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Traffic flow

TWO new lanes have opened on the Benidorm N-332 bypass to ease Easter traffic. There are now 6.2 kilometres of dual carriageway between Avenida de Europa and the Villajoyosa junction.

Pitiless abuse FOUR Romanians have been arrested for forcing fellow countrymen and women to beg in Benidorm and Alicante City. Those failing to make at least €80 a day received brutal beatings.

Well-balanced TEULADA finished last year with €1.8 million in the municipal kitty. The town hall will use the surplus to settle debts while reserving some for local projects.

No takers NO bids have been received to take over the contract to run the cafeteria at San Juan’s library and cultural centre. The town hall has now decided to install vending machines.

17 - 23 APRIL 2014


Paddy’s Got Talent! A SEVENTY-NINE-YEAR-OLD British expatriate was the star of the show of Saturday night’s Britain’s Got Talent. Despite being buzzed by Simon Cowell early in what seemed a dull routine, Paddy Jones and her dance partner Nico Espinosa held their nerve to launch into an acrobatic dance routine that left the audience and judges gasping. A twirling Paddy performed a series of moves that would put competitors 60 years younger to shame with her energy, technique and courage. And that led to a standing ovation from the huge crowd at Birmingham’s ICC where the audition was filmed, an apology from Simon Cowell for buzzing her, and most importantly, Amanda Holden hitting the Golden Buzzer. That puts Paddy (real name

Photo by ITV

ISSUE NO. 1502

Sarah) and Nico straight through to the smash ITV talent show’s semi-finals. Paddy revealed that her dreams of becoming a professional dancer ended in 1956 when she married and decided to raise a family. She and husband David finally retired to Gandia on the Costa Blanca, but shortly afterwards, in 2003, he died of leukaemia. So the great-grandmother decided to fill the hours in her new life alone by taking up dance again. She walked into Nico’s dance studio hoping to learn Flamenco. The pair hit it off and were soon competing in club competitions around Spain. In 2009, they won the Spanish TV talent competition Tu Si Que Vales before deciding to bring their routine to a British audience. Editor says... Page 34

Towns unite to fight oil exploration MARINA ALTA mayors are as determined as ever to prevent oil exploration taking place in the Gulf of Valencia. When the Xarxa d’Alcaldes – a network of Marina Alta mayors – met recently, the prospecting was the sole subject on the agenda.

The objective of the meeting was to join forces and thrash out a plan of action to ensure that the Cairns Energy explorations never take place. “Our industries – tourism, fishing and the restaurant trade – will be seriously and

immediately affected,” warned Javea Mayor Jose Chulvi. The 16 Xarxa members have created a fourmember committee to speak for them in talks due to take place shortly with the regional and national governments. Each of the area’s four

principal parties – the PP, PSOE, BlocCompromis and Independientes - are represented on the committee by Ana Kringle (Denia), Jose Chulvi (Javea), Joan Miquel Garces (Jalon) and Juan Alejandro Mut (Sanet y Els Negrals).


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Letters ROMAN TIMES : Recreating the past in Villajoyosa.

Welcoming back the Romans

ROMANS return to Villajoyosa during the festival, Festum Alonis, on May 10 and 11. In 2012, the Hispania Romana Association signed its first ever agreement with Villajoyosa Town Hall. Both agreed to carry out joint activities to publicise both Roman culture and the town of Villajoyosa with recreations of its Roman past. Villajoyosa possesses the remains of the Valencian Community’s only known Roman military camp, which was built around 75BC during the Sertorian War, according to

Historic Heritage Councillor Pepe Lloret. As the third edition of Festum Alonis approaches, the event has now established itself along with others in Tarragona, Sagunto and Merida, Lloret pointed out. Festum Alonis had been chosen as a name because the Latin festum is near enough to words like fiesta, feast and fĂŞte to be easily recognised. Tourists tend to be very enthusiastic about events like the Festum Alonis, which are becoming an increasingly popular source of culture tourism, the councillor revealed.


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Be prepared LA NUCIA Town Hall presented the local Scouts with a digital projector to mark their 21st anniversary. Scouts are the town’s largest youth group, with a hut provided by the municipality.

17 - 23 April 2014 / Costa Blanca Nor th

FOREIGN buyers acquired 16,619 Valencian Community homes last year, 17 per more than in 2012. The €1.731 billion that changed hands was 11 per cent more, the regional government’s department of Infrastructure, Territory and the Environment revealed. The majority - 13,786 properties - were sold in Alicante Province and most of the foreign purchasers were non-resident, the department added. One-third of all Spanish properties bought by

foreigners are located in the Valencia Region and sales have shot up during the economic crisis. In early 2008, 25.4 per cent of Valencian Community properties were sold to foreign residents, rising to 25.4 per cent by the end of that same year. In contrast sales to non-resident foreigners soared from 14.3 per cent in 2008 to 36.6 per cent by the end of the last quarter of 2013. Norway, Sweden and Finland now account for 19 per cent of sales to foreigners, followed by the UK (13 per cent) and Russia (13 per cent).

More flights RUSSIAN airlines S7, VIM and Orenair have requested more slots at Alicante airport. Alicante is already the secondmost popular destination for Russians after Cataluña, with 128,398 arrivals last year. Sharing knowhow VILLENA fireman Francisco Jose Catalan, a ‘Firefighters without Frontiers’ member, spent three weeks in the Dominican Republic, helping to train local volunteers in fire prevention and extinction. Bulky garbage SAN VICENTE’S rubbish is being sent untreated to the Jijona landfill site after compressing equipment broke down. Costs are rising now that lorries make twice as many journeys, Opposition councillors complained. Fire help CALPE, halfway between Denia and Benidorm fire stations, now has an Alicante Diputacion fire engine. Recently withdrawn from forest-fire service it will be used by Calpe’s Proteccion Civil volunteers. Firm line ALICANTE City’s municipal tow-away truck will pursue cars parked at bus stops. These often made it impossible for the disabled to use public transport, Alicante Accesible association said.





Foreign buyers choose Alicante

PHOTO: Iakov Filimonov /

Long-lived BENITACHELL resident Josefa Gilabert Devesa recently celebrated her 100th birthday, which she celebrated with friends and family. She is the town’s second centenarian.


Alcoy’s past glories

ALCOY restored a network of ancient water channels choked by undergrowth in Raco de Sant Bonaventura. They supplied water to two former flour mills in what is now a municipally-protected area.

Tight squeeze PUPILS will re-sit failed exams in June next year instead of September. This is insufficient for revision, maintained the province’s ‘crammers,’ predicting an 80 per cent reduction in pupils.

Death explained

By George, say it with a book


PRIL 23 is Saint George’s Day, the National Day of England, as well as having been declared by UNESCO International Day of the Book. This is because April 23, 1616, was the date of the death of English playwright William Shakespeare and the birth of Spanish author Miguel de Cervantes. In Cataluña, books have an even more important role in celebrations, as it is customary for sweethearts to exchange books on what is known as ‘La Diada de Sant Jordi.’ The day is also known as ‘Dia de la Rosa’ (Day of the Rose) or ‘Dia del Llibre’ (Day of the Book). Since Medieval times, men gave roses to their lovers to mark this day, and in return, women would give them books. The saying went “a rose for love and a book forever.” With Barcelona being the publishing capital of

Quote of the Week Let’s see, erm... Measures to create employment? Well the truth is that something really strange happened to me, I wrote down the solution but I can’t read my own writing.” Mariano Rajoy on being asked what he was planning to do about the unemployment situation.

ST GEORGE’S DAY: The National Day of England is shared by UNESCO International Day of the Book. Spain, it is not surprising that in the 1920s, the tradition of giving books began to be promoted in a big way. In Barcelona’s most visited street, La Rambla, and all over Cataluña, thousands of stalls selling roses and books are set up for the occasion and some four million roses and 800,000 books are purchased on this day alone. This is almost half of the total book sales for a year in Cataluña. The colour of the roses has also gained importance, as different colours are said to signify different feelings including love, friendship, happiness, etc.

Number of the week the amount of money spent per €505 isweek by the average European

tourist in Spain according to a Skyscanner survey; this includes flight, hotel, meals out and entertainment.

A BODY washed up in Villajoyosa belonged to an 88-year-old Santander woman staying in Benidorm. She was swept away by the sea after suffering a heart attack, police believe.

On the sly TWENTY-SIX people were arrested during the ongoing Ecobsub operation by Alicante Province police and work inspectors. Of 44 clandestine workshops one was located in Monforte del Cid and another in Elche.

Nice try A FIND-THE-LADY ‘trilero’ trickster operating on Benidorm’s streets is suing a National Police officer. He arrested him for preventing police from frisking a female accomplice, the man complained.

And finally... Cheating husbands are fuelling the building boom in China; dormitory towns of concubines are springing up across southern China to cater to Hong Kong businessmen’s mistresses.


E W N 17 - 23 April 2014 / Costa Blanca North

Crowd-funding plea for Pedreguer cave PEDREGUER’S Cova del Comte cave contains prehistoric art and hints of cannibalism from amongst its earliest inhabitants. But 20,000 years after it was first inhabited there is insufficient local money to uncover more of its secrets. Pedreguer Town Hall and the Cirne Foundation, which hopes to lead excavations at the cave,

decided to turn to crowd-funding for the project. As recently reported in the Euro Weekly News, the first archaeological soundings in the cave revealed sketched outlines of horses and goats and the bone of a human adolescent. Score-marks suggested that the flesh had been deliberately removed by humans using primitive tools.

There is still much to discover, archaeologists said, but excavations will cost around €18,000 according to Cirne Foundation estimates. Pedreguer Town Hall is allocating €8,000 but another €10,000 must be found from somewhere. This is where crowdfunding comes in, with the public asked to make contributions,

however small. The town hall has set up a current account to this end and anyone interested in assisting can donate to ES37 2038 6280 3560 0001 1331.


Hola! recognition ALTEA recently appeared in Hola! magazine’s travel supplement, ‘Hola Viajes’. There was particular satisfaction at the town hall because it was one of the magazine’s principal recommendations for the Mediterranean area between Gerona and Malaga. The resort appeared in the ‘50 weekend excursions for the most beautiful and least known Spain’ section. The popular magazine that inspired the UK version, Hello!, depicted Altea as emblematic of the Costa Blanca, calling it “A watchtower above the sea.” The Hola! article described at length the walled old quarter and town’s history as well as its beaches and the little island off the La Olla beach.

EC chief visits OAMI JOSE MANUEL DURAO BARROSO, President of the European Commission, visited the Market Harmonisation office (OHIM) in Alicante City. Work is under way on enlarging the office – OAMI in Spanish – whose annexe, which includes a 450-seat auditorium, is due to open next November. The annexe will make Alicante an international reference point for discussion and consensus centring on intellectual property and ownership, said OAMI’s President Antonio Campinos. Durao Barroso expressed satisfaction at

OAMI’s recognition and acceptance since 1994, when Brussels decided to locate the trademarks and harmonisation centre in Alicante. Creating the office was one of the single market’s most important successes, the EC president declared. As well as the annexe and future auditorium, Durao Barroso visited the offices of the European Observatory on Infringements of Industrial and Intellectual Property Rights, which has been located at the Alicante OAMI centre since 2012.


Book Fair and Open Day in La Nucia MORE than 500 books changed hands during La Nucia’s second Book Fair. It was held in the Plaza l’Almassera adjoining the Auditorium and included story-telling and workshops for children. Six stalls were set up in different categories with books in English, Norwegian, German, Dutch, Spanish and Valenciano - just some of the languages spoken by La Nucia residents. These were left by their original owners at La Nucia’s public libraries in exchange for coupons that they could later use at the Book Fair. The second edition of the Auditorium’s Mediterrania Cultural Centre’s Open Day was held at the same time. Here visitors were able to take part in free dance, art and music classes as an introduction to the Auditorium’s cultural schools. The Book Fair and the Open Day were a great success, said La Nucia’s mayor Bernabe Cano afterwards. Hundreds of books had been exchanged and the free classes were well received.

17 - 23 April 2014 / Costa Blanca Nor th

Olympics for the not-soyoung held in Denia

ORGANISERS: Emilio Monfort, Denia’s Sports councillor Juan Carlos Signes and CEMA president Antonio Reig.

MOST over-65s have seen an Olympiad or two in their time and now they can participate, too. Denia Council, in conjunction with the CEMA sports consortium and local Physical Education students is holding the first Marina Alta Third Age Olympics. The project entitled Olimpic - a ‘first’ for Spain - is the creation of sports expert Emilio Monfort. It will be held on May 25 at Denia’s municipal sports centre and

swimming pool. Monfort’s venture is singled out by the way he has adapted sports activities to the abilities of the not-so-young, the organisers said. The 100 and 400 metre races are now marches, as is the relay. Similarly, the swimming relay and the 25 and 50 metre races will be free-style. In volleyball the usual ball has been substituted for one that is made of foam rubber and competitors are allowed to touch the

A win and a loss GATA council approved an €1,800 salary for new mayor Maite Signes. As she governs in minority her proposal to increase attendance fees from €35 to €50 was defeated by Opposition councillors.

Dumping ok by water board LORRY-LOADS of rubble and earth dumped by a construction company in Benitachell are not breaking the law. This was the final ruling from the CHJ water board in response to complaints that tonnes of debris are blocking the Garsiva stream bed. The zone where dumping has occurred is not the Garsiva stream bed itself, the CHJ said although “it is in the area drained by the Garsiva.” The gully begins

500 metres downstream, according to a CHJ investigation. The company received

permission for the dumping in 2005, despite the presence of Stone Age remains near the site.

ball with the entire hand. Olimpic is open to all aged between 65 and 75, with a maximum of 30 participants from each Marina Alta town. Those aged between 60 and 64 may also take part but without being placed. The pre-registration period ends on April 21 and confirmations should be in by May 12.




New link VILLAJOYOSA will have a new road linking La Ermita and the Avenida Pianista Gonzalo Soriano at the Chocolates Valor roundabout. The plans are on display at the town hall.

Foggy flight A THREE-HOUR Dublin to Alicante flight lasted more than six after thick fog closed the Alicante runway. After circling several times the pilot decided to divert to Valencia.


E W N 17 - 23 April 2014 / Costa Blanca North


Early use of fire fighting helicopter OWING to months of drought, the Alicante Diputacion fire-fighting helicopter is now in service. Last year the helicopter was expected to be in use from May onwards although legal issues delayed this until July. The Alicante countryside and wooded areas are so dry and the fire-risk is so high that this year the

Diputacion has brought forward the date to Easter. The helicopter, which is based at the San Vicente fire station and will be used for fire extinction and rescue purposes, is costing the provincial authorities €770,000 for the six months it is in use. The Diputacion did not underestimate the early fire risk, as 65 hectares of land were recently lost to a forest fire near the village of Benifato. Owing to the steep and rocky terrain, five firefighting aircraft had to assist firemen on the the same tariffs as their ground. Fire brigades and four Benitachell neighbours on producing their ‘empadron- aircraft were required that same day near the amiento’ certificate. The pool will also be Beniarres reservoir in the available to municipal inland area of El Comtat. swimming clubs and those Approximately 11 hectares needing therapeutic treat- of woodland and scrub were destroyed but firemen ment. assisted by In exchange, Javea have were made a €12,000 allocation unexpected but persistent drizzle, they said later. to Benitachell Town Hall.

Javea in the swim in Benitachell JAVEA residents can continue to use Benitachell’s covered pool. Jose Chulvi and Josep Femenia, the respective mayors of Javea and Benitachell, renewed the arrangement that had been in place between both towns since 2011. Javea residents will be able to use the pool, paying


Rules for taking fiesta photographs ENTHUSIASTIC friends and proud relatives photographing and videoing the San Vicente fiestas must first obtain official approval. They increasingly hinder the Moors and Christians parades, organisers say, and although photographers and videos will still be allowed, accreditation and an identifying badge will be needed. Those attending the staged parleys between the Moorish and Christian

ambassadors, which are one of the traditional fiesta set-pieces, must go one step further. They will be required to wear either a djellaba or tunic like those worn by ‘off-duty’ Moors and Christians, the organisers have stipulated. This will not be asked of those photographing or videoing the processions, they said, although their clothes should reflect “the good image we want for our fiesta.”

Easter outing to the Casa Forestal THE Casa Forestal in Denia will open to the public today (Thursday) and tomorrow. The Aula de Natura field study centre can also be visited on April 28, feast day of San Vicente Ferrer. The Casa Forestal is 300 metres from the Pare Pere chapel on the Cami Pou de la Muntanya, the principal path up to Montgo. Visitors are advised to park in the area adjoining the chapel and continue on foot to the Aula de Natura. At a time of the year when the Spanish traditionally go on outings to the countryside Denia

AULA DE NATURA: Set in pinewoods. Town Hall wants residents and visitors to be able to visit the centre. It is set in 5,000 square metres of pinewoods and is accessible to those with mobility problems. Picnic tables and benches have been made

Poly-faceted Politur unit for Teulada TEULADA-MORAIRA’S Politur police unit will be on hand this summer with personalised help for tourists and residents. A council meeting approved a motion to create the Policia Turistia under the town’s Strategic Tourism Plan. Referring to unfavourable statements in the provincial press, Mayor Antoni Joan Bertomeu stressed that the Politur project had the backing of 66 per cent of the members of UGT, CCOO and CSIF. These three unions have representation at Teulada Town Hall, unlike SEP-CV, which was responsible for “background noise,” according to Bertomeu. The Policia Turistica will patrol the coastal area, attending to tourists as well as residents in several languages. The officers, who will each work a 40hour week, will also be able to assist with first aid, Bertomeu said.

available by APAD, Denia’s animal protection association. Information panels in the grounds also give details of routes, walks and excursions in and around Denia and the Montgo National Park.

17 - 23 April 2014 / Costa Blanca Nor th




E W N 17 - 23 April 2014 / Costa Blanca Nor th


Track record THE region’s Upper Court (TSJCV) ordered Alicante City Hall to repay €4.8m to Adif as they had erroneously charged IBI rates on the rail terminus between 2004 and 2008.

No charge PARKING will be free at Campello’s Els Furs car park over Easter, the town hall announced. There had been many complaints about the town’s parking earlier.


Conducted tours starting in Altea ALTEA Town Hall has recommenced its conducted tours of the town and surrounding areas. The next, scheduled for this coming Saturday (April 19), is a walk from Altea to Altea la Vella. It sets off from the Tourist Office on the ground floor at the town hall at 9.30am, crosses the river Algar and follows the Camino Verde to the Camino Hondo turning for Altea la Vella. Places for the three-hour walk, classed as low-to-medium difficulty are limited to 30 and should be reserved beforehand at the Tourist Office. Suitable footwear and clothes are recommended, plus hat or cap and water. The last of the Easter tours is a two-hour walk on Sunday (April 20) that follows Altea’s stretch of the Via Dianium, the Roman road that linked Denia and Alicante. It begins at the town hall at 9.30am and follows the Camino Verde through Cap Negret and La Olla to the old

CAP NEGRET, ALTEA: The ‘Camino Verde’ was once a Roman road. Carabineros (Coastguards) building and Villa Gadea before returning to Altea.

Places again are limited and should be reserved at the Tourist Office beforehand.

Big bangs to stay in Luceros ‘MASCLETA’ fireworks displays during Alicante city’s Hogueras fiestas in June will stay in Plaza de los Luceros. A mascleta takes place during the day and concentrates on noise and the vibrations from nearly a century of fiestas with day after day of mascletas have taken their toll. The Plaza’s emblematic fountain is deteriorating and it was decided last year to move the displays to another city centre location. However, many felt this was unnecessary. “Yearly fireworks aren’t doing the damage but the trams under the plaza,” one said. The preferred option of Plaza de la Estrella would have proved impractical for safety, traffic flow and capacity reasons, city hall officials decided.

FUND-RAISER: Mandy receiving the cheque from David Wood and Paul Verbist.

Golfers give generously to APASA dog shelter in Javea CLUB DE GOLF IFACH held a fundraising Golf Day for the APASA dog shelter in Javea. APASA currently has over 200 dogs that are looking for new homes. They are never put down and are always kept until an owner can be found. Forty-four players teed off for a Texas Scramble and after the competition, the club captain Paul

Verbist later congratulated Barbara Lane on a hole-in-one. This was the second year that the club had held this fund-raising day and he hoped to make a four-figure sum, the captain had said beforehand. He was not disappointed and at the end of the day Mandy, the president of APASA, received a cheque for €1,280.


E W N 17 - 23 April 2014 / Costa Blanca Nor th


Couple lose home in bank bungle TWO Britons arrived in La Nucia to find their property stripped bare and a ‘For Sale’ notice outside. Peter and Katrina Etherington spent their fortnight’s holiday in a La Cala de Finestrat apartment as they and a lawyer untangled a red tape snarl-up. A repossession order on behalf of Banco Sabadell was addressed by the Villajoyosa court to their house, instead of another in the same street, they discovered after countless

phone calls to Solvia, Banco Sabadell’s real estate subsidiary. The bank accepted full responsibility but claimed the error originated with the court, although officials used the address supplied by Solvia. Sabadell has already advanced €1,800 to cover the Etheringtons’ expenses during the two weeks they were locked out of their La Nucia holiday home, where even the light fittings had gone. They have lost at least €27,000 in furnishings and

possession, the couple estimate. “It’s not only the fact that all their belongings were removed and their holiday spoilt,” said the Etheringtons’ lawyer. “It’s losing photos, personal possessions, all the things that you collect during your life,” she said. The couple are considering whether to claim compensation, Katrina Etherington told a Spanish interviewer. She felt that she had been assaulted and her privacy violated.

Clear run for La Vila path THE Puntes del Moro coastal path in Villajoyosa has finally been cleared of bushes and undergrowth. The path has always been popular with those out for a stroll as well as joggers, but until now has been impassable in some places. Better still from the town hall’s point of view, it has not had to put up any cash thanks to negotiations by the council’s Beaches Department and the provincial Coasts Directorate. As a result the job has been done by the firm contracted to carry out the Plan Parcial-15 development project. “All obstacles and undergrowth have been cleared from the Puntes de Moro path,” explained Beaches Councillor Xaro Escrig, who thanked local landowners for their co-operation. Renovating the path was preceded earlier this year by improved access to the previously hard-to-reach Puntes del Moro beach.

VILLAJOYOSA: Obstacles removed from Puntes del Moro path.

Sunrise service in Javea JAVEA INTERNATIONAL BAPTIST CHURCH (JIBC) and Churches Together are holding a Sunrise Service on Easter Sunday. The service will take place on Javea beach between the Parador and the Port, near the La Siesta cafe at 7am. All are welcome. “All over the world, Christians will gather together on Easter Sunday morning to watch the sun rise as part of the celebration of Easter Sunday. Here, in this beautiful part of Spain, we are

fortunate to be blessed with the wonderful sight of the sun rising over the sea,” JIBC said. The Easter Sunday Service is at 10.30am with a sermon by Pastor John Hansford. The JIBC is also hosting a Churches Together service at 10.30am on Good Friday at the Church Centre, Calle Favara 8, Javea Pueblo.

More information visit or telephone 965 795 847.


CPI falls 0.3% in Valencia THE consumer price index (CPI) in March saw a decrease of 0.3 per cent in the Valencian Community. The figure represents a price index over the previous 10month period, according to the National Statistics Institute. In the Murcia Region, the CPI fell 0.3 per cent. For groups, the highest inflation were clothing and footwear (3.5 per cent), medicine (0.4 per cent) and hotels, cafés and restaurants (0.3 per cent). Leisure and culture fell 0.3 per cent whilst alcoholic and beverages fell 0.2 per cent. Nationally, the CPI again suffered negative rates, falling 0.1 per cent.

17 - 23 April 2014 / Costa Blanca Nor th

Region’s companies sold less in 2012 MAJOR companies in the Valencia Region sold 2.3 per cent less in 2012 compared to the previous year. That’s according to the report ‘Valencia SA’ prepared by KPMG,

which analyses the health of the top 100 companies in the region across 10 sectors. They found that the net margin on sales was 3.2 per cent, reporting that sales were

From students to businessmen TWO Alicante students are competing to receive funding for their mobile phone application. Álvaro Yuste and Pablo Niñoles are final year students at the University of Alicante, studying Multimedia Engineering. The 21 and 23-year-old came together to create the app which audits and monitors the quality of any business at the stroke of a button, with users’ comments being fed back to the business instantly. They are now part of the ‘Startupbootcamp Amsterdam’ event and hope to convince any of the 400 business investors to fund the project fully.

“penalised” by the domestic trade, a situation which mitigated the increase in exports to reach 27 per cent of total turnover, earning a net profit of €420 million. The food and beverage industries and wholesale trade had the most representative sales reaching 39.4 per cent of the total with the retail trade generating the most employment. However, construction and real estate and automotive components saw most of the job losses with reductions of 16.7 and 11.3 per cent respectively. The average workforce of the KPMG report in 2012 stood at 38,840 workers, 2.7 per cent less than in the previous year.



Easter getaway begins THE start of the Easter getaway saw extra passengers at Alicante-Elche Airport but no excessive crowds or incidents were reported. The 250 scheduled flights took off and landed without significant delays, with 44,000 seats available last Saturday; expected to be the busiest day of the Easter period for travel. Increased activity will continue this weekend with around 200 flights daily.


E W N 17 - 23 April 2014 / Costa Blanca Nor th


Denia court aids biker gang arrests A JOINT operation between the Guardia Civil and German police has resulted in the arrest of two members of the Hell’s Angels motorcycle gang. The operation was co-ordinated by the German prosecution office and Denia’s Court of Instruction Number Three. One of the detainees was residing in Palma de Mallorca and the other in Germany. Six house searches were carried out and computer material and cash seized. The Hell’s Angels members are believed to have been part of a criminal organisation involved in money

laundering and the kidnapping of a businessman in Germany in the 1990s, demanding a €15-million ransom. The collaboration between the Guardia Civil and the German police forms part of the working relationship between the Guardia Civil and Bundeskriminalant (BKA ) German organised crime agency. It was driven through workshops held in Madrid in October 2013 involving the president of the BKA and the director general of the Guardia Civil, and the recent visit of a delegation from the Judicial Police of the Guardia Civil to the headquarters of the BKA in Wiesbaden.

PARTY: Volunteers thanked for their help and efforts during Perimeter 3.0 race.

Race volunteers party A PARTY was held on Sunday at the Paseo Dolores Piera in Benissa to mark the Margallo Muntanya Club’s appreciation for all the volunteers who helped with the Perimeter 3.0 race. About 300 worked on the race, which this year was bigger than ever.

A change of school hours could lead to loss of canteen CATERING companies are concerned that some schools in Alicante Province wishing to change their hours and concentrate on working from 9am-2pm will put them out of business. The Ministry of Education

said some 150,000 elementary and primary schoolchildren remain in schools for the dining facility. Now, industry sources fear that if schools adopt a 9am-2pm programme the number of

Air pollution petition SEVERAL residents’ associations along the southern coast of Alicante City have presented a petition to the Ombudsman complaining about air pollution. More than 2,000 signatures were gathered in protest against pollution caused by the activity of loading, stowing, unloading and the shipment of bulk cargo handled outdoors in the Port of Alicante.

students staying for ‘comedor’ would be reduced by 60 per cent as experienced in other regions like Andalucia, Castilla La Mancha and Extremadura. They fear it could lead to the closure of school kitchens and job losses. President of the Association of Directors of Valenciana Primary Children (Avdip), Vicent Ripoll, said the decline of diners will not jeopardise the dining facility, stating: “The kitchens may be closed but the food will be outsourced.”


Barbershop is on song in Calpe MAYOR of Calpe, Cesar Sanchez Perez, greeted more than 650 barbershop aficionados at the opening of their En Armonia convention in Calpe. People had travelled from Portugal, Sweden, Holland, Ireland, United Kingdom, Latvia, Lanzarote and Spain’s mainland to take part in the sixth annual convention of the Spanish Association of Barbershop Singers (SABS). This is the first time that SABS has based their event in Calpe and it was very much a testing ground. “Our delegates come from all over the world, and we are keen to establish convention venues with excellent travel connections and accommodation,” said SABS Vice President, Lyn Baines. The convention was only open to registered delegates, but SABS put on a special show for the public so that people could have a taste of what

barbershop is all about. The show featured the European champion ladies’ chorus from the UK, The White Rosettes, and Swedish a cappella group, Vocal Six, alongside Calpe’s own Phoenix Dance Group. Local charity, Friends of the Children of Emaus, ran a raffle to raise funds at the event. Councillor Carole Saunders was on hand to present the medals. The national chorus medal winners both came from Madrid: The Barbees (ladies) won gold and Barberidad (men) won silver. National quartet winners were: Hanfris (Gold Barcelona), Fourtunattos (Silver Madrid) and Metropolitan Union (Bronze - Barcelona). Cleftomania (Portugal) received the highest scoring mixed quartet award and Chardonnay (Murcia) received the highest scoring ladies’ and seniors’ quartet award.

Pine removed as it threatens collapse A PINE TREE which was threatening to fall on a petrol station in Elda has been removed. Located close to the Sagrada Familia school, it appears part of the root system had dried out causing partial collapse. The town hall proceeded to remove the tree to prevent further collapse and

damage. It is around 70 years old and weighed over 500 kilos. A similar incident occurred six months ago at the Casa Grande del Jardín de la Musica in Elda when another large pine tree fell in the playground area. Fortunately, no one was there at the time of the accident.

17 - 23 April 2014 / Costa Blanca Nor th

THE BARBEES: National chorus winners.




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Students display their sculptures THERE is still time to see an exhibition of sculptures at the Casa Sjengarden in Alfaz del Pi. The exhibition is of work by students, many of which are novices who only started having lessons with artist SCULPTURE: ‘Inspiratie’ Fredy E Wubben a by Cobra van Ferna. year ago. EXHIBITION: Students display work. Wubben surprised that there were so said: “Many people have admired the many sculptures to see in a significant fantastic works of the students and were number of colours.”

Experts agree on need to improve Benidorm links TOURISM experts and professionals have agreed there is a need to restore

and improve the urban scene of Benidorm as well as connections between

Tourism meetings over breakfast RESTAURATEURS are looking for new customers on social networks. Around 60 restaurant professionals participated in a workshop on how to encourage and promote the improvement of social networks as channels for recruitment, retention and sales in restaurants. The workshop was held by Diego Coquillat, creator of a restaurant social media group and website, which took place at the headquarters of the Valencia Institute of Tourism Technologies (Invat.tur) in Benidorm. Participants were able to discuss with the speaker ways to improve and adapt their business strategies to new trends in social media and technology. The event was part of the Invat.tur Breakfasts; a meeting format for tourism professionals across the Costa Blanca.

the city railway station and Alicante and other parts of the province via shuttle buses. These were some of the topics being discussed at the conference ‘Tourism: an engine evolving’ organised by the Valencian Business Association (AVE) and the Hoteliers Association in Benidorm and the Costa Blanca (Hosbec). They say the problems of tourist cities are not ripe, but old and note the examples of Magaluf in Mallorca and En Bossa in Ibiza, which have both significantly improved their appearance and rates of return. Amongst Benidorm’s challenges is having good connections with the rest of the region.


Lighthouse alive AROUND 50 people took part in a live theatrical tour organised on the road to the Albir lighthouse by the Tourism Department of Alfaz del Pi.

Palm Sunday THOUSANDS of people lined the streets to watch the Palm Sunday processions across the Marina Baixa, to mark the start of Easter week.

Deputy meets growers NATIONAL deputy of the UpyD party, Toni Canto, met with grape growers in Novelda to learn about the needs of these farm workers. Canto toured the farm dedicated to growing the variety of grape called Aledo. Growers took advantage of the visit of the deputy to underline that surplus production in Aledo grapes could be used to make wines and champagnes in order to create jobs and develop new business opportunities. Canto also showed interest in the high cost of electricity to pump water from irrigation wells.


Shuttle link delay angers Benidorm BENIDORM continues to push for a regular bus shuttle linking Benidorm to Alicante city’s AVE station. The high speed train link with Madrid began operations in June last year, theoretically improving travel between Benidorm and Spain’s capital. As yet, a painless, cheap and easy way of covering the 40-odd kilometres separating Benidorm and Alicante City has yet to be found. A bus shuttle between Benidorm and the AVE station would be ideal but Alicante City Hall continues to veto this. More buses in the city centre will create traffic chaos, Mayor Sonia Castedo insists, whenever the subject is raised. Gema Amor, Tourism Councillor and second-incommand at Benidorm

ALICANTE MEETING: Gema Amor in coversation with Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo. Town Hall, raised the subject in exalted company. She was at an Alicante city reception attended by the president of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Durao Barroso, Spain’s Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo and the president of the Valencian Community, Alberto Fabra.

“The Spanish government and the Generalitat cannot continue to tolerate Sonia Castedo’s attitude towards Benidorm,” Amor declared. “Time is a luxury and the AVE is paid for by all taxpayers. Instead, tourists have to endure ‘an odyssey’ to reach Benidorm after leaving the AVE station.”

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Police intercept kidnap plot THE ex-president of Valencia football club, Juan Soler, has been arrested for trying to kidnap another of the club’s ex-bosses, Vicente Soriano.

The National Police detained Soler and two other men for allegedly planning the kidnapping, the aim of which was to get money from Soriano. The latter owes €80

million to Soler, following a deal to buy his shares in the club. Police discovered the kidnap plan and have assembled a great deal of evidence surrounding the

Youngsters need net

INTERNET: Vital part of development.

YOUNG people who don’t use the internet or get involved in social networks are at risk of becoming outcasts. A study carried out by the Reina Sofia Centre has confirmed that most of the social activities of 16 to 24-year-olds depend on the internet to some degree. Consequently, those who don’t go online are in danger of being marginalised. With two out of every three adolescents using social networks on a daily basis, they are a fundamental part of life for this age group. Anyone who cannot access these groups loses out in terms of building personal relationships and obtaining information about local events, job opportunities and leisure activities.

case. Several Colombian hit men were contracted to carry out the work, which involved breaking into Soriano’s home, forcing him to empty his safe and then taking him abroad to gain access to

the funds which he was thought to hold in foreign accounts. Since the Colombians had already arrived in Valencia and everything pointed to the kidnap being imminent, the police

decided to intervene and bring the men in for questioning. All three have now been released without charge, but are not allowed to leave the country. Soler claims he is innocent.

Guardia Civil on trial for torturing detained Brits TWO Guardia Civil officers are standing trial in Palma Provincial Court for allegedly torturing two Britons while in custody in Palmanova in November 2009. The two men were arrested after a pub fight, during which one of them knocked out an off-duty Guardia Civil. Two members of the force who handled the investigation into the alleged torture, said in court that the injuries sustained by the two detainees did not appear to be self-inflicted, as was claimed by the accused officers. This contradicts what was said by the two officers, who claimed that the detainees sustained the wounds by throwing themselves against the patrol

car when they were being taken to the station, and that one of them fell when he was attempting to escape. They claimed that the two men were “out of control” and that they had had to use force to control them. However, the investigation showed that the stories of the two Britons coincided, despite them having been in different cells. One of them claimed he had heard his friend being beaten and the other said he was hit with a truncheon and gloves, kicked in the crotch and that food he was given was thrown on the floor. Two other officers who were on duty said no excessive force was used against the two men.



Child thieves sentenced A MINOR has been sent to a juvenile facility for six months for theft from a home in Altea. Another youngster also involved was given probation.

Musical bus JAVEA’S Musical Centre is arranging a bus to a special concert at the Palau de la Musica in Valencia on April 27. The bus is €10, call 669 810 398 to reserve your place.

Shopping help SCHOOLCHILDREN in Alfaz del Pi have taken part in workshops aimed at getting them used to shopping concepts such as budgeting, a balanced diet, making shopping lists and payment.

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A pink tractor helped raise awareness of breast cancer A MAN who has taken a taste of Spain back to the UK has shown he is a man with a heart. Rochdale based restaurateur Mark Wickham is a familiar face on the Costa del Sol as he flies in regularly to buy genuine Spanish ingredients for his eatery the Rake Tapas Bar. His restaurant has turned into a, perhaps unlikely, roaring success. Not many people would have thought of taking a taste of the Mediterranean to the old mill town of Littleborough, home of good plain English food. But he proved the doom-mongers who said he was mad wrong when the good people of the town developed a taste for chorizo, Serrano ham, tortillas and paella. Big-hearted Mark was looking for a way to raise awareness, and cash, for the Breast Cancer Care and Awareness charity. He hit upon a novel idea. He sprayed one of his tractors, a

PINK TRACTOR: Mark dressed as Superman on his proud journey.

classic vintage 1952 MasseyFerguson, bright pink, dressed up as Superman and drove cross country covering over 110 miles. Unfortunately, the gleaming tractor couldn’t keep up with Mark’s pace and broke down just 30 miles outside his target of Whitby.

Mark is, however proud of his attempt: “The reason I did it was to make people more aware about checking for the early signs of cancer. “Using a pink tractor, I thought it would make people think. When I started at 5am in the morning it was really foggy, rainy

and cold, but the support we got from the people of Whitby was amazing. “One man was driving along, he pulled up a bit sharply and rubbed his eyes, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Well it’s not every day you see Superman driving a tractor!” Mark’s efforts have raised over £1,500 so far and the money is still coming in. The tractor is being repaired and Mark has promised to go back and complete the journey. The staff at the Euro Weekly News have decided that it is such a good cause they have foregone their traditional Easter eggs and made a €150 donation. So come, on EWN readers, you too can dig deep and help the charity. To donate to Breast Cancer Care - Charity Number 1082293 visit:


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Book exchange LA NUICIA’S second book exchange saw more than 500 books exchanged. The ‘sharing reading is sharing culture’ event also featured children’s workshops, storytelling and exhibitions.

Writers talks THE Club of Friends of Unesco in Alcoy has organised a series of meetings with local writers, which take place every Wednesday from 8pm.

Love history THE Wagner Theatre hosted the Conference on Research ‘Aspe Historical Museum’ which dealt with the triumph of love in history.


La Gente meets ‘Robbie’ As part of our new series, ‘La Gente’, reporter Gemma Quinn has been out on the streets of the Costa Blanca meeting some fascinating people who have turned their passions into profits, done amazing charity work, or simply have a great story to tell. This week we go for a bit of Robbie... WATCH out, Spain, Matthew Holbrook could be bringing his number one Robbie Williams act to a venue near you! Well that is if he gets his own way. “If I could get a season in Benidorm I would be here at the drop of the hat,” he said. Matt was in Denia as a headline act at the Bay Radio Charity Gala Awards and was enjoying his time on the coast. “It’s a big community here and it’s not like that in the UK and that is quite refreshing to see,” he remarked. He was invited to perform his Millennium Show after one of the organisers had remembered him from a gig in the UK some nine years ago; quite an impressive accolade in itself considering the amount of Robbie Williams tribute acts there are now. Matt’s off-stage persona is as charming and friendly as his onstage persona is energetic and entertaining as Robbie. But it is not a career path he initially set out to

CHILDREN IN NEED: Matt hasn't met Robbie himself but has met his mate Jonathan Wilkes at a Children in Need event.

ROBBIE TRIBUTE: Matt Holbrook prepares to wow guests at the Bay Radio Charity Gala.

follow. “I was an out-of-work actor and singer and saw an advert to be a Robbie Williams tribute which I thought was strange as I thought tributes were only for people that

were dead!” He beat 250 other guys to the gig and 15 years later is still one of the best and most popular tributes around. Whilst he still has dreams of acting and being

recognised as ‘Matthew Holbrook’ and not ‘Robbie Williams’ he has had an amazing career and the job has afforded him numerous opportunities and experiences, including performing to a 65,000strong crowd at the Manchester United ground and travelling around the world. “I would never have got to travel to half the places I have without this job and that is its biggest reward; travelling and meeting so many people,” he said. For more information visit www.


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Radical cutbacks needed, says Opposition party THE PSOE’s former Minister of Industry, Tourism and Commerce, Miguel Sebastian, has suggested a radical cutback that actually

makes sense: cutting down on the number of autonomous regions to just the historic three, Cataluña, the Basque Country and Galicia.

This reduction has already been done in France, where they cut down on the number of departments, and in Italy, where they cut

Government institutions ignore citizens’ requests MORE than half of all public information requests were ignored in 2013 and only 13 per cent were given the information asked for; of the 654 requests only 375 were answered. In the last year the autonomous communities have improved their responses but government related bodies including, but not limited to, councils totally ignored 81 per cent of all requests for public domain information. Access Info Europe (AIE), an organisation dedicated to the obtaining of information by the public, has pointed out that rather than having a

transparency law, as it is called by the government, there is an administrative silence. Victoria Anderica, spokesperson for AIE, commented that the opacity of the government was worsening while they ruled out any improvements to the law which regulates public domain information and the citizen’s access to it. It is worth noting that while in Spain only 13 per cent of requests receive a complete answer, in the Czech Republic 63 per cent get satisfaction; only Tunisia comes after Spain with 11 per cent answered.

down on the number of provinces. “When trying to reduce public spending,” commented Sebastian, “it is very complicated to cut back on what is destined to autonomous regions but public investment cannot be reduced as it contributes to the country’s growth.” This is why he has suggested following suit with the neighbours. With only three autonomous regions and the other 15 ‘diluted’ into one big region there

Regional government in Valencia. would be massive savings of public money as there would no longer be a ‘doubling up’ of public jobs. Sebastian also wants to reduce the number of councils, replacing them with bigger

councils with wider ranging responsibilities. The ex-minister admits that he has a hard road ahead of him as the ruling party does not share his vision of how to reduce public spending.

Days of chivalry return A CALL has gone out for British expatriates to support their ‘home team’ in the Wrold Medieveal Armoured Combat World Championships. A team from Britain will be representing their country at the event – dubbed a sport but not a game – at Castillo del Belmonte in Cuenca. The championships will be held from May 1-4, with the champions from 20 countries taking part.

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NEWS Vlad Karavaev /


TOURISM: On the up.

Tourism rises as more find work

NATIONALLY, tourism was up by 4.2 per cent in March and with this rise came another 34,098 new jobs. There were 10.1 million tourists who visited Spain in the first three months of the year. The crises in countries previously popular with tourists, like Egypt and

Tunisia, have given a boost to Spanish tourism over the last year. Exceltur, a non-profit association of the 24 largest tourism groups in Spain, has been quick to point out that this rapid growth in the first term would slow down over the course of the year. However, they do

Spanish women retire with less A STUDY has shown that the average pensions paid to women in Spain are 38 per cent less than what men receive. The IESE, the graduate business school of the University of Navarra, has reported that average pension figures for Spaniards are €659 for women and €1,097 for men. The difference is largely due to the short working life of Spanish women, which is the lowest in Europe at only 12.8 years. Men here work for 43.4 years on average. Salary levels were also found to be notably

different, with women receiving 23 per cent less than male workers. Additionally, women often have to leave their jobs for family reasons, which adds to the disparity in pension payments between the two sexes. Women tend to live longer than men and Spain’s population, like that of Britain, is ageing. The study proposes that women should receive pension benefits for periods when they have been acting as unpaid carers, since such tasks are of great social value and should not lead to women being penalised in later life.

recognise that overall the figures look good at a 7.9 per cent year-onyear increase. The UK provided the largest group of tourists with 1.9 million Brits visiting between January and now, a 6.7 per cent more than last year. In second place came France and Germany with 1.6 million each and the Nordic countries provided 1.2 million tourists.

New lead in baby death POLICE in Madrid have made a further arrest in relation to the alleged killing of a baby in 2012. The parents of the baby, a 31-year-old Ecuadorian woman and her Bolivian partner, 27, are already in custody. The 45-year-old man who will also be charged is said to have reported the supposed crime. He told police his girlfriend had given birth to a baby which had died and was buried in a park by the woman and her previous partner. A body has not yet been recovered, but police have found a bone and the remains of a cardboard box in the park concerned.


Romanians force own to be slaves AN adult and five minors who were forced to beg on the streets of Ferrol (Galicia) have now been released from custody.

The National Police have broken up a criminal network run by a large clan of Romanians. The 20 detainees specialised in trafficking teenagers from their home country, forcing them to beg for at least eight hours a day and work like slaves the rest of the time. The minors, generally aged between 13 and 17 years-of-age, were brought to Spain following promises to their Romanian parents that they would be ANDALUCIA is different. That’s the opinion of married to a member of the clan almost 95 per cent of its citizens, according to and would find work here in the a survey carried out by the Centre of construction or agricultural Andalucian Studies. They interviewed 1,000 industries. locals and found that most people felt their Instead of fulfilling these claims region was not like the rest of Spain. the clan members forced their The main differences stated were the victims to beg on the streets in Andalucian character, defined as happy and even the most severe weather sociable, the climate, and the geography of and to do all the cooking and the area. Less than 2 per cent of those cleaning when they got home. interviewed considered Andalucia to be All of the money they earned different from the rest of Spain in economic was taken away from them, terms. Andalucians were generally pleased leaving them totally dependent with their life, giving the region 8.8 points for on the clan for survival. Most of it overall satisfaction. Nonetheless, 16 per cent was then used to buy luxury cars. would consider going to live somewhere else.

Are they different?

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Thinking of studying in the UK XABIA INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE (XIC) hosted a morning with the British Council and six UK universities. Students and parents listened to representatives from the universities outlining the issues to consider when studying in the UK as well as offering information on courses available.

Head of Sixth Form Howard Westcott said: “It is never too early to consider all the issues involved in studying in the UK and it is encouraging to see so many students and parents attending today.” XIC hope to hold these events every year.

RECOVERED: King Juan Carlos will take back more duties from Prince Felipe.

King finishes his ‘intense recovery’

KING JUAN CARLOS I has finally finished his ‘intense recovery’ regime, begun four months ago after a hip operation, and is now allowed by his doctors to reduce by half the amount of exercises he has to do. While receiving new ambassadors at the Royal Palace, the king joked to the ambassador of Oman, Kifaya Miyah al Raisi, that soon he would be “running around the place.” When chatting about his recovery to the Moroccan ambassador, Mohamed Fadel Benyaich, he said he felt a lot better and

this had been achieved through “daily hard work.” A spokesperson for the palace stated that the king’s rehabilitation had gone very well and from now on he only had to do one session per day. Now that he is a little better the king is taking up some of his old duties, previously passed to his son Prince Felipe, and will soon visit Abu Dhabi. It was the king’s fifth operation in 18 months, and is thought to date back to an injury he suffered on a controversial elephant hunting trip he took.


E W N 17 - 23 April 2014 / Costa Blanca North COSTA DEL SOL

Nigerian lottery scammers held

News from our editions With six editions and read by more than half a million people, EWN is Spain’s largest free local English-language newspaper

NATIONAL Police in Torremolinos have detained three people for allegedly swindling others on the ‘Nigerian Lottery’ email scam.

Good beaches THE beaches and waters of the Costa del Sol are at a good level of purity, according to a report by the Department of Health.

Hotel occupation HOTELS in the Costa del Sol area are at 65 per cent occupancy and are expected to hit at least 75 per cent before the weekend.


April meteor shower due THE last two weeks of April bring the Lyrid meteors. According to the best time to see them is the few hours before dawn on April 22.

Rubber robber GUARDIA CIVIL have arrested a man, 43, accused of stealing 50,000 feet of irrigation rubber from a farm in Cuevas del Almanzora.

Lesser evil for Calvia

Carts immobilised

MALAGA Company Finca La Torre-Finca la Reja is among the Spanish companies which will receive the Mario Solinas prize for 2014. The prize is considered the equivalent of an Oscar in the olive grower’s world.

MALAGA fire service is to donate two fire trucks to NGO Firemen without Frontiers. The engines will be destined to help in the Third World.


HOTELIERS in Calvia consider that limiting works with heavy machinery in tourist areas between May and October from 10.30am to 1pm is a ‘lesser evil’.

Olive Oscar

Malaga donations


LOCAL POLICE in Palma stopped three horse-drawn carts from working because they had not passed their compulsory annual checks.

OWNER HEARTBROKEN: Red tape has meant closure.

Kennels’ nightmare

HUNDREDS of supporters of the Eurasier Dream Kennels in Los Montesinos have signed an online petition protesting against the business’s closure. The kennels were closed earlier this month, devastating owner Lynne Cooper who said she had become a victim of bureaucracy and red tape. Problems arose after Lynne and her partner bought the kennels and moved over from England to ‘live the dream’. “It has has now become a nightmare,” said Lynne. The couple tried to transfer the licence into their names but were met with obstructions at the town hall. They invested more money in carrying out a range of checks and getting licences at the request of the town hall. “We have done everything they asked and even paid €420 for a fence licence to since be told that no such thing exists,” added Lynne. The issues have resulted in the breakdown of Lynne’s relationship. “The amount of people and the customers we are letting down is heartbreaking,” she said. Lynne is seeking legal advice on the situation.

Correos food banks COUNTRY-WIDE, Correos (Post Office) has collected more than 24 tonnes of food for the Food Bank of Spain. Almeria collected 855 kilos. The goods are distributed to the needy.


Goods recovered

Three killed on the N-332

COMPUTER equipment and powdered milk stolen from the hospital in Vera have been recovered by police. They are questioning a minor in connection with the incident

THREE people have been killed in a car crash on the N-332 at Torrevieja. A priest was killed in one car as it collided with another being driven by a couple from Toledo.

Summer’s coming

Residents’ ideas

TEMPERATURES in the mid-20s have been forecast for the week across Almeria. Very little cloud is expected.

NEIGHBOURHOOD association San Miguel Archangel of San Miguel has presented 242 proposals for promoting

the economic development and living conditions of the municipality.

Infant massage NEW mothers in Santa Pola have taken part in an infant massage workshop to help strengthen the bond with their newborns, as part of activities to mark World Health Day.

Market hug

More light CALVIA Town Hall is installing 1.5 kilometres of new lights along the beaches of Magaluf to help to prevent crimes and vandalism.

Dog park A NEW area for dogs with a surface of almost 2,500 square metres has opened in Son Parera Park in Palma following requests from residents in El Molinar.

Fresh fish FISHERMEN in Cala Rajada have opened a fish shop at the port which will sell freshly-landed fish from 6pm to 7pm.


Cruise season steams in THE cruise season opened in Granada with the arrival of the MS Prinsendam, which brought more than 30,000 people to the locality.

Motril drugs TWO sales points, in the same building, have been closed down and three people detained for the possession of marijuana in Motril. Police also confiscated €1,755 in cash.

Nazarene market

A HUMAN chain surrounded the Central Market of Elche symbolising a ‘hug’ as residents expressed their opposition to the construction of a new market building.

CALAHONDA is hosting a Nazarene market during Easter. There will be falconry exhibitions as well as many stalls selling artisanal products.

Palm Sunday

Torrenueva Masterchef

AROUND 60,000 people lined Elche’s streets for the annual Palm Sunday parade. The procession of palms has been declared of ‘International Tourist Interest’ in the city.

RESIDENTS of Torrenueva were glued to the TV on Wednesday to watch Cristobal Gomez, son of a local restaurateur by the same name, as he participated in the popular Masterchef programme.

Extradition wait for man’s ‘killer’ THE Spanish police are waiting for the Slovakian authorities to extradite Mayka Marica Kukocova, 24, suspected of killing her millionaire ex-boyfriend, Andrew Bush, 48, in Spain. The suspect had been in a two-year relationship with the victim until last autumn and fled the scene soon after an incident in which the British jeweller was shot dead. The black Hummer she was driving was found by National Police in the area of Elviria, Marbella. She later handed herself into police in her home country of Slovakia. A public prosecutor is requesting for her to be extradited and put at the disposal of the National Court. She would then be transferred to a court in Estepona which is handling the case. Sources close to her claim that she acted in selfdefence. Police are also investigating how she got from Estepona to Slovakia, more than 3,000 kilometres away, by car, in approximately 28 hours. The victim’s body was found at a luxury property he was renting in the Cancelada area of Estepona (Malaga) last weekend. His partner, Maria Korotaeva, aged 20, from Russia, called the police after hearing shots, and Bush was found with two bullet wounds to the head. It appears he arrived home to find his ex-girlfriend waiting for him in the house. His current partner left and reportedly waited outside in the car. She alerted the emergency services at around 2am as she was unable to get into the house.

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Antonio Banderas joins Holy Easter processions HOLLYWOOD actor Antonio Banderas is visiting Spain for Semana Santa. Banderas is in his home town of Malaga, where he says he can take a break from the whirlpool of making four films this year and just enjoy some downtime. As in previous years, Banderas is actively participating in the Holy Week events. However, this year, the actor is without his American wife, actress Melanie Griffith, and his children. On Sunday the actor marched in the local procession honouring the Virgin Mary which started out at Malaga’s San Juan church. Banderas told journalists that he currently has several projects in the pipeline, but following a

CREDIT: Cordon Press.


HOLY WEEK: Banderas back again in Malaga. hectic schedule of “one film after another,” he is intending “to rest a little bit.” This year the actor is acting as the administrator, the person tasked with

guiding the Virgin’s throne through the city during the parade. Banderas said that even when he isn’t visiting his homeland he spends a lot of time following daily

events in the country. He told onlookers: “I’m paying attention to you guys” and commenting on the economic crisis, he said that “there’ve been some very tough years” in Spain.


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A note from the


Follow your dreams T

O those who have lived on the Costas it is an all too familiar story. After a lifetime of hard graft, having brought up a family, it is time for many couples to put their feet up and enjoy their golden days. The dream of retirement to the sunny climes of Spain can finally be made a reality with the promise of many years to come enjoying the Spanish lifestyle. But for some that dream can end all too quickly when one half of a happy partnership sadly passes away. What to do far away from ‘home’ in unfamiliar surroundings and maybe no family or friends nearby? Loneliness can soon set in with the partner of a lifetime no longer there for company and love. Such was the scenario for Paddy

Jones when her beloved husband David passed away just months after they moved to Spain. But Paddy is a woman with a strong spirit, and a certain determined glint to her eyes. Grieving as she was, she decided not to sit back and mope, but to go for dance lessons, hoping to learn Flamenco. When she walked into the dance classes of Nico Espinosa it was the first step on a journey which would lead her to perform in front of a TV audience of 10 million in the hit show Britain’s Got Talent. She drew gasps and a standing ovation for her daring and acrobatic routine at the grand old age of 79. A lesson to us all. No matter your age you can still follow your dreams … you never know where they will lead you.



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business & legal



STAT OF WEEK FRAGRANCE and fashion company Puig reported profits of €176 million last year, a 2 per cent increase on 2012. The firm’s turnover of €1.499 billion was up by 1 per cent.

THE Spanish would rather work for IBM than any other company, a survey revealed. The research was carried out by Randstad, one of the world’s largest human resources consultancies for the fifth edition of its yearly awards to Spain’s best-regarded companies. Samsung and Hewlett Packard

were the next most-voted in the electronics sector after IBM. The BBVA group, Santander and Banco Sabadell were the most popular banks and Mercedes Benz, Renault and Volkswagen-Audi came out top in the automobile sector. Air Europa, Iberia and Renfe topped the transport category and

Starting to get money back... DESPITE the financial crisis, preference share sales continued long after it hit. Between 2008 and 2011 the finance sector placed a total of €12.55 billion as bank employees, pressured by superiors, talked thousands of the financially unsophisticated, in many cases, pensioners, into buying high risk products. They ignored the exceptionally small print and no-one bothered to explain that they would have to wait decades - if ever - to redeem their money. Nor were they told that after the second year, interest would be pegged to the Euro

Interbank Offered Rate (Euribor) rate and they were not covered by the European Commission Guarantee Scheme. Scandal-spattered banks and the Spanish stock market regulator CNMV have since pledged that the scandal will never be repeated. Thanks to arbitration, more than 60 per cent of small investors sold preference shares by Bankia, Novagalicia Banco and Catalunya Bank have since received some redress. So far 269,379 clients have received repayment of €1.890 billion, with many more cases due to go to arbitration.

El Corte Ingles, Ikea and Decathlon were the most-valued stores. Desigual, H&M and Inditex were voted favourite clothing labels and Accor hotels, Melia and NH the best hotel chains. Randstad media awards also went to Antena 3TV (Atresmedia), Mediaset and the state broadcaster TVE.


usiness extra

Digging for the dirt THE Ministry of Labour will pay data-mining consultants €5 million to track down labourrelated and Social Security fraud. It was not outsourcing, Minister Fatima Bañez claimed but “adaptation to new technology.”

Time to go FORMER socialist Finance Minister Miguel Boyer leaves the board of REE in May. The 75-year-old, who foregoes an annual €147,000, will be succeeded by civil engineer Socorro Fernandez Larrea.

Iberia routes to be reinstated FLAGSHIP airline Iberia, who merged with BA to create IAG, will return to Latin America. Direct flights between Madrid Barajas and Santo Domingo have been reinstated and the Istanbul and Athens routes are returning a year after they were eliminated. All were money-losers but IAG is taking a different view following

productivity agreements with pilots, cabin crew and ground staff. Low-cost Iberia Express begins flying from Barajas to Amsterdam twice daily in July and twice-weekly flights to Stockholm will commence in July. “We are committed long-term to Madrid, Spain and the T4 terminal,” said Iberia.


IBM most popular workplace IBM: Most preferred company to work for.


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C O M PA N Y PRICE(P) Aberdeen Asset Mngmnt 425.60 Admiral Group PLC 1358.00 Aggreko PLC 1483.00 Anglo American PLC 1518.25 Antofagasta PLC 837.25 ARM Holdings PLC 943.50 Ashtead Group PLC 847.50 Associated British Foods 2657.50 AstraZeneca PLC 3738.75 Aviva PLC 495.70 Babcock International 1376.00 BAE Systems PLC 394.45 Barclays PLC 235.38 Barratt Developments 377.85 BG Group PLC 1104.00 BHP Billiton PLC 1905.75 BP PLC 469.83 British Amrcn Tobacco 3431.25

C H A N G E ( P ) % C H G. -6.60 -1.53 -1.00 -0.07 -11.00 -0.74 -19.00 -1.24 12.50 1.52 -15.00 -1.56 -32.70 -3.72 13.00 0.49 -41.50 -1.10 -3.40 -0.68 -19.00 -1.36 -4.00 -1.00 -0.60 -0.25 -8.60 -2.23 -8.50 -0.76 -3.50 -0.18 -5.75 -1.21 39.00 1.15

NET VOLUME 340.66 36.04 33.73 541.37 220.57 389.17 441.13 60.22 234.44 257.68 95.69 473.37 3,372.05 610.56 175.24 387.98 3,686.37 234.64

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Units per €

US dollar..................................................................1.38516 Japan yen..............................................................140.729 Switzerland franc ...............................................1.21480 Denmark kroner ................................................7.46630 Norway kroner ..................................................8.24544 • Tel: +34 966 265 072 C O M PA N Y


British Land Co PLC British Sky Broadcasting BT Group PLC Bunzl PLC Burberry Group PLC Capita PLC Carnival PLC

651.00 874.75 355.50 1586.00 1412.00 1077.00 2218.00





C O M PA N Y MMM 3M Co AXP American Express Co T AT&T Inc BA Boeing Co CAT Caterpillar Inc CVX Chevron Corp CSCO Cisco Systems Inc DD E I du Pont de Nemours and Co XOM Exxon Mobil Corp GE General Electric Co GS Goldman Sachs Group Inc HD Home Depot Inc INTC Intel Corp IBM International Business Machine... JNJ Johnson & Johnson JPM JPMorgan Chase and Co MCD McDonald's Corp MRK Merck & Co Inc MSFT Microsoft Corp NKE Nike Inc PFE Pfizer Inc PG Procter & Gamble Co KO The Coca-Cola Co TRV Travelers Companies Inc UTX United Technologies Corp UNH UnitedHealth Group Inc VZ Verizon Communications Inc V Visa Inc WMT Wal-Mart Stores Inc DIS Walt Disney Co

PRICE CHANGE %CHANGE VOLUME 132.39 84.54 35.20 122.07 101.45 117.03 22.47 66.09 96.72 25.43 152.72 75.70 26.18 195.19 96.87 55.30 99.29 55.92 39.21 71.25 29.86 80.76 38.63 85.30 113.93 78.95 47.07 196.63 76.50 77.01

-1.58 -0.82 +0.08 -1.57 -0.81 +0.34 -0.19 -0.38 -0.06 -0.15 -3.26 -1.08 -0.2451 -0.49 +0.33 -2.10 -0.14 +0.07 -0.151 -1.20 -0.75 -0.33 -0.26 +0.31 -0.63 -1.04 -0.40 -4.92 -0.39 -0.50

-1.18% -0.96% +0.23% -1.27% -0.79% +0.29% -0.84% -0.57% -0.06% -0.59% -2.09% -1.41% -0.93% -0.25% +0.34% -3.66% -0.14% +0.13% -0.38% -1.66% -2.45% -0.41% -0.67% +0.36% -0.55% -1.30% -0.84% -2.44% -0.51% -0.65%

2.4M 4.0M 34.6M 3.9M 5.4M 7.0M 47.3M 4.4M 13.4M 37.3M 6.5M 8.4M 36.1M 4.8M 8.7M 47.2M 6.6M 13.6M 34.3M 4.3M 40.8M 11.8M 18.1M 2.1M 3.1M 3.4M 25.8M 7.5M 8.0M 9.2M



C H A N G E ( P ) % C H G. -4.00 -2.00 -2.60 -11.00 -1.00 -11.00 -30.00


-0.61 -0.23 -0.73 -0.69 -0.07 -1.01 -1.33


NET VOLUME 74.60 92.92 1,105.00 18.46 86.05 44.99 51.52


Most Advanced Zygo Corporation $ 19.43 Phibro Animal Health Corporation $ 17 JAKKS Pacific, Inc. $ 8.28 Titan Machinery Inc. $ 19.90 UBIC, Inc. $ 11.48 BofI Holding, Inc. $ 80.45 Achaogen, Inc. $ 13.31 Credit Suisse AG $ 7.37 ProShares UltraShort Nasdaq Biotechnology$ 20.86 China XD Plastics Company Limited $ 6.05 EveryWare Global, Inc. $ 4.05

4.75 ▲ 32.36% 2 ▲ 13.33% 0.75 ▲ 9.96% 1.76 ▲ 9.70% 0.99 ▲ 9.44% 6.01 ▲ 8.07% 0.72 ▲ 5.72% 0.39 ▲ 5.59% 1.04 ▲ 5.25% 0.28 ▲ 4.85% 0.17 ▲ 4.38%

Most Declined Arrowhead Research Corporation Retrophin, Inc. LDR Holding Corporation China Mobile Games and Entment Gr Ltd MacroGenics, Inc. RMG Networks Holding Corporation Eagle Bulk Shipping Inc. NewLink Genetics Corporation Celldex Therapeutics, Inc. OncoMed Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Control4 Corporation

$ 13.13 $ 15.36 $ 23.95 $ 15.97 $ 20.38 $ 4.04 $ 3.69 $ 19.97 $ 14.02 $ 24.12 $ 17.44

2.74 ▼ 17.27% 2.89 ▼ 15.84% 3.95 ▼ 14.16% 2.58 ▼ 13.91% 3.11 ▼ 13.24% 0.60 ▼ 12.93% 0.49 ▼ 11.72% 2.54 ▼ 11.28% 1.60 ▼ 10.24% 2.72 ▼ 10.13% 1.96 ▼ 10.10%


C O M PA N Y PRICE(P) Centrica PLC 334.60 Coca-Cola HBC AG 1493.00 Compass Group PLC 904.25 CRH PLC 1733.50 Diageo PLC 1895.75 easyJet PLC 1668.50 Experian PLC 1054.50 Fresnillo PLC 917.25 G4S PLC 245.25 GKN PLC 373.35 GlaxoSmithKline PLC 1535.25 Glencore Xstrata PLC 315.47 Hammerson PLC 558.00 Hargreaves Lansdown 1239.50 HSBC Holdings PLC 618.30 IMI PLC 1499.50 Imperial Tobacco Grp 2486.00 InterContinental Hotels 1893.50 International Conslidtd ... 387.80 Intertek Group PLC 2906.50 ITV PLC 181.20 Johnson Matthey PLC 3131.00 Kingfisher PLC 425.05 Land Securities Group 1020.50 Legal & General Group 210.05 Lloyds Banking Group 72.15 London Stock Exchange 1783.00 Marks & Spencer Group 432.65 Meggitt PLC 466.35 Melrose Industries PLC 288.80 Mondi PLC 982.50 National Grid PLC 809.75 Next PLC 6345.00 Old Mutual PLC 197.55 Pearson PLC 1034.00 Persimmon PLC 1295.00 Petrofac Ltd 1392.00 Prudential PLC 1292.50 Randgold Resources 4711.50 Reckitt Benckiser Group 4809.50 Reed Elsevier PLC 872.25 Resolution Ltd 277.70 REXAM PLC 491.55 Rio Tinto PLC 3332.00 Rolls-Royce Holdings 1018.50 Royal Bank of Scotland 305.05 Royal Dutch Shell PLC 2341.75 Royal Mail PLC 492.90 RSA Insurance Group 92.97 SABMiller PLC 3142.50 Sage Group (The) PLC 387.90 Sainsbury (J) PLC 313.60 Schroders PLC 2536.50 Severn Trent PLC 1764.00 Shire PLC 2869.50 Smith & Nephew PLC 880.50 Smiths Group PLC 1231.50 Sports Direct Intrntnl... 760.75 SSE PLC 1464.00 Standard Chartered PLC 1331.25 Standard Life PLC 371.35 St. James's Place PLC 758.00 Tesco PLC 282.50 Travis Perkins PLC 1750.50 TUI Travel PLC 419.15 Tullow Oil PLC 831.50 Unilever PLC 2656.00 United Utilities Group 757.00 Vodafone Group PLC 213.05 Weir Group PLC 2478.50 Whitbread PLC 3953.00 William Hill PLC 321.95 Wm Morrison Suprmrkts 201.05 Wolseley PLC 3317.00 WPP PLC 1208.50

CHANGE -0.30 0.00 -5.00 -4.00 22.00 -32.00 -3.00 9.00 -1.10 -4.20 -17.00 3.75 -4.00 -17.00 0.80 -18.00 39.00 -12.00 -4.30 -8.00 -1.80 -29.00 -2.60 -2.00 -1.00 -0.83 -19.00 -2.90 -3.50 -3.62 -16.00 0.00 -43.57 -1.30 -2.50 -19.00 -12.00 -10.00 38.30 77.00 -9.00 -1.12 -8.40 3.22 -14.00 -1.00 -8.50 -2.10 -0.70 32.00 -2.59 4.08 -14.00 -6.00 -5.00 -3.00 3.00 -10.50 -4.31 10.00 -2.18 -6.00 1.30 -19.00 -3.20 3.50 19.00 -1.95 -0.75 -18.75 -79.00 -1.80 -0.20 -10.00 -11.00

% C H G. -0.09 0.00 -0.55 -0.23 1.17 -1.88 -0.28 0.99 -0.45 -1.11 -1.10 1.20 -0.71 -1.35 0.13 -1.19 1.59 -0.63 -1.10 -0.27 -0.98 -0.92 -0.61 -0.20 -0.47 -1.14 -1.05 -0.67 -0.75 -1.24 -1.60 0.00 -0.68 -0.65 -0.24 -1.44 -0.86 -0.77 0.82 1.63 -1.02 -0.40 -1.68 0.10 -1.36 -0.33 -0.36 -0.42 -0.75 1.03 -0.66 1.32 -0.55 -0.34 -0.17 -0.34 0.24 -1.36 -0.29 0.76 -0.58 -0.79 0.46 -1.07 -0.76 0.42 0.72 -0.26 -0.35 -0.75 -1.96 -0.56 -0.10 -0.30 -0.90

VOLUME 917.71 14.23 150.47 111.86 418.95 110.09 146.62 109.79 144.47 856.42 789.93 2,732.61 66.58 72.99 3,204.14 32.70 136.56 30.27 921.51 14.32 1,033.39 21.13 134.55 96.02 1,455.54 12,393.80 25.93 283.18 62.98 150.01 69.41 298.99 14.94 330.94 171.88 54.13 49.24 158.71 59.28 150.76 293.23 398.17 151.87 353.31 383.56 637.67 246.59 235.14 1,146.67 191.22 85.62 626.56 15.97 20.14 166.14 73.87 37.69 305.12 56.83 501.21 179.71 108.40 2,494.80 27.69 47.82 150.14 414.08 67.70 7,591.06 14.41 39.72 103.31 941.69 49.09 275.89


EU wins stand-off with China THE EU’s successful tussle with China over customs duty will benefit Spanish wine. China had threatened to slap on duty after Brussels accused China of exporting solar panels at lower than cost price. Until then Spain, which had an endless supply of cheap panels, had few complaints but EU members condemned China’s commercial practices. Brussels caved in and imposed a provisional 11.8 per cent duty on Chinese solar panels in June 2013. In return, Beijing launched an antidumping and anti-subsidy probe into European wine which, it claimed, received state help. China is the world’s fifth-most important wine consumer. France, Spain and Italy between them provide two-thirds of the wine that is drunk there and Spain, which exports 24.4 million bottles a year to China, would have been hardhit by punitive duties. Both sides have now reached agreement.

17 - 23 April 2014 / Costa Blanca North


Two-tier Spain is now paying for past excesses THE economic crisis has widened traditional differences between richer and poorer autonomous regions. Before the economic crisis Cataluña made the greatest contribution to Spain’s national GDP, accounting for 18.5 per cent of the total. Almost six years into the crisis, its 18.8 per cent contribution in 2013 was still higher than any other region’s. Madrid was not far behind and by the end of last year contributed 17.9 per cent of the GDP, 0.15 per cent more than in 2008. The GDP contributions from Andalucia and the Valencia region suffered the greatest reductions, with the former now second from the bottom amongst the 17 autonomous regions. It contributed 13.5 per cent to the national economy last year,

INDUSTRY: Drives Cataluña’s economy.

8.7 per cent less than in 2008. The Valencian Community’s contribution of 9.5 per cent was

10 per cent lower than six years ago. It was the same story with the

Best way of dealing with debt Talking shop Mike Walsh Mike Walsh was for 20 years Regional Assessment Manager for the Guild of Master Craftsmen, Britain’s biggest quality assurance body for businesses. • 966 786 932

THE best way of dealing with debt is to avoid people who expect credit. When people owe you money, for the period it is outstanding, you invest in their business not yours. Some businesses thrive by running their business on clients’ money; debt. These businesses could go to the bank to borrow money. After all, lending money is the bank’s business, not yours. They don’t approach banks because the bank qualifies credit history, sets rules, adds interest and imposes sanctions for those who don’t play ball. You are the soft option. When your business is owed money there is much collateral damage. Why borrow €5,000 plus interest from a bank if you are owed


CASH PROBLEMS: You can’t afford to invest in your business. a similar amount that is interest free? If you suffer cash flow problems you cannot take advantage of bulk discounts or special offers. You spend time chasing debts instead of promoting your business; you can’t afford to advertise, to invest in your business. Dealing with debt is more problematic in Spain than it is in Britain. For this reason Spain has attracted many shysters who have a cavalier attitude to paying their dues. The disreputable turn to their advantage the difficulties encountered in chasing debt. They work on the presumption that you will write it off and put it down to experience.

The artful dodgers then shamelessly move to the next sheep to be fleeced. The best way of avoidance is to insist on 50 per cent or full payment up-front until a working relationship is established. A genuine client will understand. I know of one businessman who boasted a confidence winning strategy. Having won the confidence of a client he would scam them for a massive amount and do a runner. Now serving time in the UK he will be out in less than 40 months. Not bad for decades of luxurious lifestyle. He still has his yachts, villas and cars to fall back on. Yes, crime does pay.

GDI (the GDP divided by the number of inhabitants) in rich and poor regions. In the Basque Region, Madrid, Navarra and Cataluña this either improved compared with the national average between 2008 and 2013 or did not fall. The country can be split into the half that is industrialised and the half that relied on the construction and property industries. “A crisis regulates past excesses and accentuates structural weaknesses,” pointed out economic strategist Jose Luis Martinez Campuzano. “The objective should cushion the first while carrying out reforms to overcome the second.”

No niche in Spanish high street for foreign banks WITH Citibank selling to Banco Popular, Barclays could be looking to dispose of its Spanish high street business. Other foreign banks like Natwest, Abbey and Lloyds have already thrown in the towel in Spain. “In the Eighties, everybody believed foreign banks would burst onto the scene and consolidate their position, but it didn’t happen. They said the same in the Nineties but again nothing happened,” a Spanish banking source told the national daily, ABC. Instead the foreign banks had an uphill struggle, not least because Spain’s leading banks had the retail market practically sewn up and they never acquired sufficient clients to be profitable. “To succeed in a niche like this, closeness to savers and companies is fundamental. It’s important

to know them personally,” the same source said. There was “a certain rejection” of foreign banks, the banker admitted. This rejection was invariably cited by foreign banks to justify their lack of success here, another banker agreed: “But that’s an excuse: there was no aversion. It never existed.” What did exist, Spanish bankers said, were management blunders and errors of judgement. These included foreign banks’ appetite for the property industry - and the mortgage market, with Barclays and Deutsche Bank sustaining bad debts of more than 40 per cent from the property sector and portfolios bulging with repossessions. Barclays, which has closed 161 branches since 2013, rebuffed rumours that the bank would sell the entire business.


E W N 17 - 23 April 2014 / Costa Blanca North


A night with your boss in pyjamas!

Loose change A look at finance for females

Jane Plunkett

THE typical modern system of managing a business often sees the boss at the top and the employees at the bottom. The boss being a Grand Emperor ruling over his servants, who nod and genuflect agreeably as they carry out their tasks. It’s true that many employees rarely see their employer and are often almost too scared to ask for an appointment to have a chat about working conditions. This type of environment is not conducive to motivating employees. Rather it leaves them feeling undervalued and resentful.

A recent study on ‘employee engagement’ reveals that a shocking 70 per cent of workers hate their jobs or are completely disengaged. Not good for the bottom line and not good for the health and satisfaction of workers either. But there is a way to change this - have a sleepover with your boss! Slumber parties were once refined to young girls and their friends but nowadays one super successful business has learned that a sleepover can benefit an employer and staff too. Whole Foods is a natural and organic food store across the US, Canada

sleepovers with the boss are commonplace, as the chief executive feels that spending time with and the UK. It opened its colleagues in a more first store in 1980 with the personal setting is the best idea to govern staff in a way to build up a trusting different way. A ‘caring relationship. leadership’ mental“I know this sounds ity was adopted weird, but there’s somethat strives to thing about sleeping in the value and retain same house and then fixing staff. At Whole breakfast or dinner Foods, together that is very much staff a bonding experience,” he said. The caring leadership approach allows all staff to have a say in the running of the company. For example, when a new member of staff starts working they are put in a team and put on SLEEPOVERS: two months Not just for probation. Only young girls. when they are approved by at

Keeping a UK car in Spain I read with interest your article last year in EWN regarding vehicles with foreign You and the registration plates on Spanish roads. We own a holiday home in Mallorca in which Law in Spain we spend the summer. We are not By David Searl Spanish residents. We were stopped by the Guardia Civil and told because we owned a house we needed to supply all paperwork to the authorities within seven days. We complied but have heard nothing since September. What is my situation? C.J. (Mallorca) A. It is true a foreign-registered vehicle owned by a non-resident can remain in Spain all year. The vehicle can be used on Spanish roads for six months in any calendar year. However, this vehicle must be at all times road-legal in its country of registration. This means your car must have an up-to-date MOT from the UK. Otherwise, it is not legal in the UK, which means it is not legal in Spain. The only legal way to obtain a UK MOT is to take the vehicle back to the UK. If I failed to make this clear earllier, I apologise. A Spanish ITV, does not meet the requirement. My advice is to take your car back to the UK and purchase a Spanish-registered car to use on your visits to Spain. If you have not heard from the Guardia Civil so far, they are doing you a favour. Send your questions for David Searl through lawyers Ubeda-Retana & Associates in Fuengirola at, or call 952 667 090.


Tried and true

least two-thirds of their team members in a secret ballot can they stay on permanently. There is a conscious effort made not to promote the ‘jerks’ within the company, while the pay system is nothing like Wall Street. The seven-strong executive team, all earn the same salary, which is capped at 19 times the average pay of a full-time worker. Every meeting is wrapped up with ‘appreciations’ to thank team members for their hard work. It may all sound a little airy-fairy to us cynical Europeans but the proof is in the pudding. Fastforward 30 years and the company now has 80,000 staff across 373 shops in the US alone. The results suggest caring leadership is very effective. Happy staff and big earnings!

DIA supermarkets offer only 33 per cent of manufacturers’ new lines in food, drink, cosmetics and cleaning products. Mercadona sells still less, with just 15.8 per cent.

Late payers SPANISH multinational OHL is claiming €116 million from Algeria’s motorways agency, ANA. The amount arises from a €450 million contract awarded in 2006 to construct a second Algiers ring road.

Low aid SPAIN gave just 0.16 per cent of its gross national income to official development aid (ODA) in 2013, according to new OECD figures compared to an average 0.41 per cent OECD average. The UK gave 0.7 per cent - the level recommended by the United Nations.

Vast majority of downloads ‘illegal’ A NEW report on online ‘piracy’ says that a massive 84 per cent of content like films, music and books acquired online in Spain is unlawfully downloaded. The report, which was commissioned by music, videogame, publishing and movie companies, said that more than half of internet users in the country were downloading content illegally in 2013. The report was brought out last week to coincide with a Congressional debate on intellectual property. But the Culture Ministry was left unimpressed by it, calling it a rough opinion study that had been paid for by interested parties. It added that there had been no chance to analyse its findings. Called the Observatory of Privacy and Digital Content Consumer Habits for 2013, the report says that illegal downloads are growing at a rate of 4.6 per cent. The coalition that commissioned the report says that ‘piracy’ is seriously harming the interests of the authors of

ONLINE PIRACY: High in Spain. the works downloaded and causing huge losses to the companies that develop videogames and make movies. The report called for Google, which is the search engine used by the vast majority of people, should do more to combat piracy.


Supply and demand is nature’s way WATCH television any night and there will be at least one plea to save the life of a child who is starving to death or forced to drink filthy water which will cause its death. As a so-called developed nation I suppose we must respond because we can’t stand by and allow this to happen. But this is not a twentieth century problem. It has been like this for thousands of years: famine and drought have been responsible for millions of deaths during the history of this planet. It is the way Mother Nature handles supply and demand not just for the human race, but every species. Millions of pounds have been raised by organisations, governments, and the entertainment industry. Thankfully their efforts have been a great success in saving the lives of thousands of children. But are we not just adding to the problem of supply and demand? I am not suggesting we do not save these young lives, what else can we do? I do not know how many lives have been saved over recent times, but I do know that these children will have grown, married and produced more mouths to feed from still-limited resources. I don’t have a solution. Do you? Tom Hawksworth (by email)

Still at it I WONDER who runs these Microsoft scams. Over the past 18 months or so I’ve had several scam calls. Always a person with a Pakistani or Indian accent addressing me in English although I live in France and answer the phone in French. I think they only target Anglophones, as I’ve not met any French people who have received calls. Sometimes I just tell them that I know it’s a scam, other times I’ve pretended to do what they tell me. I’ve asked them where they’re calling from; once they said the UK but my phone screen showed a Moroccan code. Today they claimed it was California, but

17 - 23 April 2014 / Costa Blanca North


Spare the rod

Letters for Your Say should be emailed to, posted to Euro Weekly News, C/Moscatel 10, P-62, Polígono Industrial, Arroyo de la Miel, 29631 Benalmadena, Málaga, Spain or faxed to 0034 952 440 887

Photographs for possible publication should be sent by email with a full caption to:

HEAVY rain caused problems in Santa Ponsa, including this landslide that I photographed while out walking.

Edward Grummit, Mallorca.

Home cooking WITH regard to the article advocating dry food as best for dogs, I disagree strongly. I feed my two dogs dried food in the morning and either fish, eggs, chicken, chicken liver or hearts in the evening. I buy a chicken carcass cheaply, cook it with carrots in water and give them the meat, which I scrape off, and the carrots. I also do this with bones that I get free of charge from the butcher. Bones that contain marrow they have raw, which they just love. My dogs are very healthy and in extremely good condition. Furthermore, they enjoy their food and never leave any. The only food they often leave behind is the dried food. In addition it costs nothing or next to nothing to feed them this way! Beverley Saunders (by email)

WHEN YOU WRITE All letters, whether by email or post, should carry the writer’s postal address, NIE and contact number though only the name and town will be published. Letters may also be edited. Readers who have missed earlier correspondence can see all letters posted on:

Special vocab I HAVE had enough of Spain and the total disregard for Brits. Yes, I know we should learn the language and I know a lot but not when it comes to banking. Trying to get a person in a Spanish bank to talk English is virtually impossible. They take billions from us but that’s where it ends. If I had a business that attracted different nationalities I would make sure I could get somebody to speak their language. It’s a bit like Carrefour. You want to buy? Hey ho, perfect English. Returns? Nobody speaks English! I had Spanish lessons in Spain for two years but banking was not


women are just as bad as the men. Derek McMahon (by email)


the number was from Wheaton (Illinois) in the US. Someone locally lost nearly €500 to these scammers, so beware. Rose Marie Hughes, Reynes (France)


covered, so to people who say I have not tried: rubbish. Jim Massey, Benidorm (Alicante)

Which way to turn I HAVE just read Ulrica Marshall’s article regarding Spanish driving and I couldn’t agree more. If they park on pedestrian crossings, corners or loading bays, as long as the hazard lights are flashing that’s alright then! She also mentioned the lack of use of indicators. Mainly they leave the right or left indicators flashing because they know that eventually during their journey they may have to turn in that direction, so why cancel the indicator? Bless’ em. Bob Hall (by email)

No-brainer I REALLY enjoyed Ulrica Marshall’s article in this week’s newspaper. One instance comes to mind when I was driving towards Los Montesinos at 80 kilometres per hour and a motor-cyclist passed me doing a wheelie. If he had landed on his head he wouldn’t have had brain damage as he obviously didn’t have a brain. Don’t take offence, but the

I RECENTLY saw a cartoon in which the counsel for the prosecution asks of the little girl in the witness box: “And can you see the man who refused to buy you a horse?” It was not until I read Leapy Lee’s article about the new Cinderella law that I understood its significance. That’s the trouble with lawmakers: if they don’t make laws they are out of a job. It was okay when we only had 10 laws but now that there are thousands it is difficult to make sensible new ones. The Spanish suffer from this problem more than most. J Glazer, Nerja (Malaga)

Charity queries I HAVE several questions that have been worrying me for some time now. With regard to charities here on the Costa Blanca, are they really charities? Do they really have charitable status? What do their statutes say? Where does all the money raised really go to? Do they have a committee and an annual AGM with a treasurer’s report available for people to view? I have noticed more and more ‘charities’ appearing over the past 10 years and wonder if they are genuine and if people really benefit from them. I am curious and I wonder if anyone else is? Kelly Boluda, Ondara (Alicante)

Jab request IS the new meningitis vaccine that came out in December 2013 in the UK available here? There was a big hoo-ha in the UK because it wasn’t going to be available on the NHS but I don’t care if I have to pay for it for my daughter. The only problem is that when I asked my doctor here he mentioned the two vaccines my daughter already had as a baby and again as a toddler. He seemed to know nothing about the ‘new’ one! It can’t only be England that’s got it, can it? Sarah (by email)

The views expressed and opinions given in Letters are not necessarily those of the EWN publishers. They accept no responsibility for accuracy of information, errors, omissions or statements, and reject claims arising out of any action that a company or individual may take on the basis of information contained therein.


E W N 17 - 23 April 2014 / Costa Blanca Nor th


Charities and volunteers

recognised at Charity Gala Awards 2





1- GALA SPECTACULAR: At Denia's La Sella Marriott Hotel 2- TOLDOS JUNTOS JAVEA 3 - PEGGY WYATT: Almost 60 years as a member of the Royal British Legion 4 - MALCOLM BUNN: Volunteer with HELP Denia and Marina Alta 5 - BAY RADIO: Graham Barber addressing the guests 6- EKA: Babs Javori, delighted with her award



N a glittering, spectacular, gala ceremony, hundreds of guests attended the first ever Bay Radio Charity Gala Awards. Amongst the stunning backdrop of Denia's La Sella Marriott Hotel, it was a chance for all the unsung heroes to dress up and stand up and be counted and recognised for giving the most precious thing they can, their time, to charities across the Costa Blanca. With honoured guests including British Consul Paul Rodwell and Mayor of Javea, Jose Chulvi, and fellow councillors, Managing Director of Bay Radio, Graham Barber, addressed the audience: “I am honoured and humbled to be standing in front of so many people making a difference.” He added: “It is impossible to recognise every single charity but it is important to know that those that are not here with us this evening are in our thoughts and deserve our recognition. We are a family, with one thing in common, dedicated to helping people less fortunate than ourselves. You all work tirelessly to make a difference.” British Consul Paul Rodwell later said that in four years within his role he had never been at an event like it: “It is a magnificent effort.” Dancers Zannie Strutley and Elena Gwyn Jones from Footworks performed a contemporary lyrical piece before professional opportunist James Brown took to the stage. TV presenter and antiques expert Mark Stacey oversaw the auction and raffle which raised thousands of euros with guests

BRITISH CONSUL: Paul Rodwell enjoys the gala event

digging deep. The charismatic Matthew Holbrook’s The Millennium Show Robbie Williams tribute and Benidorm’s Blues Brothers experience also wowed and entertained the crowds, but the real stars on the night were the charities and their volunteers. Dean Shaw produced a stunning, emotive film about the work they do and the challenges they face, which left the audience with a stark reminder of the real reason for the event.

Each of the 18 charities nominated a person or group of volunteers who were represented on the night: • APASA animal charity – Pauline Kershaw • Bomberos Vountarios – Michael Nicke, Commanderin-Chief • Cancer Care Charity Centre and Shops – Denise Allan (posthumous award) collected by Barbara Greenhow • Costa Blanca Dog Homing – Paludita and Inma • Cruz Roja – Jose Luis Domenech Bisquert • EKA European Kids Association – Babs Javori • EMAUS – Tony Grande on behalf of the founder of EMAUS • Freemasons – Kath Taylor • Grant a Wish – Ramon Howard, Karan Thornton and Ian Bennett • Guardian Angels – Tricia Barr • HELP Denia and Marina Alta – Malcolm Bunn • MABS – Jacqui Phillips on behalf of all the volunteers • Paul Cunningham Nurses – Val Ingham • Royal British Legion – Peggy Wyatt, a member for nearly 60 years • Samaritans – Christine Sumter • The Lions Club International Teulada and Moraira – Garry Vincent • The Original Charity Shop – Georgina Harvey • Toldos Juntos Javea – Adriaan Bloem (posthumous award) collected on his behalf by his wife Louise Ble

If you can't afford to help fund a local charity, give the next thing they most desperately need, your time, and make a real difference.


17 - 23 April 2014 / Costa Blanca Nor th



Is ‘for better or worse’ dying out? With a recent survey revealing that nearly a quarter of newlyweds expect to divorce, is


NN MARTIN from Benitachell (Alicante) has been married for 35 years. She is shocked by the survey saying nearly a quarter of newlyweds expect to divorce. “There is no point in getting into marriage thinking it will fail.” She added: “I think it is too easy to get out of marriage and to get divorced. Around 80 per cent of my acquaintances are divorced but I’m sure they didn’t get married thinking it would end.” Rebecca Lawson is a small business owner from Fuengirola (Malaga). Although the 29-year-old is young she has traditionalist views. “I think traditional wedding vows should be just that. A vow is not something you go into thinking that hopefully there’s an escape clause. You do it because you are committed, 100 per cent. Otherwise, don’t make the vow,” she said. Darrell Clayton, a DJ from Gata de Gorgos (Alicante), is on his second marriage and really believes it is ‘for

the phrase ‘for better or worse’ dying out? Should people stay together for life, or


ANN MARTIN: Married 35 years.

should they accept that they may grow apart and split up?

better or worse’. “I married her purely remarked: “I know so many people for love and it is forever. I would who have divorced who never not survive without her.” He expected to. It’s not that they STAN joked his first marriage to a didn’t love each other at JAYSON: Dutch lady ended because one point. I like to think Maybe it’s “she was very expensive!” that those who say too easy to something like ‘for better or Stan Jayson for worse’ truly mean it at divorce from Mojacar the time. Maybe it’s too easy (Almeria) said he to divorce and go back on those doesn’t want to vows. Maybe they never should have think the phrase is made them in the first place.” dying out, but Allison Beard from Algorfa maybe it is. The 58- (Alicante) has been married since year old retired 2006. After meeting her husband in engineer Spain whilst on holiday, Allison moved over from the UK a month after getting together as a couple, ALLISON showing that romance is certainly BEARD: alive and well. “Unfortunately, a lot Met husband in of couples do get divorced, many times for reasons out of their Spain and control. But I think it is really sad to moved over think that a quarter of couples go to be with into a marriage union expecting it to him. end,” she said.

Greed, not need: the scandals that just won’t die T

HERE’S been much press coverage recently concerning the former UK’s Culture Secretary Maria Miller’s controversial expenses and begrudgingly belated resignation. Isn’t it amazing how, once again, senior politicians show how totally disconnected they are from the public mood over their expenses? The humiliating apologies dredged up one after the other, after the scandal broke in 2009, look even more phony and disingenuous now than then. Like bankers, politicians seem to have learned nothing from their misconduct. There’s nothing but hot air, lip service and a stubborn refusal to face up to reality followed by phrases like ‘we’ve all learned the lessons,’ ‘we’ve moved on,’ ‘the system’s

been overhauled.’ I know I bang on about MPs’ expenses, the NHS, the BBC, the police service and so on. My rationale is that by drawing repeated attention to these issues can there be any hope of change. Basically, the whole expenses system is still an easy target. It needs to be looked at from scratch by those with proven experience and a track record in the area. The Government doesn’t think twice about getting the private sector to manage school exams, run prisons and trains and deliver the post. Why doesn’t it use the same formula to police its own expenses? Are you tired too, like me, of hearing the phrase ‘it’s only a few’ who make ‘mistakes’ - about the police, the NHS and any organisation where wrongdoing’s

Nora Johnson

Breaking Views

A Costa del Sol resident for a number of years, Nora is the author of psychological suspense and crime thrillers. To comment on any of the issues raised in her column, go to nora-johnson

uncovered? Now, if that’s the case, why are the majority so incompetent or not up to dealing with ‘the few’ when it happens time and again? It might explain the first occurrence, but shouldn’t repeated wrongdoing ring alarm bells: that wrongdoing’s maybe becoming increasingly par for the course? There’s no justification for what politicians like Maria Miller did in the eyes of the ordinary voter. Ordinary citizens are prosecuted for benefit fiddling and non-

SCANDALOUS: There’s no justification for MPs’ misconduct. payment of TV licences. It’s unlikely there’s a single business in the UK where employees are permitted to act as judge and jury over their own expenses and, if found making a ‘mistake,’ are permitted to ‘apologise’ and get away with it for so long - until forced to resign. Why should Parliament be any different? Oh, I forgot, that’s an entirely

different matter. Truth stranger than fiction? You couldn’t make it up.

Nora Johnson’s thrillers Retribution and The De Clerambault Code ( available from Amazon in paperback/eBook (€0.89; £0.77) and iBookstore. Profits to Cudeca.


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Jersey Girl (Film, 2004)

BBC4/ 8:00pm World News Today 8:30pm The Sky at Night

Ollie loses his wife, then his top PR job, but stays devoted to his baby girl Gertie. Seven years on, Maya from the video store puts the zest back into his life.

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The Bridge on the River Kwai (Film, 1957) War drama about British prisoners of war who are forced to build a jungle railroad bridge in World War II Indochina, oblivious to a plan by the allies who are set to destroy it. Winner of seven Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Actor.

5:40am The Fighting Temptations

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FINANCE My last article looked at the reforms to personal tax, savings and pensions announced in the UK Budget. Although the pension news was the biggest element, there are other aspects that may affect expatriates. Capital gains tax The capital gains tax annual allowance increases to £11,000 on 6th April 2014. New legislation will ensure that capital gains made by a remittance basis user in the overseas part of a split year are not charged to tax. The Chancellor’s Autumn Statement had included the announcement that the exemption from UK capital gains tax afforded to long-term non-residents on the disposal of UK property will be withdrawn from April 2015. The budget did not contain any new information on how it would work, but a consultation was later published on 28th March. It looks like only gains arising from 6th April 2015 on disposals of UKsited residential property will be taxed, but we cannot be certain at this stage. As announced in the Autumn Statement, from this April the Principal Private Residence Relief – the period of deemed ownership where a property has been the main home and is exempt from capital gains


17 - 23 April 2014 / Costa Blanca Nor th



The UK Budget – How Does It Affect You? Part 2

By Robert Croizat, Senior Partner, Blevins Franks tax – is reduced from 36 months to 18. Property tax Where companies own UK residential property valued at over £2 million, there is an annual tax charge – Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings (ATED) - currently between £15,000 and £140,000, depending on the value of the property.

New legislation will reduce this threshold to £500,000 and introduce a new range of annual charges. This is effective 1st April 2015 for properties valued at between £1 million and £2 million, and from April 2016 for properties between £500,000 and £1 million. With immediate effect, the 15% rate of Stamp Duty Land Tax applying to purchases of residential property by companies will be extended to properties worth £500,000 or more. Any non-UK residents wishing to restructure out of current enveloped structures will need to focus on doing so in good time before next April. Inheritance tax UK inheritance tax is charged on the net value of a person’s estate, after deducting the nil-rate band, any reliefs and exemptions, and outstanding liabilities. Property situated outside the UK belonging

to, or settled by, a non-UK domiciled individual is ‘excluded property’ and does not form part of a person’s estate. Legislation introduced last year allows a deduction for a liability only if it has not been used to acquire, maintain or enhance excluded property, except in a few specified circumstances. Foreign currency deposits in UK banks are not taken into account in determining the value of a person’s estate if the depositor is non-UK domiciled and non-UK resident at death. Legislation will be introduced in Finance Bill 2014 to treat foreign currency accounts held in UK banks in a similar way to excluded property for the purposes of how liabilities are deducted for inheritance tax. As previously announced, various measures will be introduced to simplify the inheritance tax

treatment of relevant property trusts, including treating retained income as accumulated after five years when calculating the ten year anniversary charge. These changes could have a significant impact on the inheritance tax payable by existing trusts. Most changes are deferred until April 2015, pending further consultation. This is just a summary. It is important to seek specialist advice to clarify how you are affected, particularly when it comes to the interaction between UK and local Spanish taxation, and if you want to explore your new pension options. Tax rates, scope and reliefs may change. Any statements concerning taxation are based upon our understanding of current taxation laws and practices which are subject to change. Tax information has been summarised; an individual is advised to seek personalised advice. To keep in touch with the latest developments in the offshore world, check out the latest news on our website


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9:00pm American Reunion 11:00pm Ted 12:55am Team America: World Police 2:40am Mad Dog and Glory 4:25am The Hangover Special 4:55am Stop! or My Mom Will Shoot

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Million Dollar Baby (Film, 2004) Hilary Swank stars in Clint Eastwood's film as Maggie Fitzgerald, a blue-collar woman who believes she can make it to the top in the female boxing ranks. Much against his will, she persuades ageing trainer Frankie Dunn (Eastwood) to take her on, and with his sidekick Eddie ‘ScrapIron’ Dupris (Morgan Freeman), he takes her to the top and a title fight. Which is when the film takes a very different turn and Dunn faces guilt and doubts that conflict with his strict Catholic beliefs.

9:30am One Fine Day 11:30am The Lucky One 1:15pm The Devil Wears Prada 3:15pm John Tucker Must Die 4:55pm Failure to Launch 6:40pm Million Dollar Baby 9:00pm The Devil Wears Prada 11:00pm New Year's Eve 1:05am The English Teacher 2:45am Moonlight Mile

SkyMoviesAction/ 6:30am The Amazing Spider-

Man 2 Special 7:00am Dante's Peak 9:00am Jack the Giant Slayer 11:00am The Scorpion King 12:40pm The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers 3:45pm Fast and Furious 6 6:00pm Jack the Giant Slayer 8:00pm The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers 11:00pm Fast and Furious 6 1:15am Demolition Man 3:15am K-19: The Widowmaker

BBC3/ 8:00pm Top Gear 9:20pm Toy Story 2 10:50pm Russell Howard's Good News Extra 11:35pm Family Guy 11:58pm Family Guy 12:21am Family Guy 12:44am Family Guy 1:07am Family Guy 1:30am Youth in Revolt 2:55am In the Flesh 3:50am In the Flesh 4:50am Great Movie Mistakes V: Revenge of the Fifth

Toy Story 2 (Film, 1999) BBC 3 from 9:20pm to 10:50pm Slick, hugely entertaining sequel to Toy Story, about a group of toys who come to life when their owner has left the playroom. When Woody is kidnapped by a toy collector, Buzz Lightyear and the other toys set out in hot pursuit. But when Woody meets new friends, including Jessie the feisty cowgirl, will he decide he prefers his new life after all?

BBC4/ 8:00pm Wild Wales 9:00pm Chemistry: A Volatile History

10:00pm Downfall 12:25am Pavlopetri - The City Beneath the Waves 1:25am The Sky at Night 1:55am Solar Storms: The Threat to Planet Earth 2:55am Chemistry: A Volatile History 3:55am Wild Wales


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7:00am Preview 7:30am Countryfile 8:30am Gardeners World 9:00am The Beechgrove Garden 9:30am Saturday Kitchen Best Bites 11:00am Snooker 1:15pm Custer of the West 3:30pm Snooker 7:00pm Davis v Taylor: The '85 Black Ball Final 8:00pm Morecambe and Wise in Pieces 9:00pm 50 Golden Years of Sport on BBC2 10:00pm All About TWO 11:40pm Making of Qi 12:40am Snooker 1:30am Snooker 3:30am Countryfile 4:25am Holby City 5:25am This is BBC Two

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7:05am Hoot 8:40am Lassie 10:30am Sunday Brunch 1:30pm Secret Eaters 2:35pm The Big Bang Theory 3:05pm The Big Bang Theory 3:35pm How I Met Your Mother 4:00pm How I Met Your Mother 4:30pm The Simpsons 5:00pm The Simpsons 5:30pm Deal or No Deal 6:35pm Channel 4 News 7:05pm Lent Diaries 7:10pm Hop 9:00pm For the Love of Cars 10:00pm Fargo 11:30pm Heat 2:35am The Good Wife 3:20am The Hotel 4:15am Secret Removers 5:10am Superscrimpers' Challenge

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SATELLITE CHANNELS/ Sky1/ 10:00am The Amazing SpiderMan 2: Special 10:30am Hugh Jackman: Becoming Wolverine 11:00am World Wrestling Entertainment Superstars 12:00pm WWE Experience 1:00pm Storm City 2:00pm Ashley Banjo's Secret

Street Crew 3:00pm Futurama 3:30pm Futurama 4:00pm Duck Quack's Don't Echo 4:30pm Modern Family 5:00pm Modern Family 5:30pm Modern Family 6:00pm Modern Family 6:30pm Modern Family

7:00pm Modern Family 7:30pm Modern Family 8:00pm About a Boy 8:30pm The Simpsons 9:00pm The Simpsons 9:30pm The Simpsons 10:00pm Hawaii Five-0 11:00pm NCIS: Los Angeles 12:00am A League of Their Own 1:00am A League of Their Own

•Daniel Craig •Judi Dench •Javier Bardem •Ralph Fiennes •Naomie Harris

SkyMoviesComedy/ 12:15pm The Top Ten Show 2014 12:30pm Look Who's Talking 2:15pm Look Who's Talking Too 3:45pm Look Who's Talking Now! 5:30pm The Wedding Video 7:20pm Fun with Dick and Jane 9:00pm The Incredible Burt Wonderstone 10:50pm The Cable Guy

Skyfall (Film, 2012) Veteran MI6 agent James Bond (Daniel Craig) is off the map. After dropping seemingly to his death on a failed mission, his presumed demise leaves the job of boss M (Judi Dench) on the line. Back in London, her tenure is scrutinised further when a bomb decimates the MI6 building, forcing their operation underground. Chillingly eloquent villain Raoul Silva (Javier Bardem) claims responsibility, before holding M to ransom with stolen top-secret information.

SkyMoviesAction/ 9:25am Skyfall 11:55am The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King 3:20pm Mission: Impossible III 5:30pm Skyfall 8:00pm The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King 11:20pm Mission: Impossible III 1:30am Gladiator

SkyMoviesDrama/ 8:45am Under the Tuscan Sun 10:45am Forces of Nature 12:35pm Sparkle 2:35pm The Great Gatsby 5:00pm Forces of Nature 6:50pm We Bought a Zoo 9:00pm The Great Gatsby 11:30pm The Break-Up 1:20am Cinderella Man

BBC3/ 8:00pm Don't Tell the Bride 9:00pm Toy Story 3 10:35pm Russell Howard's Good News 11:05pm Family Guy 11:27pm Family Guy 11:50pm Sweat the Small Stuff 12:20am American Dad! 12:42am American Dad! 1:05am Ja'mie: Private School Girl 1:35am Ja'mie: Private School Girl 2:00am Russell Howard's Good News 2:30am Orphan Black 3:15am Orphan Black 4:00am In the Flesh

Family Guy (Animation, 1999) BBC 3 from 11:05pm to 11:50pm Return to the Griffins' version of that galaxy far, far away as their freakin' sweet saga continues with the final instalment of the hilarious three-part Star Wars satire. Following 2005's Family Guy: Blue Harvest and last year's Family Guy: Something, Something, Something Dark Side, the Griffins reprise their intergalactic roles in an outrageous retelling of Star Wars, Episode VI: Return of the Jedi in the Episode VI: It's a Trap. Guest voices.

BBC4/ 8:00pm The Man in the White Suit 9:25pm The Happiest Days of Your Life 10:45pm The Art of Tommy Cooper 11:15pm The Secret Life of Bob Monkhouse 12:45am Arena 1:45am The Wonder of Bees with Martha Kearney 2:15am Jimi Hendrix: Hear My Train a Comin' - Imagine 3:45am Jimi Hendrix: The Road to Woodstock


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7:00pm Modern Family 7:30pm The Simpsons 8:00pm The Simpsons 8:30pm The Simpsons 9:00pm The Simpsons 9:30pm Modern Family 10:00pm Modern Family 10:30pm About a Boy 11:00pm Star-Crossed 12:00am NCIS: Los Angeles

Grease (Film, 1978)

•John Travolta •Olivia Newton-John •Stockard Channing •Jeff Conaway

SkyMoviesComedy/ 1:35pm Grown Ups 2 3:30pm 50 First Dates 5:20pm Happy Gilmore 7:00pm The Longest Yard 9:00pm Grown Ups 2 10:50pm That's My Boy

SkyMoviesDrama/ 10:15am Rock of Ages

John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John star as Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsen, who had a summer romance and then meet again at high school. He tries to protect his macho persona against her squeaky clean image, but the tables are turned when Sandy, in a leather costume so tight Newton-John had to be sewn into it, wins his heart. Randal Kleiser's film, based on the original musical, is jammed with show-stopping songs and a stand-out supporting cast, with Stockard Channing as tough girl Rizzo almost eclipsing Sandy.

12:25pm Sweet Charity 3:00pm Grease 5:00pm Grease 2 7:00pm Chicago 9:00pm Grease 11:00pm Grease 2

SkyMoviesAction/ 7:40am The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring 10:40am The Lord of the Rings:

The Two Towers 1:40pm The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King 5:00pm The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring 8:00pm The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers 11:00pm The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King 2:20am Hammer of the Gods

BBC3/ 8:00pm The Women's Football Show 8:30pm WALL-E 10:00pm Live at the Apollo 10:30pm Live at the Apollo 11:00pm Teen Killers: Life Without Parole 12:00am Family Guy 12:22am Family Guy 12:45am American Dad! 1:05am EastEnders 1:35am Teen Killers: Life Without Parole 2:35am Orphan Black 3:15am Orphan Black 4:00am Teen Killers: Life Without Parole

WALL-E (Film, 2008) BBC 3 from 8:30pm to 10:00pm Oscar winning animation. After years of tidying up an Earth devoid of humanity hundreds of years in the future, a lonely robot janitor meets a beautiful mechanical scout and follows her across the galaxy.

BBC4/ 8:00pm Rosslyn Chapel 9:00pm The Wonder of Bees with Martha Kearney 9:30pm Only Connect 10:00pm Rule Britannia! Music, Mischief and Morals in the 18th Century 11:00pm Deep, Down and Dirty: The Science of Soil 12:00am The Real Bonnie and Clyde 1:00am America on a Plate: The Story of the Diner 2:00am Only Connect 2:30am The Wonder of Bees with Martha Kearney 3:00am Rosslyn Chapel 4:00am Rule Britannia! Music, Mischief and Morals in the 18th Century


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Ask the Dust (Film, 2006)


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6:00pm The Simpsons 6:30pm Modern Family 7:00pm Modern Family 7:30pm The Simpsons 8:00pm The Simpsons 8:30pm The Simpsons 9:00pm Hawaii Five-0 10:00pm Twin Towns 11:00pm NCIS: Los Angeles 12:00am NCIS: Los Angeles 1:00am An Idiot Abroad 2:00am Road Wars 2:30am Road Wars 3:00am Road Wars 4:00am Road Wars 5:00am Emergency with Angela Griffin

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SkyMoviesAction/ 7:30am Kingdom of Heaven

•Colin Farrell •Salma Hayek •Donald Sutherland •Eileen Atkins •Idina Menzel

10:00am Anaconda 11:35am Anaconda 2: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid 1:20pm The Italian Job 3:20pm The Fast and the Furious 5:15pm 2 Fast 2 Furious 7:10pm The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift 9:00pm The Italian Job 11:00pm The Fast and the Furious 12:55am 2 Fast 2 Furious 2:50am The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift 4:40am Hero

Robert Towne, who wrote the script of Chinatown, wrote and directed this drama, once again set in 1930s Los Angeles. Colin Farrell plays Arturo Bandini, an impoverished ItalianAmerican writer seeking fame and fortune in the City of Angels but finding nothing but poverty. Salma Hayek plays Camilla, a fiery Mexican beauty who, while working in a coffee shop, seeks a rich husband to fulfil her American dream. The unlikely pair hook up and, despite their different backgrounds, find love in this enjoyably tough, almost noirish film.

SkyMoviesDrama/ 5:30am The Cup 7:20am Hello, Dolly! 9:50am Medicine Man 11:40am Down the Shore 1:20pm Legends of the Fall 3:40pm Ask the Dust 5:40pm Hyde Park on Hudson 7:20pm Cold Mountain 10:00pm Lincoln 12:30am Beautiful Creatures 2:45am Burning Man 4:40am Flight: Sky Movies Special 5:00am East of Eden

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Orphan Black (Science Fiction Series, 2013) BBC 3 from 2:35am to 3:20am After witnessing a woman's suicide, Sarah assumes her identity in the hope that cleaning out the dead woman's bank account will solve all of her problems. Instead, the street smart chameleon is thrust headlong into a kaleidoscopic mystery.

BBC4/ 8:00pm World News Today 8:30pm Great British Railway Journeys 9:00pm At Home with the Georgians

10:00pm British Gardens in Time 11:00pm The First World War 11:50pm Operation Crossbow 12:50am Entertaining the Troops 1:50am Wild Wales

TCM/ 6:00am Off Set 6:50am Trouble Along the Way 8:55am The Green Berets 11:40am Rio Lobo 1:50pm Gunsmoke 2:55pm Gunsmoke 4:00pm Bad Men of Tombstone 5:30pm Flaming Feather 7:00pm Raton Pass 8:40pm Fury of the Congo 10:00pm Fifteen Minutes 12:20am Gothika 2:10am Fifteen Minutes 4:10am Gothika

2:50am At Home with the Georgians 3:50am British Gardens in Time


17 - 23 April 2014 / Costa Blanca Nor th



A bunch of overgrown schoolboys W

HEN are people going to get it into their heads that most MPs are nothing more than a bunch of immature, overgrown, mainly public, schoolboys? Their antics in the Commons are a continuation of their behaviour in the ‘old school’ debating societies. Likewise, a number of them still retain the sexual practices that are nurtured in the all-boystogether environments they were educated in. It’s the reason former Speaker Betty Boothroyd could keep order far more easily than that Bercow person. Many of them love a dominant woman, a throwback to the nanny and house mistress fantasies of yore. I’ve seen a few of them in action. I remember one wildeyed member approaching me at one of Diana Dors’s more dubious ‘gatherings’ clad in a pair of Y-fronts and a string vest, begging me to take over in the

LEAPY LEE SAYS IT OTHERS THINK IT IMMATURE: MPs’ antics in the House of Commons. bedroom as he simply ‘couldn't cope’. I was also acquainted with the boyfriend of the late Lord Boothby who, for services rendered, the Kray twins had ensconced in a Bayswater flat for his lordship to enjoy whenever he felt the urge. I was present when another prominent ‘bowler hat’ was caned for being a ‘naughty boy’. I lost respect for a number of our politicians many years ago. Of course, what, I hear you asking, was I doing in those environments? Ah ha, well I’m afraid you’ll have to read the book for that. (Part Three out this summer - plug plug). The

frightening thing is that our futures are in the hands of these people. Let’s hope that there are enough ‘straights’ in the House to run our country like adults. I know it’s against most popular opinion, but I am beginning to think that Oscar Pistorius’s version of events on that tragic night could possibly be true. He’s obviously an obnoxious, gun-happy young

man, but I feel his story has a ring of truth to it. I know one thing I’m glad it’s not me facing the ‘bull terrier’ prosecutor Nel. Whoever he thought was behind the door when he started blasting away was posing no threat at the time. Therefore, the best he can hope for would be culpable homicide. Nevertheless, it’s a fascinating case and one that has, in the

light of the danger and gun culture that exists out there, made me grateful that I didn’t go through with my intention to emigrate to South Africa in the mid-70s! And that’s about it. Good luck to my little David in his Karate championships this week. Keep the faith Love Leapy


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Sense and Sensibility (Film, 1995)

•Kate Winslet •Emma Thompson •Alan Rickman •Greg Wise •Hugh Grant

Elinor is pragmatic and ironic, while younger Marianne is more passionate and wilful. When their father, Henry Dashwood, dies unexpectedly, his estate must pass by law to his son from his first marriage. But these circumstances leave Elinor, Marianne and their mother Margaret without a home and scarcely enough money to get by, so the two daughters set out on a quest to find themselves well-off husbands.

SkyMoviesAction/ 4:40am Hero 6:25am Volcano: Fire on the Mountain 8:00am The One 9:35am The Transporter 11:15am Transporter 2 12:55pm Ghosts of Mars 2:40pm The One 4:15pm Cellular 5:55pm Mean Machine 7:40pm The Transporter 9:20pm Transporter 2 11:00pm Crank 12:35am Mean Machine 2:20am Cellular

4:00am Crank 5:35am In the Line of Duty: Smoke Jumpers

SkyMoviesDrama/ 5:00am East of Eden 7:00am Having You 8:45am Go for It! 10:20am Love and Honor 12:00pm Philadelphia 2:15pm The Inn of the Sixth Happiness 5:00pm Les Miserables 7:40pm Sense and Sensibility 10:00pm The Break-Up 11:50pm Cinderella Man 2:15am Under the Tuscan Sun

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Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents (Documentary) BBC 3 from 11:00pm to 12:00am Series in which teenagers take their first summer holiday abroad without their parents, who, unbeknown to the kids, secretly watch everything that unfolds.

BBC4/ 8:00pm World News Today 8:30pm Great British Railway Journeys 9:00pm Mud, Sweat and Tractors: The Story of Agriculture

10:00pm Girl with a Pearl Earring

TCM/ 7:00am Gunsmoke 8:05am Gunsmoke 9:10am Raton Pass 10:50am Flaming Feather 12:20pm Bad Men of Tombstone 1:50pm Gunsmoke 2:55pm Gunsmoke 4:00pm Fort Osage 5:25pm Flaming Star 7:10pm Rocky Mountain 8:45pm Gunmen From Laredo 10:00pm Payback 11:55pm Suspect Zero 1:50am Payback

11:30pm Secret Lives of the Artist, Vermeer 12:35am Parks and Recreation 12:55am Parks and Recreation 1:15am Kings of Rock 'N' Roll 2:15am Chemistry: A Volatile History 3:15am Mud, Sweat and Tractors: The Story of Agriculture 4:15am Sounds of the 70s


17 - 23 April 2014 / Costa Blanca Nor th

Time Out






Famous quote

This week

Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens.’ Jimi Hendrix

in history

Women’s wit

753 BC: Rome founded. Romulus and his twin brother Remus founded Rome on the site where they were mothered by a she-wolf. 1775: The American Revolution begins in Lexington when ‘the shot heard around the world’ is fired. 1815: The Tambora volcano in Indonesia erupts killing almost 100,000 people. This was the largest eruption ever recorded and its effects were felt throughout the world. 1841: The first detective story is published. Edgar Allen Poe’s ‘The Murders in the Rue Morgue’ is generally considered to be the first detective story. 1902: Marie and Pierre Currie successfully isolate radioactive radium salts from the mineral pitchblende. Radium and polonium are discovered. 1906: An earthquake that registers 8 on the Richter scale strikes San Francisco, toppling buildings and killing hundreds. 1943: In Warsaw, the capital of Poland, Nazi forces trying to clean out the city’s Jewish ghetto are met by resistance forces - the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising begins. 1945: The Red Army enters the outskirts of Berlin. Russian troops capture outlying suburbs in a bitter battle for control of the city. 1959: The CIA-financed invasion of the Bay of Pigs begins. Cuban refugees land in Cuba in an attempt to topple Castro - they fail miserably. 1974: The ‘Troubles’ in Northern Ireland claim their 1,000th life - a petrol station owner from County Fermanagh. 1983: A suicide bomber in a car almost completely destroys the American embassy in Beirut, Lebanon, killing 63 people including the bomber. 1999: The massacre at Columbine high school takes place. Two teenage gunmen kill 13 in a shooting spree at their high school in Littleton, Colorado.

For most of history, ‘Anonymous’ was a woman.’

Virginia Woolf

World of English Ad on a Braille product website:

Thousands of Braille products, many of which you’ve never seen before.

K a k u ro

Costa Blanca weather for next 7 days JAVEA









Alicante TODAY:




Fri Sat Sun -

Mon - 23 14 C Tues - 22 13 C Wed - 21 13 Cl

23 14 S 22 15 Cl 23 14 C


MAX 24C, MIN 17C


Fri Sat Sun -

Mon - 22 14 S Tues - 21 14 Cl Wed - 21 15 Cl

24 17 S 24 16 C 22 15 S

Mon - 21 16 Cl Tues - 20 16 C Wed - 19 16 Cl

21 16 Cl 21 16 Cl 21 16 C



Fri Sat Sun -

MAX 17C, MIN 13C

18 13 S 18 13 C 17 13 Sh S Sun,


Mon - 18 13 Sh Tues - 18 13 Sh Wed - 18 13 Sh Cl Clear,



Fri Sat Sun -


23 14 S 23 13 C 21 13 Sh



Fri Sat Sun -

22 12 S 21 13 Cl 20 13 C


26 11 Cl 24 9 C 18 9 Sh

Mon - 21 12 C Tues - 21 12 C Wed - 21 13 Sh

Mon - 18 8 Sh Tues - 18 6 Sh Wed - 19 7 Sh

MAX 21C, MIN 11C



Mon - 21 13 Cl Tues - 20 13 Sh Wed - 19 13 Sh



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Mon - 19 8 Sh Tues - 19 7 Sh Wed - 19 7 Sh Sh Showers,


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Sn Snow,


Mon - 26 14 C Tues - 24 14 C Wed - 24 13 C Th Thunder



Fill all the empty squares using the numbers 1 to 9, so that the sum of each horizontal block equals the ‘clue’ on its left, and the sum of each vertical block equals the clue on its top. No number may be used in the same block more than once.









Saturday April 12

Saturday April 12

Saturday April 12

Friday April 11

Saturday April 12







12 22
















12 12

























E W N 17 - 23 April 2014 / Costa Blanca Nor th



Directed by Martin Scorsese, the film has won a Golden Globe. It runs to 180 minutes and is rated 18.

GEMINI (May 22 - June 21) Outside influences and pressures make it hard to concentrate. However, finances in particular need attention, so do not be distracted by others trying to put a finger into your 'pie'. Do not be concerned about making changes in your social life because this, in turn, will sort out some of your more immediate practical problems. CANCER (June 22 - July 23) Being unusually uncertain of yourself this week could throw confusion into your ordered life. There is a partnership problem to be sorted out. Links with personal matters, however, make this tricky. Let some time pass so that someone close can get the message without feeling pressured. LEO (July 24 - August 23) Some loss of control over a project is irksome. A new start that seemed so promising seems to be going off course. A real injection of time and effort will make all the difference, however. Midweek, you see things going in the right direction again. Keep finances simple and try not to combine business with pleasure. VIRGO (August 24 - September 23) You are holding a good hand. Deal with the right people and the rewards are high. There is potential for being cheated out of something that is morally yours, so it may be necessary to be 'difficult' or 'awkward' to get what you deserve. Some things you only get one shot at. LIBRA (September 24 - October 23) Being a brave and forthright soul, it is easy this week to dispel the negative thoughts of others. A relationship that makes you hesitate













1 Rumour, 2 5 Motors, 6 9 Aflame, 10 13 Trails, 14 17 Action, 18

Closed, 3 Course, 4 Packed, Clothe, 7 Pamper, 8 Stitch, Poised, 11 Theirs, 12 Advice, Factor, 15 Novels, 16 Raised, Desire, 19 Banner

Your Stars

April 17: Sean Bean, 54. Actor. Perhaps best known for his role as Ned Stark in Game of Thrones he is also an acclaimed stage actor who has appeared in many Royal Shakespeare Company plays. April 19: Tim Curry, 67. Actor. Curry rose to fame with the cult favourite ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ but he is also a singer, composer and voice-over artist. He usually plays the role of the villain.

April 18: Nuria Fergo. Singer/Actress. Born in Nerja, Malaga, this Spanish singer first came to fame in the popular ‘Operacion Triunfo 2001.’ She has taken part in several TV programmes, sold over half a million records, given over 300 concerts and released five albums; she debuted on the music market in 2002 with Brisa de Esperanza. This year she will debut on the stage in ‘Lucia, la maga.’


could be of great benefit to you. There is little to lose by 'going for it'. The outcome could be beyond your dreams, something that you have not had many of lately.

burns? This may be you at the moment. Avoid wasting time with certain individuals and projects. A little extra effort in other directions, however, yields great results.

SCORPIO (October 24 - November 22) Hidden forces are working away in the background. These give good and bad influences but life will not be dull this week. Sometimes you wish others would leave you alone more. Not that you are being anti-social. We all reach a point when we need space to think.

CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 20) Avoiding a decision will not help this week. Who will deal with this matter but you? A relationship is threatened if you do not make a move. Will loved ones always be there for us no matter how much we neglect them? Why take such a chance? We only get out of life what there is willingness to put in.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23 - December 21) Petty arguments should be forgotten. More important things are afoot. Have you heard about fiddling while Rome



IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK: Taureans can be elusive and even slippery customers. Making use of the element of surprise serves you well. Keeping rivals guessing puts you well ahead of the game in many respects.

April 20: George Takei, 76. TV actor. His most famous role was as Mr Sulu, helmsman of the Enterprise, on the original series of Star Trek but he also worked on dubbing the English version of Godzilla.





TAURUS (April 21 - May 21) Be determined not to be intimidated by someone who thinks that they are superior. Decide who you will take advice (or orders) from and stick to it. You are not the person that you were in the past and others need to realise it.

H ex a g r a m

The Wolf of Wall Street is a black comedy, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Riza Aziz and Joey McFarland, based on the book of the same name. It tells the story of a stockbroker who runs a company that is involved in securities fraud.



AQUARIUS (January 21 - February 19) In your heart of hearts you know what you want out of life. It is a little timidity of spirit that is now stopping you. I know

April 21: Queen Elizabeth II, 87. Royalty. Constitutional monarch of 16 countries and Supreme Governor of the Church of England; she is one of the longest reigning monarchs in British history.

BY GEORGE Next Wednesday, April 23, is the feast day of St George, the patron saint of England, so this week’s quiz is all about famous English people named George 1. Born in Manor Park, London in 1945, which darts player/presenter is widely recognised as one of the game’s biggest personalities, known for his flamboyant entrances in which he makes his way to the stage bedecked in jewellery, wearing a crown and cloak and holding a candelabra to the sound of Queen’s We Are the Champions? 2. Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou is the real name of which English musician, singer, songwriter, multiinstrumentalist and record producer? 3. The films Trouble Brewing (1939), Turned Out Nice Again (1941) and Much Too Shy (1942) all starred which British actor, singer-songwriter and comedian, born in Wigan in May 1904? 4. What are either of Prince George of Cambridge’s other two first names? 5. What is singer-songwriter Boy George’s real surname? 6. Which English actor and writer was best known for portraying Tiberius in I, Claudius, and Inspector Wexford in The Ruth Rendell Mysteries? 7. Which English comedy performer is best remembered for her one-woman shows and monologues, in which she invented roles including a ‘harassed nursery teacher’ who was forever saying: “George… don’t do that!”? 8. Which English film and television actor was the voice of the malevolent man-hating tiger Shere Khan in Disney’s The Jungle Book (1967)?

Nonagram How many English words of four letters or more can you make from the nine letters in our Nonagram puzzle? Each letter may be used only once (unless the letter appears twice). Each word MUST CONTAIN THE CENTRE LETTER (in this case C) and there must be AT LEAST ONE NINE LETTER WORD. Plurals, vulgarities or proper nouns are not allowed.


April 22: Jack Nicholson, 76. Film actor. Oscar winning actor Nicholson is perhaps best known for playing psychopaths in several horror films including ‘Th’e Shining. He is also a director, producer and writer. April 23: William Shakespeare. Author. Elizabethan play writer and poet widely regarded as the most influential writer in English literature. Author of 38 plays and 154 sonnets he is perhaps best known for Hamlet. that recent experiences have sapped your confidence, but I have a message for you. Now is the time that you are most likely to make progress in your chosen field. PISCES (February 20 - March 20) Let others whinge if they will. Being determined to get your own way, they will stand little chance. Recent disagreements have left a sour taste. In the best of worlds, things will not always go your way. Life would be boring if that were the case. ARIES (March 21 - April 20) Awkward situations usually bring out the best in you and this week proves that. In the longer term, you will be grateful to those making things difficult now.

Average: 16 Good: 20 Very good: 29 Excellent: 36

LAST WEEK’S SOLUTION aced, acme, acne, acre, arco, came, cane, card, care, coda, code, coma, come, cone, cord, core, corm, corn, cram, cran, cred, dace, deco, mace, marc, narc, once, orca, race, acorn, acred, arced, cadre, cameo, caned, caner, canoe, cared, carom, cedar, coder, comer, comma, coned, cored, crane, cream, credo, crone, dance, decor, macer, macro, nacre, narco, ocean, raced, recon, candor, canoed, carmen, cornea, corned, craned, dancer, deacon, macron, caromed, command, commend, comrade, crammed, romance, romanced, COMMANDER

Word Ladder PAID


Move from the start word (PAID) to the end word (BACK) in the same number of steps as there are rungs on the Word Ladder. You must only change one letter at a time.


The Wolf of Wall Street


8-Star Quiz


The purpose of the Hexagram puzzle is to place the 19 six-letter words into the 19 cells. The letters at the edges of interlocking cells MUST BE THE SAME. The letters in the words must be written CLOCKWISE. The word in cell 10 (EITHER) and one letter in four other cells are given as clues.




17 - 23 April 2014 / Costa Blanca Nor th




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Unscramble the name of a famous television comedy panel game (two words): GHOST ARSONIST

Across 7 Understand in depth (6) 8 A Brie I made from the peninsula (6) 9 Dust off a form of poker (4) 10 Hurry preparation for set point (4,2,2) 11 Locks vessel in trees (7) 13 Disc about a period behind bars (5) 15 A Southern state is to test metal (5) 17 Afterwards a learner gets in the side (7) 20 Claret is drunk at these concerts (8) 21 The prime minister went round the queen for a hairdo (4) 22 King discovered echo in ravine (6) 23 A British way found in other places (6)

Unscramble the name of a famous 19th century German composer: REWARD CHAGRIN FUNAGRAM SOLUTION: SHOOTING STARS, RICHARD WAGNER

Play on Words


and found out it was non alcoholic (8) 6 Restricted in E-fit version (6) 12 Someone from Barcelona and Paris, maybe (8) 14 Cover laurel for cable winder (7)

16 Given directions to garden in the country (6) 18 I brag about revolutionary car safety device (3,3) 19 Horses from the farm are saddled (5) 21 Left some reports (4)

Code Breaker


Each number in the Code Breaker grid represents a different letter of the alphabet. In this week’s puzzle, 9 represents B and 7 represents Z, so fill in B every time the figure 9 appears and Z every time the figure 7 appears. Now, using your knowledge of the English language, work out which letters should go in the missing squares. As you discover the letters, fill in other squares with the same number in the main grid and the control grid.

Across 1 Extreme (6) 4 Frighten (5) 8 Songbirds (5) 9 Rich and superior in quality (7) 10 Garments (7) 11 Heavenly body (4) 12 See 18 14 List of choices (4) 15 Deficiency (4) 18/12 Defraud (3,3) 21 Dutch cheese (4) 23 Pungent gas (NH3) (7) 25 Of great consequence (7) 26 Sound of any kind (5) 27 Sugary (5)

28 Appealing to the emotions as well as the eye (6) Down 1 Choose (6) 2 Long-winded (7) 3 Busy travel period (4,4) 4 Avoid deliberately (4) 5 Accomplished (5) 6 Complete (6) 7 Body part (5) 13 Large wading bird (8) 16 Place limits on (7) 17 Against (6) 19 Brief halt (5) 20 In the recent past (6) 22 Accord (5) 24 Water vessel (4)

English - Spanish The clues are mixed, some clues are in Spanish and some are in English.

BOARD Answers: Mixed doubles, Half board

Down 1 Possibly strafe more quickly (6) 2 Some reach a delightful place in Africa (4) 3 Sam is back in the shed very drunk (7) 4 Homes for Queens or the workers (5) 5 Drank demon ale in confusion


LAST WEEK’S SOLUTIONS CRYPTIC Across: 1 Consul, 4 Serial, 7 Discharge, 9 Suet, 10 Asia, 11 Relic, 13 Slogan, 14 Choice, 15 Search, 17 Treats, 19 Hague, 20 Open, 22 Hear, 23 Sapphires, 24 Edison, 25 Snares. Down: 1 Crisis, 2 Suit, 3 Lichen, 4 Static, 5 Riga, 6 Legate, 7 Decorates, 8 Estimates, 11 Ranch, 12 Chore, 15 Snooze, 16 Harp on, 17 Tunics, 18 Stress, 21 Nags, 22 Hera. QUICK Across: 1 Scald, 3 Debut, 7 Academy, 9 Shawl, 10 Audio, 11 Confess, 12 Summer, 14 Fakers, 18 Eminent, 20 Occur, 22 Extra, 23 Luggage, 24 Needs, 25 Clean.

Across 1 Avestruces (9) 8 Hedgehog (5) 9 Used (second-hand) (5) 11 Cup (vessel, amount) (4) 12 Almost (4) 14 Amanecer (4) 16 Each (4) 19 Toalla (5) 21 Free (at liberty) (5) 22 Sirloin steak (9)

Down 2 Espinillas (5) 3 Raíz (de planta) (4) 4 Cross (sign, decoration) (4) 5 That (f) (3) 6 Rescue (7) 7 Más joven (7) 10 Triste (persona) (3) 13 Hielo (3) 15 Tree (5) 17 Something (4) 18 There (4) 20 Quién (interrogativo) (3)

Down: 1 Scarabs, 2 Award, 3 Dry ice, 4 Basin, 5 Trapeze, 6 Calls, 8 Erode, 13 Moisten, 15 Among, 16 Surgeon, 17 Stalls, 18 Eject, 19 Evade, 21 Chase. ENGLISH-SPANISH Across: 1 Flaco, 4 Leave, 7 Margarita, 8 Tal, 10 Dad, 15 Enamorado, 17 Ridge, 18 Ahora. Down: 1 Face, 2 Arm, 3 Otro, 4 Lead, 5 Amiga, 6 Edad, 9 Ataud, 11 Beer, 12 Bone, 13 Baya, 14 Cura, 16 Oro.


E W N 10 - 16 April 2014 / Costa Blanca Nor th



For solutions:

THE jet plane is one of the pinnacles of modern design achievement. We live in the jet age but there are some things even frequent fliers might not know about, here are 10 of them. 1. The engines contain explosive charges; each engine comes equipped with one, sometimes two, explosive charges known as ‘squibs.’ These charges are used to combat engine fires. 2. The plane you just boarded may be broken. All airlines have a Minimum 1 what they Equipment List which tells them need for any particular flight; this means that most planes are flying around with just the bare minimum in working order. 3. Cabin air comes from the engines not the outside. At the altitudes that commercial airliners fly the air is far too thin for a person to breathe and stay alive; the solution was to take air from the engines that is denser, and funnel it into the cabin for the passengers. 4. Emergency decompression is horrific. When an aircraft decompresses the air that enters it is so thin that there is only enough oxygen to keep you alive for between 30 and 45 seconds.

Just Joking Photographer: My secret of success is? ‘Think negative!’ My neighbour is so short, when he sneezes, he hits his head on the floor. Why do cows have bells? Because their horns don’t work!

Author of the internationally successful Harry Hole series, Jo Nesbo has now brought out a stand-alone novel which takes place among Oslo’s hierarchy of corruption. This brand new thriller from the bestselling author sees a charming young prisoner breaking out of jail to find out the truth about his father’s death and take revenge on those who lied to him. Sonny Lofthus, wrongly

imprisoned for the last 12 years, acts as a sort of prison psychiatrist for which he receives a steady stream of heroin; which he has been addicted to since the death of his father. Sonny finds himself at the centre of a spiral of corruption involving many law enforcement officials as well as a desperate priest - all of them on the payroll of Oslo’s crime overlord. Jo Nesbo is a Glass Key award winning Norwegian

only carry non-raft slides as they are cheaper.

6. The escape slides don’t always double as life rafts. The majority of planes

VOLUME BOOSTER This app works with media player volume, ringer volume and alarm volume to make your phone sound 15-20 per cent louder and increases overall volume power by 25-35 per cent!

A trip to Oslo’s underworld BOOKS

everyone would be panicking. 8. Electronic devices, including phones, have no effect on the aircraft’s systems. No evidence of interference by a phone, or anything else, has ever been found. 9. Pilot’s phones have caused accidents. The closer the plane gets to the ground the stronger the signal and the pilots sometimes answer their phones when they shouldn’t.

author, his work has been translated into over 40 languages, selling 23 million copies.

10. Minimal fuel is actually a good thing. The more fuel carried the more fuel is needed - minimal fuel lowers not only the cost but the risk of flying around on top of a potential fire-bomb.

MASKS: Only last for around 12 minutes.

5. Oxygen masks don’t last very long. Those little yellow masks that drop down in the event of an emergency will run out after around 12 minutes.

App of the Week


7. When the aircraft was certified for emergencies it was probably done using

Sudoku Fill the grid so that every row, every column and every 3X3 box contains the digits 1-9. There’s no maths involved. You solve the puzzle with reasoning and logic.

controlled experiments. When a group of passengers are in a simulation they exit the plane calmly which does not reflect what would happen in the event of a crash when

Boggled How many English words can you find in the Boggled grid, according to the following rules? The letters must be adjoining in a ‘chain’. They can be adjacent horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Words must contain at least four letters and may include singular and plural or other derived forms. No letter may be used more than once within a single word, unless it appears twice. No vulgarities or proper nouns are permitted.



Average: 18 Good: 23 Very good: 33 Excellent: 41

SCORING: 4 letters: 1 point • 5 letters: 2 points 6 letters: 3 points • 7 letters: 4 points 8 or more letters: 11 points

LAST WEEK’S SOLUTION reeve, rear, rennet, rote, roan, roar, teen, teenier, tore, tone, toner, tonne, tonier, tenor, tenon, gene, genre, genera, genie, gone, gonna, goner, earn, even, evener, oven, aeon, anon, neon, near, note, none, nevi, nine, novena, veer, veto, veneer, vote, voter, vine, vino, vein, ranee, rani, rein, earner, inner


17 - 23 April 2014 / Costa Blanca Nor th



Eureka! The Spanish learn English Mike Walsh Mike, based in Mediterranean Spain, is an international journalist, author and professional writer.


HE unwillingness of many English speakers to learn Spanish is an unedifying trait. The Spanish, bless them, just sigh and raise their eyebrows. One senses stoic acceptance of their language’s inferiority. Spaniards have little reason to complain. Despite Spain’s economy being largely dependent on English-speaking tourism, just 22 per cent bother to learn English. The Spanish and French are simply not good at playing second fiddle to the superiority of the English language. In Sweden, another foreign country, 86 per cent do speak English. English is now the world’s most commonly spoken

language. Familiar to half the world’s population it is said to be the first international language, certainly of business. This might have something to do with the Englishspeaking world being superior at international trade. Let us not be too quick to condemn this peculiarity as do others. I am reminded of Joseph Conrad, the Polish writer. His mastery of the English language brought him international acclaim. Sadly, his being beneficiary of our mother tongue was on occasion abused. “The conquest of the earth, which mostly means taking it away from those who have a different complexion or slightly flatter noses than ourselves, is not a pretty thing when you look into it.” Oh, hark at him! In a tally of European inspired wars from the 12th century to 1925, the Spanish spent the highest percentage of years (67 per

LEARNING: English is the most commonly spoken language. cent) at war. England haplessly trailed in third place (56 per cent). Poland by the way, Conrad’s homeland won the silver cutlass with 58 per cent years of war to its credit. If the Spanish can claim the podium for cutlass diplomacy, why not the English speakers for giving the world a language?

That is by-the-by; back to language and the solution is perfectly clear to me. Is it not true that English speakers do not make an effort. However, each time they try to use the lingo, a smart-ass Spaniard says, “Don’t bother, I speak English.” They must be the one in five you must take every day.

So here is the cunning plan. The Spanish must accept English as their mothertongue. Others do; the Paddies and Taffies. It will be necessary to relegate Spain’s pidgin-Latin to an also-ran or linguistic hobby. This is a perfectly reasonable solution, who could possibly argue with it? Keep your sombreros on; no one suggests that Spaniards wear John Bull outfits, fly the Union Flag, get legless at weekends or give up their asses. Just learn English. English is a cosmopolitan language but in truth is not a language at all. English is pidgin European. A linguistic stew, the main ingredients of English being Latin, pidginFrench, German, Arabic, Indian, now Punjabi and a sprinkling of other exotica. You see, the English do know lots of languages. More than those clever Scandinavians and Belgians do. If we can be multilingual, the Spanish can too.


E W N 17 - 23 April 2014 / Costa Blanca Nor th



Tips to eat yourself slimmer THE weather is warmer and summer is just around the corner. In a bid to stay trim, try these somewhat surprising slimming methods: Eat with the wrong hand. A lot of people eat out of habit, but by breaking that habit, such as eating with the ‘wrong’ hand can lower the amount of food you eat according to researchers from the University of Southern California (USA). Chew on chillies. A study of 78 people in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition concluding that chewing chillies or taking

supplements containing a key substance in chili, dihydrocapsiate (DHC), can aid weight loss as DHC can raise the body’s metabolism rate and burn more fat. Make a fist. Clenching your fists for 30 seconds can halt temptation when you have a food craving, reported the Journal of Consumer Research in 2011. An apple a day. Or more specifically apple peel, as the peel contains an acid which increases muscle and the levels of brown fat which helps the body to burn calories.

Dessert for breakfast. Researchers from the Tel Aviv University (Israel) concluded from a study of dieters that those who ate a sweet dessert at breakfast lost more weight over eight months than those on the same calories who had a smaller, low-carb breakfast. This is believed to be because the metabolism is the most active in the morning and you have longer to work off the calories. HANDY: Eating with the other hand helps to lose weight.

Testicular cancer most common in young men TESTICULAR cancer is the most common solid tumour in men between 15 and 35 years. As a result, the Spanish Association of Adolescents and Young Adults with Cancer (AAA) has launched a campaign to

promote early diagnosis within this target age group. Coinciding with the recent World Health Day, the AAA has introduced a campaign using direct language aimed at raising awareness among adol-escents

and young people about the importance of overcoming any emb-arrassment to seek medical checks and advice. President of the AAA, Rocio Nogueroles, said that these campaigns “are key to providing

visibility amongst adolescents and young people and their families to this problem. The taboo on cancer worsens the prognosis and survival rate, early detection significantly improves the diagnosis.”

Testicular tumours can reach a large size before diagnosis. For this reason, experts stress the need for young men to see a doctor as soon as there is any form of testicular pain, testicular swelling or changes.


17 - 23 April 2014 / Costa Blanca Nor th

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you don’t actually need the Fast Track Hypnosis Weight essential nourishment food Control or the Gastroband provides at all. session takes place within 30 Over the years, the minutes and those minutes distinction between appetite could change your life forever. and hunger blurs and your As part of the process, there brain can no longer are also back-up CDs differentiate between included and these the two. Hypnosis are used to As such, you’re reinforce the can help eating when you session and to physically don’t cut any reduce need to be and cravings. ‘fake’ probably aren’t If you’re hunger eating when you ready to change need to! your life, ready to The Fast Track Hypnosis change the way you Weight Loss System retrains view yourself and if you’re the brain and tweaks it so the ready to stop caring about line between appetite and the rest of the world’s hunger is no longer a blur but a opinion, then make today solid line. Once your brain is on the day for that change the right track, so is your body and call Jonathan Gilchrist and you will start to lose for an appointment, weight, in the most effective brochure or free of charge initial consultation. and completely natural way.

HUNGRY: Or are you bored?

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Faus-Track your back problems

FRESH : Eat more to stay fit.

Five is better than seven EXPERTS now say eating seven servings of fruit and vegetables a day is the best way to stay fit and healthy for a long life and vegetables are more beneficial than fruit. A study of over 65,000 randomly selected adults aged 35 or older, found that eating at least seven servings per day was associated with a 42 per cent lower risk of death from any cause.

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ALL spinal lesions are due to a bad position of the spine and consequently a displacement of the intervertebral discs, the soft tissues between the vertebrae. A herniated or slipped disc compresses the spinal nerve causing pain. The body defends itself with muscular con-tractions that increase and aggravate pain. What can we do? Lots of techniques are used for pain relief, one of them is traction of the spine, with the intention of restoring the correct disc position and avoiding nerve compression, thus relaxing muscles and alleviating pain. We can treat neck, dorsal and lumber pain, sciatic pain and any pain derived from the spine.

BACK TO BASICS: Treat your spine naturally. The most natural way to treat spinal pain is by restoring the normal position of the vertebra and discs. Therefore chiropractic, osteopathy and traction have been proven the most effective solutions to relieve pain without side effects. Faus-Track is a patented device which offers easy and safe solutions for spinal problems and an x-ray can clearly confirm this.

We would like to invite you to a free demonstration of Faus-Track, where you can ask Dr Faus, a graduate in medicine and surgery from the University of Valencia, all of your questions regarding spinal pain and problems.

Please contact his clinic in Gandia on 962 870 827 or visit

Child poverty must stop THE Association of Health Economics (AES) has called on the Spanish Government to implement urgent measures to combat the growing child poverty which is causing irreparable deterioration in the health of children. Vice President of AES, Pilar Garcia, has warned that poverty in childhood has longterm health, educational attainment and employment repercussions. He went on to say that the government needs to be especially cautious with any cuts that may affect minors. The AES has submitted the report ‘National Health System Analysis and Proposals’ in which they requested that nutritional supplement programmes were to be introduced in schools and more balanced nutrition should be promoted in nurseries.



ood F

Costa de Almeria’s best guide to local sport

Costa Blanca North’s best guide for local restaurants

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The importance of bubbles in Champagne and Cava. Read more on page 66.


The best of Spanish beers SPAIN is better known for its wines but they also produce some excellent beers, here are some of the best of the local amber nectars. Damm Inedit - This beer was created in conjunction with Ferran Adria (of El Bulli fame) and is made with cilantro in the hop mix as well as some orange peel and liquorice. Proof: 4.8º. Price: €3.90 for a 75cl bottle. Alhambra 1925 - This beverage has a distinctive caramel taste followed by a slightly bitter, refreshing aftertaste. Proof: 6.8º. Price: €1 for a 33cl bottle. Mahou cinco estrellas - A real classic and especially refreshing; it has a light acidity and a taste of toasted hops. Proof: 5.5º. Price: €2.70 for a 25cl six-pack. San Miguel 1516 - Spain’s best known brewing house has a range

BEER: Not such a simple choice. of offers, but this one is the top with a fresh, bitter taste. Proof: 4.2º. Price: €0.80 for a 33cl bottle. Cruz Campo Gran Reserva 1904 - This draft is made from 100 per

cent best quality malt. It has an intense and balanced taste with a pleasantly bitter aftertaste. Proof; 6.4º. Price: €1 for a 33cl bottle. So now you know what to order next time you go to the bar.


E W N 17 - 23 April 2014 / Costa Blanca Nor th

Carrefour brings out in-store app SHOPPING in an unfamiliar supermarket, when you don’t know the layout, can be a real problem but now supermarket giant Carrefour has brought out an app to help shoppers find the food they are looking for in their shops. C-ou is the name of the app brought out by Carrefour, available for iOS

and Android, which will help shoppers find their way

around the supermarkets without having to walk down every aisle, examining every single shelf until they finally find what they want. All the app needs is the name, either by brand or generic, of the product being looked for and then it shows a map of the supermarket with a red dot where the product in question is located. Apart from guiding them around the shop the app also informs shoppers of any special promotions and will suggest recipes based on the ingredients in their baskets. At the moment it is only available in France but, hopefully will spread out to their franchises soon.


Bubbles in Champagne and Cava THESE most festive of drinks wouldn’t be the same without their characteristic bubbles. The bubbles in Champagne and cava form because they go through two fermentation processes, the first to change the grape juice into wine and the second to change the wine into Champagne or cava. It is this second fermentation, with yeasts and sugars, which produces an abundance of CO2 which can let out up to 30 bubbles per second. The University of Reims, in France, did a study on the importance of bubbles in Champagne and cava and concluded they were essential not only for the look of the drink but also for the sensation on the tongue; there should be a lot of them, they should not be too big and should have a life of their own!


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Andalucia offers varied cuisine

ANDALUCIA offers a wide range of delicious and varied foods, although there is a difference between what is eaten on the coast and the interior they are both heavily linked by olive oil, here is

a virtual taste trip around a few provinces of the community. Salmorejo is a form of very thick gazpacho which is typical of Cordoba, as are ‘flamenquines’ which are

delicious little rolls of deep-fried, breaded ham and cheese. Malaga offers the taste tourist the ‘porra Antequerana’ which is similar to salmorejo but served with Serrano ham

and boiled eggs; this province also has a tradition of bitter olives and the excellent ‘arroz caldoso’ which is like paella, but creamier. Granada has the tasty ‘habas fritas con jamon’ which is baby beans fried in olive oil with Serrano ham or the ‘olla de San Anton’ which is a stew, traditionally made after the slaughter of a pig, which is beans and pork but with a deliciously spicy twist. For tuna lovers Cadiz is the place to go as they offer an exquisite red tuna - very coveted in the

PORRA ANTEQUERANA: Similar to gazpacho but thicker. Japanese market - simply fried in olive oil. Any sort of fried fish is common to the whole of Andalucia as is the breakfast of toast and oil which may seem odd to foreigners but, once tasted, you’ll never go back to Marmite.


E W N 17 - 23 April 2014 / Costa Blanca North



H Take care when choosing trees SPONSORED BY


Dick Handscombe

Gardening Corner By Dick Handscombe Spain’s best known expat gardening author about to start his 26th winter cut back.

IT was great to meet and chat with a good number of EWN readers at the

recent Homes Gardens and Lifestyle Show in Calpe. One of the questions frequently raised was the planting and care of trees particularly in exposed windy situations. Trees are important ingredients of gardens for their: • Provision of shade from summer sun • Provision of shelter from winds especially in the winter • Ability with careful pruning to block out the view of surrounding houses • Provision of beautiful displays of blossom, and

• Provision of fresh ripe seasonal fruit and nuts. Our bestselling book Your garden in Spain – From planning to planting and maintenance, describes some 46 evergreen and flowering and in Trees can be trees particular stylish and indicates their beneficial relative for your drought and frost garden. resistances. In addition the book Growing healthy fruits in Spain describes over 50 fruit and nut trees that GET DUG IN: Be careful with your choice of trees.

can be grown in Spain in appropriate microclimates. So with careful choice trees can be planted from the coastal plain to the top of high inland mountains. But care needs to be taken in the choice of the age and size of trees, their planting and initial care. When buying trees recognise that trees direct from the nursery fields with their full root ball covered in earth or dry rooted wil be easier to establish than trees in small pots with trimmed root balls as sold in many garden centres. Turn to Page 72


E W N 17 - 23 April 2014 / Costa Blanca North


Learn how planting trees in your garden can be simple and rewarding From Page 70 In general, short trees of one to two metres with good root balls relative to their heights will be easier to establish in gardens than trees of four to six or more metres with trimmed root balls in small pots relative to their heights. It is important to recognise that trees rely on a good head of leaves to establish the sap flow from roots to leaves to achieve healthy growth. With evergreen trees this is EVOLUTION GRASS, manufacturer and installer of artificial turf, emerged in early 2007 as a result of three generations dedicated to the manufacture of carpets and rugs in Crevillente. The dedicated team used their know-how in terms of manufacturing to launch technological

possible all year round, but with deciduous trees, which lose their leaves from autumn to spring, this is only possible from spring to autumn. At this point it is important to look at what is known about the sap flows in plants. Moisture minerals and nutrients flow within plants in three ways. 1. From root tips upwards through plants by osmotic pressure differences between the cells. This works well on low

growing plants but is not a strong enough upward flow for tall shrubs and trees. 2. By capillary action through the conical shaped capillary tubes within outer xylem conduits from root ball of plant to top leaf crown driven by effect of evaporation of moisture from leaves which stimulates movement of moisture/sap. Damage from insect and fungal attacks can interrupt this upward flow and cause trees to die back or

become stunted. In mature trees this transportation only occurs in the outer light coloured layers of cells immediately under the bark. The inner darker and harder woody cells create the strength of the tree but do not transfer moisture and minerals etc, essential to further growth. So short trees with a wide leaf crown will be easier to establish than tall trees with just a few leaves and a severely trimmed root ball in a small pot.

3. Transportation of nutrients formed in leaves, including chlorophyll, formed by solar stimulated reactions via phloem cells that thread through the plant structure. Naturally the taller the tree planted and the smaller the root ball, the greater the need for a strong support post and guy ropes.

Š Dick Handscombe April 2014.

Advertising feature

Enjoy your garden the easy way this summer with Evolution Grass

artificial turf products, which are sustainable and ecological in order to

satisfy the needs of customers. They investigate and improve the quality of products to provide customers the best artificial turf on the market, always with competitive prices. Having three generations dedicated to the manufacture of carpets, has allowed the company to have a greater control in the manufacturing processes and selection of fibres and all fibres come from European suppliers with a high reputation and product warranties from eight to 12 years. They supply cuttingedge products with curved monofilament filler or polyamides, incorporating the latest technology, the midrib memory effect; all this together with a wide range of different shades that increase the naturalness and comfort of artificial turf to achieve a perfect imitation of natural grass. Evolution Grass specialises in the distribution, sale and installation of high quality artificial turf for sports and landscape uses and are happy to advise customers on the best product to suit

INSTALLATION: Fully trained and experienced fitters at Evolution Grass will ensure your project is of the highest possible standard.

EVOLUTION: Transform the look of your outside space. your needs. They have carried out more than 1,000 installations from private homes and businesses to public parks and even sports facilities. Every customer and job is treated with the utmost care and attention giving a

personalised service on each project, ensuring the exact needs of the client. Every part of your installation is dealt with by the professional team who all have extensive experience and training in the sector. They will be in charge of visiting, planning

and developing the entire project of the installation, advising you on everything you need, as well as adapting to your needs and accomplishing the agreed time and estimate. Evolution Grass are happy to provide free home estimates and advise and help you design your new outdoor living space, improving the appearance and value of your property.

Evolution Grass Crevillente, 03330 965 403 974 or 677 739 530 www.cespedartificial Email


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Luxury housing prices stop falling


THE luxury housing market in Spain could be nearing the end of its price fall at least according to the data released by Lucas Fox, one of the biggest estate agencies in luxury housing. Data collected by their offices indicates that the market may be beginning to recover after its 30 to 40 per cent drop since 2007. The rise in sales of luxury housing, which made 2013 the best of the nine year recession, reflects an optimism and confidence from buyers not seen since the beginning of the crisis. The market has benefited from the government’s decision to allow nonEU members to gain legal residency in Spain if they purchase a property worth more than €500,000. This law has translated into greater sales to the Far and Middle East communities and Russians.

To buy or to rent, that is the current question

THE British mentality has always leant towards buying but in these times of housing crisis the better option may be to rent. At one time renting was considered similar to throwing money away but with the latest conditions to get a mortgage in Spain, between 20 and 40 per cent of the total purchase price must be given as a deposit, it makes more and more sense. Current thinking is that if you want to be in a central, residential zone then it’s better to rent but if you

want to be out in the countryside then buying is the best option. Renting has many

benefits for the tenant including no worries about any household repairs such as the washing machine breaking or the walls needing a coat of paint. Also the money saved on the down payment can be put to other uses, there is no feeling of being stuck just a month’s notice and the property goes back to its owner. IN TOWN: Renting is best, but in the countryside, buying is best option.


ervices S

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s a l e s @ e u r o w e e k l y n e w s . c o m

@dvertise online

965 842 777

N ews



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W W W. E W N G E T I T. C O M





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E W N 17 - 23 April 2014 / Costa Blanca Nor th



w w w . e u r o w e e k l y n e w s . c o m @dvertise online

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N ews


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E W N 17 - 23 April 2014 / Costa Blanca Nor th


Are expatriates the odd ones out? T

HE shelves of English bookstores are full of them: the quaint and rustic accounts of expats arriving here in Spain. Some find that the neighbour’s sheep eat their orchard, the plumber who finally turns up weeks late to discover there are in fact no tubes installed or some sourly locals who are eventually won over and end up donating a kidney to save your life. Like me, I am sure you’ve read a few. But there is of course the more forgotten flip-side of the coin; the oddities we presumably appear to be to the locals. We may seem extremely normal to ourselves but even the language suggests that they have allocated certain traits to each nationality. There is the ‘despedirse a la

Ulrica Marshall Swedish-born Ulrica is a freelance journalist living in Mallorca with her family. Her debut novel $Expat Wives is available on Amazon and iBooks. To comment on any of the issues raised in Ulrica’s column, go to

francesa’ which colloquially means leaving without saying goodbye. There is also ‘hacerse el sueco’ which broadly means pretending not to hear something or the ‘puntualidad inglesa,’ because the English are, apparently, always on time. Now, unlike tourists, foreign residents in Spain may make greater efforts in blending in to our new environment. Most of us are Europeans after all and we should, according to the bureaucrats in Brussels, be indistinguishable from one another, treated equally and

Panzarotti, male, Podenco, 8 year old APASA animal charity is looking for someone to take Panzarotti. It is the prototype of a Podenco. Anybody who would like to have a tall dog

GUESTS: Playing host to sheep for tea.

Expat Strife

should take him into consideration. Elegantly, as if he were a stallion, he is trotting throughout the charity’s pound. He is not frightened of human beings: to the contrary, he loves them. He is not extremely fond of other males but he would never start fighting them. Panzarotti would be an excellent dog for house and garden. He walks well on the lead and he likes to be driven in a car. For more information call 618 754 635.

singing a European national anthem rather than our own. Yet, reality is a tad different. A reliable local source has explained (over a copa or two) that we, the foreigners residing here, are referred to as ‘guiris’ and that as many of us tend to live in the same neighbourhoods, these are called ‘Guirilandia.’ Whilst the origin of this term may have derogative implications, the same source assures me that in the strict hierarchy of society in Spain, we are far from the bottom

ranks. Younger Spaniards are more welcoming of us guiris, the source then explained, while older generations still live in the vacuum left by Franco’s dictatorship and tend to be more resistant to change. To many, we range from ‘curiosities’ to ‘necessary evils.’ Bearing in mind that Spain was practically a closed

The geriatric check-up CARING for an older cat is directed at preventing premature aging, minimising physical and emotional stress, and meeting the special needs of the elderly. Cats older than seven should have a complete veterinary examination at least once a year - often twice a year is preferred. If the health of the cat is questionable, she should be seen by a veterinarian more often. If symptoms appear, she should be seen at once. The annual geriatric check-up should include a physical examination, complete blood count, blood chemistries, stool exam, and urinalysis. Depending on the results, special liver and kidney function tests, a chest X-ray, and an electrocardiogram may also

be needed. Some veterinary clinics include checking blood pressure as part of the geriatric exam for cats. Thyroid hormone levels, such as T4, are also important in older cats. Kidney disease is relatively common in older cats easy to be checked for protein leakage. This test may pick up kidney failure very early on so you can take steps to slow its progression. Routine dental care, including scaling the teeth, may be needed more frequently than once a year.

country until the 1970s, it is not surprising that we are regarded with some suspicion. Even so, it seems our love affair with Spain remains strong; perhaps we all have to try to be just a little more respectful of our differences. Even if it means having the neighbour’s sheep over for high tea.

SPONSORED BY For all do g treats p lease call: 971 887 0 07 / 634 1 52 813

David THE Dogman Listen to David Costa del Sol on TRE every Saturday 10 am (G (San Roque to ibraltar/Sotogrande) 98.7f to 11am m (Calahonda to Calahonda) 91.9fm Costa Blanca Motril) 88.9, Costa Calida 92 (Torrevieja to (Elche to Calpe Elche) 105.1fm .7fm (Denia to Valen) 88.2fm, (Calpe to Gandia & Ibiza) 104.6 cia Mallorca 103.9 ) 95.3fm fm, fm

AGING CATS: Important checks. If you see any of the following signs, take your cat to the veterinarian as soon as possible. • Loss of appetite or weight • Coughing, shortness of breath, or rapid, laboured breathing • Weakness or difficultly moving about • Increased thirst and/or frequency of urination • Change in bowel

function with constipation or diarrhoea • Bloody or purulent discharge from a body opening • An increase in temperature, pulse, or breathing rate • A growth or lump anywhere on the body • Any unexplained change in behaviour.

For your local radio frequency log onto


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lassifieds C







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E W N 17 - 23 April 2014 / Costa Blanca Nor th

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PET TRANSPORT INTERPAWS: 20 years’ licensed pet transportation. Competitive rates. Difficult dog? Effective behavioural training in your home., 689 742 289 (218076) PET TRAVEL UK family pet transporters Spain/UK. Travel with your pets for free. All air conditioned vehicles (no vans) / UK 0800 612 4922 or Spain 960 130 537 (201747) PAWS PET TRANSPORT SPAIN UK SPAIN every month. We treat all pets as if they belonged to us. Maybe the best rates in Spain. Please call JOE on 966 074 576 or 650 341 087 for a chat or email pawspettransport@ Quote ewn1 COSTA BLANCA PET TRANSPORT TO UK. DEFRA registered. Excellent rates. www.costablancadoghoming. com or call 965 698 052 (223781)

PLUMBING m Call for a free quotation 965 835 939 (87006) Tel. 966 807 098. Free quotes given (223752) PAUL FAULKNER - PLUMBER. Dripping tap to complete kitchen and bathroom refurbishments, including tiling. Fully legal. 965 792 134 / 676 861 963. Facebook. (223783)

CLASSIFIEDS POOL SERVICES YES YOU CAN HAVE A POOL - We design & install Wooden Above-Ground Pools. Pools installed from 1,185€. With above ground pools there is “No Planning Permission Required”. You can also pay in Sterling. Phone or email for a FREE BROCHURE NOW. Tel: 965 050 064 / 634 322 672 (221700) SWIMMING POOL CLEANING SERVICE from Oliva Nova to Gandia and inland. Call Paul 678 308 107 (221361) REGROUTING. Excellent value, quality service. Completed in 1 week. Javea area. handy / 625 397 209 (223774)

PROPERTY FOR RENT PENTHOUSE APARTMENT, JESUS POBRE, long let, 2 bedrooms, air con, UK TV, phoneline, lift, 2 terraces, stunning views, €450 pcm. 688 815 405 (223765)

PROPERTY FOR SALE BENISSA COAST, Montemar, 1km to the beach. NEW HOUSE 1025m2 plot, 350m2 build, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, pool 5 x 10, garage, underfloor heating, 415,000€. 965 832 658 / 629 991 543 (201518) HOUSE TO RENOVATE, 160m2 build, 825m2 plot in pure nature, 10km to the beach and 2.5km to the town of Gata, 80,000€. 965 832 658 / 629 991 543 (201518) QUICK SALE: Alfaz/La Nucia apartment 90m2, 2 bed & 2 bath, comm pool, parking, sea view 89,500€. Tel 672 608 579 (223871) 4 BED, 5th floor apartment, no lift, needs tarting up, in Oliva. 25,000 euros. Tel 686 624 017 (223174)


PET-COURIERS.COM – If you love your pet try us first – we are the best. Door to door service throughout Europe. Specialised vehicles – bespoke service. Full legal service including documentation if required. For further information call or email us: Tel: (0034) 651 033 670 or (0034) 637 066 227. Email: or (206497) NEED YOUR PETS TAKEN CARE OF? Not kennels, just a friendly home. Large fenced area. 699 790 080 Altea (201528)


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ROLLER SHUTTERS REPAIRS, cords, slats, winding mechanisms, motors. Calpe + 40 kms. Tony Bowers 659 464 992 (215803)

SCRAP VEHICLES SCRAP VEHICLES wanted for cash. Call 646 726 377 (221337)

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SITUATIONS VACANT FREE accommodation in Spain this winter in return for handyman work. For further details email: oasisparks@ya or 696 090 776 (218521) EXPERIENCED timeshare reps, fluent in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and French. Based in Barcelona. To start beginning of May. Timeshare clients all year round. Please send CV to (223007)

40 HGV Class 1 European drivers required. 4 days on, 4 days off. 11GBP per hour, 27GBP night out. Call 0044 7846 624312 or email camb (207716)

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SOLAR POWER LOWEST PRICES IN SPAIN, www.solarmegas (201513)

STRUCTURAL SURVEYS MARK PADDON BSc Hons. Building surveying. MCIOB, CAAT. From 245 EUROS + IVA. Insured and legally registered in Spain. Tel: 653 733 066 / 962 807 247 www.costablancasurveyors. com (221103)

17 - 23 April 2014 / Costa Blanca Nor th SWIMMING POOLS 15 DAYS SWIMMING POOL. We build your pool in 15 days, at the best price & quality. Pool experts. Call 677 671 713 (217896)


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E W N 17 - 23 April 2014 / Costa Blanca North



SPONSORED BY For best rates in motor insurance call: 952 89 33 80

Going green with the new Bentley LUXURY car maker Bentley is going green. It is about to unveil its Hybrid Concept - a technology showcase that previews Bentley’s first plug-in hybrid model, set to be a dedicated version of the all-new SUV available in 2017. The Bentley Hybrid Concept will be on display at the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition on Sunday. As the first luxury brand to present a plugin hybrid, Bentley leads the way in bringing new power-train choice to the luxury automotive sector, said Dr Wolfgang Schreiber, Chairman and Chief Executive of Bentley Motors. He added: “There is no doubt that plug-in hybrid technology is true to Bentley’s values of outstanding luxury and effortless performance. Combining our renowned engines with electric power reinforces and enhances both principles,

STYLISH: More eco-friendly Bentley. and so we will gradually introduce this powertrain across our model range. “By the end of the decade, at least 90 per cent of our production will be available as a plug-in hybrid. We are proud to be pioneering these

developments in the luxury sector.” Through Bentley’s hybrid system, customers will have a wider choice

of modern, powerful and efficient powertrains. The plug-in hybrid system will offer a power increase of up to

25 per cent together with a 70 per cent reduction in CO2 emissions. Bentley hybrids will also be capable of driving

at least 50km on electric power alone, allowing for emissions-free city driving with the option of enhanced performance on the open road. The Bentley Hybrid Concept is based on the flagship model in the Bentley family, the Mulsanne. The Bentley Hybrid Concept is joined on the new Bentley show stand in Beijing by three other members of the road-car family. The new Flying Spur V8 makes its Chinese debut, as a new member of the Flying Spur family capable of over 500 miles on a tank of fuel. The new and enhanced 206 mph (331 km/h) Continental GT Speed the fastest production Bentley ever, with 635 PS and 820 Nm of torque also makes its Far East debut, along with the new Continental GT V8 S.

Toyota announces vehicle recalls TOYOTA has recalled nearly 30,000 cars in Spain for safety modifications covering three issues affecting some RAV4, Hilux, Yaris and Urban Cruiser models. The recalls affect a total 28,957 Spanish registered cars. Worldwide, there have been no reports of any accidents or injuries relating to these issues. Toyota is conducting the recalls as a

precaution. Toyota has identified a possible issue affecting the spiral cable assembly in the airbag module fitted to some RAV4 and Hilux models. Due to the shape and location of a retainer for the Flexible Flat Cable in the airbag unit, there may be a risk when the steering wheel is turned of damage to certain circuits that provide connectivity to the airbag. If connectivity is lost, the airbag warning

light will illuminate on the instrument panel and the driver’s airbag may be deactivated. The vehicles subject to this recall are RAV4 and Hilux models manufactured between June 2004 and December 2010. All the vehicles affected by this issue are being recalled so that an improved spiral cable can be fitted. The installation will take about one hour to complete and the work will be carried out free of charge. Toyota is also aware that the weld which connects the steering column bracket to the instrument panel on some Yaris and Urban Cruiser models between 20042009 might break when the steering wheel is repeatedly turned with full force. RECALL: RAV4 and Hilux models.


E W N 17 - 23 April 2014 / Costa Blanca North


Buckler wins Cafe Uno’s latest match

Close call in Javea Management v Chairman match

FOURTEEN members joined under the new society name Cafe Uno to play on Thursday in the glorious sunshine at Bonalba Golf. Good course conditions allowed reasonable scores to be posted, though attendance was a bit low due to prior commitments on the part of some members. P. Buckler was the day’s winner with 29 points, followed by J. Pedersen with 28 points (countback). D. Harwood won the best front nine with 16 points. D. Barratt took the best back nine with 15 points. Nearest the Pins went to S. Hamilton. Winners of the 2 ball competition were S. Hamilton and D. Barratt. Next week Cafe Uno is at Vistabella Golf. First tee time is 9:30am, please arrive one hour prior to first tee time. A special thanks to Pete and Lisa Bonser, proprietors of Cafe Uno in Catral for taking on the society for after-game functions. New members always welcome. Please contact Tony Macmillan on 966 785 781, Steve Hamilton on 966 789 438, or Steve Lawrence on 966 637 449.

THE annual ‘Chairman v. Management’ bout took place on Wednesday, April 9. There was the usual full house of 56 bowlers in total, playing the rinks discipline of four per team, with two woods each. Seven teams represented the Chairman squaring up against the other seven playing for the Management. This year the Management emerged victorious, winning five out of the seven matches played. Amazingly, the shot difference overall came out at 103 shots Management v 102 shots Chairman, a really close call. Sponsor Infinity International Ltd put out a team member, Glenn Tullett, playing with Alan Phillips, Dave Carvath and Shirley Payne, who acquitted himself very well on behalf of the Chairman’s squad, but they unfortunately got pipped at the post on the last end by Tony McKenna, Phil Woodhead, Jan Phillips and Olive Lutz with a scoreline of 19-17 shots. After lunch, the Trophy was passed over from the Chairman, Jim Fletcher who has held it for the last few years to the Management representative, Barry Jowett, standing in for Brian Taylor. The top scoring team (Chairman) of Phil Harding, Janet Neale, Pat Pittaway and Lloyd were the winners, having won by an impressive 22 points to six.

GRATEFUL: Gema Gonzales, Maite Boronat Centre director in Calpe, Lawrie Dick and Debby Wilcock, Calpe Badminton Club VP and President.

Calpe Badminton THE Calpe Badminton Club recently donated €250 worth of craft materials to the Maite Boronat Centre in Calpe, which were gratefully received. Calpe Badminton Club President Debby Wilcock and Vice-President Lawrie Dick were on hand to present

the donation to Gema Gonzales, the Centre’s director. The Badminton Club plays on Mondays and Thursdays from 9:00am to 11:30am at the Pabellon Deportivo in Calpe. For further information, call 632 398 901.


17 - 23 April 2014 / Costa Blanca North

Three-horse PL race hots up as Marc and Bubba win in USA Tony Matthews

International Sports A former football player and the world’s most prolific author of football books (more than 100 published), Tony is also the sports reporter for Spectrum Radio and lives in the Cabrera mountains.

Costa de Almeria

THE key Pemiership matches over the threeday Easter holiday are Chelsea-Sunderland, Manchester City-WBA, Everton-Manchester United and NorwichLiverpool, while last night Barcelona played Real Madrid in the Copa Del Rey Cup final in Valencia. The F1 drivers, crews and cars are in China this weekend for the Shanghai Grand Prix, the Aviva Rugby Union Premiership continues with Saracens (76 points) aiming to extend their lead at the top over Northampton (66) and Leicester (63). FOOTBALL - This year’s FA Cup final (on May 17) will feature Arsenal against Hull City. Last weekend the Gunners ‘scraped’ through on 4-2 penalties against the 2013 winners Wigan Athletic while Steve Bruce’s Hull beat plucky Sheffield United 5-3. In the two-legged Champions League semifinals (to be played on April 22 and 29) Atletico Madrid - yet to win the trophy - will play Chelsea, chasing a third final in seven years, and Bayern Munich will meet

DID YOU KNOW? * Norwich City striker Ricky van Wolfswinkel has not scored a PL goal for 21 hours 55 minutes!

Another win MOTOGP Reigning champion Marc Marquez of Spain won the second MotoGP of 2014 in Austin, Texas. Dani Pedrosa was second and Andrea Dovizioso third.

Real Madrid. It could be an all-Spanish final; even a repeat of the 2012 Chelsea-Bayern final. In the Europa League semi-finals, it’s Sevilla v Valencia and Benfica v Juventus. The first legs take place on April 24, with the return fixtures a week later. Last weekend’s ‘big’ Premiership game saw leaders Liverpool, who had Jordan Henderson sent-off late on, edge third-placed Manchester City 3-2 at Anfield. Chelsea, second, two points behind the Reds, pipped 10-man Swansea 1-0. At the bottom there were vital wins for Fulham, Cardiff (at Southampton for the first time in 50 years) and Crystal Palace while WBA, 3-0 up, had to settle for a point v Spurs. In the championship, Burnley are one win away from joining Leicester in the PL. Derby, QPR, Wigan, Reading, Brighton, Ipswich and Blackburn are chasing play-offs places. Congratulations to FL1 champions Wolves whose 2-0 win at Crewe set a new points record (93) and clinched promotion at the first attempt.

MO FARAH: Finished in eighth position in his first London Marathon.

Scunthorpe (76 points), Rochdale (75) and Chesterfield (74) are fighting it out at the top of FL2. Rangers were once again stunned in a knockout competition beaten by Dundee United in the Scottish Cup semifinal. In the other ‘semi’ St Johnstone beat Aberdeen 2-1. The final takes place on May 17. Luton Town will return to the FL this weekend if they beat Welling on Sunday. And here in Spain, Barcelona (3rd) lost again (1-0 at Granada) while Atletico Madrid (2-0 v. Getafe) and Real Madrid (4-0 winners over

relegationthreatened Almeria) are now first and second in La Liga. Ex-Middlesbrough goalkeeper Rolando Ugolini who played with Wilf Mannion in the 1950s, has died in Edinburgh, aged 89 and former Arsenal ‘keeper Bob Wilson has been diagnosed with prostrate cancer. And just to let you know, the World Cup kicks off in Brazil in two months time. GOLF - The first major of the season - the US Masters in Augusta - was won for the second time in three years by American Bubba Watson;

the best-placed Brit was Lee Westwood (7th) while the top Spaniard raider was Miguel Angel Jimenez (4th). CYCLING - Sir Dave Brailsford has quit as performance director of British Cycling to concentrate on running Team Sky. The 50-yearold led Team GB to eight gold medals at both the Beijing and London Olympics and has transformed the sport during his 10-year reign. Shane Sutton takes over his role while Andy Harrison has been named perform-ance director. ATHLETICS - Mo Farah finished eighth in his first London Marathon last Sunday which was won by Wilson Kipsang in a record time of 2.04.27… Edna Kiplagat took the women’s prize and Marcel Huq won the wheelchair event (ahead of David Weir). Over 36,000 runners took part, but sadly a 42 yearman died in hospital after collapsing. BOXING - Manny Pacquiao beat Timothy Bradley to win the WBO welterweight title.



Monto Golf Society at Oliva Nova From Back Page the Club; Campbell Lamont of CL Golf; and Paul Tolley, Teaching Professional at Oliva Nova. All of these special guests have proved good friends to the Society. The club enjoyed an excellent turnout of both members and guests with a two-tee start followed by an excellent meal in the Golf Club Restaurant. The course was in excellent condition. The winner of the Trophy, playing some of his best golf at the moment, was Simon Fox with a net 69 from his 16.6 handicap. Second place went to the returning Alan Webster (16.2) with a net 71 who beat Neil Carter (9.6) with the same score on count back. There were a number of Nearest the Pins on offer. One of the member’s guests, Martin Calhoun, won on the 3rd. Caddy Master Vicente Minaña was the victor at the 6th, Colin Cooper won the 11th and Campbell Lamont took the honours on the 16th. Nearest second shots on two par 4’s were won by Pat Casson-Smith (5th) and John Lamont (18th) with Tony Carroll the winner for the nearest 3rd shot on the 14th. The longest drive competition was on the 8th, with Stella Fox winning for the ladies and Campbell Lamont for the men. Both the professionals playing put up lessons and the lucky winners were Brian Barden with Paul Tolley and Alan Skinner with Campbell Lamont. The Society’s next game is at Oliva Nova on Friday, April 18 for a stableford comp sponsored by Ian Bonser. First tee 9:20am.


E W N 17 - 23 April 2014/ Costa Blanca Nor th

Sport Costa Blanca’s best guide to local sport


Sir Dave Brailsford Moving to run Team Sky. Turn to Page 87 TO READ MORE VISIT OUR WEBSITE: WWW.EUROWEEKLYNEWS.COM

FOUNDERS DAY TROPHY: Montgo winners on their 6th anniversary.

Montgo golfing OLIVA NOVA was the venue for Montgo Golf Society’s annual playing of

the Founders Day Trophy. The competition was to celebrate the beginning of

Montgo’s sixth year and was again generously sponsored by Russ Peters. Montgo was very pleased to welcome four special Society guests to play with them. These guests included Daniel Asis, Director of Golf at Oliva Nova; Vicente Minaña, Caddy Master at Turn to Page 87

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