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Boats offer

BIDS have been invited to manage yacht moorings at Javea’s Fontana canal. The tender entails a €6-million investment and an annual €65,000 payment to the regional government.

Ringing tone THIRTY Valencian Community bell-towers are in a bad state, bellringing groups have claimed. They criticised the administration for renovating exteriors but ignoring interiors and the bells themselves.

Have a go! JAVEA’S sports councillor has urged local residents to enter the Third Age Olympics on May 25 in Denia. The event is open to all residents 65 or over.

Museum stays VILLAJOYOSA, formerly Spain’s chocolate manufacturing centre, will not have to resite its museum. The regional government has authorised modifications to the urban plan, allowing it to remain.

1 - 7 MAY 2014

Phone meltdown predicted - again THE Costa Blanca was saturated with visitors over Easter so it was little wonder that phone communications went into meltdown. And the situation could now be repeated as the May Day long weekend starts today (Thursday) with a predicted 90 per cent occupancy. The Easter rush was welcome but brought headaches for mobile phone companies. Practically every national and international visitor to Benidorm - not to mention residents - was dismayed to find no mobile signal to send off photos and social networking messages. Those who did manage to get connections found them so

as did businesses which encountered difficulties with credit card payment machines. Spain’s principal operator Telefonica admitted having problems but insisted that infrastructure had greatly improved since last year. Meanwhile, Benidorm Council has contacted the required levels of sound- principal mobile companies, proofing and a limiter calling for a solution to subject to inspections, what threatens to become Such continued. a recurring problem. “All this will take time,” “We cannot intervene the spokesman conceded, directly, as this concerns not least because the new private companies,” said regulations imply a New Technology Councillor change of habits. Ruben Martinez. “But the initiative will “Nevertheless, we must bear fruit and benefit the ensure that our tourists and general wellbeing of all residents enjoy a good residents,” Such added. phone service,” he added.

frustratingly slow that Movistar, Vodafone, Yoigo and Orange were inundated with complaints. Benidorm residents with broadband also complained of an erratic or non-existent connection,

Keep the noise down! ALFAZ DEL PI has introduced bylaws to combat noise pollution and protect the environment. The legislation comprises a total of 56 articles aimed at controlling excessive noise and vibrations, said town hall spokesman Toni Such. The bylaws set out procedures to be followed in the case of noise

pollution “in all surroundings whether public or private,” according to Such. They also allow the town hall to “adopt and apply corrective measures, define limits and take whatever steps it deems to be necessary.” Premises with music must keep to specific hours and should be equipped with the



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Letters 41 AVE: More passengers could soon be using Villena station.

Better access to Villena AVE station

ALICANTE Provincial Government has approved a €300,000 allocation to provide better access to Villena’s AVE station. The road linking the A-31 motorway and the new station is to be revamped and at the same time could solve a problem for Benidorm and other Costa Blanca resorts. Grumbles about the state of the road were heard as soon as the high-speed train came into service but now the station’s relative inaccessibility has assumed even greater importance. Despite protests from

one end of the Costa Blanca to the other, Alicante City Council refuses to allow a regular bus shuttle between the terminus and resorts like Benidorm and Torrevieja. Villena, which is one stop up the line from Alicante City, has been suggested as a more convenient stopping point for travellers to and from Madrid. If a regular service were introduced the journey between Villena and, for instance, Benidorm, the shuttle would take less time than from the Alicante terminus.

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NEWS More in work ALICANTE Province had 51,655 businesses with employees by the end of 2014’s first quarter, 2.7 per cent more than last year. Selfemployed workers increased by 3.2 per cent to 113,563. Charity help ALFAZ Town Hall has allocated €3,000 to Anemona, the Marina Baja breast cancer support group. It can found at Calle Rioja, 2-4-2 in Benidorm and Alfaz Town Hall.

Cinema could be ‘Ideal’ for Zara ALICANTE CITY’S Cine Ideal closed in 2003. It opened 80 years earlier in a different world, when the public flocked to cinemas and DVD meant nothing more than a string of Roman numerals. Since then it has remained closed despite the interest of local cultural groups in what is considered an Art Deco gem. Its owners’ efforts to rent it out have all failed, including plans in 2012 to turn it into a dental clinic. Now the property could have a new lease of life

because Inditex is rumoured to have its eye on the prime site in Avenida de la Constitucion. The group headed by Amancio Ortega – the richest man in Spain and the third richest in the world – has approached the city hall, asking questions about the degree of protection afforded to the listed building. Inditex, the company responsible for the Zara and Massimo Dutti labels amongst others, has already acquired other emblematic Valencian Community properties, including Elche’s Cine Capitolio.

80 per cent are happy at work

Bay-watch BENIDORM’S first cruise ship will arrive in October. The German-owned liner will anchor in the bay for a fivehour stopover, taking passengers ashore in its own launches. Extra bodies BY 2011 Alicante Province’s coastal municipalities had a floating population of 569,669. This equalled 57 per cent of the resident population of 989,693, according to Spain’s statistics’ office, INE.

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ODAY (Thursday) is Labour Day, and as most of us spend more time at work than anywhere else, it is important to be happy there.

On the alert LOCAL POLICE in San Juan are keeping watch on outof-town cars cruising outlying urbanisations. Residents’ number plates are recognised thanks to onboard computers in their patrol cars.

Almost 80 per cent of workers in Spain say they are happy with their job, according to a survey by temporary work agency Adecco. Almost 79 per cent believe that contentment in the workplace is more important than having a higher salary. But for more than 71, having a stable job is more important than being happy in the workplace. This explains why

Palm jabs THE central government has given temporary permission to inoculate Elche’s palms with emamactin benzoate to combat the red weevil plague. Dry disaster VALENCIAN Community agricultural co-operatives have called on the regional government to introduce emergency measures to offset the current drought.

Quote of the Week It’s so sad. I live on €300 and with the help of my 88-year-old mother,’

Rosalia Iglesias, the wife of former Partido Popular Treasurer Luis Barcenas, facing charges in court in the Gurtel corruption case.

CONTENT: Most workers believe being happy is more important than a higher salary.

almost 63 per cent wouldn’t leave their current job even if they weren’t happy. However, more than 81 per cent believe they would be happier if Spain had working hours similar to the rest of Europe or if they could work more from home. And 41 per cent believe they would prefer to have their own businesses. Meanwhile, amongst the unemployed in Spain, the average level of happiness is 5.4 out of 10, which would increase to 8.1 out of 10 if they found a job. And not having a job will lead to fewer women being treated for Mother’s Day, which is marked on the first Sunday of May in Spain, as 80 per cent of couples say they are delaying having a family because they are out of work. Before the financial crisis, the main reason for not having children was ‘not having found the right partner’. The Spanish Society of Gynaecology and Obstetrics reports that lack of work also affects the decision of how many children to have, and at what age women decide to become mothers.

Number of the week

are currently held in 5,117 women Spanish prisons, representing 7.6

per cent of the total number of inmates, when the European average is 5.3 per cent. Drugrelated crimes are behind the majority of incarcerations, followed by theft.




ews watch


UNIONS in La Safor have urged local administrations to eradicate the submerged ‘black’ economy. Illegal practices generated fraud and prevented the creation of employment, said UGT and CCOO spokesmen.

Refuse request THE regional governmentowned company Vaersa has pulled out of the La Jara recycling plant. Marina Alta Town Halls called on the regional government to let them use it free of charge.

Repairs hold-up REBUILDING the Puerta de Hierro apartments in La Nucia, partially destroyed by a gas explosion last December, has yet to begin. Problems arose as not all property-owners were insured.

Rocket hazard A STRAY rocket from a fireworks display in Cullera (Valencia) set fire to nearby woodland. Fire brigades from Cullera, Gandia, Alzira and Silla prevented the flames from reaching adjoining houses.

No excuse CALPE’S open-air market site is unsafe, traders complain. The site is covered by an emergency evacuation plan, the town hall countered, and wide enough for ambulance access.

Dark days ELECTRICITY consumption in the Valencian Community has fallen by 16.1 per cent since 2009. The greatest reduction was in domestic consumption.

And finally... A MAN, 32, was arrested in Madrid for allegedly stabbing his 19-month-old son to death and seriously injuring his other son, aged five. The children’s mother and grandmother witnessed the scene which occurred when they went to pick them up.


E W N 1 - 7 May 2014 / Costa Blanca North


Down-and-out gets a taste for the Champagne lifestyle A 42-YEAR-OLD Slovakian has been charged with breaking into luxury yachts in Alicante harbour.

He was caught red-handed while boarding a boat unaware that its owners were present, but claimed that

he had no intention of taking valuables. He was an alcoholic, he said, and merely looking for something to eat.

FILM FESTIVAL: Julian Lopez, Javier Pascual and Marina Blanco.

Film festival looking for a new idea to represent Alfaz del Pi ALFAZ DEL PI is looking for a new official mascot/logo for its annual film festival. “We want something that will rejuvenate the festival and represent us throughout the year at all types of events,”

said the festival’s assistant director, Javier Pascual. The mascot/logo is now in the hands of the public, Pascual added, as he invited ideas linked to the world of cinema and featuring the Albir

lighthouse. The winner will be invited to present the chosen design at the festival’s gala inauguration next July. He or she will receive a €200 cash prize as well as a weekend for two at a four-star Albir hotel,

two invitations to the inaugural gala and two tickets for all screenings. Submissions can be presented via email to until 11.59pm on May 25.

The police had already received numerous complaints from boatowners who reported that doors and hatches had been broken open and objects and belongings stolen. Food and drink had also disappeared, all reported, and on one occasion the thief had polished off an entire bottle of Moet et Chandon Champagne. Although owners found belongings were missing they said that the damage to their boats outweighed the items taken or the food and drink that had disappeared. In some cases it had cost up to €10,000 in repairs, they claimed. Security at Alicante Port is tight and police believe the Slovakian swam out to Quay Number Five, where the luxury yachts are moored, under cover of darkness. Investigators later found that the same man had been arrested in Barcelona on similar charges.

Benidorm is less thirsty BENIDORM uses 25 per cent less water today than it did in 1987 although its population has doubled. Improved infrastructure saves an annual three cubic hectometres of water, the Hidraqua water company said.

Health company must care for ailing building MARINA SALUD, which runs Denia Hospital, has been called on to restore the old Republican sanatorium. The dilapidated and

abandoned building shares the same plot as the new hospital and is covered by the Beniadla development scheme. Under the terms of Denia’s town plan,

Learning curve ONDARA Town Hall hopes to attract a private international school to the municipality. The town’s nearness to the AP-7 and N335 bypass should attract investors, according to town hall sources.

Marina Salud is obliged to assume responsibility for its restoration, said Development Councillor Pepa Font. In 2009, the town council voted to remove the sanatorium’s classification as a listed building. The regional government then stepped in, however, insisting that it should continue to enjoy official protection owing to its ‘historic and sentimental value’.


1 - 7 May 2014 / Costa Blanca Nor th

Galas raise funds for Emaus and food bank THE Lonny por Emaus y La Nucia initiative raised €2,700 for Emaus and La Nucia’s Food Bank. The idea of holding two consecutive gala

Santa Faz: devotion and ‘botellon’ ALICANTE CITY’s annual pilgrimage to Santa Faz takes place today (Thursday). Around 300,000 people will walk almost eight kilometres to the San Juan monastery where the length of linen which allegedly shows Christ’s face is kept. To help them along their way they will receive one of the 18,000 canes recently cut from the reed beds lining the River Segura in the Vega Baja. As tradition requires, each cane will be topped with a sprig of rosemary from the municipal nurseries. On one hand the Santa Faz ‘romeria’ is an expression of devotion but it is also a great day out, especially for the young people who will flock to the pilgrimage from all over the province. For them, the day will become a ‘botellon’ drinking session as it did last year when 20,000 young people drank and made merry amongst other activities - on San Juan beach. Members of Proteccion Civil, the police, medics and lifeguards will be posted to Playa de San Juan until late today, to deal with any incidents which may occur.

dinners came from Lonny Gregungan. A celebrity chef who is famous in the Netherlands and Indonesia, Lonny has successfully supported children’s charities in Indonesia in the past. One event even earned him an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records when he

prepared a rice table 660 metres long for 1,200 people. Lonny prepared the meals at the Salon Social El Cirer in La Nucia, with the proceeds going to Emaus and the Food Bank. A €2,700 cheque was afterwards handed over at La Nucia Town Hall by Pico de Jong, who

surrounding areas. As well as the mosquitoes that cause problems in Campello along the Rio Seco riverbed once the hot weather starts, and the sewer rats found in any town, the Lokimica experts advised on handling other problems. Information was given on the procedures to be adopted on encountering the red weevils which are attacking palm trees throughout the province and the pine processionary caterpillars which can be a danger to pets as well as their owners.



A grand old lady

GALA CHEQUE: (l to r) Bart Gommans, Montserrat Fiter, Esperanza Soria and Pico de Jong. organised the dinner. Also present were Emaus president Montserrat Fiter, La Nucia’s Social Welfare Councillor and

Food Bank co-ordinator Esperanza Soria and Foreign Residents’ Councillor Bart Gommans.

Keeping summer pests at bay INSECTS and vermin inevitably make their presence felt as the hotter summer months approach. With this in mind, Campello Town Hall organised a talk at the Social Centre to raise residents’ awareness and provide information on dealing with them. Guidance came from Ruben Bueno Mari and Lidia Najar Selles, two experts from Lokimica, the specialist pestcontrol company contracted by Campello’s Health Department, on how to eliminate these problems within the town and the


A REPLICA of Lucy, a skeleton discovered 40 years ago in Ethiopia, can be seen at Elche’s Paleontology Museum. She lived three million years ago and is considered ‘humanity’s grandmother’.

Suppliers paid DENIA Town Hall settled 1,600 outstanding bills during 2014’s first quarter, reducing its debt by €1 million.

Lemur found A LEMUR stolen from a Benidorm nature park has been located in Altea. Guardia Civil officers investigating reports of a ‘strange animal’ found it on an apartment balcony. RIO SECO: Summer spraying eliminates mosquitoes.


E W N 1 - 7 May 2014 / Costa Blanca North


Wasted effort THIEVES forced the shutter of a bar in Javea’s Old Town to find only €200 inside. Frustrated, they tried to smash the window of another bar but left empty-handed.

Single-handed VANDALS have hacked the hand off the statue of a shoemaker in central Elda. This is the fourth time that the hand has disappeared.

Keep it clean! STALLHOLDERS at Villena’s weekly openair market have been told to clear up the site when they leave or face fines, the town hall has warned.

New water pipes for Finestrat Old Town FINESTRAT Town Hall is renovating the old town’s water supply. Replacing the existing water mains with ductile cast iron in five Finestrat streets began last February. This was funded by the Alicante Provincial Government and the town hall itself, through the Hidraqua concessionary, explained Works and Services Councillor Juan Francisco Perez. Connections between the main supply and properties in the same five streets were also renewed. As trenches had already been dug for the new pipes, the town hall also took the opportunity of inspecting the main drains to facilitate repairs should problems be detected in the future, the councillor added. As well as maintaining and improving the water supply, the extensive work was also undertaken in order to control and reduce as far as possible the effects of erosion on the La Penya

FINESTRAT: Councillor Juan Francisco Perez inspects renovations. mound on which much of the old town is built, Perez said. “The town hall is aware of the

problem and much of what we have done over the past 10 years has centred on this,” he added.


Worker kept as a semi-slave A PALESTINIAN employer, 62, has been arrested on charges which include illegal detention and exploiting an employee. Police from Elche’s Immigration and Borders unit were tipped off that an Egyptian was working 24 hours a day without a contract in conditions of semi-slavery in Alicante City. On telling his employer that he wished to leave his job, the 41-year-old man was threatened and told that he would have to pay €4,000 to recover his passport. The Egyptian was freed by police officers and his employer remanded into custody. A police search revealed the employee’s passport as well as an electric pistol and a replica firearm.

DESIGNER’S FAVOURITE: Benidorm’s 1988 Fitur stand.

Benidorm tourism exhibition documents 30 years of Fitur A BENIDORM exhibition documents the resort’s 30 years at the Fitur tourist trade fair in Madrid. It shows each year’s stand at Fitur, one of the world’s most important tourism fairs, starting in 1984 with an artificial beach designed by Alejandro Guijarro. It cost 1,151,300 pesetas at the time, equivalent to €6,919 today. Twenty-four years later,

just as the property bubble burst, the town hall spent €397,903 - the most ever on the ‘I love Benidorm’ stand which occupied 270 square metres, compared with 160 in 1984. Guijarro’s 30 designs can all be seen at an exhibition in the town hall vestibule which began this week and continues until May 15. His stands and slogans have won 11 prizes for the resort over the past 30 years.

His favourite, the designer said, was the 1988 stand. Of futuristic design and costing seven million pesetas (€42,000), it was entitled ‘Predicting the future’ and incorporated lasers and 3D effects. “Benidorm is to tourism what Alejandro is to Benidorm,” commented Mayor Agustin Navarro as the exhibition opened to the public.



Full house in Denia DENIA hotels had 90 per cent occupancy over Easter while tourist accommodation was 80 per cent full, exceeding all expectations. The fine weather helped, the town hall said.

Shaky jobs ALMOST 92 per cent of the under-30s who found work in Alicante Province during the first quarter of this year are on temporary contracts. Just over half were part-time.

1 - 7 May 2014 / Costa Blanca North

Goodness, gracious, great balls of clay! PUPILS at La Nucia’s municipal kindergarten El Bressol recently celebrated International Earth Day. Different activities during the preceding week included recycling refuse, cultivating plants, looking after pets and learning about wildlife. The programme ended with seed-planting, where the children were introduced to the Nendo Dango technique. This was devised by Masanobu Fukuoka, a Japanese farmer and philosopher renowned for his natural farming

EL BRESSOL KINDERGARTEN: Preparing seeds for planting. methods and re-vegetation of land threatened by

One use only AN additional 115 burial niches have been added to Villajoyosa Cemetery. Under no circumstances will they be acquired for future use, said Technical Support Councillor Loli Such. TEULADA: Off to celebrate.

All bones and no steak

Fiesta time in Teulada

NOT only families but also restaurants are now going for cheap cuts of meat. “No-one wants fillet steak or entrecote,” complained stallholders at Alicante City’s municipal food market. “Once the restaurants took the best cuts and there was nothing left for clients. Now we don’t know what to do with them because the restaurants are going for cheaper menus,” said butcher Jose Espinosa. Saturday was still a good day for sales, he said, although other stallholders disputed this. Even weekend purchases have diminished by 15 per cent, they said. “It’s all carcasses and no T-bones,” one lamented.

TEULADA is currently celebrating its annual fiestas in honour of San Vicente Ferrer. San Vicente, whose mother was Spanish and father English, was born in Valencia in1350 and died in 1419. His sister lived in Teulada and he is believed to have been responsible for the water that still drips, rather than flows, at the Font Santa (Holy Well) on the outskirts of the town. According to legend, when out walking once with his sister he scraped at the ground, finding water when she became thirsty.

Uni set to open THE private Mare Nostrum university in Campello expects to receive official recognition from the regional government in June. Once obtained, degree courses not requiring the approval of the National Quality and Accreditation Agency, can begin in October, sources said. The same sources dismissed rumours that the year’s delay in the awaited permit was influenced by criticism from state universities not only in the Valencian Region but also throughout Spain.

desertification. Seeds are first rolled inside a ball of special clay to protect them from insects, animals and harsh weather conditions so that when rains arrive the seeds can germinate in suitable and natural conditions. Each child later went home with a ball of clay

which they had prepared, ready to plant and monitor the progress of the seeds. El Bressol’s Planet Earth programme, led by Eva Graña, aims to show the young pupils how “to learn to observe and actively explore their immediate environment,” the teacher explained.




E W N 1 - 7 May 2014 / Costa Blanca Nor th


Job training BRUSSELS will allocate €840,000 for retraining 300 unemployed textile workers. Their jobs were lost when factories folded in the traditional manufacturing centres of Alcoy, El Comtat and Albaida.

Hot stuff THE first three weeks of April in the Valencian Community were the warmest ever recorded. Average daily temperatures did not fall below 20 degrees compared to the normal 13 degrees.

Happy event SONIA CASTEDO, Mayor of Alicante City, has given birth to her second daughter, Carla.

Mystery owner tries to sell Javea mill JAVEA Town Hall formally registered ownership of five of the 11 La Plana windmills last year. The windmills - listed as Mills One, Two, Three, Seven and Eight - were always considered municipal property, but one is now on the market. A private owner is asking €160,000 for Mill Three and For Sale notices have appeared on the walls of the 18th century building. It also appears on an estate agent’s website, where it is described as a 450square-metre property in the Montgo national park with water, electricity and ‘excellent views of Montgo and Javea Bay’. The windmill belongs to Javea, stressed Heritage Councillor Antonio Miragall when

HISTORIC LANDMARKS: Some of the La Plana windmills. questioned by the local Spanish media. The town hall was ‘scrupulous’ when registering the five mills in the inventory of municipal assets. “The

object was to protect and preserve this legacy,” Miragall said. The La Plana windmills were built between the 14th and 18th centuries when wheat and grain

were important crops in the area. They fell into disuse towards the beginning of the 20th century when the millstones and machinery were removed.

SOUNDS FAMILIAR: Disney ‘not just for children’.

Disney numbers ‘sound familiar’ THE Sounds Familiar theatre group relive their childhood in their Spring 2014 show. Entitled ‘Disney – not just for children’ they perform

at the Casa de Cultura in Calpe on May 30 and the Auditori Municipal in Ondara on June 6. With more than 70 years of films to choose from, there is something from everybody’s childhood, and Disney is not just for children. Both shows start at 8pm with the doors opening at 7.30pm and tickets cost €12.

More information on 96 558 1483 or online at office.php

NEWS Committee for Benissa association renewed DOCTOR LUIS SANTOS, Head of Paediatrics at Denia Hospital, is the new president of Benissa’s BENCAB association. BENCAB was founded in 2010 to provide help and support both for those with eating disorders and their families. The association’s committee was recently renewed and Benissa’s Health Councillor thanked the outgoing members for their work and dedication. BENCAB will now be concentrating on collaborating with local schools and the Josep Iborra Institute, equivalent to a high school. The association is located in Calle San Pere in premises shared with the AECC cancer charity. It is here that BENCAB events are held and where help and assessment are available to all.

Overhaul for lights DENIA’S faulty solarpowered street lights will be repaired by the manufacturers. Only four of 86 lights installed along four roads in the Montgo area in 2010 are now working. After complaints from Opposition parties and a town hall threat to sue the makers, they have now agreed to put the lampposts into working order. The solar-powered units, which cost €349,160, cannot supply a daily 12 hours of light in the winter, said Services Councillor Sisco Signes. But once repaired, they should provide light for six or seven hours a day.


E W N 1 - 7 May 2014 / Costa Blanca Nor th


Seafood and no dirty fingers CALPE celebrates its traditional links with the sea with a gastronomic fair between May 15 and 18. The Feria del Pei XI l’Arros del Senyoret has been organised by the town hall and local groups that include the fishing guild, Yacht Club, and local business and tourism association. Generations of Calpinos centred their lives on the sea, especially fishing, explained the town hall. And the sea remains a way of life for Calpinos to this day although the accent might now be on tourism. It is this seafaring tradition and the produce of the sea that the fair intends to celebrate later this month with sporting and cultural events and, above all, an Arros del Senyoret competition. This rice-based variation on paella features seafood that has

CALPE: Maritime tradition is still strong. been pre-peeled and preboned and therefore suitable for a ‘senyorit’

or ‘señorito’ who does not wish to dirty his fingers.

Housebreakers were fast, clean and silent workers SAN JUAN PLAYA and Muchamiel urbanisations were targeted at least six times by the same sneak thieves.

On each occasion, householders were unaware that they had been targeted until they realised that items like handbags, laptops, smartphones and even silver photo frames had gone missing. “They took anything that came to hand,” said one Playa de San Juan homeowner. FEWER people had jobs in the Valencia Region last He believes that the year but there were more work-related accidents. robbery must have taken These increased by 4.36 per cent even though place while he and his the work force fell by 3.5 per cent, according to family were asleep the Valencian Institute of Safety and Health in the upstairs and the same Workplace (Invassat). story was repeated at Although fewer people lost their lives at work in other properties on the 2013 the overall number of accidents had same urbanisation and in increased, said CCOO spokeswoman Concepcion Muchamiel. Jarabo. This was particularly true for agricultural The thieves worked fast and silently, police said, workers which is traditionally one of the most and must have worn dangerous jobs to have, along with people gloves as no fingerprints employed in the construction industry. were later found.

Fewer jobs but even less safety


La Jara can bank on it LA JARA will have a bank again after its Sabadell-CAM branch closed last December. The town’s 1,600 residents were left with only an ATM while anything more complicated required a trip to neighbouring Denia. Despite a local petition the SabadellCAM bank had to close the La Jara branch under conditions imposed by Brussels when Sabadell acquired CAM in December 2011. Santander has now announced that it will be opening a branch in Calle Muntanyeta next month. This was good news, said La Jara mayor Josep Fornes, not only for the town’s residents, but also those living in adjoining urbanisations.

BOOK-CROSSING: Volunteers at the Municipal market.

A chance to swap books

JAVEA’S public library celebrated International Book Day with a book-crossing event. The occasion was attended by Empar Bolufer and Catalina Cardona, the director of the public library, as well as volunteers from the library’s international section. Book-crossing is an international initiative to promote reading as a hobby by reading a book which is later left in a public place where it can be picked up by another person. The covered municipal market was chosen as the principal spot for leaving and picking up books. They have also been left at strategic spots throughout the town.

1 - 7 May 2014 / Costa Blanca Nor th




E W N 1 - 7 May 2014 / Costa Blanca Nor th


Marihuana: A family business

NATIONAL POLICE have detained a couple and their son, aged between 33 and 62, for selling marihuana from their family home in Manises, Valencia. Agents found a plastic tub with 245 grammes of marihuana, cut-up plastic bags ready for the packaging of individual doses and €1,025 in cash.

The family, all Spanish, stand accused of crimes against public health. The police received a tip-off that there was a house in Manises selling drugs and rapidly set up an investigation which brought the family in question to their attention due to the large number of visitors they received on a daily basis; the visitors only stayed five minutes or less, and this aroused the police’s suspicions. After watching the house for a short while they saw that the ‘visitors’ weapons and grievous were all received by the bodily harm. son who gave them a bag Former PP treasurer in return for cash. On Barcenas, remanded in raiding the house, the prison in a corruption police arrested all the case, was said to be members of the family shaken by the gunpoint and a few ‘visitors’ who attack on his family. were there at the time. The final sentence may The parents have been be less than the released pending their requested 22 years as case and the son, due to Olivares is said to have having a police record, ‘psychological problems’. has been put on remand.

22 years for attack on Barcenas relatives THE prosecutor is asking a Madrid court for 22 years in prison for a man who attacked Luis Barcenas’s family. Olivares, who carried out the attack last October, stands accused of three counts of kidnapping and three counts of threatening life. He is also charged with illegal possession of


1 - 7 May 2014 / Costa Blanca Nor th



BBC presenter violently assaulted in Spain A BBC golf presenter is lucky to be alive after being drugged and robbed while on holiday in Spain. Alan Tait endured a nightmare 10hour ordeal, being brutally assaulted and left for dead in Puerto Banus, Malaga, last Friday.

Mr Tait, 45, was left in a ‘coma-like state’ in a back alley by an organised crime gang while staying in the popular tourist destination. Alan, who co-hosts The Golf Show on Radio Scotland, said that the group spiked his drink in a Puerto Banus bar

just hours after he arrived in Spain for a three-day golf break with friends. The group led him away from his friends, beat him up, and stole all his money - £150 in cash and some €500 as well as his phone and watch. Mr Tait woke up in a backstreet with

cuts and bruises to his head and face. He managed to convince a taxi driver to take him straight to Malaga Airport, where he spoke to police. Spanish police reportedly told him he had probably been drugged with the horse tranquillizer ketamine.


Restricting the right to protest

IN ACTION: Jamie Oliver likes to add his own touch.

Jamie Oliver ‘fails’ when it comes to paella

IT turns out that paella, the dish people around the world most associate with Spain, may be being misrepresented. There are fears that the saffron rice signature dish which originated in Valencia is experiencing degradation on a global scale. A group from the region of Valencia is arguing that the local dish of choice is being corrupted by tourism and celebrity chefs like the UK’s Jamie Oliver. To counter this, they’ve launched a website which aims to change perceptions of paella, as they argue that most people wouldn’t know the real thing if it hit them with a frying pan. The main aim is to preserve the tasty dish’s integrity and to fight against additional taboo ingredients like chorizo, avocado and peas. The pro-paella party, via website Wikipaella, condemn ‘infringements against authentic paella’ worldwide, and provide a site for paella aficionados and amateurs alike.

Wikipaella co-founder Guillermo Navarro said paella, which was traditionally cooked on an open fire in a gigantic pan, is a much-loved symbol of identity for Valencians. Navarro argues that authentic paella is “very simple with very basic ingredients, even plain,” with more than six or seven ingredients being “paella prostitution.” Wikipaella’s list of approved ingredients includes broad beans, tomato, saffron, paprika and Valencian rice. Meat like rabbit, chicken, and even duck and snails are also common. But chorizo, for example, will never appear in an authentic recipe, even though it tends to crop up repeatedly. British chef Jamie Oliver has advocated using chorizo, choosing it in his paella recipe. Oliver has described the dish as “incredibly flexible” and says that it’s alright to take “the principal of it” and adjust it to whatever ingredients are available.

But Navarro disagrees, especially if you aim to keep the title of ‘traditional’. Navarro said: “I don’t have a problem with Jamie Oliver or any innovation with paella. But when Jamie or other chefs say the paella they’ve invented is traditional or authentic, it’s a fail. It’s wrong.”

AFTER gathering evidence from several woefully unhappy with the country’s Spanish protests, Amnesty high unemployment rates, shrinking International (AI) is arguing that Spain public funds for education, health and is restricting the rights of its citizens social services and its inability to leave the financial crisis behind. when it comes to protesting. Millions have taken to the streets to The report paints a picture of a heavy-handed government response to voice their anger, particularly at the PP government’s austerity cuts which the country’s growing social have been highly criticised. movements and rising levels The Amnesty report author, of discontent. Millions Virginia Álvarez, argues that Over the last year AI instead of attempting to has tracked several have taken initiate a dialogue with Madrid and Barcelona to the streets unhappy citizens, Spain’s protests, gathering firstto voice conservative government is hand accounts, interviews with journalists their anger aiming to strip away rights. and legal experts and Álvarez said: “Instead of analysing videos and listening to their demands, photographs. instead of starting a dialogue, The Spanish government is using authorities are doing everything they fines and excessive police force to limit can to impede people from protesting. the right to protest, according to the “With threats of fines or threats of report. being beaten, the government is trying Many people across the country are to stigmatise and criminalise people also unhappy with Spain’s new citizen who are just practising their rights.” security bill, with critics maintaining Citing public disobedience, fines that the strict anti-protest laws are ranging from €300 to €1,500 have designed to limit rights. become commonplace for protesters in In recent years, Spaniards have been Spain over the last few years.


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Maintenance for roads is ‘vital’


One million pensioners THE Valencian Community now has a million pensioners registered on its books. The number of retired people living in the area has gone up steadily since 2008.

Independence must wait THE coalition for independence in Alicante is to present a proposal for the province to become an independent autonomy by 2015; by then they hope to have five seats in the Corts (regional government).

Five years later THE last renovations on Cataluña Avenue have been agreed five years after the road first opened. The gardens and street furniture are to be installed now that a budget has been agreed.


BOUNCY CASTLES: Taken away by the wind.

Bouncy castle disaster injures 23 TWENTY-THREE people, the majority of them children, were injured in Alicante City when five bouncy castles escaped their moorings. The attractions were installed in a Calle Teulada car park during a classic car exhibition. It was a windy day and the bouncy castles were ripped away by a gust ‘like a whirlwind’ one mother said later. They were lifted five metres into the air while a dozen or so children played inside, according to a witness. Some fell to the ground while others managed to hold on but spectators were also hurt by the out-of-control castles. Fourteen people were taken to Alicante General Hospital, including three children whose injuries included fractured wrists and arms. All returned to their homes later that day. Police are investigating the accident although the inflatables were in good condition and well-secured, insisted a spokesman for the company that owns and installs them. The accident was ‘incomprehensible’, he said.

EASTER WEEK has left a total of 35 dead on the Spanish roads; this number has gone up for the first time in 10 years. The Valencian Community is looking to maintenance to help reduce the figures. Easter is always a bad time to travel due to the rise in traffic but this year was especially so as the number of deaths rose for the first time since 2004, by seven. Valencia accounted for five of the deaths, two each in Torrevieja and Elche and one in Castalla. All five deaths happened on stretches of road known for their

BLACK SPOTS: Government must take action. danger and which have not been dealt with by the government despite the Valencia Community asking, on repeated occasions, for something to be done about these ‘black spots’. The AEC (Spanish road

association) has now called on the government to do something about the state of the roads nationwide as very little maintenance has been carried out since the beginning of the financial recession.

Tita Torro conquers Marrakesh LOCAL Alicante tennis player, Tita Torro, 21, has won her first WTA title in Marrakesh.The Villena-born player beat Swiss Romina Oprandi in a very evenly

matched game which was only decided in the final points. Torro, seeded at 71, beat the 101 seeded player 6-3, 3-6 and 6-3.

Block on aid brings €20 million debt MORE than 8,000 petitions for help, housing or otherwise, have been frozen, some for more than three years Maria Jose Mira, President of

AERTE (association of residents and services dependent on the Valencian Community) warns that it could be more than €20 million if the debts to those who

have passed away are included. In data published by the Ministry of Health it is clear that of the 49,765 cases which have the right to help, only 41,282 are

actually receiving that help; in other words 8,483 are still waiting, and accumulating debt within the community as interest will have to be paid. AERTE has pointed out time and time again that these are people who cannot wait - they need help with housing and other basic necessities and the community must find a way to help them before they fall into ‘social exclusion’ or the community falls into even more debt.


Romanian clan detained NATIONAL POLICE in Valencia have detained five members of the Romanian ‘Salcianu’ clan which runs many prostitutes in the city. Salcianu law is very clear: either the women work from sunset to sunrise selling themselves by the side of the road and bring home enough money or they will have to face a harsh beating. The older, heads of families, threaten the younger women and beat them if they don’t comply with the obligations of the clan. These beatings are so harsh that one of the clan has now come forward to the police to denounce the collective known as ‘Los Salcianu’. The five people detained are the alleged heads of the clan and they stand accused of forcing four young women, also Romanian, into prostitution. The victims were freed by the police. After a tip-off from one of the women, police raided an address in central Valencia and found extensive documentation on the business side of the prostitution ring as well as €1,420 in cash, knives and laptops.

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5,000 jobs gone since crisis began MORE than 5,000 mechanics’ jobs in the province of Alicante have been lost from garages since the beginning of the financial crisis, with more than 10,000 lost throughout the Valencia Region. The underground economy and illegal workshops are to blame for the majority of these losses. So far this year Fautcova (provincial governing body for garages) has already denounced 200 illegal garages and the Guardia

Civil are investigating another 70. In the last few months there has been a marked increase in the amount of small businesses and individuals who are offering vehicle repairs without having the correct licences. This proliferation of illegal activity is bad for consumers, the environment (there is no control over where dangerous waste is dumped) and road safety (there is no quality control on the repairs) explained Guillermo Moreno,

President of Fautcova. Fautcova is currently promoting a campaign entitled ‘What price do you put on your safety? Repair your car in a legal garage - we are your guarantee’. All participating garages are displaying the sign. Moreno underscored the statistics which show that 90 per cent of all repairs in legal garages are completed satisfactorily whereas only 30 per cent are resolved to the customer’s satisfaction in ‘black’ garages.

400 pirates on the airwaves but authorities turn a deaf ear THREE out of four radio stations in the Valencian Community are unlicensed, according to a recent report. A mixing table, a computer and a transmitter are all that is needed to

break into the Valencia airwaves which the authorities don’t seem to be too worried about. There are more than 400 illegal stations transmitting in the community.

ILLEGAL GARAGES: No guarantees. xxxxxxxxxx




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NEWS EXTRA Valencia mass THE Archbishop of Valencia, Carlos Osoro presided over a mass at the cathedral, on Monday, to celebrate the day of San Vicente Ferrer - patron saint of Valencia.

Charity beer THIS Saturday (May 3) at Plaza del Castell 1, Els Poblets (Denia) beer, food, a bouncy castle and music will feature in a beer festival. Proceeds go to Grant A Wish and local charities.

Candy world THE Candy Industry website, which gives a worldwide ranking of sweet companies, has ranked Alicante chocolate producer Valor at number 88.

Road works kills off half Ruzafa business BUSINESS owners in Ruzafa are upset and angry over the suspension of the last phase of road works that have been dragging on for six years and are trying to strengthen their internet sales to compensate for the lack of business.

The heavy machinery arrived in 2008 and started work on the streets of the neighbourhood of Ruzafa, Valencia, and they still haven’t finished. This coincided with the works on the second line of the underground and has made life in the neighbourhood a constant

struggle for the businesses located there. Eugenio Gimenez, president of the local business association, says that the works have killed off around half of all of the businesses that were there at the beginning; there were 260 before the works and now there are 120. The only new businesses are bars and restaurants which are mixed in with all the ‘for rent’ signs in the windows of now defunct enterprises. Gimenez admits that the road works are not the only reason that businesses are closing, he also, logically, blames the crisis, but he says that they haven’t helped and doesn’t understand why the council would put FIREWORKS: Caused a fire on the mountain. them in this situation. The council has qualified the actions of “irresponsible, intolerable promised that the works the mayor, Ernesto and very serious” and will begin again in May. Sanjuan, as asked for his resignation.

Cullera council cause fire DESPITE their own prohibition on the use of fireworks the council of Cullera allowed the setting off of a whole battery of the artificial rockets which caused a fire on the nearby mountain. Local political parties are asking the Conselleria de Gobernacion (Valencia regional government) to open an inquiry into the matter; they have


Register to speed up permits DENIA Town Hall’s new municipal register of building contractors will simplify planning requests. The joint initiative with ACEAD, an association of local builders and allied trades, and inclusion is voluntary, will save time and money, said Denia’s councillor for Urban Order, Maria Mut. Once included in the register, the contractor whether a firm, individual and regardless of ACEAD membership - will only have to present documentation once a year. At present this is required each time a building licence is requested. It is also hoped to coordinate the area of licences, registry of applications and Local Police so it is no longer necessary to present documentation in triplicate.

L’ESCALA BOOKSHOP: Vicente Arques (left), Rocio Guijarro and Arturo Balaguer.

Wine route goes through bookshop in l’Alfas del Pi THE COUNCIL of l’Alfas del Pi has arranged for

the Alicante wine route to come through the town and make a stop at the L’Escala bookshop where the reader can enjoy a wide selection of books to help them understand the rich history of this product. The mayor of l’Alfas del Pi, Vicente Arques, the councillor for Culture, Rocio Guijarro and the owner of the bookshop, Arturo Balaguer,

inaugurated this section of the wine route to promote wine from all its perspectives: economic, commercial, social, cultural and touristic. The route, which goes through 18 towns in the province of Alicante, will now include l’Alfas del Pi which houses one of the most important international wineries: the Enrique Mendoza vineyards.


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83,000 less foreigners UP to 83,000 European immigrants who settled in the region of Alicante have left and gone back to their countries of origin - half of them were British.

15 people detained POLICE have detained 15 people between the ages of 23 and 50 in Valencia, Alicante and Murcia for exploiting illegal immigrants and forcing them to work in irregular conditions.

Cruise war BENIDORM is fighting with Alicante to see which city will be the recipient of the cruise ships wishing to dock in the area.


Luxury shop to take over the abandoned Delfin site THE sight of the abandoned Delfin restaurant on La Explanada has long been a symbol of the city of Alicante’s recession but now it is to be occupied by a luxury shop.

The shop will sell a range of top quality bags, shoes and perfumes and will bring a much needed air of luxury to the area which has been suffering since the closure of the

popular restaurant. The shop, financed by foreign investors, will open its doors to the public at the end of this year.

First engagement to take place in Ciudad Patricia SEVEN years ago a lovely story started, it is the story of Laura and Harold. They met at the Friends group; the group had weekly meetings in the lounge of Ciudad Patricia. Two years ago they met again; they were both at a benefit party at Rober Palace Hotel in Albir. They arranged a little trip to Javea with ‘The Companions;’ another friends group. Since then they formed a close bond, they were best friends and after six months they went on a cruise with other

HAPPY COUPLE: Laura and Harold celebrate their engagement. friends from ‘The Companions.’ That is when the romance started between Laura and Harold; eventually they went back to England to meet up with their children and grandchildren. They came back to Spain and decided to live the rest of their lives together in Ciudad Patricia. Last Saturday they celebrated their engagement in the lounge

in the main building; many residents and friends were present to celebrate this special happening. There was a delicious spread of food and drink with lovely live music and a lot of entertainment. Laura and Harold enjoyed the party

and they are really happy that they could share it with all of their friends. They are now going England to celebrate their engagement with their families and afterwards they are going on a fantastic cruise to the

Canary Islands; after a relaxing time on the cruise they will get married in the summer. Nadine Sweers, manager of Apartamentos Ciudad Patricia is very proud of this special happening. It is the first time in 30 year that there will be an engagement in Ciudad Patricia. We wish Laura and Harold a happy and healthy life together and we hope that we can enjoy their presence at the resort for many years to come.


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Spain refuses to extradite alleged war criminal to face trial in Argentina

SPAIN’S National Court in Madrid has denied a request for alleged war criminal Jesus Muñecas Aguilar, 75, to face a human rights trial in Argentina. The Franco-era suspect is

alleged to have tortured a prisoner in 1968 at a barracks in Spain’s Northern Basque region. However, the Madrid court ruled that extraditing the

former policeman on torture charges was no longer viable as the statute of limitations on torture had expired. They also stressed the fact that Muñecas Aguilar has no

links to Argentina. The court highlighted the fact that in Spain the crime of torture has a statute of limitation of 10 years. Muñecas Aguilar, a former

Guardia Civil captain, has denied any involvement and told the court that he does not know his alleged victim. An Argentinian judge sought to extradite him under the principle of universal jurisdiction, which allows certain human rights’ abuses to be tried elsewhere if investihave been some one million pilgrims in gations Vatican City, with many more deemed unsatisfactory. Spanish State around the world tuning in on Prosecutor, Pedro television and radio channels. After the canonization mass, Martinez, has opposed the Spanish King was greeted by the extradition but said the Pope with a handshake. that if Argentina was Queen Sofia kissed the Pope’s determined to prosecute ring, a symbol of his pontifical they should do so through the Spanish courts. power. However, following the Following the ceremony, Pope Francis greeted crowds from his Franco dictatorship, Spain ‘pope-mobile’, waving to the accepted a 1977 amnesty law covering the Spanish audience and smiling. Today Spain’s royals will be Civil War in an attempt to treated to a private audience unify the country and with the pontiff and his begin the post-Franco secretary of state, Pietro Parolin. healing process.

King and Queen meet the Pope EUROPEAN royals gathered in Vatican City for the canonisation of Pope John Paul II and Pope John XXIII. Among the notable guests were Spain’s King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia, who were meeting Catholic leader Pope Francis for the first time. Queen Sofia kept to the ‘Privilege of the White’ tradition; the rule that says that certain Catholic queens, princesses and duchesses are allowed to wear white attire and a mantilla during an audience with the Pope. The event was historic as it

FIRST MEETING: Pope greets Queen Sofia and King Juan Carlos. was the first time that two Popes had been declared saints at the

same time. The mass was watched by



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Charges dropped in Asunta murder case RONDA: Thief held by tourists until police arrived.

Two tourists take on thief in Ronda TWO Taiwanese tourists visiting Ronda, in Malaga, used martial arts to prevent a crime. The two men were with a group of 25 tourists who were at the Mirador de Aldehuela, a popular spot in the town, from which Ronda’s main tourist attraction, the Puente Nuevo, can be seen. A woman, also in the group, was

taking a photo with her mobile phone when she was approached from behind by a man, 35, who attempted to take it from her. Her cries for help alerted the rest of the group, and one of them immediately used a martial arts hold to immobilise the would-be thief. Another helped him to retain the man until the Local Police arrived and he was arrested.

THE judge investigating the death of 12-year-old Asunta Basterra last year has permanently shelved charges against a third person but maintains the accusation against her parents. The body of the girl, of Chinese origin, was found at the side of a road in Teo, near Santiago de

Compostela last September. Her parents, who adopted her 12 years ago, reported her missing, but were arrested after police found inconsistencies in their statements and CCTV cameras in Santiago showed her in the car with her mother at a time when they claimed she had disappeared.

Spain’s gay rugby club THE Madrid Titans have become the first gay rugby team in Spain. The club was created a year ago, and has 50 players, mainly from Italy, Venezuela and Argentina, as well as Spain, of which 90 per cent are homosexuals. There is one woman on the team and one Scotsman. So far, they have only played friendly games, but say that the response from their rivals couldn’t have been better. They have joined the International Gay Rugby Association and hope to join the Spanish federation in September, to start to play in the Madrid Regional categories.

The semen of a man named Ramiro was found on her clothes and he was charged, however, definitive evidence places him in Madrid at the time of the crime. The judge has also said there is a huge amount of evidence against the girl’s parents. Asunta was given sedatives, tied up and suffocated. A piece of orange rope found at the scene of the crime is identical to one found in her mother’s home. The investigation suggests the family needed money and Asunta may have been killed because she had inherited money from her maternal grandparents, who died last year. Her parents couldn’t access the inheritance unless she died and her body was found.

FEATURE Advertising feature

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Budget cuts put drivers at risk FOLLOWING years of economic woes and budget cuts Spain’s roads have been somewhat neglected and are in the worst state of disrepair since records began in 1985. A Spanish Road Association (AEC) study has found that huge investment is required to fix the problems, which are putting drivers at risk. The AEC has warned that an immediate investment of €6.2 billion is required to repair damaged road surfaces and maintain signs and markings. The most noticeable deterioration was found to be with road surfaces. One out of every four kilometres showed significant cracking and one out of every three kilometres had potholes. The findings follow in the wake of news that at least 35 people were

killed on Spanish roads over the latest Easter break, up from 26 in 2013. President of Spain’s AEC, Juan Francisco Lazcano, said: “Spanish roads are facing unprecedented deterioration and only a sudden change of tack in the 2015 budget can prevent a debacle.” Spain’s national budget for management and maintenance of roads has earmarked a mere €878 million for 2014, 30 per cent less than in 2009. For the study the AEC analysed 3,000 sections of road across Spain and concluded that some 330,000 road signs needed replacing and road markings along some 32,000 miles of thoroughfares require repainting. The AEC blamed the falling standards on recent years of cost-

cutting as part of national austerity measures. Warning of the false economy of such deep cuts, Mr Lazcano said: “One Euro not invested in time, means €5 need to be spent in three years and €25 after five years. “Turning this situation around requires an investment of €6.2 billion, of which 94 per cent must go toward pavement repair.” Published earlier this month, the ‘study on investment needs in road maintenance’ also called for a review of 82 per cent of road lighting. The AEC warned that the poor road conditions have resulted in a number of consequences, such as a decline in the safety and comfort of road travel, increased maintenance costs for vehicles and a higher level of emissions.

ALHAMBRA: The boar’s natural habitat is in the area.

Wild boar is caught in Granada bar THERE was this wild boar that walked into a bar in Granada… It may sound like a joke, but locals and tourists alike were shocked when officers from the environmental department came into a bar in Calle Moras, Granada, armed with a tranquiliser gun to knock the boar out.

The boar’s natural habitat is in the forest behind the Alhambra Palace but it is believed it became disorientated and wandered into Granada city centre where it was seen by several people.


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Spain’s new digital marketing campaign SPAIN has unveiled a new digital marketing campaign with a twist or two. The Spanish Tourist Board hopes to encourage more repeat-journey visitors via its new digital advertising campaign. The global campaign, titled

‘The More You Live It, The More You Like It,’ also aims to increase holiday satisfaction scores to 100 per cent from the current level of around 90 per cent. Spain’s tourism board is creating 100 per cent Visitor Satisfaction teams who will be

visiting cities across the world to promote Spain and everything it has to offer visitors. The teams will aim to find people who are “willing to give the country a second chance,” as well as talking to those who are already Spain fans. The pro-Spain and not-so-

sure-about-Spain candidates will be filmed in pairs talking about what they like and dislike about Spain. Following this there is set to be a public vote on Spanish social media channels to decide which pairs of people should be sent on a trip to the land of

flamenco-dancing, bull-fighting, sangria, sunshine and tapas. Director of the Spanish Tourist Office in the UK, Enrique Ruiz de Lera, said: “Our new campaign is an evolution of the highly successful Spain Addicts campaign, which allowed fans of the destination to become digital ambassadors. “We plan to continue health and security at work working with even more and the attitude of their loyal ‘addicts’ in order to spread the word intersuperiors. Sixty three per cent of nationally about everySpaniards say they are thing that Spain has to happy with the balance offer and to convince the unconvinced.” between work and family.

Things have got worse since the recession EIGHTY SIX per cent of workers in Spain think that their working conditions have got worse since the recession began. This contrasts heavily with other European

country’s workers levels of satisfaction like Denmark where 94 per cent of interviewed workers say they are satisfied with the conditions under which they work; Austria and

Belgium also have a high percentage of satisfied employees. According to data released by the European Commission only Greece has lower levels of

satisfaction at work (33 per cent). The factors taken into account when determining the levels of satisfaction were the hours worked, the organisation of the work,

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Groomed girls online A MAN, 54, was arrested in Malaga, for sexually harassing a girl in Castellon online. The girl went to the Guardia Civil to report the situation and an investigation was launched in January. He used a false profile on social networking sites. He allegedly contacted girls all over Spain, struck up a relationship with them, and through lies and blackmail, obtained sexual photos. He was located in Malaga and a search of his home resulted in a camera, memory cards and a computer containing pornographic images being seized. He was arrested and charged with corruption of minors, sexual harassment and exhibitionism.


Policeman who shot beggar is acquitted A NATIONAL POLICE officer accused of shooting a homeless man at MadridBarajas Airport in 2007 has been acquitted. The events took place when two officers were asked to investigate a

suspicious suitcase reported at the airport. They were unaware that it belonged to a homeless man who normally slept in the airport. After inspecting it, they found a trolley with cases and approached the

man to question him about it. When they asked him for ID, he took out a knife and attempted to injure one of the officers. They took out their guns and pointed them at him, but he became more violent and

one of the officers shot at the floor. The homeless man then took a gun out of his pocket and pointed it at one of the officers and at several other people. It turned out to be a fake gun, but believing

David Guetta booked for Marbella Chucho Ramirez –


FRENCH house music producer and disc jockey David Guetta will visit three Spanish cities this summer. He will give a concert at the San Pedro Alcantara Municipal Stadium in Marbella on August 1, after appearing at the Jarama DAVID GUETTA: Will visit three Spanish cities.

track in Madrid on July 13 and before the Mallorca FC Stadium on August 2. David Guetta has worked with internationally famous stars including Michael Jackson and Rihanna and sold more than 7.2 million albums, with his music rating amongst the most popular in clubs.

there was a risk, one of the officers fired four shots. The trial only lasted a few minutes because the lawyer for the private accusation announced that her client had an arrest warrant against him and was missing. The policeman admitted he had shot him but claimed it was in selfdefence. The prosecutor requested his acquittal.

Learn Spanish IMMIGRANTS who wish to obtain Spanish Citizenship will have to take a language exam with the Cervantes Institute. They will have to pass the exam in a level equivalent at least to the A2 for Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE).


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Swimmer found A BELGIAN reported missing while swimming between Cala Sant Vicenç and Cala Estremer in Pollença has been found alive and well.

News from our editions With six editions and read by more than half a million people, EWN is Spain’s largest free local English-language newspaper


21st century medicine TORREVIEJA hosted a medical conference entitled ‘21st Century Medicine’ in which new medical practices were discussed and analysed.

Tourist injured

Education help

A GERMAN tourist, 43, was slightly injured in the Mortitx cascade in Escorca. Despite firemen receiving the call after 10.30pm, they were able to rescue him.

PILAR DE LA HORADADA is hosting an educational fair aimed at helping the local youth choose a career; it will go on until May 7.

Work accidents

Tourism up

THE Balearic Islands is the Spanish region with the highest number of accidents at work, with 3,181 accidents requiring sick leave per 100,000 workers.

THE tourist offices in Orihuela had 10 per cent more enquiries than last year, indicating a recovery in the sector.

Gang detained GUARDIA CIVIL have arrested members of a gang, including two under-18s, for at least 30 burglaries throughout Mallorca.

Fire damage A FIRE caused damage to the ground floor of a house in Port d’Andratx. The occupant was away when the fire started and firemen had to break down the door.


Emergency heliport NERJA is to get a new heliport to be used by the emergency services. Work has already started on the site, which is next to the health centre.

Electricity scams THE IU (political party) has organised a talk to educate the residents of Nerja on the dangers of falling prey to the many electricity scams that are going around at the moment.

Athletic championship NERJA is to host the Andalucia championship of junior athletic clubs in which local teams, both men’s and women’s, will take part. Local clubs have managed to get on to the podium every year since 1999.

White night MANUEL SANCHEZ has won, by a unanimous vote, the poster competition ‘Noche en Blanco’ (White Night) with his work inspired by music. The prize was €200.

Treasurer sworn in ALMUÑECAR has a new treasurer. Angeles Garcia Castillo was sworn in by the mayor Trinidad Herrera.

TORREVIEJA BARBERSHOP: Harmonisers on stage.

Barbershop and brass for the Lions ON Thursday, April 24, JB Brass joined forces with Torrevieja Barbershop Harmonisers to provide an evening of music and song at Teatro Municipal Torrevieja. The event, promoted by the Torrevieja Costa Lions Club, was a huge success with an international audience of hundreds enjoying the band which performed, under Musical Director Dr Ian K Tinsley, both traditional and modern brass band music including three excellent solo performances from Deborah, Trudie and Jayne. Music included the Caliph of Baghdad, Spanish Eyes and the band’s very own marching tune, The San Miguel March, specially written for the band. The Torrevieja Barbershop Harmonisers took to the stage and performed in the traditional barbershop style, immaculate in their uniforms, and equally with their harmonising skills, held the audience spellbound. As a finale both JB Brass and the Harmonisers got together and performed a medley of music made popular by the George Mitchell Minstrels, getting the audience singing along. The final song of the evening, the Neil Diamond classic Sweet Caroline, had the audience clapping along, waving arms in the air and singing at the top of their voices. An excellent evening all round. Lions President Janette Bennett was welcomed on stage where she was delighted to formally thank and congratulate all the participants for a very fine performance, and announced that all profits from the event would be donated to Vecinos de San Miguel Archangel. JB Brass are already planning a ‘Last Night at the Proms’ to be performed in October, again promoted by the Torrevieja Costa Lions. More information will follow.


Summer heat TEMPERATURES in Malaga City and other parts of the province reached more than 30ºC last weekend, attracting many people to the beach.

Costa coffee BRITISH chain Costa Coffee has opened its first establishment in Plaza de la Constitucion in Malaga City, and has plans for another in Fuengirola.

Community work A MAN has been fined €2,700 for

Torrevieja thanksgiving THIS Thursday a thanksgiving mass, celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Crucified Christ, will take place in Archbishop’s Church of the Inmaculada.

Flamenco park A SEVILLANAS (Flamenco) fair is being celebrated in Pilar de la Horadada’s Raimundo Benedicto Park. It started yesterday (Wednesday) and will go on until May 4.


Titan Desert race THREE residents of Pulpi, Maria Jose Haro, Juanfran Martinez and Eduardo Cordoba, competed in the weekend’s MTB race across the mountains and deserts of Morocco.

Barber of Seville MAY 10 sees a stage production of The Barber of Seville. It is on at the auditorium theatre in Roquetas de Mar. Entrance is free and the production starts at 9.30pm.

Getting support

refusing to do community work in Alhaurin de la Torre, which he had been sentenced to carry out for committing a theft.

MORE than 1,500 signatures have been added to an online petition to stop the closure of the Calar Alto observatory. The petition is gaining momentum worldwide.

Man badly hurt

New library

CUTTING down trees in Alcaucin resulted in a man suffering serious injuries after being hit by a falling log. He had to be airlifted to Axarquia Hospital.

ALMERIA Council announced this week plans to renovate and convert the former Local Police headquarters in Almeria City into a municipal library.

Hiker rescued A MAN, 40, had to be rescued by Guardia Civil after he broke his leg while hiking in the Sierra de Humas area of El Chorro.

Lighting up ENDESA and Enel Sole have been awarded the contract for public lighting in Velez-Rubio. Almost 2,000 lights will be fixed and installed this year, and the contract runs until 2026.


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Stories making headlines in Europe


GERMAN PRESS Later starts


BBC bashed

NORWAY - A Norwegian teenager has been living in a cave in the most fjord-filled region of Western Norway for almost a year with little more than a high-grade sleeping bag to guard against the cold.

A BBC golf presenter is lucky to be alive after being drugged and robbed while on holiday in the Costa del Sol, Alan Tait was brutally assaulted and left for dead in Puerto Banus.

Dalai Lama dilemma NORWAY - The planned visit to Oslo by the Dalai Lama is torn between the country’s will to warm up to China and warnings from the public not to compromise on Norway’s human rights stance.

Invasive aliens DENMARK - The Danish government spends staggering sums of money (914 million kroner) every year protecting the biodiversity of Danish nature from invasive species like the grey squirrel, rats and the Spanish slug.

Hair cut LIVERPOOL fan Uke Krasniqi has vowed to get his hair cut for the first time in 11 years if the Reds win the Premier League.

Racist lollipop A BLACK Jamaican lollipop man has been sacked after making racist comments and calling a council worker King Kong; Jon Seymour says his comments were referring to his colleague’s anger and not his colour.

Doggie recliner

STUCK PUP: Had to be rescued.

EIGHT firefighters were called to rescue a dog which became stuck inside a reclining chair; Princess the corgi was snoozing when she got trapped by the ‘scissor mechanism.’

Mark Shand dies THE Duchess of Cornwall’s brother Mark Shand, travel writer and adventurer, has died after hitting his head on the pavement outside a New York hotel.

THE Communist Party has announced that it wants to raise the game in its fight against corruption by pushing for legislation which would allow for the execution of officials found to be taking bribes. BERLIN WALL: Russia building their own.

VOLODYMYR OGRYZKO, former Ukrainian foreign minister, has accused Russia of building a new Berlin Wall by laying land mines between Crimea and the Ukrainian mainland.

No swearing THE State Duma has cast doubt over

Carolingian sword A VITENS water company worker has found a Carolingian sword (800 - 1000 A.D.) during work in the town of Vianen. The heavily corroded sword will, after restoration, be exhibited in the town hall.

Crystal meth CONSUMPTION of crystal meth in Germany has reached a record high with police seizing the drug on 3,847 occasions in 2013.

€40 million

Bribery executions

New Berlin Wall

GERMAN union bosses have called for later starts to work during the World Cup this summer; some games will be screened at midnight due to the time difference with Brazil.

RECORD HIGH: Crystal meth.


INVASIVE: The grey squirrel.


some contemporary shows by passing a bill that will ban the use of swearwords from film, theatre and other works of art; a council of experts will determine what counts as “profane language.”

Space shift

AMID concerns that US sanctions could cripple their space agency, Russia has pledged further technological cooperation with China.

Zhirinovsky apology THE State Duma ethics committee has recommended that Vladimir Zhirinovsky make a public apology to the journalists he insulted with rape comments last week.

GERMAN arms sales to Russia have come under scrutiny following the crisis in the Ukraine. In 2012 Germany sold Russia €40 million worth of rifles, pistols and armoured vehicles.

Live bonfire TWO 12-year-old German girls found live ammunition lodged into a branch in an Easter bonfire in Twistringen, Lower Saxony it was due to be lit the next day.

Egg damage POLICE chiefs in central Germany are embarrassed after splashing out €900,000 on a water cannon which was damaged by eggs and tennis balls in a preliminary test.

Foreign affairs

DUTCH PRESS Heart attack

Resistant rats

Solar panels

ROBERT BRAAKSMA, husband of the famous Dutch singer Liesbeth List, has died of a heart attack, aged 64 years. Robert and Liesbeth had been together since the 80s.

THE University of Wageningen found that 25 per cent of rats in several parts of The Netherlands have become resistant against the only poison exterminators are allowed to use, rodenticide.

THE NUMBER of solar panels in The Netherlands increased by 70 per cent in 2013. At the end of the year there were 3.4 million panels on Dutch roofs.

MINISTER of Foreign Affairs Frans Timmermans is strengthening his policy towards misbehaving foreign diplomats in The Netherlands by naming and shaming, withdrawal of petrol cards and, as a last resort, withdrawal of diplomatic immunity.

Women sex slaves freed IN the last year the Spanish police forces have freed over 1,100 women who were being forced to work as sex slaves. A total of 756 people have been arrested during the freeing of the slaves. The profile of the average woman who is trapped into this dangerous, and often lethal, life is around the age of 30 and usually from the Eastern bloc countries or Sub-Saharan Africa. More than 2,500 inspections were carried out in ‘nightclubs,’ where these slaves are usually forced to work, and 13,150 were suspected to be at risk. Police sources say they have disbanded 24 organised rings which traffic people and discovered another 48 groups which they are still investigating. Police investigations into the cases are ongoing and they hope to make a huge dent in this illegal trade.

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New skirmish increases tension in Gibraltarian waters THE interception of smugglers by the Guardia Civil Maritime Service (SMGC) has provoked an intervention by the Royal Police Gibraltar (RPG). Gibraltarian authorities deny any ‘physical contact’ between the two forces. The incident started when an SMGC boat intercepted a light craft, in the bay of Algeciras, which was found to be smuggling around 250 packets of cigarettes; they stopped the boat, detained the crew and piloted the craft themselves. When they were on their way

CREDIT: Fotero/Flickr.


GUARDIA CIVIL MARITIME SERVICE: Had no jurisdiction in Gibraltarian waters. back to the Spanish port of La Linea the RPG arrived and,

apparently, rammed the light craft twice. They asked the

Approval for new measures THE government has announced its approval of two new amendments which will now come into law. Firstly the process of adoption or fostering of a child will now be quicker and easier. And secondly small businesses will now have more competitive protection and freer working hours in tourist zones.

The first amendment will also include new laws concerning the removal of minors from homes where there has been any domestic violence. The second amendment approved concerned the opening hours of small businesses so they can open more ‘flexibly’ to adapt themselves to the needs of their area, mainly applicable in tourist areas.

SMGC to stop as they were in Gibraltarian waters. Finally the situation calmed down but not without both sides calling for backup; one boat arrived on the side of the SMGC and two patrol boats to back up the RPG. The government of Gibraltar has assured press that the incident took place in Gibraltarian waters and that the SMGC had no jurisdiction there; they also denied any “ramming” of the light craft.


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A note from the


New laws are welcome T

HIS newspaper is generally against the creation of new laws. The burden of red tape in Spain is such that it is a real hindrance to businesses, and an interference in the everyday lives of law-abiding citizens. The fact that a whole sector of legal firms - known as ‘gestors’ - is needed simply to navigate confused business owners and private citizens through the sea of regulation tells a story unto itself. A matter that in other countries is relatively simple - for instance transferring ownership of a car - and possible to do by post, can in Spain mean personal visits to several different offices, plus the payment of several different sets of fees. Hence the existence of gestors to do the legwork. Usually new laws make the situation worse, with paperwork added for the

completion of the simplest of tasks. But two new laws should be welcomed. Firstly small businesses, particularly in tourist areas, are to have some of their opening hours’ restrictions removed. As anyone who has run a business knows, the ability to cater to clients’ needs in a flexible way is vital. Any measures that let people run their businesses as they see fit are to be welcomed. The second regulation being relaxed concerns the adoption and fostering of children. The process should be quicker and easier. It is scandalous that up until now it has often taken many months worth of paperwork before vulnerable youngsters could be given a stable home. The new laws are very welcome, and the national government deserves a pat on the back.


Possible first prison term for animal abuse A MAN from Segovia could be the first in Spain to go to prison for animal abuse.

He was first reported in 2010 and sentenced after it was found that he kept animals in poor conditions with no water or food. The dogs were ill, puppies which were born died, and the larger dogs ate them, according to an animal association. He has now been sentenced to six months in prison and a three-year A 5,000-YEAR-OLD cave painting in Jaen has ban from owning animals after it been destroyed by someone who attempted to was discovered he had four dogs in remove it. a trailer with no food or water. One The painting was found 41 years ago in the of them died and the others were Cueva de Los Escolares in Santa Elena, in the rescued by associations. Despeñaperros Natural Park, and was declared As he is a repeat offender, he a World Heritage site. could be sent to prison, although the animal associations say that this According to the local mayor, Juan Caminero, shouldn’t be the only situation in some locals visited the cave and saw dust and which someone can be sent to chippings on the floor where someone had prison for animal abuse. attempted to remove the piece of rock wall. In 2011, there were 309 cases The mayor said the damage is irreparable and regarding animal abuse. Thirty-two locals are outraged. resulted in sentencing, 10 were The cave was found in 1973 by a group of acquitted and the rest were shelved. schoolchildren, including the current mayor.

Cave painting is destroyed



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business & legal



STAT OF WEEK SPANISH families consumed 615 million litres of oil in 2013, an increase of 3.3 per cent. The €1.517 billion that they spent represented 2.19 per cent of their food budgets, according to the Agriculture ministry.

MERCADONA owner Juan Roig is Spain’s fourth-richest man and worth €3.78 billion according to the Forbes Rich List. But how much is his supermarket chain worth? Were Mercadona a public company quoted on the stock exchange there would be no mystery. This is not the case, so Spanish website www. asked economist and

retail specialist Franciso Fernandez Reguero to make a guess. Working on 2013’s discounted cash flow (DCF) which expressed the company’s value independently of external market influences, Fernandez Reguero arrived at €9.91 billion. He also used the alternative method of comparing the financial indicators of other chains like Wal-

Building on timid growth SPAIN’S economy has built on its tentative return to growth at the end of 2013. Its gross domestic product (GDP) rose 0.4 per cent in the first quarter of the year - its fastest rate for six years since the property bubble burst. It was the biggest quarterly increase since the first quarter of 2008. In the third quarter of 2013 the economy grew 0.1 per cent to officially end the recession. “In the first quarter of 2014, the Spanish economy continued on a path of gradual recovery in the context of increasing normalisation on the financial markets

and a gradual consolidation of the labour market,” the central bank said in a statement. The bank has now forecast a growth in the economy of 1.2 per cent this year and a 1.7 per cent increase next year, confirming earlier predictions. Spain’s Economy Minister Luis de Guindos broadly agreed with the predictions - he forecast an average growth of 1.5 per cent over this year and next. He said: “The goal is to achieve two years in a row of growth, with net job creation, and that will be the exit door from the Spanish crisis.”

Mart, Carrefour or Ahold. Having taken into account sales, earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation (ebitda) as well as earnings before interest and taxes (ebit) he arrived at a figure between €6.44 billion and €6.62 billion. After including liquid assets and unused cash potential this would reach approximately €8.24 billion.


usiness extra

Go it alone workers A THIRD of autonomous workers plan to contract employees this year, according to professional association ATA. The sector would create between 70,000 and 75,000 new jobs in 2014, ATA predicted.

Call to order COMPANIES and institutions should not oblige the public to use 902 premium rate help lines, said consumers’ association Facua. A 10-minute call will add €5 to a phone bill, the association said.

Social Security payments up ANOTHER 15,201 non-Spanish contributors joined the national Social Security system in March. This was 0.99 per cent more than in February and the largest increase since June 2012, revealed the Ministry of Labour. The number of foreign workers on contracts and incorporated in the system has now increased for two

consecutive months, bringing their total up to 1,535,889. Despite the recent increase, the number of non-Spanish contributors fell by 68,249 - a reduction of 4.25 per cent - compared with March 2013. The majority - 1.3 million - of Spain’s foreign workers come under the general category and 226,217 are self-employed.


Hazarding a Mercadona guess

Juan Roig,right, with brother Fernando.


E W N 1 - 7 May 2014 / Costa Blanca North




C O M PA N Y PRICE(P) Aberdeen Asset Mngmnt 437.55 Admiral Group PLC 1424.00 Aggreko PLC 1563.00 Anglo American PLC 1519.75 Antofagasta PLC 789.75 ARM Holdings PLC 947.25 Ashtead Group PLC 855.50 Associated British Foods 2910.00 AstraZeneca PLC 4603.50 Aviva PLC 510.50 Babcock International 1199.50 BAE Systems PLC 401.55 Barclays PLC 249.62 Barratt Developments 359.20 BG Group PLC 1088.50 BHP Billiton PLC 1905.00 BP PLC 490.30 British American Tobacco PLC3434.25

C H A N G E ( P ) % C H G. 2.50 0.57 -1.00 -0.07 -4.00 -0.26 -13.00 -0.85 0.00 0.00 2.00 0.21 -7.82 -0.91 4.00 0.14 524.00 12.84 1.14 0.22 3.00 0.25 -0.40 -0.10 0.76 0.31 -1.10 -0.31 -56.50 -4.93 -19.00 -0.99 -3.20 -0.65 9.50 0.28

NET VOLUME 40.10 20.99 19.51 117.05 70.07 194.24 61.96 40.03 2,220.35 141.00 115.45 142.79 1,102.44 205.55 2,065.32 132.01 1,037.62 162.10

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Units per €

US dollar..................................................................1.38718 Japan yen................................................................141.753 Switzerland franc .................................................1.21819 Denmark kroner ................................................7.46492 Norway kroner ...................................................8.32672 • Tel: +34 966 265 072 C O M PA N Y


British Land Co PLC British Sky Broadcasting BT Group PLC Bunzl PLC Burberry Group PLC Capita PLC Carnival PLC

696.00 892.50 372.60 1659.50 1468.00 1079.00 2319.50





C O M PA N Y MMM 3M Co AXP American Express Co T AT&T Inc BA Boeing Co CAT Caterpillar Inc CVX Chevron Corp CSCO Cisco Systems Inc DD E I du Pont de Nemours and Co XOM Exxon Mobil Corp GE General Electric Co GS Goldman Sachs Group Inc HD Home Depot Inc INTC Intel Corp IBM International Business Machine... JNJ Johnson & Johnson JPM JPMorgan Chase and Co MCD McDonald's Corp MRK Merck & Co Inc MSFT Microsoft Corp NKE Nike Inc PFE Pfizer Inc PG Procter & Gamble Co KO The Coca-Cola Co TRV Travelers Companies Inc UTX United Technologies Corp UNH UnitedHealth Group Inc VZ Verizon Communications Inc V Visa Inc WMT Wal-Mart Stores Inc DIS Walt Disney Co

PRICE CHANGE %CHANGE VOLUME 136.56 87.03 34.49 128.66 104.69 123.99 23.00 66.66 100.41 26.60 158.24 79.38 26.26 189.63 99.79 55.70 100.73 57.24 39.91 72.70 30.75 81.41 41.01 88.31 117.21 75.66 45.94 198.93 78.62 78.23

-0.09 -0.38 -0.01 -1.20 -0.59 -0.31 -0.33 -0.45 +0.40 +0.14 -2.61 -0.39 -0.49 -0.59 -0.17 -0.49 +0.89 -0.29 +0.05 -0.69 +0.04 +0.26 +0.31 -0.28 -1.77 -0.93 -0.34 -10.47 +0.31 -1.36

-0.07% -0.43% -0.03% -0.92% -0.56% -0.25% -1.41% -0.67% +0.40% +0.53% -1.62% -0.49% -1.83% -0.31% -0.17% -0.87% +0.89% -0.50% +0.13% -0.94% +0.13% +0.32% +0.76% -0.32% -1.49% -1.21% -0.73% -5.00% +0.40% -1.71%

2.1M 4.2M 22.0M 3.0M 5.7M 5.8M 25.1M 2.9M 10.4M 33.8M 3.3M 6.4M 33.6M 3.9M 5.9M 15.9M 5.0M 6.2M 56.9M 3.2M 18.7M 7.5M 16.8M 2.3M 3.4M 5.4M 24.4M 9.6M 5.4M 6.2M



C H A N G E ( P ) % C H G. 15.75 -3.00 -0.10 -3.00 2.00 -2.00 6.00


2.31 -0.34 -0.03 -0.18 0.14 -0.18 0.26

NET VOLUME 298.23 64.70 133.06 30.12 52.35 15.35 6.84



$ 18.16 $ 39.96 $ 4.43 $ 19.66 $ 4.38 $ 4.65 $ 11 $ 8.73 $ 16.64 $ 4.76 $ 34.18

2.08 ▲ 12.94% 3.92 ▲ 10.88% 0.43 ▲ 10.75% 1.59 ▲ 8.80% 0.35 ▲ 8.68% 0.369 ▲ 8.62% 0.85 ▲ 8.37% 0.62 ▲ 7.64% 1.15 ▲ 7.42% 0.31 ▲ 6.97% 2.16 ▲ 6.75%

$ 47.485 $ 18.62 $ 6.45 $ 33.61 $ 12.34 $ 8.93 $ 28.94 $ 17.93 $ 31.04 $ 16.13 $ 11.37

21.095 ▼ 30.76% 6.01 ▼ 24.40% 1.45 ▼ 18.35% 6.07 ▼ 15.30% 2.14 ▼ 14.78% 1.47 ▼ 14.13% 4.60 ▼ 13.71% 2.68 ▼ 13.00% 4.18 ▼ 11.87% 2.05 ▼ 11.28% 1.42 ▼ 11.10%

Most Advanced Healthways, Inc. Itron, Inc. Ambassadors Group, Inc. Echo Global Logistics, Inc. Eagle Rock Energy Partners, L.P. Golden Enterprises, Inc. uniQure N.V. Lattice Semiconductor Corporation Clearfield, Inc. Gordmans Stores, Inc. SunPower Corporation

Most Declined CommVault Systems, Inc. CalAmp Corp. Empire Resorts, Inc. Mellanox Technologies, Ltd. Key Technology, Inc. Digi International Inc. Criteo S.A. Wayside Technology Group, Inc. Rocket Fuel Inc. E2open, Inc. Egalet Corporation


C O M PA N Y PRICE(P) Centrica PLC 331.75 Coca-Cola HBC AG 1494.00 Compass Group PLC 942.00 CRH PLC 1716.00 Diageo PLC 1811.50 easyJet PLC 1653.00 Experian PLC 1124.00 Fresnillo PLC 850.50 G4S PLC 240.45 GKN PLC 380.35 GlaxoSmithKline PLC 1676.00 Glencore Xstrata PLC 313.52 Hammerson PLC 580.50 Hargreaves Lansdown 1171.00 HSBC Holdings PLC 603.50 IMI PLC 1496.50 Imperial Tobacco Group 2562.50 InterContinental Hotels 2003.00 International Consldtd 400.35 Intertek Group PLC 2926.50 ITV PLC 186.00 Johnson Matthey PLC 3295.00 Kingfisher PLC 412.30 Land Securities Group 1064.50 Legal & General Group 208.10 Lloyds Banking Group PLC 74.93 London Stock Exchange 1825.50 Marks & Spencer Group 437.85 Meggitt PLC 472.45 Melrose Industries PLC 284.20 Mondi PLC 977.25 National Grid PLC 824.00 Next PLC 6315.00 Old Mutual PLC 195.30 Pearson PLC 1084.00 Persimmon PLC 1310.00 Petrofac Ltd 1443.00 Prudential PLC 1343.25 Randgold Resources Ltd 4676.50 Reckitt Benckiser Group 4960.50 Reed Elsevier PLC 888.00 Resolution Ltd 297.10 REXAM PLC 501.50 Rio Tinto PLC 3220.75 Rolls-Royce Holdings 1035.50 Royal Bank of Scotland 301.70 Royal Dutch Shell PLC 2391.50 Royal Mail PLC 519.00 RSA Insurance Group PLC 96.10 SABMiller PLC 3152.00 Sage Group (The) PLC 417.65 Sainsbury (J) PLC 323.75 Schroders PLC 2547.50 Severn Trent PLC 1797.50 Shire PLC 3292.00 Smith & Nephew PLC 923.75 Smiths Group PLC 1285.00 Sports Direct Intrntnl 780.00 SSE PLC 1491.00 Standard Chartered PLC 1282.50 Standard Life PLC 378.30 St James's Place PLC 776.00 Tesco PLC 299.80 Travis Perkins PLC 1779.00 TUI Travel PLC 426.25 Tullow Oil PLC 851.25 Unilever PLC 2613.50 United Utilities Group 779.25 Vodafone Group PLC 218.83 Weir Group PLC 2663.00 Whitbread PLC 4039.00 William Hill PLC 346.90 Wm Morrison Sprmrkts 197.20 Wolseley PLC 3406.00 WPP PLC 1260.50

CHANGE -1.06 12.00 6.38 9.00 4.00 -6.00 -1.00 0.00 -1.60 -1.30 19.66 -2.50 2.50 2.00 1.00 -1.00 1.00 4.00 0.20 0.00 1.00 6.00 1.10 9.12 0.50 0.08 11.00 0.00 -3.10 0.60 -0.50 0.24 -21.40 0.70 -6.00 -9.00 0.00 1.00 -1.00 2.00 2.00 2.60 -1.50 -58.00 -3.00 -1.40 -10.50 -0.25 0.25 19.50 0.50 1.76 7.00 2.00 82.00 8.75 5.00 1.00 -2.61 -10.50 0.89 -2.50 0.45 -9.00 0.20 12.00 14.70 2.00 1.50 1.00 -6.00 7.10 0.85 -19.00 0.00

% C H G. -0.32 0.81 0.68 0.53 0.22 -0.36 -0.09 0.00 -0.66 -0.34 1.19 -0.79 0.43 0.17 0.17 -0.07 0.04 0.20 0.05 0.00 0.54 0.18 0.27 0.86 0.24 0.11 0.61 0.00 -0.65 0.21 -0.05 0.03 -0.34 0.36 -0.55 -0.68 0.00 0.07 -0.02 0.04 0.23 0.88 -0.30 -1.77 -0.29 -0.46 -0.44 -0.05 0.26 0.62 0.12 0.55 0.28 0.11 2.55 0.96 0.39 0.13 -0.17 -0.81 0.24 -0.32 0.15 -0.50 0.05 1.43 0.57 0.26 0.69 0.04 -0.15 2.09 0.43 -0.55 0.00

VOLUME 140.24 3.82 69.80 30.13 197.15 13.42 59.97 26.94 145.78 45.37 929.98 1,665.07 12.62 26.81 1,161.76 6.84 53.72 25.64 146.60 3.38 330.96 10.27 108.58 51.85 302.32 3,604.81 3.26 45.82 40.35 19.76 34.77 146.99 12.24 21.24 82.53 35.59 89.49 64.58 10.88 50.61 48.22 363.45 40.46 243.59 155.48 280.92 135.09 39.63 305.08 54.97 15.19 356.81 3.76 4.69 433.32 95.62 48.32 13.27 50.73 140.15 66.12 8.51 1,377.52 5.84 21.57 348.52 77.76 17.50 1,533.93 5.06 13.14 1,208.68 214.06 13.18 145.91

Courts back bonus appeal TELEFONICA had its knuckles rapped for not paying an ex-employee’s bonus. It was ‘abusive’ to withhold a bonus because a worker had left by the time it was paid but was employed when it was announced, ruled the National High Court in Madrid. The economic impact in cases like these was ‘very small’ owing to the limited number of employees likely to find themselves in this situation, said judge Ricardo Bodas. Ruling on an appeal presented by the General Work Confederaton (CGT), he ordered the annulment of the pertinent clause in the 1998 collective agreement between Telefonica Moviles and employees. By stipulating that the worker had still to be on the staff at the time the bonus was paid, Telefonica was “unfairly enriching itself” and benefiting from the “fruits of extra effort.” It was one thing to pay a bonus the following year to ensure that targets were met, but another to require that a worker who had met these targets was still in Telefonica’s employ, he concluded. The decision was open to appeal and Telefonica may take the case to the Supreme Court.

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Mike Walsh Mike Walsh was for 20 years Regional Assessment Manager for the Guild of Master Craftsmen, Britain’s biggest quality assurance body for businesses. • 966 786 932

THE bard Robert Burns surmised: “The greatest gift that God can give us, to see ourselves as others see us.” Social forum comments made about local restaurants suggested dreadful service. Had their owners seen these comments the problem could have been addressed. Likely they were unknowing or blasé as to how patrons judged their businesses. If you are clueless as to customers’ opinions about your business you will pay a heavy price. Years ago, a General Motors CEO tried to figure out why Japanese cars were outselling his. His company’s cars were every bit as good. Delegating members of staff he instructed them to visit both dealers’ outlets posing as customers. Each bogus customer was given a questionnaire to be completed after their call. The company boss was shocked to discover that whilst service at the Japanese showrooms was outstanding, service at his company’s


State-owned Aena finally makes a profit AFTER years of being in the red, state-owned Aena made €715 million in 2013. This was the first time that Aena Aeropuertos, which was created in 2011 and together with air navigation division makes up the Aena group, has paid its way. It contributed net profits of €597 million. Two years ago it reported losses of €220.39 million and the company attributes the turnaround to restructuring, plus earning more and spending less. The world’s biggest airports authority is still burdened with a debt standing at €11.394 billion by the end of last year. This is down from €14.943 billion in 2011 and now equals seven times Aena’s operating profits,

AENA GROUP: The world’s biggest airports authority. compared with 14 times more in 2012. Meanwhile it has doubled pre-tax earnings from €883 million in 2011 to €1.610 billion last year. Higher airport and navigation tariffs have

Listen to your customers... Talking shop




outlets left much to be desired. This was the genesis of what is now known as ‘mystery shopping.’ The practice of using spies to detect weaknesses in customer service is now widespread. Typically a department store will pay a mystery shopping agency €60 per visit. Their investment pays off as the shopping experience disappoints customers less often. Customers are your business partners; treat them as such. Encourage them to be candid in expressing their opinion. A good way of doing this is to provide customers with a small form inviting their opinion on staff service, food, accessibility, entertainment, and ambience. Ask what attracts them to your business, what they find off-putting. Customers’ contact details being optional. Those who respond, if identifiable, will have their names placed in a draw for a free meal or other prize. With the information garnered you can start putting your house in order. As the purpose of the exercise is to create a profitable business with job security, it is important that you involve your staff. Their attitude improves and in my experience they love playing ‘spot the mystery shopper.’ Mike Walsh was for 20 years Regional Assessment Manager for the Guild of Master Craftsmen, Britain’s biggest quality assurance body for businesses.

helped, as have agreements with the unions. A redundancy plan accepted by 1,170 employees - 11 per cent of Aena’s staff brought savings of €134 million. Aena also benefited from

commercial operations that included concessions for airport car parks and dutyfree shops in 26 airports. These deals should bring in more than €2 billion between 2013 and 2020, the company said.

Hacienda gripes have multiplied due to crisis TAXPAYERS’ complaints to Hacienda have multiplied since the economic crisis. According to 2012 figures, the latest available, 223,417 people lodged appeals resulting from their tax deductions. This was 83 per cent more than in 2007, when Spain’s Central Economic Administrative Court (TEAC) handled 190,374 appeals. “That is a 100,000 increase in only five years,” said Luis Alonso, a professor in tax law at Barcelona university and author of a survey on fiscal litigation in Spain. Alsonso dismissed the crisis as the sole reason for the increased number of complaints. “There is also a structural problem,” he said. “Spain has a massive self-assessment system and interpreting the rules is left to the individual, which can lead to errors.” Taxpayers in Spain have to complete forms for Hacienda’s tax agency AEAT, as well as regional taxes when making declarations for

income tax (IRPF), VAT (IVA) and corporation tax (Sociedades). Although AEAT now makes it easy to present declarations online, frequent changes and varying regional regulations all contribute to later litigation, Alonso said. Innocent mistakes can also cost taxpayers dear, as fines vary between 50 per cent and 150 per cent of what Hacienda regards as a defrauded amount. Most of the claims and complaints received by Hacienda involve sums of less than €150,000. Eighty per cent of these are for amounts of less than €20,000 and are dealt with by the Regional Economic Administrative Court (TEAR) while larger claims are handled by the TEAC. Around 40 per cent of cases are settled in the claimants’ favour. “It’s obvious that the system does not work well,” Alonso added, who praised the “fluid relations” between the UK’s tax authorities and big companies when settling points of discord.


E W N 1 - 7 May 2014 / Costa Blanca North


Profit while having fun in the sun and grow your own vegetables ONE of the big costs for any family or individual is food. A trip down to the local supermarket to get a week’s supplies can amount to a hefty grocery bill and that’s not counting breakfast out, coffee breaks and the odd tapas or dinner in a restaurant. We have to feed ourselves but at the same time nurturing our bodies plays havoc on our finances. There is a way, however, to cut down on the cost of grocery bills and it involves pots, soil, shovels, seeds and gardening gloves. According to the National Allotment Society in Britain, an organisation that promotes small-scale gardening, a family can knock as much as €1,600 off the annual grocery bill


Gas takeover

A look at finance for females

SPAIN’S energy multinational Endesa paid Southern Cross €225m for its 50 per cent stake in Gas Atacama. Endesa now owns 100 per cent of the Chilean company.

Jane Plunkett

3 survivors

Loose change

NOT all of Spain’s telecommunications companies will survive, said Vodafone chief Vittorio Coloa. Eventually just Telefonica, Vodafone and Orange will remain, he predicted, although all would create employment.

by growing their own vegetables. One family surveyed admitted by spending just €35 a year on seeds everything from tomatoes and peppers to leeks, courgettes, carrots, artichokes and potatoes they saved at least €600 on their annual shopping bill and as well benefited from the pleasure of growing their own produce. “But I live in an apartment,” you may say. Well don’t worry - you can grow lots of vegetables

ALLOTMENTS: Popular in Spain if you have no outdoor space. and fruit in pots and containers on your patio, balcony or terrace. Tomatoes and chilli peppers are great starter plants that are quite easy to grow in pots or growbags and do not take up a great deal of space. While lettuces and potatoes are among the best value-formoney crops.

A bag of salad leaves may cost €2 in the supermarket but a packet of salad seeds costs a few euros and will keep you in organic and fresh lettuce throughout the summer. For those with no outdoor space, the idea of ‘allotments’ or ‘huertas’ is taking off all over Spain and plots of land

can be rented out. This obviously will cost you, but the price is usually reasonable enough. Even with the price of an allotment, savings can still be gained by growing your own food and what’s more you get to enjoy your own private outdoor space!

Big deal A CONTRACT worth €410 million to equip a new north west high speed train line with signalling equipment has been granted. It goes to a consortium made up of French Alstorn, Canada’s Bombardier and and Spain’s Indra.

Spanish inheritance tax Q. My father-in-law owns a villa here in Spain. He is a resident and lives You and the here permanently. My husband and I have just moved in with him, I have Law in Spain heard there are heavy inheritance By David Searl tax bills which my husband, being the only son, may face when his father dies. There is a daughter who lives in the UK but I have heard that only the son can inherit. Can you clarify the situation? LE (Costa del Sol) A. First, who told you only the son can inherit? It is not true. Under Spanish law, if your father-in-law as a resident dies without a will, his estate will be evenly divided between the surviving children. If he makes a will, Spain will respect the terms of the will of his home nation. In the UK he has free disposition of his estate, so he could make a Spanish will leaving his entire estate to one of his children. However, if he bequeaths his property to his son and daughter in equal shares by a Spanish will, the tax on this is about €10,000 each. If the son is a resident of Andalucia, he has an exemption of 95 per cent. If the home has been the son’s main residence for three years, the exemption jumps to 99.99 per cent. The daughter, as a non-resident, pays the full tax. Send your questions for David Searl through lawyers Ubeda-Retana & Associates in Fuengirola at, or call 952 667 090.

Franchises not all they are cracked up to be BY 2013 there were 1,087 franchise chains in Spain, 24 per cent more than before the crisis. They provide employment for 242,140 people and span sectors from catering to beauty to household goods. They cost between €3,000 and €800,000 to set up and the Spanish increasingly turn to them as an escape route from unemployment. Not of all the newly-fledged business people find that a franchise automatically leads to success or prosperity, however. Two brothers who chose a supermarket franchise have closed the shop although the terms of their contract mean they have lost their deposit and

owe €190,000 which they will be paying until 2037. The two men never did enjoy the 13 per cent profit margin they claimed they were promised. It was closer to 2.5 per cent, they said, and not enough to cover costs. “The need for self-employment has brought a change in the profile of the type of person now interested in a franchise,” said Santiago Barbadillo, owner of a long-established franchise consultancy. “The franchise sector isn’t speculation or a way to get rich quickly,” he added. “No-one should ever take on a franchise if they want to double their investment within a year,” he warned.


Speak up to make the most of Spain TO Jim Massey re English language availability, all the staff in my local bank speak English and speak it well. Two years is no time at all to spend on learning another language. Has he tried joining an ‘intercambio’ group to expand his vocabulary? If there isn’t one locally, he could try setting one up as a friend and I did over here. Our confidence has improved, as has our vocabulary if not (in my case) verbs, as I don’t study as I should. We have also now got Spanish friends and acquaintances. Has Mr Massey no dictionary in which to look up relevant words and phrases? When I first came here I regularly wrote down what I wanted to say and read it in the bank, shop or wherever. Local people appreciate your trying to speak their language and react accordingly, helping out with pronunciation and vocabulary. Failing that, has he Spanish friends who could go with him to help out? Of course he could just have a bank with unfriendly or ignorant staff. I do hope things improve for him. Helena McGinty, Alhaurin El Grande (Malaga).

Here and there JIM MASSEY should simply have tried harder. Congratulations anyway, at least he had the gumption to make up his mind that he had ‘enough of Spain’ and is undoubtedly completing his move back to the UK. Great, one less whinger who believes Spain owes you something by being British. If in two years he could not reach a level of Spanish to get by in a bank, enough said, unless they could not understand what part of the ‘billions’ he was contributing. Enjoy going home to the UK. You know: the sun, the tapas, the blue sea, the multilingual staff at the bank, winter woollies, snow,

1 - 7 May 2014 / Costa Blanca North


Letters for Your Say should be emailed to, posted to Euro Weekly News, C/Moscatel 10, P-62, Polígono Industrial, Arroyo de la Miel, 29631 Benalmadena, Málaga, Spain or faxed to 0034 952 440 887

Photographs for possible publication should be sent by email with a full caption to:

IT’S that time of the year again, and many people where I live are busy bringing in the nisperos (Chinese Medlars). Except my cat, Catalina, that is. Frances Thurgood (by email)

sleet, courteous people et al. As he says: rubbish. Brit moaners come, some of them go, but those of us that are happy stay and give thanks for having made the right decision. Keith MacGaul , Estepona (Malaga)

Road sense YOUR great paper gave details about the new Spanish laws regarding the use of Englishregistered cars whilst driving in Spain. I visit Spain for about three months or more each year and as I drive there, I would be pleased if you would explain the new laws to me. When I moved to Spain in 2007, I soon discovered where to find the latest news: good and bad but always correct and up-todate. Paul O’Connor (by email) Editor’s note: As a nonresident you may bring your car to Spain on its UK licence plates for a period up to six months in each calendar year and not be liable for Spanish taxes. Once you are in Spain for more than 182 days you

WHEN YOU WRITE All letters, whether by email or post, should carry the writer’s postal address, NIE and contact number though only the name and town will be published. Letters may also be edited. Readers who have missed earlier correspondence can see all letters posted on:

are considered to be a resident and Spanish law requires you to pay an import tax and have your car reregistered with Spanish licence plates. There are fines for those who fail to do this.

Slow surfing I NOTICE that Movifresh/ Movistar are advertising 10mb broadband for €24.90 per month. I entered into a contract with them after supplying my postcode and being informed that I was in range. I was told a router would be delivered and the contract was sent online. Having read it I was disturbed to find that it stated 3 to 10 Mb would be provided. I again

contacted them, explaining that 3 was too little and they replied that it would be at least 5. The router arrived and I installed it and carried out the speed test. I was getting less that 1 Mb. I informed Movistar the next day that I was terminating the contract and returned the router. I was not pleased to find they had debited my bank account but after numerous calls to 1004 I was told the money would be refunded the next month. To my horror on checking my bank statement they had taken another payment for the following month and I still await my refund. Margaret Walker, Zurgena (Almeria)

Fair shares I WOULD like to reassure Tom Hawksworth. By saving children’s lives we are not ‘adding to the problem of supply and demand.’ Experience has always shown that when living standards improve, birth rates fall, whereas it is often the poorest and most desperate who produce as many children as possible (or at least as many as are conceived, where there is no



access to birth control and female education is poor). Provided that the aid we give is aimed not only at saving lives under actual threat, but at making those communities decently self-sufficient, we are moving them away from the iron laws of nature that Tom refers to. We must also remind ourselves that those starving people have as much right to live and have children as we. There can be no excuse for not helping them to reach the standards of living that we enjoy, and by doing so, we are also helping ourselves, as they become able to buy our products Bill Campbell (by email)

Man power FOR decades ‘Save the Children,’ ‘Band Aid,’ ‘Live Aid’ and many other worthy causes have been pumping money into these Third World countries. Every night we see mothers holding starving children up to the camera. This, to me, begs the question: “Where are these very fertile fathers”? Are they resting in their huts, building up strength to sire yet more children? I think that if a reward was offered to them to have a vasectomy, they could still have their moments of pleasure but not sire more ‘Born to die children.’ I hope that you can find space to print this and please carry on your good work. The Euro Weekly News is an excellent local newspaper. John Frensham, Ciudad Quesada (Alicante).

Parents usurped I AGREE with Leapy Lee’s comments entirely regarding the Cinderella Law. It’s also interesting to note that another proposal was announced the same week to prescribe the ‘morning after’ pill to girls as young as 12 without their parents’ knowledge. Not only is this condoning law-breaking, but removes the parents’ ability to provide moral guidance. Not something that should be done to Cinderella. Opposing messages are being sent out here. Gerry Silwood (by email)

The views expressed and opinions given in Letters are not necessarily those of the EWN publishers. They accept no responsibility for accuracy of information, errors, omissions or statements, and reject claims arising out of any action that a company or individual may take on the basis of information contained therein.


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Living in a rotating dictatorship W

ESTERN politicians are stained and disdained; the parliamentary system of governance is deeply flawed. Never this side of the Berlin Wall have I seen government so arrogant, corrupt, out of touch and contemptuous of their electorates. No longer is there genuine political accountability in the US or EU. What we do have is a sinister rotating dictatorship. People feel powerless yet change is both necessary and achievable. First the need to drag the corrupt Western model of democracy into the 21st Century. “Politics is perhaps the only profession for which no preparation is thought necessary.” - Robert Louis Stevenson. The electoral system is

GORBACHEV: Compared Soviet Union to EU.

crushed peoples rebelled. Yet, there are more strikes and more demand for change in the EU today than there was in the precollapse USSR. To effect Peter Scholz /

Mike Walsh Mike, based in Mediterranean Spain, is an international journalist, author and professional writer.

designed to attract feckless failures, self-serving parasites whose beliefs are often at odds with the national mood. Their interests may not be those of the nation. Selfless men of integrity and ability scorn the House of Conmen. Will political prostitutes change the electoral system? Not when doing so would result in their being tossed off the gravy train. No, the initiative for change must be grassroots and come from the people. The former Soviet Bloc, which former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev compared to the EU, collapsed because the

change there must be a people’s campaign to make the elite more transparent and accountable. Those aspiring to political service must first give up direct and indirect reward for other than their public salaries. Others do so, why not politicians? How can it be right that politicians who vote for war hold shares in corporate interests that profit from war? How can politicians serve two masters? Why is it that voters get to lobby politicians only once every five years when conglomerates lobby them every day whilst offering inducements? What are corporate concerns doing in parliaments? Parliament should be exclusively the people’s forum. The elite’s families and their associate’s income should be

regularly scrutinised. Impossibly arduous? Not for the millions of us already subject to such controls. It is easy enough to set up accountability and performance profiling of politicians and public bodies. The performance of the elite could be annually tested and, if found wanting, subject to a snap public vote of confidence. Long before the arrival of the internet, checks and balances by plebiscite (referendum) were common throughout Europe. Why not now when it is far easier? Referendums in Russia and Ukraine are done and dusted in just a few weeks. In the West the elite are contemptuous of public endorsement so referendum is avoided. People are prepared to go to war and die for their freedoms and national interests. Organised public disobedience with a genuinely objective media can achieve the same objective. Ousting the parasites will hurt a little but we owe our past freedoms to future generations too.


1 - 7 May 2014 / Costa Blanca North


George Washington and Spanish King Carlos III: Jackass diplomacy? Jack Gaioni Consider This US citizen Jack is spending the first years of his retirement in Almeria. His articles have been published in Spain and the US.

GEORGE WASHINGTON is an American icon. As the first president of the United States, he is forever recognised as an accomplished statesman, inspirational leader and military strategist. He heroically led a disorganised rag-tag group of colonist farmers over the mighty British in America’s War of Independence. He is the ‘Father of his Country’. His many biographers portray Washington as a modest man with great physical strength, patience, integrity, courage and resolve. There is another dimension to this man’s life, however - a seldom-told dimension - with some very Spanish overtones. Consider… In spite of all the above accolades, agriculture and farming meant more to George Washington than those honours he gained on the battlefield or at the seat of government. Certainly no theme appears more often in Washington’s own personal letters than the love of his Virginia plantation, Mount Vernon. Some biographers have noted that Washington, “… whether a patriot statesman or soldier, never ceased to be a farmer. In fact, he was a better farmer

AMERICAN ICON: George Washington. than a general.” High praise indeed considering the man’s many achievements. Washington was an agricultural pioneer. He experimented with rotating his lucrative tobacco harvests with grain crops to maximise soil efficiency. He was among the first to suspect that tobacco invasively depleted the soil and drained it of its vitality. By rotating the ‘cash’ crop of tobacco with multiple grain crops, Washington was able to successfully restore his fields to maximum resilience and, in fact, increase tobacco production in the long term. Furthermore, he continually experimented in

SPANISH ROYAL GIFT: Jackass-mules became the dominant work animal of choice in America’s agricultural tradition. They also played an important role in American military history. In fact, the mule is the official symbol of the US Army.

fertilising the soil with what was at hand. For example, he used various animal manures combined with the mud and fish from the nearby Potomac River as ways to further enrich his soil. By the end of his life (1799), he had raised or at least experimented with, as many as 60 different crops. Washington’s true passion involved horses. He has been described as one of the finest horsemen of his day. He raised working farm animals, but also bred some of the finest race horses in America. He had over 100 horses stabled at his Mount Vernon farm at any given time. Washington, always the avid student of all things agricultural, knew instinctively that jackass mules (a cross between a horse and a donkey) could do much more than a typical farm horse - they lived longer, were more manageable, ate less and were much hardier. Horses, Washington concluded, were fine for racing, riding and show but what was needed was “an excellent race of mules.” The problem was there was a paucity of breeding stock in early America. It was no secret that the world’s best breeding donkeys and jackasses were Spanish. Prized Spanish donkeys were noticeably larger, had more endurance, could pack more, and were much less sensitive to the elements of rain, snow and sun. In 1785, Spanish King Carlos III, hoping to gain favourable diplomatic relations with the new president and new nation (and to spite America and Spain’s shared archenemy, namely, England) sent Washington two prized donkeys. One of the jackasses, aptly named Royal Gift, would prove to be monumentally successful in his duty as stud. Records indicate that prior to King Carlos’s gift there were 98 horses and two mules housed at Mount Vernon but by 1799 those statistics had changed to 25 horses and 58 mules. The offspring of Royal Gift often toured the American East Coast producing a progeny that vastly improved the mule stock of the country. Washington was so pleased with this gesture of jackass diplomacy that he wrote to King Carlos saying: “My honor is due to his Catholic Majesty for the honor of his present… my thank-you for the jackasses which you have graciously pleased to compliment me and to assure his Majesty of my unbound gratitude.” Washington’s instincts were prophetic. Mules would go on to play a very significant role in America’s development. Spanish jackass-mules became the dominant work animal of choice in America’s agricultural tradition. They became the trucks and tractors of their day. Mules pulled canal barges, stage coaches, firefighting equipment and ambulances. Frontiersmen and explorers knew the value of a mule over a horse. One mountaineer wrote: “…live on intimate terms of brother/explorer with your mule.” Mules have also played an important role in American military history. Pack mules provided unlimited mobility to cavalry, infantry and artillery units. In fact, the mule is the official symbol of the US Army. In addition to being the ‘Father of his Country’, Washington is also revered as the ‘Father of the American Mule’.



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Actions speak louder than words… Luke Cameron, 26, has hit the headlines after deciding to do one good deed a day for a year. Do you do good deeds, and what is the best thing a stranger has ever done for you?


ETTING the sack when the company he worked for was taken over, was the best good deed ever done to Adrian Crossley, 48, from Marbella, Malaga. The salesman said: “It didn’t feel like it at the time, though! But it made me realise how unhappy I was in my work and with my life, which is probably why I got the push to start with. “I needed a fresh start and moved to Spain for a break. That was 10 years ago and I am still here and loving every

STREET TALK minute of it. As far as doing good deeds is concerned, I really admire Luke and hearing about him makes me think about what I could do to help people. I have always been willing to help a friend out, but maybe I could be more proactive about it and go out of my way to find people to help.” Melissa Samuels, 52, who works in a charity shop in London, and was on holiday in Torrevieja, Alicante, believed there were lots of people who do good deeds. “Think of all those charities out there. The vast majority rely on volunteers who work really hard giving their time up for nothing. “If that is not doing good deeds every day, then I don’t know MELISSA: Simple acts of kindness.

what is! I would encourage every one to find a charity they can help. It is very rewarding being able to help others, and I know from personal experience how people who benefit can be overwhelmed by simple acts of kindness,” Melissa said. Jeremy Anderson, 27, who lives in Torremolinos, Malaga, said: “It depends what you mean by a good deed. If anyone needs help I am very happy to give a hand, but that is normal, isn’t it? “For me, it is when a stranger is willing to help out that it really hits home. For example, my granddad was out on holiday in Fuengirola a couple of years ago and had a fall. He needed to go to hospital for stitches, but didn’t speak a word of Spanish. The owner of a nearby restaurant took him to Casualty and stayed with him through the night – they arrived at midnight and left at six in the morning – then took him back to the hotel.

He didn’t have to do that, my granddad had not even eaten in his restaurant! That is something which really makes you feel better about people and human nature in general.” Jeremy added: “Our thanks to him, and I would do the same myself in a similar situation. I think many people would.”

JEREMY: It is normal, isn’t it?

Attract more of what you want Sally Trotman Based in Mallorca, Sally Trotman is a qualified Counsellor who works with Astrology, Numerology and the Tarot. Each month she will deliver the forecast as an intuitive tool to aid increased self awareness.

WOULD you like to discover how to attract more of what you want into your life? The answer is simple - be truly grateful for what you already have! May 1 is the perfect day to give thanks for all the blessings in your life. When you share your feelings of gratitude with others it is even more powerful, so this would be a great day to chat with a friend over a cuppa whilst discussing the many blessings in your life. As you give thanks for everything in your life you will start to feel good, and this good feeling will then help you to quickly attract even more of what you desire! The first two weeks of May are the perfect time for you to

strengthen the foundations in every area of your life. The influence of the new moon in Taurus at the end of April will help you to make practical plans. Whether you wish to develop your business, move to a new location, or improve communication with those close to you, this earthy sign is helping you to create both inner and outer stability. The full moon on May 14 is the time at which Buddha’s birthday is celebrated. The teachings of Buddhism are to be present, and develop an attitude of loving kindness towards yourself and others. By being in the moment you are truly giving thanks for the gift of life and this in turn will create a feeling of peace within your mind. Practise being in the moment whenever you remember, simply by focusing on your breath. By taking three deep breaths you will soon forget about the past. By creating a calm and peaceful mindset in the present moment you will create a peaceful and happy future.

month. Listen to your ideas, work with others to implement them and create a strong, grounded plan so that your ideas manifest quickly.

Learn how to live passionately!

BREATHING TECHNIQUES: Create a feeling of peace. The full moon this month is ruled by the transformative sign of Scorpio, which is helping you to get in touch with your true passions! When confused about which direction to take in life, always follow the path which excites you the most. This month is a great time to master your mind, and emotions. All too often your busy mind,

which can too easily become filled with thoughts of fear and doubt, will take you right off track. Stay true to yourself and do only what you love. May is the fifth month of the year, and the number five is an expansive, sociable number. Think of the five-pointed star and this will give you an idea of the potential for expansion this

This month I am holding two workshops so that you can learn how to follow your bliss. During these workshops you will discover how you can change your thoughts by learning simple breathing techniques, following guided visualisation meditation and taking the passion test! These workshops will be held on the evenings of May 1 and 14 from 7pm-9pm at a location in Palma (Mallorca) close to Las Ramblas. I also offer individual sessions in Palma and via Skype. Please visit my website for more information about workshops and individuals sessions:


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7:00am This is BBC Two 7:15am Homes Under the Hammer 8:15am First Time on the Front Line 8:45am Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is 9:30am The Great Interior Design Challenge 10:30am Mary Berry Cooks 11:00am World Championship Snooker 1:00pm The Daily Politics 2:00pm World Championship Snooker 7:00pm Eggheads 7:30pm Great British Menu 8:00pm World Championship Snooker 10:00pm Natural World 11:00pm The Trip to Italy 11:30pm Newsnight 12:05am Later... with Jools Holland 1:10am World Championship Snooker Highlights 2:00am The Birth of Empire: The East India Company 3:00am Question Time 4:00am This is BBC Two

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7:00am Emmerdale 7:25am Emmerdale 7:55am You've Been Framed! 8:25am You've Been Framed! 8:45am The Jeremy Kyle Show USA 9:30am Dinner Date 10:30am The Real Housewives of Orange County 11:30am The Real Housewives of Miami 12:30pm The Millionaire Matchmaker 1:30pm Emmerdale 2:00pm Emmerdale 2:30pm You've Been Framed! 3:00pm The Millionaire Matchmaker 4:00pm The Jeremy Kyle Show 5:05pm The Jeremy Kyle Show 6:10pm The Real Housewives of Miami 7:00pm Dinner Date 8:00pm You've Been Framed! 8:30pm You've Been Framed! 9:00pm Two and a Half Men 9:30pm Two and a Half Men 10:00pm Underworld 12:30am Take Me Out 1:40am Two and a Half Men 2:05am Two and a Half Men


Gladiator (Film, 2000)


SATELLITE CHANNELS/ Sky1/ 6:00am Airline USA 6:30am Airline USA 7:00am Mission Implausible 8:00am Last Man Standing 8:30am Last Man Standing 9:00am Modern Family 9:30am Modern Family 10:00am Futurama 10:30am Futurama 11:00am Football's Funniest Moments 12:00pm Hawaii Five-0

1:00pm NCIS: Los Angeles 2:00pm NCIS: Los Angeles 3:00pm Emergency with Angela Griffin 4:00pm Last Man Standing 4:30pm Last Man Standing 5:00pm Futurama 5:30pm Futurama 6:00pm The Simpsons 6:30pm Modern Family 7:00pm Modern Family 7:30pm The Simpsons 8:00pm The Simpsons 8:30pm The Simpsons

9:00pm Star-Crossed 10:00pm Modern Family 10:30pm A League of Their Own 11:00pm Intelligence 12:00am NCIS: Los Angeles 1:00am NCIS: Los Angeles 2:00am Hawaii Five-0 3:00am Hawaii Five-0 4:00am Road Wars

SkyMoviesComedy/ 9:15am Earthbound 11:05am The Five-Year

•Russell Crowe •Joaquin Phoenix •Connie Nielsen •Oliver Reed •Richard Harris

Engagement 1:25pm Life 3:25pm Mr Woodcock 5:05pm Wild Hogs 7:00pm Kindergarten Cop 9:00pm The Five-Year Engagement 11:10pm Life 1:10am Mr Woodcock 2:50am How to Make Love to a Woman

SkyMoviesAction/ 9:50am Coogan's Bluff

Multi-Oscar winning film about Maximus, a powerful Roman general, loved by the people and the aging Emperor who, before his death, chooses Maximus to become heir over his own son. A power struggle leaves Maximus and his family condemned to death. Unable to save his family, Maximus loses his will to live and allows himself to get captured and put into the Gladiator games to meet his death. The only desire that fuels him now is the chance to rise to the top so that he will be able to look into the eyes of the man who will feel his revenge.

11:30am Noah Special 12:00pm Man of Steel 2:25pm The Karate Kid, Part II 4:25pm The Next Karate Kid 6:20pm Gladiator 9:00pm Man of Steel 11:30pm Crank 1:05am Dredd 2:45am The Delta Force 5:00am The Karate Kid, Part II

SkyMoviesDrama/ 5:25am Desk Set 7:20am Struck by Lightning

8:55am First Night 11:00am Before Midnight 12:55pm Now is Good 2:45pm Steel Magnolias 4:50pm Lorenzo's Oil 7:10pm Jersey Girl 9:00pm Before Midnight 11:00pm Dangerous Liaisons 1:10am Anna Karenina 3:30am Hide Away 5:00am The Top Ten Show 2014 5:15am Fun in Acapulco

BBC3/ 8:00pm Great Movie Mistakes 8:25pm Doctor Who 9:10pm Doctor Who 10:00pm Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents 11:00pm Russell Howard's Good News 11:30pm EastEnders 12:00am Family Guy 12:25am Family Guy 12:45am Family Guy 1:10am Family Guy 1:30am Orphan Black 2:15am Sweat the Small Stuff 2:45am Russell Howard's Good News 3:15am Impractical Jokers 3:45am Kerry 4:00am Life and Death Row

Orphan Black (Science Fiction Series, 2013) BBC 3 from 1:30am to 2:15am Sci-fi drama series. Sarah is out of options, on the run, and pursued by deadly adversaries. Desperate to find her daughter Kira, Sarah suspects ruthless proclone Rachel is behind Kira's disappearance and sparks an all-out war against her. Alison and Donnie attend the funeral of her fallen friend Aynsley, causing Alison to sink into guilt and despair. Cosima is faced with a perplexing decision that may have dire consequences.

BBC4/ 8:00pm World News Today 8:30pm BBC Young Musician 2014 10:00pm Frank Sinatra

11:35pm ... Sings the Great American Songbook 12:35am Doris Day: Virgin Territory 1:35am Frank Sinatra 3:10am ... Sings the Great American Songbook 4:10am Sounds of the 70s



1 - 7 May 2014 / Costa Blanca Nor th



Changes To Succession Tax In Valenciana If you live or own property in Spain, it is important to understand how Spanish succession tax works and how it will impact your family and other heirs. Succession tax is charged on gifts and inheritances. It applies if the assets are located in Spain (regardless of residence of beneficiary), or if the beneficiary is resident in Spain (in which case it applies to worldwide assets). Succession tax is governed by both the State and Autonomous Communities. Each community has the right to amend the State rules to make them more beneficial. Several have done so, including Valenciana (Valencia, Alicante and Castellón provinces). Your assets can only benefit from the local rules if you are “habitually resident” in the region, i.e. living here for the five years up to the chargeable event. Otherwise the pernicious State rules apply. Spain has been referred to the European Commission for

By Robert Croizat, Senior Partner, Blevins Franks discriminatory treatment of residents and non-residents living in the EU, but the rules have not changed. Valenciana rules Under State rules, the personal tax free allowance for spouses and direct line relatives is just €15,957. In Valenciana, with effect from August 2013, the allowance is much higher at €100,000. It is not all good news however.

In 2007 the Valenciana government introduced a 99% reduction in the tax payable on inheritances received by spouses and direct line relatives - provided they are habitually resident in the region. With effect from last August, this 99% reduction was lowered to 75%. In the case of gifts, this reduction used to have a limit of €420,000 per estate, with gifts from the previous five years taken into account, but it has been reduced to €150,000. The overall effect is that many people will pay more succession tax under the new rules. This also applies to spouses inheriting from each other, since there is no exemption between spouses in Spain. So if you own a property equally in joint names, when you die and leave your 50% share to your husband or wife, they will have to pay succession tax on this 50%. Although the

personal allowance has been increased, the lower 75% reduction could result in considerably more tax depending on the total amount being inherited. In spite of the changes, the regional Valenciana rules remain more favourable than the State ones. This will only apply, however, if you have been continuously resident here for the five years before your death or the date you make a gift. You would need to be registered and paying tax here to be able to prove it. Importantly, note that in the case of Valenciana, for the 75% reduction to apply, your beneficiaries also need to have been habitually resident here at the time (the only exception is for disabled relatives). If your children are not living here, they do not benefit. If these tax changes will impact your beneficiaries, or if you are not resident in Valenciana and your heirs will be hit by the state

succession tax rules, you should seek professional advice on how you may be able to improve your situation. These changes underlined the ongoing financial pressures that continue to persist even today within national and local government, and which can result in higher taxes. They highlight the need for people to arrange their financial affairs today, to best position themselves for the future. The tax rates, scope and reliefs may change. Any statements concerning taxation are based upon our understanding of current taxation laws and practices which are subject to change. Tax information has been summarised; an individual should take personalised advice. To keep in touch with the latest developments in the offshore world, check out the latest news on our website


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7:05am The Hoobs 7:30am Transworld Sport 8:30am FIM Superbike World Championship 9:00am The Morning Line 10:00am Weekend Kitchen with Waitrose 11:00am The Big Bang Theory 11:25am The Big Bang Theory 11:50am How I Met Your Mother 12:20pm How I Met Your Mother 12:45pm The Simpsons 1:15pm The Simpsons 1:45pm Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2:40pm Channel 4 Racing 5:10pm Come Dine with Me 7:45pm Channel 4 News 8:00pm For the Love of Cars 9:00pm Grand Designs 10:00pm Green Zone 12:10am Escape From Alcatraz 2:15am Tim Minchin and the Heritage Orchestra 3:45am Hollyoaks Omnibus 5:50am To be Announced

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Doctor Who (Science Fiction Series) BBC 3 from 8:00pm to 8:50pm Science fiction series about the adventures of an alien timetraveller, known as The Doctor. He explores space and time, solving problems and righting wrongs.

BBC4/ 8:00pm Britain's Natural World



SATELLITE CHANNELS/ Sky1/ 6:00am Airline USA 6:30am Airline USA 7:00am Glee 9:00am The Fantasy Football Club 10:00am Sky Sports Game Changers 11:00am Soccer A.M. 1:00pm World Wrestling Entertainment Superstars 2:00pm Kingdom of Plants

3:00pm Modern Family 6:00pm Robots 7:45pm Futurama 8:30pm The Simpsons 9:00pm Storm City 10:00pm Arrow 11:00pm Revolution 12:00am An Idiot Abroad 2:00am Road Wars 5:00am Brainiac: Science Abus

SkyMoviesComedy/ 4:30am The Knot

6:15am The Top Ten Show 2014 6:30am Rio 2 Special 7:00am Despicable Me 2 Special 7:20am As Good as It Gets 9:40am American Pie 2 11:30am Grown Ups 2 1:15pm The World's End Special 1:45pm Little Shop of Horrors 3:30pm Best in Show 5:10pm The Top Ten Show 2014 5:30pm Austin Powers: The Spy 7:15pm Austin Powers in

•Leonardo DiCaprio •Toby Maguire •Carey Mulligan •Joel Edgerton

Goldmember 9:00pm Grown Ups 2 10:50pm American Pie 2 12:45am As Good as It Gets 3:10am Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo 4:50am The Top Ten Show 2014 5:10am Little Shop of Horror

SkyMoviesDrama/ 5:15am Fun in Acapulco 7:00am FilmBorrowed Time 8:40am The English Teacher

The Great Gatsby (Film, 2013) When Nick Carraway moves into the house next door to selfmade millionaire Jay Gatsby, he gives the infamous recluse the perfect means to reconnect with old flame Daisy.

10:20am FilmCity Slacker 12:00pm St Elmo's Fire 2:00pm The Great Gatsby 4:25pm Sweet Charity 7:00pm Beyond the Sea 9:00pm The Great Gatsby 11:30pm The Four Feather 1:50am Having You 3:35am FilmReturn 5:25am Evita

SkyMoviesAction/ 5:00amThe Karate Kid, Part II

9:00pm Byzantium: A Tale of Three Cities 10:00pm Storyville

7:00am FilmDeep Rising 9:00am Speed 2: Cruise Control 11:10am Iron Man 3 1:25pm Fast and Furious 3:40pm Lethal Weapon 3 5:45pm Back to the Future Part II 7:45pm Iron Man 3 10:00pm FilmFast and Furious 6 12:15am FilmLethal Weapon 3 2:20am Assault on Precinct 1 4:15am Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection

11:20pm Killer Whales 12:20am Neil Sedaka: King of Song 1:20am Neil Sedaka Says: All You Need is the Music 2:05am Top of the Pops

2:40am Byzantium: A Tale of Three Cities 3:45am Britain's Natural World


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7:25am None but the Lonely Heart 9:15am Countryfile 10:15am Gardeners World 10:45am The Beechgrove Garden 11:15am Saturday Kitchen Best Bites 12:45pm Spring Kitchen with Tom Kerridge 1:30pm Spring Kitchen with Tom Kerridge 2:15pm Spring Kitchen with Tom Kerridge 3:00pm Snooker 7:00pm Australia with Simon Reeve 8:00pm Snooker 12:00am LQI XL 12:45am One in Ten 2:15am The Big White 3:55am Countryfile 4:50am Holby City 5:50am This is BBC Two

7:00am CITV 9:25am ITV News 9:30am Weekend 10:25am May the Best House Win 11:25am Columbo 1:25pm ITV News and Weather 1:30pm Big Star's Little Star 2:35pm The Unforgettable... 3:05pm Britain's Got Talent 4:20pm Let Me Entertain You 4:50pm Licence to Kill 7:20pm Local News and Weather 7:30pm ITV News and Weather 7:45pm Catchphrase 8:30pm Off Their Rockers 9:00pm Vera 11:00pm Perspectives 12:00am ITV News and Weather 12:15am Aviva Premiership Rugby Highlights 1:15am The Store 3:45am Motorsport UK 4:35am The Jeremy Kyle Show USA 5:20am ITV Nightscreen

7:00am VW Cup 7:30am How I Met Your Mother 8:00am How I Met Your Mother 8:30am Everybody Loves Raymond 9:00am Everybody Loves Raymond 9:30am Frasier 10:00am Frasier 10:30am Sunday Brunch 1:35pm Secret Eaters 2:40pm Channel 4 Racing 5:10pm The Big Bang Theory 5:35pm The Big Bang Theory 6:00pm The Simpsons 6:30pm Deal or No Deal 7:30pm Channel 4 News 8:00pm Posh Pawn 9:00pm For the Love of Cars 10:00pm Fargo 11:00pm The Social Network 1:20am To be Announced 2:55am To be Announced 3:55am The Hotel 4:55am Superscrimpers' Challenge 5:50am Deal or No Deal

7:00am Beauty and the Geek 7:45am The Hot Desk 7:55am Emmerdale Omnibus 10:40am Coronation Street Omnibus 1:05pm You've Been Framed! 2:10pm You've Been Framed! 2:40pm Beethoven 3:40pm FYI Daily 3:45pm Beethoven 4:20pm Educating Joey Essex 5:20pm Britain's Got Talent 6:45pm Britain's Got More Talent 7:45pm You've Been Framed! 8:15pm Star Wars 9:15pm FYI Daily 9:20pm Star Wars 11:00pm Viral Tap 11:50pm White Chicks 12:50am FYI Daily 12:55am White Chicks 2:05am Viral Tap 2:45am Mom 3:10am The Vampire Diaries 3:55am Teleshopping

BBC3/ 8:00pm Great Movie Mistakes IV: May the Fourth be with You 8:50pm Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl 11:00pm In the Flesh 12:00am Family Guy 12:22am Family Guy 12:45am Ja'mie: Private School Girl 1:10am Ja'mie: Private School Girl 1:45am In the Flesh 2:45am Sweat the Small Stuff 3:15am To be Announced 3:45am To be Announced. 4:00am In the Flesh

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (Film, 2003) BBC 3 from 8:50pm to 11:00pm Eccentric Captain Sparrow is on a mission to rescue the Governer's beautiful daughter, Elizabeth, and his ship, the Black Pearl, both of which have been captured by curse-ridden pirate, Captain Barbossa.

BBC4/ 8:00pm In Which We Serve


Men In Black II (Film, 2012)


SATELLITE CHANNELS/ Sky1/ 7:00am The Hour of Power 8:00am Glee 10:00am Kingdom of Plants 11:00am World Wrestling Entertainment Superstars 12:00pm WWE Experience 1:00pm The Amazing SpiderMan 2 - Spinning... 1:30pm Hugh Jackman:

Becoming Wolverine 2:00pm Robots 3:45pm Modern Family 6:00pm The Simpsons 7:00pm Modern Family 8:00pm About a Boy 8:30pm The Simpsons 9:30pm Futurama 10:00pm Hawaii Five-0 11:00pm NCIS: Los Angeles

12:00am An Idiot Abroad

SkyMoviesComedy/ 7:00am FilmWhen Harry Tries to Marry 8:35am So Undercover 10:15am The Dukes of Hazzard 12:05pm Ted 1:55pm Analyze This 3:40pm Analyze That 5:20pm Big Fat Greek Wedding

•Will Smith • Tommy Lee Jones

7:05pm The Dukes of Hazzard 9:00pm Ted 11:00pm You, Me and Dupree 1:00am Happy Gilmore

SkyMoviesAction/ 8:25am Men in Black 10:10am Men in Black II 11:45am Click to read more about Men in Black 3FilmMen in Black 3

10:00pm Easter Island: Mysteries of a Lost World 11:30pm The Wonder of Bees with Martha Kearney 12:00am Frank Sinatra: The Voice of the Century

When a vengeful alien goes back in time to kill secret agent K, his partner J travels back to the swinging 60s on a mission to save him. Sci-fi comedy.

1:35pm After Earth 3:20pm Men in Black 5:05pm Men in Black II 6:40pm Men in Black 3 8:30pm After Earth 10:15pm Bad Boys II 12:45am Ali

SkyMoviesDrama/ 7:50am The First Time 9:35am Cruel Intentions

11:20am The Top Ten Show 2014 11:35am Sleepless in Seattle 1:30pm You've Got Mail 3:40pm The Bodyguard 5:55pm Sleepless in Seattle 7:50pm You've Got Mail 10:00pm The Bodyguard 12:15am Gorillas in the Mist 2:30am Best Man Down

1:35am Sings the Great American Songbook 2:35am Top of the Pops 3:25am Easter Island: Mysteries of a Lost World


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7:00am Breakfast 10:00am Fake Britain 10:45am Homes Under the Hammer 11:45am Don't Get Done, Get Dom 12:30pm First Time on the Front Line 1:00pm Bargain Hunt 2:00pm BBC News 2:15pm Regional News 2:23pm Weather 2:25pm The Link 3:15pm Escape to the Country 4:00pm Spring Kitchen with Tom Kerridge 4:45pm National Treasure 6:45pm Pointless 7:30pm BBC News 7:45pm Regional News 7:55pm Weather 8:00pm The One Show 8:30pm Bang Goes the Theory 9:00pm EastEnders 9:30pm Miranda 10:00pm When Corden Met Barlow 11:00pm BBC News 11:15pm Regional News 11:18pm Weather 11:20pm Match of the Day 2 12:25am Late Kick-off 12:55am The Graham Norton Show 1:40am Weatherview

7:00am Preview 7:20am Homes Under the Hammer 8:20am Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron 9:35am Goodbye, Mr. Chips 11:25am The Importance of Being Earnest 1:00pm Pallisers 1:50pm Pallisers 2:45pm Coast 3:00pm Snooker 7:00pm Escape to the Continent 7:30pm Great British Menu 8:00pm Snooker 12:00am Amazon: Business Boomers 1:00am Digby Jones: The Factory Controller 2:00am Louis Theroux's LA Stories 3:00am This is BBC Two 3:30am This is BBC Two 4:00am This is BBC Two 4:30am This is BBC Two 5:00am 3, 2, 1 Go!: Key Stage 3

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7:10am Countdown 7:55am Firehouse Dog 10:00am Frasier 10:30am Frasier 11:00am Undercover Boss USA 12:00pm Come Dine with Me 12:30pm Come Dine with Me 1:00pm Channel 4 News Summary 1:05pm Come Dine with Me 1:35pm Come Dine with Me 2:05pm Come Dine with Me 2:40pm A Place in the Sun 3:40pm Countdown 4:30pm Deal or No Deal 5:30pm Draw it! 6:00pm Four in a Bed 6:30pm Come Dine with Me 7:00pm The Simpsons 7:30pm Hollyoaks 8:00pm Channel 4 News 8:30pm Shop Secrets: Tricks of the Trade 9:00pm Britain's Most Extreme Weather 10:00pm The Island with Bear Grylls 11:00pm Love for Sale with Rupert Everett 12:00am Gogglebox 1:00am Random Acts 1:05am Fargo 2:00am Scandal 2:45am Southcliffe 3:40am Mesh 3:45am Mr Drew's School for Boys

7:00am Emmerdale 7:25am Coronation Street 7:55am Coronation Street 8:25am Totally You've Been Framed! 9:25am You've Been Framed! 10:30am The Perfect Man 11:30am FYI Daily 11:35am The Perfect Man 12:30pm You've Been Framed! 1:30pm Emmerdale 2:00pm Coronation Street 2:30pm Coronation Street 3:00pm You've Been Framed! 4:00pm The Jeremy Kyle Show 5:05pm The Jeremy Kyle Show 6:10pm Beethoven 7:10pm FYI Daily 7:15pm Beethoven 7:55pm Zookeeper 8:55pm FYI Daily 9:00pm Zookeeper 10:00pm Underworld 11:00pm FYI Daily 11:05pm Underworld 12:25am Two and a Half Men 12:55am Two and a Half Men 1:25am Two and a Half Men 1:50am Fake Reaction 2:35am The Jeremy Kyle Show USA 3:15am Teleshopping

Starsky and Hutch (Film, 2004)

SATELLITE CHANNELS/ Sky1/ 12:00pm Hawaii Five-0 1:00pm NCIS: Los Angeles 2:00pm NCIS: Los Angeles 3:00pm Emergency with Angela Griffin 4:00pm Last Man Standing 4:30pm Last Man Standing 5:00pm Futurama 5:30pm Futurama

6:00pm The Simpsons 6:30pm Modern Family 7:00pm Modern Family 7:30pm The Simpsons 8:00pm The Simpsons 8:30pm The Simpsons 9:00pm The Simpsons 9:30pm Modern Family 10:00pm About a Boy 10:30pm A League of Their

Own 11:00pm Star-Crossed 12:00am NCIS: Los Angeles

SkyMoviesComedy/ 5:45am My Big Fat Greek Wedding 7:25am Starsky and Hutch 9:20am The Incredible Burt Wonderstone 11:15am Caddyshack

•Ben Stiller •Owen Wilson •Snoop Dogg •Fred Williamson

1:05pm The Top Ten Show 2014 1:25pm This is the End 3:25pm Identity Thief 5:20pm The Incredible Burt Wonderstone 7:10pm Starsky and Hutch 9:00pm Wedding Crashers 11:10pm This is the End

SkyMoviesDrama/ 4:15am Against the Ropes

This affectionate, full-throttle cinematic remake of the 1970s US cop TV series roared on to our screens in thick clouds of burning rubber in 2004. While it seemed impossible that David Starsky and Ken Hutchinson could be played by anyone other than Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul in the original, surprisingly Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson (pictured) do a sterling job here, so much so that after 20 minutes or so, you're hooked and willing the pair on. Sure at times it's a spoof, but the original never took itself very seriously either, so it's never a problem.

6:15am Hello, Dolly! 8:45am Darling Companion 10:40am The Notebook 12:50pm Dead Poets Society 3:05pm Chasing Mavericks 5:10pm The Notebook 7:20pm Les Miserables 10:00pm Dead Poets Society 12:15am Chasing Mavericks 2:20am Cinderella Man

8:00pm Doctor Who 10:00pm Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents 11:00pm Russell Howard's Good News 11:30pm EastEnders 12:00am Family Guy 12:23am Family Guy 12:46am Family Guy 1:10am American Dad! 1:30am In the Flesh 2:30am Russell Howard's Good News 3:00am Invasion of the Job Snatchers 4:00am Extreme Beauty Queens: Secrets of South America

Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents (Documentary) BBC 3 from 10:00pm to 11:00pm Series in which teenagers take their first summer holiday abroad without their parents, who, unbeknown to the kids, secretly watch everything that unfolds.

BBC4/ SkyMoviesComedy/



8:00pm Lionel Bart: Reviewing the Situation 9:00pm The Wonder of Bees with Martha Kearney 9:30pm Only Connect 10:00pm Hinterland 11:35pm The First Georgians: The German Kings who Made Britain 12:35am Timewatch

1:30am Only Connect

SkyMoviesAction/ 9:40am Open Range 12:05pm The Lone Ranger 2:40pm Back to the Future Part III 4:45pm Appaloosa 6:45pm Tombstone 9:00pm The Lone Ranger 11:30pm Django Unchained 2:15am Appaloosa

2:00am The Wonder of Bees with Martha Kearney 2:30am Britain by Bike 3:00am Hinterland


E W N 1 - 7 May 2014 / Costa Blanca Nor th







07 am

07 am

07 am

07 am

07 am

7:00am Breakfast 10:15am Fake Britain 11:00am Homes Under the Hammer 12:00pm Don't Get Done, Get Dom 12:30pm First Time on the Front Line 1:00pm Bargain Hunt 2:00pm BBC News 2:30pm Regional News 2:45pm Doctors 3:15pm The Link 4:00pm Escape to the Country 4:45pm Spring Kitchen with Tom Kerridge 5:30pm Flog It! 6:15pm Pointless 7:00pm BBC News 7:30pm Regional News 8:00pm The One Show 8:30pm EastEnders 9:00pm Holby City 10:00pm Happy Valley 11:00pm BBC News 11:25pm Regional News 11:30pm Weather 11:35pm Party Election Broadcast by the UK Independence Party 11:40pm Miller's Mountain 12:10am The Guess List 12:50am Son of Rambow 2:20am Weatherview 2:25am BBC News

7:00am Preview 7:05am Homes Under the Hammer 8:05am First Time on the Front Line 8:35am Animal Park 9:20am Countryside 999 10:05am Collectaholics 11:05am Mystery of the Moor 11:35am HARDtalk 12:00pm BBC News 12:30pm World News 1:00pm The Daily Politics 2:00pm The Super League Show 2:45pm One Man and his Campervan 3:15pm Pallisers 4:05pm Coast 4:30pm Planet Earth 5:30pm The Hairy Bikers' Food Tour of Britain 6:15pm Antiques Roadshow 6:55pm Party Election Broadcast 7:00pm Eggheads 7:30pm Escape to the Continent 8:30pm Great British Menu 9:00pm The Big Allotment Challenge 10:00pm Watermen: A Dirty Business 11:00pm Later Live with Jools 11:30pm Newsnight 12:20am Party Election Broadcast by the UK Independence Party 12:25am Vets in the Disaster Zone

7:00am Good Morning Britain 9:30am Lorraine 10:25am The Jeremy Kyle Show 11:30am This Morning 12:25pm ITV News 12:30pm This Morning 1:30pm Loose Women 2:30pm ITV News and Weather 3:00pm Jo Frost Family Matters 4:00pm Dickinson's Real Deal 5:00pm Ejector Seat 6:00pm The Paul O'Grady Show 7:00pm Local News and Weather 7:30pm ITV News and Weather 8:00pm Emmerdale 8:30pm Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 11:20pm ITV News at Ten and Weather 11:55pm The Cube 12:55am Wild Britain with Ray Mears 1:20am Jackpot247 4:00am Loose Women 4:45am ITV Nightscreen

7:00am Countdown 7:45am Will and Grace 8:10am According to Jim 8:35am King of Queens 9:00am Everybody Loves Raymond 9:30am Everybody Loves Raymond 10:00am Frasier 10:30am Frasier 11:00am Undercover Boss USA 12:00pm Come Dine with Me 12:30pm Come Dine with Me 1:00pm Channel 4 News Summary 1:05pm Come Dine with Me 1:35pm Come Dine with Me 2:05pm Come Dine with Me 2:40pm A Place in the Sun 3:40pm Countdown 4:30pm Deal or No Deal 5:30pm Draw it! 6:00pm Four in a Bed 6:30pm Come Dine with Me 7:00pm The Simpsons 7:30pm Hollyoaks 8:00pm Channel 4 News 9:00pm Embarrassing Bodies 10:00pm Mr Drew's School for Boys 11:00pm 16 Kids and Counting 12:00am Coppers 12:55am Random Acts 1:00am Pokerstars.Com EPT London

7:00am Emmerdale 7:25am Coronation Street 7:55am Coronation Street 8:25am You've Been Framed! 8:45am The Jeremy Kyle Show USA 9:30am Dinner Date 10:30am The Real Housewives of Orange County 11:30am The Real Housewives of Miami 12:30pm The Millionaire Matchmaker 1:30pm Emmerdale 2:00pm Coronation Street 2:30pm Coronation Street 3:00pm The Millionaire Matchmaker 4:00pm The Jeremy Kyle Show 5:05pm The Jeremy Kyle Show 6:10pm The Real Housewives of Miami 7:00pm Dinner Date 8:00pm You've Been Framed! 8:30pm You've Been Framed! 9:00pm Two and a Half Men 9:30pm Two and a Half Men 10:00pm The Vampire Diaries 11:00pm Celebrity Juice 11:50pm 40 Days and 40 Nights 12:50am FYI Daily 12:55am 40 Days and 40 Nights 1:45am Two and a Half Men 2:15am Two and a Half Men


Sky1/ 9:00am Modern Family 9:30am Modern Family 10:00am Futurama 10:30am Futurama 11:00am Hawaii Five-0 12:00pm Hawaii Five-0 1:00pm NCIS: Los Angeles 2:00pm NCIS: Los Angeles 3:00pm Emergency with Angela Griffin 4:00pm Last Man Standing 4:30pm Last Man Standing 5:00pm Futurama 5:30pm Futurama 6:00pm The Simpsons

6:30pm Modern Family 7:00pm Modern Family 7:30pm The Simpsons 8:00pm The Simpsons 8:30pm The Simpsons 9:00pm Hawaii Five-0 10:00pm Twin Towns 11:00pm Storm City 12:00am NCIS: Los Angeles 1:00am Hawaii Five-0 2:00am NCIS: Los Angeles

SkyMoviesComedy/ 5:00am Stepping Out 7:00am 'Til There Was You 8:55am Stop! or My Mom Will Shoot

10:25am The Oranges 12:00pm Our Idiot Brother 1:35pm Arthur 3:20pm Arthur 2: On the Rocks 5:20pm To Rome with Love 7:20pm Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo 9:00pm Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo 10:35pm Our Idiot Brother 12:15am Idiocracy 1:50am Conception

SkyMoviesAction/ 7:00am Pacific Rim: Sky Movies Special 7:30am Volcano

•Cillian Murphy •Liam Neeson •Ruth Negga •Laurence Kinlan •Stephen Rea

9:20am 12 Rounds 2: Reloaded 11:05am Jack the Giant Slayer Special 11:20am Jack the Giant Slayer 1:20pm A Good Day to Die Hard 3:05pm The Fast and the Furious 4:55pm Stealth 7:00pm Jack the Giant Slayer 9:00pm A Good Day to Die Hard 10:45pm The Fast and the Furious 12:40am Crank 2:15am End of Days

8:00pm Don't Tell the Bride 9:00pm Eurovision Song Contest 2014 11:00pm Sweat the Small Stuff 11:30pm EastEnders 12:00am Family Guy 12:23am Family Guy 12:46am Family Guy 1:10am American Dad! 1:30am Sweat the Small Stuff 2:00am The Call Centre 3:00am My Brother, The Terrorist 4:00am Generation Sex: Secrets of South America

Eurovision Song Contest 2014 (Entertainment) BBC 3 from 9:00pm to 11:00pm Eurovision Song Contest 2014 is an Entertainment programme.

BBC4/ 8:00pm World News Today 8:30pm Great British Railway Journeys 9:00pm Horizon

Breakfast on Pluto (Film, 2006)




Irish orphan Patrick grows up with two burning desires: to discover the truth about his parents and to let his crossdressing alter-ago Kitten out of the bag. But is his conservative hometown ready for either of Patrick's plans?

10:00pm The French Revolution: Tearing Up History 11:00pm Balmoral 12:00am The Bridges That Built London - With Dan Cruickshank 1:00am Britain's Natural World

2:00am Killer Whales

SkyMoviesDrama/ 7:00am Let's Make Love 9:05am Evita 11:30am Hide Away 1:00pm Lincoln: Sky Movies Special 1:20pm 50 First Dates 3:10pm The English Teacher 4:50pm Barefoot in the Park 6:45pm Breakfast on Pluto 9:00pm 50 First Dates 10:45pm Rock of Ages 1:00am Struck by Lightning 2:35am Permanent Record 4:15am The Inn of the Sixth Happiness

TCM/ 6:00am The Long Gray Line 8:25am Gunsmoke 9:30am Gunsmoke 10:30am Fury at Furnace Creek 12:10pm The Desert Rats 1:50pm Gunsmoke 2:55pm Gunsmoke 4:00pm The Big Country 7:05pm Fort Vengeance 8:35pm Cattle Town 10:00pm Above the Law 11:55pm El Condor 1:50am Above the Law 3:40am El Condor

3:00am Horizon 4:00am The French Revolution: Tearing Up History


1 - 7 May 2014 / Costa Blanca Nor th



Rot set in with trendy teachers T

HE reports this week that British schoolchildren were some of the most badly behaved in Europe didn’t surprise me one bit. This particular rot started years ago when the first ‘trendy’, left-wing teacher turned up in jeans and a teeshirt, perched himself on the corner of his desk and told the class to call him John. That was the day respect went out of the window; schools were doomed and virtually guaranteed to descend into the unruly mire they now find themselves in. Children need discipline. If they don’t get it they will push and push in a constant endeavour to see just how far they can go. This is actually a desperate search for security. Until young minds know the boundaries, they are constantly at a loss and utterly insecure in their young and often confusing formative years. Not giving them the discipline they need is

NO DISCIPLINE: Children need boundaries.


many years ago, I was invited to the home of film actor James Mason and his wife Pamela. They were bringing up their children on a no-discipline basis. To see their son of around 14 smoking a cigar and drinking a beer as he sat watching TV was bad enough. However, the interesting youngster was the daughter, Portland, who was around 18. She was almost too timid to even say hello. What had

OTHERS THINK IT to my mind bordering on child abuse. The mother, who was reported last week as purposely giving her four offspring a completely free rein in their upbringing, is on a trip doomed to failure. I have seen the results of this particular parenting ‘path’ before. When I was in the States,

occurred was, that on moving out into the world, she had discovered that in real life you simply couldn’t do exactly as you pleased. Realising this, she had become totally withdrawn and almost frightened to say boo to a goose. A direct result of not being taught the boundaries in life that keep us from total anarchy. I also feel that this parental attitude is down to bone idleness. How much easier to

simply let ’em get away with everything, than having to control and risk confrontations with their offspring. Show me a child who has been correctly and fairly taught the rules and I’ll generally show you a well-adjusted human being, confidently facing a world that can only exist within the boundaries of discipline and order. Slight slip last week (which was gleefully pounced on by a number of you). Muslims are allowed four wives by the Koran, not five as I stated. However, in my defence, they are actually allowed one mistress. A sort of ‘spare’ as it were. So my statement wasn’t that much adrift By the time you read this I shall be back in Mallorca with my lovely children. Wheeee! Thanks, Tenerife, it has been a blast.

Keep the faith Love Leapy

Some like it hot, but revenge is cold W

HEN all goes quiet Luis Barcenas always fills the gap. Consequently the media, suffering from a surfeit of ‘monas’ (the Spanish version of Hot Cross Buns) and Easter processions, turned to the PP’s remanded ex-treasurer for a change of flavour. According to recently leaked evidence from Barcenas, party general secretaries and treasurers in each province have a Caja B of undeclared and untaxed funds where ‘B’ is shorthand for ‘Black’. Party headquarters in Madrid

Cassandra Nash

A weekly look - and not entirely impartial reaction to the Spanish political scene

did not control clandestine funds, Barcenas told the public prosecutor. “We neither knew nor did we want to,” he said, landing previous national secretary general and party grandee Javier Arenas in it, as well as Francisco AlvarezCascos who is now something of a pariah, although not only for financial reasons. And, of course, the current national

Heaven sent to visit flocks

secretary general, his sworn enemy Dolores de Cospedal. It’s said that revenge is a dish best eaten cold, but Barcenas clearly prefers his piping hot. IÑIGO URKULLU: His formula not clear.

AN army archbishop used the helicopter that now patrols the sensitive frontier between Spain’s enclave of Melilla and Morocco. The journey there and back required five hours alone but the archbishop had to attend to some of his flock in Ceuta, sources revealed. Didn’t Pope Francis say something about wanting pastors who actually smell of sheep? Not aircraft fuel?

Surface tension IT had to happen and now the Basque government is making independence noises. Those heard from the centre-right nationalist Partido Nacionalista Vasco (PNV) are not as aggressive as Cataluña’s but no less nationalist for all that. Lehendakari or regional president, Iñigo Urkullu, is less confrontational than Cataluña’s president Artur Mas and wants “dialogue, negotiation, agreement and ratification.” As he recommended neither outright independence nor a federal solution but an undefined “third way” it is not immediately clear exactly what formula Urkullu is after. Spain was once a collection of kingdoms, few of them willingly dominated from Madrid, and old patterns are coming to the surface again. This is a problem that will not go away but will intensify,

whoever occupies the Moncloa Palace and whatever the government’s label.

Old mistakes WHATEVER its detractors say, there is a time and a place for political correctness. And the time could be next May and the place could be Matajudios in Burgos when the population votes on whether to change its name. Matajudios means ‘Kill Jews’ and this has been the town’s official name since 1623 although historians believe it is centuries older. Inhabitants insist that its name is illdeserved, as a neighbouring town slaughtered 60 of its Jewish population and expelled the remainder in 1035. Its own confrontational name was the result of a transcription error almost 400 years ago, the mayor claimed recently. If it’s time to make belated excuses, it’s time to make a change.


E W N 1 - 7 May 2014 / Costa Blanca Nor th







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•Robin Williams •Robert Sean Leonard •Ethan Hawke •Josh Charles

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Dead Poets Society (Film, 1989) Drama featuring Robin Williams as an unconventional new English teacher and his ultimately questionable impact on an elite Vermont boys' academy. John Keating blows into the stuffy halls of the academy like a breath of fresh air, startling colleagues and delighting boys with his disdain for traditional teaching methods and text books. But the seeds of rebellion he sows have far-reaching effects that he never intended.

The Fellowship of the Ring 12:00am 2 Fast 2 Furious

SkyMoviesDrama/ 4:15am The Inn of the Sixth Happiness 7:00am Under the Tuscan Sun 9:00am First Night 11:05am My Best Friend's Wedding 1:00pm Now is Good 2:50pm The Top Ten Show 2014 3:05pm Go for It! 4:45pm Chicago 6:45pm Dead Poets Society 9:00pm My Best Friend's Wedding

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American Dad! (Animation, 2005) BBC 3 from 12:50am to 1:12am Animated adventures of a hapless CIA agent and his family. Stan and Francine fight over how to redecorate the house. It goes so far that they split the house down the middle and try to live without each other.

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12:15am Parks and Recreation 12:35am Byzantium: A Tale of Three Cities 1:35am Lost Cities of the Ancients, the Vanished Capital of the Pharaoh 2:35am Britain by Bike 3:05am The Richard Burton Diaries 3:35am Burton and Taylor


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Famous quote

This week

Any man who is under 30, and is not a liberal, has no heart; and any man who is over 30, and is not a conservative, has no brains.’

in history

Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965)

1933: Although legends of the monster date back 1,500 years; the modern legend of the Loch Ness Monster is born when a sighting makes it into a local newspaper. 1944: Bertha Benz, wife of inventor Karl Benz and the first person ever to drive an automobile over a long distance (106 km), dies in Ladenburg, Germany. 1945: Germany announces that Hitler is dead; he commits suicide while in hiding in a bunker under the Reich Chancery in Berlin. 1948: The original Land Rover makes its debut at an auto show in Amsterdam; this British made allterrain vehicle is destined to become one of the world’s favourites. 1966: The Moors Murderers, Ian Brady and his lover Myra Hindley, are sentenced to life in prison for what the judge describes as “calculated, cruel and cold-blooded murders”. 1968: The first UK heart transplant is carried out at the National Heart Hospital in London. 1979: The Conservative party wins the general election led by Margaret Thatcher; she will be Britain’s first woman prime minister. 1982: A Royal Navy submarine sinks the Argentine cruiser General Belgrano off the coast of the disputed Falkland Islands - a thousand souls were believed to be on board. 1993: Top women’s tennis player Monica Seles is stabbed by a deranged man during a match in Hamburg. 1994: The Channel tunnel opens in a ceremony presided over by Queen Elizabeth II and French President Francois Mitterand. 1997: After nearly 18 years under the conservatives British voters give the Labour Party, led by Tony Blair, a landslide victory. 2007: Less than two weeks before her fourth birthday Madeleine McCann goes missing in southern Portugal prompting an international search which will go on for years.

Women’s wit Some guy said to me: Don’t you think you’re too old to sing rock n’ roll? I said: You’d better check with Mick Jagger.’


World of English In a cocktail lounge: Ladies are requested not to have children in the bar.

K a k u ro

Costa Blanca weather for next 7 days JAVEA









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Mon - 21 14 C Tues - 22 15 Cl Wed - 23 16 C

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MAX 24C, MIN 17C


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23 15 S 22 14 S 21 14 S

Mon - 21 15 Cl Tues - 23 16 Cl Wed - 23 17 C

Mon - 19 16 C Tues - 21 17 Cl Wed - 21 17 C

20 17 C 20 15 C 18 16 C

17 13 Sh 19 12 C 18 12 C S Sun,


Fri Sat Sun -


Mon - 19 13 C Tues - 19 14 S Wed - 19 14 Cl Cl Clear,



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26 14 S 23 14 S 22 14 S


Mon - 22 14 S Tues - 23 14 S Wed - 24 15 C



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18 12 Sh 20 12 Cl 17 12 Sh


Mon - 22 8 S Tues - 24 9 S Wed - 24 10 Cl

23 8 C 21 5 Cl 21 6 S



Mon - 19 13 C Tues - 20 14 Cl Wed - 21 14 C



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Mallorca CLEAR MAX 24C, MIN 11C







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Fri Sat Sun -


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Sn Snow,


Mon - 24 13 Cl Tues - 26 15 Cl Wed - 27 16 C Th Thunder



Fill all the empty squares using the numbers 1 to 9, so that the sum of each horizontal block equals the ‘clue’ on its left, and the sum of each vertical block equals the clue on its top. No number may be used in the same block more than once.









Saturday April 26

Saturday April 26

Saturday April 26

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21 5

























E W N 1 - 7 May 2014 / Costa Blanca Nor th



It is directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga, has a run time of 60 minutes (each episode) and most episodes are rated 15 although some are 18.

TAURUS (April 21 - May 21) Although you are feeling more confident in many ways, there is also a secret insecurity. There is a strange emotional atmosphere this week, which perplexes you. An unusual feeling that you need to change your surroundings cannot be put down to a seasonal 'nesting' instinct. GEMINI (May 22 - June 21) Waiting for just the right time to do and say things this week can produce miracles. Spontaneity may be your watchword but forward planning is where real progress is at the moment. It's not a week to expect co-operation from others. CANCER (June 22 - July 23) If you are James Bond, I see no surprises in the week ahead. If you are not, then I certainly do. Something quite shocking crosses your path, so be cautious in your approach to new situations. Keep your eyes and ears open and be prepared to seek advice. LEO (July 24 - August 23) At last it is clear that the future holds something quite exciting. Looking back during the past few years there has been a build-up to this moment. Treading a new path is half the story. There is much to be discovered both outside and inside your sphere. VIRGO (August 24 - September 23) Your heart is saying ‘Let’s get out and have some fun.’ Your head is saying ‘Okay, but let’s leave it until later.’ Which is right? Well, one thing is for sure, emphasis on finances is restraining. You are, however, building on something strong for the future. LIBRA (September 24 - October 23) What others see as our way ahead is not always the path which we want to tread. It would be easy to be cosy and not take a chance. Is that what you really want? Outside influences are heavy and pressing at times.

H ex a g r a m

True Detective is an American crime drama series and traces the lives of two Louisiana State policemen in the homicide division as they hunt for a serial killer for 17 years. Created and written by Nic Pizzolatto it stars Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson.

May 3: Bing Crosby. Singer. Bass-baritone singer most famous for his hit single ‘White Christmas’ in 1954; he has sold over half a billion singles worldwide. May 4: Will Arnett, 43. TV actor. Best known for his role in hit TV series ‘Arrested Development’ this American actor was once thrown out of the prestigious Lakefield College for bad behaviour.

















LAST WEEK’S SOLUTION 1 Elders, 2 Pallet, 3 Cheers, 4 Either, 5 Dealer, 6 Reacts, 7 Healer, 8 Render, 9 Rivers, 10 Lender, 11 Rulers, 12 Desert, 13 Deeper, 14 Breach, 15 Meters, 16 Plumed, 17 Reader, 18 Seduce, 19 Formed

IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK: A meeting of like minds fires you on all cylinders. Because such a special year is already under way, the excitement is building. Get career needs out of the way and dealt with early. May 2: Lily Allen, 28. Singer. This British singer-songwriter had an international hit in 2006 with her album ‘Alright Still.’ In 2013 she released the single ‘Hard Out Here’ which was criticised for being racist.



Your Stars

May 5: Adele, 25. Singer This British soul singer came to mainstream success aged 19 with her bestselling album ‘19,’ she also won a Grammy Award for best new artist in 2009.

May 1: Tommy Robredo. Tennis player. This famous Spanish tennis player, born in Hostalric, Girona, had a career high in 2006 when he reached a singles ranking of 5 as a result of winning the Hamburg Masters. He is known to be most comfortable playing on clay. Both his parents were heavily involved in tennis thus giving him a good start.


SCORPIO (October 24 - November 22) Be sure not to put up with tedious comments. Someone is trying to rile you. Who are they to think this way? It is foolish and impossible to please this person. Avoid them and move on to something out of their sphere. A few days away clears your head and gives a more balanced picture.

CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 20) There are plenty of people who will tell you that what you seek does not exist. They will also tell you that what you feel is unsustainable. This is, however, no time to compromise your dreams or emotional needs. Taking a bright view and a chance now seems unusual to those round you.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23 - December 21) Who wants you to go where and who wants you to do what? Each day seems to be spoken for before it arrives. Spending your life like this means running out of credit on your health. Do not neglect your well-being for the wishes of others.

AQUARIUS (January 21 - February 19) The last time that you sat down and thought about your finances it was confusing. Things are a lot simpler now. Keep emotions and the needs of others out of the equation. Balance is what this week is all about. Get the percentages right now and it is plain sailing for the immediate future.

May 6: George Clooney, 52. Film actor. Actor, director, activist and producer he came to international fame through hit TV series ‘ER’ playing Dr. Doug Ross; he has starred in a multitude of Hollywood films since. May 7: Traci Lords, 45. TV actress. Film actress, producer and director she has appeared in ‘I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell;’ she also appeared in many B-movies.

PISCES (February 20 - March 20) Something comes to your attention that makes you feel both anger and injustice. As you are urged to speak out and put your cards on the table, you hesitate. Be sure to have the true facts of the matter because this gives you real confidence. ARIES (March 21 - April 20) There is a strong urge to be up and doing something to further your artistic needs. Be sure that you know what is important. Keep it simple and aim straight for it. There may be other options to be explored, but do not go off at a tangent. To do so would see you have many fingers in many pies but making little real progress. Trust your instincts.

UK LEGAL ODDITIES TRUE OR FALSE? 1. It is illegal to be drunk on licensed premises? 2. It is illegal to carry a plank along a pavement? 3. It is illegal to destroy or deface money? 4. It is illegal to drive cows down the roadway without the permission of the commissioner of police? 5. It is illegal to eat mince pies on Christmas Day? 6. It is illegal to enter the Houses of Parliament wearing a suit of armour? 7. It is illegal to place a stamp of the Queen upside down on a letter? 8. It is legal for a pregnant woman to relieve herself anywhere she likes, including in a policeman’s helmet? 9. It is legal to shoot a Welshman with a longbow on Sunday in the Cathedral Close in Hereford; or inside the city walls of Chester after midnight; or a Scotsman within the city walls of York, other than on a Sunday? 10. London hackney carriages (black taxicabs) must carry a bale of hay and a sack of oats?

Nonagram How many English words of four letters or more can you make from the nine letters in our Nonagram puzzle? Each letter may be used only once (unless the letter appears twice). Each word MUST CONTAIN THE CENTRE LETTER (in this case D) and there must be AT LEAST ONE NINE LETTER WORD. Plurals, vulgarities or proper nouns are not allowed.

TARGET: Average: 12 Good: 16 Very good: 23 Excellent: 28

LAST WEEK’S SOLUTION acne, ante, cane, cant, cent, cran, cyan, earn, etna, nape, narc, nary, neap, near, neat, pane, pant, pean, pent, rant, rent, tarn, tern, yarn, antre, caner, canty, carny, crane, enact, entry, nacre, panty, paten, pecan, reran, yearn, yenta, canter, carney, enrapt, entrap, errant, napery, nectar, pantry, parent, prance, ranter, recant, trance, trepan, encrypt, errancy, nectary, partner, patency, prancer, ternary, CARPENTRY

Word Ladder PAIR


Move from the start word (PAIR) to the end word (BOND) in the same number of steps as there are rungs on the Word Ladder. You must only change one letter at a time.


True Detective Season One


10-Star Quiz

1. TRUE, 2. TRUE, 3. TRUE, 4. TRUE, 5. FALSE (the only Christmas Day on which eating mince pies was illegal was in 1644, as 25 December that year fell on a legally-mandated day of fasting), 6. TRUE, 7. FALSE (according to the Royal Mail, it is perfectly acceptable to put a stamp upside-down), 8. FALSE, 9. FALSE (it is illegal to shoot a Welsh or Scottish (or any other) person regardless of the day, location or choice of weaponry), 10. FALSE

The purpose of the Hexagram puzzle is to place the 19 six-letter words into the 19 cells. The letters at the edges of interlocking cells MUST BE THE SAME. The letters in the words must be written CLOCKWISE. The word in cell 10 (COBBLE) and one letter in four other cells are given as clues.




1 - 7 May 2014 / Costa Blanca Nor th




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Unscramble the name of a famous American singer-songwriter and producer: LIBRARY WOMAN

Across 1 Shaking in rage - get back (6) 5 Quite eye catching (6) 8 Of a female lover for a champion (4) 9 Could start Serbian riot for firearms (8) 10 Produce blended green tea (8) 11 I be cross with a goat (4) 12 A sailor coming back for a book of maps (5) 14 Long time getting to the point (5) 18 Bans plastic bags (4) 20 Head furniture maker? (8) 22 Copy isles Ken designed (8) 23 Signal to a famous cyclist? (4) 24 Deprived female in a hat (6) 25 Ramblers problem - sores (5)

Unscramble the name of a television game show (one word): STOCKS RUBBLE FUNAGRAM SOLUTION: BARRY MANILOW, BLOCKBUSTERS


7 Signature tune from ‘The Meeting House’ (5) 13 Hard stone in gold before (7) 15 Causes for change of season after the third of March (7) 16 A Canadian's first coin, in a manner of speaking (6)

17 Heard one taking hold of Roman leader (6) 19 A Spanish acceptance of French digression (5) 21 Wanders around for nothing, among the sheep (5)

Code Breaker


Each number in the Code Breaker grid represents a different letter of the alphabet. In this week’s puzzle, 25 represents F and 10 represents Z, so fill in F every time the figure 25 appears and Z every time the figure 10 appears. Now, using your knowledge of the English language, work out which letters should go in the missing squares. As you discover the letters, fill in other squares with the same number in the main grid and the control grid.

Across 1 December 24 (9,3) 7 Ambience (4) 8 Parts of a whole (8) 9 Military engagement (6) 10 Pictures (6) 11/16 Become empty of water (3,3) 12 Abnormally high body temperature (5) 14 Commonplace (5) 16 See 11 18 Increase threefold (6) 20 Overindulgence (6) 22 Lasting two years (8) 23 Very light coloured (4) 24 At infrequent intervals (4,2,1,5)

Down 1 Bravery (7) 2 Respond to (5) 3 Evening meal (6)


4 Edge (6) 5 Corkscrew shapes (7) 6 Scene (5) 13 Obliterate (7) 15 Free from blame (7) 16 Draw up plans for (6)

Answers: Lost for words, Just a little longer

Down 2 Meet Len in order to design a component (7) 3 Only an advance, say (5) 4 Canter around for a delicious drink (6) 5 Confer with beaten player (6) 6 The journalist has ice if in the building (7)


17 Colour between green and orange (6) 19 Rule (5) 21 Italian island (5)

English - Spanish The clues are mixed, some clues are in Spanish and some are in English.

LAST WEEK’S SOLUTIONS CRYPTIC Across: 1 Tears, 4 Raisin, 9 Emanate, 10 Start, 11 Eden, 12 Carmine, 13 Sue, 14 Heap, 16 Edam, 18 Lid, 20 Archive, 21 Base, 24 Think, 25 Profile, 26 Rugged, 27 Asset. Down: 1 Thebes, 2 Aware, 3 Scam, 5 Assorted, 6 Stamina, 7 Nether, 8 Peace, 13 Sprinkle, 15 Etching, 17 Halter, 18 Leapt, 19 Behest, 22 Amiss, 23 Goya. QUICK Across: 1 Dromedary, 4 Ass, 6 Aware, 8 Khaki, 9 Amend, 10 Reach, 11 Cravat, 13 Appeal, 16 Style, 17 Raise, 19 Macaw, 20 Algae, 21 All, 22 Mardi Gras. Down: 1 Drastic, 2 Osaka, 3 Aikido, 4 Agitate, 5 Slash, 7 Elevate, 10 Replica, 12 Abysmal, 14 Larders, 15 Brewer, 16 Salsa, 18 Eager.

Across 1 Employer (9) 5 Gusto (sentido) (5) 7 To take out (5) 9 Six hundred (11) 10 Motorbikes (5) 11 Cansado (fatigado) (5) 13 Embalse (9)

Down 1 Comer (comida) (3) 2 Ejercicios (físico) (9) 3 To wake up (9) 4 Faces (body parts) (5) 6 Falda (prenda) (5) 8 To quote (writer, line, passage, source) (5) 9 To add up (5) 12 To give (3)

ENGLISH-SPANISH Across: 1 Socks, 3 Chalk, 6 Loar, 7 Barato, 9 Caracoles, 12 Cartas, 13 Pavo, 14 Ounce, 15 Tears. Down: 1 Sala, 2 Chaparron, 3 Clavos, 4 Ama de casa, 5 Knot, 8 Pasaje, 10 Ocio, 11 Dogs.


E W N 1 - 7 May 2014 / Costa Blanca Nor th



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Fruits are an absolute necessity for a healthy diet and as such we overlook just what we are eating; here is some information to help you get to know your fruits. 1. The Durian Has aphrodisiac qualities. This fruit from Southeast Asia is well known for its putrid smell, it is banned in many public places, but it is a belief among the Javanese that eating it will cause a powerful effect on the libido.


2. Bananas Are too perfect. In Europe, and most of the world, we eat Cavendish bananas which are all genetically the same no matter where they come from; the problem is that they could all be wiped out with just one virus.

A must read for all cooks BOOKS

AT 60 days in Amazon’s top 100 this cook book by TV presenter Mary Berry is a “must read” for all cooking fans. The book covers just about everything, not just baking, and covers the whole process from preparation to presentation. Among other highlights there is a recipe for “millionaire’s cheesecake” which looks wicked and a rich beef and mushroom stew with mustard mash that ticks all the boxes.

There is a slight whiff of the seventies about some recipes, the cobb salad for instance, but the majority are not only wholesome but achievable and affordable by most cooks. The book is packed full of useful tips and all but the most seasoned entertainer will find something useful. Do you know the difference between a dinner party and a casual supper? Mary will let you know. Mary Berry Cooks is aimed at

5. Oranges Aren’t usually orange. The colour orange may have been named for the fruit but they don’t all conform; most oranges that come from tropical countries aren’t orange at all but green - on the outside anyway. 6. Cherries Are ancient. The Cornelian cherry was mentioned as far back as the Greeks and Persians as sweet fruits and in more northern climes they have traditionally been used to make vodka or wine.

those who don’t have the time or inclination to search out niche ingredients but still want to serve something impressive.

3. Perfect fruit Can be a big deal. In Japan fruit is often given as a luxury

7. Watermelons Have long been a water source. Not just a tasty treat; references to the cultivation of this fruit as a water source go back to Egyptian hieroglyphics dating back more than 5,000 years. 8. Apples An apple a day really does keep the doctor away. A study from Florida State University shows that eating just a handful of apples per week can drastically reduce bad cholesterol.

ORANGES: Can be green. present to friends and family. There is a shop in Tokyo which specialises in the most perfect specimens of fruit - they must be free of blemishes and perfectly formed as well as tasting flavourful.

DURIAN: Has a putrid smell.

App of the Week DIGG READER

This news aggregator is operated by Digg and has a rating of 3.9 out of 5 on Google Play so if you want to keep yourself informed on a 24 hour basis then it’s the one for you. It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Just Joking A sandwich walks into a bar. The barman says: “Sorry, we don’t serve food in here.” Do you know why you are supposed to bury a politician 100 feet down? Because deep down they are really good people. Why did the skeleton go to the party alone? He had no body to go with him!

Sudoku Fill the grid so that every row, every column and every 3X3 box contains the digits 1-9. There’s no maths involved. You solve the puzzle with reasoning and logic.

CHERRIES: An ancient fruit. 4. Berries Most berries aren’t berries. Strawberries, cranberries and so on - they have berry in their names but are they really? A berry is defined as a fruit that possesses a fleshy interior and an outer skin and is formed by the entire ovary of the plant, that means that grapes and avocadoes can be classified as berries.

9. Forbidden fruit Chimpanzees value forbidden Mating rituals of chimpanzees include the gift of fruit, but it is valued if it has been stolen another chimp.

fruit. often more from

10. Guarana Guarana has a lot of mythology attached to it. According to legend, the guarana grew out of the eye of a murdered boy.

Boggled How many English words can you find in the Boggled grid, according to the following rules? The letters must be adjoining in a ‘chain’. They can be adjacent horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Words must contain at least four letters and may include singular and plural or other derived forms. No letter may be used more than once within a single word, unless it appears twice. No vulgarities or proper nouns are permitted.



Average: 14 Good: 18 Very good: 26 Excellent: 32


4 letters: 1 point • 5 letters: 2 points 6 letters: 3 points • 7 letters: 4 points 8 or more letters: 11 points

LAST WEEK’S SOLUTION meld, rare, ream, reamer, rear, rearm, remix, rent, armlet, amen, amir, amid, arid, earl, emir, tram, term, tear, team, tern, trip, triple, mart, marten, mare, marl, mire, mile, miler, mild, rarer, rime, rile, near, lent, lime, lira, lire, ilea, idle, idler, inter, intermix, inert, premix, prelim, paint, printer, plea, pint, pine, dime, dire


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Advanced chiropractic clinic celebrates 10 years in Albir ADVANCED CHIROPRACTIC celebrates their 10th anniversary having served more than 5,000 people in the Costa Blanca. Dr Benjamin Tinker, Doctor of Chiropractic, is an English licensed chiropractor with particular focus on NeuroStructural Correction. This has not only resulted in a reputation for being a leader in the community, but also a leading figure throughout the chiropractic profession in Spain. While traditional chiropractic focuses on a reduction of muscular spasm, an increase in range of motion and temporary reduction of pain, Neuro-Structural Correction (NSC) focuses on analysing and correcting Neurostructural disfunction, which are spinal misalignments that cause nerve pressure. The difference in the two types of care can be described as short term relief compared to a long term solution with NSC being the latter. Neuro-structural dysfunction typically has a myriad of

secondary conditions like back pain, neck pain, migraines, leg/arm pain, sciatica, disc herniations, chest pain, vertigo, sleeping disorders, muscle tension, shoulder pain, lack of energy, pinched nerve and Dowagers Hump just to mention a few. At Advanced Chiropractic in Albir, a complete structural chiropractic examination will reveal if they can help you STRONG FOUNDATION: Advanced Chiropractic in Albir can with your specific help with a range of issues. health issue. Dr. Tinker and his For more information and to professional team pleasure to serve the schedule a free private at Advanced expat community here in consultation call Chiropractic, Albir, Alfaz and Benidorm ADVANCED CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC: Dr Benjamin area. 966 865 432. including Tinker celebrates their 10th anniversary. Advanced Chiropractic physiotherapists, “It is a home from Calle Pau Casals 7 nutritionists and home. I look forward to Albir, 03581 massage therapists, focus on available that truly deliver seeing you soon, any or visit our website utilising the most advanced results. questions or problems you technology and techniques Dr Tinker D.C. said: “It is a have I am here for you.”


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For responsible summer tanning NOW that summer has rolled round again we would all like to get rid of that winter pallor but we also know that tanning can be bad for us; here are some tips to avoid the usual combination of sun worshipping and skin damage. Wear sun block, at least factor 30 for the first few sessions, and put it on around half an hour before you hit the rays as it needs time to soak in and take effect.

Avoid the midday sun; not even mad dogs and Englishmen should be in the sun when it’s at its strongest which is between 12pm and 5pm - the infrared and ultraviolet rays are at their most powerful. Eat more foods that contain beta-carotene, this increases the amount of melanin in the upper layers of your skin. Foods rich in this are spinach, tomatoes, carrots and lettuce. Dry yourself after a dip. The ‘magnifying glass’ effect of water droplets can burn skin even if your protection is waterproof. Don’t think that just because you are not in direct sunlight that you won’t burn - indirect light will burn you just as quickly - shade is not a protector. And lastly avoid sun lamps: they’ll damage your skin twice as quickly as the real thing.


Tooth whitening at home IF you think that tooth whitening needs to be done by a dentist think again! Here are some home remedies to keep your gnashers gleaming! Bicarbonate: mix it into your toothpaste and brush normally; WHITER THAN WHITE: How to create the perfect smile. this should only be used Hydrogen peroxide: one of the like you just came from two or three times a the bar, but with easiest to use; just dilute in week as it is a little water and rinse around your whiter fangs. abrasive. Bananas Bananas: they mouth for 30 seconds, just make Lemon juice: to rubbed over contain salicylic sure to do it only once a week. be used teeth for two Sage leaves: this ancient acid and, if sparingly as it is minutes a day rubbed over remedy has been used for very acidic but if teeth for two centuries; rub onto your teeth you put just a will have a few drops on minutes a day, will every night for a week and you’ll whitening effect your toothbrush have a whitening see the results. Charcoal: strange though it once a week you’ll effect. be fine. Strawberries and may sound this actually works. Beer: yes beer! Mix beer oranges: also contain salicylic Mix some into your toothpaste with a little salt to make a paste acid; use in the same way as and its abrasive qualities will do the rest. and brush your teeth to smell bananas.

FOOT FANCY: Getting ready for summer.

Best foot first for summer sandals AFTER a winter cooped up in socks, closed shoes and boots our feet need a little TLC before debuting in this season’s sandals. The best thing to start with is a good soak in tepid water with a few drops of rosemary and tea tree oil followed by a good scrubbing away of all the dead skin accumulated through the tough winter. After exfoliating your feet will need hydrating with a decent, paraffin

based moisturiser, preferably containing essential oils as these help restore the balance of the skin. Next comes the pedicure - get rid of those cuticles and make sure to shape the toe nails with an emery board. And finally: paint the nails whatever colour you fancy there are no rules to this bit! If you have followed all of these steps then you should have not only beautiful feet but also a healthy pair of paws.


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Lose weight today with Fast Track Hypnosis or tired and as such, you convince yourself you’re hungry, where in fact, you don’t actually need the essential nourishment food WEIGHT problems, be they in provides at all. Over the years, the distinction relation to under or over eating, between appetite and hunger all stem from our relationship blurs and your brain can with food. We all have a no longer differentiate different relationship between the two to food and if you There is which can lead to are genuinely a real eating when you overweight it is physically don’t almost a certainty difference need to be and that your between hunger probably aren’t relationship with and eating when you food is detrimental appetite need to. to your health. The Fast Track There is a difference between Hypnosis weight loss hunger and appetite. system retrains the brain Hunger is a real need. It’s the and tweaks it so the line between message your body sends to the appetite and hunger is no longer brain to say your reserves are a blur but a solid line. Once your running low and that to keep your brain is on the right track, so is body running at peak your body and you will start to performance, you must eat. lose weight in the most effective Appetite is a habit. You’re bored and completely natural way. With Jonathan Gilchrist, Costa Blanca’s top hypnotherapist

Fast Track Hypnosis weight control or the ‘gastroband’ session takes place within 30 minutes and those minutes could change your life forever. As part of the process, there are also back-up CDs included and these are used to reinforce the session and to cut any cravings. If you’re ready to change your life, ready to change the way you view yourself and if you’re ready to stop caring about the rest of the world’s opinion, then make today the day for that change. Jonathan holds his Fast Track Hypnosis sessions in Cabo Roig, Quesada and Benidorm. For an appointment, brochure, or free of charge initial consultation contact now.

Jonathan Gilchrist Tel: 691 784 954




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EEA Investors’ Group welcomes EEA Board Announcements

INVESTORS in the EEA Life Settlements fund (Guernsey) will still have to wait another five years or more to recover their investment in the Fund, and ‘Continuing’ shareholders even longer. The EEA Board repeatedly refuses to publish projections of how much money will be returned to investors, or when, but the EEA Investors Group has generated its own estimates and believes that it is still possible to improve the amount and speed of the returns by concerted and continued pressure on the Board to act better in the interests of investors. In a recent letter to shareholders, the Company announced the appointment of two new Directors to bring “additional independence, experience and expertise” to the EEA Board. The letter also announced that the Company is making progress in relation to arranging a matching share sale for Run-Off Shares at a discount to the published NAVs.

as being more in the interests of the directors and their associated companies than of shareholders and investors. The Group has since made several submissions to the Company, the Auditor and the Guernsey Regulator to try and obtain better (and faster) returns for the investors, to reduce the expenses and charges borne by the Fund going forwards and to improve the corporate governance, transparency and accountability of the Board.

MAKING PROGRESS: A small step in the right direction. A spokesman for the EEA Investors’ Group told Euro Weekly News that they welcomed the announcements as a “small step in the right direction” and a positive response to some of the concerns voiced by the Group and many

investors and financial advisors during the two year suspension of the Fund during 2012 and 2013. The Investors’ Group was formed in October 2013 to oppose the Fund’s restructuring proposals which they saw

Any investor (large or small) and financial advisor interested in learning more about the EEA Investors’ Group and its activities should contact the coordinator at or by phone at +44 (0) 7802 538315. The coordinator can also put investors in touch with ‘camaradas’ within Spain, Gibraltar and the Balearics to exchange information and help each other and the Group to campaign for better outcomes.

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Removals or self drive van hire Way2Go Hire, offering you a choice not a compromise

FOR great value door to door removal service or one way self drive van hire between UK-Spain-UK, Way2Go Hire constantly strive to increase the flexibility of their services. That is reflected in the fantastic testimonials they receive from clients. Either way it’s all about choice. Some companies don’t do self drive and can be prone to offering misleading, negative advice in order to secure a booking. But at Way2Go they are proud to offer Removals and Self Drive Van Hire so they are in a position to provide unbiased accurate information to help you decide which service is the most suitable for you. After doubling their fleet in just 18 months they now have five convenient depots for you to choose

from in: Javea, Murcia and Malaga airports, London 30 minutes from Gatwick and East Midlands near the airport, so you won’t be wasting time or fuel returning empty vans long distances. Going self drive can save you up to £1,000 compared to removals, the saving on airport transfers and flights alone adds up, not forgetting pets can travel for as little as £40. Their 20m3 Lutons with tail lifts have a 1,000 kilo

payload and are great for lots of furniture and a few boxes, and the 15m3 LWB panel vans with their massive 1,500 kilo payload is used by most transport companies and is great for heavy boxes but less furniture. No special driving licences are required to drive either vehicle. The average cost for the vehicle hire, three passengers, fuel, toll and ferry is only £1,350.00 which is great value. Of course, these 3.5 ton vehicles are not always

CHOICE: Either hire a self drive van or arrange door to door removal service. suitable for the larger moves or you may simply want to leave the job to the experts. At Way2Go they have their very own Transport Manager and hold an international operator’s licence which is required by law, and they also offer full comprehensive goods in transit

insurance for your belongings. You can also be assured, whether you have a full or part load, they will never transship or subcontract your consignment onto third parties, which has become common practice within the industry. Once loaded with Way2Go, your

belongings remain untouched right up to delivery, normally within five working days, and they can provide secure storage both in UK and Spain if required. 965 794 682 or 0208 0904292. It’s why they are the Way2Go.





ood F

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Costa de Almeria’s best guide to local sport

Costa Blanca’s best guide to local restaurants


We eat them but how Pimms cocktail for this summer much do we know? THE average human will eat around 13,345 eggs in their lifetime. We all eat eggs, be they duck, chicken, goose, plover or even ostrich, but what do we know about them? Here are a few interesting facts to mull over next time you indulge in the oval delight. We keep eggs in the fridge yet they are always sold at room temperature. This is because a brusque or frequent temperature change (cold, hot, cold) could allow for the formation of fungus between the shell and the inner membrane.

EGGS: Come in all colours and sizes. You can tell if an egg is fresh or not by submerging it in water; the greater the buoyancy the fresher it is. Brown or white - it makes no difference to the egg itself, the colour is entirely dependent on the breed of

chicken it comes from. Double yoke eggs happen when two ovulations happen simultaneously. Some breeds produce these double delights more frequently than others.

PIMMS is one of the world’s favourite cocktails, but how did it all start and does it really need borage? James Pimm started with an oyster business in the industrial area of east London in 1823 but soon realised there was more money, and fun, in alcoholic drinks. Pimm teamed up with Samuel Morey in 1860 to start commercialising the drink through his oyster business which had become a restaurant. In winter they served it hot as a sort of toddy and in summer cold with all the accessories. Bar Pimm Oyster became one of the ‘in’ places and was taken over by Sir Horace David Davies, a bon viveur, MP and mayor of London

between 1897 and 1898. Pimms became an independent distillery in 1906 and international distribution came with expansion. The basic ingredients are whatever fruit you can find, cucumber plus Pimms and a sprig of herb - it doesn’t have to be borage! PIMMS: Add whatever fruit you can find plus some cucumber.


E W N 1 - 7 May 2014 / Costa Blanca Nor th



E W N 1 - 7 May 2014 / Costa Blanca Nor th


The Belgian delicac took over the wo

CHIPS! Some like them thick and soggy and some like them thin and crispy, this Belgian delicacy has been delighting palates around the world for a very long time. Although they were almost definitely eaten earlier, the first documented consumption of the humble chip was by American president Thomas Jefferson who had ‘potatoes served in the French manner’ at a White House dinner in 1802. According to Etienne Bastaits, head chef and owner of the Atelier Belge de Madrid, the chip is one of the stars of any kitchen. The choice of potato variety is important as they should be high in starch and low in water, Bastaits recommends the Bintje potato as being perfect for

CHIPS: Everybody loves them! frying. The perfect chip should be fried in oil at 130 degrees for around 11 minutes and then left to rest (around 10 minutes)

before being thrown back into oil at 180 degrees for five minutes. This will make them extra crispy. If you like them soggy, for


1 - 7 May 2014 / Costa Blanca Nor th

cy that orld SUMMER SALADS: Dressings can make your meal taste completely different.

Dressings are essential for salads instance, to accompany traditional British crispy cod, then just put them in 130 degree oil and let them cook slowly for around 20 minutes.

SUMMER and salads go together like gin and tonic but sometimes it can be a little difficult to make them interesting; we usually just put oil and vinegar on them, or salad cream, but the more salads you eat the more dressings and accessories you need. With just a few basic ingredients, you can make the same meal taste completely different. As well as the obvious (mayonnaise)

you can substitute the oil with ripe avocado flesh, coconut milk, cream or even hummus. The vinegar can be replaced by almost any citric fruit juice; even grapefruit. Mustard, ginger or sour cream also work well. As far as accessories go you may want to add bacon (any meat really), bits of toast, bits of fruit, beans or even bread. Finish off with a herb such as dill, oregano or cilantro.




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Dragon Reforms - Experts for all your property renovations and maintenance SINCE 1999 Dragon Reforms has been working with expats to guarantee that their home is their castle! Specialising in Building and Construction; Plumbing and Electrics; Carpentry and Aesthetics; Air Conditioning Installations; Aluminium Door and Window Installations; Exterior/Interior Decorations/ Painting; Renovations and Rebuilds, the company knows exactly what it takes to transform a home. Over the years Dragon Reforms have built up a great reputation for their professionalism and attention to detail.

REFITS: Dragon Reforms always use the best products on market. They have the referrals and the guarantees to prove it, so when contemplating any building project, be it residential or commercial, choose the best Dragon Reforms. They are the one stop shop for any maintenance issues required on your property, be it your home or your business. From installing new light fittings to complete rewiring; constructing a new extension with designs and planning permission to the refit/redesign of a bathroom/kitchen; Dragon

Reforms can do it all and have been doing so successfully from their base in Benidorm. The beauty of this long established company is that regardless of size - no job is too

small or too large - Dragon Reforms always use the best products on the market with the most affordable of prices and with the most experienced of staff.

All works are carried out by professional tradesmen and at the end of the day, everything is guaranteed. Dragon Reforms provide you with a quality service and have the satisfied customer base to prove it! Covering the north of the Costa Blanca area from Villajoyosa to Calpe and inland to Polop, Dragon Reforms are your local specialists in property maintenance. Call for a free quotation on: 966 807 098 or 639 917 798 e-mail: website:


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Fig tree collections - purchase or grow your own from cuttings FRESH figs are a summer delight for many expats as well as most Spaniards and can be dried in the sun or in a warm air dryer throughout the year. So naturally this fruit was one of the 70 fruits and nuts (scientifically also fruits) we included in our book ‘Growing healthy fruits in Spain - From strawberries to oranges and watermelons.’ Figs trees can be purchased or your own trees can be propagated from cuttings from sucker shoots growing out of the base of the trunk or from any branch, by air layering or even from the seeds inside the fruit. This ease of propagation is important as it enables one to build up a collection of different

Dick Handscombe

Gardening Corner By Dick Handscombe Spain’s best known expat gardening author about to start his 26th winter cut back.

varieties of black, brown and white skinned varieties, each of which will have distinct or subtle differences in tastes and keeping qualities. It is interesting that it is thought that the original trees and varieties of fig trees grew in the Middle East and Asia Minor and from there spread by traders, collectors and the expansion of the ancient Mediterranean races, also birds, to Turkey, Greece, Italy, France and Spain . From there the fig fruit spread to North and

FRESH FIGS: A summer delight for expats and Spanish alike. South America by the early conquerors, missionaries and settlers. This natural exportation of an important fruit continued in the 20th century and plant breeding programmes in universities such as UC California and Louisiana State University has led to the 300 varieties available worldwide today. Typical varieties grown in Spain are Dama Negro, Napolitone and Zolar. Check what a number of garden centres have before

purchasing plants. Most varieties of fig ripen from August to October but some are biferous and have two crops, the first in June and July and the second in the autumn. So if you enjoy fresh or cooked figs get going and build up a collection of fig trees growing in the open ground or for size control in containers. For interest yesterday one of the home cooked desserts I

prepared for my traditional Easter Monday Paella Party was dried figs cooked slowly in an earthenware dish on my solar cooker in a 50:50 mix of white wine and anise liquor. A good example of the diversity of dishes easily cooked on a metre diameter solar cooker constructed from an Alsol kit. The dishes include grilled sardines, egg and bacon, rabbit or lamb casseroles, roast chickens, soups, plus bread and cakes. A practical guide to fig tree propagation 1. Cut metre cuttings during May as a good rooting temperature is 70 degrees centigrade and plant two thirds deep in the open

FIG TREES: Can be purchased or propogated from cuttings.

GROWING FRUIT: Seventy varieties of fruit and nuts are included. ground or shorter 30 centimetre cuttings in deep pots. 2. Plant in a rich damp compost/soil mix in the open and damp compost in pots. 3. Place the pots in large plastic bags and seal to maintain a constant humidity. 4. Place pots in a dappled shady area. Within six months to nine months there should be sufficient roots to support the trees when planted in containers or the open ground. 6. Fig trees are drought resistant but you will need to keep the soil damp by occasional deep waterings for a couple of years until deep tap roots have been established 7. Fig trees in containers will need regular waterings during the growing season. 8. Figs are fairly frost resistant so can be grown at up to an altitude of 800 metres. Happy May days collecting fig cuttings and propagating successfully. © Dick Handscombe May 2014.


E W N 1 - 7 May 2014 / Costa Blanca North



Hopes rise for knock on effect HOPES are rising for the Spanish property sector as the UK market surges ahead. Traditionally in Spain British buyers have a strong influence on the market, especially on the Costas. As people in the UK feel richer as house values increase many have in the past been tempted to use their equity to fund a second home in Spain. With Spanish prices still at low

levels it is hoped a resurgent UK market will have a knock on effect in Spain. UK home owners expect property prices to rise by 8.8 per cent on average over the next six months, double the rate of growth predicted last year as market confidence rises, a new survey has found. As a result some 42 per cent of home owners plan to invest in home improvements to capitalise

on growth, according to the latest Zoopla Housing Market Sentiment survey. It also found that there is a significant increase in the number of home owners planning to buy a property this year. The survey of 4,972 UK home owners found that a record 95 per cent expect house prices to rise over the next six months, up from 74 per cent this time last year.

Some 3 per cent of those surveyed stated that they expect prices to remain flat over the next six months and only 2 per cent predict house prices will fall over that period, down significantly from 13 per cent one year ago. In anticipation of expected strong pricing gains, 42 per cent of those home owners surveyed plan to carry out home improvements over the next six months.

And stronger confidence in the housing market has also led to a sharp increase in those planning to move with 31 per cent planning to buy a property in the next 12 months, up from 22 per cent in January. The hope in Spain is that increasing confidence will lead to more sales in this country from Britons looking for a home in the sun.


ervices S

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s a l e s @ e u r o w e e k l y n e w s . c o m

@dvertise online

965 842 777

N ews



E W N 1 - 7 May 2014 / Costa Blanca Nor th







W W W. E W N G E T I T. C O M





1 - 7 May 2014 / Costa Blanca Nor th POOLS



w w w. e u rowe e k l y n ew s . c o m




E W N 1 - 7 May 2014 / Costa Blanca Nor th



s a l e s @ e u r o w e e k l y n e w s . c o m

@dvertise online

965 842 777

N ews


1 - 7 May 2014 / Costa Blanca Nor th




E W N 1 - 7 May 2014 / Costa Blanca Nor th


lassifieds C






QUALIFIED COUNSELLOR: (English Female), available by phone or Skype. For a free initial chat, call Denise 696 161 706. Email or (215950)



ANTIQUES JEWELLERY ALEXANDERS, Javea port seafront. Jewellery, gold coins, Rolex and antiques, bought, sold and part exchanged. Mon-Sat 10am2pm. 965 792 595 / 667 270 969. Est since 2003 (201564)

BOATS Tel 966 807 098 Free quotes given. (223752)

CHARITIES AT MICHAEL´S We specialize in very high quality almost new furniture! Look at: AT MICHAEL´S Now several high quality bedrooms sets to choose from. See MICHAEL’S 30 YEARS IN JAVEA - ENSURES YOUR SATISFACTION! Tel 965 79 1 328 I BUY RECORDS 50’s to the 90’s. Best prices for good records. Tel: 622 750 117 / 962 851 809 BOSCH upright fridge/freezer. 3.5 years old, 70cm x 65cm x 2m high. €250. Excellent condition. 693 987 136


SOCIETY for the protection of Animals in Need (S.P.A.I.N). We buy, sell and exchange anything at CHARITY WAREHOUSE in Gata de Gorgos. House clearances, furniture, collectables, bankrupt stock etc. Collect/deliver 965 756 215 / 665 653 998 (216721)

CHIMNEY SWEEP CHIMNEY sweep. Clean, efficient service. 660 844 623 (221197)

CLEANING A1 SPECIALIST CLEANING. Carpets, upholstery, 15 years experience 965 058 177 / 697 511 071 www.britishbusinesspagesin (208039)

COMPUTERS Call for a free quotation 965 835 939

QUICK RENOVATIONS. We build and refurbish fast, at the best price & quality. Call 677 671 713 ¡¡¡HEMME’S ROOF & BUILDING SERVICE!!! Traditional and modern Mediterranean roofing. 10 years guaranteed. Call 608 330 544

AT MICHAEL’S Several fridges/freezers, white goods etc. As new!. Look at:

INSURANCE Tel 966 807 098. Free quotes given. (223752)

SOS <http://www.sosinsur> Insurance in Spain. Best prices available. CALL US FIRST for all your insurance needs, including best deals on Funeral plans. Buildings and contents cover from just 82 euros per year and cars from 120 euros. Tel 966 787 123 / 622 275 561 / 686 116 297 / email info@sosin (222293)

DRIVING SCHOOL ENGLISH speaking driving school in Benidorm - EUROVIAL - unbeatable special offers - flexible hours - intensive courses - refresher lessons - Benidorm, next Hotel Baly - 645 475 949 / (218112)


ELECTRICIANS ALL washers/dryers/dishwashers/boilers/electrics in the house repaired. 626 828 974 (222182) Tel. 966 807 098. Free quotes given. (223752)

E L E C T R I C I A N . Javea and surrounding areas. Fully qualified 667 591 961 (223761)



BUYING OR SELLING a caravan in Benidorm? Then visit www.benidorm Tel: 656 661 135

ALL palm tree services. Please call Lee 618 146 228 or Thomas 699 524 934 (97547) MAINTENANCE, palm trees & all services. Free estimate 669 422 979 / 665 763 301 (223844)

CARS FOR SALE Tel 966 807 098. Free quotes given.


HEALTH & BEAUTY CHIROPODIST/PODIATRIST, Philip Mann, clinics in Benissa, Moraira, Javea, Calpe and Albir. 686 912 307 (201560)

ELECTRICS GOODMANS. Tel. Mark 608 669 165 / 965 831 082. English and Spanish qualified. Moving meter boxes to boundaries. Follow us on Facebook (207731)


MINI DIGGER, Dumper, Bobcat with operator for hire. Pedregeur based. Keith 639 620 448

RISING DAMP! We can cure Rising Damp, Leaking Flat Roof or Terrace. We can make your Underbuild Dry. Villa Repainting Due? We can protect your villa and stop PENETRATING DAMP with a Protective Coating. You can also pay in Sterling. Phone/email us now for a FREE survey. Tel 965 050 065 or 634 322 672 w w w . d r y (221700) For all villa repairs, maintenance and small building works. Specialists in pool regrouting, filter and pump problems/replacements. No call out charge, no obligation quotes. Call 625 397 209, Javea (222244)



For daily news visit

PURELY MAINTENANCE For all your maintenance needs - big or small, contact Carl on 965 878 866 or 669 218 928 email p u r e l y m a i n t e n a n c e @hot (217916)

Price per word: 0,42€ + IVA minimum 15 words - Discount: Book 10 weeks, get 2 weeks free - Deadline: 4pm Mondays Contact: Phone (0034) 952 561 245 • Fax (0034) 952 440 887 • email •



PAINTER/DECORATOR painting, decorating, renovation. Covering the Costa Blanca and inland since 1996. Estimates free. Tel 649 181 526 Facebook/decorlux painters(221196)

PEST CONTROL CHEAP, all insects and rodents. 648 057 091 (222182) COCKROACHES, insects, rodents. Best price, 10 years experience 669 422 979 / 665 763 301 (223844)


LIMESCLAE PROBLEMS LIMESCALE REMOVAL FOR LIFE Single Homes to Urbanisations for under 20 cents per week. For more information call Scalewatcher 952 857 680/687 760 038 or visit www.hardwaterprob (215661)

LOCKSMITH LOCKSMITH/ELECTRICIAN/C ARPENTER for emergency safe opening Altea area. Call Michael Rice 686 513 510 or Calpe area Sean Gannon 667 507 630 (221335)


WE ARE currently the market leader in our country in the sale of direct car, motorbike, home and company fleet insurance. Since we started out in 1995, our philosophy has always been to offer an excellent service with the best prices in the market. For the most competitive quotes in English call Linea Directa on 902 123 309. (200726) FOR SALE - Box Trailer ideal for market trader 10’ x 5’ x 5’, spare wheel, drop down back, canvas cover 150 euros ONO. Tel 634 325 919 or 660 210 111 (223898) WANTED Cars, vans, caravans, 4 X 4’s British Spanish 600 781 873 ibuyanycar@hot (221338) WE BUY ANY CAR for cash, don’t sell your car without calling us first, for your FREE instant quote. Tel 630 961 755

PAINTER/DECORATOR W. D GILMOUR. Painter & Decorator. Established 35 years in Moraira. Estimates FREE. Call William on 609 691 776 or 966 197 170. (201505)

MOBILE HOMES WE BUY, Sell, Remove all types of Mobile Homes. We pay CASH and cover all of Spain. More details call Suzi Caley 616 250 727 / 951 063 059 or email (215521)

SEMI-RETIRED painter and decorator looking for work, 20k of Calpe, 6 hours per day, 50 euros per day. Tel 606 399 281 (223789) offers 10yr waterproof breathable coatings for the same price as standard painting. Karl 678 179 346 (215529) THE hire cost of one of our painting machines is 200€, easy to use, just press the trigger and spray, fast, perfect finish. Airless. 965 846 620 /


1 - 7 May 2014 / Costa Blanca Nor th Tel. 966 807 098. Free quotes given (223752) PAUL FAULKNER - PLUMBER. Dripping tap to complete kitchen and bathroom refurbishments, including tiling. Fully legal. 965 792 134 / 676 861 963. Facebook. (223783)

POOL MAINTENANCE YES YOU CAN HAVE A POOL We design & install Wooden Above-Ground Pools. Pools installed from 1,185€. With above ground pools there is “No Planning Permission Required”. You can also pay in Sterling. Phone or email for a FREE BROCHURE NOW. Tel: 965 050 064 / 634 322 672 w w w. p i s c i n a s m a d e r a . c o m (221700) SWIMMING POOL CLEANING SERVICE from Oliva Nova to Gandia and inland. Call Paul 678 308 107 (221361)

PET-COURIERS.COM – If you love your pet try us first – we are the best. Door to door service throughout Europe. Specialised vehicles – bespoke service. Full legal service including documentation if required. For further information call or email us: Tel: (0034) 651 033 670 or (0034) 637 066 227. Email: or (206497) NEED YOUR PETS TAKEN CARE OF? Not kennels, just a friendly home. Large fenced area. 699 790 080 Altea (201528)

PET INSURANCE PROTECTAPET. Spain’s leading pet insurance. 965 756 371. (216721)

PET TRANSPORT INTERPAWS: 20 years’ licensed pet transportation. Competitive rates. Difficult dog? Effective behavioural training in your home., 689 742 289 (218076) PET TRAVEL UK family pet transporters Spain/UK. Travel with your pets for free. All air conditioned vehicles (no vans) / UK 0800 612 4922 or Spain 960 130 537 (201747) PAWS PET TRANSPORT SPAIN UK SPAIN every month. We treat all pets as if they belonged to us. Maybe the best rates in Spain. Please call JOE on 966 074 576 or 650 341 087 for a chat or email Quote ewn1 (201592) COSTA BLANCA PET TRANSPORT TO UK. DEFRA registered. Excellent rates. m or call 965 698 052 (223781)

PLUMBING Call for a free quotation 965 835 939 (87006)

REGROUTING. Excellent value, quality service. Completed in 1 week. Javea area. / 625 397 209 (223774)

PROPERTY FOR RENT Alfaz del Pi. Bung for rent, 3bed/2Bath/1T, A/C C/w, Parking, Garden Patio, very good condition, Near Norsk School, 700€ per month www.principado-proper Tel. 648 716 939 (223907)

PROPERTY FOR SALE BENISSA COAST, Montemar, 1km to the beach. NEW HOUSE 1025m2 plot, 350m2 build, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, pool 5 x 10, garage, underfloor heating, 415,000€. 965 832 658 / 629 991 543 (201518) HOUSE TO RENOVATE, 160m2 build, 825m2 plot in pure nature, 10km to the beach and 2.5km to the town of Gata, 80,000€. 965 832 658 / 629 991 543 (201518) 4 BED, 5th floor apartment, no lift, needs tarting up, in Oliva. 25,000 euros. Tel 686 624 017 (223174) La Nucia, Corner-Bung. Plot 400m2, Const. 130m2, Priv. Pool, 3 Bed, 2 Bath, A/C w/c, Independent Apartment with 1Bed, K/Living,Bath, Garage, Near Nucia Supermarket. 149.000€ Tel. 648 716 939 (223907) Alfaz del Pi. Apartment Constr. 49m2, 1 Bed/1Bath/Living/ Terrace, Lift. Very central located, Very Sunny. 59.900€. Tel. 648 716 939 (223907)

REMOVALS/STORAGE EUROPEAN removals and transport with scheduled UK routes. UK Company, fully legal, taking loads from 5kg to 24,000kg. Lowest prices and the best service. 952 816 582 or (221351) VAN SPAIN-UK-SPAIN leaving every 2 weeks. Great rates. Contact Joe on 966 074 576 or 650 341 087 or email Quote EWN1 (201592)

CAR TRANSPORT AND RECOVERY. UK-SPAIN-UK. Established 5 years. Do you need your car transported? We also transport boats, plant and machinery. Fully insured. Call Martin on 0044 7970 861141 or email martin.emer




SPANISH MOVES. Small removals and deliveries. Spain/UK Budget prices. Last minute jobs undertaken. www.spanish Telephone UK 0800 612 4922 or Spain 960 130 537 FURNITURE VAN FOR HIRE with driver. Careful local moves, Costa Blanca & UK. Hourly rate or fixed price. Call 676 644 014 (201504) CAR TRANSPORTER. Call for excellent rates, fully insured, professional service. 951 319 320, email / (215605) INTERNATIONAL and European Removals. Expert removals worldwide. www.uni Tel: 951 247 834 (206460)

ROLLER SHUTTERS REPAIRS, cords, slats, winding mechanisms, motors. Calpe + 40 kms. Tony Bowers 659 464 992 w w w . t o l d o s a l c h e m y. c o m (215803)

SCRAP VEHICLES SCRAP VEHICLES wanted for cash. Call 646 726 377 (221337)

SEWING MADE TO MEASURE loose covers. Choose from a wide range of materials in your own home. Javea area 686 453 827 (222252)

SITUATIONS VACANT FREE accommodation in Spain this winter in return for handyman work. For further details email: or 696 090 776 (218521) HGV Class 1 European drivers UK/European tramping. Day workers 6/5 day shift patterns, many locations throughout UK. Excellent rates. Call 0044 7846 624312 or email cambscontrac (222314)


CHEF/COOK wanted for bar in Benidorm part-time or full-time. Call 660 715 505 (223902) Club Steward - Benitachell Bowls Club invites applications for this position. Must have current experience in food preparation for up to 70 people. Also be fluent in English, some Spanish an advantage. Send a resume of work experience to Brian Doggett, President, by email to or telephone 965 995 270 (220312)

SKIP HIRE CONTENEDORES MATA - SKIP HIRE 3-5-10m3. Tel 965 790 172 / 679 440 046 (218835) JAVEA SKIP HIRE 626 670 038, Moraira, Benissa, Calpe, Denia from S & W TOOL HIRE & FERRETERIA MORAIRA (206498)

SOFT FURNISHINGS LOOSE COVERS, CURTAINS ETC. Made to Measure. Choose from a wide range of beautiful fabrics in your own home. Tel: 965 771 397 or 686 453 827 (222181)



E W N 1 - 7 May 2014 / Costa Blanca Nor th



MARK PADDON BSc Hons. Building surveying. MCIOB, CAAT. From 245 EUROS + IVA. Insured and legally registered in Spain. Tel: 653 733 066 / 962 807 247 (221103)

PREMIER HIRE, N332 Alfaz. Tools, Mixers, Kangos, Generators, Chainsaws etc. 640 384 429 / (218879)


QUALIFIED BRITISH SATELLITE ENGINEER with over 25 years experience on Costa Blanca. Installing and repairing SAT TV equipment. Same day service, all work guaranteed. Call Steve 617 911 118 (223760)

15 DAYS SWIMMING POOL. We build your pool in 15 days, at the best price & quality. Pool experts. Call 677 671 713 (217896)





WIG SPECIALISTS WIGS-R-US. Indoor Market Rincon de Loix, Benidorm. Monday - Saturday 10 - 3. Also outlet at Wel Cisne, Benidorm Thursday, Saturday, Sunday 10 - 2. Home visits. 690 378 844 (215804) XXX RELAXATION

Readers of a sensitive disposition may find some of the advertisements in this section offensive. ALBIR, BENIDORM. Young beautiful lady, speaks English, offers massage and escort service. 626 096 866 (221195) GENERIC Viagra extra strength 120mgs. Also Kamagra 100mgs and Weekenders (Cialis). or phone Colin 680 878 735 (222260) GORGEOUS ENGLISH BLONDE 45 years, gives discreet massage, 1 hour or overnight stay. 15 mins Alicante airport. Tel Karen 662 049 021 (215505)



1 - 7 May 2014 / Costa Blanca Nor th

OTTO: A Lab/Rottie cross.

A good home needed for very friendly dog OTTO is a beautiful Lab/Rottie cross about one-yearold. He is a powerful dog and will bond very strongly with his owners, he is also very loyal and affectionate and will alert his human companions if someone is approaching the property. Otto is fine with other dogs and cats. He follows commands and is quite obedient even off the lead. Otto is used to being an indoor dog and is house trained. He is a very friendly dog who loves companionship. Otto is about the size of a small Lab. Contact K9 or phone 600 845 420 for more info

do not possess. This enables it to ‘taste’ a smell, turning a weak smell into a stronger one. This sensitivity to smell, especially butyric acid emitted in sweat, enables a dog to pick out the ball belonging to its owner from several balls thrown by different people. It also enables

BLOODHOUND: Can track someone for up to 100 miles.


PRIDE: Waiting for some attention.

Pride is super playful Good with children - a good family dog BUBI: In need of a home.

and other dogs BUBI is in need of a home. He has been in a family environment since he was a puppy, he is house trained, good with children and other dogs. He is up to date with all vaccinations, chipped, rabies and neutered. For more information call Pets in Spain on 645 469 253 or visit

A sensitive nose... THE dog has around 200 million sensitive cells in its nose compared to a human’s five million, so its sense of smell is around 40 times better than ours. A dog’s sense of smell is made even stronger by an organ in the roof of the mouth that humans



bloodhounds to For all do g treats p lease call: track an 971 887 0 07 / 634 1 escaping 52 813 convict up to 100 miles. Trained dogs David THE can also Dogman Listen to David detect the on TR E ev ery Saturday 10 Costa del Sol (San Roque to(Gibraltar/Sotogrande) 98.7fam to 11am odours of m (Calahonda to Calahonda) 91.9fm Mo tril) 88.9, Costa Costa Blanca heroin, Calida 92.7fm (To rre vie ja to (Elche to Calpe Elche) 105.1fm (Denia to Valen) 88.2fm, (Calpe to Gandia marihuana & Ibiza) 104.6 Mallorca 103.9 cia) 95.3fm fm, fm and cocaine hidden in suitcases even if surrounded by something smells that strong smelling such as humans regard as perfume. important, such as the Other dogs can be smell of cooking or trained to detect the acid flowers. A dog doesn’t in nitroglycerine and the water at the mouth when sulphur in gunpowder for a roast joint sizzles in the work with explosives. oven, nor does it get Dogs are even used to much pleasure from the sniff out truffles in the smell of a rose. ground. Some believe Thinking that a dog their sense of smell does appreciates these makes them suitable for things is another sign of infra-red detection, anthropomorphism but which helps them find that is another subject. humans in snowdrifts. For your local radio A dog, however, is not frequency log onto so sensitive to some

PRIDE and his brother were thrown over the fence at Javea based APASA and their mother was tied to the gate, but she managed to escape. Pride is a nice male with atypical, funny fur. He is super playful, would be good for a family as he could live

with other dogs and even other animals. He needs to learn a lot about the life outside our shelter. Pride is waiting for somebody who can give him a lot of attention and also the appropriate training. For more information call 618 754 635.

Taking on the British… By Andrew Atkinson NOOZHOH CANARIAS will be the first Spanishtrained horse to run in a British Classic when he takes the field in the 2,000 Guineas at Newmarket on May 4. And Madrid based trainer Enrique Leon said racing in England is equivalent to playing football in the Champions League! “Coming to England is like playing in the Champions League it’s a dream of everybody in Spain,” said Leon, who has a string of 22 horses at Madrid racecourse. “Noozhoh Canarias has got beautiful balance and I believe he can adapt very well to Newmarket,” said Leon. After victory in late March at the Madrid La Zarzuela Premio Torre Arias track Noozhoh

Canarias has been backed from 33-1 to 16-1 in Newmarket’s Qipco 2,000 Guineas. The Rowley Mile will be a big test for Noozhoh Canarias - with Aidan O’Brien’s 4-1 shot Australia and John Gosden’s Kingman at 1110 favourite, leading fancies in the 2014 2000 Guineas betting. But Leon is unfazed: “We’ve got nothing to lose - and a lot to win - so we’re going to take the chance.”


E W N 1 - 7 May 2014 / Costa Blanca North



SPONSORED BY For best rates in motor insurance call: 952 89 33 80

Maserati and and Maserati Heidi Klum Klum Heidi

NEW POLO: International advertising campaign.

Volkswagen rolls out the new Polo

HEIDI KLUM: Features in pictorial.

MASERATI, continued to celebrate its 100 years of history with a seven-page pictorial featuring supermodel Heidi Klum called ‘Beyond the Swimsuit’ in the introduction iconic American magazine Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 50th Anniversary issue. “We started our next 100 years of craftsmanship by kicking off 2014 with the launch of one of the best received Super Bowl commercials ‘Strike’ featuring the all new Maserati Ghibli, and extending the brand to another massive cultural icon, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 50th Anniversary issue, ” said Harald Wester, CEO of Maserati. “I had a great time driving the new Maseratis for their new campaign shot by Francesco Carrozzini,” said Klum. Shot by Italian Master Photographer, Francesco Carrozzini, the sevenpage pictorial piece

BEYOND THE SWIMSUIT: Brought together ‘day in the life scenes.’ ‘Beyond the Swimsuit’ brought together ‘day in the life’ scenes that befit one of the world’s most famous women, Heidi Klum, the Hollywood star with the glamorous Quattroporte Ermenegildo Zegna Limited Edition, the businesswoman with the Ghibli S Q4, and the thrill-seeker with the GranTurismo MC Trofeo Race Car. This is also a nod to a brand with proven tradition and one of the highest standards of quality in the industry, which has been hard at work engineering automobiles that will usher them into the next 100 years of innovation automobiles with their own power and personality capable of striking against the status quo.

VOLKSWAGEN is rolling out the international advertising campaign for the new Polo, which celebrated its market launch on April 25. Under the motto ‘Drive confident. Drive the advanced new Polo,’ the campaign focuses on the comfort and safety technologies offered by the new Polo as one of the top cars in its class. These include assistance systems such as the Front Assist surroundings monitoring system with City Emergency Braking and the Automatic Distance Control ACC as well as Driver Alert, which detects fatigue. For the first time, the new Polo will be offering LED headlights as an optional extra. According to AndersSundt Jensen, Head of Marketing Communications at the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand, “for the first time, the new Polo offers a unique range of assistance systems that were previously reserved for higher vehicle segments. That deserves to be showcased and this campaign is designed to do precisely that.” Everyone has encountered the know-all passenger, the one who

nervously hangs on to the safety handle, or whose foot anticipates every braking manoeuvre. Jensen adds: “We take a look at these familiar situations and highlight relaxed driving, safety and faith in the car’s abilities.” The star of the campaign is the Polo ‘Fresh’ special model. This idea is not only presented in a TV commercial, but is also the theme of print ads and internet content, which focus on the individual assistance systems available for the new Polo. “We’ve got your front,” is one example; this is a short introduction to the Automatic Distance Control ACC technology that keeps the car at a safe distance from the one in front. The new Polo boasts a unique range of comfort and safety technologies. The radio and radio/ navigation systems from the Golf have been further developed, and this second-generation modular infotainment system now offers customers features such as a 6.5 inch touchscreen monitor, JPEG viewer and, for the first time, the MirrorLink for smartphone integration.


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Toledo and El Greco A

LL the THE Parish Church Peter Fieldman great of Saint Tome London-born journalist and artists tend author, Peter spends his time houses what is between Paris and Madrid. to be His novel ‘1066 The Conquest’ arguably El Greco’s associated with the available on Amazon or cities where they most famous work, produced their works. the Burial of the In the same way that Count of Orgaz, Tiziano is linked to which has been its Venice, Velazquez to Madrid and home since 1586 when it was Rembrandt to Amsterdam, El Greco is commissioned by the count who had synonymous with Toledo. This year is the rebuilt the original medieval church. 400th anniversary of his death and the El El Greco did not have to travel far Greco Foundation has organised a major to work on the painting. His home is exhibition of his works as well as nearby in the Jewish quarter of the concerts and events which will take place throughout the year in the city, which is city. The rented house and studio a World Heritage Site. overlooking a patio garden, is where Born in 1541 in the town of Candia in he lived and worked until his death Crete, part of the Venetian Republic, in 1614 and has been a museum for Domenikos Theotokopoulos learnt his many years offering an insight into craft painting icons on panels. When he the artist’s life. was 25 he left for Venice and found himself in the company of the great artists, Tintoretto and Tiziano, to whom he became apprenticed. He mastered the Venetian style with its colours, light, shadows and reflexions. In 1571 he moved to Rome where his work brought him to the attention of patrons. He was invited to reside in the Palace of Cardinal Alessandro Farnese and for two years led a privileged lifestyle among the intellectual elite. But it was short-lived as some of his works and his criticisms of other artists were not appreciated and he was asked to leave. He VIEW: Toledo circa travelled 1597, courtesy of to Madrid Metropolitan Museum where he stayed for of Art New York. a short time before choosing to make his home in Toledo in Toledo was the religious capital of 1577, where he spent the rest of his life. Spain and given the importance of the Toledo was a prosperous city, with a vast cathedral dominating the city, the large textile and armaments industry main patrons of art were the religious and for many years King Felipe II held orders. El Greco was astute enough to his court in the city. But when the king realise he needed to produce different moved the Court to Madrid in 1561 works for different clients and in his Toledo’s influence declined. Although he studio he was as adapt at painting small was unknown, El Greco - the Greek - as portraits for private clients as he was he was called, tended to charge more large scale religious works. The market than his contemporaries and objected to for religious paintings was flourishing clients suggesting modifications to his and he obtained many commissions for works. Nevertheless, despite his prima altarpieces in the city’s hospitals, donna attitude he managed to establish convents and churches. the right contacts. His imagination led him to create

The Burial of the Count of Orgaz 1586-88, courtesy of Parish Church of Saint Tome.

supernatural, religious scenes with an almost celestial vision using vivid colours and light to emphasise the cloaks and robes of his main figures. He was more interested in the grace of his compositions than realistic proportions. He had developed an original and unique style and the elongated thin faces, bodies and dramatic expressions of his subjects made it hard to place him in any particular school. What makes the exhibition so unique is that many of the works are housed in the convents, hospitals and churches where they were originally painted.

Mostly comprising altarpieces, they are within walking distance of each other in the maze of narrow, hilly cobbled, streets and squares of the city, little changed since El Greco’s time. These include the Chapel of San Jose, Sacristy of the Cathedral, Parish Church of Saint Tome, the Convent of Saint Domingo the elder and the Tavera Hospital in which there is a rare and controversial nude sculpture of Christ. The only works which are not in the city are the altarpieces in the Hospital of Our Lady of Charity in the nearby town of Illescas. The foundation has also procured several major works of El Greco from public and private collections. These are on display in a specially designed section of the Santa Cruz Museum, divided into the spheres of portraits, altarpieces and settings, devotional works and the supernatural. The works include the Nobleman with a Hand on his Chest, from Madrid’s Prado, portraits of Saints including the Tears of Saint Peter from the Sitges Museum, Horseman with a Beggar from the Washington National Gallery and View of Toledo on a Stormy, Overcast Day, from the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art. © peterfieldman

SPORT Tony Matthews

International Sports A former football player and the world’s most prolific author of football books (more than 100 published), Tony is also the sports reporter for Spectrum Radio and lives in the Cabrera mountains.

Costa de Almeria

AFTER the results from last Sunday, the race for the Premiership title is again a three-horse one. This weekend, leaders Liverpool visit Crystal Palace, Chelsea (second) play relegation-threatened Norwich while Manchester City (third) are at Everton (fifth). Arsenal (fourth) entertain WBA, Tottenham (sixth) go to West Ham, Aston Villa play Hull,

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Title race is on as Mourinho ‘reigns’ on the red parade Fulham travel to Stoke and Cardiff are at Newcastle. The final games in the Championship and Leagues One and Two all take place on Saturday. With Leicester and Burnley already promoted from the Championship, and Derby and QPR in the play-offs, the race for fifth and sixth places involves Reading, Brighton, Wigan and Blackburn, with the latter two meeting each other. Yeovil and Barnsley drop out, replaced by Wolves

SPORTS DIARY FOR MAY: Dates Event 1-4 Golf: Korean Open (Seoul) 1-5 Snooker: World Championships (Sheffield) 3-11 Tennis: Mutua Open (Madrid) 8-11 Golf: Open Events (Madiera & Florida) 11 F1: Spanish Grand Prix (Catalunya) 11 Football: End of season Premiership games 11-18 Tennis: Italia International (Rome) 15-18 Golf: Open Championships (Spain & Texas) 17 Football: Arsenal-Hull & Dundee U-St Johnstone, FA Cup Finals 17-18 Rugby: Super League Magic Weekend (Etihad Stadium) 20 Cricket: England-Sri Lanka T20 (Oval) 22 Cricket: England-Sri Lanka 1st ODI (Oval) 22-25 Golf: PGA Championship (England) 23 Rugby Union: Amlin Challenge Cup Final (Cardiff) 24 Football: Champions League Final (Lisbon) 24 Rugby: Heineken Cup final, Saracens-Munster (Twickenham) 25 F1: Monaco Grand Prix 25 Racing: Irish 1,000 Guineas (Curragh) 25 Cricket: England-Sri Lanka 2nd ODI (Durham) 25 Tennis: French Open starts at Roland Garros (Paris) 25-27 Football: CL, FL1, FL2 Play-off Finals (Wembley) 28 Cricket: England-Sri Lanka 3rd ODI (Old Trafford) 29 Golf: Nordea Masters (Malmo & Ohio Tournament) 31 Cricket: England-Sri Lanka 4th ODI (Lords) 31 Rugby: Aviv Premiership Grand Final (Twickenham)

and Brentford from FL1, while Birmingham, Blackpool, Doncaster, Charlton or Millwall will also slip down a division, with either Leyton Orient, Rotherham, Preston or Peterborough moving up, but Shrewsbury and Stevenage have lost their places to Scunthorpe and Rochdale who have been promoted from FL2. Chesterfield will join them with victory over Fleetwood who are in the play-offs with Burton Albion, York and Southend. Torquay have been demoted to the Conference, replaced by Luton. Wycombe and Northampton will also exit the FL with Cambridge United, Gateshead, Grimsby or Halifax Town returning. Last night Chelsea played the second leg of their CL semi-final against Atletico Madrid while on Tuesday Bayern Munich entertained Real Madrid. Do we have an all-Spanish final? Tonight, Sevilla, 2-0 up on Valencia and Benfica, leading 2-1 against Juventus, play the second legs of their Europa League semi-finals. And Luis Suarez and Eden Hazard have been named PFA Player of the Year’ and ‘Young Player of the Year’ respectively.

President’s Cup for Pego From Back Page Chapman, Penny Barden, and Sandra Jerman. The weather was great for golf with no wind, and a perfect spring day, but our members found it difficult to score for some reason. It could not have been the course, as it was in amazing condition on the tees, fairways and greens. The winner in Division One was Alan Simpson with a score of 39 points playing off a handicap of 24.2. In second was Trinny Sutherland with a score of 36 points playing off a handicap of 23.7, followed by Wright with a score of 35 points off a handicap of 8.9 in third.

Roger Miller with a score of 35 points playing of a handicap of 22.8 was fourth, and fifth was Ian Robertson with a score of 35 points playing off 13.9, followed by David O’Connor with a score of 35 points playing off a handicap of 16.1. There were only two Twos, one was by John Guest and the other by Bill Pike. Nearest the hole at Hole 3 was Shaun O’Gorman with a long 7.88 metres, and at Hole 16 the closest was Iain Campbell with 2.74 metres. Guests are welcome, contact: Handicap Secretary Donna Green at or visite


Ryan Giggs’ first game as Manchester United boss ended in a 4-0 win against Norwich. LATEST SOCCER SHORTS • Last Sunday, Chelsea won 2-0 at Liverpool and Manchester City beat Crystal Palace also 2-0, to open up the race for the Premiership. • Jonjo Shelvey hit a stunning 47-yard goal for Swansea who beat Aston

Villa 4-1. • The ‘Great Escape’ is on for Sunderland who whipped 10-man Cardiff 4-0. • Fulham let a 2-0 lead slip to a draw with Hull. • WBA won their first home game under Spanish boss Pepe Mel, 1-0 v West Ham.

Sir Alex Ferguson’s first 31 matches as Manchester United manager resulted in 12 wins, 10 draws and nine defeats; David Moyes’s first 31 games in charge saw United win 18, draw six and lose seven! • Both Everton fullbacks netted own-goals in Southampton’s 2-0 win at St Mary’s. • Atletico Madrid (3-1 winners against Sevilla), Real Madrid (4-0 v Osasuna) and Barcelona (3-2, from 2-0 down v Villarreal) stand 1-2-3 in La Liga with games running out.


E W N 1 - 7 May 2014/ Costa Blanca Nor th

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Tito Vilanova The Barcelona ‘great’, has died at age 45. See Page 87 TO READ MORE VISIT OUR WEBSITE: WWW.EUROWEEKLYNEWS.COM

SOLD OUT: The President’s Cup for Pego GS.

President’s Cup THE President’s Cup tournament for Pego GS was ‘sold out’ with all 52 places taken, and after

the golf, they had a celebration lunch for 70 players and guests at Oliva Nova Golf Course.

May of the wives and partners joined the players for lunch, and with an excellent atmosphere, we all enjoyed a superb lunch. The golf club did us proud, which left our members going home happy. We had four guests today, and they were Bob Seaton, Trish Turn to Page 87

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