergoing treatment for shock following the discovery.

They also discovered 2,200 hypodermic needles and 13,734,920 strips of cardboard with various anabolic steroid brand markings, as well as 11 grammes of hashish, 14 grammes of speed and 250 grammes of marihuana ready for sale. The raid was carried out after a man had been intercepted after leaving the property where he had allegedly purchased five doses of the illegal anabolic substance, used to increase strength.


Teenage muggers TWO girls, 16 and 17, have been arrested in Murcia for attempting to steal an iPhone from someone in the street. The incident happened at about 11pm in Plaza Santo Domingo when the two girls approached victims with signs asking for money for an association of deaf children. They then surprised one woman by allegedly reaching into her bag and stealing the phone, worth around €600.

Mayor in court BIGASTRO Mayor, Charo Bañuls, has been called to testify in Orihuela Court with regard to alleged crimes connected to the camping facilities at La Pedrera. The court is investigating alleged misappropriation of public funds when Mayor Jose Joaquin Moya was in office. Also included in the complaint is Raul Valerio Medina, who was Teasurer at the time. The prosecution has accused Bañuls of “distorting data.”


Man attacks wife and burns house A MAN has been arrested in the Murcian village of Puente Tocinos for assaulting his wife with an axe before setting fire to their home.

The man, aged 58, attacked his wife, to whom he had been married for 25 years and has three children with, before causing a fire at the property as the woman fled to a neighbour for help. She was admitted to Arrixaca Hospital in Murcia with stab wounds to the face and hands. Her husband was arrested by in the provinces of police and taken to Reina Granada and Murcia, with Sofia Hospital to be treated traffickers then hiding it in for minor injuries. trucks and lorry loads It is believed the couple ready to be transported to were in the process of a the UK by road. separation.

One of Murcia’s largest drug hauls POLICE in Murcia have arrested two Spaniards and two Britons and seized 110 kilos of marihuana buds bound for the UK, one of the largest caches intercepted in Spain and the most important in the region. The investigation began in January when officers learned of the existence of an organisation dedicated to the purchase of large quantities of hashish in order to move it to the UK for distribution. The drug was acquired

22 - 28 May 2014 / Costa Blanca South




E W N 22 - 28 May 2014 / Costa Blanca South


Renovation costs THE renewal of the water network in the Elche area of Zapatillera is to cost €258,000 and include the renovation of around 2,000 square metres of pathways.

Selfie arrest A MOBILE phone thief in Callosa del Segura was caught after continually taking ‘selfies’ on the stolen device.


Valencia ahead for jobs in the tourism industry VALENCIA is leading the increase of people employed in the tourism sector; three out of four new jobs created in the region were in tourism. The region recorded 46,617 new roles in the last 12 months, an increase of 26.4 per cent compared to the country’s average increase of just 3.1 per cent. The data was announced by the Minister of Economy, Industry,

Tourism and Employment, Maximo Buch, during his visit to the May Fair in Torrevieja. According to Buch, towns like Torrevieja are a

“shining example” and have been able to “lower unemployment.” Specifically, unemployment fell in the area by 6.8 per cent over the last 12

months. Buch stressed the importance of tourism in the economic fabric of the region and added that the summer period is looking “very positive.”

In the first quarter of 2014, Alicante Province welcomed 652,278 tourists, and a spend of €562 million in March, 4.8 per cent more than 2013.

Employee is arrested for theft GUARDIA Civil officers in Murcia have arrested a ROCA employee accused of ongoing theft of electrical cables in the town of La Union. The man faces two charges related to the theft and subsequent sale of company property. Investigations began after suspicious sales of copper wiring were discovered between the two bases the employee was attending. Police have determined that more than half a tonne of copper wire and scrap material

EMPLOYEE ARRESTED: Copper wiring recovered by police. may be connected to the enquiry. The employee was travelling weekly from Alicante, aiding in the

ease of the theft and sale of the cables. He now awaits trial in Cartagena.


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22 - 28 May 2014 / Costa Blanca South



Valencia gets set for European elections THE Valencia Region has 14,782 ballot boxes,

Charity show THE Rascals’ ‘Best Of Times Is Now’ show is on at the Casa de Cultura in Guardamar on May 29. The first two performances of the variety show last week in Los Montesinos helped raise €2,400 to supply a hospital bed to Los Montesinos Social Services, and the other recipient Age Concern will buy new wheelchairs with their half of the proceeds. Tickets are €6 and can be reserved by calling Sue on 966 784 874 or from the Casa de Cultura. Visit

5,819 booths and 103 million ballot papers ready to take votes for the 39 European Parliamentary elections on Sunday. Paula Sanchez de

Leon, the government delegate in Valencia, visited the offices in the city, where all the voting equipment is being stored ready for installation.

Valencia Province will reportedly also have 3.4 million envelopes, 84,830 manuals and 95 per cent of polling stations will have a tablet for electronic participation

The Cucaracha Club gets theme song to new movie SINGER Chloe Leigh is to perform the new theme song to ‘The Cucaracha Club’, a feature film being shot on location on the Costa Blanca later this year. The performance will take place on Tuesday at 8pm at the Black 7 Club in Los Montesinos, with a full evening’s entertainment by Chloe and The Fabulous Replays included. The song was written by Peter Taylor and is to be recorded by Chloe

and The Fabulous Replays, to be used in the opening credits of the movie which will star English actor Tom Watt and American Hollywood star Al Matthews, to name but two. The story was written by local actor Billie Anthony Gaddess and the script by Philip Stephen Routledge and Billie Anthony Gaddess. The film is a spy story set mostly in Torrevieja.

and results’ collation. Alicante Province will have 10,274 ballot boxes, 2,429 polling booths and 35.5 million ballot papers. More than 7,000 police officers, a mix of Guardia Civil, National Police and

Local Police are expected to be on hand during the elections to ensure “the protection of property and individuals, so that everyone can feel free to exercise their right to vote,” said Sanchez de Leon.

School twins MORE than 2,200 teachers in the Valencia Region are involved in an E-Twinning programme, which aims to foster interchange, co-operation and mobility between education and training systems within the European Union. The E-Twinning programme is an initiative of the European Commission aimed at promoting the establishment of school twinning and the development of collaborative projects over the internet between schools in

different EU countries. The duration, objectives and characteristics of twinning are the choice of participants. The Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports has registered 1,024 projects in which 510 schools in the region participate. The initiative also promotes the professional development of teachers, helping them to build bridges between the different curricula and allows them to meet other educational systems.


E W N 22 - 28 May 2014 / Costa Blanca South


Victory over weevil A FUNGUS has wiped out 75 per cent of the red palm weevil infestation at the Palm Grove in Elche as the city acts to fight the disease.

Surgery week ALICANTE General Hospital is hosting the International Week of Trauma and Emergency Surgery from May 31-June 6.

Widows meet MORE than 900 widows gathered in Torrevieja for the 42nd edition of the National Assembly of Confav (Confederation of Federations and Associations Widows Hispania).

Charter schools are growing in popularity ACCORDING to a report by the Ministry of Education, charter schools in the province of Alicante are gaining in popularity.

Out of the top 20 schools, as decided by pupils’ first choice when advancing to their next level of schooling, 10 of the top 20 schools of choice are now charter. This increase has been attributed to an increase of ratios in the subsidised network (18 of the top 20 centres listed are private schools, but are also publicly funded) and the fall in birth rate. Previously, school FAMTRIP: Russian travel agents get to know Torrevieja. choices were dictated by where older siblings attended, but with more ‘one child’ families now, the schools are getting additional outside applications. RUSSIAN travel agents visited Torrevieja as part of a Sacred Heart HH Marist familiarisation trip. Eighteen travel agents stayed in the city as in Alicante tops the list, part of the ‘Famtrip’ organised by the Russian BSR Destination with Don Bosco Salesians Management Group, in collaboration with the Business of Alicante and St Mary Association of South Alicante and Provincial Tourism of the of Elche following second Costa Blanca and the city of Torrevieja. and third respectively.

Russian travel agents eye up Torrevieja


ITV sound test dropped THE noise test, part of the ITV car inspections in the Valencia Region, is to be scrapped. It was introduced in 2004 and was a mandatory check costing €8, which then rose to €9.30, but it only applied at ITV stations in the region. Now it will only be carried out during mandatory checks; currently, mopeds and motorcycles. During the 10 years since the sound level checks were carried out, it is estimated that Valencian drivers have paid €150 million for the test. Nearly two months ago the price of a vehicle ITV was reduced by 17 per cent and the price of the sound test reduced to €2.48.

Hope in Elche COURSES and workshops to promote emotional health have been organised by the group, Friends of Hope Phone Elche. The Hope Phone is a telephone helpline offering support to anonymous callers and has been operating for the last six years, manned and run by volunteers. Friends of Hope Phone Elche meet on the first and third Wednesday of each month in Carrus social centre and the 24hour helpline number is 965 131 122.


E W N 22 - 28 May 2014 / Costa Blanca South


Clean up ELCHE Town Hall has responded to neighbours’ complaints and sent a cleaning team to remove graffiti from the Pisos Azules area in the city.

Taxi drivers satisfied

ELCHE taxi drivers at Alicante-Elche airport have described their satisfaction with the clampdown on taxis from outside the area working at the airport. In the first two weeks of measures to limit taxis, the local police have performed more than

250 spot checks and submitted nine reports. Satisfaction among the Elche drivers has been more than evident, with Radio Taxi Elche agreeing that “there has been substantial action and balance is positive.” They commented on the

increased police presence and said: “There are colleagues who have noticed this more than others.” Elche taxi drivers staged a 24 hour protest on March 24 to denounce the intrusion of taxis from other areas, and the presence of illegal vehicles.

Fiesta fun

15th birthday AROUND 700 employees from Media Markt stores across Valencia, Murcia and Albacete descended on Terra Mitica’s Iberia Village to mark the company’s 15th anniversary.

HORSE SHOW: One of the most popular aspects of Torrevieja’s May Fair.

Ikea planned on forest land THE Department of Infrastructure is examining information that shows 80 per cent of the planned location for the new Ikea in Alicante is considered as forest area.

The land was approved last year and designated as ‘ordinary forest floor’ and not in any listed areas. This does not prevent the building of the megastore, but planning is still at an early stage.

THE major cities of Torrevieja and Orihuela attracted thousands of visitors over the weekend. Torrevieja hosted the 26th annual May Fair with the port area transformed into the Sevillanas festival which was declared of ‘Provincial Tourist Interest.’ In Orihuela feasts and dancing were held in honour of the Virgen del Rocio along with a paella contest.


Joining European Charter MURCIA is the latest region to join the European Charter to promote transparency and collaboration between government and citizen participation in all policies affecting the European Union. “The principles promoted with this Charter coincide with one of the strategic lines of Regional Government, which will extend to all areas of administration transparency in the management, promotion of open government and the promotion of citizen participation in the design of public policies, as a means to bring the institutions closer to the citizens”, said a source at the council. The region of Murcia is the first community, along with the Basque Country, to adhere to this initiative of the Committee of Regions.


More taxi ranks wanted THERE are calls for the creation of more taxi ranks in the municipality of Rojales, particularly in Quesada. Independent body, Pader Municipal Group, is urging the government team to approve a new regulation that allows the creation of new spaces for public transport. They say bus lines are limited within Quesada despite the influx of tourists in the summer. They want to launch more areas reserved for taxis and argue that the stop on Avenida de las Naciones poses difficulties for the flow of traffic as the road is narrow.

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22 - 28 May 2014 / Costa Blanca South

Sidi warning ARCHITECTS and hoteliers have warned that the closed Sidi hotel on San Juan beach in Alicante will need a large cash injection if it is ever to reopen.

Body found at Acequion beach THE body of a man was found floating in the sea off Acequion beach in Torrevieja. The deceased was about 50 yards from shore and was found by a canoeist who alerted the authorities. The identity of the middle-aged man has not been confirmed and police are investigating.

From an architectural point of view, experts calculate a decline of 2 per cent per year, but representatives from the College of Architects have pointed out that the exponential decay is incalculable due to its location by the sea, making the damage much more pronounced. Hotel experts say there are issues of electrical maintenance and sanitation, explaining that both would need a big overhaul. A representative from Sidi added: “It is no longer appropriate for today’s tourist profile.” The hotel closed in late 2011 after a failed sale bid.




E W N 22 - 28 May 2014 / Costa Blanca South

Bus price hike “unjustifiable”

‘Lady M’ in Alicante? THE presence of an impressive luxury yacht in Alicante harbour led to speculation that the Queen of Pop was in town. Named ‘Lady M,’ rumours spread that Madonna was on board, but the 67m yacht left after 24 hours, believed to be owned by a Russian businessman who can rent out the vessel for around €100,000 a week.


TIDY UP: Torrevieja’s coves receive attention before summer.

Summer clean up PREPARATION work has now been completed on Torrevieja’s northern beach coves ahead of the summer. Cala de los Trabajos has been cleared and cleaned and the railings on the steps leading to it have been

repaired. Cala de la Higuera has also been cleaned and the sand levelled and prepared for the season. Work will now also continue on Cala de la Zorra.

CONSUMERS are complaining about the increase in the cost of bus tickets in Murcia. The Murcian Association of Consumers and Users (Consumur) said the rise of urban bus transport in and around the city was “unjustifiable” and a “significant increase for public transport users residing in districts and aggravating the economic situation for many families.” A single ticket fare has

risen from €1.50 to €1.85. However, there has been a slight decline in tickets in the metropolitan area with 11 trips costing €15 and for students €17 for 15 trips. President of Consumur, Roberto Vivancos Barcelo said: “Murcia districts pay the same taxes as those in the city and receive fewer services and this is something that is even more evident in the case of transport public.”

Reduced flights in winter RYANAIR is to reduce their winter operations at Alicante-Elche airport. They announced a 40 per cent cut between October to April 2015 with their routes going from 44 to 26 and say lack of demand and high costs are to blame.

The airline will focus on the UK and keep direct flights to Paris and Brussels. Luis Fernández-Mellado, commercial director of the company in Spain stressed that Ryanair will continue to operate 166 flights per week in order to move 2.5 million passengers.


22 - 28 May 2014 / Costa Blanca South

Waste services go social ORIHUELA has launched its website on to social networks to help establish direct channels of information and communication with citizens. Much of its content particularly

Sick leave is down JOB losses and wage cuts during periods of ill health and absence from work have resulted in lower levels of sick leave in the Valencia Region. Figures from the Ministry of Employment and Social Security have shown that workers in the region have taken 55 per cent less sick leave periods than previously. The total number of sick days has reduced from 39,281 to 17,423 in Valencia between 2007 and 2013.

relates to the services of waste collection and street cleaning in the town. Mayor Monserrate Guillen said: “We want to provide the best information to citizens and be more

transparent in the management of waste.” The Urban Sanitation Department can be found on Facebook and on their Twitter profile @AurbanoOrihuela.

Jail for killer of daughter’s rapist THE Benejúzar woman who set fire to and killed the man who raped her 13-year-old daughter in 2005, has spent her first week in prison. The family and supporters of Maria del Carmen Garcia are fighting for her release, showing unconditional support for her. Wednesday, June 4, sees a hearing in the Supreme Court in which Maria del Carmen is applying for clemency due to the unusual circumstances of her conviction. Maria is being supervised at all times in prison as her metal health is fragile, with monitors watching for any strange behaviour.



Golf tourism boost for Murcia Region GOLFING activity brings in revenue of approximately €150 million each year to the Murcia Region. With golfing tourism being an important source of income, the region invited a group of Danish journalists and tour operators to show them what the area’s golf has to offer in the hope of attracting more business. This is the third year that such an initiative has taken place.


E W N 22 - 28 May 2014 / Costa Blanca South

Tapas and cocktails TAPAS and cocktail lovers should head to Torre de la Horadada this weekend for their ‘Tapas and Cocktail’ route. The event is on until June 1. A dozen establishments are taking place with participating venues being within 500m of each other, meaning you can drink without driving. Tapas and wine and also cocktails, are €2.


Happy Birthday TORREVIEJA’S oldest resident has turned 108. Josefina Blanco Diaz was born on May 19 in 1906 and has spent her entire life living in central

Torrevieja. Mayor Eduardo Dolon was joined by councillor for Senior Citizens, Inmaculada Montesinos, in presenting her with a bouquet of flowers at her home in Calle

Caballero de Rodas as friends and her family attended to mark her special day. Josefina now becomes one of the oldest people living in the Valencian Community.

Fishing for prawns has now begun

HONORARY MEMBER: Janette Bennett thanks the mayor and the town hall.

Mayor made honorary member MAYOR of Torrevieja, Eduardo Dolon, has been appointed as an Honorary Member of the Torrevieja Costa Lions Club. President Janette Bennett said the award was for the mayor and the town hall’s continued

support for the club which started locally nine years ago. She also paid particular mention to Graham Knight, former head of the Office of International Resident Care (OARI) and current head of OARI, Jean Paul

Mulero and the councillor for Foreigners Rosario Martinez. Torrevieja Costa Lions Club is part of Lions Club International (LCI). The club’s main aim is to help the needy within the local community.

PRAWN fishing on the Mar Menor is now permitted until June 30 and again from September 10November 15. The fishing season is part of restrictions put in place by the Ministry of Agriculture to protect fishing stocks and to ensure the annual reproductive period is not compromised. During these times nets can remain in place but catches only withdrawn at weekends and fishing is only permitted in defined areas.


Saddling up for charity AT the end of the month, two men are embarking on a 21-day cycle ride from Murcia to Stroud in the UK. The route will go through Alicante, Benidorm and Valencia, up to the French border, through France to take a ferry crossing to Portsmouth and then on to Stroud. Since moving to Spain in 2004, and retiring in 2006, Keith Redgers, 67, has had a dream to cycle from Spain to the UK. He roped in friend George Burrage and the pair set about planning their challenge and have since been in training. Whilst this is very much a personal journey for both Keith and George, they felt it would be a good opportunity to raise funds to support their chosen charities. Keith is raising money for cancer charity

CHALLENGE: Keith and George will ride to the UK. MABS Murcia Mar Menor and George is supporting Cystic Fibrosis.

Sponsorship forms are available at the MABS charity shop in San Javier.

22 - 28 May 2014 / Costa Blanca South




E W N 22 - 28 May 2014 / Costa Blanca South

Structure changes for HAH HAH Help at Home has recently made changes for the benefit of those struggling to cope at home and needing a little help. The charity no longer employ a full-time nurse, but has the services of a British nursing agency, which visits clients in their own homes by appointment. They also have the services of a qualified physiotherapist, a counsellor and a foot health practitioner, who visit clients in their homes, subject to assessment and by appointment. These services are also free (for medical reasons only) for a short period of time. HAH does not replace the GP nor hospital consultants. They need more volunteers, so if interested email helpathomespain@ or call Susan on 603 517 770.


Table top sale A TABLE top sale takes place on May 30 at La Zona Bar, Los Narejos from 10am - 1pm, weather permitting, to help raise funds for HAH Mar Menor.

MODEL LINE UP: Fashion show raised over €600 for MABS.

Sax and fashion THE Courtyard at Country Bowls Club was filled with 80 people listening to Wendy Grant of Cool Sax whilst waiting for the MABS Murcia Mar Menor Fashion Show to start. Compered by Zigi, the outfits were clothes which had all been donated to

the MABS charity shop in San Javier, priced €5-15. Sue Savage, charity shop manager said: “It never fails to amaze me the amount of clothes we get given, people are so generous.” Additional clothes, shoes, handbags and

jewellery were also on sale, and a raffle provided extra income to make the amount raised on the day for the cancer support charity €679. MABS offer a helpline on 693 275 779. The charity shop can be contacted on 968 950 917.

Venue change for charity HAH Help at Home, Mar Menor, has changed the venue of its meetings. From the end of May, all future HAH and Chatters group meetings and

gatherings will be held at the Roda Social Club, Centro Civico, Roda. For more information email

Care and share THE Care and Share Group, part of MABS Cancer Centre, meet in San Javier on June 20 from 11am-2pm for an informal get together for anyone affected by or bereaved by cancer. Call Anne on 693 795 247 for more information.

Summer event A SUMMER solstice celebration to raise money for MABS cancer care charity takes place at La Finca Restaurant at La Manga Club on June 21. Dress code is white. Call 968 175 000 to book.


E W N 22 - 28 May 2014 / Costa Blanca South


First World War remembered THIS year marks the 100th anniversary of the start of the First World War, and to commemorate those who suffered and lost their lives, Networks Theatre will be presenting ‘Remembrance’. The show, created and directed by Nick Moore, uses poetry, letters and recollections to recount aspects of the war. It provides a window into the personal tragedies of those who had no choice but to fight and face death at an

early age. It is a powerful show that uses projected images of the horrors of the trenches and battlefield. Showings are May 29 at 8pm, May 30 at 9pm and May 31 at 8pm at the theatre in Calle San Agustin, 25, Orihuela. Tickets cost €5 for adults and €3 for students. To reserve tickets phone 966 740 251 or email

Orihuela’s Walk for Life THE annual ‘Walk for Life’ takes place on the Orihuela Costa on Sunday, June 1. It is billed as the biggest single charity event held by one association on the Orihuela Costa and is once again being held in association with Orihuela Costa Town Hall. Maria Wilson and the

Pink Ladies will be on hand overseeing the event with all monies raised being donated to the AECC cancer charity for their early detection programme and research. This year, also joining the walk is the Club Atletismo Tragamillas who intend to run the five-kilometre circuit

twice. It is anticipated that around 300 runners will take part on top of the normal 450 walkers expected. There will be live entertainment throughout the day. For more information on taking part and registration call 633 487 595 or 634 352 807 or email


E W N 22 - 28 May 2014 / Costa Blanca South

Fête and fashions IT was full on fabulous fashion at the charity fashion show for AAN, the registered charity which provides food and assistance for the needy of San Fulgencio and Urbanisation La Marina. The fête and fashion show took place outside its charity shop on Plaza Sierra Castilla as visitors also enjoyed a tombola, jewellery and shoe stalls plus home-made baking. All the models freely volunteered their time. Not only are customers bagging themselves a bargain, they are raising vital funds for the organisation which works closely with the Social Services department of the town hall which distribute the food and assistance to those most in need.



MASM exhibits THE group of artists of San Miguel de Salinas (MASM) are staging an exhibition in the galleries above the Tourist Information Centre in San Miguel from May 21June 20, Mondays to Fridays 10am-2pm.

Uni transport SUBSCRIPTIONS have opened for students to apply for transport to the University of Elche and Murcia from Torrevieja for September. Call 622 600 965 or 965 714 072 or email ampaiesmediter AAN FASHION SHOW: Event raised €606 for the charity. On the day €606 was raised. Donations welcome in the shop from Mon to Sat 10am-2pm. Email or call 660 934 615.

Three cultures MURCIA’S ‘Three Cultures’ festival is on until Saturday with a range of concerts across the city. Tickets are free, available from the Teatro Romea. Visit the Tourist Information office for more information.


E W N 22 - 28 May 2014 / Costa Blanca South


Green fingers gather at the gardening club MORE than 50 members attended this month’s Vega Baja Garden Club programme. Anna van Dijk described some 18 different cacti, illustrated by photographs, and

Ron Harris encouraged members to appreciate individual and clusters of roses. The following week more than 30 members and partners

greatly enjoyed their three-day trip to appreciate the patio gardens in Cordoba. Two of the members will be featured on the first Monday in June; Jacqui Ford will describe

two or three of her favourite plants and Carole Williams will feature aspects of lemon trees. The new season of the club will start on Monday, September 1 at 1.45pm at Los

Rosales Restaurant on the CV895, on the Lemon Tree Road.

For more information about the club call Val Duckworth on 966 716 527.

Cruz Azul animal charity at San Javier annual fair CRUZ AZUL volunteers arrived at the Explanada Barnuevo in Santiago de la Ribera to join 20 or more associations and charities at the San Javier’s Hotel de Asociaciones annual fair. It was opened by the mayor of San Javier, who visited each association’s stand and chatted with volunteers, promising the town hall’s continuing support. The public was

Profesional de Musica de San Javier and a parade by the Bora Bora Carnival troupe, as well as a variety of stalls. Cruz Azul Murcia exists to provide veterinary care for the sick and injured pets of people in need and to promote responsible pet ownership. WELL SUPPORTED: Cruz Azul’s stall at the fair. entertained by a variety of acts, including a

performance by members of the Conservatorio

For more information call 693 017 616 or visit

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22 - 28 May 2014 / Costa Blanca South


La gente As part of our series La Gente, Euro Weekly News reporter Gemma Quinn has been out and about to see what skills, talent and inspirational people can be found on the Costa Blanca. This week she met an up and coming author ready to hit the literary scene...

TEACHER by day, writer by night, Saffron Mello Castro, from Denia, is carving out a career for herself as a serious author. But this is not just a hobby she decided to take up one day, she has been writing for years: “I’ve always loved creative writing and from a young age would spend my time writing short stories. “As an adult I continued writing for myself and finally found the courage to send some articles to a local paper, which were published. “I began writing more seriously around five years ago after trying my hand at some Erotica after reading an article on the benefits of being a writer of this particular genre. “This led me into my novel and I could not stop writing and found it to be a hugely

“To think I’ve put a smile on someone’s face or raised a laugh, would be hugely satisfying.”

cathartic experience.” This novel, ‘A thousand miles from nowhere’ has now been published, available as an Ebook or as a hard copy: “The story is in part based on my own real life experiences, as well as those of others I’ve known, with a large portion of imagination thrown in of course.” The author continued: “It is a journey of experimentation and sexual awakening set in Spain in the late eighties/ early nineties at a time when the whole ‘New Age travellers’ scene was well and truly alive,

from being light-hearted to moments of deeper introspection, darkness and hedonism.” Saffron has big ambitions and hopes for the book: “Whilst writing the book every scene was vivid and real for me, accompanied by a continuing soundtrack in my mind. I’ve no doubt that this could be made into an amazing film, a sensitive and beautifully filmed portrayal of the novel.” But ultimately, she wants the reader to be as engrossed in it and connected to it as she was in writing it: “To think I’ve put a smile on someone’s face or raised a laugh, would be hugely satisfying.”

AUTHOR: Saffron meeting Charlie Dimmock at a recent exhibition in Calpe.


E W N 22 - 28 May 2014 / Costa Blanca South

Anti-burglary campaign ‘not racist’ THE Interior Ministry has had to clarify that images of a campaign to prevent burglaries were not racist. It was launched on Twitter coinciding with the Epiphany to raise awareness that people should take precautions to avoid thieves breaking into their homes and stealing their belongings. The images represented three figures, similar to the Three Wise Men, who appeared to have black skin. However, the Interior Ministry said they are supposed to be thieves wearing balaclavas. The explanation was issued following complaints from the PSOE socialist party, because they thought it suggested that all thieves had black skin. The campaign was named ‘My home is safe’ and carried the slogan, ‘they’re coming to your home, but not bearing gifts.’


Briton held for alleged child abuse A BRITISH man has been detained in Valencia accused of abusing his two stepchildren. He had a European detention

order in his name for alleged child abuse. The girl is now around the age of 49 and the boy 46, but 38 years

Photo from flickr by quinn.anya.


CHILD ABUSE: Graffiti artist protests in 2009. ago they were 11 and eight, respectively, and they were,

Incitement of violence through social networks suspect freed VALENCIA courts have freed the young man who was detained for inciting violence against politicians through social networks. However, he will have to sign in at his Local Police station three times a week until his case comes to court. The 19-year-old celebrated the death, via ‘tweets’, of the PP delegate for Leon, Isabel Carrasco, who was murdered by an former employee’s mother. The young man is the first in Spain to be arrested for ‘expressing his agreement with the assassination of Isabel Carrasco’, according to the

Twitter account of the Valencia courts. The investigation began when the Guardia Civil got wind of a person using the social networks to condone the murder. After looking through Twitter they found several ‘tweets’ making reference to the killing including - “Good one! Let’s kill them all,” “More bullets to the head of the PP dogs” and “Give me an AK47 and I’ll continue the spree.” After searching the man’s residence they found data on his computer and mobile phone to back up their identification of him as the suspect.

allegedly, abused by their stepfather, now 71, who has been detained by the National Police in L’Olleria, a small town in the province of Valencia. Minister of the Interior Jorge Fernandez Diaz commented in a press release that the man is accused of sexual aggression and hitting both children. He also threatened to hand them over to Social Services if they ever told anyone about the abuse. All of this happened between 1976 and 1980 when the man was married to their mother. He took advantage of the fact that she worked nights to abuse her children when she was out. As he had a European detention order in his name, he will appear in court in Madrid.


Bodies piled up in university basement REPORTS in the Spanish press have revealed that some 250 human bodies, which had been donated to science, are piled up at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid. According to a report in Spanish daily, El Mundo, after being used in classes at the university, they have been piling up for the past seven years instead of being incinerated. The head of the Anatomy and Human Embryology department claimed that this was because the person who worked on the incineration oven took early retirement in December, and that because unions claimed that the oven was faulty, the university had not been able to take on someone else. Union representatives claim that it emits toxic gases, bacteria and viruses. Although only 20 people have authority to access the area where the bodies are piled up, in reality, anyone

curious can get in. Infected bodies are incinerated immediately and not touched by students, and apparently the man who has taken early retirement will work 40 days per year exclusively burning the remains. What he can’t deal with should be taken elsewhere. Some 50 bodies are donated to science every year. In the storeroom, remains, some of them mummified, are mixed up with others, with no type of identification at all; in some areas, the floor is slippery with bodily fluids. There is reportedly no law regarding what should be done by faculties of medicine with bodies which are donated to them. Since the situation came to light, an investigation has been opened by the university, which blames it on government cutbacks and says that the bodies will be removed by the end of the week by a funeral parlour.

22 - 28 May 2014 / Costa Blanca South



E W N 22 - 28 May 2014 / Costa Blanca South

Fans hurt as railing falls SIXTY EIGHT football fans were hurt when a a railing collapsed during a Spanish League football match in Pamplona. Osasuna fans were celebrating a goal against Real Betis when the barricade collapsed in the packed Sadar stadium. Osasuna’s Oriol Riera scored in the 12th minute of the match, sending the crowd wild. Fans in a celebratory mood were leaning and sitting on the metal barrier when it gave way, causing dozens to fall. Medics attended the injured fans on the field, with 10 people requiring further treatment in hospital. The game was delayed for 35 minutes before it was resumed. Osasuna beat Real Betis 2-1 but were relegated to the second division. Atletico Madrid won their first La Liga title in 18 years on Saturday night. They drew 1-1 to second-placed Barcelona.


47 years for ‘debt’ raping

Spanish give opinion on the royal family EIGHTY five per cent of Spanish people believe that the royal family is somehow implicated in corruption cases and scandals. Seventy five per cent confess that the royal family inspires little or no confidence in the people; despite this the majority of the population would not change the current state of affairs. Sixty per cent consider the democracy to work badly or very badly in Spain. The credibility crises that Spanish institutions and political parties are going through together with the continuous scandals that surround the king and his family have ended up weakening the royal family in the eyes of the Spanish. The fact that 85 per cent believe that the royal family are implicated in corruption is principally due to Iñaki Urdangarin, the king’s son in law, who currently stands

Photo from Cordon Press.


SPANISH ROYALS: Inspiring little or no confidence in their subjects. accused of embezzlement, fraud, perversion of justice, lying and money laundering. In a survey, done by Sondea Investigacion Social (social investigation surveys), of the 75 per cent who say that the royal family inspires little or no

confidence in them, their main concern is with the family itself and not the actual institution of the monarchy. Only 45 per cent believe that the current king should be the last one, the other 55 per cent want Prince Felipe to continue the tradition.

THREE men have been sentenced to 47 years in total in prison for abducting and raping the wife of a man who owed them money. In July 2011, he had a debt of €250,000 with the accused due to a failed foreign commerce deal. In March 2012, he travelled to Senegal in an attempt to solve his business problems. While he was away, the three men went to his home, found his wife alone, called him, threatened him and gave him until the next day to pay them back. They held his wife in their home for several hours and raped her. She was finally able to contact her daughter, who alerted the Catalan regional police force, who put an operation in place to access the house and freed her. The three men have been ordered to pay the victim €75,000 in compensation.


E W N 22 - 28 May 2014 / Costa Blanca South


Criminal record for dying relative trip A BRITISH mother has been given a criminal record and a fine for taking her son to Mallorca during term-time so that he could say his goodbyes to his dying grandfather. Sally Randall, 35, took her son James, 13, out of Norden High School in Rishton,

Lancashire, for the 10-day trip. Norden High School had refused the request as it was not deemed ‘an exceptional circumstance’. The holiday, paid for by grandparents Lavinia and Graham Crisp, was so that Mr Crisp, who had terminal cancer, could spend some quality time with his

family. Grandfather Graham Crisp died from his illness, pancreatic cancer, just months after the family break, which had been one of his last wishes. Ms Randall was hauled before Blackburn Magistrates’ Court over the term-time break and pleaded guilty to a truancy charge which resulted in a six-month

Spain’s beaches top for quality

BLUE FLAG: Spain leads the world for the quality of its beaches.

SPAIN has the world record for the number of Blue Flag beaches, followed only by Greece, Turkey and France. Spain has led the field since 1987. Spain currently has 681 Blue Flags, 34 more than in 2013. The communities with the most Blue Flags are Galicia with 123 and Valencia with 120. The Blue Flag accreditation denotes a beach which meets the standards of the European Foundation of the Environment (FEE); these standards include, among other things, the quality of the water, safety, the environmental conditions and beach installations. Spain has 681 Blue Flags on 573 beaches and 108 ports and this guarantees its place as world leader, commented Jose Ramon Sanchez, President of the Spanish branch of the FEE.

criminal record. The court gave the mother-of-three a six-month conditional discharge and ordered her to pay a £15 victim surcharge after pleading guilty to failing to send a child to school. In court Ms Randall said: “It was his last holiday with his grandchildren. I feel it’s an exceptional circumstance, because of the memories and photographs we’ve got from this holiday.” She explained that the holiday was originally planned for Easter but Mr Crisp was very ill and had to undergo a course of chemotherapy, pushing the holiday back to September 2013. On the family’s return, Ms Randall had been issued with a £120 fine. She argued: “It’s upsetting because I’ve never been in trouble with the police in my life. I don’t see why I should have something on my record, no matter how small. “I understand I broke the law, but if the headteacher doesn’t think a grandparent dying is an exceptional circumstance then I don’t know what is. “I think it’s disgusting. Graham is dead now. As soon as we came back from holiday he was more or less in the hospice.” Ms Randall added: “The kids talk about that holiday every single week. His last wish has been granted, and they’ll always remember their granddad. It’s just a shame it’s ended like this.”


E W N 22 - 28 May 2014 / Costa Blanca South COSTA DE ALMERÍA

Gift for mayor THE Harley Davidson Motoclub of Almeria gifted the mayor of Santa Cruz de Marchena a plaque as a ‘thank you’ for the town’s hospitality during the recent fiesta.

News from our editions With six editions and read by more than half a million people, EWN is Spain’s largest free local English-language newspaper

PEOPLE in the Balearic Islands have double the risk of other Spanish regions of suffering from heart diseases, according to the Spanish Cardiology Society.

Alcazaba activities

SCHOOLS in Huercal-Overa, Cuevas del Almanzora, Bacares and Viator are to receive a €230,000 facelift from the Education Department.

Pines planted MORE than 120 pupils from the Emilio Zurano school in Pulpi planted pine trees on the main Pulpi to San Juan de los Terreros road as part of the ‘Grow with your tree’ programme.


Cherry setback CHERRY growers in inland areas expecting the best crop for 15 years have amended earlier predictions. Continuing lack of rain has reduced production by 20 per cent, they said.

Factory facts FORD’s Almussafes (Valencia) plant increased its European sales by 14 per cent in April. It outstripped other Ford plants in Germany, Belgium, Romania and Turkey which all saw sales fall.

Fuel scam DIESEL siphoned off from parked lorries and buses in Aspe was re-sold at €1 a litre. Five men, all Aspe residents, were finally arrested following a three-month Guardia Civil operation.

Canine help NOA, a black labrador-cross abandoned when two months old, was rescued and taken to Gandia’s animal shelter. She has now been selected as a therapy dog for autistic children.

Mystery fall

Heart disease

A YOUNG eaglet was rescued by environmental agents in the Seron area. The bird has been sent to an adoption centre in Madrid. Once it is able to fly it will be released in Navarra.

School grant

mountain teams after falling from a jetty while walking in Deia. She was taken to Son Espases Hospital.

GUARDIA CIVIL are investigating the death of a woman, 86, who fell from a first-floor apartment in Esporles, although foul play is not suspected.

Bird rescue

THE Junta is planning 43 events between July 1 and August 30 at the Alcazaba Arab fortress in Almeria City. They include theatre, music and exhibitions to mark the city’s millennium.


Port protest ALFAZ DEL PI: Celebrating Norway’s Constitution Day.

Alfaz’s 45-year relationship

IT is 45 years since Alfaz residents and the town’s Norwegian community first celebrated Norway’s Constitution Day. More than 2,500 Norwegians are now registered on Alfaz’s municipal rolls although the number living in the town is probably closer to 10,000, said Mayor Vicente Arques. There were more statistics he could quote, but the sincere feelings of respect and affection cementing this relationship are more important, said Arques, who opened his welcome speech with the words, “Gratulerer med dagen.” For the first time, the route of the traditional procession continued to the Norwegian Club’s new premises in front of the Johan Galtung park. The Club has been built on municipal land, the mayor pointed out. This, more than anything, demonstrates the “magnificent relations” that unite both communities, he said.

Thirst quencher

Fire engine

ALICANTE Province’s growers are resorting to old-fashioned ‘blanket flooding’ irrigation. Despite the large amounts of water required, only this will save parched crops and trees, cooperatives said.

FUENGIROLA Town Hall has donated a fire engine to NGO ‘Firemen in Action’ which collaborates with volunteer firemen in Paraguay.


Dog attack A BRITISH couple was charged after their four dogs escaped from their home in Alhaurin de la Torre and one of them injured a woman and her Yorkshire Terrier.

Wanted woman A BRITISH woman, 66, wanted in the USA for fraud, was arrested in Marbella when she went to the police station to carry out a procedure regarding her NIE document.

Unique street TORREMOLINOS-based businessman Javier Checa has proposed the creation of a street in the town dedicated exclusively to prostitution, similar to Hamburg’s Herbertstrasse.

Noise measure THE Andalucian Ombudsman has proposed that Puerto Marina in Benalmadena be provided with means to measure noise levels in order to reduce acoustic contamination.


Woman rescued A WOMAN, 62, had to be rescued by

MORE than 10,000 signatures have been handed in to the port authorities to protest against plans to expand Al Molinar Port.

Immediate aid THE Playa de Palma area now has a new immediate ambulance service which will operate in popular night life spots.


Flamenco singing ALMUÑECAR has ended its second municipal course of Flamenco singing with a prize giving ceremony for the nearly 20 students who attended.

New centre LA HERRADURA is to get a new health centre; it will be located in the Centro Jate and should be open by around September.

Good access FRIGILIANA has won the Reina Sofia prize for accessibility which is given to towns and villages which have, for longer than five years, continuously improved access for the disabled.

Other portraits PABLO DEL PINO is exhibiting a collection of portraits of poets in the Casa de la Cultura in Almuñecar which fits in with the town’s international poetry festival.

One minute ALMUÑECAR, and many other Axarquia towns, has held a minute’s silence in memory of Isabel Carrasco who was assassinated last week.


22 - 28 May 2014 / Costa Blanca South

THE European Union’s highest court, the European Court of Justice, has hit Spain with a €30million fine for failing to recover unlawful aid. The court in Luxembourg found on Tuesday that Spain had not complied correctly with a 2006 judgement in which it had been ordered to recover illegal state aid given to the Basque Country. The money had been granted to businesses in the northern region. Justifying the size of the fine the Luxembourg-based court said that the aid had been “particularly harmful to competition by reason of the size of the amount... and the high number of recipients.” The EC (European Commission), which is the EU’s executive arm, is demanding the repayment

Peter Fuchs /

EU Court fines Spain €30 million

SENTENCE: European Court of Justice fines Spain. of a lump sum of around €65 million, which it believes is still owing on the recovery of the aid. Authorities in the three provinces of Alava, Vizcaya and Guipuzcoa granted the aid in the 1990s in the form of tax cuts and a 45 per cent tax credit for investment. Back in 2001, the EC found the aid to be incompatible with EU

internal market rules and ordered Spain to end the scheme. It also stipulated that Spain recover the money granted. After the EC determined that the Basque provinces had not fully repaid the funds it took legal action in the Court of Justice. In 2006 the court ruled that Spain had failed to fulfil its undertakings with the EC.




E W N 22 - 28 May 2014 / Costa Blanca South


Spain lets Russia use enclave port SPAIN has sparked an international outcry after it let Russian ships dock at its port in the African enclave Ceuta. The country has been accused of ‘absurdity and hypocrisy’ after allowing three Russian navy ships to dock in its North African territory. UK MPs have criticised Madrid’s decision to allow the vessels, which included a heavilyarmed destroyer, to take on food, fuel and supplies. The ships docked in Ceuta just two weeks ago as tensions increased between NATO and Russia over the Ukraine crisis. Spain, which is a NATO member, is being accused of double standards as they form

part of an alliance which is standing up against Russia over the ongoing Ukraine conflict. The Ceuta disclosure has highlighted Spain’s hypocrisy over Gibraltar and recent tension over British sovereignty while Spain persists in controlling Ceuta and Melilla, their territories some 50 miles away in Morocco. In the UK Parliament last night (Wednesday) Conservative MP Andrew Rosindell said: “How is the defence alliance supposed to work if members of NATO behave like this? “It is completely perverse and highlights the absurdity and shortsightedness of Spain’s position. We are supposed to be allies.

“It is also blatantly hypocritical to allow Russian warships to use a territory which is not part of mainland Spain while complaining to the UK about us having Gibraltar. “Spain is going to achieve nothing by pursuing these shoddy and nonsensical policies.” Just three weeks ago the Royal Navy sent destroyer HMS Dragon to track Russia’s Vice Admiral Kulakov as it approached British waters. Although the Russian ship stopped short of entering British territorial waters, military experts believe that Russia is testing out UK defences in the wake of the Ukraine crisis.


E W N 22 - 28 May 2014 / Costa Blanca South

Stories making headlines in Europe


GERMAN PRESS Duck escape

BRITISH PRESS Top duo NORWAY - Norwegian pop duo Nico & Vinz have become the third Norwegian act to make the Billboard Top 20 in the US after their song ‘Am I Wrong’ jumped into 18th place this week.

Dead reindeer NORWAY - Scientists in Norway have raised the alarm after reports that close to 100,000 reindeer died last year on the Finnmark plateau, the heartland of Norway’s Sami minority.

Anti-Semitic SWEDEN - One in 20 Swedes hold anti-Semitic views according to a report released by the non-profit Anti-Defamation League, this is enough to rank Sweden as the least antiSemitic country in Europe.

Mainly happy SWEDEN - A comprehensive survey of the 28 EU member states revealed an EU-high of 91 per cent of Swedes believe immigrants contribute significantly to society and 97 per cent of Swedes are satisfied with their lives.

Prices up DENMARK - Electricity prices increased by more than 83 per cent between 2002 and 2012, for private houses and businesses.

Jaws’ teeth

Cop lift

THE creator of Jaws’ metal teeth, Luis Fairman, falsely claimed to be a dental technician. The manufacturer of the iconic Bond villain’s teeth has been fined for unlawfully claiming to be registered with the General Dental Council.

A POLICEMAN in Nottinghamshire had to ask a prisoner’s mum for a lift to the police station after he locked his keys in his car.

Beer goggles BEER GOGGLES really do exist according to researchers from the University of Bristol’s Tobacco and Alcohol Research Group. They conducted tests to gauge whether drink changed people’s perceptions of what is attractive and discovered that, in 98 per cent of cases, it does!

Welsh aliens TELEPATHIC aliens are targeting Wales in a bid to harvest their superior genetic material according to ‘abduction victim’ Hilary Porter. She claims that a stretch of road between Swansea and Cardiff is a “hotspot of alien activity.”

BEER GOGGLES: Really do exist.

Kicking weight ROSS CONNOR, from Cambridge, lost so much weight at a kick boxing camp in Thailand that border officials refused to let him fly home as he did not look like the photograph in his passport.

Foreign citizens THE State Duma has passed, at its first reading, a bill that would require Russians to report any citizenship they might hold in another country. The measure has been criticised by some but backed by President Putin.

UKRAINE is “as close to civil war as you can get” according to Sergei Lavrov, Russia’s Foreign Minister. He does not believe that free and fair elections will be held.

Heavy drinking RUSSIAN Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev, has reprimanded the head of Russia’s alcohol watchdog as the World Health Organisation published a report classing Russians as some of the world’s heaviest drinkers.

World Cup training THE Dutch national football team, preparing for the World Cup in Brazil, has organised two public training sessions on May 30 in Rotterdam and June 3 in Alkmaar. The team leaves for Brazil on June 5.

Family struck A NINE-YEAR-OLD boy was taken to hospital in a serious condition after he was struck by lightning along with four other members of his family in Chemnitz, Saxony.

False papers

Four minutes ALCOHOL: Russians heavy drinkers.

Priest suspended THE Moscow-loyal Orthodox Church in Ukraine has suspended a priest after he participated in a prayer service for peace alongside priests from the rival Kiev-based Orthodox Church.

Russian chic RUSSIAN cosmetics chain, L’Etoile, is bringing French chic to Russia with the appointment of celebrity designer John Galliano as creative director.

DUTCH PRESS More otter news Asylum seeker NOW that otters have made a comeback in The Netherlands, five genetically different otters from Germany are being released in order to prevent inbreeding.

A MOTORWAY in Bad Hersfeld, Hesse, had to be closed while firemen rescued a flock of ducks which were waddling around on the road. The birds had escaped from a crashed lorry.

POLICE have raided funeral homes in Berlin suspecting them of selling the passports of dead people to smugglers who are using them to get illegal immigrants into the country.


Civil war


A GERMAN judge has decided that a refused Somali asylum seeker must not be sent back to The Netherlands, where he had previously also been refused, because of his human rights. The judge ruled he could face

THERE is a break-in every four minutes in Germany and police are holding professional gangs responsible. In some states burglaries have risen by up to 30 per cent.

Train crash FIVE people have been injured in a train crash in Olching, near Munich. An S-Bahn train collided with a digger injuring four construction workers and the train driver.

functions they have in order to make their interests clear. problems getting food and shelter.

Job on the side ONE in five members of the Dutch Senate have not published their second jobs outside politics. By law senators must publish all

Wedding war IT should have been the most beautiful day of their lives, but the wedding of a newly married couple from The Hague ended with a fight between the family of the bride and the family of the groom.


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Spanish TV staff arrested on Rock POLICE in Gibraltar reportedly arrested two journalists from a Spanish TV company after the pair annoyed locals by raising a Spanish flag in the British territory. Gibraltar has seen a spate of squabbles between the UK and Spain over the small Mediterranean territory which Britain has governed since the 18th century. According to the authorities, the two people, a presenter and a cameraman, were arrested for breach of the peace. Telemadrid’s Cake Minuesa from current affairs show ‘Citizen Cake’ and his cameraman were later released on bail. Telemadrid producer Jose Luis Leon said: “While they were filming a group of people, they started insulting them. The police

THE ROCK: Journalists arrested for raising Spanish flag. arrived and then they (the journalists) were detained. “It seems the intention is to accuse them of a breach of public order for placing a flag on a public beach in Gibraltar.” Madrid and London have clashed frequently in recent months over Gibraltar, especially over fishing rights and military use of the waters off the territory.

The disputed territory’s 30,000-strong population is staunchly pro-British but Spain would like to regain ownership. The UK has accused the Spanish authorities of causing long queues at the Gibraltar border, while Madrid has blamed Gibraltar for an increase in tobacco smuggling to Spain.


22 - 28 May 2014 / Costa Blanca South




E W N 22 - 28 May 2014 / Costa Blanca South


A note from the


Signal for success


NE thing Spain is good at is beaches. And so it should be as millions of tourists flock to the country for their sun, sea and sand holidays. If the country’s tourism trade is to continue the resurgence experienced at the start of the year, the authorities must continue to improve and not sit back on their laurels. So it is to be welcomed that Spain has the highest number of Blue Flag beaches in Europe, with 34 more awarded the coveted title this year. These flags are not handed out on a whim, a body of inspectors must approve the accessibility, cleanliness, safety and facilities on offer before the flags are awarded. It is good news that local councils up and down the Costas take their responsibility to provide safe, clean beaches with adequate facilities seriously, and they deserve a pat on the back for it.

Royal crisis THE Spanish Royals are suffering from a credibility crisis. With 85 per cent of Spaniards believing the family is implicated in corruption cases and scandals, the question arises of will it be able to survive. Loyal subjects point to the fact that 55 per cent of the population want Prince Felipe to one day be king. Republicans point at the same figure and say 45 per cent don’t want a king. The figure confirms that the deep divisions which have always run through Spanish society, culminating in Civil War and dictatorship, still exist. The Spanish royal family must look at their British counterparts with envy. Despite the deep unpopularity of Charles in the wake of his failed marriage to Diana, the British royals look to be as secure as ever.



22 - 28 May 2014 / Costa Blanca South

business & legal

In this year’s first quarter Ryanair brought 3,820,032 passengers to or from Spain, according to the latest figures from Spain’s airports operator AENA. Vueling was not far behind with 3,032,325 passengers, followed by Air Europa’s 2,078,586. If the figures for all four IAG

Civil service jobs are ‘not enough’ SPAIN’S Official State Bulletin (BOE) is advertising 6,500 new public administration jobs. The CSI-F civil servants’ union was underwhelmed by the announcement. “Despite losing 70,000 posts in recent years only 6,500 are being filled,” complained Francisco Javier Camarillo, who heads CSI-F’s central administration. The new intake will cover only 10 per cent of the jobs lost to government cuts, Camarillo told an interviewer from finance daily, Expansion. This will not cover the demand for public administration jobs or

ensure that public services function correctly, he said. Speaking at the launch of a campaign to improve the public sector image, Camarillo conceded that the job offers suggested a change of direction on the government’s part. “Public services have begun to decline and the spending cuts have had an impact on civil servants’ efficiency,” he said. In addition to the cuts, the workforce was aging, with more than half of employees aged over 50. As employees retired, however, they were not being replaced and this too is eroding efficiency, according to Camarillo.

companies - Vueling, BA, Iberia and Iberia Express are taken into account - IAG overtakes all its rivals with 6.4 million users. A total of 51,434,596 people used Spanish airports in the first three months of this year, an increase of 4.1 per cent on the same period in 2013.


usiness extra

Summer promise HUMAN resources company Randstad predicted 569,700 new jobs for Spain between July and September, a 5 per cent year-on-year increase. Most will be in hotel and catering industry.

New money CREDIT SUISSE paid €77.2 million for a 3.19 per cent stake in Spanish construction company Sacyr. The group increased its share capital in April, raising €166 million from institutional investors.

Spanish store spreads its wings IF they haven’t heard of it before visiting Spain, tourists soon make the acquaintance of El Corte Ingles. The 60.6 million people who come to Spain each year are potential customers once they return home, the chain store realised. Although it has been selling online in Spain and Portugal since 1999 it has now extended its website to include European sales. Three months ago the service

reached the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands and France and since then has received 70,000 hits. The 200 products originally on offer have been extended to 250, with labels that include Custo Barcelona, George Rech, Pecado Original and Clanxart. The website hopes to boost the ‘El Corte Ingles’ brand and the labels associated with it in countries whose tourists visit Spain.


STAT OF WEEK OIL company Repsol has set aside €10 billion to shop around for investments in ‘safe’ countries. It is looking towards the 34 OECD countries and particularly Norway, Canada and the US.


Vueling catches Ryanair THE gap between Vueling and Ryanair closed further in March. Iberia’s budget airline was used by 1.2 million passengers while Ryanair maintained its place as sector leader with 1.4 million passengers - a difference of 224,000.


VUELING: The budget airline is closing the gap.


E W N 22 - 28 May 2014 / Costa Blanca South




C O M PA N Y PRICE(P) Aberdeen Asset Mngmnt 423.15 Admiral Group PLC 1414.00 Aggreko PLC 1742.00 Anglo American PLC 1565.00 Antofagasta PLC 800.50 ARM Holdings PLC 868.00 Ashtead Group PLC 816.75 Associated British Foods 3071.50 AstraZeneca PLC 4288.25 Aviva PLC 511.75 Babcock International ... 1176.50 BAE Systems PLC 413.30 Barclays PLC 239.07 Barratt Developments 343.40 BG Group PLC 1296.25 BHP Billiton PLC 1941.50 BP PLC 508.90 British Amrcn Tobacco 3525.75

C H A N G E ( P ) % C H G. 5.90 1.41 -4.00 -0.28 44.00 2.59 4.00 0.26 9.50 1.20 7.50 0.87 18.50 2.32 67.00 2.23 -536.00 -11.11 -1.00 -0.19 -10.00 -0.84 -1.40 -0.34 -2.60 -1.08 -1.30 -0.38 13.00 1.01 -11.00 -0.56 2.00 0.39 15.00 0.43

NET VOLUME 2,589.50 490.85 552.61 4,786.29 1,696.98 3,817.52 2,623.29 660.98 26,830.81 5,769.73 1,839.46 6,694.68 70,096.57 6,265.27 4,777.67 5,340.03 20,881.69 2,776.19

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Units per €

US dollar ..................................................................1.37123 Japan yen..............................................................138.936 Switzerland franc...............................................1.22302 Denmark kroner ................................................7.46468 Norway kroner ....................................................8.13456 • Tel: +34 965 994 830 C O M PA N Y


British Land Co PLC British Sky Broadcasting BT Group PLC Bunzl PLC Burberry Group PLC Capita PLC Carnival PLC

703.50 859.00 371.15 1651.00 1529.50 1070.50 2302.00




MMM 3M Co AXP American Express Co T AT&T Inc BA Boeing Co CAT Caterpillar Inc CVX Chevron Corp CSCO Cisco Systems Inc DD E I du Pont de Nemours and Co XOM Exxon Mobil Corp GE General Electric Co GS Goldman Sachs Group Inc HD Home Depot Inc INTC Intel Corp IBM International Business Machine... JNJ Johnson & Johnson JPM JPMorgan Chase and Co MCD McDonald's Corp MRK Merck & Co Inc MSFT Microsoft Corp NKE Nike Inc PFE Pfizer Inc PG Procter & Gamble Co KO The Coca-Cola Co TRV Travelers Companies Inc UTX United Technologies Corp UNH UnitedHealth Group Inc VZ Verizon Communications Inc V Visa Inc WMT Wal-Mart Stores Inc DIS Walt Disney Co

PRICE CHANGE %CHANGE VOLUME 141.60 87.77 36.04 131.49 104.98 123.08 24.41 67.32 100.84 26.61 157.81 76.72 25.90 186.22 100.31 53.63 101.99 56.08 39.66 74.05 29.45 79.82 40.54 92.57 115.19 76.87 49.41 209.03 76.73 81.03

+0.47 +0.27 -0.70 +0.68 -1.05 -0.10 +0.04 +0.30 +0.10 -0.06 +1.38 -0.64 +0.08 -0.84 -0.28 +0.32 -1.15 +0.21 -0.17 +0.11 +0.33 -0.51 -0.35 -0.01 +0.61 +0.22 +0.34 -0.78 -0.28 +0.64

+0.33% +0.31% -1.91% +0.52% -0.99% -0.08% +0.14% +0.45% +0.10% -0.22% +0.88% -0.83% +0.31% -0.45% -0.27% +0.60% -1.11% +0.38% -0.43% +0.15% +1.13% -0.63% -0.86% -0.01% +0.53% +0.29% +0.69% -0.37% -0.36% +0.80%

708.9K 765.2K 47.5M 1.1M 2.1M 1.6M 15.8M 879.9K 2.2M 7.1M 719.2K 2.5M 10.3M 1.4M 2.3M 6.2M 1.9M 3.1M 9.7M 1.1M 25.4M 2.9M 3.6M 534.6K 1.6M 771.5K 9.1M 831.4K 2.4M 1.7M





C H A N G E ( P ) % C H G. 1.00 9.00 4.70 -5.00 -2.00 -3.00 7.00


0.14 1.06 1.28 -0.30 -0.13 -0.28 0.31

NET VOLUME 2,176.72 2,937.30 14,094.70 524.31 984.83 1,730.50 890.32



$ 3.13 $ 39.38 $ 18.985 $ 7.23 $ 9.155 $ 14.9599 $ 11.02 $ 4.1399 $ 22.70 $ 6.33 $ 11.61

0.86 ▲ 37.89% 5.07 ▲ 14.78% 1.915 ▲ 11.22% 0.68 ▲ 10.38% 0.815 ▲ 9.77% 1.2799 ▲ 9.36% 0.88 ▲ 8.68% 0.3299 ▲ 8.66% 1.62 ▲ 7.69% 0.45 ▲ 7.65% 0.81 ▲ 7.50%

$ 19.30 $ 8.52 $ 3.34 $ 7.75 $ 11.21 $ 3.835 $ 8.50 $ 2.16 $ 2.1001 $ 6.35 $ 4.56

3.66 ▼ 15.94% 0.82 ▼ 8.78% 0.32 ▼ 8.74% 0.669 ▼ 7.95% 0.83 ▼ 6.89% 0.275 ▼ 6.69% 0.58 ▼ 6.39% 0.14 ▼ 6.09% 0.1299 ▼ 5.83% 0.35 ▼ 5.22% 0.25 ▼ 5.20%

Most Advanced Intermolecular, Inc. InterMune, Inc. Aceto Corporation Senomyx, Inc. Infinera Corporation Gogo Inc. The KEYW Holding Corporation Sypris Solutions, Inc. Bel Fuse Inc. Empire Resorts, Inc. American Independence Corp.

Most Declined Theravance Biopharma, Inc. Marrone Bio Innovations, Inc. Hong Kong Highpower Technology Lombard Medical, Inc. Cellular Dynamics International, Inc. QuickLogic Corporation Kamada Ltd. China BAK Battery, Inc. ChyronHego Corporation SFX Entertainment, Inc. Arotech Corporation

C O M PA N Y PRICE(P) Centrica PLC 328.40 Coca-Cola HBC AG 1346.00 Compass Group PLC 1000.00 CRH PLC 1625.00 Diageo PLC 1919.25 easyJet PLC 1587.50 Experian PLC 1031.50 Fresnillo PLC 846.75 Friends Life Group Ltd 306.05 G4S PLC 257.80 GKN PLC 370.55 GlaxoSmithKline PLC 1623.75 Glencore Xstrata PLC 327.40 Hammerson PLC 582.75 Hargreaves Lansdown 1144.00 HSBC Holdings PLC 632.75 IMI PLC 1533.50 Imperial Tobacco Group 2664.00 InterContinental Hotels 2184.00 International Consldtd ... 370.10 Intertek Group PLC 2984.50 ITV PLC 172.80 Johnson Matthey PLC 3287.50 Kingfisher PLC 407.60 Land Securities Group 1063.50 Legal & General Group 224.70 Lloyds Banking Group 73.97 London Stock Exchange 1762.50 Marks & Spencer Group 452.00 Meggitt PLC 468.95 Melrose Industries PLC 279.70 Mondi PLC 1024.00 Morrison (Wm) Sprmrkts 214.10 National Grid PLC 889.00 Next PLC 6477.50 Old Mutual PLC 200.75 Pearson PLC 1173.50 Persimmon PLC 1326.50 Petrofac Ltd 1193.50 Prudential PLC 1394.75 Randgold Resources Ltd 4530.50 Reckitt Benckiser Group PLC5102.50 Reed Elsevier PLC 907.25 REXAM PLC 513.00 Rio Tinto PLC 3225.00 Rolls-Royce Holdings 1021.00 Royal Bank of Scotland 323.80 Royal Dutch Shell PLC 2591.25 Royal Mail PLC 564.75 RSA Insurance Group 489.55 SABMiller PLC 3253.25 Sage Group (The) PLC 397.85 Sainsbury (J) PLC 345.40 Schroders PLC 2490.00 Severn Trent PLC 1919.00 Shire PLC 3354.50 Smith & Nephew PLC 918.25 Smiths Group PLC 1302.50 Sports Direct Interntnl... 719.75 SSE PLC 1568.00 Standard Chartered PLC 1333.75 Standard Life PLC 388.45 St James's Place PLC 744.75 Tesco PLC 312.02 Travis Perkins PLC 1616.00 TUI Travel PLC 406.20 Tullow Oil PLC 852.75 Unilever PLC 2725.00 United Utilities Group 847.75 Vodafone Group PLC 217.20 Weir Group PLC 2522.00 Whitbread PLC 3941.00 William Hill PLC 331.35 Wolseley PLC 3311.00 WPP PLC 1221.50

CHANGE -0.70 -35.00 10.50 18.00 -23.00 71.00 -8.00 10.50 -2.20 -0.40 5.60 -23.50 2.00 -4.50 -29.00 0.40 -1.00 3.00 1.00 12.50 -8.00 0.30 66.00 4.00 -1.00 -1.90 0.52 -16.00 -4.50 6.70 4.50 28.00 1.10 13.00 80.00 0.70 5.00 -5.00 6.00 -6.00 -4.00 30.00 18.00 -1.50 -61.50 18.00 0.90 20.00 -5.50 0.20 0.50 0.20 -2.70 -10.00 9.00 87.00 -9.00 -2.00 1.50 1.00 -2.50 1.00 5.50 1.55 -13.00 -1.70 8.00 22.00 10.50 0.00 8.00 21.00 6.20 63.00 10.00

% C H G. VOLUME -0.21 8,017.61 -2.53 369.83 1.06 3,107.26 1.12 1,422.21 -1.18 4,001.42 4.68 2,303.75 -0.77 3,797.15 1.26 799.53 -0.71 3,216.78 -0.15 7,034.67 1.53 8,130.03 -1.43 9,522.48 0.61 15,880.90 -0.77 1,377.76 -2.47 1,117.54 0.06 29,879.56 -0.07 549.91 0.11 1,635.10 0.05 1,005.71 3.49 14,258.94 -0.27 795.01 0.17 12,270.97 2.05 323.70 0.99 4,648.71 -0.09 1,674.35 -0.84 9,125.96 0.71 104,511.70 -0.90 458.33 -0.99 5,856.57 1.45 1,224.17 1.64 1,647.22 2.81 2,582.13 0.52 9,282.52 1.48 11,428.54 1.25 701.81 0.35 4,986.51 0.43 2,739.17 -0.38 1,385.38 0.51 701.33 -0.43 4,570.28 -0.09 241.83 0.59 1,015.08 2.02 2,577.90 -0.29 2,298.54 -1.87 4,506.37 1.79 3,558.95 0.28 6,187.57 0.78 5,259.55 -0.96 1,009.91 0.04 3,739.36 0.02 2,076.29 0.05 2,526.82 -0.78 8,264.55 -0.40 320.01 0.47 1,605.74 2.66 1,866.59 -0.97 1,944.14 -0.15 690.19 0.21 1,189.51 0.06 2,759.00 -0.19 4,393.46 0.26 2,948.09 0.74 1,360.79 0.50 19,712.91 -0.80 1,891.08 -0.42 3,149.31 0.95 1,946.52 0.81 2,846.89 1.25 1,798.11 0.00 72,733.17 0.32 717.17 0.54 1,098.54 1.91 4,045.83 1.94 707.90 0.83 5,275.27




Don’t sell on price alone JOE SEER / SHUTTERSTOCK.COM

CHINESE buyers are increasingly interested in acquiring property in Spain for three reasons. Anyone outside the European Union who spends at least €500,000 on a Spanish property gets a residence permit thrown in. As Spanish property prices plummet, this buys a semi-detached house in a leafy city suburb, a seaside villa or two apartments. The third reason? China is enjoying its own property boom and the equivalent of €500,000 is just enough for an 80square metre twobedroomed apartment in Beijing. This would be outside the fourth city ring-road and some way from the city centre. Spain’s ‘Start-ups Law’ has the double advantage of attracting foreign money and marketing Spain’s huge stock of new but unsold properties. The law, which came into effect in September last year, also offers a residence permit to anyone from a non-EU member country who invests €1 million in sovereign debt or €2 million in a Spanish company. Since then Spain’s Beijing consulate has approved eight visa requests to purchase properties here. The Spanish embassy there has received ‘a flood’ of requests, sources said, although not all applicants had sought residency permits either because purchases were below €500,000 or were formalised before the 2013 law.

22 - 28 May 2014 / Costa Blanca South

Talking shop Mike Walsh Mike Walsh was for 20 years Regional Assessment Manager for the Guild of Master Craftsmen, Britain’s biggest quality assurance body for businesses. • 966 786 932

MY well-heeled friend excitedly told me that her home had received the attention of an interior designer notorious for charging exorbitant prices. We both knew the owners of a rival business that could do the job just as well for considerably less. Why did she use the more expensive one? In a word, snobbery. The one chosen had a reputation for nouveau-riche pretentiousness. Selling on price, her competitor charged down to earth reasonable prices. Good salesmen know that people buy for emotional reasons. A prime buying incendiary is social status. Having bought a £10 replica

PRICE MATTERS: The more expensive the better. Rolex I was struck by the number of clients who, thinking it was the real thing, were impressed by it. Deception was never my intention. I had bought it because I liked the look of it, it was reliable and cheap. Then I

recalled a seminar addressed by the sales boss of a major motor manufacturer. Over coffee he named four different car makes that were fundamentally the same vehicle other than their bodywork

design. The difference in their showroom prices was about £8,000, yet the engines, chassis, transmissions; all the basics were products of the same production line. Asking why buyers would choose to pay so much more for a car little different than the lowest price option, he smiled: “People don’t buy cars; they buy badges.” Social status is a far more powerful selling tool than is price. To make my point I used to flip my neck tie to show a maker’s label few had heard of. “It cost £10,” I said. “If I were to change the label to that of Gieves and Hawkes, the Savile Row tailors, it would command a price fifteen-times higher.” Often people fail to compare prices and presume the price suggested is about right. Many a builder told me that they doubled or trebled a price as, being busy, they didn’t want the order. Often they were taken aback when the exorbitant price was happily accepted.

Drones becoming busy bees Towering purchase in rapidly growing sector for Abertis group SPAIN’S ministry of Public Works is preparing to regulate drones. A draft law with rules for their commercial and professional use will be ready by the end of the month. Technology has been less of a hindrance for regulation than the legal vacuum surrounding drones, according to junior minister for Transport, Carmen Librero. “Until 2011 they weren’t regarded as aircraft,” Librero said recently. Once the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) equated drones with unmanned aircraft these became subject to general aeronautical legislation. The European Union followed suit and began preparing regulatory framework that will be approved in 2016. Despite difficulties in calculating the size of an


Bargains for Chinese property investors

DRONES: A draft law is being prepared. industry that lacks regulation, the sector is growing so rapidly that the European Commission believes it will account for 10 per cent of the aeronautics market within 10 years. It foresees an annual €15 billion turnover. Drones have a bad name owing to their spying and military associations although their principal uses are fumigation, photography, fire extinction and

inspecting high tension cables and railway tracks. They also keep frontiers under surveillance. The 2016 regulations will bar drones from overflying built-up areas except in exceptional circumstances and only with specific permission, the minister said. They will be able to fly only in restricted airspace without exceeding an altitude of 150 metres, so visible to the controller.

ABERTIS bought TowerCo, which operates mobile phone masts on Italy’s toll roads. The Spanish group specialising in mobility and telecommunications infrastructure paid €94.6 million for the Italian company. The operation is expected to be completed in the coming weeks, sources said. TowerCo provides service for Vodafone, Wind, H3G and Telecom Italia, the country’s principal telecommunication companies. Until the Abertis deal, TowerCo managed 212 towers and 94 points in tunnels on Italy’s 3,000 kilometres of paid motorways. Last year the company had a €21 million turnover and Ebitda (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation) of €13 million. This is Albertis’s first acquisition of telecommunications towers in Italy and the first step of this kind that it has taken on the international market. The company also expressed interest in bidding for the wireless towers of Telecom Italia and Wind once they come up for sale. Abertis already controls around 6,000 mobile towers inside Spain and last last December paid Telefonica and Yoigo €171 million for more than 1,700. Having taken over the Hispasat communications satellite in 2013, more than 65 per cent of Albertis’s telecommunications’ revenue comes from services other than broadcasting.


E W N 22 - 28 May 2014 / Costa Blanca South


I should be so lucky! I BUY lottery tickets on a regular basis. Regular, as in once or twice a month. The habit stems from my parents, who have as long as I can remember, remained convinced that one-day it could just be possible that they will win. We’re still waiting for that windfall. But imagine it did happen. Imagine your numbers were the ones to win big. How does one go from struggling to pay bills and living expenses to suddenly being absolutely loaded. The first piece of advice would be to take things slowly. Don’t go popping Champagne like a Formula One driver from the top of your roof just yet. On the contrary, keep it quiet till you can organise yourself properly. Immediately sign the winning lottery ticket. Lottery tickets are the

‘No change’ Cemex

Loose change

LORENZO ZAMBRANO, Cemex president died of a heart ailment in Madrid, aged 70. The Mexican cement firm’s operation and administration will continue as normal, said a company communiqué.

A look at finance for females

Jane Plunkett

belonging of the bearer. This means that whoever holds the ticket is the winner. We’ve all got Smartphones these days, so why not also take a photo and video of yourself with the ticket to prove you are the winner. Change your phone number and get a PO box mailbox in order to help avoid unwanted mass mail begging for money or endless calls from long lost relatives who suddenly want to be in touch. It might be tempting to tell your boss you’re quitting, but knee jerk

Sareb interest PRIVATE-EQUITY firm KKR run by billionaires Henry Kravis and George Roberts is interested in Spain’s bad bank, Sareb. The firm is keen to invest in a Spanish lender, revealed KKR’s Spanish head Jesus Olmos. BIG WINNINGS: Best to take things slowly. decisions like that are not advisable. Keep your job, at least for a while, until you figure out how to handle your new wealth. Settle any big debts you may have, a mortgage, a car loan etc. and make a date with a

Do I need a non-residency certificate? Q. Regarding non-residency certificates in connection with Spanish bank accounts, I find You and the that my bank charges €29.50 plus another €6.82 each for my wife and me, as we have a Law in Spain joint bank account. This totals €72.64 every By David Searl year, so I wonder if these certificates are really necessary now that we are all European, even those of us from the UK. If the certificates are still necessary, can we apply ourselves to save on the expense? P.S. (e-mail) A. Yes, the non-residency certificate is still necessary for those non-residents who hold accounts in Spanish banks. This is because the bank itself withholds 21 per cent tax on interest earnings by tax residents of Spain for capital gains tax. The bank pays this directly to the Spanish Tax Agency in the name of the account holder. This tax is not withheld from the accounts of non-residents, as they are supposed to declare such interest income to their country of residence. The bank needs the document to justify their not collecting tax. Yes, you can apply on your own. You need your passport and photocopy of all pages, Form EX-15 in duplicate, explaining why you need the certificate, and Form 790 to pay the charges. You present the forms at your nearest National Police station. Send your questions for David Searl through lawyers Ubeda-Retana & Associates in Fuengirola at, or call 952 667 090.

financial adviser. A financial planner plays the role of coach, keeping you on track so that your cash doesn’t run out before you do. They can also help in terms of gifting money to relatives or charities.

Don’t treat your win as a bottomless purse - pay yourself a salary. This will allow you to make a year or two of potentially bad financial decisions while you learn the ropes of the best ways to manage your money.

Less debt LATEST data from Spain’s central bank showed net debt owed by the country’s banks to the European Central Bank fell by 29 per cent in 12 months. That is a sign the economy is starting to recover.

Biofuel danger to ‘green’ industry EXECUTIVES at advanced biofuel companies are nervous now that the EU has pulled back on rigorous biofuel targets it began putting in place in 2009. Without an aggressive, long-term biofuel framework, these companies are less likely to get monetary help - whether bank loans, tax credits or subsidies needed to build and run their refineries. They claim the industry would move out of Europe altogether which, while sounding ominous, is based on incomplete and exaggerated information, according to the the Pine Chemicals Association (PCA) which believes the EU’s more measured approach is clever. Pine chemicals, made from renewable crude tall oil (CTO) as a product of forestry, are key ingredients in many consumer products that add value to other businesses according to the PCA. In the EU, CTO is now being diverted for use in biodiesel fuel, but that threatens to damage the pine chemicals industry. That is because there is a finite supply of the product, and as it is used to make bio-fuels its use in other industries could decline, with other less environmentally

PINE FOREST: Used for chemicals. friendly products taking their place. For example, a cradle to gate study of the CTO lifecycle finds the carbon footprint of pine chemicals in Europe is 70 per cent lower than the substitutes that would be used if CTO is diverted to biofuel use.


Property and politicians’ promises A FEW weeks ago I was feeling quite positive about the proposed changes to the LOUA (urban planning law) and the prospect that the problems of thousands of homeowners in Andalucía, including mine and my neighbours’ in Las Huertas (Alcaucin), would at last be resolved. For the past few months there has been so much in the press about these changes, but still nothing has happened. Don’t the politicians realise the misery and heartbreak they are causing? The worry and stress as well as the high cost of any legal action? The local Spanish people I know are very caring, especially to the older generation. It is hard to comprehend that once they become involved in politics they change and no longer care about how fairly they treat people. Both of the main parties tell us that they agree that the LOUA needs amending, but what is happening? Nothing! As usual they are saying what they think we want to hear. What we want is action, not words. Stop talking about it and make the changes. Kath Williams (by email)

Old as you feel EVERYONE is aware the Rolling Stones are on tour again in Spain next month. They were here several years ago in El Ejido as well as Madrid. A señorita friend and her brother said that as they were going to see the Rollings (as she put it), should they get extra tickets? Since the price of tickets was equivalent to the cost of a moon landing, we declined. They did not seem at all impressed when I told them I had seen the Stones at Walthamstow Assembly Halls in 1963. I further added that it was about time Old Age Pensioners started to act their age. The reply was who did I think I was, telling pensioners to act their age! Harvey ‘Hogan’ Appel, Sorbas (Almeria).


22 - 28 May 2014 / Costa Blanca South


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LIKE many Anglo-Spanish grandparents, we have family back in the UK. At least our grandson keeps everyone happy by supporting a former Spurs player as well as Real Madrid.

Brian Ponting (by email)

Long walk home AS the non-driving owner of a holiday home in La Zenia I am writing to register my dismay regarding the sudden withdrawal by Costa Azul Autobuses of the bus stop at La Zenia. Whilst I appreciate that the bus company is being fined for causing an obstruction at the roundabout when the bus pulls in, withdrawing the bus stop completely without an alternative stopping point seems a bit harsh. At the moment our only option is a walk of at least 15 minutes to Cabo Roig or Playa Flamenca to catch or get off the bus. This of course causes a great deal of inconvenience, particularly if you have heavy shopping or luggage if you are going to Alicante airport. I would have thought that the bus company and the local council could have placed a bus stop off the roundabout at La Zenia just past the Consum towards La Zenia boulevard. Some buses already call at the Boulevard in any case and it would only mean a diversion of approximately 800 metres to the next roundabout to turn around.

WHEN YOU WRITE All letters, whether by email or post, should carry the writer’s postal address, NIE and contact number though only the name and town will be published. Letters may also be edited. Readers who have missed earlier correspondence can see all letters posted on:

another year, there will always be comments of collusion and bias amongst the judges. The only results no-one can argue with are with swimmers and runners etc, where the obvious winner is the first one past the tape. Keep up your good work, very best wishes to you all. Colin Clarke, La Cala de Finestrat (Alicante)

I would assume that there are a lot of residents and tourists who use the bus service and I am surprised that there has not been a greater protest from everyone, including local businesses, who would like to see the stop restored. As I see it, the only people to benefit are the taxi drivers who would take the people who cannot physically make it to the the alternative bus stops. K James (by email)

Neck and neck HELLO to all you hard-working Euro Weekly News staff! Now that the Emerald Isle talent contest finals are over for

Tasteless soup ALREADY 2014 has been the year for a number of incidents: the missing Korean plane, the conflict in the Ukraine and worldwide shark culls. But 2014 is also the year that sees my local Chinese restaurant put controversial shark fin soup on its menu. This dish features the fins of sharks that are killed for said fin, tens of millions of them. This is then served in a soup whose main flavour is chicken stock, because the meat of a shark’s fin is actually tasteless. Interestingly enough, though, shark fin soup is legal in Spain, despite a ban put into place for all of the EU back in 2003. The ban was opposed by both Spain



and Portugal, who currently possess a special permit that allows them to continue to land fins as long as they are separate from the bodies. The permits are standard practice but are considered by most to be a major mockery of the law. One third of Europe’s shark and ray species are categorised as ‘threatened’ by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. It might even shock you to learn that EU fishing industry companies are the biggest suppliers and exporters of shark fins to mainland China. So if you have a hankering for something new and fancy trying the dish, which is viewed as “rather pointless,” “an insult to nature” and “disgraceful” by many conservationist groups and organisations, then head on down there today. It will not be long before various members of differing communities begin lodging complaints and the dish is removed from the menu. J.H. Longman (by email)

Pat on the back JUST to say a big “thank you” for printing details of the dog show organised by the Protectora de Animales de El Campello (APAC) in your newspaper. Thank you for your response and your professionalism. Pamela Fielden, APAC secretary, Campello (Alicante)

Sweet music I CAN go one better than the Your Say correspondents commenting on endlessly chirping and sparring sparrows or monotonous pigeons repeating the same phrase time after time. Late every night for the last week or two as I sit at the wideopen window and take off my make-up I have been listening to a nightingale. It sounds as though it is a field and a coppice away from our house, but its voice carries - and what a voice! Want to know where? Not a chance! I’m keeping this late-night concert all to myself. Pearl Cooper (by email)

The views expressed and opinions given in Letters are not necessarily those of the EWN publishers. They accept no responsibility for accuracy of information, errors, omissions or statements, and reject claims arising out of any action that a company or individual may take on the basis of information contained therein.


E W N 22 - 28 May 2014 / Costa Blanca South







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SkyMoviesAction/ 9:10am The Mask of Zorro


You’ve Got Mail (Film, 1998)

•Tom Hanks •Meg Ryan •Greg Kinnear •Parker Posey

A comic tale of romance on the internet. A couple meet in an internet chat room and correspond by e-mail, unaware that they are actually business rivals. Her children's bookshop is threatened by the arrival nearby of his family firm's discount book chain. When he discovers the truth, he must try to prevent their business rivalry from thwarting their growing personal intimacy.

11:35am The Lone Ranger 2:10pm Gladiator 4:50pm xXx2: The Next Level 6:35pm The Mask of Zorro 9:00pm The Lone Ranger 11:35pm Gladiator 2:15am Mad Max 3: Beyond Thunderdome 4:10am The Core

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2:20pm Awakenings 4:25pm Steel Magnolias 6:25pm Empire of the Sun 9:00pm You've Got Mail 11:00pm Cruel Intentions 12:45am Struck by Lightning 2:25am Medicine Man 4:20am Les Miserables Special 4:50am Steel Magnolias

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Tyger Takes on the Perfect Body (Documentary) BBC 3 from 10:00pm to 11:00pm Tyger Drew-Honey is thrown in at the deep end as he explores male body image and discovers how far some will go for the perfect look. He meets the vainest boys in Britain who think nothing of waxing everything, and learns that our obsession with selfies might be fuelling a rise in young men opting for plastic surgery. Immersing himself in the trend-setting world of 'Men's Fitness', Tyger enters a national competition, attempting to train for the 'shredded look'. But his workouts stop when he puts his heart at risk by taking easily available sports supplements that shouldn't even be on the shelves.

BBC4/ 8:00pm World News Today 8:30pm Top of the Pops

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Fun with Dick and Jane (Film, 2006)


SATELLITE CHANNELS/ Sky1/ 9:00am Futurama 9:30am Futurama 10:00am Futurama 10:30am Futurama 11:00am Hawaii Five-0 12:00pm Hawaii Five-0 1:00pm Hawaii Five-0 2:00pm NCIS: Los Angeles 3:00pm NCIS: Los Angeles 4:00pm Stargate Atlantis 5:00pm Futurama 5:30pm Futurama

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•Jim Carrey •Téa Leoni •Alec Baldwin •Richard Jenkins •Angie Harmon

10:50pm Mr. Deeds 12:35am Scary Movie 5 2:10am Weird Science 3:50am The Knot 5:30am The Fighting Temptations

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When Dick's firm goes bankrupt, he and wife Jane have two options. They can look for a new exec position... or steal the cash back from corrupt CEO Jack McCallister. Crime comedy.

2:20pm The Fast and the Furious 4:15pm 2 Fast 2 Furious 6:10pm The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift 8:00pm Jack the Giant Slayer 10:00pm The Fast and the Furious 11:55pm 2 Fast 2 Furious 1:50am The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift 3:40am Hero 5:25am Fast and Furious 6 Special

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England's Worst Ever Football Team (Sport) BBC 3 from 11:00pm to 12:00am With England's finest heading off to Brazil for the World Cup, what better way to get into the spirit than a celebration of those players who, no matter how hard they tried, fell just short of world class. Working from the original XI first assembled in 2010, the programme re-examines the evidence to see if this line-up was conclusive or whether there has been a late change from those who have donned the famous white shirt in the last four years. Did the first show overlook some previous evidence for inclusion that if brought to light could condemn some new unfortunate and book them a place on the definitive roll of shame?

BBC4/ SkyMoviesDrama/ 4:50am Steel Magnolias 7:00am Go for It! 8:40am Cinderella Man 11:10am Private Peaceful 1:00pm The Break-Up 3:00pm The Devil Wears Prada 5:00pm Beautiful Creatures 7:10pm The Break-Up 9:00pm The Devil Wears Prada 11:00pm Adore 1:00am Before Midnight 3:00am Cherry

8:00pm World News Today 8:30pm BBC Young Musician 2014 10:00pm Nat King Cole: Afraid of the Dark 11:30pm Jazz Divas Gold 12:30am Queens of Jazz: The Joy and Pain of the Jazz Divas 1:30am Jazz Horns Gold 2:30am Nat King Cole: Afraid of the Dark 4:00am Queens of Jazz: The Joy and Pain of the Jazz Divas


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22 - 28 May 2014 / Costa Blanca South



Orwell’s bitter-sweet Spanish experiences had a great effect Bruce Walbran Historically Speaking! Bruce - a former UK career linguist - has studied national history and culture for years. A Spanish resident for two decades, he lives in Alfaz del Pi, near Benidorm.


S far as 20th century writers go, George Orwell is easily one of the most influential. This is mainly due to his determination to take on social injustices. To do this he realised he had to fully immerse himself in the lives and lifestyles of those who were being unjustly treated. In his late 20s, he spent months living on the roads and in doss-houses to better acquaint himself with the lot of the poor and the dispossessed, recounting his experiences in ‘Down and out in Paris and London’. In the industrial north he lodged with mining families and factory workers in order to graphically document the squalor in which the working classes lived during the 1930s.

ORWELL: Arrived in Spain during the Civil War. He recounted his experiences in the book, ‘The Road to Wigan Pier,’ a clear political discourse on the futile nature of life on the bottom tier of an industrial society. But it was his bitter-sweet experiences in Spain which probably had the greatest effect on the then 33-year-old writer. Orwell arrived in Barcelona five months after the Civil War started. He had intended to write newspaper articles but was swept up by the revolutionary atmosphere and joined the militia.

In his book, ‘Homage to Catalonia’ published two years later, he wrote of his first impressions; the contented and hopeful nature of the people of Barcelona who had effectively socialised their city. But it went tragically awry. Orwell had joined the newly-formed POUM, which was a Marxist faction of the Republican Army. Its ideology was one of socialist revolution for all the workers of the world, not just Spain, and its appeal in the primary stages of the war spread quickly.

Unfortunately for the POUM, the main foreign, financial backer of the Republican cause was Uncle Joe Stalin and worldwide social revolution was the last thing on his mind. The Soviet Union needed investment and trade deals from the western capitalist democracies to industrialise. It had to distance itself from any idea of Marxistbased revolution, anathema to capitalism. It could not be seen to be providing financial and material aid to the Republic while the Republic contained ‘troublesome’ elements within its ranks. Orwell saw it all. From the heady days of workers’ equality to the tragedy of betrayal brought on by pressure from the Soviet Union, the so-called socialist Utopia more interested in capitalist trade than communist revolution. He satirised this beautifully in ‘Animal Farm’ but it was in ‘1984’ where he most powerfully exposed the criminality in communism, creating a chilling dystopia where even thinking thoughts that were contrary to the interests of the Party was a crime.


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Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights (Film, 2004)


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•Diego Luna •Romola Garai •Sela Ward •John Slattery •Jonathan Jackson •January Jones

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SkyMoviesDrama/ 4:50am Anastasia

An American girl has the time of her life while heating up the dancefloor with a Cuban local. Spicy encore to the romantic favourite, starring Romola Garai and Diego Luna.

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Impractical Jokers (Comedy, 2012) BBC 3 from 3:45am to 4:15am Hidden camera show where four friends - Joel Dommet, Roisin Conaty, Paul McCaffrey and Marek Larwood - compete to embarrass each other in everyday situations.

BBC4/ 8:00pm Jazz Legends in Their Own Words 9:00pm Jazz 625 at the BBC 10:00pm Wallander

11:30pm History of the Eagles

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Would I Lie to You? (Quiz Show) BBC 3 from 8:30pm to 9:00pm Comedy panel show in which team-mates must remain pokerfaced while revealing personal stories previously known only to their closest confidantes, being put through their paces in a quickfire lies round, and explaining their real or invented relationship with a mystery studio guest - all with the ultimate aim of discerning the truth from the fiction.


Grease (Film, 1978)


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T-Bird Danny Zuko has an identity crisis when his demure summer love turns up. Does he acknowledge her as his girlfriend and risk ruining his image?

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22 - 28 May 2014 / Costa Blanca South



N the light of those poor Nigerian girls, abducted in the ‘name of Islam’, it struck me that there has been a remarkable absence of burka-clad women standing up displaying those ‘bring back our girls’ notices in their support. I wonder why that is? Well, it could be they don’t give a damn. I think that unlikely. It could be they agree with the sentiments of the abductors. I feel that is also untrue. No, I think the real reason is that their menfolk have ordered them not to. Basically, you see, most Islamic men believe in the inferiority of women. They want them to remain second-class citizens. They don’t want their females too well educated, it frightens them. So although they may not agree with the methods used by this murderous bunch, most of them will certainly agree with their sentiments. I wonder what happened to those women in Saudi Arabia, who were leading the protests against the ban on women being allowed to drive? That’s all gone pretty quiet, hasn’t it?



No, believe me, those protesters were squashed like bugs by the Saudi authorities. They had no chance. Islam is a man’s world. Women are merely chattels. The way they are treated under the yolk of Islam is almost beyond belief. Made to walk four or five paces behind their men. Stoned to death for adultery. Stripped of their marital status simply by their husband standing up in court and declaring ‘I divorce thee’ three times. Needing three or four male ‘witnesses’ before having rape proven. The list simply goes on and on. Then to top it all, to comply with their ‘religion’ they are clad from head to foot in a black shroud. To me it’s the mentality of some of the women you see interviewed that amazes me. Women, whose eyes peer out from narrow slits and muffled voices actually condone these practices. I can only assume

Credit: meunierd /

Keeping women under the thumb I NOT PROTESTING: Why are burka-clad women not demanding the return of kidnapped girls?

they are either suffering from some form of phobia, are simply brainwashed or mega-masochistic.

As a final observation it is important to remember this is not a militant situation. This is not something that can be dismissed by ‘moderate’ Muslims as something perpetrated by a ‘small number’ of extremists in their midst. These practices are the norm among the followers of Islam. Well, all I can say is on your own heads be it, girls. And as a word to their menfolk, I think your fear of women is perfectly justified. I dread to think of the reaction of western ladies should you try and inflict these rules and regulations on them. Singing in shrill falsetto comes to mind! Thanks for all your mail. You know I can take it. Have a good week and, whatever ya do, always keep the faith. Love Leapy


E W N 22 - 28 May 2014 / Costa Blanca South







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Hulk (Film, 2003)


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•Eric Bana •Jennifer Connelly •Sam Elliott •Joshua Lucas •Nick Nolte

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Following a radiation overdose, any emotional trauma transforms Dr Bruce Banner into 15 feet of mean, green muscle. But with the US Army keen to tap his strength, will he find a cure for his astonishing anger?

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Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents (Documentary) BBC 3 from 10:00pm to 11:00pm Series in which teenagers take their first summer holiday abroad without their parents, who, unbeknown to the kids, secretly watch everything that unfolds.

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E W N 22 - 28 May 2014 / Costa Blanca South







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•Martin Lawrence •Will Smith •Jordi Mollà •Gabrielle Union •Peter Stormare

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Bad Boys II (Film, 2003)

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Top Gear (Motoring) BBC 3 from 8:00pm to 9:00pm Motoring magazine programme that tests and reviews the latest models of cars on the market, as well as covering older 'classic' models and news in the motoring world.

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Loose-cannon cops Lowrey and Burnett reduce Miami to rubble as they try to stop Cuban and Russian drug smugglers from flooding Florida with ecstasy. Action comedy.

4:15am Resident Evil: Retribution


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22 - 28 May 2014 / Costa Blanca South



Colorado’s enduring links to mother-ship Spain

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removed the Dominican, Franciscan and Jesuit priests from Mexico. The brotherhood of ‘Penitentes’ assumed the critical role in keeping the Hispanic traditions alive in those remote areas without clergy. Many theorise that there is a connection between the still existent Penitentes of the San Luis Valley and the 16th century Penitentes of Spain. For example, there are many similarities in the Christmas season processions throughout the valley and those performed in Sevilla and Granada. Perhaps the most curious tie of the valley’s direct relationship to Spain has been a recent medical discovery. Doctors at some of the area’s medical schools have documented disproportionate levels of breast cancer within the women of the valley. The genetic mutation that has caused this particular type of virulent breast cancer had previously been found only in Jewish women with a European Mediterranean lineage. Yet all these new patients were Hispanic Catholics of the San Luis Valley. These ontological hard facts have raised some interesting overtures. It is well known that during the Middle Ages, the Jews of Spain were expelled or were forced to convert (becoming ‘conversos’). These exiles went as far as the New World and it is not hard to imagine that many ventured up the Rio Grande to the northernmost outpost of the San Luis Valley. Rumours of secret Spanish Jewry have floated around the valley for years. Locals have long noted that the original Spanish conquistador to the valley, Juan de Onate (1598), had ‘converso’ relatives and documented conversos in his expedition. Furthermore, the valley is home to some local customs such as sweeping the dust to the centre of the room, covering mirrors while mourning a loved one and the Friday night lighting of candles, all tied to ancient Jewish customs. To be sure, it is not uncommon to see examples of colonial Spanish architecture or hear Spanish being spoken while visiting the American South-West. Yet one would be hard-pressed to find a more direct link between the New World to mother-ship Spain than the evidence found in the San Luis Valley of Colorado, USA. These links with the past have proven to be a successful formula for sustained Spanish life in the valley. That, in and of itself, is a very Spanish attribute.



HE small pueblos of this valley are quintessentially Spanish; sun-baked plazas, adobe-built homes with vines and fruit trees growing in grassless yards, crosses crowning church spires and desolate cemeteries. Even the names of the pueblos remain true to form: Antonito, Conejos, Guadalupe, Monte Vista, San Juan, etc. Are we referring to a remote valley in Andalucia somewhere? In Valencia or Aragon? No, these are the names and descriptions of a remote valley an ocean apart from Spain. This article directs your attention to the San Luis Valley in my home state of Colorado, USA. The valley is high (2,200-2,500 metres), large, flat and desert-like, surrounded on three sides by some of Colorado’s highest peaks (4,400 metres). The headwaters of the mighty Rio Grande are born here. It is the geographical remoteness and the severe terrain that have been most instrumental in shaping the valley’s unique connection to mother-ship Spain and its Iberian roots. Consider the following. Prior to 1821 ‘New Spain’, or what we now know as Mexico, was a domain with direct ties to : The Rio e. ABOVE k li tr e s Madrid. The San Luis Valley was e :D N VALLEY the northernmost extreme part SAN JUA of New Spain. It was viewed as a strategic JACK GAIONI buffer zone between marauding Indians and over-zealous Anglo-American frontiersmen. In an effort to colonise this US citizen Jack is remote valley, Madrid made land grants to spending the first years of his politically favoured Spanish families. retirement in Many times these large land grants went Almeria. His to first generation New Spaniards or to articles have been published in Spain absentee citizens still on the Iberian and the US. Peninsula. In most cases, the San Luis remained poor and unproductive due to neglect, isolation, poor soil and continual raids from hostile Indians. Unlike much of Some have even unflatteringly the New World, there was little described New World Spanish as a intermarriage with the indigenous “corrupt and deficient language of the population. poor.” Yet, even though the valley remained The dialect of the San Luis Valley, sparsely populated, those that did colonise however, has been identified as closely remained directly tied to the Iberian related to the Castilian Spanish of the royal Peninsula. court. Only slight traces of the Mexican The Spanish language of New Spain was elements of speech have been found in (is) generally a mixture of Andalucian, the language, which is still spoken in the Galician and Portuguese dialects blended valley today. with indigenous dialects. Linguists have also noted that those

particular Native Americans that have managed to assimilate into the valley’s communities also use a courtly Castilian accent. It appears the remoteness of the valley has protected the dialect from Grande. change throughout the centuries. Water in this high desert Valley - it receives less than 10 inches annually - is of paramount importance. Wells, streams, small ponds and underground aquifers do in fact exist but have proven unreliable for sustained agriculture or human usage. Taking direct advantage of the snow run-off from the surrounding mountain ranges, a 400-year-old system of ‘acequias’ (from the Spanish/Arabic ‘waterconduit’) is still active in the valley. Borrowing directly from Spanish-Arabic engineering traditions, taking water directly from its source to farms and pueblos via ditches and gravity chutes, suggests Old World engineering rather than New World applications. The roots of The Third Order of Saint Francis of Amiss go back 800 years in Spain. Members would practise selfflagellation, cross-carrying and other forms of physical torment as penance for their sins. Following Mexico’s independence from Spain (1821), the Catholic Church


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The UK’s great recession’s over? Depends who you ask … Nora Johnson

Breaking Views A Costa del Sol resident for a number of years, Nora is the author of psychological suspense and crime thrillers. To comment on any of the issues raised in her column, go to


RITAIN’S six-year ‘Great Recession’ is officially over and the ground lost in the financial crisis has been recovered! This is according to one of the UK’s leading economic bodies, the National Institute of Economic and Social Research, which recently declared that Britain’s GDP is almost back at its March 2008 record. “We are incredibly close to the prerecession peak,” an institute member commented. But before we go any further, let’s look at what caused the Great Recession in the first place. Who’s in the firing line? Well, apart from the usual suspects - lawyers, hedge-funders and tax-avoidance accountants - many are quick to point the finger at the bankers.

LOOKING UP: On the road to recovery, or not. Bankers are the culprits, eh? Now, the crisis began in the USA and spread to much of the Western World. People, who were probably financially illiterate, took out home loans they couldn’t afford. So, does this mean anyone who borrowed more than they could afford to repay is also to blame? The reality is that we all, bankers and

consumers, caused the problem and it’s typical of many people to jump up and down and yell “someone else’s fault, not mine!” Yes, bankers must share their responsibility because they’re taking the risk and are supposed to be the financial experts. But shouldn’t everyone who took advantage of such a loose system?

Whatever happened to personal responsibility? So, the recession’s really over, is it? You tell that to those on low wages, those who can’t find work, like university graduates and those unintentionally unemployed. Those on zero-hour contracts not knowing where their next pay packet will be coming from. All these groups must be wondering which planet those statisticians live on. Plainly, it must be called something like ‘CloudCuckoo Land’ - a small planet on the outer regions of the nebula: “I Saw You Coming!” If things are looking up - and they would have been whichever government had been in office by the turn of the cycle there is cause for qualified optimism. But not until the UK Government’s austerity programme has truly finished and more people can find work will these statistics have more of a ring of truth to them. Nora Johnson’s thrillers Retribution and The De Clerambault Code ( available from Amazon in paperback/eBook (€0.89; £0.77) and iBookstore. Profits to Cudeca.

Why don’t you take a hike? Ulrica Marshall

Expat Strife Swedish-born Ulrica is a freelance journalist living in Mallorca with her family. Her debut novel $Expat Wives is available on Amazon and iBooks. To comment on any of the issues raised in Ulrica’s column, go to


F you’d told me a few years ago that I would be partial to a hike in the Great Outdoors, I would have assumed you were deluded. Yet, here I am, a paid-up and willing member of a hiking group. Having said that, it has been a bit of a slow burn, love/ hate relationship. My first outing a couple of years back, as a newbie expat in Spain and novice hiker, didn’t end too well. I was ill prepared, certain that my faithful gym trainers would suffice and considered myself tooled up with a small bottle of water and a book of walking routes. I assumed that we’d reach a quaint little hilltop café, that nature would not call en route,

and that the guidebook would be blindingly simple to follow, thus not leading to wrong turns which doubled the allocated walking time and made us scale sheer rock faces that may have been a real path once upon a time;

specifically the dinosaur era. Treading through unknown shrubbery and woods, I was beginning to wonder if we’d ever find our way out. News stories of hikers trapped on mountains overnight, surviving by making a fire to huddle

around sprung to mind. If only I had been a smoker, I would have come prepared with a lighter. Or been a girl scout. Further into the woods, with no clear path in sight and no reception on the mobile, images from the 90s’ horror

movie The Blair Witch Project began to prey on my mind. Was that pile of twigs and branches a mere coincidence…? Perhaps the elements were not our only enemy on this ill-advised hike… In the end, we found the path as ‘Google maps’ finally blinkered into function. Since then I have gone on many hikes with joyful sights of spring lambs, forests like one might expect in a Lord of the Rings movie, complete with quaint little ‘hobbit’ houses and amazing views across beautiful landscapes, which made the producers of great films like the Cloud Atlas choose Spain to film. So, if you haven’t taken a hike yet, take my advice and do so. Just make sure you go prepared, proper boots, compass, map, a small first aid kit, lots of water and snacks. I still have not needed the lighter I ritually bring - or a distress flare - so far, so good. So see you at the peak?



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BEDS BEDS BEDS: Get a good nights sleep. mattresses; pocket sprung and ones with storage which are particularly popular in Spain as Clive finds everyone is looking for more storage in their homes. They also have a good range of metal and wooden frames

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No insurance, no boat. Are you covered? By Pete Woodall SAILING your boat is not unlike driving your car, some things just have to be in order, and one of them is your boat insurance documentation. If you’re out on the water, especially here in Spain, you need to be able to produce valid insurance documentation on request. If not, then the stern looking gentleman in the big powerful green and white boat, clearly labelled Guardia Civil, (and his pal with the machine gun) are perfectly within their rights to confiscate your nautical pride and joy. This is probably followed by a large fine and it just goes downhill from there. So it is much better not to go there in the first place. Edward William Marine Services provide all their insurance customers with multi-

lingual insurance papers, including English and Spanish, at no extra charge. That ensures not only the authorities but also you know exactly what’s going on. Other insurance companies may charge for this or provide paper work in only one language, leaving some customers guessing as to what is and what is not covered. That can be all too confusing. Cost wise there are advantages as well, for example, a third party basic insurance on a speedboat is available from €199, and fully comprehensive for not a lot more. So good value and good service. Edward William Marine Services maintain, “for every risk there is a premium,” all agents are experienced employees who can give anyone an immediate

quote for any boat, in any waters, for any use, anywhere, over the phone or by email. If you’re in any boat business yourself, ‘introducers’ with integrity are also welcome and remunerated for their efforts. Edward William Marine Services have built a strong reputation for first class insurance and personal service that has spread their name throughout Australia, New Zealand, The Americas, The Pacific Rim, the Caribbean and, since 1998, in Spain.

So don't be shy, whatever your craft or related profession take a moment to visit their website or call 952 476 090 and see what’s on offer for you and your boat. Just as their adverts says; any boat, any waters, any use, anywhere.

GREAT SERVICE: The team from Edward William Marine Services.


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No armistice for chemical weapons T

ENS of thousands of Greeks recently protested against their waters being used as a convenient dumping ground for Syria’s chemical weapons. One can hardly blame them for rejecting the United States-led decommissioning plan. It could be a case of too little too late. Most will be familiar with the Palomares incident in 1966 that involved a US Air Force B-52 bomber and airborne tanker. The collision resulted in its deadly cargo of H-bombs plummeting to earth. The area affected was covered in fine radioactive dust. Today vast areas of affected land is still off limits. The US never did cough up to pay for the ongoing clean-up. There is no time limit to the effects of chemical weapons. After World War ll tens of thousands of tonnes of chemical weapons were dumped in seas around Europe. The largest concentration dumped in the Mediterranean was near the Italian city of Bari. So far this has resulted in 232 accidents. Such

Mike Walsh

Mike, based in Mediterranean Spain, is an international journalist, author and professional writer.

was the rush to be rid of these ticking time-bombs that records of where they were dumped are incomplete. The Allies dumped at least 40,000 tonnes in the Baltic Sea. At least 13,000 tonnes contain poisonous substances. A sixth of this amount would be sufficient to kill all life in the Baltic for a hundred years. Mustard gas, chloropicrin, phosgene, diphosgene and arsenic compounds are packed in cases and drums that rust and are now leaking. Russian scientist, Aleksander Korotenko, predicts 16 per cent is sufficient to wipe out all life in the Baltic. The leakage is not sudden; it occurs over time as containers corrode and the effects are uncertain. What action do fishermen take if they net a lump of mustard gas? Mustard gas turns into a sticky

TIME BOMB: Dangerous chemicals washed ashore.

mass that can drift around in the sea for years. Twenty-four serious accidents have occurred on Polish beaches or when fishermen discovered mustard gas in their nets. It is impossible to locate the jettisoned containers. It is futile to do so as recovery attempts would aggravate the deterioration of the containers’ condition. The danger is concentrating the minds of those engaged in laying Russia’s Northstream gas pipeline running

along the Baltic seabed from Russia to Germany. Jacek Beldowski, coordinator of Chemsea (Chemical Munitions Search & Assess project), says: “The seabed is increasingly disturbed by construction projects: cables, wind farms and pipelines. Therefore procedures must be rapidly established for excavating, constructing and drilling in risk zones.” There are 31 places in the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean

where chemical weapons are corroding. In addition, there are 120 dumping grounds for conventional weapons known to contain heavy metals and other hazardous substances, 64 of which are off the French coast. In the Skagerrak, between Denmark and Norway, the Allies sunk at least 45 ships carrying chemical weaponry. Between Ireland and Scotland, a million tonnes of ammunition were dumped, some chemical weapons.

Of little benefit, same old vicious circle Cassandra Nash

A weekly look - and not entirely impartial reaction to the Spanish political scene


GREAT many people of working age are unemployed in Spain although each month an extremely small but steady number are beginning to find jobs. The economy is improving, the government boasts at home and abroad, although huge swathes of the population question this. Some are struggling business people or employees whose pay has been cut, but around 4 million are the unemployed whose benefits have run out. The worst aspect of unemployment in this country is that once out of a job, no-one ever receives benefits for more than two years. So it was in Franco’s time and so it has been during every democraticallyelected government since the Transition.

Against the odds IF the PSOE does well in the European elections, the party’s present leader Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba will then decide his future within the party. But if the PSOE does well next Sunday, it will be despite Rubalcaba, not because of him. The majority of those 4 million people do not spend, cannot spend and nor will they spend until they can work. And they are not working because no-one can employ them because their businesses are not booming because noone is spending. Same old vicious circle.

No way out THE government plans to pass its restrictive abortion reform bill in July and the choice of RUBALCABA: Will decide his future within the party.

date is not casual. Theoretically, the European elections will be over and the municipal and regional elections a year off. The country will have slowed down, mopping its collective brow in the summer heat and doubtless the government hopes that few will notice the deeply unpopular bill’s passage through parliament. This strategy is unlikely to succeed, just as it failed when the Cabinet approved the draft bill last December while the country was o/d-ing on turkey and turron. As well as being a voteloser, this bill labels Mariano Rajoy’s government as an unattractive throwback to the Church-controlled past but he and Justice Minister Alberto Ruiz-Gallardon could only save face by having the bill thrown out. That is not going to happen and for once Rajoy could be cursing his government’s huge, unbeatable

parliamentary majority.

Simple arithmetic THE Pajares rail tunnels for the AVE high speed train overshot their budget by €1.211 billion. They have never been used and if the Ministry of Public Works had listened to geologists’ reports from the 80s they would never have been built. They advised against it then owing to the huge pockets of subterranean water but 30 years later that did not deter Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero’s government. Interestingly, the €1.211 billion overspend is similar to the sum that almost persuaded the Sacyr consortium to pull out of enlarging the Panama Canal. Naturally there was never any threat of pulling out of the Pajares project: it was only public money, after all.

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Cash-raising laws hit drivers.. New driving laws in Spain mean people face a fine of €500 for being just one kilometre over the speed limit, and in some areas new limits of 20kph are being brought in. Are these sensible rules for road safety, or a way for the government to make money with heavy penalties? Are drivers being unfairly targeted, or should drivers just be more careful?


OANNE and Terry Pearson moved permanently from the UK to Quesada in Alicante just six months ago and are already finding that Spain is full of red tape and bureaucracy with these new driving laws adding to their experiences. “It is so strict here,” said Joanne, with Terry believing it is purely just a

STREET TALK way for the government to boost coffers. “It is just a way of getting cash and is unfair to drivers. I think the 20kph speed limit is good if it is an area where there are schools, but if there are then going

to be police there checking and if you go at 21kph you will get a €500 fine, that’s a lot.” Bryn Williamson, aged 59, on holiday in Rojales on Costa Blanca wasn’t aware of the new regulations. “As a holidaymaker renting out hire cars, I’d want to be aware of any changes and new speed limits. I think people should be made aware or will it just apply to residents? Probably not, unsuspecting tourists are likely to be the victims. It doesn’t surprise me, though, governments will do anything to get more money,” Bryn believed. George Rennie, 66, who lives in Zurgena, Almeria, and is retired, thought that it was definitely a way for the PEARSONS: It government to make money. He said it was is just a way unfair that the police for the could watch you on a government road and fine you to make without you money. knowing. He was

surprised that the European courts let them get away with it. Johnny Bedford, retired, from Arboleas in Almeria, has just celebrated his 66th birthday. He also thought it was a way for the government to make money, saying: “I think children’s safety is important, you shouldn’t put children in the front seat. “The speed limit is to make money, but drivers need to be careful. There is a high mortality rate on Spanish roads. The lorry drivers are particularly dangerous.”

GEORGE: Unfair law.

European elections this Sunday by Pete Woodall The EU elections in Spain are not limited to just Spaniards. EU elections come around every five years and voting and procedure vary slightly from country to country. Unlike Belgium, Greece, Cyprus and Luxembourg voting is not compulsory in Spain. European elections usually span four days, with voting in the UK and the Netherlands taking place today (Thursday) and most of the other 28 countries including Spain casting their vote this Sunday. The procedure here is relatively straightforward. Polling stations are open from 9am until 8pm and for the most part are located in designated schools and high schools throughout each municipality. Those entitled and who correctly registered their intention to vote, can do so. Voters just need to present themselves at their designated

BALLOT BOX: Voting in the EU elections in Spain is not limited to just Spaniards. polling station with a valid identification document. Residency certificates, NIE documents and driving licences with a photograph are not generally considered to be official ID documents so the British will have to show their passports. Spaniards and

other EU citizens may show a national ID card if they have one. At the polling stations the electoral role is listed A to Z by surname; the list shows one of possibly several tables where each individual can find the appropriate printed ballot slip

for the party of their choice to cast their vote. One vote per person, the vote is confidential and done behind a curtain by placing the chosen ballot slip in the envelope provided and dropping it into the box. It is important to note: ballot slips must not be marked or

written on in any way as this will invalidate the vote. As well as an information point and probably a Guardia Civil officer, representatives of the main political parties will also be on hand to assist and show how to vote if needed. If you are certain you are on the electoral role but cannot find your name on the list ask at the information point. The information officer who is usually a town hall employee, will contact the INE (Instituto Nacional de Estadística) and try to resolve the situation. Common examples are where a voter has been assigned a different polling station in the municipality without their knowledge. The EU elections this time will appoint 751 MEPs to the European Parliament, representing 5.05 million people living in an area of 4,385,449 square kilometres. Your individual vote may seem small but it could be important.


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Rescued pets need you! AKIRA animal charity is urgently looking for people to rehome its rescued pets. Whilst premises are being constructed it has to house the animals in private kennels, so relies on people to take in the dogs as soon as possible. The charity was formed on April 1, 2011, after animal lovers noticed a need for a shelter in the areas of

TALKATIVE: Noosa would be good company.

Looking for a home NOOSA was taken in by K9 after her owner was unable to care for her. She is about four years old and loves people. She has been very much loved by her previous owner so is very talkative and will paddle with her paws whilst you talk to her. If you can give her a home, please contact the club. The K9 Club has been been rescuing lost and abandoned animals in the south Costa Blanca for many years. Members of the team care for the lost and abandoned animals that are found and try to find them new homes. The K9 club is a registered charitable association, number CV-01-043388-A. All the animals which come into their possession receive first-class examinations and treatment from established veterinary clinics.

The funds needed to pay for vets’ fees, and where appropriate for accommodation in kennels, are raised by the members and volunteers in various ways. Items which are donated and offered to them for sale are sold from their own shop located on Urbanisation La Marina, which is managed and staffed by volunteers. Greetings card sales, collection tins and calendars are also placed in various business premises.

More information: Website: Tel: Shop 965 077 208 Information on dogs and cats 600 84 54 20 The shop is situated on Calle Alfredo Kraus close to the Tourist Information Office in La Marina urbanisation.

Benissa, Teulada and Moraira, and since then have been in talks with both town councils in securing suitable land and planning the construction of such a shelter, as well as raising awareness of the charity. Both mayors agreed that they could build a shelter on the industrial estate La Pedrera in Benissa, which Benissa Town Hall donated to them. The road leading up to the shelter

Dog of the week LAILA is a female Podenco/ Pointer Cross - DOB 22.5.2009, 60 centimetres - who has been at the shelter since 27.04.2011 After having spent a couple of weeks in the Veterinary Clinic (because she was very skinny at the beginning), she could not believe what happened to her at the APASA animal shelter. So many dogs and they all wanted to play with her. She was completely overwhelmed. But she adapted very quickly and she now enjoys playing with the other dogs.

LAILA: Podenco-Pointer Cross. Laila is very social and sweet and would be good in any new, loving home. For more information call 618 754 635


has now been laid, with water pipes and electricity cables underneath. Spanish bureaucracy dictates that they need yet more permissions before the shelter can be built, but are starting the excavation of the land imminently. Now the charity is looking for more sponsors and already has Liberty Seguros, Royal Canin, Restaurant Jacaranda, the famous guitarist Brian May from Queen, Fam Charlton, Fam Barnett and the Dutch Organisation DZG on board. To sponsor a kennel which houses up to five dogs will cost €1,500 and the sponsor’s name will appear above the kennel. Anyone donating €500 or more towards the shelter will have their name on the sponsor board outside the kennels. So far even without a shelter they have looked after hundreds of abandoned dogs and rehomed them in Spain, Holland and Germany. During the year 2013/4 alone AKIRA rescued 107 dogs and rehomed 86. This would not have been possible without the help of the Aliaga Clinical Team. More information:

For all dog treats please call: 971 887 007 / 634 152 813

Keep cats apart when eating CATS all feeding from a row of food bowls look cute and you will find many of these photos on the web. Cute they may be, but this is stressful for cats, even cats which get on well with each other. Cats go hunting on their own and they eat on their own. They don’t socialise over a meal like humans do. So keep those food bowls well apart. Is your cat going bald? It could be fleas. Some cats are so allergic to a single flea bite that they pull or nibble their fur in this area. Cats also pull or nibble their fur if they FEEDING TIME: Cats prefer to eat alone.

David THE Dogman

Listen to David on TRE every Saturday 10am to 11am Costa del Sol (Gibraltar/Sotogrande) 98.7fm (San Roque to Calahonda) 91.9fm (Calahonda to Motril) 88.9, Costa Calida 92.7fm Costa Blanca (Torrevieja to Elche) 105.1fm (Elche to Calpe) 88.2fm, (Calpe to Gandia & Ibiza) 104.6fm, (Denia to Valencia) 95.3fm Mallorca 103.9fm

have a painful area, if they are allergic to some forms of food, or if they are ill. Some cats even pull their fur through stress. So take your cat to

the vet and discuss the problem. Choosing a pedigree kitten Today’s pedigree cats are beginning to develop inherited diseases from too much inbreeding, just like the diseases found in pedigree dogs. It’s a complicated topic but worth looking into before you decide on one

particular breed. All the information you need can be found at International Cat Care – There are now genetic tests available for some disorders, and you may like to discuss these with cat breeders.

For your local radio frequency log onto www.talkradioeurope. com


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Increased consumption of energy drinks in youngsters causes concern THE weekly intake of sports and energy drinks among adolescents is significantly associated with an increased consumption of other beverages with sugar, smoking and a high use of television or video games. That’s according to a study by researchers at the University of Minnesota and Duke University in the U.S., and published in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behaviour. The high caffeine content of energy drinks and sugar and calories of many sports and energy drinks is causing much concern to health professionals. The information was collected from a study of 20 public school students. The American Academy of Paediatrics recommends that adolescents consume sports drinks only after vigorous and prolonged activity and that, in general, they should not take them because they increase the risk of overstimulation of the nervous system.

RELAXING LUNCH: Helps employees perform better and makes them comfortable.

Taking a proper lunch break can help you perform better at work HAVING a relaxed lunch and taking time to follow a Mediterranean diet helps employees feel better. That’s the conclusion from a group of scientists who say more and more companies are encouraging healthy eating habits to boost the health of their workforce. “A healthy employee performs better and is more comfortable,” said the director of occupational

medicine of the College of Physicians of Malaga, Salvador Marquez. Respecting meal times is one of the key issues to consider in a workforce, ensuring they take adequate time away from their desks, but it is not only the time and dedication, but also what you eat that affects your work performance. “If respected, the Mediterranean diet does not require much more as

it is healthy and suitable for any type of activity because it has

carbohydrates, fats, proteins, nutrients and minerals.”

Get your feet ready for summer sandals OUR feet come under a lot of stress throughout the year but in summer we expect them to look ‘sandal ready’ despite a winter spent in boots. One simple suggestion to get them ready: exfoliate! Eliminate those calluses and hydrate the whole foot with a good quality cream while giving the foot a massage.


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Get motivated By Jonathan Gilchrist Costa Blanca's Top Hypnotherapist HAVE you ever decided on losing weight or stopping smoking or tried to set a goal but failed to stick to it? Successful people are usually the ones who have set goals for themselves and stuck to them! What stops most people from achieving goals in life is because they never get around to taking the first step at all, but that can change thanks to Fast Track Hypnosis which helps greatly by motivating you to keep on track, to achieve your goals in life whether that be losing weight, stopping smoking, making a career change or moving house. Fast Track Hypnosis helps the client to choose where they want to go and what they want to do

in life, by knowing precisely what they want to achieve, then concentrating their efforts to do precisely that. CDs are also provided to reinforce the ongoing results as they progress and finally clients are taught self hypnosis to give positive suggestions to themselves without the use of a CD. One client, Christine, said: “I had tried to quit smoking several times before and hadn’t been successful. I was worried that if I failed again that I would never succeed in stopping smoking, so I decided to give hypnosis a go. “I wasn’t convinced that it would work but I haven’t had a cigarette since and that was almost three

years ago. “Since then I’ve entered fun runs, climbed mountains, and felt great at long last, run up stairs and not felt out of breath.” Another, Gina, said: “I’ve been absolutely thrilled with the results of the weight loss Fast Track Hypnosis as I’ve lost over 18 kilos in the past two months and its utterly painless. “I would recommend Jonathan’s methods to anyone and have done so to friends and family. It’s easy to comply with and seeing such good results has made me more confident and very happy.” Jonathan Gilchrist holds his Fast Track Hypnosis stop smoking/weight control and motivational sessions at Cabo Roig, Quesada and Benidorm. Call him for a free initial consultation.

Jonathan Gilchrist Te: 691 784 954 Email jonathangilchristbh@ Visit www.jonathangilchrist


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1543: Copernicus died. The father of modern astronomy, who famously went against prevailing thinking to state that the Earth and other planets revolve around the sun, died in Poland. 1859: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is born. The man who would go on to write the famous Sherlock Holmes mysteries was born in Scotland. 1897: Dracula goes on sale in London. The first copies of Bram Stoker’s horror novel go on sale in London bookshops. 1934: Famous outlaws Bonnie and Clyde are killed by police; they were shot in Sailes, Louisiana while driving a stolen car. 1941: Bismark sunk by Royal Navy. The British Navy sinks this 823-foot German warship with the loss of more than 2,000 German souls. 1963: African states unite against white rule. Leaders of 32 African nations set up an organisation to give them a united voice for the first time in African history. 1964: India mourns Nehru. Jawaharlal Nehru, the founder of modern India and its Prime Minister at the time, died suddenly at the age of 74. 1967: Sir Francis Chichester sails home. He arrived in Plymouth in his yacht, the Gypsy Moth IV, after completing his voyage around the world. 1970: South Africa cricket tour called off. The Cricket Council reverses a decision to allow South African cricketers to tour England; the move was welcomed by antiapartheid activists. 1975: Journalists leave fallen Saigon. A group of 80 reporters and camera crew - including nine Britons - are allowed to fly out of the fallen city. 1977: Star Wars opens. The first, chronologically, of the Star Wars films opens to 'intergalactic' applause in American cinemas. 1981: The Yorkshire Ripper is imprisoned for life. Peter Sutcliffe is sentenced to life in prison after a judge described him as “an unusually dangerous

Sometimes I wonder if men and women really suit each other. Perhaps they should live next door and just visit now and then.’

Katharine Hepburn

World of English In a hotel in Zurich: Because of the impropriety of entertaining guests of the opposite sex in the bedroom, it is suggested that the lobby be used for this purpose.

K a k u ro

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Fill all the empty squares using the numbers 1 to 9, so that the sum of each horizontal block equals the ‘clue’ on its left, and the sum of each vertical block equals the clue on its top. No number may be used in the same block more than once.








our a







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E W N 22 - 28 May 2014 / Costa Blanca South



H ex a g r a m

Based on the true story of one of the greatest treasure hunts in history this AmericanGerman war film is directed by George Clooney and written and produced by Clooney and Grant Heslov. It stars Clooney, Matt Damon and Bill Murray among others and is loosely based on the non-fiction book by Robert M. Edsel.

LEO (July 24 - August 23) Are you feeling that you have been dealt a rough hand? Consider this: there are some who are not dealt a hand at all. Many are missing those few cards that mean they are never really in with a chance. Instead of lurking on the shady side, walk out into the sun. You will soon see the bright side. VIRGO (August 24 - September 23) A chance remark opens a can of worms. Trying to get them back in could turn out to be very messy. We all open our mouth and put our foot in it sometime. However, overreacting won't help. You will need help with something this week. LIBRA (September 24 - October 23) Someone who is usually quite the opposite to you will surprise with an offer. Although you are naturally suspicious, give them the benefit of the doubt. Leopards do not change their spots but they are capable of behaving for the bigger good. . SCORPIO (October 24 - November 22) An intimate meeting is less exciting than anticipated. This should not bother you because time could yet change that. You need to be in the right place at the right time, so don't give up hope, just have a little patience. A change of plans will be more beneficial than irksome, at least in the longer term.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23 - December 21) While counting your pennies, also count your blessings. Money can be a big problem or merely an irritation but the lack of it must be kept in perspective. You are right to think twice about accepting something that seems to be for nothing. CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 20) The goat in you is keen to find pastures new. It isn't a nibble that is needed at the moment, but a feast. Accepting anything less would be a mistake because someone is watching your reaction to an offer. If you feel unsure of your worth, then ask a few trusted friends. It is so hard to see ourselves. Heed their words.













Your Stars

May 24: Dermot O’Leary, 40. TV show host. English television presenter who became known for hosting the X Factor and the Xtra Factor, he has been nominated twice for the NTA of Most Popular Entertainment Presenter. May 25: Ian McKellen, 75. Film actor. Immortalised as Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings franchise he also played the misanthropic mutant Magneto in the X-men films.


1 Streak, 2 Trades, 3 Rector, 4 Bushel, 5 Leader, 6 Steeds, 7 Hearts, 8 Closer, 9 Tested, 10 Recede, 11 Abases, 12 Latter, 13 Enters, 14 Nearby, 15 Toward, 16 Thread, 17 Larder, 18 Region, 19 Wilder


May 23: Joan Collins, 81. TV actress. She played Alexis Carrington in Dynasty which was the most popular series in the US in the late 80’s. She has been married and divorced four times.





CANCER (June 22 - July 23) Someone really has rattled your tree, but try to refrain from throwing coconuts on their head. It is much more effective to be charming and get them confused.

IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK: You are not so much in the mood to be practical are you? A lot is going on that you are really happy about but you do not seek perfection. Be aware that if no one seeks it then it will cease to exist for appreciation. Do your part in the months ahead to improve your own lot.




Running time is 118 minutes and it is rated 12.

GEMINI (May 22 - June 21) A fleeting meeting stirs feelings that you thought were dead. This could be good if it reminds you of how life can be, or bad if it makes you think of missed opportunities. It is never too late to make a fresh start. Why not go on that painting holiday or stamp-collecting weekend? Pole dancing anyone?


May 22: Paloma Lago. TV presenter. This famous television presenter and model was born in Ferrol, Galicia. She started out as a model with the International Booking agency and in 1990 she debuted on television in the Tele 5 programme ¿Digame? More recently she presents the De Lujo section on Antena 3’s magazine programme.


AQUARIUS (January 21 - February 19) Don't allow an open-ended offer to muddle your mind. There is no need for an immediate decision and this may be too soon for a positive move. A sense of urgency may be put down to practical reasons when, in fact, it is no such thing. A feeling of insecurity is more likely to be the trigger to uncertainty. PISCES (Febraury 20 - March 20) Are things going swimmingly? Good. Maybe you had forgotten how to have real fun. Remember when you were a child? Life was so simple. Relax and be that child again. If some old fogey accuses you of being silly, feel sorry for them.

May 26: Helena Bonham Carter, 48. Film actor. This versatile actress rose to fame in A Room with a View and, more recently, starred in The King’s Speech but she also played one of the apes in Planet of the Apes. May 27: Christopher Lee, 92. Film actor. Lee first came to fame as Count Dracula in the Hammer Horror Films but more recently he played Saruman in the Lord of the Rings franchise. His step-cousin was author Ian Fleming of James Bond fame. May 28: Kylie Minogue, 46. Singer. The Grammy Award winning pop star had a comeback in the 2000’s with the number one single “Can’t Get You Out of My Head”. She started out in the 80’s in TV soap Neighbours as Charlene.

ARIES (March 21 - April 20) Awkward situations usually bring out the best in you and this week proves that. In the longer term, you will be grateful to those making things difficult now.

10-Star Quiz

NO LAUGHING MATTER 1. Which BBC sitcom that ran from 1975 to 1978, featured a goat named Geraldine, a cockerel called Lenin and two pigs named Pinky and Perky? 2. In the TV sitcom Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em, what was the name of Frank and Betty Spencer’s baby daughter? 3. Whose neighbours were Fred and Ethel Mertz played by Vivienne Vance and William Frawley? 4. Which 1990s BBC2 television comedy series featured the characters Richard ‘Richie’ Richard and Edward ‘Eddie’ Elizabeth Hitler? 5. What was the name of the ITV comedy series in which divorced novelist Patrick Glover (Patrick Cargill) struggled to keep his daughters Karen (Ann Holloway) and Anna (Natasha Pyne) under control? 6. Which comedian used to sign off each of his television shows with the line: “Thank you, goodnight, and may your God go with you’? 7. What was the name of Steptoe and Son’s horse? 8. Which actor played the part of Jed Clampett in the long-running American sitcom The Beverly Hillbillies? 9. What was the name of Victor Meldrew’s longsuffering wife, played by Annette Crosbie, in the BBC One sitcom One Foot in the Grave? 10. The last episode of which long-running American comedy series was a two and a half hour ‘special’ entitled Goodbye, Farewell and Amen?

Nonagram How many English words of four letters or more can you make from the nine letters in our Nonagram puzzle? Each letter may be used only once (unless the letter appears twice). Each word MUST CONTAIN THE CENTRE LETTER (in this case R) and there must be AT LEAST ONE NINE LETTER WORD. Plurals, vulgarities or proper nouns are not allowed.

TARGET: Average: 14 Good: 18 Very good: 25 Excellent: 31

LAST WEEK’S SOLUTION gent, gift, girn, grin, rip, grit, ping, prig, ring, ting, trig, feign, genii, grief, grift, gripe, reign, tiger, tinge, feting, finger, firing, fringe, ignite, pinger, tiring, igniter, rifting, tiering, FINGERTIP

Word Ladder PLUG

TAURUS (April 21 - May 21) Get out in the fresh air as much as possible and be kind to your body. You may have neglected yourself because you have been such a busy bee of late. What about a trip to the seaside or a walk in the hills? Maybe a trip to the local cocktail bar is more your style! Whatever puts a spring in your step will be good.


Move from the start word (PLUG) to the end word (AWAY) in the same number of steps as there are rungs on the Word Ladder. You must only change one letter at a time.


The Monuments Men

The purpose of the Hexagram puzzle is to place the 19 six-letter words into the 19 cells. The letters at the edges of interlocking cells MUST BE THE SAME. The letters in the words must be written CLOCKWISE. The word in cell 10 (BRAVER) and one letter in four other cells are given as clues.





22 - 28 May 2014 / Costa Blanca South




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Unscramble the name of a species of seabird in the auk family (two words): UNFIT, PLAIN FACT Unscramble the name of a famous American composer: RARE BLEND, IN NOTES

Play on Words

display (6) 6 Weapon used to lacerate young woman (7) 7 The racket of Yoko Ono is excruciating (5) 13 Admire broken sceptre (7) 15 The Parisian reads about pioneers (7)

16 Delicacy from Antarctica via Russia (6) 17 ‘Rice’ really covers any grass that produces an edible grain (6) 19 Fine given to a Greek character for a striped animal (5) 21 Small picture from poinsettia collection (5)

Code Breaker


Each number in the Code Breaker grid represents a different letter of the alphabet. In this week’s puzzle, 22 represents B and 24 represents G, so fill in B every time the figure 22 appears and G every time the figure 24 appears. Now, using your knowledge of the English language, work out which letters should go in the missing squares. As you discover the letters, fill in other squares with the same number in the main grid and the control grid.

Across 1 Soak thoroughly (8) 4 Unemotional (4) 7 Adjust (5) 9 Footwear (5) 11 Money holder (5) 12 Drinking vessel (5) 13 Modify (6) 15 Common toast (6) 19 Have in common (5) 21 Collect together (5) 23 Wait on (5) 24 Make fun of (5) 25 Lure (4) 26 Move forward (8)

Down 1 Cooking utensil (7) 2 Walk heavily (5) 3 Pill (6) 5 Sediment (5) 6 Hanker for (4) 8 Conditions (5) 10 Lacking freshness (5) 14 Denim trousers (5) 16 Hollow muscular organ (5) 17 Triumph (7) 18 Vocation (6) 19 Clean thoroughly (5) 20 Acquire by effort (4) 22 Humiliation (5)

English - Spanish The clues are mixed, some clues are in Spanish and some are in English.

S T I U T H S Answers: The Big Apple, Sit down and shut up

Down 2 Love to put a limit on speech (7) 3 Main melody from the meerkats’ advert (5) 4 President whose age ran out (6) 5 Awful scene about right PC etc



Across 1 Castro arranged to share the lead (2-4) 5 Show support for the runner up (6) 8 Lot overweight, needing energy (4) 9 States journey begins on the landing site (8) 10 Learned about elite art (8) 11 Shouldn’t it be "Is a region"? (4) 12 Lead in main trolley dash (5) 14 The song for Sunday is in hand (5) 18 Large deer with no tail makes a beastly noise (4) 20 Camera in development for US resident (8) 22 Starting point for Balinese building (8) 23 Observes what they grab, by the sound of it (4) 24 Strain trifle by mistake (6) 25 Racing car plant (5)


LAST WEEK’S SOLUTIONS CRYPTIC Across: 1 Sandals, 5 Part, 8 Alert, 9 Alabama, 10 Skin, 11 Register, 13 Treat, 14 Munch, 19 Red giant, 21 Dime, 23 Inspire, 24 Apart, 25 Code, 26 Abscond. Down: 1 Sparse, 2 Needier, 3 Ante, 4 Seabed, 5 Platinum, 6 Roast, 7 Lairs, 12 Maritime, 15 Chicago, 16 Grail, 17 Angela, 18 Heated, 20 Disco, 22 Laos. QUICK Across: 7 Ocelot, 8 Humane, 10 Concede, 11 Cheat, 12 Peek, 13 Dazed, 17 Jaded, 18 Zero, 22 Alter, 23 Initial, 24 Travel, 25 Stress. Down: 1 Concept, 2 Meander, 3 Boxer, 4 Succeed, 5 Eager, 6 Petty, 9 Menagerie, 14 Barrier, 15 Decided, 16 Foolish, 19 Faith, 20 Stray, 21 Dirty.

Across 1 Works (musical, theatre, literature) (5) 3 Páginas (5) 5 Two (3) 7 Cubo de la basura (7) 9 Ordenado (4) 10 Plano (llano) (4) 13 Faint (medical) (7) 14 Quién (3) 15 Gust of wind (5) 16 Manzana (fruta) (5)

Down 1 Computer (9) 2 Silk (4) 3 Weight (4) 4 Insolación (9) 6 Intercambia (sellos, fotos) (5) 8 Debajo de (5) 11 For (going to) (4) 12 Boot (footwear) (4)

ENGLISH-SPANISH Across: 1 Talk, 3 Glove, 8 Atreverse, 9 Chefs, 10 Nests, 12 Aguanieve, 14 Cabra, 15 Pegs. Down: 1 Trinchar, 2 Llave, 4 Lavender, 5 Ver, 6 Prisoner, 7 Peasants, 11 Siete, 13 Uña.


E W N 22 - 28 May 2014 / Costa Blanca South


SPONSORED BY For solutions:

There are a lot of things that people don’t understand, usually because they are too complicated, but we can rely on understanding the simple things, or can we? Here is a list of 10 apparently simple things that are deceptively complex. 1. The proof for ‘1+1=2’ is over 300 pages long. This is probably the first mathematical concept that anyone learns. In the early 20th century mathematician and philosopher Bertrand Russell set out to prove that mathematics worked and used this simple phrase to illustrate his theory. The problem was 1 that he required 372 pages of complex sums to do so. 2. The definition of ‘almost surely’ is a mathematical nightmare. If you were to say that an event was ‘almost sure’ to happen, how would you explain that concept? The concept exists within statistical mathematics and is explained as “a property will hold ‘almost surely’ if it holds for all sample points.” In basic language this just means that the odds are good, but not 100 per cent.

How far would you go? BOOKS

HOW FAR would you go to hold on to the people you love? This is a story of obsession, deception and retribution. When Olivia Brookes calls the police to report her husband and children have gone missing she believes she may never see them again and she has reason to fear the worst as this isn’t the first tragedy

that Olivia has gone through. Two years later the police are called to investigate the family again but this time it is Olivia who has disappeared - her car is in the garage and her purse in her handbag, but she is nowhere to be seen and every family photograph that she was in has also gone.

Then they find the blood... Published by Black Dot Publishing in paperback.

3. Defining the word ‘the’ is really difficult. ‘The’ is so common in the English language that most people have never had to explain it, but its range of applications are odd when looked at objectively. For example why do we say “I love the ballet” but not “I love the cable TV”? 4. There is no universally accepted theory on how bicycles stand up. For the last 100 years scientists have been arguing about how they stay upright. The prevailing theory used to be that the gyroscopic force of the wheels kept them upright but this was debunked as when the force was taken away, the bike remained standing. Scientists continue to argue.

App of the Week FIREFOX free. This has now been optimised for tablets as well as smart phones; Firefox offers a useful alternative to the default Android browser, including the ability to sync bookmarks and history with the desktop version.


1. Why do bicycles stand up? 2. Do mosquitoes like your skin? 3. Rock, paper, scissors - a favourite game. 5. How long is a piece of string? The answer is “it depends” as there are many ways to measure length: mathematicians will say that a piece of string is, theoretically, infinite but physicists will say that as atoms can, technically, be in two places at once there is no way to know.

Sudoku Fill the grid so that every row, every column and every 3X3 box contains the digits 1-9. There’s no maths involved. You solve the puzzle with reasoning and logic.

6. Yawning. This puzzling phenomenon has never been defined. There is no other bodily function even similar to it. Many believe that it’s the brain’s need for extra oxygen and this seems to make sense as we do it when we are tired or bored, but this has been disproven by doctors. As for

why it is so contagious - nobody knows. 7. Left and right have been confusing philosophers for years. German philosopher Immanuel Kant once said “if the first thing created was a hand, then it must necessarily be the left or the right but which?” Because it is relative there is no way of knowing. There is a 400-page-book on the subject, aptly entitled ‘The Philosophy of Right and Left.’ 8. Enjoyment is relative and subjective. Many people can be fooled into thinking they enjoy something by being told they enjoy it: there’s a famous experiment where wine experts were fooled into thinking a cheap bottle of wine was an exceptional vintage just by switching the labels. This is called the ‘Chivas Regal Effect’ and it is very common for people to enjoy something more if they think it is expensive. 9. Mosquito bites. A recent Smithsonian article detailed that 20 per cent of people seem to be strangely attractive to mosquitoes but no one is in agreement as to why. The simple answer is that it’s something in a person’s blood that attracts mosquitoes. However, it would appear that the mosquitoes are actually attracted by a chemical signal given off by the body. It’s present in around 85 per cent of us - which also explains why some people seem invisible to mosquitoes. 10. Rock-paper-scissors a serious game. The game has become a favourite research topic of psychologists because of how intertwined rock-paper-scissors is with subconscious human responses and game theory. As a result, dozens of strategies exist to help players get an edge in the game.

Boggled How many English words can you find in the Boggled grid, according to the following rules? The letters must be adjoining in a ‘chain’. They can be adjacent horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Words must contain at least four letters and may include singular and plural or other derived forms. No letter may be used more than once within a single word, unless it appears twice. No vulgarities or proper nouns are permitted.



Average: 20

Just Joking My girlfriend hates it when I make jokes about her weight. She needs to lighten up. Never iron a four leaf clover. You don’t want to press your luck. What do you call a cow with no legs? -- Ground beef.

Good: 26 Very good: 37 Excellent: 46

SCORING: 4 letters: 1 point • 5 letters: 2 points 6 letters: 3 points • 7 letters: 4 points 8 or more letters: 11 points

LAST WEEK’S SOLUTION titbit, titbits, tubs, ibis, toss, toad, toads, toast, toasts, bios, bust, busts, bout, bods, boss, boas, boast, boasts, bits, bite, bites, obtuse, obit, obis, obits, duos, dose, dost, dais, suit, subs, suits, suite, sobs, sods, soda, sodas, sits, site, sets, saws, sties, asset, ties, twas, wads, wast, waste, wastes, waist, waists, wist

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ood F

22 - 28 May 2014 / Costa Blanca South








Costa Blanca’s best guide to local restaurants


A summer salad guide for dummies SUMMER is nearly here and with it comes the desire to eat lighter meals and lose a little weight so salads are the obvious answer here are a few tips to make them more delicious and less boring. Drain your ingredients really well. Salads depend largely on their dressings to make them taste interesting, so if the dressing is watered down the salad ends up tasting of little else. Buy yourself a salad spinner! They are reasonably cheap; you can even buy them in Ikea so there is no excuse to have watery salads ever again. Think about how the ingredients go together. Don’t just throw in whatever is at the bottom of the

SUMMER: Means salads. crisper drawer - look for contrasts between textures and tastes. Break up the lettuce with your hands - don’t cut it. If a lettuce is cut it will absorb the dressing too quickly and become wilted, tearing it causes a natural break that will remain intact. If the onion is too strong leave it in hot, but not boiling, water for 10 minutes. Onion can overpower even a well-balanced salad if it is too strong in taste. Change the dressings. Don’t always go for the oil and vinegar option. Play around with different

tastes until you have found four or five decent dressings that you like. The most important rule - have fun with it. Don’t be afraid to try ingredients you wouldn’t normally use, if you don’t like them you can always avoid them in future.

Study of the foodmood connection OUR mood could be affected by what we eat, according to a study by the American Academy of Family Physicians. For example, you may feel depressed after eating fast food and more positive after a green salad. Medical researchers are studying the effects of the ‘food-mood connection.’ So far, limited studies have shown mixed results and therefore dietary changes are not recommended as a substitute for professional treatment

of mental health problems. However, evidence suggests that getting the proper nutrients from a balanced diet can help you to feel better both physically and emotionally. • Omega-3 fatty acids improve heart health by reducing ‘bad’ cholesterol in your body and increasing ‘good’ cholesterol, but in some studies, people who took omega-3 supplements reported improvements in their mood. Turn to Page 72


E W N 22 - 28 May 2014 / Costa Blanca South


Sembro 2012, pure Ribera Forget creams, del Duero tempranillo eat healthily

VINOS IBERIAN is a wine project that started back in 1986 led by a branch of the Osborne family. The seven brothers, who lead the family brand, started looking for suitable lands in which to see their dream grow. They found the ideal combination of soil and sun in the Pesquera del Duero area of Valladolid on the Quiñon farm. This location not only gave them the perfect combination of winegrowing essentials it also gave them the shelter of the ‘designation of origin’ of the Ribera del Duero brand reputation. Despite not having been on the market long, they brought out their first wines in 2000. They have had huge success with their established wines (Chafandin and Sed

MORE and more women, and also men, are using skin creams to hydrate and protect their skin, especially during the summer months, however, a good diet can also help to prevent the oxidant effects of the sun. One of the simplest ways to healthy skin is mineral water. Remember that fruits such as watermelon, pear, melon, cherries and oranges are composed mainly of water, so stay hydrated by eating these fruits too.

To keep your skin, hair and nails healthy, it is important to choose the right nutrients

SEMBRO TEMPRANILLO: Typically fruity. de Cana) and now they are introducing their latest tempranillo: Sembro. Sembro is a semivintage, which first crop was 2004, and has rapidly

become one of the best in its price/ quality range. Aged in oak barrels it has a clear dose of elegance and a strong fruity taste typical of tempranillos. The average asking price in supermarkets is around €8.45.

Cabbages and broccoli are rich in antioxidants, especially derived from vitamins C and E. Vitamin C produces collagen for flexible, healthy skin, and Vitamin E protects the cellular membranes of the skin from UVA radiation. Tropical fruits guava, papaya and mango are also rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants, and a high water content. Hazelnuts are one of the best sources of Vitamin E, and a fistful a day is enough to obtain their benefits. Carrots are rich in beta-carotene, the antioxidant which becomes Vitamin A within the body. It helps to repair tissue and protects skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

Our mood can be affected by what we eat From Page 71 Omega-3 fatty acids are in seafood, such as salmon, herring, sardines and mackerel, as well as in flaxseeds, flaxseed oil and walnuts. • Tryptophan is an aminoacid that the body needs to produce serotonin. People with depression often have a low serotonin level. Tryptophan is in red meat, dairy products, soy and turkey. • Magnesium helps the body to produce energy and helps muscles, arteries and heart work properly. Researchers are studying whether patients who take magnesium recover more quickly from depression. Magnesium

FAST FOOD: Can make you feel depressed. is in leafy green vegetables, nuts and avocados. • Folic acid and vitamin B-12 play an important role in metabolism and production of blood cells. They also are related to chemicals dopamine and noradrenalin. In many cases, people

who are depressed don’t have enough of these chemicals. Increasing levels of folic acid and vitamin B12 may improve their response to medicines that treat depression. Folic acid is in leafy greens and fruits. Vitamin B-12 is in fish, shellfish, meat and dairy products.


E W N 22 - 28 May 2014 / Costa Blanca South


FoodMeter: the new app for food information CREATED by the same developers as NurseTest this app is aimed at the

general public rather than the health industry. The app will look for, and offer, relevant, detailed information on all sorts of food. It offers information about fats contained in each food, proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates and so on, it includes 99 per cent of all recipes found on the web. It doesn’t just give negative information, as do so many other food apps, but just limits itself to the relevant information. Expert nutritionists have been consulted on every aspect of the information given in order to give the best

service possible. The app is simple and easy to use as it offers a series of categories in which foods are grouped; these include meats, fruits, fish and sweets. FoodMeter doesn’t just give information about food, it also has a section in which the user can store their food history to later look at it and work out if they are eating a healthy, balanced diet. The app costs €2.69 and is compatible with Apple systems as well as Android.

FoodMeter: A handy way to keep track of food.


E W N 22 - 28 May 2014 / Costa Blanca South






Check before buying plants BUYING plants is like looking for clothes. Always keep a watchful eye open for well shaped, well grown, strong, and realistically priced quality plants. Whenever you are tempted to buy plants do check out the following before making the final decision.

Dick Handscombe

Gardening Corner By Dick Handscombe Spain’s best known expat gardening author about to start his 26th winter cut back.

This will help ensure that the plant has an above average chance of

becoming one of the best plants in your garden for years to come. Make sure: a. Plant has a good root ball and is not root bound. b. The chosen plant has a good natural shape. c. Plant shows no sign of disease or insect damage. d. Leaves and stems are not scorched by cold or hot winds or the scorching sun. e. Plant shows no sign of stress caused by under or over watering. f. If a tree or climbing shrub tied to a supporting cane, check that there is no sign of rubbing or cutting into the bark of the main stem. g. If a flowering plant, choose one that is not in

full flower but one which has just a few flowers out to be able to check the colour and has plenty of follow on flower buds already formed. We note that some garden centres have started to charge a premium price for this type of plant! h. Ask yourself ‘Do I really want this colour. Will it really fit into the garden or look good alongside existing plants?’. i. Labels that explain what you are buying. This is especially important when buying citrus trees to know whether you are buying an early or late fruiting variety. j. If a new type of plant, labels that inform you how the plant should be cared for. k. Check prices at a number of garden centres if you feel that a plant is overpriced. Recently we found that prices for an apparently identical plant, the same size and same sized pot, can vary by 50 per cent between two garden centres only a kilometre apart. l. If a bushy plant, check if it is grown from one or several cuttings in the same pot. m. Think ‘Is this plant really right for the microclimate of my garden and the particular spot you have in mind for planting it?’ n. Consider whether it is really the best time of year to plant that type of plant. Being thoughtful and vigilant when buying plants can save disappointments and wasted money. Spanish garden centres used to be very much less expensive than those in the UK. Today this is often not so.

© Dick Handscombe May 2014



22 - 28 May 2014 / Costa Blanca South

roperty P



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Barcelona Meeting Point THE biggest buyers of Spanish real estate are other Europeans. Spain is in fashion among international investors, North Americans, Russians and Chinese principally but, recently, there has also been a lot of interest from other European nations. Last year real estate sales to foreigners rose by 36.6 per cent. Analyses of the fundamentals of the sector show that Spain is very competitive now that it is perceived to be coming out of the recession. This increase in interest will be in evidence at the Barcelona Meeting Point (BMP) which is the main showcase of Spanish real estate in Europe.

Enrique Lacalle, president of the BMP confirmed that this year they will continue to centre their attention on international investors paying particular attention to other Europeans. Presidents of important international banks will be at the BMP, among them the presidents of Goldman Sachs, AXA, HSBC Bank and Benson Elliot, the BMP real estate fair will cater not only to them but to their families as they try to

court their business. The fair will take place between October 29 and

November 2 and this year will feature ‘clusters’ which is a novel concept of clustering all the real estate agents from one area to meet with the investing agents from another area - in this way the Spanish market can learn to adapt itself better to the needs of the foreign investors.



E W N 22 - 28 May 2014 / Costa Blanca South



E W N 22 - 28 May 2014 / Costa Blanca South


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El Siglo Properties leads the way for a personal and professional service FAMILY-RUN El Siglo Properties prides itself on its personal and professional service for the buying and selling of resale and new build properties. Situated in Cabo Roig and run by Colin David and his partner Marie Turton, the pair offers a quality, friendly service on a one to one basis, where the customer is the number one priority, whether that be the buyer, seller, or both. With properties for sale across the Costa Blanca from Guardamar down to Pinar de Campoverde, they are confident they can find buyers their perfect home in the sun. Colin said: “We always listen carefully to your specific requirements and will only show you properties that match your criteria. We endeavour to locate the best value for money properties on the Costa Blanca and work alongside other trusted like minded real estate companies and developers to offer more variety and choice.” By working with agents in countries such as Scandinavia and Russia, sellers are assured their property is being internationally marketed and has the best

EL SIGLO: Colin and Marie are at your service. PROFESSIONALISM GUARANTEED: Visit El Siglo in Cabo Roig. chance of being sold. Colin will also use his 15 years of property experience in guiding you on the true and fair value of your property and, crucially, will give you an indication of the sort of taxes and costs you can incur during the selling process: “The process is very transparent now so I will look at your escritura which states the value of your home and sometimes, by

actually dropping the price of your property you can end up with more money as taxes and fees will be lower.” A full range of services can be provided with reputable companies for currency transfers, insurances, legal work and mortgage advice. An after sales service is paramount with advice on changing locks, gardening and pool services also on hand.

The office, in Calle Mar, Edificio Faro, on the ground floor on the Cabo Roig next door to the Queen Victoria pub, is open from 10am-6pm Monday to Friday, but appointments and viewings can always be arranged at a time to suit. El Siglo Calle Mar, Edificio Faro, Cabo Roig Tel: 966 844 855 Email


E W N 22 - 28 May 2014 / Costa Blanca South





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22 - 28 May 2014 / Costa Blanca South




ervices S






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@dvertise online

966 713 596

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E W N 22 - 28 May 2014 / Costa Blanca South





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22 - 28 May 2014 / Costa Blanca South







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E W N 22 - 28 May 2014 / Costa Blanca South






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22 - 28 May 2014 / Costa Blanca South




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Glazed roof provides natural light.

Peter Fieldman London-born journalist and author, Peter spends his time between Paris and Madrid. His novel ‘1066 The Conquest’ available on Amazon or


FTER a six-year rebuilding and restoration progamme, the Museo Archaeological Nacional reopened its doors to the public earlier this month. Behind the classical facade of the 19th century building, which has housed the country’s most important collection of objects recording the history of Spain for more than a hundred years, is now an ultra modern exhibition centre designed for the 21st century. The monumental €65million project is Spain’s most ambitious cultural development this century undertaken under the auspices of the Direccion General de Bellas Artas y Bienes Culturales y de Archivos y Bibliotecas. One of the first aims was to increase the exhibition area. This was achieved by a placing a glazed roof over the two courtyards in a similar fashion to the Great Court of the British Museum and the Louvre in Paris. As well as adding over 30 per cent more

22 - 28 May 2014 / Costa Blanca South

Archaeological renaissance in Madrid

ULTRA MODERN: Spacious and bright. PRIDE OF PLACE: The Lady of Elche, a stone bust dating from the fourth century BC. space, it provides natural light into the building’s exhibition areas. The museum comprises four levels. The ground floor area has been opened up to create a spacious, bright entrance hall with museum shop, café, public

areas, conference room, temporary exhibition hall and a whole section devoted to the prehistoric era. The ground and first floors provide more than 10,000 square metres of exhibition space designed to accommodate over


Museo Archaeological Nacional. 13,000 pieces, 700 graphic panels and more than 300 display cabinets featuring sculptures, mosaics, ceramics, bronze artefacts, religious objects, furniture, jewellery, coins and medals. The top floor is dedicated to the reference library with an important collection of over 120,000 volumes. While Spain’s history is given prominence with exhibits dating from the prehistoric era, the Roman and Moorish occupation, the Christian Middle Ages through to the 19th century, there are important collections from Egypt, Nubia and Greece. A mezzanine floor is dedicated to the origins and history of money with rare examples of coins and notes. Each section has been provided with the latest technology using computerised audiovisual productions and maps to guide the visitor. Pride of place goes to the Lady of Elche, a stone bust dating from the fourth century BC and found near Elche in 1897. Among the other rare pieces are a sculpture of Livia, wife of Emperor Augustus, the Visigoth treasure of Guarrazar, an exquisite collection of crowns and crosses encrusted with gold and jewels from the second half of the seventh century and the marble canister, the Bote de Zamora, a superb example of Islamic art. Located in the centre of Madrid’s prime retail street, Serrano, known as the Golden Mile, the MAN museum is now part of the city’s cultural walk, El Paseo del Arte, linking the Prado, Thyssen Bornemisza and Reina Sofia museums and can claim its place as one of the finest archaeological museums in the world.


E W N 22 - 28 May 2014 / Costa Blanca South




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BUSINESS SERVICES GET YOUR business noticed online! Make sure that expats in Spain can find your product, service, restaurant, bar or shop. Contact Spain’s newest and brightest online directory TODAY. Call 952 561 245 or email for more details. BUY & SELL

ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS IS ALCOHOL COSTING YOU MORE THAN MONEY? Drinking to excess not only affects your health it can spill over into every other aspect of your life – damaging everything that is important to you. Englishspeaking AA meetings are held throughout the Costa Blanca from Valencia City to Murcia. Anyone wishing to attend a meeting or discuss a possible drinking problem contact Costa Blanca North: *648 169 045* or Costa Blanca South: *625 912 078* or Costa Calida *679 385 105*. All calls are treated in the strictest confidence. AA in German: 645 456 075; Spanish: 679 212 535; Flemish: 635 047 053; and Scandinavian: 659 779 222. (93323) ROUNDABOUT CHARITY SHOP. We are now into summer and very soon we will be feeling the heat! It is time therefore for another visit to the shop where you might find a bargain or two. Choose from the clothing selection, jewellery, household goods, books or bric a brac. There is usually something there for everyone —- but not always. Charitable donations have recently been made to The Alzheimers Centre, Cancer Research and The Amigos Ambulance Service. We still need your help with donations etc. Please keep them coming in! During July and August the shop will only be open Wednesday to Saturday from 09.30 until 13.00. We are situated on Avenida Del Furs close to the Fountain Roundabout and immediate left by Don Colchon bed shop.

THE SPIRITUALIST CHURCH OF QUESADA, meets at new premises, Hamiltons Bakehouse, Calle Vicente 62, Blasco Ibañez, Benijofar. Sunday Service at 11.30am. A Tuesday evening of Mediumship at 7.30pm and every Thursday there is an opportunity to develop your skills at the Open Circle at 7.30pm. Spiritual Healing is available Sunday and Tuesday. Contact Wendy on 965 323 028. (95454) THE ROYAL NAVAL ASSOCIATION, Torrevieja Branch, meet at 17.00 on the first Wednesday of each month at the Restaurante El Paraiso, Urb. Jardin del Mar 3 (behind Carrefour), Torrevieja. Contact Mike Wright, Chairman 966 722 895 or Margaret Forshaw, Secretary 966 921 996. (95455)

HELP VEGA BAJA. We help anyone, any age and any nationality, 24hr helpline. Offices based in San Miguel at Calle Lope de Vega and in Torrevieja on Rambla Juan Mateo Garcia 4. You can contact us on 966 723 733 between 10am and 1:30pm or online at For emergencies 24hr helpline 965 704 282 (95456) THE ROYAL BRITISH LEGION Orihuela Costa - covering from Punta Prima to San Javier. The branch meets at Olympia restaurant, Mil Palmeras on 3rd Thursday of each month at 19.00 - 19.30pm. More info can be found on branch website THE BAKER FOUNDATION for SPIRITUAL AWARENESS. 16 Nicolas De Bussi Ave, Playa Flamenca. Sunday Service every week 11am to 12 noon, everyone welcome. For further details please phone/fax 966 760 665 (95458) THE PHILIP SCOTT LODGE No 10671 of the RAOB meets every Friday in the Bar Catorce, Benijofar. Please call the secretary, Colin Bird on 653 066 919 for further information. (95459) CHARITY BOOK STALL PEGO THURSDAY MARKET. Selection of over 500 books, all proceeds given to the elderly/disabled of Pego and local Animal Rescue. More stock always required please contact Chrissie 965 977 228/617 647 395


THE ANGLICAN CHURCH, La Fustera. For more info: contact Frank Bentley on 966 495 188 CANCER SUPPORT GROUP (MABS) MURCIA/MAR MENOR Help and support is just a phone call away, Avda Rio Nalón, Tel: 693 275 779 (95462) PILAR CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY CHURCH, Calle Canalejas, 3. Pilar de la Horadada. Sunday Service at 11am & Thursday at 5pm for Prayer and Praise and Worship. Home groups meet during the week. All welcome from any church background or none. For further information, contact Pi larChristian.CommunityChurch@g / 968 575 417 / 966 848 806. Reg No: 2009-SG/A (95463) TCF is a multi-national English speaking church now located on Avenida de las Cortes Valencianas 68, Torrevieja. The Sunday Service, including Communion and Creche/Sunday School, commences at 10.30am with a Bible Study/Prayer Meeting on Wednesday evenings at 6.00pm. Telephone 966 700 391 or call in to the Church any day between 9.00am until 1.00pm. Monday to Friday to find out more about Church activities. (95464) THE AIRCREW ASSOCIATION COSTA BLANCA BRANCH. Former & serving aircrews of the UK or Allied Armed Forces are welcome to join this convivial & friendly organisation, now in its 21st year. or call the Secretary on: 966 495 042 (95465) HELP MMM CANCER SUPPORT GROUP Appointments for cervical, breast and prostate screening in the Murcia area, please ring 680 393 257 (95466) THE ROYAL BRITISH LEGION JAVEA BRANCH meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month @ Scallops Rest on the Arenal at 11.00am. Everyone is welcome to attend as a visitor and join the branch if they wish. Anyone needing any help or advice on welfare, or any information regarding the branch can contact either Sheila on 965 791 270 or Roger on 965 790 123 (95472)

TORREVIEJA STROKE SUPPORT GROUP meets each Friday 3pm to 5pm in The Annex, (behind Age Concern Centre), Calle Paganini, Urb. La Siesta. Our aim is to support stroke survivors and their carers by a range of facilities from speech therapy, rehabilitation exercise, group discussion etc. For info: Louie 96 671 8964 or Carol, Secretary: 966 765 488, e-mail: strokesupportgroup@ Donations and further voluntary helpers are needed and guest speakers with relevant knowledge or experience are very welcome. (95473) THE ROYAL BRITISH LEGION Gran Alacant & La Marina Branch meets 1st Monday of every month (except July and August) at Bar Sioux , Avda Escandinavia GA at 7pm for 7.30pm prompt. For further info contact Brian, Branch Secretary on 639 917 971 / email CAMPELLO CONTRA CANCER in conjunction with AECC Association Español Contra Cancer has opened a charity shop at C/Virgen de los Desamparados No 13 (next door to Mas y mas) El Campello. The shop is open Mon-Fri 10 2pm and is run by unpaid volunteers and all monies raised goes to the AECC. We urgently need donations of clothes, books, large and small furniture etc, and we will arrange collection of large items. We need volunteers to help out in the shop and also clothes rails, shelves etc. for display. Please support your local Cancer charity and if you wish to obtain literature or simply talk to someone. Please stop by at the shop. Contact Mina or Trisha. Tel 650 071 278 or 610 921 413 e-mail

ELECTRICIAN UK ELECTRICIAN Fully qualified all aspects of electrical work. Free estimates. Also pool cleaning services. 965 725 445 / 616 226 083 (207750) MR FIXIT. For all your electrical, plumbing, general & appliance & boiler repairs. No call out charge. 698 320 434 (201515)

FRIENDSHIP FALL IN LOVE. We find your significant other. Carma 667 959 431 / (220010)

GARDENING GARDENER, 25 years working in Spain. English/Spanish spoken. Private gardens and communities. Free quotes, billthegardener@hot Tel 699 682 630 (215525)

GEN. MAINTENANCE QUALIFIED TRADESMAN - Electrical, plumbing, fencing, painting, balustrades, satellite tv installation and general maintenance. Tel 965 328 361 or 680 934 549 (219789)


International Christian Assembly Calle Pilar de Horadada 5, Torrevieja Evangelical non-denominational Sunday services 11am Children’s church 11am House groups in Torrevieja, Los Balcones, San Javier Ladies meeting Thursdays 11am. Pastor, Rafael Restrepo All nationalities welcome 966 799 273 / 660 127 276. (95476)

COMPUTER REPAIRS MobilePCRepairs.Info from 35€ 628 241 038. (223795)

DAMP RISING DAMP! We can cure Rising Damp, Leaking Flat Roof or Terrace. We can make your Underbuild Dry. Villa Repainting Due? We can protect your villa and stop PENETRATING DAMP with a Protective Coating. You can also pay in Sterling. Phone/email us now for a FREE survey. Tel 965 050 065 or 634 322 672

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LIMESCALE PROBLEMS LIMESCALE REMOVAL FOR LIFE Single Homes to Urbanisations for under 20 cents per week. For more information call Scalewatcher 952 857 680/687 760 038 or visit www.hardwaterproblems. com (215661)

METAL WORK SOS <http://www.sosinsur> Insurance in Spain. Best prices available. CALL US FIRST for all your insurance needs, including best deals on Funeral plans. Buildings and contents cover from just 82 euros per year and cars from 120 euros. Tel 966 787 123 / 622 275 561 / 686 116 297 / email in (222293)

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22 - 28 May 2014 / Costa Blanca South GATAMI ORGANISATION, to help kittens and cats, looking for good homes, also spaying wild cats in the community. Kittens require adoption, fully vaccinated, dewormed, de-fleed. We also need volunteers to help Car boot sale in Polop on Sundays Tel Anna: 966 806 976 / 654 729 977 (95709)

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PET CHARITIES EASYHORSE CARE RESCUE CENTRE We aim to rescue HORSES. If you would like to DONATE please call 965 967 033 or sales@easy www.easyhorse or call Sue 652 021 980 (95706) SPAMA GANDIA SHELTER. Dog and cat rescue registered charity, La Safor area. 500 animals awaiting re-homing. Shelter open 7 days a week 12noon - 2.00pm & 3.30pm - 7.00pm. (Spanish speaking staff) or phone Gail 962 896 118. Visit our website for directions. and view our new blog at PLEASE HELP US TO HELP THEM (95707) P.E.P.A. VOLUNTEERS & FOSTER HOMES URGENTLY NEEDED. By fostering an abandoned dog, or spending a few hours each week on our telephone helpline, you could help save the lives of many animals. Please call: 650 304 746. For more information browse our website: EURO WEEKLY NEWS CLASSIFAX AGENT (95708)

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E W N 22 - 28 May 2014 / Costa Blanca South

SITUATIONS VACANT WE are looking for qualified Nursery Staff to join us in Lorca, please email your CV along with details of your experience & expectations to ramon@anywaycon (221454) ENGLISH speaking staff required to assist with weekend activities for Spanish nationals, Saturdays & Sundays in Lorca. The activities are varied and do include sports and workshops. Please call Ramon for more in-depth detail 619 417 077 or alternatively email ra


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22 - 28 May 2014 / Costa Blanca South


Rolls-Royce to honour Campbell ROLLS-ROYCE has unveiled its Waterspeed Collection Phantom Drophead Coupés in honour of power boat record breaker Sir Malcolm Campbell They feature a number of exclusively created bespoke design and engineering features, to create a contemporary tribute to Campbell’s famous Bluebird craft. The new car will be shown to the public for the first time at Concorso D’Elegenza at Villa D’Este on the shores of one of Italy’s world-famous lakes, Como. It was on the adjacent Lake Maggiore where, on September 1, 1937, Campbell established his legend, setting a worldrecord speed of 126.33 mph in the famous Bluebird K3 boat powered by a Rolls-Royce R Engine. “This very special motor car serves to pay a perfect homage to my grandfather’s remarkable acts of British daring and endeavour,” said Donald Wales, grandson of Sir Malcolm Campbell. “The extraordinary attention-to-detail and commitment to engineering excellence so evident in these motor cars perfectly echoes the lengths my grandfather and his colleagues went to in their pursuit of the waterspeed records.”

The car is finished in a specially developed ‘Maggiore Blue’ exterior paint, inspired by Bluebird’s famous colour scheme. Nine layers of paint are applied before an exhaustive process of hand-sanding and the application of a cuttingedge powdered lacquer is undertaken to ensure an impeccable finish. For the first time in RollsRoyce history the exterior finish extends to the engine, creating a visually striking homage to the power behind Campbell’s records. The finish also adorns the car’s specially developed, fully-polished 11-spoke wheels for the first time, providing a subtle decorative accent. The exterior is completed with a hand-painted coachline that culminates in a Bluebird motif with the design taking Rolls-Royce’s master coachline painter four hours to apply by hand.

RE-PLATE MATE Don’t take a chance! Don’t break the law! Take the hassle out of re-registering your vehicle onto Spanish plates We endeavour to better any genuine quotation 490 Euro + Road Tax + CO2 emission tax if applicable

Alan 662 249 159



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A new updated look for the 2015 Toyota Verso-S

JUST three years after its launch Toyota’s Verso-S has been given an update. Keeping in line with Toyota’s ‘Keen Look’ design of clear, expressive and intelligent styling, Verso-S’s front face has been upgraded to reflect this with a new ‘assertive dynamic stance.’ Engaging headlights featuring projector technology and LED daytime running lights are now standard on all grades. An upmarket feel is attained by a newly refreshed upper grill enhanced by its chrome bezel surround. Continuing the theme from the front face of the car, the rear features a new light design which, thanks to the adoption of LED lights, benefits from more distinctive contrasts. To further enhance the changes of the mid-life update, a new 16” alloy wheel design with 3-D effect has been introduced. And to complement Verso S’s new look, a new trendy bronze metallic paint has been added to the colour palette to replace the current light blue metallic. Sales will start this summer.

UPDATED: Clear and intelligent styling. Focusing on the interior of the vehicle, Verso-S customers now have a choice between a singletone black interior or a bi-tone brown interior with black seat bolsters. To strengthen the sensory quality on board, trim, dashboard graining, silver stitching as well as additional elements have been revised and refreshed. To provide additional safety and convenience, a tyre pressure

warning system has been added to the standard equipment list. VersoS, now equipped with Toyota Touch 2 on mid and high grades, features a 6.1” full colour touch screen display, Bluetooth connectivity for hands free calling and music streaming, a USB port to connect portable music players and an optional DAB/DAB+ radio. A rear-view camera is fitted as standard. Optional upgrade, on mid and high grades, include Toyota Touch 2 with Go providing full map navigation with customisable speed limit and speed camera warning. The system also offers on-board connectivity to an expanded range of services and applications, including Toyota Real Time Traffic powered by TomTom, Google Street View, Panoramio, Google local search, weather, fuel price and parking space information.


E W N 22 - 28 May 2014 / Costa Blanca South


Adam and Lucy return to Spain champions!! THE Down Syndrome Swimming Federation held the European Championships at the Quays Swimming and Diving Complex Southampton on May 10/11. More than 150 Down Syndrome athletes took part from eight different countries including Spain. Only four of the 12 Spanish swimmers could attend the Championships, they were Nacho from Elda, Loli from Murcia and Adam and Lucy from Orihuela Costa. The competition produced one World record and seven European records with 78 swimmers making qualifying times for the World Championships in November in Mexico. Brother and sister Adam and Lucy Stewart had a very successful weekend with nine medals and a placed ribbon between them. Adam picked up four gold, two silver and one bronze as well as now holding the new European record for the 800 metres freestyle with a time of 13:04:88. Adam claimed personal bests in all his seven races. Lucy developed a gastric virus the night before the competition but was determined to swim and in doing so won two gold medals and

Nice long challenge TORREGOLF.EU returned to this lovely, but long, Hacienda del Alamo course in Fuente Alamo, Murcia. They played two categories in their Stableford competition with prizes going in Category One to Joe Curran (38) ahead of Ken Holmes (33) and in third Con Moore (31). Both nearest the pins were won by Con Moore. Besides their weekly weekend games at Vistabella our next ones to play are Las Colinas, May 26 followed by Altorreal on June 6. For more information call David on 626 774 157 or email davidwinder.

MEMBERS: Some who played on the day.

TMGS play at La Finca ADAM: Picked up seven medals.

LUCY: Won two gold medals.

a placed ribbon, again with personal bests. Monday afternoon saw them back in the pool training for the ‘1st Masters Murcia Open Competition’ on Saturday followed by Adam and Lucy joining the Masters Team in the Valencian Summer Regional Autonomico Competition held in the 50m home pool, Torrevieja on May 31 and June 1. Adam and Lucy would like to thank Juanma, who they call “the

best coach in the world” for his hard work, Club Natacion Torrevieja Masters Team for their encouragement and Paula and Yuli for the gym workouts. They also thank Pretty Neat and Stevie the barber for their long term support. For more information regarding Torrevieja Swimming Club contact Rosa - 665 454 126, President Felipe on 609 418 776 or Vicki 669 637 015 or by e-mail on

MICK KENNEDY was the only player from The Members Golf Society to break his handicap on a well presented course but with tricky/slow/bumpy greens of La Finca. La Finca, one of the most popular courses in the area saw 40 members and guests of the society tee off into a slight breeze and with clouds threatening rain, which thankfully stayed away. Only three of the four nearest the pin prizes were won: Paula Hagart; Kjell Aaesbo and Pauling Johnson, with Joe Dean and Arne Hansson scoring twos. Mickie Noble once again secured the guest prize. The Silver Division was won by Mick Kennedy with 38 points which was seven points clear of runner-up and third places. The Gold Division fared slightly better and the winner was Alan Rickers with 35 points, one ahead of Dag Lovas on 34 points. More information: or call the Match Secretary on 966 719 604.

Crash and win in Catalunya championship THE race team were in Catalunya over the weekend with both their riders competing for honours in the Catalan Supermoto championship. It was the first time that the racing brothers from Murcia had been to the Menarguens circuit near to Lleida and so they had a limited amount of time to learn the circuit before their qualifying sessions. Despite the lack of circuit knowledge and a crash each in practice, both brothers managed to qualify on the front row of the grid for each of their races. Mat Ford-Dunn qualified in fourth position in the SM4 class and younger brother Anthony qualified a superb fourth in the premier SM 1 class. Anthony was the first to race and the battle between the first five riders was very intense with close racing throughout the field. Anthony was in fourth position on

ANTHONY FORD-DUNN: Fell and dislocated his shoulder. the last lap and whilst making a pass on the brakes at the end of the straight he fell, damaging his bike and dislocating his shoulder. The damage to the bike meant he was unable to remount despite his shoulder clicking back into place as he picked himself up. Anthony was unable to compete in the remaining race due to his

injury and therefore lost his lead in the championship from his two race wins in the previous round of the Catalan championship in Mora de Ebre. Mat faired better in both of his races in the SM 4 class with a double victory that extends his championship lead and gives him four wins, from four races.

It could have been a different story though as a puncture in his front tyre in the first race meant he had a desperate last couple of laps to keep ahead of the pack as his front tyre slowly deflated. The brothers now have a few weeks of testing and training ahead before they line up on the grid in Badajoz for the second round of the Spanish championships on June 8. With both brothers holding third position in the SM open and SM 35 Master classes you can bet that they will both be looking for a bit more speed over the coming weeks to hopefully elevate them to the top step of the podium.

The latest video of the first round of the Spanish championship and race reports can be found on the team’s website.


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22 - 28 May 2014 / Costa Blanca South



Glory for Gunners, Saints and Atletico as football season draws to a close DID YOU KNOW?

Tony Matthews

International Sports A former football player and the world’s most prolific author of football books (more than 100 published), Tony is also the sports reporter for Spectrum Radio and lives in the Cabrera mountains.

Costa de Almeria

FOOTBALL ROUND-UP At last, after a nine-year wait, Arsenal have won a trophy! Last Saturday the Gunners, playing in their 18th final, came back from 2-0 down to beat Hull City 3-2 to lift the FA Cup for the 11th time. This was the first time since 1966, when Everton defeated Sheffield Wednesday, that a team has come back from a twogoal deficit and it’s only the second time in 25 years that five goals have been scored in a final. Congratulations also to St Johnstone who won the Scottish Cup for the first time in their 130-year history, beating Dundee United 2-0 at Celtic Park. Perth is rocking this week! And here in Spain, Atletico Madrid gained the point they needed at the Nou Camp with a 1-1 draw to win the La Liga title for the tenth time ahead of Barcelona. And on Saturday Atletico have the chance to complete the double when they play city rivals Real Madrid in the Champions League final in Lisbon.

LA LIGA: Atletico Madrid won the title for the tenth time ahead of Barcelona. Also coming up we have the League play-off finals at Wembley when Derby play QPR for a place in the Premiership on Saturday, Leyton Orient meet Rotherham in FL1 on Sunday followed on Monday by Burton Albion v. Fleetwood Town, the latter having already won six promotions in 10 years. ROUND UP Marc Marquez (Spain) became the first rider in 42 years (and the youngest) since Giacomo Agostini in 1972, to win the opening five races of a season when he won the French MotoGP at Le Mans last Sunday. Valentine Rossi was second with another Spaniard, Alvaro Bautista third.

Later, Rafael Nadal, having beaten Andy Murray on clay (again), eventually lost to Novak Djokovic in the Madrid tennis final. Also in Spain, home favourite Miguel Angel Jimenez, with a brilliant final round, won the Open de Espana in Gerona. Sir Bradley Wiggins is back on track - winning the Tour of California cycle race. UEFA has fined Manchester City £49 million (€60 million) for ‘breach of financial fair play rules’ and have also restricted the club’s Champions League squad to 21 players for next season. Former World F1 champion Sir Jack

Brabham OBE has died in Australia at the age of 88. He won three titles, 1959, 1960 and 1966. COMING UP Today, England’s cricketers play Sri Lanka in the first ODI at The Oval (the second takes place next Wednesday at Old Trafford) and the four-day PGA Championship starts at Wentworth (Virginia Water). Tomorrow night Bath play Northampton in Rugby’s Amlin Cup final at the Millenium Stadium, Cardiff, while 24 hours later Saracens meet Munster in the Heineken Cup final at the same venue. This Sunday, it’s the F1 Grand Prix in Monaco

Mazarron defeated after bright start From Back Page Despite the scoreline it was an even game and Tico went close with a looping free kick which was tipped over the bar by the Abaran keeper five minutes into the second half. Young Pablo made a couple of good saves to keep Mazarron in the game and after 68 minutes Ruben’s left wing cross was flicked on by substitute Gines only for the Abaran keeper to save at the near post.

Then a Tico free kick hit the bar as Mazarron made a determined effort to get back into the game. Tolo’s cross was headed wide by Ruben before Abaran scored their third and most controversial goal after 82 minutes. A long ball out of defence again found two Abaran forwards at least two yards offside. The linesman let play continue and Rokas scored to make it 3-0. Young Pablo and Moha were sent off during the inevitable protests,

THE Premiership’s longestserving manager, Arsene Wenger, has been with Arsenal for 18 years. During that time he’s won the PL title three times and the FA Cup on five occasions while completing the double twice, and between his fourth and fifth Cup wins, 2005-14, Great Britain has had three Prime Ministers, one billion babies have been born, including the HRH the Queen’s latest great grandson, England’s cricketers won and lost the Ashes, Andy Murray won an Olympic gold medal and the men’s singles title at Wimbledon and rival manager Sir Alex Ferguson won 10 trophies with Manchester United. (Nico Rosberg won last year’s race); horse racing fans can gamble on the Irish 1,000 Guineas from the Curragh and the French Open Tennis Championship starts at Roland Garros in Paris (ending June 8). And don’t forget, the World Cup starts in 22 days time, on June 12, when host nation Brazil take on Croatia in Group A (10pm). Spain, in Group B, start their tournament against the Netherlands the following day (9pm) while England meet Italy in their opening Group D game on June 14 (midnight). The competition will run for four-anda-half weeks with the final taking place on July 13.

MAN OF THE MATCH: Cecilio. obviously for comments made to the linesman and, at one stage it seemed the rest of the Mazarron

team were considering walking off the field before Coach Javi persuaded them to restart the game.

OFFER If anyone is interested, I have for sale a few copies of my latest, and 131st football book, ‘England in the World Cup’ signed by Bryan Robson OBE. They cost €15 each and you can telephone me on 634 319 414 or 950 699 991 to reserve (buy) your copy.


E W N 22 - 28 May 2014 / Costa Blanca South

Sport Costa Blancaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s best guide to local sport


Valentino Rossi Second in the French MotoGP at Le Mans. Turn to Page 95 TO READ MORE VISIT OUR WEBSITE: WWW.EUROWEEKLYNEWS.COM

A controversial match THREE controversial decisions by the match officials contributed to Mazarronâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 3-0 defeat at Abaran and led to the sending off of two Mazarron players in the closing stages of the game. Mazarron started brightly and Tolo should have scored in the third minute but his fierce shot was too close to the Abaran keeper who was able to make a good save. Then, after 17 minutes, Ruben broke down the left and sent in a perfect cross for Tolo who mistimed his volley and a second chance went begging. Almost immediately Abaran broke away and,

TEAM: Pablo, Fran 1, Moha, Ismai (Gines), Dani (Juanillo), Fran 2, (Fran 3), Cecilio, Tico, Randry, Jose Ruben, Tolo. despite the fact that two players were in offside positions, Daniel was allowed to run through and place a firm shot past Pablo to give the

home team the lead. After 27 minutes it was 2-0 when the referee awarded a penalty to Abaran after an innocuous 50-50

challenge in the box. Nicolas sent Mazarron goalkeeper Pablo the wrong way from the resultant spot kick. Turn to Page 95

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