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ISSUE NO. 1470

5 - 11 SEPTEMBER 2013


Discrimination order is ‘illegal and racist’ GUARDIA CIVIL officers in Calvia have complained that they have been ordered to treat African detainees differently. The United Guardia Civil Association (AUGC) has claimed that the Lieutenant

Commander of the Calvia station has banned officers from keeping records or alerting relatives of black people who are arrested. Instead, they have orders to read them their rights and call the Investigation Area Chief, regardless of their nationality or why they have been arrested. If the arrest takes place in the early hours, the call to the police chief should wait until 8am. AUGC has said this is


Standing room THE Department of Traffic in Mallorca has announced that bus passengers can stand up on trips of less than 35 kilometres and at speeds of less than 80kph.

Sales up!

against the law, illegal, racist and xenophobic and goes against their human rights, as well as leading to

serious consequences for the officers if they fail to obey the orders of their superiors.

RETAIL sales in Mallorca were up by €17.8 million this July compared to last year, according to the National Institute of Statistics.


5 - 11 September 2013



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Letters 21 CORREBOU: A 400-kilogram bull will run the streets of Fornalutx.

‘Danger’ of demo at town’s bull run

ANIMAL rights activists are planning to demonstrate against a running of the bulls event. Animal protection association AnimaNaturalis has organised a demonstration against the ‘correbou’ to be held tomorrow (Friday). This demonstration is expected to take place at the same time as the correbou, according to Fornalutx mayor Joan Alberti. “People would be in danger if both

events coincide,” said Alberti. A previous demonstration in 2011 ended up with several violent clashes. Association V de Vegana (V for Vegan) has called upon its members to demonstrate against the correbou on Friday as well. The correbou is to be held from tomorrow (Friday) until Sunday. Fornalutx council has already bought a 400-kilogram bull that will be left in the streets of the town.

Leapy Lee 22

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5 - 11 September 2013


Arrests made by local police TWO people were arrested as part of an operation launched by the Manacor Local Police to protect tourists. They have been charged with the alleged theft of a laptop, a smartphone and a digital camera.

Jobless fall


Man killed in brutal robbery A GERMAN man, 65, died after he and his wife were tortured and tied up by two ‘professional’ thieves. The brutal attack happened at the couple’s flat in sa Coma, Sant Llorenç des Cardassar, Mallorca. According to Guardia Civil the thieves were dressed all in black and wearing balaclavas, motorbike helmets, gloves and military boots when they broke in to the apartment of Rainer Vö lker, who

had recently privately sold his bar to Russian buyers for €300,000. The thieves tied up Mr Vö lker and his wife, Irene K, 76, and when he refused to tell them where the money was, proceeded to torture him, place towels in his mouth and clothing over his head. The two were discovered at 11.30pm on Friday, but the assault is believed to have taken place at 7am. The thieves had left the couple

tied and smothered in towels and clothing in the bath for up to 15 hours. As a result Mr Vö lker died of asphyxiation. His wife Irene remains in hospital with several injuries. In reports from the Guardia Civil, the thieves are believed to have been professionals and to have known about the sale of the bar, shouting “the money, the money” as they attacked the elderly couple.

SEVENTEEN people, including business owners and former Unio Mallorquina members, have been accused of allegedly building an illegal financing scheme to make a profit from public funds.

EU rubbish LOVING LIFE: Many Britons move overseas to look for love.

Expat l ve hunt Britons move abroad in search of ‘The One’


OUR out of 10 Britons who moved abroad last year were seeking a new love in their life. A determining factor of love being a priority for expat life is age, with more than half in the 30-39 bracket willing to consider emigrating in search of finding ‘The One’, according to a new survey. There are 35,375 Britons registered as resident in Spain between these ages. Men are also more romantic than women when searching for love, with more than 46 per cent of males willing to consider life abroad in the hope of exchanging ‘I dos’ in a foreign language, compared with 31 per cent of females.

Quote of the week

SOLLER Town Council has asked an external consultant to draw up a plan to build a new car park for 300 cars.

PALMA COURT has sentenced a man who attacked police in the Plaza de España, Palma with a machete to seven and a half years in a psychiatric facility.

Made redundant

Public profit

New car park plan

Machete attack

TEN THOUSAND people from 45 towns on the island of Mallorca are expected to take part in the traditional pilgrimage to the Lluc sanctuary on Sunday.

INCA Town Council has organised a contest to choose the poster of this year’s edition of the ‘Dijous Bo’ festivities to be held in November.


OCTOBERFEST, German Beer Festival begins in Santa Ponsa, Calvia on October 10. The 10 day event will include a mix of beer, live brass bands and typical German bratwurst sausages.

Many expected

Poster contest




THE year-on-year unemployment rate in the Balearic Islands dropped by 7.28 per cent, being the Spanish region with the biggest decrease followed by Cataluñ a and Canarias.

TWO teachers from the Sa Rota municipal school in Sineu have been made redundant by the town council because of financial problems, according to mayor Pere Joan Jaume.


SPAIN needs a positive boost like the one obtained with the Olympic Games’

Prince Felipe, regarding Spain’s candidacy to hold the 2020 Olympic Games, which will be decided by the International Olympic Committee on Saturday. The other candidates are Istanbul and Tokyo.

The survey by Global Visas, a UK company that provides international visas, relocation and employment services, not surprisingly reveals that Britons aged 18-29 were the most unconcerned about moving overseas to find a partner. The main obstacle to emigrating for all ages, according to the survey, is leaving family and friends, with 25 per cent saying they would miss them too much to consider moving abroad. According to the Spanish National Institute of Statistics, the number of British residents in Spain rose by 6,698 to almost 398,000 between 2011 and 2012.

Number of the week


vehicles have been sold in Spain so far this year, which is 3.6 per cent fewer than the same period last year. This is despite government ‘Plan PIVE’ grants to help people purchase new vehicles, according to various vehicle associations.

ANDRATX Town Hall says it will benefit from European Union help to close down and establish a set up for the rubbish tip in s’Estret.

Festival on THE annual festival of the Rei en Jaume which celebrates the successful landing and conquering of the Moors in Mallorca by King Jaime I in 1229 is on in Santa Ponsa, Calvia until September 15.

Thieves caught THREE female street vendors selling small flowers were arrested by local police in Palmanova, Calvia for allegedly stealing the wallet of a British tourist.

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5 - 11 September 2013 Mallorca

Return to school costly business

Two hurt in road accidents

THE return to school in Mallorca will cost families an average of €870 per child.

A 28-YEAR-OLD pedestrian, believed to be German was seriously injured in a car accident in the early hours of Monday morning. Reports claim the pedestrian was crossing the last exit slip for s’Arenal on the Cap Blanc motorway in Llucmajor, in pitch black when he was in collision with a vehicle. The German tourist was admitted to the Son Espases Hospital with severe bruising and a head injury. Hours later a 16-yearold driving a moped suffered injuries after colliding with a car in Porto Cristo. The youngster was rushed to the Llevant hospital with numerous injuries.

That is 0.9 per cent more than last year, and makes the islands the sixth most expensive region for schooling in Spain. According to a study carried out by the Organisation of Consumers and Users (OCU) the cost of the return to school, books, THE Calanova Cancer There will also be the including Care Charity Shop is annual auction in order uniforms, materials and first month’s hosting a Fashion to raise funds to help the Show at the those suffering canteen and transport Santa Ponsa from cancer on fees at state schools in Country Club the Balearic the Balearics will be €600. at 7pm on Islands. At the partly state Friday Raffle prizes (tomorrow). include boxing funded schools of the Doors will lessons, dinner Balearics, the average is €810 per for two, cost open at student, down by 2.4 jewellery, 6.30pm. The Raising funds. wines, spa per cent since last year. event will Meanwhile in private showcase beautiful days, gym memberships, clothes, models, various pole dancing lessons and schools the return to school will cost €1,200, shops, live music, many more. More information: which is 2.1 per cent entertainment and more than 2012. dancing.

Fashion show for cancer care funds

5 - 11 September 2013





Making music in Mallorca FOR over 22 years Music Makers in Mallorca have been entertaining audiences, mainly in the north of the island. This year’s summer concert will be performed to audiences in three

Musical Director, Ken Greenall.

Sleeping vagrants attacked by boys TWO boys, 17, were arrested for allegedly attacking two vagrants sleeping in Calle Blanquerna, Palma. The two youths, one from Romania and the other from Moldavia, allegedly began kicking a man who was sleeping in the street for no reason, and when another came to his defence, he was also attacked. They fled the scene on bicycles but were caught minutes later by National Police. The police found one of the vagrants lying on the ground with a severe cut to his head and he was taken to Son Espases Hospital for treatment. The youths gave a statement to the police and their parents were called to pick them up. The minors’ prosecutor was informed and they will appear in court within the next few days.

different locations on the island. It will take audiences on a trip down memory lane. Music Makers have selected a programme featuring songs from their archives.

The programme includes fun, show, popular and jazz songs from around the world. As always, proceeds from the concerts will go to charity. Tickets are available from Music Makers or

on the door, for €5, which includes a drink. Dates are: Today (Thursday), Vecinos Rooms, Puerto Pollensa and on Saturday, Coleman Hall, Palma, all starting at 7.30pm.


5 - 11 September 2013



Two young men found dead in Magaluf falls TWO young men in their 20’s have been found dead in Magaluf. Both are suspected to have died after falling from balconies. It is believed that one young man

fell eight metres from a patio, and struck another building before hitting the ground. The victim, thought to be about 20, was discovered at 11.30pm on

Sunday. His body was found without any identification. He is believed to have fallen from the second floor of the Mallorca Rocks Hotel on Carrer Blanc, Magaluf. Emergency services were called, but there wasn’t anything they could do for the young man. In the other incident the body of a man police believe to be a British tourist was discovered in the courtyard of Le Dauphin, in Punta Ballena, Magaluf at 7.40am Monday morning. The young man was found without any identification but was wearing a wrist band from a nearby hotel. As the victims were won countless awards. found in British holiday the release of their hugely destinations, police suspect both men are British, anticipated fourth album. Tickets are from €40 and despite being unable to identify either of them. doors open at 7.30pm.

Franz Ferdinand to make debut at Mallorca Rocks FRANZ Ferdinand will make their debut on the open-air Rocks stage at Mallorca Rocks on September 10. They led the charge as indie took over the music world in the mid 2000’s and have won countless awards during their colourful music career. The Scottish four piece band have sold over three million albums worldwide to date and have headlined festivals and arenas around the world

FRANZ FERDINAND: Have with huge songs ‘Take Me Out,’ ‘Michael,’ ‘Do You Want To’ and ‘Walk Away’ and Franz fans now await




5 - 11 September 2013


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Phone: 971 514 941 Mobile: 652 634 317

For further details www .mallorca-sat. ·


Hunt is on for last ten Final fugitives on wanted list sought ‘YOU may run to Spain, but you have nowhere to hide.’ That is the message to the last 10 UK fugitives on a list of most wanted men from a British crimefighting charity. Crimestoppers and the British Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) are redoubling their efforts following the arrest of the 53rd target in the campaign which identifies individuals on the run in Spain from UK law enforcement agencies. With 53 of the 65 individuals included in the ‘Operation Captura’ campaigns since their launch in October 2006 now arrested, and two having been removed from the list, the hunt is on for the 10 remaining fugitives who include some of the UK’s most dangerous individuals.

TEN TO GO: Contact Crimestoppers if you recognise any of these faces. Many of those arrested are serving lengthy prison sentences for their crimes, which range from drug trafficking to sex crimes, to murder. The latest arrest was that of Darren Kevin O’Flaherty, who was

detained in North Wales whilst celebrating his birthday. The 39-year-old was wanted for kidnap and robbery offences. O’Flaherty was also wanted over the 2010 murder of Dublin holidaymaker John O’Neill in Spain. Awareness of the last 10

fugitives is being highlighted across Spain in areas with a large British expatriate community. Roger Critchell, Director of Operations at Crimestoppers, said: “If you call us, no-one will ever know you who you are and you will not go to court.”

Calls to the Spanish telephone number 900 555 111 are answered in the UK by Crimestoppers’ call agents and a translation service is available upon request. People can also pass on information anonymously via the online Giving Information form on Crimestoppers’ website


12 EWN

5 - 11 September 2013






Stories making headlines from the United Kingdom

Phone revenge LEE BEAUMONT was so annoyed with cold callers he set up a premium rate number for his Leeds home. He then gave every utility company that number as a contact, and has made £300 (€350) since November 2011.

Moving in NET migration into the UK has risen to

176,000 from 152,000 in the year to December 2012, as fewer EU citizens went back home, said the Office of National Statistics.

Wills online HUNDREDS of thousands of wills of Empire servicemen who died in World War I are available online after being painstakingly scanned into computers.

Price hike

Pub gloom A NEW guide claims up to 4,000 ‘bad’ pubs could close next year. The

Crocodile babies SEVEN Cuban crocodiles have hatched at the zoo Hoyerswerda. Only 4,000 of them live in natural surroundings in the wetlands of Cuba. HATCHED: At zoo.

Stories making headlines from Germany

Helping hand

posters into interactive ones.

THE European Central Bank is introducing a quota for women. It aims to double the proportion of women in upper management by the end of 2019 to 28 per cent, according to the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

Please help

Campaign app THE Christian Democrats introduced an interactive election campaign including an app with a camera function that converts the traditional CDU

Sleepyheads SLEEPY: Tired for work.


HOTEL prices rise by nearly 100 per cent during the Oktoberfest in Munich. According to a survey the average price is €213 per night. Six million visitors are expected to visit the festival this year.

Good Pub Guide 2014 says most of those are stuck in an 80’s time warp, with indifferent food and drink.

GERMANY will provide shelter for 5,000 refugees from Syria, with Chancellor Angela Merkel calling for them to be given a friendly reception. Germany has provided humanitarian aid worth €340 million in the Syrian conflict since 2012.

Big dummy A WAXWORK of heavyweight boxing champ

Vitali Klitschko has gone on show in Hamburg. The Panoptikum is home to more than 120 wax figures including singer Robbie Williams, Chancellor Angela Merkel, and seven-time Formula 1 World Champion Michael Schumacher.

Inflation down THE inflation rate in Germany has dropped significantly, despite a continued rise in food prices. According to the Federal Statistical Office the annual inflation rate fell from 1.9 per cent in July to 1.5 per cent in August.

RUSSIAN PRESS A PAINTING of Russian President Vladimir Putin in women’s underwear by artist Konstantin Altunin was confiscated by the police in the city of St Petersburg. The artist is said to have fled the country.

Young killers POLICE officers of Kurgan (south west Russia) arrested two children accused of strangling another, aged five. The accused, aged nine and 10, were taken to a young offender’s institution.

Plane agreements INTERMEDIARY agency Rosoboronexport signed five new agreements with Italian companies to carry out different projects related to aviation, including an update of the amphibious seaplane Be-103.

Mystery tracks A GROUP of Russian researchers

travelled to the Hyargas Nuur in Mongolia to try to determine the origin of a series of mysterious tracks found on the shore. It is thought they belong to a large reptile.

Potash row A BELARUS-RUSSIA dispute over control of potash exports has escalated, with Belarus threatening to prosecute billionaire Russian businessman Suleiman Kerimov accused of wrongdoing.

Miracle escape A TODDLER escaped serious injury after a drunk motorcyclist rode into his stroller at a zebra crossing. CCTV cameras caught the rider drinking beer before the accident.

Mosque attack A MOSQUE in Harlow, Essex, was targeted by arsonists. CCTV footage shows three men apparently trying to set the 18-year-old building alight in the early hours of the morning.


Stories making headlines from Russia

Artist flees

TIRED workers could be costing the UK economy £611 million (€714.5 million) a year according to a survey by bed company Silentnight. It claims six million days are taken off ‘sick’ by sleep-deprived staff.


Stories making headlines in Denmark, Norway and Sweden

Happy birthday DENMARK - Copenhagen residents and visitors celebrated the one hundredth anniversary of the city’s iconic Little Mermaid bronze sculpture, created as a tribute to writer Hans Christian Anderson.

Football passion DENMARK - A couple was caught having sex on the field of the Brondby Stadium in Copenhagen after a match between Brondby IF and Randers FC. A picture of the couple was posted on the internet.

Viking film NORWAY - The Lord of the Rings producer Barrie Osbourne is said to be planning to shoot a Viking film in Norway, raising hopes it VIKINGS: A new film.

could boost the country’s tourism industry.

Frozen in time NORWAY - An Iron Age tunic as well as Neolithic arrows and bow fragments are among the discoveries found under melting snow on Norwegian mountains. They are thought to be at least 6,000 years old.

School closed SWEDEN - Elite boarding school Lundsberg in Storfors (west central Sweden) has been closed down by the Swedish authorities after they received numerous reports of its caretaker allegedly bullying some students.

New element SWEDEN - A team of Swedish scientists from Lund University (south Sweden) have confirmed the existence of a new element with atomic number 115 yet to be named.

5 - 11 September 2013


Biggest coffee morning THE 41 Club of Mallorca will join the ‘World’s Biggest Coffee Morning’ on September 27 at Mood Beach Restaurant, Portals. To get involved people should bake a cake, decorate it and enter the competition. The cakes will then be judged by three local personalities and will be served with coffee for €5 per person. Last year more than five million people world wide took part in the event. This year will be the first time that Mallorca has participated. Proceeds from the event go to the Macmillan Cancer Group. The event starts at 11am and continues until 1pm. Tickets available from Mood Beach. For more information please call Edward Ingram on 610 088 112.



King lent Cristina and Iñaki €1.2m KING JUAN CARLOS lent his daughter, Princess Cristina, €1.2 million in 2004 to buy a house. This information is included in a tax report provided for the Noos case, which is looking into the bank accounts of Cristina and her husband, Iñaki Urdangarin. The €1.2 million was transferred from his personal account so that she could buy the house in Pedralbes, Barcelona, where she lives with her family. The transfer was registered with a notary and declared by Cristina to the tax office. They also took out a €6 million mortgage for the house. Urdangarin said back in February that they had failed to pay the last two quarterly instalments on it and that €3.6 million still remained to be paid. The property is now for sale. Meanwhile, the tax office reports that the Noos Institute was a profitable organisation which mainly


benefited Urdangarin and his association Diego Torres, and that the Aizoon society, created to manage it, didn’t have a single employee. Aizoon belonged to both Cristina and Iñaki. Between 2003 and 2010, the Noos Institute had an income of €9.38 million. Urdangarin is charged with the alleged embezzlement of €6 million of public funds. However, he is allowed to travel and live abroad, although he would have to return to Spain for a trial. Meanwhile, Palma court has dropped charges against his wife, the Infanta Cristina, who has moved to Switzerland with her children where she will reportedly spend €480,000 per year on schooling, rental of a house and security. She will be working for La Caixa Foundation with a salary of €320,000 per year. The family’s security, amounting to €300,000 per year, will be paid by the Spanish State.


14 EWN

5 - 11 September 2013




Whale remains

Axarquia flooded

A DECOMPOSING five-metre whale was washed up on the El Perellonet beach near Valencia City. The area had to be cordoned off, but the beach remained open to swimmers.

STORMS in the Axarquia left 16 litres of rain per square metre. In Almuñecar, Granada, crops were damaged and two families had to be evacuated from their homes.

Long delay THE Regional Health Department must pay €50,000 to the family of a 78-year-old man who died after waiting two hours to see a doctor following a heart attack.


News from our editions

MORE than 120 kilos of hashish divided into four packages were found by custom officers in the sea off Motril.

With six editions and read by more than half a million people, EWN is Spain’s largest free local English- language newspaper

Father stabbed A FATHER and a son, aged 35 and 16, were injured during a fight on the streets of Velez-Malaga. The father was treated for stab wounds to the chest, the son for minor injuries.

Wrong turning A 51-YEAR-OLD woman was arrested in Benicarlo (Castellon) after driving 23 kilometres in the wrong direction on the AP-7. She was charged with driving under the influence of opiates.

Trade washout THE 134 litres per square metre of rain that fell in Gandia within 48 hours at the end of August cost local businesses €500,000 in lost trade, owners said.

Going green BENIDORM has signed the Covenant of Mayors committed to sustainable energy policies. The town hall hopes to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 20 per cent for 2020.


Big cat hunt THE hunt for a mystery big cat in the Vastala Park, Berja, has found nothing. Now the co-ordinator of the search has withdrawn the three members of Seprona, the Guardia Civil environmental branch, who were scouring the area.

Piano concert ALMERIA has a chance to hear one of the most renowned European pianists in Fabio Bidini. He will be performing with the Almeria Orchestra at the Maestro Padilla Theatre on Saturday at 9pm.

Oily residue THE residents of Vicar have recycled 1,240 litres of domestic oil in the first six months of 2013 compared to 1,600 litres for the whole of 2012.

From the Deep 2 JUST two weeks after a strange creature from the deep was washed

STOK KANGRI: A long way up from Teulada-Moraira.

Locals conquer the Himalayas

CAROLA TRAPAGA and Jose Villegas recently climbed the Stok Kangri mountain in the Himalayas. Stok Kangri is the highest peak of the Stok mountain range in the Ladakh region of North-west India. Trapaga and Villegas are respectively President and Vice-president of Club Centre Excursionista i de Muntanya de Teulada-Moraira. Antoni Joan Bertomeu, Teulada-Moraira mayor, together with Antonio Reig, who heads the town hall’s sports department, sent congratulations to the mountaineers for conquering the peak. They are now looking forward to hearing an account of the ascent when the duo return, said Bertomeu and Reig.

Eight hurt EIGHT people, two of them under 18, were admitted to the Santa Ana hospital in Motril with minor injuries following a collision between two cars on the N340 road.


Jobs offer COMPANIES which take on Orihuela’s unemployed may receive a grant of €1,125 per worker hired from the town’s Department of Public Works and the Joint Employment Plan.

Increased spending FOREIGN visitors to the Murcia Region and Costa Calida have spent €334.1 million in the first seven months of the year, an increase of 2.3 per cent over the same period last year.

up on a beach in Villaricos, another mystery giant fish has surfaced off the coast of Almeria. The dead fish was found near Adra.

installed at the finishing lines of the Tour of Spain in Andalucia.

Excellent water

A MAN, 44, has been sentenced to four years in prison for stealing €655,000 entrusted to him by three couples in August 2007 to manage a property sale for them.

NINETY per cent of tourists visiting the Valencia Region this summer say they would come back, according to the results of more than 3,000 questionnaires collected by tourism offices.

From the heart

Cheap deal

A LOVE letter written in 1921 was found in a wooden panel stored in the Alhambra Palace museum which came from the San Gil Church in Granada, demolished in the 19th century.

ITV inspections are cheapest in the Murcia Region for motorcycles and mopeds, costing €12.01. Castilla y Leon has the highest price at €37.04, followed by Madrid (€32.73).

Children locked in car

Armed robbery

A COUPLE were arrested in Benalmadena for allegedly leaving three children in a locked car parked in the sun while they went to the beach.

FOUR men have been arrested for armed robbery in Monforte del Cid, Alicante. They are alleged to have wielded guns and tied up two elderly householders before stealing jewellery worth an estimated €6,000.

WATER quality off the beaches of San Juan de los Terreros, Pulpi, has been declared excellent by the Junta de Andalucia regional government.


Sad find THE bodies of two dead dolphins were found on Playa de la Sal in Casares, according to the Malaga Centre for Endangered Marine Species.

Food gifts CARREFOUR supermarkets have promised to donate a kilo of food to local food banks for each kilometre cycled by visitors who come to tents

Cash stolen

Good impression

5 - 11 September 2013

Stat of week THERE were 14,053 mortgage operations in June, 42.2 per cent fewer than in June 2012. They have now fallen for 38 consecutive months.








European counterparts, usually on marrying, but another CJE finding explains the current tendency to tardy emancipation. House purchase should account for 30 per cent of income, but under-30s on an average wage would need to earn 80 per cent more to be able to pay a mortgage. Young people are being kept out of the property and rental markets claimed Sheyla Suarez, the CJE’s socio-economic expert. Less than overment amongst immigrant indebtedness their workers and an increasing problems are ‘extreme number of workers returning economic fragility’ and to their own countries, 12.7 the gulf between per cent of all those currently purchasing power and working in Spain are not property prices. Spanish, Adecco said. Fifty-five per cent In 2012 a total of 216 of unemployment million citizens were emp- amongst the young is loyed in the EU, of whom 201 “alarming,” Suarez million were working in their said, and half of those own country. in work are overOf the remainder, 6.6 qualified for their jobs. million (3.1 per cent of the This is even more total) were from another EU evident in women, of country while 8.6 million whom 60 per cent are workers came from outside overqualified, comthe EU (4 per cent of the pared with 49 per cent total). of men.

Still a draw for expat workers JUST over 8 per cent of Spain’s workforce is from outside the European Union. This is the highest proportion in the EU where on average immigrants make up 4 per cent of employees, found job recruitment and international employment agency Adecco. Spain also has the secondhighest number of employees from other EU countries, accounting for 4.4 per cent of the workforce. This is outstripped only by the UK’s 4.8 per cent. Despite the economic crisis, widespread unemploy-

Fewer work-related fatalities

UNSAFE: But deaths down.

A TOTAL of 260 people died in work-related accidents between January and July this year. This was 7.5 per cent fewer than during the same period in 2012 when 281 employees lost their lives. Most of the accidents - 216 - took place during the working day, but the remaining 44 occurred while travelling to or from work. Services industries accounted for 129 fatal accidents. Despite fewer fatalities than during the first half of 2012 there was a 20 per cent increase in heart attacks, brain haemorrhages and other conditions, causing 113 deaths.

Canada deal

In their 30s but still home APPROXIMATELY 80 per cent of Spain’s under-30s still live at home. They move out between the ages of 30 and 34, found a Spanish Youth Council (CJE) survey. Even in more prosperous times the Spanish left home later than their


FERROVIAL AGROMAN and Bot Construction will build a 252 metre €78 million bridge over the Nipigon River in Ontario (Canada).

Better news

GOING NOWHERE: Can’t afford to move out.

INCREASED exports helped slow down the decline in Spanish GDP. It shrank 0.1 per cent in the second quarter of 2013 compared to 0.4 per cent in Q1.




5 - 11 September 2013 Mallorca

LONDON - FTSE 100 C H A N G E ( P ) % C H G. 7.37 2.09 9.97 0.79 12.00 0.74 -1.00 -0.10 50.00 3.38 18.50 2.16 12.55 1.43 24.00 1.30 14.97 0.47 6.80 1.76 12.00 1.05 3.34 0.77 2.45 0.86 2.50 0.20 43.00 2.29 -0.80 -0.18 52.00 1.60 5.36 0.96

NET VOLUME 104.52 27.61 31.15 19.97 191.10 123.08 167.19 7.32 81.00 347.92 23.77 189.58 1,359.86 153.37 482.21 1,463.02 99.74 120.50



PRICE(P) C O M PA N Y Aberdeen Asset Mngmnt 359.50 Admiral Group PLC 1270.50 Aggreko PLC 1637.50 AMEC PLC 1038.00 Anglo American PLC 1528.75 Antofagasta PLC 873.25 ARM Holdings PLC 887.00 Associated Brit Foods 1868.50 AstraZeneca PLC 3192.25 Aviva PLC 393.75 Babcock Intl Group... 1150.00 BAE Systems PLC 438.10 Barclays PLC 285.85 BG Group PLC 1229.50 BHP Billiton PLC 1921.00 BP PLC 445.43 British Am Tobacco PLC 3306.75 British Land Co PLC 563.50


Units per €

United States $......................................................1.32180 Japan Yen ¥ ...........................................................131.251 Switzerland Francs................................................1.23302 Denmark Kroner ....................................................7.45940 Norway Kroner.......................................................8.02441



British Sky Broadcasting BT Group PLC Bunzl PLC Burberry Group PLC Capita PLC Carnival PLC Centrica PLC Compass Group PLC CRH PLC Croda International PLC

846.75 334.15 1373.50 1558.50 962.00 2437.50 389.05 867.50 1386.50 2629.00

C H A N G E ( P ) % C H G.





C O M PA N Y MMM 3M Co AA Alcoa Inc AXP American Express Co T AT&T Inc BAC Bank of America Corp BA Boeing Co CAT Caterpillar Inc CVX Chevron Corp CSCO Cisco Systems Inc DD E. I. du Pont de Nemours and C... XOM Exxon Mobil Corp GE General Electric Co HPQ Hewlett-Packard Co HD Home Depot Inc INTC Intel Corp IBM International Business Machine... JNJ Johnson & Johnson JPM JPMorgan Chase and Co MCD McDonald's Corp MRK Merck & Co Inc MSFT Microsoft Corp PFE Pfizer Inc PG Procter & Gamble Co KO The Coca-Cola Co TRV Travelers Companies Inc UTX United Technologies Corp UNH UnitedHealth Group Inc VZ Verizon Communications Inc

PRICE CHANGE %CHANGE VOLUME 113.58 7.70 71.91 33.83 14.12 103.92 82.54 120.43 23.31 56.62 87.16 23.14 22.34 74.49 21.98 182.27 86.41 50.53 94.36 47.29 33.40 28.21 77.89 38.18 79.90 100.10 71.74 47.38

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Splunk Inc. $ 55.21 China Information Technology, Inc. $ 3.76 Lakes Entertainment, Inc. $ 4.16 Transcat, Inc. $ 8.81 Global-Tech Advanced Innovations Inc. $ 7.58 Sears Holdings Corporation $ 44.24 Cobra Electronics Corporation $ 2.87 Double Eagle Petroleum Company $ 3.16 Transcept Pharmaceuticals, Inc. $ 2.69 ZipRealty, Inc. $ 4.75 iShares MSCI Emerging Markets Value ETF $ 44.93

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Most Advanced

Most Declined China Mobile Games and Entnt Grp Lmtd Pacific Sunwear of California, Inc. OmniVision Technologies, Inc. Control4 Corporation Aratana Therapeutics, Inc. Anchor Bancorp Shenandoah Telecommunications Co Novatel Wireless, Inc. VOXX International Corporation ChinaCache International Holdings Ltd. Hooker Furniture Corporation

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C O M PA N Y PRICE(P) CHANGE Diageo PLC 2008.00 34.00 easyJet PLC 1257.00 24.50 Eurasian Nat Resources 229.25 0.72 Experian PLC 1144.50 15.00 Fresnillo PLC 1295.50 -9.00 G4S PLC 259.70 -0.37 GKN PLC 335.25 7.36 GlaxoSmithKline PLC 1659.00 13.21 Glencore Xstrata PLC 312.85 7.60 Hammerson PLC 489.65 6.20 Hargreaves Lansdown 1013.00 13.50 HSBC Holdings PLC 688.80 12.90 IMI PLC 1452.50 17.00 Imperial Tobacco Gr PLC 2146.00 14.00 InterContinental Hotels 1834.00 28.00 International Cnsldtd ... 293.90 7.60 Intertek Group PLC 3238.50 38.00 ITV PLC 166.95 2.30 Johnson Matthey PLC 2877.00 38.00 Kingfisher PLC 391.85 6.70 Land Securities Group 897.00 13.50 Legal & General Group 190.50 3.70 Lloyds Banking Group 73.64 1.10 London Stock Exchange 1579.00 20.00 Marks & Spencer Grp 477.90 6.20 Meggitt PLC 528.75 2.50 Melrose Industries PLC 298.15 3.90 National Grid PLC 749.00 6.74 Next PLC 4954.00 60.00 Old Mutual PLC 185.05 4.00 Pearson PLC 1281.00 10.00 Persimmon PLC 1126.50 29.00 Petrofac Ltd 1384.00 -1.00 Prudential PLC 1103.00 26.00 Randgold Resources Ltd 5120.00 35.00 Reckitt Benckiser Gr 4423.00 39.00 Reed Elsevier PLC 798.50 6.67 Resolution Ltd 325.70 7.00 REXAM PLC 493.40 5.42 Rio Tinto PLC 2997.25 85.00 Rolls-Royce Holdings 1126.50 14.00 Royal Bank of Scotland 338.35 4.60 Royal Dutch Shell PLC 2164.75 -8.50 RSA Insurance Group 119.90 1.30 SABMiller PLC 3127.75 53.00 Sage Group (The) PLC 347.25 3.20 Sainsbury (J) PLC 389.30 4.60 Schroders PLC 2370.50 58.00 Serco Group PLC 549.75 1.94 Severn Trent PLC 1707.00 18.46 Shire PLC 2394.00 16.64 Smith & Nephew PLC 759.00 9.00 Smiths Group PLC 1302.00 20.00 SSE PLC 1573.50 10.23 Standard Chartered PLC 1461.25 20.50 Standard Life PLC 339.60 8.46 Tate & Lyle PLC 816.75 12.00 Tesco PLC 371.00 4.35 Travis Perkins PLC 1598.00 23.27 TUI Travel PLC 349.60 4.88 Tullow Oil PLC 1020.00 12.00 Unilever PLC 2481.50 22.36 United Utilities Group 684.00 5.80 Vedanta Resources PLC 1203.50 41.00 Vodafone Group PLC 213.32 7.00 Weir Group PLC 2199.00 22.95 Whitbread PLC 3138.00 56.00 William Hill PLC 418.55 3.25 Wm Morrison Sprmrkts 291.45 1.40 Wolseley PLC 3316.50 56.50 Wood Group (John) PLC 810.25 5.00 WPP PLC 1217.50 23.00

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VOLUME 187.69 45.72 11.96 77.80 160.57 669.76 206.92 250.91 2,414.65 48.60 12.86 2,880.57 24.21 68.33 20.55 443.62 8.11 560.96 34.49 220.92 73.97 339.73 8,453.83 10.71 189.49 58.89 426.43 161.35 14.98 535.40 43.11 59.60 23.47 242.84 34.22 43.89 121.82 136.45 40.54 454.45 157.58 447.54 226.32 625.51 58.02 87.06 184.76 13.78 232.69 30.53 39.77 80.76 19.84 45.30 99.32 416.14 59.75 452.88 33.63 70.50 134.62 132.25 127.75 42.53 43,948.00 8.57 19.02 159.92 225.48 17.27 25.49 366.34

5 - 11 September 2013





A recipe for financial success! BRITAIN’S favourite household chef, Jamie Oliver, has got himself into a bit of a pickle after suggesting that, among other things, poor families should eat stale bread. The multi- A look millionaire chef at finance was commenting for females that most lowJane Plunkett income families don’t know how to feed themselves and therefore often resort to serving up expensive readymade meals, when his GOOD POINT: Jamie Oliver is probably right. remarks stirred up an uproar. to overspending and remarked the chef. The Essex boy, who malnutrition. Despite the offence bases such opinions on “You might remember Jaime’s comments may recent experiences he that scene in Ministry Of have caused - who has had with low- Food, with the mum and wants to hear a income workers while the kid eating chips and millionaire dictate what working on a new TV cheese out of Styrofoam the less fortunate show, says that for containers, and behind should do? - it’s hard to many families, priorities them is a massive TV. It dispute that the cook are out of sync leading just didn’t weigh up,” has a point.


Loose change

Poverty is not just about income it’s about what is done with the money. Accommodation, nutrition and education should of course be priorities, rather then spending a fortune on fancy flat-screen TVs, designer pit bull dogs,

cigarettes and alcohol. And this is stellar advice relevant for every level of income. But going back to the ‘stale bread’ comment, learning how to cook can make a big difference to a budget and a person’s health. And cooking fresh food doesn’t have to be a challenge or terribly expensive with a little bit of know-how. So rather than stocking up on expensive convenience food and microwave dinners, maybe it’s an idea to invest in a good basic cookbook and a little bit of enthusiasm in the kitchen. And by the way, stale bread as it happens, is the best ingredient for toast, tasty soup croutons and of course here in Andalucía, the totally inexpensive and delicious salmorejo dish!


Running on empty CASTELLON airport, inaugurated in March 2011, cost €150 million but has never initiated commercial operations. Nor could it, as deposits for aircraft fuel were included in plans but never built.

Smart move SMART phones have a 66 per cent share of the Spanish mobile market, compared with 57 per cent in the UK, France, Italy and Germany.

Pension gap PREVIOUSLY selfemployed pensioners receive a monthly average of €603.76. This is 38 per cent less than the average Social Security pension of €858.11 a month.



Loan deal to pay for new meters THE European Investment Bank (EIB) and the Spanish electric utility company Iberdrola have signed a loan contract for €200 million. The loan will support the modernisation of the electricity distribution network throughout Spain, improving its overall reliability and safety, they claim. The loan will co-finance a comprehensive investment programme designed to reinforce and modernise Iberdrola’s electricity distribution network. A large number of supply points in the full range of voltages operated by Iberdrola will be connected to the existing network. Furthermore, the programme will help pay for the installation of new digital electricity meters to meet Spanish legislation, which requires the deployment of digital meters for residential customers by 2018. The investment programme provides for the installation of up to 1.8 million new meters. The EIB has a long-standing relationship with Iberdrola, one of the largest power distribution companies in Spain, serving 10.7 million customers. The EIB has provided a total of €3.6 billion for projects in Spain since the beginning of the year, of which almost €1 billion is in the Spanish energy sector.


5 - 11 September 2013 Mallorca

Leaving the country in search of work

ONO is to take on Europe

MORE and more of Spain’s young are leaving the country in search of work. The numbers of Spaniards under the age of 30 emigrating has gone up by 40.9 per cent since the economic crisis first hit Spain in 2008, according to the National Statistics Institute (INE). And the number of people in the 30 to 34 year age group has risen by 41.4 per cent. In total 14,084 of the 59,724 Spaniards who left the country in 2012 were aged between 20 and 34. But that figure is dwarfed by the numbers of non-Spaniards who moved away. In total 476,748 people left Spain. That is because many

SPANISH cable TV, phone and internet provider ONO will represent the country in the European business awards. It has been chosen to compete in the Millcom Award for Environmental and Corporate Sustainability category. It claims to have robust environmental policies based on saving energy and thus reducing CO2 emissions. The awards, held every two years, will be judged in April 2014. Despite the economic climate ONO is still growing. Sales were up 4.1 per cent in the first quarter of the year.

FORCED ABROAD: Looking for work. immigrants who moved here during good times have been unable to find jobs, and are deciding to move back to their home countries. Unemployment stands at 26.26 per cent with 55.13 per cent of under25s jobless. There are fears that a ‘brain drain’ effect might be taking place. A UGT trade union

report stated that more educated and well trained people are leaving. Top destination is Germany, which received 21,000 Spaniards in 2012. Other popular countries are the UK and France. In South America, Ecuador followed by Venezuela, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil and Peru are all popular.


5 - 11 September 2013


Letters for Your Say should be emailed to yoursay@ euroweekly, posted to Euro Weekly News, C/Moscatel 10, P-62, Polígono Industrial, Arroyo de la Miel, 29630 Benalmadena, Málaga, Spain or faxed to 0034 952 440 887

Shoppers need to look out for more than the bargains WHILE with my family shopping in the Chinese shop on the road from Quesada to Benijofar, I was approached by five men of either Russian or East European origin. All were tall, in their 30s, and one asked for help reaching some goods. I then realised a man behind had opened my bag and removed my purse. Though aged 70, I gave chase and got it back, and other family members then gave chase as the would-be thieves made their escape in a silver Volkswagen Passat. I was not the only person in the shop to be robbed. The shop staff - although they had it on CCTV - did not even call the police. All shoppers should be aware. Olga Clifton, by email

No warning signs I READ with interest ‘Signs needed over crime threat’ (Letters Issue 1469). I was subjected to a major theft of my bag, losing passports, driver’s licence, credit cards, keys, and money while shopping in the Mercadona supermarket in the central commercial centre, La Marina, Finestrat. Only due to my insistence were the police called, and the shop did not even take my details, acting as though it was normal for thefts, though there were no warning signs in the area. John Cook, Benidorm

Time for action I AGREE with Allen Everington (Letters Issue 1469) that it is about time something was done about the misuse of parking bays for the disabled. The police should carry clamps in their cars and as they also patrol on foot, should also have nearby access to them so that any vehicle not displaying a ‘Disabled’ sticker is automatically clamped and the owner fined when they go to get the clamp removed. Once put into effect people would stop wrongly parking in these bays. At the Javea Arenal Beach car park about 10 days ago, a motor-cycle policeman stopped to check my blue badge when I was sitting in my car, but a van with hazard lights flashing being unloaded by an able-bodied man parked in two disabled spots was ignored.






Snapped! By Gerry Cannon, Sabinillas, Malaga

P pub hotog r l em icati aphs pho ail w on sh for p o ton ews ith a f uld b ossibl e e @e ull uro cap sent wee tio b klyn n to y ews : .com

A FRIEND being transported by ambulance after treatment at a Malaga Clinic to his home in Monte Biarritz, Estepona, completed his journey on the back of a grua after the vehicle had broken down!

WHEN YOU WRITE All letters, whether by email or post, should carry the writer’s postal address, NIE and contact number though only the name and town will be published. Letters may also be edited. Readers who have missed earlier correspondence can see all letters posted on:

into the glass handed over with two cubes of ice. The price of the two drinks: €3.50 each, so €7 in full. And to make matters worse, my exhotelier wife insisted we left a tip! Keith Hopkins, Estepona


Why is this? Also four days ago on the Javea Arenal service road, a motor-cycle policeman asked about my badge which was on my windscreen - just as I got back into my car. So I think Javea are now starting to really check on this. Let’s hope others will also follow suit. Mick Scarles, Javea, Alicante

Lack of service DAYS after reading ‘Passport help’ (Letters, Issue 1469) praising a company for acting professionally, I found myself visiting Puerto Banus, Marbella, on a shopping trip. While I expect to pay a higher price in such surrounds, it would be nice if good service came with the price... and it definitely did not at the port-side café where my wife and I sat to enjoy a drink and watch the world go by. Having ordered an American coffee and a coke, the waiter returned and did not even bother to pour the coke

I ALWAYS look forward to reading the EWN when on holiday in Spain; however, on many occasions I come away with the impression of an antiCatholic agenda from some contributors. One recent article amounted essentially to a pro-abortion rant, attacking Catholic teaching on this subject. In reality, the Catholic Church quite reasonably supports the scientific fact that a newly-conceived child in the womb is a unique individual with a unique DNA, which will be retained throughout its life (assuming it is lucky enough to escape the none too tender mercies of the abortionist, back street or high street). I come from Ireland, a country which until recently (although that is about to change, thanks to the abortion lobby and a campaigning/ biased media) disallowed abortion. Incidentally, the so-called Catholic ‘dark ages’ (a favourite cliché of the historically ignorant) were a period of unprecedented human achievement; Oxford and Cambridge Universities being two notable high points.

The rot set in in the 16th century, about the time of the Protestant Reformation! Eric Conway, La Mata, Torrevieja Editor’s note: The EWN is not anti-Catholic and the various views expressed and opinions published are not necessarily those of the publishers or staff.

Woeful Africa IT is said that the ruination of Africa is charity. I am inclined to agree. Explain to me the Save the Children campaigns of which there are many. Am I wrong in thinking they create more children who go on to create more children and so on? The problem gets worse as most of the areas that they live in can’t support their needs and they are in constant need of food aid so they become aid reliant, not unlike some areas of the UK. And to add to that we have to save their animals, too - lions, rhinos donkeys, etc - thus they become benefit reliant. The point of this message is who benefits most? The charity business, the monster behind all these good deeds. Still one good thing comes from all this, we will never run out of lookylooky men. C G, by email

Good hunting WITH reference to ‘Car concern’ (Letters Issue 1467) I know of people who have had their vehicle classifications changed in the log book by dealers. In the one case, this was done for a charge of €75, so check this out, and good hunting! Also, thanks a lot for a very good newspaper. Bob, Sedella, Malaga

Go on, complain! I WANT to comment on the ‘Stop complaining letter’ (Issue 1468). It is a pity Clive Graham gets annoyed when he hears people complaining about Spain. People have a right to complain not only about Spain but England also. I was advised to come here on health grounds. I also survived the Second World War and its aftermath and was in a Cromwell tank. If people want to complain let them do so, for believe me they have plenty to complain about. Hal Rockliffe Address withheld upon request

The views expressed and opinions given in Letters are not necessarily those of the EWN publishers. They accept no responsibility for accuracy of information, errors, omissions or statements, and reject claims arising out of any action that a company or individual may take on the basis of information contained therein.

22 EWN


5 - 11 September 2013


Democracy at work restoring the credibility of politicians



considers himself something of an atheist, but he is nevertheless a man born of pure Jewish stock. Therefore, to my mind his decision to vote against attacking a Muslim country, which is utterly anti-Jewish and would side with Iran in its quest to obliterate Israel at the drop of a turban, also gives quite a boost to his own credibility. It did get me thinking that if the leader of the Labour party had been a Muslim (which I’ve no doubt they will be one day!) and Israel had been suspected of committing some unacceptable act, would that person have reacted with such an unbiased opinion? Somehow I think not. Having said all that, despite this week’s decision to stay out, should Assad take it as a weakening attitude by the West and its allies, and therefore give him carte blanche to massacre and commit atrocities at will, I am fully in favour of another parliamentary vote on the situation. With that may come on him and his cohorts all the force and retribution of a reversed decision. Let’s hope it never comes to that. Keep the faith Love Leapy Website: Email:

MOLYBDENUM the element believed to be linked to the origin of life is said to have come from meteorites blasted off Mars, according to Geochemist Professor Steven Benner.

Furr-do A CAT has earned a place in the Guinness World Records 2014 for the longest hair ever measured on a cat. ‘Colonel Meow’ has a furry coat that measures 22.87cm.


WELL, what a result! Firstly, of course, I was delighted to see the British House of Commons finally took Leapy’s advice and voted against interference in Syria’s problems. (Any time, fellas!) Secondly, the result was a wonderfull example of British democracy in full glorious flow. In most countries, particularly those of the Middle East, a result of this nature would have probably led to disgruntled losers rioting and spilling blood in the streets. Far from being an embarrassing rout for David Cameron, I think the dignified and immediate acceptance of a result he clearly hadn’t been looking for, showed a strong, highly democratic leader bending, without recrimination or derogatory reactions, to the will of Parliament’s EAPY EE elected members. DIGNIFIED: David Cameron. SAYS IT To my mind Cameron, Hague and the portion of it in the hands of our OTHERS THINK IT Conservatives’ elected leaders. parliamentary credibility Even Ed Miliband I feel has has been utterly strengthened by their handling come through it all with his credibility still fairly of this situation. Trust is the key issue among our intact. What I find interesting is a fact that many politicians and I think this reaction shows we people seem to overlook, Miliband is Jewish. I actually can at last place at least a respectable know he has married out of the faith and

Life began on Mars

Clever bird A PARAKEET alerted its owner to the fact that the neighbours were being burgled by squawking louder than usual.


5 - 11 September 2013



The New Tax Reporting Landscape In Spain

Earlier this year, for the first time, Spanish residents had to declare all their overseas assets worth over €50,000. You had to submit Form 720 by 30th April, reporting on assets owned outside Spain as at 31st December 2012. The next reporting deadline is scheduled to be 31st March 2014, for assets as at 31st December 2013, so this is the time to ensure all your assets are tax efficient. You had to report all assets in a particular category if the value of your total assets in that category amounted to over €50,000. You are obliged to report assets if you are the owner, a beneficiary, an authorised signatory, or if you have the authority to dispose of the asset. This includes assets held by a company, a trust or fiduciary. Once you have made your first report, if you do not acquire any new assets or dispose of existing assets, and the existing ones increase in value by less than €20,000, you do not need to report in subsequent years.

By Peter Worthington, Senior Partner, Blevins Franks The consequences for failing to report are very high, and the authorities have an increasing number of tools to find hidden assets and those not declaring themselves for tax. If you have been declaring all your worldwide income and wealth for tax purposes correctly, and use legitimate and effective tax planning solutions in Spain, you should have nothing to worry about. This reporting obligation does not change your tax position. However, tax rates are likely to remain high for longer than

expected, so if you are not already using compliant arrangements to lower your tax liabilities, you should look into this now to protect your wealth. With all the information the government now has to hand about your assets from Form 720, it will be able to monitor your wealth, income, gains, disposals of assets, etc, in future. You need to ensure you declare everything correctly on your annual tax returns, and that your tax planning is fully legitimate. Form 720 will have a bigger impact on those who reported assets or income for the first time. They must now be declared and taxed each year, making for a much higher tax bill. It does not have to be as high as you fear, though. Expatriates in Spain who have taken professional advice have found

that taxes can be minimised by placing funds into legitimate tax efficient vehicles that allow them to mitigate tax in Spain, sometimes significantly. You should seek specialist and personalised tax planning advice for your savings, investments and wealth. The tax authorities are likely to investigate why assets were not included in previous tax returns, particularly for wealthier taxpayers. They would be advised to use Spain’s regularisation process to regularise their past tax obligations as this usually results in lower penalties. Spain is also part of a move to automatic exchange of information on financial assets, taking place across Europe and globally. This will enable the government to check information related to assets and rights held overseas. Attempting

to hide assets is very risky, because at some point they will be discovered. There has also been a case this year where the European Court of Justice obliged a bank in Gibraltar to share financial information with Spain, even though there is currently no tax information exchange agreement. This means that any Spanish residents who are concealing assets in Gibraltar, especially by use of corporate wrappers, are now likely to be exposed to the Spanish tax authorities. The tax landscape in Spain has changed drastically over the last year. Your tax planning needs to be fully up to date and forward looking, and for peace of mind you should seek professional, expert advice. To keep in touch with the latest developments in the offshore world, check out the latest news on our website


5 - 11 September 2013






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4:30pm Burghley Horse Trials 6:30pm Flog It! 7:30pm Iolo's Great Welsh Parks: Plas Tan-Y-Bwlch 8:00pm The Great British Bake Off 9:00pm Dragons' Den 10:00pm The Story of the Jews 11:00pm QI XL 11:45pm Blackadder the Third 12:15am Shifty 1:40am Countryfile 2:35am Holby City 3:35am This is BBC Two

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5 -11 September 2013


Call for independence Wikipedia_Martorell45

THE Diada on September 11 commemorates the defeat of Catalan troops during the War of Succession in 1714. Cataluña backed the Hapsburg claimant to the Spanish throne instead of the Borbon Felipe V and it was a long time before the region regained the autonomy lost then. The date is engraved on Catalan hearts and resentment is not entirely diluted. Artur Mas, president of Cataluña’s regional government, supports but is not participating in this Cassandra Nash year’s human chain calling for independence on September 11. and not entirely impartial reaction – Repeating last year’s Diada it to the Spanish political scene will stretch 400 kilometres north to south through Cataluña, and hundreds of thousands have already ARTUR MAS: Failing to get message. signed up to join in. They will make a good showing and Spaniards second. regional president Artur Mas can point to It’s a long way from ingrained this as support for his independence nationalism to full-blown, frontier-raising plans. secession. Mas painted himself into a There were 7,565,603 people in corner by calling an early election last Cataluña at last count. Even those who year, confident of a mandate for an stay at home instead of becoming links independence referendum. Instead he in a human chain on September 11 see lost votes and his overall majority. themselves as Catalans first and The Catalans are telling Mas

A weekly look

something in an audible voice but he is failing to get the message.

Sitting tight THE PSOE opposition accuses Rajoy of deliberately absenting himself on international visits to avoid parliamentary explanations. True, there is much that the population would like to hear and much for Rajoy to avoid saying. But there is no point in his addressing the parliament again because he has said all he’s going to say about Barcenas and he will not reveal anything new. What he does have to say will be obliquely expressed by a Cabinet reshuffle.

Salutary experience MANY decades after the demise of fascist governments in Spain, Italy and Germany, the Roman salute is still not a pleasant sight. Images of Xesco Saez and Daniel Terrades giving the nazi salute could be dismissed as laddish horseplay.

Saez is president of the PP’s Nuevas Generaciones (NNGG) – think Young Cons – in Jativa (Valencia). Terrades is NNGG secretary general in neighbouring Gandia. Others, like a young PP councillor from nearby Canals, Carmen Melissa Ferrer, have posed with the pre-Constitution flag bearing the Franco-era shield. Probably they have ultra-conservative political leanings but little first hand knowledge of what they are acclaiming. They should ask their grandparents and great-grandparents who knew what it was all about, regardless of ideology. Then there would be fewer nazi salutes.

Kingdom comedown SPAIN is now officially Spain and not the Kingdom of Spain. Nevertheless, the latter will be retained “in international treaties requiring a greater solemnity,” said Foreign minister Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo. So the modification is likely to go unnoticed except by treaty-writers, typesetters, typists and Juan Carlos I.

5 - 11 September 2013



Mallorca Advertising Feature

Investor Syria jitters subside Commentary by Moneycorp

EUR The euro lost a little ground against both the dollar and Sterling in the wake of the potential strike against Syria by the allied forces. As investors looked for a safe haven for their money, the euro lost out to the yen and Swiss franc as well but managed to make gains against most of the emerging market currencies as well as the Aussie and New Zealand dollars and the South African rand. From opening levels around 1.3380 EUR/USD the euro slipped slowly to near 1.32 while against Sterling it eased to 1.1720. The data last week was more German based and on the whole positive while retail sales in the euro zone rose for the first time in two years. USD The dollar held steady near four-week highs versus a basket of currencies on Friday, underpinned by expectations that upbeat US data would prompt the Federal Reserve to start withdrawing stimulus next month. Investors were focused on


economic data and interest rate differentials as jitters about Syria subsided after the UK parliament rejected a motion supporting military action. The dollar has been one of the main beneficiaries this week as investors have moved funds into safe haven currencies ahead of any reprisal strike on Syria. It has made gains against most currencies, particularly the emerging market currencies, although initially it lost out as investors moved funds into Swiss francs and Japanese Yen. However, they clearly had second thoughts and it made back all the lost ground and more by the close. Against Sterling it gave back some of its gains as investors were not convinced that UK rates will stay low for as long as expected.

Clarisse Musselwhite is Moneycorp’s Account Manager for Mallorca

She can be contacted on Tel: +34 902 887 243 Mobile: +34 687 932 472

902887243 CAD The Canadian dollar strengthened against its US counterpart early in the week as oil climbed to a six-month high and gold gained ground as a safe haven investment amid the possibility of Western military action against Syria. While a flight to safety does not typically benefit the Canadian currency, stronger oil prices and reassuring comments from a Bank of

Canada official pushed the CAD up, erasing nearly a week of decline. Canada is a major producer of both oil and gold. The CAD opened around 1.0530 USD/CAD and pushed on to 1.0470 before easing back ahead of Friday’s GDP release. Against Sterling it managed to firm to 1.6200 from opening levels around 1.6400 but gave ground by the close. AUD The Aussie was on the back foot for most of the week as the developing situation with Syria saw investors heading for risk adverse assets. It started the week near the 0.9050 AUD/USD level and fell slowly through the early part of the week to reach a three-week low of 0.8893 by late Tuesday. A bounce saw it rise to 0.8980 before settling a little lower by the end of the week. Against Sterling it fell to 1.7440 before rallying a little but AUD remains under pressure due to the weak fundamentals and the flight to quality. NZD The kiwi had a roller-coaster week, opening at 0.7860 NZD/USD and quickly falling away as tension mounted over Syria. Investors moved into safe-haven Japanese yen and Swiss francs before switching to US dollars a little later. This switch back to the dollar saw the kiwi rise back to 0.7840 before falling once again towards the close. Against Sterling it traded either side of 2.00 GBP/NZD all week, finishing just below it.

28 EWN


5 - 11 September 2013 Mallorca

Success of third day events

PLAIN SAILING: The competition attracted over 270 boats and 300 sailors.

Aina Colom is the winner at Bufete Frau

THE final day of sailing competition, 50 Gran Día de la Vela Bufete Frau, was said to be emotional and tense despite the lack of winds. Organised by S’Arenal’s Nautical Club it attracted 270 boats and more than 300 sailors. The calm winds didn’t affect the favourites to win, who managed to hold their place. Aina Colom, who currently holds second place in the European Optimist Championship, won first place in the race. She put up a good fight against Albert Torres, Spain’s current champion and ended up taking the title with just two points between them. Officials said many competitors tied during the race, and therefore they were forced to introduce a

new rule. They assessed the winners as those who had participated in the most categories, in order to distinguish positions. Between Thursday and the final on Sunday, Aina Colom had to get in front of a fleet of 147 sailors in order to take the title and become the winner of the Vela Bufete Frau. Sunday’s race saw moderate winds, which wasn’t great for those docked at El Arenal. However with the right precautions applied, all vessels were eventually able to sail out to sea. Because of the lack of winds, only the Optimist and Access 3.03 with adapted sails were able to cross the line within their allotted time.

The 50 Gran Dia de la Vela Bufete Frau was a great success. Some of the best moments to remember came not in the competitive races – exciting as they were – but in the third day of competition when unusual non scoring races were held. Those races and special events marked a day that put the general classification on hold. The best racers among the Optimist, Laser and 420 categories joined forces to participate in a non scoring group race. Only the best are entitled to participate in this race consisting of 10 regattas and in which tactical skills play a key role. Those who did not qualify for the group race gathered together around the S’Arenal Nautical Club to witness the cross-sailing competition. Cross-sailing consists of completing a three buoy race leaving from the beach as quickly as possible. Participants in the crosssailing race could attempt as many times as they desired to achieve the best time possible in the two hours that the competition lasted. This cross-sailing race was the second to be held in the Balearic Islands. It was an event worth watching due to the ability that participants continuously showed in between the competitive laps.

5 - 11 September 2013


stopping the use of anchors that could damage the meadows. But the price



Buoys charges put sea meadows at risk EXPENSIVE charges for the use of mooring buoys at Portocolom could be threatening protected seagrass meadows. That is the claim of environmental group GOB which has criticised the Balearic Government for charging too much for boats to tie up at sea. Instead of paying between €24 and €56 a day, some boat owners are using anchors to moor. That means the protected Posidonia seagrass meadows are getting damaged by dragging anchors. The meadows provide a vital habitat for many species of sealife, and are supposed to be protected around the Mediterranean coastlines. On their website GOB said: “The fields of buoys have the ideal objective of


charged is too high, and some boat owners are using anchors.

30 EWN

5 - 11 September 2013



It’s a big time battle to survive Small businesses are fighting to survive the all-inclusive packages and increasing local crime AUGUST was boom time for many hotels in the tourist hot spots, but for some small businesses, all-inclusive holiday deals and increasing local crime are making life very tough, as one bar owner told Euro Weekly News’s Special Correspondent David Anderson. NICK SHORT first arrived in Mallorca in 1986 as a teenager when his parents went into a bar business. After working hard to become established on the island, Nick eventually bought a house and ran two bars himself. When business boomed he took on 16 staff on full-time contracts. But for Nick and his wife Tina, those days are gone. Now after nearly 30 years on the island, he runs just one bar - the Dolphin Cafe in Sa Coma - with one staff member. With more all-inclusive hotels springing up locally there are

HARD WORK: Things are increasingly difficult for Nick Short and his wife Tina. fewer visitors spending less money away from their accommodation. And crime is on the increase. It is the same story in many of the most popular Spanish resorts, meaning the small businesses have an increasingly big fight on their hands. “The problem will never get better until the town halls take control of the way hotels run

everything,” said Nick. “They should fix things for the long term and not just for the short. When I came here all those years ago, all the police had to do was to give out parking tickets and not much more. Now they have to be the busiest people here.” With crime increasing in some areas, Nick likened what is happening in some tourists spots

to the problem of the Caribbean where some people are afraid to walk down the road because of the risk of being mugged or worse. “In five years’ time if nothing is done many small businesses will be closed and the roads will empty. All the tourists will stay in their hotels because it will be unsafe to walk around,” he warned.

To back up his claims, 43-yearold Nick said that even now in Sa Coma the streets are almost empty after 11pm for fear of crime. “I know of at least seven friends who have had money and purses stolen from them in the local supermarket and in bars.” On the all-inclusive deals Nick said: “We have had British tourists come into our bar saying they came for two weeks and brought £50 (€58.50) because they are all inclusive. “That means everything is provided at the hotel... all their meals, all their drinks... so they do not venture out.” Nick’s daughter Jessica works at the new hospital in Porto Cristo as an auxiliary nurse. “We are very proud of her and the schools and national health services here are some of the best in the world. “We would never go back to UK despite all the problems. This is home now and we have loads of Spanish friends and we work hard for what we have here and the lifestyle is far better.”

32 EWN

5 - 11 September 2013



Watch out for unusual laws PLAYING bingo, snacking while sitting on a monument or feeding pigeons may seem innocent enough activities to many British citizens. But these are just some of the reasons why some people have found themselves faced with hefty fines or in some cases arrested or detained abroad. Every year Britons are caught out by local laws and customs which might seem harmless in the UK, but may carry serious consequences abroad. Such incidents can be easily avoided by researching travel destinations in advance and taking note of updates and warnings issued by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO). A recent FCO report identified that more than a quarter (27 per cent) of cases requiring consular assistance

were for arrests or detentions, highlighting the value of familiarising oneself with local laws in order to steer clear of trouble. Charles Hay, FCO Director of Consular Services, said: “Consular staff often find that travellers are unaware that local laws apply to them and many British nationals think of their British passport as a ‘get out of jail free’ card. “While consular staff will always try to assist British nationals who find themselves in difficulty abroad, we can’t interfere in another country’s legal processes. “We want Britons to have a great time when they travel abroad so it is a good idea to research the country they are visiting before they travel. Country specific laws and customs can be found at”

Some unusual overseas laws and customs to watch out for include: Location




It is against the law to wear a bikini, swimming trunks or to go bare-chested away from the beach-front area. Don’t carry or use drugs. While the Netherlands has a reputation for being tolerant on the use of so-called ‘soft drugs’, this exists only for designated areas. Possession of prohibited substances or buying them can carry a prison sentence. Feeding the pigeons is against the law. Chewing gum on the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system is strictly prohibited. It is illegal to import more than 200 cigarettes.



Venice Singapore Thailand

Arrest, detention

Fines Fines Large fines and confiscation

5 - 11 September 2013





September breeze is a blessed release! W

OOHOO! September, my second favourite month of the year. The weather is beautiful and the temperatures are comfortable rather than being smothered under a blanket of hot air. It feels as if my brain has been released from a cage after August. The summer temperatures get so oppressive and exhausting don’t they? September is full of possibilities: the breeze returns and it’s like a second chance at January. This is the month that school starts back, and with that comes shopping for felt tip pens, sharpened pencils and squeaky clean school bags. The delicious possibility that comes from a clean page in a brand new notebook. I love that. As well as the new school year we have some excellent fiestas in Mallorca and things really start moving again for the residents.

THE WINE FAIR: The annual grape harvest festival.

Vicki Mcleod

Family Matters Mallorca

To my knowledge coming up we have the LACE lunch on September 18, the Google Business Photos launch on September 19 in the afternoon, and there is the Palma Nit de L’Art that evening.

We’ve got the 41 Club coffee morning in aid of the Macmillan cancer charity on the morning of the 27th and then the Mood Night of Art that same day. Then there’s all the activities going on at Sa Taronja in Andratx. Do you know about them? Go and find them at There’s Oktoberfest to look forward to, and the Balearic Mountain Rally, The Supper Club networking, a new Comedy Club in Calvia,

more performances by Isla Theatre in Palma. For local fiestas check out Santa Ponsa, Arta, and Montuiri, or the Bunyola Music Festival. Then the Autumn fiestas in Mallorca turn and become almost entirely focused on food, which is fine with me. Have you ever made it to the Binissalem Festa des Vermar? The wine fair. Doesn’t that sound lovely? It’s the annual grape harvest festival. I’ve lived in Mallorca since

2004 and I have never managed to get to this festival which sounds fantastic. It starts at the end of September so there’s plenty of time to get organised and get over there. I want to be in the Grape Battle, where everyone chucks grapes at each other, and I would love to compete in the grape crushing competitions as well. The last day of the festival is in the square where there is a giant puppets’ parade and free wine tastings. Yummy. Then we’re into October and the harvest fiestas begin. We can look forward to the fiesta of the sausage, agricultural fairs, the sweet fair in Esporles. If you want to add any events then you can leave a comment on Lots to look forward to: those slow Sundays where time seems to stall and all there is to do is cook a roast dinner and build a fire in the wood burner, snuggle down and watch Antiques Roadshow whilst eating cheese and biscuits on your lap. Sigh.

The big 18th century problem that is still causing trouble 300 years later WHAT now with Gibraltar? Guardia Civil scuba divers tying the Spanish national flag to the artificial reef that was created by dropping 74 concrete blocks off The Rock and into the sea. Whitehall responding with outrage at such a blatant breach of British sovereignty. Spanish Customs tightening the stranglehold on the border crossing, threatening to charge arbitrary crossing fees. But it’s nothing new. Bruce Walbran The Rock dropped into the possession of the English Crown by way of the Treaty Of Utrecht, signed in July of Bruce - a former UK career linguist - has studied 1713; that’s 300 years ago national history and culture almost to the month in for years. THE ROCK: Colonial leftover? A Spanish resident for two relation to the start of the decades, he lives in Alfaz present dispute. He settled on Gibraltar. regain control of The Rock, but to no avail. del Pi, near Benidorm. Coincidence? Two days of bombardment Military assaults, sieges, diplomatic and Anyway, the treaty put an later and the mainly economic pressure, all repulsed by that stiff end to the War of the Spanish Succession, Spanish defenders surrendered. upper lip. And now even waving flags a Europe-wide struggle for the Spanish And so began the complicated modern underwater on behalf of aggrieved Crown following the death in November of history of Gibraltar, captured by an Anglo- fishermen. 1700 of the childless Charles II of Spain. Dutch fleet in the name of an Austrian Will this periodic posturing between Enter Admiral Sir George Rooke whose Archduke who was the pretender to the Britain and Spain ever end? mandate, with his Anglo-Dutch fleet, was Spanish throne. We live amongst the somewhat farcical to attack French or Spanish coastal towns. The Spanish have repeatedly tried to leftovers of colonialism. There are 25,000

Historically Speaking!

registered British citizens living on a rock that is attached to a country of 40 million Spaniards. And the British Government refuses to discuss its sovereignty. Spain itself has two Spanish-governed, autonomous regions, Ceuta and Melilla, in North Africa. The Spanish Government, likewise, refuses to discuss their sovereignty with the Moroccan Government. The great majority of the people of Gibraltar, Ceuta and Melilla all want selfgovernance, a right granted to them in our democratic 21st century. And so we are at a post-colonial impasse between belligerent governments who are getting nowhere. So it appears that any possible solution or progression towards shared sovereignty can only be found around the debating table at an organisation like the United Nations - with more sweeping global influence than individual governments - set up to deal with issues like the colonial hangover. What is certain though is that no solutions will be found by posing for subaquatic pictures with your national flag and then posting them on twitter.

34 EWN

5 - 11 September 2013



Health & Beauty Visit for more reading

Shop wisely in high-heels SHOPPING in stilettos could help shoppers spend more wisely, according to research by the US Brigham Young University. Marketing professor at the university Jeffrey Larson claims his team found that when consumers’ minds are focused on staying balanced, they are more likely to consider all of their buying options and choose a mid-range product, as opposed to something high or low end. In order to examine the effect of physical balance in relation to the nature of consumer shopping, the team tested scenarios including questioning subjects on particular products whilst they played Wii Fit games,

having subjects stand on one foot whilst making a decision about a purchase or leaning back to a reclined position in a chair whilst shopping online. The study, published in the Journal of Marketing Research, found subjects focused on balancing were more likely to buy a 42-inch screen television for €340 as opposed to a bigger, more expensive model or a smaller, cheaper one. Researchers concluded the general public should be more aware of how physical elements, including balance, can influence the consumer market in the buying decisions they make.

WELL-HEELED: Shopping in stilettos could help you make a more balanced buying decision.

Smokers’ alternative to tobacco E-CIGARETTES are becoming a popular option for smokers. In the US sales are about to hit the $1 billion mark. Known as ‘vaping’, the user inhales vapourised nicotine instead of drawing in smoke from a traditional

cigarette. And that means, claim manufacturers, that many of the health problems suffered by smokers are avoided, whilst the user still gets the ‘hit’ and enjoyment of a cigarette. As there is no burning of

tobacco, many of the substances normally inhaled are not consumed. That means no tar and no carbon monoxide either, and far fewer cancer-giving carcinogens. They can help ease withdrawal symptoms as

Wasting work-out time THAT hour-long gym work-out may not actually be an hour. A survey by Harpers Fitness, a fitness chain in the UK, found that around 21 minutes of an hour’s gym session is lost by distractions like filling water bottles, chatting to others, checking text messages or even choosing music. KEEPING FIT: But distractions may cut down work-out sessions.

part of a gradual weaning off tobacco. Many retailers offer ‘stop smoking’ packages where the strength of the nicotine is gradually reduced before finally giving up. But e-cigarettes are not necessarily viewed as a way to stop smoking entirely. Most manufacturers stress they are a substitute for cigarettes. The nicotine addiction remains. Many people use them whilst still smoking cigarettes. The advantage is that they do not fall foul of anti-smoking legislation. They are perfectly legal to use in restaurants and bars where smoking is banned. Many users say they feel better with less of the unpleasant side-effects of heavy smoking, like breathlessness and bad smells.


5 - 11 September 2013



Certainly sounds like no fun THE Japanese Geisha facial treatment Uguisu no fun, consisting of Nightingale faeces certainly sounds like no fun to us, but despite the origin of the treatment its popularity it evergrowing in the western world. The treatment is said to hydrate the skin, making it feel softer and look brighter. High-end Japanese spas around the world regularly offer the faeces facial, but at a cost. The Shizuka spa in New York charges €136 for the privilege and the substance can also be purchased online but costs an average of €15 per ounce. For those worried about the smell, users on online forums have described a medicinal or musty smell and some say it doesn’t smell at all. The nightingale droppings also come from specific farms in Japan where they breed and raise birds and keep them on a very strict diet of organic seeds. The droppings are collected and sterilised with UV lights, before being dried out and ground into powder form.

The truth about sizing WHY is it that shoppers can purchase an item of clothing in one shop and be one size, but a similar item from a different shop is another size? The answer is vanity sizing, otherwise known as size inflation, which is the phenomenon behind designers or brands of clothing

having their own standard of fit for a particular size, which increases throughout the years in order to boost self-esteem and encourage consumers to buy more. So how can anyone know what size to choose? The key, according to Jennifer Baumgartner, author

of Style Rx: Dressing the Body You Have to Create the Body You Want, suggests choosing clothes according the actual size and shape of the individual rather than using standardised sizing. In her book, Jennifer recommends choosing clothing that looks to be the same shape

and size for the body of the buyer and use this as a personal sizing tool. She says: “The only way not to get hung up on the size you wear is to understand how the fashion industry works and to realise that sizes on a label are essentially useless.” The book highlights the self-esteem problem surrounding vanity sizing but urges buyers that the often found in the skin of main point to focus on is red grapes and peanuts staying true to one’s self but has never been in terms of what fits and available before in a liquid is comfortable, and not form. Users are advised to what the size is printed on the tag. take one teaspoon a day.

Can you drink yourself younger? THE latest in the fight against wrinkles and ageing is a £24.99 (€28.70) elixir. The drink is the first to contain resveratrol in liquid

form. It is described as a potent antioxidant which slows down the ageing process and has also been proven in tests on insects and mice to have anti-

BRAIN STUDY: Scientists claim breakthrough.

Major discovery in memory loss

SCIENTISTS claim a major breakthrough in determining the cause of age-related memory loss. They believe it could lead to the development of drugs to reverse the process. Researchers at Columbia University Medical Center in the US examined brains, young and old, donated from people who died without signs of neurologic disease. A certain gene in the hippocampus - the brain’s memory centre - stops working properly in older people and produces less of a key protein. That section of the brain, called the dentate gyrus, has long been suspected of being especially vulnerable to ageing. Cutting levels of the protein made healthy young rodents lose their way in mazes and perform worse on other memory tasks. However, the memory loss was reversible and boosting the protein made forgetful old mice as sharp as the youngsters again, researchers reported in Science Translational Medicine.

cancer properties. That means, claim its producers, that it could even ward off skin cancer as well as beating the wrinkles. The ingredient is

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5 - 11 September 2013


Time to bring balance to your life WELCOME to your forecast for September. Each month I write about how the moon cycles, numerology and major arcana tarot cards connected to the current month affect you. By understanding these influences, you are more able By Sally Trotman to move forward to create happier relationships, better health and a more Based in Mallorca, Sally Trotman is a qualified Counsellor who works with prosperous future... Astrology, Numerology and the Tarot. Each month she will deliver the forecast as an Endings and new intuitive tool to aid increased self beginnings: September is a awareness. time of harvest, a time to reap the rewards of the hard work you have put in over the last nine months. By ye fruits ye shall know ye Get in tune with the moon: The new roots! If this is a good harvest time for you, moon in Virgo on September 5 will bring a know that your foundations are strong and boost to your working life. This practical, congruent with what you really want. down to earth sign will help you get If you are not rewarded with the gifts organised and motivated. you desire, check that you are living your Now is a good time to address health life authentically. Is there anything you issues too. Listen to your body and know need to release so that you can make that it is communicating an important space for new beginnings in your life? message to you through aches and pains. As the trees begin to shed their leaves Balance rest with exercise and a good this month, so you have the opportunity to diet so that you have plenty of energy to release that which no longer serves you so do everything you want this month. you can truly live the life you desire and The full moon on September 19 is deserve. powerful as it is on the eve of the Autumn

NEW MOON: Will bring a boost to your working life.

Equinox. Now is the perfect time to bring your life into balance, to consider what you need more or less of and how to achieve it. Listen to your intuitive insights on this full moon as it is in the sign of Pisces. This gentle, watery sign is guiding you to live, speak and honour your truth. Rebalance your relationships: The major arcana tarot cards connected to this month are The Hermit and The Moon. The Hermit is encouraging you to spend some time alone, reflecting on the year so far. This card depicts an old man holding a

lantern. We always know deep down what it is we need in life to bring happiness and peace, so take time this month to connect to your inner wisdom. The influence of The Moon will enable you to clearly recognise what is right for you and what is not. This card helps you to reconnect with others at a deeper level. Perhaps there are words you need to communicate to those closest to you. This is the time to deepen your connection to those around you and discover the gifts that honest communication brings to your relationships. Would you like to receive a more personalised astrological forecast? Discover how the numbers in your date of birth, and placement of the planets at your time of birth, influence your relationships, career, health and home with an Astrology and Numerology Reading.

I hold one hour sessions in Palma, Mallorca, and in Watford, UK. Sessions can also be held via Skype, telephone and email. Please contact me on 674 405 464 to book an appointment or visit my website for more information.


5 - 11 September 2013




Advertising Feature

Getting the job done integrally RECENTLY, Euro Weekly News interviewed the half-Mallorcan half-English CEO of one of Mallorca’s most distinguished general contractors and real estate developers, Alex Sanso from Alex Sansó - Integral Construction. What do you mean by integral construction? It has to do with logistics. To simplify, we can say that our clients don’t need to worry about hiring and coordinating different companies to complete their project or concern themselves with problems that may arise between companies such as guarantees, budgets and time frames not being met. What problems do you see in the construction industry? Apart from the more obvious problems related to the current economic situation, a major concern has to do with the ever increasing and rapidly changing laws regarding technical building codes and security rules. Often companies are run

Before by individuals who, though highly qualified in their profession, are not able to keep up with these constantly changing regulations. We at Integral Construction put a high priority on being up-to-date with laws and regulations affecting the industry. What would you recommend to anyone who wants to build or renew a home? Don’t get discouraged. There are good companies out there. Mostly I would recommend

During using common sense and not rushing into things. What advantages do you have over other contractors? We place a high priority on integrity as well as knowledge. I have always enjoyed studying and am constantly updating my skills. I am a fully qualified and licensed electrician, plumber and air conditioning and heating installer. The API approved real estate agents course I did has also proved to be invaluable. With these skills, our company

After is able to offer clients much more than the average contractor. What type of clients do you have? An important part of our clientele are architects and engineers, most of whom we meet while working together on different projects. It is flattering when they choose us for their own projects. Like us, they like to experiment with new concepts. All of our clients are special people and we appreciate each

one of them. We always try to give them our best. How has the crisis affected you? Looking at it from a positive perspective, I can say that it has certainly given me extra time to spend with my beautiful wife and daughters. After all, the goal of any businessman is to be able to spend time doing what you love with those you love most. 619 960 119

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5 - 11 September 2013 Mallorca

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Time Out

Mallorca weather

NEW ON DVD Costa del Sol alert by police.

Iron Man 3










Y our S tars

Jesus Vazquez is a Spanish TV presenter. He started his career at age 25 in Spanish TV channel Telecinco and has been linked to it ever since. He is known for hosting the Spanish version of The Voice and his charity work.

AQUARIUS (January 21 - February 19) Your lot is to be optimistic and positive. Perhaps in the last few months there was the need to take on the problems of others. However, you absolutely must get a balance here.

weeks. This feeling has been one of spirituality. Your thoughts have been deeper than usual and the sense that there is more to life is acute. TAURUS (April 21 - May 21) In the last few weeks there may have been a sense of being not quite in control. That is something to deal with this week. Real progress will only be made when you have faced what is not wanted.

PISCES (February 20 - March 20) Your very nature can lead to internal struggles. In the coming months, however, the truth becomes clear. What is outside of your experience now will become a part of your make-up.

GEMINI (May 22 - June 21) You are a great charmer but it is possible to have too much of a good thing. Is there the possibility that your romantic life needs tidying up? Perhaps the number of irons that you have in the fire is causing problems?

ARIES (March 21 - April 20) There has been a very strong feeling through these last few

CANCER (June 22 - July 23) The ever-inquisitive part of your brain is in high spirits. Clearly there is much to be known and enjoyed over the coming months. Begin at the beginning though. Before you throw yourself into a spiritual or business endeavour, get the facts.

HOW TO PLAY Fill the grid so that every row, every column and every 3X3 box contains the digits 1-9. There’s no maths involved. You solve the puzzle with reasoning and logic.


LEO (July 24 - August 23) Certainly there have been times that you felt crestfallen. Sometimes circumstances bring us down. Avoid believing in the myth of ʻwhat should have beenʼ. What you are is not what others see but what you feel inside.

Saturday August 31








Saturday August 31

Saturday August 31


10 34














EURO MILLIONS Friday August 30



17 36

25 45




Fri Sat Sun -



Mon - 27 20 Cl Tues - 26 21 S Wed - 27 21 S

28 21 Th 27 21 Sh 27 19 S

Fri Sat Sun -


Fri Sat Sun -

26 20 Th 26 20 Th 26 19 Cl

Fri Sat Sun -

Mon - 27 20 Cl Tues - 27 21 S Wed - 27 21 S


MAX 31C, MIN 15C



Fri Sat Sun -

Mon - 25 18 S Tues - 25 19 S Wed - 26 19 S

27 17 Th 26 16 Cl 25 17 Cl



MAX 27C, MIN 18C


28 12 Cl 26 11 Sh 23 12 Cl

Mon - 27 13 Sh Tues - 27 14 S Wed - 29 14 S

Murcia MAX 29C, MIN 20C


Fri Sat Sun -


29 21 Th 27 19 Sh 27 20 S



Mallorca TODAY:



Mon - 25 17 Cl Tues - 27 20 C Wed - 27 20 S


Fri Sat Sun -


Mon - 27 23 S Tues - 27 23 S Wed - 29 23 S

27 22 C 27 22 C 27 22 S


MAX 27C, MIN 20C

Malaga TODAY:

MAX 30C, MIN 23C


Barcelona TODAY:


30 21 Cl 27 19 Sh 27 19 Sh S Sun,



Cl Clear,


Mon - 26 18 Sh Tues - 27 19 Cl Wed - 29 19 S

Fri Sat Sun Fog,

Sn Snow,

28 18 Cl 25 15 Sh 26 16 S C Cloud,

Average: 10 Good: 13


Mon - 25 16 S Tues - 26 17 S Wed - 27 18 S Sh Showers,

Th Thunder

How many English words of four letters or more can you make from the nine letters in our Nonagram puzzle? Each letter may be used only once (unless the letter appears twice). Each word MUST CONTAIN THE CENTRE LETTER (in this case M) and there must be AT LEAST ONE NINE LETTER WORD. Plurals, vulgarities or proper nouns are not allowed.


Very good: 18 Excellent: 22

LAST WEEK’S SOLUTION agin, ergo, gain, gait, gate, gean, gear, gent, girn, giro, gnat, goat, goer, gone, gore, gran, grin, grit, grot, ogre, rage, rang, ring, tang, ting, toga, tong, trig, agent, agone, anger, argon, argot, ergot, gator, genii, giant, goner, grain, grant, grate, great, griot, groan, groat, groin, ingot, orang, organ, range, reign, tango, tiger, tigon, tinge, airing, argent, earing, eating, gainer, gaiter, garnet, goiter, goitre, gratin, ignite, ignore, oaring, onager, orange, origin, rating, regain, region, tiring, toerag, triage, trigon, granite, igniter, ingrate, negator, orating, rioting, tangier, tearing, tiering, rigatoni, ORIGINATE

Word ladder







Alicante TODAY:


CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 20) Your practical streak is in full force. Over the next months you will bring much benefit to those around you, in financial terms perhaps, but also spiritually.





Saturday August 31

Sunday September 1











1 18


Move from the start word (GEAR) to the end word (HATS) in the same number of steps as there are rungs on the Word Ladder. You must only change one letter at a time.

12 39





IF ITʼS YOUR BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK: There may still be an element of letting opportunities slip through your fingers. Is this because you are not used to making that really intense effort? You aren’t called upon to do it often, but it is well worth it.

SCORPIO (October 24 - November 22) With a lot of pent-up energy and not a little determination the month is off to a strong start with you. Be aware, however, that treading on the toes of influential people is not to be advised.

1. According to the Italian writer Carlo Collodi, which famous character was created by a woodcarver named Geppetto in a small Italian village, he was made as a wooden puppet, but dreamed of becoming a real boy? 2. Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator was the sequel to which 1964 children’s novel by Roald Dahl? 3. Created by the American writer Dr Seuss, what is the name of the bitter, grouchy, cave-dwelling creature with a heart ‘two sizes too small’, who lives on snowy Mount Crumpit, a steep high mountain just north of Whoville, home of the merry and warm-hearted Whos? 4. In which fairy tale does a young lad living with his widowed mother sell their milk cow to an old man he meets who offers ‘magic beans’ in exchange for the animal? 5. ‘Make Good Use of Bad Rubbish’ is the environmentallyfriendly message of which fictional creatures?




SAGITTARIUS (November 23 December 21) You of all people understand the importance of the spiritual side of life. Despite being successful in your own right there is the need to bring this to other people. In sharing your experiences this year you come to a better understanding yourself.






LIBRA (September 24 - October 23) It becomes clear to you that some friends are drifting away. We all have to make changes as life itself is a constantly shifting event. You prefer to hold on to what is familiar and you are not alone in that. At the moment, however, there is much for you to experience, see and feel.

5-star quiz



Last week’s EWN Costa del Sol edition front page.


VIRGO (August 24 - September 23) The changes that have already started in the way that you see your life have given pause for thought. You are sure that you could have done better but maybe it is not clear how. Take a step back now and see where you came from. Two years ago where were you heading?

for next 7 days


When multimillionaire playboy Tony Stark finds his personal world destroyed at his enemy’s hands, he embarks on a harrowing quest to find those responsible. With his back against the wall, Stark is left to survive by his own devices, relying on his ingenuity and instincts to protect those close to him from his most powerful enemy yet, the Mandarin. Starring Robert Downey Jr, Guy Pearce, Gwyneth Paltrow and Ben Kingsley. Directed by Shane Black. Runtime 130 minutes. Rated 12.



5 - 11 September 2013



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CRYPTIC Across 1 Miser finds it more difficult to keep nothing hidden (7) 5 Mistakes made on the cricket field (5) 8 White-collar workers? (7) 9 Panic from the Bengal Armyʼs ranks (5) 10 Promise unusual wares (5) 11 The demolished place is exceptional (7) 12 Dishes spelt a different way (6) 14 Prison guards put eight in ship (6) 17 Indefinite as an item in the press (7) 19 Dan is split between the ship and the beach (5) 22 Claim to be a period picture (5) 23 First Italy, then Northern Ireland reversed it, American law (7) 24 Stage is redesigned for The Doors (5) 25 Compositions from Stonesʼ new leader (7) Down 1 Oriental jumps around with expectations (5) 2 Stand up for a wage increase (5) 3 Be entitled to take back food given to? (7) 4 Is getting in support to stand oneʼs ground (6) 5 A point to a story, kept too long (5) 6 Suppose Iʼm a soldier (American, born French) (7) 7 A politician attends 21 Down to obtain such specimens (7) 12 Vegetable king is reaching the top (7) 13 Pull a ton over large area of land (7)

QUICK Across 7 Courteous (6) 8 Scandinavian kingdom (6) 9 Magnitude (4) 10 Mercy (8) 11 Bewilder (7) 13 Large black bird (5) 15 Runs away (5) 17 Daydream (7) 20 Small parrot (8) 21 Cleansing agent (4) 22 Calm (6) 23 Respite (6)

The clues are mixed, some clues are in Spanish and some are in English. Across 1 Cousin (5) 3 Píldoras (5) 5 Us (3) 7 Ticket collector (7) 9 Cerca (indicando proximidad) (4) 10 Dátil (4) 13 Glance (at object) (7) 14 Esquí (3) 15 Suizo (5) 16 Waves (in sea, lake) (5)

Down 1 Navajas (9) 2 Another (4) 3 Turkey (bird) (4) 4 Cirugías (9) 6 Estrellas (5) 8 Asientos (muebles) (5) 11 Country (nation) (4) 12 Wolf (4)

Co d e B r e a ke r 15 Protect confused cousin Henry (7) 16 Exceptional person one encountered in class (6) 18 Mating game? (5) 20 The sound of a piano is excruciating (5) 21 Old Bobʼs ales are for after Christmas events (5)

LAST WEEK’S SOLUTIONS CRYPTIC Across: 1 Officer, 5 Beta, 8 Large, 9 Tasting, 11 Cuba, 12 Sandwich, 15 Valet, 16 Delft, 19 Assailed, 21 Pull, 23 Cowpoke, 25 Ernes, 26 Keen, 27 Hacksaw.

Down 1 Constabulary (6) 2 Long walk (4) 3 Educator (7) 4 Pale-faced (5) 5 Applicable (8) 6 Save from disaster (6) 12 Ready (8) 14 Manufacturing plant (7) 16 Departs (6) 18 Afraid (6) 19 Flat (5) 21 Brood moodily (4)

Down: 2 Forebears, 3 Item, 4 Entrap, 5 Bit, 6 Tunic, 7 Place, 10 Sadder, 13 Influenza, 14 Medico, 17 Geneva, 18 Blast, 20 Stoke, 22 Desk, 24 Pen. QUICK Across: 1 Arrogant, 6 Ugly, 8 Inns, 9 Original, 10 Queen's Counsel, 11 Team, 13 Stay, 17 Vacuum cleaner, 20 Demijohn, 21 Near, 22 Hare, 23 Hesitant. Down: 2 Run out, 3 Obscene, 4 Atoms, 5 Tailors, 6 Union, 7 Leader, 12 Mammoth, 14 Against, 15 Camera, 16 Remain, 18 Unite, 19 Links.


Each number in the Code Breaker grid represents a different letter of the alphabet. In this week’s puzzle, 25 represents C and 3 represents T, so fill in C every time the figure 25 appears and T every time the figure 3 appears. Now, using your knowledge of the English language, work out which letters should go in the missing squares. As you discover the letters, fill in other squares with the same number in the main grid and the control grid.

Hexagram The purpose of the Hexagram puzzle is to place the 19 six-letter words into the 19 cells. The letters at the edges of interlocking cells MUST BE THE SAME. The letters in the words must be written CLOCKWISE. The word in cell 10 (PRINCE) and one letter in four other cells are given as clues.

ENGLISH-SPANISH Across: 1 Madrastra, 7 Sheep, 8 Antes, 9 Peine, 10 Kings, 11 Creer, 12 Ujier, 14 Sweetcorn.


Down: 1 Más, 2 Dieciseis, 3 Apple tree, 4 Tracksuit, 5 Autentico, 6 Vasos, 9 Pecho, 13 Ron.


Quote Unscramble the name of a famous professional golfer: MILK HELPS ICON Unscramble the name of a popular type of biscuit (two words): LOVED EGOISTIC CHEAT

Play on Words W W I I R E E S S

‘ ‘


You've gotta dance like there’s nobody watching, Love like you’ll never be hurt, Sing like there’s nobody listening, And live like it’s heaven on earth.’ William W. Purkey (1929 - ), US author.


WORLD Women’s wit THE I’m selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I

Answers: Cross wires; On top of the world



make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best. Marilyn Monroe (1926-1962), US actress, model, and singer.


LAST WEEK’S SOLUTION 1 Tricks, 2 Waited, 3 Tumble, 4 Packed, 5 Resort, 6 Labour, 7 Pamper, 8 Island, 9 Aflame, 10 Points, 11 Listen, 12 Assure, 13 Render, 14 Scared, 15 Steeds, 16 Escort, 17 Usable, 18 Oyster, 19 Thread


40 EWN


5 - 11 September 2013 Mallorca

Lack of jobs - not spirit - to blame! Do you feel that many of the young who are out of work in Spain lack the true grit to get jobs, as indicated for their counterparts in a UK-based report?


INDING work for the young is a tough challenge in Spain, and though some jobless are not as hungry as they might be to find employment, the economic situation is making life very difficult for them, according to many expatriates. Meanwhile, a UK government minister has revealed that almost half of Britain’s jobless aged 1624 are not seeking work and are classed as economically inactive. Katherine Pate and Patricia Johnston, two retirees who now work as charity shop volunteers in Arroyo de la Miel on the Costa del Sol, feel that rather than showing true grit, the current working climate in Spain makes finding work a struggle for young people. “I think it’s very difficult for young people in Spain, according to what you hear in the news,” said Katherine. “A lot of the young ones don’t have any money and the parents don’t have any money. That’s why a lot of them go to England to find jobs.”

AMY REALEY: Students are graduating, yet struggling to find work. Patricia agrees. “I think young people find it very difficult to find jobs. I think the government could do a bit more to get them out working, even volunteering, anything to gain experience.” Amy Realey, a 20-year-old student nurse from the UK on holiday in Torrevieja on the Costa Blanca, says finding work is difficult for young people everywhere as there “is not much work out there, anywhere. Some friends have finished university

KATHERINE PATE and PATRICIA JOHNSTON: Young should have more help to gain experience.

STREET TALK but can’t get work within their degree subjects so work in bars, etc.” Amy’s mother Alison agrees: “I’m not sure what the situation is

KATIE FORREST: The economic crisis is the problem in Spain, not the attitude of the young. like with Spanish youngsters, but I wouldn’t want to be starting out again. People are studying hard yet having to take menial jobs.” Katie Forrest who lives on the Costa del Sol blames the economic crisis - not the lack of grit among youngsters - for high enemployment. “I think they’re trying to get work but there’s nothing. The crisis has hit Spain worse than anywhere else, shops are closing, people are taking things out of bins, and it’s awful.”

Matt Taylor, a roofer from the Scottish borders visiting his holiday home in Formentera del Segura in Costa Blanca believes young people in Spain are more likely to go out and find work. “Youngsters here are different, they seem better behaved and more family orientated and if they get a job hold it and work hard.” But John Poole who runs a kitchen fitting business on the Costa Blanca disagrees, saying the general attitude towards work is not what it used to be. “Kids these days are too distracted by computers and television. They seem to think work will just fall on their laps. In my day you had to work and work hard to survive. There is always work if you work hard enough to find it.” And Roy Groves of Torre in Almeria feels although things are tough, in the main those that really want to work can find jobs. “Some Spanish I know have taken unpaid jobs just to get work experience.”

42 EWN

5 - 11 September 2013




Mallorca’s best guide for local restaurants


Advertising Feature

A warm welcome with open arms at Bar Rosita’s


AR ROSITA’S, in Calvia Village, is owned by Tony Roig and Ann Colllins. It is a family run bar-restaurant where everyone is welcomed with open arms, by native Spaniard Tony, who speaks fluent

English, and his partner Ann. They have many years experience in bars and restaurants in Mallorca and in the UK and cater for regulars who visit again and again from Calvia, Magaluf, Santa

Ponsa and Palma Nova, as well as many who come to the bar especially when they are in Mallorca on holiday. The bar is always happy to welcome new and returning clients. All the food is homecooked and prepared on

FAMILY RUN: You are guaranteed a fresh and tasty meal every visit. the premises, so you are guaranteed a fresh and tasty meal every time. It is also a great venue for

private parties. Bar Rosita’s do homecooked Sunday Roast and there is a Fish and Chip night on a Friday. All freshly made - no packets and no ready-made gravy! Open Monday Saturday (except Wednesday) from 9am to 3pm and from 6pm til late, and on Sunday from midday until 7pm.

Closed Wednesday. They currently have special offers including ‘Two for One Tuesdays,’ and can offer parties with free buffets.

To find out more about this, call 662 204 859, see their Facebook page as.calvia or follow them on Twitter, BarRosita’s Calvia@BarRositaCalvia.

OWNERS: Tony Roig and Ann Collins.

VISITORS: Always happy to welcome old and new.

44 EWN

5 - 11 September 2013



Homes &Gardens

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Start to prepare the garden for Christmas O

NE of the joys of having a property in Spain is the pleasure of experiencing a colourful garden at Christmas. A garden that motivates you to sit out and enjoy the winter sun and perhaps also to work on the garden in conditions that are often more like spring than the middle of winter. There are five main things to be done to ensure you achieve this. 1. Resist doing the major annual garden cut back in the autumn as you would have done in Northern Europe.

Dick Handscombe

Gardening Corner

By Spain’s best known expatriate gardening author living in Spain for 25 years.

2. Throughout the autumn aim to prolong the flowering of existing perennials and shrubs by continuously deadheading as soon as flowers die. 3. Stimulate the early flowering of shrubs and trees that often do not

flower until early to mid January. 4. If your garden is not already fully planted plant some of the shrubs and trees listed below. 5. Purchase a selection of plants in flower just before Christmas. These can be for any areas of the garden. Listed below are some of the garden plants that can be in flower at Christmas. Xmas flowering trees The strawberry tree (arbutus unedo) which has bright red fruits to brighten a corner of the garden. The fruits are edible but we

prefer to leave them as a winter treat for wild birds. The galan de noche that might be persuaded to pump out its heavy perfume on Christmas eve. Another tree is the justice tree which can be covered with large bunches of attractive white flowers throughout December. Shrubs Lantanas are reliable in most gardens and also hibiscus in warmer spots. Likewise roses if they have been deadheaded, watered and fed during the autumn. In a warm corner poinsettias up to two metres in height can be the perfect replacement for a garden Christmas tree. Climbing Shrubs Bougainvilleas, bignonias, blue and white solanums and the perfumed white and yellow varieties of jasmines can produce some of the most spectacular year end displays. Succulents Several succulents can come into flower around Xmas, notably the red hot poker aloes, aeoniums with their bright yellow spires and various Xmas cacti. Winter annuals The most reliable for colourful displays are the seasonal pansies, busy lizzies, stocks, wallflowers and also petunias which are now available almost all the year round. Christmas bulbs Our favourites include pots of specimen amaryllis and hyacinths, and in warm corners of rockeries anenomies, crocuses, miniature daffodils and freesias. Š Dick Handscombe September 2013

46 EWN


5 - 11 September 2013



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Liberty Seguros

Because important matters such as car or home insurance, require cover from a reputable company

LUCKILY most of us never suffer the large losses that everyone worries about, and people generally have very little experience in dealing with larger claims. Those that do, however, might be in for unpleasant surprises, with insurance companies creating problems or delays for unsuspecting policyholders. That’s why it is so important to make sure you choose a reputable insurer from the outset, with not just Spanish or UK, but GLOBAL support. Liberty Seguros forms part of the Liberty Mutual group, one of the world’s leading insurance and financial services companies, who has been protecting the past and future of millions of people

A WORLD LEADER: Protecting the past and future of millions of people. across five continents and who recently celebrated its

100th anniversary! People build their lives on

Liberty’s promises and Liberty keeps them, as well

as giving you peace of mind knowing that they can always meet their financial obligations, now and in the future. Employing over 50,000 people worldwide, their brokers understand like no other that by treating customers well, strong and long-lasting relationships are built. Go to to find a broker near you. They can give you personal advice on which cover best suits your family situation, in Spanish, English, German, Dutch and Scandinavian languages.

Advertising Feature

Autumn and winter specials now available at the Snooker Bistro AFTER a busy summer preparing new seating areas, our fabulous grill will now be offering an autumn and winter season with plenty of choice and new ideas. Over the seven years we are proud to say we have built up a fabulous reputation for the best food for miles around. This is mainly due to our head chef Michel Torque and his ability to produce amazingly addictive food. Everything is carefully selected, freshly cooked and the presentation a ‘wow’ factor. Our main aim is to cater for all tastes and all budgets, whether you need a few quick tapas or a romantic fine dining experience. This stylish and elegant establishment is not what one expects hidden away in a small town. The interior holds the unexpected too, well designed and purposely built with comfortable and welcoming details. Only when inside will you realise that the snooker table at the rear is a small part of our assets.

SNOOKER: Just a small part of what is on offer. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday our three course lunch 13h/16h (starting Friday September 3) Evening specials 18h/23h Friday all day fish and chips with fresh cod (starting Friday September 6) Saturday Barbecue all you can eat 18,50 (available soon) Sunday roast served all day THIS SUNDAY

STYLISH: Well designed, is comfortable and welcoming.

Michel’s famous mussels are always available, sometimes native from the Mediterranean or imported from Belgium. Whether you have them marine style or in Pernod they make a great snack or a feast with chips and mayonnaise. The Snooker Bistro menu entices you with fillet steak wrapped in bacon with red wine sauce or oven baked sea bass. If you still have room try our home-made

desserts, Belgian chocolate mousse or lemon cheesecake. Open Tuesday - Sunday 1pm-11pm all winter and over Christmas and New Year. Festive menu is out now! You will be welcome for every occasion from a special party or just a drink. Snooker Bistro Gran Via 49 El Toro. Call 971 234 168 to reserve or for more information.


5 - 11 September 2013



BIGGEST story of the summer transfer market in world football was undoubtedly the signing of Gareth Bale by Real Madrid in a €100 million deal. But the big question on many people’s lips is where do they get the money from? At a time when Spain is still struggling in the depths of economic gloom, unemployment stands at 26.3 per cent and millions of people are struggling after deep government spending cutbacks the message sent is clear: Real Madrid does not do austerity. But the headline figure of Bale’s €100 million cost, plus €300,000 a week wages for six years does not tell the full story. The sale of Mesut Ozil to Arsenal on the same day immediately recouped €50 million of the outlay, and got one of the club’s biggest earners off the books. In fact, whilst Madrid have paid out a total of €163.5 million on players including Malaga’s young star Isco (€30 million) and Asier Illarramendi (also €30 million) from Real Sociedad, they have received €114.5 million from player sales. Gonzalo Higuain’s move to Napoli raked in €37 million,

Figures that add up to a Bale full of money and whilst Brazilian star Kaka has gone for nothing to AC Milan, he is another big earner off the books. Whilst Madrid’s net outlay over the summer has been a still respectable €51 million, it is very much manageable for the richest club in the world. That is the mantle it has taken over from Manchester United. Figures in August showed annual revenues for Madrid passed the €500 million mark, AFFORDABLE: Real Madrid’s record-breaking signing, Gareth Bale.

the first time any club has achieved that. The latest Deloitte Money League report calculated that Madrid had seen a rise of 11 per cent in revenues to €512.6 million. Since those figures were collated, Madrid have signed a new shirt sponsorship deal worth 30 per cent more at €30 million a year. With figures like that it becomes clear how Madrid can afford a player for €100 million, though whether any player is worth that amount is a question many people on the street may wonder about. Wo See Back Page rk s_

Shu tter sto ck.c om

What could €100 million pay for?

Approximately 3,700 nurses for a year (average cost €27,000 each) 100 million small glasses of beer 40,899 magnums of Cristal Roederer Rose vintage Champagne at Marbella Beach Club (€2,445) 12.5 million menus del dia (at €8) 446,428 of the world’s most expensive burger (€224 from Serendipity 3, New York) 7,250 Ford Focus Trends (€13,820) 4 Ferrari Spyders. One 1967 model has just sold for a record €20.7 million 396 average priced homes in Spain (€252,500 - source Kyero) 1.74 El Cielos – the most expensive home in Spain (€57.4 million) 12 Learjet 70 executive jets (€8.35 million)

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THE UK’s love affair with Spain continues unabated as UK holidaymakers accounted for nearly a quarter of all international visitors so far this year. This is the highest number in almost two decades, according to the latest data from Frontur, the Spanish Tourism Ministry’s statistics agency. Marc Pritchard, Sales and Marketing Manager for Taylor Wimpey España commented: “This confidence has also extended to the property market as visitors look to make their stay more permanent in favourite holiday destinations across Spain.”

Government property put up for sale THE economic crisis is forcing the Spanish Government to find new ways to raise funds. The Ministry of Defence has put out for public auction nearly 30 commercial premises located in Madrid. The sale of these premises could result in a profit of more than €5 million for the Spanish Government, according to an announcement made by Defence Minister Pedro Morenes. The Housing, Infrastructures and Defence Equipment Institute (Invied) will carry out the auction following a

closed envelope system and will accept proposals from September 12 to 27. Dimensions of the premises range from 25.5 square metres for the smallest, to 411 square metres. Most of them are located in the Retiro district of Madrid. The most expensive one can be found in Guzman el Bueno street, with a starting price of €684,000. ON SALE: The Spanish Ministry of Defence is selling premises to raise funds.

Water tanks on the rise TURNING elevated water tanks into luxury residential towers has become an interesting practice in the UK In the last 10 years more than seven of these water tanks have been refurbished and turned into holiday homes located on the outskirts of the cities. Now this trend is going abroad with water tank houses in Berlin and Australia. Architecture studios are normally behind these refurbishments as they see an interesting market niche and use these peculiar houses to display their creativity. The coming of city water systems gradually set aside elevated water tanks until they were eventually abandoned. In order to get rid of them, English authorities have been auctioning these water tanks, together with the adjacent land, since the late 1990s. Architects have used these abandoned structures ever since to let their creativity flow. They claim elevated water tanks are highly energy efficient as they were


Spain still a draw

HOUSE IN THE CLOUDS: Iconic water tank house located in Suffolk. originally built to resist extreme temperatures and last for many years.

Fewer mortgages agreed JUST 115,895 mortgages were granted in Spain during the first six months of 2013. This same number of mortgages was granted in just one month in 2006, when the property market was at its peak. In June, only 14,053 people signed up for a mortgage, the lowest figure since 1995, according to the Spanish National Institute of Statistics (INE). With the Euribor at 0.5 per cent, these mortgages had an interest rate of 4.4 per cent, which is above 2006 figures. An average mortgage in 2006 was for €140,179 to be paid in 25 years with a variable interest rate of 3.91 per cent. In June this year, mortgages averaged €97,495 to be paid in 21.7 years, said INE.

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Spain will make new Ford S-Max F

ORD has revealed the new S-Max concept. It is a new sport activity vehicle that will be produced at the manufacturer’s factory in Almusafes (Valencia) from the first third of 2015. The new S-Max Concept employs the latest Ford global design language with a high mounted grille, swept-back headlamps and an exclusive treatment of the vehicle’s lower fascia. And the original S-Max profile has been honed with the front bonnet sweeping into the front screen, which in turn flows into the arc of the roof to create a unique glass roof graphic.

This silhouette surrounds a spacious and versatile interior that offers anything from four-to seven-seat configurations. Further exterior design cues include a feature line running along the side of the vehicle and distinctive headlamps featuring Organic LED. The S-Max Concept interior is an expression of design, convenience, connectivity, flexibility, and craftsmanship say the manufacturers. The front cabin places the focus firmly on the driver. Shapes and forms combine in a high-set instrument panel that cuts

back in the centre console. High quality materials give the interior a sophisticated aura, Ford claims. The Ford S-Max Concept also employs Ford features and technologies to provide customers with new levels of connectivity and wellbeing as well as safety, convenience, and driving appeal. The concept car features the all-new 1.5-litre

EcoBoost petrol engine with turbocharging, twinindependent variable camshaft timing and further advanced technologies to enhance power and fuel economy. The Ford SYNC system sits at the heart of the vehicle’s advanced connectivity features. Ford SYNC delivers wireless

Jaguar updates its luxurious sport saloon THE 2014 model year Jaguar XJ is the latest in a long line from the luxury car maker.

The sports saloon incorporates enhanced features to create a contemporary Jaguar. The Jaguar XJ is offered with a choice of a 2.0-litre 4-cylinder i4 turbocharged petrol engine, diesel and supercharged petrol 3.0litre V6 engines and four 5.0-litre V8 petrol engines, one normally aspirated and three supercharged. These engines are mated to Jaguar’s eight-speed automatic gearbox which offers a broad spread of

internet access for passengers, supported by a tablet docking station that allows second row occupants to integrate their personal devices into the vehicle. SYNC also enables additional features to improve health and wellbeing, including a heart

SPANISH FLAVOUR: The new Ford S-Max Concept will be produced in Valencia. rate and glucose level monitoring systems. Sophisticated communications and sensor systems provide the SMax Concept with detailed information about the driving environment, to enhance awareness and safety.

CONTEMPORARY: XJ has a modern vibe. ratios for a combination of smooth-shifting, economy and driver control. The 2014 XJ, available later this year from €98,950, features a range of enhanced interior features focused on the rear cabin of the car resulting in the most accomplished Jaguar luxury saloon, according to the manufacturer. The rear passenger compartment of the 2014 LWB car includes two individual ‘airline style’

reclining seats which both feature cushion and squab adjustment, three massage programmes, lumbar adjustment and two memory settings for each seat. The new centre armrest, which can be stowed in the upright position to allow the use of the centre seat, houses all the seat controls as well as the Front Seat Activation button which allows control of the front passenger seat from the rear.


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Mallorca’s best guide to local sport


Premiership big money transfer deals From Back Page Here are some of the signings made by PL clubs: Mesut Ozil, Real Madrid to Arsenal, £42.4m (€50m) Marouane Fellaini, Everton to Man Utd, £27.5m (€32.45m) Mamadou Sakhou, PSG to Liverpool, £18m (€21.28m)

James McCarthy, Wigan to Everton, £13m (€15.34m) Tiago Ilori, Sporting Lisbon to Liverpool, £7m (€8.27m) Libor Kozak, Lazio to Aston Villa, £7m (€8.27m) Stephane Sessegnon, Sunderland to WBA, £6m (€7.09m) Victor Anichebe, Everton

Miserable start MALLORCA stay rooted to the bottom of the table after a miserable start to the season. They have leaked seven goals and are yet to score. In their last match they lost 3-0 to Sporting Gijon, who are in second place in the league. Next game is at home to AD Alcorcon on Saturday, kick off 6pm.

to WBA, £5m (€5.9m) Peter Odemwingie, WBA to Cardiff City, £2.25m (€2.66m) Lee Camp, Norwich City to WBA (Free transfer) Loan deals - Romelu Lukaku, Chelsea to Everton; Gareth Barry, Manchester City to Everton; Morgan Amaltifano, Marseille to WBA; Stephen Ireland, Aston Villa to Stoke City; Victor Moses, Chelsea to Liverpool. TENNIS - We are now well into the second week of the US Open Championships at Flushing Meadows and at the time of going to print, 2012 winner Andy Murray was still going strong, as were Rafael Nadal and Novak

US OPEN: Andy Murray hoping for a place in the final. Djokovic. Roger Federer was beaten in the fourth round by Spain’s Tommy Robredo. In the women’s section, four-time and defending champion Serena Williams is also powering along towards the final.

MOTOGP - It was yet again a Spain 1-2-3 as Marc Marquez’s run of four straight MotoGP victories came to an end last Sunday when he was beaten on the last lap of the British Grand Prix at Silverstone by fellow countryman Jorge Lorenzo.

In third place came Dani Pedroa with Alvaro Bautista fifth, split by the evergreen ‘Doctor’ Valentino Rossi. GB rider Cal Crutchlow finished a disappointing seventh. RUGBY LEAGUE Huddersfield Giants thrashed hapless Wakefield 40-0 to win the Super League Shield for the first time in 81 years. SPORT IN GENERAL Phil Jones and Wayne Rooney (Man United) and Liverpool’s Glen Johnson have all pulled out of the England squad ahead of the forthcoming World Cup qualifiers against Moldova and Ukraine.... And Usain Bolt won the latest 100m race in the Diamond League meeting in Zurich.


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5 - 11 September 2013

TOMORROW (Friday) night, a full house of around 90,000 will watch England play Moldova in a vital World Cup qualifier at Wembley Stadium. Elsewhere around Europe, Wales visit Macedonia, Scotland play Belgium, the Republic of Ireland entertain Sweden and Northern Ireland play Portugal... the men’s and women’s US Open tennis championship finals take place on Saturday and Sunday... the European Equestrian event is being

Tony Matthews

International Sport A former football player and the world’s most prolific author of football books (more than 100 published), Tony is also the sports reporter for Spectrum Radio and lives in the Cabrera mountains. Costa de Almerí a

held in Malmo, Sweden... the world archery championships are in progress in Nottingham... and this weekend motor racing fans will flock to Monza for the Italian Grand Prix where Lewis Hamilton will be aiming to repeat last year’s victory. Sergio Perez was second and Fernando Alonso third in 2012. FOOTBALL - Liverpool making their best start to a League season for 19 years - are top of the Premiership after beating arch-rivals Manchester United 1-0 at Anfield last weekend, Daniel Sturridge scoring the fourth minute winner.

At The Emirates, Arsenal won the North London derby by the same score against Spurs, Giroud bagging the only goal. Elsewhere last weekend, there were away PL wins for Swansea and Stoke City, and home triumphs for Manchester City, Newcastle, Norwich and Crystal Palace. WBA prop up the PL with no points and no goals! Blackpool (Championship), Leyton Orient (League 1), Chesterfield (League 2) and Inverness CT (SPL) lead their respective Divisions. Transfer Update Including the €100 million fee surrounding Gareth Bale’s move to Spain, a record £606 million (€716 million) was spent before the transfer window closed on Monday evening. Turn to Page 55


England face Moldova in World Cup qualifier


Madrid get their man

GARETH BALE has been unveiled as a Real Madrid player following a reported record €100 million deal to 20,000 fans at the Bernabeu stadium. The player, who has left England’s Tottenham Hotspur, went through the formality of a fitness test before he was officially presented to the fans and media as the latest ‘galactico’ to join Madrid . The 24-year-old Welshman has joined superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, the previous transfer fee record holder, to provide what could be a fearsome duel wing partnership. Madrid have declared the sale to be worth around €93 million in a bid to keep Ronaldo’s status as their most expensive player ever. He cost them €94 million when he joined from Manchester United in 2009. But other sources insist the Bale deal was worth much more. He has signed a six year contract worth a reported €300,000 a week. He had joined Tottenham in 2007 for €11.8 million from Southampton. Figures that add up: Page 47 GARETH BALE: Signed a six year contract.

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