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Fly away DELTA AIRLINES has announced that it will once again operate direct flights between Malaga and New York from June 6, 2014.

Bitter pill A RETIRED doctor was arrested in Malaga for allegedly selling false prescriptions for drugs and anabolic steroids.

Busted POLICE have arrested seven people, for allegedly selling drugs in Malaga from home and on the street.

19 - 25 DECEMBER 2013




Inland attractions INLAND TOURISM is becoming increasingly popular in Malaga Province, with overseas visitors overtaking the Spanish for the first time. This year, the province has earned â‚Ź826 million from visitors away from the coast. The provincial delegate for Tourism and Territorial Promotion, Jacobo Florido, announced that takings in the inland tourism sector are up 1.8 per cent on last year. The number of inland tourism establishments has risen 7.7 per cent to 1,588, and there are 3 per cent more beds available, totalling 21,833. Turn to Page 4

Fair and consistent exchange rates

eXpertly done Tel: 951 203 986 Find us on page 55 Don’t let the banks cash in.


E W N 19 - 25 December 2013 / Costa del Sol


‘Death walkway’ €3m restoration RESTORATION work on the notorious ‘Caminito del Rey’, known as the ‘death walkway’, is due to be completed by 2015. The president of the provincial government, Elias Bendodo, has said that it will be open for use within two years, when people will be able to walk across it as did King Alfonso XIII in 1921, when he inaugurated it. Bendodo said it should cease to be a dangerous and banned place and become somewhere that everyone can enjoy. Caminito del Rey passes across the Gaitanes Gorge between Alora, Ardales and Antequera. It is 100 metres above the river and will be four kilometres long and one metre wide. The new walkway will cost €3.12 million and be made of wooden panels on metal supports drilled into the rock. Sections with glass panels will allow a view of the gorge below. The walkway has become known throughout the world for its extreme danger, and although it has been closed to the public for years, many climbers continue to risk their lives to traverse it. NOTORIOUS: El Caminito del Rey.


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NEWS Body discovered THE body of a man was found outside the fire station in Avenida Moliere in Malaga City. It was found in an area destined for training. Hospital full THERE have been complaints that the Emergency Department at Malaga Regional Hospital is overwhelmed by the number of people together with the lack of beds.

19 - 25 December 2013 / Costa del Sol

Internet predator arrested A MAN, 27, was arrested in Estepona, for allegedly coercing and threatening children via the internet and phone to obtain sexual images from them. He has been remanded in prison without bail. The investigation began in September following the

report to the Guardia Civil from a representative of a social networking site regarding the owner of a profile who was blackmailing young girls. The man pretended to be a youth of the same age and city as the girls and became friends with them. He later pressured them into sending sexual images, threatening

to publish images or conversations he had acquired. He would alter and upload photos of the girls naked on his profile. He forced them to give him their phone number using threats to get what he wanted. Guardia Civil seized computer equipment, a fake gun and documents of interest to the investigation.

Train tickets RENFE has launched train tickets to travel between Malaga and Madrid until January 6, priced from just €23.85. Dangerous driver A DRIVER caused an accident on the A-357 in Malaga when he hit a car after travelling seven kilometres in the wrong direction. Both men were injured. Earthquake felt AN EARTHQUAKE registering 5.5 degrees on the Richter Scale which had its epicentre in Larache, Morocco, was felt in Sevilla and Huelva.



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French connection

SPANISH low-cost airline Vueling will operate flights between Malaga and Lyon in France from April 2014.

Laser burns DIFFERING TRADITIONS: Far left, El Tio de Nadal. Left, sweet treats.

Fatal accident A MAN, 45, died in an accident on the A-7 motorway in Las Lagunas when his motorbike was hit by a car which failed to pause at a give way sign and then fled the scene. Man found A MAN, 85, who was reported missing, was found the following day in the Churriana area of Malaga. He was disorientated and had slight hypothermia but was otherwise well.


A PRIVATE clinic in Malaga has been sentenced to pay €32,000 compensation to a woman, 30, who sustained burns during a laser hair removal treatment.

Skyscraper plan

A Spanish Christmas No gifts, but plenty of food...


lamb, bream, seafood and LTHOUGH nowadays traditional Spanish Christmas many customs have sweets and cakes, accompanied changed to fit in with by cava or cider, depending on other parts of the the region. world, in Spain the tradition is to It is traditional to have a celebrate Christmas Eve rather nativity scene in the home, a than Christmas Day. custom which was introduced by As well as celebrating the birth Saint Francis of Assisi in the of Christ, Christmas Eve has 13th century, when he put a always been an occasion to manger scene in a cave to gather with the family and celebrate mass on Christmas have a special meal. Eve. It was brought to Spain This originates from the times in the 18th century by King when in the run-up to Christmas, Charles III. many Catholics fasted, and Although very rare nowadays, following Midnight Mass on it was customary for children to Christmas Eve, finally broke their ANCIENT CUSTOM: Putting a go from door to door, singing fast. However, other experts nativity scene in the home. and playing instruments in suggest that it dates back to exchange for money and Saturnalia, an ancient Roman sweets. festival in honour of the deity Saturn, held on In Spain, gifts are usually given on January 6, but in December 17, and later extended until December 23. The holiday was celebrated with a sacrifice at the Cataluña, the Tio de Nadal - a large log - is put in the Temple of Saturn in the Roman Forum and a public house and ‘fed’ from December 8 onwards, and on Christmas Eve, children are allowed to beat the log, banquet, followed by private gift-giving and partying. In Spain, on Christmas Eve, favourite dishes include which then ‘poops’ gifts and sweets.

Quote of the Week Princess Cristina was a shield against the Tax Office’

Carlos Masia, the notary who signed the creation of Aizoon, the company set up by the Duke and Duchess of Palma, who said in court that he told them not to use her name.

Number of the week


people are living on the streets in Spain, where there are 3.5 million houses standing empty, and every week, at least one homeless person dies. There are only 16,000 places available in shelters throughout Spain.

THERE are plans for a 115metre tall skyscraper on the Istan road in Marbella. The building would be designed by Ricardo Bofill and have 30 floors.

ONCE winner THE holder of a ticket for the National Organisation for the Blind in Spain lottery in Arroyo de la Miel, won €350,000.

Drugs swoop NATIONAL POLICE and Romanian police have broken up a gang of drug traffickers based in Malaga, which stored drugs in Barcelona before sending them to Romania.

An investigation THE Andalucian High Court of Justice is investigating judge Manuel Jaen, formerly in charge of a court in Marbella, for his handling of the Goldfinger Case which centred on the sale of actor Sean Connery’s home in Marbella.

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E W N 19 - 25 December 2013 / Costa del Sol


Forged cards A WOMAN has been sentenced to four and a half years in prison for buying clothes, jewellery and fuel with forged credit cards.

Best olives THIS year has seen an historic best for the harvest of table olives in Malaga with 57 million kilos, five million more than last year according to the Young Farmers’ Association.

Trust to luck MORE than €59 million worth of Christmas lottery tickets are due to be sold in Malaga Province, making this the highest amount in Andalucia.

Ex-mayor sentenced to 18 months in jail THE former mayor of Benalmadena, Enrique Bolin, has been sentenced to 18 months in prison for a crime against territorial planning. He has also been banned from

UNESCO award sought THE Junta de Andalucia is to seek UNESCO World Heritage Site status for Antequera’s dolmens. A dolmen is a type of megalithic tomb, usually consisting of three or more upright stones supporting a large flat horizontal capstone. Most date from the early Neolithic period (4000 to 3000 BC). Dolmens were usually

holding public office for 10 years. He approved several building permits against the recommendation of the municipal

architect. In June 2004, he approved a permit for a house to be built in Benalmadena which was higher than permitted in the town. In April 2005, he approved another in which the size of a storage facility was increased, again, against the recommendation of the architect. In 2006, a first occupation licence was also granted by Bolin, without the approval of the municipal technician. Not only has the exmayor been sentenced, but the judge has ordered that the work which was carried out illegally be demolished, at his expense, and the owner DOLMEN: A type of megalithic tomb. of the house has been covered with earth or small dolmens: Menga, Viera encouraged to sue for stones, though in most and El Romeral, making it damages. The town hall most important will also be responsible cases the covering has the group in for part of the expense of weathered away. In megalithic the demolition. Antequera, there are three Southern Europe.


Inland tourism picks up From Front Page For the first time, foreign tourists account for most of the visitors to inland destinations, with 54 per cent of the total, equalling 447,000. The total number of visitors was 822,000, 2.8 per cent more than in 2012. Most of the foreign visitors are British and French, although the sector is also picking up in the Dutch and Scandinavian market, and attracting tourists from Italy, Ireland, Belgium and the USA. Within the national market, 40 per cent of the visitors are from other Andalucian provinces, followed by those from Madrid (16 per cent) and Cataluña (14 per cent). The report showed the average expenditure of visitors to inland areas has risen to €636.


19 - 25 December 2013 / Costa del Sol



Gaddafi’s assets ‘can’t be located’ THE Spanish Government claims to have been unable to locate assets belonging to late Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi’s family in Spain. The Libyan Embassy

has said that it has received no response from the government to its request to locate companies and private assets of Gaddafi’s family, mainly on the

Costa del Sol, so that they can be frozen, as agreed by the United Nations in 2011. Back then, Spain froze La Resinera, a large property in Benahavis

owned by Libyan Foreign Bank, which once the dictator had fallen from power, became the property of the Libyan government. The property, which also

Get rid of priest from hell RESIDENTS in San Luis de Sabinillas, Manilva, have collected 1,500 signatures to ask Malaga Bishopric to get rid of a priest who has reportedly reprimanded people for crying at funerals. One woman, whose son, 25, died in a traffic accident in September,

reports that at his funeral, the priest shouted at the relatives to stop crying or he would end the mass, because the young man had died “because he was a sinner.” When questioned by one of the man’s cousins, she was told to “shut up” because the “same thing

could happen” to her. At the funeral of a 10-year-old girl he is reported to have said he “knew she was going to die” and that now “the worms were feasting” on her. He refused to give a girl communion because she was “full of sin” and was going to “burn in hell.”

extends into neighbouring towns, was used by the family on visits to Spain. Several months later, bank accounts belonging to one of his sons were

located. But since then, Spain has handed over no more information, despite the Libyans suspecting the family owns two luxury properties on the Costa del Sol.


E W N 19 - 25 December 2013 / Costa del Sol

Children bought by immigrants GUARDIA CIVIL have rescued 10 children used by illegal immigrants to remain in Spain. They travelled in boats to reach the Spanish enclave of Melilla, in North Africa, with 12 illegal immigrants who pretended to be their biological parents in order to remain in the country. DNA tests proved they were not related. The immigrants would pay the organisation which arranged for the children to accompany them to Spain up to €2,000 per person. The children, mostly under 10 years old, had been bought in their countries of origin to be exploited in Europe. One drowned on the way to Melilla and none of the immigrants attempted to recover the body.


Transsexual pupil row rumbles on THE Junta de Andalucia plans to revoke funding for the San Patricio Catholic School in Malaga for failing to respect the rights of a transsexual child. The school has not allowed the pupil to wear a girl’s uniform because it believes this could have a negative effect on other students. The child is six and has been at the school for five years without suffering any type of discrimination.

The Councillor for Education, Culture and Sport, Luciano Alonso, has said that the school will lose public funding for failing to abide by Junta de Andalucia guidelines for such situations. The child’s parents have asked the school to respect the gender with which the pupil identifies, use the name she has chosen, allow her to use the girls’ toilets and wear a girl’s uniform. In the meantime, she is wearing a

tracksuit instead of a uniform, and her parents say her behaviour has changed. This is the only one of three similar cases which arose at the beginning of the term and is yet to be resolved. Other parents at the school had held talks and collected signatures to prevent the child from being able to use the girls’ toilets or uniform, but have since said that they left it in the hands of the school to decide what action was taken.


Female fugitive held A WOMAN, 23, who was wanted in Norway for 12 aggravated robberies has been arrested in Fuengirola. She was allegedly part of a gang which targeted elderly women.

Drug sales TWENTY-SEVEN people were arrested in Malaga City in November for selling drugs. In total 17 sales points were dismantled.

Talking fine TURNING his head to talk to a passenger several times whilst at the wheel has resulted in a driver in Gran Canaria being fined €80.

Man burned A MAN, 57, sustained burns in a fire which broke out at his home in Manilva. His wife and daughter were evacuated from the building but were not injured. NUTCRACKER: Children joined in the festive ballet.

Nutcracker ‘treat’ MORE than 40 local children have taken part in Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker with the Russian Imperial Ballet at the Cervantes Theatre in Malaga. The children, aged between four and 10, began working with Prima Ballerina Radamaria Duminica in October, and played the parts of angels, dwarves or children at a party.

Two jailed TWO men have been sentenced to four years and four months each in prison for stealing a boat in Malaga and using it to transport hashish.

Violent attack over a few coins TWO men, who were working illegally as car park attendants, were arrested for allegedly hitting a man over the head with a glass bottle in Malaga. The men, aged 26 and 37, first caused damage to a car because the owner had refused to give them money. They reportedly kicked it and hit it with a bottle, smashing the windscreen and causing damage to one side. They then

went to a nearby area where a man, 44, was sleeping, and, according to police, attacked him for no reason. He sustained a wound to his head and a cut to the hand when he attempted to defend himself. The men were located by police and became aggressive and violent when asked for ID, although the police managed to arrest them.


E W N 19 - 25 December 2013 / Costa del Sol


Try the ‘Joy’s’ of the Christmas season CHRISTMAS is upon us. ‘Another year over,’ as John Lennon sang. And that other musical icon, Old Joy’s Piano Bar in Puerto Banus, has come up with some clever ways for local businesses to pay them a visit. This time of year can be a little quiet in Marbella, with businesses having to be even more ingenious to persuade people to spend their hardearned euros. But this year Old Joy’s has thrown open its doors to thank its neighbours and local businesses by inviting the staff of those beautiful shops, cafés and restaurants to drop by for a free glass of wine and a festive mince pie. After all, according to the manager of Old Joy’s, Paco Lima, Christmas is a time to give, and Paco and his team want those shop-workers, and neighbours to enjoy the ‘Joy’s’ of Christmas

with live music every night. It seems that the Christmas spirit really is alive and well on the front of Puerto Banus. Old Joy’s knows how to party, but it is also the perfect place to relax during the day. Whilst the party crowd are supremely catered for, the relaxing front-line terrace is the perfect place for those shopkeepers and their staff to unwind and soak up the atmosphere during the day as well.

So how did the marketing team at Old Joy’s come up with their ‘Shop Until You Drop’ campaign? Paco explained: “It was in a meeting with our friends at the Euro Weekly News that we came up with the idea that Christmas can be stressful not only for those doing the shopping but also for those serving the customers. “We wanted to provide a haven where customers and staff could go to enjoy a break from shopping and have a small treat on us. “Joy’s is fortunate that it is one of the oldest establishments in Puerto Banus. In that time, we have worked next to many businesses and it’s our way to just say Happy Christmas from us.” So what are you waiting for? Get down to Old Joy’s and have that free mince pie before it’s too late!

SMILE!: Carol singing is a cheerful business.

Getting into the Yuletide spirit YOUNGSTERS from the British School of Marbella helped kick-start the yuletide spirit after putting on a carol concert at the Hotel Gran Meliá Don Pepe on Tuesday. The 30-strong choir sang to a crowd of around 100 family members, teachers and hotel guests during a 30-minute performance which included ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’. The children, aged between four and nine, also impressed the audience by learning sign language for one of the festive songs. To see more pictures and videos of the event, visit BSM’s Facebook site at

Marbella events planned for Malaga CF players MARBELLA TOURISM COUNCIL is to carry out two promotional campaigns with Malaga CF on January 2.

The aim is to attract tourists to Puerto Banus during the winter to boost trade. The events were announced by the Councillor for Tourism, Jose Luis Hernandez, with Malaga CF General Manager, Vicente Cordoba, although the Casado, and the detainees were based in representative of the Cordoba. Puerto Banus Traders They targeted shops in Association, Lucas small towns away from Maroto. their place of residence The first activity will be and would leave their at the Costa del Sol vehicle on rural access Hospital at 4pm when roads into the town, two players will visit the while accessing the children and give them establishments on foot, gifts. armed with tools, At 5pm, in a large tent frequency inhibitors and in Puerto Banus, several wearing balaclavas. players will distribute They would then merchandise and there sweep all the products will be tickets handed out they planned to steal off for the Malaga versus the shelves and into Valencia match to those pillow cases. They children who bring at became very violent least three kilos of food, towards witnesses and which will be donated to sold the stolen goods to charity to help the needy shop-owners. in Malaga.

Small-town thefts FIVE people believed to be responsible for more than 30 robberies from small-town tobacconists in Andalucia have been arrested by the Guardia Civil. The crimes were carried out in Malaga, Jaen, Cadiz and


E W N 19 - 25 December 2013 / Costa del Sol


University bus delays STUDENTS at Malaga University have complained that buses which go to the campus are too full and are often late at peak times.

School owed THE Catering School in Mijas (Cio) may be forced to close if it doesn’t receive the €1.6 million which it is owed by the Junta de Andalucia.

Rubbish plan SHOPS and restaurants in Malaga city centre have got together to plan a way to prevent rubbish from accumulating in the streets if the cleaners go on strike over Christmas.


Lottery wishes for Sunday THIRTY-EIGHT per cent of Spaniards say they would stop working if they won a ‘good

prize’ on the Christmas lottery. A survey carried out by consultant TNS shows that 80

per cent of Spaniards will purchase lottery tickets this year for the draw which is held on

Sunday and will be watched by 45 per cent of the population. Most of them, 96 per cent, would give prize money to help their family; 73 per cent would keep it for the future and 67.5 per cent would use it to pay off expenses and things they need urgently, such as home repairs, loans or mortgages. However, out of those who would splash out, 76 per cent would travel, 41 per cent would buy a house and 31 per cent would buy a car. More than 62 per cent would donate money to charity. SUCCESSFUL: Wooden houses serving Xmas goodies.

La Cala Christmas Fayre a winner LA CALA Christmas Fayre has been a huge success, the town hall reports, with hundreds of people visiting. A six metre fir tree decorated the plaza where 11 wooden houses were set up serving typical Christmas goodies as well as handicrafts from different countries. They were decorated with snow and fairy lights and visitors could also see the many international Christmas performances as well as the ‘official’ Father Christmas of Spain, flown from Denmark for the event.

23 years for axe-wielding murderer A MAN has been sentenced to 23 years in prison for murdering his ex-wife with an axe and a knife in El Palo district of Malaga in 2011. The couple lived together for six years and had a daughter. They separated in April 2010 but he continued to abuse her and she had a restraining order

against him. However, just days before he killed her he was near her home and told her that he intended to kill her. In February 2011, he allegedly waited for her in a street near their daughter’s school, and when she passed by, he attacked her, leaving her no chance of defending herself.

She died instantly from injuries to the head, face and neck. He has been sentenced for murder, severe threats and violating a court order. He will have to pay €300,000 in compensation to his eight-year-old daughter, and €100,000 to the victim’s mother.


E W N 19 - 25 December 2013 / Costa del Sol


Illegal cock-fights THE Association Against Animal Torture and Abuse has reported that cock-fights are being held illegally in Mijas.

Jail for beheading daughter A MAN has been sentenced to 19 years in prison for decapitating his 18-month-old daughter in Girona in November 2011. Girona Provincial Court

found him guilty of murder and although the sentence was increased because the victim was his daughter, it was also taken into account that he had

Storm woe FIREMEN had to close off ‘chiringuitos’ (beach restaurants) in the Guadalmar area of Malaga due to damage caused by the waves during recent storms.

Bike users MALAGA’S bike hire service has 5,000 registered users, most of whom are men aged between 20 and 40. It was launched four months ago.

NEW ARRIVAL: Second generation of gibbons.

Monkey business A YELLOW-CHEEKED gibbon has been born at Bioparc Fuengirola. It is the only place in Spain that the endangered species can be seen. Its mother, Ares, was the first of the species to be born in Spain. Now together with the father, Den, they have brought forth the second generation of the species to be born in Spain.

confessed to the crime, as he rang the emergency services just minutes later. The prosecutor and the jury considered that the killer had no mental illness which could have led him to kill his daughter. He will have to pay the girl’s mother €149,663 in compensation, and a further €27,211 to the child’s sister. The judge said his

actions were “brutal, ruthless and one of the worst ways to kill his daughter.” The man said in court that the devil had told him to do it. His lawyer intends to appeal as he was asking for 10 years in a psychiatric centre, considering the killer had suffered a psychotic episode and was not responsible for his actions.

Xtreme skate show wows audience A SKATE show was held at the Parque Miramar Shopping Centre opposite Decathlon. Despite the asphalt being wet from the rain of the previous night, the participants saw this as just one more obstacle for Xtreme skating. A sound system with different styles of music

entertained the audience. Professional skater ‘Estrada’ slid, jumped and did pirouettes with just a rail as his stage. These tricks got more difficult, technical and fast as the show went on, and the audience of approximately 1,200 people showed their appreciation with a huge round of applause.

NEWS Sexual predator detained NATIONAL POLICE in Malaga have arrested a man, 40, for several alleged crimes of sexual abuse. He was reported by a woman who, while inside the enclosed precinct of the urbanisation where she lives, was approached by a man who offered her a cigarette. He then allegedly exposed himself to her and touched her against her will while he held her arms. When he fled the scene, the woman called the police and he was located nearby. Police believe he is also responsible for several similar crimes carried out in the same manner, which had been reported by other victims.


E W N 19 - 25 December 2013 / Costa del Sol

Lesbian now recognised as legal mother


Playmobil success THE History Exhibition made up of Playmobil toy figures received more than 8,000 visitors during its first week at the bullring in Antequera. The exhibition remains open until January 6.

Smoke danger THREE members of a family were affected by smoke inhalation after their home in Arroyo de la Miel caught fire.


XMAS MARKET: Also included charity stalls.

Da Bruno’s happy Christmas

Giancarlo Paparusso of Da Bruno, Mijas-Costa.

THE Da Bruno Restaurant Group took part in the Christmas Market held at

the Idea Shopping Centre (Centro Idea) in Mijas Costa. The market had a charitable side to it, as the Soroptimist group for abused women on the Costa del Sol was present, and also this year, it contributed towards the Costa del Sol food bank. The market was very busy and Da Bruno had a stall with Danish hot-dogs,

inviting all visitors to take part and celebrate Christmas. Da Bruno wanted to bring happiness to clients and friends on the Costa del Sol at Christmas. The restaurant group collaborates with CRECE (an association for children with mobility problems), the Marbella Lions Club and the Scariolo Foundation.

Good Samaritan needs rescue team himself A MAN, 37, was rescued after getting trapped in a well in Ronda while attempting to rescue a dog which had fallen inside. He went in with a rope around his waist, but was unable to get out and was in danger of drowning. His brother called the emergency services and once he was rescued he was taken to Ronda Hospital although he had no serious injuries.

THE Supreme Court has legally recognised a lesbian as the mother of children who were registered only under the name of the birth mother. The two women had a daughter who had been conceived by in vitro fertilisation and later adopted by one of them, then had another by the same technique. They then married and had two daughters who were registered only to the biological mother, who was considered to be single. Although documents

were later changed regarding them being married, the other woman was still not registered as a parent. When the couple separated, the woman who had not been registered as a parent went to the court in Tenerife to demand to be registered as the girls’ mother. The case was later elevated to the Supreme Court which has ruled in her favour as she had expressed her will to be registered as a mother all along, which is permitted by law.

Illegal horse meat TWENTY-ONE people were arrested in France for illegally transporting horse meat between France and Spain. Around 100 French gendarmes took part in the operation carried out in several areas, such as Languedoc-Roussillon, Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur and Midi Pyrénées. Most of the detainees are meat

traders, but there are also members of staff from pharmaceutical centres which experiment with medicine on horses. The horse meat was then illegally sold for consumption despite the fact that their remains should have been disposed of. Some were sent to a slaughterhouse in Girona.


E W N 19 - 25 December 2013 / Costa del Sol


Charity match A CHARITY football match was held in Malaga between bullfighters from Malaga and Ronda to raise funds for Malaga Angels of the Night.

Market fresh A CAMPAIGN has been launched in Malaga to encourage people to buy fresh produce from the municipal markets.

Forest fire A FAMILY of three, their horses and four climbers had to be evacuated from Los Embalses in Antequera due to a forest fire.

Fake licences MORE than 30 people are due to stand trial in Malaga for allegedly buying and selling forged driving licences.


Madrid tests drones for city surveillance during an event organised to celebrate if Madrid were to be chosen to hold the 2020 Olympic Games. The spokesperson explained that they wouldn’t buy the drone, because it is a constantly evolving technology, but would hire the service and if they were happy with it, make it available 24 hours a day from 2015. Using the service from September to December this year has cost €6,000. For next year, FUN MATCH: Donkey polo. the contract has been winter. They also planted areas worst affected by signed with Imagenes 500 trees in one of the the wildfire last summer. Aereas for €18,000.

MADRID CITY HALL is testing a drone to keep watch over the city from the air. The aim is for the aircraft to be

used by the emergency services, and a municipal spokesperson said it had been tested several times, including in September,

Donkey polo for executives A GROUP of 225 French executives from Nestlé played donkey polo during a trip to the Costa del Sol. The match took place at Mijas Bullring in a team-building activity. The town hall said it was a great way for them to have fun as well as attracting visitors to the town during the

Teacher sues A PRE-SCHOOL teacher in Malaga has reported that a group of mothers have been criticising her on WhatsApp. President of the ANPE Teachers’ Union in Malaga, Maria Gracia del Amo, reported that they had created a group on WhatsApp to question her professionalism and even her way of dressing. She has made an official report against the women for insulting her honour.

Fugitive arrested after not paying for petrol LOCAL POLICE in Alhaurin de la Torre have arrested a man, 27, wanted by the authorities.

The arrest took place after staff at a local petrol station alerted the police that a client

had left without paying. The vehicle was located nearby and 150 grammes of marihuana

were found inside. The driver was identified and handed over to the Guardia Civil.


19 - 25 December 2013 / Costa del Sol



Old-fashioned glamour sparkles with a new lustre at Marbella Club Join us at the Marbella Club as we bring the Christmas spirit alive; with traditions long embroidered into the property’s history, the hotel ensures that the holiday is a magical celebration of past, present and future.

24th December – Christmas Eve, The Grill Naturally Christmas dining at The Grill is nothing short of spectacular, where the Marbella Club’s Chef Juan Galvez has created a stunning five-course Christmas Eve Gala menu that utterly surpasses expectations, featuring Terrine of Duck Foie Gras, Fillet of Sea-Bass and Rack of Lamb. With a special performance by Carol singers and a visit by Santa Claus to create an authentic Christmas spirit. 162€ per person, includes 5 courses, wine & cava

25th December – Christmas Day Lunch, The Grill Christmas Day lunch is an enchanting affair offering traditional festive dishes such as Turkey with Bread Sauce, Roasted Parsnips with Chateau Potatoes and for dessert Yule Log with Chocolate & Bourbon Vanilla. The Grill is one of the most romantic and special dining experiences on the coast; start the celebrations with a glass of Cava Gran Reserva, pull a Christmas cracker and enjoy the wonderful festive ambiance. 135€ per person, includes 4 courses, wine & cava

31st December – New Year’s Eve Gala Dinner, The Grill & Champagne Room Toast 2014 with a touch of glamour; from 8.30pm on New Year’s Eve join us for an elegant cocktail reception followed by a sumptuous five-course dinner including Caviar, Sea Bass and Lobster, Veal and Black truffle, topped off with live entertainment. Enjoy the Spanish tradition of the 12 grapes at midnight, followed by dancing and festivities in our Champagne Room with an Open Bar until late. 520€ per person, includes 5 courses, wine, Champagne & Open Bar in the Champagne Room

1st January – New Year’s Day Buffet, The Beach Club Soothe sore heads on New Year’s Day at the legendary Beach Club Buffet; celebrate 2014 overlooking the Mediterranean. A wide selection of salads, seafood including lobster, prawns, crayfish and salmon, delicious meats cooked to order, kids’ favourites and mini-desserts are sure to delight every taste. 100€ per person, drinks not included·

For Reservations please call 952 82 22 11 or email


Cash demand FIVE people were arrested in Malaga for allegedly demanding €14,000 from a student after he refused to put them in touch with hashish traffickers near Gibraltar.

Hash seized NATIONAL POLICE arrested three people and seized more than a tonne of hashish from a property in Mijas.



Bullfighter to serve prison time BULLFIGHTER Jose María Ortega Cano will have to serve the twoand-a-half-year prison term for causing the death of a motorist on the night of May 28, 2011. Ortega Cano was driving home when his Mercedes crashed headon into the Seat Altea of Carlos Parra, killing the 48year-old

instantly. The Guardia Civil reported that the bullfighter was driving under the influence and travelling at 125kph on a road in Sevilla, with a speed limit of 90kph. He was sentenced in April this year for negligent manslaughter and dangerous driving but appealed. However, it has been confirmed, and although the prison time remains the same he has also been sentenced for a crime against road

Decoy calls GUARDIA CIVIL arrested seven people allegedly responsible for 30 robberies in which they set fires or called the emergency services to report false incidents to cause a distraction.

Drugs gang GUARDIA CIVIL and the French Gendarme arrested 28 people allegedly involved with a criminal organisation which transported hashish from Spain to France.

19 - 25 December 2013 / Costa del Sol

IT’S good news for Euro Weekly News Head Translator Jennifer Leighfield and her partner Hakim - the couple are expecting their first child in June.

safety. He had previously been acquitted of that charge. Ortega Cano was seriously injured in the accident and spent six weeks in hospital. As

soon as he was admitted, a blood sample was taken that showed he was two-anda-half times over the legal limit. The prosecution had

asked for the sentence to be increased to four years, while his lawyers were asking for an acquittal as Ortega Cano has always maintained he didn’t drink that day.


E W N 19 - 25 December 2013 / Costa del Sol


Woman found guilty of killing newborn baby A WOMAN has been found guilty of murdering her newborn baby girl by throwing her over a wall in August 2012 in Estepona.

The events took place at the home where she was baby-sitting. A court heard that no-one knew she was pregnant or that the baby

was due because she had been raped in Kazakhstan. She gave birth without anyone realising, wrapped the baby in a shawl and

Mobile app for GP appointments A NEW free app will allow users to get an appointment with their doctor via their mobile phone. The Salud Responde App (Cita Medica Andalucia) can be downloaded from App Store, Google Play and Blackberry World and requires the health card number, year of birth and ID

number to be entered. Users can then access the agenda to choose the date and time of the appointment, as well as the nearest health centre, and will be assigned an appointment number. They will also be able to cancel or postpone an appointment. In just one month it

has been downloaded some 10,000 times. Appointments can also be requested by phone on 902 505 060, online at www.juntade, via email to saludresponde @juntadea and by text to 600 123 400 with the word CITASAS followed by health card number.

threw her over the garden wall. During the trial, she denied having hit or thrown the baby, and claimed she had dropped her when she tried to put her down on the other side of the wall. She said the baby was blue and she thought it was dead, but attempted to revive it and cut the umbilical cord. She then says she wrapped the infant in a towel and left her in the bathroom while she cleaned up and took care of the child she was babysitting. However, a post-mortem examination showed that the baby was born alive and died from a blow to the head.The prosecutor is asking for 20 years in prison and a â‚Ź400,000 civil liability payment.

MONSTER: Two-metre tall marihuana plant.

Hash stack LOCAL POLICE in Alhaurin de la Torre confiscated a marihuana plant almost two metres tall. Drugs were seized from a man, 21, on the street. Police went to his home suspecting that he may have had more of the drug, and found the plant.


E W N 19 - 25 December 2013 / Costa del Sol


Voices ‘told’ woman to kill neghbour A WOMAN has been committed to a psychiatric hospital for seven years for attempting to kill her neighbour by setting fire to

his home in Estepona in 2011. The man had a restraining order against her, but she went to his

house, broke the kitchen window and poured petrol inside. She shouted: “I’m going to kill you. I’m going to set fire to you. I have to burn you, your wife and your children.” The man heard the shouting and, fearing for his life, attempted to escape. She chased him and doused him with petrol while carrying a knife and a lighter, which she attempted to light. Neighbours restrained her until the police arrived. The woman has paranoid schizophrenia and claimed to hear voices telling her that her neighbour wanted to harm her children. She said she ‘lost control’, and is not considered responsible for attempted manslaughter and violating the restraining order because of her mental illness.

WHAT A WHOPPER! Matthew Macklin hands over the cheque.

MGM raise €68,000 for Aspandem

BACK in the final weekend of August, MGM hosted the third successive White Collar Boxing event at the Andalucía Plaza Hotel. Once again a great success, the event was sponsored by Linekers Group and supported by the great Frank Bruno, along with Graeme Souness, Joe Egan, Johnny Nelson and Matthew Macklin himself! MGM can now proudly announce that the MGM White Collar Boxing 2013 once

more raised some serious money for their chosen charity ASPANDEM, this year an incredible €68,000. Aspandem will be using the money to renovate the CIAT children’s centre, and to ensure the rehabilitation swimming pool stays open and maintained to the highest standard. And the good news doesn’t stop there; Matthew Macklin is back to his winning ways. He clinched a unanimous points win over the previously unbeaten Lamar Russ in Atlantic City, USA.


E W N 19 - 25 December 2013 / Costa del Sol


Synagogue plans at a standstill


THE synagogue planned for Malaga city centre is at a standstill. This was planned as part of the restoration of the old Jewish quarters, just metres from the Picasso Museum, the Arab Fortress and the Roman Theatre. The plot where the 500m2 building, with two floors is planned, is currently unused. The synagogue would have space for 150 men and 80 women, a multipurpose hall, classrooms and Sephardic Museum. However, the Israeli community in Malaga, which received the plot from the City Hall, has no money to go ahead with the project. Money which was to be used was spent on works at the Jewish Cemetery in Casabermeja.

LOCAL POLICE in Malaga and Junta de Andalucia Fishery Inspectors seized two boats from which illegal captures of immature fish were being carried out.

Illegal small fry

Jennie Bond meets museum director Javier Fructuoso.

Eli shares her chocolate making skills with Jennie.

Jennie Bond enjoys Mijas culture choc!

By Andrea MacLean THE newly opened Centre

for Contemporary Art in Mijas (CAC Mijas) has had

Homeless man dies NATIONAL POLICE are investigating the death of a homeless man, 41, who may have been attacked in Torremolinos. He was found unconscious in the street by Local Police and taken to hospital, where it was found he had sustained head injuries and had a number of bruises and other injuries all over his body. He died several days later in hospital and his body has been taken for a post mortem examination. Police suspect he may have been attacked and are searching for witnesses.

its first visit from a UK television celebrity. It came in the shape of Jennie Bond, who became a household name as a royal correspondent. Jennie and other visitors enjoyed an exclusive trip to the art gallery, which showcases works by Pablo Picasso and others, including Salvador Dali. The museum is in the heart of Mijas pueblo and has 130 ceramic sculptures by Picasso - making it the

second largest collection in the world. After touring the museum Jennie stopped off to sample the wares at the smallest chocolate factory in the world, Mayan Monkey Mijas, before being invited by co-owner Eli McCarthy to make her own chocolate creations. Jennie said: “It was the first time I have been to Mijas and I very much enjoyed my visit to the museum.”

Baby’s parents may take legal action THE parents of a newborn baby boy at Malaga Children’s

Hospital may take legal action because they were not informed that he was given to another family by mistake. Both women had to undergo caesareans, one had a boy and the other a girl. Several hours later, the mother of the girl was taken to a room and a baby was brought to her with her name on the identification bracelet. However, after two hours, during which she breastfed the baby and took photos to send to friends, when they went to change its nappy they found it was a boy. The baby boy had been born 15 minutes after the girl and hadn’t been given to his mother because there had been

complications following her caesarean. The family demanded an explanation, and their baby was found to be on the ward with all the other newborns. Staff apologised and said that the two babies had been in the same room and after having tests carried out, their bracelets were accidentally swapped. However, the parents of the boy were allegedly not told about the mistake until 48 hours later, and only then because the girl’s parents demanded that the hospital inform them. The girl’s parents have demanded an explanation about how the mistake was made.

Fatal crash A MAN, 34, died in Malaga, after crashing his car into a mattress shop on Santa Barbara Industrial Estate. He was crushed when the ceiling collapsed.

Wine centre THE Wine Centre planned in Ronda is due to open in the spring. It will also include a museum and an area for showing films about wine production.

Shots fired A MAN in his thirties was arrested in Fuengirola for allegedly shooting a pistol in the air, once in the town centre and once on the beach. He waited for police to arrive.

Strict timing THE Andalucian Public Ports Agency will demand that the company owned by Qatari Sheikh AlThani comply with all deadlines in the project to extend La Bajadilla Port in Marbella.

No wheels THE Malaga councillor for Mobility, Raul Lopez, who is wheelchairbound, has said that he will do without an official vehicle and driver to help in cutting costs.

E W N 19 - 25 December 2013 / Costa del Sol


Family ‘did not eat food from bins’ THE spokesman for a Sevilla family, three members of which allegedly died of food poisoning, has denied that they had eaten food from dustbins. The council in Alcala de Guadaira, their place of residence, has issued a statement to the same effect and says that the police have receipts for the products they purchased. The family, a man aged 61, his wife 50, and their daughter of 14, died on Saturday, and their other daughter, 13, remains in hospital. They reportedly began to feel ill after dinner, allegedly suffering from food poisoning from eating food in poor condition. Post-mortem examinations are being carried out to determine the cause of death. A spokesman has said they were not begging or looking for food in rubbish bins and that they had been shopping to


Sentence confirmed

get food for Christmas. The girls were reportedly looking forward to their Christmas gifts and a trip to their father’s hometown of Azuaga in Badajoz. The council has confirmed, however, that they were receiving aid to help them pay their expenses. There are also reports that they were not initially taken to hospital despite their condition and that they had recently been turned away by Social Services. Catholic charity Caritas said the family had not come to them for help for the past two years and that they had not obtained the food from the charity. The family had requested a grant from the Junta de Andalucia in October, which is currently taking up to 10 months to approve, and is for families with no income. The amount is for between €400 and €645 per month for six months.

THE Andalucian High Court of Justice has confirmed a sentence of eight years in prison for a man who killed his neighbour after accusing the victim’s children of stealing a tracksuit.

Park targeted A PARK in the Campanillas district of Malaga will have to be closed at night due to repeated vandal attacks.

Ecological eggs THE largest ecological egg farm in Malaga Province has opened in Cartama, where 3,000 Bovans Brown chickens will lay up to 2,600 eggs per day.

Ricky Martin is ‘in love’ with Andalucia POP SINGER Ricky Martin has said that he would like to live in Andalucia with his sons Mateo and Valentino. He obtained Spanish nationality in 2011, and although there were rumours that he intended to marry his partner in Spain, he has said that he has no plans to do so yet.

Facilities closed

However, he says that although he wants his five-year-old children to know Puerto Rico as their home, he is in love with Southern Spain and would like to live there. He is working on a new album and is part of the jury which will pick the song for the Brazil 2014 World Cup.

THE sports facilities in Benahavis will be closed this Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. The gym will close from Monday until January 6.

Run for charity

PHOTO: Joe Sheer/


THE second Lucky Fun Run in Benahavis will be held on Sunday from 10am to collect foodstuffs, clothes and toys for those in need.

No memory A MAN facing 15 years in prison for killing his transsexual partner in Fuengirola has said he does not remember stabbing her because he was drunk at the time.

€30,000 loss TORREMOLINOS TOWN HALL has suffered losses of €30,000 in just a few days due to the theft of copper wire from different streets in the town. FAN: Ricky would like to live in Southern Spain.


E W N 19 - 25 December 2013 / Costa del Sol


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A Positively MIJAS-BASED charities Positively Pink and Positively Blue have closed another successful year of offering FREE breast and prostate/testicular cancer screening to UK expatriates on the Costa del Sol. During 2013, more than 560 women have accessed the free breast screening programme with thankfully only a small number of ladies receiving a positive diagnosis. Some have already had their treatment and are doing well, but Positively Pink continues to support those ladies who are still receiving treatment. This year saw the introduction of the Positively Blue programme to provide education, awareness and support for prostate and testicular cancer. In its first year, Positively Blue had an overwhelming response to the 100 free appointments on offer; in fact, the charity funded 136 appointments for prostate cancer screening and educated all attending about testicular cancer and the need to self examine. During 2013, Positively Pink and Positively Blue have spent in excess of €51,680 to ensure all UK expatriates,

19 - 25 December 2013 / Costa del Sol



great year... The Positively Pink Team at their fundraising ball From left: Dr David Deardon, Pat Jay, Jane Naughton, Gavin Wells, Bridget Gazzard, David Donaldson, Lorraine Palmer, Lee Jay and Sarah Hawes

regardless of age or circumstance, have access to free screening, education and support in their own language. Lorraine Palmer, Founder of Positively Pink and Positively Blue, continues to believe that ‘early detection is your best protection’. She sent her thanks to everyone who has supported the charity. She said: “That includes our small team of volunteers who work tirelessly (especially Pat and Lee Jay from YJT Inland Radio) and those who have attended the programmes and made a donation, through to all the local

businesses that have given so generously. They have ensured we have sufficient funds to continue this potentially lifesaving work in the years to come. A special thank you to Dr David Deardon (Head of the Positively Pink Screening Programme) and Dr Kleimier (Head of the Positively Blue Programme) as well as the whole team at Clinica Medicare in La Cala, all of whom provide their time, the clinic space and their expertise free of charge to the charity.” Lorraine added: “We are delighted to announce that in 2014 we will be

offering both screening programmes again starting in February and our aim is 1,000 breast screening and 200 prostate and testicular cancer appointments. Further details on the 2014 programme and fundraising events will be issued early in the New Year.” For more information visit: or follow them on Facebook.


E W N 19 - 25 December 2013 / Costa del Sol


Unidentified horses ONLY 1 per cent of horses which are found abandoned in Mallorca have identification. Most abandoned horses are found on the Palma-Inca motorway and Carretera de la Serra.

News from our editions With six editions and read by more than half a million people, EWN is Spain’s largest free local English-language newspaper

A MAN, 40, was arrested in Manacor for allegedly exposing himself to small girls at the entrance to local schools.

THE bells of the Mare de Deu dels Angels parish church in Pollensa have been taken down in order to carry out repair work.

Unfair exam A REPORT by Palma Local Police shows that an exam within the force which was meant to be confidential to guarantee fair marking by the tribunal, was not.

Self defence A BAR in Palma, Sa Taverna, has been offering free self defence classes for women for the past three months, with an expert in martial arts.


Con man sentenced A GRANADA resident has been sentenced to 22 months in prison after staying at a Motril hotel for more than a month and leaving without paying.

High school protest THREE THOUSAND people demonstrated on Sunday morning in Rincon de la Victoria, demanding a new high school for the town.

Bad stepson A MAN has been arrested in Salobreña after he reportedly beat his stepfather up in order to steal his car.

Mourning day TUESDAY was an official day of mourning in Almuñecar after a civil servant, aged 43, died in a motorbike accident in the Avenida Costa del Sol of the town.

Say it with flowers

Legion test

Smoke inhalation

Church repairs

with 32,524 passengers, an increase of 9.5 per cent on the same month of 2012.

ALMERIA CITY HALL continued the tradition of giving away 2,000 of the Christmas plants ‘Pascueros.’ Hundreds of people turned up in the city centre with the plants being snapped up within half an hour.

‘Pervert’ detained

A MAN, 22, had to be treated for smoke inhalation after a fire broke out at his apartment in Palma. Other residents of the three-storey block were evacuated for safety.


Fishermen’s friends ALICANTE PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENT has provided new oilskins for fishermen on the province’s 1,000 boats. Alejando Morant, head of the province’s Public Works and Development department, visited Costa Blanca fishing ports to present the new safety wear. The fishermen’s guilds had requested help in acquiring the highvisibility hooded jackets and bibbed trousers, Morant explained. Thanks to the €40,000 investment the men can now work in safer conditions, he added. These difficult times are also hard for the fishing industry and they will not have to meet the cost themselves, Morant pointed out in Campello, where he handed over 34 sets of the oilskins. The lion’s share of the new work clothes went to the fishing fleets in Santa Pola and Villajoyosa which received 319 and 168 sets respectively. Next in line was Calpe, with 101. Benidorm’s harbour sees more pleasure boats than fishing vessels, but is home to a small fleet and received 10 sets.

Station co-funding


NERJA COUNCIL and the Malaga provincial government will co-fund the fire station planned for the town seven years ago until the regional government provides funds.

SANTA POLA has been recognised, for the second year running, for its Local Development Agency in promoting entrepreneurship in the town.


SAN MIGUEL Bowls Club has donated more than €400 worth of food to help local people in need this Christmas.

Three kings ORIHUELA COSTA’S Three Kings parade on Sunday, January 5 will depart from Calle Nicolás de Bussy at 5pm and parade to Zenia Boulevard Shopping Centre where the reception of the Magi will take place.

Fair trade THE Fair Trade Shop in Orihuela is launching a campaign to promote the purchase of Fair Trade gifts at Christmas.

Bowlers’ generosity Caritas collection A CONCERT for Caritas has collected milk for the charity. It is the fifth time this event has been organised by the Musical Union Torrevieja (UMT) and the Youth Band.


Airport increase ALMERIA AIRPORT closed November

THE Brigade of the Spanish Legion has announced the 101-kilometre test, which takes place in Ronda with the participation of members from the Viator base.

In the swim ALMERIA swimmer Carlos Tejada has won four gold medals at the 18th Paralympics Swimming Open held in Cadiz.

On the beat LOCAL POLICE in Cuevas del Almanzora are to increase their presence on the streets during the festive period up until January 6.


Murder trial A 49-YEAR-OLD French national faces a 43-year prison sentence for murdering his partner in Denia in 2011. After attacking her with a knife, he shot her with an Uzi sub-machine gun.

Dark deeds THIEVES stole 4,000 metres of copper cable from streetlights on the Oliva-Nova urbanisation. It will cost the town hall €9,000 to replace.

En garde! ELDA CASINO plans to put on fencing displays and mock duels in conjunction with a local fencing club. Private classes will also be available.

Lean times ALFAZ DEL PI Council approved the town’s 2014 budget featuring ‘austerity, efficiency and solidarity’ in just 45 minutes. Local taxes will be frozen and debts reduced, the town hall said.

Drain gain SEAFRONT homes adjoining Denia’s Almadraba beach have finally solved an old problem. After years of having to use septic tanks, they have now been connected to the town’s sewer system.



19 - 25 December 2013 / Costa del Sol

business & legal


STAT OF WEEK SALES over the Constitution holiday weekend were 8 per cent up on last year. Sunday opening helped to boost turnover, said retailers’ chain, Anged.

Inditex milestone Foreign foray that turned to gold ZARA opened its first shop outside Spain 25 years ago. The chain is at the heart of the Inditex empire that made Amancio Ortega the richest man in Spain and the third-richest in the world. The Leon-born businessman was then and still is - based in Galicia and did not go far for his first venture abroad in December

1988, choosing Portugal. After expanding throughout Galicia and taking on Portugal, Zara arrived in New York in 1989 and Paris in 1990. Next came Europe, Latin America, the Near East and Asia. If Inditex, now present in 86 countries and with 20 online outlets, has weathered the storm it is thanks to the international market.

Fishing boats are steaming back THE European Parliament has approved a new fisheries deal between the EU and Morocco. This comes two years after it blocked a previous agreement with Spain. There was concern over its terms and the legal position of the Western Sahara, formerly Spanish and now controlled by Morocco. Rabat retaliated by banning all EU fishing boats from Moroccan waters. A total of 126 licences will now allow boats from 11 EU member states to fish off the 1,000kilometres of the Morocco coast for the next four years. One hundred licences are to go to

Spanish boats. Brussels will make a €30 million annual payment, of which €14 million is destined for developing Morocco’s own fishing industry. The EU will also require Morocco to provide periodic proof that the Saharawi population in the Western Sahara benefits from this help and the employment it generates. “This is an excellent deal for both sides. It fulfils all the conditions requested by the European Parliament in 2011, ensuring both environmental sustainability and a decent return for the EU budget contribution,” said Spanish MEP Carmen Fraga Estevez.


usiness extra

Bottling out COCA-COLA Iberian Partners plans to close four of its seven Spanish bottling plants. Relocations and other ‘voluntary’ measures will affect 1,200 employees, representing 20 per cent of its staff.

Job lot WITH a €30bn budget and 20,000 staff, government labour exchange INEM places only 2.6 per cent of the unemployed. Between April and July it mediated in 98,775 jobs, mostly on temporary contracts.

Mind the gap! DESPITE equality laws, Spain’s women executives earn unequal pay. On average they receive 10 per cent less, even when carrying out the same jobs. A survey by market consultants Randstad found that a female manager or director earns an average yearly salary of €33,851 compared with a male’s €37,793. Equality only exists on entering the labour market, found Randstad’s

managing director Maria Angeles Tejada Barrio. As she advances, however, a female’s salary does not keep pace with a male’s. The sector also makes a difference. The biggest wage gap exists in transport and logistics where there can be a 28 per cent disparity in salaries. Banking is little better, with women earning 26 per cent less even though 56 per cent of managerial positions go to women and 44 per cent to men.


SYDNEY: From small star t, Zar a spread round the world.


E W N 19 - 25 December 2013 / Costa del Sol


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19 - 25 December 2013 / Costa del Sol



Austerity is not the way forward – CEPR AN EWN SPECIAL REPORT A NEW paper from the American Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR, no connection to the British CEPR) proposes alternatives to austerity that could restore full employment to Spain by 2018 or even sooner. The paper: ‘Policy Alternatives for a Return to Full Employment in Spain’ by economists David Rosnick and Mark Weisbrot describes how, contrary to claims by Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy that ‘there is no other alternative’ to austerity, there are feasible policy changes that would allow Spain to increase growth and put people back to work, without increasing debt levels. “This paper shows that Spain’s 26 per cent unemployment is an unnecessary human tragedy,” said Mark Weisbrot, Co-Director of the CEPR. “It can be reduced dramatically with or without the co-operation of the European Central Bank (ECB). “The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has called for the ECB to engage in quantitative easing. As our paper shows, this would make Spain’s return to full employment much easier.” Quantitative

PRINT MONEY: Advice to Frankfurtbased ECB.

easing is the process of printing more money. The paper models alternative options that would bring the economy to its potential GDP by 2018, with generally less debt as a share of the economy. One of these options shows what would result if the ECB were to buy some of the debt with the intent of rebating (or forgoing) interest payments, which the paper finds would lower Spain’s debt levels. As it is a money-creating central

bank, there would be no true cost to the ECB. “The European Central Bank should act as other central banks such as the US and Japan have done, and help put the unemployed back to work,” said David Rosnick, the lead author of the paper. The paper argues that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has ‘misdiagnosed’ the nature of Spain’s loss of output as structural rather than cyclical, leading to analysis and growth

projections that suggest that Spain’s economy is not far from its potential. In comparison to the IMF’s estimate that Spain’s economy is running 3.6 per cent short of potential, the OECD estimates the 2014 output gap to be minus 9.4 per cent. The paper notes that if output is well below potential, this means that the economy is full of qualified workers left unemployed because business does not foresee sufficient sales to make the hiring of these workers profitable. Only increasing demand for goods and services will return the unemployed to work, and this usually means that the government itself must step up by purchasing domestic goods and hire the unemployed. Normally a recession-hit country can boost growth by lowering the value of its currency, but since Spain shares a common currency with its main trading partners, a nominal devaluation is not possible, making government spending even more important. “The IMF appears to have given up on the idea of many of Spain’s unemployed ever returning to work, and apparently so has the government,” said Rosnick. “But this is a costly mistake.”


E W N 19 - 25 December 2013 / Costa del Sol


Don’t get sucked into bad debt this Christmas WARNING! There is a new cream on the market. It claims to miraculously slim you down to the size of a salad-dependent supermodel as you sleep. That’s right – no exercise, no gym membership, no balanced diet, simply apply the weight-loss cream before bedtime and you’ll wake up inches slimmer. When something sounds too good to be true, it often is. And in the case of this type of cream, I imagine the only thing it will slim down is your wallet. Scientists have labelled the product, which costs about €90, a complete con and accused manufacturers of ‘preying on vulnerable people’. And at Christmas-time vulnerable people seem

Loose change A look at finance for females

Jane Plunkett


Borrowing down IN November Spanish banks borrowed €223.8 billion from the European Central Bank. That was down from €237.4 billion in October, the 15th consecutive month of falls, according to Bank of Spain figures.

to be everywhere! Right now, advertisers, manufacturers, shop owners and sellers of things everywhere are dreaming up every trick in the book to encourage us to buy, buy, buy! Hence, a magic cream that makes you lose weight as you sleep has suddenly appeared on the market. The all-too-common lackadaisical ‘sure it’s Christmas’ mentality is fatal to our finances and it’s something that we need to put in check before smart advertising

Debt level MAKE A LIST: Do as Santa does.

and two-for-one offers empty out our piggy banks. Just because it is Christmas doesn’t mean we have to lose all control over our spending. It should be quite the opposite. At this time of year we need to be much more aware of our budget and really analyse what we buy. Do as Santa Claus does -

make a list. Check it twice. And then stick to it. For those budgeting this Christmas, find out what family members really want and buy presents accordingly. If Mum wants a nice scarf, then that’s the job done. There really is no need to also grab the new celebrity perfume pack that’s on offer at the pay

point. It’s an extra afterthought that isn’t necessary and will probably end up collecting dust in the gift box anyway. You won’t see Santa’s name on the black list at the local bank. He doesn’t get into debt. He makes do with what resources he has – and so should we all.

Luxury tourism is the way forward LUXURY tourism is the way forward for the Balearic Islands as the region has seen a big rise in the numbers of British visitors. With up-market hotels recently opened and more on the drawing boards there is optimism about big-spending visitors. Now the regional government’s Councillor for Tourism and Sports, Carlos Delgado, has expressed his optimism towards British tourism. He said the UK market is on an ‘upward trend’ and ‘good’ forecasts are in place for the Balearic Islands for next year. Luxury tourism is largely to thank for this. Daniel Chavarria Waschke, Managing Director of Balearics Sotheby’s International Realty, agreed. “Whilst other markets such as Greece, Egypt, Turkey, may have lowered their prices to attract more tourists, the Balearics have taken the bold decision to target the high end. “Levels of quality, the calibre of hotel stock and prices have all gone in an upward direction

GOING UP-MARKET: Balearic tourism offer. and the plan has worked. Comprising 26.16 per cent of the total Balearic tourist market, Brits have spent 8.5 per cent more in the Balearics in the first nine months of 2013 over last year and flight arrivals from the UK are also up 7.9 per cent to 3,046,681 for the same period.” Serious hotel operators are now in action on the Balearics. Jumeirah chose Mallorca for its

first foray into Spain, opening the five-star Jumeirah Port Soller Hotel & Spa in 2012. Sheraton Mallorca Arabella Golf Hotel has just reopened after a nine-month, €13-million refurbishment, and the golffront Park Hyatt Mallorca is set to open in 2015. They join existing five-star establishments including the St Regis Mardavall and La Residencia by OrientExpress.

Across in Ibiza the upmarket Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel opened in 2011 and the Ushuaia Tower this summer, joining such establishments as the five-star boutique hotel Hacienda Na Xamena and Ibiza Gran Hotel and Casino in Ibiza Town. Melia Hotels International, founded in Mallorca in 1956 and now with 350 hotels in more than 39 countries, has also announced grand plans for the Balearics. Speaking this month at an event at ME London, a hotel within the ME by Melia premium range, Chief Executive Gabriel Escarrer said it would open ME Mallorca (formerly the Beach House on Calvia Beach Resort) and ME Ibiza (formerly Sol S’Argamassa in beachfront Santa Eulalia) for 2014. Escarrer said: “We are reaffirming our commitment to the Balearic Islands, investing in the transformation of two products that will be drivers of change to enhance our position as a holiday destination of quality.”

BY the end of September Spanish debt stood at 93.4 per cent of gross domestic product. The government’s target for the end of the year is 94.2 per cent.

Not happy TWO major investment funds are taking the Spanish government to the World Bank’s arbitration service over cuts to renewable energy subsidies. RREEF Infrastructure and Antin say the cuts are an unfair retroactive change that will cost them millions of euros.

Bleak outlook RATINGS agency Standard & Poor’s has said that the Spanish unemployment rate will not improve significantly for at least two years. The agency predicted the jobless figures would stand at 26.7 per cent at the end of 2013, fall to 26.4 per cent in 2014, before dipping to 25.5 per cent in 2015.

Full steam IBERDROLA Ingenieria signed a €66-million contract with Mexican oil company Pemex. It will construct a pipeline to channel steam between the Salamanca co-generation plant and the Riama refinery.

No prospects EMIGRANTS from Spain outnumbered immigrants by just over 160,000 in 20012, according to the National Institute of Statistics. Poor job prospects were to blame.


Stayed in for delivery then took cash hit HOW about this for price manipulation? I ordered five large gas bottles from my regular supplier, Cepsa in Javea, on Tuesday, December 3, for delivery on Wednesday. I stayed in all day but alas no delivery. So I rang Cepsa to be told that they had a problem and a delivery would take place on Thursday. Again I stayed in all day but again no-one turned up. As Friday was a bank holiday I had to wait until Monday to speak with Cepsa who said the gas would be delivered today (Tuesday). Initially I had been quoted €312.50 and my wife made out a cheque for the driver. But on arrival he said that the price was now €335 and that the gas had gone up on Friday, a rise of €22.50, and my delivery was classed as a re-order. Cepsa are not interested. Way to go, Cepsa! Ken Ward, Sagra (Alicante) Bob Mitchell’s letter calling for a ‘democratic Marxist State’ (Letters, Issue 1483) drew this response from readers...

Utter unreality HOW unknowing, unread and untravelled Bob Mitchell must be to write such an utter unreality as Marxism giving up power! I was born and grew up in China with the communist regime. Once Marxists are in place nothing and no-one will ever be allowed to replace them. It just goes to show what nonsense someone can believe in. I would prefer having nothing in a Capitalist state than having it all with the Marxists. I wish Mr Mitchell all the best for his journey to a Marxist state knowing that once he is there we will never hear from him again; he will be in some labour camp to be taught how to be a good Marxist. V Nedelec, Neuva Andalucia (Malaga)

19 - 25 December 2013 / Costa del Sol


Letters for Your Say should be emailed to, posted to Euro Weekly News, C/Moscatel 10, P-62, Polígono Industrial, Arroyo de la Miel, 29631 Benalmadena, Málaga, Spain or faxed to 0034 952 440 887

Photographs for possible publication should be sent by email with a full caption to:



outside of marriage as adultery and fornication, and only rent rooms to legitimate couples, as there is no variation of wrong within the Ten Commandments. Furthermore, unless they refuse to rent rooms to any two people of the same sex, how can they be sure which ones are gay, unless they are told? They are well within their rights to advertise their establishment as a Christian B&B, the same as gay-friendly businesses do. I suspect they don’t as it would not only put off nonChristians but also those of us who abhor bigotry in any form and try to live by Christ’s words: ‘Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers is what you do unto me’. Herrison Sharpe (by email)

Look out!

I WAS fortunate enough to be at the old Estepona (Malaga) bus station and managed to photograph this graceful Griffon Vulture which had lost its direction.

By Robert Hayward Courteney

Good point BOB MITCHELL certainly has a point. Capitalism and democracy are failing the vast majority of people and it should not be like this. But there does not seem to be any legal means to change things. Blair and his ilk of selfserving toffs destroyed any semblance of a socialist alternative as the gap between the poor and mega-rich became a chasm. The French are attempting to restore fairness by taxing the super-rich, so Cameron completely undermines their efforts by saying ‘come to Britain’. Switzerland recently tried to enact a law which limited top earners’ pay to no more than 12 times that of the lowest paid. What a wonderful ideal! Unfortunately, it failed. Senior judges, police officers and politicians lie (e.g. Hillsborough), bankers are still filling their pockets. Why should anyone have any respect for authority? I certainly haven’t. Why can’t we have a government with integrity that

WHEN YOU WRITE All letters, whether by email or post, should carry the writer’s postal address, NIE and contact number though only the name and town will be published. Letters may also be edited. Readers who have missed earlier correspondence can see all letters posted on:

acts in the best interests of the majority? Isn’t that what democracy should be all about? Why can’t we have the kind of government we deserve? Paul Whitfield, Murla (Alicante)

Pointless holiday WHAT is the point of bank holidays if staff are then forced to work on a Sunday to make up for it? I am referring to the recent holidays for Constitution Day where, around where I live, most of the supermarkets were open on the Sunday following,

before having the Monday off as well. I do hope the staff on duty were paid a decent bonus, otherwise they have simply lost their day off. While convenient for the public, it would not have taken people much planning to make sure there was enough food in to last until the Tuesday. Then staff could have had a long weekend off with their families like the rest of us. Jeanie Macmillan, Fuengirola (Malaga)

Truly devout? IF Leapy Lee had chosen the argument that registrars should have the right to opt out of presiding over gay marriages on moral grounds, in the same way doctors may decline to perform abortions, I might have agreed with him. I do not agree, however, that people should be discriminated against by a commercial business. If this couple were truly devout Christians then they are obliged to consider ALL sex

A WARNING to everyone who lives in Dona Pilar (Mijas, Malaga). I have spotted the gypsy ladies around the area again. Last time they were around it coincided with a string of robberies and attempted robberies from properties. With Christmas around the corner and many homes filled with expensive presents I would suggest people are extra careful with security and keep their doors and windows securely locked. Name and address withheld

Religious freedom TO celebrate the festival of Chanukah, the Southern Costa Blanca Jewish Community recently held its third annual public lighting of an eightbranch candelabra (Menorah) at Playa Flamenca Beach. Through your pages I should like to thank Martina Scheurer and the council of Orihuela Costa for their help and support in this annual event. During the course of the evening, which was attended by more than 100 people, Councillor Scheurer spoke of her pleasure in being able to participate, and also said how important it is that people of all religions are free to practise their religion here in Spain. Alan Harris (by email)

The views expressed and opinions given in Letters are not necessarily those of the EWN publishers. They accept no responsibility for accuracy of information, errors, omissions or statements, and reject claims arising out of any action that a company or individual may take on the basis of information contained therein.


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Ike Graham (Richard Gere), is a less than respectable New York columnist. Graham's journalistic style is based around writing stories at the last minute and fabricating facts, a far cry from the honest, hardworking, investigative approach followed by most other journalists. Hmm. He hears the story of Maggie Carpenter (Julia Roberts), a local lass notorious for leaving a succession of would-be grooms at the altar. When Graham writes an article based on Maggie, he is promptly fired by his publisher, who doubles as his ex-wife.

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Sarah Parish

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Looking back on the past year

David Tyrrell

MANY of the volunteers who work for Age Concern gathered in the charity’s Drop-In Centre in Estepona to celebrate the past year. Over a finger buffet and drinks experiences were exchanged and plans laid for 2014. It was also the 88th birthday of one of the older volunteers - Audrey Kenyon, who has spent hours working first on a market stall, and then for the past nine years looking after the shop at least one morning a week. The volunteers look after older people in the community and raise funds to maintain the Drop-In Centre. For older people who require help or advice Age Concern operate a telephone service called Lifeline. The telephone number is 650 163 928.

AGE CARE: Volunteers and guests party night away.

A xmas party

THE Age Care shop and welfare volunteers and their guests attended their Christmas party at the Miraflores Golf Restaurant. The Fairy Godmother, Santa and his ‘No.1 Elf’ paid a surprise visit to hand out gifts. The festivities continued into the small hours to the sounds of Jonny G. To see all the photos, visit: Beverley Morland, Manager of the Age Care Charity Shop in El Zoco, Calahonda, who organised the event as a thank you to the volunteers for all their hard work over the year said: “We are very lucky to have such loyal volunteers - but we always need more!” David Mantle, President of Age Care, was there also to thank everyone and said: “Without the volunteers, Age Care wouldn’t exist, so thank you!”

19 - 25 December 2013 / Costa del Sol




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SkyMoviesChristmas/ 6:00am We're No Angels 8:00am Christmas in Wonderland

Excalibur (Film, 1981) This is yet another adaptation of the Arthurian legend but with more action than any other. The story, as the title suggests, follows the travels of the legendary sword Excalibur through Arthurian myth. The story starts with Excalibur being in the very powerful, and violent hands, of Uther Pendragon (Gabriel Byrne), after his death the sword took to a long rest in the famous stone from which it could only be drawn by the future King, this was to be Uther's son, Arthur (Nigel Terry).

9:50am The 12 Dogs of Christmas 11:50am Batman Returns 2:00pm Jingle All the Way 3:45pm Elf 5:30pm Jingle All the Way 7:15pm All I Want for Christmas 9:00pm Batman Returns 11:15pm Elf 1:00am Turbulence 2:50am Christmas in Wonderland 4:40am The Top Ten Show 2013

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Will Ferrell

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (Film, 2004) BBC 3 from 10:00pm to 11:30pm Knockabout comedy set in the sexist world of 1970s newscasting. Ron Burgundy, San Diego's toprated anchorman, reigns supreme in the all-male world of television news, until the arrival of an ambitious female reporter upsets the status quo. When she steps in to present the programme in Ron's absence, an uncivil war breaks out in the newsroom.

BBC4/ 8:00pm Top of the Pops 8:10pm BBC Proms 10:00pm Legends: Roy Orbison - The 'Big O' in Britain 11:00pm The Andy Williams Christmas Show 11:30pm The Andy Williams Show: Duets 12:30am Duets at the BBC

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1:30am Legends: Roy Orbison The 'Big O' in Britain 2:30am The Andy Williams Christmas Show 3:00am The Andy Williams Show: Duets 4:00am Duets at the BBC


A record amount ALHAURIN EL GRANDE branch of the Royal British Legion announced it has contributed €5,500 to the Poppy Appeal in Spain. This is a record for the branch and shows the generosity of its members and residents of Alhaurin. A special mention goes to T.A.P.A.S who donated €190 from ticket sales at their last show, The Codfather and Son who donated €25 following the branch’s Sunday lunch there and the congregation of the Cemetery Church in Alhaurin.

19 - 25 December 2013 / Costa del Sol

Surprise visitor at school

SANTA VISIT: Each child received a festive gift.

CHILDREN at The International School in Estepona were pleased to meet Santa Claus on his arrival at the school on the last day of term. Santa gave each child a festive gift and then left promptly as this is a very busy time of year for him. More pictures can be seen on

Join in Benahavis carol singing BENAHAVIS Culture Delegation invites all residents to attend a charity event that will take place in Plaza de España and Las Cañas Viejas on Sunday from 6pm.

All funds will be donated to local families in need. Christmas carols are the theme and anyone interested in collaborating can do so with a donation of €3.

There will be popular Spanish and international carols. Carol sheets will be handed out so everyone can sing along. Las Cañas Viejas will stay open later to offer shelter should it rain.



Concert in San Pedro A CHRISTMAS CONCERT will be given by Grupo Vocal Lirico at Teatro del Ingenio, San Pedro de Alcantara, on Saturday at 7pm. Popular carols from around the world will be performed by Mari Rosa Perez (mezzo), David Geary (baritone), accompanied by Mari Carmen Perez Blanco (piano). Tickets are €15. Advanced booking on 606 962 563, tickets on the night, at the theatre, from 6pm.


E W N 19 - 25 December 2013 / Costa del Sol







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The Flight Before Christmas (Film, 2008) Dreaming of joining Santa's elite sleighpulling team, a young reindeer leaves his herd and goes in search of Saint Nick's magical home. Andrew McMahon, Carly Baker, Norm MacDonald (all voices).

Christmas 3:10pm Rise of the Guardians 4:50pm Mickey's Once upon a Christmas 6:05pm Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas 7:20pm Holy Night! 9:00pm Arthur Christmas 10:45pm The Nightmare Before Christmas 12:15am A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas 1:55am Holy Night!

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Nicolas Cage

Con Air (Film, 1997) BBC 3 from 10:10pm to 12:00am High-octane action blockbuster set aboard a federal aeroplane transporting convicts to a maximum security facility. Due for release on parole after eight years away from his wife and daughter, one of the prisoners has his freedom threatened when a psychotic team of inmates hijack the aircraft. In a race against time, he joins forces with the law to foil the criminals' master plan and make it home to his family.

BBC4/ 8:00pm Comet of the Century: 9:00pm Shipwrecks: Britain's Sunken History 10:00pm Papillon

SkyMoviesAction/ 9:10am Anaconda 2: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid 10:50am The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring 1:50pm Skyfall 4:15pm The Bridge on the River Kwai 7:00pm The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring 10:00pm Skyfall 12:30am Anaconda

Steve McQueen.

12:25am When Albums Ruled the World 1:55am Top of the Pops 2:55am Shipwrecks: Britain's Sunken History 3:55am Comet of the Century:


19 - 25 December 2013 / Costa del Sol

The fight-back has started! LEAPY LEE SAYS IT OTHERS THINK IT


E’RE fighting back! At long last, after all the complacency, which has been basically a simple yearning for a quiet life, the British public is finally on the offensive. And doesn’t it feel great? For years, proper-thinking Brits have meekly accepted all the bull**** presented by the predominately left-wing hypocrites, with their PC, environmental jobsworth opinions, directives on ‘global warming’, ‘green’ eco products, gigantic bloody propellers that blight our countryside and couldn’t light my pencil torch. Holes in the ozone layer and Labour’s army of welfare and equal rights scroungers. It also came as no surprise that it didn’t take long for the jobsworth mob to come out and blame the

BLOT ON THE LANDSCAPE: Wind turbines. recent storms, apparently the worst for 60 years, on ‘global warming’. What were we doing to the environment 60 years ago? Allowing too much horse dung on the streets? Almost every day there now seem to be common-sense announcements from more and more politicians. Basically because they have at last come to their senses and, fearful of being slung on the scrapheap next year, are finally listening to the people who will ultimately decide their fate. What does worry me, however, is the lack of commitment as to when all these new initiatives will

be administered. It’s all very well to keep announcing popular moves, i.e. benefit capping, deporting foreign criminals, restricting welfare payments for more than two children, only allowing offshore wind turbines, making squatting illegal, restricting access to free NHS and benefits to immigrants, and so forth, but when are we going to see all these goodies put into practice? Many are already being promised ‘after the next election’. My question is when ‘after’? Six months? A year? Or will they start to promise them again in time for ‘after’ the 2020 ballot?

We need to see some positive action now, not Miliband’s Santastyle promises, which will mysteriously fail to materialise once their vote-catching usefulness has served its purpose. Just a quick ‘told ya so’ this week. Those who peruse this blurb on a regular basis will know I’m no big fan of the ‘X Fracture’. But you may remember, some weeks ago, I predicted the final would be between the young Scots lad and the housewife. Dah da! All requests for me to appear on the judging panel next year on the back of a postage stamp, please. Finally, after yet another disgraceful exhibition at this year’s comedy awards, may I suggest that it’s not ‘Comic Relief’ we need, it’s a bit of relief from these so-called comics. Come back, Max Miller, all is forgiven. Have a good week, and whatever ya do - always keep the faith! Love Leapy




Pat on back THE comments that you make each week are always spot on. It’s a pity that the hierarchy in the UK do not think as you do. As you say others only think it, you say it, and I must admit that you say it with heart and passion. Your column is the first item that I read every week. Keep it going, mate! Dave Marks (by email)

Wrist slap YOUR piece about the B&B owners was not particularly logical. But then I would not expect any logic from you. Your thinking seems somehow strained at times. But I do enjoy reading your column! J Brigs (by email)


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My Big Fat Greek Wedding (Film, 2002) Joel Zwick's Oscar-nominated comedy, based on Nia Vardalos' stage play, stars Vardalos herself as Toula Portokalos, a Greek woman who's 'approaching a certain age', as her family are more than happy to remind her. But when she falls for Ian Miller, who's definitely not Greek, her family are in uproar. But Toula is determined to find happiness. Ian agrees to be 'baptised' in the family's Greek traditions in order to marry Toula, but the path of true love does not run smooth thanks to the interference of Toula's overprotective family.

Christmas Carol 5:15pm The Search for Santa Paws 7:00pm Sleepless in Seattle 9:00pm Home Alone: The Holiday Heist 10:45pm The Top Ten Show 2013 11:00pm Money Train 1:00am A Christmas Princess


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Sonya Cross & Marco Ruiz


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6:10am Baking Mad with Eric Lanlard 6:35am Suburgatory 7:00am The Treacle People 7:15am Valiant 8:25am That Darn Cat! 10:05am Father Christmas 10:40am The Simpsons 11:10am White Christmas 1:30pm 100 Greatest Toys with Jonathan Ross 4:40pm Deal or No Deal 5:40pm Celebrity Come Dine with Me Christmas Special 6:45pm Channel 4 News 7:00pm 7:05pm The Simpsons 7:30pm Hollyoaks 8:00pm Nigella Bites Christmas Special 9:00pm Food Unwrapped's Christmas Dinner 10:00pm Heston's Great British Food 11:00pm Fresh Meat 11:50pm Raised by Wolves 12:25am Peep Show 12:55am Peep Show 2:00am Peep Show 2:30am Peep Show 3:25am Nashville 4:05am 90210 4:45am Suburgatory 5:10am Suburgatory 5:30am Deal or No Deal


8:25am The Hot Desk 8:35am Christmas Bonkers 9:00am You've Been Framed! Christmas Special 9:30am I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here Now! Trials and Tribulations 10:30am I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here Now! Best of the Bush 11:30am I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here Now! Crown Jewels 12:30pm Boyzone at 20: No Matter What 1:30pm Emmerdale 2:00pm Coronation Street 3:00pm The Jeremy Kyle Show 5:15pm The Xtra Factor 7:15pm You've Been Framed! 8:45pm Ant and Dec's Christmas Show 10:00pm Peter Andre: My Life at Christmas 11:00pm Celebrity Juice 12:00am Pitch Black 2:10am Celebrity Juice 2:55am Peter Andre: My Life at Christmas



SATELLITE CHANNELS/ Sky1/ 9:00am Sinbad 10:00am The Simpsons 10:30am Little Crackers 11:00am Treasure Island 1:00pm A Very JLS Christmas 2:30pm The Middle 3:30pm The Simpsons 4:00pm The Smurfs Christmas Carol

4:30pm The Simpsons 5:00pm Sinbad 6:00pm The Simpsons 6:30pm Modern Family 7:30pm Yonderland 8:00pm The Simpsons 9:00pm A League of Their Own 10:00pm Strike Back: Shadow Warfare 11:00pm Banshee

12:15am Spartacus: Vengeance

SkyMoviesComedy/ 7:10am Look Who's Talking 9:00am The Longest Yard 11:05am Dr. Seuss' the Lorax 12:40pm The Guilt Trip 2:25pm Groundhog Day 4:10pm Look Who's Talking 5:50pm Surviving Christmas

• Barbra Streisand • Seth Rogen

7:25pm The Full Monty 9:00pm The Guilt Trip 10:40pm Groundhog Day 12:25am The Longest Yard

SkyMoviesChristmas/ 9:15am Booky and the Secret Santa 11:00am Mickey's Once upon a Christmas 12:20pm Mickey's Twice Upon

The Guilt Trip (Film, 2012) Andy Brewster (Seth Rogen) is ready to hit the road and peddle his new cleaning invention, but a visit to widowed mum Joyce (Barbra Streisand) earns him an extra bit of baggage for the journey. She tells him about her long-lost love, who Andy discovers now lives in San Francisco. In a bid to get his mum back in the dating game after years on the sidelines, he invites her on his trip across America but, with all the bickering, molly-coddling and nagging, will Andy last the distance and get his mum to the surprise reunion of a lifetime?

a Christmas 1:45pm The Top Ten Show 2013 2:00pm Rise of the Guardians 3:45pm Elf 5:30pm Jingle All the Way 7:15pm Rise of the Guardians 9:00pm Elf 10:45pm Jingle All the Way 12:20am A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas

SkyMoviesAction/ 10:00am Gangster Squad 12:00pm The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King 3:25pm The Karate Kid, Part II 5:25pm Jurassic Park III 7:00pm The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King 10:25pm Gangster Squad 12:20am Wrath of the Titans

BBC3/ 8:00pm Great Movie Mistakes 2013 8:30pm The Santa Clause 10:00pm Gavin and Stacey 11:00pm Bluestone 42 11:35pm EastEnders 12:05am Family Guy 12:25am Family Guy 1:10am Bluestone 42 1:40am Family Guy 2:05am Family Guy 2:25am The Hand That Rocks the Cradle 4:10am Bamboo 4:30am Bluestone 42

Eric Lloyd & Tim Allen

The Santa Clause (Film, 1994) BBC 3 from 8:30pm to 10:00pm Seasonal family comedy about a reluctant Christmas hero. When Santa Claus falls off Scott Calvin's roof on Christmas Eve, the divorced dad reluctantly agrees to don the oversized costume and help deliver presents for the night. He soon realises, however, that the small print commits him to the role permanently. The biggest trouble is that nobody but Scott's son Charlie (and the residents of the North Pole) knows the truth; all anyone else can see is that Scott's behaviour is becoming increasingly strange.

BBC4/ 8:00pm Time Shift 9:00pm Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads? 9:30pm Only Connect 10:00pm Len Goodman's Dance Band Days 11:00pm Perry Como's Christmas Show 11:55pm Frank Sinatra 1:30am Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads? 2:00am Only Connect 2:30am Len Goodman's Dance Band Days 3:30am The Bridge


E W N 19 - 25 December 2013 / Costa del Sol







07 am

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06 am

7:00am Breakfast 10:00am The Gruffalo 10:30am A Cbeebies Christmas Carol 11:10am Sarah and Duck: Christmas Special 11:20am The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause 12:45pm Only Fools and Horses 2:10pm BBC News 2:20pm BBC London News 2:30pm The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe 4:40pm Toy Story 2 6:10pm Shrek the Halls 6:35pm BBC News 6:50pm BBC London News 6:55pm Finding Nemo 8:30pm EastEnders 9:00pm Holby City 10:00pm Last Tango in Halifax 11:00pm Not Going Out 11:45pm Outnumbered 12:30am BBC News 12:45am Westminster Abbey: The First Eucharist of Christmas 2:05am Protocol 3:35am Weatherview 3:40am BBC News

7:00am This is BBC Two 7:50am Natural World 8:50am Herbie Rides Again 10:15am Westminster Abbey 11:15am An American in Paris 1:05pm Splash 2:50pm Guys and Dolls 5:15pm Fantasia 7:15pm Carols from King's 8:30pm The Perfect Morecambe and Wise Christmas Special 9:00pm Victoria Wood's Mid-Life Christmas 10:00pm QI XL 10:45pm Mel Smith: I've Sort Of Done Things 11:45pm Comedy Connections 12:25am The Awakening 2:05am The Spiral Staircase 3:30am This is BBC Two


6:05am The Jeremy Kyle Show 7:00am Daybreak 9:30am Lorraine 10:25am The Christmas Takeover 12:30pm Catchphrase 1:15pm ITV News and Weather 1:30pm Let's Do Christmas with Gino and Mel 2:30pm Steppin' Out with Katherine Jenkins 3:45pm Gary Barlow: Journey to Afghanistan 4:45pm Fast Freddie, the Widow and Me 6:15pm The Nation's Favourite Christmas Song 7:45pm ITV News and Weather 8:00pm Emmerdale 8:30pm You've Been Framed! 9:00pm Midsomer Murders 11:00pm ITV News at Ten and Weather 11:15pm Christmas Carols on ITV 12:15am Couples Retreat 2:15am The Jeremy Kyle Show USA 3:00am ITV Nightscreen


6:25am Baking Mad with Eric Lanlard 6:55am Wilde Stories 7:20am Wilde Stories 7:50am Wilde Stories 8:15am The Bear 8:45am The Nativity Story 10:45am The Big Bang Theory 11:15am The Big Bang Theory 11:40am The Simpsons 12:10pm The Simpsons 12:40pm The Simpsons 1:10pm Deal or No Deal 2:10pm It's a Wonderful Life 4:50pm How the Grinch Stole Christmas 7:00pm The Simpsons 7:25pm Hollyoaks 7:55pm Channel 4 News 8:00pm 8:05pm Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas 8:30pm The Snowman and the Snowdog 9:05pm Big Fat Gypsy Christmas 10:00pm The IT Crowd 11:00pm The IT Crowd Manual 12:05am The IT Crowd 12:35am The IT Crowd 1:10am The Inbetweeners 1:40am The Inbetweeners 2:10am The Inbetweeners 2:35am The Inbetweeners 3:05am Idiocracy 4:25am 90210


6:10am Girlfriends 7:00am Emmerdale 7:25am Coronation Street 7:50am Coronation Street 8:25am Free Willy 3: The Rescue 10:15am The Big Christmas Reunion 11:15am The Only Way is Essexmas 12:15pm You've Been Framed! 1:15pm Emmerdale 1:45pm Coronation Street 2:15pm Coronation Street 2:45pm Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium 4:45pm The Lost World 7:15pm Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace 10:00pm The Bourne Supremacy 12:10am Celebrity Juice 1:10am A Celebrity Juicemas Carol 2:10am A Celebrity Juicemas Carol 3:10am Britain's Got More Talent 4:00am Britain's Got More Talent 4:50am Totally Bonkers Guinness World Records 5:10am Girlfri3nds




BBC3/ 8:00pm Don't Tell the Bride 9:00pm Raiders of the Lost Ark 10:45pm Backchat with Jack Whitehall and His Dad 11:30pm EastEnders 12:05am Family Guy 12:50am Family Guy 1:10am Family Guy 1:30am Family Guy 1:55am Family Guy 2:20am Family Guy 2:40am American Dad! 3:05am American Dad! 3:25am Bad Education 3:55am The Call Centre

Nev Wilshire

The Call Centre (Documentary, 2013) BBC 3 from 3:55am to 4:55am At Swansea's third largest call centre, CEO Nev Wilshire and his staff are in festive mood. Tea-lady Hayley is organising the office Christmas party, Nev is putting together a Christmas choir and, with bills to pay and presents to buy, an old face returns to the centre - but will this Grinch ever learn to love the festive fun?


Zeus and Roxanne (Film, 1997)

•Steve Guttenberg •Kathleen Quinlan •Arnold Vosloo

Marine biologist Mary Beth is amused by the friendship which develops between her dolphin Roxanne and a mutt called Zeus. She's even more surprised when she starts to fall for the dog's owner, rock composer Terry.

8:00pm The Titfield Thunderbolt 9:20pm Robins of Eden 9:30pm Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads? 10:00pm Top of the Pops 11:00pm The Richest Songs in the World 12:30am The Carpenters at the BBC

1:05am The Joy of the Single

Sky1/ 9:00am Sinbad 10:00am The Simpsons 10:30am The Simpsons 11:00am Treasure Island 1:00pm Little Crackers 1:30pm Modern Family 2:00pm Modern Family 2:30pm The Middle 3:00pm The Middle 3:30pm The Smurfs Christmas Carol 4:00pm Yonderland 4:30pm The Simpsons 5:00pm Sinbad 6:00pm The Simpsons

6:30pm Modern Family 7:00pm Modern Family 7:30pm The Simpsons 8:00pm The Simpsons 8:30pm The Simpsons 9:00pm All Aboard: East Coast Trains 10:00pm Trollied 11:00pm A League of Their Own 12:00am Karl Pilkington: The Moaning of Life 1:00am A League of Their Own 2:00am Spartacus: Blood and Sand 3:15am Glee 4:10am Road Wars

5:00am Brainiac's Test Tube Baby

SkyMoviesComedy/ 5:45am Zeus and Roxanne 7:35am Big Top Pee-Wee 9:15am Identity Thief 11:15am Nutty Professor II: The Klumps 1:05pm Elf 2:50pm Ben Stiller: My Movie Life 3:05pm Bad Santa 4:55pm Stuart Little 6:25pm Identity Thief 8:20pm Elf 10:00pm Bad Santa

11:40pm A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas 1:10am Here Comes the Boom 2:55am The Dictator 4:20am Big Top Pee-Wee 5:50am Stuart Little

SkyMoviesChristmas/ 8:45am Arthur Christmas 10:30am Holy Night! 12:15pm Miracle on 34th Street 2:15pm Naughty or Nice 4:00pm Arthur Christmas 5:40pm The Nightmare Before Christmas 7:00pm Miracle on 34th Street

9:00pm Sleepless in Seattle 11:00pm Surviving Christmas 12:40am Naughty or Nice 2:20am Sleepless in Seattle 4:10am The Flight Before Christmas 5:40am The Nightmare Before Christmas

SkyMoviesAction/ 9:00am Journey 2: The Mysterious Island 10:40am The Karate Kid, Part II 12:35pm The Next Karate Kid 2:25pm The Mummy 4:35pm The Mummy Returns 6:50pm The Scorpion King

8:25pm Gladiator 11:00pm Bad Boys II

TCM/ 8:20am Gunsmoke 9:20am Gunsmoke 10:25am The Tall Men 12:45pm The Last Stagecoach West 2:05pm Tarzan and The Slave Girl 3:35pm Tarzan Escapes 5:20pm The China Syndrome 7:40pm Scrooge 10:00pm The Family Stone 11:55pm Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story

2:05am Byzantium: A Tale of Three Cities 3:05am Perry Como's Christmas Show 4:00am The Bridge


E W N 19 - 25 December 2013 / Costa del Sol







07 am

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7:00am Breakfast 10:00am The Gruffalo's Child 10:25am The Madagascar Penguins in a Christmas Caper 10:40am Old Jack's Boat 11:00am Christmas Day: Live from Westminster Abbey 12:00pm Chicken Run 1:20pm BBC News 1:30pm The Princess and the Frog 3:00pm Top of the Pops 4:00pm The Queen 4:10pm BBC News 4:20pm Toy Story 3 6:00pm Strictly Come Dancing 7:15pm Call the Midwife 8:30pm Doctor Who 9:30pm EastEnders 10:30pm Mrs. Brown's Boys 11:05pm Michael Mcintyre's Showtime 12:05am BBC News 12:20am On Christmas Night 12:25am The Vicar of Dibley 1:10am Would I Lie to You? 1:40am Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy 3:15am Weatherview 3:20am BBC News

7:00am This is BBC Two 7:20am Natural World 8:20am Herbie Goes Bananas 9:50am The Red Shoes 12:00pm Carols from King's 1:15pm Music of the Monarchy with David Starkey 2:20pm Swingin' Christmas 3:30pm The Perfect Morecambe and Wise Christmas Special 4:00pm Doctor Who at the Proms 5:15pm An Adventure in Space and Time 6:45pm The Queen 6:55pm Matthew Bourne's Sleeping Beauty 8:40pm Christmas Night with the Two Ronnies 9:30pm Morecambe and Wise in Pieces 10:30pm The Tractate Middoth 11:05pm MR James: Ghost Writer 12:05am QI XL 12:50am Hebburn 1:20am Dead Poets Society 3:25am This is BBC Two


6:05am The Jeremy Kyle Show 7:00am Babar and the Adventures of Badou 7:10am Dino Dan 7:25am Dino Dan 7:40am Sooty 7:50am Bookaboo 8:05am Horrid Henry 8:20am Almost Naked Animals 8:40am Almost Naked Animals 8:55am Bottom Knocker Street 9:10am Bottom Knocker Street 9:25am Dinner Date 10:25am Santa Claus 12:25pm The Chase: Celebrity Special 1:30pm The Big Christmas Reunion 2:30pm You've Been Framed! 3:00pm River Deep, Mountain High: James Nesbitt 4:00pm HM the Queen 4:10pm ITV News and Weather 4:20pm Tangled 6:15pm Paul O'Grady: For The Love of Dogs 7:15pm Emmerdale 8:15pm ITV News and Weather 8:30pm Coronation Street 9:30pm Downton Abbey 11:30pm ITV News and Weather 11:45pm Love Actually 2:10am Christmas Carols on ITV 3:10am Closing the Ring 5:05am ITV Nightscreen


7:10am Ivor the Invisible 7:35am Prep and Landing 8:00am Famous Fred 8:25am Little Wolf's Book of Badness 8:55am Olive the Other Reindeer 9:50am James and the Giant Peach 11:25am Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who 1:05pm The Big Bang Theory 1:35pm The Big Bang Theory 2:05pm The Simpsons 2:40pm The Snowman 3:10pm The Snowman and the Snowdog 3:45pm The Simpsons 4:15pm Deal or No Deal 5:15pm The Alternative Christmas Message 5:20pm Channel 4 News 5:30pm 5:35pm The Muppet Christmas Carol 7:15pm Home Alone 2: Lost in New York 9:30pm Bear's Wild Weekend with Stephen Fry 10:30pm Alan Carr: Chatty Man 11:35pm Man Down 12:05am Father Ted 1:15am Father Ted 1:50am Father Ted 2:20am Father Ted 2:45am Father Ted

6:00am Girlfriends 6:50am The Hot Desk 7:00am Emmerdale 7:25am Britain's Got More Talent 8:20am Britain's Got More Talent 9:20am Peter Andre: My Life at Christmas 10:20am You've Been Framed! 11:20am Ant and Dec's Christmas Show 12:40pm Peter Pan 2:50pm Emmerdale 3:20pm The Xtra Factor 4:20pm The Xtra Factor 5:20pm The Xtra Factor 6:20pm You've Been Framed! 6:50pm New You've Been Framed 7:20pm The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor 9:30pm Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones 12:15am Shaun of the Dead 2:15am Celebrity Juice 2:50am Through the Keyhole 3:40am Peter Andre: My Life at Christmas 4:30am Christmas Bonkers Guinness World Records 4:55am You've Been Framed! 5:20am Girlfriends



SATELLITE CHANNELS/ Sky1/ 10:00am The Simpsons 10:30am The Simpsons 11:00am Soccer A.M. 1:00pm The Simpsons 1:30pm Modern Family 2:00pm The Middle 2:30pm The Middle 3:00pm Yonderland 3:30pm Yonderland 4:00pm The Queen 4:10pm Modern Family 4:40pm Sinbad 5:30pm The Simpsons 6:00pm Treasure Island 8:00pm The Simpsons

8:30pm The Simpsons 9:00pm Modern Family 9:30pm Modern Family 10:00pm Little Crackers 10:30pm Little Crackers 10:45pm Little Crackers 11:00pm Trollied 12:00am Karl Pilkington: The Moaning of Life 1:00am A League of Their Own 1:55am Spartacus: Blood and Sand 3:10am Strike Back: Shadow Warfare 4:10am Road Wars 5:00am Little Crackers

SkyMoviesComedy/ 5:50am Stuart Little 7:20am Cool Runnings 9:05am National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation 10:50am Jingle All the Way 12:25pm Mean Girls 2:05pm Ted 4:00pm Cool Runnings 5:45pm Jingle All the Way 7:20pm National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation 9:00pm Ted 11:00pm This is 40 1:20am Pitch Perfect 3:15am Mean Girls

•John Candy •Leon •Doug E. Doug •Rawle D. Lewis •Malik Yoba

SkyMoviesChristmas/ 5:40am The Nightmare Before Christmas 7:00am Mickey's Once upon a Christmas 8:20am Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas 9:30am The Smurfs: A Christmas Carol 10:00am Santa Buddies 11:45am The Search for Santa Paws 1:30pm Home Alone: The Holiday Heist 3:15pm Rise of the Guardians 5:00pm Elf

Cool Runnings (Film, 1993) When three Jamaican Olympic sprint contenders trip at the trials, they join up with another Jamaican to form Jamaica's first bobsled team to find another way to represent their country. This is the true story of four Jamaicans in the 1988 Olympics in Calgary.

6:45pm Home Alone: The Holiday Heist 8:30pm The Smurfs: A Christmas Carol 9:00pm Elf 10:45pm Bad Santa 12:30am Batman Returns

SkyMoviesAction/ 5:15am Journey 2: The Mysterious Island 7:00am Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow 9:00am The Three Musketeers 11:00am Avengers Assemble 1:30pm Men in Black 3:10pm Men in Black II

BBC3/ 8:00pm The Madagascar Penguins in a Christmas Caper 8:10pm Madagascar 9:30pm Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom 11:25pm EastEnders 12:20am Family Guy 1:05am Family Guy 1:50am Family Guy 2:10am Family Guy 2:30am Bad Education 3:00am Bluestone 42 3:30am Sweat the Small Stuff 4:00am Don't Tell the Bride

Madagascar (Film, 2005) BBC 3 from 8:10pm to 9:30pm Animated comedy about four spoiled animals from New York Central Zoo whose botched escape attempt finds them stranded in the Madagascar jungle with no experience of the wild. One of Madagascar's great strengths is its impressive cast including Ben Stiller, who is on top form as the neurotic lion, and David Schwimmer who also impresses as a melodramatic giraffe. But it is Sacha Baron Cohen who steals the show as the riotous leader of a tribe of lemurs.

BBC4/ 8:00pm Arena

Sister Wendy

9:00pm The Royal Ballet: Don Quixote

4:40pm Men in Black 3 6:30pm Avengers Assemble 9:00pm Men in Black

TCM/ 9:10am Gone with the Wind 1:25pm Seven Brides for Seven Brothers 3:20pm An Affair to Remember 5:30pm A League of Their Own 8:00pm Terry Wogan Presents the Very Best of the Ed Sullivan Show - Christmas Special 10:00pm The Fugitive 12:25am Exit Wounds 2:15am The Fugitive

11:15pm Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads? 12:00am Top of the Pops 12:50am Top of the Pops 1:50am The Richest Songs in the World 3:20am The Fir Tree 3:50am The Bridge


Gibraltar WHAT’S ON Shopping frenzy GIBRALTAR will be holding a Christmas extravaganza shopping weekend this weekend to take advantage of the momentum created by the recent ‘Small Business Saturday.’

Falling foul THE Environmental Agency is asking dog owners to cooperate with them in reducing and eliminating dog fouling in Gibraltar.

• December 26 - Traditional Boxing Day Polar Bear Swim Catalan Bay. For information Caleta Hotel: +350 20076501 or - Gibraltar Amateur Swimming Association (GASA) Polar Bear Swim GASA swimming pool, 10 Europort Avenue, 10am. For information: +350 20072869

19 - 25 December 2013 / Costa del Sol

Now Smugglers detained FIVE women attempting to smuggle goods were detained on the Spanish side of the frontier with Gibraltar when they tried to break through the Spanish authorities post.

Gibraltar princess MISS GIBRALTAR’S First Princess, Jamielee Randall, competed in the 53rd edition of the Miss International Beauty Pageant in Tokyo, Japan, this week.

Cable guy A 35-YEAR-OLD man was arrested, and released on bail, on suspicion of removing electrical cable from a building and cutting it into smaller pieces.




19 - 25 December 2013 / Costa del Sol

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Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.’

Carl Sagan (1934 – 1996), American astronomer, astrophysicist, cosmologist, author and science communicator.

in history

Women’s wit

1803: The French hand over New Orleans and Lower Louisiana after the US bought it for 50 million francs. 1952: Queen Elizabeth delivers her first Christmas speech. 1955: Yugoslavia wins a nonpermanent seat on the UN Security Council. 1958: General Charles de Gaulle is elected President of France. 1972: The survivors from a plane that crashed in the Argentine Andes are rescued 10 weeks after the accident. They had resorted to cannibalism to survive. 1973: The Spanish President under General Franco’s dictatorship, Admiral Luis Carrero Blanco, is killed by Basque separatist group ETA in a car bomb attack. 1977: Silent film actor Charles Chaplin dies aged 88 at his home in Switzerland. 1979: Ariane 1, the first rocket built in Europe, is successfully launched into space. 1984: Margaret Thatcher signs a declaration to return the British colony of Hong Kong to China in 1997. 1989: The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin opens for the first time in three decades. 1991: Mikhail Gorbachev resigns as leader of the Soviet Union after seven years in office. 1992: Queen Elizabeth’s Christmas speech is leaked and published in a British national newspaper. 1998: American President Bill Clinton is impeached of lying after he denied having sexual relationships with Monica Lewinsky. 2003: British-built Mars probe Beagle 2 disappears for unknown reasons.

I stand for freedom of expression, doing what you believe in, and going after your dreams.’ Madonna Ciccone (1958 - ) American singer-songwriter, actress, and philanthropist.

World of English In a cocktail lounge, Norway:

K a k u ro

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Fill all the empty squares using the numbers 1 to 9, so that the sum of each horizontal block equals the ‘clue’ on its left, and the sum of each vertical block equals the clue on its top. No number may be used in the same block more than once.


Ladies are requested not to have children in the bar.







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E W N 19 - 25 December 2013 / Costa del Sol



SAGITTARIUS (November 23 - December 21) There is still a strong accent on family matters and getting things sorted out. The way ahead is clear. If you are able to persuade someone that an idea was theirs and not yours, so much the better. Being in a practical mood serves you well because it is possible to get a lot done in the next few days. The weekend, however, is another matter. It seems you are much in demand and jobs you thought would be done and dusted just aren't. CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 20) Your mind is still sharp this week and there are many questions that you would like answered. Doing a bit of research proves fruitful and also quite amusing. A recent contact may not come up with the proposition hoped for, but realise that it is still early days. Sometimes, you feel that being far from perfect spoils your chances. We can all do with improvement. Ask your long-term friends what they like most about you and strengthen that area.

H ex a g r a m

Though Percy, the half-human son of Greek god Poseidon, once saved the world, lately he's been feeling less than heroic. However, he doesn't have much time to brood: a horde of mythical beasts threatens the demigods' sanctuary Camp Half-Blood. In order to save Camp Half-Blood, Percy and his friends embark on a journey to the Sea of Monsters, also known as the Bermuda Triangle, to find the magical Golden Fleece.

PISCES (February 20 - March 20) There is so much that has come to light in the past few weeks. It is no wonder that your mind is reeling. All will become clear in the weeks ahead and this cannot be rushed. However, there is a need to look after your health and get out in the fresh air. Any thought of joining a walking club or health group should be pursued. It will also serve as light relief and take your mind from less happy notions


CANCER (June 22 - July 23) Being considerably more relaxed about those things which cannot be changed has taken a weight from your shoulders. It is also easier to understand why others have taken this approach in the past. There is, however, a balance to












December 22: Ralph Fiennes, 50. British actor and Shakespeare interpreter.

December 20: Elena de Borbon. Born December 20, 1963. She is the elder daughter of King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia of Spain. She owns the titles of Her Royal Highness Infanta and Duchess of Lugo. She is fourth in the line of succession to the throne.

TAURUS (April 21 - May 21) Although last week was not run at the pace anticipated, now the pace certainly picks up. Finances are still firmly on the agenda, but this time you will be able to deal on a more relaxed basis. A contact made recently gives you the


Your Stars

December 21: Samuel L Jackson, 65. American actor, producer and civil rights activist.

GEMINI (May 22 - June 21) Make a point of putting on a happy face and your mood will stay high. There is still some more to be done to improve your social life and a recent offer of charity work may be just the thing. Avoid restricting the sort of folk who you are willing to mix with. Cultural differences apart, it is quite an eye-opener to find out how others live and think. Never assume that you know everything, there is so much out there to explore.


1 Mouldy, 2 Ballot, 3 Resort, 4 Tested, 5 Luster, 6 Rumour, 7 Meteor, 8 Enters, 9 Muster, 10 Mender, 11 Uppers, 12 Cheers, 13 Render, 14 Holder, 15 Resent, 16 Barely, 17 Oceans, 18 Steady, 19 Spears

December 19: Karim Benzema, 26. French international footballer.

ARIES (March 21 - April 20) A pleasant surprise makes you a little more optimistic midweek. It is possible for you to take on negativity too quickly. The next time something does not go according to plan, hold fire. It is amazing what a little time and distance will solve. Because you are in a practical frame of mind, use this to make a check on everyday routines. More could be achieved with forward planning.




Taking the goat by the horns can prove tricky because you are not going to put up with being restricted. Anyone who tackles you head on may be either brave or stupid. You, however, are brimming with confidence and raring to go.

opportunity not only to make some money but also to enlarge your circle of friends. When taking up an educational course, throw yourself wholeheartedly into it to get the best results.





AQUARIUS (January 21 - February 19) A meeting midweek could mean a change to your finances for the better. In the short term, it may be necessary for you to rearrange money and appointments but try not to be too put out. Change is perhaps something that we become less tolerant of after a situation has gone on for a time. In this case, however, the basic problem is still there. Instead of worrying, do your best and then get on with something else


be found. Don't be put off by people who have become sloppy in their approach because this is not going to affect you. LEO (July 24 - August 23) Are you still patting yourself on the back for that recent achievement? Socially, this is a lovely week when old friendships are strengthened and new acquaintances prove to be relaxing. It is another mellow week but one in which you seriously consider making a major change. VIRGO (August 24 - September 23) Be your charming self this week without pushing too much. A natural approach when you are seeking a response is the best course of action. Simply being in the right place and under someone's gaze is all that is required. Are you getting itchy because an offer is not forthcoming? Well, if you absolutely must, then get a little bird to whisper in their ear.

December 23: Carla Bruni, 46. ItalianFrench singer, songwriter and actress.


1. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, which is the best-selling single of all time, with estimated sales in excess of 50 million copies worldwide? 2. First broadcast on Christmas Day 2003, Sleepless in Peckham was the title of the 18th and final Christmas ‘special’ of which famous television sitcom? 3. If you arranged the (traditional) names of Santa Claus’s eight ‘flying reindeer’ into alphabetical order, which would come first and which would come last? 4. The start of which novel, first published in 1868, is set at Christmastime, where Jo, the second eldest of the March sisters, grumbles: “Christmas won't be Christmas without any presents”? 5. Normally eaten during the Christmas season, what is the name of the traditional German cake containing chopped candied fruit and/or dried fruit, nuts and spices and often marzipan and covered with sugar, powdered sugar or icing sugar? 6. What did Ian Hamilton, Gavin Vernon, Kay Matheson and Alan Stuart take from Westminster Abbey on Christmas Day 1950? 7. Which novel, first published in 1843, features the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Yet to Come? 8. Which song by Queen was the UK Christmas number one hit single in 1975 and again in 1991? 9. Which three-year-old British-bred, Irish-trained thoroughbred racehorse won the 1964 Irish 2,000 Guineas, Epsom Derby and Irish Derby? 10. Who was crowned King of England, at Westminster Abbey, on Christmas Day 1066?

Nonagram How many English words of four letters or more can you make from the nine letters in our Nonagram puzzle? Each letter may be used only once (unless the letter appears twice). Each word MUST CONTAIN THE CENTRE LETTER (in this case B) and there must be AT LEAST ONE NINE LETTER WORD. Plurals, vulgarities or proper nouns are not allowed.

TARGET: Average: 10 Good: 13 Very good: 19 Excellent: 23

December 24: Ricky Martin, 42. Puerto Rican singer and actor. December 25: Annie Lennox, 59. Scottish singer-songwriter, political activist and philanthropist. LIBRA (September 24 - October 23) It is clear that you really love your hearth and home but, every now and again, there is a small voice calling. The good things in life appeal and, to have these, an effort is involved. Do not underestimate the amount of pleasure that you will enjoy when putting in that extra effort. It does, after all, involve other people. Some of those people prove to be quite fascinating. SCORPIO (October 24 - November 22) Having put in extra effort to bring a zing to this year it is important that you keep the impetus going. This is not only good for your health and wealth, but also your mind. Although trying something new brings a few odd remarks your way, try not to be sidetracked. Bringing together various friends and family proves fun and really bolsters your mood.

LAST WEEK’S SOLUTION atop, capo, carp, corp, crop, pact, pair, para, part, pica, pita, port, rapt, tapa, tarp, topi, trap, trip, apart, aport, atrip, carpi, copra, optic, patio, picot, tapir, topic, atopic, capita, captor, picaro, tropic, apricot, tapioca, CAPACITOR

Word Ladder SOFT


Move from the start word (SOFT) to the end word (TOYS) in the same number of steps as there are rungs on the Word Ladder. You must only change one letter at a time.


Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

The purpose of the Hexagram puzzle is to place the 19 six-letter words into the 19 cells. The letters at the edges of interlocking cells MUST BE THE SAME. The letters in the words must be written CLOCKWISE. The word in cell 10 (TINSEL) and one letter in four other cells are given as clues.





19 - 25 December 2013 / Costa del Sol




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Unscramble the name of a famous Christmas carol (four words): WEAN AGAIN MARY

Across 1 Saul IV broke optic (6) 4 Romeo gets colleague to perk up (5) 9 A term in school clothes (7) 10 Celebration not completely unknown (5) 11 Iʼd heard and observed (4) 12 Thor, a man changed by battle (8) 14 Gala rips, bringing back the Twist (6) 16 The Parisian tour? Go wild! (3,3) 19 A card game daughter cut short (8) 20 Itʼs wrong to raise the pace (4) 23 One of the family finding sweetheart in Riviera resort (5) 24 In creche, loneliest place (7) 25 Fly a Greek character with a large amount (5) 26 Suffering queasiness in Barcelona, use a toilet (6)

Unscramble the name of a famous Christmas carol (five words): HID HEALTHY NOVELTY FUNAGRAM SOLUTION: AWAY IN A MANGER, THE HOLLY AND THE IVY

Play on Words


18 Characters in a magazine were

21 Exercises authority over regulations (5) 22 How odd a call to stop (4)

Code Breaker


Each number in the Code Breaker grid represents a different letter of the alphabet. In this week’s puzzle, 5 represents V and 6 represents Y, so fill in V every time the figure 5 appears and Y every time the figure 6 appears. Now, using your knowledge of the English language, work out which letters should go in the missing squares. As you discover the letters, fill in other squares with the same number in the main grid and the control grid.

Across 1 Edible soft fruit (9) 4 Acquire (3) 6 Wish the best for (5) 8 Beer mug (5) 9 Move to music (5) 10 Very young person (5) 11 Hidden (6) 13 Photographer's device (6) 16 Food flavouring (5) 17 Studies literature (5) 19 Vapour (5) 20 Happening (5) 21 Writing implement (3) 22 Christmas decoration (9)

Down 1 Long strips of fabric (7) 2 Pay out money (5) 3 Thin slice of bacon (6) 4 Bona fide (7) 5 Weary (5) 7 Genuine (7) 10 Farce (7) 12 Deep red (7) 14 Disciple (7) 15 Small particles of bread (6) 16 Slumber (5) 18 Sugary (5)

English - Spanish The clues are mixed, some clues are in Spanish and some are in English.



more up-to-date (5) 19 Woman of American nationality (4)


8 How you might need to start a song? (4) 13 Sea-dog in abandoned American naval base (3,5) 15 Salieri composition for Jerusalem resident (7) 17 Tie up an awkward flower (7)

Answers: Three Midnight mass

Down 1 More than one knave travels another way (7) 2 This set of rooms sounds charming (5) 3 Case confusing experts (4) 5 Type of soup bath, leap out (8) 6 Unusual curl for her dog (7) 7 Keats cooked some meat (5)


LAST WEEK’S SOLUTIONS CRYPTIC Across: 1 Sated, 4 Cheroot, 7 Mandela, 8 Chafe, 10 Rigid, 11 Granite, 12 Stoat, 14 Enact, 19 Needles, 21 Yearn, 22 Throw, 23 Adhered, 24 Resided, 25 Order. Down: 2 Tonight, 3 Dread, 4 Change, 5 Enchain, 6 Okapi, 7 Mark, 9 Ewes, 13 Allowed, 15 Charred, 16 Unit, 17 Island, 18 Enid, 20 Earls, 21 Yahoo. QUICK Across: 1 Scribe, 4 Sweets, 9 Bromine, 10 Reign, 11 Upset, 12 Restore, 13 Screwdriver, 18 Ravioli, 20 Stale, 22 Heron, 23 Agitate, 24 Dodges, 25 Heated. Down: 1 Subdue, 2 Roots, 3 Brittle, 5 Works, 6 Episode, 7 Sonnet, 8 Rear admiral, 14 Covered, 15 Inspire, 16 Orchid, 17 Depend, 19 Ounce, 21 Apart.

Across 1 Presents (gifts) (7) 5 Compra (3) 6 Kiss (4) 7 Trinchar (carne) (5) 9 Jamón (3) 11 Relleno (para carnes) (8) 14 Nuevo (no usado) (3) 15 Chica (4)

Down 1 Cintas (de tela) (7) 2 Goose (domestic) (5) 3 Leño (3) 4 Media (8) 5 Nacimiento (5) 8 Duende (3) 10 To roast (4) 12 Juguete (3) 13 Diversión (entretenimiento) (3)

ENGLISH-SPANISH Across: 1 Suerte, 4 Wait, 8 Claro, 9 Lambs, 10 Uva, 11 Stars, 12 Tisis, 15 Asi, 16 Again, 18 Llave, 19 Tren, 20 Collar. Down: 1 Socks, 2 Etapa, 3 Thousand, 5 Arm, 6 Tos, 7 Platillo, 13 Snail, 14 Swear, 16 Ant, 17 Ave.


E W N 19 - 25 December 2013 / Costa del Sol

THE TOP TEN BEST TV SHOWS 2013 THERE are some voices out there saying that TV shows are the new movies. With an incredible variety of series covering all sorts of genres, quality TV shows are getting a lot of media recognition with fans waiting eagerly every week for a new episode. This week, the TOP 10 takes a look at the best TV shows 2013.


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A ‘lemon’ of an orange grove in Mallorca


1. Downton Abbey Set in the early 20th century, this successful drama/soap opera provides a quality TV experience with several heart-stopping moments that many shows can only dream of. Dame Maggie Smith steals 1 the show with every scene she’s in. 2. The Hour BBC Two’s most underrated show. Starring 007 Skyfall’s Ben Wishaw alongside The Wire’s Dominic West, it’s a seamless mix of drama, espionage and suspense, set in the late 50s in Britain following a group of journalists. 3. Doctor Who Is it really necessary to explain Doctor Who? Britain’s most well-known and loved allaudience sci-fi show tells the story of The Doctor, a humanoid Time Lord who fights monsters and travels through time and space in the Tardis. 4. Game of Thrones George R.R. Martin’s novel’s jump to the small screen has become a worldwide phenomenon. Every year, the fantasy and politics of Westeros gathers more viewers and fans that are heavily emotionally invested in the many characters in the show. On its third season, the show delivered one of the most shocking episodes ever seen on television, known as The Red Wedding.

Essentially humorous, at times hilarious, yet occasionally poignant, Snowball Oranges is the story of a ‘normal’ Scottish family who gave up the relative security of life in their native land to go and grow oranges for a living in a secluded valley in the mountains of the Mediterranean island of Mallorca. And the freak snowstorm which heralded their arrival on the finca of Ca’s Mayoral was only the first and

Crimes Unit. The character has been affected by personal tragedies that have made him into someone who has a very distinct idea of good and evil. A refreshing BBC thriller with well-constructed storylines. 6. The Good Wife An Emmy award-winning show about politics, law and current media affairs

Vine Create short, beautiful, looping videos in a simple and fun way for your friends and family to see with Vine. Available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices.

Mallorcan neighbours - including an eccentric goatherd who ate worm-ridden oranges to improve his sex life - restored the family’s faith in human nature and helped them adapt to their new and, at times, unexpectedly testing life in the apparently simple idyll of rural Spain.

all together in one of the best drama series on television. 7. Orange Is The New Black As the mind behind Weeds, Kenji Kohan has brought to Netflix its biggest success yet. Based on a true story, it’s a drama narrating the experience of Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling) during a one-year sentence at a women’s prison. The series had a huge impact on social media and received marvellous reviews. 8. Breaking Bad Vince Gilligan’s meth cooking drama said goodbye in September after five seasons of intense and thrilling unforgettable episodes. The misadventures of antiheroes Walter White and Jesse Pinkman brought a whole new level

5. Luther Idris Elba (The Wire, HBO) stars as a Detective Chief Inspector in London’s Serious

App of the Week

perhaps the least of many surprises to be faced and coped with before they could truly regard their new abode as home... if ever they could! No matter how rose-tinted their trusting aspirations, it wasn’t long before they realised that they’d been sold a ‘lemon’ of an orange farm by the wily previous owners. However, an oddball local chef with cats in his kitchen, and a few prickly-though-kindly old

Maggie Smith in Downton Abbey and Taylor Schilling in Orange Is The New Black.

Sudoku Fill the grid so that every row, every column and every 3X3 box contains the digits 1-9. There’s no maths involved. You solve the puzzle with reasoning and logic.

Breaking Bad characters Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. of western action to a modern setting. Drugs, betrayals and a dying man’s ambition left a brilliant legacy hard to forget. 9. American Horror Story This independent pulp-horror TV show focuses on different terror and supernatural legends from American history. Every season showcases the same actors (with a few cuts and additions) playing totally different roles in different settings. Coven, its third season, follows the story of the witches and the voodoo legacy in New Orleans throughout two centuries. 10. Hannibal Hugh Dancy and Madds Mikkelsen are the stars of this new interpretation of the classic thriller novel Hannibal. The show follows the early events from The Red Dragon and will cover the story of Hannibal throughout the seasons. Gripping and gruesome, this is one of the best new shows of the year.

Boggled How many English words can you find in the Boggled grid, according to the following rules? The letters must be adjoining in a ‘chain’. They can be adjacent horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Words must contain at least four letters and may include singular and plural or other derived forms. No letter may be used more than once within a single word, unless it appears twice. No vulgarities or proper nouns are permitted.



Average: 16

Just Joking Why don’t you ever see hippopotamus hiding in trees? Because they’re really good at it. Did you hear about the new corduroy pillows? They’re making headlines everywhere! What’s the best part about living in Switzerland? Not sure, but the flag is a big plus.

Good: 20 Very good: 29 Excellent: 36

SCORING: 4 letters: 1 point • 5 letters: 2 points 6 letters: 3 points • 7 letters: 4 points 8 or more letters: 11 points

LAST WEEK’S SOLUTION gram, groin, groat, groan, gnat, anion, tram, tramp, tramps, trap, traps, tromp, tromps, tarn, tart, taro, taros, tang, tamp, tampon, tamps, taps, rang, rani, ramp, ramps, raps, roan, roam, roman, romp, romps, naps, atom, among, amps, aorta, apart, matron, matt, mart, manna, mania, manias, manor, maps, morn, morning, moat, moan, moaning, mops, patron, part, pang, porn, port, pain, sort, song, sonar, soar, soap, sang, spat, spar, span, sport


19 - 25 December 2013 / Costa del Sol



Christmas would just not be the same without... It’s that special time of year again. We asked people what makes Christmas special for them. ELENA MAS, aged 44, from Parcent on the Costa Blanca, said: “For me it would not be Christmas without my daughter and my family, because I lost my mum only a few months ago and I realised that the most important things are not the food or the presents, but the people that you really love.” Thomas Frietz, 22, is a German who has been living is Spain since he was a child. He said: “For me it would not be Christmas without a great party with my girlfriend and my friends, to have lots of fun. My mum’s Christmas food is also a must.” For five-year-old Leyton, from La Marina, Costa Blanca, it wouldn’t be Christmas without: “Santa! I am hoping for a bike this year.” He added: “I want Santa to stay here so I can get presents every day.”

STREET TALK Shirley-Ann Barton, 61, from Guardamar, Costa Blanca, said: “It wouldn’t be Christmas without my family. I have been in Spain five years now but always go back home for Christmas to spend it with my family. My two granddaughters have been born since I came to Spain and have birthdays in December, so


Christmas is extra special for that reason also.” For Ann and Tom Noble, retired, from Cucador in Almeria, it would not be Christmas without Jesus. “We are Christians and Jesus is the reason for the season.” Family time is the most important thing about Christmas for Brian Reade, retired, who lives in Zurgena, Almeria. He said: “We only have a small family so we work to get the family over and enjoy Christmas together, back to basics.”

JESUS: Ann and Tom Noble remember the religious message.

BACK TO BASICS: Brian Reade.

FAMILY: Most important for Elena Mas.

T was not until 2008, when the Spanish Supreme Court got its hands on this controversial matter that Spanish lawyers were at liberty to agree on pure conditional fee arrangements, better known as no-win no-fee. Because up until then, it was actually forbidden for lawyers in Spain to work freely in pursuit of a favourable result for their client, upon which they would share the proceeds of the recovery. This prohibition was removed by the Tribunal for the Defense of Free Competition, which established that any rule preventing a client and a lawyer from freely fixing their fees was a restraint to free competition, declaring any regulation to the contrary null and void, at which point they also fined the Spanish Law Society with €180,000. On appeal, the

SANTA: Fiveyear-old Leyton.

Advertising feature

No-win no-fee agreements with Spanish lawyers By Antonio Flores Abogado/Lawyer LLM (Essex) - Reg. Nº 4712 I.C.A. Málaga E-mail: Homepage:

National Audience revoked this decision but, on further appeal to the Supreme Court, the original ruling was upheld (though the fine removed). Detractors of this arrangement consider that these types of agreements do not guarantee civil justice and that legal professionals “cherry pick” only the strongest claims, which are most likely to succeed. In sum, that they

make lawyers party to the claim (conflict of interest), diverting them their functions i.e. serenity of judgment, independence and dignity, collaboration with justice and moral integrity, all of them alien to the concept of “ambulance chaser,” a term that came in handy to shame campaigners of the conditional fee agreement. Supporters, on the contrary, claim that this system allows people

with few financial means access to the court which otherwise, they could not afford. In this context, no-win no-fee also provides significant motivation to the lawyer to work diligently on the client’s case whereas, if the fees are fixed, it would make little economic difference for that lawyer whether the client has a successful outcome to the litigation. Finally, it is also argued that the number of speculative, frivolous or unmeritorious cases may be reduced. Arguments for and against are equally respectable but, in today’s socio-economic world, it would seem daft to uphold restraints to private agreements

between clients and their lawyers, in the

context of competition.



19 - 25 December 2013 / Costa del Sol




Advertising Feature

Fabulous feet need care and attention Estelle Mitchell FEET are not something that most of us think about for much of the time until they become painful, and then, we think about little else. It’s no surprise that they often ‘complain,’ as we do subject them to enormous pressure by cramming them into shoes that are too tight, high or pointed and then we kick balls, dance, walk, run, jump… All the time expecting them to act as effective and efficient shock absorbers for the rest of our body! Sadly, fashion is usually the predominant factor in people deciding which shoes to buy, with comfort coming a poor second i.e. high heels. High heels shorten the Achilles tendon, cause restriction in ankle movement and squash the toes in the front of the shoe. A recent study suggests that high heels may even be implicated in the increasing incidence of osteoarthritis. Most women know that high heels are bad for their feet and simply make the choice to continue wearing them, what they should be doing is limiting the

wearing time of high heels. Feet can vary in shape from long and thin to short and broad, and from flat to high arched. For most people, such variability causes no more trouble than needing to shop around to find shoes that fit their own particular foot type but for others, the shape of their feet can cause more significant troubles. Women are twice as likely to develop bunions because they tend to choose more constrictive shoes. This obviously suggests that flip-flops would be better because they provide greater freedom but, flip-flops are one of the worst things that you can put on your feet as they allow the foot to do just that, ‘flop’ around. So, what makes a good shoe? It is very important to wear the right size shoe! Ideally, there should be one centimetre between your big toe and the front of the shoe. Trainers are generally recognised to be excellent and, while they might not be considered elegant, they are usually well designed and incorporate advanced techniques and materials. They aren’t suitable for all occasions but can provide your feet with a break from time spent crammed into other footwear.

It is especially important to look after children’s feet. Shoes should always be roomy enough to allow space for growth and heels of any great height should be avoided because raising the heel alters the mechanical relationship in the foot and could deform growing bones. Please: • Choose shoes that are immediately comfortable, don’t expect them to ‘wear in.’ • Don’t buy shoes that are too small, that’s just asking for trouble. • See a chiropodist / podiatrist if you develop foot problems and have them refer you to a Biomechanical Specialist to get the problems investigated. • If you have to wear high heels, save them for special occasions.

If you have any questions related to the symptoms and/or treatment of foot pain please call The Bodyworks Clinic on 952 883 151 or visit www.thebodyworksclinic. com.

FEET ‘COMPLAIN’: Make sure you look after them properly.


E W N 19 - 25 December 2013 / Costa del Sol


Latest techniques for personalised cancer treatment PERSONALISED treatments for cancer are more efficient and improve the survival of patients The oncology Unit of the HC Marbella Hospital uses the latest therapeutic techniques to control the illness and to obtain genetic information about the tumours. Advances in research into the genetic profile of tumours have resulted in the development of personalised therapies which give more efficient results in oncology treatments, maximising therapeutic effect and improving survival. The head of the Oncology unit of the HC Marbella International Hospital, Dr Hernan Cortes-Funes, explains that “thanks to the new biological techniques and molecular genetics we can know what genes are contained in a tumour through its DNA content, and we can ascertain

TREATMENT: More efficient. other information which is directly related to the way the tumour behaves and its response to different treatments.” This type of procedure is known as ‘Personalised Oncology.’ This is the beginning of such personalised therapies, in which the discovery of bio-markers and pharmaceutics not only lead to more rapid decision-making but also achieve better therapeutic effects. In

this way, the use of unnecessary treatments can be avoided, there is a more efficient therapeutic effect, and fewer adverse effects are produced. Lung cancer is one of the tumours in which the knowledge of molecular alterations has been discovered most quickly and medication has been developed as a result. At present, treatment for this cancer involves less chemotherapy and more therapies which aim to act against molecular targets and is less toxic for patients. “These new therapeutic procedures control the illness and improve the quality of life of the patients,” explains Dr. Cortes-Funes, who also stresses the importance of prevention and early diagnosis. New techniques in recent years have become primary tools in terms of diagnosis to improve the survival and treatment of patients with cancer.

Memorable pop music POP MUSIC can help patients with brain injuries to recall

memories. A study by the University of Newcastle in Australia and the University of Lille in France found that when patients listened to music released within their lifetime it helped them to recall memories. They say patients with brain injury recalled a similar number of memories as those without.

BLAST FROM PAST: Patients were able to recall memories.

Mozzies like smelly feet SCIENTISTS have discovered that mosquitoes detect even the faintest of human body odours when searching for potential victims to bite, which could explain why some people get bitten more than others. Female mosquitoes use specific sensors to detect carbon dioxide being exhaled from humans and animals and now researchers from the University of California Riverside in the USA say they also use these same sensors to detect body odours, especially the smell of feet. Mozzies target by smell.




19 - 25 December 2013 / Costa del Sol



Relief for Get your best face with a home-made remedy an itchy scalp SUFFERING from an itchy scalp? There are many reasons why your head may be itching. Dandruff, excess oil or hair pathology all may be causing it, but the truth is, having a sensitive scalp is the most common reason for it. If you feel the immediate need to scratch your hair and a painful tightness in your scalp on a regular basis, you might have this condition and need to know how to treat it. The scalp has nearly 600 nerve endings per square centimetre. These endings can be activated for many reasons (cold, heat, mechanical pressure, stress, wrong shampoo, harmful water…) and these neuro-transmitters chemical substances activate the receptors

in the brain, causing the sensation of itching and consequently, the need for scratching your head. How to prevent it? You should use products specially designed and formulated for frequent use on sensitive scalps. However, if you have other described symptoms including chronic flaking or excessive hair loss, you should consult a dermatologist first. Physioprotector shampoos are the best solution for a sensitive scalp, because the formula contains polidocanol, an antipruritic, which limits the transmission of the nerve endings and relieves the symptoms. These have a very gentle effect, do not contain additives and are hypoallergenic.

IF you haven’t slept properly for days and the stress is highlighting the bags under your eyes, 100 per cent natural home-made facemasks are one remedy to eliminate that tired look and freshen up your face. You only need a tablespoon of coffee beans, three tablespoons of honey, three tablespoons of yoghurt and two tablespoons of salt. The first step is to grind the coffee with the help of a grinder or a mortar. Then mix the ingredients until they form a dough and let it get cold in the fridge for an hour until it thickens. Now you need to wet your face with warm water, get the paste, apply it to your face in circles and let it rest for five minutes. Once the time has elapsed, rinse your face with warm water and dry it softly. This remedy keeps the swelling down, thanks to the natural chemical product the honey contains, inhibin, which prevents swelling and eliminates the traces of a lack of sleep. The lactose acid from the yoghurt

NATURAL FACEMASKS: You can create a perfect remedy in a few seconds with things from your kitchen. wipes the dead cells and brings to the surface a new fresh layer underneath your face. It also augments the skin’s capacity to stay hydrated and reduces wrinkles in the eyes and forehead. Caffeine from the coffee will polish

your skin. Furthermore, when you apply the mask, its texture exfoliates the skin and increases blood flow, as well as bringing the benefits from the natural oils that will fill the eye contour area.


E W N 19 - 25 December 2013 / Costa del Sol


ood F

Costa de Almeria’s best guide to local sport

Costa del Sol’s best guide for local restaurants



Five drinks to enjoy this Christmas


HRISTMAS is almost here and the season to spend more time with family and friends has already started. And what better way to have some quality time with loved ones than having long conversations over a drink? Surprise your guests with these five Christmas-themed cocktails to make the most of this year’s holiday season. Eggnog: The Christmas drink par excellence in the US, eggnog is made with milk, sugar, whipped eggs and spices. It may be alcoholic or nonalcoholic, so it suits everyone. Nondairy versions of eggnog are also available, so there’s no excuse to not have a glass this Christmas. Mulled wine: A winter classic, mulled wine is also enjoyed by many during Christmas. Said to be created in the Roman times, almost every

EGGNOG (left): A Christmas classic. BUTTERED RUM (right): To feel cosier this Christmas. country in the world has a version of this drink. The most popular one has red wine as a base and it’s complemented with spices and raisins. Hot buttered rum: This mixed drink is made of rum, butter, cider and spices. With its origin dating back to colonial days in the US, this drink would certainly make anyone feel cosier after having a sip of it.

Poinsettia: Apart from being the plant used in Christmas floral displays, poinsettia is also a cocktail. Being a Champagne-based cocktail, this drink is bubbly and wintery thanks to the use of cranberry juice. Chocolate Raspberry Martini: It is made of raspberry vodka and white crème de cacao, and can be garnished in many ways. A delicious Christmassy drink.

MULLED WINE: Hot and spicy.


Interest grows in Spanish wine SPANISH wine is drawing an increasing interest in English-speaking markets. The money spent on Spanish tipple in the US, Canada, the UK and Ireland increased during the first nine months of the year, a report by the Spanish Wine Market Observatory (OEMV) found. However, while the US and Canadian markets seem to have a taste for sparkling and bottled wine, the UK and Irish markets prefer to buy wine sold in bulk. The price of Spanish wine in the US has been above average this year, which explains why more than $5.25 billion (â‚Ź3.8 billion) was spent up to September despite a decrease in the quantity sold. Canada follows a similar tendency, with sales led by sparkling and bottled wine and a total of 2.05 billion Canadian dollars (â‚Ź1.45 billion) spent on Spanish wine. Meanwhile, the money spent on Spanish wine in the UK increased by 1.3 per cent during the first nine months of

SPANISH WINE: A success in Englishspeaking countries. the year due to a general price increase. Spain is the fourth largest wine provider in the UK market, which is led by France. Finally, Ireland imported 38 per cent more Spanish wine during the first nine months of 2013. Irish imports of Spanish wine follow the opposite tendency to the rest of the world, with a raise in the quantity sold, but a decrease in its value.

19 - 25 December 2013 / Costa del Sol



E W N 19 - 25 December 2013 / Costa del Sol


Healthy is not expensive EATING a healthy diet costs just £1 (€1.17) more a day. The research looked at 27 studies from 10 highincome countries that included price data for individual foods and eating habits. It evaluated the differences in prices per serving and per 200 calories, for individual items of foods and prices per day and per 2,000 calories for overall diet patterns. Mayuree Rao from Harvard University

(America) said: “People often say that healthier foods are more expensive and that such costs strongly limit better diet habits. But, until now, the scientific evidence for this idea has not been systematically evaluated, nor have the actual differences in cost been characterised.” The research suggests that compared to the costs associated with long-term illness, the slight daily



HEALTHIER DIET: A Small price to pay. price increase of eating healthily pales into insignificance.

The study was published in the British Medical Journal Open.

Belly-busting choc bar IES OR EM IDM RO LA PO R_ CK


INDULGENT: Giant chocolate bar.

A GIANT Snickers bar has gone on sale for chocolate lovers. The bar, available via, is eight times the size of a standard bar at 25cm (nearly 10in) long and contains a belly busting 2,000 calories; the equivalent to a woman’s recommended daily intake. The website, however, does warn it is not a suitable replacement for a healthy diet and says it is nine servings.



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ENALMADENA has a number of restaurants offering excellent quality meals at reasonable prices and among the best is Cristal in the Costamar urbanisation. Cristal @ Costamar is a fine dining experience. The restaurant has been a favourite with local residents since it opened more than 13 years ago and is the ideal setting for any occasion, from a quiet meal between friends or a romantic dinner to a birthday celebration or a special occasion. They can design a personalised menu for weddings, christenings and social club events. Don’t miss this year’s special Christmas menu, which includes a glass of sherry or cava on arrival, a choice of several starters, roast beef or turkey with all the trimmings, served with a selection of the best winter vegetables and potatoes, followed by a selection of desserts, and tea or coffee with a mince pie, all for €50 per person, with a €15 deposit to be paid when reserving. Arrive 2pm for lunch at 2.30pm.


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Enjoy that special occasion at Cristal @ Costamar AMONG THE BEST: The restaurant is in the Costamar urbanisation.

FINE DINING: In a relaxed and friendly setting. There will also be a special for New Year’s Eve, for €70 per person, with a €15 deposit to be paid when reserving, when there will be entertainment by Robbie Stevenson. The menu includes cocktails and canapés,

a choice of several starters, main courses including roast lamb and baked chicken, all served with seasonal vegetables and potatoes, and a selection of desserts or cheese and biscuits. The night

wouldn’t be complete without cava and grapes at midnight to celebrate the New Year. Cristal’s Anniversary Menu, available all year, consists of four courses and a half bottle

of wine per person for just €14.95, with a choice of 20 starters and 20 main courses, all served with fresh vegetables and potatoes. Vegetarian options are available upon request and all meals are beautifully presented. There is ample parking next to the restaurant and a small outside terrace area where smoking is allowed. So for a fine dining experience in a relaxed and friendly setting, at Christmas or any time of the year, choose Cristal @ Costamar. Reservations recommended as seating is limited. Cristal @ Costamar Calle Aguila Urb. Costamar Benalmadena Tel: 952 564 947


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FOOD lovers love the Punjab Palace


INCE owner chef Shahid took over the Punjab Palace six years ago he has built up a loyal following of diners who come time and time again. That is the hallmark of a good restaurant. It is no accident either, as all the staff understand what the public wants - outstanding food, served promptly with a friendly smile. Talking to Shahid, clients can see why his meals are so good - he has a genuine passion for food. That shows through with some of his signature dishes. His Hussina Chilli is particularly popular. Cooked with garlic, chilli and fresh herbs and spices it is hugely popular, as is his delicious Dilruba lamb of minced meat cooked in Shahid’s carefully selected combination of spices to make a mouth-watering dish packed full of flavours. Also popular is the Mixed Balti. It is a fragrant dish of

Happy Xmas!

LOYAL: Diners who come time and again. chicken, prawns and lamb coming in a sauce flavoured with spring onion, ginger and fresh coriander. The menu offers a tour of India with dishes from all round the sub continent on offer. From the Northern Indian tandoor style of marinated and grilled meats to Goan style dishes there is something for

WORTH IT: Something for everyone.

everyone of whatever palate, from mild to medium to fiercely spicy. As well as Shahid’s specials all the old favourites are on the menu from Kormas to Tikka Masalas and Jalfrezi to Madras and Pasanda. The Punjab Palace may not be the easiest restaurant to find but it is well worth the

effort. It’s located in the urbanisation Playa Marina which, coming from Fuengirola, is located just after El Faro. Coming from Marbella, one has to make a slight detour and leave the N340 at El Faro and head back towards La Cala to take the entrance into Playa Marina.

Shahid and staff would like to say Happy Christmas and send a big thank you to all their customers, many of whom have been coming time and time again for years. Particularly they would like to thank Harry and Marie, John Cooper, Roy, Peter and Maria, ‘Sir Eric,’ Paul, as well as Dean for their continued support.

For clients living within a reasonable radius of the restaurant they provide a free home delivery service. The full standard menu can be viewed on their website at www.punjabpalaceplaya Punjab Palace Playa Marina 952 583 594


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Truffle treats

AMERICAN restaurant chain Umami Burger has created a burger for those for whom money is no object. The luxurious sandwich, rightfully called MNO or ‘Money’s No Object,’ is being sold for $75 (€54) for a limited time only. It is made of dry-aged beef, vintage Port wine reduction, white Alba truffles from

Italy and a foie gras topping. A version without foie gras is available in California as this ingredient is illegal in that state. The millionaire snack is part of the American chain’s celebration of the truffle season. Other dishes making up the ‘It’s Truffle Season’ menu include a truffled ahi tartare

PROHIBITIVE: MNO burger features white truffle.

salad, a truffled shiitake royale burger and Irish truffle nachos.

Fortunately for American restaurantgoers, these products are available at more down-to-earth prices.

The world’s first 3D food printer FOODINI: Bringing 3D technology to food.

A SPANISH start-up has decided to take a step further and has developed an appliance that brings 3D printing technology to food. Their creation, Foodini, is a 3D printer that makes hard

and time-consuming tasks in the kitchen easier. The revolutionary appliance gives shape to dough or fills pasta with ingredients so that its users can focus on other not-so-samey tasks.

This, according to Barcelona-based start-up Natural Machines, would encourage people to eat healthy foods. Foodini is able to make food with height and shape

(chocolate 3D figures, for example), or flatter foods (crackers or even pizza). It does not cook food, but can keep it warm as a heating element is built in to the appliance.


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Successful after-dinner speeches E

VER been asked to give an after-dinner speech? It could happen to you at any time; not just this Christmas or New Year but at weddings, anniversaries, or business events. But it’s all quite straightforward, nothing to worry about. Basically, just a few rules to bear in mind and you’ll be fine. Use whatever reason you’ve come together for the dinner as fodder for your speech. If it’s a company dinner, you can use anecdotes about the office and colleagues. But best avoid reminding everyone of that occasion in the stationery cupboard when the lights failed and you stumbled over Sally from Accounts... If it’s a family reunion, discuss some shared past events that everyone can recall fondly and with humour. Again, you may have been dining out on the story for years but probably best not to draw attention now to Auntie Hilda.

Nora Johnson

Breaking Views A Costa del Sol resident for a number of years, Nora is the author of psychological suspense and crime thrillers. To comment on any of the issues raised in her column, go to norajohnson

PUBLIC SPEAKING: Just a few rules to bear in mind and you’ll be fine. You know, the one who’s just a little too fond, shall we say, of the hard stuff. After all, you may not be her favourite, but you can only assume drink had been consumed when she wrapped your Christmas present - a used hairbrush. Another rule is to stay sober and wide-awake. There’s nothing worse than your audience seeing you slide off the edge of your seat before they do. The best speeches are like the best theatre. There’s laughter and there’s pathos (though hopefully not because

you’ve been struck by stage fright). People often think speeches have to be a barrel of laughs, but if there’s one golden rule, it’s this: if you're speaking, for instance, to politicians, don’t make jokes about expenses they’ve heard ’em all before (some in jail). And don’t outstay your welcome. The Gettsyburg Address was two minutes. Some of the best speeches are

just 10. If you’re planning on 40, you’ll be nodding off long before they do. Ditto aim to speak before 11pm. You’re there to entertain the guests and help them digest their food, not regurgitate it. Which reminds me. A pompous speaker with an inflated opinion of himself gave a long after-dinner speech. He then made the mistake of turning to his neighbour who happened to be Oscar Wilde,

and asked: “How would you have delivered that speech?” “Under an assumed name,” was the reply. Happy Christmas!

Nora Johnson’s thrillers Retribution, Soul Stealer, The De Clerambault Code ( are available from Amazon in paperback/eBook (€0.89; £0.77) and iBookstore. Profits to Cudeca.


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Why Neater Heaters beat cheaper heaters hands down



ITH fuel prices seeming to be constantly on the rise, our customers are frequently asking the following questions “Are Neater Heaters economical to run?” And “Why should I buy Neater Heaters as opposed to the cheaper oil-filled heaters?” The best way these questions can be answered is with a comparison. We frequently install our heaters in bedrooms that the customers are already heating with cheap oil-filled heaters. These can be bought from most ferreterias for €60-€80. Customers frequently say “I know they’re cheap, but at least they take the chill off.” Many of these ‘cheap’ heaters that we remove are 2.5 kilowatts. An Iberdrola customer will be paying 45 cents/hour to run it. For 45 cents an hour I would expect better results than to ‘just take the chill off.’

NEATER HEATER: Best value-for-money option in their class. The Neater Heater that we replace it with is often only 800 watts and costs, at the most, 15 cents/hour to run (the real cost of the Neater Heater will be less because the efficient element will raise the air temperature to a point where the thermostat will turn off the heater. This action will reduce the consumption - many of the cheap oil-filled radiators don’t even have a thermostat!).

What I am about to prove with boring figures and numbers can be summed up in the following statement: It can be as cheap to pay a bit more up front for a Neater Heater and run it for TWO winters, than to pay less for a ‘cheap’ oil-filled heater and run that for only one winter! There: I’ve said it! Now I’ll prove it. All the following costs include IVA at 21 per cent.

I haven’t even included the reductions in the running cost of the Neater Heater caused by the efficiency of the state-of-the-art element in conjunction with the sensitive thermostat. But that's a story for another day. Unfortunately there is a cost implication to all heating in Spain, as the general lack of insulation in buildings causes all heating to have to work hard. All the more reason, therefore, for you to choose your heaters

wisely and base your choice on their performance against cost. We know Neater Heaters aren’t the cheapest electric heaters, but we firmly believe that they are the best value-formoney option in their class. Neater Heater are pleased to announce the opening of three new outlets, Malaga Relocations, Mijas Costa, Costa del Sol. Almeria Relocations, Roquetas de Mar, Almeria Lifestyle Enclosures, Antas, Almeria. Lifestyle are replacing the retiring Eileen and Pete from Iron Art in Antas and we would like to wish them all the best for the future and for all their hard work over the last three years.

NEATER HEATER DISTRUBUTOR: COSTA DEL SOL - MIJAS COSTA Malaga Relocations, 952 197 598. Heaters also available for purchase at our online shop with free home delivery. WWW.NEATERHEATER.ES OR Tel. 634 312 171

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It’s the festive season … so gift yourself a ‘New You’!


ECEMBER is the month of festive fun; office parties, family gatherings and plenty of Christmas merriment. Yet, what’s really at the top of your Christmas Wish List? Do you wish to look younger and feel more confident and positive? If so, then it might be worthwhile finding out more about how cosmetic surgery can help. This is always the time of year when we dress up and make ourselves look our very best. It’s Dr Marco Vricella - ARIA MEDICAL great fun, but GROUP sometimes our thoughts turn to

how we might like to improve the way we look and feel. New You Starts Now Start making these dreams a reality. Take a moment to book a free, discreet and private consultation with Dr Marco Vricella of Aria Medical Group and schedule your procedure in the New Year. New Year, New Confidence After all Aria Medical Group know that cosmetic surgery can really transform lives, creating a more confident you. Face lifts, tummy tucks, liposuction and breast reductions and enhancements, for example, are all procedures which will make you look and feel your best, renewing your appearance, as if taking years off you. To find out more, the first step is to book a consultation. All consultations are private and free and it is your opportunity to find out more, and to understand your suitability for a procedure so you are able to make an informed decision.

Free Aftercare Remember, Aria Medical Group also offers free aftercare, with post operative visits in Gibraltar and free revision surgery if necessary. Free Consultations To book an appointment please call + 34 951 276 748 or email Some of Aria’s most popular procedures: • Breast Augmentation • Breast Uplift (Mastopexy) • Breast Reduction • Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) • Liposuction • Face Lifts • Eye bag Removal (Blepharoplasty) • Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery) • Cosmetic Dentistry Dr. Vricella and his team would like to wish all readers a very Merry Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year.


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Christmas almost here, but still jobs for the gardener J

UST had a week off from gardening and writing, so now have to catch up. I was in the snowy Gredos Mountains west of Avila working as one of 25 English-speaking volunteers helping 25 Spaniards improve their spoken English on a Vaughan House intensive week immersion programme. Volunteers and course attendees had to speak English to each other for 84 hours, speaking Spanish being totally banned by Spaniards and Britons alike. We all had to pick different topics of conversation so often I was comparing attitudes to gardening in the north with those on the costas and what was eaten for Christmas and the New Year.

Dick Handscombe

Gardening Corner

LIQUEURS: Part of the home-made collection.

By Spain’s best known expatriate gardening author living in Spain for 25 years.

As my Christmas lunch had started to sing loudly, it was prepared for the oven early to prevent it from being hijacked. At 18 kilos it would not fit into the oven so it’s in the deep freeze, cut into two for two festive dinners. While making bread this evening, I coated it with chopped rosemary from the garden. It’s now frozen, ready to thaw out and warm up over Christmas. While the bread was cooking I checked out the home-made liqueurs prepared a few months ago

DINNER: Ecologically fed on vegetable waste, edible weeds and grains. with herbs, blackberries, sloes, Pacharan, cacti fruit and ground carobs. I did a final weeding of the vegetable terraces and containers this afternoon and there will be plenty to harvest for salads and cooked vegetables. I also tried out a new idea. Although the fruits

are smaller than normal the tangerine tree is well-laden. I therefore harvested a kilo and then chopped them for 10 minutes, skin and all, and added a large packet of lemon-flavoured jelly powder dissolved in half a mug of hot water. Three hours later, a very refreshing full fruit jelly was

ready to test. It tasted good and I intend to test it again once this column is finished! As many readers know we are almost fully selfsufficient from the garden as were many Spaniards before they abandoned agriculture to become construction workers during the boom period. Our own drive towards selfsufficiency started as a result of three things: 1. The decline of agriculture in our valley. 2. A realisation of how much Spanish agriculture depended on chemicals and how difficult it was in most areas to purchase ecologically-grown fruit, vegetables and poultry. 3. The wonderful vegetable gardens we saw

in the semi-abandoned villages we passed through during our 52-day, 950kilometre walk across Spain along the Pyrenees that separate Spain from France. My book ‘Adventure along the Spanish Pyrenees’ describing the walk was published yesterday in print and Kindle formats by Amazon Books. It would make a good Christmas fireside read or present.

Well, the next edition of EWN will be published on Boxing Day so at this stage do have a great Christmas Day! © Dick Handscombe www.gardeninginspain. com December 2013

Caring for your Christmas tree IT’S Christmas time and there is nothing better to get you in the festive feeling than the smell of a freshly-cut Norwegian spruce. With just days until Christmas, now is the perfect time to get a real tree by ensuring it’s cared for correctly it should last through the Christmas season. Once your tree has been cut down, it should be placed in water as soon as possible. Most species can go six to eight hours after cutting the trunk and it is preferable to try and keep the base

clean. Stands holding and supporting the tree should provide one quarter of water per inch of stem diameter. Keep trees away from major sources of heat such as fireplaces and heaters. The hotter the room the quicker the tree dries out and the more water it will consume each day. Drilling a hole in the base of the trunk does not improve water intake and the temperature of the TREE CARE: Tips for a water is not too healthy Christmas tree. important.



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Have a jolly and safe Xmas David THE Dogman

ROADSHOW: from left, Terry Wayne of Blevins Franks, raffle winner Lynda Woodin and Eric Knowles.

A fine Benahavis antiques roadshow THE Benahavis Decorative and Fine Arts Society held an Antiques Roadshow event at the Tikitano Restaurant in Estepona with a special guest. Eric Knowles, celebrated for his appearances on the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow, made a special guest appearance in his guise as the Valuation Expert. The event was sponsored by Terry

Wayne of Blevins Franks Financial Management. Over 80 attended with approximately 25 antique items for Eric to inspect, including paintings, clocks, jewellery and even an old sword. After the valuations had finished, lunch was enjoyed and a raffle was held, the prize being dinner for two at the Tikitano.

Listen to David on TRE every Saturday 10am to 11am Costa del Sol (Gibraltar/Sotogrande) 98.7fm (San Roque to Calahonda) 91.9fm (Calahonda to Motril) 88.9, Costa Calida 92.7fm Costa Blanca (Torrevieja to Elche) 105.1fm (Elche to Calpe) 88.2fm, (Calpe to Gandia & Ibiza) 104.6fm, (Denia to Valencia) 95.3fm Mallorca 103.9fm

IT is the season to be jolly. Your stockings are hung by the chimney. The decorations are up and packages wait beneath the Christmas tree. Delectable treats sit elegantly on the dining-room table. Your home looks like the picture of a perfect holiday. Add two unsupervised, hungry, excited dogs, and the idyllic setting can turn into chaos. In less time than it takes to say ‘Happy Christmas’ the dogs have torn open packages, chewed ornaments, bowled over a guest, unplugged the lights, pulled the roasting pan from the dustbin, eaten the biscuits, sent the best china shattering to the floor and vomited on the rug. Instead of listening to carols, you’re busy looking up the phone

TEMPTING: Keep presents out of reach. number for the emergency vet. Holiday [pet] safety isn’t so different from other times of the year, except the dog gets forgotten in the chaos. Don’t lose sight of your pet in the midst of celebrating. Use common sense. The best advice is to remain aware of potential problems. Be especially careful of items animals can eat or chew. These include angel hair, which is made of spun glass; artificial snow, which may be mildly toxic; electric cables, wrapping paper, rubber bands, staples, etc, which can all cause internal problems if eaten. In general, don’t place decorations

within your dog or cat’s reach. Consider keeping your pets out of the rooms you decorate. Put a baby gate across the door to keep your dog out but allow visual access to where the family will be. Don’t let young children and dogs play together unsupervised during such a hectic time. But, whatever you do, have a Happy Christmas!

For your local radio frequency log onto


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A future full of confidence By Aran Vaghefi of Arden Estates ARDEN ESTATES was opened in the Centro Comercial in Elviria in December 2010. Having been very active and successful in meeting our buyers’ and vendors’ requirements, we were very pleased to invite our colleagues, friends, collaborators and clients from past and present to celebrate with us our third anniversary. It was a fabulous day to start the festive season with about 200 plus guests at our Elviria office. When we started our venture in Arden Estates three years ago, I must confess there were a few raised eyebrows due to the fact that there were many offices closing, but we were opening. Having come from a Real Estate background in London and later working for a well-established company in Marbella since 2003, combined with the 10 years of experience that Dennis Berkenbosch had in the Elviria market, together with my own, we were very positive and confident within ourselves. With our local knowledge of the real estate and trends within the market, mainly focusing on Elviria, failure was never an option for us. Each year since 2010 the business has gone from

Arden Estates in Elviria.

TEAM: From left Kiril Nikolov, Aran Vaghefi, Dennis Berkenbosch, Janina Janzing. strength to strength; with a positive attitude, determination, professionalism and service we have helped many clients find their dream homes and many others, who wished to move on to pastures new, to sell theirs. Our positive results in the first two years allowed us very quickly to add two

Centro Comercial Elviria, local 18, Elviria, 29604 Marbella, Tel: 952 831 204, Fax: 952 830 019, Email: info@arden, www.arden Dennis and Aran have in-depth knowledge of real estate in Elviria.

new members to our team: Kiril Nikolov Listings, and Janina Janzing, who have done very well to fit into our team. In 2014, our goal is to continue with our progress and great achievements, and continue to turn our clients into friends as we have done for many years.

We believe that as we finish 2013, there are

many more people planning their lifestyle purchases from all over the globe to enjoy the Marbella lifestyle. We wish you all a very

Saying adios to Eurovegas LAS VEGAS SANDS has said ‘adios’ to building a Eurovegas resort in Spain. Three months after Madrid lost the race to host the 2020 Olympic Games, the capital has now lost out on another big project, the Eurovegas resort, along with an investment of an estimated €17 billion and the creation of more than 600,000 jobs. The first stone of the casino resort, which planned to house 12 hotels with 36,000 rooms over three phases, was originally scheduled for later this month and at the start of 2014, but will now never be laid. Government meetings with the US company Las Vegas Sands Corp failed to come to agreement over certain conditions imposed by the company, with some reports saying that Las Vegas Sands Corp wanted to allow smoking in some areas, forcing a change to the current smoking ban.

happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year from all of us at Arden Estates. We hope to see you in our office in Elviria. All the very best for 2014.


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We don’t say we are number one, our clients do! It’s cheaper than you think

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We don’t say we are number one, our clients do! It’s cheaper than you think

952 56 12 45


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Rebecca beats thousands to become winner of the T:Factor


N October 21 Telitec launched their very first T:Factor competition. The first prize a gob-smacking recording session in a TOP LONDON RECORDING STUDIO with FLIGHTS. Sales and Promotion Manager Gemma visited as many schools as she could in the vicinity and those she was not able to see personally were emailed with the information to participate. Over the next weeks the word spread and Telitec received lots of videos. A spokesman said: “The standard was amazing but then we expected nothing less from the talented kids here in Spain.” To keep it fair the first two heats and the final were decided with an independent voting system. Only one vote per person per day was allowed and organisers witnessed FB, Twitter and the social media erupt as the kids promoted

NEW STAR: T:Factor winner Rebecca Tozia Tyszka.

Fourth and fifth were Tallulah their entries within their own circles Cousins and Ryan Dearden far and wide. Areas got behind the T:Factor with respectively. SEE ALL the winners’ FANTASTIC bars, restaurants and shops displaying posters of their local PREFORMANCES at representatives. The spokesman said: “We believe Thousands of votes were we have uncovered some of registered as the the stars of the future and Simon competition generated a Simon Cowell better look Cowell buzz and great support for out! Thank you so much to the contestants. all who took part and better Eight weeks later and a voted.” look out! winner has been chosen. Due to the resounding She is the truly astounding success of the competition Rebecca Tozia Tyszka from La they will be launching again in Nucia, Costa Blanca. the New Year... with more amazing Rebecca will be receiving the first prizes prize of a recording session and trip And, due to demand, this time there to London courtesy of Telitec and the will be a category for the over 18s. T:Factor, who are positive she is a star of the future. Keep an eye on Second place went to Tamara Gray for the ALL NEW T:FACTOR Morales, third to duo Maria Africa LAUNCH McMullen & Klaus Galvez, who will Email or call both receive top quality headphones 965 743 473 for more for their fantastic entries. information.

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Quality, value and service from specialists NDI3PRINTING.COM was born in 2009 after encountering a number of poor experiences with some of the print shops in Southern

Spain. Almost four years later, the owners have been amazed at the rate of their business’s growth. Their team is waiting to help you receive all your printed requirements directly at your office or home. Their aim is to offer high quality print with the lowest prices available and would like customers’ ordering process to be as simple as possible. Therefore, they have set up the business in such a way that clients can order directly from their home or office and have the order sent anywhere in Spain, without any additional costs.

GOOD IMPRESSION: From flyers to rebrands.

They print flyers, business cards, letterheads, posters, postcards, brochures and much more. And quality is assured as they use premium digital and offset printing as well as the highest quality paper available. No job is too big or too

small; so if you would like 10 or 10,000 flyers will be able to help and can also supply product in the quality or paper type to suit almost any budget. Specialist graphic designers are also available, so if you need to refresh your

company’s image or completely rebrand, they are able to help. - where good quality, good value and good service will always provide you with a good impression!

(See our advert on Page 32)


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A different perspective on death Mike Walsh Mike Walsh. Based in Mediterranean Spain, is an international journalist, author and professional writer.


HAVE attended my fair share of funerals, services, graveside eulogies and visits to crematoria. Sombre occasions, tears are shed and thoughts shared with relatives we haven‘t seen for years. Eastern Europeans take death and its rituals far more seriously than do Westerners. When in Latvia I was invited to a graveside memorial service. From the four corners of the nation relatives travelled to a cemetery in the almost impenetrable forests on Lithuania’s borders. An annual event, the emotional service was to commemorate family members who had passed on a long time ago. I presumed the placing of a few bouquets and brief prayers would be whispered. Duty done, we would soon be dearly departed too. Not so fast. The graveside service with its acclamations was heart-wrenchingly long. Whilst 20 or so family members circled the graves a lone violinist played

RITUALS: Eastern Europeans have a different view of death to Westerners.

laments, prayers were said and tributes made. When my Ukrainian wife’s mother, Liudmyila shrugged off her mortal coil I was quite unprepared for the raw emotions exposed. Passing on is no passing matter. For Russian Orthodox Christians there is a sequence of rituals following the death of a family member. The only cutting of corners is in the interment. This takes place within 24 hours of a natural death.

A glass of water and bread is placed on the sideboard for the departed soul’s needs. On the day of the funeral the Orthodox priest with small choir arrives at the family home. Hymns accompany the service. The curious do not peer from windows, balconies or cross in front of the cortege. Donations are made to pay the funeral bills. In the family home all glass, mirrors and

glass-framed pictures are covered by white sheets. It is believed that the soul of the departed remains in the family home for nine days after which the coverings can be removed. The spirit then departs to Hades; weeks later to be admitted to Paradise. The morning following interment the family gathers around the grave to share breakfast. Whilst doing so the deceased will be implored to join them. Enjoy a glass of wine but no toasting each other. For approximately 40 days, the period being determined by the priesthood, a monastic period of mourning will be expected. A church service of remembrance takes place on the 40th day. This will be a substantial gathering, a sad occasion unlike that of Irish tradition. Many Celts see death as rebirth, therefore balance is drawn between woe and celebration. “I am no more afraid of death than I was of being born,” said Spartacus. There is nothing mawkish about such rituals. If cynical or bemused by such traditions, I imagine our fellow Europeans are equally baffled by clinical, quick-fix funerals and our get-on-with-life approach to life after death.

The importance of being a traditionalist Ulrica Marshall

Expat Strife

Swedish-born Ulrica is a freelance journalist living in Mallorca with her family. Her debut novel $Expat Wives is available on Amazon and iBooks. To comment go to:


VEN if you have changed your surname to Gonzales, dine on Calamares a la Plancha at 10 in the evening and listen to ‘canciones de amor’ by Malu, I bet that when it comes to Christmas you revert to the traditions you grew up with. For me (being Swedish) that means a sudden need to bulk buy in the food section of Ikea pepparkakor (ginger biscuits), lussekatter (saffron buns) and julskinka (Christmas ham) are prerequisites for a Feliz Navidad. And even though I ultimately lived in England longer than in Sweden, I don’t pine the same way for the Queen’s Speech as I do for the

obligatory compilation of cartoons that air on Swedish television year after year; we all know them by heart, yet it’s not quite Christmas without them. Then there is the 1963 short film Dinner for One that is compulsive viewing every New Year’s Eve in much of Scandinavia as well as Germany. It is a comic take on a lady in her latter years and her ageing butler, who tries his best to imitate the absent guests at her 90th birthday dinner by toasting each course from each place setting, ensuing in a rapid descent into inebriation. It’s still hilarious after the umpteenth time. We are creatures of habit and nothing tends to bring this out more than religious festivals, even if the last time you went to church was your own christening. And it is the habits of the childhood years which outweigh the more recent ones in bringing out the lyrical traditionalist that lurks behind our adventurous,

FESTIVE CUSTOMS: Ingrained during childhood.

expat façade. Psychologists reiterate the importance of traditions for children especially, who crave and need the love and security this level of sameness brings. But

it is also important for the rest of us as markers of time and meaning in what otherwise may seem to be a series of random, unrelated

events. Family traditions, whether cultural or religious, remind us we belong to a core group, in a world where meeting one another is increasingly difficult, not least for us expatriates, who live far from one another. So, humour Uncle Frank who invariably falls asleep and snores in front of the TV; make the turkey or julskinka the traditional way, because jazzing it up would be plain wrong, and let yourself get childishly excited about the gift in the cracker or the flickering lights from the Christmas candles. Celebrate life and its joys with gusto! With this in mind, I shall myself be following tradition and taking a ‘holiday’ during the holidays. But look out for more of Expat Strife in the New Year. Merry Christmas!


19 - 25 December 2013 / Costa del Sol

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AIR CONDITIONING by Cool and Cosy. The family company that cares. Installation and repairs. Quality machines. EsoSense movement sensor supplied and fitted for 80 euros. Coin meters supplied and fitted from 230 euros. For other energy-saving products, visit www.cooland Tel 952 935 513 (219783)

AIRPORT PARKING UK CHARTERED Accountant. Providing tax and accounting advisory services. Jonathan Porter FCA Tel : 678 451 788 217547)

ACTIVITIES IMPROVING SPANISH CONVERSATION. Friendly, professional teacher. All levels. 654 480 194 (207669) ELECTRIC BIKE TOUR Malaga Centre 2h - 20€, SEGWAY TOUR Malaga Centre 1h - 30€. Malaga Port Shopping Centre 677 171 238 (207679) WINE TOURS WITH CHARACTER, Vineyard Lunches and Cellar Door Experiences 674 187 559 (207639)

TAXI FLYING to Stansted or London Southend? For pre-booked (legal) taxi ring or text (0044) 7440 629 947 or email ed.dri Safe and sound to any destination any time..(215315)

ALARMS / CCTV PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY! Intruder alarms from 350 euros, CCTV from 400 euros, also intercoms/satellites. Professional service, competitive prices, all works undertaken. Tlf 722 484 063 (215756)


AIR CONDITIONING. Refrigeration, installation and service by UK qualified engineer NCBSE. Also underfloor, solar & pool heating. Call David 647 850 994 (218728) T2

AIRFLOW Air conditioning for cooling and heating units. Professional, fully guaranteed installations. Tel: 952 443 222 (217532)

BLINDS, awnings, mosquito screens, curtains, vast choice. All areas covered. Coast and inland. 655 825 931 (215944)

ARCHITECTS PROJECTS, constructions, new buildings, extensions, reforms, licenses & legalizations. 680 700 430 (216549)



A1 BLINDS. Complete home service, all types of indoor/outdoor blinds, manual & motorised, call for estimate 671 850 541 / 952 662 585 (218545)


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SOLAR BLINDS ES Ideal for large glazed areas to reflect heat / glare and stop furniture fading and still keep the view. SAVE HEAT IN THE WINTER TOO improve your living environment. Tel Ian 958 496 571 / 644 546 176 (207469)

RESTAURANT in busy central location of La Cala, fully equipped, 150m2 plus terrace, front and rear. Lease for sale 14,000€, all equipment included. Tel 676 571 719 (219961)

BUSINESS OPP. Professional home builders in Spain since 2003. You choose the design - we do the rest. Tel 952 472 283 (217569)

BATHOLOGIST. Specialist in repairing chipped baths or refurbishing old / worn baths. No mess or disruption. 678 808 837 (101382)

ACE OF SHADES - Vertical, Venetian, Roman, Roller, Wooden blinds, various colours available, also black-out blinds. Tel: 951 273 254 / 671 732 204 / (101730)


SWINGLES CASAS SL. For all your building needs. Visit www.swinglescasas. com for more details or call 952 428 067 / 666 960 262 (202607)


VISIT The Bed Warehouse for top quality British beds or just mattresses at unbeatable prices. Also top brands of bankrupt stock including Silentnight, Sealy, Rest Assured etc. Direct from our new larger premises on the Camino de Coin (A7053) km 13 heading out of Fuengirola - opposite RDMC’s and Woods Direct. Tel 634 187 700 / 600 633 986 (215791)

PH BUILDERS. Full or Part Reforms. Bathrooms, kitchens, plumbing, tiling, electrics and more. Tel 600 204 433 (217676) SMALL SKIPS FOR HIRE, we cover Calahonda to Duquesa - Clearflow Group. Tel. 630 200 600 or 616 456 601 (217673)


CONCRETE Ozbuild specialist imprinted concrete. Reseals, brickwork, tiling, plastering, screeding. 10 years coast/campo. Competitive prices, quality finish. 952 426 074 / 606 745 920 www.ozbuild Quote EWN when calling. (216599) GENERAL BUILDER. Tiling, plastering, painting, electrician, plumber, carpentry. Reasonable prices. 635 913 885 (References available) (219549)

DAMP PROOFING DAMP. Water penetration and humidity problems solved. Qualified technicians, architect led certified company. Tel. 606 101 878 (209630)


AIR CONDITIONING repairs and servicing. Airflow. 952 443 222 (217532) AIR CONDITIONING heating installation, servicing, repairs and regassing, 24/7. Prompt reliable service 620 020 232, 951 165 090 (208377


WATERBED. Softside waterbeds from €1,200 complete. Hardside waterbeds from €750 complete. 951 242 406 / 636 648 173 / (215331)


PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATIONS, servicing and repairs. Domestic and commercial air conditioning (heating and cooling). Best prices GUARANTEED. Card meters also available. Tel 616 119 007 & 952 550 323 (219794)

ACE OF SHADES - All colours available. Urbanisations catered for, electric and manual operation, also recover service available, largest selection of colours and designs on the coast. Tel: 951 273 254 / 671 732 204 / info@aceof (101730)

DR DAMP leaking roofs, damp walls, all mould cured. All work guaranteed. Call 689 515 558 (207938)

MATERIALS BUILDING SERVICES PROPERTY MAINTENANCE British plastering ,renovating , drylining, tiling, painting, kitchens, bathrooms, decked areas, fencing, remote locations, coast, 7 day week 634 338 207 (215335) CONCRETE building services, concrete structures, concrete walls, concrete pools, call Olof - 607 400 406 (202769) JIM’S HOME IMPROVEMENTS. bathrooms / kitchen reforms, repairs, plumbing, carpentry, painting, tiling, maintenance. Give us a call no job too small. 692 207 799 / 645 559 423 (208371)

ENGLISH building materials and tools. AIM British Building Supplies. 952 835 172 (219893)

PLASTERING PLASTERING, rendering, dry lining, coving, suspended ceilings. Fitted kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. All work guaranteed. 689 515 558 (207938)

BUY & SELL SUPERPOOL est. 1985. Pool tables, boxing and mini-vending machines on profit share, also new / second hand domestic tables and accessories. Tel 629 530 233 - www.super (219536) HOUSE CLEARANCE, anything considered. Top rates paid. Mick 634 053 107 (218510) CD and DVD collections large or small. TC will buy them all. Telephone 652 072 600 (201647) PRIVATE INVESTOR, large cash reserve, ready to purchase top jewellery, watches, gold, diamonds, paintings. Possibility to arrange loan on importance pieces. Discretion and immediate payment assured. Call 603 459 108 (208102) B U Y S r e c o r d s , ra d i o s , o l d postcards, jewellery and watches. Can Collect. Best p r i c e o f fe r e d Te l 9 5 0 3 2 5 235 or 636 134 272 (217568) QUAD Bike Kymco 250. Red, immaculate condition. 2,500€ ONO. Tel 600 726 836 (206425)

CARAVANS PA R K I N G , S TO R A G E & SA L E S. C a rava n s - M o torhomes - Boats - Cars and Vans etc. Short / long term S a fe & s e c u r e , d r o p o ff & collections. Excellent rates, d i s c o u n t fo r l o n g t e r m , 5 mins from Fuengirola. Establ i s h e d 2 5 ye a r s . w w w. e u / 679 786 669 / 606 101 807 (204977)

Price per word: 0,42€ + IVA minimum 15 words - Discount: Book 10 weeks, get 2 weeks free - Deadline: 4pm Mondays Contact: Phone (0034) 952 561 245 • Fax (0034) 952 440 887 • email •


E W N 19 - 25 December 2013 / Costa del Sol

CAR HIRE CAR HIRE long & short term 607 334 610 (218507) LONG term car hire. Excellent rates even during summer. Quality cars, the best service. Call AutoOasis on 952 623 297 or (218544) CAR HIRE. Quality legal cars from 70 euros per week. Call 658 031 285 (201637)

CARERS QUALIFIED FEMALE CARER, available part-time, day or night, call Heather 952 113 163 or 679 462 156, Estepona (206913)

CARPENTRY CARPENTER cabinet maker, Irish. Available for all types of property maintenance, plumbing, painting, electrical, kitchens and bathrooms renovated etc, 30 years experience, very reliable. Tel: 952 441 955 / 677 087 575 (202841)

UPHOLSTERY and steam cleaning sofas, carpets etc… JA Cleaning Services 626 357 955 (200771) CARPET & UPHOLSTERY PROFESSIONALLY CLEANED 20 YEARS EXPERIENCE WET OR DRY CLEAN, HONEST, RELIABLE SERVICE. PLEASE CALL 678 808 837 / 952 669 701 (101382) LEATHER Suites, Upholstery and carpets thoroughly cleaned. Tel: 952 930 472 or 667 430 518 (215438)

COMMERCIAL PROP OFFICE in Calahonda facing N340. 108m2. Suitable for an office, shop or warehouse. Tel: 696 206 698 (218633)


CURTAINS QUALITY hand finished curtains & soft furnishings, professionally qualified, contact Rachel 952 825 766 or visit www.curtaincouturemarbella.c om (209717) CURTAINS, BLINDS, UPHOLSTERY, a complete service. www.marbellacurtainde Mary 675 813 348 (215855)

DAMP PROOFING DAMP Problem!! Sourced and cured by master builder, longest established damp company on the coast. Call Ed 693 859 894 (217701)

DOMESTIC APP REPAIRS DOMESTIC Appliance repairs washing machines, fridges, cookers, ovens, water heaters, gas / electric, professionally repaired. Christian 608 337 497 (207492)


IRISH CARPENTER, doors, decking, kitchens, bathrooms, all aspects. Established 2002. Tel 952 196 457 or 696 064 019 www.complete-carpen (216606)

CHIMNEY SERVICES APEX CHIMNEY SERVICES, professional chimney sweeping and smoke testing. NACS Qualified. Clean and efficient Tel: Bob 696 320 202 (215840) CHIMNEY SWEEP, all areas covered. 654 184 242 (217737)

CLAIRVOYANTS TAROT Reading. African Spiritualist solves problems - love and business. Tel: Ibrahim 626 502 803 (216597)


LAPTOP HELP LINE. Notebooks, netbooks and tablets repaired, software updates, Internet and email problems solved. Refurbished laptops for sale. Web page designed and maintained. 952 564 274 / 677 702 501 (208364) COMPUTER PROBLEMS SOLVED. Error messages fixed, viruses removed. Repairs and upgrades available. Laptops in English. Kindle, iPad & Android help. One-toone training. Also, low cost, reliable internet TV solutions, even for slow connections. Experienced, reliable service. Paul 630 652 338 / 952 493 859 (216558)

GUADALMINA IDIOMAS LANGUAGE SCHOOL. Group/private lessons. Private lessons @ home. Native and qualified teachers. Centro Comercial Guadalmina, above SUPERSOL. Tel 952 883 880 www.guadalminaidiomas.n et / info@guadalminaid (219666)

CLEANING SERVICES OVEN CLEANING, domestic, commercial, complete fittings, let professional do hard, dirty work, from 35€. 632 569 282 (207828)

FREE TV from UPC, speed up and tune up upc. Basic computer lessons from 10€ per hour. 626 980 869 (206398)

CONSTRUCTION FOR ALL YOUR CONSTRUCTION needs, new build-reform, pool, maintenance. Holiday rental maintenance. Coast and inland. 35 years experience, 12 years in Spain. Contact Matt 0034 615 309 446 or 0044 01631 705 000 (217670)

CLEARFLOW DRAIN SERVICES. All drain problems solved. More than 25 years on the coast. Leak detection, leak and repair. Clearflow Group. Telephone 952 885 661 or 630 200 600 (217647)

ELECTRICIANS ELECTRICIAN 16th Edition BS7671 qualified, 25 years experience. Rewires, extra sockets, lights, fault finding etc. Contact electri Call Ian 650 151 569 (203235) FENCING SERVICES CHAINLINK FENCING erectors, general builders, really competitive prices. Free quotation, no job too big or small, very reliable. Tel: 655 218 466 (209671)

FINANCIAL SERVICES YOU are the owner of a property? And cannot get money from a bank? Contact us! Tel: 952 810 438 or 690 270 682 Email : Business Contacts International (215941)

FLOOR POLISHING POLISH your marble floor professionally at half price. 671 244 683 (203209) T1 MARBLE FLOOR (2.50€/m2) WHY PAY MORE .WE CLEAN, CRYSTALLISE, SEAL THEN POLISH YOUR MARBLE TO HIGH GLOSS, NON SLIP. PROFESSIONAL GUARANTEED, FAST SERVICE. 25 YEARS EXPERIENCE. ALSO REPAIRS DAMAGES TO MARBLE, CLEAN AND SEAL TERRACOTTA TERRACES, COVERS ALL COSTA DEL SOL. TEL: 671 244 683 (207797) T1 MARBLE FLOORS polished. Fast service. Reliable, family run. TERRACOTTA CLEANED and sealed. Wooden floors treated. No job too small. Family run. Cleansol 10am 10pm 7 days all areas. 952 930 861 / 607 610 578 Discount Code: EWN 1 CLEAN (206437) TONY’S MARBLE RESTORATION SERVICE. Marble and terrazo floors, professionally refurbished, quotations without obligation. +34 620 726 875 (215928)


ALL ELECTRICS - Rewiring, fault finding, boletins - 693 678 980 (207413) AN EXPERIENCED electrician / electronic technician. Full/part rewiring, fault finding and maintenance. Exterior/interior lighting system, security alarm and CCTV systems, home and car audio/video installation and repair. English and Russian spoken. Mob 685 222 433 (215370)

ENERGY CERTIFICATES MY ENERGY CERTIFICATE. Now legally required for all properties for sale or rent. Call +34 627 805 581 info@myenergycertifi (216551)

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GARDENER for private homes, communities, tree pruning, pool maintenance, garden design. Specialist in water systems. Tel: 666 953 892 (208110) ARBOLISTA Tree Surgery, No. 1 for trees and palms, on the Costa since 1998. 600 260 534 - 952 117 486 Kit Hogg C.G.Arb (207515)

LAWN PAINTING LOVELY LAWNS (Brand new prestigious service). We green your lawn with our special lawn dye. We can also fertilise your lawn and kill your weeds. Instant results, average price depending on size €25. Specialist products from UK. Tel 666 850 328 (219583)


FIND LOVE IN THE SUN Browse for free Spain’s No 1 online dating site. Bringing expats together. (219566)

GARDENING PROFESSIONAL garden services from Fuengirola to Estepona. All aspects of gardening and full maintenance and landscaping, free quotes, competitive prices. Contact Andrew 600 259 981 Andrew@gar (215793)

BEAUTY TREATMENTS BOTOX AND FILLERS From €95. Covers the Costa del Sol and inland. 609 347 086. (219778)

CHIROPODISTS PODIATRIST / CHIROPODIST Jennifer M.S.S.Ch M.B.CH.A HCPC reg. Qualified 25 years, Diabetic footcare, ingrowing / fungal nail, verrucae, callous / corn removal. La Cala 603 447 008 or 663 516 654 (219793)

MASSAGE PROFESSIONAL SPORTS MASSAGE 12 years experience. 1 hour €35, 1.5 hours €50, Elviria. Wendy 952 852 330 or 634 310 821. Mobile service + €10 (216603) Results oriented massage therapies by caring masseur. Private studio in Artola, Marbella. In/out calls. 689 898 529 (206440)

ELECTRIC GATE/GARAGE DOOR automation repaired. Free, no obligation quotation. Call Colin - 636 394 641 (217722)

GENERAL SERVICES ALMOST ANYTHING! General household maintenance, plumbing, tiling, painting and more. Marbella to Fuengirola, Speak to Gareth, Tel - 690 841 188. (217669)

REINA Sport & Health. Experienced professional physiotherapy, osteopathy. “Oxygen pain therapy”. Professional sports massage. Personal trainer. Calahonda - Riviera home visits, hotel. 618 515 487 (201695) FUENGIROLA (Bolivian Andes) Massages 660 801 060 (206402)

HIRE SERVICES SMALL SKIPS FOR HIRE, we cover Calahonda to Duquesa Clearflow Group. Tel. 630 200 600 or 616 456 601 (217673)


DO YOU want to learn to play the guitar? Qualified teacher can help you play your music as soon as possible. 633 319 639. 15€ for a 40 minute lesson. Marbella Golden Mile area. (215349)

SKI SIERRA NEVADA this SEASON. Mezzanine Studio Apartment, 30m2 in Edificio America. Two double sleeping areas. Seasons rental 2,500 euros to 6/5/14. Includes gated parking, not electricity. email Tel/txt England 0795 6232404 (201615)

CHARLIEGUITAR.COM. Sell and buy guitars. The first vintage shop in Spain, opposite the bus station. Calle Jacinto, Benavente No 1, Fuengirola 622 919 500 (215849)

HOT TUBS, new, used, bought, sold, hired. Also move & repairs 691 973 131 / 952 793 398 (200773)




INNOVATIVE HANDYMAN, contact Jerry 952 113 163 or 616 933 509 from €10 per hour, Estepona (206427)

HEALTH & BEAUTY SAYAN MASSAGE. Your best traditional & tantric massage for ladies and gentlemen. 952 586 339 608 977 260 (218077) ASIAN MASSAGE SALON in Benalmadena, promotion month of May 30 euros one hour body massage, all masseuses are Asian and qualified with lots of experience. Telephone: 952 824 348, 660 587 171 www.asian (206767)


HOME CLERANCES WANTED – House Clearance and garage clearance, best prices paid. Contact Paul Vickers, 617 543 315 (207637) WANTED FURNITURE & household items houses gardens garages cleared top prices paid fast reliable service 639 229 607 / 649 977 723 (215472) HOME CLEARANCES WANTED. Buy and Sell. Quality furniture. Cash paid. Jeans Emporium. Tel 952 793 578 (217576)

CLASSIFIEDS HEALTH INSURANCE Competitive prices, English worded policies. Pay monthly or annually. All levels of cover. Premiums from €25 a month. Tel: 956 795 453 Abbeygate Insurance (68259)


ABBEYGATE INSURANCE Car insurance exclusive for expatriates, save up to 50%. Find out about our price pledge on UK plated cars. Home insurance from €50. Tel: 952 893 380 (68259)

19 - 25 December 2013 / Costa del Sol INVESTMENT OPP. GREAT commercial investment opportunity in SOTOGRANDE. Nine offices for sale, next door to Mercadona and Hypercor supermarkets on the AP7 exit. Total construction 600sq/m @ only 175,000€. Phone 0044 7770 885221 or email (215925)


LSM INSURANCE. No fat singing blokes or trumpeting telephones, just professional service at the best prices for all your insurance needs including car, household, commercial, life, health and travel. Tel 952 578 008 or for a quotation (218726) EU INSURANCE DIRECT Extra Special Offers. Up to €50 cash back for car and home insurance (conditions apply) for new customers. For all your Insurance Needs and the Best Price and Best Cover in English, call Wendy on 952 830 843 / 676 098 464 email (217630)


WE BUY, Sell, remove all types of mobile homes. We pay CASH and cover all of Spain. More details call Suzi Caley 616 250 727 / 951 063 059 or email (207499)

KARAOKE RUSTY’S KARAOKE. Available for public and private functions. Tel 611 314 851 (201607)

LAUNDRY NANCY’S LAUNDRY. Washing, drying, ironing, dry cleaning, duvet, bedcovers, curtains, rugs, drop off or collection and delivery available. Avda. Bonanza, Arroyo de la Miel (between Lloyds Bank and Piscis). Tel 952 561 726 w w w . n a n c y s l a u n d r y. e s (219605)

HOLA CREDITO. Instant short term loans against your valuables. Quick, easy and always discreet. Tel 900 123 457 (202979)


ABBEYGATE INSURANCE Make the right choice and join the thousands of expatriates who have. We provide a friendly personal service, for all your home, motor, health, travel or marine insurance. Call 952 893 380 (68259)

HOSTING - Carrier grade data centre in Elviria, two diesel generators, multiple backbone symmetrical carrier-class connections, BGP4 routing, aircon, secure facilities. For dedicated housing or hostings with serious bandwidth and 99.99% uptime, we can host your servers and applications in our data centre in Elviria. Feel free to visit us to discuss your needs. 951 055 676 (218717)

WOODY´S LOS BOLICHES. Greeting Cards, mail to and from the UK. Passport renewals and all adverts for Euro Weekly News – display or classified. Open 9.00-2.00PM (Sat 10.00 – 2.00PM) One street behind the Confortel, just off Plaza San Rafael, Los Boliches, on C/Poeta Salvador Rueda 93 (Passports Mon to Fri Only) Tel: 952 471 877 (95705)



ABBEYGATE INSURANCE If you are renewing your policy or looking for new cover. Call us, as we are the only Insurance Company in Spain to offer protection on your no claims bonus. Call 952 893 380 (68259)


LOCKSMITH emergency / appointment. Doors opened without damage, locks changed, patio doors and windows secured, 24 hour honest, fast and reliable service. Call Paul 657 466 803 (93549) T1 COSTALOCKS 24/7, LOCKSMITH/ HOME SECURITY, NEW KEYS, KEYED ALIKE, WINDOWS SECURED, SAFES OPENED / INSTALLED, FREE HOME SECURITY CHECK, CALL Debby or Bob 952 660 233 / 667 668 673 CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED WWW.COSTALOCKS.COM (208085) T2

WANT TO RELOCATE? We can transport your home and install on to a 12 month park from £4,995. Annual site fees from €3,000 Freephone: 0044 1782 90 80 70 (85143) BRAND NEW WILLERBY Siena 32m² home sited within a stylish gated community, 45 minutes from Malaga airport £19,995 Freephone: 0044 1782 90 80 70 (85143)



MOBILITY THE MOBILITY WIZARD. All types of mobility scooters, wheelchairs and disability aids for hire or sale. Replacement parts including batteries, tyres and motors available. Authorised Agents for all major companies. Most repairs carried out at your home or FREE loan machine if scooter has to be taken for repair, ensuring you are kept mobile. Fully comprehensive mobility insurance for 105 euros per year. Tel 633 127 901 / / (219684)

MOBILITY SERVICES MOBILITY scooters, wheelchairs, nursing beds, rise ‘n’ recline chairs. Also a large range of daily living aids for sale or hire. For the best price and advice call Senior World. Tel 952 663 131 or 670 964 181. Visit our large showroom in Los Boliches (218744)


WILLERBY COTTAGE 28x10 sited in ‘La Serrana Hills’ of Pizarra, site open all year round, swimming pool, only £13,495. Want to view? Freephone: 0044 1782 90 80 70 (85143)

24/7 MOBILITY MOBILITY SCOOTERS, Electric wheelchairs, wheelchairs, walking frames for sale and rent. Delivered to home or hotel. Part exchange considered always a good selection of quality used mobility scooters in stock with guarantee, eg Shoprider Cadiz. Rascal 850. Sterling Elite xS . Monarch Sprint, Kymco for you. Rascal 388 Shoprider, Sovereign, Mercury Reo 4, Rascal Eco 4. Mercury Prism. Sterling Emerald. Rascal Partner, Rascal Turnabout electric wheelchair. Sterling Pearl T.G.A eclipse boot scooter plus many more. New wheelchairs always in stock. Mobility scooters bought for cash. Mobility scooter batteries supplied and fitted. For same day delivery phone 609 581 139. www.mobilityscootersdi email mo bilitysolutionsespana@hot (203240)

MOSQUITO SCREENS ACE OF SHADES - Don’t let the bugs get you! Available in enrollable, slider and pleated. Large choice of colours including wood effect. Tel: 951 273 254 / 671 732 204 / info@aceof (101730) MOSQUITO SCREENS. All types, all colours, fast service. Coast and inland covered. 655 825 931 (218575) MOSQUITO SCREENS, call Mosquito Nick tlf 647 072 861 (215252)



E W N 19 - 25 December 2013 / Costa del Sol CAR-ISMAS SAVER at Robertson Cars. Seven seater 4X4 DIESEL, automatic, Volvo XC90 D5 2006 momentum (just like Jeremy Clarkson’s) automatic, tiptronic, one owner, every extra, silver black leather, rare bargain. The best 4x4 for safety and reliability and in stunning condition. Owner leaving Spain, only reason it is for sale. Automatic and diesel and 7 seater and everything you could want. Was 13,995 euros, now 12,750 euros. Gordon Robertson tel 608 658 785 or 952 832 173 w w w. r o b e r t s o n c a r s - s p a i n .com (219572)


CAR-ISMAS SAVER at Robertson Cars. Cabrio Peugeot 206 Coupe Cabrio 2007, only 89,000kms, approx 55,000 miles, silver blue with check trim, alloy wheels, cruise and climate control, CD player, 5 speed manual, lady owner leaving Spain, immaculate condition, electric hard top folds into boot, perfect Peugeot. Was 5,995€, now 5,750 euros. Samantha or Gordon Robertson (The Car Couple) 952 832 173 / 608 658 785 (219572) ONLY 25,000kms, approx 15,000 miles, like new, 2012 Toyota Aygo VVTI Connect, top of the range, 5 door, bright red, air condition, sat nav, one very careful owner, looks and smells new, what a super Santa saver at 7,995 euros. Samantha or Gordon Robertson (The Car Couple) Tel 952 832 173 or 608 658 785 (219572)



952 83 21 73 608 658 785

CAR SERVICES MECHANIC workshop & mobile. All work undertaken. ITVs done, reasonable rates, prompt, reliable services 24/7. 620 020 232, 951 165 090 (208377) CABRIOSOL soft tops, German top quality, for all Cabriolet cars & jeeps. Professional fitting, repairs & change of plastic windows. Cabrio-sol. 639 580 372 (Camino de Coin km 13.2 Mijas Golf ). Opening hours: 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday (215464)

AUTOMATIC gearbox specialist. Transmatic. All models including classic cars, serviced, repaired and reconditioned. Also 4x4 transfer boxes and power steering Call/fax 952 796 166 / 952 805 804 email: transmat (215768) BRITISH MECHANIC WORKSHOP. Repair, service & ITV to all makes of cars, vans and 4 x 4s. Call Steve 951 914 025 or 605 407 369. Poligono Las Perales, Mijas Costa. britmechanicspain (217674)

FOR SALE ARE you an expat with a Spanish car to sell??? Ring Robertson Cars, we want to buy Spanish registered cars and will pay top prices in cash for genuine low kilometre cars. Ring Samantha on 952 832 173 with car details and Gordon will phone you back with our valuation. Robertson (The Car Couple) here in Marbella for the last 28 years. Remember Robertson, the family business that you can trust. w w w. r o b e r t s o n c a r s - s p a i n .com (219572)

AUTOMATIC, only 25,000kms (new shape), Opel Corsa 1.4 COSMO.AT. 2012, one owner, like new condition, still has manuf. Warranty till end of 2014. CD, alloy wheels, climate control, what everyone wants, the small low km automatic Christmas Cracker at 8,995 euros. Samantha or Gordon Robertson (The Car Couple), 608 658 785 / 952 832 173 www.robertsoncars-spain .com (219572) AUTOMATIC/diesel 6 seater Kia Carnival 2.9 CRDI 2004 model, only 91,000kms, approx 55,000 miles. Full service history, blue over gold, one lovely lady owner, kept in immaculate condition, diesel economy and load carrier, a gift at 5,500 euros. Samantha or Gordon Robertson ( The Car Couple) 608 658 785 / 952 832 173. See more details on our web page w w w. r o b e r t s o n c a r s - s p a i n .com (219572) LARGE selection of vans, including Citroen Jumpers, Pickups, Ford Transits and Transit Connect 672 550 037 / 952 585 813 (209777) CHRYSLER Crossfire, hard top 2006, black with grey leather, very impressive car, clean throughout, only 40,000km, 9,995€ 672 550 037 cdscars@mail. com (209777) 2003 RANGE ROVER 4.4 Vogue, black with cream leather, English plates, rhd, 86,000 miles, fully loaded, excellent condition throughout, only 8,995€ 672 550 037 (209777)

AUDI A3 1.8, Turbo Sport line, LHD/UK plates, 65,000kms, in excellent condition, 4 new tyres, 3 door. 3,995€ 672 550 037 (209777)

CONVERTIBLE BMW 320 2002, Motor Sport, full spec, Spanish car, very nice exammple, 6,995€ 672 550 037 cdscars@mail .com (209777)

CHRYSLER Crossfire, hard top 2006, black with grey leather, very impressive car, clean throughout, only 40,000km, 9,995€ 672 550 037 cdscars@mail .com (209777)

CONVERTIBLE 2001 CLK Mercedes 320, silver, black roof, black leather, automatic, 18inch alloys, very clean for the year, 6,995€ 672 550 037 cdscars@mail .com (209777) PEUGEOT 207, 5 door, diesel, 2008, silver, very good throughout, 1 owner, appx 50 mpg, only 5,995€ 672 550 037 cdscars@mail .com (209777) DIESEL automatic estate, Peugeot 407, 2006, fully loaded, inc sat nav, full panoramic roof, alloys, digital air con, immaculate car, 6,995€ 672 550 037

2003 VAUXHALL CORSA 1.7 DTI, diesel, 3 door in good condition throughout, new ITV, a cheap p/x bargain, 1,995€ 672 550 037 (209777) AUTOMATIC 2004, Peugeot 307, 1.6 automatic, I owner from new with full service history, excellent condition throughout 4,995€ 672 550 037 (209777) VARIOUS CARS available, lhd, rhd, 4x4s, automatic, manual, petrol & diesels from €1,000 672 550 037 / 952 585 813 / 600 868 056 (209777)

CONVERTIBLE Chrysler Crossfire automatic, in black with red leather, fantastic condition in and out, 10,995€ 672 550 037 (209777)

1980 MGB ROADSTER, lhd on Spanish plates, in near mint condition, this car must be seen to be appreciated, no time wasters. 8,995€. 672 550 037 / 952 585 813 (209777)

2008 Ford Transit Connect, with side door, 1 owner from new, TDCi 200 series, excellent condition throughout, light use only, 5,450€ 672 550 037 (209777)

BMW 320 Convertible 2001, new model, M Sport, ITV until Sept 2014. 7,500€. Tel 677 110 374 (201734)

2007 Vauxhall Astra, new shape, 1.7 CDTi diesel, estate, only 90,000kms, alloys, air con, etc, in excellent condition throughout, one private owner from new, 6,995€. 672 550 037 (209777) 2006 CHRYSLER SEBRING automatic 2.4, only 46,000kms from new, fully loaded car, including sat nav, in excellent condition throughout, only 4,995€ 672 550 037 / 952 585 813 (209777) 2002 RENAULT Megane Classic 1.6 automatic, in very good condition throughout, alloys, air con, excellent runner, low kms, 2,450€ 672 550 037 / 952 585 813 (209777) 2004 VAUXHALL Safira, 2 litre, DGi, diesel, 7 seater, excellent condition throughout, in silver, new tyres, 2 sets of keys, private owner, only 4,995€. 672 550 037 / 952 585 813 (209777) CITROEN C3 diesel, 5 door 2008, new tyres, ITV 2015, excellent condition 4,995€ 672 550 037 cd (209777) 2004 MERCEDES Verano 2.2 automatic, diesel, 6 seater minimus in very good condition throughout, in silver with grey leather, new ITV, 9,995€ 600 868 056 (209777)

MERCEDES E220, avangrade diesel, fully loaded, sat nav, leather, auto. 32,000€ including transfer (may take tradein). Tel 677 110 374 (201734) MINI COOPER CHECKMATE 2006, 101,000km. 7,595 euros. If you are looking to buy a mini in excellent condition, then look no further! This example is all but in mint condition, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED! Metallic blue with silver roof and mirrors. Alloy wheels, 1/2 leather, air conditioning, electric windows. To avoid disappointment, contact Stephen Paul on 680 799 231 or (219685) MERCEDES SLK 320, 2001 black FSH, 100,000km, all extras, LHD Spanish regsitered, debt free, ITV, €7,900 ono. Tel 0044 7850 746171 (215942) BILL BRADY CARS has been established on the Costa del Sol since 1986, in which time he has helped thousands of expatriates to buy or sell their quality used Spanish cars and also keeping all the documentation simple so you understand all that is going on (which is important). You can contact Bill direct on 952 838 842 / 608 950 221 or bill (215826)

CLASSIFIEDS MASSIVE DISCOUNT RANGE ROVER Sport (diesel) automatic HSE. TDV8 2007 metallic midnight blue, cream leather, sat/nav. This jeep is immaculate with only 146,000klm (91,000mls). Service history, parking sensors and lots more, look at this bargain, WAS 27,995€. NOW ONLY 24,995€. 952 838 842 / 608 950 221 (215826) MOTOR-HOME Benimar Sport 300 2009 Mdl. Ford Transit 2.2 TDCI,130.HP,CV. only 59’000 Klm (37’000 Mls.) 6 berth 6 belted seats Air-Conditioned, full central heating, Alarm, rear view camera, shower, toilet, 120 Ltr. water tank, 3 gas hob, fridge/freezer, DVD. This camper is immaculate has to be seen at this low price of only 28’995€. 952 838 842 / 608 950 221 (215826) VW POLO 1.4, 5 door 2010/11 metallic gunmetal grey, alloy wheels, looks fantastic, bought from main dealer, Sara Motors, leaving Spain, hence this bargain at only 7,995€, 952 838 842 / 608 950 221 (215826) AUTOMATIC Peugeot 2007 Sport 1.6 inj, 5 door 2008, only 24,000klm (16,000mls), full service history, alloy wheels, from private owner, sunburst red, a very scarce small automatic, yes it’s only 6,995€. 952 838 842 / 608 950 221 (215826) RENT to own your next car, modern, well maintained quality cars, all inclusive rates. Call AutoOasis on 952 623 297 or (218544) MAZDA 5, 2.0 Sportive, 7 seater, silver, very good condition. €6,250 Tel 952 668 342 (217572) BMW 520 diesel, automatic, M sport touring estate, 2007, English reg, RHD, excellent condition, silver, 7,500 euros. 602 653 872 (215929) ALL VEHICLE’S PURCHASED WITH OR WITHOUT PAPER’S FREE COLLECTION 652 031 436 (201684)

INSURANCE ABBEYGATE INSURANCE. No automatic annual increase on our Motor Insurance, renewal policies. Call 952 893 380 (68259) MOTOR INSURANCE. For the most competitive quotes in English call Linea Directa on 902 123 153, you could save as much as 30% and you can transfer your existing no claims bonus. Call Linea Directa on 902 123 153 for motor insurance with a human voice in English from Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm and save money now! (200726)

For daily news visit

CLASSIFIEDS MECHANICS BRITISH MOBILE MECHANICS. Fully qualified, home visits, reasonable prices and repairs for all cars. ITV’s €80 we come to you. 951 400 189 695 913 592 (207809) MOBILE MECHANIC will come to your home or work. Servicing, repairs, ITVs & diagnostics. Call Mick on 617 553 072 (218685) BRITISH MECHANIC WORKSHOP. Repair, service & ITV to all makes of cars, vans and 4 x 4s. Call Steve 951 914 025 or 605 407 369. Poligono Las Perales, Mijas Costa. britmechanicspain@ (217674)

REPAIRS AUTO ELECTRICAL Specialist. Over 30 years experience. Cars, commercials & boats. Latest diagnostic equipment. Petrol / diesel fuel injection problems solved. No job too small. Tel: 647 289 753 (219845)



MUSIC DAVE C CLARKE, guitarist, vocalist, pianist, ex-Cunard. Specialising in popular Spanish guitar. Available solo or combo. Parties/weddings/class restaurants, dinner dances. Huge repertoire. Details 687 627 434 (201704)

NAUTICAL 12 MTR BERTH in Puerto Banus available to rent, €6,000pa. 15 MTR BERTH in Estepona Marine for sale, very good position for sail boats, also DEEP. €45,000. Tel 609 044 965 (215851)

OSTEOPATH OSTEOPATH Chris Howard, BSc (Hons) Ost. La Cala de Mijas. Established over 10 years in Spain. Diagnosis, advice, treatment for all types of pain/injury. Qualified, Registered, Insured. 952 050 180 / 679 501 367 (217709)



I BUY ANY CAR. 602 533 508 (218504) WANTED CARS AND VANS, FREE COLLECTION, SAME DAY 693 028 325 (101382) WANTED. CARS & JEEPS & camper vans for cash. All makes, LHD, any condition. 693 357 000 (216632) CARS, VANS UK OR SPANISH BOUGHT FOR CASH. FREE COLLECTION IN SPAIN AND UK. PLEASE CALL 678 808 837 OR 952 669 701 (101382) CARS wanted, we buy any car, UK plated, embargo cars, vans, trucks, motorcycles, scooters, campervans, lorries, etc etc, for quick decision call now. 600 868 056 fivepeastrad (209777) CAR, VANS BOUGHT WITH OR WITHOUT PAPERS. CASH WAITING 678 808 837 (101382) CARS WANTED. All registration numbers, any age, runners/non runners, finance, embargoes, no problem, 687 049 592 or 622 156 022 (216552)

PAINTER & DECORATOR. If you want your job done right, forget the rest and call the best. Sam “Simply the Best”, 18 years Mijas area. 952 666 025 / 629 546 128 (207938) HUSBAND & WIFE TEAM. Painting/Interior design. Free estimates. Graham - 607 923 486 (217682) PAINTING, Plumbing and General Build Works, Refurb and Reforms at competitive prices. Free quotation contact tel: 625 200 205 (217675) SANDTEX and Crown paint. AIM British Building Supplies. 952 835 172 (219893) PAINTING & DECORATING guaranteed quality and a good price, OAP rates, call Roger 633 382 262 (215277)


PEST CONTROL. British - Best Prices. Fully Qualified. Bar Contracts. Call Local Pest 952 449 591 (201643) T1 COCKROACHES, ANTS, insects, fleas, mice, rats, wasps, termite specialists. Fumigations, bars, restaurants, houses, etc. Sanitary department officially registered certificates. Guarantee, serving the coast since 1985. Only legal English owned pest control Company on the coast. If you want the best then phone N.P.S. Nigel 606 008 940 (209962)

PETS YOUNG DOMESTICATED cats rescued from the killing station need kind homes. Fully vaccinated and neutered, free of charge. We will also deliver to England for a donation to the charity. Please give one of these beautiful cats a home so we can save more from death. Can be seen without obligation at Cat and Dog World Kennels. Tel. 630 197 435 (93398)

CHARITIES ADANA THE ANIMAL SHELTER IN ESTEPONA. We always need volunteers to walk and socialise with our dogs and help with cleaning. We also need good homes for our animals that you can see on Kennels open every day 10-1.30, Camino de Casares, near Parque de los Pedregales, Estepona. (5 minutes from the Poligono) For more information call Marjorie 952 79 74 05 or 636 934 146 (93319) ACE CHARITY at El Refugio Kennels always needs volunteers to help with dog walking. It’s good exercise, a couple of hours any morning of the week. Foster and permanent homes also needed for our many inmates! Vivien 639 991 079 (93320) SEPE the horse and donkey charity is open to the public week-ends from 10.00 to 5.00. Volunteers are much needed in all departments and are welcome at anytime. For our riding for the disabled classes, we are also in need of extra helpers. We are nationally registered by the Spanish Ministry of the Interior (164640) but only with your support can we give the equine a voice. If you can just commit to 2 or 3 euros a month it will really help make a difference. You can find us at Lauro Golf Equestrian Centre, Alqueria, Alhaurin de la Torre. Tel. 608 258 950 (93321)

19 - 25 December 2013 / Costa del Sol At SOS Animal Refuge we have dogs, young and old looking for homes. Some of our dogs have been with us for some time and would love to find a cosy spot to curl up in and a knee on which to rest their heads. If you have room in your heart and home we would love to hear from you. We do not put our dogs to sleep - no matter how old, they are safe with us. For day to day needs and to pay for veterinary care, we much appreciate the support we receive. We desperately need items to sell on our market stall to help raise funds and are happy to come and collect. So if you are having a clear-out, please contact us on 605 227 155. If you would like to know more about re-homing, please call 653 257 875. Visit our website www.sos-ani or please phone Sandy on 952 385 923 or 666 814 056 if you would like to make a donation or help in any way. (93317) ARCH - THE ANDALUCIAN RESCUE CENTRE FOR HORSES WELCOMES VISITORS AND VOLUNTEERS TO THEIR STABLES ON SATURDAYS FROM 10 - 12 OR BY APPOINTMENT. COME AND HELP OUT, OR SPONSOR OR ADOPT ONE OF OUR HORSES, DONKEYS OR MULES. WE ALWAYS NEED HELP WITH FUND RAISING TO LOOK AFTER THE ABANDONED AND ABUSED ANIMALS. OUR AIM IS TO RESCUE, REHABILITATE AND REHOME. WE ARE A SMALL FRIENDLY TEAM - WHY NOT JOIN US. FIND US IN ALHAURIN EL GRANDE, BEHIND THE VENTA MIRALMONTE ON THE ROAD FROM ALHAURIN TO COIN, (A404), URB.VIÑA BORREGO, FOLLOW THE YELLOW SIGNS. CHARITY REGISTERED WITH THE JUNTA DE ANDALUCIA NO 8448. WWW.HORSERESCUESPAIN.O RG INFO@HORSERESCUES PAIN.ORG ARCHRESCUE@ YAHOO.CO.UK TEL:635798219 OR 656935613 OR 620175828. NEW: ARCH CHARITY SHOP NOW OPEN IN ALHAURIN, NEXT TO MONEY CHANGE SHOP, AVENIDA GERALD BRENAN (93322)

FOR SALE BEAUTIFUL Bichon Frise puppy for sale with all vaccination, microchip, exc parents. 653 757 768 / 615 213 090 (206449)

KENNELS EURODOG Boarding Kennels and Cattery. Under new ownership, fully licensed and sanitary approved, long/short term. Mijas Costa Tel 697 731 171 (207324) CAT AND DOG WORLD KENNELS AND CATTERY is recommended and used by David the Dogman. “I would not trust my dogs with anyone else”. Tel: 952 112 978. (209640)

PETCARE PET HOTEL. Alhaurin el Grande. Holiday accommodation for dogs and cats. Air conditioned kennels available. Tel: 952 112 284 / 685 400 216 www.petcares (208106) COOL KENNELS AND CATTERY. Air conditioned. Your pets lovingly cared for by English mother and daughter. Near Coin. LAGUNAKEN Tel 952 112 021 / 606 838 983 (215765) STEFANIE’S KENNELS AND CATTERY, Estepona. Fully licensed, Junta approved, est. 1986. Viewing welcomed 952 790 943 www.stefaniesken (219547)



PHOTOGRAPHER PROFESSIONAL pictures taken, in studio or location. Full studio set up, professional lighting and camera equipment. Full location portable lights. Photoshop expert and printing using professional Epson 4880 printer. Very friendly and professional: Isdabe, San Pedro. Tel 952 887 939 / 640 320 522 / 603 251 988. (201727)


PET INSURANCE PROTECTAPET. Spain’s leading pet insurance. 965 756 371. (216721)

PET TRANSPORT PET-COURIERS.COM – If you love your pet try us first – we are the best. Door to door service throughout Europe. Specialised vehicles – bespoke service. Full legal service including documentation if required. For further information call or e-mail us: Tel: (0034) 651 033 670 or (0034) 637 066 227. Email: or (200622) ACCOMPANY your pets to their new home. Fully licensed pet transport service. Denise 952 197 187 / 696 233 848 i n f o @ p e t c h a u f f e u r. e u (215263) LOOK NO FURTHER for your pet transport. We offer a service to travel with/without your pets/furniture. Pets from £295 including vet checks. Various vehicles to cater for your needs. 952 596 213 / 665 150 227 spainukspain@ (218548) ANIMALCOURIERS - A KIND, CARING, FRIENDLY SERVICE BETWEEN SPAIN/UK. FLIGHTS FROM MALAGA OR ROAD FROM COSTA DEL SOL FOR YOUR PET TRAVEL. WWW.AN IMALCOURIERS.COM / 0044 1483 200123, 0034 635 155 962 OR ASK@ANIMALCOURI ERS.COM FOR A QUOTATION. (207561) PET TRANSPORTATION by road. Complete service from professional licensed kennels. 630 197 435 (209640) THE DOG MOVER. Licensed transporters. Two handlers, so never alone. 680 781 699 / 0044 (0) 7875 947230. (207293)

PLUMBING THE IRISH PLUMBER FOR ALL YOUR PLUMBING REQUIREMENTS, COMPLETE BATHROOM REFORMS, ALL AREAS COVERED. 7 DAYS, REASONABLE RATES. 605 206 394 (206156) T1 PLUMBER: Water heaters repaired, replaced same day. Full bathroom and kitchen reforms, previous work can be seen. References available. Mark Allan - 608 454 778 / 952 937 244 (209854) PLUMBER: All aspects, gas/electric boilers. Kitchens, bathrooms, repairs & installations. Gary 669 615 334 / 952 576 296 (215706) 30 YEARS ON THE COAST. I cover all aspects of plumbing & general maintenance. Graham - 607 923 486 (217682) LEAK DETECTION and REPAIR. 25 years on the Coast. Clear Flow Group. Telephone 952 885 661 or 630 200 600 (219581) POOLS


E W N 19 - 25 December 2013 / Costa del Sol


PROPERTY FOR SALE REDUCED TORREBLANCA large 3 bedroom townhouse with parking. 169,000€. Tel 659 446 482 (219715) T1 WWW.INMOANDALUZ. COM is always looking for realistically priced inland properties to sell to our interested buyers. Tel 952 491 609 / 685 514 835 (208263)

POOL TILING REPLACE your broken swimming pool tiles without draining your pool by utilising the very latest in underwater grouting and adhesives, quickly and efficiently. Call Lee at AquaTile Tel. 69 7529 677 (215342)


GREAT OPPORTUNITY. TORREBLANCA. Ideal detached villa offering two self contained separate levels - main upper level 3 beds/1 bath - lower level 1 bed/1 bath, ideal for rental or elderly person/teenager/guests, large plot, private swimming pool and spacious garage, quiet residential area. Original asking price €299,500 - no agents fees, now €230,000. Viewing recommended - 647 647 629 (101501) REDUCED. Villa for sale, Elviria. 3,000 sq metre plot. Very modern. Top security system. 674 675 683 (201728)

P ROPERTY S TAGING & REDESIGN HOME STAGING MARBELLA. First impressions are imperative! Ensure a quick sale and let HOME STAGING MARBELLA transform your property into a special home buyers will love. www.homestagingmar, call Petra 654 150 670 (219849)


SELWO: Cosy townhouse, 180m2, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, large garden, car port. No agents. 169,950€ Tel 644 132 738 (217683) VILLA. Half finished in prime location near Puerto Banus. Land 2065m2, built 850m2. 671 244 683 momarbella@ya (203209) Apartments and villas for sale at advantageous prices. Call 607 637 288, 952 462 302 (202945)

PRIVATE Sale, Town house,Monti Biaritz, New golden mile, Reduced 395,000€ to 239,000€, South facing.3 bed town house.120m² Sea view,H/C aircon Plus 50m² basement washing machine / dryer,shower & toilet/2 extra rooms. Private parking.Secure Contact Gdeevans@yahoo .com (206441) WWW.INMOANDALUZ. COM. Bargain inland properties for all budgets, fincas, village homes, apartments and villas. Legal building plots. 952 491 609 / 685 514 835 (208263)


EUROPA SPECIALIST. Combitrans Movers. 952 775 300 (217512)

1 BED apartment, 350€ per month including bills. Benavista, El Pariso hotel. Tel 602 533 505 (206396) Properties urgently required for long term rent, clients waiting. 671 093 925 (217721) Over 900 properties for long term rent. 671 093 925 (217721)

WE HAVE Scandinavian and English clients for Villas, Townhouses, Apartments and Plots, from Malaga to Estepona. Also rentals. Tel TINA 634 328 703 (218015)

TOWNHOUSE Playa Golf, Torrequebrada, 2 bed, 2 bath, private garden, furnished, fantastic mountain & sea views, very clean, €650pm. 634 123 652 (209777)

PROPERTY TO LET MARBELLA centre, rooms to let 671 244 683 (203209) BENALMADENA, 2 bedroom apartment, furnished, top floor, close to beach, panoramic sea views, pool, parking, 500 euros. 666 517 479 (217738)

NATIONAL / INTERNATIONAL REMOVALS Local and International. Full and part loads taken please call 952 816 582 w w w. fo c u s - t ra n s p o r t . c o m (201301)

MARBELLA APARTMENT Rentals. Telephone 622 571 040 www.kingscastlemarbel kingscastlemarbella@ (206429)

FAIRWAYS Marbella Property Management, Real Estate, Property Maintenance, letting service. Tel 693 596 558,, (201703)



VILLA for rent. Holiday let or long term rental. Sleeps 10 to 12 people. All on one level. Very modern. 674 675 683 (201728)

WANTED long term rental, 1, 2, 3 years, 2-3 bedrooms, Benalmadena Port to La Carihuela, first/second line, pool, air con, parking. Please forward details to malcolm@poly or tel 0044 783 621 6417 or 0044 1384 444 312 (215903)

PUMPS/WELLS WATERWELLS. Waterwell drilling, well pumps, irrigation, pump tests, pressure pumps. SL. Established on the coast since 1995. Web page www.wellsin Enquiries info@ 629 978 801 / fax 952 793 250 (217672)

REFORMS QUALITY professional Polish workers. Total reforms to maintenance work. Andres 687 898 433 (215900)


USA SPECIALIST Combitrans Movers. 952 775 300 (217512) STORAGE SPECIALIST. Combitrans Movers. 952 775 300 (217512) LOCAL and INTERNATIONAL SPECIALIST. Combitrans Movers. 952 775 300 (217512) WWW.SPAINUKSPAIN.COM. Vehicle leaving Spain on 9th / 19th / 29th, returning 10th / 20th / 30th. Prices from £90 per cubic metre. cars £525, bikes £325, dogs £395, cats £295 inc vet checks/travel with your pets. Various vehicles to cater for your needs. 952 596 213 / 665 150 227 (218548) MOVING BACK TO UK? Removal vehicle departing weekly throughout the year. Excellent, professional service & great rates. Ring (0034) 665 089 244 or (0044) 01922 682 667 & see www.elite-euro (93139) 15 CUBIC metre van returning to the UK 27th December. Space available. Tel. 639 928 090 (217649) INTERNATIONAL and European Removals. Expert removals worldwide. www.universalremovals.c om Tel: 951 247 834 (208021) UK - SPAIN Removals. Masses of experience. New clean vehicles. Insured with AXA. Genuinely CARING service. FULL and part moves. ONLINE QUOTES!! UK 08456 443 784 / ES 634 344 787 (207584) MOVING MATTERS SL – removals and storage. Local or to and from the UK/Ireland/Portugal and across Europe. Over 16 years experience. For free quotation Tel 951 311 118. www.moving (215477)

MAN AND VAN VAN AND MAN. Removals, clearances. Experienced and 100% reliable. €20 per hr. Paul 622 793 989 (208090)


CLASSIFIEDS MANVAN REMOVALS €20 / hour, 3 vans available. House clearances. Storage from €10 / week. Tel David 696 810 618 (208088) 2 MEN, VAN €30 HOUR. 651 081 610 (201697) LARGE LUTON VAN and man. €20 per hour, packing crates supplied. Kevin 628 993 995 (219216) MAN & VAN, removals, collections, clearances, 15€ hourly, Steve 722 306 194 (215786) MAN & VAN Removals and transport, all areas covered 100% reliable 952 816 582 (208360) THE VAN MAN. Cheap and cheerful. €20 per hour. 677 251 025 (215820)

STORAGE REMOVAL BOXES Large, med, wardrobe, bubble wrap, tape, collect or delivered. Local and international removals also undertaken. 952 239 110 / 632 702 306 (44093)

ROLLER SHUTTERS ACE OF SHADES - PERSIANA (security shutter) electric and manual, various colours available including wood effect, we also offer a repair service. Make your home more secure! Tel: 951 273 254 / 671 732 204 / info@aceof (101730) ROLLER shutter repairs, 7 days a week, conversion from manual to motorised, new installations. All areas covered. Coast and inland. 655 825 931 (215944)

SERVICES I AM A German granny au pair (60) and now free in Marbella. 634 009 471 (201694)



CARPENTRY CARPENTER cabinet maker, Irish. Available for all types of property maintenance, plumbing, painting, electrical, kitchens and bathrooms renovated etc. 30 years experience. Very reliable. Tel: 952 441 955 / 677 087 575 (202841)

FURNITURE FRENCH POLISHING REPAIRS, restoration etc. restore your valuable furniture to its former glory. Tel 647 579 519 / 952 119 190 (200802)

WINDOW COIN WINDOWS Aluminium windows, Doors, PVC Blinds, Mosquito screens, Canopies, Glass Factory, shower screens etc. All at village prices. Spanish owned business. English 646 066 351 (215765)

SEWING ALL STYLES Curtains, upholstery, soft furnishings and bean bags made to measure. Sensible prices. Also repairs / alterations. All areas. Call 672 800 887 or email judein (216546)

SIGNS & DESIGNS SIGNS, ALL TYPES. Vehicles, Pavement Signs, Illuminated, LED, Neon, Banners, Printed Shirts. 11 years on the coast! 639 133 135 / 952 796 299 (200801)

SITUATIONS VACANT EXPERIENCED CARERS REQUIRED! Join our team of carers who work in the UK. Earn from £868 - £1330 for 2 weeks. Good written/spoken English/ British or EU Passport required. Contact Sandra on 658 965 204 or email (99902)


19 - 25 December 2013 / Costa del Sol




E W N 19 - 25 December 2013 / Costa del Sol

SITUATIONS WANTED THE following are seeking work in Marbella. Sommelier and restaurant manager, stock exchange trader, real estate agent and Holistic manual health therapist. 5 languages spoken. or 691 320 710 (206500)

SOFT FURNISHINGS CURTAINS, blinds, cushions and much more. Free estimates and home visits. Tel 657 369 343 or rosan (203210)

SOLAR LOWEST PRICES IN SPAIN. www.solarmegas (217507)

SWIMMING POOLS POOL MAINTENANCE, repairs, friendly, reliable service. Estepona, Malaga, inland regrouts, heaters. 678 791 495 / 951 295 699 www.sparklen (207400) T3 Maintenance, repairs, professional and reliable service, all areas from €70 per month. 650 348 785 (219784) JUSTPOOLS.ES 8x4m pool: regrouts (450€). Maintenance (86€). Coast and Coin. 619 636 586 / 952 472 476 (215296)

CONSTRUCTION / MAINTENANCE AFFORDABLE POOL MAINTENANCE Professional maintenance from only €80 per month (exc. chemicals) Call Splash Pools on 952 591 053 - open 8am to 4pm (217640)

THERAPISTS LIFE COACHING, stress, depression, other problems. 24 years experience. Contact 634 369 414 (206835) CHANGE your thinking, change your life. Psychotherapist Philip Jameson. Adults, adolescents, families. 952 789 907 - 635 276 140 (219863) PSYCHOLOGIST: Depression, panic attacks, hypnosis. Dr Frank Stahl. Tel: 609 503 021 (218724)

TILING TILING AND REFORMATION of kitchens/bathrooms. Free estimates. Graham - 607 923 486 (217682)

For daily news visit

TRANSLATIONS OFFICIAL TRANSLATIONS. ALL LANGUAGES. TEL. 654 613 094 sanpedrotransla (217706) DON’ T UNDERSTAND? I can help you communicate with lawyers, courts, doctors, paperwork, builders, etc. Professional translator/interpreter, 15 years experience. Christina 607 501 408 email (218731) SWORN TRANSLATIONS. Reasonable rates, call 625 479 404 karenmonterosa@hot (207672) TRANSLATOR/INTERPRETER/Reasonable rates. Also available for visits to lawyers/hospital and general paperwork assistance. Contact Amaya - 647 403 435 (201605)

TROPHIES LASER ENGRAVED Trophies, Prizes, quality glass engraving service, competitive prices, with 40 years experience. Trophies, medal, badges from 1€. THE SPORTS SHOP, Fuengirola. Tel: 952 473 530 (219732) TV SATELLITE

TV & VIDEO SKY PROBLEMS / Installers don’t turn up when they promise to? Can’t or won’t sort out your satellite problems? Then call Steve @ Scansat. We supply and install full Sky Systems, Digi-boxes, Dishes, Sky cards UK/Irish. Dish relocations and TV extensions. For a fast reliable service call Steve 676 533 209 problem solved! (206166) SKY DIGIBOXES - Freeview & Sky+ HD, new, used & refurbished inc warranty from €30. Tel 653 061 472 (216743) WORRIED about poor quality IPTV? Internet speed too slow. UK VPN router & SKY+ HD, Sky on demand and Sky go. The quality way forward, only adding to your satellite system. More cost effective than any system out there. ROBSAT 617 169 792 (215892) REPAIRS – TV’s, Plasmas, LCD’s, Digi – Boxes, Video, Hi-Fi and microwaves. Free estimates, can collect. 35 Years experience. John 952 491 723 or 600 706 201 (215345) UKIPTV – 40 + UK Channels. 20 + Radio Stations. Free 14 day Catch-up. Contact Europe’s Leading IPTV Provider. Special Offer: Set top box €75. Monthly Cost €11.95. Prices exclude IVA. / email CS@UKEXPATTV .com Tel. 951 063 888 Quote SP101 (201623)

UPHOLSTERY CARPET & UPHOLSTERY PROFESSIONALLY CLEANED 20 YEARS EXPERIENCE WET OR DRY CLEAN, HONEST,RELIABLE SERVICE. PLEASE CALL 678 808 837 / 952 669 701 (101382) CARPETS AND SOFAS cleaned. Reliable, fast service. Family run. Cleansol 952 930 861 / 607 610 578. 10am - 10pm 7 days, all areas Discount Code: EWN 1 CLEAN (206437) RE-UPHOLSTERY, loose covers, headboards, cushions, curtains, blinds. Call Jo: 695 842 192 (207762)


CLASSIFIEDS WANTED GOOD QUALITY. Fishing tackle, old air guns, swords, knives, old stamp collections. All manner of small antiques etc. 629 258 280 (219704)

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E W N 19 - 25 December 2013 / Costa del Sol



19 - 25 December 2013 / Costa del Sol




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New Ford Mustang to be released into the European market in 2015 F

ORD Motor Company will launch the new Mustang in the European market in 2015. The car was introduced at a special event in Barcelona, one of the six cities across four continents where the Mustang was simultaneously revealed. This new model blends performance and refinement with Mustang’s heritage as a global icon, the manufacturer claims. “The Ford Mustang inspires passion like no other car,” said Raj Nair, Ford

group vice president, Global Product Development. Both the fastback and convertible models retain key design elements of the classic Mustang recognisable to car enthusiasts. They include the long, sculpted hood and short rear deck, incorporated into a contemporary execution. Other key design elements include a low roof height and wide stance, a sleek profile enabled by steeplysloped windshield and rear glass, or tri-bar taillamps. The new

INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOG Y: To adapt to driving sty les. Ford Mustang comes stiffen the front with a 5.0 litre V8 European regulations. A new perimeter structure while reducing engine yielding more than 426PS and 529Nm subframe helps to mass, providing a strong of torque, which will be joined by an all-new 2.3-litre EcoBoost engine delivering turbocharged performance with the fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions demanded by

foundation for more predictable wheel control that benefits handling, steering and ride. Innovative technologies to provide drivers with information, control and connectivity are also part of the new Mustang. The driver can quickly adjust steering effort, engine response, and transmission and electronic stability control settings using the available Selectable Drive Modes.



E W N 19 - 25 December 2013 / Costa del Sol

APANESE car manufacturer Nissan has given its 370Z model a sporty flare with the new 370Z Nismo. The second member of Europe’s new Nissan Nismo (short for Nissan Motor Sports) range is in stores from €57,950. Available only as a coupe with a six-speed manual gearbox, the 370Z Nismo features extensive engineering and styling enhancements. Design modifications have been driven by aerodynamic improvement. The front end features a more aggressive design improving airflow under the car, leading to improved stability at higher speeds and through corners. This additional downforce is comple-

mented by a reengineered suspension and chassis set-up, enhancing stability and dynamic handling on the road. Other design elements include the distinctive Nismo red pinstripe lines visible at both the front and the rear and on the door mirrors. Unique dark grey Nismo superlight 19inch forged alloy wheels with sports-derived red brake calipers and wider high performance tyres are also fitted. At the rear a smart new spoiler adds the finishing visual touch while also improving aero performance. Inside, the 370Z Nismo design is driverfocused. The steering wheel is finished in alcantara (artificial suede) and


Nissan gives its 370Z a facelift with the 370Z Nismo leather with a red raceinspired ‘top dead centre’ marker. The sports seats are fully electric with special Nismo badging and red stitching.

The finishing touch is a numbered Nismo plate adding exclusivity to each 370Z Nismo car. The Z’s 3.7-litre V6 engine delivers 344PS, up from 328PS in the

standard car, while torque increases from 363Nm to 371Nm. The result is improved responsiveness across the low and mid rev range, and a 0-100km/h

time of only 5.2 seconds. The 370Z Nismo adopts high rigidity brake hose and high performance brake fluid from the R35 GT-R model.

General Motors to have its first female Chief Executive Officer

MARY BARRA: The first woman elected as CEO at General

MARY BARRA, executive vice president, Global Product Development, Purchasing and Supply Chain at General Motors (GM) has been elected the next CEO of the company. Barra, who thus becomes the first woman to hold this position at the Detroit-

based company, will also join the GM board. Her designation comes after Dan Akerson announced he will step down as CEO at GM on January 15 next year. “I will leave with great satisfaction in what we have accomplished, great

optimism over what is ahead and great pride that we are restoring General Motors as America’s standard-bearer in the global auto industry,” Akerson said in a message to employees. With 33 years of experience at GM, 51-yearold Barra has risen through a series of manufacturing, engineering, and senior staff positions. She is a leader in the company’s ongoing turnaround, revitalsing GM’s product development process, resulting in the launch of critically-acclaimed new products.


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Golf Idol

was the presence of a talent scout from one of America’s top universities, maybe with a view

The final - now into its 10th edition - was played under medal stroke play format over 36 holes of the 27 hole layout, the first 18 of which were inaugurated more than 20 years ago. The practice rounds were played under the watchful eye of these four professionals who were not slow to offer tips and played at least two holes with each group of youngsters. Eventual girls’ winner, and twice European Under 16

Twenty lucky ‘Lacoste Promesas’ finalists, ten boys and ten girls in the under 16 age group, representing the length and breadth of Spain, teed it up last Friday alongside four of their national golfing heroes - José Maria Olazábal, Miguel Ángel Jiménez, Nacho Garrido and Azahara Muñoz in the build-up to the grand final held at La Sella Golf Resort, in Dénia (Alicante) over the weekend.

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11 OF 11

champion, Covadonga Sanjuán from Asturias, shot two consistent rounds of 74 before returning to the 10th hole to defeat María Parra from Cadiz in a sudden-death playoff. Meanwhile, in the boys’ category the youngest player in the field - 13 year old Ignacio Puente Rodríguez de Austria from Seville - shot a super final round of 71 to overcome a four shot deficit on the back nine. Both Cova and Ignacio won a f l i g h t fo r t w o t o anywhere in the world courtesy of Iberia and a year’s wardrobe from Lacoste. Perhaps the worst kept secret amongst the group


at 11.04

Tue 24th

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19 - 25 December 2013 / Costa del Sol



England reduced to ashes, goals galore, Perez joins Force India DID YOU KNOW?

Tony Matthews

International Sports A former football player and the world’s most prolific author of football books (more than 100 published), Tony is also the sports reporter for Spectrum Radio and lives in the Cabrera mountains.

Costa de Almeria

IN the third Test, England’s cricketers were battered into submission by Australia. Alastair Cook, playing in his 100th Test at the WACA got a golden duck in the second innings and now his team have lost The Ashes after losing by 150 runs. Former England opener Geoff Boycott said: “Our batting was diabolical, atrocious. I’m embarrassed at some of the shots that were played.” England now must dig deep to try to avoid a whitewash after losing their first three test matches. • Female shooter Amber Hill was voted Young Sports Personality of the Year; the British and Irish Lions rugby stars took the Team of the Year prize; their boss Warren Gatland was named Coach of the Year and former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson received the Lifetime Achievement

F1 CHANGE: Sergio Perez has joined Force India. award from Sir Bobby Charlton. • Last weekend, North London clubs Arsenal and Tottenham conceded 11 goals. The Gunners crashed 6-3 to Manchester City while 10man Spurs suffered their worst-ever home defeat, losing 5-0 to Liverpool. Everton, only one PL defeat this season, beat Fulham 4-1... Chelsea defeated Crystal Palace 2-1... Manchester United (with two Danny Welbeck goals) clipped Aston Villa 3-0... And after losing 1-0 at Cardiff, WBA sacked manager Steve Clarke. The Baggies are now seeking their 13th manager in 20 years.


Top man Andy Murray is the 2013 BBC Sports Personality of the Year. He received 51 per cent of the vote, and was presented with his trophy by Martina Navratilova via satellite from Florida on Sunday’s televised show. Murray became the first Brit to win the men’s Wimbledon singles title for 76 years when beating Novak Djokovic last June.


ROUNDUP • This week, there have been two League Cup quarter-final ties - Leicester v Manchester City and Sunderland v Chelsea - plus a batch of FA Cup 2nd round replays while the pick of the pre-Christmas

PL games are Arsenal (top) v Chelsea (3rd), Fulham v Manchester City (4th), Liverpool (2nd) v Cardiff, Manchester United (8th) v West Ham and Southampton (9th) v Spurs(7th). • Championship leaders QPR play Leicester (2nd) and Burnley (3rd) visit Leeds. Leyton Orient, top of FL1, meet Crawley, Oxford, first in FL2, go to York and SPL runaway SPL leaders Celtic entertain bottom club Hearts. • Warwickshire allrounder Chris Woakes will captain the England Lions cricketers on tour to Sri Lanka next February/ March. • Trainer Gerard Butler has appealed against a five-year ban for allowing racehorses under his charge, to be injected with a banned substance. • GB’s Matt Crampton won the Kierin gold medal at the Track Cycling World Cup in Mexico. • England’s Olympic bronze medallist Lutalo Muhammad won the 80kg gold at the inaugural World Taekwondo Grand Prix in

• Trevor Ford, the former Aston Villa, Sunderland and Welsh international footballer was on the field as a substitute for Glamorgan when Garfield Sobers, then of Notts, struck six sixes in one over from Malcolm Nash at Cardiff in 1968. • And Liverpool is the only city to have had a club in the First Division/Premiership since League football started in 1888. Manchester. Jade Jones was second in her event. • There will be a MotoGP in Argentina next year, while in Formula 1, Sauber has recruited Adrian Sutil, while Paul Di Resta has been replaced at Force India by Sergio Perez. And a final judgement has been reserved in respect of an £85m claim for damages against F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone. • A Rugby European Cup, under new management, involving English clubs may take place next season. It would replace the Heineken Cup. And currently it’s Saracens (top), Northampton (2nd) and bath (3rd) at the top of the Premiership.


E W N 19 - 25 December 2013 / Costa del Sol

Sport Costa del Sol’s best guide to local sport

British boxer Lee Purdy lost his European welterweight title bout against Italian Leonard Bundu. TO READ MORE VISIT OUR WEBSITE: WWW.EUROWEEKLYNEWS.COM

Marbella RC on winning form Marbella 25 - 17 Jaen MARBELLA’S home match against Jaen was hard fought, with the visitors determined to win after the defeat at home last month. However, the Marbella team were ready to take the victory at home for the first time this season and keep their name off the bottom of the league table. Marbella did seem to make it difficult for

themselves in the first half, with Jaen scoring twice and the home side not taking the overlaps on three occasions where they had players lining up to take the points. Towards the end of the half, the team managed to find a hole in the opposition defence for Juan Romero to break through and score with the conversion taken by Daniel Camarero. Half time score: 7-10. The second half started badly, with scrum half Roberto Cañavate halfway through his sin-binning for not releasing the tackler, No. 8 for the day (usually prop) Alex Nielsen saw red after striking an opponent

FORWARD CHARGE: Senior try scorer Juan Romero. during a maul. The younger teammates were determined to pull through, however, and after a great piece of interplay between Gianluca Pesaresi and Daniel Camarero, Ross Hammill


scored under the posts after an increase in tempo. Daniel Camarero then took a penalty conversion to increase the score to 1710. Once Marbella realised that if they added speed to the attack they were at an

advantage they scored two more tries by Daniel Camarero and a solo breakaway try by Enrique Gonzalez to get the much needed bonus point and a satisfying home win before the Christmas break.

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Packing bags... FOR the third year in a row Marbella Rugby Club have volunteered their players, coaches and members to come down to the Overseas Supermarket, Iceland in Puerto Banus to help their customers with their Christmas shopping bag packing. They ask for small donations towards the junior players’ trips to their national tournaments in May. This year part of the proceeds will also be going to the charity Cudeca (cancer care) who give hospice care to patients on the Costa del Sol. Marbella Rugby Club wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Euro Weekly News - Costa del Sol 19 - 25 December 2013 Issue 1485  
Euro Weekly News - Costa del Sol 19 - 25 December 2013 Issue 1485  

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