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Repair works close off road ROAD works to repair drains damaged in the last rains will close the A402 at La ViĂąuela. Traffic will be diverted until it is completed.

Beach clean BOATS found abandoned on the beach and in bad condition will be removed by Rincon town hall in a move to clean up the locality.

POSITIVE GROWTH: 3.81 per cent more jobs and businesses were created last year.

Business boost for the Axarquia region LAST year 354 businesses and 430 jobs were created in the Axarquia due to a drive by the Andalucian Government. These figures show a growth of 3.81 per cent compared to 2011 in the

creation of new businesses in the Axarquia, said the Centre for Support of Business Development (CADE). Marta Rueda, delegate of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment,

presented the results of the progress made by the five CADE regions; Benamocarra, Riogordo, Torrox, Algarrobo and Velez-Malaga. Rueda said she was convinced that the businesses would

Easter poster

create wealth in these areas and because of this it was important to support them. Another 522 existing businesses have also applied for help to open new lines of business.

THE official poster for this year’s Holy Week (Semana Santa) has been painted by a local artist and commemorates the anniversary of 325 processions in Velez-Malaga.

Finally after 76 years families able to bury their relatives FAMILIES of 18 victims who were shot in June 1937 attended a solemn ceremony in Casabermeja cemetery to finally bury their relatives. The remains of the bodies were

recovered by a team of archaeologists led by Andres Fernandez, and after confirmation of identification by DNA, were returned to the families. The excavations had begun last

September at the request of eight families from Casabermeja after the discovery of 10 other victims, this time from Periana in a communal grave. The 18 victims, all male farm

workers aged between 20 and 64, had been driven at gunpoint in a lorry to an isolated spot where they were judged and tried as rebels and then shot by troops loyal to General Franco.



31 January - 6 February 2013

Axarquía - Málaga East


Green fingered LOCAL POLICE detained a man allegedly attempting to steal 150 kilos of avocados from a farm in Velez-Malaga. Two other men involved managed to escape.

Student trip

NO GAMBLE: Almuñecar sure winner from trade fair.

Roulette of gifts VISITORS will be attracted to the Costa Tropical stand at the International Fair of Tourism (FITUR) in Madrid, with a ‘Roulette of Gifts’ with prizes worth up to €6,000. Participants will be asked to complete a

questionnaire before spinning the wheel and can also enter a draw. The fair is reserved for tourism professionals for the first few days, but is open to the public on Saturday and Sunday.

‘Extravagant’ spending blasted as no benefit to citizens SPENDING plans for VelezMalaga have been blasted

as ‘uneconomical and extravagant’. Spokesman for the Velez-Malaga PSOE (socialists), Juan Carlos Marquez added that the increase of €90 million in the budget did not benefit the citizens of Velez in any way. On top of that, taking into account the precarious financial situation of inhabitants the estimate for spending did not put social benefits as a priority, to the detriment of the people of Velez. And, he added, there are several necessary investments that should be included in the plans. He claimed these three

criteria were promised by the PP party (conservative) during its electoral campaign, but have not been fulfilled. That shows the PP does not consider the needs of the people and has turned its back on them, added Marquez. The PSOE has asked for a significant rise to subsidise the needy. In particular it wants more money put into employment creation, social emergencies help, university transport and subsidies for the rates (IBI). It also wants a ‘cheque-book’ for buying school materials and an increase in grants for sports clubs.

GEOGRAPHY students from the Royal Holloway University of London visited Nerja to carry out studies related to tourism, sport and the environment.

Fake grass ARTIFICIAL grass will be laid in the municipal football stadium in Benamocarra. The cost will be around €240,000.

New statue THE church of Our Lady of the Expiration, Canillas de Albaida will hold a ceremony to bless a new statue of Brother Leopoldo de Alpandeire Sunday February 10 at 5pm.

Best mayor MAYOR of VelezMalaga, Francisco Delgado has been nominated for the Pablo Torso Prize 2013 as best mayor of Spain by the Mexican Institue of Evaluation (IMDE).

Masts fight goes on RESIDENTS and owners of the Viña Malaga urbanisation in Torre del Mar are continuing their fight against two unlicensed mobile phone masts. The aerials, disguised as two inoffensive chimneys, were installed near their homes more than five years ago. Last October they presented a petition with 6,800 signatures urging VelezMalaga town hall to dismantle the

aerials. Now they have petitioned that as a precautionary measure the aerials should no longer be active. Approximately 100 people are affected and have now placed the matter in the hands of a specialist lawyer. They say that the town hall refused to give a licence to Xfera Mobiles in 2007. The second mast, which belongs to Telefonica had a licence in 2007, which was later suspended.


31 January - 6 February 2013

On foot only for centre NERJA town centre has now become partly pedestrianised. Works connecting the Balcon de Europa to the historic centre are expected to be finished in four months.

Quit now DOMINGO HEREDIA, a sports trainer, who has written a book to help smokers quit their addiction to tobacco, says January is the perfect time to give up smoking.


No jail for teacher attack A FATHER who assaulted a teacher in front of a class of children has escaped jail. Antonio Aparicio was given an eight month suspended prison term and ordered to pay €430 compensation. Velez-Malaga court had heard that Aparicio had stormed into the Latin lesson at the town’s Reyes Catolicos secondary school and pushed the teacher to the ground,

injuring his face after his daughter phoned him to tell him she had been told off. The lawyer representing the teacher, Maria Dolores Lopez, said that the outcome was satisfactory and the accused should not go to prison. However if he does commit any offence during the next two years he would be immediately sent to prison. Lopez added that the teacher had

been greatly affected by the incident even though he had received the support of his colleagues, his union and the education community. He now wants to put the matter behind him and to return to work normally. The headmaster was satisfied with the result and asked that the privacy of both the teacher and the pupil be respected.

Web news

A SHOP to sell, repair, and restore musical instruments has opened in Rincon de la Victoria. BPM Instrumentos Musicales is the first of its kind in the town.

Beach hold-up PLANS to enlarge the El Playazo beach in Nerja, and create an extra 70,000 square metres to alleviate overcrowding in the summer months are still on hold.

Party moan SOCIALIST Party (PSOE) is asking why the mayor’s official car was seen parked outside a bar at 5am and his bodyguard inside ‘celebrating’ the Conservative Party (PP) conference in Velez.

Online shops INTERNET shopping has been set up by the Traders Association of Torre del Mar. Eleven businesses are putting 1,200 products online on their page,

Lorry upset

PICTURESQUE SURROUNDS: Young El Burgo couples are being encouraged to start families.

More towns and villages bid to cash in on babies


H BABY! More towns and villages are handing out financial sops for young couples to have families. El Burgo in the Sierra de las Nieves has now joined the ranks, advising that €1,000 will be handed to local parents for each child born in the area. Last year 20 residents died locally, and just five babies were born. “There are fewer young couples in our town and we want that to change,” said Mayor Maria Dolores Narvaez. And Almachar, in the Axarquia region of Malaga, has decided to

Quote of the week

Nwatch ews

ACCESS for pedestrians has been improved at La Cañada and El Espinar de la Herradura, Almuñecar, after several accidents. Works will soon be completed.

VELEZ-MALAGA Andalucian Party (PA) assembly has elected Marcelino Mendez-Trelles as its new secretary replacing the present provincial president, Oscar Perez.

Tune up

Axarquía - Málaga East

Better access

New president

MAYOR of Velez-Malaga, Francisco Delgado Bonilla announced the town hall will annually publish a declaration of its activities and profits on its website ‘’


“The rate of unemployment amongst youths in countries such as Spain is shameful and totally unacceptable.”

President of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz during a conference for the 40th anniversary of the European Trade Union Confederation.

increase its €1,500 payment to new local parents by a further €100 as well as paying for some vaccinations. It also offers two weeks work to either parent if unemployed and free kindergarten services. The payment is through vouchers to spend in local shops, and since the initiative was introduced in 2006, the village birth rate has increased to an annual average of 25 babies born over the last two years. Up until the end of 2010 a €2,500 ‘baby-cheque’ was handed out nationally to parents of new-born babies by the

central government. Since then individual towns and villages have paid out to try to increase local birth rates with Sediles in Zaragoza paying parents €100 for the first five years of their child’s life, and in Monegrillo, parents are given €720 to spend in local shops. In Logrosan, Caceres, parents receive €250 when their child is born and another €250 when it is six months old, again to spend in local shops. Meanwhile Montejaque, also in Malaga, offers parents €500 hoping that the population will not drop below 1,000 residents.

Number of the week


per cent of the annual gross income of Spanish families was destined to buying a home in the third trimester of 2012, 14 per cent less than at its peak in 2008 according to the Bank of Spain.

THE driver of a lorry loaded with construction materials was trapped and slightly injured when his vehicle left the road and overturned on the A92, kilometre 7, in the direction of Malaga.

Police quads THE mayor of Velez– Malaga council has spent €16,000 on quadbikes for the Local Police.

Long wait FOURTEEN Nerja families who applied in 2008 for financial help under the Plan of Rehabilitation of Dwellings will receive some of the money owed to them by the Andalucian government.

and finally... EL PUIG, Valencia, celebrated local festivities by throwing dead rats. Animal rights groups said this was “savage” and “unhygienic” and it was banned by the town hall, but locals brought their own rats. No police were present.




31 January - 6 February 2013

Police resort to using vans Many of Velez-Malaga’s police vehicles are either too old or have mechanical problems. As a result, officers are using unmarked

vans on loan from the town hall. The situation is becoming so bad that police unions have complained. Currently only three out of six patrol cars are in use and it has been necessary to use the van usually reserved for taking witness statements at accidents. Mayor Francisco Delgado said that 10 new vehicles will be in service before Easter week and commented that the previous administration owed €500,000 for renting police vehicles and they had not repaired them. “We have motorcycles the police officers can use. Furthermore, it FOUND: The inflatable dinghy was claimed to be stolen. would not hurt them to walk a little,” he added. A police officer, who wished to remain AN inflatable dinghy abandoned on the Cabria beach, anonymous, said: “We Almuñecar, is thought to have been used by drug have had to attend smugglers. various incidents and Local police said they found evidence of drugs and accidents during the also found remains of food of Moroccan origin. The 14 night shift using a van metre long dinghy was equipped with two 250 HP that is normally only outboard motors and a GPS system. used to transport officers Later that day, a Spaniard from La Linea claimed the from one place to launch was his and alleged it had been stolen. another.”

Dinghy of drugs

Nerja enquiries down NERJA tourist office saw 15.3 per cent fewer visitors last year. Figures just released show that 67,510 people visited the information point in 2012. Most popular months were March, April and

May. The typical tourist during the low season is made up of foreign couples over 65, with weekend breaks taken by middle-aged married couples, mostly nonSpanish. The high season attracts people between

the ages of 20 and 75, mostly Spanish families and single travellers, and couples who seek ‘activity holidays.’ The majority stay in self-catering apartments that have been reserved over the internet.

High speed internet for Rincon as agreement is signed RINCON DE LA VICTORIA will be the ‘first municipality in Malaga Province’ to have a high-tech fibre optic phone system. And that will bring high-speed internet connections to the town, said Mayor, Francisco Salgado. He has signed an agreement

with the director of the Magtel Group to convert the town to a fibre optic network. Around 12 kilometres will be installed using existing pipelines at a cost of €1.8 million, with work expected to be finished by the end of the summer.

Axarquía - Málaga East



Stories making headlines from the United Kingdom

Big French gas smell POLICE in Kent, Sussex and Surrey received dozens of calls from concerned residents when a stinking cloud of gas – likened to rotten eggs – escaped from a leak at a French plant and drifted over the English channel.

Older hero WELSH holidaymaker Paul Marshallsea, aged 62, helped wrestle a 6ft shark off the Australian coast to stop swimmers from being attacked.

Ugly voice THE Essex accent has been voted the least attractive in the English language in a survey. More than a quarter of people voted for Irish as their favourite accent.

Shell out A HOUSE in Devon, sold for more than £120,000 (€143,000), is decorated with sea shells on its walls and ceilings, many of them in nautical scenes.

Blast plan TRAIN carriages could be bomb-proofed to prevent a repeat of the London Underground terrorist attacks in 2005.

Tech baby THE first tablet computer aimed at babies was unveiled at the London Toy Fair, and will go on sale for £85 (€101) later this year.

Rapist paid A CONVICTED rapist has been awarded compensation from the Government after having to wait 12 months for a Parole Board hearing.




31 January - 6 February 2013

Homes a step closer to legality COMPETA has more than 1,500 houses that have been constructed illegally on land classified as ‘rustic’. The town hall has approved the start of a plan to make legal almost half of them. But the plan must be included in the main development plan (PGOU) first. Once in the PGOU, Competa will become one of the first villages to start legalising homes. Local government sources calculate there are around 11,000 illegal constructions in the Axarquia.

Axarquía - Málaga East

School drugs arrest A MAN was caught allegedly trying to sell drugs to children over the fence of their school grounds. Local Police detained the man, 21, outside Almenara Institute for Secondary Education, VelezMalaga.

He was surprised by officers close to a wire fence that surrounds the institute, allegedly showing a bag of marihuana to students inside during their morning break. He ran off but was captured a few metres away, when he

allegedly pushed an officer and tried to escape again. Police say that just before his capture they had prevented him from swallowing the contents of the bag. The man was put into the custody of the National Police.

Loading times changing NEW regulations affecting the hours for loading and unloading of vehicles in the Plaza de la Constitution, Almuñecar, came into effect from Monday. Hours of access will now be from October 1 to May 31, Monday to Fridays, 8am to 10am and 3pm to 5pm, changing during June, July and August to 5pm to 7pm, keeping the same hours in the morning. Saturdays will remain the same all year round, 8am to 10am only.

DELIVERY: New access hours.

Nerja still waiting for natural gas NERJA residents will have to be patient while they wait for natural gas. Plans to take natural gas from Torrox to Nerja are not expected to start until 2014 or 2015 due to geological problems. They mean the Andalucia Natural Gas Company must run the approximately 20 kilometres of pipe very close to the coastline at a cost of €3 million. But the company plans to spend €6 million this year expanding the network on the western Costa del Sol in Estepona and Marbella. Director of the company, Manuel Gil, said that plans had been delayed due to the delay in obtaining the necessary permits.


31 January - 6 February 2013


Axarquía - Málaga East

Campaign targets boatyards A CAMPAIGN by Rincon de la Victoria council to clean up and protect beaches has started. Inspections began on Monday in La Cala del Moral boatyard number two, next to the San Juan stream as the first stage of the scheme. Councillor for the Environment Sergio Diaz, said: “These works will guarantee the security, cleanliness,


image and environmental protection of the coast in our locality.” Periodic checks will be made to ensure that users of all seven boatyards comply with the rules laid down by the Municipal Boatyard Management The aim is to ensure the cleanliness of these areas and to

avoid possible problems from rats or insects. Each boat will be checked and any found breaking regulations will have a sticker placed on it informing the owner that he has 10 days to clear up any rubbish. If the problems are not solved the boat will be removed and the owner sent a bill.

Road safety is coming to class

HIT MUSICAL: Madrid show came to Almuñecar.

Moulin Rouge a huge hit THE recent production of ‘Moulin Rouge’ by the Madrid based ‘Alquimia Theatre’ in Almuñecar was a big success. Tickets for the musical were sold out days before and the show itself received a standing ovation.

PRIMARY school pupils between six and 12 will receive lessons on road safety. The Campaign to educate up to 1,500 children in Torrox will be run by the Civil Protection Service to make children aware of the importance in respecting traffic rules and signs for their own

safety and other road users. It will also show how to avoid accidents when they grow up to be drivers. At the end of the course, Torrox town hall will present a guide to each pupil with detailed information on how to increase safety on the public highways, as well as about responsible behavior.


10 EWN

31 January - 6 February 2013

Man who shot deer banned A HUNTSMAN who shot a deer in Archidona has been banned from shooting for three years. Malaga court heard that the accused was hunting in the Arroyo Martin area of Archidona when he shot the deer twice using a rifle. The 24 year old man, who pleaded guilty to breaking fauna protection laws, also has to pay compensation of €1,595 to the Office of the Environment. The judge pointed out that the deer is ‘public property’ and that it was found in a natural area.

Axarquía - Málaga East

Plan to boost tourism with new ham routes TOURISM chiefs will meet in Archidona to discuss a plan to promote two existing tourist Routes of Iberian Ham, (Rutas del Jamon Iberico) as one. They want the routes in Las Pedroches (Cordoba) and the Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche (Huelva), to be destinations for gastronomic tourism in Andalucia. Among other plans,

ANDALUCIAN PRODUCE: New gastronomic tourism. there will be an online




Safe pair of hands helps needy REAL MADRID goalkeeper, Iker Casillas donated the €25,000 he received from the Prince of Asturias award to needy families. He has passed on the money to the Spanish Red Cross, Caritas, and the Spanish Food Federation.

The captain of the Spanish national team has been heading a campaign for the BBVA bank called ‘Your solidarity is worth double’. It has so far raised €1.5 million donated by clients, employees and shareholders. The bank has promised to donate the same as Casillas.

raise the profile of the Andalucian product. On Friday, February 22, a Gastronomic Day will be held in Archidona, Malaga, where groups from the Rural Growth and Offices of Tourism of Cordoba and Huelva will meet. The director general, Manuela González Mañas, indicated that the proposed future route will incorporate 62 municipalities, 31 in each denomination of origin and will count on the collaboration of 30 establishments in Huelva province and 29 in Cordoba. These businesses will include hotels, restaurants, bodegas, museums, leisure activities and farms.

Local weather for next 7 days AXARQUÍA TODAY AND TOMORROW








S Sun,

Cl Clear,

Sh Showers,

Alicante TODAY: CLEAR Fri - 23 11 Cl Sat - 19 8 Cl Sun - 17 8 Cl

Madrid TODAY: CLEAR Fri - 9 -1 Cl Sat - 11 -1 Cl Sun - 10 4 Cl

MAX 18C, MIN 9C Mon - 16 9 Cl Tues - 16 9 Cl Wed - 17 9 Cl

TODAY: CLEAR, Fri - 14 5 C Sat - 18 8 Cl Sun - 17 8 C

MAX 12C, MIN 4C Mon - 13 8 Cl Tues - 15 8 Cl Wed - 16 8 Cl

TODAY: SHOWER, Fri - 14 6 Cl Sat - 16 6 Cl Sun -17 9 Cl

MAX 17C, MIN 9C Mon - 18 10 Cl Tues - 18 10 Cl Wed - 19 9 Cl

TODAY: CLEAR, Fri - 15 3 Cl Sat - 15 3 Cl Sun - 16 3 Cl

MAX 14C, MIN 8C Mon - 15 8 Cl Tues - 16 8 Cl Wed - 16 9 Cl

Mallorca MAX 13C, MIN 6C Mon - 16 9 Cl Tues - 16 11 Cl Wed - 16 11 Cl


Benidorm TODAY: CLOUD, Fri - 18 7 C Sat - 19 7 Cl Sun - 18 10 Cl

MAX 9C, MIN 2C Mon - 11 4 Cl Tues - 11 6 Cl Wed - 12 4 Cl


Barcelona TODAY: CLEAR Fri - 14 4 Cl Sat - 14 4 Cl Sun - 17 8 Cl

C Cloud, Th Thunder

MAX 23C, MIN 11C Mon - 17 8 Cl Tues - 17 8 Cl Wed - 18 9 Cl

Almeria TODAY: CLEAR Fri - 14 9 Cl Sat - 16 9 Cl Sun - 16 10 C



Fog, Sn Snow,


Stories making headlines from Germany

Allies unite over treaty GERMANY and France celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Élysée Treaty that sealed the alliance between the two former enemies with a ceremony in the city of Berlin.

Vote blow CHANCELLOR Angela Merkel’s CDU party suffered defeats in 13 state elections. Sunday’s results represent another blow to her chances at re-election next September.

No cheat EDUCATION minister Annette Schavan denied allegations that she had plagiarised her doctoral thesis.

New post MOSCOW born maestro Valery Gergiev, 59, currently chief conductor of the London Symphony Orchestra will take over the prestigious Munich Philharmonic from 2015, for a term of five years.




MAX 14C, MIN 6C Mon - 16 5 Cl Tues - 16 5 Cl Wed - 16 5 Cl

Air strike PASSENGERS at Cologne, Bonn and Düsseldorf airports faced long waits and cancelled flights, after security personnel went on strike as part of an ongoing labour dispute.

Polar trek ROLAND KRÜGER, 47, has become the first German to make a solo trek to the South Pole, without help from dogs, motors, or food deliveries.

31 January - 6 February 2013


Stat of week

THE percentage of women on the boards of directors of the main European companies increased in October last year by 2.1 from January 2012 to 15.8 per cent. The Spanish average is 12 per cent.




Oil price set to soar Producers say olive harvest yield cut by half THE price of olive oil is set to double compared to last year, due to the poor harvest. The price paid to producers is expected to rise to €3.50 per litre, which will affect how much manufacturers and retailers will

charge their clients. This is mainly due to the fact that fewer than 800,000 tonnes of oil are expected to be obtained from the latest harvest, compared to the record amount of 1.61 million tonnes obtained the

Rooms empty at tourism fair JUST a week before the start of the International Tourism Fair (Fitur), hotels in Madrid reported that occupancy levels were below 50 per cent. The fair began yesterday (Wednesday) and will continue until Sunday. Hotels have seen their occupancy levels fall drastically compared to last year, the President of Madrid Hoteliers Association (AEHM), Carlos Diaz, reported. “This is unheard of” he said “just five years ago, practically the whole of Madrid was full thanks to the tourism fair.”

He believes the main reason is the financial crisis, which means there has been a lesser presence of delegations from regions throughout Spain and from other countries. He denied suggestions that hotel rooms are too expensive and said that current prices are “unbeatable”. This year’s tourism fair will cover 56,500m2 which is 9.6 per cent less than last year, and although the number of countries represented remains the same at 167, there will be 9,000 companies present, 500 fewer than in 2012.

previous year. This was due to the lack of rain and excessive heat. The Secretary General of the Spanish Federation of Olive Oil Manufacturers said the poor weather conditions could lead the amount to be even lower.


usiness extra

Nokia losses FOR the first time in years, Spain is not one of the main markets for Finnish mobile phone manufacturer Nokia. At an international level, in 2012, Nokia lost €3.10 billion, 166 per cent more than the previous year. The company sold 355 million phones, 20 per cent fewer than in 2011, and saw Smartphone sales drop by 55 per cent.

Jobless youth AMONG the registered unemployed in Spain, 15.6 per cent are under 25. This is an increase of 5.2 per cent over a year ago.

Business price of fake reviews EVERYDAY Spanish businesses lose out on new sales due to fake or unjust reviews. Internet sites such as Qype, Yelp and Trip Advisor encourage consumers to write reviews but do not authenticate them or attempt to prove that the reviewer is genuine. It is estimated that one in 10 reviews are fake. Mark Hall managing director of Got Juice online reputation management company commented: “A

single bad review can ruin the chances of gaining new customers and create a long standing, horrible word of mouth campaign offline. If left, the review could quickly lead the company to bankruptcy. “If your business receives a negative review or mention, it is very important to respond to the customer online, always remain calm and do not take it personally.”



Axarquía - Málaga East


LIQUID GOLD: Spanish staple becoming pricier.



Declare offshore assets by April 30 says taxman

Q: I READ your column two weeks ago about the new law requiring all residents to declare their assets outside of Spain. You say that if you own a property in the UK which you rent out and you pay income tax on the rentals in the UK, that you will also have to pay tax on You and the the same income in Spain if Law in Spain you are a Spanish tax By David Searl resident. I was led to believe that you could not be double taxed and that you pay only once. I am in fact confused about this new law as I get different answers. No one seems to know how or even whether I have to declare my house in the UK. BB (Costa Blanca) A: YOU have two questions. I shall take the second one first. Yes, you have to declare your house in the UK if it is worth more than €50,000. You will do this on Tax Agency Form 720 which is only available electronically. There is no paper form. I urge you and anyone else in your position to seek professional help in Spain. The draft form is 22 pages long. To declare a house requires only a few of these pages but you must know which ones. The Tax Agency has extended the deadline to declare from March 31 to April 30. They insist that the declaration is simply “informative.” Keep in mind that the new law is aimed at Spaniards themselves, not foreigners in particular. It gives the Tax Agency a new weapon against Spaniards with large undeclared assets abroad. This is why the penalties are so stiff. As to your first question, yes, you are liable for tax in both countries. In the UK because the income arises there, and in Spain because you are required to declare your worldwide income as a tax resident here. You obtain forms from HRMC and from the Spanish Tax Agency to avoid being taxed twice. Spain will deduct your UK payments from the Spanish tax bill. Note that I did not say “you will pay”. I said you “are liable”. David will respond to queries but reserves the right to select letters which will be of interest to the greatest number of readers. You can also consult David through lawyers Ubeda-Retana and Associates in Fuengirola. or call 952 667 090.


31 January - 6 February 2013 Axarquía - Málaga East

€50 billion turnover for Unilever ANGLO-DUTCH food giant Unilever passed £42 billion (€50 billion) in annual turnover for the first time, helped by growth in emerging markets.

£££ The owners of the Channel Tunnel rail link (HS1), will launch a refinancing of its £1.5bn (€1.76bn) debt mountain. Canadian consortium Ontario and Borealis bought HS1, which


ritish usiness riefs

runs from St Pancras station in London until it starts going underground in Kent, for £2.1billion (€2.48 billion) in 2010 with bank loans.


COST-CUTTING by businesses has seen an expected loss by easyJet halved. As more executives have been using the low-cost airline rather than pricier rivals, it has told City analysts to expect its pre-tax, half-year loss to be between £50 million (€59 million) and £75 million (€88 million) this year. That compares to the £112 million (€132 million) six-month loss it made in the first half of 2011.

Just who do you think you are kidding Mr Cameron? I SOMETIMES wonder what highly experienced ministerial advisers think of the Corporal Jones-like panicked flapping of hands exhibited by whichever politicians happen to be holding the reins of government. The civil servants must at times shake their heads over their whiskies and sodas whilst discussing the latest eccentricities performed by their political masters, which, despite historical precedent, never cease to astonish those living in the real world. Wartime propaganda, designed to bolster the nation’s morale, was the acceptable facet of this in the face of enemy assaults, with a good example being September 15 1940, (Battle of Britain Day) recognised now as certainly a black day for the Luftwaffe, but hardly the overwhelming victory trumpeted by the British media of the day, but so what? We’d given the foe a good spanking, hadn’t we? In times of peace though, this kind of politically inspired and government funded rhetoric should not be so obvious to the man in the street that he shakes his head in despair. “Why do we bother,” they could be forgiven for asking, “when politicians take no notice and never learn?” Well, the reason’s plain enough: They live and plan one day at a time, lurching from crisis to disaster, and it’s when a politician perceives something that might affect him personally, that the panic sets in. Those of us who were around in 1979 remember Britain’s Prime Minister James Callaghan’s infamous remark upon

Jim Collins Costa Blanca

his return from a visit to the USA, that ‘there was no crisis’, despite mounting trade union led and fomented chaos. “Crisis? what crisis?” asked the newspaper headlines next day in their habitual inaccurate

interpretation of his actual words; but no matter, that incident marked the fall of the Labour government. The ‘crisis’ striking terror into political hearts at the moment is nothing compared with Britain’s problems of 1979. It is no more than the fear that upstart political party Ukip might be readying itself to occupy third place in the political arena behind the Tories and Labour. Do the politicians truly believe that those living outside the ‘Westminster Bubble’ are incapable of appreciating the tactics behind the appearance in the media of political pundits, big business representatives, some representatives of foreign governments and even a few usually respected commentators, brought together in a totally overblown and blatant attempt to blacken Ukip? Even suggesting a renegotiation of the terms by which Brussels orders Britain’s laws is thrown into doubt, never mind that this structure of precedents and usage has been developed over centuries to serve the AngloSaxon psyche and tradition of fair play. Clearly, that’s not enough, and what’s worrying the political class now is that, with Ukip having recently achieved 13 per cent of the national vote whilst the LibDems are scoring only 3 per cent, people might begin to question the credibility of the coalition. CAMERON: Corporal Jones –style panicking.

31 January - 6 February 2013




Axarquía - Málaga East

Spanish Succession Tax and Andalucía Besides considering your personal tax planning, for example, if you are looking to lower taxation on your savings and investments, you may wish to consider the impact of Spanish succession tax on your heirs and how you can reduce this liability for them. Spanish succession tax (impuesto sobre sucesiones y donaciones) is charged on inheritances and gifts. This article mainly covers inheritances, so if you make a gift you should look into the specific rules for this. Succession tax becomes due in the following situations: 1) The asset/s being inherited is/are in Spain (Spanish property, local bank accounts etc). This applies whether or not the beneficiary lives in Spain. 2) If the person receiving an inheritance is resident in Spain, regardless of where the inheritance is coming from. Three key things to note are that each beneficiary pays tax on the amount they receive (it is not paid by the estate); there is no blanket exemption between spouses; there are both State and Regional rules, and where the regional rules apply, the reliefs, rates and allowances can vary across the regions.

by Bill Blevins, Financia l Correspondent, Blevins Franks

State rules The progressive tax rates range from 7.65% for inheritances under €7,993 to 34% for inheritances over €797,555. The amount of tax payable is then subject to multipliers, depending on the relationship between the deceased and the inheritor and their net wealth. Spouses and descendants worth under €402,678 suffer no increase, but for everyone else the tax due is multiplied by between 1.05 and 2.4, making a top rate of almost 82%. There are personal allowances, but they are low. For spouses, children and other descendants the allowance is just €15,957. Siblings, cousins, nephews/ nieces, uncle/aunts and in laws receive €7,993. No allowances are available to anyone else, not even to unmarried

partners registered as a pareja de hecho (unless eligible for a disability allowance). There is also a 95% deduction against the main home, provided the inheritor is a spouse or child (or someone over 65 who has lived with you for the last two years) and provided they do not sell the property for at least 10 years. The maximum deduction per inheritor is €122,606. Andalucía rules The Autonomous Communities can vary the State rules to lessen the impact. In Andalucía the rules are particularly beneficial, to the point where it can be completely eliminated. The personal allowances are the same as the State rules but unmarried couples registered as a pareja de hecho are treated the same as spouses. The main home relief is increased to 99.9% but still capped at €122,606 and must be retained for at least 10 years. The same conditions apply as under the State rules but with the additional provision that it must be the main home of both the deceased and the recipient at the time of death. It gets even better. Since June 2008 no tax is payable at all, provided the recipient is a spouse or direct line descendant and the taxable value of the inheritance received is no more than

€175,000 per beneficiary, and the wealth of the recipient is no more than €402,678. State or regional rules? You can only benefit from the Andalucía rules if you are “habitually resident” here, i.e. have been living in Andalucía for five years up until the chargeable event. If not, or your autonomous community cannot be determined, the State rules apply. So if you own assets such as property and bank accounts here in Andalucía, but remain tax resident elsewhere, your family will suffer the more pernicious State rules. The same applies if you have been living here but not submitting a tax return locally. Spain has been referred to the European Commission for discriminatory treatment of residents and non-residents living in the EU and the Commission has asked Spain to end this discrimination, but we still do not know what Spain will do about this. UK inheritance tax If you are a British expatriate you could easily be liable to UK inheritance tax as well as Spanish succession tax. Inheritance tax applies to the worldwide assets of British domiciles. There is no double tax treaty between the two countries on

inheritances, but if inheritance tax is paid in the UK, the amount is usually deductible against the Spanish liability. However, if the UK bill is higher than the Spanish one, the Spanish authorities will, of course, not refund the difference. It is important to understand the various Spanish succession tax rules and how they apply to your situation, as well as how they affect any UK inheritance tax liability. A wealth management firm like Blevins Franks will guide you through them and explain how you may be able to lower your succession and inheritance tax liabilities and potentially save your heirs a considerable amount of tax. You can often combine your estate planning with your personal tax planning. The tax rates, scope and reliefs may change. Any statements concerning taxation are based upon our understanding of current taxation laws and practices which are subject to change. Tax information has been summarised; an individual should take personalised advice. To keep in touch with the latest developments in the offshore world, check out the latest news on our website




31 January - 6 February 2013 Axarquía - Málaga East

LONDON - FTSE 100 C H A N G E ( P ) % C H G. -1.20 -0.29 -4.00 -0.33 -11.00 -0.63 2.00 0.18 -3.00 -0.16 9.00 0.72 0.50 0.06 -0.66 -0.04 -9.50 -0.30 2.00 0.54 -1.35 -0.13 -1.00 -0.29 1.42 0.47 -18.18 -1.56 2.50 0.12 -2.69 -0.58 -3.00 -0.09 3.50 0.62

NET VOLUME 288.69 9.80 38.03 26.06 245.82 48.84 189.45 78.18 155.57 752.97 13.23 184.17 5,468.88 783.74 364.63 2,606.48 315.95 173.74



PRICE(P) C O M PA N Y Aberdeen Asset Mngmnt 414.15 Admiral Group PLC 1219.00 Aggreko PLC 1743.50 AMEC PLC 1102.50 Anglo American PLC 1883.50 Antofagasta PLC 1265.50 ARM Holdings PLC 871.50 Associated British Foods 1708.00 AstraZeneca PLC 3147.00 Aviva PLC 372.55 Babcock International Gr 1010.00 BAE Systems PLC 342.15 Barclays PLC 302.20 BG Group PLC 1147.25 BHP Billiton PLC 2108.25 BP PLC 462.50 British American Tobacco 3259.50 British Land Co PLC 567.00


Units per €

United States $......................................................1.34365 Japan Yen ¥ ...........................................................121.859 Switzerland Francs................................................1.24679 Denmark Kroner ....................................................7.46160 Norway Kroner.......................................................7.44468



British Sky Broadcasting BT Group PLC Bunzl PLC Burberry Group PLC Capita PLC Capital Shopping Cntrs Carnival PLC Centrica PLC Compass Group PLC CRH PLC

801.25 253.25 1104.00 1379.50 772.75 358.00 2612.50 346.40 756.00 1337.00

C H A N G E ( P ) % C H G.







MMM 3M Co 100.59 AA Alcoa Inc 9.03 AXP American Express Co 59.50 T AT&T Inc 34.02 BAC Bank of America Corp 11.62 BA Boeing Co 75.03 CAT Caterpillar Inc 95.58 CVX Chevron Corp 116.20 CSCO Cisco Systems Inc 21.15 DD E. I. du Pont de Nemours and C... 48.33 XOM Exxon Mobil Corp 91.73 GE General Electric Co 22.29 HPQ Hewlett-Packard Co 16.99 HD Home Depot Inc 67.82 INTC Intel Corp 20.96 IBM International Business Machine... 204.97 JNJ Johnson & Johnson 73.92 JPM JPMorgan Chase and Co 47.16 MCD McDonald's Corp 93.72 MRK Merck & Co Inc 43.46 MSFT Microsoft Corp 27.88

+0.92 -0.01 +0.20 +0.27 +0.09 -0.29 -1.02 +0.70 +0.13 +0.26 +0.38 +0.24 -0.02 +0.47 +0.01 +0.55 +0.82 +0.79 +0.41 +0.46 +0.25

+0.92% -0.11% +0.34% +0.80% +0.78% -0.39% -1.06% +0.61% +0.62% +0.54% +0.42% +1.09% -0.12% +0.70% +0.05% +0.27% +1.12% +1.70% +0.44% +1.07% +0.90%

4.2M 13.0M 4.1M 27.1M 100.2M 6.2M 8.9M 4.7M 28.4M 5.5M 11.1M 41.9M 15.4M 7.5M 107.6M 3.4M 10.4M 26.0M 5.5M 13.2M 81.9M


-1.00 0.01 -11.00 -7.21 -21.00 -1.10 -3.00 -0.50 -3.00 -12.00


Most Advanced Netflix, Inc. Sarepta Therapeutics, Inc. Electronics for Imaging, Inc. Camco Financial Corporation Chuy's Holdings, Inc. Synaptics Incorporated Lattice Semiconductor Corporation Zions Bancorporation Coherent, Inc.

-0.12 0.00 -0.99 -0.52 -2.64 -0.31 -0.11 -0.14 -0.40 -0.89

NET VOLUME 189.95 584.21 31.36 54.36 464.38 160.62 7.15 464.66 124.70 76.81



$ 169.56 $ 27.91 $ 22.61 $ 2.66 $ 28.38 $ 36.43 $ 4.36 $ 3.81 $ 56.78

22.70 / +15.46% 3.52 / +14.43% 2.69 / +13.50% 0.31 / +13.19% 3.15 / +12.49% 3.88 / +11.92% 0.46 / +11.79% 0.39 / +11.40% 5.46 / +10.64%

$ 3.06 $ 23.16 $ 2.11 $ 8.09 $ 29.06 $ 19.64 $ 5.30 $ 2.38 $ 2.64

0.74 / -19.47% 5.04 / -17.87% 0.37 / -14.92% 1.40 / -14.75% 4.93 / -14.50% 3.06 / -13.48% 0.80 / -13.11% 0.30 / -11.19% 0.33 / -11.11%

Most Declined Boston Private Financial Holdings, Inc. Select Comfort Corporation BG Medicine, Inc. Global-Tech Advanced Innovations Inc. ScanSource, Inc. International, Ltd. HMN Financial, Inc. ModusLink Global Solutions, Inc Hutchinson Technology Incorporated

C O M PA N Y PRICE(P) CHANGE Croda International PLC 2454.00 3.00 Diageo PLC 1851.50 -5.50 Eurasian Nat Resources 335.45 4.40 EVRAZ PLC 296.15 -4.00 Experian PLC 1086.00 -4.53 Fresnillo PLC 1692.00 -5.00 G4S PLC 276.90 0.00 GKN PLC 247.05 0.50 GlaxoSmithKline PLC 1410.00 -5.34 Glencore Intrnationl PLC 391.70 -0.90 Hammerson PLC 490.55 -0.30 Hargreaves Lansdown 707.50 -3.25 HSBC Holdings PLC 714.15 3.90 IMI PLC 1193.00 -1.00 Imperial Tobacco Gr PLC 2424.50 6.00 InterContinental Hotels 1869.00 -9.00 International Consldtd 222.20 -0.80 Intertek Group PLC 3119.50 -10.00 ITV PLC 115.45 -0.40 Johnson Matthey PLC 2389.00 -1.00 Kazakhmys PLC 751.75 -2.00 Kingfisher PLC 275.40 -2.06 Land Securities Grp PLC 814.00 0.00 Legal & General Grp PLC 151.85 0.21 Lloyds Banking Grp PLC 53.50 0.06 Marks & Spencer Grp PLC 382.30 -1.80 Meggitt PLC 429.20 -3.60 Melrose Industries PLC 239.75 -0.30 National Grid PLC 698.25 -1.58 Next PLC 4067.00 7.28 Old Mutual PLC 188.35 0.70 Pearson PLC 1183.00 -1.18 Petrofac Ltd 1717.50 -13.00 Polymetal Intl PLC 1120.50 4.00 Prudential PLC 953.50 5.67 Randgold Resources Ltd 6047.50 25.00 Reckitt Benckiser Gr PLC 4196.00 1.00 Reed Elsevier PLC 692.50 0.65 Resolution Ltd 266.50 0.60 REXAM PLC 467.05 -2.30 Rio Tinto PLC 3520.25 1.75 Rolls-Royce Holdings PLC 945.25 1.00 Royal Bank of Scotland 365.55 -0.50 Royal Dutch Shell PLC 2312.75 -3.00 RSA Insurance Group PLC 130.30 0.26 SABMiller PLC 3067.00 2.50 Sage Group (The) PLC 325.85 0.20 Sainsbury (J) PLC 330.00 -0.56 Schroders PLC 1917.00 2.00 Serco Group PLC 561.25 0.50 Severn Trent PLC 1640.00 -7.00 Shire PLC 2129.50 19.81 Smith & Nephew PLC 724.25 1.00 Smiths Group PLC 1239.00 -5.56 SSE PLC 1386.00 -0.33 Standard Chartered PLC 1674.00 9.50 Standard Life PLC 347.10 1.30 Tate & Lyle PLC 829.25 -5.00 Tesco PLC 356.60 0.97 TUI Travel PLC 290.05 -2.90 Tullow Oil PLC 1168.00 -15.63 Unilever PLC 2532.50 -1.00 United Utilities Grp PLC 744.25 -1.00 Vedanta Resources PLC 1181.00 1.00 Vodafone Group PLC 171.03 0.80 Weir Group PLC 2038.50 -9.00 Whitbread PLC 2561.00 -6.00 Wm Morrison Sprmrkts 256.85 -0.50 Wolseley PLC 3000.50 0.00 Wood Group (John) PLC 827.00 0.00 WPP PLC 978.75 -2.00 Xstrata PLC 1178.00 -5.50

% C H G. 0.12 -0.30 1.33 -1.33 -0.42 -0.29 0.00 0.20 -0.38 -0.23 -0.06 -0.46 0.55 -0.08 0.25 -0.48 -0.36 -0.32 -0.35 -0.04 -0.27 -0.74 0.00 0.14 0.11 -0.47 -0.83 -0.13 -0.23 0.18 0.37 -0.10 -0.75 0.36 0.60 0.42 0.02 0.09 0.23 -0.49 0.05 0.11 -0.14 -0.13 0.20 0.08 0.06 -0.17 0.10 0.09 -0.43 0.94 0.14 -0.45 -0.02 0.57 0.38 -0.60 0.27 -0.99 -1.32 -0.04 -0.13 0.08 0.47 -0.44 -0.23 -0.19 0.00 0.00 -0.20 -0.46

VOLUME 9.45 247.82 210.43 195.78 78.22 84.54 87.77 91.27 481.46 2,108.04 59.01 24.12 2,441.88 16.03 105.70 36.88 327.60 6.65 450.39 37.15 67.24 256.22 153.51 930.19 7,486.73 285.65 149.82 129.12 444.90 18.99 449.05 205.92 45.63 36.94 238.06 21.25 112.38 160.13 86.03 69.07 223.66 323.89 670.99 233.61 456.28 147.89 54.37 320.87 6.80 41.97 23.53 129.86 109.68 27.49 166.89 338.66 288.02 91.06 990.81 96.43 126.71 142.02 158.04 43.94 7,729.51 28.27 17.46 129.99 190.51 20.55 102.16 192.27

31 January - 6 February 2013




Time to fill up as fuel prices start to drop THE prices of petrol and diesel have fallen for the first time this year and experts recommend filling up before they go up again in the near future. The price of petrol is €1.412 per litre, 0.7 per cent less than the previous week, but still 2.7 per cent higher than at the end of 2012, and 3.2 per cent more than the same week last year, according to data in the EU Oil Bulletin. Meanwhile, diesel has also fallen 0.7 per cent from the previous week to €1.366, which is 1.8 per cent more than at the end of 2012, and 2.2 per cent more than the same week last year. The National Energy Committee reported the average price of fuel in 2012 was 8 per cent more than in 2011, and that purchases fell by 6 per cent.




IZ Cashing in SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS made $6.6 billion (€4.92 billion) in the last three months of 2012, a 76 per cent increase on the same period the previous year. That was a new record quarter for the world’s largest maker of smartphones.

BIG OUTLAY: Repsol’s Cartagena oil refinery is being transformed.

€3bn to guarantee supplies THE LARGEST industrial investment in the history of Spain will make the oil refinery in Cartagena (Murcia) one of the most modern and productive in the world. Extension works on the complex costing €3,000 million will allow the refinery to process 220,000 barrels of crude oil per day and to supply diesel and

kerosene to a Spanish market in shortage. It also guarantees the future of the industrial plant, doubling its number of employees. “The Cartagena refinery had a very simple production scheme, which only admitted rare and expensive ‘sweet’ crudes. Now, our technology accepts almost any crude and transforms it into

‘noble’ top quality and clean fuels” said Repsol’s José Luque. Thirty new production units will increase Cartagena’s capacity to refine heavy crude oils from 6 per cent to 70 per cent. This will improve profit margins as well as help guarantee supplies of fuel to Spain, because heavy crudes will be a very important source of hydrocarbons in coming years.

Luxury tastes MORE Chinese citizens are travelling to foreign shores and global luxury brands are cashing in, according to a new survey by global auditing firm KPMG. It is estimated that 25 per cent of the world’s luxury purchases were made by Chinese nationals, up from 5 per cent in 2007.




31 January - 6 February 2013 Axarquía - Málaga East

The trouble about being rich is you never have enough WHAT does it mean to be rich? The Oxford Dictionary states that it’s ‘having a great deal of money or assets.’ And most of us would probably agree with that definition. But, actually it’s not always the case as being ‘rich’ is all about perspective. According to new statistics from the US, anyone earning about $370,000 (€277,000) a year makes it into the top 1 per cent of earners, while having $1 million (€749,000) in assets makes you, well, a millionaire. But earning such a comfortable salary doesn’t necessarily mean you feel loaded. Amazingly, a quarter of the millionaires surveyed by an investment firm last year said they don’t consider themselves wealthy. It depends how you define ‘rich.’ The word ‘rich’ tends to imply a very happy and comfortable existence. It hints at a level of

Loose change

RICH: gold will not necessarily make you happy.

A look at finance for females Jane Plunkett jane.plunkett@euroweeklynews. com

security and ease, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Many people, including those with a lot of money, don't actually feel secure or at ease. If a millionaire’s neighbour has a bigger car, a fancier house or a more luxurious yacht, that ‘poor’ millionaire may feel inadequate within his/her circle.

In reality, many of us in Europe should feel ‘rich’. We complain about the price of petrol, but at least 85 per cent of the world’s population doesn’t own a car. We grumble about paying the utility bill each month, but nearly 25 per cent of the world lives without electricity and one-third doesn’t have access to basic sanitation such as a

toilet. According to the UN more than 1 billion people don’t have adequate access to clean water. Some of those statistics may shock you. But I bet they don’t make you feel any richer. And that’s because we don’t tend to look down when we’re assessing whether we’re wealthy. We look up. The ‘Keeping up with the Jones’ syndrome is what, a lot of the time, dictates our outlook on wealth. If people richer than us can afford caviar for lunch, we feel bad about our ham and cheese sandwich. It’s important to get away from this “they’ve got more than I do mentality.” And ask ourselves “do I even like caviar?” Set realistic goals in life and strive hard to achieve them. That’s what will make you the richest and happiest person you can be.



Pilots fly out SPANISH airline Iberia have laid off 500 pilots. Around 16 per cent of pilots from other major Spanish airlines, such as Spanair, also lost their jobs last year.

Phone pact TELEFONICA has been fined €66 million by the European Commission for agreeing a pact with Portugal Telecom. They pledged to avoid competing against each other for business on the Iberian Peninsular.

31 January - 6 February 2013




Axarquía - Málaga East






What is the fatherly or family secret?

AFTER feeling Daddy was acting a little strangely on his recent visit, I probed a little deeper. The first thought crossing my mind was his health, especially given his ever present blood pressure concerns. After setting up his IT company years ago, and

As I see it... Ana Jefferson-Smith takes an irreverent look at life as a “rich child” singleton expat in Spain dedicating his life to transforming it into a small near empire, his blood pressure has

been an ongoing concern, and while daily medication stabilises him, I fear that now maybe the

business is getting too much for him. I’ve been telling him for years to take a step back, but he is so proud of what he has created, he wants complete control. However, when I tackled him he assured me his health is better than ever.


COMMENT Same old same old NOBEL prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz says that politics fail by not acting against the abuses of the corporations. In Spain, however, they fail because laughably little action is taken against the abuses and corruption of some politicians. Voters were not surprised to learn that former PP treasurer Jose Luis Barcenas had €22 million stashed away in Switzerland. Regrettably they have come to expect little else of any political party.

Source of disquiet THE lurch downhill towards an outsourced Health service prompted a strike by Madrid doctors who insisted there are viable ways of saving the state system. A recent study in Valencia proved them right by finding that privatised hospitals cost the regional government slightly more per patient than the state system’s. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” it’s said, and outsourcing is breaking what could be left well alone.

Puss gets boot over wildlife A CAMPAIGN has begun to eradicate New Zealand of some of its cats in a bid to protect local wildlife, given estimates that on average felines annually kill 13 native birds or animals. *** NEW Samsung fridges include a 10-inch Wi-Fi touch screen that includes apps for recipes and note taking. *** A MESSAGE in a bottle found 76 years after it

JUST FANCY THAT... was thrown into the South Pacific - has been handed back to the family of the man who wrote it. *** AN Australian court has ruled in favour of a goat - accused through a charge brought against its owner - of munching flowers outside a public building.

*** STRAY dogs seen using pedestrian crossings are being used by Romanian police in a safety campaign to encourage pedestrians to be more careful crossing the road. *** TWO circus camels have disappeared from a circus troupe in central France.

*** A LAWSUIT in the US against the food chain Subway has been filed after an Australian teenager’s photo of a ‘Footlong’ sandwich was measured and fell below the length as advertised. *** A DOLPHIN has died after becoming trapped in a polluted New York City canal. The cause of death is unknown.

He even stressed that often when travelling abroad - away from his main hot seat - he relaxed more, and that’s great seeing as I always enjoy joining him in some of the most glamorous destinations. My next thought was perhaps by spending so much time away, it was taking its toll on his marriage. Mother bases herself in Monaco - for tax reasons mainly - so they spend little time together, though he makes a point of speaking to her at least once a day from his own London base. But that’s how they seem to like it. And Daddy always has his long-term personal assistant Layla. She keeps him on the straight and narrow, organising his business world and even simply reminding him of family birthdays and anniversaries. She knows him professionally and personally, and at times is welcome company for him when travelling on business. They have a wonderful relationship; I’d even call them best friends, despite their age gap. She’s only a few years older than me, and is beautiful inside and out. I took the liberty of calling her – she was taking a few days off whilst Daddy was visiting me – as he was divulging no information into his solemn state. But she said she had not noticed any areas for concern. With his health and family stronger than ever, I am left wondering what the possible problem can be? Let’s hope it passes soon, he even seems to have forgotten the promise of our fifth shopping spree later…



22 EWN

Crippling tax to sell your own home

P I THOUGHT that I should check the pub hotog r l em icati aphs amount of plusvalia tax payable pho ail w on sh for p o ton should I sell my home. ews ith a f uld b ossibl e es @e ull e c uro We bought our three bedroomed wee aptio nt by n k lyne to: villa in Benalmadena in 1990. By Krystyna (Calpe, Alicante) ws. com Friends who sold a similar home in Mijas Costa paid about €8,000. Our plot is nearly half as big again, so I thought maybe €11,000 to WHEN YOU WRITE €12,000 would be All letters, whether by email or realistic. To my horror the post, should carry the writer’s town hall has advised postal address, NIE and contact me that if I sold my number though only the name and villa now the plusvalia town will be published. Letters may also be edited. would be more than Readers who have missed earlier €46,900 or nearly 30 per cent of what I correspondence can see all letters posted on: originally paid for it. This punitive tax on the sale of properties in Benalmadena is due to the I am very fortunate to wake up every day to this view of the ridiculously high valuation of land Penon de Ifach and each day brings a different mood. I have by the council in 2007 before the many, many photos of Calpe. This one is one of my favourites, property bubble burst. Until there is the Sunrise before the Storm. a new valuation to reflect reduced house prices anyone selling their Spain have for the welfare of anihome in the town had better watch mals. out for this crippling tax. I know of dogs that spend their THE sad story from Mrs Francis I will now live here until I die! whole life on a one to two metre concerning the killing of her pet John Attenborough, chain living in their own excredog (Letters 1436) exemplifies the Benalmadena (Malaga). ment, dogs fed on bread, left undisregard that many people in


Animal abuse

posted to Euro Weekly News, C/Moscatel 10, P-62, Polígono Industrial, Arroyo de la Miel, 29630 Benalmadena, Málaga, Spain or faxed to 0034 952 440 887

Axarquía - Málaga East treated when sick, ignored when injured on the road. The kind treatment of animals is an indicator of a civilised society and I wonder if the individuals who perpetrate such cruelty to animals are prepared for payback time that will surely come! Arthur White, Velez Rubio (Almeria)

Keep quiet I AM amazed that MR, (Letters Issue 1437) felt the need to publicise the lack of security at both the mentioned airports and countries. Also for the person to even try and fly without the correct passport was flouting the security that has increased so much due to terrorism. Both these airports should be condemned by the authorities for allowing this to happen. I am so glad I only fly out of Murcia or Alicante where security is paramount, and flying into Luton or Stansted where security is the same. Carol Sear, San Miguel de Salinas (Alicante)

Splashing out

SPAIN needs prosperity, and I would suggest an aqueduct from Galicia to Barcelona and from Santander to Malaga will unite the whole country and bring employment with its construction. The Chinese are A number of letters have been received reflecting that thefts in various areas currently building one remain common! Here is a small selection. 3,000 miles long in their country. vicinity uninvited. shots she faced a general ‘we don’t Come on, let us start I have tried to calm her a little by care’ attitude. digging. Mojacar needs pointing out that thefts are all too Signs - in Spanish and English the water! A GERMAN neighbour visiting for a common in the present tough times. should be erected in shop car parks Geoff Gabriel, Mojacar short break had his small home - on an Mrs M Warner, warning people. (Almeria) urbanisation - broken into with more Torrevieja (Alicante) Valerie Curwen, Calahonda (Malaga) than €2,000 cash stolen. Police are seen around, but from my experience a criminal element in society - both expatriate and national I AM in dispute with my take advantage of every opportunity. WHEN will commercial companies think A FRIEND from Malta recently visited brother-in law. I pointed S Calbern, of their customers first? us for the first time in Marbella, though out an object in the sky Aquilas (Almeria) I believe Mercadona is the best she stayed earlier in Barcelona. over Malaga. It blinks in supermarket chain in Spain. But while While singing the praises of the several colours. He said it they may look after their customers at restaurants, shops and the general was Venus, but if it is they the counter, I am not convinced of their standard of service on her visit to us, I must have left the concerns for clients overall. doubt she will be much of an Christmas lights on! A FRIEND widowed just two weeks ago A friend recently found herself ambassador for the nation, for she had There is no way he will has had a compressor stolen from robbed in the car park of the La Cala de her handbag stolen while out shopping accept that it is some kind outside her country finca. Mijas shop, when another ‘shopper’ in in La Cañada, with the crime a repeat of beacon or satellite. While she does not know if this is a nearby car distracted her by seeking of what happened to her daughter Can anyone tell us what because there is no longer a man help. when in Barcelona! it is? around, certainly it has unnerved her to Mercadona staff were full of concern, CA, Marbella B EM Saville, On holiday know that someone has been in the but when she sought security camera (Malaga) in Calahonda (Malaga)

Cash haul

Mercadona moan

Letters for Your Say should be emailed to yoursay@ euroweekly,

31 January - 6 February 2013

Double hit

UFO dispute

Widow’s fears

The views expressed and opinions given in Letters are not necessarily those of the EWN publishers. They accept no responsibility for accuracy of information, errors, omissions or statements, and reject claims arising out of any action that a company or individual may take on the basis of information contained therein.


24 EWN

31 January - 6 February 2013


Lax rules make border control a complete farce come up with their countries of origin if their lives were made a misery. We really do need to stop pussy footing with these people. Which brings EAPY EE me to another SAYS IT almost OTHERS THINK IT unbelievable event that occurred last week, where a British judge ruled that an 18-year-old Moslem man should be spared prison because he ‘didn’t know it was illegal to have sex with a 13-year-old girl’? You couldn’t make it up could you? Apparently this person had been educated at an Islamic school in Birmingham. There he had been IMMIGRATION: People being set taught that women were ‘no more free if they can’t produce papers. worthy than a lollipop dropped on the ground’. Charming! many other male individuals being Surely this gave all the more released into British society with reason to bang him up for the these same corrupted moral views maximum seven years, purely as a about the feminine gender? warning to heaven knows how Heaven knows what else these



people are being taught in these establishments! I thought the British education department had some say in what is on the curriculum of schools in the country? Apparently not. I mean we may upset someone or, heaven forbid, interfere with their ‘uman rights. Don’t want ‘em burning the British flag in Iran do we! Give me a break. These places should be closed down and the pupils spread out into British schools teaching proper British values and morals. If they don’t like it I’m sure there are a number of countries who would be only too happy to accommodate those teachers who wish to inform their male offspring that females are no better than half consumed lollipops! The sun is still shining in Tenerife. Twenty six degrees yesterday. Sorry about that! Keep the faith Love Leapy

White lies THE MAJORITY of parents lie to their children in order to control their behaviour. Lies include mythical characters including the tooth fairy, and threatening to walk away from misbehaving children while in public.

Book ban


RITAIN has to be the only country in the world where illegal immigrants are set free if they can’t produce papers as a means of identification. This particular ruling turns the whole border control issue into complete farce. The officers who partake in this highly expensive and time consuming waste of man/woman power must be utterly frustrated and probably in despair, when, at the end of a carefully planned operation to root out illegal foreigners, they have to let them go if they can’t produce passports. This whole system surely makes us a complete laughing stock in the ranks of these people, who are subsequently released and instructed to ‘pop back to the police station in a week or so’, which of course 99 per cent never do. Instead of pouring a never ending deluge of money into this ridiculous operation, why not use it to build a vast boot camp in the middle of Dartmoor somewhere? They could then all be chipped, allowed no communication and sent out to work in the most unpleasant circumstances possible, breaking up rocks if necessary. I’ll bet they’d soon

Axarquía - Málaga East

EROTIC novel ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ has been removed from the shelves of bookstores in Brazil after children were spotted reading it.

Cover up A BURGLAR at a seafood restaurant in Louisiana, USA, improvised with a bucket to cover his face after he forgot his mask.

26 EWN

31 January - 6 February 2013

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Learning English better than sex WHEN it comes to learning English four out of 10 Spanish would give up sex for a year to become instantly fluent. A survey asked 1,700 Spaniards, aged

18 to 60, what they would be prepared to do for a ‘magic pill’ to immediately know the What would you do language. to learn a language Thirty-eight instantly? per cent said Politicians’ poor marks they would be A weekly focus aimed Giving up sex for one year in exchange YEARNING: Spaniards would THE level of English amongst Spanish politicians was also willing to stay at keeping expatriate for instant English was the most popular pay a lot of money to be fluent investigated in the report by the Cambridge University Press. It chaste for 12 readers informed on choice in Valencia and Castilla-Leon in English, and even give up sex. gave those surveyed four high-profile options. months. various aspects of (47 per cent). Life in Spain Respondents said that former Spanish Prime Minister Jose And 64 per In Extremadura seven out of 10 Maria Aznar is top of the linguistic pile, with another ex-Prime cent surveyed by would rather pay €10,000. Minister Jose Luis Zapatero next. Former Madrid President research highlight the English. the UK’s Esperanza Aguirre was placed third. As with all Cambridge University Press economic and social implications of Current Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, got the worst ratings. generalisations would pay €10,000 to learning a foreign language. And 82 per cent of Spaniards think that the average level of Is has often been said in Spanish there are always exceptions, but the become bilingual at a snap English amongst politicians is ‘low or very low’. of the fingers. society that there is an ‘inferiority survey also shows that 90 per cent of The results of this complex’ when it comes to speaking those questioned are afraid of making a fool of themselves when trying to speak English. That sort of timidity CARNIVALS with a The 2013 Spanish Carnival season officially when it comes to Spanish twist will be starts on February 7, and learning the language celebrated in town centres the last day of the can be a real problem all around the country. celebrations is on when it comes to Amongst Spaniards, the SATIRICAL: A February 17. employment. Cadiz (Andalucia) and carnival chorus or But since it is not a Although languages Tenerife (Canary Islands) ‘chirigota’ in national holiday, parties have long been Carnivals are especially Algeciras (Cadiz). and street parades will considered important for renowned. mainly be held next getting a job, having Cadiz’s Carnival weekend. good or fluent English is (February 7-17) attracts Some events are held now considered a must. huge numbers of visitors carnival. earlier in different from around Spain Eighty-one per cent of Tenerife municipalities. wanting to sample its those surveyed acknowhas its own carefree and fun partying ledge that speaking equivalent to atmosphere, known as English is crucial in job ‘chirigotas’ ‘cachondeo’. interviews, and 60 per the ‘murgas’ This year’s festival will The local council cent admitted that they - but its be held from Wednesday, EXOTIC: 2012’s expects 350,000 people do not dare look for a job Carnival is February 6 to Sunday, Carnival Maid of to throng the city streets abroad as they are afraid more exotic, February 17, starting Honour, Fabiola next Saturday (February to cope with foreign with colourful with one of the most 9) alone. languages. and glittering highly-anticipated momMartinez in Tenerife’s The most distinguiSixty-three per cent are Rio de Janeiro ents for the locals, the main parade. shable feature of the convinced the country Carnival style election of the Carnival Cadiz carnival is the comic the groups can also be would recover from the costumes Queen. singing choruses or found in the old town financial crisis more worn in the On this gala night, the ‘chirigotas’. streets, performing quickly if Spaniards street parades. contestants parade on These ensembles of 10 satirical songs about local improved their English. Carnival the catwalk wearing very to 30 people, wearing and national celebrities Carnival, with ‘chirigotas’ In fact, 85 per cent said themes change large, heavy and themed costumes, train and politicians. Tradition- performances broadcast in Tenerife annually, with flamboyant exports would increase if costumes hard all year round to try ally their musical accomp- every afternoon from Bollywood being chosen weighing an average 150 Spanish salesmen had a to win the title of Carnival animent is provided by Monday (February 4) to for this year. higher level of English. to 200 kilos, supported champions. guitars and kazoos, Friday (February 8) on Unfortunately there is There is also a by hidden wheels. Tickets to see the making for a charact- Andalucia’s Canal Sur TV traditional rivalry with no magic pill, leaving the This will be broadcast performances at the Falla eristic sound. channel. Spanish the traditional neighbours Las Palmas, on La 1 national television Theatre are sold out The competition starts ‘Chirigotas’ are also with each trying to outdo channel, starting at 9.30 methods of learning a months in advance. But earlier than the rest of the typical in Malaga city’s each other. language. pm on Wednesday.

Life in Spain




Life is a carnival

We travel and stay in Spain (Javea) two to three weeks every two months. About 12 weeks per year. Do we need to register for the padron? If so, what is the process and do we need any

paperwork? We do have our NIE numbers. If you spend less than the 183 days required for officially becoming a resident, then it is not necessary to register on the padron. Although you can sign on to it if you own or rent a

property on a long contract, the municipal register is intended for long-term residents. The Foreigners Department in Javea (Residentes Extranjeros) is the best place for you to ask if there are any benefits to registering.

Send your questions to:

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NCREASING numbers of pupils can “hardly move, let alone catch or run” at age 11 according to Baroness Campbell, chairwoman of UK Sport. In a recent interview, she suggested that sport should figure as prominently in primary school timetables as literacy and numeracy. I stopped reading there. Strange! I distinctly remember being able to run and jump before starting school. Learnt to throw and catch too just by playing with family and friends. So, is it the fault of parents and today’s lifestyle that no exercise takes place? Er, haven’t these kids’ parents ever played games with them? You know, after switching off the TV, sliding off the sofa and, who knows, maybe even stubbing out a fag. And if parents are to blame, how over the past 20-odd years did Advertising Feature


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Family is key to healthy children they become such bad parents? What’s caused this? Did they decide to change en masse? Is it fluoride in the water? Immigration? Benefit dependency? Insemination by aliens? Probably due to benefit dependency to some extent, but I’d guess other social issues are at play too. Can’t let them out of the house, for instance, for fear a stranger might look at them or, even worse, try to talk to them. Instead park

Breaking Views

LAZY CHILDREN: Who is to blame?

And then there’s litigation. Contact sports in the NORA JOHNSON playground banned in A Costa del Sol resident for a number of case little Johnny slips years, Nora is the author of psychological and the parents sue suspense and crime thrillers. To the school. comment on any of the issues raised in her column, go to Or is it the fault of teachers? Teachers nora-johnson who believe there should be no winner them in front of the TV in the egg and spoon every night where they race. Can’t play can get all the exercise conkers, might bruise they need with the Wii your knuckles. Can’t Fit and all the education have a competitive race, they need from CBBC. the loser might be upset

and suffer lifelong trauma. In the final analysis, however, while exercise is clearly important, it’s more important children can read, write, spell, add and subtract. It isn’t crucial that they know how to run, jump and throw a ball once they leave school. It is crucial that they’ll be employable in a world vastly different from the one we grew up in. What we don’t

want is a generation of teens not only physically incapable, but socially inept and totally unprepared for the realities of life.

Nora Johnson’s thrillers ‘Soul Stealer’ & ‘The De Clerambault Code’ ( available from Amazon in paperback/ eBook (€0.89;£0.77) and iBookstore. Profits to Cudeca.

28 EWN

31 January - 6 February 2013

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Time Out 1h35 Starring: Frederic Bourdin, Carey Gibson, Beverly Dollarhide, Charlie Parker

AQUARIUS (January 21 - February 19) An area in which you have experience means that you are able to help someone close this week. Keep the advice free from personal opinions wherever possible. Some upsets on a day-to-day basis are all minor and will pass.

PISCES (February 20 - March 20) What will really be appreciated this week is if you will give your time to others. I realise that your life is busy but the emotional rewards from helping someone will be more than worth it. To see yourself in a truly positive light, imagine being in the positions of those round you.

ARIES (March 21 - April 20)


Peter Kerr is Scotland’s best-selling travel writer. From the author of the bestselling Snowball Oranges series of Mallorcan travel books comes a substantial and compelling novel inspired by one of the most momentous and lastinglycelebrated events in the history of this enchanting Spanish island. Set against a backdrop of

IF ITʼS YOUR BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK: Taking control of both your finances and emotions has already started paying dividends. Such a change is not easy but most satisfying. Satisfaction is something of which you will have a lot.

Y our S tars

have noticed that someone has a special interest in you. Another surprise then, but how will you react?

TAURUS (April 21 - May 21)

Surprising and happy news about the 30th really puts some bounce into you. Having been so busy recently, you may not

breathtaking Mediterranean scenery, described in the author’s hallmark style which transports readers right into the heart of the action, an enthralling saga dictated by the vagaries of fate unfolds. The horror and brutality of battle

Family members bring a sparkle to your eyes and a spring to your step. When

is countered by the tenderness shown to Christian Pedrito in an unexpected encounter with two Muslim women – one older than him, the other younger – which reveals heartrending aspects of his past and sows the seeds of a forbidden romantic relationship punishable by death.

Shakira born February 2, 1977. She is a Colombian singer who recently gave birth to a baby by Spanish football player Gerard Pique. It is estimated she has sold more than 70m album copies worldwide. She has won two Grammy Awards and eight Latin Grammy Awards. She received her own Hollywoodʼs Walk Of Fame star.


there is so much going on it is easy to forget how much we are part of a whole. If you have neglected keeping in contact of late, this serves to remind you to try to do better.

you take notice and may even shock. There are many things in life that normally do not touch us but, once we are aware, there seems to be a need for action.

GEMINI (May 22 - June 21)

CANCER (June 22 - July 23)

A trip to the cinema or theatre makes

Expecting others to automatically know what you want is unrealistic. Even dropping heavy hints can go well astray of the mark. Although it is unpalatable to your sensitivity, plain talking is needed. Stop wanting everyone to like you and your personality will grow in leaps and bounds.


LEO (July 24 - August 23) Oh, gosh, this is a really sensitive time for Leos. Although it is easy to upset you, it is equally easy to fire your enthusiasm. Anyone considering not keeping a promise or appointment with you should beware because they will be whipped into shape.

HOW TO PLAY Fill the grid so that every row, every column and every 3X3 box contains the digits 1-9. There’s no maths involved. You solve the puzzle with reasoning and logic.

VIRGO (August 24 - September 23)


This is a week of deep thinking and meaningful conversations. Someone's opinion of you reaches your ears and pleases you greatly. Work that has been progressing at home faces hold-ups and tact is needed to avoid a row. Some compromise is required at work, perhaps related to a planned holiday.

LIBRA (September 24 - October 23) Take extra care where finances concern your home. A legal matter should be considered carefully. When planning home improvements, get plenty of good advice and do not trust your heart. A new activity means new friends.

SCORPIO (October 24 - November 22)

Just joking

What’s a man’s idea of a balanced diet? Beer in each hand What are the three words guaranteed to humiliate men everywhere? Hold my purse



What do you call a sheep with no legs? A cloud

Saturday January 26

Saturday January 26









Saturday January 26

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LA PRIMITIVA Saturday January 26











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Being protective of those close does not mean worrying all the time. With their co-operation, the burden, welcome though it may be, can be lightened. There is the opportunity to have fun with some young friends, which may not come again for some time.

WHAT ON EARTH AM I? 1. Well known throughout most of the world, what sort of insect is a painted lady? 2. Barn, scops, screech, snowy, spotted and tawny are all varieties of which nocturnal bird of prey? 3. Common off the NE coast of America, the alewife is related to which family of fish? 4. Represented throughout the world’s tropics (and in temperate regions of North America), but especially diverse in Southeast Asia and associated islands, the skink is a smooth-bodied type of which reptile? 5. Found only in lowland rainforests along the south bank of the Congo River in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, what sort of creature is a bonobo? 6. Originally developed in North America, what breed of domesticated mammal is the Duroc or Duroc-jersey? 7. What sort of creature is a cichlid? 8. Notable for its permanent retention of larval features, such as external gills, what sort of amphibian creature is an axolotl? 9. Fiddler, hermit, horseshoe and spider are all varieties of which crustacean? 10. Formerly common in eastern Europe and western Asia, but hunted to extinction by 1919, the tarpan was a wild type of which animal?


Nicholas was 13 the day he disappeared (June 13, 1994). He would have been 16 and 8 months when he was reported found in Spain (October 7, 1997)... In 1994 a 13-year-old boy disappears without a trace from San Antonio, Texas. Three and a half years later he is found alive, thousands of miles away in a village in southern Spain with a story of kidnap and torture. His family is overjoyed to bring him home. But all is not quite as it seems.

10-star quiz

TARGET: Average: 16 Good: 21


fere, fern, fine, fire, foin, fore, free, frog, neif, reef, rife, feign, finer, forge, frore, grief, infer, refer, ferine, finger, forger, fringe, refine, foreign, refiner, FOREIGNER

Word ladder DROP

SAGITTARIUS (November 23 - December 21) Be determined to make a budget and stick to it. Even if you are arranging a holiday, resist the urge to splash out. Because this is such a busy week, it may not seem that there is time to read the small print.

CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 20) With a big event coming up, you need someone to give plenty of love and support. Starting a new interest could lead you into their path. Going for looks alone will do you no favours. Be as broad-minded as possible when it comes to making friends.

Very good: 31 Excellent: 38

How many English words of four letters or more can you make from the nine letters in our Nonagram puzzle? Each letter may be used only once (unless the letter appears twice). Each word MUST CONTAIN THE CENTRE LETTER (in this case G) and there must be AT LEAST ONE NINE LETTER WORD. Plurals, vulgarities or proper nouns are not allowed.


Move from the start word (DROP) to the end word (GOAL) in the same number of steps as there are rungs on the Word Ladder. You must only change one letter at a time.


The reconquest of Mallorca

The Imposter Documentary

1. BUTTERFLY, 2. OWL, 3.HERRING, 4. LIZARD, 5. APE - it is also called the ‘pygmy chimpanzee’, 6. PIG , 7. Perch-like freshwater FISH, 8. SALAMANDER, 9. CRAB, 10. HORSE


31 January - 6 February 2013


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Crosswords CRYPTIC


Across 4 Grabs forged cash etc (7) 8 Romeo, out in the East, is normal (7) 9 Organise a run to the mountains (7) 10 Is irritating, but the darned things needed them! (7) 11 Doctors see it as most simple (7) 12 See fit to accept second plan (6) 14 Some eras Edgar Allan Poe wiped out (6) 18 Rearrange car test and flee (7) 21 All rods are different in Bucks (7) 22 Tim and I ate bananas from ape (7) 23 Break the globe and again mend it (7) 24 Internet search aids for motors (7) Down 1 Government leader went on, admittedly (7) 2 Nudes hide in sandhills (5) 3 Shakespeare in Germany is ready (7) 4 Refrained from tomato juice, as editor requested (6) 5 Academic divisionsʼ contract details (5)

The clues are mixed, some clues are in Spanish and some are in English. Across 1 Otoño (6) 4 Kiss (4) 8 Alubias (5) 9 Águila (5) 10 Heno (3) 11 Perdedor (5) 12 Joke (practical joke, hoax) (5) 15 Gold (metal) (3) 16 Arm (5) 18 Down (downwards) (5) 19 Piel (de persona) (4) 20 Language (6

Co d e B r e a ke r 6 Watches The Seekers (7) 7 Itʼs said this perfume is not worth much in America (5) 13 Kingʼs at exotic winter sport (7) 15 Understand how to convert into cash (7) 16 First person in trampʼs collection of

documents (7) 17 Goods supplied for religious adherents (6) 18 Add zing to a portion of honey crisp ice cream (5) 19 Educate brideʼs follower (5) 20 Officer John (5)

Down 1 Directly (8) 2 More than enough (5) 4 Annually (6) 5 Find out (5) 6 Flagrant (7) 7 Dispatched (4) 8 Small (6) 13 Fidgety (8) 15 Thrive (7) 17 Affront (6) 18 Departs (6) 20 Perfection (5) 22 Cognisant (5) 23 Rush (4)

CRYPTIC Across: 1 Coward, 4 Pedals, 9 Curtain, 10 Coats, 11 Ash, 12 Sentence, 14 Depart, 15 Inches, 18 Orchards, 20 Tag, 23 Glade, 24 Painful, 25 Treaty, 26 Wealth. Down: 1 Cocoa, 2 Worship, 3 Rear, 5 Exciting, 6 Again, 7 Sisters, 8 Under, 13 Ornament, 14 Drought, 16 Hateful, 17 Adept, 19 Crane, 21 Gulch, 22 File. QUICK - Across: 1 Copy, 3 Proposal, 9 Lawless, 10 Keeps, 11 Serve, 12 Afraid, 14 Almost, 16 Evolve, 19 Create, 21 Least, 24 Unite, 25 Examine, 26 Together, 27 Begs. Down: 1 Colossal, 2 Power, 4 Rascal, 5 Poker, 6 Special, 7 Loss, 8 Repels, 13 Restless, 15 Morning, 17 Vulgar, 18 Serene, 20 Alert, 22 Arise, 23 Hunt. ENGLISH - SPANISH Across: 1 Charco, 4 Flea, 8 Beans, 9 Apple, 10 Tar, 11 Enero, 12 Ansia, 15 Man, 16 Smoke, 18 Traje, 19 Lead, 20 Maceta. Down: 1 Cobre, 2 Awake, 3 Customer, 5 Lip, 6 Ace, 7 Garantia, 13 Suave, 14 Acera, 16 Sol, 17 Ola.

1. Unscramble the name of a famous European politician: MAKE ALL GREEN 2. Unscramble the name of a famous comic play written by Noël Coward: BIT THEIR LIPS




Answers: Puss in Boots, Read all about it


Each number in the Code Breaker grid represents a different letter of the alphabet. In this week’s puzzle, 15 represents R and 24 represents Z, so fill in R every time the figure 15 appears and Z every time the figure 24 appears. Now, using your knowledge of the English language, work out which letters should go in the missing squares. As you discover the letters, fill in other squares with the same number in the main grid and the control grid.


QUICK Across 1 Pretence (4) 3 Course of study (8) 9 Reproduction (7) 10 Once more (5) 11 Awkward (5) 12 Straight (6) 14 Occur (6) 16 Moral excellence (6) 19 Courteous (6) 21 Clever (5) 24 Round fruit (5) 25 Small town (7) 26 Safe (8) 27 Wagers (4)

Down 1 Tree (5) 2 Equipos (de personas) (5) 3 Champiñónes (8) 5 Huevo (3) 6 Un (3) 7 Teclado (8) 13 Opal (5) 14 Now (at this time, immediately) (5) 16 Autobús (3) 17 There (place) (3)

Quote There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest

Elie Wiesel (1928 -), Romanian-born Jewish-American writer, Nobel laureate and concentration camp survivor


Hexagram The purpose of the Hexagram puzzle is to place the 19 sixletter words into the 19 cells. The letters at the edges of interlocking cells MUST BE THE SAME. The letters in the words must be written CLOCKWISE. The word in cell 10 (CHANCE) and one letter in four other cells are given as clues.




















LAST WEEK’S SOLUTION 1 Agrees, 2 Crusts, 3 Cooled, 4 Wicked, 5 Hostel, 6 Slopes, 7 Specks, 8 Hollow, 9 Lector, 10 Powder, 11 Chills, 12 Muster, 13 Dolmen, 14 Glossy, 15 Mender, 16 Mincer, 17 Surged, 18 Ladder, 19 Hugged.






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31 January - 6 February 2013

Axarquía - Málaga East

Winner’s death leaves the world a little less colourful B

RITISH film director Michael Winner was no stranger to Spain. Filming part of his Hollywood debut Lawman, starring Burt Lancaster, in Spain in 1971, the news of his death means a time of reflection for many expatriates. And he also regularly travelled to the Balearic Islands for restaurant reviews and holidays. Winner, aged 77, died at his home in London on January 21 after suffering from liver disease, according to his widow Geraldine Lynton-Edwards. Respected food critic for The Sunday Times, he had revealed in a recent interview with The Times that he had considered the possibility of bowing out by means of assisted suicide in Switzerland. The Euro Weekly News took to the streets to find out how expatriates were reacting to the news. “I am truly devastated,” said Susan Royos from Marbella on

Winner also directed The Nightcomers, with Marlon Brando, The System, with Oliver Reed, and Death Wish, with Charles Bronson, among many others during his 50-year career. “If I’m honest, I wasn’t that much of a follower of Michael Winner,” Roy Laden from Calpe in the north of Costa Blanca said. “But it’s always a sad time when somebody British dies.” Winner’s first Spanish restaurant review was at Es Raco d’es Teix in Deia, Mallorca. This was published in The Sunday Times in 2008. He also ate at Xelini, a Mediterranean restaurant, also in Deia, and at Flanigan in Portals on the island. No stranger to Spain, It was through his Winner filmed part of his newspaper column Hollywood debut, Lawman, ‘Winner’s Dinners’ that he announced in the country, and regularly his poor health, MICHAEL WINNER: A British character that will travelled to the Balearic which put him in certainly be missed. Islands for restaurant hospital for eight reviews and holidays. times throughout the Costa del Sol. “I am more poignant that he 2012, and eventually a huge fan of his films, had a connection to led to his death. and it makes it even Spain.”

Outrageous and opinionated By Nigel Goldman, restaurant critic for Southern Spain POSSIBLY one of Britain’s few commercially successful film directors, with the Death Wish series starring Charles Bronson, it was through his pompous and arrogant style as a restaurant critic that Winner later became known. Indeed, I would pore over his column in The Sunday Times most Sundays to find ideas and clues about how to write my own restaurant reviews, although I never pretended to be as outrageous and opinionated as the

great man himself. I did try, though. We met on occasions in London, including once at The Ivy, where he insisted on paying for the dinner of four ladies sitting nearby whom he had annoyed throughout the meal, and again in an Italian restaurant in Soho where he twirled his napkin above his head like helicopter rotor blades to gain the attention of a waiter. Winner was a character, rarely seen without a large Havana cigar

(although he cut back following triple heart surgery in 1993). He drove a Rolls-Royce and lived in a mansion in Holland Park, crammed with art and antiques, which he promised to leave to the nation, although in later years he decided that he might need to sell it to pay off debts, even though on paper he was a multi-millionaire. He always said he did not want to die as a rich man, as this would mean he had not fully enjoyed his

own money. Winner sported a string of beautiful girlfriends including Jenny Seagrove, but eventually married Geraldine Lynton-Edwards in 2011. He turned down an OBE for his work on behalf of the police, and later a knighthood. He was unique, larger than life, and will always be remembered as being loud and offensive, perfect ingredients for a film director and restaurant critic.

Character to love or even hate By EWN columnist, Leapy Lee LOVE him or hate him Michael Winner was certainly one of society’s characters. I first came across his name in 1962. A couple of my associates had small parts in his first movie. Financed mainly by his indulgent parents for a son who ‘wanted to be a director’ it was entitled The Cool Mikado and turned out to be what many believed was the worst film ever made. British comic Frankie Howerd is actually on record as saying that he was ashamed to have appeared in it! I remember thinking then that that was the last we would hear of this rather spoiled and to my mind somewhat lucky individual. How wrong could I be? His subsequent successes showed all his knockers that perseverance and enthusiasm generally pay off. RIP Michael Winner. The world will be a little less colourful without you.


31 January - 6 February 2013

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Body language reveals more BODY language could be the key to discovering what mood your other half is in. Normally people who feel they

may have upset their partners look at their facial expression, but a study from Princeton University (USA) found facial expressions were

often ambiguous. It said that people struggled to tell just from a head shot whether someone was experiencing an extreme positive or negative reaction, but body language turned out to be a study would help people far more reliable understand that short term alcohol guide. use only gives the impression of Despite the improving sleep and should not be results, from those used as a sleeping aid. who took part, 80 per The study found that drinking any cent still said they would rely solely on amount of alcohol makes you feel the face when trying sleepy and drift off quicker, but the to work out an more you drink, the more sleep emotion. disruption there is.

Not so sleepy? ALCOHOL may help you get to sleep quicker, but the quality of rest is lacking. That’s according to a new report issued by the London Sleep Centre in the UK which says drinking does increase tiredness, but reduces the amount of time in a deep sleep. Dr Irshaad Ebrahim, co-author of the report, said he hoped that the



Axarquía - Málaga East

IN A MOOD: Do you tell by body language or facial expression?




31 January - 6 February 2013

Shocking news A STUDY has indicated lobsters and crabs do feel pain, prompting calls for the food industry to reassess their treatment. A team from Queen’s University in Belfast (NI) carried out an experiment which involved giving mild electric shocks to the crustaceans designed to distinguish between pain and unconscious reflex action.

Axarquía - Málaga East

An apple a day…

Eating our way through crisis

EATING an apple in the morning can wake you up better than drinking a cup of coffee. Apples can also boost your health in ways that benefit early morning activities. Apples contain high levels of vitamins and antioxidants and contain carbohydrates to kick start your energy levels in a healthy way. Drinking coffee may give you a boost but can also run down blood sugar levels soon after drinking. MORE ALERT: Apples have many health benefits.

Broccoli sprouts best BROCCOLI sprouts have more cancerfighting sulforaphane than adult broccoli. One gram of sprouts contains as much of the cancer fighter as 25 grams of adult broccoli and can be eaten in sandwiches and salads. Broccoli is rich in dietary fibre,

minerals, vitamins, anti-oxidants and phyto-chemicals that have proven health benefits against prostate, colon, breast cancers. The vegetable is low in saturated fat and cholesterol and is claimed to be an all round superfood.

CHEW: It dates back more than 5,000 years.

Ancient chewing

CHEWING gum could date back 5,000 years, it has been revealed. The ancient equivalent of what we know today as chewing gum has been found in Finland by a British archaeology student. The lump of birch bark tar dates back to Neolithic times and comes complete with Stone Age tooth prints. Neolithic people are thought to have chewed the bark tar as a medical aid to heal mouth infections, and also used it to glue broken pots together.

NEW research suggests we are comfort eating our way through the economic crisis. Scientists at the University of Miami (US) say that bad news about the economy could cause us to pack on the pounds as we eat more high calorie foods. The research found when people were subconsciously given messages such as ‘live for today,’ they consumed nearly 40 per cent more food than compared to a control group primed with neutral words. When volunteers were given messages indicating times were hard, but then told the food was low calorie, they ate around 25 per cent less food. This shows that taste is not what caused the reactions, but a longing for calories. Researchers say this is because if we perceive food resources as low we actively seek out food with a higher calorie content.

Less sugar in soft drinks SOFT drinks like Lucozade and Ribena are to reduce the sugar content in some of their lines. The move comes following the launch of the UK Government’s ‘Responsibility Deal’ in a bid to cut obesity rates by helping consumers take in less sugar. Responsibility Deal Food Network chairwoman Dr Susan Jebb said, “I’m

pleased to see the soft drinks manufacturers like GSK, AG Barr and Britvic join Coca-Cola and PepsiCo to make some very real commitments to help consumers cut down on their calories as they take control of their weight.” Mars and supermarket Tesco have also signed up to the pledge.

36 EWN


31 January - 6 February 2013


Axarquía - Málaga East

Preparation is the keystone to every building project

OME years ago I wrote a book in the UK about building works and how to go about them. This was in response to my own experience of running a construction company in London, during which time I came face to face with endless Nick Snelling problems. Indeed, like most people, I came to Web master and author of 5 books including: the conclusion that ‘How to Buy Spanish Property and Move to Spain – Safely’ and ‘The any form of building Laptop Entrepreneur’ work was invariably a nightmare, both for the builders and the owner. Of course, building work in Spain is no less contentious PLANNING: Don’t let poor preparation ruin your dream home. and has an equal habit of going wrong. Well, the first thing to you and he adapt to what is exactly what work you want So, what can you do to make appreciate is that often the happening on a day to day carried out. By exact, I mean sure that your building project reason that a building project basis. that if you want a crack filling in Spain goes smoothly? goes wrong is because of you Precise definition of above a doorway then the property owner! what you want to state ‘To raking out Make sure This is normally because a achieve is vital and and filling diagonal COSTS can spiral, timings property owner does not: you should always crack above all can go totally awry and 1. Develop a clear develop (and bathroom doorexpectations as to the quality agreements ‘specification’ of the works agree, in writing, way’ or ‘To of work to be performed can required with your builder) installing double are in 2. Supervise the works. at least three electrical socket at vary wildly. The end result writing The consequence is a documents before 250mm height can be that a project ends builder often does not know any work proceeds. 500mm from the right with both the builders and exactly what you want and is These are: hand side of master property owner close to a left to ‘find his way’ around a 1. A Schedule of Works. bedroom door’. nervous breakdown. project, which can then suffer This should be a very detailed In other words be precise numerous alterations, as both document that specifies and exhaustive and append

any plans to the Schedule of Works. 2. A Specification. A Specification is a document that details the quality of materials and workmanship to be used. It will define such things as the type of paint, bricks, piping, cabling etc to be used, together with such things as any sanitaryware, kitchen units and so on. It will also detail the skill required of workers. 3. A contract. This must be in writing and expressly tie you and your builder to the Schedule of Works and Specification. It should also deal with the question of project start and completion timings The first steps towards and provide a schedule full legal security are for payments for the registering your rental work. The contract must contract with the housing be signed by you and department, this means full your builder. legal protection cover of Of course, developing a your property. detailed and accurate Following this, you must Schedule of Works, declare the income of the Specification and rental and 24 per cent of Contract is not something the rent payments must be that everyone can do. paid to the government Indeed, there is much to every month or quarter. be said for employing a Registered tax residents building surveyor or in Spain must declare the architect to do this for rental income to their you. Good luck! annual Spanish income tax.

Legally renting your property In Spain AS summer 2013 in Spain creeps closer, many property owners will be looking to rent out their properties over the summer months . Before advertising your property as a rental, it is important to consider the legal rulings implemented by the Agencia Tributaria Spain’s tax authority. The campaign aims to lower the amount of illegal property rentals and the tightening of measures taken to ensure home-

owners declare their rental earnings are becoming essential in order to avoid problems with the taxman. Recent figures estimated in one Spanish province, 75 per cent of holiday home rentals are not declared, resulting in a €104.8 million loss to the tax authorities. Thankfully it is not complicated to place your rental agreements on a legal footing, allowing you to avoid the authorities’ harsh consequences of illegal renting.

ALWAYS manage your building project or, better still, get someone independent and qualified to do so, if you are not experienced in construction. Getting an architect or building surveyor to supervise a project does not cost a fortune and your site will not need to be visited every day, just at certain defined and critical stages. It is at these times that things can go wrong or be done badly and that can have a disastrous subsequent effect on your project.

38 EWN

31 January - 6 February 2013

Axarquía - Málaga East

Bring balance into your life for the course of true love February forecast EACH month I write about how the moon cycles, numerology and major arcana tarot cards connected to the current month affect you. By understanding these influences, you are more able to move forward to create a happier, healthier and more prosperous future... 2013 promises to be a year packed full of surprises, opportunities and even the odd miracle. You have the potential to lay firm foundations for the future this year. Thirteen is the number of death and rebirth, so be prepared for radical change, and gracefully let go of the old. This way you will make space


By Sally Trotman Based in Mallorca, Sally Trotman is a qualified Counsellor who works with Astrology, Numerology and the Tarot. Each month she will deliver the forecast as an intuitive tool to aid increased self awareness.

for all the great new beginnings waiting for you. The influence of the number two: February is the second month of the year and it’s all about love! This number brings you the opportunity to attract new love if you are single, or to deepen your

orkshire Linen Warehouse is situated in Mijas Costa, Fuengirola, close to the Iceland and Dunnes stores. It is part of the Yorkshire Linen franchise group which now boasts more than 40 shops throughout the UK, Spain and Portugal. The large superstore in Fuengirola has been open since 2008. It supplies both the general public and trade customers and has built up an enviable reputation for the quality and prices of its products as well as the high standard of customer care it provides. In 2012, a huge investment was put into both staffing and stock to cope with the overwhelming demand for the new online shop which now supplies a vast array of soft furnishings to every part of mainland Spain for only €4.95 and can even offer next-day delivery. All goods are delivered door-to-door by a reputable courier service and are fully insured, so that customers can order with confidence and know that their purchases will arrive on time and in perfect condition. The safe and secure payment system gives the customer peace of mind. All credit or debit card details are encrypted and sent to a secure server supplied by the bank.

FEBRUARY: The month of love. connection within your existing relationship. The course of true love doesn’t always run smoothly though, so there may be the odd lesson thrown in to help you recognise what you really want from a relationship. The number two is asking you to bring

balance to your life. Make time for yourself this month to reflect on your goals for the year. Listen to your heart: In the tarot deck, the second major arcana card is the High Priestess. This card is guiding you to listen to your intuition. It will never fail

you, and although following your intuition may seem to take you down a more challenging path, ultimately it will lead you to where you most need to be. Get in tune with the moon: The new moon on February 10 is in the

visionary sign of Aquarius. If you were born under this sign, write a list of every thing you want to bring into your life this year. The full moon on February 25 is in the earthy sign of Virgo. The influence of this sign will help you to get your finances and working life in order. Discover how to create the life you want in 2013! Find out how the numbers in your date of birth and the seven major planets of influence in your birthchart effect your relationships, career and health, with an Astrology, Numerology and Tarot reading. For more information:

Advertising Feature

Online demand grows for Yorkshire Linen FIRST FOR CHOICE: The Mijas Costa store offers affordable luxury bedding and soft furnishings, and customers can either visit the premises or browse the website and purchase goods from the comfort of their own home.

The team at Yorkshire Linen LOVE their day-to-day work helping customers with sound advice be it for a private home or a rental property. Their vast product knowledge can

prove invaluable when co-ordinating soft furnishings including curtains, cushions, rugs or bedding. And now they offer the same service if required by customers

before ordering online. If you are unsure of something simply email or call on the helpline number 952 197 577. They know it is always nice to speak to a friendly voice and no question is too insignificant or silly to ask!! New products are being added to the website daily and new lines available to order in the coming weeks will include kitchenware and rugs. If you live in Gibraltar there will be a delivery service to La Linea in the very near future WATCH THIS SPACE!

40 EWN

31 January - 6 February 2013



LMOND blossom is now out or about to open in many areas, while others will follow within the next few weeks. It really is one of the nicest times of the year and one year we were able to follow the blossom from Andalucia to Aragon over a period of two months. But when exactly trees bloom is very dependent on a garden’s micro-climate. The tree in the photograph is in our own garden. It’s in full bloom as you see, but I walked just 300 metres and down 50 metres to friends for lunch today and none of the four trees in their garden showed a single flower bud or leaf bud opening. The only real difference is our tree is just inside a high hedge sheltered from the recent cold winds, while the trees in the other garden are open and exposed. Hopefully we don’t get bad weather to knock off the blossom and emergent fruit during February. Amazingly we lost few flowers this last week when

Axarquía - Málaga East


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OMES Gardens

For more information about the sponsor go to

Blooming good show from almond trees

Gardening Corner

GORGEOUS: Stunning blossoms from almond trees.

By Clodagh and Dick Handscombe

Spain’s best known gardening authors who have lived and gardened in Spain for 25 years.

we experienced 80kms an hour gusts of wind. However, a few cold days would help kill off various

early pests flitting around the fruit trees. We will do an early neem and propolis spray tomorrow for safety.

Interestingly we first discovered neem oil nearly 20 years ago sitting next to an ecological orange farmer

at a Spanish walking club dinner. Neem oil is totally ecological, being pressed from the fruit of the neem tree Azedarach aiandica. For the first few years we purchased our oil from Germany until we found suppliers in Spain. We said interestingly earlier, for last Friday Dick visited another eco-orange grower with a Friends of Avinenca group

who rarely sprayed with anything. Twenty years ago he had taken over a poorly maintained grove that had been sprayed with chemical sprays. Since then he had increased the number of varieties of oranges and mandarins to 10, allowed the grass and herbs to grow, only sprayed with a paraffin oil once a year and did little pruning. If you want to cut back the size of the lawn you could plant orange trees and just leave the grass and weeds to grow to create a living mulch to reduce evaporation. Incidentally the harvests per tree in the organic orange grove were less than surrounding chemically fertilised and pest treated orchards, but his costs were lower so he made as much profit or more per tree. Lastly if you are growing any sort of fruits a copy of ‘Growing healthy fruit in Spain’ will benefit. (c) Dick and Clodagh Handscombe.

EWN 41

31 January - 6 February 2013

Ser vices

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31 January - 6 February 2013 Axarquía - Málaga




Air Conditioning


Mobile Homes

AIRFLOW Air Conditioning for cooling and heating units. Professional, fully guaranteed installations. Tel: 952 443 222 (203104)

CARPENTER cabinet maker, Irish. Available for all types of property maintenance, plumbing, painting, electrical, kitchens and bathrooms renovated etc. 30 years experience, very reliable. Tel: 952 441 955 / 677 087 575 (101611)

WE BUY, Sell, Remove all types of Mobile Homes. We pay CASH and cover all of Spain. More details call Suzi Caley 616 250 727 / 951 063 059 or email suzicaley@ (200742)

AIR CONDITIONING repairs and servicing. Airflow. 952 443 222 (203104)

Aluminium Carpenter AUTOMATIC GATES, WINDOWS & DOORS, MOSQUITO SCREENS, SECURITY BARS ETC. Tel 670 901 549 jvnoxa (201482)

Blinds SOLAR BLINDS ES Ideal for large glazed areas to reflect heat / glare and stop furniture fading and still keep the view. SAVE HEAT IN THE WINTER TOO improve your living environment. Telephone Ian 644 546 176 (204325)

Chimneys PROFESSIONAL chimney sweeping services, all areas covered. Call 654 184 242 or 607 441 959 (202736)

Damp Proofing

Motorcycle Repairs Internet

RODS MOTORCYCLES. Mobile motorcycle service and repair. From scooters to superbikes. Contact 633 287 190. Factory trained technician. (203075)


2002 FORD FOCUS 1.6 Trend, 5 door, 5 speed, hatchback, one owner from new, now leaving Spain, only 48,000kms, approx 30,000 miles. Full service history, silver, air condition, CD player, kept in garage, rarely used holiday car. Was 4,995 euros, now 4,500 euros. Phone Samantha or Gordon Robertson 952 832 173 / 608 658 785. See our web page NEW SHAPE Ford Fiesta 2009 1.25 litre trend, 5 door, 5 speed, only 77,000kms, approx 48,000 miles, silver, lady owner, leaving Spain, was 7,995 euros, now 6,995 euros. Gordon Robertson 952 832 173 / 608 658 785 (NEW SHAPE) 2008 Chevrolet Matiz 0.8 litre S model, silver, only 50,000kms, approx 31,000 miles, 5 door, 5 speed, air conditioned, power assisted steering, elderly lady owner leaving Spain, small car, big bargain, was €4,500 now 3,750 euros. Samantha or Gordon Robertson 608 658 785 / 952 832 173 (200963)

DAMP PROOFING Tel 958 656 560 / 619 666 363 email www.elec (202195)


DIESEL SEVEN SEATER Opel Zafira 2.2DTi, 2005, Blueline, 16 valve (125bhp), blue with alloy wheels, climate control, great people carrier, was €5,995, now only €4,995. Samantha or Gordon Robertson 952 832 173 / 608 658 785 (200963)


4X4 AUTOMATIC Hyundai Santa Fe 2.7 GLS V6 2003 model, top of the range, silver, every extra, great on bad roads, calling all campo drivers, this one is for you. Was €4,995, now €4,750. Samantha or Gordon Robertson 952 832 173 / 608 658 785

Friendship FIND LOVE IN THE SUN Browse for free Spain’s No 1 online dating site. Bringing expats together. (201369)

Insurance MOTOR INSURANCE. For the most competitive quotes in English call Linea Directa on 902 123 153, you could save as much as 30% and you can transfer your existing no claims bonus. Call Linea Directa on 902 123 153 for motor insurance with a human voice in English from Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm and save money now! (200726)

4X4 DIESEL MITSUBISHI Montero 3.2GLS long wheel base, 2003, “top of the range”, one lady owner, gold, alloy wheels, air con, 5 speed, was €7,995 now only €5,995. Samantha or Gordon Robertson 952 832 173 / 608 658 785 (200963) SEVEN seater automatic 2008 Toyota Corolla Verso 1.8 VVTI, one owner, only 53,000kms (33,000miles), sale due to relocation, climate control, electric everything, good looking in grey with alloy wheels, was 9,995 euros, now only 9,500 euros. Samantha or Gordon Robertson 952 832 173 or 608 658 785

Price per word: 0,42€ + IVA minimum 15 words - Discount: Book 10 weeks, get 2 weeks free - Deadline: 4pm Mondays Contact: Phone (0034) 952 561 245 • Fax (0034) 952 440 887 • email •

31 January - 6 February 2013


EWN 43 Axarquía - Málaga East 4x4 AUTOMATIC Ford Explorer XLT Limited Edition 1995, UK reg, but left hand drive, only 47,000 miles, looks right in white, air con, CD player, rarely used holiday jeep, great for bad roads and campo, was 2,995 euros, now 2,500 euros. Samantha or Gordon Robertson 608 658 785 / 952 832 173 (200963)


AUTOMATIC diesel BMW, 530 estate, touring low kms. Midnight blue, leather interior, every extra immaculate condition. Was 6,500 euros, now 5,995 euros. Samantha or Gordon Robertson 952 832 173 / 608 658 785 (200963) SUPERSPORT Coupe Nissan 350Z (300 BHP), only 18,000kms (approx 11,000 miles). FSH, striking in copper colour with black leather, this is a real driver’s car, see it on our web page, cost new 45,000 euros. What a bargain, was 16,995 euros, now only 14,995 euros. Phone Gordon for more information 608 658 785 / 952 832 173. (200963)

Pest Control PEST CONTROL. Legal Full Certificates. British. 952 449 591 Graham (203045) T1

Pets PET-COURIERS.COM – If you love your pet try us first – we are the best. Door to door service throughout Europe. Specialised vehicles – bespoke service. Full legal service including documentation if required. For further information call or e-mail us: Tel: (0034) 651 033 670 or (0034) 637 066 227. Email: or (200622)

WWW.SPAINUKSPAIN.COM . Vehicle leaving Spain on 9th / 19th / 28th of each month, returning 10th / 20th / 29th of each month. Prices from £90 per cubic metre. Cars £525, bikes £325, jetskis/boats from £525, dogs £395, cats £295. All animals travel with us in air conditioned people carriers. 952 160 096 / 665 150 227 (204441)

Services CARPENTER cabinet maker, Irish. Available for all types of property maintenance, plumbing, painting, electrical, kitchens and bathrooms renovated etc. 30 years experience, very reliable. Tel: 952 441 955 / 677 087 575 (101611)

Property for Sale HOUSE/VILLA for sale in Alaro-Mallorca. 1,700m2 plot, 200m2 house, pool, 4x8 garage for 2 vehicles. 599,000€. Tel 661 427 008 (Juan) (201447)

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Pet Insurance PROTECTAPET. Spain’s leading pet insurance 965 756 371 (95962)


PROFESSIONAL TELESALES Are you able to produce excellent results working independently in a fast-paced office environment? Are you looking for a full or part time position with a contract and a good incentive scheme? If so, then contact: 952 561 245 or send your CV to: recruit or Fax: 952 440 887 (11111)

SOLAR BEST DEAL IN SPAIN, www.gosolarin (200575)

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Removal / Storage

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Swimming Pools


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31 January - 6 February 2013

44 EWN


IKE museums, old churches and archeological sites, graveyards are reminders of historic events that give voice to our interned ancestors. Jack Gaioni examines the historical link between Britain and Spain with a look at British cemeteries in Spain. There is probably no more vivid example of a European country with eclectic burial grounds than Spain. In nearly every corner of Spain, for example, megalithic burial chambers (dolmens) can be found. A large part of what we now know of the prehistoric Neolithic Era (fourth century BC) come from an examination of Spain’s dolmens. Similarly, Islamic and Jewish cemeteries can supply us with many cultural clues to pre-reconquista Spain when it was home to the world’s three great religions. This article directs your attention to the unique relationship between Britain and Spain as told through a look at select graveyards. Consider… • San Carlos Garden Cemetery Within the city of La Coruna, in Spain’s northwest corner, lies the San Carlos Garden Cemetery. It houses the tomb of Sir John Moore. A hero to many but brutal to others, Sir John’s legacy tells us of England’s involvement in Spain’s epic Napoleonic Wars (1808-13). Britain had a loose alliance with Spain as both countries had a pronounced enmity towards Napoleonic France. In battling French troops in the north of Spain, Moore led his men in an epic retreat to the port of La Coruna hoping for a Dunkirk-style escape via the sea. Some historical accounts view this as a creative and innovative rearguard action

Axarquía - Málaga East

Digging in the past in the graveyards of Spain

Jack Gaioni


ERHAPS the most interesting occupant in Madrid’s British Cemetery is Arthur F Yenchen. He was a British Diplomatic Minister to Madrid who died in a suspicious plane crash in 1944. Some believe this was a case of Second World War sabotage. Sir Anthony Eden called for an official investigation on the floor of the House of Commons. So intriguing was the case that Ian Fleming, then working for the British Secret Service and later creator of James Bond, used some of the documentation for an undercover operation called ‘Goldeneye.’

“The past is never dead. It’s not even past!” William Faulkner, American novelist/poet. severely

which weakened the pursuing French troops. Other, mostly Spanish accounts, view Moore’s treatment of the Spanish civilian population as brutal and hardly one of an ‘ally.’

In any case, folklore has it that Moore was mortally wounded by a cannonball as he witnessed his troops successfully embarking on British

• The English Cemetery in Malaga


Consider This

• Goldeneye diplomat

ust up the AP-7 Mediterranean Highway is The English Cemetery in Malaga. This resting place gives unique testimony to the many foreign nationals who became an influential part of the city’s international community. Established in 1831, it is the oldest nonRoman Catholic cemetery in mainland Spain. Sir Robert Bird, a Royal Navy commander (of the Siege of Minorca

fame) and three-time governor is interned there. The most recognised ‘resident’ however is British writer and Hispanist, Gerald Brenan. His best known work, Spanish Labyrinth, is a classic account of the Spanish Civil War. Today, the cemetery is a botanical garden with rare trees, flowers and English ‘cemetery’ architecture.

ships. Moore’s demise is celebrated in a well know poem by Charles Wolfe; ‘The Burial of Sir John Moore.’ • The Trafalgar Cemetery The Trafalgar Cemetery in Gibraltar houses the British victims of Spain’s epic Peninsula War along with the many victims of yellow fever epidemics of 1809 to 1814. The infamous Battle of Trafalgar was fought just off the coast and spectacularly confirmed Britain’s navel superiority over Spanish and French fleets. The Franco-Spanish fleets lost 22 ships without a single British vessel being lost. The infamous Admiral Lord Nelson, much like Sir John Moore, died while witnessing his victory. Although Trafalgar Day is celebrated throughout the Commonwealth, the late October festivities within the Trafalgar Cemetery give the graveyard an authentic time and place tie to this historic event. • The British Cemetery of Madrid The British Cemetery of Madrid was consecrated in 1854. At that time there was as an ever increasing need for a burial site due to the rising number of British nationals living and working in the capital. The majority were nonCatholic and not permitted to be buried in Catholic cemeteries. It is the individual stories of the

US citizen Jack is spending the first years of his retirement in Almeria. His articles have been published in Spain and the US.

‘extranjeros’ buried here that are most compelling. This cemetery is the final resting place for members of the Loewe family who created their exclusive accessories brands and was founder of the world famous Madrid Circo Price - an established circus and theatre company still in Madrid’s art scene. Pioneer photographer Charles Clifford (died 1883) is also interned here. His photos of Queen Victoria are British icons. His photos of Queen Isabella II of Spain and of Spanish architecture are on permanent display at Madrid’s Biblioteca National. The aforementioned cemeteries are by no means a complete list. There is a British Cemetery in Valencia, for example, that houses the many British nationals who were instrumental in establishing the burgeoning railroad industry there. In Bilbao, there is a cemetery to mark the final resting place for a World War II, RAF crew that crash landed on a mission over Atlantic waters. Just this past summer a British family was able to locate the remains of a long-lost great uncle who died as a volunteer in the Spanish Civil War. The Dunbar family from London found their relative in an unmarked grave outside Brunete, Spain. They were able to crossreference obscure military and hospital records with a doctor’s hand written death certificate. British cemeteries in Spain give a voice to those silenced by death. Faulkner got it right.


31 January - 6 February 2013


Axarquía - Málaga East For best rates in motor insurance call: 952 89 33 80

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Luxury and power THE new Aston Martin Rapide S is making its debut with more luxury and power on offer. Aside from the extensive design and engineering improvements, the luxurious new Rapide S – which replaces the outgoing Rapide in markets worldwide – is now even more refined thanks to a range of additions to the four seater’s sumptuous interior. Prices and on sale dates are yet to be confirmed. The Rapide S shaves 0.3 seconds off its predecessor’s 0-100 Kph time. Top speed climbs meanwhile to 309 Kph.


Open air elegance coming this spring from Opel cabrio OPEL announced its new Opel Cascada cabrio will be available in Spain from April, with prices starting at €29,900. The nearly 4.70 metre long midsize class convertible will celebrate its world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show in March. A first highlight of this classic four seater is the taut electric soft top that can be opened at the press of a button and at speeds of up to 50 Kph in 17 seconds or also via remote control when the car is at a standstill. Opel chassis technology originally developed for the Insignia OPC is featured on the Cascada’s

BREATHE IN: The electric soft top can be opened in 17 seconds. front axle with High Performance Strut suspension, guaranteeing driving fun and traction. The Opel Cascada also offers a luggage compartment load volume of 280 litres with the roof open and up to 380 litres when the soft top is

closed. It boasts comfortable and easy operation features such as the FlexFold system that electrically releases and folds down the 50:50 split rear seat back rests. Other standard features on all Cascada include light alloy wheels,

DEBUT: The new brand said its GQ3 model features a German-influenced design.

New producer Qoros to launch first car at Geneva Motor Show AT its debut at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show (March 7 - 17), new international car brand Qoros will showcase its first production car, the GQ3 compact sedan. To be produced in a new assembly plant in Changshu, China, the first range of Qoros models is due to be launched in China in the second half of 2013, with the first cars arriving in Europe later in the year. Further Qoros models will be launched at intervals of around six months. No prices have been disclosed yet. The production ready Qoros GQ3

sedan has a sporty profile with a long wheelbase, short overhangs and a coupé-like silhouette, yet allows for generous interior space for a vehicle in the compact segment. A comprehensive standard specification is also accompanied by safety technology that meets the highest standards, and the Qoros GQ3 is targeting top scores in both European and Chinese crash tests. The Qoros GQ3 showcases an advanced infotainment that represents a technological first for the car industry. The eight-inch

capacitive touchscreen was developed in-house by Qoros with displays designed for minimal driver distraction, replacing the array of switches and buttons that blights many modern car interiors. The system features navigation system, extensive social networking connectivity and the ability for drivers to book dealer service appointments. Besides the GQ3 model, the Chinese automobile producer will also showcase their Cross Hybrid and Estate concept cars – both based on the same GQ3 platform in a worldwide premiere in Geneva.

rear lights in homogeneous LED technology, a Morrocana wrapped instrument panel and a leather steering wheel. The Park Pilot assists during reverse parking with an acoustic warning signal. The entry-level engine is the 1.4-litre petrol Turbo unit with 88 kW/120 hp and a six-speed manual transmission. At market launch, 10 exterior colours will be available to be combined with three roof colours. In addition, wheels will be available in 10 different designs and sizes from 17 to 20 inches. In the interior, the Cascada offers four equipment and trim options, including two leather variants.

31 January - 6 February 2013

46 EWN


AN SMYTH from La Marina on the southern Costa Blanca expressed his sorrow. “It’s certainly a shame, but I like the idea of his funeral in the snow being a ‘film director’s dream’ and that he would have thought it was perfect.” And for Anne Garrat, aged 74, and holidaying in Benidorm in the north of the Costa Blanca, she was saddened on hearing of Michael Winner’s death. “He was an outspoken and flamboyant figure who was unafraid of being regarded as politically incorrect,” said the Scottish holidaymaker. Agreeing was Alan Jones from Marbella on the Costa del Sol. “He was someone you loved to hate because he could be a bit of a misogynist.” Meanwhile, Richie MacDonald from La Nucia was brought up to not speak ill of the dead, but “I cannot help feeling that Michael Winner was a self-indulgent windbag. Since his passing, he’s been described as a leading film

Axarquía - Málaga East

STREET TALK HAVING a close bond with southern Spain, Michael Winner frequently dined in Mallorca, and shot scenes from one of

his films in Almeria. So EWN sought to find out expatriates’ opinions on the film director turned restaurant critic.

The passing of a British treasure

Alan Jones director, but I only know him from restaurant programmes

Rose Waterstone on TV!” explained the Costa Blanca resident.

Also, Paula Buttery from La Marina also on the Costa Blanca, shared the same opinion, knowing him more for his flamboyant personality. “I remember him as a food critic and from the series of TV adverts he did. I thought he came across a bit bold and brash but I think he was just a bit forthright, which I guess is to be expected from a critic. He was quite funny though.” Rose Waterstone commented of his appearance: “He was quite attractive when he was a lot

Paula Buttery younger,” but poignantly ended “how sad it was to see him so diminished towards the end of his life.”

Soviet feel as trade torpor proliferates M Y car’s been off the road for three days; the garage

is waiting for a simple handbrake cable. Motor factors don’t hold

much stock as it is seen as ‘money on the shelf’. How many commercial vehicles are off the road waiting for stock? I receive magazines by courier as suppliers don’t trust Spain’s postal service; with much justification neither do I. Over protective and costly labour laws slam the door in the face of job seekers. I often think the Soviet backed Republicans actually won the Civil War; there is certainly a Soviet feel to Spain’s commercial lethargy.

Empire strikes back THE



Images of Spain WAITING: How many cars are off road?

By Mike Walsh

excessive greed and cavalier attitude towards To comment on any of the issues raised in agreements. Mike’s column, go to /columnists/mikeArgentina’s Preswalsh ident has booted out Spain’s YPF energy suppliers Empire strikes back. The (Repsol) for abuse of Bolivian president trading position. dumps Spanish owned Now the Ecuadorian Iberdrola electrical government drags Spain supply company for its before the European

Court of Human Rights. The charge is that Spain is ‘violating the right to justice of Ecuadorian nationals’, estimated to number 15,000 citizens. The charges relate to Spain’s Civil Procedure Law. It is claimed they unfairly arbitrate on eviction and mortgagerepayment problems.


48 EWN

31 January - 6 February 2013 Axarquía- Málaga East

Rugby weekend as Six Nations kicks off Roger Federer.

Neale Cousla nd / Sh uttersto


Novak Djokovic.

/ Sh utt ers toc k.c om

ROUND-UP… • In the Australian Open, Andrew Murray, having beaten Roger Federer, was defeated by world number one, Novak Djokovic in the men’s final. Belarusian Viktora Azarenka retained the women’s title at the expense of China’s Li Na. • Congratulations to Bradford City and Swansea

FA Cup Fifth Round

who will contest the 2013 League Cup final on February 28. For the Swans, it will be their first major final after defeating Chelsea 2-0 on aggregate in the semis. The second leg was marred by the sending-off THE eight ties to be played on of Chelsea’s Eden Hazard 15/16 February are: Arsenal v for kicking 17 year-old ball Blackburn, Huddersfield/ boy Charlie Morgan, the Leicester v Wigan, Luton v son of a Swansea director. Millwall, Manchester City v Leeds, Morgan was lying on the Manchester United v Reading, ground, clutching the ball, MK Dons v Barnsley, seemingly Middlesbrough v wasting Brentford/Chelsea time. and Oldham v Hazard will Everton. serve at Could the Latics least a complete a By Tony Matthews threeMerseyside match ban A former football player and the world’s double? but the most prolific author of football books police are (more than 100 published), Tony is also not taking the sports reporter for Spectrum Radio nonwith an Ian Bell action. The and lives in the Cabrera mountains. League century, beat India teenager team to in the last ODI but lost had knock a the series 3-2. ‘tweeted’ about time- top-flight team out of the • Mercedes want to wasting before the game! competition since Sutton dump their main man in • Don’t talk to Aston beat Coventry in 1989 (the formula 1, Ross Villa fans, players or staff Hatters are 85 places below Brawn. about Cup football! The the Canaries in the League Premiership club was pyramid)… Division One knocked out of TWO side Oldham eclipsed competitions in the space Liverpool… MK Dons beat of four nights last week, gutless QPR 4-2… Leeds first by Bradford (over two k’od Spurs… Brentford legs) in the League Cup held Chelsea… and by Millwall in the FA Arsenal, Everton, Cup. So what next, I Manchester City and wonder, for manager Paul Wigan won away… Lambert? Villa’s millionaire favourites Manchester owner Andy Lerner said “no United beat Fulham… and worries”. He must be the assistant referees at the joking! Macclesfield tie were Mr • Other shocks in the East and Mr West. Cup, saw Luton win 1-0 at • And Celtic are out of • England’s Norwich to become the first the Scottish Cup, beaten in Chris Wood eagled the semi-final by lowly St the last hole to win Mirren who will meet his first European tour Hearts in the final. title: the Qatar Masters. • In the Championship, • England women’s Blackpool won at fading basketball team completed Wolves for the first time their first whitewash and since 1964. series victory over the • Wiggle Honda is the reigning world champions new women’s professional Australia with a 58-51 cycle team which includes victory in Birmingham. Olympian Laura Trott. • Rowers everywhere • UK’s Geraint Thomas were shocked to hear came third in the gruelling about the death of Team ‘Tour of Down Under’ cycle GB’s silver medal winning race. cox, Acer Nethercott, at the • Chris Thompson age of 35. (GB) was fourth in the • And the football round the world ‘Golden transfer window closes Globe’ yachting race. tonight – watch out for • England’s cricketers, some late deals.

Ne ale Co usl and

RUGBY fans are all set for the Six Nations internationals of 2013 with England against Scotland at Twickenham and Wales versus Ireland in Cardiff on Saturday with Italy playing France in Rome on Sunday. After major upsets in various Cup competitions, it’s back to the bread and butter of League football this weekend as clubs continue to chase titles, seek promotion and battle to avoid relegation. And there are some intriguing matches ahead including Fulham v Manchester United (a repeat of last week’s cuptie), Manchester City v Liverpool, Newcastle v Chelsea, WBA v Tottenham, Crystal Palace v Charlton and Millwall v Hull and plenty… more!

Axarquia 31 January – 6 February 2013 Issue 1439  

News in English from the Costa del Sol. Costa Blanca North, Costa Blanca South, Costa de Almeria, Axarquia - Malaga East and Mallorca.

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