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Projects paralysed NEARLY a dozen major projects, with budgets totalling an estimated €73.4 million, have been paralysed in Alicante. Defaults and lack of funds are said to be mainly to blame.

Hurt in blaze A WOMAN was injured in a house fire in Santa Eulalia de Murcia. Fourteen firefighters were sent to the scene and neighbouring properties evacuated.

Jobs found ELCHE created more jobs than any other municipality in the Valencian Community in 2013, with 2,314 fewer jobless than a year ago.

16 - 22 JANUARY 2014


Businesses in uproar over road closures BUSINESSES and residents are up in arms over plans to close off two roads at the La Zenia roundabout. They have drawn up a petition to object to the scheme, which they say will make it hard for locals and customers to reach businesses and several urbanisations. Interested parties have until Monday to register their objections. Within days of the news breaking that the Ministerio de Fomento - the department for development and infrastructure - wanted to close Calle Maestro Torralba and Calle Alhambra, which lead to several businesses and urbanisations, a crisis meeting was called at Paddy’s Point. Owner Hazel Connor said: “It will cut off all the

businesses, making them less accessible and is simply going to escalate the volume of traffic on the other road. It’s crazy.” She added that even the manager of the Consum supermarket was supporting their petition as closure of Calle Maestro Torralba would prevent delivery lorries reaching the store.

Concerned groups and individuals held a meeting with Councillor for the

Coast, Martina Scheurer, who stressed that Turn to Page 4


E W N 16 - 22 January 2014 / Costa Blanca South



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Finance 23 - 28 TRAINING: Future athletes in the making at Torrevieja’s Sports City.

Sports city is an attraction…

THE number of visitors and users of Torrevieja’s Sports City nearly doubled in 2013 over the previous year, and expectations are even higher for 2014. Last year 6,156 athletes trained at the 300,000 square metre complex, 1,801 of whom were international visitors, mainly from Northern Europe. A total of 40 different teams and clubs chose the facilities as their new training and sports camp in 2013 according to councillor for Sport, Luis

María Pizana. Accompanied by head of the Sports Tourism Unit, Francisco Javier López, at the FITUR tourism fair in Madrid, he said the aim was to further develop the Sports City as a unique brand in the national and international market for sports tourism. In doing so, the destination of Torrevieja could be positioned within global sports tourism as a benchmark of quality, service and excellence.

Health Ministry bans campaigns seeking donors THE Health Ministry has banned requests for organ or tissue donations for specific patients. The National Transplant Organisation has pointed out that the law already existed but that the ministry has now made it completely clear.

The aim is to control information and prevent campaigns which explicitly request donations for a particular patient, whether they come from foundations or relatives. More importantly it aims to prevent requests for donations from companies and organisations seeking to profit,

and the use of false, misleading or erroneous information. To launch a campaign to request a donation, authorisation must be requested from the regional government or from the National Transplant Organisation.

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NEWS Foreigner frenzy A TOTAL of 107,492 people were registered on the padron of Torrevieja as of January 1, 2014. Over half, 53.1 per cent, were foreign residents. Wine sales THE sale of wines from Jumilla increased 14 per cent last year, with around 24 million bottles sold by wineries that fall under the Denominacion Origin (DO) of Jumilla.

16 - 22 January 2014 / Costa Blanca South

Car rental price fixers... AENA and its subsidiary Aena Aeropuertos has been fined more than €900,000 by the National Commission for Markets and Competition (CNMC), the Spanish equivalent of the Monopolies Commission, following an investigation into price fixing. The investigation looked at forbidden practices which hinder

free market competition into the car rental sector. Eleven car rental companies have also been fined a total of €2.2 million for taking part in the same practices at airports all over Spain. Alicante-Elche and Murcia were among the airports named in the list. The Commission found that

commercially sensitive information was exchanged by car rental companies at the airports with the ‘necessary collaboration’ of Aena over a period of 13 years up to September 2012. This is treated by the CNMC as a very serious offence. Among the rental companies fined are Hertz (€519,000) and Europcar (over €830,000).

Instagram comp A MOBILE photography competition is being launched in Torrevieja to run alongside their Carnival fiestas. Entrants can be made from February 1 - March 1 via Instagram, using the hashtag #carnavaldetorrevieja2014.

Vision of colour ARTIST Carlos Vera has opened his new exhibition ‘My Vision of Colour’ in Torrevieja’s Vista Alegre exhibition centre. It is on until February 2. Bounced off A FOUR-YEAR-OLD boy was taken to Murcia’s La Arrixaca hospital in a serious condition after strong winds blew him off a bouncy castle. His friend was also blown off but only suffered from bruising. Going natural NATURAL GAS CEGAS is to invest more than €370,000 in Algorfa to build a 2.5km network to bring natural gas energy source to more than 190 homes and businesses..



ews watch

Toy store raided TWO Toys ‘R’ Us stores were raided by burglars during the Three Kings fiestas. Two men broke into the safe in Sant Joan d’Alacant, but were disturbed by security guards in the Elche store.

Street lighting LOS ALCAZARES has initiated a new contract for street lighting which the council claims will save them €300,000 a year by using energy saving light bulbs.

Ravine cleaned

Youth expo TORREVIEJA’S third ExpoJuventud will take place on March 27 - 28 at the International Music Auditorium. Rugby training MEMBERS of the Oxford University rugby team have visited Torrevieja’s Sports City for training sessions with trainer Richard Draper.


ORIHUELA’S La Aparecida ravine has been cleaned by a team formed by the hiring of those registered as unemployed.

Money saving TOLEDO: The painter lived in the city until his death.

ORIHUELA is planning to save up to €300,000 a year on electricity bills in public buildings after hiring a company dedicated to the energy certification of buildings in accordance with regulations and the aid of European funding.

It’s the year of El Greco


N Saturday, the simultaneous chiming of 25 church bells in Toledo will announce the start of the Greco 2014 year. The year will include a set of unique events to commemorate 400 years since the death of the famous painter from Crete, who lived in Toledo prior to his death on April 7, 1614, and left the city a legacy of paintings which has inspired artists ever since. One hundred people will coordinate the bells of the 25 churches in a unique symphony directed by Valencian musician Llorenc Barber, the President of the El Greco 2014 Board, Gregorio Marañon, announced. It has taken three years and €15 million to organise the activities and exhibitions organised in Toledo, Madrid and Valladolid focusing on the

Quote of the Week I don’t know of any law that hasn’t been modified during parliamentary procedures, otherwise it would be a decree,’ Minister of Justice, Alberto Ruiz-Gallardon, regarding the draft abortion law, which he said would have some “improvements.”

artist, which hope to attract approximately one million visitors. They include two exhibitions in the city, the first starting on March 14 with 80 works of art from the world’s main collections, and the second on September 8, which will focus on how the artist worked. There will be another exhibition at the National Sculpture Museum in Valladolid from June 5, and from June 24, at the Prado Museum, Madrid, an exhibition will focus on the influence El Greco had on modern painting. The presentation of the complete programme of activities was held at the Prado Museum. For more information, visit

Number of the week


per cent of internet users in Spain are on Facebook, according to yearly data released by the social networking site, which claims to have 1.19 billion users worldwide. Facebook has 12 million daily users in Spain and 18 million monthly users.

Child abuse A COUPLE are being questioned over alleged mistreatment of their baby. The seven-month old infant was taken to La Arrixaca hospital in Murcia where the doctor raised the alarm.

Reading award THE public library of San Javier has received the Award for Reading, granted by the Ministry of Culture, the library’s values and campaigns to promote reading.

And finally... A BARCELONA company director has been sentenced to three-and-a-half-years in prison for accessing the e-mails of two employees and telling his superiors that they were homosexuals. He told his superiors that the men were “infirm.”


E W N 16 - 22 January 2014 / Costa Blanca South


Cartagena house fire FIREFIGHTERS attended a fire at a property in Avenida Nueva Cartagena, Cartagena. The fire is believed to have started in a clothes dryer. There was no one in the house at the time.

Murcia RTA TWO people were injured in a traffic accident on the A-30 in Murcia, close to the Makro shopping centre. The two were taken to hospital suffering from whiplash and facial injuries.

Fewer deaths THERE were only three deaths from traffic accidents in Alicante in 2013, five fewer than in 2012.


Drink driver in accident A DRINK-DRIVING campaign carried out at the start of the year by police in Murcia, saw 3,305 breath tests carried out. Of these, 73 (2.26 per cent) were positive.

One driver was arrested following a traffic accident after driving under the influence of alcohol. The accident happened in Campos del Rio, close to the access roundabout for the

RM-15. The driver and sole occupant of the car were unhurt but the driver was six times over the legal limit for alcohol. The offence of driving under the influence of alcohol at rates

Anger over road closures From Front Page the plans had not come from Orihuela Town Hall but from the ministry, who claim the area is a black spot with 44 accidents in the last two years. With residents, lawyers and administrators present, they refuted this figure and called for more evidence to back it up and for a more detailed report. The councillor denied that the public notice about the plans was posted on Christmas Eve deliberately to limit the time available for residents to lodge their objections. The town hall intends to suggest that the roads be made one way rather than be closed completely.

higher than 0.60 milligrams is punishable with imprisonment of three to six months, a fine, community service of up to 90 days or a driving ban of up to four years.

Doping gang 40 arrested

CONCERN: Residents and businesses meet with councillors to discuss the ministry’s plans. Inset: PLANS: Two roads off La Zenia roundabout may face closure.

FORTY people have been arrested as part of a doping racket across Alicante and Valencia. Those arrested are accused of distributing performance-enhancing drugs in amateur gyms across the provinces. Two operations were carried out by the National Police in collaboration with the Spanish Agency for Health Protection in Sport, and house searches found more than 200,000 doses of performance-enhancing drugs, 1.7 kilos of speed, 600 marihuana plants, two guns and fake cash in a home in Vergel, Alicante, During 2013, the National Police intensified its fight against these substances and carried out over 100 investigations, resulting in the arrest of 178 people.


Security guards attack shoppers THE couple alleging an assault by security guards in Torrevieja have returned to their native France. The two were on holiday in the area

with their two children, aged five and 13, over the Christmas period and were shopping when one of the security alarms was set off as they left the store. Security guards checked their bags and asked them to go to a private room for further searches where nothing was found. They then proceeded to spit on them, restrain them and beat them in He was caught near a front of their two children, property reported anony- with the eldest child mously to police as possibly recording the attack on his mobile phone. having drugs inside.

Marihuana grown on Orihuela Costa LOCAL POLICE in Orihuela arrested two men for having a marihuana plantation in a home on the Orihuela Costa. The two brothers were travelling in a car when they spotted a police control point. Seeing the police, they stopped the car abruptly and one ran off with a bag in his hand. Noticing the smell of marihuana in the car, police made chase in pursuit of the man who had fled.

16 - 22 January 2014 / Costa Blanca South




E W N 16 - 22 January 2014 / Costa Blanca South


No change of government for Orihuela as motion blocked THE motion of censure which would have brought about the departure of the present government in Orihuela and the arrival of a Popular Party Centro Liberal Renovador (CLR) government was not put to the vote at

the special plenary meeting. It was blocked by the co-presidency, comprising the most senior and most junior councillors, who considered that the two CLR councillors, Pedro Mancebo and Juan Ignacio Lopez Bas,

Live war shell found in San Bartoleme home A SHELL from the Spanish Civil War has been found in a private house in the village of San Bartolome. Orihuela’s Local Police were on routine patrol in the area when a neighbour said they had an ‘old bullet’ in their garage and asked what they could do with it. Officers entered the property and found the object, which appeared to be artillery ammunition from around the time of the Civil War. Officers

contacted the Guardia Civil Bomb Disposal Team who verified it was a shell from the 1930s. It was live and capable of causing serious damage. It was wrapped in protective casing and removed from the house. LIVE: Shell from Civil War could have caused a lot of destruction.

whose votes were necessary to provide a majority for the motion, were not authorised to sign because of their expulsion by the Coalition CLR-CLARO on December 26. Like the two councillors, Bob Houliston and Asuncion

Mayoral, expelled from the CLR-CLARO group by Pedro Mancebo in 2011 and 2012 respectively, the two councillors expelled from the Coalition on December 26 no longer belong to the political formation they were elected on, and as such they cannot vote in a motion of censure to bring down the government. The co-presidents of the council meeting, Bob Houliston (C.L.A.R.O.) and Carolina Gracia (Socialist Party) plus the Secretary General justified their decision to block the vote on the motion on strictly legal grounds.

Car fire sparks explosion alert THE quick action of firefighters in Mula, Murcia, prevented a car fire spreading and causing a potential explosion. The Audi 100 was reported as being on fire in the city, but sparked alarm when emergency services arrived to find it parked just metres from Repsol Butano gas bottles.


E W N 16 - 22 January 2014 / Costa Blanca South


410 transplants achieved in 2013 HOSPITALS across the Valencia Region carried out a total of 410 transplants during 2013 - two per cent more than the previous year. Regional Minister of Health, Manuel Llombart, noted that last year the region achieved record figures in kidney transplants, with 237 operations carried out, made possible

by living and deceased donors. Transplant operations have increased in part thanks to the improvement in the maintenance and preservation of organs and donor programmes. There are currently around 500 patients on transplant waiting lists, some 320 of them waiting for a kidney.

Illegal immigrant numbers are down THE number of illegal immigrants entering Murcia last year was the lowest recorded since 2008. A total of 167 immigrants were detained off the coastline in 2013; a

fall of 74.8 per cent compared to 2008 when 663 attempted to enter the province. Just 16 boats were detected last year, a decline of the 77 seen in 2008. The region’s figures

fell thanks in part to the installation of a vigilance system in 2009 which uses a network of radars located along the coast which work alongside customs and Guardia Civil.


Entrepreneur school in Elche enjoys strong year ELCHE’S School of Industrial Organisation (EOI) trained more than 300 people in its first year; exceeding its expectations. Working with European Funds, the school offers courses and training for those looking at setting up their own business, or to enable them to adapt their profession to the current economic situation.

16 - 22 January 2014 / Costa Blanca South

Below average health spend for Murcia people THE equivalent of €1,079.10 per inhabitant will be spent on the Murcia Health Service during 2014.

This is a 3.6 per cent increase on 2013, but is still below the national average for health for the year.

According to the Federation of Associations for the Defence of the Public Health Service (FADSP) Murcia’s figure is the fourth lowest in Spain. The Valencian Community falls behind Murcia (€1,079), with the Balearics and PRUNING of Torrevieja’s palm trees is underway to prevent the Andalucia at the bottom . spread of the red palm weevil, which can prove to be fatal to the The highest amount is to trees. be spent in the Basque Councillor for Parks and Gardens, Carmen Gómez Candel, said Country with a budget of pruning will continue until the end of February according to €1,541.70 per person. guidelines set by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food for FADSP warn the amount the control and eradication of the red palm weevil. of money for the health service is ‘insufficient.’

Palm weevil prevention




Study move THE University of Alicante (UA) has updated its agreement with the Erasmus Charter, allowing students to move and study at other universities across Europe.

Computer lab A COMPUTER lab is to be developed within Rojales’ Municipal library, to promote the use of technology and communication among citizens of all ages.


E W N 16 - 22 January 2014 / Costa Blanca South


Cruising in Alicante ALICANTE’S Port is expecting to receive 18 cruise liners before the end of June, bringing 32,234 tourists; representing 75 per cent of all cruise passengers in 2013.

Italian shows FOOTWEAR companies from Elche and Elda are in Italy presenting their new autumn-winter collections at the Expo Riva Schuh in Riva del Garda.


Uni scholarships accessible THE maximum family income threshold for university scholarships has been

Six houses to be demolished THE process to demolish six illegal houses on Tabarca Island has begun. Workers have visited the properties to try and access the houses but were either refused or the owners were not present. Licences for the houses were initially granted in 1999, but were then annulled at a later date.

increased by 10 per cent. This year the regional government has increased the amount of

state aid given to students to €16.9 million with more than 35,000 students receiving

grants; one in three in the university system. The new income thresholds for a family of one member is €15,839, for two members, €27,073 for three; €36,744; for four, €43,846; for five, €47,778. The regional councillor for Education, Maria Jose Catala stressed the set changes are to “serve a larger number of applicants” and the Government “shows strong support for helping college students, especially those with fewer economic resources” to continue their higher education on an equal basis as other students.

€7.5m for education WORK and improvements totalling nearly €7.5 million were concluded on numerous educational centres across the Murcia Region in the third quarter of 2013. Thirty-three programmes of work were carried out from building new nurseries to better health facilities and electrical installations and the provision of new infrastructure.


Habanera committee THE organising committee for the commemorative 60th anniversary of the Habanera and Polyphony contest in Torrevieja has been appointed.

Flipper comp TORREVIEJA’S Olympic sized swimming pool has hosted the First Federated Control with Swimming Fins event with the participation of over 150 swimmers from four clubs in the province using flippers.

Market dig ARCHAEOLOGISTS are working in Elche’s Plaza de la Fruita ahead of the building of the new Central Market, which is standard procedure in areas with historical background.

16 - 22 January 2014 / Costa Blanca South



More passengers for San Javier THE numbers of passengers travelling through San Javier airport grew by 31.5 per cent last month, the second consecutive month of passenger increases.

Sunshine then fog FOG patches descended last week as Alicante province had a very strange start to the year in terms of it’s weather. There were days comprising temperatures reaching highs of 24 degrees and lows of zero degrees. The unusual weather brought dangerous and spooky fog banks along coastal areas forming scenes more reminiscent to a Charles Dickens London image than the usual Costa Blanca'’s sunny beaches. No incidents or accidents were reported and there were no changes in air traffic at Alicante-Elche airport.

In December, 28,603 passengers used the airport, which confirmed the upward trend that began in November, when it grew by 14.3 per cent.

Alicante-Elche airport also saw a rise last month of 16.5 per cent. A total of 187.3 million passengers passed through airports in the Aena network

from January to December 2013, representing a fall of 3.5 per cent according to 2012 figures released by the airport manager.

Winner announced THE winner of Torrevieja’s Christmas campaign has been announced. The winning ticket, drawn in the town hall, belongs to María Socorro Najar Guirao who wins vouchers totalling almost €7,000 to spend in shops and services in the city. The campaign, organised by the Association of Small and Medium Retailers (APYMECO) along with the city of Torrevieja, through its Department of Commerce saw 35,000 tickets distributed to nearly 70 employers participating in this campaign to ensure local shopping. LUCKY CALL: Mayor Eduardo Dolón calls winner María.

New scanner ELCHE’S new mammogram scanner arrives on Monday and will take around five days to install. Specialist radiographers will work in the public health system in two shifts to begin using the new mammography technology to help in the prevention and early detection of breast cancer. Around 90 mammograms a day can be carried out using the new machine which has been introduced after a fault on the previous one. It’s break down in September has delayed the testing of around 4,000 women.


E W N 16 - 22 January 2014 / Costa Blanca South


Music course for adults A MUSIC course for adults is available in Torrevieja for those who would like to learn to read music and play an instrument. All levels are welcome, with the course costing €40. Call: 606 215 409 or email for information m

Strictly social members THE Strictly Social Club welcomes new members. They meet twice on the second and fourth Wednesday of the month at the New Asturias Restaurant, Punta Prima. Please call Brian on 678 807 159 for more information.

€3 million investment for planetarium SOME €3 million will be invested to renew the projection hall at Madrid Planetarium. This is thanks to an agreement reached with bank La Caixa’s social branch, by Madrid Mayor, Ana Botella.

The aim of the agreement is for both La Caixa and the city hall to collaborate in divulging knowledge and promoting scientific vocation. The activities on offer at the planetarium, opened in 1986,

will be increased, and there will be more conferences, public astronomy events, exhibitions and workshops. The centre receives approximately 150,000 visitors per year.

West Side in Torrevieja FOOTLIGHTS Youth Theatre Group is bringing its production of West Side Story to Torrevieja

on Saturday February 22 at the Teatro Municipal. Inspired by Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet,

it tells the story of New York rival street gangs the Jets and the Sharks. This is the second time

New €10 notes this year NEW €10 notes will come into circulation on September 23. The new notes will be harder to forge and last longer, according to Yves Mersch, a member of the European Central Bank’s Executive Committee. New €5 notes came into circulation in May 2013, more than 10 years after the euro was first introduced. The European Central Bank has said that all notes will be changed in ascending order.

The new notes have a hologram and a watermark with the image of Europa, a character from Greek mythology, and they have a protective coat which will make them stronger, so that they have to be replaced less frequently, which will reduce costs and the impact on the environment. They will have a number, the colour of which changes from emerald green to dark blue as the note is turned.

Torrevieja Costa Lions Club has been associated with the Footlights Youth Theatre Group. Last year the theatre sold out in advance, for their performance of Cats the Musical. All profits from this performance will be donated by the Lions to Reach Out in Torrevieja; a charity which provides for needy and homeless people of Torrevieja. Tickets are now on sale at €12 and are expected to sell out quickly for the one night only show. Purchase from theatre box office from 6-8pm Tuesday to Friday or via


Singers wanted to join choir CANTABILE female voice choir is looking for new members. The choir is a sociable group of around 24 ladies who take their music seriously and rehearse every Friday from 3-5pm at La Siesta Church with Musical Director, Jennifer Morton. Their repertoire varies from religious and classical to traditional, folk and popular songs and Jennifer produces training CDs to help the ladies learn the music. They perform at least two major concerts each year and help raise money for various local charities. For more information call Jennifer on 966 796 866 or email or feel free to pop along to rehearsals.


Export of melons increased MURCIA’S melons proved popular overseas. The Region produced 223,668 tonnes of the fruit in 2013 and exported 87 per cent of that total. The value of these exports exceeded €133 million last year. In the last 10 years the Spanish melon exports increased by 19 per cent, while Murcia’s were up 58 per cent. Murcia’s melons were sold in 2013 in 16 countries of the European Union with France, Germany, UK and the Netherlands, receiving 84 per cent of exports.

16 - 22 January 2014 / Costa Blanca South

Stagestruck’s next show auditioning FOLLOWING on from Stagestruck’s recent success with the pantomime Jack and the Beanstalk, the theatre group proudly announce their next production will be Ancient Grease. Many people have seen the show before and have asked to see it again so it is back by popular demand and for new audiences if you loved Grease, Stagestruck say you will “absolutely love Ancient Grease.” The company would like to extend a warm welcome to anyone who would like to join the cast. They have parts for all ages and auditions will be held on Tuesday at 11am and next Thursday at 6.30pm.

STAGESTRUCK: Join the fun with their next show. For more information on the show or the auditions call Stella on 965 076 700.

Valentine’s Day with a difference STUCK for something to impress the one you love on Valentine’s Day? Look no further, Vivaquartet is offering you the chance to serenade your loved one with a

romantic song and they can even deliver a red rose, chocolates and a card. If you live within a 30 km radius of Los Alcázares and you would like to mark Valentine’s Day

with something different, just get in touch and they will do the rest. Prices start at €25. Call 607 550 717 or email




E W N 16 - 22 January 2014 / Costa Blanca South


Local bars do it for MABS support group!

MABS Cancer Support Group, which relies entirely on donations, has praised local communities for their continued support during 2013, including three local bars that have been raising funds throughout the year: The Arches, Los Alcazares, Time Out Sports Bar in San Javier, and Diamantes Restaurant at El Mojon. Two MABS volunteers, Val and Malcolm Vickery, run a book stall at The Arches every Saturday Karla Fuller, owner of Diamantes presenting Janet Bell with a cheque. morning and have built up a regular following of customers. Certificate of With books selling for Appreciation, and only one euro each, thanked Ali for the total raised allowing MABS to MABS for the year use her was an premises and helps incredible for raising so anyone 7,068 euros. much money. Wendy Grant, At Time Out affected Fundraising Sports Bar in by cancer San Co-Ordinator for Javier, MABS, presented Ali owners Gary and Chaplin, owner of The Sue Greenaway have Arches, with a held raffles at some of their event evenings, and Race Afternoons as well as having a book stall, and raised 1,002 euros in 2013. Janet Bell, Area Co-Ordinator THE Campoverde for MABS, presented Theatre Group will Sue and Gary with a stage its annual Certificate of Appre- Janet Bell, Area Co-Ordinator presenting Sue and Gary Greenaway, Time Out Sports Bar with their pantomime at the Casa ciation. de Cultura, San Miguel The Ladies Lunch Club Certificate. de Salinas, on Friday 7, at Diamantes Restaurant Saturday 8, and raised 1,382 euros for have been helped by selling, driving patients Sunday 9 February. MABS during the year. them, so I am delighted to hospital, translating, This year’s production Diamantes owner, Karla we have been able to and caring. will be The Adventures Fuller, presented Janet help, and will continue There is a 24 hr of Robinson Crusoe. Bell, Area Co-Ordinator, doing so this year.” helpline available. For information call MABS, with a cheque, MABS Cancer Support and said; “MABS is such Group helps anyone 693 275 779. For a worthwhile charity and affected by cancer, and events information, we have customers who can help with coun- call 634 362 826.

Robinson Crusoe

Smile charity fundraiser SMILE Charity Group is to hold a charity fundraising Rock ‘n’ Roll event on Wednesday, January 22, 2014 at the ‘Restaurante El Alto de Dolores,’ featuring ‘Woody & the Peckers.’

The Group’s Norman Love said previous such events have been sold out, and have raised considerable sums for charity. He hopes everyone will give their support this time round.



Cartagena tours ENGLISH tours around Cartagena take place the next three Saturdays from 11am. Booking for the three-hour tours are required; call 650 017 327.

Help needed K9 animal charity is looking for new volunteers and people willing to adopt or foster the growing number of dogs and cats in their care. Call 600 84 54 20 or visit



DEBRA Spain; 20 years of caring TWENTY-FIVE years ago, Iñigo and Nieves had a baby boy born with Epidermolisis Bullosa (EB), known as ‘butterfly skin’ as it was as fragile as a butterfly’s wing. In intensive care for five months, his parents travelled to the UK where they met the President of DEBRA UK, a specialist charity for ‘Butterfly Children’ who provided

them with information and support. After five years of struggling they created DEBRA Spain, to support other families in their situation. Now, having celebrated the charity’s 20th anniversary last year, when a ‘butterfly baby’ is born, a team of two nurses, a psychologist and a social worker from DEBRA Spain, travels to

the hospital wherever the baby is in Spain to provide information and assistance both to the family and the medical team. From that moment onwards, the Butterfly Children Charity is always there by their side providing social and medical care, information and emotional support. Key to DEBRA Spain’s development has been

Charity goes down under

Free walk ON Saturday San Pedro del Pinatar is hosting a free, family-friendly walk around the Regional Park, starting at 11am in the Visitors Centre. Participation is free.

16 - 22 January 2014 / Costa Blanca South

THE BEGINNING: Sue Weeding with Lucero, first horse rescued.

THE Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre in Rojales has gone global; their story has recently been featured in Australian newspaper The Brisbane Courier. The charity was wondering why they had started receiving donations and requests for Faith’s Diary and their DVD ‘The Story So Far’ from the other side of the world when they discovered a piece had been written by the charity’s supporter, Australian Koren Helbig. or 965 967 033.

charity shops like the ones in Pueblo Bravo and La Marina. They have contributed and helped programmes and services available for Butterfly

Children and their families in Spain, such as the Respite Home in Marbella, National Family Meeting and the Outreach project. Visit


E W N 16 - 22 January 2014 / Costa Blanca South


Appreciation certificate TIME OUT Sports Bar in San Javier last year raised €1,002 through events for MABS Mar Menor cancer support group and were presented with a Certificate of Appreciation by the charity.

Busy bookstall A BOOKSTALL run by two MABS Mar Menor volunteers raised over €7,000 last year for the cancer charity by selling books every Saturday for just €1 at The Arches, Los Alcazares.

Fiesta fun FIFTY beneficiaries attended a party at the Age Concern Centre, La Siesta, for the Three Kings fiesta. Entertainment was by Jan Davidson.

All hail Snow White Review by Jiminy Cricket THE Rojales Panto Group performed Snow White to a packed house at the School of Music in Los Montesinos. The group had just days to rehearse hastilyrevised parts and lines after the tragic loss of one of the leading ladies, but in true showbiz spirit, they carried on and dedicated Snow White to their friend and fellow performer. Chamberlain Potts (Thelma Judson) opened the show, reminding us all how evil and bossy the wicked queen was. This was certainly the case, as the evil queen (Michelle Martin) stepped out onto the stage and in true panto style, was greeted with many hisses and boos.

CURTAIN CALL: Snow White and her prince with some of the dwarfs. The slave in the mirror (Christine Smith) spoke in a cleverly written rhyme and also had to quickly step into the part of Ingles, one of the idiotic tailors, and did a very admirable job of it, considering the tragic circumstances. The other tailor, Cortes (Pam Derbyshire) played her part with

much enthusiasm, and together they made a very credible comedy duo. Dame Nanny Mary McPhee (Barry Cox) really camped it up whilst India Martin and Tina Sinclair played Snow White and her prince, Plain Rupert, with the seven dwarfs played by students from

Footwork Dance. All this came together with cleverly written songs performed by an enthusiastic chorus. The show wasn’t without its faults; there were a few technical hitches and lines missed but the group ad-libbed their way out of it and the audience went away thoroughly entertained.


Lunch ladies do it for MABS A LADIES lunch club, hosted by Diamantes Restaurant in El Mojon, has been raising money for the cancer support charity MABS Mar Menor. In 2013, the group’s monthly raffles raised a total of €1,382. Karla Fuller, owner of Diamantes Restaurant, presented the cheque to Janet Bell, Area Co-ordinator for MABS, saying: “MABS is such a worthwhile charity and we have customers who have been helped by them so I am delighted we have been able to help, and will continue doing so this year.”


16 - 22 January 2014 / Costa Blanca South

Police charge 408 people in bogus work contract enquiry GUARDIA CIVIL have dismantled a criminal organisation which offered false work contracts in exchange for money.

Throughout Spain, 408 people have been charged and 14 arrested in the operation which was carried out in almost 30

cities, including Malaga, Algeciras, Granada, Valencia, Alicante, Murcia, Castellon, and the island of Mallorca.

RECORD YEAR: Granada’s Alhambra Place.

The Alhambra’s best year THE Alhambra Palace in Granada received 2.3 million visitors in 2013, its best year ever. This was 2.42 per cent more visitors than in 2012, helping the Arab fortress and palace complex retain its position as Spain’s most visited monument, and the main tourist attraction in Andalucia. Takings amounted to €27 million, thanks to an average of

1,325 per day to the Alhambra. The results for 2013 were presented by the Director General of the Alhambra and Generalife Board, Maria del Mar Villafranca, having been collected by their Sustainability Laboratory. Taking into account the visitors who accessed the Alhambra not to see the monument, but to attend one of

the cultural events held there, the numbers rise to 3,244,847 people. Sixty-one per cent of individual visitors were Spanish, aged between 26 and 50, with university studies and a professional job. Meanwhile the average visitor with a tour was from the EU (31 per cent), over 50, with higher education and retired.

Those charged include people who paid for the contracts, knowing they were false, in order to obtain unemployment benefits, residency permits and less strict prison regimes. Guardia Civil, Social Security, work inspectors and the tax agency collaborated in the operation. The gang’s leader was based in Jerez de la Frontera and created phantom companies, most of which had drug addicts with extensive criminal records named as sole administrators. They were given money in exchange for allowing their name to be put on official documents. Some members of staff at the Social Security Treasury were involved in the fraud. The 10 companies had numerous employees on their payroll but did not pay taxes, Social Security or other fees, which led to the supposition that they had no activity or income, suggesting they were created solely to register false employees. The network, and especially the leader, obtained large quantities of money paid by the ‘workers’ which was supposedly to cover Social Security, taxes, etc. This cost the administration €2.6 million.



New focus in Marta murder POLICE are checking the location of mobile phones belonging to Miguel Carcaño, the confessed killer of Sevilla teenager, Marta del Castillo. The aim is to establish whether there is any link to the Finca Majaloba, in La Rinconada, Sevilla, where in his last confession, the seventh to date, he claimed she was buried. Marta, 17, went missing on January 24, 2009. A search of the property with ground-penetrating radar last summer showed that trenches had been dug in the area. Once the corn had been harvested a more in-depth search was undertaken, but any signs of recent digging coincided with the laying of a pipeline. He had previously given several different versions about where the body was dumped including the Guadalquivir River, a rubbish dump, and two locations on the outskirts of Sevilla. Police have asked for information from the Guadalquivir Water Department about channels in the area.


E W N 16 - 22 January 2014 / Costa Blanca South


Stories making headlines in Europe

BRITISH PRESS Priest unaware NORWAY - A German priest on trial in Norway for having sex with a 15-year-old girl claimed he did not know the country’s legal age of consent was higher than Germany’s.

Anthem boob SWEDEN - A review show accidentally used a rendition of the national anthem performed by a Swedish Nazi group to accompany images of US president Barack Obama.

Devil centre DENMARK Copenhagen Zoo hopes to become a centre of excellence in Tasmanian Devil handling with a school where staff from other European zoos can receive training.

Frozen solid NORWAY - An elk was found frozen solid in a lake near Bodo in northern Norway, after the ice apparently cracked beneath it as it was trying to cross.

Super hair

Cautious grocer

A CIRCUS star with ‘superhuman hair’ used her famed locks to pull a four-tonne car in Eastbourne, East Sussex, using a hook woven into her hair.

BRITISH grocer J Sainsbury reported its ‘best Christmas ever’ but warned that consumers were likely to spend less in the early part of 2014.

Running red

Avoiding jail

THE mystery of a stream in Northamptonshire that turned blood red was solved after the Environment Agency found an ink spillage.

GOVERNMENT figures for 2012, revealed by a parliamentary question, show that 53 per cent of paedophiles who abused children younger than 13 were not jailed.

Zombie emergency AN emergency call about a bloody axe attack sent North Yorkshire police to the scene only to discover it was a group of young film-makers shooting a zombie movie.

Fairytale wedding SHREK: A charitable way to get married.

RUSSIAN PRESS Friendly match

Liquids banned

RUSSIAN President Vladimir Putin roped in his Belarussian counterpart for a friendly match against former ice hockey champions at the host city of the Winter Olympics, Sochi.

RUSSIA’S state aviation watchdog has banned carry-on liquids for flights at all of the country’s airports ahead of next month’s Winter Olympics.

Mystery gift

Adoption ban

Trawler held

SWEDEN - A charity in southern Sweden is rejoicing at the kindness of a stranger who left a one million kronor gift in a milk jar used to collect donations.

RUSSIA’S highest court has reportedly issued a memo that appears to prohibit all adoptions to countries that recognise same-sex marriage.

THE Russian Foreign ministry demanded explanations from Senegal over the detention of a trawler suspected of illegal fishing, despite inspections failing to find any violations.

Better off DENMARK - Women who have occasional alcoholic drink during pregnancy have children who are better adjusted than offspring of those who abstain, Danish research suggests.

AN 18-year-old trainee lawyer from Siberia has won the title of ‘Miss Longest Legs’ in Russia with her 106cm legs in a national beauty contest.

Beer exports AN independent craft brewery in Perthshire, Scotland, Inveralmond, has signed a major deal to export four of its most popular beers to Russia.

PRESS Smugglers mistake POLICE recovered 140 kilos of cocaine which had been shipped in banana crates by accident to Aldi supermarkets in Germany. Smugglers called it a ‘logistical mistake.’

Doggie diner GERMANY’S first restaurant for dogs and cats opened in Berlin over the festive holidays, drawing criticism that the luxury eatery for furry friends is ‘decadent.’

FORMER German international footballer Thomas Hitzlsperger has revealed he is gay. The 31-yearold told a German newspaper that coming out was a “long and difficult process.”

MARGARET THATCHER’S hairdo took major efforts to perfect, with the late British prime minister having her bouffant reworked every three days on average, records show.

Long legs


Coming out

High maintenance

A COUPLE painted themselves green and dressed as characters from the Shrek film to get married and raise funds for charity in the West Midlands.


Restrictions lifted RUSSIA and Armenia have agreed to remove all airline restrictions on routes between the two countries this year according to Russia’s Federal Air Transport Agency, Rosaviatsia.

SCOTTISH BEER: Exported to Russia.

Dream closer A TEENAGE refugee from Syria is closer to his dream of studying in Germany thanks to an online campaign where donors can pledge money towards his fees to study IT.

War crime GERMAN prosecutors have charged an 88-year-old former soldier over the Nazis’ worst atrocity on French soil, the 1944 massacre in the village of Oradour-sur-Glane.

Still delayed BERLIN’S delayed international airport will not open this year, the city’s mayor said, dispelling hopes the troubled venture could partially begin handling flights in 2014.

Loud UFO AN unidentified flying object which ruined travel plans for passengers at Bremen airport looked like a plane but was much louder, according to witnesses.


Jaywalker fined €200 A WOMAN, 44, was fined €200 for crossing the road in Algeciras, Cadiz, when the traffic lights were against her. According to a report in local Spanish daily, Diario Sur, the university professor and former socialist councillor in Malaga City, was looking for a duty chemist while visiting her inlaws in Algeciras. She was talking to her husband on the phone, as he was giving her instructions on how to find a chemist, but claims she looked both ways, and despite the lights being red, as there were no vehicles in sight, she crossed the road. However, she was spotted by a Local Police officer who fined her on the spot. The fine was as much as if she had been driving while talking on the phone, failing to observe a stop sign, or not wearing a helmet on a motorbike. She does not plan to appeal the fine, but says she considers it excessive.

16 - 22 January 2014 / Costa Blanca South



Interior Ministry compromises anti-terrorist operation THE Interior Ministry’s Head of Communications, Albert Gimeno, has resigned after releasing information which compromised an operation against ETA’s prisoners’ front. His resignation was accepted after his press office gave details of a Guardia Civil

operation against the prisoners’ front, the only remaining operative arm of the terrorist organisation ETA, before it had occurred. It sent a press release to the media advising that several people, including lawyers, had been arrested in the Basque

Country and Navarra, although the number of people and their names were not revealed. It was also published on Twitter. Twenty-five minutes later, after realising the mistake, another press release was sent to rectify the situation, and it was removed from Twitter. The officers involved in the operation complained that it affected the result because the detainees had time to destroy or trial was held and hide evidence. Eight people were disappeared before being sentenced. He arrested, and although a may be accompanied by meeting which was being his wife and three-year- held is believed to have old son and carrying been broken up, no-one was able to flee because forged documents. He has dark, balding they were already under hair, which he may have surveillance. Police unions have shaved, a round face and scars above his left demanded an explanation and complained that the eyebrow. Any information can Interior Ministry was interested in be sent to more or ‘political victory’ than in giving proper information. call 915 822 516.

Help police to find killer NATIONAL POLICE have asked for assistance in locating a man, 24, sentenced to 29 years in prison for murder. In 2010, Jose Manuel Garcia Barata killed a taxi driver in Salamanca when he shot the passenger he was carrying in a settling of scores related to drug trafficking. He fired five shots, one of which hit the driver. He was free while the

ON THE RUN: Jose Manuel Garcia Barata.





C/ San Luis 61 · 03181 Torrevieja · Tel. 96 679 98 15 · Móv. 687 23 45 02·


E W N 16 - 22 January 2014 / Costa Blanca South


Pervert apprehended A MAN has been sentenced to two years in prison for sexually molesting a sleeping woman in S’Arenal. In addition, he was given a €3,000 fine payable to the victim for personal damages.

News from our editions With six editions and read by more than half a million people, EWN is Spain’s largest free local English-language newspaper

Multiple busts A MAN, aged 43, was arrested for robbing the same Palma house in Son Rapinya four different times. When the owner finally discovered him and called the police, they apprehended the man, who confessed to the thefts.

Laptops raided IN a night raid, 18 laptops were stolen from the Secondary Education Institute (IES) in Sineu. With no signs of forced entry, Guardia Civil officers suspect the culprits of having inside knowledge of the unit’s security equipment.


Tourist promotion LOCAL business-owners are promoting the Axarquia as a tourist destination at the Vakantiebeurs Tourism and Trade Fair, which is being held in Utrecht (Holland) until Sunday.

Buy local THE Salobreña Trade Department and the local business-owners association (ACESA) have launched a campaign to encourage people to buy from local shops during the sales period.

Roadworks VELEZ-MALAGA COUNCIL is to spend €1.6 million to widen the Camino de Torrox road, which links the town’s centre with La Caleta de Velez area.

Flight saved AIR EUROPA has stepped in to take over the threatened Almeria to Sevilla flight route from Air Nostrum. The company began the route yesterday (Wednesday) offering two flights a day from Monday to Friday.

FOUR women hurt in a car crash were taken to Torrecardenas Hospital in Almeria City after two cars collided in the Avenida del Mediterraneo in the early hours of Sunday morning. None of the injuries was life-threatening.

TWO women have been arrested by National Police for two thefts, one in which they stole jewellery from a friend after she dropped it off for cleaning. The victim identified the women, captured on camera, as acquaintances.

AN early morning short circuit on Calle Alfonso el Sabio in Palma started a house fire while the tenant slept. Waking up coughing, he called for help and locked himself in the bedroom until firefighters arrived.


Four in hospital

Acquaintance theft

Fire drama


New guide RECOVERY: Fish stocks along Almeria’s coastline.

Almeria’s fish stocks recover

AFTER five years of decline, the five fish markets of Almeria Province are making a recovery. Almeria, Adra, Garrucha, Carboneras and Roquetas have seen an improvement in value and volume, according to the last computerised catch report for the year 2012. The 263 fishing boats in Almeria Province landed 10,908 tonnes of fish and seafood compared to 7,689 tonnes in the previous year, representing a 40 per cent increase. The five ports have a list of 390 buyers for fresh fish by auction method, with 961 fishermen and other workers linked to the fishing trade, according to figures. The port with the highest income per boat was the capital with €88,000 followed by Garrucha, €52,000, Adra €51,000, Carboneras €17,000, and Roquetas €9,000.

Forgotten town NERJA COUNCIL is to ask the regional government to withdraw from circulation a cultural leaflet from which the town has been omitted.

Pooches adopted SIXTY-FIVE dogs were adopted in Motril during an adoption campaign launched in the town at Christmas.


Rustlers caught GUARDIA CIVIL arrested three people for allegedly stealing pigs from a farm in Farajan, near Ronda. A pig was found dead in their car.

Hiking problems TWO families with children who got

lost in the mountains of Alhaurin de la Torre while hiking had to be rescued by Guardia Civil.

Briton detained A BRITISH resident of Coin was arrested after allegedly perpetrating an armed robbery at a tobacconist’s in Alhaurin el Grande and stealing €600.

THE new tourist guide for the first quarter of 2014 is available for tourists visiting Almeria City. The tourism office is situated in Plaza Vieja and the guide details all activities until March 30.

Donor tribute OFFICIALS in Garrucha have unveiled a monument in the town as a tribute to all the people who give blood in the town.

Fruity facts BETWEEN January and October 2013, 61 companies operating in the citrus fruit industry in Almeria Province exported almost 3.8 million kilos of oranges, mandarins and lemons.


Mast crash A LIGHT aircraft that crashed in Castalla last March was trying to avoid a 43.5metre communications mast, an official enquiry found. All three occupants were killed in the accident.

Minor scare FIREMEN were called to Kappa cardboard factory in after a forklift caught fire building. The blaze was before it could spread.

the Smurfit San Vicente outside the smothered

Bar burglaries

Census shrinks

A MAN has been sentenced to two years and eight months in prison for breaking into several bars in Fuengirola on the same day in 2008, to steal cash, alcohol and other items.

THE birth-rate plummeted in Alcoy with 559 deaths but only 428 births last year. The inland industrial town’s population of 60,125 is the lowest since 1996.

Royal threat THE Saudi Arabian Royal Family had threatened to stop coming to Marbella if plans for skyscrapers, now scrapped, went ahead.

Favours asked DESPITE changes in the Coastal Law, Villajoyosa and Denia still have buildings close to the shoreline at risk of demolition. They have now applied to the national government for exemption.


16 - 22 January 2014 / Costa Blanca South


business & legal

Railways have a record year RAILWAYS OPERATOR Renfe has just finished a record year, principally due to the AVE. Spain’s 1,900 kilometres of high speed track is the most extensive in Europe. In 2013, 25 million passengers used the AVE and long distance trains, a rise of 13.38 per cent, the highest number ever recorded. The European Commission is

not entirely impressed with the AVE’s nationwide performance, nonetheless. The number of passengers using some AVE stations is “really unsatisfactory” said commissioner for Transport, Siim Kallas when pressed by MEP Ramon Tremosa, of the Catalan nationalist party CiU. Money was squandered on constructing some AVE stations, Tremosa argued.

Foreign money is flooding in FOREIGN investment in Spain’s sovereign debt grew by almost €21 billion in November. Holdings rose to €273.172 billion, the highest figure since 2011 according to Spain’s Treasury. Forty per cent of Spanish bonds and bills are now in foreign hands, an increase of 3 percentage points on October and a return to the investment levels of mid-2012. The improvement was prompted by liquidity provided by the principal central banks, complemented by demand for a high-yield debt offering. This has worked in the favour of eurozone economies like Spain’s,

analysts explained. Increased confidence notwithstanding, the foreign holding of roughly 40 per cent in Spain’s sovereign debt falls short of the 54.8 per cent recorded in 2010. In that year, Spanish banks held just 12 per cent of the debt, but the flow of cheap credit from the European Central Bank has turned the banking sector into one of the Treasury’s best clients. By the first quarter of 2013, banks held 33.8 per cent of all the debt in circulation, the largest amount since the Treasury began to publish their results in 1995.


usiness extra

Down to earth IBERIA had 16 per cent fewer passengers in 2013, but reported improved second and third quarter results. IAG, created through BA’s 2011 merger with Iberia, attracted 23 per cent more passengers last year.

Gas deficit SPAIN’S gas sector expects to earn €2.983 billion this year but this will cover only 88 per cent of its €3.796 billion outgoings, producing an €813 million shortfall.

Online compulsive buyers BETWEEN 6 and 7 per cent of Spaniards are compulsive buyers. Specialists at the Hospital Universitario in Bellvitge (Barcelona) found that males and females are equally affected by the disorder, aggravated by the ease of buying over the internet. A typical patient is around 40-years-old and has been in the grip of the

syndrome for six years. On average, he or she has debts of more than €25,000. ‘The influence of publicity and materialism viewed as an indicator of social success’ are partly responsible, maintained Dr. Susana Jimenez. Patients often regarded their purchases as providing a sense of identity, she added.


STAT OF WEEK WIND farms generated 21.1 per cent of the country’s electricity last year, compared with 21 per cent produced by nuclear power stations. Greenhouse gas emissions fell by 23 per cent.


On the fast track


SPEED: AVE trains lead the way.


E W N 16 - 22 January 2014 / Costa Blanca South


currencies direct


C O M PA N Y Aberdeen Asset Ma PLC Admiral Group PLC Aggreko PLC AMEC PLC Anglo American PLC Antofagasta PLC ARM Holdings PLC Ashtead Group PLC Associated B F PLC AstraZeneca PLC Aviva PLC Babcock Inte Group... BAE Systems PLC Barclays PLC BG Group PLC BHP Billiton PLC BP PLC British Amer T PLC British Land Co PLC

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C H A N G E ( P ) % C H G. 9.80 2.15 -4.56 -0.34 15.63 0.91 18.72 1.73 10.50 0.84 6.00 0.77 11.50 1.18 -1.50 -0.18 -6.00 -0.23 -11.16 -0.31 6.64 1.41 -1.00 -0.07 -1.50 -0.35 6.29 2.22 -1.02 -0.08 2.50 0.14 -3.15 -0.63 -16.50 -0.53 4.50 0.70

NET VOLUME 1,094.24 73.76 29.29 648.02 297.40 216.90 352.30 111.56 47.42 256.76 1,549.43 30.69 453.46 12,657.79 178.27 821.29 2,639.65 351.88 219.92



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C H A N G E ( P ) % C H G.





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VOLUME 4.43 182.37 109.94 453.39 145.83 310.32 122.43 721.32 826.62 482.22 2,402.79 175.56 95.24 3,492.91 108.33 174.29 118.67 1,066.52 20.04 1,923.79 29.21 372.49 47.86 833.73 29,622.09 32.88 1,041.17 25.09 91.33 55.22 219.91 19.09 497.95 107.87 140.18 136.49 237.76 48.14 65.90 179.10 70.69 39.14 688.82 239.22 1,416.88 626.98 286.19 2,381.27 101.73 50.76 1,574.90 18.54 90.95 75.16 82.88 28.32 84.97 415.88 872.68 404.66 208.44 3,449.05 20.24 216.91 840.45 427.70 95.03 9,148.73 68.25 62.76 608.26 9,533.60 20.28 168.48


16 - 22 January 2014 / Costa Blanca South



Helping develop energy solutions JAPANESE electronics giant Toshiba is joining forces with Spanish power provider Fenosa to test its latest battery power storage systems to even out electricity supply. With 21.1 per cent of Spain’s electricity now supplied by wind turbines, and with solar power and other sources making the renewable electricity production capacity in Spain 49.1 per cent of the total, the big problem is what to do when the wind is not blowing or the sun not shining. Traditionally that meant coal or oil burning power stations had to be kept on standby to produce electricity when the wind dropped or at peak times. Energy storage systems have been developed, but at varying degrees of efficiency and expense. Toshiba hopes that its latest generation transportable lithium-ion Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) will help provide an efficient, reliable and stable power distribution network. The programme was launched in

December 2013 and will run for five years. It is supported by Japan’s New Energy and Industrial Technology Development organisation (NEDO), under its programme for ‘Development of Large Scale Energy Storage System with High Safety and Cost Competitiveness.’ The demonstration will initially be located at the Alcala de Henares distribution substation in the suburbs of Madrid, but it

WIND TURBINES: Now supply 21.1 per cent of Spain’s electricity. is planned to carry out demonstrations at several sites to fully assess various case studies. The scope of the testing programme will include the evaluation of the BESS’s

When the wind blows SPAIN saves money on windy days, according to the Wind Business Association. The sector reports that 2013 was, in general, a good year for generating energy thanks to the wind, with a production of 49.5 TWh in the first 11 months, 16.1 per cent more than the same period in 2012. However, the anticyclone which passed through Spain in December led to a fall in production and a rise in prices on the electric market. That month, 15.4 per cent of energy needs were covered by wind production, and the average market price was €80/MWh. The windiest month was November, when 6,471GWh were produced and the least windy month was July, covering 13.4 per cent of demand.

effectiveness in managing the electric supply at specific sites with seasonal or temporary high electricity demand. Fenosa manages electrical power supply with seasonal and occasional electrical demand fluctuation. In addition, the rapid increase of renewable energy and distributed generation will demand more flexibility in the electric system. For those applications, storage technologies are the promising solution that can be integrated in the different electrical systems. Through the demonstration programme, Fenosa and Toshiba aim to demonstrate the BESS solutions that will contribute to the establishment of highly reliable metropolitan distribution networks that can ensure stable electric power supply for those with large amounts of renewable energy sources .

Confidence rising amongst consumers SPAIN is leading the way as consumer and industry confidence continues to grow about the future. In December the Economic Sentiment


Hema arriving NETHERLANDS chain Hema will open shops in Spain and the UK during the first six months of this year. It has not revealed were the Spanish stores will be located.

Still buying MEXICO’S Sigma Alimentos owns 45 per cent of Spain’s Campofrio following its Shuanghui International deal. It has acquired 547,391 more shares since the December transaction and will continue buying, a spokesman said.

Indicator (ESI) increased by 1.6 points in the euro area (to 100.0) and 1.4 points in the EU (to 103.5). Sentiment in the euro area is thus back to its long-term average for the first time since July 2011. In the EU, the average had already been passed in September. In the euro area, the marked improvement resulted from rising confidence among consumers, as well as managers in services, retail trade, construction and, to a lesser extent, industry. Economic sentiment improved in three of the five largest economies, namely Spain (+4.0), Italy (+2.3) and the Netherlands (+1.5), while remaining virtually unchanged in Germany and France (both +0.3). Industry confidence increased moderately (+0.5), driven by more positive assessments of the current level of overall order books and the stocks of finished products, which were

somewhat counterbalanced by deteriorating production expectations. Of the survey questions not included in the confidence indicator, managers’ assessment of the current level of export order books remained unchanged, while it worsened in the case of past production. Services confidence rose (+1.1) as a result of significantly improved assessments of the past business situation and past demand, which contrasted with slightly deteriorating demand expectations. Consumer confidence picked up (+1.8), thanks to more optimistic views of households on the future general economic situation, their unemployment expectations and, to a lesser extent, their savings over the next 12 months. Consumers’ opinions about the future financial

EU: On a sector basis, industry confidence remained unchanged. situation of their households remained broadly unchanged. Retail trade confidence increased substantially (+2.7), driven by managers’ surging optimism about the future business situation and, to a lesser extent, improving appraisals of the present business situation and the volume of stocks. Also sentiment in construction improved significantly (+3.6), fuelled

by managers’ improved appraisal of order books and less pessimistic employment expectations. Financial services confidence (not included in the ESI) increased by 2.0 points, driven by an improved assessment of past demand, which more than outweighed managers’ grimmer views on the past business situation and demand expectations. In the wider EU, the improvement in sentiment was only slightly less pronounced than in the euro area (+1.4). On a sector basis, developments in the EU deviated from the euro area in so far as industry confidence remained unchanged and the surge in sentiment was higher in retail trade, while lower in construction. On a country basis, the main reason for the slightly weaker improvement in sentiment was a virtually unchanged confidence level in the largest non-euro area EU economy, the UK (-0.1).

Social policy dirty money MALLORCA Local Government has decided that the money recovered in corruption cases should be destined for social policies. The motion was presented by the socialist party, and proposed that any money recovered thanks to sentences in corruption cases should be used to promote social policies which improve the resources and quality of life of the neediest members of the society. The conservative Partido Popular agreed to the proposal, which they say is in line with their plans to “help the island’s neediest citizens.” It is estimated that the Mallorca Council could receive some €15 million in the coming months from such cases.


E W N 16 - 22 January 2014 / Costa Blanca South


Modern technology isn’t always that supportive WHEN was the last time you looked somebody in the eyes? If today’s modern technology has anything to do with it, it’s probably been a while. At the train station recently a gang of us sat waiting for our carriage to arrive. For 20 minutes there was complete ‘human’ silence in the station (the station’s TV was blaring of course!) as each and every passenger gave themselves a sore neck endlessly glaring down at their smartphone. Have you also noticed how any spontaneous doubt within a conversation is immediately shut down with the words “let’s Google it and see”? Even little children no longer seem to be interested in toys, but rather their

Loose change A look at finance for females

Jane Plunkett

HUMAN SILENCE: Everyone prefers to use their smartphone. parent’s mobile phones. Technology is a good thing; but like everything else in the world it’s best enjoyed in moderation. The amount of money spent these days on gadgets is incredible and a lot of the time the gadgets we flock to buy are completely unnecessary. For example, Microsoft has launched a ‘smart bra’

to try and stop women eating too much. That’s right - rather than just making a stern conscien-

tious effort to go on a diet and stick to it, apparently nowadays it is necessary to splash out on high-tech

bras to achieve a slimmer figure. The new fancy bra is embedded with physiological sensors that monitor a woman’s heart activity to measure stress levels and combat emotional eating. The sensors can send an alert to the wearer’s smartphone, which then flashes a warning to help the wearer step away from the fridge and make better diet decisions. It does seem a little farfetched in order to resist the cookie jar a woman needs to be equipped with a high-tech bra that can talk to the smartphone in her pocket. It seems a lot to invest in, surely plainand-simple will power can achieve the same results without fleecing your savings account!


Not paying THE Panama Canal rejected a proposal that it pay $1 billion to continue work on expanding the waterway, and warned the building consortium behind the project, led by Spanish builder Sacyr, it could bring in others to finish the job.

Cafe closure CAFES and restaurants at the Ifema fairground in Madrid may remain closed from January 22 to 24, while Spain’s most important tourism fair, FITUR, is being held, if a strike by union Comisiones Obreras goes ahead.

€8m coins TWO of the USA’s rarest coins, a 1787 gold doubloon and a 1913 five cent piece sold for almost €8 million during an auction in Orlando, Florida. The doubloon was first minted in the US.

Bank account emptied for tax Q. I was very upset to discover that my bank account was empty. The bank told You and the me that the account was embargoed and I had no previous warning. The Law in Spain Traffic Department had placed the By David Searl embargo for unpaid vehicle tax on a car which I had sold several years before to a local mechanic. He had promised to handle the paperwork but he had not done it. The Town Hall kept issuing the tax bills to the name of the registered owner, which continued to be me. Since I did not have a standing payment order at the bank, I had received no notification. At the Malaga traffic department, several people were not very helpful. Finally a friend told me that there is indeed a form to de-register the car without any papers. The next time I went to Trafico, I simply asked the guard where I should go. He pointed to a window with only two people in line. They gave me the form, a sort of sworn declaration. I filled it in, presented it, and they said that was all that needed to be done. Is this true? G G (Costa del Sol) A. In theory, yes. However, take your copy of the form to your town hall and make sure they know you have deregistered the vehicle.

This is because they issue the municipal tax bills. Someone at Trafico should have steered you to the right window in the first place. In ‘You and the

Law in Spain,’ on pages 327-328, you can find out about the form.

Send your questions for David Searl through lawyers Ubeda-Retana & Associates in Fuengirola at, or call 952-667090

PREPARATION: Doesn’t guarantee that a good job will be found.

A lost generation… EIGHTY per cent of Spanish youths are convinced that they will have to depend upon their families in the future. A study carried out amongst 1,000 young men and women between 18 and 24 by the Reina Sofia Centre for Adolescence and Youth shows that they are pessimistic about their future. Amongst the so-called ‘lost generation’ who studied to prepare for the future but now find themselves without work amidst the financial crisis, 60 per cent think it unlikely they will find or keep a job that they like within the next three years. Fifty per cent see the chance of becoming financially self-sufficient, renting

or buying a house or having a family as ‘very difficult.’ Most of them are overwhelmed by a feeling of self-sacrifice, saying that they will have to live off their parents, without the chance of becoming independent or having their own children in the future. According to experts, many are frustrated, because they have made an effort to prepare themselves, but have found that this doesn’t guarantee they will find a good job. More than 80 per cent of them believe that Spain will be in the same situation or worse off than it is now within a year’s time.


Just not the place I fell in love with AS we all know, many expat Brits have decided to move back to the UK since the ‘crisis’ began. We assume that this is mainly for economic reasons and homesickness, but I wonder if there is another underlying reason – how Spain itself has changed. Because the Spain we moved to 10 years ago is virtually unrecognisable. Part of our decision to come and live here permanently was to enjoy the laid-back lifestyle and laissez-faire attitude to life, but so much of that has now gone. Apart from the fact that the Spanish taxman is out to squeeze us for every centimo – as in the declaration of worldwide assets – so much else has changed, not necessarily for the better. No doubt much is down to Euro regulation, but we now have things like the smoking ban, which is soon to be followed by an e-cigarette ban, intensified ITV checks on the car, the intimidating Guardia Civil Trafico, etc, etc. I wonder if any of your other readers agree? John Edwards, Denia (Alicante)

A better way REGARDING the recent article about a pro-abortion collective painting graffiti on the justice minister’s house in Nerja (Issue 1488), I would like to say that, although I agree with their cause, in no way do I agree with their action. If it is about defending the right for women to make choices about the circumstances in which they give birth, there are better ways to do it. Covering the house of a member of the government with graffiti and, what is worse, insulting the Christian faith by mocking its symbols, does little favour to women. Instead of giving biological, ethical or even religious

16 - 22 January 2014 / Costa Blanca South


Letters for Your Say should be emailed to, posted to Euro Weekly News, C/Moscatel 10, P-62, Polígono Industrial, Arroyo de la Miel, 29631 Benalmadena, Málaga, Spain or faxed to 0034 952 440 887

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European Union. Jim refused to be taken in by the duplicity of that unelected cabal and its winsome, worrisome ways. International finance is a hot potato. It and the European Central Bank’s smoke and mirrors is designed to confuse we ordinary plebeians. Not with the likes of Jim Collins around. He showed us the EU magician’s tricks. Enjoy those beautiful meadows, Jim, where you now sing to lyres. ‘Death is the starlit strip between the companionship of yesterday and the reunion of tomorrow.’ Mike Walsh (By email)

Gas charges

We stopped for a coffee at the Hotel Lake Vinuela. This was the serene scene that greeted us from the lawn. By David Worboys, Nerja (Malaga) reasons, those who want to abolish abortion would turn to these acts to defend their position, claiming whoever goes against them is a radical. Abortion is too important an issue for disrespectful action which, despite the initial intention, makes people focus on other things. It’s about time for both proand anti-abortion groups to sit down and discuss the topic in order to reach an agreement which would result in a law that lasts more than a government’s term in office. John Westgate, Torremolinos, (Malaga)

What crisis? IT’S good to see that the Spanish reportedly intend to spend more in the sales this year. Although they won’t spend as much as before the start of the financial crisis, it will help to boost the economy.

WHEN YOU WRITE All letters, whether by email or post, should carry the writer’s postal address, NIE and contact number though only the name and town will be published. Letters may also be edited. Readers who have missed earlier correspondence can see all letters posted on:

However, is it just me, or does it seem that some people have never really stopped spending? Or maybe I just didn’t pay as much attention before. Almost every weekend I go to a local mall to do my grocery shopping in the supermarket, but all of the boutiques seem to be swarming with people; they come out loaded down with shopping bags, and they then go for a meal in one of the restaurants in the mall. Admittedly it’s quieter on weekdays, except for the evenings, but I’m talking about

a normal area, not somewhere like Puerto Banus. It seems that while the financial crisis has hit some people so hard they are forced to go to charities for help, others seem unaware of its existence. Not only that, but despite the constant reports of falling birthrates in Spain, there seem to be people with young children and babies everywhere. Great news, but it makes me wonder how it is possible, and what will become of them in the future if the current climate does not improve. Jane Standish, Fuengirola (Malaga)

Sad farewell I WAS much saddened on hearing of the passing of columnist Jim Collins. The EWN has a reputation for good communicative writers and Jim was certainly one of the best. He had a cynical eye on the

I SAW on your website an article entitled ‘What can we expect from 2014’. You refer to butane gas bottles remaining at the set price of €17.50. Do you know if it is legal for outlets to sell ‘butanos’ at a higher price? My local petrol station in Pizarra charges €19.10, while at the other local petrol station it is €18.50. Friends who live in the nearby town of Cartama only pay the official price of €17.50. By the time I drive further afield for cheaper gas bottles, I have spent the difference in petrol! I don’t understand these huge differences and have been led to understand that they can only be sold at the official price. However, arguing with the employees at the local petrol station gets me nowhere; they say that is the price that they charge. Full stop. Also a big ‘thank you’ to the Euro Weekly for keeping us informed with so much local news and handy tips. Jane Peopleton, Pizarra (Malaga)

Film help wanted I AM a writer living in Roquetas and trying to make contact with film-makers in the region. Despite letters and emails to various people in the cultural office at Almeria and Roquetas, not a single one has replied. Can you help? John Gardner Editor’s note: Over to you, readers...

The views expressed and opinions given in Letters are not necessarily those of the EWN publishers. They accept no responsibility for accuracy of information, errors, omissions or statements, and reject claims arising out of any action that a company or individual may take on the basis of information contained therein.


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Young Adult (Film, 2011) After graduating as one of the prettiest, most revered girls in high school, Mavis Gary (Charlize Theron) moved from smalltown Minnesota to metropolitan Minneapolis, destined for big things. But the selfabsorbed 37-yearold's life has amounted to little more than connecting the dots on the series of formulaic young adult novels she helps to author.

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The Notebook (Film, 2004) Rich girl Allie is swept off her feet by carpenter Noah, but her mum disapproves of the match. While Allie is sent away to college, Noah is drafted for WWI. Years later, he shows up, but Allie is engaged to wealthy Southern gentlemen Lon.

9:40am Chronicle 11:15am The Mummy 1:25pm The Mummy Returns 3:40pm The Scorpion King 5:15pm The Darkest Hour 6:50pm The Mummy 9:00pm The Mummy Returns 11:15pm The Scorpion King 12:50am Commando 2:25am Underworld: Awakening 4:05am K-19: The Widowmaker

SkyMoviesDrama/ 5:00am Evita

BBC3/ 8:00pm Great Movie Mistakes IV: May the Fourth be with You 8:30pm Doctor Who 9:15pm Doctor Who 10:00pm Sherlock 11:30pm EastEnders 12:00am Family Guy 12:25am Family Guy 12:45am Live at the Electric 1:15am American Dad! 1:40am American Dad! 2:00am Uncle 2:30am Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents 3:30am Live at the Electric 4:00am Edinburgh Comedy Fest Live 2011

Doctor Who (Science Fiction Series) BBC 3 from 8:30pm to 9:15pm The Doctor gets a stetson and a gun, and finds himself the reluctant marshal of a Western town under siege by a relentless cyborg, who goes by the name of the Gunslinger. But who is he, and what does he want? The answer seems to lie with the mysterious Kahler-Jex, an alien doctor whose initial appearance is hiding a dark secret.


7:20am Hello, Dolly! 9:50am The Decoy Bride 11:25am Best Man Down 1:05pm Return 2:50pm Sparkle 4:50pm Captain Corelli's Mandolin 7:00pm Trouble with the Curve 9:00pm The Notebook 11:10pm Ruby Sparks 1:00am 10 Years 2:45am Against the Ropes 4:45am Hello, Dolly!

8:00pm World News Today 8:30pm Proms Chamber Music 9:00pm Paul Tortelier at the BBC 10:00pm Born to be Wild: The 11:00pm Alice Cooper: Brutally Live 12:30am Guitar Heroes at the BBC 1:30am Born to be Wild: The Golden Age of American Rock

2:30am Alice Cooper: Brutally Live 4:00am Guitar Heroes at the BBC


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7:00am Preview 7:45am Sodom and Gomorrah 10:10am Life on Earth 11:05am Life on Earth 12:00pm Fred Dibnah's Made in Britain 12:30pm Great British Railway Journeys 1:00pm The Great Sport Relief Bake Off 2:00pm The Great Sport Relief Bake Off 3:00pm The A-Z of TV Cooking 3:45pm Ensign Pulver 5:30pm Masters Snooker 7:00pm Flog It! 8:00pm Masters Snooker 11:30pm QI XL 12:15am Howl 1:35am Snooker


6:05am ITV Nightscreen 7:00am CITV 10:25am ITV News 10:30am Dinner Date 11:30am Murder, She Wrote 12:30pm ITV News and Weather 12:45pm Show Me the Telly 1:45pm Columbo 3:45pm Midsomer Murders 5:45pm Local News and Weather 5:55pm ITV News and Weather 6:10pm Despicable Me 8:00pm Splash! 9:30pm Take Me Out 10:45pm The Jonathan Ross Show 11:45pm ITV News at Ten and Weather 12:00am Burn after Reading 1:45am Jackpot247 4:00am Ladette to Lady Australia 4:45am ITV Nightscreen


7:15am American Football Playoff Highlights 8:05am Transworld Sport 9:00am The Morning Line 10:00am Everybody Loves Raymond 10:30am How I Met Your Mother 11:00am How I Met Your Mother 11:30am The Big Bang Theory 11:55am The Big Bang Theory 12:25pm The Simpsons 12:55pm The Simpsons 1:25pm The Taste 2:30pm Channel 4 Racing 5:00pm Come Dine with Me 5:25pm Come Dine with Me 6:00pm Come Dine with Me 6:35pm Come Dine with Me 7:05pm Channel 4 News 7:30pm Speed with Guy Martin 8:30pm Britain's Killer Storms 10:00pm Hostages 11:00pm Knowing 1:20am Panic Room 3:15am Southland 4:00am Hollyoaks Omnibus


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SATELLITE CHANNELS/ Sky1/ 7:00am Glee 9:00am The Fantasy Football Club 10:00am Sky Sports Game Changers 11:00am Soccer A.M. 1:00pm World Wrestling 2:00pm Futurama 3:00pm Sinbad 4:00pm Futurama 5:00pm Kingdom of Plants

6:00pm Inside RAF Brize Norton 7:00pm All Aboard: East Coast Trains 7:55pm The Simpsons 8:55pm Jumanji 11:00pm The Kumars 12:00am Road Wars 2:00am Brit Cops: Frontline Crime 5:00am Inside Gatwick

SkyMoviesComedy/ 7:05am National Lampoon's

Christmas Vacation 8:45am Scary Movie 3 10:15am Ghostbusters II 12:05pm Identity Thief 2:00pm Dark Shadows 3:55pm Snow Day 5:30pm National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation 7:10pm Ghostbusters II 9:00pm Identity Thief 11:00pm A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas 12:35am Dark Shadows

• Jason Bateman • Melissa McCarthy

2:30am Scary Movie 3 4:00am A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas 5:30am Snow Day

SkyMoviesDrama/ 7:15am Black Gold 9:30am Moonlight Mile 11:30am Beautiful Creatures 1:40pm Dark Horse 3:15pm Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close 5:30pm Darling Companion

Identity Thief (Film, 2013) (Jason Bateman) plays luckless accountant Sandy Patterson, whose life is turned upside down when he learns a woman named Diana (Melissa McCarthy) has stolen his identity - cleaning out his bank account and getting him mixed up with the law. In an effort to clear his name, Sandy travels down to Florida to apprehend Diana, but pinning down the slippery swindler is even trickier than he expected.

7:20pm Midnight in Paris 9:00pm We Bought a Zoo 11:10pm Beautiful Creatures 1:20am Tootsie 3:20am Oka! 5:10am The Remains of the Day

SkyMoviesAction/ 6:30am Prometheus Discovered 7:00am The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring 10:00am The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

1:00pm The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King 4:30pm The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring 7:30pm The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers 10:30pm The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King 1:50am Crank 3:25am Anaconda 5:00am The Avengers Special 5:30am Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

BBC3/ 8:00pm Great Movie Mistakes V: Revenge of the Fifth 8:15pm Top Gear 9:20pm The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe 11:30pm Russell Howard's Good News 12:00am Family Guy 12:21am Family Guy 12:42am Family Guy 1:03am Family Guy 1:24am Family Guy 1:45am Family Guy 2:06am Family Guy 2:27am Family Guy 2:55am Uncle 3:25am Live at the Electric 3:55am Russell Howard's Good News 4:25am Great Movie Mistakes V: Revenge of the Fifth

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe (Film, 2005) BBC 3 from 9:20pm to 11:30pm An antique wardrobe proves the perfect hiding place for Lucy, the youngest of four Pevensie children evacuated during WWII. But the hidey-hole has a secret... it is the entrance to a wintry wonderland where a white witch rules and a courageous Lion waits to fulfil a prophecy. Fantasy adventure based on the book by C.S. Lewis.

BBC4/ 8:00pm Wild China

9:00pm A Very British Murder with Lucy Worsley 10:00pm The Bridge 11:00pm The Bridge 12:00am Slade at the BBC 1:00am Top of the Pops

1:40am Big in America 2:40am Wild China 3:40am A Very British Murder with Lucy Worsley


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6:00pm Ashley Banjo's Big Town Dance 7:00pm The Kent Divers 2 7:30pm The Simpsons 8:00pm The Simpsons 8:30pm The Simpsons 9:00pm The Simpsons 9:30pm The Simpsons 10:00pm Hawaii Five-0 11:00pm NCIS: Los Angeles

12:00am Banshee 1:00am Wolf of Wall Street Movie Special 1:30am Nothing to Declare

SkyMoviesComedy/ 5:30am Snow Day 7:00am Wanderlust 8:40am Cool Runnings 10:20am Ted 12:10pm This is 40

•Tommy Lee Jones •Will Smith •Linda Fiorentino •Vincent D'Onofrio •Rip Torn

2:25pm Stuart Little 3:55pm Stuart Little 2 5:20pm Runaway Bride 7:20pm Cool Runnings 9:00pm Ted 11:00pm This is 40 1:20am Wanderlust 3:05am How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days 5:05am Runaway Bride

Men in Black (Film, 1997) Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith (pictured) star as the titular characters with a mission to protect the Earth from the scum of the universe in this hilarious sci-fi comedy adventure, based on the cult comic book series. The MIB is a top-secret agency set up to monitor and police alien activity on Earth, which has been designated an apolitical "neutral zone" - the galactic equivalent of Switzerland. Agents who work for the MIB have no identity and there is no record of their existence, while funding for the agency comes from patents it owns on technology confiscated from aliens: Velcro, microwave ovens and liposuction are just a handful of luxuries unthinkable without a little help from extraterrestrials.

SkyMoviesAction/ 7:15am Alexander 10:15am Men in Black 12:00pm Men in Black II 1:30pm Men in Black 3 3:20pm Bad Boys II 5:50pm Men in Black 7:30pm Men in Black II 9:00pm Men in Black 3 10:50pm Bad Boys II

SkyMoviesDrama/ 11:05am The Wolf of Wall Street Special 11:25am The First Time 1:10pm My Girl 3:00pm The Wedding Video 4:40pm The Magic of Belle Isle 6:40pm J. Edgar 9:00pm The Bodyguard 11:10pm Hyde Park on Hudson

BBC3/ 8:00pm Great Movie Mistakes V: Revenge of the Fifth 8:15pm The Voice UK 9:35pm Monsters vs Aliens 11:00pm Family Guy 11:22pm Family Guy 11:45pm Uncle 12:15am American Dad! 12:37am American Dad! 1:00am Bad Education 1:30am Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents 2:30am Underage and Over the Limit 3:30am Uncle 4:00am Live at the Electric 4:30am Bad Education

Monsters vs Aliens (Film, 2009) BBC 3 from 9:35pm to 11:00pm Computer animated sci-fi thriller about young Susan Murphy who is turned into a giant monster after being struck by a meteorite. She's taken to a secret government compound where she finds she is not the only one... and they're all being lined up for a battle against invading aliens.

BBC4/ 8:00pm The Man Who Discovered Egypt 9:00pm Hidden Histories: Britain's Oldest Family Businesses 10:00pm Point Blank 11:30pm Me and Me Dad 12:25am Nelson's Caribbean Hell-Hole: An Eighteenth Century Navy Graveyard Uncovered 1:30am The Man Who Discovered Egypt 2:30am Born to be Wild: The Golden Age of American Rock 3:30am Alice Cooper


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7:00am Preview 7:05am Homes Under the Hammer 8:05am The Sheriffs are Coming 8:50am Real Lives Reunited 9:20am Paul Hollywood's Pies and Puds 10:05am Britain and the Sea 11:05am Britain's Empty Homes 11:35am Click 12:00pm BBC News 12:30pm World News 1:00pm The Daily Politics 2:00pm Bowls 6:15pm Flog It! 7:00pm Eggheads 7:30pm Great British Railway Journeys 8:00pm The Great Interior Design Challenge 9:00pm University Challenge 9:30pm Winterwatch 10:30pm Russia on Four Wheels 11:30pm Newsnight 12:18am Weather 12:20am Operation Grand Canyon with Dan Snow 1:20am Bowls 2:20am Trust Me, I'm a Doctor


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Family Guy (Animation, 1999) BBC 3 from 12:00am to 12:22am Animated comedy series about family life. After discovering she has a brother named Patrick whom she never knew about, Lois takes the family to meet him, only to discover he's in a mental institution. Patrick seems sane, so Lois checks him out of the asylum to live with the Griffins. Peter, urged to lose weight by his doctor, starts a Society for the Acceptance of Fat Men. But when a fat man is strangled in Quahog, Peter and his Fat Society live in terror, and fingers point to Patrick.

Step Up 4: Miami Heat (2012)


A street dance crew that specialise in spectacular flash mobs tries to save its neighbourhood from a ruthless developer. Dance drama.

SATELLITE CHANNELS/ Sky1/ 7:00am Dog the Bounty Hunter 9:00am Modern Family 10:00am Hawaii Five-0 11:00am NCIS: Los Angeles 3:00pm Hawaii Five-0 4:00pm A League of Their Own 4:30pm Futurama 5:30pm The Simpsons 6:30pm Modern Family

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Gigolo 10:20am The Mask 12:05pm Mr. Deeds 1:50pm The Three Stooges 3:25pm Boat Trip 5:05pm The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel 7:15pm Mr. Deeds 9:00pm The Mask 10:45pm Deuce Bigalow: Male

• Cleopatra Coleman • Misha Gabriel Hamilton • Ryan Guzman • Michael ‘Xeno’ Langebeck

Gigolo 12:25am The Three Stooges

SkyMoviesDrama/ 8:40am Intersection 10:20am Return 12:00pm Lola Versus 1:30pm Anna Karenina 3:40pm Step Up 4: Miami Heat 5:25pm Under the Tuscan Sun 7:25pm The Decoy Bride


9:00pm Forces of Nature 11:00pm Amistad 1:40am The Oranges 3:20am Go for It!

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2:00pm Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows Special 2:20pm Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows 4:35pm xXx 6:50pm The Karate Kid 9:00pm The Bourne Legacy 11:20pm Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows 1:35am Remember the Titans

8:00pm World News Today 8:30pm Elephant Diaries 9:00pm King Alfred and the Anglo Saxons 10:00pm Project Nim 11:35pm Storyville 12:50am Hidden Histories: Britain's Oldest Family Businesses 1:50am King Alfred and the Anglo Saxons 2:50am Project Nim


16 - 22 January 2014 / Costa Blanca South

Missing global-warming con men LEAPY LEE SAYS IT OTHERS THINK IT


SEE the global-warming bunch of state-funded con men have been conspicuous by their absence of late! With temperatures plunging to all-time lows all over the Northern Hemisphere they must be kicking themselves for not choosing global freezing as their vehicle for squeezing taxpayers’ money into their own conniving coffers. Why don’t we all get real? I’m no astronomer but even I know the world spins on a slight tilt, which over time creates environmental changes. Hence the Ice Age, oceans turning into deserts and so forth. If you’ll pardon the pun, it is global spinning, not global warming that causes the problems. The only environmental damage to our existence has

POLLUTION: The real Armageddon. been caused by pollution, smog, acid rain, etc. Above all, and I say it again, the downright criminal release of radiation into our atmosphere is the real Armageddon. This toxic noose has spread all around the planet, trapped under the layer of ozone for another thousand years or more. The results of this global disaster can be seen by the vast increase in tumours now sprouting like mutating mushrooms on ever-increasing numbers of our human race.

It is a disgrace that charities have to be set up to pay for research into cures for this abominal disease. The countries responsible for this outrage should be centrally funding all research into possible cures and spending whatever it takes. Even if it costs billions, the money is a drop in the ocean compared to the vast reserves held by these countries. But that’s not the game, is it? Of course it isn’t. The money men who run our planet, those that

can buy and sell countries if they so wish, want us all to think that if it wasn’t for our efforts nothing would be done. Keeps us all occupied, ya see. These secretive people want us to think we’re all doing a wonderful job, which of course we are. The problem is it’s all totally unnecessary. They could fund the whole operation and not even make a dent. Makes ya sick, dunnit? We’re all at the mercy of a few multi-trillionaires. They don’t care who are elected as presidents or prime ministers, or to any other governmental office, for that matter. They simply shift their money to where it is most beneficial to them. You never see them; they make their decisions in secret. The rest of us minions are merely taking part in a game. Pawns scuttling around thinking that anything we do really makes a difference. Sorry, folks we’re all expendable. Have a nice day! Keep the faith Love Leapy




Back on full form… GREAT to see you back in full form this week, Loopy - sorry, Leapy with your vitriolic rhetoric about immigration (Issue 1488). I was becoming concerned that, in your dotage, you were losing your touch. I had even found myself almost agreeing with you on the odd occasion over the past few months. Worrying days indeed! It must have been a great disappointment to you when the floodgates opened and only an insignificant number of Romanians and Bulgarians trickled in. Keep up the venom, Leapy. I enjoy a good laugh every Thursday. And don’t lose the faith.

David Bayliss, Rambla de Oria, (Almeria)


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Love is a Happy Accident 7:10am The Man with Two Brains 8:45am Last Holiday 10:40am Mr Woodcock 12:10pm Liar Liar 1:40pm The Five-Year Engagement 3:45pm Anger Management 5:35pm Last Holiday 7:30pm Mr Woodcock 9:00pm Liar Liar 10:30pm The Five-Year Engagement 12:35am Anger Management 2:25am The Man with Two Brains

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Winter Wipeout (Game Show, 2011) BBC 3 from 8:00pm to 9:00pm Richard Hammond and Amanda Byram present as 20 brave and chilly Brits face a new obstacle course in a snowy, winter wonderland setting.

BBC4/ 8:00pm World News Today 8:30pm Elephant Diaries

Legends of the Fall (Film, 1994)

•Brad Pitt •Anthony Hopkins •Aidan Quinn •Julia Ormond •Henry Thomas

4:00am How to Make Love to a Woman 5:35am Ernest Saves Christmas


Sweeping epic starring Brad Pitt, Anthony Hopkins and Aidan Quinn, about three sons raised on a Montana ranch by their father, an ex-colonel. Though the destinies of the boys are very different, two forces impact on each of their lives: the Great War in Europe and the love of a young woman. Covering several decades, the action ranges from Montana to the battlefields of Europe and adventure on the high seas.

2:30am Lockout 4:15am The Delta Force

SkyMoviesDrama/ 5:00am The Cup 7:00am Anastasia 8:50am Legends of the Fall 11:10am Losing Isaiah 1:05pm 13 Going on 30 2:50pm First Night 4:50pm Sparkle 6:50pm Rock of Ages 9:00pm Now is Good 10:45pm 13 Going on 30 12:30am Black Gold 2:45am As Cool as I Am 4:25am Giant

9:00pm Re-Meet the Ancestors Iron. 10:00pm Rococo: Travel, Pleasure, Madness 11:00pm The Man Who Discovered Egypt 12:00am Wild China

TCM/ 8:25am Gunsmoke 9:30am Good Day for a Hanging 11:05am The Last Stagecoach West 12:25pm The Forty-Niners 1:50pm Gunsmoke 2:55pm Gunsmoke 4:00pm Oregon Passage 5:35pm Gunfight at Comanche Creek 7:20pm The New Frontier 8:25pm Hellcats of the Navy 10:00pm Kiss of the Dragon 11:55pm Full Metal Jacket

1:00am China in Six Easy Pieces 2:00am Re-Meet the Ancestors Iron. 3:00am The Man Who Discovered Egypt

4:00am Rococo: Travel, Pleasure, Madness


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This Means War (Film, 2012) Two secret agents find their friendship tested to the max when they both fall for the same woman. As the pair use their spy skills to gain an advantage, who'll come out on top?

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American Dad! (Animation) BBC 3 from 12:45am to 1:07am Animated adventures of a hapless CIA agent and his family. Stan spends some quality father-son time with Steve at the local zoo, but things go horribly wrong when Steve slips into a gorilla exhibit. Roger bets Hayley that he can become a great country singer and sets out to write the most heartbreaking song of all time.


• Reese Witherspoon • Chris Pine • Tom Hardy

6:30am Skyfall: Modern Day Bond 7:00am Last Man Standing 8:45am The Karate Kid, Part II 10:45am Wrath of the Titans 12:30pm The Bridge on the River Kwai 3:15pm This Means War 5:00pm The Karate Kid, Part II 7:00pm Last Action Hero 9:15pm Wrath of the Titans 11:00pm Crank 12:35am 12 Rounds 2: Reloaded 2:15am Last Action Hero 4:30am Delta Force 2: The


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A tale of three newspapers Mike Walsh Mike Walsh. Based in Mediterranean Spain, is an international journalist, author and professional writer.


he cynic would have it that a journalist is a person who scribbles on the back of advertisements. That may be so but what they write will be published only if it stays within a set of rules. Writing for media in three parts of our much troubled world gives insight into wildly differing codes of news reporting. I write and broadcast for US media. Whatever criticisms I have of the US it must be read (sic) that they do value freedom of expression. As I pull the microphone towards me I know I can say more or less whatever comes to my politically incorrect mind. However, to voice the same opinions on German, French or UK radio would be reckless to say the least.

FREEDOM OF SPEECH: Stretches further in some countries. The right to Freedom of Expression is enshrined in the UN Charter but the highminded mantra is not to be taken too seriously. Each country in the EU will abide by their own rules. An elastic concept freedom of expression stretches further in some countries than it does in others. What is illegal in Germany or France is not

regarded as contentious in Spain or Ireland. This is no doubt on account of their different histories and therefore sensitivities. Eastern European media can be said to be black and white and red all over. Editors in former Soviet Bloc countries grow pale at the mere sight of Western Europe’s brash tabloids. They never push

departments. boundaries. If submitted government content is likely to even mildly There will be an abundance of offend the establishment they political comment penned by po-faced intellectuals written don’t publish it; simples. The Berlin Wall may well in double-speak. I imagine that the aim of have come tumbling down but the post Soviet media mindset most Western media editors is to engage with their stands as straight as the readers. Unafraid of honour guard at pushing boundaries Lenin’s mausoleum. Each EU I recall a Euro Unlikely to be found in main Weekly News country media tabloids is editor inviting abides by humour, criticism me to be of public figures, challenging and its own challenging unafraid of rules columnists, off-beat controversy. Had I fashion or anything been an Eastern that could be tainted by European scribbler I sensationalism. If celebrity would have been aghast at gossip, rape, pillage, murder, this suggestion. Count our scandal and mayhem float your blessings, Eastern European boat then don’t go looking for journalism is probably a it in the post-Soviet press. You generation removed from the will be disappointed. editorial content of the UK’s Editors of Eastern European tabloids. media are gatekeepers and The Western media for all its guardians of strait-laced faults, and it has many, is conformity. Expect pages of perhaps the best compromise press releases issued by between licence and political various central and local conformity.


Scales of justice must be equal Cassandra Nash

A weekly look and not entirely impartial reaction - to the Spanish political scene


OT the best of times for Spain’s royal family. The King’s younger daughter Cristina and wife of Iñaki Urdangarin has been formally linked to her husband’s business machinations by the Mallorca high court judge investigating the Noos scandal. So was Ana Maria Tejeiro, wife of Urdangarin’s business partner Diego Torres. Both women claim to be unaware of any fiscal wrongdoing, but while Tejeiro was named in the process, Cristina was not. It’s pointless saying that everyone is equal before the law if a businessman’s wife can be subpoenaed but not a King’s daughter. Justice must not only be done, but seen to be done without favouring an accident of birth.

King and the A-word KING JUAN CARLOS at the annual Pascua Militar walked with crutches as was to be expected after his multiple hip operations. He also looked ill and old, sounded hesitant and clearly found making his traditional speech to armed forces’ highrankers an ordeal. The King is relatively young, turning 76 on January 5 but the elephant in his Zarzuela study is, precisely, an elephant. Everything went downhill after he broke his hip on a hunting trip to Botswana in 2012 where he had intended to kill elephants in the company of his mistress. Since then it has been repeatedly stressed that Juan Carlos will not abdicate

16 - 22 January 2014 / Costa Blanca South



Privacy invasion SPAIN’s National Police used DNA evidence to solve more than 200 cases of sexual violence last year. Add to that 92 murders and 116 robberies with violence - not a bad haul for the 21st century version of Sherlock’s magnifying glass. Yet some people still maintain that DNA samples taken for elimination purposes during police investigations should later be destroyed. Regarding this as an intrusion on privacy and freedom is as myopic as it’s selfish. The wrongly accused have thankfully been released from jail, sometimes after a shamingly long interval that says little for justice or forensic systems in the UK as well as Spain. DNA testing does a great job at nailing down criminals, but an in favour of his son, Prince Felipe, but this look increasingly like a fractious reaction. Mentioning the A-word is not prompted by politics but by excusable ill-health.

Working hypothesis THE crisis, spending cuts, wage freezes and mass redundancies have not bred

DNA: The more on record, the better. equally great one at clearing the innocent. The more DNA samples on record, the better. xenophobia in Spain. The same cannot be said of other EU countries including Britain, but the reason is very simple. Anyone who comes to Spain legally or otherwise knows that he or she must work, illegally or otherwise. Spain’s benefits system is too exiguous for the alleged large-scale abuse attributed to immigrants elsewhere. Result? Limited xenophobia.


E W N 16 - 22 January 2014 / Costa Blanca South

Nora Johnson

Breaking Views A Costa del Sol resident for a number of years, Nora is the author of psychological suspense and crime thrillers. To comment on any of the issues raised in her column, go to norajohnson


N New Year’s Eve, ambulance trusts received one phone call every 15 seconds to deal with the results of binge drinking, with 1,500 calls in central London alone. And like the gigantic waves causing havoc to Britain’s shores recently, liver damage is fast becoming one of the biggest threats to life, especially for the under-thirties. Time and again on television, we see instances of antisocial behaviour by young people in town centres all over the UK where there’s no longer any stigma in being drunk, disorderly and getting trollied. Why is this? Firstly, aspirations have been destroyed by cheap credit and the loss of respect for money. Money’s supposed to represent a token of work, effort, skill, experience and knowledge. What’s this got to do with binge drinking you may ask? Well, if you’re young, where’s your stake in society? How can you develop long-term relationships and raise children when you don’t have the security of a roof over your head? Why bother working when you’ve no hope of getting a foothold on the housing ladder and knowing you can rely on generous benefits?


Turning a night out into a nightmare Secondly, being drunk has, like other types of antisocial behaviour, been allowed to become ‘normal.’ There aren’t enough police; not enough time spent on catching criminals; not enough criminals serving full sentences. The police aren’t even managing antisocial behaviour, let alone enforcing the law. ‘Normal’ behaviour for the rest of us has been sacrificed on the funeral pyre of ‘rights.’ We stopped having to be responsible and started demanding our ‘rights.’ Responsible behaviour’s not even encouraged. Try protecting yourself against a burglar/ attacker and you’ll get yourself arrested. Try getting a noisy pub shut down and you’ll get nowhere. Thirdly, we live in an age of instant ‘celebrity’ where the worse you behave, the more coverage you get. The more coverage you get, the ‘greater’ celebrity you become so, whatever you do, it gets

BEING DRUNK: Is now considered normal.

reported because you are ‘someone.’ And, far from being

embarrassed by having their names in the local press, most young people doubtless regard it as a badge of honour. And to return to my question in the second paragraph: lack of discipline and too little responsibility brought on by easy money over a generation is my answer to the ‘why.’ Nora Johnson’s thrillers ‘Retribution,’ ‘Soul Stealer,’ ‘The De Clerambault Code’ ( available from Amazon in paperback/eBook (€0.89; £0.77) and iBookstore. Profits to Cudeca.


E W N 16 - 22 January 2014 / Costa Blanca South


AVING drifted into New Year as well as passing the twoyear milestone of life in Mallorca, I have compared my initial expectations with what reality has proven to be. I originally assumed that island fever would be rife, with a need to escape at regular intervals, when, in fact, there is so much to do and see here both recreationally and culturally that there is little need to leave the island. I had thought that the ‘mañana’ ethos would drive me around the bend, when we have generally been able to generally receive quite punctual and efficient service - albeit with noticeable and shocking exceptions. But most importantly, I thought that by now I would be chit-chatting with the locals as fluidly as cash tends to seep through my fingers. Despite regular Spanish lessons and a willingness to embarrass myself at every opportunity, I am still struggling to get the words out in a sensical format - even if they sound great in my head they are finally blurted out to a baffled audience in a garbled mess. The problem is that there are so many tenses, variables and exceptions that it can send a calm person scurrying for the Xanax. The late Michel Thomas, a formidable language guru, extolled the

Of old dogs and new tricks

Ulrica Marshall

Expat Strife Swedish-born Ulrica is a freelance journalist living in Mallorca with her family. Her debut novel $Expat Wives is available on Amazon and iBooks. To comment on any of the issues raised in Ulrica’s column, go to

virtues of simply getting the ball over the net - of making yourself understood. Michel was my starting point in the jungle that is Spanish, with

his easy eight-hour CD starter course, which I loved for the absence of accompanying text books or need to take notes.

OPINION & COMMENT But moving out of absolute beginner territory, life gets more complicated: unless you speak with accuracy and speed, people tend to take pity on your efforts by reverting to English - or German. Even so, my New Year’s resolution is to persevere and to perfect my pluperfect, improve my imperative and finally succeed with my subjunctive. Taking the toro (bull) by the cuernos (horns), I have gone the whole cerdo (hog) by signing up to a course at an institute in Palma. Shoulder to shoulder with some lovely au pairs, I now take my seat at the school bench three days a week while not quite young enough to be my daughters, they are sadly not far off. What I lack in time and youth I hope to make up for in wisdom. I just hope that when it comes to idiomas (languages) the idiom ‘El loro viejo no aprende a hablar’ (you can’t teach an old dog new tricks) does not apply. If my resolve has not waned before the end, I should also receive a piece of paper to justify my efforts; assuming exam nerves don’t get the better of me. I will keep you posted on my progress - if I fail to inspire you to do the same, then at least I can share some cunning expressions I stumble across, making you sound like a local. Feliz Año Nuevo!


16 - 22 January 2014 / Costa Blanca South



Illegal immigration and nationalism Peter Fieldman London-born journalist and author, Peter spends his time between Paris and Madrid. His novel ‘1066 The Conquest’ available on Amazon or


MMIGRATION and nationalism are likely to be the major issues which will determine this year’s European elections. The controversy over the fences in Ceuta and Melilla, the tragedies in Lampedusa, the case of the ‘Kosovan’ family in France, and the rise of rightwing political groups, has caused panic in the parliaments of Western Europe and the European Union. But why has it taken so long for Europe’s political leaders to wake up to a crisis which has been on a slowburning fuse for so long? Immigration to Western Europe has been based on two factors: the need for manpower to maintain economic growth, and humanitarian reasons refugees and asylum seekers. However, as the European Union increased membership and removed its frontiers and the world became smaller due to ease of travel, advances in communications and globalisation, more people saw the advantages of living in the richer Western European nations. The growing economic wealth of several African countries should have brought more equality, but corruption, exploitation and conflicts have failed to improve the lives of millions of sub Saharan Africans. The Arab Spring was supposed to bring democracy in North Africa. Instead it has brought ethnic and sectarian violence and chaos. The conflicts in Afghanistan, Egypt, Iraq, Libya, Mali, Sudan and Syria have added to the millions seeking refuge or escaping poverty; people whose one aim is to reach the shores of Western Europe. Illegal immigration, fuelled by people traffickers, has been

increasing for years but Europe’s governments have ignored the problem. The result is that parts of Western European towns and cities have become ethnic ghettos with an increase in crime, delinquency, prostitution, drug dealing, mendacity, sham marriages and benefit fraud. Europe’s Muslim population has found it difficult to integrate fully into western society. It has led to a disillusioned youth without roots, a minority of whom have turned to radical Islam, joined Al Qaeda and engaged in terrorist acts. By trying to impose their customs and laws in the West, Muslims are seen as a threat to social cohesion and our national identity.

The Roma, who are facing discrimination in France, have not been picked on by chance. They have a sad record of setting up illegal campsites, engaging in criminal activities, begging and causing havoc among tourists. Should any country ‘export’ its citizens to another country which then has to take on the burden of looking after families without resources who too often fail to respect the law?

FLYING THE FLAG: Nationality is what binds citizens together. And has anybody considered the long-term economic consequences for the poorer nations when much of their youth leaves? For years Spain and Italy have been in the front line of the influx of boat people from North Africa. The reaction of Italian premier, Enrico Letta, to grant Italian nationality to those who died seems a poorly-placed gesture. In the same way that stepping foot on European soil should not grant some divine right to resident status,

nationality is not a charitable gift to hand out, nor a prize to a foreign mother giving birth to a child, nor should it be considered as a reward for kicking a football around or being able to run fast. It comes from blood, roots, families, culture, language and education. Nationality is what binds citizens together. That is why the United Nations, the Olympic Games and World Cup exist, flying the flag and

Immigration has been based on two factors: the need for manpower, and humanitarian reasons

POORLY-PAID: Romanian and Bulgarian workers are flooding into Western Europe. pumping out national anthems. It is why we have governments and monarchies and above all a legal system. National identity is not about racism or xenophobia. Loyalty to one’s country is drummed into every citizen at birth and nationality should not be treated lightly. But nationality and residency

are being abused. And this is what concerns the silent majority. Instead of a coordinated immigration policy, each EU member state, as well as the European Union, has been making its own rules. The result is chaos. Governments do not seem to have considered the consequences of handing out passports, or allowing foreign residents to vote, while massive illegal immigration, which defies the laws of the country, risks destroying the fabric of our societies. By granting a legal or illegal immigrant resident status, it gives them the right to live anywhere in the European Union, with or without the agreement of other member states. Granting foreigners the right to vote can result in communities with substantial immigrant communities winning local elections and changing the laws to suit their own cultural or religious interests. Six years after the beginning of the economic crisis, while the bankers continue to increase their earnings, Europe’s governments are still cutting back on education, health and public services while increasing taxes. The Western European states are rightly concerned about poorly-paid Romanian and Bulgarian workers flooding into Western Europe, keeping wages low at a time when more than 20 million people are without work, and millions of European families face the loss of their homes and are sinking into poverty through debt. If they wish to remain in power, the main political parties had better take into account the wishes and aspirations of the vast majority of the people whose tolerance has reached breaking point. They are simply saying enough is enough. ©peterfieldman


E W N 16 - 22 January 2014 / Costa Blanca South



Advertising Feature

Ask the Optician - What is Glaucoma? By Louise Stone, Store Director from Specsavers Opticas Javea

THIS month, we’re answering your questions about glaucoma, a condition known as the silent destroyer of sight and a common cause of avoidable blindness. It is imperative if you spot any of these signs to seek advice immediately. Q. What is Glaucoma? Glaucoma is often related to a change in the flow of the fluid inside the eye, which leads to an increase in the pressure and damage to the optic nerve. Q. How is it diagnosed and treated? Some types of glaucoma develop

gradually, and the sufferer is often unaware of any problem until it is quite severe. Early detection and treatment is vital and can mean that glaucoma need no longer lead to blindness. There are three simple tests that opticians perform to spot glaucoma during an eye test; a visual examination of the optic nerve head, a check of the field of vision and measurement of the pressure within the eye. If caught early enough it

can be treated with drops. Q. Who is at risk of developing it? Some kinds of glaucoma can be inherited, and first-degree relatives (i.e. mother, father, brother, sister or child) of a glaucoma sufferer have approximately eight times the normal risk of developing primary open angle glaucoma. Diabetics, Afro-Caribbeans and very short sighted people are also at greater risk.

Eye examinations at Specsavers include a glaucoma test and are currently free. Visit to find your nearest store and book your eye test.


16 - 22 January 2014 / Costa Blanca South

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Half-price health checks save lives THOUSANDS of people died unnecessarily in 2013 because they didn’t go for simple routine health screening tests. Thousands more will die in 2014. Make sure you and your loved ones are not among them by starting the year with some essential routine health screening tests. That is the message from Medcare, the British GP practice on the Costa Blanca. Medcare’s Dr Hussain said: “Tragically too many people continue to die unnecessarily because they fail to go for simple health screening tests, meaning disease goes undetected until it is too late.” He continued: “Many British expats on the Costa Blanca seem to be particularly vulnerable because language barriers or ignorance of health screening available means they are even less likely to attend for screening.” Yet routine health checks and early diagnosis can stop some of the biggest killers including heart disease, prostate cancer, cervical cancer and breast cancer, from claiming lives. Medcare is therefore urging everyone to see their GP to find out what screening is available. Anyone who is not registered under the Spanish system or prefers to see a private British GP can go to Medcare for health screening. Throughout January the medical practice is offering half-price health screening to

MEDCARE: Offering half price health checks throughout January. encourage as many people as possible to undergo these important checks. The Medcare health check includes screening for cervical, breast, bowel and prostate cancer. Comprehensive blood tests will be performed and patients will be screened for many conditions, including diabetes, liver and kidney disease, anaemia, infection, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and thyroid problems. Patients will also receive an ECG, BMI check, skin cancer and

mole check, dental examination, chiropodist foot check and osteopath body alignment check. “Even if you feel well, you don’t know what is going on inside your body so health screening is essential for everyone,” stresses Dr Hussain. “Over the years our health checks have saved many lives as patients have discovered they have the early stages of diseases such as breast cancer, prostate cancer or heart disease. It is not easy finding

out you have a life-threatening illness, but not finding out will almost certainly be a lot worse.” Getting a health check could be the most important thing you do in 2014.

Don’t waste time, visit your own GP or book your half-price Medcare Health Check for January at either the Benijofar or Alfaz del Pi practice by calling 966 860 258 or emailing You could save more than just money.




16 - 22 January 2014 / Costa Blanca South

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The silliest woman can manage a clever man; but it needs a very clever woman to manage a fool.’ Rudyard Kipling (1865 – 1936) English short-story writer, poet, and novelist.

in history

Women’s wit

1793: French King Louis XVI is executed by guillotine in the Place de la Revolution in Paris. 1901: The longest reigning queen in British history, Queen Victoria, dies aged 81. 1919: The ban on the sale, production, importation and transportation of alcoholic drinks in the US comes into force after the ratification of the 18th Amendment. 1950: British author George Orwell dies in London after battling three years against tuberculosis. 1953: A prototype Chevrolet Corvette is unveiled at the General Motors Motorama auto show in New York City. 1958: Members of a joint Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic expedition who set off from opposite ends of the continent join up at the South Pole. 1961: John F Kennedy becomes the youngest ever elected president of the US. 1966: Indira Gandhi becomes head of the Congress Party and thus prime minister of India. 1966: A B-52 bomber returning to its base in North Carolina (US) accidentally drops three 70-kiloton hydrogen bombs near the Spanish town of Palomares after colliding with a KC-135 jet tanker. 1970: Muammar Gaddafi becomes Libya’s Prime Minister four months after a bloodless coup d’état. 1979: Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlevi of Iran and his wife, Empress Farah, flee into exile after months of protests against his regime. 1991: The Gulf War, codenamed Operation Desert Storm, starts in Iraq. 1993: American actress Audrey Hepburn dies near her home in Lausanne, Switzerland, aged 63. 1994: 54 people die after a 6.7 magnitude earthquake hits Los Angeles (US). 1996: Yasser Arafat is elected leader of Palestine.

A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.’ Ingrid Bergman (1915 – 1982), Swedish actress who starred in European and American films.

World of English Seen in an Indian maternity ward:

‘ Costa Blanca weather No children allowed.

K a k u ro

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Mon - 12 7 Cl Tues - 13 8 Cl Wed - 13 8 C Cl Clear,


2 Sh 1 Sh 0 Sn


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Mon - 16 8 S Tues - 17 8 C Wed - 18 8 S



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Mon - 15 6 Sh Tues - 17 6 Cl Wed - 18 7 S Th Thunder



Fill all the empty squares using the numbers 1 to 9, so that the sum of each horizontal block equals the ‘clue’ on its left, and the sum of each vertical block equals the clue on its top. No number may be used in the same block more than once.









Saturday January 11

Saturday January 11

Saturday January 11

Friday January 10

Saturday January 11







16 25
















2 10

























E W N 16 - 22 January 2014 / Costa Blanca South



Starring Julianne Moore, Steve Coogan, Alexander Skasgard and Joana Vanderham. Directed by Scott McGehee and David Siegel. Run 98 mins. Rated 15.

CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 20) You are in for a bit of a bumpy ride this week. Some things will go well but other outcomes can be quirky. People change their minds, technology doesn't work, phone calls don't come. Be assured, however, that if you keep your sense of the absurd it could all be quite amusing. AQUARIUS (January 21 - February 19) When it comes to throwing wobblers, please don't. It is so important this week to stay cool and unruffled. Change nothing that you can avoid changing. Even having discussions about change can set your nerves jangling. What is needed now is a comfort blanket and someone to put it around you. PISCES (February 20 - March 20) This month, there is much to be celebrated. So much has happened in the latter part of last year. Certainly, congratulations are in order. When you have made such an effort and are rewarded for it, the satisfaction level is high. Be aware, though, that someone close also needs to feel that there is progress. ARIES (March 21 - April 20) The importance of making the right choices is clear to you. Where to begin seems to be a sticking point. Starting by taking away the things you really do not want is essential. Be practical and logical. This is not a time for sentiment or muddled thinking. Although you will need patience in abundance as the week progresses, take one thing at a time. TAURUS (April 21 - May 21) Although you have the feeling that younger members of the family are not interested in your point of view, this is far off the mark. They, in their inexperience, may not know how best to approach you in this regard. Getting out family photos or starting a family tree with them can be both entertaining and fascinating. Altogether, this week is for the generations to come together and find a common cause. Teenagers seeking answers should ask grandparents.

H ex a g r a m

SUSANNA and Beale are too self-involved even to notice their neglect and inadequacy as parents. As they raise the stakes by taking on inappropriate new partners, the ex-nanny Margo and the much younger bartender Lincoln, the shuffling of Maisie from household to household becomes more and more callous, the consequences more and more troubling.

IF ITʼS YOUR BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK: Trust your instincts when making judgments in the months ahead, particularly when meeting new people. Should you feel concern, then sidestep and look ahead.




















LAST WEEK’S SOLUTION 1 Elapse, 5 Turret, 9 Behave, 13 Tracer, 17 Addict,

2 Rascal, 3 Neater, 6 Fixate, 7 Warmth, 10 Muscle, 11 Bureau, 14 Reveal, 15 Dilate, 18 Strand, 19 Bodies

4 Swerve, 8 Estate, 12 Ideate, 16 Statue,

Your Stars

January 16: Kate Moss, 40. English supermodel.

How many English words of four letters or more can you make from the nine letters in our Nonagram puzzle? Each letter may be used only once (unless the letter appears twice). Each word MUST CONTAIN THE CENTRE LETTER (in this case R) and there must be AT LEAST ONE NINE LETTER WORD. Plurals, vulgarities or proper nouns are not allowed.


only possible to spend money once. We are all guilty of trying to get over this truth, but it never works. Have patience when looking to improve your possessions. There are more pressing needs and these, in the long run, prove more satisfying. Should you be thinking of taking on a commitment, have clear ideas of how it will be managed.

GEMINI (May 22 - June 21) The prospect of travel sets you thinking. Have you been spending too much time considering others? Should you take steps now to get time alone then these plans cannot be changed. This will save any discussions as to how or when. Taking charge of your own time is liberating. Someone has to make the decisions, why not you?

LEO (July 24 - August 23) Going over old ground is counter-productive. There is nothing to be gained from repeating methods that did not work in the past. If it is not possible to find a fresh approach then seek the opinions of others. You do not need experience of a situation to be able to come up with a useful idea. Staying in the same old rut has not served you in the past and will not do so now. Get a few days away and it will help to free your thoughts.

CANCER (June 22 - July 23) With the best will in the world it is

VIRGO (August 24 - September 23) Getting together with others to

1. Who were Cynthia Powell, Mary Cox, Patti Boyd and Linda Eastman? 2. What was the title of the Beatles’ first UK number one hit single? 3. What is Sir Paul McCartney’s real first name? 4. Premiered in the UK in July 1964, what was the title of the Beatles’ first film, a black-and-white comedy directed by Richard Lester? 5. Released in August 1968, what was the title of the Beatles’ first single on their record label, Apple Records? 6. What were the names of (a) the original regular drummer with the Beatles who was replaced by Ringo Starr in 1962 and (b) the Beatles’ original bassist who left the band in 1962 to pursue his career as an artist? 7. Which Beatle co-wrote, with Eric Clapton, and played electric guitar on the Cream’s 1969 hit single Badge, under the pseudonym L’Angelo Misterioso? 8. Which order of chivalry was (controversially) awarded to all four members of the Beatles in June 1965? 9. What was the title of the book by John Lennon, first published in March 1964? It was the first solo Beatle project in any form, consisting of short stories and poems and line drawings, often surreal and always nonsensical. 10. What was the name of the Texan-born musician who joined the Beatles on keyboards from January 1969, having been recruited by George Harrison, partly with a view to deter bickering among the band?


January 17: Betty White, 92. American actress. She is the only actress surviving from the cast of TV series Golden Girls.

January 19: Logan Lerman, 22. American actor.

10-Star Quiz THE FAB FOUR

Pep Guardiola, born January 18, 1971. He is a Spanish football manager and former player. As a player, he spent most of his career in FC Barcelona, winning one Championsʼ League among other titles. In 2008, he signed in as Barcelonaʼs manager winning 13 trophies during the four seasons in charge. He is currently the manager of German club Bayern Munich. entertain is sure to be successful after the sixteenth. Before that there may be some irritations, particularly with people who refuse to be positive and make decisions. Those moving house or going on a journey need a lot of patience, and forward planning is essential. Do not assume that all will go according to plan. Having been forewarned, you will have plan B ready. Take a suggestion to make fast money with a pinch of salt. LIBRA (September 24 - October 23) This is an important week for both your physical health and your mental well-being. Because of things beyond your control, you may have let your diet or exercise slip. Having sorted out any problems that side-tracked you, there is a need to be particularly strong. There is no soft option when it comes to self-control but the rewards are amazing. SCORPIO (October 24 - November 22) This is a week to let yourself be


January 20: Gary Barlow, 42. English singer-songwriter, frontman of British pop group Take That.

Average: 7 Good: 9 Very good: 14 Excellent: 17

January 21: Emma Bunton, 38. British pop singer and member of girl group Spice Girls.

LAST WEEK’S SOLUTION January 22: Linda Blair, 54. American actress who played the role of possessed child, Regan, in the film The Exorcist. heard. Be it writing letters, sending emails, making phone calls or making conversation, you must express yourself. Being honest and outspoken need not mean upsetting people. Think of the way that a child gets its point over. Eye contact, simple speech, humour, a smile: all will help to oil the wheels of achievement. SAGITTARIUS (November 23 - December 21) Having problems with that new computer? Fallen foul of the new mobile phone? That wouldn't be surprising this week. As you are prone to mistakes and misunderstandings, try not to tackle anything vital. Be sure to get plenty of sleep and fresh air. Someone who is supposed to help you proves more of an irritation than a saviour, and you may wish that you had stuck with the manual. This is a week to try to keep life simple.

cope, corp, coup, crop, deep, dope, dorp, drop, dupe, peer, pore, pour, prod, puce, pure, purr, rope, coped, coper, coupe, creep, crepe, croup, doper, drupe, duper, epode, pedro, perdu, pored, proud, prude, puree, purer, repro, roped, roper, rupee, creped, poured, pourer, pureed, purred, recoup, proceed, procure, produce, prouder, procured, producer, recouped, PROCEDURE, REPRODUCE

Word Ladder LIFE


Move from the start word (LIFE) to the end word (BELT) in the same number of steps as there are rungs on the Word Ladder. You must only change one letter at a time.


What Maisie Knew

The purpose of the Hexagram puzzle is to place the 19 six-letter words into the 19 cells. The letters at the edges of interlocking cells MUST BE THE SAME. The letters in the words must be written CLOCKWISE. The word in cell 10 (MENDED) and one letter in four other cells are given as clues.





16 - 22 January 2014 / Costa Blanca South




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Unscramble the name of a famous Greek philosopher: GRAPH’S A TOY

Across 1 Transport needed by Santa, his leg is broken (6) 4 Missouriʼs cattle is in Russia (6) 7 Eccentric saved rope for spy (9) 9 Arab state within Romania (4) 10 Move at once for the butter (4) 11 Where boats may be seen made of tin and aluminium (5) 13 Chemical tester finding uranium in illuminated manuscript (6) 14 Tone down safety first repeatedly (6) 15 Saint carrying tungsten alloy (6) 17 Making a big effort with 10 dismissed (3,3) 19 Flower is found within 24 hours (5) 20 Fish swallowing end of anglerʼs line (4) 22 Back-seat model displayed grief (4) 23 Iʼm sure ten became insurgents (9) 24 Animals made to rest (6) 25 Cooked small trout for the coaches (6)

Unscramble the name of a type of confectionery (one word): CUTHBERT’S COT FUNAGRAM SOLUTION: PYTHAGORAS, BUTTERSCOTCH

Play on Words


characters (9) 8 Stops open for a change, then schedules for a later date (9) 11 Better crude compound (5) 12 Small owl, young, somewhat humble (5) 15 Famous actor in a cop flick (6)

16 Incursions outside quiet but turbulent area of a river (6) 17 Just one facet of the view (6) 18 Sums for children, including a little algebra (6) 21 Expected to carry piano for cheat (4) 22 Underwriter reveals legal document (4)

Code Breaker


Each number in the Code Breaker grid represents a different letter of the alphabet. In this week’s puzzle, 3 represents H and 25 represents C, so fill in H every time the figure 3 appears and C every time the figure 25 appears. Now, using your knowledge of the English language, work out which letters should go in the missing squares. As you discover the letters, fill in other squares with the same number in the main grid and the control grid.

Across 1 Become separated (6) 4 Has confidence in (6) 9 Wear away (7) 10 Award (5) 11 File a claim against (3) 12 Small parrot (8) 14 Belonging to the stars (6) 15 Chief (6) 18 Result (8) 20 Donkey (3) 23 Hospital worker (5) 24 Last (7) 25 Discover (6) 26 School work (6)

Down 1 Joins in space (5) 2 Unbearable physical pain (7) 3 Wooden shoe (4) 5 Recurring again and again (8) 6 Beam (5) 7 Refuge (7) 8 Wild (5) 13 Most distant (8) 14 Arms depot (7) 16 Journals (7) 17 Domineering (5) 19 Words to a song (5) 21 Austere (5) 22 Incite (4)

English - Spanish The clues are mixed, some clues are in Spanish and some are in English.

Answers: A kick in the teeth, Nothing on Earth

Down 1 An educational institution for lots of swimmers (6) 2 Russian czar who features in Gilbert and Sullivan operetta (4) 3 Has Japanese money in African animals (6) 4 Hot curry creating dramas (6) 5 Toil, thatʼs what lumberjacks do after the Sabbath (4) 6 Building a new town, itʼs immoral (6) 7 Soil burrowers or the warm


LAST WEEK’S SOLUTIONS CRYPTIC Across: 1 Deflated, 5 Kilo, 9 Curious, 10 Extol, 11 Saint, 12 Tussock, 13 Munich, 15 Dampen, 18 Seminar, 20 Adore, 22 Nylon, 23 Glacier, 24 Yarn, 25 Kestrels. Down: 1 Ducks, 2 Foreign, 3 Aloft, 4 Ersatz, 6 Intro, 7 Oilskin, 8 Persia, 13 Masonry, 14 Canine, 16 Promise, 17 Brogue, 19 Molar, 20 Abaft, 21 Earls. QUICK Across: 1 Scheme, 4 Optic, 8 Relic, 9 Partner, 10 Endorse, 11 Bore, 12/18 Dry ice, 14 Hymn, 15 Espy, 21 Once, 23 Narrate, 25 Piccolo, 26 Inept, 27 Ready, 28 Ignore. Down: 1 Screen, 2 Holiday, 3 Macaroni, 4 Ogre, 5 Tango, 6 Cornet, 7 Speed, 13 Yearning, 16 Placebo, 17 Cooper, 19 Enjoy, 20 Gentle, 22 Cocoa, 24 Copy.

Across 1 Salvia (4) 3 Used (second-hand) (5) 8 Housewife (3,2,4) 9 To be (changeable or temporary state) (5) 10 Silver (metal) (5) 12 Artichoke (9) 14 Latón (metal) (5) 15 Dentro de (4)

Down 1 Cacerola (8) 2 Gigante (5) 4 Perro pastor (8) 5 Day (3) 6 Factories (8) 7 Shoemaker (8) 11 Otra vez (5) 13 Coche (automóvil) (3)

ENGLISH-SPANISH Across: 1 Amigo, 3 Sauce, 5 Eat, 7 Evening, 9 True, 10 Both, 13 Nublado, 14 Sol, 15 Siete, 16 Sapos. Down: 1 Aceitunas, 2 Oler, 3 Shed, 4 Eggshells, 6 Thumb, 8 Idols, 11 Vale, 12 Logs.

E W N 16 - 22 January 2014 / Costa Blanca South


SPONSORED BY For solutions:

1. Prince George of Cambridge (Prince William and Kate Middleton, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge) Little needs to be said about the pregnancy watched ‘round the world. After his grandfather Charles and father William, little George Alexander Lewis of Cambridge (born July 22, 2013) is third in the line of succession to the throne of his greatgrandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.


2. Leonor de Borbon (Felipe and Letizia, Prince and Princess of Asturias) Leonor’s birth goes a few years back, but Spaniards and foreign residents alike will remember her birth on October 31, 2005. Now eight-years-old, Leonor is second to succeed to the Spanish throne after her father. According to the 1978 Constitution, she will eventually become Queen of Spain if her parents do not produce a male heir. 3. Shiloh Jolie-Pitt (Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie) The Associated Press called her “the most anticipated baby since Jesus Christ.” The frenzy surrounding baby Shiloh’s birth in May 2006 prompted Pitt and Jolie to escape to Namibia for her to be born. Shiloh’s first photos were sold for a reported $7.6 million (€5.58 million) to Britain’s Hello and America’s People magazines. 4. Martin Casillas Carbonero (Iker Casillas and Sara Carbonero) Little Martin Casillas Carbonero is the first Spanish celebrity baby of 2014. He was born on Friday, January 3, to the Real Madrid goalkeeper dad and sports journalist mum at the celebrityfavoured Clinica Ruber Internacional hospital in Madrid. He is the couple’s first child.

Simple Grocery List Simple Grocery List is a free app to help you keep track of all your grocery item needs in a simple and easy way. Available for iOS and Android devices.

A touching tale of family BOOKS

9. Brooklyn Beckham (David and Victoria Beckham) Not surprisingly, the son of world-famous English footballer David and former Spice Girl Victoria also gains a spot on the celebrity kids list. Posh and Becks’ first son was born Brooklyn Joseph back in March 1999 in Westminster, London.

Afghanistan, 1952. Abdullah and his sister Pari live with their father and stepmother in the village of Shadbagh. Their father, Saboor, is constantly in search of work and they struggle together through poverty. To Abdullah, Pari is everything. More like a parent than a brother, Abdullah will do anything for her. In this tale revolving around not just parents and children, but brothers

and sisters, cousins and caretakers, Hosseini explores the many ways in which families nurture, wound, betray, honour and sacrifice for one another. And especially how often we are surprised by the actions of those closest to us, at the times that matter most. Following its characters and the ramifications of their lives and choices and loves around the globe - from Kabul to Paris to

ever win an Academy Award and to be given a star along the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It was a bit of a smack in the face, then, when Cruz gave birth in the United States and not in Spain. Leonardo Bardem was born in January 2011 in Los Angeles.

San Francisco to the Greek island of Tinos - the story expands gradually outward, becoming more emotionally complex and powerful.

into the world a year ago in January 2013. The young Pique was born in Barcelona where the family lives.

10. Baby girl Andre (Peter Andre and Emily MacDonagh) And finally, the world welcomes British TV personality Peter Andre and Emily MacDonagh’s daughter born on Wednesday, January 8, 2014 at Musgrove Park Hospital in Taunton, Somerset. She is Andre’s third child and MacDonagh’s first.

6. Louise Brown (World’s first test-tube baby) The birth of the planet’s first ‘test-tube’ baby in 1978 reverberated around the globe. Little Louise’s birth enabled infertile couples to have children for the first time through in vitro fertilization (IVF). Robert Edwards was awarded the 2010 Nobel Prize in Medicine for his IVF research.

Most anticipated: Shiloh JoliePitt (above) and Third in line: Prince George (above left). 5. Milan Pique Mebarak (Gerard Pique and Shakira) Barcelona footballer Pique, 26, and Colombian pop singer Shakira, 36, welcomed their son Milan

Sudoku Fill the grid so that every row, every column and every 3X3 box contains the digits 1-9. There’s no maths involved. You solve the puzzle with reasoning and logic.

7. Suri Cruise (Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes) With Holmes conversion from Catholicism to Scientology before her wedding to Cruise, there was significant speculation surrounding the birth of the couple’s first (and only) child, born in April 2006. Of special interest was whether Holmes would stick to the controversial religion’s ‘silent birth’ philosophy where physical movements and sounds are restricted. 8. Leonardo Bardem (Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz) Penelope Cruz is the first Spanish actress to

Brooklyn Beckham: Born in 1999.


WHAT a life, to be born to parents who are rich and famous, for good or ill. With famous babies just born to Peter Andre and Emily MacDonagh, and to Iker Casillas and Sara Carbonero, this week’s Top 10 presents our picks for the most famous celebrity children.

App of the Week




Boggled How many English words can you find in the Boggled grid, according to the following rules? The letters must be adjoining in a ‘chain’. They can be adjacent horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Words must contain at least four letters and may include singular and plural or other derived forms. No letter may be used more than once within a single word, unless it appears twice. No vulgarities or proper nouns are permitted.



Average: 18

Just Joking

Good: 23 Very good: 34

My wife is never satisfied. Yesterday she complained that I never make breakfast in bed. Today she’s complaining because I put our bed in the kitchen. Q: Why don’t they play poker in the jungle? A: Too many cheetahs.

Excellent: 42

SCORING: 4 letters: 1 point • 5 letters: 2 points 6 letters: 3 points • 7 letters: 4 points 8 or more letters: 11 points

LAST WEEK’S SOLUTION eater, eaters, eaten, aver, avers, tavern, taverns, tern, terns, tens, never, nerve, cater, caters, cave, cavern, caverns, even, event, ever, evens, erst, verb, verbs, vent, enter, enters, peat, peace, peter, peters, beat, beaten, beater, beaters, beaver, beavers, beta, beret, breve, brevet, reps, rent, spec, wren, wrens


16 - 22 January 2014 / Costa Blanca South



Electricity prices going up again? With electricity bills already up 60 per cent in five years the power companies threatened another 11 per cent rise. Do you think that was justified and would you be able to cope? Would you have to make savings elsewhere, or keep the heating down? Was the government right to peg the rise at 2.3 per cent? CAROL DEAN, aged 66, lives in Albox (Almeria). She has a good handle on her own energy usage, saying: “I have got a white meter so I do all my washing and ironing or use anything that uses a lot of electricity in that time period.” Her opinion is that the government did the right thing by keeping the increase low: “They should have stopped any rises altogether.” For her part, she does what she can, adding:“It is a question of turning off lights to save energy.” Using alternative energy also helps. The opinion of Keith Roberts in Arboleas (Almeria) is that “we are part solarpowered so our power bills are quite low compared to other people.” The 63-yearold retiree stated: “I don’t think 2.3 per cent is extortionate, I STEVE BALL: Everything is going up.

STREET TALK wouldn’t say we would have to cut back on any luxuries.” Then there are those at the other end of the spectrum. Any price increase on electricity would affect retirees Steve and Jennie Hollarn from Los Dolses (Alicante), but Steve thought the proposed 11 per cent would have been disastrous for consumers: “It’s too high and out of most people’s reach. “A lot of people are struggling at the moment anyway.” He also said the government should step in to prevent such steep rises: “The problem is that Iberdrola has the monopoly and there is little competition.” Steve Ball, aged 61, also from Los Dolses

(Alicante), said rises in electricity price, no matter how big or small, affect everyone: “I’ve just gone and bought a gas fire because bills are so high. “Everything is going up but wages haven’t gone up to match all these price increases. I’ve been here 11 years so I don’t know about UK comparisons, but they are maybe trying to stay in line with the UK. It’s definitely not as cheap now to live here.” The solution, according to Mariasun Uribe in Alhaurin de la Torre (Malaga), is to “pursue alternative energy sources as much as possible. The government will always make decisions people are not in agreement with. “The best thing to do for oneself is to go with wind or solar power, which we haven’t done yet, but maybe one day we will.” CAROL DEAN: Government should stop rises. KEITH ROBERTS: Doesn’t think increase is extortionate.


E W N 16 - 22 January 2014 / Costa Blanca South



ood F

Improve your diet. To read more turn to Page 60

Costa Blanca’s best guide for local restaurants


Get juicing this winter JUICING is a great way of getting essential vitamins and nutrients in to your body and with so many different combinations and options to try, there is a taste to suit everyone For maximum health benefits, make sure you include the some of the following: Kale: a low-calorie vegetable that is rich in antioxidants and vitamins A, C and K. It is a good source of potassium and aids in muscle and heart health. Ginger: adding ginger to juice recipes can reduce nausea and stomach distress and can improve the body’s ability to absorb nutrients. Lemons: rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, lemons also contain beta carotene which supports eye health and helps protect bones from osteoporosis. Blueberries: often described as a ‘super food’ they are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C and juicing with blueberries can help the body overcome urinary tract infections. Cinnamon: helps the body fight off colds and mild bacterial infections. Adding cinnamon may also help control blood sugar levels and reduce joint pain.

Smoking food - list updated THE European Union has updated the list of wood and materials that can be used for smoking food. These include oak, walnut, maple, ash, birch and cherry-wood, with beech being the basis for this type of food flavouring. Thought to have originated in prehistoric times to preserve food, smoking today is a technique used to flavour mainly fish and meat. Other ingredients that can be smoked are cheeses, sauces, bread, cereals, pasta, snacks, desserts and even beverages. The list drawn by the European Union shows how to smoke food, shedding light on this interesting but often unknown process. It has a validity of 10 years, after which the European Union will have to reappraise and update it to guarantee it complies with the highest safety standards.

JUICES: There is a taste to suit everyone.

Benefits of Mediterranean diet OVER millennia the Mediterranean people have brought to their tables recognisable dishes through their distinct cultures. Iberian, Celtic, Greek, Roman, Barbarian and Arabian contributed to establish the actual ‘Mediterranean trilogy’: bread, olive oil and wine.

From the Middle East arrived cereals, legumes, carrots, onion, garlic, plum, peach, cherry, apple, pear and several nuts. From Europe came beetroot, chicory, cabbage and asparagus; from the Far East arrived chickpeas, sesame, cucumber, aubergine,

mustard, basil and citrus. From Southeast Asia and Oceania arrived the rice, rosemary, pepper, ginger, cucumber and cider; from Africa arrived melon and watermelon and from America arrived the corn, beans, potatoes, tomatoes, courgette and pumpkin. Modern science revealed in the second half of the twentieth century the exceptional nature of the Mediterranean lifestyle and its influence on the health of the population. The health benefits of the Mediterranean diet were initially described in the years 1950-1960 by Dr. Ancel Keys and colleagues in the ‘Study of the seven countries’ which recounted the role of this diet in coronary heart disease. They observed that in Mediterranean countries the rate of coronary heart disease was significantly lower than in other countries in northern Europe due to dietary habits.


16 - 22 January 2014 / Costa Blanca South

BEER TYPES: Lager is the most popular.

British beer sales decline as drinkers consume less THE British beer market has found itself to be in a state of flux. Although the amount of people drinking beer has remained broadly the same in 2013 compared to the previous year, the actual amount being consumed has decreased. According to a survey carried out by market researcher Mintel, some 31 per cent of beer drinkers in the UK

claim to be drinking less beer than they were a year ago. This downturn is also reflected in volume sales, with a year on year decrease of 3.4 per cent in 2013. This means beer went from 4.24 billion litres sold in 2012 to 4.09 billion in 2013. Lager is the most popular type of beer, with 58 per cent of adults

drinking it in the last six months of 2013. It is also the only type of beer to be drunk more at home than outside, with 47 per cent of people enjoying the drink at home. However, craft beer is experiencing a boom in the British market. A quarter of adults, some 13 million, have said they consumed a craft beer in the last six months of 2013.




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Ten recommendations for improving eating habits

TYPICAL DISH: Only of the Valencia region.

Paella myths

MANY tourists that come to Spain for holidays think that ‘paella’ is a typical Spanish dish and that it is served everywhere in Spain with the same quality. Go to Valencia and the local population will disabuse them of their ‘misconception.’ The locals insist that paella is in fact a dish that is only ‘typical’ of the

Valencia region, not Spain as a whole. And, they will claim, that paellas cooked in other parts of Spain, unless in a restaurant specialising in Valencian dishes, will never be the same quality as paella ordered in any village of the Valencian Community. But whether a matter of regional pride or not, paella is worth trying everywhere in Spain!

1) Use olive oil as your principal additional oil. It is rich in vitamin E, beta-carotene and monounsaturated acids that have cardio protective properties. 2) Eat plant foods in abundance: fruits, vegetables, legumes, mushrooms and nuts. They are the main source of vitamins, minerals and fibre in our diets and give us at the same time, a lot of water. They can also prevent cardiovascular diseases and some types of cancer. 3) Bread and food from cereals (pasta and rice) should be part of the daily diet. They are essential for its carbohydrate composition and provide the energy for our daily activities. 4) The less processed, fresh and seasonal foods are the most appropriate. This allows us to consume them at their best moment, both in terms of nutrient intakes and for their aroma and taste. 5) Consume daily milk products, mainly cheese and

VITAMINS: Rich in olive oil, fruit and vegetables. yoghurt. They are a good source of calcium, high quality protein, vitamin B2, retinol and vitamin D.

6) Red meat should be consumed in moderation and better as part of stews and other recipes. Processed meats only in small amounts as an ingredient in sandwiches. 7) Eat lots of fish, but eggs in moderation. Oily fish consumption is recommended at least once or twice a week because its fat has properties against cardiovascular diseases. Eggs contain high quality protein, fats and many vitamins and minerals, it is recommended to have three or four eggs a weeks as a substitute to meat. 8) Fresh fruit should be the usual dessert. Sweets and pastries should be eaten occasionally. 9) Water is the quintessential drink in the Mediterranean. Wine must be taken in moderation and with meals. 10) Physical activity every day, because it is as important as eating properly to maintain health.



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F O R M O R E I N F O R M AT I O N A B O U T T H E S P O N S O R G O T O W W W . L I N E A D I R E C T A . C O M

Some interesting ideas for using up your winter citrus fruits Dick Handscombe

Gardening Corner By Dick Handscombe Spain’s best known expat gardening author about to start his 26th winter cut back.

WATER ICE: Make using orange or lemon and top with ice cream.


ONTH by month from now until June the various seasonal varieties of citrus fruits will be coming

ripe enough to pick. Sometimes one wonders what to do with all the fruit as often neighbours have good crops as well. So here are some ideas. • Lemons, oranges and grapefruits - extract and freeze the juice in plastic beakers or by the jug full in plastic bags. • Ecological tangerines are not only contaminant free but they are also

sweeter and have thinner skins than other citrus fruits. One can therefore chop and freeze whole fruits for using for tangerine jellies or mixing into trifles or cheesecake mixes. • Marmalades can be made, a kilo of sugar to each kilo of fruit, using individual types of fruits oranges, tangerines, mandarins, lemons,

limes, kumquats or grapefruits - or mixtures of two or more types. • That old fashioned treat of lemon curd is also easy to make if you have a good crop. • If you enjoy curries and are lucky enough to have a productive lime tree, make lime chutney. • Orange and lemon water ices and ice creams Turn to Page 62


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From desserts to different salads From Page 61 can be easily made and both can be attractively stored and served in hollowed out oranges and lemons. • Reflecting back into the far past, my grandmother used to make a lemon and orange syrup and also candied orange and lemon peel. MARMALADE: Can be made using oranges, tangerines, mandarins or a mixture.

• If you have a tray drier then dried citrus slices can be made as inexpensive snacks. Dried tangerine, mandarin and orange slices can be half dipped in chocolate to make a tasty after dinner offering with infusions, coffee and liqueurs. • Thinking of liqueurs, brandy, whisky, anise and aguardiente can all be interestingly flavoured by adding a few thin slices of peel into the bottles. Likewise bottles of white wine if treated and drunk within two days. • Prepare orange or

CITRUS FRUITS: They will be ripe enough to pick over the coming months.

tangerine, tomato and dried salt cod salads as a change from just green salads or tomato, lettuce and onion salads. • The small fruits of kumquats and limequats can be bottled in brandy or rum for adding to desserts. • Make and freeze an orange sauce for later use when cooking a duck. • Give all your silver a spring clean if not done for Christmas by rubbing the surface with the cut face of half a lemon, then

leaving for a few minutes before rinsing off and drying. • Start to have a refreshing lemon or orange infusion, perhaps with ginger and honey, first thing in the morning in place of a first cup of coffee or tea. If anyone has other uses we would be pleased to hear from you. Please send them to gardeninginspain@hotmail. com. If you have yet to have good crops of citrus fruit, review the

practical guidelines for selecting and planting, pruning, feeding, spraying, and watering citrus trees given in Chapter 4.2 of ‘Growing healthy fruit in Spain from strawberries to oranges and water melons.’

© Dick Handscombe www.gardenspain. com January 2014.

Plant of the Month: Shefflera LOOKING for a special plant to spiff up winter gardening? Take a moment to consider the shefflera plant, this month’s plant of the month from Viveros Guzman nursery. Schefflera arboricola (also known as Heptapleurum arboricolum) is a flowering plant belonging to the Araliaceae family that produces flowers in a range of colours. Gardeners might recognise it by its more familiar name, the Dwarf Umbrella Tree. It is native to both Taiwan and Hainan in southern China but is found here in Spain as well. Growing either small or large, it works equally well as a houseplant or, in milder climates like southern Spain where frost is not severe, as a convenient

DWARF UMBRELLA TREE: Easy and beautiful. option for broader landscaping. And for those who

weren’t born with a green thumb, the shefflera is popular for

its tolerance of poor growing conditions and neglect.


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roperty P



Advertising Feature

Whether buying or selling, call the professionals at SPC SPC INTERNATIONAL is a fully independent real estate agency with offices on the Costa Blanca and Orihuela Costa. From their three offices in La Siesta, Quesada and Punta Prima, they have access to over 7,000 properties, helping you find the home of your dreams. The professional and friendly team has more than 50 years of experience between them and pass on that knowledge to their clients. They are able to carry out bespoke property searches and will use their expert local knowledge and extensive market research to recommend properties that meet your criteria as closely as possible. All properties have been carefully selected and represent value for money, in the best location, with quality of construction and investment potential across the south

Costa Blanca, Costa Calida REDUCED: Villa’s and the Mar price now reduced by Menor. Taking you €100,000 through every single step of the buying process and explaining everything involved, the service does not stop once you have purchased your property; if clients need help with obtaining an NIE or residencia, SIP health card, changing car documents or licences, making wills or any kind of legal advice, SPC can help. Property insurance, building renovations and rental can also be arranged. SPC International has clients waiting to buy so if you are looking at selling your

BUNGALOW: Get on the property ladder and invest in bargain bungalows for less than €50,000 BARGAIN: 3 bed, 2 bath villa for less than €140,000

property, contact them to arrange a free, no obligation valuation. SPC International aims to offer a clearer and more concise way of buying and selling property in Spain and all fiscal and legal matters are dealt with by the in-house

team. From the head office in La Siesta they also offer a currency transfer service, to or from Spain and the services of a lawyer specialising in criminal and civil cases. For more information or to discuss your requirements call La Siesta head office on 966 785 279/966 785 907, Quesada on 966 111 511 or Punta Prima on 966 821 072. Email or search for them on Facebook.


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Energy certificate essential ENERGY Performance Certificates (EPCs) were introduced in Spain in June 2013. From that moment on, having a home energy certificate has been compulsory in order to sell or rent it, or if it has been recently refurbished. With the growing desire for energysaving and sustainable housing, it is essential to show potential buyers and tenants this certificate before signing a contract. In this way the best information is always provided. The document has its origin in a directive from the European Union, and thus it must be used in Spain as well as in the remaining member states. Having an EPC doesn’t necessarily imply that a house is energy efficient, but it provides valuable information in order to improve this aspect. An EPC gives a property an energy efficiency rating from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient), and in fact could have an influence on the price of the property. The more energy efficient a house is, the higher its value will be in the market place.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY: A certificate could influence the price of a property. Apartment buildings will have to have a Building Assessment Report from 2019. The new Urban Refurbishment, Regeneration and Renovation Law established that this report must inform about the building’s energy efficiency. This document will be valid for houses and commercial premises alike.


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Building row closes restaurant

Insurance cover in Spain

ONE of Spain’s Michelin star restaurants has been closed down over ‘building irregularities’. The Culler de Pau de O Grove is located on the beachfront of San Vincente in Galicia. It has been closed by owner and chef Javier Olleros following a complaint by a local businessman which sparked a judicial process that resulted in an order of closure and partial demolition of the modern coastal building. Olleros said he hopes to reopen in March with the complaint being “political revenge that has nothing to do with me or my restaurant business.” The urban illegality of the building dates back to the 1980s long before Olleros bought it and opened his awardwinning restaurant.

LANDLORDS and tenants have different obligations under the law with regard to home insurance. Indeed, the only one who incurs a liability is the owner who must at least have fire insurance. Home insurance plans cover both the building and contents and can cover one and not the other. Under the policy, the value of the building must be set at the actual value of construction, not the current market price. In terms of contents, it is the owner of the insured items who chooses what he wants to insure. It is a must to keep receipts for objects covered, as well as a description, and it is recommended to provide a photograph of covered objects.

BANESTO PREMISES: One of the latest purchases by Amancio Ortega.

Inditex owner buys emblematic buildings SPAIN’s richest person, Amancio Ortega, has expanded his property portfolio by buying two emblematic buildings in Barcelona and Valencia. The co-founder of clothing giant Inditex has bought the former headquarters of Banesto bank on Barcelona’s Plaza de Cataluña, and a building in Calle Colon in Valencia. Both buildings serve as premises for two stores selling devices from computer giant Apple Inc, otherwise known as Apple Store.

Coincidentally, or maybe not, Amancio Ortega also bought a building hosting an Apple Store in Paris’s Carrousel du Louvre. Ortega bought his Barcelona building from Sareb, a company responsible for managing assets transferred by the four nationalised Spanish financial institutions, for €44 million. A bargain if taking into account that Madrid-based real estate Monteverde bought it for €110

million in 2006. For his Valencia building, located opposite an El Corte Ingles department store and next to several of his own clothes shops, Ortega paid a reported €23.5 million. The third richest man in the world with an estimated fortune of €47.7 billion, Amancio Ortega is said to have been interested in expanding his property assets in Valencia for months.


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Welcome to your forecast for January 2014 and your abilities. Believe in your goals and draw on your inner strength to become who you truly are.

By Sally Trotman Based in Mallorca, Sally Trotman is a qualified Counsellor who works with Astrology, Numerology and the Tarot. Each month she will deliver the forecast as an intuitive tool to aid increased self awareness.


ACH month I write about how you can make the most of the month ahead, using astrology, numerology and the tarot as a unique tool to help you confidently create the life you desire and deserve. Read on to learn more about how you can create what you want this month... Jump into January! With the new moon on January 1, this month promises to bring much-needed change. Look inside to discover your true heart’s yearning and act on your inner wisdom. This year is about becoming who you really are. Throughout January you will be given the opportunity to re-evaluate every aspect of your life, and decide whether to maintain the status quo or boldly break free. On January 14, the full moon ruled by the watery sign of cancer, brings the focus to home. Where do you feel most comfortable? How do you nurture

A NEW YEAR: Take one step at a time towards fulfilling your vision. yourself? These are questions to ask yourself around the middle of the month. The month ends with another new moon, this time ruled by the airy sign of Aquarius. Let your mind fly free and imagine your ideal life. Then take action to make this your reality.

You are number 1: January is the first month of the year and the number 1 is enabling you to empower yourself to follow your dreams. The energy of this number is helping you to put your needs first, support yourself and trust that you will be provided for when you follow your own truth. It is the number of new starts, adventure and optimism. Focus this

month only on what you want, and let the rest fall away. You may feel like you are walking your path alone at times, but know that the universe fully supports you and the changes you are making. Follow your intuition, and take one step each day towards fulfilling your vision. Draw an ace: The number 1 relates to the ace cards in the Tarot deck. Each ace signifies a new beginning in all areas of your life. The Magician in the major arcana tarot deck reminds you that you have all the tools for success. With the lessons learned in 2013 it is now time to move forward with your plans and know that you are capable of achieving whatever you want. You have the experience and knowledge now to create your destiny. Trust yourself

What do you want to create in 2014? Discover how the numbers in your date of birth, and placement of the planets at your time of birth, influence your relationships, career, health and home life. With over 13 years experience of working as a Counsellor and Numerologist I can help you to become clear about what you want and how to attain your desires. I hold one-hour sessions in Palma, Mallorca. Sessions can also be held via Skype and telephone. Thirtyminute sessions cost 30€ and a one-hour session costs 50€. Please contact me on 674 405 464 or at Visit my website for more information: Here’s a testimonial from one of my clients: ‘I want to say a really big thank you for everything you have done for me whilst I have been in Palma. I can’t tell you how much you have helped me and what it means to me. You really have changed my life and the way I view myself. I feel like I have a new perspective on things and the tools I need to go forward. Thank you Sally!’ written by Emily Harris from New Zealand.

Notice to press officers EURO WEEKLY NEWS appreciates receiving press releases from local charities, sports clubs, associations and organisations. We realise that it can be frustrating not to see them used, but this is often because the format in which they are sent doesn’t give us time to prepare them. While we can never guarantee publication as we receive dozens of press releases every week, following these simple guidelines will make life a little easier for us and gives press officers a better chance of seeing their work published. • Tell us where you are to ensure your copy goes in the right edition. We have editions in Costa Blanca, Almeria, Axarquia, Costa del Sol and Mallorca, but our newsroom, where your press releases are received, is on the Costa del Sol. We do not necessarily know where bars, urbanisations or towns are located, and do not have time to look them up. • Clarify what you are sending in the subject line of your email and which edition it is for, i.e. €3,400 donation to PAWS dog shelter – Almeria. • Send text in a Word Document (.doc) or

(.docx), NOT any other format. Send as an attachment, do NOT write the text you want printed in your email. • Write your press release as a news story, using simple, concise English and don’t forget: who, where, when, what, and why. • Use the third person and avoid comment and adjectives describing the event, unless they are in quotes. We won’t print comments like “a great time was had by all” as we can’t confirm this. • We will only promote events which are for charity, but don’t assume that we or our readers know what your charity does. Send a BRIEF explanation each time. • Photos should be in high resolution (300dpi+), and larger than 500kb (ideally more than 1MB). When emailing do not reduce the photo in size. • Do NOT include photos in a Word Document, PDF, or any other file. Send as an attachment to your email.

• Tell us who is in the photo or we won’t use it. • When you are contacting us about a future event, DO NOT send in poster format (jpg, pdf, scanned) as we will not print a poster. Send as a Word Document with ALL the information we need written into paragraphs in a readable font, a single colour, no formatting, no photos or images. • Remember, we come out on Thursday, but we send the papers to the printer on Tuesday (Costa Blanca North and South, Almeria) and Wednesday (Costa del Sol, Mallorca, Axarquia), so our deadline is Monday noon. Send to


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An insight into the history of the FIFA World Cup tournament WITH the FIFA World Cup coming up in Brazil later this year, Tony Matthews looks at every World Cup tournament ever played in this series of articles THE inaugural FIFA World Cup took place in Uruguay from July 13-30, 1930. Uruguay was selected as host nation as the country was celebrating the centenary of its first constitution. Also the national team had successfully retained the soccer title at the 1928 Olympics. Thirteen countries entered the initial tournament - Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay from South America; Belgium, France, Romania and Yugoslavia from Europe, plus the USA.

Estadio Centenario, Montevideo. Inset: First logo. Several European teams (including the four from Great Britain)

refused to participate because of travelling difficulties to South

America. The 13 teams were divided into four groups (three of three,

one of four) with the winner of each group moving into the semifinals. All the matches were played in the capital, Montevideo, the majority at the Estadio Centenario, which was built for the tournament. The first two World Cup encounters took place simultaneously, and were won by France and the USA who defeated Mexico 4–1 and Belgium 3–0 respectively. Lucien Laurent (France) scored the first goal in World Cup finals history while USA’s goalkeeper Jimmy Douglas posted the first official ‘clean sheet’.

Argentina, Uruguay, the USA and Yugoslavia reached the semi-finals and the first two named by far the best teams in the competition qualified for the final which was won by Uruguay who defeated Argentina 4–2 before 93,000 fans in Montevideo to become the first country to lift the World Cup. One of Uruguay’s goals was scored by Hector Castro who had only one arm following an amputation when he was a 13-year-old schoolboy. The USA took third place. *Next: The 1934 World Cup in Italy

Just what do our feline Dare to flair companions get up to? SPONSORED BY For all dog treats please email:

David THE Dogman Listen to David on TRE every Saturday 10am to 11am Costa del Sol (Gibraltar/Sotogrande) 98.7fm (San Roque to Calahonda) 91.9fm (Calahonda to Motril) 88.9, Costa Calida 92.7fm Costa Blanca (Torrevieja to Elche) 105.1fm (Elche to Calpe) 88.2fm, (Calpe to Gandia & Ibiza) 104.6fm, (Denia to Valencia) 95.3fm Mallorca 103.9fm

EVER wondered what your cat spends its time doing when you’re not around? Where do our purring pets go when they disappear through the cat flap? Armed with GPS tracking devices and micro-cameras, a team from BBC Two’s Horizon programme in collaboration with the Royal Veterinary College set off to a Surrey village to find out.

TERRITORIAL: Most cats timeshare territory to avoid confrontation. The result? Scientists discovered the cats appeared to timeshare territory to avoid confrontation with neighbouring felines, visiting each other’s houses. Entering through the cat flaps most would eat any food they found left in the bowls. With food

around there is no need to hunt. It appears that most cats timeshare territory with cats who live on the opposite side of the road. They appear to avoid being out at the same time as one another, said researchers. However, the cat camfootage taken by the show also revealed squabbles over territory remained. There was also an incident with a fox and with a nest of fledglings. Cats are very territorial. A cat behaves totally differently when leaving the cat flap. In a multi cat household they are inclined to stay together and do not go far from home. The female decides who is going to mate with her and it was found they have a broader sense of sounds than any other mammal. Kittens not handled between four to eight weeks became feral and went out hunting. Fascinating stuff, and I look forward to more shows on similar subjects.

For your local radio frequency log onto

Mike Walsh SEVILLANAS dancing, a vibrant form of flamenco dancing is based on opera-like lyrics and storylines of virgins, romance and rustic life. Torrevieja’s Feria de Mayo and similar colourful fiestas are enriched by many recreational dancers. Some are expatriates who, in colourful costumes, dance the Sevillanas. Sevillanas classes with renowned flamenco dancer and teacher Raquel Peña start on January 13. Intended for all levels and ages from rank beginners to advanced, all are welcome to enrol. Classes are from 8.30pm to 9.30pm on Mondays and Wednesdays. They are held in the Flamenco for All modern and spacious

studio and cultural centre based in Pilar de la Horadada. The studio facility is easy to find with ample parking and classes are held in a lively atmosphere which proves learning can be a great deal of fun, too. A good time to register, a special offer of only €25 a month gets everyone ready for a spring start to the many Sevillanas Fairs in this area. Contact Raquel on 630 689 431 to register. Email raquelpenya@


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ervices S















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@dvertise online

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N ews



16 - 22 January 2014 / Costa Blanca South MOSQUITO SCREENS


w w w. e u rowe e k l y n ew s . c o m MOTORING






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s a l e s @ e u r o w e e k l y n e w s . c o m

@dvertise online

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w w w . e u r o w e e k l y n e w s . c o m

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I t ’s c h e a p e r t h a n y o u t h i n k ! w w w . e u r o w e e k l y n e w s . c o m



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Advertising Feature

Zenia Services offer full property rental, maintenance and blind service

ZENIA SERVICES, incorporating Zenia Blinds and Zenia Lets, is a one stop shop for all your property management and maintenance needs. Husband and wife team Neil and Denise Couzens are well established in the Orihuela Costa area. Denise has been working in property rentals for around eight years before Neil took over Zenia Blinds a few years ago after previous owner Ray Rasher retired. Neil took over Ray’s strong client base and reputation and continued to build it up offering a full range of services. From broken cords and slats, Neil is able to fix and repair, offering a same day service in many cases and offers a ‘no fix no fee’ service from Gran Alacant to Los Alcazares. Bespoke interior vertical blinds are hand made to a client’s exacting specifications with

VILLA: 4 bed, 3 bath with pool for €850 PCM. dozens of colours to choose from, roller blinds, mosquito blinds and now awnings are also available. Boilers can be replaced and fitted from €189 and a painting service is also provided. A free design and no-

obligation quotation is included. With his wealth of knowledge and expertise, it was only natural that he take over the

maintenance side of Zenia Lets, offering a full and comprehensive service for both owners and renters. As a family business they pride themselves on their personal and efficient service, most clients coming from repeat business and recommendation. They can offer everything from a key holding service to a full ‘total management’ package for property owners allowing them to rest assured their home or investment is in safe hands and being checked and maintained regularly. For holiday makers or long term renters, Zenia Services are on hand 24 hours a day to deal with any problems or issues that may arise and have even been known to let holiday makers in who have locked themselves out at 3am with no extra charge; for

them, going above and beyond is what they are about: “We treat our customers as we would like to be treated” said Neil. Unlike many agents, they are currently offering free property management; ideal for customers wanting to test the water in the rental market. Zenia Lets will market the property on your behalf with no cost or commissions to the owner until a tenant is found. They are currently looking for more properties to rent, particularly short term holiday rentals as already they are now getting enquiries for the summer months. Three bed properties, particularly in the La Zenia and Playa Flamenca are wanted as they have customers waiting. Call Denise on 966 733 288 or 672 956 329 or visit or call Neil on 659 763 517.

Advertising Feature

Cambridge 800 winners cruise 2013 WINNERS of the Cambridge 800 Spanish Convention awards joined senior managers for a Mediterranean cruise to celebrate their successes as a reward for their achievements and hard work. All Consultants and customers of Cambridge 800 in Spain are winners in the eyes of Cambridge, however, each year they present awards to those people who have achieved outstanding successes and go the extra mile for their customers. The lucky winners were: Slimmer of the Year Rob Blyde who was joined by partner Becky. Both Rob and Becky are now Consultants, helping people to lose weight, just as his Consultant did for him. Consultants of the Year: Marion Hughes and daughter Zoe Hughes, for their outstanding service to their customers and commitment to Cambridge. Marion was also the Consultant who helped Rob to lose weight and keep it off and then helped him to become a Consultant. Sponsors of the Year: Lynda Gibson and daughter Lauren Shakespeare who work in Orihuela Costa. Lynda and Lauren have helped many people

CELEBRATION CRUISE: From left, Becky, Rob, Lauren, Marion, Lynda, Zoe and Sarah. in and around the Torrevieja south, Orihuela Costa area to lose weight and have also introduced many Consultants and helped them develop rewarding careers with Cambridge. The cruise took the lucky winners to charming Sicily, the pretty island of Corsica, then onto Rome and the Vatican City, Mallorca, Valencia and finally back to Malaga. All in all, a cruise to never forget their great achievements with Cambridge 800.

You don’t have to have lost the most weight to be entered into the Slimmer of the Year 2014 competition. People from all walks of life and medical challenges use Cambridge 800 to lose weight and keep it off for good… just like Rob and many others have over the past two years in Spain. Cambridge is only available from Accredited Cambridge 800 Consultants, who will help you to

lose weight, reintroduce foods and make healthy, delicious choices to prevent you from putting your weight back on. Cambridge can be used as a Total Diet Replacement and / or can be used with conventional food. There are five different programmes to choose from to ensure that you are on the right programme for you as an individual. Your Cambridge 800 Consultant will be with you throughout your weight loss journey and beyond into long term weight maintenance… or as Cambridge prefer to call it… ‘My Life.’ If you have tried every diet, only to put more weight on afterwards… now is the time to make the change for good. Change to Cambridge 800. YOU together with your Cambridge 800 Consultant can make it work today… and the next day.

To find your local Cambridge 800 Consultant contact: 952 586 324 or 952 475 954 Email: Face Book: Cambridge 800 España-Spain


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lassifieds C








GNRL MAINTENANCE QUALIFIED TRADESMAN - Electrical, plumbing, fencing, painting, balustrades, satellite TV installation and general maintenance. Tel 965 328 361 or 680 934 549 (219789)


DAMP RISING DAMP! We can cure Rising Damp, Leaking Flat Roof or Terrace. We can make your Underbuild Dry. Villa Repainting Due? We can protect your villa and stop PENETRATING DAMP with a Protective Coating. You can also pay in Sterling. Phone/email us now for a FREE survey. Tel 965 050 065 or 634 322 672 www.dry (217646)

GOLD WANTED GOLD WANTED. English jeweller will buy broken, unwanted jewellery and coins. 664 890 990 (217530)




UK ELECTRICIAN Fully qualified all aspects of electrical work. Free estimates. Also pool cleaning services. 965 725 445 / 616 226 083 (215841) MR FIXIT. For all your electrical, plumbing, general & appliance & boiler repairs. No call out charge. 698 320 434 (217946) BATTERY Specialist for e-bikes, escooters, golf carts, boats, caravans, homes. Michael 679 117 788, Dolores AP7, exit 737 (206362) BRITISH Electrician in Javia and surrounding areas. All electrical work undertaken, air conditioning. 667 591 961 (201575)

FOR SALE IT IS ILLEGAL TO SKIPPER BOATS WITHOUT A VALID LICENCE. If you are caught skippering a power boat without a licence, you WILL BE FINED. Possessing an (internationally recognised) RYA licence saves money. Contact us now with NO OBLIGATION. Richard Plaster 638 056 224 / / boating-level-2 (207534)

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WE BUY, Sell, Remove all types of Mobile Homes. We pay CASH and cover all of Spain. More details call Suzi Caley 616 250 727 / 951 063 059 or email (207499) SOS INSURANCE. www.sosin Best prices available. CALL US FIRST for all your insurance needs, including best deals on funeral plans. Buildings and contents cover from just 98 euros per year. Tel 966 787 123 / 686 116 297. If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us and why not like our facebook page at / to help promote our services to other expatriates. (207808)

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E W N 16 - 22 January 2014 / Costa Blanca South

WANTED WANTED Cars, vans, caravans, 4 X 4’s British Spanish 600 781 873

FOR SALE CAMPER VAN, British reg, 1996. Peugeot chassis, Turbo diesel, 2.5 only 36,000 miles, 6 metres. Tax and MOT for 11 months. Includes safari room. Bike rack, many extras. Ready to go. Lady owner. View at Caravanning la Manga. 15,000€. Tel 639 537 666 Pictures available (206394) KIA CARNIVAL 2.9 LX - 2006, FSH, towbar, DVD, new ITV, one owner, excellent condition. €5,850. Tel 966 729 293 (206385) PEUGEOT 307, 2.0 HDI Sport cc. 136BHP. Sport pack model. Registration 2005. ITV December 2015. Only 59,000km. 1 owner from new. Metallic silver. Black leather interior, electric roof, heated seats, 6 speed gear box. 6 CD changer. Reverse sensors. Auto wipers, auto headlights. A/C. 7,950€ plus transfer. Tel 622 893 471 or 968 150 120

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16 - 22 January 2014 / Costa Blanca South

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E W N 16 - 22 January 2014 / Costa Blanca South



AUDI A3: Sold 8,736 units in 2013.

Audi leads luxury segment in 2013

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AUDI was the leader of the luxury car segment in Spain in 2013. The German manufacturer led this sector for the 20th year in a row with 34,973 units sold. This is 31.6 per cent of the Spanish luxury car market, and means that one out of three cars sold in this segment belong to Audi. The A3 was the most sold model by Audi in 2013 with 8,736 units, followed by the A1 (6,786 units), the Q3 (4,396 units) and the Q5 (3,455). The Q3 is manufactured in the factory Seat (currently a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group) has in Martorell (Barcelona). Guillermo Fadda, head of Audi Spain, said 20 years of leadership of the manufacturer proved their strength in the market.

Car sales are showing signs of recovery CHINA led car sales in the year the Spanish market slowly started to improve. A staggering 17.2 million cars were sold in China during 2013, with a year-on-year increase of 17 per cent.

This placed the Asian country as the world’s top car market, ousting the United States with 9.3 per cent more in sales. These figures are far from those registered in Spain, which present much more humble results. In Spain, 722,703 cars were sold in 2013, according to the Spanish Car and Lorry Manufacturers Association (Anfac). This is 3.3 per cent more than the 699,589 cars sold in 2012, and the first time sales have


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CAR SALES: Slightly improving in 2013. increased since 2010. Back then, the Plan 2000E incentive programme helped boost car sales. And it seems sales have once again improved thanks to incentive programmes, as the PIMA Aire and PIVE ones have proven decisive to sales in 2013. The PIVE incentive programme specifically had four phases and saw €365 million provided to help people buy a new car. In December 60,513 cars were sold.

By brands, German manufacturer Volkswagen led the sales with 63,927 cars sold last year. It was followed by Seat (59,096 cars sold) and Peugeot, 51,892 cars sold. The French manufacturer also led sales in the month of December. The Spanish favourite car model of 2013 was the Citroen C4, with 23,837 units sold. Seat’s Ibiza model rounds this out with 23,141 units sold.


16 - 22 January 2014 / Costa Blanca South



Grand Slam tennis back and tight at top of premiership Tony Matthews

International Sports A former football player and the world’s most prolific author of football books (more than 100 published), Tony is also the sports reporter for Spectrum Radio and lives in the Cabrera mountains.

Costa de Almeria

THE first Grand Slam of the year - the Australian - started on Monday and Andy Murray, aiming to win his third major title - is in the top half of the draw with Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. Unfortunately Great Britain’s number one Laura Robson and third-ranked Heather Watson were both eliminated in the first round of the women’s competi-tion. This weekend’s Premiership matches include ArsenalFulham, Chelsea-Manchester United, Liverpool-Aston Villa,

Manchester City-Cardiff and Swansea-Tottenham. There are also full programmes in the Championship and Leagues One and Two, while in Scotland its as you were with Celtic and Rangers still unbeaten and both racing away at the top of their respective Divisions. And next Tuesday/ Wednesday the second legs of the League Cup semi-finals take place... and there is a strong possibility it could be an all-Manchester final this season. FOOTBALL - There were two huge bottom-of-the-table six-pointers in the Premiership last weekend which saw 10man West Ham (who had conceded 11 goals in their previous two matches) win 20 at Cardiff, while struggling Fulham were hammered 4-1 at home by improving

Sunderland for whom Adam Johnson scored a hat-trick. Also, leaders Arsenal won 21 at Aston Villa on Monday Hull lost 2-0 at home to inform Chelsea whose goalkeeper Petr Cech made it a club record 250th cleansheet (taking over from Peter Bonetti) and Manchester City won 2-0 at Newcastle, Stoke and Liverpool were involved in an eight-goal thriller in the Potteries where Stephen Gerrard celebrated his 650th appearance for the Merseysiders by scoring a penalty while Luis Suarez took his goal-tally for the season to 22, Manchester United got back to winning ways by beating Swansea 2-0, Everton emulated that scoreline against Norwich, Spurs defeated Crystal Palace, also 2-0 and Southampton edged out WBA 1-0 for the second week running.

Albion, meanwhile, have appointed Spaniard Pepe Mel (ex-Real Betis boss) as their new manager. At the top of the Championship, Leicester whipped Derby 4-1, QPR won 3-1 at Ipswich, Reading took the points at Watford (1-0), and Burnley collected three points at lowly Yeovil (2-1). Elsewhere Sheffield Wednesday hammered Leeds 6-0. Here in Spain, the top two in La Liga, Atletico Madrid and Barcelona drew 0-0, Athletic Bilbao thrashed Almeria 6-1 and Real Madrid closed the gap at the top by beating Espanyol 1-0. Manchester City midfielder Yaya Toure has been named African Footballer of the Year for the third successive time.


FEDERER: Playing in first Grand Slam of the year.


E W N 16 - 22 January 2014/ Costa Blanca South


Sport Costa Blanca’s best guide to local sport

DARTS - And Steve Bunting is the new WBD World Darts Champion. He beat Alan Norris 7-4 in the final at Lakeside to collect a cheque for ÂŁ100,000 (120,000 euros). TO READ MORE VISIT OUR WEBSITE: WWW.EUROWEEKLYNEWS.COM

Orihuela tame Tigers ON Saturday ITV Orihuela RFC played Torrevieja Tigers away taking just 15 players, in what was expected to be a tough match. They came away with a great win. The game started off with Tirso breaking through within 30 seconds to score the opening try of the game. With the game going from end to end after Orihuela RFC had spurned a few chances to extend the lead, Torry got back on level terms with a try of their own in the corner. As always Orihuela RFC were not going to sit back and re-took the lead with Alvin going in under the posts and Jose converting. Torry closed the gap again with two simple penalties and then took the lead with a third, but Orihuela RFC were to have the last say of the half with Alvin getting his second try of the game to go in at half time 17-14 up, deservedly.

TOUGH EXPECTATIONS: But turned out to be a great win. With tired legs and aching bodies Orihuela RFC put 150 per cent into the second half and with no subs were battling against fresh legs. Against the odds they started to extend their lead quickly getting the all important fourth try with Paco driving over and Jose again getting the extras, a good forwards try.

ITV Orihuela RFC extended their lead with Alvaro dancing his way through the Torry defence to put the shine on the result for another try and again Jose converting, bringing the full time score 31-14 to ITV Orihuela RFC. Call Garry on 692 767 242, and for juniors Oscar, 600 871 606 (Spanish).

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