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17 - 23 JANUARY 2013

Police step up patrols after Briton stabbed A STABBING in Benidorm’s ‘English zone’ has led to increased police patrols in the area. The incident took place when two

Britons, one a man aged 55 and the other 39, argued over a woman. Witnesses later claimed that as tempers flared, the younger man

took out a knife and stabbed the older one twice. He was not seriously wounded, but this - according to some witnesses - was partly because he weighed around 130 kilos, and no vital organs were affected. After the stabbing Local Police traced the attacker to a nearby bar where he was drinking. Stabbings and fights are not uncommon in the ‘English zone’ where people frequently go to drink, and where the nights are not as peaceful as during daytime visits. Complaints of shoplifting ENGLISH ZONE: The and robbery are also fairly area is well known in common. Benidorm as it is where Local business-owners most British people go have repeatedly called for a greater police presence, when they come to the and made fresh appeals town. It is not always as following this latest peaceful at night as incident. during the day.



Last orders! Not for bars ALMOST 1,300 applications were received last year to open bars, cafés and restaurants by Alicante City Council.

Costly rubbish RESIDENTS in rural areas outside San Vicente del Raspeig say that SUMA is charging them for four years’ rubbish collection although they have no bins.



17 - 23 January 2013

DIY camp-site angers locals WASTELAND in Albir has become an unofficial campsite. Residents complaining about the parked campervans in the area off Calle Sant Pere have so far had little response from the authorities. Campers’ excuses that they are merely making a stopover hold no water, say locals. Satellite dishes and solar panels on many vehicles indicate that they intend to stay for some time. The site has no water, electricity or drainage. Not only nearby residents are unhappy about the improvised site. “This demonstrates the council’s failure to control the unfair competition affecting our sector,” complained Francisco Delgado, President of the

Costa Blanca North


Man reeled in A GUARDIA CIVIL helicopter rescued a 37-year-old unemployed Javea man from the Cala Blanca cliffs. He had intended to catch fish but found himself in difficulties.

Prize split SOME Alicante winners of El Niño lottery are using the windfall for divorces. The expense had prompted unsuited couples to stay together, said a city lawyer.

School soon IMPROVISED SITE: Unofficial, but here to stay. Benidorm and District Camp-sites association. Clandestine sites are often camouflaged as temporary service and parking areas where campervans can park for a

day or so, Delgado said. Instead, they are used for long-term stays. These abuses were reported more than a year ago but little has been done to control the situation, he claimed.

LA JARA school, closed since 2009 is a step nearer, its mayor believes. Modifications to planning laws in adjoining Denia should enable construction to start soon, he said.


17 - 23 January 2013

Olives’ new lease of life ALTEA’S olive-growing tradition is being brought back to life again. Abandoned olive groves are being restored and, thanks to a council-funded press, oil will be produced once more.

It’s a gas AFTER a 10-year wait, piped natural gas will soon be available in Benidorm. The first installations will be carried out in the Levante beach and Rincon de Loix areas.

Food for needy at risk TWO Benidorm hotels donate food left over from restaurant buffets to needy families. Six more establishments are due to join the scheme next month but the Solidaridad Marina Baixa aid organisation which distributes the food has encountered a problem. Health and safety are insisting that all cooked food picked up from the hotels must be packed in disposable, single-use food

On the blink A DRIVER was injured after running off the Villajoyosa Hospital road at night. The accident occurred when the potholed, winding road’s lighting failed for the second time in three months.

Cash call NOVELDA Mayor and Regional MP Milagrosa Martinez has given up her official car, which cost €10,000 a year to lease. She is now being urged by critics to renounce her mayoral salary of €70,000.

Quick work SAN JUAN Council is spending €290,000 on two vans and a patrol car for the Local Police. Onboard computers will be able to identify 60 number plates per second.


S Placido Domingo set to become recognised as a pop star as well as a global opera singer? This seems a fair question as the renowned Spanish baritone and tenor prepares to celebrate his 72nd birthday next Monday. The Madrid-born opera singer is currently conductor, director, producer and composer of the Washington National Opera and Los Angeles Opera in America. But he recently released a pop album - his first for 20 years - and now admits that he feels more ‘exposed’ singing this type of song because “with opera, there are not so many people who sit at home and say ‘well I could sing that too’ as there are with pop.” In Songs - his latest album - the Madrid-born star sings in four languages and performs several duets including with his son Placido Domingo Junior, and with British singing sensation Susan Boyle. Domingo, who debuted in 1959 in Mexico, three years later joined the Tel Aviv in Israel Opera which launched him to fame. He debuted at an international level in Hamburg in1967, and obtained greater recognition worldwide in 1981, when he recorded Perhaps Love with US star John Denver. In 1982, he recorded the track for the Football World Cup in Spain and eight years later formed

Quote of the week

Most of the group’s members are out of work and cannot pay for more, Bella said. But there might be some good news on the horizon, with the group having been approached by a La Nucia aluminium firm, offering to supply containers. An appeal has also been launched on the Solidaridad Marina Baixa Facebook page with a request for practical or financial help.

Domingo switches to pop as birthday nears

Slowdown ALICANTE City Council approved planning permission for 279 building projects last year. This was less than 10 per cent of the 3,000 granted in 2008, the last of the boom years.

containers. Re-use is banned. Hot food deliveries are now being made twice a day to approximately 80 people from 20 families. This requires 60-80 containers per delivery and the charity has now exhausted its supply, explained Jose Miguel Bella, the group’s spokesman. Many more are certain to be needed once other hotels join the scheme in February.

Closing hospital emergency rooms at night puts people’s lives at risk’

Francisco Parra, Albacete Medical Association President, regarding plans to do so in 20 towns proposed by the Castilla-La Mancha Regional Government.


Costa Blanca North

Nwatch ews

School squash ELEVEN of 34 classrooms at Villajoyosa’s La Malladeta Secondary School breach safety regulations, said the AMPA parent-teacher association. They are so overcrowded that evacuation procedures could be compromised, AMPA warned.

Cosy solution TEULADA-MORAIRA Council will allow cafés and restaurants to enclose terraces in the winter months and to use propane gas patio heaters.

Flood fears ELS POBLETS residents in Denia criticised the CHJ waterboard’s flood prevention plans. Their homes at the mouth of the River Girona were not taken into consideration, they claimed.

Featureflash /


Midnight oil

HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Domingo the celebrant and Susan Boyle (left). The Three Tenors. On his 70th birthday in 2011, a gala concert was held in his honour in Madrid, attended by Queen Sofia, who accompanied him from the Royal Box. In the past decade he has performed and recorded albums with many stars including Carlos Santana and Michael Bolton.

Number of the week in Spain demand that the 20 towns government modify the current

legislation regarding marihuana plantations. One is Rasquera, Cataluña, which last year granted seven hectares of land to a cannabis association for two years.

UNIVERSITY students from Benidorm have been given a primary school classroom to revise in for approaching exams. It is available throughout January until 10pm on weekdays and 2am at the weekend.

No stripes MANY of Elche’s zebra crossings are barely discernible, residents complain. Road safety is being compromised, they said.

and finally... TWO lieutenant colonels of the Spanish Army are on trial for accessing the email of a sergeant and demanding that he send them photographs of himself naked. They reportedly pretended to be women on a adult contact site to which the sergeant subscribed.




17 - 23 January 2013

Costa Blanca North



Stories making headlines from the United Kingdom

Breast ops inquest SOLIHULL Hospital as well as two Spire Healthcare-owned private ones are being investigated over alleged partial or unnecessary mastectomies carried out between 1994 and 2011. AIR TRAFFIC: Fewer national flights but more international passengers.

Domestic flights skew figures

EL ALTET air traffic is predicted to increase this year after last year’s mediocre results. Overall, there were 11 per cent fewer passengers but those on domestic flights fell 30 per cent, revealed El Altet’s manager, Santiago Martinez-Cava. “In absolute terms, we are speaking about 600,000 fewer national passengers,” Martinez-Cava said.

Passengers on domestic flights to Madrid fell by more than half, following the collapse of Spanair and the withdrawal of Ryanair, he explained. He was confident that air traffic, particularly international flights, would grow this year. “The outlook is good, although it is too early to make predictions about the summer season,” he said.

Playground clean-up LA NUCIA’S 30 or so children’s playgrounds are getting their annual makeover. Council employees do the rounds of the play areas each year, inspecting and repairing each installation and replacing the rubber flooring. Erasing the inevitable graffiti - rarely the work of the youngest children - is another of their tasks. “Getting small things done is as important as the big things,” said Mayor Bernabe Cano.

Norwegian study centre proposed ALFAZ DEL PI could become a centre for the study of Norway’s language and culture. The proposal was suggested to the Norwegian Government during the visit to the Reiseliv tourism fair in Oslo earlier this week by Alfaz mayor, Vicente Arques. The Alfaz party attending the fair has now outlined the project, entitled Lille Norge (Little Norway) to officials at the

Norwegian Ministry of Culture. More than half Alfaz’s population is foreign, and a large number are Norwegian. The centre, the mayor and his party explained, would be created along the lines of Spain’s own Cervantes Institute, which promotes the study and use of Spanish outside Spain. “The town meets every requirement for an institute of this type,” Arques declared.

Private rehab LOW and medium risk offenders could be put under the supervision of private probation companies. The Ministry of Justice said they would be paid according to rehabilitation success rates.

Pro-gypsy A WELSH law change to force councils to justify in court the eviction of gypsy and traveller families from public land has been proposed by Welsh Equalities Minister Jane Hutt.

Family search THE family of a British man who disappeared in Budapest (Hungary) – where he was studying medicine – on January 1 after leaving a bar, has flown to the city to search for him.

Touchy issue BELFAST City Hall flew the union flag for the first time on the Duchess of Cambridge’s 31st birthday after a December 3 decision not to display it permanently.

Costly wish FULFILLING a postScottish independence wish to remove nuclear submarines from Faslane Naval Base would cost billions of pounds and thousands of jobs, according to the UK government.


17 - 23 January 2013

Growers bulldoze palms as weevil plague spreads WEEVILS devastating palm trees on the coast are moving inland. And now thousands of healthy trees are being bulldozed to avoid the expense of treating them. Tens of thousands of trees are now affected, experts say, and in some areas the weevil’s principal target, the Canary Island date palm, could disappear entirely. The weevil or picudo rojo follows different patterns when attacking trees, making it difficult to detect, said Bernardo Llorca of the Professional Association of Agricultural Engineers. Even if weevils are discovered, it is often too late to take effective action, he said. Like much else, the palms are victims of the economic crisis. Many growers and nursery-owners are cutting down healthy trees to avoid expense. A grower in Sagunto (Castellon) recently bulldozed 2,500 palms planted 20 years ago because he cannot pay to

WEEVILS: Drooping fronds sure sign. have them treated the necessary eight times a year. “This is not an isolated case,” said Llorca, warning that there would be more. Growers are also cutting down and burning diseased trees themselves to save the €200 per tree cost of having them removed.

Pensioners show way ALCALALI Town Hall has called on older residents to act as guides to the town. Small towns like Alcalali rarely have the money, especially during the economic crisis, to hire professional guides, or pay curators for their museums. So the town hall has called on its retired residents to show visitors

around the tower with its mediaeval graffiti. These older residents can tell tourists everything that the guide books say about Alcalali while imparting stories learnt from their parents and grandparents. The town hall has now reached an agreement with a local pensioners’ association and members have begun to show

visitors around the mediaeval tower each Saturday. They are also giving guided tours of Alcalali’s old olive pressing plant which is now an ethnological museum. The scheme is experimental but if successful, opening hours could be extended, said Mayor Jose Vicente Marco.

More home deliveries, says home birth mum DUNIA knew that the baby she was expecting was larger than usual. She also knew she wanted a natural birth, having had a ‘bad experience’ when her first child was induced in hospital. So when doctors at Villajoyosa Hospital wanted to induce the baby a month early, her answer was ‘no’. Instead Dunia, who lives in Alfaz del Pi, went ahead with a planned home delivery. The baby, a boy weighing 4.9 kilos, was born without problems with the assistance of midwife, Gema Mendez. Not that she is opposed to

hospitals, Mendez stressed. “If at any time I suspected there could be complications, I would have taken Dunia to hospital,” she said. Both Dunia and the midwife criticised the lack of home births in Spain. Instead, it costs between €1,800 and €2,500, including prenatal and postnatal care from the 36th week of pregnancy. There are very few home births in Spain, although a University of Alicante study found there was practically no difference between the mortality rates for home and hospital deliveries.



Costa Blanca North



17 - 23 January 2013

Town hall trading a ‘risky’ business MARINA ALTA firms are unenthusiastic about doing business with local town halls. The past year was ‘frankly bad’ for small and medium-sized businesses (PYMEs), admitted a statement from the Marina Alta business-owners association, Cedma. The central government’s finance scheme enabling cash-strapped town halls to pay suppliers has eased the situation of many businesses, Cedma conceded. PYMEs still had problems, nevertheless. “In an immense number of cases, payments from town halls were used mainly for staff restructuring, dismissals or closures,” Cedma continued. And unpaid town hall bills were mounting up once more. “There aren’t too many PYMEs willing to risk working with some town halls in the area,” the statement said.

Costa Blanca North

Jarring note sounds for ‘exceptional’ find AN Iberian pottery jar, hailed as unique, could be a fake. The authenticity of the jar, decorated with hunting scenes and believed to be 2,200 years old, was questioned by specialist Carmen Aranegui. “It is probably not genuine,” warned Aranegui, a professor of archaeology at Valencia University. Similar jars had appeared in the last year, all in the

IBERIAN RELIC: Or could it be a clever fake?

same condition, she said. All were decorated with Iberian motives, all were reconstructed and repaired

with white plaster. All turned out to be fakes, she added. The professor, an expert in Iberian ceramics, admitted to only having seen photographs of the pot. But its frieze contains ‘a suspicious combination’ of identical features from other authenticated pottery from the same period, Aranegui said.

It is a very skilful fake made by someone who knows about ceramics, she said. The regional government should have allowed the pot to be inspected by specialists first, she maintained. Instead, it was acclaimed as ‘exceptional’ after being examined by Jose Luis Simon Garcia, an archaeologist from the regional government’s culture department.


17 - 23 January 2013



Costa Blanca North

Fake fingerprint drugs chief jailed A DRUGS trafficker who had his fingerprints surgically altered has been jailed for four years. Francisco Javier Martinez San Millan, nicknamed El Franky, was also fined €4.2

‘Missing’ documents reappear BENIDORM COUNCIL has found documents previously thought lost in a fraud case. Police had recently searched the town hall for documents concerning a contract to build two roundabouts awarded to developer Enrique Ortiz. Officers from UDEF, a crack fiscal crimes unit, examined computer hard drives and left with paperwork but not what they were looking for. The clerk of the council has since paid a voluntary visit to an investigating judge at Benidorm Court bringing with him documents which it was believed had disappeared or been mislaid. One was found in a cupboard at the town hall and another located on a computer hard drive. Amongst the newlylocated reports is an evaluation of tenders received for constructing the roundabouts. Ortiz’s offer, awarded 78 points, received the maximum number, followed by the second contender’s 56. The document unearthed from a cupboard modified plans for the Comunidad Europea roundabout for which Ortiz was allegedly paid twice. It appears to back the previous council’s claims that money earmarked for embellishing the roundabouts was allocated elsewhere and not to Ortiz. This, it argued, made the later 2009 allocation perfectly legal.

million after being convicted of money laundering. He is already serving a 42-year sentence for trafficking offences in Galicia and Asturias.

Martinez San Millan evaded arrest for 12 years, but was finally arrested in August 2006 at his €3 million villa in Pedreguer. During his 12 years on the run, El Franky had

plastic surgery to change his appearance. He also tried to avoid detection by having surgeons substitute the prints on his thumbs and index fingers with those from his toes.

This was necessary after he crushed his fingers in an accident, insisted Martinez San Millan during his trial. His former wife, arrested at the same time, was acquitted by the Alicante

High Court, together with three other suspects. El Franky’s villa, seized by the courts in 2007, has been loaned to Pedreguer Town Hall and is now used as a centre for the disabled.



17 - 23 January 2013

Costa Blanca North

High-flying job offers scheduled

BREAK-INS: Stolen items recovered by the Guardia Civil.

Britons held after 100 burglaries A GANG of seven has been arrested following a threemonth investigation into a wave of burglaries at more than 100 properties. Five males - two Spaniards, two Moroccans and a Briton - aged

between 19 and 31 were the first to be detained. All were based in Gata. Two more arrests followed. Both detainees were British and both were aged 19. One was charged with involvement

in the robberies and the other with receiving stolen goods. These arrests have now enabled the Guardia Civil to solve 63 burglaries in towns all over the Marina Alta.

EMIRATES AIRLINES are holding interviews for staff in Alicante City on February 2. The airline has further interviews scheduled for Valencia on February 14 and Malaga on February 8. Others are due to be held in Oviedo and Bilbao. The airline already employs 66 Spanish pilots and 273 cabin staff. The Dubai-based company owns a fleet of 195 wide-bodied Boeings and Airbus A380s, with another 204 on order. Turnover last year was approximately $18.4 billion (€12.8 billion). Operating in 125 cities on six continents, the airline plans to engage a further 3,800 flight attendants this year in addition to the 14,000 it already employs.

Red tape entangles fire-damage victims FARMERS and growers affected by last summer’s fires are reluctant to make claims because of red tape. All three of the region’s provinces suffered devastating fire damage but compensation requests are being rejected by the authorities because of mistakes in applications. For many town halls, especially in

small municipalities, this is the first time they have had to deal with this type of request. “They have received little information from the regional government,” complained farming union, Unio de Llauradors. Carlos Muñoz, a bee-keeper, lost more than 100 hives in the fire which destroyed 19,940 hectares of

woodland in Andilla (Valencia) last June. “Town halls don’t know what documentation is necessary, or how to fill in the forms,” he told LevanteEMV newspaper, adding: “What is more, they don’t have enough staff even though an enormous number of people were affected.”


10 EWN

Costa Blanca North

Bless them!

TODAY (Thursday), the Spanish bless their animals. Everything from teams of workhorses, chickens, and goats are rounded up and blessed, as well as household pets and a canary or two as part of the the feast of St Anthony. Work and school commitments mean that the blessings are often held at the weekend before or after the feast of St Anthony.

Students’ strike on horizon

PARADE: Animals on their way to be blessed last year. The fiesta is now so popular that some towns spread the festivities, including the traditional ‘porrat’ or fair, over both

weekends. Many hold processions and many organise a blessing on the day itself as well as the weekend. Many of St Anthony’s reputed miracles involved animals, including a litter of blind boar whose sight he restored. Their grateful mother Around 10,000 kilos of refuse allegedly never left his accumulated during the strike, side, protecting him from cleaning staff revealed. other wild animals “I’m disinfecting the bathrooms during his periods of with bleach and ammonia retreat and fasting in the because they are in a terrible desert. state,” one cleaner told the local Over time the legend of Spanish media. the boar has evolved into “I’m doing what I can with the one of a pig usually floor, because even the mop is present in portrayals of sticking to it after all this time,” she added. the saint.

Hospital getting back to normal ‘SPOTLESS!’ is a habitual expatriate reaction to Costa Blanca hospitals. But approval was temporarily on hold at Alicante City General Hospital after a two-week strike by its 300 cleaners. They downed tools because their November and December wages had not been paid and they had not received their Christmas bonus.

17 - 23 January 2013

Contractors, Kluh Linaer, claimed that they too were waiting for payment from the regional government’s health department, but have now paid the employees. Although the emergency room, intensive care, maternity wards, delivery rooms and operating theatres as well as the kitchens were not affected by the strike, rubbish piled up elsewhere.

MARINA BAJA pupils, teachers and parents are planning protests and a three-day strike. Demonstrations and protests planned for January 26 will be followed by the strike beginning on February 5. “It’s up to us not to give in, as much for our self-respect as our interests,” declared a communiqué from the Plataforma de la Enseñanza Publica. “Otherwise the effects of the Valencia Government’s cuts will be even greater than we imagine,” it continued. The group, which says it is defending free state education, is protesting against new education laws passed by the central government in Madrid.


17 - 23 January 2013



Stories making headlines from Germany

Coal from the garden A NEW process which transforms garden waste like leaves, grass and plant debris into a type of coal has been developed by German scientists.

Road delays ROADS in Western state North RhineWestphalia are the country’s busiest with 50,000 hours and 161,000 kilometres worth of traffic jams reported last year.

Home charity

ENVIRONMENT Minister Peter Altmaier ruled out a return to nuclear energy, in response to doubts over the country’s decision to be nuclear plant-free by 2022.

Bomb alert AN EIGHT-HOUR home evacuation affected 25,000 residents in Hanover following the discovery of several unexploded Second World War bombs by police.

Only one left PRESUMED neo-Nazi terrorist Beate Zschäpe’s prison conditions have been softened by a Munich court. Her two alleged accomplices committed suicide before capture, meaning she is the last National Socialist Underground member alive.


Costa Blanca North

Bike scheme scrapped AFTER three years San Juan has dropped its bicyclesharing scheme. The project cost the town hall around €20,000 a year to run but only brought in around €230, with the bikes used by fewer than 30 people. Ending the service was a rational step to take, said Victor Garcia, Councillor for the Environment and Sport. “There was little demand and it was an unnecessary expense,” he added. The fact that San Juan covers a small area did not help the scheme, Garcia explained. “There were six docking points in the town, but the two in the Plaza de la Constitution and at the town hall were only 100 metres apart.” The pros and cons should have been scrutinised more carefully before putting the scheme into operation, the councillor said. In contrast, other Costa Blanca towns like Altea have recently begun to provide bicycles while San Vicente del Raspeig Council is very happy with its scheme.

A TOTAL of €128 million has been contributed by the states of Hesse, Bavaria, BadenWürttemberg and Hamburg to help poorer states through the Länderfinanzausgleich Fund since 1990.

No means no


96 583 5939

BICYCLE-SHARING: Not enough uptake in San Juan.

Don’t bank on free internet WHEN is free internet banking not free? When you use it. It cost Guillermo Cots, of Alfaz del Pi €181.50 for ‘intensive use’ of the facility according to his bank, La Caixa. He was assured there was no charge when he signed up for the service, Cots said. Nevertheless, clients who connect more than 100 times to La Caixa’s Linea Abierta service can be charged €100 and a further €50 for each additional 100 sessions. The proviso appears on La Caixa’s internet tariffs and came into effect on December 22, 2011. Cots insists this was not

mentioned in his contract. “They charged me €181.50 to consult my own account from my home, even though I am not making any work or bother for anyone,” he told the local Spanish media. The unexpected charge means that he is now overdrawn and risks a €35 commission charge for being in the red, Cots added. La Caixa is now ‘looking into’ Cots’s case. Only 0.0002 per cent of clients are charged for ‘atypical’ use of the online system, a practice authorised by the Bank of Spain, the bank said. An unhappy Guillermo Cots does not rule out legal action.

12 EWN


17 - 23 January 2013

€200m offer for white elephant CASTELLON AIRPORT, where no aircraft has ever landed, is up for sale. Aerocas, in which the regional government has a majority shareholding, is now studying a €200-million offer for the airport. The prospective buyers will have it operational before the end of June, claimed

Carlos Fabra, Aerocas President and Secretary-General of Castellon’s Chamber of Commerce. He is currently under investigation for alleged money laundering and corruption. The former president of the Castellon’s Diputacion - which carries out similar functions to a county council – and the regional president Alberto Fabra share the same surname, but are not related. Carlos Fabra was the driving force behind A DENIA woman escaped a house fire by climbing Castellon Airport, planned from her balcony to a neighbour’s. to cater for a tourism boom After the heater in the 60-year-old woman’s which failed to materialise. apartment burst into flames, she had the presence The installation, with an of mind to move the gas bottle to the balcony to estimated annual upkeep prevent an explosion. cost of €35 million, was She then found that she was cut off by flames officially opened in March from reaching her only escape route, the door. 2011. Fortunately, her next-door neighbour heard her The as yet unnamed cries and helped her cross from her own balcony to group behind the €200his. million offer has ‘great At one point, she was hanging in space but plans for the airport and negotiated the dividing wall between the apartments the economy of Castellon and remained sufficiently calm to clamber over to Province’, claimed Carlos the adjoining property. Fabra.

Dramatic fire escape

Local weather for next 7 days COSTA BLANCA TODAY AND TOMORROW JAVEA














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Cl Clear,

Sh Showers,

Alicante TODAY: CLOUD Fri - 19 9 Cl Sat - 18 8 Cl Sun - 18 8 Cl


MAX 18C, MIN 11C Mon - 17 11 Cl Tues - 16 10 Sh Wed - 16 9 C

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TODAY: CLEAR, Fri - 17 7 C Sat - 18 72 Cl Sun - 18 7 Cl

MAX 11C, MIN 4C Mon - 10 3 C Tues - 8 2 Sh Wed - 8 2 C

Malaga MAX 17C, MIN 11C Mon - 18 9 Cl Tues - 14 8 Cl Wed - 16 8 C

Mallorca MAX 12C, MIN 3C Mon - 16 7 S Tues - 15 7 Sh Wed - 16 7 Cl


Benidorm TODAY: CLEAR, Fri - 18 8 C Sat - 18 8 Cl Sun - 18 8 Cl

Th Thunder

TODAY: CLEAR Fri - 11 4 C Sat - 13 4 C Sun - 12 3 Cl

Barcelona TODAY: CLEAR Fri - 13 4 C Sat - 13 5 Cl Sun - 13 5 Cl

Sn Snow,

C Cloud,

MAX 19C, MIN 9C Mon - 18 8 Cl Tues - 17 8 Cl Wed - 16 7 Cl

Almeria TODAY: CLEAR Fri - 18 11 C Sat - 19 11 Cl Sun - 19 11 S


MAX 18C, MIN 7C Mon - 17 7 Cl Tues - 16 6 Cl Wed - 16 6 Cl

Costa Blanca North

SCANDINAVIAN PRESS Stories making headlines in Denmark, Norway and Sweden

Greener heating NORWAY - A NEW Oslo heating plant running on wood pellets to help reduce carbon emissions is expected to be fully operational by the end of March.

Air growth SWEDEN - Ryanair is planning on developing domestic routes in Sweden as well as increasing the number of Swedish destinations, according to CEO Michael O’Leary.

Drug route DENMARK - Most of the marihuana smuggled into Sweden and Norway is thought to have passed through Denmark, according to Danish daily Berlingske.

Five caught SWEDEN - Five people – including a man in critical condition after being shot in the head by police – involved in a jewellery shop robbery in Södertälje have been remanded in custody.

Donor limit DENMARK - Aarhus sperm bank Cryos, the world’s largest, announced it will stop supplying Danish fertility clinics due to new regulations imposing a limit of 12 children per donor.

One faith NORWAY - Progress Party (FrP) Spokesman Tord Lien expressed his support for privatelyfunded single-religion schools in the country as long as they are not of the Muslim faith.


17 - 23 January 2013

Measuring the heights

A STEP in Alicante City Hall is being touted as a tourist attraction. A plaque beside the main staircase was Spain’s first altitude marker. It marks the first step as NP-1, 3.4 metres above sea level. Alicante was chosen as the starting point for altitude measurements in 1871, explained Adrian Santos, councillor responsible for Alicante City’s Urban Image department. Although the Mediterranean is practically tideless, there is less difference between the high-tide and low-tide mark on the Alicante coast than anywhere else in Spain.

PUIG CAMPANA: 1,410 metres above sea level, as measured from Alicante step. The plaque is soon to be replaced with another giving more information

of the staircase’s claim to fame. “We want the step to become a tourist attraction like Kilometre Zero in Madrid,” Santos said, referring to the original starting point for measuring all main roads. All heights in Spain are The path that Victor and given using the step as the Joselyne were using has no base measuring point. warning signs, she said, and So Alicante Province’s their view would have been highest, mountain, Aitana, obstructed by bushes. visible from much of the Neither could they have heard Marina Baja, is 1,557 the train approaching, owing metres above sea level, to the noise from heavy traffic using the city hall’s step as on the road that runs parallel a measuring point. to the track.

Tragic mum’s petition A MOTHER is fighting to avoid a repetition of her son’s unnecessary death. Victor Perello, 27, and his 17-year-old girlfriend Joselyne were hit by a train as they crossed the track at Agua Amarga on the outskirts of Alicante City. They were taking a much-used shortcut

to the beach early on October 17, said Victor’s mother, Lola Camacho. She has now collected 10,000 signatures through an internet petition, calling on railway company Renfe and Adif, responsible for rail infrastructure, to improve safety measures on this stretch of the line.



Costa Blanca North

Consumer complaints on the rise LAST YEAR Benissa’s consumers’ office, OMIC, handled 226 enquiries. There was a noticeable increase in all sectors, compared with the previous year, the office said. Most enquiries were requests for information regarding telecommunications’ operators, banks, finance firms and the electricity board. The office received 165 claims, of which 25 were complaints. One formal complaint or ‘denuncia’ was also received. Telecommunications companies accounted for the majority - 53 per cent - of cases, followed by electricity boards (11 per cent), transport (6 per cent) and banks and finance companies (4.7 per cent). By the end of last year, 101 claims had been settled, 39 were dismissed and two redirected to Consumer Arbitration. Three cases were redirected and three were shelved, while 38 are still being dealt with.


17 - 23 January 2013


Fake family claim €50,000 FOUR Ghanian immigrants who pretended to be a family to obtain up to €50,000 from the state were arrested in Zaragoza. Three of the detainees, who were living illegally in Spain, had forged passports which showed they were the wife and two children of the fourth man arrested. National Police report that they had managed to obtain residence permits and €50,000 in benefits from the state. One of the detainees claimed to be under 18. The Spanish Embassy in Accra, Ghana, collaborated with the investigation.


Costa Blanca North

Search for children cost €140,000

Couple ‘evict’ elderly relatives

THE search for the two children reported missing from Cordoba in October 2011 cost the government more than €140,000. This amount could have been saved if Jose Breton, the father of Ruth, six, and Jose, two, had confessed instead of claiming they had been snatched from a local park. But more importantly, it could have been saved if the forensic scientist who first analysed remains found on a bonfire on a property belonging to the children’s paternal grandparents had not described

A COUPLE have been arrested in Valencia for allegedly abandoning two elderly relatives. The pensioners were found by Local Police at a bus stop in Sagunto on Christmas Day at around 4am. They told the officers that their son and his partner had thrown them out of their home in Altura, Castellon, the night before and that they had gone to Sagunto because they used to live there. The woman was taken to hospital because she was diabetic and required medication, and neither of them had eaten for hours. They were later taken to a local hotel before being moved to a care home. The following day, the man’s son and his partner were arrested for abandonment and domestic abuse. In 2010 and 2011 they had been reported by neighbours due to smells and the presence of cockroaches. The town hall had attempted to assist the elderly couple on several occasions, but they always refused its help.

CAMPAIGN: Poster used in the search. property belonging to his parents on several occasions, as well as the surrounding area and the Guadalquivir River. Specialists were brought in from Madrid who had to be accommodated and fed for eight months, fuel had to be purchased for the vehicles them as being, without doubt, used in the searches, and the studies and reports carried out animal bones. All evidence pointed to Jose in the case had to be paid for, all Breton, and police searched the amounting to more than €140,000. However, Breton has claimed he is bankrupt, so will not be able to pay the cost of the investigation or any compensation A MAN missing from Sussex, UK, has to the children’s reportedly been sighted in Benissa, mother which Alicante. could amount to Robert Golden, 54, of Shoreham, flew to €1 million for Sevilla on November 5, 2012, for a walking each child. Her holiday and was due to return two weeks lawyer plans to later. He had told friends he planned to ask for 40 years trek through Granada, Cordoba, Cadiz and in prison for the Jerez. murders of the He has not used his bank cards since two children and November 8 but was reportedly spotted in a fine for making Benissa at the end of last month, although a false report. the report has not been verified.

Lost Briton seen in Alicante

KEEN WALKER: Robert Golden.


17 - 23 January 2013




Stories making headlines from Russia

A change of nationality FOLLOWING his outspoken opposition to France’s attempts to raise taxes for the richest, actor Gerard Depardieu renounced his French citizenship and was granted a Russian passport by President Vladimir Putin.

No rest THE maximum age for Russian public sector employees has been raised to 70, after a new law was signed.

Local solution RUSSIAN Orthodox Church Leader Patriarch Kirill has urged Russians to adopt more national orphans in response to the recent adoption ban on American citizens.

Sea rage RUSSIAN real estate tycoon Sergei Polonsky is being investigated by Cambodian police for allegedly threatening and locking up six sailors in a ferry’s cabin off the Cambodian coast.

Island talks JAPANESE Prime Minister Shinzo Abe may visit Russia for the first time this spring to hold talks with President Vladimir Putin over the Kuril Islands’ territorial dispute.

More radar RUSSIA’S Aerospace Defence Forces will be adding 20 new radars to their current roster this year, Defence Ministry sources have confirmed.

Bomb scare MOSCOW’S Kursky Rail Station was evacuated after an anonymous call claiming a woman was carrying a bomb.


Costa Blanca North

New office to create more jobs

THE OAMI office in Alicante City has outgrown its home. The EU’s Trade Marks and Designs Registration headquarters in Agua Amarga now incorporates the Observatory of Intellectual

Property Rights. It is effectively two agencies, explained Antonio Campinos, Chairman of its administrative council, hence the need to extend the original offices built in 1996.

More staff will be needed and the new offices will create 450 jobs. The foundation stone was laid recently for the €40 million development which includes an auditorium.

Appeal for charity shop helpers are interested, email info@charity or telephone 96 646 0803. The Original Charity Shop in Javea is staffed by 70 volunteers and is smart and spacious with a good range of high-quality new clothes and useful items at bargain prices. Awards have been received by the shop in Avenida de la Fontana. It has donated more than €50,000 in each of the last three years to deserving causes. www.charityshop MALE VOICE CHOIR: The choral group often performs with the Dolce Divas (centre). IF you have any spare mornings The Original Charity Shop and Library in Javea needs volunteers, mornings only, from 10am until 1pm Monday to Saturday. If you

First male choir recital of year

AFTER a busy festive season, the Costa Blanca Male Voice Choir will showcase their first performance of 2013 on Saturday at the Taller d’Ivars, the concert hall in Benissa. The production is part of a cultural event organised by the town hall each year, as a celebration of the beginning of the Feria of Benissa. Entrance at 8.30pm is free.

The ceremony was attended by Regional President Alberto Fabra, central government regional representative, Paula Sanchez de Leon, Mayor Sonia Castedo and the president of the Diputacion, Luisa Pastor.


18 EWN

17 - 23 January 2013

Costa Blanca North

Parking attendants prevent car theft TWO parking attendants prevented a car theft outside a shopping centre in Nervion, Sevilla. The two men, who are homeless and earn some money helping people to park in the area, saw a man approaching a BMW in which a woman was waiting for her husband. The would-be thief, 41, who has more than 50 prior arrests, got into the driver’s seat and attempted to start the vehicle. He threatened to stab the woman if she did not tell him how to do so. Passers-by and the two car park attendants nearby were alerted by the woman’s screams. The two men forced the criminal out of the car and held him until police arrived.

Neighbours prevent kidnapping

FORGERIES: €70,000 in €200 notes circulated in Spain.

Police swoop on gang of banknote forgers SEVENTEEN alleged members of a network which distributed forged €200 notes throughout Spain have been arrested. The arrests were carried out by National Police and the Catalan Regional Police, Mossos d’Esquadra, in Madrid and Barcelona.

Almost €46,000 in forged notes was seized in nine searches, as well as nine firearms, falsified documents and equipment to forge the money. Most of the detainees were Spanish who were part of a gang in which the leader acquired the notes

and gave them to other members to complete the process of forgery. They later used them to purchase cheap items in small shops and get change in legal currency. In the past year they had allegedly put around €70,000 into circulation in €200 notes.

A POLISH resident of Granada, 33, has been arrested for allegedly attempting to kidnap a boy of 10 while he was walking his dog near his home. Residents in the area were able to rescue the boy from the would-be kidnapper and alert the National Police. A friend of the boy’s parents took him home. The suspect allegedly grabbed the child by the arm and began to drag him along. The child began to cry, scream and kick his attacker, alerting the neighbours and passersby. Police officers were able to locate the man thanks to a report made by a Romanian national who witnessed the event saw him flee the scene.

20 EWN

17 - 23 January 2013

Costa Blanca North


Forged cash A MAN has been arrested in Los Alcazares after forged banknotes with a €4,100 face value were found in his car.

No revival

News from our editions

REVIVAL nightclub in Los Montesinos plans to close after a farewell party on February 9, with the owners complaining of ‘constant pressure by the Guardia Civil of Torrevieja’.

Re-opening date TORREVIEJA’S Ricardo Lafuente Habaneras Museum will re-open before Easter following a six-month closure due to an electrical fault.

Drug kidnap THREE people have been arrested in Alicante accused of kidnapping a man and forcing him to steal his mother’s jewellery to pay off drug debts.

Female touch MURCIA’S Radio Taxi has launched ‘the pink line’ service with women drivers for passengers who may prefer a female driver.

Cults on the increase RELIGIOUS, satanic and sexual cults are flourishing in Almeria. Sects frequently thrive during tough times and local membership is now estimated to be around

2,000. Almeria Province is continuing to face up to the tough economic surrounds, a situation that leads to cults flourishing, according to the Sect Studies Ibero-American



Fugitive held

Expert’s guide

A WOMAN aged 25 wanted for her alleged involvement in a 2009 car crash in Romania in which two people were killed has been arrested in Almeria City.

THE string of heritage buildings in Antequera have been featured in ‘Antequera, Ciudad Monumental’, a 288page new illustrated guide by local history expert Jesus Romero.

€39,000 work

Spanish recipes

A €39,000 roundabout to improve traffic flow has been built in Tabernas between Avenida Ricardo Fabrega and Avenida Europa.

THE Foreign Residents Department in Benalmadena is holding a new Spanish Cookery Course (€12 fee) at Alborada restaurant next Tuesday and Wednesday at 6.30pm.

More time plea EL EJIDO Council wants to delay the Andalucian Government plans for it to begin €116 million debt repayments to suppliers from September 2014.

Safe number ONE HUNDRED firemen, Guardia Civil and police officers safeguarded Almeria City’s Torregarcia Hermitage local pilgrimage (‘romeria’).

Sales thefts FORTY-TWO people have been charged with 32 thefts – mainly clothes and food – by Guardia Civil at Vicar’s Viapark shopping centre since the winter sales began.

Car crash FIVE were injured, including two men and three women aged between 25 and 54, after a side-on collision in Marbella’s Avenida Ramon y Cajal, involving two cars.

Fire victim A MAN aged 44 died of smoke inhalation and burns after a fire broke out at his house in Pizarra’s Calle Buen Pastor. Police are investigating the cause of the blaze.

Saver saved A GUARDIA Civil officer aged 45 was rescued by colleagues after he crashed

Network. The province now has among the highest prevalence of ‘pseudo-religions’ in Spain with an increase in satanic ritual practices, including the Children of Lucifer

his car on the A-7200 road in Archidona. The man suffered bruising but was able to get out on his own.


Twin towns VELEZ-MALAGA and the North-African Spanish town of Melilla are now twin towns. The agreement will bring further co-operation between them.

Prize winners A TOTAL of €90,000 from three winning tickets of El Cuponazo de la ONCE lottery was won in Motril, out of the €13.3 million main national prize.

Leaking school SOLUTIONS to prevent further floods in Nerja’s San Miguel Primary School during heavy rains have been put forward to the Andalucian Government by the town hall.

Police wages THE Local Police Chief in Velez-Malaga has been criticised by local PSOE party for being paid a €1,050 monthly bonus as an incentive, for a total salary of around €4,500.

Magic expense THIS year’s Three Kings parade in

cult. Other cults include pyramid structure companies which are alleged to cash in on members’ work and investment, and also sexual cults.

Almuñecar cost €17,000, the largest budget ever allocated by the town hall for this purpose, Councillor Juan Carlos Benavides reported.


Making history FRANCISCA MORA (Convergencia per les Illes) has become Porreres’ first ever female mayor after Bernat Bauça’s resignation.

Holy premiere JAVIER SALINAS conducted his first mass as newly-appointed Bishop for Mallorca Cathedral at Santuari de Lluc monastery last weekend.

‘Back to works’ IMPROVEMENT works on the Selva to Inca road are predicted to be completed by the Mallorca Insular Government in two months, after being inactive for a year.

Helping Pau INCA’S Ponent School’s Fathers and Mothers Association (APIMA) is to hold a charitable basketball event on March 9 to raise funds for Pau, a pupil and the only Balearic Islands’ sufferer of Mitochondrial Disease, a chronic genetic disorder which affects the cells.

17 - 23 January 2013

Stat of week FUEL prices increased 1.9 per cent at the start of the year, with petrol rising to €1.40 and diesel €1.36 per litre.





Costa Blanca North



Bosses gain most as pay triples AVERAGE salaries throughout Europe have tripled since the late 1970s. But in the same period management salaries have risen eightfold. This is revealed in the latest Europe Survey of the BAT Foundation for Future Studies, in which more than 11,000 people from 10 countries - including Spain - were interviewed. The survey also showed that during the last three years, despite the tough economic times the number of regional millionaires has risen 19 per cent, with 10 per cent of the total European population owning 60 per cent of the total assets. Also 5 per cent of the European people own as much real estate property as the other 95 per cent. All across Europe the trust in political representatives has reached a new low with just 12 per cent now feeling politicians are preparing

well for the future, while two years ago that figure was 14 per cent. Danish people are the only ones still believing to some degree in the appropriate behaviour of their elected representatives. In Poland and Greece, Germany and Britain, on the other hand, only a small minority trust the politicians. Almost seven in every 10 people in Europe expect further crises in the future, especially in Spain and Greece, who are suffering particularly from the current economic situation. But also three-quarters of the French and two thirds of the German people display a pessimistic view of the future. Even among the usually positive-thinking Dutch people, almost half of them dread a continuation of insecure times.


FLYING HIGH: 2012 was a record year.

14.8 million give Vueling record year SPANISH low-cost airline Vueling carried a record 14.8 million passengers last year. This was 20 per cent more than in 2011. Occupancy levels for the year

reached 77.7 per cent on 108,433 flights. In December alone, 967,456 passengers used the airline, which is 14.3 per cent more than in

Top firms to sack 30,000

December 2011. Vueling continues to expand internationally, with a flight planned between Alicante and the Russian capital Moscow from June.

Motor Insurance

THIS year 30,000 workers will be dismissed by 20 of Spain’s leading firms. Staff cutbacks will come at AENA (the airports authority), the Valencian Railway Department, the Paradores and companies dependent upon the Ministry of Public Works. Regional TV channels will also cut back staff. Iberia, the nation’s airline, also plans to dismiss 4,500 people. Meanwhile, BFA-Bankia has plans to axe up to 6,000 jobs, and further dismissals are planned by Novagalicia, Banco de Valencia, Caja3, BBVAUnnim, Sabadell-CAM, and Banco Santander, following its fusion with Banesto.

A boost from sunny thoughts TRAVEL firms in the UK braced “This week is always our busiest as themselves this week for bumper people tend to run out of money business as Britons tried after an early payday in to drag themselves out of December, feel guilt winter depression by perpetuated by broken seeking breaks in the New Year’s resolutions sun. and are knocked by the “Every year we see inevitable sun depthousands of Brits in a rivation that creeps up mad rush to book SUNNY BREAK: Many Britons on many. January breaks in a bid suffer from winter depression. “Even just the idea of a to cheer themselves up,” holiday can help some said Directline Holidays CEO, Maria through the dour January and February months,” Whiteman added. Whiteman.

Underwritten at Lloyd’s of London Tailored to suit your needs and your pocket Easy payment options Special rates for the over 40’s Fast claims service



Taxman’s snooping is an anti-fraud measure

Q. WE have been seeing articles in the Englishlanguage Press here and adverts from lawyers and tax consultants that all residents of Spain must declare to Hacienda any assets they hold outside Spain by March 31 this year. I know a number of Brits who are resident in Spain and who have investments and property back in the UK. They bring You and the into Spain enough income for their needs and they Law in Spain By David Searl declare this for Spanish tax. Nevertheless, the majority of their assets are outside Spain and have never been declared to the Spanish Tax Agency. These people are very concerned about what might happen in the future if they declare. Will Spain start to tax them on these assets? SD (Costa del Sol) A. The new law, part of an anti-fraud package passed in November, is drawing criticism precisely because it does not contain any reference to the future use of the data. In fact, even the forms for making the declaration are not yet available only 10 weeks before the due date. Let’s look at a few points. The penalties for not declaring are extremely harsh, starting with minimum fines of €10,000. If your assets outside Spain do not exceed €50,000, you do not need to declare. At the moment, you are required to make this declaration only once. If the Spanish taxman chooses to come after you in the future, he will only be able to claim on income arising from these assets, not the assets themselves. For example, if you own a property in the UK which you rent out and pay tax on the income in the UK, you still owe the Spanish tax agency because, as a resident you are subject to Spanish income tax on your worldwide income. It is a disturbing thought that Spain’s tax agency should have all this information about you, but on balance it seems safer to make the declaration. Yes, you should use a tax consultant to assist you. David will respond to queries but reserves the right to select letters which will be of interest to the greatest number of readers. You can also consult David through lawyers Ubeda-Retana and Associates in Fuengirola. or call 952 667 090.


17 - 23 January 2013 Costa Blanca North

Tesco back on form after festive feasts TESCO Chief Executive Philip Clarke claims the supermarket giant is ‘back on form’ after seeing a 1.8 per cent rise in like for like sales over the Christmas period.


ritish usiness riefs

£££ Coopers, recently called in by STORE closures and job the struggling camera retail losses at Jessops are chain. inevitable say administrators £££ PricewaterUK car sales saw a houseOPTIMISTIC: Tesco’s Philip Clarke. 5.3 per cent rise last

year with 2.04 million vehicle registrations, the highest figure since 2008, reported the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders.


THE Bank of England has decided not to extend its quantitative easing programme, which injected £375 billion (€456.75 billion) into the UK economy by printing money. It is also keeping its key interest rate unchanged at 0.5 per cent where it has been since March 2009.

Red lights flash as EU High Command considers Britain ONE can imagine the High Command of the EU huddled down as it meets in secret conclave to decide what’s to be done about that turbulent and troublesome United Kingdom. Red lights are flashing, ticker-tapes rattle and messengers scamper to and fro, while a haze of smoke from cigarettes and fat cigars hovers above the table. Possibly that’s only a product of my fevered mind, but it does seem rather as though the EU is flapping its collective hands and running around in small circles at the very idea that the UK might one day decide to wave goodbye. On December 18, 2012, David Cameron moved away slightly from his habitual stance that: “Britain must remain in the EU, fighting its corner from within,” to admit that an exit is now a possibility. “All futures are imaginable,” he said in answer to a question from his MPs. “We are in charge of our own destiny; we can make our own choices,” adding, “but Britain’s departure is not my preference.” The problem with which he is forced to wrestle is that his coalition partners, the Liberal Democrats, are for the most part staunch Europhiles, determined not only that Britain should remain as a member of the EU, but also that at some future date

ANTI-EURO: Most Britons polled want the UK to leave the EU.

Jim Collins Costa Blanca

will it will embrace the euro. That is despite recent independent polls that show a clear majority of Britons would like to see the UK leave the EU forthwith. Prior to all this, and perhaps tiring of Cameron’s insistence that he would ‘fight for a better deal for Britain’, seeking to claw back certain powers previously handed to Europe, the French president François Hollande said: “Britain cannot repatriate powers from Brussels.” Even earlier, on December 8, Herman van Rompuy, President of the European Council, insisted the Britain could not ‘cherry-pick’

which laws from Brussels it wished to follow. What’s really scaring the EU barons is that any successful repatriation of powers might pave the way for a British exit, thus encouraging other countries to examine similar deals. Van Rompuy has warned that “countries must not seek to undermine the EU, since such actions could cause the entire European project to fall apart.” That may, of course, be political rhetoric to frighten possible backsliders into standing straight to salute the blue EU banner. Following all this, on December 24, Germany strode into the fray, with Wolfgang Schauble, the country’s finance minister, stating that Germany will not allow itself to be ‘blackmailed’ by the threat of a possible British exit. Further, he urged (demanded?) that Britain should not hold a referendum on EU membership, since that would create ‘uncertainty’. It’s come to something when the finance minister of a foreign power feels he has the right - not to dictate perhaps, but certainly to influence - British foreign policy! Perhaps the holidays, intervening so fortuitously, will have provided the EU barons with the sorely-needed opportunity to ‘just calm down’.

17 - 23 January 2013

FINANCE, BUSINESS & LEGAL The Isle of Man has agreed to automatically exchange tax information with the UK. Jersey and Guernsey want to make this a global initiative. The US is forcing financial centres to automatically report on American clients. Spanish residents need to get ready to report their overseas assets to the Spanish government. We are entering another new era in local and international efforts against tax evasion and fiscal fraud. Sharing and reporting information will play a major role. There have been major developments in international tax planning over the last decade. There are still more to come. Many expatriates are affected, and it is important to keep up to date with all the changes to ensure your tax planning is fully compliant and as effective as it legitimately can be. If you hold savings and investments outside Spain, for peace of mind ask an experienced tax and wealth management advisory company like Blevins Franks to look over your assets and how they are structured. Not only can they advise you regarding reporting requirements, they can advise you how to structure your assets to minimise tax and maximise income. Spain’s new reporting law By 30th April 2013 (31st March in future years), Spain residents need to report their overseas assets to the authorities. This includes bank accounts, shares, bonds, funds, life assurances, property etc, including



Costa Blanca North

A New Era In Tax Reporting by Bill Blevins, Financia l Correspondent, Blevins Franks

those held in trust, where you are the owner, beneficiary or authorised signatory, and where the assets in each class amount to €50,000 or more. When anyone is found to have not declared an asset, the penalties will be punitive and the authorities will be able to go back indefinitely to review unpaid tax. Given the amount of exchange of information between countries these days, attempting to hide assets is very risky. The new US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) FATCA aims to ensure that the US tax authorities, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), obtains information on financial accounts held by US taxpayers anywhere in the world. Foreign Financial Institutions have to report their American clients’ affairs to the IRS.

In other words, the US is attempting to force financial centres to automatically exchange tax information on US clients. The incentive for them to do so is pretty high. If they fail to comply their revenues from US sources will suffer a 30% withholding tax. Isle of Man’s new agreement with UK The Isle of Man announced in December that it will enter into an automatic tax information sharing agreement with the UK, similar to the agreement it intends to sign with the US to comply with FATCA. Once in place, it will give HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) access to more information about potentially taxable money held in the Isle of Man. HM Treasury Secretary David Gauke commented: “for years people said this couldn’t be done”. The government is now pressuring Jersey and Guernsey and the British Virgin and Cayman Islands to accept similar agreements. I would expect other countries to later expect similar agreements with offshore centres. This is why attempting to hide assets from local tax authorities is so risky – one day, somehow, they will come to light. Isle of Man Chief Minister Allan

Bell explained that its agreement with the UK will serve to demonstrate the island’s superior level of regulation and improve growth prospects for the local economy. “The US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act is a game changer in relation to transparency and the automatic exchange of information agenda”, he said. “It will be used as the lever and model by many countries for equivalent information to be provided to them.” He continued: “Such is its reach and effect, FATCA may even overtake the proposed changes in the EU savings directive. This government considers, therefore, that automatic exchange of tax information in something like the volume and form required by the USA under FATCA will become part of the international standard. It is clear that the next two years will see massive changes in the way in which nations co-operate in the field of international taxation issues.” Channel Islands Jersey and Guernsey have held exploratory talks with the UK authorities but have so far said they will not implement anything yet. They are not against this automatic exchange of information as such,

but rather want the UK to “promote the adoption of automatic exchange of information worldwide to ensure that a level playing field is achieved for all finance centres”. In a joint statement, the islands said they share a common commitment with the UK to combat tax evasion and participate in international efforts to combat fiscal crime. For clarification on the latest local and international tax regulation developments, and advice on the most effective legitimate tax mitigation arrangements for you, speak to an advisory firm like Blevins Franks which keeps fully up to date and has decades of experience advising expatriates in Spain. . The tax rates, scope and reliefs may change. Any statements concerning taxation are based upon our understanding of current taxation laws and practices which are subject to change. Tax information has been summarised; an individual should take personalised advice. To keep in touch with the latest developments in the offshore world, check out the latest news on our website




17 - 23 January 2013 Costa Blanca North

LONDON - FTSE 100 C H A N G E ( P ) % C H G. 6.20 1.58 -9.00 -0.76 -31.00 -1.74 -4.00 -0.37 -5.50 -0.27 -6.00 -0.46 3.00 0.34 -30.00 -1.96 12.00 0.40 -3.30 -0.87 -3.50 -0.35 -1.10 -0.31 -0.75 -0.25 -5.50 -0.52 -0.50 -0.02 -2.65 -0.57 -5.00 -0.16 -2.50 -0.44

NET VOLUME 4,903.36 234.83 606.38 764.25 2,471.69 903.83 5,621.78 2,194.38 1,510.11 8,417.70 770.57 3,247.93 44,798.61 5,247.24 3,939.23 15,946.81 2,337.90 2,293.87



PRICE(P) C O M PA N Y Aberdeen Asset Mngmnt 397.75 Admiral Group PLC 1183.50 Aggreko PLC 1748.50 AMEC PLC 1082.00 Anglo American PLC 2037.25 Antofagasta PLC 1298.00 ARM Holdings PLC 873.00 Associated Brit Fds PLC 1500.00 AstraZeneca PLC 3029.50 Aviva PLC 376.85 Babcock Intl Group... 990.25 BAE Systems PLC 348.50 Barclays PLC 298.85 BG Group PLC 1048.00 BHP Billiton PLC 2075.75 BP PLC 459.45 British Am Tobacco PLC 3144.50 British Land Co PLC 567.00


Units per €

United States $......................................................1.33702 Japan Yen ¥ ...........................................................119.442 Switzerland Francs................................................1.22691 Denmark Kroner ....................................................7.46236 Norway Kroner.......................................................7.36554



British Sky Broad Gr BT Group PLC Bunzl PLC Burberry Group PLC Capita PLC Capital Shopping Cnts Carnival PLC Centrica PLC Compass Group PLC CRH PLC

774.75 243.35 1065.50 1324.50 779.50 364.65 2445.00 332.85 745.50 1237.50

C H A N G E ( P ) % C H G.







MMM 3M Co 96.88 AA Alcoa Inc 8.95 AXP American Express Co 61.00 T AT&T Inc 34.11 BAC Bank of America Corp 11.46 BA Boeing Co 76.10 CAT Caterpillar Inc 94.71 CVX Chevron Corp 112.13 CSCO Cisco Systems Inc 20.82 DD E. I. du Pont de Nemours and C... 46.46 XOM Exxon Mobil Corp 89.50 GE General Electric Co 21.14 HPQ Hewlett-Packard Co 16.75 HD Home Depot Inc 63.62 INTC Intel Corp 21.80 IBM International Business Machine... 192.57 JNJ Johnson & Johnson 72.71 JPM JPMorgan Chase and Co 45.89 MCD McDonald's Corp 91.64 MRK Merck & Co Inc 43.27 MSFT Microsoft Corp 26.83

+0.60 +0.005 -0.24 -0.16 -0.175 +0.94 -0.48 +0.40 +0.34 +0.31 -0.11 +0.01 +0.59 -0.08 -0.20 -1.88 +0.36 -0.25 -0.09 +0.04 0.00

+0.62% +0.06% -0.39% -0.47% -1.50% +1.25% -0.50% +0.36% +1.66% +0.67% -0.12% +0.07% +3.65% -0.13% -0.91% -0.97% +0.50% -0.54% -0.10% +0.09% 0.00%

113.1K 575.4K 258.8K 934.2K 5.7M 178.6K 121.2K 311.6K 3.5M 346.3K 344.8K 1.2M 1.7M 303.8K 2.1M 182.0K 341.2K 1.2M 135.4K 507.5K 1.8M


-5.50 -2.70 4.00 20.00 5.00 -1.20 25.00 -3.00 -2.00 1.00


Most Advanced

-0.70 -1.10 0.38 1.53 0.65 -0.33 1.03 -0.89 -0.27 0.08


NET VOLUME 2,016.00 12,330.32 507.52 1,332.51 1,192.55 882.21 773.06 6,630.20 2,420.29 885.79


Adept Technology, Inc. $ 3.9602 0.6502 / +19.64% Colony Bankcorp, Inc. $ 5.07 0.70 / +16.02% Halozyme Therapeutics, Inc. $ 8.18 0.97 / +13.45% Research in Motion Limited $ 15.032 1.472 / +10.86% Crimson Exploration Inc. $ 3.09 0.29 / +10.36% Aviat Networks, Inc. $ 3.64 0.32 / +9.64% RRSat Global Commnctns Network Ltd. $ 7.24 0.63 / +9.53% Ixia $ 19.1999 1.5399 / +8.72% ACADIA Pharmaceuticals Inc. $ 5.44 0.43 / +8.58%

Most Declined Education Management Corporation Transcat, Inc. Willdan Group, Inc. Cirrus Logic, Inc. Waterstone Financial, Inc. Flamel Technologies S.A. Francesca's Holdings Corporation Luminex Corporation SunPower Corporation

$ 3.86 $ 6.0001 $ 2.11 $ 29.09 $ 6.576 $ 4.30 $ 26.61 $ 17.35 $ 7.76

0.45 / -10.44% 0.5599 / -8.54% 0.1899 / -8.26% 2.49 / -7.88% 0.494 / -6.99% 0.28 / -6.11% 1.62 / -5.74% 1.04 / -5.66% 0.43 / -5.25%

C O M PA N Y PRICE(P) CHANGE Croda International PLC 2293.00 -15.00 Diageo PLC 1789.00 -0.50 Eurasian Nat Resources 334.05 11.40 EVRAZ PLC 282.00 1.10 Experian PLC 1027.00 -3.00 Fresnillo PLC 1748.50 6.00 G4S PLC 270.30 2.60 GKN PLC 241.20 1.80 GlaxoSmithKline PLC 1372.50 -10.00 Glencore Intnl PLC 391.70 0.25 Hammerson PLC 486.05 0.70 Hargreaves Lansdown 729.25 -1.00 HSBC Holdings PLC 675.95 -1.90 IMI PLC 1117.00 -13.00 Imperial Tobacco Gr PLC 2470.50 22.00 InterCntnntl Hotels Gr 1767.50 -6.00 International Consldtd 210.50 2.80 Intertek Group PLC 3054.00 -47.00 ITV PLC 111.60 1.70 Johnson Matthey PLC 2242.50 -7.00 Kazakhmys PLC 786.00 -23.00 Kingfisher PLC 287.05 1.90 Land Securities Gr PLC 827.00 -4.50 Legal & General Gr PLC 149.75 -1.30 Lloyds Banking Gr PLC 54.92 0.88 Marks & Spencer Gr PLC 367.25 -5.30 Meggitt PLC 425.05 -6.20 Melrose Industries PLC 244.00 -1.20 National Grid PLC 687.75 0.50 Next PLC 3955.00 -35.00 Old Mutual PLC 185.30 0.10 Pearson PLC 1182.50 -17.00 Petrofac Ltd 1697.00 18.00 Polymetal Intnl PLC 1135.50 -22.00 Prudential PLC 925.50 4.50 Randgold Resources Ltd 5882.50 -15.00 Reckitt Benckiser Gr PLC 3949.50 -46.00 Reed Elsevier PLC 659.25 -1.00 Resolution Ltd 266.80 5.80 REXAM PLC 456.95 -2.60 Rio Tinto PLC 3474.50 5.50 Rolls-Royce Holdings PLC 898.25 7.50 Royal Bank of Scotland Grou...364.55 4.10 Royal Dutch Shell PLC 2213.00 -3.00 RSA Insurance Group PLC 126.50 -1.10 SABMiller PLC 2917.00 -16.50 Sage Group (The) PLC 309.95 -3.60 Sainsbury (J) PLC 325.60 1.60 Schroders PLC 1869.00 49.00 Serco Group PLC 552.00 2.50 Severn Trent PLC 1549.00 -23.00 Shire PLC 2042.00 9.00 Smith & Nephew PLC 691.50 5.00 Smiths Group PLC 1218.50 5.00 SSE PLC 1435.50 -14.00 Standard Chartered PLC 1682.75 2.50 Standard Life PLC 352.60 -0.30 Tate & Lyle PLC 758.75 -10.00 Tesco PLC 351.15 -2.00 TUI Travel PLC 282.50 -0.80 Tullow Oil PLC 1172.00 -14.00 Unilever PLC 2378.50 -6.00 United Utilities Group PLC 685.25 -10.00 Vedanta Resources PLC 1202.00 -9.00 Vodafone Group PLC 163.88 -1.35 Weir Group PLC 1938.00 -5.00 Whitbread PLC 2414.00 -48.00 Wm Morrison Sprmrkts 252.15 -0.50 Wolseley PLC 3033.50 -5.00 Wood Group (John) PLC 783.75 -17.50 WPP PLC 945.25 5.50 Xstrata PLC 1174.75 -0.50

% C H G. -0.65 -0.03 3.53 0.39 -0.29 0.34 0.97 0.75 -0.72 0.06 0.14 -0.14 -0.28 -1.15 0.90 -0.34 1.35 -1.52 1.55 -0.31 -2.84 0.67 -0.54 -0.86 1.63 -1.42 -1.44 -0.49 0.07 -0.88 0.05 -1.42 1.07 -1.90 0.49 -0.25 -1.15 -0.15 2.22 -0.57 0.16 0.84 1.14 -0.14 -0.86 -0.56 -1.15 0.49 2.69 0.45 -1.46 0.44 0.73 0.41 -0.97 0.15 -0.08 -1.30 -0.57 -0.28 -1.18 -0.25 -1.44 -0.74 -0.82 -0.26 -1.95 -0.20 -0.16 -2.18 0.59 -0.04

VOLUME 368.06 3,465.39 4,139.33 4,512.30 2,131.02 373.60 2,840.59 4,732.40 4,802.23 8,747.74 1,194.09 540.24 16,060.61 310.52 1,342.72 709.15 7,321.11 250.36 11,709.83 824.18 1,817.58 5,206.71 1,152.36 19,094.23 166,771.60 4,013.38 1,475.49 2,343.95 4,078.18 331.76 6,676.26 1,922.46 900.88 276.10 3,043.46 233.80 859.91 2,166.13 4,839.05 1,199.84 3,194.90 3,029.50 11,894.17 2,036.88 12,109.53 1,046.87 3,185.86 4,079.82 397.60 798.53 912.59 1,320.94 925.27 733.18 1,145.24 2,916.06 4,857.43 2,168.35 23,789.36 1,445.69 1,984.03 2,249.27 2,190.17 504.18 60,445.13 491.77 435.46 4,721.74 392.25 997.29 2,935.85 3,031.25


17 - 23 January 2013


Costa Blanca North

Horse meat more popular on the menu THE financial crisis has led to more horse meat being consumed in Spain. From January to October 2012, 12,900 tons of horse meat was produced for consumption, while the amount for the whole of the previous year was 11,265 tons. One of the main reasons for this is that horses are expensive to maintain and there is no market for their sale, hire or training, according to the Ministry of Agriculture. Production has increased the most in Andalucia, with 3,197 tons, a rise of 255 per cent. In the first 10 months of 2012, 60,391 horses were slaughtered in Spain, mainly in Andalucia with 16,608. Consumers purchase horse meat for stews and other meals, with markets selling it at an average of €2.05 per kilo.




IZ Tax demand FINNISH phone giant Nokia’s Chennai (India) factory was swooped on by Indian tax officers demanding outstanding payments totaling 30 billion rupees (€419 million).

Crude forecast ALHAMBRA: Spain’s most popular monument saw visitor numbers decrease.

Ahambra has fewer visits VISITS to Spain’s most popular monument, the Alhambra Palace and Generalife Gardens, fell by 2.28 per cent in 2012. The total number of visitors to the Alhambra in 2012 was 2.26 million, of which 48.69 per cent were Europeans, 8.08 per cent more than in 2011. There were 73,099 visitors to cultural activities held at the

Alhambra, including the Granada International Music and Dance Festival and the celebrations marking the 40th anniversary of the Alhambra’s naming as a World Heritage Site. The day on which most people visited the Alhambra was October 12, on which 100 per cent of available tickets were sold, and the day with the

fewest visitors was January 16, with just 1,784 tickets sold. The most popular month was April, with 249,876, and the least popular, January, with 10,995. Most of the visitors are European, aged between 30 and 44, have a university degree and are very satisfied with their visit to the Alhambra.

US oil production is predicted to increase from 6.4 million barrels a day last year to 7.9 million a day next year - the highest since 1988 - thanks to the discovery of large shale oil reserves.

Gallic fall FRENCH car alliance Peugeot Citroen’s worldwide sales fell by 16.5 per cent last year, from 3.55 million vehicles in 2011 to 2.97 million last year.




Costa Blanca North

The ghastly price of being a guest makes a wedding just too costly WHEN it comes to a wedding I really want to say ‘I do’ but sometimes I just can’t. I mean I want to get dressed up in a beautiful outfit. I want to walk up the aisle and take my place. I want to enjoy the party with all my friends, but the A look thing is - with finances at finance as they are at the for females moment - I just can’t afford to be a guest at Jane Plunkett so many weddings. jane.plunkett@euroweeklynews. This year, my brother com is getting married in Ireland. A friend is getting married in Spain, while not two other very, very, very good be possible to attend. friends are getting wed in A new mortgage, bills, living Dubai. expenses and our average It’s become a bit of a financial Spanish salaries mean that we conundrum. My brother’s live comfortably to our means wedding is a must and while I’d each month, but there is never hate to miss out on any of the much left for extravagant other three, financially it might expenses.

17 - 23 January 2013

Loose change

EXPENSIVE: Weddings mean the cash till rings, too. A wedding in Spain could be less harsh on our wallets, but it still racks up quite a bill, considering stag and hen parties, a wedding gift, clothes, travel, accommodation and drinks. Meanwhile, the overseas weddings in Dubai are filling us with dread - financially speaking - and we despair at the fact that

we might not be able to attend. Two return flights to Dubai cost an average of €1,200 and then there’s all the extras like accommodation and gifts. Getting married is definitely an expensive affair, even when you are only a guest. In fact, research from the UK recently revealed that 6 per cent of us resent the amount we have to spend to attend and a further 13 per cent refuse to go to some weddings because they cost too much. The study also calculated that 1.6 million people have actually gone into debt in order to attend a wedding. Such debt can be very hard on first-time homebuyers, like us, or those still burdened by student debt. So, while we want to please everyone and support our friends, sometimes we might just have to watch the wedding video!



Cash hoard SPANIARDS still have €1.69 billion worth of pesetas which they have not exchanged at the Bank of Spain. The peseta was withdrawn on March 1, 2002.

Fewer notes THE number of €500 notes in Spain has fallen by 17.5 per cent since the onset of the financial crisis.

Magic deal BANK La Caixa has sold the Isla Magica theme park in Sevilla to French company Looping Group, which runs Pleasurewood Hills in the UK.

17- 23 January 2013




Costa Blanca North






The older man I love in my life...

DADDY’s flying in this weekend and it couldn’t have come at a better time. My heart needs repairing after finding Crispin in the arms of another woman, and what better way to fix my shattered soul than to hopefully stitch it up with sparkling presents, adorned with

As I see it... Ana Jefferson-Smith takes an irreverent look at life as a singleton expat in Spain dazzling ribbon. In Marbella on business next week, I see Daddy about four

times a year; twice when he flies here and the other when I join him in the most exotic place I can

identify with on his business schedule. His IT company has really done well and he is always jetting off somewhere or other, and when in Europe, aboard the company plane. As chairman he obviously has lots of responsibilities, and I know


COMMENT Deadly delay THE PSOE will take no decision regarding party leadership until late 2014. This is not procrastination by current secretary general Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba or the party heavyweights backing him. It is denial. The boys at the top are happy, but to appreciate Rubalcaba’s qualities it is necessary to be a fervent PSOE supporter and they are not the people he must win over. Undecided voters decide elections, not card-carriers.

Nice work RODRIGO RATO, having scuppered nownationalised Bankia, is going to Telefonica. Admitted, his talents will not be let loose in Spain as he is to be a special adviser for Europe and Latin America. His appointment is part of Telefonica’s ‘global vision,’ according to a spokesman. It can only be hoped that he does not touch its finances, or the company’s global vision will soon need its eyes tested.

Pros look to score in World Cup! PROSTITUTES in Brazil are receiving free language classes in preparation for foreign visitors during the 2014 football World Cup. *** THE US congress is currently less popular than cockroaches and lice, a survey by Public Policy Polling has revealed. *** ICELANDIC girl ‘Blaer Bjarkardottir’ is suing her country for the right

JUST FANCY THAT... to use her own name because it does not appear on the list of the 1,712 male and 1,853 female ones approved . *** PRINCESS, a lovesick macaw parrot should be reunited with her male partner after fasting when separated, a Bangladeshi court has ruled. ***

A SWISS court has cleared a farmer of responsibility for a 655-year debt established when an earlier landowner who killed a man in 1357 vowed to finance the sanctuary lamp of a local church for eternity. *** A ROMAN CATHOLIC priest Holland is to

display the names and photographs of parish members trying to leave the Church in the hope that they will decide to stay. *** MC’DONALD’s restaurants across Australia plan to temporarily change their signs to ‘Macca’s’, the name given to the chain by 50 per cent of inhabitants, to mark Australia Day later this month. ***

when I was growing up he was always working, and I rarely saw him. Because of his work commitments we may not meet as often as I would like, but he phones regularly, and always wants to shower me with gifts when we spend quality daddydaughter time together. And I’m never going to complain about that! Throughout his visit, he will be staying in his usual residence, the Royal Suite in the Marbella Club Hotel. While he checked out my own two-bedroom penthouse - which he kindly pays all the bills for - I can’t put him up as it is just too small, and my pooch Stella isn’t going to be kicked out of her bed to accommodate him. I’ll make the most of his Marbella Club surrounds and stay with him one evening, grabbing at the same time the chance to relax in their Thalasso Spa and savour only the finest in their Champagne Bar. Whenever Daddy is staying there I get treated like royalty and this time around it will be the perfect pick-me-up after a not-so festive Christmas. He’ll also have a driver on hand all day every day which should aid some shopping trips together. As his little princess I simply cannot wait to see him. But in his eyes I cannot do any wrong, so will consequently not delve into my escapes with Crispin. Daddy arrives by the company jet at Malaga tomorrow, just in time for a relaxed work-free weekend before he focuses more on business. Luckily my puppy-dog eyes still work, and he just can’t say no to his precious angel. I truly do love him.





17 - 23 January 2013 Costa Blanca North



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17 - 23 January 2013 Costa Blanca North



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11:00pm Saving Private Ryan

Matt Damon CH4

Steven Spielberg's Second World War blockbuster stars Tom Hanks as Capt John H Miller, the leader of a platoon of D-Day soldiers ordered to find and rescue Private Ryan, part of the advance forces, who is now the sole surviving sibling of a family of four brothers.

Tom Hanks 1:10am Masters Snooker Coverage of the Masters snooker tournament.

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3:50pm Green Lantern 5:50pm Batman and Robin 8:00pm Colombiana 10:00pm Fantastic Four 12:00am Green Lantern 2:00am Batman 4:10am Batman Returns

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17 - 23 January 2013 Costa Blanca North



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Alex Baldwin & Meryl Streep

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17 - 23 January 2013


Letters for Your Say should be emailed to yoursay@ euroweekly, posted to Euro Weekly News, C/Moscatel 10, P-62, Polígono Industrial, Arroyo de la Miel, 29630 Benalmadena, Málaga, Spain or faxed to 0034 952 440 887

Down to earth shock over high security! IF it wasn’t true, it would be laughable. A Dutch neighbour has just flown back to his main home in Rotterdam from Malaga Airport... travelling on his partner’s passport. It seems after she dropped him off at the airport he discovered the passport he had in his jacket pocket was not his own. With no time to return home, and unable to contact her by phone as she was driving, he decided to chance his luck and continue his journey. While I do not have full details, I know that in total his journey included three passport checks though I use the word ‘checks’ loosely - for he was allowed through on each occasion, arriving safely on time at his final and foreign destination. MR, El Faro (Malaga)

Deadly river MORE than 20 dogs have died due to drinking the water of the River Quisi in Benissa. Some pets have been saved as their owners have managed to get them to the vet quickly. I have advised people walking their dogs in the area not to allow their animals to drink this contaminated water. Even the weeds have turned red in places. The Guardia Civil had been advised at the time but I don’t think anything has been done. Apparently hunters put down poison to eradicate foxes which destroy their game. This river water is crystal clear with no visible signs of poison. Marion Fisher, Benissa (Alicante)

Pricey order MANY people have recently received notification from Mijas Town Hall that urbanisations must bury all electric cables. In 2004, our small urbanisation received a quotation for similar work which would have cost us about €4,000 per household. These days not many people have that amount spare. Surely this work should be the responsibility of the people who installed the cables, SevillanaEndesa. If this is principally for


Snapped! By Sarah Simpson

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Costa Blanca North and take their rubbish home. The litter I see is either dumped or washed off the decks of passing commercial ships and fishing boats. Name and address supplied, Javea (Alicante)

Sad for charity IT is sad to hear that a very worthwhile charity finds it is unable to keep going, as is the case of the cat charity called PAWS. They state they are not officially registered (Letters Issue 1436). One of the easiest and very inexpensive things to do in Spain is become a nonprofit association. All one need do is go to the town hall, fill in the forms and for less than €20 become legal. Raquel Peña Sirvent (By email)

Stay away TAKEN from Calpe, this photo shows the sun setting over Benidorm after another beautiful day in Spain. It certainly beats the torrential rain we’ve experienced in the UK!


All letters, whether by email or post, should carry the writer’s postal address, NIE and contact number though only the name and town will be published. Letters may also be edited. Readers who have missed earlier correspondence can see all letters posted on:

tourism, then why not limit it to the village as 90 per cent of tourists to Mijas only visit the old town. I think that the hanging cables give personality to the village. James Binyon, Mijas (Malaga)

Staff praised PLEASE be assured, NJ from Mijas, (Letters Issue 1435) that there are some wonderful staff at Malaga Aiport dedicated to helping people. My flight from Gibraltar was relocated to Malaga for technical reasons. Upon arrival at Malaga Airport, passengers had to queue at the desk to have their tickets changed. I have a disability and was directed to the information desk in the middle of the vast terminal. The gentleman at the desk took me to a seat and said everything would be done for me and I should not worry. Very soon, new paperwork was given

to me and another gentleman came and wheeled me to the aircraft. I could not have asked for more. They were so kind. GDC (By email)

Fraud alert A MAN speaking broken English phoned, asked for me by name and said he was from electricity company Endesa. He claimed I owed them €700 and could I pay on the telephone with my credit card. I refused and then phoned Endesa. They told me I did not owe any money. No way would they ask for payment over the phone asking for bank details. A proper bill would be sent for payment. I hope this letter may stop readers paying any money to fraudsters. G Bulmer (By email)

Clean boaters AS a resident of Javea and a boat owner I agree that a large amount of debris and rubbish is regularly washed up on the pebble beach, including palm tree trunks! But it is not correct to say (Costa Blanca North, Litterbugs, Issue 1433) this is caused by owners of small boats. Most leisure craft owners that anchor in Sardine Bay are respectable people

ABOUT the letters from people complaining about churches, (Issue 1435), well, the answer to me seems obvious, stay away. The whole religious, superstitious, nonsense thing is a big deception, and the sooner people realise this the better. Fortunately, the majority of thinking people have already arrived at this conclusion, hence the ever faster emptying pews. I renounced all links with religion a few years ago and feel much better for it. Alan (By email)

Gas query THE Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism has set the maximum price for butane gas as €16.10 a bottle. Yesterday I was charged €16.75 at the new BP petrol station at Rio Padron, (Estepona) 4 per cent more. I wondered if you know if the announcement by the ministry is mandatory or recommendatory. Tony Bolton (By email)

Editor’s note: The figure announced by the ministry is the official maximum price charged at gas depots. Resellers may increase the price.

Bird answer WITH reference to the picture from Phil Holman (Letters Issue 1436) I think the bird might be a Black Redstart. Angela Lane, Casares Costa, (Malaga)

The views expressed and opinions given in Letters are not necessarily those of the EWN publishers. They accept no responsibility for accuracy of information, errors, omissions or statements, and reject claims arising out of any action that a company or individual may take on the basis of information contained therein.





17 - 23 January 2013 Costa Blanca North



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4:00am ITV Nightscreen 7:00am Daybreak 9:30am Lorraine 10:25am The Jeremy Kyle Show 11:30am This Morning The popular morning lifestyle magazine show with advice, chat and competitions. 12:25pm ITV News 12:30pm This Morning The popular morning lifestyle magazine show with advice, chat and competitions. 1:30pm Loose Women 2:30pm ITV News and Weather A round-up of the latest news headlines and a national weather forecast. 3:00pm Dickinson's Real Deal

5:15am Deal or No Deal 6:10am Countdown 7:10am The Hoobs 7:35am The Hoobs 8:00am Will and Grace 8:30am According to Jim 8:55am Everybody Loves Raymond Marie accuses Debra of being rude, and they end up not speaking to each other. 9:30am Everybody Loves Raymond 10:00am Frasier 10:30am Frasier 11:00am Undercover Boss USA 12:00pm A Place in the Sun 1:00pm Channel 4 News 1:05pm Jamie's 15 Minute Meals 1:30pm Food Unwrapped 2:00pm Gun Fury 3:40pm Countdown

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4:15pm Finding a Family 6:00pm 5 News The latest news coverage. 6:30pm Neighbours 7:00pm Home and Away Tensions reach breaking point as Kyle refuses to confess that he kidnapped Casey. 7:30pm 5 News National and international news. 8:00pm Cowboy Builders Melinda Messenger and Dominic Littlewood come to the rescue of homeowners who have been let down by shoddy builders. Melinda and Dom head to Bolton to meet a family that has endured 18 months of misery at the hands of a cowboy builder. 9:00pm The All New Gadget Show Entertainment show devoted to gadgets. 10:00pm Celebrity Big Brother Catch up with the latest events inside the Celebrity Big Brother house. 11:00pm Botched Up Bodies

Martin Lawrence, John Travolta , Tim Allen & William H Macy SMC

12:20am Masters Snooker Highlights 1:10am American Football American football highlights. 2:10am Masters Snooker Extra 4:10am Film 2013 5:00am How it Works 5:55am Your Paintings

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5:20pm - Wild Hogs

12:35am Monk Crime drama series about a private police consultant with an obsessivecompulsive disorder. 1:25am Jackpot247 4:00am The Jeremy Kyle Show 4:55am The Jeremy Kyle Show 5:45am ITV Nightscreen

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5:25am Galaxy Quest 7:10am Little Fockers 8:50am Love and Other Drugs 10:50am The 40 Year Old Virgin 12:50pm Mr Popper's Penguins 35mm Special 1:20pm Shanghai Noon 3:20pm Shanghai Knights 5:20pm Wild Hogs 7:15pm Little Fockers 9:00pm The 40 Year Old Virgin 11:00pm Shanghai Noon 1:00am Shanghai Knights 3:05am Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back 5:05am Prom

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TCM 6:00am Dial M for Murder 7:50am The Halliday Brand 9:25am Seven Men from Now 10:55am How the West Was Won 1:50pm The High Chaparral 2:55pm The High Chaparral 4:00pm Tribute to a Bad Man 5:50pm Wild Stallion 7:10pm Apache Trail 8:25pm Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol 10:00pm Every Which Way But Loose 12:10am Say Anything... 2:05am Every Which Way But Loose 4:00am Say Anything...


17 - 23 January 2013



Costa Blanca North

Death knell sounds for NHS as floodgates open in Romania and Bulgaria is an insult to the intelligence. The idea of millions of Brits rushing to obtain jobs, have their heart by-passes and receive free housing in these ‘Eastern blocs’ EAPY EE is an example SAYS IT of how OTHERS THINK IT gullible and mentally impaired most British politicians consider BITTER PILL: Demise of Britain’s NHS. their constituents to be. All I can say is thank God you a life-threatening couldn’t even get hold of a we live in Spain. Apropos illness than a cure is packet of Rennies in their the medical treatments horrific. A service now countries of origin, fills me over here, I do remember littered with incompetent with dread. years ago people scurrying staff, where 70 per cent of And now there’s another back to UK for their struck-off doctors were 20 million potential operations, ailments and those who had received ‘patients’ on the horizon. new births. Not any more. their training in ‘other’ Well, as far as I’m Frankly, to me the idea of countries, and waiting- concerned the Brits going for treatment in rooms jammed with deserve all they get. If they hospitals more likely to give hypochondriacs, who are prepared to roll over



and accept the unacceptable then on their own heads be it. Thank the Lord it won’t affect the wellbeing of my children, who are perfectly integrated and secure in a country that at least retains a fair slice of common sense. Finally, I’d like to pay tribute to a friend and colleague who passed over after a short, devastating bout of cancer. Leo Klein was a wonderfully talented performer, who entertained millions of fans during his 35-year stint on Mallorca. He was the unsung hero of countless charity events for which he neither intended, nor indeed wanted, to receive any personal recognition. RIP Leo Klein. Keep the faith. Love Leapy

Chicken raid TWO men broke into a fried chicken restaurant by mistake instead of a jewellery store, but staged an impromptu hold-up of the KFC branch in Australia, escaping with $2,600 (€1,900).

Cash only VATICAN tourists are limited to cash transactions after card payments for museum tickets, souvenirs and other services were blocked by Italy’s central bank over money laundering fears.


T the end of this year Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) will finally commit harikari. Indeed, as we speak, millions of Bulgarians and Romanians are listing their malaises, carbuncles and ingrowing toenails in the build-up to an onslaught on this already mortally wounded institution. When the floodgates open to allow some 21 million (you ‘eard!) more immigrants to work freely in the UK, it will also create a scarcity of housing. This will result in the pavements of our once beautiful country of origin being littered with beggars and spongers the like of which have not been seen since Victorian times. It is almost beyond belief that this situation is being allowed to happen without the beleaguered British public having even the smallest say. For the government to point out that by the same token British people will also have the same facilities available


Bee-zinga A NEW species of bee in Brazil has been named 'Euglossa Bazinga' after a catchphrase from US sitcom character Sheldon Cooper in ‘The Big Bang Theory’.





17 - 23 January 2013 Costa Blanca North



2:55am BBC News The latest national and international news stories, followed by Weather. 7:00am Breakfast The latest news stories and events. 10:15am Wanted Down Under 11:00am Homes Under the Hammer Property experts visit three properties before they go up for auction. 11:58am BBC News and Weather The most up to date news and weather forecasts. 12:00pm The Sheriffs are Coming 12:45pm Cowboy Trap 1:13pm BBC News and Weather The most up to date news and weather forecasts. 1:15pm Bargain Hunt Game show in which two teams compete for the best bargains before they go up for auction. 2:00pm BBC News 2:30pm Regional News All the latest local news. 2:45pm Doctors 3:15pm Father Brown

4.00pm - midnight 4:00pm Escape to the Country Series which helps prospective buyers find their dream home in the country. 4:45pm Perfection General knowledge quiz show. 5:30pm Antiques Road Trip 6:15pm Pointless 7:00pm BBC News The latest national and international news stories, followed by Weather. 7:30pm Regional News All the latest local news. 8:00pm The One Show 8:30pm EastEnders Another visit to the residents of Albert Square, for a regular dose of drama, excitement and tears. 9:00pm Holby City 10:00pm Death in Paradise BBC1 Detective drama series. 11:00pm BBC News 11:25pm Regional 12:30am News 11:30pm Weather Greenfingers 11:35pm Allotment Wars 12:30am Greenfingers Heart-warming comedy of redemption and rehabilitation. 1:55am Weatherview 2:00am BBC News The latest national and international news stories, followed by Weather.

BBC3 8:00pm Total Wipeout 9:00pm Growing Up Poor 10:00pm Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents 11:00pm Pramface Sitcom about two teenagers trying, and often failing, to come to terms with impending parenthood. 11:30pm EastEnders Another visit to the residents of Albert Square, for a regular dose of drama, excitement and tears. 12:00am Family Guy Subversive animated comedy about American family life. 12:20am Family Guy Subversive animated comedy about American family life. 12:45am American Dad! 1:05am American Dad! 1:30am Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents 2:25am Pramface 2:55am Crazy for Party Drugs 3:55am Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents


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6:00am True Stories 7:00am Preview 7:05am Homes Under the Hammer Property experts visit three properties before they go up for auction. 8:05am The Sheriffs are Coming 8:50am Cowboy Trap 9:20am Don't Get Done, Get Dom 10:05am MasterChef Long running cookery show which searches for the country's next star chef. 11:05am You've Been Scammed 11:35am HARDtalk Stephen Sackur talks to newsmakers and personalities from across the globe. 12:00pm BBC News The latest national and international news stories, followed by Weather. 12:30pm BBC World News The latest international news from the BBC World Newsroom. 1:00pm The Daily Politics 2:00pm Bowls Coverage of the latest bowls fixture.

5:45am ITV Nightscreen 7:00am Daybreak 9:30am Lorraine 10:25am The Jeremy Kyle Show 11:30am This Morning The popular morning lifestyle magazine show with advice, chat and competitions. 12:25pm ITV News 12:30pm This Morning The popular morning lifestyle magazine show with advice, chat and competitions. 1:30pm Loose Women 2:30pm ITV News and Weather A round-up of the latest news headlines and a national weather forecast. 3:00pm Dickinson's Real Deal

5:45am Deal or No Deal 6:40am Baking Mad with Eric Lanlard 7:05am Sali Mali 7:10am The Hoobs 7:35am The Hoobs Groove is Tula's friend: she knows that's true. 8:05am Will and Grace 8:30am According to Jim 9:00am Everybody Loves Raymond 9:30am Everybody Loves Raymond 10:00am Frasier 10:30am Frasier New radio station boss Kate Costas moves Frasier's show to 2.00 in the morning. 11:00am Undercover Boss USA 12:00pm A Place in the Sun 1:00pm Channel 4 News Includes news headlines and weather. 1:05pm Jamie's 15 Minute Meals 1:30pm Food Unwrapped 2:00pm Carry on Sergeant The first of the Carry On movies was inspired by RF Delderfield's novel The Bull Boys. 3:40pm Countdown

2:00am Super Casino 7:00am Thomas and Friends 7:10am Igam Ogam 7:20am Fireman Sam 7:30am Jelly Jamm 7:45am Peppa Pig 7:50am Olive the Ostrich 7:55am Little Princess 8:10am Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom 8:20am The Mr. Men Show 8:35am Thomas and Friends 8:45am Noddy in Toyland 9:00am Fifi and the Flowertots 9:15am Peppa Pig 9:25am Peppa Pig 9:35am Roary the Racing Car 9:50am Bananas in Pyjamas 10:00am Tickety Toc 10:15am The Wright Stuff 12:10pm Trisha 1:00pm Looney Tunes 1:10pm 5 News 1:15pm Celebrity Big Brother 2:15pm Home and Away 2:45pm Neighbours 3:15pm NCIS

6:15pm Vintage Antiques Roadshow 7:00pm Eggheads 7:30pm Great British Railway Journeys 8:00pm Heir Hunters Series dedicated to finding the heirs of people who have died without leaving a will. 9:00pm The Great Comic Relief Bake Off 10:00pm Locomotion: Dan Snow's History of Railways 11:00pm The Sarah Millican Television Programme 11:30pm Newsnight Comprehensive coverage of the day's important national and international news stories.

4:00pm The Alan Titchmarsh Show 5:00pm Tipping Point 6:00pm The Chase 7:00pm Local News and Weather 7:30pm ITV News and Weather 8:00pm Emmerdale 9:00pm Who Wants to be a Millionaire? 10:00pm Great Houses with Julian Fellowes 11:00pm ITV News at Ten and Weather

4:30pm Face the Clock Rory Bremner challenges six contestants to answer questions against The Clock. 5:00pm Deal or No Deal 6:00pm Four in a Bed It's day two of the competition. 6:30pm Come Dine with Me Day two of the brand new competition in Sheffield finds tribute band manager Paul Wood hosting. 7:00pm The Simpsons 7:30pm Hollyoaks With guilt weighing heavily on their shoulders, will Sinead and Ruby accept responsibility? 8:00pm Channel 4 News Includes sport and weather. 8:55pm 9:00pm Supersize v Superskinny 10:00pm The Undateables Amateur poet Kate is 29 years old and an incurable romantic. 11:00pm Utopia Brand new drama - a dark and enigmatic thriller. When five online strangers are drawn together by the legendary manuscript of a cult graphic novel, they find themselves pursued by a secret and deadly organisation known only as The Network.

4:15pm Moonlight Becomes You Made-for-TV thriller. 6:00pm 5 News The latest news coverage. 6:30pm Neighbours Chris's attempts to help Aidan misfire. 7:00pm Home and Away Sasha is upset at Casey's reaction to her telling him she may be pregnant. Following some advice from Romeo, Casey asks her to take a test and agrees to stand by her and the child if she is pregnant. She is relieved to discover the result is negative and kisses Casey passionately. 7:30pm 5 News National and international news. 8:00pm Monkey Life 8:30pm Highland Emergency 9:00pm Benidorm ER Documentary series following the staff and their British patients at one of the busiest hospitals on the Costa Blanca in Spain. 10:00pm Body of Proof US mystery drama series about a former brain surgeon and forensics expert. 11:00pm Celebrity Big Brother Catch up with the latest events inside the Celebrity Big Brother house.

12:10am 8 Out of 10 Cats Another chance to see the first show in a new series of 8 Out of 10 Cats. 1:10am Random Acts 1:15am and Monte-Carlo Casino EPT Grand Final Day 2 continues in Monaco and the feature table is full of talent: 2:15am Sailing 2:40am KOTV Boxing Weekly 3:10am Beach Volleyball 4:05am Mad Hot Ballroom 5:55am Deal or No Deal

12:00am Celebrity Big Brother's Bit on the Side 1:00am Botched Up Bodies 2:00am Super Casino Live interactive gaming featuring roulette, blackjack and autowheel.

Helen Mirren 12:20am Why the Industrial Revolution Happened Here 1:20am Bowls Coverage of the latest bowls fixture. 2:20am The Battle for Malta 3:20am Nature's Weirdest 5:00am Acting Around Words 5:30am Making Media

BBC4 8:00pm World News Today 8:30pm Great British Railway Journeys 9:00pm Elegance and Decadence: The Age of the Regency 10:00pm Tales of Winter: The Art of Snow and Ice 11:30pm Illuminations 12:30am Borgen Danish drama series about the fight for political power and the personal sacrifices and consequences this has for those involved on and behind the political stage. When pirates hijack a Danish ship off the coast of Somalia, Birgitte's coalition partner Hoxenhaven diverts attention from her when she so badly needs a success story. 1:30am Borgen 2:30am Elegance and Decadence: The Age of the Regency 3:30am Tales of Winter: The Art of Snow and Ice

12:35am The Cube 1:30am Jackpot247 4:00am Loose Women 4:50am ITV Nightscreen

Satellite channels SKY1 6:00am Stargate SG-1 7:00am Airline USA 7:30am Airline USA 8:00am Brainiac: Science Abuse 9:00am UK Border Force 10:00am Dog the Bounty Hunter 11:00am NCIS: Los Angeles 12:00pm NCIS: Los Angeles 1:00pm NCIS: Los Angeles 2:00pm NCIS: Los Angeles 3:00pm UK Border Force 4:00pm Stargate SG-1 5:00pm Stargate SG-1 6:00pm Futurama 6:30pm Futurama 7:00pm Got to Dance 7:30pm The Simpsons 8:00pm The Simpsons 8:30pm The Simpsons 9:00pm Last Resort 10:00pm Stella 11:00pm Switchback 1:15am Brit Cops - Law and Disorder 2:15am Road Wars 3:05am NCIS: Los Angeles

3:55am Road Wars 4:45am Crash Test Dummies 5:10am Stargate SG-1

SKY MOVIES COMEDY 5:05am Prom 7:00am Take Me Home Tonight 8:50am Serious Moonlight 10:30am Little Nicky 12:15pm Bad Teacher 2:05pm The Change-Up

You May Not Kiss the Bride 9:00am 33 Postcards 10:45am My Big Fat Greek Wedding 12:25pm Rabbit Hole 2:05pm Les Miserables Special 2:35pm The Terminal 4:50pm Captain Corelli's Mandolin 7:10pm She's Having a Baby 9:00pm My Big Fat Greek Wedding 10:40pm Just Go with it

4:05pm Serious Moonlight 5:40pm Little Nicky 7:15pm 50 First Dates 9:00pm Bad Teacher 10:40pm The Change-Up

12:40am Django Unchained Special 1:10am Stay Cool 2:45am Our Family Wedding 4:30am Lady Jane

12:35am Project X 2:10am Stan Helsing 3:45am Wild Cherry 5:15am Snow Dogs



5:20am Fantastic Voyage 7:05am Killer Elite 9:05am Spy Kids 10:40am The Top Ten Show 2013 11:00am Paycheck 1:05pm Green Lantern 3:05pm Ironclad

5:40am A Valentine's Date 7:10am

5:15pm First Blood 7:00pm Killer Elite 9:00pm Green Lantern 11:00pm First Blood 12:45am Broken Arrow 2:40am Kiss of the Dragon

TCM 8:30am The High Chaparral 9:30am Wild Stallion 10:50am Apache Trail 12:00pm Tribute to a Bad Man 1:50pm The High Chaparral 2:55pm The High Chaparral 4:00pm The Iron Sheriff 5:25pm Gunfighters of Casa Grande 7:15pm The Return of Frank James 9:00pm West of the Divide 10:00pm Payback 11:55pm Ten Little Indians 1:50am Disclosure





17 - 23 January 2013 Costa Blanca North



2:00am BBC News The latest national and international news stories, followed by Weather. 7:00am Breakfast The latest news stories and events. 10:15am Wanted Down Under 11:00am Homes Under the Hammer Property experts visit three properties before they go up for auction. 11:58am BBC News and Weather The most up to date news and weather forecasts. 12:00pm The Sheriffs are Coming 12:45pm Cowboy Trap 1:13pm BBC News and Weather The most up to date news and weather forecasts. 1:15pm Bargain Hunt Game show in which two teams compete for the best bargains before they go up for auction. 2:00pm BBC News 2:30pm Regional News All the latest local news. 2:45pm Doctors 3:15pm Father Brown

4.00pm - midnight 4:00pm Escape to the Country Series which helps prospective buyers find their dream home in the country. 4:45pm Perfection General knowledge quiz show. 5:30pm Antiques Road Trip 6:15pm Pointless 7:00pm BBC News The latest national and international news stories, followed by Weather. 7:30pm Regional News All the latest local news. 8:00pm The One Show Magazine series featuring a mix of interviews, topical reports and features from around the UK. 9:00pm Food Inspectors 10:00pm Africa 11:00pm BBC News The latest national and international news stories, followed by Weather. 11:25pm Regional News All the latest local news. 11:30pm Weather The latest weather information. 11:35pm A Question of Sport

12:05am The League Cup Show All the latest action from the the League Cup. 12:50am Film 2013 1:25am Cabaret Bob Fosse's awardwinning musical, set in 1930s Berlin. 3:25am Weatherview Detailed weather forecast. 3:30am BBC News The latest national and international news stories, followed by Weather.

BBC3 8:00pm The World's Strictest Parents Wayward British teenagers experience strict parenting on the other side of the world. 9:00pm Don't Tell the Bride 10:00pm Life After War: Haunted by Helmand 11:00pm Russell Howard's Good News 11:30pm Way to Go 12:00am Family Guy 12:20am Family Guy Subversive animated comedy about American family life. 12:45am American Dad! 1:05am American Dad! 1:25am Life After War: Haunted by Helmand 2:25am Junior Doctors 3:25am World's Craziest Fools Mr T takes a look at some of the craziest clips from around the world. 3:55am Life After War: Haunted by Helmand


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6:00am 3, 2, 1 Go!: Key Stage 1 7:00am Homes Under the Hammer Property experts visit three properties before they go up for auction. 8:00am The Sheriffs are Coming 8:45am Cowboy Trap 9:15am Don't Get Done, Get Dom 10:00am MasterChef Long running cookery show which searches for the country's next star chef. 11:00am You've Been Scammed 11:30am See Hear Magazine programme for the deaf community. 12:00pm BBC News The latest national and international news stories, followed by Weather. 12:30pm The Daily Politics Political show examining the latest news, views and moves in the world of politics. 2:00pm Lifeline 2:10pm Bowls Coverage of the latest bowls fixture.

4:50am ITV Nightscreen 7:00am Daybreak 9:30am Lorraine 10:25am The Jeremy Kyle Show 11:30am This Morning The popular morning lifestyle magazine show with advice, chat and competitions. 12:25pm ITV News 12:30pm This Morning 1:30pm Loose Women 2:30pm ITV News and Weather A round-up of the latest news headlines and a national weather forecast. 3:00pm Dickinson's Real Deal Why let your antiques collect dust in the attic when you can sell them?

5:55am Deal or No Deal 6:50am Quick Bakes with Eric Lanlard 7:05am Sali Mali 7:10am The Hoobs Groove needs a holiday. 7:35am The Hoobs Tula thinks boy and girl Tiddlypeeps like different things. But Groove's not so sure. 8:05am Will and Grace 8:30am According to Jim Jim buys a new camera from one of Dana's ex-boyfriends. 8:55am Everybody Loves Raymond Debra decides she and Ray should go to see a marriage counsellor. 9:30am Everybody Loves Raymond 10:00am Frasier Niles and Frasier decide to enter family therapy. 10:30am Frasier 11:00am Undercover Boss USA 12:00pm A Place in the Sun 1:00pm Channel 4 News 1:05pm Jamie's 15 Minute Meals 1:30pm Food Unwrapped 2:00pm Murder at the Gallop 3:40pm Countdown

2:00am Super Casino 7:00am Thomas and Friends 7:10am Igam Ogam 7:20am Fireman Sam 7:30am Jelly Jamm 7:45am Peppa Pig 7:50am Olive the Ostrich 7:55am Little Princess 8:10am Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom 8:20am The Mr. Men Show 8:35am Thomas and Friends 8:45am Noddy in Toyland 9:00am Fifi and the Flowertots 9:15am Peppa Pig 9:25am Peppa Pig 9:35am Roary the Racing Car 9:50am Bananas in Pyjamas 10:00am Tickety Toc 10:15am The Wright Stuff 12:10pm Trisha 1:00pm Looney Tunes 1:10pm 5 News 1:15pm Celebrity Big Brother 2:15pm Home and Away 2:45pm Neighbours 3:15pm CSI: Miami

6:10pm Vintage Antiques Roadshow 6:55pm Party Political Broadcast Conservative Party 7:00pm Eggheads 7:30pm Great British Railway Journeys Michael Portillo takes to the tracks with his copy of Bradshaw's Victorian railway guidebook, travelling the length and breadth of the British Isles to see what of Bradshaw's World remains. Michael is travelling port to port, from the centuries old naval hub of Portsmouth to the historic Grimsby docks. Michael discovers how derelict Victorian London is being rejuvenated, puts in a shift at a Cambridgeshire brick factory and meets the immigrant community built from it. 8:00pm Heir Hunters Series dedicated to finding the heirs of people who have died without leaving a will. 9:00pm The Great Comic Relief Bake Off 10:00pm Funny Business 11:00pm The Culture Show Topical magazine programme which features the best arts and culture stories of the last week. 11:30pm Newsnight Comprehensive coverage of the day's important national and international news stories.

4:00pm The Alan Titchmarsh Show Chat show that celebrates the very best of British. 5:00pm Tipping Point 6:00pm The Chase Quiz show in which four contestants must pit their wits against The Chaser, a ruthless quiz genius determined to stop them winning at all costs. A thrilling battle of brainpower and quickthinking ensues, with each contestant trying to outrun the Chaser and bank their prize money before the final round, when the surviving team members join forces to try and win thousands of pounds. 7:00pm Local News and Weather All the very latest local news and weather. 7:30pm ITV News and Weather A round-up of the latest news headlines and a national weather forecast. 8:00pm Coronation Street More drama and turmoil from the residents of Coronation Street in the longest running TV Soap. 8:30pm National TV Awards 2013 11:00pm ITV News at Ten and Weather Round-up of the day's news. 11:35pm Trevor Mcdonald: Inside Death Row

4:30pm Face the Clock Rory Bremner challenges six contestants to answer questions against The Clock. 5:00pm Deal or No Deal 6:00pm Four in a Bed Third host is Gill Borg Fenech, who runs the Amber Guest House in Cleethorpes. 6:30pm Come Dine with Me 7:00pm The Simpsons 7:30pm Hollyoaks 8:00pm Channel 4 News Includes sport and weather. 8:55pm 9:00pm Gok's Style Secrets 10:00pm One Born Every Minute 11:00pm 16 Kids and Counting

4:15pm Heart of a Stranger 6:00pm 5 News The latest news coverage. 6:30pm Neighbours 7:00pm Home and Away 7:30pm 5 News National and international news. 8:00pm Ice Road Truckers 9:00pm Charley Boorman's South African Adventure 10:00pm Celebrity Big Brother 11:30pm Celebrity Big Brother's Bit on the Side

12:20am Tankies: Tank Heroes of WW2 1:20am Bowls Coverage of the latest bowls fixture. 2:20am Dara O Briain's Science Club 3:20am Nature's Weirdest 4:20am See Hear Magazine programme for the deaf community. 5:00am Eco Maths A new way of showing how maths is used in the real world to help create a sustainable future. 5:30am The Code 5:55am 3, 2, 1 Go!: Key Stage 2

12:35am Safari Vet School 1:05am Jackpot247 4:00am Midway Islands in 1942. Six months after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour, the naval forces there get wind of their enemy's secret plan to attack the US base on the strategic island of Midway. Under-prepared and outnumbered, the Americans daringly launch a counter-offensive.

12:05am Random Acts 12:10am Embarrassing Fat Bodies 1:15am Launched at Red Bull Studio in Association with Lacoste! 1:30am Launched at Red Bull Studio in Association with Lacoste! 1:45am Barclaycard Mercury Prize: 2012 Albums of the Year Live 2:00am Barclaycard Mercury Prize: 2012 Albums of the Year Live 2:10am Revenge 2:55am Panic in the Streets 4:35am Smallville 5:15am Deal or No Deal

12:30am Alien Hunter 2:15am Super Casino 4:55am House Doctor 5:20am H o u s e Doctor 5:45am Michaela's Wild Challenge Michaela Strachan and colleagues undertake a range of wildlife-related dares in exotic locations.

BBC4 8:00pm World News Today 8:30pm Great British Railway Journeys Documentary series in which Michael Portillo travels the country by train, with a copy of George Bradshaw's Victorian Railway Guidebook, to discover how the railways changed us and what of Bradshaw's Britain remains. 9:00pm Sissinghurst 9:30pm Nature's Microworlds 10:00pm The Joy of Sets: The Model Railway Story 11:00pm Bob Servant Independent 11:30pm The Secret Life of Bob Monkhouse 1:00am All the Fun of the Fair 2:00am All the Fun of the Fair 3:00am Nature's Microworlds 3:30am Bob Servant Independent 4:00am The Joy of Sets: The Model Railway Story

Jane Seymour & Maggie Lawson CH5

4:15pm Heart of a Stranger

Satellite channels SKY1 8:00am Brainiac: Science Abuse 9:00am UK Border Force 10:00am Dog the Bounty Hunter 11:00am NCIS: Los Angeles 12:00pm NCIS: Los Angeles 1:00pm NCIS: Los Angeles 2:00pm NCIS: Los Angeles 3:00pm UK Border Force 4:00pm Stargate SG-1 5:00pm Stargate SG-1 6:00pm Futurama 6:30pm Futurama 7:00pm Got to Dance 7:30pm The Simpsons 8:00pm Got to Dance 9:00pm Got to Dance 10:00pm Glee 11:00pm Last Resort 12:00am Fringe 2:00am Brit Cops Law and Disorder 2:55am NCIS: Los Angeles 3:45am Road Wars 4:35am Crash Test Dummies 5:00am Stargate SG-1

SKY MOVIES COMEDY 5:15am Snow Dogs 7:00am Sweet Home Alabama 9:00am The Cat in the Hat 10:35am Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me 12:25pm The Top Ten Show 2013 12:40pm Down to Earth 2:20pm This Means War 4:05pm 30 Minutes or Less 5:40pm The Cat in the Hat 7:15pm Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me 9:00pm Sweet Home Alabama 11:00pm This Means War 12:45am 30 Minutes or Less 2:15am The Pool Boys 3:50am Down to Earth 5:20am Win a Date with Tad Hamilton

SKY MOVIES DRAMA 4:30am Lady Jane 7:00am Love and

Other Impossible Pursuits 8:50am The Age of Innocence 11:10am One Day 1:05pm Red Riding Hood 2:50pm I.Q. 4:35pm Conviction 6:30pm The Help 9:00pm One Day 11:00pm Red Riding Hood 12:45am Love and Other Impossible Pursuits 2:35am Conviction 4:30am Django Unchained Special 5:00am I.Q.

SKY MOVIES ACTION 4:30am 22 Bullets 6:30am The Avengers Special 7:00am Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams 8:55am Immortals 10:55am SpiderMan 1:00pm Spider-Man 2 3:15pm Rambo: First Blood Part II 4:55pm The Recruit

6:55pm Immortals 8:50pm Spider-Man 10:55pm Spider-Man 2 1:05am Rambo: First Blood Part II 2:45am Rambo III 4:30am The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Special 5:00am American Ninja 2: The Confrontation

TCM 8:50am Gunfighters of Casa Grande 10:40am The Return of Frank James 12:25pm The Iron Sheriff 1:50pm The High Chaparral 2:55pm The High Chaparral 4:00pm Man From Del Rio 5:40pm The Searchers 7:55pm 3 Godfathers 10:00pm On Deadly Ground 11:55pm Hell on Wheels 12:55am Los Amigos 2:35am On Deadly Ground 4:20am Los Amigos

44 EWN

17 - 23 January 2013


T first I thought they were early (yes, really early!) April Fool’s jokes. Then that both stories had been dreamed up by reporters in the aftermath of huge New Year’s Eve hangovers. And yes, that can happen, believe me! But no, both reports were quite true. The first concerns a white cat ‘arrested’ for breaking into a prison in Arapiraca, Eastern Brazil, over New Year. Guards spotted tape around the cat’s body as it strolled through the prison gates. The swag it was carrying included a saw, drills, mobile-phone and charger, earpiece, memory card and batteries. According to the local paper Estado de S Paulo, a prison spokesman declared: “It’s tough to find out who’s responsible for the action as the cat doesn’t speak.” Well really! You have cat to be kitten me right? Meow. Cat burglar? Feline felon? He’s got to be looking at nine life sentences. Was the officer who nabbed him named Dibble by any chance? (Yeah, yeah, I know. I’m sorry.) The second story’s about the spread of the Japanese cat café craze to London where you’ll soon be able to enjoy a cup of coffee Advertising Feature

Costa Blanca North

Feline felon pussy foots into jail Breaking Views NORA JOHNSON Nora, who has lived on the Costa del Sol for a number of years, is the author of psychological suspense and crime thrillers. To comment on any of the issues raised in Nora’s column, go to nora-johnson

with an extra shot of moggie. Cat-themed cafés that started in Taiwan and quickly spread a decade ago to Japan’s crowded cities (Tokyo now hosts about 40) are taking off in Europe, with one each already in Austria and Russia.

In London, the entrepreneur Lauren Pears is trying to raise £108,000 to open Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium, where for £5 (€6.10) you’ll be able to relax, enjoy free books and cuddle cats. “I think Brits will take to it,” she says. “Lots of people live in small flats or their working lives make it impractical to keep pets.” Purrfect catisfaction, you might say, giving us all paws for thought. (Sorry!) But try as hard as I can, I can’t take to cats. Never have. It’s a cliché, I know, but you’re either a cat or a dog person. Whether trained as guide dogs for the blind or comfort pets for the bereaved (like at Newtown), dogs get my vote. Feel sorry though for the breed

CAT BURGLAR: Now serving a life sentence. in that Tommy Cooper joke: “Went to the zoo yesterday, there was only one dog in it, it was a shitzu.” Nora Johnson’s thrillers Soul

Stealer & The De Clerambault Code (www.nora-johnson. com) from Amazon in paperback/eBook (€0.89;£0.77) and iBookstore. Profits to Cudeca.

46 EWN


17 - 23 January 2013

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Daydream to boost creativity DAYDREAMING at work could help boost the brain’s activity and help you become more creative. Two studies carried out by researchers at the University of Central Lancashire (UK) gave volunteers a deliberately boring task to complete followed by another task to measure their creativity. It was found they did better than those who had not performed the boring task beforehand. To see if

daydreaming was a factor in this effect, a second boring task was introduced which allowed even more daydreaming than the first boring task. Senior psychology lecturer Dr Sandi Mann said having a stimulating job which never allowed the brain any ‘down time’

could be counterproductive. “Boredom at work has always been seen as something to be eliminated, but perhaps we should be embracing it to enhance our creativity.” So don’t worry too much the next time your brain wanders during that meeting at work, call it being creative.

BORED?: The brain needs to have some ‘down time’ to be more productive.

Bilingual brain training MUY BIEN! It seems expat children learning Spanish as a second language could have sharper brains when they reach retirement age. A study from the University of Kentucky College of Medicine (USA) found elderly people who have spoken two languages since childhood are faster at switching from one task to another than those who only know one. MRI scans revealed that lifelong bilinguals appeared to be using their brains more efficiently as they switched from one language to another, which increased their speed and brain function.

17 - 23 January 2013


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CASA O’HARA: The passion of a fashion lover. Advertising Feature

Dream designs at Casa O’Hara WHAT started as a hobby, developed into a career, which then became a vocation. That is how the professional career of master tailor and fashion designer Barbara HöpnerSurowka evolved. Recently moved to her fantastic new premises in Benissa on the coast road, CASA O’HARA (La Fustera, Avenida del Marina 294), Barbara develops her designs which are made from ideas and results based exclusively on the individuality of the customer. Should you already have a definite idea of your dream design, this can quite easily be created. This young lady with above-average skills has founded a company which puts perfection in the centre of her philosophy. Although she is a professional, she is still a ‘fashion lover’ who is

EXCLUSIVE: Barbara can create your one-off design. emotionally involved with her products and identifies with every detail. With her multitude of ideas, her understanding of form, colour and materials, she

can create the perfect product. It is easy to see that any of her particular garments are not ‘off the rail’. If you have a favourite item of clothing which is no longer wearable, Barbara can make you a copy in carefully selected material. You can also order curtains and drapes in selected designs and shapes that are tailored to your personal interior design style. It is worth popping in to have a look. Opening times are Monday–Friday 10am to 5pm and you can make an appointment on 693 821 495



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17 - 23 January 2013


Spain wins, the Mail loses A VOTE for Spain; undoubtedly. A popular online bi-national forum recently asked: “Are Brits happy in Spain or is it a façade?” Of the 53 replies only three preferred the UK. We will take that as a vote in favour of Spain, then. The next task, not so easily achieved, is convincing the Daily Mail. The newspaper appears to have an obsession with Adolf Hitler, stigmatising Spain and

Images of Spain By Mike Walsh To comment on any of the issues raised in Mike’s column, go to /columnists/mike-walsh

being antiEuropean. What I like about regional newspapers, in Spain and the UK, is they do not have an axe to grind. They reflect life. End of. A pity the Daily Mail does not follow the example of the most objective regional provincial newspapers.

Costa Blanca North

THUMBS-UP: Most prefer Spain to the UK.

will be excruciatingly aware of the flamboyant but careless Valencia administration pouring money down a bottomless pit. The region has become a metaphor for everything wrong THANKS to German TV network with Spain. The BBC2 Great SAT1, 150 million of its viewers Spanish Crash documentary didn’t do much for Spain’s image, either. The programme was referenced 745,000 times on Google, It was the largest amount under the auspices of NATO and on TV was watched by of a drugs type known as forces, which produces 61 per an audience of 700,000. It ‘black sugar’ seized on record. cent of the world production makes one painfully aware Well done, the Guardia Civil. It of heroin. I assume those who most of our recessionary would have provided one- still place their trust in woes are not down to an and-a-half million fixes. politicians of the Western act of God. They are a This comes from Afghan- world believe in Father direct consequence of istan, occupied and managed Christmas and the tooth fairy. posturing, inept politicians and bankers.

Bottomless pit

Pure naivety shown by Catalan politicians YET another depressing example of naivety was the political courting of ousted president of the Federation of Pakistani Associations, Rajda Shaoib Satti. It’s now burn the photographs time for Catalan

politicians following the businessman’s arrest. He has been busted for allegedly being one of the leaders of a criminal gang that imported 64 kilos of pure heroin through the port of Barcelona.

Advertising Feature

Expert of Altea – For all electrical appliance needs ALTEA’s first TV set was sold some 50 years back by the family which now runs Expert, the all-in-one white goods shop on Altea’s seafront. Initially, the family business was dad on his bicycle doing electrical repairs in the Altea area, and after that on a moped delivering goods inland and as far as Teulada. Expert is now one of the largest electro-domestic suppliers in the world! Nowadays, Expert sells wide-screen TVs, as well as American style fridges, washing machines, dishwashers, hobs and extractors. The choice is vast, and if it’s not in stock or you want a model that’s not in store, no problem! Whatever you want can be ordered and delivered within days from Expert’s Alicante warehouse. The shop has

FIRST TV: Altea sold its first set 50 years ago. three deliveries a week, bringing in new stock. As well as larger white goods there’s a range of smaller items: coffee makers, irons, hairdryers, etc. Plus all served by a genuinely friendly, knowledgeable and expert family team. Victor, the son, is a fully qualified engineer. Expert sells, maintains and repairs all air


conditioning units, and offers a really good maintenance contract service as well. Expert also has a Movistar shop inside, selling phones and accessories, and it does top-ups for all mobile companies! Expert is just by the Tourist Office on Altea’s seafront. 965845176.

50 EWN

17 - 23 January 2013

Costa Blanca North

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Regime change with a new hero 10-star quiz

In the futuristic action thriller Looper, time travel will be invented, but it will be illegal and only available on the black market. When the mob wants to get rid of someone, they will send their target 30 years into the past, where a ‘looper’ – a hired gunman, like Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) – is waiting to mop up. Joe is getting rich and life is good, until the day the mob decides to ‘close the loop’, sending back Joe’s future self (Bruce Willis) for assassination. 1h59m Starring: Bruce Willis, Joseph GordonLevitt, Emily Blunt, Paul Dano

AQUARIUS (January 21 - February 19) Being at the forefront of a learning experience is pleasurable this week. An unexpected offer seems small but could have a big effect. A friend in need may go over the top and annoy you. It may be necessary to distance yourself and give help through others. .

PISCES (February 20 - March 20) Even as you prepare to go on a trip or start something new this week, the future beckons. In small things there are clues to the way forward. A chance encounter brings humour and opens your eyes to a friendship lately neglected.


Available from El Corte Ingles in Marbella, autographed by the author, The Man details how a new type of hero can influence and change the course of world affairs. The subject of Iran and how to curb its nuclear ambitions fills our news daily now. Yet, other than the two extremes of diplomacy or a strike on its nuclear facilities, no one has

IF ITʼS YOUR BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK: Meeting a stimulating person is both surprising and delightful. A few busy months see you burning the candle at both ends. A spring holiday can recharge batteries.

Y our S tars

demands that you find unacceptable and you will need all your tact to avoid unpleasantness, but any resistance by you will only gain you respect.

ARIES (March 21 - April 20)

TAURUS (April 21 - May 21)

Emotional and monetary wealth go hand in hand at the beginning of this energetic week. Someone is likely to make

provided a solution. In The Man, Eric Jordan offers us an exciting and audacious alternative that kills two birds with one stone. The hero, Rick Sterling, is a man who both mingles with global policymakers and business leaders and leads a secret life as the

You may feel a bit like Sherlock

one who tackles global threats when others can’t, or won’t. Written by someone who ‘has been there and done that’, and brimming with the latest technologies, sexy hit-women, drug lords, and spies, The Man offers a real and lively contemporary alternative to James Bond.

Pep Guardiola, born January 18, 1971. He is a Spanish football manager and former player. As a player, he spent most of his career in FC Barcelona, winning one Championsʼ League among other titles. In 2008, he signed in as Barcelonaʼs manager winning 13 trophies during the four seasons in charge.


Holmes when you solve a tricky dilemma. With your intellect soaring, it is little surprise others come to you with problems.

very well if you are willing, but if not keep your distance. As thoughts turn to summer, it is not surprising that a holiday is on your mind.

GEMINI (May 22 - June 21)

CANCER (June 22 - July 23)

Someone with a romantic interest in you starts buzzing around. This is all

Small matters start to clog up the emotional works. You would rather be somewhere else, but grit your teeth and deal with necessary matters. Finances certainly must be watched most carefully. Get your glad rags on at the weekend and really let your hair down. Of course, there are more serious matters to be considered but not all the time.


LEO (July 24 - August 23) Mutual plans are exciting but make sure others know your needs exactly. As a Leo, you will never willingly accept second best but how can others know your standards? Your needs and desires are close to your heart but are sometimes held so close others cannot see and respond to them.

HOW TO PLAY Fill the grid so that every row, every column and every 3X3 box contains the digits 1-9. There’s no maths involved. You solve the puzzle with reasoning and logic.

VIRGO (August 24 - September 23)


Putting your thoughts and feelings on a par with someone else will help you to understand their point of view. As painful as it seems, there will need to be some compromise if everyone is to be happy.

LIBRA (September 24 - October 23) Sometimes, you retreat into your shell and your normally gregarious personality takes a back seat. Although you may not have received the expected response to a question recently, it is no reason to brood. Show yourself in your true colours.

1. Acinonyx jubatus is the scientific name (binomial nomenclature) for which longlegged spotted cat of Africa and southwestern Asia? 2. Anura ranidae is the scientific name for which tailless amphibian? 3. Capra hircus is the scientific name for which hardy domesticated ruminant mammal? 4. Chiroptera is the scientific name for which flying mammal? 5. Hymenopetera formicidae is the scientific name for which social insect? 6. Pan troglodytes is the scientific name for which great ape? 7. Puma concolor is the scientific name for which large cat native to the Americas? 8. Rangifer tarandus is the scientific name for which ruminant mammal? 9. Ursidae carnivora is the scientific name for which large, heavy mammal? 10. Vulpes vulpes is the scientific name for which omnivorous mammal?

TARGET: Average: 16 Good: 21

Very good: 30 Excellent: 37


cedi, clod, code, cold, cord, dice, diol, dire, doer, dole, door, idle, idol, lido, lied, lode, lord, odor, olid, ride, rodo, cider, credo, dicer, dolce, olor, doric, droil, drole, drool, idler, oiled, older, rodeo, coiled, cooled, docile, doolie, colored, CROCODILE

How many English words of four letters or more can you make from the nine letters in our Nonagram puzzle? Each letter may be used only once (unless the letter appears twice). Each word MUST CONTAIN THE CENTRE LETTER (in this case H) and there must be AT LEAST ONE NINE LETTER WORD. Plurals, vulgarities or proper nouns are not allowed.

Word ladder

SCORPIO (October 24 - November 22)





Saturday January 12




Saturday January 12

Friday January 11



4 22








30 31






LA PRIMITIVA Saturday January 12










37 32

















SAGITTARIUS (November 23 - December 21) Look ahead to see how exactly you can make this spring special. Making your plans clear to others means a smooth journey as opposed to unnecessary delays. A particular place brings back memories of a love long past.

CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 20)

There is an incredibly romantic week ahead if you only enter into the spirit of it. Let your feelings be seen and felt, showing appreciation for loved ones. You do not need the excuse of a birthday or anniversary to give a gift, just a heart full of love. Contentment surfaces several times this week and is down to your own past efforts.


Move from the start word (DARK) to the end word (MEAT) in the same number of steps as there are rungs on the Word Ladder. You must only change one letter at a time.


The way to bring energy levels up this week is to spend time with energetic people. You may feel a little on the fringes initially but, at the end of the day, your spirit will be lifted. Fresh air and group activities bring the most satisfaction.

Just joking Why do seagulls live near the sea? Because if they lived near the bay, they’d be called bagels. What’s small, red and whispers? A hoarse radish. What’s black and white and eats like a horse? A zebra.



Action and Adventure



17 - 23 January 2013



Costa Blanca North

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Crosswords CRYPTIC


Across 1 Saw heʼd, by accident, got the dirt off (6) 4 Diabetes is not turning into an argument (6) 7 A name for time spent in an office (4) 8 Disappears if he is in vehicles (8) 9 Joins a union, arise Mr Dance (7) 12 Chime in with a load of twaddle (3) 14 Friends for whom gangster tells tales (6) 15 Has a trying experience of stormy States (6) 16 Sign of agreement appears in no doubt (3) 18 Spread new form of car test (7) 22 Strange clue: ʻPair offʼ (8) 23 Some wombats are loopy (4) 24 Slumbering when former PM returns (6) 25 Rotates head of states troops (6) Down 1 Ate in warm, damaged subterranean pipe (5,4) 2 Confused Marcʼs returned to find 50 in bed (9) 3 Tom Daley is the new Verdi (5) 4 Thick, of French North/South divide, lastly (5)

The clues are mixed, some clues are in Spanish and some are in English. Across 1 Principio (comienzo) (5) 4 Needle (5) 7 Aire (3) 8 Smoked (f) (7) 9 Maletín (portafolios) (9) 13 Trillizo (7) 15 Costilla (3) 16 To peel (fruit, vegetable) (5) 17 Cuttlefish (5)

Co d e B r e a ke r 5 Bottom in Cubaʼs easy listening chart (4) 6 Starting tax returns every night, daft craze (5) 10 The right fish and the means to catch them (5) 11 Begin the jump (5) 12 Alert Etna about replacement (9)

13 Has misgivings about Old Bob, trust Sid (9) 17 Begins to write in circles (5) 19 Credit is power snack (5) 20 Rolls goes off (5) 21 Expected to carry money for fool (4)

Down 1 Conflict (5) 2 Nettle rash (5) 3 Admire (7) 4 Stern (6) 5 Large wild ox (5) 6 Real (7) 7 Landscape (7) 12 Outrage (7) 13 Inactive (7) 15 Choose not to vote (7) 16 Postpones (6) 18 Requires (5) 20 Nimble (5) 21 Fragment (5)

CRYPTIC Across: 7 Salami, 8 Latvia, 9 Nets, 10 Cleaning, 11 Loathes, 13 Nails, 15 Yearn, 17 Loudest, 20 District, 21 Bear, 22 Divine, 23 Grocer. Down: 1 Came to, 2 Bags, 3 Air crew, 4 Fleet, 5 Standard, 6 Signal, 12 Turn tail, 14 Pottage, 16 Elixir, 18 Spared, 19 Given, 21 Book. QUICK - Across: 1 Dusk, 3 Spotless, 9 Surplus, 10 Again, 11 State, 12 Rancid, 14 Elapse, 16 Accede, 19 Ramble, 21 Start, 24 Rides, 25 Example, 26 Sinister, 27 Fees. Down: 1 Disaster, 2 Syria, 4 Pastry, 5 Train, 6 Examine, 7 Send, 8 Pliers, 13 Restless, 15 Abandon, 17 Casual, 18 Severe, 20 Basis, 22 Ample, 23 Iris. ENGLISH - SPANISH Across: 1 Stamp, 4 Perro, 7 Margarine, 8 Eternidad, 12 Martillos, 14 Roses, 15 Snail. Down: 1 Sand, 2 Arm, 3 Portraits, 4 Platillos, 5 Reina, 6 Obey, 9 Tyres, 10 Amar, 11 Azul, 13 Sea.

Play on Words SLAP L3 and


1. Unscramble the name of a famous Scottish-born actress: CREATE BONNIEST 2. Unscramble the name of a football club that plays in Football League Two: POLAR VET

13579 WHELMING Answers: Slap Overwhelming odds


Each number in the Code Breaker grid represents a different letter of the alphabet. In this week’s puzzle, 17 represents C and 23 represents H, so fill in C every time the figure 17 appears and H every time the figure 23 appears. Now, using your knowledge of the English language, work out which letters should go in the missing squares. As you discover the letters, fill in other squares with the same number in the main grid and the control grid.


QUICK Across 1 Cronies (7) 5 Fake (5) 8 Consultant (7) 9 From that time (5) 10 Hurry (5) 11 Restrict (7) 12 Staid (6) 14 Not often (6) 17 Organise (7) 19 Pointed (5) 22 Male duck (5) 23 Analyse (7) 24 Water lily (5) 25 Genuine (7)

Down 1 Mares (4) 2 To open (5) 3 Viajero (9) 4 Avocados (9) 5 Grape (3) 6 Abbot (4) 10 Jarabe (líquido) (5) 11 Paso (4) 12 Work (4) 14 Enfermo (3)


“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” Thomas Edison (1847-1931) American inventor and businessman


Hexagram The purpose of the Hexagram puzzle is to place the 19 sixletter words into the 19 cells. The letters at the edges of interlocking cells MUST BE THE SAME. The letters in the words must be written CLOCKWISE. The word in cell 10 (GLIDER) and one letter in four other cells are given as clues.




















LAST WEEK’S SOLUTION 1 Relief, 2 Ruined, 3 Chafed, 4 Dangle, 5 Ruffle, 6 Trench, 7 Girdle, 8 Placid, 9 Fleets, 10 Depend, 11 Grains, 12 Seldom, 13 Abated, 14 Awaits, 15 Months, 16 Braver, 17 Hammer, 18 Charge, 19 Escort.


52 EWN

17 - 23 January 2013

Costa Blanca North

Youngsters are 75 per cent safer in rear facing child car seats REAR facing children’s car seats save lives and reduce the risk of injury by 75 per cent. That is the message from a study carried out by a Spanish motoring organis-ation. Last year 39 under 14s died in Spanish road accidents. It was an increase of 13 over 2011, despite the number of deaths amongst all age groups falling 180 over the same period. In Spain, 1,304 people died in out- of - town road accidents during 2012, the General Traffic Management (DGT) reported. Deaths on urban roads were not included in the statistics. The only other age group that showed a rise in accident deaths was the 75-84 year old group


Life in Spain

Boost for children

-Out of 1,000 drivers surveyed by RACE, 95 per cent said they use booster seats for their children, with 52 A weekly focus aimed per cent equipped with international standard IsoFIX anchorage at keeping expatriate readers points. informed on various aspects of - Grandparents are sharing the wheel with 19 per cent now Life in Spain regularly driving their grandchildren – mostly on the school run - up from 10 per cent in 2011. - 19 per cent of drivers reported By Raul Candela experiencing an accident or hazardous situation with children on board. - 54 per cent think it safer to have front facing child ‘HEY, MUM’: Fitting the booster seat in the opposite direction seats, rear facing seats got the vote of 21 per which saw 10 more killed for a can be safer for the child. cent of drivers. 25 per cent did not total of 141. know. The Royal Spanish Automobile

Club (RACE) and car seat manufacturer Cybex sponsored a DGT backed study into rear facing safety seats with passenger airbags turned off. Currently all children

using Group 0+ boosters, designed for children up to 13 kilos, must face rearwards by law.

RACE commissioned an independent laboratory to perform crash tests with Group One rear facing and forward facing seats for children between nine and 18 kilos.

Inspections to keep homes safe and sound


MORE councils around Spain are insisting older buildings be inspec-ted for safety reasons. And the cost of that will fall on the shoulders of property owners. By national law, buildings over 50 years old in towns with a population over 25,000 must undergo periodic Building Technical Inspections (ITE). But regional governments, and even local town halls, can come up with their own regulations. Mijas, Malaga, for example has recently declared that all buildings over 25 years old must pass the ITE tests. “We do not want to generate the type of news coming from other places, where a corner falls off a building killing a passerby,” Manuel Navarro, Urban Planning Councillor for the town said. He added that 10,200 local

What’s the damage? OWNERS whose properties need an inspection should keep in mind that inspectors can charge what they want. Architect Daniel Trujillano said: “In several municipalities, town halls have signed agreements with official architects associations, establishing estimated fees. But this usually is for the town hall’s benefit. The agreed charges are only applied when the owner fails to carry out the test and the town hall becomes responsible for the ITE.” But the Malaga Official Association of Architects and Technical Architects (COAAT) suggests a fee of €30 for the report. Trujillano points out that repair costs may be covered by insurance depending on the cause of damage and the insurance contract. Grants from local or provincial public authorities are sometimes given. “They usually cover part of the technician’s fees or the repair costs and are normally means tested.” But, he added, it is always worthwhile asking the town hall’s Council of Works (Concejalia de Urbanismo) if grants are available.

RUSTY: This building definitely needs some repairs to be done. buildings will be inspected throughout 2013. In Mijas, buildings over 25 years old will need to be inspected every seven years. Those over 50 years old will need to be inspected every four years.

What about people like myself that come to Spain for the winter in campervans and caravans? We stay longer than three months but do not own property here. Do

The regulations vary throughout Spain, but normally the local town hall will notify property owners when an inspection is due. There are two reasons for these inspections:

1. To assess that a building complies with building regulations. 2. To check for structural soundness and list any repairs needed. When notified of an ITE, the property owner must hire a qualified inspector an architect or technical architect – to do a report. “It usually takes no longer than a week, unless

we have to register on the padron? If you keep travelling you do not have to register on the municipal register (padron). However, if you

difficulties arise when inspecting the building or getting the title deeds proving ownership and age,” architect Daniel Trujillano said. The inspector takes pictures of the building and writes a description of any damage found. The owner must take care of any repairs and apply for a works licence.

The results, after performing 64 kph head on collision tests, revealed rear facing seats reduce the chance of injury by as much as 75 per cent. In normal forward facing booster seats children are at more risk because their head is unprotected and jerks violently with whiplash. This, safety experts found, can severely injure the neck and spine and even lead to death. But in order to fix a rear facing Group One booster the car should be fitted with not just an IsoFIX system, but also a special seat adapter. IsoFIX is the international standard for attachment points for child safety seats in passenger cars. Many older cars do not have it, and not all child seats can use the system. A child’s height is also a factor. RACE’s study does not specify a maximum height a child can be to comfortably fit in a rear facing seat. So it will be up to parents to decide if the child’s height and weight, as well as the size of the car make rear facing safety seats suitable. More information:

sign a long-term rental contract on a legally registered camping ground, then it is advisable to register. Registration can be done by producing a rental contract.

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17 - 23 January 2013


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Say a big no to dressing down A

RECENT survey discloses that women wish their men were as smart in appearance as were men in the 1950s. They desperately want the sons of those sartorially appealing gents to look as smart as their dads. These days there is a depressing dress code and the trend is for young and old to dress down. I infrequently meet friends; both are hospital doctors earning shed-loads of cash. When socialising, their dress code means they would blend in with any partygoers emerging from a sink estate. I passed their bedroom; for wardrobe read ‘floordrobe’. I was once introduced to three ordinary-looking punters chatting at a bar; I recognised one of them. All three were millionaires, but there was nothing about


their attire that set them apart from men I knew to be unemployed. Waiting to check in at a UK airport I couldn’t help but notice a huddle of black cab drivers; refugees are far better dressed. There to greet tourists they wore unwashed tracksuit bottoms and filthy trainers; I have seen better tops in skips. Eight out of 10 women wish their partners would make more effort with their appearance. The ladies hanker also for the small acts of gallantry that were once part of social protocol. I recall helping my 32-year-old showroom assistant on with her coat before opening the car door for her. Poor Jayne; she noticeably coloured and later confided no one had ever done that for her before. The survey carried out by Scaramouche & Fandango

SMARTEN UP: Most women wish their men were better dressed.

Mike Walsh International Journalism Europe Broadcaster Commentator International Radio Awarded ‘Writer of the Year’ Mobile 0034 662 067 490 To comment on any of the issues raised in Mike’s column, go to mike-walsh

(there’s a handle for you) reveals that 79 per cent of men are self-delusional. They fondly believe their behaviour towards ladies is chivalrous. Dream on; 82 per cent of women wish they were. Men have yet to realise that getting the round in doesn’t carry the same romantic weight as presenting one’s loved one with a bouquet of blooms. The men retort that the ladies

could do better in dress code, deportment and ladylike manners. I can run with that, too. The ladies in the 1950s knew how to present themselves as ladies. Not surprisingly we mist up when we see those icons like Audrey Hepburn. A reserved and chaste appearance was once standard. Youngsters today wouldn’t recognise the irony in the then observation ’I knew Doris Day before she was a virgin’. Unfortunately, rather than maintaining the standards of the

1950s, the grey brigade goes with the flow and they dress down, too. Jeans and shirt winter dress code; shorts and shirt for the other 10 months. Oh, picture for a moment the debonair deportment of David Niven, Sean Connery, Rex Harrison, Alec Guinness when cast in plots set in sub-tropical climes. Those tuxedos, linen slacks and jackets did it for me. The Panama hats were superb trimmings but we shall give the pith helmets a miss. Please do not ask what pith helmets are for, especially if you have a lisp.

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17 - 23 January 2013

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Avalon reveals expansion plans after Lonsdale Capital take-over


UNERAL plan provider Avalon has revealed expansion plans for the business after a majority stake was purchased by Lonsdale Capital Partners. Lonsdale said it aims to increase the amount of plans sold to around 10,000 a year to compete with Dignity and the Co-operative Funeral Care. Souter Investments, the private investment vehicle of Stagecoach run by Sir Brian Souter & F&C Private Equity Trust plc, a London listed investment trust with net assets of £189.3 million, are also investors. Avalon currently sells around 6,000 funeral plans a year and has operations in UK and Europe, where the British expat community retain funeral plans with the Wilmslow-based firm. Lonsdale has appointed Steve Chambers as Chief Executive of Avalon who was previously Chief Commercial Officer at Yell Group.

turnover and I have developed an excellent management team. In Lonsdale I know that the business has found an excellent financial partner and I look forward to watching the continued success of Avalon.” New Chief Executive Steve Chambers said: “I am delighted to be given the opportunity to apply my skills and experience to this business.” Avalon employs more than 150 people and expects expansion to double work opportunities within two years. With five offices located in Cheshire, Essex, Alicante, Malaga and Cyprus, and plans to open two more in Costa Brava and the Canaries by the end of 2013, they are well equipped to grow further. CITY INVESTMENT: Avalon moves forward and offers exciting career opportunities. Avalon Founder Mike Cooper said he was confident with the way the company will fare under

new ownership and added: “Having driven this business from a standing start over 20 years, it

was important to see it move on to the next stage. Over the last few years we have doubled

For opportunities Overseas in Spain and Europe please contact Avalon’s Director Peter Leech by email

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NO matter how enthusiastically UK expats embrace the Spanish culture, many us of will always want to have the choice to sit down in the evening and watch Coronation Street or EastEnders. Having lived in Spain for nearly 10 years we’ve seen many systems available to offer the Brits a solution to their TV requirements... some ‘alegal’ some just downright illegal. It’s a disappointing situation that most of us find a bit of a minefield. Why it has to be this way is a mystery to us all. We believe most would be willing to pay a UK TV licence fee or even a Sky subscription through our Spanish bank accounts if it meant getting a quality television service. Sadly, that’s not an option. In the last year we here in Spain had a little miracle and have been able to receive Freeview. In layman’s terms this happened simply because of a realignment taking place with Sky. They are using a ‘holding’

Reliable UK TV via your internet

GREAT SERVICE: High quality, legal UK TV. system which has worked out well for us expats. Unfortunately, this is coming to an end this year, although again in which month it will happen is not clear. The good news is that nearly three years ago at Telitec, we pre-empted this scenario and looked into the IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) solution, a UK TV system which ran via internet There is no denying there were some frustrating teething problems. However, our perseverance paid off and we can now offer the most amazing, high quality and versatile UK TV service in

Spain today. It is quite simply a plug in and play system which even the most untechnical of us can operate. A set-top box is required (from 160€*) which connects to your ADSL internet router, and of course your TV with a HDMI or three-pin connection and, hey presto, high quality UK TV. The box is wireless so no unsightly cables or wires! Don’t tell anyone, but you don’t even need Telitec’s ADSL service, any 3mb ADSL service works! • WATCH LIVE • REWIND/CATCH-UP TV

(don’t miss any programme from the last seven days) • NO DISH, NO CONTRACT • WIRELESS CONNECTION (from router to set-top box) • BUILT-IN WHAT’S ON GUIDE • 25+ CHANNELS Better still this service is the only one in Spain to offer a rewind facility with our unique software. So never again do you have to miss your favourite programmes. When your visitors leave or you return home from that meal out, sit down, scroll back (up to seven days) and catch up. No dishes are required and better still there is no contract. If you are only here for six months of the year why pay for 12? We now have thousands of happy clients using the service and it is the future of high quality, legal UK TV, not just in Spain but all over the world. • EXISTING CLIENTS:

19.99€/mth + 160€ for SETTOP BOX • NEW COMBO OFFER: 54,99€/mth + 160€ for SETTOP BOX includes up to 4MB ADSL, telephone landline, 120 free call to EU, monthly UK TV subscription • NOT WITH TELITEC? 24,99€/mth + 200€ for SETTOP BOX Don’t wait until you lose your UK TV to make the switch. Contact us now and we’ll get you sitting down in front of a reliable UK TV service in no time at all**. Simply call 902 88 90 70 (or 965 743 473), email or visit and fill out the ‘Tell Me More’ form. We’ll take it from there! *Subject to terms & conditions. ** Minimum System Requirement: 3mb ADSL connection. TV with HDMI or RCA 3 pin connection, 4 port router (cable or wi-fi), UK postal address (friend or family). ***All prices subject to IVA

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ESTERDAY afternoon, covered in paint and surrounded by folders, sketchbooks, lesson plans and artist biographies, I realised I was happy. It has been a long time since I have been able to immerse myself in something that I feel real passion for (and no, George Clooney does not count). Just one week into my new job and I know I have made the right decision. How often can one say that (and mean it!)? The moment my son was born, the day I told Alex to sling his hook, leaving the UK for Gibraltar, moving to Lancaster, making the heartbreakingly difficult decision to give up the quest to encourage my son’s father to become a part of his life (I did that for my own sanity) and the one that enabled me to exorcise a particularly demanding ghost thus being able to move forward with my life, have all ultimately been good decisions. How wonderful it would be if decisions were made for us by a third party or one of those answer balls played with enthusiastically on Christmas Day and never again. Unfortunately, as I have commented on before, it is part of


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Slings and arrows on life’s great expedition the human condition to face certain dilemmas that require a response in the affirmative or negative. Unlike a quiz show the wrong answer can lead to an experience far worse than having to listen to Noel Edmonds for an hour or so (which segues effortlessly into a little known fact that my headmaster at secondary school was Noel Edmond’s father). In order to live in a free society we must be leaders of our own expeditions, taking into account winds and tides and all manner of rocks and glaciers, knowledge of

Suzanne Manners With a degree in Fine Art and an MA in Writing Suzanne is currently teaching in Alicante and writing a book for teenagers. To comment on any of the issues raised in this column, go to

which have thankfully been charted by brave souls before us, either in our own lineage or those of friends. We can choose to ignore the maps and charts and throw

CHARTING A COURSE: Throw caution to the wind. caution to the wind setting off blindly and unprepared, or we can mull and muse and pay attention to the bold text that declares ‘Here be dragons’. I don’t know about you but if I can avoid dragons then avoid them I will. The expedition can be gloriously exciting, branching off in all directions with little aforethought or planning, or it

can be a gentle meander down a well charted river on board a yacht filled with beloved people. No chart can ever fully explain all the dangers and pitfalls awaiting us on our journey but one can always, as Conrad writes, ‘…come to and wait for the turn of the tide’. So enjoy your journey make your decisions and relish the outcomes, good or bad.

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17 - 23 January 2013

STREET TALK Ryanair was recently voted the worst airline in Europe in a survey of 16 budget airlines. But what do expatriates think

about the airline, which is so strict on baggage size and weight, plus extra charges?

What some expats think of Ryanair

Jeff Dolan. price structure add-ons, I just want an overall price. I have never used the airline, which remains my last choice.” Shelly Conway from



PRIL MOCHIL regularly flies Ryanair when visiting family in Bristol. “They are often cheaper than easyJet, but the plastic yellow headrests and the rude attitude of hostesses make me cringe each time,” says the Benalmadena expat. Argentinian-born Manuel Ortega identifies with only good experiences on the four occasions he has flown Ryanair, although the Altea resident is concerned by “increasing inflexibility about the size of hand luggage and suitcase weight, which does irritate me.” Matthew Schovrage from Marbella has no strong airline preference as long as the carrier gets him to his destination on time. “I can’t stand delays, and that rarely occurs with Ryanair, though I feel the fanfare when the plane lands on time is a little unnecessary.” But Jeff Dolan makes a point of not using Ryanair when he visits his holiday home in Vistabella on the Costa Blanca. “When it was launched I didn’t like all the

Costa Blanca North

April Mochil. Quesada on the Costa Blanca thinks otherwise. “Everybody slates them but I have not had any problems. Despite all the extra costs for luggage

Manuel Ortega. and taxes and admin fees, they still come up a lot cheaper than other airlines.” Walking long distances and no seat choice are minuses for

SKY HIGH: Many passengers complain about Ryanair. Rita Gibbs, also from Quesada. “I will never use them again; I felt money was more important than customer service. We call it the Harrods’ elbow, where everyone is shoving each other like during the London store’s sales.” And Sophie Vincent from Altea has nicknamed Ryanair Rat Air. “It is cheap and we often use it for family holidays.” says Sophie. “Given this, it seems unfair that when my husband is sent abroad by his company, he usually flies business class.”

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17 - 23 January 2013

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Remedy fit for a princess THE Duchess of Cambridge is reportedly snacking on lavender shortbread biscuits in a bid to beat morning sickness. Lavender has long been used as an antinausea remedy, although pregnant women usually administer it in the form of a few drops of oil in the bath. However, Kate is said to have had the recommendation from the Duchess of Cornwall, who is known to be a fan of the biscuits. If you can’t get your hands on the biscuits, then there are other traditional methods used to help ease morning sickness. Try drinking herbal tea (especially ginger) and teas made with lemon balm and peppermint, which are also known to reduce nausea. It is recommended that you drink flat, room-temperature ginger ale to settle your stomach and smelling a slice of lemon has been reported to help. Crackers are the plainest food for those feeling sick and fennel seed is a nausea remedy from Chinese folk medicine. SICKNESS SOLUTION: Lavender biscuits.

What an edible waste!

OLIVE OIL: Spain is largest producer.

It’s a top food fact

SPAIN produces 44 per cent of the world’s olive oil, more than twice that of Italy and four times that of Greece. More than a quarter of Spanish oil (10 per cent of the total world production) comes from Jaen in Andalucia.

NEARLY half of all the food we buy gets binned, even though a lot of it is still edible. Experts say that our throwaway consumer culture and confusion over sell-by dates on food are to blame, as well as special offers that encourage people to buy more than they need. Food waste expert Emma Marsh said: “Our research has shown that 7.2 million tons of food and drink waste is generated by households in the UK each year. Of this, 4.4 million tons is avoidable food waste. This avoidable food waste has a value of £12 billion (€15 billion) per year.” Globally, around half of all food produced, two

billion tons’ worth, goes to waste, she claimed.

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HIGH-TECH: Colourful ice cubes.

Alcoholic spy in the glass

A STUDENT has invented high-tech ice cubes which calculate how drunk you are. Dhairya Dand’s digital cubes measure the number of sips taken, giving an estimate of blood alcohol content that is 80 per cent accurate. The cubes are made from gelatin and implanted with infrared transmitters, accelerometers and LED lights that change from green, to yellow, to red, depending on how much drink has been consumed.

If the drinker continues despite the redlight warnings, the ice cubes send text messages to friends warning the drinker should be taken home. The idea came to the student after blacking out at a campus party at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in America from drinking too much. The concept began as a one-off invention, but Dand now plans to develop the electronic ice cubes further with a funding grant.

17 - 23 January 2013


Tea anyone? MATCHA tea is this year’s ‘super food’. The vivid green powdered tea was first


drunk during the Song Dynasty in China and now, nearly 1,000 years after its heyday, it is back as a health food thanks to its high levels of antioxidants. Once picked, Matcha is ground by hand into a fine, talclike powder that can be taken in many different ways. The caffeine content is higher than regular green tea but lower than coffee and it is reputed to help reduce stress and weight-loss.


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Ring of mystery IT is not clear when doughnuts were invented, or by whom. They were originally made as a long twist of dough, not in the ring form that is common these days. It was also common, especially in England, for doughnuts to be made in a ball shape and injected with jam after cooked, which is still very common. Both methods of cooking involved no human intervention as the ball and

twist turned itself over when the underside was cooked. The ring doughnut seemed to appear from nowhere, although American Hansen Gregory claimed to have invented it in 1847. When travelling on a steamboat, he was not satisfied with the texture of the inside of the doughnut, so pressed a hole in the centre with the ship’s pepper box.

SWEET TREAT: All ages enjoy doughnuts.

A natural vanilla high THE consumption of natural vanilla causes the body to release catecholamines (including adrenalin), and for this reason, it is considered to be mildly addictive. When vanilla plants were first

exported from Mexico to other tropical climes, they flowered but wouldn’t produce vanilla pods. It was discovered that a bee native to Mexico was the only creature that could pollinate vanilla flowers, as vanilla

comes from a special species of orchid. Attempts to move the bee to other countries failed and it was not until a method of artificial pollination was discovered that Mexico lost its monopoly on vanilla.

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CLINICA EUROCAN: Specializing in the treatment of small animals. Advertising Feature

Caring for your pets: Clinica Veterinaria El Campello IN Clinica Eurocan Campello, we have the philosophy of providing a friendly caring attitude for both pets and their owners. We specialize in the treatment of small animals, dogs, cats rabbits, hamsters and all small exotic animals. Cat’s Waiting Room We have recently incorporated a brand new waiting room especially for cats and their owners. We’ve done this bearing in mind of the stress often suffered by cats when in the presence of dogs when in one area, and it’s proved a big success. Plus nowadays we offer the latest technique for sterilization for female cats where the procedure involves the

minimum invasion – only a 1cm incision – and recuperation time is minimal. Using this latest procedure, last year we carried out over 250 sterilizations for both street cats, and those belonging to private clients. The range of services we offer is complete, including radiography, echography, lab analysis,

surgery, nutritional advice, dermatology, and much much more. In 2013 we are trying to help battle the current economic crisis with cost conscious prevention campaigns, sterilization, vaccination, animal geriatric care, teeth cleaning, and microchips for cats and exotics, and all priced especially to make such essential

treatments more accessible to our clients. We also offer a professional grooming service for your pets, for both style and hygiene, by our inhouse experts, who offer service tailor designed to any breed of pet. Open Monday-Friday 8.30am through to 8.30pm. And Saturdays 10am-2pm. We’re also

based in Playa de Muchavista where we offer both Veterinary services and Grooming facilities by private appointment. And we do 24 emergency calls! Why not call in to our surgery with your pet or just any queries you may have. We’ll be delighted

to help. You’ll find us in Avenida 7, El

Germanias Campello. Tel. 965 634 188, or for emergencies, 610 394 097.

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OMES Gardens

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Tackling winter cutback Gardening A Corner

LTHOUGH the serious cutback started last week, a few things were trimmed earlier to take advantage of the continuing warm sunny weather. Overgrown herb plants were cut for drying. But these need taking inside at night to prevent them from re-absorbing moisture. Decorative sages were cut back to provide cuttings for new plants. But last week the cutting back of larger plants started in earnest. Cutting back tasks 1. Lantanas have done

By Clodagh and Dick Handscombe

Spain’s best known gardening authors who have lived and gardened in Spain for 25 years.

their job of flowering from spring to Los Reyes but now need pruning. Flowering growth will be cut back just leaving one or two budding points

OLEANDER: Trim to prevent them getting too tall. on each stem. Standards need cutting to shape to stimulate side shoots and create a round head. 2. Bougainvillaeas of all sizes and colours will benefit from pruning. Lightly prune young plants but be harder on established mature plants to stop them getting out of control. Cut out the water shoots which tend to have lighter green bark, larger leaves and bigger thorns. After pruning check that any ties are not too tight or loose. 3. Oleander require pruning to prevent them getting too tall and leggy. We cut back shrubs to a size and shape suitable for their position in shrub and perennial beds. 4. Cersis Judas trees need trimming to shape and a size suitable for their situation and the stripping of the numerous

seed pods from last year’s Easter flowerings. 5. Roses growing alongside our fruit growing area provided a last good bunch for a new year vase but have now been pruned back to two buds, weeded and mulched with horse manure. 6. Grapevine leaves have now fallen so it’s time to prune them to stimulate strong growth buds for the spring. Cut back bushes and standards to three or four eyes/ buds on four main branches. If you are training a young plant to grow up the supports of a gazebo, retain just the strongest branch when it reaches the required height.

©Clodagh and Dick Handscombe January 2013

RELIABILITY: Key to happy clients. Advertising Feature

Spain-UK-Spain: Removals experts RELIABILITY is the key to a removals company. Spain-UK Spain offer this in a friendly, professional way. They have more than 25 years experience in the field of heavy goods removals and general haulage, and have been operating for 10 years on the Costa Blanca. Happy clients are the key, and Spain-UK-Spain combine a small family business with the depth of expertise and professionalism that lets them operate throughout UK and Central Europe. For the family team, no job is too big or too small. Family pets, household items, commercial goods - no problem! And pallets, and even motor vehicles for those who don’t want the hassle of driving their car back to the UK. All removals are within a four-tonne capacity van, fully tachographed, and all paperwork and insurance is dealt with by the team. Door-to-door service is standard, and the service is regular throughout the continent.

Give Spain-UK-Spain a call for an estimate, or about arranging a visit so they can give you a free no obligation quote. Prices are more than competitive, being roughly £70 per cubic metre. If you are moving back home, or anywhere in Europe, or if you just want household items or commercial goods shipped, give the team a call. They’d be happy to chat things through. Plus, a special service offered is that they will even collect from Argos, etc, on your behalf. Here in Spain telephone Alan on 637 135 608, or in the UK call Jim on 0751 762 3459, or email on spainukspain@hotmail.

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House movement in Spain S ome of the building work undertaken during the past few years has not been good. This was particularly true during the boom years. There were simply not enough skilled workers to meet the demand. Meanwhile, of course, any building control on behalf of local authorities was often dismal. Overwhelmed by the amount of buildings being constructed, local authority building control often ceased to function in any meaningful way or was subject to corruption and

Nick Snelling Web master and author of 5 books including: ‘How to Buy Spanish Property and Move to Spain – Safely’ and ‘The Laptop Entrepreneur’

undue influence. Indeed, the building project architect rather than the town hall architect or ‘tecnico’ would normally be ultimately responsible for defects, other than basic checks (mainly of the

planning application only). So, the town halls left it up to the builder and his architect to produce the house. In some cases, inexperienced architects were put in charge of signing off projects with some constructors encouraging their own sons and daughters to qualify as architects, resulting in all the signing off being completed ‘in house’. The end result has been that structural problems with Spanish properties are not uncommon. Indeed, deliberate cost-cutting, lack of knowledge or little

supervision has meant that properties have inadequate foundations or a structure that is inherently defective. Of course, poor foundations can adversely affect a property and make it subject to either subsidence or heave. These problems can affect any badly constructed building and are not, by any means, restricted to just villas on steep hillsides. Certainly, subsidence can occur regardless of the type of property, with it equally affecting blocks of flats, townhouses or casitas. Continued next week

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frameless terrace glazings (high quality product) fixed and mobile roofs 3 windbreak elements conservatories 3 carports awnings 3 stairs and balustrades

Planning, producƟon and installaƟon through cerƟfied German construcƟon technician.

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•AECC BOUTIQUE in San Isidro: 966 723 401. •AL-ANON FAMILY GROUP Benidorm – don’t suffer alone through another person drinking – 634 758 539. •DENIA RUGBY CLUB: 8pm on beach outside Oasis Hotel. •HELP INTERNATIONAL Benidorm meetings. •PIETER SWINNEN Painting Club in Calpe: 965 835 212. •RBL Benidorm and district branch covers from Polop to Villajoyosa at different locations for social meetings, day trips, excursions or meals. 695 605 129 •XABIA RUGBY CLUB: Juniors meet at 7pm Seniors at 8pm. 688 640 092. •ROYAL NAVAL ASSOCIATION meets for lunch on second Thursday of month at various restaurants between Altea and Oliva and the Jalon Valley. 966 474 532. •THE Valleys International Bridge and Social Club meet 2pm at El Cid at Benidoleig. 966 408 296. •CREATIVE TEXTILES GROUP – crosstitch, embroidery, crochet, quilting, knitting – in Javea, 10am-1pm. 966 472 049 or

Costa Blanca North’s best guide to local non-profit clubs, charities and societies Email Fax 952 440 887 Post Euro Weekly News, Calle Moscatel 10, P-62, Poligono Industrial Arroyo de la Miel, 29631 Benalmadena, Malaga.

•ANGLICAN CHAPLAINCY Sunday ServicesHoly Communion. Eight locations. •BENITACHELL CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP, Benitachell: 966 494 036 or 966 470 303. •CALPE CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP CHURCH Perlamar, Sundays 11am. 965 835 502 or •CHRIST IN YOU THE HOPE OF GLORY CHURCH. Sundays 10.30am at the Europa Building, Avda del Pino. •ERMITA CHURCH, Javea – Warden Colin D Welch – 965 771 792. •HOLY EUCHARIST at Nuestra Senora de la Merced Church, Calpe. Sundays 10.30am. 678

•AUCTION 1.30pm at the Jacaranda Restaurant Bar Moraira with auctioneer Mr Bob Gingell. First and third Saturday of each month. Phone to book your items 965 743 292.

SUNDAY •AECC BOUTIQUE in San Isidro: 966 723 401.



•JALON VALLEY MUMS & TOTS CLUB at town hall 10.15am-12noon. 676 441 758.

•UFO and World Mysteries Discussion Group in Javea meet first Friday of the month at The Social Club and Bar in Javea Old Town at 10am. 966 459 976. •ROTARY INTERNATIONAL FELLOWSHIP Costa Blanca North weekly lunch meeting at Los Leones restaurant 1.15pm. Call 965 795 421 the Wednesday before. www.rotarycostablanca. •TENNIS GROUP meets Tuesday and Friday mornings at Toscamar, Javea. 966 473 301. •JAVEA BRIDGE CLUB Duplicate Pairs. 965 795 458.

SATURDAY •COMPUTER CLUB in Alfaz del Pi. 965 889 187. •EL VERGER MARKET at The Polygon 9am-1.30pm. •GUARDIAN ANGELS Dropin/Coffee and Chat at Help Centre, La Jara 10.30am- 12.30pm.

787 509 or •JAVEA EVANGELICAL CHURCH. Pastor Clive Read 669 386 702. •JAVEA INTERNATIONAL BAPTIST CHURCH, Pastor John Hansford, Sundays 10.30am at Calle Favara 8, Javea Pueblo (near Plaza de la Constitucion Espanola, where the Thursday open market is held) 965 794 624. www.javeabaptist .com •MOSIAC COMMUNITY CHURCH Sunday 12pm Multicultural Service; Wednesday 8pm Intercessory Prayer; Last Thursday of month 1.30pm community lunch. 678 066 222.

•NEW HOPE CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP Oliva on C/Constitution 6, near the town hall, Sundays 11.30am. 607 470 221. •PILAR CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY CHURCH. Sunday Service 11am; Thursday 5pm Bible study and prayer; home groups during week. 966 769 300 or 650 509 606. •SPIRITUALIST CHURCH Alfaz del Pi: Tuesdays and Thursdays 6.30pm. 966 878 469. •THE KINGS CHURCH Benissa English Sunday service, 11am: •VALLEY FELLOWSHIP, Jalon – Pastor Barbara Chadwick. 966 481 108.

616 977 639.

•U3A VALL DEL POP Mystery Tour.

•AUCTIONS FOR AECC. Items for donation wanted. 965 319 929 / 688 238 879.

Church services

•JAVEA STAMPS & POSTCARD CLUB meets second and fourth Monday of month at L’Ancora Tennis Club at 10am. 965 795 499 / 608 765 245. •ROYAL AIR FORCE ASSOCIATION in Pedreguer meets the second Monday of month. 966 430 215 or •U3A Marina Baixa meets fourth Monday of month at 10.30am at Alfaz del Pi Casa de Cultura. •JAVEA BRIDGE CLUB ‘No Fear’ pairs. 965 795 458.

TUESDAY •AUCTIONS FOR AECC (donations welcome): 965 319 929 / 688 238 879. •BERNIA BABIES international group meets 10.30am-12noon at Sierra Bernia School, Alfaz del Pi: 966 875 149. •BSAC Marina Alta SCUBA Diving Club. 966 470 163 or •CANCER CARE CENTRE Javea park. 965 796 846.

•SKITTLES fun matches at Restaurant/Bar GranSol Calpe at 7.30pm. 681 328 692 or

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C O N S U L AT E S British 96 521 6022


Emergency consular assistance 902 109 356

ALICANTE Airport 96 691 9000 Guardia Civil 96 592 1100 Municipal Police 96 510 7200 Red Cross 96 525 2525

A L FA Z D E L P I Municipal Police 96 588 7100

ALTEA Guardia Civil 96 584 0525 Municipal Police 96 584 5511

BENIDORM Guardia Civil 96 585 0330 Municipal Police 96 680 7766 Red Cross 96 680 8934 Bus Station 96 683 0014

MUSIC SOCIETY: Both concerts will feature violinist Joaquin Palomares. ALFAZ DEL PI Music Society concerts. Saturday 8pm Casa de Cultura, Alfaz del Pi, Sunday 12pm Fundacio Frax, Albir. •MALE VOICE CHOIR (no experience required) Teulada. 965 744 577.

meets the third Wednesday of month in San Juan. 650 489 625 or •BENIDORM INTERNATIONAL SINGLES CLUB: 690 300 166.


•MONTGO RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION JAVEA meets for coffee morning on first Tuesday of the month.

Guardia Civil 96 583 0080 Municipal Police 96 583 0812 Red Cross 96 583 1616

•RAF Costa Blanca. Third Tuesday of month. 965 724 256 or

BENISSA Guardia Civil 96 573 0722 Municipal Police 96 573 0733



•ROTARY INTERNATIONAL FELLOWSHIP Denia meets first and third Tuesday of month at 1.30pm. Call 965 748 909 by the Sunday prior to meeting.

Guardia Civil 96 563 0418 Municipal Police 96 563 7099

•WORDS OF LIGHT: 662 688 865.


•XABIA RUGBY CLUB (juniors and seniors): 688 640 092.

Guardia Civil 96 578 0036 Municipal Police 96 578 0190 Red Cross 96 578 1358

Guardia Civil 062 Municipal Police 092 Red Cross 96 579 1961

MORAIRA Red Cross 96 574 0950 British Embassy: Age Concern Spain: Airport Information: Local News:

•DENIA RUGBY CLUB SENIORS 8pm on beach outside the Oasis Hotel

•JAVEA BRIDGE CLUB competitive Duplicate. 965 795 458. •JAVEA ASSOCIATION OF MODEL MAKERS meet second Tuesday of month.

WEDNESDAY •41 CLUB, Javea meets the first Wednesday of the month. •ALICANTE BUSINESS CLUB

•DENIA INTERNATIONAL BRIDGE CLUB Duplicate Pairs start 4pm. 965 785 387. •GARDENING CIRCLE: first Wednesday of month in Moraira. 966 498 681. •PERKY PENSIONERS Jalon, 2.30pm-4.30pm. 652 584 272. •RBL JAVEA: Second and fourth Tuesday of month. 965 790 123. •SPIRITUAL FRIENDS (Moraira) meet at Los Leones Restaurant, Sol Park at 2.30pm.

•LA NUCIA SPARTANS American Football team welcomes new players for their sub 16, over 16s and female teams. •MASK FOR MABS children’s menu at El Paraiso Restaurant in Parcent. €1 donated to charity. •MORAIRA CHARITY SHOP on Avenida del Portet Road, opens Monday-Saturday 10am1pm and Tuesday and Thursday 4pm-7pm. 666 625 856. •STAMP CLUB Javea: 965 795 499. •WALKING GROUP Castalla. 965 630 009 / 607 434 732. •COSTA BLANCA MOUNTAIN WALKERS – Saturdays and Wednesdays – different difficulty walks. •GANDIA AREA ACTIVITIES: Thursday social club dinners and golf, Friday and Monday petanca. 962 852 828. Saturday walking group. 962 808 601. •NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH: 417 777. •U3A VALL DEL POP Mystery Tour. Jan 17. www.u3avall

•QUIZ NIGHT and buffet last Wednesday of month at Restaurant Paraiso in Parcent to raise funds for Emaus children’s home. davidreeley@

•ARENAL School of Bridge and Social Club play duplicates Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 2.15pm at the Arenal Clubhouse in Javea. 965 770 509.

•FREE informal group that shares the understanding the three principles for innate well being every first and third Wednesday 7pm-8.30pm in Alfaz del Pi. 616 762 131/

•ART EXHIBITION by Natasha Marson until January 31. Centro de Social, c/Ocho de Mayo, s/n, Hall y planta 1A, Villajoyosa. Mon- Fri 8am-10pm. Admission free.

17 - 23 January 2013



Costa Blanca North







CARER for the elderly, experienced qualified carer in the Gandia area, please call Debbie if you need help in any way. 627 082 994 (201403)

STANLEY KERSEY. Retired painter, 38 years experience, available for all painting and decorating needs. Javea/Denia area. (0044) 7721 595 899 info@stanleydecorating (202387)

Charities POOL TABLES, Snooker Tables, Table Tennis Tables, Darts Tel: 666 933 726 AT MICHAEL’S Two high quality beige leather sofas. See photos:


AT MICHAEL’S Large Phillips solarium over your bed! As new. See photos:

PROTECT YOUR AIR CON UNITS with a whole house surge protector. Tel 608 669 165 (202319)

AT MICHAEL’S High quality pre-owned furniture and New beds. Deliveries free.

GENERAL plumbing, water filter systems, water softener, air conditioning, gas/electric water boilers. Call your local plumber Alfaz del Pi/Altea/La Nucia - Todo Agua 965 889 923 / 628 313 212 (101020)

Building Services Airport Transfers AIRPORT TRANSFERS Airport Taxis/Minibuses/Coaches (94916)

Antiques Call for a free quotation 965 835 939 (87006) MINI DIGGER, Dumper, Bobcat with operator for hire. Pedregeur based. Keith 639 620 448 (203132)

Business for Sale LEASEHOLD Bar/Restaurant Mar Menor. Fully fitted, ready to trade immediately. Good all year expat trade. Owner retiring. Priced reasonably for quick sale. Phone 680 334 422 for info. (202372)

MICHAEL’S 28 YEARS IN JAVEA - ENSURES YOUR SATISFACTION! www.michaels-javea .com Tel 96-579 1328 BEAT THE COLD Supra log burner 6kw, no flue required. Very good condition. 250€ o.n.o. Tel: 661 028 039 Moraira (201369) FOR SALE Renault Scenic, automatic, fully loaded, RHD taxed and MOT, UK reg. Perfect condition car for going back to UK, will accept Spanish car in exchange or €2,500. 965 750 979 (201401)

SOCIETY for the protection of Animals in Need (S.P.A.I.N). We buy, sell and exchange anything at CHARITY WAREHOUSE in Gata de Gorgos. House clearances, furniture, collectables, bankrupt stock etc. Collect / deliver 965 756 215 / 665 653 998 (95962)

Chimney Sweep CHIMNEY Sweep. Clean, efficient service. 660 844 623 (202341)

Cleaning A1 SPECIALIST CLEANING. Carpets, upholstery, 15 years experience 965 058 177 / 697 511 071 www.britishbusinesspagesinspain .es (100314)



COMPUTER SERVICES: Internet, ADSL. Repairs, maintenance, new or second hand. All your computer needs call David 629 672 538 or 965 584 071 (202382)


I BUY RECORDS 50’s to the 90’s. Best prices for good records. Tel: 622 750 117 / 962 851 809 (202423)

ELECTRICIAN WITH 20 YEARS EXPERIENCE on the Costa Blanca. Electrical upgrades, downgrades, meter boxes moved to boundaries. Rewiring with all paperwork issued. Installation of ICP switch and box for Iberdrola requirements. Tel: Mark 608 669 165 or 965 831 082 (202311) ALL electricial repairs undertaken. 626 828 674 (202385)

Firewood FIREWOOD Best quality and best prices, 1 year stored. Carlos 607 470 223 (99540) COSTA BLANCA Firewood. See our main ad in Homes and Gardens (99707)

Floor Polishing

GOLD WANTED. English jeweller will buy broken, unwanted jewellery and coins. 664 890 990 (99704)

Handyman PURELY MAINTENANCE For all your maintenance needs - big or small, contact Carl on 965 878 866 or 669 218 928 email pure (101108)

Health & Beauty CHIROPODIST/PODIATRIST, Philip Mann, clinics in Benissa, Moraira, Javea, Calpe and Albir. 686 912 307 (202333) HEALING MIND, BODY AND SOUL. Shamballa reiki and magnified healing master teacher. Deep relaxation meditation and channelled messages for guidance. Benissa 663 137 657 gaydarring (202450)

Home Care

FLOOR POLISHING, all marble types. Excellent professional, excellent service. Free estimates. Tel: 627 103 412 (202435)

HOMECARE COSTA BLANCA. From 1hr cleaning to 24hr nursing care. 619 216 270 / 965 878 028. (99548)



FIND LOVE IN THE SUN w w w. i w a n t 2 m e e t y o u . c o m . Browse for free Spain’s No. 1 online dating site. Bringing ex-pats together. (204448)

Buy & Sell

For daily news visit


RETIRED jeweller will buy unwanted/broken gold jewellery, coins and silver items. Cash paid. 627 019 403 (99504)

“RISING DAMP” can cure Rising Damp, Leaking Flat Roof or Terrace. WE can make your Underbuild Dry. Villa Re-painting Due! We can protect your villa and stop PENETRATING DAMP with a Protective coating. You can also pay in Sterling. Phone/email us for a free survey now. Tel 965 050 065 Mobile 634 322 672

Gardening TREE SPECIALIST, cut and removal of palm/pine trees. Size not a problem. Also dangerous & difficult work. Garden cleaning and gravelling. Free estimates. 627 103 412 (202435)

Gold Wanted ALEXANDERS Antique Jewellers pay top London prices. Est 2003, Open Mon-Sat 10am-2pm. Javea port seafront. 965 792 595 (202294)

Price per word: 0,42€ + IVA minimum 15 words - Discount: Book 10 weeks, get 2 weeks free - Deadline: 4pm Mondays Contact: Phone (0034) 952 561 245 • Fax (0034) 952 440 887 • email •




17 - 23 January 2013 Costa Blanca North


Mobile Homes WE BUY, Sell, Remove all types of Mobile Homes. We pay CASH and cover all of Spain. More details call Suzi Caley 616 250 727 / 951 063 059 or email suzicaley (200742) 5-STAR live-in accommodation. Tabbert caravan with bath/shower/toilet. Taxed. 7m x 3m conservatory. Lounge/kitchen area. Fully furnished with many extras. Easily stripped and re-assembled. 7,000€ ono 685 575 055 Valle del Sol, near Muxamiel (202384)

WANTED Cars, vans, caravans, 4 X 4’s British Spanish 600 781 873 ibuyanycar (200261) MOTOR INSURANCE. For the most competitive quotes in English call Linea Directa on 902 123 153, you could save as much as 30% and you can transfer your existing no claims bonus. Call Linea Directa on 902 123 153 for motor insurance with a human voice in English from Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm and save money now! (95302)

Mobile Phone Repairs

GOING HOME ? Want to swap my UK Reg, RHD, 2008 Ford Focus Estate Titanium, TDCi Diesel for Spanish car, Tax and MOT. Cash either way. 646 600 898 (94920)

ALL types of mobile phone repairs. Contact 609 838 890 (202369)

For daily news visit


SOS INSURANCE. Best prices available. Call us first for all your insurance needs. Including funeral plans. Tel: 966 787 123 / 622 275 561 (202254)

PET-COURIERS.COM – If you love your pet try us first – we are the best. Door to door service throughout Europe. Specialised vehicles – bespoke service. Full legal service including documentation if required. For further information call or email us: Tel: (0034) 651 033 670 or (0034) 637 066 227. Email: or (200622) NEED YOUR PETS TAKEN CARE OF? Not kennels, just a friendly home. Large fenced area. 699 790 080 Altea (99699) PAWS PET TRANSPORT SPAIN UK SPAIN every month. We treat all pets as if they belonged to us. Maybe the best rates in Spain. Please call JOE on 966 074 576 or 650 341 087 for a chat or email Quote ewn1 (202324) Your pets home from home while you are away. 663 540 300 (202422)

Pet Insurance PROTECTAPET. Spain’s leading pet insurance. 965 756 371. w w w. i n f o @ p r o t e c t a p e t . e u (95962)



W. D GILMOUR. Painter & Decorator. Established 35 years in Moraira. Estimates FREE. Call William on 609 691 776 or 966 197 170. (202296) painting, decorating, renovation. Est. Costa Blanca 1995. Estimates free. Tel 649 181 526 (97279)

Kitchens/Bathrooms KITCHENS, BATHROOMS, WARDROBES. Classic kitchens 20 years on the Costa Blanca. Call Adrian 676 699 700 (202414)

Pest Control CHEAP, all insects and rodents. 648 057 091 (202385)


Locksmith LOCKSMITH/ELECTRICIAN/ CARPENTER for emergency safe opening Altea area. Call Michael Rice 686 513 510 or Calpe area Sean Gannon 667 507 630 (202338)

Metal Works MOBILE WELDING SERVICE, gates, rejas, railings etc. Made to measure or repaired. Free quotes. NO JOB TOO SMALL. Calpe. Dave: 616 173 699 / 965 834 869 (202431)

For daily news visit

TV, ENTERTAINMENT EQUIPMENT, satellite, amplifiers, mixers, keyboards, etc. BLUESKY REPAIRS 966 875 283/626 430 671 (99672) WASHING MACHINE and all domestic repairs, Calpe / Campello BLUESKY REPAIRS 966 875 283/626 430 671 (99672)

Property for Rent APARTAMENTOS PLAYA ALBIR SL. Quality rental accommodation with reception, 2 beds, 2 bath. Washing machine, air con, sea views and swimming pool. Available for short or long term let. apartments@playaalbirsl.e.tele / Tel/fax 966 866 206 (202289)


KITCHEN cupboards looking tired/outdated? Reface/repaint instead of replacing. See examples 678 179 346 (202331)

Professional Services Call for a free quotation 965 835 939 (87006) PAUL FAULKNER - PLUMBER. Dripping tap to complete kitchen and bathroom refurbishments, including tiling. Fully legal. 965 792 135 / 676 861 963. Facebook. (202430)

Pool Services Maintenance, servicing and repairs. New pumps and filters, sand changes and regrouts. Pool equipment and oneoff lessons available. Moraira Benidorm. CALL TRISTAN 627 008 158 (95844) YES YOU CAN HAVE A POOL - We manufacture & install Wooden AboveGround Pools. Pools from 8ft 32ft. Remember, with above ground pools there is “No Planning Permission Required”. Phone or email for a FREE BROCHURE NOW. Email: - Tel: 965 050 064 - Mobile: 634 322 672 (202251) LIAMRICK Pool Cleaning Services 965 733 186 / 626 370 334 (202394)

M100 - BENITACHELL, top floor apartment of a 2 storey block, 2 bedrooms, quiet location, stunning panoramic views. 420€ pcm - 965 745 969 (89468) M141 - Second floor, 2 bed, 2 bath apartment in the sought after Port Xabia complex, Javea, walking distance to beach and all amenities 600 € per month plus bills. 965 745 969 (89468)


17 - 23 January 2013


Costa Blanca North LONG TERM rental available near Denia. 2 bed, 2 bathroom bungalow. Large terrace, sea views. Car port. 965 583 574 / 646 413 226 (202413) CALPE, First floor apartment in private house. Living, dining, kitchen, 3 bedrooms, bathroom. Private parking 699 344 496 (202428) LA GALERA DE LAS PALMERAS, ALTEA, Fully equipped house. Large living room, dining, kitchen, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 3 terraces. Pool. Private parking. Sea and mountain view. 699 344 496 (202428)

Property for Sale SELL your property with Schaich Estate Agents. See our main ad on front page. (99636) PEGO 2 bedroomed bungalow in 1,200m2 Orange Grove. Garden with beautiful views. 40,000€ for quick sale. 638 321 307 (202388) HOUSE/VILLA for sale in AlaroMallorca. 1,700m2 plot, 200m2 house, pool, 4x8 garage for 2 vehicles. 599,000€. Tel 661 427 008 (Juan) (201447) PLOT for sale in Alaro-Mallorca. 3,500m2 with small house 83m2, with refurbishment project and licence, pool. 150,000€. Tel 661 427 008 (Juan) (201447)

EUROPEAN removals and transport with scheduled UK routes. UK Company, fully legal, taking loads from 5kg to 24,000kg. Lowest prices and the best service. 952 816 582 or www.focus-transport .com (96826) MAN & VAN Costa Blanca North Removals / delivery, house & garden clearance. Competitive rates. UK fixed prices. Call Graham 965 730 382 / 644 114 876 (202345) SPAIN2UK2SPAIN man and van. Trips between UK/Spain twice a month. Excellent rates. Also local removals and deliveries. Christine 965 571 837 / 638 261 341 (202275) FURNITURE VAN FOR HIRE with driver. Careful local moves, Costa Blanca & UK. Hourly rate or fixed price. Call 676 644 014 VAN leaving UK to Spain 27th January. Returning Spain to UK 3rd February. Space available. 0044 (0) 755298 5343 or 679 042 805, email keithmarion9@yahoo (202389)

Roller Shutters

JAVEA SKIP HIRE 626 670 038, Moraira, Benissa, Calpe, Denia from S & W TOOL HIRE & FERRETERIA MORAIRA (99645)

Soft Furnishings LOOSE COVERS, CURTAINS ETC. Made to Measure. Choose from a wide range of beautiful fabrics in your own home. Tel: 965 771 397 or 686 453 827 (202291)

Solar Power


MADE IN SPAIN - Property & garden maintenance - Property management. 652 090 017 / 965 878 028 (99546)

Property Management COMPLETE HOME SERVICES Villa changeovers, laundry, pool cleaning, gardening, and general maintenance, everything you need. North Costa Blanca. denise Denise 667 298 576 (202334)

Property Wanted PROPERTY wanted: Cash Buyer looking for Villa in Denia area, Quick Completion possible. Send details and price to houseinnorth (203094)


Wig Specialists

Structural Surveys

WIGS-R-US EL CISNE MARKET BENIDORM. Thursday, Saturday and Sunday 9.30 till 2pm. Sale now on. 690 378 844 (202261)

MARK PADDON BSc Hons. Building surveying. MCIOB, CAAT. From 245 EUROS + IVA. Insured and legally registered in Spain. Tel: 653 733 066 / 962 807 247 (202433)

XXX Relaxation Readers of a sensitive disposition may find some of the advertisements in this section offensive.

Swimming Pools

GENTLEMEN - amazing new fast-acting chewable kamagra. Also blues and weekenders. Guaranteed. With delivery Benidorm to Denia. For best prices call Keith 687 357 529 (202339)

TV/Satellite TV


SSSYSTEMS for all your British TV

MADE TO MEASURE loose covers. Choose from a wide range of materials in your own home. Javea area 686 453 827 (201876)

TOTAL POOL CARE. Leak detection, structural repairs, regrouts and retiling, replacement pumps, lights, sand filters etc. Tel: 654 687 536 (200631)

Situations Vacant

Tax Affairs

FREE accommodation in Spain this winter in return for handyman work. For further details email: or 696 090 776 (99532) WANTED part time Cook/Chef for lunchtimes. 5 days per week. Must have experience. Accommodation available. Javea area. Tel 609 477 476 /email bettyinglis (202409)

SEX CINEMA ‘El Sofa’. (Straight, Gay and Bi rooms), Calle de la Parra 5, Benidorm www.SexCinema (97998) GENERIC Viagra, Cialis, Jellies. Trial packs. Same or next day delivery. 680 878 735 Colin (202381) JAVEA, Moraira, Christina, Eastern European lady massage and more. Older gentlemen welcome, also weekends. Tel: 667 817 407 or 661 034 261 (202383) BEAUTIFUL, Sexy, High Class German Lady, 27, Discreet Luxury Apartment Benidorm 697 648 395 (101021)

606 139 591 / 628 029 088 / 965 878 028 Stuart _sssystems@ya / seabrights (99545)


6 editions ............................. Costa del Sol Axarquía - Málaga East Mallorca Costa de Almería Costa Blanca South Costa Blanca North

affordable advertising that works

Situations Vacant

For daily news visit Removal/Storage

BENIDORM & SURROUNDING AREAS, 2 men removals, house clearances. Also regular trips to UK. 655 239 797 (99737)

GORGEOUS ENGLISH BLONDE 45 years gives discreet massage, 1 hour or over night stay. 15 mins Alicante airport. Tel Karen: 662 049 021 (99628) FIVE large dog cages required in good condition - please ring Jill 636 730 542 (98181)


SCRAP VEHICLES wanted for cash. Call 646 726 377 (202301)

CONTENEDORES MATA - SKIP HIRE 3-5-10M3. Tel 965 790 172 / 679 440 046 (99501)

HANDSOME gentleman, 40 years, for ladies single or married, pleasure to pleasure, free, discreet, especially Moraira and Calpe. Call Toni 608 056 930 (202452)


CORDS, slats, winding mechanisms, motors. Calpe + 40 kms. Tony Bowers 659 464 992 (99623)

Skip Hire

ALBIR; BENIDORM, Young beautiful lady, speaks English, offers massage & escort services. 626 096 866 (99691)



Scrap Vehicles Property Maintenance




78 EWN

17 - 23 January 2013

Costa Blanca North

For best rates in motor insurance call: 952 89 33 80

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Fun and edgy YOUNG SPIRIT: Honda MSX125.

THE new MSX125 carries on the tradition of the original, small-wheeled leisure

motorcycle, defined by Honda in 1963 with the iconic Monkey. It is small enough to be nimble, yet has a fullyfledged feel thanks to a selection of standard sized motorcycle parts. Honda’s MSX125 is due on sale in European markets in late spring 2013. No prices are known yet. It is part mini-bike, part motorcycle, with engaging performance matched to confident handling and styling that combines a sense of fun with an urban edge. The motorcycle is powered by a well-proven 125cc fuel-injected fourstroke engine, which has been tuned for better economy and smoother torque and power delivery. It also features a motorcycle-style fourspeed gearbox and clutch.

VISUALS: Both the Coupé and Cabriolet draw on the new Mercedes-Benz design idiom.

Mercedes’ revamped E-Class has arrived LIKE the Saloon and Estate models, Mercedes-Benz has completely revised the Coupe and Cabriolet members of the E-Class family. New additions include powerful BlueDIRECT four-cylinder engines featuring new injection technology and assistance systems, which come under the heading ‘Intelligent drive.’ These are systems which can help to prevent accidents with crossing vehicles or pedestrians, like the Active Lane Keeping Assist and the anti-glare, permanent high-beam headlamps, for example. The E-Class Coupe and Cabriolet have a base price of €40,450 and €44,100, respectively. The main feature of the new look E-Class Coupe and Cabriolet is

the revised front with new headlamps comprising a single headlamp lens over all functional elements. The headlamps are fitted with antidazzle LED lights as standard, with full LED technology now available for the first time in this class as an option. Flowing light elements within the headlamps reinforce the ‘twin-headlamp’ look which is typical of the E-Class. New front bumpers with a more pronounced V-shape and large air intakes give the cars a more dynamic look. Inside the vehicles, stylish materials dominate alongside clean-cut surfaces and the two-part trim which stretches across the entire dashboard.

Dangers of buying a car on the street SINCE the financial crisis broke out in 2007, illegal car sales have risen by 20 per cent in Spain. According to the Ganvam national association of vehicle dealers, of the overall annual sales between individuals, around 10 per cent are fraudulent. This means some 95,000 vehicles at an estimated value of €300 million every year. Most illegal sales are done in shopping centre car parks used as if they were some sort of showroom, Ganvam reported. This blackmarket is considered unfair competition for car dealers, the association said. These private dealers operate with no municipal licence,

Source: flickr, Nemigo.

ATTENTION: Street car sales do not guarantee administrative and technical reliability, dealers say. do not pay taxes and are not registered on the IAE trade income tax list. Selling a car on the driveway in Spain can be allowed or forbidden by law – with fines of up to €3,000 in Alicante City, for example - depending on the town’s regulations. In

some towns, councils need to be notified before displaying a for sale sign. The benefit of buying a new or secondhand car from a professional dealer, is they are covered by law with a warranty and are given a signed contract and invoice as proof.


17 - 23 January 2013


Heineken Cup action hots up T

HE last round of Heineken Cup rug-by group matches will be played this weekend. Biarritz, Clermont, Leicester/Toulouse, Leinster, Montpellier, Munster, Northampton/Castres, Saracens, Toulon and Ulster will round off their Heineken Cup group games ahead of the quarter-finals. Moving to football there are London derbies involving Arsenal and Chelsea and West Ham and QPR. Elsewhere, WBA play Aston Villa at The Hawthorns, Tottenham meet Manchester United and Manchester City, seven points behind their near-neighbours, play Fulham. Many teams will have to do without their star African players as the African Cup of Nations gets under way in South Africa this weekend. * Southampton won last weekend’s Premiership ‘relegation’ six-pointer 1-0 to send Aston Villa into the bottom three; Reading came back from 2-0 down to beat WBA and QPR drew with Spurs. * Both Arsenal and Manchester City finished with 10 men as the visitors won 2-0 while Manchester United beat Liverpool 2-1 at Old Trafford, Robin van Persie netting his 20th goal of this season. * Jonathan Waters, making his 100th appearance for Stoke, ‘scored’ twice against his own team and missed a penalty, in Chelsea’s 4-0 win in the Potteries. * Leicester won 40 at Bristol City to go third in the Championship behind Cardiff and Hull.

SPORTS SCENE By Tony Matthews A former football player and the world’s most prolific author of football books (more than 100 published), Tony is also the sports reporter for Spectrum Radio and lives in the Cabrera mountains.

* The big League One clash ended Bournemouth 1 Swindon 1 while League Two leaders Gillingham lost 2-1 to second-placed Port Vale. * Michael Appleton is Blackburn’s fourth manager this season, following Steve Kean, Henning Berg and Gary Bowyer (caretaker). * England’s rugby coach Stuart Lancaster has selected two uncapped players - Calum Clark and Billy Twelvetrees - in his squad for the first Six Nations match of 2013 against Scotland at Twickenham. * Malaga, suspended from European football for a year, must pay off huge debts before March 31 or face another 12-month ban. * After 13 successive away defeats, England finally beat India by nine runs (325-4/316-9) in the first of five ODIs. * Next month, Darren Clarke will play in India’s new Golf League (modelled on cricket’s 20/20 game). * The Masters Snooker championship is under way at London’s Alexander Palace. * Brilliant Scott

PELE: “Messi is the greatest footballer ever.” Waites beat Tony O’Shea 7-1 to win his first World Darts title. * Lance Armstrong will ‘reveal all’ on the USA’s Oprah Winfrey show tonight (Thursday). * Luka Modric (Spurs to Real Madrid) and Alex Song (Arsenal to Barcelona) were the two ‘worst’ signings made by La Liga clubs in 2012, said Spanish newspaper Marca. * The Australian Open started on Monday with Olympic and US Open champion and number three seed Andy Murray starting with a first round win over Dutchman Thomas Haas. * The funeral of former WBA, Chelsea, Manchester City and England centre-forward Derek Kevan (77) takes place at Sutton Coldfield on Monday. The ‘Tank’ scored 235 goals in 440 games, won 14 England caps (8 goals) and played in the 1958 World Cup. He died in Birmingham, aged 77.


Costa Blanca North Natursports /

RECORD-HOLDER: Lionel Messi’s list of achievements goes on and on.

Marvellous Messi Football enthusiasts know that Lionel Messi has won the Ballon d’Or (World Footballer of the Year) trophy for an unprecedented fourth time, beating Johan Cruyff’s triple success in the 1970s, but did you know these facts regarding the 25-year-old Barcelona magician: • Most goals scored in a calendar year: 91 • Most goals scored in a season: 68 • Most goals scored in a European Cup competition: 14 • Most goals scored in a La Liga season: 50 • Most goals scored in a single European Cup game: 5 • Most goals scored in the Spanish Super Cup: 10 • Barcelona’s top goal-scorer of all-time with 286 • Barcelona’s record goal-scorer in Champions League: 56 • Scorer of most La Liga hat-tricks: 15 • So far this season, scored 41 goals in 32 games.


80 EWN

17 - 23 January 2013 Costa Blanca North




LA VILA lost at home against Cetransa El Salvador, despite a defiant backs to the wall attitude. The home side was not quite strong enough to repel the attack from a quality away team. In the first half Centransa, coached by Spain U18s trainer Juan Carlos Perez, played excellent

BACKS TO WALL: La Vila concentrate in defence.

offensive rugby through the three-quarter line, with powerful supporting runs from the forwards resulting in tries for Carrizo and Diaz, and giving Centrasa a 6 – 15 advantage at the break. Sorribes tried to keep La Vila in touch, scoring all of the points for the home team with four successful penalties and converting his own try after a well taken quick tap 10 metres from the line. However, the visitors sealed the league clash with four tries in the second half,

Tight match as Denia go close DENIA started their Leage one campaign at home against Ciencias Valencia. After last year’s experience in the leage Denia know they have a lot of work to do to make an impression. Ciencias, one of the top teams came to Denia with some confidence, but soon after the kick off they realised the home team was not going to be second best. In fact for the first 20 minutes it was all Denia

with Ciencias defending. Then the older and more experienced Ciencias players started to control parts of the game which allowed the Ciencias mid-field time and opportunity to attack the Denia centres. Denia found they were more than matching their opponents with the forwards creating many supporting drives into the Ciencias half. But just on the half hour, following a series of quickly taken free kicks, Denia found themselves defending their own try line. This caused them to bunch together allowing the Ciencias three quarters to pass the ball wide to the wing to score. This shock was

just what Denia needed and they returned the favour after a fine three quarters move saw Marcos score to make it five points to seven. It was all Denia for most of the second half, but Ciencias three quarters’ again found space to score a try. Denia then scored their second try as Ariel charged over to make the scores level. With only about 10 minutes to go both teams played well. They tried everything to get the winning score but it was Ciencias who in the final minutes, through a kick and chase ball and then some poor tackling from Denia, scored the winning try. Final score 12 to 17.



Tough slog for La Vila as backs against wall


PUT IN: Vila Scrum half Jimenez prepares to put the ball in at a scrum. a second for Carrizo, and Pearce, Marron and Serrano each crossing for five points. Rodriguez added the extras for three of the second half tries, and the game ended 19 – 41 in favour of Centrasa. The result follows a difficult start to 2013 for La Vila following the announcement that four senior players would be released due to financial constraints. Both Edu Sorribes, (second highest scorer in the league so far), and Neil Chivers (former coach, currently injured), have confirmed that they will continue to play for the club until the end of the season, whilst Nicolas Martinez has left and Matt Cook is still considering his position. Hernán “Falu” Quirelli, sporting director, has taken over from Chivers as coach, and has managed to keep a good atmosphere at the club over the last week. However, the loss on Sunday means he now faces the very difficult challenge of building a competitive team whilst maintaining solvency at the club and avoiding relegation. The club now has to put up a fight against their closest rivals Cajasol Science Foundation and the Blusens University from Vigo, teams who are able to make new signings to aid in the fight against relegation. La Vila currently are currently second from bottom in the league with14 points, eight points behind Hernani and seven behind Cajasol Science

Foundation CRE. At the end of the season the bottom two clubs will face a play off with the winner avoiding relegation, a game the “Joneses” will

hope to avoid. The next game will be on January 20 in the Basque country against the reigning champions of the Copa del Rey, the AMPO Ordizia.

ALL SMILES: Montgo GS members after their first game of the year

Top scores at Oliva North for Montgo MONTGO GOLF SOCIETY’S first game of 2013 was a stableford competition held at Oliva Nova. This was sponsored by Ed Wallace and played in beautiful summer-like weather on a course that is in good condition and greens that seem to get faster each week. There were some excellent scores with the course playing well and many members in great form. The winner on handicap was Colin Foster beating Alan Skinner with both of them scoring 38 points. Next was Geoff Willcock one point further back. The average score was 30 points reflecting the good standard of play. Nearest the pins went to Nigel Siddall on the third with Mike Saull taking the honours on the 16th where he also scored a two. Other twos were scored by Mark Reynolds, George Braddick and Brian Barden. The Society’s next game is at Oliva Nova on tomorrow (Friday) a medal game sponsored by Nigel Siddall with a first tee at 9.28am.

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