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13 - 19 MARCH 2014

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Washed ashore LAST year 25 large marine mammals - 21 dolphins, two sperm whales and a goose-beaked whale - were washed up on Balearic shores.

VIP visitor BRITISH Ambassador Simon Manley visited the Guardia Civil in the Balearics on Monday. He was said to have discussed the service given to the 2.5 million British tourists who visit the islands every year.

Identity sought GUARDIA CIVIL are trying to identify a murdered woman whose body was found on a beach at Can Picafort. Aged between 35 and 45, she had suffered a blow to the head and been suffocated.

Film invite SWEDEN is the ‘invited country’ at the third Palma MareMostra international cinema festival, between May 26 to 31. It is the first European film festival dedicated to the sea.

Environmentalists warn of oil-drilling threat CAMPAIGNERs are warning of environmental threats from new oil-drilling projects off Spain’s Balearic and Canary Islands. The group, Ecologists in Action, said in a report that 10 oil installations are already operating off Spanish coasts and new oil-prospecting licences have been granted. Carlos Arribas, Valencia spokesman for the association, called the drilling plans ‘a threat to the integrity of the Mediterranean’. The group said the proposals, along with the

current projects, pose a ‘constant risk of pollution’ and threaten sea species and fishing. In the Balearic Islands, the company Capricorn Spain Limited, an off-shoot of Scottish energy group Cairn, is carrying out environmental impact studies prior to beginning oil exploration. “There is emphatic social opposition to these prospecting projects,” said Arribas. The controversial plans come after recent demonstrations in the Balearics and Valencia.

Holidaymakers visit many of these places for their natural beauty, but with drilling posing a threat to this factor it could have an impact on tourism. Ecologists in Action also said that sonic shocks used by the companies are a major threat to species like sea tortoises, whales and dolphins. Spain is hugely reliant on energy imports, buying in 99.9 per cent of its oil and gas. It is for this reason that the current government is keen to find resources locally.

E W N 13 - 19 March 2014 / Mallorca





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Letters UPMARKET: Businesses will have to meet exact specifications.

Balearics plan on going upmarket

THE Balearic government has created a special new law to benefit high quality, upmarket restaurants and bars. The island’s tourism sector hopes to get a boost with the latest measure, which will be known as the Balearic Tourism Law (Ley de Turismo de Balears) that will mark out exact specifications for measuring

the quality of certain establishments. Demands from the tourism sector have encouraged a professional licence that would prevent ‘just anyone off the street’ from launching a tourismfocused business, a step the European Union has prohibited. “If we can’t kick out the bad ones, at least we can

make a way for the good ones to stand out more,” a local restaurateur said. Those businesses meeting the specifications will receive a distinctive plaque for customers to recognise their status. They will also receive economic incentives like special government promotion and permission to participate in the island’s tourist-centred festivals.


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NEWS Waster waste HALF the water stream flowing through the network of Manacor is lost along the way due to leaks caused by poor maintenance of the pipes, that’s according to councillor for the Environment following inspections. Cemetery expansion ALARO Town Hall is pushing through plans to expand the cemetery and to create a new car park next to the San Bartomeu street in Calle Can Barbut.

13 - 19 March 2014 / Mallorca

Longer school year wanted PARENTS are wanting officials to look into the option of making the school year longer, with more days of class for their students. This was what representatives of the Confederation of Parents’ Associations (COAPA) have told the advisor of the Education Department this week as they met with education management, labour unions and school directors to approve the 2014-2015 school year calendar. With the new calendar in place, the educational community can now plan for the start of the new school year on Friday, September 12.

The September 12 start date includes pre-school, primary, secondary, higher-secondary ‘bachillerato,’ special education, basic professional training and PQPI (initial professional qualification plans). There will be a total of 176 active class days, the very same as this current year. Christmas holidays will run from December 23 to January 7 while the Easter break will be from April 2 to 10, 2015. The school year will end on June 19, 2015.

Home sales SALES of homes in the Balearic Islands in 2013 fell by 13.6 per cent compared to the previous year, with 8,171 sales being carried out last year. Fugitive found A FUGITIVE who committed robbery with violence in Manacor has been arrested in Madrid, two weeks after he fled Mallorca. He was caught during a routine security check in the Madrid suburb of Getafe.


ews watch

Champagne bar AFTER being closed since 2009, the historic building of El Forn Cremat, in Palma, has re-opened its doors as a Champagne bar, run by two sisters.

WHILE the number of millionaires in Spain has increased 13 per cent in a year, 3 million in the country are beneath the poverty line, according to Catholic charity Caritas.

Op increase SURGICAL activity at Inca’s Regional Hospital increased by 9.5 per cent last year, with 5,280 operations being carried out. The largest increase in activity was recorded in obstetrics, up 145 per cent.

Tourism plan THE town hall meeting of Deia has approved the Municipal Tourism Plan and improvements in a number of public roads. Cleaning controversy CONTROVERSY arose in Santa Margalida when 20 unemployed youngsters on a training workshop were asked to clean up the public estate of Son Real when it was claimed it had been cleaned days earlier.


For richer...

FATHER’S DAY: Celebrated in Spain on March 19 which is also Saint Joseph’s Day.

Abortion talk A DISCUSSION on the reform of the abortion law takes place today (Thursday) at 7pm in the Centro de la Tercera Edad in Son Servera.


Viva hotels

Time for the dads!


ARCH 19 is Saint Joseph’s Day and in Spain, it’s Father’s Day. In 1948, a schoolteacher in Dehesa de la Villa (north of Madrid) decided to mark the day at her school to keep her students’ fathers happy, as some of them claimed to be ‘jealous’ of Mother’s Day and wanted a day of their own. The date was chosen to coincide with Saint Joseph’s Day, as she considered him the ideal role model for Christian fathers. The event included mass, gifts for the fathers hand-made by the girls, and a party with poetry, dancing and a play. The idea became popular and was announced the following year in local papers with which the teacher collaborated. In 1951, it went national, thanks to a programme on the national radio station.

Quote of the Week We would have suffered a lot less if the bombing had been done by ETA.’

Pilar Manjon, President of 11-M, who lost her son in the March 11 Madrid train bombing.

It was promoted in 1953 by the manager at the time of the Galerias Preciados store, Jose Fernandez, and later by its rival, El Corte Ingles, thanks to its manager Ramon Areces. In Valencia, both the city and most of the region, it is also the most important day of the ‘fallas’ celebrations. Each neighbourhood has a group of people, the Casal faller, that works all year holding fundraising events, usually featuring paella, to produce the ‘fallas’. They are made of papiermâché and each of the figures is known as a ‘ninot’ (doll). Each group takes theirs out during a parade so they can be seen before eventually being burned with the help of fireworks. The figures are traditionally a satirical dig at famous people and events that attract the attention of the creators.

Number of the week was the number of games in three sets needed by No. 28 ranked Alexandr Dolgopolov in his stunning upset over Rafa Nadal, 3-6, 6-3, 7-6.


SANTA PONSA’s hotel Rey Don Jaime, located on the Gran Via Puig Major, has passed into the hands of Viva Hotels and will reopen for the season with the name Viva Rey Don Jaime.

New look OD PORT PORTALS hotel in Portals Nous, Calvia is opening next month. The former Saint Michel has been given a full facelift and restoration.

Paid back THE government has recuperated the money it was owed from journalist, Antonio Alemany. He had wrongfully charged nearly €140,000 while working with the Balearic News Agency.

And finally... Beware unkempt toilets! Learn from the unlucky lady who had a public toilet in Barcelona’s Gothic quarter explode under her. The poorly-maintained septic tank had a huge build-up of methane gas, which resulted in a spark from the light switch causing an explosion, leaving her with second- and third-degree burns to the legs. She is suing the bar owner.


E W N 13 - 19 March 2014 / Mallorca


Inflation rate THE annual rate of inflation in February in the Balearric stood at 0.4 per cent, one tenth less than that recorded in January. It ranks as the second highest rate in Spain behind the Basque Country.

E-cigarettes THE electronic cigarette industry is worth around €2.26 million per year in the Balearic Islands, where it has 290 stores selling the product.


Party to help street children CRISTINA MARTE, one of the resident entertainers at Mood Beach in Costa D’en Blanes will be hosting a fun karaoke party on the night of Saturday March 15 in aid of street children in Manila. Cristina, who is Filipino herself, visited her home country at Christmas time following the terrible typhoons which have recently devastated great swathes of her beautiful country. “I am very lucky to live in Mallorca with my husband and children. There are a lot of children who could benefit from us giving them hope that they can improve themselves and get out of the terrible living conditions that they are in all over the Philippines. “I am going to concentrate my

CRISTINA MARTE: Helping the Philippines. efforts on helping an orphanage and a youth foundation which I have direct contacts with in the country, so I know where the

money will be going, and it won’t be going into the hands of anyone except the people who need it!”

The event will kick off with a dinner dance at 8pm and then the karaoke will start at 10pm. Entry to the karaoke is only €5 per person and there will be fun prizes for the best boy and best girl. All the proceeds will be going to the Anawim Foundation and the Manila Orphanage. There is also a raffle: tickets are being sold at Mood until Saturday, more than €300 has already been raised!

You can book your table by emailing or call 971 676 456.


Palma City Hall grants land usage to the Rafa Nadal Foundation THE Rafa Nadal Foundation has received permission from the city of Palma to use a municipal plot of land in Soledat for its educational activities. The foundation is the sole beneficiary of the agreement, which will allow it the use of a third of the city-owned plot in Soledat’s Poligono de Llevant, a space which measures some 1,500 square metres. Palma’s deputy mayor for urbanisation Jesus Valls explained that the agreement allows use of the property for a period of

40 years, which is the maximum length allowed by law. The deputy celebrated the agreement, saying it was “with the foundation of a person who shares the same values that we can pass on to the children and youth of our city.” The plot of land, formerly occupied by the Son Molines electrical substation, was made available after shifts coming from reurbanisation work. The plot is to be used for social and educational purposes.

The whole of the surface area is almost 5,000 square metres with the area occupied by the building itself close to 16,500 square metres.

13 - 19 March 2014 / Mallorca




E W N 13 - 19 March 2014 /Mallorca


Spain still fears terror 10 years after train attack in Madrid SPAIN’S government has warned that the country is still a terror target, a decade after the Madrid train attack that killed 191 people. It was 10 years ago that AlQaeda style terrorists blew up four commuter trains in Madrid in what is still seen as Spain’s worst terror attack, and Interior Minister Jorge Fernandez Diaz said Islamist extremists are still a threat. The minister told Onda Cero radio that intelligence on AlQaeda members and affiliates had revealed that reference has frequently been made to ‘Al Andalus’, or Spain. “Clearly Spain forms part of the strategic objectives of global jihad. We are not the only ones but we are in their sights obviously,” Fernandez Diaz said. He added that the Spanish counter-terrorist service’s alert level is at its second-highest

ATOCHA STATION: Scene of Spain’s worst terror attack. category, signifying ‘a likely risk of attack’. This level has not changed in recent years and is identical to that of most countries in the region. Diaz said that since the March

11, 2004, attack, 472 suspected Islamic extremists have been arrested. Following the 2004 attack Spanish courts sentenced 18 people for the shrapnel-filled bomb attack that killed 191

people and injured more than 1,800 on four commuter trains heading for Atocha Station, Madrid. Basque separatist group ETA was the prime suspect but Diaz

said the facts and the judicial process had since shown that ETA was not involved. The seven main suspects committed suicide on April 3, 2004, by blowing themselves up in an apartment near Madrid, killing a policeman in the blast. Aside from the intelligence service, some 1,800 Spanish police and counter-terrorist security forces were devoted to confronting the threat, according to Diaz. He presided over a ceremony in Madrid last week to present civilian awards to 365 of those affected by the attacks. A study by Spanish research facility Royal Elcano Institute said 84 Islamists, all young men, were convicted for attack plots in Spain between 1996 and 2012, or died in relation to such attacks. Most of these Islamists were firstgeneration immigrants from Algeria, Morocco or Pakistan.


13 - 19 March 2014 / Mallorca

THE Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have picked a Spanish-born nanny for baby George. The new nanny, who is thought to have started working for William and Kate last month, is currently being shown the ropes by Kate’s mum Carole Middleton. William and Kate are currently enjoying a romantic break in the Maldives. They arrived in the capital Malé last Thursday on their first trip away alone together since the birth of baby George last summer. Sources say the Spanish-born nanny, who ‘lives for her job’ is using this time to bond with baby George. The dark-haired woman has been seen


Spanish nanny for UK’s Prince George

PRINCE GEORGE: Bonding time with new nanny. out and about with her charge. They’ve been spotted strolling around

London’s Hyde Park, with a protection officer in tow.




E W N 13 - 19 March 2014 / Mallorca


Law could see return to back-street abortions A NEW study predicts that a huge number of Spanish women with unwanted

pregnancies could resort to underground abortion clinics in the future.

The study says the women will use clinics both in Spain and abroad if the country’s strict new abortion laws are passed in parliament. Spain's Official Abortion Clinics Association (ACAI) has announced that 62.3 per cent of Spanish women wanting to undergo an abortion will resort to desperate measures if the draft law is approved. ACAI surveyed more than 6,000 women and 30.37 per cent of them answered they would abort in an illegal clinic in Spain while 31.4 per cent said they would go overseas to countries like France and Portugal. ACAI President Francisca García said that the 29.5 per cent of women who would continue with their pregnancy would do so

‘with resignation and anxiety’ as they ‘wouldn't dare or don’t feel capable of opting for something else’. Based on these figures, ACAI estimates that 30,000 women would travel abroad to have an abortion while another 30,000 would do so illegally in Spain. Under Spain’s new draft bill, women will only be legally able to have abortions if they have been raped or if the mother’s health is at risk. At the moment only 4.97 per cent of abortions in Spain are carried out for reasons relating to the baby’s or the mother’s health. The law has yet to be passed but the government holds a clear majority in the Spanish parliament.


New electricity pricing in April ESA/NASA

A NEW system for calculating the price of electricity will come into force next month. The Ministry for Industry, Tourism and Trade has confirmed the

new mechanism will be applied from April 1. Sources at the ministry led by Jose Manuel Soria said the overall savings with the new system would be of an average 3 per cent reduction in bills. As previously reported by the Euro Weekly News, the mechanism will set the variable part of the electricity bill, which accounts for 45 per cent of the total, in accordance with the average price on the wholesale market. BRIGHTEST: The most populated areas. Users with meters that calculate electricity usage per hour, also known as This image from the International Space Station ‘intelligent’ meters, will pay shows the Iberian Peninsula including Spain and depending on the market Portugal at night. price every hour. The lights from human settlements reveal where This way the prices of the major towns and activity are. The large mass of MW per hour could go from light in the middle is Madrid, Spain’s capital city. The €0 in the early hours of the Iberian coastline is heavily populated with Valencia morning, to up to €90 in the and Barcelona along the Mediterranean Sea evening, according to prominent at the bottom right of the photo. sources.

Spain from space

13 - 19 March 2014 / Mallorca



E W N 13 - 19 March 2014 / Mallorca


Wonderful day for women MORE than 150 people attended the fourth annual International Women’s Day event at Mood Beach last weekend. The event, organised by Euro Weekly News columnist Vicki McLeod, and Kay Newton in collaboration with Mood Beach, was pronounced a great success. The day started with a variety of inspiring speeches from a wide range of women speaking about their personal, business and charitable lives. Then the audience were invited to try out many different types of body treatments, have their portrait taken by

professional photographer Aimee K, taste raw food and nutritional supplements, find out more about charitable activities and much more. Then lunch was served during which there was a hilarious comedy set by Glynis German and a surprise flashmob by local community choir Mallorca Voices. The day concluded with the presentation to Chetana Annette of the International Woman of the Year award, which was given to her for her services to community, health and to business. The event raised €250 from the stallholders, which was given to RANA,



SURPRISE FLASHMOB: Mallorca Voices choir. the child abuse awareness organisation here on the island, and more than 170 litres of milk were brought by the visitors to be donated to Mediterranea as part of their ‘Eso es la leche’ campaign to collect milk for needy kids on the island. “We are already trying to work out how to make next year’s event even better, but right now I can’t see how we can possibly top it!” said Vicki McLeod. You can see more information about the event and forthcoming community and

networking events organised by her at nixMediaMallorca


Home sweet home

A SCULPTURE by artist Manolo Conrad has been returned to its home on a roundabout in Consell after the base it was stood on was destroyed in July 2012 after a car crashed in to it.

Fira del fang THE Fira del Fang in Marratxi, is celebrating its 30th anniversary. A showcase of craftsmanship and artistic wealth is on display along the Esplanade de Sant Marcel until Sunday.


‘Silent holocaust’ of abortion says bishop AS the row goes on about Spain’s proposed anti-abortion legislation a Catholic bishop has called abortion ‘a silent holocaust’. Juan Antonio Reig Pla, the Bishop of Alcala de Henares, said that since 1985 when abortion was made legal in Spain, there had been “two million abortions, many more deaths than during the Spanish Civil War.” Justice Minister Alberto Ruiz Gallardon has been pushing for new regulations that would drastically curtail the opportunities for women to terminate pregnancies. There would, if the legislation is passed, be a ban on abortion except for cases of rape or a serious risk to the mother’s

health. The bishop is sure to have angered pro-abortion supporters when he said that terminations are evidence of a “backwards society.” This new statement by the Church comes against the backdrop of a controversial legal reform of existing abortion legislation. If the changes sponsored by Justice Minister Alberto Ruiz Gallardon are passed, the current system of abortion on demand in the first trimester will be replaced with a ban on abortion, save for the cases of rape or serious risk to the mother’s health. Bishop Reig underscored that abortions are evidence of a “backward society.”

Marines are coming THE US Marines are coming to town. The Spanish government has said yes to the force stationing more troops in Spain as part of a rapid reaction force. Their presence at the Moron, Sevilla, base will

rise to 850 marines, up from the 500 approved last April. Transport and support aircraft numbers will double up to 16. The force is designed to be able to deploy to any crisis in Africa at short notice.

13 - 19 March 2014 / Mallorca




E W N 13 - 19 March 2014 /Mallorca


A note from the


Democracy’s gain from 11-M T EN years ago Spain suffered its worst terrorist attack. On March 11, 2004, people not just in this country, but around the world, were left numb with shock at the TV images of the train bombings that shattered the lives of hundreds of families. One hundred and ninety-one people died and 1,900 were injured - many with life-changing injuries - in the indiscriminate attacks by al-Qaeda inspired Islamist extremists. Ten bombs ripped through four of Madrid’s commuter trains, targeting thousands of innocent civilians. The results of the attack were farreaching. A general election was held just three days later with the conservative PP party of Jose Maria Aznar being swept from power. That was not a result of the public blaming the government, but rather of their disgust at what many saw as blatant political posturing. An attempt

to blame home-grown terrorists ETA to deflect attention away from the hugely unpopular Iraq war back-fired at the voting booths. But it was a watershed in many ways for the Spanish public. From that incident can be traced the disenchantment with politics - or rather politicians - that has grown ever stronger through corruption scandal after scandal, a growing determination not to let the governing elite ‘get away with it.’ It can be argued that the horrifying March 11 attack, known in Spain as 11-M, was the catalyst for the seemingly endless list of criminal cases brought against politicians of all hues. And in the long term that will only strengthen democracy in Spain. It is a time of sombre remembrance, a time to recall those who died, but perhaps the most fitting memorial to those who died and their families is this: the anti-democratic terrorists lost. Democracy won.


E W N 13 - 19 March 2014 / Mallorca



A day in the life of... the Head Teacher from Palma College

E all know what we THINK our children do whilst at school: sit in serried ranks all clean and polished, and show interest in all that the teacher says! However, what do we think the teachers do all day? It appears they turn up, teach, go home and enjoy long, fully paid holidays. It seems an opportune moment to describe a day in the life of the Head Teacher from Palma College in Mallorca. ‘Leaving home at seven for the 35minute drive to work is often a challenge, particularly on the dark winter mornings. The benefit is a 10-minute read of a newspaper and a coffee in Bar Boche before opening up the buildings at 7.50. This is more than just turning a key and switching off an alarm; this particular building has huge antique wooden shutters in every room that need to be opened each morning and closed each night. The ancient heating system also has to be cranked up and all the individual settings on each radiator turned on. A quick check of rooms to make sure they are tidy and litter free

A BLESSING: Helping students on their journey in life. and I return to my office to begin work. At 8.40am, having cleared one pile of correspondence, and having an open door policy, I watch the students and staff come in for the day, often answering queries as they pass, ranging from questions about homework, to letting me know they are going to be absent in four weeks for a trip off-island, (as if I can keep a mental diary in my

head), to letting me know their mate has texted to say they are going to be late. Just before 9, I visit the sixth form common room to hurry the stragglers to class, closing my ears to the excuses for lateness.

Peace descends Five minutes later the first round of meetings begin, parents, staff, students, suppliers, salesmen, etc. What is so different nowadays is the volume of emails that pour out of the systems, all screaming for immediate attention. The Business Manager and I often try to steal out of the building at this point so we can sit in a café and have an undisturbed half an hour together. Teaching English Literature is fascinating in a multi-cultural college so the lesson planning is lengthened by having to ensure that the context of the pieces is fully understood; this all takes extra time. The lessons are taught throughout the week and on top of that I give each student an individual one to one session of 15 minutes where we discuss work and progress, or any problems they are facing. I also have to fit in time for students who are not performing well in other subjects and find out why, then agree with them a course of remedial action. Staff development meetings are normal practice and I try to touch base with all the staff regularly to see if all is well and if they would like to go on any professional training courses. As the volume of change from the UK government is immense, we all have to keep on top of the changes to the curriculum, the changes within our own subjects and look out for any changes to the exam system. This all takes up a large part of my week. Break time and another coffee from a local café, the area I work in is

delightfully supplied with all sorts of bars and cafés although I have to say lunch not involving bread is a challenge. Back to the office and looking ahead at events’ planning for our Enrichment Programme. The speakers and activities have to be booked well in advance. University information is beginning to arrive and each student has to be given time to sift through choices and to begin the process of applications, so I meet with the team who are mentoring several students to keep a check on progress. A quick progress check with the member of staff who is taking a trip to London takes longer than I thought but all is on track with this, the Risk Assessment forms are finally completed! After a quick lunch at the desk, the next task is to look at the CVs arriving for adding staff to the team next year. This is particularly onerous as we get many applications from people who don’t even have teaching qualifications and they all have to be answered. By this time the Performing Arts class has started and my office is often filled with either beautiful singing or some sort of performance which seems to involve a great deal of screaming! We have students from other schools arrive to take this A Level and they bustle about, shedding uniform and bags in their eagerness to reach the class. For a short period in the afternoon I can work undisturbed and get some marking done. Each A Level English essay takes as long to mark as it has taken the student to write so the marking time is onerous; this is in addition to the coursework essays that the students work on over the course of a term. Coursework is one of the areas for reform under government proposals with assessment being returned more to final exams at the end of a two-year course. When the students finally finish classes at five, I reverse the morning process and walk round closing down rooms and shutting shutters. The Common Room is where I shake my head in despair and wonder at the state of the students’ own rooms at home! Leaving at the end of the day, plied with paperwork and marking to take home, I am blessed to have to walk through the beautiful streets of Palma to reach the car and drive along the coast, past the mountains and home to my little fishing port. Life may not be relaxing but it is a gift to be working at such a pace on this beautiful island. And the benefits of being a teacher? The students who are so full of life and optimism and the chance to help them on their journey is a blessing. The shared sense of community one feels in a small school and, yes, the holidays!’


13 - 19 March 2014 / Mallorca


business & legal

Green payments...

Internet bills save trees and companies SPANISH companies sent out 59 million email bills in the first three months of 2013. They saved €458 million and 250,000 hours of ‘repetitive and unproductive work,’ found a survey by Seres, an organisation specialising in electronic transactions. Apart from the economic advantages, these internet bills saved 3,300 pines from being felled.

Nor are the advantages limited to the electricity, gas and communications’ multinationals, according to Alberto Redondo, director of marketing at Seres. The benefits of electronic billing extend to small and medium-sized firms, he said, with an average saving of €4.85 in receiving a payment and €2.82 in issuing a bill.

No puzzle over taxman solution SPAIN and Switzerland are negotiating a deal to ensure that the Spanish owners of numbered accounts pay tax. This will not be a “Rubik agreement,” Spain insisted, referring to treaties aimed at tackling tax evasion by EU residents with secret Swiss accounts. The name allegedly refers to the intellectual challenge faced by the Swiss authorities of shedding their international reputation of facilitating tax evasion without sacrificing Switzerland’s hallowed banking secrecy. They solved the puzzle with a

compromise whereby a person or company hands over up to 34 per cent of their money to their country of origin on condition that their identity is not revealed. A Rubik agreement, said Spain’s tax authority Hacienda, goes against policies orientated towards exchange of information and administrative assistance between states. It is more interested in pursuing fraud, sources said, not least because Hacienda can impose fines of up to 150 per cent of the defrauded amounts.


usiness extra

Pay dispute mediation AFTER the collective agreement with workers at Alstrom’s Santa Perpetua (Barcelona) plant expired in January, the French company cut pay by 14 per cent. The regional government is mediating between both sides.

Car stars GENERAL MOTORS assured the future of the Figueruelas (Zaragoza) Opel plant with a €210 million investment. Two important GM models, the Mokka and a new Meriva, will be produced there.

Good news for jobless UNEMPLOYMENT fell in February for the first time since the onset of the economic crisis. The last time that unemployment fell during this month was in 2007 when jobless fell by 7,233. This year there were 1,949 fewer out of work in February than January, a 0.04 per cent improvement. Employment is unstable in

February, the Ministry of Labour explained. Statistics show that since records began in 1996, unemployment has fallen on 10 occasions, including 2014, and rose in the nine remaining years. This was the seventh consecutive month with lower unemployment figures, making a total of 227,736 back in work in the last 12 months.

PINE FORESTS: Internet bills save trees being felled



STAT OF WEEK DESPITE an €815.52 million turnover, cigarette sales fell by 7 per cent to 187.25 million packets in January. Marlboro, the most popular brand, occupied 14.90 per cent of the market.


E W N 13 - 19 March 2014 / Mallorca




C O M PA N Y PRICE(P) Aberdeen Asset Mngmnt 377.50 Admiral Group PLC 1499.00 Aggreko PLC 1553.50 AMEC PLC 1094.00 Anglo American PLC 1450.50 Antofagasta PLC 865.50 ARM Holdings PLC 994.00 Ashtead Group PLC 939.00 Associated British Foods 2971.50 AstraZeneca PLC 4011.00 Aviva PLC 513.50 Babcock International 1438.50 BAE Systems PLC 406.15 Barclays PLC 242.97 BG Group PLC 1085.75 BHP Billiton PLC 1831.00 BP PLC 485.47 British Amrican Tobacco 3342.50

C H A N G E ( P ) % C H G. 1.00 0.27 -2.00 -0.13 -2.00 -0.13 4.00 0.37 17.50 1.22 7.00 0.82 3.48 0.35 3.50 0.37 -4.00 -0.13 22.50 0.56 4.00 0.79 2.00 0.14 3.30 0.82 0.72 0.30 -2.31 -0.21 9.50 0.52 1.45 0.30 3.00 0.09

NET VOLUME 376.00 1500.00 1556.00 1089.00 1433.00 858.50 992.00 936.00 2976.00 3989.50 509.50 1437.00 402.70 242.00 1087.50 1822.00 484.00 3340.50

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Units per €

US dollar.................................................................1.38537 Japan yen..............................................................143.082 Switzerland franc................................................1.21888 Denmark kroner ................................................7.46248 Norway kroner....................................................8.26501 • Tel: +34 687 906 226 C O M PA N Y


British Land Co PLC British Sky Broadcasting BT Group PLC Bunzl PLC Burberry Group PLC Capita PLC Carnival PLC

689.50 921.50 397.80 1594.50 1463.50 1129.50 2390.00





C O M PA N Y MMM 3M Co AXP American Express Co T AT&T Inc BA Boeing Co CAT Caterpillar Inc CVX Chevron Corp CSCO Cisco Systems Inc DD E I du Pont de Nemours and Co XOM Exxon Mobil Corp GE General Electric Co GS Goldman Sachs Group Inc HD Home Depot Inc INTC Intel Corp IBM International Business Machine... JNJ Johnson & Johnson JPM JPMorgan Chase and Co MCD McDonald's Corp MRK Merck & Co Inc MSFT Microsoft Corp NKE Nike Inc PFE Pfizer Inc PG Procter & Gamble Co KO The Coca-Cola Co TRV Travelers Companies Inc UTX United Technologies Corp UNH UnitedHealth Group Inc VZ Verizon Communications Inc V Visa Inc WMT Wal-Mart Stores Inc DIS Walt Disney Co

PRICE CHANGE %CHANGE VOLUME 133.56 93.70 32.51 126.89 96.75 115.84 21.68 67.35 95.50 26.04 173.51 82.18 24.84 186.39 93.45 59.20 95.20 57.32 37.82 78.98 32.39 78.53 38.65 83.78 117.77 77.88 47.03 225.50 74.43 81.97

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C H A N G E ( P ) % C H G. 1.00 4.00 0.70 -1.00 -7.00 4.38 -3.00


0.15 0.44 0.18 -0.06 -0.48 0.39 -0.13

NET VOLUME 688.50 918.00 397.10 1597.00 1470.00 1126.00 2391.00



$ 10 $ 6.8799 $ 18.83 $ 20.66 $ 7.27 $ 33.89 $ 3.9299 $ 15.512 $ 4.45 $ 22.19 $ 5.92

4.18 ▲ 71.82% 1.5999 ▲ 30.30% 3.84 ▲ 25.62% 3.50 ▲ 20.40% 1.22 ▲ 20.17% 4.65 ▲ 15.90% 0.3999 ▲ 11.33% 1.532 ▲ 10.96% 0.38 ▲ 9.34% 1.84 ▲ 9.04% 0.49 ▲ 9.02%

$ 3.54 $ 2.09 $ 3.9599 $ 2.03 $ 47.49 $ 3.78 $ 26.97 $ 16.18 $ 13.68 $ 12.04 $ 2.64

0.61 ▼ 14.70% 0.33 ▼ 13.64% 0.5701 ▼ 12.58% 0.2664 ▼ 11.60% 5.99 ▼ 11.20% 0.44 ▼ 10.43% 2.88 ▼ 9.65% 1.67 ▼ 9.36% 1.30 ▼ 8.68% 1.10 ▼ 8.37% 0.24 ▼ 8.33%

Most Advanced UBIC, Inc. Ballard Power Systems, Inc. Egalet Corporation Montage Technology Group Limited Mattersight Corporation Hydrogenics Corporation FuelCell Energy, Inc. Himax Technologies, Inc. EveryWare Global, Inc. P.A.M. Transportation Services, Inc. Merrimack Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Most Declined First Financial Service Corporation Smith Micro Software, Inc. Dot Hill Systems Corporation Reliv' International, Inc. Varonis Systems, Inc. NewLead Holdings Ltd. China Lodging Group, Limited ZELTIQ Aesthetics, Inc. B Communications Ltd. Amtech Systems, Inc. Origin Agritech Limited

C O M PA N Y PRICE(P) Centrica PLC 329.15 Coca-Cola HBC AG 1471.50 Compass Group PLC 938.25 CRH PLC 1702.50 Diageo PLC 1855.75 easyJet PLC 1651.50 Experian PLC 1044.50 Fresnillo PLC 896.75 G4S PLC 244.25 GKN PLC 387.40 GlaxoSmithKline PLC 1672.75 Glencore Xstrata PLC 319.10 Hammerson PLC 568.75 Hargreaves Lansdown 1387.00 HSBC Holdings PLC 621.25 IMI PLC 1449.50 Imperial Tobacco Group 2481.50 InterContinental Hotels 1900.00 International Consldtd ... 439.75 Intertek Group PLC 3036.50 ITV PLC 196.25 Johnson Matthey PLC 3178.00 Kingfisher PLC 401.15 Land Securities Group 1077.00 Legal & General Group 234.25 Lloyds Banking Group 81.96 London Stock Exchange 2015.50 Marks & Spencer Group 480.95 Meggitt PLC 469.05 Melrose Industries PLC 298.05 Mondi PLC 1094.00 National Grid PLC 825.50 Next PLC 6625.00 Old Mutual PLC 195.30 Pearson PLC 1023.50 Persimmon PLC 1323.50 Petrofac Ltd 1355.50 Prudential PLC 1359.00 Randgold Resources Ltd 4877.50 Reckitt Benckiser Group 4854.50 Reed Elsevier PLC 919.50 Resolution Ltd 377.55 REXAM PLC 489.45 Rio Tinto PLC 3187.00 Rolls-Royce Holdings 1047.50 Royal Bank of Scotland 320.55 Royal Dutch Shell PLC 2340.25 Royal Mail PLC 588.00 RSA Insurance Group PLC 95.45 SABMiller PLC 2923.25 Sage Group (The) PLC 417.55 Sainsbury (J) PLC 337.70 Schroders PLC 2651.00 Severn Trent PLC 1851.50 Shire PLC 3266.00 Smith & Nephew PLC 926.00 Smiths Group PLC 1356.50 Sports Direct Intrntionl... 816.25 SSE PLC 1427.50 Standard Chartered PLC 1256.50 Standard Life PLC 372.40 Tate & Lyle PLC 642.00 Tesco PLC 320.75 Travis Perkins PLC 1880.00 TUI Travel PLC 431.05 Tullow Oil PLC 804.50 Unilever PLC 2402.00 United Utilities Group 793.25 Vodafone Group PLC 230.15 Weir Group PLC 2515.00 Whitbread PLC 4355.50 William Hill PLC 375.55 Wm Morrison Sprmrkts 233.00 Wolseley PLC 3428.00 WPP PLC 1219.00

CHANGE 1.63 0.00 0.00 -1.00 -0.10 9.00 3.00 2.00 -0.90 3.80 0.20 2.12 -2.00 4.20 5.50 -2.00 -5.00 -8.00 6.70 -12.00 0.07 -8.00 -1.80 4.00 0.00 0.43 17.00 -0.80 -0.40 3.00 -0.36 2.38 30.00 -0.39 3.00 -5.00 -2.00 0.10 -16.00 13.00 -1.50 -0.40 0.30 48.00 4.00 0.70 -2.31 -1.15 0.03 -1.00 0.30 0.10 0.00 -1.00 7.00 2.50 -1.00 7.50 4.00 9.00 0.37 -0.50 0.75 6.00 1.30 0.88 -12.00 -2.00 0.14 6.00 12.05 1.87 -0.76 -4.00 -2.00

% C H G. 0.50 0.00 0.00 -0.06 -0.01 0.55 0.29 0.22 -0.37 0.99 0.01 0.67 -0.35 0.30 0.89 -0.14 -0.20 -0.42 1.55 -0.39 0.04 -0.25 -0.45 0.37 0.00 0.53 0.85 -0.17 -0.09 1.02 -0.03 0.29 0.45 -0.20 0.29 -0.38 -0.15 0.01 -0.33 0.27 -0.16 -0.11 0.06 1.53 0.38 0.22 -0.10 -0.20 0.03 -0.03 0.07 0.03 0.00 -0.05 0.21 0.27 -0.07 0.93 0.28 0.72 0.10 -0.08 0.23 0.32 0.30 0.11 -0.50 -0.25 0.06 0.24 0.28 0.50 -0.33 -0.12 -0.16

VOLUME 327.40 1471.00 938.50 1702.00 1855.00 1641.00 1043.00 896.00 245.00 383.70 1672.50 317.00 570.50 1384.00 615.70 1450.00 2487.00 1907.00 433.10 3046.00 196.80 3188.00 402.90 1073.00 234.30 81.50 1998.00 481.50 469.30 295.00 1094.00 824.50 6595.00 195.60 1022.00 1329.00 1357.00 1358.00 4896.00 4840.00 921.00 378.30 489.30 3139.50 1043.00 319.80 2342.50 589.00 95.40 2924.00 417.50 337.60 2648.00 1853.00 3258.00 923.00 1354.00 809.00 1424.00 1247.50 372.00 642.50 320.25 1875.00 429.80 804.00 2414.00 795.50 230.10 2512.00 4345.00 373.90 233.70 3429.00 1221.00


13 - 19 March 2014 / Mallorca



Challenges still remain towards the recovery of the Spanish economy THE economic recovery is gaining ground in Spain, but challenges remain. Spain is no longer on the list of European Union member states with excessive economic imbalances, but has been asked to follow a set of demands to address consistent problems. In the conclusions emerging from the in-depth reviews carried out into 17 member states’ economies, the European Commission (EC) considers that a significant adjustment has taken place over the last year and that on current trends, imbalances would continue to abate over time. However, while this is the basis to conclude that imbalances in Spain are no longer excessive, the Commission stresses that risks are still present. It said that Spain’s current

ECONOMY: Spain is starting to fit the pieces together. account has turned into surplus, as a result of a combination of import compression and strong exports, supported by competiveness gain.

These positive developments have led to a strong return of confidence, seen in the return of foreign capital inflows and a rise in business and consumer confidence.

Yet, the EC notes the very high stock of private and public debt, both domestic and external, poses risks for growth and financial stability. The adjustment of private

Traffic in Spain falls as economy struggles WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM

Santander executives learn to understand the message ANA PATRICIA BOTIN is regarded as one of the world’s 50 most influential businesswomen. She is the daughter of banker Emilio Botin, president of Santander Bank, and runs the group’s UK subsidiary. Despite her position, she and other Santander executives recently visited branches to work incognito behind the counter and at the other end of a call centre telephone. They were following the example of Emilio Botin who has personally visited Santander branches, urging managers to make more loans available. Santander feels the need to transform the face its 183,000 employees show to the 103 million clients of its 14,000 branches. This is more than an exercise in empathy, as the bank is striving to boost profits after seven years of crisis. A client in Britain discovered only afterwards the employee who had recommended Santander’s online banking app to her was in fact the

ANA PATRICIA BOTIN: Temporary employee of the bank she runs. owner’s daughter. The young man who told a bank clerk he would not become a Santander client until it was “more like ING” didn’t guess he was speaking to Santander managing director Enrique Garcia Candelas. The business-owner who rang the Santander call centre about the nonarrival of a point of sale terminal for processing card payments will never know her complaint was handled by

sector balance sheets is advancing, but unemployment at alarming levels and falling incomes have limited the pace of deleveraging of households, that is, the percentage of debt in their balance sheet. The Commission considers that the challenge for Spain is to ensure that deleveraging will go hand in hand with positive credit flows to financially healthy borrowers. Removing hindrances in the functioning of the product and financial markets and efficient insolvency procedures, the EC continues, could reduce the drag on growth from deleveraging. Finally, the Commission said that Spain should meet the 2014 fiscal deficit target thanks to the improving macroeconomic prospects, even though the 2013 target may have been missed.

the bank’s head of Technology and Operations, Jose Maria Fuster. Executives from Germany, Poland, Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Brazil who worked incognito all received the same message, Santander revealed. Listening to clients, understanding them and getting closer to them is a priority, even though the bank would sometimes prefer not to hear what they are saying.

TRAFFIC congestion fell in Spain in 2013 as its economy continued to struggle with high unemployment. Data from traffic information and driver services provider INRIX shows that Spain recorded an 8 per cent fall in congestion last year. Spanish drivers spent approximately eight fewer hours in traffic in 2013 than in 2012, as the economy contracted and unemployment was at around 26 per cent. This puts Spain in 11th place in Europe for time spent in traffic in 2013, above only Hungary and Portugal. NRIX analysed data from 13 European countries and the congestion landscape generally aligned closely with each country’s economic outlook. According to the INRIX report, those nations

struggling with high unemployment and low or negative growth in 2013 typically recorded lower traffic congestion than in 2012. In that sense, traffic congestion rose approximately 6 per cent on average per quarter for the final three quarters of the year in Europe, hinting at signs of a possible economy recovery. Of the six Spanish cities included in the report, all six recorded falls in traffic congestion from 2012 to 2013. The most congested Spanish city was Bilbao, where drivers spent approximately 24 hours in traffic in 2013, a fall of eight hours on the previous year’s figures. Madrid followed closely in second, with Valencia recording the largest fall in time spent in congestion.


E W N 13 - 19 March 2014 / Mallorca


Financial troubles make you fat? Loose change A look at finance for females

Jane Plunkett


O you ever have those moments? The ones where you just can’t stop eating. Last night after a long day at work I arrived home to a full fridge. It had been stacked with fresh fruit and vegetables - and chocolate. I had one piece of chocolate, then another. Then I got up off the couch for another piece and another, and another. I just couldn’t stop. I don’t think I am that stressed out financially at the moment, but according to a news report women who are financially worried are more prone to binge eating and getting obese.

HUNGRY?: Perhaps you are worrying about your finances? Oh, come to think of it, on top of my mortgage, bills and travel plans, my bike was stolen last month, so I have been trying to put aside a few quid to buy a new one! And I have been trying to

save for an event that is taking place later this year. So I suppose there is some financial concern looming over me at the moment. But is it this concern that has me scoffing chocolates like there is no tomorrow?

Can my neighbour install a camera that overlooks my swimming pool? Q. My neighbour in the next villa has installed a video surveillance camera You and the outside his house, ostensibly to watch his Law in Spain garden. The camera’s field of view, By David Searl however, includes part of my own garden and swimming pool area. That is, if I can see the camera, it can see me by my pool. Is there anything I can do to prevent this? LM (Costa Blanca) A. The use of surveillance cameras in Spain is regulated by the LOPD, the Ley Organica de Proteccion de Datos, the Organic Law of Data Protection, or LOPD, which went into effect in 1999. The law is enforced by the Agencia de Protección de Datos, the APD for short. Their Directive 1/2006 provides that an easily seen notice of the camera’s presence will be sufficient. The Agency has

a website which offers complete details. A private citizen may place surveillance cameras in his home or watching his garden to ensure his security from theft. This ‘private and domestic use’ of cameras falls outside the data protection law. That is, if the camera only sees images in real time. If it includes a system to record and transmit the images, it then falls under the data protection act.

In your case, it will be difficult to show an invasion of privacy if your pool is clearly visible from your neighbour’s house.

Send your questions for David Searl through lawyers Ubeda-Retana & Associates in Fuengirola at, or call 952 667 090.

According to the news report, financial trouble can be a cause of obesity in women, due in part to the specific hormones females release when stressed. A body under a certain amount of stress releases a

hormone called cortisol, which triggers hunger in the brain. And this is thought to be a contributing factor, since women see financial trouble as stressful. Men, however, don’t have to worry about their waistlines, because the report states men view money troubles as a challenge to overcome, which would release adrenaline in their bodies - a hormone that actually curbs hunger. Nonsense, the lot of it! Girls if you are stressed out, perhaps behind on your rent or bills, and you happen to pig out once in a while - it’s no big deal. Being smart about money has absolutely nothing to do with hormones and more to do with planning, budgeting and using common sense. What next? A report that if a woman sees a spider in her shower, chances are her pension will be in danger! Watch this space.


Done deal IAG, formerly BA and Iberia, now owns 99.36 per cent of budget airline Vueling. After acquiring 90 per cent in last year’s takeovers, IAG obtained the remainder from minor shareholders in November and December.

Arm-twisting BARCELONA’S regional government will charge banks up to €1,650 for every empty property they own. It hopes this will prompt banks to rent out their 40,000 repossessed homes.

Profit up MERCADONA’S net profit amounted to €515 million in 2013, a 1 per cent increase in relation to the previous exercise. This has been achieved keeping a workforce of 74,000 people, President Juan Roig said.

2014 Forbes Rich List includes 26 Spaniards SPAIN has 26 dollar billionaires on the 2014 Forbes Rich List, more than before the financial crisis. Twenty-two Spaniards had assets of more than $1 billion in 2007 but this number dipped to 15 during the recession before inching up to 20 last year. They have a combined wealth of $122.5 billion (€88.97 billion), equivalent to 9 per cent of Spain’s GDP. Amancio Ortega, owner of Inditex and the Zara label, the world’s thirdrichest man, is the only Spaniard in the Forbes Top 10. He is worth $64 billion, $7 billion more than last year. He is preceded by Carlos Slim ($72 billion) and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates ($76 billion). The next Spanish name on the Forbes list belongs to Ortega’s daughter Sandra ($6.1 billion). She occupies 227th place after inheriting from her mother, Ortega’s ex-wife Rosalia Mera, who died last year. Next comes Turkish-born Isak Andic ($5.7 billion), president of the Mango clothing chain, whose assets

AMANCIO ORTEGA: Owner of Zara. increased by $700 million in 2013 to put him in 244th place. Mercadona president Juan Roig ($4.8 billion) fell 86 places to 305th after losing $700 million last year. In contrast Rafael del Pino ($3.4 billion), president of Ferrovial, increased his wealth by $1 billion in 2013 and was ranked 466th.


Holidaying Brits deserve a monument I AM writing for myself but I am certain that I also represent many local businesses in Mijas Pueblo. We continuously discuss the way local politicians congratulate themselves about the contracts signed with Japanese tour operators. The figures as to how many Japanese tourists visit Mijas (100,000 last year) might be right, but the truth about what they spend and how we all benefit is a complete lie. Yes, the Japanese visit bars, restaurants and shops, but only the ones where they are told to go. Distributing brochures is banned in Mijas, so before they arrive Japanese tourists are given a photocopied map and a route with places of interest to visit and take photos. In between are the shops where they should make purchases (because the rest are not good shops and we might cheat them?). Recommended restaurants and bars are not on the map because these have contracts with the tour operators. It just happens that all the recommended businesses belong to local politicians, local guides and their friends. They recently erected a monument to all the Japanese visiting Mijas. What about all the other nationalities that keep local businesses going? What about the British who really support the Costa del Sol? They spend the most, they are jolly and the most polite. They deserve a monument! Agustina Blesa Rodriguez, Mijas Village (Malaga)

Telephone con tricks I WISH to alert readers to two recent scams. You receive a phone call saying your computer is about to crash and to start it up. These people say they are from Microsoft in Glasgow and are trying to clean out viruses. They

13 - 19 March 2014 / Mallorca


Letters for Your Say should be emailed to, posted to Euro Weekly News, C/Moscatel 10, P-62, Polígono Industrial, Arroyo de la Miel, 29631 Benalmadena, Málaga, Spain or faxed to 0034 952 440 887

Photographs for possible publication should be sent by email with a full caption to:

Members of the Jaguar Enthusiasts Club recently enjoyed this stunning scenery at the La Pedrera reservoir before a fabulous lunch in Rebate, about 30 minutes from Torrevieja.

Eric Arnold (By email) give a fictitious address and phone number and they ask for money. Luckily I realised it was a scam. The following day I received a phone call from a lady called Gabriella saying she represented a company called Minute Media who previously traded as Spantel. She said I had an outstanding bill from last June, which is nonsense as I changed telephone server before then. She gave a 900 free number which I called and a woman there said I owed €180. Yvonne Thomas, Torremolinos(Malaga)

Light fantastic I HAVE just been looking at the picture of the Lions Club president handing over €500 to the mayor of Rojales to help feed homeless and needy families in the area. Sometimes I wonder whether mayors and councils are doing enough for these unfortunate people. For example, there is a lovely sports centre in Calle Dr Quiles Mora adjacent to the Norwegian School in Quesada. At one end there are seven full-size street lights and six at the other that come on at 6pm and go off at 6am. The caretaker arrives at 8am

WHEN YOU WRITE All letters, whether by email or post, should carry the writer’s postal address, NIE and contact number though only the name and town will be published. Letters may also be edited. Readers who have missed earlier correspondence can see all letters posted on:

to unlock the gates to the sports centre and locks them again at 8pm. Thirteen lamps are alight for 10 hours a night, six nights a week, and 12 hours on Sundays when the centre is closed. In total that is 792 hours a week and in a short month like February works out at 3,168 hours when the sports centre is locked up with no access. It would be interesting to know the cost in euros. J Billet, Quesada (Alicante)

Disappearing act CAN you explain to me where the Hijate (Almeria) station on the ‘Via Verde’ is located as I cycle the route regularly and have no idea where it is? It was a good article on your front page and is very welcome, only we have heard many times that it will be started soon but

nothing ever happens. Best wishes on a great newspaper. Martin (By email) Editor’s note: Part of the disused Lorca to Baza railway line in Almeria will become a Green Route but the station no longer exists.

Lessons to be learnt SO FAR even Herculean efforts haven’t been able to put a dent in Spain’s stubbornly cruel unemployment rate of more than 25 per cent. In last week’s annual State of the Nation address, president Mariano Rajoy once again promised to “lower it considerably.” Here’s hoping, although don’t hold your breath! I remember how angry, frustrated Americans complained bitterly about the 7.8 per cent jobless rate Obama inherited when he became Commander-in-Chief. It took him five years to lower it to the present ‘almost tolerable’ 6.7 per cent with hopes of generating more and better jobs in the nottoo-distant future. So we can imagine Spain’s plight on being saddled with its lengthy (seven years and running) 25 per cent unemployment rate.



What I didn’t know until last week was the relatively very favourable economic situation in Latin America and the Caribbean. According to a Time Magazine article entitled ‘The committee to save Mexico,’ the unemployment rate now stands at 4.76 per cent, down from 5 per cent in December 2012 when Enrique Peña Nieto became president. The average jobless rate in Latin America and the Caribbean countries in 2013 was 6.3 per cent. Maybe President Rajoy could employ some Mexican or Caribbean economic advisers. Richard M McBride, Benidorm (Alicante)

Service versus servant HAVING just returned from the US I can report that tipping adds much to the experience of eating out, as much as 30 per cent in some cases. Perhaps that’s why so many Americans eat takeaways, where it is almost acceptable not to tip. I had managed to tip a total of $40 before I reached the inside of my hotel room, so is it worth it? If you are one of those people who craves attention, likes to be noticed, enjoys asking to alter a dish that a famous chef has lovingly prepared for you or even to change your mind once it’s already arrived at the table then there will be “No problem at all, and is there anything else we can do for you?” So yes, for you a personal servant may well be worth it. For me, not so much. In the UK memories still fester over the treatment of servants in the past and waiting staff will not tolerate difficult customers, no matter what the request. Wave, click your fingers, ask a question or complain about anything and you will definitely be given bad service or even ignored. Unless you look potentially like a good tipper (yes, you can tell) then you’ll always get bad service, but then the staff won’t be able to complain about the lack of tips will they? Edwin Cheeseman, Javea (Alicante)

The views expressed and opinions given in Letters are not necessarily those of the EWN publishers. They accept no responsibility for accuracy of information, errors, omissions or statements, and reject claims arising out of any action that a company or individual may take on the basis of information contained therein.


E W N 13 - 19 March 2014 / Mallorca

Vicki Mcleod

Family Matters


N a bid to not age before my time I have been persevering with my contact lens campaign for a while. I struggled, I had to have lessons in how to put them in, and then I hoped that I would be able to manage. I did in a roundabout way, but the day to day was still marked by the use of glasses perched on the end of my nose. They just didn’t feel as if they were strong enough. So I went back to Specsavers to see them again. They have a terrific optician there called Teresa who has patiently explained on a couple of occasions that my daughter (despite her desperately wanting to need glasses like her Bessie) doesn’t need them and that her eyesight is 20/20. I went to see Teresa and we went through the eye test again to see why contact lenses weren’t working out for


Seeing eye to eye... I’m going to stick with my contact lenses

OLD GLASSES: Donate them to those that need them. me. We experimented with a variety of prescriptions, in fact I was in and out of Specsavers four times over the course of two weeks picking up various free samples of contact lenses until we were both happy that I had the right set up.

The nice thing about Teresa is that even when you’re fussing and fretting about something, she doesn’t make you feel as if you’re wasting her time or being a pain. And, on top of that all of the consultation and experimental

lenses were free. Fantastic! “Vicki, the thing that’s stuck in Then I developed my own your eye isn’t a contact lens, it little morning routine for IS your eye.” getting the lenses in efficiently: Oh, duh. I learnt something can’t put them in my eyes about biology last week. whilst I’m driving to work, I learnt from Teresa that unlike my make-up (joke, there is something called the really). I have a big drawer ‘conjunctiva’ in the eye. It’s a of glasses gathering transparent covering dust. It was all on the eye which Contact going so well until can look like a last week when I contact lens. lenses thought I had a What to do with can’t be put lens stuck in my all of those eye. I tried and redundant in driving tried to get it out glasses? Bundle to work to no avail, but them up and take them to your nearest nothing was shifting it. charity shop, or if you’re So I went to bed, with a very sore eye and first thing in down south take them to Dr the morning went to see Stoma’s surgery in Portals and he will make sure they get to Teresa. “Um, I’ve got a contact lens people who need them in stuck in my eye, can you help Africa. me please?” “Morning Vicki! You can get more info on Come in and we’ll have a look.” my blog In I went and Teresa had a www.familymattersmallorca. good look around my eyeball. com


E W N 13 - 19 March 2014 / Mallorca






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CH4/ 5:30pm Four in a Bed 6:00pm Come Dine with Me 7:00pm The Simpsons 7:30pm Hollyoaks 8:00pm Channel 4 News 8:30pm Paralympic Winter Games 9:00pm Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 10:00pm Gogglebox 11:00pm The Last Leg 11:50pm 8 Out of 10 Cats

ITV2/ 4:05pm The Jeremy Kyle Show 5:10pm The Real Housewives of New Jersey 6:05pm The Millionaire Matchmaker 7:00pm Dinner Date 8:00pm You've Been Framed! 8:30pm You've Been Framed! 9:00pm Two and a Half Men 9:30pm Two and a Half Men 10:00pm White Chicks


6:25pm Sunday •Breckin Meyer •Jennifer Love Hewitt •Stephen Tobolowsky

Saturday BBC1/ 5:35pm Six Nations Rugby Union 8:00pm BBC News 8:10pm Regional News 8:13pm Weather 8:15pm The Voice UK 9:35pm The National Lottery: Who Dares Wins 10:25pm Casualty 11:15pm BBC News 11:28pm Weather

BBC2/ 5:25pm Final Score 6:30pm Llanelly House Restored 7:30pm Flog It! 8:30pm Dad's Army 9:00pm The Perfect Morecambe and Wise 9:30pm Viking Art - A Culture Show Special 10:30pm QI 11:00pm Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle 11:30pm Page Eight

ITV/ 4:25pm Zookeeper 6:30pm Regional News and Weather 6:40pm ITV News and Weather 7:00pm You've Been Framed! 8:00pm Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway 9:20pm The Cube 10:20pm The Americans 11:15pm ITV News and Weather 11:30pm The Return

CH4/ 5:10pm Come Dine with Me 5:40pm Come Dine with Me 6:10pm Come Dine with Me 6:45pm Come Dine with Me 7:10pm Channel 4 News 7:35pm Paralympic Winter Games 8:05pm Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 9:00pm Hostages 10:00pm Limitless

ITV2/ 5:40pm Britain's Got More Talent 6:40pm Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed 8:35pm Batman and Robin 11:00pm Celebrity Juice 11:50pm Crazy Beaches

Garfield (Film, 2004) Family comedy in which the world's favourite Mondayhating moggy causes cartoon chaos in the real world. Trouble brews when dancing pooch Odie is dognapped by a devious TV host. So Garfield (reluctantly) goes to the rescue.

Sunday BBC1/ 5:00pm Deadly on a Mission: Pole to Pole 5:35pm Lifeline 5:45pm Escape to the Country 6:15pm Songs of Praise 6:50pm BBC News 7:05pm Regional News 7:10pm Weather 7:15pm Blandings 7:45pm Countryfile 8:45pm The Voice UK 10:00pm The Musketeers 11:00pm BBC News 11:15pm Regional News

BBC2/ 5:00pm Flog It! 5:30pm Collectaholics 6:30pm End of the Pier? 7:00pm The Hairy Bikers: Restoration Road Trip 8:00pm Wild Burma 9:00pm Top Gear 10:00pm Fast and Fearless: Britain's Bangers Racers 11:00pm Mock the Week 11:35pm Line of Duty

ITV/ 5:15pm To be Announced 7:35pm Regional News and Weather 7:45pm ITV News and Weather 8:00pm Catchphrase 9:00pm Harry's South Pole Heroes 10:00pm Mr Selfridge 11:00pm ITV News and Weather

CH4/ 4:45pm Paralympic Winter Games 6:55pm Channel 4 News 7:30pm The Floods That Foiled New Year: Caught on Camera 8:30pm Live From Space 11:05pm Terminator Salvation

ITV2/ 4:55pm Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway 6:20pm About a Boy 8:15pm Mr Bean's Holiday 10:00pm Educating Joey Essex 11:00pm The Only Way is Essex 11:50pm Party Wright Around the World

Monday BBC1/ 6:15pm Pointless 7:00pm BBC News 7:30pm Regional News 8:00pm The One Show 8:30pm Bang Goes the Theory 9:00pm EastEnders 9:30pm Panorama 10:00pm Silk 11:00pm BBC News

BBC2/ 6:15pm Antiques Roadshow 7:00pm Revenge of the Egghead 7:30pm Sport Relief's Top Dog 8:00pm Top Gear 9:00pm University Challenge 9:30pm Mary Berry Cooks 10:00pm Plantagenets 11:00pm The Culture Show

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ITV2/ 6:05pm The Millionaire Matchmaker 7:00pm Dinner Date 8:00pm You've Been Framed! 8:30pm You've Been Framed! 9:00pm Two and a Half Men 9:30pm Two and a Half Men 10:00pm Mom 10:30pm Mom 11:00pm The 40 Year Old Virgin





4:00pm Escape to the Country 4:45pm James Martin's Food Map of Britain 5:15pm Flog it! Trade Secrets 6:15pm Pointless 7:00pm BBC News 7:30pm Regional News 8:00pm The One Show 8:30pm EastEnders 9:00pm Holby City 10:00pm Shetland 11:00pm BBC News 11:25pm Regional News 11:30pm Weather 11:35pm Keeping Britain Safe 24/7

4:00pm Escape to the Country 4:45pm James Martin's Food Map of Britain 5:15pm Flog it! Trade Secrets 6:15pm Pointless 7:00pm BBC News 7:30pm Regional News 8:00pm The One Show 9:00pm DIY SOS The Big Build 10:00pm Crimewatch 11:00pm BBC News 11:25pm Regional News 11:30pm Weather 11:35pm Crimewatch 11:45pm A Question of Sport

BBC2/ 4:25pm Bergerac 5:15pm 'Allo, 'Allo! 5:45pm 'Allo, 'Allo! 6:15pm Antiques Roadshow 7:00pm Revenge of the Egghead 7:30pm Sport Relief's Top Dog 8:00pm Antiques Road Trip 9:00pm The Great British Sewing Bee 10:00pm An Hour to Save Your Life 11:00pm The Sarah Millican Television Programme 11:30pm Newsnight

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ITV2/ 4:05pm The Jeremy Kyle Show 5:10pm The Real Housewives of New Jersey 6:05pm The Millionaire Matchmaker 7:00pm Dinner Date 8:00pm You've Been Framed! 8:30pm You've Been Framed! 9:00pm Two and a Half Men 9:30pm Two and a Half Men 10:00pm The Vampire Diaries 11:00pm Celebrity Juice 11:50pm American Pie 2

BBC2/ 4:00pm Coast 4:25pm Bergerac 5:15pm 'Allo, 'Allo! 5:45pm 'Allo, 'Allo! 6:15pm Antiques Roadshow 7:00pm Revenge of the Egghead 7:30pm Sport Relief's Top Dog 8:00pm Antiques Road Trip 9:00pm Collectaholics 10:00pm Line of Duty 11:00pm W1A 11:30pm Newsnight

ITV/ 4:00pm The Alan Titchmarsh Show 5:00pm Tipping Point 6:00pm The Chase 7:00pm Regional News and Weather 7:30pm ITV News and Weather 8:00pm Emmerdale 8:30pm Coronation Street 9:00pm You Saw Them Here First 10:00pm Law and Order: UK 11:00pm ITV News at Ten and Weather 11:35pm On Assignment

CH4/ 4:30pm Deal or No Deal 5:30pm Four in a Bed 6:00pm Come Dine with Me 7:00pm The Simpsons 7:30pm Hollyoaks 8:00pm Channel 4 News 8:55pm The Political Slot 9:00pm Secret Eaters 10:00pm Peter Kay Live at the Bolton Albert Halls 11:00pm First Dates 11:55pm Embarrassing Bodies

ITV2/ 4:05pm The Jeremy Kyle Show 5:10pm The Real Housewives of New Jersey 6:05pm The Millionaire Matchmaker 7:00pm Dinner Date 8:00pm You've Been Framed! 8:30pm You've Been Framed! 9:00pm Two and a Half Men 9:30pm Two and a Half Men 10:00pm Party Wright Around the World 11:00pm The Only Way is Essex 11:50pm Educating Joey Essex


E W N 13 - 19 March 2014 / Mallorca


Extremists will never win... T

HEY’RE still at it, aren’t they? Muslim extremists still trying to undermine our customs and culture by targeting our most vulnerable, namely our children. Every week we read or hear of some action taken in various schools in the UK. Not allowed to fly the British flag, pork banned from menus. Halal meat being insisted on, and even male/female segregation. This latest offering is even more sinister as it emanated from one of their own. The Muslim headmistress who was ousted in a smear campaign concocted by Islamic extremists, simply because she was considered too moderate. So much for integration! Why don’t these people, who appear to want to live a completely different existence to the country that’s hosting them, simply gather up their thobes and burkas and make off for countries whose climate not

LEAPY LEE SAYS IT OTHERS THINK IT ON PATROL: But no-go areas already exist that police are afraid to enter. only suits their attire, but will automatically provide them with all the ethnic opportunities they appear so desperately to desire? There is only one final outcome to their efforts. The British will never surrender their culture and customs to these people. If it continues unabated it will lead to war in the streets. Have no doubt about this. After horrendous loss of life and destruction of vast swathes of our infrastructure, the British will win, and they will rid themselves of these fanatics. It is disgraceful that while successive governments continue to bury their heads in the sand and appease these

people, the average British Joe has to simply wait and worry until it all kicks off. There are already no-go areas where our police are afraid to enter and which operate under Sharia Law; a situation that was so ‘out there’ some short years ago, it was scoffed at by a number of our esteemed leaders. What do they think is actually going on in these areas? Well, I’ll tell you, none of ‘em are planning to celebrate British cultural successes or events.

How can we allow these areas to exist in our towns and cities? They are an affront to any citizen who has ancestors who fought and died to preserve our unique culture and democracy. Let’s just hope the British secret services have infiltrated them all enough to give fair warning before the halal manure finally hits the fan. I don’t often use this column for personal comments but would like to make an exception this week to wish a dear friend

Jill Bertorelli many happy 70th returns. So sorry I couldn’t be there. Understand you looked like a million dollars. Will definitely try and make the 71st. And while we’re at it, just had it confirmed that my little David will be representing Spain in the up and coming European Karate championships in April. How’s that for integration!

Keep the Faith Love Leapy

Toasting the Irish in Mallorca… A good idea to brighten up the month of March Penn to Paper Laura Penn FOR the second year running Saint Patrick’s Day will be celebrated with a full weekend of festivities in Santa Ponsa over the weekend of March 15 to 17. As you may know ‘Irish Street’ in Santa Ponsa (Carrer Ramon de Montcada) is a little bit of Eire on Mallorca with Irish bars and the best pint of Guinness that you will find outside of Ireland itself. The resort is a favourite with visitors from the Emerald Isle and, although this is Spain, who cares if there is an excuse for yet another party? Saint Patrick himself was not Irish (a fact that most Irish prefer to forget). It is not known where he was born, but both Kilpatrick in Scotland and Banwen in Wales lay claim to be his birth place. What is known is that when he was about 16-years-old, he was captured from his home in Great Britain and taken as a slave to Ireland.

ST PATRICK’S DAY: The best pint of Guinness you will find outside of Ireland. He lived there for six years before escaping and returning to his family. After becoming a cleric, he decided to return to northern and western Ireland where he worked as a priest and then a Bishop. He is credited with playing a major

part in converting Ireland to Christianity and by the seventh century, he had already come to be revered as the patron saint of Ireland. Saint Patrick’s Day is held on March 17, the date of his death and it is celebrated inside and outside Ireland as a religious

and cultural holiday. To the expatriate community in Mallorca this is an opportunity to parade around Santa Ponsa wearing silly green hats and shamrocks. (Saint Patrick used the shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity). The idea to hold ‘Paddy’s Day’ celebrations on the island is a relatively new one created by Calvia Council to encourage out of season tourism as well as brighten up the month of March when most Spanish fiestas are suspended due to Lent. Last year the event in Santa Ponsa was well attended and the good weather helped bring out the crowds who enjoyed the live concerts and the procession through the town. This year there will be three specially constructed stages in Santa Ponsa and Costa de la Calma with live music, a market on the beach front and plenty of games and fun for the children. It is a time to dig out any Irish heritage in the family and say “so you will” for no reason.

Laura Penn is a presenter on the Holiday & Cruise Channel 284 on SKY TV.


13 - 19 March 2014 / Mallorca




SO, we’re more than a month into our new healthy lifestyle. Gidg is doing very well. I’ve been taking her to ‘Kid Athletics’ twice a week in the early evenings at the gym in the Santa Ponsa country club. She loves it and she loves her trainer, the chirpy and bilingual Vicky. Last week we had to go back to the doctor who told us at Christmas time that Gidg was on a fine line between obese and overweight: it hadn’t been a nice moment, how do you handle body image issues with an eightyear-old girl? So we were happy to hear that she had grown in height but not put on extra weight. I felt vindicated. I want Gidg to grow up with a positive view of her body and have good healthy habits taught to her by her parents. It takes time. But we’re getting there. My progress on the other hand has been rockier: mainly due to being far too competitive. I have inadvertently learnt something about myself: that the only

Weighty discussions - is it healthy? Vicki Mcleod

Health Matters person I should be competing against is myself. Especially when your training partners range from professional acrobats and dancers to overweight desk jockeys like me. Every Saturday morning I have been joining my trainer Lidia and a group of ‘Challengers’ who have all committed to being part of the Whole Life Challenge. We’ve been taken through gruelling (and I am not using this word lightly) work outs involving circuits of exercises such as sit ups, running, squats, press ups, and some new moves: burpees and kettle bells. Burpees are a combination of press ups, star

Toddlers judge a person on their facial features TODDLERS do know best. Researchers have found that children as young as three can tell by a person’s face if they are trustworthy. The findings, led by a psychological scientist at Harvard University (USA), reported that, just like adults, children tended to judge a person’s character and traits simply by looking at their face. It shows that the predisposition to judge others based on physical features starts early in childhood and does not require years of social experience. As part of the study, researchers asked 99 adults and 141 children, aged three to 10, to evaluate pairs of computergenerated faces that differed on one of three traits; trustworthiness,

dominance, and competence. After being shown a pair of faces, they were asked to judge by, for example, saying which one was nice. Children aged three to four were only slightly less consistent in their assessments than the seven-year-olds and the judgements of older children were in as much agreement as those of the adults.

A CHALLENGE: Monica and kettle bells. jumps and squats, whilst kettle bells are used in a variety of ways to strengthen the body, and make me cry. I have to tell you now they are my evil nemesis. I have turned shades of raspberry you

could not invent. But I hadn’t lost much actual weight. This had been driving me crazy until it was pointed out to me that muscle weighs more than blubber and I should stop

worrying. That was then topped off by a lovely comment from a Spanish lady in the gym who told Lidia I was looking “Muy bien” but that she was too shy to tell me herself. This week we find out how we have done over the Challenge, I’m a bit nervous myself, but I have to remind myself everyone’s running their own race. But there are still a lot of things I don’t understand about health and fitness: one minute it’s the best thing ever to eat a high protein diet and eschew carbohydrates. Then last week the news broke that people who eat a high protein diet are four times more likely to develop cancer. How do you define what ‘Healthy’ is? Time to start looking at nutrition more closely. You can join in the discovery at


E W N 13 - 19 March 2014 / Mallorca



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The Butler Lee Daniels directs this historical drama that stars Forest Whitaker as Cecil Gaines, the long-time head butler at the White House. Gaines' 34-year career begins under President Eisenhower and goes through another seven presidents as he witnesses some of the 20th century’s most tumultuous periods, including the American Civil Rights Movement and the Vietnam War. Starring John Cusack, Oprah Winfrey, Robin Williams, Alan Rickman, Vanessa Redgrave, James Marsden and Liev Schreiber. Directed by Lee Daniels. Runtime 132 minutes. Rated 13.


















ARIES (March 21 - April 20) Are you in the mood for some retail therapy? There are bargains to be had this week. The trend also extends to your personal life where it is possible to negotiate much more easily with a loved one.

March 17: Pilar Rubio. Spanish reporter, TV presenter and model. Best known as a reporter on Spanish TV’s Se Lo Que Hicisteis (I Know What You Did). In a relationship with the Real Madrid footballer Sergio Ramos since September 2012. Rubio announced in November 2013 she was expecting the couple’s first child this May.


spilled, it will not be you who is feeling guilty.

TAURUS (April 21 - May 21) The more sensitive side of your nature comes to the fore this week. You are likely to find yourself upset but, by looking on the bright side and keeping your sense of humour, brings a balanced view.

CANCER (June 22 - July 23) This is a time of the year when new starts and fresh ideas come to you, which is excellent news for those who are looking forward to changes. The weekend brings you courage and determination and you feel confident enough to speak plainly with people.

VIRGO (August 24 - September 23) A slow start to the week sees you full of beans come Wednesday. What is the cause of this change of attitude? Something you worked on last week shows signs of progress just when you thought it wouldn't.

GEMINI (May 22 - June 21) This is a time to keep your mind sharp, so get plenty of sleep and exercise for sure. Legal matters

LEO (July 24 - August 23) Something said to you in confidence should be respected this week. Should the beans be

TELEVISION THEME TUNES Which famous television programmes had the following theme tunes? 1. Acka Raga, performed by John Mayer on the sitar (first broadcast in 1967) 2. Bad Boys, performed by Inner Circle (1989) 3. Breakin’ Away/That’s Livin’ Alright, by Joe Fagin, produced and arranged by David Mackay (1983) 4. Galloping Home, written by Denis King and performed by the London String Chorale (1972) 5. I’ll Be There for You, by The Rembrandts (1994) 6. The Ballad of Jed Clampett, written by Paul Henning and performed by Flatt and Scruggs (1962) 7. The Good Ol’ Boys, written and performed by Waylon Jennings (1979) 8. Unknown Stuntman, written by Glen A Larson, Gail Jensen, and David Somerville and performed by Lee Majors (1981)

are entering a period of frugality, but this is more for your own satisfaction than because of any money worries. SCORPIO (October 24 - November 22) Getting more sleep and fresh air last week may show dividends now. The results are a brighter mind and more willingness to be social. Young people will be particularly helpful and fun to be with.

LIBRA (September 24 - October 23) It is now that you may realise how right you were to keep something in reserve. Certainly, so far as a relationship is concerned, holding back has proved its worth. Financially, you

SAGITTARIUS (November 23 - December 21) Keep a wide circle of friends and constantly seek to add to them. With such an active mind as yours, boredom is agitating and non-productive. Spring gives you the ideal opportunity to visit others and get out in the open. Both your health and finances gain from a day somewhere new as an inspired idea comes to you.

Sudoku Fill the grid so that every row, every column and every 3X3 box contains the digits 1-9. There’s no maths involved. You solve the puzzle with reasoning and logic.

CAPRICORN (December 22 January 20) News of someone close brings finances into your mind. Perhaps some juggling is needed to keep the balance. There is more than one way to conserve both energy and money, which will give you a head start.


AQUARIUS (January 21 February 19) A shopping trip with a friend makes you realise there is more to them than meets the eye. Should you have underestimated them, encourage them to open up. Something you hear this week will be of immense value to you in the future. Decorating and changes at home will perk you up.





Saturday March 8

Saturday March 8

Saturday March 8

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20 32















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17 41

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Fri Sat Sun -

Mon - 18 11 S Tues - 17 11 C Wed - 16 9 C

16 9 S 18 10 S 18 10 C


17 8 C 18 10 S 19 11 S

Fri Sat Sun -

S Sun,

18 4 Cl 19 4 S 20 4 S


Mon - 21 6 S Tues - 21 6 C Wed - 18 4 C


CLOUDY MAX 17C, MIN 8C 17 6 C 19 8 Cl 18 9 S



Mon - 19 11 S Tues - 21 12 Cl Wed - 21 11 S


Fri Sat Sun -


Mon - 18 13 S Tues - 18 14 C Wed - 18 13 C


Mallorca TODAY:

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Mon - 18 9 S Tues - 18 10 C Wed - 17 10 Sh Cl Clear,


Fri Sat Sun Fog,

Sn Snow,


19 7 C 22 9 S 22 8 S

Mon - 23 10 S Tues - 24 12 C Wed - 22 11 Cl

C Cloud,

Sh Showers,

Th Thunder

Nonagram How many English words of four letters or more can you make from the nine letters in our Nonagram puzzle? Each letter may be used only once (unless the letter appears twice). Each word MUST CONTAIN THE CENTRE LETTER (in this case P) and there must be AT LEAST ONE NINE LETTER WORD. Plurals, vulgarities or proper nouns are not allowed.


Average: 10

Very good: 18

Good: 13

Excellent: 22

agar, agin, gain, game, gean, gear, germ, girn, gram, gran, grim, grin, mage, magi, mega, raga, rage, rang, ring, again, anger, gamer, gamin, grain, grime, image, mange, marge, range, reign, arming, earing, engram, enigma, erring, gainer, gamier, gamine, garner, imager, maigre, manage, manger, margin, mirage, ragman, ragmen, ranger, raring, regain, ringer, angrier, armiger, arraign, arrange, earring, grainer, manager, mangier, marring, rangier, reaming, rearing, marriage, rearming, MARGARINE

Word Ladder MIND

32 48


Fri Sat Sun -

Barcelona TODAY:


Mon - 20 11 S Tues - 22 12 Cl Wed - 20 11 C

17 8 C 20 9 S 20 9 S

Sunday March 9

Saturday March 8

38 41





may be paramount and need specialist advice.

8-Star Quiz

Alicante TODAY:


Move from the start word (MIND) to the end word (GAME) in the same number of steps as there are rungs on the Word Ladder. You must only change one letter at a time.


Your Stars

IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK: Making the most of a fully energetic and progressive year is easy for a forthright Piscean. What is sometimes more difficult is getting a balance between your home and business life.


PISCES (February 20 - March 20) Someone new to your circle of friends brings humour and a new lease of life, socially. When something outside your comfort zone is suggested, then be sure that it is not just faint heart that is stopping you.




13 - 19 March 2014 / Mallorca




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Across 7 Tablet for deposit on teeth (6) 8 Dave travelling back through North America getting here (6) 10 Keeps dissolving in tears (7) 11 It’s in the back or middle of the book (5) 12 Expert covering right amount of land (4) 13 Remains in some dereliction (5) 17 Group of soldiers or police capturing rebel leader (5) 18 Set of rules for a fish with and eel’s head (4) 22 Can, or may be, a kind of fruit (5) 23 Sightseer in amongst our Istanbul visit (7) 24 Evicted, but used to moving (6) 25 Engineers model for peace of mind (6) Down 1 Carelessly ran past ancient Greek (7) 2 Baseball players’ cake mixtures (7) 3 Greek characters in charge of score (5) 4 Otherwise miss ice earthquakes (7) 5 Graduate’s equipment turned up in this colourful fabric (5) 6 Trainee given many a wrong date

Across 1 Commences (6) 5 European country (6) 8 Felines (4) 9 Very great or intense (8) 10 Basement (6) 11 Examines (6) 12 Nocturnal birds of prey (4) 14 Hatchet (3) 15 Financial institution (4) 16 Thin slices of fried potato (6) 18 Sudden pleasurable excitement (6) 20 Calamity (8) 22 Jump over (4) 23 Gluttonous (6) 24 Arranged by type (6)

(5) 9 Therapist made changes to teashop (9) 14 Knave tied up the Queen (7) 15 Keep an eye on nit in back room (7) 16 Is it true that the Real Estate

business is only skin deep? (7) 19 Organised loans for a beauty parlour (5) 20 Here’s to you, with beans on (5) 21 Potato, for example, for an awful brute (5)

Code Breaker Each number in the Code Breaker grid represents a different letter of the alphabet. In this week’s puzzle, 3 represents M and 8 represents Z, so fill in M every time the figure 3 appears and Z every time the figure 8 appears. Now, using your knowledge of the English language, work out which letters should go in the missing squares. As you discover the letters, fill in other squares with the same number in the main grid and the control grid.

LAST WEEK’S SOLUTIONS CRYPTIC Across: 1 Lebanon, 5 Crook, 8 Exact, 9 Therapy, 10 Shoe trees, 12 Goo, 13 Iodide, 14 Cleave, 17 Tun, 18 Forcemeat, 20 Mandela, 21 Omega, 23 Sweet, 24 Sundial. Down: 1 Leeks, 2 Boa, 3 Notated, 4 Natter, 5 Chess, 6 Orangeade, 7 Keynote, 11 Ordinance, 13 Isthmus, 15 Lie down, 16 Dryads, 18 Fleet, 9 Trail, 22 Eli. QUICK Across: 1 Occasionally, 7 Here, 8 Identity, 9 Battle, 10 Errors, 11 Rod, 12 Heals, 14 Adult, 16 Ear, 18 Closed, 20 Abroad, 22 Talented, 23 Beef, 24 Measurements. Down: 1 Operate, 2 Chest, 3 Shiver, 4 Obeyed, 5 Altered, 6 Later, 13 Listens, 15 Leaders, 16 Editor, 17 Random, 19 Leave, 21 Robin.


ENGLISH-SPANISH Across: 1 Anger, 3 Teach, 5 Rib, 7 Treinta, 9 Dare, 10 Bell, 13 Retraso, 14 Arm, 15 Slums, 16 Sapos. Down: 1 Abridores, 2 Ruta, 3 Tres, 4 Headlamps, 6 Beret, 8 Nieta, 11 Pais, 12 Dogs.

English - Spanish The clues are mixed, some clues are in Spanish and some are in English. Across 1 Pencil (5) 3 Fierce (5) 6 Nadar (4) 7 Trout (fish) (6) 9 Gentleman (having gentlemanly qualities) (9) 12 Accent (written) (6) 13 Lake (4) 14 Toll (on road, bridge) (5) 15 Pantalones vaqueros (5) Down 1 Último (final) (4) 2 Spring (season) (9) 3 Street light (6) 4 Scarlet (9) 5 To pray (say prayers) (4) 8 Tailor (6) 10 Húmedo (clima) (4) 11 Dedos del pie (4)

Hexagram The purpose of the Hexagram puzzle is to place the 19 six-letter words into the 19 cells. The letters at the edges of interlocking cells MUST BE THE SAME. The letters in the words must be written CLOCKWISE. The word in cell 10 (JUMPED) and one letter in four other cells are given as clues. BLOODY




















Funagram Unscramble the name of a type of tea (two words): LARGE RYE FUNAGRAM SOLUTION: LEYTON ORIENT, EARL GREY

Unscramble the name of a professional football club currently playing in the English Football League One (two words): NOTE TINY ROLE

Down 2 Rub out (5) 3 Nasty remarks (7) 4 No Clue 5 A long way (3) 6 Similar (5) 7 Domesticated fowl 11 Animals (9) 13 Fighting man (7) 15 Housebreaker (7) 17 Frighten (5) 19 Depart (5) 21 Plaything (3)

1 Hugged, 2 Reared, 3 Angers, 4 5 Barren, 6 Waters, 7 Banker, 8 9 Hinges, 10 Ballet, 11 Dreams, 12 13 Reeled, 14 Herded, 15 Sheets, 16 17 Desire, 18 Steals, 19 Hissed

Raking, Barrel, Gather, Spears,


E W N 13 - 19 March 2014 / Mallorca


Breaking the phone rules... THE modern rules on ‘mobile phone etiquette’ have come out in a new manual, including ‘Don’t text while you’re on the loo.’ (Apparently people need to have this


OHN ROBERTS said: “I don’t use a mobile phone very often, to be honest.” The retiree from Albox (Almeria) commented, “I think they should fine more people for using mobile phones while driving. The police are not very strict around here, I see loads of people talking on phones when driving.” Waitress Kelli Alright, aged 26, from

pointed out!) We wanted to ask: What are your biggest mobile phone pet peeves? What would you include in the rules of etiquette?

STREET TALK Moraira (Alicante) says she wouldn’t like to see anything on a so-called ‘rules of etiquette’ list: “I’m guilty of breaking them all! I use my phone in public places. I take photos of my food when out which annoys my friends and a lot of selfies, my phone is constantly in my hand.” Janice Gilbert from Zurgena (Almeria) agreed with John. Her biggest peeve was people using their mobiles while behind the wheel. The 66year old retiree added, “I also see

HENRIK and MARGARET: Not fans of phone technology.

couples out together and they spend more time playing with their phones than talking to each other, more so in the UK than here in Spain. My rule would be, switch off your phone when out with friends or on a date and have a proper conversation.” Renee Miner works in San Pedro de Alcantara (Malaga). The 31-year-old hospitality entrepreneur said, “I hate it when I’m with someone and he or she has the mobile sitting on the table between us. Even if they’re not picking it up, it still beeps or buzzes when there’s a message. It interrupts our conversation and I feel awkward wondering if they need to answer. If you’re expecting an important call, let me know and it’s not a problem. Otherwise, turn it off or put it on silent!” Retired Dutch couple Henrik and Margaret Visscher live in France and are on holiday on the Costa Blanca in Alicante. They both said it is annoying when people

RENEE MINER: Hates it when new message alerts interrupt conversation.

JOHN ROBERTS: Too many people talking while driving. are constantly on phones: “No one talks to each other, they would rather sit and message each other and all social communication is lost.” They don’t use a lot of phone technology: “We have an old phone that makes and receives calls, that’s it.”


E W N 13 - 19 March 2014 / Mallorca


ood F


Costa de Almeria’s best guide to local sport

Mallorca’s best guide for local restaurants


Find out how long your bubbly will last GOOD news for wine enthusiasts: wineries and customers can now precisely predict how long sparkling wines will keep, from Champagne to prosecco. The findings were published by scientists in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry and were funded in part from multiple Spanish regional government sources. The current process, which detects ‘browning’ by measuring light absorption at certain wavelengths, is fast and simple but not very precise. Researchers of sparkling wine chemistry

have therefore turned to the food industry for answers. Food manufacturers measure a built-up compound called ‘5-HMF’ used to decide when to throw a product out, a compound which scientists also found in sparkling wines and helps predict their shelf life. By testing levels of the compound in different bottles over a two-year period at varying temperatures (room, cellar and refrigerator), the study revealed 5-HMF as a good indicator of freshness. The researchers also developed a mathematical model that helps predict how

KEEPING ITS FIZZ: Making sure sparkling wine stays in tip top condition.

long a sparkling wine will stay drinkable at various storage temperatures. But to keep it simple, know this: Refrigerating sparkling wines almost completely prevents browning.

A seal to promote and protect traditional local Navarra food THE regional government of Navarra has come up with an idea to protect and promote traditional local food.

Its Culture and Tourism department is now issuing the Navarra Food seal to restaurants with at least 30 per cent of local dishes

in their menus. The food from Navarra has been historically linked with its location within Spain. In the north of the region, which borders with the Basque Countries, products like Idiazabal cheese, cider and goxua (a dessert made with sponge cake, cream and custard) are traditional. The south part of the region, however, is noted for its vegetable stews, asparagus and zurracapute, which can be

considered the northern counterpart to the sangria. But if there is a star in the culinary offer from Navarra, that’s probably the pintxos. These snacks similar to tapas are served with a toothpick on a piece of bread, and are normally eaten when having a drink with friends. To be awarded the Navarra Food seal, restaurants have to prove they have been offering traditional food for at least five years. This includes a list with wines and cavas with a certificate of origin, and typical liquors like patxaran. As the distinction aims to attract more visitors, restaurants have been asked to translate their menus into other languages, including English.

Looking for Spain’s best ‘torrija’ in Leon A COMPETITION to be held later this month in Leon, northern Spain, is looking for Spain's best ‘torrija.’ The dessert, similar to French toast, is traditionally served between Lent and Easter in Spain. It is usually made with bread soaked

in milk or wine with honey and spices, and fried in a pan with olive oil. Cooks and pastry chefs have been called upon by the Leon Food Academy to present their best creation. All the recipes will be put into a book, part of its profits will be for charity.

TORRIJA: Similar to French toast.


13 - 19 March 2014 / Mallorca



Alonso ready for action By Tony Matthews

Fact File on Fernando Alonso Díaz

OVER the last three months or so, hundreds of enthusiasts have visited Madrid’s Canal Art • Born on 29 July 1981 in Oviedo, Asturias, Spain. Centre to check out and admire • Started in karting at the age of three. an exhibition of memorabilia • Won three consecutive karting championships in Spain in including silverware, cars and mid 1990s. kit won and collected over the • Became world karting champion in 1996. last 30 years by Formula One star Fernando Alonso. • Made his F1 debut in 2001 with Minardi. But the Spanish superstar • In September 2005, became F1 World Driver’s champion for insists that this is not the time the first time, aged 24 years and 58 days - the youngest to do for reminiscing as far as he is so at that time. concerned. • Retained the title in 2006 to become the youngest double “I have so far won only two F1 World driver’s championchampion. ships. That’s more than I could • Joined McLaren in 2007; returned to Renault in 2008, have dreamed for” he said, “but moved to Scuderia Ferrari in 2010. I am hungry for more success. I will tell you that winning two championships is not enough for me.” • Nicknamed El Nano, he is a Goodwill Ambassador for Since claiming his second UNICEF. World F1 title for Renault in • And last year scored a career best 1,571 F1 points in a 2006, Fernando has endured a season. frustrating time on the race track. Unfortunately, a threeyear deal with McLaren ended prematurely driving for Ferrari back in after just one season 2007, makes up one half of following a souring the most interesting F1 of relations with pairings in recent times, and team boss Ron one which will, for sure, will Dennis and his then test both men’s skills driving partner on the track and Lewis Hamilton. their powers of Surprisingly, a diplomacy off it. return to Renault “I think Kimi is a in 2008 saw him very talented slip down from driver. That is a third place to fifth huge help and a in the drivers’ huge motivation championship. for myself first That was the and also for the season best team, because remembered for the sothe team knows called ‘Crashgate’ affair it has to deliver and a year later a good car Fernando claimed because I just one podium know Kimi A third finish, ending out of “With the first pre-season will deliver a good up in ninth reach. testing weekend complete, all demanding and important days. result,” said Fernando. world title place in the The 32- of us at Ferrari have learned It gave us something to work Positive news for Ferrari, and remains just driver’s year-old much about their new-look F14 on and hopefully we can get it everyone involved in F1, would championship, has T.” right with Fernando doing the be any improvement in the out of reach which was his finished Fernando finished second business when it matters most.” condition of former German worst showing second to fastest on the final day of Fernando agreed with driver Michael Schumacher. since debuting for Red Bull's testing in Jerez, Spain. Indeed, Domenicali: “It’s too early to Sighed Fernando: “We are all Minardi in 2001. Sebastian he completed the second most judge how the Italian team hoping every day to have some Thankfully, the Vettel in three of number of laps overall, with might fair this season. I know good news coming from the switch to Scuderia the past four seasons. reigning champion Sebastian I need to deliver my best. If hospital... all the F1 drivers Ferrari in 2010 has been Fernando said: “I believe Vettel in his Red Bull car, not I cannot be in front of my have huge respect for Michael, more productive. it’s anyone’s guess what might managing only 20 full laps in new colleague Kimi because he was the man that He has so far recorded 11 happen this year. All the teams four days Raikkonen, so that is only motivated us.” Grand Prix victories and 31 and drivers are grappling with a Fernando’s team principal, good and positive news for Fernando’s quest for a third podiums in 77 starts in four new car, following a complete Stafano Domenicali stated on Ferrari.” drivers’ championship title years. But annoyingly, a third overhaul of F1’s technical Ferrari F1’s official website: Raikkonen, the flying Finn, begins in Melbourne on Sunday, World title has remained just regulations. “These were four very who won his only World title 16 March.


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What do you want from your garden? Some general ideas... Stop Press

Dick Handscombe

Gardening Corner

WITH Easter late there is time to make several changes before and for those on the Costa Blanca there is the Homes, Gardens and Lifestyle Show on April 3 and 4 in Calpe where you can look out for and test ideas on the garden related stalls. You will find me on Stand 66 willing to help solve recent gardening problems and evaluate/ polish any new plans for your garden. If you don’t have copies of our books they can be obtained via Amazon Books and I will have a few copies and free hand-outs at the show.

By Dick Handscombe Spain’s best known expat gardening author about to start his 26th winter cut back.


T the time of writing it seems that the lion winds that celebrated the first week of March are now over and for most the winds were warm and caused little air frost damage. Fortunately not a repeat of the record frosts of the first week of March in 2004 and 2005. After these frosts we had driven down the coast from Valencia to Sotogrande in southern Andalucia checking out the frost damage to plants and trees in order to ensure that the indication of frost

ENTERTAIN FRIENDS: Enjoy your outdoor space. resistance of the 400 plants described in our book ‘Gardening in Spain’ were correct.

So with gardens safe, winter cut backs complete and signs of spring everywhere, it’s a good time to review what you really want from your gardens during the next year, particularly during the spring, summer and autumn. Use the check list below to decide on your personal priorities and the urgent changes in your garden. • The opportunity of an outdoor lifestyle. • An enthralling hobby. • Moderate exercise. • Wholesome fresh fruit vegetables and herbs. • Natural aromatherapy. • Somewhere to relax. • Spiritual renewal. • Colourful in all seasons. • Generally low main-

DICK: With a copy of his book ‘Your garden in Spain.’ tenance. • Not too high a watering bill. • Summer shade and winter shelter from winds. • Somewhere different in which to entertain. • A Jacuzzi. • An outdoor kitchen. • An aviary or a couple of hens for daily fresh eggs. • A carp pond. • An alternative to a lawn. • A petanque court.

• A potting table and greenhouse. • A playing field for children and grandchildren. • A challenge and a chance to be creative to keep the brain active. • A series of interlinked mini gardens with varying styles. • Privacy and security. If few of those thought starters are of interest perhaps just a desert of stone chippings with a tiled terrace around the

pool plus a few token citrus trees and a palm to make it look Mediterranean may be nearer your thing. If this short selfanalysis has stirred the creative juices reread parts Two - Planning your Spanish garden, Three - Add interesting features and Five Situational gardening of our book ‘Your garden in Spain.’ As the garden is to be enjoyed, I hope, by all members of the family discuss the needs with all, including the nongardeners and seasonal visitors, before finalising plans.

© Dick Handscombe March 2014.


13 - 19 March 2014 / Mallorca



Is the end of the crisis nigh? Ulrica Marshall

TRIP TO BARCELONA: For the moment, will have to remain a pipe dream.

Expat Strife Swedish-born Ulrica is a freelance journalist living in Mallorca with her family. Her debut novel $Expat Wives is available on Amazon and iBooks. To comment on any of the issues raised in Ulrica’s column, go to


T’S the million euro question: When will the economic crisis in Spain end? Politicians have boasted the advent of the green shoots of recovery for some time now, but the rest of us have remained largely sceptical. As have I - until now that is, and evidence seems to be popping up all around. During my children’s half term holidays, I thought I would whisk them away a skip and a hop to Barcelona from Mallorca - taking advantage of the resident’s travel discount. A few flights were available but the discount wouldn’t make much impact on the ticket price and only one hotel was available for an overnight stay on the many search engines the internet offers - €600 for a shabby-looking 3star.

Now had the figure been Japanese yen, I might have struck the deal, as it was I humbly declined and abandoned travel plans. And it doesn’t end there. Every utility or service company seem to have hiked prices to the sky - or at least beyond the rate of inflation and beyond relevant commodity price

changes. One of my favourite restaurants - which used to be cheap and cheerful - can now lay claim to only one of these descriptions. Still, customers continue to roll up, undeterred. Admittedly, retailers claim the sales period was a tad disappointing, but this is probably down to the fact that

we have become wise about supposed ‘bargains’ and are finally saving a little for those rainy days. They say the man on the street is last to know, when market forces change direction, but I disagree. If you pay close attention to what happens around you, you have a better idea of the real state of affairs than most economists tucked away in their ivory towers. Of course, we may not be entirely out of the woods yet - we can only hope that the government does not stifle any progress through mindless legislation and that they will also rethink the heavy barriers to entry for small businesses, such as the hefty regulations and high IVA. There is also the crisis in the Crimea threatening European, if not World, stability, but if you take it at face value, there seems to be just a few glimmers of light at the end of the economic tunnel. On the downside, a trip to Barcelona may remain a pipe dream.

Advertising Feature

Sunray’s help for all your home solutions FOR all your home solutions after the rains have come and gone, look no further than Sunray. Sunray’s experts in waterproofing, roofing and damp-proofing are ready to provide the best value for your money. Have you noticed leaks or anything less than desirable in your home or business? This is the time of year for a thorough check and to put preventative measures in place for next winter. Thankfully, Sunray is here to help. Based in Portals Nous, Sunray actually has contracts throughout the entire island. Sunray is owned by Michael Halkier who oversees all of the company’s work. After two years of training in the United States followed by 17 years working in South Africa, he has now been in Mallorca for three years. With over 20 years of experience in the field, Michael’s extensive background can be trusted. Michael highlighted ‘quality

LOOK NO FURTHER: The best combination of quality and value for money.

coupled with value’ as one of Sunray’s top characters. Sunray knows which products to use and - just as important - which ones to avoid. Their confidence in what they provide leads those at Sunray to guarantee all their work, knowing that they only deal with approved materials. In effect, this is how Sunray is able to confidently state that its customers are getting the best combination of quality and value for their money.

Sunray has experienced fabulous success since moving to Mallorca. In fact, Sunray operates from recommendation and word-ofmouth, with an emphasis on personal connection and personally-tailored service. Sunray believes that each client deserves a professional, thorough service from the first point of contact right through to the completion,

including follow-up attention. Sunray also has the most competitive offers and prices right alongside its top-notch service. Now is the perfect time to get things in place in your home or business for the coming year. Contact Sunray who will be happy to discuss your situation and provide a

free quotation, anywhere on the island. Office hours are Monday Friday, 8:00am - 6:00pm. Emergency call-outs are also available. Sunray Michael Halkier, owner 648 096 408


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UK TV: still undecided which option to go for? UK TV ROUTER is a product that was started mid-June 2013 with the intention of using TV on demand facilities from the UK via Sky+ HD boxes & Humax Freesat with Freetime. These include BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4OD, Demand FIVE. UK TV Router also allows you to connect iPads, PCs, smart phones, etc, all of which will appear to be in the UK, thus allowing Sky Go, Live TV, iPlayer, etc. The UK TV Router is a product originally developed by Base Satellite to allow our customers to get the most from their existing TV systems. We are a family-run business operating in Spain, with a very good reputation since 2000. Here’s a selection of our customers’ own reviews: • “Good decision. I am well pleased with the router and it

WELL RECEIVED: The UK TV Router uses TV on demand facilities from the UK.

was very easy to install. I also got On Demand - again easy to install." (TORREVIEJA) • "I am really impressed with this router. It arrived two days after ordering and took only minutes to set up and it has worked perfectly. In addition to providing the full range of On Demand services on the TV, it has improved wi-fi reception around

the house as it has a stronger signal than my Belkin router and it works seamlessly with the iPad to provide live TV via Sky Go, use the Apps for Sky+ and Sky Sports and watch catch up TV." (ALICANTE) • "After seeing all the various adverts in the press for boxes to receive UK TV, I went onto the website and was

10th most popular market


SPAIN is the 10th most attractive market for international property investors, a study by analyst Real Capital Analytics for the CNN claims. International investors spent more than $13.3 billion (€9.5 billion) in Spanish real estate between 2009 and 2013. This has placed the country as the 10th favourite property market for investors, following Singapore and Poland. The US was the source of the largest external property investment in Spain, with $4.5 billion (€3.2 billion) invested in the last five years. The American investment, made in apartments, hotels, offices, industrial complexes, retail, development sites and retirement housing, represented a 34 per cent of the total cross border investment in Spain.

American capital funds top the external property investment in 31 countries overall, including the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russia and Japan. By volume, most of the international property investors are found in China, where they spent nearly $150 billion (€107 billion) in the same period. Seventy-two per cent of the investment in the Asian country comes from Hong Kong. Second on the list by Real Capital Analytics is the UK, with $136.65 billion (€98.26 billion) spent by international investors between 2009 and 2013. Finally, the US holds the third position with $101.60 billion (€73.05 billion) coming from international investors, with Canada accounting for 33 per cent of the external property investment.

immediately impressed with the information and the professional way it was laid out. I ordered a router with a year’s subscription. “I already have a SkyHD+ wi-fi receiver, when the TV router arrived just three days later it was an easy to set it up wirelessly to my Sky box. Really impressed with the service and thanks Paul for your prompt reply to my query. “I will certainly recommend your company. And even more importantly, the wife is back watching Corrie and EastEnders." (TORREMOLINOS) • "I can’t give this product enough praise. I have had mine since October 2013 and wouldn’t be without it. “I have connected my iPad, laptop, smart TV and sat box. It’s great, I can watch Sky Go on the iPad and when the channels went off in January we didn’t notice any difference. “All the BBC and ITV channels are still available via the internet on whatever medium I choose. Sky On Demand is great as we choose our viewing for the day and it’s waiting for us to watch on the recorder." (ALMERIA) or call on 667 427 271 or 962 800 807.


E W N 13 - 19 March 2014 / Mallorca


CHAMPIONS: In three categories of canoeing.

RCNP-OS La Caixa canoeists emerge victorious THE canoeing team of RCNP-OS La Caixa emerged victorious in all three categories of the Balearic Canoeing Championships in Alcudia. The RCNP team took home 10 gold medals, six silver and another six bronze in three classes: Promotion (Children and Cadet), Liga en Pista (Junior) and Liga de Veteranos (Veterans League). The club won in all three leagues that are involved in the regional circuit: Promotion, Ocean Kayak and Pista. Those taking home awards for recent competitions were: Alicia Heredia, Elena Monleón, Selena Coca, Raquel Bota, Alán Ávila, Adriana Paniagua, Belén Arnau,

Adrián Castaño, Vinca Escandell, Carlos Mota, Alexis Capdevila and Joel Badía.

SEVENTY competitors from the Laser Standard and Laser 4.7 classes participated from Friday to Sunday in the Balearic championship. In Laser Standard, Carlos Rosello (CN Ibiza) made a strong showing on the final day’s three races. Joan Cardona competed well in the Laser Standard, garnering two secondplace standings and a third. The RCNP sailor had it tough to place in a category to which he doesn’t yet even belong, as Cardona normally competes in the Radial class and only occasionally makes the jump up to Standard. All told, he finished as the Balearic champion in the Laser Standard class,

Laura G. Guerra

Laura G. Guerra

Joan Cardona of RCNP finishes as a champion

CHAMPIONSHIP: Joan Cardona won two second places and one third. a prize which he adds to the regional Laser Radial he won last week. The Laser 4.7 competition made

spectators hold their breath until the end. Jordi Julia came out on top with a rack of points but had a worse day on

Some cat facts... How well do you know your cat? SPONSORED BY For all dog treats please call: 971 887 007 / 634 152 813

David THE Dogman Listen to David on TRE every Saturday 10am to 11am Costa del Sol (Gibraltar/Sotogrande) 98.7fm (San Roque to Calahonda) 91.9fm (Calahonda to Motril) 88.9, Costa Calida 92.7fm Costa Blanca (Torrevieja to Elche) 105.1fm (Elche to Calpe) 88.2fm, (Calpe to Gandia & Ibiza) 104.6fm, (Denia to Valencia) 95.3fm Mallorca 103.9fm

HERE are a few of the most popular questions posed by cat lovers and a quick insight into normal cat behaviour. Why do cats purr? Purring is an extraordinary sound and it isn’t exactly clear how cats do it. Not only domestic cats purr, many of the larger members of the cat family do too. The behaviour stems from kittenhood, as the mother returns to the den and quietly signals (to avoid attracting attention from predators) that all is OK by purring to her kittens, they in turn suckle and purr at the same time. Cats will also purr when they are sick or injured; there are

various theories for this - the frequency of the purr in sick animals differs from the healthy purr and it may have healing properties or it may be selfsoothing when the cat feels at its most vulnerable. Why do cats rub round their owners’ legs? A cat lives in a world where smell is vitally important. All creatures within its social group, as well as objects, will be anointed with its unique smell using scent glands in its face, body and tail. When your cat rubs round your legs to greet you it is doing the same as it would in greeting another cat by mutual rubbing of the face and body.

For your local radio frequency log onto www.talkradio

PURRING: Stems from kittenhood. Cats will also purr when sick or injured.

Sunday with 7-6-9. RCNP’s Toni Salva tried to go for victory but was resigned to not finishing on top this time.

Bringing together top class FROM 29 March - 5 April ISAF Sailing World Cup Palma returns to Majorca and the Meditteranean, bringing together the world’s top Olympic and Paralympic class competitors. The regatta signals the start of the European circuit for sailors who are campaigning for the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Sailing Competitions. ISAF Sailing World Cup Palma is the fourth of five regattas included in the 2013-2014 ISAF Sailing World Cup, the sixth edition of the annual series for Olympic sailing. The Princesa Sofia is the fourth ISAF Sailing World Cup event following SWC Miami, US. Around 800 sailors from 50 nations are expected to turn up for the event.


13 - 19 March 2014 / Mallorca

lassifieds C










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E W N 13 - 19 March 2014 / Mallorca



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Volkswagen unveils the T-ROC concept car CONCEPT CAR: Unveiled at the 84th Geneva International Motor Show.


OLKSWAGEN has presented the all new T-ROC, a concept car with a progressive design in the Golf format. The German manufacturer unveiled its new vehicle during the 84th Geneva International Motor Show, which runs until March 16 in the Swiss city. The all-wheel drive TROC concept car follows a new design line and interior style, with the progressive design of the front section being particularly striking, the automaker claims. The two-door vehicle also combines the talents of an all-wheel drive sports utility vehicle (SUV) with the lightness of a

convertible. The middle section of the roof consists of two halves that with just a few flicks can be taken off and stowed in the boot. Front and rear cameras, which are backed up in the dark by LED headlights, extend the driver’s field of vision. Powered by a 135 kW/ 184 PS turbodiesel direct injection engine, the TROC is equipped with three different driving modes: ‘Street,’ ‘Offroad’ and ‘Snow.’ The parameters of the drive train, 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox (DSG), ABS, Hill Start Assist and Hill Descent Control vary depending on the mode selected.

NEW DESIGN: Combining the talents of an all-wheel SUV with the lightness of a convertible. The 2.0 TDI engine’s fuel consumption is of low 4.9 l/100km, while maximum torque is 380 Nm. The vehicle body has been designed based on the Modular Transverse Matrix (MQB). Thanks to lightweight construction the SUV weighs just 1,420 kg. Other features include the relatively short overhangs and the multi-part 19-inch alloy wheels with size 245/45 tyres.

Advertising feature

‘Expats an essential part of our strategy’

LÍNEA DIRECTA ASEGURADORA is the market leader in the sale of insurance for foreign residents in Spain. Since 1998 it has offered its customer services in English and German, which include handling claims, selling policies or road assistance, among many others. Francisco Valencia, Corporate Governance Director, introduces us to a new service: fine management. Línea Directa was the first Spanish insurer to offer its services in English and German. Why this commitment to expatriates? For Línea Directa, expatriates form an essential part of our strategy. Since we set up Línea Directa, in 1995, we have forged close links to them, due to the fact that our company model was imported directly from England, and as a result offering services specifically designed for them was something quite natural. We currently have a portfolio of over 2 million policyholders, 64,000 of whom are foreign customers. One of the latest services offered to expatriates is fine management. What does it consist of and what advantages does it have?

Our service offers the foreign customer advice on traffic fines in his or her own language, including notification of the official bulletins, a benefit specifically designed for expatriates. In Spain, when the person receiving the fine is not at home, he or she is considered to have been notified of the fine after it has been published in the official bulletin of the province where he or she resides, thereby reducing or even eliminating any chance of defence for someone who spends many months of the year abroad. What does this service cover and what other benefits does it include? Apart from the benefit that it can be used by any driver over 26 years of age, the cover also includes a payment of €500 to finance a road safety re-education course if the driving licence has been withdrawn. Once again Línea Directa shows its commitment to its foreign customers residing in Spain, offering them the best services and cover at the best price. You can find out more about all the benefits available at or by calling 902 123 309.


13 - 19 March 2014 / Mallorca



There’s enough action going on this week to please sports fans everywhere Tony Matthews

International Sports A former football player and the world’s most prolific author of football books (more than 100 published), Tony is also the sports reporter for Spectrum Radio and lives in the Cabrera mountains.

Costa de Almeria

THERE has already been Champions League action featuring Atletico Madrid-Milan, Bayern Munich-Arsenal on Tuesday and BarcelonaManchester City and Paris St Germain-Bayer Leverkusen yesterday, while tonight in the Europa League, it’s TottenhamBenfica and Sevilla-Real Betis. And moving forward to the weekend there’s a full Premiership programme including Aston Villa-Chelsea on Saturday followed by Manchester UnitedLiverpool and Spurs-Arsenal on Sunday while Leicester, Burnley,

Kelly Gallagher.

1st winter gold medal In Sochi, Kelly Gallagher with her guide Charlotte Evans, won GB’s first-ever Winter Paralympic Olympic gold medal in the visually impaired giant slalom. Jade Etherington took bronze in this same event, having collected silver in the downhill skiing event. The latter was GB’s first medal of any colour since 1994. and QPR are all at home in the Championship. Elsewhere, 50,000 fans will attend the Aberdeen-Inverness

Caledonian Thistle Scottish LC final at Celtic Park; La Liga leaders Real Madrid visit Malaga, Barcelona play Osasuna and UD

Mojacar play CD El Ejido (h) in Regional Preferente (watch this game on the Playa). Moving onto the oval ball game, the final three Six Nations Rugby matches feature France-Ireland, Italy-England and WalesScotland. For racing enthusiasts, the Cheltenham Festival started on Tuesday. The Gold Cup takes place tomorrow and my each-way tip is Dynaste, trained by Martin Pipe and ridden by Sam WaleyCohen. And the first Formula One Grand Prix of 2014 takes place in Melbourne, Australia on Sunday. There’s a practice session tomorrow followed by qualifying laps on Saturday. LATEST FOOTBALL ROUNDUP • After the FAC quarter-final results - Arsena1 4 Everton 1, Hull 3 Sunderland 0, Manchester City 1 Wigan 2 and Sheffield United 2 Charlton 0 - the Wembley semis

DID YOU KNOW? • If Wolves were victorious against Swindon on Tuesday, they would have set a club record of nine successive League wins. They won eight in a row on four occasions, firstly in 1915. • The first football international featuring 22 professionals was the Scotland v. England clash in Glasgow in March 1886. Each player received 10s (50p). will feature Arsenal v Wigan and Hull v Sheffield United who are the first third tier club to reach the last four since Wycombe in 2001.


E W N 13 - 19 March 2014 / Mallorca


Sport Mallorca’s best guide to local sport

Richard Kilty wins gold At the World Indoor Athletics Championships, GB’s Richard Kilty won gold in the 60m, Katarina Johnson-Thompson silver in the long jump and Tiffany Porter bronze in the women’s 60m hurdles. TO READ MORE VISIT OUR WEBSITE: WWW.EUROWEEKLYNEWS.COM

RC Ponent win East National League By Lynda Demangeat RC PONENT sealed the East National League Championship with a win by 25 points to 17 over GEiEG of Girona at the weekend. The bonus point for scoring five tries meant they did not have to wait for the result from their closest rival Fenix of Zaragoza as the five points ensured they are clear at

the top of the League Table in the last National League Championship. The format is changing for next season and RC Ponent will be entitled to play in the silver ‘Division de Honor.’ The only match played in the Baleares Senior League last weekend was between RFC Corsaris and TRUC Menorca in which the Mallorquins managed to remain composed after their defeat by the same

team a few weeks before. The desire to finish the season on a high note in front of their supporters drove the home team to take the victory against the visitors who showed themselves to be a worthy and sportsmanlike adversary. The first half of the match belonged to Corsaris whose forwards worked hard. During the second half TRUC Menorca tried to make up ground and played more freely but the initial advantage of the home team and a final push in the closing stages of the match meant at the final whistle the score was 29 points to 5. Great spring weather accompanied the match in

U8s: El Toro v Bocs. Son Caliu between El Toro RC and Dimonis RC in the U18 league. The constant clashes between the powerful forwards of Dimonis and the rapid play from the Calvia three quarters made for an interesting, intense game.

A resounding victory for El Toro RC of 70 points to 12 keeps them well ahead at the top of the league. As part of the Rugby Day held on Sunday hosted by RC Ponent in Principes de España on a bright sunny morning, the combined

team of Toro-Bocs U14s played in a triangular tournament with Agora Portals and RC Ponent. Results were as follows: El Toro R.C / Bocs vs Ágora Portals 22 - 33 R.C.Ponent vs El Toro R.C. / Bocs 36 - 0 R.C.Ponent vs Ágora Portals 19 - 17 The 10th rugby day of the season organised by the Sports department of the Baleares saw enthusiastic players competing in the U8, U10 and U12 categories. There were plenty of supporters who turned out to watch Agora Portals win the U12 group and host teams RC Ponent victorious in the U8 and U10 groups.

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Euro Weekly News - Mallorca 13 - 19 March 2014 Issue 1497  

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