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Ton up for Esteban UD Almeria goalkeeper Esteban made his 100th consecutive appearance for the club in Sevilla at the weekend. The 38year-old joined the club in 2008.

Fruity number THIRTY companies from Almeria Province are to attend the fifth International Trade Show for the Fruit and Vegetable Industry in Madrid. It is due to open its doors from October 16-17 from 9.30am to 7pm and on October 18 from 9.30am to 4pm.

Blasted to death Sister killed in family dispute over furniture By Stephen Lear A FAMILY dispute over the inheritance of kitchen furniture has ended with a woman being blasted to death with a shotgun and a man critically injured. Juan Leon Castillo allegedly killed his sister Isabel, 53, in the street with a sawn-off shotgun. While Isabel lay dead in the

street, her 27-year-old son-in-law was seriously wounded alongside a neighbour aged 55. The motive for the shooting is thought to be the ownership of furniture worth a few hundred euros. In the absence of agreement by the family, the dispute ended in court with a judge making a decision on

Life savers TWENTY-FOUR youngsters from Alhama de Almeria have received diplomas as swimming monitors and for first aid.

Bike day ALBOX had a record turnout for the ‘Day of the Bicycle’, with more than 200 participants of all ages.


ownership in Isabel’s favour. That’s the background to the grim events of Sunday morning in the town of Gergal, 20 minutes from Almeria City. It was the day that the decision became effective and Isabel, accompanied by the driver of a truck from a storage company, began loading the few belongings from her mother’s home. Her brother then apparently approached the vehicle and opened fire. Without turning round, he ran into the surrounding hills where, at the time of going to press, police were still trying to find him. More than 50 police officers and a helicopter joined in the hunt, but 48 hours later he was still at large. While he remained on the loose neighbours were advised to stay indoors. winning the Public prize. The son-in-law was The festival also presented the transferred to the special Tabernas Award to the Torrecardenas Hospital actress Monica Randall for her where he remains in a contribution to the Western genre. critical condition with an The actress said she was very happy wound to the abdomen. and glad to be back in the province The neighbour is also in of Almeria. hospital but is in a less serious condition.


10 - 16 OCTOBER 2013

Western Film Festival a winner MORE than 3,000 people attended the third Almeria Western Film Festival which closed at Fort Bravo at the weekend. The film Django Unchained by Quentin Tarantino (pictured) won the prize for best film in the festival with the film West of Thunder


E W N 10 - 16 October 2013 / Costa de Almería



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Finance TOURIST SPOT: Playa de los Muertos was presented at its best during the summer.

120,000 visit in positive summer

CARBONERAS TOWN HALL has viewed the summer at Playa de los Muertos as ‘very positive.’ One of the most attractive tourist spots in the province attracted more than 120,000 people during the summer. The summer months have been marked by a cleaner, safer environment and an improvement in services such as parking which have been highly rated by users.

Between June 15 and September 15 more than 25,000 vehicles parked in the area with local police increasing security and eradicating robberies from vehicles that had occurred in recent years. Carboneras Town Hall also made a great effort in cleaning up the Playa de los Muertos to present it at its best during the summer. This summer the cleanup campaign began

operating on a daily basis on the beach. During the high season an average of 378 kilos of rubbish was collected every week by town hall workers. The government team has ensured that it will continue to work hard so that the Playa de Los Muertos remains a prime tourist spot for both the municipality and the province of Almeria.

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Hundreds take part in fun run THE ‘Carreras Populares’ fun run, which visited 13 towns in the province, has been hailed a great success with a total of 1,770 participants.

Rising star UD ALMERIA midfielder Suso has been called up to the Spanish under 21 squad for games against Bosnia and Hungary. The first game is in the Nueva Condomina, Murcia, tonight (Thursday) at 8.30pm.

Tourism visit

10 - 16 October 2013 / Costa de Almería

Counting down to Exodus THE countdown has started to the arrival of Exodus in Almeria. Director Sir Ridley Scott will begin filming the blockbuster in Almeria on October 22. The date has been chosen to follow on from several days of filming in London. Shooting will start in Tabernas and will continue for about three months in different locations in the province of Almeria, although most of the filming will focus on

sets that have been completed in the Sierra Alhamilla. The extras chosen cannot hide their delight at having the opportunity to participate in a film that will make make history as well as give a financial boost to the province. The movie is also notable for the actors chosen by Sir Ridley. These include superstars Christian Bale and Sigourney Weaver. Also in the cast is young

Spanish actress Maria Valverde, who is to take the role of the wife of Moses, played by Bale. Hotel rooms in Almeria City are filling up fast with a recent arrival the twice Oscar-nominated artistic director Arthur Max. The New Yorker is a key member of the team and has worked on many films previously with Sir Ridley including Black Hawk Down and Gladiator.

NIJAR TOWN HALL has given short-term work to 37 unemployed people in the area. Their average age is 35 and include both men and women.

Home works

Motor show


SIX families in Alhama have been given €36,000 by the Junta de Andalucia to make improvements to their homes.


THE first motor show ‘Toyomotor Almeria’ takes place in the Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos de El Toyo from October 17 to 20. Admission is free.


Vera concert

VERA will be hosting a gospel and jazz concert featuring Jenny Slater and Family at the Convento de La Victoria tomorrow night (Friday) at 8.30pm

Pumpkin patch

HUERCAL-OVERA is holding the 14th edition of the half marathon and 10km fun run on Sunday.

Clean bill

Pride of Spain… National holiday commemorates Columbus


HRISTOPHER COLUMBUS’S discovery of the Americas takes centre stage on Saturday. It is the National Day of Spain and commemorates the anniversary of the Italian born explorer’s first arrival in the Americas on October 12, 1492, on a voyage sponsored by the Spanish Crown. He had been hoping to reach Japan and never admitted he had not reached Asia. It was first celebrated in Spain in 1935, and was known as Dia de

Quote of the Week



Marathan task

Bank losses Good job


ALMERIA company Primaflor is to supply Marks and Spencer with pumpkins.

LANDING OF COLUMBUS: Anniversary of the explorer’s arrival.

THE Tourist Board of Almeria has visited Montreal and Chicago to promote the Costa de Almeria as a tourist destination.

BANKS and ‘cajas’ in Andalucia have reduced staff by 6,596 in the last four years.


Bombs aren’t going to change my ideas about Franco’ Senen Pousa, the mayor of Beade, in Ourense, Galicia, after a bomb in a pressure cooker destroyed the ground floor of the local town hall. The conservative Partido Popular mayor is a supporter of Franco.

A replica of Christopher Columbus' ship Santa Maria.

la Hispanidad, emphasising Spain’s connection to the international Hispanic community. In 1981, it was established as a national holiday. The name was changed to ‘Fiesta Nacional’ in 1987 to remove all reference to Spain’s historical colonialism. Shops will be shut on the day when celebrations are normally muted. But in Zaragoza, as part of what is also the Day of Our Lady of the Pillar (Nuestra Señora del Pilar), hundreds of thousands of people, often dressed in the traditional costume of Aragon, bring flowers to the Virgin statue, placed in the centre of the Plaza del Pilar. Around the country many stay at home to watch on TV a military parade held each year, usually in Madrid, attended by the king, the royal family, the prime minister and foreign diplomats on what is also Spanish Armed Forces Day.

Number of the week


per cent of people in Spain had consumed cannabis in 2012, and 7 per cent in the 30 days prior to a study carried out by the government, placing the country at the top of the list of European countries where most people had done so.

THE 75 beaches of Almeria Province continue to be suitable for bathing after the latest report from the Health Council for the first two weeks of September.

Tweet tweet VERA held its first ever Ornithology Conference on Friday in the Convento de la Victoria.

Champion ref TOP Almeria referee David Fernandez Borbalan took charge of the Champions League game between Borussia Dortmund and Marseille. The German team won 3-0.

Jobs boost THE number of people out of work dropped by 308 people throughout Almeria Province in September.

And finally... How many EWN logos the same as this one can you find in this week’s paper? Visit to enter your answer, for a chance to win €100! All correct answers will also go into a Christmas draw for a gift voucher to spend in local businesses.


E W N 10 - 16 October 2013 / Costa de Almería



Good health

A SURVEY has shown that nine out of 10 people in Andalucia are satisfied with the quality of health care.

Fewer fires THE amount of land burnt by fires in the province so far in 2013 is 498 hectares, compared to 847 hectares in 2012.

Sport boost LAUJAR DE ANDARAX is to have a new sports centre built at a cost of more than €850,000.

Sweet time TWENTY-ONE monasteries are taking part in the Feria de Dulces in Plaza Vieja, Almeria City. Homemade cakes will be offered during the fourday event, which starts tomorrow (Friday).

HEALTHY HABITS: Town hall launches campaign to help people shed weight.

Tackling obesity at a local level BERJA Municipal Sports Department is clear that sport is very beneficial to health. However, many people cannot afford to pay monthly gym fees. People in Berja who have the necessary willpower when considering shedding those extra pounds are in luck, because their effort is

to be rewarded. Berja Town Hall has launched the initiative ‘Fighting Obesity’ as part of the general programme ‘Healthy Habits’. It is an activity aimed at all those who have problems with obesity, particularly for those people who, after measuring their body mass index (BMI), find they fall into the obese category. The programme establishes an agreement between the person concerned and the sports department which will offer free sport for up to three months with the individual agreeing to attend a minimum of three times a week, going on a diet and losing weight each month. If all these factors are

met, the user is given free renewal each month, up to a maximum of three months. This phase of the Healthy Habits programme is intended for adults, because children have another similar programme. According to recent studies, obesity is a problem that affects 14.5 per cent of the Spanish population between 25 and 60 years, and 53.5 per cent of citizens are overweight with more children becoming obese. For this reason Berja Town Hall launched the programme in collaboration with schools, through which pupils are measured and weighed at school.

NO GO: Works paralysed since 2011.

Road to nowhere reaches parliament THE Albox by-pass, which forms part of the Almanzora Valley motorway, was the focus of debate in the Andalucian Parliament last week. Works on the stretch of road have been paralysed since November 2011. It was MP Michelangelo Castellon (PP), who urged the Minister of Development of the Government of Andalucia for the advancement of a date for the resumption of works. The head of the ministry, Elena Cortes, in her response avoided providing a specific date claiming that the works “will begin as soon as possible taking into account the performance and budget availability” of the autonomous government. The minister also made it clear that the regional government has never said that the completion of the Albox bypass was part of the budget for 2013. Castellon called it a new blow to the province of Almeria and the Almanzora Valley, stating: “The road is not a luxury, rather a necessity for the development of the Almanzora Valley.” The road is 80 per cent complete and would require an estimated €6 million and 10 months of work to finally join up with a completed section of the motorway north of the town.

NEWS Antas gets bridge go-ahead ANTAS Town Hall will undertake reconstruction of the municipality’s N340 bridge thanks to the Provincial Plans of Almeria. The Provincial President, Gabriel Amat, has presented to Mayor of Antas Isabel Belmonte the project ‘Developments in Antas’ which includes the repair of the bridge crossing the Rambla del Cajete. The bridge was partially destroyed by the tremendous floods of September 2012. Mr Amat highlighted the importance of the project for the town, after four of the 15 spans of the stone bridge were destroyed. He also detailed that the new bridge will have two spans with bigger dimensions to avoid future problems.

Hashish haul valued at €30 million THE biggest haul of hashish in Almeria history was worth €30million on the open market. That is according to estimates from the National Plan against drugs based on facts from the Interior Ministry. Last week the EWN reported how 18 tonnes of hashish were discovered by Customs Officers aboard the merchant ship Moon Light. The hashish was removed from the main deck of the merchant ship which sailed under the flag of Sierra Leone. The case remains open while the seven crew members of Syrian origin have been remanded in custody accused of crimes against public health.

10 - 16 October 2013 / Costa de Almería




E W N 10 - 16 October 2013 / Costa de Almería


Better pass or its payback time THE Junta de Andalucia is searching for 120 students to return their grant money. The Education department is searching for the students who were studying for bachelor’s degrees during the courses of 2011/2012 and 2010/2011, after checking that they failed to attend more than 50 per

cent of lecture hours, one of the necessary requirements to get a grant. The value of the grants that the Junta wants to reclaim is around €180,000 from students that dropped out of courses, had free student travel and free student accommodation. One student from Carboneras received a grant for €5,633 during the 2011/2012 course. Now the Junta is demanding the student returns the money for not attending more than 50 per cent of classes. THE prestigious National Ballet of Cuba will take to Many of the students are the stage of the Auditorium Theatre in El Ejido on now ‘untraceable,’ including Saturday. a student from Albox who Members will present the Tchaikovsky classic Swan received a grant for €4,596. Lake, one of the most beautiful classical pieces of However the majority of the famous Russian composer. reclamations are between The performance, which starts at 9.30pm is €2,000 and €2,500. considered one of the major performances contained The grants are given to within the Cultural Autumn programme of 2013. students who must pass Members of the National Ballet of Cuba are known their studies and attend for their intense activity, not only in their home classes. Failure to achieve country but also in the best venues in Europe, Asia both criteria requires the and America. They have won awards such as the student to return the Grand Prix de la Ville Paris. money.

National Ballet of Cuba visit El Ejido


E W N 10 - 16 October 2013 / Costa de Almería


New cycling club A NEW club has been formed in Almeria City to meet the growing demand of cyclists. The club is called ‘City of Almeria’ cycling club.

Sold out BEST-SELLING Flamenco singer Miguel Poveda played to a sell out crowd at the Maestro Padilla Auditorium in Almeria City on Friday.

Photo show THE photo exhibition of Ramon Crespo’s ‘The Melancholic Forest’ has opened in the castle of Cuevas del Almanzora.

Photo contest for grand guitar museum opening THE Guitar Museum in Almeria City, which is scheduled to open before the end of the year, has launched a photo contest through the City’s Department of Culture. The event is called ‘Perspectives on the guitar’ and will reward those images that reflect the heritage of the city with this universal instrument. “We are aware that the opening of the museum has to be something participatory, and this initiative will help us achieve that,” said Councillor for Culture, Ramon FernandezPacheco, at a press conference held in the Plaza Vieja. With the implementation of this project Almeria will pay back part of it’s historical debt to Antonio

de Torres, the father of the modern classical guitar, who was born in La Cañada. “As our land is home not only to guitarists, but also to great photographers, profes-

sionals and amateurs are invited to take part”, he added. Although complete rules are available on the website of the Department of Culture, each person

DE TORRES: Almeria recognises their historical debt.

may submit a total of three snapshots before November 15. A jury of experts, headed by National Photography Prize Winner, Carlos Perez Siquier, will determine which are the best. The 15 best photos will form part of an exhibition to be installed in the auditorium of the museum and the winners will receive a diploma, as well as two prizes of €350 and €150 for first and second. According to Ramon Fernandez-Pacheco, the origins of Antonio de Torres in Almeria should be a source of pride for the citizens. “Our mission is to help publicise this fact through actions like this. Not in vain do we talk of the most played, popular and universal instrument of all time.”


Three quality concerts TOMORROW night (Friday) sees the start of the 14th International Festival of Spanish Keyboard Music in Mojacar. The Parador hotel is hosting two concerts on Friday and Saturday by musicians from different countries known for their expertise in Spanish music. The first concert is by Michele Benuzzi, International winner of the Yamanashi Competition in Japan. In Saturday’s concert, Luisa Morales will be joined by dancer Christopher Salvador and violinist Gabriela Correa Maal. The festival will culminate with a concert by Texas pianist, Dena Kay Jones on Sunday at the Fundacion Valparaiso in Mojacar, with 20th century works from the Spanish piano school.


E W N 10 - 16 October 2013 / Costa de Almería NEWS EXTRA

Jazz band session THE Session Jazz Band is performing on Saturday in Carboneras as part of the Jazzbegote Jazz festival.

Easier life FEWER jellyfish made life easier for Civil Protection staff. They attended 565 incidents on the beaches of Adra during the summer, less than half than that of summer 2012.

Please help THE food bank of Almeria is looking for volunteers for the next food collection campaign on November 29 and 30.


A charity fund raiser in Vera A MARATHON charity Zumbathon organised by Zumba Almeria Julie Bruce took place in the Valle del Este Hotel in Vera. With two charities benefiting from the marathon Zumba session AECC (Association Control

of Cancer) and PAWS the animal charity - Julie was accompanied by eight other instructors who travelled from all over Spain giving up their free time to support the cause. More than 100 people from around the country

took part in the three hour Zumba session which included more than 40 dances with different music, rhythms and styles. Zumba is a fun activity with a great atmosphere and is a great way to make new friends and have fun

ZUMBATHON: A marathon session for all. no matter what level of fitness. The charity event was sponsored by Maxine

Integrating the fun way... THE inaugural AngloSpanish integration day in Huercal-Overa has been hailed a huge success. It started at noon with a bang, the huge marquee was packed as the mayor officially opened the event. There was all sorts of

TRADITIONAL TEA: Dames in Huercal Overa serving cream teas. entertainment on offer

New library opens its doors A NEW library has opened in Carboneras. It has floor space of 518 square metres and was built at a cost of €658,000. Of that, 75 per cent was paid by the town hall, which said it showed an enormous commitment to the culture

of Carboneras. The remaining 25 per cent was paid by the Junta de Andalucia regional government. The library has 13,036 books and 346 films available, and has 2,435 members of which 1,322 are adults and 1,051 are children.

including music and dance, both Spanish and British. Also on offer was a good variety of traditional food from both countries. The Dames in Huercal-Overa prepared most of the British food including traditional English cream teas. There were stands

with handicrafts, lace making, painting and many other things including face painting, competitions and raffles. Now it is hoped it could become an annual event with each year learning from the previous ones to make it an even better day out for all the family.

Morgan of Liberty Seguros and Donna of Donna’s Boutique in Turre. One of Julie’s pupils is John Tolley who has been attending classes in Turre and Los Gallardos for 16 months. John said: “It’s great fun and I have lost two-and-a-half stone in 16 months. I really feel like I have achieved something. I go to classes three or four times a week and it really gives me a buzz.” Julie holds classes in Turre, San Juan, Arboleas and Los Gallardos offering different classes such as Zumba fitness, Zumba Gold (a lower impact form of Zumba), Zumba for kids and Aqua Zumba and is also offering dance classes for kids. Saturday’s event had a fantastic raffle with more than 90 prizes and raised €1,400 for the charities. They are already planning an event for next year. More information about classes: Zumba Almeria Julie Bruce Facebook page or 697 861 071.


E W N 10 - 16 October 2013 / Costa de Almería


Running for fun THE last Carreras Populares fun run took place in Velez Rubio with 110 runners taking part.

On the ball YOUNG tennis star Alfonso Castellano, 16, from Pechina, has won the senior Almeria provincial tennis title for the second consecutive year.

Music festival SERGIO CONTRERAS is topping the bill at the very first FODS music festival which takes place in Huercal-Overa tomorrow night (Friday) in the Recinto Ferial. Gates open at 9pm.


UK police on trail of international criminals

Queen of HuercalOvera

A NEW British police squad has been formed which will crack down on UK expatriate criminals hiding in Spain. Organised criminals who believe they can evade arrest by keeping low in Spain will feel the full force of the UK’s newest crime fighting agency which has just gone live. The National Crime Agency (NCA) will use more than 4,000 specialist crime fighters to tackle some of the world’s toughest and most organised criminals. The NCA will build on its work with a range of agencies including the Spanish National Police, Guardia Civil and Spanish Customs to tackle threats including economic crime, criminal finances and profits, organised immigration crime and emerging threats such as e-crime. Of particular interest to both countries will be cocaine and cannabis entering the UK via Spain, from Latin America and North and West Africa. The new agency will also focus on

SEVEN contestants are hoping to be crowned Queen of the Fiestas for 2013 in Huercal-Overa. The candidates are immersed in activities prior to the Gala, to be held on Sunday at the Teatro Villa of Huercal-Overa. Councillor for Culture, Antonio Lazaro, and the Councillor for Commerce, Monica Navarro, along with mayor Domingo Fernandez, received the girls at the town hall to meet them and wish them luck. Fernandez especially encouraged them to “enjoy the experience and all the activities they are doing prior to the Gala,” and also invited residents to participate in the Gala in which members of the public act as a jury member and vote for their favourite.

CRACKING DOWN: Drugs entering the UK via Spain is a major concern. the activities of British organised criminals based in Spain. It will continue to work closely with Spanish partners under Operation Captura, which has seen 53 of the UK’s most wanted criminals arrested. The operation will continue to be a threat to British fugitives residing in Spain. Criminals will be targeted across the globe as the NCA tackles international threats abroad before they reach the UK border. Led by 120 liaison officers in 40 global locations, the NCA’s reach will stretch across 150 countries.

David Armond, Director of Border Policing Command for the NCA, said: “Tackling serious and organised crime goes way beyond the shores of the United Kingdom. Some of the biggest threats to the national security of countries around the globe come from individuals and crime groups who globally cost us billions of pounds every year and ruin lives and communities.” “These people must be stopped and the NCA will lead the UK’s law enforcement role at an international level.”


E W N 10 - 16 October 2013 / Costa de Almería


15 injured in Pulpi level crossing crash the level crossing when a truck loaded with boxes of mandarins and oranges crossed the track in front of it. “Thanks to the actions of the train driver he managed to avoid a major accident with people only suffering minor injuries, despite the spectacular crash.” As a result of the collision the front of the train caught fire and the track was closed until the following day. The majority of passengers were transferred by two buses to their destination, while others made their own way home. Bautista Lopez said that about 100 emergency workers were present including firefighters, 112 members, Guardia Civil, Local Police and Civil Defence, who turned up from the whole region including HuercalTHE tourist office in Cuevas del Almanzora saw a big increase in Overa, Aguilas, Lorca and visitors this summer. Pulpi. There was a 19 per cent increase in enquiries with more than 3,500 The Guardia Civil visitors to the two offices in the area. proceeded to gather The majority of tourists were Spanish from the cities of Madrid, evidence and witness Barcelona, Sevilla and Almeria, who accounted for 80 per cent of accounts of the incident to visitors. determine the circumstances Overseas visitors were headed by the British followed by French of the accident and if it and Belgians. The main reasons for visiting were to enjoy the could have been due to beaches, the cultural heritage of the town and the music festival carelessness of the truck Dreambeach, which was held in Villaricos. driver or perhaps a vehicle breakdown. All 15 people injured have now left hospital including the truck driver who had CULTURAL: The Castle. tested negative in a breathalyser test.

FIFTEEN people were injured on Thursday after a passenger train collided with a truck loaded with mandarins and oranges on a level crossing. The train was travelling between Almendricas and Aguilas (Murcia) with 60 passengers on board. The accident happened at a level crossing without a barrier located in the hamlet of Benzal, in the municipality of Pulpi. Among the injured were the driver of the truck and 14 people on the train, including the driver. Twelve people were assisted by Murcia health care with 11 being taken to the Rafael Mendez hospital

in Lorca and one patient to the health centre of Huercal-Overa. Among those admitted to Lorca was a boy under four years of age and a 17-year-old youth. Six women were amongst the injured including a 17year-old girl. The Andalucian medical services attended to three other people who were transferred to the Inmaculada Hospital in Huercal-Overa, including the lorry driver, although none of the injured were in a life threatening condition. The accident took place at about 3.30pm. According to Juan Bautista Lopez, Deputy Mayor of Pulpi: “The train was approaching

Busier than ever

Bitter pill A MAN has been jailed for 18 months for attempting to supply pills to his brother while on a prison visit.


Checking out ITV A TOTAL of 137,854 vehicles have passed through the ITV test stations in Almeria province during the first six months of the year.

10 - 16 October 2013 - Costa de Almería

THE former mayor of Cantoria, Pedro Llamas has resigned from his position as councillor and rejoined the ranks of citizens following an

extraordinary meeting last week. In part of his farewell speech, Llamas re-emphasised what he has maintained since being jailed for

A PHOTO exhibition celebrating 25 years of women in the armed forces is being held at the Women’s Centre in Almeria until October 31.

A CHORAL concert ‘Sentimiento’ will be held in the Salon de Actos in Albox Town Hall tomorrow (Friday) at 8pm. Invited artists are: Michael Latorre, Cesar Guitierrez, and many more.


Former mayor of Cantoria resigns from post

WAF show



two years and disqualified from public service for 23 months for planning irregularities. “I want to say publicly that I’m going because justice dictates it, not because the PSOE says so. I leave with my head held high, a clear conscience and empty pockets, with the honour of having led the best government team that this town has had. “As for me and from my point of view, I will continue to serve my people, my colleagues and my party,” and then added, “I submit my resignation as a councillor at this time.”

Delay for Primark

Bikers geared up THE sixth edition of the Almeria HOG Rally, the annual meeting of enthusiastic owners of the legendary Harley Davidson motorcycle gets underway tomorrow (Friday). The meet, as in previous years, coincides with the festival of Pilar.

For this new edition the organisers have chosen as a base the Portomagno hotel in Aguadulce. During the weekend there will be a range of activities. Check out or

ALTHOUGH it was announced that Primark was to open a new store in Roquetas de Mar during October the opening date now looks set for November 28. The store that will be situated in the Gran Plaza shopping centre will have a shop floor space of more than 4,000 square metres. Meanwhile Primark continues to work on the selection of staff and will provide jobs for around 100 people. The retail giant specialises in low cost clothing and accessories.


E W N 10 - 16 October 2013 / Costa de Almería


SOME RIDE: Paco Guerrero (Miraflores bar tender) together with Matt Delaney.

A super result MIRAFLORES at Camping Los Gallardos held a Macmillian Nurses Fundraiser, organised by Matt Delaney last Saturday which raised €1,650. Paco, local bartender and Spanish class teacher, rode his bike from Camping Los Gallardos to Almeria City and back that same day (about 180 kilometres) and managed singlehandedly to collect sponsorship of €822. A spokesman for the event said: “Miraflores at Camping Los Gallardos did Mark proud again in his annual fundraising effort.

“There was great food, live music and entertainment all afternoon by John Lodge, and the efficient working of the Miraflores staff made sure everyone had a great afternoon for a very worth cause.” The spokesman added: “Miraflores puts on great ‘dos’ for charity causes, club events and large parties throughout the year, so if you’re looking for a restaurant that has the expertise and installations to make sure your event goes off with a bang, pop along and see how they can help.”


E W N 10 - 16 October 2013 / Costa de Almería





Stories making headlines from the United Kingdom

Schools closed MORE than a thousand schools have been forced to close or cancel classes across Yorkshire as the two biggest teaching unions launched a one-day strike in a dispute over pay and pension reforms and workload.

NHS fails TECHNICAL staff at Scotland’s largest health board has failed to

resolve a major IT problem. Hundreds of outpatient appointments and a number of operations had to be postponed after computer systems failed.

Pest hotspot A NEW study has found that South Wales is a UK hotspot for rats and other pest call-outs. Figures also showed more treatments were carried out per person in Wales than in any other part of the UK.

Looked after

part in the Berlin’s Unity Day celebrations to commemorate German reunification in 1990.

Less jobless

Boy stabbed

Unity Day AT least 700,000 people took

WALES: A rat hotspot.

Bills up TENS of thousands of elderly customers face a rise in their energy bills after one of the UK’s biggest suppliers withdrew a tariff for the over 60s. The changes are part of the government’s plans to cut bills, and have been backed by the Prime Minister.

Flying birth A BABY boy has been born on board a Royal Navy rescue helicopter. His mother,


THE Global Age Watch Index from NGO Help Age International claims Germany is the third best country in the world to grow old in.

UNEMPLOYMENT decreased by 97,000 people during September. The unemployment rate now stands at 6.6 per cent.


Stories making headlines from Germany

A 12-YEAR-OLD boy was allegedly stabbed with a knife by a classmate during an argument in the playground of their school in Essen. The boy was taken to hospital where doctors performed life-saving surgery on him.

Drunk patients MUNICH hospitals treated a drinker every 10 minutes during this year’s Oktoberfest.

Miners die

who went into labour on the Isles of Scilly, gave birth in mid-air after Falmouth Coastguard received an emergency call.

Coffee surprise A BUS smashed into the side of a house while the owner sat just yards away in his living room having a cup of coffee. The driver received minor injuries.

THREE men have died after a gas escape in a mine in central Germany. This is the

Safe holidays THE Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Reports have rated Germany as the safest tourism destination of the world. OKTOBERFEST: A drinker was treated every 10 minutes.


RUSSIAN PRESS Stories making headlines from Russia

Stories making headlines in Denmark, Norway and Sweden

Drug raid

Green pirates

Happy workers

A CONCERT by an Israeli electronic band was interrupted when drug enforcement officers conducted a raid during their performance. Concertgoers were held in the club for 90 minutes before being allowed to leave, and did not get a refund on their tickets.

FIVE Greenpeace activists detained while protesting against oil drilling off Russia’s northern coast last month have been charged with piracy, an offence that carries up to 15 years in prison. One of the accused environmental activists is a Russian citizen.

DENMARK - Danish workers are the most satisfied with their jobs within the European Union according to a survey carried out by Dutch human resources company Randstad.

Subway biker

Child towed

A YOUNG man who recently rode through the Moscow subway on his motorcycle has been detained. The biker could face a fine of up to 1,000 rubles (€23) or a short jail term of up to 15 days for disorderly conduct.

TRAFFIC police in Ufa inspected a badly-parked car and took photographs before it was towed away with a child still inside. The unnoticed child was returned to her mother after she chased the truck several blocks.

Olympic decoration

Fugitive survivor

OLYMPIC rings will be installed in cities along the route of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics torch relay and will continue to decorate Russian cities until the end of the Olympics. The first installation appeared in February for the ‘One Year to Go’ countdown ceremony.

AN inmate who escaped from a Siberian prison in May lived alone in the Taiga for nearly five months before he was captured by prison officers. Vladimir Avdeyev was the last fugitive of four to be rearrested after escaping from the Markov prison.

Crocoraid SWEDEN - Police found a two-metre long Nile crocodile while carrying out a raid on a house in Malmo. The owner claimed he received it as a gift.

Turn right NORWAY - Erna Soldberg, Norway’s newly elected Prime Minister, has negotiated a right-wing government coalition with the populist Progress Party, known for its anti-immigrant proposals.

Utility purchase DENMARK - American investment firm Goldman Sachs will purchase a 19 per cent stake in Dong Energy,

Denmark’s largest utility, for 8 billion krone (€1.074 billion).

Chinese guests NORWAY - The number of Chinese students in Norway has tripled in the last 10 years according to the Organisation of Norwegian Chinese Cooperation.

Cinnamon Bun Day SWEDEN - Sweden celebrated Cinnamon Bun Day on October 4, a holiday invented in 1999 by the Home Baking Council to honour the pastry popular in Sweden since the 1920s.

Get knitting NORWAY - NRK, the Norwegian public broadcasting company will broadcast a knitting contest on November 1 in which participants will try to break the world record for making a sweater.

10 - 16 October 2013 / Costa de Almería



Ambassador Giles Paxman being interviewed by Simon Baldock of Viva TV

Simple steps to make life easier TAKING a few simple steps can help British expatriates to prepare for the difficulties of living in Spain or avoid them altogether, said Ambassador Giles Paxman. Checking passport expiry dates, telling visitors from the UK what to get before they travel, and visiting the local town hall to find out about local services are all simple measures that will help Britons in Spain to avoid running into timeconsuming problems later, he said. “You can prepare for the sort of difficulties you might face so that if those difficulties do occur, they remain simply

difficulties and don’t become dramas,” he said in an interview with Viva TV. “First of all check the validity of your passport. If you don’t and you’ve suddenly got to travel overseas, it’s going to be very disruptive and very expensive to get an emergency passport.” “Tell people coming to visit to get their European Health Insurance Card, and tell them to get comprehensive travel insurance.” Mr Paxman also added it is important that expatriates should try to integrate into their local communities. More information:



Domino tribute to former mayor A DOMINO tournament in Mojacar with the participation of 32 players has been named after the now deceased ex-mayor, Juan Morales.

A moonlit stroll through Torre SIXTY enthusiastic walkers took part in the last moonlight walk of the summer in the heart of Turre

recently. The government of Almeria organised 62 walks on 12 different routes throughout the summer.


E W N 10 - 16 October 2013 / Costa de Almería


Long queue BENIDORM’S Registry Office cannot cope with applicants for residency permits or naturalisation requests. There will be no new appointments until 2015.

News from our editions With six editions and read by more than half a million people, EWN is Spain’s largest free local English-language newspaper

THE Primadomus primate sanctuary in Villena will open to the public with conducted tours in November. Until now only the authorities, investigators and employees have been admitted.

THE Community of Municipalities of the Axarquia has reduced its public debt by €400,000 in the last two fiscal years, according to its president Oscar Medina.

BELGIAN champion cyclist Johan Museeuw is to open a cycling school in Javea. He plans to coach cyclists from all over Europe.

Getting safer GENDER violence offences fell by 40 per cent in Rincon de la Victoria over the last year according to Local Police.

Full speed ahead

CAMPELLO’S first Half Marathon will take place on December 1, starting and finishing at Calle Alcalde. Ten kilometres of the 21.1 kilometre circuit will be run along Campello’s seafront.


Tragic find REMAINS found on the Murcia-Caravaca motorway have been confirmed as human. Motorists who reported the finding at kilometre 18 near Los Baños de Mula called emergency services saying they had seen animal remains.

Yes again

WASTE OVERSPILL: Garden waste is accumulating in the streets.

Green disaster! By Costa Blanca South reporter Gemma Quinn GARDEN waste overspill in Orihuela Costa is now ‘bursting at the seams.’ That’s according to political party C.L.A.R.O. which is questioning Orihuela City Hall’s new ‘environmentalists’ dream solution to the problem of garden waste.’ Instead of it being transported for disposal to Crevillente 50 kilometres away it should be collected and transported to San Pedro del Pinatar for it to be crushed and transformed into pellets for ecological energy production or fertiliser and sold. However, C.L.A.R.O. visited the site in San Pedro. It is closed and garden waste has been accumulating for weeks without being processed, claimed the independent political party. President of C.L.A.R.O., Bob Houliston said: “The consequence is that Orihuela Costa garden waste has to be transported once again to Crevillente, 50 costly kilometres away. But since the council is not willing to pay for the transport of all the garden waste created in Orihuela Costa, much of it is allowed to accumulate in the streets for weeks.” Councillor for the Coast Martina Scheurer said waste had stopped being taken to San Pedro because the site refused to accept it as ordinary rubbish was mixed in with the garden waste.

FIFTY couples celebrated their golden wedding anniversary by renewing their vows in an event at the Rotunda municipal park in Elche, organised by the city hall.

of the car were able to escape from the vehicle unhurt.

Theft warning


Load of rubbish

ORIHUELA’S Animal Protection Centre is warning of an increase in the number of dogs being stolen from properties and gardens in the area, particularly in dogs to be trained for fighting.

THE Balearic Islands generate the highest amount of rubbish per inhabitant in Spain, with 780.1 kilos per person per year.

ATM attack

Yacht fire

A MAN has been arrested following an attack on a British woman who was withdrawing money from a cash dispenser in Aguamarina, Orihuela Costa.

PALMA firemen extinguished a blaze which broke out on a 40-metre-long yacht moored at the local Club de Mar.

Car blaze A CAR burst into flames on the motorway on the outskirts of Murcia. The occupants

Wreck remains

Debt down


In the long run

top floor of the town hall. She was protesting at not being included in a regional government plan offering jobs.

THE fuselage of a light aircraft that crashed in Velez-Malaga in August killing two men is still at the site of the accident and cannot be removed until the crash investigation finishes.

Going ape

THE central government’s ministry of Public Works allocated €216 million for the high speed AVE line to link Valencia, Alicante and Murcia in the Mediterranean Corridor.


Dangling fridge TWO men in their 20s were arrested in Palma after allegedly stealing a fridge by hauling it over a balcony. They were caught

by police pushing it in a shopping trolley.

Violent dad A MAN, 48, was arrested in Palma for wrecking his apartment in front of his seven-year-old son and his wife, whom he threatened, when he got home drunk.

Angry owner A MAN has been sentenced to six months in prison for wrecking his bar in Palma because he was going to be evicted by the owner for failing to pay the rent.


Woman saved RINCON DE LA VICTORIA Local Police prevented a woman from jumping from the

Still waiting MEMBERS of the conservative Partido Popular have asked the regional government to carry out a series of infrastructure works in Velez-Malaga promised more than 10 years ago.


Cottoned on A MAN, 58, was arrested in Torremolinos for allegedly selling garments he claimed were made of hypoallergenic cotton at €70. He purchased them for €1.

Mother killed A BOY, 16, was arrested in Zaragoza for allegedly beating his mother then stabbing her to death after a row because she was separating from his father.

Electric demand CAR HIRE companies in Malaga have demanded more facilities to purchase electric cars from dealers to improve sustainable tourism on the Costa del Sol.

Pay up! MIJAS Town Hall has been ordered to pay €600,000 plus interest to a property developer for an agreement which never went ahead. The land was classified as non-urban with special territorial protection, making the agreements signed with Nueva Entrerrios SL null, but the money was never paid back.

Laguna win THE Laguna Village Shopping Centre in Estepona has received the Award for the Best Commercial Development in Spain. The centre has seven thematic restaurants, 20 shops and the Puro Beach Club.


10 - 16 October 2013 / Costa de Almería


business & legal

Prices rising for used cars Ups and downs of Spanish trade

A very unusual send-off FIREWORKS, common at Spanish weddings and christenings, are now present at funerals. Online funeral services company is working with Europla, a Valencia-based fireworks manufacturer, to give loved ones’ ashes a spectacular send off. The specialist firm will fill a rocket with gunpowder and the deceased’s cremated ashes, “an original way of bidding them

farewell,” the company maintains. It emphasises “the great acceptation in Mediterranean regions, where fireworks assume immense importance.” Setting off the rocket with a loved ones’ ashes inside is a legal alternative that complies with all aspects of the law, assures. All the necessary formalities are carried out before an expert helps mourners to send the rocket skywards.


STAT OF WEEK Spain’s General Traffic Directorate (DGT) expects to receive €384.2 million in fines next year. It will earn a further €460 million in charges and levies.

Butterfingers A TYPING mistake added €10 billion to Spain’s forecast public debt for 2014. The percentage of debt against total economic output has been cut to 98.9 per cent.

Don’t bet on it!

By EWN financial staff

This is mainly because sales increased THE average price of used cars in Spain by 4 per cent. was €10,892 in September. Prices rose in most Spanish regions, According to specialist website but not in Castilla-La Mancha, La Rioja, this is 1.2 per cent higher and Extremadura. than in 2012. Prices have to remain low to compete with the new car market, which - thanks to government plans and manufacturer’s discounts - can offer low prices. But the €2,000 Plan PIVE subsidy - paid for INTERNATIONAL investors and services), net factor taking cars older than 10 injected €38.63 billion into income (interest and years off the road when the Spanish economy in dividends) and net buying a new one - has the first seven months of transfer payments put a bottom on the price 2013. (foreign aid) - averaged a of old cars. That compares to the negative €1.392 billion According to data from €235.37 billion taken out between 1969 and 2013. the website, 38 per cent of the country in the first This stood at an all-time of the demand is for cars six months of 2012, high of €3.203 billion in which cost less than according to recently- December 2012 and a €5,000, manual (79.6 published Bank of Spain record low of €12.219 per cent), diesel (64.5 statistics. billion in January 2008. per cent) and saloon Although July saw There was a €2.882 models. €2.86 billion leave the billion balance of trade The number of cars on country, this was five deficit in July, 82.8 per offer which had done less times less than the cent less than in July than 20,000 kilometres €15.03 billion that 2012. rose in September, while disappeared in July 2012. Exports grew by 6.9 per the average age of cars Spain also had a cent and imports fell by 3.2 was around seven-and-aCurrent Account surplus per cent. The Bank of Spain half years old. of €1.625 billion in July. attributed this reduction to The most available The country’s Current an ‘appreciable’ non-energy second hand cars are the Account - the sum of the surplus and, to a lesser BMW Series 3, the balance of trade (exports extent, a reduction in the Renault Megane and the minus imports of goods energy deficit. Volkswagen Golf.


SECOND HAND: Sales keep growing.

The 20 per cent tax on Lottery winnings over €2,500 has brought in €122 million in the first half of 2013.


E W N 10 - 16 October 2013 / Costa de Almería


LONDON - FTSE 100 C H A N G E ( P ) % C H G. -3.40 -0.90 -12.00 -0.98 -7.00 -0.49 -10.00 -0.93 -24.50 -1.64 -5.50 -0.67 -12.28 -1.25 -9.00 -0.48 -16.00 -0.50 -3.40 -0.82 -17.00 -1.41 -5.05 -1.11 -2.95 -1.09 -6.00 -0.51 -19.00 -1.05 -2.90 -0.66 -10.50 -0.33 -5.00 -0.87

NET VOLUME 106.33 18.26 51.06 7.69 131.57 63.21 124.16 76.75 113.72 302.48 15.04 89.60 5,683.40 108.99 144.16 868.05 162.38 66.30



C O M PA N Y PRICE(P) Aberdeen Asset Mngmnt 373.70 Admiral Group PLC 1209.00 Aggreko PLC 1435.00 AMEC PLC 1061.50 Anglo American PLC 1465.75 Antofagasta PLC 816.00 ARM Holdings PLC 970.50 Associated Brit Foods 1874.50 AstraZeneca PLC 3166.00 Aviva PLC 411.20 Babcock Intrntnl Group... 1188.00 BAE Systems PLC 448.60 Barclays PLC 268.35 BG Group PLC 1164.00 BHP Billiton PLC 1785.50 BP PLC 435.30 British Amcn Tobacco PLC3187.25 British Land Co PLC 573.50


Units per €

United States $......................................................1.35738 Japan Yen ¥ ...........................................................131.639 Switzerland Francs................................................1.22679 Denmark Kroner ....................................................7.45992 Norway Kroner.......................................................8.12289



British Sky Broad Gr... BT Group PLC Bunzl PLC Burberry Group PLC Capita PLC Carnival PLC Centrica PLC Compass Group PLC CRH PLC Croda International PLC

876.50 346.55 1311.00 1587.00 998.50 2047.00 364.15 841.50 17.25 2640.50





C O M PA N Y MMM 3M Co AXP American Express Co T AT&T Inc BA Boeing Co CAT Caterpillar Inc CVX Chevron Corp CSCO Cisco Systems Inc DD E. I. du Pont de Nemours and C... XOM Exxon Mobil Corp GE General Electric Co GS Goldman Sachs Group Inc HD Home Depot Inc INTC Intel Corp IBM International Business Machine... JNJ Johnson & Johnson JPM JPMorgan Chase and Co MCD McDonald's Corp MRK Merck & Co Inc MSFT Microsoft Corp NKE Nike Inc PFE Pfizer Inc PG Procter & Gamble Co KO The Coca-Cola Co TRV Travelers Companies Inc UTX United Technologies Corp UNH UnitedHealth Group Inc VZ Verizon Communications Inc V Visa Inc

PRICE CHANGE %CHANGE VOLUME 119.40 74.31 33.75 117.20 84.20 118.13 23.02 58.65 86.32 24.05 156.55 75.78 22.81 184.10 87.31 52.67 94.70 48.23 33.88 72.14 29.00 76.02 37.20 84.68 104.27 72.99 47.10 190.48

+0.85 +0.29 +0.11 +1.96 +0.23 -0.12 +0.015 +0.89 +0.82 -0.05 -0.30 -0.10 +0.21 +0.24 +0.73 +0.73 +0.03 -0.13 +0.02 +0.50 +0.23 +0.18 +0.04 +0.62 +0.58 +0.47 +0.09 +1.83

+0.72% +0.39% +0.33% +1.70% +0.27% -0.10% +0.07% +1.54% +0.96% -0.21% -0.19% -0.13% +0.93% +0.13% +0.84% +1.41% +0.03% -0.27% +0.06% +0.70% +0.80% +0.24% +0.11% +0.74% +0.56% +0.65% +0.19% +0.97%

2.0M 2.9M 69.7M 4.0M 3.2M 6.5M 33.6M 2.3M 11.3M 33.3M 3.0M 4.9M 22.6M 2.9M 6.1M 17.4M 3.1M 11.6M 33.0M 3.6M 19.5M 5.0M 17.2M 1.5M 2.1M 4.3M 47.2M 2.3M


C H A N G E ( P ) % C H G. -1.50 -4.06 -14.00 -41.00 -7.00 -5.00 -1.80 -4.50 -0.27 -36.00


-0.17 -1.16 -1.06 -2.52 -0.70 -0.24 -0.49 -0.53 -1.51 -1.34

NET VOLUME 99.17 364.73 13.76 184.98 15.69 14.52 252.63 91.64 40.79 17.27



Sky-mobi Limited $ 5.28 LoJack Corporation $ 4.19 Ku6 Media Co., Ltd. $ 2.04 GW Pharmaceuticals Plc $ 24.70 China Finance Online Co. Limited $ 2.20 QuickLogic Corporation $ 2.89 ChinaCache International Holdings Ltd. $ 8.29 Integrated Electrical Services, Inc. $ 4.66 Ambit Biosciences Corporation $ 17.125 Liquid Holdings Group, Inc. $ 7.85 Health Insurance Innovations, Inc. $ 13.14

1.25 / +31.02% 0.77 / +22.51% 0.32 / +18.60% 3.82 / +18.30% 0.32 / +17.02% 0.35 / +13.78% 0.96 / +13.10% 0.53 / +12.83% 1.895 / +12.44% 0.839 / +11.97% 1.29 / +10.89%

Most Advanced

Most Declined Le Gaga Holdings Limited Learning Tree International, Inc. Montage Technology Group Limited EDAP TMS S.A. Optical Cable Corporation Xyratex Ltd. China Sunergy Co., Ltd. TASER International, Inc. Aviat Networks, Inc. MISONIX, Inc. OncoMed Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

$ 3.17 $ 3.52 $ 13.48 $ 3.15 $ 3.90 $ 11.27 $ 4.96 $ 14.03 $ 2.13 $ 4.15 $ 16.26

0.39 / -10.96% 0.41 / -10.43% 1.22 / -8.30% 0.27 / -7.89% 0.269 / -6.45% 0.73 / -6.08% 0.31 / -5.88% 0.87 / -5.84% 0.13 / -5.75% 0.25 / -5.68% 0.95 / -5.52%

C O M PA N Y PRICE(P) Diageo PLC 1930.75 easyJet PLC 1282.00 Eurasian Nat Resources ... 216.25 Experian PLC 1150.00 Fresnillo PLC 929.00 G4S PLC 250.10 GKN PLC 348.10 GlaxoSmithKline PLC 1547.00 Glencore Xstrata PLC 327.95 Hammerson PLC 494.30 Hargreaves Lansdown 976.00 HSBC Holdings PLC 671.65 IMI PLC 1459.00 Imperial Tobacco Group 2209.00 InterContinental Hotels 1792.50 International Consolidated ...337.70 Intertek Group PLC 3203.00 ITV PLC 177.25 Johnson Matthey PLC 2776.50 Kingfisher PLC 363.95 Land Securities Group 911.50 Legal & General Group 194.05 Lloyds Banking Group PLC 73.59 London Stock Exchange 1535.00 Marks & Spencer Group 481.20 Meggitt PLC 537.25 Melrose Industries PLC 294.80 National Grid PLC 738.75 Next PLC 5055.00 Old Mutual PLC 185.95 Pearson PLC 1230.00 Persimmon PLC 1064.50 Petrofac Ltd 1362.50 Prudential PLC 1168.00 Randgold Resources Ltd 4340.50 Reckitt Benckiser Gr PLC 4338.50 Reed Elsevier PLC 831.75 Resolution Ltd 320.75 REXAM PLC 480.00 Rio Tinto PLC 2965.50 Rolls-Royce Holdings 1113.00 Royal Bank of Scotland 368.00 Royal Dutch Shell PLC 2101.25 RSA Insurance Group 118.35 SABMiller PLC 2997.25 Sage Group (The) PLC 325.65 Sainsbury (J) PLC 387.30 Schroders PLC 2537.50 Serco Group PLC 510.75 Severn Trent PLC 1757.50 Shire PLC 2439.50 Smith & Nephew PLC 755.25 Smiths Group PLC 1336.00 SSE PLC 1447.00 Standard Chartered PLC 1441.00 Standard Life PLC 351.45 Tate & Lyle PLC 735.25 Tesco PLC 357.80 Travis Perkins PLC 1674.50 TUI Travel PLC 365.30 Tullow Oil PLC 998.75 Unilever PLC 2354.50 United Utilities Group 691.00 Vedanta Resources PLC 1049.00 Vodafone Group PLC 219.03 Weir Group PLC 2239.00 Whitbread PLC 2944.00 William Hill PLC 412.85 Wm Morrison Sprmrkts 276.60 Wolseley PLC 3150.50 Wood Group (John) PLC 783.00 WPP PLC 1239.50

CHANGE -17.50 -14.00 -0.10 -4.00 14.50 -2.50 -4.70 -9.00 -2.90 -6.10 -7.00 -5.60 -10.00 -7.00 -6.00 -4.90 -18.00 -1.20 -35.00 -4.70 -8.00 -1.40 -1.33 -11.00 -13.00 -1.00 -1.70 -4.59 -35.00 -1.70 -9.00 -13.62 -17.00 -12.00 -11.00 -14.00 -3.00 -2.50 -4.30 -44.00 -2.00 -5.20 -21.56 -0.90 -15.50 -2.90 -2.30 -20.00 -17.50 -11.00 -14.00 -6.00 -17.00 -15.00 -3.50 -2.70 -9.50 -3.66 -10.00 -2.80 -2.00 -11.00 -5.00 -8.58 -2.50 -36.00 -17.00 5.10 -1.90 -13.00 -5.50 -14.00

% C H G. -0.90 -1.08 -0.05 -0.35 1.59 -0.99 -1.33 -0.58 -0.88 -1.22 -0.71 -0.83 -0.68 -0.32 -0.33 -1.43 -0.56 -0.67 -1.24 -1.27 -0.87 -0.72 -1.78 -0.71 -2.63 -0.19 -0.57 -0.62 -0.69 -0.91 -0.73 -1.26 -1.23 -1.02 -0.25 -0.32 -0.36 -0.77 -0.89 -1.46 -0.18 -1.39 -1.02 -0.75 -0.51 -0.88 -0.59 -0.78 -3.31 -0.62 -0.57 -0.79 -1.26 -1.03 -0.24 -0.76 -1.28 -1.01 -0.59 -0.76 -0.20 -0.46 -0.72 -0.81 -1.13 -1.58 -0.57 1.25 -0.68 -0.41 -0.70 -1.12

VOLUME 132.30 38.13 4.42 68.36 184.19 171.41 148.09 271.48 751.02 43.89 14.68 983.19 14.50 27.31 25.21 344.42 9.38 212.15 4.86 280.01 26.20 428.99 10,701.40 3.27 765.69 19.35 12.39 96.96 8.14 305.63 32.64 14.53 17.72 157.73 32.33 61.44 151.73 48.80 22.16 118.04 265.65 717.93 191.71 277.29 66.78 141.39 86.24 7.84 131.14 17.23 50.79 23.90 13.15 60.24 225.19 196.61 87.12 663.85 23.58 69.04 122.72 80.65 39.55 13.76 3,418.74 12.81 15.28 666.24 79.86 38.13 28.09 140.68


Dressing for success ZARA moved up one place to occupy 36th position in the 2013 list of the world’s most popular brands. First place went to Apple, followed by Coca Cola.

Power down ELECTRICITY demand fell by 1.5 per cent to 19,672 gigawatts in September. Overall consumption during the first nine months of this year was 2.4 per cent lower than in 2012.

Doing well DESIGUAL reported net profits of €77.1 million in 2012. Turnover grew by 24 per cent and the Catalan fashion label expects to grow by 20 per cent this year.


10 - 16 October 2013 / Costa de Almería



Make your stingy friend pay next time you go to dinner W

E surely all have one or maybe you even are that person - that friend who never reaches for their purse to pay for a round of drinks or ever adds their fair share anytime a restaurant bill lands on the table. It’s fine once or twice to be short on cash – we’ve all been there - but when a friend conveniently ‘forgets’ their purse at home every time you go out to dinner, it A look does get very irritating. at finance Paying our own share of a for females bill is hard enough in these tough economic times, but Jane Plunkett also having to pay the share ALWAYS EMPTY: Some people never seem to of a stingy friend makes it all pay. so much worse. For the sake of our finances, and our sanity, sensitive topics with a friend someone else who doesn’t it’s important to put a stop to can be a minefield. Letting deserve to be treated. this type of behaviour. But them fester, however, means A good way to approach the how? you are working to pay for situation is with humour. Often broaching these type of yourself on a night out and For example, if your friend

Loose change

chronically ‘forgets’ her purse, assume that she will do so the next time you go out to dinner. Before you leave for the restaurant, remind her with a smile: “You sure you’ve got your purse this time?” Subtle little comments made in jest will embarrass a friend, let them know you’re onto them, and hopefully it’ll be enough for them to start taking charge of their part of a bill. Also turn the tables on your stingy friend. Let them know how it feels having to pay for other people when of course you don’t want to. Since there have been plenty of times when you helped them out, test them and see if they’ll return the favor. ‘Forget’ your purse and ask them to sort you out and see what happens. It may feel unnatural, but you might discover your friend’s true colours by doing this.


E W N 10 - 16 October 2013 / Costa de Almería

Prado Museum sustaining losses THE Prado Museum in Madrid sustained losses of €1.09 million in 2012. According to the accounts published in the Official State Gazette, income has fallen mainly because the State is paying 25.4 per cent less to the Museum and sponsorships have fallen by 26.67 per cent. Meanwhile, expenses have only fallen by 0.14 per cent. Debtors’ accounts rose by 10.84 per cent, meaning it has had to use money from the treasury. Current liabilities have fallen by 16.65 per cent because at the end of 2011, the last payments on shares of the capital stock of the National Prado Museum were pending, as were bills from building repairs that year. The Museum has €38.4 million in its accounts for this year, but the General State Budget has increased the amount it will provide for the Museum by 1.7 per cent for 2014. The aim is to increase the accounts to €41.1 million by 2016. At the end of December 2012, the Prado had 528 employees. This year, the Museum is expecting the number of visitors to fall by 25 per cent, meaning takings will fall by €2 million.


The chain that chooses choice GUESTS who forget their pyjamas have a solution at some Barcelo hotels. They can buy them from a vending machine. The chain is the fourth most-important in Spain and the 30th in the world.

It offers clients options that include not only vending machines but the choice of aroma that greets them in their room. At the Barcelo Formentos they can pay to enjoy the pleasure of

sleeping where illustrious guests slept before them. At the Barcelo Malaga they can even bypass the stairs and reach the bar via a sixmetre slide. Personal assistants, personal shoppers and personal beauticians are regular features,

while at the Montecastillo welcome packs and dog-walkers await pets. US tour operator MLT Vacations chose this year’s Quality Assurance Awards, with three Barcelo hotels in Mexico amongst the prize-winners.

A matter of money LIVING in Spain, we use euros almost every day, but do we know where they come from? The European Central Bank is the only EU administration which has the authority to issue notes which can then be issued by them or by the national Central Banks, such as the Bank of Spain. Most of the notes issued by the Bank of Spain are made in the National Factory of Currency and Stamps, while the rest is received from other national banks. Coins are issued by each of the different countries in the Eurozone and have one side which is the same throughout, and another which is exclusive to each country. They can all be used throughout the Eurozone and are delivered to the Bank of Spain to be put into circulation.

MINTED: Ever wondered where your money comes from?

What is a public act or private for surveillance? Q. The privacy act in Spain seems to prohibit the use of surveillance cameras by private individuals or even by the authorities in some public areas. Didn’t Malaga City Hall have to relocate some cameras for a breach of privacy? Use of cameras appears to be limited to the police. And what is a private area and what is a public area? Can you comment? R.B. (Mijas)

You and the Law in Spain By David Searl

A. The use of surveillance cameras in Spain is regulated by the LOPD, Ley Organica de Protection de Datos, the

Organic Law of Data Protection, or LOPD, which went into effect in 1999. As originally written, the law was indeed very strict on the use of cameras. It required that consent be obtained from each person filmed, for example. This is simply not practical. Now the law is enforced by the Agencia de Protección de Datos, the APD for short. Their Directive 1/2006 provides that an easily seen notice of the camera’s presence will be sufficient. A private citizen may place surveillance cameras in his garden to ensure his security from theft. A Community of Property Owners may place cameras in the garage, for example. A supermarket usually has cameras watching the merchandise. The distinction between public and private is not important. The law now concentrates on what use is made of the recorded images. When you apply to the APD for a permit, you must identify the person in charge of keeping the images and they cannot be kept for more than a month in most cases.

David will respond to queries but reserves the right to select letters which will be of interest to the greatest number of readers. You can also consult David through lawyers Ubeda-Retana and Associates in Fuengirola. or call 952 667 090.


We just want to earn an honest living BAR OWNERS - mainly British who are willing to pay their taxes and licensing fees, are being persecuted by the police in Calahonda (Malaga) and forced to turn off any background music. Also not allowed are TV commentaries for football, golf, tennis or any other sport no matter how quiet it is, even when it cannot be heard outside the establishment. On top of that they are being forced to take down bar signs that are not hanging over the road or footpath, and are no danger to anyone. As for any other entertainment like singers, karaoke and guitarists, forget it! Tourists are constantly asking “where is the entertainment” and have to be told “sorry there is none.” Some Spanish bars seem to be able to do what they please, while the English bars in the same street are forced to close. The Costa del Sol is well known to be the main holiday resort in the world for the British but if something is not done soon, and honest working Brits are not allowed to run their business legally, Spain will find itself in a much deeper recession than it already is. These are family bars that cater for people who just want to have a good time on their long awaited holidays but are being disappointed. R. Bagnall, Calahonda, Mijas, (Malaga)

State help SO this is what Spain has come to. It relies on volunteers and charity to look after its elderly. The news that the Red Cross helped 24,000 senior citizens across Alicante province in just six months (Costa Blanca South, Issue 1474) reflects well on the charity, but poorly on the government. These people should not have to rely on volunteers and charity.

10 - 16 October 2013 / Costa de Almería


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A FEW weeks ago I cut back the apple tree in our garden and now it is in full blossom! I hope the apples will survive, but I am afraid it will be too cold for them in winter.

By Tina Mingou, Arboleas (Almeria)

I know traditionally in Spain the elderly are looked after by their families, but when that is not an option the State should step in. That is a humanitarian use for taxpayers’ money. Better than lining crooked politicians’ pockets. Jan Hunt, Orihuela Costa (Alicante)

Good value WITH reference to your editorial on Benidorm bus fares being the most expensive in Spain (Costa Blanca North Issue 1473). The spokesman failed to mention that if people buy a prepaid card the bus fare comes down by about 15 per cent. I am all in favour of the tourist paying more as it means we get a well maintained service all year round with clean buses running at decent intervals. Having said that I would like to see them run for about an hour later at night as they do seem to terminate rather early. As a comparison we do get cheap transport in relation to the UK, for example London charge €1.65 for a single journey on an

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Oyster card or €2.65 pay as you ride, Manchester charge from £1.50 to £3.00 (€1.77 to €3.54) depending on length of journey. In conclusion I find Benidorm buses very reasonable. Graham E Johnson, Camping Villamar, Benidorm (Alicante).

Huge turnout I WOULD like to say thank you for the superb article in your newspaper a couple of weeks ago, headed Breakfast with a purpose, (Almeria, Issue 1471) which was so much appreciated. We had a huge turnout; the

Bay Bistro was absolutely full. People’s lives were wonderfully touched by the two testimonies we had, and one lady asked Jesus into her life, what we call ‘born again.’ Another came and said she was so excited at all that she had heard, and took away the book The Happiest People on Earth to read, which was written by the Founder of the FGBMFI, Demos Shakarian. The couple who gave their testimonies, Judy Slater and her husband Gavin, are holding an International Concert in the Convento Victoria in Vera Town, tomorrow (Friday) at 8.30pm and the entrance is free. They will sing in English and Spanish. Eileen Templeman (By email) Editor’s note: The Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International holds regular breakfast meetings in Mojacar, Almeria.

Different view ARE you an atheist, agnostic, secularist, sceptic, freethinker or



rationalist? If so you are, by definition, a humanist and probably believe that we can lead happy, ethical lives free of religious dogma using reason, experience and shared values. Now a new English-speaking group is being formed to cover the area from Aguilas to Mojacar and inland from Huercal Overa to Vera town. The group has no membership subscriptions and intends to meet informally once each month for a preferred activity such as walking, dining out, guided discussion, talks, charity events etc. depending on members’ preferences. Humanist ceremonies for naming, marriages and funerals are already available through a similar and established group in the Mazarron area and there is scope here for some combined activities. If interested contact Richard Ward on 950 466 248 or by email at: taperleg@ Richard Ward (By email)

Missed out ON September 21 the Anglo/Spanish Integration Day took place in Huercal Overa and was attended by hundreds of people, both Spanish and English. However, your paper did not publish anything about the event even though it was well advertised. Given the amount of hard work that both the Spanish and British people put into the day, it was extremely disappointing. The Walk for Life was on the same day and was worthy of an article, so why not this event? I am not the only person to feel disgruntled by this omission. Geraldine Day (By email) Editor’s note: The Euro Weekly News makes every effort to provide the best local news coverage. Regrettably due to issues of space we cannot fit every story in. To give the best possible chance of having your local news published please submit any news articles for consideration by email to editorial@ by the Monday morning of the week of publication with full contact details.

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1:50pm Thursday

•Sam Worthington •Liam Neeson

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Wrath of the Titans In the decade since Perseus (Sam Worthington), bastard son of Zeus (Liam Neeson), destroyed the monstrous Kraken, he has built a quaint life in a remote fishing village. However, fate is to call him into action once again when the gods, weakened by the waning faith of humans, begin to power over the ferocious Titans. The gods' greatest foes have been locked in the mighty prison of Tartarus but, under the leadership of the terrible Kronos, threaten to break out and lay waste to Greece.

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OPINION & COMMENT Richard Shanley



T SPORT is opening up its services to all Freeview, BT TV, Sky and Virgin viewers in

October. The broadcaster will take over the BT TV, Freeview channel 57 during the week of October 14 from 8pm (CET) on Monday to Friday. It will round off ‘Open October’ with BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2 and ESPN becoming available for all viewers on October 26 and 27. The ‘Open October’ weekend includes live rugby from the Aviva Premiership, including Bath v Gloucester, Northampton v Saracens and Wasps v Leicester and coverage of Crystal Palace taking on Arsenal in the Premier League. Entertainment shows The Clare Balding Show and Baker and Kelly’s VSPO, Beyond the Octagon, Rugby Tonight and Life’s a Pitch are among the highlights across the week. Other sporting events airing across the two weeks include the FIFA World Cup 2014 Qualifier between Spain and Belarus, the UEFA U21 Qualifier between England and Lithuania, the Skrill Premier match between Macclesfield Town and Southport and Bundesliga action

10 - 16 October 2013 / Costa de Almería



BT Sport goes free on Freeview, BT TV, Sky and Virgin from October ENTERTAINING: Clare Balding and Jake Humphrey. between 1899 Hoffenheim and Bayer Leverkusen. BT Sport’s Simon Green said: “We want to give even more viewers the chance to see the new programmes and live sporting action happening on BT Sport during October. “Making the channels open to all allows us to show how we are offering something for everyone, from sports entertainment shows through to exclusive live sporting action.” Cher and Ellie Goulding have been confirmed for the first X Factor live results show. The two singers will perform on the ITV series on Sunday, October 13, shortly before the first contestant is eliminated. Cher releases


her new album Closer to the Truth on October 14 in the UK, which features singles ‘Woman's World’ and Miley Cyrus cover ‘I Hope You Find It.’ Goulding, meanwhile, recently scored her first number one single with ‘Burn,’ which is taken from her repackaged second studio album Halcyon Days. X Factor judge Gary Barlow famously called Cher’s ‘Believe’ one of the “most annoying songs of all time” on last year’s show. Cilla Black and Paul O’Grady are to star in a sitcom together. The pair will feature in Led Astray, which begins production this month. The show has been written by Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran, who created Birds of a Feather. O’Grady

will play Black’s half-brother in the sitcom, with a half-hour pilot beginning production this month. If successful, the show will be aired on BBC One. If you would like me to answer any questions you may have on satellite TV or to expand on anything I have written about please call me on 678 332 815 or email I look forward to your comments and questions. Don’t forget to listen to my radio show every weekday from 10am on Spectrum Radio (90.8FM Coastal & 96.1FM Inland), now covering over 2000sq kms of Costa Almeria or listen online at for the latest news and views from the world of satellite television.


E W N 10 - 16 October 2013 / Costa de Almería

Greedy band of callous cronies... LEAPY LEE SAYS IT OTHERS THINK IT


HIS week, for the first time in years, I found myself watching the awful, intelligence insulting TV abomination ‘X Fracture.’ I tuned out to this pile of utter garbage some years ago, when, not only did I find it less than vaguely entertaining, but felt it was actually edging dangerously close to child abuse. Relenting to the pleas of my own dynamic duo however, and believing one has to at least review a situation before re-condemning it, I succumbed to another once over. Well, in my opinion, it is now even worse. It appears to me that the ‘judges’ of this cruel media rubbish have been exposed to mediocrity and untalented individuals for so long, their standards have sunk to a point of such pathetic banality, they couldn’t judge a small town pie bake. ‘That was truly amazin,’ ‘You really made that song your own’; they crow to a young pimply wannabe, who has just managed to flatten and completely destroy a much loved and revered pop classic



‘Well done, you’re a star’ gushes Louis Walsh, eyes flashing at a young pretty male singer who would go skint croaking for pennies on a suburban street corner. As for the Osbourne woman; frankly she has to be one of the least qualified people ever to be elected a judge. All this woman has ever done in the realms of show business is tried to enter the Guinness book of records for the most widely acclaimed adaption of plastic implants and married a junkie pop singer! What on earth qualifies her to be on this bone-jarring jury of court jesters? The show’s format itself has also actually managed to raise its levels of cruelty even further. These sad, often painfully young competitors are now placed in a situation of winning their round, but not actually being secure in their achievement. During the early heats, six of them are told how wonderful they are and elected to take their place on the half dozen seats provided. Once these are filled, the judges then turn to the remaining entrants. Should they decide (and they always do) that a later performance also merits a seat; they then consider which of the already selected entrants will be ousted to make room


for their new proffered choice. This gives the cameras yet another excuse to probe the tortured faces of these young people, while they await the agonising drawn out decision to snatch away what has been awarded them only a short time before. It’s all a pathetic and dangerous disgrace. How one of these young hopefuls has not committed suicide to date I really cannot understand. Would Cowell and his greedy band of callous cronies really care that much? Mmm.. I leave you to decide! Keep the faith. Love Leapy.

SHARON OSBOURNE: Should she be a judge on X Factor?

LEAPY, I agree entirely with your comments (rants) about this burka business. I spent eight-and-ahalf years in Saudi and sort of enjoyed it. All of your comments are spot on, the UK really has to get its act in gear fast. My greatest concern is just how do you stop it? Once you let the genie (extremist) out of the bottle you can never get them back in. Who knows what sort of world our grandchildren will inhabit. Not one I would want to live in. Keep up the good work. I for one am keeping the faith. Mike Hall (By email) Editor’s note: Leapy argued against allowing radical Islam, including the wearing of the Burka’s full face veil.


10 - 16 October 2013 / Costa de Almería



Independence is in the air The Catalan political parties have asked for a referendum Cassandra Nash

A weekly look and not entirely impartial reaction – to the Spanish political scene



PART from the PP and the PSC (Cataluña’s PSOE) all Catalan political parties voted to ask the central government for an independence referendum. The Cataluña Generalitat has three months to complete the task. If Madrid baulks, there will be a referendum anyway. Should this happen, Rajoy would appeal to the Tribunal Constitucional and the vote would be halted. This could be what an increasingly isolated Artur Mas, the Catalan premier, wants. He would be able to turn to voters and say he had done his best and receive some breathing space until the 2016 elections. An unofficial plebiscite instead of a referendum will then give voice to

The argument goes that this does not apply to TC judges and Perez de los Cobos was not an acting judge while he was paying PP dues. Lastly, the impartiality ruling requires judges to resist political intervention by the government of the day, not their own leanings. The unchecked partiality of 52-yearold Lieutenant Colonel Miguel Ayuso is more worrying than Mariano Rajoy Perez de los Cobos’s. Ayuso is a 52year-old military judge who is also a Carlist and believes have asked for a vote on independence. Sixto de Borbon is COBOS is President of Spain’s Spain’s legitimate king. He regards highest court of law, the Tribunal the 1936-1939 Civil War as ‘a true crusade.’ Constitutional (TC). Ayuso, up for promotion, He was also a paid-up member of the PP from 2008 to 2011 incidentally, is under investigation although Spanish judges are by the Ministry of Defence. When it comes to bias, Perez de banned from political affiliation.

REFERENDUM: Catalan parties voters’ feelings, not the politicians’ which do not necessarily coincide.


los Cobos is a paragon of impartiality in comparison.

Negative MARIANO RAJOY has not given an interview for months, but Bloomberg TV in New York looked good on paper. Presumably he expected to explain his economic strategies. Instead his interviewer dragged up the PP’s ex-treasurer Luis Barcenas and slush fund claims. Rajoy could hardly reply, yet again, that he has said all there is to say about Barcenas. The interviewer pressed him as no one presses him here but got little in return as Rajoy launched into inscrutable Gallego mode, answering everything except the question asked. “You can’t prove what’s not true,” he protested. Unfortunately for Rajoy, sceptical interviewers and weary voters are less prepared to swallow double negatives.


E W N 10 - 16 October 2013 / Costa de Almería




ALMERÍA weather

United States federal government shutdown risks world economy.

After Earth

for next 7 days


A crash landing leaves teenager Kitai Raige and his legendary father Cypher stranded on Earth, 1,000 years after cataclysmic events forced humanity’s escape. With Cypher critically injured, Kitai must embark on a perilous journey to signal for help, facing uncharted terrain, evolved animal species that rule the planet, and an unstoppable alien creature. Starring Will Smith, Jaden Smith and Isabelle Fuhrman. Directed by M. Night Shyamalan. Runtime 100 minutes. Rated 12.









LIBRA (September 24 October 23) With your enthusiasm socially at a peak, now is the time to get involved with anything that takes your fancy. A project involving music or painting will give you the chance to make new friends.

Expecting too much help from others has held you back in the recent past. It makes sense to be part of a team only when everyone is pulling their weight. Some things are best done alone for real

SCORPIO (October 24 November 22) This week will see more progress on a health issue. Maybe you have recently given up something or taken to the gym. Recent weeks may have conspired to upset your best efforts. It is never too late to make a fresh start, though, especially right now.


started a form of exercise, then now is as good a time as any.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23 - December 21) Avoid like the plague people who would dampen your spirit. It may not be deliberate but, if you are near repressed or depressed people, it may rub off. Find positive, active people to be near. If you have not

October 16: Carmen Sevilla, 83, is a Spanish actress, singer and TV presenter. Born Maria del Carmen Garcia Galisteo in Sevilla, she became one of the most important Spanish actresses during the 1950s together with artists Lola Flores and Sara Montiel. Sevilla has appeared on TV since 1956, although her breakthrough as a presenter came after a five years hiatus devoted to sheep breeding.

TAURUS (April 21 - May 21) Bring more zip to your life by putting the spotlight on your health. Getting out and about lifts the spirits, while perking up the diet with new foods brightens the system. As energy levels come up this week, be aware of what is happening around you.

PISCES (February 20 - March 20) Your mind is positively buzzing with ideas. There has been so much progress in your personal life during the past year that it is hard to believe. ARIES (March 21 - April 20) There are moments of boundless energy which really urge you to ʻget up and goʼ. Make use of this at work, where most progress is to be made this week.

AQUARIUS (January 21 - February 19) Don't chance your plans being disrupted by ill health. Get any problems sorted out now even if you



Fri Sat Sun -

GEMINI (May 22 - June 21) The chance to travel seems exciting but can be made even more so by including a few people who are on your wavelength. CANCER (June 22 - July 23) An authority figure may also be seen as a possible romantic attachment. Your talents and charm serve you well when approaching this person.

Sudoku Fill the grid so that every row, every column and every 3X3 box contains the digits 1-9. There’s no maths involved. You solve the puzzle with reasoning and logic.

LEO (July 24 - August 23) Keeping up the activity level physically is really in your best interests this week. It is a pivotal point where your resolutions in this area could fail.


VIRGO (August 24 September 23) Does someone in the family need your attention? Don't begrudge time spent with them, even if you are busy. Consider what you would want others to do if you were in the same position.

Fri Sat Sun -

Fri Sat Sun -




Fri Sat Sun -

Mon - 22 15 Cl Tues - 22 15 S Wed - 23 16 Cl


MAX 24C, MIN 16C



26 17 S 25 16 Cl 26 17 S



Fri Sat Sun -

Mon - 24 16 Cl Tues - 23 17 Cl Wed - 23 16 Cl


21 6 S 23 9 Cl 22 8 C

Mon - 21 8 Cl Tues - 23 10 S Wed - 24 11 S



Fri Sat Sun -



Mallorca TODAY:


Mon - 27 17 Cl Tues - 26 17 Cl Wed - 27 17 Cl

24 17 Cl 26 17 Cl 26 17 Cl


Malaga Fri Sat Sun -



MAX 24C, MIN 13C

16 12 Sh 21 14 Cl 22 14 Sh



Mon - 24 19 Cl Tues - 24 18 Cl Wed - 24 18 Cl

24 18 S 24 19 Cl 24 19 Cl


Barcelona TODAY:

MAX 26C, MIN 18C


Mon - 27 17 Cl Tues - 26 17 S Wed - 26 17 S

24 17 Cl 24 17 Cl 27 17 Cl





think they are ʻnothingʼ.

CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 20) Romance will find you this week if only you are in the right frame of mind. You may be inclined to refuse festive social gatherings that hold no prospects for you, but don't close the door on anything.

Alicante TODAY:



32 24 Sh 32 24 Sh 27 23 Sh S Sun,

Cl Clear,


MAX 24C, MIN 13C


Mon - 28 24 Sh Tues - 28 23 Sh Wed - 29 23 Sh

Fri Sat Sun Fog,

Sn Snow,


24 14 Cl 24 13 Cl 24 13 Cl

Mon - 23 13 Cl Tues - 23 13 Cl Wed - 24 14 Cl

C Cloud,

Sh Showers,

Th Thunder

Nonagram How many English words of four letters or more can you make from the nine letters in our Nonagram puzzle? Each letter may be used only once (unless the letter appears twice). Each word MUST CONTAIN THE CENTRE LETTER (in this case D) and there must be AT LEAST ONE NINE LETTER WORD. Plurals, vulgarities or proper nouns are not allowed.


Average: 38

Very good: 69

Good: 49

Excellent: 86

alit, alto, clan, clot, coal, coil, cola, colt, cool, ilia, laic, lain, lino, lint, lion, loan, loci, loco, loin, loon, loot, loti, nail, noil, olio, tail, talc, toil, tool, aioli, cilia, colon, iliac, licit, linac, octal, talon, tonal, italic, lotion, oilcan, coolant, location, COALITION

Word Ladder










Saturday October 5

Saturday October 5


22 37















EURO MILLIONS Friday October 4


20 35














Sunday October 6

Saturday October 5

24 50




11 49

37 50



Move from the start word (JUMP) to the end word (SEAT) in the same number of steps as there are rungs on the Word Ladder. You must only change one letter at a time.



1. During which conflict did the famous Charge of the Light Brigade, led by Lord Cardigan, take place? 2. During which war is Ernest Hemingway’s novel For Whom the Bell Tolls principally set? 3. First published in December 1879, The War Cry is the official newspaper of which Christian organisation? 4. Fought on August 22, 1485, which was the last significant battle of the Wars of the Roses? 5. The American War of Independence came to an end in 1781 when which British Army officer surrendered to George Washington at Yorktown in Virginia? 6. The films Platoon (1986), Born on the Fourth of July (1989) and Heaven & Earth (1993) were all set during which war?




6-Star Quiz THE WAR ZONE

Y our S tars






10 - 16 October 2013 / Costa de Almería




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Cryptic Across 1 It is allowed, agreed? (7) 5 Stamp, as taken in part fare (5) 8 Picture, Iʼm a good English leader (5) 9 Dad leases both folks (7) 10 Innkeepers throw out dolls? Darn! (9) 12 Bird found in the nick of time (3) 13 Stop American Republican getting a break (6) 14 Determine to make pay for (6) 17 Had the fare? (3) 18 A change of capital credit is sensible (9) 20 But win tenant new washing machine (4,3) 21 Figure out split (5) 23 Some of Orlandoʼs escalating measures (5) 24 Benito in communist guise lost weight (7) Down 1 The old king sick? That calls for some questioning (5) 2 Turkish ruler features in magazine (3) 3 Types of bets in which one chap backs another (7) 4 Red top hid exile (6) 5 Place amorous romance is started initially? (5) 6 Man made fantastic tiny chest (9)

Quick Across 1 Dairy product (6) 4 Fled suddenly (6) 9 Pull (7) 10 Hobo (5) 11 Rank (5) 12 Jaguar (7) 13 January 1st (3,5,3) 18 Cherubic (7) 20 Apportion (5) 22 Last letter in Greek alphabet (5) 23 Analyse (7) 24 Short fall of rain (6) 25 Contaminate (6)

7 Sailor upset scene due to nonappearance (7) 11 Day care centres organise run series (9) 13 Tape Dad modified (7) 15 Lured by nice Ted, somehow (7)

Code Breaker Each number in the Code Breaker grid represents a different letter of the alphabet. In this week’s puzzle, 11 represents F and 17 represents W, so fill in F every time the figure 11 appears and W every time the figure 17 appears. Now, using your knowledge of the English language, work out which letters should go in the missing squares. As you discover the letters, fill in other squares with the same number in the main grid and the control grid.

16 We hear this outdoor jacket has a cutting edge (6) 18 Mixed up paste for heads (5) 19 Unusual elk Di was fond of (5) 22 Bow in the middle of the farce (3)

LAST WEEK’S SOLUTIONS CRYPTIC Across: 7 Revamp, 8 Useful, 9 Mail, 10 Initiate, 11 Starved, 13 Cameo, 15 Opine, 17 Vinegar, 20 Affluent, 21 Disc, 22 Ulster, 23 Rinsed. Down: 1 Tenant, 2 Fail, 3 Sprites, 4 Music, 5 Heritage, 6 Subtle, 12 Ringlets, 14 Bittern, 16 Piffle, 18 Answer, 19 Pears, 21 Dane. QUICK Across: 1 Peak, 3 Proclaim, 9 Adamant, 10 Ewers, 11 Tense, 12 Narrow, 14 Casino, 16 Breeze, 19 Pursue, 21 Smart, 24 Polka, 25 Termite, 26 Stressed, 27 Begs. Down: 1 Practice, 2 Again, 4 Rotund, 5 Clear, 6 Anemone, 7 Moss, 8 Cavern, 13 Restless, 15 Squalor, 17 Resort, 18 Gentle, 20 Soars, 22 Agile, 23 Opts. ENGLISH-SPANISH Across: 1 Flores, 4 Lamp, 8 Sting, 9 Tomar, 10 Veintiuno, 13 Above, 15 Uncle, 16 Knot, 17 Teoria.

LAST WEEK’S SOLUTION Down: 1 Fase, 2 Olive, 3 Engineer, 5 Arm, 6 Por, 7 Attitude, 11 Nacer, 12 Vena, 13 Ask, 14 Oro.

Play on Words

Unscramble the name of a famous Marx Brothers’ film (two words): THE HERO’S FEARS Unscramble the name of a famous former American professional boxer: DAY SCHOOL AREA


Answers: B a c k draught, Search high and low


Down 1 Make different (6) 2 Additional (5) 3 Grand and dignified (7) 5 Frequently (5) 6 Windpipe (7) 7 Exile (6) 8 Accurate timepieces (11) 14 Domenikos Theotocopoulos (2,5) 15 Maintain (7) 16 Renowned (6) 17 Win a victory over (6) 19 Depart from (5) 21 Get up (5)

English - Spanish The clues are mixed, some clues are in Spanish and some are in English. Across 1 Interruptor (6) 4 Esperar (4) 8 They (f) (5) 9 To fear (be afraid) (5) 10 Ready (prepared) (5) 11 Basket (5) 14 Freno (5) 16 Unhurt (5) 17 Alto (edificio, persona) (4) 18 August (6) Down 1 Acero (5) 2 Islas (5) 3 Cliente (de tienda, bar, restaurante, banco) (8) 5 Brazo (de persona) (3) 6 Alquitrán (3) 7 Media (8) 12 Estofados (5) 13 Nickname (5) 14 Pero (uso adversativo) (3) 15 Todo (en su totalidad) (3)

Hexagram The purpose of the Hexagram puzzle is to place the 19 six-letter words into the 19 cells. The letters at the edges of interlocking cells MUST BE THE SAME. The letters in the words must be written CLOCKWISE. The word in cell 10 (ENTITY) and one letter in four other cells are given as clues. CANTON




















LAST WEEK’S SOLUTION 1 Invest, 2 Potter, 3 Cheers, 4 Sister, 5 Hearts, 6 Grease, 7 Assert, 8 Became, 9 Arises, 10 Tablet, 11 Mended, 12 Repeat, 13 Healed, 14 Splash, 15 Reared, 16 Adhere, 17 Titled, 18 Barred, 19 Bitter




E W N 10 - 16 October 2013 / Costa de Almería


The best of times, the worst of times experiencing life in Spain F

OR Diane Greenfield, aged 70, the best thing about Spain was actually deciding to move here to enjoy her retirement in Quesada (Alicante). Sadly the worst thing was when she lost her husband last April. Now he has passed away Diane said the worst thing about Spain is the public transport, or rather the lack of: “I don’t drive and there just aren’t any buses. I have to walk everywhere, there is no service from the urbanisations. That is really my only gripe about Spain.” Carley Williams, aged 34, a housewife from Torrevieja (Alicante) said for her the best thing about Spain was that she met her partner here and had two children born in Spain. She said: “Spain will always hold a place in my heart for the fact my children were born here, but the worst thing is the economy and lack of work and how difficult it

PEOPLE moving to Spain experience a new lifestyle - for good or for bad. We asked people on the street about their best and worst experiences… Wayne Roberts.

Chris Levy.

STREET TALK is to survive. So we are now looking at moving back to the UK before Christmas.”

Friendship was top of the list for Wayne Roberts, 60, who is retired and lives in Arboleas

DIANE GREENFIELD: Problems with public transport. (Almeria). He said: “The best experience is definitely the lifestyle, we have made a lot of friends here. The worst is

owning an illegal property, but that is getting sorted out.” Chris Levy, also retired and living in Arboleas said: “The best experience has been the friendly Spanish people, everyone in the shops are helpful and especially Felix in the pharmacy who has been fantastic in helping us out. “We have got everything we need here. “The worst experience was the floods of last year. It was really frightening the amount of rain we had with the bridges collapsing. Luckily we were not cut off completely.” But for Jessica Steele, 63, form Fuengirola the weather has been the best thing of Spain. “I have lived here three years now, and the sunshine has kept a smile on my face! Worst thing has been not knowing the language when I first arrived, but that is slowly coming along.”


E W N 10 - 16 October 2013/ Costa de Almería



Advertising Feature

ASSSA - your private health insurer in Spain C


URRENTLY, many European citizens are experiencing changes which are bringing the effects of the crisis in Spain much closer to home. Many have since discovered that they will no longer be able to visit the private doctor of their choice because the new company does not have a contract with them any more. ASSSA offers you impartial advice and tailor-made solutions with special offers available and special conditions for those transferring in from

another private insurer. ASSSA has, for over 75 years, offered its customers in Spain excellent private health insurance at an affordable price. For the last 20 years we have specialised in meeting the private health insurance demands of our European fellow citizens along the Costa. ASSSA - Experience, Expertise & Customer Service. Our personal service is unique. Our friendly, multi-lingual employees are pleased to inform you of both our achievements and policies without any obligation to purchase. Our philosophy is to answer all client queries fully and with complete honesty. Many of our clients join us on recommendation from existing ones, which is a clear indication of our unique service. After joining ASSSA you are allocated a personal contact that speaks your language and assists with any questions that you may have. Doctors and HospitalsWe offer our customers an extensive directory of private clinics, GPs and specialists working from some of the best private healthcare hospitals. In order to comply with the wishes of our clients, we

ASSSA: Offering a unique personal service. make contracts with facilities most of whom speak your language or offer a free translation service. For this reason, we have many English speaking medical professionals under contract with ASSSA. Quality insurance. We provide flexible levels of health insurance depending on the cover level and premium best suited to the client’s requirements - from a supplementary insurance (from €44 a month) to a more fully comprehensive insurance cover (from €84 a

month). Until December 10, we offer 12 per cent for the entire contract lifetime at our Summum level; 10 per cent on our Plus or Master level cover; 50 per cent discount for children under 16 insured with parents, plus comfortable monthly payment without surcharge. In addition, we offer dental insurance reduced by up to 20 per cent (from only €68 per annum). Our customer service office is now open in Roquetas del Mar, offering all our unique benefits as mentioned above.

Visit us for a chat and without any obligation receive a personal premium calculation and collect your welcome gift from our Roquetas office, Complejo Las garzas, Avda.Playa Serena, 138-2 (04740), Roquetas del Mar. Opening hours Fridays 10am – 5pm. Please contact Louise Zarb on Tel: 950 392 487 email: or come along to the Vera office, C/Del Mar 33, Comercial centre Alcaná, Local 3B, 04620. Vera: Monday-Thursday 9.30am-1.30pm for further information.



AST week we discussed antioxidants in general and received a lot of feedback from you requesting more information about antioxidants and their benefits so here goes: When the cells of our body use oxygen, they naturally produce byproducts known as free radicals which can cause harm. Antioxidants may prevent and repair damage done by these free radicals. Many health problems including cancer, heart disease, diabetes and macular degeneration are all associated with this oxidative damage. Indeed, many studies have found that having as many as five servings of fruits and vegetables may substantially reduce the risk of stroke. Antioxidants may also enhance immune system function and, as a result, lower the risk of cancer and infection. Commonly known antioxidants include: Vitamin A and Carotenoids, which are found in carrots, squash, broccoli,

10 - 16 October 2013 / Costa de Almería

Advertising Feature

Health Tip of the Week… Brazil Nuts In The News Antioxidant Basics Reviewed

Some people worry about eating nuts because they are high in calories and fat, but numerous studies have found that eating nuts actually helps us stay healthy. A new study showing that Brazil nuts are a good source of selenium might help explain why eating this type of nut is beneficial. (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 2008;87:379–84) cantaloupe, and peaches. Vitamin C is found in citrus fruits like oranges and limes as well as in broccoli, strawberries and tomatoes. Vitamin E is found in seeds and nuts, whole grains, green leafy vegetables and many oils. Selenium is a trace mineral found in fish, eggs, grains, shellfish, red meat, chicken and garlic. It is best to get these antioxidants from foods instead of supplements. Did you notice all the likely health benefits that you could gain from a lifestyle change to eating more healthy foods? We’re not talking about treating

conditions but rather about developing your health through conscious and healthy eating choices. While most people are ruining their health through poor dietary choices and then seeking a new drug or treatment to

control the problem, you could be growing your health! This issue of the Health Tip of the Week is brought to you as a public service by Dr. Paul Jensen, Centro Quiropractico ‘Estilo de Vida.’




E W N 10 - 16 October 2013 / Costa de Almería

OPINION & COMMENT No longer a gypsy beauty: I guess she’s just another good looking gal in the crowd.

Ric Polansky Ric Polansky moved to Mojacar in 1969 as a pioneer developer. He reads extensively and has travelled in South America panning gold and looking for El Dorado.


OMETIMES it is hard to remember the distant past, especially when so many things have gone, or swept away. With a surprising cool breeze, a memory blew in through my front door. It was none other than my brother, Pablo Polansky, founder and builder of so many landmark sites in the area... Mojacar Beach, La Parata, Las Macenas, Lomos del Cantal, Cortijo Grande in Turre, El Pinar and much of Bedar. He flew in along with my younger sister, Kathy, to celebrate our mutual victory of having not entered historical recollections as footnotes. A mild family reunion to celebrate life. Just like the old days any outing of any kind with Paul always metamorphoses into a full scale adventure usually taking a week to complete. Yet, it is so out of the ordinary

The moment Juan Salvador saw me limping in with two canes he rushed over to me to challenge me to a race.

left to rt. Kathy Polansky Leigh and Paul Polansky sitting in the same place where Paul and I sat 44 years ago!

Mother and daughter with matching ‘trajes Gitana’ (gypsy dress).

Memories brought back with a fiesta! it too is a fresh breath of air leaving in the vacuum scads of tales to be repeated. For me, I loitered just long enough to collect a brace of free meals and cherished benevolence that old communities bestow upon prodigal Godfathers. A unique invite to a fabulous

steak house in the hills behind Bedar known to the local hill people as Bar La Montana. Riding shotgun we were then to collect just one paper in Turre which became a week’s escapade as the fair is on. The village as I knew it has too transposed itself into a major

cultural and ethnic change. Once populated by proud gypsies they no longer wish the denomination. A bar bordering the town square where we sat 44 years ago to the day was brimming with the carefree

ambiance of a true village fiesta, but now swayed to a modern beat rather than the acoustical strum of a guitar and stamping feet. A gregarious Spanish man threw his arm around me and enquired, “Why aren’t there more foreigners here?” The quickest reply that I could give LOOKING was, BACK IN “Because in MOJACAR general, the foreigners find it offensive to let their hair down in public”. “What a pity,” he quipped. “Spain is just for that!”


E W N 10 - 16 October 2013 / Costa de Almería



Costa de Almeria’s best guide to local sport

Costa Blanca’s best guide for local restaurants


A healthier alternative for McDonald’s. To read more turn to page 46 TO READ MORE VISIT: WWW.EUROWEEKLYNEWS.COM/FEATURES/RESTAURANTS

Eat fruit to prevent diabetes EATING fruit is one of the best ways to prevent type 2 diabetes. However, it has to be eaten in pieces, a study in the British Medical Journal suggests, because drinking fruit juice can have the opposite effect. The study took into account the data obtained from three US studies amongst people who didn’t have diabetes, heart diseases or cancer. They studied the frequency in which the subjects ate 10 types of fruit, both in pieces and in juice and evaluated which of them had developed type 2 diabetes. Those who ate at least two rations of fruit per day, especially apples, grapes and cranberries had

23 per cent less risk of developing it than those who ate less than one per day. Meanwhile, those who had juice were 21 per cent more likely to develop the disease. This could be because the juice is processed faster and leaves more sugar.

DAILY FRUIT: At least two pieces per day is healthier.


10 - 16 October 2013 / Costa de Almería



Hopping flour power CANADIAN students have developed a sustainable food source by making flour from insects. Dubbed Flour Power, the team from McGill University, Montreal, plans to farm grasshoppers in poor areas of countries including Mexico, Thailand and Kenya and

MANUFACTURED: Food sold for babies contains too much sugar and salt.

Baby foods do not satisfy every need A STUDY has revealed that baby foods contain too much sugar and salt. The Archives of Disease in Childhood magazine reported foods sold to give to babies when they first start eating do not satisfy their nutritional needs. This came following a Glasgow University study of more than 400 products available in the UK. The results pointed out that 44 per cent of the foods are sold for children from four months old, when they should still be only breastfeeding, according to recommend-

ations of the World Health Organisation. Spanish Paediatrician Jose Manuel Moreno says during the first year of life, all of children’s nutritional needs are covered by

breast milk, which is why Spanish doctgors recommend delaying first foods until six months. Those fed on formula can be fed other foods a little earlier, but only a little.

turn them into flour for bread and other foods, providing a sustainable, yearround source of food as well as providing extra business for local farmers. Their ideas have now won the 2013 Hult Prize and the five students received $1million (€734,000).


E W N 10 - 16 October 2013 / Costa de Almería


McDonald’s alternatives AMERICAN fast food chain McDonald’s has announced it’s going to put in an effort to promote healthier alternatives among its younger clients. The Illinois-based company will add salads and fruit as side dishes to its menus instead of only potato chips. The children’s menus, otherwise known as a Happy Meal, will promote a healthy diet by offering juices, skimmed milk and water as drinks. In addition, soft drinks will no longer be advertised. “We want to have kids consume more fruit and veggies around the world, and we want SALADS: Will be offered as side dishes.

to make access easier,” said McDonald’s CEO Don Thompson in an interview with USA Today. Obesity today is considered a public health problem both in the US and worldwide. More than a third of the US population suffers from this disease and more than 12 million children between three and 17 years old in this country have it. In order to fight against it, sugary drinks have been banned from primary schools menus in the US.


10 - 16 October 2013 / Costa de Almería



roperty of the Week P Advertising feature

Brought to you by Spanish Property Choice

A wonderful villa T

HIS wonderful villa is located just 10 minutes from the Luxury Villa only 285,000€ nearest motorway junction 4 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, and only an eight minute drive from 164.90m² Build Size, 24,313m² the town of Huercal Overa which Plot Size, Private Pool, Furniture has all the amenities you need. The Negotiable, Water Deposit, Mains plot has been separated into Electric, Telephone, Internet, Air FULLY ENCLOSED: Has everything you need. different areas, all of which are fully Conditioning, Central Heating, built in appliances and an American gated and fenced in with access via Private Terrace, Close to a Golf style fridge freezer. an electrically operated rolling gate. Course, 30 minutes to the beach, The double guest bedroom Approximately 3,000m² of the 8 minutes to the shops, 10 is spacious and has a Jack land is landscaped with almond minutes from the motorway. and Jill bathroom that leads trees, a seating area with gazebo, through to the hallway. The There is a raised flower beds and a large second guest bedroom has a wonderful private en double garage, housing swimming pool with terraced areas and a barbecue. the central heating boiler The entrance terrace to the property is fully enclosed suite bathroom which includes a full sized bath tub with views over the valley to Huercal Overa. and a quality corner shower unit. and a large independent Off the summer lounge there is a spacious dining room The spacious master bedroom has a private en suite workshop with built in benches area and an archway that leads through to the kitchen. shower room fitted with quality fixtures and fittings. and a smaller separate storage room. The fully fitted kitchen is of high standard and is fitted The fourth bedroom with en suite shower room is A wonderful example of a modern quality detached with granite work surfaces and kick boards, a variety of accessed by a private external staircase. villa, a must see. See more at:


E W N 10 - 16 October 2013 / Costa de Almería


roperty of the Week P Advertising feature

Brought to you by Price Brown

Mojácar Playa

A GROUND FLOOR: The large sun terrace.

LOVELY ground floor apartment, on a well maintained complex on Mojácar Playa with three pools, gardens and tennis courts. There are three bedrooms, a family bathroom, living/dining room, large sun terrace and well fitted kitchen. Ample off street parking and only five minutes walk to the beach and facilities. Gated community with entry-phone. Full air conditioning/ heating and furnished. To make an appointment to view this delightful property, or to look at our extensive portfolio, call in to our office on the Paseo del Mediterraneo 171. If you are looking to sell your property call us now for a free, no obligation, valuation. We look forward to hearing from you. Tel: 950 478 915.

The apartment has an open plan living/dining room.

3 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom Ground Floor Apartment Ref no: A1153 Price: € 89,995 RELAX: There are three communal pools.

€1.17 million injection from foreign markets FOREIGN investors injected €1.17 million in property assets (residential, commercial or land) during the second quarter of 2013 in Spain. This is a 53.7 per cent increase in relation to the first three months of the year, and a 32.9 per cent increase in the year-over-year growth rate.

This means the number of houses bought by nonresident foreign people increased, despite the VAT increase in force since January 1. The interest in the Spanish property market has thus increased in relation to the first six months of 2012, when the doubts about Spain’s solvency made foreign investments drop.


E W N 10 - 16 October 2013 / Costa de Almería






Growing your own vegetables on a small scale Dick Handscombe

Gardening Corner By Spain’s best known expatriate gardening author living in Spain for 25 years.


ITH a shortage of biologically or organically grown vegetables available in most Spanish hypermarkets compared to the UK, Holland and Germany, it’s very worthwhile to grow your own. You don’t need much space and no previous experience is required. Although we used to have a large vegetable plot growing some 50 varieties of vegetables a year and harvesting for not only ourselves but neighbours, we now grow on a smaller scale to match our ages and daily needs, and at the same time experiment with novel small

growing methods. We do this for five reasons. Firstly, sprouting seeds such as mung beans, alfalfa, fenugreek, radish, lentils, chick peas and sunflowers are best grown on a small scale and eaten fresh so. Secondly, we enjoy wild mushrooms, setas in Spanish, but - being unsure of what can be collected and eaten from the wooded mountainsides in inland valleys - we grow our own. Many garden centres and agricultural cooperatives now sell specially prepared sacks impregnated with the appropriate spores. All we have to do is put the small sacks in the garage, tear six to eight holes in the plastic cover, and kilos of setas appear within a few weeks. Thirdly, although we have many types of perennial herbs in the garden for cooking and infusions, it’s more convenient and easier to grow annual herbs in pots in the semi shade of the area close to the kitchen door. And

if you grow your own, an amazing number of perhaps unknown varieties can be grown way beyond what are for sale in HOME GROWN: High in vitamins and chemical-free.

EU NATURAL: Ensure that you aim to harvest and avoid unatural sprays to enjoy the freshest vegetables.

garden centres and supermarkets. For instance, basil comes in dozens of varieties. The leaves can add real interest to summer and autumn salads. Unfortunately, local displays of seeds rarely include the unusual varieties. We suggest you obtain the 2012 or 2013 catalogue from Chilterns Seeds catalogue ( Fourthly, we have fun discovering what can be grown successfully in the large plastic pots in which

TASTY: Several types of courgettes make dinner plates interesting. large trees are delivered from garden centres. As well as in window boxes, large paint containers, small raised beds and an old bath. Fifthly, it gives us some fun as well as serious things to write about in this column. Serious because: • All too many mass produced vegetables are forced with a combination of plastic greenhouses, over watering and feeding, and constant spraying with questionable chemicals if not grown biologically or organically. • An increasing number of the vegetables sold in Spain are imported. Aim for diversity to make the eating of vegetables every day of the week interesting to all members of the family, from one to 101 years of age.

© Dick Handscombe October 2013


E W N 10 - 16 October 2013 / Costa de Almería


Why dogs bury bones David THE Dogman Listen to David on TRE every Saturday 10am to 11am Costa del Sol (Gibraltar/Sotogrande) 98.7fm (San Roque to Calahonda) 91.9fm (Calahonda to Motril) 88.9, Costa Calida 92.7fm Costa Blanca (Torrevieja to Elche) 105.1fm (Elche to Calpe) 88.2fm, (Calpe to Gandia & Ibiza) 104.6fm, (Denia to Valencia) 95.3fm Mallorca 103.9fm


ILD relatives of the dog often bury their food. They may have killed an animal that is too big to eat all at once, or may have killed several animals when they were very plentiful. Wolves and fox will bury this food to preserve it and hopefully to protect it from being found by another animal who would want to eat it. This is called ‘caching’ or ‘hoarding’ their food. Squirrels do the same thing. Domestic dogs still carry this hoarding trait and will bury a bone or toy in the garden, or even under a blanket as a way of saving and protecting it. Our dogs seldom experience the extreme hunger that would encourage them to find it again, so often, these buried treasures are forgotten. Dogs lick to groom themselves and

BURYING: Dogs will often bury a bone or toy in the garden. others. Mothers lick their puppies to clean them and stimulate their urination and defecation. Older puppies and the young of wild dogs lick the mouths of the adults as a greeting to stimulate them to regurgitate. The puppies eat this regurgitated food as they are weaned from their mother and begin to eat solid food. As the puppies grow older, the licking becomes a way of greeting and

increasing bonding between pack members. This last reason for licking (greeting and begging) is probably the one that has developed into the licking tendency of pet dogs. Licking is a way our pet dogs can greet us, say “it’s good to see you!” and strengthen their relationship with us.

For your local radio frequency log onto

Advertising Feature

Línea directa’s new medical treatment fully guaranteed


T the end of 2004, Línea Directa launched its Full Medical Treatment service, a complete private network of health assistance which guarantees those people injured in traffic accidents complete and immediate health assistance. The service, the only one of its kind in Spain, is totally free and is available to all people travelling in a car insured by Línea Directa, whether they are to blame

With this service, the first of its kind in Spain, each patient saves an average of two months and 15 days in his or her treatment, which is offered free of charge in all policies and covers not only the people travelling in the insured car but also injured third-parties. for the accident or not, as well as injured third parties. To operate this service, Línea Directa has created an extensive assistance network by means of collaboration agreements with prestigious medical specialists, hospitals,

HEALTH ASSISTANCE: For drivers and passengers. rehabilitation clinics, diagnosis centres and patient transportation services. Línea Directa also offers its customer services in English and German, acting as intermediaries with repair garages and with medical centres. Thanks to the speed of all the processes included

in this service, patients save an average of two months and 15 days in their treatment which allows them to get back to their personal and professional lives much sooner. This treatment is offered in conjunction with Línea Directa’s Psychological Attention Plan.

You can find out more about all the benefits available at or by calling 902 123 104.


10 - 16 October 2013 / Costa de Almería

Peril of the popular Virgin of the Saliente THE Virgin of the Saliente, popularly known as La Pequeñica, is in a perilous condition. The tiny baroque sculpture has deteriorated to the point that if nothing is done soon the damage could be irreversible. According to Angel Oller, a member of the governing council and the Rector’s board of the Saliente, the damage is such that the image needs a ‘general and urgent restoration.’ “The colours have totally faded, the sculpture also needs restoration,” he said. The first step would be to scan the image, something that - according to Angel Oller - is the responsiblity of the ecclesiastical institution. “To our knowledge, nothing has been done yet.

They said they were in contact with the University that would scan the image, but we have not heard anything back.” There are differences of opinion on who would undertake the restoration. “The diocese have always told us they wanted the Prado Museum in Madrid to do it. We have contacts in the Granada area, where there are highly qualified restorers that would cost less money,” said Oller. There is no doubt however of the urgency of the repairs. So much so that the next descent of The Pequeñica down to the municipality of Albox, which is held every five years, is in danger. The next descent is scheduled for 2015. “We are very concerned that 2015 will come and if we can not

prevent the descent of the Virgin, the consequences could be fatal.” Sources close to the Bishopric claim they are keen to resolve the situation and consider the best possible option for the Pequeñica, which arouses great fervour in the region and the province. In this regard, the agenda of religious events surrounding the Virgin have been noted with the

aim of meeting both the traditional procession held on the eve of September 8, and her descent into Albox. Every five years, the image is carried on the shoulders of devotees down the Saliente Rambla, stopping in villages in its path before spending time in the two churches that are located in the town, before returning back up the rambla to the monastery.




10 - 16 October 2013 / Costa de Almería

lassifieds C










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INTERPAWS: 20 years’ licensed pet transportation. Competitive rates. Difficult dog? Effective behavioural training in your home., 689 742 289 (204958)

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10 - 16 October 2013 / Costa de Almería

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XXX RELAXATION ¨Readers of a sensitive disposition may find some of the advertisements in this section offensive.¨


For daily news visit SITUATIONS VACANT




10 - 16 October 2013 / Costa de Almería




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The new Niro, Kia’s concept car for the urban-lifestyle SOUTH-KOREAN manufacturer Kia has unveiled the new Niro, an urbanlifestyle concept car for the B-segment market. Aimed for the demanding driver for whom size is an issue, the concept features elements not always associated with smaller cars. It has been created in Europe at Kia’s Frankfurt Desgin Studio with European tastes in mind. Measuring 4,185cm overall length, 1,850cm width and 1,558cm height place the concept car has relatively compact dimensions. The two-tone ‘Nightfall’ coloured exterior is offset by a brushed, stainless steel roof. Enveloping the entire cabin, this two-finish construction gives a technological edge to Niro’s appearance. A 2,590cm wheelbase and 1,630cm track ensure

CONCEPT: For the Bsegment market.

the concept car is firmly planted on the road and provides plenty of internal space. Access to the car is through ingenious ‘butterfly’ doors cut into the roof. The concept car’s clamshell seat-backs can accommodate passengers but when folded flat they

ACCESS: Through butterfly doors.

allow plenty of space for luggage, equipment or cargo. The cabin stands out thanks to the use of Volcano Black leather on the front dashboard and Limelight aluminium to finish elements. A fully adjustable pedal box and the deep-dished aluminium and leather

steering wheel deliver a perfect seating position, the South-Korean company says. Ahead of the driver is a super-vision digital instrument binnacle that can be formatted and switched to provide appropriate information. It features all the main instruments but additional

information is displayed on a centre console-mounted screen. This screen also allows the active owner to see and record live pictures from the video cameras mounted at the front and rear, in the door mirrors and elsewhere in the car. The centre screen can also display altitude, vehicle attitude, compass and entertainment information. Additional touch-sensitive panels allow control of the

in-car entertainment and computer functions on the centre screen.

RE-PLATE MATE Don’t take a chance! Don’t break the law! Take the hassle out of re-registering your vehicle onto Spanish plates We endeavour to better any genuine quotation 490 Euro + Road Tax + CO2 emission tax if applicable

Alan 662 249 159


E W N 10 - 16 October 2013 / Costa de AlmerĂ­a



Forum golfers OCTOBER 4 saw 36 members of Forum Golf Society contest a Double Par Medal at Marina. John Smith won convincingly with a superb net score of 65 points. Derek Manning (70) was second, Clive Filkins (71) third, Fran Elam (73) fourth and Maurice Jamieson (73) fifth. There were four nearest the pin prizes on offer, won by Mike Challinor, Terry Moore, Derek Manning and Terry Ward. Forum’s upcoming fixtures are as follows; October 11 - UK vs Spain Second Qualifier at Aguilon, October 18 - Team Texas Scramble at Playa Macenas, October 21 - UK vs Spain Third Qualifier at Aguilon and October 25 - Stableford at Hacienda Riquelme. For more information, please contact Phil Elam on 666 847 840 /, or see www.forumgolfsociety.

10 - 16 October 2013 / Costa de Almería



Marina Phoenix Golf Society THE Marina Phoenix Golf Society’s Monday individual competition saw Janet King win the ladies’ division with 34 points. Rosalie Fardon (30) followed in second place and Chris Roddis (29) in third. The men’s division was won by Jim Budd (34) followed by Dave Roddis (33) and Ali Mahmud (31). Thursday’s team game was in the format of a 1-2-3 to score competition, played in three-balls. Winners with 79 points were Hylton Smith, Brian Isles and Ali Mahmud. In second place Eddie Vaughan, Rosalie Fardon and Andy Spectre (75) with John Lally, Margaret Budd and Jarlath Staunton (74) in third. Marina Phoenix plays individual games on a Monday and team games on a Thursday. To join for a €25 green fee, call Jim on 950 162 727 / 600 353 670 or Rosalie 950 397 117 / 697 512 882. THE Aguilon Golf Members have calculated the final results of their ‘Order of Merit’ - a player’s 10 best points scored within the year. The Order of Merit sees Derrick Stephenson as the winner with a total of 372 points, followed by Bill

MARINA WINNERS: The team game was in the format of a 1-2-3 competition.

Order of Merit winners… Gibb (368) in second, Brian Everitt (367) in third, Chris Baker (364) in fourth, Glyn Ombler (363) in fifth and Mike Hill (360) in sixth place. The Eclectic

competitions results saw Dave Simpson as the winner with 63 points, with Jim Barclay (59) in second, Kevin Manser (58) in third, Brian Everitt (58) in fourth and Ian Jenner (58) in fifth

Almeria and a tricky statistic Figures add up for golf society THE Valle del Este Golf Society played a three from four competition attended by 20 members. Winners George and Margaret Bennett, Peter Denham and Martin De Bruin scored 111 points. Friday saw the club’s monthly medal with 24 members taking part. Winner Sue Hull scored a net total of 72, with Angela Cherry (74) in second and Paul Sedge (75) in third. Nearest the pins went to Bill Gill and Martin de Bruin. The longest drive went to Dave Keymer and the Two’s went to Tish Biglow, Alan Townsend. The Costa Coches order merit leader is Paul Sedge. Alan Townsend, president of Valle del Este golf society also presented €2,054 to Pedro de Haro Orozco the president of Asprodalba.

IF the Liga matches were to last 80 minutes instead of the full 90, Almeria would be in a much different position. An interesting statistic shows that in four of a total of eight matches played, Almeria has lost eight points in the last 10 minutes. Against Villareal, the ‘Rojiblancos’ were winning 2-1, but ended up losing 3-2 in the end. Then something similar happened in their visit to Getafe, but at least they were able to rescue a tie with a final 2-2. Then against Sevilla, a goal received in stoppage time

sentenced a new loss with a final 1-2. Adding these eight points to the current three Almeria has would allow the team to climb all the way to the 8th position, very close to Champions and Europa League classification zones. Rodríguez Vílchez, manager of the team, says “we believe in what we’re doing, we just need to adjust a few things to secure points in the end.” Almeria is currently in the last position of the Liga BBVA classification and will next face Rayo Vallecano.

place. The Aguilon Golf Members also played their monthly medal earlier this month, won by Caroline Willingham with 68 points, followed by Glyn Ombler (71) in second and Kevin Manser (72) in third place. Twos were scored by

Kevin Manser, Glyn Ombler, Caroline Willingham and Ian Jenner. The Aguilon Golf Members welcomes visitors to join them on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. More information: 634 641 199.

MEDAL WINNER: Caroline Willingham being presented with the Monthly Medal trophy by Les Raufer.


E W N 10 - 16 October 2013 / Costa de Almería


Costa de Almeria’s best guide to local sport

Costa de Almería’s best guide to local sport

The Roger and Sylvia Kaye Challenge Trophy THURSDAY October 3, saw the 19th Hole play an individual stableford at Aguilon, sponsored by Roger and Sylvia Kaye to mark their return to the UK. Lee Coxon won the competition with 34 points, with Pete Dow (33) in second and Dave Denyer (33) in third. The only two went to Terry Caddick and nearest the pins were awarded to Terry Caddick, Bob Tagg, Brian Lowden and Alan Chippendale. The 19th Hole Golf Society is now arranging weekly games at various courses in the area, including their home course Aguilon, which they play fortnightly.

If you are interested in joining the 19th hole please call 610 340 653. Or email gs19thhole@


Marina Phoenix Society. To read more turn to page 63 TO READ MORE VISIT OUR WEBSITE: WWW.EUROWEEKLYNEWS.COM

Seb revving up as England look to Rio SEBASTIAN VETTEL: Easily won the Grand Prix in Korea.

Tony Matthews

International Sports A former football player and the world’s most prolific author of football books (more than 100 published), Tony is also the sports reporter for Spectrum Radio and lives in the Cabrera mountains.

Costa de Almeria


OMORROW night (9pm) England meet Montenegro in the first of two vital home World Cup qualifiers in the space of five days. Next Tuesday (also at 9pm) Roy Hodgson’s men face Poland. Two wins will seal a place in next year’s World Cup in Brazil. This weekend Sebastian Vettel will, I’m sure, clinch the 2013 Formula 1 drivers’ championship with victory at the Japanese Grand Prix; the Spanish trio of Marc Marquez, Dani Pedrosa and Jorge Lorenzo will again be aiming for a 1-2-3 finish in the Malaysia MotoGP in Sepang and Andrew Jordan and Matt Neal will be seeking victory in the final round of the BTCC (British Touring Car Championship) at Brands Hatch. • FOOTBALL... There were wins for five British clubs in European competitions last week: Arsenal (20 v Napoli) and Chelsea (4-0 v Steau Bucharest) were victorious in the Champions League and Spurs (2-0 v Anzhi), Swansea (1-0 v St Gallen) and Wigan (3-1 v Maribor) triumphed in the Europa League. Elsewhere in the CL, outplayed Manchester City were beaten 3-1 by Bayern Munich, Manchester United drew 1-1 with Shakhtar Donetsk and 10-man Celtic lost 1-0 to Messi-less Barcelona. In Zurich last Friday, FIFA members met to discuss the plight of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, and it was decided that a working group be engaged to discuss the situation. There is a strong possibility that owing to the heat and humidity, the competition will take place in

January/February. But a decision will not be made until after the 2014 World Cup. In the Premiership last weekend, Manchester City beat Everton, Arsenal drew at WBA, Manchester United edged out bottom club Sunderland, Liverpool (with Suarez and Sturridge scoring) defeated Crystal Palace, Chelsea won at Norwich, Southampton eased past Swansea, West Ham whipped Spurs at White Hart Lane, Fulham pipped Stoke and Newcastle, whose last eight goals have been netted by Frenchmen, won at Cardiff. In the Championship, the top two both won, Burnley against Reading and QPR (13 hours without conceding a goal) v Barnsley, while in FL2, Morecambe, 3-0 down after 23 minutes, hit back to beat Chesterfield 4-3. Ex-Liverpool player and manager Kenny Dalglish, has been appointed a non-executive director of the Anfield club. • MOTOR SPORT - Reigning World champion Sebastian Vettel easily won last Sunday’s Korean Grand Prix with Lotus drivers Kimi Raikkonen and Romain Grosjean second and third. NB: There might be 22 F1 races in 2014 with Austria and Mexico as new venues.

• RUGBY - Wigan Warriors completed the RL double by coming back from 14 points down to beat Warrington 30-16 in the Super League Grand final at Old Trafford. In the English Championship, Saracens lead Northampton by six points at the top, followed by Leicester, Bath and Sale. At the top of Pro-12, it’s Glasgow, Munster, Ospreys and Ulster in that order after five games. And England World Cup winner Phil Vickery has joined the RFU Council as a national member. • BOXING - British Olympic heavyweight gold medallist Anthony Joshua stopped previously unbeaten Italian Emanuele Leo in the first round on his professional debut at London’s O2 arena. • HORSE RACING - Jockey Frankie Dettori broke an ankle in a fall at Nottingham last Wednesday and as a result missed out on riding Treve, the 9-2 winner of Sunday’s Qatar-sponsored Prix de l’Arc De Triomphe. French-trained Treve is the fourth filly to win this race in successive years. For the first time since 1975, there was not one British-trained winner at this prestigious meeting. • GOLF - The Continental Europe team, captained by Jose

Maria Olazabal, beat Great Britain and Ireland 15-13 to win the Seve Trophy in Paris. • TENNIS - Rafael Nadal is back as the world number one despite losing to Novak Djokovic in the final of the China Open. Serena Williams won the women’s event - her 10th title of the season. Nearby, Juan Martin del Potro beat Milos Raonic in the Japan Open. And former Wimbledon finalist David Nalbandian from Argentina, has retired with a shoulder injury • SPEEDWAY - Scunthorpeborn Tai Woffinden (Wolverhampton Wolves) has became the first Brit since Mark Loram in 2000 to win the World title, doing so in Poland.

DID YOU KNOW? Bill Nicholson’s first game as Spurs’ manager was a 10-4 home win over Everton in 1958. And jockey Lester Piggott was six when he won his first race at the Wantage gymkhana. He rode his first professional winner when he was 12 and won the Derby on Never Say Die at the age of 18.

Euro Weekly News - Costa de Almeria 10 - 16 October 2013 Issue 1475  
Euro Weekly News - Costa de Almeria 10 - 16 October 2013 Issue 1475  

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